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Surviving Vietnam, Listing America and Jeffrey Epstein’s Bestest Friends
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Ea Kly, 2019

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After ten weeks away, I’m back in dusty, remote Ea Kly and the plastic recycling plant.

Coming up from Saigon in our new truck, we avoided Highway 13, since my brother and sister-in-law are very superstitious. Last year, they got charms from a shaman to stick on our plant, yet our business still floundered. In their minds, things would have turned out even worse without these supernatural pieces of paper. Over our door lords a round mirror inside an octagonal frame.

Adaptable enough, I enjoyed Saigon while there, but as soon as I left its KFC, Popeyes and Eon Shopping Mall sophistication, I felt lighter and freer, but maybe I’m just talking about my 19-year-old marriage. When I showed up two days ago, a cafe owner asked, “Where have you been, uncle?”

Northern Vietnamese call just about everyone a greater uncle (bác) or lesser one (chú), so even a father might call his son a lesser uncle. No culture needs to make sense or explain itself to outsiders.

I’m sitting in the same wall-less café, on a concrete bench, in front of a concrete table. The nylon hammocks and plastic tables haven’t been set out yet. There is never any music here, thankfully, only birds or crickets chirping. Among my readers is the astrologist Rob Brezsny, and on June 5th, he again quoted me, “I don’t think we were ever meant to hear the same song sung exactly the same way more than once in a lifetime.” White and pale yellow butterflies flit by, half darting, half blown, seemingly, by the meagre breeze.

Mentally defective, I’m not great with names, and atrocious with faces, but they’re coming back. Stories, I store well. Yesterday, I chatted with the cafe owner’s husband, who told me about his four grown children.

The oldest is 27 and works as a paralegal six miles away. On top of this, she takes an overnight bus to Saigon each Friday evening, to attend law classes over the weekend. On Sunday evening, she takes another bus back, so she can be at work by Monday morning.

Lying on a hammock, I stated the obvious, “Your daughter is tough!”

Lying on his hammock, her dad barely grinned, “She needs to do whatever to get ahead.” He’s a bit worried, though, that she’s not married yet. Then, “How many kids do you have, uncle?”

“Actually, none! Since I’m a writer,” a fact he already knew, “my life has always been very uncertain.” Peeling back layers, neighbors become intimate.

“Ah, but there’s always a way! If you have just 50,000 [$2.15] a day, then you just deal with it!”

He and his wife certainly know how to survive. A bit here and there adds up. Each day, he catches roughly ten kilograms of tilapia from a pond just behind their hammock cafe, so that’s $6.46 already. Sixteen ducks, raised in the same pond, yield half a dozen eggs a day, though their feed more or less cancels that profit. At their cafe, a cup of coffee with condensed milk is just 34 cents, but they also sell cigarettes, soft drinks, homemade rice wine and even some traditional armpit deodorant that comes in a tiny, circular tin.

His other three kids are all in Saigon, “There’s just no work here.” A daughter teaches math, while his twin sons work construction.

Like most people here, he’s dark and wiry. Even the kids are like that, except a few pampered ones that are pale and pudgy. In Saigon, dull faced fat kids can now be found waddling everywhere.

During the long layoff, our workers had to find other ways to get by, so Hương, for example, decided to open a kebab restaurant, and it’s actually doing quite well. I dropped by the other day to enjoy skewers of minced pork, pork with okra, pork enclosing straw mushroom and even some aquatic snake wrapped in lime leaves. Bone bits in the last, though, was a taste I won’t likely acquire. Each skewer costs but 22 cents, so you can certainly stuff your face for $2.22. I skipped the gnarly chicken feet.

Another former worker, Út, is now a long distance bus driver, covering the route from Saigon to Qui Nhơn. At another café this morning, we caught up.

Each round trip takes two days, and Út does ten a month, for a salary of $410. Since drivers steer many customers to roadside restaurants, they used to eat free, but now this practice has mostly stopped. The better eateries don’t need to entice anybody. Since competition for riders is so fierce, bus companies can’t afford to not take their customers to these joints.

Út’s food budget, then, is about $65 a month. In Saigon, Út sleeps in an air conditioned room, provided by his employer, and in Qui Nhơn, he stays with relatives, so even with his modest salary, he’s planning on buying a piece of land. It won’t be in Ea Kly, however, “This place is not going anywhere.”

Drivers used to supplement their income by picking up unticketed passengers or delivering packages, but all new buses have surveillance cameras.

Among the myriad wonders of the tropics are winged insects of every description to bug the living fuck out of you. Right now, some pest is hovering around my eyelashes. To get rid of him, I’ll have to fumigate my entire face, or type this inside a gas chamber. Shalom to all my hasbara tailgaters!

Behind each story there’s another, to flesh out, complicate or challenge it, so you must always look behind what’s behind, with each discovery provisional.

Last month in Saigon, I hung out with a few writer friends, some I had known for two decades. Novelist Nguyễn Viện, however, I had never met. Walking into the café on Hoàng Sa [Paracel Islands] Street, Viện was accompanied by a much younger woman who had three cats, a howling wolf and a bearded, cigar chomping head tattooed on her upper arms and chest. With so much ink on her baby smooth skin, it was hard to look at her baby face.

Born in 1949, Viện lived through the Vietnam War, then the turbulent, brutal years after it. Escaping by boat, a girlfriend of his was raped 21 times by Thai pirates. In Vietnam, you don’t need to scratch very hard to get at the horror stories.


At the same table was Nguyễn Võ Thu Hương. Now a professor at UCLA, she escaped the Fall of Saigon at age 13. At sea, tiny Vietnamese boats swarmed an American navy ship that was still moving, so people fell off during the mad scramble up the vertiginous rope ladder.

Hương went three days without water and, for food, had just a half-eaten apple begged by her mom from a lunching American seaman. “It was only three days,” she shrugged. Stuffed below deck, hungry, thirsty, overheated and barely able to breathe, Hương also had to hear a woman wail and scream an entire night, for her two-year-old grandson had fallen into the ocean.

Two years ago, I met poet Tô Thùy Yên in New Haven. After the Fall of Saigon, he was jailed three times for nearly 13 years altogether. (My father-in-law, a combat soldier for nearly a decade, was also “reeducated” for 13 years, and it’s impossible to guess how much of his current nastiness can be attributed to these gory years.)

In Connecticut, Yên spoke with mirth about our mutual friend, Nguyễn Đạt, who was probably the worst soldier under Yên in the South Vietnamese Army. Like lots of people, Đạt couldn’t quite be trained to shoot anybody. Surviving it all, Đạt writes poems and stories, mostly about attachment to places, lasting friendships and gentle, poetic horniness. Dude’s a romantic.

Until last month, I hadn’t seen Đạt since 2001, but when he showed up, it was like I had been here all along. Đạt gave me his new book of poems, stories and drawings. Just published, it reproduces, twice, a sketch I did of the author in 1999. I have no memory of this drawing. He saved it.

All these portraits are of survivors, and though Vietnamese are no smarter or tougher than anyone else, history and geography have drilled into them a few hard lessons, so they have come to understand that life’s first goal, its prerequisite, if you will, is to be as unmolested as possible by any government or ideology. Dodging taxes and dogmas, your average Nguyen just wants to be left alone to make money, raise his children, sing karaoke and pray to the God of Prosperity and God of the Soil. Despite the bad English on their T-shirts, Vietnamese just want to go on being Vietnamese, a reasonable enough wish, and when their way of life is threatened, enough will kill to defend it, as they have for two thousand years.

The Saigon café faced a canal, with the street across it named Trường Sa [Spratly Islands], and across Vietnam, there are signs and billboards showing a gun toting soldier with the disputed islands on a map behind him. School murals, too, repeat this message that Vietnam must defend every inch of its territory, even if it won’t, because China is, well, kinda big.

In any case, a besieged or even paranoid nation stands a much better chance of survival than an oblivious one. Though America has been fighting war nearly nonstop since its founding, much of this serial bloodshed has taken place overseas, so American civilians have generally assumed they could cruise through life without any exposure to bombing, mortar rounds, car bombs, enemy tanks, sudden mass incarceration, fleeing for one’s life or refugee camps, but this seeming safety against personal and/or communal annihilation has a price. Unlike most other nationalities, Americans don’t quite realize their entire way of life can be utterly perverted or erased, by an external or internal enemy.

The increasing rancor between the American left and right has merely resulted in bad theater, sometimes with cosplay, but the real architects of America’s destruction remain unidentified, much less threatened. Every four years, they string up another pinata for half the country to whack at, and with sinister amusement, they abet street tussles so Americans can claw at each other, just like on Jerry Springer. Neo Nazi incels quake in their jackboots at the thought of being jumped by a gaggle of crossdressing, Mao quoting wusses. Wake me when real traitors die.

The American mainstream media can no longer gloss over Jeffrey Epstein and his many victims, and maybe this time, a few big names will be sacrificed, but whatever happens next, you can be sure the sick framework of American society will remain perfectly intact, so that our overlords can go on screwing the peasants, of any age.

Depending on your politics, the possibility of Clinton or even Trump being taken down by this may be tantalizing, but it won’t matter one whit to your or America’s destiny. The key lesson to take from this is that all of your televised politicians and pundits are on the same fuck boat, though some may be merely boatswains with barely a labial lick sneaked in sidewise, and you, obviously, are the screaming teenager being raped! On November 11, 2016, I did write in “The Trump Ploy“:

Like politicians, casinos specialize in empty promises. Trump, then, is a master hustler, just like Obama, and with help from the media, this New York billionaire became a darling of the flyover states. Before his sudden transformation, Trump was certainly an insider. He donated $100,000 to the Clinton Foundation, and Bill and Hillary attended his third wedding. Golf buddies, The Donald and Bill were also friends with one Jeffrey Epstein, owner of the infamous Lolita Express and a sex orgy, sex slave island in the Caribbean.

In 2002, New York Magazine published “Jeffrey Epstein: International Money of Mystery.” This asskissing piece begins, “He comes with cash to burn, a fleet of airplanes, and a keen eye for the ladies—to say nothing of a relentless brain that challenges Nobel Prize-winning scientists across the country—and for financial markets around the world.”

Trump is quoted, “I’ve known Jeff for fifteen years. Terrific guy. He’s a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side. No doubt about it—Jeffrey enjoys his social life.”


Bill Clinton shouts out, “Jeffrey is both a highly successful financier and a committed philanthropist with a keen sense of global markets and an in-depth knowledge of twenty-first-century science. I especially appreciated his insights and generosity during the recent trip to Africa to work on democratization, empowering the poor, citizen service, and combating HIV/AIDS.”

Epstein gushes back, “If you were a boxer at the downtown gymnasium at 14th Street and Mike Tyson walked in, your face would have the same look as these foreign leaders had when Clinton entered the room. He is the world’s greatest politician.”

Even during a very nasty election campaign, Trump stayed clear of Clinton’s association with Epstein because he himself had been chummy with the convicted pervert.

Linh Dinh’s latest book is Postcards from the End of America. He maintains a regularly updated photo blog.

