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Saigon, 2018

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First, the good news. To those who can’t stand my scribbling, it’s clear this pitiful, barely gurgling font is drying up quickly, for lately, all I feel like doing is vegetate at a sidewalk café, or wander mindlessly for miles, so that I can be just another anchovy in this demanding, forgetful stream.

Though my synapses are burnt toasts, and I’d rather putz in peace, I shall strive to paint some pictures, will a few thoughts into being, and if you deem they suck, just shove me into the nearest gas chamber already, for I’m primed to be chosen. Disinfested, I’ll ascend, or rather, descend, for I’m as guilty as the next mensch.

In oven like heat or monsoon rain, I’ve walked. With parked motorbikes and food vendors cluttering sidewalks, Saigon is not ideal for strolling, that’s for sure, but it’s still the best way to see everything. On signs for barbers, dentists, opticians and gyms, nearly all the models are white, and English is often inserted to lend cachet to whatever is being sold. “HENRY’S GAMING / LET’S FEEL THE ASSASSIN’S SPEED.” Toyota’s slogan, “NO QUALITY / NO LIFE.” On the side of a massive building, there’s an image of bespectacled Korean executive, with “I like K-food.” The more universal English becomes, the more infantile, even at its sources. For $2, you can buy a locally-made “FUCK LIFE” baseball cap.

A decade ago in Reykjavik, I was on a literary panel with handful of international poets. Along with Canadian Angela Rawlings, I found myself somewhat dominating the discussion, and it wasn’t because we were overbearing or brilliant, but simply because the proceeding was in English. When this was pointed out by an audience member, I conceded, “When America collapses, which will happen soon enough, English will also lose its dominance, so cheer up!”

In Singapore two years ago, translator Motoyuki Shibata pointed out to me after a group reading that the host had given me the longest and most enthusiastic introduction, “I think you being an American has something to do with it.”

Goddamned, sexy English, and the most sexed up English is Americanese, as promoted by an endless stream of movies and songs, spanning a century.

Under a nagging Saigon rain, I trudged past a tiny, shriveled up woman, with a raisin-like face. Her faded blue T-shirt had two pairs of feet, and this in English, “I’M YOUR BIG LOVER, SWEETHEART.”

On a teenage boy’s backpack, “BORN TO BE PLAY HARD.”

English language school signs, “HELLO! HI! STEP INTO THE FUTURE,” “YOUR ENGLISH / YOUR FUTURE,” “English for Future Leaders,” “GLOBAL PASSPORT / Learn to live together.”

One academy is named “Beyond English / Premium Quality.” What is “Beyond English,” exactly? Russian? Chinese? Martian? What nonsense, but don’t worry, just give us your money and we’ll hire some white guy, as on the billboard, to hand your child a spiffy award.

In an alley, I stumbled upon an English learning club that meets twice a week. On its sign was a black bearded and head scarf-wearing white househusband holding a baby, brush and dust pan, while flexing his biceps, “We Can Do It!”

Speaking English, you can converse with, befriend and perhaps live among whites. There are many businesses here to help you secure a student visa to white countries, thus on a sign, there are three white faces and a very light-skinned black one, with the Australian flag behind them, and, “You did it! Congratulations. A warm welcome to Australia.”

Whites are sexy. On a bus from Phnom Penh to Saigon, there were two French women behind me, one black, one white. Speaking a surprisingly good English, a Vietnamese guy was coming on hard to the pale one. He’s very Christian, he declared, and had even been to Israel to visit holy sites. Although he’s married, “Vietnamese men are allowed five girlfriends,” he joked, “and I’d like a white one!” To cement this possible bond, he suggested they go into business together, “and make lots of money.” She could provide used clothing from France, and he’d sell them in Cambodia. “You know, Vietnamese people love foreigners. Blonde hair, blue eyes!” Later, after the French lovelies were long gone, the Christian told me he had a sister in Nebraska, but had never visited her. Then, “How much do prostitutes cost in America?”

On the webzine Kiến Thức [Knowledge], I read about a young Vietnamese woman, Duyên Bkrông, who’s attracting much adulation because she’s tall, pale and has a high-bridged nose. “Although she has tried to explain that she’s an Ê Đê [a minority tribe], Duyên is still annoyed by people who keep whispering, ‘If she’s not of mixed race, how can she be so beautiful?’”

White is sexy. Most Ê Đê, though, tend to be darker than Vietnamese. A dwindling tribe, they are most numerous in remote Dak Lak. At some dusty gas station in that province, I was suddenly struck by the beauty of a young Ê Đê, then by another at a roadside refreshment stand. Vietnamese used to call them savages, highlanders then minorities. Now, they’re just ethnics, người dân tộc.

My last week in Philly two months ago, I had a couple of beers with Paul Bonnell, an Idahoan who was just passing through. Adopted from Vietnam as an infant, Paul suspects he’s an Ê Đê, for he looks more Amerindian than Vietnamese. His culture, though, is thoroughly American. After a childhood in Malaysia and the Philippines, then college in Tennessee and North Carolina, Paul has established roots in Boundary, a sparsely populated county abutting Canada. Paul has taught English and American history at the junior high, high school and college levels. He coaches cross country and track, hikes, climbs, skis and performs folk music at bars.

A year ago, Paul returned to Vietnam and Dak Lak for the first time. Even as Ê Đê culture is being gravely eroded by the Vietnamese and modernity, enough remains to deepen Paul’s sense of himself. He will return.


Teaching 8th grade, Paul assigned Earth Abides, George R. Stewart’s 1949 portrait of an America in ruins, after a pandemic. For an endlessly bullying, bombing and chest-thumping nation, the US has produced a staggering number of books and films about its own demise, and all this began when the good times were rolling! Now, despair, confusion, anger and division reign, and not just in the US, but across the West.

By contrast, Asian countries are more coherent and united, thus stronger, thanks mostly to their insistence, sometimes via violence, on having a common culture. Most Asian economies are also improving year by year, so there’s a palpable sense of hope here.

In Vietnam, there’s a tremendous building boom, so traipsing around Saigon, I see many brand new high-rises, including the 14th tallest skyscraper in the world. In fact, 18 of the 20 highest buildings on earth are in Asia. In these nations of small men, monstrous phallic symbols are sprouting all over.

Just look at a map, man. The Eurasian landmass is destined to become the center of civilization once more, but with the yellow nations not subjugated by white ones. After centuries of shunning Asia, Russia will increasingly embrace Alexander Blok’s outraged declaration, “Yes, we are Scythians! Yes, we are Asians.” Knowing it won’t have a role in this integration, America is trying its best to sabotage it.

As for Africa, its people will be contained and its resources exploited by Eurasians.

Already hollowed out, caustically divided and poisoned by a preposterously crass culture, America will break apart, with choice parts hacked off by China, Russia and Mexico, probably. The rest will revert to savagery, but peopled mostly by newly-feral whites. The more enterprising ex-Americans will escape to less devastated lands, to become line cooks, dishwashers, gardeners or sex workers.

With English dead, there won’t be a demand for English teachers.

Linh Dinh’s latest books are Postcards from the End of America (non-fiction) and A Mere Rica (poetry). He maintains a regularly updated photo blog.

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  1. Can’t share your optimism, sir.

  2. Dubious. But maybe the horrific English translations/spam will go away someday, God willing.

  3. She could provide used clothing from France, and he’d sell them in Cambodia.

    I realize that the French are nowhere as large as Americans, but I would imagine that used clothing from France would be too big for the average Cambodian.

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  4. pyrrhus says:

    You’re sugar coating the future, Linh….

    • LOL: RadicalCenter
  5. The Latin language survived as the lingua franca of Europe for 1200 years after the Roman Empire fell … the same will likely be true of English, even after the USA and Anglo empires crumble into dust. Though it may well be a simpler English with more phonetic spelling, managed and eventually codified under Asian guidance.

    Latin’s survival is even more striking, given that the Roman Empire itself walked away from using Latin in educated discourse, right around when the Roman Empire drifted past its peak in the early 100s CE, elite later Romans preferring the ‘higher’ language of Greek instead, which their teachers had praised as much more posh, given the much larger and more developed edifice of knowledge in Greek.

    Tho thru the first century CE there were many major Roman authors in Latin, after that the Roman writers themselves began to write more in Greek and less in their mother tongue. For example, the great ‘Meditations’ of Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius himself, circa 167 CE, were written in Greek, not Latin.

    But with the Roman Empire splitting into East & West, and Western European languages springing from a debased ‘vulgar’ Latin, classic Latin remained the language of European diplomats and scholars for another 1000 years, partly driven of course, by the Roman Church and its perhaps predominantly gay priests and monks, who were prime educators and knowledge-keepers in Europe for a millennium.

    Even with the USA as broken up as Rome after 476 CE, English will likely still be floating around, the default language of everything from flight navigation to international dating.

  6. Da Wei says:

    “The rest will revert to savagery, but peopled mostly by newly-feral whites. The more enterprising ex-Americans will escape to less devastated lands, to become line cooks, dishwashers, gardeners or sex workers.”

    You go on the wagon, Linh?

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  7. The more enterprising ex-Americans will escape to less devastated lands, to become line cooks, dishwashers, gardeners or sex workers.

    Maybe. For one thing, some of those jobs are likely to be done by robots, including “sex workers.”

    There are many things at play. The US military is holding technology out of the market because it’s destabilizing.

    Nuclear fusion reactors will drop energy costs.

    Eurasia is often devastated by wars.

    Political and religious revivals are possible.

    Losing an Empire will force elites to either leave or take an interest in their own country.

    I admit, things do look grim at this time, but all the tools needed for an American Renaissance are present.

    If the Deep State will allow it.

  8. dvorak says:

    America will break apart, with choice parts hacked off by China, Russia and Mexico, probably

    But Mexico is already ruled by whites…and Latins don’t seem up to ruling Anglos. Anglos go on night raids; Latins stay up late enjoying life.

    More likely than Chinese hegemony is that Jews will successfully subvert China and reconquer Russia. ZOG ain’t beanball. In retrospect, Jews’ biggest mistake during the Cold War was not following up their original high positions in the Chinese Communist Party with thousands of fresh graduates from London, New York and Moscow.

    • Replies: @Craig Nelsen
  9. America is in an interim state: it’s not what it was and it’s not what it will be. Eventually, things will get sorted. The country that invented mass production/consumption and landed on the moon isn’t perennially weak and self-destructive, it just looks that way at the moment. To make an argument by analogy, Russia went down a rough road for 20 years after the breakup of the Soviet Union. Now they’re a force to be reckoned with. Similarly, China spent 20 years of shooting themselves in the foot with the Cultural Revolution. Today they are an industrial colossus. The point is that bad times don’t last forever, partly because people that are capable of more than dishwashing, gardening and sex work will refuse to be constrained to those occupations. I’m not saying that things can’t get worse, because they might, but stretch the timeline out far enough and things look much better.

    Linh, for God’s sake, get out of the sun and return to your happy place: a stool in an air conditioned (American invented) bar.

    • Replies: @orionyx
    , @Bill H
    , @anon
  10. despair, confusion, anger and division reign, and not just in the US, but across the West…Asian countries are more coherent and united, thus stronger, thanks mostly to their insistence, sometimes via violence, on having a common culture

    The native British attempt to preserve their common culture via the phenomenon of white flight, fleeing their neighbourhoods as the Third World moves in. Taken to its logical conclusion, there will eventually be nowhere left for the native British to flee to. Whether they will take a leaf out of Asia’s book and resort to violence to preserve their culture, time will tell.

  11. @Brabantian

    Latin remained the language of the Byzantine court and officialdom, who considered themselves as the Roman Empire, until the reign of Heraclius in the early 7th century.

  12. I do my meetings in French- and German-speaking countries in the local languages, but when I have something “important” to add, I say it also in English for avoidance of doubt. At that point my local colleagues all switch to English, perhaps to impress me, but it is kind of funny to find Germans speaking to Germans in English. I hate when French speak english because they pause too damned far much, and, ironically, I prefer when the French speak German instead of English because that trait seems to disappear.

    Ironically, on my earliest trip to Vietnam in the ’80s, French was more useful with some of the older locals than English. Later on, German was also useful for conversing with Viets who had done time in the DDR.

    “By contrast, Asian countries are more coherent and united, thus stronger, thanks mostly to their insistence, sometimes via violence, on having a common culture.”

    Coming to an American town near you.

    Linh, I wonder if your funk arises from being surrounded by too many down-on-their-luck types who, unlike those of Philly, seem to keep some sense of optomism.

    • Replies: @Karl
  13. AaronB says:

    Lol, I totally understand the lack of desire to write while in Asia. The tension is gone. The drivenness and striving quality that comes from the unhappy West vanishes in this vast ancient stream of people who understand the point of life is to enjoy the present, surrender to a deliciously chaotic and spontaneous environment, and be happy.

    The tense, driven, unhappy West, with its sacrifice of the sensuous present for some dull fantasy future of pointless tech that never arrives, is a remote memory. All that furious activity leading nowhere becomes funny 🙂

    This is an old phenomenon. The European colonialists used to warn that white men grow corrupt and “decadent” in the East -i.e, they learn to no longer care about the pointless striving of the mechanistic West and learn to appreciate the spontaneous present 🙂

    Ultimately, the West will grow similarly happy, errr, I mean decadent lol. The whole world will.

    One of the best things in Asia is to wander and vegetate – randomly, without purpose, soaking in in smells and disorder. Sometimes you simply stop, in your feet, and vegetate 🙂

    Ah, the good life!

  14. These constant reports of the death of the United States (it’s call the United States, boobs, “America” is Uruguay and Belize and Canada) are greatly exaggerated.

  15. Patricus says:

    The end of the US, and all Western civilization, was predicted after WW I, during the Great Depression, during the stagflation and oil shortages of the 1970s, and countless other times. It keeps going somehow. I suppose all things end eventually but the death of the west might be hundreds or thousands of years onto the future. There are likely to be numerous reboundings and reawakenings followed by declines.

    It is understandable Asians or Africans would wish for a new order. The centuries of humiliation by Europeans guarantee these feelings. Let’s see what the Asians can do before they are overwhelmed by Africans. My guess is both will have to cope with a very powerful west for a very long time although weaker at times than in the past.

    • Replies: @Biff
    , @daniel le mouche
  16. @dvorak

    On finishing this article, I too, noticed the conspicuous absence of the one human population that has, in the founding documents of its culture, the explicit command to rule the world. (Deuteronomy 20:15, 15:6) The struggle for dominance between the Chinese and the Jews will increasingly drive world events between now and one of them emerging victorious.

    It should be interesting. While the Chinese see themselves as the rightful center of the world, the Jews see themselves as the rightful rulers of the world and, as the Chinese say, you can’t have a tiger and a wolf on the same mountain. The New York Times’ decision to defend Sarah Jeong’s anti-white racism was a strategic move in that larger Chinese/Jewish struggle. At least that’s how it seems to me.

    Regarding poor quality English on signs in Asia, there was a time in China where they didn’t even bother attempting to make the English make sense. Store owners in China would just put a string of random letters on their businesses to lend it that foreign cachet. The funny thing was, they were overwhelmingly Js, Qs, Zs, and Xs with some Ks, Ws, and Vs. The theory among expats was that someone, somewhere had a surplus of these less common letters and that’s why your local electronics shop sold TVs, repaired computers, and ZZQJUVQQXZXKWVBUQ.

