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Some Thoughts on the Coronavirus Mess and a Missive from Indiana
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Taylor, PA. Credit: Chuck Orloski

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On April 29th, an American friend wrote from Spain, where he’d lived for 20 years, “The government announced new (legal) abilities to track and monitor people’s telephones. My youngest [son] asked if we could go to the U.S. if Spain moves towards communism. I didn’t know how to respond! Frightening where this could go.”

I replied, “Last thing you’d want to do is move to the USA. It’s a very angry and divided country that will erupt soon. Stay in Spain.”

As triggered by the filmed death of George Floyd, the nationwide rioting, looting and violence against authorities have begun. Since the entire 99% have been disenfranchised, relentlessly provoked and humiliated, every aggrieved group is out on the streets causing mayhem. Plus, there are likely hired berserkers, dispatched by hidden hands, to stoke further confusion and division among the populace.

Blacks, whites, browns, yellows, far left, far right, conservatives, liberals, nativists and immigrants are all pointing fingers at each other, but the engineers of this societal implosion are entirely unscathed and mostly unmentionable, as usual. Kicking back, they must be enjoying this sick show.

On May 18th, Mike Whitney asked, “Is the lockdown the greatest policy disaster in U.S. history?” but maybe it’s all planned out, for it serves our rulers to have mass impoverishment, increased social fragmentation, abject dependency on the state and a destructive anger that’s misframed and misdirected by paid politicos and the brainwashing media.

As the little guys go bankrupt, die and kill each other off, the big boys will swoop in for bargains of all kinds, from buildings to babes. They’ll whoop it up like loaded tourists in any broken down, fourth world hell hole.

So who are the boffo bosses in what’s left of America? Those who control our money and information flows, of course, the smug smirkers who indebt us all and warp our perceptions, at will. Raping our wallets, they bugger our minds.

For decades, they’ve wrecked Main Street to enrich Wall Street, so what’s happening now, including the $6 trillion stealth giveaway to banks, corporations and investors, is only an intensification of what they’ve done all along.

As for American politicians, they’re all bought, bugged, honey trapped or browbeaten by their masters, which aren’t “the people,” for sure, or are you that naïve? When Jeffrey Epstein was killed or disappeared, a hurricane size exhalation of relief whooshed from inside the Beltway.

Kevin Barrett speaks of the “Zionist-dominated usury banking cartel that rules the West,” and for a decade, Gilad Atzmon has stressed that “we are all Palestinians,” since we aren’t even allowed to name our oppressor.

We’re penned in a world where the grossest Jewish crimes draw less condemnation, if any, than the mere coupling of “Jewish” with “crime,” as if the concept itself is the worst sin imaginable. To utter it in any context is to become an instant Nazi who wishes to delouse every last Jew, we’ve been led to believe.

Whatever the destruction of the coronavirus, it is fleeting and miniscule compared to what has been wrought by Jewish parasites, and I’m not talking about Mrs. Neff and her chopped liver special, obviously. She, too, is dispensable.

Here’s hoping these sinister playas have finally overplayed their hands, for viruses can’t survive without a live host. From a dead America, fresh organisms will spring, even if many of us won’t be around to witness this flowering.

Meanwhile, we’ll have to tolerate, resist, stake out or defend new norms, on top of scrounging for meals. As the below correspondent articulates, “We are all in deeper trouble than most anyone’s experience, alive, is at all prepared to handle,” and the man’s no softie. A Vietnam vet, he’s weathered some horrors.


Richard F., a retired 69-year-old American, living in Indianapolis

Here in Indianapolis, IN, my daily life has changed in rather small, social ways as a result of the virus panic. A Vietnam veteran, with seven years army (four in Korea—Seoul and Pusan) and an army brat to boot, I retired thirteen years ago in the Washington, DC area, where I had worked, as a general contractor doing federal contract construction work, and raised a family, since the late 70’s. Post retirement and children’s education, brought separation from my 2d wife and three years in a cabin I’d built in West Virginia. Solitude and no amenities/utilities bought me a more solid sense of self sufficiency, but some loneliness for female companionship.

