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Binh Chanh, 2018

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Two years ago, I was having dinner in NYC with a group of Japanese writers. Next to me was Mieko Kawakami, who’s also known as a pop singer. Since her English was very limited, we conversed mostly through another person. Seeing that my beer glass was empty, Mieko filled it.

Earlier this year, I found myself in Tokyo with nearly the same group of Japanese, and next to me, again, was Mieko. Seeing that my bowl was empty, she used her chopsticks to replenish it with some fatty pork.

In Saigon a month ago, I was having dinner with a bunch of Taiwanese businessmen, whom I had just met. Next to me was a 36-year-old who had been in Vietnam for six years, was married to a Vietnamese and had two kids with her, so he spoke Vietnamese quite comfortably, even rapidly, though I must I admit, I only understood about half of it, such was his accent. Seeing that my bowl had some food scraps, he picked it up, cleaned it out with his chopsticks, then filled it with a couple of shrimps.

To be attentive to others at the dinner table is a trait inculcated in East Asians since childhood. It shows civilization, not obsequiousness. At an Oriental banquet, tables tend to be round, an egalitarian arrangement with no honored seats, and all the dishes are in the middle. Although you’re only supposed to pick, say, a piece of chicken that’s close to you, and not reach across a plate, you can choose a better morsel for anyone else, especially an older person, a guest or a social superior, such as your boss. To express concern, they can also drop food in your rice bowl.

Decades ago, I was at a Chinese restaurant in Northern Virginia with a close friend, Brian Robertson, and when our two dishes arrive, Brian instantly divided each in half, right down the middle, and scooped his shares onto his plate. Had I used my utensils to pick out food for Brian, he would have cringed and protested, I’m sure.

East is East, and West is West, and though the two do overlap, you will always know whether you’re in Intercourse or Phuoc Hai, and that’s good. Though relentlessly assaulted, the local endures, but it must be fiercely protected and nurtured.

Repeatedly, I have pointed out how boundaries are often blurred in Vietnam, but this also means that personal space is not as respected as in the West. In 1957, Gontran de Poncins published his excellent From a Chinese City, which documents his year of living in a residential hotel in Cho Lon, Saigon’s Chinatown. Other occupants were disturbed by De Poncins’ habit of keeping his door closed during the day, so they would just open it. Seeing that De Poncins was always alone, they asked if he needed a woman, and when he said no, they offered to bring him a boy. As De Poncins sketched, someone might snatch his notebook from him, to see what he was drawing.

Saigon in 2018 is much more Americanized, so there are gated communities, condos with security guards, restaurants behind plate glass windows, ubiquitous English schools and aggressive rap music being spat at you by street performers on Bui Vien Street. At a wedding, I noticed all the young people at my table were staring at their smart phones for nearly the entire evening. American styled swagger or aggression is also being aped, so on a truck in my neighborhood, I saw, in English, “CHOOSE LIFE / DON’T TOUCH MY CAR,” with the image of two hand guns being pointed at the viewer. In several Vietnamese cities, and even Singapore, there are Liêm barbershops, where all the hair cutters are all tatted up and dressed as cholos. Speaking to packed rooms of young Vietnamese, Liêm passionately teaches them on how to properly wear a bandana, flannel shirt or Ben Davis pants, etc.

Since I live five miles from downtown, however, the texture of my daily life is still very much Vietnamese, even if there’s a McDonald’s, Popeyes and KFC within a ten minute walk. Riding a beat up bicycle, a knife sharpener offered his service. Passing a funeral, I saw the pallbearers tilting the coffin three times, to make it bow to its old house, then three more times at the head of the alley, to say farewell to its neighborhood.

This morning, I had a 47 cent cup of coffee at a café in an alley. People streamed by, on foot or motorbikes. Within sight was the neighborhood Buddhist temple. Although hideous looking, it does have a shady and somewhat quiet courtyard, so sometimes I’d go and sit on one of its cement benches, near a bunch of wizened monks.

Vietnamese know their neighbors. The café’s owner is a taciturn middle-aged dude who keeps half a dozen lurid fish in a couple of tanks. His grown son is a heroin addict who’s been in and out of jail. The smirking young man has never had a job, only lots of tattoos.

On my right sat office workers in white shirts and black pants, and to my left was a man, called Mr. Mulberry, who had a stroke a decade ago, so now must inch around with a walker. Even before Mulberry got debilitated, his wife left him to marry a Vietnamese-Australian.

Mulberry has six brothers and two sisters. Two brothers are in Australia. The sisters were infamous in this neighborhood as “horses,” the Vietnamese term for “sluts,” because people could ride them.

Mulberry’s dad used to beat his mom, and complain that her skin wasn’t as smooth as his mistress’. Despite all this, they’re still together, and live with Mulberry and a daughter, a single mom, of course, in the house across the alley from my table.

Hearing anyone’s life story, I’m always filled with amazement and admiration, because I’m not sure I could have endured so many sucker punches from random strangers, God, my family and the weather.

At another neighborhood café a while back, I sat next to a man in his early 70’s who had raised ten kids. He has owned a company making truck trailers since before the Fall of Saigon.


“I made more than enough to take care of all my kids, then the state took over my company. They had to keep me on, however, because the company could not have functioned otherwise. I had all these supervisors and advisors who collected salaries, but did nothing. I survived all that. After Đổi Mới [Renovation], I got my company back.”

“Did you try to escape the country?” I asked.

“No, because I had ten kids! It would have been too complicated, and I didn’t want to send a couple of kids out by themselves. It would have been too risky.”

“So they’re all still here?”

“Yes, and they’re all doing well. One of my sons bought land and houses when they were still cheap, decades ago. He’s loaded. Another son works for the government as an electrical engineer. One of my daughters owns this café,” where we were sitting. “All the Socialist countries were dirt poor, while the Capitalist countries were rich. That’s why things had to change.”

After dinner with the Taiwanese businessmen, they dragged me to a karaoke session, so of course I had to go, and there, in a private room with pulsating blue, green and purple lights, each of us was assigned a hostess. Since I’m not gay, transitioning or rude, I graciously allowed myself to be fondled a bit by my “littlest sister,” which is Vietnamese slang for such a lady. I did milk Lan for her life story.

Though looking no more than 23, Lan was actually 35, and a divorcee raising a five-year-old son pretty much by herself, with her ex now a laborer in South Korea. Knowing her hostess career was quickly winding down, she had been saving, “I want to own a jewelry store, but I still don’t have enough cash, so I’m just going to open a little variety store.”

“Who takes care of your kid while you’re working?”

“My mom.”

“What’s his name?”


“Is Tuan a good kid?”

“Yeah,” she smiled.


“Pretty smart.”

As I get older, my eyes often discharge this greenish pus. It’s disgusting, I know. With a moist towelette, Lan dabbed at the corners of my eyes. I didn’t purr, I swear.

