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Obscured American: Eddie the Housepainter
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Eddie and Friends

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When 46-year-old Eddie found out I’d been interviewing people, he wanted to talk. “You can write a book about me!” and that’s true enough, but then again, I’ve never met an uninteresting person.

Within a minute, Eddie was showing me photos of women on his cell phone. There was plenty of skin and at least one crotch shot. These voluptuous ladies had sent these boudoir selfies to him, Eddie growled, his eyes sparkling.

Eddie’s a beefy dude, with a head like an Olmec statue. Though he wears a permanent scowl, it’s a friendly scowl.

Eddie was in Friendly Lounge with his housepainting boss, Tony, an Italian dude who used to live in the neighborhood.

After talking to Eddie, I checked out his FaceBook page. “im a fun loving guy who just wants peace in my life,” he introduces himself, and the first two photos feature Eddie with white women. In one, he’s in some bar and wearing a white T-shirt, “WHITE GIRLS LOVE ME.” With his arms outstretched, Eddie’s surrounded by eight white females and one bald white guy. The women appear to be in their 30’s and 40’s, though one, wearing granny glasses, has sweated, cursed and imbibed her way through nearly six decades, it seems. You go, grandma! In the other photo, two beaming blondes drape themselves all over Eddie.

Below these shots, there’s a video of Oprah Winfrey begging her audience to vote for Hillary Clinton, and down the page, there’s a computer animation of Donald Trump making his most grotesque faces while sitting on a toilet.

Talking to me, Eddie brought up the pains of being rejected by his dad all his life. The rates of American children being born out of wedlock have been rising, calamitously, for decades, and currently stand at around 40%. Among blacks, it’s 72%.

I’ve known Tony since high school. He lives in the suburbs too. I grew up in West Philly, right around the corner from the zoo, then I moved to the suburbs. I’ve been working with Tony for two years.

I was in Boston for ten years. The only reason I came back here was because I had the cancer and everything. After they did the surgery, my family wanted me to come back, you know, be closer to home, in case it happens again.

I was doing work. The customers loved the work. Their relatives were from Boston, and they were like, “Do you travel?” I said, “If it’s worth it, yeah.”

So they put me on a job up there, and my ex-girlfriend, I stayed at her house for a while, then I bought my own place. When I moved up there, I just got work, work, work, work.

I loved it up there! I loved it! I loved it! I loved it!

It’s funny because I’m not like most black guys, black people, you know. I love the water, being out there on the water, fishing and all types of stuff, and there are so many bodies of water up there. That’s where I get my peace of mind, you know what I mean? I sit there and don’t have a care in the world. I didn’t have my own boat. I was renting the stuff right there.

Here, it’s not the same because you can’t get in the water. I love fresh water. Fresh water is beautiful. I like deep sea fishing, salt water and all that, but freshwater is beautiful.

This whole summer, I didn’t hit the water at all. I didn’t even swim this summer. Did you hear what I just said, Tony? This whole summer, I didn’t even swim. Like, what the fuck!

They have lakes up there, and they have park rangers and they’ve got grills up there, where you can grill, volleyball nets, all that stuff.

It’s $4 a car-load, so you can have six people in a car. It only takes $4 to get in there. You can swim, fish, play volleyball, and you can do that almost any time.

Everybody kept telling me that it’s crazy to move up there, like they’re so prejudiced up there, but they’re not. They were so nice.

The first day I got up there, people were opening doors for me. They were like, “Hey, how are you doing?!” It was totally different from here, you know, and I loved it, just loved it.

It’s not racial at all. There were so many mixed couples, so many Brazilians, Ecuadorians, all types. Puerto Ricans, Chinese, Asians, all, all, everything.

They did have a bad rap, but it’s just not correct.

They do still have certain areas. They still have these little gangs. Like, one of my buddies wanted to take me to a club. We get there, and I have to park down the street. They had already gone inside the club, but I had to park. When I got close, walking, two dudes stopped me. There was a black guy and a Puerto Rican guy. They were like, “Yo, you got the wrong color on.”

So I opened my mouth, and I said, “You’ve got to be kidding me,” and I was laughing. “You don’t know my lifestyle. You’re coming at me like that?”

As soon as I opened my mouth, though, they were like, “Oh, you’re not from around here. Where are you from?” I said I’m from Philly, so they were like, “You’re cool, man.” I laughed at them, basically.