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  17. suddenly i’m depressed….since you left i can’t stand what the hipsterazation of my old neighborhood has done to south philly..i don’t speak their version of americanese..and they’re incredibly annoying least you can drink yourself to death with friendly strangers..not the fakirs that are more abundent here then ever…i figure you may be right about the shit that is making western civilization cannibilize itself..i guess all i can do is sit back drink cheap beer and watch these assholes destroy what was once a really great thing ,for the whole world..must be what one of those old romans felt like at the end of the empire,and thinking oh well there have been other dark ages,and there will be a rebirth of a great culture someday somewhere…and it wont have rap music.

  18. @Brabantian

    I think English may have a chance after “the fall” because it’s a very common 2nd language (India, Pakistan, some African countries etc — in addition to any 1st language status) & it’s not the hardest language to learn.
    Of course, Chinese will only increase in popularity….

  19. @Si1ver1ock

    “If the deep state will allow it”.
    The US “deep state” is the essence & reification of the “Grim”.

  20. iffen says:

    I hate these “Look on the sunny side, everything’s great pieces.”

  21. Truth says:

    “The rest will revert to savagery, but peopled mostly by newly-feral whites. The more enterprising ex-Americans will escape to less devastated lands, to become line cooks, dishwashers, gardeners or sex workers.”


    Linjho, you should have traded Friendly’s Bar for Nguyen’s Opium Den years ago!

  22. orionyx says:
    @Wally Streeter

    Russia is peopled by Russians, China by Chinese. Both peoples have characteristics that most Americans lack. Can you imagine a melange of Blacks, Hispanics, sexual deviates and American-educated college grads building (or rebuilding) a civilization? Perhaps with a lot of Chinese immigrants, yes, but then it will be West China, not New America.

  23. Anon[427] • Disclaimer says:

    Kemalism vs Erdoganism

    Applies to Asia as well.

  24. Linh: How can it be possible that you’ve returned like Fitzgerald to St. Paul or Faulkner to Mississippi and have developed writer’s block in your own home town?

    If Sartre could sit in Le Deux Magots and ignore the entire Nazi occupation while cogitating and drinking coffee for 4 years, surely you can ignore our comparatively slow national decline and write from a convenient Saigon bar stool.

    Or better still, quit the bar life and take up a healthy hobby: Hemingway fished and Camus played football.

    Meanwhile, although you might find it stale, I would love for you to continue your traditional interview technique. I really want to hear the “average Nguyen’s” opinion about Chinese hegemony in Asia, motorcycles, emigration, Nike, Jose Mourinho, American foreign policy, rap music, disaster movies etc.

    Take care!

  25. @obwandiyag

    Travel to nearly any country in the known world; when one references “America”, he or she is specifically referring to the United States, not Uruguay, Belize or Canada. To think otherwise is simply pandering to those perennially insecure “Latino’s” who can’t unload themselves of their perpetual inferiority complex.

    • Replies: @jimbob
  26. macilrae says:

    Linh Dinh, have another beer – I love you, man! Not least because you remind me so much of myself at your age.
    As an anchovy, you do well on burned toast – keep going!

  27. Biff says:

    Let’s see what the Asians can do before they are overwhelmed by Africans.

    I live in East Asia, and when Africans get too numerous and uppity in any said neighborhood they get purged back to Africa. This happens about three times a year. No bitter tears about racism or equal rights are ever shed.

  28. @Brabantian

    ‘partly driven of course, by the Roman Church and its perhaps predominantly gay priests and monks’

    Partly? The Church was THE reason Latin survived and was spoken, into the 20th century. Also, get a grip on your education. History didn’t unfold in such idiotic phraseology as that spoken in post-rap America–the gay priest thing is propaganda, and mentioning it lays bare your dumbed down modernity, of education and ‘culture’ of the American 21st century t.v., movie and music variety.

    • Agree: YetAnotherAnon
    • Replies: @Anonymous
  29. @AaronB

    Nice post, man! A bit overgeneralized, and Asia is often shitty and stressful too, but a good thought–though I’ve been meaning to get back to you on a post of yours of a couple of months back which extolled the brutal, all against all fight way of seeing life–no!!

    • Replies: @AaronB
    , @Jeff Stryker
  30. @Patricus

    What a post–and no mention of the Jews?

    • Replies: @anon
  31. AaronB says:
    @daniel le mouche


    Who knows what I was thinking back then – I was probably a great fool, striving for something idiotic or other 🙂

    And you are right, it is a bit of a simplification.

  32. @obwandiyag

    Phony balony diverts the conversation from the point to trivia. Imbecile. He thinks he got away with it. He didn’t.

  33. Anonymous [AKA "Wanderer Peripatetic"] says:

    I don’t think so, my dear LinDin. May I call you Lyndon? As with the mythical Sith, there are always two. ZOG here must have its counterpart there. Thus the Jew straddles the world. They are not finished with as warlike and able a people as the American amalgam yet. Some handicapping is necessary so that the game doesn’t run away from them, which is what you see with the current trend. They are testing the waters with the receptivity of the Chinese people as well, but it’s not a sure thing that the torch will be passed to them. For one thing, the Chinese are very susceptible to external rule, but they know as well that the eternal Han swallows races of lesser numbers just as easily. It would not do for one to rise above the other. Let animals do battle with each other, and we will drink their blood when they are through!

  34. @Si1ver1ock

    Other countries don’t want white prole refugees from Phoenix or Detroit any more than Boers.

    Trust me, I am one.

    I tried to immigrate to Australia as a young graphic artist with a Bachelor’s Degree. No criminal record, no dependents, no health problems…no dice.

    Ditto New Zealand. UK. Canada.

    And WTF are white proles going to even get $1000 for a ticket to Australia or New Zealand? Even if they can, those countries do not screw around with illegal aliens and there is no under-the-table economy. You could work for 20 years under-the-table in Oz…get caught and you’re gone.

    No other Anglo-Saxon prosperous country is going to want a bunch of penniless whites from the US with minimal job skills. They won’t care how bad the situation in the US gets.

    Ask Peter. He’ll tell you.

    • Agree: jim jones
  35. @daniel le mouche

    It is better to HOLD a job in Asia where for even $1000 a month (Or have a pension or disability) you can live in a humdrum decent high-rise than live in efficiency apartments in the US where the next door neighbor sells crack and druggies file up and down the stairs and Cholo gangs lurk outside and you are bolting your door like Count Orlock’s Transylvanian peasants.

    In Asia you’re spared the sight of what would be normal white Anglo-Saxon young men in another era acting like Eminem and boasting about a “baby’s momma” because they had to adopt black mannerisms to survive hellish public schools.

    You won’t be seeing your car vandalized by feral kids of any race who were raised by single mothers.

    Drugged-out tweakers and heroin addicts and crackheads are not lurching around trying to steal things out of cars in parking lots.

  36. @Captain Willard

    “Chinese hegemony”

    This is not so pronounced in Vietnam or Indochina.

    You’d have to go to the Philippines or Indonesia.

    • Replies: @Miggle
    , @prusmc
  37. @Craig Nelsen

    There are Jews in China descended from Silk Route era Iranians living in Shanghai, I think it is. Their community is about 500 years old.

    They have not taken over China economically or culturally.

    For some reason white Americans can be brainwashed. It could be IQ. Or homogeneity. Or the individualistic atomized social structure of WASP society into which some demand could be inserted that would have the same Pavlov Dog affect on them all.

  38. anon[364] • Disclaimer says:
    @daniel le mouche

    He did mention a Jews-worshiper, saying “He’s very Christian, he declared, and had even been to Israel to visit holy sites.”

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  39. Anonymous[364] • Disclaimer says:
    @daniel le mouche

    the gay priest thing is propaganda


    Half of Priests and Bishops Are Gay
    As much as half of priests and bishops are homosexual.

  40. Tyrion 2 says:

    Already hollowed out, caustically divided and poisoned by a preposterously crass culture, America will break apart, with choice parts hacked off by China, Russia and Mexico, probably. The rest will revert to savagery, but peopled mostly by newly-feral whites. The more enterprising ex-Americans will escape to less devastated lands, to become line cooks, dishwashers, gardeners or sex workers.

    This “prediction” (obvious desperate dream of yours) says far too much about you to be decent.

    I still liked your essay. What’s the term for its style? That of hoped for fiction masquerading as fact? Vendetta fueled hyper-real satire? Old man masturbatory prognostication?

    You’re more than self-aware and fair-minded enough to help me out here!

  41. @Da Wei

    Linh is from Vietnam he has connections.

    The shift of the middle class US economy to his own birthplace happened in his own lifetime.

    At the rate is the US is going Chicanos will be trying to sneak into Mexico.

  42. @Si1ver1ock

    “Elites will take an interest in their own country”

    The elites live in yachts in the South of France 80% of the year and the Silicon Valley tech billionaires all have New Zealand passports.

    In the time I have been away since the 1990’s the US went way way downhill. Imagine another 20 years at this rate.

    The old days when the millionaires lived in some mansion on the edge of town are long gone.

    You’re deluded if you think the elites won’t get the jump from their contacts in finance and politics and do a fast sprint to the airport.

    They’re money is in banks all over the world. You can live in Japan and withdraw money from Swiss bank accounts.

    • Replies: @Sparkon
  43. TheBoom says:

    Even with America in ruins there will still be a need for a common language for business and government and English is sure a lot easier than Chinese or Russian. So English will linger on after the demise of the US and UK.

    • Replies: @Josep
  44. I had forgotten how crazy some of the other writers at Unz Review are.

  45. I’ve been reading a little about China lately. They seem to have a plan for the future, High speed rail etc. Maybe Linh could tour China during the hot summer months of Vietnam and write some reports.

    Hit up the Chinese Bureau of Tourism a see if they will defray expenses. See Asia as it grows and changes.

    Mark Twain did something similar.

    • Replies: @Karl
  46. @AaronB

    On “decadence”

    I’ve known some white expat retirees who got their wayward son or daughter to ship out and live in Asia for a while to straighten out.

    Wayward young people from the US are actually better off in Asia.

    Especially the young women. There is no “cock carousel” to ride because local expats prefer the professionals and for some reason Asian males and white females rarely appeal to one another in real life.

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  47. @Jeff Stryker


    You’ll never see some Asian woman act like Michelle Murray my white trash college study-partner bang her hands mindlessly against her steering wheel and grin with bad teeth to roaring heavy metal as her 6 year old daughter covered her ears with her hands.

    “My Mom’s a pervert” warned Scott the campus white trash pot dealer. I knew some Filipino career prostitutes in Cebu who’d saved enough to purchase a nice condominium and none of them act like the cougar white trash rapists of the US. At 45 you would not know whether they were a nurse or spent their lives as streetwalkers. They can behave normally. White women below a certain income strata cannot, seemingly.

    Sure, there are low bars in Asia but you won’t get jumped in plain broad daylight like some of the Cholos or Hoodrats will do in your average US city.

    I’d walk through Tokyo or even Manila faster than Flint or South Chicago or Los Angeles at night.

    Where are the “striving” and “driven” Americans you speak about?

    I’ve lived in Dubai, Philippines, London briefly, Indian briefly. Nowhere did I probably come as close to pure physical destruction as I did in Phoenix because of Mestizos.

  48. @anon

    White proles and hicks cannot afford or lack the initiative to live overseas so of course nobody who lives in Asia is going to mention Jews.

    I knew machinists and other hick tradespeople in the US but they had somehow made good money. So they harbored no particular grudge against the Jews by the time they showed up in the Philippines.

    It seems to be the less-successful white lower middle class rural and exurban people who really detest Jews.

    Because they have kids/marry young, don’t have a lucrative trade or degree, often have substance abuse problems, have out-of-wedlock kids or child support woes, minor criminal records, were molested etc. they are unable to leave the US.

    These are the people that blame Jews. Townies, rubes, hayseeds, local yokels, hicks, white trash proles.

    And those people can never travel.

    They are not educated enough to comprehend living in other countries.

    So nobody blames Jews in Asia.

    And Jews themselves, having a good old time in Scarsdale or somewhere, don’t seem inclined to live abroad.

    • Replies: @Craig Nelsen
  49. @Captain Willard

    I really want to hear the “average Nguyen’s” opinion about Chinese hegemony in Asia, motorcycles, emigration, Nike, Jose Mourinho, American foreign policy, rap music, disaster movies etc.

    P.S. You’re the best writer on this site, Linh, by far. Even beyond this website, you’re in the top 5 for me. KUTGW.

  50. Anonymous [AKA "Richard347"] says:

    Nothing makes my day like another dispatch from international raconteur Linh Dinh. Keep the articles coming, they’re appreciated.

  51. TG says:

    “Already hollowed out, caustically divided and poisoned by a preposterously crass culture, America will break apart, with choice parts hacked off by China, Russia and Mexico, probably. The rest will revert to savagery, but peopled mostly by newly-feral whites. The more enterprising ex-Americans will escape to less devastated lands, to become line cooks, dishwashers, gardeners or sex workers.”

    OK, fine. But what if it ends badly?

    Seriously, will English go away when America collapses? Maybe, maybe not. Look how long Latin stuck around after the Roman Empire collapsed. Right now English is embedded so deep in business and technology, it may well outlast the United States (as it is known today).

  52. Don’t knock, your self Linh. Side walk cafes, lots of so-called “mindless” walking ? It’s adaptive – or re-adaptive. Like popping your toe in before your bath. Man, trust me, when you won’t walk anywhere, won’t leave the apartment….? Then, start worrying.
    You’re a …mensch, Linh, best of luck.

  53. Jason Liu says:

    Your previous articles were good but these days your predictions are way over the top. Is that on purpose?

    English will definitely still be around and I doubt America would break apart anytime soon. It will take drastic cultural and political changes to do that. More likely it will remain together and experience social decline, like a zombie nation propped up by its wealth and geographical safety.

  54. Respect says:

    English will still be the Number 1 world language at least for many decades .

    But this succes means that many people around the world will keep learning english , and that the emigration to the US will keep strong for many decades and the percentage of white blood will keep going down .

  55. Sparkon says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    Linh Dinh wrote:

    With English dead, there won’t be a demand for English teachers.

    Jeff Stryker observed:

    They’re money is in banks all over the world.

    Anyone can mangle English, or logic either one, sometimes both in the same sentence. I doubt that amounts to a death knell for either one. Apostrophe disease is not fatal, nor are logical fallacies. Arguments may die because of bogus logic, but logic itself lives on.

    All writers not on someone’s payroll are free to choose their subject matter in accordance with the ideal of free speech, which is limited only by the courage of the spirit to address important issues rather than trivial ones.

    But too often it seems that the spirit was weak, and so was the flesh.

  56. Bill H says: • Website
    @Wally Streeter

    Russia went from one form of poor, depressed nation to another form of poor, depressed nation, and is now rebuilding as a more progressive and wealthy nation. China is following a similar path. America is more like Rome, which went from insignificance to immense wealth and world power and then collapsed.

    Each nation/empire gets one shot at greatness and wealth. What it does with that greatness, wealth and power determines whether it will live on or collapse. So far, all have collapsed, and America is following the trend.

