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Obscured American: Bill the Professor, Writer, Musician and Artist
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Allentown, 2012

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My writing on society and politics has made me quite a few friends, some I’ve been able to visit on their home turf, from Scranton to Burgazada, to Leipzig. Others have come to me. In July of 2018, just before I left the US for good, I had a few beers with Bill, who drove to Philly from Allentown.

My Obscured American series was supposed to be a book, but like my Collected Poems, it has been scuttled by a publisher. Such is life in woke America. As its mind shrinks, it sinks.

Billy Joel sings of a post-industrial Allentown where the people are disappointed, restless and adrift, where even an education and hard work may not yield much. Twenty-six years after its release, this song describes just about all American towns. “It’s getting very hard to stay,” except there’s really nowhere to go, besides the often lethal escape to opioids.

Fleeing Allentown, Bill took a Greyhound to California, which was expensive enough in the 70’s. Now, with Chinese money flooding in, even a ratty couch in the Tenderloin or Skid Row is out of reach for most Americans. California dreaming is just a goofy song. After eight years in that elusive, faux paradise, Bill returned to Allentown.

When Bill first emailed me in 2012, he spoke of living among “backwoods “reactionaries” who “just love disgusting stuff.” With an IQ of 136, Bill has few peers. His work and life aggravations are compounded by his frustrations as an unread writer, unheard musician and unseen artist.

It’s presumptuous to call oneself an artist or poet, I know, I’m doing it, too. Speaking as Folly, Erasmus observed:

Poets aren’t so much in my debt, though they’re admittedly members of my party, as they’re a free race, as the saying goes, whose sole interest lies in delighting the ears of the foolish with pure nonsense and silly tales. Yet strange to say, they rely on these for the immortality and god-like life they assure themselves, and they make similar promises to others. “Self-love and flattery” are their special friends, and no other race of men worships me with such wholehearted devotion […] Of the same kidney are those who court immortal fame by writing books. They all owe a great deal to me, especially any who blot their pages with unadulterated rubbish. But people who use their erudition to write for a learned minority and are anxious to have either Persius or Laelius pass judgment don’t seem to me favored by fortune but rather to be pitied for their continuous self-torture. They add, change, remove, lay aside, take up, rephrase, show to their friends, keep for nine years and are never satisfied. And their futile reward, a word of praise from a handful of people, they win at such a cost—so many late nights, such loss of sleep, sweetest of all things, and so much sweat and anguish. Then their health deteriorates, their looks are destroyed, they suffer partial or total blindness, poverty, ill-will, denial of pleasure, premature old age and early death, and whatever remaining disasters there may be. Yet the wise man believes he is compensated for everything if he wins the approval of one or another purblind scholar.

Having shed 10 pounds recently, Bill appeared trim in his T-shirt and jeans. He wore thin glasses, a scraggly walrus moustache and soul patch, and his white hair was combed straight back. His slight overbite accentuated his age.

My father was very poor, from a very small town by the Susquehanna River. It’s a classic American small town, Porchville. His father and my mother’s father were unemployed during the Depression. They lived a block from each other, so my mother and father knew each other in the baby carriage. Their mothers were friends.

They were very poor, growing up, but my grandmother, I remember her telling me, “The best time of my life was the Great Depression.” I said, “Why, grandma?” Here’s another one of my little memes, but it’s a great story. She said, “Well, I have a soup bone. The woman down the street has some peas, and the woman up the street, uh, has some bread. We come down, make the soup and feed all the kids in the neighborhood.”

My father got into the Air Force, and my mother got into the Navy, during the war. My father flew B-17’s. My mother was a secretary in Washington. He ended up being an instructor. I can’t imagine being an instructor of flight school at 19 or 20. He says, or he said, he’s dead now, right before they sent him to Europe, the war ended, and right before they sent him to Japan, the war ended. He had a twin brother who was also a B-17 pilot, and they both did everything together.

Neither of them went overseas. After the war, they joined the National Guards, for money, then went to Vanderbilt Law School, all on the G.I. Bill. They could never have afforded it, otherwise.

Then my father’s twin brother, who had the same name as me, flew his B-17 into a Tennessee mountain. Nobody knows how it happened. That tore my father up. First big disappointment of my father’s life.

The thing that inspired my father to fly was a barnstormer. A barnstormer landed in a farmer’s field, across from his house, when he was a kid. He was babysitting, and Chuck Glassick was the boy’s name, and he took him down to the barnstormer. Imagine nowadays, if you took a kid that you’re babysitting up on a plane, without asking his parents! Chuck Glassick just told me at dad’s funeral. He said, “Ed said it was all right, and I believed him, and it was all right.”

My father wanted to be a pilot, but I think my mother nixed that, or else he lost his gumption, you know. So anyway, that was his second disappointment.

He got his law degree from Vanderbilt and came home, but he never became a lawyer. He never passed the Pennsylvania bar. He got a job at All States Insurance Company. In those days, adjusters, believe it or not, had law degrees.


He should have started out in sales, because guys who started out in sales ended up millionaires. He became a small office manager. He really hated that job. He tried to pass the bar again in his 40’s, by studying at night. I’d come home and see him fall asleep over his books, on the living room couch.

At some point, we moved to Levittown, and he worked in one of the big Philadelphia offices, but something happened, and he got demoted and sent back to Allentown. I never got the full story about that, but he said that they wanted him to do something that he morally couldn’t do. I don’t doubt it, really. They wanted him to fudge something, and he couldn’t do it.

was brand new. It was all these veterans, and all the houses looked exactly the same. I was six-years-old when I walked out the door, walked three houses down, and started knocking on doors, “Where’s my mommy?! Where’s my mommy?!” Finally, one of the ladies said, “I think you belong in this house!” and she took me down to my house.

My family are all sports nuts. My grandfather was a minor league ballplayer and umpire. My uncle was a minor league ballplayer. My grandfather grew up with Babe Ruth, in Baltimore. My mother watches sports 24 hours a day, if she can. My father watched a lot on TV. So I had to play sports.

I played football in high school, although I was also in the chorus, which got me shit from both sides! That’s the kind of guy I am, you know, I’m always in between. I’m never in the crowd. I was in the chorus, a musician, you know, which is for faggots.

The football team wouldn’t let me play my junior year. I practiced with them, I was allowed on the bench, but I couldn’t suit up, because I had to go to chorus, and miss one practice a week.

I quit the chorus for my senior year, and played on the football team. I wanted to be a defensive player. I didn’t like offense. I didn’t like memorizing plays. You know, I’m a smart guy, but I hated memorizing plays.

What I liked was analyzing the other team’s plays, figure out what they were going to do, go and tackle them. I was also the fastest guy on my team, and I was the meanest guy, because I had so many frustrations from high school, which I hadn’t begun to figure out. I wanted to hit somebody. That’s one of the reasons I enjoyed it.

Three or four games into the season, they suddenly realized I was the best guy on the defensive line, although everybody else was 200 pounds, and I was 150. They suddenly noticed I was the guy chasing people around the back field, while the rest of my guys were laying on the ground.

If they had let me play my junior year, they would have won. So three or four games in, they put me right in the center, and everybody else by the sidelines, because I could hold down four or five guys. I could. I was so fuckin’ mean. I know where the play is coming. It’s coming right over me. They tailored the defense to tempt the other team to run right over my head.

All I had to do was create a clot, right there. I don’t knock them down or anything like that. We won every game from then on.

I was also smarter than everybody else. There was a team that blocked at your knees, so I just pushed them to the ground. Nobody else on my team could figure this out.

That was my triumph, and nobody knows, because I was on the bottom of the pile, so they never announced my name over the loud speaker. Nobody knew I was on the football team. I didn’t get any of that appreciation from the cheerleaders or anything like that.

After high school, I did all kinds of jobs. I was a bricklayer, then I worked at Mack Truck for two or three years. Allentown used to be an industrial town.

I did everything. I worked as a chip man. They had a metal finishing plant, and they had all these shavings that came off the finishing, and you have to go and dump the shaves. That was one of the easy jobs. I worked on the line itself. One job I had was screwing on oil filters. Just screwing on one oil filter after another.

I worked a high stack of lift trucks. That is some job. High stacks go up two stories, like this, and you take these big containers full of parts, and you have to balance them. It’s like a scaffolding. If you don’t get it all the way in, once in a while, all these tools come raining down, ha, ha! I could have been brained, you know?

This was in the 70’s. A lot of the equipment there, I swear, went back to the 20’s. I had this hand-worked crane hooked around pieces of, ah, sheet metal. Big piles of long sheet metal. Tons of sheet metal. I hook it on the sheet metal, and move it from here to here. Several times, these knife-like, gigantic, ton-sized pieces of sheet metal go flying around, and I go ducking, you know. They could have cut off my head.

I quit. I could have gotten pension and all that kind of shit.

I hated working in factories, you know, but working in factories looks good to most people, nowadays, compared to what they’re stuck with. I mean, we had benefits. When we were laid off, unions made up our salaries, so we didn’t just get our unemployment, we got our full salaries when we were laid off. We had health care, all that kind of stuff, and pension. I mean, these guys my age who went the whole way until they retired from the place, they’re sitting pretty, compared to me, but I couldn’t have took it. I couldn’t stand it there.


See, I’m different from the usual academic because I’ve had other experiences, which also make me strange in academia. I know more than these other people, about other things, and they don’t like that. I know more history than a lot of historians, and I’m an English major. Sorry to get off the topic…

On the line, I had to hook this very old-fashioned crane onto each side of the bottom, then come around to the front of the truck, and hook the other side. Well, somehow, when I came around, that crane was swinging. It was this big, huge L of metal, you know, and it slammed up and chipped my front tooth. If it was a little higher, it would knock me out and I’d be killed, you know. They let me sit down for a while, then put me back on the job.

I couldn’t stand it in Allentown any more, I still can’t stand it, so, uh, I crossed the country. In Orange County, I lived with 15 people, ten people on bean bags in the living room, and three people in each bedroom. Huge piles of dishes. There was a zoo next door. Lots of Mexicans had chickens in their backyard, and we had this two-legged dog that used to walk in and scrape his body across the carpet and come out the door.

A year later, I was in San Francisco. I lived right on Russian Hill. A bunch of people from Allentown lived there. You have, what do you call it, colonies. People from Hammond, Indiana, lived in another house, on the other side of Russian Hill.

This place was beautiful. It was, you know, right after the earthquake, a Victorian, made of redwood. Sixteen-foot ceiling, crystal chandelier, cut glass windows, working gas lights. Beautiful tiles, walls, on the kitchen and on the bathrooms. Out the back window, we had this beautiful view of Alcatraz and Angel Island. It was palatial, and we only paid $300 a month.

Mr. Wong was our landlord. Mr. Wong was great, but he kicked us out eventually. What he did was cut the apartment in two, totally modernized it, and charged 1,200 for each side. This was in the late 70’s, when San Francisco started to become Manhattan.

I got a job as a cab driver. Veterans Cab. That’s a hell of a job. I worked the night shift, until three in the morning. Ten hours.

In the night, there are three kinds of people: the cops, the whores and the cab drivers, so you have a kind of kinship. About two in the morning, three in the morning, you take the whores home to Oakland. It’s a nice, long trip, and they tip me too, then the drag queens come on. They do their shift, late in the morning, at 2 or 3 O’clock, and they work ’til dawn. This is The Tenderloin I’m talking about.

You take a break between one and two, ’til the 2 O’clock rush when the bars close. One time, they sent this drunk out into my car, and I took him home. He wasn’t going to pay me, and he was drunk. I just left him out on the street, and he was laying on the ground there. Finally, I decided I’d roll him, you know. I looked around his pants, and I don’t roll people, but I go, Fuck this shit, I’m going to try to roll somebody!

