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Obscured American: Eileen Walbank the Ex-Insurance Company Employee
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Eileen Walbank, 2016

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In Philadelphia, I often see Chinese push their grandchildren around in strollers, so the three-generation households are evidently still common in that community. In China itself, citizens can be fined or even jailed for not visiting their aging parents enough. That there is such a law can only mean that familial bonds are weakening, however, as they are in every modern society. By assuming responsibilities for children and the elderly, the state supplants the family, and this is welcomed by most of us. We want to be free during our best years.

Martin Armstrong observes, “Once upon a time, couples would have three to five children for that was their retirement. The family was everything. Then came Marx who effectively replaced the family with politicians. The family structure has declined steadily since the introduction of socialism. Children no longer save to take care of their parents for that is government’s job.”

Having kids is no guarantee that any of them will take care of you, however. There’s a Vietnamese proverb, “One mom can feed ten children, but ten children can’t feed one mom.”

Even with lots of money, old age is often a train wreck, so it’s even more ghastly if you’re broke. In Atlantic City, I photographed a 73-year-old white man, Tony. Dressed up like Michael Jackson, he was dancing to “Don’t Stop Till You Have Enough.” His cardboard sign said he had had a stroke and three bypass surgeries.

Last Sunday, I stumbled upon Eileen Walbank on the steps of St. John in CenterCity, Philadelphia. Though her tale was mostly grim, she laughed constantly.

My mother grew up on a farm near Pottstown. There was a one-room school, and she was the smartest person in the whole school, I bet you. She could have been running the school, she was so smart.

My mother was a sewing machine operator. When she was young, they had all kinds of clothing factories in Philadelphia.

When she met my dad, she liked him because he was so good-hearted. My father will give anything to anybody. If he saw a guy starving on the street, he’d go home, get some food from his own house, come back and give it to the guy. He was very generous and good, like Jesus.

He’d do anything to help anybody, a stranger, and he was very friendly.

He was good to everybody, but I’ve learnt that you should only be good to people who are good to you. The rest, you can tell, “Go to hell!” They don’t do nothing for you, they don’t help you, they just waste your time.

My father went for a walk every single day. This day, he didn’t take the dog for some reason, a wrong reason. They found his body. A criminal had taken his money and threw him in the creek.

He was 69. My mother lived to be 87.

Frankford wasn’t even dangerous back then. They never found the guy.

My father was a carpenter, like Jesus. He worked on schools and apartment houses.

I have one sister. She’s still living. I’m trying to find her.

She’s in this place where they put people who can’t take care of themselves. I went down to the place, but she wasn’t there. They told me they had moved a bunch of people to another shelter, so I’m still looking for her.

She’s older than me by four years, but she’s not as smart. I think when she was a baby, my parents hit her or drop her on the floor. She was never smart, and she should have been because my parents were very smart.

Yes, my dad hit me. He would hit you with his belt. If I thought I was going to get hit, I’d run away and I don’t come back for a few days.

You could sleep anywhere. You could sleep at the back of a store.

My mother was an asshole, a sweet asshole. She encouraged all the wrong behaviors. She wanted me to become a bookkeeper, and I was no good in math. If that wasn’t the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard!

She wanted me to be a payroll clerk in a factory. I don’t want to deal with money. I like to listen to music. I’m a piano player, a good piano player.

I like show tunes by Rogers and Hammerstein. I have them all memorized. If you ever find a piano, I’ll play them for you.

I won the book contest at the library when I was 10-years-old. I read 57 books. I thought I’d get a very fancy prize, but I was very disappointed. They gave me a book.

The books I read the most when I was growing up were about people who become stewardesses. The Vicki Barr series, I read every book. When they ran out, I started to read books about nurses.

I was a volunteer at the hospital to get points for my resume. I didn’t like being there at all. First of all, they gave you the worst food. I thought I’d die when I ate that food. They probably gave worse food to the patients.

Each time I got near a hospital, it stunk. They stink. They spray them, but they still stink. I knew I wouldn’t be a very good nurse because I’d sneeze, and all the equipment would fall to the floor. Ha, ha, ha!

There were also books about life as a veterinarian. I liked that a lot. My mother wouldn’t let me be a veterinarian. She said, “I’m not going to give you money to wipe the ass of some dog.”


I couldn’t be a stewardess because I was afraid of flying. I didn’t want to be a nurse. I never wanted to be a doctor, it took too long, and I didn’t have the money. I wanted to be a school teacher because I wanted to be like my Spanish teacher.

I wanted to look like her. Big busted. I wanted to look like Dolly Parton, and sing better than Dolly Parton. I wanted to sing like Dorothy Collins.

I was very beautiful, intensely, but nobody saw it that way. I had a boyfriend. He wanted to fuck me. I said, “Forget that, I’m leaving.”

You needed a boyfriend to go places. You couldn’t get to the movies if you didn’t have a boyfriend. If you showed up at the movies by yourself, the ones with boyfriends, they insulted you so bad, you started to cry.

If you showed up with a girlfriend, they’d call you queer! I didn’t want nobody to call me no queer!

If you want to marry me, you’ve got to pay for my meals. You’ve got to pay for my breakfast, lunch and supper if you are that serious, and if you say anything else, you can go fuck yourself.

If you want to marry me, give me a certificate that states you’re going to pay for my meals at least for the first year, and if you don’t follow through, the divorce is in the process. After that, you can pay for a car and all the other stuff.

One year’s worth of meals. I’m worth it.

I lived through the counterculture. I lived through all that sex orgy without having sex. I didn’t know how to have sex.

I was raised by a mother who said you’ll end up in hell, and she’ll beat you to death, if you sleep with a guy or take your clothes off in front of him.

I went for 20 years to church. The first year, I listened. The second year, I slept through it. The third year, I started to rewrite the sermons, as best I could, to what they were trying to say. The sermons stunk.

The Bible has been around 2,000 years. It’s got the Ten Commandments, which are good ideas to live by. Outside of that, I give it an F-.

