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Connecting the Dots
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It often happens that events we view as isolated occurrences are connected as integral parts of a much larger picture, often as part of a wide-ranging plan, and frequently with important social, economic, and/or political implications which become evident only when seen in total. The several topics of this essay add a necessary context to all major social, commercial, and geo-political events of recent decades, which may help us in connecting dots. For this, it is extremely important to realise and understand that in these matters there are no accidents, that ‘crises’ (other than things like volcanic eruptions) do not just happen, and that the final result of any crisis, however it may appear, was the result intended.

As one example, this many decades ago, we noticed that in our city in Canada one brand of American convenience store seemed to have a habit of opening new stores within a stone’s throw of the existing ‘mom and pop’ variety stores (as they were then called), these shiny and attractive new shops inevitably resulting in the closure of our traditional community stores with the resulting loss of livelihood of the owner-families. It was a surprise to learn later that this practice existed in all cities in Canada and it eventually became clear that each such apparently minor event reflected the gradual execution of an astonishingly predatory plan to not only become established in another country but to progressively eliminate all existing competition in doing so. The dawning of this realisation came too late for authorities to take preventive action, resulting in the destruction of what had been an important part of Canada’s community cultural landscape.

In a different category, and more recently, we learned that during a period of ten or more years ending around 2015, GlaxoSmithKline engaged in an enormous tax and marketing fraud in China[1][2], involving billions of RMB in massive and systemic bribery and falsified accounts, the discovery punctuated by the company’s China CEO Mark Reilly fleeing the country on the first plane to England “on a previously-planned business trip”, and intending to remain there “to help with the investigation from that end”.[3] Lacking additional information, we tend to view this revelation as a domestic issue involving the typical group of ‘a few bad apples’. But with a bit of investigation we discover that GSK carried on a series of virtually identical criminal adventures simultaneously in the US and other countries as well, having been fined billions of dollars in the US alone for repeated occurrences. This additional knowledge substantially amends our perception of the picture. When, with a bit of additional investigation, we discover that all the major pharma companies have repeatedly engaged in a wide range of criminal activities resulting in fines totaling tens of billions of dollars in the US alone, our appreciation of GSK’s activities in China, and of the entire landscape of big pharma, are much altered and more accurate. We now know something we didn’t know before, and we now understand we are not dealing with a few bad apples in an isolated if unfortunate event, but with an industry corrupt to its core, worldwide. [4][5]

Similarly, we learned that Apple, the darling of the US stock market and of iphone fans everywhere, was being hounded by the Chinese commercial authorities, this time over warranty periods, Chinese law categorising Apple’s ipad as a computer requiring a two-year warranty with Apple insisting the ipad was a phone and refusing to comply. Following stringent insistence and a huge public outcry, Apple was eventually forced to conform.[6][7] Reading this as an isolated occurrence, we might judge this as a technical domestic argument of little consequence but, with a bit of investigation, we discover that Apple’s warranties had been under fire for years throughout Europe (and other countries) for precisely the same reasons and with precisely the same outcome – Apple stubbornly flouting the consumer laws of dozens of countries.[8][9] With this additional information, our perception of Apple’s behavior in China assumes a different flavor. We no longer see a simple dispute between a retailer and a socialist government with perhaps sticky laws, but a multinational corporation suffused with sufficient arrogance to not only challenge but attempt to dictate consumer laws and warranty policies to all sovereign nations where it does business. To say nothing of some bold tax dodges.[10] Further investigation reveals that, of all computer and mobile phone companies, only Apple appears to take this position. We now have a more accurate picture of the international IT landscape and Apple’s position within it, our sympathy for Apple’s difficulties in China certainly moderating if not transforming into outright hostility.

In each case, our understanding has been substantially amended because we can see the whole picture and we now know something we did not know before. It is true for a great many occurrences in the world, of many different kinds, that these are not single disconnected events but are related in a set pattern and to a set purpose. Simply put, if one house burns down on a street, that’s unfortunate; if two houses burn down on that street, that’s a coincidence; if five houses burn down on that same street, that’s a plan.

