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George Soros’s Dream: to Turn China Into a Neoliberal Grabitization Opportunity
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In a Financial Times op-ed, “Investors in Xi’s China face a rude awakening” (August 30, 2021), George Soros writes that Xi’s “crackdown on private enterprise shows he does not understand the market economy. … Xi Jinping, China’s leader, has collided with economic reality. His crackdown on private enterprise has been a significant drag on the economy.”

Translated out of Orwellian Doublethink, the “crackdown on private enterprise” means cutting back on what the classical economists called rent-seeking and unearned income. As for its supposed “drag on the economy,” Mr. Soros means the economy’s polarization concentrating wealth and income in the hands of the richest One Percent.

Soros lays out his plan for how U.S. retaliation may punish China by withholding U.S. funding of its companies (as if China cannot create its own credit) until China capitulates and imposes the kind of deregulation and de-taxation that Russia did after 1991. He warns that China will suffer depression by saving its economy along socialist lines and resisting U.S.-style privatization and its associated debt deflation.

Mr. Soros does recognize that China’s “most vulnerable sector is real estate, particularly housing. China has enjoyed an extended property boom over the past two decades, but that is now coming to an end. Evergrande, the largest real estate company, is over-indebted and in danger of default. This could cause a crash.” By that, he means a reduction of housing prices. That’s just what is needed in order to deter land becoming a speculative vehicle. I and others have urged a policy of land taxation in order to collect the land’s rising site value, so that it will not be pledged to banks for mortgage credit to further inflate china’s housing prices.

Warning about the economic consequences of China’s falling birth rate, Soros writes: “One of the reasons why middle-class families are unwilling to have more than one child is that they want to make sure that their children will have a bright future.” This is of course true of every advanced nation today. It is most extreme in the neoliberalized countries, e.g., the Baltics and Ukraine – Soros’s poster countries.

Soros gives his game away by stating that “Xi does not understand how markets operate.” What he means is that President Xi rejects rapacious rent-seeking, exploitative free-for-all, and shapes markets to serve overall prosperity for China’s 99 Percent. “As a consequence, the sell-off was allowed to go too far,” Soros continues. What he means is, too far to maintain the dominance of the One Percent. China is seeking to reverse economic polarization, not intensify it.


Soros claims that China’s socialist policies are hurting its objectives in the world. But what he really is complaining about is that it is hurting America’s neoliberal objectives for how it had hoped to make money for itself off China. This leads Soros to remind Western pension fund managers to “allocate their assets in ways that are closely aligned with the benchmarks against which their performance is measured.” But the tragedy of financializing pensions is that fund managers are rated on making money financially – in ways that hurt the industrial economy by promoting financial engineering instead of industrial engineering.

“Almost all of them claim that they factor environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) standards into their investment decisions,” Soros writes. At least, that’s what their public relations advisors advertise. Exxon claims to be cleaning up the environment by expanding offshore oil drilling in Guyana, etc. As for “social standards,” the neoliberal mantra is trickle-down economics: by making our stock prices rise, by stock buybacks and higher dividend payouts, we are helping wage-earners earn a pension, even though we are offshoring and de-industrializing the economy, de-unionizing it and “freeing” the economy from consumer and workplace protection laws.

Soros has a radical solution, which he suggests “should obviously apply to the performance benchmarks selected by pensions and other retirement portfolios: … The US Congress should pass a bipartisan bill explicitly requiring that asset managers invest only in companies where actual governance structures are both transparent and aligned with stakeholders.”

Wow. Such a bill would block Americans from investing in many American companies whose behavior is not at all aligned with stakeholders. What proportion: 50%? 75? More?

“If Congress were to enact these measures,” Soros concludes, “it would give the Securities and Exchange Commission the tools it needs to protect American investors, including those who are unaware of owning Chinese stocks and Chinese shell companies. That would also serve the interests of the US and the wider international community of democracies.” So Mr. Soros wants to block the United States from investing in China. He seems not to see that this is President Xi’s objective also: China doesn’t need U.S. dollars, and is in fact de-dollarizing.

George Soros is obviously upset that President Xi is not Boris Yeltsin, and that China is not following the kleptocracy dependency that warped Russia’s economy. Soros thought the ending of the Cold War would simply let him buy up the most lucrative rent-yielding assets, as he has aimed to do in the Baltics and Ukraine. China said “No,” so it is not deemed to be a “market economy,” Soros-style. It has not made its social organization marketable, and has avoided the financial dependency that makes “markets” a vehicle for U.S. control via sanctions and foreign buyouts.

The China/America Series
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  1. Rubicon says:

    “What does it profit a man, if he gains the whole world, but in the end loses his soul.”

    Tyrants come and go. They die like all the rest of us.
    We’re very privileged in reading how Dr. Michael Hudson slices and dices Soros malignant look on the world.

    We, in the Western World are under the sway of these many “tyrants.”
    From Gates, Soros, Fink of Black Rock & Vanguard&, but they will all vanish with the passage of time, and how very short will be their lifetime;

    in a twinkling of the eye, they will have lived a worthless, pathetic life.

    For all eternity, they will be despised and spat upon by God and mankind.

  2. This paragraph is a lot more appropriate here:

    At the core of the solution is a simple principle: Society should not be shaped by the Economy, the Economy sould (sic) be shaped by Society. Commerce acts as the agent of Economy and Governance is the agent of Society. The arena is defined and Governance is the referee of Commerce. So, lobbying and campaign contributions is functionally bribing the officials.

    From my comment, #23 at

    Mr. Soros obviously thinks maximizing profits is the end all. Mammon worshiper.

  3. Notsofast says:

    this smacks of desperation for soros and by extension the rest of the rent seeking billionaire scumbags. they seem to feel that if they can’t shove the xi cat back into the bag, the jig may be up for them. wouldn’t it be wonderful to see their ivory towers tumble to the ground.

  4. …hurting America’s neoliberal objectives for how it had hoped to make money for itself off China.

    Has anybody in the West made money for themselves “off China”? The Chinese are, as Lem Billings said about JFK, always on he receiving end.

  5. The International Jewish kleptocracy, and its goy allies, will NEVER control China. Soros is day-dreaming, imagining that his cult can control a completely separate civilization where they cannot ‘blend in’, or buy the ruling elites. Unhappily, such machinations, in a country where truth-telling about Soros and his ilk is not banned, will only generate hatred of the meddlers. Biting off more than they can chew, as they always do. Luckily, the Chinese are not into vengefulness, unlike Soros and his tribe. If we survive, say a miracle happens, the Chinese will put the Jewish elites in their place-as one human community among many, NOT ‘Gods Upon the Earth’.

  6. Too vain, narcissistic, decadent, and degenerate to be communist.

    A cancerous outgrowth of capitalism. Maybe should be called Fagitalism. Das Fagital.

  7. roonaldo says:

    Imagine Soros’ horror that the Chinese are now banning “girlie men” and celebrity worship from the media, and limiting youngsters to no more than three hours of video games per week. Sure, their system of tying one’s privileges to social scoring mechanisms seems creepy, but no more so than the West’s “vaccine” mandates, lockdowns, and the CDC’s announcement that “first and foremost,” the unvaccinated should not travel over the holiday weekend.

    Soros is pissing in the wind if he thinks the elitist thugs who run the West can control China, which won’t be cowed nor overcome by economic warfare nor by threats of military attacks. They will continue with their plans while watching the West self-immolate on greed and corruption.

    • Replies: @showmethereal
  8. nsa says:

    China wisely continues to exclude the rapacious jew from their economy…..having witnessed the financial rape of a prostrate Russia by Jeff Sachs and his IMF jewboys in the 1990s.

  9. reading says:

    I am a machine translation reader. Sorry for the grammatical errors.
    The Arab Bedouin have a tradition:
    We have made a career of pillaging our enemies and neighbors. If we have no one to plunder, we will plunder our own brother.” (Gutomie, umayyad poet Umayyad Dynasty, 661 AD to 750 AD. The Umayyad dynasty, the Aomaiya dynasty, was the first hereditary and the most powerful dynasty in the Arab Empire. A General History of Arabia
    After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the United States became a true global empire. World domination could have been a direct tax. Dollar seigniorage. Each new emperor can also carry out sogon tour, but the jewish royal family behind it is still not satisfied. Major princes have led under the financial horse bandits. Raiding the tribes under the empire.

    Soros is a Jewish financial nomad. In 1997, Soros saw southeast Asia as a fertile land. So he said nakedly. I’m going to rob the Southeast Asian tribes. you native headmen. The elite can come with me and rob your people. It’s not a crime to share the crumbs. I’m here to legitimize the robbery. If you fight back. Have you seen my carrier?

    Hence these predatory financial gangsters. There’s no robbing outside. So they took over their own tribes… So there was the crisis of 2008. Administrative measures to push up health education. Expense. Consumerism: the use of credit cards to turn principal citizens into debt slaves to which everyone owes debt.

    So the United States is a modern sea nomad called the Blue Horde

    • Thanks: Badger Down, Randy Dazzler
    • Replies: @Skeptikal
  10. @mulga mumblebrain

    Most of us do not understand that particular strain of foreign devils and their unique ontological view. Unfortunately they can’t be ignored due to the vast swarm of White battle-thralls they control.

  11. reading says:

    Soros is not just a robbery master. It also has an evil shamanic cult OpenSocietyFoundations
    Advocating drugs and promiscuity. Free indulgence. Turning America into a stinking army of beasts. using their own evil order to turn the people of their territories
    Make the beast’s seal and turn the city on the hill into Sodom.
    And that demon is one of the rulers of the United States.

    • Agree: Irish Savant
  12. Rambam says:

    I have my doubts if this guy is even still alive.


    • Replies: @Rev. Spooner
    , @Marcion
  13. I do not understand, but I do not think that China would allow foreign investment in housing market.
    That would be dangerous to US as well for China. It would be drainage of Chinese finances, and on the other hand there in case of stress China would have an option of nationalization, and that would completely destroy US China economic relationship.

  14. Soros is one of the most ugliest pos to have ever walk the earth. I’ve seen lizards better looking than that pos. On the bright side, his days are numbered and I can’t wait to pay a visit to his tombstone and piss on it for all those unable to participate. Thank you in advance. CQ

    • Agree: GomezAdddams, Joe Wong
    • Replies: @Irish Savant
  15. WikiLeaks reveals what else is behind US imperialists’ obsessive hostility against China

    • Thanks: Sarah
  16. For a “political philanthropist” Soros sure seems obsessed with rescuing billionaires.

    • LOL: Sarah
  17. The existence of modern China alone shakes the foundation of the kikes’ projects.

    We can see a global, real, total Holocaust and extermination of these (((vermins))) at the latest by the end of this century. If we are lucky, in our lifetime.

    Then we can look for the shabbos among us, and send them to where their (((masters))) await them. In Hell.

    • LOL: Maddaugh
    • Troll: Randy Dazzler
  18. yao says:

    As a Chinese, I attended Central European University which is funded by Mr Soros in Hungary where he was born.

    Except the math department which I attended, the whole university feels like a NGO to spread neo-liberalism in Europe. However, something school faulty went too far in commenting Hungary politics and triggering demonstration so that the university was forced to move to Austria.

    My conclusion: if Mr Soros cannot even convert Hungary, why he is confident he can convert China.
    Most people in China do not like neo-liberalism.

    • Thanks: Irish Savant
  19. Wielgus says:

    Since Armenia is supposed to be Soros-ridden and yet was defeated by Azerbaijan (with considerable help from Turkey and even Israel) I do not buy the “demonic power of Soros” shtick.

    • Replies: @Art
    , @Avery
  20. @Reg Cæsar

    “Has anybody in the West made money for themselves “off China”? ”
    Are you kidding? 30 odd years of off-shoring & Co’s like Apple have made nothing from China?

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
  21. Franz says:

    Soros has a radical solution

    Me too. But mine would work.

    Soros is a hoarder and a parasite. All the nations he has money invested in should immediately confiscate it, and the nation that throws him in jail or strings him up gets a bonus from all the rest.

    • Agree: CelestiaQuesta
    • Replies: @Randy Dazzler
  22. Wokechoke says:

    I guess Columbus represented the European bid to knock China off No1 status. 2020 was the return of the Middle Kingdom.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  23. Dumbo says:
    @mulga mumblebrain

    they cannot ‘blend in’, or buy the ruling elites.

    Soros and his ilk (Zuck the Fuck) already have Chinese girlfriends or wives, I guess their plan is for their offspring to become more Chinese-looking and slowly infiltrate, L.O.L. Beware of Chinamen with big noses.

    • Replies: @hillaire
  24. @Rubicon

    Crony capitialism —smoke and mirrors and shaft the average shareholder— whatever happened to the Anti-Trust and breakup of monopolies—-that happened with BIG railroads and Oil —the big boys were broken up —to put some competition to work –something JEW Soros knows not —–

  25. Anonymous[661] • Disclaimer says:

    And why, when Ursula Haverbeck sits in prison, isn’t this Nazi collaborator being hunted down by the Jewish Gestapo?

    Maybe the same reason why the Sackler family hasn’t been charged with genocide?

  26. Smith says:

    Critical support for Comrade Xi Jinping, defender of the free world!

    • Replies: @Old Brown Fool
  27. That undead sack of shit called George Soros can forget it: China is not going to give Jews citizenship and let them take over their country, like the Powdered Wig Gang (aka “the Founding Fathers) did in the US. The ordinary man learns from his mistakes; the wise man learns from the mistakes of others; the foolish man doesn’t even learn from his own mistakes. China is the wise man and the US is the foolish man.

    • LOL: Sarah
    • Replies: @Old and Grumpy
  28. “George Soros is obviously upset that President Xi is not Boris Yeltsin, and that China is not following the kleptocracy dependency that warped Russia’s economy.”

    Don’t you mean the cartel controlled by the Rothschilds ever since Waterloo?

