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I last saw Vietnam in 2001. Back then, Saigon had no American fast food joints save a Kentucky Fried Chicken. Long-term foreign residents were few, and mostly confined to the Phạm Ngũ Lão area. There were no foreign stars in the just-established professional soccer league.

Now in Saigon, there are 20 KFCs, eight Burger Kings and six McDonald’s, with one across the street from where I used to lived, five miles from downtown.

In December of 2007, an Afro-Brazilian soccer player, Fábio dos Santos, changed his name to Phan Văn Santos and became Vietnamese. This, in a country where millions had risked death or imprisonment trying to get out not too long before. In 2008, Santos was on Vietnam’s national team in a friendly match against, um, Brazil! Santos on his new status:

I am very happy to become Vietnamese. The new citizenship will help me greatly in my career and maybe help the national team as well. I have been living and working in Vietnam for six years. I think my decision was the right one, even though it was very difficult. To my surprise, my parents support my decision. When I return to Brazil in the future, I will be a guest, not a citizen… Sometimes I felt sad because I had to give up my Brazilian citizenship. But my becoming Vietnamese is God’s idea.

Since 2003, the leading scorer in the V.League each year has been foreign, with Nigeria, Argentina, Brazil and the Republic of Congo all represented. Nigeria-born Hoàng Vũ Samson became a naturalized Vietnamese in 2013, the year he won his first scoring title. Samson still has very intimate ties to his homeland, however. In a 2016 article, Thanh Niên [Youth] relates:

A surprising thing about Hoàng Vũ Samson is that he has two wives, one Nigerian and one Vietnamese (living in Ho Chi Minh City). Fortunately, both of his wives get along. Many times, his Nigerian wife has come for a visit, and Samson takes both of his wives, plus his many children, out. They all eat and drink happily to together.

Netherlands-born Danny van Bakel is now Nguyễn Van Bakel. Serendipitously, “Van” is a common middle name in both Vietnam and Holland. The star defender for Thanh Hoá has just one wife, a Vietnamese.

Nigeria-born Maxwell Eyerakpo has become Đinh Hoàng Max, thus instantly heaping sporting glories onto the mostly slow-footed, muscle-deprived and vertical-leap-challenged Đinh clan. Thanks a lot, bro! Max made headlines recently for apparently abandoning his Vietnamese wife and their three children.

Vietnamese-language proficiency is clearly not required for citizenship, for neither Hoàng Vũ Samson nor Đinh Hoàng Max can speak Vietnamese. Palestinian Saleem Hammad, however, can handle the language almost like a native, with a solid Hanoi accent. Arriving in 2011 on a university scholarship, Hammad has become a familiar face on television, having co-hosted several episodes of S ViệtNam, a popular domestic travel show. Viet Nam News quotes Hammad:

Việt Nam was a strange country for me at that time. After my family knew that I would have an opportunity to study here, everybody encouraged me. They told me that it was a country where its inhabitants worked very hard and they were very courageous. They had won against invaders to bring independence to their country. It is also the dream of the people of Palestine.

Handsome and tall, Hammad has also found regular work as a model. Foreign models are huge there. Though white skin and blonde hair are especially in demand, Yeannie Maya Aitkins of Sierra Leone has also landed a few gigs.

On TV and in advertising, then, the foreign has become a regular feature. In 2014, an overweight and listless Kelly Clarkson waddled through “A Moment Like This” to an indifferent audience at the Miss Vietnam pageant. Many Vietnam Idol contestants sing in English. South Korean soap operas and K-Pop have been popular since 2000.

Saigon now has a budding black neighborhood. On December 31st, 2015, Vietnam Express reported that in Gò Vấp, there’s an apartment complex with many Africans, up to ten in a room. A handful of restaurants were frequented by Africans, and there’s a nightclub that had become notorious for loud music late into the night, with fights erupting sporadically. Natives of Ghana, Algeria, Nigeria and Cameroon, etc., many Africans in Saigon were illegals. Most were poor. Vietnam Express quoted a Vietnamese waiter:

I’ve worked here for three months already. They spend very modestly. I’ve never been tipped anything by these foreigners. Even with change of 1,000-2,000 dong [4-8 U.S. cents], they won’t leave it.

Mostly poor, ignorant of the language and without many social contacts, how do non-soccer playing Africans survive in Vietnam? Some buy factory rejected, irregular clothing to sell back home. A few marry locals and open businesses. An allAfrica article from 2009 reveals another mean of survival:

Government of the Eastern Asia Socialist Republic of Vietnam has embarked on a serious crack down of Nigerians resident in the country following a wave of anti-social and criminal activities reportedly being perpetrated by Nigerian immigrants.