Thus, for many of the world’s events, most especially those containing strong social, economic and/or geo-political effects, it behooves us to bypass the mass media who force-feed us with only carefully-selected sound bytes, and to engage ourselves in a bit of independent research to discover whether these apparently disconnected events are in fact related in a larger context. It is necessary to bypass the media because the absence of connection between these apparently disparate (but related) events is not accidental; the media coverage by design and intent renders it impossible for the general public to connect the dots.

The Official Narrative

In attempting to understand social, economic and geo-political events, there is a second matter demanding our attention, that of the initial mass media coverage, because this often betrays secrets of an event that might otherwise be unknown.

Consider: if there is an explosion in a shopping mall somewhere, at first neither we nor the relevant authorities know anything. It might have been caused a gas line leak, perhaps from faulty maintenance, or stored chemicals, or perhaps a disgruntled citizen set off a bomb. At first, we don’t even know what, much less having a clear idea of who or how, or why, and it takes time to ferret out these details and form a sensible working theory of that event. If it appears that persons were responsible, the authorities require additional time to determine why and who, then begin their search.

But, if we are paying attention, it often happens that immediately upon the occurrence of such an event, the mass media present us with a full-blown story lacking only small details, a more or less complete description of what, how, who and why, a story that could not possibly be known at that stage. Not only is the media description immediate, but it is universal and unanimous, with all apparently unrelated media presenting the same story line, often verbatim, with no disagreement on any significant elements, these uniform storylines sometimes flooding the news for days, weeks, and even months.

Such a unanimous flood can occur only with all participants reading from the same script, prepared beforehand and readied for simultaneous release. In the above case, there are only two possibilities:[1] The story, if true, could be known only by the perpetrators or, [2] the story is a fabricated falsehood, taking the microphone to pre-empt independent rational thought by the public and force the discussion into desired channels, resulting in the elimination of critical public analysis and preventing the truth from escaping confinement.

At one time, not so long ago, this was impossible. But today, with the intense concentration of media ownership across all continents, (and with the increasingly strong censorship of the social media) we have only five or six people, all colleagues, controlling perhaps 90% of all media content and with a powerful financial influence on the remainder.

As one ready example, we could review the unfortunate flight of Korean Airlines 007 in 1983, a Boeing 747 which was shot down by Russian aircraft when it ventured about 500 kilometers off-course and perilously close to some Russian military installations. The media response was immediate and universal that “the Russians” killed hundreds of innocent passengers, and a great deal else. I don’t want to dwell on this here but, if you would like some personal entertainment, you might enjoy doing some thorough research on this event. One of the more entertaining issues was that the water was shallow where the aircraft eventually went down, and the Russians searched thoroughly but located only a few bodies of the crew. No hundreds of innocent passengers. One other discovery was hundreds of pairs of new sneakers and a great deal of new clothing still folded in its original packaging. But no bodies. The official response was that when the aircraft was hit by the missiles, the decompression “sucked all the passengers out of their clothes”, then presumably folding and packaging their clothing. Mother Nature is nothing if not neat and tidy.

The events of 9-11 were certainly one of these, with the entire final version of the “official story” appearing the next day in all the Western media, all verbatim including the who, how and why. SARS and ZIKA fit this pattern in every respect, and COVID-19 also fit very well as do the seven biological pathogens unleashed on China during the past two years alone. With the 2019 swine flu, the entire Western media knew instantly that Chinese “criminal gangs” and “pork speculators” were for unknown reasons infecting all of China’s pigs, although no evidence ever surfaced to support any part of their story. If we review the media coverage for many notable events in our recent history, the pattern is the same. We are then facing the only sensible conclusion that those events were executed as part of a plan with the unanimous media coverage arranged well in advance – and with the knowing participation of the media owners.

