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The Trump Ploy
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Universally, Trump was depicted as an anti-establishment candidate. Washington and Wall Street hated him, and the media were deployed to vilify him endlessly. If they could not discredit Trump enough, surely they would steal the election from him. Some even suggested Trump would be assassinated.

Acting the part, Trump charged repeatedly that the election was rigged, and he was right, of course. During the primaries, Hillary Clinton received debate questions in advance from CNN. More seriously, 30 states used voting machines that could easily be hacked.

A leaked tape of Trump making obscene comments about groping women became further proof that the establishment was out to get him. In spite of all this, Trump managed to win by a landslide, so what happened?

To steal an American election, one only needs to tamper with votes in two or three critical states, and since Hillary didn’t win, we must conclude that she was never the establishment’s chosen puppet. As Trump claimed, the fix was in, all right, except that it was rigged in his favor, as born out by the fact.

While everybody else yelped that Trump would never be allowed to win, I begged to differ. After the Orlando false flag shooting on June 12th, 2016, I wrote:

In 2008, Obama was touted as a political outsider who will hose away all of the rot and bloody criminality of the Bush years. He turned out to be a deft move by our ruling class. Though fools still refuse to see it, Obama is a perfect servant of our military banking complex. Now, Trump is being trumpeted as another political outsider.

A Trump presidency will temporarily appease restless, lower class whites, while serving as a magnet for liberal anger. This will buy our ruling class time as they continue to wage war abroad while impoverishing Americans back home. Like Obama, Trump won’t fulfill any of his election promises, and this, too, will be blamed on bipartisan politics.

On September 24th, I doubled down:

Mind-fucked, most Americans can’t even see that an American president’s only task is to disguise the deep state’s intentions. Chosen by the deep state to explain away its crimes, our president’s pronouncements are nearly always contradicted by the deep state’s actions. While the president talks of peace, democracy, racial harmony, prosperity for Main Street and going after banksters, etc., the deep state wages endless war, stages meaningless elections, stokes racial hatred, bankrupts nearly all Americans and enables massive Wall Street crimes, etc.

Only the infantile will imagine the president as any kind of savior or, even more hilariously, anti-establishment. Since the deep state won’t even tolerate a renegade reporter at, say, the San Jose Mercury News, how can you expect a deep state’s enemy to land in the White House?! It cannot happen.

A presidential candidate will promise to fix all that’s wrong with our government, and this stance, this appearance, is actually very useful for the deep state, for it gives Americans hope. Promising everything, Obama delivered nothing. So who do you think is being primed by the deep state to be our next false savior?

Who benefits from false flag terrorist attacks blamed on Muslims? Who gains when blacks riot? Why is the Democratic Party propping up a deeply-despised and terminally ill war criminal? More personable Bernie Sanders was nixed by the deep state since it had another jester in mind.

The first presidential debate is Monday. Under stress, Hillary’s eyes will dart in separate directions. Coughing nonstop for 90 minutes, her highness will hack up a gazillion unsecured emails. Her head will jerk spasmodically, plop onto the floor and, though decapitated, continue to gush platitudes and lies. “A Very Impressive Performance,” CNBC and CNN will announce. Come November, though, Trump will be installed because his constituency needs to be temporarily pacified. The deep state knows that white people are pissed.

The media were out to get Trump, pundits from across the political spectrum kept repeating, but the truth is that the media made Trump. Long before the election, Trump became a household name, thanks to the media.

Your average American can’t name any other real estate developer, casino owner or even his own senators, but he has known Trump since forever. For more than a decade, Trump was a reality TV star, with two of his children also featured regularly on The Apprentice. Trump’s “You’re fired” and his hair became iconic. Trump appeared on talk shows, had cameo roles in movies and owned the Miss Universe pageant. In 2011, Obama joked that Trump as president would deck out the White House in garish fashion, with his own name huge on the façade. The suave, slick prez roasted Trump again in 2016. Trump has constantly been in the limelight.

It’s true that during the presidential campaign, Trump received mostly negative press, but this only ramped up support among his core constituency. Joe Sixpacks had long seen the media as not just against everything they cherished, but against them as people, so the more the media attacked Trump, the more popular he became among the white working class.

Like politicians, casinos specialize in empty promises. Trump, then, is a master hustler, just like Obama, and with help from the media, this New York billionaire became a darling of the flyover states. Before his sudden transformation, Trump was certainly an insider. He donated $100,000 to the Clinton Foundation, and Bill and Hillary attended his third wedding. Golf buddies, The Donald and Bill were also friends with one Jeffrey Epstein, owner of the infamous Lolita Express and a sex orgy, sex slave island in the Caribbean.


In 2002, New York Magazine published “Jeffrey Epstein: International Money of Mystery.” This asskissing piece begins, “He comes with cash to burn, a fleet of airplanes, and a keen eye for the ladies—to say nothing of a relentless brain that challenges Nobel Prize-winning scientists across the country—and for financial markets around the world.”

Trump is quoted, “I’ve known Jeff for fifteen years. Terrific guy. He’s a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side. No doubt about it—Jeffrey enjoys his social life.”

Bill Clinton shouts out, “Jeffrey is both a highly successful financier and a committed philanthropist with a keen sense of global markets and an in-depth knowledge of twenty-first-century science. I especially appreciated his insights and generosity during the recent trip to Africa to work on democratization, empowering the poor, citizen service, and combating HIV/AIDS.”

Epstein gushes back, “If you were a boxer at the downtown gymnasium at 14th Street and Mike Tyson walked in, your face would have the same look as these foreign leaders had when Clinton entered the room. He is the world’s greatest politician.”

Even during a very nasty election campaign, Trump stayed clear of Clinton’s association with Epstein because he himself had been chummy with the convicted pervert. Trump also never brought up the Clintons’ drug running in Mena or the many mysterious deaths of those whose existence inconvenienced their hold on power.

With eight years in the White House, plus stints as a senator then secretary of state, Clinton is considered the ultimate insider. Though a novice politician, Trump is also an insider, and it’s a grand joke of the establishment that they’ve managed to convince Joe Sixpacks everywhere that Trump will save them.

Knowing how angry the working class has become, the deep state could not install Hillary, for that would have been a tiresome rehash of another Clinton presidency. With NAFTA, Bill launched the job offshoring that has wrecked this country, and those most affected by it, working class whites, know damn well who’s responsible. The Clinton brand has become anathema to middle America.

While Clinton says America is already great, Trump promises to make America great again, but the decline of the US will only accelerate. Our manufacturing base is handicapped because American workers will not put up with Chinese wages, insanely long hours or living in cramped factory dormitories. In a global economy, those who can suck it up best get the jobs.

On the foreign front, America’s belligerence will not ease up under a Trump presidency, for without a hyper kinetic military to browbeat and bomb, the world will stop lending us money. The US doesn’t just wage wars to fatten the military banking complex, but to prop up the US Dollar and prevent our economy from collapsing. The empire yields tangible benefits for even the lowliest Americans.

With his livelihood vaporized, the poor man does not care for LGBT rights, the glass ceiling or climate change. Supplementing his wretched income with frequent treks to the church pantry, if not blood bank, he needs immediate relief. It’s a shame he’s staking his hopes on an imposter.

The deep state ushered in Trump because he’s clearly their most useful decoy. As the country hopes in vain, the crooked men behind the curtain will go on with business as usual. Trump is simply an Obama for a different demographic. Nothing will change for the better.

Linh Dinh is the author of two books of stories, five of poems, and a novel, Love Like Hate. He’s tracking our deteriorating socialscape through his frequently updated photo blog, Postcards from the End of America.

• Category: Ideology • Tags: 2016 Election, Donald Trump 
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  1. woodNfish says:

    Nice try Linh, but I’m not buying it. Trump is already putting his program together and its key points were published yesterday. And in regards to the mentally deranged pervs out there, Trump paraded around on stage at one of his rallies carrying a “LGBT’s for Trump” banner over his head and the crowd cheered him on. Your fag friends need to stop listening to the lying LSM.

  2. Oldeguy says:

    Mr. Dinh is the most honest, clearest eyed, and shrewdest social commentator I’ve come across, not only at this site, but at any other. I fear his analysis on this is, as usual, spot on.
    The whole Trump Phenomena always has had, for me, an aura of bogusness.

    • Replies: @Exudd1
  3. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    This piece has the disturbing ring of truth.

    My state just passed medical marijuana, but I don’t enjoy pot.

    Is there a state that allows medical Heroin?

    • Replies: @Fran Macadam
    , @nitesinger
  4. Anything’s possible, but this seems like it would be a game too complicated.

    • Replies: @MMM
  5. Let me get you right, Mr. Din. So, first, the Deep State people had concluded that certain white people are pissed and that they needed to be pacified. Next, they needed to figure out how to effect the pacification of the white working class. They knew that the media looked down upon them Joe Six Pack folks and that they, at least to some extent, supported Donald Trump, a well-known personality. So, now let’s get the media go after Trump. The working class will feel sympathy for Trump, another entity persecuted by the media. Trump’s support among the white working class will increase so much that he can easily grab the presidency. Which is indeed what seems to have happened . . . and nobody is asking any difficult questions about the Deep State and its machinations. See how diabolically clever the Deep State is! Some baby talk, Mr. Din! Get a life!

    • Agree: Wizard of Oz
    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @Truth
  6. Alfa158 says:

    I enjoy Dinh’s interviews with marginal, often wacked-out Americans, but I never realized he was one of them.
    Really; Trump won in a landslide? Odd sort of arithmetic there. The Orlando shooting was a false flag? The ruling class vilified Trump, but in reality they loved him and the only reason they did everything to defeat him was because they wanted him to win? The omnipotent deep state knew Clinton couldn’t win, but instead of simply plugging someone else into her place they instead threw the election to Trump by doing everything they could to defeat him?
    I have a suggestion for the subject of his next Obscured American interview: himself. If he can do such a great job of arguing with himself in this piece, he should have no trouble interviewing himself.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  7. TheJester says:


    I’m a strong Trump supporter … but I had similar thoughts about the Deep State changing sides in the middle of the contest in the face of the email onslaught against Hillary. I noticed a shift in tone. If Hillary had been elected, there was the credible risk that, with additional evidence, she might be indicted before she was inaugurated or impeached soon after she was inaugurated.

    Trump doesn’t have to be part of a conspiracy for the levers of power to be slightly changed en route to the election. And post election, there are myriad ways to keep Trump under control, just as Obama was kept under control.

    At the end of the day, there is the “nuclear” option that any president should take to heart … and that is the Kennedy assassination. That lesson should be lost on no one. I believe that was always in the back of Obama’s mind, especially given that he came from nowhere and was knowingly elevated to the presidency by those same forces.

    • Replies: @tim s
    , @dcite
  8. Jason Liu says:

    Linh, you’re sounding like the Asian Alex Jones.

    I agree that Trump is unlikely to bring the massive changes he promised, but the media was not building him up as president. They didn’t expect him to run for office when they aired his reality shows, and the “deep state” is one of those poorly defined, unfalsifiable entities people blame for everything.

    • Agree: Marcus, Wizard of Oz
    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @Wizard of Oz
  9. Elizabeth says:

    Only the infantile will imagine the president as any kind of savior or, even more hilariously, anti-establishment. Since the deep state won’t even tolerate a renegade reporter at, say, the San Jose Mercury News, how can you expect a deep state’s enemy to land in the White House?! It cannot happen.

    Good point, there. I’ve been surprised by Paul Craig Roberts’ take on the Trump victory.

    • Agree: jacques sheete
    • Replies: @neprof
  10. LD I understand the doubt. If he meant it, you are wrong about what can be done to improve the lives of the working class.

  11. MMM says:
    @Mao Cheng Ji

    I agree, a game too complicated. Unnecessarily. It’s easy to see why Linh Dinh sizes up the situation as he does though. Putin is also distrusted because he keeps his options open, but he is loyal to Russia and its people. Trump is in a compromised, deeply divided country.

    • Replies: @MMM
    , @kevin
  12. Could be. I do know who Sheldon Adelson is, however.

    Only way to send a message of discontent, though. And almost didn’t happen, only narrowly.

    They still would have preferred the empty pantsuit.

  13. My hand lingered over the name “Gary Johnson” before casting a very shaky vote for Trump and against The Liar. While on the one hand I was glad that woman wasn’t elected, on the other hand I have no illusions whatsoever about Trump to do much of anything. Our problems are deep-seated and beyond the ability of government to solve.

  14. tim s says:


    I don’t think the deep state switches sides. I think they have a plan A, B….N. They are not omnipotent or omniscient, but pretty damn good for what they are, and can last longer than most.
    They play sides against each other very well, but as always, they’ve got a tiger by the tail.

    Trump is playing with the big boys now, and he has a family as well as business interests. I’d imagine that, with the Kennedy’s in mind, he will only push what he may dream of so far. And he may be like Obama, willing to play his part in the great game, benefitting from it, and moving on. I hope not, but I’ve hoped before. I think there is more than a slight possibility that Linh has it right. For every 100 wild conspiracy theories, there surely are a few that fall into the Truth is Stranger than Fiction category, and we largely live in a world of fiction, psychologically at least.

    The DS would have no problem throwing HRC under the bus. The Clintons have outlived their usefulness to the Deep State, I’d imagine. This was her grand finale in their game. You might feel some pity for her…Oh who am I kidding, I want to see her tarred & feathered as much as anyone….

  15. Exudd1 says:

    An excellent, forthright article, LD; written with uncanny prescience and sound arguments, your predictions and summation are quite persuasive. Thanks.

  16. Exudd1 says:
    @Connecticut Famer

    Well said, Connecticut Farmer. Thanks.

  17. Michelle says:

    In the words of Billy Joel

    You may be right, I may be crazy
    But it just may be a lunatic you’re looking for
    Turn out the light, don’t try to save me
    You may be wrong for all I know but you may be right

  18. MMM says:

    Paul Craig Roberts sums it up:

    “Note: Some believe that Trump is a ruse conducted by the Oligarchy. However, as Hillary is the bought-and-paid-for representative of the Oligarchy, such an elaborate ruse is unnecessary. It is preferable for the Oligarchy to win on its own platform than to install a president on the opposite platform and then change him around. Another sellout increases the anger of the people. If Hillary had won, the Oligarchy would have had the voters’ mandate for their platform.”

    • Replies: @Ximenes
  19. I wouldn’t believe this line of thinking – except for the fact that today news of Trump’s team is leaking out. His team is made of political insiders, bankers, lobbyists etc.

    The swamp is not being drained. It’s being flooded again.

    • Replies: @Delinquent Snail
  20. MGT says:

    So basically everyone and everything is controlled by the Deep State, and anything you do or think is because they manipulated you into doing or thinking it.

    Sounds an awful lot like God, but I can assure you that NSA nerds and military generals aren’t gods. I think it is what it is, the real men behind the curtain (the wealthy, and elites in politics, business, academia, and the media) were all-in for Hillary and they lost.

    And then, how do we know _you_ aren’t a Deep State plant and this is all just misinformation?

  21. Vraja D says: • Website

    Obama made all sorts of promises also, he didn’t deliver. Trump makes all kinds of promises, he won’t deliver either on most or all as well – presidents are not kings who can enact policies on their own. Take for example jobs and getting rid of the free trade deals and so on? That needs congress, and congress is pro-trade deals. So that is a non-starter. A president is limited to what congress allows, Obama couldn’t snap his finger and force the TPP on America. It is the same with repealing trade deals.

    What else did he promise that you care so much about? Muslims? Nope, he won’t do it since once in office he will find out how much power the Muslim lobby has – they own much of corporate America, i.e. the Saudis and Gulf states that is. And they can wreck the American economy if they wanted what with their owning government debt. And they are the biggest clients of the defense industry after the American military. Also they control the price of oil. So that is a non-starter as well.

    What else did he promise? Guns? Since when are guns illegal? Just empty rhetoric.

    What else? Lower taxes? Poor people already pay no income tax, so he will lower it for the rich and that will make you happy? Or what, the middle class will save a few hundred bucks a year, well guess what, inflation has made that a joke. He can’t reduce taxes too much, where do you think the military gets their money from? Or the infrastructure projects he wants to get done?

    Infrastructure projects? I doubt it, after all the money that goes to the military there is barely enough money to pay for what is already paid for, lowering taxes will make that kitty even lower. So don’t count on it.

    Immigrants? Take a look outside, rioting in the streets will make him change that promise.

    What else, foreign policy? This is the biggest joke of all. The defense industry owns congress, they depend on war to make hundreds of billions a year. They control foreign war mongering, I mean do not be a fool and think that Obama and Hillary are just irrational “war hawks” and that explains everything. The defense industry is the main power in American politics, Trump cannot take them on and win. They control the intelligence agencies and anyone who challenges them will feel their wrath, one way or another. Trump will cave, count on it.

    So what do we have left that makes you feel Trump can change anything for the better? Repeal regulations? Oh, that is just great for rich people, or the coal industry, or the oil industry, but not so good for the environment or anyone else.

    So what else? Abortion? The Supreme Court as a policy does not change decisions made by them. And even if they do, what will happen? People will simply go to Mexico or Canada, taking money out of America. Or more people will make sure to take the morning after pill. Abortion will not change much if at all (remember past GOP presidents changing abortion?)

    Anything else? Make friends with Russia? Well, great. So what though? How does that change your life? Any threats of nuclear war with Russia are overblown, it was all election year fear mongering to get elected. So yeah it is nice to be friends with Russia or China or whoever, but that doesn’t change your life does it?

    Repeal Obamacare? Hmmm. That will not make anything better, and could make things worse. If you asked most people what it is about Obamacare they don’t like, most will say something that is not really true. Or they will cite stuff that Obamacare cannot control – like rising prices which had no control before Obamacare either. Sure there is a penalty for people who have no insurance but can afford it, but it isn’t much, and it only affects a small number of people. Remember, poor people get free health care in America anyways. Obamacare was not great and didn’t fix the health care cost crisis, but at least it made some improvements. Unless Trump’s plan can make it better, just getting rid of it will make things worse. Don’t expect a miracle. He didn’t make any specific promises about health care other than ending Obamacare and saying he will make things better.

    What else? Repeal the Iran deal? What does that mean for you? Maybe war with Iran? Hmmm, who would profit from that? I wonder, NOT. War with Iran is what the defense industry would love. Makes you tingle all over doesn’t it?

    Happy still? Remember, if you can’t spot the sucker at the table – it is you.

    • Replies: @MarkinLA
    , @Eric Novak
  22. Linh Dinh makes a powerful argument, even though he is a disgusting racist. This would answer the question I asked yesterday; why did the stock market go up after a Trump win? If Linh Dinh is right, the plutocracy sure fooled me.

    However another possibility is that the plutocracy is split; one side for more war, one side for hauling ass. The Wall Street Journal, wrote a strong article which operatively favored Trump. Maybe more hidden plutes favored Trump.

    Actually, now that I reflect on it, this appears a better explanation.

    • Replies: @Randal
  23. kevin says:

    The effects of 9/11 are still being felt today, as much the national security polices in place today are either a direct result of 9/11 or are allegedly designed to prevent another catastrophic tragedy of a similar magnitude. Likewise, Jewish zionists have been trying to shift the American people’s condemnation of the 9/11 attacks away from the real terrorists who did 9/11 and the Jewish terrorist state of Israel which was the root cause of 9/11, because of its almost endless list of Zionist crimes, towards irrational hatred of people of the Islamic faith in general. Unfortunately, this zionist instigation of Islamohysteria has created a segment of people in America who are supportive of the military occupation of nations such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Pakistan, Somalia, Yemen and Syria (with Iran as a likely future target). These military occupations only benefit the criminal state Israel

    • Replies: @anonymous
  24. kevin says:

    War is not for oil or military banking comp. it was for Israeli interests. Oded Yinon’s “Clean Break” document and the “Rebuilding America’s defences” by the PNAC think tank, aren’t too dissimilar. Richard Perle was calling for middle east regime change since 1996 for fuck sake.

    A lot of the bullshit intelligence that was not only cherry picked but also fabricated to the point them becoming outright lies, for example Mohammed Atta’s delivery of anthrax to Iraqi officals in Prague, came out of the office of special plans. This was a very low key department within the Pentagon (many intellgience officals did not know it existed) headed by who else but an Israeli Neo-conservative, Douglas Feith.

    You obviously realise the criminal element with US Govt, but if you think the invasion of Iraq was for oil – you’ve still got some reading to do!

    The destabilization in Iraq and surroundings is something planned from the beginning of the 80s

    The very Israeli media boasted that Jews were bush accessor those responsible for the lie of chemical weapons and resulting aggression and destabilized the iraq

    It is known that al Qaeda took part in the Arab spring receiving help from the American government CONTROLLED.

    It is well known that such ISIS received American arms and Israeli medical help.

    “Israel provides medical and military help for Syrians rebels denounced commissioner of the UN! UN Commissioners reported that during the last 18 months the Israel government through its military has been providing medical and military aid to the rebels Syrians .According to the inspectors, meetings between Israelis and Syrians military rebels are common and occur in golinas Golan! ”

    Here’s a must-read piece on how American (Jewish) neo-cons planned, organised and carried out the destabilisation of certain middle eastern countries on behalf of Israel leading to the unfolding nightmare Europe is now experiencing………

    • Replies: @anonymous
  25. kevin says:

    Putin is no different from the Zionist who control the West.
    he oppresses own people(slavs) while licking ass of the supremacists Jews

    ethnic Russian is a people on the verge of extinction and big part of it is the fault of your beloved Putin.

    _ You knew that only 40% of the Russian population is white / Slavic?
    _ You know that majoritary ethnic Russian women are married out of your (40% of Muscovites for example) race?

    You knew that in Russia have 2 million abortions every year and the vast majority are of ethnic Russian women married with ethnic Russian man ?
    _ You knew during the Putin government in less than 10 years 15 million illegal immigrants settled around Moscow?
    – You knew Putin created laws that criminalize criticism of the immigration and because of this more than 2000 Russian nationalists today live in penitentiaries?
    you knew Putin banned the existence of political parties and nationalist movements so that many existing parties were extinguished by operation of law?

    • Replies: @Marcus
    , @MMM
    , @annamaria
  26. melendwyr says: • Website
    @Connecticut Famer

    But not beyond the ability of government to make worse! Our best political minds are working to do what they can even as we speak.

  27. dcite says:

    He didn’t “come from nowhere.” He’d been chosen years before. A Russian journalist said with certainty in the early ’90s, “you will have a black president in a few years.” Maybe she had a crystal ball, or saw the trends, or maybe was just had access to the network that really decides these things. Obama had a CIA connection at least on the Dunham side even before birth. A mediocrity like him doesn’t get into Columbia (though private investigators could find no evidence of his ever having been a student there), or become editor of the Harvard Law Review with virtually no accomplishments or grades to recommend him, unless you are very connected. You want to see what matters to those who decide these things, look at the events with an official narrative that keeps getting repeated even unto Wikipedia, and yet people who research it, know it went down differently. And they keep it up for decades–that’s how you know the event’s significance, by how long and hard the media/politicians/anybody with a stake-in-it, lies about it.

    As for the Clinton votes, there was so much voter fraud on the Dems part, that the fact Trump won at all is evidence of a landslide of popular feeling.

    • Replies: @Triumph104
  28. Marcus says:

    Absurd, you really think the media that’s largely staffed by coddled Jewish or White leftists needed to be told when to get hysterical over microaggressions? These are “people” who are genuinely suffering from PTSD over an election result

    • Replies: @Elizabeth
  29. Marcus says:

    I agree, at least his foreign policy is pretty good as a counterbalance to the US agenda

  30. @woodNfish

    “With NAFTA, Bill launched the job offshoring that has wrecked this country, and those most affected by it, working class whites, know damn well who’s responsible. The Clinton brand has become anathema to middle America.”

    They’re already promoting Chelsea in politics. And she’ll succeed. Because of name recognition.

    • Replies: @woodNfish
  31. Elizabeth says:

    You believe this can authentically be seen as causing PTSD?

    • Replies: @Marcus
  32. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    I’m not buying it. For starters, Trump was extremely defamed by the entirety of the media, the entertainment industry, academia, and nearly all political insiders, heads of state, etc. the world over. If the establishment were trying to get him elected, would trying to get the public to revile him be a good way to do so? Wouldn’t it have simply been easier to do nothing, and let him steamroll Clinton? It was bound to have some effect on the numbers- would they chance having their “stooge” lose?

    Indeed, most predictions going into the election were that he would lose and most of the talking heads were celebratory of the fact. I can understand perhaps the democrats wanting their establishment candidate to go in, but the Republican establishment as well? Republican establishment leader after Republican establishment leader, Republican figureheads like Arnold, Republican voices like the entire frickin’ panel of National Review- all trying to get their followers to vote against Trump. And if the establishment as a whole were rigging it, wouldn’t they have either overridden the wishes of the those who were against him, as the democrats did to Bernie behind the scenes? And why all the cheating on behalf of Hillary? Wouldn’t there have been a lot of lever pulling for Trump? For example- A number of Hillary’s debate answers were well-polished and we know why- she had people giving her people the questions ahead of time. Wouldn’t this have been going on for Trump? If you think it was, then why were his answers less polished (which would only hurt his numbers).

    The establishment hasn’t given 2 sh*ts for the white working class or any white for that matter who doesn’t bow down to the ideology of the left. They’ve been ignoring the ‘badwhites’ for at least a half century, knowing fully well that whites are too tied into their jobs, their families, their homes, the boundaries of proper society, etc to riot, and raise the kind of hell that would end the establishment. So they’ve been ignoring the ‘badwhites’, slowly killing them off through attrition, slowly electing a new people by importing others who have more kids than the whites. And yeah, whitey has been angry, but still hasn’t gone to the streets to raise hell. He still works his 9-5, he still pays his taxes, he still sends his kids to their schools to be indoctrinated in left-think. In other words, its been working. No reason why, when they’ve gotten whitey this far along to think that he’s suddenly going to organize a private army to re-take the country.

    And who in their right mind would accept the level of public defamation that Trump has had to endure if they didn’t have to- if they were a ‘stooge’ who could ride into a presidency? The man has had massive damage to his reputation among “those Americans who really count”, had the media playing over and over his comments about ‘grabbing p*ssy’, proclaiming over and over he hated women, etc in front of his daughter, his wife, his young son. He had his personal empire financially damaged by protest, removal of advertising and sponsorship, etc. He had to spend hundreds of millions of his own money- not a lot of gravy train stooge money coming to his campaign.

    It’s clear that Hillary was the intended stooge. Aside from email proof (which, by the way had to be delivered to us through foreign sources), she is the one who was given the free pass from the media, the intellectuals, etc. The one to whom the easy money flowed.

    In short, your ideas about Trump just don’t add up.

    • Agree: Miro23
  33. Linh,

    While your analysis is provocative and, maybe, possible, I would take it with a large dose of wait and see.

    Like I said: maybe you’re right.

    It should all be clear real soon.

    In the meantime: yes, Orlando doesn’t really make any sense, does it?

  34. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    I’ve heard after the Lewinsky case a golf club was rejecting William Jefferson Blythe III’s membership application, then Trump made them accept it.
    There are pictures of the two, each with a stunner (not their wives).

    Clinton rolled out wide-range deregulation. The end of Glass-Steagall (of which Clinton said, as late as in 2015, there’s not a single, solitary example that” signing the bill to end Glass-Steagall “had anything to do with the financial crash) was still more important.
    William Jefferson’s first term was when real executive power was transferred to finance all over the West (the EU, as logical, followed within a few years).

    • Replies: @restless94110
  35. MMM says:

    What Putin has done for Russia and its people speaks for itself. You should educate yourself.

    • Replies: @Marcus
  36. @woodNfish

    From PCR:

    Some believe that Trump is a ruse conducted by the Oligarchy. However, as Hillary is the bought-and-paid-for representative of the Oligarchy, such an elaborate ruse is unnecessary. It is preferable for the Oligarchy to win on its own platform than to install a president on the opposite platform and then change him around. Another sellout increases the anger of the people. If Hillary had won, the Oligarchy would have had the voters’ mandate for their platform.

    • Replies: @woodNfish
  37. I like this guy Dinh…….but fella, Occam’s Razor will do here…….

  38. MarkinLA says:
    @Vraja D

    Immigrants? Take a look outside, rioting in the streets will make him change that promise.

    No it just makes them criminals, eligible for immediate deportation.

  39. @Anonymous

    Who the fuck is William Jefferson Blythe and why the fuck should anyone care?

    Are you trying to be cute?

    I just hate this jargon-y shit that some people use.

    • Agree: Jim Christian
    • Replies: @Jim Christian
  40. Trump ran for president to save face. The Celebrity Apprentice is cheap to make but the ratings were low and I’m sure that NBC wanted to salvage the show with a new host and told Trump and his kids that their services were no longer needed. A Trump-less show was filmed almost a year ago and is scheduled to air January 2017 with Arnold Schwarzenegger as the host. If NBC had waited another year, Trump never would have run for president.

    After the Orlando false flag shooting on June 12th, 2016


    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @annamaria
    , @WJ
  41. Ximenes says:

    “If Hillary had won, the Oligarchy would have had the voters’ mandate for their platform.”