  57. Miggle says:

    I’m guessing compulsory celibacy explains it. It’s a device intended to give a priest private access to the woman and children while the man is away. But it means only homosexuals need apply to become priests.

    But why does that particular sect, which claims that it, exclusively, is the Universal Church, uses “Catholic” as its brand name, have so many silly practices and invented, non-biblical sacraments? So many baseless superstitions? Why supersede Christ?

    Of all those crazy things that piece of cunning, the decision that priests and nuns have to be celibate, must be the craziest, when it’s so blatantly contradictory of the Bible, which says only that a bishop can’t have more than one wife, and apparently must have one. 1 Timothy, Paul instructing Timothy on the appointment of bishops:

    3:2, “A bishop then must be blameless, the husband of one wife, vigilant, sober, of good behaviour, given to hospitality, apt to teach;”

    (And much more in the following verses, including “not greedy of [for] filthy lucre”.)

    And looking at 1 Timothy I see another perversion of that sect is exposed by a classified verse, never allowed to be seen, 1 Tim. 2:5, “For there is one God, and one mediator between God an men, the man Christ Jesus; …”

  58. If the US collapses, China will have its own set of problems that kicks up. Red China will have turn inside again to deal with a restive population and, it is very likely, kill a bunch of people if the regime stays in power. It won’t be hacking at anything on the North American continent.

    Russia is already declining slowly, and will also turn inside, before it breaks apart.

    US collapse is likely to be preceded by break up. The libtard areas may go feral, but others will not. The areas that don’t go feral will deal with the ferals that try to come in a sponge. There is likely to be a blood bath, but most of the US, fly over country, will survive.

    • Agree: Johann Ricke
    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  59. @Quartermaster

    Flyover country has no access to ports like the East or West Coast. Financial centers and the capitol are on the East Coast. Tech capitol is in Norther California.

    Mexico would probably try to seize the oil in Texas. Maybe even as far North as Oklahoma.

    The US army is out of the Beltway.

    • Replies: @Podge
  60. prusmc says: • Website
    @Jeff Stryker

    Where in Asia can you live on $4,000 a month and $100,000 start outbundle. Don’t plan to start business or work. Single and no alimony or child support but might be interested in a younger lady who is refined.

  61. anon[317] • Disclaimer says:
    @Wally Streeter

    @ Wally Streeter there is an enormous difference between America and the USA; it is the USA that is poised to fail, its bureaucratic institutions, and its all powerful Oligarchs dictating to everyone. Linh must be talking about the USA, not America or Americans. Many, many Americans will be happy to see that separation event because the USA is currently controlled by foreigners or people whose alliances and allegiances and monopolist global interest are foreign to the thinking or needs of 340,000,000 Americans. Imagine the humanity of a nation supporting a government or a government licensed private interest that put’s half its people in jail, or that spies on its people or that extracts from its governed massive military budgets while it cuts its social programs and turns its medical services over to private enterprise.

    The bandits in America that operate the USA ( d\n matter Gods of Poop or Democraps) are just salaried puppets, they are dictated to by people who are not American at heart. The hidden dictators don’t think like Americans, they do smell like Americans, they don’t act like Americans, rather they think globally, more like networked Zionist, and they just don’t fit into the American social fabric.

    These bandits in America have taken advantage of the British subterfuge (called the Constitution of the USA) that reinstated in 1789 British Banker, Aristocratic (Oligarchic) and Corporate systems of control over the vast nearly virgin American resources, making Americans think (propaganda) Americans were in charge of America. Proof that the Globalist are not American is everywhere. Most conspicuous is when the bandits introduced the EPA, knowingly dropped bombs that destroyed whole cities on living humans, invaded sovereign nations on false pretenses, claimed all of the land under the sea and everywhere globally 20 miles inland to belong to the USA, and shut down the 3 million American jobs, producing oil and gas from American oil resources for Americans (price then was $11 a barrel) and forced those jobs and American oil technologies to foreign lands where the price of oil was hiked to $150 a barrel or more in order not only to continue the rape of the the American people but to broaden the rape to new markets. The Bandits in America did the same to nearly every non MIC industry in America. What industry the Bandits in America could not privatize, they gutted and moved the guts to foreign lands (China, Japan, Israel,) and again the BIAs did the same with the American Farmer, taking his production technology that made America farming producer the most efficient farmer in the world to foreign places and shutting down American farm production. (The BIA in America, have proved they are not Americans, no matter their claim, they just don’t belong in America

    Americans are about competition. Americans will compete with the guy next door for a dime, a giant profit or just for fun, but they will do it openly, without using the government to make anti competitive laws (Copyright, Patents, and government contracts) that turn private interests into monopoly enterprises and that make it possible to use the government to war on and crush all competition. Moreover, once a winner emerges, the lesser congratulates him or her as they each start a new competition.

    Americans are a live and let live people, they really don’t care about governance, control and opulent wealth, they are more about maximizing qualify of life for themselves and their families than trying to control or conquer control over the behaviors and thoughts of the people of the world, they don’t even want to control the people who live next door, much less the people who live in the rest of America or the world.

    It has been a long time coming, but I believe Americans are about to reject the NEOCONS, the warriors, the war suppliers, military, technology, stock market trash, Banking scum, the Money Changing Operations, the snake Charmer and their deal: deals, the sex exploiters, the control freaks, the fake news media, and the foreigners-in-training at USA universities in America to go somewhere else. There is no place in America for Neocon ambition or Zionist methods or Control freaks. Humans can not be both willing to live and let live people and at the same time be selfish, greedy shoot em up control freaks. America is for the former, the latter can find a place elsewhere.

    What will emerge is anybody’s guess but it will not be global anything.

    • Replies: @wayfarer
  62. @prusmc

    Thailand is best. Philippines is less expensive but more poor and crime is more of an issue (Though safer than most lower-income US neighborhoods).

    Women of all ages everywhere in Asia will marry you and share resources (Their property etc). But for younger women Thailand or Philippines.

    Survival businesses include bars, restaurants and stores.

    These can be set up for a 5-10 K.

    • Replies: @Karl
  63. @prusmc


    Thailand is slightly more expensive. Philippines is enjoyable on $1000 a month easy. Most foreigners rent in subdivisions with security guards for $200 per month.

    Crime is low in Thailand for the most part. It is higher in the Philippines but still nowhere near as high as living in a hood or near a barrio and perfectly safe during the daytime.

    Marrying a cop from a corrupt country like the Philippines is a mistake. So is marrying a bar girl, they only want your money.

    You can meet women anywhere. Generally young Asian women like older more mellow foreigners over 40 more than younger unpredictable guys.

    Alcohol is cheap and socially acceptable. But don’t drink in seriously low bars at night.

    Marijuana is sort of tolerated if you smoke it in your house and that is your thing.

    Avoid harder drugs. Coke or speed or heroin will get you locked up.

    Bars, restaurants and general stores are the businesses of choice for expats.

    If you are African-American you can be subjected to racism. Blacks in general are regarded as loud and primitive by Asians.

    • Replies: @Johann Ricke
    , @zogborg
  64. @Anonymous


    Ayee… another big brave internet chat room mental masturbator.
    At any rate, I’m hardly lying. I am, in fact, quite truthful. The recent phenomenon of gay priests is just that, a recent phenomenon. And, yes, (truthfully) there is much propaganda against the Church and this is included. It has been methodically dismembered since the mid-1960s, and is now at about 1/50th its strength mid-20th century. Who’s doing it and why? Well, there is that one certain persuasion…

  65. wayfarer says:

    The hidden dictators don’t think like Americans, they do smell like Americans, they don’t act like Americans, rather they think globally, more like networked Zionist, and they just don’t fit into the American social fabric.

    A “soft underbelly” of the Zionist fortress exists within its exposed and defenseless gentrified global communities.

    May legion upon legion of “unwashed” homeless Mahatma Gandhi proteges, eternally plague these comfortable communities.

    ” Without action, you aren’t going anywhere.” –Mahatma Gandhi



  66. @Jeff Stryker

    It’s probably IQ. Chinese way too smart to let the low-watt philosophy of some 19th Century Jew unleash some kind of pathological cultural revolution or something.

    Confucius say, “Humans like man with amnesia and deja vu at the same time. It seems like we’ve forgotten this before.”

    Nothing to worry about.

    [appearing in the role of Confucius, one of my favorite Jews, Stephen Wright]

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  67. @Jeff Stryker

    You aren’t very worldly for such a cosmopolite. If you ask a low-status white American what their opinion is of Jews, they are far more likely to respond that Jesus was a Jew than they are to “blame” Jews. And, I’m guessing Jews have less impact on the Asian psyche because they have less impact on Asia.

  68. Logan says:

    Latin remained the official language of the Western Empire until The Fall, and then of the various successor kingdoms, not to mention the Church.

    It was even the official language of the Eastern Empire for some centuries after the The Fall of the West.

  69. Logan says:

    Tad triumphalist, methinks.

  70. @Jeff Stryker

    Your observations are fascinating, varied and far less maudlin than Linh Dinh’s. I think Ron Unz should give you a column.

  71. @Johann Ricke

    I agree.
    Lots of useful information via mr. Stryker
    Many readers here will leave with a pension or leave as Jeff did, for opportunity, as a young man.
    I could easily retire with 20k to start a bar-business.
    I’m just one person here. Mr. Stryker could write a ‘go East man’ column and I for one would be a regular reader.

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  72. zogborg [AKA "idgaf666"] says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    Hey. What advice do you have for an Asian-American trying to relocate to Asia? Specifically when its not the place of my specific ethnic origin?

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
    , @Truth
  73. @Johann Ricke


    My last month in Phoenix the low-level threat that the average common or garden white experiences reached a crescendo-One night I walked into a Circle K and the store clerk was shaking on the ground because a black had just robbed him with a Tech 9 (had I entered 5 minutes earlier I might have interrupted the robbery). Cholo Mestizos had followed my other roommate back to the complex in a battered Chevy brandishing knives…Mexicans had “tagged” my other roommates car with spray paint…I myself had been confronted by Cholos identifying themselves as “Brown Pride” at the bus stop.

    There was also the time the maintenance man in my apartment complex ran down the street chasing another redneck with his pants down because they had both been smoking crystal meth-in those days in the Southwest white proles had been out of their minds on meth and tweakers were everywhere.

    Finally, there had been “Zeke the Beastie Boy” who was the son/manager of his father’s pawn shot. He looked one of that band and would break out in inane rhymes when stoned. I sold a mountain bike to him at his shop and he then called me up three days later to tell me the gear was broken-I’m sure this was a scam-and his father wanted money back….But I slipped out of town with a suitcase that night for the Phoenix airport.

    …Three weeks later I was in Dubai on the beach at sunset feeling the warm breezes off the Gulf and reflecting on how much better my life suddenly was with no Mestizos, blacks, meth-addled rednecks or Them.

    Unlike Linh I was never an Asian immigrant with one foot in his home country from birth.

    Just an average American. Definitely not a Jew. I cannot for the life of me understand why people think the US is so great. It was no land of opportunity for me; I’ve had access to more start-up capitol in Dubai and business restrictions in Asia are minimal.

    If some other American on here could tell me what is so fantastic about the US for the average working middle class white guy like me, I would be interested in knowing.

  74. @zogborg

    If you are Korean-American or Japanese-American the Philippines has large business communities of Korean and Japanese there and it is easy to obtain start-up funds or find share partners for whatever business you are in.

    You do not even have to have sex with non-Korean or non-Japanese women in the Philippines or spend a peso on a bar girl. There are thousands of Japanese and Korean women of all ages living in the Philippines.

    East Asia is more expensive. There’s really no point in living in Tokyo. Except of course there are no Cholos or Hood Rats or out “outs” on public transportation.

    If you are Fuji Chinese you might be able to find Chinese-Filipino investors or definitely business partners.

    Generally, you can live well better than the US in the Philippines for about $1000 per month. Thailand is more expensive.

  75. denk says:
    @Captain Willard

    I really want to hear the “average Nguyen’s” opinion about Chinese hegemony in Asia

    murikkans Committed thousands of Mylai in Nam,

    Sprayed toxic agent orange over the entire Vn./Lao/Cambodia

    Phoenix prog murdered tens of thousands of VC suspects,

    security hamlets‘. incarcerate entire countryside dry the pond

    free fire zones, where they’r free to kill anything that move.

    Carpet bombing, just like in Korea, bombed them back to stone age.

    All in, murikkan wiped out three gen of Vietnamese, many died in excruciating pain.

    YOu want LInh’s opinion on Chinese hegemony !

    murikkans are such funny guys,



    somebody have been very diligently scrubbing the net, whereas previously one could pull up tons of images/videos, now there’r none !

  76. @steinbergfeldwitzcohen

    Under $80,000 a year you are tax exempt.

    Bars are the most profitable business but they also come with headaches-you have to take the girls in for medical checkups, there is the odd brawl in the bar and damages, authorities always want money (Though the bribes to cops and local bureaucracy are a joke).

    Of note, there are nearly zero white women. No white women choose to live permanently in the Philippines that I ever met. The only white woman I ever had sex with in Cebu was a rather seasoned female sailor off a commercial ship-a redneck Tulsa woman in her thirties-who came into my bar and got completely drunk and tried to dance on my stage.

    Needless to say, I took her back to my place at closing time. But she was back out to sea a day or two later.

    I knew one Jew from Long Island who ran a call center. He basically lived in the Philippines because he was alcoholic and booze is cheap. There are not many Jews.

    One group of Mexican fools from Seattle or somewhere moved to Manila and tried to sell meth and pot. They were busted within a few weeks.

    But for the most part the expat males in the Philippines are just whites or East Asians who have stopped giving a shit about anything except themselves.

    I’ve known them at all financial levels. One retired black postal worker lived on the beach for $300 a month with just enough money for his rum and rice. According to him, the Philippines was simply safer than the hood.

    On the other end of the spectrum I’ve met white businessmen who own call centers or hotels.

    I’d say you need $500 a month to bare minimum in Philippines. Eight hundred a month in Thailand.

    Now if you cannot live with Starbucks or US fast food or a US car that guzzles gas your money will go fast.

    However, I don’t give a shit-and most Westerners don’t-about US products at all.

    That is the final thing that you realize about the US or the West. The only thing it has to offer is consumer goods. If you can live without them, it has no value.

    In terms of relationships, you’ll lose the house if you split up with your better half. Nine times out of ten your better half owns the property and you just built her house or improved it. There is no community property, none of that bullshit. You just walk.

    I knew one Australian guy with eleven children by various bar girls. He never paid for any of them. There is no child support laws.

    One or two guys married female police officers. Dave the Canadian married a police woman who was much younger and bitchy but for some reason also LOVED to give blowjobs. Because he was 60 and know pretty woman in her thirties was going to deep throat his rod in Canada, he put up with her.

    Another guy married to a Filipino police woman made his living pulling other foreigners out of scrapes by taking their money to bribe authorities through his wife for a percentage. If for some reason you are a white guy who went to jail for drunk driving and causing an accident in the Philippines you will pay anything to a foreigner married to a Filipino cop who can bribe your way out.

    A word about laws-

    Avoid hard drugs. If you sell drugs you will be busted in a second.

    Pot is ignored if you smoke it in private.

    Don’t drink and drive. Taxis are dirt-cheap and everywhere. There are no open intox laws.

