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Airbnb's Open Door for Thugs and Drugs
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“The Angel of Death checks into an Airbnb.”

“2 dead, 8 wounded in shooting at Pittsburgh (Pa.) Airbnb party.”

“Arrest made in drug deal murder at Florida Airbnb, deputies looking for another suspect.”

“Double homicide at Draper (Utah) Airbnb party began with fight over broken beer bottles…”

Those bloody local news headlines in Pennsylvania, Florida, and Utah last week once again expose the ongoing farce of Big Tech’s “trust and safety” theater. Across America and around the world, violent thugs and rapists, hidden-camera creeps, human and drug traffickers, and wily scammers have hijacked Airbnb rental homes for criminal and nefarious purposes. Yet, it’s peaceful, law-abiding, and right-thinking families like mine who’ve been publicly smeared, persecuted, kicked off the online home rental platform, and branded “extremist” security threats by vengeful gatekeepers at Airbnb.

This persecution of America First conservatives is openly aided and abetted by left-wing witch-hunters at the Southern Poverty Law Center, Anti-Defamation League, and The Daily Beast who despise what we believe, who we call family and friends, and to whom we speak. In broke Woke America, patriots are the criminal class and criminals are the protected class.

Over the weekend, 200 partygoers in Pittsburgh descended on an Airbnb property before a gunman murdered two teens and wounded 11 others. The San Francisco-based \$40 billion “worldwide lodging juggernaut” announced plans to sue the renter for violating its terms of service. This is Public Relations Deflection and Distraction 101. What doesn’t this Trump-hating, open-borders promoting, illegal alien-employing globalist vacation rental platform want you to know about its own culpability in facilitating criminal safe havens?

Airbnb (which I will henceforth refer to as Nightmarebnb) touts its myriad “trust and safety” measures, including “risk scoring” of every reservation using “predictive analytics and machine learning to instantly evaluate hundreds of signals that help us flag and investigate suspicious activity before it happens;” “watchlist and background checks” of hosts and guests; and “safety workshops” and “scam prevention” tools to provide “a multi-layer defense strategy.”

Since 2016, when Donald Trump became president, Nightmarebnb has very publicly and zealously employed its vetting tools to purge the accounts of pro-America nationalists (like brown-skinned me and my private family members) who are tarred as “white supremacists” by the SPLC. That’s the same lie machine whose reckless designation of the conservative Family Research Council as a “hate group” inspired convicted gunman Floyd Corkins to break into its D.C. office to try to kill “as many people as possible.” Despite settling a defamation lawsuit by FRC for \$3.4 million, SPLC slimeballs continue to be primary research sources for media, tech companies, the government, and Nightmarebnb’s secret thought police goon squad.


Just like the Clinton, Obama, and Biden administrations, Nightmarebnb CEO Brian Chesky and his minions devote enormous time and resources to perpetuating the perniciously false narrative that “racism” and “lack of diversity” are the biggest safety and security scourges plaguing our country and their business. Meanwhile, the company employs a secret “black box” team of ex-military officials, crisis management operatives, and former top Clinton and Obama White House staffers that reportedly pays out \$50 million a year to cover up rapes, murders, and other grisly crimes committed in Nightmarebnb rentals around the globe. Crime victims are wined, dined, and paid off with massive settlements – then gagged them from discussing their cases.

Nightmarebnb’s ruthless whitewashing of violence, sexual assaults, and human and drug trafficking should be the subject of congressional and law enforcement investigations worldwide—especially as its woke leaders throw open their doors to hundreds of thousands of unvetted refugees from Afghanistan, Ukraine, and elsewhere. Instead, the powers that be cower, cackle, or conspire in the cover-up.

As for me, on behalf of my family, I am pressing forward with my own lonely battle to hold Nightmarebnb accountable for defying anti-discrimination laws and retaliating against my journalism and political activism. Deepest thanks to the kind supporters who’ve offered to host us on our travels and to the 825 donors who’ve supported my crowdfunding campaign to take legal action against the woke smear merchants (go to to donate).

