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Hillary as the Not-Trump Candidate
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SHARMINI PERIES: It’s the Real News Network. I’m Sharmini Peries coming to you from Baltimore.

Now that the Democratic and the Republican Party conventions are over, the U.S. presidential campaign is entering its last phase before the actual vote in November. Normally this should the point at which each party is very internally united and focusing on presenting its own program and attacking the opponent. However this time around, it seems each party continues to be more divided than ever. More and more Republicans are defecting from Donald Trump. And on the Democratic side, the debate is still raging about who supporters of Bernie Sanders should vote for in November. With us to present his analysis of the post-conventions and the U.S. elections, is Michael Hudson. Michael is a distinguished research professor of economics at the University of Missouri Kansas City. His latest book is “Killing the Host: How Financial Parasites and Debt Bondage Destroy the Global Economy.” Michael thank you so much for joining us today.

MICHAEL HUDSON: Good to be here.


PERIES: So Michael, in a recent article that you penned on your website, you argued that Hillary Clinton’s campaign is using a very clever strategy in that it is trying to associate criticism of Clinton with support for Trump and therefore support for Russia, which in the end is anti-American. Now, this type of association game, which is supposed to make it difficult for Sanders supporters to criticize Clinton, what implication does this have on the overall politics in this country?

HUDSON: Well, it certainly changed things in earlier elections. The Republican convention was as is normal, all about their candidate Trump. But surprisingly, so was the Democratic convention. That was all about Trump too – as the devil. The platform Hillary’s running on is “I’m not Trump. I’m the lesser evil.”

She elaborates that by saying that Trump is Putin’s ploy. When the Democratic National Committee (someone within it, or without) leaked the information to Wikileaks, the Democrats and Hillary asked, “Who benefits from this”? Ah-ha. Becaue Trump opposes the neocon line toward Russia, and because he criticizes NATO, Russia benefits. Therefore Putin must have stolen the leaks and put them out, to make America weaker, not stronger, by helping the Trump campaign by showing the DNC’s dirty tricks toward Bernie’s followers.

Then Assange did an Internet interview and implied that it was not a cyberwar attack but a leak – indicating that it came from an insider inn the DNC. If this is true, then the Democrats are simply trying to blame it all on Trump – diverting attention from what the leaks’ actual content!

This is old-fashioned red baiting. I saw it 60 years ago when I was a teenager. I went to a high school where teachers used to turn in reports on what we said in class to the FBI every month. The State Department was emptied out of “realists” and staffed with Alan Dulles-type Cold Warriors. One couldn’t talk about certain subjects. That is what red-baiting does. So the effect at the Democratic Convention was about Hillary trying to avoid taking about her own policies and herself. Except for what her husband said about “I met a girl” (not meaning Jennifer Flowers or Monica Lewinski.)

The red baiting succeeded, and the convention wasn’t about Hillary – at least, not her economic policies. It was more about Obama. She tied herself to Obama, and next to Trump = Putin, the convention’s second underlying theme was that Hillary was going to be Obama’s third term. That’s what Obama himself said when he came and addressed the convention.

The problem with this strategy is it’s exactly the problem the Republicans faced in 2008, when voters turned against George Bush’s administration. Voters wanted change. And they do today. Hillary did not say “I’m going to have hope and change from the last years of Obama.” She said, in effect, “I’m not going to change anything. I’m going to continue Obama’s policies that have made you all so prosperous.” She talked about how employment is rising and everyone is better off.

Well, the problem is that many people aren’t better off than the last eight years. Ten million families have lost their homes, and most peoples’ budgets are being squeezed. Obama saved the banks not the economy. So Trump’s line and the Republican line in this election could well be: “Are you really better off than you were eight years ago? Or, are you actually worse off? Where are all your gains? You’re further in debt. You’re having more difficulty meeting your paychecks, you’re running up your student loans. You’re really not better off and we’re going to be the party of hope and change.”

Hillary can’t really counter that with the policies she has. Trump and the Republicans can say that even though she disavowed the Trans-Pacific Partnership and the trade agreement with Europe, all the Democratic representatives that voted for the TPP have won re-nomination, and it’s still on the burner.

Most of all, Hillary is still the war candidate. Trump already has said, “Look at what she did to Libya.” By displacing Libya, she turned its arms cache over to terrorist groups that have become ISIS, Al-Nusra, and the other terrorist in the Near East. So she’s the Queen of Chaos. Finally, she’s the candidate of Wall Street, given the fact even the Koch Brothers have said they’re not going to back Trump, they’re going to back Hillary because she’s on their side. George Soros and most other big moguls and billionaires are now siding with the Democratic Party, not Trump.

What did Hilary actually say at the convention besides “I’m not Trump, Trump is worse.” She’s trying to make the whole election over her rival, not over herself.



PERIES: Okay, so everything you say about Hillary Clinton may be true, and it’s more in your favor that it is true. She is a candidate of Wall Street and she is as you say, now being supported even by the neocons. They’re holding fundraisers for her. And the Koch brothers and so on. So when we opened this interview we were talking about what the Bernie Sanders supporters should now do, because Trump is starting to appeal like he’s the candidate of ordinary people. So what are they to do?

HUDSON: Well, if the election is between the most unpopular woman candidate in America and the most unpopular male candidate, the winner is going to be whoever can make the election fought over the other person. Trump will win if he can make the election all about Hillary, and Hillary will win if she can make the election all about Trump. It looks like she’s able to do this, because Trump is even more narcissistic than she is.

All the Democrats have to do is goad him, as they did with the Afghan parents of the American soldier who died. Trump should have bounced the ball back into Hillary’s court and said, “Wait a minute. The soldier died in a war that you voted for Hillary. A war that you want to continue to escalate.” Instead, he talked about himself.