This echoes reports from neighboring countries. In 2013, there was this Nigerian Monitor article, “[SHOCKING] 20% of Nigerians in Thailand are in jail,” with most of the 400 locked up for drug offenses. In 2011, the head of the Nigerian Association of Cambodia, Okere Ugochukwu Emmanuel, was busted for drug trafficking. On a more positive note, the head coach of the Cambodian national basketball team is a Nigerian. Despite Austin Abayomi Koledoye’s tireless and patient instructions, however, the double dribblers from the Land of Angkor still rank among the worst in this galaxy. We’re not all born to slam dunk.

With its American fast food joints, foreign models, black star athletes and the beginning of black neighborhoods, Vietnam is looking more multicultural and progressive (in the American sense) by the day.


This transformation also includes annual gay parades, of course, with the first in 2012. The Atlantic, Guardian, Bloomberg, Huffington Post, NBC, BBC and CNN have all praised Vietnam’s progress on the LGBT front. A Hanoi photographer, Maika Elan (real name Nguyễn Thanh Hải), won a World Press Photo Award for her series depicting gay couples at home, and a Saigon transgender bodybuilder, Kendy, was profiled by Narratively. Hanoi’s Kênh14 now has an annual feature, “Ten Most Beautiful Homosexual Relationships of the Year.”

When I left Saigon in 2001, rap music had no currency, but now there are dozens of prominent rappers, with “Secret Shows” popping up suddenly on the streets, as organized through social media. During those sinister days of hardcore Communism, there was no way the police would have tolerated this.

In Vietnam Under Communism, 1975-1982, Nguyễn Văn Canh paints an entirely different society:

In the South, soon after the communist victory, the party officials and military commanders on the spot declared open season on the previous regime’s culture. Gangs of young enthusiasts were secretly ordered or incited to destroy as much of this culture as they could. Early in May 1975, Communists burned every book in the libraries of the Saigon University Faculty of Law and Faculty of Letters; the books, they said, came from a “decadent culture.” Circulation of all other books, as well as art works such as music tapes, records, films, and even paintings, was prohibited. Communist youths went from door to door to search out and confiscated books and materials considered antirevolutionary.

Among the banned cultural products was “Golden Music,” love ballads, with lyrics often by well-known poets. Just for listening to this stuff, you could be locked up. Consider the case of Hanoi’s Nguyễn Văn Lộc. After the Communist takeover in 1954, Lộc and a small group of friends would gather in private homes to sing these ballads to each other. In 1968, this ballad-loving ring was finally exposed, with the entire seven-member gang arrested. First kept in The Furnace, better known to Americans as Hanoi Hilton, they were finally put on trial in January of 1971, with three men slammed with sentences of 15, 12 and ten years.

With “clemency,” Lộc served eight. Waiting patiently all this time, his girlfriend married the stigmatized man when he finally got out. After decades of struggle, Lộc now owns a café named Lộc Vàng [Golden Lộc] on the edge of Hanoi’s Western Lake. His friend Toán wasn’t so lucky. Broken and destitute after prison, the man died homeless in 1994. Lộc:

I marvel at how bitter my life has been. For doing nothing but loving music, I ended up in jail. Now, this kind of music is revived, and these songs are sung on TV. When I hear other people sing them, tears gather in my eyes.

Beneath this veneer of sidewalk hip hop shows, gay parades and transsexual bodybuilders, Vietnam is still very much a totalitarian state, however, for many people, priests, monks, journalists and bloggers, etc., are still imprisoned for thought crimes. Influential blogger Điếu Cày, for example, was locked up for 6 ½ years on trumped-up charge of tax evasion. He was kept in filthy, dark, solitary cells and beaten up. In 2003, Phạm Hồng Sơn was slapped with a 13-year-sentence for translating and disseminating “What is Democracy?” an article he found online. Sơn ended up serving 4 ½ years. Last May, dissident Father Nguyễn Văn Lý was finally released after eight years in prison.

Wealth in Vietnam also flows straight to the top, for its fattest cats are senior Communists. Gorging on graft, they own the swankiest nightclubs, send their kids to American universities and jet around at will to splurge on this world’s pleasures. With no free press or independent judiciary, corruption can’t be checked, so cops shake you down, professors sell grades, doctors demand tips before treatment and officials of all ranks sell favors and extort.

But isn’t the United States itself an oligarchy that’s seemingly free and superficially tolerant? Of course! Like China, Vietnam has learned from the U.S. on how to run a 21st century totalitarian society. Instead of banning pop culture, they’ve realized it’s the state’s best ally, for the more sexy, decadent or trivial this pop culture, the more it’ll tranquilize people as the elites rob them blind. Drunk on protean porn, the hip-gyrating plebes won’t even notice they’re being cornholed.

The United States has also been studying the Communist playbook, for it’s now legal to jail or even kill a citizen on the most nebulous charges. American laws are already totalitarian.

Linh Dinh’s novel Love Like Hate covers Vietnam in the 20th century. His Postcards from the End of America has just been released by Seven Stories Press. He maintains an active photo blog.

