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Germany’s Position in America’s New World Order
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Germany’s position in America’s New World Order

Germany has become an economic satellite of America’s New Cold War with Russia, China and the rest of Eurasia. Germany and other NATO countries have been told to impose trade and investment sanctions upon themselves that will outlast today’s proxy war in Ukraine. U.S. President Biden and his State Department spokesmen have explained that Ukraine is just the opening arena in a much broader dynamic that is splitting the world into two opposing sets of economic alliances. This global fracture promises to be a ten- or twenty-year struggle to determine whether the world economy will be a unipolar U.S.-centered dollarized economy, or a multipolar, multi-currency world centered on the Eurasian heartland with mixed public/private economies.

President Biden has characterized this split as being between democracies and autocracies. The terminology is typical Orwellian double-speak. By “democracies” he means the U.S. and allied Western financial oligarchies. Their aim is to shift economic planning out of the hands of elected governments to Wall Street and other financial centers under U.S. control. U.S. diplomats use the International Monetary Fund and World Bank to demand privatization of the world’s infrastructure and dependency on U.S. technology, oil and food exports.

By “autocracy,” Biden means countries resisting this financialization and privatization takeover. In practice, U.S. rhetoric accuses China of being autocratic in regulating its economy to promote its own economic growth and living standards, above all by keeping finance and banking as public utilities to promote the tangible production-and-consumption economy. What basically is at issue is whether economies will be planned by banking centers to create financial wealth – by privatizing basic infrastructure, public utilities and social services such as health care into monopolies – or by raising living standards and prosperity by keeping banking and money creation, public health, education, transportation and communications in public hands.

The country suffering the most “collateral damage” in this global fracture is Germany. As Europe’s most advanced industrial economy, German steel, chemicals, machinery, automotives and other consumer goods are the most highly dependent on imports of Russian gas, oil and metals from aluminum to titanium and palladium. Yet despite two Nord Stream pipelines built to provide Germany with low-priced energy, Germany has been told to cut itself off from Russian gas and de-industrialize. This means the end of its economic preeminence. The key to GDP growth in Germany, as in other countries, is energy consumption per worker.

These anti-Russian sanctions make today’s New Cold War inherently anti-German. U.S. Secretary of State Anthony Blinken has said that Germany should replace low-priced Russian pipeline gas with high-priced U.S. LNG gas. To import this gas, Germany will have to spend over $5 billion quickly to build port capacity to handle LNG tankers. The effect will be to make German industry uncompetitive. Bankruptcies will spread, employment will decline, and Germany’s pro-NATO leaders will impose a chronic depression and falling living standards.

Most political theory assumes that nations will act in their own self-interest. Otherwise they are satellite countries, not in control of their own fate. Germany is subordinating its industry and living standards to the dictates of U.S. diplomacy and the self-interest of America’s oil and gas sector. It is doing this voluntarily – not because of military force but out of an ideological belief that the world economy should be run by U.S. Cold War planners.

Sometimes it is easier to understand today’s dynamics by stepping away from one’s own immediate situation to look at historical examples of the kind of political diplomacy that one sees splitting today’s world. The closest parallel that I can find is medieval Europe’s fight by the Roman papacy against German kings – the Holy Roman Emperors – in the 13th century. That conflict split Europe along lines much like those of today. A series of popes excommunicated Frederick II and other German kings and mobilized allies to fight against Germany and its control of southern Italy and Sicily.

Western antagonism against the East was incited by the Crusades (1095-1291), just as today’s Cold War is a crusade against economies threatening U.S. dominance of the world. The medieval war against Germany was over who should control Christian Europe: the papacy, with the popes becoming worldly emperors, or secular rulers of individual kingdoms by claiming the power to morally legitimize and accept them.

Medieval Europe’s analogue to America’s New Cold War against China and Russia was the Great Schism in 1054. Demanding unipolar control over Christendom, Leo IX excommunicated the Orthodox Church centered in Constantinople and the entire Christian population that belonged to it. A single bishopric, Rome, cut itself off from the entire Christian world of the time, including the ancient Patriarchates of Alexandria, Antioch, Constantinople and Jerusalem.

This break-away created a political problem for Roman diplomacy: How to hold all the Western European kingdoms under its control and claim the right for financial subsidy from them. That aim required subordinating secular kings to papal religious authority. In 1074, Gregory VII, Hildebrand, announced 27 Papal Dictates outlining the administrative strategy for Rome to lock in its power over Europe.

These papal demands are strikingly parallel to today’s U.S. diplomacy. In both cases military and worldly interests require a sublimation in the form of an ideological crusading spirit to cement the sense of solidarity that any system of imperial domination requires. The logic is timeless and universal.


The Papal Dictates were radical in two major ways. First of all, they elevated the bishop of Rome above all other bishoprics, creating the modern papacy. Clause 3 ruled that the pope alone had the power of investiture to appoint bishops or to depose or reinstate them. Reinforcing this, Clause 25 gave the right of appointing (or deposing) bishops to the pope, not to local rulers. And Clause 12 gave the pope the right to depose emperors, following Clause 9, obliging “all princes to kiss the feet of the Pope alone” in order to be deemed legitimate rulers.

Likewise today, U.S. diplomats claim the right to name who should be recognized as a nation’s head of state. In 1953 they overthrew Iran’s elected leader and replaced him with the Shah’s military dictatorship. That principle gives U.S. diplomats the right to sponsor “color revolutions” for regime-change, such as their sponsorship of Latin American military dictatorships creating client oligarchies to serve U.S. corporate and financial interests. The 2014 coup in Ukraine is just the latest exercise of this U.S. right to appoint and depose leaders.

More recently, U.S. diplomats have appointed Juan Guaidó as Venezuela’s head of state instead of its elected president, and turned over that country’s gold reserves to him. President Biden has insisted that Russia must remove Putin and put a more pro-U.S. leader in his place. This “right” to select heads of state has been a constant in U.S. policy spanning its long history of political meddling in European political affairs since World War II.

The second radical feature of the Papal Dictates was their exclusion of all ideology and policy that diverged from papal authority. Clause 2 stated that only the Pope could be called “Universal.” Any disagreement was, by definition, heretical. Clause 17 stated that no chapter or book could be considered canonical without papal authority.

A similar demand as is being made by today’s U.S.-sponsored ideology of financialized and privatized “free markets,” meaning deregulation of government power to shape economies in interests other than those of U.S.-centered financial and corporate elites.

The demand for universality in today’s New Cold War is cloaked in the language of “democracy.” But the definition of democracy in today’s New Cold War is simply “pro-U.S.,” and specifically neoliberal privatization as the U.S.-sponsored new economic religion. This ethic is deemed to be “science,” as in the quasi-Nobel Memorial Prize in the Economic Sciences. That is the modern euphemism for neoliberal Chicago-School junk economics, IMF austerity programs and tax favoritism for the wealthy.

The Papal Dictates spelt out a strategy for locking in unipolar control over secular realms. They asserted papal precedence over worldly kings, above all over Germany’s Holy Roman Emperors. Clause 26 gave popes authority to excommunicate whomever was “not at peace with the Roman Church.” That principle implied the concluding Claus 27, enabling the pope to “absolve subjects from their fealty to wicked men.” This encouraged the medieval version of “color revolutions” to bring about regime change.

What united countries in this solidarity was an antagonism to societies not subject to centralized papal control – the Moslem Infidels who held Jerusalem, and also the French Cathars and anyone else deemed to be a heretic. Above all there was hostility toward regions strong enough to resist papal demands for financial tribute.

Today’s counterpart to such ideological power to excommunicate heretics resisting demands for obedience and tribute would be the World Trade Organization, World Bank and IMF dictating economic practices and setting “conditionalities” for all member governments to follow, on pain of U.S. sanctions – the modern version of excommunication of countries not accepting U.S. suzerainty. Clause 19 of the Dictates ruled that the pope could be judged by no one – just as today, the United States refuses to subject its actions to rulings by the World Court. Likewise today, U.S. dictates via NATO and other arms (such as the IMF and World Bank) are expected to be followed by U.S. satellites without question. As Margaret Thatcher said of her neoliberal privatization that destroyed Britain’s public sector, There Is No Alternative (TINA).

My point is to emphasize the analogy with today’s U.S. sanctions against all countries not following its own diplomatic demands. Trade sanctions are a form of excommunication. They reverse the 1648 Treaty of Westphalia’s principle that made each country and its rulers independent from foreign meddling. President Biden characterizes U.S. interference as ensuring his new antithesis between “democracy” and “autocracy.” By democracy he means a client oligarchy under U.S. control, creating financial wealth by reducing living standards for labor, as opposed to mixed public/private economies aiming at promoting living standards and social solidarity.

As I have mentioned, by excommunicating the Orthodox Church centered in Constantinople and its Christian population, the Great Schism created the fateful religious dividing line that has split “the West” from the East for the past millennium. That split was so important that Vladimir Putin cited it as part of his September 30, 2022 speech describing today’s break away from the U.S. and NATO centered Western economies.

The 12th and 13th centuries saw Norman conquerors of England, France and other countries, along with German kings, protest repeatedly, be excommunicated repeatedly, yet ultimately succumb to papal demands. It took until the 16th century for Martin Luther, Zwingli and Henry VIII finally to create a Protestant alternative to Rome, making Western Christianity multi-polar.

Why did it take so long? The answer is that the Crusades provided an organizing ideological gravity. That was the medieval analogy to today’s New Cold War between East and West. The Crusades created a spiritual focus of “moral reform” by mobilizing hatred against “the other” – the Moslem East, and increasingly Jews and European Christian dissenters from Roman control. That was the medieval analogy to today’s neoliberal “free market” doctrines of America’s financial oligarchy and its hostility to China, Russia and other nations not following that ideology. In today’s New Cold War, the West’s neoliberal ideology is mobilizing fear and hatred of “the other,” demonizing nations that follow an independent path as “autocratic regimes.” Outright racism is fostered toward entire peoples, as evident in the Russophobia and Cancel Culture currently sweeping the West.

Just as Western Christianity’s multi-polar transition required the 16th century’s Protestant alternative, the Eurasian heartland’s break from the bank-centered NATO West must be consolidated by an alternative ideology regarding how to organize mixed public/private economies and their financial infrastructure.


Medieval churches in the West were drained of their alms and endowments to contribute Peter’s Pence and other subsidy to the papacy for the wars it was fighting against rulers who resisted papal demands. England played the role of major victim that Germany plays today. Enormous English taxes were levied ostensibly to finance the Crusades were diverted to fight Frederick II, Conrad and Manfred in Sicily. That diversion was financed by papal bankers from northern Italy (Lombards and Cahorsins), and became royal debts passed down throughout the economy. England’s barons waged a civil war against Henry II in the 1260s, ending his complicity in sacrificing the economy to papal demands.

What ended the papacy’s power over other countries was the ending of its war against the East. When the Crusaders lost Acre, the capital of Jerusalem in 1291, the papacy lost its control over Christendom. There was no more “evil” to fight, and the “good” had lost its center of gravity and coherence. In 1307, France’s Philip IV (“the Fair”) seized the Church’s great military banking order’s wealth, that of the Templars in the Paris Temple. Other rulers also nationalized the Templars, and monetary systems were taken out of the hands of the Church. Without a common enemy defined and mobilized by Rome, the papacy lost its unipolar ideological power over Western Europe.

The modern equivalent to the rejection of the Templars and papal finance would be for countries to withdraw from America’s New Cold War. They would reject the dollar standard and the U.S. banking and financial system. that is happening as more and more countries see Russia and China not as adversaries but as presenting great opportunities for mutual economic advantage.

The broken promise of mutual gain between Germany and Russia

The dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991 promised an end to the Cold War. The Warsaw Pact was disbanded, Germany was reunified, and American diplomats promised an end to NATO, because a Soviet military threat no longer existed. Russian leaders indulged in the hope that, as President Putin expressed it, a new pan-European economy would be created from Lisbon to Vladivostok. Germany in particular was expected to take the lead in investing in Russia and restructuring its industry along more efficient lines. Russia would pay for this technology transfer by supplying gas and oil, along with nickel, aluminum, titanium and palladium.

There was no anticipation that NATO would be expanded to threaten a New Cold War, much less that it would back Ukraine, recognized as the most corrupt kleptocracy in Europe, into being led by extremist parties identifying themselves by German Nazi insignia.

How do we explain why the seemingly logical potential of mutual gain between Western Europe and the former Soviet economies turned into a sponsorship of oligarchic kleptocracies. The Nord Stream pipeline’s destruction capsulizes the dynamics in a nutshell. For almost a decade a constant U.S. demand has been for Germany to reject its reliance on Russian energy. These demands were opposed by Gerhardt Schroeder, Angela Merkel and German business leaders. They pointed to the obvious economic logic of mutual trade of German manufactures for Russian raw materials.

The U.S. problem was how to stop Germany from approving the Nord Stream 2 pipeline. Victoria Nuland, President Biden and other U.S. diplomats demonstrated that the way to do that was to incite a hatred of Russia. The New Cold War was framed as a new Crusade. That was how George W. Bush had described America’s attack on Iraq to seize its oil wells. The U.S.-sponsored 2014 coup created a puppet Ukrainian regime that has spent eight years bombing of the Russian-speaking Eastern provinces. NATO thus incited a Russian military response. The incitement was successful, and the desired Russian response was duly labeled an unprovoked atrocity. Its protection of civilians was depicted in the NATO-sponsored media as being so offensive as to deserve the trade and investment sanctions that have been imposed since February. That is what a Crusade means.

The result is that the world is splitting in two camps: the U.S.-centered NATO, and the emerging Eurasian coalition. One byproduct of this dynamic has been to leave Germany unable to pursue the economic policy of mutually advantageous trade and investment relations with Russia (and perhaps also China). German Chancellor Olaf Sholz is going to China this week to demand that it dismantle is public sector and stops subsidizing its economy, or else Germany and Europe will impose sanctions on trade with China. There is no way that China could meet this ridiculous demand, any more than the United States or any other industrial economy would stop subsidizing their own computer-chip and other key sectors.[1]See Guntram Wolff, “Sholz should send an explicit message on his visit to Beijing,” Financial Times, October 31, 2022. Wolff is the director and CE of the German Council on Foreign Relations. The German Council on Foreign Relations is a neoliberal “libertarian” arm of NATO demanding German de-industrialization and dependency on the United States for its trade, excluding China, Russia and their allies. This promises to be the final nail in Germany’s economic coffin.

Another byproduct of America’s New Cold War has been to end any international plan to stem global warming. A keystone of U.S. economic diplomacy is for its oil companies and those of its NATO allies to control the world’s oil and gas supply – that is, to oppose attempts reduce dependence on carbon-based fuels. The NATO war in Iraq, Libya, Syria, Afghanistan and Ukraine was about the United States (and its French, British and Dutch allies) keeping control of oil. This is not as abstract as “Democracies vs. Autocracies.” It is about the U.S. ability to harm other countries by disrupting their access to energy and other basic needs.

Without the New Cold War’s “good vs. evil” narrative, U.S. sanctions will lose their raison d’etre in this U.S. attack on environmental protection, and on mutual trade between Western Europe and Russia and China. That is the context for today’s fight in Ukraine, which is to be merely the first step in the anticipated 20 year fight by the US to prevent the world from becoming multipolar. This process, will lock Germany and Europe into dependence on the U.S. supplies of LNG.

The trick is to try and convince Germany that it is dependent on the United States for its military security. What Germany really needs protection from is the U.S. war against China and Russia that is marginalizing and “Ukrainianizing” Europe.


There have been no calls by Western governments for a negotiated end to this war, because no war has been declared in Ukraine. The United States does not declare war anywhere, because that would require a Congressional declaration under the U.S. Constitution. So U.S. and NATO armies bomb, organize color revolutions, meddle in domestic politics (rendering the 1648 Westphalia agreements obsolete), and impose the sanctions that are tearing Germany and its European neighbors apart.

How can negotiations “end” a war that has no declaration of war, and is a long-term strategy of total unipolar world domination?

The answer is that no ending can come until an alternative to the present U.S.-centered set of international institutions is replaced. That requires the creation of new institutions reflecting an alternative to the neoliberal bank-centered view that economies should be privatized with central planning by financial centers. Rosa Luxemburg characterized the choice as being between socialism and barbarism. I have sketched out the political dynamics of an alternative in my recent book, The Destiny of Civilization.

This paper was presented on November 1, 2022. on the German e-site
Brave New Europe
. A video of my talk will be available on YouTube in about ten days.


[1] See Guntram Wolff, “Sholz should send an explicit message on his visit to Beijing,” Financial Times, October 31, 2022. Wolff is the director and CE of the German Council on Foreign Relations.

(Republished from Brave New Europe by permission of author or representative)
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  1. unzrocks says:

    An awesome article by Professor Michael Hudson, a rock star that explains what’s been happening. This article should be pasted on as many youtube comments section. Does it violate copyright of it gets posted on youtube?

    • Replies: @SunBakedSuburb
    , @Daisy
  2. Cook says:

    Germany is the model satellite country that the gangsters that run the U.S want for all countries.

