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The Attempted 1933 Jewish Fascist Coup in America
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This is a very strange thing. Of all the parts of world history that have been deeply buried, this one event has been so thoroughly sanitised by every portion of the Jewish-owned media, deleted by the book and magazine publishers, by libraries, by even the educational institutions, that there might not have been any person who contained this information in his accessible memory. There surely were some people still alive who would have had second-hand knowledge of the event, but it would have been long in the past and lost in the eternal memory hole. But, as Thomas Campbell wrote in his poem, Lochiel’s Warning, “For, dark and despairing, my sight I may seal, but man cannot hide what God would reveal.” And thus, an obscure clerk in the Library of Congress accidentally stumbled upon an original copy of the Congressional Hearing into the event, and inexplicably sent it out for publication. There must have been a huge panic as the relevant persons sought to recover and repossess all distributed copies. But they failed, and some remained in public hands and the affair was once again brought into the consciousness of Americans and the world. Enormous efforts have been made to bury it again, and still very few people anywhere are aware of it, but at least it is now in the public consciousness.

The secret US government and the European bankers have for many decades cherished a plan of installing a fascist dictatorship in the US and thus obtaining full control of the country and its vast military. Their plan almost succeeded when the Khazar Jews in The City of London, through a group of American financiers (including George H. W. Bush’s father Prescott Bush) made their abortive attempt at a fascist military coup in 1934. At the time, a man named General Smedley Butler was a heavily-decorated and much-admired war hero in the US, especially revered by all the soldiers of the day. During his long history in the Marine Corps, it is claimed that Smedley Butler was one of only two men who twice received a Medal of Honor for acts of outstanding heroism. This is the man the conspirators chose to head their new fascist government. Butler himself wrote a brief booklet about his career, titled “War is a Racket“[1], and is very worth reading.

The cabal of plotters offered Butler $3 million to assemble an army of 500,000 men, mostly WWI veterans who would be virtually guaranteed to follow wherever Butler chose to lead them. Butler was to use this private temporary military to overthrow the Roosevelt government, after which the plotters would install a fascist dictatorship with Butler as the figurative head. The intention was that Roosevelt would be forced to essentially abdicate his position as President and be reduced to a ceremonial role, “the same as Mussolini did with the King of Italy”. Roosevelt would further be forced to appoint Butler to the Cabinet in a newly-​minted position as “Secretary for General Affairs,” leaving him to rule the country while Roosevelt remained a figurehead. Butler also testified under oath in Congress that the Vice President and Secretary of State would resign and that the new Secretary of General Affairs would assume the role of Secretary of State, and follow through to the Presidential succession. Private testimony from various individuals contained in separate documents claims that should Roosevelt have refused to go along with the plan, he would have been killed.

The conspirators claimed they had “the newspapers” behind them and would start a story that Roosevelt’s health was failing, and they would appoint Butler as a sort of “Super-Secretary” to be the “Assistant President”, but actually taking his directions from the City of London. Butler claimed the conspirators said to him, “You know, the President is weak. He will come right along with us. He was born in this class. He was raised in this class, and he will come back. He will run true to form. In the end he will come around. And the dumb American people will fall for it in a second.” It is noteworthy that General Motors was heavily in support of this coup, along with the Heinz, Dupont, and Bush families, as well as the banking interests of J. P. Morgan – who was always a Rothschild agent.

The conspirators told Butler they had $300 million in ready cash on hand, and as much as $800 million if necessary to achieve their objective. The money would be used to pay for Butler’s temporary army, and also to the Remington Arms company who were eager to supply the needed weaponry. Unfortunately for the bankers, Butler was more loyal than greedy and informed Roosevelt of the plan, then provided full testimony under oath to Congress.

A note here is in order about the volumes of money involved. In many cases, it serves no useful purpose to compare today’s value of a currency with that of a prior date, by simply applying the prevailing depreciation rate over time, because other comparisons are much more valid and meaningful. As one point, consider the $3 million offered to Butler to head up this scheme. The statistical tables tell us that a 1934 dollar would be worth perhaps $22 today, but keep in mind that in the early 1930s, the typical salary for an average working man was only little more than $1,000 per year. This means that the $3 million in “cash in advance” offered to Butler as a bribe was actually about 2,500 to 3,000 years of an average man’s salary. You can consider the $300 million and $800 million in a similar light.