  29. @Robert Dolan

    When is that horrible old bastard going to die?

    Some people are so evil that even hell won’t let them in. They continue on this earth until their flesh rots off their bones. Soros is 91. Henry Kissinger is 98.

    • LOL: Ann Nonny Mouse
  30. @Reg Cæsar

    Yes I have. Chinese companies needed some money, so I lent them some. Win-win.
    I try to avoid investing in USUK, and I boycott “israel” completely.
    Alibaba is better than amazon, and Huawei is the Naz.

  31. @Reg Cæsar

    Now it is not good for the Christian’s health to hustle the Aryan
    For the Christian riles, and the Aryan smiles and he weareth the
    Christian down;
    And the end of the fight is a tombstone white with the name of
    the late deceased,
    And the epitaph drear: “A Fool lies here who tried to hustle the

    I wonder what Adolf thought of the “Aryan brown?” The Chinaman is at least his equal.

  32. HT says:

    Imagine a man and the ethnic group he represents that is so evil that even the murderous CCP appears morally superior.

    • LOL: Old and Grumpy
  33. Maddaugh says:

    When I look at this Soros fellow I feel utter revulsion to the point where I want to vomit. His deeds are written all over his face. Adelson is another. For all their money they look like the scum of the earth.

    This Soros was involved in shafting his fellow Jews during the war years, his activities being the bed for his initial seed money. Talk about tribal solidarity !?

    As we all know and those of us who dont believe it at least suspect it, now the US is in the initial stage of rigor mortis and will soon be a useless corpse, Soros and the Gang are slithering to the next feast.

    “Xi does not understand the market economy”. The Chinese dont but Soros and the Jew gang DOES !

    These people go from country to country, like squabbling scavengers, to see what they can get. Where these people are concerned the Chinese should refuse them entry into the country and make illegal any Jewish ownership or involvement in Chinese organizations and business. Otherwise, China ultimately faces ruin !

    • Replies: @Smith
    , @Mustapha Mond
    , @Dumbo
  34. Smith says:

    Don’t worry, Xi is opening a stock exchange in Beijing, meaning complete financial control straight in the capital.

    No more leaky leaky bullshit going in Shanghai, Shenzen and Hong Kong.

    • Replies: @Mustapha Mond
  35. @mulga mumblebrain

    I wouldn’t bet against the tribe here. Modern China wouldn’t exist without them.

    • Agree: Thomasina
    • Replies: @Mustapha Mond
  36. This rat Funds burn loot murder, tho nothing for Cannon Hinnant& 10000000s of tnb victims!

  37. @Ray Caruso

    China is a merchant state. It needs to sell good and buy the raw product. To pull all off, it need to use foreign currency and foreign consumers. To subvert China, does Soros actually need residence there? Buy up the farm ground and water supplies would work. Also Soros is just a goon for the Rothschilds. Aren’t Rothies China’s international bankers? Finally how much of international (aka western Europeans) intellectual property has China acquired thru nefarious means via Israel? Seems like the Chinese might already be owned despite their questionable wisdom.

  38. Soros will live just long enough to see all of his dreams shattered. Not long now.

    The problem for Soros and his ilk is they have handed the power that they never earned in the first place and therefore have no understanding of to people who don’t look like them and so there is no hiding there and meanwhile they have screwed up the lives and countries of the only peoples that they can go largely unnoticed amongst and who created the power in the first place.

    Talk about killing the goose that laid the Gold eggs. And they call him and his ilk smart!?

    Even the most stupid of birds don’t shit in their own nests.

  39. @Maddaugh

    “When I look at this Soros fellow I feel utter revulsion to the point where I want to vomit. His deeds are written all over his face. Adelson is another. For all their money they look like the scum of the earth.”

    Adelson is dead. That’s his ‘new look’.

    I find it very becoming…… Soros should try it. Soon.

    • LOL: CelestiaQuesta, W
  40. @Franz

    Me too. Maybe they are the same.

    The line made me chuckle, thanks.

    This verse is written about him and his ilk:

    Revelation 3:17 (NIV): “You say, `I am rich; I have acquired wealth and do not need a thing.’ But you do not realize that you are wretched, pitiful, poor, blind and naked.”

    • Agree: Franz
  41. @Smith

    “Don’t worry, Xi is opening a stock exchange in Beijing, meaning complete financial control straight in the capital.”

    The newest exchange in Beijing is only to help small and medium size enterprises of special merit (i.e., very innovative businesses) needing funds to grow and expand:

    “No more leaky leaky bullshit going in Shanghai, Shenzen and Hong Kong.”

    Foreign investment in the Shanghai exchange is relatively limited:

    Foreign investment in the Shenzhen exchange is forbidden currently (as I recall), but that is supposed to be changing in a few years. The HK exchange is pretty much wide open (i.e., ‘leaky bullshit’)

    • Thanks: showmethereal
    • Replies: @Smith
  42. Zionists/communists control China and control America and are turning America into what China is. China is the blueprint for what America is and there is more to come ie concentration death camps and all this via the zionist covid-19 scam and psyop and the genocide injections of mRNA.

  43. Anon[337] • Disclaimer says:

    Jews gotta Jew.

  44. Terrorist Ziocorporate globalism really wants you to focus on the vileness, or tenacity, of rich Jews. The implication, though, is that what Soros actually represents is, ironically, upset that their Chinese business partners, whose development is partly due to Western tech transfers and trade schemes, aren’t into micromanaging Chinese taxcattle to the point of their integration into a controlled transhumanist singularity of entropy that imitates the one in the West, despite the social credit system and all.

    China, however, keeps opening Disneylands and Universal theme parks, and partaking in global stock market and eurodollar financial scams, so in a world of mass hysteria and lockdowns, it presents a perfect background for political posturing like, Soros’, to usher that “multipolar” singularity into the Western market of taxcattle. Something Xi’s bureaucracy never refers to.

    After scrutinising the Ziocorporate terrorists’ flippant take on China, what is quite clear is that there’re still no leaders or groups of people capable of bringing about true development in the West, except for the “WEF global leaders for tomorrow” types to read nothing beyond teleprompter literalities.

    Soon we’ll have the Jesuitic pope come out to tell us evil Xi’s closing churches and persecuting LGBT and feminist minorities, to target the part of the market that listens to him more than to Soros.

  45. @Old and Grumpy

    “I wouldn’t bet against the tribe here. Modern China wouldn’t exist without them.”

    Maybe so, but the Chinese leadership isn’t stupid and can see what is going on currently in the West financially. It isn’t pretty, and the CPC’s leaders aren’t blind.

    If China stays smart and keeps Jewish Supremacism, Inc (JSI) at bay as much as possible, I believe we will very likely see in the near future a military showdown between JSI and the CPC using Uncle Shmuel & Co. as the usual financiers and cannon fodder. I further believe this may be in part why Joe “I am a Zionist!” Biden and the puppeteers who control him are leaving the Afghans behind (sort of) and possibly the Iraqis later this year (I’ll believe that one when I see it) and pivoting to East Asia, meaning China. If Sleepy Joe balks, it might be time for the 25th amendment removal (or worse) and the Harris/Emhoff presidency to begin. And that would herald Dog nose what, internationally. Nothing good, though, I strongly suspect, but could be wrong (which I hope, should it come to pass.)

    How this all plays out is anyone’s guess, but JSI, like the CPC leadership, is not stupid. Far from it.

    This may get really ugly really soon. Again, I hope not, but JSI is at its peak of power, arrogant as hell, and always has the ‘Samson Option’ in its back pocket should things work out not to their collective liking, sadly……..

  46. Anon[156] • Disclaimer says:

    Blackrock Democracy

    • Replies: @CelestiaQuesta
  47. Trinity says:

    IF I were King of the World for one day before this guy passes into the eternal world and takes the “Highway To Hell” I would let him sit in one of those dunking booths and would place the booth at home plate in Yankee Stadium. I would have 10 of the most accurate MLB pitchers take 10 throws apiece and try to dunk ole Jorge Schwartz. I would have them throw from 30 feet away instead of the pitching mound. Of course, Georgie Pudding Pie would have to be helped back up to the chair because he is so old and decrepit. We would have a couple of huge strongmen making sure time was not wasted there. So that is 10 MLB pitchers and 10 “trows” so George of the Jungle would have 100 chances of being dunked, probably a good chance of at least 50-60 times he would hit the water. Imagine how many people would fill Yankee Stadium.

    Cue: Hell’s Bells and Highway To Hell by AC/DC

  48. @Rubicon

    I like the last sentence “For all eternity, they will be despised and spat upon by God and mankind.” include my name too for the despising and spitting and much more.

  49. Yee says:

    Desert Fox ,

    “China is the blueprint for what America is”

    So America is going to nationalize MIC, banking and oil companies?

  50. @Notsofast

    ” the jig may be up for them”

    Hate speech.

    • LOL: Curmudgeon
  51. @Robert Dolan

    Not until he runs out of adrenochrome from sacrificed children.

  52. @Notsofast

    Well, the waiting won’t be long. This is the first of the many future disappointments of Soros about China – a people who can think for themselves.

  53. @CelestiaQuesta

    Greenspan, Kissinger and Greenblatt (ADL) would give him a run for it in the looks department.

  54. @Smith

    Never thought such a day would come!

  55. SafeNow says:

    “China is a merchant state”

    Yes, and worth mentioning: That is magnified by being smart. A few decades ago, China created a university-level (or masters) degree in simultaneous interpreting, for industry. That facilitated the capture of US manufacturing. Graduates conducted factory tours, located sources, and made the whole process possible. Thus, while Soros focused on rent-seeking, China graduated simultaneous interpreters who then went on to specialize in particular industries.

  56. anon[282] • Disclaimer says:

    China’s Xi is a visionary. His new turn inward is reminiscent of China in the late 12th century, when the Song Dynasty signed a peace treaty with the barbarian Jin Dynasty up north, turned inward, flourished economically and culturally, while at the same time maintaining a strong defense so they were able to ward off subsequent invasions from the north.

    Xi saw how the West is disintegrating after 5 decades of warmongering, imperialism, market (profit) driven economy, high immigration, and unfettered freedom (leftism), which led to our extreme inequality, societal disunity and cultural rot, and wisely decided that is not the future for China. Economically, Mr. Xi wants China to resemble Europe in particular Germany much more than the US, i.e. an industrialized rather than a financialized economy to ensure widespread prosperity. Culturally, China wants to retain its conservative roots to avoid the moral degeneracy not just in the West but increasingly in countries that blindly ape the West like S.Korea and Japan. China has a long history and the Chinese understood that humans eventually turn into animals when there is too much freedom. Protestantism staved off the West’s cultural rot for a while but now it too is crumbling.

    It is still too early to tell how these economic measures the CPC has announced will fare in the long run, but if properly executed, I think it’ll successfully give China a much more self-reliant economy:
    1) Much stricter data privacy laws akin to that of the EU
    2) Discouraging Chinese companies from listing overseas and instead list domestically on the Shanghai SE and a new Beijing Stock Exchange which will resemble Nasdaq
    3) Preventing private equity (hence corporate and potentially foreign) purchase of Chinese real estate

    Similarly, we don’t know how the new cultural changes will pan out:
    1) Reducing amount of private tutoring and banning homework for age 6 and under to reduce pressure on young children
    2) Restricting video game time to 3 hrs/wk for 18 and under
    3) Attacking shows that glorify vanity, idol worshiping and emasculation of boys

    Ultimately these measures can only succeed if people see a way out without a college degree, e.g. high paying manufacturing and trade skill jobs like plumbing, carpentry, electrician etc. China must once again promote respect for manual labor the way they do in Germany to avoid the failure of Jew run economies, i.e. utter disdain for manual labor especially farming.

    China should look to Victorian England as a model. The Victorian era was considered the height of English civilization, when the upper class took their responsibility seriously to show the lower class the importance of religion and its associated conservative values such as integrity and self-restraint. Educated farmers were respected as “gentleman farmers”. It is of course antithetical for the CPC to encourage a Western religion, but they should adapt elements of Protestantism and the enlightenment into their Civics education to teach morality to their youth. The Chinese are not known for their civic mindedness, integrity and self-restraint, it is still too much of a dog-eat-dog world, everyone doing whatever they can get away with to get rich and get the hell out, screw everyone else. If China wants to succeed, it must instill these qualities in its people.

    The next step is for China to ban all Hollywood movies altogether. Hollywood is the #1 purveyor of Jewish cultural rot around the world. But of course now they are being supplanted by the internet, not just porn and video games but also sites like YouTube, Netflix, Amzn Prime Video, HBO and the degenerate garbage shows they produce. All those should be banned in China with no way to circumvent via VPN.

    The US is hurtling towards bankruptcy, both economically and morally, and bringing along the rest of the “free” world. Here’s hoping China can successfully show the world a new way forward.

    • Thanks: Sarah, Mustapha Mond
    • Replies: @showmethereal
  57. Wielgus says:

    His power is greatly exaggerated, but he is a Jew and can be credited with almost supernatural levels of evil if people are so inclined.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  58. Unfortunately, Soros’s and his Tribe navigate around sanctions by using bribery and shell companies to direct their predatory Scorched Earth/GlobalHomo/CRT///// practices.
    The only solutions would be for an elite team of assassins with a strategic target list fulfilling their primary directives.
    We are at war, we must use cover of global chaos while its works for our advantage. Besides, I find being declared a domestic terrorists limiting, I want global terrorist status, jet setting around in private jets with the best Sharpshooters, demolition experts and tech gurus the world has ever known.

    Under the guise of a Hollywood location scouting team, White Cap 21 secures a target.

    Radar tracking station: This is Gaynigger Alpha Base 1, what is your flight ID? Copy
    Gaynigger Alpha Base 1, this FAG, Film Actors Guild Global Scout 69, requesting exploratory permission for scene locations for upcoming Samual L. Jackson film. Copy
    Gaynigger Alpha Base 1 – Permission granted, proceed to landing path Beta 6, copy,
    FAG Global Scout 69, ten four

  59. I’m watching China to see how they handle Ivermectin.

    It’s kind of an IQ test.

