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Our Refugee Future
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During the current refugee crisis in Europe, it is said that there are many imposters among genuine refugees from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Yemen, all countries, incidentally, that America and its allies have destroyed. Too many of them are men, it is pointed out, and they’re generally not dressed badly enough. Many have smart phones.

When the Vietnamese boat people fled Communism after the Vietnam War, the percentage of men was also extremely high. Many families could only afford the smuggler’s fee for a single member, and so often the oldest son would be dispatched on the arduous and perilous journey. It was hoped that this individual might become a stepping stone to get the rest out, or he could send desperately needed money back home. There is always an economic reason behind a refugee crisis. People flee because they can no longer make a living due to a tyrannical government, foreign intervention or evil ideology, not just bombs falling.

During the Vietnam War, Vietnamese only became internal refugees, but after Communism had triumphed, they fled overseas because many could not tolerate living under a twisted ideal concocted in Germany then refined in Russia. Their society had been deformed to an unrecognizable degree, just as Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Yemen and the Ukraine have been violently made over by American aggression disguised as high-minded rescue. Judeo Christianity has bred a perverted mindset that defines the wholesale destruction of a society as its salvation. The Western world view rests on a messianic foundation. When a white family in Minnetonka, say, adopt an Asian or African orphan, they’re acting on this impulse, but this can also be used as the rationale for the US bombing of the poor kid’s country and all of his extended family. We’re here to save you.

France completed its conquest of Vietnam in 1882. During World War I, it brought 92,000 Vietnamese to France to help it fight Germany. Around 30,000 of these died in the trenches. Though most survivors returned home, some stayed to work in factories, and thus, the first overseas Vietnamese community was formed. The invaders are often invaded by the invaded. There are now 300,000 Vietnamese in France. Moreover, nearly 10% of France is Muslim, most of whom are derived from its former colonies of Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia.

There are Pakistanis in Europe posing as Syrian refugees, it is observed, but if a Pakistani is from a region attacked by American drones, shouldn’t he count himself as a war refugee? Of course, this doesn’t mean his next address should be in Berlin. He can just move to Lahore. For the last several centuries, however, the West has been busy remaking the rest of the world in its image, and so every black, brown or yellow man is also a bastard Westerner.

Already wearing a T-shirt flaunting some retarded English, sporting a Cowboys or Yankees cap, listening to Hotel California or Lady Gaga and mispronouncing phrases of the lingua franca, your average car mechanic or street peddler in Ranchi or Accra will see the West, all of it, as a locus of power, opportunity and wealth, as an ideal, so of course many wouldn’t mind moving there if given a chance. Still, it is quite an exertion to do so, and the ties to one’s homeland are not something to sever so casually. It often takes extreme violence to eject a person from all that he’s known and loved, and here is where the United States most eagerly jumps in. As the world’s foremost purveyor of war, we will provide.

The West violates borders, then cringes when its own are ignored. Of course, no one wants to see his society turned upside down. This upheaval could be arrested if only the West would stop wrecking other peoples’ homelands, but this won’t happen. On a planet of exploding populations, dwindling resources and contracting economies, war will only become more pervasive. Many players, Western or otherwise, will instigate it in all corners of this exhausted earth. Massive refugee flows will be the wave of our near future. The mess in Europe is only a preview, so you better get used to it, and you should also consider the likelihood that you yourself will become a desperate escapee who must risk death to start all over in a strange land. Border walls will go up, but there are always ways around walls. Guards can be bribed.

American Evacuation during the Fall of Saigon. Credit: Hubert van Es/Wikimedia Commons
American Evacuation during the Fall of Saigon. Credit: Hubert van Es/Wikimedia Commons

I’m a refugee, and so are my entire family. My parents became refugees twice. They fled North Vietnam in 1954, then South Vietnam in 1975. By early April of that year, Hue, Danang and Nha Trang had fallen, and there was much panic in Saigon, where I was living. On April 8th, the Presidential Palace was bombed by Nguyen Thanh Trung, a renegade South Vietnamese pilot whose given name actually means “loyal.” A bomb hit the terrace, another landed in the garden. I was downtown that day and saw the commotion.

Days later, my grandfather placed my 11-year-old ass on his lap and rather testily said, “Who cares if other people are leaving, you’re staying here with grandpa, right?”

“Yes, grandpa.”

Of course, it wasn’t my decision to make. My father, a lawyer and ex congressman, had already arranged for his secretary, me and my five-year-old brother to evacuate with a Chinese family. One of their daughters had been employed by the Americans, so they had a way out, but since they didn’t want to lose their considerable properties to lunge into the unknown, the parents and younger kids stayed behind, and that’s why they could sell three spots to my dad. It was the gravest of mistakes. Within weeks, they would lose everything anyway.


Giving me money, my father said, “Two thousand bucks should last you a year.” American bills, I noticed, were less colorful than Vietnamese ones, though longer and crisper. After sewing this cash into the hem of my blue shorts, made of rayon and extremely hot, my grandmother advised, “Whatever you do, don’t take these off,” and I didn’t for nearly a month. I didn’t trust the secretary. Later, this cantankerous woman would become my stepmother. Sickly birthed by history, it was a disastrous marriage.

Three of us, then, left with false papers, but no refugee ever gives a care about legal niceties. Before being bused to the airport, we stayed at an American compound for four days. Already, Saigon seemed very far away. On the evening of April 27th, just hours before North Vietnamese rockets showering on Tan Son Nhat disabled runways and killed scores of people, mostly civilians, I got on a C-130. No Vietnamese had an idea where it would land. My father was left behind, of course, but I was too dazzled by this strange adventure to even think about him.

The war had come to me only through the media. Open a newspaper and you would see VC corpses lying in disarray. Turn on the radio and you could hear how our side was winning. In the middle of the war, Saigon movie theaters even showed American movies of World War II. Sitting in air-conditioned rooms, Saigonese could enjoy elaborately staged scenes of diving jets, exploding bombs, burning houses, collapses bridges and incinerated cities. They could stare at mutilated corpses and hear the injured scream. On the big screen, Saigonese could be thrilled by a fake war, while a real killing war was raging and outraging about 80 miles from where they were sitting. Yes, I saw plenty of soldiers, tanks, military convoys and sandbags on the streets, and the twack twack sounds of helicopters were familiar enough, but I never witnessed actual fighting. Once or twice I heard the thumps of distant artilleries.

I had been on a plane just once before. A huge military transporter, the C-130 only had a handful of tiny windows and no seats. People were sprawled all over the floor. I saw a kid eat raw instant noodles. When we landed, it was pitch dark and I heard “Guam” for the first time, but this meant nothing beyond the fact that we were no longer in Vienam. Where to go from there, then do what, no one knew.

A huge tent city was going up, and that’s where I stayed for a week before being moved to Fort Smith, Arkansas. There, a blue grass band showed up one day to play for us in the theater. When a Vietnamese guitarist tried to jam with the Americans, he was shouted down after two songs. The all-Vietnamese audience wanted to hear unalloyed blue grass.

On April 30th, my father fought his way onto one of the last two ships to leave Saigon. Carrying more than 3,000 refugees, the Truong Xuan [Eternal Spring] made it to international waters before stalling. On May 2nd, a Danish ship rescued everyone and took them to Hong Kong.

Forty-three-years-old when he arrived in the US, my father’s first job was as a janitor in a hospital. He spent three years studying for the bar exam but could never pass. By 1978, we had already lived in Tacoma, Salem and Houston before settling in San Jose. My dad ended up owning a series of grocery stores and restaurants. He also got a real estate license. My father made millions but died worse than broke at age 83 because he became addicted to betting on NFL games. On his death bed, he said to me with genuine astonishment, “That was pretty stupid.”

