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A Media-Political Assassination in Denver
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Do Colorado patriots’ lives matter?

On a sunny Saturday afternoon, after gathering with Benghazi Marine hero John “Tig” Tiegen at Civic Center Plaza in Denver to show pride in America, hundreds of citizens departed a peaceful “Patriot Muster” feeling inspired. They filed out of the park bedecked in Old Glory, Thin Blue Line flags and MAGA hats. Some came in wheelchairs and walkers. Students, parents and grandparents all rallied. Military veterans turned out in force.

Tiegen’s men came trained and prepared to defend their supporters. Denver police and Arapahoe County sheriff’s deputies kept better order.

Remember: Three months ago, the “Back the Blue” rally that I attended with hundreds of others at the very same Civic Center Plaza was shut down by violent antifa and Black Lives Matter vigilantes.

Remember: The Denver police union president, Nick Rogers, blew the whistle on how top brass (led by a police chief who marched arm-in-arm with BLM protestors this summer) issued a retreat order while the mob trampled our constitutional rights to free speech and peaceable assembly.

In July, the thugs wielded metal rods, skateboards and megaphones to threaten and assault law-abiding citizens. Organizer Ron MacLachlan was beaten bloody just feet from me on stage. Republican statehouse candidate Laurel Imer was shoved down the stage steps by Black Lives Matter rioters. Conservative activist Lori Woods was allegedly assaulted by a crazed antifa agitator and repeat arrestee Caryn Sodaro — the only violent mob operative charged with a crime.

This time, Tiegen’s event went more smoothly. Barriers kept rioters from invading the plaza. Casper Stockham, a Black Republican congressional candidate who had also attended the “Back the Blue” fiasco, told me one prominent Black militant agitator called him a “house n—-a” and challenged him to a fight. The provocateur wore a “Black Guns Matter” T-shirt to deceive the conservative, pro-Second Amendment crowd. The same cretin later threatened to rape female attendees.

“It was disgusting, but those types of things don’t stop me,” Stockham told me. The “Patriot Muster” almost went off with a single hitch. Almost.

One man who answered the call to “stand up and show up” didn’t make it home. From my close analysis of footage and interviews with witnesses, it appears the tragedy was engineered.

As the last group of “Patriot Muster” attendees walked to their cars, the same agitator who accosted Stockham and others also initiated a verbal altercation with 49-year-old Lee Keltner. A cheerful cowboy hat maker, veteran, and father of two from Brighton, Colorado, his mission was “keeping the West alive, one hat at a time.” While Keltner was trailed by the Black militant agitator, a Trump-hating Occupy Denver radical named Matthew Dolloff and a local NBC affiliate investigative producer for Denver’s 9News named Zack Newman conferred with each other nearby. At some point, Dolloff handed his cellphone to Newman.


Minutes later, photographers and videographers filmed the agitator aggressively daring Keltner to deploy a can of bear spray he was holding to protect himself as Dolloff and Newman stood by. Keltner resisted engaging in any physical brawl as the agitator escalated. Mere seconds later, he walked away from the agitator only to walk right into what appears to be a deadly ambush with Dolloff. In an instant, Dolloff appeared to grab for something on Keltner’s chest (his holstered weapon?) while Keltner slapped at his face. Dolloff then whipped out a gun and blew off Keltner’s face as the veteran backed away, spraying his repellant in self-defense.

Newman gawked at the entire melee with two phones in his hand. But photos showed him, bizarrely, not filming the shooting despite being there on assignment for 9News.

Dolloff has been detained under investigation for first-degree murder. Newman was held, and then released. Here’s where it gets weirder and darker. 9News initially identified Dolloff as an armed private security guard contracted through Pinkerton security services. Turns out that he was unlicensed and operating as a security guard illegally in Denver. Pinkerton denied Dolloff was an employee and refuses to name the company, if one exists, that subcontracted Dolloff out. Newman did not respond to my questions about the exact nature of his relationship with Dolloff or how many previous times Dolloff had been his “security guard” at left-wing protests and riots over the past year.

Unanswered questions are piling up:

What did Newman and Dolloff discuss as they shadowed Keltner and the agitator?

Did they have beef with Keltner?

Did Newman or Dolloff know the agitator?

Was Newman, who works for a station that has demonized conservatives all year long while whitewashing the left-wing trashing of downtown Denver, aware of Dolloff’s extensive social media footprint calling Donald Trump supporters racist fascists and posting “Rise Up” Communist revolutionary propaganda?

What happened to Colorado patriot Lee Keltner should be a national outrage. It was, in my view, a brazen and cold-blooded media-political assassination. Casper Stockham agrees. “Imagine if this shooting had been the other way around,” Stockham said. “There would be nonstop, 24-hour coverage of it.” But because Keltner was part of the “Patriot Muster,” and not part of the “Mob Muster” or “Liberal Media Muster,” you’ll hear nothing but crickets from American Pravda. Their silence is violence.


New Twitter thread tonight on Jeremiah Elliott, the BGM t-shirt-wearing professional agitator:

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  1. The bobbing back and forth by the agitator is an aggressive posture, it is NOT a peaceful posture or position to be in. The gentleman who is flat footed was not behaving aggressively. This is such a vile murder of someone who was not bothering anyone. Beyond sad.

    • Agree: Travis
  2. Facebook has banned this article and your website, so sad. I have a frame grab of the rejection if you want to see it.

  3. @Alessandro Machi

    I was under the impression that Facebook bans all unz links, Mr. Machi. I don’t partake of Facebook myself, so that’s why I am just going by Mr. Unz’s and other commenters’ information.

    Could you try a link to her same article on and see if it works? You can do “copy link location” from here.

  4. anonymous[245] • Disclaimer says:

    Once a Neocon flagwaver, always a Neocon flagwaver.

    On a sunny Saturday afternoon, after gathering with Benghazi Marine hero John “Tig” Tiegen at Civic Center Plaza in Denver to show pride in America, hundreds of citizens departed a peaceful “Patriot Muster” feeling inspired. They filed out of the park bedecked in Old Glory, Thin Blue Line flags and MAGA hats. Some came in wheelchairs and walkers. Students, parents and grandparents all rallied. Military veterans turned out in force.

    Taking her Exceptional! act to Megachurch, Colorado, was a smart move for Mrs. Malkin.

    • Troll: Richard B
  5. It is incomprehensible and detestable at the same time, that the major media goons who deludedly call themselves, “reporters”, never reported on this and the facts about it. The “fact checkers” have failed again. Thank goodness for Michelle Malkin, one of the greatest investigative reporters the U.S. has today. Her reports are as close to 100 percent accurate as can be. I’ve read and profitted from her articles for years.

  6. Good summation of the facts here. I still don’t understand anyone who would go to any “back the blue” rally given that the police and prosecutors are on Antifa’s side. The police are 100% the enemy right now in places like Denver — they are well-armed stormtroopers working for communists. Also, do not engage anyone on the left in any conversation whatsoever. Film them if they get in your face and go to a cop, preferably a county sheriff, if you can find one.

    • Replies: @justanothernick
  7. Matthew Dolloff made a bad decision to bring a gun. As bodyguard, he failed because he over-reacted.

    As a person, he seems to be an example of what ails young whites. He was doing gig jobs, his education was taking him nowhere, he was disappointed with foreign wars and distrustful of government.

    On any other day he would have been a good candidate for joining the dissident right.

    • Replies: @Parsnipitous
  8. Rockhound says:

    This is by far the best reporting of this incident that I have seen anywhere.

    • Agree: Liza
  9. lavoisier says: • Website

    Keep up the good work Michelle.

    I am surprised the killer was even arrested in Amerika.

    Pravda indeed.

    • Agree: Alden
  10. Icy Blast says:

    I read everything Michelle Malkin publishes. She’s a fearless investigator and truth-teller. I wish there were more like her.

  11. Mere seconds later, he walked away from the agitator only to walk right into what appears to be a deadly ambush with Dolloff.

    Have you even watched the videos? K does walk around the agitator, but he is aggressively advancing on D while armed with an incapacitating substance.
    Stop the producer’s video at 1:29 and slowly advance the frames. D has his left arm up and across his body in a defensive position. In the producer’s video at 1:28-1:29 who is speaking and making threats about cameras? Is it K threatening to “Fxxx you up”?

    At 1:30 in the composite video, bottom center scene, K is clearly pointing his spray at someone. At 1:31 in the composite video, D is clearly holding his left hand up in a manner to keep K away from him. At 1:32 in the composite video, you have K slapping D.

    Dolloff should be able to make a strong case for self defense. We have seen cops get off in shootings that were less justified. This is why we have trials and juries.

  12. @Chris Mallory

    At what point was Doofus’ life in danger?

    Doofus wasn’t a cop, wasn’t doing public service, was with fellow slimeballs inciting and harassing people.

    Pepper spray isn’t lethal so it doesn’t justify a lethal response.