“Some customers can be pretty gross, but we don’t have to serve any of them. If we walk out, though, we don’t get paid.”

It’s good to hear people’s stories, face to face. In Philadelphia, I knew almost none of my neighbors, so the only local community I had were the drinkers inside Friendly Lounge, yet even there, it was hard to talk, because the television was always on, even if no one was watching it, and the jukebox often interrupted.

Though not all Americans bowl, eat, drink and have sex alone, too many are divorced from their neighbors, neighborhood, the direct experience and even their own thought process, since it is regularly drowned out by canned garbage. Since the collapse of the American empire will be, among other things, a cultural and psychic deliverance for Americans themselves, all should wish for it.

One night in Philly, there was a blackout for maybe an hour, and inside McGlinchey’s, where I was sitting, the barmaid dug out some candles and lit them. Without electronic distractions, we became much more conscious of everyone else’s presence, clearly heard everything that was said, even if it was across the room, and was encouraged, or at least not prevented, from chattering at length. Finally, stories could flow. I remember being soothed, but also saddened, for why wasn’t this the norm?

A decade ago, I gave a reading at This Ain’t the Rosedale Library, a Toronto bookstore now out of business. It was fairly well attended, and afterwards, a bunch of us went to some Kensington Market bar to talk, but the canned music was so loud in there, conversations were impossible. We were reduced to shouting snippets at each other. I screamed to a woman next to me, “This is why poetry is dead!”


“Poetry is dead!”


“This is why!”


“We can’t even fuckin’ talk!”

“I know!”

Lastly, an announcement: at 6PM on Sunday, November 18th, I’ll give a reading in Tokyo at Aoyama Book Center, 5-53-67 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Cosmos Aoyama Garden Floor (B2F). Mieko Kawakami was supposed to appear with me, but some nutcase has threatened, online, to come to this event to stab her, so the police has advised Mieko to not show up. It’s a great shame, but it’s also heartening to know that literature can still be that deadly serious somewhere.

Linh Dinh’s latest book is Postcards from the End of America. He maintains a regularly updated photo blog.

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  1. utu says:

    I hate going shopping but I had to last week or so I thought. I went to Macy’s to buy few things and could not do it. The music was just too laud. I tried to block it off but it only made me think about it more. In the end I realized that I could do without what I wanted and I left. I wonder if I got spoiled by my privacy where the only unnatural human made sounds I hear are initiated by me.

  2. Anon[425] • Disclaimer says: • Website

    Other occupants were disturbed by De Poncins’ habit of keeping his door closed during the day, so they would just open it. Seeing that De Poncins was always alone, they asked if he needed a woman, and when he said no, they offered to bring him a boy.


    • Replies: @WestP
    , @Linh Dinh
  3. Anon[425] • Disclaimer says: • Website

    but some nutcase has threatened, online, to come to this event to stab her

    ??? Why?

    • Replies: @follyofwar
  4. Since the collapse of the American empire will be, among other things, a cultural and psychic deliverance for Americans themselves, all should wish for it.

    I have for a long time, but I’m starting to fear I may not live to see it.

  5. llloyd says: • Website

    I first visited Hanoi in 2002. I am old enought to have the archaic notion it was an ex enemy capital. I visited a jazz bar. Then I went to the bar Apolcalypse Now. Both were decent places with decent music. When I returned in 2011, both bars had disappeared. Instead there were bars with ear piercing party “music”. I stayed as long as I could handle them and admired the girls. The Secretary of State Allbright did warn the Vietnamese to enter the modern economy they had to have full on the good with the bad. Otherwise Vietnam appeared to be making good progress. The beggers and mal nourished children had disappeared at least in my sight. An online Hanoi magazine puhlished my article on twentieth century war monuments in Vietnam. It was taken offline several years later.

  6. Linh,

    I’m curious: when you do your readings in Japan and other places, what language do you read in?

    • Replies: @Linh Dinh
  7. The last few years, while visiting the States, I have noticed the restaurants are getting darker, colder & louder; as if they want us blind, deaf & numb (the dumb is assumed).

  8. Linh Dinh says:

    Hi restless94110,

    I always read in English. In Tokyo, Motoyuki Shibata will read Japanese translations of my work. I’m going to Japan to promote the Japanese edition of my Postcards from the End of America. This is my second book translated into Japanese. Blood and Soap was the first.

    The Japanese publisher is generous enough to host me for 13 days, so I’ll be in Osaka as well as Tokyo.


    • Replies: @chris
  9. peterike says:

    Since the collapse of the American empire will be, among other things, a cultural and psychic deliverance for Americans themselves, all should wish for it.

    Well no, because that collapse will be part and parcel of America filling up with non-Americans, Asians very prominent among them, which will be a very bad thing. It already is.

    The collapse of the American Empire would have been a god-send if America had kept its borders intact. But then it wouldn’t have been an Empire.

  10. I honestly wouldn’t have read a single word of Dinh’s work if he didn’t jump in with both feet regarding exposing the criminals of 911 and the purveyors of false history. Linh, It’s better to be honest and in the camp of literary giants like Solzhenitsyn, than to be making millions and promoting lies about Syria as is the case with J.K. Rowling.

  11. @peterike

    You’re expecting a wave of Asian immigrants when the US$ collapses? I always assumed everyone who had a home would go home.

    When fat ass Americans miss the first meal of their lives, the guns will come out of the racks and safes, and before it’s all over: “There shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth.”

    • Replies: @Biff
    , @Jeff Stryker
  12. bossel says:

    At an Oriental banquet, tables tend to be round, an egalitarian arrangement with no honored seats

    Not true, for China at least.
    Maybe you don’t count China as Oriental, don’t know. But in China usually the seat facing the door is the most honoured seat. &, IIRC, the farther away you are seated, the less honoured you are.

    • Replies: @follyofwar
  13. Biff says:
    @Low Voltage

    When fat ass Americans miss the first meal of their lives,


  14. WestP says:

    American styled swagger or aggression is also being aped

    These shameless apes will be the destroyers of the culture. What’s the point of traveling if everywhere you go you see apes like this?

  15. WestP says:

    Perhaps those curious people were pimps.

  16. Anonymous [AKA "Samz"] says:


    What days will you be in Osaka? Interested in coming to your event if it lines up with my trip there next weekend.

    • Replies: @Linh Dinh
  17. Thank you Mr. Dinh. I enjoyed the article.

  18. Linh Dinh says:

    Hi Samz,

    I’ll read at Shinsaibashi Standard Bookstore at 2PM on Sunday, November 25th. It’s just down the street from Namba station.

    Hopefully, you can come!