He was wearing those kinds of, like, Indian pants that don’t have any pockets in them, so he didn’t have any money anyway. I couldn’t even roll the guy, but that was my last attempt at crime, you know.

My best cab driving friend was Sally Thompson. She was an American Indian, from Ontario, and she was a lesbian. She had the hardest time. She was a junkie. One time, I go to see her and both her arms are broken. It’s because she owed money to these bull dykes, and they broke both her arms. Another time, she fell asleep while she was cab driving, from methadone, and ran into the wall, so she had a steel plate in her head.

I remember being with her lesbian friends, over at their house, and they go, “You can come in, Sally, but no problems! We don’t want to hear any problems!” Sally always had… “They broke my arms!” Or, “I just got syphilis!”

She was the sweetest. A girlfriend of mine said, “She’s a whore with a heart of gold.” Sally turned tricks occasionally, to get a little extra money.

A lot of my old friends are dead, and I thought that if anybody would be dead by now, Sally Thompson would be, but I just looked on FaceBook, and there’s Sally Thompson! She’s got that tough American-Indian blood, I think.

I had two different cabs totaled out from under me. One of them, I was hit by a cab driver. Another cab ran a stop light, coming down the hill, totaled me, and I had to continue working! I had to wait four hours, until they got me a new cab, and they forced me to work into the morning, to finish my shift.

The good story is I got mugged! That ruined my cab driving. I picked up a guy in Washington Square. He looked all right. He got in the back, pulled me up on Lombard. It was really dark in there. He sticks a knife on me! Puts his arm around here. I go, “Ah, ah, don’t worry, I’ve got the money here! I’ve got a hundred dollars or so!”

I’m pulling it out, but it’s not fast enough for him, so he goes, “Hurry up!” Stabs it in. I give him all the money. “Sorry, that’s it!”

Luckily, it didn’t hit the jugular. He stuck it right in the side, and it went straight in, so I guess it didn’t hit any major artery, but I bled like a pig. I was a little upset, yeah.

He pulled out my phone, you know, so I couldn’t call the dispatcher. He says, “Lay down! Don’t do that!” then he leaves.

I drove the cab back, and they let me off that night, without paying gates and gas, ha, ha! because I had all this blood. My whole shirt was bleeding.


After that, it was no good, because you’ve got to take chances, you’ve got to pick up people, but I was scared to pick up anybody else. I couldn’t, I just couldn’t. No, not this one, not that one, no! I couldn’t make any money any more. You have to be kinda brave or foolhardy to be a cab driver.

The detective asked me to describe him, and look at mug shots. I said I could still remember he had a red wind breaker, with some college on it. He had curly, black hair, and he was missing some teeth. He had bell bottoms on. The detective congratulated me on being an excellent observer! “We never get this good a description, you know.”

They put his description up in all of the cab companies, and another cab driver picks him up. The cab driver looks in the mirror and goes, That’s the guy! Takes him where he’s going, gets on the horn, and the cops are there the next minute. He robbed a whole bunch of other people. They all described him.

I never heard what happened to him. Most of the difficulties at the time in San Francisco, crime difficulties, involved Mexicans, you know.

I got fag bashed one time, and I’m not gay, but I was living near the Castro. I was walking home in the Haight, walking alone and whistling, but I have been living in the city for about six years, so I’m not a suburban boy any more. I see a Mexican guy coming up the street, over here, and I pass a guy on my right, and I see two guys coming towards me, and I suddenly realize they’re all talking to each other.

My mind goes bumping in my head, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!

I time it, very careful. I can feel the guy behind me. The two guys, right as they come up before me, I scream bloody murder, and I go, “Raaah!” Running right through them, knock the two right to the sides. He tries to give me a karate kick, but I knock him right over, because I’m already at top speed. I go, vrooom!

I run over to the Castro District, where there are lots of guys, walking around, and I ask two gay guys to walk me home.

My drummer got fag bashed, too, and these were suburban white boys, coming down the peninsula, in a big van. I think they stopped him in his Volkswagen. He was a Vietnam ex-Marine. They started after him, you know, but he pulled out his nunchuk, ha, ha! He taught them a lesson.

These are my classic stories. It’s like, I have these little formulations, you know, simple ways of describing things that happened in my life, my opinions or anything like that, and they’re all very good, because they get it across to people, short, because people can’t listen for very long, but every once in a while, I get sick of them. I’ve heard them too many times. Sometimes, I want to change my opinions, just so I don’t have to say that meme again.

It’s like, when people ask me why I never get married. Well, the ones who want to marry me, I don’t want to marry, and the ones I want to marry, don’t want to marry me. Nice, sweet and to the point, and people get it.

I couldn’t afford to live in San Francisco, so I had to come home with my tail between my legs. I haven’t been to the West Coast in 30 years. I never had the money to go back.

Back in Allentown, I worked temp jobs and lived with my parents, which was hellish. I love my parents, but they yell at me all the fuckin’ time.

It took me 10 years to go through graduate schools. The $24,000 I borrowed have ballooned to 48,000, with interest, but luckily, I don’t have to pay. If you make less than a certain amount, you can defer paying back your student loan, and in ten years, when I’m 75, it will be absolved. I think Obama put in this rule.

Getting my PhD at age 43 meant I would be a permanent adjunct. I’ve never made more than $18,000 a year, teaching, with no benefits and no pension plans. One of those years at Mack Truck, I might, in real money, have earned more than $18,000.

I couldn’t stand the Beavis and Butthead undergraduates. Their behavior was out of control, but I couldn’t control them because the administration did not have my back. If the students complained about me, they believed the students and not me, so how could I discipline them? I have to get high evaluations, or I won’t get more work. How do you get high evaluations? You give higher grades. Basically, you give them A’s and B’s. A B- is an F.

Everybody hates teachers. Even teachers hate teachers. Teachers are the evil ones. I figure it’s because they’re like mothers. They’re trying to make you do things you don’t want to do.

I don’t know how you can get people to look at it from the teacher’s viewpoint, which is being tortured by people who don’t understand the whole thing, and who also think they don’t need to. They all think, I don’t need this.

They’re constantly fighting with me, constantly mocking me, mocking fellow students, talking while I’m talking, threatening me, and this is a prestigious college!

I try to do everything I can. I don’t know why. It all comes from my parents, again. They told me to work hard. Work hard and you’ll prosper, they told me. Do your best. I try so hard, every job I’ve ever had. You don’t have to believe me if you want, but everybody tells me I try too hard.

Anyway, I have to try very hard to not try too hard for my class. Take it nice and easy, and don’t worry if they don’t learn stuff.


For the past year and a half, my father had problems with his lungs. All the doctors said it’s dysphagia, which means it goes down the wrong way. You eat food, and your throat doesn’t work right any more, and the food goes into your lungs. And then he coughed and coughed and coughed, and so they gave him a stomach tube, but you’re still swallowing your spit, and things like that, so a little bit was still going down, and he was still coughing. He wasn’t getting better.

Right before he died, I took him into the hospital one more time. He was coughing blood for a while, along with spit, and they thought that was from his throat. It was dry, because he wasn’t drinking.

This young Indian doctor comes in there, and he can’t even talk to my father. He tells my sister, who’s a nurse, what the problem is. They gave him a CAT scan, and they found a mass in his lungs, so apparently he had a tumor or lung cancer, for this whole year, but because it was an X-ray, it just looked like ammonia.

He was basically saying, “You’re dying, man. That’s it.” He didn’t tell it very well. He was using these technical terms and all that kind of crap.

After they told my father that, he’s still conscious. I’m trying to get everybody to talk to dad about our lives together, you know, have my little nephew tell him about, Oh, I used to walk the dog with dad, down the farm, that kind of stuff, and play with his airplane, you know. But my niece has her two whining kids in there, and they’re on the cellphone, you know, texting everybody who isn’t there about the situation. I’m going, “Come on, guys, pay attention to dad.”

I didn’t yell at her or anything like that, but she started yelling at me, and screaming at me, in front of a dying man, and the kids are screaming at me, too, and this is the last time we’re going to be able to talk to my dad.

Shortly after, they pump him full of drugs. He goes to sleep, and that’s the last time, pretty much. They’re going to let him die. Don’t let anybody tell you they don’t do euthanasia. My sister who decides is a nurse, and my girlfriend is a nurse, and they both say that’s the way to do it, when they start choking, even though he wasn’t choking when we were all there.

He was talking to me and making jokes and all that kind of stuff, but they just decided it’s time to put him under. The put him under and kept him under, so he couldn’t choke at any time, and throw up. They would have had to suction it out. That’s the theory.

It took him five days. They starved him, and didn’t give him any water for five days. He was asleep the whole time. They gave him morphine. Anyway, I slept overnight with him, for five nights, and my sister and mother took over in the daytime, waiting for him to die.

It’s like I’m sleeping there, but with one ear open, you know, like they say soldiers do. One ear open, listening to his breathing, for it to stop.

Yes, my poor dad. It’s not an easy death. Actually, one time, he woke up, and I got a chance to talk to him just a little bit, and we even made a joke. He had to pee, so I said, “It must be hard to pee when a pretty nurse is holding your dick!” and he laughed at that. It was one of the last things we said to each other.

Around the fifth night, my brother from Altoona comes in to town. Big fat guy, truck driver, uh, in shorts. I hate fat guys in shorts. “Don’t you know how you look?” I want to say. Shorts look ridiculous on anybody, but especially that guy. Be that as it may, that’s not what I’ve got against him.

What I’ve got against him is, my dad’s asleep, he’s near his last day, and my mother was just in there. I say, “Don’t worry, Mitch, I’m going to move in with mom. I’ll take care of her,” and my brother starts screaming and yelling at me, “You just want the money! You bastard, you better not do that!” He just starts screaming, in front of a dying man.

He thinks I want to go live with her. No, it’s hellish to take care of my mother. She’s very demanding, and she yells at me a lot. She yells at me for sleeping late in the morning, you know, to this day. She tries to make me better, at 65. My 90-year-old mother treats me like I’m five, and tries to make a better person out of me, by nagging at me and yelling at me all the time.

I’m a late sleeper, and Hitler was a late sleeper. I’m going to write a song about all the things I have in common with Hitler! He forgot to take out the garbage, several times! Once, a girlfriend hit me on the head with a lamp, because I was sleeping late.

With medical advances, we’re living longer, but there has to be a way to make life more meaningful for old people, because all they do during their last 30 years is watch television. They ought to figure out how to not just keep them alive, but keep them healthy, so they can go out and do other things.

Nobody wants to use them as advisors. My father knew all this shit about insurance. Why don’t they want to use him? What the hell.

For the last year of his life, I wanted to take my recorder over there and quiz him on his life, you know, and I regret it. That’s one of the regrets I’ll always have. On the other hand, I got the feeling that he just wanted to hang around and watch TV with my mother, and he had trouble talking, and he was coughing a lot.

I may seem happy and jolly right now, but I’m pumped up with 15,000 milligrams of vitamin B. I’m so fuckin’ depressed about my shit.

Vitamin B makes you happy. It’s better than Prozac, because it’s healthier. It’s good for you. It’s sunshine.

He was 93. I shouldn’t be so… sad about it, but I… And he wasn’t that good to me either. Living in the house, I remember times he would yell at me and frighten me, and scared me a lot, but…


He did spank me, but not a lot, and so did my mother. Christopher Lasch said, “If children are punished, spanked, they grow up with symptoms of grief and depression. But if they’re not spanked, or physically punished, then they grow up with symptoms of borderline personality and narcissism.”

