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As a chicken chomping, coke snorting species, we have three main foes. 1) Beasts more ferocious than us, such as tigers, lions and, well, just about all other animals, since we’re such wimps. 2) Living organisms we can’t even see, such as viruses. 3) Other men, of course, since man is clearly man’s most lethal and sadistic enemy.

The first category is nearly extinct, with even the most frightful animals turned into lovable cartoons, for our kids’ amusement. In the zombie, however, all three threats are combined, since he’s a man, sort of, that acts like a fierce, bonkers beast, and if he bites you, then you’re a gonner, for sure, thanks to his virus laden spit. Zombies also resonate because they’re contemporary and urbane cannibals. In torn jeans, hoodies or suits, they’ll eat your flabby ass. Though literal man eaters have become extremely rare, we know in our bones their taste and tactics have merely been transferred into more elegant and expensive looking gentlemen. Most of us also know we’re being devoured, chunk by gristly chunk, daily.

These cheerful thoughts occur to me because last week, I took a bullet train from Seoul to Busan, and there’s a pretty damn good zombie movie called Train to Busan. We’re also staggering through a virulent miasma right now, in case you’re Rip Van Winkle, and no, I this ain’t no media hoax. Shit’s real. When paradigm shifts, we must readjust our thinking and habits with much clarity, effort and discipline, not that we have a choice.

True to its title, nearly all of Train to Busan takes place on a train, and this is obviously symbolic. Before there were planes or trains, ships were common allegorical vehicles, as in Plato’s Ship of Fools, Melville’s Moby Dick or Conrad’s The Nigger of the ‘Narcissus,’ etc. Floating on a vast unknown, we’re all in this together. Trains can also be stand ins for the community. Encased, we’re being hurled towards a common destiny, though some are reclining in first class or feasting in the bright dining car, while the rest, stiffly upright, are munching on corn chips in the semi dark.

The film’s protagonist is an emotionally dead investment banker. Focusing only on his work, the banker is already separated from his wife, and he barely talks to his small daughter. For her birthday, he gives her a Nintendo Wii without realizing he has already bought her one, just months before. On the train, he shows no reaction as the first zombie victim runs screaming by, and his face barely registers shock or pain as he hears his mom’s anguished last words, over the phone, as she moans, retches and gasps while apparently turning into a zombie. He’s cooler than cool. Redeeming himself, the banker finally learns how to team up with a blue-collar guy to fight off zombies, and they both die while saving others.

Though far less corrupted, his daughter also says nothing as she witnesses her first zombie, just outside the train window, pouncing on a man. It’s director Yeon Sang-ho’s little joke to have his characters stay placid at the sickest spectacles, but that’s the story of our time. We all do this a thousand times each day. Barely responsive, we’re deader than zombies, with our passivity punctuated only by impotent anger.

Ah, but there’s one arena where our passions run free, and that’s spectator sports, though most of the time, we stare at the screen as if we’re comatose, with barely a facial twitch to register another whatever.

I’m not going to lie to you. My main objective in coming to South Korea three weeks ago was to catch as many games as possible of the Women’s Korean Basketball League, for how can any objective and sane man not be enthralled by the nightly exploits of the KB Stars, S-Birds, Blue Minx and OK Shoot? I couldn’t wait to sit forever at half court to constantly shudder and duck as gigantic Korean ladies fly, seemingly right over me, to smirkingly execute triple pumping, 720 degree and blind folded slam dunks that the great Shawn Kemp himself never dared attempt. Alas, I found to my infinite sorrows, regrets and even recriminations that all WKBL games would now be played only in empty arenas. Yes, even more cemetery-like than before, thanks to the corona fuckin’ virus.

Spectator sports seemingly prove to us that not everything in life is rigged and, moreover, that we still belong to a community, just because we all root for the same colors. Along with pornography, spectator sports are the ruling class’ greatest pacifier of the masses, so if they’re suddenly taken away, does it mean our rulers have lost control of the narrative?

When I landed in Seoul three weeks ago, the coronavirus crisis appeared to be primarily an East Asian problem, with hardly anyone but Orientals dying. There was no outbreak in Iran or Italy, much less the rest of Europe or North America. Now, horrible news swarm from the West, where death counts rise relentlessly, and entire countries are crippled and shuttered.

If this coronavirus was unleashed by the US, as has been charged by many, including Chinese officials, then why didn’t Washington take precautions to protect its own population? And why was it so paralyzed as the crisis unfolded? More importantly, how does Wall Street benefit from the poleaxing of the American economy? The 1% have just lost trillions.

If the Chinese government was responsible for the outbreak, albeit only accidentally, then why didn’t it rush to contain it immediately, instead of just spinning the news? Perhaps Beijing was unaware of what had occurred in Wuhan?

On the train to Busan, we passed Daegu, the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak in South Korea. The mostly empty platforms at midday had but single, desolate figures at disease-free intervals, among the endless columns. It was a de Chirico vision come to life, but only barely. At least they weren’t zombies.

Unlike China, and now Italy, Spain, France and others, South Korea never locked down even a single neighborhood, much less a city. To combat this pandemic, it immediately launched a comprehensive testing campaign, which has yielded alarming daily tallies of infections, though tailing off significantly as of late, auguring a recovery. For this deliberateness and transparency, South Korea has paid a huge price in international isolation and lost commerce, but it has managed to maintain, nationwide, an impressive semblance of normalcy. People go to work. All stores are open and well stocked.


Though most restaurants and bars have suffered greatly, you’ll still find, in just about any neighborhood, those that can still pack them in, for there are obviously versions of black bean noodles, ox bone soup, spicy fried chicken or bibimbap, etc., that are good enough, or at least cheap enough, to risk a small chance of death to eat. Here in Busan, I’ve been frequenting the niggardly named Food Café, where for just $5 or so, I can stuff my face with a wholesome meal. Last night, I had me some fine fried rice with garlic and bacon, which made me ponder, if only for a moment, Why wasn’t I born Korean?

One type of Korean business that can’t be flourishing right now is the “kiss bang.” Don’t get too excited. Let me explain. “Bang” merely means “room,” so you’re not going to bang anyone at such an establishment. You’ll certainly kiss and fondle a bit, at around $50 for half an hour. It’s perfectly legal, as long as you don’t go downstairs, not that there’s anyone bent over a peep hole to spy on your sneaky infractions. The girls tend to be college students, so it’s cute and sad. Moreover, there’s a reason why many whores or even go-go dancers don’t want you to touch their face. The head is really sacred. In any case, swapping spit with multiple strangers during a pandemic is, well, not the brightest idea. It’s almost as dumb as making out with zombies.

After checking into the appropriately named One Way Guest House in Busan, I returned to Daegu the next morning to see what life was like beyond its rail depot. Getting off the train, I saw an immobile monk, in a black knit cap, white mask and slate gray robe, sitting by himself as a white pigeon fluttered. Inside the station, a dozen passengers waited to depart. Cafes were open. Having never seen its usual volume, everything seemed normal.

That day, I inspected a vast luxury shopping mall, had lunch at a greasy spoon, drank a cappuccino at a chain café, wandered many streets and walked briskly on a river hugging trail along with dozens of others. Compared to my experience of Seoul, Suwon, Incheon, Busan and Gimhae, Daegu did come off as more subdued, but it was still functioning, with traffic everywhere, and people out shopping.

As for my Busan neighborhood, Choryang-dong, it’s still jumping, if only on one leg. Russian whores still lurk on Texas Street, and inside talking bars named Las Vegas, Miami, Seattle and London, etc., Filipina hostesses still wait for you to entertain them. The area’s many homeless still sleep outside in the frightful cold. Teenagers still flock to McDonald’s.

Maybe you can tell me what comes next. It should be stressed that the coronavirus is not the ultimate cause of our economic, political and societal unraveling, for we’ve been a dead man walking for a while.

Since we’re all linked, even a productive, efficient and disciplined society like South Korea must pay this belated penalty. Zombie surges await.

Linh Dinh’s latest book is Postcards from the End of America. He maintains a regularly updated photo blog.

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  1. Thank you for another story, it made my day in southern France, which is locked down to some degree. All bars, cafes, and restaurants are closed! Not much traffic. Went to my bank and it was closed, called and they said come back later…they might be open for a short time. The situation seems to be evolving daily! Who knows…..Take care of yourself! We would be terribly upset if anything happened to you! Cheers, Tom

  2. Dumbo says:

    Seems South Korea is the only country that did the right thing. Don’t lock people in their houses and then test them only when they get symptoms. (In same countries such as U.S. and Canada, you can’t get tested even if you have mild symptoms, because apparently there are no test kits for everybody, you have to “self-isolate” and hope for the best).

