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White Flagged America
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Washington DC, 2010

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When Ichiro played in the Major Leagues, he was always hounded by a mob of Japanese journalists and photographers, starting with the first day of Spring Training. Sick of this, he told an interviewer he wished they would just disappear.

“From your life?”

“No, from this earth.”

The USA, though, is not being pestered but deformed, debilitated and, well, frankly destroyed by a host of people, many of whom you may not have heard of, so let’s us:

Imagine there’s no George Soros,

No Bill Gates, Rupert Murdoch or Klaus Schwab, too.

No Jeff Zucker, Mark Zuckerberg, Arthur Sulzberger,

Jonathan Greenblatt, Larry Fink, David Solomon,

Robert Iger, Charles Scharf, Jamie Dimon,

Steve Schwarzman, Jeremy Zimmer, Len Blavatnik,

Andy Slavitt, Jeffrey Zients, Anthony Fauci,

Jessica Rosenworcel, Janet Yellen, Gary Gensler,

Betsy Berns Korn, Mort Fridman or, what the hell,

Nancy Pelosi also, mostly because she’s so icky.

Even more than most lists, it’s highly incomplete, but you get the idea. Or maybe not. It’s too eclectic, you say, if not confusing. What do they have in common?

They are all social engineers, out to remake America in ways that have nothing to do, at least initially, with the wishes of its majority, so there goes your democracy. As new norms are relentlessly propagandized, legalized then imposed, most Americans will learn to embrace their newly cowed, castrated selves.

Many clearly have. When I tried to indict a cynical and sinister Uncle Sam in my last article, one who has wrecked not just dozens of foreign countries, but America itself, several readers took offense, not at Sammy, the Jew-jerked puppet, but me!

Clearly, they identify with the steel boots that are pinned on their faces, so fine, let them embrace their increasingly wretched fate, but what about others? What about their children? Due to their parents’ nauseating cowardice, American kids are inheriting hell.

Notice I didn’t bother to list Biden, not because he’s already dead, but because American politicians are merely cabana boys and girls for their social engineering paymasters. From president on down, they decide absolutely nothing.

Truly moronic, Americans keep waiting for the next election to vote in their savior, or they vote for an “independent” candidate as a symbolic gesture. By merely voting, however, they endorse a system that’s openly destroying them.

With voting machines that can’t be audited, American presidential elections are designed to be rigged, with one of two vetted candidates allowed to win to keep the intramural bickering and catfight lurching along, to distract the dummies from seeing what’s going on.

(The last American politician with any integrity was Cynthia McKinney, and they’ve chased her all the way to Bangladesh. Once disappeared, she’s never mentioned by any former colleague, such is their collective cowardice.)

In any case, you don’t want to turn a clown like Obama or Trump, say, into a martyr or, God forbid, national hero, to be worshipped for centuries.

Not that America is likely to last another decade, especially since most of its “patriots” are curled up, with their eyes shut tight, as waves of degeneracy, idiocy and infamy lap over them.


As their family graves are routinely crapped on by their ruling wardens, these pant-soiling patriots keep muttering, “Please don’t fire, deplatform or cancel me, massa! I’ll do whatever you say. I’ve never whispered one bad word about you, not even online. I’ve only used my internet privilege to spit at Afghan refugees and Mexican dishwashers, but no, no, no, I’m no racist! Black lives matter! Please give me the blackest flip-flop to french kiss!”

Conditioned by Hollywood to enjoy others being chopped or blown up, many Americans are getting a kick out of the current terror and panic in Afghanistan. Some justify this sick schadenfreude by saying these Afghans are collaborators who fully deserve their punishment or even death, but guess which country has provided the most collaborators, by far, to the evil empire?

America, of course.

To the millions who have fought for war profiteers and Jews, you must add all the employees of Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, Boeing, General Dynamics and Raytheon, etc., as well as all the academics who go along with the perverted, mostly Jewish-led social engineering agenda, and the journalists who spew nonsense and lies daily, on and on, so that, really, about the only innocent Americans are the little kids, those who will inherit a hellish, denatured reality as constructed by their clueless or spineless parents, not to mention an astronomical mountain of debts, as brought into being by a Jewish-dominated banking system.

Many Americans are also laughing at the quick collapse of the Afghan Army, but 66,000 of them did die fighting the Taliban and other opposition groups (who themselves suffered 51,191 deaths). 117,191 Afghan men, then, laid down their lives over conflicting versions of Afghanistan.

Do prove me wrong, but the only country that’s going down without any fight whatsoever is the United States of America.

• Category: Ideology • Tags: Israel Lobby, Political Correctness 
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  1. ………………due to their parents nauseating cowardice……..inheriting hell…All True. We know what we must do on issues like critical race theory, the endemic crime, the constant involvement in foreign wars that help no one but the few that start them……………, BUT WE DON’T DO IT.

    • Replies: @P. Cleburne
  2. AaronInMVD says: • Website

    There isn’t any fight left to be done by the US because it’s actively collapsing.

    It doesn’t have to be any sort of active surrender, it is a chaotic rout of the US all over.

    Decades of cronyism and… everyone’s surprised crony president fled.

    • Agree: ruralguy
  3. Yeah, right. Some kind of “revolution” in the US? That’s really going to work real good. Just, what? write articles? Demonstrate? Argue with your wife? Buy some guns at Walmart and go out and shoot–who? Blacks? Whites? Hispanics?

    Meanwhile, destroy the infrastructure and the supply chains. So that everybody but the people you want to get to–but can’t, and won’t–starves.

    Give us a blueprint that includes food shelter and medicine for us while you’re revolting, or cut it out with the revolution shit already.

    That’s the trouble with articles like this urging other people to go endanger their own and their families’ treasure and lives in an absolutely hopeless cause. Appealing as they are, and inarguable as they are, they are sadly short on specifics. And dere lie de fly in de ointment.

  4. 66,000 of them

    Linh, that’s a rather conspicuous number. I wonder who counted the bodies? Aside from that the meat of your piece is the question: Where did the backbone of America disappear to? 80 years of fluoride, TV, vaccines, and false flags; topped with 30 years of aerial spraying has castrated the bull. We’ll die to fight another day.

  5. I certainly understand the frustration fueling these defeatist/Wake Up, Sheeple! philipics, but we’re not even close to collapse. A logical, procedural Secession is next.

    Nothing wrong with naming the Jew, either, but the case has to be airtight and indisputable, a very tall order.

