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Obscured American: Amanda Zinoman the Film Editor
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Yes, it is a bit odd to include Amanda in my series of obscured Americans. She is a very successful editor of films that have appeared on television and in theaters. Her credits include Paul Bowles: The Complete Outsider (1994), Carmen Miranda: Bananas is my Business (1994), The Lost Children of Rockdale County (1999), Drinking Apart (2000), The Last Jews of Libya (2007) and Sholem Aleichem: Laughing in the Darkness (2011). With Susan Hagedorn, Amanda also directed Deputized, a PBS documentary about the murder of Marcelo Lucero. An Ecuadorian immigrant, he was killed by seven Long Island teenagers out looking for “Mexicans to fuck up.” Jeffrey Conroy, 17-years-old when he fatally stabbed Lucero, was sentenced to 25 years.

Hagedorn and Zinoman call their film Deputized because they feel that the entire community abetted, and thus deputized, these teenagers to go out, hunt and beat up Latinos. It was a sport known locally as “beaner hopping.”

Amanda comes from a family of high achievers. Her mother, Joy, is the founder of the Studio Theater in Washington DC. Her older brother, Peter, is head of Vietnamese Studies at UC Berkeley. Her younger, Jason, is the comedy critic for the New York Times. This April, HarperCollins will publish Jason’s book, Letterman: The Last Giant of Late Night.

Last week, Amanda and her seven-year-old son, Jonah, drove down from Brooklyn to register voters in Philly. I met my friend of nearly two decades in a park. As Jonah played, we talked about her life.

I was born in Bangkok. My dad was a diplomat. Not a spy, a diplomat. That’s much more boring than being a spy. We lived in Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Laos, then Boston, then Taiwan for a year, then Malaysia for three-and-a-half years, then back to the States, to the DC area. I went to high school in Maryland.

I was taken care of by this Thai amah for the first four years of my life. I never saw her again. I have pictures of myself with her. The first time I had acupuncture, I was laying there and all of a sudden, I had this memory of myself crying hysterically at the airport and hugging someone. I described this to my mother, and she said that’s exactly what happened, “You were saying goodbye to Ari at the airport. She’s the woman who had taken care of you your whole life.” I spoke Thai with Ari and English with my parents.

I think I’m especially able to relate to the race stuff from being the other, growing up. My view is a little wider than most Americans’, maybe. I’ve had other experiences besides my own little New York world.

This is how I adopted Jonah. I put an advertisement in PennySaver, then got an 800 number. Some people were really gross, like these men calling to say, “How much are you going to pay for my baby?”

I didn’t care if I had a black or white kid. That’s the first question his birth mother asked me, if I cared about race? I said no. She said she didn’t either. I said I thought it’s better that they’re all mixed up together.

I sent her this book about me. To make up this book was the hardest part of the whole thing. I had to talk about my family and me, and what I was going to have for this kid. I sent pictures of me and pictures of kids in my neighborhood. I told her I could afford to pay for his college education. It’s a roller coaster when you’re adopting. You have a possibility and it may not work out.

I was in the room when Jonah was born. I cut the umbilical cord. It was just me and her. I stayed in the hospital overnight with Jonah. His birth mother doesn’t want to confuse him. We text a couple of times a year and send pictures. I think she’s had another kid, which she didn’t tell me. I saw it on FaceBook.

Since I’m a single mom, I need people around me to help, and I have a great community of other single moms, with some transracial, some not. Some adopted, some gave birth. I also have my neighbors and friends. We can’t walk down the street without people knowing us. If I’m like, “Oh my God, the babysitter is late, I’m late for work,” the neighbors will take Jonah for 30 minutes.

I don’t go out at night because on top of a movie and dinner is an extra $75 for the babysitter. It’s $15 an hour for a babysitter in New York. It’s an extra $75, so I don’t go out.

In the city, camp for the summer is, like, 4,000 bucks. A friend of mine moved to Long Island and it’s 400 bucks for the whole summer. One year, I made a film for the camp so Jonah could go for free, but then you have to make the film!

I stopped buying clothes. It’s all hand-me-down for both me and Jonah. It’s fine. A friend of mine’s son is getting married in LA. I want to go but I can’t. It’s expensive to travel with a kid.

Jonah’s fun to travel with. He’s really interested and open and curious. When I was a certain age, I traveled all the time. Now, I have to buy two plane tickets. It’s a big difference. I want to travel with Jonah to Asia. I want to go with him to India.


Jonah’s very, very physical. You cannot stop him. He gets a lot of confidence from it. His coach told him to stop scoring at soccer because he scored seven goals. It’s, like, let the other kids score! I had to put him in a more competitive soccer league. He’s over that. Now, we’re on to basketball. He told me he’s going to buy me a house when he gets drafted by the NBA!

Jonah’s really an amazing kid. The greatest thing about him, and he’s had it since he was born, is compassion. Even when he was a little baby, if he heard someone scream or cry, he would look over in that direction. You can’t have anything better than that, this caring about somebody else.

Jonah is in 2nd grade. At his school, there’s this new kid, Dunya, from the Congo. Dunya was attacked by chimpanzees that were chased by poachers. They killed his brother, and Dunya had his lips ripped off. His face was mangled and he also lost several fingers, it’s pretty horrific. The first day of school, Jonah came home, and this is what I mean by his compassion, all Jonah talked about was Dunya. Dunya has only been here for six months, so he doesn’t have much English, but Jonah has become his friend.

Dunya’s mom died when he was young. He says he misses his mom more than he misses his dad. His dad is still in the Congo. Dunya’s living with a foster family. They worked for an NGO. They brought him over and are paying for his surgeries.

The principal is my pal. She said she’d gotten calls from some parents, asking to have their kids changed class, because they were scared of Dunya. I think that’s disgusting, and she didn’t like it either. First off, what if that’s your kid? Secondly, what an opportunity it is to have empathy. I mean, how hard is it to teach your kids that this kid has been through fuckin’ hell, so be nice to him, and how lucky are you, you white privileged asshole dicks!

The school is so good, although it’s not diverse. I’m kind of causing a revolution at the school. I’m insisting that they get real about race. The school did not, last year, do anything for Black History Month. It’s there for a reason. Otherwise, you don’t learn anything. Jonah didn’t know who Rosa Park was. Black history should be done all year round, but it’s not done all year round. We are reinstating Black History Month.

We are training teachers, the whole bit. We’re working with this organization to teach them about social justice. The bulletin board is out with different issues every week. We did one on Black Lives Matter. We did one on Latino history.

There’s a guy we brought in as a consultant. He had wanted to talk about white privilege at a Quaker school, but since it made parents uncomfortable, he had to leave his job. Although he was their diversity advisor, they didn’t want him to talk about white privilege!

One of the women on our school’s diversity committee is head of diversity for Microsoft. They’re trying to have more training about racial sensitivity. They’re trying to find ways to hire more minorities, to have their workforce be more diverse. They do things like training girls in tech. It’s kind of like affirmative action. It’s paying back. It’s, like, you guys have made all this money!

