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Retiring director of the CIA Allen Dulles (centre) with US President John F Kennedy and Dulles’ CIA replacement John A. McCone in Washington, DC. in early 1960s. Picture: AP

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Note to readers:

This essay is an edited and abridged version, with content reformatted, of that originally posted here. It is updated with some new material and full references. A list of the most important references is at the end of the essay, before the notes. I deleted the small portion on P. W. Botha because I was unable to locate my primary reference which was text extracted from the Truth and Reconciliation hearings held in South Africa. The content was testimony by one of Botha’s underlings at a hearing that Botha refused to attend. Rather than leave questions about the validity of statements, I deleted that section.


The United States government funded and performed countless psychological experiments on unwitting humans, especially during the Cold War era, perhaps partially to help develop more effective torture and interrogation techniques for the US military and the CIA, but the almost unbelievable extent, range and duration of these activities far surpassed possible interrogation applications and appear to have been performed from a fundamental monstrous inhumanity. To simply read summaries of these, even without the details, is almost traumatising in itself.

In studies that began in the late 1940s and early 1950s, the US Military began identifying and testing truth serums like mescaline and scopolamine on human subjects, which they claimed might be useful during interrogations of Soviet spies. These programs eventually expanded to a project of vast scope and enormous ambition, centralised under the CIA in what would come to be called Project MK-ULTRA, a major collection of interrogation and mind-control projects. Inspired initially by delusions of a brainwashing program, the CIA began thousands of experiments using both American and foreign subjects often without their knowledge or against their will, destroying countless tens of thousands of lives and causing many deaths and suicides. Funded in part by the Rockefeller and Ford foundations and jointly operated by the CIA, the FBI and the intelligence divisions of all military groups, this decades-long CIA research constituted an immense collection of some of the most cold-blooded and callous atrocities conceivable, in a determined effort to develop reliable techniques of controlling the human mind.

MK-ULTRA was an umbrella for a large number of clandestine activities that formed part of the CIA’s psychological warfare research and development, consisting of about 150 projects and sub-projects, many of them very large in their own right, with research and human experimentation occurring at more than 80 institutions that included about 50 of America’s best-known colleges and universities, 15 or 20 major research Foundations including Rockefeller, dozens of major hospitals, a great many prisons and mental institutions, and many chemical and pharmaceutical companies. At least 200 well-known private scientific researchers were part of this program, as were many thousands of physicians, psychiatrists, psychologists and other similar. Many of these institutions and individuals received their funding through so-called “grants” from what were clearly CIA front companies. In 1994 a Congressional subcommittee revealed that up to 500,000 unwitting Americans were endangered, damaged or destroyed by secret CIA and military tests between 1940 and 1974. Given the deliberate destruction of all the records, the full truth of the MK-ULTRA victims will never be known, and certainly not the death toll. As the inspector general of the US Army later stated in a report to a Senate committee: “In universities, hospitals and research institutions, an unknown number of chemical tests and experiments … were carried out with healthy adults, with mentally ill and with prison inmates.” According to one government report, “In 149 separate mind-control experiments on thousands of people, CIA researchers used hypnosis, electroshock treatments, LSD, marijuana, morphine, Benzedrine, mescaline, seconal, atropine and other drugs.” Test subjects were usually people who could not easily object – prisoners, mental patients and members of minority groups – but the agency also performed many experiments on normal, healthy civilians without their knowledge or consent.

There were 149 subprojects listed under the umbrella of MKULTRA. Project MONARCH has not been officially identified by any government documentation as one of the corresponding subprojects, but is used rather, as a descriptive “catch phrase” by survivors, therapists, and possible “insiders”. MONARCH may in fact, have culminated from MKSEARCH subprojects such as operation SPELLBINDER, which was set up to create “sleeper” assassins (i.e. “Manchurian candidates”) who could be activated upon receiving a key word or phrase while in a post-hypnotic trance. Operation OFTEN, a study which attempted to harness the power of occult forces was possibly one of several cover programs to hide the insidious reality of Project MONARCH. There were also operations BLUEBIRD, ARTICHOKE, MKNAOMI, and MKDELTA.

Another CIA Operation called Midnight Climax consisted of a network of CIA locations to which prostitutes on the CIA payroll would lure clients where they were surreptitiously plied with a wide range of substances including LSD, and monitored behind one-way glass.[1][2] significant operational techniques were developed in this theater, including extensive research into sexual blackmail, surveillance technology, and the possible use of mind-altering drugs in field operations. In the 1970s, as another part of its mind control program, the CIA conspired with Eli Lilly and Company to produce one hundred million doses of the illegal drug LSD, enough to send almost everyone in the United States on a trip. No explanation was ever given as to what the CIA did with a hundred million doses of acid but, since much of this activity was exported, reviewing international political events during this period may bring interesting possibilities to mind.

Frank Olson Project

Another part of the CIA mind-control project was aimed at finding a “truth serum” to use on spies. Test subjects were given LSD and other drugs, often without their knowledge or consent, and some were tortured. Many people died – or were killed – as a result of these experiments, and an unknown number of government employees working on these projects were murdered for fear they would tell what they had seen, perhaps the best-known being Frank Olson whose death I have described below.[3] The project was steadfastly denied by both the government and the CIA, but was finally exposed after investigations by the Rockefeller Commission. When this information became known, the US government paid many millions of dollars to settle the hundreds of claims and lawsuits that resulted. There exists much evidence that these programs had never been terminated.

Unit 731

As already noted, MK-ULTRA and its brethren grew out of Operation Paperclip in which more than 10,000 Japanese and some German scientists of all stripes were smuggled into the US after the Second World War, to provide the government with information on torture and interrogation techniques. It isn’t widely known but, as part of Operation Paperclip, the CIA recruited for MK-ULTRA Shiro Ishii, the head of Japan’s Unit 731 which conducted some of the most horrendous human atrocities in history, including the live vivisection of children. It also imported at the same time at least ten thousands of the staff from Unit 731, housed them on US military bases and gave them full immunity from prosecution for their war crimes and crimes against humanity.[4] It is for this reason almost no Japanese faced trial for their crimes: they were all in America, contributing their skills to MK-ULTRA. The CIA also imported some Germans who had performed human experimentation. It also isn’t widely-known, but this entire project had its birth not in the US but at The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations in the UK, an institute with an exceptionally cold-blooded past. I will return to Tavistock in later chapters.

The CIA leadership had concerns about discovery of their unethical and illegal behavior, as evidenced in a 1957 Inspector General Report, which stated:

“Precautions must be taken not only to protect operations from exposure to enemy forces but also to conceal these activities from the American public in general. The knowledge that the agency is engaging in unethical and illicit activities would have serious repercussions in political and diplomatic circles”.

Ex CIA official Richard Helms (left), shown with President Richard Nixon in 1973, helped launch the program in the 1950s.
Ex CIA official Richard Helms (left), shown with President Richard Nixon in 1973, helped launch the program in the 1950s.

The CIA’s MK-ULTRA activities continued until well into the 1970s when CIA director Richard Helms, fearing that they would be exposed to the public, ordered the project terminated and all of the files destroyed. However, a clerical error had sent many documents to the wrong office, so when CIA workers were destroying the files, some of them remained and were later released under a Freedom of Information Act request by investigative journalist John Marks. Nevertheless, because the records have almost all been destroyed, the numbers and identities of the victims will never be known.

The Stanford Research Institute

The Stanford Research Institute (SRI) describes its mission as “creating world-changing solutions to make people safer, healthier, and more productive.” Wikipedia tells us the trustees of Stanford University established SRI in 1946 as “a center of innovation to support economic development in the region”. I have no evidence that SRI has made anyone safer or more productive and, whatever the original purpose of this institution, supporting economic development of the region wouldn’t appear to have been very high on the list. From my research, there are few institutions in America that have had their histories more thoroughly sanitised than SRI. Certainly all references to participation in the CIA’s MK-ULTRA and other inhuman projects have evaporated from the narrative. In August of 1977, the Washington Post exposed some of these projects; there were likely many more.

One of SRI’s past activities involved contracts awarded by the CIA and the US Navy to research and develop long-distance mind control using radio waves. The CIA had already funded MK-ULTRA projects at Honeywell for “a method to penetrate inside a man’s mind and control his brain waves over long distance”. In the 1960s, then-Director of the CIA, Richard Helms, was excited about what was termed “biological radio communication”, and the Washington Post published concrete evidence that electronic mind control was a major object of study at SRI at the time. The theory was that extremely low frequency electromagnetic waves from the brain could be used to control individual subjects, sometimes called “empaths”, a great many of whom (inexplicably) were drawn from L. Ron Hubbard‘s Church of Scientology.

“Stargate Research”

Experiments also under the SRI, in what was sometimes called “Stargate Research”,[5] done entirely with a military biotechnology focus, the American Institutes of Research (AIR) in Washington was also involved in researching and evaluating what was called “remote viewing” or the potential use of psychic phenomena (ESP) in military and domestic applications. For all of this, declassified government files disclosed the vastness of several series of mind control and behavior modification experiments conducted in prisons, mental hospitals and campuses from 1950 through the early 1970s, with about 45 institutions and laboratories engaged in this secret and inhumane brain research, of which SRI was an integral part.

MK-Programs Leadership and Scope

The project was under the direct command of a Dr. Sidney Gottlieb and received undisclosed but almost unlimited millions of dollars for hundreds of experiments on human subjects at hundreds of locations across the United States, Canada and Europe, the eventual budget for this program apparently having exceeded $1 billion per year. The evil in some of these MK-ULTRA documents is almost palpable, one such document from 1955 stating openly of a search for “substances which will cause (temporary or) permanent brain damage as well as loss of memory”. Part of the intent was to develop “techniques that would crush the human psyche to the point that it would admit anything”. In a US government memo from 1952, a program director asked, “Can we get control of an individual to the point where he will do our bidding against his will and even against fundamental laws of nature, such as self-preservation?” It also listed the wide range of horrid abuses to which the victims would be subjected. These people were not bashful about their intent.

The mechanics included primordial sex programming for women in attempts to eliminate learned moral convictions and stimulate primitive sexual instinct devoid of inhibitions, to create a kind of sex machine – the ultimate prostitute for diplomatic espionage. Several researchers have claimed the sexual appetite of these women was developed in young girls their formative years through constant incest with a government employee who had been deliberately developed as a father figure to the girls. In part, these programs involved conditioning the human mind through torture, with one portion of this program intended to train special agents as fearless terrorists lacking self-preservation instincts and who would willingly commit suicide if caught. They even experimented with electronic implants, inaudible sounds, messages embedded in the subconscious mind, mind altering drugs and much more. One portion of this extensive operation involved an attempt to create an assassins program, to learn if it were possible to kidnap a national in another country, conduct hypnosis and other techniques, then return them home to assassinate their leaders.

Dr. John Gittinger

There was also a Dr. John Gittinger who was Sidney Gottlieb’s protégé and who developed an astonishing complex of personality and psychological tests that were apparently quite accurate in guiding the CIA in determining the best approach toward manipulating and compromising individuals, including turning patriots into spies, as well as converting housewives, nurses, and high-priced fashion models into very effective espionage prostitutes, killers, and so much more.[6][7] Gittinger was so successful the CIA built him a special party room walled with one-way mirrors where CIA psychologists could watch these compromised people at work. Gittinger was apparently a “specialist” at making his victims lose touch with external reality, no doubt in conjunction with Gottlieb’s LSD. He also was apparently quite expert at identifying those individuals who could be easily hypnotised, those who would quickly go into a trance compared to those who would not, and also those who would faithfully comply with any and all post-hypnotic suggestions and experience total amnesia afterward. Perfect assassins.

Gittinger applied his “personality” tests to at least 30,000 people, since he had files on at least that many, so this was not a trivial exercise for the CIA. And, since this was the CIA, he was especially interested in deviant personalities, or those that could be made deviant, those with vices or with weaknesses that could be further programmed, especially to become traitors, and those who would be most susceptible to the influence of psychedelic drugs. He worked closely with Harris Isbell, who ran the MKULTRA mind-control drug program at the Lexington, Kentucky detention hospital, who would send him hundreds of people who could be pushed to “uncontrollable urges”, especially of a sexual or a murderous nature. Or both. This was one main use of the party room with the one-way mirrors. Ironically, it was Gittinger who inadvertently put the wheels in motion for the impeachment and resignation of then-US President Richard Nixon. When Daniel Ellsberg[8] released the Pentagon Papers, John Ehrlichman, Nixon’s personal assistant, arranged for the CIA to break into the office of Ellsberg’s psychiatrist to obtain a copy of Gittinger’s personality and emotional test on this man, meant to be used by the CIA “as a kind of psychological road map to compromise Ellsberg”, just as they did in exploiting the weaknesses of so many others. Unfortunately, the burglars bungled the job.

There was one documented story of an American nurse who, after completing her training by Gottlieb and Gittinger, “had volunteered her body for her country”, and who was being programmed as the personal Mata Hari of a particular Russian diplomat and either get him to defect to the US or to become so compromised they could blackmail him into becoming an American spy. And, when necessary, “terminate” him. A great many of these encounters with what were called “recruitment targets” occurred in the room with the one-way mirrors and all recorded on film, one part of the sexual technology developed in the CIA safe houses in San Francisco as part of Operation Midnight Climax. Gottlieb’s Technical Services staff apparently amassed quite a wealth of experience and an abundance of “volunteers” in these sexual entrapment operations, claiming, “We had women ready – call them a stable”, who were quite adept at not only seduction but all manner of sexual activity and murder for the national security of their country.

Another portion of this same program designed to control individuals totally, “I was sent to deal with the most negative aspects of the human condition. It was planned destructiveness. First, you’d check to see if you could destroy a man’s marriage. If you could, then that would be enough to put a lot of stress on the individual, to break him down. Then you might start a minor rumor campaign against him. Harass him constantly. Bump his car in traffic. A lot of it is ridiculous, but it may have a cumulative effect.” The theory, according to Gittinger’s personality tests, was that the creation of sufficient stress from destructive personal loss, combined with other programming including the application of psycho-chemical drugs, would either turn an enemy or render him totally neutralised.

The CIA did all of these not only in America, but around the world, using Gittinger’s personality profiles to identify those military and other leaders in nations the US wanted to control. The psychological testing, combined with all the other dirty tricks of the trade, and certainly including the nurses, housewives and models who could be persuaded to develop “uncontrollable urges” to “volunteer her body for her country”, greatly assisted the US government in placing into power those who could be counted on to obey their colonial master. South Korea and Japan are two good examples of this, as are many countries in Latin America. The CIA, with the immense assistance of Gottlieb and Gittinger, could always spot those “who were most likely to succumb”.

Dr. Louis Jolyon West

Louis Jolyon (Jolly) West, M.D. (1924-1999)[9][10] was a well-known Los Angles psychiatrist who served as the chair of UCLA’s Department of Psychiatry and as director of the UCLA Neuropsychiatric Institute from 1969 to 1989. He was an expert on cults, coercive persuasion (“brainwashing”), alcoholism, drug abuse, violence, and terrorism, not in preventing these but in causing them. His “Violence Project” is famous.

From the reports, the CIA was so excited about the possibilities in these experiments at SRI that a great many millions of dollars were diverted to these projects, augmented by parapsychology experiments simultaneously undertaken at Fort Meade by the NSA. Medical oversight for this enormous range of experiments was under the control of yet another CIA pervert, Dr. Louis Jolyon West, then a professor of psychiatry at UCLA, one of the most notorious CIA mind-control specialists in the country. It is difficult to avoid the conclusion that these people were all crazy, since the CIA, NSA and even INSCOM and military intelligence (and of course the Church of Scientology) all cooperated with SRI in research that included Tarot cards, the channeling of spirits, communing with demons, and more.

But according to SRI itself, Dr. West’s work included not only radio waves and parapsychology, but the creation of dissociative personalities “that enabled the subjects of mind-control conditioning to adapt to trauma”. West referred to these people as “changelings” who produced alternate but actually schizophrenic insane mental states (multiple induced personalities) to permit them to deal with what was termed “prolonged environmental stress”, i.e. forced drug injections, physical, mental and sexual abuse, and psychic programming, all usually utilising large dosages of LSD, Gottlieb’s chemical of choice. There is adequate documentation that many individuals who were subjected to this CIA-sponsored “research”, developed multiple personalities, many of which were forcibly induced at a young age. There are documented stories by a few survivors who tell of enormous abuse of every kind being inflicted upon them from four or five years of age, and of having to deal with the terror of what appeared to be many different people living inside their minds. Dr. Jolyon West became a kind of research expert in these dissociative states and much of his work for the CIA’s MK-ULTRA program centered on their creation. The records reveal success in creating amnesia, false memories, altered personas, pseudo-identities, and much more, all horrifying and tragic to the individuals involved, all from West’s research in methods to “disrupt the normally integrative functions of personality”, and render people totally subject to remote control.


In Sid Gottlieb’s group there were also scientists who implanted electrodes into human and other brains in yet more mind-control experiments, even done on children as young as four or five years of age, all with the intention of creating a perfect ‘Manchurian Candidate’, as well as erasing memories and creating artificial ones and, of course, total control of the individual. This research into electrode implants was funded by the CIA and MKULTRA in conjunction with the Office of US Naval Research, and mostly supervised by our famous Dr. West. In fact, West began what was called the “UCLA Violence Project” at the Vacaville Prison where Donald Defreeze was apparently programmed. The projects received a great deal of funding, as I recall, much of it including West.

Dr. Harold Wolff

Many early interrogation studies were conducted by the Cornell University Medical School under the direction of a Dr. Harold Wolff[11] who requested from the CIA any information regarding “threats, coercion, imprisonment, deprivation, humiliation, torture, ‘brainwashing’, ‘black psychiatry’, and hypnosis, or any combination of these, with or without chemical agents”. According to Wolff, the research team would then: “…assemble, collate, analyze and assimilate this information and will then undertake experimental investigations designed to develop new techniques of offensive/defensive intelligence use … Potentially useful secret drugs [and various brain damaging procedures] will be similarly tested in order to ascertain the fundamental effect upon human brain function and upon the subject’s mood …”. He further, and rather chillingly, wrote, “Where any of the studies involve potential harm of the subject, we expect the Agency to make available suitable subjects and a proper place for the performance of the necessary experiments.”

Among the many other prominent universities and institutions participating in this travesty was Tulane University where both the CIA and the US military had funded what appeared to be very large-scale programs of trauma-based mind control experiments on children. In 1955, the US Army reported on studies in which their researchers had implanted electrodes into the brains of mental patients to assess the effects of LSD and a host of other untested drugs. It was at Tulane that some of the earliest sensory-deprivation experiments were conducted, isolating individuals in these chambers where they would be helplessly hallucinating for as long as one week at a time while being injected with drugs and bombarded them with taped messages, to see if individuals could be “converted to new beliefs”. These were all helpless victims who had no idea of what was happening to them. There is a long list of other famous American universities and hospitals that participated in similar human destruction, all of which have carefully santised their histories.

Philip J. Hilts

When West died in 1999, the New York Times, again true to form, published a delightful obituary written by a Philip J. Hilts,[12] who described West as “a charismatic leader in psychiatry”, a man whose work “centered on people who have been taken to the limits of human experience, like “brainwashed” prisoners of war, kidnapping victims and abused children”, without bothering to mention that West’s supposed centering on these people did not mean he was caring for them, but that he created those conditions. West was in fact the man who was doing the brainwashing and abusing of children, not repairing their damage. Hilts told us West once witnessed an execution and was forever after against the death penalty for prisoners. It would seem unfortunate he wasn’t against a death penalty for his own victims. The NYT tells us West was “a colorful figure, an alive person”. How nice. All obituaries tend to be complimentary when written by family or friends, though when the compliment-only obituaries are written by the primary news media that has a powerful effect on whitewashing, air-brushing and re-writing history – which would certainly be the intent of the New York Times. Nothing else could account for the glowing description.

Dissociative Personality Disorder

I must digress for a moment to discuss a condition generally referred to as Multiple Personality Disorder or Dissociative Personality Disorder, a condition in which a person develops several distinct personas or personalities within his or her mind, generally totally closed off from each other, and most often created as a defense mechanism to protect a vulnerable mind from destruction due to horrors it has experienced. In simple terms, a tortured mind that witnesses and experiences unspeakable horrors, events too terrible to live with, will create an additional personality in which this mind will live, closing off the other from consciousness. It is the horrors themselves, consisting of every manner of physical and sexual abuse, torture, drug and electroshock treatment, perhaps witnessing the deaths or killings of other children, that force the creation of these multiple personas, this apparently being quite easy to accomplish when done to children at a young age.

Amnesia between these multiple personalities is total: When functioning in one persona, the individual (in this case, the child) has no knowledge of the existence of the others and functions as would a totally different person. The walls between these different personas are built of steel. The purpose of creating these multiple personalities is that the “physician” can control them, can evoke any one of them at any time, and can in a real sense “design” each one, creating for it false memories, histories, attitudes, behavior patterns, loyalties, moralities, everything, and especially obedience. To understand this, you can loosely think of a person under hypnosis, acting out and following to the letter various post-hypnotic suggestions, and with total amnesia later. Many psychiatrists have claimed this is not very difficult to accomplish in practice; the theory and methods have been well proven.

In fact, one thread that ran through all facets of Gottlieb’s MK-ULTRA program, and stated clearly in an MK-ULTRA document from 1955, was a search for “substances that will produce total amnesia and loss of memory [even at the cost of] permanent brain damage” in individuals who had been thus conditioned by CIA psychiatrists, the amnesia including not only the actions performed by their alternate personalities but the very fact of their ever having been programmed.