    • Replies: @Heymrguda
    , @Richard B
  6. Good article, always is.

    But there is no fight here, no chance of organizing one like Afghans did, or as you say they did.

    Most of the ridicule, and mockery of these fleeing, helpless Afghans come from a knowledge of where they will end up if they do. Sorry, we’ve lent a helping hand to enough poor refugees, or no?

    So for that reason, HAHA if they fall from a jet trying to get here. HAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    White men need least of all to continue on in sentimental mushmush.

    Did you grow up in America? If not, consider yourself damn lucky.

    • Replies: @Trinity
  7. Unit472 says:

    Most people no longer have the luxury to live as you do Linh. They have family responsibilities and for 90% of people those are tied to employment and or government benefits. A George Washington or Viet Cong can only exist in a world where most people do not depend on the state to make a living. Its why Stalin and Mao ‘collectivized farming’ and business. Those pesky small farmers and shop owners could defy the state and still feed their families.

    Not sure that could ever happen again as the power of modern government now dwarfs what was available to 20th Century dictators. Surveillance used to be limited by the number of informants and secret police a government could employ. Now its all automated and run remotely.

    • Agree: Charles
    • Replies: @Notsofast
    , @Rev. Spooner
  8. It’s a bad situation, with fingers pointing every which way, but the bottom line is that the American public, like many others, has been assaulted for decades from every angle imaginable, and all with a plan clearly intended: weaken the minds, bodies and resolve of the masses.

    Confuse them with an MSM that is out to mislead them on every major issue, telling them black is white, day is night, wrong is right, and all with so-called highly paid ‘experts’ to back it up. Allow poisons to be inserted into our food, water and medicines with the active backing of ‘regulators’ who were captured decades ago by the industries that were to be regulated. And most importantly, silence any and all voices of reason who offer anything approaching the truth in response to the lies and misinformation we are subjected to 24/7/365.

    Opposing such a mind-boggling blitzkrieg that has been ongoing non-stop for decades is a monumentally Sisyphean task, and thus to avoid utter despair or the ‘paralysis of analysis’, I prefer to remember that there are a few among us who try to do the right thing (at great risk to themselves) and get the truth out, and draw some comfort from their efforts, and think of what I can do to help support them in this. And the answer is obvious: donate.

    And so by donating a few shekels, rather than whining about how nothing can be done, we can do something to support those voices that actually (and at great risk) tell the truth, and do speak such truth to power. Many such voices are here on Unz. You need only to be brave enough to link their best works and send to those you believe can be reached, and then to follow up by spreading a little sugar to those voices you find to be doing the best work that fits with your priorities and beliefs.

    It’s the ‘education’ process where we get hit hardest, both as to our kids and to ourselves from the constant barrage of lies and propaganda from every angle imaginable. The vast majority of people have literally no clue what is going on all around them. But if they actually knew (as Alison Weir’s great site mulls as a title:, they would be much easier to reach and motivate. Sending links and talking with neighbors and friends is really our only way forward at this point. And supporting those voices that we find most refreshing.

    It may not be much, but at least it is something. And something is better than nothing. Or whining.

  9. Phipps says:

    The Jews are doing to America just what they did to Christian, Caucasian Russia in 1917. Jesus warned about the Synagogue of Satan. No way could the Jews, 2% of the population, be ruling America without the help of Satan. The Jews will collapse this country soon. Just watch.

    • Agree: LJ, Ace
    • Replies: @Truth
  10. Notsofast says:

    those pesky small farmers and shop owner could defy the state and still feed their families…..this is exactly why they are destroying small businesses and farms today, but instead of being collectivized they are being covidized. same purpose but the billionaires end up owning everything rather than the state.

    • Replies: @Unit472
  11. There is nothing to fight for. It’s better to just wait and see what happens next. There is no hill worth dying on in this garbage pile of a country. Whatever you stand up for will be eviscerated and hurled to the hellish mob with gnashing teeth. It’s over.

  12. Trinity says:
    @Lean Buff Guy

    Did you skip leg day, (((breh?)))

  13. Unit472 says:

    The destruction of independent businesses and farms started long before Covid. Walmart and McDonalds began the process 50 years ago and it has carried on with Blackstone’s Schwartzman going so far as to take over one of the last remaining profit centers small entrepreneurs had left… the private residential rental market. Wall St. has gobbled it all up and what they can’t gobble up they dominate through control of distribution channels. You’ll basically be a ‘gig’ worker, not much different than an Uberdriver except your capital costs will be higher.

    • Replies: @Richard B
  14. Linh, I live in Northern California. I’d be interested in your prognosis for various regions of North America. All things considered, I’d rather be here than Philly. No offense, but for various reasons, anything east of the Mississippi is a lost cause until the 22nd century perhaps. “America” just can’t resist Civil War 2.0, Woke Edition.

    • Replies: @Truth
  15. anaccount says:

    Dinh is right, most ‘patriots’ are posting endless drivel on facebook while their rifles collect dust in the closet. Those that do something fall into bullshit resistance groups managed by Feds. They still worship cops even after they took a knee while the country burned during the ‘mostly peaceful protests’ of 2020.

    To be fair, there is a lot of ideological confusion going on here but the buck has to stop somewhere. I’m also biding my time of course, since there isn’t a legit resistance group to join, none that I can find. I’m just hoping for a system collapse, it’s our only hope.

    • Agree: LJ, Ace
  16. anonymous[139] • Disclaimer says:

    US is not a country, never was. People wanted it to be one and so bought into the myth but that’s all it ever was, a myth. It was just an economic empire offering a good standard of living for many and being out of the reach of government dictators. This is grinding down so what’s left of a supposed country where nobody has anything in common with anyone else and half the population hates the other half? It’s all just steal what you can while you can. What can one say about this mafia business empire disguised as a country that has such a laughable person as its president? The guy has never held an actual job in his entire life but has been a political shill all the way. It’s reflective of a sick society that’s addicted to drugs, porn, video games, mindless entertainment, vacuous social media, people who take endless selfies of themselves for no purpose other than sheer narcissism, staring into their phones for hours on end. Americans have no purpose in life other than the next toke off the reefer pipe.

    • Replies: @JackOH
    , @SteveK9
  17. KeltCindy says:

    I will never forgive myself for waiting too long to expatriate my family, Linh…

    Now, short of pulling a von Trapp family-style escape–literally ON FOOT, in the opposite direction our latest fire-hose-on-full-blast influx of document-free neighbors are entering the country–we’re stuck here.