    Germans willingly sacrafice themselves for the good of the U.S (elite). This is what all empires want of their tamed conquest, the Commonwealth countries sacraficed themselves for mother Britain in times of strife.

    The German population have been under the U.S propaganda system for so long now that they are pseudo Americans, their traditions and culture are treated as just a German version of Disney.

    For all Germanys crimes of the past they still were unique as people once and gave the world a different view…alas that had long gone and they are now just another American widget.

    • Agree: Realist, Avery, Decoy
    • Thanks: showmethereal
    • Replies: @Joe Levantine
  3. Rubicon says:

    Do you agree with Dr. Hudson’s inside sources when he explains the REAL reason for Scholz to go and meet with Chinese leaders?

    It makes us feel rather uncomfortable. Is China turning it’s back against the multi-polar world?

    • Thanks: Chuck Orloski
    • Replies: @brostoevsky
    , @Lez
  4. A123 says: • Website

    The U.S. is a satellite of the European WEF, notably Germany. The Berlin/Davos/Paris Axis of SJW Globalism gives Not-The-President Biden orders. The puppet illegitimately occupying the White House mindlessly obeys.

    The German Green Party, part of Scholz’s Traffic Light coalition, brought energy ruin to Germany. No U.S. involvement needed.

    The German Greens are also horrifying warmongers: (1)

    Germany’s Green Party conference held last weekend was a repulsive spectacle. The 817 delegates gathered in Bonn outdid one another with demands for an escalation of the war in Ukraine.

    It is hard to say which aspect of the gathering was more repugnant: the delegates’ rejection of the party’s earlier lip service to peace, disarmament, environmental protection and the phase-out of nuclear power, the cynicism with which they justified their new political line or the Greens’ disdain for and ignorance of the concerns and needs of the broad mass of the population.

    European Elites damage Europe via the EU. American presence = zip, zero, nada, bupkis.

    European Elites damage Europe via the European WEF. American vassals annually come before their European masters on their knees, groveling for orders and table scraps.

    As long as Europeans are in denial, nothing can get better. The #1 priority that European nations need to realize is:

    *European* (not American) Elites are the Problem —

    Hungary has figured this out. That is why they refuse to support Germany’s war in Ukraine.

    PEACE 😇


  5. Notsofast says:

    the germans have said that they going to cap energy prices to the german citizenry and businesses, which has enraged macron, as the french people will demand subsidies as well, destroying the plan to force the general public and businesses to solely shoulder the financial burden. this throws a major monkey wrench into their plan to dial up the pain on e.u. citizens, with the intention being to whip up hatred of the russians. cracks are appearing with the e.u. and nato, which makes me wonder if scholz, might not be having secret talks with the chinese and using his ridiculous demands as a cover.
    this would imply that he is not a stupid as he looks, which i can’t quite bring myself to believe.

    • Replies: @Joe Levantine
  6. Jim H says:

    ‘Germany is subordinating its industry and living standards to [U.S.] dictates voluntarily – not because of military force.’ — Dr Michael Hudson

    Does a country that’s been militarily occupied for three generations possess the capacity for ‘voluntary’ action disapproved by its occupiers?

    Apparently not. Germany exhibits all the qualities of a vassal nation, attending to its own internal administration, but utterly subsuming its foreign policy to US/NATO dictates.

    Dr Hudson is correct that continuing on this path means the end of German industrial preeminence.

    I’m not as optimistic as he on the future of mixed public/private economies such as China. Massive malinvestment in China — such as its bloated property sector, owing to capital controls that limit Chinese citizens’ foreign investment opportunities — could well produce a depression like the US experienced in the 1930s.

    Nevertheless, the 1930s depression did not derail the US from briefly attaining chest-beating ‘sole superpower’ status, which is now visibly crumbling.

    This is one of Dr Hudson’s best articles. I look forward to seeing the video.

    • Agree: Joe Levantine
    • Thanks: Pheasant
    • Replies: @JR Foley
    , @Pheasant
    , @BlackFlag
  7. Athena says:

    Rome and her sister, France (the latins) have always tried to expand their territory, never hesitating to sacrifice their people, to pit them against England, Germany, or Russia. Napoleon ruined Europe, which forced many Europeans to flee to Canada. He ruined my ancestors, who had to quit Europe and settle to Canada where they were ruled by the same morons (France amd Rome).

    In his manuscripts, Jehan Froissard reported that some countries or territories stayed neutral, and refused to participate in the French-Spanish (i.e, Roman) crusades.

    • Thanks: Ann Nonny Mouse, Sarah
  8. SteveK9 says:

    By “democracies” he means the U.S. and allied Western financial oligarchies. Their aim is to shift economic planning out of the hands of elected governments to Wall Street and other financial centers under U.S. control.

    By “democracies” he means the U.S. and allied Western financial oligarchies. Their aim is to shift economic planning out of the hands of elected governments to Wall Street and other financial centers under Jewish control.

    If you do not understand this, you cannot understand anything.

    • Agree: Passing By
    • Replies: @Derer
  9. Dutch Boy says:

    I believe the position is called “bend over.”

    • LOL: Realist
    • Replies: @Dave Moore
  10. Germany’s part and parcel of the terrorist USEUNATO conglomerate, and even if they hadn’t lost the war they’d be gravitating in the same orbit of global corporate singularity as the Russia/China regimes and the US-led terrorists do, since Hitler, like Putin/Xi, was a “partner” until he wasn’t.

    For its part, Russia will have Indians, Turks, Chinese or whoever resell Russian fuels at inflated markups to Germany, and US ain’t gonna do shit about it, since economic crisis, like plandemic, “climate change”, etc., fertilises the taxcattle farmland.

    This is fucking laughable, the US itself will go after cheap resold Putin gas wherever they can cop some and then sell it to EU as US gas in “solidarity”. The “denazifiers” and “zero coviders” in the East will provide.

    • Agree: Zane
  11. Look at all the US military bases in Germany. How would Americans like it if German soldiers were scattered all over their country.

    • Agree: Realist
    • Replies: @Carlton Meyer
  12. JR Foley says:
    @Jim H

    USA running a 32,000,000,000,000 Debt and Canada 1,300,000,000,000 and Deficits are sky high—Liz Truss lasted 44 days –how long can Amtrak Joe and Trudeau remain and now the Indian in London——a Gong Show in progress—a H+BIG collapse is coming –they make nothing except Fack news —

  13. @anonymouseperson

    I didn’t know that anyone had the illusion that Germany was an independent state. It is still under American occupation and rule per the UN Charter.

    • Agree: ariadna
    • Replies: @Curmudgeon
  14. The Crusades created a spiritual focus of “moral reform” by mobilizing hatred against “the other” – the Moslem East, and increasingly Jews and European Christian dissenters from Roman control.

    You can’t control your glib anti-Catholicism! What a smear piece. No mention that the Islamics came in and slaughtered Christians throughout the Middle East in their Jihad. Who had the “mobilizing hatred”? —it was Islam! 20,000 monks were slaughtered in the Theibad region of Egypt. 400 bishoprics in North Africa–NONE survived. Islamic terror took out 250 monasteries in Jerusalem! Who goes around with the phrase “Convert or Die”? ISLAM. Islam always spread by the sword–but to Hudson here–its the Catholics fault!

    Leo IX excommunicated the Orthodox Church

    No, he didn’t! His legate did–the Pope died while the Legate was there. The legate had no authority to do that–just a pissing contest.

    The problem with the Catholic Church, Hildebrand and others of that time period–they were Germans—and German ideas were different from the Italians in how they run things. Liege type alliances is what ran German society and the Germans germanized the papacy. It wasn’t because the Papal Office was Catholic, it was because the Papal Office was run by Germans according their own culture.

    I do not like Hudson’s analysis at all. The better on is E. Michael Jones–and the internal hatred of the Jew for the German. America is a Jewish run colony now. Jews do not fight physical wars–they fight thru finance. All finance is run by the Jews. That is how they control goyim countries. Jone’s analysis is far superior to Hudson’s approach which is secular and a white wash of what is really going on—Jew warfare thru finance.

    • Agree: René Fries
    • LOL: Son of a Jedi
    • Troll: Druid55
  15. Anon[174] • Disclaimer says:

    Won’t the most talented Germans simply end up emigrating out of Germany in the next decade if she loses her industry due to fuel costs?

    German engineering and Chemical talent would be in demand in any industrial nation. Her talented tenth would be welcomed almost anywhere. Merkel’s legacy would be the nation’s descent to second-world status. They really ought keep their nuke plants running and even build a couple of more to avert this disaster.

  16. One minor quibble is the absence of certain historical actors. For example, I saw only one mention of the term “bankers”.

    England’s barons waged a civil war against Henry II in the 1260s, ending his complicity in sacrificing the economy to papal demands.

    Doesn’t Hudson mean Henry III here?

    I can’t vouch for the details of this piece because I don’t know enough history, but the Big Picture is an education all by itself. A+

    By the way, yesterday I discovered Michael Hudson has a web site. It’s well worth bookmarking, in my opinion.

  17. The says:

    The anti-Catholic trade was entirely unnecessary.

    The Catholic Church has done great things for Europe. Today the Church is weak, and so ís Europe.

    But what the article says about today’s situation is true.

    • Replies: @Slav
  18. Brosi says:

    Hudson does not mention the EU or its current President, Ursula Van der Leyen, or George Soros and Klaus Schwab.

    When the civil war in “Ukraine” really started, Victoria Nuland became famous for the intercepted phone call to US Ambassador Piatt where she stated “F*ck the EU”. This was concerning the conflict over which Ukrainian stooge would become western “Ukraine’s” puppet president.

    Clearly, the EU would have plenty of sound motives for resisting the US domination of Europe. The EU has been desperate to create its own army for decades. There is no sound reason for the EU to allow the US cut off its eastern energy sources and to destroy all its heavy industry, mostly concentrated in Germany and the Nordic countries. There is no sound reason for formerly neutral countries like Finland and Sweden to suddenly become belligerent to Russia and to watch their economies get crushed by inflation and over priced US energy.

    There are forces at work here that are far bigger and nefarious that Hudson is willing to discuss.

    • Agree: Son of a Jedi, ariadna
    • Replies: @BlackFlag
  19. zard says:

    Having a professional background in finance, the Hitlerian economic model has always fascinated me. Transactions were always based on productive capital, where both buyer and seller benefit equally. This is in contrast to speculative capital (such as we see in the USA) where the seller gains and the buyer loses; e.g. – stock market, hedge funds, derivatives, futures, etc… The Hitlerian model is neither capitalistic nor communistic but is grounded in Natural Law, specifically Newton’s Third Law of Motion..

    Another thing A.H. did, this time in regards to international transactions, was to use the barter system whereby two countries would simply draw up a contract and swap, leaving the international Jew out of the picture completely, as well as demonstrating for the world to see that surprise, surprise, no one needs the middleman! No interest, no transaction fees, just good old fashioned trade – something that upset some people.

    The Hitlerian economic model is – so far – the most equitable of any economic model in the history of humans. It made possible a healthy nation that was family and child-friendly, provided for the sick and elderly, gave workers dignity and a cheerful working environment as well as generous vacations, and embraced sound environmental and animal-friendly practices.

    • Agree: Alexandros, HdC
    • Replies: @Hacienda
    , @ActualFactJack
  20. @Rubicon

    China won’t abandon Russia and the multipolar order. They stand to loose too much. Furthermore, Sholz is useless and America wouldn’t use him to do their bidding with China. Beijing is preparing to do what took Russia 8 years to do. A full out economic war with America takes careful planning and can’t be done willynilly. Moreover, building separate institutions with BRICS and SOC nations will take time. The East isn’t in a time crunch like the West. Beijing and Moscow have time to carefully execute their plans, however DC, Brussels, and London are running out of time. Who knows they may win their war with the West without having to fire a single shot. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Or even better as the Russians say “Moscow wasn’t built instantly.” Москва не сразу строилась.

    • Replies: @JR Foley
    , @Lez
  21. WW1 was stalemated in 1916 and continued even after Brest-Litovsk imposed German chaos on Russia and Lenin had to swallow the bitter pill.

    USA prolonged that war by entering in the final months and getting a seat at the Versailles Table where Wilson created a New Central Europe and walked away leaving everything to fester – and Herbert Hoover to feed the starving populations.

    WW2 would have been avoided had Britain actually negotiated with Molotov – Litvinov had proposed an alliance in April 1939 – but Molotov bounced down the corridor between Ribbentrop and Admiral The Honourable Sir Reginald Aylmer Ranfurly Plunkett-Ernle-Erle-Drax who had no negotiating mandate and decided the British were time-wasters.

    European History of 20th Century was a consequence of inability to grasp calamity as an outcome and a fundamental lack of pragmatism

    Now the US has imposed an ideological strait-jacket just as much as the Brezhnev Doctrine once did in the East of Europe.

    Politicians used to hiding behind NATO, EU, IMF, WEF, UN and signing up to ill-considered schemes like Mafia Families have a convocation to agree on garbage contracts and union scams – are unable to impose personality or will – because they are ciphers of US policy nothing more.

    US is run by a cabal detached from consequences. It is the ultimate doomsday set up. Just watch John Carpenter “They Live”

  22. IronForge says:

    Great Article.

    The “Democracies vs Autocracies” Doublespeak is quite annoying to hear and read about – especially from the Pathological Lying Corporate Whore Brandon.

    IMO, there will be a Multi-Polar World Divide.

    The Masonic-Zionist H8_Hegemony run by the Plutarchy+VassalOligarchs (in the WashingtonDC/WallSt-FEDRSV/London/Davos-WEF/Brussels/Jerusalem Hegemon) will most likely remain pwning/controlling the Americas, €URoZone, KOR, and parts of Africa. Privatization/Rentier-Banker Public+Private Debt Financing/Labor Arbitrage-to-the-Bottom/Profiteering Plunder of Conquest and Parasitism).

    We’re now witnessing a ClusterFailing Scenario – a Kakistocracy of sorts – as Kornbluth’s “Marching Morons” and Raspail’s “Camp of the Saints” are being enacted before our eyes throughout the Hegemony+Affiliated.

    The appealing aspects of the SCO/BRICS Collaborations are that:

    A) In addition to Finance/Banking, Key Industrial, Mineral Extraction, Defense Complex, and ENERGY Mgmt Entities are State Owned or Vested.

    A1) KSA voicing their interest to join BRICS and/or SCO may be based on the fact that KSA and most of GCC/OPEC+ Producers are Crown/State Owned. While Brandon+Blinken+Nudelman-Khagan may try to Coup MbS via Mercs+ARAMCO, BRICS/SCO Involvement would prevent such Oligarch-Coups from succeeding. SINOPEC and GAZPROM may quickly increase their Footprint in KSA – offering much more than what ARAMCO would offer and Murica would allow (purchasing of U$Treasuries, minority stakes in Corporations, etc.).



    BTW, NORway are one of the few – if not the only, NATO Member who are Energy Exporters – who happen to have State-Owned/Vested Corporations. Note NOR’s Sovereign Wealth Fund.
    End Sidebar

    Let’s consider KSA+RestofOPEC to be “Neutral” – KSA selling Crude+NatGas to CHN in CN¥ and to IND in IN₹ would solidify their Neutrality and relative safety in the Multi-Polar World. RUS/CHN/IND MIC Gear are cheaper anyway.

    B) SCO/BRICS tend to be EXPORTERS of Food/Fertilizer/MineralOre and MANUFACTURERS. CHN/RUS/IND R&D will make their Cooperatives more self-sufficient as the years progress.


    I won’t delve into PhD Hudson’s “Global Warming” Argument for very long since his points were fleeting.

    IMO, the Petrol-Monger Energy Oligarchs want the PetroU$D and the Crude Driven Civil Infrastructure to generate as much profits they can for the longest possible time.

    Peak Oil? Fracking! Costs diminishing Returns? Keep at it until USA Federal Lands and Offshore Continental Shelf Drilling Rights become enacted.

    Who may interfere with the USA Petro Cost+Profit_Pricing Bases? OPEC/VEN/RUS/IRN/PetroCN¥

    Global Warming? Bad Subject to bring up –
    Main Problems are:
    1) Pollution/Depletion of Environmental/Livestock/Agricultural Resources (Land/Aquifer/Fisheries);
    2) CO² (no subscript, sorry) Poisoning Risk *World are averaging around 460-ish ppm now.
    *Been steadily increasing for 100+years.
    *Humans start having adverse effects of short term CO² exposure at around 700ppm, with – what I call, the “Point of No Return” or the “Marching Moron Threshold” – cognitive impairment at 1000ppm.
    *Ground and Oceanic Flora aren’t keeping up with their consumption of our CO² output;
    *Oceans have been absorbing – becoming a bit more acidic. We may eventually need to be “Net Carbon Negative” for decades to balance out.

    Last time the World had the mid 400ppm CO² were apparently 2 to 5 Million Years Ago in a declining trend. Trees grew on every Land Mass and Island. I’m not saying that were going to become like a mirror image of those reconstructive approximations (especially since we appear to have Antarctica isolated completely by Oceans in this Age – making for a better Heat Sink).