In 1975, a huge number of ordinary American families sponsored Vietnamese into their homes to assist them with assimilation. This extraordinary fact is totally forgotten, but just think about that for a minute. A black family in Mobile, Alabama sponsored my aunt, her husband and their four kids, so that’s six strangers they had to put up with and help for several months. The stereotypes of ordinary Americans as louts and racists are often pushed by the American media themselves to deflect blame from our evil elites. A doctor in Vietnam, my uncle continued to practice here and ended up working for many years in Angola Prison.

If mere immigrants can sometimes pose as refugees, many refugees are also mislabeled as just opportunistic fence jumpers. Near my Philadelphia apartment, there’s a Korean owned-bar, Wings and More, that caters mostly to Mexicans. A sign on its wall, “NO ESCUPIR EN EL SUELO GRACIAS.” There is no English equivalent asking patrons not to spit.

Sign on Wall in Wings, Philadelphia, PA
Sign on Wall in Wings, Philadelphia, PA

Recently, I met in Wings and More a 36-year-old Mexican. Humberto is a beefy dude with moustache, whisker and slicked back hair. On his arms are tattoos of the Virgin of Guadalupe, “Hecho en Mexico,” tragedy and comedy masks, a stylized puma and something I couldn’t quite see. On his neck is “El Rey.”

Leaving behind a wife and two children in Mexico City, Humberto came to Philly in 1998. By 2000 or so, his wife had found another man, but Humberto’s mom didn’t tell him about it until 2002, “When she said, ‘I must tell you something. I have something to tell you,’ I knew something was wrong. Then she told me. She said, ‘Do not drink.’ She knew I would drink to not feel the pain.”

In 2003, Humberto returned to Mexico to try to salvage the situation, but his wife wouldn’t even let him see their children.

“My wife, she was an angel. She still is. She was my everything. I came to the USA to make money to build us a house. Now I can’t even see my children.”

Humberto has spent 17 years in the US, nearly half his life, yet he has only been back to Mexico once. In Philly, he rides a bike to deliver pizzas.

“I said to my mother, ‘Don’t die before I can see you again.’”

Besides me and Humberto, there were six other men, all Mexicans, in Wings and More that day. “Humberto, there are never any women in this bar.”

“I know. They cannot come in because they get attacked.”

He didn’t mean that literally, of course. He just meant these lonely drunk guys would pay her way too much attention.

Fights do break out there regularly. Cops have been called.

When Vicente Fernández’ “Por tu maldito armor” came on the juke box, Humberto sang along with tremendous feeling, “Por tu maldito amor / No puedo terminar con tantas penas…”


You must be pretty desperate to leave your wife, kids and mother behind to work a series of low paying jobs in a foreign country for years on end, maybe for ever, but there are millions of people like Humberto all over the US and, of course, all over the world. With NAFTA, America dumped subsidized corn onto Mexico, bankrupting its farmers and forcing millions into American owned maquiladoras just across the border. When many of these relocated to Asia for even cheaper labor, the destitute of Mexico spilled over here, and just in time to fill construction jobs for our bank-inflated housing boom.

Just as “free trade” and Globalism have wrecked the American working class, they have also ruined the most vulnerable of Mexico. By subsidizing corn, we’re really giving money to Coke, Pepsi, McDonald’s, Burger King and Taco Bell, etc. since they all use corn feed and/or corn syrup. It’s just corporate welfare. Humberto and those like him, then, should be seen as refugees from the economic war that’s being waged most ruthlessly by globalist elites.

Count yourself lucky if you’re allowed to thrive in your native environment, a place you’ve been groomed for since birth. Too many of us, though, have been forced to reinvent ourselves to somewhat fit into one or even several alien environments. There are those, though, who welcome being uprooted, and since this destiny is becoming increasingly the norm, it won’t hurt to consider some of their survival techniques. Two blocks from my door is The Dive, where Pascal bartends.

In his own words, “Pascal was born in 1965 in France and moved to the US in 1989 to escape the French Police, the street life and drugs.

Pascal Bartending at The Dive
Pascal Bartending at The Dive

Pascal has been working as: a sex worker, photographer, musician, cameraman, plumber, waiter, bartender, set designer, prop designer, costume designer, bondage master, actor, art restoration, social worker, heating technician, driver, radio and club DJ, music producer, master craftsman, guilder, painter, etc…

Dirty Frenchman is a bohemian, he traveled at early age and lived in many European cities doing things most people would not do to survive. He always had an appetite for new and out the ordinary experiences.

Today Dirty Frenchman is considered as a pervert by most of the people he talks to. He dislikes fake boobs, American porn, meat heads and women without natural smell. He love to eat and sodomize a nice hairy butt hole.”

So there you have it, to survive in the years ahead, you must be flexible, resilient and, when absolutely necessary, even illegal, but preferably without hurting anybody. You must also evolve a technique for dealing with assholes. They’re multiplying.

Linh Dinh is the author of two books of stories, five of poems, and a novel, Love Like Hate. He’s tracking our deteriorating socialscape through his frequently updated photo blog, Postcards from the End of America.

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  1. Tom_R says:


    Thanks for the interesting article, Sir. You make some good points, but this situation is different. This invasion of Europe by Israelis/Zionists/Judaists, incited, promoted and executed by them. See my previous comment for full details. But the main links are here:

    To that, I would add that the Syrian war, which created these “refugees” in the first place, is also for Israel, to weaken Assad/Syria and to clear land for a great Israel.

    • Agree: Bill Jones
  2. Max Payne says:

    There is a documentary called “The Fourth World War” and it is relevant towards the struggle of (working) people against the owners of the world.

    It’s odd it says its about Palestine and Israel considering that was only 8-10 minutes of the entire documentary and the majority covered Argentina, the Zapatistas in Mexico, the riots in Korea in 1996-97, South Africa, G7-G8 riots and so forth. The documentary was released in 2003 but it applies very much to this day. I guess somethings never change.

    I guess World War 3 was the Cold War.

  3. unit472 says:

    Obviously Vietnamese who held any rank in the ARVN and officials in the government were in great danger when the North Vietnamese overran South Vietnam and the US owed them asylum. What it did not owe was residency to North Vietnamese citizens though many of them also showed up in the United States. They should have been deported as enemy aliens along with any South Vietnamese with ties to the Viet Cong.

    In the middle east there is no real reason to offer asylum to anyone as the violence in their societies is cultural and not the result of military aggression. Hafez Assad was simply better at suppressing revolts than his son Bashar and Iraq, if anything, is more peaceful today than under Saddam Hussein who waged wars on Iran, his Arab neighbors and on his Kurdish and Shia populations. It is unfortunate but the reality is national cohesion is very limited and secondary to tribal and religious identity in the middle east and importing these people in any numbers is suicidal for the host population. They are simply a violent medieval people incompatible with modern societies.

    • Replies: @Max Payne
    , @Druid
  4. Travis says:

    Thank you for writing this..

    do you believe the United States should have continued fighting in Vietnam to allow South Vietnam to survive as a nation ?

    if the US never sent help the North would have taken over South Vietnam before 1964, 1967 at the latest.

    • Replies: @Linh Dinh
    , @Realist
  5. Linh Dinh says: • Website

    Hi Travis,

    The best that South Vietnam could have hoped for was to turn into South Korea, but all of the Nationalist factions were tainted from the beginning with collaboration with the French, then later the Americans. Of course, the North was backed by Russia and China, Vietnam’s perennial enemy.