• Category: Culture/Society, History • Tags: Jeffrey Epstein, Vietnam 
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  1. jo6pac says:

    Thanks, you’re always an interesting read. Stay safe.

    • Agree: RadicalCenter
  2. unit472 says:

    Bloomberg has an interesting piece about ‘millennials’ , if we can use that term, in the third world and how they are coping. A garment worker in Myanmar, a Vietnamese girl in Japan, an African migrant in Barcelona, a Syrian in Germany etc.

    What is striking is how much it resembles the Dickensian world of the mid nineteenth century. Those like the Vietnamese girl who went to Japan to work in a nursing home encountered hostility but she attributed it to her poor Japanese and cultural ignorance. She improved her language skills, adapted to Japanese culture and married a Japanese man. The African in Barcelona was fished out of the sea and thinks everyone is racist because they didn’t welcome another African with no job or skills sitting on their sidewalks selling junk.

    The Syrian in Germany got a job at an Amazon warehouse but quit because the job was not up to the high standards a Muslim man is entitled to. He did manage to make enough money to buy designer glasses and a smart phone though.

    That seems to be the state of the world today. A sense of entitlement from those who come from failed cultures and an “I can do it’ attitude from those on the ball.

  3. Pontius says:

    Linh’s portraits of life for average Vietnamese had left me very positively disposed towards them and the many horrors they have faced and overcome. How disappointed I was when my Vietnamese cabby rolled me for $40 bucks for a trip from the airport to the Luxor in Vegas last May ( you can practically walk to it from the plane). We had a great conversation about him fleeing the war, starting a family, finding a nice Vietnamese girl etc. Then he said there was a $3 airport improvement fee as well. Cheeky bastard.

    He had not heard of Linh unfortunately.

    Still love to hear about Vietnam and it’s people though. I can relate to wanting to just drop everything to go back to the only real home I know, even though it would be financial suicide.

    • Replies: @Prester John
  4. Charlie says:

    The accents Vietnamese use in their written language makes my head spin.

    By the way Linh, you misspelled piñata.

  5. @unit472

    I saw a youth Climate Change protest sign that said, “We spoke, Time to act!”

    I thought, Ok, parents, time to take away their iToys, get rid of their beds, give them a sleeping mat in the back yard, and tell them to forage in the forest for food, because that’s where we’re going with their simple-minded agenda.

  6. M says:

    I wish you would continue more on the series of interviewing people who’ve left America- I WANT TO GET OUT!

    But more seriously it contained a lot of useful information and at worst it lets me live vicariously.

    • Replies: @jeff stryker
  7. @M


    Twenty year expat here (Left at 25 in 1999) on getting out-

    …Your chances of immigrating to another developed country like Australia or even Canada are slim. Very slim. Australia used to let people buy their way in for $100,000 full stop but worked out that potential benefits cost the government more and stopped that program. Try immigrating to Canada. You’ll what I mean.

    …This leaves Southeast Asia. And there are some Americans who live frugally on $400 a month there on social security. On the other hand, I’ve seen older Americans meet the wrong woman and end losing hundreds of thousands of dollars.

    …Either way, you cannot be a citizen of other countries. Even if you have 10 kids with a Korean woman or Filipino woman you can never be a citizen. Linh himself is not a citizen of Vietnam and the man was born there! (I assume this is due to the regime change). If things go wrong, there is no financial assistance from foreign governments.

    …Since First World countries won’t take you, probably, you have to settle for Eastern Europe or Southeast Asia. And Eastern Europe is too cold and rainy for my taste, though some Americans love it.

    …Fred waxes lyrical about his sexual rhapsody in Mexico. I lived in Phoenix for a year and have avoided Latin America my entire life. But to each his own.

    …In order to support yourself in Southeast Asia you might find yourself doing jobs you would not do in America. For example, running/owning a girly bar. I’ve told everyone about the Connecticut guy I met in Lapu Lapu Clinton who hated running the girly bar. I asked him why he did it. He told me that after his wife divorced him and got his condominium he ended up homeless and in a shelter where a black crackhead attempted to sexually assault him in the shelter barracks. Finally, he managed to sell his vintage Harley Davidson’s. His girly bar was low-rent but he pulled in about $1000 a month after costs-that is enough to live well in Cebu.

    …Remember, if you fail overseas and you are gone for 15, 20 years you are going to be in a worse situation when you return to America. Linh has relatives in Vietnam. You don’t probably have relatives overseas as a white American because your family immigrated so long ago you’ve lost touch with your family in Europe or they are so distant that maybe your grandparents visited them in Poland or Italy or Ireland twice in your lifetime. You cannot just show up in whichever country your ancestors are from in Europe and say “Oh hi, I’m your cousin 6 time removed because your great-grandfather and my great-grandfather were brothers…mind if I sleep in your house. My side of the family made a mistake immigrating to America and now I need to get out…”

    …Canadians and Australians and New Zealanders have an attitude that white Americans have made their bed and should lie in it. While there is enormous sympathy for Chinese millionaires or Indian emigres in these countries, there is none for Americans. None. Occasionally, Americans will immigrate who fill some niche. In Australia, for example, several thousand air traffic controllers immigrated in 1981.

    …When you live in UK or Oz or NZ you basically have to lie and say you are Canadian. That is how bad anti-American sentiment is. If you CAN immigrate to Oz or NZ, spend about 6 months visiting Canada so you can imitate them (Brits and Aussies cannot tell the difference) although the anti-American Europeans are wise to this now and some will demand to see your passport (In one case I heard of in UK, they even went round to the Americans hostel to demand they showed their passports).

    …Of course if your rich this does not matter. Anti-American sentiment is a way for poor and middle class Leftists to while away their time, rich people won’t care at all.

    …Once you are overseas and have invested your money there, you are pretty much stuck.

    Living overseas is a commitment. Don’t sell the farm unless you are sure about it. And once you have kids overseas, the situation becomes more complicated.

  8. Actually, in February 2015, Donald Trump on a public stage before a huge audience at the CPAC conference, talking to Sean Hannity, Trump himself brought up the subject of Epstein & Clinton, in which Trump confidently said Bill Clinton would have ‘a lot of problems’ with ‘Jeffrey Epstein’s Island’, Trump seemingly unworried about any of his own links to Epstein

    The Jeffrey Epstein arrest has its oddities, and seems to be a very Jewish & Mossad enterprise itself – perhaps both winding down and extending, the honeypot blackmail scheme which was arguably the purpose of the underage girls and politicians on Epstein’s island, that scheme & Epstein’s mysterious ‘wealth’ perhaps largely the creation of ultra-Zionist Jewish billionaire Les Wexner, the original buyer of Epstein’s NYC mansion that was ‘raided’ the other day

    • Replies: @dcite

    Though Shalt Read the Property Laws

    I personally gave my wife $20,000 and said that was all I would spend improving her house (Which was not bad to begin with). Full stop. For that we got tile floors, copper pipes, AC’s in every room. Would I have spent my life savings on our house. No. I’ve seen too many older foreigners lose everything. When you are 70 and roaming the streets of Philippines with nowhere to live and some woman is relaxing in the $1,000,000 house you spent your life savings on…it is not fun.

    Though Shalt Be Wary of Anti-Americanism

    It has no real import in Southeast Asia. But in UK or Europe-and you can tell from some posters here-being an American can lead to endless heated interactions with locals (Usually middle class Bourgeois, not the upper class) who think you are personally responsible for the wars in the ME and every problem down to acid indigestion and, most oddly, that you can solve them. It is dull listening to the dim platitudes of Eurofags. And Eastern Europe would probably be worst.

    Though Shalt Have Money

    Even money won’t get you into countries like Canada or Australia unless you have millions. And then you have no reason to go there in the first place. When I lived in Canada I observed that some Canadians really detested Vietnam-era draft dodgers. In many countries, especially in UK and Commonwealth, there is a heated anti-American streak. Never mind you are fleeing yourself, there are some morons who believe you have the power to stop wars in the ME. And of course their only exposure to the US is old series like IN THE HEAT OF THE NIGHT and they think you lynch black people and are responsible for school shootings. This is less of an issue among the upper-class, it is more a petty bourgeois thing. This is not an issue in Southeast Asia, however.

    Though Shalt Not Question Local Countries Policies

    Be glad you are out of the US and look at it this way. If developing countries were not a cluster-screw, you would not be able to afford to live there.

    Though Shalt Not Commit Crimes

    Jails ain’t four-star in the Philippines. If you are a hardcore druggie, don’t live in abroad. Or live in Western Europe, though Muslims in those jails might kill you for being American. But in Southeast Asia? Marijuana you can buy your way out of but it will run you some money. An eight-ball? No. You’re going to do a year. If you commit some other crime you are crazy. Crazy. Be a law-abiding citizen in Asia. Also, the cops can kick your ass. Always have cash available to pay off cops in SEA or Eastern Europe.

    Though Shalt Not Cross “Market-Dominant Minorities”

    If you cross Chinese or Spanish half-breeds in Philippines, you’re dead. Pack your bags and leave the country in 12 hours. And pray when you get to the airport that they did not call Immigration and tell them to detain you. I knew one Iranian who broke up with a Chinese-Filipino woman and she had him deported. Another older Canadian named Dave married a corrupt female Filipino cop. Big mistake. I have never been to Russia but I would have to assume that if you crossed a Jew there, you’d go into a Gulag. When it comes down to it, regardless of whether the market-dominant minority is a Chinese in the Philippines or Brahmin in India, they can make your life a nightmare. You’ll be lucky to be deported.

    There are about one thousand other commandments but I forget them.

    • Replies: @Buck Ransom
    , @TKK
    , @Anonymous
  10. lavoisier says: • Website

    Very interesting article as usual from this writer.

    I think the key message in this piece besides the recognition that our elites, with few exceptions, are hopelessly corrupt, is that wars impose terrible scars on the people forced to fight these wars.

    The USA has imposed these scars on others while we Americans have remained blissfully ignorant of the costs of these wars.

    We are a dying civilization in no small measure due to our inability to deal honestly with reality.

    • Replies: @Rev. Spooner
  11. Patricus says:

    Yes of course America is the worst place on the planet. All wars and other ills have been caused by Americans. Nothing good ever came from this continent. Even potatos, maize and tomatos are suspicious. Tobacco, an abomination. Europe, Africa and Asia are paradises. Even the moon is more pleasant. Surely all sensible Americans will seek to evacuate this pit of despair. All our brown and yellow immigrants will soon follow. Personally I will remain here because I happen to like it. It will however be nice to be rid of all those who despise the land and people.

  12. @unit472

    A sense of entitlement from those who come from failed cultures and an “I can do it’ attitude from those on the ball.

    I guess no one sees the US finger stirring the pot of failure they cook around the world!

    • Agree: Alfred
    • Replies: @jeff stryker
  13. Thanks again Mr. Dinh, your logic is flawless.
    BTW do you run across many American expats in Vietnam and what do you think of the Da Nang area?