There’s a group called Filmmakers for Hillary. These films are shown on the internet, where they can go viral. I’m working with a producer from LA. She wants to do something for Hillary, so she came up with this idea. When Hillary was nominated, a lot of people said to her, “I wish my mother was around to see this,” so we’re asking people to make their own dedication. Do you know Bella Abzug? She was a New York congresswoman who was before her time, and very feminist. Her daughter is in this video, saying, “I wish my mom was here to see this.” Joe Papp, head of the Public Theater, his wife is dedicating it to her grandmother, who was a journalist.

I was a Hillary supporter in 2008, when Obama ran. She’s really competent, smart, hard-working. She was my senator. I’ve always been a feminist, always, and I think it’s fuckin’ time!

I edited this film called Thunder in Guyana. It was shown on PBS 20 something years ago, but it’s relevant now. Hillary Clinton is not the first American woman to become the president of a country. There’s a woman named Janet Jagan, who became the president of Guyana. She was a Jewish girl from Chicago who married an Indian guy from Guyana. It’s a great story. She went down there and they founded the Communist Party of Guyana.

Cheddi Jagan was a great figure. He was like, “The Caribbean needs to think of itself as separate from South America and separate from the West.” The name of his most famous book is The West on Trial. Cheddi Jagan was really brilliant.

For years, the US tried to depose them. Janet’s maiden name was Rosenberg, so they intimated that she was related to the Rosenbergs. The US incited race riots in Guyana. It was so alarmed because they were Communists. It was the Cold War.

Jagan finally came into power in the 80’s. When he died in office, Janet took over, then she ran and won. Guyana has an interesting mix, with blacks, Indians and even some Chinese. It’s a weird colonial mix, then there’s this white woman. There’s a footage of all these Indian men talking. It’s, like, behind-the-scene election, with this Jewish grandma. Janet was incredibly passionate. She went there in the 40’s and flew in on a seaplane. She never returned to the States.

My friend who made the film is a historian, mostly of New York City and the Lower East Side. Suzanne Wasserman has made a few films since. She did one about this Yiddish woman writer, Anzia Yezierska.


The New Yorker just wrote an article about how Hillary is not the first American woman president. The first half of it is about Janet Jagan, and the second half is about how Sri Lanka had a woman president in 1952. All these countries have had women presidents. Indira Gandhi, Pakistan. We act like we’re such a big deal, but our country is far behind.

I’m trying to organize a film series at LincolnCenter about women as leaders, then have this panel discussion about what does it mean that women are finally in power? I think women should be in power. I think America would be in a better place.

Even today, this guy said to me, “I don’t trust Hillary.” I think that’s fuckin’ bullshit! It’s misogynistic. Why don’t they trust her? What does she do that they don’t trust her? I really don’t understand!

Is it because her husband cheated on her that they don’t trust her? That’s just sick, misogynistic bullshit. Nobody has been able to explain to me what are her lies? What about Trump?! Talk about lies!

Hillary has been working since the beginning of her career for women, for children’s rights. When she was a senator, she busted her fuckin’ butt. She worked in the trenches. She’s not, like, showy. She’s not like, “Hey, look at how great I am! Look what I’ve done!”

The atmosphere now in politics is so insane, so who knows if she can get anything done anyway, but she works, and she knows how to compromise to get shit done.

Trump is the last gasp of the Civil War. It’s racism rearing its ugly head. It’s white men losing their power, which is true just demographically. When people feel like they’re losing their power, they become more desperate about holding on to it and whatever they have to do to keep it. It’s the most ridiculous desperation that ever was.

I want to tell you a story because it’s chilling. We were in Kent, Connecticut. It’s me and a friend of mine, a professor in urban studies. She is also a white woman with a black son.

So the two kids were standing outside this sandwich shop, doing nothing. This middle-aged couple came in, and the woman, I don’t think she knew I was Jonah’s mother, she looked at me then looked at them, then she went, “Wild animals!” meaning the two black kids.

I was pretty freaked out, so I said, “This must be Trump country,” and her husband said, “You’re damn right!” He was serious, dead-on serious. It was, like, threatening. All I wanted to do was put my arms around Jonah and run in five hundred different directions.

They were emboldened to say that shit because of Trump, then there are all these shootings, one after another, after another, after another. I don’t think it’s different than what it used to be, but it’s now out there because of the press.

You should take a picture of me. I’m in this thing called MOBS, Moms of Black Sons, and I have a T-shirt with pink sparkle! We’re having a big march. I didn’t wear it today while registering voters. I thought it would scare people away.

Would you take some of these stickers? These are names of black people who’ve been shot by the police. I don’t even know half of them. I had a Trayvon Martin one, but somebody already took it down. Can you imagine?! I put it up at a little corner store in my neighborhood, and the next day, it wasn’t there!

I am moved a lot by the racial issue right now, and a part of that is raising my son and protecting him. I would be interested in doing projects that have something to do with race. I got a call recently. It’s a film about hate crimes against Muslims. The director is a Jewish woman. She’s so freaked out by Trump that she wants to do something. She’s already interviewed, like, six or seven different Muslim families.

I went to see a play on Governors Island. This island was an army base and there’s this old mansion. This neighbor of mine is black and he’s in the play. It’s Chekov’s The Cherry Orchard, transposed to the antebellum South and performed inside one of these mansions. I took Jonah and it was great. I was weeping. Like all of Chekov’s plays, it’s about people who own the big house and are now losing it.

I realized I was weeping for the white woman who was losing her power. The slave’s son is buying the plantation because he’s the carpetbagger now. I was, like, wow, I’m feeling sorry for her, and I realized she’s not being so hateful. It made me feel like maybe I should be a little bit more sympathetic to these white people who are losing power, like there is something painful about losing power, if they weren’t being so hateful. In Chekov, you feel compassion, like this old way of life, this grand way of life, whatever it is, is disappearing.

There was a talk afterwards, and I think people were shocked that I felt sympathetic towards Madame so-and-so. She was a kind of Blanche DuBois. It’s like her world doesn’t exist anymore, and there’s a new word which is great, but it made me be sympathetic, not to Donald Trump, but to these poor white people, and I don’t mean poor like poor, economically. I mean white people who had power.

I did see a lot of poor white people today outside this supermarket on Broad Street. There was a toothless guy. When I was trying to register people, I was shocked at how many people who said, “I don’t care. I don’t care about this shit. It doesn’t make a difference!”


A friend of mine worked on a film about meth. It’s pretty disgusting what it does to people, and in the fuckin’ middle of nowhere! Maybe it’s the same thing, like they say, with crack, that it was put into the country to put black people down. Maybe meth was brought in to make these white people more subservient. It’s certainly a scourge and nobody’s doing anything about it.