    If, however, the Oligarchy’s next project is a false-flag followed by an American attack on Iran, then Trump’s their man. His rhetoric on Iran was relentlessly hostile and belligerent– so there’s the mandate. And if the nation is going to war, the men who will be doing the actual fighting– deplorables all– will answer the call of the leader they elected. Kind of reminiscent of the last time a good old boy was (suspiciously) elected. GW Bush read My Pet Goat during the 9/11 attack, then we were off to Iraq.

  42. @dcite

    A mediocrity like him doesn’t get into Columbia (though private investigators could find no evidence of his ever having been a student there), or become editor of the Harvard Law Review with virtually no accomplishments or grades to recommend him, unless you are very connected.

    Barack Obama got into Columbia as a transfer student. He was lazy in high school and his grades were too poor for him to be an incoming freshman. Several elite schools such as Johns Hopkins, Cornell, and the US service academies are known for accepting transfer students that they never would have accepted as incoming freshmen, because the grades, SAT scores, and graduation rates of incoming freshmen affect the rankings of a college. Many of these transfers are racial minorities and/or athletes, so it is a win-win for the college

    Harvard Law Review started choosing half of its editors by popular vote when Barack Obama was in high school, so no connections were needed, although there is indication that he may have been elected based on mert. Steve Sailer has written about Obama’s relatively high LSAT score, 94th to 98th percentile, and the outgoing president of the Harvard Law Review stated that Obama was selected on merit. “Mr. Yu said Mr. Obama’s election ”was a choice on the merits, but others may read something into it.” ”

    • Replies: @MarkinLA
  43. Ron Unz says:

    Well, I’m pretty skeptical that there was any sort of Deep State plot to put Trump into the White House. Basically, he was a loose cannon and the Elite Establishment, including nearly all the Neocons, did absolutely everything they could to defeat him.

    However, since there’s now talk that he may pick James Woolsey and John Bolton as two of his top national security/foreign policy appointments, the outcome amounts to the same thing—they’re two of the most extreme and craziest Neocons. Since Trump was an empty vessel on those sorts of issues, he would end up captured by the close allies of the people who would have been running the same Hillary Clinton portfolios.

    People forget, but “W” was originally elected as the *anti-Neocon* candidate, opposed in the 2000 Republican primaries by nearly all the Neocons (who favored McCain), promising a “humble” foreign policy, and not appointing a single Neocon to any Cabinet-level position. But by the end of the year, he’d been totally captured by the Neocons.

    Unfortunately, it wouldn’t surprise me if the same thing happened to Trump…

  44. woodNfish says:

    If Chelsea Clinton succeeds it will be because democrats are grubers.

  45. woodNfish says:

    Yeah, I read that article too, and I think it is as looney as you are.

  46. Marcus says:

    Have you been living under a rock? Leftists are even more hysterical than normal, they were already seeking counseling months ago for election anxiety

  47. Marcus says:

    Standard of living has indeed increased tremendously, but he’s flooded the country with dumb, obnoxious non-white immigrants

  48. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Someone’s been drinking their serving of Michael Moore Koolaid, haven’t they?

    • Replies: @Jim Christian
  49. MarkinLA says:

    Obama’s relatively high LSAT score, 94th to 98th percentile

    I don’t think whites get into Harvard Law School with LSAT percentiles that low, do they?

    • Replies: @Triumph104
    , @Hibernian
  50. Anon • Disclaimer says:

    If Trump bans Muslims, there will be less chance of Muslim terrorism in the US. And that means less reason for US to fight more War on Terror in the Middle East.

    Zio-Glob hates that. Zio-Glob want more reasons for US to get involved in the Middle East to do their bidding.

    More Muslims here means more chance of terrorism, and that means more reason for US to fight in Middle East. And in creating havoc, US will take in more Muslim refugees, and that may mean more terror, which will justify more US wars over there, and so on.

    Indeed, imagine US had been more vigilant and vetting of Muslims in the 90s. There would have been no 9/11, and then no opening for Neocons to bring about the endless Wars for Israel in the 21st century.

  51. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:
    @Der Mann ohne Eigenschaften

    It’s not that complicated.

    The elites control both sides. Always.

    That’s why Bush/Clinton/Obama saw almost no change at all except for superficial ones at best.

    The only way for the elites to win is to play divide and conquer and that is exactly what they are doing.

  52. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:
    @Jason Liu

    Some of the media attacked him, some of the media shilled for him.

    • Replies: @MarkinLA
  53. I’m not buying it, simply based on the observable fact that the establishment isn’t that good. If Trump is really a puppet on their string, it would require a stunning degree of stagecraft and tight control of events that is simply beyond their ability. They may be powerful, but they aren’t that subtle.

  54. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    What people forget is that there is a de-leveraging that needs to happen in order to liquidate all the bad debt. In other words a great depression.

    Trump is the perfect fall guy for this.

    Once he goes down and takes the fall, the left will be able to target the Alt-Right as being responsible for all of the world’s problems.

    And they will be able to force a liberal alternative down America’s throats.

  55. I am sixty-nine years old and in poor health. I am relieved that I will not witness the full horror that will envelop the 99%. I have seen the country decline since Ronald was in office and implemented his trickle down economy. Citizens, you are doomed.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  56. @Ron Unz

    As I remember W was not an anti-neocon candidate (after all, Dick Cheney was one of his closest advisors), but rather anti-liberal-interventionist candidate, which is similar but not exactly the same.

    Besides, W really was an empty vessel, while with Trump it still remains to be seen.

    I agree that if Woolsey and/or Bolton got important assignments, it’d be a very bad omen, but it hasn’t happen yet; why prejudge.

  57. polistra says:

    I’m going to keep both possibilities open until the week after January 20. No politician keeps all his promises. If Trump takes meaningful and consequential steps in the correct direction immediately after taking office, then he’s real. If he starts out by surrendering, or does nothing meaningful, then he was only a sting.

  58. linh should give trump a chance. the reds have total control of the govt atm. lets see if they can do something for the country unlike how obama and the blues wasted their chance.

    both have 2 years of total control. might be 4 years as more blue seats in congress goes up for election in 2 years.

    This could be bush 2.0(I am betting on this, a tv show man is very easily controlled, just like dumb ass bush jr) or worst. or it could be a breath of fresh air.

    I would love it if I lost this bet.

  59. I enjoy many of Dinh’s portrayals of common folk, but his political analyses leave much to be desired. I’m beginning to believe that the reason why the former articles work is because he allows the subjects to sort of write the articles themselves. I won’t bother to go into detail here. I’ll just point out one issue that seems to be a base contention:

    “To steal an American election, one only needs to tamper with votes in two or three critical states, and since Hillary didn’t win, we must conclude that she was never the establishment’s chosen puppet. As Trump claimed, the fix was in, all right, except that it was rigged in his favor, as born out by the fact.”

    “one only needs to tamper with votes in two or three critical states”

    In hindsight, yes. However, as prepared as they may think they are with the obviously rigged polling, they don’t know FOR CERTAIN which states will tip them to victory. So they have to have whatever methods of stealing in more states than they may wind up needing. Also: perhaps they DID attempt to swing the states back to Hillary’s favor, but the populist uprising in Trump’s favor was too strong to overcome. There’s more to this, but whatever. This guy chose his conclusion in advance and he’s going to build the narrative around it.

    “and since Hillary didn’t win, we must conclude that she was never the establishment’s chosen puppet”

    We MUST conclude? Damn man: we must think a little more about this before we MUST conclude anything. There are any number of conclusions that we can draw and sometimes the best conclusion is that we don’t KNOW.

    First off: just because people may attempt to rig the election doesn’t mean that they WILL succeed. The establishment made it clear who their choice was via the media — mainstream and social media — Republican defections, and most of all: campaign money.

    • Replies: @pogohere
  60. Lochearn says:

    The empire is in crisis. It has looted itself to such an extent that serious divisions have arisen. The neocons want to double down while the realists look to a partial withdrawal from empire. They see a rebuilding as necessary. The empire entered a period of hubris post 1989 and forgot to monitor its main rivals ie. Russia and China. It also drove these rivals into each other’s arms, when Russia is culturally very Europe-oriented. Looting reached a point where America had fallen one or more generations behind in the quality of key lethal weapons and transportation systems for those weapons. Because the miltary is weak and the debts are piling up it can no longer maintain empire, enforce the dictates of Wall Street, the expansionism of Israel or attend to the wishes of a lucrative customer – Saudi Arabia. Hence the crisis.

    The realists are old WASPs who resent what they see as a Zionist takeover which is now threatening their very existence. Clinton of course represents the neocons while Trump is the realist candidate. That the rebellion goes deeper and wider than many had imagined can be seen both in the power of the alt right in alternative media and the election results. The alt right is correct on foreign policy and entirely wrong about what is wrong with the country. The problem is not too much government or “socialism” (give us a break!) but too much Wall Street.

    As the Zionists control the established media in its entirety the attempt to crush Trump was genuine. The problem was that, like Rambo in his field, Trump is a first-class practitioner of media. As the campaign reached its climax Trump began to sound more presidential – was he getting quality advice? When the FBI director decided to reopen investigations into Clinton at a very critical point in the election process he could not have done so without some heavy muscle behind him. The neocon Zionists will try to control Trump through old foxes like Bolton while the realists will attempt to block that influence.

    Trump is far too powerful, wealthy and egocentric to be easily controlled. As Mr Unz says he’s a loose cannon. But he is far smarter and stronger than W. Sanders would have been much easier to deal with. They say Sanders would have been better against Trump. No. In Trumpian terms he’s a loser and would have been crushed. HC, despite her considerable baggage, won the popular vote so they weren’t too far off.

  61. Thank you, sir, for a bellyful of laughs. The logical flaws and nonsequiturs alone make for a comic bonanza. Ron Unz, instead of honoring this idiocy with his unaccountably polite remarks, should start worrying about the reputation of his site if he does not exercise some kind of supervision on what he publishes which would not limit itself to potential number of comments. As for the subject of the so-called Trump ploy, Paul Craig Roberts has already provided a perfectly sensible — and in my view definitive — analysis.

    • Replies: @anonymous
  62. I am hardly a Washington mover and shaker, but my boss sure is and he has filled me in. I can tell you that Dinh doesn’t know what he is talking about. Trump is EXACTLY what he appears to be. He is no puppet of some kind of “Deep State”, he was not “chosen” over Clinton. Trump was not taken seriously by the Republicans in Washington, to say nothing of the Democrats. Is Trump a wild-eyed revolutionary? No, of course not. He is a New York real estate developer, for most of his life a mostly apolitical moderate interested in making money and promoting his brand. As he got older his innate love for this country caused him to make a move which he probably never expected to lead to the White House, because he was disgusted with what was happening to our country. The election probably was rigged for Hillary, but there are limits to this kind of thing and Trump just barely overwhelmed her efforts to steal it. The absurd popular vote totals are the truth teller. Notice that no Democrat has called for a recount. Hell no. It would expose millions of fraudulent votes. Both sides know it. I like Dinh but he really does not know or understand America.

    • Replies: @dcite
  63. alexander says:

    Dear Mr. Dinh,

    Your observations are quite good, and most of what you have written is probably true.

    I wish I could agree with you that our unending wars of belligerence in the middle east are needed to keep our economy from collapsing.

    Unfortunately, the reality is the exact opposite, our obscene overspending on wars of aggression abroad ARE collapsing our economy, and have been for years.

    The Iraq war not only quadrupled the price of gasoline and heating oil for every single American, but it drained our nations coffers of trillions of dollars we don’t have.

    Our government has been overspending what it has been drawing in , in revenues, by nearly 900 billion dollars every year since 9-11.

    (Nearly) All that overspending is directly attributed to our “hyper-kinetic” war making, overseas.

    Our National debt has BALLOONED by 15 trillion dollars in a mere sixteen years.

    And ,for the first time ever , the Massive debt these wars have created has eclipsed our annual GDP.

    Nothing about this immense hemorrhaging of our nations wealth is a plus for the credit worthiness of the USA.

    Nothing at all.

    Its not “propping up the dollar”, Mr. Dinh, …………..its eroding it.

    How long do you think other countries will continue to purchase or hold our treasury bonds once they are convinced the US will never overcome the obscene debt these wars have created ?

    Our “hyper kinetic war-making” in the middle east , has been the greatest single assault our our nations solvency in history.

    The USA of sixteen years ago, was operating at a SURPLUS of close to 200 billion dollars a year.

    The national debt was nearly HALF the GDP….which was a reasonably healthy ratio.

    Today, we are running a deficit of over 600 billion dollars and our national debt has ECLIPSED our GDP by almost half a trillion dollars.

    I cannot understand how you perceive this “empire-ing”as a plus for our credit worthiness, our economy, or our solvency .

    On the contrary , our belligerence overseas has “devoured” all three.

    And what do we have to show for all of this ?

    We have transformed half the middle east into a burnt, bombed out, smoldering husk of suffering ,death and destitution for nearly everyone who lives there.

    Hip-hip-Hooray !

    The amount of refugees from war torn regions, our hyper kinetic ” empire” has created, now exceeds 60,000,000 people.

    Why is that a plus, Mr, Dinh ?

    Lets consider for a moment, the “effectiveness” of our mushroomed “homeland security” industries, domestically.

    We now spend hundreds of billions of dollars per year to keep us “free and safe from terror”

    Yet there have been MORE terror attacks over the past year, in the USA, than there were in entire forty years before 9-11 , when our “homeland security” budget was zero.

    How do you explain that, Mr. Dinh ?

    • Replies: @Linh Dinh
  64. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:
    @Tabasco Jack

    Well, if you are 69 yrs old then you should know the country has been declining for a lot longer than Reagan. In fact the Reagan years reversed some of the damage.

    • Replies: @utu
    , @MarkinLA
    , @Hibernian
  65. @Ron Unz

    “… (Trump) may pick James Woolsey and John Bolton for natl. security/foreign policy appointments… they’re two of the most extreme and craziest Neocons.”


    Such appointments will not surprise, given Donald Trump’s (compromise?) selection of V.P. Pence. He’s packaged as less “crazy” but Pence is no less ideologically committed by his observable deeds performed on behalf of the Globalist and Neoconservative agenda. Please look at You Tube below which I feel is pretty objective?

    The Neoconservative infestation of Trump’s administration has already begun.

    Thank you Linh Dinh for such thought provoking article which shows how much real POTUS candidate agendas are subtracted from the knowledge base of the average American voter.

  66. Nothing will change for the better.

    And that’d be the bottom line; it always is when yer dealing with gubbermint, politicians, and something for nothing casinos too.

    I can’t believe people have been so suckered, again. Well, at least The Harridan got some of what it deserves.

    LD, this article is 5 star for sure.

  67. pyrrhus says:

    We’ll see. I’m expecting peace with Russia and a resolution of the horrible messes in the Ukraine and Syria, created by Hillary and Obama. If those things happen, then you will be definitely wrong Linh….

  68. I stopped reading when you said he won by a landslide. This is one of the weak writers on the site. I am glad he won too, but to say landslide when he lost the popular discredits the serious ideas that should happen on this site.

  69. Max Payne says:

    It’s cute how people here think the US actually has some form of democracy. That the “people have spoken”. It’s as if people forget the CIA has been the master of perception management since its inception.

    In today’s age of instant tweets and live streams you need more intricate acts in an election. This election, like all elections in the US, is just a massive clown show. All that media against Trump was to build the drama. His ‘victory’ will be used to incite the left in demonstrating how racist white America is, and white America is placated again through the appointment of a president who says what they want to hear but clearly will do whatever the powers of be will demand.

  70. @Connecticut Famer

    Our problems are deep-seated and beyond the ability of government to solve.

    In fact, it’s worse than that. Contrary to all the mythology, big government exists only to to solve the problems of the ruling (moneyed) classes.

  71. mcohen says:


    deep state or whatever you call it lost control of this one in the last month.a few memes here and there and that was they are scrambling.this election was the first true age of internet election.
    this will not end until a female republican president is elected.then the real changes will start.

  72. Stogumber says:

    Mr. Linh,
    what’s with Lloyd Blankfein forbidding his apprentices to give money to Trump? All a conspiracy?

    • Replies: @Linh Dinh
  73. Linh Dinh says: • Website

    Hi Alexander,

    The US is messing with Russia and China to prevent the economic integration of Eurasia. Should all these countries fall into the Russian/Chinese orbit, we would be left out in the cold. Yes, our wars and provocations all over cost tons of money, but without this constant imperial flexing, the world would not be intimidated into lending us $19 trillion and counting. All the merchandises flooding this country would dry up. We can afford to run up our obscene debts because we’re the bossman swinging a huge stick.

    We also fight Middle East wars to serve Israel, and I don’t see that changing in the foreseeable future.


    • Replies: @alexander
  74. utu says:

    Reagan (already Carter) via Volcker caused unemployment among well paid labor and busted unions and only then they started reducing unemployment they caused by creating low paid jobs (service) and production (low paid non-union) jobs in Southern states.

    Carter did not want Volcker. He had his own candidate but TPTB over ruled Carter.

    The next stage of lowering wages and deindustrialization took place under Clinton with NAFTA.

    The appearance on the world stage of Thatcher in the UK and Reagan in the US was not a coincidence. Thatcher and Reagan were hired by TPTB to initiate the transition to neoliberal economy.

    Are Brexit and Trump phenomena connected in the same way as Thatcher and Reagan were? What is TPTB plan this time?

  75. A Sperger says:

    Way to go Dinh. You obviously need a quiet place to cry and get all that teenage angst out of your system. Your approach to the problem is typical: Gee, we lost…okay, we didn’t really lose it was all a great big con job…yeah, that’s it, we were cheated into thinking this election was anything but just another dog and pony show. See, Trump didn’t really win.

    Say, Dinh, weren’t you one of those far seeing, oh so sagacious political whine-bots who knew, just KNEW Trump wouldn’t last a week? Oh, but it was all a big con-job, which is why Wall Street and the MSM poured millions of bucks in to the Dems campaigns? Oh, but that was part of the con, right? Yeah, yeah, the “Deep State” (aka Dinh’s fav boogieman) is responsible! It wasn’t that America got sick and tired of watching the grand give-away of what American’s had worked for because “they didn’t earn that”, nope, it was because America was hypnotized, or something.

    But you keep up the crying, Dinh, it’s music to my ears.

    • Replies: @Linh Dinh
  76. Linh Dinh says: • Website

    Hi Stogumber,

    This was broadcast all over the media, and since Blankfein is deeply despised, not just by Trump supporters but nearly everyone else, how did it hurt Trump?

    Blankfein is like a cartoon bankster, man. His fiat against Trump was a ruse, a head fake, meant to convey to dupes that Trump was the banksters’ enemy. It couldn’t have been done more crudely.


  77. Linh Dinh says: • Website
    @A Sperger

    You obviously didn’t read my article.

    I repeatedly predicted that Trump would win when no one else did.

    Don’t comment on articles you haven’t read, buddy. It makes you look pretty stupid.

    • Replies: @utu
    , @utu
    , @A Sperger
  78. macilrae says:

    Knowing how angry the working class has become, the deep state could not install Hillary

    It’s a point of view – and if John Bolton joins his team, or Newt gets State, you’ll be proved correct right away.

  79. utu says:
    @Linh Dinh

    Mr. Linh Dinh, you are onto something but we still do not know what is the plan.

    I keep wondering about the connection between Brexit and Trump. What does the anglo-american (+zio) establishment has in store for us this time?

    The change often comes form London but thet it is up to the American 800 lb gorilla to impose the change on the whole world. In late 1970s it was Thatcher who was the harbinger of Reagan. The whole idea of shaking up the economy and remaking it into a neoliberal model came from the City. In the US it was accomplished very simply by Volcker (who was forced on Carter) by jacking up interest rates under the pretense of fighting with inflation. For bankers inflation means just high wages. They drove up unemployment and busted unions and then started fighting with the unemployment they first created by reducing taxes for the rich and creating service jobs and non-union production jobs in the South. Then came NAFTA under Bush and Clinton and we know the rest of the story.

    Now many years later we know what the Deep Sate had in store for us when they got us Thatcher and Reagan. What is their plan by giving us Brexit and Trump? Are they connected?

    • Replies: @Linh Dinh
    , @MarkinLA
  80. utu says:
    @Linh Dinh

    Last week of October the Deep Sate sent two message that Clinton would not win. First it was WSJ article about Clinton money for the wife of vice director of FBI and second it was Comey’s letter on Oct. 28. You can read about it here:

    My take on it was that WSJ and Comey were sending signal to media that Trump would win and media must adjust their narrative and start scaling down support for Clinton and stop using false poll results if they want to preserve remnants of their reputation. Also Comey was giving to media an ideal excuse for them being wrong to blame him that it was his action that a gave victory to Trump. Clinton supporters are blaming Comey now, right? This weakens Trump as well (Deep Sate always wants their presidents to be weak, right?) because now Trump owes (or at least may think so) his presidency to the Deep State.

  81. Linh Dinh says: • Website

    Hi utu,

    Brexit and the Trump win are merely symbolic victories for the masses. With its own currency, England was never really a part of the European Union anyway, and since it’s physically apart, it never had to worry about EU-styled open borders. Despite all that, England is the most multicultural of all European countries, with its traditional identity most diluted. Brexit, then, was allowed as a symbolic backlash, same as the Trump presidency.

    I’d love to hear your thoughts on this.


    • Replies: @Hibernian
    , @utu
    , @Wizard of Oz
  82. Linh Dinh says: • Website

    Several commenters have brought up Craig Roberts’ analysis as a rebuttal to mine, so I must remind everyone that Roberts started out by warning, repeatedly, that the election would be rigged against Trump.

    When Comey reopened the Clinton investigation, Roberts then said that the election would be rigged for Trump. Now, Roberts is saying that the deep state forgot to rig anything at all since they were so mesmerized by their own propaganda that Clinton would win.

    If they’re going to rig, they’ll rig, and the propaganda is always meant for us doofuses, not themselves. To say that they neglected to rig the election because they believed their own bullshit makes no sense.

    I’m a long-time admirer of Paul Craig Roberts, but I don’t think his incoherent analysis in this instance is very useful.

  83. Linh Dinh may be right in which case “main street” will be deeply frustrated. This could lead the US to a state similar to the Soviet Union when it collapses.
    If the US with Trump are making a pause in their aggression, it is good for the world as time is not running in favor of the US deep state.
    By 2020 triggering a war against Russia will be suicidal for the US, as Russia will have completed the modernization of its defense. So I do not understand why the deep state which has never care for the US main street, has choosen Trump instead of Clinton who would not have waited to start the war.

  84. @MarkinLA

    No, whites don’t not get into Harvard Law School with LSAT percentiles that low. Glancing at today’s figures, the top 25 percent of Harvard Law have LSAT scores are in the 99.4 percentile range and above, 175 and up. The bottom 25 percent have scores in the 97.3 percentile range, 170 and below. Since Steve Sailer said that Obama only applied to Harvard, Yale, and Stanford and no safety schools, I would guess that Obama scored in the 98th percentile, which would have been average for those schools.

    The Journal of Blacks in Higher Education points out that if not for affirmative action, there wouldn’t be blacks in top medical, law, or business schools. (Based on my anecdotal research, the one or two blacks admitted on merit alone would overwhelmingly be mixed-race or the child of immigrants, like Obama.)

    In 2004, 10,370 blacks took the LSAT examination. Only 29 blacks, or 0.3 percent of all LSAT test takers, scored 170 or above. In contrast, more than 1,900 white test takers scored 170 or above on the LSAT. They made up 3.1 percent of all white test takers. Thus whites were more than 10 times as likely as blacks to score 170 or above on the LSAT. There were 66 times as many whites as blacks who scored 170 or above on the test.

    Even if we drop the scoring level to 165, a level equal to the mean score of students enrolling at law schools ranked in the top 10 nationwide but not at the very top, we still find very few blacks. There were 108 blacks scoring 165 or better on the LSAT in 2004. They made up 1 percent of all black test takers. For whites, there were 6,689 test takers who scored 165 or above. They made up 10.6 percent of all white students who took the LSAT examination.

    The nation’s top law schools could fill their classes exclusively with students who scored 165 or above on the LSAT. But if they were to do so, these law schools would have almost no black students.

    • Replies: @MarkinLA
    , @utu
    , @Jim Christian
  85. dcite says:
    @Chris Bridges

    Most technologies that seem sci-fi when first released, have been around for many years, under the radar. I have seen a video of “cloaking technology” (invisibility) used in Iraq. It’s around. A couple years ago, I met a Japanese American, working in tv broadcasting, who described being flown in about 20 minutes to Europe, on a vehicle not in the public domain.

    There is a technology called “reverse speech” which plays back spoken words and captures the real meaning. Has nothing to do with playing Beatles records backwards. It has been pioneered by an Australian named David Oates. Some may think it is woo woo etc., but detectives and police have used it. They also use psychics and wouldn’t bother if it didn’t work in statistically significant numbers. Reverse speech has a physical proof system — anyone can test it out, and hear the results.
    The reason I mention it is because Oates has done reversals on public figures for years–and anyone can test his results — but of course the results are kept out of the MSM for obvious reasons. Occasionally public figures reveal the truth. Reverse speech records words and yet tends to be expressed in metaphors, or just in a more simple version of what they said . It is never just a replay of the speech; it captures the underlying meaning. It is fascinating because when you hear it, you often realize that is what you really heard despite the vocabulary.

    Reverse speech works best when the emotions are raw and immediate. As they recede in time, reversals become more hazy, less clear. The reversals he did of some voices recorded at the time of the JFK assassination, are incredible.
    Anyway, he did reversals on HRC and Trump. Hillary sometimes admits in her reversals she is ill and is sick of the lying. Trump’s reversals are absolutely congruent. What you hear is exactly what he means. If you don’t like what he says, then, well, there’s nothing more to say. You don’t like him because you don’t agree with his words. There’s nothing more to delve into.

    We can’t know now if his plans, such as they are, will improve things, but in his reversals, doesn’t see himself as a Trojan Horse controlled by someone else’s plans. He sees himself as an independent agent, propelled by his love of country and no doubt, his comfort level with power. Love of country is a rare commodity nowadays. I haven’t felt it in years, but sometimes it is an appropriate sentiment. Under the Bushes and Obama it sank into to the mud but the self-loathing began years ago with LBJ and his ghastly maneuverings.

    Many people responded to Trump when they finally gave him a listen. 1) He attacked and exposed entities such as the MSM and people with trigger fingers on the red button, never before attacked and exposed by such a high level candidate for office, and 2) he is at least sincere, and unlike Clinton, wishes the country and its citizens well, not just his own bank and power accounts.

    We’ll just have to see.

  86. MarkinLA says:

    Who in the media besides the Alt-Right was shilling for Trump? The MSM took every opportunity to take a shot at him. They waited for hours at a Gloria Allred press conference a few days before the election waiting for an eventual no-show Trump accuser. This is just one example.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  87. Che Guava says:

    Mr. Dinh,

    You have my agreement on some, likely Trump was a bait and switch operation.

    Still, I am happy that Hillary ‘Kiss the pussy’ did not make it.

  88. Che Guava says:

    More, all of his offspring are marrhed into Zionism, it is all rather hideous.

  89. MarkinLA says:

    Yeah, reversing it with amnesty for illegals, pushing for guest workers, pushing for free trade deals, and expanding affirmative action. What else did I forget, central American refugees and the expansion of Islamic fundamentalism? Well actually there are more.

  90. macilrae says:
    @Linh Dinh

    If they’re going to rig, they’ll rig, and the propaganda is always meant for us doofuses, not themselves.

    But you can only rig so much; there are only so many dead men able to clamber out of their graves: only so many illegals you can bus in – this was likely a much bigger tidal wave than the popular vote suggests.

    • Replies: @Linh Dinh
  91. MarkinLA says:

    I would guess

    I wouldn’t. I would just assume he got in only because he was black. The same as why he was voted in as editor of the HLR.

  92. neprof says:

    Link to the Paul Robert’s article?

  93. Linh Dinh says: • Website

    I’m talking about hacking the voting machines. Again, 30 states used voting machines that could be hacked or preprogrammed. A voting machine is like a slot machine, eh. It does whatever the hell it wants to do.

    • Replies: @macilrae
  94. utu says:

    170 out 10,370 amounts to 1.6%. 1.6% is 2 times less than 3.1%. So where do you get “Thus whites were more than 10 times as likely as blacks to score 170” from?

    • Replies: @Triumph104
  95. utu says:
    @Linh Dinh

    “I’m a long-time admirer of Paul Craig Roberts, but I don’t think his incoherent analysis in this instance is very useful.”

    Since Reagan I knew that PCR had tendency in believing in any BS including his own. He was probably the only one among Reagan voodoo economists who actually believed in it. The smarter among them knew it was just PR BS directed at American people to justify the destruction of the well paid jobs and priming America and the world for the new era of neoliberalism.

  96. MarkinLA says:

    For bankers inflation means just high wages.

    Yeah and for workers it means raises that don’t keep up with inflation. It means asset prices going through the roof keeping average people from affording them. It also means increasing income and payroll taxes which push them into higher tax brackets.