    The introduction of American ground troops into South Vietnam prevented it from collapsing, but gave the North ammunition for propaganda and a kind of moral superiority in the eyes of the rest of the world, a large segment of the American public and many South Vietnamese, especially rural people.

    The Americans started to withdraw after the Tet Offensive and the next big campaign by the North, the Easter Offensive of 1972, was resisted entirely by South Vietnamese troops on the ground, though with American air support.

    Most people don’t realize that the South Vietnamese lost 313,000 soldiers, as compared to 58,000 for the Americans, so the South Vietnamese did most of the fighting, as they should have, since it was their country, and they were certainly not “puppets” fighting for the Americans. A true mercenary is rare, and South Vietnamese soldiers were certainly not paid enough to make it worthwhile for them to risk losing life and limbs to defend a distant country. They were fighting for their own. Losers are always mocked, of course. Just look at the American South, a century and a half later.

    In 1975, however, not only was American air support missing, but military aids to South Vietnam were cut back substantially. Washington had decided to abandon South Vietnam. It wasn’t the first time, and won’t be the last, the US abandons an ally.

    Both North and South Vietnam were proxies for greater powers, but such is the recurrent fate of a small nation.

    My novel, Love Like Hate, is about 50 years in a Vietnamese family, and I’m going to quote a relevant passage from it, “When Richard Nixon visited China in February of 1972, he effectively ended the Vietnam War. With this rapprochement, Vietnam became a dispensable pawn. In January of 1974, Chinese warships sailed through the US 7th fleet to seize a handful of South Vietnamese islands. If China had waited until after the Fall of Saigon to grab them, it would be stealing from its own allies, the North Vietnamese. In any case, the end of South Vietnam was near.”

    • Replies: @Realist
    , @Biff
  6. Travis says:

    Thanks for the response. I was too young to remember the fall of Saigon , but from what I have seen it was disgraceful for us to abandon Vietnam in this manner.

    In regards to the civil war in Syria, it is mostly due to sectarian and tribal feuds and not from direct US involvement, although our invasion of Iraq is one of the causes of the rise of ISIS. Hopefully the US will learn not to invade other nations and focus on our own problems here at home.

    A big issue I have with the refugees, why don’t more of the Middle East nations and Iran accept more of the refugees. If Iran is helping to sustain the Assad regime, then why should it not accept any Syrian refugees? Why does Qater spend billions to host the World Cup and not accept any Syrian Refugees ? Saudi Arabia is not accepting any muslim refugees from Syria ? Yet even South American nations are welcoming muslim refugees while Arab nations refuse them.

    Muslims in Europe and America are quick to complain about racism and anti-muslim sentiment , yet none of the wealthy Muslim nations are accepting any Syrian refugees.

  7. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Linh. Thank you for writing this. It is so true on so many levels. I wonder how many Americans will ever come to realize the role the U.S. has had in its “diversity”.

    • Agree: Marian
  8. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    the US owed [the South Vietnamese] asylum.

    Why? The people of South Vietnam made it clear that they sided with the Viet Cong and their cousins in the North, not the working-class Americans LBJ drafted and sent to fight in Vietnam. Nor was ARVN any better: most (but not all) ARVN officers were more interested in organizing black markets, prostitution rings, and the sale of arms to the Viet Cong than they were fighting their cousins in the North. How could identify an ARVN weapon? It was never fired, but dropped once.

    The people of South Vietnam wanted North Vietnam’s Stalinism, the US should have left them there to experience Stalin-style communism. As for the refugees, the post-reunification government could have been told their recognition by the West depended on making the refugee problem (and the refugees) go away. To borrow a line from Stalin, “if the is no man [or woman refugee], there is no problem.”

  9. Linh Dinh says: • Website

    A German friend emails me:

    Hey Linh,

    “our refugee future” – well put! In the end they want all of us to be refugees – and I guess, too, it will work.

    Tensions are still rising in Germany – while hundreds of thousands flee to us, Germans are beginning to understand, that it will cause massive problems in the future. Turks in general never really integrated here – arabs will do the same. And of course they bring their own conflicts with them.

    Germany still is a rich country- but that doesn’t mean, that all Germans are rich.

    On the contrary the number of poor Germans has been rising for the last 20 years – and the number of homeless people has doubled in the last five years (still only 400.000 – but way too high in my view).

    Now the little German worker with his shitty job or the poor pensioner, who can buy less and less with his money each year, because pensions are frozen and prices are rising, is seeing these thousands and thousands of mostly young men coming in – and they see them getting health care for free, having doctors treat them for free, that they all have these trendy smartphones, that they do not need to buy a ticket for the bus or the train, because they are refugees, while HE, the German, has to pay some extra money for the doctor and has to pay for the bus etc.

    It is mostly well meant, what German officials and actors and ordinary people do, to help the refugees – but since nothing is done in the same way for German homeless people and since some Germans have to leave their appartements for Refugees (there were some cases where people in social housing had to leave, because the landlord or the government wanted to put in refugees – in Munich, where my brother lives, they wanted to use a facility for coma patients, but turned it down, when the parents of these patients complained) – in short, it is a social desaster rising.

    There are no jobs for these people. Most of them are not qualified for the labor market here. There are no houses for them. In fact, the German housing market for people with little money is down – so the poor will compete with the refugees.

    At the moment most of them are in former military areas or even tents. When winter comes, the mood will get worse on both sides.

    The refugees will be disappointed, because some of them will have had a totally wrong picture of Germany – that they will get homes here, work and all.

    And Germans will be less and less willing to help these people, because they will see more and more coming, demanding more and more.

    It’s not a zero-sum-game – in fact, it is the most efficient play of chess.

    The population gets more and more divided, seggregated and anxious against each other.

    There are no women for these 600.000 or more young men. Most german women will not want to get involved with them – not because they are racist, but because most german women want a partner with a perspective.

    Last year there were 328 suspects under asylum seekers, who had committed a rape crime. This number should significantly rise this year – there were already cases of Asylum seekers trying to rape a young girl or of an arab, raping a seven year old child etc.

    These things will happen more often. They will add to the change of the mood. Also that Germany is almost the last country, letting in refugees (most European countries don’t).

    At the moment, anyone saying something against the refugees is considered to be either a bad man or even a Nazi – and because of this, a critical view is seldom expressed in the media.

    And this also contributes to the anger of many people, because in their view, the refugees keep coming, THEY have to pay for it (rising taxes will come – it is only a matter of time) – and so it is the perfect storm, which is brewing here.

    Unfortunately most Germans are so ill-informed about politics etc. that they will not get the bigger picture- that it is a great chess game we are in – and we are an expendable pawn.

    Germany has done its part in US plans – now (meaning the next years) the chaos shall rise so that we will accept anything and everything our masters present to us as a solution, when the real riots come.

    Martial law? Yes please! No civil rights anymore? Please!

    Alright – we will protect you. Just give us all your money and your freedom. – There! Have it! Please protect us!

    It’s kinda odd to watch that from the outside, Linh- I just hope, that my parents will peacefully pass away, before the real chaos starts.

    We shall see.

    Keep up the great work!



    • Replies: @Anonymous
  10. And pretty much all of those who have been driven out of their own environment have been drivn out by the American wars.

  11. Realist says:

    The US should not have been involved in Vietnam.

  12. Realist says:

    “if the US never sent help the North would have taken over South Vietnam before 1964, 1967 at the latest.”

    Who cares???

  13. Realist says:
    @Linh Dinh

    ” It wasn’t the first time, and won’t be the last, the US abandons an ally.”

    Ally? Vietnam had nothing to offer the US. It was a one way street.

    • Replies: @Linh Dinh
    , @unit472
  14. Linh Dinh says: • Website

    Do look up “Halford Mackinder.”