An Army of Sexually Abused Children Hidden by the Feds

You can already see the military and espionage potential of such persons when groomed from childhood to early adulthood by this method. The alternate personas can be couriers of information, that information residing in a hidden persona and not available to the conscious knowledge of another and able to be recalled only by an agent at the receiving end. One persona could be a drug courier, or an assassin trained not only to kill remorselessly but to willingly commit suicide if caught. Another persona, and one in which Gottlieb and his men specialised, was the creation of a Lolita, a child sexual pervert without morals or inhibitions, whose entire training and purpose are in the art of appealing sexually to men, to compromise them in preparation for blackmail or even to kill them if the compromise fails. In effect, a robot who will unhesitatingly follow any commands or instructions. And the method for forcing the creation these programmable multiple personalities lies in abuse of the child. Physical and sexual abuse, torture, pain, electroshock, drug treatments, and not only personally experiencing but also witnessing unspeakable horrors to others, will automatically create the fertile field of multiple personalities the physician can now program. [13]

George Estabrooks

Hypnotism too, was a major portion of the CIA’s program of mind control. George Estabrooks was an expert on hypnotism, which he oddly equated with the creation of multiple personalities, almost insisting they were two sides of the same coin.[14] Perhaps they are; I have no idea. Estabrooks had apparently utilised his version of hypnosis to “program” US government agents, though on what basis the record is unclear. However, he was quoted as having said, “The key to creating an effective spy or assassin rests in splitting a man’s personality, or creating multipersonality, with the aid of hypnotism … This is not science fiction. I have done it.”

The following is an extract from a document I received, but I was unable to confirm the source. With recognition to the original author, I present it here as I received it.

“In his published works, Estabrooks candidly stated that what was needed is a subject suffering from Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD), which he said “could already exist within the subject or be created by the therapist”. In all cases, however, the condition is created by severe trauma – so severe in fact that the traumatic episode cannot be integrated into the experiences of the core personality. Far and away the most common cause of MPD is early childhood abuse, usually inflicted by a parent or other adult guardian. As Dr. Frank Putnam stated in 1989: “I am struck by the quality of extreme sadism that is reported by most MPD victims. Many multiples have told me of being sexually abused by groups of people, of being forced into prostitution by family members, or of being offered as sexual enticement to their mother’s boyfriends. After one has worked with a number of MPD patients, it becomes obvious that severe, sustained, and repetitive child abuse is a major element in the creation of MPD.”

When the abuse is of an extreme nature, the natural human reaction is to build a wall around such experiences, so to speak, by creating a separate and distinct personality to deal with future episodes of abuse. Once the core personality is split, it is then possible to control one or more of the [alternative personalities] that have been created, without the conscious knowledge of the main personality. This, according to Estabrooks, creates the ‘Super Spy’, willing to follow orders unquestioningly without even being aware that he is doing so.

Estabrooks wrote that:

“everyone could be thrown into the deepest state of [this kind of] hypnotism by the use of what [I] termed … no holds barred, deliberate disintegration of the personality by psychic torture … The subject might easily be left a mental wreck but war is a grim business.”

He also said that children made especially good subjects because they were “notoriously easy to hypnotize” or, as another writer so perfectly said, “Which is to say, children are particularly vulnerable to abuse and have more of a tendency to dissociate traumatic experiences, thereby creating [alternate] identities that can be later exploited and controlled.”

Another CIA document dated January 7, 1953, deals at length with one medical practitioner reporting to his colleagues on some of his successes, at one time boasting that with his access to congressional offices he was able to call in dozens of young women to take part in a brief “experiment” in hypnosis, to then have sexual intercourse with all of them, then introduce total amnesia so they had no recollection of anything happening. He described another example of hypnotising one young woman clerk and telling her that another young woman was an evil foreign agent who meant to kill her, and she apparently picked up and fired an unloaded gun (which she believed to be loaded) in obedience to his commands to kill. She had complete amnesia after the event. He described yet another event where he hypnotised another young woman and had her steal Top Secret files, remove them from the building and give them to a complete stranger on the street. The trauma-induced multiple personalities, hypnosis included, were the largely unknown but major portion of MK-ULTRA and, as you will see, certainly the most depraved and deadly.

Dr. Karl Pribram

The idea of mind control was front and center in many CIA programs during this period, most involving political subterfuge and all generally designed to serve American geopolitical ambitions until well after the Vietnam War. For many years, SRI was described as being a “hive of covert political subterfuge”, and there exist a great many reasons to suspect that the small floods of terror that suddenly emerged in California during this time, all had their origins in the CIA’s MK-ULTRA programs and SRI. For one, the CIA operated a desperately secret mind-control program at the Vacaville Prison in California, using drugs like LSD, EM mind control machines and more, all with funds secretly channeled through SRI. Dr. Karl Pribram,[15] director of the Neuropsychology Research Laboratory, was a strong proponent of these mind control machines, stating, “I certainly could educate a child by putting an electrode in the lateral hypothalamus and then selecting the situations at which I stimulate it. In this was I can grossly change his behavior.” The magazine ‘Psychology Today’ lavishly praised Pribram at the time as “The Magellan of Brain Science.”

The CIA and US military had engaged in substantial behavioral modification experiments involving children for decades, with most of this activity having been deeply buried, the accounts sanitised and the records destroyed. In one such reported case, Drs. Sidney Malitz, Bernard Wilkens and Harold Esecover conducted experiments, this time funded by both the CIA and the Public Health Service, on 100 psychiatric patients, using various drugs and other mind-control and psycho-surgical techniques, after which all 100 patients received lobotomies and were then discarded. Many similar tests and experiments occurred at the Bordertown juvenile reformatory in New Jersey, a horrid site of many CIA behavior-modification and mind-control experiments on children, largely perpetrated by a Dr. Carl C. Pfeiffer of Emory University.

Dr. José Manuel Rodríguez Delgado

Some of the CIA experiments included electrode insertion with a simultaneous release of drugs or chemicals directly into the brain. A Dr. José Manuel Rodríguez Delgado was the CIA front man for much of this work.[16][17] Delgado was a professor of physiology at Yale University, famed for his research into mind control through electrical stimulation of regions in the brain, using a combination radio transceiver which both stimulated and monitored the victim’s E.E.G. brain waves which were then used to control behavior. It was Delgado who created the implantable devices that released controlled amounts of a drug into specific brain areas which were meant to effect total control of an individual in conjunction with the radio signals. One of the most well-known of his experiments was with a bull. Delgado would step into the ring with a bull that had one of the receivers implanted in its brain; the bull would charge, Delgado would press a button, and the bull would stop. The video of this can still be seen today.[18]

But Delgado didn’t stop with bulls, since his purpose lay with human control. For his subjects, the CIA provided him with research facilities at mental hospitals where he had available many dozens of patients exhibiting various mental disorders into whose brains he would implant electrodes and drug release mechanisms, and ‘conduct research’ into human control. At first, Delgado found it necessary to use connecting wires but soon learned to use radio signals to effect human remote control just as with the bull, controlling individuals in the same manner as we use remote-control toys today. One of his human experiments was with a young girl about 16 years of age, with video still available today of Delgado prompting various emotional states and actions by his remote radio-control mechanisms. He was able, at the press of a button, to alter her mental and emotional state from pleasantly relaxed to furiously pounding on a wall. In another experiment, he had a boy of ten or eleven years exhibiting an astonishing range of normal and bizarre behavior, all at the push of the same buttons. At one moment, the boy is speaking normally and at the next he is totally confused about his identity, uncertain if he is a girl or a boy. At another press of the button, the boy returns to normal. There was no reason to assume any of Delgado’s victims provided informed consent, and there is much reason to assume at least hundreds if not thousands of victims since he had at his disposal an unlimited number of helpless subjects provided him by the CIA from orphanages, prisons, mental institutions and other sources. As you will see in one example later, the CIA also effectively kidnapped children from their families under the guise of necessary treatment for a medical condition.

To give you some indication of the workings of this man’s mind, the HRV Canada website provided this gem of a quote from Delgado:

“We need a program of psychosurgery for political control of our society. The purpose is physical control of the mind. Everyone who deviates from the given norm can be surgically mutilated. The individual may think that the most important reality is his own existence, but this is only his personal point of view. This lacks historical perspective. Man does not have the right to develop his own mind. This kind of liberal orientation has great appeal. We must electrically control the brain. Someday armies and generals will be controlled by electric stimulation of the brain.”

John Cunningham Lilly

There was also another famous American in the person of John Cunningham Lilly,[19] a neuroscientist and psychoanalyst who specialised in researching for the CIA “the nature of consciousness”, among other things. One of his specialties was mind control through sensory deprivation, a condition he enhanced through his creation of the use of isolation tanks, often in combination with various psychedelic drugs – Gottlieb’s favorite. Apparently his combination of sensory deprivation and hallucinogenic compounds could work wonders in programming individuals. Not lacking imagination, Lilly was the man who conceived and developed the concept of implanting electrodes and transceivers into the brains of dolphins, controlling them with radio signals, then strapping powerful mines or bombs onto their bodies and compelling them to swim toward enemy ships where the bombs would be detonated by remote control. The perfect disguise, since everyone knows dolphins are friendly. The US made good use of this in Vietnam. Of course, the NYT wrote a glowing obituary for this mad scientist.[20]

John Mulholland

Even magic played a part in Gottlieb’s version of the world. In the 1950s, John Mulholland, whose real name was John Wickizer, was perhaps the most famous magician in the US, highly regarded for his abilities both on stage and in close quarters. It was those latter talents that interested Gottlieb so much that he contracted Mulholland to Project MKULTRA on a long-term basis to create a comprehensive training program for CIA agents. The plan was to train agents in the field to mix and surreptitiously deliver drugs, chemical agents and lethal poisons to victims, to covertly exchange information, to steal, to dispose of evidence, and generally learn all the useful tricks of the conjuring trade. Mulholland eventually produced a CIA Manual of Trickery and Deception that is still classified as Top Secret 60 years later, though a watered-down version has been published and is available.[21][22][23] Gottlieb’s prime interest appeared to revolve around the delivery of poisons and lethal toxins to those the CIA wanted to eliminate, and to do so without detection, but Mulholland’s manual apparently went far beyond this, focusing on sabotage, the mass distribution of pathogens, and much more. It even contained separate sections on sleight-of-hand methods for male and female agents and for operatives working in pairs.


While the less evil projects of MK-ULTRA had already been revealed more than 20 years prior, the truly horrific part of MK-ULTRA, the portion related to the sexual and torture-based programming of children, managed to escape attention primarily because the CIA destroyed all documentation of the projects and because the victims had been so effectively and successfully programmed. It was almost an accident of fate that revealed these darker secrets.

Gottlieb’s Chamber of Horrors
Sirhan Sirhan and Theodore Kaczynski

A frightening side note to these experiments is the persistent claims and in some cases considerable evidence that some famous individuals in America’s past were victims of these MK-ULTRA experiments. They include the “unabomber” Ted Kaczynski, Sirhan Sirhan – who shot Robert Kennedy, and Lee Harvey Oswald – the man who supposedly killed US President John Kennedy. Oswald’s long-time superior was claimed to have been an MK-ULTRA specialist as were a number of other CIA Black Operations hitmen, several of whom died in questionable circumstances only a few days prior to their giving testimony against the CIA for these same operations.[24]

Many Americans are at least vaguely familiar with Theodore Kaczynski, popularly known as the “Unabomber”, who engaged in a bombing campaign in the US from the late 1970s to the early 1990s, but few were aware of the truth of his circumstances and motivation, the media having dismissed him simply as “an anarchist”.[25] The truth is rather more complex and much more politically threatening. Kaczynski was a genius, entering Harvard at age 16, earning a Ph.D. in mathematics with a thesis so complex even his professors couldn’t understand it. One member of his dissertation committee stated that there might have been perhaps only ten people in America who could either understand or appreciate its exotic complexity. Kaczynski was a full professor at age 25. The CIA recruited him and a few dozen other brilliant young minds at Harvard for their MK-ULTRA program, subjecting them to what we might generously term “ethically questionable experiments” in mind control and behavior modification, much of it without their knowledge. We will never know all the details, but Kaczynski was dosed for several years with massive amounts of LSD, MDMA – a drug commonly called ‘ecstasy’ today, and other psychotropic drugs. The minds of these students were destroyed, as were their lives, and Kaczynski, no longer able to function in society, moved into a small hut deep in the mountains to live out his life alone with his pain. Rather than being an anarchist, Kaczynski’s bombing campaign was both a cry for help and a quest for revenge. The US government has never acknowledged their role in this case, nor in the others mentioned above. There are many dark secrets lurking here.

Patty Hearst

For those who can remember the 1970s there is much evidence that organisations like the Symbionese Liberation Army emanated directly from these CIA/SRI programs, many of the individuals involved having been residents and test subjects at the infamous Vacaville Prison. These included people like Donald DeFreeze, otherwise known as Cinque, who was the leader of the SLA and famous for the Patty Hearst kidnapping, Patty also having been ‘programmed’ during her captivity with drugs, torture, and a regimen of what was politely termed the “persuasive coercion” methods developed by West. It emerged that Patty Hearst was almost a textbook example of the multiple dissociative personalities which West became so adept at creating. For those who don’t know, Patty Hearst was the granddaughter of the famous American publisher William Randolph Hearst, who, when she was a 19-year old student in Berkeley, California, was abducted by this group, held captive and apparently programmed, became part of the group and was implicated in several crimes including bank robberies. She was freed after two years and spent many more years in painful psychiatric de-programming.[26]

Jim Jones — The People of the Temple

There was also the bizarre episode of The Peoples Temple and its leader Jim Jones,[27] best known for the events of November 18, 1978, when the entire mass of this cult moved to a site in Guyana and about 1,000 people died in a mass murder/suicide in their settlement called Jonestown. This is an enormously complicated event, and one where the official story changed so many times and had so many holes that nobody ever knew what to believe. I have not researched much of this story. but I would make four points here: one that Jones apparently obtained many of his cult members from a mental institution closely associated with CIA drug research; two that the few survivors of the group testified to daily drug injections and “programming”; three that some published photos of the death site displayed boxes and boxes of many kinds of medication and syringes, and four that there existed a distinct web of associations and contacts in this group that included the CIA and a considerable number of the usual suspects mentioned throughout this chapter. All in all, much opportunity to feed suspicious minds.

“Zebra Murderers”

There is actually considerable evidence it was Gottlieb and his MK-ULTRA group that may have been responsible for much of the programming of people like Sirhan Sirhan and Ted Kaczynski, and it is more than likely that Gottlieb’s group was also responsible for the conception and programming of the “Zebra murderers” that resulted in a sudden wave of nearly 300 senseless, savage and random killings lacking any semblance of motivation, that swept California during the late 1960s and early 1970s.[28][29] These, and many of the serial killing sprees that plagued California for the better part of a decade, all had patterns too similar to be coincidence, all linked to too many of the same people and institutions, including the CIA’s Vacaville Prison mind control labs, to be considered random events. All killings had similar patterns with the killers (young black men) consistently described by witnesses as appearing to be “zombies”, lifeless, expressionless, and emotionless, simply killing and fleeing. Students, shop clerks, people strolling down the street or waiting for a bus, others in a laundromat or at a pay phone, with many victims not only being shot several times but often hacked with a machete as well, the killers then simply running off. Neither the murders nor the victims had anything in common; all appeared to be random and without provocation or motive. The murders caused widespread panic in many parts of California. One group of killers, four young men, were eventually caught when a member of the group revealed details to the police. No cause or motivation was ever discovered, but suspicion centered firmly on the CIA and Gottlieb’s psycho-narcotic programming since this was precisely the kind of result the program was designed to produce.

In one case, an elderly woman and her husband were walking down a street when a young woman who approached them suddenly and with an astonishing acceleration of motion, pulled out a knife and sliced the woman’s throat wide open to the bone. The young woman then, with her middle-aged female companion, walked to their car, a blue BMW convertible, and calmly drove away. The young assailant was not found but the police did locate and question her companion who, after a few phone calls, was inexplicably released without charge. This attack was as unmotivated and senseless as all the others, with a conclusion by informed observers that the young woman’s programming had been accidentally activated and did what it was programmed to do, and that the companion was her CIA handler, which explained the telephone calls and release.

During the early 1970s, these Lords of Chaos turned California into a killing ground. We had the Zodiac Killer, the Hillside Strangler, the Freeway Killer, the Death Angel Manchurian Candidates and more, all apparently themselves programmed victims of MK-ULTRA, Project CHATTER and Project AL CONSTRAN. Many of the reports by witnesses take this form:

“On the evening of June 25, 1988, … received a phone call. When he answered, just as in the movie ‘The Manchurian Candidate’, he appeared to go into a kind of trance. Even though it was his day off, he put on his security guard uniform then loaded a 357 magnum revolver and walked out the door. He went directly to his guard post at a warehouse in Concord, CA, where he killed two people and wounded 5 others as in a turkey shoot. The killings were totally unprovoked and he was described by witnesses as not only expressionless during the attack on innocent people, but “like a zombie” and “in some kind of trance”. “He was looking at me, but he was looking through me.” The police said that when they arrested him, his only statement was “May the Force Be with You”.”

There were many such incidents in California during this period, with all the signs and similarities of a virus contagion. If we think of a flu epidemic, the infection begins slowly, then rapidly reaches an apogee, a sort of crisis point of great public concern, then almost suddenly abates and disappears. This was very much the case with these inexplicable violent murders and savage attacks that had never before occurred anywhere; they began, progressed rapidly to an epidemic of senseless random “zombie” killings, then suddenly stopped, never to occur again. It was this pattern, combined with the knowledge of the CIA’s mind control programs, that led many to believe this wave of bizarre activity was the result of CIA mind control experiments, and certainly there was much circumstantial evidence to support these conclusions.

If there were not so much documentation and evidence to support all of this, it would seem to be some kind of horrible, perverted nightmare or a screenplay for a horror movie. But it’s not a nightmare. It’s real, and this is likely the main reason that CIA Director Helms suddenly ordered the total destruction of all CIA MK-ULTRA records destroyed as soon as the program was accidentally discovered.

MK-ULTRA Victims
Claudia Mullen Testimony

In March of 1995, the US government was conducting sessions of the President’s Advisory Commission on Human Radiation Experiments, with a large panel of scientists and physicians gathered to hear testimony on the US military’s long-running projects of conducting nuclear explosions near populated areas to determine the effect of nuclear radiation on an unsuspecting public. It was at one of these sessions that Claudia Mullen appeared[30][31][32], bringing with her an acquaintance of like experience, and delivering to the assembled committee a litany of documentation on a vast CIA program that was conducted on American children from the 1950s to the 1970s. Claudia and her associate delivered their information to an increasingly shell-shocked and “visibly shaken group of scientists” on the MK-ULTRA program that subjected countless thousands of children to years-long processes of cold-blooded and inhuman abuses, describing trauma-based mind control programming meant by the CIA to mold these children into “Manchurian Candidates – spies, assassins and sexual blackmailers”. The Commission, to its credit, did indeed investigate, and determined that the CIA had conducted at least 4,000 such separate experiments that involved nearly 25,000 children victims. Given the vastness of the program and the number of institutions and scientists / physicians involved, many observers suspect the total of child victims may be far greater.

Gottlieb had conceived and organised a vast network in both the US and Canada, of experiments on small children that involved maintaining them in captivity, with each child being constantly “programmed” into adulthood. Many of these children were taken from parents or guardians at a young age for the express purpose of programming them over a period of ten or more years. Others were taken from orphanages and at least some were apparently kidnapped off the street by Gottlieb’s men while others were actually “purchased” from uncaring parents, foster parents or guardians. Through leaked and unclassified documents, we are finally able to put some of the pieces together, with some of the surviving victims now coming forward to tell their stories. The US government and the CIA still attempt denials which are now largely disbelieved, and so resort to the courts to declare an absence of liability on the grounds of national security – the final refuge of a government of cowards.

Karen Wiltshire

Karen Wiltshire was one such survivor, one of the few able to prove her victimisation by obtaining her medical files from Johns Hopkins University where her father had worked in the Applied Physics Lab. Karen had been taken from her parents and placed in a childrens’ home at Johns Hopkins, her parents apparently having been told her institutionalisation was necessary due to a rare heart defect. Karen was incarcerated at Johns Hopkins from 1961 through 1970, was constantly fed LSD, given electroshock treatments, encountered repeated trauma and sexual abuse, and subjected to what she called “other strange experiments”. She said she gradually understood one of the purposes of her incarceration was that she was being “trained to eliminate emotions and feelings by using assorted torture and other techniques”. She was one of Gottlieb’s Manchurian Candidate children.

When Karen finally began to recall this deeply-buried portion of her past and actually obtained documentation and proof to confirm her memories, the US government told her she was the only child who had had those experiences, but in her search for the truth of her own life, Karen encountered many others who, as children, had experienced a similar fate. Karen said, “The plan was to pay off a few token victims and blow the rest off.”, and that Pentagon sources had told her since that they wanted at all costs to avoid disclosure of these stories. Karen’s case is important because she not only opened this Pandora’s Box for herself, but assisted many others in obtaining confirming evidence of their own similar experiences in this section of Gottlieb’s Chamber of Horrors. Karen died before she would see the result of her intense, years-long effort to learn the truth but she did manage to open a door for many other of Gottlieb’s child victims.

Carol Rutz

The story I want to tell you is of Carol Rutz, one person whom Karen helped, and who did live to see some results. The paragraphs that follow are Carol’s story taken from a public speech she gave some years ago. I have sorted and reorganised her comments and edited them for brevity and flow. The words are still hers, but only those indicated by quotation marks are precise quotes.

We will now turn to the story of another survivor named Carol Rutz, who not only eventually recalled her entire sordid CIA past but wrote a book describing her ordeal. She says so many people have contacted her since the release of her book, telling her that until they read of her experiences “they thought they were alone and crazy”. As it happens, they were neither.[33]A Nation Betrayed: Secret Cold War Experiments Performed on Our Children and Other Innocent People An interview with Carol Rutz
[34]Carol Rutz’s Lecture at Indiana University in November 2003 – Experiments on Children;[35]

Carol begins by saying, “As a survivor of CIA program MKULTRA, I began my intense search to document some of the mind control experiments that I became part of. Through a series of FOIA requests to various departments of the government, and exhaustive research, I have amassed an incredible amount of material that … validates my personal experiences.” She continues:

“The CIA bought my services from my grandfather in 1952 starting at the tender age of four. He loaded me up with my little suitcase while my mom was giving birth to my younger sister. On that day I was driven to Detroit where I boarded an aircraft to New York to a facility funded by the CIA to do covert experiments. My first plane ride ended in a nightmare that was to haunt me for the next 45 years. I became a human experiment – part of their search for a way to take control of a man’s mind. During the course of these experiments they created [alternate personalities] to do their bidding – “Manchurian Candidates” is an appropriate term.