I left and traveled, by truck and train, all around the country for the next several years, using my eldest daughter and husband’s home in Littleton, CO as a home base. I bought property east of Denver to build a house on, then I met a woman from Indianapolis online. We got on well, met several times and in 2012 I deeded the property to my daughter and relocated to Indianapolis to be with my new-found love. I have no family anywhere in the Midwest and had never set foot in Indiana, but for driving through. That relationship lasted 5 1/2 years.

I moved, with my dog, Finn (had him since birth in 2009), into an apartment in a modest senior community on the north side of the city and sold my truck. I chose the community carefully for its walking and biking proximity to grocery stores, a library branch, the local, old railroad bed Monon trail and easy access to city bus stops, in order to get to the large VA hospital downtown as necessary and elsewhere. It worked out damn well, in all respects, until this spring.


The first of the year brought the news of the virus, and forever suspecting the worst of our fearless leaders’ intentions, at all levels and persuasions (Indiana is saturated with very common, law-abiding Republicans at all levels and a population that does nothing better than acquiesce and toe the line as directed), and the legitimacy of this latest of scares, I began stockpiling necessities with daily, often-times twice daily, walks and/or bus trips to the local Kroger, Target, Fresh Thyme, Chinese, Thai and Vietnamese groceries. I bought a lot of beer (and continue) too, storing what I didn’t drink casually under my bed and in the closet. I was earlier than most and made quick business of it. It continues, but at a much lesser pace. These forays have brought me, on a few occasions, face to face with various ‘Karen’ types who have elected to chastise and shame-attempt me over my non-mask wearing ways. These instances I have found interesting and challenging, in responding to in as calm and faux-magnanimous manner as I’ve been able to muster.

I had befriended any number of people (even a few questionably eligible women) here since arriving. As fate would have it, though, two of my best friends are and have been two black (I’m not) women, one in her early 80’s and the other in her late 70’s, who had gone out of their way to introduce themselves to me and make me feel welcome when I first arrived. Neither is local to Indianapolis either, but have children and other family here whom I have since met and developed other, separate and favorable relationships with. Out of those two friendships began regular brunch and birthday gatherings, help with little projects and most everyday communications on health and other normal, friendly, neighborly matters.

Those get togethers came to a very abrupt halt with the stay-at-home impositions, mask wearing and fear, particularly over the senior susceptibility issues; mostly driven by news drivel, children and other family and race inclinations. Our daily communications have grown stronger though. I had, also, begun conducting cooking classes, and end of session competitions, for at-risk male teenagers (predominantly black involved in a local organization, Boys2Men) with the son of one of those friends, through the 4-H and Purdue University Extension Service in 2019, at the IN state fairgrounds, and were getting ready to begin another series in March, but those too came to a halt.

Never having been much beyond the very small group level of sociability, I have had nothing much to miss from the social events and gatherings that such senior communities extend, but that have since dried up. The management here, however, is very liberal in what residents can do with their outside space, and being on the ground floor, I have a patio and garden plot that I have taken full advantage of, since arriving, and being a long-time gardener, been growing all manner of edibles and inedibles. That capability has not changed in the least, and I have used these circumstances to expand on both this spring.

I have back, hip and knee issues that had me at the VA hospital often for the past several years, but the VA went into full lock-down in March over anything not having to do with the panic, setting aside beds for virus victims that never materialized and closing down clinics and access to anything non-life threatening. Difficult as this has been, I have chosen to relegate the VA to being a source of last resort only, and will no longer bother with them for anything other over such unprofessional chicken-shitistics. Twilight time options are good and fun that way.