I worked on a film about underground female fight clubs. These are women who live in the projects and have, like, three different babies by three different baby daddies. They wake up in the morning with zero money in their pockets, and they have to find a way to get $100 sneakers for their kids, because that’s what’s important. There’s a woman who met her baby daddy at the check cashing place because he’s just gotten his welfare check. The way these women make money is these underground female fight clubs. No pulling hair and no biting are the two rules. These women fight and people bet on them. They’re also hired to go beat people up. These are tough-assed women. They’re all black and every man in the film has gunshot wounds, every fuckin’ one. I’m not exaggerating. There’s a party scene where they all pull up their shirts and each one of them has gunshot wounds.

I would have been interested in race, but I wouldn’t have been as invested. With transracial adoption, the thing you can do is to become an ally because you’re in the perfect position to be a very strong ally and advocate. You’re invested, whereas these other white people would rather not talk about white privilege. I have a reason to want to make this better, and to protect Jonah.

I like to think I’m confident that Hillary will win, but then people didn’t think Brexit would happen either, right? My dad is so pessimistic. He’s like, “It’s over.”

I’m going to move out of the country if Trump wins. I will go to Malaysia or Holland if that dumb guy wins, but here’s the problem: the people who voted for Trump will still be around. They have been so emboldened and told that the election’s rigged. The fuckin’ KKK will be marching in the street. It’s going to be bad.

Hillary, at least, she can do something about it, but it’s going to be bad when she wins because of those people. It’s just horrible. They’re just so frustrated, bitter and hostile.

You know people say, “You have to stay and fight,” but I don’t think he’s going to win. I can’t believe that. I would go to Malaysia. I would move to Malaysia anyway, if I could get a job. Malaysia is not homogeneous, but very multi-racial. It’s very interesting, like Guyana. The food is also much better in multi-racial societies!

Financially, I’m not doing very well but socially and emotionally I’m doing really well. I’m not doing reality TV anymore. I cannot work 20-hour days. I don’t want to do it and I’m not good at it. I’m good at doing documentaries. I’m good at finding a story that’s meaningful.

Professionally, I have a very good reputation but I don’t take shit, that’s my problem. I speak my mind.

Linh Dinh is the author of two books of stories, five of poems, and a novel, Love Like Hate. He’s tracking our deteriorating socialscape through his frequently updated photo blog, Postcards from the End of America.

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  1. anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Lovely woman.

  2. anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    I feel sorry for all these black children that I see who have been snatched up by these screwed up white people as part of some self-fulfillment project. Those children will grow up to have all kinds of problems but that’s not as important as the adult being able to adopt a human pet to virtue signal with. Vote for Clinton because she’s female, yeah that’s a real good reason. Never mind that she’s killed many thousands of people in places like Libya with her policies. What are the lives of those people as compared to the opportunity to have a female as president and thus make creatures like this Zinoman feel good about herself? All this seems to be about is her and how everything should revolve around her feelings. Move to Malaysia, just go.

    • Agree: Triumph104
  3. D. K. says:

    Did you ask her when she expects to be done editing her documentary on the premature deaths of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom? No? Well, did you at least ask her why Holland is on her short list of new homes, along with her childhood home of Malaysia, but not such much-nearer Utopias as Mexico, Venezuela and Haiti? “‘Tis a puzzlement!” (as a fictionalized version of a real-life king from her own musically majestic birthplace was wont to note).

  4. “…I will go to Malaysia or Holland …”

    You won’t be missed.

    Don’t turn the lights off when you go.

    And why aren’t you considering moving to a place where your adopted son, Jonah, might fit in better. I’d suggest the Central African Republic.

  5. Eddie says:

    She doesn’t know why people don’t trust Hillary. Huh. Fascinating that someone could be so out of touch with the world.

    • Agree: animalogic
  6. Why we let single people adopt is a mystery to me.

    If you are too much of a flake to handle a spouse, you are too much of a flake to handle a ward.

    • Agree: BB753
    • Replies: @BB753
  7. Alfa158 says:

    Monsters walk among us. What is chilling is that although it seems as if Linh has concocted a cartoon stereotype character, combining all the worst cliches of one of these termites who eat away at our civilization, it is not a spoof, people like this are all too real. I have personally known men and women just like this. Terrifying.

    • Replies: @Njguy73
  8. She sounds like a good case for retroactive birth control.

  9. Zinoman, with her virtue signalling and identity politics, is a perfect representation of the blindness to reality we see in those who support Clinton. Note that she never mentions Bernie Sanders at all, she has nothing concrete and specific to say about Hillary’s “accomplishments,” she ignores her blood-thirsty neo-con foreign policy positions and her deeds, and she ignores her close ties and embrace of neo-liberal economic policies that have failed for all people of all races.

    The only thing that I can discern that Zinoman likes about Hillary is that she has a vagina and it’s about time a person with a vagina was leader of the US. Because? Because other vaginas have ruled other nations, for decades.

    Furthermore, message to Zinoman: a lot of people are fearful of the other. Some of it’s for good reason. And it’s unfair when they judge your kid by the color of his skin. Just like it’s unfair when black people do the same. What does that have to do with Trump? Isn’t it obvious: nothing.

    Yet, she, like Barbra Streisand and Rachel Maddow and Whoopi Goldberg, will flee to another country of if the “stupid” public vote for who clearly is the most dynamic and least corrupt candidate. She talks about Brexit as if it was just a bunch of racists voting on their hatred, when it was really about a tyranical European Union run by unelected bureaucrats who were decimating their culture and their jobs with unhinged immigration policies.

    And she hysterically paints Trump with that same brush. And then wonders why he wins in a landslide. Because racism? Hardly. Message to Amanda: open your eyes, you blind fool. It’s the person, not their gender or race, that the sighted see.

    It’s class that matters in America, not gender or race. Trump is a traitor to his class, like Franklin Rooseelt was. That’s why the neo-cons and the 1% are all for Hillary. And then there’s you, Amanda. You and other middle-aged women like you are all for her, solely because vagina.

    A pox on you and your type. I’m so sick of hearing this same bullshit coming out of so many deluded old women. It is utter preposterous nonsense. I almost want Hillary to win, just so you can see what stupidity it is to vote solely because a person is a woman. As if you hadn’t learned that by voting for a person as you most certainly must’ve done because he is a black man.

    A man with a lot of big promises who then sold you out to the banks and even to this minute is trying to get a neo-liberal economic piece of misery passed, which will further destroy jobs for both black and white, man and woman. Race and gender do not matter. Class is the defining factor in American life and politics. Learn this lesson or don’t at your own and our peril.

  10. woodNfish says:

    I’m going to move out of the country if Trump wins. I will go to Malaysia or Holland if that dumb guy wins, but here’s the problem: the people who voted for Trump will still be around. They have been so emboldened and told that the election’s rigged. The fuckin’ KKK will be marching in the street. It’s going to be bad.

    Hillary, at least, she can do something about it, but it’s going to be bad when she wins because of those people. It’s just horrible. They’re just so frustrated, bitter and hostile.

    Anymore proof that this woman is a complete idiot is not needed. The KKK is a democratic party institution (they created it), and the violence is from the left. It will be good when she and her kind leave. We don’t need more fatherless children, most of them end up doing badly. Maybe a European of actual intelligence will immigrate to replace her.