    Muslim areas of Southeast Asia are shit holes anyhow. There is no point in visiting them, even if they were safe.

    Chinese-Filipinos or ethnic Chinese are bigger targets for robbery or ransom than expats, so get to know one. They will give the low-down.

    On that note it is a mistake to get into a beef with the ethnic Chinese business community (I’m married to one and we have two children so she tolerates me) anywhere in Southeast Asia. They will stick together and some harbor anti-American or anti-West colonial resentment (Like some Chinese posters here).

    The same goes for the Spanish-blooded landowning elite of the Philippines.

    NB If you have a beef with a powerful local in Southeast Asia…pack your bags and go.

    NB ii Befriend your local consular head and buy him a drink from time to time if you can. At least know who he is. That way if you are in a beef with a powerful local they will know that you have friends in the Consulate and think twice about crossing you.

    Purchase a “throwaway laptop” and live off the grid. Especially if like me, you get on sites like this.

    Keep some of your savings in a bank in your own country. Set up a local account for what you intend to spend.

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
    , @Karl
  77. @Jeff Stryker

    “GO EAST”

    Its a cut-rate form of elitism, in the end of the day.

    I don’t know about other white men but life is not long enough to waste time with divorce rape or worrying that your property will be worth nothing because a Section 8 came up around the corner or that some Indian who came up from the jungle of Central America just bought a machete to chop off the heads of white prole girls or white proles who cannot stop pills down their throat.

    Who wants to fill their lifespan with that worthless garbage?

    Of the white proles and rednecks and working stiffs I knew in my own youth now in their mid-40’s like me, tell me, what have they been left? What have they got?


    Thailand unlike China or Philippines was never colonized. So there is not the residual resentment that great-grandfather was an opium addict or that 80 years ago the Philippines was a US colony.

    Philippines is cheapest though. You can get by on $600 a month if you had to.

    Crime Scene-

    Dress like a beach bum. Generally locals will assume you have not got a pot to piss in and go rob some Chinese-Filipino instead.

    Avoid low bars which are disgusting dives anyhow.

    If you use prostitutes fine them from bars. Freelancers will steal your wallet or cell phone while you are in the shower. A good number are meth addicts.

    Nowhere in the Philippines is as dangerous as your nearest hood or barrio in the US, as a general rule.

    If locals mouth off to you, just ignore them.


    Open a separate account locally. Don’t keep your life savings in Southeast Asia.

    Especially if you get married.


    The wife owns the land and will keep the house/property if you divorce. No alimony, no child support. I knew an Australian sailor who fathered 11 children with different bar girls in Cebu.

    If you buy a house make sure you only spend what you can walk away from.

    Don’t marry bar girls


    Booze is dirt cheap. Pot is tolerated in your own premises. Hard drugs like cocaine or speed or heroin will get you jailed and deported.


    Always have $500 in case the cops have to be bribed.


    Advantages 1

    My college girlfriend was a wealthier bitchy blonde from a better suburb. We split up in college and she married some high school flame she got back together with.

    Damn…she did me a huge favor. I looked looked her up out of curiosity to find that she eventually divorced him, took his kids to Idaho and bought a house with his money.

    She probably cost him $200 per screw.

    When I got to Dubai and needless to say Asia, I got laid A LOT. Sometimes free and sometimes out of pocket.

    I think of poor Stanley the Polish guy from Flint. He got the first girl he screwed pregnant-another Polish Catholic-and had to marry her. He dropped out of college and is trapped in Flint. His daughter went to lousy public schools. Now he is trapped in Flint. He cannot go anywhere for the rest of his life. His house is worth jack shit.

    There are guys in the Philippines who get laid 20 times every single week. And unlike the US (Even if you had the money) you don’t have to worry that the call girl will produce a badge and reveal that she is an undercover cop and you have a sex offense on your record and your life is ruined.

    Advantage 2-

    I never paid taxes. My money went into my pocket. Not one trashy white prole woman with 10$ tattoos in cut-off jeans and a black eye from Tyrone ever went down to the welfare office with his kid and got a single dollar out of me.

    When some worthless whigger or redneck who will never hold a job worth a shit and is nineteen and smokes weed all day has children with dim local sluts I sure am not paying for it.

    Advantage 3-

    I don’t put up with cops or authority. I have $1000 set aside in case I did get into an accident or foul afoul the law.

    In Asia we call that “fixing”. It is simple and cost-effective.

    Advantage 4-

    I have not watched television in 20 years. The satellite dish is expensive. So my psyche is not poisoned by Saul on Madison Avenue who wanted me to watch BLACK PANTHER or some yet another World War II film.

    Expats have better things to do than watch television anyhow. There are women to screw (Though I a married now) and beaches to go to and new places to visit.

    Who wants to miss those things to watch Sarah Silverman joke about how she receives the peckers of beastly men up her hairy reamed-out anus?

    Advantage 5-

    Nobody cares what you do. Your neighbors are not judgmental. Asians are materialistic. Only their own life concerns them.

    Advantage 6-

    The patriarchy are rules. Gender roles are traditional.

    Advantage 7-

    There are no “chimp outs”. Female minorities in the US do not live overseas at all. They’re either pregnant, on parole or probation, hooked on drugs, on welfare or completely ignorant. This is more true of Chicana women. I’ve never seen one in 20 years overseas.

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  80. Truth says:

    Get used to a different variety of rice?

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  81. @Truth


    Just because you cannot adapt as easily to other countries and only feel completely comfortable in the United States does not mean Asians or Caucasians do.

    You’d have a different mindset moving to Australia, for example. There are obvious cultural issues you’d deal with and you’d only really feel at home in the United States.

    Asians or whites could move to Australia or New Zealand and five months later we would have forgotten completely about the United States.

    It is nothing to do with skill-sets or intellect. It is the essential grass-is-greener mindset of whites and Asians. We just don’t struggle to adapt anywhere.

    • Replies: @Truth
    , @daniel le mouche
  82. @Triumph104

    Actual Frenchmen, White Frenchmen, wouldn’t be any shorter than white Americans. Thinner, on average, yes.

  83. @Craig Nelsen

    I thought Stephen Wright was Jewish too. He’s not. At all.

    Scottish father, Italian mother named Lucille Lonano. Yeah baby, he’s my paisan.

    Given that ashkenazi “Jews” are typically very Italian genetically, that could account for the perceived resemblance to a EuroJew (as my Sephardic friend calls them). See Jon Entibe column at Genetic Literacy Project.

    “The other day I walked my dog … to Florida. We’re done for the year.”

  84. Anonymous[250] • Disclaimer says:

    Jeff S and those who like his stance.

    As a late middle aged, middle class guy who has lived in 5 states the US you describe does not match the one I live in. For work spent a lot of time in Asia and would not like to live there, not that the people are bad, simply the culture is too out of sorts with most westerners preference. It is simply not home.

    There are plenty of advantages to living in the US of A for northern European stock and here are a few of them:

    1) Guns. we can have them and while the regulations are not perfect, they are better than most nations. For the northern European type for whom independence and Arms are interrelated abstractions, not better place to live, other than possibly Switzerland.

    2) My kids look like me. Now don’t get me wrong, the Asian ladies are nice but frankly I kind of like that my son and daughter look like the pictures of their great grand parents. Further their lives will be easier, they have the ability to go back to Europe and fit in. Mixed race folks have, in my experience difficulty finding a world they can call their own.

    3) Social life: Within a few miles of me are many social clubs I can be a member of, and within a reasonable amount of time an accepted member. Not so in Asia, I will always be an outsider, even if my wife were part of the culture. In the parts of Asia I was in which were dominated by Han Chinese culture, there were no social clubs that fit or matched my world view.

    4) Bonding with wife: Once again a common culture. married twice I learned my lesson and the second time found someone who was closely culturally linked to what I grew up with. I just “get” my wife and she “gets” me. Marrying outside of your cultural background generally does not allow for the same degree of understanding between people. Heck, marriages between Baltic Germans and southern Italians are difficult enough, the differences between Orientals and Occidentals are far greater. While this may not seem like much to the young, as you age it means more and more.

    5) Economic: Contrary to what Jeff says, there are numerous area of the US where a person can still lead a decent life , get married, stay married and with hard work make it. Not in the big cities, but in the outer suburbs or in the regions with a economic asset that needs to be tapped such as oil or gas. Life is not a constant fight against hordes of minorities bent on destruction. If you have skills and are not planning to drop out, you can stay employed in some fashion far later than in a culture you are not part of. Not all people here in the US are living quite lives of desperation, most folks I know in their late middle age are quiet well adjusted and happy with life.

    6) Old age: we are all getting old and will die. Unless you are planning to die before your wife, which does not always happen, you might find yourself a stranger in a sat range land when you have nothing to fall back on but your kids, if you had any. Ponder the implications. The US , for all its defects is a much kinder place to be alone when old, if you have any contacts.

    7) The 4 seasons: when I spent time in Asia the three seasons were Hot, Rainy and not so hot but pleasant, except for Singapore which had two seasons: Hot and Rainy. As a Nordic type I find living in a spot where I can got to the beach in summer, the mountains in winter and the very pleasant days of fall and spring, well I do not want to give that up for Hot and Rain.

    8) too many people: even in the densely populated areas of eastern US, within a short distance I can be out in the wilds, to walk, hike, and camp. pardon me but I have been to the parts in Asia, they do not compare, frankly getting away form people in the more urban parts of Asia is very hard, and if you do the bugs are quite ferocious.

    Also on that point, when I was in the Philippines and wanted to do a walking tour of the Bataan battles I was told politely , no you might get kidnapped. Not an issue for me n the US I can explore remote battlefields to my delight without worrying about being kidnaped.

    9) I can go see the graves of my ancestors. On the two sides that dates to 1680 and 1741. This land is mine, I was born here and here I will die and be buried amongst the dead of my line.

    Not to say that there are not defects and the Jeff S, not totally off, but the far east is not utopia for all folks, and yes I spent time there as a young unmarried man with options.

  85. @RadicalCenter

    Askenazi Jews have something like 53% Italian genes.

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  86. @Anonymous

    NOW the RCC is widely infiltrated by perverts, mostly homosexuals (in North America, at least). And apparently for several decades minimum, and increasing.

    But that doesn’t tell us whether the RC priesthood was dominated by such people centuries ago. That I don’t know and haven’t read or heard much about yet.

  87. @Jeff Stryker

    Good points, mostly.

    But as for lower-income white people scraping together money for international airfare and a visa application, many of them — like most lower- and middle-income people of all races here — waste several hundred dollars per month on vices and luxuries, e.g. tobacco, marijuana, alcohol, and of course the idiot box (TV) and video games.

    Simply forgoing those things for a year, or fitting back, can yield two to four thousand dollars per year in savings. Hard to do, perhaps, but necessary to ever have a chance of slowly getting out to a better life elsewhere in the USA or abroad.

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  88. @Jeff Stryker

    It could be the suicidal universalist naïveté and timidity that can be inculcated through Christianity. And has been inculcated into Western white peoples through Christianity.

  89. @Jeff Stryker

    The study I saw reported that the ashkenazim’s maternal lines were EIGHTY percent italian, placing them usually in a range around 40% Italian.

    That doesn’t even account for the Germanic or Slavic genes that many Jews picked up in their centuries wandering in Europe and Russia, trading, getting expelled repeatedly, intermarrying with women who then converted to Judaism, and sometimes pretending to convert to Christianity themselves.

    So, those brilliant successful “Jews” usually have half or more white European genes. How about a thank-you from our arrogant self-chosen friends?

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  90. @Anonymous

    Excellent points, and a heartfelt explanation of some reasons why you cherish America (the USA) even in its decline, as well as your own people and culture.

    I’d just note that all-white people will not have any UK or Europe to return to, soon. Being white, let alone white and non-Muslim, in most of Europe, will be a life of dhimmitude, constant targeted intimidation and violence, theft, declining prosperity and liberty, and general intentional degradation. (You know, what’s it like for whites, or anyone really, to live amongst an African majority or plurality right here at “home.”)

    Certainly we wouldn’t be wise to encourage our kids to study or settle in Germany, France, England, Sweden, the Benelux countries, Greece, or even Austria. Italy is waking up a bit more — see my boy Matteo Salvini — but probably too little too late, especially with death-spiral Italian fertity rates.

    With few possible exceptions, such as Hungary, maybe Poland (if they leave the EU and NATO and reject non-euro immivaders, which seems dubious), Europe could be much worse for white people — and Western-civilized, nonmuslim white/Asian people, for that matter — than the USA and Canada.

    No future in Europe unless there’s drastic change fairly soon.

    Our kids are learning mandarin and might start Russian later. Have to be practical, not sentimental about the lands of our ancestors: they’re going, going, almost gone.

    • Replies: @Truth
    , @Jeff Stryker
  91. @Anonymous


    “Independence and guns are interrelated abstractions”

    I’ve been independent my entire life with no real attachments who lived all over the world-I never needed a firearm.

    I purchased and restored a World War II British rifle in Dubai. There is no law against owning a gun in Asia. My father-in-law owns a gun. Many foreigners owned guns in the Philippines and you can purchase one in any gun store in the mall. You cannot carry and conceal but why would you walk around on the street with a .45 auto?

    “My kids look like me”

    Rural/semi-rural white Americans from Old Colonial stock are all part Native American and Native Americans are from Asia. Especially French-Canadians or Oklahoma whites who are 1/8 or even 1/4 Cherokee or Micmac etc.

    “Social clubs”

    Those are called expat bars in Asia. But I avoided many of the Americans in Asia who were mostly older guys going on about their divorce.


    North-Central and East Coast whites like me tend to be strongly “ethnic” (I’m German-American) and neighborhoods are stew of Polish, Irish, Italians from different denominations and backgrounds anyhow.

    My cousin, for example, married a Sicilian girl from Greektown, Detroit and I remember thinking she was so swarthy that she was almost like a different race.


    This depends completely upon what you do. As a graphic artist I was not going to find much work in small or medium-sized cities in the sticks.

    For example if you are a Mercedes mechanic you’ll make much more money in Dubai than in a Podunk town in the United States.

    People in late middle age grew up in a much different era.

    “Life is not a constant struggle against minorities”

    Not for a rural or semi-rural white or whites from small cities it is not.

    And it does not have to be, either. Because 1 out of 1000 days if you live in major city or even an average-sized one you can have one incident and this can be lethal. It will usually involve two or three of them emboldened by numbers and most often an unprovoked attack.

    “Die before your wife”

    Most white men in age are 10 or 20 years older than their wives. My wife is 8 years younger than I am. In the US of course, this is impossible. No man could get an attractive woman 20 years younger to marry him.

    “Four seasons”

    I have don’t miss Michigan winters and I like tropical beaches. It is no worse than the Florida Keys or even Mississippi.

    “Densely populated”

    Getting away from the US urban dangers by moving to small towns in the sticks or Podunk states is really not an option for many white-collar workers. There is not enough money or work there.

    An Asian city has enough people to support a business or contain venture-capitalists for start up or manpower to staff it.

    It is easier to move to an Asian city and find a job in many cases than the sticks of the US. This is why whites are trapped in the cities.

    “Kidnapped in Bataan”

    Whichever Filipino told you that was lying. You are going to disappear FAR faster in parts of Los Angeles or any city like Detroit than in Manila.