    If we’re going somewhere similar – it may be more “Milder” than what Treehuggers are panicking about. Letssay all the Glaciers, Continental Ice Shelves, Permafrost, Ground Based Methane Klathrate/Hydrate Melt and/or Evaporate. Methane has a 12 year Half-Life as it breaks down into CO²andH²O. Oceanic Methane Klathrate are usually kept below sunlight and depthpressured…some shallow Coastal Deposits may dissolve in the Tropics and Sub-Tropic/Temperate Springs+Summers.

    Soil/Aquifer Depletion may parch some lands; and Deserts may expand. We may experience more frequent Hurricanes/Typhoons/Cyclones and Precipitation.

    Humanity SHOULD survive this unless Nuclear Fission and Orbital Solar (we’re sticking with what’re being deployed+expanded. No Fusion replies – my hunch is that PetroMongers are going to suppress that until they can’t extract enough Oil from Dead Humans, like Soylent Green) don’t replace Crude+Coal usage before we reach the 1000ppm CO² Threshold.

    Last time I checked, RUS and CHN were amongst the few Nation-States working on Both Techs…

    • Replies: @Eustace Tilley (not)
  23. When George Orwell wrote 1984 he coined the terms “newspeak” and “doublethink.” In 1948, the year that 1984 got published, “doublespeak” and “double talk” were not in common usage.

  24. Karl1906 says:

    The same “position” since 1945 – “sub”.

    Which means battlefield and mass grave should the US establishment try “nuclear war with Russia for fun and profit”.

  25. Petermx says:

    If extremist parties wearing “German Nazi insignia” led Ukraine, the country’s leadership would not be dominated by Jews since at least 2014. How hard is that to figure out? Ukraine’s own president is Jewish. The Jews run Ukraine as much as they run the US. The US helps Ukraine because there is an alliance of the two Jewish led governments of the USA and Ukraine and American Jews oppose orthodox Russia, as the Jewish congressman Jamie Raskin said the other day. If some Ukrainians in politics wear “NAZI insignia” I suspect most Ukrainians don’t even know it. It certainly hasn’t helped the Ukrainians spread the message that the Jews were their enemy in WW II, that the Jews starved millions of Ukrainians to death before the Germans arrived. The Jews run the government, the Jews erect monuments to their own suffering and no one (except for a few Ukrainians) accuse the Jews of anything, so they can overlook some “NAZI insignia” for awhile. They will eventually be outlawed.

  26. There is more to this than the true facets of M. Hudson’s analysis.

    A new [different compartmentalization] split in Western society might be apparent. The “middle classes” are possibly cracking up in the West, since they are groomed and fed by Global Finance, the Western Cabal, and there is no longer a …Jeruzalem, Constantinopel… to feed them on. The scraps of wealth are out of the controlled territories. This is the weakest link for any real change in the West. The middle classes no longer able to feed on the drip of the faucet of Finance [Mostly Jewish, in mindset, setup, elitist]. The “zeal” [Hudson] might somehow fail.

    A far greater danger then expecting the necessary instigators of the “split” [Russia and China, and Iran as early adapter] to come up with a recycled vision of “more wealth and population to enjoy it”[the “more” economy, GDP, more pollution and energy exhaustion] that inevitably crashes into a crisis as the West so duly demonstrated [times over and understood, hence Covid, hence the need for population and consumption control if not the consequences of chaos].

    One can say of the Western Cabal [again Jewish inspired, minority driven, elitist] what one wants, but they understood at least that the above is the limit of Finance [not being able to service it’s dependencies with exo-territorial, planetary wealth]. Hence the need for “direct to the body” tactics [military capitalism (Crusades), Covid, Vaxxing, Chemical warfare, moral confusion as a goal, immigration as a war tactic]. They internalized their own Latin.

    The “ideology” of Russia and China is lacking in this understanding of the proof [industrial capitalism, growth, more trade is a solution to a next crisis] , there is no new lasting angle to circumvent the cycle economy that was a decades long Western experiment.

    I for one bet on “regression to the mean” for the expensive middle classes and overheating on the [East and South] Russia and China side before any lasting globalism can overtake. Globalism [not the current definition of Western dominance] will be the victor [in some form or shape, global accounting, planetary goal setting, quality of desire] in the long run, but this is not going to be a simple or linear process.

    Something to chew on for the next two or three generations. Good work of M. Hudson, as always, some tiny part of the picture missing. Michael [the rebuked insider] could you speck, for readers enjoyment, some juicy details of the nihilistic attitudes and modes of our Rulers on the cake as a next?

  27. Odyssey says:

    English King Edward the Confessor died on January 5, 1066. One year and one day after his death, on January 6, 1067, the Roman Catholic William the Conqueror was crowned king of England in Westminster Abbey.

    Then began a terrible campaign of pillage and bloodshed by the Conqueror against the English people, which culminated in the pseudo-council of Winchester in 1070, when papal legates deposed the Orthodox Archbishop Stigand, who had refused to crown William, and placed the Roman Catholic Lanfranc in his place.

    On October 15, 1072, the last English Orthodox bishop, Ethelric of Durham, after anathematizing the Pope, died in prison at Westminster, and the grace of the priesthood left the English land, in accordance with King Edward’s prophecy.

    • Thanks: Sarah
    • Replies: @Wokechoke
  28. Jim H says:

    ‘How would Americans like it if German soldiers were scattered all over their country.’ — anonymouseperson

    I’d sure be working on my sniper training to take out Hans and Heinz, if they occupied my country, rather than vice versa.

    Meanwhile, Swiss officer Hans van Doch already bequeathed the Germans a seven-volume guide to kicking out the despotic yanks — Der totale Widerstand: Eine Kleinkriegsanleitung für Jedermann.

    But the Germans just ate the covers off it. 🙁

  29. JR Foley says:

    Merkel must be some upset. Germany had a very good relationship with Russia and Putin when Merkel led Germany. I don’t wish any of them harm except the thugs under Zylenskyy and the creeps in Tel Aviv and DC.

    • Agree: HdC
    • Replies: @Wokechoke
  30. Slav says:

    This is self inflicted and Germany should not be helped by its neighbors. We have to separate our grids immediately.

  31. @Dutch Boy

    It’s actually called BOHICA: bend over here it comes again.

  32. The author is correct. The coming war (world war) is not a struggle between “democracy and autocracy”, just as it was not in the first two world wars. It was about interests and power then: as it is today. The warnings from history are clear: mankind looks doomed to face the conflict it seeks to avoid – Armageddon.

    • Agree: Justrambling
    • Replies: @Republic
  33. Kudos. So fitting and powerful is your historic analogy that it’s surprising no one else has come up with it. You assembled it like a beautiful mosaic, piece by piece until the current East-West confrontation morphs perfectly into the medieval joust between Church and State.

    Unfortunately, the history now taught in German classrooms didn’t begin until 1945 and is mostly a love-feast for the occupying U.S. empire. Only a very cold winter without fuel can make your underlying point with the dumbed-down German mass audience. Nice try, though, with your “philosophical” allusion to the perfect progressive victim — Jewish, communist, female, foreign, revolutionary — whom all Germans are now taught to revere. After all, every German city now contains a busy thoroughfare named for Rosa Luxemburg.

    Otherwise, it was a great article and deserves to by widely circulated and discussed.

  34. Realist says:

    Germany’s Position in America’s New World Order

    German’s position is bent over grabbing its socks.

  35. Only Roman Catholicism caters properly for an Elite Mafia Caste. We were not supposed to know or care about Fauci funding Wuhan or Biden’s Quid Pro Quo. Or Joseph Mifsud. It was for our own good that we didn’t remember who this man was. We were all better off thinking and feeling only what Cardinal Comey and Chief Inquisitor Brennan wanted us to think and feel.
    The path forward is clear:


    Samantha Power should re-create and re-arm a new ISIS as a keystone of R2P™
    John Brennan must coordinate the Jesuit Rome-Mecca Axis™ against Israel
    John Kerry must help Iran’s nuclear bomb industry to Build Back Better™
    Bob Menendez must be named US Ambassador for The Children™
    Washington DC must have a permanent Praetorian Guard™ to protect Freedom.
    John Roberts must rename SCOTUS, now 66.6% Roman, SCROTUS™
    Gorsuch & Kavanaugh must be full of ….’ahem’…. Unexpected Surprises™
    Roberts & Barrett must be full of …..”ehhrrrmmm’ …… Surprising Decisions™
    Bagpiper Bill Barr must rename the DOJ the Department of Romeland Security™
    Jury Decisions and Elections should be controlled by a Praetorian Prefect™
    Jerry Brown must be made Jesuit Professor of California & Climate Science™
    Nancy Pelosi and Alec Baldwin must Fight Hypocrisy™
    Joe Biden must be made Saint of The Children of Love™
    Hunter Biden must be made Saint of Beautiful Things™
    Jose Ines Garcia Zarate must be made Patron Saint™ of San Francisco
    Undocumented Citizens™ must continue starting wildfires in California.
    Anti-hate antifa must wear masks of the holy Jesuit martyr Guy Fawkes™
    All EU Commission members must be Jesuit educated Holy Roman 4th Reichers™
    Mel Gibson must continue to re-write history in the name of The Christ™
    Michael Moore must continue to re-write history in the name of The People™
    Hugo Chavez must be Canonised™ as well as Che Guevara and Fidel Castro.
    The 1945 Exodus™ of 10000 Germans to the Pope’s birthplace was a Holy Miracle.
    La Raza™ must complete the work of Franco, Hitler and Che.
    The Vatican must continue to bless Palestine – Israel delenda est™
    John Paul II most frequent Heavenly Guest is Yasser Arafat – as it was on Earth™
    The Pope of the Most Holy UN – Toni Guterres must sell more Indulgences™
    Zbiegniew Brzezinski must father a New Al-Qaeda from the grave.
    Andrew Cuomo must continue to work for the True Salvation™ of the elderly.
    de Blasio must miraculously transform NY into the “Shining City on a Crater™
    Luis Gutierrez must continue the work of Ted Kennedy and become US Immigration Ambassador ensuring the Final Solution™ for Anglo-America.
    Tony Fauci & Joe Mengele must restore trust in a Vaccine Final Solution™ .
    Paul Ryan and John Boehner must resurrect Principled Conservatism™
    Holy Ghost Buckley must restore God, Conservatism™ and gay Roman orgies.
    National Review must become The Holy Monks Contra-Trump Inquisition™
    Americans must be transformed into Javier Bardem from that movie ‘No Country For Old Men’ : super friendly, cool hair, quick with a joke, only wants what’s best for you and completely reasonable and rational if you disagree.
    The ultimate destination is a dental check up with Dr Jill Biden & Dr Joe Mengele – followed by Holy Oil of Cloves™ – what a blessed relief that will be !
    All citizens must be renamed Gomez, Montezuma or …..

    • Agree: Slav, Derer
  36. Pheasant says:
    @Jim H

    ‘I’m not as optimistic as he on the future of mixed public/private economies such as China. Massive malinvestment in China — such as its bloated property sector, owing to capital controls that limit Chinese citizens’ foreign investment opportunities — could well produce a depression like the US experienced in the 1930s.’

    China is a low trust society. Their economy is a ponzi scheme. They have to park thier wealth in western property markets because property rights are not secure there.

    • Disagree: antibeast
  37. Hey Mike: now that Bibi is back in town, do you think that he is on the phone to senile Joe issuing more Diktats.

  38. Wokechoke says:

    You have to wonder if the Church minions in England subverted Harold there.

    • Replies: @inspector general
  39. @IronForge

    I never could understand modern poetry!

    • Troll: IronForge
  40. Wokechoke says:

    There was loose talk by US policy makers about unleashing the creativity of the Russians by breaking The Federation up into a few statelets.

    However, what might have worked to provide comfort and a cozy life across the continent would have been Germans making high quality consumer goods with cheap Russian energy piped in directly. We can’t be having that though can we!

    The British and US are determined to sponsor roving warbands of Polish and Ukie origin, swearing fealty to European Values (under direct Jewish command) driving up energy prices. Fantastic stuff. God Forbid the (((Kievans))) don’t get their 10% cut of the Siberian methane and Diesel.

    • Agree: HdC
  41. Wokechoke says:
    @JR Foley

    Basically, the Germans and the Russians should be in a direct Mercedes for Diesel or BMWs for Methane barter. A Direct Relationship that the Jewish commanded Poles and Ukies can’t pilfer. What value do Poles and Ukies bring to the consumer economy?

    That’s why the gas pipe near Bornholm had to be blown up by the SBS. Jews must have their cut of the transfer of a valuable commodity like Methane.

    • Agree: nokangaroos
  42. anon[243] • Disclaimer says:

    The German Green Party, part of Scholz’s Traffic Light coalition, brought energy ruin to Germany. No U.S. involvement needed.

    The German Green Party is controlled and directed by the CIA. No US involvement indeed.

    • Replies: @A123
  43. @Anon

    Not sure why you rate German engineers so highly
    It is myth
    Besides Germany lacks people studying Engineering just as in US which is why it hoovered up Czechs and Hungarians and Poles

    STEM is not so phenomenal in Germany and Maths is not world class

    Talking to people who studied EE in GDR you hear how much more rigorous education was then and how much engineers today do not know

    Engineer educational output is highest in Russia and China and Iran

  44. @A123

    Definitely not a crazy idea- there are competing synarchies in a world that appeared to be gloablizing under one supreme headship.-analogous to the Holy Roman Empire scenario- multiple competitors arise and it’s a fiasco. This time the weaponry involved is infinitely more lethal

    • Thanks: A123
  45. IronForge says:

    It’s an Analogy.

    You’re missing the Point.

    We’re not interested in Catholic Apologetics.

    Jesus+Christianity were a Constantine-Sponsored Syncretic Cult – an Amalgamated Fabrication of Chrestus, Mythras, Dionysus, and other “Expiring Cults” of the 4thCE attempting to incorporate/hijack Judaism+their Messiah.

  46. Avery says:
    @Paul Greenwood

    {Not sure why you rate German engineers so highly}

    Must be the (positive) stereotype: German engineers and scientists were superb leading up to WW2 and during WW2. They pioneered and created many engineering and scientific wonders. So people may think if it’s German……

    I don’t know anything about GDR, but can attest that engineering and sciences were very rigorous in former USSR. Don’t know how well that level has been maintained in Russia today. Have been out of USSR and here in US for a long time.

  47. Arius says:

    In this article Michael Hudson is brilliant in historical correlation and association.

    The US is splitting the world and trying to control the West in a similar manner to the Papal Dictates issued in 1074. It of course exhausted the Church, led to a lot of suffering, and ended Church control of Europe.
    The US will suffer the same fate.

    • Replies: @dodge city pete
  48. Wokechoke says:
    @Paul Greenwood

    The specialization is a the key point here. Germans do make very good high end consumer goods. They appear happy doing that as a national occupation.

  49. Hacienda says:

    Having a professional background in finance, the Hitlerian economic model has always fascinated me. Transactions were always based on productive capital, where both buyer and seller benefit equally. This is in contrast to speculative capital…

    Naw, the Hitlerian slave/master economic model…

    Even the I Ching leaves lots of room for speculation.

  50. WHY does Hudson not openly recognize that Germany remains an occupied nation and has been under such status since 5-8-45? The Western Allies never signed a peace treaty with any of their puppet regimes in Bonn or in Berlin. Nuclear armed U$$A forces, at Ramstein as the prime example, remain on German soil as political blackmail, should a nuclear war actually occur.

    The current regime in Berlin must be overthrown by one means or another. A caretaker government would give the U$$A occupation forces one month to get the hell outta Dodge. Failure to do so would automatically mean their electricity would be shut off, while ports would not allow re-supply, only evacuation. Ditto rail, autobahns and airports.

    At present, the old adage holds: “Keep Germany down, Russia out and forces loyal to the Talmudist bank$ter regime solidly mounting the saddle”.

    • Thanks: Joe Levantine
    • Replies: @Ann Nonny Mouse
  51. Treg says:

    It would be in Hungarian interests to work Germany’s public over to agree with her side of things.

  52. Germany is a captive colony of the zionist one world government aka the WEF, the UN. the Rockefeller and Gates Foundations, the Bilderbergers, the CFR, etc., just as the ZUS is a captive colony of the zionists, tragic, but true.

    • Agree: Zane
  53. Cking says:

    Thank you Mr. Hudson. The Common Area, the US Public Domain, especially public owned businesses, schools, and utilities, are being privatized today. The Fed and US Treasury is looted by the demands of war and the Fed/Wall St. bailout system and everything that’s not tied down is being looted. The pension system, private or public is already looted. The Democratic Party, that has been ruined by Money Power’s corruption, have waged war against the American people as well as abroad. Congress will not focus on the reorganization of the Fed/Wall St. system, will not attempt the retrieval of the lost, unaccounted for, and Stolen $Trillions. The whole is depending on the stabilization of the nuclear armed United States. What to do?

