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Still Tranquil Belgrade
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Belgrade, 2020

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Pandemic, lockdowns, riots, disappeared jobs, collapsed businesses, empty fridges, closed borders, weird explosions and, just now, Beirutshima, so 2020 is already a horror show, but wait, it’s actually a mousy prelude to the endlessly crashing cymbals, just ahead. Many more ambulances will howl down streets. The empire will only exit with a bang.

Meanwhile, all is still relatively calm in most places. I hear a child singing outside my basement window. Each afternoon, kids play in my building’s narrow courtyard, then disperse just before five, to head home for dinner.

To reach the front door the other day, I had to sidestep four boys playing cards. As I fumbled with the key, one kid looked up, frowned and said something that sounded like a correction. I ignored the pipsqueak, only to understand immediately that he meant, “It’s already open, dumbshit.”

To fuss over trivia is a peacetime privilege, or curse. Here in Serbia, they squirt ketchup on pizzas! Italy is nearby, but so what. Everybody and his Kalashnikov waving grandma have their own way of doing things. South Koreans eat pizzas with corn, and dill pickles on the side.

Yesterday, I met a 70-year-old architect whose name translates as Lucky Darling. Nearly every morning, Sretan can be seen outside a beauty salon. Since its owners are two striking beauties, it makes sense for the old fart to park himself there. Sitting at a table, Sretan sips coffee, looks at traffic and waves at neighbors. Around 11, he wanders to Kafe Parkić.

“You should go there. Garden. Very nice.”

My spot is Dzidzi Midzi, where, perched on the balcony overlooking the sidewalk, I’m quite visible to passersby. Alien to a place, you won’t recognize anyone, but they all see you.

Although Serbia has reopened for tourists sans conditions, few have entered, and in Hadžipopovac, I’m the only Martian. It’s cool, though. Staring hard at me, a girl of about three smiled and waved, which brightened her mom also.

Despite their fearful reputation, Serbs are quite mellow, I’ve found. Yes, there is an edge here, as expressed by the graffiti, for example, with fans of Red Star and Partizan cancelling each other out all over town, and each time they clash, a riot is almost inevitable. Walking for miles across Belgrade, however, I’ve not felt anything like the tension or even menace that’s become banal in American cities, with each morning’s newspaper yawningly reporting last night’s carnage. My landlord never locks his house or car, he told me.

Vietnamese, too, are generally not aggressive. Save your butchery for when it really matters, tough guys. Queers strut.

In Busan, my friend Jung-min said, “We Koreans have all been in the military, so we know how to use weapons, but when it’s over, we forget about it. When there’s a war,” he chuckled, “we can be quite brutal.”

Sretan’s English is not bad. His wife is a career diplomat. Together, they spent two years in Tokyo, three in NYC and four in New Delhi.

“New York is fantastic. We lived in the middle. Sutton Place.”

“Very expensive!”

“Yes, very expensive, but my wife is a diplomat. I didn’t have to do anything. I just walked around and looked.”

“Did you go to other American cities?”

“Washington. We were there for 15 days. I didn’t like it. Washington is like a village. New York, great.”

“Are there many Serbs in New York.”

“No. Chicago.”

“I’ve heard. Did you go to Chicago?”

“No, but I know. Many Serbs there.”

When young, Sretan’s passion was karate, so Japan was particularly fascinating. Still, he disapproved of their lifestyle, “Japanese, all they do is sleep and work. No life.” He shook his head.

Opening a plastic container, Sretan offered me a baklava. “You like? No pressure. You like?”

It was excellent, “This is very good, and the coffee too.”

“I told you. I don’t lie. Turkish coffee, but Serbian style. She knows how to make.”

Sretan on Russia, “We are close. Russians, Serbs, same people. Slavs.”

“But Croats are also Slavs.”

“Ah, but… Between Serbs and Croats, there’s a complex. If I look at you and have a complex, then I hate you, but it’s nothing. It’s in my head, my imagination. People have complex.”

Like all who grew up in poorer societies, Sretan’s teeth are not perfect. Mine are fourth world.

Sretan on America, “They put pressure on every country. They bomb. Yugoslavia, your country. Saddam Hussein…”


“Yes, Iraq. Destroyed his whole family. Gaddafi… Libya, Syria, Yemen. No good. America must change. The cosmos will make America change. History, the cosmos. There are two new powers. Russia, Kina. America will change.”

Kina is China, of course. I picked that up just from walking around. Kineska robna kuća is a store selling made-in-China household goods. Kineski restoran is a monosodium glutamate factory.

There’s a Chinese department store, Panda, with two branches in Belgrade. Well-made and elegantly proportioned, Serbs can wear burlap bags and still look good, so they’re fine in bargain Chinese fashion.

Seeing a slim lady in black and white horizontal stripes, framed by body hugging red, I immediately thought, This is why you left your room today. She’s like an upright zebra crossing for sleepy lizards.

The many used clothing stores are dressed up with the English “Second Hand,” often coupled with Butik. When I was in Ukraine in early 2016, used clothing was sold in huge mounds, for shoppers to dig through. Haven’t seen that here.

In Kiev, I saw beggars kneeling under snowfall, heads drooping, behind soggy cardboard signs. They had just been color revolutionized by Uncle Sam. In Belgrade, beggars aren’t nearly as abject. Many are gypsies.

In plastic sandals and pink sweat pants, a scrawny teenage girl meandered into a pizza joint to mumble at each table. It’s called Poncho, oddly enough. Offering no burritos or tacos, it does have cacti painted on its walls. Its logo is a Mexican with a bulbous nose, handlebar moustache and a sombrero sagging over his eyes.

There are many gambling parlors here, an index of desperation, and even more Western Union outlets. Folks in each neighborhood need to easily collect cash from relatives overseas.

Like all of Eastern Europe, Serbia is hemorrhaging people like there’s no tomorrow. At least seven hundred thousand Serb live in Germany. Moldova has lost a third of its population since 1989!


One day on the street, a very cosmopolitan Serb gave me his thoughts on this issue, and more. Seeing me photographing, he started to talk, for he, too, had a camera. Also, he likely assumed I was Chinese. Turned out he had spent a year there.

“What were you doing there?”

“Studying the language. I’m a translator.” His English was excellent and practically accent-free.

“Have you been to the States?”

“No. I got a visa but I never went.”

“It’s not the same any more. It’s ruined. Still, you should go and have a look. Have you traveled a lot?”

“Some. It’s not easy for Serbs to travel. Just stopping at an airport, you have to pay for a transit visa. One year, I went to Brazil, but the transit visa for the UK was so high, I had to pick a different flight.”


“It is ridiculous. When I was in middle-school, we loved British culture and British music, but the UK is not very welcoming to us Serbs.”

“Lots of Poles there.”

“Yes, but few Serbs.”

“So where do they go?”

“Germany, Switzerland, Austria, France. Many young people are leaving. Here, you can only make 500, 600 Euros a month, so after you pay for food and rent, there’s nothing left. There’s no future here. You can only live day to day.”

To make things worse, there’s the coronavirus, but that’s a universal problem. Tourism is comatose everywhere.

When Middle Eastern, North African and South Asian refugees swarmed over from Greece five years ago, they marched right through North Macedonia and Serbia.

“We used to see them on the highways, with backpacks. I talked to some of them. One man asked me, ‘What’s better, Germany or Austria?’” My instant friend cracked up. “They had walked all the way here from Asia, but they didn’t know exactly where they were going.”

To reach Austria, they still had to cross Hungary, however. “The Hungarians were tough. The border guards would beat them, so they had to dig tunnels.”

“But what happened on the other side? It’s not like they fitted in.”

“They had guides, smugglers. Coyotes!”

Even though his English was clearly flawless, I was still surprised by his use of coyotes. Some people just have supremely quick twitching synapses, man, while the rest of us must rely on miniature ox carts, bogged down by mud, prejudices and clichés, between our frayed neurons.

To escape Turks, Serbs themselves migrated en masse to Hungary in the 17th and 18th centuries, but there are key differences, no? You tell me!

My instant friend remembered a trip to Switzerland, “In a restaurant, I met a Dutch couple. I also speak Dutch. When the man found out I was a Serb, he looked at me like I was a monster!” He laughed.

“He probably thought you were, like, a mass rapist!”

“And a mass killer! Dutch people, how should I say it, they’re very righteous, you know. They’re even worse than Germans!”

“Yes, but Germans are righteous against themselves. The most righteous Germans hate being German!”

We had a good laugh over that. It was time to go, so I stuck out my hand.

“No, we will not shake hands!”

“Oh, that’s right. Coronavirus!”

After 16 days in Belgrade, I finally spotted an American flag on someone’s clothing. In most foreign cities, I’d catch that several times a day. The wearer was a teenager, so born after American bombs exploded in his city.

It had 18 stars and 17 stripes, so both present and past had been tampered with, a common enough occurrence, though not usually so harmless.

U.S.A. MDTWN LOS ANGELES / CALIFORNIA was superimposed in black. NYC and LA are mythical destinations. Thanks to Hollywood, their color saturated, larger than life images have become parts of everyone’s consciousness, subconsciousness and memory, to flare up as teasing dreams.