    • Replies: @Realist
  15. Elites says:

    The US is a good country, good people, you live here don’t you. You profit from living here don’t you? We have spent our blood and money all over the world in the imperfect hope that people would take the opportunity to build sane societies like we have. We are not perfect but who is. If you believe ” that America and its allies have destroyed”, I suggest you get the fuck out of America. Who has done more for the world than the West? Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Japan, Nigeria? Where is the Saudi, Nigerian, Pakistani, Korean Magna Carta? Who developed the Scientific Method, Kazahkstan, Sierra Leone? Count your blessings in this human hellhole of a planet.

  16. unit472 says:

    Actually Vietnam is now realizing the horrible error it made when it became a client state of the USSR/China. If confused American anti-communism with colonialism which was understandable having traded French rule for Japanese rule only to get the French back again and then here came the Americans. It was only 4 years after the communist victory that Chinese troops attacked Vietnam.

    I don’t suppose the Vietnamese will remove Ho Chi Minh’s name from Saigon in the near term but its worth noting that the Vietnam president Trong was in Tokyo this week laying the groundwork for a new security relationship with Japan ( and the Philippines). I imagine the US Navy will be back in Cam Ranh and Subic Bays too.

    • Replies: @Realist
    , @Karl
  17. Linh Dinh says: • Website

    Mostly good people, totally evil government, and my main point here is that you, too, will be forced to get the fick out of whatever smug hole you’re lying in. You and/or your kids will likely become at least internal refugees. I’ve met plenty of such American type already.

    I suggest you go to Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya or Yemen so you can bask in their gratitude.

    • Replies: @vinteuil
  18. Realist says:

    My point is the US should not have been in Vietnam. The out come of the Vietnam civil war was no concern of ours. We lost the war we entered and it made no difference. We just caused the slaughter of 58,000 of our own people.

    • Replies: @Linh Dinh
  19. Max Payne says:

    Iraq, if anything, is more peaceful today than under Saddam Hussein who waged wars on Iran, his Arab neighbors and on his Kurdish and Shia populations.

    Was that a joke? You do know that Saddam suppressed the fanatics (what you may now know as ISIL) and although he had Shias forbidden from various government posts militias did not run around raping, pillaging, looting, and beheading each other. Law and order, even though if it was Saddams law, was maintained. Can you say the same now? Today car bombs go off in Iraq like its cool. The only times that happened under Saddam was when Iranian infiltrators were setting them off prior to the Iran-Iraq war.

    I like how people like to white-wash the US wars which clearly created an array of unimaginable problems by removing a secular arab government from the Middle East (yes, Saddams government was secular). As Dick Cheney said after the Desert Storm why the US had not gone into Iraq (1994):

    “Once you got to Iraq and took it over, took down Saddam Husseins government, then what are you going to put in its place? That’s a very violate part of the world and if you take down the central government of Iraq you can easily see part of Iraq fly off. ”

    Unit 472 be you an Israeli?

    • Replies: @unit472
  20. Linh Dinh says: • Website

    Look at a map, think harder about how geography affects politics and realize (since you’re a “realist”) that the military banking complex never does anything out of charity. Ask, “Who made money out of the Vietnam War (or any American war)?”

    • Replies: @Realist
  21. Linh Dinh says: • Website

    The American working class lost, American corporations won. That’s always been the game plan. The American military/industrial/banking complex could care less about the death of 58,000 Americans or millions of Vietnamese. War profiteering American corporations cheer every war because they win even when America loses.

    From their perspective, Iraq and Afghanistan are also successes.

    • Replies: @Realist
  22. Linh Dinh,

    I agree with this article of yours. Our interventionist foreign policy creates many of the problems in the first place.

    However, there is one significant difference between the Vietnamese who came to the U.S. in the 1970’s and the Middle-easterners who are coming now. The Vietnamese did not bring with them a totalitarian meme. They simply wanted to create new lives for themselves. Many middle-easterners, on the other hand, view it as their job to spread a totalitarian meme (e.g. Islam) into the West.

    Its possible that radical Islam is nothing more than a form of blowback as a result of our interventionist foreign policy (as Ron Paul believes). In which case, everything really is our fault. On the other hand, its also possible that radical Islam is the next totalitarian ideology to replace Soviet communism. What has irritated me since 9/11 is that we’ve never had the public debate on this issue.

    I have no problem with Chinese, Indian, or Mexican immigrants into the U.S. There is a legitimate argument for a moratorium on Muslim immigration into the U.S. until the problems with expansionist Islam get resolved (which could take 30-40 years).

    • Replies: @Linh Dinh
    , @Erik Sieven
  23. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:
    @Linh Dinh


    Yes, the refugee crisis will turn out badly for Germany. But where were the Germans to protest German participation in the destruction of Syria?

    To me it seems like Germans, and other countries that make up the west, want to enjoy the benefits of empire but do not want to deal with the consequences. What if Germany actually had a backbone and made its own policy instead of being such a lackey for the West? Germany would not have to take in any refugees. But because Germany knows it’s place and acts accordingly, Germany has to help depopulate Syria to make destroying it easier.

    • Replies: @Linh Dinh
    , @Hugo
  24. Realist says:
    @Linh Dinh

    I totally agree. The elites, power structure or what ever you call them have always done this and not just in the US. All countries on this planet have had this situation. But my comments were about the 99% losing. I don’t give a crap about the 1%
    It appears I misunderstood your point. I apologize.

  25. Realist says:
    @Linh Dinh

    I very much agree. As I said in my comment #24 I missed your point.

    • Replies: @Linh Dinh
  26. Linh Dinh says: • Website
    @Abelard Lindsey

    Hi Abelard Lindsey,

    We’ve enouraged the worst aspect of Islam, then turn around and scream Islamo Fascism. To subvert the Russians, we funded and trained fanatic Muslims in Operation Cyclone. We basically built up the Taliban and Al Qaeda. To get rid of Gaddafi, we backed Muslim fanatics in Libya, then arm and fund them as they go after Assad in Syria.

    We’ve destroyed several Muslim societies while pretending they’re a threat to our existence. If Muslims were stronger military, they’d have exacted their revenge on us already, and by us I also mean Israel.

    • Replies: @Erik Sieven
  27. Linh Dinh says: • Website

    We spy on Angela Merkel and all of our European “allies,” know what’s in the closet of each politician. We control their press and have even staged false flag incidents to sway public opinions. Europe is occupied territory and NATO fights for the Pentagon.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  28. Linh Dinh says: • Website

    Hi Realist,

    Well, then, we’re in the same boat! I’m sorry if I sounded a little testy. It is a tense time. In just over a week, I’ll fly to Germany to begin a five-month teaching job. It will be interesting to be over there during this insane period. I suspect the world will look very different as we head into 2016.

    Russia is moving military pieces into Syria not just to help prop up its government but to have a bigger presence in the Mediterranean. China just had military ships pass close to Alaska. Obama just took a trip to Alaska. Russia just briefly violated Japan’s air space. There are many more ominous signs…

    • Replies: @unit472
  29. @Abelard Lindsey

    the expansion of Islam is only topped by the expansion of subsaharan Africa. A sensible immigration policy would combine a strict ban on immigration from of those two groups and open borders for everybody else.

  30. @Linh Dinh

    in the last decades Islam has been on a violent expansion trip. Islam is India is very violent and expands demographical. Same can be said about East Asia (Xinjiang) and South East Asia, East Africa, central Africa and western Africa. In muslim countries minorities have came under pressure. This is certainly not only a product of western interventions

  31. Realist says:

    Merle Haggard is that you? That old drug addled ‘America right or wrong’, hippy asshole from the 60’s.