  54. A123 says: • Website

    The German Green Party, part of Scholz’s Traffic Light coalition, brought energy ruin to Germany. No U.S. involvement needed.

    The German Green Party is controlled and directed by the CIA. No US involvement indeed.

    You are not naive enough to believe that the U.S. controls the CIA? Are you?

    The CIA is run by European WEF Elites. CIA is and functionally headquartered in Davos, Switzerland. Having an actual American, Christian Populist, MAGA supporter within Europe’s CIA is unthinkable.

    PEACE 😇

    • Troll: showmethereal
  55. @wlindsaywheeler

    When the Muslims killed monks and bishops in their northern African conquests, they may or may not have been aware of how the bishop in Alexandria brought in fanatical monks from desert “retreats” into the city, where at his behest they literally tore apart, limb from limb, Hypatia, the curator of the Library of Alexandria, with the greatest collection of manuscripts in the Western world. Later, they burned the library.

    So whether or not the Muslim hordes were aware of this genocidal desecration of human knowledge outside of the impositional Crosstian hegemony; the dirty deed was done. Karma can be a bitch, even though lady Karma can take her own sweet time in getting back at the perps.

    Both Catholicism and Talmudism are evil entities, seeking always to control the minds and emotions of those they rule by fear, greed and hypocrisy. In other words: “A plague on both your houses.”

    • Thanks: Druid55
    • Replies: @Curmudgeon
    , @Joe Levantine
  56. Magnificent analysis. It ties in with my article :
    It is truly bewildering how history repeats itself. The US indeed behaves toward Germany and Russia just like Rome in the 11th-13th century behaved toward Germany and Constantinople.

    • Replies: @Laurent Guyénot
  57. Well, either Christ created One Church, with the spiritual realm superior to the material-political, or he allowed tens of thousands of churches, all squabbling and dominated by the material-political.

    • Thanks: Emslander
  58. katesisco says:

    I suspect that the oil and gas fields in the Ukraine, largely underestimated and undeveloped, are the ‘rewards’ for German participation in holding NATO together. Look for that apple to be awarded once sufficient damage to infrastructure and population reduction has been achieved.
    Is ‘climate change’ the accurate statement? Science has consistently ‘reevaluated’ the off gassing of existing surface oil and gas wells developed by corporate identities. Astonishing sea floor off gassing
    has now been added to the total which may mean that the adjustment to the auto industry will be minor at best. Industry, housing, infrastructure, crops and cattle, power production all come before the auto.

  59. @zard

    Interestingly enough, the Third Reich’s economic ideas are now being invested with considerable technical heft:

    The “Lisbon” monograph referred to here is now maintained by EcoMod:

    And its uses in creating a ‘naturally occurring’ unit of value have been observed here:

  60. The big mistake here is assuming the USA Deep State runs everything, as they are vicious Neocons, who are complete fanatics, but they are a small part on something way bigger, and they’re not the top of the NWO food chain. The European banksters with several centers including the City of London Bank are older, and higher up on the food chain.

    It all seems to be a kind of “Systems within systems” interwoven affair with various players trying to stay allied to get this NWO for all of the 1000th of 1% who make up the globetrotting elite. They’re very urban, very elitist, and anti-nationalism is their main glue that holds them together. That and fear of the general people

    • Replies: @RestiveUs
  61. katesisco says:

    Possibly, as the Ukrainians did when the previous 30 year war began. Now settled in Brazil and Canada. But much more tempting to the NATO power block is to have the Germans ‘take over’ in the Ukraine with the existing gas and oil fields.
    And quite possibly, there exists a deficiency of iodine in a majority of the world today, that any group paying particular attention to iodine sufficiency would be considered ‘elite.’ This is, of course, exactly what France and Germany did to rebuild their population: manage the nutritional intake of its people.

  62. Agent76 says:

    Oct 22, 2022 ‘Dare to struggle, dare to win’, China’s Xi says as Communist Congress ends

    China’s five-yearly Communist Party Congress wrapped up on Saturday with President Xi Jinping set to emerge from the event as leader for an unprecedented third term.


    Sep 19, 2022 Why Are Businesses Fleeing China?

    Businesses are fleeing China for greener pastures. The pandemic certainly sped up the trend, but the pandemic isn’t the only reason they’re fleeing. In this episode of China Uncensored, we look at what businesses are saying about why they”re leaving China, some of the big names that have left recently, and why some are staying.

  63. Hudson shakes one’s confidence with his idiotic comment about “global warming”.

    • Agree: Slav
  64. Slav says:

    Catholic Church is in the core of globalist system. A mere tool of north Italian banking cabals since the middle ages.

  65. Jim H says:

    ‘Without the New Cold War’s “good vs. evil” narrative, U.S. sanctions will lose their raison d’etre in this U.S. attack on … mutual trade between Western Europe and Russia and China. — Dr Michael Hudson

    This theme is expanded upon in today’s commentary by Michael Every of Rabobank:

    ‘Despite our new geopolitical era, Berlin still wants to do more trade with Beijing. Chancellor Scholz, now in China, not only ignored an open letter from 186 Chinese intellectuals and dissidents asking him not to go, but has stressed he is looking to “collaborate” wherever possible.

    ‘There was a waiting list of 100 top German firms wanting to tag along – a dozen did. In the eyes of critics, including the EU Chamber of Commerce in China, this makes Germany look like a particularly stupid dinosaur gawping up at a falling meteor and wondering if it wants to be friends.‘ — via ZeroHedge

    If Germany is forbidden by its American masters to trade with Russia, it can hardly expect a different result from attempting to expand collaboration with China, which the bellicose US now regards as an enemy too.

    Without acting to recover Germany’s sovereignty, Scholz actually will end up being just a particularly stupid dinosaur, gazing up cluelessly at the incoming meteor.

  66. @Paul Greenwood

    STEM is not so phenomenal in Germany and Maths is not world class


    Germany’s pharmaceutical industry is only second to the US.

    Russia is in fact heavily dependent on German medicine

    • Replies: @antibeast
    , @gilles
  67. Sean says:

    They reverse the 1648 Treaty of Westphalia’s principle that made each country and its rulers independent from foreign meddling

    The standard interpretation, but that is not what Prof. Brendan Simms says, according to him the Treaty was about imposing limitation of national sovereignty and recognized spheres of influence for major powers–to prevent a repeat of the general war that had resulted in the interminable bloody stalemate preceding the Treaty. Simms does say that Germany has been at the centre of crisis after crisis in history.

    • Replies: @John Johnson
  68. “England’s barons waged a civil war against Henry II in the 1260s, ending his complicity in sacrificing the economy to papal demands ……”

    I think you meant Henry III.

  69. @Laurent Guyénot

    One omission, though. When Mr. Hudson writes:

    What ended the papacy’s power over other countries was the ending of its war against the East. When the Crusaders lost Acre, the capital of Jerusalem in 1291, the papacy lost its control over Christendom. There was no more “evil” to fight, and the “good” had lost its center of gravity and coherence.

    he forgets that the papacy, after the sack of Constantinople by the crusaders in 1204 (“the greatest crime against humanity”, according to British historian Steven Runciman), continued to harass Constantinople until it fell to the Ottomans in 1453. That is when Moscow took over the leadership of Orthodox Christianity.

  70. Although Hitler, Franco, Mussolini and Dr Joe Mengele were good Catholics – their successors are legion and share a higher loyalty – John Brennan, John Roberts, Paul Ryan, Justin Trudeau, Frank Figliuzzi, Xavier Becerra, Andy Cuomo, Jerry Brown, Alejandro Mayorkas, Emmanuel Macron, Nancy Pelosi, Pete Strzok, Dr Fauci, Joe Biden, Samantha Power, Ursula von der Leyen, Charles Michel, Jim Comey, Bill Barr and John Kerry to name a few ….

    Soon America will be a Holy Land like Paraguay where the middle class, money, schools, hospitals, hygiene and law enforcement are unnecessary. It is good that Washington DC has so many key players loyal to the One Holy Apostolic Church – that made Bolivia and Paraguay into those ‘shining cities on a hill’ and inspired the youthful morality of Dr. Tony Fauci.

    Washington isn’t suddenly guarded by Praetorians or Swiss Guards. No.
    The USA isn’t 1930s Spain, Croatia, Austria, Italy or Ireland. No.
    John Kerry and Sam Power aren’t facilitating a ‘final solution’ with nuclear Iran and Israel. No.
    …. and an invasion of Russia isn’t imminent.
    Bravo !!

    • Thanks: Jim H
  71. @Carlton Meyer

    Yes, and on top of that, Dr. Hudson’s references to the 1648 Treaty of Westphalia seems to ignore the fact that it was buried at the the Stalinist/Kangaroo Court at Nuremberg.

  72. @Paul Greenwood

    Besides Germany lacks people studying Engineering just as in US which is why it hoovered up Czechs and Hungarians and Poles

    I didn’t realize that all of the Mercedes and Porsche engineers that have dominated racing for the past 30 years were Czechs, Hungarians, and Poles. As for electrical engineering, I guess Karlheinz Brandenburg, Ernst Eberlein, Heinz Gerhäuser, Bernhard Grill, Jürgen Herre and Harald Popp, who invented MP3 – stolen by Jobs and turned into iPod – didn’t know what they were doing either.

    • Replies: @John Johnson
  73. @Sean

    Germany is in economic trouble again? Almost as bad as “The American Empire will fall any day now” which has been announced annually since 1776.

    Germany lost most of their military age men in WW2 and then their Eastern half was occupied by the USSR until 1990.

    They definitely made a mistake by adopting the Euro but the current economic situation is nothing compared to 1945. Their industrial capability was reduced to bricks and yet they were a global economic power within 10 years.

    They’ll be fine. The German winter is not that cold and they can adapt. They survived being bombed into rubble and that was before natural gas stoves were available.

    Worry about something other than the Germans.

    • Agree: HdC
    • Replies: @Sean
  74. Germany is subordinating its industry and living standards to the dictates of U.S. diplomacy and the self-interest of America’s oil and gas sector. It is doing this voluntarily – not because of military force but out of an ideological belief that the world economy should be run by U.S. Cold War planners.
    No, Prof. Hudson, you are wrong. In this new world order of electronic warfare everyone is compromised one way or another. This is what Jeffery Epstien was doing. There are many like him still operating and all of them are jew or aligned to them. All the nodes of power belong to them and are under their control.
    Don’t believe me? Watch how free Twitter gets after Elon’s purchase. The same old the same old.

  75. @emerging majority

    Islam is as much a political/financial ideology as Catholicism and Talmudism. As for who burned the library, there is no agreement among historians who was responsible.

  76. Hudson never misses the opportunity to shill the climate change hoax. So which is it, Mr Hudson, Germany is being driven into 3rd world status because it no longer has access to cheap Russian hydrocarbons or because the US has stymied any fight against climate change?

    Climate change BS is they main tool the globalists use to tamp down nationalism and populism. They switched to the Covid hoax for a while just to keep it interesting, but are quickly switching back to the tried and true climate change. Michael Crichton figured it out in the 90s with his book State of Fear. The media, politicians and lawyers always need a great fear to keep the masses in line.

    It seems to me that the push by elites to have one world government is not to privatize public goods in 3rd world countries as Hudson suggests, but to destroy traditional family values in favor of secularism along with diluting white populations with easier controlled brown people. When globalists say “democracy” they really mean anal sex, sterilization of children and flooding white countries with illiterate brown people, Camp of the Saints style.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  77. @Curmudgeon

    Jealousy of German and US engineering is nothing new.

    Germany for a long period led the world in medicine and the Brits liked to draw cartoons of them as crude Huns that only knew how to bark orders.

    • Agree: HdC
    • Replies: @Wokechoke
    , @dogbumbreath
  78. profnasty says:

    Bow down to Jacob’s gay children or die!

    Helot, “Can we see them naked before you kill them?”

  79. LarryD3 says:

    What a great article by Michael Hudson. His logic is unassailable.

    • LOL: Emslander
  80. Everything he wrote was going just fine until he vomited out the global warming bullshit.

    • Agree: Sam hildebrand
  81. antibeast says:
    @John Johnson

    Germany’s pharmaceutical industry is only second to the US.

    Switzerland is second only to the USA while Germany does not even make it to the top five countries with the most number of pharmaceutical companies in the world’s top 50.

    The Germans excel in the old smokestack industries such as gas autos, power equipment, machine tools, electrical machinery and chemicals which they invented at the turn of the 20th century. But they missed out on the new tech industries such as electric vehicles, nuclear power, high-speed rail, 5G/6G, semiconductors, biotech, robotics, AI, etc.

    The Germans had their glory days from the late 19th century to the late 1930s. But after Uncle Adolph transmogrified Germany into the hellish cesspool of Nazism, the Germans have been going downhill ever since WWII. Quite sad really for the German race which invented the Classical Music of Europe, established the world’s first ever technical institutions of engineering universities, invented the modern sciences of quantum physics and aerodynamics while gifting to the world the three engines of the Industrial Age of the 20th century — internal combustion engine, jet engine and rocket engine.

    • Thanks: dogbumbreath
    • Replies: @Abdul Alhazred
  82. schrub says:

    A strange feeling swept over me while reading this article.

    Is this latest attack on Germany’s economy simply a recontinuation of the Morgenthau Plan of the 1940s under the control of the exact same banking groups?

    The original post-World War Two Morgenthau Plan was an attempt to fulfill the revenge fantasies of Jews while at the same time fulfilling London’s long held desire to remove Germany as its main industrial competitor.

    Many Germans were deliberately killed during the time the Plan was being instituted from 1945 to roughly 1947-48., mainly through deliberate starvation and neglect overseen in large part in large part by Bernard Baruch’s long-time (with links going back to at least 1931) protege Dwight Eisenhower.

    It was only when General George Marshall was finally able to essentially go behind Eisenhower’s back and convince the rather stupid President Harry Trump as to genocide that was actually going on that The Morgenthau Plan was then short circuited and the far more benevolent Marshall Plan put in its place.

    Many millions have since died in the seemingly unending number of “Color Revoutions” the US government has engineered in foreign countries since the end of World War Two.

    Maybe we should recategorize the Morgenthau Plan as not being especially unique but rather just the first in a long line of post World War two “Color Revolutions”.

    Just like the one we now seem to be experiencing ourselves in the USA.

    In other words, Morgenthau Plan =Color Revolution =Covid Revolution.

    • Thanks: emerging majority
  83. Michael Hudson wrote:
    “More recently, U.S. diplomats have appointed Juan Guaidó as Venezuela’s head of state instead of its elected president, and turned over that country’s gold reserves to him.”
    Here is an interesting piece about the U.S.’s relationship with Venezuela:
    With Migration Surging, U.S. Considers Easing Sanctions on Venezuela
    As one can easily apprehend from what is exposed in that NYT piece, the U.S. is not motivated by economic reasons in its sanctions towards Venezuela. On the contrary, the sanctions impose sacrifices on the U.S. also, and that is why it is thinking of easing them, in the context of the energy and immigration crises.

    • Replies: @showmethereal
  84. Sean says:
    @John Johnson

    Streeck wryly recalls in the vid the British quality press calling Germany the sick man of Europe every ten years or so. He also says Markel thought the way the world was in her era would last forever, and her policies have been a disaster.

    However, Germany does not have the Facebooks or Googles. So is really is going to be hurt by losing its manufacturing. There sucessful companies are already relocating to places like India and Turkey.

    Merkel made promises she never kept; just lied about military spending and so now Germany does not have a say in what the the objective of Nato’s aid to Ukraine is. Total expulsion is being talked about as if that was always the aim (Streeck says the post Soviet fall 90s ‘partnership for peace ‘ attitude of one security order turned into something quite different, whereby it was said that enlargement of Nato was up to whether countries like Ukraine wanted to join Nato).

    • Replies: @John Johnson
  85. @Anon

    Won’t the most talented Germans simply end up emigrating out of Germany in the next decade if she loses her industry due to fuel costs?

    That’s the plan—genocide the high IQ ones out of Germany! This thing is a planned genocide of the German people.

    • Replies: @Avery
  86. Germany; the people who, without the encumbrance of their government and media, would have been happy to form a mutually beneficial friendship with Russia. They are protesting in the streets for that right. And soon to be rioting in the streets as the cost of energy, food and everything else gets worse.
    It is only America which wants the war to continue.
    It is only the world wide privately controlled media which is stopping peace from growing all over the world.
    This greedy and miserable government all over the world cannot survive without the privately controlled media. Even with, hardly anyone believes in them anymore. We want Peace!
    Feet on the street my friends. In the billions. Your vote counts for nothing and you have no voice in the increasingly dangerous nuclear future.
    Put your peace loving feet on the street, surround your government with millions of people and tell them that you will no longer tolerate this war. It has worked before. It worked in Eastern Europe when the people there got tired of being governed by the Soviet Union. It could also work in the USA and Europe where many people are already tired of having worked their whole lives and found that their savings have already been destroyed by higher prices and general inflation.
    America already knows that they can’t institute a draft and so have to hire mercenaries to fight.
    The US already learned that from Vietnam where a lot of the draftees weren’t actually fighting for whatever the government was selling They fought because it was that or go to jail or flee America. They fought to survive, and went back to America as protesters against the war.
    That is why your nation and my nation will not introduce conscription in this Ukrainian war.
    There would be riots in the streets and it might turn into civil war. People everywhere are tired of being weaponized and being expected to ‘follow the leader’ and die for things they don’t understand and definitely don’t care to die for – on the word of government propaganda and private media..