Trust and safety might not be such bad jokes if more Americans cared about the plight of their fellow citizens who’ve become political refugees in their own homeland, while a flood of scumbags take over their neighborhoods in the name of “inclusion” and “diversity.”

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  1. reportedly pays out \$50 million a year to cover up rapes, murders, and other grisly crimes committed in Nightmarebnb rentals around the globe. Crime victims are wined, dined, and paid off with massive settlements – then gagged them from discussing their cases.

    It would be nice if Ms Malkin could cite to a single source to support this allegation. Writing as a former corporate litigator, it is common practice for large corporations to devise a litigation strategy for the company that best manages the company’s money. That means some cases are covered by insurance, other cases are settled, and other cases are litigated. If you looked at any large corporation that deals with the public and a large number of customers–Wal-Mart, Target, Uber, McDonald’s–they have a corporate litigation department that intelligently works to best protect their shareholders. “Settlement” of claims does not mean guilt or any culpability. Settlement usually means that the cost of litigation exceeds the cost of a quick settlement. Further, some types of cases in some jurisdictions carry huge jury risk. Ms Malkin does not seem to comprehend how large publicly facing corporations evaluate such risk. Remember the McDonald’s hot coffee spill case?

    Ms Malkin also writes:

    Airbnb (which I will henceforth refer to as Nightmarebnb) touts its myriad “trust and safety” measures, including “risk scoring” of every reservation using “predictive analytics and machine learning to instantly evaluate hundreds of signals that help us flag and investigate suspicious activity before it happens;” “watchlist and background checks” of hosts and guests; and “safety workshops” and “scam prevention” tools to provide “a multi-layer defense strategy.”

    That means Air BNB is working to be safe and make its rentals safe for customers and renters. The fact that Ms Malkin scores as a risky rental does not mean Air BNB is wrong, or that its algorithm is wrong, it may mean that by standard risk measures Ms Malkin is a risk. I was in a super wal-mart with my mother a few years back (mom is in her 80s) and Amex declined my credit card when I went to pay for mom’s stuff. I called Amex and they explained their profile indicated I would not shop at a War-Mart. I was glad that the Amex algorithm blocked me. I put mom’s purchase on another card (and wondered why their algorithm didn’t block me).

    Ms Malkin needs to start using data and to learn how big companies deal with litigation risk.

  2. Don’t make mammabear angry. Looks like they messed up.

  3. @harry huntington

    Corporate flack. By what objective criteria or “standard risk measures” is Malkin or her family a threat to any Air Bnb renter. Likely to invite two hundred friends and destroy the property? Perhaps have a few people shot during their stay? I cancelled my account with this radical leftist corporation and advise others to do the same. There are competitors who have not sold their soul to BLM.

    • Agree: Bro43rd, Jimmy le Blanc
    • Replies: @harry huntington
  4. @Slugsmagee

    I don’t know the criteria in the Air BNB algorithms or risk profiles. Maybe she poses a risk of writing a breathless diatribe if they upset her during her stay? Many years ago Robert Townsend a very successful business guy wrote a management book called Up The Organization. Townsend has a great chapter about knowing when to fire customers. Most successful businesses should be ready, Townsend explained, to fire customers like Ms Malkin. People who do not spend much money with you, but who are very loud and sometimes difficult. I think the fact that Ms Malkin has written several columns about Air BNB actually proves they were correct and that Townsend was correct. Air BNB should not permit her to use their service. If I were a major hotel chain (I won’t name names here), I might also block her from staying.

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  5. You completely ignore the facts: Ms. Malkin and her family have been banned from Airbnb for their political views and their activism on behalf of consevatives. Jackass.

    • Replies: @harry huntington
  6. possumman says:
    @harry huntington

    Amex customers don’t shop at Walmart???hard to believe that story –Harry too good to shop with the proles???