• Category: Culture/Society • Tags: Globalization, Multiculturalism, Vietnam 
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  1. Anon • Disclaimer says:

    America is the cancer of history… since the end of Cold War.

    Reagan was the last good guy.

    Good ole Gipper.

    As for Viets, what a bunch of dammies.

    True, communism sucked… but

    consider the great prestige of Vietnam in the 20th century.

    They fight the French Empire and gain liberation on their own. Tremendous feat.

    They take on the American Empire and despite huge losses, prevail. US is handed its first defeat ever. The greatest power in the world.

    And then China invades to teach it a lesson, but Viets fight back and push the Chinese back. Most people see it as humiliating setback for China.

    And unlike the US that failed to prop up his client regime in Saigon, the Viets manage to defend its client regime in Cambodia.

    In some ways, the greatest warriors of the 20th century. At war for much of the century. All the more remarkable since Viets are physically small.

    The Viets could have used their immense historical capital to build a good nation, but they squandered it on lame stalinism and then lame globalism.

    PS. What’s with the Nigerians? They seem to be EVERYWHERE. They made a total mess of their own country, and now they do horrible crap all over.

  2. Anon • Disclaimer says:

    This homo stuff.. how did it spread?

    Was there a secret deal between the US and Vietnam government that if Vietnam accepts homo parades, it will get special money or aid or trade deals?

    Btw, haven’t people clued into the fact that the homo flag is proxy of globo neo-imperialism?

    Just how does Vietnam fight the US to drive out US imperialists but now accepts the victory flag of US globo-imperialism?

    This homo flag and agenda are totally the work of Wall Street, Hollywood, and US globo-empire.

    This is why Russia, China, Iran, and now even Turkey say NO to it. They see it for what it is. Zio-Anglo-US hegemony or Hey-Gay-Mony.

    I guess there is nothing like financial power.

    I can seem some US diplomat — prolly a fruit — saying ‘big big bucks and bribes for you guys if you let us use our homo proxies to put on a homo parade.’
    And the Viets just couldn’t say NO to all that moolah.

    From Le Duc Tho to Me Cuck Low

    • Replies: @jacques sheete
    , @JustJeff
  3. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Yup. That’s pretty much the deal the west gives you. Either play ball and accept gays and Africans in your country or become a pariah state like N. Korea or Cuba.

    I too admire the Vietnamese for going toe to toe with America, China, and France. Eric Margolis called them the best light infantry force in the world at their time.

    The goal here is to weaken social cohesion by bringing in gays and Africans. That is the only way the west can beat the Vietnamese. I remember a story in Vietnam where a soldier had his stomach blown out, and his insides were hanging out. This soldier put a bowl over his stomach so he could keep fighting.

    Imagine that same soldier today. Why even fight when Tyrone is back home not fighting in the war and instead putting the moves on all the women?

    Vietnam, you dun fucked up.

    • Replies: @Joe Wong
    , @Joe Wong
  4. neutral says:

    PS. What’s with the Nigerians? They seem to be EVERYWHERE. They made a total mess of their own country, and now they do horrible crap all over.

    Search for Steve Sailer and his “most important graph in the world”, the African population growth and future numbers are so massive that they will literally become most of the world. I have already concluded that Europe will become majority African (including even Poland and Russia) in less than 100 years, I was never sure about Asia though. However reading this article, I am getting the sense that even India and China with their billion people will in the end become increasingly African.

    • Replies: @anon
  5. aer says:

    A single apartment block and now Vietnam is on the verge of turning into a multicultural society? Football athletes don’t count. Every country imports them. They number just in the hundreds. Vietnam has 91 million people.

    The proliferation of fast food joints is a more worrisome phenomenon, because it is far more real.

  6. AaronB says:

    China is the most corrupted of East Asian countries, and Vietnam the most out of SEA countries – and Vietnam was most influenced by China compared to Thailand, Cambodia, etc.

    There seems to be some some fatal weakness in Chinese culture that makes it more susceptible to American srule hustling. No other Asian country succumbed so completely to soulless American hustling.

    It’s very interesting, especially since so much of traditional Chinese culture is utterly opposed to this kind of thinking (Taoism, Buddhism, Chan, etc)

    When I was in Vietnam it felt palbably different from, say, Thailand. The people seemed like natural hustlers, very obsessed with money, and aggressive. They had none of the shy, gentle, and retiring ways of the Thais, and the Vietnamese instantly felt more “normal” (coming from America), and I found it easy to establish a rapport with them. They were completely unafraid of me (not shy at all). At the time I found that a relief but also disappointing.

    In contrast, the Thais seemed strange in a way I couldn’t define, like their inner life was really different from an Americans, and there was a subtle but impenetrable barrier between us. And they were far shyer, gentler, less concerned with money or the hustle, and just plain “weirder”, which I liked even though it meant I couldn’t really socialize with them deeply.