Over the next twelve years, I was tested, trained, and used in various ways. All the programming that was done to me by the CIA was to split my personality making me a compliant slave. It was trauma-based, using things like electroshock, hypnosis, sensory deprivation, and drugs. Later the trauma wasn’t necessary, only hypnosis accomplished with implanted triggers and occasional tune-ups that took place at Wright Patterson Air Force Base not far from my home … other types of trauma were used to make me complain and split my personality (to create multiple personalities for specific tasks). Each [alternate personality] was created to respond to a post-hypnotic trigger, then perform an act and (I would) not remember it later.” During the first few days of my experiments, they used truth serum as well as electric shock to identify [the alternate personalities] [then] residing within me. They used visualization techniques to create alters for their own nefarious purposes.”

Carol mentioned a book by Dr. Colin Ross, titled, “Bluebird: Deliberate Creation of Multiple Personality by Psychiatrists”,[36][37]Bluebird – a 10-page summary: stating that his book “documents those doctors who were working under MKULTRA government contracts for the specific purposes of breaking the mind and rebuilding it. These doctors, and I use that term loosely, were looking for children who had the ability to disassociate from reality for their projects. I fit the bill.”

Carol says that Sidney Gottlieb, the Director of the CIA’s Technical Services Staff that ran MK-ULTRA, was directly and heavily involved with her abuse and her programming. She said one part of her was like “a baby part” that Gottlieb would bottle-feed, hold and nourish, in part of a program to bond her to him in what she describes as “setting up an internal dichotomy where I thought I depended on him for nourishment – food, drink, love etc.” In reference to Gottlieb, Carol said further, “When he died in 1999, my programming immediately started to deteriorate. It was very difficult to manage and allow the opposing feelings of love and hate for this man. Part of me loved him as a father and other parts of me felt hatred and contempt.”

“During the experiments on me, electrodes were inserted into sleeve guides and my brain was probed while someone in the room recorded what was being said. Dr. Penfield told them my brain was like a tape recorder and he just needed to take me back in time. He did this by touching different spots in my brain. They kept recording the memories induced from images in my past and later Sid Gottlieb used them for future programming sessions. Detectable energy flashes were being picked up and a recording was made assuring the doctors that they indeed were working with different parts of my personality, separate and apart from the me that they would eventually reawaken.”

Carol said further that some of what she experienced was what she called “general programming” within the main “control personality”, and after that, Gottlieb and his men would work on her other personalities. She said, “One of my child [alternate personalities] was trained sexually in order to compromise men of power so they could be blackmailed at a later date.” According to her, she experienced a great deal of sexual programming, that “eliminated all learned moral conviction from the survivor, so that the function can be carried out without inhibition, [and that included] child pornography, prostitution, and sexual training used for the benefit of a handler for blackmail or personal use.”

Claudia Mullen, to whom I’ve referred above, described very similar experiences during her childhood years as a CIA captive. In her testimony, she said in part:

“I was taught to talk to older men and encouraged to become friendly with older men and eventually, when I was old enough, I was sent out into what they called the operational field, and I would be photographed with government and agency officials (CIA), doctors who were consulted, heads of universities and private foundations – all under the chance that if the government funds started dwindling, they wanted to be able to blackmail or coerce the men into making sure the projects continued. That was the ultimate goal. The projects had to continue at all costs. They had to train a certain amount of young females to go around, and I was sent to a camp in Maryland for three weeks when I was nine years old, and that was my first training on how to sexually please men. I was through a training course, like a seminar.”

Carol said “Another (alternate personality) was created and told it was a robot to store information”, and that there was also “a trained killer, a sleeping assassin”, that would feel no fear and would have been trained in the use of some sorts of weapons or other methods of killing. Another part was “self-destruct programming installed in the event a survivor would start remembering. It was used to prevent them from going public.” She said another part of the self-destruct program was related to assassinations if the survivor were captured, and that in every case there would exist a total amnesia between and among the various personalities.

She wrote that she obtained one government document dated November 21, 1951 issued some months before she was first experimented on, in which the CIA made sure that this project would never be made known. “The document says, “It would be necessary to be exceedingly careful about thorough cloaking of the undertaking. I would not want anyone here in the (deleted) except (deleted) and myself to know about it … Funds necessary for the support of the work would carry no identification and raise no questions. Even internally in the CIA, as few individuals as possible should be aware of our interest in these fields and of the identity of those who are working for us.”

Another of the CIA documents Carol obtained from 1951 specifically stated that “experimental studies … would be conducted and that special attention will be given to dissociative states… Such states can be induced and controlled to some extent with hypnosis and drugs … The experimenters will be particularly interested in dissociative states, and an attempt will be made to induce a number of states of this kind … Learning studies will be instituted in which the subject will be rewarded or punished for his overall performance and reinforced in various ways with electric shock etc. In other cases drugs and psychological tricks will be used to modify his attitudes. Our work and the work of others indicate that there is a strong possibility that total amnesia or an almost total amnesia will follow the use of our technique as a general rule.”

Carol also referenced another government document, this one from 1954, obtained from a FOIA request and listing some of the areas of focus of this program. I will list here a few of these that Carol noted, but first note that the document begins by specifying firmly that these experiments are “Practical [and not] theoretical research being conducted … The nature of this research to include 20 specific problems.”

  • Can we in a matter of an hour, two hours, one day, etc., induce an [hypnotic] condition in “an unwilling subject” to such an extent that he will perform an act for our benefit? (Long range).
  • Could we seize a subject and in the space of an hour or two by post-hypnotic control have him crash an airplane, wreck a train, etc.? (Short, immediate activity)
  • Can we by [sleep induction] and [hypnosis] techniques force a subject (unwilling or otherwise) to travel long distances, commit specified acts and return to us or bring documents or materials? Can a person acting under post-hypnotic control successfully travel long distances?
  • Can we guarantee total amnesia under any and all conditions?
  • Can we devise a system for making unwilling subjects into willing agents and then transfer that control to untrained agency agents in the field by use of codes or identifying signs or credentials?

Once again, under normal circumstances this would sound like either a terrifying nightmare or the script for a B-Grade movie, if not for the government documents testifying to planning and executing precisely such programs and experiments, and if not for the individuals who are now recalling precisely these experiences in great detail as well as the names and faces of the men who perpetrated them. And once again, none of this has ever been faced by any portion of the US government or its agencies, nor by the hundreds or thousands of physicians who participated in these outrageous travesties on small children, nor by the renowned American educational and medical institutions that also eagerly participated. None of this has been dealt with appropriately by the American media and, most of all, not by the US Congress who conducted a brief whitewashing session and then buried this entire matter as deeply as possible.

The Story of Candy Jones

Candy Jones, whose real name was Jessica Arline Wilcox, was a beautiful American fashion model, pinup girl, writer, and radio talk show hostess of the World War II-era, who was proven to have been a secret CIA agent and a victim of Project MKULTRA.[1][2] This would seem the plot of a horror movie, but Jones began to have puzzling absences from work or home, returning days later unaware she had been away and with no memory of where she had been or what she might have done. Candy Jones proved to be an ideal hypnotic subject, and after several hundred hours under hypnosis, her physicians and family pieced together the alternate personalities that had been created in this woman.[38]

According to Donald Bain’s book, The Control of Candy Jones,[39]The CIA’s Control of Candy Jones: Bain, Donald; “Arlene was qualified to use explosives, to fight in close combat with improvised weaponry such as a hatpin, and taught about cover-ups and communications. She learned how to kill with her bare hands, how to resist pain, and how to deal with investigation methods. As Arlene, (one of her alternate personalities) she claimed to have visited many training camps, military bases and secret medical facilities across the US and in other countries.” It seems her conditioning was so deep that Arlene would kill herself on command, and she always carried lipstick that contained poison, which could be used to commit suicide if she were captured. Bain documented that in order to demonstrate the success of his work on Arlene, a Dr. Jensen put a lit candle inside Candy’s open vagina with her registering neither pain nor fear, a demonstration he made in the presence of 24 doctors in an auditorium at the CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia. Candy, as Arlene, was sent to Taiwan at least twice on test missions, delivering envelopes. There, she was tortured with electric prods to see if she would crack; she did not. Deeply perverted sexuality appears to have been an implicit element in the covert agenda. In episodes which are disturbing to read, she was frequently stripped, put to bed, drugged, hypnotised and tortured. Bain’s book contains details you would rather not know.

Government psychiatrists were quick to brand Jones with “false memory syndrome”, but Bain mentions one piece of corroborating evidence that appeared when “Jones accidentally held onto a passport of Arlene Grant: Jones in a dark wig and dark makeup” but the woman claimed no knowledge of the passport nor recollection of posing for the photos. Bain also noted that in 1971, an article by hypnosis expert George Estabrooks (another MK-ULTRA practitioner) was published in Science Digest, where “Estabrooks openly discussed the successful creation of amnesiac couriers of the type Jones claimed to have been.”

The CIA’s Holocaust of Small Children – and Canada’s Crime of the Century

Before the Second World War, the Catholic Church in Canada, at least in the Province of Quebec, was the de facto operator of orphanages and by the end of the war had some 200,000 children occupying their facilities with government subsidies. The church conceived a plan for enrichment by re-classifying all their orphanages as mental institutions because the government subsidy at the time was several times greater per child per month for the latter than the former. The scheme was approved by Quebec’s then Premier, Maurice Duplessis, and the children would forever be known as “The Duplessis Children”. Naturally, after the re-classification, all the childrens’ records were permanently amended to categorise each as mentally retarded or suffering from some other mental illness. That was bad enough, but the orphanages / institutions were hell for the children prior to the shuffle, and deteriorated substantially afterward. The Catholic church has been famous for a very long time for its cruelty to children, as the recent decades of revelations of child sexual abuse have indicated, but there was much more. The Catholic nuns were renowned for their meanness, cruelty and both physical and sexual abuse of both boys and girls, as much in their schools and orphanages as elsewhere, but in those days “God’s work” and those performing it were almost beyond question or criticism. After the reshuffling and re-categorising of the children as mentally defective, they were in many cases treated like animals. Many children, on reaching the age of 14 or 15, made valiant efforts to escape, many succeeding and the rest being severely punished.[40][41][42][43][44][45]

Prior to the time of this event, the CIA had already been involved for many years in a wide array of torture, extremely harsh interrogations, attempts at mental programming, and much more. At the time, Dulles’ greatest complaint had been about not having “enough human guinea pigs to try these extraordinary techniques”. With God’s help, his concerns would soon evaporate. Dulles had already made arrangements with Ewen Cameron of the Allan Memorial Institute and McGill University in Montreal to conduct some of the CIA’s most reprehensible experiments, many of these involving children, on essentially healthy patients seconded by subterfuge from local hospitals to take up residence in what was in fact Cameron’s private torture clinic. Dulles was to boast later that “Canada’s Allen Memorial Hospital is a good source for human guinea pigs.” Following on this success, and shortly after recruiting Gottlieb to head his MK-ULTRA project, Dulles held some secret meetings with Catholic Church officials and Maurice Duplessis to arrange CIA access to the vast supply of these newly-retarded children for many of the mind-control and human programming experiments. Dr. Wilder Penfield[46] was one of the men deeply involved in these atrocities, but McGill University does an amazing whitewash on Penfield, with no mention of his extensive involvement in the atrocities of MK-ULTRA. In those days, it would seem McGill University was corrupted to its core, involved not only in Cameron’s Sleep Room but almost certainly with the tragedy of the Duplessis Orphans.

It was only in the late 1980s and early 1990s that some of the child victims of this decades-long CIA-sponsored travesty began to come to light, and the public outrage was palpable. Naturally, God is not subject to trivia like torts or lawsuits, and in any case the church quickly circled the wagons and to this day denies anything and everything. The Canadian government was not so fortunate, having in the end to pay many tens of millions of dollars – an actual pittance, in real terms when compared to the huge numbers of victims and the extensive periods of their subjection to the inhumanities they encountered.[47] The CIA was sued too, but blamed the Canadian government in entirety, in no small part dealing from the strength of sexual videos the CIA agents had been clever enough to make of Canadian government and church officials engaged in multiple sexual acts with many of these same small children. Being thus compromised, Canada had to foot the bill by itself. Not only that, but Duplessis had formed better relationships with the CIA than did Canada’s Federal Government, and so the CIA essentially exonerated the province of Quebec entirely, leaving the country’s national government to pay all the bills and take most of the heat. It was cleverly done. And of course, the Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, initiated a total gag order on all evidence and delays hearing and compensation as long as possible.[48]Trudeau government gag order in CIA brainwashing case silences victims;[49]

But not finished, and perhaps never to be finished. Many of the victims are still coming forward, and many are demanding to this day a full public enquiry into all aspects of this immense tragedy that were never explored. One of these “loose ends” is a mass graveyard of 800 acres the church fondly refers to as “the pig sty” that contains by most reports many thousands of small bodies. Many who were children inmates of these orphanages have consistently reported as one of their tasks the carrying of bodies to be dumped in this graveyard, more than a few reporting having performed this task 60 to 80 times each. No records were maintained, at least none that the Catholic Church cares to release. It is even worse than I have suggested here, because the total number of small children involved in all aspects of this has been reliably estimated at around 300,000, some of whom survived, some escaped, and some were placed in cardboard boxes on ocean freighters and shipped to other countries with no further information. Estimates of the total number of children who died, range from at least several tens of thousands to as many as 100,000. One way to determine the death toll would be for the military to perform some below-ground radar, and bring out the shovels, but this will never happen.

There was much more, so many tales consistently revealing the horrors of Dracula’s castle inflicted on such tiny and innocent lives, tales of drug and deprivation experiments, brutality, torture, sexual abuse of every description, and more. Gottlieb and his perverted, god-forsaken crew actually tortured and killed countless tens of thousands of small children, and nobody in the Government of Quebec or in Canada’s Parliament has had the courage to open this Pandora’s Box of little bodies that made such a powerful contribution to Gottlieb’s Medal of Honor. As a country, Canada has fewer sins than most, but those it does have, are so reprehensible your heart will bleed and make you ashamed to be a Canadian. And the Province of Quebec is a coward to the depths of its roots in refusing to face this immense tragedy and provide closure to so many thousands of irretrievably-damaged lives.

This despicable program was run not only with the active participation of the Catholic Church in Quebec and Canada, but with the full knowledge and complicity of the Vatican itself. Some victims have individually written hundreds of letters to Vatican officials, the petitions going back many decades, in attempts to find support for investigation and closure, but to no avail. They are ignored. Everyone at all levels of government in both the US and Canada, in the vast worldwide organisation of the Catholic Church, the College of Physicians and Surgeons, and most especially in the mass media, have circled the wagons to protect the guilty and to prevent the full truths from ever becoming known. The records have probably all been destroyed, along with the lives. Some of the truths did emerge on small radio programs, with victims describing in graphic and horrific terms the stories of how small children were tortured, killed, then thrown into the pig sty. There were certainly tens of thousands of small children who suffered Gottlieb’s inhumanities and perhaps more than 100,000. Many died then, and many more have died since, taking their stories to the grave.

The victims still alive describe terrors of LSD or similar mind-altering drugs, physical beatings, tortures of so many kinds, of being confined in chains and of repeated whippings while being collared like a dog, interminable sleep deprivation, lobotomies, long-term ice-cold baths, sexual abuse of every kind, murders, and so many other crimes of depravity that shock the conscience. They were subjected to unbelievably-cruel and frequent high-voltage electro-shock therapy, injections of mind-altering drugs so powerful the children needed first to be restrained in strait-jackets. There are confirmed reports of “children from broken homes who were sold for money on the black market and shipped out, some in cardboard boxes, on ocean-going vessels headed for foreign ports.” Those children who were most defenseless, those to whose aid nobody would ever come, received the worst treatment and ended in the pig sty. There was nothing done in Germany by the Nazis that came even close to what Gottlieb and the CIA did in Canada, and Canada was by far the smallest part of Gottlieb’s crimes.

And, in fact, at least some of the perpetrators of Operation Paperclip, those war criminals imported by Dulles into the US from Japan and Germany, were inserted into these portions of Gottlieb’s MK-ULTRA programs, with repeated stories and even some photos appearing to confirm that Mengele himself attended some of these sessions.[50] One source noted that the Saint Michel Archange Hospital in Quebec was notorious as a place where many Duplessis orphans disappeared in Gottlieb’s secret CIA experiments. The institution’s 1949 yearbook contains photos of a man with a stunning similarity to Josef Mengele, which might not be a complete surprise because it was with the help of the Vatican’s “rat line” that Mengele escaped Germany and traveled to the US – where he apparently roamed freely for quite some time before the media and the public made him too hot for the CIA to handle and he was transshipped to Central America with US government funding. Oddly, the reporter discussed the photo with officials of the Jewish Holocaust Memorial Centre in Montreal, only to have it dismissed with the comment, “So what if it’s Mengele?” I guess it depends on whose ox is being gored.

One victim’s lawyer stated that the evidence all indicated the Catholic Church made a deal with the CIA, with the full knowledge of the Quebec government “to turn over perfectly healthy children in return for money, giving the doctors the ability to experiment at will since we were all considered insane.” One CIA psychiatrist labeled the children as “defectives anyway” and, in an article titled, “The Ethnic Cleansing of the ‘Mentally Unfit”, a eugenicist used the opportunity to campaign for sterilisation to prevent mothers from “filling the cradle with degenerate babies”. Gottlieb’s MK-ULTRA horrors in Canada were what some called “a program of organized psychiatric genocide.”

The Sleep Room’s Missing Memories

Another part of the CIA’s secret MK-ULTRA program of brainwashing and mind-control was transplanted to Canada to avoid US liability, and was initially unknown even to the Canadian government. A Dr. Ewan Cameron of the Allan Memorial Institute in Montreal, Canada, and working at McGill University, conducted some of the most reprehensible of the CIA’s experiments, many of these on small children and involving their extraordinary sexual abuse including intercourse with prominent politicians.[51][52][53][54] In 1957, with CIA funding and under Gottlieb’s supervision, Dr. Cameron began MKULTRA Subproject 68, experiments that were designed to first “de-pattern” individuals, erasing their minds and memories – reducing them to the mental level of an infant – and then to “rebuild” their personality in a manner of his choosing. These experiments constituted a human catastrophe that permanently and totally stripped many hundreds of Canadian people of their identities.

To have a private and secret facility, Cameron used CIA money to convert some horse stables behind the Institute into an elaborate isolation and sensory deprivation chamber in which he kept patients locked for weeks at a time. His methods involved subjecting uninformed mental and other patients to “modern torture involving massive electroshock therapy, drug injections, continual doses of LSD, and chemically-induced comas meant to destroy patients’ memories of themselves and their families. These drug-induced comas would last for as long as 90 days, during which Cameron applied numerous and repeated high-voltage electric shocks, often administering many hundreds of shocks per person, at thirty to forty times the normal power.”[55][56]

Cameron also experimented with various paralytic drugs and induced insulin comas in his subjects by giving them large injections of insulin, twice a day for up to two months at a time. He would then perform what he called “psychic driving” experiments on the subjects, first attaching football helmets to the heads of the test subjects for sensory deprivation, then repetitively playing recorded statements through speakers implanted in the helmets. The patients could do nothing but listen to these messages, played non-stop for weeks at a time. In one case, Cameron forced a person (whose mind had already been vacated by means of sensory deprivation and electroshock) to listen to a message without interruption for 101 days. Patients who had entered the institute for minor problems such as anxiety or postpartum depression, suffered enormously from Cameron’s actions, many having lost all memory of parents and family, and suffering permanent incontinence. Many became virtual vegetables.

Arlene Tyner wrote of the story of one victim:

“Gail Kastner, now in her 60s, did not discover Ewen Cameron’s experiments were the cause of her “wasted life” until reading a newspaper story in the Montreal Gazette in 1992.[57] She sued the Canadian government and Montreal’s Royal Victoria Hospital in 1999 after the government rejected her claim for damages. A “brilliant student whose domineering father checked her into the institute for depression,” Kastner says that Cameron’s electroconvulsive “depatterning” treatments and insulin-induced comas for five weeks at a time are responsible for a life of screaming nightmares, recurring seizures, loss of memory, and long-term regression to an infantile state.[58][59] Her husband, son and twin sister could not tolerate her bizarre behavior, i.e. “wetting the living-room carpet, thumb-sucking, babytalk and wanting to be bottlefed.” Abandoned by her own family, she was rescued from homelessness by the Jewish Family Service.”

Many of the victims were drawn from children that had been placed in Cameron’s care, and most were sexually abused as part of the experimentation and “therapy”, many of them being used sexually by several men in one session. One of the children was filmed numerous times performing sexual acts with high-ranking federal government officials, in a scheme set up by Gottlieb’s MKULTRA team to blackmail the officials to ensure further funding for the experiments. Massive lawsuits ensued when the existence of this project became public. It should be noted that Dr. Cameron had been a member of the Nuremberg Tribunal that judged harshly and severely punished human experiments less evil than his own. But in fact Cameron, as well as Gottlieb, and as well as the related perverts at Fort Detrick and Edgewood, patterned these experiments in part on what they had learned from the Germans, then greatly embellished them.

In the 1980s, the CIA and the US State Department launched a vicious public counterattack on the Canadian government for questioning the propriety of CIA activities. In press briefings, interviews and Court pleadings, the CIA repeatedly stated that Canada funded Cameron too, and the atrocities were therefore Canada’s fault. One US Attorney claimed, “We’re going to wrap the Canadian Government financing of Cameron right around their necks”. Initially, the Canadian government intended to file charges against US and the CIA at the International Court of Justice at the Hague, but the Americans so bullied Canada into submission that the matter was whitewashed and forgotten.

The CIA was also responsible for many LSD experiments conducted in a mental hospital in Weyburn, Canada,[60] which is where the word “psychedelic” originated. According to former staff members, the CIA supplied the hospital with enormous amounts of LSD because it wanted to learn the effects on individuals of large and repeated doses of this drug. It was noted for its “cutting edge” treatments and “psychiatric drug research” at the time. The hospital has since been closed, and all records appear to have been destroyed, but both hospital staff and patients were often used in these experiments and over time the Weyburn hospital acquired a deeply sinister reputation. I was personally aware of the existence of that hospital during my youth, as were a great many of us, and all spoke only in hushed tones of the horror stories that sometimes leaked out of that institution. There is a website today for the cemetery of all those who died during their “courses of treatment” at the Weyburn hospital,[61]! but the only remaining records are of the names and dates of death. Everything else was destroyed by the government, and for good reason.