  7. @possumman

    Not Amex customers, Amex’s profile of my shopping. I typically never use Amex to purchase at a retail store in the City where I live. That just happened to be one of the two cards I had with me when I went shopping with mom. The second card in my wallet was my travel “back up” in case I am somewhere that does not take Amex. I typically use Amex for airplanes, hotels, rental cars, restaurants, and out of town retail if I need something when traveling. Thus, I am more likely to use my Amex at a Walgreens in Houston, or a Macy’s in Los Angeles, or a Publix in Florida, or something like that than at any retail store, but especially a Super War-Mart, at home. When credit cards today look for fraud, they look where you shop ordinarily, and where a purchase is being made, among other things. Amex fraud detection is very good.

  8. @Clark Kent

    That was exactly the point I made. It is quite sensible for any business to ban Ms Malkin because she write breathless articles that demonize those with whom she may have a disagreement. If I am a business, it make total sense to fire her as a customer. Years ago someone pointed out, usually to people who argued with sports writers, never get into an argument with someone whose employer buys ink by the barrel. Any one who listened to Rush Limbaugh, or calls Sports Talk Radio, knows that the host on the radio show with the kill switch on your microphone will dictate how the conversation ends (and the host always wins). Ms Malkin works for folks who (in the olden days) bought ink by the barrel. Thus, you don’t want to argue with her. Hence, Air BnB made a perfectly rational business decision–which is confirmed by this column. Paradoxically, the Air BnB decision is also genius because of the “Barbara Streisand effect.” You are familiar with that? Banning Ms Malkin is a “win” for Air BnB all around.

    • Replies: @Clark Kent
  9. @harry huntington

    “writing as a former corporate litigator… Remember the McDonald’s hot coffee spill case?”

    Yes, I remember the case where McD’s had been under notice for severe negligence many times already but the Gaslighting media misreported the facts. Just as they almost always do.

    I’d love to see someone pull that bullshit before a court or in a legal briefing. I’d move for sanctions. But maybe I am misreading your subtext and if so, I apologize.

    • Replies: @harry huntington
  10. @The Mestizo

    McDonald’s did zero wrong in the coffee case. That was all jury looking for a deep pocket. Most big jury hits on corporations are a jury looking for a deep pocket.

    All normal people know a cup of hot coffee is dangerous, don’t spill it on yourself. What is the temperature of coffee when it is poured from your coffee maker at home?

    Prudent corporations avoid the breathless complainers like Ms Malkin to minimize complaint risk. What does Ms Malkin do for a living? Do complimentary travel writing? Not at all, her job is to write hit pieces. She is a very good writer of hit pieces. Does a corporation invite such a person into its home? Not at all, thus one would expect a prudent risk averse corporation would ban Ms Malkin. I am truly surprised her local pizza parlor has not banned her (maybe it has).

    • Replies: @Windy Jack
  11. AirTNB > Nightmarebnb

  12. @harry huntington

    As a lawyer-at-least-on-the-internet you should be able to get your timeline straight, Harry. Mrs. Malkin wrote about AirBnB AFTER they banned her. That decision was completely POLITICAL on their part.

    • Replies: @harry huntington
  13. @harry huntington

    She was banned BEFORE she criticized them.

  14. @Achmed E. Newman

    I have my time line correct. Air BNB determined that Ms Malkin was dangerous. She CONFIRMED that analysis by writing about them. Imagine how worse that could have been had she stayed at several Air BnBs. There is quite a bit to complain about with Air BNB (they evade housing regulations, rental regulations, hotel regulations, drive up housing costs for the poor), but Ms Malkin attacks Air BNB for its dislike of her.

    My point was that if you follow Robert Townsend’s thinking on customers, then Air BNB did the right thing and ALL of the subsequent articles confirm that point. Further, because of the Streisand effect, Ms Malkin is generating press for Air BNB that does not mention Air BNB’s own “violence” against the poor and local government.

    To generalize, this is the problem about Conservatives generally, they always miss the big picture.

  15. @harry huntington

    Air BNB determined that Ms Malkin was dangerous.

    … from her writing about them which happened after they banned her?

    How many times did you take the bar exam, again?

    • LOL: Hibernian
    • Replies: @harry huntington
  16. @harry huntington

    To generalize, this is the problem about Conservatives generally, they always miss the big picture.