Of course the US Congress conducted an official investigation – the McCormack-Dickstein Committee – before which Butler testified as to the details of the entire plan, including the fact of himself fronting a government ruled by the bankers and their corporate allies.[2][3] The Committee eventually confirmed as true everything Butler had told them, with Butler publicly begging the Committee to arrest and prosecute the DuPonts, Morgans and others, but Congress was too afraid and despaired of their ability to bring these powerful men to account. In the end, Congress published a carefully sanitised report that confirmed the event – but only after deleting the names of the plotters, and then suppressed the entire affair. As could be expected, the Jewish-controlled media, especially in the US, ignored the story, except to openly ridicule Butler for attempting a hoax, then resolutely let the matter die. You can access the original Congressional Document here, in two versions. The first[3] is the original photo-version with text than can be searched and copied, while the second is text only but more easily readable.[4] The files are 69 Mb in size. The BBC performed an investigation and produced a rather tepid documentary program titled The White House Coup, which stated “The coup was aimed at toppling President Franklin D. Roosevelt with the help of half-a-million war veterans.”[5] Roosevelt had no power to arrest and prosecute for treason the members of this extremely powerful elite group, and could do no better than leak the news to the media. The BBC documentary stated (probably accurately) that “FDR’s main interest was getting the New Deal passed, and so he struck a deal in which it was agreed that the plotters would walk free if Wall Street would back off of their opposition to the New Deal and let FDR do what he wanted”.

The final reports dealing with the plotters themselves stated “The investigations mysteriously turned to vapor when it comes time to call them to testify”, and Butler himself reviled the US Congress for their cowardice, saying, “Like most committees it has slaughtered the little and allowed the big to escape. The big shots weren’t even called to testify. They were all mentioned in the testimony. Why was all mention of these names suppressed from the testimony?” In this stunning and unbelievable attempt to overthrow the government of the United States, Congress whitewashed this investigation as they did all others. But there is something else here, of enormous interest. One of the documents supporting Butler’s claims stated that “The conspirators either (1) remained abroad and beyond the reach of the Committee, (2) outright denied Butler’s claims before the Committee, or (3) simply claimed ignorance, and the inability to account for large sums of money. Rothschild and other Jewish bankers in the City of London are not mentioned by name in Butler’s writings, but it was clear from his Congressional testimony that the movement originated in Europe and, in the midst of the Great Depression in 1934, who else had that kind of money?


Mr. Romanoff’s writing has been translated into 32 languages and his articles posted on more than 150 foreign-language news and politics websites in more than 30 countries, as well as more than 100 English language platforms. Larry Romanoff is a retired management consultant and businessman. He has held senior executive positions in international consulting firms, and owned an international import-export business. He has been a visiting professor at Shanghai’s Fudan University, presenting case studies in international affairs to senior EMBA classes. Mr. Romanoff lives in Shanghai and is currently writing a series of ten books generally related to China and the West. He is one of the contributing authors to Cynthia McKinney’s new anthology ‘When China Sneezes’. (Chapt. 2 — Dealing with Demons).

His full archive can be seen at +

He can be contacted at:

[email protected]



[1] War Is a Racket, by Gen. Smedley Butler

[2] The McCormack-Dickstein Committee (1934-1935)

[3] The Plot to Overthrow FDR : Government Printing Office

[4] McCormack-Dickstein Committee – The Plot to Overthrow FDR : Government Printing Office

[5] BBC Radio 4 – Document, The White House Coup, 1933 (27 minute podcast)

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  1. Let us draw a distinction between gangster fascism(the current reality of America and nature of Jewish Supremacist power) and humanist-fascism, of which I’m the only true member.

    • Replies: @Shamu
    , @Folkvangr
  2. Chris Moore says: • Website

    Fascinating history of Judeofascism I wasn’t aware of. It’s an abortive version of the successful Nazi coup staged in Germany that ended up installing Hitler. No doubt the American people would have eventually been accused of a “Holocaust” had it succeeded. They are being accused of a holocaust of sorts today: the irredeemable sin of racism (which yet again, a real accounting of history shows, is a Zionist inside job, as most of the slave brokers and plenty of the slave owners were “Jews” of the Golden Calf strain, same as the Rothschilds/Cousinhood in the City of London).

    So scapegoating Christians for what they themselves have perpetrated (and even hiring or placing phony “Christians” to “confess” their guilt) is part of the Zionist playbook, all to discredit “anti-Semitic” Moses-Christianity as the rightful moral authority of humanity, and appoint themselves and their Satanic mammon religion in it’s place.

    Smedley Butler’s “War is a Racket” was simply an early version “Confessions of an Economic Hitman.”

    But the question remains: why do these confessors go to work for the Zionists in the first place? And I’ll tell you why: because they’re young and dumb and ambitious, and eager to sell their souls for a relative pittance, and to advance fheir careers.

    This is how the “Jew” debases Christian humanity, and drags it down to his soulless, reptilian level.

    So why don’t the Butlers and the economic hit men in the know actually name the “Jew” and swear fealty to Christianity when their careers as Satainic lickspittle are done? Well, would you want to admit — even to yourself — that you’re a soulless hellion? Because once you sell your soul, you can’t get it back. So instead they blow the whistle in general, but rarely declare it a Zionist inside job.

  3. Wokechoke says:

    New Deal was a mistake.