I figured if I kept going, they’re going to bring out some guy who would say something different, but they kept saying the same fuckin’ things over and over!

I went to TempleUniversity for free. I had my bachelor’s in secondary education. I was the valedictorian in my high school. I wasn’t the smartest, but the cleverest. It was a $3,200 scholarship. I wanted to go to Penn.

Temple was an inferior school, so I’d spend my time on the Penn campus, trying to meet people who studied at Penn. They had to be rich in order to go there. I met a lot of people who went to Penn, and it’s very good that I did, because one of them helped me to get a job. She was the vice president of an insurance company.

My favorite subject was Spanish. I wanted to learn French too, but I didn’t have time. I still want to learn French.

I won a scholarship to Uruguay which took me to South America. They paid my way for one year. I lived in Uruguay, across the river from Buenos Aires.

Argentina is bigger and much more beautiful than Uruguay, but they only had a scholarship for Uruguay.

I was very lucky. I could live there and learn to speak Spanish better than I could learn in the United States, although in some parts of Philadelphia, all they speak is Spanish.

Quiero ganar dinero para vivir bien en este país, así como otros países.

I was going crazy listening to the kids give excuses about why they didn’t do their homework.

I hated the kids because they were fresh. They would throw stuff at you when you turned your back. They would dirty up your desk, dirty the floor, dirty up the whole room so you would have to stay late to clean it up.

These dirty-mouthed slobs would do anything to hurt you, really hurt you. They threw pencils and erasers at you as soon as you turned your back. It was like hell on earth.

They were white assholes, with white asshole parents. They taught them to be rotten, just like themselves.

I only taught for about three years. I’m glad I left when I did, because I might have thrown the kids through the window. I got a job in insurance, which was much easier, calmer, quieter, easier.

I was in the underwriting department. I hated doing it, because I was always making mistakes in math, so they transferred me to claims. That was the best thing that could have happened. I really liked everybody who worked in claims, so I did good. I was there for seven years.

I married the first guy who asked me. I married a eunuch. I never had children.

The guy couldn’t make kids, so he had to be a eunuch, or he was physically impaired.

He had what it took to be a man, but it didn’t work. Maybe he was a eunuch impersonator! Ha, ha, ha!

He had two legs, and his resume said “male,” so I married the male, but he was a very unproductive male.

It could have been my fault, thanks to my good luck. I have the best luck in the world.

I met the asshole at a dance hall. He came to the dance because his boss said, “I’m only going to promote people who are married.” He had to get married to get an extra two cents in his salary!

He thought I liked him, but I didn’t know him very well. Once I got married and had sex with him, that was it. I was ready to head for Canada!

The first time was bad, bad, very bad. He kept jumping up and down on me. I started to bleed. I had to get out of there before I bled to death.

Inexperienced, that’s the word that’s often used in place of stupid. Ha, ha, ha!

I laughed so hard, the gas came out every way it could come out, through my nose, through my ears, through my posterior parts. Every where it could come out, it came out and knocked the good air away!

I got my sense of humor from my father. He was always telling jokes. The dirty ones, he saved for the men. By the time he told them to us at supper time, he changed them around so they wouldn’t be dirty.

I was married for nine years, and I still can’t figure out how it lasted that long. I hated the guy from even before I married him.

I wanted to get married to get away from home. I figured we’d move somewhere. We ended up living next to his mother.

He was a money counter, like in the Bible, the one who betrayed Jesus. He worked in insurance.

His name was Chadwick. He was also English, an English bastard.

I liked it when people called me Mrs. Chadwick. It was a step up. I was an eagle instead of a doo doo bird.

Doo doo was what the dodos do! That’s what the dodos do do. They do do that, when they’re bored!

I kept thinking it would get better, but it got worse. I should have divorced him right away, but it didn’t occur to me. It wasn’t an option. My mother was always saying, “You have to get married to be anything in life.”

I didn’t care what happened as long as I didn’t get killed. I spent my day in the library.


He came home at night. He watched his moron show on TV. I pretended I didn’t hear. By the time bedtime came, he was pretty tired. We had our one minute of sex, then he fell sound asleep and slept until morning, and the procedure was repeated for the next nine years.

I was running through the house to get away from him, up and down the stairs. I got very good legs from the exercise, running away from him. He was dangerous.

Finally, after nine years, I saw all these people got divorced, so I found out where they got their lawyers. I got my divorce.

He lost, big time. I could have been a good wife if he had some brains, but he had none. His brain was in his ass, and when they gave him an enema, they removed all of it. He had nothing left.

I didn’t get married again. I figured it would be the same shit. I didn’t want to meet someone like him. They say you marry the same kind of people. You always pick out the same kind that you like.

I was unlucky at cards and unlucky in love. I was unlucky, period. Get a new life.

Are you done, John? That’s a John Donne song. John Donne wrote a poem about a bell that chimes. I’m not a poet. I don’t know it. I have Longfellow’s feet. I’m very sweet. It’s rhyme time! John Donne wrote a poem about dying, so you’re finished when you’re done, John!

My sister and I used to joke around like this. My sister has a very good brain, but she never had a chance to use it. She was clever, but where it counts, like holding a job, where you need money to get food to eat, she couldn’t do it.

She couldn’t cook an egg. If she wanted to cook an egg, maybe it would be different, but she didn’t want to. She knew I’d do it for her, because I’d get fed up watching her try 16 times to cook an egg.

I have a hot temper. I’m like the Latins. I think I was adopted. I’m really a Cuban Arab. I don’t know what I am, but I tell you I’m not like my parents. I think they adopted me. I inherited nothing from them except their bad nature.

They were ugly. I’m glad I don’t look like them. If you’re ugly and stupid, that’s two reasons not to like you.

I didn’t want children, I thought they would be in the way, so it was good that I married a eunuch. It was very convenient. I didn’t want a child that resembled that asshole.

My mother always said the worst days of her life were when her children were born, so I figured, The hell with that! I don’t want to have kids. I don’t want to have a bad life. I grew up believing children would make your life lousy.

Sometimes, they do. Sometimes, they don’t.