    Do I hate myself for idiotically hesitating? Yes.

    The only reason U.S. life expectancy isn’t doing a steeper year-over-year dive is because–despite the hopelessness–parents like me deeply love their kids. We’re trying to keep our wits about us while owning our shortcomings and misjudgments and doing the only thing we can: refusing to give up, and sticking around to defiantly to protect our kids, provide them the subversive truth as we understand it, and to help them develop the skills to make sense of the world…at least while we still can.

    True and painful what you wrote, Linh…

  18. Franz says:

    The USA, though, is not being pestered but deformed, debilitated and, well, frankly destroyed by a host of people, many of whom you may not have heard of

    Right there, Linh.

    There’s a much huger list: The ones who control the agencies and the access to work and all that.

    I mean, WHY suddenly is housing turning into a BUY NOW category, like farmland was in the 1980s or like media centralization ratcheted up in spurts from the fifties through the nineties? Whether you call it neofeudalism or anything else, it amounts to a tiny number of people with incredible control over the great majority.

    There are few free souls in a world owned by oligarchs and republics have a way of going that way, whether it was old Rome, the Serene Republic of Venice, or us. Part of the problem is getting hooked on procedural malarkey such as republicanism in the first place.

    The 1/6 “insurgents” are showing us what awaits the hotheads. Deplatforming and fiscal confiscation a la Nick Fuentes will be for the intelligentsia. This will keep Americans from organizing, along with the sort of propaganda that destroyed a sane union movement here.

    They already won, that little list of yours and the bigger one in the shadows. But the illusion of freedom will be maintained because there’s still some profit in it.

  19. Wokechoke says:

    He just saying these things need to be argued in public.

  20. Rebel Roy says:

    Linh Dinh you have correctly spelled it all out.Can the Satanic Jews keep the dummies fooled forever?Likely,but the Lord God is going to soon crush their centuries long run of ruination,perversion,murder and blasphemy and roast them all in Hell.Linh you are a blessing and I enjoy all your thoughts and adventures(although I admit I love it most when you call out the noses).May God give you good health,happiness and protect you from evil.You are the best my friend!

  21. @the grand wazoo

    Don’t forget the acetaminophen.

  22. The Afghanis who collaborated with the occupation forces are, by definition, collaborators. What would we do in a similar situation?

  23. Blue cities are in the thrall of the jews but out here in the rest of majority White America we talk openly about crazy-ass jews. We out here know the truth. What you speak of here Linh, is democrat slaves in blue cities and states. Come out to America, Linh, have a steak and we out here will give you hope, in fact certainty, that most of the U.S. is firmly in our hands. We ignore the ugly cities, they mean less than nothing to us. YOU never write of us out here Linh. Blue cities are shit because of the whites and jews YOU base all your assumptions on. Fuck THEM! Come out to where there’s peace. It’s most of the U.S. believe it or not. You and Fred Reed and other folks apparently don’t know shit about the majority White U.S. as you hide in whatever shithole you burrow into. Again and again, WE are the U.S., not jewish run blue cities and so-called states.

    • Thanks: Ace
    • Replies: @Polemos
    , @Emslander
  24. @Magic Dirt

    Jesus Dirt, you you don’t get out much, do you? You must be near the Enemy. Come out to red regions and smaller cities and you’ll find that OUR few criminal elements, blacks, Whites and Hispanic sorts alike are jailed. We back our police and courts. THAT is fighting back. That is why we’re safe and sound out here, no woke horseshit, no faggot marches, no trannies in the girls’ room. If they showed themselves to impose their perversions, they’d be mocked, if not beaten. You should give us a try. You wouldn’t recognize the real world. The outside world has none of this jew-driven turmoil outside of faggy commercials from the network, which we also mock and boycott.. Its the little things.

    • LOL: Richard B
  25. Anonymous[333] • Disclaimer says:

    I didn’t read the previous article but Dinh’s main butthurt seems to be stemming from a few commenters embracing “our troops” and therefore embracing the Jew-led carnage in Afghanistan. Criticising them is fair but Dinh’s thin skin has caused him to lose all perspective and objectivity.

    And the clearest sign of lost objectivity is his support for “our collaborators”. Apparently, there’s this super-fine moral line between “our troops” and “our collaborators” which makes one group a monstrous Jewish golem and the other a bunch of innocent victims who should be injected into white lands ASAP and in unlimited numbers. It really doesn’t matter to him that the collaborators are guilty of all the crimes he’s mentioning but with an added kink of inflicting them on their own.

    To summarise; Linh Dinh is now officially a RTP (Responsibility to Protect) Jewish acolyte. That makes him a warmonger and an interventionist but he’s embracing it as long as the targets are white – a.k.a. the people who had accepted his own immigrant ass back in the day. Aren’t we all glad about that now.

    • Agree: Trinity
  26. Wokechoke says:
    @the grand wazoo

    The Taliban won the war if they killed that number.

  27. The US will collapse under it’s own weight, China doesn’t need to attack, all they need to do is be patient. The US will collapse into regions which will eventually evolve into independent countries. The US as it is at present is too big, too diverse and too divided to be a country for much longer.

    • Agree: Magic Dirt, RoatanBill
  28. Mikael_ says:

    Yeah, looks like the C.I.A. (and others) will splinter the US into a thousand pieces, instead.

    Thanks, Linh.

  29. Wokechoke says:
    @Joe Paluka

    I disagree. Whites are going have their asses kicked by Uncle Joe.

    • Replies: @P. Cleburne
  30. Heymrguda says:
    @Sick of Orcs

    Agreed — most folks have too much to lose by taking any action at this time. If you have massive unemployment or inflation and the working class and others start to understand they have little left to lose you might see some reaction. There are millions of guns among the population, they just can’t wish them away.

  31. JackOH says:

    A139, yours is not an unfair description of the United States, that’s for sure. I know maybe a handful of people in my area who can put on the pose of civic leader, but in reality their attitude is something like: “I’ve got mine, mother fucker. And you don’t.” I know them only casually, but well enough.

    All of them actually have some education and some skill. What’s propelled them up the food chain is their availability for crony, patronage, and suck-up positions, where loyalty and sheer cravenness count for more than one’s talent for double-entry bookkeeping or construction management to cite two examples.

    They’re the cut-outs who are mostly left alone until the Mr. Big who pulls their chains needs a spot of dirty work done–criminal or civilly actionable misconduct.

