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America’s Buried History of White Slavery
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The best way to forget history is to rewrite it. And in the rewriting, to carefully delete references to any historical events or circumstances we find uncomfortable. Thus, American history books are totally silent on the matter of these white slaves, mostly of European stock with a great number of Irish, but also English and Scottish, who were kidnapped or otherwise forcibly deported to the US as slave labor. In fact, an examination of available documentation indicates that white slavery in the Americas was a much more extensive operation than was black slavery, and the numbers may be severely under-estimated.[1]The Irish Slave Trade – The Forgotten “White” Slaves
Several authors have claimed, and I have seen reports that appear credible, that white slaves in America outnumbered the black. In his book, They Were White and They Were Slaves,[2]They Were White and They Were Slaves
Michael Hoffman wrote, “Negro slavery was efficiently established in colonial America because Black slaves were governed, organized and controlled by the structures and organization that were first used to enslave and control Whites. Black slaves were late-comers fitted into a system already developed.”

The new nation had a need for cheap labor since the settlers were in the process of exterminating the inhabitants of a large country and taking possession of the lands, but lacked the workers to develop it. These white slaves were more important than the blacks, in both number and economic advantage. One white slave owner, Virginia planter John Pory, stated that white (not black) slaves were the nation’s “principal wealth”. It was due in large part to the overwhelming majority of white slaves that America built its foundations of wealth, since slavery was exclusively a matter of economics and profit. American capitalism was viciously predatory from the days of its birth. One eyewitness to the mass kidnapping of poor Whites estimated that from his personal knowledge alone, at least 10,000 were sold into slavery every year from throughout Great Britain for perhaps two centuries.

American history texts make reference to what is called indentured servitude, as a kind of “benignly paternalistic system whereby colonial immigrants spent a few years working off their passage and went on to better things”. The myth is that overseas passage was expensive and British and European civilians willingly signed indentures requiring them to work for a few years to pay off the cost of their passage, after which time they would be given land and their freedom to pursue a glorious future in the New World. But it was no such thing. There may indeed have been a few such indentured persons fitting this description, but they were a minuscule minority with their conditions not better than that suffered by all slaves. In fact, their indentures most often amounted to a life sentence at hard labor, and with a life that would be preciously short when we look at the hideous mortality rates. There are documented records of white convicts asking to be hanged in Britain rather than sent to the gulag that was America.

It is only the elite establishment in America today who present a disingenuously impassioned propaganda to soften the brutality. The fact is that if this indenture process were really the standard, then thousands of the contracts would have survived and our museums would be full of them. There is no evidence of this. Some Jewish and other sympathetic historians pretend that this system of indentures, a kind of privileged form of bound labor, was representative of the entire experience of White bondage in America. But this definition would apply only to those voluntarily binding themselves to service, and of these there were very few, with the contracted indenture being maintained only as a spurious cover for plain and simple lifetime chattel slavery. Even the Whites referred to themselves as slaves who were not better than cattle, and who were by all accounts degraded chattels on a par with farm animals. There is evidence of many hopeful but illiterate migrants who were duped into signing indentures, ignorant of the actual content of the documents that legally designated them as personal property that could be bought and sold, gambled away, or killed without concern like any other animals. In any event, the indentures provided countless excuses for the slave-owners to extend the period of servitude indefinitely, often by 7 years for the most minor of offenses and 10 or 15 years for others. Few escaped.

The slave traders exerted grand efforts in inducing free whites to sign indentures, supposedly placing themselves in ‘temporary’ slavery with the promise of 50 acres of farmland at the end of the indenture term, but this was nothing more than a despicable racket. The promised lands were entrusted to the slave-owner on the understanding the land titles would later pass to the slaves, but these land rights could be forfeited for almost any reason, including laziness, with the land titles then becoming the master’s rightful property. Many slave-owners purchased large numbers of these so-called indentured persons and quickly concocted excuses to seize all the entrusted lands, occasionally with a gift and a wink to the relevant authorities. Certainly, hundreds of thousands and potentially millions of acres of fertile land were obtained in this manner, with many slave-owners accumulating vast estates and great wealth, which is precisely why this “benignly paternalistic” system was created. Indentured servitude was never more than an immense and cruel fraud.

One author wrote that historians deliberately maintain the fallacy that “wherever White ‘servants’ constituted the majority of servile laborers, they worked in privileged or even luxurious conditions which were forbidden to Blacks. In truth, White Slaves were often restricted to doing the dirty, backbreaking field work while Blacks and even Indians were taken into the plantation mansion houses to work as domestics.” A Major named Mordecai Manuel Noah, who was described as “the most distinguished Jewish layman of his time”, promoted slavery by equating it with freedom. Incredibly, he made pronouncements like this: “There is liberty under the name of slavery. A field Negro has his cottage, his wife, and children, his easy task, his little patch of corn and potatoes, his garden and fruit, which are his revenue and property. The house servant has handsome clothing, his luxurious meals, his admitted privacy, a kind master, and an indulgent and frequently fond mistress.”

David W. Galenson wrote a treatise titled ‘White Slavery entitled White Servitude in Colonial America’, in which he stated, “European men and women could exercise choice both in deciding whether to migrate to the colonies and in choosing possible destinations.” These comments, and so many more like them, are pure fiction, very large lies meant to erase the evil of centuries. White slaves were obtained from the poorest levels of British society who were regarded as expendable by the ruling class. Economists advocated the enslavement of poor Whites because they saw them as the cheapest and most effective way to develop the colonies in the New World while ridding themselves of the surplus poor who were “unprofitable” to England. As American agriculture expanded, landowners demanded the legalisation of the practice of kidnapping poor Whites for slavery. Parliamentary legislation was passed to specifically permit the capture of White children, with this becoming what we can call an “open hunting season” on the poor of Great Britain as well as anyone the British aristocracy happened to despise.

Given the secrecy of the entire matter of white slavery, it isn’t surprising that few are aware that a great many of the slaves deported to the Americas or Australia were not convicts as the record states, but were actually political prisoners and political dissidents, and many more were prisoners of war. England in particular made a point of rounding up every political dissident of substance, imprisoning them, then deporting them as ‘convicts’. It was also a policy of England to cooperate with the slave traders in permitting what were called “slave-hunting gangs” who roamed freely throughout the country and vacuumed up virtually anyone not looking rich, this process viewed with much approval by the British aristocracy. It was Henry Cromwell who ordered all the homeless poor throughout Great Britain to be captured and deported by the slave traders, for being “unprofitable to the Realm”. Laws permitted the seizure of any persons in any part of England who appeared to be vagrant, or who were begging, and to have them conveyed to a British port and shipped to America to be sold. Accordingly, judges ordered the enslavement and shipping to America the total number of “those who made life unpleasant for the British upper class”. Westerners are generally aware that Australia was populated almost entirely with convicts from British prisons, but few are aware that the New World of America was initially populated in the same way from the same sources. The government of England virtually emptied its prisons, transporting most of its convicts, both men and women, to America to be sold to plantation owners and other industrialists, and brothels were forcibly emptied to provide unwilling human breeding stock for American slave-owners.

The historical record tells us that “American slave-owners quickly began breeding the white women for both their own personal pleasure and for greater profit”, but this expression denies a brutal truth. The white women, especially the Irish, were simply stripped naked and repeatedly raped until they were pregnant, then kept in that condition. Children of slaves were themselves slaves, which increased the size of the master’s free workforce. Even if an Irish woman managed to obtained her freedom, her children would remain slaves and she would seldom abandon them, thereby remaining in servitude. Other American masters found a better way to use these white women – who were in many cases girls as young as ten or twelve – to increase their market value by breeding them with African men to produce slaves with a “mulatto” complexion which brought a higher price than their Irish livestock.

This practice of interbreeding White females with African men became so long-term and widespread that legislation was passed forbidding the practice because this production of offspring interfered with the profits of a large Jewish slave trader. The more perverse versions of Judaism also played a part. One of the reasons the African slave trade began was that African slaves were “not tainted with the stain of the hated Catholic theology” that infected the Irish. In part because of this, African slaves became more expensive to purchase and were often treated far better than their White counterparts. Black slaves were indeed cruelly used but not often worked to death as were the Whites who were available for almost nothing and were fully expendable. Upon arrival in America, these White British would be stripped naked, put in chains, and paraded on the auction floor where they were probed, examined and sold like livestock.

The trade in White slaves was a natural one for Jewish merchants in England who imported sugar and tobacco from the American colonies. Whites kidnapped in Britain could be exchanged for these goods in America, permitting the merchant ships to convey cargo in both directions. But the disposability of these humans in the minds of these inhuman merchants, staggers the heart. There are documented reports that one ship dumped more than 1,300 white slaves into the Atlantic Ocean to ensure an adequate food supply for the crew. Other documented reports tell of 20 or 30 children at a time being tossed into the ocean to drown. There was also a provision in many contracts that white slaves were sold in advance to plantation owners who would be responsible for full payment “if the slaves survived beyond the halfway point of the journey”. Apparently ship captains regularly stocked sufficient food for only the first half of their ocean voyage with the intention of starving the slaves for the remainder of the trip. One documented record stated, “Jammed into filthy holds, manacled, starved and abused, they suffered and died during the crossings in gross numbers.” Nobody bothered to record the number of deaths.

Even those fortunate enough to land in the New World would fare little better, suffering a shocking mortality rate. Sixty percent of all white slaves reaching the Americas did not survive their first year. One clergyman visited a plantation outpost and described the scene as “a land of the living dead, a vault full of living corpses”. A policeman referred to them as “vermin-haunted heaps of rags”. He claimed that when he opened a door into one of their hovels, he saw, “Ten, twenty, thirty, who can count them? Men, women, children, for the most part naked, heaped upon the floor like maggots in a cheese factory, a spectral rising, unshrouded, from a grave of rags”. White slaves who rebelled or became disobedient were punished in the most savage and inhuman ways. Owners would hang their slaves by their hands and set their feet on fire. Often, they were burned alive, with their severed heads then placed on pikes in a public marketplace to serve as a warning to other slaves.

Particularly shocking was the abduction and enslavement of a great many white children who were openly seized from orphanages, workhouses and the streets, and shipped to America to labor in factories and plantations. There were countless shipments of these doomed children to America for perhaps 300 years, with very few living to become adults. In one case, when a census was taken in Virginia only seven children were listed as alive from the many thousands kidnapped that year. All the rest were dead, and statistics for other years are equally grim, with sometimes only three or four surviving that year. Orphan children as well as the children of poor parents were targeted for the White slave trade, these latter being described as a “plague” and a “rowdy element”. The London police were instructed to seize any children found on the street and take them to a containment facility where they would await shipment to America. Often, their only crime was being in the street when a constable happened to pass by. The Jewish slave-traders specifically targeted poor families, demanding they surrender their children for sale on threat of being starved into submission by the withdrawal of all relief assistance from any source. They could give up their children to the slave-traders, or be forced to starve and die. This centuries-long inhuman use of “disposable” children was the beginning of the American fondness for child labor which began with the agricultural plantations, but which was soon extended to American factories.

Irish Slaves

It appears to be generally accepted that Ireland was severely depopulated in the past, the most quoted percentage reduction being 80%. One useful article on England’s Irish slaves:[3]England’s Irish Slaves
The current standard narrative attempts with some vigor to attribute this severe population reduction to disease or famine, but the reality appears to be that kidnapping for slavery was the main reason. There are sufficient records to tell us that the Irish were abducted and shipped by the hundreds of thousands, this including not only adults but even the youngest of children being forcibly taken from their parents and sold as slaves in the US and the West Indies. We can certainly credit Henry Cromwell for much of this, since he seemed especially determined to capture and deport all Irish women: “Concerning the young [Irish] women, although we must use force in takinge them up, yet it beinge so much for their owne goode, and likely to be of soe great advantage to the publique, it is not in the least doubted, that you may have such number of them as you thinke fitt to make use uppon this account.” There is no way to misunderstand the man’s words, and Cromwell wasn’t referring to “indentured servitude” in these remarks.

The first white slave sales document was drawn up in 1612, seven years before the first African slaves arrived in Jamestown, Virginia. In 1625 James II officially decreed that all Irish prisoners be sent to the West Indies (Caribbean) and sold to plantation owners. The first ships deported 30,000 Irish, by the mid-1600s they constituted the majority of slaves in the colonies.[4]NOBLE: THE ENGLISH TRADE OF WHITE SLAVES – IRISH – IN THE AMERICAS.
A Portuguese website gives us the following: “The proclamation of 1625 required Irish political prisoners to be sent abroad and sold to English settlers in the West Indies. In 1600, the Irish were the main slaves sold to Antigua and Montserrat. At that time, 70% of Montserrat’s total population were Irish slaves. Ireland quickly became a huge source of human cattle for English traders. Most of the first slaves in the New World were actually white.”[5]IRISH: THE FORGOTTEN WHITE SLAVES

As I wrote earlier, one of the tenets of propaganda is that we have a powerful tendency to believe the first thing we read or hear about a topic, especially if those statements are repeated a number of times. Later, even when faced with incontrovertible proof, facts that cannot be disputed, proving that our now-accepted beliefs are in fact false, we are surprisingly reluctant to change our minds, and we will “hesitate and waver and continue to believe there must be some other explanation”. Our minds are apparently unable to accept that we have believed lies. This is important because the Jews use this to great advantage to pre-empt the discovery of their atrocities and prevent rational thought. Typically, if knowledge of their past crimes is showing signs of escaping historical confinement, the Jews will use this propaganda tactic to “get there first”, with some Jewish author quickly writing a book or treatise on the subject that is replete with lies and falsified history that attempts to exclude the Jews from involvement and, if at all possible, to blame the victim.

There are many indications that the Jews are making efforts to either eliminate awareness and discussion of the Irish slave trade or to hopelessly confuse the issue so that the focus is lost and conclusions become difficult or impossible. Wikipedia is naturally one of the leaders in this effort. True to its Jewish roots and lying as always, Wikipedia has an article titled the “Irish slaves myth”[6]Irish slaves myth
, even the title preparing readers to disbelieve anything about Irish slaves when it is Wikipedia that needs to be disbelieved. Their treatise refers to a book by Dr. Michael A. Hoffman II, titled “They Were White and They Were Slaves: The Untold History of the Enslavement of Whites in Early America”. Wikipedia conveniently tells us this book was published by “a conspiracy theorist and Holocaust denier”, who also “blamed Jews for the Atlantic slave trade” – in which Jews were clearly very involved. Wikipedia also tells us (as usual) that “The book has been described as shoddily researched” and “highly problematic”. If you recall, these were the same accusations made about the books by James Bacque that revealed the mass murders of Germans in American concentration camps after WWII. These accusations of holocaust deniers writing shoddy history books is part of a standard template when Jews don’t want the public accessing information that reveals Jewish crimes. Wikipedia further informs its readers that Dr. Hoffman presents a “careless blurring of the lines between slavery and indentured servitude”, but in fact it is Wiki and its brethren who deliberately blur the lines to disguise the fact that “indentures” are merely today’s euphemism meant to bury the truths of white slavery.

Wikipedia’s Italian website on this issue tells us, “Ireland has always been subject to strong emigration, so much so that today it is estimated that ten times more people of Irish origin live in the USA than in Ireland. In the eighteenth century about 9-10 million Irish left Ireland. Of these, the poorest went to Britain, especially to the Liverpool area, while those who could afford it, about 5 million, moved to the United States of America. From the nineteenth century, following the Great Potato Famine, emigration became massive: in 1890 40% of all Irish people lived abroad. Nowadays there are about 80 000 000 people in the world who claim to have Irish ancestry, and of these only 4 700 000 live in the Republic of Ireland.”[7]Irish emigration

Wiki then further tells us, “In 1800 the phenomenon of emigration from Ireland to the United States of America, was caused by religious persecution in Ireland, the excessive cost of living in Ireland and the great famine that struck the country. The phenomenon was massive: in fact, in ten years from the beginning of this phenomenon, the population of the United States doubled.” That’s bringing us a bit closer to the truth, but not sufficiently. As with other Jewish websites, Wikipedia equates abduction and slavery with “indentured servitude” and “emigration”.

Another indication is that Global Research published an article by John Martin on the Irish slave trade, “The Slaves that Time Forgot[8]The Irish Slave Trade – The Forgotten “White” Slaves. The Slaves That Time Forgot
, but then suddenly published two other articles partially denying the existence of this trade. GR then informs us that the original article “skims the surface of a complex historical process which has been the object of critical debate, controversy and confusion”, and that the subsequent articles were posted “in order to promote further discussion” and “with a view to providing a broader historical background”. Uh huh. Either that, or someone put a lot of pressure on GR to either revise their position or be removed from the Internet.

Perhaps the best indication is an article introducing an Irishman named Liam Hogan that is published on the website of the Southern Poverty Law Center, of all places. For those who don’t know, the SPLC is a totally Jewish organisation that is heavily political and with a thoroughly nasty reputation. Hogan apparently works (or worked) in a public library in Ireland and is presented to us as an “independent scholar“, the SPLC article with a headline telling us (like Wikipedia) that Irish slaves are “a myth” and serve only as a “meme” for “racists online”.[9]HOW THE MYTH OF THE “IRISH SLAVES” BECAME A FAVORITE MEME OF RACISTS ONLINE
It leaves us to guess who are the “racists” and against whom they express their racism. The article refers to a series of essays written by Hogan that purport to debunk the entire topic of Irish slaves, but they actually do no such thing. I have to say that Hogan’s essays appear fundamentally dishonest to me because all he really does is demonstrate that some photos used in support of slavery articles are drawn from unrelated sources, and that is entirely irrelevant to the topic. But the point is that this organisation is becoming actively involved in pre-empting open discussion of the Irish slave trade and, given their biases, this would happen only if Jews were concerned about the gradual revelation of their participation in this travesty. Without this fear, there would be no need for their involvement, nor for Wikipedia to take such a strong stand in contradiction of the available facts.

But there is another matter here, of much interest. Ireland, of all countries in the world, apparently has no population statistics prior to about 1850, and even the records from that late period appear to have been fabricated and forged. All the country’s population figures are gone. In the cities and towns, villages, government offices, churches, cemeteries, everything seems to have disappeared. It should be obvious this could not have happened by accident. One office in one location might suffer a disaster, but when all the population statistics for an entire nation disappear, it must be the result of willful action, and carried out by a considerable number of people. It should also be obvious that this could not have been a domestic enterprise: no government would take upon itself the task of destroying all of its own population records for all of its history. This means the destruction of the records would have to involve a foreign agent, and this leads us back to our Jewish slave traders. If you can’t prove that Ireland had people, you can’t prove those people were abducted as slaves. We have no direct proof, but the main beneficiary of the destruction of this evidence would certainly be the Jewish slave traders, and it should be remembered that the Khazar Jews were the most active slave traders in the world for hundreds of years, and certainly during this time frame. In fact, the Jews were bitterly hated by citizens of many nations for their abductions and slave trading, one of the main reasons the Jews were expelled from so many countries – and not because of prejudice or “anti-Semitism” as we are so often told today.

Also, since there is evidence the slave traders were very active in England and Scotland, there is no logical reason to assume they ignored Ireland, and the severe depopulation would appear to speak for itself.

There is one website that deals with the Ireland population issue.[10]Population in Ireland
Its information is scattered but it does provide bits of enlightenment. It states, “There are no reliable population figures for Ireland before 1841”, and that “The only hard data that has survived is the 1841 and 1851 censuses, but the accuracy of these has been questioned.” However, it then pretends (as do many websites) to show Irish population graphs going back as far as 1200, which are of necessity entirely fiction. The same website tells us that “Emigration has been a feature of Irish history more than almost any other country in the world”, accenting this with a claim that “This is shown by the fact that, apart from the 5 million people in Ireland, there are an estimated 55 million people worldwide who can trace their ancestry back to Ireland”. That would be remarkable, if true, and would certainly support the thesis of millions of Irish being abducted as slaves over the years. The website also states that – in support of its “emigration” claim – the Irish accounted for a third of all “voluntary traffic” across the Atlantic. The fraction may be true, but the “voluntary” assertion has no supporting evidence, and I’m not sure I would classify abduction and slave-trading as “emigration”.


Mr. Romanoff’s writing has been translated into 32 languages and his articles posted on more than 150 foreign-language news and politics websites in more than 30 countries, as well as more than 100 English language platforms. Larry Romanoff is a retired management consultant and businessman. He has held senior executive positions in international consulting firms, and owned an international import-export business. He has been a visiting professor at Shanghai’s Fudan University, presenting case studies in international affairs to senior EMBA classes. Mr. Romanoff lives in Shanghai and is currently writing a series of ten books generally related to China and the West. He is one of the contributing authors to Cynthia McKinney’s new anthology ‘When China Sneezes’. (Chapt. 2 — Dealing with Demons).

His full archive can be seen at and

He can be contacted at:

[email protected]



[1] The Irish Slave Trade – The Forgotten “White” Slaves

[2] They Were White and They Were Slaves

[3] England’s Irish Slaves



[6] Irish slaves myth

[7] Irish emigration

[8] The Irish Slave Trade – The Forgotten “White” Slaves. The Slaves That Time Forgot


[10] Population in Ireland

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  1. Read an intersting account at St Malachy cathedral County Monaghan –a plaque reading to the effec that Ireland population prior to 1800 was 8 million –then came the 1800’s with agriculture produce completely confiscated –taken and sent to England ( meat -vegetables) and only a fraction left for the Irish–then came the potato blight but during this time —-Workhouses were set up and residents off-shored. Today Ireland’s population is 4-5 million. What transpired duirng the 1800’s was Ireland losing agricultural produce and then civilians –a Blow from which Ireland has still not recovered. Iraland 1800’s –Ukraine today ??