    • Agree: Clark Kent
    • Disagree: Cking
  4. The most interesting facet of the story is the coverup. I’d read Butler’s pamphlet at least a decade ago and was aware of the plot, plus the official narrative that it was some overblown plan involving some of the old Yankee elite (like the Prescott Bush famiglia, et al.) unhappy over FDR’s New Deal, not even seriously underway yet. The assertion that FDR, who had already issued a completely lawless EO confiscating gold owned by Americans early in his term (which started in March 1933) was somehow against the usual suspects in where I suspect Mr. Romanoff has at least partly gone off the rails.

    The massive amount of gold which was turned in by the trusting fools of 1933 Murika has never been honestly accounted for, despite the construction of a “Federal Depository” in Ft. Knox – which not even sitting members of congress can access to account for the items supposedly held there (Ron Paul tried – and was given a dog-and-pony show “tour” in which nothing was revealed). The bulk of the gold – all of which is now likely long gone – probably went to the usual suspects in the (((City of London))). Perhaps it’s now used to store crates of Depends for the retarded ventriloquist dummy who is the current “President”.

    Not long after the plot we also have the FDR administration’s enactment of the 1934 National Firearms Act, which effectively outlawed automatic weapons, silencers, and other military-grade weaponry to all who could not pay the tax (a very steep 250 dollars at the time). The law was upheld in 1939 by the USSC despite the fact that the defense was totally absent for the trial. FDR was a very obedient shabbas-goy for the city and its allies at the end of the day. Not sure what he said or did that got the usual suspects worried to the point where the actually went so far as to approach Butler with such a plan.

  5. Protogonus says: • Website

    This whole thing must be fake.

    • Replies: @Buck Ransom
  6. FDR was anti-jew! JFK was anti-jew! Hitler secretly loved jews!

    Read it all here on

  7. anarchyst says:
    @Exalted Cyclops

    The “tax” is still $200, not $250.

    It could be argued, from a constitutional stance, that imprisoning someone for 10 years and fining them $10,000.00 for mere possession of an unregistered (untaxed) automatic weapon over failure to pay a $200.00 “tax” constitutes “cruel and unusual punishment” and is constitutionally offensive.

    Why has no one in such a situation adopted this line of thinking and brought it to federal court?

    • Replies: @Exalted Cyclops
  8. roonaldo says:

    Thanks for bringing this fascinating story to our attention.

    Years ago my father told me that part of the dark pall hanging over the country during the depression years consisted of the fear that a fascist coup would unfold that would stomp the workers into the dirt at the behest of “the big money boys,” who were whipping up anticommunist hysteria. He said the odds of a coup seemed about 50/50. His father and many others were sympathetic to the workers in the mines who were standing up to the owners and getting gunned down and their heads bashed.

    A few years later I ran across the book “Trading with the Enemy” documenting how industrialists, financial houses, and oil men continued doing business with Nazi Germany during the war. My father remembered well the scandal of the major ball bearing factory whose production was going to the Nazis by way of Sweden.

    Perhaps some of the reluctance to shoot down China’s balloon stemmed from the fear of the symbolism of a deflating, crashing balloon getting etched into peoples’ minds.

    • Replies: @Notsofast
    , @Clark Kent
  9. “ The Attempted 1933 Jewish Fascist Coup in America” wasn’t a failure, it succeeded beyond anyone’s imagination. Should you have any doubts, one look at Jewish cartels control of banking, media, real estate, weapons manufacturing, and endless wars and you would convinced this was no ordinary world.

    • Replies: @Notsofast
    , @Brad Anbro
  10. anonymous[235] • Disclaimer says:

    There is a counterpoint to this, saying that this ‘Business Plot’ was a Roosevelt-managed hoax to legitimise himself, against more authentic populists on the scene such as Huey Long.

    The “business plot” was manufactured to make it appear to the public as if Roosevelt’s policies were really for the common good and not a big giveaway to bankers and industrialists.

    Indeed there are strange elements, such as Butler apparently already giving speeches against ‘war profiteers’, when those very same ‘war profiteers’ asked him to lead the coup plotting.

    But another odd aspect is that the main visible critique of the Butler narrative is hosted on the dodgy Miles Mathis site, which seems to be a distracting, half-disinfo but entertaining site run by intel agencies, with lots of bizarre stuff on it, ‘Miles Mathis’ seeming to be at least 4 different people, one of them much more British than American. Links below to the full anti-Butler files.

    • Replies: @barr
    , @Franz
    , @Wade
  11. Notsofast says:

    prescott bush had a bank seized during ww2 for laundering nazi money, as did the walker family (prescotts in-laws, accounting for daddy bush’s, second middle name). the banks were then quietly returned to them in the fifties when the heat was off.

    • Replies: @roonaldo
  12. Notsofast says:

    fdr’s insouciant response (and yes pcr, that is for you) to the banksters attack, allowed the cancer within the system to metastasize and lead directly to the complete skull and bones, zioneocon takeover of our political system. the cancer has now advanced to a stage 4 inoperable condition. we seem to be passing into the acceptance stage of our grief. let us not, hold on to false hopes of a political cure for the dieing beast, let us concentrate rather on how the hell we’re going to dispose of the bloated carcass.

    i once saw a video of some small town, trying to dispose a beached whale carcass, they decided to “blow it up good”, it did not work out well, i would advise against this method.