    Inflation WAS a big deal back then for working people. Working people had to waste a lot of their time worrying about how to keep their money. An engineer friend of mine was in a horse racing syndicate because the tax laws were so convoluted that he got a write off of 5 times his “investment”. Not bad when the tax rate for the average stiff is 40% federal. Between state and federal taxes and no deductions as an engineer with two years experience, when I got a raise, I got to keep about 40% of it. Imagine if my pay was doubled as a senior engineer, I probably would get to keep 25% back then.

    Where do you think all that get rich quick in real estate garbage started? Robert Allen was the first guy. Buy a house by offering no money just a higher price than the market but all of it on paper (assume the first and the seller holds the second) and wait for inflation to make the seller look dumb.

    • Replies: @utu
  97. Anon • Disclaimer says:

    Homos have been so sacralized that every side wants to be associated with them, and this goes for Trump too. (Same with sacral glow of Jews and Negroes)

    It used to be “With God on Our Side.”

    Now, it’s “With Homos on Our Side.”

    Your side is made holier with association with homos, Jews, or Negroes.

    Jomogro Faith.

    When homos make their case, they feel no need to wave the Mex flag.
    But when Mexicans make their case, they feel a need to wave the homo flag.

    The new religion.

    • Replies: @Syagrius
  98. macilrae says:
    @Linh Dinh

    I’m talking about hacking the voting machines.

    Sure, I know, and if the machines were rigged of course such rigging couldn’t exceed the bounds of credibility and so we might assume they under-estimated and, again, the popular vote reported is skewed even more.

    • Replies: @utu
  99. I read somewhere that the author of this article had taught at a german university, which if correct then explains the madness and incoherent BS represented therein, as german unversities being the epitome of leftist lunacy, even crazier than US schools of “Higher edumacation”

    Authenticjazzman, “Mensa” society member of forty-plus years, and pro jazz performer.

  100. “They still would have preferred the empty pantsuit.”

    The pantsuit wasn’t empty.

    It seemed to be always partially filled by the leakage from her Depends.

  101. AshTon says:

    This article gets many things right.

    But I don’t think the ‘establishment’ engineered Trump’s win. They don’t need to, when they can warp things after the election. And they get warped by whatever members of the deep state get to them first.

    Who is this deep state? The military? The financial elite? The Washington insiders? The candidates? In reality, these people have different goals. Any candidate would get warped by the ‘establishment’ after being elected. Clinton because she is already part of this elite, and Trump because he would have to rely on political insiders anyway – despite his swamp rhetoric.

  102. Hibernian says:

    You’re right, but at 94% to 98% he’s probably almost as bright as their typical student. There’s a difference between those such as Rice, Powell, and Obama, who got a boost from Affirmative Action, and mediocre or worse products of A.A, including the so far still existing A.A. for connected white guys.

    • Replies: @MarkinLA
  103. A Sperger says:
    @Linh Dinh

    You predicted, so what? Your prediction was based on what you assume is “a deep state” allowing Trump to win. Like I said, that’s so you can claim nobody actually “won” anything or “lost” anything because it was all a “ploy”. Again, your horsehockey is underwhelming, and try as you might to get some attention, any attention, you arguments are no less invalid.

    If the “deep state” ushers in whomever they want, why have this time wasting “election” crapola at all? Oh, because they have to “fool” everybody or else the population might revolt? And what do you call what just happened?

  104. Hibernian says:

    Slightly slowed down but in no way reversed.

  105. Miro23 says:

    This article has to be a bad misreading of Trump.

    Just two points show the problem:

    1) The Establishment had such a hysterical fear of a Trump victory that it couldn’t be faked. Every financial /propaganda resource they had was directed at stopping him, even at the cost of the MSM losing all credibility.

    2) Trump is an experienced high-rise developer from New York so he knows better than anyone what happened to Building 7 plus the other two towers on 9/11. The point is, that there’s no daylight between Trump and the fake official account – so he’s looking to deal with the Neo-cons rather than fight them.

    Trump seems quite at home in this ethics-free environment, and is ready to flip-flop tactically to gain an advantage (e.g. abortion, foreign intervention etc.) without having any real beliefs one way or the other. For sure he’s no doctrinaire Lenin or Hitler into totalitarian “..isms” , “enemies of the people” etc.

    In fact he looks more like Putin. Putin could have investigated the “Loans for Shares” looting of Russia under Yeltsin (organized by Russian/Jewish oligarchs), but he let them keep their gains in return for non-interference with his political power. When they broke the rule, there was a swift reaction with their leader (Khodorkovsky) getting a long prison sentence (tax fraud) with others being publicly humiliated.

    I’ve followed Trump for years (best summary “Art of the Deal”) and he’s an active “hands on” fighter, alliance builder, detail checker, always estimating the odds before he engages. The proof is the way he beat Clinton, reaching out to every group (no Deplorables in his world) and putting in the effort , while she left it to the Establishment and the MSM to organize her coronation.

    So Trump comes across as a “Gang Boss” for want of a better description, with the emphasis on personal power and valuing loyalty to himself.

    If this is right, then there are some interesting possibilities:

    9/11 – No investigation of anything if the Neo-cons/Zionists support him.

    Wall St. – The QE game is finished with the FED forced to direct money towards infrastructure rather than their friends. Supports his base.

    M.E. Wars – Also finished. Israel remains Americas best friend but “America First” = spending in the US. Still support Israel in the UN with an automatic veto.

    Immigration – He recognizes the demographic challenge to his voter base, so it’s more than likely that he’ll almost completely shut down illegal AND legal immigration.

    Outsourcing – Returning manufacturing to the US will be a big winner with his base, regardless of a Wall St. crash and the 0,1% losing $ billions in profits, so he’ll do it.

    End result that Trump could be as popular in the US as Putin is in Russia.

    • Replies: @Linh Dinh
  106. Hibernian says:
    @Linh Dinh

    Mr. Dinh,

    As an island, they can more easily control illegal immigration, but doesn’t EU pressure them to allow mor legal immigration? And don’t they have castaways, stowaways, and visa overstayers? It’s only about 20 miles from Calais to Dover.

  107. nsa says:

    We here in Ft. Meade and Langley have installed a special Schadenfreude Room, running a continuous loop of the Hillary Victory Party……the fags crying on each other’s shoulders, the single fat chicks in i’m-with-her t-shirts melting down in disbelief, the old moonbats stunned into silence for the first time in 30 years, the goateed cucks in shock with their hands over their faces crying like little girls. Anyone showing the slightest sign of depression here is immediately consigned to the SF room. They exit in a state of extreme bliss….many even revealing they experienced an orgasmic like ecstacy watching the moronic leftie frauds dissolve into puddles of tears. Your humble poster visits the SF room at least twice a day…’s even better than raw dirty sex.

    • LOL: SolontoCroesus
  108. @Linh Dinh

    Your response is as nonsensical as your article. You clearly are not respectful of logic or even semantics. But, as I said, or implied, earlier, you are not to blame. Ron Unz is an excessively liberal editor, and that is all. Keep writing your chronicles, and you will be fine. Just do not try political analysis. It is not your field.

  109. utu says:
    @Linh Dinh

    “I’d love to hear your thoughts on this.” You asked for it.

    In August 2015 when the marching columns of young male muslims in Europe became the daily occurrence in news I began to wonder how did Trump know in on June 15, 2015 to focus his first speech on the subject of illegal immigration and on building of the wall. Only then I began to take Trump seriously. His insight was not a coincidence. He or his handlers must have had the info that the refugee crisis was about to unfold soon. It was not Ann Coulter or Steve Sailer as they like to think here at Unz, who were responsible for the most important pillar of Trump’s platform. It was just an opportunistic choice promulgated by the impending invasion on Europe. And then it stuck.

    The refugee invasion was directed against Germany, not a very reliable ally of America and Israel. The Germany’s proclivity for flirtation with Russia was always suspect. Already Bismarck was saying that the secret behind his successful policy (of unification of Germany) was a good pact with Russia. Any pacts with Russia after 2014 Ukraine were verboten.

    But what really was to be accomplished by the waves of refugees? The instigators were hoping that Europe (Germany) would get its act together and help to bring the no-fly zone to Syria for the final act of planned destruction of Syria. And because of Iranian involvement on the side of Assad the bombing of Syrian and Iranian troops would derail the Iran deal that Obama has just finalized.

    But things did not go as the planners hoped for. Angela Merkel in a masterful aikido gambit embraced the refugees and thus diffused the tension obviously at high cost to Germany and German people and by doing so she gave Putin few more weeks to move into Syria to kill any chance for the American no-fly zone. All in the same month of September 2015.

    Who were the people behind Trump in June 2015? Certainly they were people with connections to CIA and Mossad.

    Who was to benefit from the refugee invasion on Europe in 2015? Those who wanted to finish Syria off and kill Obama’s deal with Iran.

    Who will benefit the most (and already does) form America’s attempt to build the wall? Israel. It legitimizes everything what Israel does.

    Is the raise of new European right resulting from the backlash to the muslim invasion a concern for the instigator of the invasion? No, as long as the traditional anti-Semitism associated with old European right is replaced with islamophobia and admiration for Israel who shows the way how to deal with muslims and Arabs.. This shift has already occurred years ago. Marine Le Pen unlike her father has very good relations with Zionists. The same goes for British right. And in extreme case it suffices to read Breivik manifesto to see the face of the New Right. And for the mild American version of it one can see hints of this realignment in comments at iSteve.

    As Trump campaign was unfolding I kept wondering whether he could have any chance to win. Were his backers really serious in having him? A guy of very limited intellect and knowledge with serious personality flaws? Really? Several months I concluded that if Trump is permitted to win it may mean only one thing: the Deep State, whatever it is, have something really serious in store for us. Is it going to be great depression, a war…?

  110. MarkinLA says:

    I am not saying Obama was stupid only that he was mediocre and hardly the material one would expect to get into Harvard. USC, UCLA, or Nebraska yes, Harvard NO.

    although there is indication that he may have been elected based on mert.

    I disagree with this entirely since there is NO example I am aware of Obama’s great intellectual legal scholarship as one would expect of the editor of the Harvard Law Review.

    One of my engineer friends who went to UCLA law school was working on legal articles with the professors in his second year of law school. He was smart (he had a MS from MIT in chemical engineering) but I don’t recall ever hearing his name at the very highest levels of the legal profession since he graduated 25 years ago so I image he was just one of many intelligent students that impressed the professors at UCLA similar to the many other well regarded law schools around the country. Why aren’t there similar stories about Obama?

  111. The weakness in Mr. Dinh’s analysis is that he assumes the Deep State is monolithic, acts in details while thinking in the very long term, and is infallible. It doesn’t occur to him that, as with all groups of human beings and collective efforts, particularly those out of the spotlight, there may be intense internal disagreements, rogue factions, backstabbing, erroneous assumptions, failed strategies, incompetent executions and just plain bad luck.

    Yes, Trump is a member of the elite, but that doesn’t mean he cant quite sincerely simply change his mind on the elite consensus and decide to go anti-globalist, and take a good number of other anti-globalists in the elite along with him. It’s also possible that the Deep State can choose Hillary Clinton to execute its will, rig primaries and debates and arrange voter fraud, and still not quite do it well enough to thwart a genuine popular surge in voting for an unexpected candidate.

    True, there may well be highly placed figures, like George Soros, who would like to move Trump about like a chess price, but it’s also possible that Trump may be, or aspire to be, not a piece but a player, whose aim is to lead the Deep State in a new and different direction. After all, given the wretched record of the past several decades and the looming crises in Muslim immigration into Europe, climate change, automation and artificial intelligence, some among the Deep State may well want to re-think its policies. If so, Trump could well be part of it and the revolutionary change he appears to be.

    • Agree: utu
  112. Linh Dinh says: • Website

    Hi Hibernian,

    The UK didn’t need to be pressured. They’ve allowed extremely high immigration for decades.


  113. utu says:

    Yes, Volcker helped people to afford houses by eliminating their jobs. Your alma mater must be proud of you.

    • Replies: @MarkinLA
  114. utu says:

    “of course such rigging couldn’t exceed the bounds of credibillty” – Comey’s memo on Oct. 28 was the signal that the election cannot be rigged and Trump will win. It was the signal to media to start rectifying their narrative form fake inflated pro Hillary polls. Hillary advantage started coming down and some polls in the following week showed Trump winning. Pro Hillary people and some media could blame it on Comey effect while actually there was no effect. The only effect was them reporting more truthful polls.

  115. Ron Unz says:
    @Ron Unz

    Well, as a contrary follow-up to my previous comment, the NYT this morning quoted Trump as saying he would be cutting off support for the Islamicist rebels in Syria, and apparently working with Russia, Syria, and Iran in the region in their efforts against ISIS.

    This is *extremely* good news to me, and exactly the sort of reason I supported Trump’s election.

    I have absolutely no idea whether the “Deep State” is secretly behind this non-crazy policy, but if so, then three cheers for them!

  116. anonymous • Disclaimer says:
    @Brás Cubas

    Unless you can support your assertions, you shouldn’t be wasting people’s time with a comment. Those who have nothing to add, but want to pee on one or the other side of the hydrant, can use the AGREE/DISAGREE/ETC button.

  117. @Ron Unz

    It’s good, but I don’t think this is as simple as Trump “working with Russia, Syria, and Iran”. Obama admin tried to start working with Russia a couple of months ago, and the next thing happening was the US military bombing “by mistake” SAA position, killing 62 Syrian soldiers, followed by a seemingly synchronized Isis attack. The most obvious explanation: a renegade faction inside the US military establishment. Sabotage. Trump winning the election does not, by itself, fix this problem. In fact, it might even exacerbate it…

    • Agree: Ron Unz, utu
    • Replies: @OutWest
  118. Miro23 says:
    @Linh Dinh

    Thanks for the link.

    The Trump/9-11 article says, “Craving to be president, Trump must kowtow to the Jewish neo-cons and Israel.”

    The suggestion is, that NOW THAT HE IS PRESIDENT, Jewish neo-cons and Israel have to kowtow to him. That’s how he works.

    Their preferred choice was Clinton but Trump is still OK if he allows them to keep their power in the US and gives general support to Israel, which seems to be the deal on offer, in return for their support. The TEOWAKI (The End OF the World As we Know It) risk is that the crazies among them (USS Liberty and 9/11) will JFK him, in which case all bets are off.

  119. Anon • Disclaimer says:

    Germans cannot even defend their own borders, but they preach to Trump about NATO and security.

    Are Russians pouring into Germany?

    I think it’s the Africans and Muslims.. and it has something to do with the mess that US made of MENA.

    Trump wants to end wars. Germans ought to be grateful.

    If there’s any justice in this world, the neocons and Lib globos who messed up MENA should face something like War Crimes Tribunal and get the Tojo-Goering treatment.

    • Replies: @SolontoCroesus
  120. @Markrenton

    Is it credible? Or just speculation and fearmongering?

  121. DaveE says:

    The “elite” who run our media are faced with two sometimes competing objectives: making money and running the zionist propaganda machine to brainwash everyone.

    Compare Trump to the rock band Pink Floyd. Superstars, top earners (Dark Side of the Moon was the best selling album of all time for many years) beloved by the record companies, etc. etc.

    Until the head genius, Roger Waters said F-it, i don’t need your money and started devoting his huge talent to speaking out about the ongoing genocide in Palestine. Overnight, his royalty payments dropped to zero.

    They loved him as long as he was profitable for them, but not once he started calling their kids ugly. It’s amazing he’s still breathing.

    Point is, it’s WAY too early to start talking about Trump as agent of the deep state. He’s clearly a political outsider who TERRIFIES the zionists. “He’s the new Hitlah”, they screamed, in unison, at 132 dB. They spent two years trying to take him down and all they got was a tape of him using a dirty word and some bimbos who scattered like flies over the threat of being sued.

    That ain’t much to warrant “agent of the deep state” charges.

    • Replies: @utu
  122. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Alex Jones, controlled opposition, shilled for him. So did wikileaks.

  123. @Ron Unz

    “I have absolutely no idea whether the “Deep State” is secretly behind this non-crazy policy…”

    Respectfully, Ron, anymore I have little tolerance for euphemisms like, for example, “The Deep State” and “The Hidden Hand.” Use of such term facilitates one’s “ducking” what they want to say.

    Soon after Khomeini took power in Iran, he did not hesitate to draw attention to his Islamic revolution’s # 1 enemy, “The Great Satan.” For me the Ayatollah “called it as he saw it,” and avoided merely pointing a finger at “The filthy Jew financed United States.”

    Of course, history shows how revolutions often undergo a thermidorean reaction. Has Iran’s Islamic Revolution reached a point where their rulers are mellowing and are willing to deal with president-elect Donald Trump who’s main oligarch supporter, Sheldon Adelson, has recommended a devastating nuclear attack on Iran?

    Such Islamic revolution ‘thermidor” is conceivable especially since (based upon the N.Y.T. article) it appears Trump and Putin are prepped to tag-team ISIS, and perhaps the Iran & Syria duo were secretly issued an “offer they can not refuse.”

    As you know, except for occasional outcries about Netanyahu’s Palestinian excesses, The New York Times editorial page is very pro-Israel. One of their top journalists, Judith Miller, became cheerleader for the “Shock & Awe” barbarism. Remember the day W. Bush had a press conference in “liberated” Baghdad and an Iraqi tossed a shoe at him? The angry fellow did not say, “f&*uck the Deep State.”

    I am impressed you did not hesitate to proclaim your support for Donald Trump’s election. Ideally, come the next 4-years, you do not want to toss a NIKE shoe at him.

    Thank you.

  124. utu says:
    @Ron Unz

    Richard Perle found “W” to be empty vessel on foreign affairs and liked this fact.

    Prince Bandar on request from Poppy Bush did some tutoring of “W” and discussed with him how to circumvent the opposition (perceived by “W”) from the people (presumably neocons) who did not like his father. Bandar planted a fantastic idea in “W” mind that he could outsmart the neocons by pretending that he was on their side.

  125. @Anon

    If there’s any justice in this world, the neocons and Lib globos who messed up MENA should face something like War Crimes Tribunal and get the Tojo-Goering treatment.

    but instead they’re suggested to fill slots in Trump’s administration.

    Michael Ledeen — star of not-a-Hollywood-production The War Party,

    Michael Ledeen at Westminster Institute, a coven for (mostly Catholic) ex-foreign service employees located in McLean, VA.

    Westminster has hosted Jim Woolsey — suggested for Trump’s team;
    Michael Pregent, who reflects Westminster’s orgasmic hatred for Iran;
    Ilan Berman — ditto
    John Poindexter
    Walid Phares

    Newt Gingrich was one of Trump’s campaign surrogates and will likely take a key position in a Trump administration.

    You remember Newt — the guy that Sheldon Adelson invested in to win the presidency? That Newt.
    You remember Adelson — the guy who said the Pres should drop a nuke in the Iranian desert — and his audience at Brandeis applauded??

    Tell me who your friends are and I’ll tell you who you are and what you stand for.

    I half-way suspect that much of the blather about Russia was a feint — or at least, that Nuland-Kagan was to be marginalized in favor of going for the target that for decades has been Viagra for Netanyahu, Israelis, Michael Ledeen, and gangstas like the ones that Westminster Institute hosts: Iran. Trump was hired to take out Iran.

    If Trump proposes to curtail USA hegemonic ambitions in ME, why is he hanging out with folks like Ledeen, Gingrich, and other members of Foundation for Defense of Democracy and clients of Sheldon Adelson?

    Some who are aware of some of the history of zionism, especially in USA in 19-teens to 1940s, know that there was a civil war among Jews — German Jews in USA were largely anti-zionist; East European Jews were ardently zionist.
    The battle between Hillary Clinton, client of Haim Saban, and Donald Trump, client of Adelson, is similar.

    The Jewish civil war in the 19-teens concluded with “a dual victory for zionists at Versailles: Jews acquired a homeland in Palestine and guarantee of minority rights in European states (esp. Germany).”

    Flush with that victory, Jews stomped all over Germany and riled up Poles, who sought to kick Jews out of Poland.

    If the pattern holds, i.e. that zionists will achieve a victory no matter who wins/loses, what should we be prepared to expect from the remains of the Clinton zionists — who promised to “obliterate Iran” and, later, to take the US-Israel relationship “to the next level,” and the Trump zionists, who promise to make Jerusalem the capital of Israel?

    What should we take from the increasingly cozy relationships among Israel, Egypt, Saudi Arabia?

    One of HRC’s most important attributes is / was her ability to form coalitions to carry out dastardly deeds. Iran has always been in the cross hairs, but HRC plinked off targets in the middle ground. Will Trump complete the objective? Will he use the old neocon network (see Ledeen, above) in addition to hanger-on Clintonistas (you don’t expect Dennis Ross to crawl into the woodwork, do you?)

    There is no fresh talent to summon to make foreign policy for the USA — the zionists who control US universities have seen to that.

    Short version: Linh Dinh is right.

    • Replies: @utu
  126. OutWest says:
    @Mao Cheng Ji

    Point taken. The better approach would be to just pack up (even if it costs more to ship a tank than to leave it for further troublemaking) and come home. I’m open to correction if some positive –any positive- can be identified in regard to our Mideast expeditionary fiasco.

  127. utu says:

    Good analogy with Pink Floyd. But it is more subtle than being an agent or not. We do not know what designs THEY have for Trump and Trump does not know either. We do not know who THEY are and most likely he does not know it. Which faction of the Deep State?

    The most important question is to figure out what possibly the Deep State can expect from Trump presidency that they could not get easily form Hillary?

    If for the sake of argument we assume that 9/11 was false flag was perpetrated by the Deep State one could argue that Al Gore administration would be much less conducive for that operation than W’s administration that was fully studded with all the neocons you could find in US, Canada and Australia.

    • Replies: @DaveE
  128. utu says:

    “There is no fresh talent to summon to make foreign policy for the USA ” – I think you are correct. The neocons is all what is there. But should we be surprised? Where do the think-tanks get their money from? The same goes for neo-liberal economists. There are no other kind than neo-liberal. Ask Michael Hudson.

  129. I honestly think Hollywood would be interested in this. A little work on the details and you would have a sellable comedy script.

  130. anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Do Zionists really need to stoke anyone’s “irrational” hatred of the Islamic faith ??
    Seems Muslims can do a bang up job of that themselves . Witness the Indonesian occupation of Papua since 1963 to the present day with a murder rate to 500,000 Papuans .We can go to the Moroccan occupation of Western Sahara going on since the 80s with a death toll around 40,000 .The Turkish occupation of Cyprus , The Iraqi occupation of Kurdistan , The Muslim conflict in Myanmar where Kalar Muslims are trying to steal Rakhine state , Pakistan against India , Muslim insurgency in Thailand ,Philippines , China , Muslim terrorist attacks on every nation in the world, ” refugees ” settled in Europe give their thanks by a New years even rapefest in Germany and pimping and exploiting thousands of teenage children in Rotherham England , Slavery running rampant in Mauritania and Sudan , over a million killed in Darfur by the Islamic State of Sudan and the Janjaweed rape militia terrorizing every female in the territory .

    Muslims don’t need ” Zionists ” to make people hate them .

    • Replies: @Mao Cheng Ji
  131. anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Strange theory that Israel needed to have a war with Iraq since Iraq was never a threat to Israel. As I’m sure you are well aware , Israel bombed Iraq’s nuclear reactor at Osirak in 1983 , killing over a dozen top Iraqi scientists and turning their nuclear program into dust .If Iraq was capable of being a threat to Israel , you have to imagine they would have gone to war over something as egregious as this . If there was ever a time when Iraq would be in a position to do something about the evil Zionists , this would be the time . But alas , there was no response .They bent over , spread their cheeks and took it hard and dry . I mean what more does Israel have to do to provoke a response .??. Iraq was never a threat .But cool conspiracy theory bro.

    • Replies: @Mao Cheng Ji
    , @WJ
  132. Truthster says:

    Dinh’s piece is unadulterated trash with not an ounce of evidence to back it up – standard fare for the pwogwessive sites to which he contributes. How can someone write this stuff in good conscience.
    Trump has been quie consistent on Russia but he faces a lot of opposition to his moves for peace if he follows through. The neocons will try to stop him and the pwogwessives are already in the streets brought there by Move.On and other lberalcon forces to trash the Trump presidency before he moves.
    As for rigging the election the attempt was made in the media not at the ballotbox. In the MSM, Trump was treated like Emmanuel Goldstein.

  133. @anonymous

    Witness the Indonesian occupation of Papua…

    Hmm… Wouldn’t it make more sense to blame these alleged atrocities on the particular individuals and institutions, rather than arbitrarily linking them to the religion practiced by a majority of the populations? As if governments of states populated by followers of other religions (or by atheists, for that matter) never commit any atrocities…

  134. @utu

    170 is a score on the LSAT. It is not the number of test takers.

    29 out 10,370 black test takers scored 170 or above means that 0.3% of black LSAT test takers scored 170 or above.

    3.1% of whites scored 170 or above. 3.1 is more than 10 times greater than 0.3.

    • Replies: @utu
    , @Thomas G.
  135. mcohen says:

    i said it before the election and will say it again

    the us was fractured into 2 camps and trump not clinton will have a chance at reconciling the 2 sides

    trump will be better for the jews in israel and the diaspora.the pro clinton jewish camp have to be handed a reality check of what it means to be a jew,back to basics of judaism 101.

    • Replies: @jacques sheete
  136. @Anonymous

    I concur with #33 who points out that it is obvious that the harpy was the deep state’s intended winner. Look at the propaganda wall Trump faced 24/7. What Lin Dinh noticed was that certain people working for the “deep state” were too honourable to go along, the FBI agents in the know about the Clinton corruption, for instance. This does not disprove that everyone and everything was in the bag for the harpy. Sentient beings who survived the last couple of months cannot but see that inverted totalitarianism was in play but that it barely failed in this instance. It is also interesting that there were plenty of reports of voting machines going from Trump to Clinton but none from Clinton to Trump. My guess is that they managed to steal the popular vote but were too far behind to succeed in stealing the election. Improvement has already occurred: Obama seems in his lame duck phase to no longer be backing el qaeda in Syria and the trade “treaties” appear to be shelved.

  137. Art says:

    The deep state ushered in Trump because he’s clearly their most useful decoy. As the country hopes in vain, the crooked men behind the curtain will go on with business as usual. Trump is simply an Obama for a different demographic. Nothing will change for the better.

    First let’s get it right – it is the “Jewish Deep State.”

    Trump has already fallen to the Jewish Deep State – he has promised to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. This is a major victory for Zionism. All American presidents have resisted that move. All it took was a few hundred million campaign dollars from one Jew or another. Clearly Trump is giving Zionism a giant boost in its agenda to eliminate Palestine.

    As the major owners of America’s assets – the Jews have a big interest is seeing Trump revitalize America’s economy. America’s economic power and place in the world is THEIR power.

    All political arguments in America are between left wing Jews and right wing Jews.

    Trump is somewhere in the middle between the two.

    • Replies: @anon
    , @Chuck Orloski
  138. It is possible scenario. No need to speculate. Everything will be clear within 1-2 years. Probably earlier.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  139. anon • Disclaimer says:

    Do you realize what a major philo-semite you are ? Your “scathing critiques ” of Jews come off as nothing so much as massive Jew worship , attributing every event to the machinations of the all powerful Jew.

    • Replies: @Art
  140. @mcohen

    Are the leaders in Israel Jewish, ( yeah, I know, they claim the label)? If so, in what sense are they Jews? I always thought that Jews were a religious people and that Zionist leadership were atheists.

    IMHO, violent Zios make Jews look bad in the way that the neocons make Americans seem loathsome.

    In any case, I believe that Trump will be better for Netanyahu and its supporters especially since Trump knows how to “get along” with the tribe. He’s always had to; he’s extremely vulnerable. Much more so than even the Hapless Harpy.

  141. G B says:
    @Ron Unz

    Deep State wants us to vote their plan A or B. Don’t think Trump was their plan B, but they hedged pretty good. e.g. names you mentioned plus Steven Mnuchin, David Freidman…..

    • Agree: Mao Cheng Ji
  142. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:
    @Sergey Krieger

    No need to over-react. But there is a need to speculate.

    Things move quickly, and you can’t just sit there and wait a year or two while things fall apart.

    If Trump is an establishment shill, the connections need to be quickly in order to neutralize them.

  143. Sam Shama says:

    His final cabinet choices are going to be interesting. I doubt he picks Bannon for CoS, Priebus more likely or even Kelly Anne Conway. Bolton or Gingrich for State would clearly lead to an escalation with Iran, something which Trump promised all along – nothing anyone should be surprised by. Ditto, his position on Jerusalem. It isn’t clear to me what wants to do about the Pals. From what I hear regarding his belief about the ‘problem of radical Islam’, it is one inflexible position.

    Repeal of Dodd-Frank, even scrapping a few key provisions including the Volcker Rule would be the preamble to diluting Basle Capital Rules for international banking.

    At the moment Berlin, Paris, Brussels and U.S. corporate interests are simply in the process of sizing Mr Trump for whom the dimensions of the job are just sinking in. He will delegate freely and all policy outcomes with the exception of immigration, are likely to end as legacies of the particular Cabinet member in charge – much more so than they were under Obama or even Bush II.