As the American dream is snuffed out in situ, it persists as a quasi-religion outside it. Uncle Sam’s sexy fantasies about himself lord over foreign minds. The NY logo is the world’s most popular icon. Meanwhile, the country sinks into degradation and farce.

Crotch grabbing Michael Jackson feared actual sex, granite-jawed Bruce Jenner is a cleavage and leg flashing grandma, a casino hustler and reality TV star tweets as the president, Joe Biden never perks up unless there’s a squirming girl within stroking distance, and yet, even here in Belgrade, books by Michelle Obama sell.

It’s already 11 and I haven’t been outside yet. Done with this article, I’ll reward myself with a huge slice of pepperoni with mushroom at Poncho. The long stroll down there will be pleasant. From the most hideous apartment buildings will step the most lovely people.

At the corner, I’ll likely run into Sretan. “Come to my building and ring the intercom,” he has said. “If I’m home, you can come up and we’ll drink coffee.”

I’ll bring a bottle of Ždrepčeva Krv. From his roof, we can look down at a still calm universe.

Linh Dinh’s latest book is Postcards from the End of America. He maintains a regularly updated photo blog.

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  1. Biff says:

    Can’t access your photos anymore. Suck.

    • Replies: @Linh Dinh
  2. mh505 says:

    … books by Michelle Obama sell.

    If that is true, than the Serbians are lost; just like the rest of us

    • Replies: @Chaucer
  3. mh505 says:

    …books by Michelle Obama sell.

    If that is true, then the Serbians are lost; just like the rest of us.

  4. Linh Dinh says: • Website

    Hi Biff,

    Blogger changed its format, and that’s why all the broken links. I just fixed and resent them to Ron, so links should work soon!


    • Replies: @chris
  5. Svevlad says:

    Ah, cosmopolitans. It’s all a sham, polarized as hell – for every globalized cuck you find in the central parts of the city there’s at least 3 ultranationalist kids.

    To be honest, I don’t know how it pays off to sell books by Michelle. Who the fuck buys it? Perhaps the should-be-underclass cosmopolitans. Barely even Serbs if you ask me. Have a death grip on everything of relevance ever since the commies came to power tho

    • Agree: TheTotallyAnonymous
  6. Antiwar7 says:

    Sounds like it was an interesting day.

    That’s it—I’ve crossed the line. Time to support Linh and his well-written, interesting travelogues.

    • Agree: botazefa
  7. You have a special gift for connecting with people and writing about your encounters. Great work as always. Safe travels!

  8. Most of the think-they-have-high-IQ-because-they’re-white-only-they-don’t “readers” on here have no idea what you are talking about. Serba-who? Is that near Mexico? Is Serbia the capital of Belgrade?

    • LOL: Z-man
    • Troll: Druid55, anonymous1963
  9. The Serbian diaspora dates more from the Yugoslavia days then the recent decades, the SFRY used to send migrant labourers to Germany in order to control unemployment
    Serbia has not had a demographic catastrophe on the level of Bulgaria, simply because it lacks EU membership and it’s citizens don’t have EU passports
    Croatia is starting to experience a slight depopulation problem after it acquired it’s EU membership, like in the days of Yugoslavia their leaders use it to control unemployment, simply awful

    Despite the whining of cosmopolitan faggots the economy here is doing fine, there is construction everywhere (the most notable currently being the new Chinese High Speed railway) and cities are starting to slowly recover from the 90s apocalypse and Communist mismanagement, wages are also growing
    One of the main ways the ruling party gets votes is reducing unemployment without depopulating the country

    • Agree: TheTotallyAnonymous
    • Replies: @Knez
  10. Anonymous[162] • Disclaimer says:

    I see you’re projecting again.

    • Replies: @Alfa158
  11. Dule says:

    “To escape Turks, Serbs themselves migrated en masse to Hungary in the 17th and 18th centuries, but there are key differences, no? You tell me!”

    Indeed, there is a substantional difference. The Serbs migrating/fleeing from the Serbian lands occupied by the Turks to the Hungarian part of the Habsburg empire, being skillful and fearsome warriors were welcomed by the Austrian emperor. The Turkish menace to his empire was enormous and the Austrian response was to establish the Vojna Krajina (Military Frontier) region at its southern border, where the Serbs lived as free men working on the land that was in their personal possession. Even the tax they paid was relatively low, but they had the obligation to take the arms and join the Austrian imperial army whenever needed. In the 18th century, as much as 50% of the Austrian military were Serbs who not only successfully kept the Turks at bay and pushed the border southwards, but also fought at other battlefields and, eventually, helped their fellow Serbs south of the Danube and Sava rivers to liberate the central Serbia in the begining of the 19th century in a series of successful armed uprisings. Such privileged position of Serbs in Austria (albeit paid with an enormous toll in human blood and suffering) was envied by the Croats who were serfs of the Hungarian nobility, but belonged to the Roman catholic church and for that reason hated the Ortodox Serbs. This hatred only grew with the passage of time and with the advancement of the Serbian independent kingdom in the Balcans, resulting in the genocide of at least one million Serbs during WW2 and in the expulsion of those who survived and their descendant from Croatia in 1995, during the war of secession.

    • Agree: AltanBakshi
    • Troll: Sya Beerens
    • Replies: @Drakon
  12. Alfa158 says:

    Pontiac there can’t imagine that not everyone is as dim as he is. Even reading this site every day, he still hasn’t been able to see that the readers here aren’t Romney style Cuckservatives and his comments show he still clings to the delusion that we all love billionaires and can’t wait to die fighting for Wall Street, low taxes and Israel.

  13. Franz says:

    As the American dream is snuffed out in situ, it persists as a quasi-religion outside it. Uncle Sam’s sexy fantasies about himself lord over foreign minds. The NY logo is the world’s most popular icon. Meanwhile, the country sinks into degradation and farce.

    Great stuff, Linh, and what a ghastly rerun.

    My Greece-Roman reading was long, long ago. But so similar.

    Early on, the Greeks would hush and gaze in awe at any lucky bugger going to study in the Land of the Nile. By the time Herodotus was wrapping up his histories Egypt, the place was a joke. It was only left for Roman satirists to make Egypt the laughing stock of the Mediterranean world.

    Right now, the USA is in the last gaze-in-awe moment of the game. Call it justice or karma or the luck of the draw, our elites “made their own reality” and the rest of us are stuck with it.

    When we bombed the Serbs, the wife and I were lucky. We’d just gotten hitched and had a Serbian landlord. We went with him for a demonstration in the nearest big city, not that it did a shred of good. But it was fun yelling “Yankee Go Home” in Cleveland, Ohio. We were free then, and lots younger.

  14. This author’s analysis of the events in the Balkans during the 90s bears little resemblance to those of much more detailed, thoroughly researched and circumspect versions which I’ve read. His work is a nice little diversion when he’s jotting down general impressions of everyday events and his interactions with other people, but that’s about it. I would admonish him to consider how ignorance can lead to thoughtless, egregiously flawed assessments about large, complex subjects.

    • Replies: @ariadna
  15. ariadna says:
    @john cronk

    Excellent humorous impersonation of a clueless pompous ass.

    • LOL: Antiwar7, Clyde
  16. ariadna says:

    “As the American dream is snuffed out in situ, it persists as a quasi-religion outside it. ”

    The American Dream lives… Abroad. As a hologram.

  17. Chaucer says:

    Michelle Obama’s “Becoming” was a best-seller in the Islamic Republic of Iran. Think about that for a second…

    The hold that global elites have on world politics is strong, even though it is not yet all-encompassing. But their hold on global mass psychology is so strong as to make their political influence feel like a preschooler’s handshake.

    • Replies: @Sya Beerens
  18. Biff says:

    Nice! Can we get the real thing modified?

    STATUE OF WAR on 8-3-20--Belgrade

  19. Toza says:

    Interesting as always. Keep up the good work!

  20. HalconHigh says: • Website

    “we can look down at a still calm universe”

    The calm before the storm ?

    The shit hasn’t quite started hitting the fan yet, but I can smell it.
    The Trump-Biden debate (if there is one) should be one for the history books.
    Can you imagine ?? LOL
    One’s demented, and the other’s a madman.
    The Empire is coming apart at the seams.

    Well, at least here in Glendale, AZ. ya can get an eighth of some good stuff at the nearby MJ store for \$20.

    Look forward to your next article, Linh.

    • Replies: @Robjil
  21. One of the Balkan jokes is that, although Serbs, Croats and Montenegrins speak the same mutually intelligible language

    They pretend they are different peoples because manly chad south Slav men need to have something to fight over

    With this article maybe it’s time to link the historic ‘Serbia Strong’ video from the 1990s Balkan wars, a group of authentic soldier-musicians taking a break from actual battle to express their nationalist feelings

    Anti-Serb elements later ‘edited’ the original (and apparently held hostage by a Croatian) video, with insert scenes from the corrupt Hague one-sided ‘war crimes’ trials which failed to indict Bill Cliinton & Nato for their killings of thousands of Serbian children, the insertions now ironically adding to Serbian pride in pointing to injustice

    Catchy tune, tho made infamous by being part of the ‘Tarrant video’ in New Zealand, here with subtitles

    • Replies: @Plato's Dream
    , @Republic
  22. Juri says:

    Eastern Europe does not have demographic disaster. Some people presume that our people working abroad are gone forever and ignore the fact that temporary work abroad has been Eastern European tradition for a long time. Young people want to kick start their life and get a lot of money fast.