The effects of sensory deprivation came to light from a series of quite innocent experiments conducted in Canada at McGill University by a Dr. Donald Hebb[62] (Dr. Hebb) who had paid a group of his own psychology students to remain isolated in a room, deprived of all senses, for an entire day, in an attempt to determine a link between sensory deprivation and the vulnerability of cognitive ability. Hebb was described as “a gifted man whose ingenuity revolutionized psychology as a science”, and who was nominated for a Nobel Prize, though I’m not certain the prize would have been a fitting recognition for his work. On September 6,2012, the McGill Daily published an article by Juan Camilo Velasquez titled, “MK-ULTRA Violence”,[63] (Velasquez) which confirms that on June 1, 1951 “a secret meeting [was held] in the Ritz Carlton Hotel … to launch [an] effort led by the CIA to fund studies on sensory deprivation”, this being a meeting attended by Hebb who had to understand what was happening, and that these “studies” would inevitably lead to “techniques of psychological torture and interrogation”, with Dr. Ewen Cameron a few years later completing what Hebb had begun. The article continued:

“Cameron’s research was based on the ideas of “re-patterning” and “re-mothering” the human mind. Dr. Cameron wanted to de-pattern patients’ minds with the application of highly disruptive electroshock twice a day … patients would be put into a state of prolonged sleep for about ten days using various drugs, after which they experienced an invasive electroshock therapy that lasted for about 15 days. But patients were not always prepared for re-patterning and sometimes Cameron used extreme forms of sensory deprivation as well. Following the preparation period and the de-patterning came the process of “psychic driving” or re-patterning … in which Cameron would play messages on tape recorders to his patients … up to half a million times.

The experiments done at McGill were part of the larger MK-ULTRA project led by Sidney Gottlieb of the CIA … compiled all the research into a torture manual called the KUBARK Counterintelligence Interrogation Handbook.[64] (Kubark) Yes, a “torture manual” that would eventually define the agency’s interrogation methods and training programs throughout the developing world. The Kubark, which is nowadays readily available, cites the experiments conducted at McGill as one of the main sources of its techniques for sensory deprivation. An excerpt from the instructions to CIA interrogators reads, “Results produced only after weeks or months of imprisonment in an ordinary cell can be duplicated in hours or days in a cell which has no light, which is sound-proofed, in which odors are eliminated, et cetera”. In essence, the psychological paradigm taken by the CIA would not have been possible without Hebb and Cameron’s research on sensory deprivation and psychic driving.” You will recall John Cunningham Lilly whom I briefly discussed earlier, he of the exploding dolphin fame, and how his combination of sensory deprivation and hallucinogenic compounds could work wonders in programming individuals. Lilly too, learned well from Hebb and Cameron.

The Outsourcing of Child Sexual Abuse

In the Spring of 2016 the UK media (BBC, Telegraph, Mirror) revealed that former patients of Aston Hall, a childrens’ hospital in Derbyshire, had begun coming forward with claims that the hospital’s head physician, a Dr. Kenneth Milner, had been carrying out similar experiments on them in the early 1970s.[65][66] The stories have all been consistent, the women claiming that as children they were regularly stripped naked and tied down, then subjected to various drug experiments, most often enduring forced sexual intercourse as well. Apparently one of the drugs commonly administered to the children was sodium amytal, which is a strong barbiturate often used clinically to circumvent inhibitions. It appears at least 100 children and perhaps a great many more – most being 10 to 12 years old at the time – were regularly and repeatedly used for a range of drug experiments involving high dosages of various anti-psychotics and anesthetics. Many report having been placed in a straitjacket prior to receiving the injections. Complaints of experiments and abuse apparently began against the hospital and Dr. Milner from multiple sources more than 20 years ago, but the authorities neglected to investigate. I have suspicions, and some firm indications, that Australia experienced similar atrocities which also await uncovering.

It appears increasingly possible the CIA was either outsourcing experiments or at least working in cooperation with institutions in countries other than Canada and the UK. On this note, I would add my strong suspicions that the most horrid experiments, those that have not yet come to light, were outsourced to Haiti and Puerto Rico. It is not a secret that the US has for decades used Haiti as a private biological laboratory and, since that small nation has been under the absolute control of the US and under an absolute media embargo, the US military and the CIA have been able to conduct operations there without reservation or inhibition.

Haiti is also a center for the worldwide pedophilia rings operated formerly for CIA experimentation and subsequently for purposes similar to those of Jeffrey Epstein – personal enjoyment and entrapment of politicians. An Italian social agency recently traced 640 of 1,000 pedophilia websites to a Haiti location, these websites offering not only live videos of the sexual abuse (some of it horrific) of children as young as 0 to 2 years of age, but also of the torture of these children as well as snuff films.[67]

Also, very recently Italian police busted a major “psycho-sect” that practiced child sex abuse for over 30 years.[68] And again very recently, there was a damning report by Germany’s University of Hildesheim revealed that the Berlin Senate orchestrated a scheme that saw vulnerable children being placed in the care of known pedophiles for decades.[69] This was in fact much of the work of MK-ULTRA and it appears that, while the Project may have been officially terminated, it has continued unabated by being outsourced. In 2018, a Dr. Faculty of Medicine, of the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos, Peru, published an article titled The secret program of US mind control weapons: is it developing in latin America?[70][71] (515 Kb)[72] The man appears to know whereof he speaks, tracing the interest in mind control from the Rothschild’s Tavistock Institute in the UK through various steps to the CIA, listing many details of the projects and tracing mind control from the Nazis to DARPA.

The Death of Harold Blauer

Drug experiments were high on Gottlieb’s agenda from the very first days of his appointment, his main handicap being a lack of supply of available victims. As part of a strategy to solve this shortage, he first went to the obvious sources of helpless victims as in prisons, mental hospitals, orphanages, military hospitals and other institutions, but supplies appeared modest for his needs. Gottlieb then, with Dulles’ assistance, enlisted the help of all sections of the military, the CDC and Health Departments and other sources to arrange victims from ordinary civilian patients, and especially those in private hospitals and psychiatric clinics since they would be the most likely to accept experimental treatment without intelligent challenge and whose testimony would be least likely to be accepted without question when things went wrong – as they often did.

One such event was perhaps Gottlieb’s first murder, that of a famous American tennis pro named Harold Blauer who was visiting a private psychiatrist for depression following a divorce.[73][74][75][76] Gottlieb, through the auspices of the US military, had arranged highly secretive and classified contracts with many such private psychiatrists to conduct drug studies without the knowledge of the patients, the chemicals in question being partially examined for their value as mass bio-warfare weapons for the military as well their more narrow potential with the CIA. In the case of Blauer, he was injected with increasingly large doses of a highly-toxic mescaline derivative, the last shot being an astonishingly huge overdose that killed him almost instantly. Of course, the cover-up was extreme and successful for a time, his medical records having been not only tampered with, but completely rewritten to describe Blauer as schizophrenic and insane, and attributing his death to “a weak heart “. It was only after 30 years that the truth leaked out and a court awarded Blauer’s family some $700,000 in damages for his death, the CIA and military denying and protesting to the very end until the leakage of classified documents exposed the facts.

This was a template Gottlieb and the CIA would follow for decades, inflicting death on an unknown but certainly very large number of individuals, the events always carefully planned without loose ends and with plausible deniability. There is a very distinct trail of at the very least hundreds, and very possibly thousands, of curious, questionable, suspicious and unexplained deaths that followed Gottlieb and his group around America and the world, for at least two decades. One, as related below, was the death of Frank Olson, in whose murder Gottlieb took a more active role, personally administering an overdose of LSD then initiating psychiatric treatment and finally Olson’s murder at the hands of Lashbrook, another conspiracy that was finally revealed only after many decades of denial. Since Helms had virtually all the MK-ULTRA records destroyed, the world will never know the sum of Gottlieb’s gruesome inhumanities.

The Life and Death of Frank Olson

Frank Olson was a scientist who had been working on the CIA’s MK-ULTRA Project, involved in experiments to assess the efficacy of certain bacterial strains on human beings, including the US military’s use of biological pathogens. But the CIA expanded far beyond lab experiments and progressed to testing these pathogens as part of an interrogation program, using “expendable” human subjects – Korean prisoners of war, apprehended foreign espionage agents, and even CIA agents who were suspected of disloyalty. Olson had the very highest security clearance and had been a witness to many programs and experiments in the US, the UK and Europe, but had never seen the direct results of his work. Then one summer, he visited a CIA “safe house” in Germany and the UK’s Frankenstein House at Porton Down where he witnessed “terminal interrogations”, men tortured and drugged until they died in agony from the weapons he had made. He had also been a part of the mass experiment in Pont St. Esprit, France, where the CIA had arranged to administer LSD to a whole town. Olson also claimed he had seen documented proof of US government use of biological weapons in North Korea during the Korean War – as the US had also done in China.

Olson began having serious problems with his conscience and had been expressing moral misgivings about his work. He told colleagues he was disturbed about CIA torture-to-death interrogations in Germany and the use of bacteriological warfare on North Korea. He became increasingly vocal in his criticisms of these projects, and it was this that sealed his fate. CIA director Allan Dulles decided Olson was a dangerous whistleblower and a security risk. At that point, Olson resigned his job, and a few days later he was dead. Gottlieb had personally administered a huge overdose of LSD to Olson, then arranged for ‘psychiatric’ counseling from his right-hand man Lashbrook. Olson was in a hotel room with Lashbrook, who claimed he killed himself by running across the room, throwing himself through a plate-glass window, and falling ten stories to his death.[77] The CIA’s initial story was that Olson’s death had simply been a tragic “accident” by a distressed individual, and for 22 years the family believed the official narrative. Then, in a US Congressional investigation into CIA atrocities and crimes, a declassified document contained information about a CIA agent who had been given LSD without his knowledge, and then escorted to New York in the company of another agent, where he committed suicide by jumping from a window. His family immediately recognised the circumstances of their father’s death and began a detailed investigation. In the end, the CIA admitted responsibility, the Olson family was invited to the White House to meet with President Ford who apologised and agreed to pay the family $750,000 in compensation – on the condition that they cease all further investigation and never try to determine any further facts about the Olson death.[78][79][80]

But the family didn’t cease their investigation, and finally had Olson’s body exhumed and examined. The forensic pathologist determined that Olson had suffered a severe blow to the head before he fell from the window. Many of the discrepancies surrounding his death were finally made fully public, and it was eventually revealed that Olson had been ordered killed by CIA Director Allen Dulles, and was executed by Gottlieb and Lashbrook, that the death was neither an accident as first claimed, nor a suicide as in the later story, but a deliberate murder to prevent the man from disclosing secrets of CIA crimes to the media. And in particular, the US government was fearful their use of biological weapons in North Korea would become public knowledge. It was only in 2012 that all investigations were completed, and the family has since filed a massive lawsuit against the CIA and the US government for Olson’s murder. Later transcripts revealed that the family was invited to meet with President Ford in a bid to stave off “a devastating PR problem”, and the money paid to the family was intended only to purchase their silence. But Olson’s son was never satisfied with the official explanation and spent two decades researching the events of his father’s death. Interestingly, the two people who were primarily responsible for the cover-up of the truth of Olson’s death were Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld who would later become, respectively, George Bush’s Vice-President and his Secretary of Defense.

In the eyes of the CIA, Olson’s death was such a “perfect murder” that its method was described in detail in their secret Assassination Manual which was later made public, and Israel’s Mossad used the Olson case study in training for their assassinations unit as a perfect example of “deniable assassination”.[81][82][83] But Olson’s story is more complicated than this one death. During the decades of investigation, former CIA director William Colby had offered Olson’s family some detailed truths about the death, but the day before a meeting with the Olsons, Colby was found dead in the lake near his home. He had apparently been interrupted during dinner alone, with a half-finished meal and glass of wine still on the table, and disappeared into the lake. The official ruling was death by drowning, though no explanation was made as to how or why this might have occurred.

The CIA’s biological experiments included not only their facility at Camp Detrick which was the primary US facility for chemical and biological warfare, but considerable work in the UK at a similar bio-weapon facility at Porton Down, a location that carried its own dark secrets involving the espionage agents of both nations. The UK had recruited a Dr. Basson from South Africa[84] (Dr. Basson) and Vladimir Pasechnik[85] who had headed the Soviet bioweapons program in Russia, as well as UK scientist Dr. Larry Ford. These men, in conjunction with the CIA, were developing genetically altered diseases that would affect only groups with similar DNA characteristics, their weapons research including the Bubonic Plague, anthrax and other fatal pathogens. Another scientist involved was the Harvard University doctor Don Wiley, who was one of America’s noted HIV researchers and who had only then identified the properties of the HIV virus that make it infectious and how it avoids destruction by the antigens in the human immune system. Wiley was troubled by his success because, as he noted, the dark side of the discovery was that the same information could be used to change relatively benign viruses into mass killers.

Not long after all of these events, all of the men involved were dead. Olson had been killed earlier. Dr. Ford was killed by a shotgun blast that was ruled a suicide. Pasechnik died of an apparent stroke, and Wiley died in 2001 from an apparently accidental fall off a bridge into a river. Many more of these scientists were found dead, all in suspicious circumstances that appeared to involve government-level cover-ups, and all ruled to be either natural deaths or suicides. In all of these cases, as time passes and unclassified documents become available, each death in turn often proves to have been the deliberate killing by the CIA and MI6 of people who knew too much and could not be depended upon to remain silent.[86]


MK-ULTRA also had a foreign component under the code name of MK-DELTA which was a similar program with similar intent, but with the horrifics inflicted surreptitiously on unwitting citizens of other countries. Often, a CIA agent would strike up a conversation with a stranger at a sidewalk cafe somewhere in Europe, offer to buy the person a drink, and spike it with a huge dose of LSD as practice for disabling foreign diplomats or heads of state in future clandestine operations. A great many lives were ruined in this way, many of them by Gottlieb personally. And it wasn’t only individuals; Gottlieb and the US military were also interested in the mass deployment of drugs and their accompanying insanities. Here are two stories of many:

Stanley Glickman

A young American artist named Stanley Glickman was sitting at a sidewalk cafe in Paris in 1952 when another friendly American began a conversation and brought Glickman a drink that was heavily spiked with LSD.[87][88] The overdose was too much, and triggered a frightening psychotic episode. Glickman went into convulsions, suffered wild hallucinations, and had to be hospitalised. But that must have been part of the plan because he was taken to a local hospital where American doctors were apparently awaiting his arrival and where he claimed to have suffered substantial physical, mental and sexual abuse that included re-injections of LSD. He claimed that after his collapse at the cafe, one of the first actions by the American doctors was to insert a metal catheter into his penis and administer violent electro-shocks there, as well as repeatedly injecting him with additional hallucinogenic drugs. By the time of his release from the hospital, Glickman had suffered a mental breakdown from which he never recovered. He never painted again and his life remained in ruins.

But when the news began to break about the CIA’s MK-ULTRA program and details emerged from Congressional hearings, Glickman realised he had been one of the victims and, perhaps more importantly, he was able to conclusively identify Gottlieb as the man who had spiked his drink and who had supervised the ‘mind control’ torture in the Paris hospital. He filed a lawsuit,[89] which the CIA and the US government obstructed and delayed for 16 years, until Glickman died. But his sister carried on the lawsuit and it finally reached the courts. As luck would have it, Gottlieb was in the US at the time, having returned from his home in India to the US for medical treatment. However, immediately prior to his having to testify in court, Gottlieb died suddenly in the hospital, with the New York Times cryptically stating his family “refuses to disclose the cause of his death”. Gottlieb was apparently being treated for minor pneumonia when he “suddenly lapsed into a coma” from which he never recovered. You can imagine the fun conspiracy theorists had with this one.

It gets better. The trial proceeded without Gottlieb, but then suddenly the judge – who was anti-CIA and clearly heading for a substantial judgment against the government and Gottlieb’s estate – suddenly died of a claimed ‘heart attack’ in a gym near the courthouse on the day prior to issuing his judgment.[90] The US government immediately claimed authority to appoint a new judge to the case, and did so, with this new judge oddly enough being Kimba Wood,[91]

Kimba M. Wood, Judge) granting summary judgment in favor of defendants
the same judge who had dismissed this same case two years earlier, claiming it to be nonsense. Naturally, she ruled against Glickman. But there was more that emerged later, with Glickman’s hospital records proving that two of the Paris doctors tending to him (along with Gottlieb) had for some time been engaged in Gottlieb’s LSD experiments on individuals. Perhaps there will be another chance for Glickman to receive some posthumous closure. In the meantime, we can perhaps content ourselves with the delicious prospect it was the CIA itself who silenced Gottlieb lips forever.

The Secret of Pont-Saint-Esprit

A 65-year-old mystery was finally solved by investigative journalists. In 1951, almost the entire population of the town of Pont-Saint-Esprit in Southern France was driven to mass hysteria and insanity, hallucinations and suicide.[92][93] A great many people died and dozens were put into strait jackets and sent to mental asylums, in one of the world’s most bizarre mysteries. Many people tried to fly out of windows or from roofs of buildings. One man shouted “I am a plane” before jumping out of a second-floor window and breaking his legs. One man tried to drown himself, screaming that his belly was being eaten by snakes. An 11-year-old boy tried to strangle his grandmother. Another saw his heart escaping through his feet and begged a doctor to put it back. Time magazine wrote at the time: “Among the stricken, delirium rose: patients thrashed wildly on their beds, screaming that red flowers were blossoming from their bodies, that their heads had turned to molten lead”. In the end, most everyone either died or was committed to a mental institution. For decades it was assumed that the local bread had been unwittingly poisoned with a psychedelic compound, speculating that the largest local baker had unwittingly contaminated his flour with ergot, a hallucinogenic mould that sometimes infects rye grain. But a journalist uncovered evidence that the tragic event resulted from a covert experiment by the CIA and the US Army’s top-secret Special Operations Division, where CIA operatives peppered local food with massive amounts of LSD as part of a mind control experiment.

As I wrote earlier, by 1950 the US military and CIA had already produced well-developed plans to ‘outsource’ the field testing of various pathogens to other nations, friend and enemy alike, with much of the surreptitious testing of LSD and other hallucinogens conducted in Europe and Asia under the code names of “Project Third Chance” and “Project Derby Hat”. For Pont St. Esprit, the CIA sent scientists from Sandoz, the supplier of the LSD, to concoct a plausible story as to the cause. The CIA concocted and executed many such plans to infect many locations both in the US and in foreign countries with a wide variety of pathogens. The journalist referred to above, was investigating the death of Frank Olson, the CIA biochemist we have already met, and discovered transcripts of a conversation between a CIA agent and a Sandoz pharmaceutical official who mentioned the “secret of Pont-Saint-Esprit”, explaining that it was not caused by mould but by LSD. Two colleagues of Olson further confirmed that that the Pont-Saint-Esprit incident was part of a mind control experiment run by the CIA and US army, having sprayed LSD into the air throughout the town as well as contaminating local bread and other food products. The final proof was in a White House document sent to members of the Rockefeller Commission during its investigation of CIA abuses. The document contained the names of those employed by the CIA for this job, and made direct reference to the “Pont St. Esprit incident”, and the culprit was of course none other than Gottlieb.

Americans Once Again Facing Their Crimes

One of the more enduring propaganda myths about America is the one about exposing and facing sins, unlike other nations who cover up everything. The Boston Globe published an article by Stephen Kinzer[94] who wrote in part: “Release of the long-delayed US Senate report on CIA abuses should make Americans proud …”, stating it is “reasonable for Americans to be proud when reading this report since other countries abuse people and lie about it, but it is only America that publishes reports of its crimes.” And the Senate report will “serve as an example to other countries wrestling with the challenges of facing their past”, that admitting their wrongdoing “is a sign of strength and maturity”, that “It is better to come clean than to leave questions of responsibility hanging forever”.

There was indeed some media exposure that revealed at most a few dozen, mostly minor, instances of illegalities out of the several hundred thousand horrors that actually occurred. There were indeed Congressional hearings, prior to which almost all incriminating documents had already been destroyed, and at which hearings everybody lied. There was the almost obligatory admission that “at least one person died” during these transgressions, but with the provision that he probably expired not from the programs themselves but “from related medical causes”. Then, like the tail end of a flu epidemic, the topic one day simply disappeared from sight.

The Church Committee Investigation on CIA activities: contains 23 downloadable .pdf files by topic.[95]

Then the Washington Post published an article in June of 2005, long after the truths of MK-ULTRA were well-known, repeating only this summary[96] “In congressional testimony, Gottlieb acknowledged that the agency had administered LSD to as many as 40 unwitting subjects, including prison inmates and patrons of brothels set up and run by the agency. At least one participant died when he jumped out of a 10th-floor window in a hotel.”

The nation, having achieved its catharsis and absolution from all the media hype, could now re-envelop itself in national pride, secure in the knowledge its halo was still intact and that Americans were still superior to all other beings. Of course, one element in this tragic scandal – as in all others prior – was that nothing real actually happened. Nothing changed and nobody was punished. All the culprits, the murderers, the torturers, the inhuman monsters who planned and perpetrated this decades-long series of horrors on hundreds of thousands of innocent people, simply walked free. Gottlieb retired from the CIA with a medal and a huge pension, with all other participants doing something similar. And that was the end. The countless thousands whose lives were destroyed, were simply abandoned to their fate.

Sidney Gottlieb

Sidney Gottlieb[97] was a Jewish-American chemist who joined the CIA in his early 30s and within two years was appointed by Allen Dulles the designer and head of the agency’s vast and top-secret MK-ULTRA program, which was initiated to explore mind control, human programming, assassination and much more. Gottlieb was an expert in poisons, especially those with psycho-active effects and quickly became known as “The Black Sorcerer” and “The Dirty Trickster”. It was Gottlieb, with virtually unlimited CIA financing who initiated a truly massive program involving psycho-active drugs, psychic driving, the most evil portions of psychiatry and psychology, and a great many lethal poisons, to research and develop “techniques that would crush the human psyche to the point that it would admit anything”. Torture, “terminal interrogations” and a sickeningly-wide array of inhuman inflictions, were all part of MK-ULTRA under Gottlieb.