    The big picture is obvious. AirBnB has a political agenda so they are banning people who are famous Conservatives. Michelle Malkin is but one victim of this discrimination.

    She has gotten many people to swear off AirBnB. I’d be one too, had I ever stayed in one in the first place. (We’re just not “early adopters” in my family.)

    • Agree: Jimmy le Blanc
    • Replies: @harry huntington
  17. @Achmed E. Newman

    Air BNB found her dangerous from her other writing. Her Air BNB writing proved the same after the fact. PLUS, they won the Streisand effect derby.

    Plus, if you have looked at Air BNB, they are under attack from the left for violating rent rules, hotel rules, zoning rules, raising home prices, raising rents … the actual left hates them. Ms Malkin’s attacks inoculate them by saying they are woke left.

    Banning her was a genius marketing move.

  18. @Achmed E. Newman

    The Air BNB political agenda is straight out of private equity. The “dust up” with Ms Malkin is their marketing to make them look woke. Ms Malkin fell for it.

  19. To “progressives” and “progressive Big-Tech,” the rights of cocksuckers, anus lickers, carpet munchers, child molesters, drug-addicts and dealers, and violent darkies supersede the rights of law-abiding, hard-working, quiet, and conservative citizens, most of whom are White.

    I wouldn’t be caught dead in an Airbnb. The horror stories of perverts and criminals victimizing their “guests” are global and legion. If there was any way to create a like service just for straight Whites, the creator of the service would become a multi-billionaire overnight. Sadly, the state says we must associate with the darkies and the dregs. We have lost our right to freedom of association.

  20. @harry huntington

    No. That McDonald’s knowingly sold coffee that was hotter than their own specification for how hot coffee should be sold to the customer.
    The Plaintiff was not driving, did not hold the coffee between her legs, and could have just as easily spilled it while sitting in their restaurant.
    The Plaintiff received a full thickness burn in her crotch, aka a third degree burn, except because it was a liquid so near the boiling point, there was no charring of flesh.

    • Replies: @GMT - 5
  21. Htos1av says:

    Airbnb is a “foreign” company, expect that.

  22. Hibernian says:
    @harry huntington

    My experience was that when the algorithm turned me down, a call by the merchant to corporate got me approved.

    That means some cases are covered by insurance, other cases are settled, and other cases are litigated.

    These are overlapping categories. Sounds like a statement a somewhat educated layperson, like myself, would make. Color me skeptical that you are what you say you are.

    I don’t think that either you or your Mom are as high profile as Ms. Malkin. You’re not going to be targeted or your politics, she is. I believe she gave details of what happened in an earlier article.

  23. Hibernian says:

    In another thread he was a workng class hero. I remembered who he was about a minute after I pressed the “Publish Comment” button. He’s the biggest phony in the Western World.

  24. nobs says:

    The “Woke’s” are running scared as of late.
    Their trolls are dispirit to find a kool-aid date.
    As their meta-verse comes tumbling down.
    They begin to look like a clown.
    That cackle you hear.
    Only comes from fear.
    So I’ll stick with Malkin cause she’s such a Dear.

  25. GMT - 5 says:
    @harry huntington

    Airbnb is engaging in profiling. Some states outlaw discrimination outlaw discrimination based on political affiliation.

    Mr. Huntington is in full agreement with the idea that profiling is okay as long as the people profiled/punished are people he does not like.

    He is a former corporate litigator. Well, I am a former government litigator and I believe that everyone deserves the same treatment under the law whether I like them or not. I have principles; based on his comments, Mr. Huntington does not.

    Some so-called Liberals believe that words = violence. They also believe that silence = violence. We all know where that leads. I am reading THE GULAG ARCHIPELAGO right now. Mr. Huntington would have made a good, loyal, Party member in the old USSR.

  26. GMT - 5 says:
    @Windy Jack

    You are correct to note that the facts are not one-sided. I have had many spirited, good natured discussions of the McDonald’s coffee case. I like my coffee boiling hot; many people do not.

    The victim in that case suffered grievous injury; but I do not believe that they deserved the verdict amount.

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