  60. @Rambam

    Your’e damn right. Who the FU3Ks knows if it’s their hologram or their real self?

  61. Malla says:

    By that, he means a reduction of housing prices. That’s just what is needed in order to deter land becoming a speculative vehicle.

    Falling Land prices would be harmful for many middle aged Chinese who have invested in real estate but a boon for young Chinese. Many of them educated youths in cities find affording a house in big cities very difficult which makes it difficult to get married and start a family.

  62. I completely reject blaming everything on Soros. Not because he isn’t scum. He is. There are thousands of elites behind this and they have their foot soldiers.

    • Replies: @HT
  63. Agent76 says:

    Mar 29, 2019 David Icke Exposes The Man Who You Dare Not Peak His Name!

    February 17, 2020 The Koch-Soros Quincy Project: A Train Wreck of Neocon and ‘Humanitarian’ Interventionists

    Those hoping the non-interventionist cause would be given some real muscle if a couple of oligarchs who’ve made fortunes from global interventionism team up and pump millions into Washington think tanks will be sorely disappointed by the train wreck that is the Koch/Soros alliance.

  64. One understands from reading the four books of Kings in the Bible that the citizens of a country will be blessed or cursed according to the morality of its leader yet more and more Americans are obviously desirous of living under the rule of China; that is, they desire to be ruled by atheists.

    Good luck with all of that…

    • Replies: @HeebHunter
  65. @Anon

    I suspect If humans are carbon based entities, (((Temasek and Blackrock))) will be focusing on decarbonization of select humans for targeting. All the bad fossil fuels, cow farts, and weekend Bar B Qs are just cover for their ultimate agenda.

  66. Soros sounds like a gross, desperate jew making threats as his power disappears right in front of him – as has happened a hundred times before in a hundred different countries before the hammer fell on them.

    We should all pray further life on him so he may experience the full arc of tragedy, and see the destruction of all his hopes and the works of his life.

  67. HT says:
    @Dr. Charles Fhandrich

    There is a filthy rich communist Jew like Larry Fink, Larry Page or Mark Zuckerberg under pretty much every rock. They probably do way more damage than Soros now.

  68. @animalogic

    “Has anybody in the West made money for themselves “off China”? ”
    Are you kidding? 30 odd years of off-shoring & Co’s like Apple have made nothing from China?

    They made that money off fellow Americans. It cost the Chinese, who also profited, nothing.

    • Replies: @animalogic
  69. @Randy Dazzler

    I could not have said it better myself. Soros is nothing more than a vengeance-minded Jew. He pursues profits because that is all he knows how to do. Most of his miserable life has been dedicated to destroying the goyim through any means necessary, to make of us rootless parasites like himself. We’ll see who shall prevail.

    • Replies: @Randy Dazzler
  70. hillaire says:

    Such flatulent greed and usurious rent seeking is served well by the repugnant mendicant gorgo-saurus, the kissinger of criminal finance…. sherpa for black rock and vanguard and the old red shield clan…

    One can only hope this despicable and withered octogenarian catches covid at his sin-a-gog… and is hastily ventilated…

  71. Malla says:

    Soros is warning Premier Xi because Xi is in a struggle with the old Chinese Oligarchs, about 50 Oligarchic elite Communist families who literally run and own China behind the scenes. And Soros is linked to them Oligarchs. Jiang Zemin is one of them as his family literally owns Shanghai. Those Oligarchs are close to the Globalist Bankers and made a lot of money in the last few decades, boatloads of money. They are close to Hollywood, Wall Street, European banking institutions etc..
    Xi was just a front man at first but got secret info about them Oligarchs when he was on a visit to the USA because some Chinese head of Police who was in soup, took a lot of information about these families, tapped conversations and all and gave them to an American embassy. He foolishly thought that would save his skin but as usual the Americans especially the Democ-rats ratted on the poor guy and made a deal with the Chinese Oligarchs. The Chief of Police guy died in prison. Demons like Obamba, Killary Hillary, Nancy Pisslosi etc… were involved. The Chinese chief of Staff was naive to trust America and that too Democ-rats demons. No wonder he was backstabbed.
    Xi was in the USA with Vice President Biden and he got wind of all this info. So in China he asked the Oligarchs for control of the PLA (partial control) because control of the PLA means big power in the PRC system. The Chinese Communist Oligarchs were happy with the financial aspect of things except for some reason now they seem to be in some form of further power struggle with President Xi or it seems Xi is just consolidating even more power. And so Xi began clamping the financial aspects of the PRC to weaken them Oligarchs up. That is what all that Hong Kong fiasco was all about, HK has a lot of money, it is a major financial center of the World. All that security laws and the revolt of HK youth against the CCP have a lot more to do with this power struggle than anything else.
    Some say Xi’s actions remind them of Chiang-Kai Shek and that may be true upto some extent. But to be honest he is emulating Chairman Mao. Because in the power struggle behind the scenes he is in the same situation as Mao was once, isolated within the CCP before he started the Cultural Revolution. Xi is only emulating many of Mao’s move as he finds himself in a similar situation and he has learnt the moves Mao took to protect his own position in the past (against many in the CCP including Deng at that time). Soros is connected to those old Oligarchs and is not happy with Xi’s actions. P.R. China may be slowly going back to its old days, Maoist like days. It may close up again to the rest of the World. Lets see if that happens.

  72. Anonymous[291] • Disclaimer says:

    I guess Columbus represented the European bid to knock China off No1 status.

    Huh? They were trying to get around the Ottomans. China didn’t factor into it at all.

    • Agree: Alden
    • Replies: @Alden
  73. hillaire says:

    The jews were heavily invested in the creation of modern china… globalist stooge maurice strong even lived in peking though thankfully he is dead now…

    I suspect the chinese have out jewed the jews on this one… and no longer see a need to continue dealing with the jews as they did ( american strong arm)…. things will change to benefit the chinese who are by all accounts ethnic national socialists… or little yellow nazis..

    After all, the west is crumbling and will be in tatters before the end of the decade.. why offer these financial jews sanctuary ( this was the plan as the rats scuttled the west)…

    Will it be a good thing the chinese rule as superpower with their slavic turkish( jews, russians, russian jews) henchmen.. unlikely..

    They aren’t called the jews of asia for nothing.. so expect more of the same with crispy dog noodles..

    the whites will rise again but it will take a long long time…

    • Replies: @Weaver
    , @SolontoCroesus
  74. @Robert Dolan

    Here in Canada the “Deputy Prime Minister,” Cristia Freeland was a devotee of his, and was going to work on his authorized biography, until she got into politics.
    But I think we know where her sympathies lie. Her family ties go a long way back to Nazi Europe and even now she has strong ties to Ukraine and the misfits trying to restore it to its former Banderist glory.
    By implication, a lot is going on in Canada the population is unaware of and which favours the 1%.

    When he goes, it will be to the same place as Hillary, and Madeline “kill me a half million Iraqi children” Albright.
    Can you believe such entities walk the earth…….

    • Replies: @Curmudgeon
  75. Dumbo says:

    For all their money they look like the scum of the earth.

    Well, someone observed that a lot of people too attached to material richness and power tend to be or turn ugly, and age really badly and soon.

    Soros, Adelson, Kissinger, Rockefeller, even Bill Gates, almost all of them are ugly as sin.

    It’s not just old age – there’s old people who look normal, or, at least, not like demons from Hell.

    • Agree: Irish Savant
    • Replies: @Buck Ransom
  76. Weaver says:

    My issue with Xi is he praises Mao and likes the word communism. He doesn’t seem to be treating the Chinese badly, at present. He might want to destroy archaeology that undermines Chinese unity. Also, he might treat minorities like Tibetans badly, but he could be much worse.

    China’s tendency to lie, almost hysterically at times, is worrisome. It would be better to be honest and a bit more tolerant of criticism. He’s certainly less dangerous than is Soros.

    • Troll: d dan, mulga mumblebrain
  77. Weaver says:

    Where will whites live? We’re being overrun everywhere.

    • Replies: @hillaire
  78. Antiwar7 says:

    Soros’s hissy fit is hilarious.

    “But … but … but I pulled sterling out of the ERM!”

  79. @Götterdamn-it-all

    We’ll see who shall prevail.

    Ummmmm, the meek?

  80. Alden says:

    Thank you. The historical ignorance of the MEN OF UNZ is unbelievable sometimes.

  81. anon[282] • Disclaimer says:

    I heard that Xi is extremely popular in China among the people, which must mean he’s not popular with the 1%, whose interests are always against that of their own people like everywhere else. I respect the way he reigned in oligarchs like Jack Ma, many of whom worship the US and regard listing their companies on the NYSE or Nasdaq as the benchmark for success. For a while it looked like China was heading towards a future that resembles that of the US: an increasingly corrupt, morally dubious, profit above all else plutocracy operating under the guise of freedom and democracy, but now it looks like it might be taking a different turn.

    For the past 3 decades and under previous leaders, China has adopted an outward looking strategy where the Chinese were encouraged to travel far and wide to see the world and learn from them while China was still poor and backward. Many end up worshiping the West for its modernity and freedom and emigrated in droves. In the last decade, China has modernized a great deal, but its economy is in danger of becoming like that of Japan and South Korea, which resembles that of the US, with a small upper middle class of professionals working for large corporations doing well, while everyone else work for minimum wage in the manufacturing or service industries. Underemployment of college grads is very high in most OECD countries. We have too many liberal arts majors working at Starbucks, or trying to survive the gig economy without health insurance and with six figure college debts.

    China needs to avoid the over-education trap like in the US, where higher ed is turning into a scam and a farce. We now have an over educated, under-skilled populace. As soon as someone gets a college diploma, they immediately think themselves too good for any “blue collar” jobs, even if their degree is completely useless like in grievance studies. Businesses are now forced to hire these people to do unproductive jobs like VP of DEI. Compare this to Germany where factory work remains highly prized; instead of offshoring their factory jobs to maximize profit for the financial managers, they keep their factory jobs and upgraded their workers’ skills.

    The Chinese revere education, but higher ed is not an unalloyed good and is not the cure all, the sooner the Chinese realize this, the better off they’ll be. But the government needs to help this along by increasing high skill factory jobs, encourage the concept of “gentleman farmers”, and have a system of education that emphasizes 1 to 2 year vocational training in lieu of the Bachelor’s degree. Chinese universities need to junk the bachelor’s degree for certification programs. Stop the over education trap right in its track.

  82. d dan says:

    “… Xi was just a front man at first but got secret info about them Oligarchs…”

    Thanks, Malla, that is an interesting story. But you forgot to tell us the most important info. What is the name of the movie?

    • LOL: showmethereal
  83. @Mick Jagger gathers no Mosque

    China hasn’t found God.
    The JewSA and its Europe are not just proud atheists, but self-proclaimed satan and anal worshippers who legalized 6 months late abortion. Who would God tries to save? Hmm…

    Fuck off, kike.

  84. @hillaire

    To the extent TruNews is credible, it reported today that the Chinese are going to take over Bagram. Afghanistan is to be a central transit point in China’s OBOR.

    Israel has been fully invested in OBOR for over a decade.

    In fact, Israel anticipated (then implemented) the demise of USA as a superpower; foresaw that China would take the place of US; and Israel planned to de-couple from US and partner with China.

    TruNews also reported today that the Chinese are running a port in Israel that will be a major hub for Belt and Road.

    How do you say “Thank you, Suckers,” in Mandarin-Hebrew”

  85. WJ says:

    Why does Soros care about any of this ? The old toad has only at most a few years left. He looks like walking death. What motivates this ancient creep?

    • Replies: @Alfa158
  86. Many conzos bitch and whine about ‘Chinese-Style Censorship’ coming to the West, but that would actually be good for the White Race. After all, Chinese Censorship is about favoring masculinity over effeminacy, nationalism over treason, workers’ rights over deracinated oligopoly, majority pride over alien-minority subversion, traditional values over post-modern decadence, unity of men & women over feminist dissension, and family values over globo-homo degeneracy.
    If Western Censorship were Chinese-like, it would be a boon for conservatives. But in the West, censorship is really Jewish-Style Censchwarzship that inverts all national, traditional, and healthy values. In the West, people are censored, blacklisted, and destroyed for defending nationalism against globalism, majority pride against minority subversion, family values against globo-homo decadence, harmony of men & women against feminist venom, and etc.

    The Social Credit System in China favors the nationalists and patriots. The Social Credit System in the West favors Zionists, globo-homo freaks, and white cucks. Which is preferable? Chinese-style censorship or Jewish-style censchwarzship?

    P.S. Downside of banning effeminacy is suppression of genius-artists like David Bowie. Still, it’s my understanding that China means to ban them from mainstream TV. Freaks can exist in their own space, where they belong. A healthy society has space for freaks, but they must remain in their own bohemian niches. When they push the New Normal on the mainstream, the end result is like the West where some guy with penis and balls is said to be ‘woman’.

    • Agree: Miro23
    • Replies: @Malla
    , @Malla
  87. @Randy Dazzler

    Maximising profits is Soros’ religion. Usury his cynosure. The recent moves in China to increase equality and prioritise the people over capital is a declaration of war against Soros and his ilk.

    • Agree: Miro23
  88. @Weaver

    Fa Lun Goonish clap-trap.

    • Replies: @Weaver
  89. @Wielgus

    An evil Jew is an evil human being, with Judaic characteristics. A good Jew is a good human being with Judaic characteristics. After 3500 years of indoctrination into a cult of extreme xenophobia and misanthropic fear and hatred of the goyim, I fear the evil Jews more than I admire the good ones, I fear. For every Duck Soup or Menuhin, there are oodles of Finks, Browders, Nuttyyahoos, Schiffs etc.

