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Hudson Multimedia Highlights from 'Down Under' Oct. 2009
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Following Prof Michael Hudson’s recent tour, here are more multimedia highlights:
Hudson on ABC International with Jim Middleton.
Hudson on Switzer – Sky TV Business.
Forever Blowing Bubbles – Sydney presentation.
Hudson tour slideshow

The Earth v the Neo-Liberal Paradigm – Prosper Australia speech
Global Policy Trends in a Financialised Economy – Federal Parliament’s Vital issues seminar. Transcript available soon.
Steering the Economy into Debt Deflation – Melbourne Town Hall speech
Philip Adams Interview – Late Night Live
Debt Creation as Wealth Creation – the Renegade Economists

The Age: Housing supply down, profits up – check the comments as per the Kavanagh link at the bottom.
What recovery? – Business Spectator interview
Landlords and bankers back in charge of the economy again – Daily Reckoning commentary
Interest Rates in Whose Interest – Press Release

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