  32. Karl says:

    the difference between an influx of Vietnamese-refugees and of African refugees, is the same as the difference between an infestation of your house by ants – and by cockroaches.

    • Replies: @Unam
  33. @Elites

    How can we claim to be good when we routinely elect men who wage war around the world and wreck the lives of uncountable men and women just as good as you – and that is not counting the dead we have piled-up everywhere.

    Ours is a Puritan Empire and we have tried to impose our lunatic form of democracy upon those who do not want a damn thing to do with it anymore than we would have liked the Soviet System imposed upon us against our will.

    O, and the dirty frenchman is a pervert and if the author can not understand that (hard to tell with your neutral voice there) then that calls into question all of your moral judgments

  34. vinteuil says:

    Well, OK, so Mr Lindh is a 50-something “refugee” who’s done very well for himself, flying about at public expense, while publishing grotesque nonsense about how hard he’s had it.

  35. Biff says:
    @Linh Dinh

    Both North and South Vietnam were proxies for greater powers, but such is the recurrent fate of a small nation.

    When buffalos collide, flies die, or so it goes. Do you think that Vietnam is now independent from greater powers? A master of it’s own domain? Or are some strings attached, or in the case of have better relations with Washington – are strings being attached?

    Btw, my first trip to Vietnam(Hanoi) will occur in November of this year, and I’m looking forward to some different cultural surroundings in SE Asia, and how much freedom fighting made a difference.(Thai wife, and I’m getting tired of just staying in Thailand)

    Keep up the good work. :^)

    • Replies: @Linh Dinh
  36. IA says:

    Whites bad, non-whites good. Right? So now, with the help of Eloi whites, you get to drag down whites. Congrats.

  37. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    this seemed like an interesting topic, but when I read the tired old “blame America for the situation in Ukraine” line, I decided to read no further. as always when I read such things, I can’t help but wonder how many of these authors actually know and speak with Ukrainians.

  38. vinteuil says:
    @Linh Dinh

    Mr. Dinh – you don’t express yourself very well, but, on the whole, I think that I agree with you: the USA should butt out of every single internecine quarrel in the world, today. Back in the days of the cold-war, our involvement kinda-sorta made sense. But now? I just don’t see what’s in it for us.

    • Replies: @Linh Dinh
  39. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:
    @Linh Dinh

    Germany is under the thumb of the US, I get it.

    But let’s not pretend that Germans are without recourse here. They can fight and protest and change their government if they wanted to badly enough.

    But most Germans are too comfortable to be bothered with such unpleasantries. When Germans finally do want to push back, it is too late because they are not fighting the right war.

    Fighting against Syrian refugees instead of Western Imperialism that Germany plays a role in is intellectually dishonest and cowardly.

    So the Germans will end up reaping what they sow. A whole bunch of Syrian refugees.

    • Replies: @Biff
    , @vinteuil
  40. Still, it is quite an exertion to do so, and the ties to one’s homeland are not something to sever so casually.

    An insight gained in travels in Iran:

    Iranians are integrally related to, bonded to, tied to, comfortable in their patria, their country, their homeland.

    At a conference of Iranian-Americans a few years ago a well-dressed, middle-aged Iranian-American women said quietly, undramatically: “No one really knows how difficult it is to leave your home.”

    While there are tribal people in Iran who are migratory, their movements are internal; they follow the weather patterns.

    Iranians — like Germans, Italians, Swiss, Syrians, and so many other people, will stay in and with their patria. They will stay and fight, or stay and endure, but they will stay if at all possible.

    Jews have been a migratory people since the time of Abram of Ur who smashed the gods of others in the region where he was born, and migrated to another place, changed his name and the color of his coat, and there destroyed the culture of the indigenous people to impose his own.

    Jews did something like that in Germany in the Weimar era: Jews became dominant in Weimar Germany
    While Jews congratulated themselves on their artistic and social innovations, native Germans starved, were unemployed, and women were reduced to prostituting themselves to feed their children, their husbands having been killed or maimed in WWI. None of that seems to have fazed the prospering Jews in Germany.
    Todd Lindberg remarked at a CATO event several years ago that Leo Strauss, one of the Jewish “public intellectuals” in Weimar, left just as Weimar was “running out of steam,” in 1932. Having fucked up Germany, he hied himself to greener pastures, financed by the Rockefellers. Shortly thereafter, by mid-February 1933, Louis Brandeis directed that “all Jews must leave Germany.” And so they did, and then they arranged for the destruction of Germany, just as Abram smashed the icons then left Ur; just as the Hebrews slew the first-born of Egypt, killed Egypt’s leaders, stole Egypt’s treasure and fled to a new land to conquer and despoil.

    Jews do not have strong ties to a patria, not even today, not even to Israel.
    A Jewish friend and I used to spend lunches together as he explained “Jewish geography” — that geography was composed of kinship and commercial networks, not acres, fields and shores. Many Jews in Israel have passports for other lands should the situation in Israel become uncomfortable or unprofitable for them there. There is not the same deep commitment to stay and fight or stay and endure.

    What lesson should the American people take from this pattern?

  41. Linh Dinh says: • Website

    Hi Biff,

    As a small nation on a crucial piece of real estate, Vietnam will always have to juggle alliances, but then again, this is true of most other nations, for most are small and prone to manipulation and interference, if not outright conquest, by larger powers. As citizens of a superpower, many Americans don’t realize that this is how much of the world must get by. Americans don’t understand the perennial anxieties and headaches of Czechs, Serbs, Latvians, Cambodians, Somalians, Venezuelans… or even Mexicans. The different reactions by Hungary and Germany to the influx of Middle Easterners reveal their different levels of perceived vulnerability.

  42. Biff says:

    But let’s not pretend that Americans are without recourse here. They can fight and protest and change their government if they wanted to badly enough.

    But most Americans are too comfortable to be bothered with such unpleasantries. When Americans finally do want to push back, it is too late because they are not fighting the right war.

    There, I fixed it for ya.. BTW, it’s too late.

  43. unit472 says:
    @Max Payne

    Not an Israeli or Jew. Old line WASP here from before there was a United States. What’s your pedigree?

    I agree there are car bombings in Iraq. Lots of them in Pakistan too. Shootings of tourists in Tunisia, beheadings, murders and all the activities Muslims engage in. Not sure if a car bomb is any more or less deadly than a Scud missile, Sukhoi delivered 500kg bomb, 122mm artillery shell or a nerve gas. Perhaps you can make such fine distinctions, I can’t but I’m probably not as smart as you. To me a piece of hot steel is a piece of hot steel and I rather die from that than die in one of Saddam’s or Uday’s torture chambers. How about you?

    The facts are plain, if you want to total up bodies, Saddam killed more of his people than Daesh or Mookie al Sadr’s militia or even the US military. Not even close! The Iran/Iraq war was simply in a different league than anything the US was engaged in. The Second Battle of Fallujah was about the biggest infantry battle I can recall of the US campaign in Iraq and it was rooting out 3 or 4000 Iraqi insurgents by an Anglo American force of 10-15,000 troops. That wouldn’t even register on the Iran/Iraq battlefields. It really helps to know what one is talking about before one spouts off!

    • Replies: @Max Payne
  44. unit472 says:
    @Linh Dinh

    If Russia wants to have a bigger presence in the Mediterranean they will need to learn how to construct modern warships and build some. Right now their navy is mostly rusting leftovers from the Cold War and their efforts to buy French warships came a cropper. Of course with oil down below $50 per barrel Putin can’t finance much of anything and his build up in Tartus and Latakia ( such as it is) is basically and admission that Syria is lost and the only thing that can be held is the old Alawite province centered on those two towns.