I wanted to travel. That was my goal. I figured, It would be cheaper. You can’t take a kid on the road.

I’ve been all over the United States. I was out in California, Utah. I wanted to see different things, what people looked like, how they cooked, what they wanted.

I went to Los Angeles. It was very pretty. I wanted to see where all the movie stars were, but I found out they don’t want nobody near their houses. I wanted to see what their houses looked like. I wanted to see if they got ten bathrooms, you know, like what you read in the paper. What do you need ten bathrooms for? You only poop once.

I went to England. From London, my friend and I, we took a train to Yorkshire. We flew to France, then went to Portugal. We rented a car and crossed into Spain.

I wanted to go to Yorkshire because that’s where my father’s relatives were. I met my great-aunt. My relatives were wonderful, wonderful. I love them. They were real funny. They were telling jokes, like me. I love to tell jokes.

Ask me how old I am?

I’m so old, I was a waitress at the Last Supper!

My relatives never wanted to live in the city. They moved right out to the suburb, to a place called Holmes, near Morton.

I have a lot of cousins because my mother had five sisters and three brothers. They all got married and have big families. I’m not in touch with them. I have no reason to be.

They thought they were very smart, but they were very dumb assholes. In five minutes, they could tell you about all the awards they won in their lives. In five minutes, I could be a mile away from them, at a restaurant, begging for food outside and getting something good. I had no interest in what they had to say because they were ignorant. I never got along with them.

My mother said they were a bunch of pissant relatives with no brains, and she was right. “Pissant” was my father’s special word. He reserved that for people he didn’t like too much.

I have no friends out here. I am an original. I don’t mix with other people, because the ones I mix with, they only want to talk about their relatives, so the hell with that. Who wants to hear about someone’s relatives you’ve never met? I’d rather sit here and save my strength, or go to the library and read about what I like.

I sleep in the back of the church, on the steps. Not inside. You have to sleep somewhere, so on the steps I sleep at night, and it’s safe.


If I don’t like the looks of it here, I go over to 18th and Lombard. It’s all lit up, all night. Nobody in their right mind will rob you where it’s all lit up. They want to be where it’s dark, where nobody sees.

I sit there and watch what’s going on all night, and if I fall asleep, I’m safe because it’s all lit up. There are people coming and going.

It might be a drug area. I don’t do drugs, but I see cars coming and going all night, so I think they might be selling drugs from car to car. That’s at 18th and Lombard.

I’ve only been on the streets since January, of this year.

I’m on Social Security. I get $900 a month. Within three or four days, all the criminals in the city know that the Social security went out, so they go looking for people who are old. When these old people walk down anywhere, or sleep anywhere at night, they come and steal from them.

You have to keep your money under your dress, in your underwear.

If you’re in a supermarket, and there are people around, you don’t take it out. You have to keep shopping and shopping, take the same food out, then put it back on the shelf. You have to walk around 15 more times until it’s completely empty up front, when there’s nobody by the cashier, then you can go up and pay.

Someone stole my teeth in the shelter. That’s what goes on, so I said, “The hell with that!” I like it much better on the street.

And it’s not safe at all. They rob you there. If someone is nice and gives you 50 cents, you won’t have it for 5 minutes. They’ll find a way to take it from you.

The shelter is one of the most dangerous places you can be, and that’s why I’m on the street. As soon as the weather was OK, I got out.

If you’re in the shelter, you can’t take anything in with you. You can’t take a comb or a brush or anything.

They won’t let you have your belonging with you. They say they’ll have to put it aside, and you can get it when you leave, but when you go to get it, they say it was stolen.

They stole it.

They steal big time. It’s not amazing. It’s a fact of life.

You think they’re going to help poor people? Forget that! They help themselves to your belonging. If they see something they like, they’ll take it, as soon as your back is turned.

They put drug into the water and make you drink from these bottles.

They don’t want to help you. They want you to stay there. It looks better for them to have a lot of people on their books. They get paid more, the more people they’ve got in the shelter.

You’re their bread and butter, and Brussels sprouts, on their plate.

I had a house. My parents bought it in 1937. It’s a beautiful house. Two stories, gas heat, everything you would ever want. I owned the house. It’s still there at 1629 Lewis Street. Two people, they call them squatters, came and pushed me out of my house.

I went down to City Hall and told them. They said there’s nothing they can do. I went to the police. They said they can’t handle it. Get the sheriff. I went to the sheriff. He said, “Pay me 300 and I’ll get rid of them all.” I paid him all the money I had in the bank, 300 bucks, but he can’t evict them. He doesn’t want to evict them. He keeps the money.

I didn’t let them in. The house was locked. I had gone away for the weekend, and when I came back, they had broken the lock and gone in.

The priest gave me 20 bucks when I told him, so I bought food for one week. Now, that money is gone.

The city runs a place that feeds people with no homes, so I can get my lunch and my supper, then I come back here and ask people for money, and with that money, I save it so I can get more food and anything else I crave.

The church at 5th and Pine gave me these clothes, which are kind of ridiculous. This outfit makes me look like I’m from another country, but it’s warm, so I’m wearing it.

I used to dress like everybody else, but now I want to look different so people will notice me. If I wear jeans or nice slacks, people will say, “Look, she has nice clothes. What is she asking for money for?” But if I wear this kind of clothes, I look like an eccentric from a different religious group. I am not. I’m a Catholic.

If you look different, people will see you, notice you and figure that you have no brains and no money, then they’ll help you out.

I don’t like that free food. I get sick from that free food. They give you stuff that’s all fiber, it makes you shit all day, so I don’t want that food.

It’s got something in it that’s no good. It’s supposed to be healthy. It’s called fiber food, but it’s no good for you. You can eat it once, but after that, don’t eat it anymore, or you’ll spend your life shitting yourself to death. Ha, ha! It’s a shame, but that’s what happens when you eat that food.


They get it cheap. They want it to go around, so they put a lot of fiber and stuff to make it look like a lot, like you’re getting a big plate. The state wants to give you a big plate of food, but they ought to give you three rolls of toilet paper with it. It messes up your clothes.

