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The American Dream
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The US has one of the most deeply-ingrained nationalistic ideologies of any nation. Accompanying the grand mass hysterias of patriotism and freedom, one of the most pervasive links in the ideological chain that creates the American sense of identity is a belief in “The American Dream”, an imaginary ideal that offers a rags-to-riches path to prosperity. In this mythical universe, all opportunity is equally available to every citizen, in a land where even those with no credentials, education or experience can accumulate untold riches and even rise to become the president of the country. In this context, America is a fantastic utopian myth promoted by the propaganda machine as an idealistic Shangri-la concept of opportunity and hope, where even the most disadvantaged have a fair chance at wealth and fame.

Americans almost universally believe they are unique in this regard, the US virtually defining itself as the land of opportunity, but this has always been a delusion. While it may be true that the US has accumulated comparatively more wealthy individuals than other nations, and which status has been broadcast to the world as evidence of virtue, this is much more an indictment of the predatory and anti-social nature of American-style capitalism than of equity and opportunity. It is true that the uniquely predatory form of American capitalism will create some kinds of opportunities that do not exist in other countries, but we can develop a very strong argument that those kinds should not be permitted to exist. Let’s not erase 2008 from our memories too soon. Moreover, there have been precious few large personal fortunes created in the US that were not accompanied by the commitment of even greater crimes, and the executives of a great many US multinationals from the Rockefeller’s United Fruit Company and Standard Oil to Coca-Cola and Wal-Mart should have faced trial and been executed for crimes against humanity.

The US does indeed have a large number of billionaires, but this is directly offset by the vast decline of the middle class and the huge and increasing number of impoverished. The elite 1%, the bankers and industrialists who control the government, forced legislation that freed them from taxes and regulation to permit that free accumulation of wealth. The fact that other Western nations have fewer of the extreme rich is also directly offset by their corresponding lack of poverty. One need only examine the data on income inequality to realise that opportunity in America is increasingly reserved for the privileged few and that the masses are not only excluded by design but are being plundered by that same privileged few.

As with almost every other American claim of supremacy, the few examples offered of anything are virtually the only examples that exist. Americans will proudly point to a Bill Gates or a Warren Buffett as evidence of the truth of their conviction, but Gates (William H. Gates III) was third-generation old money whose family was connected at the highest levels and not, as the myth would have it, an unknown computer geek who dropped out of Harvard and struck gold with a good idea. In any case, Gates and Buffett are two individuals of 300 million, and the brutal truth that seems to escape the consciousness of Americans is that these two accumulated their wealth while tens of millions of others were losing their homes and jobs. Americans will point proudly to Apple, with its accumulated offshore profits of \$300 billion as evidence of America’s limitless possibilities, but are apparently unable to see the millions living in tent cities and sleeping in the sewers of Las Vegas as one inevitable result of the accumulation of that same \$300 billion. And they are also unable to see the criminality of firms like Foxconn in China who produce those Apple products in what are essentially forced-labor concentration camps. The rich in every nation do not become rich because they are smarter, but by taking advantage and almost always by brutalising those less fortunate.

We can easily create an almost perfect analogy to the American dream: “All Americans have the opportunity to learn to fly. Not in an airplane, but like Superman, cruising through the air on mystical superpowers.” Of course, if we examine the landscape, we find precious few individuals who seem to have taken advantage of this great opportunity, but this lack of evidence in no way invalidates our premise. In precisely the same fashion we can claim that all Americans have the opportunity to become rich and successful. Again, when we examine the landscape, we find precious few individuals who have actually managed this, but again the lack of evidence does not serve to invalidate our premise. Of course, the entire argument is just nonsense. The success of Warren Buffett is indicative of nothing but one fortunate and talented individual who was in the right places at the right times and who is remarkable only for his rarity. We have a few Elon Musks and others like him, but again this is indicative of nothing. If the American dream as stated is real, we need at least many tens of millions of individuals who have achieved some reasonable measure of this dream. But they don’t exist, and the reason they don’t exist is that the entire narrative of the American dream is a fraud.

While the US government, controlled by its bankers and financiers, its multinational corporate elite and the FED, has been working for decades to eviscerate the middle and lower classes and to effect a continuous and massive transfer of wealth to the top 1%, the bottom 99% have been singing the praises of the ‘democratic’ capitalist system that has been progressively abused to facilitate this transfer. In truth and reality, they are praising the very components of their system that are dragging them further into poverty with each passing year. I can think of no greater tribute to the power of propaganda than for a nation of increasingly impoverished, uneducated and unemployed to not only be blinded to the deliberate manufacture of their own misfortune, but to worship the system that permitted it and venerate the individuals who caused it.

It is noteworthy that religion plays a significant supporting role in the propagation of this fraud. The simplistic and simple-minded American versions of Christianity, with their two-dimensional and heavily moralistic view of the world, encourage a belief in the eventual triumph of virtue, hard work of course being characteristic of virtue and success being one measure of its practice. In this context and under this indoctrination it is perfectly plausible that the blame for one’s failure to ‘succeed’ should be attributed to one’s own shortcomings, and indeed it is seen as whining to blame the system rather than ourselves for our lack of progress. The entire myth, the foundation of the American Dream, is that US-style capitalism will automatically enrich anyone who works hard, filling individuals with an illusory hope that seldom comes to fruition while encouraging them to blame themselves when they fail.

One author wrote that, like most everything else in the US, the American Dream is a lie, but this myth is “so psychologically seductive to those who are ambitious and harbor hopes for a better future that the propaganda itself creates devoted followers even in the absence of all evidence”. This is truly one of the great tragedies of human life in America, that so many millions of people believe fervently in what is simply a fairy-tale, telling themselves that “there are always possibilities” when a clear-headed look around them should send most of them scurrying for the door. And it is always the most innocent and gullible, the ignorant and uninformed, the most vulnerable, who are the most susceptible to this vicious propaganda, as evidenced by companies like Amway.

It sometimes seems that half the content of US bookstores consists of what we call ‘self-help’ books, meant to give us ‘the real secret’ to success and riches. Of course, if one book ever did do that, there would be no need for a second. The secret contained in these books is mostly limited to some variation of “You have to believe”. And when you fail to strike gold, as you inevitably will, then your belief just wasn’t strong enough.

The reality is that opportunity and the path to riches exist today only for the well-connected, with few of the brilliant, industrious, and well-educated ever achieving either wealth or fame, yet most Americans are still deluded into believing these goals are actually attainable. It was once an axiom that a rising tide lifts all boats, but in the last 50 years only the luxury yachts have risen, with the top 1% aggregating most of the income and assets to itself while the middle class has consistently lost ground and been virtually gutted. With the increased financialisation and de-industrialisation of the US economy, with the FED repeatedly engineering booms and busts, each with its corresponding massive wealth transfer, the mountain to riches has become a very steep climb indeed for the average citizen. Many authors have noted that a distinguishing feature of American society is the increasingly greater social stratification, whereby those from the lower class have almost no chance to rise even into the middle class, much less aspire to riches or high society. Among all developed nations, the US has become the country in which economic and societal status are most likely to be inherited and that individual effort or even genius are unlikely to achieve anything remarkable.

It must also be noted that peoples in all nations harbor hopes of progress, of improvement in their lives, of increasing prosperity, of freedom from want and need, Americans not being unique in this regard. And it must also be noted that opportunities for such progress have never by any means been limited to the US, and indeed the US has never been unique in this regard either. In fact, many nations have higher standards of living and much more compassionate societies than does the US, and it has always been as easy to ‘succeed’ in Canada or Germany or Italy as in America. American exceptionalism and jingoism notwithstanding, the path to success or the top has never been notably easier in the US than in many other nations.

And finally, of all nations in the world today, it is China that offers the most opportunity for progress and increasing prosperity and, most importantly, that provides this offer to virtually the nation’s entire population. While it may be true of China as of all nations, that only good connections and good breeding will get you an invitation to an embassy dinner party, it is also true that in China as in no other nation in the world today can such a high proportion of the people harbor hopes for the future with such a high probability of fruition. It is China, not America, that has created an environment for true and almost universal potential for progress for all. And, while many Americans will refuse to believe this, it is the quality of China’s leaders, the fact of China’s one-party government system, and China’s unique version of socialist capitalism that have made this possible. The very factors that Americans have credited with the presumed success of their nation are in reality the same elements that are destroying their American dream. The signs of both these statements are obvious wherever one cares to look, but by the time the Americans clear their minds of the clouds of propaganda it will be too late. I am not so much worried for the Americans, but it concerns me greatly that too many Chinese will also fail to clear their minds of the propaganda and false branding until it is too late.


Mr. Romanoff’s writing has been translated into 32 languages and his articles posted on more than 150 foreign-language news and politics websites in more than 30 countries, as well as more than 100 English language platforms. Larry Romanoff is a retired management consultant and businessman. He has held senior executive positions in international consulting firms, and owned an international import-export business. He has been a visiting professor at Shanghai’s Fudan University, presenting case studies in international affairs to senior EMBA classes. Mr. Romanoff lives in Shanghai and is currently writing a series of ten books generally related to China and the West. He is one of the contributing authors to Cynthia McKinney’s new anthology ‘When China Sneezes’. (Chapt. 2 — Dealing with Demons).

The China/America Series
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  1. I was born in ’44, a white working class man. The American dream was a modest home of your own with a white picket fence. A wife and three kids and a dog. Food in the frige and gas in the tank. All on working class wages and a 40 hour week with the promice of a pension for your old age. That America is gone along with it’s dream.

    Or maybe the dream just went to China along with American Industry.

  2. Larry Romanoff writes:

    … it is the quality of China’s leaders, the fact of China’s one-party government system, and China’s unique version of socialist capitalism that have made this possible.

    There is no example of a successful nation that employed ‘Socialist Capitalism’ (ie: both philosophies employed in EQUAL measure), in all of human history.

    To the extent that there exist some Communist Maoist hardliners in the party that believe in centralised government planning and Socialism, and to the extent that they’ve funnelled countless billions into loss making state owned enterprises (SOE’s) that are haemorrhaging red ink (as are the hundreds of billions wasted on building ghost cities, highways and high speed rail to nowhere), all of these losses are more than compensated for by the productive Chinese private sector.

    At least that’s been the case so far. Of course a tipping point may occur where losses sustained from crackpot government bureaucratic central planning overcomes the private sector’s dynamism and when that occurs, China will be in for a world of hurt.

    Importantly Larry, your article does not address the REASON for why the 1% have managed to siphon off America’s wealth in the present era.
    After all, there have always been schemers and chisellers in every era and there’s no proof that said grifters are any more egregious today than in any previous period.

    What is it that has ENABLED the 1% to siphon off the wealth of America ?

    Of course it is the elephant in the room that you refuse to address.
    It is none other than BIG GOVERNMENT.

    Why is it that the U.S is capable of spending over a trillion dollars per year on the Military-Industrial-Security/Surveillance state complex ?

    It is because they’ve managed to extract said money (for the most part) from taxpayers.

    If government is TINY, and by definition this can only happen if taxes are minimal, said government can only get up to so much mischief.


    You can get ahead in China because you keep the bulk of what you earn. There is no crushing regulatory burden on businesses that prevents new entrants from taking market share from the established oligarchs. There is no regulatory burden that forces employers to employ minorities and have racial/gender/sexual preference diversity that necessarily entails that the best qualified candidate for said job is often not hired – thus reducing productivity.

    There is no excess of finite capital that supports layer upon layer of parasitic bureaucracy as there is in the U.S and other western nations.

    Spending on government as proportion of GDP in China is FAR LOWER than in the U.S.

    China is the world’s leading capitalist country.

    Bottom Line: Larry, you and I are both in agreement that the present system in the U.S is a disaster and it needs to be abolished.
    But Larry, you FAIL to identify the culprit.

    Older commenters here in the UR will remember a time when a typical family lived comfortably with a single breadwinner in the household, a time when there were no tent cities comprised of the homeless, a time when countless numbers of homeless were not found sleeping under freeway overpasses etc.

    But is was GOVERNMENT that off-shored American manufacturing jobs, it was government that allowed tens of millions of undocumented migrants to cross the border, it was the government that engaged and provoked these endless foreign military misadventures, it was government that allowed the creation of the Federal Reserve and ownership of it to a private Zionist cartel.

    America was once a bastion of capitalism and life was good then.
    It no longer is. Today it is a Socialist Surveillance state and hence a shit-hole in many places – and fast becoming that way in those enclaves remaining that still have some normality.

  3. anonymous[279] • Disclaimer says:

    Tho it wouldn’t be generally possible for huge numbers to emulate in the USA, one nonetheless has many, many stories of immigrants recently arriving in America with little or no resources, who yet achieve success as millionaire mini-capitalists over the space of a few years, principally from amongst various groups of Asians. Components of their success include:
    – Hugely long-hours and hard work others won’t do
    – Pooling resources with relatives or co-ethnic immigrants to enable capitalist acquisition of assets, in both business-owning and real estate
    – Living for a time in crowded, group-home, bunk-bed circumstances whites wouldn’t tolerate, whilst assets are gathered
    – A certain ruthlessness regarding, and focus upon, what makes money, most all else pushed to the side
    – Utter willingness to exploit identifiable opportunities such as government contracts, affirmative action etc
    – Knowing how to confuse and evade authorities (‘My English no good!’) when questions are asked about dodgy conduct

    From the point of view of these ‘millionaire from nothing within 10 years’ immigrants, the white-heritage Americans ‘just don’t have the drive’ to do what they do. Whites are overall inclined to less-demanding life patterns, their usual ‘best’ is just entering a profession where upper-middle class incomes are frequent, such as health care, or, to a lesser extent, lawyers (i.e., many of the USA’s 1-million-plus lawyers are surplus, and do not have a high-income future)

  4. @WorkingClass

    Your characterization of the American dream is more along the lines of what I thought (born in ’54 to a white collar worker in a factory town). Even into the ’70s blue collar workers had a shot at the American dream. Now, as the John Derbyshire piece on this blog points out, the American dream is no longer attainable.

    • Replies: @WorkingClass
  5. Kali says:

    So, from “The American Dream”, we move seamlessly into “The China Dream”???

    I think not!

    Though what you express regarding China’s prosperity may be true of today, it is not true of yesterday and is not guarenteed for tomorrow.

    When our prospects for a happiness and balance are dictated by Market Forces and perpetual economic (think “economy-stupid”) growth underpinned by top-down, centralised “authority”, it is almost inevitable that, sooner or later, greed, hubris, psychopathy or even simple egotism, will assert itself to the benefit of a minority and the detriment of the majority.

    When the Common Wealth of the planet is sucked up by industry and markets – alegedly to be redistributed, by government or by “trickle-down” lies, to the people – and when this wealth extraction inevitably benefits those at the top of the extraction/distribution chain, then the system, top heavy as it inevitably becomes, ultimately falls under the weight of its own bullshit.

    So, replacing one propagandistic dream with another is little more than an excercise in “manufacturing consent” for a new unrealistic dream.

    Give every man, woman and child on the planet access to arable land, water, resources to build, plant, grow, and micro-generate energy for themelves, and remove every form of government control/authority from the equasion, leaving only basic local administrative duties to actual servants of the public, and let us evolve as nature, and our own abilities, decree. Let us make our own way in the world and let the stupid notion that “government knows best” die along with The American Dream!

    Enough already!

    Best regards,

  6. @WorkingClass

    Yes, you are right. Really, there were 2 dreams, the one you mention & the one highlighted in this article.
    Your dream has at times (say, 1945 — ’75) been just about possible. The other, the “Gatsby” dream has always been bullshit.

    • Agree: WorkingClass
  7. Notsofast says:

    the american dream has become the american nightmare for both the rest of the world and america as well. it’s hard to imagine a culture that could do more damage than what we have accomplished in the last 75 years, of wasteful, senseless consumerism combined with a total disregard for the environment and well being of indigenous people. the worst part is that so many other cultures desire the same senseless, wasteful life style. perhaps now that the country is in an appearent death spiral, the rest of the world may see the folly of our way and choose another path.

  8. @Truth Vigilante

    “There is no example of a successful nation that employed ‘Socialist Capitalism’ (ie: both philosophies employed in EQUAL measure), in all of human history.”
    OK, you’ve set up a straw man argument.
    Why should both philosophies be “equal” ? The Chinese are pragmatic.
    (socialism with Chinese characteristics may be
    BS, but still it gives an idea how the Chinese do things)
    “Importantly Larry, your article does not address the REASON for why the 1% have managed to siphon off America’s wealth in the present era.
    After all, there have always been schemers and chisellers in every era ” &”What is it that has ENABLED the 1% to siphon off the wealth of America ?”
    You say – it’s big government. Well, yes – no.
    The US government is a function of the 1%. It is the public articulation of the Elites desires & goals.
    You talk of low taxes — taxes for the 1% (10% ?) have steadily decreased since at least Reagan.
    Massive defence budgets & immigration & job off shoring ALL serve elite (& deep state) goals.
    There is a puppet & a puppeteer. It’s important to distinguish….

    • Agree: Showmethereal
    • Replies: @Truth Vigilante
    , @Levtraro
  9. anonymous[139] • Disclaimer says:

    It’s like all these state lotteries where they highlight the lucky winners without mentioning that millions had to be lost in order for the winner to get their prize. All of it is PR flim-flam. It used to be that when the US was on the upswing there was land for people to spread out in and have a certain amount of autonomy. People without a great deal of education could work in a mill and buy a bungalow for their family even though the work would grind them down. That’s all come to an end, the period of industrialization is over and it’s now a gig economy. Dollar supremacy is losing its grip so the US ability to have other countries subsidize it is fading. The elites will ratchet up exploitation of the domestic population which is being expanded by millions of border crossers who are low IQ and unskilled. One out of three people in the US is non-white black/brown who are incapable of creating things like space shuttles. When it gets to be half what then? Greed of the elites destroyed the US.

  10. Emma S. says:

    The American dream is largely the American nightmare looking at contemporary America. If I was a recent immigrant, I would probably feel safer and more comfortable going home.

  11. repsinec says:

    The “American Dream” is going nowhere – yet. US Americans earn on average \$65,000 a year, making it one of the five richest countries in the World, alongside places like Norway and Switzerland, so when I read of them complaining about their economic woes from the comfort of their mac-mansions my one reaction is to think “Cry me a river!”
    Furthermore, this “Dream” was built on the crushing of all popular movements throughout the Third World, from Guillermo Arbenz in Guatemala and Mohammad Mossadegh in Iran to Jean-Bertrand Aristide of Haiti and Salvador Allende of Chile, alongside countless more examples, and replacing them with more “amenable” dictators and other sundry scumbags, who would then proceed to sow death and destruction amongst their own people whilst selling out to US corporations and taking on unrepayable debts from the IMF.
    US foreign policy has always been about exploiting weaker nations to the hilt, and on the resulting mass of dead bodies (estimated at up to 30 million people) the “American Dream” was perpetuated. US Americans are blissfully oblivious to the fact that their outrageous wealth comes not from their own hard work, but from the blood, sweat and tears of the peoples of the Third World, and for that reason the Empire must die, as must the infamous “middle class” that legitimises it in the eyes of it’s populace.
    BTW Europeans and the Japanese profited massively from this “Imperial Wealth Pump” as well and should also pay the price.

