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The Coming Global Fracture as Economic Orders Clash
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“Taken from an interview with the newly founded German magazine “ViER” which will be published in August 2022.” ViER (FOUR), stands for the media as fourth power in checks and balances).

(1.) Prof. Hudson, your new book “The Destiny of Civilization” is out now. This lecture series on finance capitalism and the New Cold War presents an overview of your unique geo-political perspective.

You talk about an ongoing ideological and material conflict between financialized and de-industrialized countries like United States against the mixed-economies of China and Russia. What is this conflict about and why is the world right now at a unique “point of fracture” as your book states?

Today’s global fracture is dividing the world between two different economic philosophies: In the US/NATO West, finance capitalism is de-industrializing economies and has shifted manufacturing to Eurasian leadership, above all China, India and other Asian countries in conjunction with Russia providing basic raw materials and arms.

These countries are a basic extension of industrial capitalism evolving into socialism, that is, into a mixed economy with strong government infrastructure investment to provide education, health care, transportation and other basic needs by treating them as public utilities with subsidized or free services for these needs.

In the neoliberal US/NATO West, by contrast, this basic infrastructure is privatized as a rent-extracting natural monopoly.

The result is that the US/NATO West is left as a high-cost economy, with its housing, education and medical expenses increasingly debt financed, leaving less and less personal and business income to be invested in new means of production (capital formation). This poses an existential problem for Western finance capitalism: How can it maintain living standards in the face of de-industrialization, debt deflation and financialized rent-seeking impoverishing the 99% to enrich the One Percent?

The first U.S. aim is to deter Europe and Japan from seeking a more prosperous future to lie in closer trade and investment ties with Eurasia and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO, a more helpful way of thinking about the global fracture from the BRICS). To keep Europe and Japan as satellite economies, U.S. diplomats are insisting on a new economic Berlin Wall of sanctions to block trade between East and West.

For many decades U.S. diplomacy has meddled in European and Japanese internal politics, sponsoring pro-neoliberal officials into government leadership. These officials feel that their destiny (and also their personal political fortunes) is closely allied with U.S. leadership. Meanwhile, European politics has now become basically NATO politics run from the United States.

The problem is how to hold the Global South – Latin America, Africa and many Asian countries – in the US/NATO orbit. Sanctions against Russia have the effect of hurting the trade balance of these countries by sharply raising oil, gas and food prices (as well as prices for many metals) that they must import. Meanwhile, rising U.S. interest rates are drawing financial savings and bank credit into U.S.-dollar-denominated securities. This has raised the dollar’s exchange rate, making it much harder for SCO and Global South countries to pay their dollarized debt service falling due this year.

This forces a choice on these countries: either go without energy and food in order to pay foreign creditors – thereby putting international financial interests before their domestic economic survival – or defaulting on their debts, as occurred in the 1980s after Mexico announced in 1982 that it could not pay foreign bondholders

(2.) How do you see the ongoing war/special military operation in Ukraine? Which economic consequences do you foresee?

Russia has secured the Russian-speaking Eastern Ukraine and its southern Black Sea coastline. NATO will continue to “poke the bear” by sabotage and new ongoing attacks, especially by Polish fighters.

NATO countries have dumped their old and obsolete weapons into Ukraine, and now must spend immense sums modernizing their military hardware. The outflow of payments to the U.S. military-industrial complex will put downward pressure on the euro and British sterling – all coming on topo of their own rising energy and food deficits. So the euro and sterling are headed down toward parity with the U.S. dollar. The euro is almost there now (about \$1.07). This means sharply rising price inflation for Europe.

I read and hear conflicting information on the new sanctions. Some experts in the East and West believe this will harm the national economy of the Russian Federation tremendously. Other experts tend to believe this will backfire or have a huge boomerang-effect on the Western countries indeed.

The overriding U.S. policy is to fight against China, hoping to break of the Western Uighur regions and divide China into smaller states. To do that, it is necessary to break away Russian military and raw-materials support for China – and in due course to break it up into a number of smaller states (the Western large cities, northern Siberia, a southern flank, etc.).

Sanctions were imposed in hopes of making living conditions so unpleasant for Russians that they would press for regime change. The NATO attack in Ukraine was designed to drain Russia militarily – by having the bodies of Ukrainians deplete Russia’s supply of bullets and bombs by giving their lives simply to absorb Russian arms.

The effect has been to increase Russian support for Putin – just the opposite of what was intended. There is a growing disillusion with the West, after seeing what the Harvard Boys did to Russia when the United States backed Yeltsin to create a domestic kleptocrat class that tried to “cash out” its privatizations by selling shares in oil, nickel and public utilities to the West, and then spurring military attacks from Georgia and Chechnya. There is a general agreement that Russia is making a long-term turn Eastward instead of Westward.


So the effect of U.S. sanctions and military opposition to Russia has been to impose a political and economic Iron Curtain locking in Europe to dependency on the United States, while driving Russia together with China instead of prying them apart. Meanwhile, the cost of European sanctions against Russian oil and food – much to the benefit of U.S. LNG gas suppliers and agricultural exporters – threatens to create long-term European opposition to U.S. unipolar global strategy. A new “Ami go home” movement is likely to develop.

But for Europe, the damage already has been done, and neither Russia nor China are likely to trust that European government officials can withstand the bribery and personal pressure brought to bear by U.S. interference.

Here in Germany I’m listening to the new Minister for Economy, Mr Robert Habeck from the Green Party, who talks about activating the federal “emergency gas” and asks the Emirates for resources (this “deal” seems to be failed already, news say). We see the end of North Stream II and huge dependency for Berlin and Brussels on Russian resources. How this will all sum up?

In effect, U.S. officials have asked Germany to commit economic suicide and bring on a depression, higher consumer prices and lower living standards. German chemical companies have already begun to shut down their fertilizer production, given Germany’s acceptance of trade and financial sanctions that prevent it from buying Russian gas (the raw material for most fertilizer). And German car companies are suffering from supply cut-offs.

These European economic shortages are a huge benefit to the United States, which is making enormous profits on more expensive oil (which is controlled largely by U.S. companies, followed by British and French oil companies). Europe’s replenishment of the arms that it donated to Ukraine also is a boon to the U.S. military-industrial complex, whose profits are soaring.

But the United States is not recycling these economic gains to Europe, which is looking like the big loser.

Arab oil producers already have rejected U.S. demands that they charge less for their oil. They look to be windfall gainers from the NATO attack on the Ukraine proxy battlefield.

It seems unlikely that Germany can simply give back to Russia Nord Stream 2 and the Gazprom affiliates that have conducted trade with Germany. Trust has been broken. And Russia is afraid to accept payments by European banks since the theft of \$300 billion of its foreign reserves. Europe is no longer economically safe for Russia.

The question is just how soon Russia will simply stop supplying Europe altogether.

It looks like Europe is becoming an appendage of the U.S. economy, in effect bearing the fiscal burden of America’s Cold War 2.0, with no political representation in the United States. The logical solution is for Europe to join the United States politically, giving up its governments but at least getting a few Europeans in the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives.

(3.) Which role does the a) New Cold War and the b) neoliberal finance capitalism play in the current war between Russia and Ukraine? According to your recent research.

The US/NATO war in Ukraine is the first battle in what looks like a 20-year attempt to isolate the Dollar Area West from Eurasia and the Global South. U.S. politicians promise to keep the Ukraine war going indefinitely, hoping that this may become Russia’s “new Afghanistan.” But this tactic now looks like it may threaten to be America’s own Afghanistan. It is a proxy war, whose effect is to lock in Europe’s dependency on the United States as a client oligarchy with the euro as a satellite currency to the dollar.

U.S. diplomacy tried to disable Russia in three major ways. First, isolating it financially by blocking it from SWIFT bank clearing, system. Russia responded by smoothly moving over to China’s bank-clearing system.

The second tactic was to seizing Russian deposits in U.S. banks and holdings of U.S. financial securities. Russia responded by picking up U.S. and European investments in Russia on the cheap as the West dumped them.

The third tactic was to block NATO members from trading with Russia. The effect has been that Russian imports from the West have declined, while its exports of oil, gas and food are soaring. That has raised the ruble’s exchange rate instead of hurting it. And as sanctions block Russia’s imports from the West, President Putin has announced that his government will invest heavily in import substitution. The effect will be a permanent loss of Russian markets for European suppliers and exporters.

Meanwhile, the Trump tariffs against European exports to the United States remain in place, leaving European industry with shrinking business opportunities. The European Central Bank may continue to buy European stocks and bonds to protect the wealth of the One Percent, but if anything will cut back on domestic social spending so as to comply with the 3% limit of budget deficits that the eurozone has imposed on itself.

In the medium and long run, the US/NATO sanctions are therefore aimed mainly against Europe. And Europeans don’t even seem to see that they are the primary victims of this new U.S. economic war for self-serving energy, food and financial dominance.

(4.) In Germany the stopped energy project Nord Stream II is still a big political issue. In your recent online article “The Dollar Devours the Euro” you wrote: “It is now clear that today’s escalation of the New Cold War was planned over a year ago. America’s plan to block Nord Stream 2 was really part of its strategy to block Western Europe (“NATO”) from seeking prosperity by mutual trade and investment with China and Russia.” Could you explain this to our readers? source:

What you characterize as “blocking Nord Stream 2” is really a Buy-American policy. The United States has persuaded Europe not to buy in the lowest-price market, but to pay as much as seven times more for its gas from U.S. LGN suppliers, and to spend a reported \$5 billion on expanding port capacity – that will not even be available for a year years.

This threatens a very uncomfortable interregnum for Germany and other European countries following U.S. dictates. Basically, national parliaments are now subservient to NATO, whose policies are run from Washington.


One price that Europe will pay, as noted above, is declining exchange rate against the U.S. dollar. European investors are likely to move their savings and investments out of Europe to the United States in order maximize their capital gains and simply avoid price declines for their stocks and bonds as measured in dollars.

(5.) Prof. Hudson, let’s take a look at further developments in Germany. In May the German parliament – Bundestag – passed a new bill: German lawmakers approved possible expropriation of energy companies. This could enable the Berlin government to put energy companies under trusteeship if they can no longer fulfil their tasks and if the security of supply is at risk. According to REUTERS, the renewed law – which still needs to pass the upper house of parliament – could be applied for the first time if no solution is found on the ownership of the PCK Refinery oil refinery in Schwedt/Oder (East Germany), which is majority-owned by Russian state-owned Rosneft.

It looks like Europe and America will confiscate Russian investments in their countries, and sell off (or have Russia confiscate) NATO-country investments in Russia. This means a de-linking of the Russian economy from the West, and a closer linking with China – which looks like the next economy to be sanctioned by NATO as it becomes an Eastern Pacific Treaty Organization involving Europe in tis confrontation in the China Sea.

I would be surprised if Russia resumes selling oil and gas to Europe without being reimbursed for what Europe (and also the United States) has seized. This demand would help bring European pressure on the United States to give back the \$300 billion in foreign reserves that it has grabbed.

But even after such a give-back and reparations settlement, trade seems unlikely to be resumed. A phase change has occurred, a change in consciousness as to how the world is splitting up under U.S. diplomatic attacks on allies and adversaries alike.

My question would be: Socialism is a big topic in your new book. What’s your view on those “socialist” measures taken now by a capitalist country like Germany?


A century ago, the “final stage” of industrial capitalism was expected to be socialism. There were many different kinds of socialism: State socialism, Marxian socialism, Christian socialism, anarchist socialism, libertarian socialism. But what occurred after World War I was the antithesis of socialism. It was finance capitalism and a militarized Finance capitalism.

The common denominator of all socialist movements, from the right to the left of the political spectrum, was stronger government infrastructure spending. The transition to socialism was being led (in the United States and Germany) by industrial capitalism itself, seeking to minimize the cost of living (and hence the basic living wage) and the cost of doing business by government investment in basic infrastructure, whose services were to be provided freely, or at least at subsidized prices.

That aim would prevent basic services from becoming opportunities for monopoly rent. The antithesis was the Thatcher-neoliberal doctrine of privatization. Governments turned over public utilities to private investors. Companies were bought on credit, adding interest and other financial charges to profits and payments to management. The result has been to turn neoliberal Europe and America into high-cost economies unable to compete in production prices with countries pursuing socialist polities instead of financialized neoliberalism.

This opposition in economic systems is the key to understanding today’s world global fracture.

(6.) Especially Russian oil and gas are in the focus right now. Moscow demands payments in Rouble only and is expanding their field of buyers filling it with China, India or Saudi-Arabia. But it seems Western buyers can still pay in Euro or US Dollar. What is your take on this ongoing war on resources? The Rouble appears to be a winner.

The rouble certainly is rising. But this does not make Russia a “winner” if its economy is disrupted by the sanctions blocking its own imports needed for its supply chains to operate smoothly.

Russia will end up the winner if it can mount an industrial import-substitution program, and re-create public infrastructure to replace what has been privatized under U.S. direction by the Harvard Boys in the 1990s.

Do we see the end of the petro-dollar and a rise of a new financial architecture in the East accompanied by a strengthening of BRICS and Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO)?