Normally, subsequent contradictory theories arise over time as we learn details and assemble the pieces in what might be a more logical and sensible combination but, in these cases, all contradictions are first ignored by the mass media, then condemned as “conspiracy theories”, those presenting them unanimously mocked and derided. The more attention these contradictory theories generate, and the more that serious flaws are exposed in the official story, the louder the derision and more vicious the condemnation, again unanimous and universal. Moreover, as these theories gain traction, the underlying facts are increasingly ignored in exchange for attacking their proponents. If we don’t like the message, we kill the messenger. There is no shortage of examples of historians, authors, various experts, being hounded to bankruptcy, infamy, and even death, merely for publishing (or even attempting to publish) inconvenient truths. This process is now so well-established that whenever we see accusations of ‘conspiracy theories’ we can be certain that a government or a corporation has something to hide.

As time passes, the public become inundated with what we term “the official narrative”, most tending to believe a story repeated daily for weeks from dozens of apparently independent and reputable sources, to the point where the matter is no longer news and dissenting opinions are lost in the haze. It then becomes almost impossible for hidden truths to emerge and, even if they do emerge, it is too late to significantly alter the public conviction or to obtain the required critical mass of dissention for a re-examination of the facts. It is said that if we hear a lie five times, especially from five different sources, we will believe it as true and will later be astonishingly reluctant to alter our opinion even in the face of irrefutable evidence to the contrary. This is one of the fundamental tenets of all propaganda.

In so many past instances, generally involving malfeasance, the US government or some branch of it quickly took the initiative to promulgate an “official story” that it wanted the public to accept, always with widespread media and scientific or other support. It isn’t usually difficult to distinguish between these crafted tales and other situations where the truth of an event innocently emerges as facts are sequentially discovered. One sure sign that we are being told a story is when “the official narrative” appears much too soon – before any actual facts emerge that would support the hypothesis, a ploy necessary to pre-empt independent conclusions and prevent more realistic or more factual versions from gaining traction.

Directed Channels of Discourse

There is one other item that serves to actively prevent our connecting the dots and forming correct conclusions about events, this being an intense and coordinated media focus to direct public discourse into desirable channels and away from the key issues. As a simple example, some years ago there were intense debates about the future of the Euro, with growing public opinion that the group currency was a failed experiment and European nations should revert to their original national currencies. But the mass media spawned a flood of debate centered on a wide range of options more or less titled “What is the best way to save the Euro?”, forcing public debate into a context where continuation of the Euro was assumed as immutable and all discussion focused on methods of preservation. Of course, the real question was “Should the Euro be saved?”, but those raising this question were ignored, mocked, derided, and painted as traitors to Europe.

If we pay attention to the mass media on the occurrence of many events, it is easy to see that we are often being propagandised and programmed to see the world through the same pair of eyes – the pair our masters want us to look through. It is a most effective tool of public manipulation, with most of us unaware this thought control is taking place. As Noam Chomsky noted in discussing propaganda[11]Noam Chomsky [2013]. “How the World Works”, p.234, Soft Skull Press, “The smart way . . . is to strictly limit the spectrum of acceptable opinion, but allow very lively debate within that spectrum. That gives people the sense that there’s free thinking going on, while all the time the presuppositions of the system are being reinforced by the limits put on the range of the debate.” In simple terms, if you can focus the public on asking the wrong questions, you needn’t worry about the answers.

A Brief Case Study in Connecting Dots

In 2001, an outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease ravaged the British farming industry. Exports from the UK of live animals, meat and dairy products were banned by other nations, and the government ordered a mass slaughter of millions of animals. The losses to British farmers were nearly incalculable, with a great many farmers going bankrupt or otherwise put out of business, and some farmers committing suicide in anguish over their losses. Within six months, almost 4 million animals had been slaughtered and their carcasses burned. Oddly, in the face of this enormous disaster, the government refused to hold a public inquiry into the outbreak, announcing instead three small separate investigations, the results of which would not be made public. A similar event occurred again a few years later. It was later admitted that the pathogen for this disease had gone “missing” from Porton Down and Pirbright, the UK’s two primary L-4 bio-weapons labs, the government then claiming “animal rights activists” had entered these military-guarded labs, stolen huge amounts of pathogen and released it. No information as to why they might do such a thing. The outcome of the UK foot and mouth disease outbreaks was to eliminate small farmers and turn over the UK’s beef supply to a few billionaire owners of Big Agra.

