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Democracy, the Most Dangerous Religion: Part 3 – Choosing Government Leaders
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One of the greatest things about the United States of America is that it is truly a land of unlimited political opportunity, a country where a man with no education, training or experience, a man bereft of both intelligence and ability, a man with a character eminently corruptible, can rise to become the President of the United States. And many do. And not only in America.

One of the most blindingly-obvious flaws in the Western democratic model is that elected government officials require no credentials of any kind whatsoever to qualify for their positions. For this essay, I had a conversation with an HR executive at 7-11, who informed me that when filling a position as a store manager, they look for years of successful retail marketing experience and very much prefer an undergraduate university degree in all applicants. But to become the President or Prime Minister of a Western democracy, there are no prerequisites. Surely, I am not the only person who sees this as lunacy. It is a serious indictment of the democratic system that even the manager of a 7-11 must have minimum credentials of some nature, but the President of the US or the Prime Minister of Canada or any other Western democracy need have none.

In a multi-party electoral system (a “democracy”) anyone can ‘try his hand’ at running the country. If he fails, the economy may suffer, millions may lose their jobs or their homes (or their lives), but he loses nothing. In no other part of life is it possible to have so much power and take on so much responsibility, with so few consequences for incompetence or bad judgment. Surely there is something very wrong here that Westerners appear unable and unwilling to face. How is it possible for us as intelligent people, to tell ourselves this is the best of all systems? On this basis alone it cannot possibly be the best of anything; all indications are that it could well be the worst.

There is something disturbingly perverse here, an attitude suggesting that schools, hospitals, corporations, even charities, are somehow ‘real’ things with real purposes and with potentially serious consequences if mismanaged, but that government in some perverted way is not real, but a game where participation has no requirements and gross mismanagement has no consequences. Government – the strategic managing of an entire country – is treated like some kind of team sport where inexperience and incompetence are not determining factors in obtaining a position. Doesn’t it seem to you that something is wrong with this picture? Something is indeed perversely wrong; “government” has been replaced by “politics”.

Let’s try to make something clear: managing a country, deciding and implementing a strategic direction for a nation of tens or hundreds of millions of people, is a big job with grave responsibilities. Being the leader of such a management team is more than nothing. The Prime Minister or President of a country is responsible for the well-being of all citizens, for the economy, for the country’s foreign affairs policies and its relations with all other countries, for the military and related decisions. This person’s decisions can cost millions of lives, can improve or degrade world peace and security. The responsibilities are formidable and I’m sure we will all agree this is not a place for a child, for the ignorant, inexperienced and untrained.

To fully appreciate this fatal deficiency in the Western model of selecting government leaders, it will be easiest if we compare it to another kind of model. In spite of the anticipated avalanche of accusations of my being a shill for the Chinese government, let’s look at the way China does it. We will return to the Western model at the end.


Selecting China’s Government Leaders

A Bit of Background

Many Westerners have at least a dim awareness of China’s Gaokao, the system of annual university entrance examinations, taken by about 10 million students each year. This set of examinations is quite stiff and perhaps even harsh, covering many subjects and occupying three days. The tests require broad understanding, deep knowledge and high intelligence, if one is to do well. These examinations are entirely merit-based and favoritism is impossible. Students who produce the highest grades in these examinations are in the top 1% of a pool of 1.5 billion people. Obtaining a high mark qualifies a student to enter one of the top two or three universities, which will virtually guarantee a great job on graduation, a high salary and a good life. Moving down the scale of results, the prospects become increasingly meager.

Few Westerners are aware that China also has a system of bar examinations which every graduate lawyer must pass in order to practice law in China. For these, we can bypass “stiff” and “harsh” and go directly to “severe”. These examinations require not only high intelligence but deep knowledge of the laws and a broad understanding of all matters legal, and are so difficult that many refuse to even attempt them. Of about 250,000 graduate lawyers who sit the exam, only about 20,000 will pass and obtain qualifications to actually practice law in China. If you meet a Chinese lawyer, you can be assured you are dealing with someone from top 0.1% of that same pool of 1.5 billion people.

I mention these two items only to introduce a third – the Civil Service Examinations.

The Imperial civil service examinations were designed many centuries ago to select the best administrative officials for the state’s bureaucracy. They lasted as long as 72 hours, and required a great depth and breadth of knowledge to pass. As one author noted, “It was an eminently fair system in that the exam itself had no qualifications.” Almost anyone, even from the least educated family in the poorest town, could sit the exam and, if that person did well enough, he or she could join the civil service and potentially rise to a senior management position. The modern civil service examination system evolved from the imperial one, and today millions of graduates write these each year. They are extremely difficult. Of perhaps two million candidates only about 10,000 will get a pass. And that pass doesn’t get you a job; all it gets you is an interview. When you meet someone who has entered the civil service in China’s Central Government, you can rest assured you are speaking to a person who is not only unnervingly intelligent but exceptionally well-educated and knowledgeable on a broad range of national issues, and also is in the top 0.01% of a pool of 1.5 billion people.

And the examination is only the beginning of 30 to 40 years of an accumulation of the knowledge and experience necessary to become a member of China’s Central Government. The top 1% of this tiny group will then form the Politburo, with one of these few becoming China’s President. These people who have passed the civil service examinations and will become the senior officials and civil servants in China’s national government, have entered a lifelong career in a formidable meritocracy where promotion and responsibility can be obtained only by demonstrated ability.

We should here consider that the Chinese generally score about 10% higher on standard IQ tests than do Caucasian Westerners. When we couple this with the Chinese process of weeding out the bottom 99.99% from consideration, and add further the prospect of doing the weeding from a pool of 1.5 billion people, you might expect the individuals in China’s Central Government to be rather better qualified than those of most other countries. And they are. The point of this is to bring your attention to the disparity between the quality of “politicians” in Western countries and China’s government officials. The discrepancy is so vast that comparisons are largely meaningless. China’s government officials are all highly-educated and trained engineers, economists, sociologists, scientists, often at a Ph.D. level. A visit to any top university campus in China would make it obvious to anyone that the Communist Party continues to attract the best and the brightest of the country’s youth.

There are some who will tell you that family connections in China can produce a government job for some favored son, a claim that may be true for minor positions at a local level, though extremely difficult beyond that and impossible at the national level. No number of connections will move anyone into senior positions or to the top of decision-making power, those places reserved for persons of deep experience and proven ability. Also noteworthy is that family wealth and influence plays no part in these appointments. Of China’s highest ruling body, the 25-member Politburo, only seven came from any background of wealth or power. The remainder, including China’s President and Prime Minister, came from backgrounds that offered no special advantages and rose to the top based on merit alone. In the larger Central Committee, those with privileged backgrounds are even scarcer. References in the Western media to China’s “Princelings” are merely an offensive and ignorant racial slur.

There is another distinction here of immense importance that is never discussed in the West. In our Western democracies we have “politicians” and we have “civil servants”, who are two entirely different species, the civil servants being those whose jobs require serious credentials because we cannot have elected nincompoops running our National Revenue Service or transportation networks. These people function in spite of the politicians. But because China has only one “party”, the country has nothing that we could refer to as “politicians”; in fact and reality, all Chinese government officials are what we could term “civil servants”. They are all simply managers at various levels. In the West, and using Canada as an example, it is legend that senior civil servants in the Finance or Foreign Affairs Departments generally despise the elected politicians who typically know little if anything about the actual operation of their departments and must refer to the civil servants for knowledge. In China, it is the opposite, where the Minister of Foreign Affairs or Finance is the ultimate reservoir of knowledge. This is essentially the same as we would find in any corporation, where the V-P of Finance is the final authority rather than being an “elected” executive given the Finance Department as a place to “earn while you learn”, which is what we find in an electoral democracy.

The World’s Number One University

It is not widely known in China, and not at all in the West, that hidden in Beijing is an institution that is almost certainly the top university in the world, one unlike any other, and whose qualities in conception and execution put all Western universities to shame. This University, sometimes called “the most mysterious school in China”, is the Central Party University, with a slate of both students and faculty that are an order of magnitude above colleges like Harvard, Cambridge or the Sorbonne. To say that entrance qualifications are extreme, would be an understatement of some magnitude. This is not a place like Harvard where a $5 million donation to an endowment fund will obtain admission for your dim-witted offspring who will be taught primarily by part-time so-called adjunct “professors”.

Originally founded in 1933, the University’s purpose is to educate and mature those individuals having passed the civil service examinations and to prepare them both in their career development and in the responsibilities of governing the world’s most populous nation. It is the training ground for future leaders of the country, and whose headmaster is usually the President of China. To date, this university has trained perhaps 100,000 government leaders and high officials. The school is not normally open to the general public, but in the past few decades this university has offered some very high-level postgraduate and doctoral programs for about 500 non-official students, focusing on philosophy, economics, law, politics and history.

“The 100-hectare leafy campus is extremely quiet and here, unlike all other universities in China, we see no bicycles but instead the roads outside school buildings are lined with black Audis. The gates are under armed guard 24 hours a day, seven days a week, the security necessary for those who study there – provincial governors and ministers, young and middle-aged officials, their guest speakers and sometimes the country’s top leaders.”

Not only are the admitted students the best and brightest of the top 0.01% who passed the Civil Service examinations, but the professors at this Central Party University are unique in the world, a far cry from the adjunct lecturers at most American universities. The professors here are exclusively the most competent in the nation. Guest lecturers include high-level Chinese officials and, in important topics of debate, the school has no hesitation in bringing in the world’s most renowned experts from any country on everything from economics and international finance to social policy, foreign policy, industrial policy and even military matters. Further, the frequent guest lecturers are often national leaders of other countries and other high-level foreign dignitaries, this to give Chinese officials not only a firm grounding in the knowledge and skills necessary to govern China, but also a wider horizon and better understanding of different cultures, values and political systems.

The cornerstone of the school’s educational policy is that everything is on the table. There are no forbidden topics, and even reactionary, revolutionary or just plain whacky positions are discussed, analysed and debated to resolution. If, for example, the topic is national health care, all manner of planning, problems, solutions, alternatives, will be discussed, examined, debated, explained, with any number of prominent experts available as reference material. When these sessions are completed, all students will have an MBA-level or better appreciation of the entire subject. And this is only one subject of many they will encounter.

When you consider that these officials entered the government with an already high level of education, and with an already demonstrated broad level of understanding and exceptional intelligence, these additional layers of training and education cannot help but produce an impressive level of overall knowledge and ability throughout the government. Nothing like this system exists in the West.

The general process is that at various intervals the most promising young and middle-aged officials attend this university for up to a year at a time, to expand their knowledge and understanding of all issues relating to China and government, usually followed by a promotion. Stints at the Central Party University will alternate with rotating assignments in all manner of government Departments at the local, provincial and national levels, as well as with assignments in various state-owned commercial enterprises, both domestic and foreign. In most cases, these work and experience assignments are alternated with classroom time at this university, the students assimilating what they have learned in their prior assignment and receiving preparation for their next posting.

An individual might potentially rotate through a small local government, a corporate finance department, work as a local health care executive, a provincial education head, become the mayor of a small city, the head of another corporate department, the mayor of a larger city, the governor of a province, a senior executive or CEO of a major state corporation, and so on, perhaps each time returning to the university for additional education and training. These people are not learning how to be better “politicians”; they are learning how to “manage” all aspects of a country.


At each stage, with each government or corporate posting, the incumbents are evaluated on a vast array of criteria. Those who continue to shine will continue to progress to postings of increased vision and responsibility. Those who appear to have reached their limit will be sidelined. They won’t be removed or fired, but will be given postings commensurate with their abilities, above which level they cannot rise. From all this, China has the only government system in the world that ensures competence at the top.

In China’s system, leaders and officials are evaluated by their superiors, not by the unqualified and uninformed ‘man in the street’. Consider the mayor of a city in a Western country. After one term in office, who evaluates this person? The general public, who have neither the training nor experience to perform such evaluations. The “public” do not understand the job or its requirements, and haven’t the facts on which to base an intelligent evaluation, resulting in what becomes essentially a popularity contest, superficialities being the deciding factors. If I were to put the question to you: what does the mayor of a city do, few could provide a coherent response. To say that “he runs the city”, is not an answer. The truth is that, except in vaguely general terms, we have little knowledge or information about a mayor’s job functions and responsibilities; no detail. If the city seems to be doing well, we cannot know if this is due to the mayor’s skill or to circumstances beyond his control. The inconvenient truth is that the local citizens, the voters, have no way to know if a mayor is good or bad, incompetent or corrupt, because they lack the tools and knowledge to perform a sensible evaluation.

In China’s system, (as part of the above ‘educational process’), a city mayor is evaluated by his seniors, men who were mayors of small and large cities before he was born, men who thoroughly understand every aspect of his job and who cannot be duped. It is the same as in a corporation, where for example we evaluate the job performance of a regional sales manager. Who performs this evaluation? The salesmen? The workers on the factory floor? No. They haven’t the knowledge or ability. The man is evaluated by his superiors who know his job intimately and who are able to accurately assess his performance and his potential for promotion.

Provincial government leaders are in the same situation, where their performance is evaluated by their seniors, by men who have immense experience in governing provinces, who again understand the job intimately and cannot be duped. But there is much more here that never reaches Western minds. A man (or woman) who has passed the entrance exams and is now on this lifetime meritocratic process, may be appointed governor of a province, but this is not a reward of prestige for prior good behavior. Instead, it is a test. Typically, this new person will approach his appointment with one question: “How can I double the GDP of this province and thus raise the living standards of all the residents”? And double the GDP, they do.

I will give you here a real-life example that is actually quite common. A new governor sought out the most impoverished location in the province and assigned a huge study team to seek out opportunities for progress. His team discovered that the local climate and soil conditions were excellent for the growing of certain Chinese herbs, and they immediately went to work sourcing plant material, building infrastructure, and conducting the necessary educational programs for the farmers, as well as establishing supply chains and marketing practices. Within five years, all residents of the area owned their own new homes and more than half were driving BMWs. Such economic factors are important, but are only one of many measures applied, and it is on factors such as this, that candidates are evaluated. After his successful experience here, the man would likely return to the party university for further education that would lead to another appointment. After 30 to 40 years of this, and with continuing ability being demonstrated, the man might qualify for membership in China’s National Congress.