    No: test everyone, actively search for all people who have or may have the virus, test them, and if they are positive, isolate them for the rest. Current strategy to lock everyone (without knowing if they have the virus or not) is not so useful, because maybe one person has the virus and will transmit it to all others who are locked in with him. Limiting movement may work, but again, it doesn’t do anything to save the ones who do not have the virus if they are locked in with people who have it. The idea should be to isolate virus carriers from the others. Anyway,

    • Agree: Alfred
  3. Catdomnj says:

    Yo Lin. Delay any plans to visit Philly. As of 5pm today all bars, restaurants and non essential businesses are to close. Imagine, tomorrow is St Patty’s day and bars are closed. Only restaurants with delivery or takeout are allowed to stay open. Maybe if you knock on Donna’s Bar door she’ll slip you a plate of pierogies. My guess some bars will attempt to let a small number (no gatherings of 50 or more allowed in PA or NJ) of customers in and call it a private party. As long as no money exchange is witnessed they might get away with it. Postcard from Philly yo.

    • Replies: @follyofwar
  4. lloyd says: • Website

    Commercial places denuded for customers is a commonplace almost the normality in South Korea. Between 2001 and 2010, I lived about half that era in South Korea. Some places actually resented my patronage. Koreans only go out on special occasions. However the internal economy is consumer based. The hagwons (language schools) all appear to run at a loss and then after a number of years collect a tax rebate. Maybe South Korea is all a ponzi. The ruthless elimination of the virus by enforced universal testing fits Korean culture. In China, the State Security are genial fellows who fraternise with the populace. It would be simply impossibe for them to test one and a half billion people. There is of course the ruthless element but they go only after State enemies. The Korean police are modeled on their own feudal culture and American policing.

  5. Anonymous[293] • Disclaimer says:

    I had no idea there were Russian prostitutes in South Korea. But there are plenty of Russian vacationers on Saipan who are catered to by South Korean prostitutes. I noticed in your photo blog a snapshot of an airport departure board showing a direct flight from Pusan to Saipan, so maybe the ROKstars commute from there.
    I was once hit on by a Russian goon at the Hotel Nikko Guam’s Bougainvillea bar; he asked me if I was an “Intergirl.” I thought I misunderstood what he said, but he repeated it, to my utter bafflement. He became kind of obnoxious so I caught the eye of a SEAL Team 1 guy I knew and he came over, put his hand on the Russian’s shoulder and just looked at him. There must have been something in that look, because the Russian melted back into the woodwork like that, leaving his drink for the hero of the moment to squint at suspiciously and then push aside as he said, “I thought Putin was a short guy.”
    Always look forward to your latest column, Linh!

  6. jo6pac says:

    Coming to a city near you in Amerika

    If this coronavirus was unleashed by the US, as has been charged by many, including Chinese officials, then why didn’t Washington take precautions to protect its own population?

    How do we know they haven’t? Please free to delete any or all of the comment.

    Please stay as safe as you can and thanks for the info.

    • Replies: @Gleimhart Mantooso
  7. What a delightful read, Mr. Dinh! I can’t help thinking that for the first time, the entire globe is being turned into Zombilandia.

    Along with pornography, spectator sports are the ruling class’ greatest pacifier of the masses

    Bingo! How times have changed with sin replacing religion as the Marxian opiate of the people. Spectator sports are non-participatory for the average Joe, despite giving the illusion to the contrary.

    • Replies: @foolisholdman
  8. Two other relevant Korean apocalypse films, both from 2013
    ‘Coronavirus’ also titled ‘Flu’ or ‘Gamgi’ – ‘Death is Viral, No One Can Escape’
    ‘Snowpiercer’ about the never-stopping train saving a remnant of humanity in a frozen world

  9. If this coronavirus was unleashed by the US, as has been charged by many, including Chinese officials, then why didn’t Washington take precautions to protect its own population? And why was it so paralyzed as the crisis unfolded?

    If this is a globalist ‘depopulation’ scheme, maybe they see getting rid of a bunch of us uselss eaters as a feature rather than a bug. After all, with AI and robots coming, they’re not going to need us much longer anyway, are they?

    More importantly, how does Wall Street benefit from the poleaxing of the American economy? The 1% have just lost trillions.

    The house doesn’t lose. Only you suckers with your littles 401Ks can lose. The real players are shorting you! On Wall Street, losing money is for shmoes who don’t golf with the right people. Didn’t you learn that from 2008, Linh?

    • Replies: @Digital Samizdat
  10. @Digital Samizdat

    If this coronavirus was unleashed by the US, as has been charged by many, including Chinese officials, then why didn’t Washington take precautions to protect its own population?

    There’s also the distinct possibility that, with the ever-worsening economic/social/political situation in the West, TPTB see this as an opportunity to experiment with crowd-control techniques. I have heard that the French government, for example, is trying to use this as an excuse to shut down the gilets jaunes, though some of the latter seem to have defied the ban on demonstrations last weekend.

    • Replies: @Johan
  11. Maybe you can tell me what comes next. It should be stressed that the coronavirus is not the ultimate cause of our economic, political and societal unraveling, for we’ve been a dead man walking for a while.

    Well written.

    Take a wild guess what happens next. It’s not hyperbole. It is plain and simple fact. They want most of us dead and they want to do it in ways that do not leave a trail back to them. Generally, they mask it with the term, “progress.”

    These people promote and generate wars. They methodically kill unborn babies and old people. They love the spread of homosexuality as a lifestyle. They destroy the nuclear family with culture. They are pushing robotics. Geniuses wont figure this out as being a problem because they are too busy writing code, inventing the ultimate Artificial Intelligence (AI) and manipulating minds through media.

    One cannot lose trillions if trillions don’t exist. It’s a bunch of zeros on a Federal Reserve computer screen. The real game is maintaining control and power. They take sadistic pleasure making you dance while buying toilet paper with a mask on your face.

    • Replies: @SolontoCroesus
  12. unit472 says:

    South Korea ( and China) had the benefit of their epidemic having a ‘epicenter’. In SK’s case it emerged from a Christian cult based in Daegu ( Shincheonji)n with about 200,000 followers who were soon identified and screened. China’s problem was a lot bigger being an entire megalopolis and province but still was concentrated and manageable for a communist dictatorship.

    Why it got out of control in China and why the US could not start screening after the first known case was found and identified in King County on January 17th is not too different. In China’s case someone likely screwed up at the Wuhan Biohazard Lab and tried to cover it up. Whether it was an accidental release or selling lab animals to meat markets or whatever in China you screw up on that scale and you get shot. In the US we had, of all things, Rod Rosenstein’s sister, Dr. Nancy Messonnier and her fellow deep state careerists at the CDC screwing up the CDC test kit and refusing to admit it until February 28 when control of testing was finally pried from their agency and turned over to state labs and private companies. Six weeks of valuable time was lost but unlike China no one will be shot or even punished. Instead we will get a HHS deep state IG investigation of the errors and incompetence that will last longer than the pandemic and Messonier, like her brother, Rosenstein, will have retired and found another sinecure in the media, academia or non profit by the time the facts are revealed.

  13. I expect to see more people re-connecting with family and friends outside the major cities, but a lot of millennials will end up sheltering in place with their phone. I’m currently sheltering in place with Snowpiercer on Netflix (thanks to Brabantian). The US Congress House of Reps has fled the capital to ensure appropriate Social Distancing.

    It is hard to gauge how bad this virus is at its core. OldMicroBio rightly reminds us that a bio-weapon doesn’t have to kill people to be effective. In fact, it is probably better if it doesn’t. I wonder if we will see a redux of the Stuxnet virus. Originally released on Iran, they re-engineered it and sent it back to the West. The idea here is that if this was a professionally engineered bio-weapon (still unanswered), it has now been handed over to whoever wants one.

    China is moving forward with a two trillion dollar plus stimulus package focused on 5G and other China 2025 goals. The US is going for emergency UBI, probably to grease the path for bank bailouts.

  14. Skip Snowpiercer . Sorry Brabantian. Linh wins.

    Train To Busan is much better.