What they call meat is not made out of meat. It’s a round patty and looks like what goes into a hamburger, but it’s not the same thing. It’s made out of bread crumbs, and they put some flavoring in it, then they burn it, to make it look like a hamburger.

Look at me, I’m strong. I’ve been living for 72 years. I know what to eat, what not to eat. If you eat something that don’t taste good, right away you know you’re eating something wrong. I have a very good idea of what food is supposed to taste like.

I know when I’m eating vegetable. I know when I’m eating meat. I know when I’m eating fruit. I can tell from tasting stuff all my life. I know what I’m getting when I bite into it.

My mother was the best cook in the whole world, and she could take any kind of food and make it taste good.

I go buy myself a sandwich or a loaf of bread and a jar of peanut butter. Peanut butter and bread, that’s what I like.

My father was a Democrat, because people in construction were Democrats.

I prefer Donald Trump. Hillary has a lot of experience, but he’s so much more intelligent. I’d rather be with the smarter person. I also like his looks.

Trump wants to get rid of everybody who doesn’t think like he thinks. He wants to kill people. Not everybody will come out and say it, but they all want to. I think that’s a very good idea. It solves one problem very easily. Ha, ha, ha, ha!

If you get rid of your opposition, you won’t have to worry about someone coming at night to send you off.

I buy the newspaper, and wherever I stay at night, they have 99 people watching the debates on TV, so I know who says what on these debates, then after the debate, they have 15 people explaining what the hell was said, which you were supposed to figure out the first time.

Half of the people are nodding off. The other half don’t know what to do with themselves because they’re hyper active. I like to watch people to see what they’re gonna do. Are they going to scratch their nose, or scratch their behind, or stand up and dance, or shout in a different voice, or open the window? You know, things that matter. It’s called noticing what people are like.

You look at who’s intelligent, and you ask how long they’ve been there, and what their plans are? When are they leaving?

My plan is to get out of this shithouse, if that’s possible. To leave the shelter and go to New York. I met several people from New York who are very smart. I want to go up and find out what made them so smart, and do the same thing, so I’ll be smart.


People who walk around with their clothes fuckin’ perfect, it’s not by accident. They know what looks good. Like him, he knows what looks good. He’s got clothing that looks good. It costs money. He must have a good job, or he couldn’t afford all that food that made him fat. He couldn’t afford the six meals a day. He couldn’t afford all those banana cream pies.

That guy wouldn’t give me money. Never! He wouldn’t give his wife money.

I looked at his face. He’s a skinflint. He has a selfish mouth. Yeah, if you look at someone’s mouth, you can tell right away. If it turns a certain way, like a dog when it’s angry, like this. He was mad when he looked at us.

We were in his way. We were on his property. He didn’t want to look at us, because he doesn’t want to look at anything he don’t like.

I want people who look at you and give you money, because they’re the people who know that money is the only way you can solve a problem by buying what you like, and do what you want to do.

Smart people give you money. Dumbasses give you clothing and food, especially food they made.

You don’t say at Christmas time, “What would you like for Christmas? And keep it down to 10 cents!”

Some do.

I want to go to New York and get the hell away from this place. Start over. I want to go where there are publishing houses, so I can get a job working in one.

I’m going to get my book published. I’m writing a journal on how you can survive on the streets with no money. There are tidbits on how to save money as well.

I have ten pages, hidden under a stone.

My book will teach you how to live with no money, anywhere. On the street. Off the street. Anywhere.

You can live without money, very well, when you find out that you have none.

Linh Dinh is the author of two books of stories, five of poems, and a novel, Love Like Hate. He’s tracking our deteriorating socialscape through his frequently updated photo blog, Postcards from the End of America.

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  1. witters says:

    “Once upon a time, couples would have three to five children for that was their retirement. The family was everything. Then came Marx who effectively replaced the family with politicians. The family structure has declined steadily since the introduction of socialism. Children no longer save to take care of their parents for that is government’s job.”

    Has there been a dumber comment than this? Marx must have been controlling Bismark and Churchill. Please do some research.

  2. @witters

    What would the research you recommend explore and what would it find? You don’t set a good example for researchers by failing to notice that the quote you criticise was not the author’s words but someone else’s that he was quoting.

  3. Linh Dinh, did it not occur to you to question her ownership of the house that she said had been taken from her by squatters?

    And if it was really as she said it was why didn’t she take her proof of ownership to a lawyer who would have gladly taken on the case on a no win no fee basis? Did you not suggest that to her?

    • Replies: @Linh Dinh
    , @Linh Dinh
    , @Alden
    , @colm
  4. tamako says:

    Like it or not, Marx did a lot to legitimize the role of the state in personal welfare, and it’s not hard to imagine that Churchill and Bismarck were pushed left by their socialist adversaries. It’s also not hard to imagine that the German Empire of the Hohenzollerns didn’t find it convenient that they could pacify their opponents by (effectively) paying off their voting base, with full backing of the academia.

    There’s also how Martin Armstrong built a massive financial and monetary database spanning the past 2000 years or so, as well as a model that explains it. I’ll leave his entire site to you as homework.

  5. @witters

    Answer to your question; see your post.

  6. robt says:

    If you give it a moment’s thought, the whole purpose of Marxism is to destroy the family group and replace it with the collective, otherwise the whole system fails. The only purpose of ‘family’ in such a scheme it to breed bodies to work in the system after being ‘educated’ by the State, and pledge allegiance to the collective, not the individual family group. A small example of this is provided by the inducement of the State/Party for children to report suspicious activities of parents (e.g. criticizing the Party) to authorities. In the community, the next level of reporting is by ‘families’ reporting suspicious activities of neighbours, etc.
    The ultimate objective is for all actors in such a system is to think, act, and consume the same, their thought, production, and consumption to be administered by State authorities. As such, tradition, and families are the enemies of conformity. That is also why the continuing program of Socialist states is to destroy the history, traditions, and landmarks that have evolved over the centuries of the states they newly dominate, and to replace them with new more recent historical references, anniversaries, holidays, and to rename everything including cities and streets with the names of their heroes and events. Depending on the scale and force of the revolution, this process can be radical and sudden, or insidious.
    Bismarck, in fact, was the father of the modern welfare state, a path now followed to lesser or greater degree by most modern states.