    • Replies: @Ed Case
    , @Ann Nonny Mouse
  90. Soros is just pissed off because Xi won’t let him and his fellow Vampire Squids sink their blood funnels into China the way they did America and Western Europe.

    They’re now cut off from the largess available from the Afghanistan fiasco and have to survive on unappealing morsels such as the Baltics and Ukraine.

    • Agree: Kolya Krassotkin
  91. @Robert Dolan

    The day he dies will be my own personal holiday that I will celebrate every year.

  92. hillaire says:

    We whites can live anywhere and in any conditions…

    As we have proven historically…

    My view is the people (in the anglo colonies, france, germany, scandinavia) need to be broken (perhaps even smashed) before they can heal themselves and think coherently again, things need shaking up and certain individuals need lining up in front of firing squads when the collapse arrives …..

    As certain perspicacious commenters have noted on this forum a certain mass of whites have become suicidal…

    They won’t survive the coming winnowing… and that mr ‘weaver’ is a good thing..

    • Replies: @Weaver
  93. Miro23 says:

    George Soros is obviously upset that President Xi is not Boris Yeltsin, and that China is not following the kleptocracy dependency that warped Russia’s economy. Soros thought the ending of the Cold War would simply let him buy up the most lucrative rent-yielding assets, as he has aimed to do in the Baltics and Ukraine. China said “No,” so it is not deemed to be a “market economy,” Soros-style.

    A nice summary of the problem. Jews can’t loot China and they’re not happy about it.

  94. Smith says:
    @Mustapha Mond

    I don’t think Xi is gonna straight out say “Oh I open the Beijing to consolidate foreign funds in the capital”.

    HK, Shenzen and Shanghai are the biggest places where they receive foreign investment in China because one used to be a Brit company and the others were in direct control by the Dengists (Deng Xiaopeng, Jiang Jiemin) of China.

  95. Soros looks more and more like a creature from the grave. His body’s probably so rotten that even cancer can’t live in it. When are we going to hear the beautiful news that he’s finally gone to meet his just rewards?

  96. Weaver says:
    @mulga mumblebrain

    Why don’t y’all ever post coherent replies? You sound like some ISIS cultist or Woke cultist. That’s what scares people about China: Its supporters that we see behave like just another cult.

  97. Trevor says:
    @Robert Dolan

    I heard he has a son like him who is even worse.

    • Replies: @Robert Dolan
    , @Joe Paluka
  98. @anon

    As soon as they got the technological know-how, China had nothing to learn from Germany. Unlike the Abrahamic US/EUNATO terrorist Ziocorporate globalist regimes, the Chinese have never in thousands of years crossed oceans for world order machinations to exploit natural and human resources and profiteer from controlling degenerate business. Germany finally organised as an unified, Christian European nation in the 19th century and were late to the colonial party, but still got to have a concession in Shanghai before WW1; while the oldest mosque in Beijing is over 1000 yrs old. The Western brand of “greatness” is nothing but glittery bullshit.

    And Germany is not even Germany anymore, it is EU, and the seat of the ECB with the entire eurozone is their taxcattle farm and looking to expand around the world, even with rather tame partners like Putin. What’s more, Germans are educated to think Mao killed 100 million Chinese just like that, while ignoring the millions upon millions of Europeans that other Europeans have killed, and never even bothering about their colonial and Ziocorporate interventions overseas.

    Then again, one of China’s problems is that they still depend so much on trade with the West.

    • Replies: @Malla
  99. Weaver says:

    Im a British colonial. I certainly don’t believe in any ideology, but I wish I had some certainty as to which part of the world I could build a future in. There’s little sense in building a library, hydroponics, solar panels etc if I’m just going to be sent to some camp.

    Weaver refers to Richard Weaver, the first and perhaps only Southern intellectual. He would have liked Belloc if that’s whom your name refers to.

    • Replies: @hillaire
  100. Art says:

    Since Armenia is supposed to be Soros-ridden and yet was defeated by Azerbaijan (with considerable help from Turkey and even Israel) I do not buy the “demonic power of Soros” shtick.

    Soros is a Zionist – he shares in their power over the US.

    Zionism Occupies America – period!

  101. Avery says:

    {Since Armenia is supposed to be Soros-ridden and yet was defeated by Azerbaijan (with considerable help from Turkey and even Israel) I do not buy the “demonic power of Soros” shtick.}

    You ‘do not buy’ , because you don’t know much (anything?) about Armenia.

    (I am originally from Armenia: don’t know everything of course, but know quite a lot about what’s going on there)

    Unfortunately, Armenia’s electorate was infected with the SorosaVirus some years prior to 2018, and insane with the virus, they elected the current regime led by the SorosaAgent PM Pashinyan.

    Armenia – well, actually Artsakh* aka Nagorno-Karabagh – lost the war precisely because of Pashinyan and his SorosaGang. It was all well planned. The explanation is quite a bit off topic, so I will refrain here. But I have explained in detail what these traitors did in other threads.

    * Armenia’s Armed Forces largely stayed out of the war, on orders of traitor Pashinyan. Artsakh’s Armenians were totally abandoned. Moscow offered several times to come in massively and help, but traitor Pashinyan refused.

    • Replies: @Wielgus
  102. @mulga mumblebrain

    Almost Agree all,but in the media/education/even the judicial field in China,there are a large number of people receiving subsidies from the Soros Foundation.

    They tried to infiltrate and gradually change China with some strange actions (relative to traditional Chinese mainstream cognition).

    For example, fund feminist organizations,bribe a small number of opinion leaders, and exacerbate gender confrontation. The gender opposition of young people in China is even one of the reasons that affect fertility.
    (Paradoxically, they even bribed some advertising departments of male brands and hired the above-mentioned opinion leaders to endorse.)

    Labelling people and then picking up different people to fight against each other is the best tool for Jewish conglomerates to dominate the world.

    In another example, they secretly subsidize some artists’ brokerage companies to establish a “FanQuan” culture in China and organize young people/low-cultural adults by Quasi-cult method.

    For another example, In the famous case of “BaiXiangGuo Girl”, a man brutally raped and killed a 10-year-old girl, a poor girl whose father died of saving people when she was one year old.
    She sold BaiXiangGuo fruit for her family alone. The man hid on her way home, tortured and abused without humanity, and then raped and killed.
    The provincial court then revoked the death sentence, which was inconceivable to the mainstream perception in China and aroused great public opinion response.

    There are many examples of this kind. For example, the Ministry of Agriculture of China has listed turkey in traditional Chinese poultry.
    It’s almost a joke, but it’s true. Some traitors bought by the Jewish Foundation need to use this “zhi lu wei ma” action to identify their own people and test the obedience of society.

    Sorry about my English.

    • Thanks: Randy Dazzler
    • Replies: @Joe Wong
  103. Zen says:

    • Replies: @Malla
  104. Marcion says:

    Agreed. It doesn’t sound like Soros of the past.

  105. @Dumbo

    They are wearing their souls on the outside.

  106. Ed Case says:
    @mulga mumblebrain

    For every Duck Soup or Menuhin, there are oodles of Finks, Browders, Nuttyyahoos, Schiffs etc.

    Leo McCarey was an Irish Catholic.

  107. Soros wanted to destroy Hong Kong like he did with other Asian economies in the 1997 financial crisis. Mainland China saved Hong Kong… He has never forgiven the CPC for that. In any event – he’s a joke. As you noted Mr. Hudson – China doesn’t need US investment. Chinese banks hold the most deposits in the world – by far. There is PLENTY of cash within China to invest in it’s markets. China’s 1% still pay 45% in income taxes… China isn’t going to further enrich the 1% at the expense of the 99. Mr. Soros is comedic since China now has the most billionaires…. So I guess Xi’s team knows something.

    • Replies: @Smith
  108. Atle says:

    Shocking that Soros hasn’t been drawn and quartered by now. The mark of an inefficient market.

  109. Joe Wong says:

    Americans have a lot of problems back home, if they mind their own business they might got out of their skyrocketing national debt shit hole if they are lucky. If they don’t mind their own businesses, they will collapse like USSR in a blink of eye very soon, by then the only issue on the Americans’ mind is to feed their mouth and stay alive.

    Xi or China is none of your business. Comparing the states of the two nations are in, the Americans are not qualified to have any issue with Xi or China. The Americans need to keep their mouths shut and fix their problems at home, like debts, gun violence, flooding drug abuses, black color live matters, crumbling infrastructure, catching 911 traitors, drain the swamp in Washington DC, . . .

  110. @roonaldo

    Correct. China is banning celebrity worship and the influence of those “girlie” boy bands as they have seen how much they have wrecked the youth of South Korea and Japan. Judging by comments sections on some of the coverage of that story calling the Chinese government “worse than the Taliban” for taking such action – we can see that Soros funded NGO’s and the NED will have their troops out calling for more boycotts of China. The Global South on the other hand – loves these types of initiatives and are siding with China.

    • Agree: mulga mumblebrain
    • Replies: @Smith
  111. @Trevor

    I fully intend to piss on his grave if I am able to find it.

  112. @anon

    You make some good points. As to manual labor. The German apprentice system is being studied in China and there are German reps helping them craft a plan. Technical schools have receive an upgrade…

    As to Hollywood – there is a set limit on how many Hollywood movies are allowed into China each year – and they are pre-screened for content. It’s a balancing act.

  113. Joe Wong says:

    You sound like Mike Pompeo. You are still mad at China? Your wife kicked you out of the house because you screwed up her family’s business?

  114. Malla says:

    Hmmm?? Indian toilets are related to power struggle in between Xi and other oligarchs of the CCP and Soros? The World is much more complicated than I thought. I wonder what Pandu taking his dump near the railway tracks think about this? That the CCP and Soros are interested in his …ehem…morning activity.

  115. Malla says:
    @Priss Factor

    Which is preferable? Chinese-style censorship or Jewish-style censchwarzship?

    For the White race? Neither. Both are unsuitable models. Maoism is the best religion for the majority of the Chinese but it is ill-suited for the White Race. What the White race needs is a more wider version (non only Germans but all Whites from US/Canada in the West to Russia and New Zealand in the East) of National Socialism.
    Also the best policy/ philosophy for the White race is de-Judiafication i.e. making their societies Jew free, the Jews can go to India. Zionism and Hindutva complement each other very well. Banning Jews from ever entering or having ANY influence in the White World and Japan. They can attempt their Jew Raj in the brown black darkie underworld. Not Whitey World, and Whitey (evul Romans) will not destroy their Mikdash this time as long as Whitey is left completely alone. They can rule with their brown black goyim slaves.
    Also homogeneous pure White societies with minimal non Whites (Native Americans, native Siberians, Maori, aboriginals etc…).
    For Japan it is Mishimaism/ Bushido. A global defense alliance in between the Wider White World (including Russia) with Japan. They should try to isolate themselves from the rest of World as much as practically possible.
    For Muslims it is a wider version of Taliban, encompassing the whole Ummah in the Middle East and North Africa. Maybe have a huge Taliban Ottoman Empire.
    For India it is Hindutva.
    For blacks in the Americas it is Marcus Garvey and return to Mothaland.
    Let us all go our own ways.

    “East is East, and West is West, and never the twain shall meet”
    Rudyard Kipling.
    Kipling wrote this with enormous wisdom, he was born in India.

  116. Smith says:

    I’m looking forward to the day when China has NO billionaires. The more billionaires a country have, the more unequal it is.

    Please do it, Comrade Xi!

    The government’s agenda will include vigorously expanding the size of China’s middle-class, increase the earnings of the low-income earners, adjust excessive incomes of the super-rich, while cracking down upon illicit income. The common prosperity initiative will be another great milestone for China, after it largely eliminated poverty at the end of 2020.

    The government said it will actively encourage high-income groups to give back to society. For an extended time, China has seen an explosion of internet-based platform businesses, benefiting a small number of tech tycoons at the expense of ordinary wage earners who often work day and night for those platforms.

    As the huge profits of the platforms are mostly driven by middle and low-income internet users, it is reasonable to expect technology companies and those billionaire and millionaire bosses to make a greater contribution to society and becoming partners in achieving common prosperity.

    • Agree: Joe Wong
    • Replies: @showmethereal
  117. Malla says:
    @Priss Factor

    A healthy society has space for freaks, but they must remain in their own bohemian niches. When they push the New Normal on the mainstream, the end result is like the West where some guy with penis and balls is said to be ‘woman’.

    Exactly. And here Hinduism shines. I have always maintained that when it comes to man-female relationships, Islam and maybe Orthodox Judaism can give the best pointers, most wisdom.

    But for Homosexuals and ‘freaks’, Hinduism found the best solution. You want to smoke ganja (marijuana) and take Shiva’s name. No problem, you have the right too. But you have a designated area where you live and do your stuff. As long as you do not disturb mainstream society, you will not be disturbed.
    You want to be a eunuch, transvestite, homosexual, gay, lesbian or 72 kinds of sexuality? No problem as long you reside and carry out your activities in designated areas of towns. As long as you do not harm/ affect the mainstream society, mainstream society does not harm you and leaves you alone. No problem.

    For leftards and anti-fa there should be no place in the White World/Japan. They need to be kicked out to the Third World or some place like Cuba, places which they admire. Instead of them importing the Third World into Whitey World, lets send them to the Third World permanently and bar them any future entry back.

    But for homos, gays and all of those types, there could be designated area. They do not affect mainstream straight society and mainstream society leaves them alone and does not harm them. Simple.

    For Whitey
    So for general economic and social policies—> National Socialism combined with some aspects of Neo-Confucianism plus city/ town level democracy-Swiss style, direct referendums.
    Male-Female relationships—-> look to Islamic/ Orthodox Jewish philosophy and solutions on this issue.
    Homos and “freaks”——-> look to Hindu philosophy and solutions on this issue.
    Religion —> positive aspects of Christianity+ European Paganism+ Zoroastrianism + positive aspects of Buddhism.