A Comparison

Contrast this with the Western system where politicians most often have no useful education and no relevant training or experience.

One of Canada’s recent Prime Ministers, Stephen Harper, had only a minor undergraduate degree and his only job was working in a corporate mail room when he joined the rump of a ruined political party, became the party leader and, by a genuinely cruel fate, eventually became the Prime Minister, irreparably damaging Canada in his ignorance. His successor, Justin Trudeau, was a fired school teacher (do a search; see what you find) whose long-term room-mate was sentenced to ten years in prison for running an enormous child-pornography ring. In Canada’s province of Alberta, a recent Premier was a high-school dropout, a former television news reporter, renowned more for being an obnoxious habitual drunk than for intelligence or governing ability, and who totally destroyed what was arguably the best health care system in Canada. US President George Bush was renowned for boasting that he never read any books, being nearly as painfully unintelligent as Ronald Reagan whose only credential was having been a C-class movie actor.

None of these men had a CV sufficient to qualify as a manager of a 7-11 and none demonstrated signs of either intelligence or governing ability, yet a ludicrous and absurd political system permitted them to become the CEO of nations and provinces.

An examination of the backgrounds and credentials of politicians in any Western nation will reveal mostly a collection of politically-ambitious misfits strikingly lacking in redeeming qualities, and often corrupt to the core. It was widely reported that within two years after the 2008 housing crisis, when a full 50% of the middle class had lost half their assets, the members of the US Congress had dramatically increased their wealth.

It is not a surprise that Western politicians are ranked lower than used-car salesmen and snakes in terms of both morality and trustworthiness. In one recent US public poll, the politicians of both houses of the entire US Congress were rated as less popular than cockroaches and lice. It is accepted as a truism that all Western politicians will, after being elected, freely abandon the commitments made to the people immediately prior to being elected, political duplicity and cunning accepted as normal in all Western societies. This is so true that one US commentator recently remarked that “Of course, all politicians need to lie, but the Clintons do it with such ease that it’s troubling”. Such a thing is unheard of in China. Outright lying to the people would be fatal but, in the West, dishonesty in government leaders is accepted without a murmur.

In any discussion about government systems, Americans inevitably stake the claim, as a measure of the superiority of their democratic system, that “We have the right to vote out our incompetent politicians”. They cannot imagine how bizarre and foolish such a claim sounds to an intelligent person from another country. If you want to boast about the superiority of your political system, then tell me it is impossible for your country to elect an idiot in the first place. Don’t tell me that you have the right to kick him out afterwards. That’s an open admission of failure.

There is another factor to consider, that of education and training. For Western politicians who exercise the decision power to shape a country, there is in fact no governing education or training available. It is all a kind of “earn while you learn” system, whereas in China entry is impossible without extreme credentials and, once in the system, the education and training are never-ending.

The system is generally well understood within China, and it meshes well with Chinese culture and tradition as well as conforming to the Chinese psyche in their Confucian overview and their desire for social order and (yes) harmony. The Western world understands this dimly, if at all, and inevitably forms incorrect and often absurd conclusions about China and its government. Few Westerners have bothered to learn even the simple basics about the form of China’s government, preferring instead to parrot foolish nonsense about China being a dictatorship or, as one writer recently stated, “a deeply tyrannical regime”. It is of course no such thing; the level of Western ideological blindness and willful ignorance being simply appalling.


If you are an American, consider for a moment how it would be if your country could identify and assemble the 500 most intelligent, wisest, the least corruptible, the most educated and experienced people in the nation, then fill Congress with this group, selecting the best few to be the leaders – the President and Cabinet members. Consider also this group not divided by ideologies but all part of the same team, working together to implement what was best for America and Americans. How would your country be different in five years?

Now, consider something else. Numerous government officials, experts in foreign affairs, think-tank participants, and many academics, have been unanimous in stating in one manner or another:

“Whenever something important occurs in either domestic policies or in international affairs, there are no accidents. When something significant happens, you can bet it was planned that way.”

Multi-party electoral systems (democracies) have been with us for several hundred years, but it seems that during all that time, it has never occurred to anyone (except, apparently, the Chinese) that scraping the unwashed and inferior off the streets, was not the ideal method for good government. During those centuries, we have had scores of failed governments, enormous blunders of every description, collapsed economies, repeated recessions and depressions, interminable wars, and more, all caused by “government by the people” run by thousands of incompetent politicians. And yet through all those years and countless hundreds of elections, it seems to not have occurred to anyone that serious credentials of education and ability might be an improvement.

Now, it is obvious to me that to select the best and brightest from the entire nation and to give them extensive education and training, would produce a higher caliber of government official, and it must be just as obvious to you. Are we to believe that during all those centuries, you and I are the only two people to have realised this?

When the European Jewish bankers – the Khazar mafia operating out of the City of London, instigated the series of European revolutions that replaced the monarchs, one of their prime motivations was to construct a form of national government that would make impossible further expulsions of Jews from those countries. To accomplish this, it was necessary to replace the monarchs with a form of government that could be totally controlled from behind the scenes, and our multi-party power-struggle system was the result. It also occurred to them from the start that a politically-ambitious but impecunious, unintelligent, uninformed, and largely incapable man off the street would be much easier to buy, to control and to corrupt, than would have been the best and brightest in the land.

Consider lastly that this blindingly-obvious and fatal defect has never been mentioned in the (Jewish-owned) media, never discussed in our (Jewish-published) history or political science texts, or anywhere else, at least not to my knowledge. Instead, “democracy” has been elevated to a religion so holy that the mere questioning of it constitutes a treasonous blasphemy, and has been incessantly promoted daily from birth as a universal value reflecting the yearnings of all mankind. Do you wonder why?

Mr. Romanoff’s writing has been translated into 32 languages and his articles posted on more than 150 foreign-language news and politics websites in more than 30 countries, as well as more than 100 English language platforms. Larry Romanoff is a retired management consultant and businessman. He has held senior executive positions in international consulting firms, and owned an international import-export business. He has been a visiting professor at Shanghai’s Fudan University, presenting case studies in international affairs to senior EMBA classes. Mr. Romanoff lives in Shanghai and is currently writing a series of ten books generally related to China and the West. He is one of the contributing authors to Cynthia McKinney’s new anthology ‘When China Sneezes’. (Chapt. 2 — Dealing with Demons).

His full archive can be seen at: and

He can be contacted at:

[email protected]

The China/America Series
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  1. One of Hitler’s main contentions against multiparty democracies is that you cannot tell who is responsible for legislative decisions, especially bad ones, and thus the voters have no idea how to make their representatives accountable. Hitler compared in Mein Kampf the state of the parliamentary legislative system in Vienna where representatives were allowed speeches in different languages which other colleagues did not understand to imperial Germany’s system of governance where the ruler, being far less entangled with legislative restraints, had far more executive power than in the Austria-Hungary Empire and thus the German ruler could not escape responsibility for his failures.

    The late ex German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt complained at an interview with a Harvard magazine (The Harvard Review ?), back in the eighties, about the American system that allows total novices to rise to the top of governmental authority without having to go into the gradual climbing of the political ladder, and gave examples about most of the presidents and prime ministers of Europe having spent decades into politics at local or national levels before being able to claim the highest spot in governance. But he was pessimist about the prospects of Europe for he cautioned that Europe ends up walking in the footsteps of American with a delay of five to ten years, be it in politics or in AIDS. Just looking at the recent leaders of Europe, like Macron, Merkel, Dragi and many others who were parachuted from nowhere to become the highest authority, proves Helmut Schmidt was a prescient observer.

    Mr. Romanoff’s epilogue is quite correct at pointing the finger at the main beneficiary of this rotten, crooked and nonsensical “ democratic” system and that explains why the benevolent “dictators” like Syria’s Assad, Lybia’s Gaddafi and not to forget Adolf Hitler Had To Go.

  2. Dutch Boy says:

    China’s advantage over the USA has little to do with the presence or lack of democracy or any system of picking political leadership. Their advantage is simple: Chinese leaders are Chinese and have no natural antipathy towards those they rule. That was the situation in America until the 1960s and previous to that, we managed to muddle through despite the shortcomings of liberal democracy [sic]. The 1960s saw the coming to power of a Jewish-dominated elite and the consequent abrupt decline of the country which has continued since then. The Chinese elite are tyrannical but they have no interest in weakening China or corrupting the morals of the Chinese people. Such is not the case with our overlords. Not only are they increasingly tyrannical, they have gone out of their way to weaken and corrupt the country and are now leading us into an economic abyss and a possible nuclear war, with the promotion of trans ideology and drag queen story hours thrown in to boot.

    • Agree: SafeNow, follyofwar, Ace, Durruti
    • Thanks: mark green
  3. TG says:

    An intelligent post but missing the main point.

    What is the single most important qualification for a democratically elected leader? There is really only one: that this person actually cares about his/her constituency. Without that, all the training and certification and degrees etc. are worse than useless.

    Joe Biden is clinically senile – but so what? As he has for half a century, he simply does what his wealthy patrons tell him to do. You don’t need many qualifications to just sit at a desk and sign what you are told to sign. On the other hand, Barack Obama was intelligent and erudite – and totally corrupt, and exactly like Joe Biden, simply did what he was paid to do.

    Donald Trump was in many ways a buffoon, and a lost opportunity, but: he didn’t declare war on the working class, he didn’t open the border to full-on third world invasion. I would prefer someone who is both on my side and intelligent – Dwight Eisenhower comes to mind. But if I have to choose, I will pick the unqualified person who is on my side to a supremely qualified enemy.

    “At the beginning a man was wealthy because he was powerful — now he is powerful because he has money. Intellect reaches the throne only when money puts it there. Democracy is the completed equating of money with political power.”
    ― Oswald Spengler, Decline of the West, Vols 1-2

    • Replies: @James J. O'Meara
  4. China’s government officials are all highly-educated and trained engineers, economists, sociologists, scientists, often at a Ph.D. level. A visit to any top university campus in China would make it obvious to anyone that the Communist Party continues to attract the best and the brightest of the country’s youth.

    Balderdash! The West became the Best because we followed the wise counsel of iSteve (PhD, American Samoa), and funneled all of our best brains into Physics. Only someone with a low IQ would be involved in pseudo-sciences like economics or sociology, and certainly nothing to do with statecraft. While high IQ Chinese are wasting their time governing the largest nation on Earth, ours have fulfilling jobs washing test tubes in Omaha, while governing is accomplished by Delta Minus morons, as is only appropriate.

    The results speak for themselves!

    • LOL: CSFurious
  5. Anonymous[462] • Disclaimer says:

    The two systems aren’t comparable. The CPC exists to implement the UN Charter, interpreted in a somewhat idiosyncratic way. Development is interpreted to stress economic and cultural rights over civil and political rights. Peace is interpreted as non-interference and non-confrontation rather than fulfillment of all rights. It’s not for everybody.

    By contrast the US command structure, CIA, is a criminal enterprise with a dozen get-out-of-jail-free cards in law, judicial precedent, regulation, and sub rosa administrative arrangements. Impunity ensures intensifying criminality. CIA exists to negate all law and all rights with arbitrary life-and-death power. So the CIA regime needs some specialized organizational adaptations.

    One is CIA rigging and stealing elections. It’s not Dem, it’s not GOP. CIA robbed Gore, Kerry, and Trump to install controllable puppet rulers in the head-of-state slot.

    Another feature is bribery and kompromat. Foreign CIA cutouts bribe the shit out of the subordinate branches. KCIA used to do it (remember Tongsun Park?) Now Mossad does it through their AIPAC fake NGO. Sexual blackmail is used as both carrot and stick. Epstein was intimately involved in a number of critical CIA functions, not just prostitots: gun-running, money laundering, banned biological weapons development. He bragged of being CIA. So did that other Jew pimp, Adelson, who blackmails CPC officials in Macau and laundered money for CIA’s botched assassination of Assange. You can’t say it’s just Rothschild or Mossad, it’s an eyes-only liaison agreement or Safari Club, in government argot, or an Organized Criminal Group in the UNTOC term of art.

    So the CIA command structure carefully vets and selects its leaders for precision control. Merit is a risk in a system like that. So once you find a suitably servile apple-polisher like Hillary, you buy her with a one-in-a-billion run of crooked commodity trades, implicate her further with theft of documents for your Watergate ratfuck, and with macro-scale drug dealing at Mena. If you fail to install her, you ratfuck and purge her successful opponent.

    Russia is intermediate, with a well-developed meritocracy and a functioning civil society. It’s drifting off the sweet spot due to wartime rights derogations, but its international standing is preeminent and incommensurable with China and Russia. In terms of the overarching purpose of the UN Charter, better standards of life in larger freedom, Russia might be the leading country of the world.

  6. @TG

    I would prefer someone who is both on my side and intelligent – Dwight Eisenhower comes to mind. But if I have to choose, I will pick the unqualified person who is on my side to a supremely qualified enemy.

    Interesting that the media constantly portrayed Ike — Supreme Allied Commander that he was — as a moron. Even the “conservatives” chimed in: “Ike’s not a communist, he’s a golfer.” — Some guy in National Review.

    I always say that I’d rather have a dumbass try to land the plane I’m on, rather than a super-intelligent lunatic.

    Whenever someone brings out the “college educated voters prefer” canard:

    Will Graham: I know that I’m not smarter than you.

    Doctor Hannibal Lecktor: Then how did you catch me?

    Will Graham: You had disadvantages.

    Doctor Hannibal Lecktor: What disadvantages?

    Will Graham: You’re insane.

    • Thanks: TKK
  7. anonymous[270] • Disclaimer says:

    (((Demoncracy))) is the most jewish form of government ever existed. Enough said.

    • Agree: Vitez Rafael
    • Replies: @TKK
  8. Anonymous[427] • Disclaimer says:

    James J. O’Meara, the Mockingbird media’s animus against Ike might have to do with the fact that he and SecState Christian Herter planned not just disarmament but demilitarization. Prouty describes a series of CIA ratfucks to derail it, culminating in Gary Powers’ U2 crash, which CIA did just to disgrace Ike and piss the Russians off.