  7. Linh Dinh says: • Website
    @Wizard of Oz

    Hi Wizard of Oz,

    Last night, I checked online and found out that Eileen Chadwick (her married name) and her sister, June Walbank, are still the owners of the house at 1629 Lewis Street.

    June is in some institution and Eileen sleeps on the street.

    I’ve brought Eileen’s case to the attention of the Homeless Advocacy Project (of Philadelphia). Hopefully, this will get Eileen the help she needs.


    • Replies: @Alden
    , @Thomas O. Meehan
  8. Rehmat says:

    Family breakdowns in the western countries is epidemic. It’s due to westerners’ obsession with money, sex and the rise of LGBT communities.

    In the so-called ‘civilized’ western world, the solutions to women’s abuse among their societies through sex-slavery under different names, family breakdown, nudity, pornography, adultery, etc. – are tagged on the ‘old-fashioned’ Islamic teachings, which are considered incompatible with modernity. One of such solutions, is polygamy (multiple wives), which is (was) allowed in every major religion. However, Islam put a limit on polygamy – that’s instead of having multiple mistresses in addition to the single wife, a Muslim is allowed to have up to four wives, but under certain conditions (restrictions), such as, a free consent of the first wife to have a second wife and equal rights of all the wives.

    The female population in most of western countries is higher than the male population. In Russia, there are 11 million surplus women (fertility rate at 1.3%), in the US (4 million, fertility rate at 1.3%)), Britain (1.1 million, fertility rate at less than 2%), Germany (1.6 million, fertility rate at 1.4%), France (1.7 million, fertility rate at 2%), Canada (320,000, fertility rate at 1.5%) and so on. On top of that add over 30 million non-child-bearing gay and lesbian population in Europe, the US and Canada.

    Contrary to that, female population in majority of 57 Muslim states is less than the male population.

    Interestingly, the first western political leader to campaign for polygamy was no other than Duma Deputy Speaker and leader of the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia Vladimir Zhirinovsky. He actively crusaded for the legalization of polygamy in Russia, but failed. He honestly believed that with eleven million surplus women and the deepening demographic crisis in Russia, polygamy would go a long way to fight the demographic decline.

    Olga Gumanova’s article entitled Four wives always better than one?, published on Russian website, Pravda.Ru on April 13, 2011 – makes an interesting reading.

    “Regardless of age, the first wife has the title of “senior” and the fourth – the “younger”. Other wives are referred to in order. According to the tradition, if the entire family lives together, the responsibility of the younger wife is the education of all children, regardless of who their biological mother is. The second and third wives have to take care of the household, and the eldest of all directs and assigns duties.

    • Replies: @Sherman
    , @Alden
  9. Sherman says:

    Hey Homer

    There’s a mistake in your post.

    You left out the part blaming Zionist Jews.


  10. Linh Dinh says: • Website
    @Wizard of Oz

    Hi Wizard of Oz,

    Late last night, I also emailed my friend, Frank Wilson of the Philadelphia Inquirer. Frank just wrote back to say that Editor-in-Chief Bill Marimow has asked some key staffers to look into Eileen’s situation. This is very encouraging news.


  11. Since Marx has been brought up, my two cents is that the guy gets way too much credit either way, which is probably just as he would have had it. His type had and have a well honed facility for saying things in such a way as to be right wither way.

    Partly because of that, various Marx cults could promote any cockeyed scheme their mindless brains could come up with and they’d get legitimacy from associating the name of Marx with it partly because he claimed to be a “scientist” and partly because of the free press he got.

    A particularly nutty and venomous “Marxist” was Alexandra Kollontai and every person should concerned with the obvious breakdown of the family should have a rough acquintance with her case.

    Here’s a sample…

    “But even if housework disappears, you may argue, there are still the children to look after. But here too, the workers’ state will come to replace the family, society will gradually take upon itself all the tasks that before the revolution fell to the individual parents. Even before the revolution, the instruction of the child had ceased to be the duty of the parents.”

    Alexandra Kollontai, Communism and the Family, Komunistka, No. 2, 1920, and in English in The Worker, 1920;

    Source: Selected Writings of Alexandra Kollontai, Allison & Busby, 1977;
    Translated: by Alix Holt.

    Laugh all you want at “Kunspiracee theerists” etc., but this (bleep) is planned destruction and it’s apparently effective. Interesting thing is that with the anti-capitalists and capitalists, both, you end up with similar results since the capitalists promote porn, glitz, and glamour.

    Orwell was right.

    “The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but already it was impossible to say which was which.”

    ― George Orwell, Animal Farm

    • Replies: @Alden
  12. @Linh Dinh


    I’d be willing to bet she’ll just tell ’em to go have sex with themselves! 😉

  13. woodNfish says:

    This woman is obviously mentally disturbed. In addition to that she has another problem, she is ugly on the inside as well as the outside. naturally, she blames everyone else for that because they are all “assholes”.

  14. i´ve enjoyed, thanks LD. Starting over at 73y.o. the only job is politician (corrupted of course)try for president after hillary

  15. Anonymous [AKA "givemespace"] says:

    I took a look at her house on Google streetview – it’s the one with the failing roof. I know perspective is everything but this midwesterner would have gone crazy if I had to live crammed in such a space. Bet there was a strain of unhinged that ran through her family although so much of what she says makes sense.

    I think all our homeless need to be off the streets. I wonder if moving them to an empty farmhouse (there’s a lot of those in this country) and giving them a helper, room to roam and a large garden and orchard to take care of and eat from wouldn’t be more humane than anything we currently do.