There are different levels with me. You get mad, you get angry and you get upset, you know what I’m saying? I try not to get angry, at all. Angry takes me to a totally different place, which is not good, so I try not to do that. I try to stay at one focal point and, even though I’m mad at you right now, I’ll still say something stupid so that you laugh.

Let’s say you’re just bothering me. I’ll walk outside or something, then come back in, and I’ll start fucking with you back, but in a fun way. Even though you were fucking with me in a bad way, I’ll come back and fuck with you, in a good way.

I always try to turn a negative into a positive.

You’re not going to defeat me by your words or whatever, you know, because I’m very smart. In the 7th grade, I used to smoke weed and stuff like that, came to class all high, and I still got A’s on my tests.

They kept me after school, you know, because I was cheating, and I still got the same grade, so they were like, “You’re so smart to be so dumb.”

My sociology teacher said, “You shouldn’t be getting high. You’re too intelligent for that.” It stuck with me all my life.

Like, me and him are FaceBook friends. I texted him, “Hey Mr. Coleman, blah, blah, blah. Yo, thank you for saying that to me when I took your class,” and he was like, “Well, Eddie, I don’t remember what I said.” I told him, “You said that I was so smart to be so dumb,” and I always took that into my brain.

My kids are mixed. I love white women. Ha, ha, ha!

We all bleed the same damn color. People don’t realize that racism is taught. If you take an Asian kid, a black kid and a white kid and put them in the sandbox, they’re going to play, until somebody say they can’t play with that child.

It’s the parents. The parents may come up to that kid, “Get out of there! You can’t play with them!” You know what I mean? The kids will act how kids act. They don’t know no better. They’ll play!

Me, I have no problems at all. You respect me, I respect you.

Like I said, I have mixed kids, but growing up, I was shot at because I was black. I walked through the wrong neighborhood. Somebody tried to shoot me with a harpoon! I’ve been through some shit. I can’t help it if I’m black. I can’t help that.

That’s what he does, you know, scuba diving. He didn’t hit me. I was lucky I got pushed out of the way. This was growing up in the suburbs, Lansdowne, Yeadon, Upper Darby. I got shot at, you know what I mean, because I walked on the sidewalk.

Cops in Darby, they beat me up. It was a domestic call. My wife was white, OK? We had kids, mixed kids. The argument was next door, not my house, but they came at my house, threw me down the steps, beat me up, put me in a cop car, then turned around and told me, “If you don’t want to go to the hospital, you better give me your address,” so I gave them my address.

They were like, “You don’t live there. A white girl lives there.” They were like, “Where you live at?” I gave them the address again. They were like, “You don’t live there! You go to the hospital,” so guess what? I went to the hospital. They beat me the fuck up!

They took me from my house. She was living there, with me!

I couldn’t even fight back. My wife said, “That’s my husband,” but they made her go back in the house. This was ‘92.

I came home the next day. They ripped my shirt. I had a button shirt. They cut it in the back, with a razor, so I’m walking in my shirt with a hole in it. They made me walk home without no shoes.

So I went to my old neighborhood. I talked to my mom and all that, and we went to the Lansdowne police station, because we knew an officer there. They said there was nothing they could do about it, because there’s a code of silence among the police officers, or so they said, so my sister took it to a different level.

I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of Mary Mason? WHAT? My sister took it to a radio station. They had a picture of me. They had a picture of my clothes. They had a picture of me all beat up and everything.

Over nothing! Over nothing! Literally. I was beaten up over nothing!

I ended up suing them but, again, I was young, so I settled out of court with them. I ended up getting, like, $45,000. If I kept it going, I would have gotten a whole lot more.

Like I said, again, then I was selling drugs. I had an arsenal. I had guns and stuff like that, you know. I was going to blow the police station the fuck up, you know what I mean, but the police station was right next to a school, so I couldn’t do that.

No, I didn’t have a record then. I never got caught.

They were arguing next door. It wasn’t us! They went to the wrong house and fucked me up!

I’ve got three friends that are police officers. I trust them, but I don’t trust those other ones. As soon as I saw them, it’s, “Yes, sir,” whatever, but they threw me to the ground and worked me over!

For two years, they harassed me. They banned me from that town. If they saw me driving, they’d pull me over. They were like, “You’ve got two minutes to get out of this town!”