    I can`t understand Western obsession of birth rate. For example, US. Let imagine that US population drops by half. From 330 million today to somewhere 165 million. It happened already. Between 1950 and 1960 US population was half of it`s current size. Was the 1950-1960 US hell on earth or was there highest life standard in the world what Donald promising to bring back ???

    What the white population growth gave to US ? 160 million white people in 1960, who put man on the Moon and lynched looters versus 220 million cucked filth today who voting out every last politician who dares to have little common sense.

    Now thanks to white trash voting against normality and pro madness, economic disaster and civil war both in the US and Western Europe is on the front door and this sends our emigrated Eastern Europeans home…:D

    • Troll: Sya Beerens
    • Replies: @Bardon Kaldian
  23. @Juri

    Yeah, but you should take into consideration these are not numerous peoples. For instance, these are reliable figures for the area of ex-Yu:

    Slovenes are around 2 M, as was the case in 1990

    Croats are, now, ca. 4.2-4.4 M, c. 300- 400,000 less than 1990. Latest investigations show there are less 250,000 (Croats & others), taken into account, from 2011, because many have moved to EU because of jobs. Perhaps 30% have already returned, but some will stay in Germany, Ireland,…. I suppose when economy recovers, most things will become normal (Bulgaria-Romania effect: shithole countries learned how to civilize & modernize themselves ca. 10 years after they entered the EU)

    Serbs are now around 7.2 M, less perhaps by 1.2-1.4 million.

    Bosnian Muslims are hard to assess, but it seems they’ve dropped from 2.2 (in all of ex-Yu) M to 1.7 M.

    Albanians are even more difficult to assess, bu there are probably ca. 30% less than their official claims.

    Macedonians are clueless, as they are about most things.

  24. anon[191] • Disclaimer says:

    Chief Pontiac, I think most people know where Serbia is, especially if they’re from Chicago. The question is, do you know where Serbia is?

  25. Polemos says:

    It’s even harder to pronounce them! 🙃

  26. Good piece. The last one wasn’t so hot, this one was a return to form.

  27. Dumbo says:

    “Ah, but… Between Serbs and Croats, there’s a complex. If I look at you and have a complex, then I hate you, but it’s nothing. It’s in my head, my imagination. People have complex.”

    You know, I think this is right. Most enmities between neighbouring countries are not so much about real stuff that happened, but about self-identity, about how they perceive the other and themselves, things that are mostly in their head.

    Maybe Croats believe they are more Western, and Serbs believe they are more Russian, but in the end they are not as different as they think – to outsiders, they look and sound more or less the same.

    It’s like I hate my neighbour because he has a greener grass and he hates me because I have a better car, but we are more or less equal all things considered.

    • Replies: @Montechristoff
  28. gruff says:

    Really enjoyed this piece. Thanks.

    • Replies: @follyofwar
  29. @obwandiyag

    ‘Most of the think-they-have-high-IQ-because-they’re-white-only-they-don’t “readers” on here have no idea what you are talking about. Serba-who? Is that near Mexico? Is Serbia the capital of Belgrade?’

    Your compulsion to insult everyone gets really tedious. I don’t even much care why you do it; I just wish you’d stop.

    It’s just so enervatingly pointless. It’s the internet equivalent of somebody who keeps farting in the waiting room.

    • Agree: Druid55
    • Replies: @obwandiyag
  30. “Some people just have supremely quick twitching synapses, man, while the rest of us must rely on miniature ox carts, bogged down by mud, prejudices and clichés, between our frayed neurons.”

  31. TKK says:

    You are delusional.

    Many posters here can give specific directions to good bars and restaurants all over Europe and South East Asia, the Philippines, U.A.E. Even Russia.

    Geo political and logistical rubes they ain’t. Many have lived abroad.

    But worse than being deluded—-

    You are boring. Deeply, aggressively, unfathomably boring.

  32. @Colin Wright

    I don’t insult everybody. I compliment sincerely and fulsomely people who aren’t assholes. I only insult assholes. Who deserve insulting because they think they are god’s gift to the whole world. You’ll notice I don’t compliment you.

    Anyhow, you are off-topic. Typical diversion. You were supposed to say, “I do too know the capital of Belgrade. It’s Moscow. Don’t say I’m not smart.”

    • LOL: Z-man, FB
  33. Kiza says:

    I stopped reading this character’s writing long ago. I read this one only because it is on a topic which I know a bit about, thus I can decide better if it is worth anything.

    Worthless in terms of depth. A small value in observing people and engaging them. But then quickly jumps to conclusions without getting any breadth or depth of the topic. Similar to single Japanese tourists with camera that I met across Europe some 40 years ago – the Serbian expression is “calf walks into town, calf walks out of town”.

    The Dinh Fan Club (of calves) would castigate me for not being specific about his wrong things, but I would have to write an article much longer than his to explain all the things that he got wrong. There are only very few observations that are right of almost right, so it is much easier to list those.

    Completely right is that Serbia, especially the rural Serbia, has not been depopulated of young people as badly as many other countries around it and this is mostly thanks to not being a part of EU. Bulgaria and Romania are not countries any more they have been turned into retirement villages.

    Also completely right is the insight that the Serbians look almost deceptively relaxed, mild and even meek, with a rough edge. Also that many are stupidly desperate to get a better image in the so called “civilised Europe” (e.g. among the Dutch Nazis).

    I even laughed at a Serbian’s comment that Vietnam was bombed by US just like Serbia was and Mr Dinh not bothering to explain that he is an equivalent of a Vietnamese Croatian – who lost WW2 but were turned into the victors by their dictator Tito and the customary British shenanigans.

    Partially correct is the name of his Lucky Darling interlocutor Sreten Dragojevic, not Sretan (which is the right spelling of lucky).

    The rest of this article is superficial garbage way below the level of the first page of the Lonely Planet guide. This character has an attitude that he wants to experience a place without reading or knowing anything about it beforehand. But then he presumes that he can write an article about it. Such a typical American (US) aggressive superficiality.

    I am bailing out and will never read any other typings of this Mickey Mouse “author” for his Mickey Mouse readers.

  34. Sick and tired of photoshop/protest posers

  35. @Bardon Kaldian

    I know people from former Yugoslavia (ex-refugees) who actually survived the CIA Horrorcamp and I’ve read the book that has been written about his family’s ordeals…..

    It doesn’t matter whether they were Muslims, Croatian or Serbian from the civil point of view

    Mind your own business “Americans” have some respect for your victims?

    • Replies: @Bardon Kaldian
  36. @Dumbo

    Well, it is a complex. Just ask any Romanian who’s father was Serb that went through “Arad” and you’ll stop asking questions about enmities between neighboring countries. Not enough? Maybe the Vatican proclamation from 1900 wherein everyone who is catholic in Austro-Hungarian Empire’s province of Croatia to be from then on a Croat. Or, maybe the fact that at the Berlin treaty in 1878 it was forbidden to Serbs to learn about their history before the Nemanjic Dynasty so that they don’t know who the real founder of Austria really is?Ostarrichii = Ostrivojevic Dynasty
    Or maybe You’ve heard of Stefan Milutin who’s buried in Bulgaria’s capital Sofia, or maybe you’d hear of Jovan Vladimir who’s buried in Albania’s Elbasan?
    Or maybe, you might’ve heard of “Macedonian “ Comunist’s burning of civil and church archives after establishing the new Macedonian nation(which they themselves sold/denounced to the Greeks just to get to power after 10 years of opposition time).
    Yes, it is a complex but a complex of having to destroy everything that you just denounced and that now reminds you of where you came from. Serbia today is a neighbor to itself, to be precise to its former self.

  37. One word two syllables:


    The Universal Ministry Of Radio Active🐺 Enlightenment🐑

    ~Spreken is zilver, zwijgen is Goud~

  38. Z-man says:

    You must have a lot of money to safely travel all over the place. (Grin)
    But all kidding aside, how were you treated in good ol’ ‘Yugoslavia’, racially wise. The Serbs are a discerning lot. LOL (Especially since the Orientals brought over the plague-Corona)

    • Replies: @anon1234
  39. @TKK

    By the way- who cares for good restaurants etc?

    Normal people try, when they can, to try tasteful meals (better eat something good than unhealthy trash), but ultimately- what you eat is your future shit.

    I one’s life revolves about eating, this life is, basically, shitting.

    • Agree: Poco
  40. Serbs are bullshitters, as I’ve said in another thread:

    But the point is that any short trip of this type is of necessity shallow. It can paint picturesque figures a traveler has met in his 2-4 weeks stay in Philippines, Netherlands, Morocco, Czechia, …. & it is fine. There are classics of travel literature (Montaigne, Pushkin, ..). But when the authors get involved into analyses of local people whose languages, histories, identities & conflicts they don’t get (West, Naipaul), then this literature becomes shit.

    Linh travelogues oscillate between those extremes. And, by the way- why do locals always have to be exotic or picturesque?

    That said, Serbs are pathological liars, Balkan bullshitters, cowards & hysterical losers.