And at least Hillary is coached enough so that when he attacks her, she bounces the ball back and makes him the issue. She doesn’t try to defend herself. So people are beginning to think, wait a minute, here’s a personality of Mr. Trump who doesn’t even know the first thing about political strategy. You don’t let the other person win by making you the issue. You make them the issue. In an economy where people are angry, you want to steer their anger toward the other candidate.

So in this election, unlike earlier elections, it’s not about whose positive program is better. Neither have a positive program. Neither have really any policy that they’re announcing. It’s about whose policy is worse. Who’s the lesser evil? It’s almost an inside out election.


PERIES: Let’s turn to Sanders’s strategy here. Now, Sanders is, of course, asking people to support Hillary. And if you buy into the idea that she is the lesser of two evils candidate, then we also have to look at Bernie’s other strategy – which is to vote as many people as we possibly can at various other levels of the elections that are going on at congressional levels, Senate level, at municipal levels. Is that the way to go, so that we can avoid some of these choices we are offered?

HUDSON: Well, this is what I don’t understand about Sanders’s strategy. He says we need a revolution. He’s absolutely right. But then, everything he said in terms of the election is about Trump. I can guarantee you that the revolution isn’t really about Trump. The way Sanders has described things, you have to take over the Democratic Party and pry away the leadership, away from Wall Street, away from the corporations.

Democrats pretend to be a party of the working class, a party of the people. But it’s teetering with Hillary as it’s candidate. If ever there was a time to split it, this was the year. But Bernie missed his chance. He knuckled under and said okay, the election’s going to be about Trump. Forget the revolution that I’ve talked about. Forget reforming the Democratic Party, I’m sorry. Forget that I said Hillary is not fit to be President. I’m sorry, she is fit to be President. We’ve got to back her.

That means backing Wall Street, the neocons and the TPP. Shame on him! He told his followers to think of pie in the sky in the decades it will take to take over the Democratic Party from below, from school boards, etc.

Labor unions said this half a century ago. It didn’t work. Bernie gave up on everything to back the TPP candidate, the neocon candidate.

What on earth is revolution if it doesn’t include either remove the rot in the Democratic Party, the Wall Street control, or start another party? It had to be one or the other. Here was his chance. I think he missed it.


PERIES: I think there’s a lot of people out there that agree with that analysis, Michael. He did miss his chance. Some people were suggesting that he should walk and form his own party. Particularly how the party treated him. But there is another choice out there. In fact, we at the Real News is out there covering the Green Party election as we are speaking here, Michael. Is that an option?

HUDSON: It would have been the only option for him. He had decided that you can’t really mount a third party, because it’s so hard. The Democrats and the Republicans together have made it almost impossible for a third party to get registered in every state. To run in every state. To get just all of the mechanics you need because of all the lawsuits against them. The Green Party is the only party that had already solved that. Apart from the Libertarian Party.

So here you have the only possible third party he could have run on this time, and he avoided it. I’m sure he must of thought about it. He was offered the presidency on it. He could of used that and brought his revolution into that party and then expanded it as a real alternative to both the Democrats and the Republicans. Because the Republican Party is already split, by the fact that the Tea Party’s pretty much destroyed it. The oligarchs have joined the Republicans and the Democrats are now seen to be the same party, called the Democratic Party. Here was his chance to make an alternative.


I don’t think there will be a chance like this again soon. I believe Hillary’s the greater evil, not Trump, because Trump is incompetent and doesn’t have the staff around him, or the political support that Hilary has. I think Bernie missed his chance to take this party and develop it very quickly, just like George Wallace could have done back in the 1960s when he had a chance. I think Chris Hedges and other people have made this point with you. I have no idea what Bernie’s idea of a revolution is, if he’s going to try to do it within the Democratic Party that’s just stamped on him again and again, you’re simply not going to have a revolution within the Democratic party.


PERIES: Well, I think you’re making a very strong point in terms of Hillary Clinton’s hawkish foreign policy and her being the candidate of the Wall Street hawks. I also do think that Donald Trump’s unknown factors in terms of how he will fall on some of the very important critical issues out there still remain a problem, because we actually don’t know how he will act. So advocating that he might be the lesser of two evils might be problematic too, no? Michael?

HUDSON: I think there’s a difference in unknown factors. I think in Trump’s case, he doesn’t know what policy he’ll do. I think he hasn’t thought it through yet. So we don’t know. Whatever policy he has, I don’t think he could get it through Congress. And the president can’t do all that much without congressional approval.


PERIES: So you think he’ll be ineffective? You think he’ll be ineffective and won’t be able to–

HUDSON: And that’s what America needs. America needs an ineffective president. That’s much better than an effective president that’s going to go to war with Russia, that’s going to push for the Trans-Pacific Partnership, that’s going to protect Wall Street, and that’s going to oppose neoliberal austerity. I would much rather have an ineffective president than someone who’s going to do these bad things that I fear is going to come from Hillary and the Democratic Party. It’s a counter-revolution, not a revolution.


PERIES: All right, Michael. I thank you very much for joining us today, and we’ll look forward to your report next week. Thank you.

HUDSON: Good to be here.


PERIES: And thank you for joining us on The Real News Network.

(Republished from TRNN by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Ideology • Tags: 2016 Election, Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton 
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  1. Rehmat says:

    Election 2016 is no different than all the earlier elections since the American revolution. The American sheep are always given the choice to chose between the two evils – controlled by the same Judeo-Christian Establishment.

    I’m sure Michael Hudson, the “super economist” will do the same. He is not going to vote for the third alternative – Jill Stein, who thinks both Hillary and Trump are “Israel’s slaves”.

  2. Jason Liu says:

    To be fair, Trump is the not-Hillary candidate. I don’t care for conservatism except for the parts that are amenable to inequality, but I’d vote for him simply because he doesn’t represent the egalitarian party.

    But that aside, multicultural democracies inevitably end up voting based on race and identity, not any kind of economic or foreign policy. This election could not be a clearer example. Why ignore the elephant in the room?