    In the same way, a Chinese person seems so much more familiar and easy to get along with than a Japanese person, who has that subtle barrier.

    I wonder if Chinest culture has lost it’s culturally fertilizing powers and the future cultural regeneration of Asia will come from the periphery, like Japan, Thailand, perhaps Burma?

    • Replies: @Joe Wong
    , @Erik Sieven
    , @utu
  7. Influential blogger Điếu Cày, for example, was locked up for 6 ½ years on trumped-up charge of tax evasion. He was kept in filthy, dark, solitary cells and beaten up.

    I don’t know shit about Vietnam, but I read similar accounts about the ‘civil rights martyrs’ (pro-western activists, usually on some western NGO’s payroll) in other countries that I do know well. Every time it turns out it’s bullshit. What does it mean “trumped-up charge of tax evasion”? How do you know it was “trumped-up”? Can you prove that it was?

    • Replies: @IT.Scheiss
    , @jimmyriddle
  8. Njguy73 says:

    I would give Dinh the Ned-Beatty-in-Network speech, but I’ve done it enough here. Hell, I even got Heartiste to quote on his own site one of my comments. So could someone be a pal and do it for me? Thanks.

  9. Anon • Disclaimer says:

    Anno Sodomini

    The birth of new religion

    • Replies: @Joe Schmoe
  10. Anon • Disclaimer says:

    Civilization has become like a Christmas Tree.

    A tree is alive in the soil. It draws water from the roots in the ground.
    And with the water from below and sun from above, it grows big and tall.

    And true cultures are like that. That is why they survive for so long. Rich or poor, a civilization has to maintain its roots and connection to history, culture, and heritage. There is a connection between the now and the past. And the future is defined by the present’s awareness of the past.

    Before there was Pop Culture, the main culture was that of family, community, spirituality. Even illiterate people in a Vietnamese village had a sense of ancestry, culture, and heritage.
    As humans are social animals, they need a sense of belonging, of connectedness.
    And people used to feel this connection to the past, to their forebears. For one thing, older people had to be taken care of by the family. Young people grew up close to grandparents.

    But in the modern world, so many people are constantly on the move and have little sense of loyalty to anything. Many children grow apart from grandparents, and many parents are divorced. Many mothers are single, and kids grow up with fathers.
    And there is the TV, the stereo, the gadgets. Kids grow up feeling connected to electronica of celebrity, glitz, entertainment, idolatry. Kids in Vietnam hooked to this Fake Culture identify more with some Nigerian soccer player, Brazilian globe-hopper, or Arab fashion model or some blonde ho than to their own people, ancestors, and culture. There was a time when the Vietnamese sacrificed millions to defend and preserve the meaning of Vietnamese identity and culture. Now, they pass it out like candy to anyone who might offer entertainment or win prizes for Vietnam. So, if some black guy wins a track medal in the Olympics, then the Viets can pretend they won it because the African is now ‘Vietnamese’. I suppose each Asian nation should now field black athletes, just like many European nations do. Negroes-for-hire-to-win-medals. And of course, those athletes surrender their own nationality and become ‘vietnamese’ solely for money and fame. There’s no sense of patriotism or loyalty. Thus, national identity and culture are rendered meaningless. It’s about dollars and medals than roots, identity, and etc.
    What is the worth of Vietnamese identity if some Brazilian who doesn’t even know the language is also ‘Vietnamese’? It is a dissolution of Vietnamese identity. After all, if some foreigner with no roots in Vietnam is just as Vietnamese as a Vietnamese whose roots go back 1000 yrs, what is the point? It means a 1000 yrs of history is no more valuable than a piece of legal paper sold by deracinated crook bureaucrats. Is it worth gaining a sports medal at the cost of losing the meaning of one’s identity? Globalism only makes one think of the insta-glory than long-term meaning. Besides, who really believes that a Vietnamese guy won? If Vietnam fields a Nigerian athlete in the Olympics and if he wins, no one will think that a Vietnamese guy really won it. They’ll just see it as Vietnam hiring some Negro be ‘Vietnamese’. What a joke.

    Thus, new Vietnam is like a tree cut from its roots. It is like a Christmas tree, chopped off and taken into the globalist dome. Inside, it is decorated with shiny stuff and wound with electric flashing lights. It all looks so alive and dazzling… but it’s a dead tree. It is no longer alive within. It no longer draws water from the roots. It no longer takes light from the sun. It is part of a fake world, the globo dome. It thinks it is more alive than ever because of the shiny ornaments and blinking lights and all that glitter. But it’s all fake culture, artifice. It’s plastic, not organic. It is an illusion, not reality.

    A nation that replaces its real ethnos and culture with globo-man is no longer a real nation.