There will still be petrodollars, but also a variety of currency-area blocs as the world de-dollarizes its international trade and investment arrangements. In late May, Foreign Secretary Lavrov said that Saudi Arabia and Argentina want to join BRICS. As Pepe Escobar recently noted, BRICS+ may expand to include MERCOSUR and the South African Development Community (SADC)

These arrangements probably will call for a non-U.S. alternative to the IMF to create credit and provide a vehicle for official foreign-exchange reserves for the non-NATO countries. The IMF will still survive to impose austerity on U.S. satellite countries while subsidizing capital flight from Global South countries and creating SDRs to finance U.S. military spending abroad.

Summer 2022 will be a testing ground as Global South countries suffer a balance-of-payments crisis from the rising oil and food deficits alongside the higher domestic-currency costs of carrying their foreign dollar debts. The IMF may offer new SDRs for them to pay US dollar bondholders to keep the illusion of solvency going. But the SCO countries can offer oil and food – IF countries give assurances of repaying credit by repudiating their dollar debts to the West.

This financial diplomacy promises to introduce “interesting times.”

(7.) In your recent interview with Michael Welch (“Accidental Crisis?”) you have a specific analysis on the current events in Ukraine/Russia:
“The war isn’t against Russia. The war isn’t against Ukraine. The war is against Europe and Germany.” Could you please elaborate on that?


As I explained above, the U.S. trade and financial sanctions are locking in Germany to dependency on U.S. exports of LNG, and purchases of US military arms to upgrade NATO into the de facto European Governing Authority.

The effect is to destroy any European hopes for mutual trade and investment gains with Russia. It is being turned into the junior partner (very junior) in its new trade an investment relations with the increasingly protectionist and nationalistic United States.

(8.) The real problem for United States seems to be this: “The only way of maintaining prosperity if you can’t create it at home is to get it from abroad.” What is Washington’s strategy in there?


My book Super Imperialism has explained how, for the past 50 years, ever since the United States went off gold in August 1971, the U.S. Treasury Bill standard has given the United States a free ride at foreign expense. Foreign central banks have recycled their dollar inflow resulting from the U.S. balance-of-payments deficit into loans to the U.S. Treasury – that is, to buy U.S. Treasury securities to hold their savings. This arrangement has enabled the United States to undertake foreign military spending for its nearly 800 military bases around Eurasia without having to depreciate the dollar or tax its own citizens. The cost has been borne by countries whose central banks have built up their dollar loans to the U.S. Treasury.

But now that it has become unsafe for countries to hold dollar-denominated U.S. bank deposits or government securities or investments if they “threaten” to defend their own economic interests or if their policies diverge from those dictated by U.S. diplomats, how can America continue to get a free ride?

In fact, how can it import basic materials from Russia to fill parts of its industrial and economic supply chain that is being broken down by the sanctions?

That is the challenge for U.S. foreign policy. One way or another, it aims to tax Europe and make other countries into economic satellites. The exploitation may not be as blatant as the U.S. grabbing of Venezuelan, Afghan and Russian official reserves. It is likely to involve undercutting foreign self-sufficiency to force other countries into economic dependency on the United States, so that the U.S. can threaten these countries with disruptive sanctions if they seek to put their own national interests over what U.S. diplomats want them to do.

(9.) How will all this affect Western Europe’s (Germany / France / Italy) balance of payments and hence the euro’s exchange rate against the dollar? And why do you think the European Union is on a path to become new “Panama, Puerto Rico and Liberia”?

The euro already is a satellite currency to the United States. Its member countries cannot run domestic budget deficits to cope with the coming inflationary depression resulting from the U.S.-sponsored sanctions and resulting Global Fracture.

The key is turning out to be military dependency. This is “cost sharing” for the U.S. sponsored Cold War 2.0. That cost sharing is what has led U.S. diplomats to realize that they need to control domestic European politics to prevent its populations and businesses from acting in their own interests. Their economic squeeze is “collateral damage” to today’s New Cold War.

(10.) A philosopher from Switzerland wrote a critical essay in mid of March for the German socialist newspaper „Neues Deutschland“, a former news outlet for the GDR government. Ms Tove Soiland criticized the international Left for current behaviours regarding Ukraine crisis and covid management. The Left, she says, is too much pro authoritarian government/state – and thereby copying methods of the traditional right-wing parties. Do you share this view? Or is it too harsh?

How would you answer this question, esp. regarding the thesis in your new book: “… the alternative path is broadly mixed-economy industrial capitalism leading to socialism …”. source:

The State Department and CIA’s “mighty Wurlitzer” has focused on gaining control of Europe’s Social Democratic and Labour parties, anticipating that the great threat to U.S.-centered finance capitalism will be socialism. That has included the “green” parties, to the point where their pretense of opposing global warming is shown to be hypocritical in light of the vast carbon footprint and pollution of the NATO military warfare in Ukraine and related air force and naval exercises. You can’t be pro-environment and pro-war at the same time!

This has left the right-wing nationalist parties less influenced by U.S. political meddling. That is where the opposition to NATO is coming from, as in France and Hungary.

And in the United States itself, the only votes against the new \$30 billion contribution to military spending against Russia came from Republicans. The entire “left wing” Democratic Party “squad” voted for the war spending.

The Social Democratic parties are basically bourgeois parties whose supporters have hopes of rising into the rentier class, or at least becoming stock and bond investors in miniature. The result is that neoliberalism has been led by Tony Blair in Britain and his counterparts in other countries. I discuss this political alignment in The Destiny of Civilization.

U.S. propagandists call governments that keep natural monopolies as public utilities “autocratic.” To be “democratic” means to let U.S. firms by control of these commanding heights, being “free” of government regulation and taxation of finance capital. So “left” and “right,” “democracy” and “autocracy,” have become an Orwellian Doublespeak vocabulary sponsored by America’s oligarchy (which it euphemizes as “democracy”).

(11.) Could the war in Ukraine be a landmark to show a new geopolitical map in the world? Or is the neoliberal New World Order on its rise? How do you see it?

As I explained in your Question #1, the world is being split into two parts. The conflict is not merely national by the West against the East, but is a conflict of economic systems: predatory finance capitalism against industrial socialism aiming at self-sufficiency for Eurasia and the SCO.

The non-aligned countries were not able to “go it alone” in the 1970s because they lacked a critical mass to produce their own food, energy and raw materials. But now that the United States has de-industrialized its own economy and outsourced its production to Asia, these countries have an option not to remain in dependency on U.S. Dollar Diplomacy.

(Republished from ViER by permission of author or representative)
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  1. neutral says:

    This is beyond economic, this even beyond some kind of civilizational struggle, this is a struggle against absolute evil (because ZOG cannot be called anything else but that).

  2. peterAUS says:

    Not one word about Agenda 2030, Digital Currency, Universal Digital ID, Social Credit.
    Nothing about derivatives, Vanguard, W.E.F.

    Just this about austerity

    ….The IMF will still survive to impose austerity on U.S. satellite countries….

    Expert, a?
    Deception/misdirection, more like it. With a bit of grifting, of course.

    • Agree: Karl1906
    • Replies: @rogue_commie
  3. IronForge says:

    Great Article.

    • Replies: @RestiveUs
  4. It’s troubling the way all the pieces of this puzzle fit together. I’m now quite convinced that one of the objectives of this manufactured crisis in Ukraine was to destroy Europe. Why the Europeans are allowing this continues to mystify me.

    The non-aligned countries were not able to “go it alone” in the 1970s because they lacked a critical mass to produce their own food, energy and raw materials. But now that the United States has de-industrialized its own economy and outsourced its production to Asia, these countries have an option not to remain in dependency on U.S. Dollar Diplomacy.

    This suggests the US is betting big in a poker game while holding a busted flush. I don’t understand how the Power Elites here plan to get around the need to import important things like medicines. The Chinese are getting to the point they no longer care to continue swapping their manufactured products for Dollars which the US has repeatedly demonstrated can be instantly confiscated.

    Mr. Hudson’s remarks now and in the past have been very useful to me.

  5. Locochon says:

    It’s sad to see Germany, once proud of its militaristic societal values, behave like a beaten dog.

    Ironically, it’s Poland now that talks loud and shows attitude. Nothing against the poles, but perhaps another beating by older brother Russia is in order?

    • Replies: @Observator
    , @republic
    , @Petermx
  6. Anonymous[970] • Disclaimer says:

    Like far too many Unz articles, this article was too long.

    • Disagree: RedpilledAF, showmethereal
    • Replies: @24th Alabama
    , @do chere
  7. No one discusses the obvious link to Syria. Israel wants to destroy Syria so that it can annex most into Greater Israel. The Saudis and Gulf Arabs want a natgas pipeline thru Syria to supply Europe so they don’t need Russian natgas. The Russians intervened in 2015 to stop the destruction of Syria.

    Soon plans appeared to destroy Russia, via Ukraine, or at least to get the Russians to give up support for Syria. The problem of course is that Russian natgas is not flowing to some western nations, those that chose to sanction themselves by refusing to pay for it, and the pipeline thru Syria may take a few years to finish after Assad is finished. Not a huge problem so far as they draw down their underground natgas storage reserves. Then what? Germans cutting down trees in cities for firewood?

    What a shock! European turmoil traced to Israel!

    • Replies: @turtle
  8. Our times are nearer to the Bronze Age cities and Temple Economy, than any times in between. Dr Hudson, an unparalleled expert in the Bronze Age civilization and economy, is therefore very relevant to our times. Bronze Age Temple Economy was when all people were employed directly or indirectly, by the temple; it took their output, and gave them input for their living and professions.

    Central banks are more and more becoming like the temples of Bronze Age: controlling all aspects of the economy; unfortunately for us, modern technology helps the central banks to bind and control us more than what a Bronze Age temple priest could have hoped.

    The fundamental difference between the American and Chinese economic model is whether public goods must be owned by and worked for private profiteers. The very nature of modern economies makes many goods which were earlier in private domain, to be provided as public good, sometimes at loss. Railways, money creation, even essential things such as water supply and electrical utility, are so important that they cannot be left to the invisible hand any more (even the “invisible hand” was always strengthened by government laws and courts). American oligarchy wants to erect fences on these public domains, to milk them dry; Chinese Communist Party, though it is not a saint, understands that these public goods need to be run to serve the people, not vice versa. In crude language, in China, Xi could arrest Jack Ma, and in America, Soros could kick Trump out of power; who should command who – whether the demagogue should control the oligarch, or vice versa? A power struggle is inevitable.

    The decline of America and the rise of China may temporarily settle the debate in favour of government control of public good.

    Unfortunately for the common people, neither CCP nor the Western oligarchs, are interested in the ideas of Jefferson.

    • Replies: @PetrOldSack
  9. “ countries have an option not to remain in dependency on U.S. Dollar Diplomacy.”

    If having a choice between a boat sinking and one floating, you’d have to be a brains dead leftist to not guess which boat you’d be sailing on.

    This is one of the best articles on the current global state of affairs I’ve read.

    Thank you.

  10. Apparently, the modern financial slavery that allows a few to seize the work of the people justifying it with racist-religious tunes and a supposed superior intelligence can come to an end. But…removing the other slavery cost a lot of blood.

    • Replies: @profnasty
  11. Anonymous[209] • Disclaimer says:

    Author thinks he’s being critical of NATO, actually greatly overestimating western stability. NATO civil war seems more likely. Just think, the movie “train spotting” was made in Scotland 30 years ago. As soon as Queen Elizabeth is dead expect trouble.

    China doesn’t want a Cold War because there is no way NATOstan will last that long.

  12. turtle says:
    @Carlton Meyer

    Welcome to the new VW, same as the old VW.

    Time to resurrect the ancient processes for converting coal to motor fuel…

  13. Hudson always puts USA as hub of the wheel with Europe or Africa as spokes radiating from it. This is cultural ethnocentrism and supports his arguments by setting the paradigm from a US standpoint.

    US is behaving as a Neo-Colonialist and antagonizing so many people around globe. It is creating enemies more active than its so-called friends. It may have co-opted elites and journalists but it has lost populations.

    The regimes it sponsors in Europe will be toppled. Remarkably as a State-Capitalist Society Russia has achieved what USSR could not – it has imploded The West by showing how far Western affluence was based on Russian raw materials and how far Russian eco omic development was hampered by exporting raw materials and importing value-added goods

    By rebalancing away from an export economy favour in certain elites Russia can now develop a manufacturing d onkmy with Asia and spread affluence away from mineral exports

  14. The problem is the world elite in the west want it all, they are no longer content to allow their populations to keep some of their produce. The choice we will have is controlled slavery or homeless and scrounging for scraps no middle ground. They feel they no longer need what they call useless eaters as technology has advanced enough to eventually replace them all so a world wide cull is being arranged. They will presumably allow some to live to provide replacement organs and playthings for the elite. They are in the process of destroying all the countries that could oppose this.

    Give it 50 – 100 years and we will be living in the hunger games era. The only possible way to stop it is a Russia, China, India, alliance though that might produce a different type of dystopian reality. Will the alliance be able to stop the west, I doubt it there’s too much corruption in each of these countries that the west will use to it’s advantage. The west will take down each country individually.