  45. Linh Dinh says: • Website

    Hi vinteuil,

    You started by calling me a liar and a fraud, then charged that I somehow “fly at public expense,” so I’m actually glad that we can engage, finally, in actual issues. Nice to meet you.

    The reason why the US government is meddling everywhere is because this country is fighting for its life. Without its presence in the Middle East, the petrodollar would go (fake) tits up. If it’s not messing with Europe, that continent would turn East towards Russia and China, and the US would be left out in the cold. The US went into Libya partly because it was getting too chummy with China. If the US doesn’t pivot to Asia, China would become the master of East Asia even quicker. To stay a dominant player in the world, the US must not slack off anywhere, but I think it’s way too late. The country is gutted industrially, its economy is based on little more than weapon sales, its education system is a joke, its culture is bogged down by nonsense as purveyed by our fifth column media and all fortifying values have been tossed overboard. As our ship sinks, we encourage our young to become Caitlyn Jenner.

    • Replies: @unit472
    , @MarkinLA
    , @Michelle
  46. unit472 says:
    @Linh Dinh

    I agree the world is on shaky footings right now but come on, the “petrodollar’ is not some Yankee plot. It was simply the surplus funds ( mostly) Arab states accumulated from the sale of their oil. They took Euros, Yen and Sterling for payment too but it was priced in dollars and was simply a convenience to transact in US dollars. A lot of that surplus would be converted back to sterling and Euros as wealthy Arabs preferred English mansions and Italian sports cars over New York or California real estate. Its mostly disappeared now anyway as the price of oil has fallen and the costs of ruling a Gulf petro monarchy have gone up.

    The US went into Libya because Sarkozy had a problem with campaign contributions from Khadafy and Cameron with the release of the Lockerbie/Pan Am bomber for ‘health reasons’ only he didn’t die of cancer when he got back to Libya. Some dark stuff was going for sure as the first building hit during the bombing campaign was the Libyan government archives but we’ll likely never know why Khadafy had to die just that it was in the national interest of France and the UK that he did and Obama had to go along for what may be just as mysterious reasons. The French and British spy on us too.

  47. Bill P says:

    This is a perceptive post, but I’m afraid people take the wrong lessons from appeals to compassion. I grew up with a number of Vietnamese refugees in South Seattle. Many of them were my age. Back then, it was something we could handle. The Vietnamese were in many ways a better crop of imports (to put it bluntly) than a lot of the Asians we’re getting today. For starters, they were actually grateful. They also weren’t indoctrinated to despise the majority.

    Nevertheless, there were still problems. While Vietnamese are quality people, many young Vietnamese lapsed into a criminal lifestyle. There were some pretty horrific gang shootings and some trouble even in local high schools. There was the Wah Mee massacre in Seattle back in the early 80s, which was an unprecedented crime for our town back then. Granted, the perpetrators were ethnic Chinese, but I think several of them were refugees from Vietnam. I also remember a shooting in the early 90s in which five people were gunned down in a Vietnamese disco about a mile from where I lived at the time. I remember listening to sirens wailing for an hour.

    This has all calmed down, but it took at least twenty years from the first wave for that to happen. And that was in a stable USA that still had a sense of ethnic unity. That stabilizing influence is gone. I see the Somali youths and gangs in my old neighborhood, and they are only being encouraged to nurse a sense of ethnic grievance and to embrace radical Islam. So I got myself and my family out of there. See, I’m an internally displaced person. As the homosexuals celebrate their (temporary) triumph I see the writing on the wall. My daughter won’t be going to school with radical Muslims if I can prevent it.

    All I can see in the future is war. It’s a part of human nature. We humans are good and nice people on a personal, communitarian basis, but when it comes to the abstractions that attend dealing with ethnic others we naturally turn into psychopaths. It’s hardwired. For all the conspicuous altruism the “good people” engage in, detached humanitarianism doesn’t come naturally to anyone, and it’s almost always fake.

    So I think it’s more humanitarian to preserve a peaceful society that can hold itself together well enough to do good things for humanity than it is to wreck it in the name of equality. But people are inherently destructive and stupid in crowds. Not as individuals and family/community members, mind you, but in loose hordes of selfish individuals. We can’t help but foul things up, because anonymous morality is psychopathic by its nature.

    The West – that most recent great engine of progress and human achievement – is going to sink into warfare and strife again because mass society is incapable of thinking beyond the animalistic, individualist appetites of the moment. It’s such an old truth that it hardly bears repeating, but we’re mortal so it has to be learned all over again and again and again.

    • Replies: @Linh Dinh
    , @Deduction
  48. Linh Dinh says: • Website
    @Bill P

    Hi Bill P,

    The Wah Mee Massacre was committed by three immigrants from Hong Kong, Kwan Fai Mak, Wai-Chiu Ng and Bejamin Ng. They’re all ethnic Chinese with no connection to Vietnam. Like any ethnic community, Vietnamese in the US have their criminals and gangsters but their violent crime rates are well below average. The most notorious Vietnamese-American gang is called “Born to Kill,” perversely enough. It’s not nearly as active as it used to be.

    • Replies: @Bill P
  49. Deduction says:

    Linh Dinh, your piece retreads the same old eurocentric criticism as has dominated Western discourse for decades.

    It is all ‘America did this’ and the ‘American elites did that.’

    At no point do you seem to accept the legitimacy and therefore culpability of any actors who are not white.

    This then leads to the ridiculous proposition that any interaction that America has with anything somehow causes everything.

    Afghanistan was a dump before America arrived and it shall remain a dump after America leaves. Were it not a dump, America would never have arrived anyway.

    The same can be said about all of the countries from which refugees are streaming, sometimes to a greater extent and sometimes to a lesser extent.

    You even try to blame the West for North Vietnamese communism! Again, I suppose because someone in the West wrote it and you can’t expect anyone outside of the West to act as a rational, critical adult?

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  50. Deduction says:
    @Bill P

    See, I’m an internally displaced person.

    Displaced because you don’t want to live with another people (and what they do) only.

    Those coming to the West are displaced in large part because they want to live with another people.

    They are partly pulled by opportunity and you are pushed. You are more authentically displaced than them.

    The irony is especially painful because they are the ones largely displacing you just as your presence is largely attracting them.

    This is one of those obvious truths that is so inarguable but also so against the zeitgeist and unequal in its conclusions that most people cannot bring themselves to think it.

    Third worlders want to live among first worlders but first worlders don’t want to live among third worlders. Unrequited love is the greatest injustice!

    And when the unrequited lover is spurned again and again it can flip into irrational, irrepressible hate…like IS?

    Not that the loved should be forced to requite…

  51. frizzled says:

    Fantastic article, thanks Linh. I really appreciate perspectives from non-Westerners as they tend to be more objective on the West, and yours is a great corrective to the ‘we’re-being-invaded’ narrative. I loved these two passages:

    Judeo Christianity has bred a perverted mindset that defines the wholesale destruction of a society as its salvation. The Western world view rests on a messianic foundation.

    A black family in Mobile, Alabama sponsored my aunt, her husband and their four kids, so that’s six strangers they had to put up with and help for several months. The stereotypes of ordinary Americans as louts and racists are often pushed by the American media themselves to deflect blame from our evil elites.

    You also said:

    The country is gutted industrially, its economy is based on little more than weapon sales, its education system is a joke, its culture is bogged down by nonsense as purveyed by our fifth column media and all fortifying values have been tossed overboard.