    • Agree: Miro23
  118. cassandra says:

    There should be an additional assessment category beside “Agree” and “Thanks”. My reaction to this particular response is, “I Wish”

  119. TS Elliot says:

    Michael Hudson & I could not get him admitted into the court in 2008-2012, to testify. The die was cast. Soros et al (Globalists) have decided … planet earth commodity to be exploited. Humans & other earth energies, to Globalists, are disposable commodities … Heinz Kissinger “useless eaters”. China is communist, but the Chinese who manage billion dollar corporations are multilingual and enjoy a life as much more free than the US so called rich. Xi is not vile. Soros and his Open Society are vile. George W. Bush & the Big Bang Global War On Terrrr is ending in a whimper. Napoleon said to let China sleep, but that was yesterday. The Opium War & Soros’ owners’ are wholly transparent to China.

  120. cassandra says:

    Today’s bottom-line struggle in geopolitics is whether any entity can evade the clutches of the western central bankers. The struggle sometimes appears political, but in so many cases these manifest themselves in the form of economic sanctions imposed through New York Banks.

    That having been said, IMHO, the banks have been overplaying their hand, in the sense that political demands are now generating rebellion rather than compliance, among Russia, parts of eastern Europe, Iran, and, within the last several years, China.

    Russia is instructive, because Putin managed to cut off political subservience to the west without alienating Russia’s self-seeking oligarchs. China has an enormously stronger sense of nationhood, much less respect for Europe, and, I dare say, much more political savvy. I’ll go out on a limb and predict that the Chinese, party and oligarchs alike, will play Soros and the western finance system, more so than the other way around.

    Whether that’s a good thing for the west is a moot point. Although Trump handled this issue clumsiily, at least he recognized it. Biden’s policies don’t merit notice.

  121. Smith says:

    The problem is deeper than any boy bands, look at what are the kids are watching in China’s TV in 2020s:
    I mean, wtf is this gay shit?

    While japanese kids watch this:
    Compared to the 90s or early 00s:
    Cannot believe a japanese anime series is manlier than freaking chinese wuxia, China TV has degraded a lot for the last 10 years. Xi needs to fix it quickly.

    • Replies: @showmethereal
  122. Smith says:

    China wants to be Singapore…


    Aksually, China wants to be Germany…

    Double LOL
    These are the blind groping the elephant.
    There is one COMMUNIST superpower, that wants EQUALITY for the people, FREE HOUSING for workers, MASCULINITY for its culture and enemy of Soros since its existence.
    That state is called, ta da, the USSR:

  123. antibeast says:

    You’re late to the party talk, Malla, because that incident involving the Chongqing police chief defecting to the US Embassy in Chengdu happened in 2012, almost a decade ago. Xi had just assumed the Presidency back then and the first thing he did was to capitalize on that incident to purge Bo Xilai and Zhou Yong-kang from the CCP, his two rivals for power in China who were planning to stage a political coup to depose Xi from the Presidency. But Xi had the support of the PLA which allowed him to consolidate his power within the CCP after launching his anti-corruption campaign targeting ‘tigers and flies’ in China.

    You’re right though that the Dengist Liberals had the support of the Wall Street/City-of-London Globalist Elites which struck a deal with the Dengist Liberals which later became the Shanghai faction of the CCP led by Jiang Zemin after the death of Deng. The power struggle between the two factions of the CCP — Maoist Communists vs Dengist Liberals — started earlier after Tiananmen in the 90s which ended with the Shanghai faction asking the Wall Street/City-of-London Globalist Elites for support by granting MFN status to and allowing WTO membership for China. The Dengist Liberals won that round against the Maoist Communists after China’s economy boomed thereafter. But the Maoist Communists staged a comeback after the GFC in 2008 when Western trade/investment collapsed overnight, which spurred the decade-long turn inward in the Chinese economy under Xi’s nationalist ideology.

    What’s happening now is Xi’s attempt to reshape Chinese society, culture, industry and economy to serve the national interest. The Chinese State will now take a more pro-active role in the private-sector by taking ownership stakes in and management control of for-profit Capitalist enterprises, especially in the Internet/e-commerce/social-media industries which are now classified as ‘Critical Information Infrastructure’ (CII) industries subject to the eminent domain of the State. Corollary to this ‘nationalist’ ideology is the Chinese State imposing restrictions if not outright bans on Chinese ‘CII’ companies listing in foreign stock exchanges such as the NYSE, HK, NASDAQ, etc.

    Xi’s crackdown on Alibaba, ANT Financial, Tencent, Meituan, Didi, etc. has nothing to do with the CCP power struggle that took place almost a decade ago. Xi’s latest moves against these foreign-invested Chinese tech giants reflect his ‘nationalist’ ideology to have the Chinese State rein in the private-sector by taking ownership stakes in and management control of for-profit Capitalist enterprises by breaking up and buying out these online monopolies in China.

    • Thanks: Randy Dazzler
    • Replies: @Smith
  124. denk says:

    How the CIA castrated East Asia and beyond.

    Guess what, the first jap boyz band was orchestrated by Johnny Kitagawa, a jp gringo from the FUS embassy’ in jp ,, and …sponsored by the FUS occupation army.

    Go figure.

  125. Wielgus says:

    As it happens, I visited Yerevan in 1993 for a week, on a journalistic assignment. There was a military funeral for a commander killed in Nagornyy Karabakh, an odd mixture of Soviet-style ceremonial and Armenian nationalism. The man’s corpse was on view, on top of what looked like an infantry support vehicle. There was a bandage around his cranium but a gust of wind pushed the bandage in and made clear that the bandage was covering a large hole in his skull. Incidentally this was the first human corpse I ever saw, as although I had been to funerals of dead relatives the casket was closed.

    So your assumption of my total ignorance about Armenia is false.

    But basically, what better demonstration of Soros’ power could there have been, assuming he really controls Armenia, than if the Azerbaijanis had raised their hand and been completely flattened for it? Of course, this is not what happened, and leads me to suspect the power attributed to Soros is greatly exaggerated.

    • Replies: @Avery
  126. Malla says:

    Then again, one of China’s problems is that they still depend so much on trade with the West.

    Yes China should reduce trade with the West and Japan and concentrate on the Third World via its BRI. There is a huge growing market there. Africa has a billion people with fast rising middle class. Latin America already has a huge middle class. Pakistan, Iran, Bangladesh, Turkey, Indonesia etc… all of them combined gives a big market of close to 700 million people who are seeing rising prosperity every day. China should decouple from the West as fast as possible.
    The Third World is booming and they need Chinese goods and services which are cheaper than its competitors, with decent quality. China + Third World could create a Global boom independent of the West.

    • Agree: showmethereal
  127. @Old and Grumpy

    If there were anything to that, then the neocons wouldn’t be agitating against China. I don’t know where you got the idea that Jews are allowed to buy up farmland and groundwater in China. Maybe you’re thinking of Chile, that neoliberal paradise created by the (((Chicago Boys))).

  128. Avery says:

    { I visited Yerevan in 1993}

    1993 was a long time ago.

    Unfortunately, a lot changed in the psychology of people of Armenia after 1993/1994 and the next generation who were brainwashed by Soros and his gang and who blindly demonstrated on behalf of the traitor Pashinyan. Most of those young men demonstrating for Pashinyan in 2018 were fed to the Turk wolves during the September 2020 war by the Pashinyan gang.

    The true Armenian patriots and heroes who won the impossible war against incredible odds in 1994 were attacked and denigrated by the Sorosa-brainwashed 18-20 year olds.

    {But basically, what better demonstration of Soros’ power could there have been, assuming he really controls Armenia, than if the Azerbaijanis had raised their hand and been completely flattened for it? Of course, this is not what happened, and leads me to suspect the power attributed to Soros is greatly exaggerated.}

    Sorry, you have no clue what the 2020 war was about, why it was planned and initiated, what the role of Globalists/Soros/Open Society Foundation was, the role of Turks and their Zionist allies, the role of Israel, the role of British Imperialists (British Petroleum).

    Your closing paragraph that I highlighted proves you don’t understand.
    Sad, but true.

    • Replies: @Wielgus
  129. Smith says:

    That’s baby tier analysis, as long as Jiang Jiemin and his family are still alive and in control of the tech industry, the Zhang faction is still there in Shanghai.

    It’s not a coincidence that Xi targets all the “soft” industries that Jiang pioneered during his term.

    Still, there’s also the matter of time involved, Xi is doing all he can before the 20th National Congress in October 2022 where they vote for the new Party’s General Secretary.

    He can win, but he can also lose, thus he’s doing all he can. Cheer him up!

    • Replies: @antibeast
    , @Malla
  130. @HeebHunter

    All men are born in ignorance and darkness but some of us improve with age.

    You seem to be stuck at about a six year old level.

    What I wrote had to do with the character/morals of the leaders of a country.

    The citizens of a country will ted to be blessed or cursed according to the character/morals of its leader

    I am a Roman Catholic

    • Agree: Randy Dazzler
    • Replies: @Randy Dazzler
    , @HeebHunter
  131. Yee says:


    “capitalize on that incident to purge Bo Xilai and Zhou Yong-kang from the CCP, his two rivals for power in China who were planning to stage a political coup to depose Xi from the Presidency. ”

    I’ve always suspected the killing of that Brithish man by Bo’s wife and bodyguard was a MI6/CIA trap.

    Imagine if Bo became president, and MI6 has high-resolution videos of his wife’s interaction with the murdered man and the murder on tape!

    Kissinger went to Chongqing to met with Bo in 2011, just before Xi become president in 2012. I wonder what messege he sent to Bo.

    • Agree: d dan, Rdm
    • Replies: @antibeast
    , @Smith
    , @Rdm
    , @Rdm
  132. hillaire says:

    Yes mr ‘weaver’ I share your uncertainties.. but we will, I am sure, stay flexible and reactive to change..

    NB: Yes Belloc and Chesterton both contributed much…good men, such folk are sorely missed in the current paradigm.

  133. Rotsa ruck working towards Soros’ dream. China is getting ready to close its doors o the west. Xi is a Maoist and a great danger to China, greater than even Soros.

    • Replies: @showmethereal
  134. antibeast says:

    The Shanghai faction led by Jiang Zemin took over the reins of power from Deng Xiaoping following Tiananmen, sidelining Zhao Ziyang who was the favorite pick of the Western oligarchs for supporting the student protests against the CCP. But Jiang ended up striking a deal with the Western oligarchs for China to join the WTO in order to allow Western multinationals into the Chinese market which was opposed by the Maoist Communists as represented by the Beijing faction led by Hu Jintao. While you’re partially correct in assuming that Jiang Zemin still has leverage on the Shanghai faction, his power and influence has declined since Xi’s assent to power in 2012. One reason why Xi cracked down on Jack Ma was the discovery that the grandson of Jiang Zemin controlled a private equity firm which had invested in ANT Financial before its expected listing in the HKSE. That means Jack Ma has political ties to the Shanghai faction which was deemed a threat to Xi whose latest moves against private-equity investments in the real-estate industry is another attempt to close off the loopholes by which the Dengist Kleptocracy launders their ill-gotten wealth in China. The other reason is to cut off the Chinese Internet/E-commerce/Social-Media/Fintech industry sector from foreign capital in order to protect China’s ‘Critical Information Infrastructure’ against foreign influence.

    With these moves, it is safe to say that Deng’s era in China is finally over while the Xi era has just begun.

  135. antibeast says:

    The Shanghai faction was grooming Bo Xilai to succeed Hu Jintao until Xi finally ascended to the throne which actually threw the US Deep State into panic mode. Xi had other things in mind when he offered his version of the ‘Great Power’ relations to Obama during his State visit to the USA. But the US Deep State was unimpressed by Xi’s proposal which prompted Obama to launch his ‘Pivot to Asia’ shortly thereafter which was an attempt to coerce Xi into submission. That was a classic case of imperial hubris, displayed by the US Deep State, unware that Xi had the backing of Chinese Nationalists in the PLA, making him a different breed of Chinese leader from

  136. Wielgus says:

    I suspect you have an obsession with Soros, although hardly unique on Unz. Sad but true.

    • Replies: @Avery
  137. Avery says:

    False: I have an obsession with everything and anything Armenia and Armenian people related, and anything and everything that threatens the existence of Armenian people.

    Soros and his vast network of SorosaAgents are the latest and current existential threat to Armenians in their ancestral lands. If you think I am obsessed with the SorosaVirus and the threat it presents to the Armenians of Artsakh and Armenia – so be it: I could not care less.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  138. GMC says:

    As the MSM and their Government bosses bark about China this and China that , isn’t rather obvious that if the US was really worried about China , wouldn’t they have thought a little longer about spending 10 trillion bucks in the past 2 or 3 years on BS pay outs? It’s one big Friggin Soap Opera , and most the Americans are glued to their programming boob tubes.

    I see the politicians are going to reward the Pentagon with more money this next year . Just the assault weapons and machine guns , plus ammo that was left in Afghanistan was worth over 1 billion bucks. They are spending money like there is No tomorrow and there probably right – there is No Tomorrow.

  139. @Mick Jagger gathers no Mosque

    Agree. Except, I’m not Roman Catholic.

    [I addressed HeebHunter earlier, and if they haven’t seen this comment of mine yet, they should:, starting at “Now, let me make some…”]

    Most people don’t understand why King David taking the census was such a grievous sin and that it was the population who had to pay for it. Worse yet, his punishment was having to make the decision of which punishment to inflict. Imagine having to do that. Shudder.

  140. Yee says:


    Internal power struggle exist in every political group, I’m not very concerned.

    However, if foreign intelligence holds a huge dirty secret of a Chinese president, that’s a different story. Imagine the damage it could do to China.

    Considering CIA even spy on Merkel, it’s unlikely they didn’t know about Bo’s secret. Bo must be purged.