    That is nonsense.

    Kidnappings occur in the Southern Philippines and not Luzon. That is totally untrue.

    Filipinos are far less likely to try and kill or seriously injure you as blacks or Hispanics.

    “I can see the graves of my ancestors”

    I grew up in a bedroom community where nobody has any roots. We are not like people in the South or smaller towns whose families have lived in the same county for 300 years.

    Once my parents house was lost in their divorce, I no longer had any attachment to anyone in the bedroom community I grew up. Families come and go from white-collar bedroom communities.

    My grandparents like most whites in bubble cities were from Europe.

    “A young unmarried man with options”

    I think you’d have to be urban working middle-class like Linh or I who grew up or lived as adults in tough cities where money was not abundant with few options-I could not afford to purchase a house in a small town or city-and niche job skills that can only be employed in dense population centers.

    There is also the matter of a person’s background. If your parents went through an ugly divorce in your teens and you have no house and spent time in low-income housing you’re not apt to miss it much.

  92. Truth says:
    @Jeff Stryker


    U Mad?

    Stryke-Dogg, I dindu nuffin!

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  93. Truth says:

    I’d just note that all-white people will not have any UK or Europe to return to, soon.

    No thanks to you and your marriage and children.

    I mean, I’m just sayin’, everybody wants to close the gates after THEY have snuck their contraband in…

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
    , @Truth
  94. Karl says:
    @The Alarmist

    12 The Alarmist > if your funk arises from being surrounded by too many down-on-their-luck types

    yeah sure, they just fell down out of the sky from Saturn. Linh didn’t ===choose=== to surround himself with losers, did he??!?

  95. @RadicalCenter

    It is hard for someone like Linh or myself from the “Rust Belt” of Northern US cities to get worked up over “love of their land” in Detroit or Philly and most of the whites-who are all grandchildren or children of immigrants like Trump or myself-sell their property or in some cases abandon their houses and flee.

    ANONYMOUS mentioned being divorced twice.

    I went overseas as a young man and never experienced a painful divorce with a white woman. Did I miss something wonderful there? Like losing the custody of my children or my half my belongings.

    White women these days seem to want ride the cock carousal.

    If I wanted to work hard for stagnant wages I too might be able to keep my electricity on in winter.

    It is debatable whether Muslims are worse but the US shares a contiguous boundary with a Third World country and Africans have been in the US for centuries.

    I was not born in a small town in a rural or semi-rural area. My job skills are white-collar and I can employ them or do business in an Asian metropolis easier than some barren sparsely populated rural area of the United States.

    So if you cannot get away from the worst of the worst-and I would not be able to-you are better off in Asia.

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  96. Karl says:
    @Captain Willard

    25 Captain Willard > I really want to hear the “average Nguyen’s” opinion about

    well then, just go hang out in billiards joints in San Jose , California

  97. @Truth

    No, I am saying that there is a reason why people end up “trapped in the inner-city”.

    I’m not unaware of the difficulties African-Americans face in alien environments where they might stand out especially if they have strong roots in particular places.

    And TRUTHfully, I as an urban middle-class white male do not want to move to the sticks or rural areas. Small towns can be eerie and the people are often, though not always, rednecks.

  98. Anonymous[250] • Disclaimer says:

    Jeff S.

    As regards the Bataan region battlefield tour, no it is true. My buddy I called to set me up was an ex marine out of Subic bay and his wife was Philippine. I was flying over from Taiwan, as at the time I was not allowed to stay any longer and had a free weekend on the company prior to returning back for work. He told me in no uncertain terms what the risks were and why. When US relatives came in at the air port he hired an armed guard to accompany them. Year would have been around 1999 +/- one year.

    Pardon me but as long as I stay out of the inner city ghetto areas I do not have that issue in the US.

    Second on arms. Having spent my life in the “gun culture” and experienced it in every nation I visited that had some vestige of it (with the shooting medals to back it up), I have to disagree with you. Yes the Philippines have some of that, but any area dominated by Han Chinese, such as Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan and the PRC, well it does not exist, outside of exclusive Swiss ex-pat shooting clubs and the arms are retained at the club, to be used once a month in a very specific course of fire.

    That you do not value such things I can understand, but for those that do, the US still provides the most free expression of an armed mans rights and the support structure to enjoy all aspects of it, from collecting, though shooting to self protection. We do not think in terms of a single Enfield, but amassing one of each model, from the 1899 Lee Medford to the 1988 Final Ishapore SMLE. It is very much a Northern western European thing.

    As for the extinguishment of Europe, you may be right. You might also be wrong. The sons of the Vikings, Huns, Englander Fyrd, Waffen SS, Swiss phalanx, Spanish light infantry and French revolutionary guard might, at the last possible moment, with their backs to the wall suddenly decide to go back to their roots and make Hitler seem like a sensitivity analyst I read history at university and well, the northern Celts, Germans, Balts and Slavs can, once they decide too, kill everyone with great joy and efficiency, absolutely free from guilt. All it takes is a phase change in opinion. Islam has tried to invade and conquer Europe at least 4 times, from Tours in 732 and to Vienna in 1683 they failed and were thrown out with much loss of life. Perhaps a few walls will be made of the invader heads for future One does not know but the attempts to create a new internationalist man failed in eastern Europe and as the sons of the WWII generation are out of power, will most likely fail in the western Europe. That is less than 20 years, plenty of time to sharpen 2-handed Saxony axes.

    Not I am not saying I am in favor of this, simply noting what has occurred in the past when folks thought western civilization was played out and internal conflict having laid them open to conquest. No one could have predicted the Napoleonic, WWI or WWII conflicts being as hard fought as they were, we are coming up on another period of 100 years of peace, wherein the horrors of war are beyond any generations memory. A people who will firebomb each others children after only 4 years will have no problem evacuating a foreign folk, even if evacuation means shooting them all in the head.

    Eliminating Christianity will not ease the west fall to Islam, Sharia law is not congruent with how the western man thinks. The will revert to something pagan before being commanded by folks they feel contempt for. That is the truth, most western men look on the skinnies with contempt. Making drinking cups from the pathetic Muslim sculls post battle is much more in line with the westerns basic mind set. As Shakespeare wrote:

    In peace nothing so distinguishes a man as modest stillness and humility

    But when the blast of war blows in your ears imitate the actions of at tiger.

    The metal of European manhood has not been breed out yet. What is to happen is anyone’s guess, but I for one would not vote against our grandchildren making Breivik of Norway a minor saint of the early north-south conflict, a figure much like John the Baptist in a more militant church(s) that Pope Urban the II would have recognized.

    Again not for any of this or advocating it, just mentioning 2000 years of history show the northerners to be much more resilient than folks currently given them credit for.

    Finally as regards women: The Chinese see the idea of the ideal age difference as 6 years, with the man as the senior. In my experience and form observation, that seems about ideal to avoid affairs when you are 55 and they are 35. In that I would also add a Christian wife is a far better chose than a heathen, their internal self restrain will go a lot farther than a person without any such internal restraint. Your mileage may vary.

    My point is not that the US is perfect, but most westerners will find life outside in the east not at all utopia, there are serious considerations that they should ponder. If you are a loser in the west, you might turn it around in the east, but you might also not.

  99. @RadicalCenter

    “Slavic genes”

    The amount of Arab blood in Polish Jews would be like the Micmac Native American genes in Icelanders-they apparently contributed to Iceland’s founding population and Eric the Red had a baby with a squaw from Maine but that is now about 10% of their DNA.

    Polish Jews have blonde hair and blue eyes much of the time.

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  100. Karl says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    64 Jeff Stryker > Survival businesses include bars, restaurants and stores. These can be set up for a 5-10 K

    any guy who knows how to read the commercial-paper-interest-rates listings in the Makati newspapers (which excludes 99% of foreign-retirees, and 100% of their Filipina wives) can tell you – those local-yokel places operate at an overall real LOSS.

    You can still make money in Mindanao in the extractive industries. But now – you’re talking real work, as in getting up every morning at 6am and slogging away at the problems left over from yesterday

    Not bullshitting over beers and pan-de-sal at 10am with the other foreigner retirees

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  101. @Anonymous

    Han Chinese countries are not where most of these guys would want to go anyhow or comfortably afford to.

    It is either Philippines or Thailand.

    You can can own any gun you want there. I knew foreigners who carried guns in the Philippines. Small-arms like 45. auto. Heck, my father-in-law owns one.

    I myself restored a World War 1 bolt-action musket I in Dubai that I bought in the Souk and restored it and fired it in the desert.

    Finally, you’d have to be similar to myself and have nothing going for you in the United States. No property (Parents sold the house) and from the “Rust Belt” (Philly, Southeast Michigan) and have some skill-set or trad that would earn the same in Asia as the US.

    If you are a plumber or a policeman or electrician in the US then you are not really going to be better off in Asia. If you are a small business owner or in some niche field then might be.

    I think Asia is not for LOSERS but people with NOTHING TO LOSE.

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  102. Karl says:

    46 Si1ver1ock > They seem to have a plan for the future, High speed rail etc

    sounds ALMOST as good as the “plans” that California has for themselves

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  103. @Karl

    My bar earned me $1500 a month in Cebu. But my partner opened it in a fairly strategic place.

    It only cost $10,000 to open in the first place.

    Diving shops make money. Some restaurants. Koreans have a veritable economy.

    Makati financial section does not know the numbers on that business.

  104. @RadicalCenter

    That and having a kid at 19 or 20.

    Though disability fraud cases in the Philippines are fairly common and you can live like a king on it there. Plus, you’ll never be investigated. I knew a few rednecks who pulled those.

    If you are going to drink, it is cheaper to do it in Asia.

    I smoke and purchase my own tobacco locally. It costs me about $3.00 per week.

  105. Anonymous[250] • Disclaimer says:

    Jeff S.

    Never meant so imply you were a loser, nor did I think it. Nor do I think it now.

    That said what you are pushing/selling would appeal to young males who are having trouble in the USA for a variety of reasons. Very understandable, but it is my old guy observation that what holds most folks back is not their circumstance, but their attitude. Moving overseas will not change that. If they are basically passive (drug users as an example) the situation might be worse for them in a variety of ways. Also things you take for granted here are not present in Asia.

    I was unaware the Philippine gun culture or Thai gun culture was that active and free from a practical point of view. Never been to Thailand so I had no idea. My brief interaction with the Philippines indicated folks only had guns for protection, not as a recreational or collecting pastime.

    That said the brief look see I had on line indicates by US standards both are restrictive.

    I am from the Philly region and I do not see it as being that bad, I actually like to live here and chose this area to make home. Mountains and beach are all within 1.5 hours. Often thought about inviting Linh Dinh out to a gun club to see how the well adjusted poor folks live, but in the end preferred anonymity. A lot of folks around my parts live good lives on not so much money. If you can go second best there is a lot to do with minimal money and plenty of nice places to live. That said I am glad I was born over 50 years ago and not 20 years ago, the young today have a more difficult time than my generation.

  106. @Jeff Stryker

    ‘Asians or whites could move to Australia or New Zealand and five months later we would have forgotten completely about the United States.
    It is nothing to do with skill-sets or intellect. It is the essential grass-is-greener mindset of whites and Asians. We just don’t struggle to adapt anywhere.’

    Please don’t generalize about whites, Asians, or anyone else. You try to come across as unearthly wise and knowing, an overall sage. But statements like the above give the lie to this pretension. I, for example, am a white American who has lived many years abroad–and yet, I have struggled. And yet too, I have not forgotten the United States. I currently live in England, to which I find I cannot adapt. So there.

  107. Anonymous[308] • Disclaimer says:

    Though it may well be a simpler English with more phonetic spelling, managed and eventually codified under Asian guidance.

    I look forward to this. Even as a native speaker, the writing system is unforgivably obtuse.

  108. Anonymous[308] • Disclaimer says:

    Nuclear fusion reactors will drop energy costs.

    Bollocks. It’s been a pipe dream for over 100 years now.

    The Sun has a perfectly good handle on this fusion process. Let it do it’s job, and let’s work with what it gives us.

  109. @daniel le mouche

    I don’t try to come across as anything-I just state personal opinions.

    En route to Dubai I spent a week in London. Hyde Park seemed lovely to me.

    Dunno why UK would be so difficult to adapt to.

  110. @Anonymous

    Nothing TO lose is the reason why guys move to Asia.

    I don’t know what people would have access to in the United States that they could not elsewhere. Electronics? Everything is made in Asia anyhow and hits the market simultaneously. Access to female companionship? Easier in Asia. Well, there is no outdoor skiing obviously.

  111. @daniel le mouche

    “I currently live in England, to which I find I cannot adapt”

    How is the UK that different from the Northeastern United States? Hell, it looks nearly the same.

    Maybe you are some West Coast Californian or something. It is hard to imagine a white American, an ex-European, being unable to adapt to their ancestors native country.

    • Replies: @daniel le mouche
  112. Biff says:

    In that I would also add a Christian wife is a far better chose than a heathen

    Says the barbarian.

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
    , @Anonymous
  113. @Anonymous

    In that I would also add a Christian wife is a far better chose than a heathen, their internal self restrain will go a lot farther than a person without any such internal restraint.

    Maybe if you mean “Mormon” by “Christian.”

    Because this is Christianity these days:

  114. @Anonymous


    Like many middle-class whites born in 1974, I was born in an anonymous bedroom community and my parents divorced in my teens so I never owned any property in the United States. Years later my brother would call me long distance-had not spoken to him in years-to tell me that my grandmothers condominium in what had been a pleasant German-Polish neighborhood on the Detroit-Warren had sold for all of $70,000 and we were lucky to get that.


    That is untrue-I lived in efficiency apartment complexes as a young man with an entry-level white collar jobs and the Mestizos, blacks and even the dregs of the white trash create crime and squalor. You are FAR SAFER in Asia than a low-income apartment complex in the United States where there are Hispanics or blacks.

    Maybe your friends are Amish.


    My attitude improved in a week after I moved overseas. I was sitting on a beach in Dubai enjoying the sunset when I suddenly thought “what a weight off my shoulders”.

  115. @Biff

    Filipino women are Catholic.


    The only objections I’ve gotten are abstractions about Heathens or access to firing ranges.

    The worst heathens live in the US Urban landscape. Go there sometime. Rent an efficiency apartment. Walk past a barrio in Phoenix.

    I’m talking about being free these things. The constitution and Puritan values won’t save your life from Cholos in Phoenix. They won’t make your property worth anything in the rust-belt.

    They mean nothing.

    Physical distance means something.

    When I was relaxing in Dubai at sunset three weeks after Phoenix I knew there would be no Cholos glaring at me. That means something.

    • Replies: @Johnny Rico
  117. @Karl

    China does not have Mestizos.

    California does.

  118. Biff says:

    Also on that point, when I was in the Philippines and wanted to do a walking tour of the Bataan battles I was told politely , no you might get kidnapped. Not an issue for me n the US I can explore remote battlefields to my delight without worrying about being kidnaped.