  13. @anonymous

    She certainly does have a checkered history. She was indeed a major cheerleader for the great patriotic wars against Iraq and Afghanistan after the 9-11 event. Right up there with Ben (the littlest chickenhawk) Shapiro. Yet she’s been good on the slow-mo invasion for some time – even back in her worst Neo-Clown days. (The Neo-Clown credo is invade the world, invite the world after all). She even wrote about black-on-white crime back when she had a gig at a Seattle paper. She had a red pill of reality erupt during a recent “back the polizei” rally in Denver where the badge-gang stood by while BLM and Antifa violently attacked their supporters – even her.

    Don’t know what her present position is on the various worldwide foreign adventures of the Rotten Banana Empire and its invincible diverse afro-amazon legion (the Max Boot Neo-Clowns want to invade Russia yesterday with them) but she’s covered this particular sideshow of the Great Clownworld Circus decently. I recall reading somewhere that her grandfather marched alongside the GI’s in the Bataan death march so perhaps her patriotism – misguided as it was – comes honestly. I have very mixed feelings about her but she’s better than the usual Fox-snooze media-courtesan. Not a very high bar, admittedly.

    To answer her question: Do Colorado patriots’ lives matter? Not to the system ruling Colorado or the empire of which it is a province.

    • Agree: lavoisier
  14. @Chris Mallory

    To justify using deadly force in self defense you must REASONABLY believe you are in imminent danger of death or serious bodily harm and you must REASONABLY believe no other course of action is available. Just before the murder, Keltner had his hands at his sides, was about eight feet away(outside the effective range of mace) and not advancing toward Dolloff, in fact Keltner had retreated after slapping Dolloff in response to Dolloff initiating physical contact with Keltner. While Keltner’s hands were still at his sides, Dolloff lifted his shirt with his left hand, showing his gun, then grabbed his gun with his right hand, brought it to battery and pointed at Keltner. It was only at this time that Keltner raised his hand from his waist. At the same moment Keltner sprayed mace, Dolloff discharged his handgun, murdering Keltner. Explain to me how Dolloff was in imminent danger of death from Keltner.

    • Replies: @obvious
  15. @anonymous

    Are you saying Malkin is a neocon? A bit confused here, neocons are all anti-Trump (and anti-white, for that matter).

    • Replies: @anonymous
    , @Alden
  16. @Beavertales

    And which day would that have been? In all likelihood, Doloff was “hired” because of his pinko credentials by that Newman character from the tv station. People like that are deeply indoctrinated to be anti-white. Your statement makes no sense.

  17. @botazefa

    Not even ditch – just perma log out by making fake passwords and linked emails that you can’t remember.. that way, they can keep running their servers into the ground, supporting accounts that can’t ever be accesssed!

    (I quit when I couldn’t plaster UNZ links to the last 2 people that didn’t block me for putting up UNZ links 😀 )

    • Replies: @botazefa
  18. THOSE WHO FORGET THE PAST……………………………………………..

    by William F. Jasper October 31, 2008


    In recent weeks, a number of websites have posted text, audio, or video of an interview with Larry Grathwohl from the 1982 video documentary No Place to Hide: The Strategy and Tactics of Terrorism by the Western Goals Foundation. I worked on that video as a researcher and went undercover into some of the terrorist groups and their support networks. Larry Grathwohl was one of the experts/witnesses we interviewed for the documentary. He had been undercover inside the Weather Underground and had worked closely with Ayers, Dohrn, and their fellow terrorists.

    In No Place to Hide, Grathwohl explains that the Weathermen actually believed that they would be successful in overthrowing the U.S. government and that, with the help of the Cubans, Chinese, Russians, and North Vietnamese, they would occupy America. Americans would have to be “re-educated” in camps, similar to what the communists did in Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, and other countries they had taken over. Here is one of the chilling revelations Larry Grathwohl made in the film:

    I asked, “Well what is going to happen to those people we can’t reeducate, that are diehard capitalists?”
    And the reply was that they’d have to be eliminated.
    And when I pursued this further, they estimated they would have to eliminate 25 million people in these re-education centers.
    And when I say “eliminate,” I mean “kill.”
    Twenty-five million people.

    I want you to imagine sitting in a room with 25 people, most of which have graduate degrees, from Columbia and other well-known educational centers, and hear them figuring out the logistics for the elimination of 25 million people and they were dead serious.

    On October 28, Bob Owens of published a recent interview he had conducted with Grathwohl, expanding on his statements in No Place to Hide 26 years ago.

    Here is a portion of the interview, which can be read in entirety at
    Pajamas Media:
    You stated in your interview in No Place to Hide that you wanted us to “imagine sitting in a room with 25 people, most of which have graduate degrees, from Columbia and other well-known educational centers, and hear them figuring out the logistics for the elimination of 25 million people.” A lot of people have now had the opportunity to listen to you and contemplate the horrors these people planned. Can you recall who these people are by name, and who the ringleaders of this plan were?

    Larry Grathwohl:
    Conversations regarding this occurred in Cincinnati, Detroit, Flint, and Buffalo. Participants included Bill Ayers, Bernardine Dohrn, Mark Rudd, Linda Evans, Jeff Jones, and many others.

    Pajamas Media:
    Was this merely an academic matter to them, or were they serious about killing 25 million Americans that would not bend to their political will?

    Larry Grathwohl:
    I suppose you could consider this a purely academic discussion in that the Weathermen never had the opportunity to implement their political ends. However, I can assure you that this was not the case. There was an absolute belief that they, along with the international revolutionary movement, would cause the collapse of the United States and that they would be in charge. Nixon was of great concern and how his end would be conducted. This may sound absurd in today’s context, but the Weatherman believed they would succeed….

    Pajamas Media:
    Scattered news accounts on the Internet note that you were instrumental in foiling Weather Underground attacks in February of 1970, in Detroit. The Weathermen built two bombs targeting the Detroit Police Officers’ Association (DPOA) building and the 13th Precinct. Were the goals of these attacks symbolic property damage as were some other Weathermen attacks, or were these targets selected to kill police officers?

    Larry Grathwohl:
    The instructions I received from Billy Ayers was that the bombs to be used in Detroit must have shrapnel (fence staples, specifically) and fire potential (propane bottles). The intention was to kill police officers….

    Pajamas Media:
    One of the Detroit bombs was to be placed on the side of the DPOA building, and the blast was likely to cause damage to the adjacent Red Barn Restaurant, which had mostly African-American customers. Who ordered the attack, and what did he say when you told him that innocent civilians would be killed?

    Larry Grathwohl:
    When I objected to Billy Ayers that more innocent people would be killed in the restaurant, he replied, “Innocent people have to die in a revolution.” Billy also acknowledged during a criticism session in Buffalo that Bernadine placed the bomb at the Park Police Station which resulted in the death of Police Officer McDonnell.
    Pajamas Media:
    Bill Ayers came out of hiding around 1980, became a college professor, and has served on numerous boards and foundations. Do you think he’s changed in his radicalism?

    Larry Grathwohl:
    Has Billy changed? I hardly think so.
    After a decade of bombings and life on the run as a fugitive terrorist, Ayers decided to resurface. Due to technicalities, he got off scot-free. Ayers remains completely unrepentant and is, among other things, an avid fan of Venezuela’s communist dictator Hugo Chavez, whose guest he has been — more than once. In an interview with journalists David Horowitz and Peter Collier (who were comrades of his in SDS [Students for a Democratic Society], but have since converted to the right) Ayers exulted: “Guilty as hell, free as a bird — America is a great country.” In a 2001 New York Times interview he said: “I don’t regret setting bombs. I feel we didn’t do enough.”
    Ayers and his former SDS and Weather Undergound comrades are now training a new generation of “activists” through New Students for a Democratic Society (NSDS), ACORN, and other militant leftist groups that are backing Obama.
    For information about the Obama-Ayers connection, see William F. Jasper’s article:
    by William F. Jasper October 27, 2008

  19. Zack Newman is a Jew.

    A dirty Jew.

    An evil Jew.

    Oh, well, aren’t they all.

    • Agree: G J T
    • Replies: @Jake
    , @Chris Moore
  20. El Dato says:
    @Chris Mallory

    Hey, Mork who just arrived from Ork.

    We have seen cops get off in shootings that were less justified.

    Because cops have badges and uniforms and the guy who gets shot is supposed to behave accordingly.

    If you have trigger-happy “undercover security” on the other hand … such different. Much problem.

    I wouldn’t call this event an ambush but I would say it’s a case of hotheads carrying too many tools while looking for trouble.

  21. GMC says:

    Too many stories being created, except the main one. The zionists, jews, deep state, secret think tanks, cia/mossad, police and all the others that have planned all this societal monkey f..k, have had sooo much experience in using the populace, the organizations, the minorities, the media etc. that they own the narrative , which is too keep violence against one another, instead of going after the Real Bastards that are running the US, EU and Mid East, into the ground. Until the Americans wake up and see the true picture – the deaths will continue. I don’t see any civil war because no one understands – who is who – anymore. And that was the Plan – all along.

    • Thanks: Majority of One
  22. Everyday we are subjected to impromptu IQ tests. Mr. Keltner should have recognized that he was dealing with the same kind of low life (Rosenbaum) that was set on murdering Kyle Rittenhouse. In fact, Dolloff was repeating the exact same phrase that (((Rosenbaum))) did. Keltner should have walked away from this Dolloff character, but his pride wouldn’t let him do that.