    As a youngster, I overheard a local attorney talking with my Mom after my Dad had died. He confined his practice to probate work and other low-profile work for local ethnics. I recall him saying something like he shunned big-income legal work because he’d have to do things he didn’t want to do or some similar euphemism. Only years later did I figure out he likely meant judges in my area would demand bribes in exchange for favorable decisions. That’s reality.

    Thanks for your comment.

    • Thanks: Charles
    • Replies: @Charles
  32. Wow,
    This country was ruined in 1492 when the invaders came. What did they come to do “Shove Jesus down the native peoples throat” under threat of death. They are getting what they Deserve now!

    Indian Chief ‘Two Eagles’ was asked by a white U.S. government official, “you have observed the white man for 90 years. You’ve seen his wars and his technological advances. You’ve seen his progress, and the damage he’s done.”

    The Chief nodded in agreement.

    The official continued, “Considering all these events, in your opinion, where did the white man go wrong?”

    The Chief stared at the government official then replied, “When white man find land, Indians running it, no taxes, no debt, plenty buffalo, plenty beaver, clean water. Women did all the work. Medicine man free. Indian man spend all day hunting and fishing; all night having sex.”

    Then the chief leaned back and smiled, “Only white man dumb enough to think he could improve system like that.”

    • LOL: Biff, Emslander
    • Troll: Trinity
  33. @Jim Christian

    Well good luck with that Jim. I am sure you will enjoy working on the collective farm by day and learning about intersectionality at night under the watchful eye of our new communist overlords. Within a few years the coalition of anti-whites will starve you into submission.

    • Agree: Richard B, Emslander
    • LOL: Jim Christian
    • Replies: @Jim Christian
  34. LJ says:

    A Grand-Slam piece Linh!

    Where to begin …

    The carrot on the end of the stick for us for the last half-a-century that got us propelled downhill on the double-diamond world-championship run to hell has been Mammon. Mammon in the form of wealth, which of course was prodded along by materialism and an insatiable need for ego fulfillment which is now being materialized in the form of “LOOK AT ME!” social media posts, to start. This largely by people desperately seeking relevance because their families did not provide in their development growing up for one reason or another.

    Before this could happen however, the preexisting moral base, generally Christian, with solid work ethic, sense of purpose through work, strong nuclear and even extended family bonds, focus on morals and integrity rather than focus on self in comparison to everyone else, among other things first had to be destroyed and neutered. Somewhere along the way America went from Little House on the Prairie America, to an America where immoral filth gushes forth from every media outlet like an uncontrollable volcano, aided of course by vanity and social media, largely via cell phones which have become the new soul of not only Americans but also of people worldwide.

    Those core things used to be promoted via Christianity. Today’s churches have become neutered however, beholden to the spiritual enemy via the 501(c) legal mechanism. Why? So that churches could “legally” make money, become huge, pay pastors without any justification in the New Testament. Then sprang forth the prosperity gospels, and the incestuous relationship between church (small “c”) and state that we so fought to rid ourselves of over two centuries ago. After all, if the congregants have more money/mammon, then they have more to give to those preaching these heretical teachings.

    With it our love for war, against “non-Christians,” and well, who cares if a few million true Christians get in the way as “collateral damage,” we’re Americans dammit! Jesus loves America, only America! The only country in the history of the world endorsed by Christ himself. Just look at the Trump/Christ signs over the past 18 months. Nauseating! One may as well put a sign next to it, I worship Mammon and a Plastic Jesus and wouldn’t know the real Jesus if he walked up to my front door and introduced himself.

    After all, those were Jesus’ instructions, right? To obliterate anyone and any country that dared defy the United States and its form of modern Christianity, right? Mass death! He never said love or pray for your enemy. Nah!

    The extent of today’s demoralization is astonishing, simply utterly astonishing! We have “defund the police” people on one side, that obviously cannot see that the things that they complain about are heightened when there is no vigilance, from one source or another, at all.

    On the other “side,” with both sides unwittingly being played against each other in artistic perfection, we have the “I support the police 100%” crowd, that complains about the enforcement of unconstitutional and illegal mandates, while, apparently, having it entirely escape their notice that the ones enforcing these unconstitutional and illegal orders are the very police that they “support 100%.” The idiocy is unfathomable.

    Yuri Bezmenov stated three decades ago that the demoralization of America was near complete. No doubt it became complete shortly thereafter with the icing having been piled miles high on top in the two-plus decades since then.

    American Christianity generally speaking, at least 90+% of the formalized versions of it, including just about every large “church” in America, is defunct and worthless to the true cause of Christ. Talmudic values are equated with Christian values in the best anti-Christ-ian/Christian alliance ever generated. Those seeing clearly the truth are told to grab a book from the church library to set themselves aright.

    Israeli flags with their “Stars of David,” which has absolutely nothing to do with David, but hey, my pastor from some man-ordained seminary told me so so it must be true, are really occult symbols for Moloch and Rephan per Acts 7:43. In short, satanic.

    Who is behind this destruction of Christianity, which would not have been possible had people not forsaken The Living God for false gods, in our case as a nation, the false god of Mammon!

    Well, for starters, one would think that anyone classified as “sons of hell” whose “father is the devil” who “shut the kingdom of heaven against men,” who are “serpents, offspring of vipers,” would be good candidates. But no, the modern American church with its money-changing leaders say no. In fact, they actually welcome in the anti-Christ-ian to fellowship with the christian. Meanwhile, the sheep of those congregations guzzle pints of antifreeze while saying yummy because their lost pastors tell them so. Naturally along with that, the more wealth they have, they are told how “blessed” they are. Just what Jesus said, right, how blessings are associated with Mammon, whom his followers in faith could worship right alongside him.

    One would think that the warning issued by none other than Christ himself, a Christ that many claiming to be Christians in America today really have no idea who he is, would be sufficient when he warned that everyone that they proselytize becomes twice as much a son-of-hell than themselves. But NAH! Quite the opposite in fact. The modern American church knows much better than Jesus himself. Times have changed you know!

    Meanwhile, fast-foward from c. 0-100 A.D., “twice as much a son-of-hell” times how many generations, and well, it shouldn’t be difficult to see why we are where we are today. The vast majority of American pastors are just as clueless as people still thinking that 9-11 or Cov-”ID” narratives are real.

    America has chosen! Mammon it is.