  15. @Locochon

    In his October 1939 “Mission Accomplished” speech, Hitler praised the valor and ability of the Polish soldier. One of humanity’s greatest tragedies is London’s sabotage of German-Polish diplomatic relations, which if successful would have included a mutual defense pact against the expansionist Soviet Union. By giving the Poles a promise of aid it had no intention of honoring, Britain encouraged Poland to provoke Germany into military intervention, a “red line” Britain would use as the excuse to attack her most feared economic rival a second time. It is eerie how exactly the mistreatment of ethnic Germans within the Polish borderlands mirrors the ceaseless attacks by Kiev on the ethnic Russians in the Donbass. And as bizarre as it sounds in the light of actual events, the Polish General Staff had drawn up an invasion plan called “Case West” which predicted the capture of Berlin after a four week campaign.

  16. Z-man says:

    Yeah, not one word about who runs things, not that I read the whole long winded interview anyway. (Grin)
    And it’s not just ZOG, it’s the entire gamut of International Jewry and it’s promotion of a decadent, anti Christ, anti family, slave driving economic system. Yes, aided and abetted by non Jews but they, the ‘chosen ones’ are at the forefront of this evil.
    ‘They are like their father, the devil.’

    • Agree: Towey, Robert Dolan
    • Replies: @24th Alabama
  17. “But now that the United States has de-industrialized its own economy and outsourced its production to Asia, these countries have an option not to remain in dependency on U.S. Dollar Diplomacy.”

    The United States didn’t de-industrialize its own economy……Wall St. jews sold us out….sent our jobs and production to Asia.

    The more specific take is that it’s a war on white Christian people, a war on western civilization being waged by a paranoid greedy small hat cabal.

    “Not one word about Agenda 2030, Digital Currency, Universal Digital ID, Social Credit.
    Nothing about derivatives, Vanguard, W.E.F.”

    Yes. It’s all about top down CONTROL…..the nose engineering and manipulating ways to concentrate power and usurp national sovereignty. To talk about the manipulations in terms of economics and political ideology sort of glosses over the existence of the NWO cabal and their lust for power and control.

    They sold us out a long time ago, and now America is running on fumes as the elite inflates the currency and tries to flex military muscle, while at the same time making war on white Christian people worldwide.

    Of course, the irony is that this same cabal only obtained power by using whites as a golem to begin with…..and the golem is waking up.

    • Replies: @Towey
    , @Z-man
    , @Towey
  18. Jim H says:

    ‘To keep Europe and Japan as satellite economies, U.S. diplomats are insisting on a new economic Berlin Wall of sanctions to block trade between East and West.’ — Dr Michael Hudson

    Dr Hudson’s analogy to Churchill’s Iron Curtain — but now facing the opposite direction, with the US hegemon walling off Europe from trade with the east and south, much as the Soviet Union kept its eastern European satellites within its economic zone — is highly appropriate.

    NATO has frozen the configuration at the end of 1945, with the US occupying and financing western Europe, in amber for 77 long years. A popularized cyclical theory of history says that every four generations — eighty years — such obsolete structures get overturned and replaced.

    It’s time.

    Only one minor quibble with Dr Hudson’s excellent overview: his reference to the eurozone’s 3% deficit limit, dating from the Maastricht Treaty. This supposed limit was blown away in the recession of 2008-2009, the so-called PIIGS crisis of 2010-2011, and again in 2020.

    Deficit limits in the eurozone are an empty, pious pledge, as meaningless as the US constitution prohibiting the states from making “anything but gold and silver coin a tender in payment of debts.”

    Yeah, right — tried making a mortgage payment with gold coins lately? 🙂

  19. It looks like Europe is becoming an appendage of the U.S. economy…

    The overall European economy is nominally larger than that of the US. In the long run it will surely outlast that of the US, regardless what economic policies the respective regions adopt. Just look at the progression and current conditions in two of America’s most important cities just 250 years ago, Philadelphia and Baltimore, to spot the trend.

    Question premise:

    (10.) A philosopher from Switzerland wrote a critical essay in mid of March for the German socialist newspaper „Neues Deutschland“, a former news outlet for the GDR government. Ms Tove Soiland criticized the international Left for current behaviours regarding Ukraine crisis and covid management.

    In her essay, this feminist, who has co-authored a reader on the the post-œdipal society, never mentioned the Ukrainian topic but focused exclusively on the extremist totalitarian attitudes pertaining to governmental efforts to enforce public conformity in support of unjustified and illegal measures under the guise of science and the purported maintenance of hygiene. She exposed self-proclaimed “leftists” in central Europe, who were among the most vociferous proponents of imposing these restrictions and the resulting mass psychosis on everybody, for their hypocrisy because they had thereby essentially transformed themselves to exactly those people that they had previously criticized and only recently still expressed disdain for.

    Not only has the current “left” self-annihilated itself in terms of economic, environmental, and war issues, it has done so even in the context of the “new left” paradigm, Critical Theory, or cultural Marxism (political-correctness), for which aspects like moral goodness and liberation from authoritarianism served as key guidelines to follow. This is why she invoked the term “post-ideological totalitarianism” in the title of her essay, borrowed from the Italian psychoanalyst, Massimo Recalcati.

    Due to the long-running affinities that German “leftists” had cultivated with East Germany (thus implicitly also with Russia) over many decades, which nostalgic sentiments continue to this day in the Left Party, a holdover from that era, and the left sector of the Social Democrats, but less so under the Greens (who opposed German unification in 1990), most German proponents of Putin’s war of aggression are to be found within this milieu, though they have subdued their public enthusiasm in the past few weeks. As Hudson pointed out in his response, this is not the case in the US:

    The entire “left wing” Democratic Party “squad” voted for the war spending.

    Therefore, the increasingly shifting and superficial left-right political paradigm cannot serve as a term of orientation for anything anymore nowadays; it is essentially dead, finally. The true line of bifurcation, if one wants to keep matters simple, should more appropriately run along a spectrum between totalitarianism and freedom. It is interesting, in view of this basic delineation, that until this extended weekend, in London, the last very big celebratory public party, not related to sports, in a European capital was in early November 2019, when many Berliners celebrated “freedom” at the Brandenburg Gate, on the occasion of the thirty year anniversary since the breaching of the Berlin Wall. It seems their joy was taken for granted and did not last much longer than those thirty years, as new totalitarian and conformist attitudes have rapidly taken a stronger hold there in the meantime.

  20. phil says:

    If countries are put on a scale from 0 to 10, where 0 is pure socialism (complete government control of everything) and 10 is pure capitalism (everything is privately owned and subject to trade), then this measure of “economic freedom” can be entered into a regression analysis of the determinants of economic growth, along with cognitive ability, latitude, and the extent to which a country has previously been backward.

    Hudson maintains that, after a certain point, private ownership is counterproductive, and a substantial degree of socialism is superior. He believes that China grew strongly during the last quarter century because of a strongly socialist character. HOWEVER, THE REGRESSION RESULTS DO NOT SUPPORT SUCH A CONCLUSION.

    The results indicate that as economic freedom surpasses 7 or 8 (on a scale from 0 to 10), additional economic freedom still contributes positively to economic growth. China’s growth during much of the last quarter century mostly reflects its previous backwardness, economic liberalization (until the arrival of President Xi), and a high level of cognitive ability.

    Hudson is right, however, to be concerned about democracy’s transformation into oligarchy, as has already taken place in the US. He does not name the oligarchs who are Biden’s puppeteers. They include Soros, Big Pharma and its international crime ring of bioweapons labs, and the major media conglomerates. To paraphrase what Ronald Reagan said about the Soviet Union, the US is now “the focus of evil in the modern world.”

    • Replies: @A B Coreopsis
  21. Papa says:

    It’s a Metaphysical War.
    It’s a war against imposed Nihilism.

    • Agree: Towey
  22. Towey says:
    @Robert Dolan

    What white Christian people? The WASPS have always been the muscle for the Jews and are responsible for more deaths of European Christians than any other race from the genocíde of Irish Catholics under Cromwell, the killing of your coreligionists in the Boer war and the genocide by starvation and carpet bombing of the German people in the world wars.
    They killed the Chinese in the Opium wars, bombed the Japanese Catholic population out of existence in Hiroshima and Nagasaki and destroyed millennial Christian communities in the Middle East with illegal invasions on the behalf of Israel.
    Next to the Jews, the white so-called Christian population, are the scourge of the earth.

    • Disagree: Robert Dolan
    • Replies: @Robert Dolan
  23. Corvinus says:

    If and when the SHTF, the target won’t be Jews. Rather it will be the capitalists who have watered down legislation that had protected consumers and who destroyed unions. Too bad Trump didn’t go after this group. But that is not surprising given that he himself is an elitist thief.

    • Replies: @Not you
  24. bert33 says:

    Maybe it’s time for the US to re-declare its independence and cheerfully instruct the europeans to get their ship in one sock vis a vis russia and try not to kill anyone else in the process. And someone tell biden he doesn’t command the entire planet.

  25. Richard B says:

    this is a struggle against absolute evil (because ZOG cannot be called anything else but that).

    One way that evil manifests itself is by having ZOG identified with The West. Case in point, from the article:

    There is a growing disillusion with the West, after seeing what the Harvard Boys did to Russia when the United States backed Yeltsin to create a domestic kleptocrat class that tried to “cash out” its privatizations by selling shares in oil, nickel and public utilities to the West, and then spurring military attacks from Georgia and Chechnya. There is a general agreement that Russia is making a long-term turn Eastward instead of Westward.

    Harvard Boys. Nice euphamism for Jewish Supremacy Inc. (which, of course, subsumes their many useful idiots and paid proxies). And of course there is a growing disillusion with the West. Because it’s run by JSI who is in the West but has never been of the West.

    They are no more Western in this century than they were Russian in the last, a fact pointed out long ago by Solzhenitsyn, and not just Solzhenitsyn.

    But it’s not enough to call them evil. Especially since them being evil doesn’t automatically make us good.

    A step in the right direction would be to recover the sense of identity and value in what it means to be Western, etc. Something that can never be done by placing our culture, it’s history and the sense of identity and value we might derive from our response to those things by placing them all under the iron paw of some worn out, moth-eaten, pre-modern 18th century political ideology. Which is all that the Right and Left amount to.

    • Thanks: Z-man
    • Troll: Realist
  26. Z-man says:
    @Robert Dolan

    … the irony is that this same cabal only obtained power by using whites as a golem to begin with….and the golem is waking up.

    You have to hope they do, I do my little part in trying to ‘wake’ them but if they don’t the only alternative is hoping for the Second Coming.

  27. nsa says:

    It’s repetitive, but the nuclear armed Russian Federation spans 11 time zones and sits atop 1/4 to 1/3 of the world’s resources. Real stuff like oil, gas, top soil, trees, bauxite, gold, coal, grains, 11/24 of the arctic….not fake stuff like debt bond bombs, frn asswipes, crypto shekels, etf crap. They got it and the tapped out yid dominated globo-homos want it. It’s that simple. Eventually the RF will need to take out a globo-homo capitol to show serious intent.

    • Replies: @xcd
  28. republic says:

    but perhaps another beating by older brother Russia is in order?

    Hope so

  29. Anon[331] • Disclaimer says:

    …..The NATO attack in Ukraine was designed to drain Russia militarily – by having the bodies of Ukrainians deplete Russia’s supply of bullets and bombs by giving their lives simply to absorb Russian arm……

    Tragic but true

    • Agree: Petermx
  30. @Towey

    Blah blah.

    Yes, we have Lindsey Graham and Dan Crenshaw. This is obvious.

    But the jewing is the heart of the problem.

    Without jewish donors, the shabbos goy would have no incentive to sell us out.

    It always goes back to the moneychangers.

  31. Towey says:
    @Robert Dolan

    It was the PROTESTANT whites that gave them the their power. They were marginalised in Catholic and Orthodox societies. There are various Papal Bulls forbidding any kind of association.

    • Replies: @Robert Dolan
  32. Not you says:

    You’re either purposefully obfuscating the difference between mercantilism and capitalism or ignorant of the difference.

    • Replies: @Corvinus
  33. @Zachary Smith

    Respectfully, I offer my opinion that what seem to be self-destructive policies and tactics practiced and promoted by Western leaders do make a great deal of sense once it is understood that 1) they intend upon the downfall of humanity, and 2) they do so for reasons that are not to be realized on earth, but rather are founded upon considerations of conflict and reward which are transcendental in nature.

    The most useful descriptor of this belief paradigm is luciferianism.

    If this is difficult to believe for those who profess atheism or agnosticism, please remember that one needn’t believe in a God to conclude that certain others believe they are at war with a god.

    • Replies: @Zachary Smith
  34. @Towey


    The Catholics sold us out bigtime.

    The Catholic church helped to open our borders to massive third world immigration.

    Catholics vote left about 80% of the time.

    Catholic politicians are generally sellout cucks…..from Joe Biden to Paul Ryan.

    And the Catholics on the Supreme Court are shitheads as well.

    However, Jewish donors are the necessary condition for all of the nation wrecking destruction.