  13. @anarchyst

    Thanks for the correction. You make a good point about the excessive fine for failure to pay a 200 “tax”. I’ll not be holding my breath for the ACLU to go and spend some of their multi-million dollar ‘war-chest’ to fight it.

  14. JimDandy says:

    The intention was that Roosevelt would be forced to essentially abdicate his position as President and be reduced to a ceremonial role, “the same as Mussolini did with the King of Italy”.

    This would have been a worse outcome than what happened?

  15. Shamu says:
    @Priss Factor

    Fascism that classifies itself ‘humanist’ remains anti-Christendom and therefore will always serve the interest of Jews the one race or tribe that is truly anti-Christ.

    It is either Christ and Christendom or else Chaos with Jews reaping the majority of the spoils.

  16. Benjamin Freedman always said “so-called” Jews. He was emphatic that the Khazars were really not Jews but Talmudists. And Talmudists are the reverse of Jews. Their bizarre, legalistic nonsense is what gave the world Islam. That and the RCs, idolatrists with their legalistic “canonical” nonsense.

    So, Larry, they are not Khazar Jews. There’s no such thing. They are Khazar Talmudists.

  17. barr says:

    War profteers dont identify any particular group who need to be named and shamed .It was a wake up call against the war fever that was infecting the ambience .
    Just because it is now parked in some obscure website,doesnt mean it has lost its legitimacy or authenticy .

    What kind of plots or isssues did get heard by the congress in thsoe days ? Did it admit whether there were a threat or not to the presidency ?
    Did they blame Butler for making things up or being duped or accuse him of being gullible ?
    USA was not new to making things up in order to justify military intervention .Flip side of that coin is suppressing facts,truth,and real conspiracy .A tireless anti war would have been a thorn by their sides . They would rather have him exposed as fraud,liar,and attention grabbing demagogue than simply acknodledged . They showed incompatible and internally contradicting responses.

    It is like 911 . The issues not raised and not allowed to be raised tell us that there are serious unresolved important issues in that event which establsihement doesnt want become public and I am not talking about periodic false accustaions and threats to Saudi. Though the real culprits will tell Americans that the failure to expose Saudi shows the power of bribes, money and of chokehold of oil on US . These rascals even might add that the fear of Saudi ditching dollars or dumping treasury has prevented US from naming.
    All those seemigly on the surface are viable explanations but they are incorrect. It doesnt mean someone trying to hide important actors’s palmprints will not resurrect the bullshit in 20 or 50 years .

  18. Alrenous says: • Website

    I guess TIL FDR was a Jew.


    America was already Fascist in 1929. Yes, FDR made it significantly more Fascist, but it has met all six diagnostic criteria for Fascism since 1776. E.g. the public-private “partnership” (meaning de facto State ownership and politicization of for-profit corporations) was already in full swing when GM et al “bought up” all the tramlines so they could be sold for scrap.

    Indeed Jamestown was an outright Communist colony. Then there were the Owenites in the 1830s, along with numerous fellow travellers.

  19. @roonaldo

    What this country needed at the time was Huey Long, the Trump of his day, if you will. Had he been able to campaign and say what he would say, he probably would have been elected. I was born and raised in Louisiana and I saw firsthand how he brought LA out of the Dark Ages. But, he was, of course, assassinated.

    • Replies: @roonaldo
  20. Anon[182] • Disclaimer says:

    I read about “The Businessman’s Plot” in college, and it mentioned that “a couple of U.S. Senators” were involved, and Wall Street financiers, but it didn’t name who. I remember thinking it odd. The Bush Family (Prescott’s involvement) should have been solidly locked out of politics after this, but George the Elder was present in Dallas in November 22, 1963, Marvin Bush dined with John Hinkley 2 weeks before Hinkley shot Reagan, and Shrub W. was president on 9/11.

    Let’s not ever allow another Bush in office folks. Ever.

    Morgan was obviously the big money behind the plot and Rothschild the bigger money behind Morgan. Those “Great stores of wealth” spoken about in the protocols of zion are obviously international corporations and international and Central banks. Too much power is always bad. Take it away from them folks.

    • Replies: @Alden
  21. Brosi says:

    Its called Sheep Dipping. This is when some powerful force, usually Jewish or Masonic, fake and even in order to give one of their agents credibility, so that the lifetime actor can fulfill some assigned role.

    In this case we have 32 degree Scottish Rite freemason FDR, born with a silver spoon in his mouth from a dynasty of millionaires going back to the Delano opuim fortune, and a typical corrupt Democrat, who was supposed to lead the world into WWII on behalf of Judea.