    All of this is true but you should not ignore the corruption of the body politic by wealthy Jewish ethno-centrists who want the US to be ruled by Likud. They also bear the ultimate responsibility for American wars which caused the flood of refugees from the Middle East today. I’ve noticed that Asian Americans are often very frank about Jewish power, as they aren’t as vulnerable to being shamed by political correctness or accusations of racism.

  52. Deduction says:

    This reads like an invitation to a cult.

  53. @frizzled

    Most Asian academics in the social science fields also aren’t bogged down tying every social discrepancy to the Zionic overlords, so the ironic side effect is they are capable of being frank about it.

  54. Karl says:

    The US Navy has been doing routine shipyard “availabilities” at Cam Ranh Bay for many years now. Usually low-profile logistics ships.

    A coupla years ago, a DDG pulled in. CO was native Viet (grew up in Cali). Seventh Fleet and the Viets made a PR episode out of it.

    The Vietnamese are fairly proud of their diaspora. And why not.

  55. Max Payne says:

    The Iran-Iraq war was an 8 year conflict in which two sides used modern weaponry in the most INEFFECTIVE way imaginable. Both sides had the ability to end the war quickly and rapidly but being untrained and unfamiliar with modernized weapons technology both Iran and Iraq slugged it out in a near WW1 fashion of trench-lines, human-waves (for the Iranians), and chemical weapons (for Iraq). The years of incompetent fighting gave the Iraqis a false sense of military capability which the US swept aside during the 2003 invasion (not to mention the lack of will to fight by the Iraqi forces).

    Funny you should mentioned torture chambers. Last I recall Abu Ghraib under the Americans wasn’t any better. Do I need to link you a video of that too or have you conveniently swept that under the rug?

    Don’t pretend the Americans were any better than Saddam. They are both the two sides of the same coin. The only difference is Saddam knew he had to live in Iraq and tried to make it better, albeit in his own twisted brutal way. The US just wanted to destroy Iraq and leave nothing behind. Which it successfully did. Iraq was still standing after the Iran-Iraq war and still had functioning government facilities. Can you say the same with the US arrival and “departure”? Clearly not….

    And to correct you. Yes I’d rather be hit by a hot piece of steel instead of a hot piece of DEPLETED URANIUM (a US specialty). At least if I survive my kids won’t be mutated monsters when I decide to spawn some piss-ants.

    As you said, perhaps “one needs to know what one is talking about before one spouts off!” Come on man… you’re not even trying now…

    And I am Canadian. I only tell you because you did the courtesy of telling me.

  56. Priss Factor [AKA "The Priss Factory"] says: • Website

    Germany did cause a lot of grief in WWII but…

    Germany was horribly punished for their crimes. It’ s not like they got off easy. The carpet-bombing, invasion and mass rape by Soviets, loss of huge chunk of Germany, loss of millions of lives, division of nation, loss of political independence, and etc.

    Also, Germans have been very generous with other nations. They provided loans and funds to poor nations all over the world, giving them a leg up on development. Germans taught people from all over the world in various technological fields. Germans have been generous with other European nations. The current Greek crisis owes something to German generosity. Germans have been doling out so many freebies that other nations came to depend on them like Puerto Rico has come to rely on the US. Greeks are now bitching that Germans finally said ‘no more’. Greeks have forgotten that they’ve colluded with Goldman Sachs to cook the book to fool rich nations like Germany into providing more and more loans.

    Germans have also taken in so many migrants and immigrants.
    So, when does this all end? When will Germans have repaid their debt? It seems they never will because of moral interest rates. The way the system is set up, Germans are still paying the interest than paying down the core debt.
    The system was set up that way by Jews(who now say Holocaust trauma is inheritable). Germans have paid so much to Jews and Israel, but Jews act as if Germans have only paid the interest thus far. It’s like moral loan-sharking.
    Also, since if Germans only pay Jews, Jews, and Jews, it may look Jews greedy and petty, Jews have urged Germans to pay their moral debt to other nations as well. But Germans didn’t mess up the Middle East.
    Zionists, British imperialists, French imperialists, and US globalists messed up the Middle East. Germans didn’t invade the Middle East and cause all these recent wars. So, why do Germans have to pay a moral debt to Middle Easterners, especially when people like Afghanis, Iraqis, and Syrians have been displaced by Wars for Israel?

    Also, if we follow the logic of moral debt, the people that Germans should owe most to are the Russians and others of the Soviet Union. People in the USSR lost the greatest number of lives in the war. The biggest damage was done in the East. That being the case, shouldn’t Germans be paying reparations to Russians? Instead, Germany has joined EU(controlled by US that is controlled by Jews) in vilifying Russia and damaging its economy.

    So, there is no logical consistency to this moral debt. The manner of this debt only works according to how Jews say it should. Since Jews currently hate Russia, Germans need not feel any moral guilt or pay moral debt to Russians. If anything, Germany is to collude with World Jewry to economically destroy Russia.

    As for the Middle Eastern ‘refugees’ being conflated with Holocaust victims, it’s a handy way for Jews to pass the moral buck to Germans(and other Europeans) for the mess that Jewish power caused in the Middle East. The real question should be, “Since Jews destroyed so many lives in the Middle East and North Africa with their Wars for Israel, shouldn’t Jews stop acting so belligerently, and don’t Jews owe a debt to the victims of all these wars?” But Jews don’t want us go there.

    Instead, Jews aggressively accuse Europeans of acting like Nazis and not taking in enough refugees(even though Israel still holds Golan Heights that was stolen from Syria and won’t allow a single Syrian refugee into it). If Syria continues to empty of its population, it will be ripe for Jewish land-grab of a big chunk of it as a colony for Jews or as a place to push all the Palestinians into. No wonder Jews love to see Syria being drained like a pond. Push the Arabs to Europe, and maybe Israel can expand its territory by taking 1/4 of Syria.
    Impossible you say? It seems unlikely at this time, but never say never and never trust Jews.

    This German moral debt issue is lacking in moral logic or consistency. It’s like American Affirmative Action. It is less about fairness and moral logic than who has the power, connections, the right symbolism. American Aff-action favors recent black African immigrants even though their ancestors captured and sold slaves. It also favors white Hispanics over white Americans even though Conquistador-Americans conquered the New World first and oppressed the natives. Meanwhile, Polish-Americans, whose ancestors suffered horribly in the past centuries, are treated as ‘privileged whites’. It’s all ridiculous.

    Same goes for German moral logic. Germans messed up Poland much worse than Greece, but Poles are less demanding of handouts than the Greeks are. Why? Poles are harder-working and have more sense, whereas Greeks are a bunch of lazy, lying, double-crossing grooks — Greek crooks — who want handouts forever, so they keep invoking WWII, WWII, WWII even though Greece wasn’t one of the worst victims of German aggression in the war. So, Germans give less to Poles who suffered tremendously in WWII but have given so much to Grooks who just love to fleece everyone with their crybaby bitching.

    I hear that many Greeks are genetically closer to people of Turkey and even the Levant. Then, the character of the Grooks should have been warning sign of the kind of people Europe is likely to take in from the Near East. Personality types that bitch and whine but lack in self-introspection.

    • Replies: @Deduction
    , @Hugo
  57. Unam says:

    You my friend are not a nice person.

  58. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    It’s easy to ignore the negative impact America and the west has had in the world, since all the bad things are conveniently obscured by the fifth column media.

    When America tortures, it is just framed as a few bad eggs. American invasions are always about spreading “freedom.” The onerous TPP trade pact is phrased as free trade. Only niche groups in America even bother to think about what our impact is on the world in a negative light.

    You can claim white victimization if it makes you feel better, but the vast majority of blame that goes towards white people comes from other whites who have an agenda for doing so.