I had to move back to my mom for a little while. My wife and kids, too.

I never got bitter over that. I get sick of reading stuff now in the news. I think about my children’s security. It pisses me off, you know.

Like I said, again, I already lived that life. Innocent people getting beaten up by the cops, getting killed, that could have been me, I could have gotten killed. That night.

What I was doing was, I was avoiding that act, you know, which was kind of hard to do, because certain roads led that way, so I had to take back streets just to keep away. Again, I was still young too.


I was going to blow the hell out of that police station, you know what I mean? I had the artillery to do it, but, again, glory to God and all that. God had my back! Otherwise, that police station and whoever was in it was gone!

There’s a kid that I went to school with, they killed him in a cell. Now, when they put you in that cell, they take your shoe strings, they take your belt and they take your shirt from you, so how are you going to hang yourself? He’s 6-4. How do you hang yourself when you’re 6-4 and you’re in a 6-foot cell? You can’t!

He was a good kid, but he was a bad kid, you know what I mean? I forget how he got locked up. He got locked up for something. They killed him the same night. They locked him up, then they killed him. You can look it up. It’s on the internet still.

My wife stayed with me. Five years later, we split up, but it wasn’t over that. I had three children with her, my oldest three.

She got mad because I moved on. I had another woman. I was just having another kid. I had a reason to dump her, you know what I mean? If you’re in a relationship, and you’re not growing. You’re supposed to grow together. She cheated on me. I’m sure she did. She got caught twice, so when she started doing it, I started doing it.

She did it first, she did it first, she started it.

All I did was work. I worked, then came home, I swear to God! I was bringing home $1,300 cash a week. I was taking out vent systems, heaters, boilers and all that. I was bringing all this money home. It’s heavy work, back-breaking stuff. All you wanted to do was go home to your shower and that’s it. Eat, then sleep.

I was mad because she was collecting welfare. It’s like, “Why are you collecting welfare?” We’ve got plenty of money. We had a good life. It’s because of her girlfriends. It was like, “You can get this, you get that.” Now, I had no insurance and stuff. I told her, “You can get the medical, and you can get the food stamps, but don’t get the cash,” but she went out and got it all. She got all the benefits, so I ended up in the system.

I told the judge, “How are you locking me up, when my kids live with me? Like, what are you talking about? This is my house. My kids live with me and everything.” Well, it was because of her, she was getting welfare, but I didn’t know.

I was getting locked up for a month here, a month there, you know. When they locked you up in the state of Pennsylvania, they suspended your license, so how could you get to work? If you had a driving job, you couldn’t do it. It’s fucked up!

I told the judge, again, here you go, “My kids live with me. I don’t owe her nothing. Why am I here? If you look at the record, you’ll understand what I’m talking about here. I’m confused. You guys locked me up, like, six fuckin’ times,” so he said, “Ma’am, why is he here?”

“Oh, I’m trying to get more money, blah, blah, blah blah,” so he looked and found out that she had a warrant out, so he said to me, “Mr. Calvin, you want me to lock her up? What she’s doing is welfare fraud.”

I said, “Your honor, no.” I said no. “We’re not together no more. I didn’t suffer from you guys. I was in the system. I was in jail six times, but I’m done now.” I said, “No, that’s my kids’ mother. Don’t lock her up.”

He went to her, and he said, “Ma’am, this is a hell of a nice guy. Why did you do this to him?” She had no answer.

She was acting real stupid. I looked at her and I said, “I told you you wasn’t going to get no money.” That’s what I said to her. “I told you you weren’t going to get no money. The judge could have locked you up, no matter what I said. You heard what he said. It was welfare fraud. You’re stupid for even bringing me in here.”

I had three kids with her, my oldest three.

I have a kid that’s getting ready to turn four, up in Boston. All of my other kids are here. I’ve got 24, 21, 20, 16, 15 and one that’s getting ready to turn four. I grew up without a father, so I was going to make sure I’m not going to be like my father, you know what I mean?

My three oldest, I put money into their accounts, in their names. They each have $50,000 in their bank account, right now. They’ve got more money than I do. Now, my younger ones, my 16 and 15-year-old, they’ve got about $10,000. The baby don’t have shit, you know what I mean, but she’s going to get hers.

I was doing the smart thing with the money. Like I said, I grew up without a father, so I’m going to provide for my kids, no matter what. I’ll suffer later, but as long as my kids are OK, then I’m happy.