    • Replies: @Alden
  22. roonaldo says:

    It seems some higher-ups wanted to prosecute ol’ Prescott and his pals, but ’twas not to be– how dreadfully unseemly! I think he also held an interest in the Silesian American Coal Company, along with such names as Harriman and Brown, and possibly Dulles–that utilized internment camp slave labor–you know what they say about idle hands!

    I seem to recall the book describing how Ford’s plant in occupied France kept building transport trucks for the German army, and Texaco shipping oil to them, and German chemical giant IG Farben’s patent rights to its synthetic rubber process being honored by the Americans. And Germans shipping gold to London and New York in payment, or some such arrangement.

    A racket, indeed, as Smedley said. Meanwhile, contientious objectors, like one of my relatives, caught hell.

  23. “You know, the President is weak. He will come right along with us. He was born in this class. He was raised in this class, and he will come back. He will run true to form. In the end he will come around. And the dumb American people will fall for it in a second.”

    The dumb American people have fallen for the fascistic coup by means of the assassination of JFK. The result of the assassination is an unaccountable military industrial complex together with an unaccountable CIA. The results are the same even though we may not view it that way. We are a military dictatorship under the surface but propagandized to not believe it has taken place.

  24. I’ve always suspected this coup story is a bit of disinformation probably cooked up by the mendacious FDR himself. It ties in with him representing himself as the courageous man of the people, heroically battling the insidious banking and business interests whose greed had triggered the Great Depression. In fact, his actions were exactly the opposite. He came into office hostile to the interests of working people, with incentives, loans and bailouts for failing corporations, much like Obama’s response to the 2008 crisis. It was the violent rebellions of militant, organized labor across the nation in 1934 that led to Social Security and Unemployment Insurance in 1935, not the kindness of liberal Democrats. FDR’s “second New Deal” was an attempt to ally with union leaders to create a state-sponsored system of union recognition and negotiations that would keep the working class under control within the framework of capitalism. Democratic Party politicians on all levels turned their back on labor as local police departments and National Guardsman brutalized, and sometimes killed, strikers. By 1941, FDR was himself responsible for smashing strikes, including a massive one at North American Aviation.

    The American ruling elite had but one goal then (as it does to this day): global domination. One bloc saw alliance with the rising new authoritarian states as key to achieving this objective, while the rival faction, led by FDR, saw making war on them as the more effective strategy. Their difference was a matter of tactics, not strategy, and certainly not so great as to risk the uprising of the American people, the way they had responded to the slaveholders’ treason almost eighty years earlier.

    • Replies: @Larry Romanoff
    , @Alden
  25. @Observator

    I repeat here my reply to your comment on another of my articles. I have no more tolerance for your lies. Any more of this rubbish from you, and you won’t be commenting any more/

    Almost every statement you made in your comment is either factually incorrect or twisted and misleading. “Surrender” under threat of a $10,000 fine and 10 years in prison is not different than “confiscation”. The seizures were not made “necessary” by anything, and the “planned devaluation” was only to protect the FED who were more than 50,000 metric tonnes of gold short of what it was supposed to hold to back the currency it had issued (illegally).

    The seizures were presented to Congress as “hoarding” gold by private citizens was “preventing the economy from improving”, which was an outright lie. And the order was not aimed “primarily at the banks”. Your statement about “generous exemptions” being made for coins of numismatic value is also false. Very few coins fit this description, and to state that the number of these coins “theoretically exceeded all the gold then in circulation” is an outright lie. Your statement that “at most 22% of gold coins were surrendered is also an outright lie.

    And there is no evidence that “literally tons” of US gold coins were held by foreign banks as currency reserves, since they held only bullion. No central bank hold coins as foreign reserves. Your other statements are irrelevant smoke meant only to confuse the issue.

    I am becoming very tired of all the Hasbara lies (and the liars) commenting on these articles. I think the whole damned lot of you should be banned from commenting. You lie like you breathe and you dirty everything you touch.

    • Replies: @Chris Mallory
    , @Folkvangr
  26. @Exalted Cyclops

    Yes, I think you’re on to something there. Nothing is as it seems.

  27. roonaldo says:
    @Clark Kent

    Huey was on a roll and gaining momentum, and would’ve made short work of his opponents. His killing was a tragic loss for this country, which has a nasty habit of killing off or otherwise sabotaging populist leaders.

    • Agree: Notsofast, Alden
  28. @Exalted Cyclops

    Not long after the plot we also have the FDR administration’s enactment of the 1934 National Firearms Act, which effectively outlawed automatic weapons, silencers, and other military-grade weaponry to all who could not pay the tax (a very steep 250 dollars at the time). The law was upheld in 1939 by the USSC despite the fact that the defense was totally absent for the trial.

    Rule of Law or Legal Principle Applied:

    A weapon that has no reasonable relationship to the effectiveness of a well-regulated militia under the Second Amendment can be regulated by the government.