  19. Linh Dinh says:

    Hi Anon[425],

    I just got to Japan. The speculation here is that this threatening person is a Haruki Murakami fanatic. Mieko Kawakami published a book length interview with Murakami last year, and though it got rave reviews, some of its contents also pissed off a few of his fans.


  20. @Low Voltage

    A good many Asians DO return home. Either they are dual-citizens or longtime guest workers who could legally reside for the rest of the lives in the US but think it is a pit.

    I’ve met many Filipinos and Koreans who decided that California was not worth remaining in.

    There is a distinct gap in the mindset between “old stock” white Americans or US blacks and immigrants who in the late 19th century.

    Irish, Arabs, Indians, Italians, Jews, Slavs, Asians immigrate to the US purely for money. There is no other reason.

  21. Less Asians want to immigrate than they used to. Standards of living have improved in Asia and declined in the US to the point where people in Taiwan have a better standard of living than most people in Missouri.

    When I was a kid in Ann Arbor there were still some Irish and Brits immigrating and quite a few Canadian.

    Those days are gone.

    The US is synonymous with poverty, urban crime, crazy gangs, mad imprisonment, widespread homelessness, a vanishing middle-class, low educational standards due to tuition costs, drug epidemics, collapsing infrastructure, clashes of civilization between urban and rural, violent schools, rape etc etc.

    Many Chinese and certainly Vietnamese want to immigrate to Australia.

    • Replies: @Rabbitnexus
  22. Tyrion 2 says:

    To be attentive to others at the dinner table is a trait inculcated in East Asians since childhood. It shows civilization, not obsequiousness.

    All non-Western European peoples do this. They’re obsessive about it all over Africa, for example. Indeed, they’re much more attentive to this stuff than East Asians.

    Rather than civilisation, I’d call it traditional community. And yes, it is a good thing.

  23. Giuseppe says:

    Well no, because that collapse will be part and parcel of America filling up with non-Americans, Asians very prominent among them, which will be a very bad thing. It already is.

    This has been happening since Americans gradually began to adopt the attitude that breeding children, particularly large families, is low class or even outré. This has not been helped by pushing some little boys to transition into little girls, and vice versa, and encouraging the rest of the kids to be queer for each other. Since the birthrate has long ago fallen below replacement levels, others from abroad have been happy to arrive, fill the demographic vacuum and make babies. But immigration isn’t the cause of the collapse per se, rather it’s a symptom of an effete and dying American culture, like the perversion and the decadence, the growing civic violence or even the rise of the surveillance state. The true proximate cause of the collapse will be unsustainable national debt, brought about by the collapse of economic infrastructure and the bankrupting of the country by the military establishment.

    Linh has been mentioning the collapse of the Empire here and there. I would very much like to read his more fully developed thoughts concerning it because of his unique perspective as an outsider who lived on the inside for so many years.

    • Agree: RadicalCenter
    • Replies: @Anonymous
  24. Anon56 says:

    I thoroughly enjoy Dinh’s articles. Observing human nature, as he does, is an essential though dying art in a world where everyone else seems incapable of observing anything but themselves and their rank in the hierarchies of victimhood.

    To tamper the assault on the senses, esp the ears, in restaurants, supermarkets and the gym, I have been carrying a pack of foam earplugs everywhere I go for the last ten years. Can’t recommend them highly enough.

    • Replies: @TKK
  25. Linh,

    The oriental habit of serving others is absolutely delightful and I have tried to follow suit (when I try to set aside how tasty the food is and my lust aka greed, for it).

    I also remember how delightful it is that women groom men sometimes. I was standing outside a lunch venue waiting to resume an afternoon training session when of our young female team brushed all the bits of fluff off my jacket and straightened my tie and I too purred. One of the sexiest things ever done to me and about as far away from the# Me too feminazi as you could get.

    • Replies: @SafeNow
  26. There is a certain grisly charm when someone uses their saliva-coated chopsticks to place food in your bowl. One must be artificially polite, pretend that germs don’t exist and hope for a strong immune system when it happens. When my father in law breaks a steamed bun in half and offers me a part, I am overcome by a chill. He adamantly refuses to wash his hands as he believes that doing so dries out his skin. My mother in law addresses him as “Pig Fingers” when he does this. When in Beijing, always carry Pepto tablets.

  27. fenster says:

    Always enjoy your writing and perspective.

    Question about the egalitarian nature of the round table and eating practices.

    A few years back I taught a short course at a university in Qingdao. Every noon and night I was treated to a full banquet, complete with the mandatory drinking rituals. While the round table permitted some of the back and forth you write about I was struck by the extreme top-down nature of the ritual. The host–the most senior person in the room, presided. Yes it was a round table but there was no question who was boss, especially if a senior academic was replaced for the event by a party person connected to the university. Then it was even more top down.

    As honored guest I sat to the right of the host. The host dictated all of the events of the evening, including when and how much everyone at the table, including the honored guest, was expected to drink.

    I was told by my translator that while Shanghai and south had relaxed rules about people being at liberty to say, eat and drink what they want at dinner the North was much stricter. And that if you really want to see Genghis Khan’s influence, have a banquet further north, in Beijing.

    Are all Asians as egalitarian as you suggest?

    • Replies: @Che Guava
  28. Che Guava says:

    This is strange. The article’s date is Nov. 12th, but not posted then, but from Nov. 22nd to 23rd. Within the article, the earlier writing is clear.

  29. anon[101] • Disclaimer says:
    @Unrepentant Conservative

    When in Beijing, always carry Pepto tablets.

    unfortunately, Pepto won’t kill parasites

  30. Agent76 says:


    Fall Of Empires: Rome vs USA (Hidden Secrets Of Money Ep 9)

  31. Che Guava says:

    Round tables for banquets, they are not particularly oriental, but particularly Chinese. In old Japan and Korea, rectangular tables. Still now, whether on the floor, with a pit under the table, or on chairs. Sure, round tables at Chinese restaurants in S.E. Asia, at least for some types of food.

    Even for China, it seems quite recent, old paintings do not depict it.

    So, it is good to hear that you were fed well at a (presumably good) Chinese restaurant in Tokyo.

    Although you are very correct that keeping the plate or bowl and glass of your neighbours full at a social dinner is an east Asian custom.

  32. Che Guava says:

    As for the implication of egalitarianism, it is a mirage, but obscene income differentials between the upper upper class and workers are never allowed to reach western levels (except, though less so, in ‘communist’ China, it is only less so there because the functionaries generally steal the money if they want to be ultra-wealthy, thus exposing themselves to prosecution, at times it happens).

    Of course, many are useless arseholes making a fortune on the backs of their better countrymen as the bosses of productive businesses.which they were only appointed to as party hacks.

    I am truly curious, how much weight did you gain in the nightly banquets regimen?

  33. Well, I think I discovered why Dinh has removed himself back to the Orient.

    Why do they keep misspelling “Butt-ist”?