When I did get to know my father, I met him in church. I was 16 years old when I got to meet my father. I went to church with my mom.

I was 16. Again, I was selling drugs, but I was also working at McDonald’s and going to school.


He comes into church, sits behind us and goes like this to my mom. Taps on her shoulder, “Who’s that?” She almost cursed in church. “It’s a shame you don’t know your own son!” I turned around and almost flipped, but then I realized I was in church. I was like, “You made me and you don’t know who I am?!”

When she got pregnant by him, she was with him for, like, five years. She said, “I’m pregnant,” and the next day, he was gone. My father did this to five other women, the same exact thing, because I have five brothers. He did the same thing to each one of the women.

My father, I almost killed him, in church. I was so angry. Yeaah. Yeaah. I was like, “How can you not know who I am? Where was you at?” Like, “Why don’t you want me? What did I do to you? I didn’t do anything to you. You made me,” but there was nothing, not a fuckin’ word, not a fuckin’ word.

I never called him dad. I never called him pop. There was nothing until I turned 18. When we graduated high school, I paid for his parking to come see me graduate. That’s fucked up.

Now, my grandfather and grandma loved the shit out of me. I knew them. I knew them since I was three!

My grandparents, they loved me. They knew who I was. My grandpop and grandmom used to always brag about me when I walked down the street, when I walked by the house, everything like that. They’d say, “There goes my grandson.” They would tell people,” There’s my grandson.”

My father came to my graduation because I begged him to come. Face to face, I was like, “I’m your son. Aren’t you proud of me for graduating, at least?” He was like, “Well, she has money.”

I paid for his parking. I paid for his ticket. We got, like, three graduation tickets, and you had to pay for two more. I paid for it. I paid for him. It was $10 or something. He didn’t want to pay $10 to see his son graduate.

That’s why I made a promise to myself. I said that when I have kids, no matter what happens between me and the girl, my kids are going to know who I am, and that I was there, so that’s what I’ve done.

Tony gets mad that a lot of his crew don’t have cars and stuff, but when my son, my first born, made me a grandpa, I gave him my truck.

I know what it’s like to be on a bus with kids, grocery shopping and all that, with the kid wrapped around you, and you carrying bags and getting on a bus. I know what it’s like, so I gave him my truck.

I told Tony, “I ain’t got no vehicle, man. I gave it to my son. I ain’t got no car!” But it made me feel good, because I would never be like my father. Never!

When I hear people, because I hear people all the time, like how they hate their mom, how they hate their dad, and I’m like, I can see how you hate your dad, and you must have a reason, but at least you’re living together. I didn’t have that. All I had was my mom. You’ve got a mom and a dad, so you should be happy, you’re lucky, because I didn’t have that.

Linh Dinh is the author of two books of stories, five of poems, and a novel, Love Like Hate. He’s tracking our deteriorating socialscape through his frequently updated photo blog, Postcards from the End of America.

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  1. Dave32 says:

    I can’t believe I read this article. Fuck Eddie.

  2. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Below these shots, there’s a video of Oprah Winfrey begging her audience to vote for Hillary Clinton, and down the page, there’s a computer animation of Donald Trump making his most grotesque faces while sitting on a toilet.

    From WikiLeaks:

    “And as I’ve mentioned, we’ve all been quite content to demean government, drop civics and in general conspire to produce an unaware and compliant citizenry.
    The unawareness remains strong but compliance is obviously fading rapidly. This problem demands some serious, serious thinking – and not just poll driven, demographically-inspired messaging.”

    • Replies: @jacques sheete
  3. @Dave32

    Fuck Eddie.

    Why? It seems he has plenty of that already.

    So now we know of at least two reasons why “black” dudes are loathed by many white boys, and I’ve long suspected both.

    BTW, Eddie is a total hoot.

    When 46-year-old Eddie found out I’d been interviewing people, he wanted to talk. “You can write a book about me!”

    That sort of let the “cat” (ahem) outta the bag right there, but the story is a knee slapper anyway. Also, he certainly has a talent for knowing which buttons to push!

    Ain’t ‘Merka great? What a cesspool.


  4. @Anonymous

    Thanks for that 2nd quote. It is both delicious and precious though it states what’s been obvious for some time.

    Let’s all hurry to the polls and show our support for a thoroughly disgusting bunch of criminal degenrates running a virtual manure heap.