  11. Soon as obese white females talk about White Privilege, they’re lost. Dead to me. HER privilege is intact, not mine. That’s all I need to see and it’s over, not worth my time to continue.

    • Replies: @TJM
  12. OutWest says:

    Actually, she fits right in with Dinh’s usual collection of misfits.

  13. Sean says:

    Marketing company CEO/ owner Andy Ostroy’s film director wife was murdered by an (illegal immigrant) construction worker in 2006.

    Ostoy devotes much of his free time explaining why Trump is the real problem with America. See

    If “hitting back at people whom one holds to be (literally or representatively) responsible for prior wrongs” can be rational on account of the emotional satisfaction it brings ..

    Much of what human beings do isn’t the result of a calculation of con­sequences, but more an expression of their sense of identity. Philosophers describe this as expressive rationality, an idea they use to explain why voting in circumstances where you know your vote can make no practical difference can still be in accordance with reason.

  14. I told her I could afford to pay for his college education.

    The birth mother thought Zinoman was financially stable, but she can’t afford babysitters, summer camp, clothes, or travel.

    The school is so good, although it’s not diverse.

    New York City’s public school district is about 27% black and 41% Hispanic but her kid ends up in a white school. It never occurred to me that many of the minority kids in those schools may have been adopted. Usually leads to identity confusion like Colin Kaepernick.

    There’s a guy we brought in as a consultant. He had wanted to talk about white privilege at a Quaker school, but since it made parents uncomfortable, he had to leave his job. Although he was their diversity advisor, they didn’t want him to talk about white privilege!

    A diversity advisor at another NYC private school told the white kids that they were born racists. LINK

    Hillary Clinton is not the first American woman to become the president of a country. There’s a woman named Janet Jagan, who became the president of Guyana.

    Golda Meir was an American woman who became prime minister of Israel. I never heard of Jagan, will have to look her up.

    Zinoman lived in an English-speaking international bubble in Malaysia. She’ll be shocked to find out that affirmative action over there only applies ethnic Malays, not to her and especially not to her son.

    I love documentaries. Zinoman’s The Lost Children of Rockdale County was good but the content was disturbining. I will probably watch a few more of her films, even though I don’t agree with her personally.

    • Replies: @sayless
  15. So from such disordered minds emerge the content of PBS “Documentaries.” She is a living testament to our decadent self-destructive over culture. And behold, it’s populated by Semitic cretins!

    • Replies: @TJM
  16. dcite says:

    Extraordinary. And she makes documentaries? She is so lacking in basic information. She really believes the MSM? What else can one deduce. She trusts HRC of “we came, we saw, he died.” HRC, destroyer of worlds? Does she live in a Democratic Party fantasy camp? Even HRC’s followers are mostly in it for political gain, not because they think she’s a good person.
    In this day and age, when it is so possible and even easy, to research and find out what’s really happening in the deep state, there’s just no excuse for such opaque-eyed hero worship. Come again — she does documentaries? Maybe she should get out of her comfort zone.

    Jerry Zeifman, a lifelong Democrat, supervised the work of 27-year-old Hillary Rodham on the committee. Hillary got a job working on the investigation at the behest of her former law professor, Burke Marshall, who was also Sen. Ted Kennedy’s chief counsel in the Chappaquiddick affair. When the investigation was over, Zeifman fired Hillary from the committee staff and refused to give her a letter of recommendation – one of only three people who earned that dubious distinction in Zeifman’s 17-year career.
    “Because she was a liar,” Zeifman said in an interview last week. “She was an unethical, dishonest lawyer. She conspired to violate the Constitution, the rules of the House, the rules of the committee and the rules of confidentiality.”

    The religious liberals may well be among the desperate ones losing “power” (not a healthy word in a democracy.)
    They have fervently insisted that “minorities” are sacred and are peculiarly victimized. For a long time now that has rarely been the case (indeed, quite the contrary, due as much to the initiative of the “majority” as anything) and they just can’t accept it. Especially for the virtuous whites among them, that’s just no fun at all. The facts of the demographics of victims/victimizers they ignore to keep their faith. Takes a true illusionist. They look for the Great White Defendants, simulate them when no real ones appear, and make indestructible Hope Diamonds out of them.

    Zinoman won’t leave if Trump gets in. The country will be too chock full of virtue signalling opportunities, and we won’t even need Soros to fund more of them. They’ll be in hog heaven.
    Obama, a dubious brown individual as nefarious as the previous two white presidents, was elected, and more or less elected again, and each time many longed to leave. How many did?

  17. nsa says:

    This has to be a parody, right? No monstrosity this grotesque could possibly actually exist, right? Ding Ling is just yanking our chain, right? Tell me it’s just a nightmare……..

  18. Njguy73 says:

    What is chilling is that although it seems as if Linh has concocted a cartoon stereotype character, combining all the worst cliches of one of these termites who eat away at our civilization, it is not a spoof, people like this are all too real.

    Jonathan Franzen couldn’t have come up with this person.

  19. Jason Liu says:

    Frumpy Jewish woman who spends her life tearing society apart in the name of equality. She hits every cat lady stereotype possible, and her ideas do too. Jewish men really need to start controlling their women.

    I’m not one for Nazi-esque Jew bashing, but ovenworthy is the right word in this situation.

    • Replies: @iffen
    , @TJM
    , @SFG
    , @Wally
  20. and how lucky are you, you white privileged asshole dicks!

    ‘White privilege’ describes the experience, dubious in value but perhaps privileged from the point of view of rarity and significance, of watching helplessly as the greatest civilization in history is destroyed by the spiteful parasites it loves to coddle.

  21. @restless94110

    Thank you restless94110, I was going to write a full comment, however your comments have completely expressed my own sentiments here.

    • Agree: jacques sheete
  22. @restless94110

    It’s class that matters in America, not gender or race.

    For sure. And it’s shocking how many accomplished people will vote for Hillary based on gender.

    Thanks again, LD, for another truly remarkable piece.

  23. iffen says:
    @Jason Liu

    I’m not one for Nazi-esque Jew bashing

    Why do it then?

    • Replies: @TJM
  24. TJM says:

    “Trump is the last gasp of the Civil War. It’s racism rearing its ugly head. It’s white men losing their power, which is true just demographically. When people feel like they’re losing their power, they become more desperate about holding on to it and whatever they have to do to keep it. It’s the most ridiculous desperation that ever was”.

    Another fucking racist bitch, only white men are not allowed to want anything but what ZioMedia tells us to want.

    If you black, Latino, you can want to live in a community drenched with your ilk, but if your white, you much aspire to want to be surrounded by people that have been taught to hate and despise you.

    It astounds me the double standard that is applied to white men, hypocrisy at its finest. I don’t know about Trump but at least he does give white men the feeling they have the right to open their mouths. Zionist Jews have used guilt to silence them for too long.

  25. TJM says:

    Because sometimes it is appropriate.

    You can look at the bashing, but unless your an ignoramus, you would also look at if it is justifiable. With Zionist Jews, it always is.

    • Replies: @SFG
  26. If Obama had a mother, she’d be like Amanda Zinoman.