    • Agree: hardlooker
    • Thanks: Chuck Orloski
    • Replies: @Mefobills
  35. Corvinus says:
    @Not you

    Nope. America’s capitalist system is rife with corruption. You should really be paying attention.

    • Replies: @Not you
    , @Not you
    , @Not you
  36. vladimir says:

    Vladimir Putin addressed the plenary session of the 1st Eurasian Economic Forum, via the videoconference.
    Putin explains how the path towards The development of Eurasian integration has been decided
    President of Russia Vladimir Putin: I am grateful for this opportunity to address you, to speak on the issues which you [Alexander Shokhin] have raised and which, as you suggested, should be addressed in greater detail.
    First of all, I would like to thank President of Kyrgyzstan Sadyr Japarov and his team for organizing this event. I can see many people in the audience, including business people and government officials. I am sure that the media will take a keen interest in the forum.
    This is what I would like to begin with when answering your question. The development of Eurasian integration has no connection whatsoever to current developments or market conditions. We established this organisation many years ago. In fact, we established it at the initiative of the First President of Kazakhstan [Nursultan Nazarbayev].
    I remember very well the main conversation we had on that issue, on that subject, when he said, “You must choose what is more important to you: working more actively and more closely with your direct neighbors and natural partners, or prioritizing, for example, admission to the World Trade Organisation.” It was in this connection that we had to make decisions.

    • Thanks: Agent76
  37. Jim H says:

    ‘In effect, U.S. officials have asked Germany to commit economic suicide and bring on a depression, higher consumer prices and lower living standards.’ — Dr Michael Hudson

    For years, many of us thought the world’s most highly indebted country, Japan, would be the canary in the coal mine when inflation spiked and its debt service cost went parabolic.

    But so far, the Bank of Japan has maintained control, through financial repression and unlimited buying, to hold the 10-year JGB yield at around 0.2%.

    What’s cued up for Germany this summer and autumn is more dire and more immediate. A simultaneous oil, gas, food, fertilizer, semiconductors and possibly electric power supply shock will smack the German economy harder than the first oil shock of 1973-74.

    Nationalizing and converting the PCK refinery in Schwedt to run on “to be determined” imported crude instead of Urals crude will prove to be more difficult and costly than expected, and probably not possible by the end-year target date.

    Germany, as Professor Hudson asserts, is confronted with an existential choice: expel the US occupiers and trade freely with Eurasia; or else strap on its knee pads and prepare to ‘service’ all 35,000 yankee doodles one by one, as the lights go out and the supermarket shelves go bare.

    What y’all gonna do, Heinz? Let Uncle Sam grind your face into the dirt for another generation?

    • Replies: @turtle
  38. Not you says:

    You’re a legend in your own mind, Corvinus, right? A real fucking know-it-all. If you really knew shit about economics rather than being an economic ignoramus you’d know that capitalism is the simple system of voluntary transactions between a buyer and a seller and nothing more, contrary to what you and others assert or believe.

    A hot-dog vendor, for example, offers his/her product to a potential buyer/consumer at a particular price. If the potential buyer doesn’t believe the buy is a value, they are free to walk away and the vendor is left with his/her product unsold.

    Mercantilists are protectionists. It is they who do not want to be left unprotected from buyer/consumer freedom to look elsewhere and innovate. Mercantilists want a monopoly which, by definition, cannot occur in a capitalist system. It is mercantilists/protectionists who want government regulations and taxes and other various fees to keep capitalists from entering the market.

    Trump is a mercantilist, not a capitalist. Now, pay close attention: Mercantilists/protectionists are quite happy and content to have “capitalism” vilified in the media. It distracts the rubes. Like you.

    • Replies: @Corvinus
  39. Not you says:

    Here genius, maybe this will help, but I doubt it:

    You should consider reading more Rothbard. He was a pretty intelligent guy.

  40. @peterAUS

    I agree.
    In another article, he kept claiming there is NO liquidity crisis in the West, despite multiple releases of indisputable evidence showing the Western (and maybe the entire global) financial system is insolvent, that financial crisis started in September 2019 and this is what led to the fake “pandemic” (i.e. manufactured excuse for another massive bailout, but unlike 2008 this time it was on a global scale).
    When I pointed out that insolvency evidence (first released by WallStreetOnParade), which showed that Vanguard, BlackRock, and even MULTIPLE MONEY MARKET FUNDS had received (and likely continue to receive) bailouts from the Fed, he did not answer despite being actively engaged with other commenters of his article. Here is my comment to him, which he did not answer.

    He points out some problems with the system that we all more or less agree on, but he refuses to point the finger at the elephant in the room – i.e. the West (and actually most of the world, including China) is actually insolvent. All this talk about China being a mixed, prospering economy, etc is worth very little when they have 300 million retirees that have nobody to take care of them (i.e. one-child policy), their children plan on having even less than 1 child (on average) per couple, their pensions are tied in fake real estate “assets”, and their debt/GDP ratio is the highest in the world. Despite all this talk about world splitting into multiple areas of geopolitical dominance I can’t shake off the feeling that the answer is much simpler. Since the 1970s GDP “growth” around the world has been (almost) entirely due to credit/debt, but the ROI on that invested debt became progressively smaller, as per Marx’ (in)famous law of “tendency of property rates to decline”.

    The ROI is even smaller when debt is invested in financial “assets”. Without legit underlying productive activity, all such “assets” are Ponzi schemes. So, now the bill on all that debt since 1970s is due and most govts are running (and have been running) atrocious budget deficits since they can’t repay the accrued debt (lack of productive economic activity = lack of ROI on debt). Mr. Hudson’s “solution” to all this is…MMT, of course! We all saw what the “wonders” of MMT achieved over the last 2 years…But the scarier part is that I think Mr. Hudson, and all other proponents of MMT, are simply running cover for the REAL plan. Namely, when you cannot pay off your debts, you either inflate away your debts as much as you can (already under way, as per MMT, but running out of steam), declare default, or…kill the creditor…or at least have the creditor “by the balls” (i.e. digital currencies, 24×7 tracking, medical tyranny, etc) so the creditor will accept whatever payment you offer back. In this case, the creditor is the common person around the world and the borrower is the 1% “elite”. If the events from the last 2 years have shown us anything it is that the “elite” will be thrilled if most of us either go away for good or at least become absolute slaves without any semblance of humanity. Yet Mr. Hudson has nothing to say about any of that…in any of his articles.

    So, something is off about Mr. Hudson. I can’t exactly put my finger on it, but for a lack of a better word I suspect he is a “limited hangout”. Or maybe he is just concerned for his own safety lest he become another Gary Webb.

  41. Petermx says:

    It is sad to see a once great nation without any pride whatsoever, especially for someone like myself. From some things I have read and a general knowledge of Germany, I think some Germans are actually afraid the USA will drop an atomic bomb on them or something similar if Germany doesn’t do what the USA tells them to do. That is what a German commenter on this website essentially wrote to me when I said Germany should leave NATO. Whether that is true or not I don’t know but I can see how those thoughts still linger. Behind the smiles and warm greetings of German and American leaders meeting during the Cold War years Jewish power went from being discreet to much less so and they do not have “warm” feelings for Germany and I can see how some Germans might be concerned what the Americans might do if Germany doesn’t obey them.

    Just as an example of Germany’s second class status, I could imagine the international uproar from Jews and some Americans that call Israel the USA’s “most important ally”, as well as other countries, if Germany said it intended to build an atomic bomb and create a nuclear arsenal to defend itself. Until the bomb was built on American soil by European exiles (many being Jewish) no country did as much as Germany to do the scientific research that led up to the atomic bomb. They would have had the know how to build one soon after the war but since they lost, German scientists like Nobel Prize recipient Gustav Hertz worked in the USSR to help them build their first “bomb” that was successfully tested in 1948.

    There is no doubt a confidently led Germany that acted in its own interests would have some harsh critics. I am not arguing that Germany needs an atomic bomb except that without one, like every other country that doesn’t have one, they are at the mercy of others. Big mouth Trump apparently forgot (but I’m certain some other Americans did not) that Germany was deliberately made into a second class military power after WW II, so when he was demanding Germany increase defense spending he may have been the first American president to say this and just the opposite of what American leaders used to say when Germany was a world power.

    As long as Germany essentially has no defense it needs an ally that will protect it because that country wants Germany as an ally. The USA used to serve that purpose when it was mutually beneficial to both countries and Germany and Europe were protected from the USSR by the American military. As Michael Hudson points out in this article, Germany is no longer treated as an ally by the US, the declining USA is pursuing policies that they hope will help the USA but are extremely harmful to Germany, Europe and all Europeans. It’s not a long flight from Berlin to Moscow and those two countries leaders should talk much more often. If the USA is going to drive Europe into the ground as Michael Hudson says in this article maybe Germany and Europe need a new protector. I would bet Russia would be very happy to serve that purpose. I do not believe for one second that today’s Russia is a threat to Europe except if pissants like Sweden or Finland succeed in provoking them or the US succeeds in starting another world war.

    • Agree: RestiveUs, ariadna
    • Replies: @Jim H
    , @former-vet
  42. Not you says:

    Here’s a perfect example of the difference between capitalists and mercantilists/protectionists. I like the catfish example myself:


    • Thanks: Agent76
  43. @Old Brown Fool

    Pertinent way of putting things. Thanks.

  44. Corvinus says:
    @Not you

    Understand that most countries today practice a mixed capitalist system that includes some degree of government regulation of business and ownership of select industries.

    Trump epitomized crony capitalism, whereby political leaders extend benefits and protection to businesses in exchange for political acquiescence and economic. The term “capitalism” becomes a misnomer: Although economic activity is conducted in the private sector, profitability depends on rewards and penalties from political rulers, not on economic efficiency or customer satisfaction. When the Trump Administration imposed a 25% levy on imported steel in 2018, it also rolled out a program for individual firms to apply for exemptions, companies which he personally favored. He had also refused to promise that no money contained in the \$500 billion corporate “slush fund” put forth by the GOP in 2018 would go to bail out his personal hotel empire. Furthermore, since the 1990’s, American corporations have outsourced—domestic employment opportunities are transplanted to foreign countries to take advantage of lower wages and lax environmental regulations, which he himself engaged in by having his line of clothing made overseas.

    Regarding Murray Rothbard, “His attempt to derive libertarian morality from objective observation is in error. He commits a fallacy by starting with a positive (descriptive) observation about individuals controlling themselves, and somehow expands that into a normative (prescriptive) idea of individuals justly or rightfully owning themselves. It would appear to most resemble a cleverly disguised argument from nature fallacy. Self-ownership is a great moral foundation, but like all other moral systems, it’s logically arbitrary. Attempts to extract morality from pure fact are foolish.”

    • Replies: @Not you
    , @Agent76
  45. Agent76 says:

    April 8, 2022 Video: What the Great Reset Really Has in Store for Us By Kristina Borjesson, Matthew Ehret-Kump, Iain Davis, Tom Luongo, and Whitney Webb

    The Whistleblower Newsroom presents excerpts from a riveting panel discussion among independent investigative journalists Iain Davis and Whitney Webb, Editor-in-Chief of the Canadian Patriot Review Matthew Ehret, political commentator and analyst Tom Luongo, and Moscow-based journalist Riley Waggaman, who talk about The Great Reset’s hallmarks, how it was kicked into high gear by a fraudulent covid pandemic, and how those fighting for the ultimate prize—total governance over all people and things–think the world and all humans in it, should be.


    Video Link

    • Replies: @peterAUS
  46. peterAUS says:

    Totally hear you, man.

    It’s almost amusing watching people still not getting the real game. Almost.

    I definitely agree with

    ….have the creditor “by the balls” (i.e. digital currencies, 24×7 tracking, medical tyranny, etc) so the creditor will accept whatever payment you offer back. In this case, the creditor is the common person around the world and the borrower is the 1% “elite”…..

    I think, looking at the …ahm…humans around, especially in West, that in the paragraph above IS our future.

    I don’t think “we” (common sheeple/idiots) can prevent that. Too dumb, unable to organize, too easy to distract etc.
    We, here, in the State of Victoria, for two years, have had hardest Scamdemic policies in the West. A lot of people expressed their disaffection with it. The LABOR PM deployed even top anti-terrorist unit against unarmed protesters. Two…fucking…years. And, we just had federal elections. LABOR won; the only party which was against lockdowns and such didn’t get one seat.
    That’s the reality. We’ll get what we deserve.

    The ONLY game, for some of us, is how to lessen the impact/minimize the damage. THAT is what I’d like to hear and, hopefully, learn from, and use when needed.

    • Replies: @rogue_commie
  47. @rogue_commie

    M. Hudson is within convention, he eats from all sides. He pushes the believe that there is data, and that there is accounting within the system-setup. He even pushes solutions, the good guy – bad guy narrative, knowing full well that economics, theoretical economics, the subtended financial capitalism (which you ratted out quite convincingly), or for that matter state or other communism are a hoax. All the points you make are legit, only they do not matter, there is nothing to underpin these conclusions, correction, drawing conclusions betrays ignorance …and our elites (including Chinese elites and Russian elites) do know this ut-mostly well, there is no data, it’s (non-existing accounting) preferred flavors of explanation includes the Hudson flavor.