  12. @animalogic

    You wrote:

    OK, you’ve set up a straw man argument.
    Why should both philosophies be “equal”

    I have mentioned in numerous other threads in the UR that China’s economy is OVERWHELMINGLY Capitalist.

    However, others have come back with nonsense like: ‘It’s a “mixed economy” or some such – implying that it’s equal measures of both.
    And, judging from the context of what Larry Romanoff wrote (and what he’s said in the past), I believe Larry too thinks it’s both socialist and capitalist in more or less equal measure.

    You also write:

    You talk of low taxes — taxes for the 1% (10% ?) have steadily decreased since at least Reagan.

    One has to distinguish between ‘Tax Rates’ and ‘Actual Tax paid’.

    I’ve heard arguments from rabid left wingers saying things like: ‘OK, we acknowledge that life was good in the U.S during the Eisenhower years – but that’s because the top marginal tax rate was something like 90 %’.

    Fun Fact # 1: NO ONE paid 90% of their income in tax during the 1950’s.
    At that time there was an ENDLESS LIST of tax deductions that you could claim, many of which were for the most frivolous things that we’d never imagine were allowable and people used the tax code to make deductions that enabled them to accumulate assets and wealth and pay very little tax.

    Moreover, state and local taxes were much lower as well.
    All things combined meant that the ACTUAL TAX paid as a proportion of income was FAR LOWER than in the present.

    And that makes sense. After all, GOVERNMENT at Federal, State and Local levels was MUCH SMALLER so far less in taxes was needed as there weren’t layer upon layer of parasitic bureaucracy to pay the wages of.

    Most importantly, the U.S was on a Gold Standard and governments were forced to be fiscally far more conservative and there was precious little of the ENDLESS MONEY PRINTING that exists today.

    Are you aware how the Federal Government taxes you today without increasing tax rates, without actually making you pay more tax in nominal terms ?
    I bet you have no idea.

    Picture this: A government, at some point in the future, wants to waste more money on subsidising some Green energy boondoggle, increase spending to the Military-Industrial-Security-Surveillance-Complex or just dole out more welfare largesse etc.
    But simultaneously it does not want to increase taxes to pay for it as this would be electorally unpopular and it might lose the next election.

    What it does is just engage in MMT (Modern Monetary Theory) and run a colossal budget deficit and just get the Federal Reserve to PRINT THE MONEY IT NEEDS INTO EXISTENCE to make up the shortfall*.
    (*The Fed doesn’t directly give the money to the U.S government. Instead, the U.S treasury issues bonds which it sells to the Fed and said proceeds from bond sales pay for the budget shortfall.
    Really, it’s a distinction without a difference as it effectively means the U.S government can get the Fed to fund a budget shortfall of any magnitude).

    So what we get is a LOT OF EXTRA MONEY circulating chasing a fixed quantity of output.

    END RESULT: Chronic inflation.

    This is what the brilliant economic forecaster Peter Schiff calls the INFLATION TAX.

    It’s a an easy fix way for politicians to promise all things to all constituencies and still be able to fund it.

    But it is has dire long term consequences.

    Bottom Line: Every dollar you print/digitally create into existence reduces the PURCHASING POWER of those dollars already in existence.
    This is what I meant by ‘Inflation Tax’. Your savings and holdings of dollars have LOST VALUE and this lost value has been transferred BY STEALTH to the government.

    And the U.S has ‘printed’ countless trillions in these last two years and this will result in an INFLATIONARY DEPRESSION the likes of which the record books have never seen – concurrent with loss of reserve currency status that will ensure that the U.S will sink into the banana republic abyss.

  13. In five more years, I predict, America will collapse!

    • Replies: @Anon
  14. Once Israel falls to the Muslims, Christianity will be no more. Judaism, of course, shall always exist in some form or other.

    • Replies: @Chris Mallory
  15. @Diversity Heretic

    Now, as the John Derbyshire piece on this blog points out, the American dream is no longer attainable.

    Younger generations have never experienced industrial Capitalism. If all I knew was financial Capitalism I would be a Socialist myself. I was a Union man. In my day that made me a lefty even though we were fine with Capitalism. We just wanted our share of the profits. Now the so called left hates my guts.

    Soon the post war period of working class prosperity will pass from living memory. This is as it should be. Like the bible says over and over again – It came to pass.

  16. Levtraro says:
    @Truth Vigilante

    China is the world’s leading capitalist country.

    And an incredible successful capitalist country, the only country in the history of the world to have risen hundreds of millions from poverty to middle class in a few decades. Nevertheless, it is also true that it is a country run by communists and only they can run the country, no one else is allowed to run the country, only those belonging to the Chinese Communist Party.

    So what have we learned so far. That economic freedom is way more important than political freedom.

    • Agree: Truth Vigilante, Bro43rd
    • Replies: @Alrenous
    , @Richard B
  17. Levtraro says:

    The US government is a function of the 1%. It is the public articulation of the Elites desires & goals.

    This is a common misconception in leftist circles. In fact the US govt sometimes follows a path that hurst the 1%, it’s just that when it hurts the 1% it doesn’t do it for the 99% either, it does it for the aggrandizement of politicians and their ideologies. One example. The 1% was against risking the US dollar status by freezing Russian financial assets and access to the SWIFT messaging system. Yet the politicians went ahead just the same.

    Using your language, the US government is NOT a function of the 1%, it is a function of itself. We can call it a recursive function.

    And this applies more generally to Western govts. For instance the German govt is hurting the German 1% and the German 99% with self-righteous suicidal sanctions and will continue doing so until stopped by external forces, because of ideology.

    • Replies: @animalogic
  18. jimb0 says:

    When bloated, inefficient government begins to crowd out private enterprise and capture most of the wealth of a country through taxes, regulation, corruption and crony capitalism, it is always private enterprise doing useful work that takes the fall for the failure of the system. Cut taxes and bureaucracy by 60%, fix the legal system and uphold the rule of law and America would come roaring back. Of course, this is not going to happen short of a successful revolution. But if you wanted socialism, this is it. Just don’t lament the fall of the middle class, or the rise of the crony class, It’s all part of the bargain.

    • Agree: Truth Vigilante
  19. Dutch Boy says:

    Mr Dooley articulated the American dream long ago: “America is a great country where the rich and the poor have an equal opportunity to stay that way.”

  20. WATTBA says:

    United Slaves: The other side of the American dream

  21. Anonymous[369] • Disclaimer says:

    The American Dream was once real enough, however much of a facade it may have been. In addition to the class issue, there’s also a generational issue. A case can be made that it was largely destroyed at the hands of one generation, the baby boomers. Despite their constant lies and gaslighting that millennials actually have things much, much easier, we can see that by nearly every measure, the country has gotten worse on their watch.

    Video Link

    How Baby Boomers stole Trillions of Dollars from Millennials

    Millennials and zoomers must learn to unite in solidarity against the corrupt, sclerotic, boomer gerontocracy and culture of generational theft. If reasonable measures aren’t taken to ameliorate it, they should aim to de-fund the boomers, and at minimum vote away the boomers’ pensions, medicare, and social security. Boomers hypocritically claim to hate welfare, except when it benefits boomers.

    • Agree: Fred777
  22. @Emma S.

    If you are an immigrant of any kind, please do leave.

    • Replies: @Emma S.
  23. @Twin Ruler

    Modern Israel has nothing to do with Christian life.

  24. @Truth Vigilante

    The only quibble I have with what you just wrote, is that it uses ‘capitalism’ as if it’s the same as ‘free enterprise’. I know that’s become the ‘common’ usage, but it’s not the original usage (in Thackeray).

    In Thackeray’s use of the word, ‘capitalism’ implies the use of concentrated capital to gain political and economic advantage for the owner of capital: capitalists is almost interchangeable with oligarch.

    In other words, the aim of the capitalist is to turn as much of the system as possible into a Vampire Squid: the larger the proportion of the ‘private’ sector that organises itself that way, the more the system becomes a mechanism for transferring productivity upwards.

    China is the world’s leading free enterprise country – whereas the US is increasingly capitalist.

    China is not politically pluralist – you only get a choice of one political party. It is increasingly economically pluralist – you can have a crack at whatever sector you want.

    Part of the reforms put in place by Deng Xiaoping were totally predicated on the idea that people will accept one-party rule (political non-pluralism), so long as the economic system is delivering tangibly rising living standards – which requires economic pluralism.

    And part of Deng’s thesis was that the State (and the Party) had to guard against corruption: the State had to make a serious effort to identify corruption within its ranks, and had to punish it brutally (expropriation followed by execution – none of this ‘pay a fine and admit no fault’ bullshit).

    Compare that to “10% for the Big Guy“, which is such a beautiful allegory for American capitalism that it makes my eyes water.

    So China has managed to lift its population out of poverty since 1990 in numbers that are staggering: the number of people raised out of poverty is about equal to ⅔rds of the entire population of the Earth in 1900.

    And now they’ve got 7nm chip fabs – which brings their chip sector up to current. The US has been trying to prevent China from getting on par in chip manufacture for 30 years; the primary reason why people were concerned about China exerting itself over Taiwan, is that it would give them access to TSMC’s lithography tools.

    Guess what? They don’t need TSMC’s lithography tools.

    This should have crushed AMD and Intel’s stock prices, but it hasn’t yet.

    China can now set up fabs to replace \$300b worth of semiconductor imports – and it will. Then it will turn around and begin to compete against Western producers, behaving like good free-enterprise folks… just as the Little Helmsman would have wanted.

    • Agree: JR Foley, Joe Levantine
    • Thanks: Kali
  25. I’m on record as having nothing but contempt for GloboShlomo and the Empire of Lies (and all its little minions), and it was my conclusion in mid-2001 that the US is dead in the water and could well be 3 (or 4) countries by 2025…


    The premise of this article is a bit silly.

    The American Dream was never framed as an assertion that you would get rich if you worked hard and wore your camo ball cap and saluted the jets on game day.

    The American Dream was an assertion that if you did all those things your life would be materially better than previous generations of people who did the exact same thing.

    Keep on the treadmill; be a good worker ant in the Ant Farm. Do that, and you can have nicer stuff than your daddy (and his daddy before).

    And of course if you did those things, your life would be materially better than the lives of those who didn’t do those things.

    There was no promise that everyone would be an oligarch – or even a millionaire – just for turning up (and not even having a camo ball cap, FFS!).

    To a very large extent, that’s all mostly still true – assuming “IQ%100” > 0.

    As to the references to the type of ‘short cuts’ that imbeciles try to use in place of effort and intelligence – ‘get rich’ books, ‘prosperity gospel’ relgiotards and the like – that just shows that you can’t help imbeciles even if the system had abundant goodwill towards all participants. Imbeciles gotta imbecile: they’re so stupid that they think that they’ve spotted the ‘niche’ that’s going to give them a leg up… and it was right there on display in a bookstore.

    Again, that “IQ%100” thing.

    100 is a very low benchmark – capable of working on a vehicle assembly line without constant supervision, and without fucking things up. It doesn’t grant the possessor enough cognitive grunt to make sensible inferences about the real world from observed data – and anyone who tells you otherwise is talking bullshit.

    • Agree: RoatanBill, W
    • Replies: @Levtraro
  26. @Truth Vigilante

    You are stuck in the myth that socialism is opposed to commerce and profit. There are hundreds of co-operatives in the US generating billions in profits, which are returned to the members. Co-ops are socialism. Using your logic, they are engaging in capitalism, not commerce. What Michael Hudson, Paul Craig Roberts, and Michael Wolfe, who I suspect have a better grip on economics than you, have pointed out, is that what is now known as capitalism sucks wealth out of a country and concentrates it in non-productive stocks, bonds, and other financial instruments. Only those with means benefit. It is, as Clifford Douglas noted a century ago, the law of diminishing returns, which is why money needs to be returned to the economy in order to make it function. The most efficient economies are the ones that produce locally, and have the largest number of people being able to participate fully. Full employment with decent income, means less taxation and a healthier population. That is the antithesis of what exists today. Even though the employment statistics are complete bullshit, when employment numbers rise, the financial market markets fall. Why? Because wage suppression becomes more difficult and threatens “profitability”. Profitability no longer means earning a profit, it means you have not achieved the promised “growth target”. Perpetual real growth is a pipe dream. Every so-called Western liberal democracy is now stuck in this downward spiral. That doesn’t mean China or any other “competitor” nation’s political/economic philosophy is a paradigm of virtue, because all political/economic philosophies are flawed. The question is, which one does the least damage? The wealthy elite in any country are the equivalent of the presidium. They decide who gets their crumbs.

  27. JR Foley says:
    @Truth Vigilante

    Main Street America has an enemy–it resides in DC and its arms are Senate-Congress-CIA – Pentagon and FBI —-they all work exclusively for the interests of the 1 %. Consider Nancy Pelosi —her husband will indeed benefit from the 52 Billion handed over to chip companies and Zylenskyy that JEW comedian now Leader of the UN has Amtrak Joe handing him 500 billion for weapons and perhaps 200 billion for more projects ( Bank account Switzerland) but for Main Street America –Inflation – no infrastructure – nothing done on crime along Mainstreet and lastly —wait —higher taxes for you and I …

    • Agree: Truth Vigilante
    • Replies: @frankie p
  28. @Kratoklastes

    I don’t know who this ‘Thackeray’ fellow is but if he’s saying this :

    In Thackeray’s use of the word, ‘capitalism’ implies the use of concentrated capital to gain political and economic advantage for the owner of capital … [or this] …. ‘capitalism’ as if it’s the same as ‘free enterprise’

    …. then he’s clearly wrong.

    Unfettered Free Market Capitalism is absolutely all about Free Enterprise.

    You go on to say that: ‘In other words, the aim of the capitalist is to turn as much of the system as possible into a Vampire Squid’.

    Look, among businessmen/capitalists, there will of course be a subset that, as per nurses, butchers, bakers, marine biologists and pre-school teachers that will be lacking in scruples.

    And said individuals will seek to game the system and take advantage of it.
    That’s where an impartial judiciary with the utmost integrity should step in a prosecute said individual to the full extent of the law.

    You’ve probably read a few of my comments in the past on the need to shut down entire government departments and severely defund those that remain, all in pursuit of making government as minuscule as possible.

    Well the judiciary will not be one area targeted in the cull. It would be strengthened and checks and balances would be put in place to ensure corruption and capture by the oligarchs was rooted out.

    Kratok, I strongly agree with much of what you’ve said in the past and believe you’re a sincere bloke but what you (and many others) refer to as an immoral Capitalist (courtesy of the propaganda we’ve all been bombarded with through academia and the MSM where we’ve been indoctrinated to hate the business class), is in fact just a subset of criminally orientated [for the most part] Zio miscreants that comprise the Vampire Squid.

    Said individuals should be rooted out and locked up because they’re giving the business community a bad name.

    • Agree: Bro43rd
    • Replies: @Hitmarck
  29. Emma S. says:
    @Chris Mallory

    I’m a White woman of French and Czech roots. I moved away from California where I grew up due to the demographic shifts. My comments were referring to the children of 1st generation immigrants. They swallow up the liberalism, anti-White rhetoric, moral corruption, feminism and hedonism present in the modern “American” system so the children of Chinese and Indian immigrants in the U.S sound more like White liberals not their parents. I know from my experiences with them in school and university.

    • Agree: Anonydog
  30. @Curmudgeon

    You write:

    You are stuck in the myth that socialism is opposed to commerce and profit.

    In THEORY socialism may not be opposed to commerce. But in actual PRACTICE, it decimates commerce by removing the incentive to work harder and be less profligate.

    I strongly suggest you listen again (seeing as it apparently didn’t sink in the first time), to the 9 mins of audio in the Peter Schiff episode I posted in the ‘Superficial America’ thread in a comment directed to you.
    (For the benefit of other readers who may be interested to know why SOCIALISM NEVER WORKS on an ongoing basis, here is a link to that audio):

    To summarise what Peter Schiff had to say, the Pilgrims in Plymouth colony practised Socialism at first and within a few years HALF OF THEM HAD STARVED.

    The only reason that the colony got back up on its feet and ended up flourishing was because THE PILGRIMS HAD THE COMMONSENSE TO ABANDON SOCIALISM and revert to Capitalism.

    This is just one example among countless others in world history. Yes, socialism can work for a little while – UNTIL YOU RUN OUT OF OTHER PEOPLE’S MONEY.

    But when that happens, the society that practises it INVARIABLY implodes.

    You also wrote:

    Michael Hudson, Paul Craig Roberts, and Michael Wolfe, who I suspect have a better grip on economics than you

    You suspect wrong.

    I’ve never heard of Michael Wolfe (and I am familiar with most economists of substance), so he is likely a Know-Nothing nobody that has nothing to add to the discourse.

    I like PCR a lot and he has been excellent in the field of geopolitics, the Covid Psyop and many other areas, so credit to him there.
    He was certainly someone to respect decades ago in the economic field but his brain has softened up somewhat with age, if some of his economic ideas that I’ve heard in recent times are anything to go by, so in that respect he may well be past his prime.

    As for Michael Hudson, I’ve had much to say about his economic illiteracy in bygone days when I was still allowed to make comments.

    Because I consistently PUNCHED HOLES IN HIS DEMONSTRABLY JUVENILE THEORIES, he banned me from posting comments to his articles in UR.

    This is what cowards do. When they are unable to debate the issues in a public forum, they resort to the Twitter, You Tube, Totalitarian ZOG modus operandi.

    You see, Hudson is very thin skinned. He cannot tolerate a critique of his Trotskyist beliefs.
    He likes to live in a bubble where he’s surrounded by non-critical thinking yes-men and women and just preaches to the choir.
    That’s why he is incapable of expanding his base – it’s just the rabid foaming-at-the-mouth Marxists and Maoists that he attracts and his opinions are not sought by anyone of substance.

    Contrast that to Peter Schiff who has a huge worldwide following, appears regularly on those righteous parts of the MSM like Tucker Carlson, Laura Ingraham, RT News (before it was taken down). etc.
    Meanwhile, NO ONE OF SUBSTANCE seeks Michael Hudson’s opinion because his ideas went down in flames with the Berlin Wall.

    Pleeeease don’t tell me you’re a groupie of this pseudo-economist and his hare-brained beliefs.

    • Agree: RoatanBill, Levtraro
    • Troll: IronForge
    • Replies: @RoatanBill
    , @anon
  31. frankie p says:
    @JR Foley

    Zylenskky isn’t a comedian. He is now a high level fashion model, and he and his wife have a massive spread in the latest issue of Vogue photographed by world famous photographer Annie Lebowitz. It seems blood red is the color for the Summer/Fall collection.

    This would be unthinkable and hilarious if it weren’t so Jewish.
    Hey, CIA, kill that man. I know, Biden wants you to hold off until September or October so he can negotiate personally with Putin, reach an agreement, and try to label himself as a peacemaker just in time for the midterm elections.
    But Zelenskky is Jewing so f…ing hard, displaying chutzpah on a scale only attainable for the Ashkenaz. Get rid of him.