    • Replies: @Delinquent Snail
    , @AZ
  27. TJM says:
    @Jim Christian

    Well said. I would add, if things do go south, financial disaster in America, war, it is fat bitches like this what will be most adversely affected along with those they covet (illegal immigrants, racist blacks…)

    I see it all the time, angry white women who have been educated to compete with men, and simply can’t so instead of accepting their inadequacies they blame it all on “white male privilege”, a convenient fantasy if there ever was one.

    Because many people in America that are rich are also white, it means all white people must be rich…Idiotic yes, but when you think like a child, such simplistic thinking makes perfect sense, especially if it also absolves you of any responsibility for your short comings.

  28. TJM says:
    @Jason Liu

    You don’t think she is doing exactly what Jewish men want her to, help destroy American society?

  29. TJM says:
    @Thomas O. Meehan

    The Zionists seem to take every ism and weaponize it. Feminism, women’s right to vote, perfectly good idea, but then taken by Gloria Steinem and turned into a weapon against men. Racism, certainly a blight (one that Jews were on the ground floor at creating, but you would never hear that from ZioAmerica), but turned again into a weapon, focusing on the politics of race, and not the economics of it.

    They control the media/Hollywood, and the money, and they use that control to manipulate the population to work against their own interests. How many of these “liberals” want open borders, like how would that help America’s poor?

    Behind every assassination, every war, every financial chicanery, you see the work of the Zionist Jew…

  30. TJM says:

    Well said, you hit all the points as to why people like Zinoman are so destructive, NO critical thought.

    I was at a dinner not long ago with a group of Clintonites. They knew my spouse and I were not, so this dinner was sort of established, we believe to convert us. And how would they convert us, by focusing on Clinton’s accomplishments, her merit, no, by demonizing Trump.

    They made every excuse for Clinton and Obama, but for Trump it was trial by fire. It was simply astounding the hypocrisy on display, and everything we could do to maintain our composure.

    I am not a fan of Trump, but compared to Hitlery, he is a saint.

    But what this comes down to is very powerful people, playing on people’s emotions. They control the media, so they show ONLY the extremes, not people who are reasonable. And it is true that the media does not want you to just disagree with Trump, they want you to hate him, and the same can be said about Clinton. Americans are being played, and elections are more likely a vehicle to foment division in America than elect anything.

    This division is what drives the left and the right’s ignorance, their blind support. The fact that they HATE Trump means that if Clinton did get into office, every criticism would be chalked up to partisan attacks, and they WILL believe it. Just like Obama, the media gave life to the birther movement, just to drive the idea that the right is out to get Obama, RACISM!

    And now regardless of who gets into office, either side will easily be able to blame their short comings, their lies on partisan attacks. Obama has done nothing he said he would, quite tot he contrary, yet where is the ridiculous from the left? The left is too busy defending him from “racism and bias” to worry about his war on our rights, or his war on other nations. This is about manipulation, and each side sadly is blind to play their role, and in the process destroy America.

    • Replies: @restless94110
  31. SFG says:
    @Jason Liu

    Ever wondered why there’s so much intermarriage?

  32. Wally says: • Website
    @Jason Liu

    Throw off The Big Lie that’s holding you down, controlling your words & thoughts.

    Israeli / Zionist / supremacist Jew power is enabled by the fraudulent & laughable story line of ’6,000,000 Jews & gas chambers’.

    There are the ‘Nazis’ with the mythological ‘6M Jews, 5M others, & gas chambers’ and there are the ‘Nazis’ without the mythological ’6M Jews, 5M others, & gas chambers’.

    The ‘6M Jews, 5M others, & gas chambers’ are scientifically impossible frauds.
    see the ‘holocaust’ scam debunked here:
    No name calling, level playing field debate here:

  33. Amanda Zinoman: die screaming.

  34. Dave B says:

    One look at this idiot’s T-shirt and I knew there was no way I could read every word of this article so I scanned a bit of it. People like this are beyond stupid. This country needs to be split into at least two separate countries – old women with their vagina obsessions and their precious kneegrows and muzloids can get one part of the country and those of us who actually contribute to society can get the other. Doesn’t make any difference how it is split up, in a few years the savages will have killed off the jungle-fever bimbos and then killed off each other, and we can unite again.

  35. Wally says: • Website

    Zinoman ??

    How about another fat lying Zionist.

    • Replies: @anon
  36. Anonymous [AKA "725"] says:

    This woman’s story is pathetic. Is this a life? Also she needs a masculine character (siblin, dad, husband) at home to help the growing kid, otherwise he’ll be so unruly when he grows up. Single parent challenges.

    • Replies: @5371
  37. 5371 says:

    I’m sure if she can find someone like the subject of one of her films, Paul Bowles, he will be pleased to take an, uh, fatherly interest in the progress of her dusky tot …

  38. CCZ says:

    Now I finally understand why multi-culturalists want us to “Celebrate Diversity.” Why wouldn’t all of us want to celebrate and embrace such distinctive culture instead of the relics of “white privilege” found in libraries or art museums. So this is the future Tiny Duck is always talking about so glowingly.

    “I worked on a film about underground female fight clubs. These are women who live in the projects and have, like, three different babies by three different baby daddies. They wake up in the morning with zero money in their pockets, and they have to find a way to get $100 sneakers for their kids, because that’s what’s important.”

  39. @yaqub the mad scientist

    He did have a mother like this crazy lady.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  40. Anonymous [AKA "burpee"] says:
    @Delinquent Snail

    Obsession with the “Other”. Check.
    Resentment against mainstream culture. Check.
    Makes career of hagiographic documenting of the “Other”. Check.
    Uses child as an ideological fetish. Check.
    Grows old and with no man. Check.
    etc etc.

  41. Ben Gunn says:

    Fine example of self hatred.

  42. Anon • Disclaimer says:

    “you white privileged asshole dicks!”

    “I’m kind of causing a revolution at the school. I’m insisting that they get real about race.”

    “We’re working with this organization to teach them about social justice.”

    etc. …


  43. Mr. Dinh,

    This might be your scariest piece yet. This lady is the living personification of whats wrong with our society. She is living in a fantasy world. And the fact she was able to buy some ones kid is disgraceful. She isnt married, hates men, thinks hillary is honest and now has a SON to raise. This kid will grow up to be yet another parasite of society.

    You say you are friends with her and have been for nearly 2 decades. I apologize for the harsh comment about her. I mean no disrespect towards you. No “guilty by association”. Just, how did y’all meet? From the other obscured american pieces, this lady is nearly a full 180 degree turn and she seems like she would condemn you if she was aware of your work……

    • Replies: @Linh Dinh
  44. Linh Dinh says: • Website
    @Delinquent Snail

    Hi Delinquent Snail,

    If I expected my friends to share my political opinions, I’d have almost no friends, and I’d say this is true of many people. Amanda has always been an extremely kind and considerate person to both me and my wife, and that’s why we’re friends. I saw her son, Jonah, for the first time when he was two. Open and smart, he has turned out to be a great kid.