And that’s your present day young people. Personally, I prefer grief and depression. Borderline and narcissism, I’ve been around a lot of people like that. Borderline is when they need a lot of attention, no matter what. They’ll fight with you, just to get attention.

All my life, people have screamed at me! I remember you writing something about how we all need to be with other people? I have to disagree. I think we can’t all be happy until we each have our own room.

I’ve never had kids. I don’t like them much. I can’t describe it much better… No, I was influenced when I was young by, “Who would bring a kid into this horrible, fuckin’ world?” Who would put kids through what I was put through? I mean, that’s a big part of it, too.

I know I was middle class. I wasn’t a junkie, and I wasn’t a paraplegic either. You know what happens there? When people say, “Be happy, you’re not a paraplegic! You’re not a quadriplegic.” I go, “You know what that does when you tell me that? It just makes me feel guilty for thinking I’m better than a quadriplegic,” so that’s not helping me.

When my father died, lately they all tell me, “We’re all going to die, you know.” Why are you telling me that? Don’t say that! Why does everybody say that?

I’ve been through nothing but disappointments.

All my girlfriends have yelled at me, but this one is better because she has a short attention span. I like that, because I can jolly her up, after she’s yelled for a few minutes.

I’ve been with her for 15 years, and we’ve lived together for eight. My girlfriend used to be a geriatric nurse, but she quit. She thought care goes down when the computers come in. Before, nurses would spend all their time taking care of the old people, but now they mostly stand at a computer, entering data or talking, on their cellphone, you know, to one of their ten children!

Another thing is nurses get more patients per nurse. People with business administration degrees come in, cut the fat, rationalize and that kind of stuff.

The supervisor used to yell at her, and curse at her. He was brought in to fire all the old nurses, and hire young nurses for less money, make them work longer hours, take care of more patients. Nursing homes have become hellholes, thanks to these business majors.

Now, my girlfriend stays at home and take care of her mom, who’s going crazy. The old lady accuses my girlfriend of the most horrible things, like sleeping with her own father!

My girlfriend’s father was a bit of a wheeler, dealer. He got some money. This makes me think it’s terrible to have money in the family. Her family is more miserable than my family. They’re horrible to each other!

Her father manipulated them all by threatening to cut them out of the will. Typical stuff, you know. They’re always upset, because of the money, and it’s, like, useless. I would rather not have it. They’re a miserable bunch, anyway.

The thing that sucks throughout my life is that I spend most of my time, when I’m not being yelled at, constantly worried about being out on the street. Even though I’m an academic, with a PhD, I’ve been frightfully poor all my life. There’s this constant grinding fear in the back of my head. If I lived in Denmark or some place like that, that would be one thing I wouldn’t have to worry about so much. I could get on with other things.

I’ve been homeless. When I moved to LA, and I moved out of that house, I was homeless for a week or so. I was in a homeless shelter down in Santa Ana. I had this guy beneath me who would rock the bunk beds. I finally yelled at him, “Stop rocking,” but he couldn’t stop, because he had something wrong with him. I think he had a wound that was itching. I should have just stayed in my car.

I studied English because I wanted to become a writer, but I’m also a musician and an artist. Look at my website if you get a chance. On it, I have a collection of short stories, three books about slaves in ancient Rome and a science fiction book. I have five books, but nobody buys them.

I self-publish my books and sell them on Amazon. My uncle bought my sci-fi book, but he had to be an asshole about it and only gave it four stars, not five! My nephew, too, bought the same book. He’s also an asshole about it and only gave it four stars!

People keep telling me, “You should just do one thing,” but I want to do everything. As a musician, I play country, blues, rock, jazz and classical. I have a YouTube site, with me just playing guitar of a hundred songs. I got Martin, they make them up there, in Nazareth, they lent me a $5,000 guitar to make my videos.

I wanted to have a really good sounding guitar for my videos, but it’s still just me singing the songs, you know. That’s not a professional recording.

I have a recording with a group, made in a studio that’s owned by a friend who’s a trust fund baby. It took us years and years and years to make that album. It’s like my rock and roll group album, my garage Beatles band album. It’s out. You can buy it on Amazon today. Two people have bought it, and I’ve had it out for three years!

They say what you have to do, and this goes for my books, too, what you’re supposed to do is email reviewers, and beg them to review your stuff. I can’t do that. I tried it once or twice, and I said, “No, that’s enough.” So the marketing of it is 90%, and the making of it is less than 10%.

If I can just get some people to read my books, listen to my records and look at my art, online. All I want to be is an artist. All I really want to do is sit, alone, quietly, and make records. I’m making a blues record right now.

Lately, I’ve been playing these country swing dances. If a guy wants to meet women, he should go to these country swing dances, because I keep seeing all these very hot women show up with codgers. There just aren’t enough young guys to go around. To dance, these women must be in pretty good shape, so most of them have pretty good bodies.

I normally talk a lot, anyway, if anybody wants to listen to what I have to say, but most of the time, I start talking my shit like this, and people start yawning. I’m, like, all right, I’ll stop, but you haven’t yawned once!

Linh Dinh’s latest book is Postcards from the End of America. He maintains a regularly updated photo blog.

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  1. IvyMike says:

    Bukowski didn’t have much success until he was in his 50’s. Of course, Bukowski was interesting…

  2. RJJCDA says:

    He is right about book marketing. I have been trying for a couple of years to get someone to be agent, publicist and marketeer for a fiction. No one interested. Yes, 90% is getting people to read/review, and then maybe somebody purchases.

    • Replies: @anon
  3. My Obscured American series was supposed to be a book, but like my Collected Poems, it has been scuttled by a publisher. Such is life in woke America. As its mind shrinks, it sinks.

    Why not self-publish as an e-book? It won’t make you rich, but were you really counting on that? In terms of marketing, you get a good deal of “word of mouth” here.

  4. Interesting article. Regarding his books, instead of fiction, maybe he should right something related to his experiences.

  5. Ben Gunn says:

    Come on LD, where is the guys website and tube channel?

    • Replies: @Linh Dinh
  6. Linh Dinh says: • Website
    @Ben Gunn

    Hi Ben,

    He asked that they not be listed in the interview.


  7. @Linh Dinh

    I wanted to look at his website, too. Tell him his mom called and said no wonder he’s not selling his book.

    The self-publishing fad sucks, actually. So many badly edited books. Too many books, period, competing. The NYT bestseller list used to be something to aim for, but then I read about how it is fake, or mostly fake. All the NY publishers get together and decide amongst themselves which books to push, and then they sell them to the big bookstores, but who knows how long those are going to be around. The last time I went to B&N, they were selling more toys than books.

    I enjoy reading your posts very much, even though sometimes they’re sad.

  8. I agree with him about putting old folks down. No water, no food, just lots of morphine and wait till they stop breathing.
    That’s probably the fate in store for many of us. Well, that is unless we happen to be on top of a tall building that’s imploded by a bunch of Israelis during a false flag operation. .

    • Replies: @Lockean Proviso
  9. @IvyMike

    This guy’s much more interesting than Bukowski.

    • Replies: @Low Voltage
  10. Anon[402] • Disclaimer says:

    I’m curious as to how his CD sounds, but without any info, how can I find it on Amazon?

  11. jo6pac says:

    Thanks, always an interesting read.

  12. Charles says:

    No doubt a lot of us wish we had “quizzed”, as he said, our fathers before they died. My late father was born in 1922 and died in 2012. He made a living as a college professor but was also an ordained Baptist minister and was the Protestant chaplain for the US Army 100th Division during the Korean Conflict and was a Reservist until the early 1970s. He had been all over the world via the Army. I’ve never even left the States. I don’t compare favorably to him, but his generation was simply a tougher breed of people.

    • Replies: @4justice
    , @Franz
  13. Cowboy says:

    Every town needs a Bill. I didn’t feel sorry for him but he is funny.

  14. 4justice says:

    Emily Dickenson is said to have never left a fifty mile radius, yet she made a great contribution to literature, imo. (I always try to live by her recommendation to “Tell the truth, but tell it slant…”
    You are still alive. If you don’t think you are worthy of the legacy that your father’s life merits, than get to work changing that fact. Every place needs the contributions of loving, caring, thoughtful people. If you are not able to be loving, caring and thoughtful due to the psychological warfare unleashed on our society through mass manipulation in the media or for other reasons, then start there. Heal thyself so that you can be a force for healing to those around you.

    I hope your Dad wasn’t sucked into Christian Zionism via the Schofield reference bible psyop as much of the Baptist community has been tricked into, but God Bless him for being a dad, for being willing to serve his country and for working to spread Jesus’ message of love. None of us are perfect and none of us can do everything, but we each can do something. And I am certain you can find a way to honor your father’s name if you set to work on it. I am hoping to do the same for my dad. God Bless!

    • Replies: @Charles
  15. Charles says:

    Those are thoughtful and true statements. He was certainly not, as some noted evangelists claim to be, a “Judaeo-Christian”; there is in fact no such thing. Even though I truly believe most people of his time were in a sense “better” – that is, more resilient and rugged – it’s true they had the advantage of living most of their lives in pre-insanity America. But “my” generation (b. 1969) cannot make that out as an excuse; our parents had their conflicts and challenges, we have ours. In a way I’m optimistic, because there is evidence, in the US and abroad, that young(er) people see the destructive ideologies being thrust upon them and are rejecting them. My own son – not quite 16 – is not bookish, but he is in a young person’s way politically aware, and he hates feminism and Leftism. He is arguably more politically aware than I was at that age. There is reason for hope.

  16. Hi Linh,

    I have mixed feelings about this interview. I am about this guy’s age and I have the same IQ.

    I’m also a writer, musician and poet. And I’ve had my problems.

    But there is something about this guy that just shouts over and over again, victim, victim, victim.

    It’s hard to put my finger on it, except that when you read this interview it just keeps screaming at you: everything happens to me.

    He ain’t no Billy Holiday.

    This guy is horrible. Everything about him is depressing. And I notice that most of the people you talk to and write about are all totally depressed. Everything is shit, Linh? Perhaps.

    This guy figured out offense patterns in football? But then after that he couldn’t figure out how to make money or do anything else?

    Maybe there was a mistake in his IQ test. Or maybe it’s what they sometimes say: he’s so smart that he is stupid.

    The clue is that his mother, his father and even his brother treats him like he’s still a child.

    No wonder no one listens to him. He’s one of the smart stupids. I don’t see your interview as anything but an unenlighening interview of a fool. It shows us nothing. It makes us feel like shit.

    If this guy as he says, lived in Denmark? Yeah, he’d be taken care of. Ok. But he’d still be a fool. And I’ve met fools from Denmark. I’m glad they aren’t homeless. But there is nothing remarkable about them. And there is nothing remarkable about this guy. Why is he of any interest to you, Linh? Why is he of any interest to us?

  17. utu says:

    An there is nothing remarkable about you. Just another fool who can’t write one paragraph without mentioning an IQ.