    A society that replaces a real religion or real culture with a fake new ‘religion’ or neoligion like homomania has lost its connection to the soil. It has been cut from the roots.

    Globalism has all the fazzle-dazzle of modern Christmas Tree fitted with lots of lights and shiny toys, but it offers fake culture. It is a giant dildo for mankind’s anus. It is titillation without meaning or purpose.

    Japan, South Korea, and Vietnam underwent very different histories, but all are falling under the same influence of the GLOB whose only agenda for the entire world is the Orgy-Porgy.

    • Agree: Mark Green
    • Troll: landlubber
  11. bossel says:

    ““Van” is a common middle name in both Vietnam and Holland”
    No idea about Vietnam, but in the Netherlands it’s not a middle name, it’s part of the family name, a so-called tussenvoegsel:

  12. @Anon

    Ronnie Reagan was a phony and a paid shill for the nuclear power-weapons industry. The Reagan Administration cranked-up the demographic transformation of the US. The Reagan Administration hated the Native Born White American Working Class. And this is your last good guy?

    • Replies: @jacques sheete
    , @Marcus
    , @anon
  13. 60 Thousand mostly Native Born White American Working Class American Teenagers reduced to chuck ground to homo-pedophile norm Vietnam. And English Foriegner Peter Brimelow after all these years still thinks the destruction of Vietnam was worth it.

    Peter Brimelow….you disgust me!!!….you really do…

  14. @Anon

    I guess there is nothing like financial power.


    • Agree: Che Guava
  15. John Spiers says: • Website

    Bravo, splendid, Mr. Dinh. People should know the Vietnamese kicked Genghis Khan’s ass too.

    That scene in Apocalypse Now! in which the French settlers explain since they settled and created the plantation, the land is theirs, they are happy to work with whoever is in charge… Elicits sympathy. OK, but whose water did you divert to create your plantation? Not mentioned. Important point.

    It will be interesting to see how the Donald works with them. I say Linh Dinh as ambassador to Vietnam. Make American Great Again.


    • Replies: @Linh Dinh
    , @Parbes
  16. I had the experience of seeing first hand (as a foreigner) the transformation of a communist country/republic (Latvia) from a stagnant socialist paradise where the citizens revered their culture and kept yearning for ‘freedom and democracy’ to a full out junk culture and consumerist shithole. No intervening industrial revolution and creation of a middle class, a pause that allowed for some golden moments.

    The only thing that they managed to keep intact was the corruption and elite structure.

    It took me a while to realize what was happening in plain sight but base human instincts were preyed upon and found immediate acceptance. Glossy women’s magazines were on news stands before proper newspapers were established. Hammberrger un Kadillak were the highest goals.

    I am not aware of any ex-communist or relaxed communist state that didn’t go through this. Of course soon enough the gay pride parades had to take place. You can’t be first world without them. It does however surprise me that Vietnam would succumb to this insanity as I thought it more of an Occidental

    O well, I guess ‘rap’ like love conquers all. I miss the days when a chap would say “I must have had 20 fags last night” and it meant that his lungs were coated with tar.


    • Agree: BB753
  17. Now you know why the homosexual Old Queen Lindsey Graham is such an over-the-top-War Hawk….Invading the World results in the homosexual-pedophile norming of the Planet-making the Planet one gigantic Gay Tourist destination. A world hospitable-congenial to subhuman homosexual-pedophile sewage such as Lindsay Graham and the White Male MEGA-CEO’s Masters of the Universe.

    The Native Born White American Male Teenager Working Class Population from rural Heartland America is the Canon Foder used to homo-pedophile norm the Planet.

    Lindsay Graham’s homosexual-pedophile wars of homo aggression are a Comet Pizza War Racket=Your White Conservative Christian Tax \$\$\$ at work!!!!

  18. Marcus says:

    Max made headlines recently for apparently abandoning his Vietnamese wife and their three children.

    Ha! Whether you take him to America or Vietnam, you can’t take the Africa out of the African!

  19. biz says:

    The United States has also been studying the Communist playbook, for it’s now legal to jail or even kill a citizen on the most nebulous charges.

    Where is this the case?

    In my area, over three-fourths of crimes go unpunished because the police still have to get warrants, with probable cause, grand juries still need to indict, and people still need to be convicted. As for citizens being killed, my state technically has the death penalty but it has been years since it has been carried out.

    Hopefully you are not lamenting that Americans who are actively waging war against the United States as part of a foreign terrorist group on foreign soil can be killed as part of military operations.

  20. Linh Dinh says: • Website
    @John Spiers

    Hi John,

    I’d make an OK beer ambassador. “Here, try some Samuel Adams! How about a can of Lost Nation? Freedom’s Edge? Crooked Ladder? Bitter Creek?”