    • Replies: @Linh Dinh
  14. Linh Dinh says: • Website

    Hi 2stateshmustate,

    In Ea Kly, there are no Westerners, but there’s a Swiss guy one town over, and I’ve met him. He came to Vietnam intending to bicycle from the Chinese border to Ca Mau, its southernmost tip, but as he traveled he fell in love with the country and decided to stay.

    I asked him if he liked Vietnamese food, and he said that he had had tongue cancer, so couldn’t taste anything. I asked his middle-aged Vietnamese wife if she liked Swiss food, and she said the one time she tried fondue, she had to try her best to not retch in front of him.

    In Saigon’s District 6, there are a few white English teachers, and at least one black guy, and I would see them zooming by on their motorbikes or eating somewhere, but very rarely. Most foreigners are downtown, a good hike away.

    I’ve only met a couple of Americans in Vietnam, and they are featured in this article.

    I understand that Da Nang is now heavily developed and touristy, but I haven’t been there, so I can’t say anything about it.


  15. Truth says:

    Every four years, they string up another pinata for half the country to whack at, and with sinister amusement, they abet street tussles so Americans can claw at each other, just like on Jerry Springer. Neo Nazi incels quake in their jackboots at the thought of being jumped by a gaggle of crossdressing, Mao quoting wusses. Wake me when real traitors die.

    Linh, you are too smart for this board. Most of us anyway. Of course I give you a run for your money but, that goes without saying I think.

    The American mainstream media can no longer gloss over Jeffrey Epstein and his many victims, and maybe this time, a few big names will be sacrificed, but whatever happens next, you can be sure the sick framework of American society will remain perfectly intact, so that our overlords can go on screwing the peasants, of any age.

    Right again, with one small quibble: The Epstein thing is just another chimera. He’s probably be sentenced and put on an island somewhere, then flown back to the US to prison every few months so that he can take a few pictures, just like OJ.

    How do I know? because he was procuring women. The powerful “men” in his inner circle are all homos, all powerful men above a certain level are, so this would not appeal to them. If he got arrested for pimping 13 year-old boys it would be more believable.

    A friend in LA in the “entertainment” industry told me some years back that they were going to close the playboy mansion, this was probably 2 years before it happened. I thought at the time it sounded stupid, but 2 years later…

    The Playboy mansion was really never anything but a whorehouse in which business deals were made. My friend told me that they were closing the mansion because they could no longer find rich, powerful, old white men who were interested in women, or even the surgically-enhanced boys working for this organization, whom they spent 6-figures on to convince people that were women…

    C’est la vie.

  16. @jeff stryker

    Germany used to have a “Right of Return.”

    Maybe Ireland as well.

    I’ve been tempted to start a magazine or a blog called Expats Today. It would feature stories like Fred’s, Linh’s and other expats.

    • Replies: @jeff stryker
    , @theMann
    , @Johann
  17. M says:

    Have to say I’m a little disappointed that there was been no mainstream media coverage of Linh’s unpersoning. Its particularly galling when every third rate neo nazi loser with a podcast gets the full new yorker profile treatments after their dox.

    Can’t they talk about an interesting “racist” person?

  18. @Linh Dinh

    Thank you very much for your reply!
    Yes, I’m trying to figure out a way to get over there and do some exploring.
    As you are probably aware there are countless You Tube videos extolling the wonderfulness of Vietnam. For me I’m attracted to the long ocean coast. And the food sounds pretty darned good too.

  19. Linh Dinh says: • Website

    Hi M,

    They’re not slamming Ron Unz either, and that’s because they don’t want to draw any attention to what Unz has to say. Their main brainwashing tactic is distraction.


    • Replies: @Jonathan Revusky
  20. Linh Dinh says: • Website

    Hi M,

    This May, a very minor poet with a tiny audience was outed by the Philadelphia Inquirer and New York Post as a former skinhead, and even USA Today covered this, “The city’s second poet laureate, who focused on taking poetry to neighborhoods and the city’s young people, has been outed as a former white nationalist. In the late 1980s, Frank Sherlock was a 19-year-old skinhead and vocalist for a white nationalist punk band called New Glory. He says that period is shameful for him. He says he never considered himself a racist but had a limited worldview and has since transformed. ”

    They used that tiny incident to push their message, with full cooperation from a contrite Sherlock. They know which midgets they can toss into the ring.


  21. Linh Dinh says: • Website

    Hi M,

    Sherlock grew up poor and white in Philly, and has worked for over two decades as a bouncer in Center City, Philadelphia, so it’s fair to assume he knows more than most about race and crime in urban America. To advance one’s poetry “career,” one has to speak correctly on all issues, and Sherlock surely did, until his teenage past caught up with him.


    • Replies: @jeff stryker
  22. SafeNow says:

    First-rate travel writing — reminds me of Paul Theroux’s gift for place descriptions, and the telling human encounter, and more. But I differ with the statement that the U.S.’s left vs. right division has “merely resulted in bad theater.” Losing the affection and respect of one’s family and friends, being regarded as a bad person, all for the sin of being politically moderate, is not merely bad theater. Signing-off from California.

    • Replies: @TKK
  23. dfordoom says: • Website
    @jeff stryker

    While there is enormous sympathy for Chinese millionaires or Indian emigres in these countries, there is none for Americans. None.

    When you live in UK or Oz or NZ you basically have to lie and say you are Canadian. That is how bad anti-American sentiment is.

    Australians of previous generations were quite anti-American. My uncle was in the army in WW2 and encountered quite a few Americans and had nothing but contempt for them.

    But then Australians of those generations didn’t have much time for the English either. In fact they were pretty throughly disliked.

    We don’t mind New Zealanders (except on the rugby field) but we don’t really think of New Zealand as a real country.

    • Replies: @Alfred
  24. @Linh Dinh

    MR. LINH

    I am from Southeast Michigan and the skinhead scene was mostly centered around Ska or hardcore bands like GG Allin in the late eighties. In Flint, they were mostly Polish-Americans and even some Jews.

    They were never a gang because they had no illegal economy to stand on-they never sold crack cocaine, the big earner in the late eighties for street gangs. Their only criminal enterprise was selling bootleg G.G. Allin tapes and CD’s.

    To even compare them to gangs like Azn Boys or Vietnamese street gangs in Texas would be unfair.

  25. @Si1ver1ock

    I’m German-American and was not aware of this; still, I probably would not return to Munich. My grandparent’s old neighborhood was a Kebab stand and as Kurdish as a village in Northern Turkey.

    • Replies: @Ajeoshi
  26. @Patricus


    This depends on who you are and what your personal situation is. If you earn over $40,000 a year and live in a suburb and have young children then becoming an expat would be a rather foolish decision.

    If you are a poor urban white or worse, a black in the inner-city, a bachelor and far past the age when anything is going to go well in your career in America…then you might as well move to Asia. You can afford to live better. A nice new bungalow on the water is better than a trailer on the windy Great Plains.

    • Replies: @Patricus
  27. @Patricus

    Don’t take this wrong but yours was a silly comment, it doesn’t even make the grade as humour. Of course America is not the worst place on the planet nor are the American people the worst people on the planet but, some of the worst places on the planet would be much better than they are now if they had been left alone by America and, the American people themselves would be better off too had America left those places alone.

    • Agree: Jacques Sheete
    • Replies: @jeff stryker
    , @Patricus
  28. eah says:

    In Saigon, dull faced fat kids can now be found waddling everywhere.

    Man what a shame — is there a lot of processed food available there? — processed food full of carbohydrates, especially unnatural ones like high fructose corn syrup, are prime suspects in the ‘obesity epidemic’ — too many human bodies are just not capable of handling that stuff.

    • Replies: @Linh Dinh
    , @SBaker
  29. eah says:

    every third rate neo nazi loser

    Please provide a list of same — also your definition of “neo nazi” (I generally know what you mean by “loser”).

  30. Linh Dinh says: • Website

    Hi eah,

    As people make more money, they overstuff their kids with food, and keep them indoors, with the air conditioners on. These kids don’t run around, but stay glued to their smartphone or television. There are gyms popping up everywhere, but these are for adults.

    There aren’t nearly enough parks, and most are small, not suitable for soccer, the most popular sport here. There are exercise machines in parks, and free aerobic dancing sessions at some of them. Here’s one lady I taped:


  31. @NoseytheDuke


    If you are an African-American retiree with $1000 a month than Philippines is much better than your inner-city neighborhood. You can afford a nice subdivision rental in the Philippines surrounded by Chinese merchant families and pay a house servant to clean once a week and even get married.

    As for American missionary wars, they have taken a toll on the US. Look at the country before George Bush and look at it now.

  32. @Linh Dinh

    MR. LINH

    Rice is pure carbs. It is glucose-convertible pure starch that is a mainline to diabetes. Which is why that is common in SEA.

    Curiously, acquired Diabetes seems to hit longtime foreigners who are not adapted to rice at every meal and sugar in every staple. Northern Europeans with no history of Type 2 Diabetes acquire it in SEA, especially elderly ones.

  33. @Linh Dinh

    They’re not slamming Ron Unz either, and that’s because they don’t want to draw any attention to what Unz has to say.

    Well, actually, I have great doubts as to whether even Ron Unz wants to draw that much attention to what Ron Unz has to say. That’s why his long articles are so unreadable. Even taking into account that Ron is hardly the world’s greatest writer, I think it must be deliberate.

    It’s also why all the real political dissident writing of value here is mixed up with all the racist dirtbaggery. I don’t know whether that stuff has reached the “jumping the shark” point. There was a recent one in which the author was claiming that Black people are simply incapable of appreciating classical music, a musical form created by “high IQ” white Europeans.

    My God, what’s next? White people can’t appreciate Chinese food, I guess. They’re not racially qualified.

    And I suppose Tiger Woods can’t play golf and all those various Pakis can’t play cricket because those games were invented by white Europeans.

    I’ve broached the topic to various people that their “brand” is devalued when their writing gets mixed up with all this idiotic garbage, but they poo-poo the idea. Well, I guess when your central organizing principle in life is attention whoring, then…

    • Replies: @eah
    , @Budd Dwyer
  34. Patricus says:
    @jeff stryker

    It seems a good idea for some, as you describe. If one had family or friends in the states I suppose there is an 18 hour flight and thousands in air fares. With the internet one could always communicate.

    • Replies: @jeff stryker
  35. Patricus says:

    My lame attempt at humor (or humour). Are you from old Blighty? Not the best platform from which to judge “Imperial America”. If you are Canadian or Australian please excuse me and feel free to condemn blood thirsty Americans.

    I get it. America’s overseas interventions have been a bitter waste. That includes the world wars of the 20th century and just about everything since then.

  36. @jeff stryker

    Very interesting stuff. Type up the other thousand when you remember them.

    • Replies: @jeff stryker
  37. Spike says:

    And that’s where these Muslim terrorists in Europe and the US come from – the entitled loser generation.

    • Replies: @MartinAlaskan
  38. TKK says:
    @jeff stryker

    I appreciate this insight and info.