  9. SafeNow says:

    Joan Didion used to say that Americans embrace “the con style.” The Gunfight at the OK Corral, all 31 seconds of it, became a major legend whose fascination launched numerous remakes. And then there’s the Jewish influence…”Dissension and contentiousness put a spring in their heel,” said Philip Roth. If there were such a thing as a Conservative sociologist, his assessment would basically conclude that Americans tend to have a burr up their a$$. (Sorry, I’m usually more literate, but the metaphor seems to fit.)

    • Replies: @inspector general
  10. KenR says:

    I don’t know if democracy could ever work well. But I do know that if it could, it would require a great deal of trust in the processes of the people. It would take the phenomenon of “crowdsourcing” as it were, fundamentally a Bayesian process in which every individual is really a computation node. Trust must exist in the aggregate, stochastic verdict of all these disparate nodes acting on their beliefs and their various pools of knowledge.

    This model *requires* free and open exchange of ideas and information. It does not work otherwise, under the grand engineering dictum of “garbage in = garbage out”. Vibrant and free speech and press are absolute requirements. Any people fed a diet of only misinformation and crafted narratives can only arrive at good collective decisions by luck.

    Free speech and free press streams cannot be policed against misinformation, either. That would require every policing entity to have perfect knowledge. It’s an impossibility. Again you must have that great trust in the processes of the people. You have to let all the ideas and all the theories and explanations find their audience, and trust that on the whole “the cream will rise”, so to speak, in the stochastic machinations of the people’s processing.

    We in the West lack all of these things perhaps more gravely than ever before. That necessary trust in the processes of the people absolutely does not exist in any recognizable form. Particularly after Trump, the unspoken vows from our elites result in a doubling down to police for allowed narratives and permissible speech — even permissible candidates, much less policies.

    This doesn’t work. It *cannot* work. Even supposing democracy *could* work, what we have *cannot* work.

  11. I see these “democracy” (ha ha) presidents and prime ministers as primarily extroverts who debate, make speeches, yap, yap, nothing else. Introverts never in that role.

    I’m thinking how much better the English system with Queen Elizabeth the First in charge was relative to the modern English system that till moments ago had Queen Elizabeth the Second as mere decoration. First, in charge. Second, decoration.

    If there was any chance that their new king could put together a Privy Council with him in charge and abolish the houses of Parliament, fire all those speechmakers… well… the English would be happier.

    I think.

    • Replies: @Anymike
  12. There is no one size fits all system of governance. What is workable in China might not necessarily be good for America and definitely is not good for Switzerland. The elastic concept of democracy requires two essential elements: extreme decentralisation and direct voting by the people on important issues like taxes an war. A decentralised system in a large and populous country like China could lead to the disintegration of the country, something China’s leaders are not wont to accept. Yet a true democratic system which gives direct access for the citizen to establish contact with the governor has its merits but is highly unlikely to succeed in China which is keen on directing the energy and will of the whole nation towards a common goal, be it a socialist utopia or maximum economic growth. Sufficient to say that an efficient centralised system of governance in China might for the time being be more rewarding to the average Chinese by raising his standard of living than a inefficient democracy like India where the cast system makes the wealth flow to a tiny minority of the population.

    For America, a truer democracy starts with the reduction of the federal government to a shadow of its current self with responsibilities limited to defense on a much lower budget and foreign policies along with managing U.S. diplomatic missions and organising interstate legalities. This means no federal interference in education, no social engineering, no Great Society welfare state, and no constant snooping on law abiding citizens through the myriad state spying agencies.

    But most important of all, democracy has to have a truly free press that is free from corporatism by promulgating laws that prohibit big media from encroaching on local media at the county or city level.

    • Agree: mark green
    • Thanks: EdwardM
    • Replies: @showmethereal
  13. JR Foley says:

    H L Mencken –“Democracy is the worship of jackals by jackasses.” Plato slated democracy one step above the nadir of political systems –anarchy.

  14. Interesting, but I doubt that this is the solution.
    Such a system also breeds overconfidence and hubris and as such totalitarianism, as we can see.
    France has a similar system with regard to the civil service, and again, its arrogance doesn’t yield good results for France, only for its members.
    But obviously, our kakistocracies are even worse.
    The worst at the moment is Germany and there its top personnel of the Green party.
    The two party leaders dropped out of college, the economics minister wrote children’s books and the foreign minister attended a lecture at LSE once.

    • Replies: @E_Perez
  15. @Anonymous

    Please review and edit the first two sentences of your last paragraph–as presented, it makes no sense.

  16. @SafeNow

    Didn’t Robert Nisbet qualify as a “conservative sociologist”? Some would also mention Pitirim Sorokin as a candidate. And what about Max Weber?

  17. Anonymous[146] • Disclaimer says:

    You’re right, IG, incommensurable with China and the USA is more like it.

    There’s a silver lining to stupid mistakes, though. They make it harder for CIA to ID anons for inclusion in Main Core. One guy at Schneier’s honeypot puts all sorts of ridiculous typos into his stuff to thwart CIA’s statistical text analysis models.

  18. onebornfree says: • Website

    LR: “Democracy, the Most Dangerous Religion”

    Well f*** me, yet more commie adoring B.S. from the starry – eyed, government-worshiping Mr Romanoff!

    Mon diuex! What a surprise! 🙂

    Again, Democracy is _not_ “the most dangerous religion”.

    Democracy is merely another convenient label for a particular brand /variation/subset of the most dangerous religion, which is , ta dah!: GOVERNMENT ITSELF [ in any form], fer chrissakes!

    “You are not Christians. You are not Jews. You are not Muslims. And you certainly aren’t atheists. You all have the same god, and its name is ‘government.’ You’re all members of the most evil, insane, destructive cult in history. If there ever was a devil, the state is it. And you worship it with all your heart and soul.”[emphasis added]
    ― Larken Rose, The Iron Web

    “The truth is that any form of authoritarian control—any type of “government,” whether constitutional, democratic, socialist, fascist, or anything else—will result in a set of masters forcibly oppressing a group of slaves. That is what “authority” is—all it ever has been, and all it ever could be, no matter how many layers of euphemisms and pleasant rhetoric are used in an attempt to hide it.”
    ― Larken Rose, The Most Dangerous Superstition

    “So what is government? Very simply, it is an agency of coercion. Of course, there are other agencies of coercion – such as the Mafia. So to be more precise, government is the agency of coercion that has flags in front of its offices.” Harry Browne

    “I’m not scared of the Maos and the Stalins and the Hitlers.
    I’m scared of the thousands of millions of people that hallucinate them to be “authority”, and so do their bidding, and pay for their empires, and carry out their orders.I don’t care if there’s one looney with a stupid moustache. He’s not a threat if the people do not believe in “authority”.”
    ― Larken Rose

    “Regards” onebornfreeatyahoo

    • Agree: gay troll
    • Disagree: Ann Nonny Mouse
    • Troll: mulga mumblebrain
  19. repsinec says:

    Russia certainly does *not* have the World’s best living standards: it’s suicide rate is sky-high, as are it’s alcohol and drug abuse rates, and men are lucky if they live to 70. The average wage is $3.50 an hour (adjusted for purchasing power) and the only real industries are natural resources and armaments. I support it’s war against the West as much as the next man, but let’s not glorify the place either.

  20. Alrenous says: • Website

    One of the most blindingly-obvious flaws in the Western democratic model is that elected government officials require no credentials of any kind whatsoever to qualify for their positions.

    Incorrect. They’re always extremely qualified for their positions.

    Again, America thanks you for spreading its propaganda.

    The thing is they aren’t leaders. Their preferences have little to no impact on policy. E.g. where is Trump’s wall, lol?

    In a proper Democracy, as defined by Plato, you haven’t the slightest clue who your leaders are. They have no security except obscurity, and consequently they are transcendent masters of obscurity.
    E.g. you’ve heard of Charles Schwab, which means he was deposed already.

  21. Alrenous says: • Website

    The average wage is $3.50 an hour

    What’s the average wage of the Amish, materialist?

    Amish have life-satisfaction ratings on par with Fortune 500 billionaires.

    This is not the Amish having some sort of secret amazing Wakanda-esque supertechnology. It’s because being born American puts you a billion dollars in the hole, in life satisfaction terms.

    I have only reviewed Moscow, but it’s clearly a vastly superior place to any American city. Peerless. And then there’s Detroit.

  22. Alrenous says: • Website

    This line of argument would certainly work better if you didn’t throw the baby out with the bathwater.

    I phrase it like this: consider the difference between the black market and the white market.

    Now understand that almost every government in history has been a black government.

    The difference between black government and white government can be summarized as the same difference that exists between theft and a gift: consent. If you can decline to be governed, then it is a white government. It has to perform a positive-sum trade, or you will decline. If you can’t decline, it is a black government. It has no reason to avoid parasitism, and won’t. Could also call it a para-government if you want, in reference to para-military and parasites.

    Although keeping the baby would work better, I don’t claim it would necessarily work well enough.
    Rather than ranting in Commie comment sections, secure your shit. Most likely, the reason the government is always black is because demand for black government is high and demand for white government is low. It is certainly puzzling that the peasants consistently demand black government, but it cannot be overturned except coercively. You would have to convert them by the sword.

    Given that’s the case, the solution is secure your shit and then stop thinking about it. Black governments are weak for myriad reasons. Anyone who has high demand for white government can simply secure themselves against the black government and then go about their day.

    • Replies: @animalogic
  23. E_Perez says:
    @Josh Gerard

    I agree, elite schools are not the solution because they lead to closed circles of politicians and “civil servants” not being servants any more but mini kings.
    France with her Napoleon-invented école normale supérieure and polytechnique is the best example of a dysfunctional democracy based on elite schools.

    But, as you said, Germany is the current model of dysfunctional democracy based on school dropouts.

  24. Anonymous[338] • Disclaimer says:

    repsinec, the issue is not absolute living standards but the UN Charter commitments: continual improvement in living standards through allocation of all available resources to human rights.

    As you can see in the maps, Russia leaves the US in the dust,

    and the US and China are down in the lower tiers – each sucks worse at different things. With its illegal great-power confrontation against Russia the US aims to force repression and derogation of economic rights but that only works against puny little countries.

  25. @repsinec

    Russia certainly does *not* have the World’s best living standards: it’s suicide rate is sky-high, as are it’s alcohol and drug abuse rates, and men are lucky if they live to 70. The average wage is $3.50 an hour (adjusted for purchasing power) and the only real industries are natural resources and armaments. I support it’s war against the West as much as the next man, but let’s not glorify the place either.

    A simple observation. But as Andrew Breitbart, Peace Be Upon Him, would say, “So?”. This means in this context, that beyond an observation (effect) lies a cause. For starters, do you think the state of constant siege, isolation, and full court hostility might have some effect on the national psyche and collective consciousness?

    I anticipate your response, if it does not exceed your capabilities and knowledge.

  26. This is LUDICROUS. The Guardian, that bastion of ‘Freedom’ and ‘Western Values’, and its eminent contributor, Simon Tisdall, recently informed its readership, the cream of the liberal Western intelligentsia, that Xi Jin-ping only attained his lofty status because his mother pestered senior Party officials to appoint him. Which proves one point-no matter how putrid Western politicians may be, they are veritable paragons besides the corpse maggots that infest the ‘Free Press’.

  27. @Joe Levantine

    American leaders do go through a process of on the job training, either brief or extended. It consists primarily of learning how to lie effectively, and in unblemished service, nay servitude, to the rich owners of the country.

    • Agree: Joe Levantine
    • Replies: @Raki Rakkoon
  28. In a multi-party electoral system (a “democracy”) anyone can ‘try his hand’ at running the country. If he fails, the economy may suffer, millions may lose their jobs or their homes (or their lives), but he loses nothing.

    The founders intended that the House of Representatives set policy and that the Executive carry it out. I wish that philosophy had held, in which case our incompetent Presidents (every single one since 1992) would have inflicted minimal damage on the country.

  29. @Joe Levantine

    What practical steps can the US achieve what you state??

    • Replies: @Joe Levantine
  30. Style of government isn’t what’s important – but the caliber of the people who run things…. Mr. Romanoff explained in great detail – but it’s summed up in that one thought.

    • Agree: HdC
    • Replies: @littlereddot
  31. Anonymous[227] • Disclaimer says:

    Very interesting.

    I have read that in the Chinese political training schools, all delegates must study a compulsory course in the disaster of Mikhail Gorbachev’s disastrous reign or error in which he basically destroyed his nation and his party brought ruin to his citizens – while, of course, being egged on by western leaders and doubt pocketing large wads of cash in the process.

    If this report is true, China is run by some very very exceedingly wise people.

    • Agree: Ann Nonny Mouse
    • Replies: @René Fries
  32. Anonymous[227] • Disclaimer says:
    @Joe Levantine

    The most egregious example must be the late, unlamented, (politically speaking), UK PM Liz Truss, or Lizz of forty days.
    She managed to blow up the pound in her first few weeks in office.

    • Agree: Joe Levantine
    • Replies: @haha
  33. @Anonymous

    Quite wise, but-

    there’s a “but”. Chinese thought became stuck in sclerosis after 1313 [the Sseu tchou (Louen-yu, Mong-tsu, Ta-hio and Tchong-yong) having become compulsory teaching], this being the cause why China has contributed near to nothing to modernity; an article I already quoted ( ) giving further explanations as to “why Europe rose and others didn’t”.

  34. @showmethereal

    Change will never come from the U.S. government for as a Ronald Reagan stated “government is the problem”. Those in charge of the USG, along with their handlers in the oligarchic class, are all benefiting from the status quo and any practical steps will have to come from the American people but not through the phoney electoral system. The first thing that the public can do, short of a bloody revolution, is to declare civil disobedience and stop paying taxes until the deep state, the true rulers of the U.S., decide that there is no way for them to earn their keep without negotiating with the people’s revolutionary representatives a new social contract or national pact that puts forward real solutions to the people’s concerns and anxieties.

    Any such new deal should give the people the last word about issues that directly impact their lives, not only with respect to taxation but also with regard to such issues as wars from foreign entanglements, immigration policies etc… The blockchain technology is there to allow every eligible citizen to vote.