    • Replies: @Anymike
    , @Colinsky
  32. The time for China to stand and fight is now.

    China has long been the world’s leader in productivity. Market size is the biggest in the world. Comprehensive scientific and technological strength is also world class.

    However, the standard of living per capita is still not as good as most Western countries. Why? Because the current world rules were designed to exploit and enslave China. Why should the Chinese work so hard to create all kinds of wealth for the Western masters to enjoy? To help them maintain a high standard of living with low costs, yet be disparaged and attacked every day?

    The reason for the current situation is due to a lack of opportunity for China to change it. Now is the time. Simply take advantage of Pelosi’s trip to Taiwan province. Strike and be done with it. Russia has already started the real fight anyway.

    And regardless, the world economy is now so poor, there is nothing to maintain. Fighting instead can stimulate the economy, just like with Russia.

    Jews and Anglos are afraid of power, not virtue. If China backs down, the West will continue escalating and crossing red lines. Time to fight. The old demon lady’s visit is the perfect pretext.

    • Agree: spacewanderer
    • Replies: @Anon
    , @HeebHunter
  33. @WorkingClass

    What you describe is the GIANT difference in expectations between then and the recent era.

    Since the late 20th century, a large portion of Americans have wanted upscale, pricey, showy “things” like houses, furnishings, cars, clothes, gadgets and on and on. The easy credit era made people become very materialistic. All intended, of course. TPTB have to have those debt slaves and they were so easy to create.

    That is a huge contrast from when I was growing up in the 60s and 70s. Brand name clothes? What are those? They, plus overpriced celebrity endorsed products barely existed. Few cared. Decorated homes and with countertops that cost \$5000 or more? Are you freaking kidding? Cars? Almost all families had average, modest cars and many, like my Dad, paid cash for them. No one I knew had an excess of crap in their houses and yards. Let alone, it having been made in China.

    Today, the young adults have been trained to think in terms of monthly payments. If they can fit that nut into their monthly paycheck, no matter how frivolous the thing might be, many are okay with that. Then wracking-up a series of monthly payment nuts while overextending themselves in general. The bankers have played them, big time. (Just like they did boomers and others with zero down mortgages on houses they couldn’t afford. Some got their heads handed to them in 2008 -2012.)

    The biggest problem is most people are just DUMB about money. How to earn it, negotiate for it, maximize it, save it, invest it, grow it, etc. Learn that, kiddies, and you’ll be fine.

    • Agree: Truth Vigilante
    • Replies: @Mis(ter)Anthrope
  34. Hitmarck says:
    @Truth Vigilante

    real ™ capitalism has never been tried
    real ™ communism has never been tried
    real ™ fascism worked so good, we had to pincer it out of existence

    • Replies: @Cris M.
    , @Alrenous
  35. “The American Dream”

  36. Alrenous says: • Website

    The dream was in fact a giant subsidy for GM et al. The suburb is an unsustainable money-sink that could only survive on government welfare, but of course socialism always runs out of other people’s money.

    Cutting the car out of the picture makes a big difference, though. May even bring the vision into the black. Sans the Eccles Building, anyway. Americans have always had an unhealthy fixation with paper money.

  37. Franz says:

    The American Dream was an idea coined when the USA made all its own stuff.

    (Partial correction — 2 or 3 percent imports were considered okay. So MOST of its own stuff.)

    We sent the work out. The dream went with it.

    David Ricardo predicted why: A nation invests in the factories, stores, and all the other things that provides jobs — and therefore SOME mobility — to everyone living in it.

    When blue chip stocks started buying up Toyota and Nissan, the jig was up. Our rich do not invest in the USA, they make more money in foreign holdings or cryptocurrency. Neither do squat for the American economy. So opportunities are thin and getting thinner.

  38. Alrenous says: • Website

    I have also heard this “land of opportunity” thing. Hence, I had a chat with some genuine foreign trailer park trash.

    Back in their second-world home, they had one opportunity: be a farmer. At least, that’s all the opportunities they could see. They were pretty dumb, as per the no hablo immigrant stereotype. Not exactly insightful. Didn’t live in a trailer park by accident.

    In their new home they had numerous opportunities: janitor, farm hand, fast-food worker, construction, low-level bureaucrat, usher, local librarian… Endless varieties of minimum wage jobs were available to them. When I met them, they were picking mushrooms. A real step up in the world. Totally worth moving thousands of miles.
    At least, based on their tone of voice and body language, it was worth it.

  39. Anon[330] • Disclaimer says:

    Great article. You explain why America is the world’s leading gaslighting nation, a total Madison Avenue scam of gloss concealing inner rot.

    Your point about blaming the individual for his suffering is very astute, but I would go further and connect it to the same blame the victim abusive ideology of original sin in Catholicism, that asserts that we brought death into the world when in truth every one of us is born into a world that was designed from the beginning to deteriorate and die. We are all tragic victims of world of mortality, but the Catholic church with its pernicious doctrine of original sin would blame us and then encourage us to be dependent on their corrupt priestly intermediaries to avoid hell and damnation. America’s economic system of blame the victim rapacious economic policies is simply the corollary of the Catholic spiritual shame and blame ideology of original sin.

    And this in fact answers the question of Truth Vigilante who complains about America’s trillion dollar military system. The truth is that America works as a global policeman for the Roman Catholic church. The whole abortion hysteria is simply an effort by the Catholic Church to use the American government to enforce canon law compliance on the Catholic public who do not follow their church’s teachings on abortion contraception divorce etc.

    I realize that Jewish financial power is immense, but I would argue that the political and administrative power of the Catholic church is far greater than this Jewish financial power. The freedoms that Romanoff and Truth vigilante talk about simply do not exist in Roman Catholicism. I remind you that Roman Catholicism brands the US Constitution and Bill of Rights as heresies and abominations in the papal document SYLLABUS OF ERRORS. America has always been a stealth Catholic theocracy and that fact is becoming increasingly apparent.

    So if you want to unmask the deceptions of the American economic system that blames individuals for their poverty and failings you have to go back to Genesis chapter 3 and the pernicious interpretation of the Roman Catholic Church called Original Sin that tries to blame humans for the fact that we were all born tragically into a world cursed with disease death and decay.

    • Thanks: Truth Vigilante
    • Replies: @HallParvey
  40. Alrenous says: • Website

    There’s no political freedom in America. (Unless you’re Amish or pseudo-Amish.) This experiment has no control group.

  41. “The rich in every nation do not become rich because they are smarter, but by taking advantage and almost always by brutalising those less fortunate…”

    Let’s be more specific: The rich in EVERY industrialized nation who currently ‘become’ rich do so because they suck the govt’s teat oozing tax \$\$\$ into their greedy lips.

    That’s how it works. That’s how Elon Musk does it. That’s how they all do it. That’s how the military industrial complex does it. That’s how the Federal Reserve Banking cartel does it. That’s how BigPharma does it.

    The key is government contracts, government regulations, govt tax structures, govt slap on the wrist deals with corporate criminals, local govt zoning regulations, international ‘climate change’ scam regulations.

    If you want to get rich, aim first and last for the govt teat. Once you get a taste of that tax \$ use some to grease the palm of a politician. Do it locally, in your town or city, then at the state level, then go for the biggest teats of all, the federal government.

    Go for the govt money! If you don’t you’re just a stupid chump whose taxes will flow into the mouth of people smarter and greedier than you.

  42. @Anonymous

    Boomers always attacked. Come on! Stop being so hard on the Beaver.

  43. @Levtraro

    Ok, your point about the Germans is interesting & important.
    Such “suicidal” behaviour is anomalous. Many have tried to explain it, however, it’s so bizarre that….Anyway, my 2 cents (speculation) is that the whole EU has become so corrupted by 75 years of US control that it has lost the will to contradict the Hegemon, the US. Or/plus they are just stupid….
    As for the US 1%, & your examples — if true (ie they generally hate the Russian sanctions) then they certainly haven’t been too vocal about it — they control the msm & they have (with exceptions) given Biden support in this whole Russian bru-ha-ha.
    Fact is, the 1% knows that China & Russia are US existential problems. They by & large support US “attacks” on these nations.
    (Naturally, there will be debate about strategy etc. The Dems like going after Russia first, the Reps tend to the take on China view)

    • Replies: @Levtraro
  44. From the great American philosopher George Carlin:

    “They call it the American Dream because you have to be asleep to believe it.”

    • Agree: Robert Bruce
  45. Anon[259] • Disclaimer says:
    @Twin Ruler

    Promises, promises…

  46. Anonymous[389] • Disclaimer says:

    1) This entire article is simply Marxist dogma. “People have a false consciousness unless they realize that they are being exploited.”

    2) The “American Dream” is an invention of the media. It originally meant the Protestant’s idea of “vocation”: supporting yourself by doing something that helped the commonality. It was changed by Marxist media into “making lots of money by exploiting others (and more recently, “by destroying the planet”.

    3) “American Exceptionalism” is also a media invention. It originally meant that the US was the sole government on the planet in which the voting population was legally sovereign. It was changed by Marxist media into “The US thinks it can exploit the rest of the planet, even destroy it, and nobody can stop them”.

    4) Obvious propaganda such as this article is looking more and more like an assault by a totalitarian group that deeply believes in protecting people from exploitation, starting and ending with themselves.

    • Replies: @James J. O'Meara
  47. Anonymous[274] • Disclaimer says:

    As the late George Carlin put it wrt the American dream, You have to be dead to believe in it.

  48. @repsinec

    You hit the nail on the head

  49. Americans almost universally believe they are unique in this regard, the US virtually defining itself as the land of opportunity

    Stopped reading with this preposterous claim. Tell us, Larry, how you know the beliefs of 330,000 million people.

  50. Always a good read from Larry Romanoff and guaranteed to stimulate lively debate. Thanks Larry.
    It’s reasonable imho to view USA as an international organised crime cartel rather than as a country. The victims are not only hapless Syrians Afghans etc but also Americans themselves in increasing numbers as Mr Romanoff points out.

    On a side note on “Christian” America, not only has it by some calculations ravaged much of the world, killing 22 millions of people since Ww2but also virtually eliminated Christianity from its ME homeland. Yes, maybe Jewish policy but consistently and enthusiastically those clean-cut Americans actively killing, looting and subverting for them.

    Albeit we might know decent individual Americans, their country is a murderous criminal disgrace and has been for many years.
    And many keep on falling for bullshit like MAGA…
    America is not what American Dreamers think it is.
    Hopefully articles like this may bring much needed changes.
    One can hope.

    • Agree: RoatanBill, H. L. M
    • Replies: @mocissepvis
  51. Bro43rd says:

    Don’t fall for the generational/class divisional claptrap. It’s the 99.99% vs .01%, always has been always will be if we allow their divisional tactics to work. The .01% controls the government, media, industry & most importantly finance & banking. Before one can cure oneself, one must correctly diagnose the problem.

  52. @Truth Vigilante

    Your evaluation of Hudson is spot on. He can’t defend his nonsense so he bans anyone that starts to show him up. I’d like nothing better than to take him on directly and get him to answer questions that would show his opinions are bunk.

    Your comments in this article are among the best I’ve read on this site as a whole. Your logic is impeccable and your conclusions solid.

    • Agree: Bro43rd
    • Thanks: Truth Vigilante
  53. @Truth Vigilante

    Any comment which concludes with the statement that China is capitalist and the US is socialist is truly the product of a feeble mind.

    Feeble minds result from observations made completely devoid of correspondence to reality. Reality is likely available to few: those who have worked in responsible positions in China and the US, or those of unusual analytical capabilities allied to objective points of view.

    Of course, feeble minds could be a secondary product of the being treated in the socialist medical system of the US.

    • Replies: @Bro43rd
    , @Truth Vigilante
  54. Tom Welsh says:

    “In this mythical universe, all opportunity is equally available to every citizen, in a land where even those with no credentials, education or experience can accumulate untold riches and even rise to become the president of the country”.

    I wonder, idly, whether it is more usual to accumulate untold riches and then become president – or the other way round.

  55. Tom Welsh says:

    Just for completeness, let’s remember George Carlin’s unforgettable statement:

    • Agree: mocissepvis
    • Replies: @Elohim Kosher Bar
  56. @WorkingClass

    Understood… though the Chinese dream is different. It’s much more of an urban dream now. Those who want space stay in the ancestral village. But Chinese have never been about “the 40 hour work week”. Chinese have always been about intense work. Remember one of the main reasons for the Chinese Exclusion Act was the complaint that they worked too hard for little pay. It’s a cultural thing with Chinese which very much pre-dates socialism and the CPC. I think that is one of the main differences in culture. That is why Chinese society is ultra competitive and why sports aren’t as comparatively popular. They are literally forcing sports on to the population so kids can be more “balanced”. They are even forcing martial arts into schools for the same reason. Many parents see it as a waste of time – because work (and study) is almost an obsession . Believe it or not – with a wink and a nod – the officially atheist government encourages spiritual pursuits (as long as it doesn’t contradict the government) to bring balance

  57. Karl1906 says:

    Once ww2 was over and the US-establishment “decided” for you to become a consumerist-society – including warmongering for profit – you were fucked. And the whole of Western society too as the US would fuck them up in the very same way and push this system onto them. The current woke/gay/black-pandering-shit destroying society from the inside is just a method to split the population up and turn the rabid “left” into a useful tool against the rest of the people (aka the majority).

    The current world crisis (including their hoaxed crisis of covid etc.) is the very end of the line and exactly the same bunch of crooks and criminals is (still) running your country and politics. And now they want to get rid of you to have more for themselves. And pull the curtains down for the whole of mankind if they get the opportunity.

    Because pathological greed and total unacountability for their heinous crimes has most certainly eaten their brains. Just look at Pelosi or Biden himself. They’re done, you’re done and we’re all done if they don’t get stopped. Or stop themselves.

    And there’s no safe place on this planet to watch this shit show conclude with a bucket of popcorn! Now I know why my grandparents – safely and happy – died some 30+ years ago. Interesting times my ass.

  58. If you can’t afford health insurance (or are under insured) and a trip to the hospital for yourself or your kids can result in wiping out your savings, making you a permanent debt slave, the American dream is dead, at least for this group.

    That the groups privileged to have insurance allow the commodification and exploitation of the former group who is not suggest that the American “system” is long past its “best before use date.”

  59. Keep on the treadmill; be a good worker ant in the Ant Farm. Do that, and you can have nicer stuff than your daddy (and his daddy before).

    The American Dream was never about “anyone” being able to get “rich”. Rather it was that anyone could improve themselves regardless of social class or family income. And that is still true today – anyone who spends less than they earn can accumulate money, learn economically valuable skills, start a business, etc.

    Now, the problems Larry describes are certainly an issue, it is harder today than it was 50 years ago. But the basic premise stands.

    • Replies: @Alrenous
    , @mocissepvis
  60. Levtraro says:

    The finantial part of the 1% in the US was and is against anti-Russian sanctions but they are not going to say it openly and fight for their profits. In 2008 they were rescued by the same politicians that are now deteriorating their prospects. But the fact remains, ideological issues in the US govt trumps all other concerns, including the profits and well-being of the 1%. People in the West don’t realize how fanatical and therefore irrational their leaders are.

    Regarding Europe, yes the Germans and Russian sanctions are a good example for my argument, but consider also the Dutch, whom are pretty much trying hard to destroy their powerful farming sector in the altar of ideology. Export of food is the lifeblood of the Dutch economy, it is the second exporter of food stuff in the world. Yet PM Mark Rutte, a well-dressed, serious-looking and smooth irrational fanatic is saying that there is no alternative, he has to cripple and shrink this sector because of ideology.

  61. From the great American philosopher George Carlin:

    “They call it the American Dream because you have to be asleep to believe it.”

    Let us consider George Carlin. Child of immigrants (well, one anyways), broken home, raised by a single mother. No college. Became rich.

    • Replies: @Anon
  62. As a non American, I find this refreshingly candid – One of the key themes that I see coming up is mostly upper class white folks deriding college education for other lower and middle class white folks and how it’s worthless and driven by leftist propaganda – It maybe partially true but none of this folks are shying away from the Ivy League colleges themselves – Isn’t this a cynical and poisonous ploy to disallow other people from using higher education to advance further in life? So if Asians and other communities can use education to advance themselves, why shouldn’t lower middle class white communities too be allowed to do that? Another useless advice to poor people is to shun college and learn a trade – So if someone becomes a welder or oilman or mechanic or fitter, where are the factories and industries for them to practice their skills and earn a living when the upper class whites have transferred all of those industries to foreign countries? America is a schizophrenic dysfunctional land of unrelenting class warfare against the poor and unless it radically change it’s social structures and merit systems, it’s doomed to continue as the oligarchy driven banana republic that it has been for past several decades till it finally implodes

    • Replies: @Anon
  63. Marcali says:
    @Truth Vigilante

    In school in a communist country we were taught that if a one party system is coupled with a socialist/communist planned economy, then it is a socialist/communist country.
    If however a one party political system is coupled with a market economy then it is a fascist state.
    So where does China sit?

    • Replies: @Truth Vigilante
  64. Bro43rd says:
    @A B Coreopsis

    Instead of refuting TV’s comment, you resort to ad hominem attack, truly a sign of a feeble mind.

    • Agree: A B Coreopsis
  65. Eudion2 says:

    There was an American Dream in the 1950s, when the US had the highest living standards in the world. Then JFK was assassinated by the CIA, and thus began a 25 year battle for the soul of American democracy, culminating in the presidencies of CIA director George Bush, CIA apparatchik Bill Clinton, and son of CIA director George W. Bush.

    The CIA of course was behind efforts to undermine the Trump Administration, which in hindsight was the meekest and mildest counter-reaction to CIA rule.

    The CIA is intimately collected with Wall Street, and serves the interests of Wall Street at the expense of the American people and indeed the people of all the world.

    • Agree: Bro43rd, mocissepvis
  66. @Godfree Roberts

    The FED destroyed the American Dream with fiat money that never trickled down but went only to the Oligarchs.

  67. Anon[344] • Disclaimer says:

    I pledge allegiance to the flag
    Of the Unconscious States of Awareness
    And to the Banana Republic
    For which it stands
    One plantation
    Under gold
    With tyranny and injustice for all.

    • Replies: @mocissepvis
  68. Emslander says:

    It would be a good thing if we all had the same concepts in mind when we discuss these things. Capitalism has about as many meanings as there are people who think about it.

    I always thought that capitalism was the ownership of capital by the citizen, as opposed to the ownership of all capital by the king, the Church or the government. If that’s the correct concept, then the guy who owns a pastry shop down the street that supports himself and his family and a couple of employees is as much of a capitalist as Bill Gates is.

    That version of capitalism is alive and well in the USA and may be experiencing a strong resurgence.

  69. Anon[344] • Disclaimer says:

    Maybe if they strike they can kill pee-lousy at the same time

  70. Athena says:

    Well today the American dream for foregn countries is the same as in the video below, except that the car really obeys to the driver’s orders, and the girls are replaced by inflatable rubber dolls:

  71. Anonymous[389] • Disclaimer says:

    Tho it wouldn’t be generally possible for huge numbers to emulate in the USA, one nonetheless has many, many stories of immigrants recently arriving in America with little or no resources, who yet achieve success as millionaire mini-capitalists over the space of a few years, principally from amongst various groups of Asians.