    It would be source of constant insomnia to buy property in a country where I was not a citizen and perhaps had no judicial recourse if the deed suddenly reverted to another owner. I remember foreigners cannot buy property in Indonesia, which was shame because this was when beachfront was $500 on Lombok.

    When I can afford it, it seems the best way to will be to buy a large tract of land in the USA where no one else wants to live (cold and desolate) , pay my taxes and cut off contact with all media and news for peace.

    • Replies: @jeff stryker
  39. TKK says:

    Love Theroux.

    Last Train to Zona Verde was wonderfully blunt and non-PC. First rate travel writing. Made me resolute that I would never visit Sub Sahara Africa.

    This is one of his previous descriptions of Africa:

    a place of “fungal infections, petty extortion, mocking lepers, dreary bedrooms, bad food, and exploding bowels”.

    • Replies: @utu
  40. Mr. Linh, next time don’t skip those “gnarly chicken feet”. They are eaten for medicinal purposes. After a meal of chicken feet I feel the increased strength in my hands, the gnarly strength of a roosters feet coursing through them. Hold the little bones in your mouth and use your teeth to get all the translucent, gummy tendon-like material, when you spit out the little bones they should be completely clean, then you get the full medicinal power. The chicken feet in your photo look excellent, made me want to eat the whole plate. Used to be easy to find in Toronto, not anymore. I could eat a plate of water snake too, good for your circulation.

  41. @Linh Dinh

    she said the one time she tried fondue, she had to try her best to not retch in front of him

    Isn’t that everyone’s reaction to fondue?

  42. @Buck Ransom


    Thou Shalt Not Deposit All Money in Local Banks

    It is rare, but especially in Eastern Europe and SEA political ructions occur and your life savings can be repossessed. Keep them in Switzerland or the US, not the Philippines.

    Though Shalt Investigate Your Female Partners

    This one is important. Leighton was a scrap dealer in Vegas who met a Filipino woman-a nurse I believe. They fell in love, or so she led him on to believe. He purchased her a house in the Philippines and sold his business in Vegas. He flew to the Philippines and the front door was open. His wife-to-be was already married and her husband was sitting in the living room on the couch Leighton had furnished the house he bought his wife with. It all belonged to her under Philippine Law. Leighton had bought a house for a woman who was already married and not interested in him.

    Though Shalt Beware of May-September Relationships

    It is wonderful to be able to have a 20 year old girlfriend when you are 60 and look like Fred Reed. In America, this would never happen. Or if it did it would be some chilly female law student moonlighting as a call girl who lay beneath you like a dead fish. But remember that she is with you for your money.

    Though Shalt Choose Survival Businesses Carefully

    Owning a girly bar is an awful occupation. It really is. Some Americans do it because they would be sleeping in their hometown park otherwise. But this particular occupation is dangerous, dirty and not really that rewarding. You’ll get brawls. You’ll cope with dancers who discover they have contracted AIDS. You’ll get corrupt cops on the take. You’ll have to stay awake until 2 am every night.

  43. Sean says:

    The Donald and Bill were also friends with one Jeffrey Epstein, owner of the infamous Lolita Express and a sex orgy, sex slave island in the Caribbean.

    Not even Charlie Sheen did orgies or let the help watch. They have a room in their mansion.

    • Replies: @jeff stryker
  44. @J. Gutierrez


    Americans are not the problem in Mexico, as we have discussed. It is white Hispanics from important old Andalusian families like yours who refer to give the Aztecs and Yaqui and Mayans any of your table scraps.

    Of course we have argued that American supports these white ruling elite. Most of the time. Not always. Castro’s parents were from Spain and he is white as snow but the Americans never supported him.

    But of course he never attended Harvard. Leaders like Vincente Fox made their contacts in US Ivy League colleges with future US politicians and CIA Chiefs and Economic Hit men. Sometimes these relationships in the dormitories of Yale or Harvard become homosexual and the bonds are there for life.

    Leftist leaders, on the other hand, usually come up the ranks through the military. Or police. Like Hugo the Indian from Venezuela these Leftist leaders did not come from rich old Basque or Andalusian families and never went to Yale where they made contacts with future leaders.

    • Agree: Haole
    • Replies: @Disordered D
  45. @Patricus

    Round trip tickets anywhere are now all $1500. That is cattle-class. Business more expensive, I’ve rarely ridden it. I’ve been riding cattle-class my entire life.

    Anyhow, if you are a black retiree in the US inner-city (The Hood) or white pensioner in a horrid trailer park overrun by meth addicts, whiggers and single mother sluts with mulatto bastard children then living in Asia is a better option. One day of travel is better than crack addicts outside your neighbor’s door everyday, junkies in alleyways with baseball bats, irascible short-tempered police who sometimes shoot civilians, racial conflict regardless of your color, squalor and so on. It is hard to believe such things go on in a developed country like the United States but of course they do.

    Anyhow, you’d have to have $400 a month minimum to live in SEA (And more in Eastern Europe). So if you are so poor you cannot afford a plane flight, then you obviously you have no option but to live in the rural poverty or urban squalor.

    A surprising number of poor people are patriotic. That is what is odd. Perhaps they have to be. Middle-class small-time bourgeois like myself are not at all patriotic. And the ruling elite see running the country as a business, not for love of country. But many of the poor don’t adapt well overseas. They are sons of the soil who love their country.

    Whereas middle-class white Americans or Europeans easily fetch up overseas. Nothing in Southeast Michigan means much to me.

    • Replies: @Patricus
  46. Cowboy [AKA "Kartoffelstampfer"] says:
    @Linh Dinh


    South East Asia in general and Cambodia in particular are famous for under age prostitution/pedophilia (depending on how one sees it). During the war we can be certain that thousands of GI’s had sex with Vietnamese hookers under the age of consent.

    Are the Vietnamese aware of Epstein, and if they are, what do they think of “grooming” 14 year olds? Hasn’t that been going on in SE Asia for centuries? Or do they think that whites are finally getting a taste of their own medicine?

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  47. Ajeoshi says:
    @jeff stryker


    I visited your ancestor land 2 times in the last decade. One time was in early summer 2012, right before I moved to HK. I spent 2 weeks there for business (one of the companies in our portfolio, a Chinese one, was taking over a local German group) in Wurzburg, Munich and Frankfurt.

    I absolutely loved it, both the professional and overall experience: people work hard but rationally, everybody by 7:20 am is already sitting at the desk with just a minimal lunch break during the day and by 4 pm you’re out of the office , free to enjoy life in compact, reasonably sized, reasonably priced (except Frankfurt) pleasant cities.

    Wealth appeared to be everywhere but it was quite discreet rather than crass and ostentatious like you see on full display in London, NYC or the most modern Asian cities.

    Third-world immigrants were visible in large numbers, no doubt about that, but still the whole place communicated a sense of cleaniness, order and business getting done. Frankfurt was the only place that appeared little bit sketchy at night (particularly and not surprisingly the train station area), outside of the glitzy Singaporesque downtown area.

    After that trip I had to visit Paris for a week: the difference was striking and shocking, suffice to say it was probably the only time in my life I went back to Italy feeling that I finally returned to civilization.

    Fast-forward 5 years and me, my wife and my son decide to spend a 2 weeks holiday in Eastern and Central Europe. In Germany we visited Berlin, Frankfurt and Munich again.

    Berlin is a typical modern capital city: scarcely anything or anybody German there with a glossy layer of Dubai-like wealth presiding over large pockets of poverty. Homeless everywhere, dirt, drug addicts, impossible prices etc. basically another mini NYC or SF.

    The worst decline though, comparatively speaking, was visible in Munich and Frankfurt. Now admittedly Germany is still far away from full-fledged mondo bizzarro territory, unlike France, Italy or Belgium. Still the decay was everywhere: in downtown Frankfurt (spit distance from the ECB tower) i saw a mass-arrest operation with dozens of middle eastern looking guys handcuffed and with their face on the floor. In Munich we risked to get arrested because we raised a huge stink after my wife was groped by a waiter while we were waiting to be seated in a Turkish restaurant, begging appeared widespread etc.

    I dread to think what will happen in the next 10 years to this fine and lovely land.

    • Replies: @jeff stryker
  48. eah says:
    @Jonathan Revusky

    There was a recent one in which the author was claiming that Black people are simply incapable of appreciating classical music, a musical form created by “high IQ” white Europeans.

    That was not the point of the article — only in a relatively short passage at the end (Appreciation of Classical Music Correlated with Intelligence) does the author touch on the subject of whether (apparent) lack of appreciation for classical music by non-whites, specifically NAMs, as measured by the number of NAM classical musicians and lack of NAM attendance at classical concerts, may be tied to the lower (average) intelligence of these groups — in doing so he primarily cites the work of others, eg Satoshi Kanazawa — and reading the article in its entirety, it seems clear he only did this as part of his larger effort to counter claims that the nature of classical music is ‘racist’ or ‘white supremacist’ — he documents and tries to refute these claims throughout the article.

    So nice try but another epic fail you dumb boomer faggot.

  49. For my money, Dinh is the most incisive writer on contemporary America.

  50. … but whatever happens next, you can be sure the sick framework of American society will remain perfectly intact, so that our overlords can go on screwing the peasants, of any age.


  51. @unit472

    … A sense of entitlement from those who come from failed cultures …

    That pretty well describes ‘Merkin and Israeli snot-nosed brats and sadists, in fact.

  52. theMann says:

    Ireland changed its Laws around 1999, but formerly, one could claim citizenship if one grandparent was born in Ireland and was an Irish citizen.

    Just my luck all my grandparents were born in the US, but 5 of 8 great grandparents were born in Ireland.

    I have become Texan through and through and wouldn’t live elsewhere, but if I had to Ireland and Aquitaine would top my list.

  53. @TKK



    Some guys who are divorced and have adult kids decide to start over and start a new family in their fifties.

    Guys who start a second family often seem weary. That would be my impression. Few have the energy and to see some guy in his fifties looking weary because he now has two kids is familiar to me.

  54. @Ajeoshi


    When I was young, my relatives village outside Munich was quite nice. Nicer than my grandparents neighborhood in Detroit.

    Unlike Sicilian-Americans, who would often be shocked at how poor their cousins were, I left Germany at age 10 in 1984 thinking that the rich people in our family stayed in Germany.

    When I returned in college in 1995, a military complex nearby had been expanded and it was more seedy. Drunken US soldiers staggered around. Turks loitered around offering drugs-hashish and ecstasy were the popular ones then. There were more beer gardens and porno stores/strip clubs (Obviously servicing the US soldiers and Turks who were not going to be spending their disposable income at museums).

    Ten years later I returned for a cousin’s wedding in 2005 and while this was before the refugee crisis, it seemed like a Souk. Arab kids peddled drugs openly. There were more addicts and as you say, homeless. The sad thing was that they were Germans. I saw no homeless Arabs. The base had been closed. There were a surprising number of brothels we passed in downtown Munich. My own family told me the Eurodollar had lowered the standard of living for everyone in Germany. Oddly enough, the only nice areas were Italian restaurants and boutiques. Italians lend a little style everywhere.