  144. Oldeguy says:
    @Linh Dinh

    No need, really, to attempt to rebut the still mesmerized and ( false ) victory drunk Trumpistas.
    The next six, or at most twelve months ( and maybe a damn sight sooner ) will show the True Donald.
    Trump, like Obama before him, has been a sort of blank slate upon which the disaffected could project their hopes and dreams.
    His wilder statements could easily be laughed off as rhetorical hyperbole ” but you know his heart is in the right place”; maybe so, maybe not- we’ll soon find out.

  145. annamaria says:

    “…he oppressed his own people…”
    1. He does not own Russian people: He serves the interests of Russia and this is why his approval rate is in the 80s.
    2. You have mistaken Russian federation for Ukraine: The Kievan junta has indeed employed disproportionate number of Jews on the leading positions in the government (ironically, along with certain neo-Nazis). Ukraine is a Kagans’ clan project; the country is used as a tool for the ziocons. For comparison, see how Douglas Feith had been conducting pro-Israel (anti-American) activities in his position of an undersec. of def.

  146. mcohen says:

    hey linh who did bb the bartender vote for

    • Replies: @Linh Dinh
  147. The part of the inner state that supported Trump is the domestic police:

    Crossposted (

    Some are disconcerted by the Trump win because they think he’s more “evil” than Clinton. I don’t share this view at all. But those like me who were sure Clinton would win do have a real reason to feel disconcerted – something was wrong with the analysis.

    Broadly, I agreed with Julian Assange that Trump couldn’t win because he lacked the support of any significant part of the ruling class or inner state. This isn’t a general truth, but it is implausible that in the absence of much class struggle, a reactionary who is opposed by the entire ruling class would be elected.

    But most socialists I’ve read seem to think that’s what happened. I don’t. Trump expressed the distress of the rural working class, but the farmlands don’t rule. An atomized and peripheralized rustbelt working class is not a cohesive political force. It requires the glue of a section of the ruling class and inner state to hold this extremely politically confused coalition together.

    A greater number of monopoly capitalists supported Trump than was apparent. But probably most important, Trump has the support of a section of the inner state whose power is burgeoning: the domestic police. The militarization of the police has increased their social weight, to the point where the FBI can successful attack a 4-star general leading the CIA (Petraus). And when a section of the state apparatus was moved to put its finger on the scale for Trump, it was the FBI. (To great effect, in part due to Clinton’s political ineptness and her reflexive retreat to her stock mudslinging.)

    Eighty-four percent of cops support Trump. Cops have become enmeshed in the lives of the poor in America, with drug courts and domestic violence crusades. They are greatly respected by the rural workers they actually oppress.

    The role of the domestic police, from the FBI to the municipal cops, has not to my knowledge been seriously explored in relation to the election. (See “Pseudo-transparency: From the FBI to the State Bars” – )

  148. “Deep State” has recently become quite popular usage to describe a “secret” US government or “state within a state”. It is quite recent coinage–as far as one can tell from the Turkish derin devlet, “deep state”, used beginning in the 1990’s to describe Turkey’s secret state behind the state. Mr. Linh Dinh is a more than passable poet in English–no doubt he will appreciate the comedy and poetic justice in the etymology.

    In fact whatever it means the Deep State is not so deep nor so secret. The “military industrial complex” that Eisenhower outed would nowdays be considered part of the Deep State, as would the CIA that sabotaged a US-Soviet movement toward detente, which Eisenhower was very enthusiastic about, with the U2 incident.

    If these early examples of DS are not common knowledge it is because in the United States of P.T. Barnum the populace, for the most part, is gullible almost beyond belief, and that partly because they actually want to be, that is, gullible and conned.

    From various signs, it is beginning to look like President Trump, after President Obama, is about to do a “This way to the egress” with most of the program he campaigned on, except perhaps in regard to Syria.

    We’ll see.

  149. @E. A. Costa

    The “military industrial complex” that Eisenhower outed would nowdays be considered part of the Deep State, as would the CIA that sabotaged a US-Soviet movement toward detente, which Eisenhower was very enthusiastic about, with the U2 incident.

    We can also mention as antecedent terms C. Wright Mills’s power elite. The big change today is that the domestic police have become an important part of the deep state – and the base in that inner state for Trump. (See previous post.)

    • Replies: @E. A. Costa
  150. @Stephen R. Diamond

    If you’d said private and public security (both booming enterprises) you might have a stab at a case. “Domestic police”–nah.

    But these outfits, like all the rest of the Deep State, are right out in the open and nicely intermeshed.

    It just shows how serious is the decline of US education in the last fifty years or so. No one that one has noticed has mentioned Poe’s The Purloined Letter.

    With Trump, both the P. T. Barnum and the Deep State aspects are staring at you from the mantelpiece. And no one has bothered to see if it is the real purloined letter or the substituted one, jeje.

    Carry these wheels within wheels far enough and soon someone will be asking if Señor Linh Dinh, born in 1963 was it–is a play on Lyndon, as in Johnson.

  151. Dinh’s analysis is as pessimistic as it gets. Trump is clearly a con man and an insider, (He conned all of the liberal media for starters…) but I think he is being honnest when he says he had no reason to join politics but to try save this country for collapse.

    Why else? Why didnt he just enjoy his billions eating caviar and drinking champagn , enjoying his trophy wife and getting an occasional BJ from a potential miss universe contestant?


    Besides, why would the deep state want to use the Donald as it’s puppet? The man is anything but a puppet, he truly is the epitomous alpha male. Any lion tamer will tell you to avoid trying to tame an alpha male…

    Obviously Trump is a freemason, and he was totally backed by Jesuit Alex Jones. And he is a ‘true friend of Israel’.

    But Trump really represents something different. The Man Behind the Curtain isnt inherently evil. He lets mankind make it’s choices. If we had been dumb enough to elect Clinton we would have diserved what was coming to us. (War with russia, mass extermination, etc)

    But we elected the Donald…

    We chose the illusion of freedom. We chose to fight back against the increasingly alienating bureaucracy. And we will get what we asked for. I think for once the elite is secretly proud of us, they must have thought the american spirit was dead after the 8 years of castration of the Obama reign…

    America will once again lead the world in the right direction. Kudoos to the american people for not falling for their media’s propaganda.

    This will be very good for america and the western world. Not so good for sunni islamists…

    • Replies: @jacques sheete
  152. Art says:

    Your “scathing critiques ” of Jews come off as nothing so much as massive Jew worship


    Only a Jew could contort what I write into “worship.”

    Jews are people with arrested brain function. Normal people gain perspective as they mature – they matriculate and gain wisdom – they begin to have the courage to believe what they see – they begin to have empathy for others.

    Jews at the age of 10 are forever stymied into paranoidal fear and loathing for their fellow humans. Their brainstems are deeply ingrained in hate. They are incapable of seeing their own misdeeds. Their reactions are automatic zombie like. When it comes to politics they are never honest. They are never free.

    Please stop for a minute and be honest — Jews were all over this election – Jew money dominated the left, right, and center. For sure, the biggest losers in this election are the Palestinians (for the privilege of winning – Trump will sign over Jerusalem – just what at least 85% of all Jews want).


    • Replies: @Authenticjazzman
    , @Sam J.
  153. @anonymous

    Strange theory that Israel needed to have a war with Iraq since Iraq was never a threat to Israel.

    I think it’s a big mistake to view Israel as a mere ethnocentric state, concerned about its own safety.

    Israel is a European settler colony in MENA. Its main function is to create permanent instability in the region, and prevent the emergence of secular and independent pan-Arabism, as represented by Nasserism, Baathism, Jamahiriya, etc.

    This was made clear from the beginning. Theodor Herzl wrote about the future “Jewish state in Palestine” being “Europe’s bulwark against Asia” and “the vanguard of culture against barbarianism.”

    Israel is a tool of European imperialism, pure and simple, all the ethnocentric shit being a mere facade for attracting fanatics serving as cannon-fodder.

  154. @restless94110

    Blythe is Bill Clinton’s bio-dad. Yes, that Bill, he’s a bastard in more ways than one or twenty. He took the last name of a “Stepfather”. Lots of promiscuity in that clan. Nothing to do down there back then but bang ugly-ass farm women. In Bill’s case, his apples did not fall far from his father Blythe’s tree. That man Blythe had many women and he married many women. Bill’s career allowed only the one marriage but surely he approached the sexual-peg-count history of his bio-dad.

    Yes, Anonymous is cute that way. I suspect he has no regard for Bill Blythe–err, Clinton!

  155. @Anonymous

    Someone’s been drinking their serving of Michael Moore Koolaid, haven’t they?

    No kiddin’ huh? Imagine the thought process there: “Ratings are dead, guess I’ll go be President for a bit”. Still, it’s Trump. Look, politics is the last refuge of the rich and bored. Capitol Hill is full of guys that having made their first billion, having traveled the world, having screwed all the women a man could screw, got bored, spent a few bucks and went to Washington. Mark Warner is one I know of in Virginia. Cell phone frequencies, his money. Another was/is still up there, Don Beyers, a Volvo dealer in Virginia many years ago. Sonny Bono had it made, gets bored, runs for Congress. Sonny deceased, his wife owns that seat now. Lots of money, lots of nepotism. Lots and lots and lots of pussy. Untold quantities of pussy. Most of it in the 18-22 age-range, interns, all of it fair game and all of them, looking to latch on and stay.

    You have to run about Capitol Hill to believe it. My description does it NO justice. Trump had better have a watcher.

  156. @Triumph104

    The nation’s top law schools could fill their classes exclusively with students who scored 165 or above on the LSAT. But if they were to do so, these law schools would have almost no black students.

    My oh my, Obama was just talking about meritocracy in our system Phhht, there is none. Still, with no Blacks, how would you get #BLM in to harass the Whites, as up here at Dartmouth: .

    Morons. These White kids are the real deal. They’re all headed to judgeship, lawyers, cops, legislatures, people of influence and power. And what does #BLM do? Give them a lasting impression of Blacks to leave college with. One day, those Blacks will appear before some of those kids they harassed, as a Judge, or will be affected by a law written by one of these kids they harassed. Blacks are morons. Flip them the bird. Riots? Take care of THAT. The militant 6% can easily be dispatched. Fond hope and wish, but forget it.

  157. @Art

    ” Jews are people with arrested brain function”.

    Yeah sure and with this “arrested brain function” they composed the greatest modern music known to mankind : Gershwin, Kern, Berlin, Styne, Hammerstein, hundreds more, which myself as a jazz player have come to recognize as magnificent works of art.

    I can recall a Hebrew doctor in our Detroit neighborhood who, after the war in which he had been a combat medico with all of the horrors involved, who then treated the poor goy patients for free.

    Of course the other side of the coin was the Jewish guy who took over a gas station at which I worked my ass off eight to ten hours a day after school, who then paid me twentyfive cents an hour for my first month instead of the promised dollar per hour.

    So there are many sides to this issue.

    Authenticjazzman, “Mensa” society member of forty-plus years, and pro jazz player.

    • Replies: @Art
  158. @Stephen R. Diamond


    Authenticjazzman, “Mensa” society member of forty-plus years, and pro jazz artist.

  159. @utu

    I was under the impression that this is a kind of discussion forum, and not a venue for the display of two-bit political novels.

    And regarding your snotty comment : “A guy of very limited intellect” : Trump.

    You wouldn’t know an “Intellect” if it slapped you upside the head.

    Authenticjazzman, “Mensa” society member of forty-plua years and pro jazz artist.

  160. @E. A. Costa

    …the populace, for the most part, is gullible almost beyond belief, and that partly because they actually want to be, that is, gullible and conned.

    I see that as a huge problem.Two other things that really fascinate me are the observations that they are not only gullible and seem to enjoy being conned, but they are so smug about it all and that includes many, if not most, people with “degrees.” They are some of the most ignorant and pathologically smug.

    The Trump version of the Hope and Change thingy will surely turn out very much like the Obomba one.

    It’s all a huge fraud and Trump giveth not a rat’s tush about those who he wooed with election rhetoric.

  161. annamaria says:

    “Trump ran for president to save face.”
    This statement could be done by a person who does not understand the effort and expense of a prez election. For a starter, here are the numbers:
    “Hillary Clinton having raised more than $1 billion this election—thanks in large part to a cadre of wealthy donors sending tens of millions of dollars into super-PACs…. Trump put $56.2 million of his own into the campaign, leaving him with scant time to put in the rest of the $100 million.”
    $1 billion versus $156 million ($56 million of which were his own).

    • Replies: @Triumph104
  162. @Kosher Bacon


    Why, indeed?

    Why would two geriatrics even bother fighting it out for such a job? Both are sick beyond belief for even thinking about it. If they had a shred of understanding they would understand that their power to effectively change anything for the better for the masses is severely limited. Besides, any lamebrain knows that the job is way too big for any one person. The whole thing is a joke and all participants are mentally and spiritually ill.

    Trump is not the Messiah. Where do people get their faith?

    JC at #161 seems to be onto something…

  163. This analysis is wrong. Trump said he would contest a ‘close vote that went against him’. So Trump wasn’t going to do an Al Gore and slink off. Trump has money and resources, so he wasn’t going to run away.

    We all know about passed election fixes and hacking, they can be proved, so Trump would win legally and many would go to jail. This is the fundamental reason why Trump pulled it off on a turnout of less that 50%.

    Of courser, this does not mean that Trump is not veiled elite. Trump is already going soft of many policies and it could result in only a minor shift in policies. The British elite allowed Brexit to happen. This is not some mistake, ‘oh dear, we didn’t expect that to happen.’

    So don’t be fooled into this mindeset that states ‘the elite didn’t understand just how angry the sheeple were feeling’, they knew alright.

    There are plenty of events, probably contrived, that can change the present game far more than Brexit or Trump winning.

    Look at the pattern: G.W. Bush was head of the CIA where he established his own personal intel organisation that was embbeded in the CIA/NSA and at public cost. Bush was VP under Raygun (Reagan), but was effectively the president for eight years and then served four years as elected president, that is 12 years in the White House. Then Clinton did eight years and the secret intel served Bill Clinton (best crime buddy of Bush). Then we get eight years of Dubya, so that totals at 28 years. Obama the president who can’t show a genuine birth certificate and no one remembers him at university…the puppet and he does eight years, so the new total is 36 years for this crime syndicate, and then Hilary fails, or does she?

    None of these previous leaders gives a —t about Mexicans, Syrians or the sheeple in Europe. All they care about in the top line, THE TOP LINE and the NWO agenda. In fact, many of Trump’s policies are distractions and the MSM hypes them up and drenches the sheeple with fear.

    Can someone tell me if Trump is related to Queen Lizzy? There are games and there are games within games and only the Rothschilds know all the rules. One thing is clear, if we get to next summer without a nuclear war, then we’ll know what Trump really is. In reality, things are so bad in the US (& UK) that change should come quickly, within two years, if not, Trump will be a failure, he must show results within two years, before the next election cycle starts again.

  164. Sam J. says:
    @Ron Unz

    “…Trump as saying he would be cutting off support for the Islamicist rebels in Syria…”

    If true this is info on the Orgasmatron level. Jump for joy. Snoopy dance.

    I had heard that Trump was talking about Bolton for Sec. of State and almost died but I think it may be that there’s a big fight going on with the Neo-cons trying to slip people in and some others like Sessions trying to correct things.

    My hope is no Neo-cons at any level of government at all.

  165. Randal says:

    Linh Dinh makes a powerful argument

    He does, but ultimately for me he crosses too far over from justifiable cynicism to outright fantasy. In the real world a “deep state”, in any country, is not the kind of all powerful, all knowing conspiracy that Linh Dinh describes, but rather a semi-formal grouping of immensely powerful insiders.

    If anybody in the US is a party to such, it is for sure the Clintons and the Bushes

    even though he is a disgusting racist

    Certainly he is not “disgusting” (in his public persona – I don’t know him personally), either in general or in his “racism”. Insofar as he is “racist”, he is moderately and reasonably so.

  166. Sam J. says:

    Art says,”…Jews are people with arrested brain function. Normal people gain perspective as they mature – they matriculate and gain wisdom – they begin to have the courage to believe what they see – they begin to have empathy for others…”

    You’re almost right. The Jews are a tribe of psychopaths. Not all and probably not even the majority but a lot. Their behavior and religion are clearly psychopathic. If you view their actions through the lens of “They are psychopaths” they make perfect sense. All interactions with them should be those of dealing with psychopaths.

    They has been much speculation that they have a great deal of Neanderthal genetics. If you’re honest quite a few of them look like Neanderthals. They have the extended back and a sloped front of the Neanderthals. The study of skull shapes linked to mental behavior is supposedly disproven but maybe there was a reason they pushed it was myth. The facts line up that a people with a great deal of Neanderthal would hate all Cro-Mags with extraordinary passion as the Jews hate everyone else. Neanderthals being psychopaths would explain why they were in Europe for 250,000 years and accomplished basically nothing. The Jews are great at working together to attack others but not so good at working together once they have vanquished the other.

  167. Randal says:

    On the foreign front, America’s belligerence will not ease up under a Trump presidency, for without a hyper kinetic military to browbeat and bomb, the world will stop lending us money.

    On the key issues, the signs are mixed, but include some good ones so far:

    Trump Expects to End US Aid to Syrian Rebels
    Trump Won’t Rip Up Iran Deal, Adviser Confirms

    On the other hand, the election of Trump doesn’t mean the colossal lobby forces manipulating US foreign policy towards aggression and confrontation have gone away, just that the new president is not obviously yet as fully in hock to them as Clinton is.

    A lot will depend on personnel – how many of the interventionist, external loyalty and neocon worms get themselves into position to pour the kind of poison into the new presidents ear that they did with Bush II:

    Neocons Trying to Sneak Into Trump Administration

    And the category “interventionist, external loyalty and neocon worms” includes many who didn’t fall into the “Never Trump” grouping, as well.

  168. utu says:
    @Stephen R. Diamond

    “The militarization of the police has increased their social weight, to the point where the FBI can successful attack a 4-star general leading the CIA (Petraus).”

    I can see it how the social weight had anything to do with taking down Petraus.

  169. Sam J. says:

    I think a lot of what Linh Dinh says is correct but I don’t believe that Trump is a ringer for the Jews. I think Trump is just what he says he is. I think Trump hung around a lot of Jews because that’s what you do if you want to get ahead in New York. If you’re a fish you swim in water. Just the way it is. I think the Jews actively cultivate people like Trump. Aggressive up and comers.

    I believe Trump ran as a lark. I do believe that he believes all the talking points that he brought up during the election. He’s been saying a lot of them for decades and they’re mostly common sense anyways for an independent person who’s livelihood doesn’t depend on political donors. I don’t think he thought he would win but as a competitive guy once it looked like he could he pushed on through. I also believe that Hillary cheated BIG time but it just wasn’t enough. I bet the actual vote was MUCH higher for Trump.

    Now there’s a struggle. The neo-cons are doing all they can to place people in top positions. Trump will have to choose and it will be difficult. He doesn’t have a Rolodex of intellectual gov. heavy hitters that’s not filled with neo-cons. They’ve taken over the state recently. It’s going to be tough to find people. Anyone with good sense in the past decade that didn’t want to go along with their program has most likely decided that they were not going into politics and are in some other field. He needs to call in non politicians and they’re just have to wing it. It will mean a lot of false steps and be a little disorganized but it will eventually mean a better America.

    If Trump wanted to he could roll all these bastards up. 9-11 is a big glaring fuck up that they made. All he has to do is point to building#7. Build#7 is impossible to explain without some sort of demo. Impossible.

    He would have to watch his back. If I was in his place before I talked about 9-11 I would fire all of the top 10% of every agency in the US government related to security. Publicly declare that it’s their job to see what is obvious and that they’re not fit to run things as any fool can see building #7 was demoed. I would also ditch all the secret service as I assume they’re compromised and bring in special forces to guard him while new secret service people are trained.

    A lot of the deep state is really just a good ole boys network. They do each other favors and look the other way. I also believe that the ones in the “official” deep state (ODS) are all compromised with sex with children or some other initiation. This could be used to attack them as they have records somewhere of this. There are plenty of people at the lower levels that are corrupt but I’ll bet the worst (ODS) are somewhat isolated from the average CIA, NSA and etc. worker. The average ones would back Trump 100% and wish only the best for our country.

    This is truly a magic moment. The Jews, the neo-cons, the deep state, all them really have their asses hanging out. They’ve done a lot of stupid stuff because no one has challenged them in decades and anyone who does they just kill. There’s tons of info on stupid crimes they’ve done. The only way they’ve been able to do them is they’re the government so the go free. The evidence is still there in numerous places.

    It’s also likely that a great deal of them are psychopaths. Psychopaths tend to keep pushing if they don’t get reined in. They always get in trouble eventually because they don’t understand people as well as they think they do.

    I have a theory that the 250 or so year life of Empires is because it takes about that amount of time for the psychopaths to work their way up the chain of government. Once they get there the country rapidly falls apart due to their stupidity.

    • Replies: @AaronB
    , @mcohen
  170. Sam J. says:
    @Mao Cheng Ji

    “…Israel is a tool of European imperialism, pure and simple, all the ethnocentric shit being a mere facade for attracting fanatics serving as cannon-fodder…”

    This is complete nonsense. The Jews run the US and Europe. We don’t run them.

  171. alexander says:
    @Linh Dinh

    Dear Linh ,

    Thanks for the response.

    Unfortunately, it is somewhat solipsistic and ridiculous.

    Considering that by the year 2000,The USA already HAD established itself as the preeminent military force on the planet ( the “big stick”) when our budget for being so was 250 billion dollars per year.

    This was nearly 9 times the budget of any other nation at the time.

    And Americans were happy to pay it. I know I was..

    Every other country on the planet was racing to purchase our treasury bonds (what you refer to as “loaning us money”) because of our outstanding credit worthiness based on being the supreme economic powerhouse of the world , that balanced its budget , ran a surplus, and had very LITTLE debt relative to our GDP.

    AND….. the most powerful “military” on the planet.

    BUT somehow your argument is… that our government ,under the stewardship of our beloved neocons, LIED us into war …vaporizing 19 trillion dollars of our solvency, so we could have a Big Stick to extort the rest of the world into loaning us 19 trillion dollars to underwrite our insolvency from fighting the bogus wars of aggression they LIED us into ?.

    This is a solipsistic argument, Linh.

    And pretty ridiculous too.

    Wouldn’t you agree ?

    The point I am making is that after 9-11, our government had a clear mandate from the American People to bring the perpetrators to justice…..they never had a mandate to LIE us into war, or start destroying other countries that NEVER attacked us.

    Just the fact that we WERE lied into war ,in the first place , should put the ONUS of “paying for it” on the LIARS…..not the “lied-to” taxpayer.

    If President elect Trump, had any real “cojones” at all, he would arrest them , right away, claw back ALL the trillions they pocketed from this “deceit”, and use those funds to jump start his infrastructure plan to get Americans back to work.

    That is the SMART play.

    What has shaken the “establishment” (down to its bones), is THEY KNOW its the smart play, and they know they deserve it.

    Big time.

  172. WJ says:

    Israel clearly gained from Saddam’s removal. After 9/11 there was dark talk of Saddam funding the suicide bombing campaign of 2001 in Israel. Congressman Tom Lantos himself reassured the Israel Labor party in 2002 that “we will get that bastard soon enough and install a pro western dictator, good for both us and you”. The you was Israel and the bastard was Saddam Hussein. Look to the leaning of the prominent neocons from Perle, to Wolfowitz, to Frum to Scooter Libby and you will find virulently pro Iraq war , pro Israel views. No conspiracy here bro. Just a long settled argument.

  173. WJ says:

    Irrational silliness that adds nothing to the discussion.

  174. @Alfa158

    Yes, though I usually enjoy reading Linh Dinh he’s pedling fairy tales here which suggest that he knows as much about a Deep State as about witches and elves.

  175. @Anonymous

    Yes Linh Dinh is playing out of his league and should stick to what he’s good at.

    • Replies: @Chuck Orloski
  176. @Linh Dinh

    Allowed? Allowed by whom and by what mechanism? I’ve enjoyed your pieces where you get people to talk without art but in this fantasy mode (or is it genuine earnest ignorance) you are full of BS. Never part of the EU because not in the EZ is also an ignorant gross exaggeration. Stick to what you know.

  177. Linh Dinh says: • Website

    Hi utu,

    Thank you for your thought-provoking comment. The greatest depression is certainly coming, and a desperate series of wars to prevent this total collapse is most likely. Trump will preside over this mess.


  178. KA says:
    @Stephen R. Diamond

    If that were the explanations ,shouldn’t have Obama been defeated in 2012?

  179. Linh Dinh says: • Website

    It’s only about 20 miles from Calais to Dover.

    That 20 miles undersea is preventing this from showing up in London:

  180. MarkinLA says:

    Volcker didn’t kill their jobs. The free trade deals and automation did. I was at a company working on the first painting robots for the auto assembly lines. A lot of people lost a lot of good paying but unhealthy jobs when those robots went in. FYI there was also a mini-NAFTA in place in the form of the maquiladoras. Reagan’s NAFTA just put them on steroids.

  181. Linh Dinh says: • Website

    Hi Hibernian,

    I know, personally, people who have walked into Europe, crossing several borders. You can’t walk into England.

    Yes, there are Eastern Europeans all over England. I’ve seen these Poles and others. (I spent 9 months in England in 2005-2006, and have returned three times since.) Polish immigrants did not cause the Brexit reaction. It’s the burgeoning Muslim population that began with the Pakistanis and Bangladeshis.

    Seeing what’s happening in Germany caused Brexit.


    • Replies: @Mao Cheng Ji
    , @KA
  182. utu says:

    One of the best speeches (no foreign policy issues) by Trump (5 min)

    I wish it was more than just a campaign speech.

  183. @Linh Dinh

    Polish immigrants did not cause the Brexit reaction.

    Hmm. As far as I can tell (anecdotally, of course) it’s exactly the opposite.

    Eastern European low-skill/low-wage immigration caused Brexit. The Pakistani immigration was different, it was skill-based, most people don’t object to that.

    Also, the Pakistanis, Jamaicans, etc. from the previous waves of immigration are now locals, they speak without accent. And they are accepted as locals in most places, apart from real rough neighborhoods, like parts of Liverpool.

  184. @Art


    As you’re aware, people come to The Unz Review in order to learn and avoid deception as much as possible. Please bear with my short syllogism here?

    Deception is an act of terror which diminishes human awareness.

    The “Deep Jewish State” employs Deceivers who are deceptively ordained, “whistle blowers.”

    Linh Dinh’s “Trump Ploy” has advanced awareness and helps fight the terror of deception.

    Please look at You Tube video (below) where R.T. interviews John Young of You might be aware that, about two weeks (or so) ago & prior to Donald Trump’s victory, Fox News, Sean Hannity interviewed Julian Assange and cleared the latter of all his past Wikileak sins of deception.

    Post scriptum: Today the gospel reading at St. Ann’s Basilica included the following > 2,000 year old advice offered by Jesus; “Be not deceived.” (sigh) The more one tries t0 repel deception in its sophisticated 21st Century forms, the harder the Main Stream Media (along with Zionized- pastors & priests) strikes back

    Thank you.

  185. DaveE says:

    Well, that’s a reasonable point. If Trump is clean, i.e. not “deep state” that doesn’t mean he couldn’t become “deep state” at any time. It’s certainly possible.

    BUT, let’s imagine a hypothetical Trump who somehow managed to “stay clean” or relatively clean, after working for years in that filthy sandbox. IMHO such a “clean” hypothetical Trump would look about like the real Trump we see today.

    Also possible and not inconsistent with the data. We shall see and fairly soon, I think.

    What we DO know is he ain’t Killary, so we may have avoided war with Russia or whoever else the zios want taken out, at least before Valentine’s Day.

  186. KA says:
    @Linh Dinh
    summarizes attitudes to Poles.

    850,000 came in less than 10 yrs to UK and have been accused of capturing business including in real estate,constructions,retails ,transport .

    Not only Poles there are other – Romanian,Greek,Bulgarian . Attitudes to them are not wonderful-

    It is very possible that Pakistanis an Bangladeshis are not liked But that could be due to dress and appearance not due to economic reasons and not due to being on welfare or abusing NHS and not for criminal activities .

    Having said that scapegoating is easier than challenging what cause economic migration and it is much more difficult on intellectual level to identify name and shame the polices that tie economic migration from abroad and economic dislocation at home. I

    In case of rural America the picture is much more confusing – rural America or suburbs of cities to say like Syracuse NY or Springfield IL or Seattle are all white. Still one will find Trump supporters in big numbers They are not talking of immigration They are talking about lack of a life lack of opportunity and lack of future in the current economic frame Add to that insult and attack on their cloistered religious cultural ethos .

    Red States like Dakota or Iowa have less nonwhite faces that NY or IL or MA have but still look to Trump because of something other than terrorism or immigration . It is disconnection ,lack of clear path to get to a safe secure future for their kids and sense of losing the identities under the onslaught of corporate powers . The story is same in Asia and Africa But they are at disadvantages because while no country can rob American of their choices ,America can and have robbed those countries of their choices .