  141. @mulga mumblebrain

    A good Jew is an evil Jew from the Jewish perspective. They have always killed them off. So they tried the fool the Nazis into killing six million assimilated, non-Zionist European Jews. It didn’t quite work but their favorite story is that it did.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  142. @Smith

    It will be interesting to see but the government noted they don’t plan to “kill the rich”. As that GT editorial you noted they will “encourage” high income groups to share more wealth. Right on cue – Alibaba announced a \$15 billion fund to contribute to the initiative.
    Other recent laws passed are excessive tutoring of children (not on weekends or holidays) and cracking down on excess overtime at tech companies. It will be interesting to see in 5 to 10 years how it pans out. But nah – they aren’t going to get rid of billionaires.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
    , @Smith
  143. @Smith

    Well that is exactly what they are trying to stop now. As to the first pictures – the English translation is “Handsome Siblings”. It is not a children’s story though… It’s too violent. It was based on a novel written by a Taiwanese (who fully considered himself Chinese – unlike many of today’s young fools). It is a classic story about two twins separated at birth when the parents were murdered (not a children’s story). I watched that updated series where you got the screenshots and did note – that even though both of the brother’s are “ladies men” (and part of the story is one girl is torn between the two brothers) – and fierce fighters – they were styled to look like the Japanese and South Korea young male celebrities. Hopefully that will be the last of that type of thing. Indeed a great story – but unfortunate make up artists. Pretty stupid – considering the brothers lives revolved around fighting – that they would look so “soft”.

    • Replies: @Smith
  144. Realist says:

    George Soros’s Dream: to Turn China Into a Neoliberal Grabitization Opportunity

    He doesn’t have the brains or money….what a dumbass.

  145. @showmethereal

    In the traditional Chinese social stratification, merchants were, wisely, at the bottom. In the glorious ‘Free’ West, of course, they are near the top, just under the usurers.

    • Replies: @Malla
  146. @Ann Nonny Mouse

    True, up to a point. In the days before emancipation it was the rabbis who kept the Jews immured in ghettos, and apostasy was often punished by torture and murder. The Dutch authorities had to intervene to stop Spinoza from being murdered. After all Judaism does place a great value on murder of the Jews’ ‘enemies’. It’s considered a mitzvah, or good deed.
    Nassty Bronze Age group psychopathy alive and well today, but the Jews are not, of course, the only such group. Just the most thoroughly brainwashed over millennia, in the pathopsychology. A tendency reinforced by the ease of simply leaving the cult these days, by marrying out, converting or simply thoroughly secularising, just leaving the fanatics.

    • Agree: Ann Nonny Mouse
  147. @Avery

    The Jews and Armenians appear to have not had friendly relations for millennia. The ‘Young Turks’, including Mustapha Kemal, for instance, were in large part doenmeh, in other words crypto-Jews, descendants of followers of the failed ‘Messiah’ Sabbatai Zevi, who ‘converted’ to Islam. The Zionazis do seem, unsurprisingly, to hold very ancient grudges and enmities against most of their neighbours, hence, I would assert, the propensity of Zionazi catspaws like Daesh, to destroy the archeological cultural heritage of the region, whenever they can.

    • Agree: Avery
  148. Smith says:

    So Bo Xilai had british connection?

    That means he was a crook for sure, so the chinese have avoided a massive stinker since 2011.

  149. Smith says:

    I actually know “Handsome Siblings” (well, not the English name), it’s commonly known in Viet Nam as “Giang hồ Thập ác” or “Tuyệt Đại Song Kiêu” by Gu Long. It’s definitely a series meant for kids to watch, I know, I myself watch the version back in the 90s adaptation of it.By the look alone, I have no doubt the 00s version is crap, much better to watch the older version.

    If this is the best modern chinese TV can offer, no wonder vietnamese are no longer following chinese wuxia.

    • Replies: @showmethereal
  150. Smith says:

    No need to kill the rich or even eat the rich. The rich is not known for their life nor their meat.

    Just share their wealth, then the rich is no more, they become like everyone else.

  151. @Smith

    Do tell – what are Vietnamese following now media wise?

    • Replies: @Smith
  152. @Quartermaster

    So if Xi is so destructive to China as Soros and many western pundits say – then please explain why the US is concentrating most of it’s resources to “counter China”??? That would make no sense. Then maybe they should take a page from Chinese thought which would almost translate to – when your enemy is making mistakes – don’t interrupt them.
    Why do Americans and Europeans claim they care about China??? The whole point of their policy is to keep China behind them. So why do they want China to accept the western system??? China is much larger than both combined and has a higher average IQ. So if China accepts the western system – then wouldn’t China easily pass the west??? Where is the logic? There is none – in any of it.

  153. Smith says:

    For TV watchers, mostly Viet, Thai and Korean soap dramas, I think they are really boring but that’s what the women like.

    The enthusiasts like me enjoy japanese anime/manga/video games, korean action movies, and some watch old TVB shows re-runs because they are nostalgic.

    • Replies: @showmethereal
  154. @Mick Jagger gathers no Mosque

    The citizens of a country will ted to be blessed or cursed according to the character/morals of its leader

    It seems that China is pretty well blessed right now, and will remain on an upward trajectory, despite all being hedged against them.

    Tell me which Roman Catholic country you are living in?

  155. Malla says:

    Xi is still not all powerful yet, he was never a member of the “Young Pioneers” or the “Communist Youth League”. That will always be his weakness until he gets even more power.
    Xi is from the North West, close to Mongolia. People there are full of extreme willpower and tend to prevail. The Chinese Emperor who built the Great Wall was from there too, the same region. Anyways it is true that Xi’s family are comparatively less corrupt than the other oligarchic families.

    Zhang is not the only faction, there are many vying for power among themselves. There is also accusation against Zhang (or it is anti-Zhang propaganda) that Zhang gave up a lot of territory for Russia because of his love affair, in his youth with a Russian beauty.

    Talking of Russia, Sino-Russian relations are good and it should be too with the onslaught of the West against both. And the Russians do look at the Chinese as friends and should too but remember Putin will never trust the CCP, 100%, never 100%. Why? Because he is a KGB guy and he knows that in the past the CCP had backstabbed the USSR during the Sino-Soviet split to flirt with the USA.
    I am not saying they both should not be friends, it is in the interests of both to be, it would be extremely stupid of either side to not have this friendship. All I am saying is that Putin will never trust the CCP a 100%, there will ALWAYS be some caution.
    China buys oil from Russia (the gas pipeline has not worked out that well) at a very expensive rate. China is getting far more cheap, super cheap oil from Iran in exchange for Chinese weapons. That is why Afghanistan is so important for China, if they can get a stable pipeline from Iran to China, it solves a lot of their energy needs and the threat of the Malacca Straits or the Persian Gulf and all that becomes even less important. They have other options to circumvent these anyways including CPEC in Pakistan and their pipeline in Myanmar/Burma. Afghanistan is the shortest route to that Iranian oil. But all depends how the CCP handles the Taliban, I think they will do well, they will get extra help from Pakistan on this issue. But the whole region is always unpredictable.

    • Replies: @Smith
  156. Malla says:
    @mulga mumblebrain

    In the traditional Chinese social stratification, merchants were, wisely, at the bottom.

    Yes there was a lot of wisdom in that. We see now why.
    The Japanese system also kept the merchants low, below Samurai. Islam and the Catholic Church banned usury.
    Only now we understand the wisdom of our ancestors in all of these actions.

    The Hindu caste system was not very good but at least they had the sense of keeping merchants below priests/scholars and warriors. Unfortunately they kept the real producers, the artisans and craftsmen and farmers below even the merchants!!! How crap is that? But now the Brahmans have dumped the Kshatriya Warrior castes and made an alliance with the Vaishya merchants. That is why many newspapers in India have mercantile Baniya Vaishya owner and a Brahman editor. Indeed back during the British period itself the Brahmins cunningly realized that warrior castes are useless in a modern State, dumped them for the mercantile Baniyas, as they are more useful.

    In Zoroastrian Persian culture, farmers were highly respected but in Arab and Jewish culture, looked down upon.

    I would assert, the propensity of Zionazi catspaws like Daesh, to destroy the archeological cultural heritage of the region, whenever they can.

    Yes exactly. Now the Jews are importing millions of Daesh among the “migrants’ inside Europe so that in the future coming Civil War, they would destroy the cathedrals and palaces and the architectural wonders of Europa once and for all. The Jews will rejoice with a dance party once that happens. Oy vey. They have ALWAYS ALWAYS in their hearts wanted to do this.

  157. Malla says:

    I heard that Xi is extremely popular in China among the people,

    He is. His going after the billionaires helps his popularity.

    For the past 3 decades and under previous leaders, China has adopted an outward looking strategy where the Chinese were encouraged to travel far and wide to see the world and learn from them while China was still poor and backward.

    Well that is wisely coming to an end as the P.R.China puts restrictions on passports. Now Chinese citizens have to apply for new passports and in most cases it will not be given. The country is closing up again.

    China needs to avoid the over-education trap like in the US, where higher ed is turning into a scam and a farce.

    Agreed. They could look at the German model where children not interested in higher education could enter training for a trade. Like a carpenter or plumber etc… A society needs far more plumbers and electricians than critical theorists and Women “studies” professors or similar bullshit. If such people are provided a good living, you could avoid children wasting time on bullshit and be of actual use to society.

    encourage the concept of “gentleman farmers”, and have a system of education that emphasizes 1 to 2 year vocational training in lieu of the Bachelor’s degree.

    Sorry, I read this part later, so you have already written what I wrote above. Complete agreement. Education in the West, especially the USA has become a scam, you have large number of students who have studied useless crap in Universities and are doing low pay jobs with being burdened with student debt. Whata scam!!! In the UK at least there is more Government aid and intervention in the Universities, so things are a bit less bad.

    One more good move by the Chinese Government is to control the Celebrities and force them to behave upright. See in the past, people looked up to aristocrats and aristocrats had to behave properly with honour, and as gentlemen to set an example to civilized society. That supported civilizations. Now the aristocrats of our era are celebrities and if they behave bad, they have a bad influence on people which lowers civilization. People in Murica follow shits like Kardesians and you end up with millions of mini-Kardesians. Hollywood celebs behave like spoiled Satanic monkeys destroying societies. Not much better in Bollywood in India. So what the CCP is doing is good on that count.

    • Agree: Randy Dazzler, Miro23
    • Replies: @RJ Macready
    , @Curmudgeon
  158. journey80 says:

    Now that he’s finished globalizing the U.S., you mean?

  159. Smith says:

    Sorry but it should be Jiang Zemin, not Zhang.

    I made a typo there, the pinyin localization of chinese makes me make mistake so many times, next time I should call him in Han-Viet – Giang Trạch Dân i.e. the frog guy.

    There’s also a guy called Jiang Jiemin (written differently in chinese characters) and sometimes I mistake him for that, that guy was an oil boss and actually got convicted.

    • Replies: @Malla
  160. @Smith

    Korea and Japanese media show far more feminine looking men than China does. Thailand??? Land of the he/she’s??? But I forgot – your sole interest on Unz is to make China look bad.
    A cousin of mine just recommended a Korean series to me…. I saw the preview and it looks good. But let’s not stop pretending that “girlie” men are much more a feature in Japan and South Korea than China.

    And yeah TVB re-runs are great..

    • Replies: @Smith
    , @Chinaman
  161. Smith says:

    I’m sorry but I see many more manly anime series than modern wuxia series.
    One only has to Google, this is freaking Thien Long Bat Bo 2021:

    A modern China cop show looks like this:

    Maybe you just have higher tolerance for girlie men? These dude look like goddamn fashion models instead of cops or fighters.

    And as said, I don’t watch Thai soap-drama, I find them boring, but housewives here watch them.

    • Replies: @showmethereal
  162. Malla says:

    Jiang Zemin, not Zhang.

    Yes, my wrong. It should be Jiang not Zhang. Thanks.

  163. Rdm says:

    Just a heads up,

    There are many idiots here dwelling in Unz, spewing out their profound knowledge on Xi and the alike.

    There are also many Whites here, hyping up their own downfall on Jews and the alike while downplaying their own societal problems and blaming on all others.

    There are also many pseudo Asians here, never commenting on their own respective articles on the country of supposed origin and yet claiming they’re from the country and you’d always find them in China’s articles and all other White’s ones only.

    What I suspect is, nowadays many Whites are migrating to East Asia and Asian countries and settling over there. Some have a profound knowledge on the locals and yet they don’t attach themselves with local struggle and misery of the past. That’s why you’d always see them sporadically chiming in China’s articles under the guise of XXX locals.

    • Thanks: Zen
    • Replies: @Smith
    , @Zen
  164. Rdm says:

    I’d also say I wouldn’t comment on this nipping the Bo Xilai coup in the bud ever, let it bury itself while the rest argue ad infinitum. The same that Singapore Temasek struck out a deal with BlackRock and shifted a huge chunk of its portfolio (51%) to Shanghai just before Xi announced the national exchange on the mainland while the rest argues if Whites are decimated by Jews. Lo and behold BlackRoad is not Jewish. There are 1% in the world that has no skin color, but just capital color and yet the mere mortals argue here anti-China ad infinitum.

    China is not immune to internal politics but what propels the country to its upward trajectory is the luckiest happenstance in the entire history of mankind, i.e., successive inheritance of good governance and leadership over the last couple of decades, coupled with ingenuity of Chinese people. If good governance can succeed, bad governance can also ruin its trajectory. The only hope Chinese must have is to continue the good governance rather than rampant democratic process which in itself can lead to its own demise.

  165. George Soros should just go and fuck his own ass while his harem of oriental girlfriends cheer him on.

    I saw him and his Chinese girlfriend(one of a series, the violinist one) years ago, in pre-Xi Jinping times. She was like one-third his age.

    Soros is a habitual liar who often lies to the financial media to push his positions, panicking investors to sell out at bottoms so he can cover his shorts, or saying that stocks will go up forever when he is actually selling out. He even recommends that you do this regularly as a trader.