  2. Same goes for Scots-Irish, as explained in former Virginia Senator Jim Webb’s book “Born Fighting.” While the majority were indentured (the ol’ “forty acres and a mule” deal, in Appalachia of course), there were white slaves among this group as well. Glad you referenced Hoffman’s book, which, when I heard about it in the early 80s, was a huge wake-up call! This book should be required reading for ALL White Americans! That’ll get them, except for the most asleep wokesters, to finally get over whatever guilt-trip the psychos in charge are forcing down their throats!

    • Replies: @Bert
    , @Shamu
    , @Missouri Mark
  3. Anon[356] • Disclaimer says:

    Yes, the white slave trade worked in different ways. For instance, many years ago my mother’s father died, her mother remarried, then her mother died. My mother’s step father sent my mother and her two siblings to an orphanage. This happened in the province of New Brunswick, Canada.

    Each year the provincial government would auction off the children. For example, the government would pay $100 per year per child to anyone who was willing to take the child. The way the auction worked is that someone would be willing to receive only $90 per year for taking the child. A competitive bidder would be willing to take only $80 per year for the child. And so the bidding went. The person willing to receive the least subsidy for the child got the child.

    That is how my mother was auctioned off at ten years old.

  4. Makes painful reading

    • Replies: @gidoutahere
  5. thousands of the contracts would have survived and our museums would be full of them

    Very good observation. As a rare book dealer, I have seen and handled many colonial era indentures (the word is simply the archaic term for contract) regarding land sales and rental, but never have had or heard of one dealing with servitude. Supposedly, the tradition was to burn them on completion of the term, but still, at least some would surely have survived.

    The American colonies began as private commercial ventures, chartered by London stock companies, financed by shareholders who expected a return on their investments. Slavery was fundamentally every capitalist’s wet dream, a system that legalized the theft of employees’ wages. Slavery for Africans became prominent because so many whites were able to run away and blend in with the communities they fled to, while dark skin could not be easily concealed. Old newspapers also contain many ads for runaway indentured servants that are little different from runaway slave notices. Interestingly the Constitution does not use the term “slaves” but rather “persons from whom service is due” which covers a lot more ground.

  6. mermaid says:

    There should also be a discussion about the Chinese slave trade and poisoning of a nation from opium which the same Khazars introduced into china. The current Fentanyl crises seem to be a payback from China. The Chine sllaves were treated much worse then the black and Irish slaves. And again: the Khazars were the perpetuators.

  7. Hrw-500 says:

    That’s a detail then the writers of the Proud Family reboot will ignore because that’s one detail who didn’t fit their narrative.

    Speaking of the Proud Family, here some memes,

    • Agree: p38ace
  8. Chip says:

    How is possible that “ The first white slave sales document was drawn up in 1612,…” while at the same time “ There were countless shipments of these doomed children to America for perhaps 300 years, …”?

    Are you saying white slaves were sent to america until 1912?
    Doesn’t sound very plausible to me.

    • Agree: Chris Mallory, Bert
    • Replies: @Deborah
  9. anon[249] • Disclaimer says:

    put much more simply, the very notion of “WHITE PRIVILEGE” is AN OUTRAGE, a BIG FAT STINKING LIE, and an AFFRONT to decency and common sense.
    Did the nearly HALF A MILLION mostly “White” Americans who DIED in the CIVIL WAR count as “WHITE PRIVILEGE”?
    Do the MILLIONS of “White” Americans who SUFFERED DURING the “great depression” COUNT as “white privilege”?
    Do the MILLIONS of EUROPEANS who DIED of ALL THE INUMERABLE WARS across that continent COUNT AS “White Privilege”?
    And it’s not just huge numbers of MILLIONS of victims that prove THE LIE “white privilege” – what about the 58,000 Vietnam war KILLED (the vast majority of whom were White), and likewise Korean War KIA?
    I read somewhere that fully HALF of the SWISS MERCENARIES hired outside of their country (many of whom sent their pay back to their families) DIED fighting for whatever armies they worked for. Certainly there were many rulers who would LOVE to NOT PAY their mercenaries…. they just had to get enough of them killed before cheating the rest so the survivors would not be a threat. Queen Elizabeth herself STARVED HER OWN SAILORS who WON the BATTLE AGAINST THE ARMADA for her! She kept them on the ships WITH NO PAY and NO FOOD until they starved because her finances were so tight with the Spanish threat sill hovering even after the Armada had been disbursed.
    Speaking of sailors, one of the leading causes of the American Revolution was IMPRESSMENT of AMERICANS as sailors upon British warships… THIS WAS SLAVERY in ALL BUT NAME! Sailors could be WHIPPED and KILLED for ANY offense, and to leave was considered desertion – a hanging offense. And British ships were notorious for poor, bad food – and they were better than all other navies until the Dutch and American navies arose!
    Our grandfather was a hardworking cuss WHO COULD NOT GET A STEADY JOB for the ENTIRE DECADE of “great depression” until shortly before WWII started, when, with BIG GOVT SPENDING on war build-up the economy finally started to revive FROM THE CENTRAL BANKSTERS’ financial STRANGULATION…

    as far as I’m concerned, anyone who spouts off about “white privilege” is A CRIMINAL, a TRAITOR PROPAGANDA TERRORIST SPEWING LIES to WHIP UP HATE to DESTROY these DISunited states…

  10. Folkvangr says:

    From all of Mr Romanoff’s articles that I have skimmed on this site, he does not align himself with Western Civilization, he has sided with our enemies: China, Russia, Iran, India, Pakistan, etc. I am still waiting for his spiritual testament: Apologia Magna de Corea Septentrionalis.

    • Troll: dogbumbreath
  11. Trinity says:

    They had to have poor Whites because back then as now Blacks are lazy. Blackie worked but more than likely spent more time shucking, jiving, muh dikn’ even back then. I can count the number of hardworking Blacks that I have seen in my lifetime on 2 hands. One was a guy that packed me for a move, the guy worked all day by himself, never took a break, stuff was packed immaculately. Then once I had 3 sorry ass Whites take about 6 hours to do what that one Black guy did in 8 hours. Stuff came up missing, broken, with the White packers/movers. That was a rare exception. That Black might have been the hardest worker I have ever seen. Worked like one of those Japanese street vendors. Whites picking cotton? Some of my kinfolk did it. Only the edumucated think that only Blacks worked the fields. They learned about it in (((books.)))

    • Thanks: HbutnotG
  12. Athena says:

    From the nineteenth century, following the Great Potato Famine, emigration became massive: in 1890 40% of all Irish people lived abroad. Nowadays there are about 80 000 000 people in the world who claim to have Irish ancestry, and of these only 4 700 000 live in the Republic of Ireland.”[7]

    Tens of thousands were sent to Quebec, Canada (Grosse-Ile Quarantine Island) on overloaded coffin ships and died from typhus while crossing the Atlantic.

    The text in gaelic engraved on the celtic cross mention that they fled their foreign tyrants and an artificial famine (both of which are not mentioned in the french and english translations on the cross).

    During WWII, Grosse-Ile was used by the military to test a biological weapon: antrax.

    Today, the descendants of Irish and Scot immigrants (particularly the french-speaking catholics) are, in my opinion, among the most brainwashed and obedient people on earth. It’s very difficult to convince them that the official narrative could not be 100% true, as they are never ready to other versions.

  13. Thomasina says:

    There have been some excellent articles posted at this site on the devastation of the opium trade in China.

    I have a hunch that the current Fentanyl crisis in the U.S. is being led and financed by the very same tribe of perpetrators that caused the opium crisis in China.

    If China were solely responsible for the Fentanyl crisis and the U.S. government were truly opposed to this loss of American lives, you can bet this news would be plastered all over the Western media 24/7, but it’s not. They would have stopped this practice dead in its tracks if they wanted it stopped, but they don’t.

    While no doubt there are some Chinese players getting rich from this trade, the facilitators, the powerful people allowing it to happen, must be making a fortune and don’t want to see it ending any time soon. It’s got nothing to do with “payback”, but everything to do with an easy way for the powerful to make money. This time it just happens to be American lives being lost.

    When you read history and follow the money to the top, it’s the same thing over and over again: ordinary people suffer, their lives are destroyed, whole countries are destroyed, while the wealthy are laughing all the way to the bank.

  14. Typical “Romanoff” spewing of swill. Misdirection, half truths and flat out lies are all Romanoff’s stock in trade. His aversion to the truth makes one wonder if he is Jewish. I guess the Chinese are not called the Jews of Asia for nothing.

    In 1600, the Irish were the main slaves sold to Antigua and Montserrat. At that time, 70% of Montserrat’s total population were Irish slaves.

    Now this is something. Antigua and Montserrat were not settled until 1632. Montserrat was heavily settled by the Irish.

    Montserrat was first settled on by Irish Catholics in 1632, who were sent there by Sir Thomas Warner, the first British governor of neighbouring St Kitts.

    • Replies: @Thomasina
    , @chris
    , @Felix Krull
  15. Rebel Roy says:

    Thanks Larry.You provide some of the best and most needed info around.God bless and know your work is important.

    • Agree: Bubba
  16. Thomasina says:

    A few days ago I was reading about the Plantations in Northern Ireland, a process whereby the leaders threw the Irish off their lands, then brought in English and Scottish (non-Catholic) settlers to replace them. Adding in the slave trade and the potato famine, I thought to myself, “Good God, the Irish people have been through so much.” A culture wiped out.

    Found this article in the Washington Post titled “The Irish Famine: Complicity in Murder”:

    “…more than 26 million bushels of grain were exported from Ireland to England in 1845, a ‘famine’ year. …nearly 4,000 vessels carrying food left Ireland for ports in England during ‘Black ’47’ while 400,000 Irish men, women and children died of starvation. Shipping records indicate that 9,992 Irish calves were exported to England during 1847, a 33 percent increase from the previous year.

    …1,336,220 gallons of grain-derived alcohol were exported from Ireland to England during the first nine months of 1847. In addition, a phenomenal 822,681 gallons of butter left starving Ireland for tables in England during the same period.

    The food was shipped from ports in some of the worst famine-stricken areas of Ireland, and British regiments guarded the ports and graineries to guarantee British merchants and absentee landlords their ‘free-market’ profits.”

    Murder? If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck…..

    • Agree: Bert, Rev. Spooner
    • Thanks: JR Foley, Mike Tre
    • Replies: @Curmudgeon
  17. Thomasina says:
    @Chris Mallory

    Okay, let’s correct it to say “in the 1600’s” then. There, fixed it. Getting hung up on dates doesn’t change what happened. The Irish people have been decimated over the centuries.

    Let’s have an open discussion of exactly what occurred re the Irish, the Atlantic Slave Trade, the Holocaust, let’s get to the bottom of what’s fact and what’s fiction, and name the people who benefited from the above. Then we can tackle who benefited from the opium trade, the diamond trade, the Boer Wars, World War I and World War II, etc.

    Let’s lay it all on the line. Name names. You’d be all for this transparency, wouldn’t you, Chris?

  18. S says:

    …Ireland population prior to 1800 was 8 million –then came the 1800’s with agriculture produce completely confiscated –taken and sent to England ( meat -vegetables) and only a fraction left for the Irish–then came the potato blight during this time —-Workhouses were set up and residents off-shored.

    The Irish well knew the score at the time this was taking place that the destruction to Irish life wrought by the Famine acting in combination with the destruction to Irish life caused by the ‘help’ offered of being ‘off-shored’ en masse as wage slaves (ie so called ‘cheap labor’) to the United States, most never to see Ireland again, was utterly destroying them.

    As documented by the 1847 Famine era Spectator of London article excerpted and linked below, they saw this ‘offshoring’ business not as ‘help’, but as a predatory and genocidal act of hostility towards them, and hence their own Irish term for it of ‘extermination’.

    According to the article, members of the British aristocracy in Ireland were being shot for promoting this cynical scheme.

    That was their ‘vengeance’.

    Extermination and Vengeance

    “EXTERMINATION” is the offence alleged by Irish incendiaries, lay and clerical, against the landlords…The case of Mr. Ormsby Gore is very instructive. The Irish papers, alluding to his estate of Leganommer, had a terrific story of “extermination in Leitrim,” full of direct falsehoods.’

    ‘Setting aside smaller matters, it appears that the tenants on the estate owed rent for several years, in some instances for as many as twelve or fourteen; one year’s rent was demanded, under pain of a twelve month’s notice to quit. Not a shilling of rent was offered, and the notice was enforced; but the enforcement was accompanied with a declaration that those who could not retain their holdings would be aided by their landlord to emigrate to America.’

    ‘Such is the conduct which the Irish incendiaries name “extermination”. It is well, in the approaching debates, that the Irish meaning of that word should be understood.’ The Spectator – Nov 20, 1847

    Slave purchasing/owning elites and hangers on, importing and then employing alien chattel slaves so as to hook or by crook avoid paying their own people the prevailing real time local rates for their labor, and thus seriously depressing their own people’s wages, while at the same time these slavery corrupted elites make a pretty penny off the value of the labor that is systematically stolen from the slaves, is the awful template of chattel slavery and it’s trade.

    Driven by the same self centered greed of the same type of sociopathic slave owning elites and hangers on as before with their chattel slaves, this same horrible template not uncoincidentally remains in place today in the United States with the importation by diktat of wage slaves, aka so called ‘cheap labor’, or, simply, ‘immigrants’.

    As the ‘Extermination and Vengeance’ article shows, it is a terribly destructive system to those preyed upon as a source of wage slaves. It is also terribly destructive to those on the receiving end as well, through physical displacement, fewer jobs for hire, and depressed wages, as well illustrated in The Gangs of New York video clip below, which shows Bill the Butcher and his gang of Anglos being displaced in real time at the docks by newly arriving Irish wage slaves.

    Those who promote slavery, whether chattel or wage, don’t care about anyone or anything other than their money, their political power, and their own individual selves.

    To hell with everyone and everything else!

    More than one way to skin a cat.

    As documented in the 1850 Famine era news article linked below, plans were being laid to export US manufacturing plants to famine stricken Ireland, where Irish workers could be paid pennies on the dollar what Anglo workers would be paid in the United States.

    If you can’t get enough of the slaves to come to you, you go directly to where the slaves are.


    Extended clip of Gangs of New York dock scene:

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  19. All written history is written by the liars thiefs and murders…those families are still in privilege positions although the Winsors are on the way-out.

    The truth is that all groups, tribes, nations have used slaves…the races who used them most were from the middle east, Arabs, why don’t they cop the heat like white people is because we have been on top (not me) supposedly for centuries now but most whites have never been on top, only the families close to power benefit due to their willingness to do the dirty work.

    That is the nature of the pyramid of power, as long as those at the pointy end can spin a web of lies and propaganda the rest will follow…eventually all that is built on lies collapses once the lie is realized by enough.

    The West is going through that now, don’t expect those at the pointy end to change, they will double down until the rope is around their necks!

    • Replies: @Faisal
  20. One thing for sure, America’s curse wasn’t slavery but blacks.

    If the US had enslaved lots of whites at one time but brought over free black labor, we would still see more problems with blacks than with whites.

    Or imagine if US had brought over 300,000 Chinese slaves and 300,000 FREE African laborers long ago.

    Which group would be causing more problem today? Blacks.

    Europe is bringing in free blacks, and they are messing things up.

    So, the real ‘sin’ of America wasn’t slavery but blackery. Letting tons of blacks in, free or slave, was bound to be problematic cuz of BAMMAMA or blacks are more muscular and more aggressive. And it was going to eventually lead to white boy cuckery and ACOWW or Afro-Colonization-of-White-Wombs that is now in UK as well.

    • Replies: @Thomasina
    , @Truth
  21. This story is somewhat exaggerated. New England historians have worked hard to make colonial Virginia a land of evil people compared to the righteous Puritans of Massachusetts. The freeholder population increased all the time in Virginia, but the Yankee historians want to make Virginia look like a land of exploitive thugs so that they can give New England precedence as the real. Americans. Do we really want to accept that the fathers of Washington and Jefferson were that way? Several such historians have claimed that the story of Capt. John Smith and Pocahontas was not true, but we know from other sources that it is true. Of course conditions throughout the world were crude and everyone worked hard, although agricultural rythym allows downtimes. Certainly white people were virtual slaves in many places in the world for long periods of time. Selling one’s labour as an indentured servant was not necessarily a bad deal and was commonplace in Europe. . You worked hard but got bed and board while learning the ropes and got land when finished. Some of my forebears came that way as a family from a small town in Germany and subsequently did well. The permanent bondage of the alien black population is an entirely different matter.

    • Replies: @Old Virginia
  22. The Irish people have been decimated over the centuries

    “Decimate” does not mean what you think it means.

    “Ireland population prior to 1800 was 8 million”

    “Nowadays there are about 80 000 000 people in the world who claim to have Irish ancestry…”

    A poor job done either way.

  23. Mac_ says:

    Some notes, though there may have been some white and or irish slave type situations, it can be difficult to see or separate what or how much of anything is true as so much what’s claimed as ‘history is mostly to entirely fraudulent, even things people assume as definite. Just to put a few questions on, its been said there wasnt really a civil war, which I agree with. The cons have been dressing in costumes and making their paintings a long time, then photos, then photoshop, they are many and their cons are many. Then to add a few facts, around 1860 the cons here scribbled what’s labeled the ‘homestead act’, which was different that what homestead ‘law’ is now, two different things. The cons here, having got their ‘constitution’ by people, and other cons claiming ‘states’ etc, then decided they were entitled to, beside claiming most of the forests, trees, logging, to hand to their choice of cons, also hand off millions of acres to who they decided, scribbling ‘homestead act’.

    If search, first results are pages claiming ‘lincoln.. so blacks could have come land’ blah blah. But if search further, around same time, homestead act 1862, a bunch of irish were being beckoned by ‘media’ here, media being cons, or jews, whatever cabals, and many irish snapping up the ‘free land’. That continued here and there in patches into early 1900’s as a couple other waves continued in, also furthered by the cons here. They were able to squat and use and sell later or pass on to further spawn, and for that matter, who are the people putting up housing developments and apartments even now, as we’re drowning.

    Another thing to note, is some of irish arent who people assume. Though most whites are mixed, there are some irish that are cons, businesses, or politics, or legal biz etc, can also search irish gangs, though quite a bit has been tamped now in searches. Maybe look around, notice irish names, see what people do. Anyway example, could ask what’s was supposed media doing advertising for irish –
    It’s not as if it were for business per se, as there wasn’t much here yet, and only had to ‘improve the land for five years’ to have it. Putting up a shack for a hundred acres sounds a deal, or con, for cons, generations of cons. Of course wasn’t only nebraska but many places over the seventy years or so the cons were handing land around.

    That’s not to say there weren’t other whites or some irish here in uncomfortable situations, and most whites today should see situations now as slavery bound, and worse, andof course make effort to share what we know, the point is questioning.

    Appreciate the article.

  24. Princeone says:

    Why are these nations our enemies? Because the military-industrial complex says, they are? To have endless wars, there have to be enemies.

    • Agree: Durruti
  25. Thomasina says:
    @Priss Factor

    “America’s curse wasn’t slavery but blacks.”

    Oh, come on, you know who the “real” curse is. They’re the people who brought the blacks over in the first place. If not for this curse, there’d be no blacks. Follow the string to the end.

    • Agree: Old and Grumpy
  26. Folkvangr says:

    Why do you have to parrot leftist propaganda? As if Yeltsin/Putin Russia has not been doing the same thing for the last 30 years.

    • Replies: @JR Foley
  27. Thomasina says:
    @Rodger Dodger

    “‘Decimate’ does not mean what you think it means.”

    Here’s the definition I found:

    “Kill, destroy, or remove a large percentage or part of.
    “The project would decimate the fragile wetland wilderness”

    The Plantations (stealing Irish land), white slavery (stealing Irish children and adults), the Irish Potato Famine (starving the Irish people when food WAS plentiful) – and you say they weren’t decimated? If anyone is worthy of a museum, it’s these people.

    • Agree: JR Foley, Da's Reich
  28. Mac_ says:

    – post at 23, second paragraph, first sentence, – so blacks could have -s-ome land.. . blah. Wouldn’t bother to note but is too annoying..

  29. anarchyst says:

    There is one other aspect of slavery involving poor whites.
    Slavery of whites involved businesses who owned company housing and the “company store”.
    Quite often, whites who managed to gain employment with these primarily jew-owned businesses were indebted to the “company” as store prices and company housing “rents” were purposely inflated to keep the employee (and his family) from leaving. Wages were never commensurate with expenses. This was all by design.
    This insured a more stable workforce at the employee’s expense.
    Those who wanted to leave employment were presented with a bill for unpaid “debts”. Legal action was always threatened which almost always discouraged the employee from leaving. It was difficult to “break the cycle” of permanent “bondage”.
    Slavery of whites was much more subtle but was a reality in previous times.
    We are seeing a microcosm of wage slavery with the present-day experimental “vaxx” mandates that some businesses are using, threatening loss of employment for those employees refusing to take the “jab”…

    • Thanks: Trinity
  30. Pastit says:

    The SPLC and ADL are evil Jewish organizations that strive to cover the utter brutality of the Jew in history by painting it with a coat of the holocaust. They run the USA and any negative mention of them, or denial of the holocaust numbers results in one’s life being destroyed. I have no doubt they were the ringleaders of American slavery, and now work full time to hide that truth. They consistently point the finger at Whites, and encourage black violence against Whites in an attempt to further cover their tracks. More information like this article needs to come to light so the truth of slavery can finally be told.