    • Replies: @utu
    , @Linh Dinh
  187. utu says:

    “It is very possible that Pakistanis an Bangladeshis are not liked But that could be due to dress and appearance not due to economic reasons and not due to being on welfare or abusing NHS and not for criminal activities .”

    Are you saying that if Poles and Eastern Europeans stopped working and got on welfare and engaged in criminal activities the Brits would be more accepting of them? And a funny dress would help, right?

    • Replies: @Linh Dinh
    , @KA
  188. Even Trump election was spontaneous and or unexpected event I really doubt “‘deep state”‘ will remain passive, after all their progressive political/cultural–$structural hegemony seems unstoppable.


  189. Linh Dinh says: • Website

    I’m not suggesting that the Brits love the Polish influx, but it’s telling that one of its main anti-immigration groups is called Infidels of Britain. News of 1,400 girls being raped by a Pakistani gang in Rotherham from 1997 to 2013 surely didn’t help. Now, you have all these stories of Muslim terrorists and rapists coming from the continent.

    Being there so long, Muslims have carved out many enclaves across England. Go to Leicester, for example, or take the tube to Aldgate East and walk in any direction. Go to Brick Lane.

    London saw an exodus of 600,000 white residents during the first decade of this century.

    • Replies: @KA
    , @TelfoedJohn
  190. Linh Dinh says: • Website

    Hi utu,

    And the most despised Eastern Europeans in England are Gypsies.

    A while back, I wrote about these transplanted Indians.


    • Replies: @utu
  191. Art says:

    Art: “Jews are people with arrested brain function”.

    Yeah sure and with this “arrested brain function” they composed the greatest modern music known to mankind : Gershwin, Kern, Berlin, Styne, Hammerstein, hundreds more, which myself as a jazz player have come to recognize as magnificent works of art.

    What happened – those Jews wrote of love between men and women – they made joyful beautiful music – they wrote music that tickled the mind.

    Sadly, the Jew entertainment industry of today brings us tribal hateful rap – it exacerbates division and hate. The song of today is screaming – its substitutes sentiment and good lyrics with loud.

    What happened was Israel. Gershwin, Kern, and Berlin loved America – they wrote music for an optimistic buoyant people. Their music was culturally Western in flavor – its tempo was upbeat – even when sad, there was hope in rhyme and rhythm.

    What has happened is that Israel has unleashed the dark side of Judaism. Jews are no longer Western – they have become totally Jewish.

    Too bad for them.

    • Replies: @Chuck Orloski
  192. KA says:

    “Are you saying that if Poles and Eastern Europeans stopped working and got on welfare and engaged in criminal activities the Brits would be more accepting of them? And a funny dress would help, right?
    It depends on how you run business and how you bend the policies. Locals white are on welfare not foreigners. Real estate is owned by rich Chinese , rich Russian and Indian who own best part of London . Often the properties are left unoccupied . London has become more crowded and congested not for sudden influx from Asia but from eastern Europe . Locals nurses and even aspiring physician,police cant afford to live in city . The story is same as it is here .Polish are doing good job but is not appreciated while their occasional wrongdoings get much coverage . I have nothing against Eastern Europeans I am talking of the anger against them as well as Asians but the anger is misplaced misdirected.

  193. utu says:
    @Linh Dinh

    Is it possible that Brits have paternalistic attitude towards Jamaican, Pakistanis and other subjects of imperial Britain while Poles and Eastern Europeans evoke in Brit hostility or at least ambivalence they always felt towards the continental Europe? Would this mean that white Europeans to Brits are more threatening?

    I have seen some reports about misdeeds done by Gypsies in the UK in which they never were referred to as Gypsies or Romany but as Rumanians, Slovaks or Poles.

    • Replies: @Linh Dinh
  194. KA says:
    @Linh Dinh

    Yes you are right and those ghettos look conspicuous not because of criminal activities or taking jobs away illegally but because of dress and appearances . In 90 there was similar anger at Sikh enclave in London.
    England has to figure out how it sorts its peculiar situation . Brexit was an expression of pent up economic dislocation I think Brexit is good for rest of the world . British hegemony will vanish
    Ask an Irsih nurse and Wales seeking apartment for rent in 1980 ,you would have heard same complaints against them .

    In parts of America where Trump gets and got his support from ,peopllr don’t have jobs and they don’t see non- white faces either . Go to an Walmart in Ithaca of NY ,you won’t see brown or black or Latino face. Same is true for rest of the entirerty of thecRed States . What does it tell ? Both Republican and Democrats want to draw wrong conclusion from the election- its about culture and religion and gender and immigration. They all have some roles but the election was a referendum on war,economy,corruption terrorism .
    But even explaing those will require facing the truth about destructive foreign and economic policies

    Your comment about Gypsies capture it all Gyspies are poor visible powerless and numerous . But they are not destroying the economies . They are not looting the country .

    • Replies: @Linh Dinh
    , @utu
  195. Linh Dinh says: • Website

    Hi utu,

    While in college, I had two British roommates during two different years, and one them introduced me to the term “Paki-bashing.” I seriously doubt your average Brit feels condescending, protective and eternally guilty towards South Asians. At least, not anymore.

    Yes, Poles, Romanians, Czechs and Slovaks are quite pissed off at being blamed for Gypsy misbehavior all over the continent.


    • Replies: @utu
  196. utu says:
    @Linh Dinh

    So, do you think that it’s the PC code that keeps Brits from complaining about Jamaicans and Pakistanis while Eastern Europeans because they are white are not protected by this code?

  197. @Linh Dinh

    UK resident here. The attitude towards Pakistanis differs around the UK. In multicultural London, they are more tolerated, and provide the national dish – curry. The East End has a mix of young millenials and Pakistanis. Even the mayor is Pakistani.

    Other areas outside London, which were previously mono -ethnic English, do not have a good relationship with Pakistanis. Perhaps the capital has more media eyes on it, so the local Pakistanis don’t get up to mischief.

    • Replies: @Linh Dinh
  198. Linh Dinh says: • Website

    Hi KA,

    Regarding Poles, South Asians and Gypsies in the UK, we’ve been talking about popular perception, not deep political analysis.

    As for the presence of non-whites in rural America, there are quite a few, actually. I’ve crossed the country several times in the past six years and saw Latinos in all rural areas. White Trump voters in these places certainly know about them from direct experience.

    Tiny Hazelton, PA made national news for introducing laws against illegal immigrants. It got sued by the federal government and lost.

    I visited Pasco, Washington, and saw Hispanics everywhere. They’re in the majority there.

    Rural America is not lily-white. Lewiston, ME, population 36,592, has 7,000 Somalis.


  199. utu says:

    You try to make a good point (I suspect) but then you blow it up by making incongruous with rest of your arguments points. Like the one about Gypsies.

    Gypsies are disliked not because they are visible and powerless but because of their reputation which is well deserved. They will loot the country if you let them. Their culture is incompatible with ours, though Christian societies learned to live with them and tolerate them (tolerate in terms of “we can stand them”) w/o much of persecution. (Except for the Nazis who thought that cultural issues have biological roots just like many iSteve followers here.)

    “the election was a referendum on war,economy,corruption terrorism ” – I agree with you or at least I want very much to believe this to be true. But I do not exclude issues of culture, race, etc. Because culture is very important and nobody sane wants foreigners to come to screw with it, right?

    Personally I am all against foreign culture. I do not want diversity in my home. If I were the UN I would make the whole of Japan the World Park of Japanese Culture and would not allow foreigners to live there. Japan here is just an example. However anglo-saxon settler countries (ISA, Canada, Australia, NZ) could stay what they are, but their model should not be impose on others like Japan or Slovakia or Iceland.

    • Replies: @KA
  200. Linh Dinh says: • Website

    Hi TelfoedJohn,

    What about the resentment against Poles and other Eastern Europeans? How strong is it, and how does it compare to negative attitudes towards South Asians and Muslims?


    • Replies: @Randal
    , @TelfoedJohn
  201. @Art

    “Too bad for them.”

    One thing I’m feeling ‘kinda non-buoyant about is how people are not making comment on L.D.’s important mentioning of Bill Clinton & Donald Trump’s dalliances with Jeffrey Epstein.

    Come Spring 2017, might Pope Francis make a quick pastoral trip to the Caribbean and advise a Wall be built around “The Lolita Express” — paid for by the Clinton Foundation?

    • Replies: @Art
  202. KA says:

    I see yu are making some culturally appropriate observations about Gypsies . But you wander off into what should be rather what the reality is That reality was not imposed on US or UK Immigrants have come to US from China India Arab Pakistan Vietnam Korea and Latin America legally Same is true for UK and France. Illegal immigrations are illegal and should be stopped and undone but those people who have come legally ,they have every right to maintain their cultures and religion . A demagogue can try to undo it But the result wont be appreciated and the picture wont be pretty when the dust settles down . You have home and you have your country but they aren’t same thing .

    • Replies: @utu
    , @British
  203. Hammurabi says:

    Then why is main stream media still bashing and slandering his persona??, not buying it

  204. utu says:

    Now I see where are you coming from.

    “they have every right to maintain their cultures and religion ” – only if the activities and behaviors are legal in country they moved in. And if some legal activities become disruptive because of abuse by immigrants the host society have a right to delegalize them and restrict the rights of immigrants.

    To the legality of immigration the host country can attach conditions in order to promote assimilation. So, the immigrants have limited right until they obtain the full right citizenship. The residence period can be extended as kind of apprenticeship until you graduate to become a citizen. But while you are apprentice you are subject to deportation if you violate conditions of the contract.

    Basically I have no problem if the host country puts condition for example on religion for the immigrants: you can come and you can stay but within, say 3 years you must convert to host country dominant religion.

    So if some potential immigrant during an interview states “I want to have every right to maintain my cultures and religion when in your country” I would consider it as an indication of a bad attitude that would make potential assimilation of this petitioning client harder and would recommend visa denial.

    • Replies: @Miro23
    , @britishgirl
  205. bart says:

    Has a realistic opinion been formed why Trump went hard on the birther issue?

    What possessed this man to charge hard against the magic negro? I am hazard a guess….

    Trump was watching some Jeremiah Wright videos…….”American chickens coming home to roost”.

    He saw what a creep Obama was. Not blinded by media hype?

    The unpopular stance of birtherism?

    What did Trump dislike about Obama enough to question his birthright? No way skin color has a damn thing to do with this.

    He saw a flawed American. Trumps mind is hard to figure.

    Trump became a hater of Obama early on. His keen eye for phonies were born out.

    “I voted white guilt 08″……………#never again

    • Replies: @utu
    , @Sam J.
  206. Art says:
    @Chuck Orloski

    Come Spring 2017, might Pope Francis make a quick pastoral trip to the Caribbean and advise a Wall be built around “The Lolita Express” — paid for by the Clinton Foundation?

    Ho hmm – Zionist Zombie media hiding rich bad boy Big Jews – when will it end?

    • Replies: @Chuck Orloski
  207. @Stephen R. Diamond

    “The big change today is that the domestic police have become an important part of the deep state – and the base in that inner state for Trump”

    Whatever one makes of “Deep State”, domestic police as cog cannot be denied and it is probably part of the one percent’s grand plan. But qua “police” a cog, that is, a passive element, to be ordered about, propagandized, and as customers for politicizing and militarization.

    Security is a bit larger as a category, easily including various mercenary outfits like Blackwater that were gangbusters under Bush and are still going strong, if more undercover. Again in favor of the cog aspect, Blackwater also had liaison and training programs with a host of domestic police forces.

    But even that reaches back in origins to Vietnam.

    In favor of your argument, one might also introduce Hoover’s FBI and the various Red Squads as historical precendents, which had its beginnings in the immediate afteryears of World War I.

    What one is getting at here is–as with “Deep State” itself, is it not so much a change as a change of names?

    The reference to “power elite” is also apropos in that context. Why such a rush into what is after all a calque on Turkish to rename what has been around for many, many decades?

  208. utu says:

    Total coverup of Obama past.

  209. Steve84 says:

    So is Trump supposed to have been in on this all along? Or do you think they just decided to go with him at some point without him knowing?

    Who would have predicted his popularity before the primaries?

    Whoever owns the media ordered for him to be constantly trashed so that the voters would like him more?


  210. AaronB says:
    @Sam J.

    “I have a theory that the 250 or so year life of Empires is because it takes about that amount of time for the psychopaths to work their way up the chain of government. Once they get there the country rapidly falls apart due to their stupidity.”

    Good stuff, and likely something like this is very true. Probably applies not just to empires but to countries as well.

    The connection between psychopathy and the ruling elite of any country is a serious one and has never been properly studied, which would be hard to do.

    It’s the old adage that those who want to rule shouldn’t be allower near power. Power should only be given to those who don’t want it.

    Tolstoy thought all elites are always the most psychopathic element of every society, and I strongly suspect he was right.

    Our modern democracies were clearly designed to give power to those who lust for it but also to pit various psychopathic factions against each other in the hopes that this would ensure stability.

    It didn’t work, the psychopaths are just colluding.

    Well, maybe the next advance in political science will address the psychopath issue and develop ways to deliver power into the hands of the reluctant and screen out those eager for it.

    • Replies: @E. A. Costa
  211. Deep State.. Can Linh Dinh, can anyone here name a member of it? No, I don’ t suppose so because it must be part of its point and its identity to be deeply hidden from outsiders,j n though it seems like!y that Ron, and Pat Buchanan, have had some contact, mysterious unconfirmed sightings perhaps, and maybe I had one too when I found myself inconvenienced by Dick Cheney ‘s ambulance equipped vice-presidential plane blocking traffic at Jackson Hole airport. One presumes that he used his flights to take DS people with him for long chats. (Cognoscenti, please tell me who would be giving instructions to whom… How does that limerick go ” ,… of Khartoum…. Who does what and with which and to whom?”)

    I suppose we have to start with Turkey and its definitely powerful Deep (or secret) State that was a Kemalist device for keeping Turkey on a modern secular road. A bit like a constitutional monarchy with reserve powers to replace a lunatic PM if he wouldn,t resign. But that,s not hidden or very complicated. After all Sir John Kerr as Australian Governor-General only sacked the PM in 1976 after consulting very few,and only judges for constitutional advice: a bit as hoc for the DS. Anyway we could call its unelected co-opted members the Keyser Söze Society and show that we have a feel for the arcane mystery we are reverently researching.

    Must it be powerful and always or nearly always get its way? No, that’s boys own romance Comic stuff. People aren’t like that especially people who have or want to exercise power. They fight amongst themselves unless one can pull a silent Swifty behind the scenes. Well yes, there could be occasions when the common interests of all the rich and powerful coincide and, with an amenable president, just a tap on the shoulder is needed – like “François, we’re nkt going to humiliate you but you know you can ‘t keep that 75 per cent rate”. But, that,s rare: cite me cases…

    Let’s look at numbers. At least 99.9 per cent of people never get close to having any appreciable influence on any policy or act of the Federal government. You could be part of the Deep State if you have some influence on a policy decision or other significant executive act that is unknown to the public except perhaps years after. The influence could be exercised without your having to raise a finger at the heavyweight end. But without such influence you can ‘t qualify for membership. Suppose I in 500 can cross our threshold. That’s 600,000 Americans. But that would include the three scientists who effectively lobbied to get the need for a sensible safety measure understood and accepted – a one off. Nothing sinister about the lack of public know!edge in that case.

    So let’s try applying some logic to making useable sense of the DS notion in a Western plutocracy with democratic rhetorical flavour and odd gestures along the lines of hypocrisy being the tribute that vice pays to virtue (assuming one can find a connection between virtue and democracy). In such a large volatile polity of fast moving game changers as America anyone seriously in the DS business has to be plugged in pretty well 24/7 coping with threats and keeping an eye on competition.

    Let’s assume you don’t have personal or other close links to the President then you will have a more or less visible team in some corporate or other organisational form that keeps you in touch in a way JP Morgan didn’t need in his simple days of direct plutocracy (albeit under the first Roosevelt threat). True, concealment a la Mossack Fonseca for the passing of money is possible but that isn’t going to achieve or explain much policy or privilege change. You are going to have a tough time remaining below the radar of thousands of journalists and wannabes even if you float “window” out tto fool the radar. And, very important, the issue has to be one for a solid common front and unanimity if the so-to-speak Trotskyite faction isn’t to threaten “splittism” – the concept of suicide splittism being not unknown even if finding the Anthony Wieners of this world to execute it for you may present difficulties of excessive normality.

    So you want to be a properly established permanent Deep State institutional operator which hides behind never perfect or boastfully celebrated wins, cooperation and compromise with the similarly realistic, a plausible even genuine veneer of lawfulness and the twin blessings of charitable status, plus the modest moniker of “think tank”. That’s the minimum for competing with the individuals whom the President calls on for advice or as sounding boards and for whom he picks up the calls or has them let through the screen of minders – and have or may have agenda unlike the Warren Buffetts and Bill Gates or Rupert Murdoch who will get a hearing but aren’t hiding their aims.

    There are many think tanks. Which might be part of that Deep State? I haven’t any idea though it is fair to say that if part of the Deep State were to reside in the American Enterprise Institute it is likely that respected people like Charles Murray wouldn’t be in that loop. Same with any of them.

    Are we necessarily looking for something hidden? Talk about the Deep State would make it seem obvious the answer is yes but the time and energy costs of concealment tend to militate against that. Just think of remembering to keep a special cell phone most people in your organisation mustn’t know about or see traces of on your credit card account …. and so on and on. But perhaps such contact work is farmed out to full-time professionals like mercenaries in Africa – a mixture perhaps of former CIA, FBI and IR service people and a diplomat turned lawyer. Danger there of course as Emperors could tell you as they reminisced about stopping the Praetorian Guard from becoming too powerful.

    I think I’m zeroing in on the only plausible (if any) candidates for heavy weight Deep State status. I’ll send this now so I don’t lose it with trailer references to Wall Street, Israel, defence industry, ?CIA, ?FBI…

    • Replies: @pogohere
    , @Keith
    , @Keith
  212. @Mao Cheng Ji

    Sounds to me as if you’ve swallowed too much propaganda. What Herzl said just reads liike his pitch to Europeans, including sophisticated German Jews and flatterable Ostjuden, from all of whom he wanted support. Your thesis requires (many) non Jews to be saying it at high levels of government. Moreover you ignore the completely different state of development towards being modern literate Europeans of German and East European Jews.

    • Replies: @Mao Cheng Ji
  213. @AaronB

    ”The connection between psychopathy and the ruling elite of any country is a serious one and has never been properly studied”

    Actually the Polish psychiatrist Andrzej Łobaczewski led a group studying exactly that under the heading of “Political Ponerology”. And indeed one of the conclusions was that pyschopaths are selected by the structure to rise to the top.

    Certainly worth a look, though unkown for the most part in the provincial, incestuous Anglosphere, which seems to think if work has not appeared in English, it does not exist.

    • Replies: @AaronB
    , @Sam J.
  214. Miro23 says:

    So if some potential immigrant during an interview states “I want to have every right to maintain my cultures and religion when in your country” I would consider it as an indication of a bad attitude that would make potential assimilation of this petitioning client harder and would recommend visa denial.

    I’m not sure about this one. Becoming a citizen while maintaining a separate culture and identity is multiculturalism – the present USA.

    The historic answer was some kind of “foreign resident status”. For example Jews have traditionally wanted to maintain their culture and religion and not intermarry with Gentiles despite living for centuries in countries such as Austria, Poland , Hungary, Germany etc. The preference was a “little Israel” in each country so their true status was “long term foreign resident” with separate Jewish neighborhoods in most European cities.

    There was usually no question of them joining the administration/general society although this did change with the nationalist and socialist movements of the late 19th century, and was a big factor along with other stresses that eventually destroyed the “Belle Époque” and gave us the catastrophe of the 20th century (e.g. in 1912, one out of three high school students in Vienna was a religious Jew, 40% of medical students were Jewish etc. displacing the traditionally German middle class – See Brigitte Hamann )

  215. @Wizard of Oz

    Thanks for the reply, Wizard, but unfortunately I can’t understand what you’re saying, other than that you disagree. I suggested a way to view, to interpret, what Israel represents. The problem is, your (and the other guy’s, who also replied, talking about “the Jews”) approach to the political and socioeconomic phenomena is so different (and incredibly naive, in my opinion), that it’s probably impossible for us to find any common ground…

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  216. mcohen says:
    @Sam J.

    you think trump ran as a lark….spent a little money cause it was real funny.

  217. Urim says:

    Americans are fooled. Can’t you see that all these shitocratic leaders are misleading you, encourage all these riots where you kill your fellows.

  218. Randal says:
    @Linh Dinh

    I don’t think you can easily generalise on a national basis or across all immigrant groups. Attitudes differ from one part of Britain to another towards any particular grouping, mostly seemingly according to the characteristics and numbers of that broad group who have settled in the region.

    When I was younger, the big influx was of South Asians. That was the time when “Paki-bashing” was an issue, with indigenous white thugs and thugs from the previous wave of black immigration finding that Asian immigrants were generally soft targets. I think that might have been because that wave was largely composed of middle class Asians, especially those who were being expelled from African countries. More recent waves of South Asian immigrants, together with Somalis and other North African groups, have been a tougher prospect, as well as being much more numerous, and the second generations have grown up more able to take care of themselves (and more overtly criminal).

    In those days, islam was simply not on anybody’s radar domestically, whereas of course there is now a lot 0f hostility towards it.

    The Eastern Europeans came recently, and were only really a problem in areas where they settled in overwhelming numbers, or where they were more from the more southerly cultures of Eastern Europe. I find there’s quite a lot of respect for Poles as a group amongst working class folk in my area, where they are seen as hard workers, and the hostility is directed towards more state benefits oriented groups. On the other hand, you will easily come across individuals with strong hostility towards Poles, perhaps for personal experience reasons, and perhaps that’s more common in other regions.

  219. @Art

    “Zionist Zombie media hiding rich bad boy Big Jew — when will it end.”


    For decades I have studied the works of Solzhenitsyn. Please read the following paragraph form his essay “Repentance and Self Limitation in the Life of Nations.”

    “We cannot convert the kingdom of universal falsehood into a kingdom of universal truth by even the cleverest and most skillfully contrived economic and social reforms: these are the wrong building blocks.” (From book, “Under the Rubble.”

    Alexander Solzhenitsyn placed great hope in the painful (building-block) process of “repentance” undertaken by both citizens and nations at large. Based upon such Russian Orthodox elixir, our bastard Zionist Zombies will enjoy a long inglorious run until the inevitable end of their “clever & skillful” lies.

    Must go an do my am school bus run! Thank you.

    • Replies: @Sam J.
  220. British says:

    In fact, the west idea is the same as in all human societies: national identity is transmitted through biological parentage. The idea that the Europeans should accept the non-white immigrants because of his values is not a west ideology is a Jewish activist discourse.

  221. @utu

    I do not want non-Whites to assimilate in White countries. That leads to interbreeding and genetic degeneration. These people have their own lands and their own cultures, and they replace themselves with high fecundity more quickly than we can let them in. Keep White countries White.

    What many well-intention Europeans (and the diaspora) who support immigration stops need to understand is “assimilation” or “integration” are NOT solutions, it’s genetic destruction. Only working to ensure the most homogenous nation possible is the solution.

  222. @Linh Dinh

    Resentment against Poles in areas in areas of relative poverty is high. For instance in Boston, Lincolnshire, where there was a sudden influx of Poles. They didn’t integrate much. Who can blame them- who would integrate with poverty when they are escaping it? I think Boston had the highest vote for Brexit. In affluent areas, of course there is no resentment.

    It’s not really a question of Poles though, it’s a question of the EU. British people moving to Spain do the same thing – stay within their own culture, watch English football, go to English pubs.

    With the EU, it’s very easy to go across national borders but stay within you own culture. I think the less effort it is to get to another country, then the less you feel the need to take that new country seriously. To integrate. It’s like the difference between renting and owning property. In areas where you have short-term tenants, then the houses will be uncared for. The only person who cares is the landlord (or the government in this analogy).

    Resentment against South Asians fits this pattern. Not much resentment against Indians / Hindus, but some against Pakistanis / Muslims. Despite the proximity of their geographic origin, they occupy different ends of the achievement / education / criminality spectrum.

    • Replies: @Unitedman
    , @Chuck Orloski
  223. Unitedman says:

    children in English women, are Indians and Caribbeans man .

    is not Islam that traffics drugs, practicing theft and that stabs our youth, are blacks and mulattos.

    is not Islam that is opening the borders and criminalizing opinion, are the Jews.

  224. @TelfoedJohn

    To TelfoedJohn,

    Unfortunately, well intentioned comments (like yours) are helping an undesirable migration away from Linh Dinh’s article, especially the following vital point he made in his final paragraph, “The Deep State ushered in Trump because he’s clearly their most useful decoy.”

    Thank you… I trust you you’re okay & can understand where I am coming from?

    To Art,

    Re; “Nothing will change for the better,” comment #143.

    I agree, Art! As a Byzantine Catholic Church member since baptism 1952, today I read a “Fortune Magazine’s” misfortune-Cookie report which indicated the Catholic vote went in favor of The Deep Jewish State’s “decoy” Donald Trump by a margin of 52% to Hillary’s 46%.

    (sigh) For me, & having studied history leading up to & the aftermath of the Russian Revolution (1917), there’s nothing at all surprising when a Deep (atheistic) State power manages to channel even ardent U.S. Christian “believers” into fulfilling the deviate goals of Zionist Jews.

    Subsequently, I am hoping this comment exchange returns to dealing with Linh Dinh’s main point. Because I have a terrible sense that there was no other choice (for POTUS) than the decoy one which American voters were given. Thank you, Art!

  225. Anon • Disclaimer says:

    I don’t think Lin Din is right about Trump as deep-state candidate.

    To be sure, there is no single Deep State. There are rival factions. But the fact that DC went 94% for Hillary shows how most of Deep State feels.

    However, I think there is a kernel of truth to Lin Din’s hypothesis.
    While Deep State didn’t create Trump, it does have a fallback plan of using Trump for Deep State purposes. Spin Trump their way.
    Every disadvantage comes with new possibilities. It’s like Japan didn’t want to be forced-open by the West but found new opportunities from it strengthen Japan.

    It must have loads of files on him worse than Billy Bush thing.

    Also, there are ways in which experts — and Trump will have to rely on experts — can nudge Trump in various directions.

    After all, one of the campaign songs was “you can’t always get what you want”(unless it’s grabbing pu**y).

    Deep State has plans of manipulating Trump, channeling Trump, corralling Trump, etc.

    It’s like the scene in THE TRAIN where the Resistance play games to direct the train(loaded with art treasures) back to the starting point.
    And the Deep State has tons of more resources than the Resistance.


    This is why Trump should pardon Assange and Snowden. The more the Deep State is leaked, less it will be emboldened to do dirty tricks.

    Another advantage Trump has the sleaze factor.
    Sleaze that hangs over him makes him less vulnerable to blackmail with embarrassing details. Vulgarity and crudeness are a part of his authenticity. He is a self-professed sinner.
    We are so far from the Gary Hart scandal of 88 when some tart derailed his campaign.

    Also, Libs accusing Trump of vulgarity sound stupid cuz they are the peddlers of rap, porn, sex and city, lena dunham, beyonce, miley cyrus, homo excess, tattoos, tranny exhibtionis, twerking, slut pride, etc etc yawn. Libs who vulgarized every facet of culture have no right to bitch about civility.

    Sleaze-worn-on-the-sleeve keeps Trump waterproof against charges of sleaze.

    It’s like the guy in CROSS OF IRON who says being dirty keeps him waterproof.

    Deep State is not about getting everything it wants but, rather, having the means to manipulate events & hidden pressures and to control the Narrative and Hysteria to steer policy their way EVEN WHEN it doesn’t get what it wants.

    Deep State wanted Hillary. It got Trump. But it can hillarify Trump to some degree.
    With Hillary, it would have gotten 100%.
    With Trump, it can still get 70% if it acts devious and smart.

    Well, two out of three ain’t bad.

    The Deep State Song:

    • Agree: utu
    • Replies: @utu
  226. Truth says:

    In 2008, Obama was touted as a political outsider who will hose away all of the rot and bloody criminality of the Bush years. He turned out to be a deft move by our ruling class. Though fools still refuse to see it, Obama is a perfect servant of our military banking complex. Now, Trump is being trumpeted as another political outsider.

    A Trump presidency will temporarily appease restless, lower class whites, while serving as a magnet for liberal anger. This will buy our ruling class time as they continue to wage war abroad while impoverishing Americans back home. Like Obama, Trump won’t fulfill any of his election promises, and this, too, will be blamed on bipartisan politics.

    Linh, you are the smartest commenter here. I couldn’t have written it (that much) better myself.

  227. Truth says:

    Only the infantile will imagine the president as any kind of savior or, even more hilariously, anti-establishment. Since the deep state won’t even tolerate a renegade reporter at, say, the San Jose Mercury News, how can you expect a deep state’s enemy to land in the White House?! It cannot happen.

    I couldn’t have written that ANY better, except I would have been a little more condescending.

  228. Truth says:

    Nice try Linh, but I’m not buying it. Trump is already putting his program together and its key points were published yesterday


    OK, just needed to get that one out. I realize that you almost certainly have a 140IQ and an Ivy league STEM degree, excuse me for my impatience, Sir.