    Things seemed to have gone downhill. Partly the EU, partly the influx of Muslims.

  55. @Sean

    Charlie Sheen never did orgies?

    He never did less than six people at a time.

    • Replies: @Sean
  56. GMC says:

    Like reading this Author – never knew or read many people from Vietnam – after my tour in 70 -71. Mr. linh is the first – would like to meet him someday. Great sence of humour – to bad the Jews didn’t think so.

  57. Budd Dwyer [AKA "Anon000"] says:
    @Jonathan Revusky

    Well, actually, I have great doubts as to whether even Ron Unz wants to draw that much attention to what Ron Unz has to say. That’s why his long articles are so unreadable. Even taking into account that Ron is hardly the world’s greatest writer, I think it must be deliberate.

    Ron Unz is is apparently a decent enough guy who doesn’t hold grudges because he’s allowed you to continue to post on UR after repeated warnings for you to stop your personal attacks on people. And he even allowed you to post that lame-ass essay questioning the existence of Betty Ong based on laughable internet research.* He admitted he allowed you to post it because he felt sorry for you and your incessant begging in emails to him.

    Maybe you can get a job at Linh’s recycling plant and for once in your trustifarian life do something useful.

    * FYI, I know someone who witnessed AA Flight 77 fly into the Pentagon.

  58. Ajeoshi says:

    I’ve never been to Vietnam, never had the chance for work and when it comes to leisure trips for some reason some other palatable option always comes up, it is a pity because my general impression is that it’s an extremely remarkable culture.

    For a series of reasons I do not think the world will see the rise of another Asian tiger like Korea, Taiwan, or Singapore. Basically I suspect the whole humanity is bound for middle income status, but if I had to pick a new Asian star I’d definitely go for Vietnam.

    • Replies: @nebulafox
  59. SBaker says:

    The obesity epidemic has naught to do with high fructose corn syrup, sucrose, or whatever sugar. Fructose is found in high concentrations in fruit naturally, if natural is your forte, but a chemical is a chemical whether natural or synthesized by man. The driver for obesity is the massive increase in caloric intake coupled with lack of exercise. Calories in = Calories out (expended)

    • Agree: MartinAlaskan
    • Replies: @eah
  60. SBaker says:

    I see negligible difference between Epstein and allahs prophet, Moohammand. Both were rapists and users of children for fun and profit.

  61. Johann says:

    Twenty years ago I got my fathers birth certificate from Dublin. I filled out the application for an Irish passport and loband behold I have an Irish passport which is valid in any EU country. Irony is that my father was born in Northern Ireland and emigrated to America with a British passport. I still have lots of cousins in NÍ with whom I have been in contact all my life and so I do have a place to go to, however with the recent transformation of Ireland into a semi Moslem land I am anxious to go there.

  62. utu says:

    Theroux has no love for places he visits.

  63. @Spike

    “And that’s where these Muslim terrorists in Europe and the US come from – the entitled loser generation.”

    That’s a huge part of it.

    I live in Brussels (25% Muslim population) and it’s the children and grandchildren of Moroccan immigrants, a group that has many more opportunity than the Moroccan “youth” back in Morocco, who have joined ISIS in the greatest numbers for the Muslims who came from the Western world.

    From Brussels, this one city of little over one million people, almost as many Muslims have joined ISIS as the number of Muslims who have joined ISIS from the entire, 320 million people-strong, USA.

    Brussels’ local, born-and-bred Muslims are, as you said, “the entitled loser generation” of our “Belgian”-Muslim population: spoiled punks, high school dropouts, petty thieves and violent criminals, unemployable useless deadbeats who blamed non-Muslims for blowing all the chances they were automatically given by being born into the non-Muslim Western world.

    These ISIS sex slaving throat cutters have been allowed to return from their jihad-holiday to their waiting welfare checks and free apartments here in Brussels as if nothing had happened – they have truly gotten away, scot-free, with rape and murder on an industrial scale

  64. @jeff stryker

    When you live in UK or Oz or NZ you basically have to lie and say you are Canadian. That is how bad anti-American sentiment is.

    Complete rubbish. I know more than a dozen Septic/Brit marriages personally. Nobody cares, and very much like the idea of an additional excuse for a booze-up/barbie in early July.

    The Scots and the Irish wish they were American, and ape their (rural styles) to a cringe-making degree. Right down to Confed. flag stickers on their trucks, and line-dancing.

    After the carry-on at the cricket on Sunday, one or two of the phone-ins were from Americans resident here saying (and this is what baffled me) that they (i) loved the raucous atmosphere, and (ii) understood what was going on on the field almost completely.
    That really is outrageous. No North or South American is supposed to be able to understand it at all. Kind of the whole point.

    some will demand to see your passport (In one case I heard of in UK, they even went round to the Americans hostel to demand they showed their passports).

    Stay away from scuzzy hostels run by bearded pakis, then.

    • Replies: @jeff stryker
  65. eah says:

    Sorry, but yours is the naive conventional explanation which appears to be wrong, just like most of the official diet advice for the last nearly 100 years (eg eat less fat) — you should read a book like ‘Good Calories, Bad Calories’ by Gary Taubes (also his latest ‘The Case Against Sugar’) — or any of the many blogs that follow real modern diet science, as opposed to the bad, agenda-driven diet science of the last century or so.

    Also read about the ‘paleo diet’, ie what humans ate in the ‘hunter gatherer’ era, before the advent of modern agriculture — basically, if you take a piece of bread, and scrunch it down into a ball in your hand, then eat it, the physiological effect (change in blood sugar) is the same as if you had eaten a sugar ball of the same size — modern agriculture introduced concentrated carbohydrates into the human diet far more quickly than humans could adapt.

    Also look into the work of Weston Price, one of the first to do valuable research into the so-called ‘diseases of modern civilization’ and their connection to diet — eg diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, dental caries, cancer, etc — he found all of those were largely absent in ‘primitive’ cultures where the people still ate in a way consistent with the ‘hunter gatherer’ diet of our ancestors.

    Fruit has fructose but in the nowhere near the concentration found in high fructose corn syrup or fruit juice (it is a disgrace that OJ is pushed as a healthy drink when it is in reality little more than sugar water — you can get as much vit C by eating cabbage).

    The rapid rise in the per capita consumption of high fructose corn syrup correlates well with the equally rapid rise in obesity and the above-named ‘diseases of modern civilization’ (also with the increased consumption of foods of convenience/processed foods — look at the ingredients of everything you buy and note how often these foods contain high fructose corn syrup, or have sugar as the first or one of the major ingredients).

  66. SBaker says:

    I’m well aware of diseases of modern civilization, but, I don’t recognize these guys as nutrition scientists that publish in the referred journals. I have a degree in chemistry with an emphasis in biochemistry, so I know a far amount about calories and how they are processed. I don’t deny high fructose corn syrup is high in calories and some people are consuming more than their fair share. That’s the point, calories in = calories out. Modern agriculture, like any other modern technology has nothing to do with high fructose corn syrup which is processed from corn–it’s field corn, most of which goes for livestock feed. A calorie is a calorie unless you are claiming that somehow there is a new calorie that violates the established definition of calorie–the energy needed to raise the temperature of 1 gram of water through 1 °C (now usually defined as 4.1868 joules). BTW, there have been fat people for centuries, nobles, rulers, and the other sloths. Did they eat high fructose corn syrup? Also, fat is very calorie dense too. Excess caloric intake makes people, animals, and microbes fat.

    • LOL: eah
    • Replies: @Alfred
    , @eah
  67. @Cowboy

    The Vietnamese didn’t take kindly to Garry Glitter grooming their 14 year old girls while he was teaching them English. In fact they threw him in jail and deported him.

    • Replies: @warbling j turpitude
  68. @Budd Dwyer

    How many witnesses to planes flying into the pentagon do you want? $5 each. Betty Ong Buttons $3 each. Holocaust survivors $0.50 or $10 for thirty. Millions available. Serious inquiries only.

    • Replies: @Alfred
  69. @Budd Dwyer

    FYI, AA Flight 77 did not fly into the Pentagon, no plane did. Perhaps a missile or some other flying object did and your friend saw that and now swears it was a commercial plane due to media influence.
    Whatever, no commercial airliner flew into the Pentagon so stop spreading porkies.

    • Agree: By-tor
  70. dcite says:

    Trump banned Epstein from his own island after Epstein assaulted the 14 yr old daughter of an employee; Trump also brought testified against Epstein by going to the police himself in 2010. The police publicly commented on that. He was not friends with Epstein, and even any “chummy” acquaintance would not have extended beyond 20o3. The only time he had any flights with an Epstein was catching a ride from Florida to NY with Epstein’s son. It is inevitable that the very rich in NYC, meet and sometimes appear to be “chummy.” But pedos have been arrested in huge numbers since 2017 and assets of known human traffickers were seized in December 2017 causing about 1000 resignations of many CEOs.
    Indeed, this is probably a brilliant strategy. All the Trump haters will tune in to see the non-existent connection of Trump and Epstein, just as they tuned in for the non-existent meddling of the Russian’s on Trump’s behalf in 2016. They keep trying. And in the act, they see who the real villains are. Someday people will look back and wonder at how so many could miss what was really happening right under the noses.

  71. nebulafox says:

    I wouldn’t bet against Vietnam by any means. Those people are too tough to stay down for long at any rate. But the way things are going… tremendous vitality, the rate those PISA scores are going up and that investment in infrastructure and STEM… and let’s not forget the advantage that all Asian countries seem to have: their elite doesn’t actively hate middle and lower class Vietnamese, unlike in the West.

    The corruption needs to be reigned in before it becomes an albatross, to be sure, but even that: the way they shot those top level banksters, the men in Hanoi aren’t fooling around. They are determined to vault into 1st world status over the next few decades.

    Anywhom, yeah, I agree with you: next time in SEA, I intend to spend more time in Vietnam.

  72. @Expletive Deleted

    You have it backwards to a degree about the Scottish and Irish. The rural Americans are descended from them and the caravan culture and line dancing and the rest of their culture came from NI and Scotland.

    The “Klan” was founded by the son of Scottish minister (Thomas Dixon) and burning crosses was a based on the Klan Tara (Calling Scots clans to arms).

    Because many of these Scottish families actually immigrated from Northern Ireland to the United States, they were nominally Irish by birth but these Americans will refer to themselves as “Scots-Irish”.

    Pakistanis don’t run hostels or bedsits.

    • Replies: @Hank Yobo
  73. Sean says:
    @jeff stryker

    Six eightballs at a time more like.

    • Replies: @jeff stryker
  74. Anonymous[136] • Disclaimer says:
    @jeff stryker

    Rather bleak read on the Philippines, where I have been retired for 5 years going on to 6. Married to a Filipina, my third — and best wife. We lived together for one and a half years, before I made up my mind to continue my retirement here. Did this to avoid some horror stories I’ve read of people losing everything to their unscrupulous Filipina partners/spouses. But then even if I had that kind of money, I wouldn’t buy a $ 1 million house for anybody anywhere, save for my parents. My worst experience: had one break-in to my apartment and the thieves took 15k Pisos and an iPhone. Other than that, I feel very comfortable here. I wish Angeles City were less touristy. That raises the cost of living not to mention the girly bars, drugs, prostitution and the crime that go with the territory. But that is hardly unique to the Philippines. Same in Latin America, Africa and several other developing South East Asian countries. All in all, nothing short of a major and violent political upheaval would force me out of the country.