  15. @Catdomnj

    Greetings from a fellow PAer. What is Czar Wolf doing shutting down the whole state? (Was it deliberate to pick St. Paddy’s day, I wonder?) My county was put into a State of Emergency, with NO cases of covid-19 yet reported. Our Czars from Trump on down know nothing of mental health (or the economy, apparently). People will go crazy staying inside. How long until we see riots or maybe a mass shooting or two?

    Linh, you are lucky to be in a sane country, and thanks for the most excellent essay. The US is so far behind. At least you can watch women’s b’ball on TV, can’t you? Here in Clown World there’s no basketball, no baseball, no hockey, no nothing. And what is most maddening is that they have cancelled ALL golf. As golf is a NO CONTACT sport, played in the great outdoors, and they had planned to play without spectators, I fail to see what is the problem. No Masters in April – unthinkable.

    Please everyone stay well (take AD’s if you need them, I do), and remember the sage words of Mr. Roosevelt: “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”

    • Replies: @anon
    , @theMann
  16. anon[369] • Disclaimer says:

    You have to love a writer who is not afraid to use the word “niggardly.”

  17. To quote one sentence:

    Linh Dinh:

    If this coronavirus was unleashed by the US, as has been charged by many, including Chinese officials, then why didn’t Washington take precautions to protect its own population?

    Maybe the Washington intelligentsia don’t see the American masses as their own population.

    I will read on. . .

  18. @Si1ver1ock

    There’s also an animated film called Busan Station that’s fucking excellent. I think it’s part of the Train To Busan universe, and I highly recommend it.

  19. Biff says:

    It is now just before five pm in Bangkok 18 of March, and the order has been out from the previous day that all the bars in the city be closed until the end of the month. I’m gonna bet new bars spring open along the sidewalks..

  20. Yankel W. says:

    “If this coronavirus was unleashed by the US, as has been charged by many, including Chinese officials, then why didn’t Washington take precautions to protect its own population?”

    The United States was founded a Freemason entity. Thus, it was created to be the Phoenix, and from the ashes of its destruction will arise the New World Order. Consequently, the Georgia Grindstones give the clue – a world population of only 500 million.

    The goal of Freemasonry is the destruction of all religions, so that the “pure” religion of Lucifer can be established in the coming Ruler. See “Morals & Dogma of the Scottish Rite – Pike”. The US was created to be the legendary two-headed Phoenix. It will be destroyed catastrophically and from its ashes shall arise the Phoenix of the New World Order of Lucifer. The remaining “world” will quickly fall in line to serve the remaining “Masters”.

    I note further that world Jewry is not a monolithic entity. There are those calling themselves Jews who are “Jacob” and when the determined number of Gentiles have been brought into the Body of Christ Jesus (Yeshua haMessiah), then God the Father will bring the Deliverer our of Zion and remove ungodliness from Jacob. Paul (Sha’ul of Tarsus), although a Pharisee and follower of the Traditions of the Elders and a persecutor of Messiah Yeshua, described himself as “an abortion”, that is one born early – out of due season. Unlike the other Apostles, Paul came late and after the Resurrection of Yeshua.

    South Korea was forced by economic circumstance to incorporate the filthy life-style of the US. They suffered much at the hands of the “delivering” US Armed forces. However, one of the largest Christian churches was formed here, although it was soon infected by the heretical pastor.

    Herr Drumpf and his godless cohorts will soon introduce a mandatory vaccination for the Sars-Cov2 bug. Following that, perhaps simultaneously, forced “chipping” with RFD chips will be introduced ala ID2020, a Gates Foundation project. Gates paralyzed nearly 50k Indian children with his “free” vaccines. Meanwhile, the fleecing of the Treasury will persist in extraordinary measures. Did you get your check yet, suckah?

    The current BS is a cover for an absolutely bankrupt US. Its debt can no longer be maintained since even the interest is beyond our means to repay.

    When Herr Drumpf declares that no more than 10 souls can meet, has he personally destroyed all religious meetings in the US? And, especially notable is that the Christian pastors willingly obey, bending the knee to Man rather than their Head, the Lord Jesus Christ. Not many of them will qualify for the coming decapitations by the Sanhedrin (under Noachide Law) as blasphemers for claiming Yeshua haMessiah is God’s Son.

    The stupid Christians here celebrated when Drumpf made Sodom & Egypt the capital of the man-made state of Israel. Now, they may reap the whirlwind, eh?

    • Replies: @Emslander
  21. Great reading. Excellent comments, too.

  22. gotmituns says:

    Those gen. Z’s down in Florida should all come down with coronavirus but they won’t because it’s all a giant hoax.

  23. anon[191] • Disclaimer says:

    I see thousands of Americans committing suicide because there’s nothing for them to do (no sports). So many of them have no hobbies, no family ties, no kids, only their NFL, NBA, Baseball, Golf and Hockey on the televitz. If they can’t watch sports, they’ll end it all with drugs and booze or violence.

    • Replies: @follyofwar
  24. @jo6pac

    The only evidence I ever need for anything is people saying so. Therefore: America did Corona!

  25. anon[837] • Disclaimer says:

    Its funny the same race that is responsible for Ebola and AIDS is now harassing and assaulting Asians
    in America using coronavirus as an excuse. A world without blacks would be closest thing to paradise on Earth.

    • Replies: @Jake
  26. YT says:

    I’m currently in malaysia and these sand-niggas here have made such a damn mess that our favorite resident rapper has trolled.

    Just a month ago, these pro-china retards in my ‘hood along with several mainland chinks roasted him online.

    Now thanks to the sand-niggas gathering for some retard event at the capital, many of ’em darkies are now believed to have gotten the infection.

    Talk about sheer incompetence [from jungle asians] and a one-sided infatuation with commies [from local chinks].

    (available in English subtitles)

  27. Jake says:

    Linh Dinh goes from a brilliant insight such as It’s director Yeon Sang-ho’s little joke to have his characters stay placid at the sickest spectacles, but that’s the story of our time. We all do this a thousand times each day. Barely responsive, we’re deader than zombies, with our passivity punctuated only by impotent anger. to confessing his love of Korean women’s professional basketball.

    That is the brilliance of absurdity.

  28. Jake says:

    If there were no blacks, then WASP Elites and Jews would tab another non-white group to be used as tools and weapons with which to bludgeon the vast majority of whites.

    In fact, WASP Elites and Jews already do that with brown Mohammedans.

    If not for the Anglo-Zionist Empire, maybe even blacks would be better behaved.

  29. @anon

    When you say thousands of men are committing suicide over no sports on TV and the other causes you mentioned, do you have a source for that? I live in a small town and check the obits every day. Men are constantly dying from their early twenties to late fifties, and it usually says they “died suddenly at home.” (That’s not the case for women). Men just don’t drop dead at those ages to such an extent, and I always assume it is usually suicide or drugs ODs.

    With the C-19 hysteria, and the constant fear and anxiety caused by the media and gov’t, I expect those numbers to rise. Many more men will die from gov’t mismanagement and the scaremongering media than from the virus itself.

  30. Yo Linh!

    Trump ain’t “Our Father, and please listen to The Brother’s stinging sermon, below?

    Ha ha. Mnuchin pig man, well heeled, charade.

    Miss you & all my best, Linh.

  31. theMann says:

    Since sunlight is the most effective anti-viral out there, telling people to stay indoors is the single most counterproductive measure imaginable. Combine it with giving people ibuprofen for fever, when it is known to suppress immune responses, and you are doing the worst possible thing. And the medical community either does know this, or should know this.

    It is almost as if there is a deliberate plan to generate some deaths, in order to justify the Police State measures that exploded forth everywhere.

    • Replies: @George F. Held
  32. Liza says:

    The Asleep are terrified of a virus.

    The Awoke are terrified of their government.

    (I saw this someplace. I would put my last dollar on betting that 99% of the population is in the first category.)

    Sheep, the whole pathetic lot.

    Too much work to try and keep themselves even halfways healthy.

  33. Dithers says:

    I look forward to Linh Dinh’s articles. I would enjoy them for his command of language alone, but his insights manage to pull me out of the ruts of my habitual thoughts, as if he could reach into a locked box through a fifth dimension.