    And the “patriot” is now dead. Sorry folks, but Mr. Keltner is another 2020 winner of the Darwin Award.

    • Replies: @R.C.
  23. Fiction simulates….LIVE

  24. What’s Newman’s and Doloff’s religious background? Are they easterners in the garb of westerners? Does anyone know?

  25. Jake says:
    @Alessandro Machi

    This is what our Globalist Billionaires have planned for all of us who refuse to bow and scrape.

    • Replies: @Trinity
  26. Jake says:
    @Truth Hurts the Liars

    You mean like Ron Unz? How about Ron’s sometime sparring partner David Cole? How about Paul Gottfried? How about Nicholas Stix?

    You aren’t going to find more than maybe 3% of pure-blood WASP Episcopalians or Unitarian-Universalists or Congregationalists or Quakers or United Methodists or United Church of Christers who would dare publicly agree with what those 4 Jews write and say publicly about Jews, Negroes, Moslems and Islam, Liberal Christianity, American Empire, Big Tech, the Deep State, Globalism, the ‘mainstream’ media, etc.

  27. anonymous[245] • Disclaimer says:

    You’re falling for the lies of President Trump and binary politics of the moment.

    Anyone who wants to see what Mrs. Malkin really thinks can take 20 or 30 minutes with the Search tool to review her columns about

    “Bolton” – She endorsed him circa 2003-2005, but didn’t find an occasion to once write his name during his last White House gig.

    “Assange” and “Wikileaks” – Vilified, although not in the context of publishing the scandalous Clinton/DNC emails.

    Test her with your own searches — she has never renounced any of it.

    She now has nothing to say, somehow, about whether and how Uncle Sam should be trying to Exceptionalize! places like China, Iran, Russia, Venezuela, and Yemen. Too busy since landing here with Chinadidit smears and pushing the little Red White and Blue buttons on the sheep who still fall for Beltway politics.

    I have raised her bona fides repeatedly, but am only attacked, never refuted. I’m ready to discuss, subject to the newest restriction of three anonymous comments per day and the suffocatingly slow moderation under her columns.

    • Thanks: Parsnipitous
  28. Maybe the moral of the story is you don’t bring bear spray to a gunfight. It’s kinda like the old story of shooting a bear with a .22: all it does is piss him off. Some aggressive moron sprayed me with that crap while I was carrying, I’d do the same thing, wouldn’t you?

    • Replies: @Robert Dolan
    , @RoatanBill
  29. geokat62 says:

    The “Patriot Muster” almost went off with a single hitch.

    Instead of “with,” I think you meant to write “without.”

  30. @Bragadocious

    You say that the police is the enemy, then in the next sentence you recommend turning to them. Makes sense…

    • Replies: @Bragadocious
  31. This is a good article, and yes, I also enjoyed the video interviews. Thank you, Michelle. Interestingly enough, I had previously learned that the left, the neocons, and communism were invented by the talmuds, and one of my great concerns, as an old guy, about this country is that in 2020, we are being systematically attacked and destroyed by these same lawless miscreants, aka ‘the great destroyers.’ As a natural born citizen, I do not want a repeat of 1917 Russia to happen in America, but unless we Americans stand strong against these foreign miscreants, that may very well be our fate.

    Courtesy of a jew international attorney friend, I have come to learn just how much our country, our media, and our government(s) have been infiltrated by dual nationals – people whose first allegiance is to a military regime presently encamped in the middles east. This knowledge has also helped me understand how Colorado has declined as a free and sovereign state into the mess we now see live in Denver. It appears that Colorado government really has earned the dubious title of ‘crime central’ and that is distressing to me, a Coloradan.

    It’s also odd for patriotic me that I find I am against so much in government as I see its force and violent controls of the people getting tighter and tighter. What happened to individual liberty and freedom? We appear to be devolving into just another violent control freak self-destructive empire that no one likes, and the appearance of violent groups like antifa and blm just add to our problems. I suspect that 2020, the year of the great shut-down and the great communist driven violence, will be one for the record books.

    BTW, what happened to the ‘shining city on the hill?’ I haven’t seen it for decades…

    • Replies: @Twodees Partain
  32. ANONymous[168] • Disclaimer says:
    @Alessandro Machi

    From the affidavit provided by Ms Malkin on this article, I read few names:

    Jeremiah Elliot, Jennie Ladtkow, Zachary Newman, Mathew Doloff.


  33. AndrewR says:

    Pro-America, pro-cop and pro-Trump? Why exactly should I sympathize for these retards?

    • Replies: @ANONymous
  34. theMann says:

    IT Tech rule #1 : Do not use Social media!
    Rule #2 : Seriously, do not use social media.

    I have always operated on the idea that your brain is like an aquarium filter and 99% of thoughts are fish poop.

    You need to filter the sh!+ out, not swim in it.

    • Replies: @botazefa
  35. No one here will be surprised to learn that Zac Newman is a Jew.

    I wonder what it will take for a neocon like Malkin to start noticing the trend.

    • Replies: @ANONymous
  36. Trinity says:

    Any White person who uses or supports Twitter, Facebook, Google, the NBA, the NFL, is a TRAITOR TO HIS OR HER RACE. WHY do Whites, ESPECIALLY RACIALLY AWARE WHITES, continue to make RACIST anti-White Jews filthy rich over on Facebook and Google, and most of the NFL and NBA teams are owned by anti-White Jews as well, and most of the players are racist Blacks. WAKE THE HELL UP, WHITE PEOPLE.

    Speaking of Whites, lest we forget, it is “White Supremacist” groups like the multiracial “Proud Boys” who are stirring up all the shit, burning buildings, looting, shooting cops, beating up innocent civilians, at least this is how Chris (((Wallace))) and Joe “The Black Man Invented The Light Bulb” Biden are seeing things. Yep, that’s right, “The Proud Boys” who are as multiracial as The Village People are now a “White Supremacist group.”

    And lest we forget people, according to the racist anti-White Jewish organizations like the ADL, $PLC, and other racist anti-White groups like “our” media, “White Supremacist” groups or White Nationalist are the number one domestic terrorist groups in America. Never mind, that no one in real life has ever encountered a “White Supremacist” or that White Nationalists are for the most part, peaceful people who just wish to be left alone and live among their own kind, while groups like (((Antifa/BLM))) are openly spewing their hatred for all things White, tearing down statues and monuments of White leaders and/or heroes who helped make America what it once was, the greatest country in the world. Of course, America becomes more of a shithole everyday, thanks to (((leftist extremist groups like Antifa/BLM))) and (((leftist hate groups like the ADL and $PLC))) who clearly aren’t above LYING to the people and have no problem with their own racism and hypocrisy.

    Yet another life taken by the tolerant (((left.))) Meanwhile lets keep harping about how “White Supremacist” groups are the number one problem in America. You have to have Down Syndrome to believe this horseshit spewed by (((the media.)))

  37. Trinity says:

    And yet you continue to use the term “Globalist.” Nice. Should we tell Paul Revere to saddle up and ride through the streets proclaiming the “globalists” are coming, the “globalists” are coming. How about, “the Deep State” is coming, “The Deep State” is coming. lololol.

  38. @Observator

    If you kill someone because they sprayed you with pepper you are going to jail for murder, dumbass.

    Pepper spray isn’t lethal and does not warrant a lethal response.

    The Antifa scum set that man up to kill him. Just like every other BLM murder we have seen.

    Over and over we are seeing white men trying to defend themselves and getting killed or blamed for violence they didn’t initiate.

    I’d like to thank Michelle for being one of the only voices on the right to defend white Christian America. To the armchair warriors that criticize Michelle, I’d ask what have you ever done for our cause?

    Michelle actually goes to protests and puts her life on the line. If we had a few thousand more Michelle Malkins we would not be in the sorry shape we are in right now.

    • Agree: Alden
    • Replies: @anonymous
  39. @Jake

    Four out of maybe 30 Million?

    Kinda proves my point, don’t you think?

    • Replies: @Jake
  40. Shaman911 says:

    this whole F’n thing is fake and staged.

    • Agree: Sya Beerens
    • Replies: @Whitewolf
  41. @Alessandro Machi

    Try this to circumvent Facebook’s censorship:

  42. @justanothernick

    Police are the enemy if you respond to violence from Antifa with violence. The point is to avoid that confrontation at all costs. I said to seek out county sheriffs who are less likely to be pozzed than city cops. And all this is framed by the larger point which is to not be at these rallies in the first place.

    • Agree: Twodees Partain
  43. Jake says:
    @Truth Hurts the Liars

    There are not 30 million Jews in the US, And those 4 are far from the only ones who agree with them.

    The essential point you miss is that without the WASP Elite, which always has been diametrically opposed to the best interests of the vast majority of whites they rule, whether in North America or the British Isles or the south Pacific, Jews could not acquire the powers they have, much less used them as they have.

    WASP Empire is Anglo-Zionist Empire. If every liberal and leftist Jew were removed from the US, the WASP Elites would continue to use blacks as weapons and tools with which to batter non-WASP and non-Elite whites, and to promote sexual revolution and globalism.