    • Agree: Alden, inspector general
    • Replies: @anarchyst
  31. Thomasina says:

    Under Cromwell, during the fourth Plantation in the 1600’s (where English and Scottish planters were brought in to replace the Irish peasant farmers), the following occurred:

    “The plantation began with an Act of Settlement, which listed all of those who would have their lands confiscated. These were then ordered to go ‘to Hell or to Connaught’. Parliament then ordered over 30,000 soldiers who had surrendered to be deported from Ireland. Up to 50,000 widows and orphans were sold into slavery in the Caribbean and all Priests were executed.”

    Great article, Mr. Romanoff. Thank you.

  32. anastasia says:

    I want reparations

    • LOL: Bubba
  33. Alrenous says: • Website

    To do this sort of thing you need to define ‘slavery’ which naturally wasn’t done.

    Because: are modern jobs slavery? Yes.

    If you can sell 8 hours a day, why can’t you sell 24 hours a day? What’s the difference? There’s only a difference of degree, not of kind.
    The thirteenth amendment didn’t ban slavery. It banned freedom of association. It banned the alienation an alienable product. It arrogated some of your property to the government. It was a tax, not a liberation.

    See also: sharecroppers lived exactly like slaves but with extra hassle and expenses. It accomplished nothing.
    See also: England – before 1861 – got rid of 13th “slavery” without having a war. Instead of bullying the slave-owners, it bought the slaves. Honourable and responsible instead of an irresponsible, dishonourable surprise attack.

    See further: “But slaves couldn’t quit.” I’m told having to quit your job instead of being vaxxed is being ‘forced’ to be vaxxed. Americans still can’t quit.
    They got rid of the few de jure slaves so you wouldn’t notice you’re a de facto slave, along with everyone else they can get their hands on.
    Even further: “It’s not slavery if you get to choose which slave-owner in which industry to enslave yourself to.” Umm….about that….

    Even more: “public” school. “It’s not slavery if we’re forcing you to do something nobody would pay for.”
    Work for pay, voluntarily engaged in, which automatically proves someone thinks its valuable: degrading, demeaning.
    Meaningless work, no pay, compulsory: vital to the human soul.

    No wait I mean vital to justifying teacher union money laundering. Sorry, I get those confused all the time, as I’m well-schooled. Got a great education; you can tell because it cost the taxpayer $200,000 and cost me like $40,000, not including lost leisure time. displaced wages, stress and misery.

    Basically if this is the alternative, I’m pro-slavery. Legalize the daylights outta that nonsense.

    P.S. America isn’t and has never been about freedom. Slavery went from mandatory to forbidden. Fun fact: there’s a third option. Neither of the previous two are freedom.
    See also also: divorce. Lifetime monogamy went from mandatory to forbidden. Bzzt, fail.

    • Replies: @Alrenous
    , @anarchyst
  34. Alrenous says: • Website

    Supposedly, the tradition was to burn them on completion of the term, but still, at least some would surely have survived.

    Actually I’m the legitimate monarch of the entire world.

    However, I was usurped.

    There would be geneology to prove that I’m descended from the Omega King but the tradition was to burn the family tree every four generations or so.
    Also the records of an Omega King existing were deliberately destroyed, along with all references. Tradition, you see.

    By ‘me’ I of course refer to the specific text box on your monitor or phone displaying these letters you’re reading right now.

    Are you monarch of the entire world too?

  35. Alrenous says: • Website

    The greatest enemy of late Faustian civilization is late Faustian civilization.

    Chinese civilization devoutly wishes it could do anywhere near as much damage to America as America does.

    But yes Romanoff is clearly loyal to China or somewhere instead of e.g. the truth. He lies in an effort to make a quick buck before his audience rightly loses trust.
    Though frankly they deserve it for trusting this wanker in the first place. Why is he marked down from 100 instead of up from 0? Who re-distributed trust to him, and by the way, who was the rightful previous owner of that trust?

    • Replies: @Folkvangr
  36. Fascinating article; never knew about any of this.

    • Agree: TheTrumanShow
  37. Alrenous says: • Website

    P.P.S. I forgot the most important part.

    Is taxation slavery?
    Even more than your job, you can’t quit taxation.

    “But it’s not 24 hours of your labour.” Right, so if you were a slave for 80 hours a week you wouldn’t be a slave?
    Why are slaves whipped? Because they can’t leave. Whipping is the lazy way to motivate someone who can’t decline poor work conditions.

    Why are tax-evaders, metaphorically speaking, whipped?

    What’s this ‘history’ of white slavery? (P.P.P.S. Who only think in black and white?) There’s plenty of part-time piecemeal slavery right now.

  38. Folkvangr says:

    Who re-distributed trust to him?

    Probably Ron Unz & Co lol Ron Unz himself does not appear to be as transparent as he would have us believe.

    • Thanks: Alrenous
  39. anarchyst says:

    Actually world judaism has never repudiated slavery. According to judaic talmudic texts, slavery is seen as a part of the “human condition” and in the case of jews, lording over the “goyim” who are considered to be “no better than livestock, given long lives in which to serve the jews”.
    Jewish supremacy is alive and well…

    • Replies: @ira
  40. anarchyst says:

    There’s more…
    Refuse to pay your “property taxes” to fund dysfunctional public schools and the “government” will take your property.
    If that isn’t slavery, I don’t know what is.

    • Agree: Alrenous
    • Replies: @Alrenous
  41. Alrenous says: • Website

    Nitpick: public schools aren’t dysfunctional, they’re working exactly as they were designed.
    E.g. the only reason you’re not hit with a stick for disobeying today is because nobody thinks you can be friends with someone who beats you. You get better obedience and compliance if the teacher is held to be your mommy 2.0.

    • Thanks: Thomasina
  42. If I am not suffering from a massive historical blind spot it seems that white slavery had mostly died out by the founding era in America and completely by the Civil war. Does Mr. Romanoff have an explanation for this occurance?

  43. Anymike says:

    If Irish and other white European female slaves or indentures were forcibly bred with black men, the genetic footprint of this practice should still be able to be found in the mitochondrial DNA of contemporary American blacks. With all of the DNA testing being done, someone should already be in possession of the data.

    If this happened, we don’t know because we are not being told, not because no one knows.

  44. Anonymous[162] • Disclaimer says:

    Completely wrong. What the Constitution actually says is:

    Representatives and direct Taxes shall be apportioned among the several States which may be included within this Union, according to their respective Numbers, which shall be determined by adding to the whole Number of free Persons, including those bound to Service for a Term of Years, and excluding Indians not taxed, three fifths of all other Persons.Representatives and direct Taxes shall be apportioned among the several States which may be included within this Union, according to their respective Numbers, which shall be determined by adding to the whole Number of free Persons, including those bound to Service for a Term of Years, and excluding Indians not taxed, three fifths of all other Persons.

    I think we can file this article under “M” for “More Larry Romanoff Nonsense”. Or…

    Muh dick.

    • Agree: Emslander
  45. Franz says:

    The trade in White slaves was a natural one for Jewish merchants in England

    Sure because they had centuries of experience dealing in white slaves with African Muslims:

    See — The Forgotten Slave Trade by Simon Webb.

    (Probably not at a library near you!)

  46. Katya says:

    It’s like a flaying: the skin of all you’ve ever been taught, through great brainwashings, bioaccumulations of the prejudice du jour—
    Eyes could bleed; Christ sweated blood.
    God bless both Larry Romanoff and Michael Hoffman, to name two.

    • Agree: JR Foley
  47. At the end of the day, the hub-bub of black slavery comes down to the pathology of dis’rispek, on par with scuffing one of their tennis shoes, or asking for payment on a retail item.

    A white guy would react with passive bemusement if you could prove that this ancestors was some sweatshop plantation peasant a century or two ago. There’s no humilation. There’s no sense of generational embarrassment.

    As an aside, non-whites surely view things like country music to be no more than slave field songs for white people, what with the lyrics about the blue collar workin’ men, agriculture, life of anti-luxury etc.

    Again, to browns, this is all weird. Anyone individual or race that doesn’t want to climb the ranks and be a drug lord is a sucker, I guess.

  48. @mermaid

    Indians and Sri Lankans were also kidnapped/cheated into slavery under guise of “indentured labourers”

    • Replies: @Malla
  49. Larry’s essays should be required reading in schools and colleges throughout the world. Then the kids can correct any of the mistakes you people nit-pick.

    • Agree: Odyssey
  50. Che Guava says:

    A good artictle by Mr. Romanoff. I know enough to see that it is generally accurate, although, as always, a few assertions have no backing and, in this one, are bad-pulp-novel lurid. On those, truth or falsity, impossible to know.

    Mr. Unz really should place it as ‘featured for a day’ (front page).

    I sometimes read another on this topic, James La Fond, he is expert on it, has researched many primary sources going back to the earliest of them.

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  51. Thank you, Larry Romanoff.
    A creditable account of despicable past practice and conduct.
    I also have read in this huge topic that cries out for a thorough public airing and associated publication.

    Interesting to see several entries that label you as an agent of China etc when the account of the Slave Trade gets uncomfortably close to the Sanhedrin.
    Quite accurately.

    That’s why the needed public airing has been diverted and confused.
    So far.
    But probably not for ever, one hopes.
    Attacks on the citadel of satan and his children grow daily more frequent.

  52. @Che Guava

    Mr. Unz really should place it as ‘featured for a day’ (front page).

    I agree. It should have been there while it was still a new article. This is important and would generate
    a lot of responses but those using mobile phones aren’t even aware of it.

  53. You are my favorite writer Mr Romanoff. So incredible happy I found your work.

    Pls keep up the good work & keep giving us the hidden gems of history.

    All the best!

  54. JR Foley says:

    Libya Somalia Syria Iraq and Afghanistan were ALL the doings of Russia?

    • Thanks: Kolya Krassotkin
    • LOL: werpor
  55. Odyssey says:

    Cit: “They came in like slaves: a human cargo carried by British ships on the road to America. They were sent from Ireland, hundreds of thousands of men, women, and even the youngest children. Whenever they rebelled, they were punished in the harshest manner. Slaveholders would hang them or lay their hands and feet on fire, as one of the forms of punishment. Some are burnt alive, and their heads are left on spears on the slave market, as a warning to other prisoners. We know very well the crimes of African slave trade. But the African slave has written and spoken a lot about the Irish slave?

    King James VI and Charles I continued to enslave Irish. Cromwell has deepened this practice of dehumanizing his neighbours. In Ireland, slave trade began when James VI sold 30,000 Irish prisoners as slaves to the New World. His Proclamation from 1625 has enabled the sale of Irish political prisoners abroad, as well as sales them to English immigrants in Western India. By the mid-1600s, the Irish were the main slaves sold in Antigua and Montserrat. At that time, 70% of the total population of Montserrat were Irish slaves. Ireland soon became the largest source of human cattle for English merchants. Most of the early slaves in the New World were actually WHITES.

    From 1641 to 1652, more than 500,000 Irish were murdered by the English and another 300,000 sold into slaves. The Irish population fell from around 1,500,000 to 600,000 in a decade. Families collapsed because the British did not allow Irish fathers to take their wives and children with them across the Atlantic. This led to the helpless population, homeless women and children. The British solution was to sell them at auctions.

    During the 1650s, over 100,000 Irish children aged 10 to 14 years were taken away from their parents and sold as slaves to West Indies, Virginia, and New England. In the same decade, 52,000 Irish (mainly women and children) were sold to Barbados and Virginia. Another 30,000 Irish men and women were transported and sold to the best bidder. In 1656. Cromwell ordered those 2,000 Irish children to be driven to Jamaica and sold as slaves to English immigrants.

    Many people still avoid calling the Irish slaves what they really were: slaves. They will conditionally call them “indentured servants” to describe what happened to the Irish. However, in most cases from the 17th and 18th centuries, Irish slaves were nothing more than human cattle.”

  56. Odyssey says:

    Cit: “As an example, African slave trade has just begun in that same period. It is well noted that African slaves were much more expensive than Irish, even up to ten times, and they were often treated far better than their Irish counterparts. African slaves on the market were valued during the late 1600-es, £50 sterling and the Irish slaves were no more than £5 sterling. If Irish slaves have been beaten to death on plantations, it has never been a crime. The death of Irish goods was only a financial loss, but far cheaper than killing more expensive African slaves.

    The English masters soon began breeding Irish women for their own personal enjoyment and for greater profits. Even if an Irish woman somehow gets her freedom, her children will remain slaves to their master. Thus, the Irish mothers, even with this newly acquired emancipation, will rarely abandon their children and remain in slavery.

    Over time, the English have come up with a better way to use Irish women to increase their market profits: The settlers have begun to cross Irish women and girls (even younger than 12) with African people and thus produce slaves with a lighter shade. These new “mulat” slaves had a higher price than the Irish “livestock”, and also made it possible for English settlers to save money rather than buy new African slaves.

    This practice of crossing Irish women with African peoples lasted for several decades, and was so widespread that in 1681, a regulation banned the practice of mating Irish slaves and African slaves for the purpose of making slaves for sale. In short, it was stopped only because it impeded the earnings of large slave carrier companies that brought slaves from Africa.

    England continued to ship ships of tens of thousands of Irish slaves for more than a century. The records state that after the Irish uprising in 1798, thousands of Irish slaves were sold to both America and Australia. There were terrible abuses of both African and Irish prisoners. A British ship threw 1302 slaves into the Atlantic Ocean, so the crew had enough food to eat.

    In 1839. Britain finally decided to end its own participation in the slave transportation. Although their decision did not prevent pirates from doing what they wanted, the new law slowly concluded this chapter of Irish misery.

    But if someone believes that slavery was just an African experience, then he is completely wrong. Irish slavery really existed, but it was wiped out of our memory. But why is this so rarely discussed? Does the memory of hundreds of thousands of Irish victims deserve more than just to be mentioned in a comment like this? Or their story was the one the English teachers wanted: to completely disappear, as if it had never happened.

    None of the Irish victims ever returned to their homeland to describe their tribulations. These are the lost slaves, who have been completely forgotten over time due to the biased books of history.”

    • Replies: @HbutnotG
    , @Truth
    , @Lurker
  57. Malla says:
    @Commentator Mike

    Indians and Sri Lankans were also kidnapped/cheated into slavery under guise of “indentured labourers”

    Nobody was kidnapped, this is pure B.S. such practices would have been easily possible by a Mughal Government but not by a British Imperial Government of its time.

    Indian migrants were brought to a magistrate’s office, where the emigration agreement is read to them, and, if they assent, is executed. They then proceeded from their district to the depot at Calcutta or Madras, where the conditions of service are again explained to them, and they were always at liberty to withdraw if they wished. The system of indenture imposed obligations and conferred rights both on employer and labourer. The penalties which either employer or labourer incurred for violation of the terms are set out in the agreement which the emigrant signed. The period of contract of an Indian emigrant who emigrated under the safeguards of the indenture system was mere five years.
    A committee on this issue were impressed by the independent evidence as to the care and consideration with which employers generally treated their Indian labourers, but made a series of recommendations which were given careful consideration.

    Indians went to the Caribbean because blacks after given freedom from slavery turned out too lazy and incompetent. Native Americans in the interior were more competent than blacks but were found “too proud” to work. Thus more industrious, hardworking and smarter Indian labourers had to be brought in. A few Chinese went too who were found even more industrious and hard working than Indians. Indian labourers were sent to Fiji as the natives were again lazy and incompetent. Indians have now taken over the economies of many Caribbean countries and the blacks screech and scream for being left behind and commit loads of crimes against Indians especially “muh dicking.” Indeed in Guyana or Trinidad, I do not remember, influenced by the Indian Independence Movement, the Indians there started an anti-colonial movement against Britain while Blacks supported continuation of British Rule to protect them against the more smarter and entrepreneurial Asian Indians. But now Indians run most businesses. similarly in Fiji, the native Fijians do not like Indian domination of their economy and one Fijian George Spreit even took over the country by a failed coup to kick all Asian Indians out.

    • Thanks: Thomasina
  58. James Lafond has done good research on white slavery in America, echoing many of the statements in this article.

  59. The best way to forget history is to rewrite it. And in the rewriting, to carefully delete references to any historical events or circumstances we find uncomfortable.

    This piece started well, and could have been quite a respectable essay if it had continued in the same vein. Mr. Romanoff might have explored the current trend of shaping history books so as to erase parts which some currently powerful politician doesn’t like.

    But no, the thing quickly disintegrated into a hopeless mess.

    The historical record tells us that “American slave-owners quickly began breeding the white women for both their own personal pleasure and for greater profit”, but this expression denies a brutal truth.

    Is Mr. Romanoff or any of the white peckerheads here on record of deploring the same forced breeding on a 1000x scale when it happened to black women?

    This practice of interbreeding White females with African men became so long-term and widespread that legislation was passed forbidding the practice because this production of offspring interfered with the profits of a large Jewish slave trader.

    I doubt of Author Romanoff can provide evidence for this in terms of the “long-term” and “widespread” claims. Maybe there is a diary of a pervert or two in existence somewhere, but notice the non-existent “documentation” for stuff like this.

    My own viewpoint? US Americans learned from the masters – the UK Brits. You’ll have to scour the history books to find more “long-term” and “widespread” barbarism than done by the latter bunch. It wasn’t just the Irish they mistreated so badly, it was Everyone They Could Get Their Bloody Hands On.

    Consider reading Late Victorian Holocausts by Mike Davis

    • Replies: @Bert
    , @Alrenous
  60. Dumbo says:

    So-called White Slavery at least had one benefit, it didn’t have the side effect of filling the continent with problematic subsaharan Africans which later you could not get rid of. Yeah, I know, some people don’t like the Irish too, but besides liking their drink they’re not that bad.

    Unfortunately, slavery has always existed and in some ways, it still does, only under other names. For all races.

  61. cohen says:

    War in Ukraine.
    Dead Soldiers
    Jewish doctors
    Israeli human organs merchants

  62. Anonymous[194] • Disclaimer says:


    I’ve a great opportunity for you, Sierra.

    Exactly the same thing is happening today as happened in Ireland during the famine years. The planet can’t support 8 billion people, the US enforced “free trade” and “new markets” and “Cheap Asian labor that will do for a nickel what a . . . ” is dying (autarky, don’t you know), and the situation is going to get much worse as Europe is either deindustrialized by the end of cheap Russian resources or leaves the US system to ally with the Russian Federation and avoid the poverty/warfare that the US is imposing on it.

    So: What, exactly, are you going to do about it? What the English landlords should have done, maybe? Go bankrupt feeding the hungry, so that they can have more children when you cannot? Beggar your neighbors with taxes to support people who aren’t even distantly related to you? Tell you children how morally superior you are because you care about strangers but not them?

    The US rescued quite a few Irish by providing them with a living. Same with the Polish, who also had a potato famine at the same time, from the same micro-organism. The reward was the New Deal, the immigrant/ethnic party which worked for WW II, became an ethnic tyranny, and then de-industrialized the US in order to win the Cold War, and is now trying to finish off what’s left with “wokeness” and its hatred of “abelism”. Not much of a reward, more like a punishment for the existing US population throughout the process. And now Obama’s Democratic Party is repeating the process with his ethnic group reinforced by a new group of immigrants.

    I, myself, have been rewarded quite enough, thank you. No more of this.

    • Replies: @Rev. Spooner
    , @S
  63. Irish slavery was morally acceptable because according to the scientists of that time red-haired Irish had absolutely nothing to do with Whites. They were considered at least as far from normal Whites as African Blacks were. They were also measured as low on the IQ scale or even lower. Like the Blacks who were sold to Whites by other more intelligent, more human Blacks, Catholic Irish were sold to the English by quite close related Kelts like the Orangists of Bekfast. Irish Catholics were considered as Hamites, while the Anglo-Saxons proper entertained the idea they were lost tribes of Israel.

  64. Boll says:

    James LaFond wrote extensively about this. He brought this topic up many years ago. His view on the history of Plantation America and of white slavery is worth reading:

    • Thanks: Thomasina
  65. Bert says:

    Articles like this have one of two goals: either to paint the 13 colonies as evil from the start, or second, to portray Southern whites as mostly descended from criminals, vagrants, and orphans whose extended families were so degenerate or poor as to be unable to care for them.

    To accomplish such rhetorical tasks the writers cast so wide a net as to become ridiculous. For example, they are not specific about geography, implying that what happened on West Indian sugar islands was typical of North American plantations. Thousands of Irish were in fact deported to Barbados, where a remnant of their descendants incapable of rising economically still reside, the Red Legs. More truthful history recognizes that Irish slavery in Barbados was a brief interval based on removing rebels from Ireland, and that African slavery followed.

    Another trope is portraying the colonies as a society of masters and slaves without a middle-class. Nothing could be further from the truth. Land was readily available upon which to base a life of economic self-improvement. At the time of the American Revolution, the average married couple produced four surviving children in England but eight in the 13 Colonies, hardly evidence for the absence of a rising middle-class. One of the reasons that the Americans struggled so hard for Independence was that they knew they were better off than the average Briton under the caste system there.

    Then if the writer is going full bore for historical misrepresentation, he will claim that the estimable Scots-Irish mostly came to the Colonies as indentured servants. This is entirely false. Most Scots-Irish came as whole familes, indeed often as whole Presbyterian congregations led by their minister. An underclass of indentured servants would never have had the cohesion necessary to drive Cornwallis’s army from the Carolinas. Successful completion of that task required active and effective militia participation, e.g., Musgrove’s Mill, Kings Mountain, Shallow Ford, Blackstock’s Plantation, Cowpens, Guilford Courthouse, Eutaw Springs, which was possible precisely because the Scots-Irish militias were composed of family members, neighbors, and squads from the same church and thus were highly cohesive and tenacious.