  34. Johan says:
    @Digital Samizdat

    ‘Crowd control’…

    The gillet jaunes protest in gillet jaunes.., these are the straight jacket vests which have been made compulsory by authorities because this mass man drives around all day senselessly in his holy cow, where by now he is a lethal danger to himself and other mass man. Say, a zombie who, if you are not careful will drive you into the hospital, or your grave if you step out of a vehicle or are using another form of road transport. Sometimes this mass man also bumps onto each other in series, killing multiples of himself in a row, bringing about a large trail of destruction. Seems an understandable reason for crowd control here…

    These guys are degenerated democratic mass man, slaves in uniforms assigned by authorities, they even identify with this uniform, which is a sign of their slavishness, uniformity and stupidity. These protesters are no danger at all to elites and the system, such degenerates without any sense of honour, product of long term democracy and conformism will not be part of any revolution, rather they have to be protected from themselves by obligated warning vests.. hahaha.
    Did you mean ‘Cow control’?

  35. @Jon Baptist

    These people promote and generate wars.

    Orwell’s Chapter III on the economic function of war should be required reading for every American, every person still in possession of a soul and a conscience
    Machiavelli noticed how guns gained greater reach and urged that fortresses be strengthened
    WWI introduced gas warfare
    WWII introduced air warfare
    VietNam introduced Agent Orange
    Iraq war re-introduced chemical warfare
    Now we have germ warfare

    nb. there’s also a decent chronology of BioChemWarfare by Zanders at Arms Control Law

    Hard not to notice the many comparisons to this moment as the equal of WWII,

    and so it is: FDR needed war (among other things) to get US out of Depression; it took at least 7 years of propaganda and fear-mongering and demonizing of Germany to force the acquiescence of the American people to war.

    Perhaps the Corona war is Trump’s version of missiles into an empty Syrian space: killing Soleimani did not get the war against Iran that is so urgently needed.

    Ergo all the sequelae of war as Orwell describes them, with its economic benefits to the same-old same-old (see, i.e. How the Jews Defeated Hitler ) without having to gain the American public’s assent to killing Iranians and more Muslims — not that that assent would have been that hard to get.

    This is a war against the American people, in which we are boot-camped, vaccinated, drilled and (dis)armed to wage war against ourselves.
    Just like WWII.

  36. Emslander says:
    @Yankel W.

    When Herr Drumpf declares that no more than 10 souls can meet, has he personally destroyed all religious meetings in the US? And, especially notable is that the Christian pastors willingly obey, bending the knee to Man rather than their Head, the Lord Jesus Christ. Not many of them will qualify for the coming decapitations by the Sanhedrin (under Noachide Law) as blasphemers for claiming Yeshua haMessiah is God’s Son.

    Could Stalin have accomplished as much so easily?

    This one development is probably Satan’s greatest victory, to have the Bishops close their churches to their flock that seeks the sacramental nourishment. It will be followed by more.

    • Replies: @ricpic
  37. Truth says:

    Snowpiercer was “spinning-ball earth” mockery.

  38. anon[837] • Disclaimer says:

    The Anglo-Zionist elites also seem to hate Mongoloid Asians as well as whites Europeans.

  39. Agent76 says:

    Mar 18, 2020 Coronavirus: How China Spun Criticism Into “Racism”

    The Chinese Communist Party is trying to spin any criticism of how it handled the coronavirus outbreak, including the cover up, as anti-China racism. And Western media is eating it up, using it as an excuse for politicians to attack each other—Biden, Sanders, Trump. What do you call the coronavirus? Covid-19? The Wuhan Virus? The Chinese Virus?

  40. What comes next? I will tell you. A recession so deep that it will put the great depression to shame to be followed by governmental inability to protect its citizens to be followed by civil wars to be followed by an apocalyptic world war to be followed by another stone age.

  41. Hacienda says:

    Just a few points since I experienced a lot of the things you mentioned in this article.

    1. 720 dunks by Korean women. Really Linh? That’s what you went to Korea to see? Whatever floats your boat, more power to you, etc.

    2. I’ve taken that train to Busan. It’s not really a bullet train. Its top speed is like 90 mph. But it looks like the Shinkansen, so you get that illusion, but never that I’m in a different reality like you get on the actual Shinkansen.

    3. Korean restaurants in L.A. are much more expensive and yet much inferior to Korean restaurants in Korea. And Korean spots tend to specialize in one killer dish that keeps people coming. The prices have something to do with the size of the restaurants. Koreans restaurants can be tiny with seating for 12 max or so. It keeps the real estate or leasing prices down. Or the family owns the space outright. Plus there’s so much price competition. The trade-off is that you can lose the grand dining out experience you get in the US.

    4. Notice the movie is Train to Busan, not Train to Seoul. It has something to do with Seoul being the vast, impersonal, huge go board like place. Busan is still regarded as personable, country. There’s some truth to this, but with the caveat that personable in America and Korea are different things.

    5. If you want to experience real life zombieland go down a subway station in Busan after the trains stop running. Bone chilling and will have you second guessing how far S. Korea has come. What’s worse is that these people aren’t actual zombies, they seem to be in a transition state to zombiehood. Still alive enough to shout and scream and peel for they remember a better time. That’s horrifying. Possibly better to be dead for these damned folks.

    6. Still, S. Korea is a wonderland with Lee Sedol, BTS, good movies and occasionally masterful movies, magic temples, Samsung, etc.

  42. ricpic says:

    Wow, what an anticlimax the rest of this article was after Linh hinted that those Korean basketball amazons make him hard.

  43. ricpic says:

    The Messiah hasn’t even come yet you goyishe schmuck!

  44. So a world of 7 billion souls must drop everything, lose trillions and stop living on behalf of just under a quarter million.

    Those must be some VERY important people!

    • Thanks: Liza
  45. Smith says:

    Stay put, Linh.

    Vietnam bans all foreign flights, it’s getting comfy.

  46. @Jake

    Where do pagan papists fit in your hierarchy?

    • Replies: @Fitzman
  47. Linh, greetings from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

    I flew back to Asia from the US–via Korea–and was not allowed back in Vietnam unless I spent 14 days in a military quarantine camp. I decided against that and ended up back in KL–one of the better places to eat in the entire world. Sadly the kopitiams and restaurants are delivery only. You get the nasi kandar but you lose the conviviality.

    I’ve spent plenty of time in Korea with my Gangnam-bred wife; Busan is a particular favorite.

    If you have some extra scratch while in Busan, I’d recommend spending the day at the jimjilbang attached the Shinsigae department store. It’s called “SPA LAND Centum City”. I forget the price, but it isn’t super steep. There are places to soak, to scrub, to zonk out in massage recliners. Plus an excellent restaurant. Def worth a visit.

  48. @Loremipsum

    I hope all you stranded travellers are well stocked on funds as the lockdown will probably last about three months. And whoever started it earlier will be out of it sooner. Those imposing it late, well you just have to wait.

    The worst would be stranded in a transit lounge at some airport because all onward flights anywhere have been cancelled – remember the movie based loosely on a true story of an Iranian stuck at a Paris airport for years. But at least that guy had access to the restaurants in the transit lounge and the numerous passengers passing through he could beg from for his drinks and meals. This won’t last that long and hopefully they won’t charge fines or imprison those who they let through immigration for overstaying their tourist visas once they expire, or at least extend them, if their immigration offices are at all open, unless they’ve sent all the staff home. They should be able to help any such cases “on humanitarian grounds” – here’s hoping for any of you in such predicaments. There are always the embassies that may help out – but your mileage may vary depending on which passport you hold.

  49. Jim Smith says:

    Another excellent essay by Linh Dinh. His links-to-pictures are becoming an ever-more-important adjunct to the essayist’s words, and I find myself jumping back and forth to savor the visual reality of what he describes. One small cavil however: When I click on a photograph-link, I have to scroll down to actually see the picture (past all those tags-upon-tags-upon-tags). I wonder if it wouldn’t be possible to have the photograph actually jab you in the eye when you click on a link. The photos add hugely to Linh’s fascinating written descriptions, and immediacy counts.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  50. Hacienda says:

    That’s the spa with the skating rink inside with little Kim Yoonas, large multiple loungers with earphone hookups and giant screen TV inside the spa room. Remarkable, hypnotic, showers and fountains that make it a water show as much as a spa. I second that. Linh needs to check that out. Affordable too. The Shinsegae Department Store advertised itself as the world’s largest department store at the time I went there 10 years ago. Don’t know if that’s still true (or was then), but also worth checking out as large Korea department stores still have event vibe that, unfortunately, Walmart or even Nordstroms cannot provide. Part of the zippity do da of Sears in her glory days was the discovery of new things, the country folk sees the city folk and it being outlet for American design and ingenuity. Obviously, Korea’s dispatched with much of that. I’d like to read Linh’s take on all of that, because he’s gonna love it and try to hate on it all at once.