He not only created, managed and directed this decades-long human abomination but played an active part in its activities. It was Gottlieb who personally overdosed Frank Olson on LSD, and it was Gottlieb’s right-hand man who rendered Olson unconscious and threw him out the 13th-floor window of his hotel room, to rid the CIA of a potential whistle-blower. It was Gottlieb who arranged the cooperation with the similarly-perverted animals at the UK’s Porton Down, where they executed their ‘terminal interrogations’ safely away from American soil, and where Frank Olson witnessed such horrors that he planned to leave the CIA and go public with his knowledge.

It was Gottlieb who traveled to the Congo with poisoned toothpaste which he delivered personally to Larry Devlin, the CIA’s station chief, to administer to Prime Minister Patrice Lumumba, though Devlin managed to kill him by other means. It was Gottlieb, acting through Allen Dulles on orders from US President Eisenhower to “eliminate” Lumumba and thus open the country to American business.[98][99][100][101] It was Gottlieb who hatched the hundreds of plans to assassinate Cuba’s Fidel Castro, especially including all the poison-related attempts, such as cigars, wet suits and fountain pens. In case you didn’t know, Castro set a Guinness World record for surviving 638 assassination attempts by the Americans.[102][103][104][105]

It was Gottlieb who arranged for Iraq’s General Abdul Karim Qassim’s handkerchief to be contaminated with Botulinum in yet another assassination attempt.[106] He developed poisoned chocolates and cigarettes intended for Jamal abd an-Nasir of Egypt.[107] He regularly traveled with his diplomatic bag containing CIA-developed bio-toxins designed to mimic a disease endemic to that area, or with specifically-cultured lethal viruses.

It was Gottlieb who planned and financed the activities of Dr. Ewen Cameron in Canada in his so-called psychic driving experiments that totally destroyed the lives of so many people and in the end cost the Canadian government tens of millions of dollars in compensation. It was Gottlieb who was responsible for the thousands of Duplessis children who were tortured and killed, and who financed Dr. Harris Isbell in his research experiments in human psychiatric programming. Isbell is best known for once giving huge doses of LSD to a group of men for 77 days in succession, and for “testing” more than 800 toxic chemical compounds on captive victims for Gottlieb. It was Gottlieb, working with Defense Secretary Robert McNamara, who helped to conceive and execute the massive torture and human experimentation program in Vietnam known as Phoenix Program[108] and his genocidal “Project 100,000”,[109] with teams of CIA operatives performing a wide range of Gottlieb’s torture and other experiments followed by executions. Gottlieb also planned and financed much of the human experimentation by Lauretta Bender[110], Albert Kligman[111] (Albert Kligman), Eugene Saenger[112] and Chester Southam[113], and no doubt a great many more.

It was Gottlieb, being so fascinated with the mind-control potential psychotropic and hallucinogenic compounds, who was responsible for the contamination of food and the aerosol spraying of a lethally-potent LSD compound in the village of Pont-Saint-Esprit, France in August, 1951, that caused a powerful mass psychosis that left nearly the entire village population either dead or permanently confined to mental institutions. Gottlieb was so enthralled with the prospects of hallucinogens that he arranged with the pharma company Eli Lilly to produce one consignment of more than one hundred million doses of LSD.

Gottlieb designed and approved the sexual-related programs of the CIA, like Operation Midnight Climax and so many more, many of which involved the effective capture of female children or young women, subjected them to years of physical, sexual and psychological abuse, then turned them loose as robotic tools. Gottlieb arranged for many ‘safe houses’ where his programmed women would lure victims to be unwittingly fed large doses of LSD and engage in all manner of inhuman activity besides sex. There have been recurring stories, apparently credibly documented, of the walls of these houses covered with photos of naked and handcuffed women being whipped and tortured. Gottlieb was an inhuman predator of the worst kind. He deliberately sought out and typically selected for his thousands of test subjects and victims, children, prisoners, poor people, petty criminals, and the mentally ill, since they were “the least likely to be taken seriously should they have the temerity to complain” about being drugged, abused and tortured by US government officials.

It was Gottlieb, or his group, responsible for much of the programming of people like Sirhan Sirhan and Ted Kaczynski, and it is likely that Gottlieb’s group was also responsible for the conception and programming of the “Zebra murders” that resulted in a sudden wave of nearly 100 senseless random murders lacking any semblance of motivation, that swept California during the late 1960s and early 1970s. These, and many of the serial killing sprees that plagued California for the better part of a decade, all had patterns too similar to be coincidence, all linked to too many of the same people and institutions to be considered random events.

Although involved in designing and executing some of the CIA’s most covert and deadly – and obscenely inhuman – missions, Gottlieb did not appear to be the least bit troubled by the immoral dimensions of his work. He testified to a Senate Committee that though his MK-ULTRA activities might “sound harsh in retrospect”, and that some might call them murder, they were justified as issues of national security.

And Tim Wiener, writing his obituary in the New York Times (March 10, 1999),[114][115] identifies Gottlieb simply as “the man who brought LSD to the CIA”, telling us he was “a genius” who was only “striving to explore the frontiers of the human mind for his country”, while at the same time “searching for religious and spiritual meaning in his life”. According to Wiener, Gottlieb “spent his later years caring for dying patients”, in a pretty village in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, noting that the CIA awarded Mr. Gottlieb the Distinguished Intelligence Medal. Wiener did note that with his experiments on unwitting subjects, Gottlieb violated the Nuremburg standards under which the same Americans executed Nazi doctors for crimes against humanity, but he failed to note that Gottlieb was certainly much more of a monster than the Nazis ever produced, that his crimes were also against humanity and were more extensive in scope, duration and degree than anything done in Germany. However, instead of being prosecuted and executed, Gottlieb was rewarded with praise and medals. Such is the hypocrisy of America. And of the fabled NYT, who once again produced their traditional glowing obituary of a Jewish psychopath.

The UK Independent couldn’t be left out of this parade, telling us so poignantly that “Gottlieb’s life after the CIA resembled a quest for atonement. With his wife Margaret, he spent 18 months in India running a leper hospital. He then moved back to rural Virginia, where he indulged two longstanding hobbies, folk dancing and goat herding. He devoted his final years to work in a hospice, looking after the dying.”[116] John Marks, too, in his book ‘The Search for the Manchurian Candidate’, stupidly claimed Gottlieb was “unquestionably a patriot, a man of great ingenuity” who never performed his actions “for inhumane reasons”, but instead “He thought he was doing exactly what was needed. And in the context of the time, who would argue?” So, just “a loyal servant of American government”.[117]A Khazarian terrorist who deserved to be hanged;

I have not been able to research one aspect of this to my complete satisfaction, but the results are sufficient to state that Project MK-ULTRA appears to have been almost in entirety a Jewish program. Gottlieb was Jewish, as were most of the individuals I could identify as being project leaders or sub-leaders, people like Dr. John Gittinger, Harris Isbell, James Keehner, Lauretta Bender, Albert Kligman, Eugene Saenger, Chester Southam, Robert V. Lashbrook, Harold Abramson, Charles Geschickter, Ray Treichler, and so many more. I have a list of more than 100 names. Likewise, many of the individuals conducting these human “experiments” at America’s top colleges and universities, hospitals, research foundations and mental institutions, were virtually all Jews, as were almost all of the physicians and psychiatrists whom I have been able to identify.

I would add something to this. The creation of MK-ULTRA coincided with the importation of the 500,000 German POWs to the US from Germany. You may or may not know of Eisenhower’s Death Camps where it is now proven (thanks to James Bacque’s ‘Other Losses‘) that the American military, following orders from its NWO masters, killed between 10 million and 14 million Germans in US concentration camps in Germany – in the years after the war ended, from about 1944 to 1948. About one million were shot dead, the remainder worked and starved to death. The photos that many of us have seen of huge piles of severely emaciated dead bodies that were purported to be Jews killed by the Germans were in fact of Germans killed by the Americans, and almost certainly on orders from a group of European Jews. Eisenhower issued orders that any German civilians attempting to bring food to these prisoners would be shot on sight, and many were. It was during this time that the 500,000 German POWs were transferred to the US from these camps in Germany on the stated pretense of “being able to better feed them”. With my best efforts over years, I have been unable to locate any credible documentation of these prisoners ever having left the US. The American government claims they were all shipped back to Germany in 1948, but there is no evidence to support this claim and the neither the International Red Cross, who were in charge of all such movements, nor US military records, nor anyone else, has any record of any Germans returning to anywhere in Europe from the US.

This coincides with the transfer to the US of Shiro Ishii’s entire Unit 731 staff who were tasked with experiments similar and related to MK-ULTRA, and also with the creation of the US CDC which, unknown to most Americans, was (and I believe still is) a unit of the US military and not a civilian health organisation. In fact, the CDC functions as the US military’s distributor of biological pathogens, among other things, and many of Ishii’s staff were seconded to the CDC on its formation. This all leads to the conclusion that the German POWs in the US were all used as ‘experimental material’ somewhere under the overall MK-ULTRA umbrella and that all died. I have written a separate article on this latter topic[118], which I recommend you read. It ties together very closely with the topic of this essay.

Important References

Download “The Search for the Manchurian Candidate” John Marks

List of 149 MKULTRA Subprojects. Brief description, downloadable .pdf files on each.

MKULTRA Briefing Book – Brief summaries of each of the 149 MKULTRA subprojects


This contains the full text (downloadble in chapters) of The Search for the Manchurian Candidate: The CIA and Mind Control – John Marks (c)1979; Published by Times Books ISBN 0-8129-0773-6

The Illuminati Formula Used to Create an Undetectable Total Mind Controlled Slave

KUBARK Counterintelligence Interrogation Manual; CIA Human Resources Exploitation Training Manual – 1983

This CIA interrogation manual, “Human Resource Exploitation Training Manual” [1983] is an updated version of KUBARK manual [1963] incorporating sections of KUBARK. The 1983 CIA training manual allocates considerable space to the subject of “coercive questioning” and psychological and physical techniques and recommends: “manipulate the subject’s environment to …”

Mind Control Cover-up – The Secrets of Mind Control

This summary is based on excerpts from three books: Bluebird by Colin Ross, MD; Mind Controllers by Armen Victorian; and A Nation Betrayed by Carol Rutz. The books contain hundreds of supporting footnotes, the information derived largely from 18,000 pages of declassified CIA mind control documents.

The CIA Doctors: Human Rights Violations by American Psychiatrists by Colin A. Ross

This contains the full record of the Joint Hearing before the Select Committee on Intelligence, and the Subcommittee on Health and Scientific Research of the Committee on Human Resources, Washington, DC, Wednesday, August 3, 1977

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  1. onebornfree says: • Website

    Thanks for this, Its probably overlong- and too detailed for the average reader to get their head around, but still, it contains a lot of information unbeknownst to the average individual- so maybe they’ll get _something_ from it , even if they don’t read the entire article.

    My conclusion: After reading this type of article I have to remind myself that:

    “Because they are all ultimately funded via both direct and indirect theft [taxes], and counterfeiting [central bank monopolies], all governments are essentially, at their very cores, 100% corrupt criminal scams which cannot be “reformed”or “improved”,simply because of their innate criminal nature.” [onebornfree]

    …….which means that, just like any other bureaucracy, the CIA cannot be “reformed” and be made “better”, or more honest and less criminal. And a new director would not make a “dimes worth of difference” either.

    Bottom line: The CIA, just like the FBI and all the rest of the 1000’s of entirely unconstitutional federal agencies, needs to be abolished, NOW, and [ideally] all of its career criminals forced to stand trial for their many crimes against humanity. All of these evil fuckers and many more unlisted here need to be held accountable [and if not in this world, maybe in the next, assuming there is one].

    Regards, onebornfree

    • Agree: Alfred
  2. anon[333] • Disclaimer says:

    Also, Tom ONeil in his book Chaos links Gottleib to the Manson family with documentary evidence. He’s got Gottleib, Jolly West, and CIA grunt Reeve Whitson, who ran him day to day as an illegal domestic agent.

    The book is marred by the current style of affected obsession. To get something incriminating published, a writer has to perform the role of conspiracy nut, draw attention away from his evidence, and open himself up to ad hominem impeachment of his facts.

    What was the name of the judge who died of a heart attack on the Glickman case? I presume these were his bribed and blackmailed successors:

    • Replies: @James N. Kennett
  3. I have not been able to research one aspect of this to my complete satisfaction, but the results are sufficient to state that Project MK-ULTRA appears to have been almost in entirety a Jewish program. Gottlieb was Jewish, as were most of the individuals I could identify as being project leaders or sub-leaders, people like Dr. John Gittinger, Harris Isbell, James Keehner, Lauretta Bender, Albert Kligman, Eugene Saenger, Chester Southam, and so many more.

    Please provide some sources for your claim that the following persons are Jewish: John Gittinger, Chester Southam, Harris Isbell, and James Keehner.

  4. I think this stuff was almost certainly the kernel of truth that was behind the “Satanic Panic” of the 70’s and 80’s. And don’t forget the mysterious “Finders [email protected], which was also likely linked to MK Ultra.

  5. While I love a good conspiracy as much as anyone and have no doubts about US Government villainy, the absence of documentation does not inspire faith, or even curiosity in these allegations.

    Furthermore, I knew one of the dramatis personae John Lilly, stayed with him and Toni in Decker Canyon whenever I was in SoCal, and participated in many his wacky experiments–all of which he inflicted upon himself in extremis before permitting me to try them.

    John was a Western yogi: he used technology to induce psychic states that, for oriental practitioners, required years to self-manipulation. He was also humorous, kind hearted and generous–not the type one associates with systematic cruelty.

    He was fascinated by marine mammals and was (the mid-seventies) outfitting a ship with a modified IBM 370 so that he could converse with them in real time. He may, in his earlier days as a surgeon, inserted electrodes in dolphins’ brains, but that was an era when the procedure was a common treatment for humans.

    • Replies: @claudio
  6. R.C. says:


  7. Rahan says:

    I am going to say this again (and again and again): there are programs on Youtube today which are a manifestation of this, but packaged as “erotic hypnosis”. Delightfully presented so that just mentioning this is equivalent to “my neighbor is using laser beams against my hamster”, but it’s actually happening.

    “Bambi Sleep” literally develops a secondary tulpa personality and then encourages it to take over. It is marketed as a fun experience. The experiment is ongoing, and takes various forms, many of which are now online. The current transgender hysteria, and overall BDSM holiness, only help hide the experiments within a field that it is “forbidden” to examine closely. They both get to produce and examine results, and to make it impossible for anyone else to interfere or even just examine what exactly is happening and how.

    Imagine a program that first “relaxes you”, i.e. takes down your mental defenses and takes control of your non-voluntary bodily functions, and then, through use of dopamine triggers addicts you to itself, and changes you more and more with every listen, rewiring cognition and behavior and cementing it through dopamine hits. But it’s not one episode but twenty, and not one program but a hundred, and by the time you’ve gone through the cycle you’re reprogrammed and your family and friends are supposed to accept what happened on blind faith, or “be evil fascists”.

    Imagine how sooner or later everyone has a vulnerable moment when a sad song on the radio or a scene in a film makes us “change our lives”, now imagine a hypno program intruding at this very moment and instantly begin overwriting the personality.

    This “crowdcourced” experiment all over the Internet, is something that absolutely everyone on the left and on the right is super keen to pretend isn’t happening, and at best quip something about “hypnosis isn’t real and you only do what you want to do”.

    Well then, boys and girls, if that’s your answer, than MKULTRA is also harmless, because “hypnosis isn’t real and you only do what you want to do”. And the current new generation automated programs that take over the listener/viewer and guide them through dopamine addiction how to continue programming themselves over months and years are also harmless because “hypnosis isn’t real and you only do what you want to do”.

    Have you ever wondered how humanity could pretend for so long that all sorts of obvious things “aren’t really happening”? This is you. This is you now. Bambi Sleep isn’t happening, Samantha Sez isn’t happening, Queue Balls isn’t happening.

    There is no 10% real stuff hidden in the 90% hack work in hypno porn. In fact, all mp3 audio websites and video porn websites being gradually taken over by hypno porn during the last 1-2 years totally didn’t happen. MindGeek the corporation does not control all of it. None of this is happening.
    Your kids will not be hacked by such conditioning and brainwashing programs floating freely through the web, because “hypnosis isn’t real and you only do what you want to do”.

    They do not combine perfectly with the previous layer of getting all smart kids on pills in order to “calm them down” and “make them jolly”. It does not produce a generation which sees “liberty” as “the freedom to totally submit”. You do realize that this is the shift in the West today? Erasing political liberties while expanding “dopamine liberties” and claiming that the old political liberties are fascist, while the new anal liberties are real freedom?

    At least think of it academically. The techniques that condition and brainwash society over generations are the same as those that condition and brainwash an individual over weeks and months. Study the latter, then simply expand them in time and you’ll see how they accomplished the former. Let this at least be the initial curiosity that’ll help admit what is happening.

  8. 3.Brás Cubas says:

    “Please provide some sources for your claim that the following persons are Jewish: John Gittinger, Chester Southam, Harris Isbell, and James Keehner.”

    I have the evidence in my files. I would not have made the statements without conclusive documentation. I’ll see if I can find the items you want. Searching through Gb of files is not always quick and easy.

    There are many more such things that have been removed from public consciousness by our Western Jewish-owned non-censoring media. For example, Einstein offered himself to Roosevelt to be the man in charge of creating the first atomic bombs. He, in the same letter, stated that he had (European) financing already arranged and that with him in charge his backers would finance the entire project out of their own pockets. You can ask who were these financiers and why they would want to finance (and own the technology for) atomic bombs. Einstein in a separate letter urged Roosevelt to not only build atomic bombs but to proceed much more urgently and to make those bombs much much larger than was contemplated at the time. The creation of the atomic bomb was entirely a Jewish project, to the extent that in scientific circles the A-bomb was for years referred to as “The Jewish Hell-Bomb”.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @JWalters
  9. But Botha was most famous for rounding up 10 year old boys, killing their parents in front of them, raping young women while they watched, then recruiting them to fight in his army. Instant multiple personalities.

    Really? Sounds Alex Jonesy

  10. 5.Godfree Roberts says: • Website

    “While I love a good conspiracy as much as anyone and have no doubts about US Government villainy, the absence of documentation does not inspire faith, or even curiosity in these allegations.”

    I am not certain of the intent of your above comment. If you are claiming that the evils of MK-ULTRA are a fantasy, that would make you something of an outlier since even the US Congress discovered and admitted that “at least” 500,000 individuals had been subjected to unconscionable experiments. Your intermittent association with John Lilly (which is not a credential I would willingly claim) hardly nullifies the enormous amount of evidential data existing in the public realm, including hundreds of personal testimonials.

    As to references, my articles are generally known for their extensive documentation and I had more than 500 to include as notes for this essay, but it was already painfully long and adding that much material would have made it unpublishable.

    • Replies: @Kali
    , @Godfree Roberts
  11. I was aware of some of these – but certainly not all… This is what US taxpayers have paid for… Though not all because a lot of the money to fund such things come from obscene sources

  12. Hoekom says:

    what is your source on PW Botha?

  13. @Hapalong Cassidy

    “Satanic Panic of the 70’s and 80’s”

    Perhaps the kernel of truth behind the Satanic Panic you reference are the Satanist groups that existed on the periphery of the MK Ultra program. The network of families that used pedophilia as part of their rituals which usually ended in blood sacrifice. Members of these families found their way into adoption agencies and government programs dealing with children in marginal conditions. The Satanic families often had connections to the ancient nightside element within the Catholic Church that engages in pedophilia and black mass worship.

    The MK Ultra affiliates across the country had great need for disposable children throughout the 50s, 60s, and 70s. The satanic families network fulfilled this need. This is one of the many conspiracy theories surrounding MK Ultra which may or may not be true.

  14. Kali says:
    @Larry Romanoff

    I personally found your essay very informative and interesting, tying several disparate insidences together and naming names I’d not heard before. But I feel it would have benefited from the references you mention. Without which it sits firmly in the crosshairs of apologists for government criminality, who will simply dismiss what you write as unsubstanciated.
    The UR readership tends to have a long attention span (we read Ron’s columns, for a start!) and an eye for source references. Call us pedants, academics intellectuals, or just a little better read than the ‘sound bite generation’.

    Commenter @Rahan suggests that the findings of the MKULTRA programme have been deployed against a much wider swathe of the global population, and I’m inclined to agree.
    People are being rendered mentally, emotionally and spiritually vacant, interested only in cheep and easy thrills… and now socially distanced, muzzled and isolated. Seems to me the (probably) billions of dollars funneled into MKULTRA was spent with purpose.

    You mentioned early on in your essay links with the Tavistock Institute of Public Relations, and organisation which concerns itself with social engineering and mass manipulation.
    MKULTRA experiments seem largely to have been developed to manipulate and break the individual psychi. Tavistock is concerned with manipulation of the collective psychi. I look forward to your upcoming essay on that institution!
    But please do include your references and source material. Long and substantial is much better fodder for the (unprogrammed) mind.

    Maybe one day you might even review this current piece to insert those references you have. I know I’d be very grateful if you did! Maybe you could also give an idea of the percentage of Jewish involvement and the possitions they held, and even their (if any) connections to the Nuremburg Trials..? That could make an interesting study all by itself!

    Many thanks for the interesting article.

  15. Botha learned his lessons perfectly, and had no difficulty creating precisely a multiple-persona robot army that would obey him without hesitation or question, and self-destruct upon failure. As part of his creation of horrors, he would gather young children and let them watch his men cutting off the ears, noses, and limbs of civilians who challenged his rule. But Botha was most famous for rounding up 10 year old boys, killing their parents in front of them, raping young women while they watched, then recruiting them to fight in his army. Instant multiple personalities.

    Thank you for your providing most convincing living proof that not only did MK-ULTRA perform mind-bending experiments on people, but that it actually worked on you.

  16. Ted Kaczynski said in a letter that the Murray experiments he was involved in at Harvard were benign and inconsequential.

    • Replies: @Waltzing Matilda T
  17. Dear Readers:

    Your comments about the absence of references have been noted, and your criticisms are justified.

    I will compile the necessary supporting references for this article, and Ron has generously offered to update it with that additional material. This will not be instant due to the volume, but I will do my best to expedite it. In the meantime, please bear with me.

    With thanks,
    Larry Romanoff

    • Thanks: Tor597, zimriel
    • Replies: @Dumb4asterisks
    , @Anon
    , @Kali
    , @Anon
  18. Under the heading “Dr. Karl Pribram,” you place a photograph of the Soviet composer Dmitri Shostakovich. Shostakovich looked nothing like Pribram.