  16. linh dinh is always an enjoyable read. he spends his time with the down-and-outers who have no voice and gives them one. the interview series along with ‘postcards from the end of america’, are non-fiction short stories. the characters are colorful counterpoints to the sepia tones of their environment & existence.
    in ‘postcards’, the reader comes away with the impression that america is dying right under our noses, yet we don’t to see. cities that were built on a robust manufacturing industry, have failed to transition to an alternative economic model after the factories closed, leaving whole cultures to go extinct. new cultures have replaced the old, but these cultures are built on neglect, blight, crime, drugs, violence, abject poverty, a destruction of family, and a sense of hopelessness that permeates the living and is represented by the decay which looms over the neighborhoods mr. dinh visits.
    one gets the feeling of america’s decline from reading postcards, rather than the facts & figures and intellectual deconstruction which tends to inform but has little emotional impact.
    want to know about the dust bowl era in the united states? read the ‘grapes of wrath’. a college history course won’t teach you nearly what the book will.
    looking forward to the next post.

    • Agree: Jacques Sheete
  17. That poor woman gave the most logically inconsistent monologue I’ve ever read. One minute her father is the second coming of Christ and the next he beats her so badly with a belt that she has to run away for two days……and that was just the first of many juxtaposed opinions.

    • Replies: @The Anti-Gnostic
  18. Alden says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    “gladly taken in the case for on a no win no fee basis”

    Attorneys don’t take on contingency cases unless:

    A. There is an 80% chance of winning

    B. More important, if they win the defendants have sufficient assets to pay at least attorney’s costs plus a reasonable fee.

    I doubt “squatters” would have any assets to pay the attorney fees. Real squatters can be removed by sheriffs after a simple court hearing in which the property owner can represent herself.

    It was probably a really bad dead beat tenant situation. Probably the legal tenants managed to put off the eviction for a long time. The owner therefore wasn’t getting rent this could not pay mortgage and property taxes and lost the house.

    Attorneys don’t take on cases in which they cannot make money or at least make their costs.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
    , @animalogic
  19. Alden says:
    @Jacques Sheete

    I’ve read her book and some of the rest of the anti family propaganda. What a glorious future, women would be free from the slavery of housework and childcare .They would be free to work at some horrible job 12 hours a day, be forced to have sex with the men commissars and bosses, then the dreary drudge home, standing in line for food, then home to do the laundry by hand in the communal bathroom down the hall while the husband lives in the pub with his equally drink friends.

    All during the early soviet era liberals extolled the freedom of Soviet women
    “Soviet women can be Drs ” hurrah hurrah

    No coincidence that Betty Friedan was a socialist during college and then a writer for a communist influenced labor union

    The early Zionists were communists and many established those no family life or individual household kibbutzes as soon as they arrived in Palestine.

  20. @Linh Dinh

    Thank you. Keep us posted please. It is good indeed to have one’s social conscience appeased at so little cost…

  21. Alden says:

    Wonderful, spend my life being bossed around by some old witch while taking care of 10 to 15 kids.

    The Riman Catholics had a great solution, convents where women were safe from men and earned their own living and made great contributions to society.
    Until around 190o when sterile procedure was mandatory in the western world there was no shortage of women

    The biggest cause of women’s death was childbirth death. After the death of the first wife, the widowers were anxious to find another wife. Family businesses also helped as unmarried women worked in the family business

  22. restless94110 [AKA "Stephen Douglas"] says:

    Ok, Linh. Time to question who you are interviewing.

    She has a house? And suddenly she left for the weekend? And then some people just told her to fuck off, we live here now? And then the sheriff told her fuck you?

    Look. I’m ok with interviewing the mentally ill. But part of reality for them, helping them, is to ask questions about their preposterous bullshit.

    This interview was pure bullshit. She looks like a crone. She was never ever attractive. And that is evinced by her stated goal in life: to never marry and to hate all who came into her life (her mother, her father, her husband, her milkman, you).

    This interview would have been much more dynamic if you had asked her even one question about reality.

    Perhaps, your objective instead was to just document the insanity of many Americans. You have then succeeded.

    • Agree: edNels
  23. @Alden

    I’ve read some of her stuff too, and some of it is positively chilling. If I had the time, I’d be interested in reading some sort of biography.

    Too much to do, and too little time!

  24. They were white assholes, with white asshole parents. They taught them to be rotten, just like themselves.

    Uh-oh, someone hide that from Freddie Reed. It’s going to shock his world view and then what??? You mean there are white ones too?

  25. @Alden

    The description of her disposession in the article was not as you have guessed it to be. But, anyway, we now have more information.

    Linh Dinh has now ascertained (#8 and see #11) that the property is still in her name. On the face of it that means she has an asset against which a loan could be raised to pay the lawyers. No doubt there could be other creditors with priority but they don’t seem to be on whatever record he found online (which I ptesume we too could check via our broadband connections at the South or North Poles).

  26. @Alden

    I recall reading that the traditional female roles soon came to the fore in the early kibbutzim to the dismay of Marxist theorists.

    • Replies: @Alden
  27. utu says:

    “Once upon a time, couples would have three to five children for that was their retirement. The family was everything. Then came Marx who effectively replaced the family with politicians. The family structure has declined steadily since the introduction of socialism. Children no longer save to take care of their parents for that is government’s job.”

    Right. And it worked fine in welfare states like Sweden. Monoethnic societies can be like extended families with cohesion and solidarity providing that right values are part of the fabric of belief system. This was the case for Scandinavians and their Lutheran heritage. It does not work that well for Anglos with their philosophy stemming form Hobbes , Locke and Hume. Now when Scandinavian countries are becoming less monoethnic (cui bono?) one can expect the collapse of cohesion and solidarity within society and degenerating towards Anglo-American philosophy of homo homini lupus est that among Americans is called a self reliance.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  28. Alden says:
    @Linh Dinh

    If she and her sister are still the owners someone has been paying the property taxes.

  29. Alden says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    That is true. The next development was the Moshav, family cottages instead of kids in dorms and a communal dining hall.