    Reading Linh’s writings seems to provide some reassurance on the real, not virtual, lives being lived here. Linh makes no pretense of celebrating poverty, neither does he condemn it outright. He projects a quality in the warmth and spontaneity of the people that would be hard to come by in the States.

    The income of most citizens here is just as Linh describes: essentially subsistence. And maybe that is why the peoples of this part of the world appear to be inveterate jokers, their sense of humor always on hand; it maybe the coping mechanism for the poor. For some odd reason, I developed a sense of belonging here after a few months which I never had living in the States for almost 40 years. Citizenship is out of the question. One expat I know waited 20 years before becoming a citizen here. That is understandable in a small country of over 100m and counting. And with over 2m workers overseas, plus 4m immigrants in the US, that is perfectly understandable.

    • Replies: @jeff stryker
  75. Anonymous[136] • Disclaimer says:

    Northern Vietnamese call just about everyone a greater uncle (bác) or lesser one (chú)

    Very familiar. Kids of friends I have visited in the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, some African countries I have been to used to call me Uncle; they have the same deference to age. Same thing in the Philippines. Interesting. Not so in America. I’m not your uncle, would be the more likely response by an American adult being called “uncle” by a total young stranger.

  76. Great piece, Linh! I hope all is well.

  77. I lived in rural Scotland for decades.
    I do know the country’s history. Inside out. Doesn’t account for the rebel bumper stickers and ubiquitous baseball caps. Even cowboy hats, just like William Wallace wore.

    I don’t know what you did to get people’s back up to that extent. Americans are generally popular and admired/envied, even in England where I am now. The only guaranteed haters are guardianista Norflanden types, other “liberals”/losers and of course the aforementioned bearded/be-burka’d conquerors.

    Slumlording bedsits in all sizeable cities is a paki/hindu speciality. Even in Glasgow. They’ve taken over from Jews to a great extent.
    They also appear to run all the Travelodges and the like (sort of motels) in the country. With African gofers and “cleaners”.
    Did you mean traditional granny-run B&Bs? Or AirB&B? Run by all sorts of shady characters, as well as by perfectly honest normies with a bit of house to spare. There’s going to be the mother of all crackdowns on that soon. The hoteliers want it killed, and the Revenue is salivating horribly.

    Backpackers’ hostels I widnae ken aboot. I avoid them. Dodgy places mainly infested by the tidal wave of eurotrash, druggies and domestic crusties that rocks up every summer to prey on the tourists and even uni students in places like Edinburgh and London.

    I can well believe those sorts of places would pull stunts with passports. Probably trying to switch for fakes or something, I dunno the details of the interminable scams around Western passports, like with credit cards in restaurants run by The Enrichment.
    It’s a regular cottage industry here. Students who unwisely take passports instead of a (provisional) driving licence to clubs/bars, for ID, will find often them unaccountably missing at the end of the night, even though they’ve only quickly shown them to .. the bouncers.

  78. Alfred says:

    Australians of those generations didn’t have much time for the English either

    My Egyptian uncle, he is 95 now, remembers seeing Australian soldiers on the rampage in Cairo during WW2. They took over the city for a few days and beat up every British officer they could find. He was actually in a famous café – Groppi’s – when some Aussie soldiers barged in and beat up the British officers who were entertaining themselves.

    They were mad with the British officers who were giving the orders. They were angry at constantly retreating.

    You will not find that in any history book.

    BTW, Australians were taller and stronger on average than British soldiers during WW1 and WW2 – because they had a better diet.

  79. @Anonymous


    My closest brush with danger was firing a Chinese-Filipino who was himself a worthless drunk but came from a powerful Chinese-Filipino family. In that instance, my landlords were Ayala and one of them called this Chinese-Filipino and resolved what could have been a bad dispute.

    I lived in Cebu and cannot comment on Luzon at all. Common or garden drug-fueled crimes agains foreigners have plummeted now that shabu addicts have all quit out of fear of their life, been shot dead or jailed.

    Koreans seem to suffer the most degree of crime and this was due to their own unpleasantness towards Filipinos and inability to mind their manners. One Korean in my Barangay was shot dead after numerous abuses of locals.

    Most of the worst scams against foreigners are online and involve some guy who never went overseas in his life and never did his homework about property laws and was carrying around a bunch of anger towards his American ex-wife and was on the rebound as far as relationships go.

    I should state I was in my thirties in the Philippines and was there to do business, first and foremost. I never intended to marry or live in the country for the rest of my life; my own mistress was a Chinese-Filipino businesswoman/divorcee who owned a pet shop franchise and was hardly after my money.

    In so far as subsistence goes, I’ve met many retirees from the inner-city or rural trailer parks who were nice older men who just did not have the money to move out of awful places in the US. If you live in Section 8 or a trailer park your quality of life will be higher in the Philippines hands down.

    Since there is no welfare or social safety net anyhow, why become a citizen? Serves no point.

    As for owning land, one Filipino businessman pointed out that if foreigners were allowed to own property Japan and Korea would own all of Palawan.

  80. @Sean


    I’m sure Sheen attended a few orgies in his time.

  81. Alfred says:

    Excess carbohydrates are stored as fat and a rapid return of hunger and the urge to eat more carbohydrates.

    Excess fat leads to loss of hunger and a reduced desire to eat more.

    It is true that calories in and calories out must equal (assuming body fat remains constant), but that statement does not explain hunger and human behaviour.

    • Replies: @Sbaker
  82. @Expletive Deleted

    “Guardianista types”

    Yes, these people have all day to hound Americans about Trump (Or Bush, when I was young). However these types tend to be unemployed so they have time on their hands. An Aberdeen banker is not going to waste his time following around some penniless American backpacker drooling about the Evil Empire.

    The relationship between Irish Americans and Republic of Ireland citizens is different; generally Irish citizens regard Irish-Americans as being peasants, which of course they are.

    Never heard of US passports being stolen by bouncers. When I was young and Ecstasy was dirt cheap in UK (Compared to the US) many Americans would come to London and end up so high they woke up on street corners without any pants.


    In general Scots find Appalachians to be an embarrassment. A.A. Gill’s family settled in Appalachia and he wrote an article explaining why the US South inherited the most odious characteristics of the Border Country because of Culodden’s deportations to America.

    Current small-town Scots would find this Culloden-rooted Southern US culture appealing in the same way Chavs find Eminem appealing…it is a middle-finger raised at the world.

    • Replies: @Expletive Deleted
  83. Alfred says:
    @ploni almoni

    How many witnesses to planes flying into the pentagon do you want?

    Then why did they confiscate all the CCTV data for that time? More than 30 CCTV’s recorded what happened.

    BTW, the hole in the Pentagon was not made by an aircraft with an aluminium skin thickness of 2-3mm. It was drilled into the fortified building by a cruise missile. The aim was to destroy the investigation of the missing trillions. A successful mission.

    Pentagon’s ‘lost’ trillions went to people connected to US military-industrial complex: Ron Paul

    • Replies: @Sparkon
  84. @Expletive Deleted

    Travellers should always avail themselves of an International Driver’s License which is typically obtained from an automobile club or association. Since these are not issued by government bodies yet usually serve as ID, they also have the added benefit of signalling to any police officer that you do not fall under their taxing jurisdiction and they will often wave you on with a caution instead of issuing a ticket since they know it is unlikely to be paid. Individual results may vary.

  85. Sbaker says:

    I wasn’t addressing hunger and human behavior, but thanks for your comment. I live in the same world and I consume CHOs, yet I don’t get fat. Do you think there might be a connection to lack of physical activity considering the time people spend with electronic gadgets?

    • Replies: @Alfred
  86. Alfred says:

    My pleasure.

    I also don’t get fat although I eat a lot of nice things. I am 69 and my weight has varied between 75-80kg for the past 40+ years. I stopped eating sugar some years ago. I am rarely hungry and I never have a craving for anything sweet. I eat a little black chocolate every day – 80% cocoa. I never drink soft drinks or juices.

    According to the articles that I have read, it seems that physical exercise leads to hunger which leads to more eating. It is definitely not a good way to lose weight. But by all means do it if it makes you feel good. I walk at least an hour every day but I never exercise. I avoid stressful situations wherever possible.

    IMHO, the books by Gary Taubes make a lot of sense.

    I have had huge problems trying to convince my two teenage daughters that the animal fat one swallows in meat and so on is not directly transferred to their waists and bottoms. Both girls had eating-disorders due to their slimming – one became a recluse and the other got Anorexia Nervosa – and my wife kicked me out for having been proven to be correct. All 3 females also had depression – something that is quite alien to me.

    For a dose of hypocrisy by the medial fraternity try this. This is what they recommend to Australian physicians

    Recommendations for management in general practice and beyond”

    This article does not mention “sugar” anywhere. The writer of the article was also a board member of Nestle Australia. Nesté is one of the biggest buyers of sugar in the world. I complained to the editor of “Australian Family Physician” and they refused to publish my rebuttal.

    I apologise for lengthy reply. It is a complex subject and everyone seems to have an opinion.

  87. Sparkon says:

    It was drilled into the fortified building by a cruise missile.

    I don’t think so. The most likely explanation, in my view, is that a bomb was set off in the financial offices at the Pentagon. That scenario comports closely to what April Gallop has reported, and she was the survivor closest to the explosion. Meanwhile, a large jet flew over the Pentagon.

    Top Secret Military Specialist April Gallop saw disturbing things up close that have not been reported in the media.

    On the morning of September 11, 2001, she was ordered by her supervisor to go directly to work at the Pentagon, before dropping off her ten-week-old son Elisha at day care.

    Amazingly, the infant was given immediate security clearance upon arrival.

    The instant Gallop turned on her computer an enormous explosion blew her out of her chair, knocking her momentarily unconscious.

    Escaping through the hole reportedly made by Flight 77, she saw no signs of an aircraft – no seats, luggage, metal, or human remains. Her watch (and other clocks nearby) had stopped at 9:30-9:31 a.m., seven minutes before the Pentagon was allegedly struck at 9:38 a.m.

    Amidst Growing World Doubts About 9/11, Career Army Officer Takes Bush Administration Officials to Court April 5th Represented by the Center for 9/11 Justice

    See also Lloyd(e) England’s taxi:

    He told the reporters that as he was driving by, a large airplane soared overhead and, flying at almost ground level, began clipping the 240lb street light poles that cover the Pentagon grounds.

    The first of these, according to Lloyd, crashed violently into his cab’s windshield, and the car came to an abrupt stop with the light pole hanging out of it.

    Thankfully, Lloyd was unharmed, but as he stated in his many interviews with the media that morning, if someone were to have been riding in the cab with him, they certainly would have been killed.