    • Replies: @Ann Nonny Mouse
    , @werpor
  35. @Joe Levantine

    Right. You are spot-on, every corner of your comment. Except… “government is the problem”.

    No, democracy is the problem.

    If the government consisted of one person, autocrat for life, everyone would be happy. There’d be no politics.

    He’d come under attack by the usual bunch, wanting to be parasites but not allowed to be. The banks would be nationalized. Otherwise they can never be.

    But there’d be freedom for all.

  36. @René Fries

    ” . . . the cause why China has contributed near to nothing to modernity; an article I already quoted . . .”

    It might be better to eliminate your ignorance before making definitive pronouncements such as that one. You might want to read this:

    History of Chinese Inventions

    • Agree: Jim Christian
    • Replies: @littlereddot
  37. J. Needham was known to me, as were the multiple inventions made by the Chinese. When I contend that they contributed exactly nothing to modernity, I do not say that they didn’t exist but only that, in a manner easily verifiable, they have had no impact on the development of European science (in which it was not uncommon that one and the same invention was simultaneously made by diverse scientists, vide the telephone; in the same way, gun powder and printing press have been invented twice. Moreover, the ancient Greeks also had discovered the power of steam, but that invention was useless at the time).

    Tchou Hi’s renewal of Confucianist teaching [his “Four Books” = Sseu chou] brought about “un rigorisme moral et scolastique. Certains concepts prirent figure de dogmes (…) // a moral and scholastic strictness. Some concepts became dogma’s (…)”, La philosophie chinoise, Presses universitaires de FranceParis 1972, p. 96. Now, Dogma’s are, as is well known, the death of independent thinking. So there came about “eine völlige Erstarrung des Lebens in China. Der Gedanke, dass sich die Welt in einem ständigen Umbruch befindet, dass alle Ideale zeitbedingt sind, war den Chinesen fremd. Die Welt und ihre Ordnung war für ihn unwandelbar, und allein die Weltanschauung des Konfuzius stand damit im Einklang. Jede Neuerung war daher nach chinesischer Auffassung zweckloser Wahnwitz. So dämmerte das chinesische Volk durch zwei Jahrtausende hin (…) // a complete congealment of the Chinese life. The thought that the world is in a continuous upsetting, that all ideals are time-conditioned, was alien to the Chinese. The world and its order, for him, was immutable, and only the Weltanschauung of Confucius was in accordance therewith. Hence each innovation was, according to Chinese view, useless lunacy. So the Chinese people dozed off during two thousand years (…)”, Worte des Konfuzius, Wilhelm Goldmann Verlag, München 1956, p. 45.

    • Thanks: HdC
    • Replies: @René Fries
    , @JR Foley
  38. @Alrenous

    “Anyone who has high demand for white government can simply secure themselves against the black government and then go about their day.”
    No can suggest you are not optimistic.

    • Replies: @Alrenous
  39. Alrenous says: • Website

    I’ve already done it. The Amish have already done it. You can do it too.

  40. @René Fries

    Complément d’information:

    Up to now I’ve bought 7 books after having read R. Hayworth’s reviews. This one: The Rise of Early Modern Science: Islam, China and the West (Toby Huff) I will not buy, because it only confirms what I’ve made up already from Blumenberg (8 books) and Inârah (10 books). The review in itself is most interesting, though.


    The core question Huff’s book attempts to answer is why, given that both the Muslim world and the Chinese were more advanced in raw, technical scientific knowledge at the beginning of the Middle Ages, it was Europe, rather than either Islam or China, that took all the next steps to develop modern science. Huff is not a political writer and this is not a political book. It is closer to a work of applied philosophy. But Huff’s conclusion, that Europe developed modern science and others did not, along with most of the reasons he concludes resulted in this end, is contrary to the dominant multicultural ‘wisdom.’ It’s somewhat surprising a modern academic would come to this conclusion, given the attacks certain to be launched upon him, but it’s certainly refreshing in that Huff’s analysis is completely unbiased. (For the types of attacks made upon Huff, see the 2007 exchange between George Saliba and Huff, available on the Internet, which features Saliba’s total inability or unwillingness to comprehend Huff’s arguments.)

    By ‘modern science,’ Huff means not merely ‘the science we have now,’ which would be circular. Instead, he means the application of the changed approach to scientific thinking brought about in Europe by specific new approaches in reasoning, law and religious authority, starting with cosmology (Huff’s main historic and comparative focus) and spreading to all scientific inquiry. He also does not mean ‘mere’ technology, which can develop by iterative tinkering but is not modern science without certain thought patterns, understanding of the principles of the natural world, and institutions and processes that universalize what science does. ‘The modern scientific worldview rests on certain assumptions about the regularity and lawfulness of the natural world and the presumption that man is capable of grasping the underlying structure.’ This is an evolved view, not one universally held, and more specifically one not ever held to any significant degree in Islam or Chinese thought, until those cultures adopted the Western scientific approach whole in recent decades […]”, bold writing mine.

  41. @Alrenous

    I knew the Zheng He fleets long since. Problem back then in China was the gregarious character of the Chinese, coupled with absolute imperial power (is there any change as to these 2 characteristics?). A new emperor meant new politics, it’s as simple as that.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  42. @Ann Nonny Mouse

    Sorry, that is prima facie false. Democracy-as you imply-is “one man one vote”. It is axiomatic that should the vote be given to a select group, then bad things would not happen.

    Voter eligibility:

    1. Productive citizen, self supporting, no criminal record, mentally healthy, works for a living – 5 votes

    2. Same as above, erratic social behavior at times, imposes on other people, generally lower reliability but still self supporting. No criminal record – 4 votes

    3. Less than #2 but still is a net provider to the commonweal and national treasury. -3 votes

    4. Less than #3 but perhaps due to congenital and tragic factors lives on the margin of society – 2 votes

    5. Worthless, sociopathic, habitual criminal, parasite – 1 vote.

    The first three have enough pride to be self sufficient and value integrity, knowledge, and positive contributions, etc, etc.

    The first 3 passed a test of knowledge on politics, economics, general knowledge, and basic laws of immutability that define civilization. There has to be a bar of sufficient knowledge. Certain beliefs will not be compatible with the desired universal principle, ideas, etc of what a civilization needs.
    These people are given 1 vote or deported and lose their citizenship.

    You see, all communities, tribals, villages have democracy. That’s because you have stakeholders who are vested and should have a voice. Rarely are things in the world digital, they are analog. Since I believe in Reality, I have verified this codex through my professional and personal life. I had much authority but also very much responsibility and liability. And actually, I delegated much of that to my crew, who I mentored, taught, and developed strong relationships. I can say that had I have had to be placed in my position as Chief, I would have been voted in that office by crew. If that is not so, then whatever the endeavor is, it will not be optimally run. I have seen Chiefs relieved because their subordinates and crew did not want to work for him.

    The military is not a good model for management of human and material assets.

    • Replies: @Ann Nonny Mouse
  43. @Dutch Boy

    Mark Rutte’s nose is not that hooked and the bad governance of western countries cannot solely be attributed to so-called ✡️Jooozzz!!🕎.

    Every society gets the government that they deserve. When your society has been morally corrupted, you naturally get selfish leaders, because they are selected from a polluted pool. When your society is low-IQ, you naturally produce a government system of inferior quality that does poorly in discriminating the bad candidate leaders from the good ones.

    Western countries have been averaging increasingly lower IQs every single year for the couple of decades — the reason is not only because of the importation of lower IQ immigrants, the drop was also witnessed within families where the children of high-IQ parents scored lower than either parent. The west has also increasingly become morally bankrupt as we can witness, for example, from the way “trans”children are send off to the butcher for a quick buck. With such significant decay within our societies, how can we be surprised that our leaders turn out to be senile men like Joe Biden and morally bankrupt women like Liz Truss?

    • Agree: René Fries
    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  44. exudd1 says:

    My understanding is that there were two requirements in the USA for qualifying to run for election to be President:
    1. Being born in the USA
    2. Being at least 35 years of age
    I assume it presupposes that one is of sound mind and (perhaps?) in reasonably good physical health, although FDR was in a wheelchair reportedly due to affliction with GBS since the age of 39 and remained paralyzed from the waist down and in a wheelchair.

  45. Athena says:

    A good example of Canada’s hypocrisy (see the excerpts on Indo-Pacific Economic Framework for Prosperity (IPEF) negotiations below): a Canadian politician says that Canada doesn’t share the same values as China (his assertion is vague, and i understand that Canada pretends to be superior morally, which is ridiculous considering the crimes committed by Canada in South America and Europe during the last decades). Another politician says Canada should end dependency on authoritarian states like China, but this politician agreed to send weapons to Ukraine, and in fact has been a cheerleader for the war against Russia without the consent of Canadians.

    In terms of Canadian values, would Canada bother to explain in which ways it’s superior to other countries, democratically speaking? Why did Canada impose vacccines and confinements so savagely on Canadians? Why it decapitated the Canadian economy, instead preferring to send weapons to enforce paramilitary governments in South America or a dictator in Ukraine? (For example, see: or or

    Canada asking to join US-led Indo-Pacific trade talks

    “The Trans-Pacific agreement had been part of a strategy under then-president Barack Obama to act as a counterweight to Chinese influence in Asia by enshrining American-style rules for trade and intellectual-property protection in the region.”

    “Two federal cabinet ministers have talked tough on China. Innovation Minister François-Philippe Champagne told a Washington audience last week that Canada wants “a decoupling, certainly from China, and I would say other regimes in the world which don’t share the same values.”

    “Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland has said Canada should end any dependency on authoritarian states such as China for vital products.”

  46. @Poupon Marx

    Look at England’s “Eleven Years Tyranny”, years 1625 onwards, under King Charles I. He dismissed the parliament and was the sole ruler, with advisors. It appears that the ordinary English people were happier during period than they have ever been, before or since.

    • Replies: @KenR
  47. @Ann Nonny Mouse

    “ No, democracy is the problem.”

    This a point on which very much agree.

    However, government as we have known, be it a democracy or autocracy, is always a problem in as much as it seeks to create citizen dependency on the apparatus of government, and that leads to a population that lacks a sense of initiative and the motivation for critical thinking that would make them spot and shun the sociopaths and the psychopaths who end up occupying the highest echelons of government under the current representative democracy and the highest posts in the corporate world by virtue of their sick nature.

    Humankind will always be divided between the group that seeks to live a parasitical lifestyle on the one hand, and the truly productive on the other hand. The sound management of society implies the nurturing of the productive group and giving an incentive through the carrot and stick approach for the parasitical to earn their keep.

    And if you insist that society cannot dispense of government, then I hope we can agree that government should be as small as possible, transparent and accountable. That could make a good start for the much vaunted shining city on a hill.

    • Replies: @Francis Miville
  48. JR Foley says:

    You should be afraid of your reflection in the mirror.

  49. JR Foley says:

    Justin “Jackboot” Trudeau in his crocodile bite proof diamond studded Jack Boots and his second in command Chrystia Freeland the “money printing machine gun” who aspires to Head NATO come spring 2023 when the Norwegian Kipper Gobbler returns to banking –a prime example of why democracy is busted in Canada –to succeed a person must be a Nazi and Crazy about DEBT—BIG DEBT.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  50. @Ann Nonny Mouse

    No, democracy is the problem.

    As Hannah Arendt observed, speaking (in 1958) “von dem Geschrei des Gesindels und dem Gezänk der Fanatiker // of the clamors of the scum and the bickering of the fanatics”, that resulted in “(…) Europa, wo das Parteiensystem schon fast bei seiner Geburt diskreditiert war // the system of parties in Europe being discredited almost at its birth”, In der Gegenwart – Übungen im politischen Denken II, Piper Verlag GmbH, München, 2. Auflage April 2017 pp. 108-9.

    On the other hand, she also wrote that “die demokratische Gesellschaft, in der wir leben, ist eine lebendige Angelegenheit, die von niemandem hergestellt werden kann und die nicht als Idee begriffen und ergriffen werden kann. Sie ist nicht vollkommen und wird nie vollkommen sein, weil der Maβstab der Vollkommenheit hier nicht am Platze ist. Das Lebendige umfasst eine ausserordentliche Vielfalt von Meinungen und Haltungen, Konformismus ist ohnehin seine gröβte Gefahr. Die Grenzen dieser Pluralität liegen in der Verfassung und der Erklärung der Menschenrechte (Bill of Rights) und nirgend sonst. […] Totalitäre Bewegungen können viele Farben annehmen und die entgegengesetzten Ideologien vertreten; am sichersten erkennt man sie an ihren Mitteln // the democratic society, in which we live, is a living affair that cannot be fabricated by anyone and that cannot be understood and seized as an idea. It is not perfect and never shall be perfect, because the idea of perfection is not at its place here. Living encompasses an extraordinary multiplicity of opinions and attitudes, conformism anyhow being its greatest danger. The limits of this plurality lie in the constitution and in the Bill of Rights and nowhere else. […] Totalitarian movements can adopt multiple colors and represent the most divergent ideologies; the most sure manner to recognize them is to look at their means”, ibid. p. 236-7, cursory wrtiting in the original, bold writing mine.

  51. @Mary Marianne

    the reason is not only because of the importation of lower IQ immigrants

    So, how did it turn out with high IQ Jewish immigrants?

    Globalists accuse you of being ‘anti-immigrant’, but they are anti-indigenous as immigration is, by its very nature, anti-indigenous. Just ask the Palestinians. What did Jewish immigration do to Palestine?
    Ask Serbians who once had Kosovo. What did Muslim Albanian immigration to do Kosovo, once the heart of Serbia?

    Immigration is anti-indigenous. Just ask the American Indians.

    So, if anyone says you’re anti-immigrant, you say he’s anti-indigenous. Or, in the case of the US, anti-founder, as mass immigration will replace the founding stock with darkies.

    • Replies: @BlackFlag
    , @Mary Marianne
  52. Instead, “democracy” has been elevated to a religion so holy that the mere questioning of it constitutes a treasonous blasphemy, and has been incessantly promoted daily from birth as a universal value reflecting the yearnings of all mankind. Do you wonder why?