    • Replies: @restless94110
  18. Biff says:

    Bill the Professor, Writer, Musician and Artist is most likely wonderful at all these things, but he skipped one aspect of having to live with his fellow plebs – learning a skilled trade. The talent pool of the former is mostly that of the poor and the hungry, and it is a very small percentage that hits it big.
    The tradesman talent pool by-in-large makes enough to be able to distance himself from less-than agreeable family members… Distance makes the heart grow fonder.. “I’ve strapped enough conduit to a wall to reach half way around the world” ;^)

  19. The 136 IQ genius said: “while the rest of my guys were laying on the ground.” “Laying” is a common error of English usage, probably from his Chorus days when he sang “I lay me down to sleep.” It is, of course, “I lie down,” but you “lay” a book on the table. In this case, which is correct, the subject is figuratively “laying” himself, like an object, down, “to sleep.” “Chickens lay eggs.” “The “lay” of the land. “I got laid.” But it should be “the rest of my guys were LYING on the ground.” No wonder he is a failure. And a failure is no success at all. Anybody who gets “lay” and “lie” wrong is a failure. The difference is that “lay” is transitive and requires an object to act upon, and “lie” is intransitive, describing something moving on its own or already in position. He should have learned this in fourth grade. Obviously, there is much more that he missed, and that cannot be blamed on Allentown. Of course, today, with the incredible shrinking mind because of television, a graduating “teacher” from Teacher’s College informed me that the verb of “Conversation” is to “conversate.” (Instead of “to converse.”) This is a catastrophic collapse of intelligence.

  20. @Linh Dinh

    That is just willfully stupid.

    • Agree: TKK
  21. @2stateshmustate

    Or for too many now, self-overdose on another opiate such as fentanyl or heroin.

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  22. Anon[938] • Disclaimer says:

    I work with a guy who’s a high-IQ discontent. He never shuts up about being a smart guy among dummies, and it gets old after a while. Being smart does not mean you’re smart enough to make yourself happy.

    • Replies: @Sick of Orcs
  23. Hacienda says:

    Why is he of any interest to us?

    ‘People keep telling me, “You should just do one thing,” but I want to do everything.’

    In a way, Bill is living the life he wants to live. Possibly, LD frames Bill very sadly, but if you met Bill in real life, he could actually turn out to be a cheerful, if scatterbrained, character. It’s in the tone and visual clues, which we don’t have. Of course, the Allentown setting is gravy. No one should take Billy Joel’s smarmy music seriously at all.

    I have similar problems with people misreading me. Some think I have a sad life, even though internally I’m quite content. I just don’t often smile and wear a frown. But the frown is simply due to the face I make when I think about things. And age has hardened this sad face. Shrug.

    • Replies: @restless94110
  24. Antares says:

    Maybe there was a mistake in his IQ test. Or maybe it’s what they sometimes say: he’s so smart that he is stupid.

    Or maybe some people lack the ability to understand what happens to other people and start inventing excuses. It makes you feel safe because it guarantees that this will never happen to you. It is convenient.

    If school doesn’t help you out (factory education), if your family is anti-intellectual and screaming (underdeveloped) and makes a fool of you (chorus), if your uncle has propably killed himself after the only thing your family did was joining armies and perhaps more factors like that, things can go wrong. He is just depressed, as he writes.

    He should have started out in sales, because guys who started out in sales ended up millionaires. He became a small office manager. He really hated that job.

    He lacks confidence. No surprise with such a background. He doesn ‘t believe in what he wants to do and still expects to be screamed at. I can’t blame him but he should really understand this. Why else doesn’t he want his work to be linked from here? His audience is not his family.

  25. unit472 says:

    Always interesting to reflect on your father’s life and compare it to your own. My father was very lucky in some ways but not in others. Born in December, 1928 to a wealthy family that lost their money in the Great Depression he was too young for WW2 but went on to graduate from Virginia Military Institute in 1950. As he studied engineering and was good at math so he spent the Korean War as an artillery instructor at Ft. Sill. He married right after college though and I think he resented that he never got to enjoy the ‘sex, drugs and rock n roll’ era that I did nor did he experience combat. VMI though made him mean. Wanted me to go there. Place looked like a prison and as a late sixties teen with the Vietnam War going on I really disappointed him by heading off to San Francisco to live with my mother whom he had just divorced.

    He prospered though but never achieved the grandeur in life that he had been born in. His middle and old age revolved around golf at his 2nd tier country club. Still he was a more productive man than I ever was and he never let me forget it. So he made me mean too.

    • Replies: @Daniel Williams
  26. Antares says:

    A common trap for artists is that they feel that their work will somehow be stained if the accept money for it. It is like accepting money after you have save a child’s live. Just imagine how many people a firefighter would save if he had to beg for a meal every day.

  27. @Lockean Proviso

    I’ve got a question. As I left the States young I am not up on the latest drug fads. When I was in Phoenix, crystal meth was turning the white working class into tweakers who acted like fools in public-being called a “tweaker” was a class insult back then because the drug was associated with poorer whites.

    Why are Opoids popular with whites and not blacks or other races?

    What is it about Opoids, like meth before it, that is so appealing to whites?

    Blacks and other races are not abusing it. Why whites? What is about Opoids that has such a draw for white people but not blacks or Asians?

  28. Franz says:

    I don’t compare favorably to him, but his generation was simply a tougher breed of people.

    I’d seriously think twice about that judgement.

    That generation had more choices than any since.

    My dad was a couple years older than yours. Left school at 15 to join his brother; the hunted, fished and odd-jobbed their way across the country… which was mostly empty and parts even unmapped in the Thirties. A few of his odd jobs were stoking boilers, and when he got to California he got in at a lumbermill powerhouse and learned the basics of steam. Almost ZERO book & math learning, but when WWII broke out they needed engine officers for the fleet so bad he went to Officer’s Training School and was a lieutenant when he got out.

    As tough as the Depression and war years seem now, he never missed a meal and never went into combat. He was in naval supply. Lots like him in other non-combat duty. After which they all got the GI Bill for paid college… and in the 40s and 50s, it actually paid most of it. When inflation cranked up after 1965, it was barely enough to cover schoolbooks. (I know, in the early 70s after I mustered out, I “went to college on the GI Bill” for three months and I think it covered my groceries… if I kept it simple.)

    They had a mostly empty country, mostly old stock Americans, always lived close to a natural food chain which I approve of even if I hate milking goats.

    Not knocking them. I don’t do that. Just saying that dad could put a down payment on a house in 1955 when the buying power of the dollar was massive and pay it off in the 70s when I payed more to rent a small apartment than his house payments. Inflation made that generation fantastically wealthy comparted to the “post-stagflation babies” which is to say most of us.

    They were clear on one thing that conservatives and liberals both lift their leg to now: The population of the US can and should go no higher than 150 million. After that, opportunity dries up for most people, like it or not.

    I still miss dad but I’ve never pitied him.

    • Replies: @anarchyst
  29. I’m really enjoying the Obscured American series. I see more Steinbeck than Bukowski in LD’s writing, and it never ceases to freak me that this Asian cat in Nam is able to make such an incisive journey to the heart and psyche of America every time he picks up his pen. At any rate I appreciate that these stories are being told.

    Definitely should be a book.

    For further insights into quotidian America I also recommend Studs Terkel’s “Working” and Jessica Bruder’s “Nomadland”.

  30. @Anon

    without any info, how can I find it on Amazon?

    You can’t. That’s the point. “Bill” doesn’t want anyone else to judge him or his work. He already tells us he’s the smartest, the fastest, the strongest, so who needs external affirmation or censure?

    And if it turns out he really is the next Brian Wilson or Keith Richards, that’s even worse. “Bill” has defined himself by his oppressed victimhood for so long, that’s all he’s got.

    Remember Susan Boyle, the overweight middle-aged singer who enjoyed fifteen minutes of fame from a great “America’s Got Talent” audition? She couldn’t handle the success and promptly self-immolated.

    Okay “Bill,” you win. Here’s a million dollars. Go climb up a mountaintop and drop your genius on us once a year or so. We haven’t been the same since Shakespeare died.

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  31. Life does produce “losers” . Bill talked of being an English Major. The English he was putting out was grade school. He talked of getting a PhD. The “intellectual” tone of his interview was below High School. There is absolutely no way this person can be a product of American Higher Education, even if by some miracle he can produce some diplomas.

    His stated IQ has a problem, he would be in the top 1% of the nation in “Thinking Ability”. I read no evidence of this in the story. — Social ability is another issue.

    I am sad for him that he never understood what it takes to “make it” at anything.

  32. TKK says:

    Living a life stewing in self pity is not exceptional. It’s a bore and this character is not remotely inspirational, captivating or brave.

    The ” I coulda been a Contender!” syndrome is only tragic when an individual reaches for the stars and then fails after much blood and elbow grease.

    Getting a worthless degree after quitting hard, physical jobs (hiding in academia) and being a transient, then living off your parents but whining about your parents personalities, as a 65 year old man no less, is deeply unimpressive.

    It’s also pretty common in individuals who believe the world owes them a living. This person has had many rich opportunities to be mined but believes he is so much smarter than his peers it was the handicap, his tragic downfall.

    I hope I am never seated next to him on a long flight.

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  33. britinara says:

    His uncle and nephew BOUGHT his book, but they’re assholes because… they only gave it 4 stars?!? Then what would he call someone who demanded he be given the book, refuse to pay for it, then give it a 1 star? I stopped reading the article after that.

    • Replies: @Anne Lid
  34. @Biff

    Learning a trade was standard for musicians in New Orleans. They cut hair, did carpentry, etc. Even nowadays, trumpeter Kermit Ruffins is a cook. The legendary trumpeter Buddy Bolden was trained as a barber.

  35. mcohen says:

    Better to be a spark than a flame.But why not do both.Even laying conduit is an art.

  36. Hacienda says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    What is about Opioids that has such a draw for white people but not blacks or Asians?

    Whites don’t have a problem with drugs as long as they are legal. Asians generally despise and fear drugs, legal or not. Also, acupuncture and herbal treatments, whatever their merits for disease or injury treatment, are effective for pain relief. I have a chronic pain and the Western medicine doctors (both Asian) were trained to prescribe any battery of drugs with prices that are as bad as the physical condition. And these doctors seemed indifferent, very careful about what they say in order to avoid antagonizing their patients. Never got a sense they cared. I went to an acupuncturist who was personable, asked questions about my family relations, economic well being. Engaged me like a person. Even told me he wanted to be my friend. The tea and acupuncture treatments were reasonably priced and did much more for the pain than the drugs did. So one path can easily lead to opioid addiction, the other doesn’t.

    Don’t know anything about blacks and opioids. Is it even true that opioids are a bigger problem for whites than blacks?

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  37. @utu

    When you misspell the very first word in your comment, you look like just another fool. I mentioned my IQ because the victim that Linh interviewed mentioned his IQ. I also mentioned other similarities between that poor me victim. I left out the fact that I also drove cabs in San Francisco, and several other details.

    You sound mad about something, but I have no idea what it could possibly be. It looks from here like you are just another silly old fool.

  38. @Hacienda

    I don’t know. It is his words not Linh’s. In one passage, he says he’s been in grinding poverty for his life, and in other passages he says his students don’t respect him, his mother and father (while alive) yell at him and sometimes even hit him?

    This doesn’t sound like him living the life he wants to live.

  39. 6dust6 says:

    If you listen to the media explain the problem, it’s all the fault of doctors and the drug companies. I have a guy helping me renovate my house. He’s a cracker-jack carpenter but a heroin addict since his teenage days. He’s 62 and needs his daily methadone fix just to get going. I asked him, after listening to the media and politicians blab about the problem for years: Is addiction really a disease? No, he said, that excuse started only when the children of senators became drug addicts. He viewed the problem as his own fault.

  40. JackOH says:

    ” . . . [I]t never ceases to freak me that this Asian cat in Nam is able to make such an incisive journey to the heart and psyche of America every time he picks up his pen.”

    Yep, agree 100%.

    Linh’s portrayal of America and Americans is some of the sharpest and most sympathetic around. His unique gift, at least in my opinion, is his portraits are set in a declining and irredeemable America that’s morally vacant, or, maybe, morally chaotic. Linh knows our corrupt politics too well, so there’s no hidden plea in his writing for yet another dopey redistribution scheme to “help” the folks he writes about. He deserves a lot more credit and income.