    Lloyd says that soon after the incident, a “white van” came along and a “silent stranger” helped him pull the pole out, and lay it on the ground.

    Why Lloyd(e) decided the pole had to be removed is not clear, not is it clear how the pole entered and was removed without scratching the hood of Lloyd(e)’s taxi.

    It is also not clear how many witnesses could have described seeing a plane approach the Pentagon on a different flight path than that said to account for the knocked-down light poles, one of which supposedly pierced England’s cab.

    After thousands of hours of painstaking investigation and analysis, Ranke and Marquis have concluded that the plane seen by so many people did not hit the Pentagon, but flew over the building at the same time that pre-planted explosives caused a huge fireball and thick, black smoke, obscuring the fact that the plane was still in the air and flying away,

    • Replies: @Alfred
  88. @Pontius

    A tough, hardy people those Vietnamese.

    They abide–and they endure.

  89. @jeff stryker

    Not the bouncers. The whole club is a finely tuned apparatus, the doormen merely give the nod, possibly to The Management by way of every Englishman’s birthright, 24/7 CCTV. The actual pickpocketing is likely done by potmen, bargirls, plausible fellow-clubbers, even attractive young women or boys who take a strangely close interest and get a bit gropey/handbag-dippy?

    The Ulster Scots were in fact deported by thoroughly Scottish Stuart kings and Queens after they got fed up of having to trek down to Dumfries, Jedburgh or Kelso and carry out arbitrary mass hangings of the local “riding” families (basically somewhere between jinetes and Apaches, culturally. Many were nominal Catholics (repeatedly excommunicated or otherwise censured en masse pre-Knox, and equally ferocious alleged Protestants, generally regarded by the rest of the whole island as utterly godless and cynical bandits, literal atheists).
    All were Scots-(i.e “English”)-speakers since way way back, Gallovidian Gaelic as well as late Cumbric holdouts in the Peebles hills had pretty much gone, and the Eastern and Middle Marches had always spoken a sort of ancient English inherited from their Anglian/Danish (and even 11th/12th century English and Norman-Flemish!) forefathers.

    Once James VI got his bum on Bess’s chair, these near uncontrollable mosstrooping sorts were very definitely not required, by anyone. A credible threat to even Royal armies. Look at the trouble James Hepburn, Earl Bothwell, caused for that poor wee French lassie, Bess’s cousin.

    The exodus continued under Chaz One, then Cromwell/the Commonwealth of course (he regarded them as (i) sound Prods or rather, non-Catholics, and (ii) gratifyingly violent and predatory on the Irish natives, irrespective of religion (which they didn’t give a hoot for, as mentioned), and above all, better off overseas for his own safety).

    The chaos continued well into Covenanting or “The Killing Times”, then Chaz Two, the 1715 rebellion and the “Galloway Levellers” as (suspected Jacobite) landlords drove the erstwhile (now Calvinist, English- and Scots-speaking) peasantry to destitution through Enclosure of this bit of the newly United Kingdom.

    Culloden (1746) was a slightly different affair, and like the Highland Clearances which followed on from it (right into the middle of the 19th. century and even after) directed by the Hanoverian Govt. and a lot of very enthusiastic Lowland Scots against the Gaidhilig and Standard English (NB! not Scots dialect) speaking populations of the North who were variously regarded as some sort of Wild Irish (not too far from the mark), or scheming Jacobites and Recusants if landed gentry, as it suited the carpetbaggers/ethnic cleansers. A lot of the evicted got sent to Canada on coffin ships (many fewer arrivals than embarkees). A lot eventually died, while still in Scotland, of … Potato Famine. Thus proving that they were in fact Irish all along!

    Yes it’s complicated, and confuses even me, as you’ve no doubt noticed.
    But fun. Very, very gory fun.
    All in all, I’d have gone to fight Injuns in Appalachia too, just for a bit of peace & quiet. And to get away from the Excise.

  90. eah says:

    Honestly, I “LOL”ed your comment because it is just more of the ‘conventional wisdom’ — which we’ve been hearing throughout the rise of obesity, to the point where it is now often said to be an “epidemic”.

    Also for dumb stuff like this:

    That’s the point, calories in = calories out.

    Which simply does not work for many people: they eat less and/or exercise more but do not lose a significant amount of weight — and this:

    BTW, there have been fat people for centuries…

    Yes, fat people exist — but everyone who grew up in the 60s and 70s remembers they were rather uncommon: you did not see many fat people at all — nowadays they are everywhere — for me one of the most disgusting things about watching news video is seeing how many of the random people in them are overweight or obese — women who are waddling shapeless blobs of flesh, men with huge paunches.

    Latest data shows 40% of American women are obese — something has gone seriously wrong — and the ‘conventional wisdom’ clearly is not fixing the problem, which is admittedly complex.

    • Agree: Alfred
    • Replies: @AaronB
  91. AaronB says:

    Check out Stephan Guyenet regarding obesity.

    • Replies: @eah
  92. eah says:

    Thanks — I know of him and have followed his blog/web site (among many) for years.

  93. Hank Yobo says:
    @jeff stryker

    The last time the “Firey Cross” was used to assemble the clans for war occurred during the War of 1812. This event took place in Upper Canada where the Gaelic-speaking Highlanders were rallied to fend off an invasion from their southern “neighbors.”

    • Replies: @jeff stryker
  94. @jeff stryker

    Married to a beautiful young Filipina with two wonderful children.

    I don’t know how a person with a triple-digit IQ and experience in SE Asia can’t walk into any village and be the unofficial Mayor overnight.

    When someone starts telling me how limited your options are overseas, it just tells me about them, not about SE Asia.

    Most ex-pats sit on their fat asses drinking booze and smoking cigarettes all day. I don’t drink, smoke tobacco, gamble, or tolerate it in a wife and mistresses.

    Walking into a village you want to meet two people right away. The school principal to donate $100 so that every kid in the village has his fees and expenses paid for the rest of the semester. Every village kid is in school as of the next day.

    The Barangay Captain is going to tell you what the community-wide needs are. That is going to be water, roads, bridges, sewage treatment, docks and ports, etc. If you are a hippie with nothing but a load of PC rhetoric or a drunkard retiree, so what. If you can solve their problems, you are a superhero.

    A construction worker in the provinces costs $6 a day. A crew of six plus all the food they can eat and drink, $50 a day. The Barangay captain is going to get the resource extraction fee waived because you are now building them a port.

    So the next morning you are the most famous person in 300 years at that village. I don’t like meeting ex-pats, don’t want to eat American food, don’t want “first world” accomodations. I am cool with camping on the beach with the village hottie. Seeing her thrilled to cook fresh fish for me.

    If you march in with your American arrogance, peacocking your wealth in an Abu-Sayyef hood, then the next day you will be kidnapped, starved, tortured, and your head will be cut off with a knife.

    I steer clear of them. I’m okay in MILF/MNLF and NPA territory, and they will definitely kill you if you are not hip to the entire history since the Spanish landed. The Lapu-Lapu killed Magellan because he demanded tribute and to nullify their religion.

    I have many examples of blundering ex-pats, just one here.

    A too-cute foreigner came into the Kalinga province claiming to be studying languages. But he had a metal detector out every day. To find the gold the Japs supposedly left fleeing the allied landings on the coast at the end of WWII. So they killed him and hid his body.

    In that same village there is a school named after the guy who had it built. He was just a mason. All the villagers gathered timber and stone from the mountainsides around with hand labor and caribaou. His result was being presented the most darling teen in the land for a wife. The kids of NPA luddites in the hills around go to that school, walk long distances, and get jobs in the market economy.

    That’s how you get rid of communism in the hills. They have no idea what communism is because they can’t even read. They just understand a guy in rags with an AK-47 can get stuff for his family.

    What kind of reception you get tells me a lot about you. Other than Abu-Sayyef, that is. Geez, those guys have no sense of humor.

    $400 a month is 20,000 pesos a month. 5000 pesos a week. I respect the frugality. But there is a minimum standard I would suggest.

    A mistress in the province is 6000 pesos a week. Cooking food, laundry, girl Friday, security detail with Father, Uncles, brothers, cousins, etc. included. She is going to get you Filipino prices, not Americano prices. Your wife, if she gives you heat about a mistress, just follow the 5:1 rule. Or whatever the rule is. My wife, with a wad of cash in her hands, has a downright pleasant attitude towards the mistress. Their rank order is clear, we straighten all that out at the beginning.

    So I just don’t get it. How can first world white guys be whining about their budget when supposedly the first world bestows some kind of super powers upon you? Education, experience, resources – gravitas?

    I’m going to land a Komatsu D-20 ‘dozer or similar on an island off Samar after I first score the best two bays for fish farming. You put the road in AFTER you have the land, not before. It’s fine as-is, a short distance to a fish port already but nothing beats land speed.

    If your option is teaching “Engrish”, you are a hippie with nothing but PC rhetoric to offer, then whose fault is that?

    For fifty dollars a day in labor and food/drink I can have a six-man team building a port. The Barangay is going to waive the resource fee so the rock, sand, and gravel is being harvested off the floor of the bay, that’s two of the men. The only thing you import is bags of cement to mix in your 3-2-1 concrete formula. You bring in a slightly-used Chinese hollow block machine at the same time. Now you are putting up concrete buildings.

    A hundred bucks a day I figure, and I’m the Roman spearhead into the uncivilized world, circa Mel Brooks, lol. It’s great to be alive.

    The permitting in the Philippines is easier so long as you are not importing/exporting. Any problems, your fault. You should have taken the permit authority to lunch with his wife and her sister.

    If you punch a road in to a coastal village with no means of travel but boat, it can mean electricity, much lower cost of living, labor saving devices, plywood walls instead of grass, medicine and trips to doctors even in typhoons.

    Everyone, including you, benefits from the order-of-magnitude increase in property values. There are no environmental organizations protesting such a thing, chaining themselves to bulldozers, screeching about how you are destroying the planet.

    I see opportunity. I built a house already, I am running my first experimental fish farm, more things than I can think of to do. Own a bar? Jesus, talk about bush league and all kinds of stupid headaches. Like I want a bunch of brainless whores to manage?

    So what do you have to offer them? IT skills? Engineering? Power? Mining? All I see is opportunity, and the bars? Why do you need bars? Everywhere I go the girls are falling all over themselves trying to bed me. Take care of them, sure – not as a whore but as a companion. Meet her family, see where you can help out with school or trades. The first and second wife or wife/mistress model has a long history in Asia and anyone who doesn’t know this is absolutely full of shit when they claim to know Asia.

    It is like stepping back in time to the historical wife/mistress model in many cultures now ruined with feminism. In fact, that is the singlemost glaring difference I see in the Philippines. Feminism cannot be explained to them. They think it is selfish, stupid, and un-natural meaning completely contrary to God or Nature’s arrangement for the sexes. They LOVE fat old white men with high IQ’s and “power”.

  95. @Backwoods Bob


    From your reference points, you live in Leyte. Abu Sayif is in Mindanao, not as far Visaya. NPA (Communists) are mountain people in rural areas.