I am assuming that the latest opening authorizations will fail miserably, and quickly (restaurants in IN, e.g.. are able to offer only outside seating, with only 50% capacity at that—how’s that going to work?), and that we are all in deeper trouble than most anyone’s experience, alive, is at all prepared to handle. I’m somewhat grateful, for now, for being in IN, since they’ve not been quite so crazy as other states to the north, east and west. I do believe, though, that they’re just as willing and capable of going full tilt wrong. I’ve got beer and food enough for many, many months; after that…dunno. Best of luck to all everywhere and thanks to Linh Dinh for his chronicles.

Linh Dinh’s latest book is Postcards from the End of America. He maintains a regularly updated photo blog.

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  1. What I most respectfully disagree with in this article is that the Jews are the ones behind the ills of all these problems worldwide. That the Jews have so much power to produce such great calamities and disruption. Which Jews I ask? With social media can we identify them? Why just the Jews? There is and have been white, black, Asian, Hindi, Catholic, Muslim, Capitalist, Communist, Socialist, Atheist, fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, uncles, neighbors, best friends, a person in passing, who have committed atrocities that are just unbearable. I say it is more the struggle of those who are good against those who are no good. Real good against real evil. Real evil who is anyone and is everywhere in any and all shades under the sun, and can be the one you are sleeping right next to.

    • Replies: @AnonStarter
  2. Forget what the liar from Indiana says. He’s just another chump.

    Linh Dinh, on the other hand, has it right. 99% of the country has legitimate grievances. It was inevitable that they would eventually be expressed. In a divide and conquer way, of course, so that no-one can actually create an organized resistance. Can you believe it? Poor whites and poor blacks, each with exactly the same problems (deadly problems, immiserating problems, horrible problems) with the authorities, refusing to band together to fight the authorities. Because they are not the same color. Fools.

  3. Paul Craig Roberts says it all. He is too smart for you addled scramble-headed hodads:

    “Law and order whites don’t comprehend that their toleration of gratuitous police violence against members of the public—often outright murder—is not in their interest, especially when white liberals have been teaching blacks to hate white people for decades. The power and influence of whites in society is collapsing because they did not stand up for justice and accountability. . . .

    “Police violence against the public actually has more white victims than black. One difference is that white people stand for it and black people no longer do. Blacks see the police violence as racism. If white people protested police violence against whites, blacks might see the problem for what it really is—bullies and psychopaths who enjoy the exercise of power and are not held accountable. All Americans need to unite in opposition to the misuse of authority that has become rampant in our society.”

    • Replies: @utu
    , @animalogic
    , @Saggy
    , @Anon
  4. Thanks, Linh Dinh and Richard F. Two impressive pieces, needed at this time.

    Faecebook censorship of you both coming up, I guess.

  5. Franz says:

    As the little guys go bankrupt, die and kill each other off, the big boys will swoop in for bargains of all kinds, from buildings to babes. They’ll whoop it up like loaded tourists in any broken down, fourth world hell hole.

    Indeed they will. Because they already have experience.

    The riots of the 60s gave workers in that era the austerity and downsizing starting in the 70s. There was a massive connection: Suddenly planting your factory in Taiwan made sense after you saw it burn down in Detroit or Watts or Cleveland.

    Get ready: There will be less opportunities for young people to find work, and what there is will be low paying and irregular.

    That’s exactly what happened to the working class after ’73 or so, but you’ll never know it. My only question is what sort of lie will they make up this time when the young now are old later? You have to go back to the 90s to find any really good parties. They need to establish a new mythology, quick.

    • Replies: @no jack london
  6. theMann says:

    ‘The power and influence of whites in society is collapsing because they did not stand up for justice and accountability. . . .”

    Of all the astoundingly idiotic observations in the history of astounding idiotic observations, that one has to be both the most idiotic, and most dishonest. The fact is that White Americans has spent over sixty years now in an utterly quixotic, and doomed to fail, venture in trying to treat non-Whites as our equals. We as a nation have spent an ocean of wealth on trying to raise up non-White America to a level where they, academically or in any other way, performed at a level where Whites do. Might as well have thrown that money into the ocean.