    • Disagree: Robert Dolan, Rurik, Rogue
    • Troll: Trinity, geokat62
  44. anonymous[245] • Disclaimer says:
    @Robert Dolan

    To the armchair warriors that criticize Michelle, I’d ask what have you ever done for our cause?

    Calling bullsh*t on the Exceptional! enablers of worldwide Washington like Buchanan, Derbyshire, and this one. And you’ll be voting GOP? Again?

  45. @Observator

    wouldn’t you?

    Yes, I would. Some quote the law as though it makes any sense.

    According to the law, a guy with bear spray should be able to just hose you down with it while looking at a pistol pointed at him. The law grants him the right of aggression as long as it’s not lethal. How does this make sense in anyone’s calculus? The bear spray has meters of reach. Is the pistol holder supposed to charge the sprayer and hit him over the head with the gun? I’m sure some lefty would argue the gun carrier should just run away as the proper solution. I would disagree.

    In this particular incident, I can’t tell who started the final confrontation as there’s no clear video of it, only biased descriptions. The fat guy appeared to be very pushy when confronting the guy in the black shirt with the constant belly bumping. Both were looking for trouble, both stupid for even being there.

    Whom ever started the final encounter is guilty of being a predator, under my definition, and all predators should be killed on their first offense.

    There should be some ‘fair warning’ clause in law that allows someone with a deadly weapon to tell the other party that an aggressive move will result in him getting shot and if that warning is ignored then the resultant shooting should be classified as a suicide.

    Which reminds me of the story I read decades ago about a Texas prison escape. The escapee was seen running across a field and the guard kept yelling ‘stop or I’ll shoot’. Eventually the guard shot and killed the escapee. The coroner ruled the death a suicide because ‘when a Texas Ranger tells you to stop and you don’t, that’s suicide’. That story, I believe in Newsweek, got me to move from New York to Texas.

  46. ANONymous[241] • Disclaimer says:

    So, You are NOT Pro-America, pro-cop and pro-Trump?

    • Replies: @AndrewR
  47. ANONymous[241] • Disclaimer says:
    @Johnny Smoggins

    Malkin and Tucker are NOT neocons.
    Simply they try to keep their jobs.

    • Agree: Art
  48. Whitewolf says:

    this whole F’n thing is fake and staged.

    These days that is my default position on just about every crime that gets major msm attention. Hoax crimes are as believable as the democrat-republican kabuki theatre.

    • Replies: @Frank Stone
  49. @Chris Mallory

    Bull. Bombercommmand is absolutely right about what transpired.

  50. @Jake

    You are an insane liar….or maybe just a paid IDF stooge.

    NOTHING coming from the left would be possible without jewish influence.

    ALL of leftist thought originated in the minds of jewish intellects. Every aspect of anti-white rhetoric and policy comes directly from the small hat tribe. Every bit of degeneracy comes from their spiteful paranoid tribe.

    The list of all things harmful to whites…..engineered and promulgated by jews is hideously and shamefully lengthy: open borders and mass third world immigration, abortion, affirmative action, civil “rights,” gay marriage, transexualism, porn, degenerate entertainment, lying media, middle east wars, etc.etc.etc., and NONE of these things would exist minus our merchant friends.

    There is no way that the west would have voluntarily committed suicide or self sabotage. What you’re saying makes no sense at all.

    KMAC makes a stunning case at the beginning of the CofC when he lays out the fact that western man was having an excellent run until……something happened to derail our progress. Then he provides a bulletproof explanation for our downfall.

    You might want to read “The Culture of Critique” as you have no idea what you are talking about and you are spewing low IQ gibberish.

    • Agree: geokat62, Rurik
    • Thanks: Rogue
  51. Alden says:

    Malkin is a bit more than a neo con. She’s more like an Israeli lobbyist. Married a Jew.

    Otherwise, she’s a true American Nationalist extreme anti immigration anti affirmative action and a pro White advocate although she doesn’t use the word White, just native born American, discrimination, merit qualification for job. The code words for White advocates

    Nothing is perfect. The pro American pro White advocacy makes up for the pro Israel lobbying in my opinion. Opinions may differ.

    • Thanks: Parsnipitous
    • Replies: @Robert Dolan
  52. geokat62 says:
    @Robert Dolan

    You are an insane liar….or maybe just a paid IDF stooge.

    Why must it be an “either/or” proposition?

    “Jake the snake” is most probably both.

  53. @Robert Dolan

    Abolitionists were New Englanders, WASPs. Not Jews… Jews owned slaves in the south then.

  54. Alden says:
    @Chris Mallory

    Opponent A held a can of mace. Opponent B advances towards him, drew a gun and shit Opponent A. No case for self defense here.

    According to old common and legislative law in every country in the Americas and Europe.

    Colorado, like most states uses The Model Penal Code. What opponent B , the shooter B is clearly first degree homicide according to the Penal Code used in Colorado and most states.

    That’s the written law. What happens in the local law enforcement and court system varies by numerous factors but according to the Penal Code it wasn’t self defense it was homicide.

    Colorado is a liberal state of White hating White sanctimonious Puritan liberals. Charges might be dropped. Killer night plea guilty to violating some nit picky gun regulation and get probation. A jury of self righteous anti White Puritan liberals might acquit him.

    Anything can happen. But there’s no self defense argument.

  55. anon[712] • Disclaimer says:

    The only important thing about this whole incident is that the shooter was wearing his Covid mask.

  56. AndrewR says:

    0.1% pro cop

    1% pro Trump

    10% pro America

    I definitely wouldn’t go out in public and shill for any of these, and I have little sympathy for those who would

    • Replies: @ANONymous
  57. Alden says:

    Your focus is always on Britain since Henry 8’s reformation. You are right that Dutch jews were heavily involved from 1520 on. The Puritans who came later and colonized New England really were Old Testament obsessed wanna be jews who denied Jesus was God. Yes They were midlands Anglo Saxon descendants more or less.

    “ There is but one God and he is the God of Israel “ John Calvin. That’s the Puritan Calvinist Huguenot primary belief.

    But you don’t know how powerful jews were in Catholic Spain 700AD to 1492 AD.

    You don’t know how powerful Jews were in Catholic Portugal from the Muslim conquest all through early modern times..

    You don’t know how prosperous and powerful Jews always were in the old Roman Empire and Rome, the Pope’s own independent country , international Catholic headquarters , the defender of Europe from Huns and Ottomans right up to the unification of Italy. Pope’s didn’t grant jews any special privileges but treated them equally and Jews thrived in the Pope’s Rome all through the ages.

    Very, very unfortunately Christianity , not just Protestant but Catholic and Orthodoxy has been intertwined with Judaism since the beginning

  58. geokat62 says:

    NJP Statement on the Murder of Lee Keltner by “Antifa” Pinkerton Agent

    The National Justice Party strongly condemns the cold-blooded murder of American patriot, veteran and family man Lee Keltner. Keltner was shot dead by a Pinkerton hired thug with “antifa” associations during a protest in Denver on Saturday, October 10th.


    Lee Keltner, Patriot and family man

    Lee Keltner was a 49-year-old grandfather, veteran of the United States Navy, and an artist who created custom hats. He was with his 24-year-old son Jay, attending a Patriot Rally in Denver, Colorado, when the event was accosted by Black Lives Matter and “antifa” rioters. Photos and videos of the murder show Keltner and other rally attendees being aggressively menaced by a militant agitator wearing a “black guns matter” tee-shirt. A few moments later, Keltner was shot in the head by Pinkerton Agent Matthew Dolloff.

    Dolloff’s social media history reveals an obsession with anti-White and far-left social causes such as fighting “fascism” and “racism.” He was hired by NBC News affiliate 9News as a bodyguard for producer Zack Newman, who openly advertises his Jewish political identity on Twitter and evidently shares Dolloff’s leftist views. The Denver news station has come under heavy scrutiny in the past few days for other associations between prominent employees and “antifa” rioters. The situation is yet another example of the by now all-too-familiar overlap of mainstream media bias, Woke Capital, Jewish political identity and far-left violence.

    The murder of Lee Keltner sets a new and dangerous precedent. A paid mercenary has, essentially, carried out a politically and racially motivated assassination of a working class patriot and nationalist. Dolloff was employed by none other than Pinkerton, the company formerly known as the Pinkerton Detective Agency—the most infamous union-busting organization in American history. Pinkerton once boasted a private police force larger than the U.S. military, and was involved in suppressing workers in the bloodiest U.S. labor battles including the Homestead Strike, the Great Railroad Strike, and the Ludlow Massacre.

    For years, nationalists have been warning that “antifa” are effectively acting as the street soldiers for global capital. The comparison has often been made between modern “antifa” and the strike-breakers of the Robber Baron era. In similar fashion to their Pinkerton predecessors, “antifa” act as spies and informants for big companies intent on using diversity to break up worker homogeneity and solidarity. “Antifa” primarily rely on methods developed in the era of union-busting, such as snitching to corporations and blacklisting individuals engaged in organizing deemed threatening to the interests of the rich and powerful. With the full backing of police and the federal government, these modern day Pinkertons brazenly use the tactics of terror and violence to break up peaceful assemblies of patriots and nationalists.