    “To the millions who have fought for war profiteers and Jews, you must add all the employees of Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, Boeing, General Dynamics and Raytheon, etc., as well as all the academics who go along with the perverted, mostly Jewish-led social engineering agenda, and the journalists who spew nonsense and lies daily, on and on, so that, really, about the only innocent Americans are the little kids, those who will inherit a hellish, denatured reality as constructed by their clueless or spineless parents, not to mention an astronomical mountain of debts, as brought into being by a Jewish-dominated banking system.”

    We must also add the following:

    Teachers in the teachers unions and college professors and administrators, that forward the power of the state for mammon & pension;
    Police and other “law enforcement” (not morals enforcement) that forward the power of the state for mammon & pension;
    Everyone that works in the finance/commercial-banking industries that forges our shackles daily that forward the power of the state, for unconscionable wealth & retirement/comfort;
    And of course the Biblically infamous lawyers that should need no explanation;
    The politicians, LOL, this is a given, they’ve been whores for popularity forever. Throw in a few pieces of silver and they’ll sell their own families to the worst elements in society. They are a lost cause as such by definition.
    Among others …

    But hey, we all need to do something to make a living, right? Even if it does sell our own children down the river into satanic bondage of horrific proportions. As long as we can retire in comfort it’s all good. For our children of course. The irony is that there will be no comfortable retirement as such, for us. Imagine the future of our children.

    “Christian” parents have lectured others on how they sacrifice for their children, … by holding two incomes, so what, … so that their kids can benefit from the Mammon as well and become its worshipers, thereby taking care of anything but superficial worship of The Living God, making the sons-of-hell quite happy and content.

    Not that children would prefer a single-income family, stable as a nuclear family, being taught at home by their own parents shaping their morals as they see fit, seeing personally the investment of their parents, at the real sacrifice of Mammon, etc.

    No, instead the sons-of-hell applaud their achievements! The sons-of-hell applaud their achievements indirectly via the C.I.Scofield branded “christianity.”

    The achievement of Christ-less broken families, justifying divorce and remarriage contrary to the teachings of Jesus and his Disciples!;
    A focus on Mammon including the drive for more and more and more THINGS in our consumer-oriented society;
    The sending of our own children, OUR OWN CHILDREN, to socialized indoctrination centers that we call schools where the final nails in the coffin of Christian morality are hammered in incessantly from the time they are 4 or 5 years-old, leaving the handful of astute and truly concerned parents that were truly ignorant to it all to have to spend even more time in the futile effort of unlearning their own children from teachings straight from hell.

    But hey, the sacrifices have been made. Mammon amassed! Exquisite vacations had! Grain stored in the barns for comfortable retirement. Mission accomplished!

    The reality is that the only thing that has been sacrificed is our own children who have been lost to electronics and had cell phones replace their souls, just like most adults nowadays.

    “… the land of the free, and the HOME OF THE BRAVE?”

    It was so brave of the “christian” center of our nation to not only open their churches in refuge while standing in direct opposition to this Cov-”ID” epic CON-JOB!

    Instead, many told their soulless congregants that it was serving god, which god is obviously in question, to heed each and every lockdown order and now orders to inject our personal “temples” with elixirs that contain, as the most benign components, aborted baby particulates!

    Jesus told us plainly that we cannot serve God and Mammon, for we would either love the one and hate the other, or hate the one and love the other. In short, it’s a boolean choice. But the modern American church knows better than Jesus does. We’ve progressed and advanced to the point where Jesus really doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Times have changed don’-cha-know.

    Jesus told us that his kingdom is not of this earth implying that it never would be as well. But the modern American church knows better. We know that Jesus needs a parcel of land cleared in the Middle East to set up his future kingdom that he himself denied. This must be done even if it means the deaths of millions upon millions, including true Christians. Death and destruction, fruits of the devil and of hell, are far from too big a price to pay to ensure that we have that parcel cleared by the time that Jesus return in accordance with C.I. Scofield. We need to arbitrarily kill and destroy in accordance with New Testament teachings so that Jesus can have such a kingdom. After all, The Living God couldn’t clear that himself. We’re obviously stronger than He is, so we have to take that responsibility upon ourselves. If we fail, well, lol, then we’re doomed. God is in control. Except regarding that parcel of land. That’s where we’re in control because God clearly isn’t in control.

    Then, in the most astonishingly demoralized drone nonsense, these same people talk about how “those that bless Israel as such will be blessed,” without being able to clearly see that we as a nation have been the biggest “blessers” in that way in history, while attempting to reconcile just how much our nation has been “blessed,” AHEM, leading to today’s state-of-the-nation, over the last 60 years during the biggest of “blessings,” with that narrative. Is it possible to be more gullible and ignorant? Truly, is it?

    True Christianity in America died during this era of “blessing” Israel. It’s been fast-tracked as the pace car on the highway to hell!

    In keeping with the “…home of the brave…” narrative, …

    It’s funny how doctors, with a mere few truly brave exceptions, were so brave to recommend these toxic injections, … UNTIL they were mandated for THEM. “Trust your doctors they said. Until they refuse to get the injections themselves. THEN don’t trust them. In fact, they’re domestic terrorists now. Then all of a sudden these injections were harmful. Follow the mammon! Doctors were getting paid to push them, like good drug pushers! They were also protecting their sources of wealth by “just following orders.” Those same brave doctors will likely quickly lecture people on how “just following orders” in history during the biggest genocides was unacceptable. Home of the brave?

    It’s funny how nurses, with a mere few truly brave exceptions, said nothing about the blatant cover-ups and corruption in the industry, among the world’s most profitable industries. (Mammon) Instead they made egotistical dance videos with all but in-your-face mockery. Again, all “just following orders” like good little supporters of tyranny from the past. Home of the Brave?

    It’s funny how “christian” parents with two incomes and options as such, continued to mask up their kids, and now allowing them to be injected with toxic/lethal substances unknown, and send them to socialized pubic educational institutions for further final indoctrination into the satanic New World Order.

    It’s funny how the “thin-blue-line” police supported and continue to support the tyrannical side of things by enforcing these evil and satanic orders. After all, they’re simply following orders too and protecting their Mammon. (jobs, livelihood, and pensions that they’ll never see) And hey, if a few tens or hundreds of millions of people die or are horrifically traumatized, well, lol, it’s all well-intended and again, they’re simply following orders! We shouldn’t take it so seriously.

    This could go on and on and turn into a book, or two, or three. Suffice it to say that America and most of her denizens turned their backs on The Living God decades ago. The sons-of-hell have replaced God indirectly via the trappings of the very things that Jesus said quite clearly not to focus on.