    There is another answer to the author’s question besides the hidden hand of stealthy ancient Jews.

    Back when I was a little kid in Kentucky I distinctly remember a Sunday School Teacher telling our group that we in the US of A had replaced the Jews as God’s Favorite People. Since I’d never even seen a black person, it’s safe to assume that “we” meant Protestant White People. Still, it was very pleasant stuff to hear – that I personally belonged to a really, really wonderful and Exceptional group.

    Sometime in the past year I ran into book describing why in the early part of the Civil War the North hung on so stubbornly. Most of the Union folks – along with their newly elected President – had elevated the Constitution to the status Mr. Romanoff describes. The Union was holy/sacred and something for the most Exceptional people on the Earth to fight and die for. The way we’re indoctrinated to this very day may explain why there have been no real changes to “US Democracy” – why tinker with a perfect system? Who but dirty hippies or Commies would question our Exceptional wonderfulness? At any rate, it had always been clear that despite its flaws, Democracy was better than Kings or Priests running the nation.

    Many Westerners have at least a dim awareness of China’s Gaokao, the system of annual university entrance examinations, taken by about 10 million students each year. This set of examinations is quite stiff and perhaps even harsh, covering many subjects and occupying three days. The tests require broad understanding, deep knowledge and high intelligence, if one is to do well. These examinations are entirely merit-based and favoritism is impossible.

    According to the Wiki that last sentence isn’t exactly correct.

    Notice as well the existence of ‘quotas’ and ‘affirmative action’.

    Another unmentioned problem in any system, but particularly the Chinese Testing version is this: “Successful systems accumulate parasites I’d bet any amount of money that cheating is a massive problem in the Testing, whether it’s recognized or not. Most likely the Powers That Be are watchful only to the degree that enforcement doesn’t affect favored associates, friends and family.


    If you are an American, consider for a moment how it would be if your country could identify and assemble the 500 most intelligent, wisest, the least corruptible, the most educated and experienced people in the nation, then fill Congress with this group, selecting the best few to be the leaders – the President and Cabinet members. Consider also this group not divided by ideologies but all part of the same team, working together to implement what was best for America and Americans. How would your country be different in five years?

    I’ve got a soft spot for this argument, for in my reading of old Science Fiction I saw a common theme of Societies run by groups of Wise And Honest People. Example: Heinlein’s “Beyond This Horizon”. In the Real World there is the small problem of getting from HERE to THERE.

    The Bankers and Billionaires and Neocons currently run the US of A. There is no chance at all they’ll willingly allow any changes which nullify their very profitable grip on the nation. The shithole Apartheid state owns both houses of Congress. The Vatican controls the Supreme Court. And those shadowy bankers/billionaires/neocons hold the keys to getting nominated in either Party for the Executive Branch. They also have the money to buy any necessary Voting Machine changes in those elections. (IMO Hillary (and her handlers) was too arrogant/stupid to take that precaution back in 2016)

    The Chinese System is probably better than what we have in this country, but a change in that direction has the same chance of happening as a snowball existing on the hot side of Mercury.

    • Replies: @Hitmarck
  53. @showmethereal

    Style of government isn’t what’s important – but the caliber of the people who run things…. Mr. Romanoff explained in great detail – but it’s summed up in that one thought.

    You are absolutely right.

    If I may add, a critical pre-requisite compoinent to “caliber”, is humility.

    • Agree: showmethereal
  54. @René Fries

    I would agree in essence to your observation, and will not quibble the dates. The problem with any successful system is that complacency and hubris sets in. The Chinese were rightly proud of their civilisation, and it led to its stagnation, rot and weakening that ended in its Century of Humiliation.

    That said Century was the kick in the butt that China needed to wake up. Now it is humble and hungry enough to strive with both eyes open.

    The irony is that the US/West is now in the same rotten state that China was in the 1800s. Almost no one in the West is willing to consider that they have anything to learn from another political system/civilisation, least of all China.

    I am reminded how Qing emperors dismissed advances in Western technology in the late 18th century as being mere toys and trinkets, and nothing compared to what had been achieved in the great Celestial Empire. Again we will see complacency/hubris precede a fall.

    In view of this, then civilisationally speaking, can we say that the West is 200 years behind China?

    • Replies: @dogbumbreath
  55. @Larry Romanoff

    Chinese civilisation has much to be proud of. But it has had its ups and downs.

    The latest down….the Century of Humiliation, in my view was the result of centuries of stagnation, caused in turn by complacency.

    It is a natural thing. Any successful system becomes complacent and filled with hubris.

    IMHO, more than “checks and balances”, or “division of powers” or any other mechanism, vigilance against complacency is the most critical thing for any society….humility is essential

  56. @Dutch Boy

    That statement has to be qualified : prior to 1960, Jews, mostly Ashkenazi, on average, tended to see themselves as closer to ordinary Americans than traditional Anglo elites did, they just saw themselves as more or less the same thing boosted by just some more cleverness and more willpower : that can easily be seen in Hollywood’s production. An American was supposed to be a rugged individual independent of fortune and of judgement, but with democratic values, a Jew was all that. Traditional Anglo elites on the other hand were conscious of belonging to various elite ethnic origins having maintained their identity very distinct from the mean melting pot : for instance the Roosevelts were very conscious of being a Dutch dynasty. It is the contents of the dominant Jewish mentality that changed. But during the 19th century there was definitely an elite (then mostly big landowning dynasties and Sephardic Jews having got rich through triangular commerce) that considered itself of a different nature than the commoners and prevailed themselves of the right to change the nature of the people through immigration of various groups more suitable for the tasks to be assigned to them. The elite was Jewish-Masonic while the commoners were supposed to be Protestant.

  57. Zane says:

    Cheating is a national sport in Chinese university examinations, jest sayin’.

  58. @Joe Levantine

    The only world-class city that is conspicuously built on a hill so as to shine from it to a great distance, is Jerusalem. All other major cities, especially the US ones, especially Washington, are built on reclaimed river swamps, on deltas, or at best in plains between hills.

    • Troll: Jim Christian
  59. Turk 152 says:

    US politicians are the offspring of power brokers from previous generations. One can’t get to the point where they can organize all the mechanisms of power politics in one generation. The required credentials are a law degree and signing your oath to Israel.

  60. @JR Foley

    I welcome Freeland’s rise. It will be a nice change to have an hereditary fascist as the head of Government, rather than a mere servant of hereditary fascists.

  61. @Athena

    Freeland, an agent of a true fascist State, Banderastan, an hereditary fascist itself, declaring China ‘authoritarian’?! The projection is scintillating. It’s good, however, because any State that boycotts China is going to suffer for it. Canada, and all the Anglosphere colonialist genocide regimes, certainly deserve every bad thing coming their way.

    • Agree: acementhead
  62. @René Fries

    As Mahatir Mohamad has observed, China and South-East Asia have had beneficial relations for c.2000 years, but it took the West, in the shape of the Portuguese, three years to attack the locals and impose the usual Western terror tactics. And now, the USA, the Great Satan itself, expects east Asia to join with it in attacking China. The sheer villainy is, as ever, mind-numbing.

  63. Hitmarck says:

    Well, what has Democracy really cost us so far?
    Only the European people and western culture.
    Mine been here 3000 years ago, and then a democracy came, twice, fucked us in special over, and since we are the only people that could reasonably claim 100% human, the great democracies managed to – very foreseeable – bring man down again to the slightly more sophisticated monkey we see when we look at brown people in all their lacking inadequacy.

    could reasonably claim 100% human

    I base that not on my own arrogance or the great impression my fellows make on me, no, that statement is based on that Britbong Douglas Murray, who in all his gayness, attributes 85 – 90 % of all real human accomplishment to Germanic peoples.

    In which he might be somewhat right. Because the rest of ‘white’ people is not very impressive.
    And never has been.

  64. Ghali says:

    Bill Clinton, Donald Trump and Barak Obama have university degrees. Obama was a professor of law at Chicago University Law School. I am not sure about Joe Biden, but I read that he was enrolled in the School Paedophilia in the Bahamas. It is true, the Bushs were/are illiterate rangers.

  65. Nemanja says:

    And yet, despite this entire process of making sure that only geniuses rise to the top, China is still implementing its insane “zero covid” policy, psychologically torturing countless millions over a disease which they still won’t be able to eradicate, and which is nowhere dangerous enough to justify anything remotely close to such draconian measures. I am just one person who most probably couldn’t pass these strict Chinese exams, yet it is more than obvious that Chinese policy on this issue is sheer lunacy. As presumptuous as it may seem: so much for the perfection of the Chinese system.

    • Replies: @showmethereal
  66. werpor says:
    @Joe Levantine

    “The blockchain technology is there to allow every eligible citizen to vote.” At least vote securely, but soon enough some of those eligible citizens would sell their eligibility. Behemoth never rests!

    Behemoth has appetites few people can imagine; oligarchy is the means. Behemoth is a monster with many, many tentacles — enough to thrust a tentacle down everyone’s throat. Behemoth is the state; here, there, everywhere. There are no limits in Behemoth’s torture chamber. Everyone is on the rack.

    Rich or poor, everyone dies. Behemoth feeds on their sufferings and their pleasures. The most ancient wisdom offers this advice; wake up! But Behemoth feeds at leisure; most by far sleep their entire lives until death. Even then Behemoth waits patiently; ready to feed on the energy released with the last breath. Behemoth has appetites few people can imagine. Everything feeds on everything else.

    This is known as the terror of our situation.

    • Thanks: Joe Levantine
  67. Backward says:

    The only time I recall reading on this website an article authored by a woman was when the subject was abortion. The chauvinism of this place is ridiculous, in authentic Judaic style.

    • Replies: @acementhead
  68. It is more a question of Who? Whom?

    So-called Democracy which really means OMOV or One Man One Vote is the problem

    With Mass Visual Media – Not Radio but TV – the system is manipulated by Oligarchs

    The ordinary voter elects people like himself and ends up with half-wits with greasy palms and lying ability who look after themselves

    It is a sad reflection that people with no stake in the community get to cancel out the votes of people who do and suckers for con men ruin the lives of decent people

    Look at how Perón destroyed Argentina once a very rich. Look and compare how US was ruined since 1965

  69. JR Foley says:
    @René Fries

    Are you by any chance related to Rene Trudeau who used to be the Wrestling Manager of Chin Lee and Sugi Sito? Earlier years Doctor Jerry Graham performed miracles in the square circle ?

  70. JR Foley says:
    @René Fries

    “Hi — Rene —this is Adrian Zezz calling –what is new in the world of fries—french fries ….”

  71. Democracies themselves are a fatal flaw. It’s baked into the cake. Mencken had it right….

    Democracy is a pathetic belief in the collective wisdom of individual ignorance

  72. “Many Westerners have at least a dim awareness of China’s Gaokao, the system of annual university entrance examinations, taken by about 10 million students each year. This set of examinations is quite stiff and perhaps even harsh, covering many subjects and occupying three days. The tests require broad understanding, deep knowledge and high intelligence, if one is to do well. These examinations are entirely merit-based and favoritism is impossible.”

    Chinese educational system was basically copied from Stalin times Soviet Union with obviously added twist of examinations which naturally comes form Imperial system of examinations after learning 5 sacred books Wu Shu, and getting to the path of career bureaucrat by becoming first xuqai and then growing based upon further examinations.
    However, people here are too enamoured with all things Chinese when it is quite clear that while Chinese are clever people, current rise of China is mostly because Chinese managed to dupe Americans into investing heavily into China and allowing China special status firstly to use China vs USSR and later to basically increase profits by moving manufacturing to the country with cheap labour costs. Then Chines ebuilt upon that but in 70-80’s things were not bright in China.

    Now, the system of promotion due to merit also was widespread in Stalin USSR. In the Soviet Union we also had harsh enter exams with 10-20 candidates and even more to certain faculties per place. However , in Stalin times the onus was not on exams to get to certain positions or get promoted but on results performance in real life be it manufacturing, construction and so forth.
    Who is talking about lawyers. it was all about engineers. Hence stratospheric rise of the Soviet Union from third world level to superpowerdom within mere 10-15 short years which was not equalled neither by Japan or China, all without foreign investments or preferential status.
    Promotions were based on merit and results. Once engineer got to factory and was showing talent , promise and achieving tasks he was promoted quickly never being held at one place for more than 1-2 years but gaining experience in real manufacturing and industrial activities. All Soviet ministers of the time were very young. 30-40 years old. All of Brezhnev era ministers responsible for every industry were those who rose in Stalin years. They already were quite elderly. Which obviously pointed to cadres system break down after Stalin death and failure to bring rotation. Chines invested heavily into learning from USSR mistakes after Stalin death. I see tendency to see Eastern Asians as smarter on average than Caucasians, but also not producing outstanding minds, geniuses.. But need to point that Chinese are doing right things in education while all Caucasians are being dumbed down. Chinese also have cultural predisposition towards education and discipline. But otherwise Chinese are not smarter than Caucasians but tend to have less extremely stupid people while also not producing outstanding minds. Any way, I also set Chinese, Koreans and Japanese as an example to my son regarding how to study and my son in regard to his studies is doing better than all of Eastern Asians in his math school class. But there is few whites there. My son and a couple of Jewish kids with the rest being Asians and Indians. The rest play computer games and dream about becoming a star.

    • Replies: @littlereddot
  73. White House Announces Woke Digital Bill Of Rights.

    • Thanks: Agent76
  74. Bert says:

    Thc Confucian system of China is obviously superior to the West’s clown show with its inevitable flaws and probable catastrophic end point. Another alternative similar to China’s, and one that would be much faster to implement, is demarchy. Deciders are chosen randomly (sortition is the noun used to describe the selection process) from a pool of individuals pre-qualified regarding IQ and personality; the most important aspect of personality is that pool members be free of Dark Triad traits. Deciders work as a collective as an addition safeguard against dictatorial power. See John Buhrnheim’s writings:

  75. BlackFlag says:
    @Priss Factor

    Anti-native is snappier with a nicer ring.

  76. anon[196] • Disclaimer says:

    Every single propaganda writer on this website is pushing for fascism. This idiot actually asserts a political system is “the worst religion”. No, religions are the worst religions. Nothing comes close to the stupidity of religion in politics.