    As billionaire wealth surges, nationalism and the rights of the working class have become intimately connected. Working families all over the West have struggled for decades under the wage-eroding effects of outsourcing to third world countries and the importation of millions of non-White immigrants as cheap labor. “Diversity” and “multiculturalism” are the slogans used to bust up workforce solidarity. Capricious, arbitrary and totalitarian codes of political correctness are used to attack free speech and keep workers in constant fear of losing their jobs and livelihoods. Huge tech companies now freely engage in mass censorship of nationalist political views opposed to liberal globalism.

    The only line left for Woke Capital was the employment of armed mercenaries as private guards to kill nationalist workers. This line has now been crossed with the brutal murder of Lee Keltner by a Pinkerton assassin. Lee now joins the ranks of many dozens of working class Americans in history who have fallen to Pinkerton violence.

    The National Justice Party stands in this historic struggle with labor against capital—we stand with patriots against globalists—and we stand with American hero Lee Keltner in defiance of the “antifa” thugs and their corporate Jewish paymasters.

    – Warren Balogh, NJP Founding Member
    – Mike Peinovich, NJP Chairman

  59. @RoatanBill

    Your comment is so crackbrained and factually addled it is difficult to know where to start there are so many places to start.

  60. Informer says: • Website

    Here is a frame by frame account of the murder. The shooter was reaching for a gun while the victim’s hands were down. His pepper spray was pointed down as well presenting no threat. The shooter was angry after having been slapped.

    Here are the photos. Shooter draws weapon at Frame 874:

  61. Informer says:

    Photos show the shooter drawing his weapon while the victim’s hands are down and his pepper spray is also pointed down.

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  62. botazefa says:

    Tech Rule #3: Do not login to youtube
    #4: use duckduckgo
    #5: Reset as identifier frequently
    #6: use ad blockers
    #7: Disable location services on mobile
    #8: Do as theMann said and DON’T USE social media

  63. R.C. says:

    Excellent and helpful compilation video.
    Never bring pepper spray to a gunfight.
    Wrong and sad though.

  64. R.C. says:
    @Strike Three

    In fact, Dolloff was repeating the exact same phrase that (((Rosenbaum))) did.

    Actually, I believe that theloudmouth idiot black guy with the ‘Black Guns Matter’ T-shirt is NOT the white guy who did the shooting, although it all certainly appears related.

  65. In other words, in Jewish-controlled America, proglodytes get to treat patriots like Zionists treat Palestinians in West Bank.

    Whites = Palestinians. Isn’t it time for whites to side with Palestinians?

    Jews censor and murder whites, but whites suck up to Jews.

  66. The driving force behind this civil war is the zionist UN Agenda 2030 and behind the covid-19 scam and by the way covid-19 stands for certificate of vaccination ID-19.

    • Thanks: Sya Beerens
  67. @Informer

    That site is blocked given my foreign location, I presume. I got a few photos before a banner popped up. Regardless, I want to see video.

    Video should prove who did what first. If someone is threatening me with bear spray or a gun, I have the right to defend myself with whatever I have available to me, bear spray or a gun. From the perspective of each side, once the other side brought weapons into play, the situation gets more serious. Logically, he who has the best weapon wins should things escalate. I fault them both for letting things get out of hand.

    Maybe the shooter is guilty of the initial provocation. Maybe the deceased is guilty. I don’t know and I’m not willing to take anyone else’s word for what happened.

    It should be obvious that both were prepared for violence, offensive or defensive. In the long run all these marches and shouting at each other accomplishes nothing since TPTsB aren’t doing anything to calm things down. The entire political establishment is allowing things to get more and more unstable, so I conclude that’s what they want. It plays into their plan for a reset that will devastate the average person, so expect more such encounters.

  68. @Alden

    Pope’s didn’t grant jews any special privileges but treated them equally and Jews thrived in the Pope’s Rome all through the ages.

    Not according to the Jews…lol

    Jews lived separate, for the most part. But it is true that Jews had access to nobles and Kings due to their skill with regards to money. And interestingly, this increased under Protestant Kings.

    The bottom line is that the Son of God is racially a Jew. But since He came for the salvation of all mankind and not to make them what they still wish to be, they killed Him.

    Christians and Jews are inextricably intertwined.

    • Replies: @Alden
  69. Abbybwood says:

    I ditched FB about two years ago.

    Don’t do Twitter either.

    • Replies: @botazefa
    , @DaveE
  70. @Alden

    Michelle rocks.

    She loves this country and she’s fighting to save it.

    Consider that Michelle was an A list conservative, always invited on news programs, major speaker at conservative events until…….she crossed the jews on immigration and advocacy for white Christian America. Suddenly her pro-Israel stance no longer mattered and the Jmedia brought down the hammer.

    Michelle could have coasted along, played the game, not ruffled feathers, and could have made a ton of money. Instead she pursued the truth, could see that massive immigration is ruining this country, and she spoke out to the detriment of her own career.

    I’ve said it before, little Michelle has bigger balls than all of the men in the GOP put together. She puts all of those shabbos goy cucks to shame.

    In 2024 we should push for a Carlson/Malkin ticket.

    • Agree: Katrinka
  71. ANONymous[146] • Disclaimer says:

    So, the rest 88.9% you are a Jew and yisrael?

    • Troll: Biff
  72. PolarBear says:

    Ron has the chutzpah to be honest about Jews. You won’t find many Jews like that. Four horsemen of the Jewpocalypse deserve cookies. Zuck, Joogle, Hymiewood, and the kosher education system have more influence on the masses though and the blood of many innocent Whites is on their hands.

  73. @Chris Mallory

    Talking smack, pointing fingers and slapping others, are mostly values acquired by any keyboard mentality who is “able to make a strong case for self defense”.

    Real consequences happen least to those who can actually identify what it is they are actually defending. In this case, both Dolloff and Keltner could not. You may accuse yourself of the same.

  74. botazefa says:

    I ditched FB about two years ago.

    Don’t do Twitter either.

    I bet you don’t miss them at all.

    Good for you!

  75. Alden says:

    What an asinine woulda shoulda comment about what the law should advise people in these extreme high stress adrenaline and testosterone hysteria flooding ultimate danger situations to do .

    Read the Colorado penal code to learn the applicable Colorado laws.

  76. Alden says:

    IF I were a DA I would subpoena shooters employment records for the last 5 years to see if he ever worked as any kind of security guard loss prevention anything like that. He didn’t have any kind of uniform. Guards that leave an agency usually give the uniforms back. If he were some kind of on call substitute guard he would have a uniform to wear.

    Security guard license is easily available. 18 year old kids apply for the job, agency does it online and he’s licensed at the interview. Card arrives in the mail or agency has the card stock and prints it.

    I suspect he’s never worked as a security guard. Just a friend of the anti White TV channel who has a gun and the desire to kill a Trump supporter.

    • Replies: @Bombercommand
  77. Alden says:

    Jews of Rome had it great. Like everybody else they lived off the pilgrimage and diplomat trade. Also subversive contacts with middle eastern Austria Hungary Holy Roman Empire French Spanish and Turkish jews. . The papacy was a great power ruler who was always at war with someone. As for the catholic arts, Jews specializes in OT pictures and dioramas

    Turkish jews were bribed by Roman jews working for the pope to burn down a big Turkish fleet something 1480-95?

    Christians and Muslims are very good for Jews despite the incessant bitching whining and grievance industry. Other religions not so welcoming

    I’m somewhat pro catholic and anti Puritan but I’m tired of Jake’s blaming all Christian pro Judaism on 1600s puritans and their Unitarian Universalist Baptist fundamentalist descendants.

    Popes bishops and Rome All those catholic monks who copied Hebrew manuscripts and exchanged bibles with Jewish scholars check out what your own Popes did a thousand years before the reformation Jake.

  78. Just another example of white-on-white crime that the white community refuses to talk about.

  79. Trinity says:

    Both the patriotards and the USEFUL IDIOTS of (((Antifa/BLM))) are equally retarded. Oops, lemme back up a few steps, the leftoids are even more retarded because they actually want to live in a turd world shithole while the patriotards at least want a society fit enough to feel safe and raise a family. We have a scrawny little punk operating in the shadows pitting Us vs. Them and these fools take the bait, hook, line and sinker. IF you don’t learn from REAL history, you are doomed to repeat it. Most of these suckers have no skin in the game, just cannon fodder to be used up by the so-called, “Deep State.” smdh.

    It makes you think of that punk kid who always wanted to see a fight as long as it didn’t involve him. Patriotards, at least have better sense than the burned out, drugged out, edjumucated, nitwits of Antifa/BLM. Stay at home and have a bbq with the family, go to the gym, hike a trail, it takes two to fight. IF you have to defend yourself do so, but don’t be a fool and invite this sort of shit on yourself. This guy lost his life and for what? Sad, sad, sad.

    • Replies: @Robert Dolan
  80. anon[651] • Disclaimer says:

    You ever wonder why young people get into politics? One reason: the money is very good. Second reason: You can get elected twice in a row and be secured with a very good pension for the rest of your life. That is why most largely amoral young people get into politics. Seen it many times.
    Basic MP salary in Canada is 167 k per year.