    • Thanks: Emslander
  66. Anonymous[623] • Disclaimer says:

    Sheesh! This all sounds a lot worse than we were taught in Catholic grade school back in the mid-50’s. They told us it was just contracted work of all sorts and a smart, efficient way to populate the new world. I guess even the Irish nuns didn’t know their own history. Back then white “slavery” in Europe was basically portrayed as Russian serfs, but they were bound to the land regardless of who owned it, and they shared in the crops produced. They certainly were not shipped off to overseas colonies. Drafted into the Tsar’s army? Supposedly. But hardly any found their way to Amerika to be exploited like draft animals. Probably the largest contingent of white slaves were captured by Vikings and sold to Arabs in the Middle East, as concubines if you were a woman, and as castrated eunuchs if you were a man, with none of today’s Trans privileges. Things were much worse in antiquity for the very commonplace slaves throughout Europe, notably in classical Greece, Rome, Germania and Judea.

    • Replies: @Che Guava
  67. Bert says:
    @Zachary Smith

    I largely agree with your criticisms of Mr. Romanoff’s rhetoric. However, it should be recognized that believing that coercion was typically required to get a female slave to copulate with a white man does not fit the known female behavioral tendency of hypergamy. Any white male who has been active during the Sexual Revolution can easily have noticed that black females were quite eager for his attention.

  68. chris says:
    @Chris Mallory

    1600 vs. 1632, this is only a round-off of the year in question.

    Everything else is correct about this minor point which is not disputed by the source you quoted. Furthermore, the inaccuracy is inconsequential to his argument, assuming Britanica is even correct.

    In no way does it warrant the tone and scope of your rebuttal! Not really sure what the point of nitpicking is, just write your own correcting article if you must.

  69. chris says:

    What transpired duirng the 1800’s was Ireland losing agricultural produce and then civilians –a Blow from which Ireland has still not recovered. Iraland 1800’s –Ukraine today ??

    Under the common thread of a steadfast disenfranchisement of a narrative population from their land, Ukraine is less of a good example (where the Russians don’t consider them as sub-human, as the British did the Irish), than Israel where the plight of the Palestinians is an almost direct parallel to the Irish victimization.

    Minus the mass deportations (or worse) which are surely now in the works.

    • Replies: @Shamu
  70. Anon[346] • Disclaimer says:

    Mr. Romanoff:

    Very inventive. Interesting imagination.

    But your style? You need to take a much better novel-writing course.

    Oh, and your sources support your article quite well as a condom could support the canopy of a beach-umbrella.

  71. Bert says:

    Same goes for Scots-Irish, as explained in former Virginia Senator Jim Webb’s book “Born Fighting.” While the majority were indentured (the ol’ “forty acres and a mule” deal, in Appalachia of course), there were white slaves among this group as well.

    Not so. The majority of Scots-Irish immigrants paid their passages to North America. The vast majority came as families, groups of extended families, or Presbyterian congregations led by ordained ministers. Few came as single indentured persons.

    The first area of Scots-Irish settlement was in east-central Pennsylvania where entire new towns were founded, e.g., Carlisle and Easton.
    From the Encyclopedia of Greater Philadelphia:

    … Pennsylvania’s Scots Irish were a socioeconomically diverse immigrant group from a variety of class, occupational, and educational backgrounds. While many did settle on the Pennsylvania frontier, many others did not; not all Scots Irish were country bumpkins and gun-toting ruffians. Many Scots Irish individuals and families, who ranged in status from impoverished indentured servants, to middling shopkeepers and traders, to wealthy Atlantic World merchants and professional men, made their homes in urban Philadelphia and its hinterlands and in other, smaller interior Pennsylvania towns such as Carlisle, Easton, Bedford, and Pittsburgh. They did not farm, but traded, retailed goods or services, practiced professions or trades, or labored as servants. And while some did live in log cabins, many others resided in stylish stone and brick homes where they enjoyed the kind of cosmopolitan lifestyle that other elite Americans did, albeit with a Scot-Irish emphasis on family, church, and education.

    If Jim Webb wrote what you quoted, then he is a lousy researcher and historian.

    • Disagree: Rich
    • Replies: @Dutch Boy
  72. maskazer says:

    Very excellent article. This reminds us of the current situation in the Ukraine. Millions upon millions of white people pushed out of their once developed nation to other parts of Europe/west. Their jew president with huge khazarian backings and Bandera/Neonazi mimicking a weird version of Ukrainian ultra-nationalism etc. It’s amazing how these confused Ukrainians will end up being slaves in the near future if not already. Lucky are those 3 millions that made it to Russia during these years.

  73. Bert says:

    Mr. Romanoff,
    I would like to inquire about the epigraphic photo that accompanies this article. By whom are the photos chosen? By Mr. Unz or an employee of his, or by the author?

    I ask because the photo above is disingenuous. By the children’s clothing, it was taken in the early 20th century; therefore it implies that white slavery continued into that period.

    The children could easily have been on my paternal grandfather’s subsistence farm in North Alabama where my father was born in a log house in 1902. Not long before my father’s death at 86, I asked him what the transition was like between working 10 years on the farm (ages 11-21) and entering the urban work force in Birmingham, where by the way he rose to be the general manager of a large local business. Unhesitatingly, he replied, “It was like going from being free to being a slave. On the farm I had control of my work.” That was generally true even of tenant farmers, who unlike my grandfather were not landowners. Extending the label of slavery to tenant farming is invalid. Even indentured servitude had the potential for advancement if the servant had a strong work ethic. One of my great-great-grandfathers was bound out to a saddler when he became an orphan at age 8. He learned that trade and practiced it well enough to accumulate greater than average wealth in the first half of the 19th century.

    • Replies: @Aldtrao
    , @Emslander
  74. Boulder says:

    Same in Sweden!
    Read Harry Martinsson!

    • Replies: @anon
  75. Every person on this planet is owned as a slave by their gov’t. That most don’t recognize this for what it is can only be attributed to miseducation and propaganda being very effective.

    Taxation is legalized theft, done so by the ‘laws’ that determine legality created by the thieves. Why people can’t understand this after being informed of it as I’ve just done can only show how thoroughly brainwashed the masses are.

    • Agree: Che Guava, TKK
    • Replies: @Bert
  76. @Malla

    The period of contract of an Indian emigrant who emigrated under the safeguards of the indenture system was mere five years.

    I didn’t notice that any were sent back. Tamils in Malaysia in the 2000’s were demanding a million pounds each from the British Crown and to be repatriated back to Sri Lanka but the Crown declined. I thought Larry explained how illiterate Whites were also cheated by these indenture “contracts”. Are you saying that indenture of subcons was markedly different and more humane than that of Whites?

    • Replies: @Malla
  77. Shamu says:

    The great problem with discussuing any of this is that to duo so means you are talking how evil WASPs are. You are talking about WASPs (which until revamped for propaganda) means Wealthy Anglo-Saxon Protestant. It is a tribal designation that is based on pagan Germanic concepts that feature class; the WASP Is not just the person with some Anglo-Saxon blood who speaks English and is Protestant. The WASP is elite in some form and therefore is part of a ruling class over large numbers of whites who are the ones required to row the pirate ships.

    That pattern has never changed and never will. WASP culture in charge means the kind nasty exploitation of the vast majority of whites that took place In Ireland and Scotland. Most of the time, it is not about war to slaughter into utter submission. Most of the time it is about using economic strangulation to keep the white trash surviving to serve the WASP class.

    Jews became the logical partners because Anglo-Saxon Puritan successful Revolution had bankrupted the Commonwealth. Loans from Jews saved it. So it then became and forever since has remained Anglo-Zionist Empire. WASP Empire is Anglo-Zionist Empire.

    Michael Hoffman sees all of that, but most who realize his work is important are still bound to the lie that they must promote WASP culture in order to somehow stop the Jews or the blacks. Jews are allies of WASPs and blacks are their street level goons. Until you see that, you are blind, and your efforts always rebound against your desires.

    • Replies: @Alrenous
    , @Paul C.
  78. Shamu says:

    That was a leftover from British colonial rule, which in the most important sense actually never ended in Canada. People who needed farm labor, or at times logging or even small mine labor or sticking shelves and cleaning, would buy such orphans. They were not adopted for love of family, and that was not on the adopting families. They too were poor and easily ground into dust by the WASP system. They required cheap labor to maximize survival. So the easiest way was to adopt an orphan or two and work them even harder than their own children were worked.

    And the propaganda that still wants that buried is the same propaganda that is itching to promote any lie that Catholic orphanages murdered no telling how many children, especially Indian children.

    Anglo-Zionism is the heart of the problem.

    And you can bet that every auction, there were paid actors for the Government whose job was to drive down the prices. The Yankee or Saxon trader historically has the same reputation as the Jewish trader: lying cheat of the worst sort.

    • Agree: Getaclue
  79. Alrenous says: • Website
    @Zachary Smith

    UK Brits. You’ll have to scour the history books to find more “long-term” and “widespread” barbarism than done by the latter bunch.

    Unless you’ve met a Muslim or a Bantu, of course. Or heard of the Comanche. Or the Aztecs. Or read the Old Testament. Or…

    This is plain jealousy. Everyone was trying to be brutal in a widespread fashion, but a few groups succeeded. The Macedonians. The Romans. The Mongols, briefly. And then Anglo-Saxons. (You are here.)

  80. Shamu says:

    It was Poles (and at times Germanics) , not Russians, who were the white Christians who treated Ukrainians as nearly subhuman. That is the reason that Stepan Bandera, the WW2 era founder of a type of Ukrainian Nazism, hated Poles far more than he hated any ethnic group. Russians saw Ukrainians always as what they are: rural western Russians, with an archaic dialect made a bit stranger by forced Polishisms, whose lands were often overrun and ruled brutally by non-Rus, Turks more than Poles.

    Bandera’s simplistic thinking meant that his hatred of Poles led him to forget what Germanic peoples had done to Ukrainians every time they ruled any part of the Ukraine, so he could ally with Nazis against Bolsheviks. And it also meant that he ignored the grave problem of so many Ukrainians supporting Bolshevism, which included the fact that a higher percentage of Ukrainians than of Great Russians had been Old Bolsheviks. That’s why the USSR kept taking from from the Russian Soviet Socialst Republic to give to the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic, which is how those insane borders the US/UK imposed on Russia in 1991 came to be.

    • Replies: @Dumbo
  81. Bert says:

    A world view that sees only in black and white is essentially paranoid. Some societal coercion has always been necessary, even in hunter-gatherer bands. The question is the degree of capture of government by private interests, which is why Jefferson advocated periodic purging when tyranny became evident. Obviously it is now evident, but that is not the prima facie argument for anarchy that you seem to think it is.

    • Disagree: TKK
    • Replies: @RoatanBill
    , @Alrenous
  82. Che Guava says:

    Probably the largest contingent of white slaves were captured by Vikings

    Absolute crap. In western Europe as far as slave kidnapping from the coasts, it was all Arab slavers and that continued until and for some time after the rise of European naval power. Far to the east (as in to the east of what is now Poland) what you say seems to have happened to some extent, and is about a thousand years in the past.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  83. Anon[530] • Disclaimer says:

    Ursula von der Leyen is proud to be a direct descendent of the biggest Slave Traders in the Colonial Era.

  84. Punchthem says:

    China,Russia,India etc. are not our enemies. We, US,EU are their enemies. But future will show you what the word “enemy” means.

  85. Dumbo says:

    Yeah, isn’t it a nice coincidence that the guy who signed the transfer of Crimea from Soviet Russia to Soviet Ukraine… was an Ukrainian (born in Bakhmut, of all places):

  86. TKK says:

    The matter of property taxes demonstrates that we are all slaves. It is that black and white.

    If you don’t pony up to the Government each year – you lose your property. Period.

    Ownership is an illusion. This also applies to cars, boats and RVs. No amount of begging, cajoling or negotiating will work. The Government will seize your land and home if you don’t fork it over.

    It is not paranoid. It is an acknowledgment of the complete domination of the US Government over every aspect of our lives.

    The Government now even requires a license for someone to sell ginseng. If you find it on your property, you have to apply to the Government for a license just to sell it. Why?

    • Agree: RoatanBill, Alrenous
    • Replies: @Bert
  87. @Bert

    You make an excellent and compliant slave.

    Is it paranoid to point out that it is the institution of gov’t that causes all the wars? The US alone has killed or caused the deaths of 20 million people in the current century alone. Do you condone this behavior? Is it paranoid to mention that gov’t steal their citizenry’s labor via taxes and then proceed to do whatever it is they want in direct opposition to the general welfare of the people? Is it paranoid to notice that the political class in the US is devoid of any real skills but seems to live much better than the fools that vote for them?

    We no longer have small communities where some elder with some valuable experience became the leader through genuine accomplishment and proven ability in a mostly natural world. What the world has progressed into is now, and has been for quite some time, nothing more than a bunch of warlords that have crafted mafias, called governments, to farm their human cattle in an ever increasing artificial world of invented bullshit professions and social engineering of the weak of mind. To speak in support of these cretins that are even now making nuclear annihilation a distinct possibility is nothing short of amazing, in the negative sense, in my estimation.

    The people that want to be farmed like animals because they have such tremendous fear of being responsible for their own lives and that of their families is truly a disgusting spectacle. It’s your defeatist attitude and cowardice that makes this possible.

    The world, viewed philosophically, remains a series of slave camps, where citizens – tax livestock – labor under the chains of illusion in the service of their masters.
    Stefan Molyneux

    It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere.

    • Replies: @Bert
  88. @Observator

    Enslavement of Black Africans came about more because of that race’s resistance to tropical/sub-tropical diseases.

  89. Bert says:

    You have a hard time seeing beyond the black and white. Of course, The Government is out of control. Here’s an example showing that, and also showing some government is necessary. Three commercial fishermen in Louisiana were stopped by a cop who planted drugs in their vehicle so that he could seize a couple of hundred thousand dollars in cash that they were carrying to close a deal for a boat. The cop was convicted and sentenced. In this example, government was bad (the cop) and government was good (the prosecutor). As an anarchist, how do you think the fishermen should have obtained justice for theft of any kind?

    In 1830’s Georgia, roads were laid out by a committee, usually three responsible citizens, and then cleared and bridged by men who lived along the route. The county government required a week or two of labor from such men. It is easy to imagine people like you who reject all taxes moving temporarily ten miles away from the new road so that they could avoid doing their community duty of roadwork, and then coming back and traveling the road with a satisfied smirk on their face.

    If you think the Social Contract makes you a slave, then you never became a mature personality. What you should object to is the sociopaths, like the cop above, who pervert government. The prescription for dealing with them was given by Thomas Jefferson.

    • LOL: Alrenous
    • Replies: @RoatanBill
    , @Alrenous
  90. Slavery is/was not something imposed on people with the ability to take care of themselves. It’s imposed generally on slavish stateless people who require the state to sustain them, well some states demand compensation for this total care and that my friends is called “slavery” thus it’s a job for those who are utter and total wards of the state without any other options. These conditions CAN BE manufactured in targeted populations and when the people fall below a certain level of self sustainability they become, by proxy, slaves. It’s actually quite sensible. 🤔

  91. Aldtrao says:

    Thank you. I was thinking the same thing about both photographs. If there had been ANY American slavery in the early 20th Century, my grandparents, who told me innumerable stories about their early lives and their ancestors, surely would have mentioned it from time to time. It also seems implausible to me that there could have been a conspiracy to cover up American white slavery in the 19th Century that was so vast and effective that no author of that time wrote about it. There WAS white slavery happening at that time, but it was happening in Northern Africa, by Muslim slave masters who captured people at sea or stole them from coastal villages all over Europe, and the US went to war to put a stop to it: it was called the Barbary Wars. But if there are as many records of white slavery in America, as the author claims, let him cite this original source material so that we can examine it.

    • Agree: Bert, Emslander
    • Replies: @joe webb
  92. @anon

    Or, they are a ‘you know who’ …… white as white can be, climbing the usury tree.


  93. Bert says:

    You make a predictably insulting boor and bore.

    There is nothing defeatist about my attitude. It is far more radical than your pie-in-the-sky keyboard anarchism.

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  94. @Odyssey

    Now you know why there are over 80 million people of all colours and faiths world wide with Irish DNA, we will breed with anyone given a chance ………..


    …..or was it, 8 billion……hmm

  95. Child Slave Labor. Brutal, Dirty, and Dangerous Coal Mining.

    • Agree: Durruti
  96. Slavery of Whites is simple historic fact to anyone who spends even a smidgen of time on researching actual history – and it is by far a greater total in numbers than that of Black’s for one simple reason: White slaves were more accessible because of geography. The same is true for Black slaves enslaved by other Blacks in Africa. It wasn’t until global travel by sailing ships enabled commercial slave trade – mostly run by rich ship owners who were also the bankers that subsidized wars for fun and profit since the dawn of man. And guess who most of them were, eh?
    I researched WHITE SLAVERY in DaLimbraw Library and here is the list of headnotes –
    – reading for hours if not days.
    The problem is not slavery, the problem is IGNORANCE of history…….mostly willful –

  97. Emslander says:

    I have to question this interpretation of the contracted servitude immigrants. Anything so pervasive as you describe would be subject to much litigation. In all the history and law sources I’ve studied for three university degrees, I’ve never seen a single case.

    On the other hand, black slavery and slaveholding has been the subject of some of the most important legal precedents in the jurisprudence.

  98. polaco says:

    It was due in large part to the overwhelming majority of white slaves that America built its foundations of wealth, since slavery was exclusively a matter of economics and profit. American capitalism was viciously predatory from the days of its birth. One eyewitness to the mass kidnapping of poor Whites estimated that from his personal knowledge alone, at least 10,000 were sold into slavery every year from throughout Great Britain for perhaps two centuries.

    So 10 grand a year, maybe 15, and Romanof says it was the foundation of the nation’s wealth? From 1870 to 1900 almost 12M people immigrated to the US, which combined with industrialization gave America the first place in the world in GDP in 1890, with India and China with their slave classes still hanging close in there due to their large populations.

    How much richer should Russia have been with 20 million white slaves, aka serfs in 1861?
    Top it off with Lewis Hine’s child labour photo for a better effect.

    It’s the soviet legendary lack of imagination: moonofalabama, moonofshanghai, globalresearch and other anti-American websites masquerading as balanced, unbiased beacons of truth.

    • Replies: @Bert
  99. Emslander says:

    By the children’s clothing, it was taken in the early 20th century; therefore it implies that white slavery continued into that period.

    It resembles photos of my Dad and his siblings working the family farm before WWII. With a slight change of clothing style, it looks like pictures of me and cousins on the same farm.

    It’s always laughable to see these photos of people working hard being used to illustrate some criminal atrocity by an oppressive social system. I have never known anyone who was so free as were those farmers of the first three quarters of the twentieth century and I can attest to the wealth they were able to accumulate while being free.

    What a ridiculous article.

    • Thanks: Bert
  100. @Son of a Jedi

    Indeed. During the “Civil” War ships from Ireland would dock in the New York Harbor and offload Irish teenagers which were promptly attired in Union Army uniforms and sent to the nearest battles. Lincoln hung quite a number of these boys as “deserters”. See the great actor Anthony Quinn’s biography. Quinn’s father slipped away from this draft and headed west on foot and didn’t stop until the people turned brown. Quinn’s father married a Mexican woman who went into California to birth Anthony so he could be an American.

  101. Bert says:

    It’s interesting that this article can be rebutted in so many ways.

  102. @Bert

    The cop is a gov’t agent. He’s usually a fat slob and dumb as a stump having not learned enough to work in the productive private sector; an otherwise useless POS.

    Government is good at one thing: It knows how to break your legs, hand you a crutch, and say, “See, if it weren’t for the government, you wouldn’t be able to walk”.
    Harry Browne

    That you can find a positive in a gov’t agent causing harm and then the gov’t correcting it is really amazing.

    • Replies: @Bert
  103. Thanks to Mr. Unz for running this on the Masthead.

    Regardless of the ultimate accuracy of any specific points made, the issue surely needs to be addressed widely.

    Thank you!

    • Replies: @Ron Unz
  104. @Bert

    I claim you haven’t the brains for a serious discussion. Your knowledge is the propaganda that you’ve willingly ingested. Were you at one point some gov’t agent, a cop, military killer, etc? It’s typically the people that get a cut of the gov’t scam that support it and are willfully blind to gov’t criminality.

    The public’s moral vision has a complete blind spot when it comes to the state. It detects acts of theft, enslavement, and murder whenever they are perpetrated by anyone else, but it is blind to the criminality involved whenever the same exact acts are committed by agents of the state. It is blind to state theft, instead seeing taxation, fees, and citations. It is blind to state enslavement, instead seeing mandates, prohibitions, and regulations. And it is blind to state murder, instead seeing war in pursuit of the national interest.
    Dan Sanchez

    … progressivism is a kind of self-imposed mental disability wherein the progressive convinces himself, without evidence or logic, that government action is the solution to all human problems and therefore becomes blind to any evidence that government itself may be the culprit.
    James Ostrowski

    • Replies: @Bert
  105. Interesting article. Unless you come from a royal line, you’ve descended from slaves of somewhere at sometime. Slavery didn’t start with the new world.

  106. @Rodger Dodger

    This isn’t Rome, and we’re not talking about the Latin definition of “decimate” — 10 percent. But then, perhaps you’d like to call left-handed people sinister.

  107. Bert says:

    Your entire shtick is setting up strawmen. But you haven’t the subtlety to do it well.

    • LOL: RoatanBill
  108. TeeJay says:

    “Henry” Cromwell ?!
    don’t tell me I have had Olly’s name wrong all this time…!

  109. Alrenous says: • Website

    That pattern has never changed and never will. WASP culture in charge means the kind nasty exploitation of the vast majority of whites that took place In Ireland and Scotland.

    Of course these days everyone lines up around the block to be nastily exploited by WASP countries.