  5. Marcus says:

    Water is indeed the negro’s mortal enemy. I’ve heard many stories of them drowning in even very shallow water

  6. Note to some commenters – accounting and accepting the reality of statistical racial differences is fine and dandy, but its no cover for spewing hateful vitriol. People like you are every bit as much of an impediment to constructive public policy as are BLM activists, possibly more so.

    • Replies: @Red
    , @Sam J.
  7. Truth says:

    Damn, Linh, that picture is great!

    You’re really learning your audience (the Unzistas) and how to mine them! (lol).

    • Replies: @Father O'Hara
  8. unit472 says:

    So this ‘man’ thought $1300 per week was ‘big money’ and he has 6 kids ( he knows of) and we are to believe he has given the oldest 3 $50,000 each. Even assuming he was a tax cheat ( and he admits to welfare fraud) my guess is, when it comes to money, his mouth is far larger than his wallet.

  9. Red says:

    I find it hilarious that what I thought was going to be an article featuring a black man breaking stereotypes ended up being the exact opposite.

    He talks about how children of unwed parents is a shame yet is unmarried to the mother of his first three children (after only five years mind you).

    A drug dealer in his youth and his excuse was “well I was young!” The best part is that the cops did him dirty by beating him up… but they were correct assuming he was trouble considering he has loads of drugs, cash and guns in the same apartment they pulled him out of!

    Welfare recipient baby-mama and children who were raised in the system despite him making “big money”

    Exclaims that “we all bleed red” but has a huge preference for white women… implying that black women are indeed different enough for him to avoid.

    The only redeeming quality is that he stuck around and financially supported his kids. But I don’t believe in giving out cookies to those who take responsibility. That’s what your SUPPOSED to do. We are all supposed to give him a big pat on the back because he takes care of the children he fathered and holds a job? Why? Because you are black?! You ain’t no hero Eddie.

    • Replies: @Rdm
    , @Aaron Russo
  10. 2Frothy4 says:

    Well,certainly a “slice of life” story! Not much of a life and not a good story.
    And the T-shirt? …..tells me all I need to know….which I already knew..and it
    wasn’t taught,it was learned! Take a dip,Eddie….but not in a river.

  11. Even assuming he was a tax cheat ( and he admits to welfare fraud)

    The real tax cheats are those who impose them on us against our will. Every Merkin should’ve imbibed that with their mother’s milk.

    Welfare itself is a fraud and worse.

    I understand that white guys typically loathe blacks because a lot of “black” men exude masculinity, but for the life of me, I don’t know why white guys get all p!ssed at “black” dudes for taking “their” women. We all know that white women are some nasty stuff. White guys have even spent quite some time burning their witches at the stake. What does that tell ya?

    White girl nastiness is a genetic trait, I think. I have tons of female relatives, and I’ve often made the comment that I’m glad I wasn’t forced to live with any of ’em and I pity ALL of their husbands.

    White chick combativeness has long been known. One can read Lysistratus (Aristophanes 411 B.C.) to find out how plucky the ancient white gals were. In fact, the name translates into “breaker of armies,” and that should give ya a clue as to how tough they were. Modern white girls, Hillabeast aside, are mere nut busters in comparison.

    “…a whole band of foreigners will be unable to cope with one [Gaul] in a fight, if he calls in his wife, stronger than he by far and with flashing eyes; least of all when she swells her neck and gnashes her teeth, and poising her huge white arms, begins to rain blows mingled with kicks, like shots discharged by the twisted cords of a catapult”.

    -Ammianus Marcellinus, The Roman History of Ammianus Marcellinus, Book 15, Chap 12, ~A.D. 355

    Psst white crackers…How many of us would wanna be in Bill Clinton’s shoes? Hmmmm? Ask yerself that and you won’t envy Eddie no more. I say let the Eddies of the world have the banshees and go Asian instead. Then the Asian guys will hate you! Sorry, LD, but you started this! 😉

    • Replies: @Trumpster
  12. Whew! Made it through about a quarter of the piece. I have no interest in lowlife.

  13. nsa says:

    The author fancies himself to be an asian bukowski, reveling in the lower reaches of american society at the frictional interface of the races. Take a good look at the pic….a well fed oversexed african presiding over eight skanky white mudsharks with a smiling white cuck in the foreground. Hmm….