    The carrots on the end of the stick have been Mammon (the biggest), free sex, leisure instead of work, not being inconvenienced by actually having to spend time raising our own children and thereby freeing us to pursue the much desired Mammon, etc. etc. et al.

    I’ll defer to what Jesus himself said about Mammon and the worship of Mammon.

    “Ye cannot serve God and mammon.”

    We’ve made our choice. Mammon it is. But since the option is boolean, we HAVE made our choice.

    Hell on earth it is!

    • Agree: goldgettin
    • Thanks: John Q Duped
  35. • Thanks: Biff
    • Replies: @Ace
  36. Polemos says:
    @Jim Christian

    YOU never write of us out here Linh. Blue cities are shit because of the whites and jews YOU base all your assumptions on. Fuck THEM! Come out to where there’s peace.

    He does write of us. He does know shit about folks.

    It’s not just the cities he’s writing about, but the monoculture exurbs you find in red, blue, and purple regions of the US, where branded franchises swallow up capital and real estate and labor while delivering predictable and homogenous goods. You can read Linh’s own travels across the US, just as you can read these current essays, and see the unflinching appreciation for what locals free to live locally do from their values and with their desires —from their self-inflicted suffering to their joy in enduring the ordinary. If all you’ve read has been a few to a dozen posts, follow the links already provided to all of his work, check out his poetry and his photography, and you’ll have a much wider understanding of the person you’re criticizing and where he’s “coming from.”

    You might not agree with me that you’re wrong about Linh once you’ve done so, but I think you’ll understand that he’s not basing all his assumptions on Jewish/Bluish propaganda but on his life lived among people, all the people, not just your people but their people and his people and our people and xhirs people. We are all local though some are global, but what you’ll notice is that what he writes about is universal, for we are all One.

    • Agree: Emslander
  37. Ace says:

    Fair enough. But if “they” are so far off base what do YOU think the strategy for turning this all around should be?

    The Chinese Communists would say when one of their attempted uprisings had failed that the masses had failed to reach a “revolutionary consciousness.” The commies had the organization and will to take it to the streets but they discovered a practical truth. People won’t budge until there’s some kind of a collapse, invasion, or upheaval that pulls the rug out from under most everybody.

    Taking a page out of that book, I say it’s pointless to fret about organizing Neighborhood Watch Kommandos and schooling particular oxygen thieves. Most people are too much wired into this bizarre thing called industrial society or, now, more accurately, the information society, which has all the solidity of compressed air with an admixture of Joy Behar philosophical insights.

    In the Depression a very large proportion of the population lived on the land. Now it’s something like 2%. Natural resilience has been bred out of us and replaced with an economic interdependence that has its benefits but, where it counts, with a servility as well. Courts will crucify the dissidents and outliers and any kind of an interruption in a family’s income stream will be catastrophic, not easily replaced by the wife’s running an eBay business out of one’s garage while you “pay your debt to society” in the federal Colorado School for Boys. Assuming you’re not Finicumized beforehand.

    The economic spasmofest is coming soon as anyone with the attention span longer than a three year old can see. This present arrangement that is bizarre in the time of man on the earth (foreigner, minority, deviant, harridan, and Israel worship) will quickly degenerate to where common sense and practical skills will drive events. What will need to be done then will be obvious and I predict that revolutionary justice will no longer be the NYT-approved sandbox of the AntiFa filth.

    Bottom line: this is a corrupt system that has degenerated into plutocracy dominated by our enemies. Westerners have been fleeced and the whole shooting match has degenerated into exactly what the Founders feared about democracy. Millions of Americans do not grasp or wish to preserve the bare essentials of nationhood, citizenship, liberty and simple public order. Our institutions do not work for us and protest is muted or viciously suppressed. The Constitution is meaningless in the hands of a corrupt Supreme Court and the political class likes it like that. In the meantime, lay in your stores of Beanie Weanies, Spam, aspirin, and assegais to get you through the initial six months when food supplies to the urban megalopoli are interrupted. Realize that you’re Bill Murray in “Groundhog’s Day” and that one day everything will come together.

  38. Ace says:
    @Joe Paluka

    As per plan. Frankfurt School. Saul Alinsky. Cloward-Piven. Open borders. Off-shoring. AIPAC. ADL. Media monopoly. State-actor censorship.

  39. Ace says:
    @very old man

    Amateurish. The script writer should look up the word “incidentally” in the dictionary.

  40. Pontius says:

    The whole point of the rise of the techno-surveillance state was to make revolution impossible.

    • Agree: Charles
  41. SteveK9 says:

    Never was? That is demonstrably false. To be an American meant to be a modified Englishman for almost 3 centuries. It may be coming to an end now, but it most certainly was a nation for most of its existence.

    • Agree: Trinity
    • Replies: @Cho Seung-Hui
  42. Jim H says:

    ‘I live in Northern California …I’d rather be here than Philly.’ — Maximo Bianco

    Nothing against either of these locales, both of which I’m fond of.

    But with the Los Angeles Times slagging gubernatorial candidate Larry Elder as ‘the Black face of white supremacism’ [sic — note inconsistent capitalization], seems like California is being set up for a conflict that could make the MOVE bombing in Philly look like a Girl Scout marshmallow roast by comparison.

  43. Michelle says:

    Whoa… Whoah woah woah….!!! What you wrote.

  44. Anonymous[283] • Disclaimer says:

    Of course, it’s simply people like you that he’s talking about those castrated at birth, those that just can’t bear to lose what little they have but will lose it later anyway, and that’s the problem with America the American people who will give up every freedom they own just for what little they have.

    • Replies: @obwandiyag
    , @Truth
  45. Anonymous[283] • Disclaimer says:
    @the grand wazoo

    The backbone of America dis-appeared over the dead body of a sitting president and his brother, and the country has never been the same after that.

  46. Charles says:

    Re: the lawyer who kept the low-profile practice – Gus Russo’s book “Supermob” is the true picture of the USA. Any random page has enough info to start its own book. The System is a constant, almost unrestrained overlapping of crime and “legitimate” business and law. Read Russo’s account of the late David Bazelon, who was an attorney, Truman admin. figure, and appellate judge. He was also one of the most corrupt men (I know there’s lost of competition) to ever sit on a court. Of course, his Wiki page is the epitome of whitewash.