    Yes, America is a dystopic shithole. Yet, though tremendous dedication and sacrifice, many, many other countries manage to be even shittier. Typically through even nastier exploitation.

  110. Bert says:

    You conveniently ignored this question.

    As an anarchist, how do you think the fishermen should have obtained justice for theft of any kind?

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  111. Alrenous says: • Website

    Some societal coercion has always been necessary, even in hunter-gatherer bands.

    Satanic false dichotomy.

    It is always necessary to coerce criminals. Defect on defectors.

    Coercing cooperators is unnecessary, and indeed criminal.
    Although the cooperators are partially at fault for not defecting right back. And for not securing their shit.

    Anarchy is not chaos. Despite what Satanic priests and gulls seem to think, you can in fact voluntarily sign up to follow a leader. You can willingly adopt restrictions in exchange for membership in a community. (Ref: Amish.) You don’t have to be forced. There’s a third option between mandatory collectivism and forbidden association.

    Well, I don’t have to be forced. Maybe you do. That question can’t be answered by pure theory.

  112. Durruti says:

    Slavery was not ended after the Civil War – It was expanded.

    Those who resisted, such as the Kennedys, were eliminated.

    We are all slaves – Now.

  113. Alrenous says: • Website

    Does that mean if I am a mature personality and reject the “social” “contract” anyway, your theory has been falsified by experiment? Will you change your mind?

    • Replies: @Bert
  114. Ron Unz says:

    Thanks to Mr. Unz for running this on the Masthead.

    Regardless of the ultimate accuracy of any specific points made, the issue surely needs to be addressed widely.

    I’ll admit I had very mixed feelings about featuring this article.

    The bulk of Romanoff’s material came from the Michael Hoffman’s They Were White and They Were Slaves, self-published more than thirty years ago. I’d seen mention of that book floating around on the Internet for many, many years, and this prompted me to finally order it.

    I was very disappointed in the quality and regard it as a waste of money. I’d say it’s just as “shoddy” as its critics allege.

    The entire text only ran about 130 pages and the overwhelming majority of it has nothing to do with the supposed subject, namely “white slaves” in Colonial America.

    There’s extensive discussion of Greco-Roman slavery, Viking slavery, and Islamic slavery, well-known facts that absolutely no one disputes. A considerable amount of space is given to the very hard life of the urban working-poor in Victorian England, something that Marx and numerous others have covered. Everyone knows that many immigrant whites came to America as indentured servants and they were sometimes mistreated by their masters, but Hoffman’s argument that they were actually “slaves” seems pretty thin. When a present-day office-worker says he’s been “working like a slave” that doesn’t prove anything and much of Hoffman’s evidence seems along similar lines.

    I’d say there was about 10-15 pages of interesting material that somewhat supported his thesis, but I suspect that mainstream historians would be able to effectively debunk it. Anyway, that’s enough for an article but hardly a book.

    • Thanks: Emslander
    • Replies: @Catdog
  115. Catdog says:
    @Ron Unz

    I have read lots of primary sources on American colonial history, and I have not found many references at all to white slaves, and the ones I’ve found were convicts or rebels. You can make an argument whether their convictions were deserved or not but it hardly seems that the practice was more widespread than black slavery as the OP alleges. A People’s History of the United States makes similar allegations to the OP, but there are reasons to doubt the accuracy of that book too.

  116. @Bert

    You asked me no question previously. I asked you several and you avoided them.

    Under the current circumstances, the fishermen have no alternative to being slaves to the State and begging for relief. That they got it in this instance is no shining example for the State’s existence since it was the State’s thug that caused the problem. If there were any real justice in the world, the fishermen should have shot that predatory POS and then had lunch.

    Now, under an anarchic system there would be no master / slave relationship and any security force would be contracted for by the individuals that want it. People would be free to arm themselves for self defense and any predator that would dare to accost them would at least be met with armed resistance making such an incident very rare. There would be no overriding police force waylaying travelers to ticket them for offenses completely made up and incapable of identifying property damage or a victim. There would be no costumed thug normally protected by exclusions in the laws that allow them to do what others are prohibited from doing. There would be no discrimination among people as all would be masters of their own domain.

    I have an advantage over you in that I’ve actually studied anarchism. Your attitude and question indicate your ignorance of how an anarchic society would work and is the situation with most Stockholm Syndrome State cheerleaders. They have been miseducated in gov’t schools and have never investigated an alternative to the obvious criminal enterprises that rule the world.

    Condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance.
    Albert Einstein

    • Replies: @Bert
  117. Bert says:

    Do you mean reject the social contract in theory, or also in regard to everyday behavior?

    If the former only, I would admit that you could be a mature personality who blows off steam about the existence of an overbearing and corrupt government. However, barring self-incrimination by you, I would need several years of observing your behavior to be sure that you are not a practicing rejectionist.

    If you are a practicing rejectionist of the social contract (Example: Bill in Honduras who is a self-admitted serial speed limit violator.), then that particular data point would lend support to my theory.

    A Zen roshi once told a monk: “If you are truly a man, you may drive off the farmer’s cattle and burn his barn.” I don’t believe average folks would concern themselves with whether a man taking such advice has a mature personality; they would just want him eliminated.

    What I find particularly useless about the anarchists on this site is that they deal in pronouncements and appeals to authority (Bill again) rather than broaching ideas about how to prevent sociopaths from gaining or keeping power.

    • Replies: @Alrenous
  118. Faisal says:

    How a population of europeans immigrants that decimated and colonized a land that was not their can write such an extended and large corpus of racist text that essentially portray them as the victim of an invasion by x (enter in function of the mania of the moment) always mesmerize me.

    • Replies: @RJ Macready
  119. @Monoculture

    Psychoanalysis according to Freud: “You must look your trauma deeply in the eye!
    Otherwise an unwanted desensitization takes place and history repeats itself!”

  120. @Anonymous

    Are you a bureaucrat totally out of touch with reality? Did you read the article?

    This is a direct quote from the article above

    “A Major named Mordecai Manuel Noah, who was described as “the most distinguished Jewish layman of his time”, promoted slavery by equating it with freedom. Incredibly, he made pronouncements like this: “There is liberty under the name of slavery. A field Negro has his cottage, his wife, and children, his easy task, his little patch of corn and potatoes, his garden and fruit, which are his revenue and property. The house servant has handsome clothing, his luxurious meals, his admitted privacy, a kind master, and an indulgent and frequently fond mistress.”

    I would love to be this house servant. Country roads, take me Home to this kind Massa.

  121. Since we’re disputing the author’s accuracy of his essay, would it be useful for all of us to understand how most of us learned American history? Did you know that most American public school students were taught out of a book written by one man for 50 years? Yup!

    When WeDaPeople relegate the teaching of History to educators…

    Social History: The Hardest Form of History to Write Accurately – by Gary North

    The great thing about being a historian is that you can write about almost anything and get away with it. Everything that happened in the past that left chronological records is fair game. If you’re really good, you can even fake the chronology…..

    ….I have left out an important aspect of American society: the public school system. To understand what college professors wanted the American public to believe, you would have to study American textbooks at the high school level. University libraries don’t have these on the shelves, either. The advantage is this: you would only have to study the work of one man, David Saville Muzzey. He wrote the American history textbook that the majority of American high school students read from 1911 at least to the mid-1960’s. He did this invisibly. Parents paid no attention. The public didn’t know who he was. Intellectuals didn’t know who he was. Year after year, decade after decade, his publisher generated huge revenues from his books. I don’t know what he was worth when he died, but he must have been a multi-multimillionaire off the royalties. He was a Progressive. He was a graduate of Columbia. He was a graduate of the liberal New York seminary, Union Theological Seminary. He was a social gospel advocate. He shaped the thinking of probably half of the high school graduates in America for half a century. You cannot find his textbooks in university libraries. Libraries don’t collect textbooks.
    It is mind-boggling that one man shaped the thinking of half of American high school students from 1911 until at least 1966, yet nobody knew who he was at the time, and nobody knows who he was now. How could you begin to understand American social history if you had no idea of what history textbooks and government textbooks taught to the masses? Here is the Wikipedia entry on him:

    David Saville Muzzey (1870-1965) was an American historian. His history books were used as textbooks by millions of American children. He was accused of being a “bolshevik” by the Better America Federation.

    That entry never changes. I have seen it for years. It conveys essentially zero information about him.

    • Thanks: Emslander
  122. ricpic says:

    Every office job I had felt like slavery. In fact was slavery. The great task of youth is to somehow get out of 9 to 5 enslavement. But most don’t see it like that. They willingly put on the chains. For life.

  123. Solutions says: • Website

    I think we are starting to get the big picture by now.
    It’s the elite vs all the rest, always has been that way.
    Keep in mind that all those that tell stories are also very much given to exaggeration.
    Yes their are demons amongst us, just not behind every bush.

  124. Deborah says:

    I do not know what is so hard to believe?
    My Great Grandparents boarded a ship from Finland to the USA in 1906 only to find out when their ship landed in Boston they were indentured apparently they were sold to a Copper Mining Company also owned by the Ashkenazi’s. They were forced to live in an area of the USA that has -30 degree weather and 300+ inches of snow a year. They were forced to live in a one room shack with big gaps in the walls and a wood stove in the middle of the floor and had to walk over a plank board over the slop ditch to get to the road to walk the 3 miles each way to the mine entrance for work. Forced labor for 12 hours a day 7 days a week. My Great Uncle was also forced to work at 10 years old the same 12 hour day and 7 day week. You had to go the company store for food which was mainly only Potatoes. If you ever got meat you had to hunt for it on your off time.
    My Great Grandmother would cry and cry about how that mining company killed her husband and son and that they were tricked by the Ship Company that they paid for their passage.
    They were not voluntarily put into indentured servitude. It was a Trick.. The whole ship of paying passengers were all put into servitude.. They had no choice.. Forced Slave Labor..
    The United States Outlawed Indentured Servitude in 1917, but by that time it was too late and My Great Grandfather and Great Uncle were Dead…
    My Great Grandmother told me the whole story about what they did to them. I am 66 years old today and I will never forget the hell the USA Government did to them.
    My Fathers side of the family were Irish and snatched off the streets in Ireland My Great Great Great Grandfather was SOLD ON A AUCTION BLOCK IN VIRGINIA at a Ashkenazi Slave Auction House next to African Slaves and Sold to a Ashkenazi Plantation Owner.. That was in the 1700’s
    I am so sick and tired of having Black People attack and beat my Family Members because the Ashkenazi’s that run the USA and took over the Public Education System and they wrote all White Slavery out of History.. Then the Ashkenazi’s blamed Caucasians for their Crimes and now Blacks are beating robbing and killing Caucasians in Record Numbers for Slavery…
    This is a Caucasian Genocide.. That is what Hospice was invented for.. It was a way to slowly poison you with Big Pharma Meds and Poisonous Vaccines then against your will sign you up to Hospice with the Biden E.O. that now when you enter a Medical Facility they can put a DNR on anyone they want and sent to Hospice and all Assets Confiscated.. So far Hospice against family’s wishes were Euthanized (MURDERED) with Roxanol Morphine, Ativan, and Fentanyl till dead.. btw, Roxanol Morphine is a Paralytic form of Morphine.. So when a Hospice worker tells you your family member is “Failing and in the Dying Process” what that means they paralyzed their eyelids, voice box and throat and limbs.. They know they are being murdered.. What you think is a Coma is a drug induced Paralyzing your body, but you can hear everything and know what they are doing while they starve and dehydrate you and make you sit in your own waste.. don’t even try to ask for water because you will be drugged… They did that to every member of my family in the last 20 years.. They call it Stealth Euthanizer.. Wake Up People…. NOW THE ASHKENAZI’S WANT TO DEPOPULATE THE EARTH BY 95% AND CAUCASIANS ARE FIRST ON THE LIST TO GO.

    • Thanks: Mike Tre
    • Replies: @boynkin
  125. Alrenous says: • Website

    rather than broaching ideas about how to prevent sociopaths from gaining or keeping power.

    It’s impossible. The only solution is to discard the power structure that gets infected with sociopaths.
    Exit, not Voice.

    As with most sacred behaviours, Exit also helps delay the problem it is designed to solve. When you shop at the holiness store, you get a bonus for showing up.

    With Exit, the power structure itself becomes hostile to sociopaths because infection will result in annihilation. Voice, indeed any principle other than Exit, says parasitism is legitimate. It explicitly protects sociopaths and anoints their sociopathy. If you have non-Exit as your political formula, your power structure was already seized by sociopaths who already tuned it to their needs.

    If you are a practicing rejectionist of the social contract (Example: Bill in Honduras who is a self-admitted serial speed limit violator.)

    False dichotomy. Getting the cops on your butt is just ignorant. Hack the law, don’t break the law.
    And why would I want to raze some stranger’s farm? What’s the point? A farm can’t chase me if I walk away. As long as the farmer is minding his own business he’s in no danger from me.
    There’s only trouble if I tell someone to leave me alone and they refuse.

    • Agree: Drapetomaniac
  126. Curious that Twain doesn’t mention white slaves, though he was probably a Jew and part of the coverup. Also Toqueville, Frederick Law Olmstead, Fanny Kemble, Lee’s letters, and members of my Southern family in their memoirs. Perhaps another hundred books I have read by people there at the time. Also the abolitionists, on and on at length. All part of the coverup. A beritable Sanhedrin.
    Is this guy nuts?

    • Replies: @Henry's Cat
    , @Bert
  127. How about if we recategorize Jews as Chinese?

  128. anon[307] • Disclaimer says:

    1. slavery wasn’t that bad. plantations were not concentration camps. slaves had rights. slaves were taken care of while the british and american white working class was not. kanye is right. they stayed voluntarily for the most part. they weren’t chained up and kept on the plantation by armed guards and concertina wire fences. never happened.

    2. white slaves were called “indentured servants” or “factory workers”.

    3. slavery got blacks out of africa and into a wypipo country.

    4. the black on white crime rate deserves reparations. blacks can pay these by going back to africa.

    5. it’s been 5+ generations since 700,000 wyboys died to “save the union” and thus effectively end slavery.

    6. blacks were paid reparations after the civil war with land expropriated from white confederates.

  129. Truly hardened Hindus (in their typical position of communal morning toilet) demonstrate what pain they are able to endure. This ritual procedure has the sounding name “Murga”.

  130. Is there a record by date, of the ratio between Free and Slave, of those who came to the New World?

    i.e. if one was in Maryland, say, in 1668, was it more likely that he was a Slave, or that he was Free?

    Or Barbados in 1650?

  131. @Earl Major

    Doesn’t sound any nuttier than claiming Covid is an American bioweapon.

  132. My great grandmother was a white slave. In today’s world I get talked down and people say that only Blacks were slaves while White’s were indentured servants. My great grandmother was sold in London and bought on the docks in New Haven Ct. She was a very young teenager and brought to an estate in New Preston, Ct. charged with the household including the owner’s sons and daughter. The estate owners grandfather was a pastor of the only church in the village, and above reproach and enjoyed a near celebrity status with his flock. My great grandmother was impregnated by her owners son, the story was that they fell in love, another story is that he raped her. When pregnancy occurred, she was physically thrown out onto the dirt road nearby the estate. A local elderly farmer was passing by with his horse and wagon, picked her up and took her home where she eventually gave birth to my grandmother. She stayed for two years and left for NY to find work. She never returned. They kept my grandmother for another year and were too old to take care of her, so gave her to a farming family in nearby Litchfield Ct who raised her as their daughter. My grandmother died in 1966 and told this story to us many times. All she remembered of her mother was that her last name was Gardner. When she was given to the farming family who raised her, her name was already Rhoda and she took the middle initial of G and last name of Gray, her new family. We looked for a long time for relatives that would know her story. We knew the name of the family and the road is still there where she was first taken to. The house where the farmer took her to is still sitting alongside Rt. 202 nearby New Preston. Anyone we contacted by name of her owner denied ancestry. Nobody would acknowledge her birth or her mother’s time at the estate. Fast forward, my son did a DNA test and that families name showed direct DNA to us. A woman with that last name contacted my son and asked how our name was related to them. The whole story came out, my grandmother was right. I got photos of her owner, her history with them and photos of her father. She was a proud woman. Had the dignity she deserved her whole life. I only wish it could have verified her life before she passed away,.

    • Replies: @Deborah
  133. Paul C. says:

    WASP culture in charge means the kind nasty exploitation of the vast majority of whites that took place In Ireland and Scotland.

    You may be right but I also heard the Jews took control of Britain in the 1500’s, via the currency. They rolled out the Central bank, Bank of England, in the late 1600’s. They’ve been historically linked to the slave trade up to the present. I wonder how much of the exploitation was really English versus Jewish. A good example is the US. Nations like Iraq, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Syria and many others hate “America” because of our actions. But our actions are dictated by the Jew, by and large. I wonder if this same phenomenon applies to the British Empire. It likely does. The Rothschilds have controlled it since the 1700’s.

    • Thanks: Thomasina
    • Replies: @Alrenous
  134. @Thomasina

    Well, let’s really confuse things. Those “brought in” to “Northern” Ireland were originally from Northern Ireland, just not Catholics. It was the Picts fighting Romans, not the Scots, who came as Roman Britain was collapsing.
    To this day, Protestants in Northern Ireland are called “planters”. Fifty years ago, I became friends with several Irish, both Protestant and Catholic. A Catholic couple from the Republic were considered “rebels” in their own right, because they were opposed to the extreme influence of the RC Church on the government. They commented that Protestants in the Republic were treated worse than Catholics in Ulster. A “Proddy” (Church of Ireland actually) from Ulster opined that a minority Protestants of Protestants were OK with a united Ireland, just not one that was going to be the IRS’s version of Cuba or one run by the RC Church. The EU and Alan Shatter turned Ireland into a “destination” for the 3rd world, and the RC Church, now of limited authority, was a cheerleader. Are you beginning to understand how effed up Ireland is?

  135. Dutch Boy says:

    Family, church and education were not the only preoccupations of the Scots-Irish. My wife’s Scots-Irish great grandmother was member of a border clan originating in Lowland Scotland specializing in cattle theft from their cross border English neighbors or their fellow Scots (a reiver [robber] clan).

    • Replies: @Bert
  136. anon[209] • Disclaimer says:

    Holy shit. Blacks were bid on higher and higher.. while Whites were bid on lower and lower. It just can’t get more fucked up than that. Can you imagine what all was done to these kids? Stuff like this makes me loathe Whites much more than Jews. Jews didn’t do things like this to their own. At least they had the fucking decency to circle the wagons to outsiders even if they inwardly treated each other bad. Whites are fucking traitors.

  137. anon[209] • Disclaimer says:

    Is that right? Perhaps this is how really ‘white looking’ male Jews exist. They GOT PAID to take your genetics. Whites paid Jews to steal their genes. Genes.. something that cannot be created. A true blessing from [the creator of all existence] and tens of thousands of years of hardships not just given away.. but PAID to take away! Oh Whitey.. you’re suppose to be better than this. This is sub-saharan African 65 IQ lacking forethought level shit. It would have been better if the children were killed. You fed the Jew your own blood.

  138. Bert says:
    @Earl Major

    Yes he is. And so is Unz for thinking your comment is particularly insightful. Any student of Colonial, Revolutionary or Jacksonian America knew instantly that Romanoff was making it up out of whole cloth.

    • Replies: @Alrenous
  139. S says:

    So: What, exactly, are you going to do about it? What the English landlords should have done, maybe?

    Well, Scrooge, back during the Irish Famine (1845-50), and today as well, I would of done what had always been historically, humanely, and common sensically done during poor harvest years prior, I would have limited food exports from the country. Perhaps a multinational effort to assist immediately with food shipments then (and today) in such situations would of been in order.

    Most importantly, longer term, a true emancipation of Ireland from the British Empire, where the Irish people in general would not have been unnaturally reduced to living off a single crop (potatoes) for sustenance, would ultimately of been best.

    I certainly wouldn’t have done what they did, apply pure Scientific Capitalism to the problem, aka ‘laissez faire’ Capitalism, ie ‘let the market decide’ who gets to eat and live and those who don’t and dies from starvation.

    I also certainly wouldn’t have cynically preyed upon the Irish people en masse at that time via the wage slavery (aka the so called ‘cheap labor’/’mass immigration’) system, which was simply nothing less than the early 19th century monetization of chattel slavery and it’s trade, ie the unholy slave trade, in accordance with the tenets of Capitalism to maximize profits, had been distilled down to it’s financial essence, whilst profits were maximized.


    Wage slavery (ie ‘cheap labor’ so called), a veritable revolution in the history of slavery, could be truly described as ‘just in time’ slavery. With the new wage slave system, no longer would the former slave dealer, slave purchaser, and financier, be burdened with all the former ‘overhead’ costs and hassles that the classical chattel slavery system had entailed in caring, rudimentary as it was, for the chattel slave, those burdens now safely ‘outsourced’ (ie dumped upon) the general non-exploiting public, the vast majority, to bear and deal with via greatly increased public welfare and charity costs.

    [Wage slavery, specifically the so called ‘cheap labor’/’mass immigration’ system, is the economic and political basis of the modern ‘progressive’ Multi-Cultural state, which with it’s wage slave ‘immigrant’ as it’s political centerpiece, closely parallels in many ways the Anglosphere chattel slave hold society it directly evolved from, the latter with it’s chattel slave as it’s political centerpiece.]

    ‘Wage slavery’, as the systematic theft of the value of the person’s labor, the financial essence of slavery, is most efficiently, productively, and (most importantly) profitably, taken directly from their pay, their ‘wages’, hence the term wage slavery, as opposed to systematically stealing the value of their labor via physically owning the person as cumbersome and expensive to maintain property, ie ‘chattel’, and hence the term chattel slavery.