    I lived in Lapu Lapu and Cebu City. New People’s Army and Abu Sayif don’t exist there.

    Japanese gold? Nobody ever found any I knew of. I’ve known foreigners who mined for years and never found any gold bars. None. Zero. Either it was dug out in the Marcos Era or never existed in the first place.

    Foreigners who run bars just want to be surrounded by Filipinas. And I agree with you, it is a massive headache. So are call centers.

    My point was that for many Americans, Philippines is a better place to live.

  96. Alfred says:

    I have no idea which of the multiple versions of this event are correct. All I am certain of is that the government version is false. Some claim an Israeli submarine launched a cruise missile.

    How can one prove or disprove such a theory when all the data has been covered up or manipulated?

    The important thing that many agree on is that it was not a passenger plane.

  97. Alfred says:
    @Backwoods Bob

    I really loved your piece on the Philippines. I spent 9 months there around 1980. I was befriended by the ex-personal assistant of Benigno Aquino Jr. I still have a photo of her visiting him at Harvard during his exile. She was a stunning beauty with some Spanish and Chinese in her. She tolerated my foibles with a Dutch girlfriend in Amsterdam and with other Filipinas in Manila.

    The Lapu-Lapu killed Magellan because he demanded tribute and to nullify their religion.

    When I visited the island of Mactan, I was told by the locals that Magellan was killed because he raped the daughter of a local chieftain. The Spanish preferred a different story.

    BTW, lots of Spanish priests had kids with local women all over the Philippines. The great grandfather of the lady I mentioned was one of them.

    • Replies: @jeff stryker
  98. @Alfred


    Magellan never raped any woman. He never got a foothold. As soon as he landed, he was lured into a false negotiation and had his head chopped off by Lapu Lapu.

    But because Spanish Mestizos today control the country, I suppose Magellan had the last laugh.

    Your average Filipino is about 5-10 % Spanish and it is indeed because of friars. There is a fair amount of Mexican in them as well through the galleon trade.

    But the Spanish “Hacienderos” are descended from Spanish who had land titles. When the Spanish left, their Filipino kids managed to hold on to their property. Families like the Ayala.

    Much is made of Chinese-Filipino tycoons, but the old money is Spanish in the Philippines.

    • Agree: Alfred
  99. @Hank Yobo


    I thought the Canadians were the ones who invaded the US and burned down the White House.

    • Replies: @Hank Yobo
  100. Budd Dwyer [AKA "Anon000"] says:
    @Backwoods Bob

    That sounds like a thoroughly depressing world. Especially about having a mistress. What’s the purpose of a mistress? Sex? Is the wife not capable of having sex? Sorry for being a little naïve about such things as I’ve had only had one marriage and never had sex outside of marriage (I’m in my 40’s). In fact, before my wife I only had sex with two women who were long-term girlfriends while I was in my late teens and early 20’s. Which is strange when I think about it, because I’m hung like a donkey and women say I’m extremely handsome. I guess it’s because I never pursued it and was cautious about things like STDs. And I’m religious. But whatever, I find my wife more beautiful every passing year and look forward to experiencing gettin busy with her when she’s aged to perfection in 30+ years.

    But to each his own.

    • Replies: @jeff stryker
  101. @Budd Dwyer


    It is the Colonel Kurtz syndrome of going to a tropical paradise where you are considered to be as rich as Bill Gates and all the local women worship you.

    Believe me, it gets some men’s heads.

    Especially when they could not get sex in a mortuary back home and are divorced and their white wife treated them like crap.

    • Replies: @Budd Dwyer
    , @Alfred
  102. Hank Yobo says:
    @jeff stryker

    They–or at least the British forces stationed in Halifax–did conduct this military operation. However, it was done in retaliation for the destruction of the Upper Canadian capital at York (Toronto) by the Americans the previous year. Tit for tat, as I’m sure that you are aware.

  103. Budd Dwyer [AKA "Anon000"] says:
    @jeff stryker

    Sounds like a columnist here on Unz Review…

  104. Patricus says:
    @jeff stryker

    Yes Jeff, you seem to have made the right decisions. You should be patriotic. This country is all we have and it is flawed.

  105. “All We Have”

    The Andrew Yang tech millionaires are applying for New Zealand passports in droves. Derbyshire mentioned this. They are in the know and they know what is coming down in the near future. In the year 2040 when America is a Brazil on steroids they’ll be kicking up their feet in their Auckland mansions. They won’t be fighting the good fight in Silicone Valley, I assure you.

    The old money ruling elite will move to Israel or South of France. They always do.

    I assure you all of these people have their money in Swiss bank accounts. And they can do business from New Zealand or Cannes easily.

    Proles believe the ruling elite will remain to fight the good fight when things get bad enough. Nope. They will do a beeline straight for their chartered jet.

    South Africa was the prototype. No massive war. Just high crime and corrupt incompetent black run government. Upper-class whites fled for London or Australia (I was overseas by then and know this) while the Boer bus drivers ended up in refugee camps.

    On a microcosmic level, this happened to Polish-Americans in post-industrial graveyards like Detroit or Gary who did not sell their house in time. Slowly, the environment around them became a third world country and they could not get out.

  106. @lavoisier

    You are forgetting a major scar on the American psyche “The key lesson to take from this is that all of your televised politicians and pundits are on the same fuck boat, though some may be merely boatswains with barely a labial lick sneaked in sidewise”
    This is related to jeff epstien.It will not be investigated to the end and will fizzle out sooner than later.
    Two huge oceans have shielded you’ll from war and it’s creeping closer every day.
    I honestly feel sorry for Americans who have been rendered powerless by the zionists.

    • Replies: @lavoisier
  107. Thank you, Linh.
    A lovely account of different people, cultures, and paths.


    For many there is no place to go.
    The only home I know is within.
    Lao Tzu said to live, go where is low.
    He who died for me makes God my kin.

  108. Alfred says:
    @jeff stryker

    Absolutely correct. The joke among expats in Manila 30+ years ago is that a young white guy comes with all sort of funny ideas to the country, but in not time at all the local ladies sort him out. 🙂

    • Replies: @jeff stryker
  109. @Linh Dinh

    Try to never forget, Mister Linh Dinh, even as you bewail the ever increasing barracking of our smallest people indoors, that you yourself contribute DIRECTLY to the discourse/narrative that keeps them there, as you eagerly bang on about/join in against figures like this ‘Jeffrey Epstein’ as representing something metaphysical called “perversion”, or that which, when it comes down to kids being either INSIDE or OUTSIDE in this beautiful world, may best be portrayed as a stark Manichean’ly conceived battle between Helicopters vs. Pterodactyls (aka ‘paedophiles’). A wholly futile battle at that.

    IOW You have not even begun to front up to the construction of the *desirable* in every WEIRD (Western, Educated, Industrial, Rich, Democratic) nation from America on outwards, and the constitutive hypocrisy that is their central motor and effortless generation of discursively docile and compliant people like you….

  110. @Alfred


    A Vietnam Veteran hotel owner in Cebu once told me that the bad foreigners wash out. This is pretty accurate.

    Lots of posters here will deride expats as “losers” but they would not survive a year in Southeast Asia.

    The foolish, the lowlifes, the hicks…they all come to a bad end in the Philippines.

    In karmic terms, the Philippines has an underhanded mysticism.

  111. lavoisier says: • Website
    @Rev. Spooner

    I honestly feel sorry for Americans who have been rendered powerless by the zionists.

    Far too many Americans have taken the shekels from the Zionists and have sold out themselves and their nation.

    Absent their treachery, the Zionists would have failed to destroy the United States.

  112. @Commentator Mike

    the poor guy was set up by Protestants/feministas, and that is a fact.

  113. Just Me says:

    Linh, Have you met Tai Zen in Ho Chi Minh City? He is a former Vietnam refugee who escaped during the war and came to America as a young child. At age 18, he went to prison for drugs for 14 years, getting out in his early 30’s. He subsequently became a multimillionaire. After living in America for 40 years, he recently retired to Vietnam and Thailand (his wife’s home country). You can see him on his YouTube channel Cryptocurrency Market. Perhaps you might want to meet him in person, since you are both in Vietnam.

    • Replies: @jeff stryker
  114. @Just Me


    His bio simply reflects that most immigrants only go to the US for money, and if they become millionaires or they simply come to the conclusion that they will not be ones…they leave.

    I am an American who lives in Asia and I am thankful I don’t live in the US.

    Most immigrants to the US have the same goal. Make money and leave. Some don’t make the money they desire, like Linh, and they still leave.

  115. @jeff stryker

    Hugo was no Indian, just another cunning aspirationalist mestizo that left his daughter a couple billion, and like near all South American leftist leaders, with dreamer white lefty college intelligentsia backing behind. And of course, foreign powers backing too – the American debt is being replaced with the Chinese debt all over the continent thanks to socialismo siglo 21, or mostly joined together because the equally wicked IMF couldn’t care less… and of course the three parentheses and the Masons and all those.

    Yes, blame the Basque and Andalusian settlers that brought civilization to this land and replaced cannibalism for the clean Eucharist version; but it is now that these elites are browner and giving more scraps than ever (process started by the US-friendly liberals of the 19th century, ie Benito Juarez, and continued by commies) that the browns are taking them scraps and using them to flee to El Norte – or otherwise perpetuate the fascist-clan-based cycle, in which the whites and offwhites alternate power and distribution of resources, and switch allegiances to world powers for commodities and recognition of the aforementioned-power, while begging for moar credit to consume foreign goods that will impoverish them more than anyone when the bubble bursts… again.

    True, the more populist the leader the better for the working classes, as indeed Chavez was loved by many; but there is no organic society that develops in this continuously democratic-revolutionary manner without crumbling to outside factors, save in some near-homogeneous occasions. Much less so in multiracial democratic LatAm, since the leader can either piss off the rich fascist whites OR basic tribal browns too much, and break any temporary unity (usually due to short economic bonanza due to commodities and-or mass redistribution to the browns to compensate) as one elite replaces the other in the endless circle. The browns need the whites to think and share a little more, the whites need the browns to work and clean a little more, tensions rise and fall when ends of the bargain are inevitably not met – and true, more Latin people can read and adhere to cosmopolitan Western ideologies to buy cellphones, but genetics will take longer than that…

    The only way it ends, is either populist-yet-agrarian-yet-hierarchical (maybe Catholic integralist, but with computers and enough “work ethic”) government returns to stay and allow both (or more) ways of life to coexist, separated and dependent enough to obey; or complete and total mettissage. Even then, the average IQ (and-or, standoffishness in trade) may result way too low for comfort for the neighboring Norte not to intervene…

    Then again, it would help to have some nukes distributed among all Latin nations, at least we can deal with the Raza Question unbothered then… just don’t count on the mestizos to operate them… unless they invite the Chinese and Russian engineers in, as they do in Cuba already lol… also picturing the castizos of the Grupo de Lima inviting Viceroy Pence’s Marines to counteract bringing them their own football briefcase, with Andean or Argentine leather lolol…

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