    • Replies: @woodNfish
  229. Truth says:
    @Der Mann ohne Eigenschaften

    Let me get you right, Mr. Din. So, first, the Deep State people had concluded that certain white people are pissed and that they needed to be pacified. Next, they needed to figure out how to effect the pacification of the white working class. They knew that the media looked down upon them Joe Six Pack folks and that they, at least to some extent, supported Donald Trump, a well-known personality. So, now let’s get the media go after Trump. The working class will feel sympathy for Trump, another entity persecuted by the media. Trump’s support among the white working class will increase so much that he can easily grab the presidency.

    Dude, as easily as you picked that one up, I guess there is hope for us after all.

  230. Truth says:

    Well Linh, if there is one silver lining, it is that you will get to see all of these poor saps looking like fools (again, after voting for Boy George twice) in about 6 months, if they even let The Donna actually take residence in the oval office.

  231. AaronB says:
    @E. A. Costa

    Thanks for that I’ll look into it!

    There’s another great Polish writer I like, Zygmunt Bauman, who questions American values from a critical perspective, and that’s rare over here.

    Americans aren’t really intellectuals and don’t write books from a broad philosophical perspective that might challenge our way of life – we write books on practical matters, or technology, or how to get ahead.

    Even British writers like John Gray or Bryan Appleyard offer a perspective that you just won’t find in America.

    We don’t reflect, we just chase “success”.

    • Replies: @Authenticjazzman
  232. utu says:

    What you describe is the establishment. You haven’t touched on the Deep State that we have no clue what it is constituted of but we can postulate its existence. Yes there are fractions within it, just like there were Zionists and Bolsheviks in early 20 century who happened to be supported by the same bankers. Who was the Deep State then? Think about Koch brothers and Soros? Do they play on two different teams? Koch brothers are more for open borders than Soros. Ostensively in case of Koch brothers because they are libertarians and in case of Soros because he, well, he loves humanity, right? One can imagine that their goals are similar but they opted using different paths. What was the goal of cultural revolution in 1960s and 1970s? And how and why the cultural revolution was called off? And who called it off? What is the purpose of America, why was it created in the first place? Is America necessary to institute the one world order? Does it need to remain strong? Who will help remain America militarily strong? Homo crowds or white redneck crowds?

  233. woodNfish says:

    No ivy league and I don’t know what my IQ is.

    I am willing to give Trump a chance to carry out his promises. He doesn’t really know what all it will take to implement them and he won’t know all of it until he gets into office and has time for his research to produce some answers so he can determine a course of action. He can’t just issue a blanket “void” order on all of odumbasses executive actions. It will take some time to determine what is needed to untangle the mess odumbass has made.

    I was not happy to hear Trump describe the Clintons as “nice people” on the 60 minutes hit piece. They are a crime family who used their positions in government to enrich themselves. Their phony charity foundation is nothing more than a front to collect bribes. And Bill Clinton is possibly a child molester. They need to be investigated and prosecuted and sent away to prison.

    I was happy when he told the presstitute and DNC propaganda whore interviewing him that he wouldn’t answer any questions concerning what he would do about ISIS.

    Trump doesn’t assume office until January 20th. Take a break and give him some time.

    The more immediate question right now is why hasn’t anyone at or Soros been arrested and charged with inciting riots.

  234. Anon • Disclaimer says:

    If Linh Dinh is right, the Deep State has some serious voodoo powers.

    I’m more skeptical.

    I think some of history is unpredictable.

    Yes, the Establishment and Deep State try to steer things their way. And they have a pretty good idea of where it will all lead. But sometimes, things go off in weird direction.

    What the Deep State tries to do is like what the plumbers try to do. They try to fix as many leaks as possible in the system when the pipe, or worse, the dam, breaks.

    It’s like Kubrick films where the System is supposed to invincible and invulnerable. But there is some outside chance, built-in flaw, or freak accident that brings it all down.

    This Trump thing was not supposed to happen.

    2016 was supposed to be Jeb vs Hillary. The fix was in. But these people live in their own bubble and listen to experts who tell them what they want to hear. And the media are in on the game.

    Now, the media sort of favored Trump in the GOP primaries. They let him run riot like Dan Hampton to sack Jeb as quarterback and everyone else. The media thought GOP would implode this way. But Trump’s star rose so high that even the media were surprised.

    I really think Trump didn’t think he would go all the way. He probably thought he wouldn’t even with the GOP nomination. But he would get some free publicity and use it for other stuff. He would be not just a businessman but a politician who at least made a splash and made things exciting. An addition to his brand.

    But as Trump kept up his act, people began to eat it up. And the phenom grew and grew. He was drawing huge crowds. Many people hooked onto him as the last hope.

    And when things got really nasty and the MSM and the oligarchs were throwing everything at him to destroy him not only politically but financially, the ONLY people he had who stuck by his side were the Deplorables. The MSM was out to tear him limb from limb. The billionaires sided with Hillary 20 to 1. Hillary had a war chest like no other. Most of the War State lined up behind Hillary. GOP bigshots distanced themselves from him. Even Conservative politicians who liked him backed away from him cuz they were sure he would lose, and they didn’t want to be taken down with him.

    The ONLY people who stuck by him thick and thin to the very end were the Deplorables and Alt Right(and those close to him like Thiel).

    The MSM tried to do a ‘meet john doe’ on him, but the crowd stuck with him. Now, Trump is no John Doe, which is why he weathered the storm. He isn’t naive about anything.

    But I think Trump was somewhat transformed by the sheer show of support from regular Americans, just like Buchanan was changed in 92 when he met with working class Americans whose lives were threatened by globalism.

    When so many were willing to bail on him, the Deplorables stayed by his side.

    So, the question is, Will Trump remember them?

    Linh Dinh says no.

    But maybe Trump will come through and be like Quinn in Lawrence of Arabia and be a river to his people.

    I think what Trump should propose for the next four yrs is Sackonomics.

    He should see himself as a barbarian leader of the Deplorable Tribe.
    And each year, a rich Lib City will be sacked like Roman was sacked.

    First year, let Deplorables sack San Francisco and carry off all the loot.
    Next, Chicago.
    Next, Manhattan.
    And then Washington DC. Sack it good.

    Sackonomics would be better than direct democracy. It’d be direct economy. Since globalists stole so much, it is time to just sack them and carry off the loot.

    It takes a pillage. Trump should write that book.

  235. A pity Dr. Hunter S. Thompson did not live to see and report on this one. He surely would be asking to see Señor Trump’s birth certificate by now. He died leftist and heavily armed–just what the doctor ordered.

  236. @Anonymous

    I agree, medical heroin may become available if Ryan’s plan to get rid of Medicare and gut SS comes to pass, only one dose though, your last.

    And the cabinet of insiders, oil millionaires, bankers, and Palin?! does not bode well for cleaning house, tho I have never been a believer, could not vote for either candidate went 3rd party.
    I know there are a number of viable free energy devices, and major advances in wind & solar, but looks lke Trump’s going backwards, more pipelines, drilling air and water trashing $$ in a CEO’spocket last century methods.
    Oh, and major tax breaks to the uber wealthy & corporations. Trickle (pour) up economics.

  237. Keith says:
    @Ron Unz

    ” Well I’m pretty skeptical that there was any Deap State plot to put Trump in the White House”.

    I’m very skeptical of individuals who shouldn’t be skeptical that there was a successful plot to put Trump in the White House. I’m equally skeptical of individuals who do not specifically identify the Neocons as Jewish NeoCons. On You Tube .. On July 26, 2013, journalist Carl Bernstein correctly names the NeoCons as Jewish NeoCons. Maybe Carl didn’t have to censor himself because he is Jewish. Others, including our main stream media and Zionist controlled oppositions on the web, fail to identify the NeoCons as a predominately Jewish pro Zionist organization. A major benefit of having a Trump a presidential-elect, is that it has made it easy to snif out the Zionist controlled opposition in The Unz Review.

    Now back to the strong circumstantial evidence that Americans were duped into a presidential selection by deception.

    The Zio main stream media and Hillary Clinton’s presidential team hid who was Trump’s main financial backer. Sheldon Adelson, who is the King of the Jews, right out of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, gave Trump’s canpaign over 70 million dollars. Why was this kept a secret?

    Wikileaks seemingly overnight has become the biggest whistle-blowing agencies in modern history. In reality though it is one of the biggest disinformation projects in modern history, and it may be the most dangerous because it is masquerating as an organization of truth. See the

    Wikileaks is a Zionist disinformation organization. Two week before the presidential election,
    Wikileaks released devastating emails about Hillary Clinton that negatively impacted Hillary’s
    Presidential canpaign. The release was blamed on Russian hackers. No need to hack. The Zionists
    just provided the information and directed the FBI to Russian hackers.

    All of the media was against Trump was partly truthful, but an important part of the deception, Fox News supported Trump. Fox News is the most watched news network in the US. If Trump wasn’t the Deap State ( Zionists) candidate, Trump would have been treated like Ron Paul. Trump received 2 billion dollars of free press. In addition, Rupert Murdoch is pro Israel and a close friend of Netanyahu. Are you starting to connect the dots? Wikileaks didn’t release any negative information on Trump.

    The FBI director, James Comey reopened the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails and charity organization eleven days before the election. They even connected the investigation into the pervert Anthony Weiner’s personal emails for added negative publicity.

    The media only briefly covered Trumps zealot support for Israel and the Greater Israel Project.
    Trump wants to move the US embassy from TelAviv to Jersulem and Trumps has no problem with Israel’s illegal settlements and ethnic cleansing the Palestinians from their ancestral homes.

    Sheldon Adelson threaten to drop a nuclear bomb on Iran and Trump wants to rip up the Iran nuclear deal.

    The most significant deception of all was that all of the Jewish NeoCons opposed Trump. They were told to carry out the deception by the Deap State (Zionists). How could they oppose Trump. Trump is giving everything they couldn’t get from previous presidents.

    Lastly, the Zio media portrayed Trump as a antisemite and supporter of the KKK. Trump has grand children who are Jewish. Talking about deception. This is what brought out the angry white
    voter. Trump, the champion of the dumb goys. The deception is still in play. Trump appointed Steve Bannon, who the media is alledging is a anti Semite, as his chief strategist. You can’t make this stuff up.

    Several skeptcs in the Unz review believe the Deap State (Zionists) couldn’t pull off such a complex operation as rigging the election. The same skeptic in their comments in the Unz 911 truth,, believe 911 has Zionist/Mossad finger prints all over the mass murder of
    3000 + Americans,. Remember, the FBI had a role in covering up 911. The rigging of the election is child play for the Deap State. Just hack a couple of voting machines in key states. The deception worked like charm. We now have Netanyahu and Adelson running the White House.

    The first person Trump plans to meet is our King, Netanyahu.

    Sent from my iPad

    • Replies: @Anon
  238. @annamaria

    This statement could be done by a person who does not understand the effort and expense of a prez election. For a starter, here are the numbers:

    No you are the one who can’t understand. I tell you that Trump’s ego will not let him be publicly shamed as someone who gets fired or is a loser, and in your eagerness to “correct” me you supply data that backs up what I said. He spent $56 million to save face and it worked.

  239. Anon • Disclaimer says:

    “The FBI director, James Comey reopened the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails and charity organization eleven days before the election. They even connected the investigation into the pervert Anthony Weiner’s personal emails for added negative publicity.”

    Look, if FBI really wanted to finish Clinton off, it would have recommended an indictment.

    Also, Hillary was cleared in the end.

    It is no secret that that some Jews are behind Trump, and in no shape or form is Trump anti-Israel. No way.
    Trump was supported by Alt Right(generally hostile to Israel) cuz of issues on immigration, but Trump never claimed to be Alt Right. And Bannon might have some weak links with Alt Right, but he isn’t Alt Right.

    Trump isn’t all that radical on anything. His appeal was common sense stuff. He may seem ‘radical’ cuz globalism has messed up this country so much.

    What does surprise me is his stance on Russia. Why? Cuz most Americans don’t care much about foreign affairs.
    Why did Trump stick his neck out for Russia? That one is a puzzle.

    He didn’t have much to gain with the American voters on that, but he had much to lose among American Jews who hate Russia.

    Anyway, I think Trump and his side(Jews included) figured his positions were the Last Effective ones left for the GOP, and they were right. If the purpose of a party is to win, it has to play the winning cards.

    As for Adelson, I think he reluctantly went with Trump because he needs to keep his stake in GOP to keep it pro-Israel. But most of his donations went to other Republicans than to Trump.
    He donated far far more to Romney.

    Btw, what anti-Trump Jewish elites fear most about Trump is not his specific policies. Rather, it is the shift in the Narrative.
    The thing is EVEN IF Trump is a Deep State and Zionist-controlled puppet, his campaign and style have created a whole new template that has the power to shift the ‘overton window’ and the narrative of American politics. What is ‘dangerous’ about this is that such anti-cuck-ism emboldens white Americans to stop cowering and assert themselves. This is a huge shift.
    Given that Jewish control of white Americans depends so much on guilt-baiting and intimidating, Trump’s movement has begun a paradigm shift(though incomplete if it can be completed at all).

    It’s like pop stars may be fake and created, but what they stand for does affect how people see the world. Elvis was totally controlled by Colonel Parker, but he did change culture in a huge way because his style and swagger changed attitudes and feelings.

    Trump’s symbolism is potent EVEN IF his substance is all fake.

    Now, some Jews obviously supported Trump even though Hillary was more beholden to Jewish elites because the Democratic Party, as the Diversity Party, is moving ever more to BDS.

    So, maybe these Jews do want to slow immigration. Maybe they are beginning to sense that immigration is going to bunch Jews with whites.

    • Replies: @Joe Franklin
    , @Erebus
    , @utu
    , @Keith
  240. Sam J. says:
    @E. A. Costa

    “Political Ponerology” does exist in English. I have a copy I’ve read.

    The main reason the English don’t read much in other languages is because we have such a vast country in the US we really don’t need to learn other languages. Would be much better if we did but I can’t get through all the books I have now and there’s only so many hours in a day.

    • Replies: @E. A. Costa
  241. Sam J. says:

    “…What possessed this man to charge hard against the magic negro? I am hazard a guess…”

    Call me crazy but maybe the reason Trump thought Obama was a Kenyan was Obama’s book jacket sleeve said he was Kenyan. Here’s a picture of it.

  242. Sam J. says:
    @Chuck Orloski

    “…Alexander Solzhenitsyn placed great hope in the painful (building-block) process of “repentance” undertaken by both citizens and nations at large…”

    Any effort spent to get Jews to “repent” is a complete waste of time. They don’t care about anyone at all but themselves, excluding the owner of this blog and he may be only airing the truth so as to protect Jews from the inevitable back lash they generally provoke where ever they go.

  243. @Anon

    Now, some Jews obviously supported Trump even though Hillary was more beholden to Jewish elites because the Democratic Party, as the Diversity Party, is moving ever more to BDS.

    Israel is the “model country” for diversity ideas:

    As the United States copes with large immigration flows and increasing diversity in these highly uncertain times, it may want to look to an unusual model country—Israel—for some fresh ideas about taking full advantage of diversity.

    Diversity is a euphemism.

    It refers to a gaggle of like-minded people that lament constantly that they are eternal victims of white supremacist Nazi.

    Israel is loaded with these kind of victim-hysteria people and is dominated by them too.

    Diversity’s associated ideology is inclusion.

    Inclusion is organized collective agitation and mass voting for undue federal entitlements for diversity people, also known as protected class groups by the federal government.

    Obama has been lobbying to add Muslims to the federal list of protected class groups.

    Leftist Jews approve of Muslims being classified as diversity people because they have a shared value with Muslims, visceral hatred of new testament believing Christians.

    The established listing of diversity people is as follows:

    Diversity By Group: African American, Alternate Lifestyle, Asian, Disabled, Hispanic & Latino, Jewish, Native American, Women

    There is a leftwing and rightwing in Israel, and this ideological bifurcation is mirrored in the US by the US 2-party.

    US Democrats will NEVER promote BDS against Israel, because the US democrat party is an exact mirror of the Israeli left.

  244. pogohere says: • Website
    @Cletus Rothschild

    The Election was Stolen – Here’s How…

    Friday, November 11, 2016
    Before a single vote was cast, the election was fixed by GOP and Trump operatives.

    Starting in 2013 – just as the Supreme Court gutted the Voting Rights Act – a coterie of Trump operatives, under the direction of Kris Kobach, Kansas Secretary of State, created a system to purge 1.1 million Americans of color from the voter rolls of GOP–controlled states.

    The system, called Crosscheck, is detailed in my Rolling Stone report,
    “The GOP’s Stealth War on Voters,” 8/24/2016.

    Crosscheck in action:
    Trump victory margin in Michigan: 13,107
    Michigan Crosscheck purge list: 449,922

    Trump victory margin in Arizona: 85,257
    Arizona Crosscheck purge list: 270,824

    Trump victory margin in North Carolina: 177,008
    North Carolina Crosscheck purge list: 589,393

    On Tuesday, we saw Crosscheck elect a Republican Senate and as President, Donald Trump. The electoral putsch was aided by nine other methods of attacking the right to vote of Black, Latino and Asian-American voters, methods detailed in my book and film, including “Caging,” “purging,” blocking legitimate registrations, and wrongly shunting millions to “provisional” ballots that will never be counted.

    • Replies: @utu
  245. pogohere says: • Website
    @Wizard of Oz

    I have adopted the view outlined by Joseph Farrell in his Nazi International, The Reich of the Black Sun and The Third Way, by Alfred W. McCoy in his The Politics of Heroin: CIA Complicity in the Global Drug Trade and by William Engdahl in A Century of War, Anglo-American Oil Politics And The New World Order. See also Peter Dale Scott´s writings. Essentially I am referring to a consortium of intelligence agencies, their bankers and the drug cartels who finance themselves off money laundering and resource expropriation.

    Post WW2 theft of Axis booty was used to finance intelligence agencies (see Seagrave: Gold Warriors: America’s Secret Recovery of Yamashita’s Gold” and the transfer of control over the Asian heroin trade (see: McCoy: “The Politics of Heroin: CIA Complicity in the Global Drug Trade”) has been used to finance off-budget operations of intelligence agencies worldwide. The western deep state’s object is to capture the resources of eurasia and prevent a geopolitical alignment of Russia and Germany, formulated by MacKinder: The Geographical Pivot of History”( and the modern exponents of western hegemony, such as George Friedman ( and Brzezinski, of course. With regard to Russia, didn’t we seen a version of this movie in 1918? (

    In pertinent point:

    London is now the global money-laundering centre for the drug trade, says crime expert

    Gomorrah author Roberto Saviano says ‘the British treat it as not their problem’

    “The City of London is the money-laundering centre of the world’s drug trade, according to an internationally acclaimed crime expert.”

    In my view, any attempt to analyse geopolitical machinations that doesn’t recognize the everyday efforts of the entities alluded to above will lack depth. I’m not referring to the holdover, identifiable bureaucrats who survive from one political administration to the next. I’m referring to those who administrate the funds laundered by the too-big-to-fail-too-big-to jail banks as well as the funds disappearing into the black holes of the defense department: see:

    Pentagon Claims That It Has “Lost” Over $18 Trillion, Which Probably Paid Foreign Army Payrolls

    9/10/2001: Rumsfeld says $2.3 TRILLION Missing from Pentagon

    Cynthia Mckinney questions Rumsfeld and Myers about 9/11 War Games [and accounting]

    As they say, follow the money.

  246. Miro23 says:

    Following Trump’s record, he does what is good for Trump. He’s loyal to people who support him, fights people who are against him (always) and he has a mania about winning.

    If ex-opposition changes sides and supports him, then that’s fine with that, and they’re welcome. He doesn’t hold grudges.

    When he wins, he rearranges his empire along lines of personal loyalty, so I think that the next move is to sit down with the Neocons, MSM etc. and see if he can incorporate them into Trump World on a friendly basis.

    On past performance they’ll agree, and then they’ll try to subvert him, and then he’ll fire them.

    • Replies: @Miro23
  247. @Vraja D

    This is the most idiotic analysis yet of Trump’s victory. What’s next, Ron-debate about whether the Greys or the Reptilians battled for control of the White House? Online rumor has it Trump will keep the lid on disclosure…

  248. Erebus says:

    Trump’s symbolism is potent EVEN IF his substance is all fake.

    I found myself saying something very similar a couple nights ago. Because of him, the contradictions, conflicts and dead ends inherent in long standing domestic and foreign policies have been exposed. That’s why we’re seeing the riots and threats of secession domestically, and panic in NATO and other American allies.

    How he manages their resolution will dictate how close he comes to fulfilling the Hopes he’s raised, and bringing about the Change he’s promised. If he intends to deliver and acts, strap yourself in ’cause it’s gonna be a bumpy ride.

  249. utu says:

    You can’t figure out the Russia element in Trump platform? Russia does not fit. You rightfully pose the questions: “What does surprise me is his stance on Russia. Why? Cuz most Americans don’t care much about foreign affairs. Why did Trump stick his neck out for Russia? That one is a puzzle.”

    What if Russia element is the key from which everything else flows? Who else began to develop bromance with Putin last year? Yes, it was Netanyahu. When a year ago Putin started intervention in Syria he had the most amicable relationship with Bibi and best cooperation with Israel’s air force. Everything went w/o a glitch except for the incident with Turkey. If Israel wanted it could have decimated Russia’s air force over Syria, right? And at the same time Putin action in Syria was criticized the most by the neocons and obviously by Obama administration? Is Netanyahu out of synch with the neocons? Isn’t it that Israel suppose to be against Assad and for ISIS and so on but then it is open about Russia’s actions helping Assad and bombing ISIS?

    So, after all Hillary could have been right when accusing Trump for the connection to Putin? But she did not mention Netanyahu connection.

    Trump being more open minded about Russia can be related to him having two Slavic wives but that is not enough.

    Putin cultivates his relationships with Hassidic Jews and Lubavitchers in particular. In Russia it is Lubavitcher rabbi who is official Russia’s chief rabbi. The Trotskyists neocons do come form that line of Judaism. Lubavitchers have history of loyalty for Russia. In 1812 they stood against Napoleon who was emancipating Jews all over Europe but they did not care for it and they sided with Tsar unlike the Polish Jews.

    Kushner family is orthodox but not Hassidic. Nevertheless Trump got support form all (but one) Yiddish language press meaning the support of Hassidim. Among those 20-25% of Jews who voted for Trump were all Hassidim.

    Now, what about the immigration. Does Trump personally care about it? Why should he? He enjoyed the benefits from having Polish brigade of illegals working for him? Did he get converted by Ann Coulter book as she wants us to believe? In the comment #112 above I wrote the following:

    “In August 2015 when the marching columns of young male muslims in Europe became the daily occurrence in news I began to wonder how did Trump know in June 15, 2015 to focus his first speech on the subject of illegal immigration and on building of the wall. Only then I began to take Trump seriously. His insight was not a coincidence. He or his handlers must have had the info that the refugee crisis was about to unfold soon. It was not Ann Coulter or Steve Sailer as they like to think here at Unz, who were responsible for the most important pillar of Trump’s platform. It was just an opportunistic choice promulgated by the impending invasion on Europe. And then it stuck.”

    So now, who are Trump’s handlers? They have connection to Mossad that instigated the refugee crises in Europe in Summer 2015. They have connection to Putin and Netanyahu and they all share support of Hasidic Jews.

    In the final end game for the NWO the conflict between China and America must be settled. Russia wants to play an important role in this. Whoever will have Russia will win that game. The neocons and the three harpies of Obama wanted to erode Russia power and destroy it first chiefly for ideological reasons and out of greed. Not everything was looted during Yeltsin. Obviously Putin did not like it. Somehow he managed to persuade Netanyahu that Russia must be kept intact for the final end game.

    So, is it the Orthodox, Hassidic Jews against the Trotskyists, Frankists Jews?

    • Replies: @utu
    , @Linh Dinh
  250. utu says:

    Correction: The Trotskyists neocons do NOT come form that line of Judaism.

  251. Miro23 says:

    I don’t see Trump as too political. He saw the problems in the US, and that Middle America could get him the Presidency (which does interest him).

    Maybe Bannon and his Breitbart News Network is the new political centre of gravity. Google “Bannon, honey badger”

  252. Linh Dinh says: • Website

    Hi utu,

    As for Bibi’s bromance with Putin, I see it as Israel starting to ditch its old whore, the good USA, for a nation with a brighter future. For being dumped, we’ll still get to pay Israel $40 billion! It’s a win-win for our puppet masters.


    • Replies: @Anon
    , @utu
    , @Chuck Orloski
    , @Anon
  253. Anon • Disclaimer says:
    @Linh Dinh

    “for a nation with a brighter future”

    Russia has a bright future?

    Not unless Russians change their national character.

    Too many Russians act like this:

    • Replies: @Linh Dinh
    , @utu
  254. Linh Dinh says: • Website

    At least they still have national character, mythos and heroes. Their shared history and common aim haven’t been fragmented.

    • Agree: Talha
    • Replies: @Truth
  255. utu says:
    @Linh Dinh

    Anon’s question “Why did Trump stick his neck out for Russia? That one is a puzzle.” is essential. Only by answering it we can get some idea about forces that stand behind Trump. It is hard for me to see that Russia offers a brighter future, however Russia might have a role of which we do not know in the future that the Planners have in store for us. When trying to answer Anon’s question I showed some connections and affinities between Putin, Netanayahu and Trump via Hassidic channels. I do not claim that Lubavitcher’s Rebe holds the future of the world in his hands, though his followers may actually think so, but rather that they are closer to the centers of powers in the world than it is commonly believed.

  256. utu says:

    I have read the link you gave

    and I fund it very interesting. However I wonder why democratic party operative did not counteract? Why they do not scream that the election was stolen?

    • Replies: @Chuck Orloski
    , @MarkinLA
  257. @Linh Dinh

    Hi Linh,

    I believe the nations with a “brighter future” will be those who enlist into The New World Order. To intelligently consider the variant differences among Zionist Jews, as did utu, regrettably serves to aid in missing their collective goals!

    Those who do not (!) want to fully cooperate, i.e., The Islamic Republic of Iran, will be at the complete mercy of the New World Order’s dramatic advance under the banner of Trump, Putin, and Netanyahu.

    The next dramatic advance for the New World Order will be joint U.S./Russia/Israel enlistment of The Peoples Republic of China as a member of a repackaged Trans-Pacific Partnership. (NOTE: Within the past two weeks, the Wall Street Journal has reported on the continuing success of Goldman Sachs Group and its negotiations with the Chinese government on the issue of allowing the former to do business in China without having to partner with Chinese broker firms)

    I do not believe the N.W.O. Zionists actually ever wanted anything from the U.S.A. except for its annual billion dollar donations and its compliance in allowing Israel to do anything it wanted. Such includes the outrageous & un investigated 9-11 False Flag attack and subsequent immoral U.S.A. military assaults upon (non-compliant) Muslim nations.

    Like you, say, Linh, it is indeed “win-win” for our puppet masters.” Throughout the process of N.W.O. goal completion, there will be “winners & losers” among world nations. Pockets of peasant Russia will still have Sochi. Pockets of the U.S.A. will have South Beach but proliferating Camden, NJ. As you know, the architects of the Deep State like “haves and have nots” social situations. We ain’t “haves” and we don’t want to be “haves” like them!

    A question? How was it that Russia recently allowed Israeli jet fighters to slam targets in Syria? (Sigh) I consider Syria merely a try out theater for a thorough N.W.O. assault on Iran.

    The Islamic Republic of Iran began as a N.W.O. loser, and given that the U.S.A./Russia/Israel Axis of Goodness is underway, I think the Ayatollahs better “dig deep holes” as Mao suggested to his people during the scary Sino-Soviet split.

    Thanks all — especially utu, Keith and pogohere. It’s so hard to cut through sophisticated deception, and the very best at doing this dark art gets Light shone upon their works. Here at the Unz Review, we get to shout back at the M.S.M. newsboys!

  258. @utu

    “Why they do not scream that the election was stolen.”

    Excellent question, utu! I hope gargapalsat replies!

    However, there are no “Truthers” in either the Dem or GOP organizations. Not one high US politician screamed “wolf” when evidence was presented about Super-Thermite being found in the World Trade Center buildings. So why would Democrat operatives dare complain about a mere POTUS election having been stolen from them?

    Thanks for asking key questions! I must go and drive school bus.

  259. Truth says:
    @Linh Dinh

    Now. Linh, you are a Vietnamese in America. It’s kind of hard to be John Wayne with this background, I mean let’s just be honest, you are part of the “fragmentation” of the shared history and common aim.

    And, no, actually, Russia is a country dying of Cirrhosis on a daily basis.

    • Replies: @Linh Dinh
  260. @AaronB

    ” Americans aren’t really intellectuals”

    Now you are talking like a German, as this is the german central theme regarding international considerations, and they see all Americans as uncultured peasants.

    The Germans have a fantasy/nonsense definition of themselves as a “Land of thinkers and poets” ,
    a land of “Dichter und Denker”, when fact is that the only poets and thinkers in Germany during the “enlighenment” era were the philosophers, composers and writers who were supported, who were mentored by royalty the so-called : “Hof Philosophen”. The german folk itself consisted of illiterate farmers, miners, laborers, smithys, etc.