    In January of 1995, the US established diplomatic ties with Hanoi. When I got there in May, it was positively weird to see the Stars and Stripes flying in that city. At an art opening, I was introduced to L. Desaix Anderson, the American Chargé D’affaires. (There was no ambassador.) Giving me his card, Anderson said, “Just get in touch with us if you need anything.” Hanoi in 1995 was still very sleepy. There was one café popular with Westerners because they had passable croissants and genuine feta cheese.


    • Replies: @Triumph104
  21. Bill says:

    Instead of banning pop culture, they’ve realized it’s the state’s best ally, for the more sexy, decadent or trivial this pop culture, the more it’ll tranquilize people as the elites rob them blind. Drunk on protean porn, the hip-gyrating plebes won’t even notice they’re being cornholed.

    This is the subject of E Michael Jones’ fine (if overlong) book, Libido Dominandi: Sexual Liberation and Political Control

    As anonymous mentions above:

    The goal here is to weaken social cohesion by bringing in gays and Africans.

    the destruction of social cohesion via multiculturalism is a major goal of cultural marxism or corporate leftism or whatever you like to call it. To flog Jones some more, the use, in the US, of mass population movements of blacks to accomplish this destruction of social cohesion is described in his best known work Slaughter of Cities: Urban Renewal as Ethnic Cleansing

  22. Anonymous [AKA "Prestor John"] says:

    Apparently, there’s a Nigerian in every single country in the world.

  23. America 2016 is a Satanic Black Mass…on Satanic Black Mass steroids. And this, is a direct consequence of the Cold War. It is now time to rethink the Cold War….very very long overdue.

    The Cold War was hatched in the greedy-Satanic heads of East Coast WASP Elites. Deep South White Evangelical Christians were the canon fodder as were the Irish Catholics. And don’t forget the Kennedy Cockroach Clan…..Celtus Kennidius Cockroachus Blattarius Bostonus….The Irish Catholic Reprobates from Boston.

  24. The mathematical equation that describes the Cold War:

    The Cold War=The Blessings of Diversity enforced at the end of an m-16 barrel abroad and at home with a topping of rainbow colored homosexual-pedophile-Comet Pizza napalm….and Ronnie Reagan’s pickleled cornball Americana corpse as the frosting……

  25. Marcus says:
    @War for Blair Mountain

    Agreed, he eviscerated the working class worse than any other president. You could say that Carter started the shift to neoliberalism, but only a minor shift compared to what Reagan did. We were a creditor nation and the world’s largest exporter of manufactured goods before he took office!

  26. anon • Disclaimer says:

    this is alt-right fear porn IMO. African population growth will eventually peak at some point, plus population growth predictions are famously incorrect, in fact all kinds of predictions are usually off the mark. Africans population growth is completely unsustainable, and after the west collapses, there will be nobody left to prop up their growth. This whole global fascination with africa is a trend, and like all other trends it will eventually burn out; we are simply in the midst of this trend and lack the perspective to see that it will eventually end.

    • Agree: Intelligent Dasein
  27. Joe Wong says:

    If you want to describe Chinese withdrawal after forcing the Vietnamese government fleeing from Hanoi as humiliation, then you also need to call the Viets withdrawal from Cambodia as humiliation too, otherwise you are a double think and a double talk from both sides of the mouth like the American MSM.

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @frayedthread
  28. Joe Wong says:

    The American led West does not play ball with Vietnamese, they play gook hockey with Vietnamese.

  29. Anon • Disclaimer says:
    @Joe Wong

    When the Viets left Cambodia, the regime they installed remained in power.

    • Replies: @Joe Wong
  30. Joe Wong says:

    Vietnamese beat the French, the American and their gangs because of Chinese training, planning and support with war materials and human resources. By Vietnamese themselves they can never do it.

    Vietnamese by nature is mentally colonized people, they adore the White and the Japanese who slaughtered them like playing gook hockey as living god. Vietnamese still keeps the French imposed curly script as their written language instead of restoring their own ancestor’s written language. Vietnamese did not fuck up, they are returning what they are.

  31. Joe Wong says:

    American is the most morally defunct evil people in the world, they legalize corruption to make corruption legitimate, and they commit war crimes, crimes against peace and crimes against humanity on the moral high ground so they can continue to carry out atrocities as humanitarian intervention on the fabricated phantom WMD allegations without moral burden.

    The American culminates all the weakness of the Western culture, it is showing all the signs of the repeat of the Roman Empire, corrupted, bellicose, decadent, ignorant and hubris.

  32. Every time I have purchased “Made in Vietnam” clothing or tech products, I have thought, “So the US won the war, after all.”

  33. Che Guava says:

    Interesting article, Linh.

    A few random thoughts and I don’t flatter myself as the reason for this, but did suggest you write about Viet Nam some time, that was months ago.

    You are not on the ground, but surely accurate.

    Max made headlines recently for apparently abandoning his Vietnamese wife and their three children.