I won’t provide more detail here, but I have written a brief article covering this, the details of which will shock you.[12]UK Foot and Mouth Disease As one example, for months prior to the outbreak the UK government was scouring the country for all loose volumes of timber admittedly to be used to burn the carcasses of the millions of cattle soon to become infected and slaughtered.

But so far, even to a suspicious mind, no clear evidence of malfeasance and no conspiracy. But we have other layers of dots here. It seems that immediately prior to this disastrous outbreak of a deadly biological pathogen, there was a ‘simulation’ dealing with precisely this eventuality, exactly the same as that held prior to the outbreak of COVID-19 and including most of the same players, most notably Pirbright who were the admitted source of the bovine pathogen and also who had developed and held patents on five coronavirus varieties, I believe the same five that infected the US and then the world.

And yet another layer of dots. Dr. Mae-Wan Ho wrote a report in the Institute of Science in Society, dated September 24, 2001, entitled “Foot & Mouth Outbreak, GM Vaccine and Bio-warfare”. It was after her report that investigations by the Evening Chronicle discovered papers leaked from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency that confirmed the simulation which had been secret to that point. Readers may recall this is the same Dr. Ho who called for a full investigation into the possible genetic engineering and dissemination of the SARS virus, the evidence eventually conclusive that SARS emerged from a lab.

Let’s turn to the swine flu outbreak in China in 2019 where the nation’s pork was raised by hundreds of thousands of small farmers much as the beef in the UK. With 50% of the livestock slaughtered, American firms had an open door to take control of China’s pork supply. In this case the effort failed because the Chinese government, not being a party to the pathogen, immediately provided financing and other assistance for the small farmers to rebuild their herds.

However, if we research the outbreaks of animal pathogens around the world – swine flu, bird flu, the evidence seems to indicate that the expansion of Big Agra follows closely on their heels. This is an apparently natural occurrence, given that small competitors have been eliminated while market demand remains constant – unless this occurs more than once or twice. When these outbreaks inexplicably appear repeatedly on all continents with Big Agra in the background, we have dots to connect. I do not possess details of every outbreak of an animal pathogen in all countries for the past ten or twenty years, but I have a powerful suspicion that if we correlate these with the growth in market share of the world’s few Big Agra companies, we would receive a surprise.

Larry Romanoff is a retired management consultant and businessman. He has held senior executive positions in international consulting firms, and owned an international import-export business. He has been a visiting professor at Shanghai’s Fudan University, presenting case studies in international affairs to senior EMBA classes. Mr. Romanoff lives in Shanghai and is currently writing a series of ten books generally related to China and the West. He can be contacted at: [email protected] He is a frequent contributor to Global Research.












[11] Noam Chomsky [2013]. “How the World Works”, p.234, Soft Skull Press

[12] UK Foot and Mouth Disease

The China/America Series
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  1. Thank you for this very interesting read!

  2. MarkU says:

    A very good article, particularly…

    One sure sign that we are being told a story is when “the official narrative” appears much too soon – before any actual facts emerge that would support the hypothesis.

    That is all too common these days, conclusions trumpeted before any investigation has even begun. We might also add to the list, stories reported on major news channels before the event has even occurred.

    • Replies: @animalogic
  3. Brilliant that you yourself connected the dots, Larry! The first person ever to spot what’s been happening, the horrific truth of globalization, and expose it.

    We need to identify the Big Agra individuals. So many ruined for the few, and all prearranged by our invisible and evil rulers.

    Congratulations to you, Larry, but what … What … I’m stunned.