    • Replies: @Clyde
  34. anon[101] • Disclaimer says:

    in the photo there’s a dark dark black hand on the left that doesn’t belong unless the Chinese are having lunch with some fellow from India or Africa

  35. @Anon

    Judging by her picture, Mieko is very beautiful. It is no wonder why Japanese men, with their opposition to immigration, want to keep them all to themselves. So sad that whites are not as smart.

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  36. @bossel

    I’d like to know when “Oriental” became a bad word, to be replaced by “Asian?” White Russians east of the Urals are Asians, as are East Indians, some just as dark as African blacks. Oriental connoted people from East Asia (I always thought of China, Japan, and Korea) so we all knew in general what the word meant.

    It’s similar to “colored” becoming a pejorative (except when in the title of the NAACP), to be replaced by the politically correct “black,” which is supposed to encompasses those (as in the old movie “Imitation of Life”) who pass for white. The most appropriate word is probably “mulatto” (Obama as the prime example) but use that and you will be banished from polite society..

  37. Clyde says:
    @Stan d Mute

    Wow! I saw that the other day about the gay orgies in a Taiwan buddhist monastery. This guy thinks he is Freddy Mercury?

    A LEAKED sex tape shows a prominent Buddhist monk taking part in a drug-fuelled gay orgy at a temple in Taiwan.
    Kai Hung, who has been filmed in three explicit clips taking drugs and having sex with different men, was arrested during a police raid on Chongfo Temple.

    • Replies: @Stan d Mute
  38. @peterike

    I too have been longing for the collapse of the American Empire. On a subconscious level, I think millions of other whites do also. Feeling (with good reason) that their children would live lives far worse than theirs, large numbers of adults have decided to forgo that experience and expense and just live for today. IOW, Let’s Party like its 1999! No one will come to visit such people when they’re old and gray. Too bad, screw them! The ones I’m starting to feel very sad for are the white babies born today.

  39. macilrae says:

    Fascinating and delightful. Somehow you get such an appealing sense of the person from the writing – which is always of a high standard.

    On particular matter of table-manners, I have lived more than 2/3 of my life immersed in SE Asian culture and I perform many of the hostly duties mentioned quite automatically. But ever since a family member returned from a trip to China with a case of hepatitis B (“which must have been acquired from something he ate”) we have had serving chopsticks on the table, rather than having to use our own to share food – though, where this must be done, it is ‘polite’ to reverse the chopsticks in your hand. However there is one elderly relative who likes to pour the delicious gravy from her own bowl into mine – a completely motherly gesture that I admit to finding a bit, well, disconcerting.

    Then there is the interesting matter of noisy eating – and whether you should keep your lips together while chewing or not – “Tastes better with your mouth open” I have been told.

    When tea is poured for you by a companion, it is the custom to tap the table with two fingers in thanks. Few Chinese I have met know that this originates from the Qing dynasty when emperor Qian Long had the habit of going among his people incognito and, even, performing menial jobs out there. Thus it happened that as one of his vassals sat relaxing in a tea house he was horrified to see he was being served by none other than his emperor. Petrified, and realizing that he must not show public recognition, the poor bloke responded by furiously banging the knuckles of his two forefingers upon the table – to signify his obeisance – “on his knees” as it were.

  40. @Unrepentant Conservative

    Yes, to us Americans afflicted with germ-phobia, that part of Linh’s excellent story was positively cringe worthy. My wife won’t even allow me to put a little food on her plate after my fork has touched my mouth. And yet we kiss – the spread of saliva being one of the most unsanitary things one can do.

  41. chris says:
    @Linh Dinh

    Another great ‘postcard,’ Linh; thanks!

  42. MacNucc11 says:
    @Unrepentant Conservative

    To those adept at using chopsticks they do not usually go in the mouth but simply toss or guide the food in. Sure, a little more intimate I will grant but nothing like a fork or spoon is used here in the west.

  43. @Clyde

    For the record, I was just busting Dinh’s balls. I like his work and I’m glad he’s here. Regardless of his Orient-ation.

    But yeah, it’s pretty hilarious the Buttist monk. And just one of many reasons I long ago abandoned all religiosity. Anywhere pedophiles and buggerers congregate is a place I avoid like the plague. Men in dresses never, ever, lead to anything good.

  44. Thomm says:

    This is why we have Peterike’s Law. For newcomers, Peterike’s Law is :

    “White Trashionalism is nothing more than the bottom decile of white men whining that the bottom decile of white women are no longer being forced to bear piglets with these men.”

  45. SafeNow says:
    @Malaysian Truther

    Compare that gentle non-feminist to recent news report of the gal in Morocco who served-up her estranged husband to her friends, as a traditional dish. Terrible incident, but kudos to the dead husband’s brother, who looked for him…in the blender…and found a tooth. Who looks for a missing guy in the blender? Astute. Knew the gal was a feminist…so looked in the blender. If I, as a deplorable in California, ever happen to disappear….

  46. Dannyboy says:

    It’s funny how much people hate on white Americans.

    We must have dun something right. 😉

    • Replies: @Rabbitnexus
  47. Anonymous[392] • Disclaimer says:

    the rise of the surveillance state

    A recent trip to China really put this in perspective for me. In Shenzhen, cash is gone and everyone pays for everything by scanning QR codes on their mobile phone. The public park has electronic gates with facial recognition, the roads have cameras that detect lack of seat belts and automatically issue a fine, and there is a large police presence throughout the city. WhatsApp is banned and everyone communicates via the government-monitored WeChat where politically offensive comments can get one taken away the next day.

    America may bad, but China is leagues ahead.

    • Replies: @never-anonymous
  48. Anonymous[392] • Disclaimer says:
    @Unrepentant Conservative

    In my experience, stomach upset is strongly correlated with eating at dirty restaurants or restaurants run by village-minded people, but apparently uncorrelated to sharing food ‘Oriental style’.

    I get that it’s gross from a Western point of view, but it’s really no more based on fact than a Muslim’s phobia of pork.

  49. @Jeff Stryker

    Even Australia is now on the decline, speaking as one but who has seen a lot of Europe, South Asia and SE Asia. We’re seeing more people from the current war hot spots where living standards have been destroyed by our bombs and other nastiness.

    • Replies: @jeff stryker
  50. @Dannyboy

    That is your take home?

    • Replies: @Dannyboy
  51. @Anonymous

    Another slave who thinks they’re free because it’s purportedly much worse for slaves somewhere else. Remarkable brainwashing. Patriotic morons wave the flag, their iPhones, sing the national anthem, recite the pledge of allegiance and immediately post their thoughts and feelings onto the world’s preeminent government-monitored surveillance system for everyone’s safety.

    The USA has 7 times as many people in prison as China. Cops lynch poor people every day on the US streets with “justified” shootings. Cops in China shoot maybe 10 people a year. Questions: Are the slaves in China actually able to see the boot on their necks? American morons believe a dictatorship is democracy because they have voting and encryption?