    • Replies: @Loremipsum
  51. Anonymous[225] • Disclaimer says:
    @Jim Smith

    I wonder if it wouldn’t be possible to have the photograph actually jab you in the eye when you click on a link.

    Yes, you can do that on blogger by clicking on the image location and posting that url. For example, from one of my blogs:

  52. @Commentator Mike

    “But at least that guy had access to the restaurants in the transit lounge and the numerous passengers passing through he could beg from for his drinks and meals.”

    Indeed. Living in “Silicon Valley” as I do, we have a large population of desperately poor who exist by begging, collecting scrap metal, etc. I’d not want to be one of them right now, as nearly as I can tell they’re SOL and honestly, I don’t know where they’ve gone – gathered up and in some camp somewhere? Maybe gas vans are in vogue again? Saw a few sketchy types I’d never seen before (may actually be housed) and one “busker” (if by busking you mean drumming on the sidewalk along with Beatles on a boom box, but at least he had rhythm) I’ve never seen before. A few tents etc but no sign they’re inhabited.

    • Replies: @jeff stryker
  53. @Commentator Mike

    Actually, the fact that my life went horrendously pear-shaped in the US young in life and became an expat ensured I was better off in a few momentous occasions like this.

    9-11 did not bother me. I was in Dubai.

    I missed out on the Great Recession.

    And I’ll sit this one out, too. Has not affected me at all. No cases where I live. Economy hums along.

    So you know, in some ways, I’ve been fortunate that I left the US young.

  54. @alex in San Jose AKA Digital Detroit

    Well, if your life was in shambles already, what do you have to lose? A stockbroker today is upset. A restauranteur. Tourism people.

    But homeless? So what? They already lost everything?

    As a lifelong expat who left the US 21 years ago when I was only 25 I lose no house, no US spouse or kids, no stocks, no job.

    During 9-11, I was in Dubai. I was in Dubai and India during the Great Recession.

    Now I can sit this one out.

    Sure, I had tough times as a young man. But by moving overseas at age 25 in 1999, I managed to avoid many things Americans in their mid-40’s have lived through.

    I enjoyed Dubai during 9-11.

    I was making good money overseas during the Great Recession.

    And right now, in Asia, I’ll avoid this too.

    Like yourself, beyond the basic needs of shelter, subsitence income and a meal everyday…I have little anyhow. Nothing to lose. No house, no wife, no career in the US, no credit card debt…No nothing.

    The middle-class is deeply affected. But the 1 percent and those like you or I have little to lose. We never really enjoyed the American Dream anyhow. I’ve had wonderful times overseas of course.

  55. @jeff stryker


    Whatever happens you’re no worse off than most others wherever, especially if you live in a rural area. But I read that Thailand too is going into lockdown with Pattaya closing all the bars down for at least two months. Now if all those bar girls head back to the provinces and any contracted it from some tourists …

    • Replies: @jeff stryker
  56. koolking says:

    Another thing to ponder Jeff, the recent resurgence of the virus in Thailand is being blamed on Europeans. I remember back when Saigon fell the Thais in Nakhon Phanom and Sakhon Nakhon, fearing a Vietnamese invasion, ransacked and looted all the Vietnamese shops in these provinces – injured a lot of people but I don’t think they killed anyone. Hopefully, you know a few friendly cops.

    Oh, I thought you had said you owned a business with your Thai wife that provided a decent income, now you are saying you have no wife? What gives?

  57. @Commentator Mike

    Its a two percent fatality rate.

    Thank goodness.

    I live in a bubble here anyow. I designed my house to be sterile. Tile floors and concrete walls.

  58. @koolking

    I have no wife in the United States. I did not marry until I was 40.

    My wife operates a lottery business. Its stable. Domestic. Bar owners are taking an enormous hit. Hotel proprietors. Not us.

    I’m so far off the grids nobody really pays attention to me. Some foreigners move here and want to be known and befriend everyone and drink with everyone.

    Me, I am a virtual wraith living quietly in the back room of our house. Of course people know me, but I don’t live in a large enough city to have much contact w anyone.

    I’ll take Asians over belonging to the white urban US underclass any day. I got into serious situations in Phoenix. One involved a black girl who had been beat up by a black pimp who lived in my apartment complex who asked to use my phone to call a taxi. The next day, he came over with his Lt. He was not furious, but annoyed. I was afraid.

    Another incident I had in Phoenix with Mexicans was random.

    Point is, I’ve been better off overseas.

  59. @koolking


    I remember one time I did a visa run to Cambodia at the time there was a dispute between Thailand and Cambodia over some ancient Buddhist temple on the border each claimed and the Cambodians burnt down all Thai businesses and drove the Thais out. I was the only guy walking back over the no man’s land at what used to be a very busy border crossing and each side had machine guns deployed facing each other and lots of soldiers on either side. As I was walking towards Thai immigration the Cambodian soldier with an AK47 called me over and grinned while saying confidently that they had superior Russian weapons while the Thais were using M16s and other US crap. Luckily they didn’t go to war over just a Buddhist temple and they’re both Buddhists. Senseless.

  60. Fitzman says:
    @Gleimhart Mantooso

    And who is it who heads up your “religion”, Gleimster?

  61. @Commentator Mike

    Thanks Mike: solid advice. I’ve been in a Thai jail before and in temporary detention outside of Tashkent. Neither are recommended. Never trust the whims of a fatted kleptocrat with a gun in ANY country.

    Lot of people in KL that will likely run out of money in a few weeks. Doubt the embassies will ferry them home at that point.

    I sold a start-up back in NYC back at peak insanity time (abt 2 years ago) and have been nomading since. I’m set for life with money, but the first thing I did when the check cleared was to move 50% out of the US and distribute it to various banks and real-estate projects via a company I started in Singapore. Was able to get LTR in Singapore and KL (property purchase) and Korea (via wife).

    Who knows if this was the right move: for me, working my ass off in my 20s and 30s was with the sole goal of hedging my bets, both geographically and financially.

    Keeping millions in FDIC “insured” accounts or over-inflated real-estate in Hayes Valley or the LES seemed pretty laughable at the time. Now, my aversion seems outright prophetic.

    I think we’re at a moment where the world could go either way: full-on Fed-induced hyperinflation in the US, with bank collapses and bail-ins and breadlines. Or straight-up China collapse, civil war, fragmentation, and dissolution, with all of the attendant localized geopolitical consequences over here in Asia.

    From a hedging standpoint, all that’s left is for me to convert to Judaism. They already have my foreskin–might as well give them my soul?

    We shall wait and see.

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  62. @Hacienda

    Yes! That’s the one. I think Linh would love it.

    “Treat yourself,” as the people on American tv would say.

  63. @jeff stryker

    When they get around to killing off the whites in Asian countries, I agree, you won’t see any rhinestone-encrusted pimp guns or histrionics; it will be legal, orderly, and efficient.

    The white underclass in the US is absolutely horrible and I’m all for giving ’em all the free opioids etc they want – let ’em party.

    The thing is, you want to be where you’re not a walking target. As a “square” white you were in the areas you chose to live in the US, so you got out. Where I was, in Hawaii, I was, so I chose to get out. How I envy anyone who’s any of the brown races who steps off a plane in Hawaii and is instantly more welcome than I am, even though I grew up there.

    I could convert and go to Israel and they’d spot me instantly for what I’d be; an English-speaking Reform Jew, with a touch of non-white ancestry (I’m part Tatar it turns out) which is a welcome bit of spice, there. If I learned Hebrew to any extent at all and made the effort to get by in Hebrew, they’d love it because so many Anglo-speakers just won’t/can’t do that. The thing is that I could do it, even though it’s a lot of effort, and I’d be more welcome there than in old Honolulu and on the beaches I fished and beachcombed on as a child.

    I could go to France and again, on sight I’d blend right in. My understanding is that the French are more insulted by one’s lack of competence in French than pleased by one’s efforts in French, but it’s the same thing – I’d sure as hell do my best by the language.

    I could get by in any of the warmer European countries, and in a relatively short amount of time, pass for a local.