    • Agree: bluedog
  41. Nodwink says:

    Billy Joel’s ‘Allentown’ was released in 1982, so would have been twenty-six years old in 2008.

    At the risk of possibly creating a lot of drama here, I must say that this reads as a work of fiction. Much of what Bill says here seems contrived. It just doesn’t seem real. Am I missing something?

    • Replies: @TKK
  42. C’mon Linh, give us a clue to get to his website, or have you faked the whole thing?

    I don’t doubt your creativity but why is he shying from the limelight? Is the creativity all yours?

  43. anarchyst says:

    I don’t buy the premise that “the greatest generation” was comprised of a “tougher breed of people” either.

    To paraphrase a famous song “We Didn’t Start the Fire” by Billy Joel, it’s not every “boomer” that was the problem. In fact, many of us boomers struggled through life, but finally “made it”.

    I am a “boomer” who has worked all my life, starting at 12 years of age. Being one of 8 children, life for my parents and us was not easy, but we all persevered in our own ways and were successful in life.

    Nobody ever gave me anything. What I did was gained “with the sweat of my brow”.

    If there is any “blame” to be placed, it must be placed at those of previous generations, especially the “greatest generation”, that formulated and passed many of the destructive laws and customs that we live under to this day.

    From the enactment of the federal income tax and the creation of the unconstitutional Federal Reserve cartel, previous generations have a lot to answer for.

    The “greatest generation” was duped into fighting a war for European (jewish) interests, destroying much of European culture as a result, and solidifying international jewish power by NOT going after the REAL enemies of human culture, legitimizing the state of Israel, thereby consolidating jewish power, and assuring the jewish zionist hold on the world political process.

    Let’s not forget that the “greatest generation” pushed for the terribly misguided “civil-rights” acts, statutes and laws, which effectively disenfranchised whites (but only whites) with the abolition of “freedom of association” (but only for whites). In fact, federal troops were used against law-abiding whites in violation of “posse commitatus” laws which prohibit utilizing the military for domestic law enforcement purposes. Whites have been effectively neutered since these laws were passed. Forced integration of schools (cross-district busing and other schemes) was enforced by leftist judges who insisted that blacks needed to sit next to whites in order to learn.

    The “elephant in the room” to which blame can be squarely put on the “greatest generation” was the “Hart-Celler Immigration Act of 1965. This act successfully cut off the immigration for white Europeans while opening up the floodgates for third-world brown and black immigration.

    Both major political parties were responsible for this travesty. Democrats saw increasing third-world immigration as a source for votes while the Republicans saw it as a source of cheap labor.

    The wages of native-born Americans have not increased in real terms since 1970, that point in time being seen as the “high-water mark” in relation to wage growth. There has not been any “wage growth” since then.

    All of the above can be attributed to those of the “greatest generation”…

    To those of the greatest generation (who are still alive), thanks for NOTHING…

    • Agree: Sick of Orcs
    • Replies: @anonymous
    , @Stonehands
  44. Emslander says:

    Work is hard. Sometimes it’s dangerous. Sometimes it involves failure and poor results.

    A successful writer, like anyone successful at anything, has to work hard. Generally that means getting up early. You can laugh, but standard habits of good discipline, constant preparation and subserviance to authority are keys to success. Obviously lacking in this person’s makeup.

    • Agree: TKK
    • Replies: @Anonymous
  45. @alex in San Jose AKA Digital Detroit

    Bukowski just wallows in self-pity and braggadocio. Emotionally, he never made it past the 8th grade.

    • Agree: utu
    • Replies: @Stonehands
  46. @restless94110

    Why do Americans crave positivity? Is that why everyone is on drugs, eating, jogging, or shopping all the time? There is no room in America for anything other than a plastic smile and a “Have a nice day!”

  47. iffen says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    Racism, Jeff.

    The number of people who are addicted to opioids is a function of how many people have “tried” opioids.

    White doctors view blacks as sub-human and think that they do not feel pain like white people. The way this plays out is that doctors take complaints of pain by white people seriously while disregarding or minimizing complaints of pain by black patients. Ergo the % of white patients that receive prescriptions for opioids is much greater than the % of blacks who receive those prescriptions.

  48. @Low Voltage

    What Americans are craving positivity? What are you talking about, you lunatic? I’m an American and I could give a shit about positivity, whatever that is.

    What I care about is not being a victim and living in a paper shack in the rain, because I have an IQ of 136 but I’m a stupid victim. This is the guy that Linh interviewed.

    Other people that Linh has interviewed are more fully formed. This man is not. Reading his interview, you just want to go to the nearest bridge and jump off it.

    But the guy is only telling half the story. It’s like the Billy Holiday song, Everything Happens to Me.No. If everything happens to you, then you best look at what’s up with you.

    The guy is so smart? Then why is he so stupid? He is despicable.

    Linh has a misfire here. This is garbage.

  49. TKK says:

    You mean you don’t buy the Native American whore with the heart of gold? Or being stabbed in the neck while driving a cab? Or the posse of arm breaking dykes?

    I have a relative that is a shut in and employed online. He is a pathological liar. Best as we can figure- because nothing ever happens, he makes things up to compensate for his white noise life.

    A few months ago, he said a German Shephard service dog attacked him in Kmart. He was wrestling with the dog and knocking over racks of discount pajamas.

  50. @iffen

    “White doctors view blacks as sub-human and think that they do not feel pain like white people.”

    I like how your only explanation is racism. Not that whites and blacks are different, so theres an innate barrier to verbal communication, body language, and of course biology. It can’t possibly be that black patients are “lost in translation” so to speak, because they are a different race than their doctors, no no, the only answer that could possibly exist is racisms. Especially in regards to doctors, you know, one of the most altruistic professions around… “Never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by stupidity” or in this case, different customs, cultures and biology.

    • Replies: @iffen
  51. iffen says:

    I like how your only explanation is racism.

    Works for a lot of people.

  52. FB says: • Website

    Wow…this is the best fucking thing I’ve read in a long, long time…

    This guy is funnier than Rodney Dangerfield…I was literally laughing out loud the whole time…read it twice…and was in stitches even more the second time around…

    Amazing oral storyteller…each one of those vignettes of his life [plus the prelude about his father and forebears] could be a standalone story…together it would be one heck of a biography…

    I would buy the book straight out of the gate…[as long as it’s in hardcover…I refuse to buy a paper-bound book of any kind]

    I always liked the biographical genre, but the western world nowadays has nobody whose life is worth reading about…[with a few possible exceptions…I wish somebody would do a biography on fighter pilot and bigtime shit disturber John Boyd]

    US culture is half an inch deep…the last biography I enjoyed was Stalin’s Wars by Geoffrey Roberts…which came out more than a decade ago…

    Before that I went out and bought the much ballyhooed Titan, the biography of John D Reockefeller by Ron Chernow…what a waste of time…yes it was an engrossing read, but at the end Johnboy is just a glorified shopkeper who was an accomplished chiseler…it’s all about making money…he was certainly no man of action…

    This guy Bill here otoh did in fact see all kinds of interesting action…what a gem…

    I love the fact that he doesn’t want to promote himself by means of this interview…[maybe he has glanced at this website…LOL]

    Mr. Dinh has found a few interesting characters over the years [I really have only read a small selection of his interesting sketches]…but this guy is one amazing find…I’m trying to track him down on Amazon by the clues provided here…

    Thanks for this…it takes heart and soul to find these gems among all the trash that is our world…

  53. So I’m not the only one bored by Linh’s obsession with the down and out Hillbilly-American phenotype!

    • Agree: RadicalCenter
  54. Anon[424] • Disclaimer says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    Regarding alcohol , white men in general have a faster catabolism of alcohol than women and than asian races , because of a higher activity of alcohol catabolizing liver enzimes , spetially aldehide dehidrogenase which catabolizes alcohol aldehide , a toxic catabolite of alcohol .

    That makes that white men tolerate alcohol better , they able to tolerate higher doses of alcohol than women and asiatic races , in which the alcohol aldehide catabolite stays a bit longer in blood and may provoke disagreable symptoms which prevent women and asian races from developing alcoholism .

    This ” strong ” liver of white men may explain why white men have more alcoholism , because they tolerate alcohol better . But this tolerance is just that , tolerance , white men suffer the toxic effect of alcohol like anyone else , on the liver , the brain , the sleep , the hormones etc….

    Of course this is in general , there are individual variations , and whitin the white males anglosaxons and slavics tolerate a bit better alcohol than latin europeans .

    Alcohol is very well studied , alcoholism is very prevalent in the white race . Illegal drugs are not well studied .

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  55. ricpic says:

    I see no evidence of the alleged 136 IQ in this interminable screed.

    • Replies: @Emslander
  56. anonymous[191] • Disclaimer says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    Opioids are usually given to people who have injured themselves by doing hard work and have injured their backs and have chronic pain, hence it’s mostly white people are addicted to them. Negroes on the other hand, are mostly idle and tend to take drugs because they’re bored. They like drugs that make the time go by quicker and more pleasantly so they have different drug preferences. Whites, if given the choice would not want to be addicted to Opioids, but negroes usually make the choice to get on drugs freely.

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  57. I’ve never made more than $18,000 a year, teaching, with no benefits and no pension plans

    Wow, so this is what you get with a Ph.D. teaching at a college in the US?

    But the stories of the dangers of taxi driving in the US are credible. There was a TV episode made about a US taxi driver who left to live in a Philippine jungle village and was glad to get away from driving on US streets as more than 30 of his colleagues were killed on the job. As he says:

    Over 30 of my friends were murdered in their cabs. I was fed up of the fights with drunks in the middle of the night and people from the upper echelons of society thinking they have the right to get in a taxi and insult the driver. My life there was more wild than it was here.’

    • Replies: @gsjackson
  58. anonymous[191] • Disclaimer says:

    Couldn’t have said it better myself.

  59. This paragraph is very descriptive but ends with the prediction that the scholar writing to impress the top expert destroys his health in so doing. I am finding it a health-extending reason to persevere. YMMV

  60. The author is longwinded and disagreeable. How did his father fly B-17s without being a pilot?

    Sounds like a bunch of lies he tells himself.

  61. @iffen

    That explains why white people stopped doing crack in the eighties and it is now a ghetto drug associated with blacks.

    Interestingly enough, outlaw bikers tried and failed to introduce meth to blacks in Detroit. Which might have been a good thing, in fact.

    If people don’t want to try a drug, it does not become an epidemic.

    Blacks were racist and associated “crank” with the white rural underclass.

    So the meth and Opoid epidemics missed blacks.

  62. @Anon

    Alcoholism is far more prevalent in Native Americans. I’ve lived in Northern Ontario.

    Mexicans, being a mixture of Native and Latin European, are sort of cursed with the worst genetic inheritance. And you are probably correct that Mediterraneans don’t process alcohol as well, even Italians. One thing Scorsese conveyed accurately was that most of the worst spur-of-the-moment mob-related crimes occurred when someone like Joe Pesci is drunk and some other Italian calls someone a jerk off or something.

    It would seem that blacks possess something in their DNA that really responds to crack cocaine. Long after whites, Hispanics and Asians no longer use it the drug has remained popular in the ghetto.

    • Replies: @Marshall Lentini
  63. @anonymous

    That might make sense economically. During the roaring nineties working class whites were using meth to get through long hours.

    Now they are using Opoids to cope with the pain of working long hours and meth is no longer as popular with the working poor.

    Whereas nobody holds a job long on crack cocaine. Meth takes four or six months to fry the brain of a worker-there is an interesting old Sean Connery film called OUTLAND about a crystal meth epidemic aboard a spaceship in the future and it presciently predicted the aftereffects of the meth crisis.