    My met Amanda through her brother, Peter, one of the foremost American experts on Vietnamese literature and history, and I met Peter for the first time in 1995 in Hanoi.

    I remember sitting in a Hanoi restaurant with a group of people in 2000. All were Vietnamese except Peter and another white American. Since everyone spoke Vietnamese, Peter and this other man never switched into English even when they were talking to each other. I’ve never witnessed two non-natives speak Vietnamese so fluently.

    When I interview people for my Obscured American series, all I can hope for is that they speak their mind. I’m very grateful when this happens. It takes courage to be candid.


    • Agree: Triumph104
    • Replies: @Delinquent Snail
  45. Jeff says:


    I just want to understand the “why”. Why does she think it’s OK for a child, particularly a boy, to be raised by just one parent, and a lady at that? Why does she think Hillary is good and/or honest? (is she not aware of all that Hillary has done?) I could go on and on.

    I’m not surprised to read of somebody with these kinds of beliefs, I just don’t understand how they came to have them.

    • Replies: @Triumph104
  46. @Linh Dinh

    Thank you for the quick reply. I guess this little blurb from Amanda is only a snap shot of who she is. Her brother sounds like an outstanding person though. Maybe you should interview him one of these days…

  47. Rehmat says:

    ‘The Last Jews of Libya’ is nothing but an Israeli propaganda filth. Libyan Kings like Moroccan kings were very friendly with their ‘God’s Chosen People’ subjects. However, when colonel Qaddafi deposed King Idris in a military coup in 1969 – most Libyan Jews immigrated to France and Israel. There are still over 200 Jews living in Libya.

    British-Israeli dual citizen Jew, Raphael Luzon was a close confidant of Qaddafi and his son Saif.

    Dr. James B. Thring, founder Ministry of Peace & Legal Action Against War, in a letter to BBC Radio 4 (March 22, 2011), wrote:

    “The first bombing raid (Libya) in 1986, we now know, was predicated on false information about so-called terrorist plots by Libya. These were actually invented by Mossad. Psychological Warfare Department (LAP) of Mossad was behind the defamation of Ghaddafi. Victor Ostrovsky, ex-Mossad officer, details how Mossad tricked the ‘west’ (US, UK et al.) into bombing Libya in 1986 using ‘Operation Trojan’, in his ‘The Other Side of Deception’ (p113-7). Trojan was a re-broadcasting device planted in Tripoli to put out false messages as if Col. Qaddafi was planning terrorist attacks. An IDF ship offshore, beamed the coded messages into his HQ from which they were re-broadcast, giving the impression they were coming from Tripoli. So when the US and UK surveillance teams picked them up they believed they were genuine Libyan plots. Mossad was able to ‘confirm’ the reports! The bombing raid got Thatcher and Regan to commit war crimes by killing innocent people including Ghaddafi’s adopted daughter…..

  48. H. Ross says:

    [Choose one handle and stick to it or use Anonymous/Anon. Otherwise your comments may get trashed.]

    The school did not, last year, do anything for Black History Month… They do things like training girls in tech… Do you know Bella Abzug… I went to see a play on Governors Island… I worked on a film about underground female fight clubs… Financially I’m not doing very well but socially and emotionally I’m doing really well…

    Obscurity: many are born into it, but few truly earn their deserved share

  49. @TJM

    Thanks for your interesting response.

    Nicholas Stix just published an essay here on the Unz Review that at least partially addresses this issue that you mention.

    I have had to stop speaking with those I know who are for Clinton no matter what (or they have stopped speaking to me). There is a blindness there that I just can’t understand. There is an anger there that makes no sense to me. There is a fear there that I find preposterous.

    Like Max Keiser said on one of his podcasts several months ago: the Constitution is a simple document; just follow the instructions. If Trump doesn’t do that, there are Constitutional remedies.

    Apparently these people think we all will immediately land in a Stepford Wives remake if Trump is elected (in a landslide). But, aside from that, I’m beginning to see it as Trump is “uncouth” to those we know.

    Re witness this latest flap. So, Trump is caught in a personal chat saying dialog from thousands of films (and quite a bit of tv (i.e., The Sopranos, et al)), hundreds of hip hop/rap tunes, and millions of talks between men, and what happens? Every mother’s uncle says: diz-gusting!

    Puleez. It’s way past time that the idea of citizen/politicians, those that serve their country for a term or two and then return to their real jobs, becomes the standard, not the exception in America. And even further past time for those who look down their noses at other Americans to come down from their high horses. And all pundits, elite spokespersons put on a bus to Liberia.

    The appearance and rise of Trump has revealed like no other event how misguided, shallow, hypocritical and blind they are. Even if they are our friends and relatives.

  50. anon • Disclaimer says:

    Zionist ????
    I seriously doubt she is a Zionist . She is a leftist Jew who could move to Israel if she wanted but instead has plans to move to a stridently anti semitic and anti zionist country ( Malaysia ) . Im sure she considers herself Jewish solely because she likes bagels and Barbara Striesand .

    She does look disturbingly like Gabe Kaplan of welcome back kotter fame , though.

    • Replies: @ogunsiron
  51. @Jeff

    In her defense, she didn’t create the child. There is a math professor that is impregnating single women, mostly black and homosexual, despite the fact that he is married with three children. He has about 22 offspring, most of whom he has no relationship with, and is surprised that half of his check goes to child support. LINK LINK

    I don’t think you understand how unwanted black children are. Like most black children, Zinoman’s son would have been raised by a single mother if he stayed with his birth mother. At least now he is less likely to be abused at home or school, although Zinoman is working hard to destroy the school environment.

    Most black adults are single. Although blacks do adopt black children, but it is usually the children of dysfunctional relatives. Gymnast Simone Biles and her sister were adopted by their grandparents. Asians and Hispanics rarely adopt black children, so that leaves whites, especially single and/or homosexual.

  52. Mark Green says: • Website

    I wish that this woman was at least forthright enough to proclaim herself the proud STEP-mother of a black baby. That would at least be honest.

    Indeed, it’s worth noting that this Jewish ‘mom’ is not mixing her own DNA with an African. That’s for other white females to do.

    But Zionoman does pretentiously indicate to the world that she’s not racist. Haven’t we seen this movie before?

    Zionoman’s acting and sounding like a typical ‘diaspora’ Jew. What she’s really doing is instructing white (non-Jewish) Americans: Don’t value your genetic heritage. Merge your genes, biological destiny and refined Euro-American culture with the descendents of former African slaves.

    And with luck a little luck, your son might someday play for the NBA!

    Zionoman’s unhealthy advertisement for black/white coupling is specifically designed for gullible, non-Jewish females. Or are we to believe that Ms. Zinoman would loudly advise Jews and Israelis to race-mix, too? Doubtful.

    Indeed, that kind of blending would enrage the rabbanite and eventually produce a Jewish ‘genocide’. So don’t hold your breath.

    Zionoman’s dishonest double standards are her true values. And they are kosher to the core.