  4. TG says:

    Do I agree with all of these potential conspiracies? No, but many of them ring true. Certainly the corporate press is a scripted top-down monolith, that is certain. Of all the vile things that Bill Clinton did, perhaps the most destructive was his allowing the final consolidation of the media.

    And as a citizen of a nation that was founded by a vast conspiracy (AKA The United States of America), I find it ludicrous that we are not allowed to believe in ‘conspiracies.’ They do exist, they are real, they’re just hard to tease out from all of the noise and distraction. The mainstream corporate press is corrupt, and while one can find pieces of sanity on the internet, it is dispersed, chaotic, badly indexed, each little island getting one piece of the puzzle right and another wrong…

  5. Thank you for connecting the dots. I use that phrase all the time.

    It is a bit ironical that Chomsky is chosen as the reference for his work on limiting the range of discussion. Chomsky’s blind spots of JFK’s assassination and 9/11 often put him in the gatekeeper category.

    One runs the risk of being branded a conspiracy theorist or anti-semite when dots are connected with respect to Israel’s involvement in both JFK’s murder and 9/11. I choose Gore Vidal’s term that I am a conspiracy analyst.

    Laurent Guyenot has connected the dots brilliantly in JFK- 9/11: 50 Years of The Deep State. Take a look if you so desire.

  6. Biff says:

    One sure sign that we are being told a story is when “the official narrative” appears much too soon – before any actual facts emerge that would support the hypothesis.


    • Replies: @Wombat
  7. 6.Beautiful Evidence says:

    “It is a bit ironical that Chomsky is chosen as the reference for his work on limiting the range of discussion. Chomsky’s blind spots of JFK’s assassination and 9/11 often put him in the gatekeeper category.”


    You are correct, of course. I used that quotation because it fit the context well, though that may be an insufficient excuse.

    Chomsky, whom I admire for some of his work, does indeed have shocking blind spots, inexplicable for a man with his range of knowledge.

    I once had an email exchange with Noam about the Jews’ media anger campaign against China, with dozens of hate-generating stories appearing daily in most of the Western media. I saved his reply. He seemed unaware of it, even surprised, had no explanation, and said “I think it’s an accident.”

    It was the same with Carroll Quigley, in his 800-page tome “Tragedy and Hope”, where he correctly saw and identified several critical developments in current history but appeared so blind to the facts of WWII events that he seemed almost naïve and childish in his convictions.

  8. Bro43rd says:

    Well they (big Agra) were able to genetically modify plant based food without the masses attention & this is their modus operandi with animal based food. What to do? Grow your own (non-gmo) & get what you can from local sources committed to the same principles. Repair, repurpose & reuse. Starve the beasts as much as possible. There’s more power in our purses than in the voting booth.

    • Replies: @Biff

    A 95% perfect dollar bill, is still counterfeit!

  10. It is important to teach the chicken little s to think outside the bucks

    Main Scream Media is a tool used by the pigs running animal pharma to promote

    identity poultrytricks to themasses transfixing them with opperation middle finger to

    prevent them from joining the true dots that keep the downloaded neural CoNNections


  11. Eisenhower’s term the military industrial complex is widely used but not understood in terms of its insidious and nefarious nature. The lead up to war, including WW II, has the element of propaganda from the military industrial complex. Using your terms, I don’t think that dot is connected nearly enough in the public mind. The likelihood of the MSM going back against the very war propaganda that they generated is slim. If the MSM tries to tell the truth, there are consequences for that. You astutely observed: “In simple terms, if you can focus the public on asking the wrong questions, you needn’t worry about the answers.” That’s a perfect example of not crossing up the official story you’ve been complicit in formulating.

    Big Agra, Big Pharma, Big Insurance, and Big Oil likewise have similar propaganda schemes to influence the public mind without being caught in their plans. You might even say there is an attempt to keep the public in the dark by carefully restricting the ability to connect the dots.