    What we see is quarrels for “domain”, “dominion”, between elite fractions. All are fully conscious of the scams in all of it’s versions. What is not so much of a scam, and only if you happen to be part of the surplus (and excess) population: you do not belong, you never did, that was then, for now, and to the limits of our comprehension of the future. What elites suggest is historically true, all and more for us (we will decide on who owns what, we settle our quanta without voting), and nothing for you common creature. This is obvious on a theoretical basis: about (selectively sorted) five percent of the surplus population can provide all the man power for the ones that matter. The way of the horse.

    • Agree: peterAUS
  48. Not you says:

    Pure Corvinus. 100% bullshit and obfuscation hiding as knowledge and intellect and logic. I didn’t expect anything less and you never disappoint. Been reading your disinfo quietly for years.

    You believe that just because you employed the genetic fallacy against Rothbard that you proved his point in the article re: mercantilism erroneous? You’re a fucking clown. Lol.

    • Replies: @Corvinus
  49. Agent76 says:

    Rothbard challenge’s group think with reason and for cognitive internal thought descent. I also like how Ayn Rand does it as well.

    Mar 18, 2020 Ayn Rand – Don’t Confuse the Two Kinds of Capitalism

    Ayn Rand explains that there are two types of capitalists in America and only one reveres the free market.

    • Replies: @Corvinus
  50. @phil

    In your ‘regression” analysis, what are your variables? Can you share one or two of your regression equations? — if two dimensional, then please supply the r-squared values.

  51. RestiveUs says:

    Yeah, but they need someone to proof-read the transcription before they publish it!

  52. Jim H says:

    ‘I am not arguing that Germany needs an atomic bomb except that without one, like every other country that doesn’t have one, they are at the mercy of others.’ — Petermx

    Distrusted Germany (pop. 83 million) is stripped of lethal nuclear arms, except for those parked there by the US. Meanwhile, bellicose little Israel (pop. 9 million) possesses an uninspected nuclear arsenal (derived from stolen US and French technology) estimated at 200 warheads.

    Yet Germany, 77 years postbellum, still pays reparations to Israel.

    What is wrong with this picture?

    How do you say ‘cucked’ in German? Gehörnt?

    • Agree: Petermx, ariadna
    • Replies: @xcd
  53. Corvinus says:
    @Not you

    All you did was offer ad hominem rather than address the points I made. On top of it, you stated I engaged in a particular fallacy without explaining how and why what I said meets that criteria.

    • Troll: Not you
    • Replies: @Malla
  54. @hardlooker

    The most useful descriptor of this belief paradigm is luciferianism.

    It turns out that topic has a Wiki, and a quick look told me the topic was pretty much over my head.

    I don’t know much about “Lucifer”, and another brief search for my book “Lucifer’s Handbook” by Lee Carter showed it was more about the Hebrew/Christian Bible than Lucifer. But for contrarians it’s an interesting read in its own right. From a review:

    This was a most delightful treat for those intuitively skeptical toward theism, specifically the ubiquitous Christianity. Mr. Carter has done tediously excellent job of “bringing to light” the numerous contradictions in the xtian bible. He also demonstrates how each sect doctinizes a set of bible teachings while ignoring those that contradict.

    Science fiction authors have sometimes dipped into religious or near-religious topics. Clifford Simak had as a theme in many of his novels the intervention of super-powerful aliens who were “doing something really good” for humans.

    Robert Heinlein actually had “Lucifer” as a major figure in his novel Job : a comedy of justice. The story involves a modern wager between “God” and “Satan” which was a repeat of the original one in the old testament. This is one of the few Heinlein books I’ve kept in my library, for the old man got to be really weird in his later years.
    Spoiler Alert: this is not suitable reading for folks who will be unhappy when it turns out “God” isn’t the ‘good guy’. The Internet Archive site has this book for examination without the risks of buying it, or even the expense of driving to the Public Library.

  55. Corvinus says:

    The fly in the ointment of Rand’s philosophical “objectivism” is that we humans have an in-born proclivity to cooperate with one another, as noted by anthropologists who study hunter-gatherer societies.

    These “prosocial tendencies” are problematic for her because such behavior mitigates against “natural” self-interest. She sought to resolve this contradiction by stating humans are born with a blank slate, and that helping one another is an affront to biological reality. But Mr. Sailer’s HbD theory significantly undermines her—the survival of the white race is predicated upon individual intelligence and mutual support.

  56. peterAUS says:

    An excellent video. Seen the full version here–the-Great-Reset--Resistance-or-Complicity
    Thank you.

    Ian Davis nailed it, IMHO.
    Technocratic Control System.

    Riley is good, too.

    The rest……….well….let’s not go there.

  57. @Anonymous

    Apologies to Anonymous for living in such a complex world! The “gift to be simple”unfortunately does not work in understanding geopolitics and international economics. In the 19th Century the octopus was frequently used as a cartoon metaphor to illustrate British Imperialism.The Anglo-Am-
    Zionist octopus of today would need more than eight arms.

    Thanks to Professor Hudson for another brilliant and succinct essay.

  58. turtle says:
    @Jim H

    What y’all gonna do, Heinz? Let Uncle Shmuel grind your face into the dirt for another generation?

    Probably. Germany has not been an independent country since 1945.

    Do they still play the blues in Chicago?

    R.I.P. Steve Goodman.

    Do they still make cuckold clocks in der Schwarzwald?
    R.I. P. Deutschland.

  59. @neutral

    ‘Clash’ gets to be anything they want it to be

  60. Not you says:

    Ding! Ding! Ding! We have a winner!

    Mr. Hudson is a proponent of MMT. That is, he believes government should be the bank because government creates dollars and has an infinite supply so you never have to worry about how much to spend anymore because inflation can be controlled through… you guessed it… *government*. Because government creates dollars and has an infinite supply. LMFAO! That’s his “theory” in a nutshell, circular reasoning, and probably why somethings seems “off” about his writings/beliefs. He just obfuscates the economics behind wordiness and mumbo-jumbo like neoliberalism and whatnot.

    I suspect Corvinus is an MMTer as is another poster on here that some folks believe is really awesome with economics because he’s wordy and sounds so knowledgeable about the subject but I can’t remember his username.

    Step right up and git you some MMT, folks. It’s unicorns and rainbows for everyone!

  61. @Zachary Smith

    I think China used the American market to build its industrial base, but never had any idea of being just a low-wage producer to prop up the living standard of Americans. They used the money they made selling cheap plastic trashcans to Wal-Mart to buy infrastructure rather than consumption. Now that there’s a relatively large middle-class, it’s probably time to turn all of that output back to China rather than across the Pacific. That was the plan all along.

  62. @Petermx

    I was stationed in BRD (West Germany) in the early 90s. We were deliberately instructed to remind German citizens that we were an occupying power. One example is the annual REFORGER (REturn of FOrces to GERmany) exercise. It was conducted with two full divisions (~150k troops) and was a mock war using laser tag equipment (writ big – laser tag for the tanks, the cannons, etc.).

    We had the right to quarter soldiers during REFORGERs, and we did. Every night we ripped through someone’s front yard, parked the tracked transport, took over their house, ate their food and drank their beer. We were intentionally driven through areas that tore up people’s gardens and flowers. There was an accounting process at the end; German homeowners were entitled to compensation for damages and other reasons. Some (maybe most) made more than they lost. But that wasn’t the point – it was to remind them who was in charge. I was just a dumb eighteen year old private who didn’t know any better, but now I do and I see clearly what it was about.

    • Thanks: Petermx, Malla
    • Replies: @ariadna
    , @xcd
  63. edNels says:

    after seeing what the Harvard Boys did to Russia when the United States backed Yeltsin to create a domestic kleptocrat class that tried to “cash out” its privatizations by selling shares in oil, nickel and public utilities to the West

    That sounds right,
    But, is that really the purpose in this late day?
    Lusting after Russia’s boundless resourses… while they
    grab America from inside while Americans Sleep…
    “Look over there!” Pick pockets!

    think they would make amateur mistakes… No, the real plans are not appreciated yet.

  64. @Z-man

    Of course you are right since global financial crimes and machinations cannot be understood apart
    from the Jews.Could a cesspool be described without mention of the smell?

    In defense of of Prof. Hudson’s “omission”consider that this interview was for a German publication,
    that this outfit wanted to have a second edition.Free speech does not exist in Germany,the birthplace
    of Goethe, Schiller and Kant.

    Always appreciate your comments, Z-man!

    • Thanks: Z-man
  65. Malla says:

    Your points are too idiotic to be addressed.

    • Replies: @Corvinus
  66. @Zachary Smith

    Euro elites have been brainwashed by the Yankee overlords for generations now. Only the most incompetent and servile are promoted like Ursula van der Meringue Head. Many are globalist cultists from the WEF ‘Young Obeyers’ program, and most are beholden to, or fearful of, the Zionazi Lobby, hence the EU’s dumping of the Palestinians in recent decades.
    ALL are corrupted in the usual ‘democratic capitalist’ manner, by the money power, the Supreme Force in ALL capitalist oligarchies. When the EU is destroyed and colonised by the USA and Israel (if not vitrified in a thermo-nuclear war)these ‘elites’ will be retained as plantation managers, or neo-feudal barons in their castles and chateaux, or emigres in the USA or Israel.

    • Thanks: PetrOldSack
  67. @rogue_commie

    Do you not think that China’s massive private savings (forty-seven trillion), their debt being mostly internal and in renminbi, their banks being still, in the main, in Government hands, the debt having been invested in material assets eg infrastructure, housing, manufacturing plants etc and massive foreign reserves, not make its predicament somewhat less than that of the neo-liberal capitalist regimes?

    • Replies: @rogue_commie
  68. do chere says:

    It is the economy st..p)!

  69. M.H. is ‘fighting’ yesterday’s ‘battles’?

    Usually the ‘economists’ who use ‘macroeconomic models’ ‘believe’ that the solution to the current macroeconomic problem is the implementation of the ‘correct’ type of demand side policies. That is, how to increase income/output {‘growth’}.
    Increase M0, M2 or M3, cut r, or make it negative, implement ‘debt forgiveness’. Increase G and finance it by ‘borrowing’ from the central bank or by borrowing from the private sector. Or ensure that private credit is extended only for GDP transactions.
    All that is lacking is a ‘sufficient’ increase in effective demand!
    The neoclassical/Austrian economists, who believe that income/output is ‘supply determined’, will argue that all that is required to generate a large increase the growth of the underlying productive potential of an economy is for taxes to be cut and more ‘competition’, etc be introduced!


    Aside from the negative externalities of ‘growth’, what they ignore is the ‘energy supply side’?

    ‘We’ have 16 years?

    ‘Global peak oil production may have already happened in October of 2018 ( Table 1). It is likely the decline rate will be 6%, increasing exponentially by +0.015% a year (see post “Giant oil field decline rates and peak oil”). So, after 16 years remaining oil production will be just 10% of what it was at the peak.’

    ‘We’ have ten years?
    “ . . . our best estimate is that the net energy
    33:33 per barrel available for the global
    33:36 economy was about eight percent
    33:38 and that in over the next few years it
    33:42 will go down to zero percent
    33:44 uh best estimate at the moment is that
    33:46 actually the
    33:47 per average barrel of sweet crude
    33:51 uh we had the zero percent around 2022
    33:56 but there are ways and means of
    33:58 extending that so to be on the safe side
    34:00 here on our diagram
    34:02 we say that zero percent is definitely
    34:05 around 2030 . . .
    34:43 need net energy from oil and [if] it goes
    34:46 down to zero
    34:48 uh well we have collapsed not just
    34:50 collapse of the oil industry
    34:52 we have collapsed globally of the global
    34:54 industrial civilization this is what we
    34:56 are looking at at the moment . . . “

    Or, have 4-5 years? {unlikely?}.
    “The greatest threat to humanity on Earth is the escalating Arctic atmospheric methane buildup, caused by the destabilization of subsea methane hydrates. This subsea Arctic methane hydrate destabilization will go out of control in 2024 and lead to a catastrophic heatwave by 2026.”

  70. Mefobills says:

    A comment for the commentariat:

    Hudson just gave you a very convenient, and accurate, way to look at the world.

    Finance Capitalism, Industrial Capitalism, and then the evolution of Industrial Capitalism to Socialism.

    National Socialism to my mind is an evolved form of economy.

    Then there is the usual Kvetching about how Hudson doesn’t name the Jew or go after ZOG.

    HE DID! But, you cannot read between the lines.

    How many times in my comment history have I said that Finance Capitalism is a Jewish invention. It is not just me saying this, it is a fact of history that you must uptake into that space between your ears.

    Also, any country or people that uptake this form of economy are operating by false signaling, and it makes them malfunction.

    When the city of London was established, finance capitalism was also. The BOE, and the bourse (stock market) schemes, and free markets and the like, were all inserted into London by our (((friends))). The forerunner to Finance Capitalism was in Amsterdam, invented mostly by Sephardic Jews after 1492 expulsion from Spain.