    Another component:
    The substitution of politics for rule of law is not as new as it appears to be. The New Deal, back in the 1930s until today, has excluded Anglo-Saxon Protestants (English descent), and their projects, wherever it could. This is most likely why Supreme Court Justices tend to be White Catholic, never White Protestant. I’ve seen this first hand several times.

    Further, the 1964 CRA as interpreted sets aside funds for non-Whites. The most recent example is Biden’s 60 odd billion dollars for minority women (as I understand it).

    The end result is that those few of the Anglo-Saxon Protestants who try to live the Protestant idea of vocation are quashed. Example: I once knew a person who had an automobile repair ship. Not much, but it was his. His accountant died, a payment wasn’t made, and the IRS pounced. All he needed, as I understood it later, was \$2,000 to pay something like an original \$500 bill. Next thing you know he had closed his business and taken a job as an ambulance driver. I could tell worse stories.

    The Protestants who made it had the same ” ruthlessness regarding, and focus upon, what makes money, most all else pushed to the side” as do the Asian immigrants. They paid little or no attention to the common good. Which turned out to be fortunate; after they hade made their money, they financed various left wing and medical projects that have been highly destructive.

    So none of this is exactly random or exactly a matter of Anglo-Saxon Protestant decay. It’s more like a person who turns out the lights at night except in his room and then organizes the rest of his family to “unite against the dark” and conga-dance on the front lawn as a form of protest.

  72. Che Guava says:

    I agree with most. However, with the possible exceptions of Laos, Belarus, and Cuba, the remaining CP-run countries, PRC and Vietnam, AFAIS have basically become national socialist. Not that it is a terrible thing.

    I include Belarus in the list because, from reading, it seems that they retain some of the positive institutions from the past.

    Intel and AMD will survive just because they both serve very big market niches, between them having near-complete hold on ‘PC’ processors, whatever the OS, and AMD/Radeon also very strong in graphics processor design.

    Intel’s attempts at smaller-scale microcontroller-style devices were almost a complete failure, despite so much U.S. press propaganda in support.

  73. Alrenous says: • Website
    @Rodger Dodger

    anyone who spends less than they earn can accumulate money, learn economically valuable skills, start a business, etc

    anyone who is really smart can learn a lot of things, and anyone who is very tall can reach the top shelf

    • Replies: @Anon
  74. Anymike says:
    @frankie p

    Zelensky, Annie Lebowitz and Vogue. What? Is that the new Holy Trinity?

  75. Anonymous[137] • Disclaimer says:

    “It is China, not America, that has created an environment for true and almost universal potential for progress for all.”

    What a crock of shite! It’s the very same cabal which has been responsible for the continual impoverishment of the American middle class have been the ones who enabled the rise of China and the resulting prosperity it so enjoys and not some hidden Confucius ideal of hard work and brilliance.

    • Replies: @Maowasayali
  76. Well if China is the land of opportunity, then it just proves industrial production is the means to access opportunity. Now please tell that to the average professional person. According to them boardrooms are the bedrock of economic wealth. Well guess they are to the executives running said country.

    Curious does anyone know who cooked up the American dream? Was it by any chance invented post fiat money?

    • Replies: @Anon
  77. Levtraro says:

    As to the references to the type of ‘short cuts’ that imbeciles try to use in place of effort and intelligence – ‘get rich’ books, ‘prosperity gospel’ relgiotards and the like – that just shows that you can’t help imbeciles even if the system had abundant goodwill towards all participants.

    Poor imbeciles buy self-help books. Rich imbeciles are led by their families to pursue a career in politics.

  78. jimmy1969 says:

    A rambling ignorant piece of trash….full of multiple false red herrings. Larry lets start with two groups of people whose parents mostly came here or started out here poor….the Jews and the Orientals. Now lets look at their kids and grand kids…..Larry their stats demolish your existence as a joke. After that you can get into the White Christian upper middle class like me, and my friends and relatives….doing fine Larry. Then you can get into the lower middle class whites …not too bad. The minorities….losing as usual unless they work hard like the Latinos or are carried by affirmative action like another group. Ditto this story for up in Canada, Oceana and all of Europe too.

  79. Bama says:

    We lived the dream in the 50’s and began to lose it in the liberal 60’s. You can bet it is gone forever now. America, the senseless nation that it has become. Going down from within without a foreign being fired shot. With all those trillions spent on the bottomless well – Pentagon. This to protect us from our overseas enemies when the culprit is within.

  80. “Dr. Roberts doesn’t mention the other thing that proves we have no economy: 50% of the people in the US take their living from government in one form or the other, which means that actually 75% take their living from government, counting the half of the retail workers who serve them. That’s right, half of the people take their living from government, either working for government or receiving welfare or pensions. Of the 50% who live off government, about 3/5 live off of state or local government, the other 2/5 off the federal government.”

    The above was summarized well by Karen Kwiatkowski in her Lew Rockwell post on the fact that America has a GDP but no real economy. After all, it was the fractional 1% which changed our industrial capitalism to financial capitalism – all of which Michael Hudson explained in his recent posts on the collective globalist disastrous consequences on the American economy.

    If you really want to dig into this, you can key word search my library where KK’s article was archived and begin the process of educating yourself as I have been educated by others.

    But there is good news…..Globalism is destined to fail –

  81. @anonymous

    the white-heritage Americans ‘just don’t have the drive’ to do what they do

    Your comments are valid, but do not address why whites do not have the drive….and the answer is generational.

    The white immigrants of the 1800s and early 1900s were willing to make great sacrifices and take menial jobs requiring hard work in the hope their conditions would improve.

    Each generation got more comfortable and less hard working.

    Imho this is inevitable, and we are beginning to see this with younger Asians who are beginning to join the virtue-seeking parasite team.

    The American Dream was a 19th and early 20th century artifact–it was pretty much dead by “assassination day” in 1963.

    I am not one of those who think politics could have prevented this–politics is downstream from culture, and the culture got fat and lazy.

  82. @A B Coreopsis

    Corrupt-sis writes:

    Any comment which concludes with the statement that China is capitalist and the US is socialist is truly the product of a feeble mind.

    You’re too kind.

    And a Merry Christmas to you too.

  83. Treg says:

    While Larry has a very grounded view of America and Americans, here is this South African man who has a grounded view on China.. He moved to China in his early 20’s and lived and worked there for the next 15 years. During his 15 + years there, he learned the language, toured the cities and countryside, and married a Chinese woman. He has a very grounded understanding of China and its people. Here he is with his latest video talking about how China has just lost the space race.

  84. ricpic says:

    Hey Larry, America’s so so terrible? Where’s wonderful, Larry?

    Being an America hater is good for getting your rocks off and NOTHING ELSE.

  85. @Treg

    That videoblogger serpentza is well known as a professional China basher, which is, somehow,, a fairly lucrative professional activity.

  86. FifthDim says:

    The American Dream will always exist, what has and will change is the the expected result of that effort to make a dream a reality. At this time in America’s reality the “American Dream” is having paid off the six or seven credit cards and hope to keep the survival job to pay the rent of the 800 sq. ft. sty.

  87. TPM says:
    @Truth Vigilante

    It is much more basic and primeval than that. Consider the following proposition:

    I will loan you \$100,000 at 6% per annum, provided that you agree to give me a security stating that I have loaned you \$105,000 at 5%, plus an undisclosed and unregistered side-agreement for a \$5,000 kick-back to me from the nominal proceeds.

    That form of financial agreement has been the foundation of the private financial system for over 300 years.

    There are two material kinds of people in the world. They are [1] people like me who can see the naked criminality of it, and its massive and relentless cross-leveraged channeling of unearned wealth to the possessor class; and [2] people who are utterly incapable of it.

    As Arlo Guthrie sang back in the 1960’s” “Which side are you on, boy; which side are you on?”

    • Replies: @Anon
  88. @Marcali

    If however a one party political system is coupled with a market economy then it is a fascist state.
    So where does China sit?

    In the 30 or so years after Deng Xiaoping opened the flood gates that unleashed the pent-up Chinese entrepreneurialism, China was the most capitalistic of the major countries and they accumulated quite a nest egg of savings coupled to prudent economic stewardship.

    However, in the wake of the 2008 GFC and the concomitant downturn in exports to their major trading partners, the Chinese government stepped in with its profligate and fiscally reckless infrastructure expenditure that saw the ghost cities built, highways and high speed rail projects to nowhere, an excess of under-utilised international airports being built etc.

    This was done to stave off civil unrest resulting from widespread unemployment in the event that the recession was allowed to run its course.

    In other words, the busy body socialist central planners took the helm and pursued these options that have MASSIVELY INCREASED DEBT and rendered China’s economy more fragile and susceptible to future economic shocks.

    So, to answer your question, China was very much pursuing the capitalist trajectory up until the 2008 GFC and has been more under the socialist thumb in the immediate aftermath of that recession.

    That said, even post 2008 the dynamism of the Chinese private sector is so great, and its productivity so impressive, I believe that it has done more than enough to counteract the parasitic and loss making activities of the central planning socialists.

    This is ESPECIALLY SO in the case of the post Covid Pandemic period.
    As the U.S went into lockdown in the immediate aftermath of March 2020 and trillions of USD were conjured up from thin air to dole out to Trump’s Zio benefactors and cronies, some trillions were also conjured up and doled out to working class Americans who were paid more to stay at home than they were being paid in their minimum wage jobs.

    END RESULT: America was producing less ‘stuff’ since no one wanted to work as they were afraid they’d get the ‘rona’.
    So, the Chinese factories, after a brief lockdown in China with minimal fatalities, was soon firing on all cylinders producing all the stuff the U.S and the rest of the world needed.

    The trade deficit with the U.S which was already catastrophic, has now reached apocalyptic levels and China’s balance sheet has greatly improved – all courtesy of it’s private sector which is the engine of the world economy.

    Provided that the socialist central planners don’t squander too much more of the the nation’s wealth and don’t micromanage what the private sector can or cannot do (and so far so good), China should do OK in the medium term.

    So then, I wouldn’t call China’s system a fascist one in the sense that government is not absolutely sticking its nose into and controlling every aspect of the Chinese private sector as Nazi Germany did to theirs (because all sectors of the German economy were directed to prepare it for readiness in a forthcoming military conflict).

    Yes, the ruling regime in the Middle Kingdom is still called the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) but it is nowhere near as heavy-handed as it was during the Mao era.
    As I see it China is ‘communist’ in name only and its leaders have long realised that prosperity can ONLY be attained through a market economy, involving minimal taxation, a minuscule regulatory burden and most importantly, a much smaller percentage of GDP allocated to the parasitic government bureaucracies relative to the socialist U.S and western European vassals.

    As long as the Marxist hardliners within the party are kept on a short leash and not allowed to squander too much of the nation’s treasure on socialist boondoggles, China will do just fine.

    • Agree: Bro43rd
    • LOL: A B Coreopsis
    • Replies: @Marcali
  89. Anon[128] • Disclaimer says:
    @Rodger Dodger

    Carlin became rich but he never lost his sense of consciousness for the rest of society. And it grieved him to live in such an evil dysfunctional mediocre nation.

    Check out the end of this brilliant clip on religion ad the ultimate BS engine in American society. America was built by religious fundamentalists and extremists. And if we face the fact honestly that Christianity is based on an enormous lie of original sin that blames humans for bringing death into a world in which mortality has always existed, we can understand how Christians have set themselves up to be enslaved by any cynical and clever overclass. It starts with their enslavement to the corrupt Catholic priesthood and equally corrupt Protestant ministers to save them from their fear of going to hell. From that it’s only a small step to being enslaved to a Jewish financial overseer class.

    It should not be difficult to see that there is no hope for our society so long is it is built upon a blatant and pathetic lie of psychological manipulation and blame the victim. We’ve been headed to Doom and national enslavement ever since the first Calvinists stepped foot on this continent.

    • Replies: @Mevashir
  90. @The Real World

    To further your point, we were a middle class family (at best) when I was growing up. I remember that Converse All-Stars were the cool basketball shoes to have in the late 1970’s when I was in high school. My mother refused to buy them because they cost \$5 a pair. So it was the \$2 plastic sole shoes for my brother and me.

    My parents grew up in the depression and knew the value of money. They didn’t buy any luxury goods and no fancy vacations. But I had a great childhood and was happy just going fishing and playing sandlot baseball and football. The simple things in life were pretty damn good for a kid growing up when I did.

    I don’t think many people today have the attitude my parents had.

  91. Jimmy1969 says:

    I savaged Larry on an earlier comment; you can look it up. Here is a second rebuke. The third one will deal with another related angle…how the press is partially to blame for some of our misfortunes. My argument here is entitled lazy Americans. Lower middle class cops and firemen and tradesmen of all sort are doing excellent; have you ever seen what a electrician or a plumber or a skilled tradesman makes? And throw in all the tax free jobs on the side and the fixing of his own house or a second rental property for free. The middle class…some of it has been hurt some not. Most of it depends upon what a person took in school. Losers took Sociology or Psychology or Literature and if they did not become a teacher they became a broke emittered blogger maybe. But here is the real two points that I repeat like a parrot: get married and make sure your spouse has a decent income…it makes everything easier, and besides many single people (men) like many on this site are mostly losers. The second point is deferred gratification…..quit blowing money on big cars and Vegas and clothes and booze and sports attendance, amd dinning etc etc…which very few frugal smart immigrants do. Save the most possible for your first down payment. Don’t mess with your credit cards. Most middle class Americans brought their misery on themselves….do you know what it takes to finance and have two large SUVs in the driveway and maybe another one or 2 for the kids and 4 TVs and 6 computers and 10 cell phones….the great USA.

    • Replies: @A B Coreopsis
  92. The American dream is being destroyed and turned into a nightmare by the globalists in the WEF, the Rockefeller and Gates Foundations, UN Agenda 2030, the WHO, the CDC, the NIH, the demon-rat party aka communist party, the global warming scam and psyop and the covid-19 scam and psyop, and most importantly the zionist privately owned central bank aka the FED and IRS ie 2 of the 10 planks of the communist manifesto.

    If people do not wake up, we are doomed.

  93. Anon[128] • Disclaimer says:

    That form of financial agreement has been the foundation of the private financial system for over 300 years.

    Can you explain your example more precisely?

    • Replies: @TPM
  94. Anon[464] • Disclaimer says:

    Apparently no matter how hard you polish poop it doesn’t become a diamond.

    • LOL: Bro43rd
  95. Wade says:

    I generally like Larry’s pieces ever since they began to be published here. But why am I sensing such a strong animosity directed towards the US public rather than where it mostly deserves to be: on US leadership and media?

    I certainly don’t mind taking criticisms but considering that the US nation (the actual people) are up against the most dangerous, powerful and sophisticated criminal cartel in the history of humanity that once enslaved eastern Europe through the USSR, and who took control of our financial system and media over 100 years ago (arguably further back), you’d think Larry’s pieces could show a little pathos as Americans are learning this for the first time and just how evil they are. Lies about WWI and WWII were hard for the public to detect prior to the internet. Our criminal elite’s truly grotesque (and more obvious) turning on the public happened slowly and gradually until 911. From there it went on a rapid down hill slide.

    Now they are looking for a new host to parasitize, and if China has truly rejected their overtures to be that new host, then this might be the perfect opportunity to expose them once and for all since there’s no where for them to run. I’d expect the global community would want to encourage us in our awakening in all things political, economic, religious and spiritual. Instead I think Larry wants the parasite to die from an untimely demise of the host before it makes an escape.

    The American Dream wasn’t always bullshit. Thomas Jefferson made the Lousiana purchase and thousands of Americans got to homestead land and farm their own food, create businesses and build a real economy. This was such a better opportunity than what the average Englishman had. Freedom was real. People were really happy. They didn’t want to fight WWI and WWII or offshore factories to poorer nations or drone on about “American Exceptionalism”. That was part of “The Big Lie” meant to get Americans to except an American Empire that they never asked for or wanted.

    The two party system has to be destroyed and we need a non-interest bearing currency, or banking as a national service, so we can establish a real economy again and stop the parasitizing of the US and other other nations by the banking cartel.

  96. Romanoff redefines the American dream as something that it never was and then picks apart his own creation. Is an article like this posted on UNZ just to get a lot of comments? It surely is not posted here because it has any merit or value to the reader. I am through with reading any article by this author. There is much more to read that is worth my time.

    • Replies: @Bro43rd
  97. gnbRC says:

    The ‘American Dream’ is not like Mr. Romanoff elucidates, and never was. While those Americans with ‘opportunity’ can create wealth, most wealth in America is generated either by corruption or Federal Reserve policies – e.g., real estate, finance, which as Michael Hudson explains is ‘unearned’ income. Most average Americans would rather be left alone to lead their lives as they see fit, so they pursue a way to isolate themselves from the vagaries of big government, and the Federal Reserve.

    Of course, it’s an unworkable plan because in America, those with money, or government, or real estate, or finance literally ‘chase down’ Americans wherever they presume some wealth might be located – it’s impossible for a new manufacturing facility to be built without the banking and real estate sectors buying up all land and rental properties ahead of employment a few years down the road. It’s disgusting, and a losing cause for the average Americans.

    But, say, Americans try to organize against this, what do you think would happen? First, the organizers would be sought out by the security state and eliminated, then a propaganda program would be initiated to ‘inform’ Americans that capitalism and free markets are the best possible system – what’s good for government and capitalists is good for normal Americans.

    Theft and fraud, lying and cheating, assault and trauma, alienation, ostracization. So, Mr. Romanoff might offer a little compassion rather than insulting average Americans … (just saying …)

    • Agree: Wade, Brad Anbro
  98. Anon[357] • Disclaimer says:

    Romanoff: Old eastern-bloc libertarians never die, they just find hope by becoming consultants to communists?

    The cognitive dissonance is astounding.

    What stands out to me about USA compared to China is that USA commons is overloaded with personal stories, while Chinese commons have none. The personal is part of the public in USA: everything is regarded as something that happened to someone directly, and precisely how do they feel about it?

    To be American is to wish you could shut off all the personal stories which are ultimately mindless repetitions of banalities perfumed with an ignorant sense of awe as if my travails has never before occurred to human experience. Everyone has a story and most of these are dumb and boring and we don’t really learn.

    How can you experience public life within USA’s enormous expanse of individual pre-occupations?

    But in USA we see our hyper-individualism as a valiant reaction to how history treats the anonymous, who end up jackbooted and crushed.

    There was a recent time when the American Dream meant ordinary people had enough so that not only were they not preoccupied with getting more, we could offer a hand up to those in need. But there’s a psychopathic streak of excess that attends this experience. It’s like you feel crazy if you don’t keep grabbing for more if it’s offered to you… Ultimately grasping for more life. Every rich man faces a short supply of time.

    It’s heartening to see how guys named Romanoff are bridging the gap between L.A. and Shenzen, where before only Nixon could go to China.

    • Agree: Doctor, My Eyes
  99. Anon[157] • Disclaimer says:

    We have too many dummies and shorties already.