    • Agree: Druid55
    • Replies: @anonlb
    , @Dumbo
  41. chris says:
    @Linh Dinh

    Thanks for another fantastic article, Linh!

    This excellent line of yours:

    As the American dream is snuffed out in situ, it persists as a quasi-religion outside it

    says it all nowadays. If this were the only form the Empire would continue in, we could all make amends.

  42. Biff says:

    I stopped reading this character’s writing long ago. I read this one

    Because you’re schizo…..

  43. Robjil says:

    It will be quite funny.

    The 1776 rebels who created this nation must be turning in their graves.

    The 1776 experiment was the greatest mistake ever by humanity.

    Manifest Destiny was about taking over the center of a huge continent.

    Monroe Doctrine was about taking control of the Western Hemisphere.

    The third and the final theme is Full Spectrum Dominance of the world. It is also called the Wolfowitz Doctrine, since Paul Wolfowitz wrote up this blueprint for the former 1776 USA.

    It brazenly advocates that America do everything in its power to retain its global hegemony and superpower status, including ensuring that Russia, China, Iran and other regional powers – but especially Russia – be prevented from attaining enough power to seriously challenge the US. In short, it’s another US blueprint for total global supremacy.The Wolfowitz Doctrine is the Guiding Force

    We can’t really vote for anything anymore in the US. These “debates” will be a joke. The real debates are between our rulers at the top of the Zion USA pyramid.

    To believe the US really cares about anything other than its own global imperial ambitions is foolish. The Wolfowitz Doctrine has laid it all out in black and white – and America’s support for Zionist Israel, the fake War on Terror, the demonization of Russia and Iran, and many other geopolitical events make much more sense when you realize its the driving force behind American diplomatic and military action.

    Ultimately, it would be most precise to say that the NWO conspirators are using the military might of America to forge a unipolar One World Government. This really isn’t about America. It’s about using America as a tool to achieve the New World Order, then discarding it, stripping it of power and relegating it to the same level as all other nations, under the heel of the international banksters who yearn to rule the world.

    • Agree: RadicalCenter, Druid55
    • Thanks: Biff
    • Replies: @HalconHigh
  44. @Chaucer

    “Bestseller” means the exact opposite. Propaganda based opinions destroy the world….

  45. Rahan says:

    If Serbia, Albania, and Macedonia really do enter the EU in the coming decade, this will shift internal power in the union additionally toward less GloboHomo.

    Whereas one the biggest pro-GloboHomo players–England–has left. I like where this is going, albeit gradually.

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  46. hopefully says:

    thank you for travelling to where open borders lead you in these strange times (very)!
    thought of linking what another writer wrote about his journey
    peter handke seems was the only one to expose himself back then, and back then (way before i started suspecting) i thought he must be mad…

    some places seem to hold out against globalized facelessness… while this broadening wave now feels like it swallows itself … avalanche… nobody knows where the road leads, keep travelling! 🙂

  47. anonymous[232] • Disclaimer says:

    This was posted in the other Dinh thread as well. Can anyone with knowledge of contemporary Serbian politics confirm or deny these reports from The Saker website?

    And they will be expected to do just that soon, when the constitutional amendament to delete the preamble which asserts that Kosovo is an inalienable part of Serbia is put before them. They will be expected also to approve mass compulsory Covid-19 vaccionations with hastily improvised, untested and unsafe experimental preparations which the regime intends to use on a good part of the Serbian population as guinea pigs, in return for hefty bribes from crooked pharmaceutical manufacturers. And they will at some point undoubtedly raise their hands also when asked to publicly approve the currently secret arrangements whereby hordes of migrants deemed superflous by Germany, Austria, and other EU countries will be dumped on Serbia, to be permanently settled here.

    Is this true? If so, is there any effective resistance?

    How in the world does a pro-NATO, pro-EU, pro Tony Blair (!) person become leader of Serbia? As an outsider, this looks unthinkable. It’s one thing to be under assault by the entire global order, it’s another when your own government is supporting the assailants. This is expected in modern, say, UK and USA, but in Serbia? Unbelievable.

    Particularly, the idea of mass migration into tiny, defenseless Serbia, coupled with disarming the population as described in the comments, is worrying. Forget about losing Kosovo, you’d lose everything.

    • Replies: @anonlb
    , @Sya Beerens
  48. @Kiza

    How the hell is Linh Dinh the equivalent of a Vietnamese Croatian??? He left Vietnam as a 12 year old in 1975 when the war was over. During the war he was just a kid and could have had relatives on either side of the conflict, but it’s irrelevant. So all those Serbs living in NATO countries are also the equivalent of “Serbian Croats”, whatever that is, working and growing up in enemy countries that bombed Serbia. You’re not making any sense at all.

    • Replies: @TheTotallyAnonymous
  49. anonlb says:
    @Bardon Kaldian

    LOL! Perfect example of psychological projection! Or you are serb?

  50. “As the American dream is snuffed out in situ”

    I don’t know. Space X is doing amazing things. There is hope.

    I enjoyed the piece overall though. Thank you.

  51. anonlb says:

    Those reports are probably true regarding EU plans, but reality is somewhat different: the last thing those refugees want is to be settled in Serbia. Kosovo is just excelent toy for balkan and EU politicians to be resolved so quickly.

  52. @obwandiyag

    It’s in your head, rent-free

  53. If you defend yourself you will be respected.

    The Serbs defended themselves.
    Their country is tranquil.

    • Replies: @Bardon Kaldian
  54. anon1234 says:

    When Tito attached Yugo to the non-aligned movement Jugos in major urban enters became quite used to seeing third worlders from every corner on earth. Africans and Asians came in numbers to attend the commie indoctrination institutes set up by Tito to learn about glories of Marxism. Today China has a large (and dangerous) presence in Serbia. The Chinese see the same opportunity there that it sees everywhere else. Invest in the infrastructure of a poor country that can not possibly pay for the largesse and then show up like Satan when the bill comes due. But since the time of Corona all bets of tolerance are off.

    • Troll: FB
    • Replies: @karel
  55. @Christophe GJ

    Their country is tranquil.




    • Replies: @Korenchkin
    , @Sya Beerens
  56. Knez says:

    Lol, “the economy here is doing fine”.

    Ah, sorry, didn’t see you there, mister president

    • Replies: @Korenchkin
  57. @anonlb

    No he’s a Croat, which explains the projection

  58. Dumbo says:
    @Bardon Kaldian

    That said, Serbs are pathological liars, Balkan bullshitters, cowards & hysterical losers.

    For someone who keeps defending Jews and saying that “not all are bad”, you seem to have a pathological hatred of Serbs. Why not apply the same rule to them?

    But when the authors get involved into analyses of local people whose languages, histories, identities & conflicts they don’t get (West, Naipaul), then this literature becomes shit.

    I think it really depends on the author. Some can have interesting insights, even from a more superficial/foreign view. Others, not so much.

    Agree about Naipaul, well, I read only his text about Argentina, but he comes out as an arrogant foreigner who can’t speak Spanish, doesn’t know a lot about the local history, and yet pontificates on and on.

    Theodore Dalrymple is another, while he can be good writing about England and especially about the lower criminal classes (he worked in a prison), early on he wrote a travel book about South America (still using his original name Anthony Daniels) which is very lame. But I suppose also writers tend to improve with time, this was an early effort and not a very good one.

    Lihn is best when he lets local common people talk and tell their views or life stories, less so in making sweeping political observations.

    • Replies: @Bardon Kaldian
  59. @Bardon Kaldian

    This was a month ago and has turned into a nothing burger, like usual
    A student protest against Student Home evictions due to Corona (they didn’t get evicted in the end) was turned into violent nationalist protest because of a supposed impending betrayal of Kosovo (nothing came of the Kosovo negotiation either, still status quo) which was overwhelmed by peaceful liberal NGO funded sit-ins which turned everyone off and ended the protests

    Belgrade is quite tranquil now

    • Agree: TheTotallyAnonymous
    • Replies: @Sya Beerens
  60. @Commentator Mike

    How the hell is Linh Dinh the equivalent of a Vietnamese Croatian???

    Kiza has Communist inclinations. Don’t take him seriously on subject matters to do with Communism, and definitely Vietnamese Communism.

  61. @Dumbo

    For someone who keeps defending Jews and saying that “not all are bad”, you seem to have a pathological hatred of Serbs. Why not apply the same rule to them?

    I don’t hate Serbs. If you’re too dumb (nomen est omen) to realize this, that’s your problem. Or, to c-p:

    As for Serbs, they’re lost in space-time. They rot within; corruption is astonishingly high; they- most of them- adulate their president Vučić (or treat him as the traitor because he, the word goes around, has”sold out” the Kosovo province). Serbs have a both superiority & inferiority complexes. For instance, ca. 20-40% believe that most Europeans are of Serbian origin (Germans, Russians, French,..); that Aristotle wrote in Serbian; that most Egyptian pharaohs & Roman emperors were, actually, Serbs; that there is continuity with the Neolithic Vinča culture, some 8,000 years old & that contemporary Serbian Cyrillic script, which was reformed by a philologist & ethnographer Vuk Karadžić in the 19th C is the direct continuation of some Neolithic scribbles in Vinča.