    Elaborating further, from a financial point of view, and this has always ever only been about money, the ‘immigrant’ is the slave, for whatever period of time (days, weeks, months, years) he or she is paid significantly below* what was, or, what would of been, the prevailing real time local rates for labor, without the ‘immigration’ taking place, or, the ‘immigrant’ being present.

    True, under this system the wage slave in theory can quit at any time. No problem, as their employer will simply hire another wage slave (ie ‘immigrant’) to replace him at far below prevailing real time local rates, it not being called ‘mass’ immigration for nothing.

    The failure to this day to have dealt in a truthful manner with slavery, but instead to have monetized it in the early 19th century with the introduction of wage slavery, specifically the so called ‘cheap labor’/’mass immigration’ system, has been a catastrophe of unprecedented proportions for the peoples of the world, and for humanity as a whole.

    Some things are worth more than making a quick (though significant) buck via the amoral and merciless exploitation of others, particularly if it is made off the backs of starving and subjugated people(s).

    Just exactly how did that Biblical admonition go, about gaining the world but losing one’s soul?

    * For instance, imported by diktat Chinese wage slaves during the 1870’s were often paid only about a third what everyone else was being paid in California for the very same labor.

    • Replies: @Alrenous
    , @Anonymous
  140. Bruno says:

    The most popular radio broadcast in France (France Inter, belongs to government, leftist, general information and entertainment, intellectuals or higher IQ people prefers France
    Culture) has an article about you :

    Its not really overwhelmingly positive.

    • Replies: @Bruno
  141. Bert says:
    @Dutch Boy

    Yes, those were not my words. I know all too well about the “other side” of Borderer culture. Years ago, I owned 50 acres in the backwoods of Mississippi. In building a concrete block house/fort on the weekends, I quickly realized that I couldn’t leave any tools there. The local guy who was stealing them was a convicted cattle thief, who was beaten to death in his front yard eventually. His son and grandson were killed in a close quarter shoot out soon after. The shooter got life in the pen. Some Scots-Irish have retained the Borderer culture right down to present day, while others continued to emphasize religion and education that were important cultural icons farther from the Border.

  142. Anonymous[108] • Disclaimer says:
    @Che Guava

    You’re full of crap. Of course, all this was not going on at the same time. We are talking a span of at least two thousand years. The violence and slave trade waxed and waned at different times in different places. But the Arabs THEMSELVES were not plying the Baltic Sea, the North Sea or the North Atlantic capturing slaves. Those would be the Vikings who, in turn, sold their captives in the East or the Mediterranean, as far away as Central Asia, North Africa and the Byzantine Empire in what is now Russia, all of those “Stans” and various Turkic states. The Viking age lasted only about 500 to 600 years at most. By 1066 they were civilised Christians, around which time began the conversion of the last Eastern pagans in Russia and related lands. Later the Arabs became the mass sellers of slaves (e.g., the Barbary Pirates whom the early American Marine Corp destroyed in a brief “war”) rather than fortuitous dealers, and most of their wares started to come from black Africa–via other black African tribal “states” rather than Europe. In their day, the Romans captured massive numbers of Germanii and Slavs to work as slaves within the empire but also to be sold in N. Africa and the Middle East to the “Arabs” (that is, to the natives of those areas, many of whom were other ethnicities which were not yet Islamic).

    • Troll: Che Guava
  143. Bruno says:

    It’s translated as :
    « Larry Romanoff, a phoney sock-puppet for Chinese Covid-19 misinformation propaganda »

  144. Franz says:

    IMPRESSMENT of AMERICANS as sailors upon British warships… THIS WAS SLAVERY in ALL BUT NAME!

    Keep in mind the Brits did this to their own people constantly.

    Watch the first 20 minutes or so of the old war movie DAMN THE DEFIANT. The guy who later played Obi Wan Kenobi is the captain who has his bully boys scour the streets for a crew. Guys are pulled out of their homes, manacled as they go to dinner, etc. It’s seen as a perfectly normal way to acquire ship’s company.

    This went on for centuries, press gangs gathered however many men they needed for other kinds of work too. Slavery? They never thought of it like that. But if you got chained to a long sea voyage or down to a crumbling mine it was hell enough for you.

    Rich whites are the problem. They come from families that never worked for a living.

    • Replies: @Alrenous
  145. Bert says:

    Your attitude and question indicate your ignorance of how an anarchic society would work …..

    under an anarchic system there would be no master / slave relationship and any security force would be contracted for by the individuals that want it.

    It is useless to engage anyone who could believe that what you describe would be the stable equilibrium condition. Obviously there will always be a master class and a subservient class. What you cannot see is that elimination of the current State, based at least on ideals not met, would be replaced by a warlord master who is unconstrained by any mores or ideals at all. Basically, what you propose would degenerate into life under General Butt Naked.

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
    , @Mac_
  146. Trinity says:

    Children like Mary Phagan were little more than slaves. Now the rich Jew and white traitor trash are using Brown mixed breed Hispanics and Yellow southeast Asians for cheap labor aka modern day slavery. Before that, it was cheaper labor in the South. These fools trade slaves like they do their underwear, and now they shit on the used up working class Whites in favor of cheaper labor from the turd world. These are the same bastards for the MOST PART who have USED AND ABUSED Blacks, poor Whites, poor Yellows from the get go.

    • Agree: anarchyst, Che Guava
    • Replies: @S
  147. jsigur says: • Website

    Mr Romanoff is slowly becoming my hero. Like few others do, he challenges the Jewish myths left with us down thru the ages that make the assertion that whites have never been victimized, indeed, they are the victimizers and a pariah that must be slowly extinguished by the continual promotion of race mixing and non-white immigration to previously white owned countries.

    This is the first time I have read the alternative historical narrative of the true realities often occurring for whites during the North American and Australian slave trade era.

    Knowing how much Jews have lied about recent events, the false flags that they are primarily responsible for which helps them change the public’s focus of concern to the new narratives their intelligentsia weave for us, I am an instant believer in the claims made by Romanov in this article.

    It is totally within character of everything else I have learned about how Jewish power operates

    The great liberator of man kind, the 1453 invention of the printing press, is actually our enslaver. With Jews taking the reigns immediately upon its invention, tall tales were spun about the Spanish Inquisition, now in the early stages of being debunked by MSM historians. Not to worry though, the Jewish run MSM totally ignores the truth and rehashes their lies whenever that subject comes up

    The Printing Press enabled the Protestant Reformation to occur so much championed in the press today. Anyone ever stop to consider the advantages for culture harmony in just having one Christian narrative as opposed to 30?

    Of course the holocaust, that evil event that Eisenhower and Churchill never even mentioned in their biographies and thus took truth telling Jews to make the public so aware in the ’70’s with TV shows such as “Roots” leading the way.

    Now WWII history is nothing more than a reminder of how much the Jews suffered and how evil the German nature is

    Anyway, thanks Mr. Romanov, for making it real, a rare event thanks to the printing press

    • LOL: Bert
  148. Ratty says:

    Yeah, this was real. At that time that’s what the evil people did.

  149. Blacks are on the way to get compensated for slavery in California, if the proposals of this task force are accepted:

    I just don’t know whether each time they pop out a new baby if it will qualify for a new payment, at least when it reaches adulthood. Sounds like a great encouragement to multiply, or stop aborting.

  150. @Chris Mallory

    Agree, it smells fishy. If Irish slaves really were decapitated and had their heads put on spikes in the town square, I daresay we’d have heard about it in the “white people evil” curriculum.

  151. Deborah says:

    Yes I knew my Great Grandmother who was also a Caucasian Slave.
    My Great Grandparents were from Finland. In 1906 they paid for passage from Finland to Boston and that was for my Great Grandmother (Mary Piipponen) and my Great Grandfather (Antti Piipponen) and their Son my great Uncle (Antti Piipponen) . First of all Customs changed their names from Piipponen to Pippo. They changed my great Grandfathers first name and his sons to from Antti to Andrew. They paid for their passage and my Great Grandmother was a schoolteacher and my Great Grandfather was a Carpenter and wood worker. But they were hoodwinked by the owners of the shipping company and when their ship landed were told they were now Indentured “Slaves” They had no rights and were property of a Mining Company called C&H which stood for “Calumet and Hecla Mining Company”.. Slave Labor which killed my Great Grandfather and Great Uncle the arsenic used in the mining process gave him and his son brain cancer and they died and buried 2 miles down the road.. I know all about White Slavery cause both sides of my Family were Slaves… But you don’t hear us bitching about it and making demands of huge cash settlements or rioting.. In spite of being slaves, my Great Grandmother had 2 daughters and she made both daughters go to Nursing school so as to never be without a manner to support themselves.
    The Jewish Ashkenazi’s are the ones who owned all Slave Auction Houses, All Slavery ships and the massive Plantations.. Cause you know the Ashkenazi’s Talmud tells them only slaves are to work the soil. Strange how it is illegal to say what they did to us and now we are called Anti-Semitic for even mentioning that those same Slaver Jewish Families are still alive and got very wealthy off of the backs of Caucasian Slaves that were treated like Dirt.
    Most do not realize that Black Slavery was abolished in the 1800’s, where as White Caucasians Slavery was legal in the USA till 1917. My Finnish Caucasian Family or My Irish Caucasian Family did not get 40 acres or a mule.
    But I am sick and tired of being blamed by Blacks as the ones who had Black Slaves and that we did all those terrible things to them.. We did not it was the Ashkenazi’s who put Black and White in Slavery.. So Black People stop attacking White People we did not do it to you the Ashkenazi’s did..If we ancestors of Black and White Slavery united and fought the Real Slavers –> The Ashkenazi’s , you know the people who own your media, Hollywood, the school systems, and just about everything else… Off the Backs of Slavery… United And Fight The Ashkenazi Slavers that Actually Stole Everything They ever Had and Love Flaunting their Wealth .. Lets unite and fight the Evil Ashkenazi’s. The Ashkenazi who got very wealthy off our backs are worth about 100,000,000,000,000 Dollars.. I think we could divide that up real nice. Let’s Talk…

    • Replies: @Franz
  152. @Bert

    It’s useless to engage with anyone that operates from a position of ignorance and is proud of that ignorance. Admittedly, that probably encompasses 95% of the US citizenry and attempting to educate them piecemeal is largely a waste of time and is why I’m an expat misanthrope. What’s going on in the US is insanity on full display and getting rapidly worse.

    You probably don’t realize it, but what you profess to not want is exactly what you now have and what you think is an impossibility at least points in the direction of the only viable long term solution; eliminating the State as much as possible. I know anarchism will never be realized because people like you exist in massive numbers, content with second class status.

    More often than not, a statist’s argument against Anarchism boils down to an unwillingness to take control and responsibility for their own lives, actions, and communities. The sad truth is that the human animal has been domesticated to the point where it actually fears Liberty.
    Dane Whalen

    In point of fact, anarchism is the gentlest of all political systems. It contemplates no institutionalized coercion. It’s the watercourse way, where everything is allowed to rise or fall naturally to its own level. An anarchic system is necessarily one of free-market capitalism. Any services that are needed and wanted by people – like the police or the courts – would be provided by entrepreneurs, who’d do it for a profit.
    Doug Casey

    • Replies: @The_seventh_shape
    , @Bert
  153. S says:

    These are the same bastards for the MOST PART who have USED AND ABUSED Blacks, poor Whites, poor Yellows from the get go.

    Jamestown in 1619 and the Massachusetts colony shortly thereafter, set a horrible template in place when the Anglo-Saxons rather than simply pay their own the prevailing real time local rates for labor, they began importing what would soon be alien chattel slaves from Africa instead. [Initially, at first, the ‘Angolans’ were treated as indentured servants at Jamestown. That soon changed however.]

    When chattel slavery was monetized (rather than ‘abolished’, a misnomer) in the early 19th century with the introduction of wage slavery, aka the so called ‘cheap labor’/’mass immigration’ system, the original template of importing alien slaves out of greed remains in place, there being the added political benefit of using the wage slaves (aka ‘immigrants’) in a divide and rule scheme, by pitting them against their own Anglo-Saxon people, and, or, against each other, as in the 19th century cartoon featuring Irish and Chinese wage slaves, ie ‘cheap labor’, fighting each other below.

    Anything, but anything, than do the right thing and simply pay your own people the prevailing real time local rates for labor.

  154. Paul C. says:

    then came the 1800’s with agriculture produce completely confiscated –taken and sent to England ( meat -vegetables)

    Yes, I listened to this account and find it believable. The “famine” was a cover story given to us by the criminals in charge. Ireland was an agrarian society, growing many crops. There was no potato blight. As many in the US and around the world continue to die off from the vaccine, it will be recorded in the history books that they died from the great COVID epidemic. History is a lie agreed upon.

    Video Link

  155. Mac_ says:

    The ‘never has been’ or ‘always will be’ type claims to continue claiming some sort of The clinging to ‘state’, ingores the mass of time there was no such thing, the same as the ridiculous femy tard ‘clean’ nonsense people focus on when most people didn’t have running water until a hundred years ago and were healthier then than people are now.

    The concoction of supposed ‘state’ is from the tyrant cons, the same who have murdered over two bilion people, which ‘state’ con has only been going on the last twelve hundred years or so, not ‘two thousand’ per their monotheism stories with their jesus character, which, ask yourself how it is the entire world uses the same ‘year’, that would be a clue, and considering there was no such thing for hundreds of thousands of years before that time, and recognizing that people’s ignorance the last two hundred years in particular has meant you paying to hand bilions in weapons to psychos who intend to shove a needle in every person whether you you like it or not, and have the drones to force that, it should make you rethink the clinging. The femy irresponsible clinging to false ‘state’ is lazy and dangerous, as anyone should see by now. Being alive requires actual effort.

    What you claim as ‘degenerate’ is accusatory inversion, accusing self-determination as, ‘degenerate’, when degenerate is paying psychos to have and use weapons against you, and to push their pervert world sickness on you. The bogus sub-urban con fake ‘nicy’ fake life is going away, being replaced by more apparent results of ignorance, such as increasing crime, because its going to get worse not better, and will further sink in when they take your guns, as planned, because you bowed to pervert false ‘state’ and gave them the weapons to do it.


    • Replies: @Bert
  156. @Faisal

    Nothing wrong with colonization. It is the law of nature, or the law of the jungle as they say…..the powerful overpowers the weak. Happens with lions, blue whales, even microscopic cells. On the other hand, a dirty backward religion like Islam, that has somehow grown to a billion is like a virus that needs to be exterminated. A society where every woman is hidden in a black garb, and where one is supposed to take breaks to pray to a non existent desert God is a society that needs to be nuked from orbit. Don’t get me wrong…..I actually admire Mohammed. That man realized the law of nature and life- that ultimately survival of the fittest and live by the sword or die are the ultimate truths of life, unlike Christianity which got obsessed with useless morality and goodwill charity, and utilised this belief splendidly, so much so that for a billion muslims their faith comes first above all else. But everyone knows Islam is a backward cult that destroys any society it touches.

  157. @Priss Factor

    I see, Africa is preparing for the imminent settlement of Ireland…

    In contrast to white humans, otters possess still a strongly developed territorial instinct!

    Sir Graham George Spencer (British Otter attack victim)

  158. Franz says:

    it was the Ashkenazi’s who put Black and White in Slavery


    Blacks will probably not see it that way.

    They’ll see your ancestors as white slaves and the Jews as “white slavers”. The big mistake in the US was American conservatives will never, NEVER rat out bad Jews. No matter what their crime, right wing Americans will only see bad white guys. They are dumb that way.

  159. Skeptikal says:

    “e Khazar Jews were the most active slave traders in the world for hundreds of years, and certainly during this time frame.”

    This statement requires documentation of some kind.

    Unfortunately Larry Romanoff is not a serious historian and does all his research online, I guess from Singapore, in secondary and tertiary sources. He documents very little.

    However, it is possible to find threads of revealing information about the involvement of Marrano Jews in the Atlantic slave trade even at Wiki.

    It all started with the Spanish Empire, and Marrano Jews who obtained special contracts from the Spanish crown to have the exclusive right to pursue the trade in African slaves.
    See, for instance,

    “The Portuguese had established important trade routes in West Africa as part of the Portuguese Empire since the 15th century and their merchants, including Sephardic Jews started the Atlantic slave trade, whereby African slaves purchased from West African traders were brought to work sugar cane and other plantations in Portuguese America. This period, known as the “first Atlantic system”, lasted from 1502 until 1580. After the Union, the Spanish wanted to expand slavery in their American domains and so awarded an asiento, an official monopoly licence, to certain experienced traders who had knowledge of West Africa; the two main groups competing for the asiento were the Portuguese Sephardic conversos and the Genoese. Marrano slave trading families other than Rodrigues de Lamego that formed part of this international network were: Fernandes de Elvas, Jiménez, Noronha, Mendes, Pallos Dias, Caballero, Jorge and Caldeira.[5] . . .
    “Rodrigues de Lamego had gained a foothold in the Atlantic slave trade as contratodore for the trade in the Portuguese West African territory of Angola.[6] His network included converso friends and relations who were bankers in Brazil and other parts of Europe, including the United Provinces of the Netherlands.[6] The sitting king of Spain, Philip IV, was favourable to the converso merchants, [more]”


    Africans had always been traded as slaves by Arab traders. Maybe Khazar Jews were also involved in this trade? But it seems like the trade in northern Europeans traded to Muslim countries and also as far as China more or less ended when Arab traders no longer controlled the Barbary Coast.

    When it comes to the shanghai-ing of poor Irish and English and deporting them to the Americas and Australia, it is not hard to imagine that Jewish slaving know-how came into play. Especially considering the low estimation in which Jews held the goyim.

    In fact the same kinds of policies, or activities, were necessary to force the same groups of poor and their children to provide labor for Britain’s “satanic” textile mills. Described in some detail in Sven Beckert, Empire of Cotton. He is careful not to implicate Jews as a group when he discussed the role of “merchants” and “traders” not to mention financiers and bankers in the internationalized cotton industry, which was equally dependent on slave labor in the American South and coerced labor in Lancashire and generated huge profits. However, the book is extremely closely documented, and a careful reading of the notes provides plenty of clear pointers for further research in primary sources as to who financed the slave trade.

    It should also be possible to find primary sources that reveal who furnished Irish and English “workers” to North American colonies.

    • Replies: @S
    , @Bert
  160. cohen says:

    Friends like these America needs no enemies

    American Christian Zionists should show this short video to their pastors

  161. joe webb says:

    Romanoff is some kind of trolll, jew, fake, curiouser and curiouser, knee-jerk communist, etc.

    does not fit in at Unz.

    Joe webb

  162. HbutnotG says:

    Thank you.

    I always wondered where Jersey Whites and Cinnamons came from.

    Now I know.

  163. MarLuc7 says:

    Who is the FUCKING IDIOT SLAVE?????????

    The elites have redefined slavery. It is now called chasing the American Dream. They figured out a way to leverage human labor to infinity and beyond. Only the air we breath is free.


    1. Mortgage
    2. Mortgage Insurance
    3. Property Tax
    4. Sales Tax
    5. Federal Income Tax
    6. State Income Tax
    7. Auto Payments
    8. Auto Insurance
    9. Home Insurance
    10. Life Insurance
    11. Health Insurance
    12. Dental Insurance
    13. Assistance Living Insurance
    14. Fuel Cost
    15. Electricity Cost
    16. Water Bill
    17. Solid Waste Bill
    18. Internet Bill
    19. Cable TV Bill
    20. Private School Tuition for your Kids
    21. Cell Phone Payments
    22. Cell Phone Carrier Payments
    23. Credit Card Interest Payments
    24. Child Birth Medical Bill
    25. Monthly Grocery Bill
    26. Car maintenance payments (Battery, Tires, Brakes, Oil Change)
    27. Pool Boy Payment
    28. Pool Chemicals
    29. Landscaper Payment (Mowing and weeding my yard)
    30. Dog Food
    31. Pet Vet Bills
    32. College Tuition for your Ungrateful Kids

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
    , @Bert
  164. @RoatanBill

    What reason is there to think that the anarchist society you describe would be stable and lasting? I am sure you anarchists are reasonable people who are concerned with empirical evidence, so where is the empirical evidence for this? There is none, since there have been no examples of such anarchist societies (let’s not talk about hunter-gatherers eons ago or small anarchist communities that exist WITHIN states and enjoy their protection).

    Folk like you are beginning to sound like the apologists for communism who say ‘USSR, Maoist China etc wasn’t real communism. Real communism has never been tried’. Real anarchism has never been tried either, which is convenient for anarchists since then nobody can cite any empirical falsifications of their doctrine. But the flip side of that is that the anarchist can cite no empirical verification of it too.

    The reason states spread throughout the whole world is simply due to a security dilemma: a non-state ‘society’ couldn’t militarily defend itself against a large state and would be mercilessly conquered and consumed by it. By necessity it would have to organize itself so as to militarily protect itself. But to have a strong military you need central control, hierarchy, promulgation of propaganda etc. in essence a state.Stephen Pinker described the mechanism: ‘Petty states with designs on their neighbors’ assets sometimes forced them to become states in defense, and bigger states often swallowed smaller states.’ (The Better Angels of our Nature: Why Violence has Declined)

    The key question for anarchists is, could an anarchist ‘society’ survive in a world that contains NOT JUST OTHER ANARCHIST SOCIETIES but states, some of which are very large and powerful. For this is the real world we live in, rather different from the hypothetical world that anarchists like to idealize about. Just look at the US and how it bullies and dominates smaller countries; how could an anarchist society stand up to an entity like that? Only Russia and China have the strength to do it right now, because they are large states that command huge resources.

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  165. Malla says:
    @Commentator Mike

    Humane w.r.t Whites and Indians depends upon the time period. The British Empire and the West became more morally developed with time with a lof of self criticism. What was considered normal a century ago became abhorrent a century later.