    • Agree: emerging majority
    • Replies: @JustAnotherPerson
  87. @Cook

    “ For all Germanys crimes of the past ”

    “ The German population have been under the U.S propaganda”

    And it does look, unfortunately, that you are suffering the same fate as the Germans. And please don’t mention WWI or WWII or the Holocaust as a justification. German guilt has been debunked by those who have eyes to see, ears to hear, and time to spend on revisionist history.

    • Replies: @Cook
  88. Germany must go back to the Deutschmark immediately.

    The Germans must turn a screw or turn the screw and get a nuke and then screw out from beneath the American Empire.

    The JEW/WASP Ruling Class of the American Empire is abolishing Germany and it is abolishing the USA and the JEW/WASP Ruling Class of the American Empire is using mass legal immigration and mass illegal immigration as demographic weapons to attack and destroy the European Christian ancestral core of the USA.

    Germany must order the JEW/WASP Ruling Class of the American Empire to vacate its military occupation of Germany and Germany must turn the screw and become a nuclear weapons power nation with the ballistic missile means to deliver nuclear weapons globally.

    The greatest geopolitical and existential and civilizational threat to the United States of America and Germany and all nations under the sway of the American Empire is emanating from the evil and treasonous JEW/WASP Ruling Class of the American Empire.

    Tweet from 2014:

  89. Avery says:

    { This thing is a planned genocide of the German people.}

    Fully supported by “German” traitors, e.g. crypto-Muslim/GloboReptilian Frau (sic) Merkel. She is the one who went out of her (?) [or more properly its way] to fill Germany with Muslim Turks and other Muslim so-called “refugees”.

    Stupidity of Western Europeans, and in particular Germans, is stupefying.
    A highly evolved ethnos that gave the world Beethoven, the Bach family, Kurt Gödel (Germanic ethnos), Max Planck,…… sciences, engineering, chemistry, timeless classical music… much to the Western/Christian civilization is willingly subjugating itself to nomad Muslim Turks from East and Central Asia.

    If someone made a movie — nobody would believe it’s real.

  90. @JustAnotherPerson

    Don’t count on the military to take up arms against their fellow citizens. They are us, and we are them.

  91. @Notsofast

    “ cracks are appearing with the e.u. and nato, which makes me wonder if scholz, might not be having secret talks with the chinese and using his ridiculous demands as a cover.”

    That cracks are appearing in the EU and NATO, we can say to that good riddance.

    That Scholzy boy is stealthily working to rid Germany of her American chains, if true, could make me believe in miracles. Alas, every time I have hoped for a miracle the reality check came down on me like a falling brick.

    Nothing short of a revolution can change the stays quo in Germany. For that to happen, Germans should endure mayhem that is beyond a marked decline in their economy, like getting on the edge of famine. Then, maybe the dormant German spirit that had been tamed over decades by stories about the holohoax, could have its Phoenix moment.

    • Agree: JustAnotherPerson
  92. Cook says:

    Germany has to remove the yoke of WW2 guilt which is the main weapon of control the West and the cult of Judaism uses to control it.

    All religions are cults, children inherit the cult of their families.

    This is not always true, look at the contradictions they are everywhere.

    Alfred Rosenberg…one look at his name tells you this guy was a Jew yet he was a rabid Ideological Nazis who was hung after the war.

    The world is made up of good and malevolent people and they collect into groups to achieve their ends. The malevolent obfuscate and trick using false labels to achieve their ends.

    What the good have to do is judge people on their actions alone….and remove all those from positions of power if their actions are only for their own personal gain at the expense of the greater good.

    The voters in democracies are responsible for the world we have today…if you have proof the guys and gals representing you are crooks then don’t vote for them regardless of if they are “your guy” (blue or red) and if the elections are rigged prove it and change the system!

    Whinging on blogs like this will help if it increases awareness and spreads ideas otherwise its just therapeutic.

    • Replies: @Derer
  93. “Raising living standards and prosperity by keeping banking and money creation, public health, education, transportation and communications in public hands.”

    Read that, you libertarian assholes.

    • Agree: John Johnson
  94. As someone who is a fan of German industrial companies and machines in general – these facts sadden me. I ask myself “can they really be this stupid or weak??”…. Well I hope at least the Bundesliga doesn’t fall apart if this course continues.

    But yes the historical example of the papacy vs modern America is apt. Neither follow biblical principles and yet both believe they are God’s crown jewel (I won’t say instrument because anyone can be an instrument of God for different reasons – whether an Egyptian pharaoh or a Persian prince or a Roman Emperor)

  95. @Wokechoke

    In his 1066, David Howarth argues essentially this–Harold’s morale was not improved by seeing the papal crusade banner charging up Senlac Hill.

  96. @Sean

    However, Germany does not have the Facebooks or Googles. So is really is going to be hurt by losing its manufacturing.

    How are they going to lose their manufacturing?

    Are you thinking they won’t have enough power to run the factories?

    They’ll just shift the power around and work at night if they have to. Or they will temporarily move it to other countries. For skilled manufacturing it is often the workers that matter. Germans are adaptable and could spend 6 months in another country.

    Even if the manufacturing shut down for a year they would still be fine. That has already happened in history and they adapted. Their factories were bombed to rubble.

    Merkel made promises she never kept; just lied about military spending and so now Germany does not have a say in what the the objective of Nato’s aid to Ukraine is.

    Merkel was a wench but she isn’t in charge and the current Chancellor supports Ukraine.

    So do the people:

    Germany will be fine.

    • Replies: @Sean
    , @nokangaroos
    , @Wokechoke
  97. Wokechoke says:
    @John Johnson

    The Kaiser did of course bring that unfortunate nickname upon the head of his own troops.

    The propagandists walked right through that door as they should’ve.

    “If you come before the enemy, he will be defeated! No quarter will be given! Prisoners will not be taken! Whoever falls into your hands is forfeited! Just as a thousand years ago the Huns under their king Etzel made a name for themselves, one that even today makes them seem mighty in history and legend, so may the name Germany be affirmed by you in such a way in China that no Chinese will ever again dare to look cross-eyed at a German!”

    — Wilhelm II, Speech of 27 July 1900

  98. I work with multiple normies who literally cannot begin to grok why the delivery dates for products built in Germany keep slipping right on their Gantt charts.

    The US is doomed.

    • Replies: @Wokechoke
  99. Sean says:
    @John Johnson

    Chancellor supports Ukraine.

    The US is going to give Germany energy at 5% of the market price like Russia is giving Belarus? Meaning that the cheapness of German goods outside the EU will reflect energy not just the German export promotion program known as the single currency, which southern Europe is begining to chafe at. . Forever after Germany will not be able to exploit the resources of Russia. China is going to be doing that and it will not be paying in dollars so all that China will be able to buy is Russian bonds. China influenced Europe includes Russia from now on.

    • Replies: @John Johnson
  100. Notsofast says:
    @Joe Levantine

    it is said that the rats are always first to leave a sinking ship but we all know the u.s.s. titanic is unsinkable and exceptional. perhaps self-preservation wins out in the end, i certainly hope so for the good of the german and other e.u. people being held hostage by these madmen.

    • Thanks: Joe Levantine
  101. Zane says:

    Global warming is a con. To the contrary, the people behind this scam are the same elites who seek to keep energy artificially scarce and expensive. There is actually no shortage of energy. But the oil/banking cartel don’t want you to know that. They want to maintain their lucrative profit margins on Middle Eastern oil and gas. Lift Persian gulf oil at $3 and sell it for $90. Recycle the cash into Western money center banks.

    I agree we are stuck with this madness until an alternative to the petrodollar monopoly is developed.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  102. BlackFlag says:

    Brain-draining Europe of half of their top 10-20% would be the final nail in the coffin for Europe. It’s possibly a secondary objective for the Ukraine war. Not only does it prevent Europe from cooperating with Russia to gain independence but also *stabilizes* America’s demographic transition by adding a fresh 50-100 million competent White migrants over the next 50 years.

    But I’m not sure America’s foreign policy is that broad-minded, pragmatic, and longsighted. What do you think?

  103. @A123

    Orbán Viktor
    What a great victory for Benjamin
    in Israel! Hard times require strong leaders. Welcome back!

    • Troll: Justrambling
    • Replies: @Charles Pewitt
  104. @John Johnson

    Germany for a long period led the world in medicine and the Brits liked to draw cartoons of them as crude Huns that only knew how to bark orders.

    Modern medicine is a scam…a Rockefeller and company scam. What Germans get right is “Naturopathic Medicine”:

    • Replies: @Curmudgeon
  105. BlackFlag says:

    Yes, because it’s not well-known *how* the US manages to dominate Europe. They are not using blatant military & economic (e.g. sanctions, blocking trade) power.

    My guess is:
    1) Money
    a) Funding politicians and parties that are friendly.
    b) Bribes to influential EU members.
    2) Blackmail – they had Merkel’s phone hacked for example.
    3) History – Formerly fascist countries (Germany, Italy, Spain, etc.) are embarrassed about their history and thus reluctant to assert themselves or support leaders that can even slightly be called fascist. See how Berlusconi backed down from speaking out about the war.
    4) Ideology – Europeans really believe in democracy and liberalism so they side with the West and against the “undemocratic” & “illiberal” regimes.

    • Replies: @Brosi
    , @René Fries
    , @Derer
  106. BlackFlag says:
    @Jim H

    One of his best articles but what about this part?

    Germany should replace low-priced Russian pipeline gas with high-priced U.S. LNG gas. To import this gas, Germany will have to spend over $5 billion quickly to build port capacity to handle LNG tankers. The effect will be to make German industry uncompetitive.

    Germany’s government spends 1 trillion dollars per year.

    How would a 5% one-time expenditure make manufacturing uncompetitive in even the short-term, not to mention medium and long? Would be nice to know how much the US LNG will cost over the long-term compared to what it was paying for Russian gas in terms of energy output and how that would affect prices & profit on manufactured products.

    • Replies: @Jim H
    , @showmethereal
  107. @Joe Levantine

    Agreed. But not just the dormant spirit of Germany but the whole spirit of Europe (and perhaps a huge part of America) will get out on streets to defeat their fake governments and demand PEACE! Including a reasonable standard of living like they all used to have. America and the Shlotzkis in Europe are quickly wearing out the tolerance of all reasonable Europeans. Pushed the line of disrespect too far and will soon realize that their government is going to topple. This winter.

    The people should not have to fear their government, the government should have to fear the people, when they are misleading the people to war and destitution. This is going to happen very shortly in Europe if fake governments don’t cover the people’s warmth and food needs. Governments are already scrambling to get back into wood, coal, and reigniting old and dangerous nuclear plants to prevent people from absolutely revolting.
    Very unpublished in the MSM are the huge demonstrations already going on in Europe against this war on Russia at the cost of hundreds of thousands of lost Ukrainian and Russian lives.

    MSM = ‘If you can’t control the thoughts of the people then just order your minions to ignore them.’

    Which will only work until the people get cold and hungry. And angry.

    • Agree: Joe Levantine
  108. Hankjr says:

    We were always at war with Eurasia

  109. Derer says:

    fight in Ukraine, which is to be merely the first step in the anticipated 20 year fight by the US to prevent the world from becoming multipolar.

    This sentiment is clearly overestimating Washington’s intellectual capabilities. The post war European brain in the USA is dying out and the present population has been growing up on drugs and violence. There is no intellectual quality in Washington to create some sane concepts for their ambitions of world dominance. The game is over. The USA is a has been empire presently reduced to its nuclear deterrence, not different from the North Korea logic.

    • Agree: showmethereal
  110. @John Johnson

    Of course it is the workforce that makes the difference – they have weathered
    worse; but I fail to see how they can survive without waking up …
    all the Ukrainian “refugees” and their local Glaubensbrieder must be
    nervous like a gerbil in a homo bar.

  111. Athena says:

    Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon

    ”Throughout their existence, the Templars remained an independent body answerable only to the Pope. But it was their affairs away from the Holy Land that brought them to pre-eminence as international bankers. Ironic it was that the Pure Knights created the international banking system so integral to their economic infrastructure throughout Christendom, and which ultimately brought them to their downfall.”

  112. Derer says:

    Germany has to remove the yoke of WW2 guilt

    Which guilt is it? It should be always qualified. Is it a guilt of killing 25 m Russians or the manufactured guilt by the “holocaust industry”.

    • Replies: @Passing By
  113. @emerging majority

    Guessing here, EM. But doesn’t Germany love the occupation, the US military bases all over the country, because they provide employment for large numbers of Germans?

  114. Wokechoke says:
    @John Johnson

    Germany may slip quite badly. I’d guess that there’s serous mutterings of annoyance among the manufacturers.

  115. @Sean

    Forever after Germany will not be able to exploit the resources of Russia.

    Exploit the resources of Russia? After this war is over Russia will return to selling them oil and gas while begging for new vehicles and machinery. Huge amounts of medicine and medical equipment will also be needed. The trade of Russian oil for German products has been going on since WW2. It is mutually beneficial and not exploitation.

    Germany will be sitting pretty when this is all over. The chip shortage looks like it will be continuing for a few years and German vehicles and machines will be backordered which means premium prices.

    The global economy will explode and Americans and Russians will be lining up for German cars. Ukraine will also put in all kinds of orders for machines, medicine and also German weapons.

    Germany will boost the Euro like they always do. That will allow them to buy more American products.

    America and Germany will come out as economic winners in all of this. Next time plan your war out there Putin. Oh wait nevermind there won’t be another one and you will go down as a loser Tsar like Nicholas II.

  116. RestiveUs says:

    They’re very urban, very elitist, and anti-nationalism is their main glue that holds them together. That and fear of the general people.

    You describe (((them))) well.

    • Agree: nokangaroos
    • Replies: @Passing By
  117. gilles says:
    @John Johnson


    That’s `mathematics’ in the rest of the world.


    • Replies: @John Johnson
  118. @gilles

    Are you trying to correct me? I was responding to his misuse of the word.

    For whatever reason Arabs and Indians often use the term “maths” even though math is both singular and plural.

  119. Sean says:
    @John Johnson

    After this war is over Russia will return to selling them oil and gas while begging for new vehicles and machinery.

    Not a chance. Even with Russia giving up its gains of this year, agreeing to pay half a trillion in compensation, and the Kremlin leadership changing, there would going to be any more desire in Germany for deals for major energy deals with Russia,

  120. Brosi says:

    My guess is that the US, the UK, Canada, Australia and the EU are all ruled by a shadow government under the control of the same group of Amish that have been waging a war against Christianity since the sacking of their temple to Solomon.

  121. @Derer

    The reduction of WWII to the holohoax by official history has had for corollary the obfuscation of the fact that the overwhelming majority of victims of NS Germany were Slavs and that the majority of that majority were civilians. Both Jewish and Hitler apologists’ propaganda dismiss murdered Slavs as immaterial to WWII discussion. Both Jews and nazis are mortal enemies of Orthodox Slavic people, as demonstrated by their ad hoc alliance in Ukraine.

    • Agree: Derer
  122. @RestiveUs

    The (((rootless cosmopolitans))).

  123. @Derer

    Given the Moloch’s indebtedness, record inequality, crumbling infrastructure, control by a cabal of fanatic Zionazis, Jewish and goy, decayed education system, mutually hateful political partisanship and thoroughly deserved odium in which it is held in most of the world, the thought of the Real Evil Empire lasting another twenty years is laughable.

  124. @Zane

    When humanity crosses over, some time before 2050, due to ecological collapse, led by anthropogenic climate destabilisation, one wonders where malignant cretins like this will be? If still polluting the Earth, I would guess that they will have changed their spots, superficially, at least in order to evade justice.

  125. @Ann Nonny Mouse

    Some always profit … it works as long as the actual cost
    (the French were the only ones to pay for their bases) – not least in terms
    of foreign policy – is kept secret and certain behaviors are memoryholed.

    • Replies: @nokangaroos
  126. @Sam hildebrand

    When the science is so solid that ALL the Academies of Science and learned scientific societies of the world concur, and the evidence from reality ie melting ice-caps, montane glaciers, and Arctic summer sea ice, spreading and intensifying wildfires, records deluges and floods, increasing wind velocities, the spread of pests and diseases, phenological change eg leaf and blossom bud and burst, leaf fall etc is incontrovertible and accelerating, to declare the whole catastrophe a ‘hoax’, is sign of either great and malignant stupidity and ignorance, or ideological fanaticism becoming omnicidal. Or both, of course. Judging from the rest of your putrid rant, I’d say both, and more.

    • Troll: Folkvangr
    • Replies: @Brosi
  127. @Derer

    Good points (i.e. the days of Kissinger are definitely over), but the
    Ukraine-without-Ukrainians is a local and circumscribed Jewish project
    devoid of need for 5D chess.