    True, academic historians are fighting this nonsense, but at least 30% Serbs believe in this.

    At the same time, Serbs feel ineradicable inferiority complex towards us, Croats. It goes deeper than geography, standard of living or anything similar. They are continually watching our TV programs- I don’t watch TV, any language & any country, but know this from others; they’re jealous of some our TV documentaries about our medieval history; they cannot compile a serious encyclopedic works on their written heritage, art, history…. so they’ve taken a few books from Croatian Renaissance & Baroque literature into their, pompously named, edition “10 centuries of Serbian literature” (of course that Renaissance & Baroque, as literary stylistic formations, don’t exist in Eastern Orthodox cultures); they…

    Serbs have also enormously magnified ustaša atrocities during WW2 & somehow fused them with their lost war during the 1990s, which has created in their collective psyche the image of us, Croats, as something diabolic beyond comprehension. Before WW2, they mostly harbored contempt for us (Croatian faggots); after WW2, and especially after they lost in the 90s wars, they fear us as hell (Croatian demons).

    For us, Serbs are either boring or we simply don’t now what’s going on with them. True, some, a more primitive layer, finds them attractive as a clownish & picturesque, “Balkan” entity, but this attraction soon wears out.

    They are, along with Albanians & Macedonians, some sad east where nothing happens & where the future is the neverending fictionalized & mythologized past.

    • Troll: Sya Beerens
    • Replies: @FB
  62. @Bardon Kaldian

    Wauw now they’re after Serbia


    • Replies: @Bardon Kaldian
  63. karel says:

    What is so dangerous about the Chinese presence? Can you please elaborate on that, or was it just a spontaneous fart you let out while typing?

  64. @Korenchkin

    Your parents migrated from their Eastern European trailer and have been on a genocidal rampage ever since

    This isn’t hard to figure out thanks to the www

    • Replies: @Korenchkin
  65. Emslander says:

    You clearly don’t know anything about the art of essay-writing. Linh is probably the best there is right now, at least in English.

    I did like the picture of Zebra-girl. She looks delicious.

  66. syd.bgd says:

    The man is just changing places, hanging around and writing about it. What’s wrong with that?
    I’ve never been in South Korea but I liked impressions that he shared. Now he is in my town so I am in position to enjoy his angle. He just assured me that he really is a good writer.
    What else one might expect? What he gives is already more and better than piles of crap coming from US academia about the same topic: and believe me, a historian has to read tons of that.

    • Agree: RadicalCenter
  67. utu says:

    Linh Dinh should ask Ron Unz to have Bardon Kaldian removed at least form articles that concern Serbia.

  68. FB says: • Website
    @Bardon Kaldian

    For us, Serbs are either boring or we simply don’t now what’s going on with them.

    Yet, apparently, Croatian gals seem to know what’s going on…

    From a Croatian web portal…

    Snježana blushed from her face to her perineum, looked around cautiously and showed me with her palms the approximate size of something a good 25 centimeters. [10 inches]

    And she probably didn’t mean pike, perch, and, by God, sturgeon…

    Mass departure of Croatian women for sex in Serbia…

    Maybe a lot more Croatian men than just our friend ‘Bardon Accordion’ are spending a lot of their free time reading ‘100,000 books,’ instead of doing, er, other things in life…? 😂 😂 😂

    • LOL: Dumbo
  69. @FB

    Living in a world of illusions, eh?

    As many as 45% of the Serbs say that the Croats are the most hated people in that country, and every one in three Serbs dislike the Albanians, according to findings of a survey recently published by the Belgrade-based Blic newspaper.

    The Croats top the ranking of the most detested people among the Serbs. As many as 45% say they have negative attitudes towards the citizens of that country with which Serbia borders. Albanians are the second most disliked people in Serbia, reads the comment on the survey’s findings.

    Blic reports that 33% of respondents show anti-Albanian sentiments, whereas 68% of the Albanians harbour resentment against the Serbs.

    • Thanks: FB
  70. @utu

    Loser’s sentiment?

    Whiner’s attitude?

    Perhaps, as I’ve said, because your loony tunes have the same chance as Baghdad against Hulagu Khan in 1258.

  71. By the by- Serbia, land of easy women & goatfuckers, is trying to present itself as some kind of erotic macho country?

    Do you know who are you talking to?

    I knew two of these guys & their posturing with (mostly) Nordic & CE women (Netherlands, Scandinavia, Germany, Czechia, Hungary, Poland,..) left a bitter taste. These naive females were not forced, true; they mostly chased those guys and not the other way around- but, having in mind female nature, they came for a romance & ended up with Neanderthals.

    These guys were not bad people, but, basically, dull & shallow gigolos. As for Serbian women… it is not appropriate subject because they’re not visiting us anymore & they’re, if not corrupt- poor, so anything physical with them would be immoral.

    • Replies: @Sya Beerens
  72. A pleasant read. Travel opens ones eyes to the lies we’ve been fed at home. If anything it should be seen as a diplomatic and gentle reminder that we’re merely mortal and not to get too hung up on the short time we have on this rock.

  73. FB says: • Website
    @Bardon Kaldian

    Now that’s my kind of gal…

    Random guy on street: ‘Can you show me your ass…?’

    Serbian Gal: ‘Sure…you want to see my boobs too…?’

    👍 👍 👍

  74. @Bardon Kaldian

    What about the facts? I’m not sure if you’re familiar with this concept.

    • Replies: @Bardon Kaldian
  75. @Bardon Kaldian

    Poor Palestinians…..and the list goes on….tfoe!

  76. How long before marijuana becomes a new major theme to justify US neo-imperialism? Pot has become like a sacrament to so many Americans. Smoking it is the new communion. It has become to Americans what soma was to Ancient Hindus, what peyote was to American Indians. It’s both ‘cool’ and a cure-all.

    Spiritual Power grows out of the barrel of a gun:

    US used to be God’s Country at war with Godless communism, and it was inconceivable at one time that a homo symbol would be the battle flag of American hegemonism. But that day has arrived. US embassies fly the homo flag as a symbol of globo-homo hegemony.

    And with marijuana being legalized all over the nation(with full blessing of ‘conservatives’), it is becoming another staple of the US economy, like gambling. But unlike gambling, marijuana isn’t associated merely with recreation but transcendence.

    With pot becoming as ubiquitous as alcohol and promoted as panacea, how long before US imperialism markets itself as a spreader of soma? Soma, soma, soma. US as Soma-lia.

    Maybe pot flags will be as common as ‘gay’ flags. Maybe even churches will fly the pot flag.

    From war on drugs to war for drugs.

    The more things change, the more they stay the same.

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  77. @Bardon Kaldian

    LOL. They make staged videos like that with “models” all over the place, and for a lot less elsewhere. That’s saying nothing.

    • Agree: RadicalCenter
    • Replies: @Bardon Kaldian
  78. @utu

    Why? Bardon is revealing more about himself, his mentality and his character (or lack thereof) than about those he attempts to criticise.

    • Thanks: Sya Beerens
    • Replies: @utu
  79. @Commentator Mike

    Sure, everything is staged, everywhere….

    • Replies: @FB
    , @Commentator Mike
  80. FB says: • Website
    @Bardon Kaldian

    Well done ladies…

    I like the gal at about the 40-second mark…

    ‘Most sugar daddies are white, and I don’t like white guys…no offense…

    But if it’s a black guy and black dick, and he’s giving you good money, sugar daddy all the way…

    Now there’s a gal that has her priorities straight…just like that Croatian gal I mentioned earlier, and her ’10-inch’ Serbs…

    I guess the Serbs are like the black guys of the Balkans now…maybe Linh can investigate further…?👍

    • Replies: @Bardon Kaldian
    , @Anonymous
  81. @FB

    I know it’s farcical to “discuss” such thing (this is not anything similar), but: as for dicks, I guess either gays or psychos obsess over it:


    Man with ‘world’s biggest penis’ spills on sex with celebrities


    1. there are no racial differences re penis size between whites & blacks:

    2. only gays & a minority of women are fascinated with dick size. For the majority of females, when physicality only is talked about (no fame, money,..)- it is athleticism, as in idealized Greek sculptures:

    3. Serbs pathetically make videos about themselves as great fuckers, but these are sorry attempts to cover their deficiency in that department.

    Actually, they remind me of blacks- who are great womanizers still alive? Di Caprio, Nicholson, Beatty, ….or Gable, Brando, Flynn, Sinatra in the past. No nigs need apply. They smell & are sexually boring.

    • Replies: @FB
    , @Sya Beerens
  82. FB says: • Website
    @Bardon Kaldian

    Well…that guy in the sculpture does look athletic…but then this guy is nothing to sneeze at either…

    Fresco of Priapus, Casa dei Vettii, Pompeii. Depicted weighing his enormous erect penis against a bag of gold.

    • Replies: @Bardon Kaldian
  83. @FB

    Fresco is intended as a cartoon all will laugh at.

  84. @Sya Beerens

    [This isn’t an imageboard. Stop posting “memes” or most of your future comments will get trashed.]

    • Thanks: FB
  85. Anonymous[276] • Disclaimer says:

    Women used to sell themselves into marriage so they were looked after their whole lives.

    Now they sell themselves to a sugar daddy who throws them away when he’s bored.

    Good going, ladies.