    Ron Unz doesn’t even have the tiniest bit of decency and integrity by allowing other voices (also not heard in MSM but Ron knows all that ..) that are not insane like his favored agitprop troop. Clearly balancing whatever distortions exists in the political discourse space is not on his agenda.

  77. Agent76 says:

    September 29, 2022 Laundering with Immunity: The Control Framework – Part 1

    A band of criminals got together a century ago and decided they were going to own the world, hold all of the power, create and hoard all of the money, and keep everyone on a constant spin cycle to fool them. Not only were they going to construct it as they saw fit, but they were going to build the most elaborate enslavement system this world has ever seen – one that gives them full immunity, allows them to operate outside the law entirely, and they were going to do it without anyone realizing it until it was too late. These self-imposed “rulers” believe themselves to be untouchable, have created documents stating as much, and are laughing at humanity as people move about their lives unaware of this elaborate scheme.

    • Agree: acementhead
  78. I look forward to the day when clean water, clean air and real food become just as important to the “educated” classes as the shiny black Audi’s and BMW’s so adoringly described in this article.

    Both Confucianism and the Enlightenment took a back seat to the cult of scientific materialism and filthy lucre a few decades ago now, when popular opinion replaced John Denver with Madonna, and Little House on the Prairie with Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous.

    East or West, the party ain’t gonna last much longer, and book smarts or fancy degrees will not make a difference either way.

  79. @Francis Miville

    We’ve got to give credit to the intellectual sharpness of John Winthrop and what he meant by the ‘city on a hill’. If Winthrop and many of the founding fathers were to see the U.S. for its current reality, they would dissociate themselves from the American idea. True, most American cities are built on swamps and deltas but the notoriety of American imperialism made those cities shine in an opposite direction from what Winthrop had in mind.

  80. @mulga mumblebrain

    It is also useful for our leaders to be able to speak for two or three minutes in answer to a question without actually saying anything. Kamala Harris isn’t very good at it, but she keeps trying.

  81. Mike Tre says:
    @Dutch Boy

    “That was the situation in America until the 1960s and previous to that, we managed to muddle through despite the shortcomings of liberal democracy [sic]. The 1960s saw the coming to power of a Jewish-dominated elite ”

    You’re off by about 50 years. Jewish power over the US came to bear with the Wilson Administration, the creation of the Federal Reserve, and involvement in WWI.

    • Agree: HdC
  82. Anymike says:

    You are so right. I live another first-world country where the major exports are a primary resource (food) and armaments. This country maintains itself through financial exploitation, and a good segment of the population lives on trickle down benefits.

    On paper (or on the spreadsheet) it looks good. But it is not as a nice a place as people think it is. A good percentage of the population is debilitated. One measure of that fact its that 75 percent of the youth are not healthy enough and not educated enough to meet the minimum requirements for enlisted service in the military. I’m not advocating universal military service, but the rate at which individuals are qualified for such is a quick measure of the state of one’s youth and young adults.

    Another measure is whether a person can work in an ordinary job and live on what they can make. In my country, they can’t. The mechanisms of fiscal recapture are too strong. Housing costs are excessive, government fees are set at rates suitable for middle income earners and the tendentious inflation of the prices of necessities eats away at the incomes of ordinary people.

    In spite these thing, people still want to come here in numbers. But only people who are from non-first world countries. The only people from a first world country who want to come here are people from the smaller country adjacent to mine which speaks the same language and has a very similar society. They come here not because they think my country is better but because, being larger, my country offers greater career opportunities in fields such as business, the arts, academics and science.

    I’m not going to what country I am speaking of. You figure it out.

    • Thanks: showmethereal
  83. Anymike says:
    @Ann Nonny Mouse

    I call Elizabeth I “the real smartest woman in the world.” You can guess who that is a dig at.

  84. @Francis Miville

    The only world-class city that is conspicuously built on a hill so as to shine from it to a great distance, is Jerusalem.

    I’ve been there. It’s a shitty, rock strewn parcel. Ugliest landscape ever. And those idiots fight over it. If Iran levels it, it’ll be a great favor to the rest of us.

  85. Anonymous[222] • Disclaimer says:

    Whenever a corrupt minority gets into power, the nation will be mired in corruption in all aspects of its life.

  86. Anonymous[328] • Disclaimer says:

    I welcome your mention of Hillary Clinton — it is my deepest contention that the Clintons are the lowest creatures ever to get as far into American politics as they did. I have no doubt that Bill Clinton was a pedophile buddy of other low creatures and Hillary is a cold-blooded P.O.S. I have no use for the crooked Donald Trump, but even he was a better choice than Hillary.

    • Agree: CSFurious
  87. LR – surely you must be aware of DaCreepingWoke convergence in American corporations which has and is continually destroying the fabric of any underlying merit system. I cannot name a single institution that has not been affected – government, church, politics and CULTURE, which effectively is being run by DaSynagogue of Satan.
    Add to this the increasing worthlessness of a college diploma, handed out to ‘graduates’ who can’t even do English or basic Math, your 7-11 recruiter isn’t much better off than the average voter. Karl Denninger today posted that this was his experience in the 90’s with the U of Chicago…..can’t imagine we’ve improved since then.

  88. BB753 says:

    There’s a misunderstanding here: Western leaders are chosen precisely because they’re incompetent, obedient and disposable. Their real job is to run the government and the economy to the ground.

  89. Larry seems oblivious to the fact that Western politicians, particularly American ones, are not expected to be competent, or even intelligent. This is for the very simple and nowadays unavoidably obvious reason that they have no power to actually govern, and are not expected to have any. Indeed, any politician who makes a serious attempt to actually govern on his own, especially in the best interests of his constituents, will quickly find his political (and sometimes even physical) life terminated. The various tenticles of the (((globalist Deep State))) will not tolerate loose-cannon politicians who resist its control and influence.

    As for the subject of education, Americans will tolerate or even embrace systemic pedophilia before they’ll ever embrace education, particularly in their “leadership.” It’s difficult to identify any other society that is as anti-intellectual as American society, particularly when it comes to people in positiins of power or influence. The Mike Judge movie Idiocracy represents perfectly what most Americans aspire to.

  90. TKK says:

    Vladimir Putin: 100% Total Boss. No virtue signaling. No mealy mouth diversity garbage.

    Putin to Global Journalists:

    You ask me: Am I friend or foe to the West? I am not your friend or your bride or your groom. I’m neither your friend nor your foe. I’m simply a leader and protector of my people and their interests. 146 million people with the same national interests. It is my job to protect those interests. I am the President of Russia.

    • Agree: mocissepvis
    • Thanks: CelestiaQuesta
  91. • LOL: Arthur MacBride
  92. katesisco says:
    @Joe Levantine

    From one of the plebiscite with a BS in geology, I suspect that the electable are specifically chosen to be the public figure head as the power has and will continue to rest with the corporate power structure.
    AS in all things, the larger picture is merely a reflection of the smallest where communities manage to deny employment to a recent home builder to force the asset into planned collection by power. Some might call such a criminal action but the proof recognizable in court is never there, especially use of suggestion and mental coercion.

  93. KenR says:
    @Ann Nonny Mouse

    Read such histories as William Cobbett’s “The History of the Reformation in England and Ireland.” The Reformation in England was 100% a project of the regents and nobles. It was a smoking disaster for the people. Ruinous. They had to be dragged along kicking and screaming. The scale and scope of the rip-off staggers. Britain was a much happier and healthier place before it was a global empire. This took generations — of deprivations — to accomplish, from Henry VIII until the Glorious Revolution. The interests of the people have been firmly subordinated to the interests of the financial class now, but this did not come quickly into being and it won’t be driven away quickly either.

    • Replies: @Ann Nonny Mouse
  94. I wonder if the Jewish globalists on some level want a Red Wave in the mid-terms. It will be win-win for them in the following way:

    They must know that BLM blew back in their faces. They unleased the black beast against Trump, but it has done lasting damage to blue cities, and most victims have been Democratic whites, Jews, Asians, browns, etc. (Black on black crime is just what blacks do all the time.)

    But Jews cannot themselves blame BLM or undo the black-rage policies because of their special relationship with blacks as ‘fellow holy victims’.

    So, how can Jews fix the crime/thug problem while maintaining their pro-BLM stance? They get Republicans to take power and clean the country up with more law and order. That way, Jews and urban globs do indeed benefit while, at the same time, keeping their hands clean of the charge of anti-black ‘racism’. They can always say, “The ‘racist’ Republicans done it.”

    So, Jews make a lot of noise about how they’re opposed to the Red Wave to show off their ‘progressive’ bona fides but may indeed prefer that GOP takes power to bring back some semblance of law and order, as well as common sense social policies.

    Jews also know that, whatever the cucked GOP does, it will never blame the Jews for having inflamed BLM and unleashed the rabid dawgs on white people.

    This is why, if we are to have long-term change, law and order isn’t good enough. Jewish Power must be called out for exploiting its relations with the black community.

    It turns out the Russian Tsar didn’t order the pogroms against Jews, but in 2020 Jews did unleash black-and-antifa pogroms and kristallnacht against the US. But it’s all part of White Nakba.

    • Thanks: mocissepvis
  95. TKK says:

    Goodwill is now pondering to refuse all allow Kanye West merchandise in their stores. Which are stocked completely by donation.

    The charity organization for the Blind and Disabled cares more about towing the Jewish Line than helping the poor blind saps who have to make brooms for a pittance.

  96. So-called “democracy” is null and void when JEWS ORGANIZED GLOBALLY(JOG) own and control the corporate propaganda apparatus.

    The JEW/WASP Ruling Class of the American Empire and JOG re-conceptualized the USA from a European Christian nation to a so-called “proposition nation” in order to better fit the aspirations of globalized elements — JOG — who wished to attack the European Christian ancestral core of the USA and to extinguish and destroy the historic American nation.

    There is no doubt that JEWS ORGANIZED GLOBALLY(JOG) plotted to racially transform the United States — and many other European Christian nations — by using mass immigration as a demographic weapon. It is a historical fact that can’t be disputed. I must add, however, that the legacy WASP Ruling Class of the American Empire was a willing accomplice to JOG’s demographic execution of America.

    Treasonous WASP rodents were and are JOG’s willing executioner of the historic American nation.

    Tweets from 2014:

    • Replies: @mocissepvis
  97. Once upon a time, all was calm, peaceful and prosperous on the western front, it all deteriorated when a white majority evolved into gullible guilt ridden imbeciles, allowing blacks and Jews to overturn the Constitution with open borders, Jewish control of institutions using black gorilla warfare on white Americans. Burn Loot Murder and Rape became the rage of the day for blacks, while Jewish supremacy using antisemitism defined the guiding narrative throughout US and the world.

    Today governments weaponized race, gender and free speech for the benefit of the few, the rich and the powerful. We have become a land of socially addicted heathens, worshiping Magik Negroz, GlobalHomo, Holocaust Survivors and Woke Wiggers hellbent on our destruction, and yet, here we are, dancing as if it’s all fun and games as our demise is approaching at the speed of light.

  98. @TKK

    I quit donating to Big Top Charities and will only donate to local small thrift stores. Goodwill, Salvation Army, and a host of others have become political/racial shitholes using tax exempt status to screw the poor even more.

  99. ricpic says:

    So is Romanoff saying the answer is some form of credentialism? Aren’t we already suffering from an excess of good exam takers at the top of our society?

    • Replies: @mocissepvis
  100. LarryD3 says:

    Until around late 19th/early 20th century Europe’s civil service was largely chosen from the royalty or from the nascent upper class. France could’ve been the first to adopt the Chinese idea of imperial exams in order to establish an educated civil service. Britain followed by tabling in parliament a similar Act named “The Chinese System.”

  101. Former President Barack Obama Stump Speech Soundbite On So-Called “Democracy”:

    “Democracy might not seem like a top priority right now, but we have seen throughout history what happens when you give up on democracy. You can see it in countries where if you dissent, you get put into jail. Countries where reporters are silenced.”

    I say:

    Mass Democracy politics in the USA is top down and donor-controlled and guided in channels by corporate mass media and DEEP STATE and corporate/government partnership.

    In 2020, Trumpy got in bed with the Cheap Labor Faction of the rancid Republican Party and the Cheap Labor Faction of the GOP wants mass legal immigration and mass illegal immigration. About 5 percent of White male voters rejected the Trump Immigration Backstab and they refused to vote for Trump and Trump lost to Biden.

    Immigration issue will cause Civil War in Republican Party very shortly. By November 9, 2022 — one day after the mid-term election — the Republican Party Immigration Issue Civil War will be in full swing.

    In 2015, Trump used immigration issue energy from treasonous 2013 Obama/Rubio Mass Immigration Surge/Illegal Alien Amnesty bill(S 744) to splinter and scatter Republican Party presidential primary contenders and he used energy from immigration issue to defeat Hillary Clinton in 2016.

    The 2013 Rubio/Obama immigration bill(S744) would have tripled legal immigration and it would have given amnesty to 12 to 30 million illegal alien invaders. John Boehner killed the Obama/Rubio immigration bill in the US House so as to avoid a bloody donor vs voter civil war in the Republican Party. President Trump used the angry voter energy from that nation-wrecking immigration bill to knock the hell out of his opponents in the 2016 GOP presidential primary.

    2024 presidential election has started and Trump will have to make a choice between the Republican Party donors who want mass legal immigration and mass illegal immigration and the Republican Party voters who want an IMMIGRATION MORATORIUM and the DEPORTATION OF ALL ILLEGAL ALIEN INVADERS.

  102. Zane says:

    China thinks democracy is spelled DemoCrazy.

  103. Zane says:

    Did you hear about the CIA course on democracy at Langley? I didn’t either. 😀

  104. a collection of politically-ambitious misfits strikingly lacking in redeeming qualities, and often corrupt to the core

    An appropriate description of the worthless and indeed malevolent human (?) trash that are styled “leaders” in the west today.