    Morris Berman gets by so well in Mexico City because he could pass for a lighter-skinned Hispanic. There are plenty who are lighter than him. (I’m sure he’s got money stashed in and well as out of country, escape plans, etc. in place.)

    Getting out of the US is golden advice, but getting out to someplace where you could be a walking target as the political winds shift, seems really questionable to me.

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  64. @Loremipsum

    I am not convinced that this virus warrants the extreme measures taken but assuming it is as they say then bringing all those people back home, as the US and some other countries did, is the worst possible thing to do allowing them to spread it among the general population in their home countries if there were no restrictions yet in place or even by breaking any imposed self-isolation. I think it would have been more sensible to keep everyone where they are and assisting with accommodation, food, and other essentials until this blows over. Just my opinion. Like this it looks more what they do before going to war.

    • Replies: @Loremipsum
  65. @alex in San Jose AKA Digital Detroit

    Alex. Now I understand.

    Your parents were educated decent middle-class Jewry who swallowed the sixties do-anything-you-want BS and became part of the Me Generation. As a result of this, your father, an educated Jewish man from a perfectly respectable square background revolted and got into swinging and free love and abandoned his family in the seventies.

    As a result, your mother struggled in life. So essentially, you are a victim of the seventies. Flares go out of style, sure. But when Dad gets into swinging and free love and you grow up in utter poverty it is hard to “drop back in” to society in the eighties after your parents “dropped out” in the seventies.

    As for your appearance, you probably have that Charles Bronson Lithuanian Tartar thing going right?

    My own problem was my parents held it together until my junior year of high school in 1990 (I was born in 74) and then finally, after years of infidelity and acrimony, they divorced and the house was liquidated cheap. It was worth $200 in 1990, but Dad and Mom just wanted to go their separate ways.

    So I was not street smart. One day I’m in the bucolic suburbs of Ann Arbor and suddenly I’m in my grandmother’s condo in a scruffy area of Detroit completing high school in a rougher public school.

    As for being a clean-cut WASP, in Asia unlike Arizona, no white trash tweakers got busted down the hallway and then came to my unit armed because they “thought I was a narc”.

    Mexicans, on some grassroots level, make Anglos a political target because they resent the fact that Anglo-Saxons or their British forebears stole states like Arizona and Florida from them. Asians don’t feel this way.

    France is more expensive than the US and you could not work there without a permit. Maybe you have French ancestry.

    Israel? When I was young and Michigan was collapsing, a number of Jews I knew were immigrating to Israel. It was better than Michigan. I have no idea what the process is for immigrating to Israel.

    I’m not afraid of being jumped in Asia. I’d be more afraid of being jumped in Hawaii by Polynesians, who can be big and ferocious, on “Kill a Haole” Day.

    You don’t have to speak Aramaic to immigrate to Israel.

  66. koolking says:

    BANGKOK – As the global epicenter of the Covid-19 outbreak shifts from China to Europe, so too are racist attitudes towards foreigners in the virus-hit kingdom of Thailand.

    As officials impose new restrictions on inbound travelers, including newly-required health certificates and proof of health insurance, Caucasians are increasingly being blamed for the country’s growing outbreak of over 300 cases.

    Those numbers have surged in recent days, rising from 117 on March 17 to 322 on March 20. Thailand has so far reported only one Covid-19 related death.

    Health Minister Anutin Charnvirakul has blamed “dirty” Caucasian tourists for infecting Thailand with Covid-19.

    On March 12, Anutin stated: “Ninety percent of Thais are wearing masks. However, none of the Caucasians are wearing masks.

    “This is the reason our country is being infected. We should be more careful of the Caucasians than Asians.

    “Right now, it’s winter in Europe, and with the [coronavirus] outbreak, they have all fled the cold and the virus to come into warm Thailand. Many of them are dirty and do not shower,” the statement, written in the Thai language, said.

    The tweet was deleted hours after it was widely condemned.

    The Health Ministry later told reporters that while indeed the Twitter account in question belonged to Anutin, his staff sometimes posted tweets on his behalf.

    However, Anutin, who is believed to have prime ministerial ambitions, has not publicly apologized for the tweet.

    Anutin is widely perceived as epitomizing Thailand’s erratic official response to the crisis.

    The racist remarks also risk hitting the nation’s already devastated tourism industry, which contributes as much as 20% of gross domestic product (GDP) and relies heavily on top-spending Western travelers.”

    I hear the hookers are fleeing Bangkok to go back to their family farms in Issan. The ones remaining are charging about 1/6 the previous going rate.

    For anyone there, I would stay way under the radar and wear a mask if outdoors. I have seen with my own eyes what the Thais are capable of during the anti-Vietnamese riots in NE Thailand at the end of the Vietnam war. Thais are some of the most friendly and caring people I’ve met, until they’re not.

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  67. @koolking

    It’s the damned falung, farang! (sarc). But from what I read he’s probably right about them not wearing masks, but can they find them? Looks like the pharmacies are out of stock. And they do shower less than the Southeast Asians. Not to mention what they think of the falung’s toilet habits requiring toilet paper which Thais substitute with water. Their economy is about to take a big hit so of course – blame the farang.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  68. @Commentator Mike

    Yeah in “lockdown” in Malaysia currently. It feels like war footing across the planet. Similar to China’s almost IMMEDIATE military response.

    Troops in the streets (supposedly but I don’t see them anywhere from my 40th story perch downtown). Gossip is that they’re out hunting those pesky Rohingya that have contracted the disease and are now avoiding the authorities’ desires to test them.

    A crisis is always a wonderful time to persecute SOMEONE. I imagine a country like Malaysia, already with a fragile multi-ethnic balance, will see more scapegoats, and possibly more violence.

    This disease is either
    1) A joke–a cover used for a global elitist grab of power and shekels. An excuse to crash the world economy and rebuild it with ‘good goy’ bio-implants and digital fiat garbage currency.

    2) Much more serious than they are telling us: a bioweapon loosed accidentally or on purpose by a state or even non-state actor. Doesn’t really matter at this point. It’s out there and won’t be contained for 18 months so they are slow-rolling our lockdown so we don’t panic and trying to preserve what’s left of the fragile Global Ponzi.

    3) Serious but containable. Treatment comes online in 6 months.Boomers removed and pensions given a bit more breathing room. Some serious economic shocks, but the money-printers in the temple will patch it all up for another 5 years or so. Long enough for the US to get its ducks in a row for a nice little war to kickstart the flailing economy.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  69. Anonymous[360] • Disclaimer says:
    @Commentator Mike

    This is why I don’t understand falang who want to live long term in Thailand. They can build a whole life there, and yet they’ll still be tarred and feathered and driven out of town as soon as SHTF.

    Better they focus on what works best. Enjoy some beaches, bitches and brews and then come back next year for another one.

  70. Anonymous[360] • Disclaimer says:

    Troops in the streets (supposedly but I don’t see them anywhere from my 40th story perch downtown). Gossip is that they’re out hunting those pesky Rohingya that have contracted the disease and are now avoiding the authorities’ desires to test them.

    They’re manning road blocks starting from today, giving backup to the police.

    I think the foreign workers in general will be a huge problem, because they live in dormitories, travel by bicycle, and socialise to waste lockdown time.

    I imagine a country like Malaysia, already with a fragile multi-ethnic balance, will see more scapegoats, and possibly more violence

    Who can they blame? The Malays could blame the Chinese only to the extent that the bat soup hypothesis holds water, while the Chinese are already bitching about the Malays and their mass Mosque gathering in Sri Petaling.

    IMO, there isn’t really any viable scape goats except for the foreign workers, who will take the blame and get looked down upon yet remain indispensable because they’re the backbone of industry.

    Supposedly, Malaysia is on lockdown until the end of the month but i have a strong suspicion it will be extended. The reason is that the restrictions are getting tighter on a daily basis, and we still need 14 days at maximum restriction to allow new transmissions to become symptomatic. Remember, we’ve just had a political coup install a backdoor government which probably hadn’t even learned where their office was before the Covid cases started piling up.

    • Replies: @Loremipsum
  71. @Anonymous

    Good points. I keep forgetting the new gov just got ‘installed’ here. Probably explains all the confusing directives on the MCO: they’re just learning how to govern. I also think the MCO gets extended here and everywhere else for many, many months.

    The more I think about it, the more I realize that the appearance of this bioweapon and the global unwinding of credit (i.e. collapse) couldn’t co-exist more fortuitously.