    That is typical behaviour whereever they play their cuckoo bird game.

    The first major non-Japanese national rep. for Japan in soccer was also a Santos. I wonder if they are related?

    There were a few earlier, but at least two were ethnic Japanese from Brazil, so it is different, also the teams they were on were not very successful.

    Santos here was a star from late ’90s to mid ’00s.

    I strongly dislike the social phenomena of soccer.

    South Korean soap operas and K-Pop have been popular since 2000.

    K-pop wasn’t a defined thing in 2000, it grew after that as an imitation of J-pop. Sure, the TV and clothing were influential at that time (from my reading, I have never been to Viet Nam).

    This echoes reports from neighboring countries.

    It sure echoes the situation in Japan, but one can’t say ‘reports’, since it is not generally reported. Everybody walking on the streets at times in places where they have a major presence knows.

    Five or so years ago, one of the convenience shops published a mag-style book on it under their own imprint, there was a huge outcry on the ‘net, it was withdrawn.

    I only saw a copy once, wanted to buy it but had too much to carry, it was withdrawn by the next day.

    Bad timing, disappointed.

    Vietnam is looking more multicultural and progressive (in the American sense) by the day.

    This transformation also includes annual gay parades, of course, with the first in 2012.

    This would seem to explain why, much earlier, western leftists would assure me of the CPV’s moral superiority over the CPC, they were able to see what they want was within reach in Viet Nam, but maybe not so much in China.

    I am curious if their claims of supporting independent worker’s unions in VN would make them more likely than in China, particularly since those western leftists had already made a system where unions in their own place were dependent, if they survived, and were losing all connection with working people.

    Excuse this scattered comment, Linh, I am sure you would make a great beer ambassador.


    • Replies: @Erik Sieven
  34. Joe Wong says:

    A nation that replaces its real ethnos and culture with globo-man is no longer a real nation.

    A society that replaces a real religion or real culture with a fake new ‘religion’ or neoligion like homomania has lost its connection to the soil. It has been cut from the roots.

    Vietnam has been a dead nation long time ago since the French colonization, they are still keeping the French imposed curly script as their written language and catholic as their religion instead of restoring their own ancestor’s writings and believe; it proves Vietnam is no longer a real nation because it has replaced its real ethnos and culture with alien imposed one.

  35. Joe Wong says:

    Calling Cambodian regime is a Vietnamese lackey is an expression of American Exceptionalism like calling bombing, killing and torturing on the fabricated WMD allegation as humanitarian intervention.

    • Replies: @Anon
  36. Look for Jewish involvement. Behind the scenes, out of site, and misrepresentation of this overt phenomenon as “progress”, “tolerance”, “inclusiveness”, all designed to weaken the home culture, traditions, in order for the top elite to dominate and dictate.

  37. @Linh Dinh

    Great article Linh.

    The owner of a French restaurant in Vietnam said that there were only about 10k expats in the early 90s. He said that there were 60k expats in 2011 and the expat community was no longer cohesive. Since the Vietnamese were the ones who had and spent money, he was going to have to change his menu to appeal to their tastes. LINK

  38. anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    they’ve realized it’s the state’s best ally, for the more sexy, decadent or trivial this pop culture, the more it’ll tranquilize people as the elites rob them blind.

    Interesting observation. The higher-ups learn how to throw out worthless distractions to engross the masses even as they’re squeezed and the wealth finds it’s way into the right people’s bank accounts. The US public gets distracted with heated debates about which variety of trans-sex should use what bathroom while the elites aggrandize even more for themselves. What do they care, they live in gated areas and are protected from the hoi polloi. Besides, they’re probably comfortable with sexual deviancies and aren’t above hiring some from the servant class to tickle their fancies.

  39. No mention at all of US colleges and universities having semester abroad programs and the like with Vietnamese institutions. This would seem to be an area US “academia” would be chomping at the bits to get involved in.

    • Replies: @Triumph104
  40. @Joe Wong

    The Viets saved the Khmer people from nearly total extermination by Angka. Props to them.

  41. Anon • Disclaimer says:
    @Joe Wong

    The point is the Chinese backed the dreaded Khmer Rouge whereas the Viets backed the counter-Khmer Rouge.

    Viets prevailed. The Rouge didn’t return to power.

    • Replies: @Joe Wong
    , @animalogic
  42. Anon • Disclaimer says:

    “Among the banned cultural products was “Golden Music,” love ballads, with lyrics often by well-known poets.”

    That’s sad. Revolution often doesn’t know when to stop.

    The fervor sweeps too much away.

    But globalism is now saigonizing Vietnam again, turning into whorehouse of the US.
    And it is a much worse US than in the past.

    Surely, a US that spread Sinatra and beach boys wasn’t as bad as one that spreads rap and tattoos.