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @jeff stryker
  52. It is good to know that literature is still deadly serious stuff, to some. However, the State, and/or our collective state of mind, is busy fixing that problem, through unregulated censorship and vicious hate speech laws. Sad but true.

  53. Dannyboy says:

    Leftists, niggers, spics and and Jews are all free to leave and take their money with them. White men will muddle through without them. Somehow. lol

    • Replies: @jeff stryker
  54. anonymous[739] • Disclaimer says:

    Our own LINH DINH is the next V.S. Naipaul – they bother wander, are polite and well mannered and observe what is going on with regular folks, East & West and other…

    Like Islamists in Pakistan.

  55. @Rabbitnexus

    The US is always the cause but reluctant to let them in.

    So Vietnam is forgotten by the USvand Oz deals with them.

  56. Dannyboy says:

    Jeff Stryker is full of shit…lol. The name itself is some ridiculous American Hollyweird knockoff.

    White men will rule the entire fucking world, if left alone.

    Jews need to ally with other filth in order to have a chance against the white patriarchy.

    • Replies: @jeff stryker
  57. Dannyboy says:

    Most white Americans have no truck with anyone. If you examine our history, Americans wished to be left alone. As a matter of fact Jefferson Davis said as much.

  58. Dannyboy says:

    A good portion of what is called “American” is Jewish perversion.

    Americans are mostly good people.

    • Replies: @Biff
  59. Dannyboy says:

    For the record, I like most Asians. Most that I’ve met are polite, cultured and hard working family oriented folks.

    But that doesn’t mean I want America to become goddamn Chinatown/Koreatown etc…

    • Replies: @jeff stryker
  60. Honestly, I am intrigued. I am about to leave Saxony and head back to the USA, but beer culture and good food sounds good. Maybe the weather ist a little hot for my tastes, but drinking beer early on a day off with the locals is right up my alley. I, too, like shooting the breeze over cold ones, I just don’t get paid to write about it. Hell, last night I was drinking with Lithuanians in Lugau in the Ore Mountains (Erzgebirge). Good times.

  61. TKK says:

    I do the same thing.

    It is ironic- an American male friend was helping me look through my purse for some matches and he found the ear plugs.

    He said: someone has been shooting a gun.

    This was his first thought.

  62. Biff says:

    Americans are mostly good people.

    But everything about you sucks.

    • Replies: @Dannyboy
  63. @Dannyboy

    If whiye men rule the world than why are vast parts of US cities no-go areas for whites?

  64. @Dannyboy

    It won’t because East Asia is clean and developed and much of thebUS is a dilapidated shithole.

    Only thise Asians with money and pressing business WANT to be in thr US.

    As Fred pointed out many things aboutbAsia are better.

    China does not have loars of gomeless and beggars.

    The funny thing about Americans isbthat they go on and on about their rights and freedoms while living below the povertu line.

  65. @Dannyboy

    The Leftists would be fine in Australia or Europe bit the GOP masses would still be scratching their ass in the Podunk towns.

    One bubble city is the dame as thenext for a white Leftist with money and a fluid skill set. Zurich is better than Chicago or LA.

    Hicks show up for their high svhool team games when tjey ate 40 but Leftists don’t. Being in a nw country does not matter because they will lrarn a new language and get a new job.

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  66. Anonymous[392] • Disclaimer says:

    Wrong. I got the hell out of Dodge long ago. I’ve got an outsider’s perspective on both China and America.

    I’ll say it again: America is bad, but China is leagues ahead.

    • Replies: @NoseytheDuke
  67. @never-anonymous

    [Too many comments filled with vacuous rambling. If you want your comments published, start including some serious content.]

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @anon
  68. @Anonymous

    I can’t speak about China except to say that their lives seem to be improving with regards to their standards of living and I’m not aware that they ever had great freedom politically or socially. The people of the West, on the other hand, once had a good measure of both and should have seen it slipping away for years now if only they’d turned off their teevees and stopped paying attention to the lying media but still “we” speak of our so called freedoms.

    No man is more enslaved than he who falsely believes himself to be free. Goethe.

  69. Most of the working middle class whites on this siye cannot speak for other countriesbecause they have never been able to visit them.

    The 1 percent can and they know how much better whites have it in Perth or Zurich.

    But ordinary whites havenever been able to travel anywhere but Tijuana.

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  70. Anonymous[392] • Disclaimer says:
    @jeff stryker

    [Too many comments filled with vacuous rambling. If you want your comments published, start including some serious content.]

    Some might argue this applies to Fred Reed as well.

  71. JLK says:

    I can’t speak about China except to say that their lives seem to be improving with regards to their standards of living and I’m not aware that they ever had great freedom politically or socially.

    The desire for free speech seems to run stronger in cultures that stress the individual. It seems to peak in the British isles and gradually weakens as one moves to the East.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  72. anon[405] • Disclaimer says:
    @jeff stryker

    lol, vacuous rambling

  73. Anonymous[392] • Disclaimer says:

    What about India? They’ve had almost absolute freedom of religious expression for millenia.

  74. JLK says:

    I don’t know much about Indian culture, but now that you mention it there seem to be quite a few Indians posting on sites like Quora compared to other nationalities. Part of the reason may be the large number of English speakers there, but they seem to enjoy expressing experiences and opinions.

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  75. @JLK

    A good number of the posters here or on any other site-RETURN OF KINGS was another-are Indians or UK Indians impersonating middle-aged white men who are actually 18 and live at home.

    They do speak English well and are fairly slavish to other cultures so they do a fairly good impression of Westerners, though I have caught a few on here.

    I’ve spent some time in India and succeeded in making a good number angry.

    India is founded on the caste system so of course it is poorer than China because Aryans and Dravidian are fundamentally different races with one at the bottom of the caste system and one at the top.

    There’s also a North and South divide.

    Also the population pyramid is complete and a total idiocracy with high-caste Brahmin having only one or two children and low-caste Indians having ten.

    • Replies: @anon
  76. @Anonymous

    Religion has always been defined by race/labor in South Asia in the Hindu caste system with Aryans at the top.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  77. anon[405] • Disclaimer says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    A good number of the posters here or on any other site-RETURN OF KINGS was another-are Indians or UK Indians impersonating middle-aged white men who are actually 18 and live at home.

    how do you know?

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  78. @anon

    Because I am not a townie. I’ve spent years of my life overseas dealing with Indians in Dubai and India, where I spent months of my life.

    Indian posters tend to overdue and rely on cliches in their posts that reflect the limited life experience of a higher-caste teenager Indian. In a broader sense, a good number of the posters are teenagers or in their early twenties and impersonating older people on this or any other website.