    China, Europe, US are all over-leveraged and all need a reset. Generally, when this happens, the oligarchs scoop up everything left behind by the terrified pensioners and retail investors, leaving the remaining 99% to fight it out in the streets. They only roll out the guillotines for the upperclass if the conditions are just right.

    But now, with everyone on house arrest, and afraid to congregate in public, the globalist restructuring can continue unabated.

    The middle-class will be killed off without a peep…everyone will be too scared to go outside. Call it a final, hostile takeover?

    The virus is the misdirection for the new control grid and a social-credit derived digital currency overlay?

    Either way, I’m jonesing for some nasi kandar. Dollar is surging against the ringgit. For now.

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  72. @Loremipsum

    Thousands are leaving Bangkok for the provinces as Thailand heads for complete shutdown:

    • Replies: @Loremipsum
  73. @Commentator Mike

    It’s smart. People head back to the farm in times of crisis. There are still resilient, self-sustaining communities in the countryside. They’ll be the ones that make it. Thailand is food-secure. Malaysia unfortunately is not. Thank the palm oil plantations, mostly.

  74. @Jeff Stryker

    I have to give you an A++ for effort. but I wish I were as lucky as the scenario you sketch out here.

    Nope dad was pure WASP in fact rels of his are big on the DAR, Daughters of the American Revolution. Bunch of inbred show dogs, them.

    I was really hung up on the – as I saw it – near certainty that Mom was Jewish. How else do you get such swarthy people out of Lithuania, a country north of Poland and just south of Latvia, endless font of potato jokes?

    I took the DNA test thinking this is pretty much a slam-dunk, as Ashkenazi Jews are not only possessors of a pretty unique constellation of genes due to 1000+ years of relative genetic isolation, and there’s a huge data pool. (Conversely, anyone who identifies at Tatar these days knows good and well they’re Tatar, so the data pool is quite small.)

    So I sent off my test, thinking this is “such a deal” because if I’m Jewish, it means my siblings are too and it’s a 5 for the price of one deal. We’d all have Israel as a place to run to as things go to shit in the US.

    Aaaaaaaaand the test came back with nothing. Nada. Bupkis. In fact, I come out as something like 99.8% European. Something close to Ivory Soap, which is 99-44/100ths pure.

    I got hold of my mother’s sister a couple of years ago, which is pretty miraculous, and she gave me the names etc all the way back to old Vilnius, and it’s Lithuanians all the way down.

    The whole thing had me puzzled as hell, frankly, until I got onto a search about “swarthy” or “sallow” (which the British say to mean yellowish, tan) Lithuanians and thus I discovered the Lipka Tatars. The first wave decided Catholicism would be more fun than their animism (you get to drink wine!) and did their best to blend into Lithuanian society. They even helped Lithuania defend itself from successive waves of Tatars who’d gotten the Islam bug by then.

    So, no Jewyness at all. In fact my boss, Polish by ethnicity, says his daughter took the test and had a tiny bit European Jewish, but me, not none.

    It’s a royal bitch to convert, you have to spend a year living Jewishly, go to a bunch of classes and stuff at the temples around here, and it’s really only worth it if one wants to go live in Israel, thus getting out of the sinking ship that is the USA. Whether Israel is another sinking ship is a whole ‘nother matter.

    No, my parents were just typical American idiots who expected everything to be easy, mid-1935 models and middle-class, they’d grown up with things just getting better and better through WWII and the subsequent fat decades, and when things started to go to shit in the 1970s they had no mechanism to cope with it. It’s classic generation theory really.

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
    , @Anonymous
  75. @Jeff Stryker

    I want to also say: I will never lose my soft spot and admiration for Jews. Growing up, what few Jews we ran into treated me better than they absolutely had to. That makes a *huge* impression on a starving 1970s kid.

    I read about Einstein’s family inviting a poor Jewish student to their lush Friday night dinner, and just about fell off of my chair. Never, ever, ever has, would, or will, a WASP ever do that for one of their own that I’ve ever seen.

    The persecution Jews went through parallel my own experiences as a “haole” in Hawaii, No, not gas chambers but there are a few times I had to think/act quick to be here typing this now.

    Growing up, and now, almost all the people I’m around are clods. The whites are either tech-educated clods who don’t know anything beyond their very narrow specialty and have sticks up their asses, or are drunks/druggies with, as I think you’ve said, the morals of an alley cat. The non-whites tend to be people who are just getting by, and believe in this concept called “family” and care about theirs. But it’s a fairly mundane existence. And yet there were these shining stars in the darkness, Carl Sagan and Isaac Asimov and a lot of popular science books by people who seemed to most often have Jewish names, and the whole concept of enjoying learning, that’s a Jewish thing. Whites adhere as much as the Chinese to the Chinese saying that an education is something you use to get somewhere, like using a brick to smash through a window – once the window is broken, you throw the brick away.

    As always, The Simpsons has the answers. Homer and Marge don’t give a flying fuck if Lisa’s smart and Bart’s kinda dumb, and that Maggie is developmentally delayed. Kids are fed and clothed enough to keep their parents out of trouble with the authorities and beyond that, who gives a shit? Kids are supposed to just raise themselves, which is really opposite of the Jewish way of doing things.

  76. @Anonymous

    Jews were in Poland and Lithuania for 500 years and still … Lithuania in fact was especially thorough in their pogroms in WWII. 500 years, folks. And I remember when Yugoslavia broke up, there were 1000-year-old grudges being brought up. Yugos were digging up old, old graves to settle old, old scores.

    By that measure, my father’s roots in this country may only go back 300 years at most, and thus do I go to England and hope they ignore my Lithuanian half? Or to to Lithuania and hope they ignore my WASP half? Well, I’m not going to Lithuania, that’s for sure. Ugly flag, stupid language, and I’m sure the weather’s awful.

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  77. @koolking

    Perhaps easier to blame the white farang for Wuhan V. because the Chinese run the Thai mass media?

  78. @alex in San Jose AKA Digital Detroit

    Yes, Charles Bronson was a Lipka Tatar (Lithuanian Tatar).

    Maybe you look like him.

  79. @alex in San Jose AKA Digital Detroit

    As an expat I’d say the following:

    UK won’t give you a work visa or citizenship. Not at age 58. You can work illegally, of course.

    You might be able to get a Lithuanian passport if your maternal grandparents were born there but that country is poor (The only Europeans who still want to immigrate to the US are from Eastern Europe) and you’ll be worse off than you are in America.

  80. @Jeff Stryker

    But Lithuania is now in the EU so he wouldn’t be restricted to one country if he could get their passport. And he could then live and work legally in his favourite France.

  81. @Jeff Stryker

    I agree with you on all points. BTW the most recent thing Bronson was in that I know of was called “The Last Outlaw” that I watched in the 90s, not a bad movie (and utterly disappeared now) the cowboys talked like real cowboys – yep used the fuck word – and Bronson was a great bad guy.

    I’m not as ugly as him I don’t think anyway! But he went through some of the same poverty I did growing up (hardly had clothes to wear at one point) and he luckily got into a time when you could walk onto Hollywood sets as an extra and work your way up. Lee Marvin did this also.

    But my mom’s folks left Lithuania a couple generations too early and you’re right, I’d be even worse off.

    As for England, you’re right too. I’m too old now. If I’d only known to get out in my 20s. My understanding is that to get away from the capitalist hellscape, England is not really the answer – they invented it and were the subject of Engels’ book on the (horrible) conditions of workingmen under capitalism. France would have been the place to go, work illegally for 10 years while learning the language, keep my nose clean, then become a citizen.

    • Replies: @Loremipsum
  82. @alex in San Jose AKA Digital Detroit

    Where to go? Where to go?

    Here are the countries that have a shot in the post-Bretton Woods Order world, according to Peter Zeihan’s new book:

    USA will dominate everything: a mix of blue-water navy, lack of meaningful exposure to world markets, food security, energy security, deep agricultural and capital producing geography via coastal and riverine systems plus geographic barriers to invasion, and still favorable demographics means American dominance is inevitable.

    UK will be yoked to the US via trade deals and will eventually become a protectorate. Pound will crash and most British businesses will be owned by the Americans. UK got out early and will get started on their depression and rebound well ahead of the EU. The dissolution of EU is inevitable.

    Germany and Russia will collide before they suffer inevitable demographic collapse. Nordics and Poland may get involved. We will provide material support but little else. It’s not our problem.