  128. Jim H says:

    ‘How would a 5% one-time expenditure make [German] manufacturing uncompetitive in even the short-term, not to mention medium and long?’ — BlackFlag

    It’s not just a one-time expenditure to build LNG facilities. LNG is inherently costlier than piped natural gas owing to its required liquefaction, transport and regasification, requiring additional energy input.

    US industry has access to natural gas at its domestic source, before LNG conversion and transport costs are tacked on. Thus German chemical and fertilizer companies will face a long-term disadvantage competing with their US counterparts.

    To put it differently, if the NordStream 1 and 2 natural gas pipelines were operational, Germany would have no interest in LNG because it wouldn’t be competitive. LNG is a costly workaround for a politically imposed natural gas supply interruption.

    • Agree: Derer
    • Thanks: showmethereal
    • Replies: @BlackFlag
  129. @John Johnson

    The Russian car market is tiny and Russians are poor peasants. Germans need better customers than that. Fortunately Americans are rich and ready to pay more than ever for German vehicles, Masha’Allah.

    • Replies: @Derer
    , @John Johnson
  130. @BlackFlag

    Europeans really believe in democracy and liberalism

    “Der Mann auf der Strasse // the man on street” yes, but not the (unelected) Brussels EU Commission

    • Replies: @BlackFlag
  131. Republic says:
    @peter mcloughlin

    The War is about Globalists vs Nationalists

  132. Rahan says:

    This promises to be the final nail in Germany’s economic coffin.

    I’m getting tired of this metaphor, plus it’s so old-fashioned.

    How about:
    “Final clamp on Germany’s nipples”


    “Final knot in Germany’s rope domination scene”

    • LOL: showmethereal
  133. @nokangaroos

    I´m not aware of a general sociological study of the subculture of whores,
    gamblers and clubs (and government corruption) that follows US bases around
    the world, but there should be;
    the societal breakdown in e.g. Thailand is nothing short of disastrous
    IOW the Poles should be the first to be wary (what with being Catholic and
    conservative) but the consciousness of squatting on a third of Germany
    trumps every other consideration.

  134. @emerging majority

    “ Both Catholicism and Talmudism are evil entities, seeking always to control the minds and emotions of those they rule by fear, greed and hypocrisy.”

    The root of the problem is Universalism. That plague started with the conquests of Alexander the Great whose ambition was to unite the world, then Catholicism ( Catholic meaning the Universal way), then Islam. All three Universalist movements led to rivers of blood and extreme hardship to humanity and all failed at their objective.

    Nowadays, Talmudism is leading the charge of a more sinister Universalism that is devoid of any semblance of real human values, backed by advanced technology and the cumulative knowledge in the field of psychology, along with the financial control of the world economy. That is bound to fail but not before exposing mankind to the worst trials and tribulations in recorded history.

    You mentioned the repulsive example of Hypatia and the Library of Alexandria, to which I will add another sad chapter of history in the Levant. When between the seventh and the eighth century AD, the Maronites, who were part of the Easter Church of the Levant, accepted to go under the tutelage of the Papacy, the first act towards the integration of those Syriac speaking people was to impose on them to change their language to Arabic so they could be used as intermediaries and missionaries with the rising Muslim communities in the Middle East, and what followed was the burning of their manuscripts thereby destroying an important part of their collective memory.

    It is noteworthy that the rise of Christianity in the Levant before Constantine was an almost bloodless phenomenon when mostly Christians were martyred but hardly on a large scale the way it happened in Rome. Christianity took extreme forms of violence with its spreading in Europe, culminating in the religious wars after the Protestant reformation. That begs the question of whether Europe was Chritianised or Christianity Europeanized.

  135. @Brás Cubas

    It’s called reaping what you sowed. The US and EU (well let’s just say NATO) either try to economically cripple or invade or bomb or cause colour revolutions in countries that don’t obey them. Funny for supposed Christian societies they don’t know the proverb that God hates those that sow discord among brethren. They create the jungle – as Borell states – and then get mad when they beat down the fence to get into the garden.

  136. @BlackFlag

    Increase in energy prices means less money to spend on R&D and even employees… it will also raise the price on all local inputs. So you either raise prices or you lose in quality of output (personnel and materially)

  137. @Anon

    Precisely this is what is going on at the moment.
    In the Hungarian city of Győr (Audi!) alone there seem to be more German engineers and scientists than in the entire Federal Republic, where everything is now into Gender Studies, Trans Studies, Fat Studies, etc.

    • Replies: @Miro23
    , @showmethereal
  138. BlackFlag says:
    @Jim H

    Right but in the article Hudson says that the cost of the building of the LNG infrastructure is what will destroy manufacturing. Everything depends on that point!
    * I made a mistake, it is only 0.5% of Germany’s annual expenses so it’s basically nothing!

    Maybe it’s too much work to do the number crunching required to estimate the true cost and effect of the transition to US LNG.

    Another consideration is the development of alternative sources. For example, I heard Spain has a lot of reserves that have yet to be exploited. And what about getting natural gas from North Africa?

  139. BlackFlag says:
    @René Fries

    Good point but I think even EU bureaucrats do as well. Some have mastered cognitive dissonance and others less fortunate find different reasons. These are not under the illusion that the people make decisions but they think democracy is good because it 1) enables a smooth transition of power and 2) results in a distributed govt.

    As for liberalism, they completely believe in it. Politicians, bureaucrats, and other state functionaries are not hardened autists. They are normie 120 IQ, reasonably conscientious, highly agreeable ladder climber socialites who do not have much time for thought and investigation.

    • Replies: @René Fries
  140. @John Johnson

    In English, apart from the peculiar American dialect, there is no such word as “math”. In Australia we never use it. We call mathematics maths, never math. It’s quirky to call mathematics “math”.

    • Replies: @Wokechoke
    , @sb
  141. @antibeast

    Thanks for the observations; for the true crime of the so called “greenies” is found precisely in the fact that the work of Victor Schaumberger was never pursued, through investment in new machine tool revolution laid out by Schaumberger’s revolution in machine tools…, for one must understand, when reference is given to jet engines, that Schaumberger did have an influence upon that, but of course advanced weapon designs, which of course is part of the enslavement and suppression of his work, but his work has been known, and resources were never implemented by the Don Quixote’s with there wind mill delusions.

    For Schaumberger’s genius is found in his motto, of what is universal scientific invitation, for that is what his saying “Observe nature, then copy her”. And it was through discovering the implosive dynamics of nature, as opposed to explosion (of the internal combustion engine), and that he discovered the working geometries translated into working technologies.

    The invitation is still around, but the imagination of sick culture are impotent.

  142. @Cook

    Going for the narrative about Germany’s crimes is not appropriate to anyone caring for the truth. History written by the victors, made us believe us many things that are not only untrue but totally opposite to reality, like The War Guilt Clause of the Treaty of Versailles, when Germany was the least interested party to a pan European war. I will avoid going into further details for this is subject that can require volumes.

    Your post is interesting but It it could have been more appreciated without the historical fallacy “ for all of Germany’s crimes”, when criminal behavior was foremost one that was characteristic of England and America.

    • Agree: HdC
    • Replies: @Cook
  143. @BlackFlag

    You certainly are not wrong, but nothing in this world is perfect,
    see for instance “lobbyism in Brussels – how the industry writes its own laws”

    • Thanks: BlackFlag
  144. @Ann Nonny Mouse

    “Large numbers of Germans” employed at U$$A bases? Several thousand, I’d suspect. Not so many in a country the size of Germany. Of course we should include the “girls” at the strip-clubs and the bierstubes which sell them watered-down suds after they have downed two or three of the real stuff.

    • Replies: @BlackFlag
  145. Derer says:

    Fortunately Americans are rich

    For your simpleminded mind only 0.8% are rich. Check the income profile of the American society, where 50 mil live below poverty level. For Germans Chinese market is more promising.

    • Replies: @John Johnson
  146. Athena says:

    The flow of gas will now be from Russia to Germany, via Turkey (a US/UK NATO member, and the only Muslim ”allie”).

    Germany has strengthened Turkey’s ties with Russia

    ‘The blatantly incorrect actions of the current German government towards Russia, in particular its active support for the fascist regime in Kiev and its passivity in the events surrounding Nord Stream, have forced Moscow to look for more reliable partners, including outside the EU.’

    • Replies: @Athena
  147. Athena says:

    US-UK/NATO take Germany, Uruguay, and Turkey as hostages for their war on the Euro, and on Russia and China

    Türkiye-Uruguay ties are strengthening: Turkish Ambassador

    ‘Underlining the importance of free trade between the two countries, Müftüoğlu said, “Exploratory talks on a free trade agreement continue. Our main target is MERCOSUR,” referring to the Southern American trade bloc also known as the Southern Common Market.

    “MERCOSUR is the target geography where we want to trade in a strategic sense and where we want to sign a free trade agreement. In other words, we want to reach the countries of Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay,” he added.’

  148. Brosi says:
    @mulga mumblebrain

    LOL. shit-for-brains is at it again.

    The manipulation and positioning of Germany in “Americas New World Order” started with her environmentalism, and is being finalised by her androgenous transformation. Drag Queen Story hour is just another show in the same three ring clown circus as “Global Warming”.

    Look at that Androgyn! The warmist’s are finally taking the velvet glove off of their iron Marxist fist, and it is all out in the open. Vanity Fair just came out with their “Pandemic Amnesty” article, soon we will start seeing “Climate Change Amnesty” articles from the very same useful idiots.

    The transformation of Greta from warmist to communist closely parallels the its transformation from girl activist to soy boy activist. Mr. E explains.

    Video Link

    • Agree: Sam hildebrand
    • Replies: @nokangaroos
    , @Brosi
    , @BAA
  149. Athena says:

    US-UK/NATO war on the Euro, and on Russia/China

    NATO headquarter Brussels and US-UK friends:

    Brussels looks to evade EU capitals to get Mercosur deal done

    ”The EU’s trade agreement with Canada, for example, has been provisionally in place for five years, but full ratification is still pending in many EU countries, including Germany and France.

    Moscow’s invasion (SIC) of Ukraine has made securing new trade partnerships, especially with more like-minded allies, an urgent mission for the EU. Brussels wants to diversify its trade flows to become less dependent on countries like Russia and, to a lesser extent, China.

    The Commission believes the pending trade deals in Latin America, such as Mercosur, as well as other deals with Chile and Mexico, are key to achieving that goal. The agreement with Mercosur, which was concluded in 2020, is especially important, given it would cover a major market and be a huge boost to the EU’s relations with Latin America.

    But outside of parliaments ratifying the deal, European officials themselves are also worried about deforestation, especially if Brazil’s far-right leader Jair Bolsonaro is re-elected this month in a presidential election.”

  150. @Brosi

    The Morgenthau Party (nix peace, nix environment, but deindustrialization,
    browning, mass castration and Total War for the Jew ohne wenn und aber)
    are definitely losing it:

    Banning oil and gas heating (as a constitutional law no less so it cannot be easily
    overturned) to wean the peasants off Russian gas (in a country not fabled
    for balmy winters) …
    I foresee pogroms 😀

    (I should probably note the switch to gas used to be subsidized)

    • Replies: @Brosi
    , @Brosi
  151. @Derer

    Fortunately Americans are rich

    For your simpleminded mind only 0.8% are rich. Check the income profile of the American society, where 50 mil live below poverty level. For Germans Chinese market is more promising.

    America is the land where people will live paycheck to paycheck and finance a brand new truck or BMW while living in an apartment.

    German cars are still highly valued in America even though the Ford/Chevy surpassed their reliability ratings.

    • Replies: @Derer
    , @showmethereal
  152. @JuniorJohnsons

    The Russian car market is tiny and Russians are poor peasants. Germans need better customers than that. Fortunately Americans are rich and ready to pay more than ever for German vehicles, Masha’Allah.

    Probably not that many luxury sedans but they are importing vehicles of some type:

    Germany exported especially machinery (5.8 billion euros, +5.7%), motor vehicles, trailers and semi-trailers (4.4 billion euros, +31.8%) as well as chemicals and chemical products (3.0 billion euros, +19.7%) to Russia in 2021.

    The Russian economy is indeed surprisingly small. Before the war it was smaller than Canada and after the war it will be smaller than Mexico.

    So you are right that they have a lot of poor peasants. Around 20% of Russians don’t have indoor plumbing:

  153. Brosi says:

    We are seeing the same phenomenon across all of Europe. While the fascist green governments relax all their anti-human green laws and regulations for large socialised woke corporations, they continue ratcheting down their genocidal green regulations on the population.

    Meanwhile their obfuscation propaganda organs keep spewing out the same kind of contradictory lies that the US woke media spews after a false flag shooting or even an early morning Paul Pelosi homo lovers spat.

    Case in point: all the European media blather on about how the forests in Europe are being clear cut and stripped of trees for use as firewood. The reality is that it is against the law to burn uncured wood in all these western European countries even if you are still allowed to use a wood burning oven.

    I recently paid almost $400 in carbon taxes when I filled my fuel oil tank. The EU could easily lessen the impact of this energy crisis for households by eliminating these carbon taxes the way they did when they allowed coal fired electric plants to restart. Big, connected, Jewish owned utilities have no problem getting laws relaxed and even changed, but the peasants will only get peanuts.

    You are correct, pray for pogroms.

  154. @tibor barna

    Maybe Viktor Orban knows that Netty-Yahoo won’t stir up the JEWS ORGANIZED GLOBALLY(JOG) propaganda trouble when Orban does this or that.

    Netty-Yahoo doesn’t want to flood out Israel with foreigners and maybe Netty-Yahoo can tell JOG to cool it with the open borders propaganda crap.

    Orban understands that Netty-Yahoo is an Israel Jew Nationalist.

    It’s up to White Core Americans to say thanks but no thanks when Netty-Yahoo starts in with the crud about the US military attacking Iran.

    Tweets from 2014 and 2015:


  155. The main “trick” that the Jews have developed to perfection is to throw dirt at their enemies, convinced that some of it will always stick. Then they shout out loud, “Look, everyone, at the dirt that sticks to him! He is a Nazi and wants to wash himself clean of his sins!”

    But he has previously “forbidden” everything in the circle of his victims to find out who really caused the dirt. Like sneaky murderers shouting, “Stop the thief, he has my knife in his back!” And so they still peddle their endlessly lamenting victim story, the eternal wandering Jews with their Schtetl tales as they once did in Galicia.

    It does not even occur to them at all that they are getting on the nerves of the entire world and that they are making themselves unpopular, because this need to make themselves unpopular is written in their pedigree. Everyone just thinks, “Oh no, not him again…”

  156. Farmer says:

    I have learned a lot from Dr Hudson’s books. This article too was decent.

    The analogy between the u.s. empire and the medieval papacy was strained, and was amateurish history.

    It lowered the quality of an otherwise fair article.

  157. The entire crisis seems to revolve around the issue of removing the USD from a gold standard. Without gold backed currency, the average Joe cannot compare his annual hourly wage increase to its actual buying power. E,g., an automatic two percent automatic pay raise under a fiat system, cannot keep up with changes to the ever rising cost of living adjustments. The goal posts are moved around during the game. Fluctuations in the commodity markets, federal reserve bailouts for banks that financed wild speculation schemes (inflationary factors) come together, only to make those fictive (numerical) increases in cost of living-meaningless. For example; the dizzying speculations within China’s carry trade. A collapse in Chinese real-estate markets coupled with a general economic slowdown, will the Yuan continue to appreciate? The carry trade in the Forex market looked good seven years ago but can this be said today? Would these wild speculative investments exist along side a gold backed dollar today?..I think not. There would be an international agreement that assigns a fixed value for gold but this time, without the USA in charge of pegging it, as was the case with POTUS FDR, to confiscate and then manipulate the fixed value of bullion gold.

  158. Derer says:
    @John Johnson

    I agree with the improved domestic reliability, however German cars are more expensive and require detrimental high grade gasoline.

  159. Brosi says:

    More recent pics of the Bolshevic androgyn activist. It looks bizarre, if not alien..

    It suffers “aspergers” for the same reason Jews suffered in the “holocaust”: To shield them from criticism and scrutiny and to assist them in their wars against Germany and Christianity.


  160. Derer says:

    You forgot that Germany is shamefully occupied by the US military not for protection but for defusing any potential anti-Americanism.

    • Replies: @BlackFlag
  161. Brosi says:

    What is really happening to Germany summarised in one image:

    To this day, Jews have never forgiven Germans for the loss of their giant tranny and kiddie porn collection.

    That’s right, Germany is facing genocide because they burnt the Jews’ porn collection just as much as they are for stripping Jews of all their privilege. The holofraud was never anything more than compensatory Jewish atrocity porn.

    • LOL: Zane
  162. BlackFlag says:

    True, US has military bases in Germany that could be used to apply military force if Germany got out of line. But I think if the Germans, like the Filipinos and the Thais, insisted, the US military would leave.

    The aforementioned factors stop Germans from resisting their overlord
    before military force need be considered thereby its not an operative pressure. But maybe the threat is always lurking in the background.