  19. Biff says:

    With all the detailed accounts of experiments and names, I noticed I didn’t see the name ‘Charles Manson’ anywhere? His life and times fits perfectly with this article.

  20. @Larry Romanoff

    Not good enough.
    The damage has been done, and you are following the time honoured propaganda procedure of first break and then pretend to mend when it is too little too late, just like the mass media.
    You are also following another time honoured propaganda procedure of mixing truth with explicit crap, thereby debasing the truth component. Trolls do that too: kicking up dust to hide the truth.
    You could have improved your article greatly by adding that the moon landings never took place and that the earth is flat. Mission accomplished.
    Whether intentional or negligent, you behave like a bull in a China shop.
    Why should I spare you? Did you care about Botha?

  21. @JohnPlywood

    Kacynski put his life at risk by ignoring the advice of his lawyers and insisting he was not mentally ill after he was apprehended. He deeply resents any suggestion that he is mentally unsound. I would be cautious about accepting his claims about the Murray experiments. Years ago, I recall reading an article in the Atlantic written by a man who was a friend of Kacynski’s at Harvard. He said that after his involvement with Murray, Ted underwent a profound change. His relationship ended because Kacynski withdrew from all social contact.

  22. Anon[295] • Disclaimer says:
    @Larry Romanoff


    John Marks’ book is a decent overview, but he liked LSD so much that he was willing to be conciliatory about the CIA and basically required confirmation from the officers in charge to include anything in his book.

    I have spent a good amount of time researching MKUltra and I have one thing to add for resources. If you look through the list of subprojects and have any luck unmasking the researchers you find many wrote academic books. At the National Security Archive in Washington, DC they have all of the documents Marks’ FOIAed for the book and I’m certain any decent researcher could start there and write a much better book.

    List of MKUltra subprojects.



    P.S. Anyone with limited time should just study Gittinger’s PAS.

  23. JimDandy says:

    “It is for this reason no Japanese faced trial for their crimes”

    What nationality was Tojo?

    • Replies: @showmethereal
  24. I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just; that his justice cannot sleep forever.

    –Thomas Jefferson

  25. @anon

    Also, Tom ONeil in his book Chaos links Gottleib to the Manson family with documentary evidence. He’s got Gottleib, Jolly West, and CIA grunt Reeve Whitson, who ran him day to day as an illegal domestic agent.

    For a sensible review of this book, see

    • Replies: @DCThrowback
  26. It was during this time that the 500,000 German POWs were transferred to the US from these camps in Germany on the stated pretense of “being able to better feed them”. With my best efforts over years, I have been unable to locate any credible documentation of these prisoners ever having left the US. The American government claims they were all shipped back to Germany in 1948, but there is no evidence to support this claim and the neither the International Red Cross, who were in charge of all such movements, nor US military records, nor anyone else, has any record of any Germans returning to anywhere in Europe from the US.

    It should be straightforward, but tedious, to research the fate of the 500,000. If the Red Cross has their names, it should be possible to cross-check against the 1950 censuses for the USA and West Germany. Ideally the research would begin with a random sample of 1,000 individuals; but it might be more practical to select those with unusual names or other identifying information.

    It is very likely that someone at the International Red Cross already has the answers, because the organization has proved very efficient at tracing those who survived WW II but went missing.

    • Replies: @Larry Romanoff
  27. anon[437] • Disclaimer says:

    James N. Kennett 25, thanks for the pointer to Lobster, which is British intel apparatchiks. What interests me is the reviewer’s closing endorsement of O’Neil’s conspiracy nut act, and his “no pretense of finding an answer.” That’s Pedo-Pom bullshit. ONeil did contact chaining that exceeds CIA standards. If Gottlieb, West, and Whitson were Lebanese Shia, they would already be pink mist on CIA’s near-certainty criterion. O’Neil proved that CIA ran Manson. And this Savile bumboy parrots the “we’ll never know” refrain. Just goes to show, MI6 are CIA’s butlers.

  28. British intel apparatchiks

    ROTFL! They are the exact opposite. They are left-of-centre, but sufficiently old-school that they believe in following the evidence wherever it leads.

    I admit I haven’t read O’Neill’s book yet, so there may be some truth in your comments about the Lobster review. However, I did read a couple of other reviews in the MSM. The Guardian (who really are CIA controlled opposition) did not even mention Gottlieb, West and Whitson.

    If you know something about Pedo-Poms and Savile bumboys, rather than merely using the terms as gratuitous insults, I suggest you write an article on the subject so we can all benefit from your knowledge.

  29. Damn. If true, evil as fuck. Scary as fuck.

  30. anon[106] • Disclaimer says:

    James N. Kennett 29, I have read O’Neil’s book, along with McGowan’s less comprehensive but incisive and synoptic work. Experience with collateral is also helpful in interpreting the documentary evidence at issue because you need to know how CIA employs compartmentation.

    I apologize if I unfairly impugned the sphincter tone of any of your stout-hearted manly friends but this particular writer is, on balance, full of shit. He’s probably got the Eric Joyce criterion collection tucked away on his hard disk just in case he has an untoward flash of enlightenment.

    The Lobster reviewer’s conclusion is straight out of CIA memo 1035-960 ¶ 4(a.) It is notable that he recounts the evidence but then denies its import, waving it away with a wistful we’ll-never-know shrug. All Mockingbird media apple-polishers can be categorized in terms of how far they follow their logical nose and at what point they veer off with some ridiculous non sequitur. That behavior depends not on the individual – they are fully interchangeable – but on the probative weight of the public evidence. That evidence is now conclusive. Manson was a illegal domestic CIA agent.

  31. anon[411] • Disclaimer says:

    Ramsey and Dorrell are for real, worthy colleagues of Agee in denunciation of clandestine state crime. But CIA can do wonders inserting propaganda morsels into alt-media outlets. Just look at what they’ve done to Russ Baker is a force of nature yet his site is now infested with gullible partisans.

    • Replies: @DCThrowback
  32. @JimDandy

    He was a token. It is known Unit 731 mostly got away scot free. Check the numbers between German and Japanese prosecutions. Many Nazis helped develop NASA and other industry in the US after the war. Japanese were allowed to go home to rebuild Japan to keep communists out. All those big Japanese companies stayed in business after the war.

    • Replies: @Johnny Rico
  33. Thank you for your informative article, Larry.
    My twin sister and I were used as guinea pigs in CIA-sponsored trauma-based mind control experiments (aka Mk-Ultra) that took place at Stanford Research Institute from 1953 to 1969. For seven of our early childhood years my twin sister and I were subjected to induced trauma, various forms of torture, drugging, brutal rapes, shocking with electric cattle prods, severe deprivation and isolation. And yes, Josef Mengele was on staff at SRI from 1960-69. The real question is: how do Mk-Ultra survivors sue Stanford for damages?

  34. @James N. Kennett

    I agree the Red Cross would know, but they apparently do not know. They have no such information.

    I tried to point out that James Bacques had already done that groundwork in writing his books – Other Losses, Crimes and Mercies . . . and the Red Cross had no record of any number of Germans returning to anywhere in Europe from the US after the war. There is no evidence that those 500,000 German POWs ever actually left the US, and there is no evidence that they arrived anywhere else.

    • Replies: @Bombercommand
  35. Billyd says:

    Hi. Do you have any more information on this piece . Rearding L Ron Hubbard and Scientology involvement.
    Hush hush please thanks.

    • Replies: @Larry Romanoff
  36. @Billyd

    In the literature of MK-ULTRA, there are many references to Scientology, but based on suspicion and circumstantial evidence. I know of nothing concrete to connect them, though such links may well exist. Similar with Charles Manson and others.

    In a topic such as this, with such an admittedly-huge number of projects and victims in many countries, It becomes difficult to know when to stop. There are hundreds of aberrant examples that could potentially have a connection to MK-ULTRA but, with most of the files destroyed, we will never know.

    For the moment, it seems the most praiseworthy research would be to ignore the LSD portions and focus on the violence-induced multiple personalities because this is almost certainly the most horrific portion of the Project and there might be tens of thousands of victims yet to be discovered.

    • Replies: @DCThrowback
  37. Anon[264] • Disclaimer says:

    Larry, excellent article, thank you.

    Can you point me toward sources that would indicate what type of research was being done at Ohio State University in the mid 1960s?

    • Replies: @Larry Romanoff
  38. @Anon

    MK-ULTRA was an exceedingly difficult topic to research because the documentation is so very scattered in the sense that one can seldom locate a single credible reference that covers one item adequately. Similar to your question, Harvard, Yale, Princeton and other major universities were heavily engaged in work for Gottlieb, but there are no documents I could find that fully address Harvard’s involvement specifically. Instead, references to Harvard’s participation exist in perhaps dozens of separate sources, each making a small contribution to the data but requiring huge amounts of time.

    The same is true for every university, hospital, research institute, and so on, these references often appearing in documents basically unrelated to the topic but included almost as unrelated afterthoughts. As one example, doing research on Project Phoenix in Vietnam I accidentally discovered that Harvard University was the creative genius behind infusing napalm with white phosphorus. Prior to then, the Viet Cong would immerse themselves in the nearest water and extinguish the flaming napalm. To prevent this obstruction of democratic justice, Jewish researchers at Harvard pushed the US military to infuse the white phosphorus which burns beautifully under water, right down and into a man’s bones. There is no way to extinguish it, once lit.

    It is of no help that all these institutions have sanitised the internet and historical information bases to the best of their ability, each to protect its current reputation by rendering blank yet more pages in our history book. Even many archives are off-limits for this reason.

    I wrote what was meant to be an introductory article to the one on MK-ULTRA, titled, Part 1 – the US Government Declares War on America:

    It’s only 2,000 words and worth reading. It deals with literally thousands of illegal human experimentations the US military conducted on American citizens for decades, a great many of them fatal, and almost all in close cooperation with these same universities, hospitals, research institutes. But here too, one must sort through many hundreds of sources to connect sufficient dots.

    The NYT ran an article titled, Extent of University Work for C.I.A. Is Hard to Pin Down:

    I know I am avoiding your specific question. I do have information on each of the above culprits but in the same scattered form buried in too many Gb of files and haven’t had time or occasion to search and collate by institution. I may yet do that.

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @Maricata
  39. @milosevic

    Glad to see the Cannon book listed–much of the UFO hysteria appears to be a side trail of the MK-Ultra mind-control experiments.

    The elites had been contemplating (and perhaps still are planning) some sort of fake alien landing scenario to brainwash the world’s masses into supporting a world government.

    We haven’t heard much about it lately-not sure whether that is good or bad!

  40. Anonymous[190] • Disclaimer says:
    @Larry Romanoff

    The creation of the atomic bomb was entirely a Jewish project, to the extent that in scientific circles the A-bomb was for years referred to as “The Jewish Hell-Bomb”.


    …bomber crew dropped “Fat Man,” a plutonium bomb, on Nagasaki, Japan, instantly annihilating tens of thousands of innocent civilians, a disproportionate number of them Japanese Christians, and wounding uncountable numbers of others.

    For targeting purposes, the bombing crew used St. Mary’s Urakami Cathedral, the largest Christian church in East Asia. At 11:02 a.m., on Aug. 9, 1945, when the bomb was dropped over the cathedral, Nagasaki was the most Christian city in Japan.

    “Yet what kind of men were they who set their hands to the task [of rebuilding the temple]? They were men who constantly resisted the Holy Spirit, revolutionists bent on stirring up sedition. After the destruction which occurred under Vespa-sian and Titus, these Jews rebelled during the reign of Hadrian and tried to go back to the old commonwealth and way of life. What they failed to realize was that they were fighting against the decree of God, who had ordered that Jerusalem remain forever in ruins.”

    St. John Chrysostom, Adversos Judaeos

    • Replies: @ChuckOrloski
    , @bjondo
  41. Anon[264] • Disclaimer says:
    @Larry Romanoff

    “I know I am avoiding your specific question. I do have information on each of the above culprits but in the same scattered form buried in too many Gb of files and haven’t had time or occasion to search and collate by institution. I may yet do that.”

    Not a problem, Larry. I appreciate the reply and hard work on this article. I had a family member who died when I was quite young that worked/taught there.

    In looking-up some of his journal articles from the 50s/60s, it appears he was involved in the injecting of radium into women at various stages of pregnancy to check for clearance times, as well as effects on fetal development.

    I’m going to assume that his team was doing this without the informed consent of patients. I have no idea if this was something that would have been done under MK Ultra, much less whatever else they would have been doing – but it sounds not far off.

    What a shit show this place is.

    • Replies: @Larry Romanoff
  42. @Larry Romanoff

    I knew one. Joined the Nazi Party because “that’s how you got ahead”. Wehrmacht. Interned in a POW camp in Colorado. Returned to Germany with all his “kameraden”. Got married, immigrated to North America and raised a family and had a long career. A worthless asshole, and all his children were worthless greedy assholes that caused a lot of misery to innocent others. All that could have been prevented if he had been shot or starved to death in “Eisenhower’s death camps”.

  43. @Larry Romanoff

    You claimed that John was a “mad scientist” and inferred that he was a witting participant in some of the evil programs you describe.

    My familiarity with him and his fellow investigators–including the very proper Gregory Bateson, who oversaw some of John’s projects on behalf of the USG–does not support your claim.

    They investigated fringe phenomena, like hallucinogens and sensory deprivation, in the same way scientists investigate everything. They were glad to get government funding and the fact that others would misuse their findings was beyond their control–as is the case with even the most mundane discoveries, including electricity.

  44. Nahhhhh!

    Just a cushy jobs with enormous salaries doing idiotic things like hypnotizing goats.

  45. But I guess COINTELPRO is alright. Because you like that kind of infiltration. Hypocrites.

  46. There is gray. There is darkness. And there are black holes that suck light and love and life out of all that comes near. Evil pretends to not know the difference. Until on the death bed you see trembling and the hand grasping, oddly and feebly reaching out, as if trying to stop some very long fall.



    ‘Oh cruel Death, give three things back’
    Sang a bone upon the shore.
    ‘A child found all a child can lack,
    whether of pleasure or of rest,
    upon the abundance of my breast’:
    A bone wave-whitened and dried in the wind.

    ‘Three dear things that women know,’
    Sand a bone upon the shore.
    ‘A man if I but held him so
    when my body was alive
    Found all the pleasure that life gave’:
    A bone wave-whitened and dried in the wind.

    ‘The third thing that I think of yet,’
    Sang a bone upon the shore,
    ‘Is that morning when I met
    face to face my rightful man
    And did after stretch and yawn’:
    A bone-wave whitened and dried in the wind.

    – THREE THINGS, by WB Yeats

  47. I saw a documentary on Amazon Prime about this last year.

    The woman mentioned in the article—the one with the medical records proof—was in it. The doc also covered LSD experiments conducted in a small French village in the 1950’s. They somehow laced some local bread with it, all with the knowledge of the French government. One person jumped to his death because he thought he was flying. The Canadian “hospital” was also covered.

  48. @Anon

    You have it right. I had written another article dealing with precisely your topic, as a kind of introduction to this much longer one, on the basis that readers might think “well, if they will do this, then they will probably do anything.” It was all part of the same thing.

    You might enjoy reading it. It’s quite short. The US Government Declares War on America.

  49. Anonymous[661] • Disclaimer says:

    About 15 years ago there was a report on a national nightly news program that revealed the Pentagon, quite a few years earlier, had secretly seeded the atmosphere above two small American cities with radioactive particles in order to study the effects of nuclear fallout on these city’s populations.

    Couldn’t believe what I was hearing. But every attempt since then to find any information on that government program, or even any news archives about it, has led to a dead end.

    • Replies: @Larry Romanoff
  50. Mr Romanoff, you write:

    MK-ULTRA and its brethren grew out of Operation Paperclip in which more than 10,000 Japanese and some German scientists of all stripes were smuggled into the US after the Second World War, to provide the government with information on torture and interrogation techniques.

    And then you write:

    Project MK-ULTRA appears to have been almost in entirety a Jewish program. Gottlieb was Jewish, as were most of the individuals I could identify as being project leaders or sub-leaders, people like Dr. John Gittinger, Harris Isbell, James Keehner, Lauretta Bender, Albert Kligman, Eugene Saenger, Chester Southam, Robert V. Lashbrook, Harold Abramson, Charles Geschickter, Ray Treichler, and so many more. I have a list of more than 100 names. Likewise, many of the individuals conducting these human “experiments” at America’s top colleges and universities, hospitals, research foundations and mental institutions, were virtually all Jews, as were almost all of the physicians and psychiatrists whom I have been able to identify.

    Isn’t there a contradiction here?
    That MK-Ultra is a Nazi operation brought to the US through Paperclip is a cliché that is widely disseminated. You find it for example in the recent film “Out of Shadow” (a Q-Anon production). But never is it mentionned that Gotlieb was Jewish; in fact, it is generally implied that he was a nazi. Your list of Jews involved in MK-Ultra is a major contribution (I was only aware of Gotlieb) but your assertion on the link with Nazi Germany through Paperclip lacks a similar list: you only provide a Japanese example. Can you provide some names? If not, don’t you think that the theory of the MK-Ultra-Paperclip connection should be reconsidered as a kind of “accusatory inversion”, a rumor spread by the Jewish press, Hollywood, and now the Q-Anon sect.

  51. Saggy says: • Website

    Mengele escaped Germany and traveled to the US – where he apparently roamed freely for quite some time before the media and the public made him too hot for the CIA to handle and he was transshipped to Central America with US government funding.

    This sounds like fantasy.

    Has anyone actually seen ‘Larry Romanoff’?

    • LOL: Sya Beerens
  52. Great article Mr. Romanoff, very detailed and eye-opening. This one will be in the saved links file to be used as a reference for all things U.S. Mind Kontrol.

    I find it funny it the Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research(SIEPR)is one of the big producers of Covid19 fear porn, and tells us how delightful our “new not-normal” future will be. More proof we Americans pay zero attention to history, and therefor are doomed to repeat over, and over, and over.

    The bright future of working from home

    Thanks again for an absolutely frightening look into the abyss that is American Intelligence covert/clandestine operations.

  53. The CIA and MI6 and the Mossad are the chain dogs of the imperial courts that rule the world aka the zionists and in the words of Mike Pompeo, ” I was the CIA director, we lied, we cheated, we stole, it was like we had entire training courses “.

    If interested , read these books The Committee of 300 by ex MI6 officer John Coleman, and The Secret Team by L. Fletcher Prouty, and By Way of Deception by ex Mossad officer Victor Ostrovsky.

  54. @Larry Romanoff

    Tom O’Brien’s recent “Chaos: The CIA and Charles Manson” (he was also excellent for 3 hours on the Joe Rogan Podcast in August of 2019) book comes to a similar conclusion; West and Manson *likely* interacted, but there is no concrete evidence of it, despite the fact they were in the same place at the same time for about a year. There is also a ton of evidence that Manson was protected by federal sources as he committed crimes in CA in the years prior to the Tate-LoBianca murders.

    Fascinating stuff. Thank you for your hard work.

    One question: Do you think this ties in with David McGowan’s work, specifically, “Programmed to Kill”?

    • Replies: @Larry Romanoff
  55. DrWatson says:

    Basically, you agree with BLM then?

    • Replies: @Getaclue
  56. @Laurent Guyénot

    Well, you did mention Josef Mengele, but precisely, if that is the only name of a Nazi that one can come up with in association with MK-Ultra, and only based on vague rumors, then that proves that the Nazis had nothing to do with it. With just a little research, you can easily find out that the black legend of Mengele is a Jewish legend in the same category as the “Pure Jewish Fat” soap of Simon Wiesenthal:
    Read here:

    At the first Doctors’ Trial at Nuremberg, Mengele was not even mentioned, nor was he even wanted by the Allies at that time, which is astonishing considering he was allegedly the most ‘notorious’ figure of ‘Nazi evil’ of the entire war.
    And the so-called ‘witnesses’ to Mengele’s alleged crimes couldn’t even decide whether he had blond or brown hair, or blue or brown eyes. And the crimes he was accused of are preposterous for someone of Mengele’s academic achievements and scientific understanding.

    • Agree: Just another serf
    • Thanks: Saggy, Ilya G Poimandres, Kali
    • Replies: @Saggy
    , @Wally
  57. @anon

    Gosh darn Baker’s book on the Bush Family (“family of secrets”) was good.

  58. @Anonymous

    Hey anonymous 901!

    You likely know that the first atomic bomb test was done at Alamogordo, and it was called “Trinity.”

    Then, September 6, Catholic day of Transfiguration, the atomic bomb was dropped upon Hiroshima.

    The serial killer bomb fell from the womb of “Enola Gay,” named after Col. Tibbet’s mother. In contrast, Mary, The Theotokos, gave birth to the Giver of Life.

    As described in Consortium News, “For targeting purposes, the bombing crew used St. Mary’s Urakami Cathedral, the largest Christian church in East Asia. At 11:02 a.m., on Aug. 9, 1945, when the bomb was dropped over the cathedral, Nagasaki was the most Christian city in Japan.”

    Thanks, # 901, the world ought to know the satanic history of the making of the atomic bomb.

    • Replies: @Truth
  59. gay troll says:
    @Laurent Guyénot

    Whether some Jews want to pass themselves off as Nazis, or some Nazis as Jews, they have all done a damn fine job of it. Although they have spent decades insisting through the media that Nazis and Jews are mutually exclusive.

    It can be said without exaggeration that the Zionists won WWII and have dominated history ever since. The question is to what extent were the Nazis Zionist? Certainly Nazi science also triumphed in WWII and was adopted by both the capitalists and communists. Yes, Germany was destroyed, but was Hitler actually victorious?

    Fritz Thyssen claimed Hitler was grandsired by Rothschild. National Socialism in a literal and not a historic sense is definitively Jewish. It was articulated by Moses, practiced by the current state of Israel, and if we have to connect these dots through Nazi Germany, what does that tell us? Even if the Nazis killed 6 million Jews they were only fulfilling a Jewish fantasy. They were also insulating them from any future criticism.