    I remember remarking when in USA to Americans how generally in Europe we considered our politicians to be the worst form of dogs, whereas they seemed to accord theirs at least some degree of respect. Since American politicians appeared to me to be even more laughably stupid, devious, corrupt than what I was used to it was a baffling experience, not without a certain level of perhaps unkind secret amusement. And this was before the Trump/MAGA fiasco.
    And the Jews might bring him back, to popular acclaim.
    Assassinate some more Iranian Generals on peace missions. The Wall.

    Not long to go now in the west.
    Nobody will weep. Except the politicians of course.
    Thank you, Larry Romanoff.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  105. Hitmarck says:
    @Zachary Smith

    unlike the genetic lottery of monarchy, your system guarantees the greatest pos on top.

  106. It is a serious indictment of the democratic system that even the manager of a 7-11 must have minimum credentials of some nature, but the President of the US or the Prime Minister of Canada or any other Western democracy need have none.

    I agree and have thought the same for years. But even worse than that observation is anyone can vote, and not have the foggiest notion what they are voting for. Many (or most?) people just vote all one party. They don’t even have to recognize the name, or know anything about their platform, or voting record. Nothing is required to check the box.

    I have suggested in personal conversations on this matter that a voter should have to pass a test on what they are voting on, show the state they understand what they are voting on. That will never happen, not in Amerika, where ballot boxes are stuffed, illegal alien votes count, etc. In the last presidential election I read a story that all the military overseas votes were discarded because they knew those votes would be overwhelmingly for Trump.

    And another idea I love is that NONE OF THE ABOVE be put on the ballot. If NOTA wins, the candidates must be changed and a new vote cast. And another contention is that both major party candidates are both slavish ZIOWHORES. In many elections we are told by concerned folk to vote for the lesser whore of Israel. And everyone knows in Amerikan elections, the candidate starts at the Wailing Wall.

    I do not vote. I have very good moral arguments why voting is just wrong, and maybe even evil. I reccomend Larkin Rose’s infamous rant for starters:

    A Message to the Voting Cattle – Larken Rose

    But there is another BIG reason I do not vote. Government is actually and outgrowth of religion, it is formed from religious beliefs. For instance, in the Holy Bible, in the New Testament it specifically states that God ordains governments:
    Submission to Authorities
    (1 Peter 2:13–20)

    1Everyone must submit himself to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which is from God. The authorities that exist have been appointed by God. 2Consequently, whoever resists authority is opposing what God has set in place, and those who do so will bring judgment on themselves.

    3For rulers are not a terror to good conduct, but to bad. Do you want to be unafraid of the one in authority? Then do what is right, and you will have his approval. 4For he is God’s servant for your good. But if you do wrong, be afraid, for he does not carry the sword in vain. He is God’s servant, an agent of retribution to the wrongdoer.

    5Therefore it is necessary to submit to authority, not only to avoid punishment, but also as a matter of conscience. 6This is also why you pay taxes. For the authorities are God’s servants, who devote themselves to their work. 7Pay everyone what you owe him: taxes to whom taxes are due, revenue to whom revenue is due, respect to whom respect is due, honor to whom honor is due.

    And once religions form governments, and go to war, they can force you to fight, and if you resist they may imprison you or even kill you. In Ukraine right today, men are being forced to fight a losing war against their will, and many are executed right on the spot if they refuse.

    As governments matured, the excuse they use to back up the claim of “authority” changes. It was the divine right of kings, then the vote, but they cheat at voting, so by what magical word can they use to claim authority now?

    • Replies: @showmethereal
  107. @Joe Levantine

    This system was not devised by Jews. It was long after World War II that finally Jews simply had enough money and thus raw power to run it for Jews, and almost nobody else. The ‘democratic system’ wa devised by British elites over a few decades. ‘The Puritan Revolution was a nightmare, as even most of the rich commoner businessmen who backed financially knew long before Oliver Cromwell died and went to Hell. So they began devising a replacement that would be a controlled, and therefore fake, monarchy. The monarch would be little more than a figurehead controlled by the behind the scenes elites. They knew they must keep a Parliament that regularly had elections, or else the masses might revolt. So they began tinkering with ways to control elections. The final pieces were adopted in the early 18th century and featured the creation of 2 Freemasonic lodges which would reflect 2 ‘major’ political factions or parties.

    All English language democracy, and any other devised by WASPs, would be in that pattern, even when ‘minor’ parties often win seats. The deep state rules, and that Deep State was NOT created by Jews; it was created by WASP elites and only WASP elites.

    But as Jews began indispensable to WASP empire as financiers during the 17th and 18th centuries, it was a given that Jews would soon come run all political factions, because the system was created by the moneyed for the moneyed to be able to run things while pretending that those openly elected ran things. Once Jews had the most money, they would rule. And that was a certainly even for the far-thinking even in 1700 because the far-seeing knew that WSAP elites held power by hating the vast majority of whites they ruled acting always against their best interests, while tricking the English middle and working classes to think that hating Scots and Irish as inferiors helped them against the Lords.

    Yes did not invent the WASP con game. But they now own it.

  108. anon[223] • Disclaimer says:
    @Joe Levantine

    One of the most blindingly-obvious flaws in the Western democratic model is that elected government officials require no credentials of any kind whatsoever to qualify for their positions <=Obviously, the single qualification is to be electable by the masses for an office that none of masses, not a member of the electoral college, can vote for. Quite a trick unless you are member of the Pilgrim society?

  109. @Kinky Friedman

    Yep-it’s class warfare disguised as ‘the people’s voice’. More and more like caste war in the glorious West, as inequality grows and upward social mobility dies. As Chomsky noted, the elites in the USA have very strong class consciousness, but the serfs are denied any.
    And who better to benefit in such a system where ‘Market power’ ie money power, dominates everything, than a caste whose elite members care NOTHING for the untermenschen or their elite rivals from other castes? A cabal whose hard won and inflicted motto over the millennia could be ‘This, or that, time, we went too far’.

  110. @Arthur MacBride

    There are various ‘filters’ through which politicians must pass in Austfailia. First, they must recognise, but not publicise, the fact that the real rulers are the rich owners of society, not them, and certainly not the hoi polloi. Second, the USA runs the country as a colony, and we must always follow ‘Our Great and Powerful Friends’ into any genocidal aggression that they mount. Third, workers are the ‘Enemy Within’ and must not be allowed to organise. ‘Labor’ regimes pretend to ameliorate the one-sided class warfare imposed by the far Right regimes, but always run like curs at the first sign of an elite MSM propaganda campaign.
    Fourth, the White Herrenvolk must rule the planet forever, and we are blessed to be among the elite of that elite, the Anglosphere. China is the Yellow Peril, a milch-cow to be exploited, then slaughtered before it attempts to overturn the Divine Order of Things. Similarly the Indigenous are sub-humans to be ‘assimilated’ ie genocided gradually, while we are pretending to ‘care’. Etc. Hence we have left some of ‘…the most scabrous examples of the genus Homo extant’, as our rulers. And we think we are really wonderful.

    • Replies: @Arthur MacBride
  111. @TKK

    I think that West was conned into believing that he was so ‘big’ that he could get away with speaking his truth. Of course he cannot, and his destruction (‘Kill the monkey to scare the chickens’ as the Chinese say)will teach the serfs a lesson as to who controls ‘their’ country. Of course, in a familiar pattern, relying on fear and groveling to impose your diktat over a vast host population, in the end is a losing formula, guaranteeing an inevitable explosion.

  112. @mulga mumblebrain

    That’s very enlightening, Mulga
    But a constant Looney Left diet can lead to Hopelessness and Despair.
    Not to forget Bitterness. Loss of sense of Humour.
    Plus the vital question of loyalty to Gefilterfish eaters.
    Not forgetting Lox and Bagels.

    Also your revered leaders don’t always have the right answers.
    Difficult to accept but what can you do ….

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  113. haha says:

    “Liz Truss, or Lizz of forty days”.
    You got that quite wrong, off by 10%. Lizzy battled on mightily for a full 44 days. Now that was a mighty achievement for a woman of infinite ignorance, unbounded stupidity, and a near-zero I.Q. She was living proof of equality of outcome in a functioning democracy: every fool gets to have his/her day at the top spot. Across the ocean Joe proves the same point: democracy provides equal opportunity to the senile and the demented elderly.

  114. Durruti says:

    When we couple this with the Chinese process of weeding out the bottom 99.99% from consideration

    I resemble this article by Larry Romanoff. I’ll have you know that I graduated in the top 90% of my class at Lehigh.

    Oh! I get it, Dictatorship trumps Democracy! You have no idea how fulfilling it is to bend down & be filled with the best Totalitarianism has to offer. Thanks to UNZ for publishing Romanoff (in preference to my articles – which he will not print).

    It is a relief for us, that our betters exist, and are willing to loot, and penetrate us. This excellent leadership in China, as in the USSR, will live forever, and provide excellent leadership – forever, or at least for a hundred years.

    I know that Trotsky‘s “Revolution Betrayed” and Orwell‘s presentation of Trotsky’s views in his hilarious & bitter “Animal Farm” are better forgotten. The decay of the Marxist Lemonist (Stalinist) regime in Russia, cannot happen in China.

    How does one replace, or healthfully/reliably renew Dictators? This is the road for corruption, as a Power Elite will form.!&&p=291878ede0c80f27JmltdHM9MTY2NzUyMDAwMCZpZ3VpZD0wM2U1NDJhOC1lMmRmLTYxOWUtMmVkYy01MGZhZTNmMzYwMTQmaW5zaWQ9NTI5MQ&ptn=3&hsh=3&fclid=03e542a8-e2df-619e-2edc-50fae3f36014&psq=revolution+betrayed+trotsky&u=a1aHR0cHM6Ly9lbi53aWtpcGVkaWEub3JnL3dpa2kvVGhlX1Jldm9sdXRpb25fQmV0cmF5ZWQ&ntb=1

    There is no mention or examination of The Republic, by Romanoff. Perhaps he has never heard of it. Neither has Unz. After all, free, or mostly free elections cannot produce good leadership at the top. Just who was John F. Kennedy? A War Hero, a Scholar, a leader with great wit and heart. Naah! I must be thinking of someone from another planet – another dimension. And Thomas Jefferson, our first President to be actually elected in a contested election, he was a fool, uneducated. He was fluent in English, French, & a smattering of Latin – no big deal. He also starred in a Hollywood movie. Jefferson could write dreams. Ohhhh! too much coffee, too many dreams.

    Lincoln was also a boob. He is not one of my favorites; I preferred Jefferson Davis. But there I go.

    Eugene Debs got a million votes from Prison. Try that in 1933-45 Germany. Hitler was a Zionist Agent – Oh! no one is going to believe that!

    Romanoff is just one of the writers who sweeten the taste of Defeat. He insists that defeat is Victory. After all, if Democracy does not work, and is the cause of our defeat, and if the Republic never existed, and if JFK never smiled, and our institutions of brainwashing/learning prefer ‘sports’ to learning, Therefore: Democracy is the cause of WHAT? HUH? It is a religion? Like a religion? Huh?

    Democracy is not the problem, our Assassinated Republic on November 22, 1963 IS!!! Restore the Republic! Shoot all the Professors (except me). Begin anew.

    Dr. Peter J. Antonsen – nom de guerre, Durruti


    “We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal… governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed; that whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it and to institute new government, laying its foundation on such principles…”

    The above is a portion of the Declaration of Independence, written by Thomas Jefferson.

  115. Anon[372] • Disclaimer says:

    The point of democracy is that the people rule. Elites of education, wealth, social background, or whatever may produce vastly more efficient government directed to some purpose the given elite may choose but will the people really care for their rule?

    People who are forced to live with a government deserve the government that satisfies them. If it is corrupt, inefficient, ineffective, incompetent, and many other nasty things yet still accepted by the people who must live with it what is to be said?

    Certainly in a Darwinian universe such a government will soon be swept from power. Yet its forms may remain while those who hold the real power live personally in a different world. For them it is best. They need not associate with the great unwashed and have no responsibility, apparently, for deleterious conditions of any sort.

    If the world will never contain for long functioning democracies of worth but will be always mediocre by definition and will eventually be ruled by elites who create or inherit the chaos of democratic government then what kind of elite is best? The kind of elite that rules over the US or the kind of elite that rules over China?

    Either way the people are the wards of the state. Is it better to be rich and obviously subordinate or poor and ignorant of one’s status? You should ask first what is the purpose of collective human action before assigning first place to obvious intelligence and competence. Perhaps the only difference is to be culled obviously or to be culled by stealth.

  116. @Arthur MacBride

    I’m true ‘Left’ Arthur. Nothing like the liberal fascist ‘Left’ in the USA, or the ‘social democrat’ fake ‘Left’ like UK Labour and the ALP here. I’m a ‘water-melon’ because ‘Green’ ie living at peace with the Earth, impossible under capitalism, is our only, increasingly tenuous, hope of survival. Unfortunately, the political Greens in the West have sold out, too.

    • Replies: @Arthur MacBride
  117. Athena says:

    Canada’s Bill C-11 Explained: A Chilling Law That Lets The Government Censor User-generated Content

    ”Canada’s Online Streaming Act (Bill C-11) is one of several recent attempts by Western governments to crush online speech while claiming that they support free expression.

    The bill is being pushed by Canadian Heritage Minister Pablo Rodriguez — a politician who believes that unregulated speech “erodes the foundations of democracy.” And it has the full support of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau — a world leader who previously said freedom of expression isn’t “freedom to hate.”

    The bill gives Canada’s communications regulator, the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC), increased powers to regulate “programs” — a definition that applies to almost all forms of audio-visual content that are uploaded by Canadian citizens.

    It will empower the CRTC to set content promotion and demotion rules for Canadian content and require platforms to make financial contributions towards Canadian content.”

    • Replies: @Athena
  118. Athena says:

    Pablo Rodriguez, friend of Quebec city former mayor, separatist Regis Labeaume

    It’s not ‘progressive’ to label pacifists ‘Putin stooges’

    ”Last Friday I interrupted Minister Pablo Rodriguez’ press conference in Montréal to ask about their proxy war and why Ottawa never calls for negotiations while activist Tamara Lorincz protested Justin Trudeau in Waterloo about why “Canada is prolonging environmentally destructive war in Ukraine.”