  14. Tiny Duck says:

    Looks like white girls crave Black Men!

  15. For some reason I’ve been unable to “publish” the fact that plenty of degenerate old white guys crave young girls.

    Anyone ever heard of the convicted sex offender, Bill Clinton’s buddy, Jeffrey Epstein and his “Lolita Express?”

    As far as commenting on the lower reaches of ‘Merkin society,that’d be pretty much all of it, at least from my perch.

    I submit as evidence the Harpy Harridan, Hillabeast the Prezydenshul Kandy-date, and

    International Pedophile Ring: Child Smuggling And Child Sex Ring Involving “Dozens of Members of Congress, the US Justice Department, Federal Judges, High-ranking Military Officers and Many Others in Government; as well as very well known figures in the main stream media.”

  16. Anonymous [AKA "nomo"] says:

    He goes on about there is no difference between races and we all bleed red then starts telling stories that highlight all the differences. Go figure

  17. @Red

    A lot of hearty disapproval here, some of it fairly well covered with Sophistry – a black man that prefers white women – gasp. Maybe he speaks English and is turned off by Ebonics. Didn’t sound too pleased to hear his wife ‘doing’ welfare’ on her friends advice, says a lot about her friends, less about him.
    I would think selling drugs in the ghetto is like a country kid being in 4-H or an urban lad in Boy Scouts [or is that in disfavor now?].
    Then again I am dated – now over 40% of Americans on some type of ‘assistance’. The man is a hard worker who is doing good by his children and marriage by some link trainer sky pilot or not the real definition of marriage/wedlock is constantly changing. Lots of ‘Big Money’ Hollywood type have children out of wed lock and rather than selling drugs they hoover them up.
    Eddie doesn’t sound perfect but then again neither am I. e tu naysayers?

  18. Trumpster says:
    @jacques sheete

    That’s quite a magpie nest of “examples” you cough up, jacquesheete. Are you sure you’re not — black? blackish? Surely your names suggests that. Any black guy worth his blackness could be driven to rant around here. I sympathize that you have nasty “cracker” relatives, if you really do, but assuming they are real, they’re less likely to kill you than black ones of similar class. Statistically. So take some comfort — if you are one. When it comes to history and culture, you don’t seem to have much sense of context or cause and effect, or the ability to detach myth from history and deliberate telling tall tales; but then must people don’t.
    Thing is, Europeans, both men and women, did so much for so long, that examples of any sort of achievements good or bad are easy to cherry pick — what’s your point? The “nasty crackers” don’t have anything on motivated black chicks, except they can shoot straighter if they have guns. Lived in Detroit. I know. I’ve seen.
    But you don’t have to live in Detroit. Here’s a cherry pick for you:
    The Dahomey Amazons. An all female army in west Africa.
    Nobody here cares that much about this man’s women. It’s statistics again. There are about 3-4% of a given population who seek out “other” groups. Same percentage in female chimps, according to Goodall. They seek out mates in strange bands of chimps and often end up dead.
    Funny how he attracted welfare frauds no matter the race.

    • Replies: @jacques sheete
  19. Rdm says:

    A black hero

    – grew up out of wedlock, live on dealing drugs
    – not being racist, but love White women
    – tax fraud, but love smell of the waters
    – trying to provide the kids of his own

    The only universal trait that I can attribute Eddie success is despite his poor upbringing and his father abandonment, he still tries his best to provide his kids. That’s all I can give my utmost respect. The rest of the story is borne out of Black people.

    Eddie’s dad fathered 5 children with 5 different women and left after they were pregnant. Eddie was one of them. Imagine, if Eddie does the same thing with another 5 different women. Imagine other 4 stepbrothers follow suit. It’s multiplication among Black people.

    – Out of wedlock,
    – Sex drive and nothing more.
    – Live on selling drugs, tax fraud, welfare

    You can blame the system. But if Eddie’s dad only fathered Eddie and did his best, Black people can live well within one or two generations.

    But they don’t. They wander and screw around.

    I dare to say the only reason why Eddie did his best to provide his three kids is because he love White women. Had Eddie hooked up with a Black woman, he would have fathered another 4 black women and will be screwing around — going in and out of the jail.