    I was a millennial raised in a secular and atheist household in the state of California who grew up consuming all matter of Jewish-dominated pop culture, while reciting Jew approved curricula in public schools. Yet despite this, Jesus Christ on the cross was always alluded to as history. Even now Wikipedia flatly denies that Jesus Christ is a syncretic myth that was transformed into historical propaganda. Why do the Zionazis want us to believe Jesus was real, even as they ridicule him and deny his divinity? Why is the culture war in America centered around Christianity, and its alignment with the Republican Party, if Jewish interests control both parties? Why is Christianity the fulcrum of Zionism?

    To ascertain guilt we always ask cui bono? And in politics we always look for a proven MO, such as control opposition, divide and conquer.

    • Agree: Kali
    • Replies: @Sya Beerens
  60. @James N. Kennett

    He comes close to this but cannot fully link them. He says as much on the Aug 2019 appearance on the Joe Rogan podcast. He says he can come very close, though.

  61. I’m surprised the notorious criminal boss and serial killer,Whitey Bulger, isn’t mentioned. He was another victim of prison drug experiments. Bulger came back from prison a changed and much more dangerous and vicious an individual.

    I find the article to be a feverishly written amalgam of useful, substantiated information, unsubstantiated assertions, tenuous innuendoes, and some absurdities.

    It’s frustrating because I want to pass on the substantiated material but know that many potential readers will be put off by the often Grand Guignol prose, yellow press innuendoes, and patent absurdities.

  62. Agent76 says:

    Apr 2, 2015 Ex-CIA Officer John Kiriakou: “The Government Turned Me Into a Dissident”

    In 2007, John Kiriakou became the first Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) official to publicly confirm that agency interrogators waterboarded a high-value detainee, terrorism suspect Abu Zubaydah — a revelation that had previously been a closely guarded secret.

    May 19, 2006 Secrets of the CIA, part 1

    Apr 13, 2017 Mkultra – The Cia’s Psychic Warfare On The Soviet Union

    Project Mkultra – The CIA’s mind control program used by the US to counter the ‘Soviet threat’ and control foreign leaders including Fidel Castro.

    • Replies: @Jim Glover
  63. @DCThrowback

    I do, yes. The great amount of similar evidence suggests there may be even more dots to connect, all related in some way to this umbrella program.

    Too much of the literature and public mental image of MK-ULTRA focuses on the LSD, but the real connection is in human experimentation, and projects to learn to what extent humans could be controlled and what things they might be capable of doing.

  64. Great article !
    And, unlike some commenters here, I don’t need additional confirmations of existence
    and practices the (a juicy hyphenated expletive goes here) use to experiment on, or to
    “utterly destroy” (just like their Doctor recommended) people they target.
    The good thing is that rightful anger can help to discover something that otherwise you
    wouldn’t have ever discovered. As they say, give people what they want !

  65. Saggy says: • Website
    @Laurent Guyénot

    Everything about the holohoax is preposterous …. from your link ….

    And, of course, a wealthy Jew bought Josef Mengele’s diary at auction (
    ) and hid it from public view, which is proof there was nothing incriminating in it because if there had been, it would have been published in every known language on the face of the earth


    The hoax would be unbelievable if it were not happening.

    ‘Larry Romanoff’ cannot resist the urge to write absurdities into his articles, to mock the goyim I believe.

    • Replies: @Laurent Guyénot
  66. I’m tempted to say that it’s a shame that someone would waste an above-average intelligence and dedication. But given the author’s preoccupations, it’s probably best that he limit himself to a topic which ensures that the smallest possible number of ineffectual and unsound people could be influenced by him. The more time he spends consumed by a merely ‘journalistic’ expression for his interests and imagination, the better for everyone. Just think of the horrors he might have been capable of, had he been given sufficient intelligence, charisma and opportunities to bring his fantasies to life.

  67. @Saggy

    More on the Mengele myth here, by the (generally) excellent Mike King:

  68. @gay troll

    Hitler was a Jew. According to the Dutch history teachers. That’s what we’ve been taught. So there’s two Jews Adolf and Anne. Other than that they don’t exist…. until you hear:


    Not that anyone’s a Jew.

  69. @showmethereal

    Why didn’t Stalin insist everybody be tried as war criminals? It was the Soviets who captured the main Unit 731 facility at Harbin.

    • Replies: @showmethereal
  70. Mr. Romanoff…thank you for this work and others published on Unz. I have read many of them with interest and to my benefit, including the excellent 2,000 word piece you linked to in several comments. That one should be distributed widely.

    Preface to my question: Clearly, you have taken a deep dive into the “unconscionable” (your word from the shorter essay) world of mind control and human experimentation.

    My question: Is it possible that you cannot see the brilliant mind control operation being carried out right now in real time and on a world-wide level? If you cannot see it, how can that blind spot be explained?

    This mind control operation has all the signs, using tactics both soft and hard. The incessant media and government propaganda applies the soft, physically non-invasive torture. Ever changing stories and shifting realities that lead people inexorably into a false identity.

    The hard tactics, the physical invasive tortures, have been applied with a slow but equally inexorable increase in rituals: hand-washing, social distancing, masks, outright isolation, drugs (soon-to-be). What ghastly tortures await those who refuse to consent to these unmistakably occult-like rituals?

    So, instead of using your expertise in mind control, gained through researching MK Ultra and the US government’s “reprehensible history of illegal, unethical, and immoral experiments” on its own people (your words from the shorter essay), you come here in Mike Whitney’s thread yesterday and debate statistics of COVID deaths in Sweden v. Norway. What a titanic waste of time! Unz is an amazing site, combining some of the most sublime commentary with some of the most mundane and inane and insane.

    We are witnessing what can only be described as a masterstroke of mind control. It proceeds on a scale and with a breadth and depth that can only be explained by a dark intelligence far above human. Sure, like the mind control operations you have investigated, the human operatives are true psychopaths (like Gottlieb and Loretta Bender). But the coordination and operational control comes from a otherworldly darkness, a depraved evil that is above human capabilities. It comes from a spirit that hates humanity, but hates God most of all. We are no match for it.

    Yet people spill hundreds of thousands of words arguing over ever shifting, ever falsified statistics in Sweden v. Norway or Spain or wherethefuckever? That is exactly where the master of this mind control psyop wants us to fixate our gaze. Look! Lockdowns worked here! No they didn’t, they worked here! Hey, this virus came from a lab in Wuhan! No, it a US bio attack gone bad! China sucks, the US is great. China is great, the US sucks. Blah, blah, blah!

    How far is your truth-seeking willing to go on this, Mr. Romanoff? Why not go there and help people escape full capture? You surely have uncovered the material to make you see it, as evidenced by this article and others.

    I suppose some gatekeepers of limited hangouts are simply sincere, but still useful, idiots (not implying you here). Maybe some are willfully ignorant, or simply clever at trying to preserve a “stage” from which to speak.

    Are you one as well? I hope not.

    • Replies: @Larry Romanoff
  71. As mentioned by another commenter, the absence of Charles Manson in this article seems a bit odd, especially considering the timeline of MK Ultra.
    His ability to lure women and others into joining his commune, control and manipulate them. The drug use, sexual deviancy, slavery, and ultimately getting them to kill for him it’s hard to believe he wasn’t an MK Ultra asset turned loose on society as a kind of experiment to test these techniques.
    The women were mostly from stable, middle class upbringings. At minimum you’d think they would have wanted to debrief him to learn how he did it. Everything Manson sounds like it’s right out of the MK Ultra playbook, not unlike Jim Jones.

  72. Larry Romanoff: “Rather than being an anarchist, Kaczynski’s bombing campaign was both a cry for help and a quest for revenge. ”

    That’s a ridiculous dismissal of Kaczynski’s thinking and his many writings, which on major points parallel self-described Christian anarchist Jacques Ellul’s work. Nobody questions whether Ellul is an anarchist, or calls his writings “a cry for help”. Also, you, as a conspiracy theorist of the paranoid type, would likely be described as “mentally ill” by many psychologists. Could this article be your own “cry for help”?

    • Replies: @Adûnâi
  73. likely that Gottlieb’s group was also responsible for the conception and programming of the “Zebra murders” that resulted in a sudden wave of nearly 100 senseless random murders lacking any semblance of motivation, that swept California during the late 1960s and early 1970

    Just picking this one. You can’t make this assertion and then include a general Wikipedia link to Zebra and a newspaper article that is unlikely to in any way back this claim, but that can’t be read anyway without a subscription.

    These killings were racially motivated. No CIA involvement is needed.

  74. Voltara says:

    If you enjoy quality writing this superb investigative series by the late Dave McGowan looks into the intelligence backgrounds of many of the heroes of the 60’s counter culture, their relationships with Charlie Manson and the likelihood of MK Ultra programming being involved in many bizarre, unsolved murders

    While you’re there read his article on the Boston bombing and Moon landing hoaxes

    • Agree: Justvisiting
    • Replies: @Anon
  75. @Johnny Rico

    Is that a joke??? Since when is Stalin supposed to be a man of virtue??? That’s for “western democracies” who always spout that type of thing… you know “truth” “justice” blah blah blah

    • Replies: @Johnny Rico
  76. @onebornfree

    I truly hope that there is a “next” as the probability of any form of justice in the “current” is in my view zero. If half of what is presented in this review is true,, shame on Canada and all the others too!

  77. donut says:

    The eye cannot see it self , these people and their evil deeds will amount to nothing . Man can not impose his will on nature .

  78. All of the alleged horrors attributed to Adolph Hitler’s Nazis, such as: making lamp shades and hand bags of Jewish skin, shrinking heads, and murdering infants can be found in earlier European history, but it is Jews that were accused of such crimes, and funny isn’t it that Jews accused Germans of such heinous acts. No! Christians do not think of such things, but Jews do.

  79. @showmethereal

    No. It isn’t a joke.

    I’m assuming you have both read this article and are familiar with the standard tone of discussion regarding events/myths of WWII, American motives, and post-war war crimes prosecution.

    I also don’t ask questions unless I know the answer.

    Here’s another one. Where is Andrei Martyanov?

  80. Anon[264] • Disclaimer says:

    If you enjoy quality writing this superb investigative series by the late Dave McGowan

    McGowan was great, the Jeff Spicoli of the Conspiracy Set.

    I’ll second your recommendation by encouraging others to simply YouTube his name, and enjoy his many interviews with various podcasters. His lampooning of the ‘moon landing’ is nice comic relief to the darker subjects he deals with.

    Here’s his very interesting breakdown of The Boston Bombing on Bitchute (apparently scrubbed from YouTube):

    Video Link

    • Replies: @Johnny Walker Read
  81. Wally says:
    @Laurent Guyénot

    There is not a shred of roof that Mengele did what fantasizing Zionists claim.

    The claims say more about those making them then they do about facts.


    Josef Mengele – the Creation of a Myth’ / by Germar Rudolf:

    Auschwitz & The Seven Dwarfs:

  82. CIA otherwise known as Capitalism’s Invisible Army, Cocaine Import Agency
    MKUltra mind control, nowadays known as Big Pharma and TV “news”

    Kaczynski was dosed for several years with massive amounts of LSD, MDMA – a drug commonly called ‘ecstasy’ today, and other psychotropic drugs.

    So was I, and I turned out dandy!

    Anyhoo, these Dulles, Gottlieb, Lilly, Epstein fellers sound like real American patriots! Evil? Perhaps! But we had to defeat those gawddamn evil commies! Whats a little murder, torture, rape, and pedophilia you commie apologists!

    I propose we honor these brave patriots by blasting their faces into Half Dome Rock at Yosemite Park! What a wonderful addition this would be to the natural beauty of the landscape! Future generations of patriotic Americans will surely thank us and fight tooth and nail to preserve them forever! Yee Haw!

    God bless our CIA and Zio-Nazi overlords! They dindu nuffin!

    ‘Merica! Fuck Yeah!

    • LOL: Kali
    • Replies: @Jim Glover
  83. Getaclue says:

    I didn’t see where he mentioned defunding the police etc. — just getting rid of the CIA/FBI– which is pointedly NOT part of the BLM Agenda (no doubt because they know those Agencies are already full of people “on their side”/NWO creeps….) — these are Federal Agencies that violate the US Constitution and the Rights of Citizens on an ongoing basis with impunity — whether it is MKULTRA or “Russian Collusion” scams/criminal ops — so your comment is not well taken.

  84. @John Fisher

    Everything you have written, is true. However, and as you are no doubt aware, the focus has shifted from experimentation (which is no longer deemed necessary) to the practical control of much of humanity for the sake of looting and what I would term subjugation. The control is now boldly coming much more into the open, where we have not only the MSM doing their traditional job of information gatekeeping but also ‘private enterprise’ (aka CIA-controlled Google, Facebook, Twitter, et al) openly taking full control of the official narrative on the pretext of protecting the public from ‘fake news’.

    The signs, as you have said, are everywhere to be seen and we must thus be approaching the end game which I believe is a third world war. There is no other way to account for the outrageous geo-political provocations extant today. Many have noted that the world’s economies are being devastated by COVID-19. Keep in mind that the tradtional cure for such a condition is an all-out war which almost automatically puts economies on full employment.

    But in a sense MK-ULTRA and all its related brethren were just a temporary sideshow; there is so much more, so many pieces to assemble in order to see the entire picture. It includes the media, privatisation, population reduction, the financialisation of economies, vaccinations and ID2020, NATO, and the chimera of democracy morphing into dictatorship. Consider these two quotes in relation to 2008 and today’s COVID-19 and the upcoming election:

    “When, through the process of law, the common people lose their homes, they will become more docile and more easily governed through the strong arm of government applied by a central power of wealth under leading financiers. These truths are well known among our principal men who are now engaged in forming imperialism to govern the world.” And:

    “By dividing the voter through the political party system, we can get them to expend their energies in fighting for questions of no importance. Thus by discreet action we can secure for ourselves what has been so well planned and so successfully accomplished.” If the latter isn’t clear, the multi-party political system – democracy – was created by an elite group specifically because it could be totally corrupted and sideline the population while being controlled in the background.

    You wrote:

    “We are witnessing what can only be described as a masterstroke of mind control. It proceeds on a scale and with a breadth and depth that can only be explained by a dark intelligence far above human. . . . the coordination and operational control comes from a otherworldly darkness, a depraved evil that is above human capabilities. It comes from a spirit that hates humanity, but hates God most of all. We are no match for it.”

    Your words are eloquent and your assessment brilliant, but most people either do not see or do not want to see the extent to which the Satanists have taken control of almost everything. This has all progressed so far that I do not see how it can be stopped. Indeed, I am almost certain it cannot, and I despair for humanity.

    • Agree: Johnny Walker Read
  85. @Hapalong Cassidy

    Satanic Ritual Abuse is identical to the trauma-based mind control techniques studied by MK-ULTRA doctors like Ewen Cameron.

    For those interested:

    “The Greenbaum Speech” by D. Corydon Hammond

  86. Truth says:

    That is interesting, yet there is a growing thought consortium that believes that nuclear weapons don’t exist. All a fraud.

  87. @onebornfree

    I cannot help but wonder whether a recent former US POTUS was a product of one of these programs. One designed to groom its students in a more sophisticated, polished and professional manner for ‘jobs’ that require those skills.

    It has long been posited by many that he and his mysterious parents were trained and employed by “The Farm”. I have to say, I always did get a very sociopathic vibe from the guy and my antenna is quite tuned to pick up things like that. Hhmm….. a Manchurian.

  88. Adûnâi says: • Website
    @Dr. Robert Morgan

    > “Nobody questions whether Ellul is an anarchist, or calls his writings “a cry for help”.”

    Do people dismiss philosophers who kill people? To the contrary, I consider Hitler one of the greatest philosophers. Christians are a fickle bunch. All the values are inverted. It’s fascinating that they exist. Not for long!

    As Christians say, evil is self-defeating. I concur. Christian weakness will end in defeat. Deus ex machina, atheist-style!

    > “Could this article be your own “cry for help”?”

    “Cry for help” is a word as indicative of Christianity as the use of the epithet “sad” is.

    To my non-Christian imagination, it is obvious that every single action of a healthy population is a cry for dominance.

  89. JWalters says:
    @Larry Romanoff

    I appreciate the level of detail in your report. However, I think it’s important to distinguish between the Jewish Mafia and all Jews (i.e. “the Jews”), because there are many Jews who are valuable allies in the fight against the Jewish Mafia. For example, there are many Jews who are staunch anti-Zionists, fighting valiantly against the Jewish supremacist policies of Israel. Norman Finkelstein and Max Blumenthal are great examplss. Also, is a great, Jewhish-run, anti-Zionist website of news and analysis about Israel, Palestine, and America. These people are invaluable because they demonstrate that anti-Zionism is not anti-Semitism, as well as providing some of the most detailed cases against Zionism.

    I’d suggest people use terms like “Zionists” or “Jewish Mafia” rather than simply “Jews” or “the Jews” when referring to the criminal elements among the Jewish people. Broad brushing “all Jews” as criminals is inaccurate and helps discredit one’s argument. As I’m sure you appreciate, being more accurate makes one’s case more solid, and better advances the truth.

    • Replies: @Larry Romanoff
  90. Baby Yoda says:

    Note: out of consideration for those who dislike long comments, and given that I have no idea what the comment length limitation may be, I have divided my comment into 3 parts of about 400-500 words each.

    Baby Yoda comment – Part 1:

    This is a reply both to John Fisher, who wrote,

    We are witnessing what can only be described as a masterstroke of mind control. It proceeds on a scale and with a breadth and depth that can only be explained by a dark intelligence far above human. Sure, like the mind control operations you have investigated, the human operatives are true psychopaths (like Gottlieb and Loretta Bender). But the coordination and operational control comes from a otherworldly darkness, a depraved evil that is above human capabilities. It comes from a spirit that hates humanity, but hates God most of all. We are no match for it.

    –and to Larry Romanov, who replied,

    Your words are eloquent and your assessment brilliant, but most people either do not see or do not want to see the extent to which the Satanists have taken control of almost everything. This has all progressed so far that I do not see how it can be stopped. Indeed, I am almost certain it cannot, and I despair for humanity.

    John: your words are eloquent in a mournful way characteristic of all of the heavily morbid commentary on this site. But your assessment strikes me as more like over-determined in keeping with Larry’s assessment that “the Satanists have taken control of almost everything.”

    That said, I agree, John, with your praise for Larry’s research and writing. Larry is quite good, as is Ron Unz even more so, at summarizing the pertinent findings of a long article or book lucidly and succinctly while driving along at a brisk pace to connect dots both imaginatively and insightfully across a vast landscape of books and articles.

    For example, the findings of no less than 18 books, by my count, in Ron’s Pravda Series article on Mossad, alone, for example. Easily outperforming the best combo book reviews to be found in the New York Review of Books, not that Ron would take that as a compliment.

  91. Baby Yoda says:

    Baby Yoda Comment – Part 2

    Larry also strikes me as having “humane” values, by which I mean a modicum of empathy for the countless victims of war, exploitation, torture, as well as simple manipulation through mass mind control. I totally share Larry’s morbid fascination with MK-Ultra even as I share his repugnance for its entire agenda. Also I share with both Larry and Ron a profound repugnance for our vast bioweapons infrastructure and the perfectly ridiculous fiction that “biodefense” does not go hand in hand with “bioweaponization” (or “gain of function.”) This latter, particular “discontinuity” or Truman Show-like seam in reality, is, in my opinion, horrifically under-reported in the mainstream media and I would say that even Ron and Larry have neglected to call for a congressional oversight investigation into the U.S. bioweapons program.

    Yes, gentlemen, I AM aware that both of you along with the vast majority of other visitors to this site share Larry’s conviction that “the Satanists” have already taken control of “almost everything.” So I would expect that you have no interest in or patience for what you would automatically regard as a congressional investigation run by Satanists for the purpose of investigating their own behavior. We are trapped in a tautology.

    Still I find great value in this site’s reality-discontinuity investigation work even if it IS guided by what may seem by most casual observers a generic antipathy toward “Jews”, or shall we say, “Zionists”, as the penultimate and seemingly monopolistic source of human evil from the moment of origin of either group.

    I do not doubt the likelihood of significant morsels of factual truth in much of the theorizing on this site, as to the participation of some Jews and some Zionists (these groups obviously not synonymous) in quite a few bad acts of the past several centuries, but I am totally at a loss as to how any rational person can believe with conviction, that one and only one political or ethnic group is the sole and ubiquitous source of ALL human “evil” at this point or any point in human history.

    Yes, mistakes have been made. And 1,400 years of savage schismatic wars of domination and conquest by fanatical Islamic missionaries are on record to show that this behavior is not monolithcally that of one single faith alone, nor of one single ethic group or culture. Is not this supposition realistic?

    Have not “sadistic” instincts been with humanity from the very beginning? Are we really seeing anything new here?

    Surely such tunnel-visioned thinking must seem, for Ron Unz at least, after a career in academic science at institutions of highest academic excellence, oversimplified and narrow minded.

    Because if we went over to the comparable Zionist web sites to look at the propaganda we might find there, we would bring to it at the very least a healthy skepticism in the spirit of the scientific method, right? Because no doubt the Zionists have piled up there, just as UR contributors have here, an equally towering mountain of factual evidence (albeit instinctually cherry-picked in accordance with personal bent) to serve their own partisan point of view.

  92. Baby Yoda says:

    Baby Yoda Comment Part 3

    Please note that I am making a complex and multifarious and somewhat self-contradictory combination of points, here.

    On the one hand I value the best of the work that I find on this site, which I consider to be that of the ultra right intelligentsia, mainly because the best of it is grounded in sources, some of which, especially in Ron’s case, are in fact, scholarly. I do find this work useful and also find, per Ron’s thesis in the seminal “patient zero”, “The American Pravda” article, necessary for a more complete picture (which of course can never be fully accomplished) of empirical reality, or human nature, human history, whatever.

    On the other hand, I bring a great deal–though perhaps not quite enough–of healthy skepticism about monolithic, monomaniacal, heavily orthodoxified, unified field theories, as attractive as they are to all of us including me.

    I am at once attracted and repelled. And this is GOOD, because it is provocative in exactly the way that the best journalism should be and–to join in the dominant morbid lamentation on this site–is trending in just the wrong direction across most of the “MSM”, to which this site more than any other that I can think of is a powerful antidote.

    Finally, with respect to “ultra-right”, I know that this site presents itself as non-partisan, so I have nominally committed a faux pas in suggesting otherwise.