    • Replies: @FB
  86. @Bardon Kaldian

    One picture, 1000 words.

    If you’re so infatuated with words, read this:

    Many women are, actually- boring. It’s not their fault.

    When I read such stuff, I think of Montaigne on women.


    Women, as sex/gender, are more members of a kind than they are individuals. The Talmud says something like (quoting from memory): “Women are a separate people”; Michel de Montaigne, a man perhaps completely unacceptable to modern feminist mind said that women were not fully human (now, we shouldn’t take him literally). He equated them with nature & nature’s processes and thought they were lacking in “higher” mental pursuits & non-egoic strivings. Of course, perhaps he followed now archaic modes of thought- men are, after all- equally rooted in nature: but, their “natural state” gives them much more freedom in life. Although Montaigne was one of the fathers of modern Western mind- I think he is, along with Shakespeare, the first progenitor of intellectual/spiritual modernity- he remains safely in the tradition of male reductionism re females. If only Indians, Muslims, Chinese, …could have read him 500 years ago, they would have agreed. Women are mostly determined by their “biology” which does not leave much space for individualism & non-biological creativity.

    On the other hand, we got ancient Greeks– the best of their writers, dramatists & philosophers; they, perhaps unwilling progenitors of what will become in next 200-2500 years modern world- treat women as individuals, especially Sophocles & Euripides. And even a man’s man like Aeschylus give us unforgettable Clytemnestra in “Oresteia”. Of course, these women were seen from male perspective- but they are ravishing. Is it something in Western mind, that all whites/Europeans have inherited, that pushes for individualism, however intermittently? That gives women potentiality for individualization, which they themselves would not have the power nor will to obtain or fight for. Is individualism “genetically” Western thing, while others assimilate only aspects of it, only in portions they can digest?

    So- generally, without Western men’s interference, women go with the flow.

    Be as it may, only Western men, from Paris to Petrograd, from London to Ottawa and Buenos Aires, not only let, but actively push individuality on their females. While, the natural condition among Africans, most Mestizos & Arab browns seems to retain female procreational animalism as described in the Pentateuch.

    In both cases, women go with the flow, either having post-modern pseudo-individual fun & not having babies ( West, North) or pumping out babies because that’s their natural position in the chain of life (South, East).

    I would say that seed for n-th wave of feminism had been planted c. 2400 years ago in Athens- and nowhere else. Were it not for male Greek thinkers & writers, there would have been no contemporary harridans, female CEOs, flutists, novelists or lawyers. Step by step, with many zig-zags, Western man imposed on Western woman the idea that her life can be rich; can be exciting; can possess grandeur & freedom- something no other culture had ever come up with.

    Because they-non whites & traditional whites- all saw for them just one role: (a bit refurbished) baby mamas. Just baby mamas.

    This may be a natural state of affairs. Whether it’s optimal, jury is still out ….

    • Replies: @Sya Beerens
    , @Druid55
  87. Another great article. Thanks for the tour of the world as it really is

  88. Is there really a difference between Heaven’s Gate cult and what is happening in the West?

    Video Link

    HG cult promised life but provided death. But the followers went along.

    The West is told that it can survive ONLY with Diversity & mass-immigration and be redeemed only through Negro-worship, obedience to Jews, and celebration of homos. But mass immigration leads to the Great Replacement. Diversity leads to more dissension. Blacks are the most destructive race. Jews are hostile to whites. Globo-homo is a form of satanism, the very opposite of true spirituality/morality.

    Yet, so many people have bought into this cult. They are embracing what is most harmful and deadly to them as the very stuff of life, meaning, and redemption. They’ve chosen to be willfully blind. The Irish are happy to piss away their to worship of sodomy, diversity, and colonization of Irish wombs with black seed.

    Ideally, national leaders should inspire the people to defend the order. But globalism has bought off the elites all over the world. They are offered super-riches and rewards for collaborating with World Jewry. Also, as most elites are vain status-seekers, most elites seek to be in good graces with the rulers of globalism who control the fashions of ‘virtue’ and hipness.

    • Replies: @Dumbo
    , @Oikeamielinen
  89. utu says:
    @Commentator Mike

    “Bardon is revealing more about himself…” – He revealed himself already. We do not need more of his trolling. Linh Dinh should ban him.

    • Replies: @TheTotallyAnonymous
  90. FB says: • Website

    Women used to sell themselves into marriage so they were looked after their whole lives.

    Now they sell themselves to a sugar daddy who throws them away when he’s bored.

    Same shit, different wrapper…

    Through much of history women had a pretty rough go of it, generally…being considered as not much more than a possession, as a wife…if lucky, a valued possession…but rarely given due respect and consideration…and often enduring humiliation at the hands of some bonehead, and even physical assaults…all part of the ‘deal’…and that still goes in many societies around the world, even here at home…

    Today at least a good looking young woman can trade on her physical appeal in a less tilted playing field…that wasn’t possible until the modern era…attractive women from an impoverished situation could only become trash and be treated as such…

    Smart gals of course can strive for education, the real emancipator…like the one smart cookie in that video that says she wants her sugar daddy to pay for college…good for her…

    I would say some progress has been made, but more is needed…

  91. @Rahan

    I wish. “From your mouth to God’s ears”, as my late father would have said.

    But all three of those combined have inconsequentially small populations and economies relative to France or Germany alone, let alone the whole EU. They’re a blip. It seems likelier that their rulers will cave to the destruction of normal families, culture, and society pushed by the EU and USA et al.

    Hope they have the sense to stay out of the EU. Serbia and Macedonia would be wiser to join Russia’s Eurasian Economic Union (and the accompanying Eurasian Customs Union).

    • Replies: @Bardon Kaldian
  92. @Priss Factor

    Lighten up. In fact, light up.

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  93. An American gets to travel to Europe during “Coronavirus disease pandemic crisis”?


  94. gsjackson says:

    Linh, if you’re looking in: How oppressive is the face diaper regime in Belgrade? Do you have to wear one any time you go inside to get something to eat, or shopping? Are you finding a fair degree of corona skepticism among the Serbs, who I’ve always found to be intelligent, tuned into current affairs, and certainly not ones to take anything government says at face value?

    I’m likely coming there within the next few weeks. Am I correct that there are no tests to take at the airport?

    • Replies: @Linh Dinh
  95. @RadicalCenter

    “You smell that? Nothing else in the world smells like that. Marijuana, son…. It smells like… victory.”

    The future of US empire.

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  96. Linh Dinh says: • Website

    Hi gsjackson,

    There is no test at Nikola Tesla Airport, and the procedure with immigration is a breeze. I’d advise against buying your ticket too far in advance, though, as the rules can change.

    Vietnam had no coronvirus death until July 29th, but now there are 11, so even domestic travels have been affected.

    When I was in South Korea, at least 90% of the people wore facemasks in public, but in restaurants, many of them packed, there was no social distancing whatsoever.

    In Serbia, less than 20% wear facemasks in public, but most of them do put masks on when they enter stores.

    In South Korea, you’d not be allowed on a long distance bus without a facemask. Two days ago, I took a bus from Belgrade to Novi Sad, and only about 15% of the passengers had a facemask. I didn’t wear one.


    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  97. @Bardon Kaldian

    Well precisely, there’s that everywhere too. You seem to be picking certain universal negatives and trying to pin them exclusively on Serbs. Anyway, this kind of talk is derailing the thread. And I thought you had aspirations to be the resident high brow intellectual, what with all those books you’ve read.

    • Replies: @Bardon Kaldian
  98. Dumbo says:
    @Priss Factor

    The “new Irish”:

    And the sad thing is, they will probably obey him…

  99. @TKK

    What are you some retarded retard? What a cretinous response. You suck. You are not even boring. You don’t exist.

  100. @RadicalCenter

    Nonsense. Luxembourg or Liechtenstein have thriving lives & economies. It’s idiocy of Balkan mentality & primitivism that hold most of these countries back.

    They’re pumped-up lazy morons with absolutely inflated sense of worthless selves. That’s why the most advanced country from ex-Yu is Slovenia, which has CE mentality of work & life.

    • Replies: @Korenchkin
    , @RadicalCenter
  101. @utu

    Banning Bardon Kaldian would definitely improve the quality of threads to do with the Balkans.

    Still, it really is better for him to be exposed for the worthless trash and scum he really is. Anyone dumb enough to believe in his rantings also deserves to be exposed as well.

    • Replies: @Bardon Kaldian
  102. @utu

    Why are you such a snowflake?

    • Replies: @TheTotallyAnonymous
  103. @Peter Akuleyev

    Oh look, here’s someone dumb enough to believe the crap that Bardon Kaldian spams lol.

    • Replies: @Peter Akuleyev
  104. @Sya Beerens

    Did you reply to the wrong person?
    I live in Belgrade

  105. @Bardon Kaldian

    Slovenia, which has CE mentality of work & life

    This is what people believe when they know nothing about the placement of SFRY industry and the laws regarding imports, sales and distributions of goods regarding the various republics

    “Magic mentality” theory is also applied in places like Singapore, instead of looking at the obvious economic factors

    • Replies: @Bardon Kaldian
  106. @TheTotallyAnonymous

    Interesting: I never mentioned anyone posting at Unz by name. Maybe I don’t think you’re worthy of mention; perhaps I don’t read most of those commenters’ comments. Or, if I read something, I care only for the content of the comment & not a bit about commentator’s persona.