    • Replies: @Anon
  81. Anon[651] • Disclaimer says:

    And we are being overrun with dipshit immigrants who see that as only as an opportunity for a free ride which ignorant Canadians will pay for.
    We were far better off before Canadian politicians made the choice to import far more immigrants than Canada needs – for one reason – your party imports them and your party is whom they vote for.

  82. @Trinity

    It’s very sad this man lost his life. It’s tragic. He seemed like a really great guy.

    No reason to blame the victim here. He was murdered in cold blood.

    Sure, for the most part it’s best to avoid the stupid riots.

    On the other hand, conservatives have every right to protest or counter-protest the BLM scum.

    I’ve been an immigration activist for many years and I’ve been in some incidents that had potential for violence. I’ve been in situations where a few white anti-immigration activists were outnumbered by mexicans 50 to one. I’ve probably been lucky to have avoided serious violence.

    There’s a point where people say enough is enough. Why should BLM and Antifa be allowed to run wild and destroy our country?

    Not many of us have the balls of Kyle Rittenhouse or Michelle Malkin……but you have to admire
    their courage just the same.

    At what point will white people be willing to fight back? Antifa and BLM have grown bolder and they feel confident to invade the suburbs.

    How much more can people take?

    They fucking LIE about white white people 24/7 in the jew media, they LIE about white people in every shitty jew run university in the USA, every major corporation holds anti-white racial sensitivity trainings, and the intelligence agencies label us as the greatest terrorist threat while allowing the jew media to kick us off of every platform.

    We are rapidly approaching the point of no return where we have nothing left to lose.

    • Agree: Alden, Alden, Alden, GeneralRipper
    • Thanks: BloodSpirit
    • Replies: @Trinity
    , @Genrick Yagoda
  83. @Chris Mallory

    I agree. Keltner should have known better.

  84. @Alden

    “Puritans who came later and colonized New England really were Old Testament obsessed wanna be jews who denied Jesus was God….”

    In a treatise on the person of Christ, Theanthropos; Or, God-Man (1660), John Arrowsmith (1602-1659) makes reference to the essence of God in relation to what we commonly call the “ontological” Trinity. He mentions the Opera ad intra, common internal operations of the Trinity, related to essence, and which “terminated” distinctly “upon some person in the Trinity.” Thus, the Father “begetteth” the Son, the Son “is begotten” of the Father, and the Holy Spirit “proceedeth” from the Father and the Son. The Puritans affirmed as distinct yet inseparable (unified within the Godhead) such internal works exhibited eternally according to the properties of each person.

    Regarding the eternal generation of the Son, the majority of Puritans affirmed the Nicene formula that he is “very God of very God” in the sense that the Father, notes Cheynell, communicates “that self-same divine and entire essence, which is in himself, by begetting the personal subsistence of the Son in the unity of the Godhead from the days of eternity.” Thus, they attested that the Father communicated divine essence to his eternally begotten Son who was at the same time autotheos
    or “God of himself.”

    • Replies: @Alden
    , @Alden
  85. Alden says:

    I know what my ancestors believed and they did not believe Jesus was God. “ There is but one God and he is the God of Israel”. My ancestor William Mullins had it written on his bible which he brought to America December 1620.

    Christians believe that Jesus was is God. Not just a prophet. Christians believe in the Trinity 3 Gods in one, God the father his son Jesus who is never mentioned in the OT And the Holy
    ghost whoever he is who also was never mentioned in the OT.

    The Puritan wing of the reformers did not believe Jesus is was God. Therefore they weren’t Christians just wanna be jews. They were persecuted in England because they opposed the official Christian Church of England that believed Jesus is was God and the trinity of father son and Holy Ghost.

    It wasn’t just village buttinskys who proclaimed the puritans Plymouth Brethren and other OT wanna be jews non Christians. Theologians at some of the Oxford colleges studied Puritan belief about Jesus and the Trinity and decided they were not Christians and must conform to one of the versions of the Christian Church of England, like obey the requirement to go to church on Christmas and Easter and stop denying that Jesus and the Holy Ghost were God.

    So filled with hatred for Christianity they could not bear the requirement to hold services at Christmas and Easter they sailed to America and were soon followed by other puritans. Shoulda held out for another 20 years for Oliver Cromwell’s revolution.

    God the father was is the OT Jewish God. Jesus of the NT is both God and god the father’s human son. The Holy Ghost was invented because the Pagan N Europeans often had 3 God religions. So the early Christians created the Trinity to seem more familiar to the pagan N Europeans.

    The more insane and hateful reformers didn’t just reject Roman Catholicism and the authority of the Pope but Christianity itself. Whatever your little sect believes about God now has nothing to do with what the extremist Protestants believed 500 and 400 years ago.
    They were my direct ancestors and I know what they did and did not believe.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if some were secret Jews, especially the ones who came back from Holland. Jews arrived in New Amsterdam, Newport Rhode Island S Carolina and other towns in America shortly after the Puritans founded Boston. Jews are nomads, always thinking about the next country to exploit.

    European power moved from Central Europe to the Atlantic Coast countries, Portugal Spain France Netherlands and Britain. Jews moved with the times. And across the Atlantic with the first settlers and explorers

    Is Godhead some Unitarian version of the Trinity?

    • Replies: @Stonehands
  86. Alden says:

    Whatever Arrowsmith believed in 1660 is very different from what Calvin believed 153os and 40s. It’s very different from what theFrench English and Scot puritans believed in the 1500s and early 1600s.

    He lived in England. All English had to conform to the Christian Church of England. Every other Christian or Puritan sect was illegal and the penalties were severe from death penalty for just being a catholic priest or prison exile confiscation of property for Quakers and non C of E Protestants

    What you quoted was not the belief of the puritans of 130, 100 and 50 years before. A true Puritan manifesto would have resulted in prison and or confiscation of property

    All those Protestant or non conformist to the C of E church were as illegal as Roman Catholicism Arrowsmith would not have been able to publish anything contrary to standard C of E theology.

    Protestants sects vary from the almost catholic C of E rituals in Westminster Abbey to 1530 to 1655 insane wanna be Jew puritans who denied that Jesus was is God

    To anti White Unitarian Universalist SJWs to the American Friends Service Committee that used to be a communist front to Lutherans who avoided bankruptcy by joining the refugee industry and glomming federal money to support their empty churches to the Episcopals with their same sex married sodomite bishops to Al Sharpton Jesse Jackson and other black activists to TV preachers to the OT Bible thumper Israel Uber Alles Zionists, Protestant practice and belief is not one religion but a conglomeration of sects from those who believe the Jewish OT That sodomy is a very grave sin to same sex married sodomite bishops.

    What Arrowsmith wrote in 1660 had nothing to do with what Calvin and his English followers believed from 1535 to 1655. The puritans and pilgrims were not exactly theologians and scholars. They were wannabe Jews who believed in the war genocides murders treachery and pornography of the Jewish Bible. Jesus isn’t mentioned in the OT? Then we don’t believe he is God.

    Roman Catholics and the Church of England celebrate Christmas and Easter? We hate those churches so much we can’t stand to live in the country that celebrates Christmas Easter and other Christian festivals. Anyway why should we celebrate Jesus we don’t believe in him anyway.

    There was also a strictly enforced law that every adult in England had to attend Church of England services regularly or face confiscatory fines. Non Church of England Christian sects were illegal and harshly punished. So were those private Jewish bible readings so popular with the Puritan sects

    Had Arrowsmith published a book about Puritan beliefs he would have been imprisoned and property confiscated. So he wrote something that passed Church of England scrutiny

    • Replies: @Stonehands
  87. @Alden

    The central figure in the Old Testament, though not mentioned by name, is Jesus Christ. Jesus explained this to his disciples after his resurrection.

    Luke tells us that “beginning with Moses and all the Prophets,” Jesus “interpreted to them in all the Scriptures the things concerning himself” (Luke 24:27).

    Here are a few examples:

    First, the Old Testament shows us our need of Jesus. It does this by setting before us God’s law, summarized in the ten commandments. Just as looking into a mirror enables you to see dirt on your face, so God’s law enables us to see our sin. The apostle Paul wrote, “through the law comes knowledge of sin” (Romans 3:20). Once you see your sin and need of a Savior, you should look to Jesus as the one who died to pay the penalty for your sin. Paul wrote, “the law was our guardian until Christ came, in order that we might be justified by faith” (Galatians 3:24).

    Second, the Old Testament points to Jesus in the dozens of messianic prophecies that he fulfills. For example, Isaiah 53:5-6, written 700 years before Jesus was born, foretells, “But he was pierced for our transgressions; he was crushed for our iniquities; upon him was the chastisement that brought us peace, and with his wounds we are healed. All we like sheep have gone astray; we have turned — every one — to his own way; and the Lord has laid on him the iniquity of us all.”

    Third, many Old Testament themes foreshadow Jesus and his work. For example, the Passover Lamb pictures Jesus, “the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world” (John 1:29). The temple in Jerusalem was but a type of Jesus, our true temple (Revelation 21:22). The priests and the sacrifices they offered foreshadowed Jesus, who is both our great high priest and the final sacrifice for sin (Hebrews 4-5, 9-10). The exodus, the liberation of the Israelites from bondage to the Egyptians, is but a foretaste of Jesus liberating us from bondage to sin and death.