    They explain why her ‘non-racial’ political preachings in America are so different from what her Jewish cousins practice in Israel, which is to advance Jewish identity, Jewish cohesion, and Jewish continuity.

    Contrary to Zionoman’s proclamations, segregation is a core Jewish value. But you’ll never hear this simple truth acknowledged by her or any of her liberal Jewish pals.

    • Replies: @restless94110
    , @ogunsiron
  53. @Mark Green

    Dude, what are you on about?

    Why would someone raising a kid want to proclaim in the kid’s face over and over again that she is a step mother? Why would you want to rub your stepkid’s face in it? That’s usually what the kid will do if he doesn’t particular get along well with his or her step parent.

    And where did she promote white women “mating” with black men? Where did she talk about mixing her DNA with anyone? Answer: nowhere, you just made all of that up.

    Then you go on about diaspora jews and again about the mixing of the genes. She never said that neither does she say nary a thing about heritages or any of that nonsense you wrote. She took a boy into her house who needed a home. She lives in a big American racially-mixed city. The boy was black. That’s America, not Isreal, and it has nothing to do with being a Jew.

    And there you go again saying she is an advertisement for white/black coupling. Mark? She adopted. There wasn’t any coupling. And who says she wants you to believe that she is going to tell Isreali Jews a dang thing? What meds did you forget to take today?

    You’re probably right that Zionists don’t race mix, but that’s not what she said, that’s what you said. Which if you think about it, is exactly what you seem to be promoting for the US: race seperatism. So why you complaining about it? You want it yourself.

    I don’t see any double standards from Zionoman, but they certainly have nothing to do with being kosher. You saying she is a Zionist is unfounded, looks to have no basis in the facts as shown.

    Since there are no double standards about race mixing since that’s not what she has done or is promoting (in regards to having children, as opposed to just living with each other) then your comment about Zionist purity in Isreal is irrelevant. And not all black people are “brothers” just like not all Jewish people are “cousins.”

    You don’t know if she acknowledges Isreali or Jewish purity or not. I have known Jewish women who are completely set in only marrying and having children with other Jews. It’s part of their religion, which Catholics have (more or less depending on the country and the era of history we’re talking about) and I’ve see it with Asian girls (very strong still), with Indians (both those from India, and even Native-Americans), and I’m sure it’s true of Muslims as well.

    So again your last issue has nary a thing to do with being Jewish. In short, every one of your ranting points is preposterous, bigotted nonsense.

    Why are you ranting? Let her raise a kid. It’s called being American, mate. Freedom. And that means tolerance. Try it sometime. Like right now.

    • Replies: @BenKenobi
  54. robinea says:

    Brings back memories.

    I lived in Bangkok with my family about the time mentioned above. It was crawling with the functionaries of US Empire – the so-liberal, decent, artistic, intellectual, agents of pillage…cramming their luxurious homes with looted art treasures (Khmer, Thai, Burmese – smuggled out by diplomatic privilege) – so they could later decorate their town houses in Manhattan or Langley. Their kids all had private drivers to take them to private schools. There were nannies and so they learned a little Thai making them multicultural.

    I was young, but I never had any illusions about what was behind all this…what funded this…and what kept it going. These were the wars in Indochina, the construction of the huge base on Diego Garcia and preparations for the next wars in the Middle East. The coming wars in the Middle East were predicted by the recommended reading lists at the JUSMAG library. I hung around libraries.

    If you cut yourself loose from the nannies and handlers, you could wander into a side street and come face to face with the glass cages of peasant girls locked in nasty brothels. Sobering.

    The US Embassy people were self righteous. And yet their wives all had seamstresses – hand made gowns and custom made jewelry. There were the cooks and drivers. No one wanted to leave this paradise. This was the world of imperial official privilege while back home the streets of the US were enraged against the war. The victory of the Vietnamese ended that party. But their children would go on to excel in Southeast Asian studies…or become ‘documentary film makers’ .

    Linh Dinh, you have been bamboozled by the slick and rotten products of our imperial official class. Of course her brother speaks fluent Vietnamese. But that didn’t save any of the over 3 million that perished in that unspeakable imperial war.

    Thank you for the portrait of Amanda. She is a brilliant example of a poverty pimping, Munchausen by Proxy, Hillary Clinton supporter, like her sister-in-arms Samantha Power. Your essay evoked some of my youthful memories of the families of American officials in Bangkok. I only wish our compatriots could have known what a rotten nest of parasites they were supporting.

    • Replies: @jacques sheete
    , @dcite
    , @JackOH
  55. SFG says:

    You have any evidence here that she is a partisan of the State of Israel? She’s probably a Zionist in the broad sense of believing the Jewish state has a right to exist, but people like this on the left usually at the very least think they’re being too hard on the Palestinians.

    • Replies: @ogunsiron
  56. sayless says:

    There’s a guy we brought in as a consultant. He had wanted to talk about white privilege at a Quaker school, but since it made parents uncomfortable, he had to leave his job. Although he was their diversity advisor, they didn’t want him to talk about white privilege!

    Did anyone ask these parents if they wanted a “diversity advisor”? A private Quaker school, sounds expensive. Maybe they thought if they paid high tuition they would be spared the lectures about white privilege.

    • Replies: @Triumph104
  57. @robinea

    Thanks for the glimpse behind the curtain; it adds some sobriety to the scene.

  58. dcite says:

    All so true. An ex- military guy in the early 90s told me that “they” (who must be obeyed I guess) had been planning for a middle east war since before the Vietnam war ended. He said that’s why the combat fatigues changed in color from jungle green to desert tan. And there were lots of expensive weapons that would be reaching the end of their shelf life. Waste not want not.
    I work in a city where countless professional do-gooders carry designer leather works on their 1st class flights to various 3rd world “missions” where the wonders of first-world banking will democratize and save the world. These financial missionaries have the best of both worlds. All the best stuff money can buy for themselves, and the label of being a Good Person/NGO/IMF/WB or whatever, operative. The sincere among them really do believe they are doing good, but they don’t seem to get what is the true motivating force behind it all.
    I prefer the out and out capitalists. More honest and register the same as far as harm done.

  59. @sayless

    Admission to an elite private school in New York City is very competitive and parents will go along with anything as long as their child can attend. In addition, these schools have multi-million dollar endowments so the school administrators are in charge not the parents.

    Most NYC elite school websites have a “diversity” page bragging about the percentage of students “of color” enrolled. However, most of the minority kids are Asian or mixed race. The black and Hispanic kids are nearly all the children of professionals: doctors, lawyers, engineers, and even documentarians. The smart minority kids from poor backgrounds don’t go to elite NYC day schools; they get sent to boarding schools.

    The New York Times did a story on private school diversity programs and mentioned the advisor who left the Quaker school.

    Every year, an increasing number of New York City private schools select students to attend the White Privilege Conference, founded 16 years ago by Eddie Moore Jr., the former diversity director at Brooklyn Friends. This year, the theme of the conference, organized by the Dalton School, is “Race, Privilege, Community Building.”