    What you are seeing is a culling of the herd.

    • Replies: @Alrenous
  100. Anon[303] • Disclaimer says:
    @Old and Grumpy

    >>does anyone know who cooked up the American dream?

    Starts at 1:16

    • Replies: @Mevashir
  101. IronForge says:

    No Dream.

    Deception and Delusion – especially after Murica started Outsourcing with NAFTA/USMCA(NAFTA2), H-1bVisas, and OffShoring.

    Doing Nothing with Illegal Migranvaders didn’t help, either. Reagan’s Amnesty should have Alerted Muricans more regarding the Labor Trafficking. Cesar Chavez – a Navy Vet and Labor Advocate – strongly resisted Illegal Immigration.

    The Laborers were Betrayed. Then Skilled-Machine Laborers, Call Centers, now Skilled Professionals. We don’t have enough Jobs InCountry Already, yet being the Largest Economy (Assets Overseas ovetlooked) for Years, Peoples are still Trying to Pile In

    America are being Hollowed Out and Demographically Shifted into a Bad Version of a Global Bazzar where the Plutarchs and Vassals reduce All Others who yielded their Sovereignty into a Frenzy of Miseries.

    Don’t believe in the Demographics Shift? I posted a while ago.

    Currently there are more White Babies born in Murica; but if one includes Legal Immigrants and Illegal Migranvaders into the Mix, the Collective “Latin/Spanish-Speaking” Hispanics “Increases in Headcount” outnumber and outpace White Births + European Immigration.

    Now, the Immigrants and Migranvaders may enter with Children or soon become Parents themselves – far earlier than those who “Entered through Birth” (which start en masse about 16-24 yoa).

    The Shift is PERMANENT. It’s a matter of Time until Hispanic Births outnumber White Births in America. Legal Immigrants and Illegal Migranvaders will still be pouring in when that occurs.

    I prefer Legal Immigration; but IMHO, this has gone too far beyond Murica’s ability to absorb. Unfortunately, it’s all the same to the Plutarchs.

    Thus the “Camp of the Saints” Surge in different ways around the Globe…

    • Replies: @Anon
  102. I’m having trouble reconciling these two passages from Larry’s article.

    And they are also unable to see the criminality of firms like Foxconn in China who produce those Apple products in what are essentially forced-labor concentration camps.

    And finally, of all nations in the world today, it is China that offers the most opportunity for progress and increasing prosperity and, most importantly, that provides this offer to virtually the nation’s entire population.

    If China is for the common man why does it allow Foxconn to abuse its precious citizens?

    We’ve got serious problems in the US with the rich buying off politicians, but being more like China is the solution? Give me a break.

  103. anon[287] • Disclaimer says:
    @Truth Vigilante

    peter schiff (in the back) dont know shit. he has been wrong on everything for at least 15 years another jew duping people

    • Replies: @Curmudgeon
  104. Sam Smith says:

    China is NOT a capitalist country! China has a market economy.

    Here is Eric X. Li’s short and sweet explanation:

  105. Mevashir says:

    Very interesting Carlin talks about the positive aspects of his Irish Catholic upbringing

  106. TPM says:

    Yes of course.

    The following is the Introduction to my essay “The Normalization of Fraud and Forgery” at


    For over 2000 years, since at least pre-ancient-Roman times, the balance of humanity has proved unable to protect itself from the multi-faceted fraud in the following form of terms from a banker or other nominal creditor:

    Condition 1: I will loan you \$100,000 at 10% per annum, provided that you agree to give me a security claiming that I have loaned you \$200,000 at 5%.

    More generally, “I will loan you a certain amount at a certain rate of interest, provided that you agree to falsify the security to claim that I have loaned you a greater amount, and at a lower rate, than in fact.”


    First, while most anyone else can see its obviously criminal and profoundly dangerous substance, bankers, lawyers, and judges have near-pathologically failed to do so. In the western world especially, most judges are former-bank-lawyers (self-styled “commercial, corporate and financial law specialists”) who are themselves directly appointed by former-bank-lawyers / solicitors, most of whom (on both sides) had spent their legal careers falsifying financial securities and making personal fortunes via fees and percentage kick-backs for so doing.

    Second, that financial-fraud-device will of itself eventually channel all the wealth of the world to the possessor-class that substantively owns the private global banking system. And its pace increases exponentially with the relative amount by which the securities are falsified. It would happen very quickly and obviously with the above 50% coefficient-of-fraud, but it is no less certain – and achieved and maintained much more quietly – with an average 5% coefficient-of-fraud – it just takes a little longer – a few more roll-overs or iterations of the process.

    Now assume that the same people propose the following cure or remedy to it:

    Condition 2: To compensate for the fraudulent juicing of the bank’s balance sheet, you must also agree to pay the bank a \$100,000 nominal loan fee via nominal deduction or by a cheque / check effectively drawn against the falsified / inflated security balance so as to give the bank an additional \$100,000 of immediate and unearned income in contravention of all the domestic and international accounting laws against it. We are going to remedy and balance (compound-in-fact) the \$100,000 fraud against the bank’s balance sheet with an additional \$100,000 fraud against its income statement.

    Here also, the fraud against the banks’ collective income statements will of itself eventually channel all of the wealth to the possessor-class, and this component also increases not just exponentially but cross-exponentially with both the coefficient-of-fraud and the stated (misrepresented) interest rate.

    In Canada that double-whammy extortion and cross-leveraged accounting fraud had been for generations slowly but surely transferring or rolling-over the wealth created by the people into the accounts of the possessor class. The unearned-encroachment was constant, and more or less calibrated to just keep pace with ever-increasing production gains from technology, as long as banks were not allowed to be in the real-estate financing (credit-reinsurance) business, and as long as the maximum rate of interest was restricted to 7% per annum under the Bank Act.

    Both of these critical restraints were removed in 1968 from this already profoundly criminal, but quasi / relatively stable, system. The banks and bankers, and the entrenched-money-power who own them, have never looked back.


    Just from memory, there was a movie a while back called The International where the CEO of an international bank is playing chess with his son (about 11 years old) and he says to the boy to the effect “You are in your fortress but which is surrounded by your enemies and there is no way out – What do you do?”

    The boy thinks about it for a few seconds and responds: “Find a way to go deeper in”.

    Likewise, the entrenched-money-power never truly remedies any wrongful practice – but instead figures out a way to go “double-down” and then makes it worse.

    Sadly, the public keeps falling for it – generation after generation.

    • Replies: @Mevashir
    , @Blissex
    , @Blissex
  107. @Wade

    But why am I sensing such a strong animosity directed towards the US public rather than where it mostly deserves to be: on US leadership and media?

    The Internet has been around for quite some time now so information of all kinds is readily available. The last presidential election had 66.8% of people 18 years and older that voted. That means there’s a staggering number of people that voted to continue the corrupt system everyone should know exists.

    Why wouldn’t someone conclude that there’s something seriously wrong with the US population? Why shouldn’t someone blame them for what the gov’t does in their name decade after decade? The Fed Gov is a criminal enterprise, invading country after country, sanctioning the world and the US population votes to continue this practice time and time again.

    • Replies: @Justvisiting
  108. Mevashir says:

    I don’t know if you noticed, but around 30 minutes into this fascinating documentary it describes the pro-family pro-motherhood hard-working values that these Jewish filmmakers promoted in their early works from Hollywood. Quite different from the Hollywood of today and quite different from what all the Jew-haters on this thread say about them.

    • Replies: @Truth Vigilante
  109. Anon[303] • Disclaimer says:

    Only capitalize the first word of a sentence and names. Capitals have nothing to do with importance.

  110. Mevashir says:

    Thank you. But is this form of fraud actually perpetrated in say the mortgage industry, when you buy a house? Aren’t the terms and conditions of the loan transparent?

  111. With the increased financialisation and de-industrialisation of the US economy, with the FED repeatedly engineering booms and busts, each with its corresponding massive wealth transfer, the mountain to riches has become a very steep climb indeed for the average citizen.

    I say:

    US Senator Elizabeth Warren is a rancid Baby Boomer liar.

    The monetary policy extremism of the Federal Reserve Bank is the main driver of inflation. In 1981, when inflation was running high, Fed Chairman Volcker raised interest rates to twenty percent to stamp out inflation.

    Greedy rat politician whores such as Nancy Pelosi and Elizabeth Warren are the human filth benefiting from the asset bubbles created by the monetary policy extremism of the Fed.

    Pelosi and Warren both push wage-reducing, American worker replacing MASS LEGAL IMMIGRATION and MASS ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION and AMNESTY FOR ILLEGAL ALIEN INVADERS and MULTICULTURAL MAYHEM.

    White Core Americans are caught in the clutches of evil plutocrats who control the Federal Reserve Bank and the plutocrats are using monetary policy extremism to create asset price inflation bubbles in stocks and bonds and real estate and other assets and these asset bubbles primarily benefit the billionaires and the top ten percent loot holders.

    White Core Americans are stuck with inflation in fuel, housing, food, health care, clothing, beer and much else besides.

    White Core America Will Wipe Out Inflation By Wiping Out The Asset Bubbles


    White Core America understands that the Federal Reserve Bank and the other globalized central banks have created multiple asset bubbles over the past few decades and the current asset bubble is the biggest one yet and to prevent the political atmosphere from becoming unpleasant for billionaires there will have to be a coordinated globalized implosion of the asset bubbles.

    INFLATION is a monetary policy tool deployed by plutocrats and the top ten percent loot holders to inflate an asset bubble to benefit those who own the assets and regular people get the inflation in beer and housing and fuel and food and other things and that pounds the lower middle class and middle class and regular US people.

    The JEW/WASP Ruling Class of the American Empire controls the monetary policy and the immigration policy and they are connected. How?

    Inflation in wages has been suppressed by the use of mass legal immigration and mass illegal immigration. Central bankers have used nation-wrecking mass immigration as a monetary tool to prevent the wage inflation that would normally occur during bouts of monetary extremism. Carney at the Bank of England came damn close to directly admitting it, but he shut up about it because the ruling class in England don’t want to tell the truth too much.

    Raise the federal funds rate to 6 percent and then to 20 percent like it was in 1981, and fire sale the Fed’s bloated balance sheet and stop the Quantitative Easing and go Quantitative Tightening. Quantitative Tightening will pop the asset bubbles in stocks and bonds and real estate and inflation will go away along with the great expectations of the greedy ones benefiting from the current global monster asset bubble.

    Baby Boomer US Senator Liar Elizabeth Warren Engages In Misinformation And Disinformation And Plain Old Baloney:

  112. @Anonymous

    If what you say is true, that would explain the “Star of David” next to Mao’s head on the 1 renminbi banknote (upper right hand corner).

    There are (((6))) Stars of David right in front of Mao’s face, too. I think the “X” design is a variation of the Rosicrucian Cross.

    Not sure if the Chinese architect I. M. Pei was a Freemason, but his Bank of China in Hong Kong is basically a giant Masonic/Jewish symbol hiding in plain sight.

    • Replies: @Alrenous
  113. @Jimmy1969

    This is very weak compared to Mr Romanoff’s article.

    Why not try to put together your thoughts in 2000+ words or so…..and see if you can publish it somewhere. If you can’t do that, then your rôle as a gnat isn’t of much interest I would to any adult.

  114. @Tom Welsh

    George Carlin was a “thinking man’s” comedian. His wisdom is missed. RIP.

    • Agree: JR Foley
  115. @Anon

    America has always been a stealth Catholic theocracy

    The original protest by Martin Luther, was not protesting the teachings of the Church of Rome. He was protesting the fact that the hierarchy of the Church, in his day, was not Catholic Christian enough.

    Something like today with the modern Pope. Then, it was indulgences, “Get Out of Hell Free” cards being sold to rich people, that offended Luther.

    Nothing much has changed. Look up the annulment issued to Teddy K. Money really can buy anybody. Even God.

    Genesis chapter 3

    I do believe that is from the ancestral history of the Children of Israel. An early version of

    • Replies: @Alrenous
  116. @Wade

    “In a democracy, the people deserve the government they get” (de Tocqueville inter alia).

    If US representative democracy could not last 200 years (and all terms are used charitably), then its roots didn’t reach very deep. So no need to lament the brevity of America’s moment in the sun.

    Nonetheless, Wade, your points resonate with the lived experience of those of us who grew up in postwar America. Trying to both forget the past and be unconcerned with the future is the philosophical approach. As Schopenhauer put it, the past and the future are but dreams — only the present exists. Growing up in the 60s was, indeed, a dream.

  117. Richard B says:

    And an incredible successful capitalist country, the only country in the history of the world to have risen hundreds of millions from poverty to middle class in a few decades.

    China didn’t do that. Nothing could be further from the truth.
    Jewish Supremacy Inc. did that by exporting the US economy to China.

    They’ve been at this a long time. The basic pattern being one of
    Infiltration – Subversion – Betrayal – Destruction and Death.

    And just before they go in for the kill they make friends with an enemy of the country they’re about to finish off (who were once friends as well, of course; hence the betrayal).

    They did it in ancient Babylon, they did it in Persia, they did it in Egypt, they did it in Greece, they did it in Rome, they did it in Christian Europe, they did it in secular Europe, they did it in the revolutions of 17th century England, 18th century France, 20th century Russia and they did it in 21st century USA.

    From this perspective it’s obvious that they are the cancer of the human race and that treason against them is loyalty to humanity.

    No wonder he’s worried about China.

    • LOL: Levtraro
  118. Richard B says:

    Nothing screams I’m A Loser! louder than Boomer Blame.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @Anonymous
  119. Alrenous says: • Website

    Population growth is always dysgenic because the lower orders breed like rabbits and the upper class often limited themselves to one kid even before technological birth control.

    This is particularly important because there’s a sharp leader/follower divide, and you need a certain minimum number of leaders or the followers start running around like headless chickens. Almost exactly like that, in fact. There is now a pervasive shortage of leaders worldwide. Something like 1/10th as many as necessary, perhaps less. At best, one place can steal leaders from nine other places, solving its own problem at the cost of utterly ruining the source populations.

  120. MaxD says:

    MeanWhile in the USA, the homefront looks bleak and costly:

    Jul 25
    In 7 days reporting on the road, every person I’ve spoken to is struggling: from homelessness, to facing eviction, to scrounging for change to fill up car, to selling home to keep business open, to shutting down a business OPEN FOR 90 YEARS.
    Stop the BS.

    • Replies: @Blissex
  121. Anonymous[201] • Disclaimer says:
    @Richard B

    Nonsense. It’s just and necessary to hold people accountable for their behavior. Even when boomers whine and squirm and gaslight that the one subjecting them to scrutiny is somehow inadequate. Logically, to hear boomers, you could never criticize anyone because doing so is only a symptom of personal inadequacy. Of course this only applies when they’re the ones being criticized.

    But the boomer horseshit isn’t working anymore. The worst generation in human history will definitely get their comeuppance.

    • Troll: Richard B
    • Replies: @Robert Dolan
  122. Alrenous says: • Website

    Mao was an American stooge, yes.

    Modern China is largely anti-Fascist instead. However 1) Confucianism is a weak culture that can’t well resist fanatics from elsewhere and 2) conformists gonna over-mimic. They have a central bank not because they think it’s a good idea but because they’re copying America and America has a central bank. They’re not acting out of understanding – if they were, they wouldn’t have needed to use America as a model in the first place. They’ve noticed some of the old lies but have only a disappointing ability to resist new lies.

    Secondarily dishonouring Mao is considered ‘unfilial’ even though he was a traitor and worthy only of a traitor’s death. “You can’t do that, he’s family.” Discarding social illusions when they conflict with physics is a Socratic thing, and even the Occident doesn’t do that anymore.

    • Replies: @Maowasayali
  123. Anonymous[201] • Disclaimer says:
    @Richard B

    Ok, boomer

    • Troll: Richard B
  124. Alrenous says: • Website

    The Woke’s complaint is exactly like Luther’s: they think Christianity isn’t Christian enough. Zimmerman and Rittenhouse should have turned the other cheek. Chauvin judged, and was judged in turn. Anti-global warming measures are intended to impoverish everyone, because don’t you know a camel can’t pass through the eye of a needle? It’s for your own good.

  125. It sometimes seems that half the content of US bookstores consists of what we call ‘self-help’ books, meant to give us ‘the real secret’ to success and riches. Of course, if one book ever did do that, there would be no need for a second. The secret contained in these books is mostly limited to some variation of “You have to believe”. And when you fail to strike gold, as you inevitably will, then your belief just wasn’t strong enough.

    “Whether you think you can, or think you can’t, you’re right” — Henry Ford, self-made American success (and based on the JQ btw)

    This seems to be becoming a meme on the Lite Right — the Zman was pounding away on this today as well. New Thought/Positive Thinking/Law of Attraction/The Secret has little to do with “just believe”. That’s like saying “This guy was baptized as an infant, but he went on to commit many sins, so Christianity is phony.”

    Tempting as it is to conflate them, it has little to do with reciting “The Narrative,”

    As Neville, the greatest NT lecturer emphasized, feeling is the secret. Once a scenario is thought up, it must be invested with emotional warmth so as to quicken into reality.

    Listen to how the entomologists talk about how Buffalo Bill raises moths in The Silence of the Lambs.

    It has little to do with Christianity as such; it is the common Truth behind most religious and mystical teachings, such as Hermeticism and Neoplatonism in the West. Evola, for you Alt-Right nerds, talks about it in his Magic books.

    Does it work? Well, if you do it right, yes. Neville’s family used his method to grow his father’s Barbados grocery store into the largest Caribbean-based conglomerate in the world, still in operation today: Goddard Enterprises.

    For more on this, see my Mysticism After Modernism: Crowley, Evola, Neville, Watts, Colin Wilson, and Other Populist Gurus (Melbourne, Australia: Manticore Press, 2020).

  126. @Anonymous

    2) The “American Dream” is an invention of the media. It originally meant the Protestant’s idea of “vocation”: supporting yourself by doing something that helped the commonality. It was changed by Marxist media into “making lots of money by exploiting others (and more recently, “by destroying the planet”.

    Neville, the greatest of the New Thought lecturers, emphasized that The Law (aka the law of attraction) was meant only to make our lives a little more comfortable, but also to give us convincing proof (through its successful use) of the existence of God. And then, as one becomes bored with comfort and acquisitions (see Schopenhauer), can one successfully turn away from them towards union with God (which he called The Promise). The Amish do something similar with their “wild years” or whatever they call it. Oscar Wilde: “The best way to overcome temptation is to yield to it.”

    For more on Neville, see my Mysticism After Modernism: Crowley, Evola, Neville, Watts, Colin Wilson, and Other Populist Gurus (Melbourne, Australia: Manticore Press, 2020).

    • Replies: @Alrenous
    , @Anonymous
  127. profnasty says:

    Out thru the night
    And the whispering breezes.
    To a place where they keep
    The imaginary diseases.
    – FZ

  128. I sense that, all commentators here at the Unz Review — as well as the essay-writer Larry Romanoff — have totally and essentially MISUNDERSTOOD the perennial concept called “American Dream”.