    Finance Capitalism is a private central bank controlling a country. It is Parliamentary Government, to buy and sell votes. It is stock market capital, with the on-selling of stocks and debt instruments. It is double entry credit as money, created at moment that debt instrument is signed (hypothecation). It allows usury, and the taking of sordid gain. The “credit of the realm” is to become international, usually by flogging a sea power country.

    Our friends even created Judeo Christianity as Manessah Ben Israel (the leader of Amsterdam’s Jewish community) funded Cromwell. I’ve explained in my comment history how Amsterdam’s Jews held England’s debts, and also funded insertion of their own “Orange King.”

    Religion, and then Prices and Money created a skull F#ck that modern Western Man is caught in.

    INDUSTRIAL CAPITALISM is not Jewish, and overturns many of the skull f#ckery that our (((friends))) inserted into the world. It was invented by the Colonials, and it most especially has sovereign money, emitted by a sovereign government. It is not hidden string pulling by a (((creditor class))).

    The American revolution overturned finance capitalism, and the nascent country used Industrial Capital, and then Finance Capital fought back and won by 1912. Hitler overturned finance capital which had won in WW1. Today China operates Industrial Capitalism, which is being evolved into State Capitalism, or as Hudson says, Socialism.

    So, Hudson’s method of classification is an excellent framework for viewing the world, and in alignment with actual history.

    Here is a case of how the British became predators as soon as the parasite infested their brains. Between Judeo Christianity, which glorifies getting rich even at sordid gain, and false price signaling. the British started murdering their brothers.

    There were people in history, from long ago, who understood finance capitalism, but they were voices in the wilderness:

    John Mitchel (1815-1875) was a Irish Protestant and nationalist. He was derided as Papist Mitchel for his championing of all Irish through his newspaper The United Irishman. He was also dismissed by TPTB as an exaggerating firebrand and traitor during this period.

    Mitchel was a fierce critic of international finance capitalism, which he blamed for The Great Hunger. His Jail Journal is one of Irish nationalism’s most famous texts. He wrote in 1846, as the death toll mounted:

    They behold their own wretched food melting in rottenness off the face of the earth, and they see heavy-laden ships, freighted with the yellow corn their own hands have sown and reaped, spreading all sail for England; they see it and with every grain of that corn goes a heavy curse.”

    Absentee land ownership, where the land is owned by an “international” creditor, is yet another feature of finance capitalism. Even today, there are places like Vancouver which allow hot flows of money to come into the country and push up land prices, thus ejecting the native population from their lands.

    The starvation brought on by the “debts” held against the “tenant” Irish in their own lands:

    Hudson doesn’t need to virtue signal about ZOG, he already is:

    At link above is a picture of mass graves in Ireland due to the starvation. Finance Capitalism is serious business, as it will genocide a people, most especially white people.

    • Replies: @Not you
  71. Corvinus says:

    Keep deluding yourself.

    • Replies: @Malla
  72. Mefobills says:
    @Robert Dolan

    The Catholics sold us out bigtime.

    You two are both right.

    Protestantism is Judeo Christianity, funded into existence. The objective of the Amsterdam’s Jews was to return to England.

    This is why they funded, at great expense the printing of Athias Bibles IN ENGLISH, so that every English “plowboy” would have one.

    The idea was also to loot the Catholic church, which was acting as a moral brake on the “liberal” Jews.

    The Catholic church was infiltrated and broken. How many Catholics today even understand what usury is, even though there is plenty of doctrine.

    St. Thomas Aquinas and the “schoolmen” did a pretty good job of figuring out usury, debts, and the takings of sordid gain, which had no counterpart in production.

    In other words, the Catholic tradition DID try to figure things out, but there was also arguing within the ranks. The “schoolmen” were considered by some to be too slavish in following Aristotle and Plato, and not Jesus.

    It is very important that both Protestantism and Catholicism understand that their doctrine is NOT IN ALIGNMENT with Jesus actual teaching. The Catholics got punked, especially by Vatican 2.

    We exhort you not to listen to those who say that today the issue of usury is present in name only, since gain is almost always obtained from money given to another. How false is this opinion and how far removed from the truth! We can easily understand this if we consider that the nature of one contract differs from the nature of another. – Vix Pervenit

    No religion today is able to understand usury, but the Catholics gave it a good shot:

    Understanding usury requires an understanding of how the nature of some contracts differs, fundamentally and categorically, from the nature of others. Usury is not a matter of the same kind of contract differing only by ‘excessive interest’. Usurious contracts constitute a kind of contract which is intrinsically immoral by its very nature. This FAQ (see link above) is intended to help people understand what usury is – and is not – and answer many of the questions which naturally arise.

    It takes training and scholarship to understand contracts. Are judeo-christians going through this training? No?

    Didn’t think so.

  73. Not you says:

    So , the solution is a government bank that can print dollars at will/as-needed and there’s no need to worry about price inflation? Yeah, I don’t see any problems with that. We can just rename the country the United States of Zimbabwe. Has a nice ring to it.

    • Replies: @Mefobills
    , @Mefobills
  74. Mefobills says:

    Finance Capitalism probably first emerged out of the School of Salamanca.

    Of course, our (((friends))) had infiltrated all aspects of Spanish society by the time this school was established.

    Our LIbertarian friends, who are steeped in Jewish dialectic, are a good source:

    From a pure libertarian perspective, the major contributions of the Late Scholastics are their focus on each person as an individual being distinguished by his freedom; their emphasis on the importance of private property for a peaceful, productive, and ethical social order; and their conclusions about the importance of the right to trade, both nationally and internationally.

    People are not individuals, they exist in common with others in a civilization. All property is a gift of god, and property/land is the main source of wealth production. Earth + Labor = Goods

    There is no right to trade internationally. Money’s true nature is law, and to extend your money across national borders is to extend your law. Extending your law, is to disregard the sovereignty of others.

    Some sort of international trading currency like Keynes Bancor, or Glazyevs synthetic currency (based on real wealth, and not debt instruments) is required.

    In addition, the Scholastics wrote much about the relevance of sound money, in its role of both preserving private property and promoting trade.

    Jew alert! The school of Salamanca was invaded. Yes, St. Thomas was also involved, but there are always schisms.

    Money’s true nature is law, and this idea of “sound money” is so much hot jewish gas. It takes a trained elite to maneuver the levers of civilization, to then maintain the money, so that people have freedom.

    Although these thinkers were prepared to access the notion of a “just” price, their analysis tended to equate a just price with market prices that were devoid of fraud, monopoly, or coercion.

    Libertarians want a free market, so they can be free to take usury and fraud on unsuspecting victims. Free markets are free to allow debt polarization, where creditors are over debtors. So, you can see the schism already at the School of Salamanca. Something like Just Price is not part of Jewish monetary thought.

    Jew Alert!

    A thorough study of human action was the starting point of Late Scholastic moral theology. Scholastic and Late Scholastic thought, based on the primacy of the individual, also is relevant to today’s debates on environmental issues. Although conflicts between man and nature were seldom discussed in their treatises, whenever the topic did arise, their approach was similar to that applied by libertarians of the 20th and 21st centuries.

    There is no such thing as “human action.” The English, when they started murdering the Irish, made excuses to themselves to they could take sordid gain. After all, the Irish “owed” exponential payments, and the Creditors MUST BE PAID. It was money and prices that were forming “human actions.”

    On the issue of trade, several authors have credited the Late Scholastics, and especially Vitoria, as being the first to defend the right to trade across borders. It is worthy of note that Samuel von Pufendorf (1632–1694), who as a Protestant served in many ways as a bridge between the writings of the Late Scholastics and the Scottish enlightenment, criticized Vitoria for stating that the Laws of Nations allowed all men to trade, even in foreign territories.

    Jew Alert Again! Jews borrow money “internationally” to then buy up lands and resources in their target country. This then polarizes the country into creditors and debtors.

    So, finance capitalism has a long pedigree, and it involves skull f*ckery to then convince men about the nature of the universe, and it also includes jacking with religion, especially the Christian religion.

    Judaism went off the rails with Hillel:

    The practice of the prozbul was groundbreaking and controversial. “Later Amoraim expressed their astonishment at the fact that Hillel dared to abrogate the Mosaic institution of the release of all debts every seventh year”.[5] There is a major debate in the Talmud whether rabbis have the authority to uproot from the Torah[6] and the issue of prozbul is one of the first examples of this debate being tested.

    Hillel didn’t have the authority, and any Judaic doctrine post Hillel is designed to hold up the (((creditor class))).

    Finance Capitalism = Hillel, then Jews in Spain, then Jews expelled to Amsterdam, then Jews in London, then Jews in the New World (Wall Street).

    Christianity did not resist.

    • Thanks: dogbumbreath
    • Replies: @Not you
  75. If viewed through the Western operational framework of “keep the Germans down, the Russians out and the West in” the entire dynamic of Germany, Russia and NATO becomes clear.

    What if Germany instead gave the finger to NATO and developed independent relations with Russia. Russias’ resources and Germany’s technological capacity would challenge Western dominance. The plan for German National suppression is old.

    Good video here;

  76. @mulga mumblebrain

    I would agree that China currently has more productive (useful?) activity than the West. The latter produces only weapons, software, and financial “instruments” (i.e. debt derivatives so complex (on purpose?) that even allowing them to be traded is suspect and a sign the Fed/ECB actually WANT the economy to blow up periodically). Why would they want the economy to blow up periodically? Well, to screw the creditors of course, me and you:-) That’s what you (well, not YOU you, but a psychopath in power) do when every economic cycle since 1971 has been nothing but inflation-driven Ponzi scheme that existed simply to entice the plebs to pour money (actually effort/work) into this or that “asset” and then the big boys crash the market when they want (after having sold at the top) and now many of the creditors become debtors:-) Little by little, you enslave the entire population, or at least a significant portion of it so that even if the political system remains a “democracy” you can count on those “useless eaters” (now debtors) to oppress the remaining free people (creditors) into accepting whatever atrocious fascist wet dream the “elite” proposes to “fix” the mess(s) the very elite created. The reader @peterAUS has experienced that “wet dream” first-hand and that dream is coming soon to every corner of the planet that depends on the global financial system.
    As far as Chinese “savings” – I don’t believe in this term unless it can be backed up by hard assets. Now, the question is how hard those assets are. As we saw with the Evergrande fiasco just a few months ago, the “savings” of millions of “rich” retirees evaporated overnight as it turned out they are invested in “ghost cities” real estate and/or fake real estate derivatives, and gone for good. So, China was forced to print money and bail Evergrande out. A bad sign for a “star” economy. If China is in a good economic state, it could/should have let Evergrande fold and then the govt would handle the pension assets that the investors lost through the govt coffers? Surely China can print the money “lost” if Evergrande folded, since they are backed up by assets, right? For whatever reason, they thought that propping up one of the largest “zombie” companies in the world is warranted, and to me that speaks volumes about the health (actually, independence) of their economy. I would not count on this thing called “foreign reserves”. Another term that has lost meaning over the last 6 months. You saw what happened with Russia and its “foreign assets”. In fact, I think the war in Ukraine was a rather convenient excuse not to pay Russia or at least prevent it to make a claim on its “foreign reserves” as the West is insolvent and these “reserves” do not really exist, except on paper/computer. Nixon did the exact same thing back in 1971 with gold – he told France it will not get back its gold that was held “in reserve” at the US in Fort Knox. Unless the reserves are in hard, physical assets (e.g. gold or another asset that can be bartered/sold) AND in the actual physical possession of the asset holder, then for all intents and purposes these “reserves” do not exist or cannot be counted on, especially in times of crisis. How much of China’s (foreign) reserves are in Treasuries or other West-controlled currencies/assets? Quite a bit, right? So, you see my point and I think this is THE reason China has not invaded Taiwan yet – i.e. what happens if it does and its foreign reserves are confiscated? Sure, they can print money and try to prop things up internally but only for a limited period of time, b/c unlike Russia they do not have much in terms of natural resources, and the majority of things China makes (with the exception of TSMC products) are dispensable. Not without pain, but dispensable to the rest of the world. So, China is a lot more controlled/controllable by the West than Russia is.
    I hear the arguments very often from various economists that if a country’s debt is mostly internal and denominated in its currency, then the country is safe from financial trouble as it can always print money to service that debt. It is not a question of whether the debt can be serviced by printing but whether that country/economy is considered a sham, by either foreign or domestic creditors. When money is printed to service debt WITHOUT underlying economic activity to back that money, that is only possible by: (A) accepting hyperinflation and eventual collapse or (B) use (or threat) of force (military, financial weaponization (USD anyone?), etc) – against the “enemies” (creditors), both foreign and domestic. In such a state, all talk about assets, liabilities, economic activity, GDP, etc is fairy-tales. As Mao used to say (I know, duh!), “under the barrel of a gun anything goes”. Now, normal markets would have responded to such “servicing” (printing) of the debt by drastically raising the borrowing rates of such printer-trigger-happy countries, but as you see this does not happen, so the “markets” do not really exist, or at least exist in a completely controlled fashion and ruled by politics, not economics, to rob the remaining naive and/or placate the imbeciles that they have some “assets” somewhere.
    All countries/economies borrow money against the hard work of people somewhere – abroad or at home. That money is either invested in productive assets/activity or not. At some point, when the creditors ask for their money back (i.e. China’s 300+ million retirees) the borrower has to pay back. If the borrowed money was invested in productive activity/assets, then you pay back and all is good. If it was not (as in the West, and MAYBE less so in China), and/or if you are facing a demographic catastrophe (as in China) then you cannot pay back properly and you: (1) tell the creditor to go pound sand (default), (2) print money (robbing people through inflation, and arguably a “soft” default), (3) kill the creditors or coral them into an environment where you pay them back (if at all) on your terms, not theirs. Barrel of a gun and all that:-)
    And that is exactly what has been happening around the world over the last 2-3 years. China is in on it too. Just take one quick look at their ONGOING lockdowns for a “pandemic” the West has already forgotten about and it all becomes clear. The only “developed” country that did NOT have systematic lockdowns was Russia. Yes, also Sweden, Japan, etc but they do not really matter in the grand scheme of things. The only countries that did not embrace the “pandemic” were the ones that can either afford to say no to the “gun” (Russia) or the ones not entangled yet into the financial system (Africa) and as such largely immune from its lethal embrace. Everybody else was told by globohomo/globocap to lockdown and accept as payment…trash…and prepare to eat bugs and soy for the rest of their lives…and accept that 90% of “normies” probably won’t even survive long enough to “enjoy” the bugs and soy.
    So, the summary of all this is as follows: The elite has been robbing us blind for decades and has been doing so globally. This process has turned the (perhaps) majority of people in the West into LUMPENS (as per Marx). Those people neither will nor can work productively. Marx said those LUMPENS should be ruthlessly killed, as they are not only a threat to civilization, they are actually a burden to themselves. Whether he was right or wrong, time will tell. The rest are (very exhausted) people who can but WON’T work for crap money and Ponzi schemes. All sides know the game is up. The elite is trying to buy off the LUMPENS by printing money to bully the remaining normies into accepting global, digital fascism in as many countries as possible before things collapse. The “pandemic” was a (so far) failed attempt to do that and they will probably try again…or start WWIII if they can’t.
    Easy, peasy, Japanesey:-)