    Americans really do not need a cadre’ of shit talking “Intellectuals” anymore, as these were the underhanded MFs who brought us PC and the leftist subversion of our education system.

    Authenticjazzman, “Mensa” society member of forty-plus years, and pro jazz artist.

    • Replies: @AaronB
  261. Linh Dinh says: • Website

    You’re thinking very literally. One can be 100% Anglo, with ancestors on the Mayflower, and be an advocate and spearhead for fragmentation.

    Ron Unz, a Jew, insists on English as a social bedrock, so he’s not for fragmentation.

    I’m not an advocate for any special group. Unlike many whites, blacks, browns or yellows, I write as an American, for other Americans.

  262. Truth says:

    Sir, I appreciate the effort, and I am right along with you, but one must understand; the whole white, black brown, yellow, thing, to a lot of people IS the fragmentation.

  263. AaronB says:

    Well, we need people who will think about what the good life is..

    And we just don’t have that in America…everyone agrees the point of life is to get rich and be superior, and everyone just writes books about how to do that…

    And Americans are unhappy and empty, but we lack thinkers and writers who will diagnose our malaise for us..such writers simply won’t get published…you can’t be a “pessimist” (someone who thinks the good life lies in self limitation nor self aggrandizement)

    So we become suicidal and unhappy and subconsciously disgusted with ourselves because we have always lived deeply against the Tao..and we have no idea why or what to do about it…

    We think it simply must be that in some way we messed up in being superior and rich, or that our group got shafted..

    Trump supporters share the underlying philosophy of all Americans and differ only in how to achieve it…

    There is no solution for America…

    We are doomed to misery and the only way out – self limitation – is one are built to be unable to see..

    So yes, we DO need intellectuals but we also can’t produce them or accept we are stuck with those will tell us how to “succeed”..

    • Replies: @Chuck Orloski
  264. utu says:

    Hey Priss, I like the comments when you attempt to sound like the most sober minded person in the room. Then you come up with very good points to defend the sober minded narrative. But there are crazy things in the world that are not sober minded at all. The movie clips made me think of Chauncey Gardiner. You also illustrate your thought with what you saw on TV. And it seems you know much lees about things you did not see on TV. Just like Chauncey. Still your scope is very broad yet, just like Steve Sailer, you come across as somewhat provincial. Being provincial is a privilege that all citizen of an empires can enjoy, particularly those in empire’s metropolis.

  265. Keith says:

    “Look, if the FBI wanted to finish Clinton Off, it would have recommended an indictment”

    Thank you Anon for responding to my comment. I respect your reasoning on why you believe the FBI couldn’t be behind some Deep State conspiracy to intervene in the presidential election in a
    way to assist Trump and negatively impact Hillary. Your reasoning makes perfect sense.

    However, this what makes the interference successful. Hillary and Bill Clinton have been supported by the Zionists since their political careers. They both have been good servants of the Deep Zionist State. Even if there was an indictment, Trump would be instructed to pardon Hillary. To prevent a pardon, it was very smart to just damage Hillary just before the election and tighten up the race. One Zionist puppet will not deep six a loyal Zionist puppet.

    Before Trump’s victory, Trump was ralling his followers by chanting ” Send Hillary to Jail”
    As soon as Trump secured the presidency, he said at his first interview when asked if he he would
    pursue charges against Hillary, he said ” I don’t want to hurt the Clintons, they are nice people. They have served their country well”.

    I totally agree with your take on the move of the Zionist Jewish support over to the Republican Party.

    The Jews now regret their open immigration policies. The Democratic Par.ty is now multicultural and the members of the DNC have diverse interests. The traditional Democratic Party base of the Jewish power no longer move in lock step with Jewish Zionist interests.

    ” Isn’t it always about, is it good for the Jews and Israel”?

    See … You Tube – Will Jews regret their open immigration policies by William Pierce.

    • Replies: @Chuck Orloski
  266. MarkinLA says:

    However I wonder why democratic party operative did not counteract?

    Maybe because when dead people are purged and someone demands they be allowed to vote, that someone has to produce something other than a headstone.

  267. @AaronB

    “so we are stuck with those (intellectuals) who will tell us ‘how to succeed’.”


    I admire what you wrote and how you think. Multiple decades of “how to succeed” books have placed American minds in a straight jacket and in need of a padded room.

    Back in 1998, Tom Wolfe published (fiction) “A Man in Full.” The book is rather long but I managed to keep up with Wolfe’s cast of characters much better than I did with Tolstoy’s “War and Peace.” If one is open to it, there is inspirational reward in reading “A Man in Full” including a working class character, named Conrad, who slugged it out with the “Good Life” and its pitfalls, and came to follow the lifestyle of… no, no, not John Bolton, no-no not Dennis Rodman — but the stoic and former slave, Epictetus.

    Christopher Bollyn’s (non-fiction) “Solving 9-11,” published 2012, is an excellent read for Americans who do not desire a life of “self aggrandizement,” big business and political success. I am a piss poor typist, but I’ll take time to quote 2 sentences from the enlightening book’s final (long) sentence:

    “As my patriotic duty to my nation and as a service to mankind, I am sharing my insights and fruits of my research about the 9-11 deception in the hope that by understanding how this evil deception was planned and executed, we can liberate ourselves from it and secure a more just and peaceful world for our children.”

    In today’s Wall Street Journal is a full page advertisement for Megyn Kelly’s book, “Settle for More. ” Headline is “The Must-Read Book of 2016!” Were Epictetus around today, I think he’d settle for reading more of Tom Wolfe and Christopher Bollyn’s stuff.

    Thanks for making such successful comment, AaronB!

  268. Keith says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    ” Can anyone name one member one Deep State member”?

    Richard Hass, President of the Council of Foriegn Affairs.

    There I did it!

    Owners of all Hollywood studies

    The Members of the Federal Reserve Bank

    The US Treasury Secretary

    All partners of Goldman and Sachs

    President of the World Jewish Congress

    All members of AIPAC

    All owners of the Main Stream Media

    All Jewish NeoCons and their gentile shills


    Sheldon Adelson

    Rupert Murdoch

    Ronald Lauder

    Edgar Bronfman

    Walter Rothschild

    Larry Silverstein

    Anon Milchan

    Is it necessary to continue. The Deep State is not hidden. The only people who don’t know who the members are, are the American masses.

    Ask the former Malaysian President. He can name the members.

  269. @Keith

    “One Zionist puppet will not deep six a loyal Zionist puppet.”

    Oh man, what a persuasive “Deep State” thought, Keith!

    Sounds like something George Orwell might have said were he present today, and bearing witness to the goofy end to Hillary & Trump’s Thrilla’ in Tel-Avilla.

    Thanks also to anon for the deep thought contributions!

  270. @Keith

    My personal favorite “Deep Jewish State” culprit A.W.O.L. from Keith’s comprehensive list is the 9-11 Evidence Terminator, Israeli-American, Michael Chertoff.

  271. @Sam J.

    Yes. There is a translation. And? Such work still does not exist in English.

  272. Has anyone else noticed–with all the ins and outs of Trump Tower this is beginning to look like a Batman Comic, with Señor Trump–so far–as Bruce Wayne.

  273. @Mao Cheng Ji

    It doesn’t sound as though you know much about Jewish or European history and as, accordingly, you can’t understand what I say I wonder by what intellectual process you think you can form an opinion that my approach is “incredibly naive”.

    • Replies: @Mao Cheng Ji
    , @Keith
  274. @Keith

    Well, even short winded I seem to have set off something enjoyable.

    In the Blue Corner a lot of well known influential people (and those who work for and closely with them I happily interpolate) and in the Red Corner all those little or unknown figures who, with occasional a?alliances with those in the Blue Corner watch vigilantly and intervene heavily at critical junctures. Game on.

    • Replies: @Chuck Orloski
  275. Thomas G. says:

    This is just made up, to make the whites feel good about themselves, right? If 3% of the whites are that smart, how come they allowed 2% to take over the country, and swindle them everything? Instead of getting the money from the guys who took it all, the only thing you can do is apparently chasing the poor Mexican immigrants. That is really smart!

  276. @Wizard of Oz

    “I seem to have set of something enjoyable.”

    Yes, Keith’s naming-names brought good tidings!

    His “Schindler’s List” (in reverse) increases hope that American opinion will inevitably swing back and begin putting rightful blame for America’s dreadful domestic and foreign policy situation where it belongs — on the well known United Jewish Zionists.

    Yup… it’s evident that the Red and Blue Corner enemy are in the same ring… “Game on.”

  277. @Jason Liu

    You inspire a wish to try coining synonyms or equivalent expressions for “Deep State”. So here’s trying.

    1. People who’s names I don’t know and couldn’t care less about me and mine;
    2. People running the most important
    functions of government, and institutions and corporations which influence government but about which I cannot say which are active at any given time, who runs them or who in them are the contacts with government;
    3. Very bad people who are also influential with government;
    4. People responsible for government decisions I don’t understand;
    5. All the people who make decisions that remain legally protected from disclosure for some 15 years or more…..

  278. @Wizard of Oz

    Yeah, ‘naive’ probably isn’t the right word. More like ‘crackpot’. Like an old drunk in the subway, mumbling something about the jews, or the russkies, the gooks, or who knows what.

    But never mind, by all means: keep going, fighting the good fight. And good luck with your studies of ‘Jewish history’. Cheers.

  279. @Mao Cheng Ji

    Israel is a tool of European imperialism, pure and simple, all the ethnocentric shit being a mere facade for attracting fanatics serving as cannon-fodder.

    Exactly. Big money mafia has hijacked the religious/ethnic shtick for its own ends and many honest, intelligent Jews with a clue recognized it early on.

    A letter to Mr Shepard Rifkin of the American Friends of the Fighters for the Freedom of Israel
    APRIL,16, 1948

    Dear Sir,

    When a real and final catastrophe should befall us in Palestine the first responsible for it would be the British and the second responsible for it the Terrorist organizations we build up from our own ranks.

    I am not willing to be associated with those misled and criminal people.

    Sincerely yours,

    Albert Einstein.

    Even older:

    I will make those who are of the synagogue of Satan, who claim to be Jews though they are not, but are liars…

    • Replies: @Talha
  280. Keith says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    ” Can you name one member of the Deep State”?

    If we pull the Wizard of Oz curtain back, will we see a fat Zionist pulling the levers of Hasbara?

    Since no one asked me why I referred everyone to the former Malaysian president, who I am convinced could add the international members of the Deep State to my list, I decided to have the him speak for himself.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  281. Anon • Disclaimer says:
    @Linh Dinh

    ” I see it as Israel starting to
    ditch its old whore, the Good Old USA”?

    Since you are the only one I trust in the Unz review because of your BDS membership, do you think The Unz Review is a Zionist controlled opposition Hasbara site?

    Is Ron Unz a Jewish patriotic American like Alan Sabroski? See Alan Sabroski, Mossad did 911 on Press TV.

    • Replies: @Linh Dinh
  282. @Keith

    Thanks for the Mahathir Mohammed Youtube link. I was aware of the speech but had never heard or read it.

    • Replies: @Chuck Orloski
  283. Talha says:
    @jacques sheete

    Hey JS,

    Great link – thanks! And analysis is spot on.


  284. Linh Dinh says: • Website

    do you think The Unz Review is a Zionist controlled opposition Hasbara site?

    For being willing to examine very touchy issues such as race, IQ, Israel, Jews and 9/11 without lapsing into hysteria, Unz is the best out there, in my opinion, and I’m not just saying this because I’m a part of it. Before I published here, I read Unz Review.

    Before Unz, I was a regular contributor at Common Dreams, CounterPunch and Information Clearing House, but they all frowned on my probing of various taboo subjects.

    • Replies: @utu
  285. @Wizard of Oz

    “I was aware of the (Mahatir Mohammed) speech but had never heard of it or read it.”

    You neither heard nor read the speech by careful “Deep Jewish State ” design.

    What is the M.S.M.’s most striking & most consistent practice is the suppression of truth.

    To anon:

    Respectfully, I believe it’s understandable but unwise for you to ask Linh Dinh if “The Unz Review is a Zionist Controlled Hasbara opposition.”

    As you’re aware, “The Jewish Deep State” is trying to drown everybody in their filthy, criminal lies.

    Upon return to Ron Unz’s recent publications, it sticks out that his thought is forensic; one good example is his honest & balanced dissection of the D.O.J.’s TWA Flight 800 cover up.

    You asked Linh Dinh, “is Ron Unz a Jewish American patriot like Alan Sabroski.” Linh’s work is very good, but I don’t think he has the scale-technology at hand that weighs the human heart & soul. Let me tell you a little story?

    One day this past month & while hanging out at a South Side Scranton Dunkin’ Donuts, I spoke to a group of school bus drivers, with an axe to grind about Hillary’s financial & political connection with George Soros and Haim Saban. At a nearby table, a ruffled (pissed off) public school teacher stood up, tossed coffee cup in trash, and stated, “if only he (Orloski) was 1/2 the American patriot like Mrs. Clinton!”

    All the power we really have is in Truth & Justice. I’m nobody’s Pope, anon, but let’s not allow the petty Hasbara Fellowship to weaken solid forensic words of Resistance by making us paranoiacs?

    Thank you very much and I hope to hear back from you!

    • Replies: @Keith
  286. Keith says:
    @Chuck Orloski

    Prior to asking Linh about the Unz Review being a Zionist controlled opposition site, I was reading about other sites that have been infiltrated in order to obfuscate Jewish power. See attachehment:

    I was very satisfied with Linh’s response. He assured me the Unz Review was not rounding up
    the very bright American First patriot Unz members, who are warning others of the dangers of Zionist power for future


    A paranoid American First anti Zionist

    • Replies: @Chuck Orloski
  287. Syagrius says:

    That said, Muslims go first in the current SJW batting order of “the oppressed”, and Trump offers them no peace pipe. It’s a long game, breaking up the leftist tribal coalition. Play along with the LGBTQ for now, focus on the primary danger. One hill at a time.

  288. FKA Max says: • Website

    The deep state ushered in Trump because he’s clearly their most useful decoy. As the country hopes in vain, the crooked men behind the curtain will go on with business as usual. Trump is simply an Obama for a different demographic. Nothing will change for the better.

    I don’t believe Mr. Dinh’s theory, that Donald Trump is the/a Deep State candidate is true or accurate, however, I believe that there is a very real threat, that his administration could be co-opted and hijacked by nefarious forces.

    I posted a long reply to the following comment, but it has not been moderated, yet, was lost in the Cyber Bermuda Triangle, or maybe it was deemed too long, controversial, off-topic or otherwise inappropriate to post:

    I don’t really know what Steve Bannon’s talents are, but I’m very impressed with his vision as articulated in Buzzfeed: [This Is How Steve Bannon Sees The Entire World]

    I feel this information is vital to understand, and so I decided to post it here again, so we can make sure that the Trump administration does not get infiltrated by the agents of the Zionist-Vatican alliance, like the Reagan administration was.

    I also want to make clear, that I think, that Steve Bannon is an American Patriot, and that without his help Donald Trump would not have won the election, but I also think some of his worldview is unrefined and contradictory, and therefore could be a liability and weakness going forward:


    FKA Max says:
    • Website
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    November 16, 2016 at 2:55 am GMT • 900 Words
    [at]Carbon blob

    To be honest, I am, at moment, a bit confused about Steve Bannon. He gave that speech you referenced at the Vatican in 2014, I believe.

    This is what he said in 2016, which I wholeheartedly agree with, except for his pro-life (and I assume anti-Planned Parenthood) position and rhetoric:

    Donald Trump’s new campaign CEO, Steve Bannon, berated Speaker Paul Ryan on his radio show last spring, repeatedly questioning whether Ryan was “manifestly unfit” to be president and saying the Wisconsin Republican was “rubbing his social-justice Catholicism in my nose every second.” […] Near the end of the interview, Bannon took another swipe at Catholics, accusing them of backing immigration to boost the church’s dwindling membership.

    I understand why Catholics want as many Hispanics in this country as possible because the church is dying in this country, right, if it was not for the Hispanics,” Bannon told George.

    “I get that, right, but I think that is the subtext of part of the letter and I think that is the subtext of a lot of the political direction of this.”

    If Bannon has such a negative view of the RCC/Vatican, why would he speak to them? Maybe he had a change of heart and mind from 2014 to 2016, and figured out what the Vatican is really up to, and that it is no friend of the historic Protestant American people and nation?

    He does not seem to be very much aware of the Zionist-Vatican alliance:

    I also want to emphasize, that in my opinion, and this might come as a surprise to some, the Zionists/Israel Lobby is only the junior partner, in this Zionist-Vatican alliance.

    I personally believe, after much research, that the biggest threat to the sovereignty of the United States comes from the Vatican/Roman Catholicism, whereas the biggest threat to Europe comes from Mecca/Islam.

    The Jewish influence I see mostly as an intellectual/ideological challenge, but the Vatican and Mecca threats are demographic threats, and as they say, Demography is Destiny, and therefore I consider them to be greater, long-term threats than the Jewish control of the media, Wall Street, etc., which I see as more of a temporary, short-term challenge. But it still has to be dealt with and countered, of course.

    Without taking into account the Vatican element, one cannot fully understand the logic of Invade the World/Invite the World , in my opinion.

    I hope Steve Bannon has wised up to the Vatican and is keeping his distance from the Vatican and Knights of Malta crowd since the 2014 speech he gave to that group at the Vatican.
    From the Buzzfeed article:

    The group has ties to some of the most conservative factions inside the Catholic Church; Cardinal Raymond Burke, one of the most vocal critics of Pope Francis who was ousted from a senior Vatican position in 2014, is chair of the group’s advisory board.

    Raymond Leo Burke (born June 30, 1948) is an American cardinal prelate[1] of the Catholic Church.[2] He is an archbishop and also serves as the patron of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta.

    One of Steve Bannon’s surrogates, Milo Yiannopoulos, is a quarter-Jewish, anti-Planned Parenthood Catholic, and, in my opinion, the perfect embodiment of the Vatican-Zionist alliance, which I personally oppose:

    A practicing Catholic (though he likes to mention that his maternal grandmother was Jewish when he’s accused of anti-Semitism), he wrote for England’s the Catholic Herald and was later fired as a tech writer for the Daily Telegraph. […] “That’s why I don’t like Planned Parenthood. They kill all those black babies. In 20 years, they could be my harem,” he says.

    Later on, Rogan touches upon child abuse amongst Catholic priests; this prompts Milo to discuss a priest from his childhood. “He made you suck his dick for real?” asks Rogan. “He didn’t make me, I was enthusiastic about it.”[44]

    Milo goes on to state that “he was a great priest… he’s going to get lynched now.” “How old were you at the time?” asks Rogan. “I was in my teens,” replies Milo, before going on to ask Rogan “You’ve never seen a fifteen-year-old girl—at any point in your life, however, old you were—you’ve never seen a fifteen-year-old-girl you thought was hot? When you were twenty-five, when you were thirty, you will have seen girls at fifteen you thought were hot, of course, you did.”[45] Milo then clarifies his experiences: “I was a very mature fourteen-year-old. It wasn’t molestation, it was perfectly consensual. When I was fourteen, trust me, I was the predator… I was aggressively seeking out the sexual company of adults.”[46]

    If Trump is looking to make positive, progressive change, I hope he does not attempt to make good on his campaign promise to defund Planned Parenthood.

    On the other hand, the out of control issue of immigration which Trump raised at the outset of his campaign remains a burning spear flung through the heart of all we stand for in America. If we fail to gain an equitable solution to this abrogation of our precious rule of law we are destined, as happened long ago with the Roman Empire, to a catabolic decline in power and prosperity.

    All roads lead to Rome

    George Harrison – P2 Vatican Blues

    • Replies: @Keith
  289. Keith says:
    @Ron Unz

    ” I am very skeptical that the presidential election was rigged in Trump’s favor”

    Ron…. Are you still skeptical?

  290. @Keith

    “… reading about other sites that have been infiltrated.”


    After having completed my pm school bus run, I had X-tra time & an inspiration to try and infiltrate the Hasbara Fellowship monthly meeting at my alma mater, the U. of Scranton. As I passed through the Weinberg Library, no one noticed how average I was dressed, and I casually entered the meeting room with very little aplomb. Oh man… the good looking girls! Too bad I’m 64, married, and unable to afford to buy one of the dark haired cuties a Tastykake out of the vending machine.

    Anyhow, I started to mingle, and ate (maybe) one-to-many helpings of the layout of carrots, celery, a delicious dip, and a few little toasted sandwiches which seemed to consist of Gutheinz hot dogs. One handsome (bearded) fellow who wore a yarmulke approached and kindly offered me a napkin and inquired, “Hello, sir… what brought you here this evening.”

    I wiped chin and replied, “well young man, it’s like this… a couple weeks ago, a very knowledgeable Jewish Chairman of Community Relations responded to a letter I wrote to The Times-Tribune.”

    “Uh, that’s very-very interesting… uh, may I inquire what is your name, sir.”

    “Charles Orloski of Taylor, PA! I loved the hot dogs, thank you, and you can call me Chuck.”

    The young man paused to take a breath and said, “Having someone like yourself appear at our meeting is welcome, but it is… a little unusual.”

    “I get your concerns, but by exchanging opinions published by The Time-Tribune, I concluded that I really got to know the Jewish Chairman and he completely set me straight by pointing out how WRONG I was to have opposed the Obama administration’s paltry gift of $38 billion to Israel’s defense.”

    Suddenly the young man staggered under some confusion, but he quickly recovered.

    “Oh well, Chuck, do not be too hard upon yourself! Lot’s of American people do not ‘get it’ as to how important Israel is to the U.S.A. and the entire world!”

    “Oh yes, indeed! At home, I grow a backyard garden and I learned Jewish scientists are very good at irrigation. I even like how good they are with security cameras, and how I can protect stupid neighbors from trespassing & stealing my tomatoes!”

    “Uh, eh-hem… yes! Israelis are the best at fighting terrorism on all levels, but-but, what is it that brought you to our Hasbara Fellowship meeting this evening?”

    “That’s kind of a tough one, but I’ll keep it simple — I want to join Hasbara!”

    The fellow nodded his head and asked me to take seat. He said, “look, all kinds of interested students approach our group, but given your case… you are sir, uh, different.”

    “Understood! You must learn something about me; my personality, my values. Like poor Admiral Stockdale in debate, ‘What the hell am I doing here?’ Sincerely, I respect distrust and were I you, sonny, I’d do a background check before we going any further!

    “Heh-heh! Well that’s not all that necessary as you portend, Chuck! How about if we just start by your giving me a telephone number and I can arrange a private meeting with you along with one of our advisors?”

    “That’s a deal! More than expected, I’ll add.

    Our meeting broke up very cordially, I gave him my cell phone number, and they even invited me to eat more little hot dogs on toasted bun. So as it stands now, Keith, I am expecting to get a call from Hasbara and so far, it looks positive for my infiltration plans. Frankly, I hope they do not get aggressive and look at L.D.’s “The Trump Ploy comment section, especially this one. Your mention of David Duke will completely screw me!

    I promise to keep you and other paranoiacs informed every step of the way on this covert mission.

    We are not alone in mistrusting. Even Zuckerberg’s Facebook and Google are running into the same vexing problem with distributing misinformation and getting at truth. WE ARE NOT ALONE. Refer to W.S.J. article below?


  291. Keith says:
    @FKA Max

    “I believe there is a very real threat, that Trump’s administration could be co-opted and high jacked by nefarious forces”.

    Why not name the nefarious forces. This sounds like Zionist Hasbara obfuscation.

    Why? Trump’s administration doesn’t have to be infiltrated by nefarious forces. They are the nefarious forces. This is why the Zionist Deep State rigged the election. The President selection by

    Trump said he is going to drain the swamp. Do you seriously believe a man who was bread and raised in the Zionist Jew York swamp his whole life is going to drain it.

    Remember, Trump saw Muslems celebrating the attack on 911 instead of the dancing Israelis.
    Trump who builds high rise buildings has to know steel supported buildings can’t be demolished and fall in its own foot print in 6 seconds from fires. He also knows Muslems didn’t have access to building 7. Access needed to wire for demolition.

    New York is not an American city. It is a Zionist country. I know, I lived in New York for 50 years.

    Wall Street is a Zionist cottage industry. Remember what Goldman and Sachs, a Zionist investment bank partnership did in 2008.,

    It is not a coincidence all of our Zio main stream media ( propaganda ministry) is located in New York. See the attached to get to know the Zionist alligators who will be in Trump’s Administration.

    • Replies: @FKA Max
  292. FKA Max says: • Website

    Why not name the nefarious forces. This sounds like Zionist Hasbara obfuscation.


    did you read my post? I am pretty sure I named those nefarious forces.

    To truly understand where Donald Trump is coming from and what and who has influenced him, one has to look at his father Fred Trump, in my opinion. Donald Trump is an American Nativist, or as he calls it ”America First.”

    New York City is a city controlled by Catholics AND Jews, as is the United States at the moment, and Donald Trump grew up in this anti-WASP environment and therefore knows very well how to deal with both Catholics AND Jews, but this does not mean in any way, that he is their agent or shill; read my post for more details here:

    The Catholic and Jewish lobbies are more powerful than the WASP lobby and run the country… see SCOTUS

    Although both of Trump’s parents were born in Germany, Trump told friends and acquaintances for decades after World War II that the family was of Swedish origin. According to his nephew John Walter, “He had a lot of Jewish tenants and it wasn’t a good thing to be German in those days.“[5] […] On Memorial Day in 1927, a riot erupted between supporters of Benito Mussolini’s Italian Fascism and the Ku Klux Klan; the Klan’s stated purpose to march was that “Native-born Protestant Americans” were being “assaulted by Roman Catholic police of New York City.“[9]

    Here some more of my previous posts on the Unz Review on this topic:

    Nativist movements in the United States have historically also been both counter-Semitic and counter-Catholic/Papal:

    Following World War I, nativists in the twenties focused their attention on Catholics, Jews, and south-eastern Europeans and realigned their beliefs behind racial and religious nativism. The racial concern of the anti-immigration movement was linked closely to the eugenics movement that was sweeping the United States in the twenties.[21]

    I would call myself a ”counter-Semite” and a ”Holocaust revisionist,” and I am actually battling real ”anti-Semites” and ”Holocaust deniers,” because their attitudes towards and narratives about Jews are counter-productive and harmful to my cause and mission of defending European/Western/White Civilization. […] There [are] things I strongly disagree on with Joseph Sobran for example, and which would make me an ” anti-, really a counter-Catholic/Papist” in the eyes of the Catholic League , namely my pro-Planned Parenthood stance, etc., which I share with Aldous Huxley

    Just because I don’t hate on Jews all the time, does not mean I am a Hasbara Troll.

    I see myself as a WASP advocate. In my opinion, Donald Trump is a WASP agent/advocate as well, and that is why I support him:

    If one truly wants to understand how the dispossession and the replacement of the historic America[n] people took, and is taking, place; one has to understand the Zionist-Vatican alliance, in my opinion. I just recently wrote a comment about this dynamic and alliance on an excellent blog post by Mr. Sailer

    • Replies: @Chuck Orloski
  293. Ah, the immigrants in the Trumpf/Drumpf attic:

    “Trump is of German ancestry on his father’s side and Scottish ancestry on his mother’s side; all four of his grandparents were born in Europe. His father, Fred Trump (1905–1999), was born in Queens to parents from Kallstadt, Germany, and became one of the biggest real estate developers in New York City.[7][8] His mother, Mary Trump (née MacLeod, 1912–2000), was born in Tong, Lewis, Scotland.”


    Señor Trumpf a nativist or know-Nothing? Nah. His father Frederick, however, may have been a fellow traveler of the second wholly corrupt and fraudulent Klan. But Frederick also became fast friends with Benjamin Netanyahu when Netanyahu was at the UN in the 80’s.

    Did Bibi, the furniture salesman, get the real estate bug from Trump’s father? Did Don Donaldo learn the art of seduction by furniture shopping in turn from Bibi? ¿Quién sabe?

    The United States of P. T. Barnum marches on.

  294. utu says:
    @Linh Dinh

    Mr. Linh Dinh,

    I want to add one more part to the question about the Deep State and its role in Trump election. What was the role of FBI’s Comey in it? Why did he send the letter to Congress about Hillary’s emails on Oct. 28? I interpreted it as the Deep State signal that the election would not be stolen for Hillary and that Trump will win. The message was to everybody but to media were its main target. The media were to prepare the public that Trump could win and thus the polls results were to be corrected from fake inflated polls in favor of Hillary. And indeed new polls results became very close an some for the first time started showing Trump’s advantage. On Monday Oct. 31 I sent the email with my theory to a “friend” in local media outlet:

    The letter:

    “I was listening to XXX this morning. You continued being the Hillary Central. This was so last week. Apparently you did not get the memo many other news outlets did. The memo that Hillary will not win. Actually it was decided sometimes last week that election will not be stolen and some media outlets as well as FBI director got the memo to act accordingly.