  3. Does it not make sense that Bernie was told that he, his wife and/or his son would be killed (or worse) if he didn’t support Hillary? I was never sold on his policies at all, but its not like the man didn’t have some degree of integrity, yet he completely knuckled under and sold out his millions of followers.

    People forget that these puppet masters have no compunction when laying waste to entire cultures and countries – they would feel less guilt having ordered one or two assassinations than most of us would for forgetting about that roast in the fridge and letting it spoil.

  4. @Alfred1860

    Sanders is in no danger after following orders and endorsing Clinton. He just purchased a third home, just a vacation house for $600,000. I’m sure he will not offer it to Syrian refugees. Thanks all the suckers who donated their hard earned money for his revolution that got redirected to help support Goldman Sachs favorite Clinton. Will all these suckers now follow orders and not vote for Trump?

    • Replies: @anonymous
  5. Now that Assange has hinted that the wikileaks leaker was a whistleblower inside the democratic party and that that individual was himself probably liquidated, presumably for having done the leak, the whole redbaiting anti-Russia thing looks threadbare. Meanwhile, the elephant in the room mentioned of racial identities could itself be fractured if the Libya war crime spearheaded by Clinton can be exploited. After all, as Danny Haiphong indicated in this week’s Black agenda report ( the Jihadis sponsored by the harpy and others committed a mass murder of Africans Khaddafi had settled in Sirte, Libya after they seized that city.

    Even the contrived fracas about Trump’s statement regarding the 2nd amendment brings out an earlier statement made by the Harpy in 2008 that she was staying in the race until the convention after Obama had defeated her in case there was a “Robert Kennedy” moment. This was a veiled direct reference to assassination, not some ambiguous statement regarding the right to bear arms. If the media were not fully in the bag as a “ministry of truth” for the Clintons, her campaign would implode.

    • Agree: Seamus Padraig
    • Replies: @No Second Israel
  6. Alden says:

    I absolutely do not believe the teachers at the authors high school turned in reports about what the students said in class to the FBI every month

    FYI McCarthy was right and the liberals who denigrate him as this author does are wrong. The author is just rambling random thoughts.

    • Replies: @Chet Roman
    , @KA
  7. epebble says:

    Whether Hillary or Trump, 2017-2020 is going to be a Crap Sandwich. I simply can’t imagine ANYTHING that can be done to improve this nation. The best hope is it won’t get much worse. We won’t be Canada; we can only hope and aspire NOT to become Mexico.

  8. anonymous • Disclaimer says:
    @Carlton Meyer

    Sanders is in no danger

    The guy who leaked the DNC emails wasn’t so lucky.

    • Replies: @boogerbently
  9. I’ve just had an email from a conservative Australian friend noting how news of Clinton’s seizures is spreading and predicting that she will drop out. That really would sink Trump but I think it’s merely time for Americans to look calmly again at the reign of George lll. Apart from some little trouble with disaffected greedy British colonists early in his reign the Brits managed his actual madness rather well. Brush up Americans: you may need the lessons whoever wins and you had also better remember the negative lessons from Woodrow Wilson’s last years. Roosevelt’s overconfidence in his dying weakness that he could handle Stalin (and that Churchill’s approach was wrong) is also perhaps worth treating as a reminder about the difficulty of dealing with the Russians even if you’re a good wheeler-dealer.

  10. @Alfred1860

    No it’s not that easy. It really takes most people a bit of getting used to even if they start socialising in a competitive Upper East or West side Manhattan kindergarten. After you’ve killed your first three; that’s when it begins to become humdrum and unlikely to cause medically unexplained stomach pains. (I’m conscious that Manhattanite treatment of pets creates a bit of a hurdle too. Let none of those cosy pictures of Hitler and Goering with their dogs fool you. Even they needed WW1 to teach them to distinguish harshly between mammals).

  11. annamaria says:

    Clinton is saying that Trump is Putin’s ploy. Lets add a funny minor detail to Madame Clinton story of her relationships with Russia. The State Dept. (under Clinton-Nuland-Kagan leadership, during the coup d’etat in Kiev two years ago) had decided who should be a president of Ukraine. Enters Mr. Poroshenko. During his presidency, Mr. Poroshenko has been enjoying a fantastic growth of his wealth. When not appropriating the US taxpayers money, the chocolate king (owner of Roshen Confectionery Corporation) has been making money in Russia. He would prefer things continue going smoothly, but his handlers at the State Dept. have different plans — they want war between Russia and Ukraine. Period.

  12. @exiled off mainstreet

    {Now that Assange has hinted that the wikileaks leaker was a whistleblower inside the democratic party and that that individual was himself probably liquidated,.. }

    The gang of criminal pussy’s latest victim is the sudden death of Shawn Locus, the Attorney Who Served the Lawsuit against the Democratic National Committee (DNC) on Charges of “Fraud, Deceptive Conduct … and Negligence”

    If trump does not want to talk about millions of Muslims that she have killed by waging and supporting wars for the interest of the criminal class, where she is one of them, then talk about sudden death of Americans who went against her.
    Look at who supporting her. All are war criminal and terrorist from 1% wall street thieves. Sanders just bought a vacation house for $600000 and asked American dummies go and vote for a mass murderer because she is proven to be a slave of Jewish interest. Something that Zionist Sanders loves very much,so the fake ‘intellectuals’, like Noam Chomsky and many criminal neocons. All from the criminal tribe.

    Many have reported about the sudden death of a YOUNG lawyer who went after killary, and he drop dead like the rest. Is coward trump going to be silent, allowing a criminal to manipulate him and the dumb population of voters? She is determined to reach the WH by cheating, act of violence, deception and other means. Only dumb and criminal vote for a criminal pussy.