    The FACT is that for decades now, non-Whites have not only faced no discrimination against them, they have been constant beneficiaries of Positive Discrimination in their favor, from Educational opportunities, to business set-asides, to the incessant Media ass-licking in their favor. The net results have been: 1) falling ever further behind Whites, on average, in just about everything and 2) A relentless increase in their hatred of Whites.

    Gee that worked out well.

    Well, it is true that that the Degenerates of Weimer America are about to be undone. Whatever arises from their ashes will be a hundred times worse that what Weimer Germany birthed.

    • Replies: @Awash
    , @animalogic
  7. Awash says:

    Weimer Germany was a product of defeat. The Nazi forces arose to avenge that defeat. ‘Weimer America’ is a product of victory, affluence and power. America is still the most powerful country in the world. It dosen’t have to go Nazi to conquer some lost territory or regain pride. Your analogy is wrong.

    • Replies: @theMann
  8. Biff says:

    Blacks, whites, browns, yellows, far left, far right, conservatives, liberals, nativists and immigrants are all pointing fingers at each other, but the engineers of this societal implosion are entirely unscathed and mostly unmentionable, as usual. Kicking back, they must be enjoying this sick show.

    This has been my shtick exactly for the last couple of days, and then I get rebuttal comments such as this:

    Self satisfied morons who post blather like yours have got to be the dumbest cucks alive.

  9. utu says:

    “Law and order whites don’t comprehend that their toleration of gratuitous police violence…” – Yes, they do not and they do not want to. Look at Steve Sailer or John Derbyshire and other columnists you can find here at the RU. They are intelligent and not stupid yet they can’t transcend the limitation that racial prejudices created. All they do is stoking the fire. They are not interested in solutions for extinguishing tensions and working towards more harmonious society. With their IQism and HBDism they are just a mirror reflection of equally divisive and corrosive ideologies pushed on us by the SJWs. They all belong to the same team of useful idiots and propagandists that serve the oligarchic power. What really does Ron Unz want to accomplish? His American Pravda series will be his lasting legacy but forever tainted by the stupidity and political shortsightedness of the lowest common denominator race baiting that serve as the background for his own articles.

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @obwandiyag
  10. @Jose Garcia

    Dear Jose,

    Since you’re (ostensibly) new here, you might want to check out Mr. Unz’s American Pravda series, particularly those selections ranging from 2018-2020, which might help to edify you regarding the Jewish role in “such great calamities and disruption.”

    Happy hunting.

  11. @obwandiyag

    PCR is spot on. Whites should have been screaming “blue-murder” for years now over their 1000’s of unarmed deaths by 007 police with a licence to [murder] kill.

    • Replies: @The Alarmist
  12. @theMann

    “Equality” doesn’t mean actual equality, it means non-discrimination on the basis of race, colour, gender etc. It should NOT mean that any 2 individuals are “equal” regardless of personal
    characteristics. Positive is as bad as negative discrimination.
    “The FACT is that for decades now, non-Whites have not only faced no discrimination against them, they have been constant beneficiaries of Positive Discrimination in their favor, ”
    This is both right & wrong. Of course non whites have had extensive help — & of course there’s still a massive amount of negative attitude to blacks, indolently subsumed under the handy rubic of “racism”.
    You are correct in that the MSM, & society have not told the truth about blacks for 50 years. Most obviously, they have failed to mention the rabid, visceral hatred many blacks hold for whites.
    Incidentally —
    “unprofessional chicken-shitistics.” ?LOL.

  13. theMann says:

    Yes, we are such a powerful country that we can’t even deal with roving gangs of Urban Sophisticates destroying our cities.