    • Replies: @JackOH
  47. Charles says:

    Yes Linh, I had to look up Cynthia McKinney. I would no doubt find many of her beliefs and practices abhorrent, but IF it’s true (sourced from Wikipedia, which…yeah you know) that she DOES promote “Holocaust Denial”, she cannot be all bad.

  48. @Anonymous

    You are a big brave phony-baloney coward.

    And the epitome of what I am talking about. You are the epitome ot the lovely, inevitable, inexorable hypocrisy of Intranets.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  49. I want to thank you, Linh, for your writing style. So often one has to wade through considerable fluff before reading the author’s warrant or claim. You, refreshingly, get right to the point which is much appreciated.

  50. Richard B says:
    @Sick of Orcs

    Nothing wrong with naming the Jew, either, but the case has to be airtight and indisputable, a very tall order.

    Not a tall order at all. Just read The Controvery of Zion.

    Or any number of writers published here at TUR.

  51. Richard B says:

    The destruction of independent businesses and farms started long before Covid. Walmart and McDonalds began the process 50 years ago

    Even before that.

    In fact, chapter 16 from The International Jew touches on what the bankers were doing to famers in the US. That’s 100 years ago.

  52. Richard B says:
    @Jim Christian

    It was a toss up between DISAGREE, TROLL or LOL. So, since we could all use a laugh these days, I went with LOL. Because, say what one will about your comment, it was definitely funny.

    • Thanks: Truth
  53. JackOH says:

    Charles, thanks for the reference to the Russo book.

    I think our host, Ron Unz, did a piece on Bazelon and his machinations. Not sure if it was part of American Pravda or under separate title.

    One of Ron’s important achievements here in my opinion is the frank recognition that criminal behavior ought to at least be considered when we examine laws or policy initiatives that seem to be completely wobbly. Mob-style practices–extortion, blackmail, bribes and solicitation of bribes, and violence–can have a very persuasive power all their own.

  54. Steven80 says:

    It’s going to get much worse in the US before it gets better. All the policy making is focues on demographics, demographics, demographics: more people means larger economy, more influence in the world, stronger military. At least that’s what the US politicians at the top have bought.

    Hence migration (more population), financialization (more population can sustain rent economy as far as it grows), cold wars (fragmented adversaries will have less population aka Russia smaller than USSR and current attempts to chop Tibet and Xinjiang from China, defragmentation of Asia aka Afgan endless war etc). If you look through that prism, a lot of nonsence starts to make sense.

    However, no one has yet sold the US politicians the idea that IQ matters and nation with lower IQ will perform, hm, in more humble ways. The guys that you listed, Linh, have no knowledge of that – they grew big focused on growing their companies and investments and for them the rental/financial model has been successfull.

    There’s no much hope things at the top will change, unless about half of the current politicians suddenly become educated about inherent and genetic differences in humans, and change their views about the necessity of demographic growth at all costs. Better send books to your congressman than blame the US society – after all it’s just a reflection of the wills at the top.

  55. HalconHigh says: • Website

    Linh….for the most part, I think you’re preaching to the choir.

    A quick perusal through the local political website ( here in Phoenix) shows the usual pathetic arguments over who is better….Biden or Trump.

    Talking or reasoning with these people is impossible.

    True progressives are not allowed on TV.
    In a real democracy, your interview with Chris Hedges on “On Contact” would have been one of the most widely seen in recent memory.

    Even the iconic Noam Chomsky (not that I agree with everything he says) is not allowed to weigh in on the many issues of the day….incredible.

    The Empire is definitely going down and I guess my only real question is how much of the world will it take with it ?

    ps….Ichiro had one of the 2 or 3 best throwing arms in RF that I ever saw.

    • Replies: @coolhand850
  56. @SteveK9

    It’s definitely coming to an end. I have front-row seats to the debacle in my coastal BigCities. However, the effect is delayed in smaller, “second-tier” provincialities. Enjoy it while it lasts.

  57. @Magic Dirt

    No where else on the face of the earth is there a country with a bill of rights like we have. Regardless of anything else this is still the law of the land. Regardless of what a corrupt Supreme Court says the words in the Bill of Rights are clear and easily understandable.

    Yes, yes, I know our Jew owned government at the most only pays lip service to it but they can’t just come out and say it is no longer valid.

    It is the Bill of Rights that protects the average Joe from a tyrannical government. With out that one must join up with or pledge support to this or that warlord.

    What is worth fighting for in the United States? I would argue that it is to protect and defend the Bill of Rights.

    • Replies: @Freedom Awaits
  58. anon[158] • Disclaimer says:

    You would have to kill 1% of the population. That’s the ratio of psychopaths in the population. If you got rid of the list of people above, other power-mad psychopaths would take their place.

  59. Dan Roper says:

    There would simply be others to take their places.

  60. Cowboy says:

    Here’s a counter narrative and real life ancedote. When the millennial mother of a toddler, and school teacher, wearing a rbg platitude on her t-shirt discusses the situation of Sambo breaking free from the cities into the neighborhoods to wreck havoc and loot, her ideological scales fall from her eyes and she instinctively turns on mother bear mode genuinely contemplating the necessity of “home protection” and alerting the cuck that action needs to be taken. Don’t underestimate mamma bear and her ability to whip cuck into shape.

  61. @Unit472

    However many excuses one makes for not manning the cross roads, the excuses are just that, EXCUSES.

  62. Wild Bill says:

    Linh, that is mighty severe judgment. Many will have gone to their rooms to have a good cry. But, they will be back tomorrow, stupid as ever. Some moan about not having run off like you have but this whole thing is global. No place is safe for long. France looked nice three years ago, how about now? Australia seemed like a quiet retreat. The real problem of course is our stupidity. We insist on following the house rules (the rule of law) and subjecting ourselves to the judgment and control of casino security. ” Ain’t no winnin’ allowed in this casino”. House Rules. Until we reject any superiority over us and insure our own continuity by eliminating those aligned against us, there is no security. “How we burned in the camps at night……”

  63. Ping Pong says:

    Before a game in Oakland, I watched Ichiro in batting practice effortlessly hit every pitch out of the park. Unforgettable.

    The streets were flooded knee deep in storm water in Vietnam (as often happens). I saw a mother wading through the water with a kid in each hand, smiling and laughing, showing her kids how to be happy, no matter what.

    Vietnamese are noted for optimism, my wife tells me. Linh, do you have optimism in your heart? Yes, civilizations historically come and go. What remains for Americans after the fall?