    With crack a user can do nothing except try to get high again.

    Now 45, I saw drug epidemics wipe out a few of my generation. When I was in high school and college, I saw a few people ruined by cocaine. One college girl went from being a bright-eyed student in the dorms to trying cocaine at a frat party and living off campus running a crack house within two years.

    In Phoenix, I saw many whites ravaged by meth. Some would still be in prison. Get caught with an ounce of meth and stolen property, go to prison for 20 years.

    Now in their forties and tired from a lifetime of being wired, maybe some of these middle-aged coke heads and tweakers I knew have decided to switch to Opoids.

  64. AaronB says:

    Everything is depressing and ugly in Linh’s world.

    A previous generation of writers wrote about the ugly side of life in a way that made it seem fascinating, even beautiful – but in Linh’s world, everything is just ugly, depressing, gloomy, and just shabby and dull, like a faded old photograph.

    One really wonders why he writes at all. Art is supposed to show you beauty or at least the unexpected – the unexpected beauty in ugliness, maybe.

    One emerges from reading Linh feeling a little bit dirtier and grimier oneself.

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  65. Anne Lid says:

    He used irony, a bit of hyperbole. I doubt he is bitter about it, just finds it funny that they wouldn’t give it five (understandably they did not want to look like sycophants).

  66. b-anc says:

    My impression is that this anti-American passive-aggressive Vietnamese schmuck has a brain ejaculation of sorts whenever he finds an American fellow on a skid row. Talk about perception being intentional, reality be damned. And do not forget about a massive inferiority complex.

    One of the gravest mistakes we have made was to allow inferior, alien to our culture schmucks to voice their opinions about our world. From there they have gone on to “restructuring” our world.

    But happy to hear that the author is back in his Vietnamese village somewhere where he belongs.

    • Replies: @AnonStarter
    , @Sick of Orcs
  67. Everything is depressing and ugly in Linh’s world.

    Unlike John Steinbeck’s world which was just roses and sunshine. In any case, you haven’t read nearly enough of LD to make that comment, and its not true in any case. There have been many warm moments in LD’s pieces though there is no doubt he does not shy away from the depressing and ugly unlike most of our MSM shills. The darker aspects of society are part of the picture too.

    Interesting to see you and now TKK, two insinuating hasbarists, continually attacking LD now.

    Neither of you was interested in LD until he made some critical remarks about conniving Jewry.

    Now, you little schemers drop by and whine even when LD isn’t talking about Jews just to demonstrate that you are enraged by him.

    The sheer, obsessive vindictiveness of the Jew is beyond all belief.

    • Agree: bluedog
  68. @Nancy Pelosi's Latina Maid

    Fair assessment of this fellow, it seems. But Susan Boyle made millions of pounds, recorded half a dozen albums, and kept performing successfully through the present day.

  69. @b-anc

    And another one-and-done zionist sock puppet tosses his two shekels into the fountain, tucks tail, and runs.

  70. @TKK

    Many of LD’s aren’t merely people who have had bad luck, e.g. abusive parents or spouse, physical or mental birth defect, terrible injury from an accident, jobs repeatedly outsourced or automated away or lost when a business closed, etc.

    He seems to favor people who are willful losers, who refuse to seriously try to turn their lives around, who have every excuse in the book, who spend what they have on drinking and waste their lives on bars and television — and then we are supposed To find them, what, tragic heros? Interesting? Inspiring? Objects of sympathy?

    Doesn’t mean it wouldn’t be fun, briefly, to meet and knock back a beer or have a toke with a few of them. Doesn’t mean we should hate them or not root for them, pray for them. Doesn’t even mean that I don’t suffer from and relate to their self-pity, their feeling sometimes hopeless.

    But this schtick is getting old notwithstanding LD’s writing skills and likely his genuine compassion for these folks. We shouldn’t be too quick to conclude that we can fully understand someone’s life and judge them, or write them off as people who deserve their fate. But LD is bringing me closer to doing just that.

  71. @Hacienda

    Lucky you found inexpensive acupuncture. Doesn’t seem readily available for a price that permits regular use in Vancouver and Los Angeles, the only two places where I’ve had acupuncture. But I haven’t shopped around recently. It was very useful.

    • Replies: @Hacienda
  72. @RadicalCenter

    But this schtick is getting old notwithstanding LD’s writing skills and likely his genuine compassion for these folks.

    So I guess you won’t be reading his pieces any more then?

    OK–see ya!

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  73. Bill’s on Amazon, Dinh’s on Amazon, CIA on Amazon, Jeffrey Dahmer’s cookbook for sale on Amazon – I’m sure there’s a pattern here that the higher IQ members of the Unz review can pull together. We have another slave running around worrying about homelessness but this is a feature not a bug – fear is security. Think about it – when you have a bad fear day how much do you spend binge on Amazon? Why obey? Because of fear and training.

  74. Hacienda says:

    Insurance paid for half of the 80.00 treatments. It worked great for the first three months before leveling off. Reduced the pain by half and restored my right shoulder to about 90% of peak after it had been lowered to about 40%. So very happy. Now, how much is due to acupuncture treatments and how much was just time, I don’t know. But I did notice much acceleration of healing after starting the acupuncture.

    Of note is that this was not an ordinary acupuncturist. He comes with a fine reputation and holds a PhD.

  75. @Anon

    Being smart does not mean you’re smart enough to make yourself happy.

    Perfect, flawless truth.

  76. @Jeff Stryker

    Mexicans, being a mixture of Native and Latin European, are sort of cursed with the worst genetic inheritance. And you are probably correct that Mediterraneans don’t process alcohol as well, even Italians.

    You’ve gone full idiot.

    • Agree: ben sampson
  77. @RadicalCenter

    It’s pretty clear he identifies as one of them. But his own self-loathing comes with humor and regional ancedotes that make it fun. These other people are just hopeless cases. I get it, but I don’t want to wallow in it with him.

  78. all of this shit depresses me..

    I did not know growing up but in my twenties I began to know about Marxism.. not that much stuff like that did not occur to me naturally as I went. why do we have to live the way its set up for us systematicaly when we come to now better..if we did not know better from the start?

    the people from any town on the skid seeminly forever, hopeless, can just take the dam town and work it in their colective interest..purposed by their ordinary interest. let the state/feds invade, regime change the town back into the failure that it is currently..that the people took over, organized it around their collecive needs and set it right socially…in socialism.

    in control, in socialism, solving their problems themselves, the people will have purpose, meet their needs, clean themselves up, redevelop the space, become healthy, prosperou. educate themslves properly etc

    industrialized dangerous factory work..generations of that by corporate exploitation has left a wasteland in all respects..and the people still dont know what to do.

    the people sit around doing nothin, dead on their feet, if not sitting down watching tv..used up in fialure they did not plan and carry out against themselves but which surely got them totally.

    the people should do their thing now..take over the dam space and do their collective thing. they paid for the space with their lives..its theirs now. take it over, socialize it andlive in the process. let the state and the feds come in and regime change them..which they surely would do. whats the difference then between state/fed physical brutality and the current state of things. its all the same violence?

    might as well go for the social gold. if enough skidrow american towns socialise their failure who knows..there might just be a revolution going on

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  79. @AaronB


    When the educated or intelligent or both are around the ignorant working poor and underclass of any color because they themselves have no money it is a grueling experience.

    I’m hardly a genius myself, but my time around the underclass was a harrowing experience. Everything from a coworker being bitten by a white trash couple’s pit bull to being paid (I owned an old truck) to move a kid out of the trailer he shared with his mother and being warned “careful my Mom is a pervert!” and sure enough when I was helping him move his mother groped me to being mugged by a Mexican in Phoenix to being rear-ended by a drunken tow-truck driver to seeing a black crackhead run down the street with his pants down while another black tried restrain him while both were high.

    And my experiences only consisted of about three years between when I moved out of the college dorms and when I found a decent job in Dubai.

    Not to mention the fact that it is dangerous. Not so much for the rural white poor, but for the urban underclass because racial conflict is a reality.

    If you are an Israeli and your parents moved to San Francisco for white collar jobs and you grew up in a decent suburb that the chances are you have never seen life’s no hopers. They aren’t pretty.

    Occasionally you meet an intelligent older hippie like Linh’s subject. He has a high IQ but simply was not driven in life and ended up through a lack of ambition with no money deep in middle age.

    Also, being an expat and have the luxury of distance can fill someone like Mr. Linh or myself with utter disdain. When you are employed overseas and you don’t have the luxury of US media and you live in the real world you cannot prevent yourself from feeling contempt for people who watch some Armenian sluts in a house with a transvestite whose Dad might have helped OJ kill two people.

    You of course have the opportunity to watch tropical sunsets on a cliff over a tropical beach or visit a new country on the weekend or sail out into the sea to explore a coral reef.

    You bank your money overseas and if you are earning under $110,000 a year you don’t pay taxes.

    So you start to see Americans who are trapped in circumstances with contempt and think “why the hell doesn’t that person just leave”.

    Linh is probably marginally more fortunate. No matter what he had the escape of Vietnam.

    You, of course, have Israel.

    Also, many Americans from Midwest headed to California thinking it was the Golden Shore. And it was for awhile. Now it is an expensive Banana Republic.

    • Agree: BlackFlag
    • Replies: @ben sampson
  80. Emslander says:

    I see no evidence of the alleged 136 IQ in this interminable screed.

    Perfect observation. I wish I’d written that.

    • Agree: Marshall Lentini
  81. @Jeff Stryker

    I dont know but the content of LD is not as depressing as some of the responses I see here. it is as if the world as it is is the only way it can bem, indeed must be, and there aint dam thing we con do about it..not even conclude positively…. we must go along, escape if we can, drive ourslves to exhaustion to achieve whateve…even if the exploiter kicks back and realxes as he exploits, counts his loot not driven at all because the counting machines can expend the human energy it should take to count

    all he has to do is pile the bills in the machine and repile them when the machine is done..or punch up the accounting agorithims…and there we are

    esacape for stryker to a ‘better’ sitaution overseas, escaping a vast sea of the unmitigated consequences of the exploittion of the american people..but the same forces that cause the american social disaster is working away at the whole planet so that soon enough we will be all there. where to escape to then?

    where are those who having thought it through and arrived at somthing positive they are prepared to stand on..and to continue to evolve their understaning of reality positively and write about it, talk about it..proselytize?

    just positive, clear, analytic, discursive thinking and talking such talk as I see above here is truly depressing. if the socially lucky… while their luck holds.. cant think and act right, positively, clearing the way for more..what the hell!

    then picture of the ‘underclass’ that swims out of this thread is of unmitakably degraded people that is depressing. then I remembered that Paris is buring because of the french underclass out on the streets..that that maybe the the current condtion of the human world as the people are finally rising..maybe?

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  82. gsjackson says:
    @Commentator Mike

    “…so this is what you get with a PhD teaching college in the U.S.?”

    Adjunct faculty get paid by the course, usually in the$3K to $6K range. So if you taught two courses a semester at $4,500 per you would make $18K/year. No benefits or pension plan. Whether or not you work is a semester-to-semester proposition depending on whether the department will offer courses in your area and don’t have regular faculty to teach them.

    Tenure track faculty make significantly more, and have a guaranteed salary regardless of the teaching load, with full benefits and pension. To save money in order to pay for lots of administrators, football coaches, building projects, etc., universities are going more and more for adjunct faculty. So increasingly the university classroom teacher is a poverty-stricken wretch.

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  83. Sometimes life’s a rout,
    We’ve nothing to brag about.
    And we just bleed out.