    (Call it conspiracy theory, coincidence or just bad luck, but any time someone is in a position to bring down Hillary Clinton they wind up dead. In fact, as we noted previously, there’s a long history of Clinton-related body counts, with scores of people dying under mysterious circumstances. While Vince Foster remains the most infamous, the body count is starting to build ominously this election cycle – from the mysterious “crushing his own throat” death of a UN official to the latest death of an attorney who served the DNC with a fraud suit.
    As GatewayPundit’s Jim Hoft reports, on July 3, 2016, Shawn Lucas and filmmaker Ricardo Villaba served the DNC Services Corp. and Chairperson Debbie Wasserman Schultz at DNC’s headquarters in Washington, D.C., in the fraud class action suit against the Democrat Party on behalf of Bernie Sanders supporters (this was before Wikileaks released documents proving the DNC was working against the Sanders campaign during the 2016 primary).

  13. War for Blair Mountain [AKA "Groovy Battle for Blair Mountain"] says:

    Michael Hudson

    I do not recognize “US” Army Captain Humanya Kahn as an American. And I don’t recognize his parents as Americans. Moreover, I do not recognize any Pakistani Muslim on US Soil as an American.

    Pakistani Muslims on US Soil are a Pakistani Muslim Fifth Column enthusiastically voting the The Historic Native Born White Christian Majority into a violently persecuted racial minority on Nov 8 2016.

    I didn’t give my consent to be “protected” by “US” Army Captain Humanya Kahn(a King cobra is not a house pet).

    • Replies: @Marcus
  14. AmericanaCON [AKA "PatrickSweener"] says:

    The Donald Trump phenomena are somewhat similar to the Swedish New Democracy phenomena. The Swedish New Democracy (ND) was founded in 1990. It was a populist party which combined libertarianism, populism and nationalism. With the help of its two wealthy A-listed celebrity founders they were able to enter the Swedish parliament in 1991. Their election strategy can be reduced to these points;

    1. Present politics which people in general would appreciate such as opposition to certain taxes, foreign aid, inefficient government, gay-rights, and the liberal immigration policy.

    2. Be financial independent (self-funding) and point out the special interest groups behind the politicians. The founders (ND) spent about ten million dollars from their own pockets in the 1991 campaign.

    3. Make the stump speeches into a show with yachts, celebrities, private jets, cars, trains (!), live band and provocative statements. If you don’t like the politics at least you will like our show.

    The celebrity founders had enough in 1994 and left the party. The party disintegrated into civil war between the libertarians, populist/nationalists and people who wanted to make politics their full-time career. Without funding from their wealthy founders they had little chance against the establishment parties. New Democracy was defunct in 2000 after two unsuccessful elections.

    Donald Trump is very much like the two founders of New Democracy. He pushed all the right buttons but he seem not be able to keep his own boat steady. The founders of New Democracy had the same problem. They were good sprinters but couldn’t keep their party afloat in the long run. Trump seem not be able to keep is campaign floating. Clinton has been leading with 8 points for a long time now. When Trump fails to win the establishment will kill nationalism.

    This happened in Sweden starting from around 1993 when the largest liberal tabloid fired their editor in chief for holding nationalist views on immigration. The elites had noted that one of the reasons why New Democracy had become initially so successful was because they still allowed politicians, editors, bureaucrats, academics and business people have independent opinions on issues such as immigration.

    From about 1993 continuing into present thousands of Swedes have seen their careers halted and sometimes even killed. The consequence has been that millions of Swedes have used the internet to communicate, read and discuss “sensitive” topics. The elites have had a hard time halting this development. Hence, the last ten years all the major newspapers have hacked internet forums and e-mail accounts and gathered information about millions of people. This information is stored and is then used against you when or if you would seek employment in government (for example a civil servant, teacher, doctor or a nurse) or becoming a politician.

    This will happen after Trump and it will be brutal. What you will see is a total capitulation of Fox News, Breitbart, Washington Times, The Hill, Red State, Drudge Report, Hot Air, New York Post, Human Events, Commentary magazine and the rest of them. It will not matter if it’s a neo-conservative, paleo-conservative, nationalist, libertarian or fiscal conservative media. They will either adapt to the liberal political discourse or their careers will be killed. Note that the two founders of the New Democracy did not kill their careers although they lost millions of dollars in lost contracts the coming years. They continued making “big money” but not as much as before. Those who lost their careers were the people who never had been part of the establishment or were not independent from it. I think the GOP establishment and Conservative Inc. will go after Chris Christie and the early supporters but those who will really feel the pressure are the people who are currently working for Trump.

    It will be difficult for Stephen Miller to reboot his career next year after Clinton has defeated Trump. For the elites Trump is a very bad common cold but as any common cold it is not deadly although you may feel as you are dying when you catch it.

    The only way to really hurt establishment politics is to launch an opposite party. However, in US politics it is impossible for minor parties to break through. The Libertarian Party have been running in election since 1971 without any victories. Green Party and the Constitution Party have tried winning elections since the early 1990s without any success. The “Winner takes all system” is almost impossible to breakthrough.

    I think the elites have “bagged their victory” in both this election and in future elections. Yes, the “alt-right” will receive 1/3 of the votes and there will be a “market” for criticism of globalization but nothing more than that.

    Understand; Hudson is also full of it. Hillary Clinton will not go to war with Russia. Russia is the second most powerful military power. A war with Russia would not be fought by drones or from their air. It would be fought on Russian soil and it would cost tens of thousands of American lives. What Clinton will do when she is elected is continue with “business as usual” which means make the rich Americans richer and the poor American poorer. Clinton will continue to bomb third world countries for no good reason just like Barack Obama, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George H.W Bush and Ronald Reagan but she will stay away from the “big dogs”.

    The elites won! Deal with it.

    • Replies: @Jason Liu
  15. Rehmat says:

    “Does it not make sense that Bernie was told that he, his wife and/or his son would be killed (or worse) if he didn’t support Hillary?” LOL …..