    France will take over leadership of Europe, will re-engage its colonies and the Francophone world to meet its energy needs. Will likely go after the Suez canal or broker a deal with Turkey for control.

    China will collapse. Period.

    Japan will take over affairs in East Asia

    SEA will trade with everyone

    Argentina, if it gets its politics in order, has a chance to bounce back tremendously.

    Brazil, because of its geography and capital-intensive development and farming efforts, will devolve into neo-feudal city-states or smaller regions dominated by oligarchic companies/families.

    Turkey will become a neo-Empire of its own, will rule the Eastern Med, the Levant, and the useful parts of the Middle East. Will need to learn how to be an Empire again. Could collide with a dying Russia. Could go after the Azeri parts of Iran + oil-producing Azerbaijan.

    KSA and Iran will duke it out, probably to a stalemate. Iran is our logical partner in the region now that we are energy-secure. We’ll use the Wahabis to export terror as needed to destabilize any threats in the region. Israel may turn into a global pariah state on the level of Apartheid-era South Africa, but that will mean less in a world without a global order, where there’s a return to dollar diplomacy and neo-feudal corporate driven foreign policy. People will put up with distasteful regimes to achieve their goals. The room for moralizing is thin when people are starving or the power is out.

    Canada irrelevant and likely broken up. Alberta and Prairies absorbed into US.

    Mexico benefits from improved trade and manufacturing inflows and investment from spooked businesses with China supply-chains.

    Everyone else will scramble or starve.

    I am over-simplifying greatly but it is definitely worth a read.

    Interestingly, this was published a few days before WHO declared a pandemic.

    There’s not a ton on asymmetric threats to the USA in his book, nor the attendant liquidity crisis that is an outcome of the Wuflu, but my guess is that in his view these are short-term problems that will not derail the overall teleology of American dominance (which is rooted in an accident of geography not politics or inherent capability):

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  83. @Loremipsum

    You cannot just have a passport and citizenship because you want to leave the US and like another country.

    Many an American who has moved to Canada discovered that.

    Australia is a good bet. If you can get in.

    Also, Americas issue is crime-related demographics. These won’t change. California has loads of resources and is now a social index of US problems-illegal immigration, gangs, homelessness.

    • Replies: @Loremipsum
  84. @Jeff Stryker

    Yeah, I got EU passport from heritage (via Greece) and have LTRs in Malaysia and Singapore. Can get Korean residency via wife if I need to.

    Most can’t escape.

    The demographics of the US are troubling, but long term advantages of geography will negate that (that’s the theory of the book above, at least).

    That being said, I sure wouldn’t want to be in Oakland right now.

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  85. No one in their right mind would want to be in Oakland right now, except the baddies.

    Be where your tribe is strong!

    I can’t be a stick-up-my ass techie top 10% white because it takes generations of doing everything right to end up there. The last good people in my family seem to have been at the level of my grandparents and even then I’m not sure.

    So I can’t be a rich, stick-up-my-ass white, and poor whites, as far as I’m concerned, ought be be legal to be shot for sport, so what does that leave me? There used to be what I’m going to call “folkish” whites, who didn’t have lots of money, maybe didn’t have college degrees – in fact almost always did not – but were not shitbirds.

    The only ones I can think of that exist now are insular communities like the Amish, various other European-origin ethnic enclaves, maybe some of the Mormons and French Louisianan types.

    The only *other* communities I can think of where it’s not required to be a shitbird if you’re poor, are any Asian community you can think of, ditto Hispanic communities, Middle-Eastern people, and …. Jews.

    If Jews were ever “white” in the first place, since Low-Budget Orange Fuehrer-Lite got installed, Jews are not white now. Rabid racial purity types would not consider me white either, given I’m a bit tan, and even I was surprised to see how “European” my DNA turns out to be.

    But being intelligent, and not being a tattooed, cussing, smoking, drug-taking drunkard who’s in and out of prison even though you’re poor and the rules of the greater culture are that you must be because you don’t have a lot of money, is almost the prototypical Jewish experience in the US.

    I dunno maybe Israel is in my future after all. I’m gonna miss pork and crab and stuff like that.

  86. @Loremipsum

    The Greek economy isn’t good. But for some reason, even poorer parts of Western Europe are safer than America. Living under $30,000 a year is a nightmare of fears of physical violence and crime in the US for anyone who belongs to the urban or even exurban underclass. In my case, Graphic Arts was a lousy degree that led to low-paying entry-level jobs. College students who major in useless degrees should remember this: when you are living hand-to-mouth in low-income housing black or white trash tweakers or Cholo gang members won’t care you have a BA in Comparative Literature.

    Geographic advantages translates to blacks and Cholos won’t live in small towns with no public transport and a vigilant small-town police force (Who often run the place like a fiefdom).

    So what you’re saying is move to the sticks. But there are not many jobs there in the first place, which is why rural kids often move to cities. The idea of living in a 100 year old farmhouse and driving through heaps of snow to reach crossroads where there is a Wal-Mart and the only businesses are antique stores and tattoo parlors is not appealing to me. I like varied cuisine-Greek, for example. I like the buzz of cities.

    The theory is that the US has so much physical space that the middle class can continue moving further and commuting three hours a day to their jobs in the CBD. As inner-cities expand and Section 8 ruins exurbs and barrios become no-go zones middle-class can drive six hours a day to live in a suburb.

    My grandmother’s condominium in Greater Detroit was a nice neighborhood for retirees when I was a kid. Her house was worth half a million dollars when she bought in 1986. In 2006 when it sold it was worth 70 grand and my brother told me were were lucky to get that.

    At any rate, immigrating to other countries is difficult. Much more difficult than most people think. You cannot show up in Australia as a working-class white American and get citizenship. Maybe as a doctor or businessman, sure. But Americans making good money can live in nice suburbs with private security companies. The Americans who would fare best immigrating have no chance of doing so. Australian and NZ immigration don’t care that your daughter is being sexually bullied in a public junior high by sixteen year old black felons still in the ninth grade. They don’t care that your neighborhood is awash in drugs and your 13 year old son is experimenting with meth. They don’t care that cartel-backed Latino gangs are now on the loose in your city decapitating high school girl members. They don’t care that riding the bus to work is a nightmare because of the 300 pound she-beasts who have no job and nothing to do but have outbursts in public all day long.

    Personally, I was poor by Dubai standards. But when you remove two or three groups, poverty is bearable. Indians and Bangladeshis and Filipinos were poor in Dubai and constituted an underclass, but they were not a menace.

    On a biological level, certain groups are wired to be hyper-sexual and impulsive. They will rape, no matter what, because they are walking on a rail all the time. Greek colonists in Upper Egypt observed this about 3000 years and no different than US police of the 21 st century, had to garrison their troops to protect female citizenry from hit-and-run sexual assault. Galen, the Greek colonist, wrote about this.

    Greece has always been on the frontier of Western Civilization. Greeks were the first white with a civilization. Herodotus was writing about border control about 4000 years ago.

    • Replies: @Loremipsum
  87. @Jeff Stryker

    Here’s Zeihan on Greece:

    “Greece imports 80% of its food and 100% of its energy. The only reason it was even created as a nationstate is back in the 1800s the Brits invented modern Greek nationalism as a means of destabilizing the Ottoman Empire. Since that time, someone has always found Greece useful and so has paid Greece to exist. The first time that did NOT happen was the 2000s, and so Greece faced a financial collapse. W/o the EU keeping Greece on financial dripfeed, it dies. Again.”

    I am Peter Zeihan, a geopolitical strategist, futurist and author the new book Disunited Nations. AMA from IAmA

    Personally, Greece was a backdoor into an EU passport for me. I love the Greek people. I love my Greek family. I love Greek food. I like having two passports when I cross a border, just in case, but I personally don’t want to live there. Food security and energy security are going to be big issues. Plus, I couldn’t trust their banks.

  88. Anonymous[345] • Disclaimer says:
    @alex in San Jose AKA Digital Detroit

    When did your ancestors leave Lithuania? You can get citizenship by descent up to great grandparents fairly easily, as long as they left at the right time.

  89. @Justsaying

    How times have changed with sin replacing religion as the Marxian opiate of the people.

    Isn’that a wonderful example of the Marxist concept of “the unity of opposites”? Or perhaps it is an example of “a thing turning into its opposite as it develops”?

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