    But losers galore seem to be obsessed with my persona. Why is so?

    Probably because most of the commenters are immature people who take everything personally. Insecure, frightened, ……basically infantile. Something female gossipy/gay about it all.

  107. @Knez

    The President knows people will vote for him if he can provide them with a job, any job really
    Something that the opposition fails to realize as they constantly spit on their voter base for being filthy ignorants who do not recognize their genius

    By the IMFs projection at least we’re going to come out of this better then our neighbours
    Between 2014 and 2018 56% of the BRI funding went into Serbia, we’re the biggest foreign investment magnet atm in the Balkans, this combined with an infrastructure buildup of railways and highways will continue to boost the economy

    Looking as my hometown transforms from a crime ridden heroin den into a respectable little municipality with parks, museums, restourants and other SWPL traits I fail to see the supposed great decline

  108. @Commentator Mike

    My ambitions here are to have fun. 99% of my tastes & distastes are completely alien to you.

  109. @Korenchkin

    This is a myth most Serbs believe in.

    Basically, Yugoslavia was a place where the least developed peoples (Muslims, Albanians, Macedonians) profited the most, while the most developed Slovenes had generally positive check-balance stats; they, because their Central European mentality (similar to Czech, Hungarian,…) completed the transition economy period the best & gained the most. Croatia is a mixed bag, but is, despite many drawbacks, hugely successful after liberation from Yu shackles; while Serbia, the biggest parasite (except for Kosovo), is in shambles.

    One can check everything through IndexMundi.

    • Replies: @Korenchkin
  110. @Bardon Kaldian

    The sheer audacity of you fuckers never ceases to amaze

    This is the last reply I make to you, debating Croats is much like debating another certain tribe which tends to forget the argument ever happened and carry on as usual

    • Replies: @Bardon Kaldian
  111. @Bardon Kaldian

    Macedonians are clueless, as they are about most things.

    What a beautiful explanation of my people.
    Thanks, Bardon!

    • Replies: @Bardon Kaldian
  112. @gruff

    Enjoyed it also, but was a little disappointed that Linh didn’t comment on the recent riots in Belgrade, AGAINST the Serbian government’s plan to impose another Covid lockdown. This in spite of the fact that supposed deaths from Covid have been extremely low there. Apparently, if what I’ve read is correct, the rioting went on for a few days, the government was forced to capitulate, and declared they wouldn’t go ahead with another lockdown. Oh, if only the nihilist US rioters were fighting for the same thing.

    • Agree: RadicalCenter
  113. @Korenchkin

    This is a myth because Serbia was, industrially, shit compared to western republics. All northern parts were relocated, for some time after 1948, due to logistics reasons because Communist leadership feared instant occupation of northern parts from Hungary, so they transferred some factories mostly to Bosnia & mountainous regions where they could continue their resistance.

    In fact, much of Croatian industry ended up in Serbia shithole, with expected results.

    In interwar period, Serbia was basically a parasite:


    This is just a small list of what Communists found when they came to power:
    Belišće, Belišće (1884.); Koestlin, Bjelovar (1905.); Čakovečki mlinovi, Čakovec (1893.); Čateks, Čakovec (1874.); Međimurska trikotaža, Čakovec (1923.); MTČ, Čakovec (1923.); Vajda, Čakovec (1911.); Belje, Darda (1911.); Dalit, Daruvar (1905.); Daruvarska pivovara, Daruvar (1893.); Pamučna industrija, Duga Resa (1884.); Dalmacija, Dugi Rat (1908.);Đakovština, Đakovo (1921.); DIK, Đurđenovac (1895.); Karlovačka pivovara, Karlovac (1854.); KIO, Karlovac (1903.); Lola Ribar (osnovana pod imenom Tulić Mlin), Karlovac (1932.); Cemex, Kaštela (1904.); TOP, Kerestinec (1922.); Podravka, Koprivnica (1934.); Brodogradilište Kraljevica (1729.); Mlinar, Križevci (1903.); Cetina, Omiš (1930.); Drava tvornica žigica, Osijek (1856.); Kandit, Osijek (1920.); Karolina, Osijek (1909.); Osječka pivovara, Osijek (1856.); Saponia, Osijek (1894.); Tvornica šećera, Osijek (1905.); Gavrilović, Petrinja (1690.); IGM Ciglana, Petrinja (1920.); Sardina, Postire (1907.); Zvečevo, Požega (1921.); Brionka, Pula (1942.); Brodogradilište Uljanik, Pula (1856.); Istra cement, Pula (1925.); Brodogradilište 3. Maj (osnovano pod imenom Kvarnersko brodogradilište), Rijeka (1892.); Torpedo, Rijeka (1853.); Tvornica papira, Rijeka (1821.); Viktor Lenac, Rijeka (1896.); Mirna, Rovinj (1877.); Tvornica duhana Rovinj, Rovinj (1872.); Div tvornica vijaka, Samobor (1884.); Segestica, Sisak (1918.); Željezara Sisak, Sisak (1938.); Ciglana IGM, Sladojevci (1900.); Đuro Đaković (osnovana pod imenom Prva jugoslavenska tvornica vagona, stojeva i mostova), Slavonski Brod (1921.); Brodosplit, Split (1931.); TAL, Šibenik (1937.); TEF, Šibenik (1897.); Brodotrogir, Trogir (1922.); Metalska industrija, Varaždin (1939.); Mundus, Varaždin (1892.); Varteks, Varaždin (1918.); Jadranka, Vela Luka (1892.); Zdenka, Veliki Zdenci (1897.); Dilj, Vinkovci (1922.); OPECO, Virovitica (1896.); TVIN, Virovitica (1913.); Pik, Vrbovec (1938.); Borovo, Vukovar (1931.); Maraska, Zadar (1768.); Badel, Zagreb (1862.); Cedevita, Zagreb (1929.); Chromos, Zagreb (1920.); Croatia osiguranje, Zagreb (1884.); DTR, Zagreb (1914.); Dukat, Zagreb (1912.); Elka, Zagreb (1927.); Franck, Zagreb (1892.); Gradske pekare Klara, Zagreb (1909.); Gredelj, Zagreb (1894.); INA, Zagreb (1882.) *; Jadran, Zagreb (1930.); Jamnica, Zagreb (1828.); Katran, Zagreb (1890.); Končar, Zagreb (1921.); Kraš (osnovan pod nazivom Union), Zagreb (1911.); Lipa Mill, Zagreb (1907.); Medika, Zagreb (1922.); Pastor, Zagreb (1930.); Pliva, Zagreb (1921.); Prvomajska, Zagreb (1936.); TEŽ, Zagreb (1929.); TOZ-Penkala, Zagreb (1937.); Tvornica duhana, Zagreb (1817.); Zagrebačka banka, Zagreb (1914.); Zagrebačka pivovara, Zagreb (1892.); Karbon, Zaprešić (1932.)

    Then, let’s mention what English wikipedia conveniently omit, using google translate:

    After the annexation of the Austro-Hungarian lands to the Kingdom of Serbia, the exchange of the Austro-Hungarian crown into Serbian dinars began. First, stamps were glued to the Austro-Hungarian crowns. When these special stamps were affixed to the banknotes, 20 percent of the money brought in was immediately confiscated ‘for the reconstruction of Serbia’. Later, in 1919, the dinar was introduced as a means of payment on the entire territory of the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes. The money was exchanged at first in the ratio of 1 dinar for 2 crowns, and from January 20, 1920 in the ratio of 1 dinar for 4 crowns, although the crown was twice as strong as the dinar because the exchange rate according to U.S. the dollar in 1918 was 9.8 crowns for 1 dollar, while the dollar changed for 20 dinars. Unlike the crown, the Serbian dinar has hardly devalued. This significantly damaged the depositors of the Crown and the Banking System of non-Serbian countries. [16] As early as 1918, the banking potential of non-Serbian countries amounted to 75% of the total banking potential of the newly formed state.

    At that time, Zagreb, Ljubljana and Vojvodina were mainly industrialized. The differences in economic development at that time were also large in terms of the level of education: in 1921, 8.8% of Slovenes were illiterate, while in southern Bosnia it was 83.8% of the population.

    Tax discrimination against non-Serb areas was, for example, an income tax that existed only in parts of the former K.u.k. state. [17]. It was not until 1928 that taxes were equalized throughout the then state.

    Per capita income in Yugoslavia in the 1930s was almost the lowest in Europe, in 1938 it was estimated at 3,100 dinars (about \$ 70). In 1921, Yugoslavia had 135 agricultural inhabitants per 100 ha of arable land, making it the most agriculturally populated country in Eastern and Southeastern Europe. In 1931, the number of inhabitants per 100 ha rose to 140, and in 1938 to an estimated 144, or a surplus of agricultural population of 44.4%. Serbs and Montenegrins from mountainous areas were systematically settled in Vojvodina, Srijem, Slavonia, Macedonia and Kosovo. In 1931, 76.5% of the population of Yugoslavia lived from agriculture, and only 11% from industry, mining and crafts. Between 1926 and 1939, 46% of state income came from agriculture, 18.9% from industry, and 35.1% from other activities.