    • Replies: @Hulkamania
  163. Miro23 says:
    @Gaylord of the German Gaylands

    Precisely this is what is going on at the moment.
    In the Hungarian city of Győr (Audi!) alone there seem to be more German engineers and scientists than in the entire Federal Republic, where everything is now into Gender Studies, Trans Studies, Fat Studies, etc.

    There’s something going on here. There’s a perceptible shift of Western European engineers and scientists towards less Woke places in Eastern Europe. It’s a new kind of immigration.

  164. BlackFlag says:
    @emerging majority

    Yes, it’s highly unlikely that the pittance Germany earns from the bases is what prevents their closure. Even impoverished Philippines & Thailand that hosted far larger bases forced closure! Germans lack moral confidence due to the history they have been taught. The bases will be closed when the non-German population in Germany reaches a critical mass.

  165. Cook says:
    @Joe Levantine

    Its not what the individual believe but what the collective belief in Germany is.

    I don’t live in Germany but as a country occupied by both foreign troops and foreign media reminding Germans of their crimes of the past (real or imagined) will have an effect on the confidence of a countries citizenry.

    Germany seems to cling to this guilt as a security blanket and looks to its U.S parent for approval.

    What else explains why Germany has gone against its self-interest and not called out an act of war on its infrastructure by a so called ally?

    Germany has to throw this guilt off and to show the door to foreign influences to forge a new future that is European not American.

    • Agree: Ann Nonny Mouse
    • Thanks: Joe Levantine
    • Replies: @HdC
    , @Joe Levantine
  166. Münster seems to be the center of the world at the moment. Herr Jude “Tony” Blinken is a guest of his beloved Fraulein Annalena, who had all crucifixes removed in advance. After all, he knows that empowering the goys’ dumbest women ruins their power altogether.

    I myself have the least problems with de-cancerization, because the universalistic church is only the extended arm of the all-undermining Jewry. This is also the reason why Jewish organs like Breitbart permanently report about the Pope.

    • Thanks: Brosi
    • Replies: @A123
    , @Wokechoke
  167. @unzrocks

    “An awesome article …”

    Agreed. But …

    “Another byproduct of America’s New Cold War has been to end any international plan to stem global warming.”

    That’s because Western elites intend to confine their strategy of starving economies of carbon fuel confined to the West. Whilst the BRICs bloc focus on growth rather than join the illusory quest to defy the sun its effect on the climate, Western serfs can expect their standard of living to wither and their lifespans shortened. We’ve allowed our economies and systems of government to be captured by the spiritually sick Davos demi-gods and the Babylonian bankers. No mention by Hudson in his article of this salient fact.

  168. Athena says:

    The result is that the world is splitting in two camps: the U.S.-centered NATO, and the emerging Eurasian coalition. One byproduct of this dynamic has been to leave Germany unable to pursue the economic policy of mutually advantageous trade and investment relations with Russia (and perhaps also China).

    I agree. E.g., US-NATO is using Germany to advance the US interests in S. Korea (to counter Russia/China influence in Korea):

    South Korea, Germany agree to cooperate in response to North Korea’s provocations

    ”President Yoon Suk-yeol and German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier, who is visiting Korea for three days, agreed to work closely to thwart North Korea’s provocations during a summit held in the presidential office in Seoul, Friday.

    Steinmeier is the first European president to visit Korea since Yoon was inaugurated on May 10.”

    First lady seeks to help S. Koreans enjoy Korean cultural assets in Germany

  169. A123 says: • Website
    @Nasty World

    Münster seems to be the center of the world at the moment. Herr Jude “Tony” Blinken is a guest of his beloved Fraulein Annalena

    Do you mean Blinken, enemy of Israeli democracy?

    Or, possibly his boss who cannot figure out how to call Netanyahu?

    Why does Not-The-President Biden’s coup regime hate indigenous Palestinian Jews? Or, do they simply hate fair elections?

    PEACE 😇

    • Replies: @Wokechoke
    , @anonymous
  170. Athena says:

    F. William Engdahl (video below) Planned population reduction and global economic depression ENGINEERED by the FED (e.g., the Morgans and Rockefellers) Intentional destruction of Germany’s industry (BASF, Siemens, …) and world global economy using energy (”green agenda”) as the choke point. Pipeline sabotage and MI6-asset Sikorsky.

    Engdahl says : The ultimate control, the POWER is the interest rate of the Federal Reserve. The Chinese economy is imploding. The FED is still the key central bank for the entire world economy. The US dollar is still 61% of the global central bank reserve currencies. The economy of China is dependent on trillions of dollars (dollar credits) that they borrowed when the interest rates in the US were nearly zero, and the interest rates in China were 3 to 5%. So they borrowed these very cheap loans in the dollar, thinking that this would last forever.

    F. William Engdahl on Real Causes of EU Energy Collapse & Nordstream Sabotage

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  171. @Arius

    Well said.

    Europe’s first revolution is rarely mentioned but its effects were far reaching.

  172. Lez says: • Website


    In 2018, US Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin intended to negotiate a recalcitrant BeiJing Administration to apply sanctions on itself, that being to pull back on every technological advance and allow the United States to overtake – – –

    – Artificial Intelligence, Industrial Patents, Super Computing, Advanced Software, Advanced Logistics, 5G and now 6G, Industrial Robotics, Ultra-High Density Integrated Circuits, Quantum Research, Space-Based Applications, Advanced Weapons Development including Hypersonic Weapons, Electro-Magnetics and Artificial Intelligence.

    BeiJing politely said no but have been less polite since and Washington imposed sanctions that have damaged American industrial interests as China pursues self-sufficiency and closer integration with Russia and other countries in this their dominant geo-political arrangement, The Great Eurasian Union.

    China, incidentally, graduates more musicians than The United States graduates scientists and engineers and China’s graduates overall run to several million each year. Chinese people display an unmistakable commitment to their country as a whole. This cannot be said of The United States or other Western states where the much vaunted freedom of the individual is code for a cult of the self.

    God Favours Russia and China.

  173. Lez says:

    China aligned with Russia years back.
    The Great Eurasian Union is The West’s ticket to the end of the line and they know it, hence these resource wars. They will lose as they have not and cannot win a war against a peer competitor.
    Here they have two, at least.

    Both American and British military power, absent nuclear weapons, was always overrated, by their own estimations.

    In the present global conflicts, God favours Russia and China, examined here . . .

  174. HdC says:

    Germany needs nuclear weapons and means to deliver them.
    Only then will German needs and aspirations be taken into account.
    Look how North Korea is treated. No one dares to tell it what to do.

    The very idea that third parties dare to interfere with German trade between equal partners, is an act of war.

    But when you are threatened with nuclear weapons from two directions, it is hard to comply.

    Were Germany attacked by the USA and/or Israel, does anyone really believe that Britain or the French would rise to its defence?

    • Agree: Joe Levantine
    • Replies: @anonymous
  175. Today a pigeon shit right on the back of my neck. I saw this as a sign of luck, because this pigeon had chosen me to prove to me that my luck is indestructible. And indeed, I met a lot of people that I would not have met otherwise. This is the only attitude that saves us from destruction. If you don’t want wind, you have to die. We need resistance.

  176. Wokechoke says:
    @Nasty World

    small man on a schtick.

    • Replies: @Mad World
  177. Wokechoke says:
    @John Johnson

    Ivana Ivanova,

    Maths is the normal way to shorten Mathematics. Small man on schtick. Your provincial (((Americanness))) is showing. You really don’t know much about the world.

  178. Mad World says:

    Why do you think your negative self-assessment is so worth sharing with strangers?

    • Replies: @Wokechoke
  179. 5641327

    Calm down: He didn’t mean dat “Nasty Man” at
    all, but “Tony” (alleged US “Secretary of State”)!

  180. Wokechoke says:

    It’s mostly all just pretend. What do they disagree about?

  181. Wokechoke says:
    @Mad World

    What are you, Blinken’s personal assistant?

  182. anonymous[232] • Disclaimer says:

    It’s all theater for the credulous American goyim.

  183. anonymous[384] • Disclaimer says:

    Without a powerful military deterrence that places ZOG in some significant degree of danger, you are nothing more than an expendable prop to be cannibalized when convenient. The Germans are bullied because they have no ability to fight for themselves. This is a lesson I hope the non-western world learns. You will not gain respect or security by pleading for them.

    • Agree: HdC
  184. @John Johnson

    Here is a fact: Olaf Scholz went to China against the wishes of half of his government and Washington.

  185. @John Johnson

    A speaker of Simplified English, I see.

  186. Wokechoke says:
    @Ann Nonny Mouse

    I don’t know when Americans started dropping that S.

  187. Athena says:

    Brussel (NATO’s headquater) applies additional pressure on Germany and Belgium to impose the US total control — ”green”– agenda, (and let european countries freeze in the dark or close their industries)?!

    ”The treaty was devised in the early 1990s at the end of the Cold War to give investors confidence in the new democracies in eastern Europe, whose previous Communist governments had a habit of suddenly nationalising industries or cancelling projects.”

    “It is unbelievable the EU agreed to lock in fossil protection for at least another decade,” says Cornelia Maarfield, trade and investment policy expert at the NGO Climate Action Network Europe. “This means countries will continue to spend taxpayers’ money in compensating fossil fuel companies rather than fighting climate change and moving to a renewable energy system. Adopting the reform would also come with a reckless expansion of the treaty to hydrogen, biomass and other energy materials, exposing us to even greater risks of uncapped compensation claims in future.”

    However, the Commission is warning that staying in the reformed treaty is a better option than leaving it, since the ‘sunset clause’ keeps countries liable for 20 years if they leave, while the reform makes them liable for half that time if they stay. The Commission told Brussels media that all EU countries endorsed the outcome of the reform negotiations in June, and the EU executive appears to have been caught off guard by the sudden exodus that has taken place over the last two weeks, with France, Spain, Poland and the Netherlands all announcing their intention to leave. Germany and Belgium have said they are considering it.

    “We are critical of the result achieved on a number of points,” said Dutch energy and climate policy minister Rob Jetten when announcing the country’s withdrawal on 18 October. “The treaty continues to offer too much protection to the fossil fuel industry.”

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  188. Athena says:

    Does someone know how many hospitals in Germany are still closed because of the lack of fuel?

    I’ve heard that the situation was dramatic this week and that much of them were still closed (or had to close) until gas flow to Germany is re-eastablised to sufficient levels. If the situation persists, what is the plan?

  189. sb says:
    @Ann Nonny Mouse

    A non-American goes on an American site to tell off Americans for using Americanisms!
    Americans constitute a majority of people with English as a first language by the way.
    I must say that if I were on an Australian site and an American told me off for using Australianisms I would be inclined to tell them where to go.
    Which tells me what polite people there are here or, more likely, that you are a person to ignore.

    • LOL: Ann Nonny Mouse
    • Replies: @Ann Nonny Mouse
  190. Europe – the obedient Yankee lap dog – going even more dumb, blind and deaf. Keep kissing the Yanx’s behind…

  191. @Cook

    “ I don’t live in Germany but as a country occupied by both foreign troops and foreign media reminding Germans of their crimes of the past (real or imagined) will have an effect on the confidence of a countries citizenry.”

    Thank you for stating the facts without rounding the edges. Thus you could have added the word “alleged” to crimes and that would have conveyed the real meaning of your post.

  192. @Gaylord of the German Gaylands

    And didn’t that Audi facility go there as a compromise to contain costs? If i’m not mistaken there were huge negotiations to keep jobs in Germany because VW/Audi were complaining even back then about operating (mainly labor) costs in Germany….

  193. @John Johnson

    VW – Audi – BMW – Mercedes – Porsche ALL sell more cars in China than the US.

  194. I have problems with the ‘Cold War’ narrative.

    Prior to 1991 the Empire’s principal and genuine foe was the Soviet Union. After this Japan was accused of being the next menace. Focus later shifted to the Middle East.

    A multi-polar world is developing today. Bankster Jim O’Neill coined the term BRICS to describe this phenomenon. India, Brazil, and South Africa were comical additions. Washington is trying to prevent this from happening so as to maintain the old order and hegemony.

    The ‘Sleeping Giant’ is now awake and has industrialized after three failed attempts under the Qing dynasty, Republic of China or ROC, and People’s Republic of China (1949 to 1978).

    Consequently, it has amassed trillions in sovereign wealth. This money is used as leverage on the global stage. It is also financing military hardware that will be used to eventually challenge the Empire in the South China Sea and beyond.

    Thwarting the supply of Russian natural gas to Europe is just the beginning. Last year Gina Raimondo was explicit about disrupting Germany’s relationship with its biggest trading partner, China, where Volkswagen sells many of its products.

    Europe is problematic because it is no longer fragmented. What is now called the European Union was once merely a common market. After various treaties, it has become more cohesive and autonomous. The preceding sentence isn’t an endorsement of EUcrats bankrolled mainly by German taxpayers.

    Cold War plus ‘Destroy This Mad Brute’ soundbites and memes are used to herd Europe. Local leaders are still viewed as subordinates. In case some have forgotten, Merkel’s phone was allegedly hacked by a certain government.

    NATO expansion, Quadrilateral Security Dialogue, and AUKUS are different manifestations of the same agenda.

    Since we are all still living in Amerika, be it physically or digitally or culturally, the George Lucas movie or film ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ is an appropriate metaphor for current events.

  195. @BlackFlag

    You are retarded. The US military would never willingly leave Germany.

    • Replies: @John Johnson
  196. Wild Man says:
    @Wild Man

    The prequel (the human story told, including the geopolitical portion, as per the universal House of Rock culture, developed in America on the backbone of Appalachian/black folk-meld, exported everywhere, by the west [that’s us] as uber-embraced by the millions of ecstatic Moscovites of 1991). Music that changed the world. Putin is right. Somebody got in the way:

  197. @wlindsaywheeler

    “Convert or die” did NOT apply to the “people of the book” (Christians, Jews, Zoroastrians); they “only” had to pay the jizziya.

    Then, as to @IronForge’s reply Jesus+Christianity were a Constantine-Sponsored Syncretic Cult – an Amalgamated Fabrication of Chrestus, Mythras, Dionysus, and other “Expiring Cults” of the 4thCE attempting to incorporate/hijack Judaism+their Messiah,

    Edouard M. Gallez (in: Die Entstehung einer Weltreligion VI, Verlag Schiler & Mücke, Berlin/Tübingen 2021, pp.298 sq.) writes of “la croyance encore largement répandue, selon laquelle le christianisme aurait été fabriqué au Concile de Nicée (325). De là est née la croyance en un ‘christianisme pré-nicéen’ (sans la foi en la divinité du Christ) opposable à un ‘christianisme post-nicéen’ (qui l’aurait fabriquée). […] Mais peut-on ignorer la diversité originelle de ses formes? Car quand on découvre l’existence de cinq ou six formes de christianisme toutes aussi originelles les unes que les autres, plus aucun schéma réducteur ne peut s’appliquer. Et cette diversité vient de l’apostolat des apôtres et de leurs disciples dans des régions aussi éloignées que l’Espagne d’un côté et la Chine de l’autre, ou que le Caucase au nord et la Nubie au sud, sans oublier la diversité des nations et cultures situées entre ces extrêmes – et en particulier l’immense et hétéroclite empire parthe dont la langue officielle était justement l’araméen, la langue des juifs et… des apôtres. La connaissance de cette civilisation araméenne, centrale entre le monde gréco-romain et la Chine, éclaire les débuts du christianisme; sans cet éclairage pourtant substantiel depuis les découvertes récentes de l’archéologie [note: (…) Pierre Perrier, L’Apôtre Thomas et le prince Ying, éd. Jubilé, 2012 (…) Le Catholicos arménien Sahak III Dzoporetsi et l’Eglise de Chine, in Actes du Colloque de Paris des 1er décembre et 30 décembre 2012, éd. AED, Paris 2013, pp. 123-166 (…) etc] on en vient vite à croire que le christianisme est gréco-latin […] Il convient de changer notre paradigme europeano-centrique. C’est déjà un progrès de tenir compte du christianisme syriaque, mais, s’il est héritier de formes originelles du christianisme (ce qui est parfois nié), il se trouve enfermé dans l’empire romain et soumis à une pression grecque intense [note: non seulement l’obligation était faite aux prêtres de célébrer en grec, mais le nom même de leur communauté a été hellénisé: kristyonè au lieu de mesihoyè (…)]. Mais comparé aux nombreuses communautés araméennes de l’Eglise de l’Orient (basée à Séleucis-Ktésiphon), il est minoritaire. Le problème de fond est de tenir compte des multiples formes prises par le christianisme des apôtres, selon les régions du monde où ils sont allés – toutes ces formes ayant en commun un solide socle hébréo-araméen. C’est ce socle qu’il faut regarder, sans vouloir y trouver à tout prix des concepts grecs qui nous sont familiers mais qui seront définis plus tard. […] Un manque de connaissances du monde sémitique est ainsi à l’origine de confusions (…). En fait, toutes ces mécompréhensions ont des racines très anciennes, remontant aux Byzantins. Ceux-ci ont joué un rôle déterminant en imposant leurs manières de voir et de raisonner: ils ont voulu donner des définitions conceptuelles à la foi, créant davantage de problèmes qu’ils prétendaient en résoudre. (…) Il convient plutôt de privilégier les sources extérieures au monde de l’empire gréco-latin, et en particulier celles hébréo-araméennes de l’Eglise de l’Orient, même si elles sont moins nombreuses que d’autres suite aux destructions islamiques systématiques (…)”,

    in short, it is the almost universal ignorance of the true primitive diversity of the Apostles’ creed, that leads almost everyone to believe in such falsehoods as those put forward by @IronForge.