    “American Dream” is actually like a tasty doughnut; you are either in the dough or in the hole!

  129. Blissex says:

    This article is based on the usual “leftoid” hallucination that only the 1% are winning and the 99% are getting poorer, but actually the political power of the 1% is supported by the top 20-40%, who have been doing very well for 40 years, mostly thanks to booming real estate prices.

    Neoliberal politics are an alliance of the property-owning upper-middle class and the upper classes against the working class, with the lower-middle class being neutral because they are not gaining but they are not losing much either.

    And indeed the real direct poison of USA politics is real estate (and share prices): as long as the upper-middle classes make fortunes thanks to the devoted efforts of the FedRes pumping up credit with which to buy it (and shares). Thanks to that huge redistribution from the lower classes, the upper-middle class have been writing a blank cheque to the neoliberal governments of the past 40 years.

    The “American Dream” is “Fuck you! I got mine” and the USA (and UK) upper-middle classes are living it, making a lot of profits on assets and nearly monopolizing the better-paid jobs, iand too bad for the 60-80% of the population they don’t care about.

    The big political problem of the USA (etc.) is that rentierism is not limited to a small minority, but in a lesser way a large and powerful minority are also benefiting. Mass rentierism is a big new thing, and hallucinating that only the 1% are benefiting leads to completely wrong thinking.

    • Replies: @Bro43rd
  130. Colinsky says:
    @frankie p

    Was Zelenskyy’s appearance in Vogue better than Kamala’s spread?

    • Agree: JR Foley
    • Replies: @Notsofast
    , @Anon
  131. 💣’Murka💰 dreamt big things.
    Went to far shores to get bling.
    Forgot judgment’s sting.

    • Agree: Realist
  132. Hoyeru says:

    the thing that NOBODY discusses or mentions is how the fake American “prosperity” acted as a buffer and a cushion to the American society and made the “melting pot” possible and kept the crime rate kinda low (except in teh ghettos but who cares about them, right, the more blacks kill each other, the better).
    So now expect the crime rate in America to skyrocket; and the criminals to begin moving and zeroing the rich areas. And it’s ALL by design, once again, the government will eventually use the crime rate to introduce very restrictive laws.

  133. @Alrenous

    I think Mao was more stooge than traitor. Can’t say that about his nemesis Chiang Kai Shek though.

    Chiang’s statement that “Communism is a disease of the heart, the Japanese are but a disease of the skin.” will damn him forever as China’s greatest traitor.

    How Jewish and staged was the so-called Chinese Civil War which is once again in the news?

    Chiang studied in Japan as a young man and became an officer of the Japanese Imperial Army! This certainly explains his traitorous statement above.

    General MacArthur called him by his nickname “cash my check”… which is telling and my guess is that Chiang probably never relinquished his commission and pension from the Japanese Imperial Army while he was supposedly fighting the Japs on behalf of the Yanks.

    He wanted his cake and eat it too, as they say.

    • Replies: @Alrenous
  134. Blissex says:

    «In 7 days reporting on the road, every person I’ve spoken to is struggling:»

    Indeed most usians (and british etc.) are getting squeezed, but a large minority of real estate (and share) owners and in the remaining “good jobs” are doing splendidly. That’s the American way: winners must win, losers must lose, and the Fed’s “plunge protection team” is there to put as many trillions as needed to ensure that real estate and finance are doing very well.

    Since Reagan in the USA the rewards of work and thrift have been miserly and the rewards of real estate and finance have ben stupendous. Those who chose wrong, or chose to be born too late or in the wrong place to buy real estate and shares cheaply, are paying for their mistakes, and the large minority of those who chose right, or chose to be born earlier and in the right places are enjoying booming living standards, well supported by generous government policies.

  135. Blissex says:

    «”Condition 1: [….]” […] “Condition 2: […]”»

    Quite interesting, that happens in loan sharking and hedge funds and private equity (the asset stripping sector), but I guess this is disguised by big “official” “respectable” banks.

    In any case it has been a long time since big “official” “respectable” banks made money with loans, however “juiced” by conditions 1&2: they now seek to make their money with asset trading where proprietary asset trading is financed on margin by themselves. To work around regulations about self-dealing, they have setup debt-collateral spiral rings.

  136. Blissex says:

    «the Introduction to my essay»

    Two further notes:

    * Your essay could be written better: I can understand what you are saying, but I know some technicalities and I am experienced in trying to make sense out of obscure writings.

    * The mechanism you describe is pretty much the core of the financial side of most PFI (“private finance initiative”) or PPP (“public private partnership”) deals which have enriched so many people and cost so much in long term payments to the public funds in the UK and other countries.

  137. Alrenous says: • Website

    Stupidity is a crime. Whether Mao was intentionally a traitor or plain too dumb to avoid treachery, he deserved a traitor’s ignominious death.

  138. Alrenous says: • Website
    @James J. O'Meara

    Oscar Wilde: “The best way to overcome temptation is to yield to it.”

    Socrates was right: there is no evil, there is only ignorance.

    One way to learn that a thing is indeed evil is to experience it first-hand. Cure the ignorance, and now you know better. Several caveats apply. E.g. experiencing addiction is not a good way to learn about it. Lies, bullying, and political power are addictive drugs.

  139. Several readers have made reference to life in the US during the 50s and 60s, in the sense of The American Dream having actually existed in those days. They are essentially correct, but lack the understanding of the background cause of the appearance and dissolution of those circumstances. For those interested, here is an article which might illucidate the issue. The matter is crucially important but tragically misunderstood.

    • Thanks: Biff
    • Replies: @Truth Vigilante
  140. SafeNow says:

    I accept much of the blame. I was a student exactly where and when the unraveling began. (Super-elite New England university, late 60s). Spineless students like me, and of course spineless administrators and faculty, did not stop it. It was easier to simply keep our heads down. The unraveling could have been stopped right then and there quite easily, because it was just getting going. So, the “boomer blame” is correctly applied to people my age. But greater blame attaches to the faculty and administrators, who were older than I was, because they had more power.

  141. Notsofast says:

    all depends on what you mean by spread.

  142. dimples says:

    I don’t think Merica’s endless foreign meddling and destruction has to do with the Merican Dream. It’s more likely that the CIA/Deep State has always had too much money and wanted some fun.

  143. The problem with america is NOT big government. It’s diversity. Adopt MAWA and america will be supreme again.

  144. TheMoon says:

    It was all supposed to be preserved for Posterity, but too many people thought Posterity was a new diet or flavor of Hot Pocket.

  145. beau says:

    ‘they call it the american dream because you have to be asleep to believe it.’ george carlin, sage.

  146. Anonymous[259] • Disclaimer says:

    “…The boomers inherited a rich, dynamic country and have gradually bankrupted it. They habitually cut their own taxes and borrow money without any concern for future burdens. They’ve spent virtually all our money and assets on themselves and in the process have left a financial disaster for their children.

    We used to have the finest infrastructure in the world. The American Society of Civil Engineers thinks there’s something like a \$4 trillion deficit in infrastructure in deferred maintenance. It’s crumbling, and the boomers have allowed it to crumble. Our public education system has steadily degraded as well, forcing middle-class students to bury themselves in debt in order to get a college education…”

  147. @Truth Vigilante

    You are right, but it’s even worse than a stealth tax. The government doesn’t just help itself. It helps the financial sector too. Recent inflation has partially manifested in stock market gains. I myself may be a beneficiary of this, but I still think it’s depravity.

  148. Anonymous[321] • Disclaimer says:
    @James J. O'Meara

    The Law (aka the law of attraction) was meant only to make our lives a little more comfortable, but also to give us convincing proof (through its successful use) of the existence of God. And then, as one becomes bored with comfort and acquisitions (see Schopenhauer), can one successfully turn away from them towards union with God (which he called The Promise).

    That is a highly American thought. If you think that God loves his creation, then you have to consider the Problem of Pain. One solution is that God has presented a way to live in His physical creation, one that works as describe in the Blockquote above, and is embodied in the Protestant idea of vocation.

    Note that this differs from the Jewish idea of relations with God. The Jewish idea is embodied with the story of Jacob who wrestled with a angel or maybe God, hard for a human to say, then changed his name to Israel, “Fights with God and Wins” ( Genesis 32:28). Ever since then Judaism has been about fighting with God (and everybody else) and winning. That’s not he same as following God’s commandments so as to find your place in reality and realize God’s place in reality (i.e. as its Creator and Master).

    One could make similar analyses of Islam, Buddhism, Shinto, Hinduism, and so on, each of which has a different relation between God (or gods) and man.

    Communist would amount to following the Party’s commandments so as to find your place in reality and realize that reality is independent of God (if such a being exists) and realize the humans in the Party’s place in reality (i.e. as its Creator and master). In contemporary jargon: “Everything important is a social construct, subject to reconstruction at the Woke Party’s command.

    • Replies: @shadowy_figure
  149. Cris M. says:

    – bit of argument, real communism socialism is how we once lived. We lived in tribes hundreds of thousands of years and looked to nature and planets such as moon phases and food harvests as religion long before the cons begun their monotheism ‘religions’ and ‘govmt’ and ‘money’ cons. Feel free to remember Neanderthals.

    If you were going to scam people out of the last of freedom, you would take the words that once meant responsibility and with right to use force with others, then lump false ‘govmt state’ onto the words, and distract with false ‘money’ so people don’t remember what real life is or where we came from.

    con ‘money’ and focus on filth secs or breeding made people stupid, exactly as the cons planned. Must learn to share. And kick those that are ignorant. We don’t have forever to undo their schemes.

    • Replies: @Cris M.
    , @Anonymous
  150. Cris M. says:
    @Cris M.

    – must learn to share – energy. And whatever else it takes.

  151. I agree with the author’s perspective – the Ideology of America is a fraud designed to keep those abused by the system identifying with its abusive structures. “The American Dream” is gas-lighting extraodinaire.

    But let’s dig a little deeper. First, “The Dream” ideology is, despite its falsehood in the modern era, based on something long gone, but genuine – namely the opportunities that this virgin land offered at the time that the USA was founded as a state.

    In the 17 to early 1800s, America offered genuine opportunities that were unavailable to many in the British imperial center. Those who would have had no prospect of owning land in England could come to the colonies and work virgin soil, become a petty bourgeois, accumulate savings and put their progeny on a path that the aristocratically monopolized Britain made impossible. It was this primordial environment that became the root of the false “American Dream” ideology.

    But of course, the unique material conditions of America at its origins could not last. Eventually the virgin soil becomes occupied, the same monopolistic, financial-aristocratic tendencies of the old world take root and America became just a bigger version of the oppressive “Old Country”. (Being so large in area as America is, these oppressive conditions were for many years attenuated in comparison to the situation in England, but developed nevertheless.)

    The difference with the Old World is that there *was* an epoch of colonial freedom that stayed in the collective memory of the people and become the basis for the continuation of “The Dream” ideology, long passed its correspondence with material reality.

    It is a tenant of Marxism that ideas lag behind material conditions – people continue to view today’s world through the lense of a real, but lost past.

    In short, the relatively free origins of America’s existence have become the basis of the false “American Dream” ideology of today.

    Even after the original conditions supporting the ideology were gone, historical “abnormalities” allowed for its perpetuation. The destruction of Europe and Japan following the world wars allowed America to develope into an unchallenged industrial and financial super power; that status then allowed America to maintain the illusion of prosperity even after the era of de-industrialization by living off the tribute, payed in goods and services, of developing nations. And so it was in this way that the “American Dream” continued to have a material reality for the citizenry. But in truth, the ideology was already living off the mortgaging of its original validity.

    Everything in America is, at this point, a facade – even the produce in it supermarkets, as Romanoff described in a recent article.

    For quite some time, the “American Dream” has been nothing but a “Zionist Dream” – America is a land in which Jewish parasitism has found its most satisfying host. “The American Dream” is now little more than the projection of its abusers’ success onto their victims.

    But now the host is dead and dry, and yet the parasite is incapable of doing anything but doubling down on the parasitism of the dead host.

    Therein lies the material basis of today’s Clown World.

  152. @Anonymous

    I’ll try to address the issue you raise from a Buddhist perspective.

    The simplest way to deal with your theological Gordion knot is to simply cut through it with a sword. There is no God, and there is no problem of evil. Good and evil will always exist. Even if good ultimately achieves some kind of total victory, that would correspond with the final liberation of all sentient beings and they would cease to exist and time would have no meaning for them, as with good and evil.

    It’s my understanding that the Hindus believe that this will actually happen, but they posit that the universe is one of many existing in a logical chain. The final events of this universe seed the events of the next even though no sentient being will survive into the “next” one. From that point of view, the “future” universe has to be seen as an entirely separate creation. I’m not saying that this is the truth but it intrigues me.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  153. @Godfree Roberts

    I was not expecting this essay to become a puff piece for China. But that is the rabbit Romanov pulls out of the hat for Han. Tadah! Ha.

    And with Godfree’s reply appearing as number one, it reminds me how Ehud Barak conveniently appeared on BBC hours after the 9/11/2001 attacks to tell the world that Osama Bin Laden was likely the master mind. Ha. What is that called? Something like the primacy — or control — of the message.

    Before you cry too much USA is not more like China, here is another view on the situation there.

    • Replies: @Zumbuddi
  154. @RoatanBill

    That means there’s a staggering number of people that voted to continue the corrupt system everyone should know exists.

    OK–so lets imagine that they know the system is corrupt.

    What exactly is the public supposed to do about it?

    Be precise.

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  155. @Anonymous

    Nah…..found the jew.

    Boomer bashing is a diversion to spew blame on innocent old people when the real blame should fall on the jews who did the dirty work and subversion.

    The tactic is obvious and transparent….and it doesn’t work anymore.

    It’s comparable to the R word…..nobody cares anymore.

  156. @Mario Partisan

    I believe it’s in the book, “An Empire Of Their Own,” that the jewish author openly admits that organized jewry deliberately screwed the American people by changing the vision of the country from that of a high trust, hard working, God fearing nation….into a slimy meth infested crew of monkeypox buttfuckers and trannies looking for kids to groom.

    Keep in mind that this effort took many years of sleepless nights for the relentless small hats and trillions of dollars in bribes as well as Epstein honeypots entrapping leaders with 12 year olds.

    Got to hand it to the small hats though…..that’s truly an exquisite amount of jewing.

    • Replies: @thotmonger
    , @Anon
  157. @anonymous

    You left out cheating. Asian immigrants cheat on their taxes big time. Also mestizo immigrants are now allowed to run illegal food businesses in Southern California. If one has a fold up table an easy up and and ice chest they have a roadside fruit stand no permits needed. If you call the city clerks office to complain mestizo’s who staff all our gov’t offices in CA will call you a racist for reporting them.

    White people are not allowed to sell anything on the street let alone food products that can make people sick.

  158. TimMcGraw says:

    So much has and continues to be written about the failed American “experiment.” I love the Unz site; it provides a formidable juxtaposition to the drivel that trickles out of western civilization, and makes me think. The quibbles I have with the content, are that it is, one, heavy on the Antisemitism, a form of which I don’t care for. Opportunistic. Like the excesses of banks, dominated by Jews, is representative of Jews as a whole. When excesses become apparent, it’s easy to throw stones, But I don’t buy it. And worse, two, it lumps the entire American population into a nice convenient box of abused coal miners or cotton pickers or service workers, unaware of how much they are abused and mistreated by the corrupt American system of government. A bunch of rubes. I don’t buy that, either.

    I live in a heavily blue state, Illinois. Good schools, high level of college graduates, and more. And even here, people can easily, in casual conversation, make a distinction between the corrupted creeps that walk the halls of the plaster, rather than marble, walls of the Illinois capital building (as in cheap facade) and serious politicians who want to improve the lives of the people in society.

    There is a wide wide chasm between the locals who really want a better society, and Washington ideals. And an even wider chasm on how to get there. Obama’s “fundamental change” was absolute bullshit to well over 150m Americans, and the voting segment refuted the agenda in 2016. Whether it won or had victory torn away, is one thing. But the 150 didn’t vote for the nonsense manifest in the article, and the point I want to make is the 150m, I think more, would be just fine with trimming the government by maybe 75%, hanging all or most of the pols who oversaw Covid and 2008 financial collapse and FBI school shootings, and all the rest. And start over.

    But here’s the tricky part, and where the author is confused. The American experiment started with a Declaration, following a long train of abuses. Only then, after numerous attempts to seek redress, did the population rise up and take care of business. Then, America became a country. Currently, our problems are not a failure of the idea: it’s a failure of will. And a reluctance to risk the destruction of a system that would work, and quite well, thank you very much, without all the corruption. And I’m almost ashamed to say, it’s our fault, for reelecting the same non-serious flawed people over and over. But please don’t bury America. It’s not going away. After all, Russia survived how many years of Tyranny?

    America, it once was the “Land of the Free, Home of the Brave.” And will be again. But, and it’s a big but, there has to be a new government, with new, fresh ideas, waiting in the wings, organized under a Constitution. All we need to do is identify the “Brave.” They are out there. And if things get any worse, the world will hear from them.

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
    , @Eric Novak
  159. My comment didn’t emphasize it, until the end, but yes, the same vast resources that made America a land of opportunity for ambitious European peasants, made it the ideal place from which to establish a global Jewish empire.

    The first condition was the vastness of the land and its resources. The second condition was its virginity – namely that there was not yet an established culture, but simply a hodge podge of immigrant groups, and therefore no common culture that could stand united opposed to Jewish hegemony.

    For this reason, the “American Dream” is, ultimately, unique for only one group – the Jews. As Romanoff says, most Americans who became affluent in America could have done the same in Europe. The only group that truly needed America to get where they got was the Jews – the well-developed Gentile cultural identifies in Europe made Jewish inflitration and nepotism very difficult, but in the Tower of Babel that was America it became easy. Combine that easiness with America’s resources and you have the basis for a Jewish global empire.

    In case folks have not noticed, Jews study every nation in search of its particular vulnerabilities. They found them in Russia and thus were able to overthrow the Romanov dynasty and establish the USSR. The ideology of the Soviet State was that it was a state the represented the interests of the Russian working class and this was promoted as reality in spite of all opposing facts on the ground.

    “The American Dream” is the American analog to Russian Communism – the same group monopolizing control of the Commanding Heights of the economy through a false ideology – the Jewish-American version shrouding their control with the language of “free enterprise” as opposed to the language of working class solidarity, but the end result has been the same – an economy controlled by Jewish supremacists.

    It seems, at the end of the day, that a pseudo-capitalist ideology has been more effective for the Jews than Communism, as the latter ultimately undermines the social position of the false elite that espouses it. Elite American Capitalist Jews have no need for an elaborate ideology to justify their status – they can just say “we won the rat race and so deserve to rule.”

    The “America Dream” is an ideology the serves Jewish power far more effectively than any the Levites have yet decided.

  160. @Robert Dolan

    I suppose a show or two in Spain has satisfied the modern viewer about the history of Queen Isabella. Ho ho. But has there ever been a film about her attempted in Hollywood? When they get around to it, they will probably characterize her like they did Charles Lindbergh in Plot Against America. Defamation par excellence.