    • Replies: @Triumph104
  20. Sam J. says:

    “…accounting and accepting the reality of statistical racial differences is fine and dandy, but its no cover for spewing hateful vitriol. People like you are every bit as much of an impediment to constructive public policy as are BLM activists, possibly more so…”

    Why should we not “spew hateful vitriol”? He works in White neighborhoods and has sex with White Women. What do you think would happen to a White Man that does the same? If you frequent Black neighborhoods there’s a fairly high chance you will be killed. The chance that you will be beaten and robbed is extremely high. The double standard of Blacks doing and going where they want while having the government subsidize their lives is infuriating. To treat everyone the same have White’s attack Blacks every time they leave the ghetto. If you don’t believe White’s should attack Blacks every time they leave the ghetto then why do you not demand the same from Blacks and use whatever force needed to make it stick?

    • Replies: @anon
    , @Alfred1860
  21. @Trumpster

    That’s quite a magpie nest of “examples” you cough up, jacquesheete.

    Funny you should mention “a magpie nest of ‘examples’ you cough up.” You wanna find an editor and proof reader and try your scribbling again? Intelligibility and readability are somewhat less than optimal.

    When it comes to history and culture, you don’t seem to have much sense of context or cause and effect…

    Sounds like projection to me, and what’s your point about evaluating me? No one comes here to read about me, and that’s as it should be.

    And talking about cause and effect, a lot of the articles here on UR try to make the lame case that there is a positive correlation between skin pigmentation and “IQ,” with the implication that crackers therefore morally supreme and deserve to treat blacks as lower beings. It’s kinda funny because that’s the same attitude that some “chosen ones” have regarding goyim. Get the point?

    Talks about missing the point(s)!

    Nobody here cares that much about this man’s women.

    Have you read the comments? While they may not care about the women, it nevertheless seems that they are concerned with Eddie’s “successes.” Why would that be?

    Still ROFL.

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  22. @Rdm

    I dare to say the only reason why Eddie did his best to provide his three kids is because he love White women. Had Eddie hooked up with a Black woman, he would have fathered another 4 black women and will be screwing around — going in and out of the jail.

    Eddie has six children by three white women.

    My kids are mixed. I love white women. Ha, ha, ha!

    … I have a kid that’s getting ready to turn four, up in Boston. All of my other kids are here. I’ve got 24, 21, 20, 16, 15 and one that’s getting ready to turn four. I grew up without a father, so I was going to make sure I’m not going to be like my father, you know what I mean?

    • Replies: @Rdm
  23. Rdm says:

    Then Eddie’s multiplication works better than I had imagined.

    I wonder what happened to 4 other step brothers.

    Oh, as long as food stamps are there, those people will multiply.

    Basic instinct is real.

  24. Oh, as long as food stamps are there, those people will multiply.

    And as long as government is there, welfare payments, including corporate bailouts will multiply as well.

    As long as we have enemies such as welfare recipients and competition for our bailed out corporations, we’ll “need” the government to protect us from them. It’s an ever increasing snowball. Kool, eh?

    What’s a good definition of a protection racket?

  25. anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Hi Linh ,
    It seems your latest provocation is not resonating. Sure , on paper it looks good to feed them stories about white girls lusting after homies , after all most of the commenters here hate that stuff and disdain ” coal burners ” .After all the article has been up for a few days already and the 28 comments as of now means that you will get much more interest , page views and comments if you feed them the ((( red meat ))) they voraciously desire .

    Come on, this article doesn’t mention ((( Red Meat ))) even one time in passing and it certainly doesn’t attack and disparage ((( Red Meat ))) . Get with the program Linh . Give the people what they want and they will reward you . You should know the drill by now , so I expect this was just an experiment of sorts. I hope next week I can read 3000 comments absolutely eviscerating the ((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((Anglo-Zionist empire ,Israel , Neocons , Zionists and Jews at large)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) .

  26. With “good guys” like Eddie, we don’t need bad guys.

    Linh, how about tracking eddie’s many illegitimate kids and finding out how many themselves have kids out of wedlock?

    How many of his kids, or their kids, receive food stamps and Medicaid at our expense?

    How many of his kids, or their kids, have done time in prison, again at our expense?

    How many of his kids, or their kids, have been unemployed for years on end?

    How many of his kids waited until they had a decent job or savings before knocking up more women?

    Eddie, I wish your ancestors had never been brought here. Good luck, and get out.