    When was the last time a Zionist Jew was killed since Julius Rosenberg’s execution in 1953 for stealing American nuclear secrets for Soviet Union?

    Even no Jew died at the WTC on September 11, 2001.

  16. @Alden

    The fact that Hudson was the godson of Leon Trotsky might have something to do with the government spying. McCarty was a nut and demagogue and his supporters are delusional.

  17. Priss Factor [AKA "Anonymny"] says:

    Yes-men like Hillary. They say YES to the GLOB.

    No-men like Trump. They say NO to the GLOB.

    Btw, why is wanting peace with Russia ‘isolationism’?

    It seems like opening up diplomacy and trade.

    During the ‘Red Scare’, Russia was seen as the Jewish Empire controlled by minority elites.
    So, Jews like Russia more than white conservatives did.

    Today, Russia is seen as the ‘other white America’ where whites are still the dominant majority. Because Putin has white majority on his side, it is tougher for the GLOB to manipulate Russia. Also, Russia’s Muslim population has no love for the GLOB. This is why Jews hate white Russia. And they see rise of angry white America under Trump as something akin to Russian takeback of Russia under Putin from the GLOB.

    White America has been greatly weakened by Jewish takeover of elite institutions. Anglos believe in more fair play than Russian Slavs do, but this fair play led to takeover of US by smarter Jews who are hostile to whites. In the end, Anglos came to be servants of the GLOB.

    But White America, even conservative White America, is divided about Russia. Due to vestiges of Cold War, many white cons still Russia in terms of the Evil Empire. Also, the white con worship of the War Machine as synonymous with US patriotism makes them suckers for any kind of warmongering.
    Also, many white conservatives in the US are people like Poles with long memory of Russian imperialism.

    What no one is willing to say is this? GLOB had Russia in the 90s, but Putin restored some Russian nationalism and rolled back total Glob control(though there is still lot of in Russia).
    Trumpism plays on same theme, but cannot spell it out cuz it might sound ‘antisemitic’.
    And that is what Jews fear most but they cannot spell it out cuz it would expose what they did to Russia in the 90s.
    Jews did the same under Obama in 2008 with Wall Street bailout, but because US is such a rich country, it was able to weather than highway robbery.

  18. Trump represents a clear break with the past three (24 f’n years) administrations. He is opposed to free trade, open borders and war against Russia. He is the first peace candidate since McGovern. This is NOT like the previous six elections featuring Tweedledum and Tweedledee.

    My favorite candidate is Jill Stein. In the past I have supported outsiders Perot, Nader and Ron Paul. I hold Democrats and Republicans responsible for the ills of our former republic. But I can support Trump with a clear conscience. He is not a Republican. Just ask JEB or any of the Republican elite who are fleeing to the Clinton camp.

    Trump Accuses Obama Of Being The “Founder Of ISIS”.

    This is the audacity of truth.

    • Replies: @annamaria
  19. I think trump is just another ass licking(he went to aipac like all the toadies) politician like all before him, but I am voting for him as the not hillary candidate.

  20. Jason Liu says:

    This is a very good analysis and I agree with it. The solution is going to have to come from outside of democracy.

    • Replies: @AmericanaCON
  21. annamaria says:

    “The refugee crisis has been a recent event, a result of Libya and Syria. Both Obama/Hillary creations.” The EU people should have already realized the immense contribution of the Kagans & C0-led State Dept. to the EU economic and other woes. As for Obama and Clinton, one wonders whether they are normal humans or some automations without soul, honor, empathy and other trinkets of humanity.

  22. @anonymous

    Google Seth Rich, and Shawn Lucas.
    BOTH e-mail fatalities.

  23. The Donald’s function was to eliminate Hillary’s competition, and that he did very well. He is no more a serious contender for the Presidency than was Ross Perot in 1992 and do not be surprised if Trump ends up withdrawing from the campaign before the actual election just as Perot did.
    Consider that Trump is a personal friend of the Clinton’s. He invited Hillary to his most recent wedding and gave her a seat with his family at the wedding in addition to paying for her flight to the wedding event. He even donated to Hillary’s campaign. This does not sound like rivalry to me. Quite the opposite; Trump and the Clintons are friends and members of the same 1% Oligarchy that rules the nation.
    Consider Trump’s odd behavior (for a candidate) in making announcements and statements designed to antagonize and belittle others with no discernible goal other than to provide fuel for MSM criticism. He started his campaign by saying that which his mostly white supporting base wanted to hear, then as the election draws closer he does whatever he can to derail his chances to win. He did not become the business success that he is through the social buffoonery that he exhibits now, so what could he be trying to do OTHER than sabotaging his own chances at winning this election?
    Hillary is the “Chosen One” (unfortunately) and when the election is over, I visualize Bill Clinton and Donald getting together for a game of golf and having a good laugh about the dog and pony show, perhaps over a few drinks after 18 holes at the golf course.

  24. Marcus says:
    @War for Blair Mountain

    I can’t say I have much sympathy for Whites who enlist either, they’re misguided at best.

  25. Art says:

    Policy aside – I have had a doctor tell me that he thought that Hillary is ill – that she is having brain problems – he came to that conclusion by watching her on TV.

    Of course he has a trained eye – but it is that obvious to him.

  26. Art says:

    Sorry – but if Trump were elected he would have an enemies list longer then all the begets in the BS old testament.

  27. Art says:

    Sorry – but this Democrat party worker being murdered at 4 AM – without a clue (cops all dummied up) – is vintage Clinton – end of story.

  28. anonymous • Disclaimer says:
    @The Original George

    This suspicion dates to circa June 2015 on this website, including (coyly) via Mr. Sailer. When I expressed your view, principally in comments to the Trumpeting of Ms. Mercer, I was a “troll for Jeb,” etc., even though I also said that I won’t be voting, but will root for Mr. Trump over Mrs. Clinton. These false accusations, of course, had to be revised as the process unfolded and Mr. Trump’s foils changed over the months.