    Tamils in Malaysia in the 2000’s were demanding a million pounds each from the British Crown and to be repatriated back to Sri Lanka but the Crown declined.

    The Tamils will take the money and stay in Malaysia. Truth be told neither the Malays want them in Malaysia and neither do the Sinhalese want more Hindu Tamils in Si Lanka. Most likely it is a ploy to get free money out of eloi Britain by chest thumping.

  166. Malla says:

    It seems some Scottish kids were sold into slavery in North America too.
    How Aberdeen children were sold into slavery
    It is one of the darkest chapters of Aberdeen’s history, when around 700 children were kidnapped from the streets and sold into North America as slaves.

  167. S says:

    You might find the economic calculations linked below of some interest.

    They were included in a December, 1863 letter from London written by the financial representative of the Lincoln administration there, Robert J Walker, and republished in a March, 1864 US (Northern) journal.

    Walker, at the page linked, taking numerous variables into account, compares the productivity of a man in wage slave (ie ‘cheap labor’/’immigrant’) dependent Massachusetts with chattel slave dependent South Carolina.

    He effectively concludes that the Massachusetts wage slave was four times more productive than the South Carolina chattel slave.

    Northern industrialist wanted the recalcitrant Southern planters to adopt the North’s more productive (and hence much more profitable) wage slavery (ie ‘cheap labor’/’mass immigration’) system. It was the Southern planters chattel slaves which were very expensively and inefficiently picking the cotton which fed the New England mills.

    Tellingly, during the Civil War years of 1861-65, the term ‘cheap labor’ disappeared from all US (Northern) media, being replaced with the term, ‘free labor’, to emphasize that these often ‘immigrants’ were free men doing the work, as opposed to unfree chattel slaves. ‘Wage slaves’, of course, would have been the most accurate term.

    Of course, as soon as the war concluded in 1865, the term ‘cheap labor’ re-emerged once more into public discourse. [A search of the term ‘cheap labor’ at the two ‘Making of America’ websites will verify this.]

  168. Bert says:

    An anarchic system is necessarily one of free-market capitalism. Any services that are needed and wanted by people – like the police or the courts – would be provided by entrepreneurs, who’d do it for a profit.

    Your naivete is beyond measure. To the extent that they actually provide justice, which is pitifully small, the police and courts do so now because they have an operational monopoly on violence. Your proposed system is a recipe for entrepreneurs to compete for customers engaged in disputes. The supposed justice-providers, who can dispense violence and incarceration under your and Casey’s free-market system, would be nascent warlords competing for customers, and one of these justice-providers would grow his entrepreneurial empire into the New State, with profit and power the only objects, like now but without any moral restraints operating through professed ideals.

    Years ago, I commented at Unz Review on James Scott’s book, Against the Grain: A Deep History of the Earliest States. He proposed that hunter-gatherers in Mesopotamia began to be sedentary near the coastal marshlands because that environment was productive enough to allow permanent residence. Agriculture then became possible. Scott failed to see two other probable pieces of the puzzle regarding the origin of States. First, besides easy calories, sedentarism allowed men more effective mate-guarding against extra-pair copulations. Coercion rears its inevitable head whenever it can. Females foraging over large areas have the potential to have brief encounters with other males, but in a permanent village mate-guarding is possible even just through gossip. So, score “one” for beta-males. However, as agriculture provided a surplus, alpha-male led gangs took over the settlement and appropriated the surplus food in order to support harems for the bosses and lesser polygyny for the gang members. Coercion on a bigger scale. The betas are hoist on their own petard: sedentarism turned out to be a bad idea that gave birth to the State.

    Anarchist theory is deficient in failing to recognize that coercion will always exist. The best that can be done is to keep the apparatus of coercion out of the hands of sociopaths. One proposal for that is Demarchy. Unz Review should be a place to discuss other possible control mechanisms against sociopaths, but pie-in-the-sky anarchic platitudes and all the other obsessions displayed here prevent such discussion.

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  169. @MarLuc7

    If you’re working to pay off debts what’s that? Debt slavery.

  170. Ed Case says:

    Agree with your comment, apart from this:

    Indian labourers were sent to Fiji as the natives were again lazy and incompetent.

    Not correct.
    Fijians worked successfully in the Queensland cane industry as Indentured Labourers, they were paid off when the term expired.
    The issue in Fiji was always the power of the Paramount Chiefs.
    That power would disappear if their subjects were able to earn Income from hard work.

    The British could understand how that worked, so they imported Indian Coolies to keep the peace.

    • Thanks: Malla
  171. Bert says:

    As Bill does, your anarchic theory does not go beyond listing the evils of the current State. You provide no credible mechanism for preventing warlords from taking control just as they did when they invented the State. By the way, because the State arose independently multiple times, the onus is on anarchist theorists to show how their model would prevent it from happening. Anyone who is over 30 should realize that takeover of a population by thugs is a natural phenomenon. The Enlightenment sought to tame the State by inventing democracy. That worked for maybe fifty years in the U.S., but by the time that one man, Lincoln, could plunge the country into a horrific war, democracy had failed.

    Judging from you and Bill, professed anarchists enjoy a feeling of superiority by casting aspersions on those who recognize that anarchy does not solve the problem of sociopathic coercion. Yet you and he have nothing credible to offer as political theory.

    • Agree: Arthur MacBride
    • Troll: Mac_
  172. Anonymous[354] • Disclaimer says:

    Romanoff’s article is destabilization literature at its finest. The rhetoric is intended to make the American political system unworkable.

    And that’s all it is.

    In fact, the site seems to be increasingly slipping towards destabilization literature.

    Trump’s CPAC speech yesterday is being treated strangely. Except for denunciations from political enemies, I haven’t seen any report on its contents — snippets, at most. I haven’t found a link to a simple unedited version of his speech on 2023-03-04, a search just turns up his CPAC speech of 6 years ago.


    My general feeling is that a major change of some sort is pending, a change with unusually tight OPSEC. An example of such a change would be a secret negotiated alliance between Germany and the Russian Federation, or a Supreme Court ruling on the suit against members of Congress for abdicating their duty in the 2020 and 2022 elections. Both of these are actually possible (the entire Ukraine affair is about preventing a Russian/Germany alliance, and the suit is actually under consideration), but my guess is that the pending event is something else, and that it will be destabilizing.

    Since we’re dealing with Black coalition rule of the US now, the Black style is to discount the future and rely on the offensive. Black organizations prefer to take the cash and let the credit go [1]. Khayyam (or Fitzgerald) makes that sound good, but any drug addict can tell you that it doesn’t always end well. There is apparently talk in DC of using nuclear weapons in the Ukraine affair, apparently just to have done with it. Take the cash . . .

    But the De l’audace, encore de l’audace, et toujours de l’audace [2] approach might be for something else. Headlines on Trumps CPAC 2023 speech suggest a person determined to defeat the Swamp, which is what the Black Coalition runs, and where the majority of the Black middle class gets its living. The “something” might be a stronger response to the Trump challenge. After all, the current level of suppression is failing. Apparently 67% of the US population believes that the 1/6/2020 “insurrection” was a setup. Apparently there are video files that confirm that belief.

    Trump is a serious challenge, more so since the Ukraine initiative has failed. Given a financial system failure before 2024, Trump could easily win again, and he promises to upset very many apple carts (metaphor). So far, the US Swamp has acted early and often — 1/6, “Greatest threat is right wing terrorists”, “Parents speaking at school board meetings are terrorists”, that sort of thing. Given an increased threat of power loss, what will be the response? FDR apparently contributed to starting WW II to save the New Deal (the ancestor of the current Swamp), but of course that could never happen again. If nothing else, Japan is now a US ally, and the US would have a hard time convincing Japan to bomb Pearl Harbor again.

    1] A Book of Verses underneath the Bough,
    A Jug of Wine, a Loaf of Bread–and Thou
    Beside me singing in the Wilderness
    Oh, Wilderness were Paradise enow!

    Some for the Glories of This World; and some
    Sigh for the Prophet’s Paradise to come;
    Ah, take the Cash, and let the Credit go,
    Nor heed the rumble of a distant Drum!

    Look to the blowing Rose about us–“Lo,
    Laughing,” she says, “into the world I blow,
    At once the silken tassel of my Purse
    Tear, and its Treasure on the Garden throw.”

    2] Biden signed and is now enforcing mandatory uni-showers at all universities. It that isn’t gratuitous harassment, nothing is.

  173. Bert says:

    Who is the FUCKING IDIOT SLAVE?????????

    Most people, for sure. But it is their choice. I know a lawn service operator who drives a 40-year-old truck which he repairs easily. When I was making 50 K, I lived on 10 and retired early. I’ve only owned a handful of vehicles during 60 years of driving. Like-new books are my choice for entertainment. I paid for college with savings from a few years of running a paper route. I rode a Whizzer instead of a Harley…….well, sometimes I over economized.

    • Replies: @MarLuc7
  174. S says:

    In 1908 Eliza Frances Andrews published her book The Wartime Journal of a Georgia Girl, 1864-1865.

    Andrews father, as a Georgia slave holder with over a hundred slaves, was one of the self described ‘privileged 4000’ who ruled over the US South prior to the Civil War.

    Note the quotes below from pgs 11 – 13 about the cause of the US Civil War and that she says nothing about a ‘tarrif’.

    She says in words what Walker’s London 1863 economic calculations said in my just previous post in this thread.

    ‘the rise of the modern industrial system made wage slavery a more efficient agent of production than chattel slavery.’

    ‘Our Southern States, being still in the agricultural stage, on account of our practical monopoly of the world’s chief textile staple, were the last of the great civilized nations to find chattel slavery less profitable than wage slavery, and hence the “great moral crusade” of the North against the perverse and unregenerate South.’

    ‘It was a pure case of economic determinism, which means that our great moral conflict reduces itself, in the last analysis, to a question of dollars and cents, though the real issue was so obscured by other considerations that weof the South honestly believe to this day that we were fighting for States Rights, while the North is equally honest in the conviction that it was engaged in a magnanimous struggle to free the slave.’

    Pg 11

    Pg 12, 13

  175. Bert says:

    The not widely known origin of Jewish development of African slavery:

    Jewish “businessmen” in medieval Mesopotamia were innovators of sugarcane agriculture based on African slavery.

    Centuries later, Jews introduced this business model to Cabo Verde after the Portuguese settled it.

    Then from Cabo Verde to Pernambuco, Brasil.

  176. You should read some online synopsis or summaries of a book entitled “the forgotten cause of the civil war” by Lawrence Tenzer…. Here is a summary of some of its arguments.. one forgotten cause of the civil war White northerner fear of white slavery.. in 1860 white northerners still remembered white slavery.. what the abolitionists did was publicize the fact that the slave owners were breeding their female slaves, who were black, for the most part at least, in order to produce partially White slaves..

    What slaveowners would do with was breed with the partially White slaves they owned to produce more female slaves with a higher degree of white blood.. then they would sell these near White female slaves to bordellos in New Orleans, where they would bring a high price. The one drop rule meant that a slave who was even 95% white was still a slave because there was a drop of black blood..

    The abolitionists published photos of near white slaves held by slave owners in the south.. these photographs stirred fears of white slavery in the northerners.. the northerners remembered white slavery AKA indentured servitude..

    for evidence of this you can see this in the movie from 1955 entitled The Kentuckian starring Burt Lancaster and Walter Matthau.. part of the plot of this movie is that there is a quote unquote bonded girl.. a bonded person back in 1835, which is when the movie was set, was basically an indentured servant, forced to work because they owed money, a bond.. not explicitly stated in the movie, but implied, is that bonded girls were basically sex slaves.. in the movie Burt Lancaster’s character pays the bond for a white girl who is a bonded girl, in order to win her freedom from her owner. A relative of Burt Lancaster’s character in the movie is scandalized quote unquote scandalized by the fact that Burt Lancaster’s character is apparently romantically associated with this bonded girl. Why is that? Because bonded girls were known to be sex slaves, forced to have sex against their will..

    so Americans in this time frame understood that white slaves existed.. this knowledge is what was used by the abolitionists who exposed the issue of white slavery that was still present in America in 1860.. Tenzer’s argument here in this book is that the civil war was fought perhaps in large part because of fear of white slavery.. of course this whole idea has been shoved down the memory hole..

    and of course you are taking advantage of the idea among the right wing online dissident cadre that that the Jews were responsible for white slavery.. well some of them may be involved in it but for the most part it was just white people who enslaved other white people..

  177. @The_seventh_shape

    Gov’ts hate anarchistic attempts at forming enclaves outside their mafia jurisdictions and is why they are suppressed. There have been anarchist societies like Caral in Peru, but you want to ignore 1000 years of people living peaceably together without a gov’t because that would upset your narrative.

    I read your first paragraph and didn’t bother reading the rest since you stacked the deck.

  178. @Bert

    Your ignorance on this topic is encyclopedic.

    You have so many things wrong, because you refuse to investigate, that I’m not wasting time trying to educate you. You are the typical person that has been propagandized to the point of falsely ‘knowing’ that which isn’t so. If you were to stop long enough to read what anarchism is all about you might discover how absolutely wrong headed your assumptions are. It is your obstinate determination to stay ignorant that allows the gov’t to function as it does.

    Everyone bitches about their gov’t, but very few want to research an alternative. That’s because most people are as dumb as a stump and want to remain so as a matter of their personal choice.

    • Replies: @Bert
  179. Bert says:

    By failing to explain how, under anarchy, warlord takeover is prevented, you just surrendered. In your encounter with The_seventh_shape, you fled the arena immediately. So you can’t explain how anarchy has even theoretical stability from internal threats nor from external threats. Yet you sling invective and ad hominem prodigiously. Pathetic. Get a life.

    • Agree: Emslander
    • Troll: RoatanBill
  180. Alrenous says: • Website
    @Paul C.

    William of Orange was not a Jew. Usurper, yes. Bastard and deadbeat, yes. Jew, no.

  181. Alrenous says: • Website

    Authority corrupts authority. The more trust the authority has, the greater incentive to spend that trust on lies instead of continuing to build trust.

    I’ve never seen an authority whose pronouncements weren’t inversely correlated with facts. This is why the rule in science is [replicate] not [reputation].

    Of the many reasons the only solution to corrupt power is to discard the power structure, this is one of them. If a paper doesn’t replicate, you don’t have to fire the scientists, because you can discard the paper.

  182. ProudBLM says:

    Indians went to the Caribbean because blacks after given freedom from slavery turned out too lazy and incompetent“……Quote, This is a monstrous Indian LIE. You’re pushing nothing more than Indo Guyanese Communist propaganda, after slavery ended the production of sugar actually exploded when the ex-slaves got PAID this was seen all over the W.I, agriculture work was the ONLY work these ppl knew for the past few generations, it was British planters who claimed in London that they didn’t want to be dependent on 1 ethnic group for their profits and began to try other groups until they found STARVING illiterate Indians suffering from constant famines and they jumped on board a ship going anywhere for the possibility of a FULL stomach, Indians in Jamaica Failed because Jamaicans would beat the shit outta Indians in public since the Jamaicans knew they were there to displace Afros economically & hinder their political rights hence Jamaica is a much better place than Guyana it has few Coolies to create political problems unlike Trinidad etc. Any black run Anglo Island state is STILL way better than any part of the pakistan & India, Bangladesh shithole and Indians NEVER started any “Independence” movement in the Caribbean stop with the constant gypsy LIES, You have been EXPOSED.

    • Disagree: Malla
    • Thanks: Deep Thought
    • Replies: @Malla
  183. @Clyde Wilson

    Dr. Wilson, I presume?

    I wish I had caught this thread two weeks ago.

    The first five lines in your comment go a long way towards making many of the comments before and for the two weeks since superfluous meanderings. I’m privileged to say I’m familiar with much of your published work, half of which taught me something, the other half serving to confirm things I’ve learned through experience and casual, though continuing and avid, study. I can also say I’ve enjoyed it all, both because of the scholarship and because a lot of it is funny as heck.

    The series of four, slim, “Essential Books, A Southern Reader’s Guide” alone are entertaining by themselves.

    Good work.

  184. Alrenous says: • Website

    Classic. Blaming the effects of Fascism on Capitalism.

    Notice the false mandatory-or-forbidden dichotomy:

    I would of done what had always been historically, humanely, and common sensically done during poor harvest years prior, I would have limited food exports from the country.

    It’s just assumed that potato farmers can’t own their own potatoes. Either the State forces them to keep the potatoes, or the State forces them to sell the potatoes.

    If the State forces them to sell the potatoes, flagrantly disregarding price signals, this is supposed to be Capitalism.

    I’m told tenant managers had “more or less unchecked power” over their tenants.
    But workers are capital? Why would they flagrantly waste capital that they owned? Answer: they wouldn’t. They would only do that if they didn’t own it. If they didn’t have unchecked power.

    The ability of middlemen was measured by the rent income they could contrive to extract from tenants.

    The ‘absentee’ landowners were insecure. Result: the middlemen were insecure. The landlords thought they needed to loot it before it disappeared.
    It turns out they were right; in the end the land was indeed reappropriated by the State.

    Communism causes famine. Even impure, unprincipled Communism is extremely risky. Theft destroys wealth. The threat of theft, as it turns out, is enough.

    food imports exceeded exports during the famine.


    The amount of food exported in late 1846 was only one-tenth the amount of potato harvest lost to blight.

    Haha lol.

    • Replies: @anarchyst
  185. P.T. says:

    Where was Larry Romanoff educated? What degrees does he hold?

  186. Truth says:
    @Priss Factor

    Or imagine if US had brought over 300,000 Chinese slaves and 300,000 FREE African laborers long ago.

    If “if” was “5th” we’d all be drunk.

    You know what I really learned from this article? I had no idea what bastards honkees were until now. Really, really bad people.

    I’m glad you all agree.

  187. Truth says:

    Over time, the English have come up with a better way to use Irish women to increase their market profits: The settlers have begun to cross Irish women and girls (even younger than 12) with African people and thus produce slaves with a lighter shade. These new “mulat” slaves had a higher price than the Irish “livestock”, and also made it possible for English settlers to save money rather than buy new African slaves.

    This practice of crossing Irish women with African peoples lasted for several decades, and was so widespread that in 1681, a regulation banned the practice of mating Irish slaves and African slaves for the purpose of making slaves for sale.

    That’s a long time, Bro. Hell, can you blame a girl for epigenetics?

  188. Lurker says:

    I feel like the Enemy always has new narrative ready to launch.

    So we start off with just African slaves, white slavery is hidden. Pits blacks vs whites. As a kid I was brought up with this version of events and of course it still persists to some degree.

    Then there is a degree of revision. The white slaves were Irish. This pits Irish against English.

    But then there is yet more revision, The landless, destitute in the British Isles all seemed to be targets for transportation though that impacted worse on the Irish. Is this this the final layer? Is there another one underneath?

    Slave dealers, slave ship owners, slave owners are merely Fellow Whites – nothing to see here.

    • Replies: @Odyssey
  189. Marching to Himmler’s Wewelsburg

  190. Alrenous says: • Website

    This went on for centuries, press gangs gathered however many men they needed for other kinds of work too.

    Of course, there’s nothing the lower classes could have done to protect themselves against being press-ganged. They were as helpless as an inanimate rock facing a sledgehammer. Entirely dependent on the goodwill and divine benevolence of the upper classes, if any.

    Clearly the solution is to get selfless upper class members.
    Need more angelic-ascetic fat cats and pious pacifist warlords.

    • Replies: @AgBars
    , @jon dough
  191. AgBars says:

    Damn, Boy. You need to get a fricking life! Looking back at your posts this is all you do everyday, huh? We all know you’re obviously not getting laid, but have you tried a porn site or something? Grindr, maybe? Get off the computer and get out there and at least take a hike, you fucking wimp

  192. anarchyst says:

    Jew-run Wall street sees “labor” as being a necessary evil, its true value to be minimized at all cost while valuing the CEOs and “stockholders” above and beyond their true worth.
    This even applies to CEOs, that run their corporations into the ground while still receiving massive “rewards” for their “expertise”.
    Let’s not forget the corporate vultures (a la Mitt Romney) that specialize in parting out viable businesses in order to maximize their “profits”
    Henry Ford “got it right” when he CREATED a market for his cars by making them inexpensive while paying his workforce a decent wage. He realized that a well-paid workforce would be able to buy his products, among other things. It could be safely argued that Ford, CREATED the middle class. Automobiles, once “playthings for the rich” were made affordable for the “ordinary common man”.
    Henry Ford KNEW who the banksters and vulture capitalists were and made no bones about calling them out and naming them, Father Charles Coughlin did the same thing and was ostracized by the Catholic Church for pointing out the TRUTH about our vulture capitalist society.
    “Vulture capitalism” can be defined as the owners of businesses and industries that collude with each other, also in collusion with the “money types” (banksters) depressing wages solely to increase their stockholder “profits” at the top while impoverishing those who actually WORK, producing their products.
    All one has to do is look at today’s CEOs, even in failing companies, being paid exorbitant salaries, along with stock options and other “perks” while pleading poverty, pushing down wages for their employees.
    Today’s capitalist “mantra” is that labor costs must be as cheap as possible while the “value” (profit) to the stockholder must be as great as possible. Sacrificing labor on the altar of “maximum profits” NEVER works in the long term.
    Of course, in the short term, with cheap Chinese goods flooding the market, the economy looks, good, but without CONSUMERS who hold jobs that pay reasonably well, all bets are off. There needs to be a balance between profits and labor.
    Presently, labor is looked upon as a “necessary evil” to be minimized at all costs. The problem arises-without labor there are no consumers. As I previously stated, a “balance” must be maintained. Labor is not evil, but a necessary component of capitalism.
    Pre-WW2 Germany’s economic successes and the rapid rise of the German economy was predicated on labor being assigned “value”and monetized-something that is (and has been) missing in capitalist societies today.
    If labor costs need to be trimmed to assure “profit” at the top, something is seriously wrong. In fact, in the well-paid American automobile industry, labor costs account only for approximately 10% of total costs.
    Offshoring production results in consumers (customers) being “lost”.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  193. MarLuc7 says:

    Yes indeed. I too am a minimalist. I hate waste. I love efficiency.