    The signs that things were not going well for Hillary were already visible in MSM on Wednesday and Thursday. There was exceptional Hillary and Clinton Inc. bashing on Joe and Mika on Thursday

    ‘Morning Joe’ Rips Clinton Foundation: ‘This Is Sleazy and Everybody Knows It’s Sleazy’ (Video)

    and first time ever positive report from Trump rally on NPR and interviews with intelligent Trump supporters from western part of N. Carolina.

    Mika and Joe and NPR got the “memo”. And Comey got the “memo” too.

    The TPTB made a decision that the election cannot be stolen from Trump. The difference is just too great. New pro-Trump registrations and results of early voting made it obvious. The polls having Hillary 14% ahead were false as all the others. Their purpose was to take the steam out of Trump locomotive. But it did not work. The distrust of media and polling did not affect Trump supporters as they hoped they would. Now the Deep State (TPTB) is doing a favor to MSM, the most important instrument of power, by giving them an exit strategy. Blame it on the emails and FBI. We were not wrong but emails did it. The October surprise did it. Yeah, that’s the ticket! And it goes w/o saying that Comey wants to be on the good side of the next president. The purpose of Comey action was also to weaken Trump presidency. Trump did not need this help. TPTB always want to have a weak president. ”

    I was trying to sell my theory here at Unz in several comments (can be checked) in that week but there were no takers.

    Only later I found out that Comey’s action was preceded by WSJ article on Hillary involvement in getting money for the wife of vice director of FBI. On November 1st Chossudovsky wrote the following:

    “The trigger mechanism which incited the FBI Director to send a Second Letter to Congress was a report by the Wall Street Journal published four days prior to his October 28 decision.

    On October 24, the WSJ revealed that “Clinton friend [Virginia Governor] Terry McAuliffe donated money to a [senior] FBI investigator’s wife when she ran for office” .

    Governor Terry McAuliffe transferred the money on behalf of Hillary Clinton:

    “Last night’s revelation that close Clinton ally Terry McAuliffe authorized $675,000 to the wife of a top official at the FBI, who conveniently was promoted to deputy director, and helped oversee the investigation into Clinton’s secret server is deeply disturbing…

    The fact that this was allowed to occur shows either outright negligent behavior by the FBI or a level of corruption that is beyond belief. The FBI needs to fully address these issues as soon as possible,The Wall Street Journal broke the story on Sunday. The FBI has been under fire for not recommending indictment against Hillary Clinton.”(Breibart October 24, 2016)”

    So according to Chossudovsky the “memo” of which I wrote in the letter (above) that triggered Comey was the WSJ article.

    The Big Money (WSJ) pulled the plug form Hillary campaign on Oct. 24. Already then some media got the message (eg. Mika and Joe on Oct.27 and NPR on Oct. 27) and Comey made that official on Friday Oct. 28. Still many media outlets behaved as if they did not get the message and continued to be biased in favor of Hillary, however the reported poll results were for the first time close to the actual polling results.

    Is it possible that the Deep Sate could not make its mind until Oct. 24? Was it decided then that stealing the election for Hillary will be too hard and that they can work with Trump after all? Or was the decision made much earlier? In the third (on Oct. 20) debate the moderator was surprising respectful of Trump and was asking tough questions of Hillary.

    But what about Hillary and her close circle? When did they find out? They did not look like they knew they would not win. I did not see any indications. So perhaps my theory is not good.

    On the election night I watched CNN, FOX and NYT website. The latter was giving the best and the earliest predictions. Already before 9:30pm NYT was predicting Trump’s win. Then they called Florida and then Pennsylvania at least hour before FOX and CNN did it. So it seems the NYT did not play any games unlike the TV networks that were delaying the call for hours as if still hoping that something would change the outcome. Is it possible that NYT was on it while the networks were not in the loop? Or was there still a power struggle to the last hours of the election night and networks were informed about the outcome later than NYT?

    Finally, what about this article by Greg Palast?

    • Replies: @Linh Dinh
  295. Linh Dinh says: • Website

    Hi utu,

    Various sources from across the political spectrum have proven that voting machines can be rigged. Since this is true, everything else is just theater.

    Comey’s flip-flop reinforced the false narrative that heaven and earth would be moved to install Hillary. Like the reports of machines switching votes, this farce only gave Trump added legitimacy. See, see, this man is fighting against impossible odds! Everything is rigged against him!

    Though American elections are as fixable as prized fights, both boxers/candidates will slug it out till the end, hoping his/her hand will be raised.

    Again, if you can tamper with voting machines, everything else is theater, but it’s absolutely necessary theater. The false story outlasts the election. This hustle is far from over.


    • Replies: @Mao Cheng Ji
  296. @Linh Dinh

    It’d probably make sense to clarify what it is we mean, exactly, when we talk about the ‘deep state’.

    I see a couple of possibilities. One, more reasonable (imo), is that it’s a loose network of like-minded individuals and institutions, comprised of various (military, intelligence, media, congressional and judicial aides, and other) government bureaucrats, and corporate elites. It’s basically your rolodex, your acquaintances in the government and business circles, and the acquaintances of your acquaintances. A network. It sounds innocuous, but it can be very powerful nevertheless.

    The second possibility is that the ‘deep state’ is an actual organization, with the chain of command, functionaries giving, receiving, and executing orders, and all that. An actual mafia-like organization.

    For your hypothesis of the elections being rigged simultaneously in several states, I believe you have to operate with the second definition: hierarchical mafia-like organization. But, is it really plausible that such an organization, a completely secret organization, exists, and has been around for decades? I find it highly unlikely…

    • Replies: @Linh Dinh
  297. “… if you can tamper with voting machine, everything else is over.”

    Agreed, Linh!

    This morning I went to Christopher Bollyn’s homepage in order to learn what (if anything) he has written about the November 2016 election tampering. To date, the heroic Mr. Bollyn has posted an open letter to president-elect Trump and also the eye opening You Tube video created by Nicholas DeVincenzo., linked below.

    Yes… “this hustle is far from over.” Must hustle now and depart for school bus run and thank you!

  298. After careful consideration and except for stipulating that the “Deep State” is Turkish Candy hidden right out in the open, one concludes that Señor Linh Dinh has to be right in the main Compliments.

  299. Linh Dinh says: • Website
    @Mao Cheng Ji

    Hi Mao Cheng Ji,

    Much of the country has no problems accepting, without any proof, that Russia tampered with the election, but no American politician or media member will ever charge Israel with anything, not even after the USS Liberty incident.

    Like Israel, Trump is warming up to Russia and barking at Iran while telling lies about it. He will move the US embassy to Jerusalem.

    One should always probe deeper into all the forbidden topics and characters, no?


    • Replies: @Mao Cheng Ji
  300. @FKA Max

    “Donald Trump is an American Nativist, or as he calls it “America First.”

    FKA Max,

    You write very clearly, and I too would love to believe president-elect Trump is an “American Nativist,” but I can not do so because he has won the 2016 election. Also, I’d love to deny that there is no such thing as a Zionist-Vatican alliance, but neither can I do that, because no Pope (to date) has drawn attention to the 9-11 official lies and the immoral Wars of Terror that followed.

    Back in 1993, the U.S.A. could have had an “America First” POTUS, until his daughter’s wedding was threatened and he decided to drop out of the election. Below you can watch an actual “America First” billionaire businessman in Larry King debate against corporate-driven politician, Al Gore.

    For me, it was very disturbing to see H. Ross Perot raise a photograph showing the awful housing conditions which poor Mexicans had to settle in as state-of-art plants moved in from the U.S.A.

    When I consider how multi millionaire Trump plans to bring good family supporting jobs back to America, I skeptically think about the following line from T.S. Eliot’s poem, “The Wasteland,”: “That corpse you planted last year in the garden , has it begun to sprout?”

    Since the 2-terms of President Ronald “Down with PATCO) Reagan to date, our Zionist-Corporate government has turned the U.S.A. into an industrial cemetery. Having attended Lehigh U. graduate school in 1986-1986, I get sick when I make return there today and see how the old Bethlehem Steel Mill site has become a tourist relic and the location of a flourishing Sheldon Adelson-owned casino.

    Not to cheesy-whine, but Israeli settlers in the West Bank enjoy much superior housing than I have managed here in Northeast, PA. (Linh Dinh stayed here and he can attest to that!) So far, president-elect Trump’s team has yet to announce even one valid “America First” person
    who is not beholden to the globalist fiends who gave America GATT, NAFTA. Come Spring, ex-President Obama’s corpse, the T.P.P., will sprout under a new name given to the treaty by President Trump’s non-Nativist tribe.

    Back in 1993, America lost a great opportunity to carry billionaire Ross Perot’s baby, and now it looks like we’re about to get f#@ucked by an eagerness to carry millionaire (Pro-Life) Trump’s throwaway.

    Thank you, FKA max. Please let me know when Trump appoints a certified “America Firster” to his team? David Duke lost his LA election bid; he is a “Nativist” and is perhaps available to serve the Trump administration.

    • Replies: @FKA Max
  301. @Linh Dinh

    One should always probe deeper into all the forbidden topics and characters, no?

    Absolutely, although it would make sense to remain rational while doing it. After all, theoretically we might all be living in the Matrix (I saw somewhere that Bank of America/Merrill Lynch analysts believe it’s quite likely). Or, the elections could be rigged by space aliens.

    As for Israel, I have no doubt whatsoever that they’re trying to influence the US elections. But so is Ghana, probably. I have the impression that Israel was always friendly with the Russian Federation. After all, 2 million Russian immigrants are Israeli citizens (most of them ethnically desirable, privileged), and it’s where Russian middle class people go for medical care… And yes, the US MSM and the establishment in general are rabidly Zionist. And rabidly Russophobic. But what does it have to do with Trump?

    • Replies: @Linh Dinh
  302. FKA Max says: • Website
    @Chuck Orloski

    Mr. Orloski,

    like yourself I was initially skeptical of Donald Trump, so I performed some Extreme Vetting of my own on him in September of 2015. The results were overwhelming positive and beneficial for the United States of America, and that is the reason I decided to throw my support behind Donald Trump from relatively early on in the race.

    Please, see my following post here on the Unz Review and read all my previous posts I linked to there, and you will understand why I trust Donald Trump and have such confidence in him. Maybe this, admittedly rather esoteric, knowledge can put your heart and mind at ease as well:

    They should have put their trust in astrology, like Benjamin Franklin…

    Donald Trump / USA Astrology Synastry

    Published on Aug 25, 2015

    Astrology analysis of USA and Donald Trump birth chart synastry

    • Replies: @Chuck Orloski
    , @Anon
  303. Linh Dinh says: • Website
    @Mao Cheng Ji

    Hi Mao Cheng Ji,

    Despite some of your bizarre comments, I took you seriously. In response to my statement about Israeli influence, however, you’re talking about about space aliens and Ghana as having a possible influence on American elections.

    I’ll ignore everything you say from now on.


    • Agree: utu
    • Replies: @Mao Cheng Ji
  304. @FKA Max

    Mr. FKA Max,

    First off, I am thrilled this article is taking off toward 400 comments, and ideally beyond. Linh Dinh gives us meat to chew on and that’s pretty rare. Secondly, I’m much like you in that, at age 64, I’m still waiting for that White Horse POTUS to appear, and all workers ever get is the breed that’s featured in The Book of Revelations. However, later I vow to be respectful and read your attached previous posts.

    For me though, it’s very important to know that all the heavy hitter Jewish Neoconservatives pine for the commencement of the Asian Century; starting most notably when Obama tried to enact the T.P.P. (in-the-Capitol-dark) along with an intimidating U.S.A. military pivot to Asia. With certainty, President Donald Trump will soon “make a better deal” with the P.R.C. leaders ship which will magically lead to “Making America Great Again.”

    As most of American working class are beaten down to a pulp with having to work 2 and often 3 jobs to survive, it seems quite natural for me when voters said, “enough of this Clinton-globalist trade bull shit and open borders with Mexico, we want our $18 per hour factory jobs back!” Perfectly understandable to this point, are you with me so far, Mr. FKA Max?

    Oddly enough, as Globalists bought off President Clinton and with a majority of both Houses of Congress, America’s capitalist industrial-based economy became history. So now, as the Globalists want to pursue the huge consumer market in the Far East, essentially China, the Zionist Jews suddenly need a Deng Xiaoping style (1979) embrace of capitalism to happen here in the de-industrialized U.S.A. and Donald (2017) happens to become Deng (1979). Fucked up, eh?

    It looks to me that within his 1st term, The Donald will create “Special Economic Zones” (SEZ’s) located in key American cities that will have uncanny resemblance to Deng Xiaoping’s miracle “SEZ” in Shenzen! However, a very critical foreign policy problem must be solved first before President Trump’s launch of the new and improved T.P.P.

    In order to bury problems with petty Arab states and Iran, Putin’s Russia must be enlisted to ally with U.S. military might and place a padlock upon Palestinian territorial demands and political rights. As candidate Donald Trump has vowed during his POTUS campaign, and to the delight of Sheldon Adelson and P.M. Netanuahu, President Trump will move the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem. In theory this seems crazy, FKA Max, but as Iran’s Islamic Republic leadership looks at such Superpower imposed settlement, they just might warm up to the age old Zionist concept of redrawing the Middle East map in favor of “Greater Israel.”

    Finally, there’s good chance that Donald Trump will “Make America Great Again” and some measure of Deng Xiaoping-type capitalism will return to plundered places like Scranton, the biggest city nearest to where I live. Be honest — Is this better or worse than reviewing an astrological chart, FKA Max?

    As my son Dan has gotten a 3-month (free) Wall Street Journal, I am blessed by getting to follow the Global Jewish stars who (night & day) loom over D.C. foreign policy, and below you can read where a morning star over the West Bank begins to fall.

    Thank you, and please critique whatever you want! I drive school bus daily and I’m allowed to make an occasional wrong pivot on the streets of Scranton.

  305. As I’m ready to tuck in for evening, I watched an hour of “The X-Files” which is very weird. (It’s better than whacking my old carrot!)

    I began to think how much impact TV shows and Hollywood films have on American world view and lifestyle, often decadent and prone to promote the virtues of combined violence and pleasure.

    At any rate, it came to me how a recent Wall Street Journal article announced significant Chinese investment into Hollywood film making. Refer to the article, below?

    As president-elect Donald Trump endeavors to “Make America Great Again,” such Godzilla task could be assisted by Chinese blockbuster films which project goodness in the form of enhanced U.S. production which will inspire American workers to produce quality consumer goods at a competitive pay rate like those operating now, (according to another recent W.S.J. article), in Vietnam!

    Don’t mind me… I will return to watch the final 1/2 hour of “The X-Files” and maybe some more Arnon Milchan black magic will rub off on me.

    “Good night and good luck,” E. Murrow.

    • Replies: @Anon
  306. @Linh Dinh

    …you’re talking about about space aliens and Ghana as having a possible influence on American elections.

    Tsk. In my defense, I was inspired by the insights like “The deep state ushered in Trump because he’s clearly their most useful decoy“, from your article…

  307. Anon • Disclaimer says:
    @FKA Max

    “Like yourself I was initially skeptical of Donald Trump, so I performed some extreme
    vetting of my own”.

    You were right, I didn’t read your entire posted response to me. I apologize for not reading the “More”. I went back and read your entire post and you did name names. After reading your complete post, I realized we have more in common with each other instead of our current differences over who “The Donald” is. This is how we address him in New York.

    For most of my adult life, I have lived with Trump. I lived in Brooklyn and I went to school in Jamaica Estate, Queens. I also worked several blocks from Trump Towers. For this reason, I didn’t have to perform EXTREME vetting to find out who he really is. There is truth in the maxim ” you can judge someone by who they are associated with”.

    Please continue your vetting and open my attachments before responding.

    Did your extreme vetting discover any American Nativist who is a “mover and shaker in America ” who has been in Trump’s inner circle for the past thirty years?

    I have the same heritage as Donald. My farther was German and my mother was Scottish. I never liked Trump because of his display of his ostentatious wealth and his cravings for publicity. This is not typical of most German businessmen. I didn’t know at the time, and I don’t think Trump knew at the time, he was building a brand name and this was his business strategy.
    With respect to Donald’s father Fred, having to hide his German background and pretend he was Swedish, his motivations wasn’t because of having Jewish tenants. It had to do with, ” if you want to conduct Real Estate business in New York at a high level, you have to be accepted by the successful Jewish tribe in New York.

    In my last post to you I mention the destruction of the Twin Towers on 911, and Trump’s insistence he saw Muslim men dancing in celebration instead of the dancing Israelis.
    See attachment to learn why I made this statement.

    Trump knows who did 911. As president he will not permit another investigation into 911. He will do what is necessary to kill or restrict the bill by 911 victims families against Saudi Arabia. This is one of the main reason the election was rigged in his favor. He will protect our best allies in the Middle East, Saudi Arabia and Israel.

    Concerning the hate on Jews. In the 1930s I wouldn’t have joined the American NAZI party. I would have been an ardent member of Charles Lindberg’s American First Party. See his last speech. I immensely dislike the NAZI and KKK movements in America and I totally disagree with Holocaust denial. I am a Holocaust revisionists who is labeled by Jews as a denier. Truth doesn’t need laws to protect it. Criminalizing questioning the official Holocaust story is simply Jewish power stoping free speech. These hate groups of all Jews is,
    and has been, detrimental to my politics. The opposition to Jews is not racial or religious. It is just political.

    Lastly, can you name one American nativist who owns a major media network? Can you name any American Nativist who has been a Chairperson of the Federal Reserve in your life time? How many American Nativist are partners if the most powerful investment bank in the world, Goldman and Sachs? Can you name one Nativist who owns a Hollywood studio? Oh, I bet you can’t name one Roman Catholic either.

    After your vetting of these powerful organizations, you will find that the answer to my question will be, the mover and shakers are all members of the same tribe as trumps inner circle.


    Sent from my iPad

    • Replies: @Chuck Orloski
    , @FKA Max
  308. @Anon

    “Truth does not need laws to protect it.”

    Great philosophical point!

    So sickening to see how the Zionist Tribal (global) Law persecutes honest Holocaust revisionist scholars.

  309. FKA Max says: • Website

    Can you name one Nativist who owns a Hollywood studio? Oh, I bet you can’t name one Roman Catholic either.

    After your vetting of these powerful organizations, you will find that the answer to my question will be, the mover and shakers are all members of the same tribe as trumps inner circle.

    “They say I’m a born-again Christian and a Catholic convert and so on. I’m certainly a practising Christian, I go to church quite a bit, but not every Sunday and I tend to go to the Catholic church – because my wife is Catholic, I have not formally converted. And I get increasingly disenchanted with the C of E or Episcopalians as they call themselves here. But no, I’m not intensely religious as I’m sometimes described.”

    Murdoch’s links with the Catholic Church would make his grandfather and great-grandfather turn in their graves. They were part of the Presbyterian church that declared the Pope the Antichrist.

    During his marriage to Torv, a Roman Catholic, Murdoch was made a Knight Commander of the Order of Saint Gregory the Great (KSG), a papal honour awarded by Pope John Paul II.[138] Torv and Murdoch had three children: Elisabeth Murdoch (born in Sydney, Australia on 22 August 1968), Lachlan Murdoch (born in London, UK on 8 September 1971), and James Murdoch, (born in London on 13 December 1972).

    The meet and greet led to a minor “pope for hire” firestorm in some circles. The Tablet carries a photograph of James Murdoch bowing before Benedict XVI as they meet. If you’ve never bought The Tablet before, the picture alone is worth the cover price.

    There is probably no one who pushes the Zionist-Vatican alliance and agenda harder than the Murdoch media empire; and yes, they own several film studios worldwide, including in Hollywood:

    The Zionist-Vatican alliance was further deepened when Rupert Murdoch’s oldest daughter married Sigmund Freud’s great-grandson:

    Murdoch’s second marriage was to public relations man Matthew Freud, the son of former MP Sir Clement Freud and great-grandson of Sigmund Freud. The couple married on 18 August 2001 in a ceremony at Blenheim Palace. They divorced in 2014.[12] They have two children

    Do you know what one of the first things was, Keith, that Tony Blair – one of Rupert Murdoch’s formerly closest allies, architect of the Iraq war, who opened UK borders wide to Third World immigration – did after he left 10 Downing Street (his wife was already Catholic)?:

    Blair was reprimanded by Cardinal Basil Hume in 1996 for receiving Holy Communion at Mass, while still an Anglican, in contravention of canon law.[229] On 22 December 2007, it was disclosed that Blair had joined the Roman Catholic Church. The move was described as “a private matter”.[230][231] He had informed Pope Benedict XVI on 23 June 2007 that he wanted to become a Catholic. The Pope and his advisors criticised some of Blair’s political actions, but followed up with a reportedly unprecedented red-carpet welcome, which included the Cardinal Archbishop of Westminster, Cormac Murphy-O’Connor, who would be responsible for Blair’s Catholic instruction.[232] In 2010, The Tablet named him as one of Britain’s most influential Roman Catholics.[233]

    Another thing that almost nobody noticed, which the Vatican pushed hard for, is:

    Marrying a Roman Catholic no longer disqualifies a person from succeeding to the Crown.[17][18] The explanation published when the bill had been introduced mentioned that those who had lost their places in the line of succession by marrying a Roman Catholic would regain their places, but that those “with a realistic prospect of succeeding to the Throne” would not be affected. The first person in the new line of succession to be affected by this change when it came into effect was George Windsor, Earl of St Andrews, who had married a Catholic in 1988, and was restored to the line of succession in 34th place, after the Duke of Kent.[16] The provision of the Act of Settlement requiring the monarch to be a Protestant continues.

    I am sure the Vatican is working hard to even get that provision overturned eventually, so that there can be a Roman Catholic monarch in the UK sometime in the future.

    You are probably aware, Keith, that Jeb Bush is a Catholic convert. There were even rumors, that Bush 43, ‘W,’ was planning to convert to Roman Catholicism: George W Bush and Pope Benedict XVI have held an intimate meeting in Rome as rumours mounted in Italy that the president may follow in Tony Blair’s footsteps and convert to Catholicism.

    As I wrote above:

    Without taking into account the Vatican element, one cannot fully understand the logic of Invade the World/Invite the World , in my opinion.

    Sutherland is the United Nations Special Representative of the Secretary-General for International Migration.[1] Appointed in January 2006, he has been responsible for the creation of the Global Forum on Migration and Development (GFMD).[2] He is President of the International Catholic Migration Commission, as well as member of the Migration Advisory Board of the International Organisation for Migration. […] and former Chairman of Goldman Sachs International (1995–2015).

    Bob Geldof: Rocker. Humanitarian. Creator of Live Aid and Band Aid. Bono? Bono’s got nothing on Geldof. Especially since… well, let’s ask the man himself.

    When asked if he was proud of his Jewish ancestry, Geldof said:

    “I could not give a fucking shit.”

    Well, we be damned. Not exactly a ringing endorsement. Geldof goes on, “I was a quarter Catholic, a quarter Protestant, a quarter Jewish and a quarter nothing — the nothing won.”

    If Bob Geldof does have a white saviour complex, it’s much to his credit in my view. It also shows the influence of the Holy Ghost Fathers who ran his school, Blackrock College in Dublin. The fathers were missionaries in Africa, a relentlessly difficult and dangerous job that Irishmen and women carried out with great courage, and even in our more secular age their influence remains. Politician Ruairi Quinn mentioned the influence of the missionary Fathers on the school ethos, stating: “The poverty of distant Africa was brought into our classrooms by our returned missionary teachers.

    Sir Bob has been critical of the school and the Church generally in Ireland, but I’d be surprised if that missionary influence wasn’t felt in his own compassionate quest to help Africa.

    I hope President Trump stays healthy and alive during his term, because his running mate Mike Pence is not exactly a Protestant:

    After that point, Pence continued to attend Mass (where he met his wife) and was a Catholic youth minister.[227] Pence called himself Catholic in a 1994 news piece, although by 1995, he and his family had joined an evangelical megachurch, the Grace Evangelical Church.[2][227] In 2013, Pence said his family was “kind of looking for a church.”[2] He has described himself as “a Christian, a conservative and a Republican, in that order,” and as “a born-again, evangelical Catholic.”[2][227]

    • Replies: @FKA Max
    , @Chuck Orloski
  310. FKA Max says: • Website
    @FKA Max

    Correction: Prudence Murdoch, not Elisabeth Murdoch, is Rupert Murdoch’s first daughter and eldest child:

  311. @FKA Max

    “there is probably no one who pushes the Zionist-Vatican alliance and agenda harder than the Murdoch media empire.”

    Thank you for the excellent response to Keith’s comment, to both of you, thanks for supplying me with such a valuable education! I now speak from the heart:

    As a Byzantine Catholic (baptized January 1952), and member of St. Ann’s Basilica, Scranton, PA, several thoughtful & spiritual people have asked me, “why do you remain Catholic, Chuck?” Maybe for the same reason Alamo defenders held their ground for a shady Cause, I do not have answer.

    The Vatican has not uttered one word of protest on what I call “The Greatest Story Never Told,” the 9-11 attacks and U.S. government’s demonic lie that blamed O.B.L., and immediately afterward, criminally attacked Afghanistan and Iraq. As you know, converts to Catholicism followed, including Tony Blair, Newt Gingrich, and Jeb Bush. (sigh) I anticipated Sgt. Charles Garner’s conversion.

    As you know, during late-1980s-mid-1990s, the Zionists applied Shock & Awe treatment to Pope Pious who was condemned for doing too little to save Jews during WWII. Pat Buchanan and the-late Joe Sobran are among the very few Catholics who defended the Pope’s honorable war time. leadership. (In contrast, and having read Hannah Arendt’s scholarly “Banality of Evil,” I get sickened by Zionist hypocrisy. Arendt described how vital were Jewish Council of Elders in facilitating a peaceful Nazi round up of less wealthy, less educated Jews who domiciled in Germany)

    Finally, I will end now with a comment on (retired) Pope Benedict’s “blessing” offered to CIA, Leon Panetta. Formerly known as Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, the Pope thanked Panetta for “working to keep the world safe.” “Safe” — W.T.F.? No need to go further as I consider U.S. aerial bombings of Islamic villages, the barbaric & obscene Abu Ghraib torture, Black Ops “rendition,” troop target practice at Korans, etcetera, ad nauseum.

    Thank you very much for offering such priceless Continuing Education, FKA Max, Keith and of course Linh Dinh. With humility, I can only hope U.S. (world) Catholic worker AWARENESS grows via the secular political catechism that’s available (w/ no papal indulgences required) here on this comment Thread. I get soppy wet now, but like assassinated John Lennon said, “Imagine.” I

  312. Anon • Disclaimer says:
    @Chuck Orloski

    I rather enjoy The X-Files myself; it’s about as good as TV got in the 90s. I like to think of it as an orphaned cross between Kolchak and The Prisoner. And talk about conspiracies! Truly a show for that frame of mind.

    What is the old carrot, and why would one whack it?

    • Replies: @Chuck Orloski
  313. @Anon


    You got me! He-heh. I meant to say “waxing my old carrot.”

    Indeed you likely watched the You Tube video on the trailer to the X-Files heir, “The Lone Gunman”? A while ago, Linh Dinh put this XXX-tra weird video on to his article comments.

    Note that Christopher Bollyn discussed “The Lone Gunman” in his book “Solving 9-11.” I can not find even one (1) review of Bollyn’s book on the internet, and the book’s jacket sleeve “blurb” comments do not have names attached!

  314. Linh Dinh says: • Website

    Kevin Barrett at Veterans Today:

    Heaps and heaps of money and power ride on election outcomes. Any private party with proprietary access to the internal workings of a voting machine WILL rig elections. That is the only conceivable reason that such machines would ever exist. If you do not understand this, please shoot yourself in the head. NOW. It is the one part of your anatomy that you could not possibly damage, because it has long since ceased to serve any discernible function.

    So will all of you gibbering idiots blathering on and on about the “elections” we supposedly just had PLEASE just stuff a rag in your mouths and wrap duct tape around your heads? The hideous, meaningless noises you are making are really starting to get on my nerves.

    If there is anyone out there with one or two synaptic spark plugs that are still firing, yet who is unfamiliar with the fact that our fake “elections” are routinely stolen through black box voting machines that cannot possibly have been manufactured for any purpose except to steal elections, please familiarize yourself with some elementary data.

    TDMS (cited by Mark Crispin Miller) reports:

    Exit polls were conducted in 28 states. In 23 states the discrepancies between the exit polls and the vote count favored Trump. In 13 of these states the discrepancies favoring Trump exceeded the margin of error of the state.

    • Replies: @utu
  315. utu says:
    @Linh Dinh

    Please Mr. Linh Dinh, do not surrender your reason and judgement. VT is total junk.

  316. @Wizard of Oz

    “Linh Dinh… should stick to what he’s good at.”

    My dear, Wizard, I am glad he did!

    A while back, L.D. issued the following (undemocratic election) assessment, made by Josef Stalin: “It’s not the voters who that matter, but it’s who counts the votes that matters.” Note, best I could, I paraphrased the Vodh’s quote, but all who have learned from “The Trump Decoy” might like to read what Kevin Barrett said, below, and realize K.B.’s in the same Major League as Linh Dinh.

    “Let’s roll” with more comments! We do not get articles like this one very often. Thanks.

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