    He’s not a good person, and has not done anything to benefit anyone other than himself, almost always at the expense of others.

    Both Soros and Trump are walking sacks of shit, except that Soros has a slightly higher IQ.

    PS– I guessed that Trump would start trying to sell some of his properties when his lenders said they would not roll over his loans again into the pay- interest-only and no-capital-repayment deals he got previously.

    Looks like he wants to sell the hotel in Washington DC, but I think nobody will pay his price. Buyers will let him stew for a few more years, then get it at rock-bottom prices. This is the one that all the rich Arabs and East Euros would stay at, paying inflated room rates to curry favors from him.

    Nobody wants to stay in that low-class, over-priced shithole now.

    IMO, he will be putting up more properties to sell next year.

    • Replies: @Curmudgeon
  166. Maybe, if he lives long enough, he can ruin their markets to as he once did to the U.K. Even a boob like Paul Krugman recognized Soro’s activities as criminal.

  167. Smith says:

    Bruh, is this an attempt of SHUT IT DOWN?

  168. @Trevor

    His mother probably died immediately after giving birth.

    • Replies: @Randy Dazzler
  169. @yao

    From what college students are posting online about their experiences. What you have experienced in that school is now common on almost all American college campuses.

    Take over is complete.

    • Replies: @yao
  170. Smith says:

    Wow, immediately after Rdm’s two comments to SHUT IT DOWN, I witness the entire silence from the chinese community on Unz.

    I’m scared.

    • Replies: @Randy Dazzler
  171. @Reg Cæsar

    “It cost the Chinese, who also profited, nothing”
    I don’t quite get that. My point is the Chinese made money too (more or less compared to the US Co’s). Not sure if you’re saying the Chinese made nothing, something or less than nothing.
    Apologies if this is obvious to all but me.

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
  172. yao says:
    @Astuteobservor II

    Yeah I also went TAMU in the states for my PhD which is claimed to be “the most conservative” university. However, I heard that faculty member cannot openly support Trump or the Republican.

    I eventually quitted my PhD because I do not like American education which is like a giant piece of sxxt. There is not freedom of thought in the US, it is a liberal Culture Revolution Plus.

  173. @Joe Paluka


    [Can we please have a button for “Shit Slinger”, or “Nihilist”, or “Agitator”, or “Demonic”, or maybe “Hatred” would work the best. Maybe “Shameful”]

  174. @Smith

    I’m scared.

    I’m impressed.

    • Replies: @Smith
  175. schrub says:

    Don’t think for a second that Soros-ism simply ends or is even momentarily slowed down when the walking cadaver György finally kicks the bucket.

    His son Alex is already standing right off-stage right now, ready to immediately jump into his role as György’s very well-trained successor.

    The rumor is that the far younger and much more vigorous Alex might be even worse, possibly far worse, than his father (if that is at all conceivable).

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  176. @animalogic

    No one in the West made money at China’s expense. At many low-level Chinamen’s expense, yes, but that’s an internal problem.

    • Replies: @animalogic
  177. Anonymous[248] • Disclaimer says:

    His son might very well be worse, but I don’t think it really has any implications beyond the (((West))) where they are entrenched. Whatever it was they were trying to do in China and more broadly Eurasia looks to be dead on arrival.

  178. aj54 says:

    They will be thrown in the Lake of Fire, and we will not be bothered to remember them any longer

  179. Skeptikal says:

    Thank you, Dr. Michael Hudson, for existing.

    For explaining things in a way that I and other laypersons can understand.

    Soros is a monster.

    You are a hero.

    • Agree: showmethereal
  180. Skeptikal says:

    ” the use of credit cards to turn principal citizens into debt slaves to which everyone owes debt.”

    And guess who is the patron saint and lord high protector of KreditKardistan-Delaware, where they bow down to the god Usury: Joe Biden

  181. Smith says:
    @Randy Dazzler

    China’s internal politics is really the MOST DANGEROUS topic to talk about, for the chinese community anyway.

    • Replies: @Randy Dazzler
  182. @Smith

    What impressed me was that one guy’s warning was so effective.

    I was finding the Chinese “inside baseball” talk interesting, as I am largely ignorant.

    I do think China is unfairly maligned in the US media, and the little I know is that they have made tremendous strides in quality of life for all. I have been following the recent market regulations on the private education industry with interest, and of course the reactions of those affected.

    I can’t really fault the government. Academia is an area rife with profiteering, corruption, and distorted markets as well. Kids need time to play. Outside. Here, too. (Side note to educators: Abolish homework, if you can’t get ‘er done in the allotted time, WTF! It is better to have kids leaving the classroom wanting to learn more on their own. Yeah, consider it a challenge. And it causes a lot of stress that is not helpful to life overall.)

    One should be able to criticize the government, and suggest improvements, without fear. Doing so publicly does entail a risk as one can never be sure how anything is received in a broader public, often containing hopped up crazies, so speaking with a screen name should also always be available.

    What should matter is the content of the message, not the identity of messenger, as long as they are legitimate. No one should expect that their actual identity is hidden from proper law enforcement inquiry.

    Advocating overthrowing the government is next level, and the system will respond a lot more harshly. This is universal. This is why I reacted earlier when it looked like to be that one guy was trying to lure some unsuspecting posters into that kind of rhetoric. They don’t need to be fodder for some overaggressive prosecutor seeking to make a career.

    If the same kind of dynamic is in play in China, I would urge any poster to exercise due caution, and even consider being patient until the environment becomes a little more tolerant, if that is the direction it is heading.

    I have a feeling there is much more to this than I am understanding.

    • Replies: @Smith
  183. Chinaman says:

    Honestly, not trying to pick fights here but beside Dan (on his good days), the Chinese here all talk like 娘炮…not only girlie but GAY ….perhaps a consequence of being mentally colonised by a foreign language.

    Effete and ineffectual, You guys are like Song Confucian scholars fighting the Mongolian hoard and doing a bad job defending China. You can’t even control the rabid Vietnamese.

    No one here even writes Chinese but claims otherwise.White people are barbarians, blond beasts that were never fully domesticated and civilised by the Romans, use a language they understand.

    Of course, when the white dog barks at you, you don’t bark back…you just hit it until it gets the point.

    You guys need the Chinaman back but he’s got better things to do now.

  184. Smith says:
    @Randy Dazzler

    As them dark brotha said, “loose lips sink ships” or “snitches get stitches”, or per Sun Tzu “All warfare is based on deception”.
    We vietnamese still have a lot to learn from the discipline of the chinese people.

  185. Zen says:

    Thanks Rdm.

    Smith is not a Vietnamese. I couldn’t believe what I found. He has an agenda.

    A Vietnamese that worried about White people and hates Jews.
    A Vietnamese that worried about HongKong until HKers uses Israeli flags.
    A Vietnamese that worried about Ukraine because Russia is claiming it.
    A Vietnamese that worried about xxx except Vietnam.


    Smith says:
    September 30, 2019 at 4:52 am GMT • 2.0 years ago • 100 Words ↑
    Is it some kind of irony that d dan, the local chink shill, actually lives in the US? Many such cases. The ones who shill never live where they shill for, the grass is always greener on the other side.

    Either ways, antifa in the US actually support the Beijing cops in this case so I don’t understand the whole HKer = antifa angle, in fact, antifa in the US calls HKers “alt-right” for standing with Trump. I guess the world is upside down if it comes to Hong Kong.

    Anyway, since Hong Konger decide to adopt the Israel flag, it makes me increasingly hard to support them, they really should learn better tactics than just doing whatever they want.

    Smith says:
    September 30, 2019 at 4:44 am GMT • 2.0 years ago • 100 Words ↑
    Mr. Godfree Roberts is a chink shill, and proudly so.

    You don’t need to read what he writes, just watches what he does. The same for China.

    Smith says:
    September 30, 2019 at 12:45 pm GMT • 2.0 years ago ↑
    Comics were jewish attempts to replace western heroes such as Hercules and Thor with men in tight who don’t kill their enemies.

    It’s an attempt to infantile men.

    Smith says:
    September 23, 2019 at 11:46 am GMT • 2.0 years ago ↑
    Both cantonese and japanese are very beautiful language though.

    It is mandarin that sounds too dry.

    Smith says:
    September 11, 2019 at 1:16 am GMT • 2.0 years ago ↑
    Good news!

    Bolton is out! I think Trump is doing the right thing and hope he can make another deal with Afghanistan and Iran.

    Anyway, wonder who would replace Bolton.

    Smith says:
    September 10, 2019 at 1:31 pm GMT • 2.0 years ago ↑
    Bad for him, good for the world.

    Now hopefully this doesn’t mean the jews packing to go back to Europe and America.

    Smith says:
    August 31, 2019 at 11:31 am GMT • 2.0 years ago ↑
    @Godfree Roberts
    Wow, China sounds like a paradise.

    Now if only every chinese abroad can be sent back to that paradise so that we are left the heck alone.

    • Replies: @Smith
  186. Smith says:

    Holy based.

    Please come back, Chinaman, we need you….

  187. Smith says:

    Well, chinese friend, back in 2019, I was pretty anti-communist and anti-CCP after seeing what Deng did to Vietnam during the 79-90s and due to western propaganda regarding China, but as you can see I remain consistently anti-US.

    Now after butting heads with various chinese on Unz and seeing the fruits of Comrade Xi Jinping in 2020-2021, I have gained new broader perspective and I’m pro-CCP now.

    As a sincere apologize, I would give you my favorite chinese song, the opening from a Taiwan TV series adaptation of Thư kiếm ân cừu lục:

  188. @Chinaman

    White people are barbarians, blond beasts that were never fully domesticated and civilised by the Romans, use a language they understand.

    Nothing like a little bit of overly racist stereotyping to mark you as an idiot. This blond beast, (think NFL wide receiver sized), not quite Gronk sized, does not understand Chinese, so yes, use a language I understand.

    Hey, I’m a Mathematician, that’s a universal language.


    Hey, I’m an Economist, that’s a branch of mathematics, largely.

    Hey, I’m an Engineer, same.

    Hey, I’m a Physicist, a theoretical one.

    Hey, I’m a Scientist, unlike most Doctors.

    Hey, I’m a Philosopher, particularly metaphysics, including Eastern.

    Hey, I’m a Theologian, mostly Biblical, but including Eastern.

    That’s just my education, I’ve had many years of experience since then being a Systems Architect for a large bureaucratic organization.

    So, I am probably a better analyst than you.

    So, I am probably a better designer than you.

    So, I am probably a better coder than you.

    So, I am probably a better trouble shooter than you.

    There’s a few more I can add on the political side, as that is an interest area, not professional, but too much already.

    I am no where near domesticated, my girlfriends have had to nag me constantly to do any house work. I fart without saying excuse me if there isn’t anybody else in the room.

    Now, click on my name, read all I’ve written, in order, and think, “Shit man, this Honkey is with it.”

    There are Pretenders among us.

    I’m not here to make friends. I am not here for my entertainment. I am not here to impress anybody. I am here to lay down a narrative. I’ve done so. Read it. You aren’t the primary audience, but it will still do you good.

    So, when you do have some time to come back, I will too. I’ve read your stuff, you need help on your way to being a good person. Cuz you are nowhere near and not heading in the right direction.

    Let’s talk about IQ. Mine’s about 50. I feel half as old as I am.

    The Romans were civilized?

    • Replies: @Randy Dazzler
  189. @Randy Dazzler

    Okay, Economics is more than just math. I had a professor in one of my econ courses say something like “…. and so the farmer doesn’t care if the butter actually gets used ….”. I had one of those moments, and never looked back.

  190. @Reg Cæsar

    “No one in the West made money at China’s expense.”
    I think what you mean, is China didn’t allow itself to be rorted by Western spivs & financial shonks.
    Good for China.

  191. 195 replies and counting ?? Hudson usually only gets a handful of replies to most of his articles. Hudson’s takeaway from this is that he should somehow insert some reference to Soros in anything he writes if he wants to get people to pay attention to his ideas.

  192. Kiers says:

    Totally aside from this article: The US is peddling “bitcoin” as a means of sucking out what little valuable foreign exchange developing countries have left

  193. @Smith

    You keep trying to escape from the fact – China patterned after South Korea and Japan with those types of guys in media (which Japan started and South Korea copied). In any event – China is clear they want to move away from it now.

    • Replies: @Smith
  194. @friskydawg

    Honestly I think most of Mr. Hudson’s articles are too much over the head of many people on here… Plus most of the comments are race-baiting and Jewish hatred. So maybe it is because of Soros. Mr. Hudson is a great thinker. Sadly – many won’t read nor understand him. He’s almost a more intellectual (or perhaps technical) version of Ron Paul in that way

    • Replies: @Smith
  195. Simpleman says:

    Soros’s is a power hungry self-centered Marxist..! The USA would be a better place if he disappeared for good..!!

  196. Smith says:

    And? It still doesn’t change that now Japan has more manlier media than China, it seems China got tricked then.
    This is current japanese shows I’m watching and waiting for, btw:

    And even the newer adaptation of Kingdom, ironically about chinese history of the Warring States.

    See the differences?

    • Troll: Showmethereal
    • Replies: @Mary Marianne
  197. Smith says:

    Uh, like you?

    To think you read Hudson who is a MMT-er who advocates for socialism and think he’s like Ron Paul, a libertarian who wants free market and gold standard.

    This means you yourself have never read and understand Micheal Hudson’s works despite trying to comment on it. Why?

    • Replies: @Levtraro
    , @Showmethereal
  198. Levtraro says:

    I’m not sure Hudson is an MMT-er, he is friends with MMT-ers but is he one of them? His emphasis on debt as a bad thing goes against MMT IMO.

    • Replies: @Smith
  199. Smith says:

    I mean, Hudson’s entire platform is to forgive debt, and to provide money for the people:
    This is one of his most defining pieces, that the people should have the money, and the debt is not important.