    The other impersonators here are the Leftist trolls impersonating Right-wing rednecks who use ethnic slurs and generally lay it on too thick like they are Archie Bunker.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  79. Anonymous[392] • Disclaimer says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    You’re missing the point completely. It’s not about caste. It’s about India allowing the peaceful coexistence of thousands of different sects who, in any other land, would be at each other’s throats. This tolerance of religious diversity is absolutely unparalleled in any other land.

  80. @Anonymous

    Sure, Muslims and Hindus have always peacefully co-existed in India. Especially during the Partition. See Punjb

    At the bottom of that conflict is also caste-Muslims and later Christians in India were low-caste Indians who abandoned Hinduism in order to escape the caste system whenever invaders (Muslims, Europeans) of a different religion showed up.

    Though strangely, the Brahmin who were always staunch Hindu managed to maintain the closest relationship with Muslims and later Brits.a

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  81. DB Cooper says:

    “It’s about India allowing the peaceful coexistence of thousands of different sects who, in any other land, would be at each other’s throats. ”

    If this is the case how come there were large scale communal violences bubbling here and there every so often in India? In fact it is precisely that thousands of these different sects were at each other throat that South Asia has never coalesed into a single polity until an outside power like the Mughal or the British came aboard and mold it into one.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  82. Anonymous[392] • Disclaimer says:
    @DB Cooper

    In fact it is precisely that thousands of these different sects were at each other throat that South Asia has never coalesed into a single polity until an outside power like the Mughal or the British came aboard and mold it into one.

    No, that’s because the level of technology required to project power from one capital city over a nation the size of India only arrived during British times. Had the technology originated in India, they’d probably be running Europe instead.

    • Replies: @DB Cooper
    , @Jeff Stryker
  83. Anonymous[392] • Disclaimer says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    Sure, Muslims and Hindus have always peacefully co-existed in India. Especially during the Partition. See Punjb

    I said sects. That means Hindu sects. Why are Muslim sects bombing each others masjids when their religion is 99% the same, while Hindu sects can coexist peacefully despite vast superficial differences.

    Charas-smoking ash-covered Shiivite saddhus, ultra pure hare krsnas, devotees of Sathya Sai Baba, Kriya Yoga practitioners ….. their religions are totally at odds with each other, and yet they get along.

    I’ll say it again: India is unique in that it has always hosted a free market in religions and the only religions that get problems are the ones that don’t respect religious freedom.

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  84. DB Cooper says:

    It won’t make a difference. If the British has never arrived but a princely states acquired modern technology then the technology will quickly spread around before the state can overwhelm the others. So instead of fighting each other with swords and knives it will be fighting each other with guns and cannons. Just like Europe.

  85. @Anonymous

    Must be why the Nairs kicked the Brahmin out of Kerala after the Brits left. And the North-South divide is really sect/race with high-caste Aryan Northerns and low-caste Nair black Dravidian separating into what amount to different countries.

  86. @Anonymous

    India was not even aware that Europe existed before the Brits arrived although the Gypsies wandered into Eastern Europe accidentally 500 years earlier.

    Brahmin are the most intelligent Indians but they are child-molesting fairies who would never have commandeered boats to invade well-armed European countries.

    Sikhs are tough fighters but most of them are thick as brick and would have lacked the strategic capacity to control Napoleon’s France.

    Indians could never have maintained the supply lines necessary for such an endeavor.

    Europe mastered guns and Indians had never heard of them.

    Today, India is still a weak and insignificant country incapable of winning a war against China, who kicked their asses twice.

  87. Anonymous[658] • Disclaimer says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    Indian posters tend to overdue and rely on cliches in their posts that reflect the limited life experience of a higher-caste teenager Indian. In a broader sense, a good number of the posters are teenagers or in their early twenties and impersonating older people on this or any other website.

    I think this also applies to you too Jeff “jagvi patel” Stryker. Always on the ready with your “observations” that anyone with a little more than sub-saharan IQ can glean from the internet. Ironical eh?

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  88. Anonymous[658] • Disclaimer says:

    Awww c’man man! This isn’t the 80s anymore fella! A little gargle search is all one needs now to uncover the vast underbelly of India’s religious, ethnic violence . You have a brutal and gory history of ethnic and religious violence featuring all the blood, gore and rapine [of women and children] that one can expect from any old third world country. The only difference being, in the middle east, a lot of males also get raped whereas you [mostly] stick to raping women and little girls [and later burning them when a bunch of your ‘men’ are satiated]. A Chinese style ‘re-education’ and internment ‘camp’ [for troublesome minorites] is vastly more ‘humane’ than this although they also indulge in mass ‘thought control on a colossal scale’. It’s a hard world out there and if given a ‘choice’, i’d go with the latter!

  89. @Anonymous

    I’ve also been accused of being a Jew but I am neither. I’m no longer really an American either, having opted to live most of my life outside US soil because I am too good for Spicos, Hood Rats, Rednecks, Whiggers, Interracial single mother sluts, Beastie Boys, Feminazis, SJW’s or the oligarchy that have run the US into the ground.

    I’m too good for that and life is too short so I live overseas.

    However, I’m white. Not run-of-the-mill working middle class white, my sense of perspective is too broad from years and years overseas. But white nonetheless.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  90. Anonymous[658] • Disclaimer says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    You only confirm my already set bias about you and your other dot-buddies. You simpering troll. The world would have been a better place had you died of the opioid overdose back home in michigan. That way, women in SEA would’ve been spared the odor you seem to emanate from your (usually unwashed) mouth

    • Agree: Dannyboy
    • Replies: @Anonymous
  91. Anonymous[142] • Disclaimer says:

    He’s not a troll, he’s just maladjusted as a result of living outside his own culture for too long and not having friends who understood him well enough to correct him when he’s on the wrong track. It seems pretty common amongst long term working class expats and it’s rampant in Thailand. Their softer culture steers gracefully around the errant ‘farang’ and makes no effort to correct their mistakes.

  92. @Anonymous

    There is no “culture” at the working class level in the United States. Such a luxury is not available at such a hardscrabble social level. There is the threat of physical danger and crime, primarily at the hands of Mestizos and blacks (Though not infrequently white trash as well) and the general squalid level of existence.

    I’m not the one sitting around complaining that (THEM!) got me hooked on Opoids. Or that the media brainwashed me because I don’t watch Western electronic media anyhow.

    My children are not getting assaulted or learning the finer points of selling pot in the seventh grade in public school because I cannot afford Catholic school.

    I don’t pay taxes to support teen black girls getting pregnant in the 10th grade or a Section 8 that will import crack heads into my neighborhood.

    It is like seeing dog excretion on the sidewalk. You walk around it. That is how white males who move overseas feel. We just want to get away from what we view to be the same thing.