    Linh, you are a loud mouth. I like it! When I pay for gas, I cheerfully raise my voice to almost shout, to remind myself I am a man.

  64. Anonymous[162] • Disclaimer says:

    What’s a matter boy did I ruffle your feathers, from your post they needed to be not only ruffled but plucked along with them. Did you ever find anything in your life that would make you tie up your boot laces and join a demonstration, I’ll bet not, for you would have no skin in the game you would be to busy guarding your loved ones and your treasure, and I’m sure your treasure would come first that’s why there is no future in America.

  65. @HalconHigh

    After Roberto Clemente and Dave Parker.

    • Replies: @HalconHigh
  66. 22pp22 says:

    Painful to read, but spot on! I can do nothing to change things other than telling loud-mouthed PCers to be quiet, dressing carefully and staying thin. I keep my house clean and I now never swear. I tried sticking my neck out in the past and I was alone.

    The best possible way to signal subservience to the new regime is to get a tattoo.

  67. HalconHigh says: • Website

    Clemente & Parker were exactly the two I was thinking of lol

  68. Emslander says:
    @Jim Christian

    WE are the U.S., not jewish run blue cities and so-called states.

    The problem is that they are coming for us and will be here quickly. Do you know what is in store for the American “farmer” in the Pelosi/Schumer spending bills now close to being imposed on you?

  69. Emslander says:

    By merely voting, however, they endorse a system that’s openly destroying them.

    That is simply incorrect. Voting in 2016 for a man wholly opposed, in his words, to everything the liberal/conservative; Democrat/Republican evil empire found to be axiomatic shook the swamp to its slimy bedrock. (if there is any rock down there.)

    It’s too bad he didn’t have the guts to follow through with his promises in the only way possible, probably including dissolving Congress and shutting off the federal payroll, but he certainly sent a signal that hell was on its way for the Empire.

    You don’t understand the electoral system of the USA, Linh. It has many ways of coming back to life, just when its exploiters think they’ve killed it.

    • Disagree: Greta Handel
  70. Truth says:

    So how’s that central AC today Paul Revere? Sixty-seven and cosy, just as you like it?

  71. Truth says:

    Unless, as Fred Reed believes, they are that much smarter than you are.

  72. Truth says:
    @Maximo Bianco

    There is no “place” that you can outrun the apocalypse. God will find you.

  73. @Wokechoke

    Man, are you in for a surprise.
    By who? The lgbtq gender confused, diverse, inclusive, u.s. military?

  74. dimples says:

    Now that Mr Dinh has stopped writing about his latest food sensation for a few weeks, he’s fantastic! Give those obese couch potatoes a good boot up the bum!

  75. KeltCindy says:
    @Jim Christian

    Jim Christian…

    You will never regret discovering the written works of Linh Dinh and Fred Reed! It looks like your introduction to them was super-recent, though…

    I point this out because…

    …the large and expansive bodies of work these gentlemen have produced really warrant a “deeper dive” by anyone not yet aware how familiar both Dinh and Reed actually


    with the realities of existence in America’s “ugly, blue cities,” its majority-white, “truth-aware & peaceful” heartland & and everything in between.

    (BTW, I agree…the with 95% of your assessment of “anywhere-but-blue-woke-fruity-ghetto-city living, but I cringed at your suggestion the bullshit is less thick, and violence isn’t as…well…VIOLENT in more sparsely populated areas of the country, Jim. It’s possibly less frequent…but, let’s face it, with the ugly, blue cities shedding “less-than-professional” [read: murderous, screw-loose, overzealous, excessive-force-employing rogues, or actual members of law enforcement gangs— because there ARE some…and they hurt THEIR OWN people…whether or not someone has broken the law] in a [probably futile] effort to prevent yet another downtown from being torched.
    And guess where they’re going? They find plenty of gainful employment in smaller municipalities—bringing their vindictive, psychotic sadism with them.

    Both Dinh and Reed lived, studied, taught, worked, traveled and—in Reed’s case—served in the U.S. Marine Corps—both in the U.S and abroad. Reed, in fact, was born and grew up in rural West Virginia, and was an “embedded” inner-city “cop beat” journalist (I want to say in Washington, DC)—riding in police squad cars all over DC, witnessing, and reporting on, the worst of the worst crime. Reed had a website of his own for a while, featuring his work, but it looks like most of it has migrated here:

    And Linh? That man has traveled to almost every corner imaginable in the U.S., rural, urban, suburban, empty, you-name-it…and literally WALKED, on foot, chronicling in photos, the state of existence for many of our less-fortunate fellow Americans—from sea to shiny, contaminated sea—on his “Postcards from the End of [the] America[n Empire]” website, (see:

    Nope—these authors, Dinh and Reed, will never disappoint readers who know what they’re talking about. I see you removed your original post. Thank you! 😉

    As a thoughtful person interested in the human condition, Jim, would you be willing to talk about where you have traveled—and the cultures, societies, countries, states, people, politics, history you might have observed or experienced from somewhere else in the world…? I never get tired of hearing those kinds of things….

    You may be pleasantly surprised to learn that—since both Dinh and Reed had the fortune and foresight to relocate themselves and their loved ones away from the U.S. (to markedly less hostile and chaotic places before the SHTF) those of us who remain behind appreciate the value of their work even MORE… Out from under the 24/7 twisted narratives from U.S. state and “elite” media, they can reflect back a more accurate picture to us of our actual reality.

    Ever notice how cool it is when that happens, Jimmy?

    Love, Cindy

    (P.S. – If Linh doesn’t take it, can I come by for that steak? 😁 I’ll bring the jumbo shrimp…)

    • Replies: @Truth
  76. Truth says:

    (P.S. – If Linh doesn’t take it, can I come by for that steak? 😁 I’ll bring the jumbo shrimp…)



  77. @Magic Dirt

    We’ll see about that. But if you think big Agro and Big Groceries are going the way of the collective, you’re a blue staters and understand nothing about markets. The ones cut off to starve will be blue cities because blacks will jack the trucks. You only dream of the remaining 200,000 Whites and 100 million Hispanic-Whites who despise your blacks and Asians and whatever YOU are. You’ll not coral us in your fantasy collective. Your fundamental dishonesty shines through.

  78. @2stateshmustate

    Indeed it is. I recently unearthed my miniature copy of the constitution to read for myself.

    I’m gonna learn my rights that (((they))) call privilege. Begining with my right of travel. There are plenty things worth fighting for. They just will not show them to you on their mind control screens.

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