  84. @b-anc

    One of the gravest mistakes we have made was to allow inferior, alien to our culture schmucks to voice their opinions about our world. From there they have gone on to “restructuring” our world.

    Are you talking about Linh or the Noble Nose?

  85. I think Bill is a very interesting person.

    Except the material is so toxic, had to read through it quickly.
    So my impressions may not be accurate or do justice.

    I might call Bill a world-negating performance artist.
    He is a photographic negative of the world we see.

    He doesn’t fit in, and no one will ever make him fit in.

    He reminds me of the Timothy Leary’s mantra,
    “Turn on, tune in, drop out”–minus the first two phrases.

    Or the Unabomber, for whom the whole world outside nature was toxic.

    He is like aimless Holden Caulfield, updated for the twenty-first century.

    In some ways I don’t blame him.

    “Keep your chin up,” “you have your whole life ahead of you,” “make the most of yourself:”
    I don’t think these locutions* cut it anymore. (*As in Locutus of Borg)

    The world has been so stripped of values, what is there to live for?
    I still believe in God. Still believe in family.
    I even love my country, when it is not run by criminal psychopaths.

    The media are fake, the food is fake, education fake, politics fake, religion often fake.
    One does not know what to believe, much less live for.
    Many are not even sure what gender they are.

    Values were under question in the sixties, but at least people had love and music to believe in.

    Now love is hooking up with a robot.
    The music is so insipid, water dripping is more exciting.

    There’s not much left in our “Brave New World.”
    Some comments deal with drugs and opioids. In Huxley’s world they had soma. That’s it.

    Now there’s talk of Michael Jackson touring as a hologram.
    Is that anything to live for?

    The point of Bill’s story might be that for many there is no point.
    He may be the most radical revolutionary of them all.

    • Replies: @ivegotrythm
  86. @Low Voltage

    Ham on Rye and Post Office can’t be beat. Bukowski admired Celine and Fante and enjoyed classical music and the ponies, exclusively. ( my kinda guy)

    ..But this poseur from Allentown, with a 136 I.Q. ( yeh, right- and doesn’t want to post his YouTube music account) is proof positive- that with unlimited time and massive debt any clown can wield a Post Hole Digger.

  87. @anarchyst

    Don’t forget the weaklings of the greatest generation who gifted us with women’s suffrage.

  88. RickinJax says:

    Generally speaking, if somebody says,”I’m a smart guy…”, he isn’t.

  89. anarchyst says:

    Jeffrey Lebowski anyone??

  90. anon[225] • Disclaimer says:

    This project is in beta:
    I could turn out to be a good option for some self-publishing content.

  91. Anonymous[225] • Disclaimer says:

    Getting up early has nothing to do with writing, or creating anything, well. Getting up before you’ve reached a deep state of sleep DOES cause a lot of health problems though. Creative people are known for losing track of time while creating. How many people do you know who can consistently fall asleep at 10 pm,, reach deep sleep, and wake up at 6 am — without a sedative at night and an alarm clock and coffee in the morning?

    What Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi said about “flow” is also interesting…

  92. Wally says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    “Blacks and other races are not abusing it. Why whites?”

    Heroin, fentanyl, oxycontin is everywhere in Blackland.


  93. @iffen

    The reason the opioid crisis is less severe in the black community is because white doctors are racist? Haha, you must have accidentally stumbled into here and thought you were at VICE.

    You also may have accidentally stumbled onto the truth: it appears racism DID play a part in the demographic distribution of the opioid scourge, but not in the way you’ve been trained to imagine. The makers of Oxycontin, the Sackler family, did, apparently, target the medical community serving predominantly rural whites with their false claims, based on research they knew was fraudulent, that Oxycontin was non-addictive.

    The Sacklers have paid millions in fines to the government, though I’m not sure they noticed. They had long since fled to Israel with their billions. Certainly unnoticed were the quarter million dead whites they left behind.

    • Agree: RadicalCenter
    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
    , @iffen
  94. @Craig Nelsen

    Why target rural whites in particular? Why not urban whites like the Italians or Irish who present real day-to-day competition to Jewish populations? What threat due rural whites in Idaho pose to Jews in NYC?

    I remember in the nineties when Detroit Outlaw MC’s try to introduce crystal meth to the ghetto blacks. Didn’t work. Blacks regarded meth as a poor “peckerwood” drug and none of them were users. So the nineties meth craze that left working-class whites doing the tweaker jitterbug passed the black population along.

    Possibly blacks feel the same way about Opoids. If Opoids, like meth before it, is associated with rural white milieus then blacks won’t touch it.

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  95. @SeekerofthePresence

    You have certainly put your finger on it. Bill is, of course, an imaginary creation of LD’s skill; a golem, of which more and more are being born every day.

    • Agree: SeekerofthePresence
  96. @gsjackson

    And consider that some have to pay back their education loans. WTF is this? And people complain that it’s his fault that he’s homeless or living with mum.

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  97. @ben sampson

    But who’s listening? Some would rather kill themselves than try to do what you suggest, which actually shouldn’t be too difficult to do: just people getting together, organising themselves to help each other and set up their own institutions on the local community level.

  98. @ben sampson

    “She boons” (Large fat black female Hood Rats) and Mestizo Cholos and white trash cannot live overseas. The real underclass won’t move overseas. I’ve never seen a single black female in Asia.

    The underclass cannot travel. So you can move overseas and get away from them. They lack the initiative, are on too many drugs, have too many children out-of-wedlock, have to see some parole officer every week, have no money, have no job skills and you won’t meet them overseas.

    I’m talking about the worst-shrieking black blubbery 300 pound female horrors, white trash meth addicts and fat obnoxious white trash women like Beth from Dog the Bounty Hunter, Mestizos Cholo gang members, whiggers…none of them can go anywhere.

    Southeast Asia will never be as awful as the US has the potential to be due to sharing a contiguous boundary with a Mestizo country and ghettos. The white underclass, unlike that of Australia or Japanese, cannot be assisted because “biological birthing machines” are having children out-of-wedlock that the US government must pay for.

    And also, the war machine has worn the US down. The infrastructure is terrible. Bridges collapse. Poisonous sludge comes out of faucets in the rust belt. Cities choked with homeless.

    • Replies: @ben sampson
  99. @Jeff Stryker

    I recognize your right to flee..that ultimately is what it is..self preservation. but I wonder ultimately how capitalism there in Asia will render itself ultimately..unlike what has happened andthe horrid further potential that looms in the States?

    once I understood capitalism well enough I could nver see anythng but a zero sum game: there could be no positive outcome for the people. all you describe of the USA and worse was/is schedule for the American people: same all people under financial occupation and exploitation.

    the people under the stage of comprehensive financial capitalism are closer to being used to their graves, into extermination, and into ‘Brave New World’ for those who live

    Asia is bound to end up with the same capitalist limit: all the profit accumulated into few monopolist hands.. technological advance under capitalist impetus, drive and purpose eliminating all jobs..the people powerless, brainwahshed and with the horrific intimations.. just as in the west.. of the question: what to do with the people?

    how will it work out in the East..any Different from the West?

    well enjoy it while it is possible I one lives forever. and I would go East myself were I a young man again. but my impression is that we all, the whole world are coming squarely into the question of how does humanity survive indefinitely in an evolutionary reality, universe… in nature which is evolutionary?

    it wont be by and in any form of exploitative social organization all of which are bound to be anti nature risking natural reaction that would eliminate humanity both by its own hand and by environmental reaction.

    by my own assessment I concluded that only in democratic/socialist organization can humanity bring life into line with nature and keep life in facility with nature. there would only be one interest to that drives the social life and that would be the popular, collective interes broguth into agreement by truth, the facts of life we have proven so opposed to a minority zero sum social interest accumulating all thats available to itself, leaving the popularity exposed.

    the collective the saving rsponse, to the clear truth of life. that that is the only way to go..there is more than enough for everyone alive and more as we go into the universe…a clear human imperative, relative to indefinite survival

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  100. iffen says:
    @Craig Nelsen

    You also may have accidentally stumbled onto the truth: it appears racism DID play a part

    Blind pig, etc., huh?

  101. @Jeff Stryker

    Yet again, Sanjay I mean Jeff, you are either not an American or you are an American who embarrasses yourself consistently with your badly out-of-date generalizations and stereotypes about Italians and others kind of white Americans.

    You refer to “urban whites like the Italians or Irish.” Please specify which cities you believe are meaningfully populated by Italian and Irish people in the USA. (For one thing, my wife and I would consider moving our family there. But we can’t afford that new time machine you see advertised everywhere these days.)

    • Replies: @Corvinus
  102. @Commentator Mike

    That’s their fault and their problem, and this student-loan whining is getting tiresome.

    Consider that these poor widdle indebted academics readily could have avoided the bulk of their undergrad student loans (perhaps all) by doing the following:

    (1) picking an in-state government university,

    (2) doing the first two years at a community college — which is free in California and reasonably cheap in almost any State — before upgrading to a four-year college or university for the third and fourth years;

    (3) pick a college close enough to family that you can live with a parent or other close relative instead of borrowing tens of thousands for a dorm or apartment;

    (4) buy groceries and cook at home instead of eating out;

    (5) don’t blow money on alcohol and weed, as great as those are 😉

    (6) work part-time during the school year and full-time during the summer.

    People have all sorts of excuses why they couldn’t or wouldn’t do these things, but they are just that: excuses. I took on major educational debt and it was all my own damn fault, and I’ve never complained or expected the taxpayer or anyone else to bail me out. I just try to advise my kids — and people right here online — not to fall into the same trap.

    If we look at all the Americans who have trouble repaying their undergrad student loans, millions caused a large part of their own problem simply by choosing a university that they well KNEW they could come close to affording without borrowing a lot, i.e., a private or out-of-state university instead of an in-state government university.

    I have yet to meet ANYBODY who did even 4 of the things listed above, especially #1 – prudent choice of school, and ended up in serious undergrad student-loan debt, in my generation or any other generation.

    A good source is the book “Debt Free U” by Zack Bissonnette.

    Having said that, it is wrong how universities pay and treat their adjunct instructors. One of my close friends was one for years and gave up on it.

  103. Truth says:

    White doctors view blacks as sub-human and think that they do not feel pain like white people.

    I believe the term you are searching for is “superhuman.”

  104. Truth says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    Styke-Dawg, drugs are not a bigger “draw” for white people than blacks, it is a matter of distribution. Opiates are nothing more than synthetic opium/heroin, and blacks have no problem with the “hay-ron.”

    Some years ago, the US Government decided to wreck the black community, so they brought illegal drugs in and gave them them to young men in the community with the prospect of making tons of money. Of course this led to murder, mayhem addiction and distruction.

    Well, middle-class whites would not go for this sort of lawlessness in their communities (as they still had communities), so the US Gov. had to come up with another distribution method for Honkies. They simply made the drug distribution centers, the Wallgreens and the CVS. Not nearly as distructive as corner dealers, but still cause addiction.

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  105. @Truth

    But Truth, if people don’t want a drug, they won’t do it.

    Back in the nineties, the outlaw MC’s tried to flood Detroit with meth in the hopes that the inner-city would be a lucrative market.

    But even the CLOCKERS level black crackheads associated meth with rural white trash in trailer parks and were contemptuous of poor white users’ behavior.

    So the drug never took off in the ghetto and outlaw MC’s realized it was not worth trying to push.

    African-Americans were snobs about their drugs and the people associated with them. They could deal with some suave Italian in a suit selling heroin like the “Pizza Connection” but bikers are just an unsavory lot and meth was just an awful drug that even poor African-Americans wanted nothing to do with.

    So it failed.