    The Second Amendment states that “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” Because there is no evidence in this case that a sawed-off shotgun has a reasonable relationship to the preservation or efficiency of a well-regulated militia, the respondent’s weapon is not covered under the Second Amendment. The concept of a civilian militia is an often-cited principle in many writings before and after the drafting of the Constitution. Thus, the charges are appropriate and the district court’s decision must be reversed.

    Plenty of evidence existed for the use of shotguns in military usage in the early 1930s.

    There was no defense because the defendant, Jack Miller, had DIED.

    United States v. Miller is a case that comes to the obvious conclusion that the “well regulated Militia” portion to the Second Amendment has meaning. Unfortunately, the existence of the “well regulated Militia” text in the Second Amendment is something that seems to have been conveniently overlooked by gun advocates and conservative Supreme Court justices for many, many decades.

    Their argument is based on that amendment’s reference to “a well regulated militia,” which they define as a military force organized and supervised by the government. Outside a well-regulated militia, they suggest, the Second Amendment has no practical effect a lawmaker need respect. Some gun control advocates also argue that the descriptor well regulated implies that the government has wide latitude to decide who may have which weapons under what circumstances. But as the Supreme Court correctly concluded in Heller, these arguments are inconsistent with the text and context of the Second Amendment.

    The structure of the Second Amendment has invited decades of dueling interpretations. “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State,” it says, “the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

    The part of the amendment that could be its own stand-alone sentence—the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed—is known as the “operative clause.” The well regulated Militia part—the prefatory clause—is understood by enthusiastic gun regulators as defining the only reason for preserving the right to keep and bear arms (as opposed to one of the reasons). Anyone who is not a member of a well-regulated militia would have no such right.

    The late Justice Antonin Scalia, who wrote the majority opinion in Heller, thought it made no sense to read the prefatory clause that way, because that would essentially nullify the direct and clear meaning of the operative clause. While the prefatory clause could give insight into some of the specifics of how to apply the operative clause, he argued, it could not make the right to arms contingent on militia service.

    Scalia pointed out that the amendment refers to “the right of the people.” When that language is used elsewhere in the Bill of Rights—in the First and Fourth Amendments, for example—it plainly means a right that belongs to every individual, as opposed to a collective with special properties, such as a militia. A prefatory clause mentioning a purpose, Scalia argued, is not sufficient to overwhelm the commonsense and contextual meaning of a right guaranteed to everyone. Furthermore, he said, contemporaneous usage makes it clear that the phrase bear arms cannot be restricted to a military context, as Justice John Paul Stevens suggested it should be in his dissent.

    The money would be used to pay for Butler’s temporary army, and also to the Remington Arms company who were eager to supply the needed weaponry.

    Did Remington have an inventory of surplus guns, or where they going to produce guns, a far more arduous task?

  29. saggy says: • Website
    @Chris Moore

    It’s an abortive version of the successful Nazi coup staged in Germany that ended up installing Hitler.

    I’m no historian, but Hitler was not ‘installed’ by a coup. There was no Nazi coup. There was no fascist coup.

    Wiki list 26+ definitions for ‘fascism’,, so it has effectively become meaningless. Yet is used constantly to mean bad, evil,
    the worst ever, etc. I believe the subliminal meaning of fascism, that accompanies the ‘bad’ meaning, is ‘the opposite of Judaism’. The fascists, i.e. the Nazis, were the only real opposition the Jews have faced in 100 years. Thus using the word carries two meanings, the primary meaning that the fascists are pure evil, and the secondary implied meaning that the Jews are innocent victims. Everyone who uses ‘fascist’ as a condemnation is reminding us of the virtue and (imaginary) victimization of the Jews.

    • Replies: @Chris Moore
  30. @Larry Romanoff

    Almost every statement you made in your comment is either factually incorrect or twisted and misleading.

    Not much different than the Chicom propaganda you vomit forth with every thing you write.

    I am becoming very tired of all the Hasbara lies (and the liars) commenting on these articles.

    Israel? China? Two Asian nations that we should have nothing to do with.

    You lie like you breathe and you dirty everything you touch.

    Lying is part and parcel of both the Jew and the Chinaman. You should look in a mirror.

    • Agree: Alden
  31. Chris Moore says: • Website

    the Nazis, were the only real opposition the Jews have faced in 100 years

    They were controlled opposition, framed as the “ultimate anti-Semites” when they were no such thing.

    Christendom were the ultimate anti-Satanists/anti-Sociopaths, which is what “the Jews” really amount to. But they call it “racist anti-Semitism” in order to harness the nations against it.

    There are degrees of anti-Satanism/anti-Sociopathy, with Christendom as the gold standard. The Nazis walked right into ZOG’s war agenda which is pure divide and rule. Yes, the dimwitted Slavs did as well when they previously allowed/helped the ((Bolshevik)) coup that put Russia under ZOGs thumb. Jackass Hitler took the bait, and ended up destroying his own nation, hundreds of millions of Christians, and getting framed for the phony and contrived “Holocaust/Shoah,” exploited ever since by Zionists.