    Since 1999 there have been no more muggings or near-assaults by the Cholos that lurked in dusty corners of Phoenix. There have been no more white trash tweakers following me around pleading for pocket change. No divorce rape, because I left the US when I was unmarried and no dependents. No hassle from cops on the street trying to meet a quota.

    None of it affects you when you live overseas.

    I’ll conclude by saying this…I was better off overseas. I kept more of my paycheck. I was never again the victim or near-victim of a crime. I was never around white trash tweakers again and completely missed out on the Opiate addiction. I did not have to worry about being fired because I said the wrong thing about some group or another. I did not watch television so my opinions are my own.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  93. @Anonymous

    “Softer culture”

    Ray was Chicano “Cholo” who’d been terrorizing Tempe areas adjacent to the Guadalupe barrio. He would simply set upon a white Anglo for no reason. The Mexican handyman at my apartment lived in the barrio and explained that “Ray had smoked too much sherm” and belonged to a Mexican prison gang and had just been released from jail. The same handyman later told me he and his brother were jailed for another assault on a passerby.

    Asia does not produce this level of serious lethal Hispanic or Black offender and in broad daylight in Asia they won’t come around the corner and attack you unprovoked. At least not as often as Cholos will in Southwest cities or blacks.

    Blacks and Mestizos don’t care about US jails because as awful as they are to a white man, they are actually like hotels compared to the squalor that they live in on the street where Mom “pulls trains for homies” or grandma is crack whore. The black or Mestizo notion of homosexuality is a dominance thing where any “receiver” is a female so having sex with gays in prison for 40 years does not matter either to them.

    Asians on the other hand don’t really want to go to jail. Most Asians are gainfully employed. Blacks and Mestizos who are not selling drugs are usually on welfare anyhow-the more successful Hispanic and black criminals WON’T assault a white as often because they are making money and don’t want to go to jail. You are safer around El Chapo then some unemployed Cholo on the street who is bored.

    Black crimes seem mostly motivated by pure Id-instant gratification. They need to get “they freak on” (Rape, home invasion) or “sizzle dem boulders” (Obtain money for crack cocaine). Nursing home rapes are rare in Asia.

    NB Are white female tourists more likely to be raped in Asia or Africa? Why do white women tour Southeast Asia so often? The answer is that PC aside white women know that Asian males are less inclined to rape them. It happens from time to time, but not often.

    Blacks in particular are physically powerful. Which is not to say that I would hang around a kickboxing arena insulting fighters mothers, but much black crime is predicated on the fact that blacks can strong-arm whites due to size and fast-twitch musculature. Asians will think twice about trying to do this to the average-sized 6 foot 200 pound white male. On a very basic level size is a factor.

    In terms of white trash, whom I have not been around in 20 years really, there are several factors. When I was young, the white proles were out of their minds on meth much of the time. I have no idea how Opiates make them behave. Perhaps white trash are better-behaved now that they simply sleep in a heroin stupor in their trailers.

    That is not to say that there is not danger in Asia. A white has to mind their manners. Walking around in the dead of night can be risky. But not the death sentence it would be in a US city.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @RadicalCenter
  94. Dannyboy says:

    Well boss, I’ve been hoping and praying for another “civil war”. Then you’ll find out just how bad “we” suck.

    Your kind will be shown no quarter, along with your brats and whores. 🙂

  95. @Dannyboy

    “Brats and Whores”

    The brats will simply take their family money and business degrees to New Zealand or Switzerland or Asia where they can make a living with their skill-set and family money. There won’t be many bubble-city middle class or upper middle class Jews or Micks or old-money WASPS to do battle with because they will set up shot in that cottage in France or Tel Aviv apartment.

    The whores will also take a hike to Europe and or Australia yacht clubs where they will hang around until they can latch onto some thirsty young Swiss or Melbourne dork who will marry them…failing that, they will peddle ass as upscale call girls as some white American women I knew in Dubai and Asia did.

    You can forget about gays too. A man who is willing to perform oral sex on other gay men can go anywhere and never starve.

    You’re thinking like the Boer working class whites did that the better-off will hang around. Nope. The bubble cities will go the way of Detroit as whites there blow town for other developed countries.

    How many middle-class or upper middle-class white collar whites or Jews show up for any war? None.

    Trump’s kids will be the first on the airplane to that villa in Nice, believe me.

    The difference is that the whites control primary economies like agriculture, petroleum, mining, forestry, ranching. So all they have to do is stop transporting these things to the bubble cities for three days and the blacks and Hispanics will become “Walking Dead” type cannibals.

    However, if the military brass decides to fall on the other side, they can bomb the absolute shit out of the US interior and the Civil War is over. This ain’t 1865 before the Wright Brothers invented the airplane.

    Here is the big thing. Most of the people that would want civil war cannot afford the gasoline to drive to NYC or LA and start the battle. The US is too spread out geographically for grassroots supply lines to be maintained by rural whites. Again, the Air Force or National Guard would simply bomb the shit out of them.

  96. @Dannyboy

    OH, DANNYBOY…a few logistic realities

    The downtrodden whites from the rural and exurban areas are mostly angry about economic circumstances and with no money you cannot defeat the most sophisticated Air Force on the planet.

    How are rural or small-town whites going to maintain supply lines all the way to the bubble cities.

    Not only that but the Mestizos and blacks are urban guerrilla warfare experts. They don’t go out and hunt ducks or deer. They hunt one another.

    • Replies: @Dannyboy
  97. @follyofwar

    I could relate more, and be more impressed, if the Japanese men would actually, you know, have sex with the Japanese women. And even, God forbid, have children.

  98. @jeff stryker

    Stop posting comments that are so full of errors that we can barely read them.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  99. @jeff stryker

    Ordinary whites in almost all of the USA wouldn’t think of going to Tijuana. Wouldn’t even occur to them, particularly because most of them don’t live near the Mexican border. Again I wonder whether you are actually an American.

    Also, do you believe that most of the “working middle class” of China can afford to travel to distant countries for vacation? How about the working middle class, as you call it, of India? How about Brazil and Indonesia? There are four countries, combined population over three billion people, that utterly do not prove your generalization — vastly exaggerating, as usual, how great things are most places besides the USA.

  100. Dannyboy says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    Listen up Mr “Stryker” (lol), that’s exactly what we want. Once the US “government” decides it needs to use the “US Air Force” on its own citizens the entire charade of “democracy” will be put to rest and the world can move on.

    Rest assured we will get our pound of flesh before any of that happens.

  101. @Anonymous

    Yes, except when one religious group runs amok and slaughters the other by the thousands, right into modern times.

  102. Dannyboy says:

    Not only that but the Mestizos and blacks are urban guerrilla warfare experts. They don’t go out and hunt ducks or deer. They hunt one another.