    It’s mid-August, a bit late for Donald Trump to stop shooting stupid s**t out of his mouth. Yet the fantasy that he will — now, finally, this time– stop blowing himself up persists, although you will likely be ignored at this point. His supporters must dread reading the news each morning.

    Might there be one reformed Trumpeteer out there who is willing to admit that some of us correctly saw through this charade?

    • Replies: @The Original George
  29. AmericanaCON [AKA "PatrickSweener"] says:
    @Jason Liu

    Well, you cannot really change anything because the elites hold more elite institutions than just the legislative chambers. Elites also “own” major corporations, important media houses, government agencies, courts and the universities. The polish ruling national-conservative party Law & Justice and the Hungarian Fidesz did not understand that power goes beyond the parliament until just a few years ago. Naturally, when both parties came to power they fired key civil servants, journalists at the government media, replaced judges and changed laws to consolidate their power. Note that these actions have angered Brussels. However, the liberal/socialist parties did the same thing when they were in power and Brussels never complained.

    The reason why Fidesz and Law & Justice made Brussels upset was because they knew about the profane power behind such actions. The European Union have been happy for years with the Turkish President until the Turkish president got rid of the liberals in elite institutions. Putin had also a few years of happy relations until he decided to ripe tools out of the liberal elite hands through cracking down on institutions they controlled. I think the strongest political force is MSM. They can destroy careers and lives in a heartbeat. I just want to add that if the “alt-right” took over I doubt these people would be some kind of saints.

    • Replies: @Jason Liu
  30. annamaria says:

    “Mr Poroshenko constantly touts the “unconditional support from the USA, NATO, and the European Union” in his “fight to return annexed Crimea”. The West’s willingness to play along with this rhetoric undoubtedly played a role in the Ukrainian leadership’s criminal decision to attempt an armed provocation in Russian Crimea.”

    But what can the US Dept do? They need this war desperately.

  31. @The Original George

    He did not become the business success that he is through the social buffoonery that he exhibits

    Like reality tv isn’t social buffoonery?

    • Replies: @The Original George
  32. KA says:

    McCarthy downfall was not due to some kind of awakening of certain senators He started challenging Dulles brothers and Eishenhower . That did him

  33. Jason Liu says:

    The NYT’s aggregate estimate shows that Clinton has a 86% chance of winning. And that Trump’s path to victory would require a string of improbable miracles.

    Granted, this is the NYT, and the numbers are based on Trump’s recent slump in the polls. But even then Hillary has had an overall lead since the beginning.

    So, what now?

    Trump or the Republican party better have a few aces up their sleeves, or this election is basically over.

  34. Jason Liu says:

    It would take one elected nationalist leader willing to axe liberal elites while shrugging off all criticism. A difficult task, but not impossible.

    Regarding the persecution of online commenters in Sweden, how widespread is this? Do newspapers really engage in such widespread hacking? Isn’t that clearly a breach of privacy laws? If you’re right, then the left has truly created a dystopia.

    • Replies: @AmericanaCON
  35. @Stephen R. Diamond

    “Like reality tv isn’t social buffoonery?”

    He made his billions in real estate. The “reality TV” is a sideline.

  36. @anonymous

    “This suspicion dates to circa June 2015 on this website,…”
    I’ll have to see if I can locate that article , though it does not surprise me that Mr. Sailer and others saw it long ago- I didn’t see the pattern until later in the campaign cycle.

    “Might there be one reformed Trumpeteer out there who is willing to admit that some of us correctly saw through this charade?”
    That is unlikely , but at least we get to say “I told you so” when it’s all over! You are correct that it is too late for Trump to stop spewing stupid s**t at this point in the game, but that is part of the plan, isn’t it? He is not supposed to stop blowing up his campaign. Queen Hillary will be inaugurated in January, and she will continue to institute the “change” that Obama promised, minus the “hope” of course.00

    • Replies: @anonymous
  37. anonymous • Disclaimer says:
    @The Original George

    I started here as a “guest,” under the mistaken belief that this was equivalent to being anonymous. (Another “guest” at the same time was submitting very well written comments with which I tended to agree.) Here are some exchanges I had concerning Mr. Trump in several threads:

    July 13, 2015, Jack Kerwick

    July 15, 2015, Steve Sailer

    July 16, 2015, Dan E. Phillips

    August 28, 2015, Ilana Mercer

  38. War for Blair Mountain [AKA "Groovy Battle for Blair Mountain"] says:


    You should have sympathy. Completely different reasons-motives for joining if you referring to Native Born White American Male Teenagers from economically distressed families. Humanya Kahn like all the Pakistani Muslims that join the US Military come from well-t0-do Pakistani Muslim “American” Families. “US” Army Captain Humanya Kahn and his parents are-were enthusiastically voting these Canon Fodder Native Born White American Male Teenagers from the American Heartland into a violently persecuted racial minority on Nov 8 2016.

    I blame the chubby White Male Chickenhawk jocksniffers who listen to the WFAN for this who have been blathering on since 2001 how our Soldiers are protecting us. During WW2 White Males who gave an excuse not to serve in the US Military would have had the indelible mark of COWARD stamped on their head. Gulf War 1 and Gulf 2 were justified in terms of the supposed existential threat that Saddam Hussien posed to AMUURICA!!!!…It was all a lie…and the White Male War Hawk Chikenhawk Jocksniffers sat in SEC Football Stadiums and Beaver Stadium Penn State yelling “WHAT A STUD” on top of their lungs.

    If their was a military draft back in 1991 and 2001..there would have been no invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan.

    The only way that the US could have been protected from an Al Queda and ISIS Terrorist attack on US soil is 1)a National Origins Immigration Policy that completely excluded all Muslims and 2)the mass deportation of all Muslims out of the US… there is no other way.