    If Hitler hadn’t been damaged goods himself, he would have gone after the Satanists/Sociopaths (the Rothschilds/Cousinhood in the City of London) first and foremost. But he saw easy pickings in Russia, and didn’t want to launch on ZOG HQ.

    BTW, the same can be said of Putin (that he should be fighting ZOG’s HQ), but at least he hasn’t allowed “the Jews” to start WW3, although ((Zelensky)) and his ((backers)) have repeatedly tried. Putin has wisely let it be known that the Rothschild/Cousinhood headquartered City of London would be among the first targets in a nuclear exchange, but he hasn’t threatened Tel Aviv, which should also be publicly on the kill list.

    At any rate, ZOG must be destroyed, but it can’t be done at the cost of a nuclear war. ZOG must be gotten to by resurrected Christendom, which is its first, foremost and natural enemy, and put in a permanent straightjacket, along with all its demonstrably insane stooges and supporters.

    • Replies: @saggy
  32. Hrw-500 says:

    Some could said it was attempted more early with Woodrow Wilson and the creation of the FED.

    I think that meme would fit what lots of people think of the Rothschilds.

    from Imgflip Meme Generator

  33. saggy says: • Website
    @Chris Moore

    They were controlled opposition,

    Good grief! Let’s remedy that nonsense ….

    Video Link
    “Perhaps some of you here are unable to forgive me because I eradicated the Marxist Party. But my friend, I also eradicated all the other parties.”

  34. aargh says:

    Once again, I am insulted by a fine article initially displaying an ambiguous photo of several unnamed humans. Blithely the article commences. I’ve a special disdain for the exploiters of media to repeat this use of borrowed photographic attempts to legitimize an already legitimate article. Where it started is not difficult to imagine but it is an error in judgement found, now, throughout the media; is misleading distracting and deceptive. Thank you.

  35. Franz says:

    ‘Miles Mathis’ seeming to be at least 4 different people

    He/they are self-destructing at the moment. His addiction to genealogy has become an inside joke, what with people only reading it to see of the trail he happens to be sniffing leads to them. And face it, all it ever proved is that humans are related to each other… which proves nothing by itself.

    One GOOD effect of Mathis and others is the ubiquity of the Agencies and their near-total power that essentially has been ceded to them by lack of citizen awareness. J. Edgar Hoover was the ne plus ultra of 20th century publicity as public policy. There is not one part of the FBI’s warrant that would be legal in the Old Republic. Hoover, however, had newsreels, movies, blackmailed columnists; he just lied and terrorized his way to immortality.

    Mathis fails to realize this is ALL THERE IS. He ignores the Drug War because he has no dog in the fight, but it’s been pointed out that with the establishment of the DEA under Nixon the USA met all the legal definitions of a Police State. Naming nearly any chemical compound an “illegal drug” is a t0tal blank check, so much so that when the Patriot Act was signed after 911, legal scholars pointed out that the specific detention-without-charge rule had already been in effect for forty years thanks to the drug contraband law.

    Mathis, or whoever, is oblivious to all this. But then being aware of it would make a bit superfluous.

    • Replies: @anarchyst
  36. @CelestiaQuesta

    Not to mention the so-called “entertainment” industry and mainstream media!

    Thank you.

  37. schrub says:

    Larry’s next article: How the Jews were heavily involved in (or were the primary cause of) the Armenian Genocide in Turkey in the early twentieth century.

    The keyword is “Salonika”.

    Jews in Turkey disliked most gentiles but absolutely hated the Armenians in particular. One reason for this might of been because of the old saying that “It took three Jews to trick one Armenian”.

    From a Jewish source, Read between the lines:

  38. @Protogonus

    You make a very convincing case.

  39. @Chris Moore

    There was no nazi coup in Germany. Hitler came to power as a result of political shenanigans after an election in which he didn’t get enough seats to form the government but was appointed Chancellor by Hindenburg anyway.

    There was a fascist coup in Italy in 1922 that compelled Vittorio Emannuel II to appoint Mussolini as Prime Minister and dictator. You may be thinking of that.

    • Thanks: Alden
    • Replies: @Alden
  40. anarchyst says:

    You make an excellent point.
    It took a Constitutional Amendment to ban alcohol and another Constitutional Amendment to remove the ban.
    Why not for (other) substances?

  41. Wade says:

    I’ve always felt something was very “off” about this whole plot and that this was some kind of disinformation job but couldn’t quite put my finger on it. The fact that these documents just showed up in the library of congress years later with no one really alive to attest to any of it actually happening except for brief appearances in the papers. Thanks for this reference.

  42. @Chris Moore

    So scapegoating Christians for what they themselves have perpetrated

    Proof (if any were ever needed) who is directing the FBI. There are no depths they will not sink to to deflect the blame off themselves. They have insructed the FBI to accuse Catholics of being enemies of the state. You also have Biden at the podium talking about how White families i.e. Christians, would attend lynchings and take pictures. It really is a case of the enemy within.