  161. @Ghan-buri-Ghan

    >Jews and Anglos are afraid of power, not virtue+


    These Sub-Human vermin only understand violence. One simply doesn’t reason with parasites.

  162. Anonymous[336] • Disclaimer says:

    I’ll try to address the issue you raise from a Buddhist perspective.

    The simplest way to deal with your theological Gordion knot is to simply cut through it with a sword. There is no God, and there is no problem of evil. Good and evil will always exist.

    Hume more or less destroyed that argument with his simple request to tell why the Sun will rise next morning.

    Different religions answer that in different ways. The answer boils down to “God wills it”, and persistence of God’s will varies between religions.

    In Christianity, God set up the rules of physics as part of God’s Word, which is inalterable once given. Example: even repeated Jewish abominations did not lead God to abandon His word that they were a “chosen people”, God simply had to choose yet another people, since the original Word hadn’t been “one and only chosen people”.

    In Islam, Allah has absolute freedom, a consequence of absolute power. “If Allah willed it, we would all have to turn pagan tomorrow” is a legitimate statement in Islam.

    In the faith you describe, there is not reason for the sun to come up tomorrow, or for the universe to exist. All you really know is that you think, therefore you are [1] — right now.

    This has consequences. The Christians can develop science, systematized knowledge, knowing that it won’t become obsolete tomorrow or next week. Even Newtons’ laws, criticized as “not applicable for the rest of the Universe” are valid and will remain so for most engineering work here on Earth, and has been integrated into a general theory rather than rejected. Under most religions, there is no such guarantee, and either excessive narcissisms or preoccupation with politics are the preoccupations. This has led to a rather unpleasant life for most people, which rather emphasizes that pain is a problem than solving the “problem of pain”.

    As Hume pointed out, philosophers who say they are skeptics ordinarily use doorways to enter or leave rooms, rather than trying to walk through a wall that “isn’t really there”. By the same token, Buddhists may say “there is no God”, but act as the skeptics do. They may say that “some things change, some don’t”, but have no intellectual way of telling which is which.

    So what difference does it make? The world situation suggests that the “problem of pain” is about to become acute, in large part because too many people are acting as “non-contributing consumers”. The Protestant idea of “vocation” and the “American dream” of pursuing productive work is likely the only answer to this problem, as is apparent by the flow of people to areas where these two ideas hold sway.

  163. Bro43rd says:

    Maybe 5% but 20-40% is ludicrous. Some of us in the top quintile worked (masonry) hard & saved to get here. And inflation is kicking our asses too. There is a rentier class and it’s the .01%. The rest of us are along for the ride & have no choice in the matter.

    • Replies: @Blissex
  164. Anonymous[336] • Disclaimer says:
    @Cris M.

    Not that simple. Cause of death for hunter-gatherer men was about half homicide.

    See argument:

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  165. @Justvisiting

    Stop cooperating.

    Stop supporting the men in blue that don’t fight crime, can’t possibly fight crime and will come for your guns while telling you they’re only doing their job. Defund street cops. Demand your natural right to carry any weapon you choose to protect yourself as the constitution clearly allows without gov’t permission slips.

    Become your own street cop along with your neighbors and kill off some piece of shit that dares come at you or your property. That’s called self defense and is everyone’s natural right. Spend more on investigators and forensics people to catch more dirtbags and then execute them on their first offense. Reduce the expense for prisons guards, parole officers, etc. A few shotgun blasts and a few dead antifa would have shut down all the rioting and burning pronto.

    Get off your knees. If every gun owner showed up at the governor’s mansion, the mayor’s mansion, the prosecutor’s office, etc and told them what the news laws are that allow common sense defense, what are they going to do to stop it from happening? Assert your natural rights; it’s called real democracy.

    Man has no right to kill his brother. It is no excuse that he does so in uniform: he only adds the infamy of servitude to the crime of murder.
    Percy Bysshe Shelley

    Stop supporting the troops that are just murderers in costume that have caused the deaths of millions in just this century alone all for trumped up wars of choice. There has been no war since at least Vietnam that wasn’t offensive, making the troops the aggressors in other people’s lands. When martial law is eventually declared once the Dollar dies, they will come to your neighborhood under the guise of restoring order and follow orders to shoot you should you not want to be made a slave to an in your face dictatorship. It’s coming.

    The basic problem is quite simple. An elected representative is not tied in any substantial way to particular policies, whatever the preferences of the electorate. Influence on the politician is greatest at the time of election. Once elected, the representative is released from popular control but continues to be exposed to powerful pressure groups, especially corporations, state bureaucracies and political party power brokers.
    Brian Martin

    Stop voting.

    Instead of 68% of people voting, the regime’s legitimacy evaporates when it’s 10%. On the way to a low number, people will realize that they’re not alone in their thinking that the system is rigged and the number will sink faster. It’s cooperating in their theater that gives them the legitimacy to screw the population over every damned time.

    Is that precise enough for you?

    • Replies: @Wade
  166. @Mevashir

    What you refer to as a ‘fascinating documentary’ is nothing but pure propaganda designed to portray these movie mogul Jews in a positive light – when in fact they were just vile and debauched degenerates.

    Check out the interview below of Shirley Temple where she tells of her experience with a Jewish movie mogul when she was a 12yr old child (watch the 1 min or so from 12:20 – 14:00):

    These people were scum and if you were sucked in by that obvious bit of propaganda Mevashir, it’s an indictment of your gullibility.

    • Agree: profnasty
    • Thanks: Arthur MacBride, Richard B
    • Replies: @Richard B
  167. @Truth Vigilante

    Actually – ethnic minorities in China receive far more subsidy than they do in the US. For instance you brought up Chinese spending on rail that is not profitable. Well in the heavily populated eastern region – rail is indeed profitable. The places where it is not profitable are in fact the areas where ethnic minorities live in the south (you wouldn’t know the groups) like in Yunnan and Guangxi and in the west like Xinjiang and Tibet. Also ethnic minorities are all given preference in entering universities because they are allowed to have a lower test score than the Han majority. People complain – but try e government says “we are uplifting everyone and the nation is only as strong as it’s weakest link” (paraphrase). As to taxes – mainland Chinese firms pay higher taxes than US firms (which is why many still do business through Hong Kong as it is a tax haven)… and high income Chinese pay higher federal taxes than Americans (though less than some Europeans) – which is why some try to get US residency to pay less taxes – since China currently does not tax global income like the US. But the government soon said they will do less will try to get US residency (unless they are willing to quit their source of Chinese income which is doubtful). As to regulation – that is not true either. The Wild West days of get rich by any means is over. Chinese companies have to follow strict environmental and energy and water conservation rules now. Why??? Rich Chinese left because they complained they did not want their children dying early due to pollution.

    • Replies: @mocissepvis
  168. profnasty says:
    @Truth Vigilante

    Yup. It’s just as Alan Greenspan said.
    “We don’t need the SEC, the market regulates itself.”
    I think he said that in 2007.

  169. BuelahMan says:

    Let’s see:

    China good. American Christians bad (and stupid).

    2100 words and the word “jew” can’t be found.

    Sounds to me as if Larry is a tool of the jew.

  170. @Kratoklastes

    The irony is the people who run SMIC are alums of TSMC. In fact if you look at even minor semiconductor companies on Mainland China such as even Powerchip – they are full of Taiwan engineers who moved to mainland China. All the US Politicans who talk the “freedom” talk should ask all those engineers how and why they chose to move from the island to the Mainland when they supposedly hate them. Nancy Pelosi should go talk to them instead of these stunts she supposedly wants to pull in going to visit Taipei and risk a war. Politics is stupid .
    Oh and now the US wants to pressure ASML to not sell even the DUV lithography machines. Someone forgot that Samsung and TSMC started their own 7nm on DUV machines. I guess they really believe that garbage that you can’t innovate unless you live in a liberal democracy.

  171. profnasty says:

    Many boomers lived a generous life because the parents murdered their own children, in Germany. It was a deal made with the Devil.
    Millennials murder their unborn. This should be enough to provide prosperity.
    So, have a good time! You’ve earned it.

    • Replies: @Zumbuddi
  172. @Larry Romanoff

    Several readers have made reference to life in the US during the 50s and 60s, in the sense of The American Dream having actually existed in those days.

    Whether the American Dream existed or not, one thing that IS certain is that many Americans are living the American Nightmare today courtesy of the untold sums that are being doled out to fund BIG GOVERNMENT and the boondoggles devised by these parasitic bureaucrats.
    Things like:

    1) Subsidies and grants, government contracts for Green Energy swindles in pursuit of remedying a NON-PROBLEM. ie: the rise in CO2 levels.
    2) Vast sums expended on the Military-Industrial-Security-Surveillance State to maintain the illusory empire and hegemonic aspirations that America has no chance of retaining.
    3) Loans to college students (the Federal government, or should I say the taxpayers, are on the hook for something that is fast approaching \$2 trillion) – most of whom will never have the capacity to pay it back seeing as they got liberal arts degrees or majored in the humanities and thus will not be earning that much as waitresses or cab drivers because they have no marketable skills.

    Anyway, to pay for this BIG GOVERNMENT the Fed has printed trillions and thus the American working class will be picking up the tab for said profligacy in the form of runaway inflation.
    Peter Schiff explains (5 min video):

  173. There is no “American Dream”. Only the American delusion.

    The 1950s was not sustainable. When you have pretty much most of the world devastated by WW2 and the only intact country capable and large enough to supply and manufacture for the rest of the world, is the US. Most industries around the world were gone. Most infrastructures were gone.

    It only take a few decades for most of the world to rebuild. Once that rebuilding is done, that “American Dream” is gone. How to keep that “Dream” going? By printing money, by borrowing, by disrupting the growth of perceived adversaries.

    • Agree: Truth Vigilante
  174. profnasty says:

    You want prosperity?
    Six year olds Suzy and Johnny approached Suzy’s father. Johnny said, “Suzy and me are going to get married. ”
    Dad chuckled. “Have you considered children?”
    Johnny, “Yes. If Suzy lays any eggs we’re gonna step on ’em.”

  175. @Anonymous

    How would anyone know about what the cause of death was for folks that lived before writing and cameras were invented? Any assertion of such knowledge is just guess work without evidence, aka bullshit.

  176. @TimMcGraw

    You were doing fine until your last paragraph where you want to again get on your knees to gov’t. Are you so inept that you can’t control the things you’re responsible for? Do you think your neighbors are so inept to deal with their things that some “other” is needed? Why is it that you want another group of criminals to write the rules you are forced to live by due to men in blue acting as thugs?

    Gov’t is illegitimate. Here’s the proof.

    If your neighbor can’t demand money from you for what it is he wants to accomplish and if the entire neighborhood can’t demand money from you for what they want to accomplish, at what specific number of individuals does it become the right of that mob to demand money from you? Gov’t is the mob. Gov’t is an extortion ring, mafia.

    If your neighbor can’t write some stuff on a piece of paper and demand you obey and your entire neighborhood can’t write their demand on a piece of paper and demand you obey, at what specific number of individuals does that mob legitimately have the right to tell you how to live your life?

    No one can give away authority they don’t have to begin with. Authority doesn’t spontaneously appear when 10, 100, 1000 or a million people without a specific authority get together. That they claim that authority magically appears from nowhere is the entire concept of gov’t, and it is a fraud.

    • Agree: Truth Vigilante
    • Replies: @Brian Damage
  177. Blissex says:

    «such a strong animosity directed towards the US public rather than where it mostly deserves to be: on US leadership and media?»

    That “animosity” is well justified: the USA corporate oligarchs and their minions in politics are corrupt because much of the USA population is even more corrupt. For every self-dealing CEO or senator, there are thousands or millions of usians who would love to be able to be corrupt on the same massive scale, because “winners do whatever it takes”. Two quotes, the first from Alexis de Tocqueville, 1834:

    «Consequently, in the United States the law favors those classes that elsewhere are most interested in evading it. […] In America there is no law against fraudulent bankruptcies, not because they are few, but because they are many. The dread of being prosecuted as a bankrupt is greater in the minds of the majority than the fear of being ruined by the bankruptcy of others; and a sort of guilty tolerance is extended by the public conscience to an offense which everyone condemns in his individual capacity.»

    The second from Newt Gingrich, 1995:

    «If you have a society where almost every middle class person routinely fudges the law, that’s telling us something. We have laws that matter – murder, rape, and we have laws that don’t matter. The first thing that every good American says each morning is “What’s the angle?” “How can I get around it?” “What does my lawyer think?” “There must be a loophole!” […] America is the most incentive-driven society on the planet.»

  178. Blissex says:

    «Maybe 5% but 20-40% is ludicrous.»

    Well, that’s the percentage of voters who have been voting for bigger share and real estate prices and lower labor costs, and those who have seen their real estate prices double every 7-10 years.

    «Some of us in the top quintile worked (masonry) hard & saved to get here.»

    Howe exactly did your hard work cause a doubling of real estate (and stock) prices every 7-10 years in so many “lucky ducky” areas? In the financial jargon, that’s called “passive” investment for a reason.
    And a lot of that 20-40% are retired people, who don’t work at all, they just enjoy the massive amounts that asset price inflation delivers to them, entirely work-free, and usually also tax-free.

    But suppose that you earned entirely your fortune with your own work, then you would agree it would be fair for taxing 100% of capital gains on property and stocks, because those are unearned. Would you?

    • Replies: @shadowy_figure
  179. Richard B says:
    @Truth Vigilante

    Great video share (and comment)!

    Probably not even the full story. But good thing she shared that much. And there’s Larry King laughing along with her, though no doubt with a different intent and emphasis.

    The one story, out of the many, that really gets me is what the revolting Kirk Douglas did to Natalie Wood – when she was 15! At one point even shouting You’re fucking a Jew! When what he should have said was You’re being raped by a Jew! But honesty has never been viewed by them as the best policy. Ever.

    In any event, his reason for raping her, or for justifying the rape, and it truly was brutal in every sense of that word, is that her grandfather fought the Bolsheviks during the revolution and Kirk, of course, was on the side of the Bolsheviks, and so that, in his warped Jewish Supremacist mind, made her an antisemite who deserved it.

    The Dark Triad is synonymous with Jewish Supremacy Inc.

    By the way, check out how the term has been modified by Wiki (now referred to as non-pathological, even though psychopathy is one of the attributes of TDT).

    The modification is recent because they know full well that TDT has been making the rounds online and is often attributed to Jewish behavior – for a reason. Since they exhibit the patterns in such an vivid and striking manner, and on such a consistent basis. To use their own repulsive jargon, it’s what they do because it’s who they are.

    • Replies: @Truth Vigilante
  180. @RoatanBill

    “If your neighbor can’t demand money from you for what it is he wants to accomplish and if the entire neighborhood can’t demand money from you for what they want to accomplish, at what specific number of individuals does it become the right of that mob to demand money from you? Gov’t is the mob. Gov’t is an extortion ring, mafia.”

    Think of it as a condo or HOA. Everyone who lives in it has to contribute for the maintenance of the complex.

    But when the US neglects to upkeep the infrastructure, creating a better healthcare, provides a safer community, instead spent disproportionate amount of tax dollars on the military, enriching big pharma…, it is like a giant HOA letting the complex rot while spending owner contributions on security guards and getting kickbacks from vendors and suppliers. And, after exhausting all the owners’ funds, started borrowing from other HOAs at the same time hiring more security guards to harass other HOAs.

    Just so it can claim to be the TOP HOA.

  181. Larry do a story about Maine!!

    Whitest state in these United States! 🇺🇸

  182. @Treg

    Serpentza is just that … A serpent. Never had a bad word to say about China – until he left. Now he makes up nonsense (I’m sure he makes money from more than just YouTube paying him out..) because it feeds the egos of insecure westerners. If China was as horrible as he now claims – how come it took 15 years to figure it out…?? The guy and his friend are both crocs

  183. Anon[214] • Disclaimer says:

    You ruined my appetite for the day by writing “Kamala’s spread.”

  184. Anon[224] • Disclaimer says:

    Larry the lolcow got pissed off because most of us laughed at his leftoid high-speed rail articles. So now he triples-down on his I-hate-America shtick. We’re a pack of evil cretins, per Larry!

    Cool it, Larry. You’re starting to sound like an Arab.

  185. The dream mythology–the greatest marketing scam ever sold. Ingenious. You get starry eyed immigrants-clueless abt US empire history/reality/high on US propaganda—-and sell em on the dreams, hopes, bullshit. Just as Filipinos, Taiwanese, Italians, Aussies, Brits, Germans, and other US immigrants abt their “love” of that dream. They jibber the jabber chapter and verse. They really believe and ‘have’ to. It’s all they got.

    Add in some Horatio Alger propaganda, and you get an endless supply of cheap labor to be used and abused in the amazing employment at will dumping ground. Exploited and oppressed for US capitalism. It’s the garbage collector of the world! So, come on down, and get a front row seat to the cesspool. Wave a flag, and have nitrate/nitrite hot doggy, and get ready to be screwed doggy style bc…

    Someday, that ship will come in with riches….the USian proletariats do not see themselves as exploited people. They are temporarily embarrassed millionaires all hoping, dreaming, hustling, huckstering that someday, they’ll get the lux car and mansion…(paraphrased-John Steinbeck).

    The US empire was a business enterprise masquerading as a “country.” Spin hamsters, spin. Enjoy swallowing that porcupine.

  186. @Emma S.

    If I was a recent immigrant, I would probably feel safer and more comfortable going home

    Ahh … Yes, indeed.

    If only the immigrants – legal AND illegal – were that intelligent. Or honest.

    But they ain’t.

    • Replies: @Gary Sudder
  187. @Dave Bowman

    When it comes to immigrants, they will never admit their country and USA are same. They will argue how beautiful USA is and how bad life in their countries is. They cannot accept that life sucks in US because that would be hypocrisy, as then natural question comes is why don’t they go back if they believe life is same in their own country. Even those who criticize US are told to go back to their country if they don’t like it in the “greatest country on Earth.” They are all addicted to greed and won’t listen to anything contrarian to the dominant narrative. They will suck it up and die in US as long as they can hustle on and have hope of becoming a billionaire some day, with a lux car, and big house to show off to their friends ‘back in the native land’.

    The vast majority of USian immigrants love the empire. US brainwashing/propaganda is very strong. Their identity is wrapped in the red, white, and blue bullshit mythologies. Look at EU puppets, they wax poetic abt ‘dear america’ etc.etc. willfully buy-in. And they deserve what they get and will be getting.

    So, let the USian immigrants enthusiastically swallow the porcupine and become wedded to US empire’s lies. They can blindly “dick ride” whatever is being offered by the most amazing incredible place on God’s green Earth…

    A US immigrant who is a thinking person of reasonable intellect, knows the real deal ( history, cultural etc., ) and values who they are as person-ontologically—would leave the US, and NEVER return to that gigantic mistake.

  188. One of the reasons why there are so many unhappy and restless people in this country, is that the culture has taught them that they can be anything they wish to be, have anything they want, irrespective of intelligence or ability. (Certainly, external circumstance will play a part in anyone’s success or failure – but not a very big one.)

    The important thing is to think critically, and become adult enough to know one’s own capacities.