    With America encircling the globe in military bases, it’s banks controlling finance world wide, and TPP being used to force submission to American companies I think you have to be a real nutter to feel like Europeans are being victimized.

    Wake up! White people are tying to take over the world and others have the right to call them out on it.

    • Replies: @Deduction
  59. MarkinLA says:
    @Linh Dinh

    its education system is a joke,

    I would take issue with this. Yes due to racial pandering we don’t have dumb classes (mostly black and Hispanic) and smart classes (mostly white and Asian) like we used to and we give out so many worthless degrees but our universities are still some of the best in the world in the sciences and engineering. In many areas like medical research they are not full of foreign students – many who are really not that bright and only there because they pay full tuition. when you search for new innovations in medical technology you see a lot of home grown talent.

  60. Tony says:

    [You have been repeatedly warned not to use multiple handles in order to hide your identity, and this is your final warning. One more instance, and you should expect all your future comments to be summarily trashed. Since you never have anything useful to say, it will be no great loss.]

  61. Deduction says:
    @Priss Factor

    Zionists, British imperialists, French imperialists, and US globalists messed up the Middle East

    You neglect to mention the most important factor, middle easterners!

    • Replies: @Alek
  62. Deduction says:

    You’re funny. You give no moral agency to non whites and you think disappearing from existence through pathological altruism is the same thing as trying to take over the world.

    You’re essentially obsessed. I’m sorry that your love is unrequited but it’d be psychologically healthier for you to move on. There are many peoples out there, so maybe you should spend some time thinking about them.

  63. Hugo says:

    1) Thanks for writing this. I greatly enjoy your writing as I like ‘ man on the ground’ pieces

    2) There’s no such thing as Judeo Christianity. It is a made up term American term that has no historical context. Traditional Christian communities would scoff at that term.

    3) Germany is not really under the US’s thumb as much as both Germany and the US is under Israeli’s thumb and the leaders of both Germany and the US are globalists. The fundamental difference between Merkel and Obama is negligible and they both pay homage to the same groups.

    4) Totally correct regarding the motivation of Whites who adopt African or Asian kids. They have a cultural arrogance that makes them believe that they know better than the Africans and this meddling mindset is not that far removed from the mindset that believes we should meddle in the affairs of foreign nations.

    • Replies: @Jim
  64. Hugo says:
    @Priss Factor

    You seem ignorant of the character of Greeks. Have you been there? Lived there?

    While modern Greeks have certainly subscribed to socialism and thus, suffer the associated ills they are certainly not Turkic, nor are they lazy people who lack self introspection. Don’t view the ills of the bureaucrat’s as being the ills of the people.

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  65. Jim says:

    Regarding point #3, I believe that the term “Judaeo-Christian civilization” was totally unknown prior to the twentieth century. I wonder if anybody here has any references for the first known use of this term.

    Obviously throughout the 1500 years of Western Civilization since the fall of the Western Roman Empire Jews were a marginal group in the West generally despised and frequently persecuted.

  66. Jim says:

    The question is whether Westerners have the will to survive. If they do not the West will cease to exist and then immigration will end when what was the West is just another hellhole.

  67. Priss Factor [AKA "The Priss Factory"] says: • Website

    Eek, it’s a Greek.

    Some Greeks are hard-working but they are dishonest and don’t pay taxes.

    And it seems the smartest Greeks all came to the US. Big brain drain. But even smart ones in the US cannot be trusted. Greeks are grooks.

    • Replies: @Hugo
  68. Bill P says:
    @Linh Dinh

    Thanks for correcting me on the Wah Mee perps. I know a woman who lost her father in that slaughter, and it ruined her prospects and family.

    As for Vietnamese crime on the West Coast, I think a lot of it was a result of the environment they were thrust into. They lived either in or next to the ghetto, and the 80s were not the most pleasant years in those neighborhoods. But you’re probably right that they had a lower overall crime rate than your average city resident.

    In contrast, a Chinese community leader was just shot down when he came across a gang fight involving African hookah parlors in Seattle’s Chinatown. The Africans from the Horn are pretty vicious. A few years ago one of them, along with a Filipino accomplice, beat, whipped and urinated on a random white kid in the worst hate crime in Seattle in a long time. I don’t think it got national publicity, but it was pretty shocking nonetheless.

    I’m not sure the tolerant, welcoming attitude ordinary Americans have traditionally held can last long in the face of this kind of behavior. Nor should it. When your kids are targets, what’s so moral about welcoming people who would hurt them?

  69. Hugo says:
    @Priss Factor

    Not Greek kid. My roofs are Iberian and your characterisation of Greeks is way off.

  70. Bernie says:

    US foreign policy has only a slight role in the refugee invasion. People forget that places like the Middle East and Africa are always embroiled in their own wars and tribal slaughters. It is mainly the weakness of the West in stopping the invasion of people fleeing their own failed societies. China, Mexico, Vietnam, Japan and India are not taking in refugees or immigrants and will remain racially pure and intact. And nobody will call hem racist for doing so.

  71. Alek says:

    Good point. The middle east was under Ottoman control from the 15th century to WW1. Until the 17th century, the Ottoman Empire was on par militarily and technologically with Europe – the Ottomans came close to taking Vienna in 1683. The Ottomans, however, decided to reject the scientific and later industrial revolutions gaining steam (no pun intended) in Europe at the time, as they considered them a threat to their despotic regime. The result was was that the Ottoman Empire gradually fell behind Europe, and the middle east failed to develop the social and industrial institutions that make the west a magnet for migrants from the rest of the world. (One can also argue that East Asia lost a couple of centuries by similarly rejecting western innovations in the 17th-19th centuries).

    Even taking a short-term perspective, while the US intervention in Iraq was a disaster, the Syrian civil war is really a product of the Arab Spring that started in Tunisia and spread to Egypt and Syria. Its tough to blame the west for that, unless it is by setting an example of what a society is capable of in providing a good environment for its citizens.

  72. vinteuil says:

    Sorry, Mr. Dinh – I’d forgotten all about this thread.

    FWIW, yeah – all that stuff you wrote about bunnies & squirrels was, quite obviously, made up.

    However, you’ve almost convinced me that it’s just barely possible that the Obama administration & the Fed might have a rational plan that favors the welfare of Americans over that of foreigners!

    If only I could believe that…

    • Replies: @Linh Dinh
  73. Michelle says:
    @Linh Dinh

    I often think what you expressed in this reply whenever someone complains that immigrants no longer wish to assimilate to western culture. That is not strictly true but I can understand that some immigrants prefer to keep their own family values. Why on earth would they want to assimilate into American popular culture? Fatherlessness, broken marriages, disrespectful ignorant children, wayward potty mouthed daughters covered in tattoos and dressed like porn actresses. We have jumped the shark culturally and are heading straight down the toilet. It’s hard to be conservative when there is nothing left to conserve.

  74. Linh Dinh says: • Website

    You, my friend, are quite obviously a very mean spirited person with extremely poor reading skill. Since that Postcard was almost entirely Don Hensley in his own words, are you saying I “made up” Don Hensley? Spewing slanderous insults about me and Don is not useful to anybody.

    Again, I’m flabbergasted by your ability to misread. I never said the Obama administration and the Fed favor the welfare of Americans. In dozens of articles, I’ve insisted that the US government is the enemy of ordinary Americans. Just because the ruling class will defend its fiefdom does not mean it gives a damn about you. All along, it’s been destroying you to protect its privileges.

  75. vinteuil says:

    You learn, grasshopper – you learn.

    “…the US government is the enemy of ordinary Americans…”

    Really? Tell me more! You’ve now got my attention!

    But when you blather on & on about the horribleness of ordinary Americans? My attention retires pretty quickly.

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