    One time I was walking around in the U.S. with my own hard earned money, and I got kidnapped. Evidently walking around in the U.S. with your own money is quite dangerous, mostly because people want to steal it, and yes, I got my money stolen! So what ya gonna do? Call the cops? Well that point is kind of moot in my case because the people who stole my money were the FUCKING COPS.
    Turns out they take more from Americans citizens @4.5 billion a year than the criminals @3.5 billion a year. They give it an authoritarian nifty sounding name “Civil asset Forfeiture” , but I’m going with “stealing”.
    The second rip off – paying thousands per year in property taxes for the dwelling you live in. If that ain’t a sand kick to the face of a working man nothing is.
    The third rip off – losing your home to medical bills, AND having paid for health insurance.

    I’m glad somebody likes paying for that dump.

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  119. jimbob says:

    I always say, US/States, etc. normally get a blank. Then I’ll say Dallas, Texas. From the TV show most know there is such a place in “America”.

  120. jimbob says:

    After 25 years in Malaysia, I call most of the points raised as non sequiturs. The most important one being I will be looked after in old age – that is the custom in SE Asian.

    After 2 failed marriages with white women – so glad to have an Asian wife. The only thing I miss is MLB baseball, which can be had on-line.

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
    , @Anonymous
  121. @Biff

    In the US it is much easier to be stark plain homeless. You might live in a dump in Southeast Asia but you won’t be absolutely homeless in cold weather.

  122. Anonymous[250] • Disclaimer says:

    Why would you think me a barbarian?

    Actually an ex-atheist who is now a practicing Christian, not particularly concerned with denomination, just as long as they are not apostates like the Episcopalians, Unitarian, etc. Get along fine with Catholics, Baptists, conservative Lutheran, sheared off Episcopalians, etc.

    If it is because of my comments of the fate of Europe, an observation of past historical trends is not advocacy of expected future actions. Said another way, in the early 1970s to early 2000s, no one ever thought sub 5 percent interest rate would ever come back, that was considered a historical oddity of the good times pre 1968, that could not be reproduced post 1973 due to oil, budget deficit and its inflationary effect.Then suddenly the rate was not only below 4.5 percent, it was for a solid decade. Why? A sudden change in conditions and perception of same, previously though impossible. Yet the wise older folks I knew who had been through the depression never thought low rates impossible, nor those who had studied economic swings since the Dutch tulip craze of the 1630s.

    If one thinks Europe is played out, it might behoove you to read a wee bit about the prior times it was thought so, starting with 732, and the 760 years that followed in Hispania, The fall of Constantinople in 1453, the ottomans could not be stopped but were in Hungry in the 1470s, then again before Vienna in 1587 and 1683. The first crusade and why it occurred (1095 to 1099). In all those cases prior to action there was no expectation of European victory, they had their backs to the wall. Of course this time it could be different, but if past history is a guild, the Europeans will cut there way out of the current dilemma at the last moment, and in a most bloody manner.

    If you cannot figure out he difference between advocacy and prediction based on past behavior, perhaps you need to step back, do some reading and ponder it a bit.

    • Replies: @Biff
  123. @jimbob

    Meeting so many divorce-raped men in Asia made me thankful I left the West in 1999 at the age of 25 before I was old enough to marry or have children.

    I’ve heard all the horror stories in Asia about divorce-rape. Men who were falsely accused of stalking their wife. Houses lost. Possessions sold to make divorce lawyers rich.

    My college girlfriend did me a favor breaking up with me. I left the United States with no dependents, spouses or financial obligations.

    I feel blessed to have lived overseas my entire adult life.

  124. @RadicalCenter

    Ha…well, then, he’s one of my favorite Scotch Italians.

  125. Karl says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    78 Jeff Stryker > Bars are the most profitable business

    first, allow me to caveat that i’m not trying to start The War of The Anecdotes

    second, allow me to claim that if hooker bars were more profitable than natural gas deposits….. Exxon Mobile wouldn’t have paid money for the Malampalaya Claim.

    As Mr Stryker might not have heard, Exxon Mobile was clever enough to pre-pay 15 years worth of all of its “profit-sharing” financial obligations to the Philippines government back when Mikey Arroyo was unofficially running the Treasury. Mikey gave them a nice discount for the pre-pay…. and as far as I know, all of the money is STILL in his private bank account in Hong Kong.

    Mr Stryker is a smart clever intelligent man, but he MAY have fallen to the common expat syndrome of “going native”.

    One aspect of the “going native” syndrome is forgetting to remember that retail is NOT the only sector of an economy.

    a hooker bar may be one of the most ostensibly-profitable RETAIL businesses in the Philippines.

    but what’s the point of having a white man’s brain if you’r’e going to automatically “write off” non-retail enterprises?

    well, next time i’m riding a jeep near Fuente Osmena, i’ll try to find this Jeff fellow and buy him a beer.

    perhaps right after i am sniffing around the LexMark campus in Ayala Center, Jeff? Not far from that “semi-off-the-books” American chiropractor.

    Guy pays all his Municipal and Province taxes, so the locals’ attitude seems to be: “live and let live”

  126. Podge says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    The Mexican army can’t control Mexico , no way could it invade the US, I had Mexican friends in the Mexican military, it’s a joke. There is more chance that Mexico will fall apart than the US . Mexico is a mess , the central government controls nothing. It is a mafia state.

  127. @Anonymous

    Great comments! – all of yours I’ve read here, #250. I only read this one Linh Dinh column due to the mention of the column’s ending. I’d never read it and I’m kinda’ glad I haven’t, as there are just better things to do sometimes than wallow in these thoughts of despair. Is it possible Mr. Dinh could find a better drink, say Red Bull? One could just get out of the bars entirely, and work with one’s hands. It does wonders for the mind to get some real work done.

    Anyway, some of us find pretty good reasons to stay here, even with the knowledge of the turmoil to come. I’ll write back the illustrious Mr. Stryker with the rest. He ain’t gonna like all of it.

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  128. @Jeff Stryker

    Jeff, I guess you’ll remember me from such columns as those of Fred Reed. I’m just picking this comment of yours to reply to semi-randomly, as you’ve got lots here. You make some good points in contrasting life in what’s becoming the USSA vs. some of the advantages in the Orient. In fact, if you had a column billed as “advice for ex-pats in the Orient” then I figured you’d be worth reading. I have been over there a number of times.

    I’ve said this before, but your perspective on life in America is highly skewed. I’m not talking about the general picture of cultural decline (though I think the downfall will be financial – there’s no way the Global Financial Stupidity that America, still “printing” the reserve currency, will go on.) There will be trouble. As a single man, getting out is not a bad idea, depending on how the fall-out plays out throught the rest of the world.

    What I’m writing about is your continous reference to only your tragic life in Detroit and Arizona of, what, 2 decades ago, for your opinions on all things American and America. It’s great that you find a good way to get out of the rotten life you had, but that’s not the case for all of us. You have NOT been everywhere, and you have been NOWHERE here for a long time. Life in America is not in general what you see on TV shows and American movies*. Your comments that reference life here are either bad memories of your child/young-adult – hood, or they sound like they are from a montage of TV shows.

    Write about what you know.

    * I haven’t liked 5 % of the movies out of Hollywood since the mid 1980’s Jeff. (It’s not like I go see any anymore, because I KNOW they’ll suck.)

  129. @Jeff Stryker

    Again, I’ve picked this one semi-randomly to reply to, but I have read through the comment thread, as I usually do (that practice deters me greatly from reading some of Mr. Unz essays!) I’ve lived in 2 places (both pretty-much urban) now for long periods of time where white kids walk home from school by themselves with no problem, neighbors talk to each other, no one I’ve ever met is on meth or any other drug that I’m aware of, and people have good jobs. Oh, for $1000, maybe $1200 tops, one could rent a WHOLE HOUSE, and be around an area with quite a number of pretty girls – what do I know, I just see them jogging by with many tight, or even loose, shorts everyday.

    I don’t think the people living here see what’s coming. It’s still very nice for now. Your (and others’ here) criticisms of the perils of the increasing police state, the divorce racket, western-feminist attitudes are totally understood by this guy. However, as much as one reads on the web, and sees on TV, most guys don’t get the worst, or even any, of it.

    You are in the Orient at this particular time in history, Jeff. Things may change (yeah, OK, you’ll just move on, but I like to have a steadier life than that) in one of your countries, and when the shit comes down, well, we’ve got our guns, and you don’t. (I hope it doesn’t come to that for any of us, but …). What I’m trying to get you to see is that you seem to have no sense of history. America has not always been in decline and was by far the best country in the world even in MY lifetime.

    This brought up in my mind what I really don’t like about Fred Reed. There are people who stay and try to fix things. Maybe some are unfixable, but you’ve got to try. Fred Reed badmouths all the Americans that try to fix the problems that he complains about. It’s apparent from your writing here, Jeff, and even explicit in one statement somewhere here, that you are the type to live only for yourself. Maybe that’s what you have in common with the ex-pats (Hey, Fred Reed) and the great lot of the Orientals there.

    • Agree: RadicalCenter
  130. @Truth

    Yes, my intelligent, industrious, patriotic, peaceful, America-loving, fluent-English-speaking, Trump-supporting, legal-immigrant Filipina wife is just like savage violent Africans and Muslims trying to subjugate us.

    Excellent point.

    And it’s low-class to comment about someone’s wife like that, online or otherwise.

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  131. @Jeff Stryker

    Thanks for the response.

    But I don’t think I mentioned Poles having Arab genes or any kind of genes.

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
    , @dcite
  132. @Jeff Stryker

    Jeff, I believe that non-citizens are prohibited from carrying or owning any firearms at all in the Phils.

    Also, it’s my understanding that automatic firearms are now very difficult to get approved.

    Other than that, who knows, maybe the Phils is more solicitous of gun rights / self-defense rights than California.

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  133. Biff says:

    Actually, I wasn’t really referring to you personally as a barbarian(as I personally don’t know you). It was more rhetorical to the relationship the west had with the East during the opium wars when both side looked down their noses at each other while the Chinese considered whites as uncivilized barbarians, and the whites looked down ‘at anyone really’ as heathans who practiced the wrong religion.
    For some strange reason I’m attracted to relationships like this – pure contempt and hate for one another – it’s the human way.

  134. @Achmed E. Newman


    “Live only for yourself”

    When I think of Stanley the Polish guy whom I e mailed during the water crisis it occurred to me far things can wrong for an average white guy because nobody gives a solitary shit about him.

    The Federal government doesn’t care that in 1993 at age 20 as a Sophomore he got a girl pregnant who was Polish Catholic and did the right thing because abortion was utterly out of the question.

    The Jews and their WASP-y auxiliary don’t care that Stanley faithfully held a job managing a tanning salon in order to send his daughter to Catholic schools because public schools were too dangerous.

    The public doesn’t care that unfortunates like Stanley foolishly did not sell their house when they should have and not only is it worth nothing but he could not GIVE HIS HOUSE AWAY.

    Here is the other reality. The 1% on the East and West Coasts with all the money already have one foot over the water to bolt if things really go bad in the United States. They have the house in Como or the New Zealand passport.

    They will vanish with their money to Auckland or Hong Kong or wherever. They won’t be out in the street with their guns fighting the good fight (Against who?).

    “Common with expats”

    Expats will be white and mostly male-the US does so little for us that what do we have to lose by walking away from the place?

    The average black woman for example, loses everything. Her welfare check or state-created bureaucracy job, her Aid To Dependent Children, her support network, possibly her gang affiliations who will reinforce her with guns if necessary, her social worker who provides support and counselling….

    The average Chicano loses everything. His job, his extended family/gang/hood, his drugs and consumer base, his Affirmative Action…

    I’ve lost nothing by leaving the US at age when I had nothing yet anyhow-no dependents, no spouse, no financial obligations.

    Indeed there is the type of mindset that just walks away because it doesn’t care. That is the expat.

  135. @Karl

    If you have a business that does not compete with that of Chinese-Filipinos in Cebu you are fine.

    However, if you do, they might get City Hall to refuse to issue you a business permit.

    Cebu and Lapu-Lapu understanding between whites and Chinese-Filipinos (Whom I worked with) is that as long as we stay out of their malls, there is no conflict of interest.

    And you cannot put a girly bar in a mall.

    I lived in Cebu/Lapu Lapu for 3 years.

    Philippines was not my favorite place in Asia anyhow.

  136. @Karl

    The Chinese-Filipinos won’t allow genuine competition in Ayala or SM mall.

    You just won’t get in there if it is a competitive business.

  137. @RadicalCenter

    The US has had more problems with Italians than Filipinos in the United States.

    Filipinos in the Philippines are reduced to criminality because of the Spanish-blooded elite land-owning class and the Chinese-Filipinos who control the economy.

    The first group stole their land. The second own all the businesses.

  138. @RadicalCenter

    You mentioned Jews having Levant genes and I am saying that the average Polish Jew like Barbara Streisand has about as much actual Semitic genes as Micmac Native American genes in an Icelander.

    You can see a trace of Levant Semitic in some European Jews just as you can see the Amerindian in Bjork somewhere.

    But not much.

  139. Truth says:

    And the offensive, two-faced drivel you post on a daily basis makes you David Niven?

  140. @Achmed E. Newman


    The US government has to keep a lid on ghettos and barrios and their populace…until whites leave entirely at which point there is not enough tax money and no businesses or citizens to protect.

    In the case of the barrio, their local gangs have ties to huge Mexican drug cartels.

    The US has no choice but to militarize its police force.


    It is fine to have a gun but Cholos and Hoodrats tend to get the jump on the citizen with ambushes or home invasions.

    They do not stand there like John Wayne and tell you to draw in a gentlemanly duel.

    Also if you killed one you’d better hope you don’t spend a single night in jail because that is where his gang or set is and word will be out that you killed somebody’s “Esse” or “Main man”.

    You’d have to sell your house and move anyhow. There would be endless attempts at retaliatory drive-by shootings.

    However, this is not the case for smaller cities and towns in more rural areas. There is reason why blacks and Latinos don’t commit crimes there. They think in terms of victimization as it applies to themselves and they know that in rural or semi-rural areas there are not enough of them and too many whites are armed.

    I personally am not a farmer and I am not going to work teenagers jobs in retail or fast food in a rural community. I cannot afford to and spent too much money on my degree. So I have to live in urban areas.

    “Live only for yourself”

    Honky please…What are you going to do…put on a Batman Costume like Dom Deluise in Cannonball Run and run around in a cape?

    Do you think the blacks and Mestizos would appreciate that?

    Who are you LIVING for?

    On that note, if you did move overseas you would find that after six months or a year you would be forgotten by everyone except your family. You’ll get a birthday e mail once a year. That is about it.

    • Replies: @sb
  141. sb says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    Well I live 50/50 Thailand /Australia and find your observations interesting although I realise they are intended for an American reader
    I agree that Thailand is the best place to relocate-although largely because the alternatives of other places are too authoritarian ,too Muslim, too criminal crazy,too unfriendly
    Not sure about running a business though .
    Don’t think the success rate/break even rate is a pass mark
    The average foreigner (farang in Thai ) has a partner who is a single mother/ bar girl .
    Not that there is necessarily anything wrong with that
    I gather you came to Asia young ,energetic and optimistic .This is rare so I wouldn’t expect you experiences to be the norm

    By the way , that Australian with 11 kids from 11 mothers ? Remember the kids are eligible for Australian citizenship.
    Rather like winning the lottery I’d say.