  30. duncsbaby says:
    @Linh Dinh

    Awesome Linh, try to keep us posted on what happens to her house situation.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  31. @utu

    I think the sort of contrast you are making has some validity but not much to do with Hobbes, Locke and Hume either as influences or reflections of British society. I might even argue that the humane feelings of Anglos – especially rural become urban prosperous – led to general support for doing things better for the poor anf unlucky via a welfare state despite the reservations (though not necessarily obstruction) of the worldly wise. Now we have had quite a few decades to observe the downside of the mixture of well meant largesse and self interrst in its many forms and it only needs economic downturns to spark a witch hunt with even the approx break even classes resenting what they see as the takers – especially if they are identifiable and different. Not that I think an Indian billionaire in his Manhattan penthouse pied å terre has too much to worry about as long as he remembers to tip handsomely….

  32. @duncsbaby

    This is beginning to look a little like a Digital Age version of civil society working. But I suspect UR threads might be thinned out a little if someone were to start crowdfunding.

    Don’t you find it naive (perhaps) but heattwarming when some personal disaster has been given TV time or tabloid space and donations have flooded in – typically “to support the family”? I have made a few strategic charitable or public interest donations where it seemed possible to make an impact but my rationalistic careful (including the Scottish sense) self can only feel pleased that there are still so many people who wamt to give to people they know little of. Perhaps those with what many would think more than enough have to find rationalisations for not giving: but even that suggests something better than the Hobbesian state of nature prevails.

  33. Eileen Walbank looks like Hillary Clinton.

    • Replies: @njguy73
  34. njguy73 says:
    @E. Rekshun

    Eileen Walbank looks like Hillary Clinton.

    OK, that’s just mean.

    To Hillary.

  35. Rehmat,

    I am especially interested in your thoughtful assertion, “Family breakdown in western countries is epidemic. It’s due to westerners obsession with money, sex, and the rise of LGBT communities.”

    Having read, re-read and oft return to the works of Fyodor Dostoyevsky, I find similarity in the great Russian’s thought and yours.

    Regret lack of time & effort to document an actual source work, but Dostoyevsky predicted that western civilization is doomed to collapse because of having forsaken the practice of essential teachings of the Gospels; for example, love of God & neighbor above all else, mercy, forgiveness, care for the poor, justice/final judgment, and the consideration that one’s physical body is the “Temple of God.”

    No doubt there’s much decadence & craziness on display of 19th century Russia in “The Brothers Karamazov,” but it’ s apparent that Fyodor’s Orthodox family society did not quite reach Hillary’s evangelical LGBT apostolic height.

    Were it not for Linh Dinh’s “brotherly love” action on behalf of (non-sexy & straight ) Eileen Walbank, the Main Stream Media would have been entirely occupied with 9/11 anniversary event coverage… minus of course an obsession with determining actual culprits and subsequent continuance of the US Empire standard, “Crime and (selective) Punishment.”

  36. @Linh Dinh

    That is precisely the right thing to do. It’s easy to read and mock, but attempting an intervention is first class.

    That said I can’t help being puzzled by many of your latest expeditions into the fate of our underclass. On one hand you chronicle the difficulties of ordinary people in our globalist economy. On the other, some of your interviewees are simply demented. You don’t need to have an advanced degree in Psychology to grasp that Eileen W would make a mess of her life anywhere she happened to be.

    Don’t let your work drift into a sideshow of wretchedness for the entertainment of people taking pleasure from the pain of others. You’re better than that.

    • Replies: @dcite
  37. Mr. Meehan:

    By no means do I desire to “suck up” to Linh Dinh, but his work typically demonstrates how Select/sicko people create human wretchedness and then take pleasure from the pain & sufferings of others.

    During the late-1990s, when wife Carol and I had rare free time together, we watched TV’s “The X-Files,” starring David Duchony. Carol always swore by the show’s cryptic motto/recommendation, “Trust No One.” Please take time and view the You Tube video, below, which displays “Xi-Files” most bewildering (March 2001) episode, “The Lone Gunman.”

    What a puzzling expedition into 9/11 reality that the producer’s of “The X-Files” made! Did they have an advanced degree in E.S.P., Thomas?

    Thank you very much.

    • Replies: @Thomas O. Meehan
  38. I apologize to Ron Unz and all the commenters. “Immature,” I belatedly looked into Google for information on “The X-Files” producer and I found out that the show “The Lone Gunman” was actually an off-shoot of the “The X-Files.”

    Nevertheless, as we are being watched, the (You Tube) trailer to “The Lone Gunman” is well worth watching. Please forgive my miss-I.D.? Thank you.

  39. dcite says:
    @Thomas O. Meehan

    Good point, but some of these do feel a little like an Hieronymous Bosch picture put into words.

    • Replies: @Thomas O. Meehan
  40. @Chuck Orloski

    Putting “sucked up” in quotation marks leaves the impression that I said something of the kind about you. Try reading my comment again. They are clearly directed at the author.

  41. @dcite

    Except that the tortured figures in Bosch’s paintings are allegories, not
    people making their own hell for themselves while we watch.

    • Replies: @dcite
  42. Well, another tragedy is that this lady surely seems to be slipping, but she still makes more sense than 90% of Americans.

    I mean, who can argue with this, for instance?

    I prefer Donald Trump. Hillary has a lot of experience, but he’s so much more intelligent. I’d rather be with the smarter person. I also like his looks.

  43. @Alden

    Yes, you are largely correct. Although, it’s worth remembering that many lawyers will act pro bono for a “good” cause: ie legal principle, charity or the chance of “celebrity”.

  44. Mr. Meehan:

    Yes, you are right! My “sucking up” comment corresponded to a desire to not “suck up” to the amazing author, Linh Dinh. Before L.D. departed to teach in Leipzig, he and I had extreme differences which ended up in his not speaking to me anymore. Very interesting to this day… there must be a good reason why he banished me from his broad circle of friends.

    Since he’s a proud, caring, and intelligent man, dedicated to the proposition of “Full Disclosure,” I will convey a sad story about what Linh Dinh said to my wife Carol while staying at our Taylor, PA apartment, June 2015.