  198. BAA says: • Website
    Geoengineering and consent

    In addition to the poignant commentary by Brosi, please take a look at how the poison vax plays into the programs described by the consortium described. The vax attacks the pineal gland, the well preserved and well blooded control center in the brain, causing disruptions of several crucial processes, including that of reproduction. The destruction of the ionosphere is the cause behind the Al Gore hoax of “global warming,” the hoax now being peddled by the likes of Greta Thunberg. The moonlanding hoax was the prelude to the current attempts to undertake “space travel,” but first the roof of the house has to be destroyed for unfailing exits and returns. An Earth without an ionosphere won’t work, nor will the creatures on the planet be able to exist. In 2030 the blocking of the sun is scheduled; only those well vaxxed GMO’s will not suffer the detriment of a sunless Earth; humans and animals alike. Why do you think the hoax “Global Warming” was created? It’s a distraction from the attacks on the protective layers around the Earth, by EMF, causing weather anomalies. Nothing has to do with “warming of the Earth,” but with major disturbances to the weather caused by tearing the plasma layers around the Earth with EMF. In these layers resides the life force, the energy and light frequencies that humans need to exist. Without it we cannot exist. The Cabal of which Brosi writes foresees an artificial life force, distributed by means of artificial frequences, for the ultimate control of humanity. That’s where we are heading. Open your eyes…

    • Thanks: emerging majority
    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
    , @Brosi
  199. Wokechoke says:
    @Wild Man

    Is there a black madonna tradition in German Catholicism?

    • Replies: @Wild Man
  200. The described U.S. elite is actually the same old Zionist supremest in action again. Throughout history these degenerates raise their evil heads and begin the planed destruction of the western world.
    Emboldened by their recent success in the stolen U.S.. presidential election of 2020 they have increased their subversive activity’s.
    Unlike the rest of the modern world the U.S. citizen has the means to resist. That resistance will soon manifest itself in the overthrow of the cosmopolitan and political Jews in the U.S.
    The parable between Germany in the 1930’s and the U.S. in 2022 is unmistakeable. The Zionist playbook is the same for all nations in the western world. Subvert , plunder, degenerate and destroy.
    They will fail again. And again the Jews of the world will suffer for the sins of their evil few.

  201. “A single bishopric, Rome, cut itself off from the entire Christian world of the time, ”

    “First of all, they elevated the bishop of Rome above all other bishoprics, creating the modern papacy. ”

    What is this nonsense.

  202. “. It is doing this voluntarily – not because of military force but out of an ideological belief that the world economy should be run by U.S. Cold War planners.”

    Germany is obeying the US because they are afraid of the consequences if they do not.

  203. Druid55 says:

    250 monasteries in tiny Jerusalem st that time. You’ve lost credibility, though you’re right about who is controlling us now.

  204. Druid55 says:
    @John Johnson

    And all the commonwealth uses maths!

  205. Wild Man says:

    Not that I am aware of. Rammstein theatrics seem to be the forte of their dramatic lead, … this Till Lindemann, …. and I believe he is a sensitive soul (like so many artists) and deeply feels the glory, the violence, the pagan-rooted willfullness, the Teutonic drive for order under these conditions, to overcome the chaos-of-humanity-so-unleashed, ….. and the resulting outlook of melancholy that then arises, among men feeling these existential ethnic-like-tensions, emerging from the bosom of the instrument of these ethnic drives, that bore these now modern men – Germania, …. still emerging after all this time, somehow still emerging, after first seeded in biblical times.

    German actress Ruby Commey plays Germania in this masterful Rammstein production. She was pitch-perfect, as far as I can tell, in keeping with the themes I think Lindemann was going, for, as I expressed in the paragraph above. I think Ruby Commey was the perfect choice to play Germania, because, she obviously possesses the proclivity for displaying a purity and rawness of the emotional expressions that flash over her face (performed without inhibition), the perfect emotional dynamic to represent an ethnic nation, … and as well, for a man of Lindemann’s sensitivities, I think depicting Germania as a black woman, might be a purposeful decision to artfully present it this way, to highlight the conflicted nature (racial pride,…. racial disgust, …. leading to racial melancholy, and a hope for a return to racial glory, …. perhaps for the sake of the glory of the entire humanity this time) felt by the likes of Lindemann (and myself for that matter, …. even though I come from some offshoots of the Germania that arose in central Europe in biblical times, ….. my ancestors are Irish/Scottish/English – with all 4 parts of the family ancestry featuring these heritages, residing in areas of Ireland, Scotland and England, that also experienced various repetitive Norse and Danish genotype inoculations).

    If I am interpreting Lindemanns’ artistic expression correctly, …. then I think, this artistic vid, allows me more-so to feel what Lindeman feels, about his place in the world, …. a hallmark of truly great art.

  206. Ace says:

    Health care is not a social service, it’s a business. Like A/C repair, roofing, and dog walking. Just because people want it when they want it that’s none of the government’s business no matter how much government toads want to grandstand about how much they “care.”

    Banking and money creation should be in public hands but education, transportation and communications should be in private hands. If there is too much concentration of wealth then, gasp, anti-trust laws can be used though officials just now would rather take a nail gun to their feet than engage in effective monopoly destruction.

    • Troll: mulga mumblebrain
    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  207. Ace says:

    “Western antagonism against the East was incited by the Crusades.”

    What? That makes no sense. Muslim expansion and occupation of the Holy Land antagonized Christendom. The Crusades were the (partial) answer to Muslim expansion.

  208. There is no ‘America’ trying to create a unipolar world – there is only Jewish supremacism trying to create One World Government run by the self-declared Chosenites.

    • Agree: Zane
    • Replies: @littlereddot
  209. @Maple Curtain

    There is no ‘America’ trying to create a unipolar world – there is only Jewish supremacism trying to create One World Government run by the self-declared Chosenites.

    Don’t forget the 350 million American collaborators helping the Jewish supremacists in their goals.

  210. @Ace

    Turning health into a commodity is typical capitalist inhumanity. I would hope that you caught some disease that your insurance did not co0ver, but then I would be like you. No thanks.

  211. @BAA

    I do love it when Dunning-Kruger morons think that they have ‘discovered’ some great secret that ALL the Academies of Science of the world have no idea about. This dupe probably got it in some denialist sewer, and is too stupid and arrogant to realise he’s been had. Global climate destabilisation caused by human activities science goes back at least one hundred years before Gore was even born. The rest is so fecking deranged that one suspects deep psychological disease, or some sort of very unfunny joke.

    • Replies: @Hulkamania
  212. @Athena

    If you do not have a ‘green’ agenda, ie policies to prevent and reverse ecological collapse, you’ll be dead in decades. Is that what you want?

    • LOL: Hulkamania
    • Replies: @Athena
  213. Athena says:
    @mulga mumblebrain

    I’m not against a green agenda. But i dislike LIES, data falsification, and interpretation by corrupt or incompetent so-called scientists. I also wonder why the meme ”global warming” has been changed for ”climate change”.

    (Please see the graph below from NOOA)

    ISES Solar Cycle Sunspot Number Progression
    Set Zoom on ALL to have the X-axis (Universal Time) graduated from years 1750 to 2025.

    According to the graph, the sunspot number cyclically varies, reaching maximum and minimum values every 12 years approx.

    Furthermore, the maximum (peak) value reached during each 12-year cycle cyclically increases and decreases over time, as if modulated by a sinusoidal signal having a time period of about 200 years.

    Thus the minimum value of the sunspot number stayed low (peak magnitude below 100) between 1800 and 1830. Reportedly, record low temperatures and droughts occurred in the United States during this period. This corresponds to the minimum value of a (hypothetic) 200-year cycle.

    200 years later, i.e., from year 2000 to 2022, the minimum value of the sunspot number stayed low (about 100 or lower).

    If the displayed data is reliable, we might be heading for a prolonged period of record-low temperatures and droughts, as in 1830. So not really towards a global warming.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  214. Brosi says:

    Interesting comment and an interesting substack.

    There is a lot going on behind the curtains, what it is we cannot know for certain. Of course they are deliberately muddying the water with a constant stream of lies and half truths. Suckers like shit-for-brains insist that they know everything about how the climate changes while categorically ruling out the existence of weather manipulation or geoengineering.

    I found this interview by Mike Adams to be quite interesting. They discuss various elements in the “vaxx” and what effects they may be having on the body and how they could be interacting with 5G.

    The SYNBIO “Borgification” infiltration of human physiology EXPOSED by Todd Callender

    Their discussion of Cesium 137 (Cs-137) as a cellular potentiator is directly related to your statements about light frequencies and EMF.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  215. @Athena

    I hadn’t realised that race hatred and Sinophobia had sent Engdahl bonkers. China has the greatest pool of assets in the world, controls its own currency, has the world’s greatest trade surpluses and trillions and trillions of personal savings. Dope springs eternal.

  216. @Brosi

    It’s not ‘suckers’ for science and reality that we need worry about, but suckers for Rightwing hate-mongering, cretinish denial of reality, and pseudo-scientific swill from the fossil fuel hacks that they are too dumb to see as the bullshit that it is.

  217. @dogbumbreath

    Agree, but I think you mean homeopathic medicine from which naturopathic medicine developed more recently.

    To those that refer to homeopathy as fake, Madeline Ennis set out to prove it was fake and couldn’t.
    Others followed to “debunk” her study. Here is her response to one:

    • Thanks: dogbumbreath
  218. @Athena

    Athena, if you are going to pose as a Goddess, lift your game. The argument by nomenclature, ie that ‘global warming’ changing to ‘climate change’, in some circles, mostly the sewers of MSM ‘journalism’, invalidates science and observation is MORONIC. I prefer ‘anthropogenic’, because caused by humanity, climate ‘destabilisation’ because that which will soon kill us all, or most of us, is rapid destabilisation of the global climate system, which will kill directly through floods, fires, hurricanes, landslides etc, but most particularly through the destruction of agriculture and animal husbandry, leading to famine, disease and war.
    Your copy and paste from, where, is typically ignorant. The forcing of added greenhouse gases in the atmosphere far outweighs the variability of solar radiation during the sunspot cycle. The forcing over the last 200 years since the Industrial Revolution and massive fossil fuel burning, is the greatest for at least 55 million years, since the PETM, and there were not eight billion people to feed then. Please stay blissfully ignorant-when it comes the horror of realisation, if you are even capable of experiencing it,will at least be brief.

    • Troll: Brosi
  219. @mulga mumblebrain

    Global climate destabilisation caused by human activities science goes back at least one hundred years before Gore was even born

    Not really. There is no science underpinning “climate destabilization caused by human activities” now, and certainly not 100 years before Al Gore was born. Even today, we only have hypotheses that are unsupported by data, along with flawed models built by those with a poor understanding of mathematics.

    The “green energy” agenda is simply a tool of American imperialism, meant to make nations reliant upon the USA for energy and to hinder the economic development of the global south and Asia. Only low IQ retards, such as yourself, fall for this unscientific American capitalist propaganada.

  220. @A123

    You might be right. If Macron is censoring Rumble (headquarters in Canada and US), it seems Europe has some agency, at the very least.

  221. Athena says:

    I strongly agree with a ‘green agenda’ if it means the 3R (reduce, re-use, recycle), stop destroying forests, rivers, lakes, stop this absurd excessive, compulsive consumption of goods to fill a moral void. The West is in no position to lecture other countries, including China, about pollution.


    My text was not a ‘cut and paste’. It’s how i interpret the graph shown by the NOAA. Mr Engdahl wrote several interesting articles related to this. For example:

    World Extreme Weather: Is it Man or Something Else?

    What astrophysicists have documented is that our sun—by far the greatest factor for whether we experience heat or cold spells, El Nino Pacific events, or severe volcanic or earthquake activity as in the past months—that the sun undergoes a complex cyclical series of intense activity followed by declining activity, activity commonly known as sunspots or solar eruptions, huge electro-magnetic events. Typically the sun eruptions come in roughly 11 year cycles of peaks and lows. These cycles overlay longer cycles and relate to the highly complex motion of our solar system in the universe. Currently since 2018 we are experiencing a period of significant decline in solar activity, a solar minimum.


    The US Government’s National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) says, “All weather on Earth, from the surface of the planet out into space, begins with the Sun. Space weather and terrestrial weather (the weather we feel at the surface) are influenced by the small changes the Sun undergoes during its solar cycle. The most important impact the Sun has on Earth is from the brightness or irradiance of the Sun itself.”

    What are the effects of a weaker solar activity, a more dormant cycle as we now experience of less solar energy or irradiance reaching Earth? In addition to increased cloud coverage globally, the vital jet streams weaken and volcanic activity increases, along with earth quakes, combined with erratic unpredictable weather. […] In some regions there will be significantly more drought while in others significant flooding with major effect on world food production possible. The weaker solar activity, known as Solar Minimum, also correlates with a global cooling trend. This has been documented going back centuries and longer.

    The current solar cycle, called by NASA the Number 24 Cycle, peaked in early 2014 before starting its measurable decline in annual sunspot activity. The minimum is predicted to take place in 2020. It could last for years. Some predict a new “mini Ice Age.

  222. Zane says:

    Germany is run by the CIA. Soros Uber Alles. Then there’s the aftermath of being kinghit with the Greatest Lie Ever Told, the Hollow Hoax. The Anglo-Zionists out-Goebbelsed the Propagandameister himself with that whopper. Lies don’t really come any bigger, do they?

    Each time Germany starts to get anywhere it gets hit with another right hook from the tranny worshippers. Now it’s an engineered energy shortage. The world has energy aplenty. But we aren’t allowed to use it.

  223. @Hulkamania

    You are retarded. The US military would never willingly leave Germany.

    I would support shutting down the bases but the Germans wouldn’t. Not the politicians anyways.

    Has nothing to do with politics and everything to do with economics.

    It would be like suggesting that the Florida keys shut down spring break.

    Germans may complain at times but 21 year old military men with gov money keep a lot of beer flowing.

  224. Derer says:

    Yes, millions world-wide understand that, except the American herd of sheep. The 2020 election just confirmed their misunderstanding by electing the Zionist politburo.

  225. @sb

    Okay, maybe I should apologize to Americans. But to me it’s irritating, jarring, to read “math” with no “s”.

    • Replies: @littlereddot
  226. @Ann Nonny Mouse

    But to me it’s irritating, jarring, to read “math” with no “s”

    I totally agree.

    Unfortunately where I come from, so many unthinking young people are doing the same. They now even celebrate Halloween, a holiday totally alien to our culture.

    That is the power of US propaganda/soft power for you. Who needs a large conquering army when you have Hollywood?

  227. It’s about that time when empty rhetoric is spewed forth about the “troops” & former cannon fodder. Such rhetoric can be found @ this here link, where “Google” claims to be “supporting” veterans…LOL.

    Yet the truth is Amerikka treats its vets like feces, & holidays like this are just emotional blackmail to get the flag waving USian morons (redundant) steeped in jingoistic nationalistic pride as they stuff their Anglo and indoctrinated “diversity” faces w/ propaganda and of course, corn syrup, red dye 5, and salt. Yankee doodle dipshits.

    If Amerikka really cared about its discarded cannon fodder, dontcha think it’d “support” them ALL the time…not just 4 one day? And why is there still no universal health care like every other country in the world since Amerikkka really cares abt the debt/taxes slaves “wellness”…wear a mask… Oops.

  228. Daisy says:

    Not quite. Hard to take seriously any author who so easily peddles half truths.

    For instance,

    “The NATO war in Iraq, Libya, Syria, Afghanistan and Ukraine was about the United States (and its French, British and Dutch allies) keeping control of oil.”

    A few years ago General Wesley Clark who has Jewish credentials himself, disclosed he’d been let in on a little secret in 2001: he was told 7 wars had been planned in 5 years by the likes of Jewish neocons such as Paul Wolfowitz.

    Iraq was the first port of call followed by Libya and Syria (which of course Israel has no interest in, least of all the Golan heights). Libya also falls under the scope of Greater Israel and I guess a perk of taking out Gadaffi was it became easier to ship illegals over by the bucket-loads from Libya. Wesley even says this deliberate plan of attack can be traced back to 1991.

    Wesley Clark has made this speech a few times and the reasons he cites vary from “oil” to “taking out Saddam”. The fact these wars tie into the Yinon Plan, “A Clean Break” and PNAC all driven by Jewish neocons to bring about Greater Israel is never mentioned.

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