    That doesn’t go against MMT, at all, to my knowledge.

  200. Anon[399] • Disclaimer says:

    Brave but futile words. There’s no God, no eternity. All punishment is in our lifetimes. Curses don’t work. The “evil” rich will go on plundering and die rich and famous, and you’ll wave your paper flag and dream you’ve won. You lost.

  201. Anonymous[240] • Disclaimer says:
    @mulga mumblebrain

    Well, this is where the extreme cohesion of the Chinese will serve them well. It must be pointed out that the Chinese identity is the longest-lived on Earth; at the time of the Hebrew Exodus, China had already existed for a millennium-and-a-half, probably longer.

    Nor do they lack experience dealing with infiltrating, colluding groups. Witness the ruthless suppression of the Falun Gong, and any other subversive group. If they will do this to Han, how will non-Han fare?

    The Kaifeng Jews are racially Han, but have never in almost 1,500 years been able to “blend into” China. Still looked at as alien to this day. As a result, many of their community wish to move to Israel, who will not take them in (no “right of return”). Fun fact: China does not allow dual-citizenship.

    My prognosis: The Global Cabal (and their puppet, the American Deep State) will grow extremely frustrated at their inability to subvert China from within, and so they will seek to destroy the Chinese race from without. I say “race”. though they claim only to be against the “government”, but they really mean race. Does anyone doubt this?

    Happening already.

  202. @mulga mumblebrain

    The funny thing about Chinese versus Jews is that the Jews cannot fall back on crying “antisemitism” when dealing with China (though, I’m sure they’ll try). If Jews even try to use victimhood mentality ID-politics by harking back to the Holocaust, the Chinese can point out that they have suffered many times more victims during that period (around 20 million deaths) compared to the Jews (6 million deaths) and were equally put into concentration camps and experimented upon (see: Unit 731). Furthermore, the Chinese can point out that they saved a multitude of Jewish refugees (see: Shanghai Jews) during WW2, so any complaints from Jews about Chinese antisemitism can be called out as ungratefulness from the Jewish side.

    • Agree: mulga mumblebrain
    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  203. @Smith

    Oh, yeah, Japan is choooo manly desuuu~! 🤣

    For every “manly” shounen or seinen anime you pull out, there is a counter shoujo — or worse, Boys Love 💕 — anime.

    The same goes for China. For every whitewashed danmei-based xiaoxianrou drama there’s a Wolf Warrior counterpart to be found.

    Chinese pop culture copied both the Korean Hallyu Wave boy band (xiaoxianrou) aesthetics and the Japanese Boys Love (danmei) melodrama and then synthesized the two into one unholy female guilty pleasure that in the last couple of years pumped out gems such as Guardian (2018), The Untamed (2019), Word of Honor (2021), etc. because it sells to young middle-class Asian girls and women.

    All this apparent gayness comes from female driven pop culture consumption. The west has its own sissy counterparts (e.g. One Direction, Justin Bieber), but the difference is that it is less extreme and hasn’t broken into mainstream as thoroughly as is the case in East Asia. But just take one look at all the Tumblr posts and fanfiction on AO3 where every Marvel superhero and Harry Potter character suddenly becomes gay and cries about soft, tender emotions and you know it’s right there under the surface.

    • Replies: @Mary Marianne
    , @Smith
  204. @Mary Marianne

    OTOH, the west created this unholy monstrosity:

    So maybe the west is not “less extreme” after all, but just targeting different social groups with its sissification agenda.

    • Replies: @Smith
  205. @Smith

    Do you have anything to do besides follow my comments??? And i NEVER said Hudson and Paul write about the same subjects. My comparison is what they say and how few can understand. In the same way you couldnt comprehend my comment. And I read both Hudson and Paul while agreeing and disagreeing with both. I respect them both. I am not a trolling ideologue so what I read is very varied.

    • Replies: @Smith
  206. @Chinaman

    You guys need the Chinaman back but he’s got better things to do now.

    “American Genocide Enforcer”, keyboard warrior extraordinaire?

    My, oh my, you do need some help. I hope that’s the better thing you are doing.

  207. @Chinaman

    “American Genocide Enforcer”, keyboard warrior extraordinaire?

    My, oh my, you do need some help.

    By the way, not to brag, but George Soros, the ultimate villain , gave me money to manage so you can figure whether I can compete at that level.

    Well, this is something you shouldn’t really mention, much less than brag about. So, you are a rich man with no understanding of wealth. How much would you pay me to get your soul back? Just a fiddle contest away.

    It is misconception those deals aren’t reversible. However, since it is really damaged, I don’t expect anything near of what you got in the first place.

    I hope you have been reading my stuff as I have been reading yours. You aren’t going to find much to criticize me, but the reverse is not true. And it won’t be the facts you raise that I will skewer. Read it all, there are three levels. Common, wise, and elite (requires secret decoder ring, if you are elite you will get this level).

    “The tip of the gun is out.” I see.

    If you don’t understand what I am saying, let me put it plainly: You need to understand the difference between being a racialist and a racist.

    One of us is one, the other the other.

  208. Smith says:
    @Mary Marianne

    Ah, that’s true. But my point remains that from the 10s onwards, China TV has stagnated and become way more pale-faced girlie than it was 20 years ago and thus I stick to watching some japanese shows instead (I personally found will Wolf Warrior 1+2 are very silly movies anyway, Wu Jing himself tries to hard to portrait a badass).

    On the big picture, all the big martial arts stars in China have become too old and/or retire and the new youngers aren’t up to the task. I guess the last big wuxia I like in China is Brotherhood of the Blades 1+2.

    Let’s hope Xi Jinping can restore China movies and TV shows to the early late 90s-early 00s era with movies like the Emperor & the Assassin and Outlaw of the Marsh so I can watch them again.

  209. Smith says:

    LOL, nice deflection boomer.
    You said and I quote:

    He’s almost a more intellectual (or perhaps technical) version of Ron Paul in that way

    Anyone who understand English will have the same reaction I did.

    And I read both Hudson and Paul while agreeing and disagreeing with both. I respect them both. I am not a trolling ideologue so what I read is very varied.

    LOL yeah sure, I still remember you peddling the gold standard and “fiscal responsibility” in the last few Hudson articles and get blown the fuck out.

    • Troll: showmethereal
  210. Smith says:
    @Mary Marianne

    Meh, I don’t watch western shows much anymore, they are poisonous to my eyes.

  211. @Malla

    Yo Malla-respond to my mail man, lol. You disappeared.

  212. Smith says:

    Soros is butthurt:

    I’d watch out for BlackRock tho, they are not be trusted.

    • Replies: @antibeast
  213. antibeast says:

    Soros is delusional. Here’s a good article about why Soros is so wrong about China:

    From my own contacts, Chinese VCs are quite bullish on Xi’s latest crackdowns on Big Tech in China because those anti-monopoly moves would effectively dismantle the present-day digital oligopolies of Alibaba, Tencent, Meituan, Didi, etc. thereby allowing more competition in the Internet/E-commerce/Social-media industries. Xi also wants more capital to flow into ‘deep tech’ industries such as semiconductors, biotech, AI, robotics, etc. while restricting investments in online media, entertainment, gaming and tutoring industries.

    • Agree: showmethereal
    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  214. @Bringoutyourdead

    But I think we know where her sympathies lie. Her family ties go a long way back to Nazi Europe…

    Oh pull-easze. This “Nazi” is fully on board with the decades old race replacement immigration policy for Canada started in earnest by “conservatives” and recently accelerated by Justine. Just like every other (((Western liberal democracy))) the Canadian government is a wholly owned subsidiary of Israel.

    • Thanks: Dr. Charles Fhandrich
    • Replies: @Dr. Charles Fhandrich
  215. @Malla

    They could look at the German model where children not interested in higher education could enter training for a trade.

    Unless the German model has changed in recent years, higher education, whether university, technical schools, or trade schools, were restricted to best and brightest based on academics. “Streaming” into the different programmes started at around age 13. Limited spots meant that students understood they had to work hard just to get a shot at gaining entrance the school.
    As an aside, I was acquainted with several people who repaired medical equipment, and were sent to the manufacturers to learn the equipment repair. They described going to the US as light on learning heavy on socializing. When they went to Germany (or occasionally Israel) it was long days of learning and hands on experience for the time there. There were times they were too tired to socialize in the evening. There was nothing they didn’t know about what they had to repair.

  216. @GreatSocialist

    Some day, I would be interested in hearing what you really think of Soros. LOL

  217. @antibeast

    More evidence that in China, the Government rules, and the parasites follow orders, the antithesis of the West. And why China would accelerate far out of sight if not for the obvious drive of the Western ruling psychopaths to destroy China and end its rise, come what may.

  218. @Mary Marianne

    I agree, but, as the Corbyn experience shows, the lying Talmudic/Zionazi/Judeofascistic thugs can accuse anyone, even Yahweh himself, of being ‘antisemitic’. Corbyn was a lifelong anti-racist and friend of numerous Jews, yet he was lynched with a campaign of vicious lying of a quite deranged intensity, aided and abetted by the human filth of the MSM. Here in Austfailia the Zionazis who infest our MSM, particularly the Murdoch cancer, are notable for their furious, racist, hatred of China. Let’s hope that they will finally bite off more than they can chew.

    • Replies: @Jazman
  219. Smith says:

    So rumor has it that China has slowed down or halted the approval of new online games:

    This will probably cut deep into Tencent and NetEase’s pockets, so it’s probably a good thing.

    I’m playing Tales of Arise right now and it’s amazing. I hope the chinese devs can make single player RPG at that caliber, that would be better than 100 gacha/online games they have right now.

    • Replies: @antibeast
  220. antibeast says:

    China wants to promote physical fitness for its young citizens and plans to have a bigger sports industry by 2025:

    Xi also wants China to become a ‘football superpower’ by 2050:

    Xi would rather see Chinese youth playing football and working out in the gym than staring at computer screens playing online games all day.

    • Replies: @Smith
  221. Smith says:

    Holy based, I hope to see China compete in da World Cup!

  222. But when it comes to the topic of China, Soros is blinded by ideology and the bitterness of his repeated past failures in attempting to “short” China’s currency, the yuan. His vested interests blind him from recognizing that what he wants from China is not necessarily what is right for the country or its people.

    The answer is no, because the other critique of Soros’ comments is that he presumes what he says is good for the market, and what’s good for his interests, is preferential to the needs of the country as a whole.

    The very idea that China could possibly take a different path from the “destined trajectory to liberalisation,” which commenced in 1978, and prosper from it, is blasphemy in Western political circles….

    … His failed bets on the yuan show how wrong he’s been, and he risks turning himself into a very wealthy version of Gordon Chang, the discredited American author who, like some fanatical evangelical repeatedly warning ‘the end is nigh,’ has been predicting China’s collapse for two decades. During which time the country, as the BBC puts it, has become the world’s ‘economic miracle’.

    Soros is not just shorting currency, he’s shorting his own credibility by taking bets on the imminent demise of a political system that just doesn’t make sense to him, but does to hundreds of millions of Chinese, as well as a lot of smart overseas investors.

  223. @Curmudgeon

    I would have thought it was created by the Canadian left? Fits them to the letter.

  224. It is difficult to explain the difference in political mindset between the US and other countries, particularly the mid 1990s, but the difference between Canada is narrowing. None of the 3 main political parties were keen on immigration, until the late 1960s when the centrist (allegedly) Liberal party decided nation killing multiculturalism should be official policy. Previously, the Liberals had leaders that had nationalized the privately owned central bank, restricted Chinese, Japanese, and Indian immigration. Immigration of Blacks, other than from the US was negligible, except those who came post revolution or via the Underground Railway for slaves. All political parties understood Canadians were opposed to immigration that would change the nature of Canada, and that, a more a century ago, included Eastern and Mediterranean Europeans. The “right” Progressive Conservatives were largely what were called “red” Tories, were more successful provincially than federally. They were populist and believed that government, while being fiscally responsible, should play a meaningful role in people’s lives. Many provinces have (and had) government owned public utilities that were formed when the private sector started gouging the government for services. The governments formed their own telephone or electric companies for government use. They expanded to the population in general when the private sector businesses were put up for sale, or refused to provide services in remote areas. There were no expropriations.
    The “left”, never elected federally, were traditionally the most fiscally responsible, taking governments out of debt created by the other parties.
    To put that in context, a co-worker and her husband left the US first for the UK, then Canada when Reagan was elected. When the ” left” Clinton was elected they felt comfortable returning to the US. When I said to her that Clinton was “right” of Reagan’s buddy Canadian PM (Lyin’) Brian Mulroney, a “conservative” she agreed and said Clinton was as “left” as the American population would tolerate. The last 35 years in Canadian politics has been a sea change in the mindset of politics in Canada, and not for the better. The shift has been to ideologues and a US style with the focus on presenttion rather than substance. In reality it leads to all parties professing to stand for almost everything. When you stand for everything, you stand for nothing.

  225. Smith says:

    China’s National Radio and Television Administration (NRTA) on Thursday held a meeting urging the television industry to boycott adaption of boys’ love novels, as well as to avoid tax evasion and stick to realistic works amid the nation’s drive for comprehensive regulation of entertainment.

    The NRTA also asked industry practitioners to strictly carry out the rules on actors’ paycheck caps, to rule out dual contracts and other tax evasion tricks, to make TV dramas with a positive influence and stop the viewership-priority mindset, “fan culture” problems and swarming to boys’ love adaptations.

    Boys’ love, a novel genre whose adaptation to TV drama turned out to be a big success, usually depicts blossoming romances between young men. Legendary drama The Untamed, starring Xiao Zhan and Wang Yibo, and Word of Honor, starring Zhang Zhehan and Gong Jun, are among the most famous ones.

    Holy based, gay xianxia is over!

    Manly wuxia is back! Xi Jinping is my hero!

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