  12. anonymous[400] • Disclaimer says:

    Government has engineered a new depression in the wake of this virus hype. Millions have been put out of work, many people are going to have trouble paying their mortgage and are thinking of selling, many small businesses are going under. The bigger players can move in and acquire the assets of all the bankrupted smaller people on the cheap. This will be a huge transfer of wealth upwards. The virus arrived at a good time for this. Funny how this works.

  13. sarz says:

    If five houses burn down on a street that’s… Jewish lightning.

    I’m wondering how much of the hardcore big corruption Mr Romanoff is talking about is Jewish, in some major way.

  14. 14.sarz says:

    “I’m wondering how much of the hardcore big corruption Mr Romanoff is talking about is Jewish, in some major way.”

    Your intuition does not betray you. There are many other dots to be connected here, but that wasn’t the purpose of my essay.

  15. Most of your complaints are actually complaints about capitalism. William K. Black would say that white-collar fraud drives honest producers out of the marketplace. I’m not suggesting a solution. What I could do is offer remarks similar to yours about our politicians telling us what we’d like to hear with scant regard for the truth. Likewise, our major media. For example, they’re constantly telling us what a brainless, unscrupulous, evil person is Donald Trump without ever suggesting something positive, like what policies does he advocate that cause so many people to vote for him? In other words, how might we seduce his voters?

  16. Biff says:

    Well they (big Agra) were able to genetically modify plant based food without the masses attention & this is their modus operandi with animal based food.

    It gets worse. The corporatization of the food supply is almost complete, and the campaign to give you the illusion of variety is in full swing. Any large American grocery store will have about 9 thousand different labels, but the entirety of the products is retailed thru only ten different corporations.

  17. Wombat says:

    How soon after MH17 was shot down did “American Intelligence” say that it had evidence of a ground to air missile operated by “rebel” forces being the cause.
    But never able to show the “evidence”.
    Who fired the missile was asking the wrong question as it appears to have been an air to air interception, missile or cannon fire.

  18. That is why msm, microphone control is so important.

    It must be taken back.

    • Agree: Patagonia Man
  19. With regards to flight 007, what one commonly reads is that it was a full plane, but that the plane landed and the passengers scattered throughout the USSR:

    The Centre’s investigations in 1989 to 1991 determined that the passengers and crew of KAL 007 were taken, upon rescue, to the KGB Coast Guard base on Sakhalin. Within a few days (by September 4, 1983), everyone was taken to the KGB base at Sovetskaja Gavan on the Siberian mainland opposite Sakhalin, roughly 600 miles north of Vladivostok. Here the men, women and children were divided into separate groups. The men and women were taken by train to Tynda on the Baikal-Amur Railway about 800 miles inland where at least some were put to forced labor. The male adults were, at some point, distributed to a number of different camps throughout Siberia some of which were camps that also held American POWs and other foreign prisoners. These camps are identified as camps for foreigners by their total isolation and the lack of villages around them.
    Normally, when prisoners are released from prison camps they are required to continue living in exile near the prison. Their families join them and villages grow up around the camps. Foreign prisoners are not released; there are no villages around their prisons.

    • LOL: Ano4
  20. @MarkU

    “it often happens that immediately upon the occurrence of such an event, the mass media present us with a full-blown story lacking only small details, a more or less complete description of what, how, who and why, a story that could not possibly be known at that stage”
    I suspect everyone has an example of this full born story at its conception.
    The one I recall is MH 17. Within hours of the story breaking we were given recordings of Ukrainian Seperatives discussing MH 17’s destruction.
    These false, phoney, fraudulent tapes helped shape the whole narrative.
    The author is spot on.

  21. See Paul Craig Roberts excellent short article explaining same:

    Cover Stories are Used to Control Explanations.

    The classic example, of course, was on the day of 9/11 – the media knew within an hour – that it was Osama bin Laden, and by the end of the day – Dubya’s ‘administration’ knew it was bin Laden

    This is beautifully documented for all to see in James Corbett’s *The Corbett Report* ~5 minute exposé of the event.

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