  119. @TKK

    Fuck these so-called “charities.” Ninety-five percent of them are scams run by grifters who steal the bulk of the donations and do almost nothing to assist the people they supposedly exist to help. Goodwill is certainly no exception to that stereotype.

  120. @Charles Pewitt

    Treasonous WASP rodents were and are JOG’s willing executioner of the historic American nation.

    And come the reaction, Treasonous WASPs are going to be the very first to be strung up and set ablaze. Yes, they’ll be dealt with even before their Jewish paymasters.

  121. @ricpic

    So is Romanoff saying the answer is some form of credentialism? Aren’t we already suffering from an excess of good exam takers at the top of our society?

    Nah, because Chinese exam takers and credentialists are superior to their American equivalents. As far as Larry is concerned, there is nothing that America can do to redeem itself. Americans are just all-around inferior to his beloved Chinese in every conceivable way, so they don’t deserve to be saved. Well, maybe if they essentially convert themselves into Chinese in everything but skin color and eye shape. Otherwise they deserve to be annihilated.

    • Replies: @dogbumbreath
  122. @Backward

    Perhaps you might prefer The Atlantic. I believe that it has women writers. A recent article, by a woman, suggested a ‘covid’ “amnesty. I think the idea was that we would all forgive each other. We, the anti-vaxx loons, would forgive the covid lie pushers. I haven’t read the article but I presume the other side of “each other”, i.e. they, the liars, would forgive us for not having believed their lies. I would call that chutzpah to the out of this world level. I should apologise for not believing lies? Only a woman could be so stupid as to believe that.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  123. Mefobills says:

    Good Job by Mr. Romanoff:

    This comment especially:

    When the European Jewish bankers – the Khazar mafia operating out of the City of London, instigated the series of European revolutions that replaced the monarchs, one of their prime motivations was to construct a form of national government that would make impossible further expulsions of Jews from those countries. To accomplish this, it was necessary to replace the monarchs with a form of government that could be totally controlled from behind the scenes, and our multi-party power-struggle system was the result. It also occurred to them from the start that a politically-ambitious but impecunious, unintelligent, uninformed, and largely incapable man off the street would be much easier to buy, to control and to corrupt, than would have been the best and brightest in the land.

    I have already commented on it before, see here:

    Yes, it was City of London.

    But, there were trials BEFORE this event, and the first Parliamentary democracy of the type we use today was invented by the Jewish creditor class, after expulsion from Spain. 1492 was expulsion, and in the subsequent 200 years, there was a rapid series of Jewish instigated events, to then set up the modern Western World, including easily controlled Parliamentary democracies.

    From Hudson, Democracy and Debt:

    Matters changed with the Dutch democracy, seeking to win and secure its liberty from Habsburg Spain. The fact that their parliament was to contract permanent public debts on behalf of the state enabled the Low Countries to raise loans to employ mercenaries in an epoch when money and credit were the sinews of war. Access to credit “was accordingly their most powerful weapon in the struggle for their freedom,” notes Ehrenberg: “Anyone who gave credit to a prince knew that the repayment of the debt depended only on his debtor’s capacity and will to pay. The case was very different for the cities, which had power as overlords, but were also corporations, associations of individuals held in common bond. According to the generally accepted law each individual burgher was liable for the debts of the city both with his person and his property.”[2]

    The financial achievement of parliamentary government was thus to establish debts that were not merely the personal obligations of princes, but were truly public and binding regardless of who occupied the throne. This is why the first two democratic nations, the Netherlands and Britain after its 1688 revolution, developed the most active capital markets and proceeded to become leading military powers. What is ironic is that it was the need for war financing that promoted democracy, forming a symbiotic trinity between war making, credit and parliamentary

    Our Jewish friends had tons of Gold won at usury on the caravan routes in the previous two thousand years of history. The secret method, that is the mainspring of history, was to arbitrage the difference in gold/silver price at the exchange nodes, which was across the Bosporous at Constantinople.

    After Vasco De Gama discovered the Southern Route in 1497, around the Cape of Good Hope, then the overland transfer of Gold/Silver and Spices transferred to Antwerp, and then Amsterdam.

    The Jews went to Portugal, and to Holland. A stroke of good luck after expulsion gave them riches to be found in the new world, and new “shipping” methods of taking usury on exchange of goods, piracy, and slavery.

    The 80 years war was the Jews finding a way to put the people in “Burgers” into debts, and then using the Burgermeister as a tax collection agent to pay the debts. The duped Goyim were then pointed at Spain. Any review of this war has the (((usual))) characters.

    So, it wasn’t just London, that was an aftershock, where the first debt spreading bank gets to control a country through hidden stock owners.

    Before that was “freedom of religion” so that Jews could move about freely, then there was putting entire towns into debt, and then having the townspeople become complicit in their debt status by having them vote.

    Our Jewish friends experimented with and invented hypothecation money (private bank credit from nothing) at the Wissel banks. 700 unlicensed Sephardic Jews invented all kinds of chicanery at the Stock Market, similar gambling and speculative mechanisms we operate with today. Only the Jews were privy to inside information, and hence were harvesting the trusting goys.

    The Dutch countered by creating a State Bank to stabilize the currency from speculative attacks from the Jews, and their private money creation.

    The Jews in Amsterdam were very busy, using the first printing presses to create Bibles in English, to then set themselves up as God’s special people. Their usury won gains were recycled to create Judeo Christianity, and to spread it with the reformation. BONUS! The Catholic church can be looted, and then no longer resist the Jew.

    The pre-conditions to return to England (King Edward previously had kicked the Jews out in 1290 – yes, for operating the usury mechanism), are crucial to understand, to then understand how we became saddled with the ridiculous form of Democracy we use today, which has roots in Holland, especially the port cities where spices gold and silver were unloaded.

    When Jews were ejected 108 times, it was always a strong Patriarchy, a King-like system, where the King had some sort of feeling for his subjects, and did not approve of them being predated upon by the parasite. The Jewish invented democracy was “sinews of war” to then spread Jew debts around the world.

    • Thanks: Arthur MacBride
  124. Britain had Dodgy Dave and the United States has Sleepy Joe!!! Would anyone have the courage to refer to Biden as Sleepy Joe in the Congress ? What would happen to him/her thereafter ?

  125. @KenR

    You’re OT bringing up the subject of the
    Reformation versus the Poop of Rome. But you yourself start reading on the subject. Foxe’s Book of Martyrs assisted by Eusebius’ The History of the Church demonstrates that the bishop of Rome and his minions martyred many times more Christians than all the Roman emperors put together. England? Bloody Mary had the Archbishop of Canterbury executed, plus others. Um… the date today… Remember, Remember The Fifth of November, the Gunpowder Treason And Plot! Read Antonia Fraser, The Gunpowder Plot.

  126. @mulga mumblebrain

    I have respect for traditional Left, Mulga.

    They became committed to the NSDAP once they discovered that they were being used by the likes of Rosa Luxembourg, Levi Davidovitch Bronstein et al to destroy their country and Europe generally.

    I wish you could ditch the Climate Hoax, though.

    All the Best.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  127. @Nemanja

    Who on earth ever claimed the Chinese system was perfect????
    Also westerners are clueless. This is also about preparing for future wars and calamities. The CPC is aware that the Chinese people are becoming spoiled like westerners and are using this to toughen them up again and be ready to face hardship… Not hardship in terms of poverty – but in dealing with calamity. China is not a western nation and doesn’t have a western mind. See comment #’s 55/56 by littleredot. China stumbled in the past when it got complacent. The CPC wants to re-instill a revolutionary spirit. Covid – which was absolutely a serious plague the first 2 years – provided an outlet. Can western countries stand any inconvenience? Who is more prepared for global strife????

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  128. @Yukon Jack

    Saul/Paul also made similar points to Peter. The point they were making was that the believers were under Roman pagan occupation who made their lives miserable. There point was it was not for believers to try to raise up insurrections against government. In fact one can argue – democracies – yes made by the pagan Greeks – are a direct rejection of such an idea and is the ultimate vanity of human beings.

  129. @Kinky Friedman

    “ The Puritan Revolution was a nightmare, as even most of the rich commoner businessmen who backed financially knew long before Oliver Cromwell died and went to Hell”

    Beautifully stated. But, I would advise reading “The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit” by Dr. E. Michael Jones, where he meticulously researches the relationship between the Jews and the Protestant movements that led to the “Glorious Revolution” which finally heralded the beginnings of the new version of the parliamentary system that has evolved into the travesty that it has become today.

    In England, the relationship between Sephardic Jews, who reentered after Cromwell’s victory, and the British aristocracy, where power and money joined together, shaped the fate of British politics to such an extent that today it would be simply impossible to dissociate the interest of the Jew from that of the British elites. Once the Jews had control of the Bank of England, the die was cast, and it was only a matter of time before the U.S. would follow into the same path. From central banking agent Alexander Hamilton to the slayer of the hydra Andrew Jackson, the central banking issue would ebb and flow until its reinstitution in a quorum-less congress one day before Christmas Eve in 1913. From there on, one should not spend much time differentiating between the WASP elites and the Talmudist Sabbatean Frankists who took full control of the money supply and put their tentacles in every facet of society.

    “ Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes its laws” quote by a famous Rothschild.

    One thing is certain In that the unholy alliance between the WASP elites and the Jews will never bode well for the working classes, be they White or others, nor for world peace.

  130. @Serge Krieger

    system of promotion due to merit also was widespread in Stalin USSR

    Sorry, but the Chinese predate this by 2000 years.

    Why do you think that the Chinese could absorb socialism so easily? Because their culture was already predisposed to it for two millenia.

  131. @showmethereal

    Moreover, the Chinese system is designed to perfect itself over time. Not to the impossible, unrealisable, 100% perfection, but in that it delivers more that is good to more Chinese, and friendly foreigners. The poor old West only has the ‘Invisible Hand’ that you feel in your jodhpurs as it relieves you of your money and pushes you, very visibly, toward a starless gutter.

  132. @Arthur MacBride

    Arfur, me old darlin’-just because the rotten elites are using anthropogenic climate destabilisation in order to tighten their grip of death over humanity, by demanding useless and harmful ‘Market-Based Solutions’, does not render it untrue. It is already a deadly and rapidly worsening malady afflicting humanity.

  133. @acementhead

    We do need an amnesty for the low level imbeciles too stupid, ignorant and brainwashed to see the horror of ‘The Response’, but the Big Wigs, once identified, which won’t be hard, need to suffer condign punishment. For manslaughter at the very least.

  134. One would think that Commodities Trading in China would be a bad idea, being that “Derivatives” of anything are a sham paper function of any economic system?

  135. @littlereddot

    I am reminded how Qing emperors dismissed advances in Western technology in the late 18th century as being mere toys and trinkets, and nothing compared to what had been achieved in the great Celestial Empire. Again we will see complacency/hubris precede a fall.

    Qing Dynasty/Empire (1636 – 1912) was NOT Han Chinese. The Qing were foreigners. You can say the current USA is also being led by foreigners (Jews) since 1913. The Ming Dynasty (1368 – 1644) was the last period which Han Chinese ruled their own country. China’s “Century of Humiliation (1839 – 1949)” otherwise known as the rape and theft of the Country by Westerners was a result of Qing Dynasty hubris and incompetence. China’s current ascension from 1949 onwards is a result of the country being lead by majority Han Chinese. The results (#1 or #2 economy) have been impressive considering the 378 years Han Chinese leadership gap.

    • Replies: @littlereddot
  136. @mocissepvis

    Nah, because Chinese exam takers and credentialists are superior to their American equivalents. As far as Larry is concerned, there is nothing that America can do to redeem itself. Americans are just all-around inferior to his beloved Chinese in every conceivable way, so they don’t deserve to be saved. Well, maybe if they essentially convert themselves into Chinese in everything but skin color and eye shape. Otherwise they deserve to be annihilated.

    Don’t be willfully ignorant. The problem with the USA is it is being run by foreigners. Larry is just pointing out the obvious. Do Americans have the IQ to realize their government is NOT serving the people? Do Americans have the collective courage and organizational skills to overthrow this parasite government (foreigners) killing America and Americans? The Han Chinese (CPC) had the courage to eject the foreigners running their country for over 378 years. Unless Americans can do the same, they will be annihilated and it’s not because of different skin color or eye shape.

  137. @dogbumbreath

    Yes, the Qing were not Han, but IMHO the stagnation already began before the Qing. But would it have happened differently if Qing were not Manchus but Han?

    Others will dispute it, but my opinion is that the peak of Chinese civilisational rate of progress was the Tang or Song. After that China got too successful and too proud of that success. That is nothing to be ashamed about, and it isn’t anything new. It is human nature. It is as true for the individual as it is for a civilisation.

    Someone smart said it like this:

    Hard times breed strong men. Strong men breed good times. Good times breed weak men. Weak men breed hard times.

    • Agree: dogbumbreath
  138. @onebornfree

    We were free of OneBornFried for a while. What a curse that he’s shown up again.

  139. @Priss Factor

    Didn’t the high-IQ Jewish immigrants to the USA also experience an IQ drop in these last couple of generations?

    I think one of the contributing factors of the IQ drop in the west might actually be the toxic environment we have created. Too much McDonald’s and other trashy fastfood, instead of the plain-but-healthy foods that was eaten 60 years ago. Too much lazy driving in the car, instead of slow-but-steady unnoticed exercise that you can get through walking (or bicycling, if you want to go Dutch) to get to your work or to buy groceries. Too much pollution in the air and the water supply. Too many micro-plastics getting into our body. Too many unnatural chemicals added into our food to stretch the preservation date for consumption and too many unnatural chemicals in our water to kill off pathogens to make it “safe” for consumption. Too many children addicted to the blinking screen of their smartphone, which is shortening the attention span of their not-yet-fully-developed brain and otherwise influencing it in profoundly negative ways, and too much porn and hedonism surrounding them everywhere, while very few are willing to teach children the benefits of discipline.

    I fear that the west might actually be the canary in the coal mine in this case. Other civilizations might also experience an IQ drop in the future, if they decide to continue to follow our path towards “modernization”/self-destruction. It’s reversible, of course, but it will take a strong leader with vision and the cooperation of citizens from all levels of society.

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