  27. @jacques sheete

    Because his reckless sexual behavior and its consequences has cost us millions of dollars. Let’s track his many offspring and see how many received food stamps and Medicaid for a prolonged period of time. How many have been in prison? How many have cultivated marketable job skills and tried hard to put them to good use ?

    How many of his six kids has he actually lived with full time throughout their childhood?

    Just another horny selfish animal caring more for his pleasure and ego than for his children’s future and our nation’s safety, prosperity, and culture.

  28. anon • Disclaimer says:
    @Sam J.

    He works in White neighborhoods and has sex with White Women. What do you think would happen to a White Man that does the same? If you frequent Black neighborhoods there’s a fairly high chance you will be killed. The chance that you will be beaten and robbed is extremely high

    This is a common misconception . I worked in a black neighborhood for several years and went to bed with dozens of black girls. I never had any problems with black guys in the hood , if anything they usually thought it was cool and were practically cheering me on , or asking me to go the club , party &c. with them so we could pick up black chicks together . On the instances that I went out with a girl for a while and met her family and friends , they could not have been nicer and more welcoming of me . Even with the girls that I just pump and dumped , if I became friends with guys in her family they would remain my friend and didn’t care about their relatives hurt feelings. Well they were all players themselves so its understandable .

    I remember going to a block party with a girl in a bad hood . She was the archetype , big breasts , slim waist , thick thighs and massive huge booty , the kind homies drool over. Anyway as we were walking from the car to the party , an Escalade filled with homeys pulled along side of us slowly . The driver rolled down the window , looked at me walking with my hand on her huge booty and just shook his head and said ” You tight dog , you tight !!!!!!!!!!!!! “. In general blacks are way cooler than whites in these instances .

  29. Mr. Dinh,

    I enjoy reading your profiles of the mundane and the downtrodden but would like to offer an observation which, if I may, might also serve as constructive criticism. More and more you seem to give free reign to ramblings of said people without consideration of the very high probability that you may be dealing with seriously mentally ill individuals or at best bar room bullscheissers.

    Without using some form of discretion do you feel it is right to give a forum to people who are making a fool out of you (and hence cheating your readers) or worse displaying diseased minds in the manner of a freak show at a carny?

    This “Eddie” chap’s so called chronicle if subjected to even a rudimentary statement analysis gives off so many tells and contradictions that I feel embarrassed for you to have presented it on a forum. I mean really, loading up his kids’ bank accounts “in their own names” for relatively huge sums. Did you not think of contacting some of them to ask about these claims?

    There are hundred of other exponential fallacies here that I have neither the time nor the interest to get into but least Eddie isn’t clinically nuts, just completely full of it. Some of your last women were studies in pure pathos.

    If presenting these people ‘as they are’ without any scrutiny is your intention then so be it, it’s your show. It’s just that if no line is being drawn, why not just hone up your creative writing skills and make these characters up?

    Also I notice that your readers seem to take these flakes at their word. Are there different Unzites for different articles? The other ones seem to be much more on the ball.

    Anyways, just my two centimos.

  30. @Sam J.

    If you think spewing hateful vitriol is the best way to get the majority of people to consider your position, let alone accept it, go right ahead. I think its a really stupid way, and bound to fail. That doesn’t mean I totally disagree with where you’re coming from. Adding hate to the world is always counterproductive. I don’t believe in affirmative action or hiring quotas or welfare programs in general, but I do believe that if we (and others) stop projecting cultural ideals onto everyone else, we can all get along. As long as you are hurting anyone or using the fruits of my labour to support those who choose not support themselves and/or destroy rather than produce, live and let live.

    I personally don’t believe that many cultures are compatible, on a mass-sample basis. Of course there are plenty exceptions to every rule so I try not to let my well-founded stereotypes prevent me from seeing individuals (of whatever race, religion, sex, age, etc.) for who they are.

    • Replies: @The Anti-Gnostic
  31. @Alfred1860

    We could de-racialize the secular State by abolishing welfare and a number of other transfer payments, along with all “civil rights” laws to allow complete freedom of association. Then, people could coalesce into communities of shared interests and interact or not from their communal safe harbors.

    I’m not holding my breath. And in the meantime, this irresponsible tomcat needs to have his selfish lifestyle held up to ridicule instead of having his words solemnly parsed for some presumed pearls of insight.

  32. anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    I am looking forward to seeing Linh Dinh’s November 11 article, “The Trump Ploy,” being published here by Mr. Unz.

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