    Then, we can use data for privileges in Socialist Yugoslavia. I am quoting from a historical book by Zdenko Radelić: Croatia in Yugoslavia 1945-1991. There are literally hundreds of books on the topic, and anyone interested can find stats.

    Number of anti-Yugoslav emigre publications 1978

    Albanian 21
    Croatian 140
    Muslim 7
    Slovene 22
    Serbian 75

    In the 1980s, Germany announced that it had 16,000 political emigrants from around the world. About 10,000 or 60% of them were Croats.

    Croatia had the highest emigration rate in Europe and second in the world, behind Puerto Rico.

    Data for 1970/71, by migration rate

    Croatia 5.8
    Portugal 5.6
    Yugoslavia 3.7
    Greece 3.2
    Spain 3.1

    Power structures

    For the whole of Yugoslavia, in October 1966, the percentage of the working age population that had a file in the UDBA/Secret political police, i.e. treated as politically suspicious and unsuitable, was by republics and provinces:

    BiH 172,274 or 13%
    Montenegro 36,000 or 22%
    Croatia 1,300,000 or 67%
    Macedonia 96,531 or 17%
    Slovenia 200,000 or 28%
    Serbia-without Kosovo 200,000 or 8%
    Kosovo 120,000 or 36%

    In the 5th military district, which until the reorganization covered mostly northern Croatia, the ethnicity of the officer cadre was 57% Serbs, 12% Croats, 6% Slovenes, 5% Montenegrins, 4% Yugoslavs and 16% others.

    In 1989 in the SDS/State Security Service (former UDBA), in 1989 there were in the federal SDS: 61% Serbs, 18% Yugoslavs, 12% Montenegrins, 4% Macedonians, 1% Croats, 1% Slovenes, 1% Albanians. At the end of 1989, there were 51% Croats in the Croatian SDS, 29% Serbs, 16% Yugoslavs, and 25% others.

    Economy, parallel development Croatia vs. Serbia

    Manufacturing 1925: Croatia 33, Serbia 20
    Manufacturing 1971: Croatia 18, Serbia 35

    Banks 1925: Croatia 51, Serbia 25
    Banks 1971: Croatia 17, Serbia 52

    Wholesalers 1925: Croatia 55, Serbia 7
    Wholesalers 1971: Croatia 7, Serbia 86

    There are tons of studies on former Yugoslavia, as well as wars in the 90s & contemporary economies.

    You can sell Serbian fantasies only to ignoramuses.

  114. @Poor frightened Macedonian

    If you insist, for decades after the independence, that Alexander of Macedon was an ethnic Macedonian in the contemporary sense (and not a Greek, or member of a Hellenic tribe/people), and your main parties agree on that- what can a man say about your political reason?

  115. @Bardon Kaldian

    Hey Bardon, your first point is fair but not contrary to anything I said. Didn’t say that those tiny places couldn’t have thriving economies, just that their populations and economies are, and will remain, insignificant next to those of germany or france let alone the whole EU.

    Whatever the flaws in the Serbian or Macedonian character or culture, they would be wise to join the Eurasian Economic Union and stay out of the grip of the EU and the USA and their ruling bankers, warmongers, and perverts.

  116. @Priss Factor

    Okay, man. Forget the tens of millions of normal, decent, peaceful, productive, patriotic — and often intelligent — Americans who regularly use or have used marijuana products. Yeah, marijuana is a big part of the decline of our nation and civilization, all the people who smoke it are illegal aliens, halfeit mestizo latinos, criminals, and slackers like cheech and ching and that’s why we are going down. Please.

    The fact that lazy or dimwitted people also like marijuana doesn’t mean that marijuana contributes to our ongoing collapse. Otherwise, the fact that lazy or dimwitted people like drinking alcohol would mean that alcohol is solely the domain of such losers, and that legal alcohol is necessarily contributing to our societal downfall.

    I do retract my snarky advice to light up, though. Edibles would be better for your health. Avoid hot smoke of any kind — even smoke from a wonderfully useful plant which does not increase aggession and violence like alcohol and has never caused a fatal overdose in history.

  117. @Linh Dinh

    Good for you, Linh.

    Don’t join the ignorant and frightened sheeple in this bizarre masking and distancing cult.

    Last week I had a woman — i won’t say lady — scream at me at the top of her lungs for my daughter and i not having masks on in the hallway of the building where we live in Los Angeles. Told her to mind her business, watch her fucking mouth, and go read and educate her ignorant ass on this virus.

    By the way, it would be great if you spent some time in SoCal and issued some columns about it, both during the plandemic and lockdown and after it.

    I am sure that some unz readers and fans of yours would put you up. We would do so ourselves, in fact. Safe travels and God bless you.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  118. Druid55 says:
    @Bardon Kaldian

    I assume your mother was a woman!

    • Replies: @Bardon Kaldian
  119. @TheTotallyAnonymous

    I don’t need to believe everything Bardon writes. It is certainly more interesting reading him than just scrolling through reams of pro-Serbian comments, especially pro-Serbian comments from Americans who are just being reflexively anti-globalist and know nothing about the Balkans. Go post on MSNBC if you want to hear one opinion.

    • Replies: @TheTotallyAnonymous
  120. @Peter Akuleyev

    pro-Serbian comments from Americans who are just being reflexively anti-globalist and know nothing about the Balkans.

    Disliking those comments is understandable. There are layers upon layers of misconceptions and myths about the realities of the Balkans. Especially the 1991-2001 wars.

    Still, those comments are much better than anything Croats post. Listening to Croats talk about Serbs is like listening to Jews rant about Iran, Palestinians, Anglo-Americans and Europeans (as in, that’s an analogy of how reliable their opinions are) …

    It’s literally a case of the eternal Croat and EVERY SINGLE TIME …

    You can spot them by their scripted mantras about “Greater Serbian Hegemony and Aggression” and other bullshit …

    Go post on MSNBC if you want to hear one opinion.

    LOL. Who the hell posts comments on MSNBC???

  121. @Druid55

    You evidently didn’t understand what I wrote.

    Lord Byron said: Man’s love is of man’s life a thing apart. ’Tis women’s whole existence.

    And this is mostly correct. For a man, generally, erotic life is- say- 20% of his life; for a woman, it is about 80% of her life (including babies, family etc.). Woman is “fulfilled” only if she has children & her man & a family. That goes for virtually all females, every culture. Of course there are women who have male brain, or who don’t care for family etc. But, they’re exceptions. Without women, there is no life; without men, there is no civilization.

    And it is specifically Western civilization that, in past 2500 years, has insisted on & has imposed on the world that women are human beings like men, with possible interests beyond reproduction and with rights to vote, to work outside her home, earn money, have potentiality for ambition & inner life not solely reducible to eros & motherhood.

    Whether this is right attitude is quite another question. Women don’t seem to protest much in Islamic countries or India, not just out of fear, but because they generally want only a good family life. They don’t care about career or anything similar, at least vast majority of them.

    On the other hand: more female liberty, more slutting. More slutting, no children. No children, the extinction of a society. Basic difference between sexes cannot be eradicated because it lies in biology, anatomy,… As the saying goes: A key that can open many locks is called a master key, but a lock that can be opened by many keys is a shitty lock.

    And if you don’t respect basic facts of life, you end up with something like this:

  122. Anonymous[235] • Disclaimer says:

    You actually said “fuck” in front of your daughter and called another person an “ignorant ass,” also in front of your daughter? (⋅⃘˕̭⋅⃘)
    I never heard the world “fuck” until I was in high school, and then from a student who had already established himself as someone I would fend off with a barge pole and a cattle prod had he even tried to say hello to me.
    And Linh Dinh has visited southern California. You might try reading his archives. They are full of interest.
    Por ejemplo:

  123. @Anonymous

    Good for you. Wish to be perfect like you someday.

    I might try,reading his archives? Sure, big guy, i will do that.

  124. @Anonymous

    I found one SoCal piece by Linh in the archives so far, back on april 19, 2013.
    Any others that you know of, ma’am?

  125. Dumbo says:

    Some people are paid to blog. Maybe Bardon “I’ve read 100,000 books” Kaldian should be paid to shut up once in a while. (Applies to other know-it-all commenters as well)

  126. @brabantian

    The subtitle of the “Serbia strong” song is “”Remove kebab”.

  127. HalconHigh says: • Website


    Thanks…..Good stuff

  128. This was a great read, thank you Linh.

  129. Republic says:

    Accordion player, Novislav Dajic,killed father when he was 17,was only 26 when video was shot,got 5 years for genocide,died when he was 49. Seems very nervous in video

  130. Drakon says:

    Well done. Thank you. When the alarm bells rang, warning of a Turkish raiding party, Krajina Serbs had to have a fighting force mounted and armed, ready within 20 minutes. Turks used vicious raiders to test resistance and weaken the population before the main force arrived.

    Croats love to portray themselves as great fighters, always marching behind German Nazis and NATO.

    They didn’t do well on their own against Turks. Or on the Russian front in WWII.

  131. Johan says:

    Lin Dinh’s writings are suicidally depressing, but this rant of the Kiza character is that of a lethal prententious bore trying to be exact.

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