    To Fix America

    I tried to help Michelle the white trash prole. But she would her life would have been problematic even if she had not had a kid at age 19 with some white trash guy who left her for a stripper. Her Dad was a pervert with a constant hard-on. Her mother was in her forties and a junkie. Her sister was a morphine-addicted street hooker.

    When I met her in 1998 I knew her kid was totally screwed.

    There is nothing a white man can really do. Stanley did the right thing and dropped out of college to marry some Polish Catholic girl he got pregnant.

    The fact that so that the non-expat posters here go on and on about being able to carry a gun represents the fear that cloaks everyday life in the US.


    If like me you worked from contract to contract overseas you won’t get a pension. The last time I worked for a US company was 1999.

    I look down on white proles, rednecks, townies, rubes and other sorts who’ve never been on an airplane but at the same time I cannot expect anyone to do anything for me in the United States.

    If you live overseas for 20 years you’ll be forgotten if you are a young man. Who do you have anything in common with? Some guy who was your post-college roommate in 1998? Do you think your brother with two kids is going to put you up if you show up one night having not seen him in 20 years.

    You’re no longer a resident of any state so you cannot get welfare or benefits anyhow. You have to obtain an international driver’s license overseas so once you have no state driver’s license you are ineligible for any sort of government assistance-not that it is worth as shit to begin with.

    Foreigners cannot own property in most Asian countries so if their wife decides she wants it the police will come and kick you off.

    Ken was 60 year old architect who put a million dollars-his life’s savings-into a hotel. He was cheating on his wife. She was 23 anyhow, life ahead of her and a million dollar property in her name.
    Ken lost his life savings.

    If you have a beef with another American anything goes. He can hire assassins to gun you down for $400 and the police will never investigate. You’d be amazed how many white guys who’d not spit on the sidewalk in the US will think nothing of hiring some shooters to gun you down for $400 because they can get away with it. Forget about a brawl in Applebee’s parking lot. John Doe from Idaho can ask his brother-in-law who wants $400 a piece for a motorcycle drive-by.

    On a very fundamental level the blacks, white working class, Mexicans and especially white women know that you moved from the country to get away from them. You did not want to pay their welfare or support the system. You cheated the white female sexual market by “outsourcing” so to speak. There is some resentment there.

    US Military proles-especially lifers-sometimes take offense to unpatriotic Americans. You are living overseas because your own country is not good enough for you. If you were to go into Marine House bars or base PX’s you might get some flak from them.

  144. @Achmed E. Newman

    Its better than sitting around the US complaining that (THEY) are running your life.

    It might be true. Perhaps (THEY) opened the doors to pills and the whites were dumb enough to all get hooked on them like candy. Maybe they did this so that white trashnationalists would be too high to revolt like blacks complain the CIA did with crack.

    Maybe (THEY) are the ones who opened the door to illegal immigration.

    But at least overseas your life is your own.

  145. @sb

    I don’t think someone from Perth or Australia who is middle-class and white would really have the driving circumstances that would make doing business in Asia or living as attractive as working middle-class whites in the US.

    Foreigners under 40 will not be married to bar girls in Asia.

    That is mostly an older thing.

  146. @sb


    “Dave’s Rod”

    I knew a Canadian-born Perth Australian about 60 who was married to a really bitch (And corrupt) Filipino female cop.

    She was quite rude if pretty, and in her 30’s. She lived in my subdivision.

    So I asked Dave how he could tolerate her and he said that she gave good head-jobs.

    Younger guys forget that when you are 60, you don’t get sex from pretty women unless you are Donald Trump.

    No older white guy with a limited pension could get some 30 year old reasonably attractive white woman to deep-throat his rod unless it was some $500 an hour call girl.

    Younger Australians would have no reason to go live abroad. Australia has had its Ivan Milats and Chopper Reid’s but crime is not an issue for anyone who can hold a job. Wages are high enough that you don’t have to live King’s Cross.

    In the US on the other hand, you can be trapped in an area like King’s Cross because wages are low. Every part of every US city looks like King’s Cross.

  147. Anonymous[766] • Disclaimer says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    Why not try the upper Midwest states?, Dakota, Montana etc?

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  148. @Anonymous

    There are no opportunities there. That is why blacks and Mexicans don’t move there. Or Asians. Or Jews.

    Essentially that is like being a Native American on a reservation or aboriginal outback-you’re moving into a remote place because nobody else wants to take it from you.

    Forget hookers or getting laid or picking up women. You have to marry the woman.

    Lot’s of variety of restaurants, culture, exotic and scenic locations.

    You’d have to have a niche skill. Forestry, bush pilot, animal vet.

    Nobody has any surplus money. There’s no start-up there.

    The striving college-bound, hot women, artists, gays all leave these places for a reason.

    There is a reason why immigrants generally end up on the East or West Coast.

    I’m an urban male and these people are hicks.

    I don’t really love the stark dour German-Scandinavian culture. I know it well from my own grandparents.

  149. @Jeff Stryker

    ‘How is the UK that different from the Northeastern United States? Hell, it looks nearly the same.
    Maybe you are some West Coast Californian or something. It is hard to imagine a white American, an ex-European, being unable to adapt to their ancestors native country.’

    I am from the rust belt. As to your second query, I am not of Anglo-Saxon descent, but in fact of the very antithesis of it–Irish German (with some French) American. Additionally, as any white American (as opposed to Canadian) can tell you that has lived here, THEY HATE YANKS. Obviously a generalization, but something one encounters VERY OFTEN. Living here for me has been mainly one long, untold misery, for which I would gladly trade, say, Chicago. That said, many things on paper anyway are better: the health care, benefits (and so very few homeless), and much less crime and much, much safer streets. But simply put, my heart will always lie elsewhere, and to me the best things about America are very great, and I see nothing of the sort here.

  150. @daniel le mouche

    That is the trouble with the United States. It is now despised since Bush was elected.

    When I was in London in 1999, Americans were still liked. Somewhat. But Bush changed that. Seemingly forever.

    This is a very basic question but why would you live in the UK? What keeps stuck there? Not a job, probably. You don’t seem to have one. Wife? Not family, you just said your roots were not in Britain.

    I don’t think Britain is that much safer at night.

    • Replies: @daniel le mouche
  151. @daniel le mouche

    If you’re from the rust-belt why not lie and say that you are Canadian?

    Brits don’t know the difference.

    • Replies: @daniel le mouche
  152. @Jeff Stryker

    You are insufferable. What is this crap?

    What are you doing that “cholos” would be glaring at you?

    I would suggest that 90 percent of what you write is just happening in your head.

  153. Anonymous[426] • Disclaimer says:

    Jeff S.

    Your last posts exhibit a distinct lack of the ability to see the world outside of your own lens. That you are a urban man and do not appreciate those skill sets and world view of folks that prefer a less crowded world, well I think we all get that. But not every one sees the virtues of the dower Anglo-Saxons, Baltic and Germanic people in an unfavorable light. You are in essence projecting what you think to be important as the ultimate set of values that every one should seek to emulate or seek.

    Said another way, the draw of the fashionable salons and fleshpots of the city do not have the allure to some people that rebuilding a barn, making a 150 years old watt pump engine work again, mastering an archaic skill such as LR rifle shooting or fly fishing hold. Mastery of such skills offer their own rewards, as does sleeping under the stars on a crisp fall night with no lights to dim the show. None of which are things one finds in the city.

    Same with relationships. Having spent a lot of time traveling for work and being present while our company entertained clients, Orchard Towers in Singapore, the “Zone” in Taipei, and other establishments of not an entirely wholesome nature in Nogales, Wellington, Sydney, Hong Kong rally offer no appeal to many dower northerners. Many of us are monogamous by nature and the false smiles and other attractions of girls who perform for money do really have the draw that the cute “girl next door look” whose smile and attentions are genuine offers to us. Not condemning your world view, just pointing out it does not have universal appeal.

    Not to say there is not a draw to cosmopolitan life. But what I find very interesting having spent time in both worlds is that the supposedly provincial folks you call hicks can understand the appeal of the city, the supposedly urban sophisticates cannot conceive of any way of looking at the world but their own.

    Something to ponder

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  154. Anonymous [AKA "anon-sfwc"] says:

    @ Jeff stryker
    Thanks for all the insight on Asia for expats. Every bit of info helps.
    Having lived in large Eastern cities most of my life I have the advantage of familiarity with filipinos. Catholicism is unique to the culture, like Goans.
    I would prefer a .more business friendly environment; ownership rules favors Filipinos. I guess an informal, cash in hand business is all that is viable for Farangs.
    I would prefer middleman, import-export businesses but they have it locked down. I looked into importing a used car: joke. Clearly, the two groups you .mentioned have things sorted their way.

    More research.
    *I post as steinbergfeldwitzcohen but the comment cop did something I can’t fathom.

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  155. @Johnny Rico

    I would suggest that 90 percent of what you write is just happening in your head.

    Nah, that’s just about 10%, IMO. The other 90% is off the TV.

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  156. @Johnny Rico

    Why are the crime rates higher in Phoenix than Dubai?

    Because of whites?

    Cholos can be dangerous in the Southwest.

  157. @Achmed E. Newman

    Move to Phoenix on a modest budget. Ride a public bus through Flint.

    Or any major US city.

    You’ll see what I mean.

    Of course I was not loaded with money as a young post-college graduate.

    I have not watched US television in 20 years. No interest.

  158. @Anonymous

    Baltic? I never associated those places with Latvians or Lithuanians.

    They are not MY skill-sets so I would not be able to make a decent living with my skill-set. There is not enough of a surplus economy to support venture capitalism or investment in any event. Most white-collar people could not make much of a living there compared to urban centers-this is the reason why young people from those communities are an exodus.

    My grandparents owned a cottage in Northern Michigan near the Wisconsin border to which my great-grandparents had immigrated from Germany though they lived their entire adult lives in Detroit following World War II.

    I did some fly-fishing as a kid for perch and blue-gill.

    There is a reason why those places are nearly all-white and there are no Mexicans, blacks, Asians or Jews which is that there is no surplus economy.


    In order to attract a very young and attractive woman in the US you would have to be young yourself. Marrying at age 21 and having children before the age of 25 is not entirely realistic for many young striving white-collar guys who are busting their ass to obtain qualifications or entering the workforce at that age.

    When you are 39 years old it is hard to attract 22 year old white middle-class women.


    I don’t think Sydney is such a squalid place.

    “Urban sophisticate”

    That would not apply to me. I’m common or garden working middle-class.

  159. @Anonymous

    You can obtain a business permit as a foreigner in the Philippines.

  160. @Johnny Rico


    It is odd how the patriots on here will go on and on about the mysterious and elusive purported acts of Hebrews but when I talk about the common-or-garden realities of life in a major city they vehemently deny them.

  161. @Johnny Rico

    Guys like you will complain about the US but some little shred of Pavlov’s Dog patriotism wells up when I mention the legitimate reasons why some young man might be better off taking his youthful energy and skills offshore.


    Zero Responsibility-

    I never bothered to pay some traffic fines in Phoenix because I did knew I would never be back. In college I had a problem with a landlord and called him up to tell him I would never be back so he could do nothing.

    I told Zeke the pawnstore owner’s son that they did not allow people of his religion into Dubai and he would have his pubes and head shaved and go through a “Midnight Express” experience there.

    “Go party with your Bedouin friends” was his lame response. I kept the money for the mountain bike I sold him.

    If something goes south overseas, you move. I had a problem with a Chinese-Filipino business associate in Cebu. No worries. No forwarding address.

    I still got paid and moved on.

    In small towns guys beef over some chick they fought over in the 10th grade. This seems ridiculous to me. But you are stuck in a small town. Silly minor conflicts become big issues that you cannot get away from.


    When I first went to London from the US for a week “I got even” with people I’d beefed with.

    Jarvy my one-time roommate damaged the apartment after I left and wanted money out of me to cover the cost with the landlord. He’d gotten a girl pregnant who reused to abort the kid (Another Polish Catholic girl) because he was only 23 and she agreed to have the kid adopted. Jarvy’s mother was extremely religious.

    “I’ll tell your mother about the baby if you bother me about this bullshit”

    “NO!” He had pleaded. He was a tough guy but that scared him.

    “You cannot come overseas and I can call her long-distance”


    I never talk to him again or got another e mail. You can do what you want when you live in another country.

    Our apartment manager was Hispanic.

    I called him and bathed him in my antipathy for Mestizos.

    “You cannot come to London. You’re a Spic.”

    I heard him breathe heavily. He would never go to London.

    Overseas you are free of responsibility. Have a problem in Philippines? Move to another part of Asia.

    If you are from a small town you have to worry about the guy you beefed with over some girl when you were in 11th grade. All the local police know you. The magistrate knows you. Sure, you might be a clean citizen but you can never get very far.

    Hillbillies, mestizos, blacks and women are inferior because they cannot travel and this is why they are victims of laws or beefs with other people.

    If I have a beef I can move on.

    I make the same amount of money anywhere, so what difference does it make. Somewhere new is always interesting.

    There are guys who sit around and boo-hoo about things. Blacks do this. Of course nobody gives a shit when the water ends up as bad as Flint but some races just don’t have the initiative to move anywhere. Sadly Mestizos do. Thankfully, the don’t have the money or job skills to go overseas.

    Expats move in five minutes. No problems. Move 1000 or 2000 miles? That is a two hour plane flight tops.

    We keep our money in foreign banks offshore. Mine is Hong Kong.

    We are off the grid.

    Nobody can find us.

    When you an expat you are just as home in the Thai jungle as you are in the Dubai desert or the Russian winter.

    • Replies: @restless94110
  164. @Jeff Stryker

    I’ve been reading your comments for a few months now, and I find them to be interesting, enlightening, even if you are a bit redundant about your life story at times.

    I am a white man and have been living in Mexico for 5 years. However, years before I left San Francisco, I knew a half a dozen white guys who were going to and finally all of them did move to Asia mostly Thailand. A couple of them died there (of old age ailments).

    Back in those days, San Fran seemed to be about a decade or two ahead of the shitty-for-old-guys thing and we all used to talk about that and the guys, most of them had been to Southeast Asia at least once, talked rapturously about being there and so on and on.

    I, however, for some reason have never been at all interested in that area of the world. My focus has always been on South of the Border, Costa Rica, Panama and parts of South America.

    For now, it’s Mexico, and yes, I’m sure Asia is safer. Mexico is a lot about theivery and some treachery. It has a lot going for it (cheap rent, legal prostitution, low medical/dental costs and pharma, and much more) but you have to be smart and careful.

    I believe I know how you feel about this country, but could you elaborate? By the way, I’m no Fred Reed, who lives in another part of the country and has some roots through marriage, and a different outlook on many things (though I enjoy reading some of the things he writes, definately not all of them).

    And one other thing: when I used to talk to the guys about Thailand they said that you have to cross a border every 90 days in order to stay legal in the country (you get another 90-day visa that way). I notice that you never mention any of that and maintain that you are off the grid.

    How do you renew your passport? How do you stay “legal?”

    Once again, I like your take on things. Live long and prosper.

  165. Linh,

    It is getting trite to describe in simple observations what and who you meet. You have intellect and depth of experience. Why not apply that for some analysis on where things are going, such as prognostications, some depth to the two dimension mere descriptions?

    I sense you are bored with this under-utilization of your talents. Give us a feel for a larger zeitgeist of Vietnam. How do Vietnamese-Americans compare to the natives? Has the second or third generation completely lost interest in its culture?