    Constitutional America, the nation that achieved greatness in a thousand different ways, was defeated the day the first civil Wrongs Law was vomited forth upon the unsuspecting American People, compounded by the ongoing slow motion invasion of our country by the entire Third World, which was guaranteed by the 1965 Immigration Act. First culturally, and now physically, there has been nothing but a long defeat for Historical America.

    That will reverse only when White America gives birth to something a hundred times worse than the Nazis ever thought about being.

  14. @animalogic

    Whites should have been screaming “blue-murder” for years now over their 1000’s of unarmed deaths by 007 police with a licence to [murder] kill.

    You would think people would at least have raised a ruckus when the Boys in Blue started regularly capping the family pooch if it growled or barked at them.

  15. Saggy says: • Website

    Police violence against the public actually has more white victims than black.

    Why should we believe that police violence against the public (the public?) is anything but rare and aberrant behavior on the part of individual policemen?

    One case of manslaughter, if it is that, does not make a case for widespread police violence.

  16. Anon[375] • Disclaimer says:

    You can’t blame white conservatives for their pro-police reaction.

    This issue HAS been made into an issue of anti-black racism, and nothing whites do can undo this. We cannot put the toothpaste back in the tube on this one.

    Once the race card is played, it trumps all other cards you try to play.

  17. Anon[375] • Disclaimer says:

    IQism and HBDism probably isn’t the motivator of normie conservatives.

    Normie conservatives don’t consume from sites like this. They are on The Blaze and Fox News.

  18. Cowboy says:

    Thanks Richard (and Linh). I hear what you say about aquiesce and toe the line its both an attribute and a flaw for midwesterners. Getting them over incredulity on the state of affairs takes quite a lift but who knows. I suggest loading up a small uhaul with that beer and heading back to CO!

  19. Serica says:

    Linh is correct in that it all the things that matter to America are never allowed to be aired. The pervasive tyranny of the majority prevents serious discussions of America’s ills from ever taking place. Just an example, the dozens of banners of military enlisted men and women hanging from the lampposts in our city streets. Why are we worshipping these people? They are not heroes by virtue of enlisting but the mob decided they need to be glorified the more to prolong military worship in this nation. Are there posters for our real heroes –the health workers who daily are risking their lives to protect us from COVID-19?

  20. Dumbo says:

    In America you’re not allowed to speak the truth, but, what is the truth?
    There have been so many lies and media constructions that it is really hard even for the most die-hard fan of conspiracy theories to find out what is really going on these days.
    Was George Floyd really murdered?
    Was the COVID menace real or made-up hysteria?
    Who killed JFK?
    Who did 9/11?
    Was Sandy Hoax real?
    And the Holocaust?
    Did the US really go to the moon?
    Jewish power is part of it, but it’s not the whole part. In fact, many Jews are as unaware of things as your average normie white. This is a cabal of powerful Jews and Anglos (I don’t think Rockefeller is Jewish, is he?) working behind the scenes but in such a way that it is now difficult to even know what is real or not. And that may be on purpose, actually. Confuse and confound. Stun and shock. Make people so dizzy they won’t know what hit them.

  21. @utu

    What I’m wondering now is how this site is funded. All this traffic must cost something. And they actually pay some of the writers. And there are no ads, like, god help us, that frightening-there-are-so-many ZeroHedge. Hmm.

  22. @Franz

    Fear not, Franz.

    The Academics and Think Tanks will quickly invent new lies and the regular “News”
    as well as the Social Media will faithfully and effectively sell it to the public.

  23. Divide and Conquer. Every few years the GOYIM are fed this racist crap from the worlds biggest racist – the Zionists and tribal Jews blindly following them believing there are Jews and “cattle” or GOYIM. Where is the ADL denouncing over-aggressive cops? If George was Jewish, it probably would be covered up by the Main Stream Media because well he’s black and most likely a decendent of true Jews not the faux Eastern European type. But if it a white George it would be spun as anti-semitism and the world would be stopped, another Jewish holiday created.

    GOYIM Lives Matter

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