    Jeff you’ve been watching too many Hollyweird productions. When I went to Parris Island in 1980, the vast majority of niggers and spics couldn’t shoot, couldn’t swim, were afraid of heights and being in the woods at night as well as petrified of even small wild animals…lol.

    I doubt much has changed. When the supermarkets are empty they’ll be busy preying on each other. Oh, Wait… they already are.

    What a clueless little jackass you are.

  103. @RadicalCenter

    Ordinary whites in almost all of the USA wouldn’t think of going to Tijuana. Wouldn’t even occur to them, particularly because most of them don’t live near the Mexican border. Again I wonder whether you are actually an American.

    i think his problem is he left the U.S. and not even one person missed him, nobody

  104. @RadicalCenter

    The Indian “middle-caste” has it comparable to the average white working poor in a trailer park. They own a vehicle (Albeit Nissan or Toyota with some mileage on it) and one bedroom tract house (Called a bungalow there) and eat three times a day.

    The absolute POOREST people in the ghettos or Appalachian coal country or barrios are poorer in a material sense than middle-caste Indians and certainly poorer than Brahmins.

    The nicer areas of Mumbai are FAR wealthier than the depressed parts of Michigan.

    I worked in India and lived there for months at a time and I know this for a fact.

    The low-caste Indians are the poorest people on earth. No debate. But if US blacks were not supported by welfare and other government programs they would be about AS poor.

    With US homelessness rising, you are seeing public defecation in San Francisco. The way the US had declined in terms of living standards since 1999 I would say it will be as poor in twenty years as India.

  105. @Dannyboy

    You wouldn’t want the brass to side with the NYC/ Beltway and Wall Street, which is probably what they would immediately do and just send in the Air Force to bomb the white rural revolutionaries from the Red States en route to their assault on the East or West Coast power/financial centers.

    In the rural Red State areas there is nobody to fight. The civil war would have to be taken to the Northeast coast and how would hicks run a supply line for 1500 miles ?

    None of this, by the way, would affect the one percent.

    They’ll hop on planes to that house in Cannes or NZ and sit the whole thing out after removing their money from US banks.

    You make a good point that the whites in rural areas are about the same as the blacks in ghettos.

    If the rural whites started burning down their Wal-Marts and antique stores and meth labs the average bubble city resident would say…so what?

  106. Anonymous[392] • Disclaimer says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    I don’t disagree with anything in this long post. I’m just making the point that you come across as a bit maladjusted, which I presume is a result of living in psychological isolation for so many years.

    • Replies: @jeff stryker
  107. Anonymous[392] • Disclaimer says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    Again, I don’t disagree with any of this; you make a lot of valid insights.

  108. Anonymous[392] • Disclaimer says:

    It’s because he overrates his own life experiences and thus feels the need to regale us with the entirety of his learnings. The suffering of the Jews is nothing compared to the suffering of Jeff’s keyboard.

    • Replies: @jeff stryker
  109. @Anonymous

    That is actually pretty funny.

  110. @Jeff Stryker

    Most white men are several inches shorter than six feet tall and do not weigh 200 pounds. But the general point is taken.

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  111. @Anonymous

    ” maladjusted”

    I think working class whites who have to live in proximity of blacks or Hispanics are more maladjusted than expats who live inother countries.

    Day after day of facing potentially lethal violence would have to drive working poor whites out of their skulls. I only lived in a truly bad area after college and for a short time but the apartment had poor white rednecks who’d been there years.

    That would make you more maladjusted than being an expat in an Asian capitol.

    Asians just don’t have the kill-crazy violence of Beaners or Jigs.

  112. @Dannyboy

    he’s right though

    it should be pretty clear by now that the US govt looks out for its own interests (and those of big business) and generally isnt responsive to the citizenry

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  113. Dannyboy says:

    Jeff is a funny guy. He’s done with all the American white stuff and yet he spends how much time on this site telling us how niggers and spics are going to kick our ass when the SHTF?

    Niggers are what, about 13.5% of the US population? And yet they could field a formidable army of “urban warfare” experts…lol

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  114. @RadicalCenter

    “Jail exchange program”

    Many white fools who have been busted in Thailand for trying to smuggle drugs will actually fight NOT to be exchanged and returned to serve out sentences in US jails.

    They can buy decent treatment but moreover they are less likely to become prey of Asians than blacks.

    Prison is a place where size and strength are everything. And the bottom line is that US blacks are generally bigger and faster (Though not stronger) than whites. Asians are not.

    If you had to choose between jail in Tokyo or Detroit, you’d choose Tokyo.

  115. @Dannyboy

    Why use words like N? It merely detracts from your valid points. Using that word is a real unsophisticated thing to do.

    • Replies: @Dannyboy
  116. @Rabbinical Rube


    1) Rural whites in the Red States possess the food supply and primary raw materials so the military won’t let them revolt.

    2) Blacks can burn their ghettos and nobody cares because white flight already took off a generation ago. Even the Koreans and Jews who were once the despised merchants in the ghetto are long gone. So nobody has stake in it or cares any longer.

    3) Whites in Red States live thousands of miles from Wall Street or Hollywood. How could they maintain supply lines? Bring their tent in their pickup trucks to camp in NYC Central Park while maintaining the assault on the Beltway/Wall Street?

    4) I served briefly in the Michigan National Guard Reserves (General discharge, bad hearing) and the blacks and Hispanics in these outfits are REAL ghetto and barrio thugs. Their superiors (Also black and Chicano these days, I suspect) would tell them “You can rape and loot all you want”. So the war crimes would begin. Cowards or no, Hoodrats and Cholos with Air Support would be emboldened.

    • Replies: @Dannyboy
  117. Dannyboy says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    I use the word precisely because it bothers phony douchebags like you, and because most blacks in the US are in fact niggers.

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  118. Dannyboy says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    So Jeff, why are you so intrigued with the plight of the “white trash” in the US again?

    Is it a self hate thing?

    Maybe you’re not really a white guy from the US.

    Who knows.

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  119. @Dannyboy

    Slurs are the antithesis of intellectual discourse. Which this site is supposed to be about.

    It makes the user no more sophisticated than the Hood Rat who calls European-Americans “White bitch” or “Mick” or “Polack” or “Peckerwood”.

  120. @Dannyboy

    I am a suburban middle-class white.

  121. someone says:

    LOL @ anyone taking Jeff seriously.

    In some other thread, he confused Fuji for Fujian, then said Fujianese were not Han Chinese.

    Might as well add Fiji into the Fuji/Fujian mix. And he never actually admits to being wrong, despite making all sorts of idiot accusations. Tropical South Pacific island plus the Japanese mountain plus the Chinese dialect = part of Jeff’s wisdom?

    Extra LOL at his “history”. Alternately claiming to be middle class white yet bragging about his Michigan street cred. Sounds like some dork listening to Eminem and then gaining a newfound suburban gangsta swagger.

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