    @PetrOldSack, @Not you

    P.S. Btw, the root of the issue is lack of intellectual/scientific progress. When nothing new of value is being invented, and that can only happen when there is progress in basic science, the system (ANY system, actually) starts to cannibalize itself. And the reason there has been no progress in science, is that the elite thinks science is dangerous and should not be allowed to progress or be developed by “plebs” as that can threaten the status quo. So, the lite completely captured “science” and allows nothing new to surface, which eventually destroys humanity. Btw, in the MIT article below, Thiel is wrong on the timing. He thinks there has been no progress since the 1970s. In reality, we have been running on fumes since early Einstein (1920s). The peak of the industrial world, both in the West and USSR, was in the 1950s. There was a plateau in the 1950-1970 period and it has been a collapse ever since.

    • Replies: @antibeast
    , @showmethereal
  77. Not you says:

    Do you believe the government creates dollars and has an infinite supply and there is, therefore, no reason to be concerned about price inflation?

    • Replies: @Mefobills
  78. @peterAUS

    Agreed. So far it looks like Marx was right about the LUMPENS eventually destroying civilization, unless confronted.

    • Replies: @peterAUS
  79. ariadna says:

    Thanks for revealing this repeated humiliation of Germany of which very few Americans are aware.
    I was nevertheless struck by your odd accountancy compulsion (“Some (maybe most) made more than they lost.”) which rings up only the cost of landscaping and pantry resupplies– since national humiliation, soul killing and barbarous violation have no dollar price.
    So maybe the Germans who received excessive compensation for those REFORGERS need to repay Uncle Sam…

  80. Mefobills says:
    @Not you

    So , the solution is a government bank that can print dollars at will/as-needed and there’s no need to worry about price inflation?

    The revolutionary war was Industrial Capitalism, where the Colonials used government money (Colonial Script) which channeled into industry.

    Industry then grew, and that improved labor power. Labor power then increased along with standard of living.

    Standard of living increased at the same rate as goods and services, so yeah … No inflation. Franklin was even a dumb ass, and bragged about it to London. Franklin admitted there were no beggars in Pennsylvania Colony, like those he saw in England.

    If the in your face evidence of China’s industrial growth, is not enough to convince you, then nothing will.

    Oh wait, NSDAP Germany had no great depression, and also had rapid industrial increase and concurrent standard of living. No great inflation from 33 to 38, until Finance Capitalists out of London got the war they wanted.

  81. Mefobills says:
    @Not you

    Do you believe the government creates dollars and has an infinite supply and there is, therefore, no reason to be concerned about price inflation?

    I see that you are triggered. A Lolbertarian?

    There are different kinds of inflation, and it takes a sophisticated trained elite to monitor what can be as complex as particle physics.

    An economy is dynamic, and has many moving parts. It also has control levers.

    There is no god of the free market, making everything balance with magick.

    The question should always be WHO is pulling the control levers, and to what end. If the who want inflation they can get it, if they want depression, they can induce that too.

    • Replies: @Not you
  82. antibeast says:

    As far as Chinese “savings” – I don’t believe in this term unless it can be backed up by hard assets. Now, the question is how hard those assets are. As we saw with the Evergrande fiasco just a few months ago, the “savings” of millions of “rich” retirees evaporated overnight as it turned out they are invested in “ghost cities” real estate and/or fake real estate derivatives, and gone for good. So, China was forced to print money and bail Evergrande out. A bad sign for a “star” economy. If China is in a good economic state, it could/should have let Evergrande fold and then the govt would handle the pension assets that the investors lost through the govt coffers? Surely China can print the money “lost” if Evergrande folded, since they are backed up by assets, right? For whatever reason, they thought that propping up one of the largest “zombie” companies in the world is warranted, and to me that speaks volumes about the health (actually, independence) of their economy.

    The debts owed by Evergrande comes from various parties: 1). buyers who have pre-paid their properties sold by Evergrande, 2). investors who have bought unsecured bonds from Evergrande and 3). banks which have made commercial loans to Evergrande. China did not bail out Evergrande but has seized its assets for liquidation, with buyers having the first priority in getting their properties finished and delivered by Evergrande. The bank loans which are secured by Evergrande assets could be repaid after its assets are liquidated, with any remaining balance used to pay off the unsecured bonds.

    Contrary to your claim, China is not propping up zombie companies at all but is deflating its property and tech bubbles that had been forming for the past decade. Rather than allowing the financial markets to continue inflating those bubbles, China wanted to avoid the inevitable boom-and-bust cycles by opting to restructure its property and tech sectors by having the State intervene in those markets and industries.

    • Replies: @Mefobills
  83. Mefobills says:
    @Not you

    Yeah, I don’t see any problems with that. We can just rename the country the United States of Zimbabwe. Has a nice ring to it.

    I’m smelling a Lolbertarian, who has imbibed on Jewish dialectic.

    Zimbabwe was the ONLY country in the modern era that had inflation induced by Government printing. It was NEGROES who came into power, and then started killing the white farmers.

    You really expect that cargo-cult people are sophisticated enough to understand complex economy?

    All other inflations in history were due to exchange rate pressures. In the case of Weimar Germany it was due to the mark being under severe pressure to pay Versaille reparations. At the same time, Municipalities in Germany took out dollar debts from Wall Street. The debts eventually grow beyond the ability to pay, which is how the exchange rate pressure came about.

    Short selling privateers, mostly from London and Wall Street attacked, bear raiding Germany and causing the Hyperinflation. At the time the Reichsbank has been privatized under the Dawe’s plan.

    It took GOVERNMENT POWER to reign in the hyperinflation. The Reichsbank was returned to Chancellery control, and Schacht issued state money, the Rentenmark, and then proceeded to slam the short sellers heads against the wall.

    If you butt-snorkel jewish dialectic, you won’t know up from down. You are a perfect example of how western man has been skull f#cked.

  84. Not you says:

    LMFAO! I got you, didn’t I, you charlatan? I knew I would.

    So, let it be known to all reading this that mefobills believes that a government bank creates dollars ex-nihilo and there will be no issues with *price inflation*. The emperor has no clothes and MMT is a fairy-tale for adults when one strips away all the fluff and jargon that obfuscates the scam.

    Bet you’re a big fan of Stephanie Kelton, Ellen Brown and Mike Norman, too, huh, mefo?

    P.S. Pleased note carefully that I specifically stated *price inflation* in my post.

    • Replies: @Mefobills
  85. @Mefobills

    From this worthwhile link

    you so helpfully included:

    56) Isn’t criticism of usury just veiled anti-semitism?

    That certain vices have become culturally associated with certain ethnic groups doesn’t turn vice into virtue.

    • Agree: Mefobills
  86. peterAUS says:

    Good comment.


    …The only “developed” country that did NOT have systematic lockdowns was Russia…..The only countries that did not embrace the “pandemic” were the ones that can either afford to say no to the “gun” (Russia) …. and as such largely immune from its lethal embrace. …

    maybe you could take a look at:–the-Great-Reset--Resistance-or-Complicity
    Riley’s input in particular, with Ian Davis rounding that up.

    More importantly, as for:

    …bully the remaining normies into accepting global, digital fascism in as many countries as possible before things collapse….

    Any ideas/suggestions about what to do if one is a “normie”?

    Trying to be positive, from experience where I live:
    Organizing into something to confront/delay TPTBs plans have failed. Miserably. Both in street protests and legal challenges. Let’s not even start talking about political party/process.
    A lot of people have been doing, and accelerating, the “prepping” thing. For a couple of reasons I think it’s delusion and won’t work.
    Organizing into small, local (neighborhood level) , supporting groups hasn’t worked except as something as this online pub, just done in a park. Feels good for an hour and changes nothing. Except marks you better for the system to deal with.

    Anything you’d add to this?

    • Replies: @rogue_commie
  87. @Zachary Smith

    Many of the Power Elites you write of are somehow able to hold two contradictory thoughts at once.

    First, they have a Malthusian world view that requires depopulation and the utter destruction of Western society. This is best summed up by the words of Maurice Strong (1929-2015), a dedicated Canadian globalist who once said,

    What if a small group of world leaders were to conclude that the principal risk to the Earth comes from the actions of the rich countries? And if the world is to survive, those rich countries would have to sign an agreement reducing their impact on the environment. Will they do it? The group’s conclusion is ‘no’. The rich countries won’t do it. They won’t change. So, in order to save the planet, the group decides: Isn’t the only hope for the planet that the industrialized civilizations collapse? Isn’t it our responsibility to bring that about?

    At the same time, they want to remain in control of the entire world through various totalitarian policies, yet their tenets (such as mandatory, harmful medical procedures, endless war and nihilistic self-hatred) are likely to be most destructive to the most compliant sections of the population.

    The rebels, always questioning authority, will ultimately win.

  88. Mefobills says:
    @Not you

    So, let it be known to all reading this that mefobills believes that a government bank creates dollars ex-nihilo and there will be no issues with *price inflation*.

    Private banks create dollars ex-nihlo at debt now, you stupid ass.

    Then society polarizes. All private credit driven economies operate like a sawtooth.

    There is rapid flush of credit being created on the upswing of the sawtooth, then it levels out, and then there is a precipitous drop. There is price inflation during the upswing, for example the rapid increase in housing prices during the housing bubble.

    Upon the drop in credit formation, debtors give up their homes, patents, and other earned assets to the privateering bankster. Real assets are transferred to cancel the debt.

    Lincolns debt free greenbacks were never issued in greater amounts than that allowed by law.

    “Until the control of the issue of currency and credit is restored to government and recognized as its most conspicuous and sacred responsibility, all talks of the sovereignty of Parliament and of democracy is idle and futile.” ~ William Lyon Mackenzie King

    England did fine under the King’s Government Issued Talley sticks. It was when the privateering Bank of England came into being, that England started to malfunction.

    Go back in this thread and read on how the Irish were murdered by the English. The English did this under guidance by “free markets” and privateering credit.

    Below is a chart for Canada’s debt when the Bank of Canada was a Crown Bank, and all of the stock was owned by the Ministry of Finance. It was in 1974 when the BIS and other privateers came a knocking and insisted that it wasn’t the states job to create credit. Note the big take off in public debts after 74.

    You are an example of somebody who has been skull fu#ked, typical of westerners, and especially lolbertarians.

    • Replies: @Not you
  89. Mefobills says:

    Contrary to your claim, China is not propping up zombie companies at all but is deflating its property and tech bubbles that had been forming for the past decade. Rather than allowing the financial markets to continue inflating those bubbles, China wanted to avoid the inevitable boom-and-bust cycles by opting to restructure its property and tech sectors by having the State intervene in those markets and industries.

    Antibeast, I’m repeating your comment for “NotYou”

    Did America reign in its property bubble? Nope.

    Are young Americans now priced out of buying a home, unless they take on generational debt? Yep

    But, No- the state cannot intervene, because the “free market” is sacrosanct. It is free for parasites, rentiers and usurers to take sordid gain.

    The inevitable boom bust is due to the sawtooth of private credit driven economies.