  189. People sink into their imaginations and delusional fantasy worlds in order to protect their psyche that has been under attack ever since the Civil War ended…right up to present day.
    Snordster points this out in reading Les Visible’s ‘The Roach Motel at the End of the Universe’. re;
    “the good life they never had…”
    From going to ‘Church’ on Sundays, with Saturday cook-outs, Sting Ray bikes for the kids, Dad gets a payraise, it’s ALL BEEN A FUCKING LIE!!!
    & Military Service? ‘Military men are cattle (goyim) to be used!” -Henry Kissinger
    “It was all a lie, and the more I saw this, the more I hated them” -Capt Willard from ‘Apocalypse Now’.

  190. @Blissex

    I haven’t got a lot of real estate but I benefited from stock prices going way up. I confess that I think a lot of my ill-gotten gains are due to the progressive economic policies of the government. When the government said it was going to do some quantitative easing, it went straight into the greedy mouths of the banks. Where we’re not seeing eye, is on the subject of blame. I didn’t vote for any of this crap. I was/am an inadvertent beneficiary, and I think that a good many people fit into this category. Now that the government is finding new ways to spend money that bypasses the financial sector, inflation is now finding it’s way into consumables.

    I think that some of the proposed methods of curing the inflation disease could do even more harm to the the patient. More taxation would curb inflation a bit since it takes money out of the economy but, it with net taxation for some people already over 50%, taxation at such a high rate will do other types of economic damage and may even result in less government revenue in the end due to perverse economic effects, and we have to believe that the government won’t see the new revenue as an excuse to spend more. We live inside a managerial state that sees wealth transfer between population groups as a holy imperative.

    My advice to people is just to own stuff that won’t get clobbered if hyperinflation comes, and I think that hyperinflation will come.

    • Replies: @Blissex
  191. @Richard B

    I wasn’t aware of the Kirk Douglas molestation of Natalie Wood as a child. Of course it doesn’t surprise me that he and his tribe get up to these things.

    Thanks for that and the bit about TDT – it certainly does describe the behaviour of a good many of them.

    • Replies: @Zumbuddi
  192. @Mario Partisan

    Nice assist but it’s still just propaganda.

  193. Anon[128] • Disclaimer says:
    @Robert Dolan

    Take a look at 36:00 where the Jewish studio head refers to his wife as “she/her” in an interview. Never once calling her by name or “my wife.” Just a trophy for goycceptance.

    Warner’s daughter admits on camera (53:00) that he never once told her about his Jewish heritage religion or beliefs. All concealed from his progeny. The same was true for my parents. They were desperate to blend in even as they demanded obeisance to Jewish ideals.

    • Replies: @Mevashir
  194. Blissex says:

    «I didn’t vote for any of this crap. I was/am an inadvertent beneficiary»

    Your personal experience is important for you, but I don’t think it is that common, a lot of people utterly rely on their massive real estate and share [rice profits to finance their lifestyles (refis for example) or their future retirement, and vote accordingly.
    «From the minute the average couple buys a home they’re constantly calculating how much they’ll make when they sell it, and most won’t sell for much less once that day comes.»
    «evidence, which suggests that inflated house-price expectations across the economy played a central role in driving both the demand for and the supply of mortgage credit before the crisis. The great misnomer of the 2008 crisis is that it was not a subprime crisis but rather a middle-class crisis. Inflated house-price expectations led households across all income groups, especially the middle class, to increase their demand for housing and mortgage leverage.»
    «The growth of the investor class — those 70 per cent of voters who own stock and are more opposed to taxes and regulations on business as a result — is strengthening the conservative movement. More gun owners, fewer labor union members, more homeschoolers, more property owners and a dwindling number of FDR-era Democrats all strengthen the conservative movement versus the Democrats.»
    […] But going into November, what actually saved it for the Republicans was the investor vote, which went heavily R. Why? One, they didn’t blame Bush for the collapse of the bubble. They were mad at having lower stock prices and 401(k)s, but they didn’t say Bush did this and that caused this. Secondly, the Democratic solution was to sic the trial lawyers on Enron and finish it off. No no no no no. We want our market caps to go back up, not low. […] The 1930s rhetoric was bash business — only a handful of bankers thought that meant them. Now if you say we’re going to smash the big corporations, 60-plus percent of voters say “That’s my retirement you’re messing with. I don’t appreciate that”. And the Democrats have spent 50 years explaining that Republicans will pollute the earth and kill baby seals to get market caps higher. And in 2002, voters said, “We’re sorry about the seals and everything but we really got to get the stock market up.»

  195. Mevashir says:

    The interview at 36 minutes is with Samuel Goldwyn not Warner. His manner of referring to his wife Frances probably reflects his European mannerisms rather than reflecting poorly on their relationship. These links suggest they had a very strong marriage and a deep love for each other. They were married for 49 years, very long by Hollywood standards. She was a Catholic her whole life:

    Frances Goldwyn

    I apologize to the spirit of Samuel Goldwyn and his wife for unfairly maligning them.

  196. @Truth Vigilante

    Importantly Larry, your article does not address the REASON for why the 1% have managed to siphon off America’s wealth in the present era.
    After all, there have always been schemers and chisellers in every era and there’s no proof that said grifters are any more egregious today than in any previous period.

    What is it that has ENABLED the 1% to siphon off the wealth of America ?

    Of course it is the elephant in the room that you refuse to address.
    It is none other than BIG GOVERNMENT.

    And we all know (((who))) is chiefly responsible for this “Big Government.” For very obvious reaasons, Larry (((Romanoff))) isn’t going to touch that one.

    • Agree: Truth Vigilante
  197. @anonymous

    You forgot to add to your list “Ignoring the tax laws and regulations that native-born Americans are forced to comply with (and that cripple, if not kill their opportunities to be successsful entrepreneurs), but that most immigrants, due to their “non-white” status (and the fact that they’ve been brought to America specifically to replace the white native-born), can ignore with few or no consequences.”

  198. @repsinec

    The “American Dream” is going nowhere – yet. US Americans earn on average \$65,000 a year, making it one of the five richest countries in the World, alongside places like Norway and Switzerland, so when I read of them complaining about their economic woes from the comfort of their mac-mansions my one reaction is to think “Cry me a river!”

    An annual salary of \$65,000 is NOT a lot of money anywhere in the developed world today. Between taxes and the rate of inflation, anyone earning that salary and trying to support a family on it, unless they live in rural area with a low cost of living, is at the very bottom of what was traditionally considered “middle class.” Even a decade ago such an annual salary would have been considered quite decent. Today, with inflation reaching double digits (forget about the U.S. government lie of “9 percent”), it’s pretty much an entry level salary in any field requiring education, credentials, or specialized skills.

  199. @Arthur MacBride

    Albeit we might know decent individual Americans, their country is a murderous criminal disgrace and has been for many years.
    And many keep on falling for bullshit like MAGA…
    America is not what American Dreamers think it is.
    Hopefully articles like this may bring much needed changes.
    One can hope.

    Too many of my fellow Americans cling fiercely to the myth because the implications of losing faith in it are literally too horrible for them to contemplate. When you’ve been so steeped in nationalist propaganda from the day you were born and have come to absorb every foundational myth as part of your ethos, the truth can be lethal. The day in which the 99 percent are presented with incontrovertible proof that the “American Dream” is a lie and always has been, and that there is absolutely NO chance for a life any better than what they have, an orgy of violence will erupt that will make Civil War I (1861 – 65) look like a schoolyard fight by comparison.

  200. @Rodger Dodger

    anyone who spends less than they earn can accumulate money, learn economically valuable skills, start a business, etc.

    Until the IRS decides that you’re earning more than your social status warrants, in which case it will decide that it wants a bigger cut of your earnings, in which case it’s game over. Unless, that is, you’re one of the One Percent who can afford top-tier lawyers to defend your loot against the State’s money-grubbing mits. If you’re a small business owner, you’re pretty much shit out of luck.

  201. @Anon

    Under gold

    Don’t you mean “under Globalism?”

  202. @Showmethereal

    Actually – ethnic minorities in China receive far more subsidy than they do in the US.

    The Uyghurs would beg to differ with you.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  203. Zumbuddi says:

    Many boomers lived a generous life because the parents murdered their own children, in Germany. It was a deal made with the Devil.

    Gibney — pulled himself up by his bootstraps, didn’t he:

    Gibney started investing when his Stanford University roommate Ken Howery co-founded PayPal, the electronic payments company, and offered Gibney the chance to buy “friends and family” shares.[3] After investing in PayPal, Gibney worked as a litigator but was soon hired by Peter Thiel after Thiel sold PayPal to eBay in 2002.

    Gibney worked at Thiel’s hedge fund, Clarium, until 2008, making occasional private investments including in Palantir Technologies in 2005 and later in DeepMind, which was acquired by Google for around \$450 million in 2014. He then moved to Founders Fund, a venture capital fund started by Thiel. Thiel and Founders Fund were the earliest outside investors in Facebook, SpaceX, and Palantir, and made other investments including in AirBnB, Lyft, Spotify, and Stemcentrx, which AbbVie acquired for \$10 billion a few years after Founders Fund’s investment. -wikipedia

    Fascinating that Gibney’s narrative begins in 1946, AFTER “Boomers parents” — the Greatest Generation — were FORCED [WWII fighters were drafted] to kill their European forebears in wars provoked by- and for the benefit of- Jewish zionists as well as the American financial class that Romanoff excoriated.

    iow, Gibney would know well how to spot a sociopath: someone who looks like him. Or Peter Thiel. Or Alex Karp, the deviant, Frankfurt school-loving co-founder of Palantir.

  204. Zumbuddi says:
    @Truth Vigilante

    Just plain ignorant that “Machiavelli” is included — impugned, really — in describing psychopathology.

  205. Zumbuddi says:

    Five years ago David Goldman (“Spengler”) informed an audience at Westminster Institute about the Chinese total surveillance system:

    And a few years before that, in 2014, James Corbett offered evidence that the Chinese, the Russians, and the American (((and other))) financial cohort are working together, not in competition.

    So Goldman’s presentation at Westminster was not so much a warning but a snapshot of Things to Come.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  206. @anon

    Thanks for that. All economists are wrong about something, because all economic (and political) theories are flawed in some way.
    If I had to follow an opinion, it would be Hudson’s, given former Assistant Secretary Paul Craig Roberts, saying that he is the leading economist currently.

    • Replies: @Truth Vigilante
  207. Besides being a lie factory, the (civil) religion in the US, is America itself. It does not matter if one is a Catholic, Christian, or Jew. The religion in the US, is the love of America. A quasi religious zealotry. Moreover, French sociologist deToqueville noted with US-ers is their inability to think independently-this was in early 1800s. They repeated mantras, sayings, as if they were mesmerized/hypnotized.

    US-ers have a “common religion,” stronger than any religious differences, that of the “American Way of Life”—a set of ideas, rites, and symbols that defines the civil society and supplies an “overarching sense of unity. (Herberg, Will) This “common religion” is why any sharp critique or alternative to the dominant propaganda narrative is met with vitriol, or at the least, eye rolls and sneers.

    Also, Robert Bellah stated: The “American civil religion is not the worship of the American nation but an understanding of the American experience in the light of ultimate and universal reality.” He contended that Americans could call upon not only a common creed of ideals but also their civil religion to evaluate their nation’s actions. Anything counter to the civil religion was seen as an attack, like someone dropping the supper tray, or taking a #2 in the living room.

    US-ers simply could not process another way of living.

    Onward and downward.

  208. @Curmudgeon

    If I had to follow an opinion, it would be Hudson’s, given former Assistant Secretary Paul Craig Roberts, saying that he is the leading economist currently.

    Go ahead, stay cocooned in your little bubble of Confirmation Bias.

    In this and other threads on UR, I’ve posted comment after comment from the likes of the adherents to the Austrian Economic School. ie: people like Libertarians Peter Schiff and Dr Ron Paul whereby they predicted financial cataclysms like the 2008 GFC, the subprime mortgage meltdown (not just predicted it but specifically outlined the SEVERITY of what was to come), yet you choose to believe in a Trotskyist like Michael Hudson.

    I had an exchange with one of Michael Hudson’s groupies, a Mofo called Bill, and I asked him to furnish me with all the video and newspaper interviews where Hudson was warning us vociferously in advance that said catastrophe was heading the way of America.

    All I got in return was …. CRICKETS.

    You see, Michael Hudson, then as now, was totally clueless.

    Yes, in recent months, now that inflation has reached a 40 year high, Hudson is coming out and saying we have an inflation problem.
    And, after a torrential downpour, as our car is floating away down the street in a newly created river, he’ll be warning us of ‘showers’ likely – ALWAYS after the event.

    WHERE was Hudson years ago, in giving any warnings – like Peter Schiff was warning a DECADE or more ago ?

    Keynesians like Hudson can be summed up succinctly as always being:


    • Replies: @Curmudgeon
  209. Legba says:

    Well Mr Commie, may I ask if China had a ONE BILLION DOLLAR lotto winner last week?

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  210. Marcali says:
    @Truth Vigilante

    “As I see it China is ‘communist’ in name only”

    For one more reason: as you mention the Party that is the State only controls the companies but does not own them as a true communist party and state would.

    This distinction was first pointed out by the late Freda Utley who experienced life in both communist Russia and national socialist Germany.

    • Thanks: Truth Vigilante
  211. @Truth Vigilante

    LOL. The always misrepresented Keynes predicted cataclysms when currency was debased. Hudson is talking about debasement of currency. WTF is your point? Are you saying currency isn’t being debased? Economists are always wrong about something. If they get to withing 15% margin of error, they are considered “brilliant”.
    You diss Roberts. Do you not think a person in his position in the Treasury would have a better understanding than the “Austrian School” of how things actually, not theoretically work? Clifford Douglas was talking about money taken out of the economy due to interest a century ago. When his model was partially implemented in the Province of Alberta which had a massive debt during the depression, the social credit model kick started the economy and cleared the debt. The non-aligned movement in North Dakota used a non Austrian School model that has served that state well for over a century. People like you are stuck in the “one size fits all mindset”. Economies are affected by many things, including history, geography, and climate. They all have different needs, and globalist models won’t always work.
    Go to a site like and you can find a dozen different assessment on the same topic. Obviously, they all can’t be correct, and Hudson isn’t entirely correct either.

  212. @Legba

    That’s about ten cents for every dollop of human faeces on US city streets. USA! USA! USA!

  213. @Zumbuddi

    Goldman, in my opinion, is a Judaic supremacist fanatic. He hates China and the Chinese because they do not worship Jews, but, scandalously, treat them as fellow human beings.

  214. @mocissepvis

    Are you an ignorant cretin, or a lying racist-or both? The Uighurs like all minorities, receive excellent opportunities in the PRC. They were never covered by the ‘one-child’ policy for a start.

  215. Wade says:

    Instead of 68% of people voting, the regime’s legitimacy evaporates when it’s 10%.

    Really? And just how so? The regime obviously and patently cheated in the 2020 elections. It’s obvious to everyone that has looked closely at the situation. But the suspicions of millions haven’t slowed the regime down one iota. Yes, if only 10% of the US population voted, this would make the regime look even more illegitimate. What then? Do you think they have any residual deeply held convictions about “the consent of the governed?” No, they’d keep rolling on like nothing happened.

    I’ve racked my brains on this and I cannot think of how any other group of people on the planet would successfully handle things differently if they were in our shoes. It’s not stupidity (as much as you’d love to characterize it that way). I know professional accountants, doctors, pharmacists, business owners, you name it, who are utterly oblivious to any and all major issues that would expose the regime for what they truly are. Maybe some of the latest occurrences are for the first time changing that a bit. But only just now.

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  216. @Wade

    You’ll note that I mentioned several things that need correcting, not just the voting process and that’s certainly not an exhaustive list. It’s the accumulation of resistance, of non cooperation that needs to be cultivated to get people to wake up to what’s happening around them. The election cheating has been normalized and expected, so there’s no real shock that requires the sheep’s attention. The terminally stupid keep voting with full knowledge that the system is rigged. They absolutely know it’s their civic duty.

    I have no illusions on having the population suddenly coming around to my anarchist way of thinking. They’ve been inculcated with bullshit their entire lives and are dumbed down enough to not notice the deep shit the country is in. They must feel that something isn’t right, but can’t point at any specifics. Besides, there’s probably a ball game on.

    If I were to bet, the Pareto Principle would apply to all aspects of what’s wrong with the US. 80% are too ignorant and apathetic to want to really understand the plight that’s about to befall them and the 20% know all too well what’s going on and can’t do anything about it given their numbers. The 80% think the 20% are conspiracy theorists, white supremacists, anarchists, etc and don’t want to hear anything from those kooks. They know that’s true because the MSM told them so.

    It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe that there would be a revolution before morning.
    Henry Ford

    It all starts with the phony money. The vast majority have no idea how currency is conjured into existence, for example. They have no clue what drives price inflation. They are told it’s those greedy corporations and small business people and they believe it. Putin is surely responsible for the current price increases. Some of the posters on this site are representative of the 80% I mentioned, dumb as a stump.

    People are stupid enough to demand that corporations pay their fair share of taxes, not realizing that they end up paying those taxes as a price component of the product or service they purchase. All it does is provide the gov’t with a way of hiding part of the tax the people actually pay and the dolts demand they continue being hoodwinked.

    On and on it goes. The Dollar crash will be the 2×4 to the mule’s head, but till then, …

    You can’t fix stupid.
    Ron White

    • Replies: @H. L. M
  217. @WorkingClass

    >>>Or maybe the dream just went to China along with American Industry.

    It’s too bad that the decision-makers, large and small, who chose to export the USA’s manufacturing base do not have names and addresses.

  218. H. L. M says:

    Many people that post here are truly dumb as bricks. One example would be Ron himself who actually believes that Mike Pompeo is responsible for a US bioweapon attack on China (covid 19), and that covid “vaccines ” promote public health.

    Propaganda works!!

  219. Alrenous says: • Website

    real ™ communism has

    been tried numerous times. The most recent strain started with the Owenite communes in the 1830s. The more complete the Communism, the closer to omnicide it is. Exemplar was that incident in Szechuan province which resulted in it losing more than 90% of its population. They probably didn’t all starve to death, but if they had stuck around they would have. See also: Rome’s final days. Same factor-of-ten thing.

    real ™ capitalism has

    been tried numerous times, it lifts astounding numbers of folk out of poverty. Turns out theft is bad, even if it’s performed “with colour of law.” A real shocker, I know.

    real ™ fascism worked so good

    it’s what you have right now. America is a Fascist country. There were no good guys in WWII.
    Which itself is a bit of duh moment. Who starts a world war? Turns out world conquest is bad actually. Husbands and wives deserve each other, and world wars start when there are two world-conquest religions around.

  220. @anonymous

    Yes, success with billions in SBA loans unavailable to white entrepreneurs and small business owners and a technical and business education unavailable to whites who pay for it anyway.

  221. @TimMcGraw

    Russia survived because it’s dominated by a single ethnic group. America will not survive in its current demographic form. This is an inevitable, undeniable fact as hard as an ice pick in the eye, no matter how pathetic the denial.

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