    While outdoors, Linh privately addressed my wife Carol, and said, “O man, your husband acts so immature while we’re on the road.” Disappointed at how a friend & guest would have the balls to say something like that, I got over it rather quickly, and we proceeded with email exchanges until resolvable arguments intensified, he flew off to Leipzig, and I became asshole- persona non grata.

    No matter, Thomas… “shit happens.” Linh Dinh’s work is an absolute gift to all Americans, and although I may not be as mature as he, I ask you to view the You Tube “link” to the absolutely confounding trailer episode to the TV show, having aired March 20001, “The Lone Gunman.” Offer comment? Someone offer a comment on this extremely weird video?

    Thank you!

    • Replies: @Truth
  45. Truth says:
    @Chuck Orloski

    You want a comment? Ok, its actually a freemason occult magic thing. You see; in order for the mass conspiracies to work, the illuminati believes that they must tell the public what they plan on doing, often in a cryptic way, before they do it. By this token, be advised right now that driving on the Golden Gate Bridge is a risky proposition.

  46. Linh Dinh says: • Website


    A public forum is not a place to carry out a private argument. I said nothing privately to Carol outdoors, since she couldn’t even go outside, being so sick.

    The incident in question I related to both you and Carol in your kitchen. It was about you chatting up a pre-teen girl in a strange town, then riding her bike around. Though you had no bad intentions, it was not wise, and I made this point to you repeatedly, even on the ride back to Taylor from Dupont. I said this as a friend, for your benefit.

    I’m bringing up this incident because you’re accusing me of mocking you behind your back in your own house. Since I never did that, you owe me a sincere apology.

    At the very least, do not bring up personal matters in a public forum. It is very distracting and unseemly.


    • Replies: @Truth
  47. To “Truth” :

    I come to the similar conclusion as you do… an occult magic thing.” However, I believe it’s something deeper. Let me briefly explain? The actual perps of 9/11 are so confident in their ability to control the MSM and trick the entire nation, they gave an advance notice of what was to come on 9/11/2001.

    To Linh Dinh:


    Above, you are saying my wife Carol lied about what you told her about my being “immature.” I neither want to subject you nor Carol to a polygraph on this “personal” matter. Consequently, I will hold back on making apology to you.

    Frankly, and with great respect for your outstanding literary deeds, I have a big problem with your preaching how to “do not bring up personal matters in a public forum.” I agree such undertaking are never good, but please consider that I actually followed your lead when you openly trounced Jeff St. Clair & Joshua Frank on your “State of the Union Blogspot,” and bravely designated them “Frat Boys.” It is evident they found your action rather worse than “unseemly.”

    As I’m comfortable (to date) with being in the same dismal category “Larry from England” finds himself with you, let’s be mature & honest with one another? There are many more powerful “distracting & unseemly” individuals” who need outing.

    Thank you and I hope Linky is well!

    • Replies: @Truth
  48. Linh:

    As expected, I see you have yet to respond to my rebuttal on what wife Carol actually told me.


    Your words (above) actually appeared in a “Postcard” picture as you described how “goofy are poets” and my having driven a teenager’s bicycle around the Pittston Square. Yes, I admit to having been “goofy” then, and at other times!

    Following is exactly (!) why Carol was prompted to tell me about what you privately told her… while I was either momentarily outdoors or on the shitter. While scolding me for being foolish for trusting friends who were actually NOT friends at all, I got a bit hot, and replied, “OK Carol, give me one example?!!”

    “Well, Chuck, I did not want to hurt you, but when Linh Dinh visited here last Summer, he told me ‘how immature you get when you two are on the road’.”

    Of course, anyone in my position would be stunned by learning a trusted friend would covertly say such stuff about me to my wife. Remarkably, I note (above) how you broadcasted how my wife is “very ill,” and you did not even bother to inquire how she’s doing.

    That’s okay, Linh, you need not apologize, she’s not on the campaign stump with Hillary, and I will continue to follow your outstanding publications on The Unz Review. If you desire to verify what Carol had told me, our home telephone number is 570-562-6208… otherwise & given my own “Fatal Flaws,” I try to go by the old saying, “Judge not that ye shall not be judged!”

    Thank you, wish you well!

  49. dcite says:
    @Thomas O. Meehan

    That’s where the artist came in. Many a mere social worker probably encounters enough Bosch allegories made flesh, that they can relate to Linh’s non-winners and see some lessons. But, yes, I think the point has been rather over made. If there is one.

  50. Truth says:
    @Linh Dinh

    It was about you chatting up a pre-teen girl in a strange town, then riding her bike around.


    Everytime, I try to leave and end my unhealthy addiction to this board, ya’ll N-s come up with a cliffhanger to pull me back in…

  51. Truth says:
    @Chuck Orloski

    They give advance notice to everything, the first black president, the first woman president, the gulf war, even Bruce Jenner. It’s called “revelation of the method” and “predictive programming.”

    It’s all mockery.

  52. To Light:

    Yes… this Pittston bicycle ride of mine was admittedly pretty goofy, but had Governor Tom Wolf (D., PA) done so while on campaign stump, he’d be praised for getting down to the level of a striving young student who reads books instead of playing video games.

    Thanks, and at age 63 at the time, & having pedaled a non-10-speed bike fairly well, I too had a (gallows) chuckle after learning my fellow traveling companion tagged me as both “immature” and now “unwise” for doing so.

    To Light (again):

    Thanks very much for providing a “link” to explain “revelation of the method.” I never heard of such name, and I’ll pass this on to straight-friends I meet at Scranton Dunkin’ Donuts!

  53. colm says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    Wizard, have you ever seen an Asian lifting a finger to help a white person, let alone someone in his own race?

  54. I don’t even understand the “let alone someone in his own [whose?] race”.

    Nor am I 100 per cent clear about what you mean by “seen” (? experienced) or indeed “Asian”. What about an Indian who was educated for 10 years in England and sounds upper class English or the Chinese billionaire’s daughter who went to school with one’s niece in Australia, lives in Australia and married a non-Chinese?

    I have found no identifiable Asian difference in willingness to help others of any race in small ways and large with or without prospect of material reward.

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