    Please, friends. Let us not indulge this mythology any further. No one could read merely the article titles on your home page and arrive at that conclusion. Yes, it is apparent that some of you, notably including Ron and Larry, have little regard for that feckless trophy, that hood ornament of the NWO, Mr. Trump.

    Yes, you do have Counterpunch, which has always had a paranoid obsession that firmly locked hands on the opposite side of the Kumbaya conspiracy theory circle, with the ultra-right.

    But this is not “balance.” To have balance you would need someone like me–and a good number of others like me–who can present with muscle a very different point of view from the narrow range of views Trumpeted on this site.


    OK. I HAVE defied some small bits of the orthodoxy of the Unz Review–but hopefully in a reasoned, cordial, and balanced way. But strange to say, I am not hopeful in the least. What I am, though, at the very least, is getting into the mood disorder of this culture.

    Welcome aboard, Baby Yoda.

  93. @JWalters

    You are quite correct in your comments and assessment, and I thank you. There are indeed many Jews who are not Zionists and who are staunchly opposed to our objects of complaint. Not only that, many risk ostracism for speaking out and their courage demands respect.

    It isn’t simple to describe the specific objects of our disaffection. Most, if not all, are surely Zionists, but few would qualify as Mafia in the traditional sense. What they are is a cabal of primarily European bankers and industrialists, entirely Jewish Satanists at the center, people who freely admit Satan is their god.

    And in fact, many of these people do not much care about Jews generally. During WWII, they were fully prepared to sacrifice “the lesser Jews” for the sake of obtaining Palestine. I think that meant any Jew without money. And again during WWII the reason the US turned away shiploads of Jewish refugees was because they were ordered to do so by these same people, political ends being more valuable than a few thousand Jewish lives. Canada did the same. Today, the US and Canada are made to feel shame and apologise, but they were just following orders.

    I’ve forgotten the individual who made this statement, (in terms of European Jews destined for Palestine settlement), that if he had a choice between saving 6 million Jews or saving only 3 million who would go to Palestine, he would choose the 3 million without hesitation. Hitler just wanted the Jews out of Germany, but he certainly wasn’t that cold-blooded about it.

    The fact the world needs to learn is that of all the horrible crimes, the wars, the revolutions, the slaughters, the MK-ULTRAs, the slave trading, population reduction, abortion, and so many other travesties, Jews were behind them all. The shocking use of humans in the most reprehensible and fatal experiments, was almost entirely led and done by Jews. Yet, as you so gracefully pointed out, these people are only a small subset of all Jews, and the remainder absolutely do not deserve to be tarnished with these accusations. Perhaps we should refer to the “Voldemort Clan”, led by “he who must not be named” – Rothschild.

  94. Anonymous[216] • Disclaimer says:

    If any of this is true I actually respect the US government more than ever. They have unlocked the secrets of the human mind.

  95. Alfred says:

    It is difficult to avoid the conclusion that these people were all crazy, since the CIA, NSA and even INSCOM and military intelligence (and of course the Church of Scientology) all cooperated with SRI in research that included Tarot cards, the channelling of spirits, communing with demons, and more.

    I am by no means a religious person. However, I have come to the conclusion that there is GOOD and there is EVIL. Almost all of us (except for psychopaths) have an innate knowledge of the difference. All normal people understand that the work described above is EVIL.

    By observation and experimentation, I have discovered for myself that one of the most selfish things that I can do is to help other people. It seems to set up a sort of positive feedback loop whereby I get a much greater “return on investment” than one would imagine. It is really weird. All I need to do is to follow my instincts and it always comes up trumps. Some people call that Karma. I am by no means a saint I hasten to add. 🙂

    Rupert Sheldrake has put his finger on it. Of course, he cannot explain these phenomena but he does illustrate them quite well. Conventional mainstream “science” is totally silent on this subject because it destroys a lot of its illusions. There is little funding by the Bill Gates’ of this world of work that might reveal them for what they really are.

    Rupert Sheldrake

    The Science Delusion (Amazon)

    Another related matter is the recent statement by professor Luc Montagnier that there is no such thing as pure water. He has proven that water has a memory. It stores information about its own history. If say this to a conventional analytical chemist, they are likely to have a fit. But that is what experiments by Montagnier and others have proven.

    Anyone interested in Lyme Disease or Autism should watch this. It is a pity Montagnier is now such an old man as the sound is not so good. Try the subtitles.

    “Homeopathy New Evidence – ‘Informative water structures in diseases’ (Prof. Luc Montagnier)”

    • Replies: @roonaldo
  96. Jim Glover says: • Website

    Very interesting article. As a cold war kid and abused by both sides being in the middle I found the abuse, secrecy and fear too corrupt to shut up about. Interesting about Tavistock and when I followed up on the names from them I found there were famous doctors and psychiatrists who did good work for helping Children like (Play Therapy) which I experienced as a kid and the other side is when the CIA got the knowledge they could reverse engineer it to hurt and induce stress on it’s targets like myself in the domestic cold war.

    Amazing it Started with Trumen with Bluebird 51 before Allen Dulles’s CIA in 53. I think as the FBI told my Buddy in High School that they did not know what to do with me because I knew too many people so they treated me with kid gloves compared to the orphans, prisoners and masses of mental patients who were isolated and powerless to begin with. I was a privileged victim of the Cold War but no victim any more.

    I think there were exaggerations here and the one at the end of 10 to 20 million German prisoners of War killed in US prison camps to be way out of the reality principle. That is not hard to verify. I did an interview with Jeff J.Brown of China Rising about my story and the more I tell it the more I believe it myself. Happy trails, Jim

    • Replies: @lysias
  97. @Anon

    Read “David the Great” for yourself..

    • Replies: @Anon
  98. Cathy O’ Brien’s TRANCE Formation Of America was my first serious glimpse into MK-Ultra, and what a glimpse it was.

    Tracing her path from child pornography and recruitment into the program to serving as a top-level intelligence agent and White House sex slave, TRANCE Formation of America is a definitive eye-witness account of government corruption that implicates some of the most prominent figures in U.S. politics.

    If people want a no holds bared look into the evilness of the people involved in the programs Larry has given us a peek at, I suggest Cathy’s book. WARNING: This book is not for the faint at heart and will give a complete different take on many of our supposed role models. At times it reads like a disgustingly bad porno novel.

  99. Kali says:
    @Larry Romanoff

    Thank you for the revision of your essay, for the references and source material.

    The whole thing seems to scan much better now, too, and is certainly more weighty given the references.

    Yours is the sungle best source for anything MKultra-related info I have ever read anywhere. It makes for depressing, but essential reading.

    Your efforts are much appreciated and desperately needed if humankind is evolve beyond its infantilised state of dependency on institutions (governments) which so obviously do not have the best interests of either the people or the planet at heart. – Smaller, local, accountable public bodies of social administration, with the “security” cameras turned to face them, are as much “government” as any of us need, despite indoctrination which leads most to believe huge, centralised power structures are the only way to organise our affairs.

    Many, many thanks for your work!

    • Replies: @Larry Romanoff
  100. lysias says:
    @Jim Glover

    As CIA Deputy Director for Plans from January 1951, Allen Dulles was already running the covert side of the CIA before he became DCI. I’m sure he was intimately involved with MKULTRA from the start.

    • Replies: @Jim Glover
  101. lysias says:
    @Larry Romanoff

    I believe it was Ben Gurion who made the statement to which you refer.

  102. @Kali

    Thank you so much for your comments. Sincerely appreciated. 🙂

    If only somehow it can help.

    • Replies: @Kali
  103. Hello!

    Very important work! Well written.
    Thank you for helping to contribute to the public body of knowledge.
    Pretty scary stuff.

  104. roonaldo says:

    A few days ago I ran across these items at :

    “Dr. Luc Montagnier and the Optical Biophysics Heresy,” June 16, 2020, by Matthew Ehret

    “Fields of Being” April 20, 2020, by Rupert Sheldrake

    “The Electric Universe Heresy,” April 20, 2020, by Wallace Thornhill

    All are most interesting. Thornhill is an advisor, if I’m not mistaken, on the SAFIRE Project, see, which built a device successfully testing the electric sun model, and which transmuted numerous elements.

    • Thanks: Alfred
  105. Jim Glover says: • Website

    Redmudhooch…Thanks, Finally some comedy! Your a hoot! This subject needs you!

  106. Jim Glover says: • Website

    Iysias, Thanks you are right. Not all researchers know about that including his connections to the Rockefellers, Bushes, and the various interest groups that benefited from the JFK assassination which I believe a result of the many branches and doors of Bluebird, MK-ULTRA and many other CIA projects, tests and experiments.

    FBI Hoover told agents in Houston on the late afternoon of Dallas that It was a test that went bad and I heard about that first hand the next day. The “test” was the secret elite intelligence fall back ruse of deniability. Trying to pretend Plotter’s concern of the bad security and threats to JFK in Dallas.
    More here if interested:

  107. Kali says:
    @Larry Romanoff

    At least on a personal, if not on a societal level it can help, Larry.
    Already in this thread commenters have acknowledged the abuses they experienced as child victims of MKULTRA. Your expose, thanks to extensive research on your part, may well prove more than a little cathartic to those individuals. Maybe it will even be a catalyst for greater healing.

    With that in mind, and without going into too much detail, I myself was servery sexually and emotionally abused as a child over many years (by a family member, not a CIA operative!). Abuse which included more than one disascociative experience and splitting of my own psychi/personality.

    Following a number of suicide attempts in my late teens-early twenties, when I saw the effect I was having on my mother, I made the conscious decission to live, to face my deacons and to heal.
    I made slow but sure progress for around twenty years, though I was still plagued by depression, confussion and self-distructive behaviour. It wasn’t until I stopped drinking that I was able to make any significant progress, to forgive myself and to begin to turn self-loathing into self-love. My whole life transformed then, and distructive, abusive relationships became a thing of the past. – I even managed to finish my bachelors degree (which I’d almost “pissed against the wall” during the first year) – a worthless piece of paper, but a milestone for me at the time!
    And though it took an additional ten years before I recognised the disascociative aspects of my personality, those were the best ten years of my entire life, characterised by personal growth, healing, spiritual awakening and growing awareness. They were the years that led to my deepening enlightenment.
    In fact it was only last year that I began to understand and recognise the shattering impact of those childhood experiences, as the final pieces of the puzzle of my life became clear. – And with that realisation so much more suddenly made sense, and much confusion finally dissolved!

    Though there are still times when the other, darker parts of my personality dominate to the exclusion of my “real” self, (the “steel wall” remains in place) these are becoming fewer and further between, and at least in retrospect, I realise “where I went” so to speak. And, given how far I’ve come, maybe one day that steel wall will melt away!

    I’ve known for a very long time that it is through the cracks that the light gets in. I now know that at the very heart of my being is where I find God, where I find peace, where I find that I an not my personality/personalities, but oh, so much than that!

    Earlier this year I was able to describe the most traumatic episodes of my childhood to my close family, and to explain the effects thone experiences had on me. Of course my family were shocked, but also incredibly relieved to finally understand and make sense of my behaviour. One family member suggested that it is its imperfections which make the opal more beautiful… the more flaws it has, the more beauty it reflects!

    I also know that spiritual growth and personal healing are retarded and prevented where alcohol and other addictions are used to numb the pain.

    I write this now so that anyone struggling to come to terms with childhood traumas and abuses can know that healing really is possible, and that though it may take many years, every single step along the way, every realisation, every “let-go”, brings with it a huge amount of joy.

    I’m now 52 years old, married to a man who loves me as much as I love him, living life on my own terms, outside of a system which destroys all that is beautiful and worthwhile, unmuzzledby fake viruses or fake notions of political correctness, free to speak and to live entirely by my own conscience. In short, I am healed, conscious, strong and whole (well, mostly anyway, certainly more than the vast majority of unconscious “citizens” out there.

    To the abused and the traumatised people of the world (or The Unz Review commentariate) I can honestly say there is hope, there is love and there is joy to be found in life. It takes courage to face our deamons, but… well, we’ve cone this far…

    Thank you Larry, for opening a way for this level of self expression!

    With much love,

    • Thanks: Alfred
  108. Anon[264] • Disclaimer says:
    @Johnny Walker Read

    Read “David the Great” for yourself..

    I found Dave around 13 years ago interviewed by former podcaster Vyzygoth concerning his book ‘Programmed to Kill’ from 2000.

    I’ve read all of his website and books, with the exception of his last book on Laurel Canyon.

    He was a great interview and a great independent writer/researcher, thanks for the link.

    • Thanks: Johnny Walker Read
    • Replies: @R.C.
    , @Evil Smith
  109. Che Guava says:

    I know that MK Ultra was real, but there are so many false or not verifiable claims in this article.

    As for the reference to South Korean and Japanese politics having been affected by programmed ‘Lolitas’, when? Who?

    The closest thing I can think of is P.M. Kakuei Tanaka’s Lockheed bribe-receiving scandal, and that is not remotely close to what you suggest, simply a greedy man who though he would not be caught.

    I don’t know so much about Sth. and Central American politics, but what are the solid examples?

    You really need to self-edit, your very long article has many good points, but also much garbage.

    Also, SRI made key steps in the evolution of modern GUIs.

    • Replies: @zimriel
    , @Anon
  110. Che Guava says:

    I could add much more, but the holes in your article are huge, I have a good book on the spooky pogrammes of the U.S.A., the peak was run by the army, not the CIA, evil as the latter are.

    Seriously, address the first three questions in my earlier reply, there are so many more problems with your rambling and vague article that I do not have time to responding to them, if you are incapable of editing yourself, find someone who will doing it for you.

    Of course, the content also raises the possibility that yot- are a pro disinformationist.

    • Thanks: zimriel
  111. @Baby Yoda

    I mostly agree with you point of view. IMO it is not necessary to postulate the existence of a superhuman evil mind (Satan) – I rather feel that the human mind itself includes a “dark side” and a “light side”.

    The “dark side” (ego) is basically narcissistic and amoral (“my superiority”/”my advantages”/”my pleasures”) while the “light side” essentially respects others/wants to help them/loves life. And each one of us can decide which side he likes best (except for the psychopaths).

    I have also noticed over long years of interested observation that our “motivations” are emotions that control our behaviour and which are unconscious for most people and which we could maybe call “instincts” – but if we can describe them in words we can (to some extent) learn to agree/disagree with them.


    • Replies: @Baby Yoda
  112. R.C. says:

    Dave McGowan: American Hero, right up there with Gary Webb.
    RIP each and both.

  113. zimriel says:
    @Che Guava

    Romanoff did self-edit this one. If he needs to do it again (I suspect he does) you may have to lead this horse to water. Provide the examples for him.
    I will note: if the Army was involved in MKUltra-like experiments also, that wouldn’t detract from what may be Romanoff’s larger point, which is that the whole of the American government is rotten.

    • Replies: @Che Guava
  114. Baby Yoda says:
    @Question Mark


    I am new to this platform and still learning its structure and protocols.

    Thanks for your reply to my comment. You have the extraordinary distinction of having authored the very first (and only) reply to my very first comment. That may not mean much now, but it will later.

    I am fairly surprised to learn that anyone in this realm would agree with the proposition that there is no single group, ethnicity, culture, religion or cabal that is the source of all evil, and that it is more likely that the source of all evil is human nature itself. Furthermore, what we consider “evil” today is not quite the same thing that humanity in whole or in part considered it to be during medieval times, during the crusades, during “antiquity” or during prehistoric times. There were times when killing one’s own baby was standard operating procedure in certain circumstances. It was for a very long time standard operating procedure for men to kill wives or concubines. Polygamy was no big deal in many cultures. Torture was standard operating procedure in many, many cultures; especially among Native Americans–as was slavery. Self-torture was standard operating procedure.

    I get that it is tremendously satisfying to pick one scapegoat ethic group, social or economic class, sexual preference group, etc., to blame for every anxiety and every injustice. I am not different in this regard: I take some joy in scapegoating myself. My preferred scapegoat would be “plutocrats”, or “neoconservatives”, or “moguls”, or “crony capitalists”.

    More than a few people in this sphere might agree with those preferences.

    But to believe that just one social or ethnic group is the SOLE source of evil; that staggers my imagination.

    • Troll: Larry Romanoff
  115. This evolved later on in the government Stasi style infrastructure at the disposal of jews, freemasons and other similar groups, to chase anybody for whatever reason:

  116. @Baby Yoda

    I’ve been interested for many years in the human animal. I want to understand better why he does things so I’ve looked at our western approach (ego, superego) and at eastern thinking (meditation) and my personal understanding is that socially destructive behavior exists in all cultures and is always based on narcissism: “I am the only important one, all the others are totally unimportant and I’ll use them for my advantage or my pleasure as I see fit.” And you can find this attitude in your own society (f. ex. the climbers and schemers in organizations, or the aggressive and dominating mother-in-law etc). So for me the conclusion is obvious that we all carry a “light side” (acceptance of others) and a “dark side” (rejection of others) in our minds – and I view “religion” as a sort of basic worldview that influences this understanding of “others” . The only thing that I find remarkable is when a whole civilization strongly tends to the “dark” side – and in such a case their “religion” or “tradition” typically includes the idea that they are “superior” and that “others” have “no rights” against them.
    So far for my personal understanding. Regards. Mark.

  117. Anon[264] • Disclaimer says:
    @Che Guava

    I know that MK Ultra was real, but there are so many false or not verifiable claims in this article.

    Could it be that the CIA’s systematic destruction of documentary evidence hampered the author’s ability in that?

    Or is it, in your mind, that the absence of evidence is evidence of absence.

    The destruction of documents should have been your first clue that what took place (and is probably still taking place) was likely worse than the suppositions the author has backed-into in trying to assemble an incomplete puzzle.

    At the end of the day, we’re ruled by criminals – what wouldn’t they do then, what won’t they do now?

    • Replies: @Patagonia Man
  118. @Anon

    @Anon [264]

    “At the end of the day, we’re ruled by criminals – what wouldn’t they do then, what won’t they do now?” [emphasis mine]

    Its the psychological profiling and emotional manipulation that has become S.O.P.

    I really don’t want to get into the whole Millie Weaver arrest, Infowars, etc, etc – because it’s like going down a rabbit hole.

    But, if you can watch the last 8 minutes (from 1:14:00) of the doco Shadowgate (which is continuously removed from YT, btw) it explains exactly what the Cabal are doing and how government agencies are entirely complicit.

    Here’s the trailer as posted on twitter (only 1:53)

    You’ll have to find a link somewhere for the entire doco which runs to 82 minutes.


  119. Geowhizz says:
    @Larry Romanoff

    Exactly. Seems to be a hard wired trait in a subset of the tribe. Although such behavior also exists in other cultures. Seems somewhat correlated with great wealth, in my experience.

  120. @Larry Romanoff

    Psychopathy (and sociopathy, the labels aren’t very clear), political ponerology (which you can find a lot of material online) has detailed articles about how this works. People are stupid and this kind of mentally ill person tries to polish its manipulation abilities to manage large masses of idiots to do their bidding.
    I think most the people inside jewish or similar communities (Opus Dei, freemasons, jesuits, templars, satanists, new agers, OTO…) suffer from this given they have the exact expected behavior. You see a lot of “regular” jews aiding in sayanim work, stalking, human trafficking, covering up crimes, committing crimes, …

  121. claudio says:
    @Godfree Roberts

    I think your comment is important. Moral judgements are only of very limited value- depending on the perspective.
    The more I try to understand the postwar attempts of controlling the human mind, of getting to the ‘poodle’s core’ ,ie identifying the energies that influence human behaviour – the more I almost respect their ways of going about, from Allan Dulles to George White to Gottlieb, John Lilly, Anslinger and West and Gittinger etc. And we shouldn’t have any illusions that today the forces that choreograph and orchestrate the events of our time, ie Corona — probably like to remain in the shadows as well

  122. Anon[264] • Disclaimer says:

    I think your comment is important. Moral judgements are only of very limited value- depending on the perspective.

    Gee, with an enlightened attitude such as yours, I’m somewhat shocked Da’ Joos didn’t have a more charitable attitude towards Mengele’s mythic supervillain activities.

    • Replies: @Bronze Age Persecutor
  123. @Anon

    They financed, endorsed and continued to research similar topics after the war ended. It’s part of being a psychopath: the disregard for ethical values when it isn’t justified, a false sense of superiority and an insane desire for controlling people.

  124. SPELLBINDER sounds awfully close to what the American Left has been doing for decades!

  125. Hey, extremely informative, loved the detailed citations, really tied together all these separate threads I’ve known about but hadn’t quite connected. Took about 5 hours to finish but, hey, I ain’t complaining. I hate to sound so positive about such a grim subject, but shoot, better to get the information in a well crafted and absorbing way than not get it at all! Thank you. Must’ve took a lot of research and I’m grateful.

  126. @Anon

    Strange Scenes Inside the Canyon is one of the best and most important books I’ve ever read.( Same with Politics of Serial Murder) And I got the PERSONALLY SIGNED edition!!!! Truthfully his first run had so few he may have signed them all for all I know.

    • Replies: @Maricata
  127. Che Guava says:

    From the book I have, the U.S. army was nnt so much, if at all, interested in the mind control by drugs (although doubtless they had and later used that info.) but more interested in the remote-viewing experiments, other such.

    Unfortunately, the book is in my storage box right now, and I have other things to do. One senior officer turned a base in Virginia or WV into a ‘New Age’ experience centre for some time.

  128. Anon[373] • Disclaimer says:
    @Larry Romanoff

    Mr. Romanoff, do you know the documents/sources of the doctor hypnotizing the women, having sex with them and wiping their memories? Do you have the sources for scenario about the clerk that was convinced that the other woman was an agent? I have been looking for a while and I can’t fins the origins documents.

  129. Maricata says:
    @Larry Romanoff

    Why is it important to mention that the scientists at Harvard were Jewish?

  130. Maricata says:
    @Evil Smith

    McGowan is considered somewhat of a joke in most critical thinking circles. He threads together associations and says it is evidence for his claims. His most wicked work surrounding Vito Paulekas is not only fraud but if Vito was alive, slander.

  131. Dissociative Identity Disorder, formerly called Multiple Personality Disorder, is not the same as Schizophrenia.

    The Prime Minister of Canada is the late 1980s was Pierre Elliot Trudeau, not Justin Trudeau his son, who became PM in 2015.

  132. bjondo says:

    consortium article no longer available – gets a 404 sorry.


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