    Referring to the Old Testament scriptures Jesus said, “it is they that bear witness about me … If you believed Moses [who wrote the first five books of the Old Testament] you would believe me; for he wrote about me” (John 5:39, 46; cf. Deuteronomy 18:15).

    The Scriptures — Old and New Testaments — speak with one voice. They speak about Jesus.

    • Replies: @Truth Hurts the Liars
  88. @Alden

    I don’t give a shit about Colorado’s laws. The point of my post is that the laws everywhere are stupid and need to be changed to align with a person’s natural rights to self protection.

    The idea that lethal force should be restricted to only certain circumstances ignores the effect of such nonsense. It gives those wielding supposedly non lethal force the upper hand. Is a woman supposed to take a beating from a man using his fists when she has a gun available to her. Common sense says she should blow his brains out and get a medal for community service.

    Any predator that initiates force or fraud should be fair game for killing to remove that POS from the society. No public sponsored housing, feeding, clothing and providing medical services for a predator in prison. Just kill him and remove the problem permanently.

  89. Trinity says:
    @Robert Dolan

    Kyle Rittenhouse and Michelle Malkin are to be commended. I, too, agree that WE can’t let these Jewish funded and Jewish organized useful idiots pull off the same thing here that they did in the old Soviet Union, but as was the case in Charlottesville, WHERE WERE THE POLICE? Some White guys are doing some serious time in state prisons for merely defending themselves, NOW, the whole nation sees what those poor guys were up against in Charlottesville, and yet not one single politician or even one single person has spoke on behalf of freeing those guys from prison. My God, the James Fields case is caught on camera. An angry mob with weapons, blocking the street, bashing in his car, etc. and this guy receives a life sentence for 1st degree murder?

    I saw a video where these mobs of Antifa goons pulled up in some middle class neighborhood and they were met by a bunch of rednecks who ran them out. These punks were literally marched out of the neighborhood like the punks they are, they were wise enough to know they would have been thrown a beating and storming into someone’s neighborhood gave the rednecks a better chance of claiming self defense if things got ugly.

    I have watched tape where the man who was eventually shot was getting into it with the BLM guy, the man with the mace had several times where he could have walked away, and if it weren’t for the older guy intervening the BLM guy would have probably put a hurting on the guy. Face it, the BLM guy, while a fat fuck, was young while the mace guy was way overweight, moved slow, and looked to be pretty old to engaging in a street fight.

    The thing is that not one single politician will go to bat for these patriot protesters, not one. They will throw them under the bus just like they did the guys in Charlottesville. You have to protect yourself, your home, your family, etc., I get this, but a handful of protesters, who it seems never receive any protection from law enforcement, going up against situations were they are vastly outnumbered is questionable. I hope Mr. Rittenhouse receives a FAIR TRIAL, we know that he acted in self defense, it was caught on camera, but that didn’t save the guys in Charlottesville. IF we lived in a NORMAL NATION, these thugs would be taken care of by law enforcement and patriots could organize a peaceful protest without being attacked. A competent police force would NEVER allow these Antifa/BLM goons near the patriots in the first place.

    • Thanks: Katrinka
  90. Trinity says:

    Malkin does need to be commended for being one of a handful of people with a platform who called out (((the media’s))) lack of coverage on the Christian-Newsom murders back in the day. I can’t think of one prominent White person in the MSM who actually went after (((the media))) for not reporting on this horrific rape-torture-murder Black on White crime. I could be wrong though, but the only recognizable names besides Malkin, were Thomas Sowell, who is black, and David Horowitz who obviously is Jewish. Glenn Beck, remember him, would say years later that he had no idea of this crime. I CALL BULLSHIT. Beck has been in the media a long time, I remember him as a radio talk show host in Tampa in the early 2000s when he took over Bob Lassiter’s old slot. Hard to believe the man who first introduced me at least to the name of George Soros and others back when he had his television show on Fox had no clue about The Knoxville Horror. So you see, people, we live in a world where even those good ole MLK worshiping cuckservatives like Glenn Beck are afraid to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

    • Agree: Robert Dolan
    • Thanks: DaveE
  91. @Robert Dolan

    That’s an interesting post. Because at the center of all this lying is the Great Lie, The HolyCo$t.

    They knew that if they can get away with that whopper, 911 would be a cakewalk. Along with everything else.

    It’s really odd that you see everything else so clearly, but not the root and the Achilles Heel of Jewish lies.

    • Agree: Robert Dolan
  92. DaveE says:

    Here’s one for ya’…….

    I joined Facebook, for the FIRST TIME EVER, about 2 months ago to check up on an old friend who was rumored to have died. Now keep in mind, I have never, ever, ever posted a single word on Facebook. My “membership” lasted about six hours, until I got a notice that I was cancelled due to “violation of terms of service”.

    I’ve been online since the word “online” existed, just for the record.

    Now, I’ll be the first to admit that I have posted many, many things that The Tribe does not appreciate (and I’m proud of every word I wrote) but not a single word on Facebook, Youtube, Jewgle, or any other social media.

    Let’s just say that that “interconnected” is quite the understatement. (((They))) keep lists, grudges and vendettas for all any and all who oppose (((them))) and they”talk” to each other, too.

    Just the latest in a long list of proof, for me.

  93. @Alden

    Spokesperson for the state licensing agency is on record that they have no record that Matthew Dolloff currently holds or ever did hold a security guard license. Further, they found no record of ANY “Dolloff” holding or having held a security guard license. The media is lying by referring to Dolloff as a “security guard”. What the DA should look into is Dolloff’s relationship with Pinkerton and 9News. Pinkerton said Dolloff is not an employee, but an employee of a contractor to Pinkerton, but will not indentify the contractor, a shady, goofy story. 9News needs to be transparent regarding what entity they dealt with to obtain Dolloff and make that contract public knowledge. Then there is Dolloff’s firearm, an armed security guard is at a higher level of licensing, and Dolloff did not have a basic security guard license. 9News, Pinkerton and its contractor will be sued. The contractor has likely already declared bankruptcy, if a “contractor” actually exists. A big mess with an interesting story. Let us see if the media persues the story.

  94. @HighlanderJuan

    BTW, what happened to the ‘shining city on the hill?’

    That was an invention of the pilgrim collective that “settled” New England. They have always been the purveyors here of the Talmudic doctrines such as socialism, communism, etc. This is the basis of the Yankee Problem as described by Clyde Wilson.

    • Replies: @HighlanderJuan
  95. @Alden

    “The Puritans who came later and colonized New England really were Old Testament obsessed wanna be jews who denied Jesus was God.”

    I’ve heard Haitians are more New Testament obsessed. Must be the French influence.

  96. This is not about that shooting here in Denver, Michelle, but FYI, in Buffalo, there’s a very old, very well-known street called Fillmore Avenue, named after President Millard Fillmore. Well, the disgusting twits there, the “city leaders” just unanimously voted to change the name of that street to “Black Lives Matter Way”. Unbelievably disgusting! And partly prompted by a 17 year old. This was from WKBW news, online. Just absolutely DISGUSTING!

  97. @Twodees Partain

    Interesting. From what research I have done, the Pilgrims had nothing to do with the talmuds or with communism.

    I don’t know which ‘Clyde Wilson’ you are referring to, but if you are referring to the SC history professor ‘Clyde Norman Wilson’ he is/was a Southerner and he found much of America’s great charm and success was a result of the Virginians, not the New Englanders. And he may be right, but so what.

    The origin of the phrase I mentioned is credited to governor John Winthrop who allegedly said “…we shall be as a City upon a Hill, the eyes of all people are upon us” but I had also heard of other references from foreigners after that time frame. And then, of course, we have the famous Reagan farewell speech reference, “I’ve spoken of the shining city all my political life…”

  98. @Alden

    “They were wannabe Jews who believed in the war genocides murders treachery and pornography of the Jewish Bible….”

    If you don’t believe that the God of Hebrew scripture is the same God of the New Testament then you are propounding Marcionism, not Calvinism.

    It is a heretical sect founded in A.D. 144 at Rome by Marcion and continuing in the West for 300 years, but in the East some centuries longer, especially outside the Byzantine Empire. They rejected the writings of the Old Testament and taught that Christ was not the Son of the God of the Jews, but the Son of the good God, who was different from the God of the Ancient Covenant.

    Marcionists believed that the wrathful Hebrew God was a separate and lower entity than the all-forgiving God of the New Testament. Similar to Gnosticism, it depicted the God of the Old Testament as a tyrant or demiurge (God as the Devil).

    Catholics and Protestants of all stripes are united in this one stance, a belief of God who reveals Himself through ALL time, through his words in human language; the Old and New testament-your families heretical, oral beliefs notwithstanding.

    • Replies: @Majority of One
  99. @Stonehands

    Stonehands? Do you love Leviticus? Did your god inspire that work?

  100. @Alden


    If I were you, my little mind thus expanded would twice as quickly have prevented me from replying to RB here the first time, much less twice, prior to apprehending how that after apparently having chosen Honduras as his ground zero due to appointment received as both legislature and cop by which all others are made obsolete, and in addition to the weight of his duties held for UNZLAND daily report and debriefings, he may not have the patience required for questions of fact involving the merits of pluralism.