  90. Malla says:

    Ya ya, we know who is doing all the deluding. LOL

  91. Anonymous[178] • Disclaimer says:

    Sitting back watching all of these things unfold, at times I have to wonder if the entire thing isn’t being orchestrated. On one hand, I think it should be obvious to anyone with half a brain that there has been a massive anti-Russian propaganda campaign and I am convinced at this point that Russia is winning the war on the ground in Ukraine. On the other hand, virtually all the sanctions and other trappings of economic warfare against Russia are doing far more damage to the West than they are to Russia. Doesn’t this fit in nicely with the WEF “Great Reset” and “Build Back Better” campaign? While I’d like to call these people running our affairs in the Western world, ‘stupid’, are they really that stupid? They’re doing exactly what they want to do and it’s going exactly as they want it to. Dismantle and destroy our way of life so they can institute a new one, likely by force at some point. I won’t go so far as to claim Russia is in on the fix, but the whole thing surely is playing right into what Western elites and their bought off governments have essentially been advertising that they want to do. Couple all this to the continuing set-up of police/surveillance states in the US and Europe now with Michael Chertoff being named to head up the Misinformation Bureau or whatever they call it. Chertoff is dangerous not a loon like the woman who was removed. They’re readying for the reaction of the various publics of the Western countries when the mask of “Democracy” finally comes all the way off. Just my 2 cents, food for thought.

  92. @Anonymous

    Eliminate these words

    I won’t go so far as to claim Russia is in on the fix, but

    and the comment is solid.

    Suspicions some have expressed that Russians/Putin are complicit or agents of the Jews like all the figurehead leaders who are really employees of Jews to Russia’s west all the way to the USA are imbecilic.

    Get educated by following Andrew Anglin currently at

    to learn the truth as expressed by a Russian soldier in a video Anglin recently posted who says Russia is the white man’s last defense because Jew golem.

    Jews have been relentlessly attacking the descendants of Christendom throughout the West since the Jewish Terror of October, 1917, in Russia which we have been brainwashed to call “the Russian Revolution”.

    Jew Zelenski installed over Ukraine in 2014 by Jew Victoria Newlen of US State Dept. is using Ukraine citizens a cannon fodder in the type of war Jews love where the descendants of Christendom are slaughtering one another as incited by Jews.

    Regime change in Russia is the Jew goal because they hate Putin for unraveling the Jew heist pulled off in about 1991 when Harvard Jew Jeffrey David Sachs as consultant stole the national wealth of Russia transferring it to a dozen Jew oligarchs.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  93. @peterAUS

    I think your observations are spot on – the legal system has been completely compromised, protesting in such an environment is a joke and leads to either nothing or becoming a target (e.g. see what happened in Canada with the truckers), and trying to organize with locals is mostly a waste of time. So, at this point, I am afraid one cannot do much except wait for things to get worse to the point that true resistance movement will form more or less naturally. I guess things are not bad enough yet for people around you to realize they need to ensure they have access to the basics such as food, medicine, water (and if possible, guns) and maybe some land that can be worked with relatively low effort. Until that time comes, prepping meetings will be mostly a form of “group therapy” (as you said), which last a few hours and then everybody goes their own way. I myself have experienced very similar situations with people around me, and this is why I think it is currently next to futile to try to do a more serious organizing. As long as you have at least 1-2 other like-minded people around you, then this is probably the most one can strive for until we know more about what the next step of the elite will be.
    As far as direct prepping, I have bought a year’s supply of nonperishable food, have a stash of first aid medications (including aspirin), some fuel (coal, gas), and some means of self-defense and…that’s about it for now. Too many things are up in the air in order to make organizing plans or mount resistance. The time is not right yet, but if a true economic/food collapse comes about (this winter looks very likely), I suspect the bigger cities in “developed” countries will become hubs for civil war(s) and also hubs for mounting (armed) resistance against the elite. The good news in all of this is that the elite has demonstrated to be much dumber than we thought, and though they can easily plunge the world into WWIII if they wanted to, I don’t think they can usher in the Great Reset as they planned. The core technology on which the Reset depends – (digital) artificial intelligence (AI) – is a scam, utter and complete scam.

    While AI may be able to (poorly) automate a lot of factory work, the elite’s transhumanism idea of merging with machines (cyborgs) or “downloading” human consciousness onto a digital machine and thus ensuring immortality is such a profoundly laughable and absurd idea, it is one of the most direct proofs we have that the elite has “lost it”. They are doomed to remain mortals, and without AI, the Great Reset will basically be a slightly modernized version of feudalism, still requiring serfs and manual labor. So, instead of a Great Reset, they will be getting a multi-polar world but with the elite’s influence likely confined only to a handful of the biggest cities, packed with nothing but servile LUMPENS. Not the best material for serfs…

    And those LUMPENS will probably, as the Joker so eloquently said in the video below, “eat each other”…and maybe the elite too.

    So, the only thing I can wish you at this point is stay hard and bide your time. You will know when it is the right time for more concrete and organized action.

    • Replies: @peterAUS
  94. Mefobills says:

    The WEF types, including Klaus Schwab, are all in on Ukraine, because they are globalists and atlantacists.

    This lolbertarian link you provided does not operate using Hudson’s divisions.

    Again, if you use Hudson’s method, then you can get pretty close to the truth. Economics comes before ideology. The “creditor” class issues ideology to then take sordid gain.

    The truth of the matter is that MI6 paid the Banderites MONEY, and kept the movement alive post WW2, as a dagger aimed at the Soviet Union. Real NSDAP Nazis put Stephen Banderra in a concentration camp, because they thought he was nuts.

    So, here we have a case of (((globo homo))) Atlantacist creating a mercenary army, little different than the Takfiri’s they used as cannon fodder in their great game in Syria.

    Klaus Schwab is only a functionary of the Atlantacist Globalist Crowd in Brussels. All of this “class” are money sick, or have Hubris, and think they are little gods.

    In a way they are little gods, because they have learned to control the world through money and prices, through the ownership of the money power.

    Atlantacism = Finance Capitalism.

    • Thanks: Kali
    • Replies: @Anonymous
  95. Mefobills says:

    The creditor class, or as Stalin put it, the “rootless cosmopolitan” could care less about blood and soil.

    The English turned on their Irish brothers, and started starving and murdering them.

    This happened soon after the BOE was established. The BOE in turn was run from behind the scenes by its hidden stock owners, who in turn were “rootless cosmopolitans.” Finance Capitalism came into being with the advent of the BOE.

    This class, who only thinks in terms of profits and gain, no matter how the gain is made, can also turn on their own population.

    In Hudson’s parlance, it would be “Killing the Host.”

    Since London is now the most advanced finance capitalist/Atlantacist Zone, then what happens there is a foreshadowing of what they want for the world.

    Below video is the “City of London” killing the native English hosts, with immigration. Our Lolbertarian friends are perfectly fine with immigration, because you know- whatever; they are nuts, being brainwashed and from some sort of parallel universe.

    The only reason for this refugee transfer, is to destroy the host. The lands can now be bought up for cheap.

    • Replies: @CMC
  96. Anonymous[178] • Disclaimer says:

    Klaus Schwab is an engineer and that’s it and and doubt as you say, nothing but a functionary. Today I see NATO is playing at war in the Baltic with Finland and Sweden and of course they want more money from the US for the privilege of having their membership in NATO. I also just had my stomach turned by being subjected to seeing a video from Dallas Texas wherein these perverted parents took their young children to a gay bar to view men dressed as women dancing around. The West has become demonic, particularly the US. They are in for a very grave and rude awakening if they keep going like they are toward war with Russia. Both Europe and the US are heading toward their destruction. Those who scoff at this are seriously deceiving themselves.

  97. CMC says:

    Speaking figuratively, IMO there’s some usefulness to thinking of things this way:

    The immigrants (Afro, Muslim, whatever) are proxy warriors.

    The No-Go Zones, banlieues, etc. —including the prisons*— are ‘fleets in being.’

    *U think prison rape —including inter-racial, ain’t effecting behavior _outside_?

    • Thanks: Mefobills
  98. Not you says:

    “Private banks create dollars ex-nihlo at debt now, you stupid ass.”

    True, but that misses my point and is just further obfuscation on your part. My point is that *you* believe a government bank can create dollars ex-nihilo *also* and has an infinite supply of them and won’t have any issues with *price inflation*. so maybe all of the central-bank advocates don’t understand money and banking and economics as well as you’d have people believe? I mean, it is possible, is it not?

    I find it absolutely fascinating that it is the advocates of sound money and banking principles that are the one’s denigrated so much, but yet aren’t the one’s who deal in magic-money trees, magic pencils, accounting ledger shuffling and printing presses running full-steam ahead.

    I believe you’re just mad that I’ve exposed the scam of a government bank down to it’s lowest common denominator because you can’t answer how a government bank that creates dollars and has an infinite supply can avoid *price inflation* any more than a private one that deals in paper money with fractional reserves can. All the rest of your cherry-picking and invalid ad hom’s and genetic fallacies toward libertarianism and the Austrian school and some Jews is playing to the crowd and deflects from the heart of the matter here so I will not address them. Truth is truth no matter where or whom it has found its origins.

    • Replies: @Mefobills
  99. peterAUS says:

    Especially with:

    ….I am afraid one cannot do much except wait for things to get worse to the point that true resistance movement will form more or less naturally. ….

    … the only thing I can wish you at this point is stay hard and bide your time. You will know when it is the right time for more concrete and organized action.

    (Minor) quibble re that “naturally”. I believe it will require a split in the current elite, to be more than occasional revolts. That’s the “sign” of the right time if you will.
    My take anyway.

  100. @Zachary Smith

    Indeed it is almost a psychosis in the west…. But history has many examples. Many can’t foresee their own fall from the top…. So they push and push and push… And then…..

  101. Mefobills says:
    @Not you

    The Talley Stick System was Government money.

    It lasted from the time that Kind Edward kicked out the Jews in 1290 to a few decades after BOE inception in 1694.

    That would be over 400 years, and no inflation. They also did almost yearly debt jubilees, where credit/debt relations came into balance. This was done at the big fairs, like Mayfair.

    Below is you elevating yourself and Lolberatarians, as if they have the answers — which they don’t.

    I find it absolutely fascinating that it is the advocates of sound money and banking principles that are the one’s denigrated so much, but yet aren’t the one’s who deal in magic-money trees, magic pencils, accounting ledger shuffling and printing presses running full-steam ahead.

    It’s preposterous to talk about sound money, when LoL ideology has no language for rents, unearned income, or usury. It also is silent on debt peonage.

    Hayek’s road is toward debt peonage, and then serfdom.

    • Replies: @Not you
  102. @rogue_commie

    You wrote too much to respond to but I will just touch on Chinese “savings”. Real estate investment doesn’t count as savings. Those figures are strictly for bank deposits. People started investing in real estate and the stock market because they got tired of stuffing their cash in the bank. Chinese banks assets to liabilities is healthier than western banks.

    • Replies: @rogue_commie
  103. @showmethereal

    Sure, on paper their banks are healthier. When a country’s debt/GDP ratio is the highest in the world (and keeps growing), and it is facing an absolute demographic catastrophe, balance sheets mean nothing. As I mentioned in previous comments, not only is China facing a retiree wave of 300-400 mil people with NOBODY to take care of them, but the children of those retirees don’t plan on having even 1, let alone the 3 children per couple the Chinese govt dreams of. A country doesn’t just impose the most brutal lockdown in the world, crashing its own economy and contributing to the deaths of many more people than the virus can ever cause, and continue to do so despite lack of any pandemic, unless there are serious social/economic issues that the govt is worrying have the potential to topple it.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  104. Not you says:

    I’ve noticed that you still haven’t explained to us readers exactly how your government bank that creates dollars because it has an infinite supply can avoid *price inflation*.

    What’s wrong mefo, you can’t answer that, can you? Better to just ignore the question and hope it goes away. Lol.

  105. @rogue_commie

    Stupidity is even more dangerous than malice, and this cretin combines both, squaring the damage. Adding pig, brainwashed, ignorance to the stew.
    Western racists and supremacists have been raised to truly genocidal RAGE over China’s rise. This is typical, with its drooling hope that the Chinese Government will ‘topple’. We’ve been hearing that from Rightwing racists for forty, fifty years. Never even close. In fact the Chinese Government enjoys levels of popular support (c.90%) never seen in the West. Suck on that, Gomer.

    • Replies: @JR Foley
  106. Truth hurts, doesn’t it? You anencephalic, misbegotten, subhuman scumful freak:-) MUAHAHAHAH.

  107. Athena says:

    Excellent interview below:

    Scott Horton Show

    Mark Thornton on Paper Money, Housing Bubbles and Free Trade

  108. JR Foley says:
    @mulga mumblebrain

    Africa can become a huge success story in the future, since the land is bountiful in natural resources while the youths on the continent are filled with energy. They are eager to get better educated and better trained to embark on the path of prosperity. The Chinese are eyeing grand business opportunities in Africa and that’s truly a win-win for both sides.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  109. xcd says:
    @Jim H

    The situation of Japan is about the same.

  110. @JR Foley

    Unfortunately Africa will be hard hit by ecological collapse, led by anthropogenic climate destabilisation, and by US malevolence as they seek to destroy Africa-China co-operation.

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