    • Replies: @Someone
  166. @restless94110


    San Francisco is not the Rust Belt. Most of your homeless who are not junkies are simply impoverished people from the Midwest of which some parts are nearly second world countries. I’m talking about the Rust Belt like South East Michigan or Gary, Indiana and not South Dakota.

    Flint, Michigan is not only poor and dangerous but freezing cold. I’m from Ann Arbor, however.

    This is redundant so I’ll come to the point. If you are a working middle-class white guy you are probably better off in Asia than you are in much of the United States.

    If you have to choose between a villa which can be cooled with AC’s and a trailer park or efficiency apartment that you have to share with another adult far past your college years it is better-far better-to live in Asia.

    My experiences with Latinos in Phoenix put me off wanting to visit Latin America. I realize these are not the Criollo of Mexico city and just basically Amerindian primitives or marauding Mestizos hoodlums but they definitely scared me.

    So I am the wrong person to ask because I would not live in Latin America if you paid me.

    Philippines inherited some of the same problems as Spain did in racial terms because it has a Spanish-blooded callous landowning class (Though not pure white like Mexico’s) that function as rent-seekers.

    I have a permanent residency through marriage which only requires that you put $10,000 in a local account which only requires me to live every six months.

    Business visas are also available.

  167. @restless94110



    These guys have a back injury and haul ass straight to the Philippines or India. The amount of screwing they do indicates little is wrong with their vertebrae.

    I knew one guy who had a genuine disability from some fall at work who moved to India. He was a pedophile and alcoholic who simply bought a village more or less for $30,000 and became its king like Marlon Brando in that Vietnam film. He was from Virginia and he just sat in this Taj Mahal of marble with naked 15 year old Indian girls walking around cooking and serving him booze all day.


    There also some Americans who would be homeless in the United States but can get some brother or someone to send them $200 a month. They rent some hut at a beach or live in a squat. They have enough for their rum, food, some marijuana and that is it.

    One was an ex-steelworker named Clinton who’d remembered the Philippines from his army days and caught military space available. He’d lost his condo in divorce.

    After he’d become homeless he checked into a Connecticut shelter and a large nude black man had walked across the shelter barracks totally nude and started jacking off over Clinton’s head.

    Clinton slept in the Connecticut park but not only were they dangerous but cold in the autumn.

    There is no interim in the US. Either you have a house and money or you are on the road. Other countries like the Philippines have shanties.


    I’ve mentioned Dave’s unpleasant authoritarian corrupt Filipino National Police wife, rank of Sergeant. I personally did not like her although she was passably pretty.

    But Dave was 60 and she deep-throated his rod. I wasn’t there but Dave said that she liked it and in any event she wanted to stay married for financial reasons.

    Dave stated there is no way at all that a 60 year old man can get a blowjob in the US from a 30 year old pretty woman. It is just not going to happen. And crack whores are likely to pull a gun out of some purse and rob your or some cop is likely to arrest a white guy for being down in the local known stroll or whatever.


    To move overseas as a young man and start having sexual escapades really devalues the sexual marketplace and this is why white women always say “ewwww” or some have antipathy towards Asian women. They realize that their sexual market hold is destabilized.

    I’ve gone on and on about Stanley but once you are a young man overseas you are not in a big hurry to return to your Podunk state or depressed town and marry some white woman who might divorce you anyhow.

    • Replies: @prusmc
    , @eah
    , @YetAnotherAnon
  168. @Jeff Stryker

    ‘That is the trouble with the United States. It is now despised since Bush was elected.
    When I was in London in 1999, Americans were still liked. Somewhat. But Bush changed that. Seemingly forever.’

    The average Brit is extremely unthinking, or at least his thoughts are unoriginal and directly handed to him by the Guardian, Telegraph, Daily Mail, Evening Standard. I hear endless moronic statements about Trump, just as I did in the opposite direction about Obama. It’s all moronic. I don’t imagine that Bush suddenly changed their opinions of Yanks, they’ve seemingly always, at least since WWII, had a hatred of them. It’s a mean ol’ country.
    I’m here because I’m married to one. I truly cannot fathom the foreigners who choose to live here. London does have its good points, mainly museums and some semi-interesting neighborhoods. As to safety, back in 1999 I might agree with you that it was pretty dangerous after dark. Since around 2002 the pubs stopped closing at 11 and that seemed to make all the difference, perhaps coupled with the connectivity of everyone and thus much greater tolerance for foreigners etc. Don’t know, but the dangerous vibe is now gone, at least in most of London–gone are the drunk, violent roving gangs at pub closing. In America I think it’s true that most places are fairly safe at night, but the dangerous cities and neighborhoods are truly scary.

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  169. @Jeff Stryker

    ‘If you’re from the rust-belt why not lie and say that you are Canadian?’

    Nah, I much prefer to rankle them.

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker

    Older men and young single men have one thing in common. They have no dependents, no spouse and no financial obligations. All of that happens between 25 (Max) and 55.

    If you had to choose between a double wide trailer or efficiency and moving to the Philippines let us look at the situation honestly.

    Philippines subdivisions are full of yuppies, business people, rich Spanish or Chinese Filipinos, some foreign retirees.

    Go to a trailer park and you are among ex cons of the ROADHOUSE type, white trash, wild dogs and cats, gangs (Hmong for some reason run rampant in some trailer parks apparently), filthy lack of sanitation, drug dealers, addicts.

    Oh and it is cold in winter. Freezing cold.

    You can rent an efficiency apartment but far past your college years you will live with somebody who has problems. No normal 40 year old rooms with other people. He’ll be a felon, a junkie, whatever.

    You cannot get laid. A white man over 50 with no money might as well cut his dong off in the US.

    The US is a lousy place for the elderly much of the time.

    And trailer park is synonymous with white because poor whites are endangered in cities. They are like Boers in South Africa.

  171. @daniel le mouche

    Because I am from Michigan when I was around Brits they assumed I was from Canada. Even Canadians cannot tell the difference and Brits all believe that Americans speak like the actors in DALLAS.

  172. @daniel le mouche

    I didn’t think Hyde Park was dangerous.

  173. After centuries of shunning Asia, Russia will increasingly embrace Alexander Blok’s outraged declaration, “Yes, we are Scythians! Yes, we are Asians.”

    God forbid. 😛

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  174. @Buster Keaton's Stunt Double

    If Asia wanted to embrace them back, which is debatable.

  175. Anonymous[308] • Disclaimer says:

    After 25 years in Malaysia, I call most of the points raised as non sequiturs.

    I agree wholeheartedly. It’s not a pure Asian experience like Thailand. Malaysia is a kind of East-West mix in which the public culture is half British and half Asian, and the culture of each person and their family depends on their race and religion.

    What part of Malaysia are you living in? Which race did you marry into?

  176. prusmc says: • Website
    @Jeff Stryker

    Don’t those Indian girls smell?

  177. @prusmc

    I personally would not know.

    Many of the guys in countries like India or Philippines had a disability pension.

    This gave them enough money to live well on the exchange, when it came down to it.

  178. @prusmc


    India smells no worse than a rural trailer park if the foreigner takes the same amount of cash there. A 10-room villa vs. a double-wide, warm weather vs. frigid days when the drafts blow through the cracks.

    Which would you choose? You can hire Russian hookers in India. Or even find some white hippie chick.

    If you cannot get away from the worst of the worst in the US, you are better off with $800 a month in India.

    You’re more likely to live like a cockroach in your own backyard than in India.

  179. eah says:

    How’s the weed over there, Linh?

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  180. eah says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    …and marry some white woman who might divorce you anyhow.

    Assuming you can find one who’s not obese and otherwise a marriage candidate worth considering — which is doable, but not as easy as it used to be.

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  181. Anonymous[308] • Disclaimer says:

    Not if they’re clean. Their pheromones are certainly stronger, but whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing is down to your tastes.

  182. @eah

    Horrendously strong, mostly. It is not a “clean” high. It is really skunky.

  183. @eah

    I wouldn’t know. I moved overseas at 25.

    Once you are 40 years old and have been overseas for 15 years…you might as well just write off marriage with a Western woman.

    Doesn’t bother me. Soon or later most of them will end up divorced and do the math and discover the girl was $200 per screw.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  184. Anonymous[308] • Disclaimer says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    Once you are 40 years old and have been overseas for 15 years…you might as well just write off marriage with a Western woman.

    Unless you can find a similarly minded Western woman who’s been overseas 15 years. They are kinda rare tho

  185. @Jeff Stryker

    “I tried to immigrate to Australia as a young graphic artist with a Bachelor’s Degree. No criminal record, no dependents, no health problems…no dice.”

    On the other hand, plasterers, plumbers, electricians are all good.

  186. @Jeff Stryker

    “I knew one guy who had a genuine disability from some fall at work who moved to India. He was a pedophile and alcoholic who simply bought a village more or less for $30,000 “

    I thought foreigners couldn’t own property in India, and travelling in the North scantily dressed females of any age are non-existent (women are pretty well covered be they Hindu, Sikh or Muslim), where on earth was this?

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  187. Josep says:

    English is sure a lot easier than Chinese or Russian

    I’m not sure if English will prevail. Russian has its difficulties with regards to grammar, sure, but that doesn’t mean English is any easier. (Of course, the fact that Chinese still uses symbols (one for every word) makes its status as an international language unlikely, and why they didn’t go Cyrillic like Mongolia did in the 1940s is a mystery to me.)

    As a native English speaker, I’ll make it known that the English language itself is filled with spelling idiosyncracies that make Spanish, German and Russian look easier. These have been bothering the crap out of me ever since I started learning the relatively phonetic Spanish:
    The pronunciation of most of the vowels looks nothing like the letters they represent. Sure, you’ve got words like “hard”, “bet”, “give” and “phone”, but:
    * the “long A” in “cake” sounds like an “eh” instead of “ah”.
    * the “long I” in “ride” sounds like an “ah-ee” instead of “ee”.
    * the “short U” in “must” sounds like an “ah” instead of the “oo” in “book”.
    Curse you, Great Vowel Shift!!!*
    And there’s the spelling inconsistencies:
    * the “ough” in “cough”, “through”, “thorough”, “tough” and “thought” are not the same.
    * Neither are the “ea”s in “heart”, “beat”, “break” and “lead”.
    * “slaughter” and “laughter” don’t rhyme.
    * Neither do “come” and “home”.
    * Or “one” and “bone”.
    * “Wind” and “read” are pronounced two ways, each of which depending on the context.
    * Why the heck is the S in “island” silent?
    * (GB) words like “colour”, “flavour” and “neighbour” do not rhyme with “sour”, “flour” or “scour”, never mind “tour” or “four”.
    One reason attempts to phoneticize the English language have failed is the spelling and pronunciation differences between American (US) and British (GB) English:
    * (US) the L in “solder” is silent.
    * (US) “aunt” and “ant” are homophones.
    * (GB) “lieutenant” has the “ieu” pronounced as an “eff”.
    * We all know about the pronunciation of “tomato”, “can’t” and “banana”, right?

    And thanks to the inconsistencies above, any English speakers unfamiliar with the alphabet of the original languages will tend to mispronounce some foreign names.
    * the Japanese alcoholic beverage “sake” doesn’t rhyme with “cake”; it’s pronounced phonetically, like “sah-keh”.
    * some English speakers mispronounce “jalapeño” as “ja-la-pe-no” instead of the original “ha-la-pe-nyo”.
    * One time in school, I had a classmate mispronounce my birthplace, the city of Xiamen (shya-men), as “eks-iamen”.
    If the English language is still going to prevail, then absorbing words from other languages will (still) create conflict as to how to pronounce them correctly. The sad fact is, the letters in one language that uses the Latin/Roman alphabet won’t be pronounced exactly the same as in another, even if both languages are of the same family.
    IMO Russian does a better job at adopting foreign words by adjusting the spelling to work with the Cyrillic alphabet and letting speakers pronounce it correctly (in the three examples mentioned, it’s “Саке”, “халапеньо” and “Сямынь”). Similarly, “Feuerwerk” is Cyrillized to “фейерверк” and “rendez-vous” as “Рандеву”. I’m amazed that Cyrillic doesn’t suffer from the same fragmentation that Latin/Roman does. The same could be said about Japanese hiragana and katakana, but that’s another story.

    It’s hard to believe that a language as unpredictable as English could become the dominant language for foreign trade, even in countries that have never been colonies of either the US or Britain. I don’t care if its unpredictable spelling adds to the “charm”; there is no “charm” to begin with! It’s just friggin’ WEIRD!!
    Honestly, if I were some native speaker of a language of one of the former USSR republics (e.g. Armenian) and had the choice between Russian and English, I’d pick Russian for the above reasons. Then again, not everyone has the option of two languages, so English becomes the only choice.

    Side note: one question I posted once in this site was how anyone whose first language wasn’t English could easily dodge these obstacles. So far I haven’t gotten an answer. If I still can’t get one, might as well just give up.

  188. dcite says:

    They don’t have any appreciable Arab genes, although the Jewish population was large. Maybe that’s what it is. Nor are most most white Americans partly native American or black.
    JS is playing fast and loose with everybody else’s ancestry, assuming more mixed-upness than is really the case, as do people who have no strong ethnic or cultural identity or who want to bond with others for being mixed. Not surprising.

  189. Someone says:
    @Poupon Marx

    Linh Dinh does have obvious writing talent. But writing by itself does not attract attention and it does not make money. Thus Linh Dinh has subtly changed his editorial stance. Before he would observe on the difficult state of the American working class, often illustrating the person’s background and offering sympathy. Now, he indulges in ever-increasing dog whistle racism and xenophobia, pandering to angry, dullard white people who project their ire onto scapegoats deemed to be lower on the social ladder. Apparently it is working, as Linh Dinh’s essays now attract endless comments. Most of the comments are pathetic and written by idiot racists, but the essays are popular nonetheless.

    The ironic thing is, like a good politician or corporate spokesperson, Linh Dinh won’t admit to his motivation. But anyone can contrast his earlier writings to the racist pandering of his current work. Add extra irony points to Linh Dinh’s minority and immigrant status–Almost like a down market version of Dinesh D’Souza. Dinesh D’Souza doesn’t even write particularly well. But some racist big wigs liked that editorial slant and promoted that Uncle Tom into some sort of intellectual celeb. It’d be funny if it weren’t true.

  190. @YetAnotherAnon

    Foreigners can rent in India and many lease for years there. Like Goa. No, women do not dress scantily on the street in India. Including the hookers I hired for years in India myself.

    Many foreigners on disability live in Asia, particularly the Philippines. An $800 disability check goes much further there than in Cleveland, Ohio. Put it that way.

    There are number of reasons, if you care to read, some quite mundane and practical-

    REASON 1

    Villas don’t rot or need maintenance like houses in the Midwest in the tropics. They are built of concrete and tile. Unlike the US in winter climates or even hot ones wear houses are made of wood and require a huge degree of upkeep.

    REASON 2


    REASON 3

    No whiggers or Cholos or Hood Rats.

    REASON 4

    Sex on demand.

    REASON 4

    No apparent control by a Zion over-class.

    REASON 5

    Crime relatively low. Are you safer in India or Section 8?

    REASON 6

    Cheap drugs and booze for those that like these things.

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