    But we can’t do 1) and 2) because than Muslim Male “Americans” can’t vote Whitey into a violently persecuted racial minority on Nov 8 2016 and 2) because Muslims wouldn’t be able to gang rape and urinate on 5 year White Christian little girls in Idaho.

    • Replies: @Marcus
  39. Marcus says:
    @War for Blair Mountain

    A lot of them are from good backgrounds too, but I guess most kids don’t know better at that age. Nothing worse than seeing normal white kids signing up to put their lives in the line for a government that hates them. I blame the patriotardism and things like American Sniper too.

  40. gustafus says:

    We DO know that the ninnies of the left have entered into a murder suicide pact with the Clinton Crime Organization, globalists on the left and right, and their friends in media which include … under employed ‘journalism majors” … who have discovered that there are no jobs in honest journalism anymore. You can get a paycheck being a HACK for globalist publication A… or globalist publication B

    The 1% crowd has purchased all the megaphones… to advance their interests and craft public policy. Their near monopoly on public discourse has put North Korea and Pravda to shame.

    This interview, while seemingly poignant to the low information analyst… is irrelevant to the contest.

    Trump is defined by his opposition.. which includes the Clinton Machine, their dupes in the various identity political left…. globalists …, sheiks and princes of failed oil countries eager to ship their detritus to far away shores before the onion domes implode from runaway birth rates in 10 dog, 8 bone oil economies.— and a Washington establishment at the trough .. that cares not a whit if there is a D or R next to the name of their Bush, Clinton, Obama, McCain, Romney, or any other stooge they pluck and groom to continue the ruse.

    When a vegan server in Portland says he HATES TRUMP…. he’s a [choose your epithet] … this voter needs an emergency intervention.

    He/she/it THINKS Donald is the enemy…. but should the Machinery of DC churn out another variation on their thread bare theme….

    Bernie Bots will be up to their piercings in competition for Silicon valley jobs … filled by $12,ooo a year East Indians… brought to them by the SUICIDE PACT with Clinton.

    BLM will compete with millions of newcomers for jobs in a world where the economic music is slowing and there are not 7 billion chairs.

    Feminists will have to change their wardrobe if they expect to get to work on crowded subways filled with hungry Afghani appetites.

    And gays… the best is yet to come for their misplaced loyalties… Emerging Khan family values will place the lesbians, trannies et al… in cages at the bottom of their lap pools…. once Sharia Law is ruled an ACCEPTABLE variation on the constitution to accommodate our multi cultural stew.

    Have I missed anybody??? …. oh yes… all those expensive megaphones? . ..they were only useful when credible…. and now that Elizabeth Warren can scream that Trump is the MAJOR RECRUITER for ISIS… with impunity…. whilst poor Gingrich has to crow hop on CNN every day to do DAMAGE CONTROL because Trump is still breathing…

    REMEMBER DT is the enemy of freedom and all that is holy…. Got it.

    Well, surprise surprise… a loss for Trump will be a BIGGER LOSS for all those millions spent on megaphones that soon will only whimper….

    The dummy dems should have known their team was coopted when their HEROINE was endorsed by Hank… give us billions in 2 days or the world ends… Paulson

    or when George and Laura Bush raised clasped hands with the Obama Family the night of the RNC acceptance speech…. HELLO>>>> anybody home?

    But no…. Donald Trump… hair on fire, driving a runaway beer truck through the XYZ and K streets of DC… tossing fire crackers into windows …. HE is the enemy.

    Now if the GOP can just figure out how to get the keys….

  41. AmericanaCON [AKA "PatrickSweener"] says:
    @Jason Liu

    Oh, you did not know? In late 2012 a far-left organization was paid handsomely by the largest liberal tabloid to hack Disqus in the sense that they were able to obtain all registered E-mails. We talk about ten millions E-mails from people all over the planet. After they done this they only need to link a person to a particular E-mail. This is very time-consuming and costly which is why they were financed by the third largest publication in the country. I will tell you later how it is done if you keep reading.

    Flashback Forum was hacked in 2007 by an anonymous hacker community. It is the largest online forum in Sweden with 1.1 million members. All kinds of people are present in the Flashback Forum including; right-wingers, provocateurs, trolls, single parents, hackers, druggies, leftists criminals, gamers, teachers, environmentalists, depressed people, economists, political wonks, college students, gossipers, car/boat/animal/bicycle/music/gun/sport enthusiasts, firemen, journalists, foodies, street artists, smokers, medical doctors, cartoonists, feminists, travellers, celebrities, lawyers, military vets, bankers, soccer fans, academics, police officers, hobby detectives and whistle blowers. The people behind the Flashback hack did not sell the information until 2014 when the largest socialist tabloid paid handsomely for the hack. How much they paid have not disclosed but is has to be a few million dollars. At the moment at least 100,000 Swedes have been identified including many celebrities.

    So what do media do with these hacks? Well, if you have written something media don’t like (I mean anything) they have your name, picture and house on the front-page. They have targeted nurses, medical doctors, teachers, lawyers, judges, students, senior citizens, academics, the mentally insane, civil servants, militaries, fathers fighting with their ex-wives over their children, staffers, business owners, business executives, politicians, authors, police officers, unemployed and many others. If you agree to give them an interview may or may not agree to anonymize you.


    So how does this work? Well, all Swedes have unique social security numbers which is given to you when you are born. If your child is not born in a hospital or abroad it is crime not to report your child being born. When you apply for the university, open a bank account, go the hospital, apply for a job, buy something online or even get a library card you have to give your name, social security number and E-mail. To explain; All contacts with ANY government agency or institution at any level are registered and open for anyone to read. This includes universities, hospitals, government agencies and even municipal owned swimming halls.