    The new focus on addressing white privilege has not been an unmitigated success. Dr. Moore, for example, despite the stature of his conference, is no longer working with Brooklyn Friends. Acknowledging the inherent tension, he said: “Not every student is saying: ‘I want to talk about white privilege. Give me the best book.’ ” […]

    At Brooklyn Friends, a controversy over the approach of Dr. Moore, the school’s former diversity director, ended abruptly when he left at the end of last year and did not return this fall. Many students, like Jumoke McDuffie-Thurmond, a black senior, said Dr. Moore was a warm and stimulating figure at the school who talked openly about what he called “subconscious racial bias.” But several sources inside the school said some white students complained that Dr. Moore was a polarizing figure whose focus on white privilege made them uncomfortable. Both Dr. Moore and a school representative described his departure as “amicable.”

  60. I am one of those white privleged assholes. I am sixty-nine years old and am bemused by this woman in a very dark way. I was born and raised on the south side of Chicago. The neighborhood was a rat infested shit hole. We were poor and subsisted on beans, bread, and sometimes pasta. I was fortunate that thanks to the Salvation Army, I was clothed albeit I did look like something from Barnum and Bailey’s Circus. I remember wearing green pants that were so large that they flapped in the cold winter air.
    When the Vietnam War was in full gear I had the choice of going into the meat grinder or going to prison. I could have performed community service but emptying bed pans is not my forte. I could have gone to Canada but that would have alienated my father from me so I ended up in Vietnam serving in the infantry. I experienced heavy combat for a year (1968). My unit suffered 90% casualties and I saw many white privledged assholes die and mangled (not to mention blacks and Latinos.)
    When I left the military I spent years of back-breaking work swinging a pick and shovel, ten-12 hours a day, six days a week.
    I worked my way through the university, I worked full time and went to the university full time. I received my degree and applied for a state job. The interviewer (a black lady) declined my application because because it was my degree was not in the proper field although an Asian girl who had the same degree was hired. Can you say reverse discrimination? Good, I knew you could. Do I bear any animosity towards blacks? None whatsoever. It was a case of spit hitting the fan and unfortunately blows back in the faces of those who do not deserve it.
    I do not have any use for Trump nor do I have any for Hillary Clinton. She is a liar of epic proportions and corrupt beyond imagination. It is obvious that you have blinders on when you mention that hag. The Clinton Foundation victimized the people of Haiti. Every dollar that went to the fund to aid the citizens of that unfortunate country, only five cents out of that dollar went to relief and as for the other 95 cents, take a wild guess. Hillary is colluded with Wall Street and the banks. She is a war monger (wait until she is President and the proof will be in the pudding.
    I loathe you and others of your ilk. There are many millions of us, the “white privledged assholes” that you disparage. Unfortunately, many of them are going to vote for Trump. The American people have a great choice in this coming election, terminal cancer or the latter end stages of syphilis.
    It is you and the like-minded members of your class that I and many others loathe. How presumtious and ignorant to brand all-whites as privleged assholes. You lead the parade.
    A White Privileged Asshole

  61. JackOH says:

    robinea, great comment, thanks!:) ” . . . [F]unctionaries of U. S. Empire . . ..” Yeah, buddy, that phrase nails it!

    I’ve gleaned that same mix of hauteur and blindness and just plain arrogance from Americans who lived in the Panama Canal Zone, missionaries in various places, civilian and military workers in occupied Germany and Japan, and more. Spot on observations, robinea.

  62. BB753 says:
    @Gross Terry

    Wanna bet she’s a lesbian, hence her anger and bitterness? Lesbians live in their own world, unaware of the other 49% male side of the human species. That’s why they think and sound like 14 year old girls.

  63. Anonymous [AKA "marquedevestis"] says:

    White privilege is the privilege of working your ass off at a shitty job to pay the taxes for the disproportionate government gibs to minorities. I’d love check my white privilege by quitting said job and not contributing to the tax base.

  64. BenKenobi says:

    Well it’s right there in the fifth paragraph of what she said: “I think it’s better that they’re all mixed up.” So yes she does advocate race mixing.

    And here’s from you: “Let her raise a kid. it’s called being an American, mate. Freedom. And that means tolerance. Try it sometime.”

    This odious bitch sure tolerates her fellow Americans. I believe she called them “white [sic] privileged asshole dicks.” And she certainly doesn’t let her fellow Americans raise their children in peace, no. She’s causing a “revolution” at her son’s school to cram social justice anti-White bullshit down the throats of impressionable children.

    Is short: fuck you, you disingenuous sanctimonious little prick.

  65. DaveE says:

    It’s not just that she supports Killary. So does my mom, 83, who knows nothing of politics, current events or even Killary’s deplorable record. It’s just that Hillary is a woman so in my mom’s Alzheimer’s riddled logic, that can only be an improvement.

    Maybe mental illness is the common bond…….

    Funny how these sanctimonious [email protected]!* spend most of their waking moments decrying every injustice EXCEPT the really big ones THEY are fully responsible for. (Palestine, 911, war on terror, the police state, drugs, looting of the economy, etc. etc.)

    I dunno what this mental illness should be called, but I know where it comes from.

  66. Sam J. says:

    All these people who keep saying we need diversity need to have a clarification of values. We don’t need diversity. They apparently do. They should move to diversity and leave us alone. There’s a whole planet of diversity out there they can go to. Let them go.

  67. ogunsiron says:

    She was a Jewish girl from Chicago who married an Indian guy from Guyana. It’s a great story. She went down there and they founded the Communist Party of Guyana.

    Every.single.time, even in Guyana.
    Makes me think that they may also be involved in communism in other islands in the caribbean.

  68. ogunsiron says:

    Some jews view opposition to nationhood as a core part of their jewish identity. Max Blumenthal is very anti-zionist and he’s in favor of african immigration into Israel, but I would not be surprised to read that he’s extremely proud of being a jew.

  69. ogunsiron says:

    She sounds like the kind of jew who think that as a jew she is on a mission to be a “light” onto nations that she mostly despises.
    Such people aren’t necessarily pro-Israel. Some of them are ashamed of Israel because Israel has an army, has borders, encourages patriotism etc. They think all of that stuff is for brutish goyim and that jews should be above all of that. Such people don’t ever want to be sons and daughters of the land of their ancestors. They actually cherish the role of the Other who wanders, above those who are low enough to be from somewhere and to belong somewhere.

  70. ogunsiron says:
    @Mark Green

    She doesn’t strike as the type who cares about jewish racial purity, though she is probably very proud of her “outsider moral superior” jewish heritage. She might have been too old to conceive or way too neurotic for any black guy or naive enough in that she tried to find a black Woody Allen to conceive with and never found him.

  71. AZ says:
    @yaqub the mad scientist

    it would be an honor to be Obama’s Mama.

  72. I’m becoming something of a Linh Dinh fan. I read Steve Sailor pretty much every day, and sometimes browse other writers here, but I think Linh Dinh is the first that I didn’t know before Unz who is really growin g on me.

  73. Anonymous [AKA "UhHuh"] says:

    Did she move back to her homophobic Malaysia yet ?

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