  106. Corvinus says:

    “with your badly out-of-date generalizations and stereotypes about Italians and others kind of white Americans.”

    LOL, so how did those nativist sentiments, which figured so prominently in the late 1800’s/early 1900’s, about Italians and Poles become “out of date”?

    Magic dirt, it is.

  107. @ben sampson

    I don’t buy a white Marxist revolution in my lifetime. I don’t even think a pinko like Sanders will ever be elected. Even homeless white Americans will accuse a country with a social safety net like Australia of being pure Communist and vehemently argue with it while homeless women have to go to the toilet on public sidewalks because they don’t have coins for the pay toilet.

    If you have to choose between a double-wide trailer in the cold Midwest or a clean bungalow in tropical Asia where your neighbors will be pretty young Asian women instead of whiggers or meth addicts (I may be out of date, maybe they are pill hounds now) then the choice is obvious.

    America offers little to the lower middle class urban white male. And if even if you can move to the sticks where there is less crime you are isolated in a remote location-Asian cities have a lively buzz and you don’t feel like Jack Nicholson in THE SHINING.

    Of course it helps to be young, to be unmarried, to have no children, to have no mortgage, no debt. I was fortunate to leave the US before I accumulated these things. Everything a person does as an adult-have a career (Mine is nothing to shout about but I was employed), raise a family, get married, buy a house (For $30,000 in SEA)-I’ve done overseas.

    Some posters have accused me of being an Indian named Sanjay. Others insist I am Jewish. I’m neither. I the ultimate nth degree MTGTOW white America. The jobs I could hold in the US were probably inferior to the ones I held in Asia and Dubai and India. So why bother to stay? What for? What does the US offer?

    If someone told me, maybe I would return.

    Jews and Indians have a reason to live in the US. They have a support network, a high standard of living, a community. An urban middle-class white like me has none of these things.

    Tell me what did I miss. The Rose Bowl? The Superbowl? I care about those. Hot N Now or Jack N the Crack fast food outlets? I don’t care. White women? Couldn’t afford them anyhow. What then?

    Why would an American overseas miss any aspect of the United States?

    • Replies: @TheBoom
  108. TheBoom says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    Why would an American overseas miss any aspect of the United States?

    Only thing I look back fondly on is some of the nature and great hiking. That isn’t enough to draw me back.

    In SEA some things are getting worse but there are other things either getting better or (good things) staying the same. In the US I can only see things getting worse in every possible way. It is better to be in even a real third world country than a first world country with an elite that is determined to turn it into a third world country.

    It is also refreshing to be in countries where the university educated segment of the population doesn’t gain status by hating the culture and trying to destroy it.

    In SEA:

    No government agency is going to take your 5 year old from you if you don’t want him to transition to being a girl.

    No divorce rape.

    No mandatory homosexual anal sex (something I expect to soon be the case in the US) .

    No cash prizes and status for women charging men with false rape

    No overweight women who look like angry lumberjacks stomping around with the attitude that they are supermodels.

    No tiny minority who despises the heritage population owning the media and trying to start a race war against the people who took them in and let them prosper.

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  109. I see the radial in what you is not very wide and broad. you are a youngish person and are driven by your own subjectivity. as I said I have no quarrell with that at all…. that is how we are, subjective, organized by self interest. that is not to be altered save by its deepeing, widening, broader radial so to speak. that would bring all into the same line ultimately in self interest for it is the self interest of all to survive and have a chance in the life they were and are born into

    my point is that existential insecurity and subjectivty brought about divided, exploitative society that for a stage broght advance at the cost of incalculable human death and destruction of built up areas. and by that experience we have come to the point at which we know that that is no permanent answer to anything..all the human patrimony concentrated in few hands, chosing the human social direction..and where they have decide to go apparenl has rom only for them not for the rest.

    I dont see what you laud in the East will be very lasting. commentators keep noting that Israelis already a member of AIIB, what China is building in Israel..the clear consistency of interest developed, developing between the tow nations/peoples. what does that mean for the east..for us all?

    not much good I think. it leaves us all, east and West, like american skid row towns and people in them, if not exactly as penurious and threadbare as yet. yes you have earned a bit of room for yourself in the east…thats great! but the east will meet the West soon enough…then what?

    a marxist revolution? I dont know what name to put on what I think but I am looking at the people of american towns as products of their specific capitalist experience. whether they are aware of it or not they have no political party, no institutions, no adminsitrative structure realtive to any aspect of their lives that works in their collective interest. none! they people are a collecive defined by the facts of their expeience and formation on the ground. they have nothing rendered so by the functioning of the system

    all that may be missing..I dont their awareness of this reality in as comprehensive a manner that may spur spontaneous collective response on their part to change their existential the reality that produced them, of which they are a part. they may not know much or anything about Marx…they do not need to to act in response to their own collective interest..that they are all aware of as chief sufferer, homeless and all that.

    if they do move then it would be, must be a collective thing without directed from any minority vested interest like a political party. they have none have been betrayed by all and cannot wait for them to reapaper to do for them what they can do for themselves immediately: take over the space and begin iommediately to do for themslves whant is essential for their survivla and development. no existing structure would be responsive to their needs so they must tear it all down and put in the space what works for them, created by them in reponse to their immediate needs and gong on from responsibility for themslves, the town and how they must organize i to meet their collective need
    the principle here is the replacement of hierarchical pyramid structures of social organization by a horizontal one, createdby the people in response to their needs that is seen to work and as such is understood as the way forward. it can happen in the desperately needful situation of the people for it is part of the intellectual super structure already. we all everywhere have heard debate, ideas bandied about democracy, minority vs collective interst in social action. all the content in our collective event horizon needs is social opportunity to possibly find expression.

    that is why we have propaganda…to try to eventuate life in ways the propagandists want..not in the interest of exploited and contray groups. the people have an expperiential perspective that grwos into the opposite of the cpilaots interest and the capitalist definitely do now want such opposed interest to their to find full social expression.

    the anti leftist female who openly shits on the streets because she does not have penny to pay for a capitalist toillet is absolutey opposed to reasoning that would change her mind and fight for open general public services available to say. I dont agree. and in any case if there are enough of the people who see thngs differently and start to move iot produces a social crucible and in that touch and go all minds mive faster than the speed of light, cogently work out things and conclude and move with alacrity, urgency. I have no fear at all what the conclusion would be in the social crucible and what the result would be on the ground

    I dont know if you would call that a Marxist process…Marxist methodology can help in its understaning but there are are the cobjective conditions that people are in and the options relative to all sides as they we all go. we see the outcomes all sides desire, what is true and possible and how it can and may work out. and we know that the only option, the most positive one is for the people of the skid row who may move, to win out, their collective action to hold, expand and develop into its full potential because only by that social success can humanity as a whole move forward, advance and win our best chance to go on idefinitely in nature

    that is my argument Stryker..and you have not escaped that in Asia. the exigencies of capitalism will be at you soon enough again in Asia, as the life you have dries up by the development of Eastern capitalisn… for the Chinese and Russians are capitalist, and already are fully in league with the most virulent of that ilk..the Zionists .

    we can run but only for so catches up with us..the truth of existence. we are all in this together. if we do not collective bell capitalism capitalism/the capitalists, will ring the bell on human life, on human existence in the West and in the east too.

    again the human question is: How do we survive indefinitely in an evolutionary nature, with our nature evolutionary too, responsive to all movement in life, existence is motion: how can we make it out of the collective evolutionary nature of existence? we have a whole lot more to learn in order to win such indefinite survival in existence. existence is vast, dialectical, expansionary and never motionless..and motion is expansion of potential without pause

    such collective human survival at this stage has nothing to do with capitalistism. capitalism having run whateve positive contributary course it contained to human advance is no longer contributory to positive human survival, but constitutues the very greatest and grave threat to human sruvival on planet Earth..east, West, North and South

  110. @TheBoom

    Chinese in SEA have the same disproportionate economic clout as Jews and some Filipinos resent them (And in Malaysia and Indonesia we’ve seen actual anti-Chinese riots) but overall Chinese are recluse merchant community. They aren’t politically driven to hate the predominant populations of SEA. Their main goal is to make money. And they aren’t politically correct in the slight. Are some of them contemptuous of Filipinos? Sure, I’ve heard Chinese-Filipinos tell me that they feel ethnic Filipinos are lazy, kleptomaniacs, promiscuous, have addictive personalities, pathological liars, shiftless…some of which is true. But they have no agenda and while they pay Filipinos or Malays a pittance they are not out to destroy them as they see them as consumers.

    The worst thing Chinese did in Philippines was addict everyone to meth.

    As for divorce, in SEA that means the wife keeps the house. I’d lose $30,000. The end.

    Asians go to university to make money. Its not political.

    • Replies: @ben sampson
    , @ben sampson
  111. @Jeff Stryker

    Stryker is funny..the way he talks. but I ask myself all the time..why are China and the USA at loggerheads…is it merely a trade competititon

    it seems to me that all Chinese and the American elites are of the same mind. and it looks like the Chinese have vastly succeeded where the west has yet to complete..that is producing younger generations of automated citizenss all in agreement with their own incarceration walking around free..yet effectively in jail

    Mao should be restless in his grave now. China will never produce another Mao or Chou now.

    when I consider Russia, China, the USA at loggerheads…..the question begs: is there some fundamental basis for their division and enmity?

    that question is open…I dont know but it does not seem so to me. it appears that they have a whole lot in common which their cooperation would enhance so why the fight?

    Only Iran appears fundamentlly different in that mix, and probably why there is an attack on Iran now developing, an attack which if it takes place will no doubt go least to the elimination of Iran completely regardless of what the west decide to use to get that job done. the sense I get is that the Zionists want the complete elimination of Iran

    will Russia and China protect Iran?

    this is their test: if they dont protect Iran we know whose side they are really on

    but to get back to Stryker: the period during which Eastern capitalism give him again what he west East for is shortening rapidly. looks like ‘Brave New World’ is stalking the East with more urgency that it is stalking the West.

    Pheeeeeeew! the human species: the walking dead! its been a slice

    • Replies: @ben sampson
  112. @ben sampson

    I dont understand this Chinese social credit program. whats really going on..I cant take a Youtube vid seriously? I got to do some research….

    the Chinese are socialist..they know what causes crime and anti-social behavior and its not more punishment…

    oh well! I will figure it out

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  113. @ben sampson

    Chinese-Filipinos and Chinese are not the same group. Cutthroat exploitative capitalism of the worst kind run by Chinese-Filipino syndicates will continue in the Philippines.

    The only connection that Chinese-Filipinos have to China is the crystal meth manufactured there to create the drug war that Chinese-Filipinos have caused by importing meth to the Philippines and turning the predominant Filipino population into a bunch of hopeless addicts.

    Curiously, while Duterte blasts away at street-level dealers or users, the Chinese-Filipino drug lords remain untouched whose families own the hardware stores and pharmacies where the meth is made or import it to the Philippines.

    So in effect, the 18 year old kid using shabu is shot but the Chinese general importing a kilo isn’t touched.

    • Replies: @ben sampson
  114. @Jeff Stryker

    that reads a whole lot like the Oxycontin game run on the American people by the Zionist Sackler family that according to some reports cost 200 thousand american lives:

    the Phillipino Chinese prolly have a gun the the head of Dueterte but the Sackler family is far more powerful in the states..a Jewish power that sees already the american Judiciary.. very powerfully Jewish.. lining up to protect the Sacklers from prosecution for what is clearly massive crime against the american people

  115. @unit472

    He was a more productive man than I ever was and he never let me forget it. So he made me mean too.

    Or he was mean because he had mean genes. And you’re mean because he passed them on to you.

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