    For example, if you have applied for an insignificant job at the smallest insignificant municipal your resume is open to everyone to read. Many do attach their social security number in their resume or at least their name. It goes beyond that. If you have had text message or E-mail correspondence with a government cell phone or E-mail these are open to anyone to read. Naturally, many people have conversations with their doctors over E-mails. These conversations can be accessed by everyone. They just need to send a request to the hospital and they get access to these conversations. What they will find out what your E-mail is, your name and (almost always) your social security number than they get you.

    There are private companies in Sweden which works full time to gather information from hacked websites, government documents (at all levels), courts, resumes and even people’s health journals. When insurance companies (not illegal) does the same it is a huge scandal but media and these private companies licensed as “media” does it – it is not a scandal but seen as legit. These private companies including media are not always able to find people. Many people do give away a fake E-mail if they write something online. What they than do is a make puzzle over your online identity. They are able to “get you” in about 1/3 of the cases because everybody makes a mistake and tell little too much online. An example;

    A year ago there was a young staffer (in his early thirties) at the Swedish Democrats office in the European parliament which had written some “racist” stuff ten years ago. The courts (even less the police) do not care what some 30 year old guy wrote when he was a freshman in college. Even if it was a “hate crime” such offenses are barred after five years and very few people have ever been convicted for such offense at Forums as they are always written in some kind of legit context such as a discussion. He had previously worked at Swedish Security Service. The police, military, FRA (similar to NSA) and Swedish Security Service do not have to give any information at all to these “journalists” about whom they hire or who apply for a job.

    Note, they have of course hacked Flashback and Disqus years ago but the Swedish Security Service don’t care about what some of their hired hands write online so long it is not illegal. So how did media find out who he was? Well, they find out through reasoning but they could never show any real proof. The young staffer was fired but he was fired because he was reckless. He confessed in an E-mail and those are public when they go between political offices. If he had confessed over his cell phone (not in text message) to the party leadership after the article was published he would have gotten away with it. Journalists do not have the means to listen” (not yet anyway) to private conversations over telephone and in particularly not politicians telephones as they are protected by FRA and the Swedish Security Service.

    Often media simply go too far. They hack Facebook, bank accounts, E-mails, gaming accounts and telephones. They have even been confronted opening peoples letters. This is illegal and these people would end up behind bars but it is difficult to prove it and even if you can they would still publish the information about you destroying your career. For example, Jimmie Akesson (leader of the Swedish Democrats) had his bank account and gaming account hacked two days before the election. They had the information for months but dropped it just two hours before the last debate and one day before election-day so he would do a bad debate. He didn’t fail the debate. The Swedish Democrats crushed both in the debate and in the 2014 general election as they have always done since they were founded in 1988.

    It was clearly the Swedish Public Service Radio (State Radio) which had illegally hacked his accounts, paid someone to do it or illegally read them online. However, the police and the courts do not have the right to investigate it because that could disclose a source. Journalists and the leftist hackers are to “f…” so confident that they are protected that they don’t even care to use Tor and a secure VPN meaning people will notice that journalists from a news media (although they do not know who…) are illegally reading their private E-mail. Sadly, there is little they can do about. In the Disqus hack the journalists used a credit rating corporation (owned by the media group they were working for) to do illegal credit checks. Was it a crime? Yes, but the credit rating corporation just issued an apology and the no attorney would touch it.

    More so, the journalists in both the Disqus and Flashback hack used their own media houses databases over their own customers. The largest Swedish media houses owns all kind of corporations and work closely with other media houses meaning that if you used your E-mail to buy a book at any of the largest book stores the journalists regardless of which company they work for will have access to your information. This is of course a violation of the user agreement but who is going to prove it? If you are not a wealthy celebrity you will not be able to take action against any major Swedish newspaper. They lose almost all the time when they deal with celebrities. However, they also know that it is only wealthy people (mostly celebrities) who can risk a half a million dollars in court hearings.

    In summary, the Swedish media do not work in the interest of the public. They have no moral compass and are political activists for their owners and special interests. When they feel they don’t need you anymore they will dump you. The former leader of the Social Democratic Party Mona Sahlin had been giving the media lip-service since she was elected to parliament in 1982. In 1990-1991 she had spent 7000 dollars on her government credit card. She had done nothing officially wrong and there were receipts. However, some of these expenditures were clearly private such as candy, flowers to her office, a rental car, fast-food, a few extra bottles of wine at a few state dinners. It was mostly minor expenditures. The media had known about it for years but had written nothing about it.

    In 1995 she was short-listed to become the Prime Minister of the Sweden. Media wanted Goran Persson, another Social Democrat, and so in 1995 so media dropped the bomb and the poor woman had to resign for no good reason. Sahlin came back to politics in 1998 when she was appointed Minister of Labour and media said nothing. In 2006 they had it with Persson and sent the hounds on the poor old man. In 2007 media decided they wanted Mona Sahlin to become Prime Minister so they promoted her. . In 2011 she resigned after losing the 2010 general election and took some crappy jobs. She was appointed to some well-paid BS job by the bourgeois in 2014. The media had enough of her in a month ago and found some old scandal no one sane person would care about and were able to get rid of the poor woman. Sahlin and Persson were both destructive forces and their politics but although they kept the journalists happy it was the journalist who really ran the show. They are the once who choose leaders. Not the people.

  42. annamaria says:

    from a comment section on Sic Semper Tyrannis:
    “Take for example, the government Obamacare website, which was steered to a foreign (Canadian) company at the behest and personal gain to a close friend of Michelle Obama. This is now costing tax payers over $2 billion dollars to establish which is ridiculous for a web site (my wife is a web designer of note so I have some clear idea of this process and actual costs involved). In fact an easy and cheap solution would have been to require insurance companies to add these functions to their own already up and running commercial websites at their own expense (being the actual beneficiaries of Obamacare). That is just one example of these kinds of cronyism derived corruption. Hillary is far worse…”

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