    FBI retracts its agenda against Catholics (for now)

  43. Folkvangr says:
    @Larry Romanoff

    I think the whole damned lot of you should be banned from commenting.

    This is totally unacceptable. I think you should find yourself another host.

  44. Folkvangr says:
    @Priss Factor

    The term “fascism” became widely known when the “fasci di combattimento” (fighting alliances) founded by Benito Mussolini in March 1919 took power in Italy in 1922. The term, meanwhile, appeared as early as the end of the 19th century as a designation for socialist workers’ organizations. Mussolini also came from the socialist movement, with which he broke away during World War I. Since then, fascism has been understood as an anti-liberal, anti-parliamentary (i.e., anti-democratic) movement with nationalist, imperialist, and in part capitalist-critical tendencies that demands strict state discipline. The concept of human equality is rejected.

    That fascism is described as “totalitarian” is rooted in the self-assessment of the Italian fascists, who described their state as a “total state” that was to regulate and control all areas of life, even into the private sphere. Fascism developed into a mass movement that appeared not only in Italy under the claim of unifying the nation and overcoming class division. The fascist movement integrated not only bourgeois but also peasant and proletarian strata.

    The term “fascism” has been applied first to the Italian system and its ideological components (1922- 15 1943/45), and secondly as a designation of similar, but in many details different European systems of rule and their ideological foundations.

    Since the 1920s, the concept of fascism has had two functions: On the one hand, it is a daily political catchword that often serves to defame the political opponent. Particularly since the end of the fascist systems, this buzzword has made a career for itself as a means of struggle and defamation in the context of “coming to terms with the past” in domestic and foreign policy. On the other hand, the concept of fascism is a means of social scientific analysis. Here it defines a new form of ideologically legitimized, total rule.

  45. Alden says:

    The Roosevelt’s were wealthy in the Netherlands and Upstate Albany later New York colony for centuries before Sassoons Delanos and others began growing opium in India.

    The first Roosevelt in America was a Patroon. That was a landowner given a large tract of land in their Hudson River colony by the Dutch government Along with the huge tract of land they were given Dutch hereditary serfs by the Dutch government. This system of serfdom in the formerly Dutch colony of New York State didn’t end till the 1820s. Decades after English indentured servitude was ended.

    Heinz General Motors Dupont Bush the steel industry. A cynic might say that the Butler plot was the last gasp of the Goyim manufacturers against the Roosevelt jews.

    I read some books about the depression. One claimed that the financial crash of 1929 and subsequent depression was a plot by the manufacturing sector to drive wages down to barely subsistence levels. The retail sector needed customers and thus backed Roosevelt and his welfare and New Deal. Who knows. That would be manufacturers vs consumers.

    Whites need to worry about anti White racism not big and small business. Think we would have affirmative action if businesses from the biggest banks to the smallest restaurants didn’t want cheap female immigrant and non White labor? All that cheap labor subsidized by EBT cards government housing socialism??????????

  46. Alden says:

    Great comment about FDR and labor unions. But the Men of UNZ, as well as hating women also hate labor unions. They’re all petty, very very, petty bourgeoisie advocates of Econ 101. The only way to succeed in business is to pay the workers as little as possible. Whatever their occupation, the Men of UNZ consider their occupation the only one deserving of a living wage.

  47. Alden says:
    @Fiendly Neighbourhood Terrorist

    Thanks for telling the truth about Hitler’s being appointed chancellor by the elected president head of state of Germany Hindenburg. After a year of negotiations and God knows what after the election.

    Hitler was elected is just another Jewish lie many people believe.

  48. Alden says:

    One million six hundred thousand people were resident and about 50 thousand suburban commuters shoppers visitors and business visitors and sales persons in Dallas Fort Worth November 22.

    So was Lee Harvey Oswald his co workers Jack Ruby Richard Nixon, the beneficiary of Kennedy’s death Lyndon Johnson; and more than a million other people.

    I believe Kennedy was assassinated by Mrs Kennedy’s second husband Aristotle Onassis. And Johnson the KKK the city police and county sheriffs the secret service CIA FBI FDA NASA the social security administration the state and agriculture departments. And the American Nazi party and the steel auto and entire retail industries. And the AMA and the Nurses and hospital janitors unions

    But never by a pro Castro communist man with a rifle in a building on Kennedy’s route who had become a communist at age 12. In his commie Jew Brooklyn neighborhood devoted to the lie “ The Rosenbergs are innocent” And defected to; and spent years training in Russia. Who wanted communist party member and chief counsel, John Abt as his defense attorney. Who brought his rifle into the building and left it there. Who also murdered a police officer in full view of 3 witnesses about an hour later.

    Liberals Jews and Democrats hate the Presidents Bush. You hate the Presidents Bush
    Therefore you are a liberal a Jew and a democrat.

    It’s a standard simple syllogism.

    Two thousand books about Kennedy’s murder. More than two thousand suspects.

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