    My point is, is that As American’s transitioned from the Agrarian society in which we were fiercely independent, with our own land and farms, to the cities —-were turned into “wage slaves”. Once we were separated from our land and brought into the factories (Industrial Revolution), we lost our independence.

    Now we pay all the mentioned bills. Every section of our lives have been monetized. If I was going to design a slave population, that is exactly what I would set up.

    You cannot live in a house without it receiving electricity and water from the city. You cannot get to work without a car. You cannot have a car without Auto Insurance and Registration fees. You cannot live in a house in the city limits without paying for Solid Waste fees –Even if you dispose of your own trash and never leave your rubberized trash can on the side walk for pick up – You still will be charged solid waste removal fees.

    A young couples choices are Rent or Buy a House. Even if after 30 years you pay your house off or your parcel of land off, you still must pay taxes each year and if you don’t your state government takes your property.

    It is very difficult to claw your way out of such a System of Slavery. What we have today is so much more creative and inventive form of Slavery than the old plantation style slavery.

    With land, you can grow your own livestock and food and draw your water from the earth below.

    A surveillance state with Social Media Scoring, Digital Currency and Billions of Cameras recording your every movement can only happen to people who are utterly dependent on the system.

    More incredible is the Relentless Brainwashing from Mainstream Media pushing products that are wants / desires versus true NEEDS.

    The system requires CONSUMERS.

    • Agree: Jews Rock!
    • Thanks: Emslander
    • Replies: @Alrenous
  194. Odyssey says:

    Yep, one unknown is missing from the equation. Maybe the next story will be about slaves in the Ottoman Empire and those who ran the administration there, so we will find a common denominator.

    However, the previous story was quite unknown and some even said that it was propaganda by Gerry Adams. Some Irish people are a bit ashamed of it (!), they don’t want to talk about it, one even told me it didn’t happen. However, the story is out of the bottle and cannot be pushed back.

  195. @mermaid


  196. Anonymous[174] • Disclaimer says:

    Well, Scrooge, back during the Irish Famine (1845-50), and today as well, I would of done what had always been historically, humanely, and common sensically done during poor harvest years prior,

    So now you can time travel and become a high British official. I can do better than that. I would have snapped my fingers and made everything all right throughout the entire Earth, and then snapped them again and made everything right throughout the past and future Universe. So there.
    I asked what you are doing today to stave off starvation for the world today. Apparently, you are doing the same thing I am: writing comments to articles.

    Most importantly, longer term, a true emancipation of Ireland from the British Empire, where the Irish people in general would not have been unnaturally reduced to living off a single crop (potatoes) for sustenance, would ultimately of been best.

    Right, it would have. Trouble is, the Irish didn’t want that. The Irish role in the US, for example, was not industrial leadership, it was political displacement. In effect, Tammany was an early labor union, ensuring through various means that the Irish could survive as a labor force in the US by providing emergency relief and government jobs. The Irish were not, and never wanted to be, industrial bosses, at least not when that meant running a manufacturing corporation against stiff market competition. At least they weren’t into organized crime as were the Jews and Italians, weren’t into revolutionary politics as were the Jews, and actually turned out to be good in advertising, but – industrial revolution? – no. As recently as the 1980s, US manufacturing organizations were run by Protestants of German/UK descent.
    So Ireland would have supported itself how? The historical practice of raiding the UK was out – the UK didn’t like it. A few Irish would have been able to survive on dairy farming and sheep raising. As for agriculture, well, that’s what they tried.
    Background: Columbus gifted Eurasia with syphilis (Mexico), gonorrhea (Caribbean islands) , corn (Mexico), and, finally, the potato (Andes, the Inca Empire). The corn and potato started a population boom in Europe and China.
    The Irish who starved during the potato blight were in the last stages of that boom. Given an acre or so of pasture, a family could get enough to eat by planting just potatoes, owning a cow for milk, owning an iron potato pot, and having a hut and a few agricultural tools. By the start of the Famine, the Irish had just about covered the landscape with these 1.25 acre plots, and had enough children that Ireland didn’t’ have enough land for the next generation to live on. Europe and Scotland were in almost as bad shape ( ).
    Note that the 1.25 acre family consumed all that it produced except maybe casual unskilled labor to sell on the market. When the blight hit, most English landlords had been gifted with tenants who were 1.25 acre subsistence farmers. That’s why the rents were not being paid. As an Irish man put it (paraphrase) “I know I can’t pay, but without the land, my family will starve. What am I supposed to do?
    The Irish population was going to die off to something the land could reliably feed. That the landlords were British was an accident of history; Irish landlords would have faced the same problem.
    As far as feeding the Irish population while it was in Ireland, well, look what happened to the Blacks who came North during WW I and WW II. They are now wards of the State. Ireland could have been like that. I don’t think the Irish would have liked that. Further, assuming that 2 million fled and 1 million died, I doubt that the British would have been happy about supporting 3 million Irish for at least the next decade, maybe much longer than that.
    Fortunately for the Irish (and the rest of Europe), the US needed labor to industrialize and had enough farmers to support massive immigration. Sorry about the “wage slavery” (e.g. they had to work, no welfare, and the wages don’t meet your approval), but it was a lot better than the 1.25 acre or 0 acre economy. The Irish (and the British orphans, who had a terrible mortality rate if they stayed in the UK) were able to support themselves in the US. “Wage slavery” definitely beats what happened to the Blacks in the US under the post LBJ federalization of welfare and destruction of Black family integrity.
    Irish tried migration to the UK, but the UK had enough laborers and the Irish were rejected despite the best efforts of the IRA. I remember that at one point the IRA tried bombing a British government office, and the next day pretty much every Irishman in the UK was fired from his job.
    Towards the end of your essay, you seem to be agreeing with my thesis that mass immigration in the US has, since the New Deal, been a disaster for the pre-immigration population and its descendants. Do you want something similar for the United States?
    As for wage labor, many alternatives to wages have been tried, the unfortunates who tried them generally met a bad end (look up history of the “shakers” for one of the more successful examples). If you don’t have something better, then don’t’ toss what you have. Leave that to the idiots on the Left, shutting down electricity generation and distribution capacity while mandating production of only electric cars.

    And, finally: Scrooge. Don’t criticize the people who made possible. The character of Scrooge in Dickens A Christmas Carol was modeled on the English Dissenters, Protestants who refused membership in the Church of England and so were barred from government service from as far back as the downfall of Cromwell’s Protectorate. Dissenters ended up in business for themselves. Unlike the Jewish population, Dissenters were not servants of the King. They tended to be “capitalists”, in the sense that they lived by their wits with a small stock of capital. These dissenters were the Pilgrims in US history and the foundation of the English Industrial Revolution, having both the capital and the wits for manufacturing, and not having any chance at a government sinecure. No industrial revolution -> no Internet -> Non For that matter, probably European & worldwide stagnation at the 1700s level due to energy source limits.
    And, speaking of “Gangs of New York”, did you notice that the supposed Irish spoke in 1950s English, were well dressed and not combative, and that Irish immigration was in the 1940s, and largely over by the time of the US Civil War. The New York Draft Riots were about rich/middle class American draftees hiring substitutes, and about Black competition for White jobs, not about fresh off the boat Irish being conned into enlisting by unscrupulous recruiters ( ).
    So – we’re looking at yet another great famine as the world trade net breaks down and the planet can’t feed 8 billion people. There isn’t any America needing people to send the starving to – the US is full, maybe more than full judging from the deterioration of US cities, so is everywhere else (including Ireland, “Ireland is full” being an important political group over there). What is your plan for this? Hic Rhodos, hic saltus

    • Replies: @S
  197. Anonymous[174] • Disclaimer says:

    If labor costs need to be trimmed to assure “profit” at the top, something is seriously wrong.

    Something is seriously wrong. The East Palestine bearing failure fire that produced a derailment and chemical spill shows that the railroads have been stripped of necessary labor/labor expertise and of capital goods. The entire US economy has been stripped of necessary labor/labor expertise and of capital goods, uniformly across all business except for a few engineering intensive startups. The current US government apparently expects to compensate for this and for the deterioration of the world by simply printing fiat currency and buying any necessary capital equipment and labor. This has always been unlikely at best, and result of the the current US Ukraine policy make it even more unlikely.

    Some of the failure is obvious skimming — such as stock buybacks (which used to be illegal in the US precisely because stock buybacks are obvious skimming). Some of it is hidden. For example, employer mandates to provide employee “benefits” increase the cost of all labor significantly. The “financialization of medicine” that has destroyed the independence of physicians means that the cost of medical care has greatly increased. The cost of college and the college loans means that even employees who get post-college jobs have a smaller paycheck after paying back their loans, or have no available credit and are locked out of the housing market (and house value appreciation) if they simply pay interest.

    Further, there are hiring mandates. These employees are quite often deadweight, and add to labor costs without adding to production.

    And finally, we have deadwood, employees who can’t do very much. Above a critical mass, such employees take over the organization and actually prevent capable employees from accomplishing anything useful.

    The net result is the most, almost all, US organizations have inadequate work forces that operate deteriorated capital. That, in a sentence, is the result of “financialization”.

    The work forces are getting worse as the capable burn out or age out. There is a reason for the “missing million” workers after the COVID affair [1].

    And we can see that the resulting system is visibly failing. Tent cities and massive chemical spills, unreliable electric grids, supply chain failures, . . . We’re in for a bad time.

    And on the pedestal, these words appear:
    My name is Ozymandias, King of Kings;
    Look on my Works, ye Mighty, and despair!
    Nothing beside remains. Round the decay
    Of that colossal Wreck, boundless and bare
    The lone and level sands stretch far away.

    “Ozymandias”, by Shelly

    • Thanks: anarchyst
    • Replies: @Emslander
  198. jon dough says:

    “ Need more angelic-ascetic fat cats and pious pacifist warlords.”…he alarmingly amiably alliterated…
    Getting a marvelous ejimicashun from youse!

  199. boynkin says:

    I like the way you think.

  200. Malla says:

    it was British planters who claimed in London that they didn’t want to be dependent on 1 ethnic group for their profits

    Can you give me a reference on this claim?

  201. Scorpion says: • Website

    Thank you for all your articles here. I learn much from each one and have been into revisionist history for decades now…

  202. Anon[202] • Disclaimer says:

    True. This article is disinformation meant bto divide us.

  203. Emslander says:

    Stock buybacks are not “skimming”. They are a rearrangement of capital in a successful business that allows greater flexibility in decisions made to increase return.

  204. Nat X says:

    Fake bullshit news as usual, yt has never been chattel slaves like us dindoos.

  205. If God really did create the Jews he has some answering to do on the Day of Judgement. Any god that created or chose these creatures must be boiled in hell eternally as punishment.

  206. S says:

    From your meandering posts it’s a bit difficult to tell if you are trolling. I suppose I responded (somewhat) in kind.

    I don’t claim to have all the answers, including about what to do about world hunger. Does anybody? Do you?

    When I use the term ‘wage slavery’, I am not referring to generic wage labor as some who abuse that term do, but specifically about so called ‘cheap labor’, typically characterized by something known as ‘mass immigration’. I say so called as I see that term as a term of propaganda, a benign sounding term most likely invented by people historically involved in the slave trade, to sell people on what is in reality utter poison.

    Sure, help peoples who are in distress, but do so in such a way that doesn’t destroy one’s own people, just as individuals help other individual’s in distress, but in such a way that doesn’t harm their own personal household, ie wise people don’t invite the hurting person into their own homes, and no, it doesn’t mean they ‘hate’ the person or persons needing help.

    Help these people(s) where they are. When they might need to leave (ideally temporarily) set up by international agreement a land just for refugees.

    Of course, none of this is perfect. Nothing is.

    However, it’s a departure from modern so called ‘progressivism’, whose ‘cure’ for the world’s ills which have led humanity to the cusp of WWIII and perhaps likely billions dead, is worse than the disease.

    There’s probably not much point in continuing this discussion as I think we’ll just have to agree to disagree on certain things.

    Wish you well.

    • Replies: @Alrenous
    , @Anonymous
  207. anonymous[303] • Disclaimer says:

    Before the British left India all police records were destroyed to hide their inhumanity and I believe, the Irish suffered the same fate. Of course, the Jew was involved in both those countries using the English morons to do his dirty work to make money.

  208. Thank you for mentioning my book.

  209. Kat Grey says:

    Sections of this article read like a Lance Horner novel with its fetishistic references to miscegenation. And I dispute the writer’s claims of forced interbreeding because analysis of black Americans’ mtDNA reveal almost exclusively West African ancestry not Irish or North European. Another thing I must point out is that slave breeding on southern plantations (between blacks) didn’t commence until the importation of Africans was proscribed in the 19th century.

    • Replies: @Truth
  210. Truth says:
    @Kat Grey

    And I dispute the writer’s claims of forced interbreeding because analysis of black Americans’ mtDNA reveal almost exclusively West African ancestry not Irish or North European.

    I’m afraid not, Old Sport…

    The average African-American genome, for example, is 73.2% African, 24% European, and 0.8% Native American, the team reports online today in The American Journal of Human Genetics.

    • Replies: @Kat Grey
  211. Alrenous says: • Website

    I don’t claim to have all the answers, including about what to do about world hunger. Does anybody? Do you?

    Are you offering to sell the world to me? Not my hunger, not my business.
    The answer is assuming adults can take care of themselves. Yes I can probably stop them from going hungry – they’re welcome to ask me how at any time. I’ll wait.

  212. Alrenous says: • Website

    It is very difficult to claw your way out of such a System of Slavery.

    It wasn’t very difficult for me. Are you willing to eat by working a subsistence farm? What’s stopping you?

  213. Kat Grey says:

    For starters, I’m not your Old Sport; secondly I suggest you read carefully what I wrote. Cheers

  214. Truth says:

    because analysis of black Americans’ mtDNA reveal almost exclusively West African ancestry not Irish or North European

    The average African-American genome, for example, is 73.2% African, 24% European, and 0.8% Native American

    • Replies: @Kat Grey
  215. Anonymous[222] • Disclaimer says:

    I wrote a longer reply, but it was somehow lost or perhaps vanished by site moderators. I’ll make this on a slightly different subject, and keep it relatively short, although getting through the URLs will take some time (but is recommended).


    Since you are interested in the area of reacting to or preventing mass human suffering (which is a good thing, it’s an area that interests me also [1]), here’s a heads up about a developing situation that is currently affecting you and will do so much more intensely in future. Nothing and nobody says you have to read any of this, it’s just an FYI posting, but the Irish potato famine you mention is (metaphor) about to reify and park on everybody’s front porch before it breaks down that front door down.

    1) Industrialization has apparently reached its peak.

    2) The “planned future” that Meadows discussed in (1) cannot (and I don’t mean “should not”, I mean physically cannot) be reached by government enforcement. Here’s why:
    a) The West has lost ground internationally since WW II:

    You could accurately say that the West’s invasions of MENA were desperation plays; same with the current Ukraine/Russia affair. This seems to be the inexorable fate of empires, and here’s a game-theoretical account of why this is true. The betrayal part is happening right now, the BRICS are re-alligning:

    b) The Western core (Europe, USA) is now politically and economically unstable:
    US government- public relations:
    And McCarthy’s tape release is going to ice government legitimacy (metaphor), rather as if the US public had found out that FDR had been fomenting WW II and was preparing to use Pearl Harbor and 2,000 navy men as a sacrifice chess piece to get the US into WW II. Whatever coalition in the USG tried a color revolution on the US from is finding out that it’s very risky to run a color revolution against your own country, especially if you are running it against yourself to defeat a successful populist.

    US professional politicians’ instability:

    Turchin’s work ( , this link is an advertisement for Turchin’s _Ages of Discord_ and, of course, for Turchin himself, as is usual for such sites.) In _Ages_, written back in 2017, Turchin said that the 2020s would be unstable on the basis of long term US trends, and he called it correctly.

    c) There isn’t any other “core” that can replace the Western core just now. “China’s establishment “knows intellectually that it should not go to war,” but “emotionally, it wants to kill,” and the United States should be putting its military on higher alert, author Gordon Chang said on Newsmax Wednesday. ”

    China is in a bind, can’t get from “middle income” to “high income” (see “Limits to Growth” paper above), effectively has a new Emperor, Xi, who is looking at the probable end of his regime and is accordingly in a bad mood. China is in no position to save the world.

    The Russian Federation will be lucky to survive the demographic consequences of its Ukraine invasion, which will be significant, maybe high, mortality among its demographically small number of men of an age to start families. Russia also is in no position to save the world, and at best will have to ally itself with Germany to permit its surviving men to support large families.
    And there isn’t anybody other than the US, China, or Russia even remotely in a position to save the world.

    c) World trade is failing, in particular world trade in fertilizer, has partially failed
    Zeihan’s version of events. He uses no MIT model or Turchin model historical periodicity models, and considers only mid-level events and trends.

    (from 2022-10).

    Check for prices on retail N, P, or K fertilizers. In my area I can’t buy retail amounts of N or K fertilizers, and apparently the two fertilizer plants in town are selling N fertilizers only to established farmers. The “un-food-official” in the URL above seems to be about correct.

    Good chance we are on the verge of a famine that will make the Irish/European Potato Failure ( ) look minor in terms of number dead.

    See: for the classic short story on trend analysis. There is always a trend that the analyst missed, and it isn’t always a good one, so treat the above as a middle-of-the-road forecast.

    So, there it is: middle of the road forecast for the next decade or three. Worst case scenario is central nuclear war, which you don’t need me to describe. Best case is that the world trade net somehow survives, the government (US or Chinese) somehow finances feasible engineering works instead of the graft generating but non-functional Green or coal legacy projects now being financed, and we get only localized famines — just a few times worse than the European Potato Famine.

    And just last night (2023-03-09) the County Sheriff’s rep at the Neighborhood Watch said that bad times are coming, so stockpile food and consider local self defense. He hasn’t done that before. The Tucker Carlson 2023-03-06 show concerning the 2021-01-06 disturbances looks like it might just have been an historical marker for US destabilization, with McCarthy’s video file release being finalizing the change .

    The issues you raised aren’t just historical, you’re going to be waist deep in them for the rest of your life. Good luck. “You may not have a chance in Hell, but at least you’ve got a clue”, from:

    1] We drift through the world
    like an autumn leaf in the wind
    cherishing and protecting all life
    especially our own.

  216. Reparations from the descendants of the slavers presently living in America? For surely, the descendants have had the benefit of the ‘blood money’ from this trade, and by the historical accounts, it also is pedophiliac, as well as literally, a killer of the slaves, judging alone by the included pictures of children…

  217. Anonymous[109] • Disclaimer says:

    Plantation America by James LaFond

  218. Hegar says:

    “American capitalism was viciously predatory from the days of its birth.”

    The typical socialist propaganda by Larry Romanoff. Anything done by anyone who isn’t in government – that’s CAPITALISM!!!

    Except the Northern states didn’t have slaves. The business owners behind Lincoln didn’t support slavery. But of course you won’t contribute that to “capitalism”.

    And of course zero mention of the slavery in communist system. All communism is slavery. People are forbidden from leaving and have to work for the few who own everything.

    In social democrat parties in the West, falsely called “liberalism” in the U.S. where they hijacked that word post-WWII, the productive are forced to work for the lazy, criminal and parasitic. Handing over their money to other people – the basis of socialist exploitation of elections.

    But you don’t call THAT “predatory”, of course.

    • Replies: @NotAnonymousHere
  219. Kat Grey says:

    The European DNA is paternal.

    • Replies: @Truth
  220. Truth says:
    @Kat Grey

    Well of course it is. TONS of suave European guys got their Sheboynkind up for those beautiful purebred African girls.

  221. Kathy says:

    The majority of vast landowners in the deep South were British nobility, NOT commoners

    • Replies: @Alrenous
  222. map says:

    “David W. Galenson wrote a treatise titled ‘White Slavery entitled White Servitude in Colonial America’, in which he stated, “European men and women could exercise choice both in deciding whether to migrate to the colonies and in choosing possible destinations.” These comments, and so many more like them, are pure fiction, very large lies meant to erase the evil of centuries. White slaves were obtained from the poorest levels of British society who were regarded as expendable by the ruling class.”

    For those of you who doubt Larry’s facts, understand that I heard the above directly from David Galenson himself. Indentured servants cost 7 pounds, the cost of passage to the new world, with an indentured period of 5 years. The slaves cost 21 pounds. Slavery did not take hold in the new world until the indentured servant market “dried up” (Galenson’s words, not mine.)

    It never occurred to me that this indentured servitude is just a euphemism for slavery. When Ireland and London were sufficiently depopulated only then did African slavery take off.

  223. @omegabooks

    The first slave traders in America were Jews, as well as “the first plantation owners” in African Sao Tome and the first transplanters of sugar and slaves across the Atlantic.

    Jews and the Civil War. page 53

  224. Alrenous says: • Website

    Gregory Clark, Son Also Rises.

    Malcanis’ Law.

    Chamley-Judd Redistribution Impossibility Theorem.

  225. @Hegar

    Except the Northern states didn’t have slaves.

    How do you type with your head up your ass? It’s certainly impressive but what would be really cool is reading a book.

    Delaware had slaves and legal slavery after the War of Northern Aggression.

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