  101. Art says:

    13 charged in plot to kidnap Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer

    Hmm — is every third Nazi in America an FBI agent?

    Was this assassination of a nationalist American man a conspiracy?

    It appears that NO FBI agents are working Antifa (ZERO arrests).

    Clearly the Deep State is pro-government lefty, working against American nationalists.

    • Replies: @Art
    , @Twodees Partain
  102. fnn says:

    Has Mitt ever repudiated Antifa? He tweeted support for them after Cville:

  103. fnn says:

    She told her son’s associates not to co-operate with the police. BTW, I wonder if anyone knows who his father was?

  104. Art says:

    Was this assassination of a nationalist American man a conspiracy?

    Pro-Antifa Colorado Democratic Party figure talks violence in Project Veritas sting

    “2020 is a political revolution. I am going to do everything morally acceptable to win,” Mr. Jacks said in footage taken at a bar. “I will lie, I will cheat, I will steal, because that’s morally acceptable in this political environment.”

    Interspersed were references to Antifa and guillotines as well as “killing random Nazis in the street” and how the right may “underestimate how many people on the left are organized, trained, armed and ready to go.”

    “I mean again, I believe there is absolutely justified violence in all sorts of circumstances,” Mr. Jacks said in the hidden-camera footage. “I do think there needs to be a militant group, and I love Antifa for that reason.”

    “13 charged in plot to kidnap Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer”

    Hmm — where was the FBI in Colorado?

  105. @Jake

    Jake, the Jew, attempting to deflect.

    All hasbara, all the time.

    • Replies: @Twodees Partain
  106. @Alessandro Machi

    Another fake. Better production values, but fake nontheless. We’re being conned into a Civil War by TV. Sad.

  107. @Stonehands

    The concept of Christ dying for MY sins never made any sense.

    I am responsible for them. Not Him.

    I believe in and acknowledge Christ as the Son of Man and Son of God.

    But I want only me to pay the ultimate price for my own failings… no-one else, not even Christ.

  108. obvious says:

    They would have rushed Doloff and grabbed his gun besides attacking his crew. Nobody has to put up with that giant fat stomach sticking out into evryones personal space.

    All flag wavers get what they deserve, fucking morons every last one of them. Middle aged men trying to find a chance for “easy tough”. Should have stayed making hats and kept his belly to himself.

    • Replies: @Trinity
  109. Trinity says:

    While I do agree the victim should have walked away, he definitely wasn’t being passive or deescalating the situation, you must have missed the BLM retard spazzing out like a retard. And IF this security clown was a man, instead of a punk, he would have would have punched the victim back instead of shooting him in the face. He probably would have got off with self defense had he merely used his fist to strike back the victim. Now IF we have an honest jury, Mr. Security guard will be doing time for second degree murder, which is what this obviously is, being sprayed or slapped does not give you the legal right to shoot someone, let alone shoot them in the face and murder them. While I do agree some of these patriotards are the sharpest knifes in the drawer, are you saying that retard with the BLM shirt that spazzed out like a geek on acid is not a moron of the highest order?

  110. geokat62 says:
    @Robert Dolan

    The list of all things harmful to whites…..engineered and promulgated by jews is hideously and shamefully lengthy: open borders and mass third world immigration, abortion, affirmative action, civil “rights,” gay marriage, transexualism, porn, degenerate entertainment, lying media, middle east wars, etc.etc.etc.

    Don’t you just love Tikkum olam?

  111. Biff says:

    Maybe it’s time for folks to ditch Facebook.

    Going on my second year.

    Just say no…

  112. Trinity says:

    List of things any self respecting White should boycott IF they care about the survival of their race:

    IF they are Christian, BOYCOTT any church that preaches Jew worship or that basically a Christian has to kiss Jew ass and he will be blessed, yeah, I know there is a passage in the OT, but is not much of the OT a contradiction to what Jesus would preach later in the NT, and ask yourself, how much has America been blessed by kissing Jew/Israel ass. 9-11, endless wars in the Middle East, Jews controlling the media, financial institutions, social media, MSM, the list goes on and on, and IMO, it is worth considering if Ashkenazi Jews are really who they claim to be, even Sephardic Jews for that matter. For further reference consider, Revelation 2:9 and Revelation 3:9. Do many of the Ashkenazi Jews look like Semites from that area? NO. Khazar theory has supposedly been debunked but then again that doesn’t mean it might not be true.

    PLEASE, sportstards, BOYCOTT THE NBA AND NFL AND NCAA COLLEGE FOOTBALL AND BASKETBALL. I have taken up watching a lot of lacrosse and the NHL the last few years, and a few other sports. You have to be a cuckold of the highest order to go to the stadium or watch these assholes on television. Sports are great, but lets be honest, paying a grown man millions of dollars to play a kid’s game and a grown White man walking around with the name of a Black player on a 150.00 jersey is laughable.

    BOYCOTT Hollywood and television. The movies put out are infantile, downright stupid and unwatchable. A great deal are anti-White to the nth degree and a great deal are nothing but stupid comic book movies or remakes, even remakes of remakes or sequels to movies that sucked in the first place. The only thing more ridiculous than a grown man wearing a jersey with a Black player’s name on the back is someone above the age of 14 wearing a superhero t-shirt. My gawd, I have seen middle aged men walking around with Captain America and Batman t-shirts.

    And as mentioned, it goes without saying to boycott YouTube, Facebook, Google, and Twitter, and any other site that discriminates against Whites.

    • Replies: @Genrick Yagoda
  113. It’s important to note that Channel 9 in Denver is a major propaganda outlet. I will never forget their coverage of the shoot-down of the MH17 airliner in 2014. It was shot down at 13:20 UTC and a mere 12 hours later, Channel 9 had a News Special at 5:00 pm MDT. Gary Shapiro is the top newsman and with a cub reporter, they organized a 15 minute long “special report” with only one item, a long interview with a professor – an Israeli national from the Joseph Korbel School of International Relations at Denver University. (Condoleeza Rice, Bush Jr.’s Sec’y Of State is a graduate) The Israeli professor had no experience in forensics, in aviation or militaria, but he did know whom to blame: Russia, no doubt whatsoever. Jews hate Russia ? Who could have guessed … Channel 9’s cub summed it up: “World opinion” blamed Russia. Hoe does “world opinion” form in less than 12 hours ? How could anyone gather enough facts in such a short time ? How could any real news outlet even take the pulse of “world opinion” in less than 12 hours ? It was a striking lesson for me, that even a minor outpost of the propaganda machine is always ready to be part of the orchestra.

    So it’s only to be expected that if there was to be a provocation, Channel 9 would be in the picture.

  114. @Trinity

    The NHL is just as cucked as the rest of them. It was the NHL’s Diversity Division that browbeat the rest of the NHL into shutting down when the NBA players refused to play after a Dindu criminal got shot after fighting with police.

    • Thanks: Trinity
  115. @Art

    Is it possible that the kidnap plotters are actual leftists and/or ANTIFA and are being called “extreme right wing radicals” by the FBI and the MSM?

    • Replies: @Art
  116. @Truth Hurts the Liars

    You haven’t read enough of Jake’s comments to have any standing to call him a jew. That comment of yours would be embarrassing to you if you weren’t such a clueless noob.

  117. @Whitewolf

    I’ve felt that way ever since a number of PMCs were identified among “Antifa” in the first protests in Denver.

    So far, I’m thinking O’Connell is legit, especially after looking at the unrealistically odd and lame “exposes” of him on YT and the fact that none of the “alternative” mukrakers ever mention any of the things he talks about, especially Kay Griggs and the Israel-Russia tech stuff, and on and on. He’s at least a unique source of publicly-verifiable info on things few others will even touch.

    I’ve said for several years that a few grenades would end the Antifa charade nationwide, overnight.

  118. Art says:

    Biden is a crook — he must not be President.

    The Biden Corruption Scandal Isn’t About Hunter, It’s About Joe

    The Hunter Biden scandal indicates that Joe Biden, while vice president of the United States, knowingly allowed his son to sell access to the Obama administration, then lied about it.
    Margot Cleveland

    Hunter Biden’s addiction is not the issue. Joe Biden’s addiction is: His addiction to power and money. And it is the evidence of the former vice president’s corruption, and the national security risk our country would face by electing Biden, that is the story of the MacBook hard drive, not the salacious, verified photographs and videos of Hunter Biden.

    For nearly a week, corporate media successfully ignored or downplayed news of the trove of Hunter Biden’s emails, texts, photographs, and videos recovered from a laptop abandoned at a Delaware computer repair store. Then confirmation of the authenticity of the materials first reported in the New York Post, and the release of a second set of emails — also confirmed— from another source finally forced the press to acknowledge the issue.

  119. Art says:
    @Twodees Partain

    Is it possible that the kidnap plotters are actual leftists and/or ANTIFA and are being called “extreme right wing radicals” by the FBI and the MSM?

    The Deep State in action.

    Anything is possible – after all the FBI is currently investigating Rudy – not the Bidens!

    Is all of DC dishonest?

    Is Trump the most transparent politician in DC?

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