    • Agree: Che Guava
  43. so incredible sad. Another once proud nation on the way to slow assisted suicide. There is on this globe almost no place left to hide from this madness.

  44. @Che Guava

    “I strongly dislike the social phenomena of soccer.”
    it is not only soccer. American Football, worldwide basketball, athletics are also support the deification of West Africans.

  45. anon • Disclaimer says:
    @War for Blair Mountain

    Reagan was the President signing the immigration amnesty that exploded unskilled immigration of high fertility brown folks from south that will demographically topple USA by 2040’s.

    He put us on the magic treadmill of prosperity through debt. Now we are at negative \$20 Trillion and will probably hit negative \$40 T by 2040 before toppling over a la Greece or Russia.

    By his tax cuts, heavily tilted to the One Percenters, he has put us on track to become Brazil. 1% oligarchs and plutocrats will rule over 80% proletariat. Meth, prescription opioids, Pot, Liquor are the new Opium of the masses (along with Football and other balls and porn).

  46. Marcus says:
    @Joe Wong

    No mention of the USSR, which was the North’s most consistent ally during and after the war?

  47. Anonymous [AKA "snowonweb"] says:

    I am reading the article and think in my head, wtf is this guy blubering about. Must not be UNZ since I know little bit about vietnam since I like history and then I read the few last paragraphs and everything makes sense. I mean enterteinment for the masses is like opiates for the masses (used to be religion) now its enterteinment and the rulling class can do whatever the want.

  48. @AaronB

    “In contrast, the Thais seemed strange in a way I couldn’t define, like their inner life was really different from an Americans, and there was a subtle but impenetrable barrier between us.”

    That´s an interesting question. Despite the difference you see between Vietnamese and Thai people I wonder if there is something racial going on. Just earlier this day I thought about interracial friendship. Is a deep friendship between an average West African and average East Asian person even possible? The African will probably not be able to understand the shyness, self-doubts and sadness the Asian will feel from time to time. On the other side the Asian won´t understand the sheer happiness, anger, impulsiveness the African will feel.
    The same question arises of course to a lesser extent to Caucasian / Black and Caucasian / Asian friendships.
    It is like in this one Seinfeld episode, where Jerry explains to Kramer that some people have “inhibitions” – something Kramer simply can´t comprehend.

    • Replies: @Che Guava
    , @AaronB
  49. BB753 says:

    Hell, Dinh, this is really scary! There’s nothing uglier than globalism. Diversity über alles, feminism and Gay Pride parades forever!

  50. Parbes says:
    @John Spiers

    “People should know the Vietnamese kicked Genghis Khan’s ass too.”

    Vietnamese did not “kick Genghis Khan’s ass”, idiot. Genghis Khan never fought anywhere near Vietnam in his lifetime. Read some history first, before spilling rubbish on the Internet just because “you can”!

    • Replies: @Daniel Chieh
    , @Linh Dinh
  51. @Parbes

    I do think the Khan would have found an appreciable lack of open plains to roam the endless herds of hypothetical cattle there anyway.

    • Replies: @Parbes
  52. JustJeff says:

    I think it’s just a consequence of American prestige. We have Hollywood, we have Wall Street, and we have Harvard. Everyone in the world wants what those things produce (films, music, money, doctors, lawyers, scientists) and look up to America as a result. We also have fag parades. It’s a way of not just emulating America but sucking up to it as well, the state department is full of liberal globalist after all. That’s all. If America happened to still be a conservative country, all the people in foreign countries who go to fag parades would be evangelicals instead.

  53. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:
    @Joe Wong

    No doubt Vietnam benefitted a great deal from China and Russian support.

    But make no mistake. The Vietnamese are the people who won the war. They were the people on the front lines who grinded out victory.

    It takes a combination of grit, nationalism, and intelligence, to perform such a feat. Something most countries could not come close to achieving.

    Just look at Saudi with American hardware getting beat by Yemenis.

  54. Linh Dinh says: • Website

    No, Genghis Khan never invaded Vietnam, but the Mongols certainly did, three times.

    Wikipedia’s account of the first invasion:

    In 1258, a Mongol column under Uriyangkhadai, the son of Subutai, invaded Đại Việt. A battle was fought in which the Vietnamese used war elephants. Aju ordered his troops to fire arrows at the elephants’ feet. The animals turned in panic and caused disorder in the Đại Việt army, which was routed. The King of Đại Việt fled to an offshore island, and the Mongols occupied the capital city Thăng Long (now Hanoi). When they found their envoys in prison, one of whom died, they responded by massacring the population of the capital.

    In January 29, 1258, Đại Việt’s Emperor Trần Thái Tông along with Prince Trần Hoảng counterattacked at Đông Bộ Đầu (vi). The Mongols were suprised and defeated.

    Second invasion:

    This was the first invasion of Đại Việt by Kublai Khan’s Yuan dynasty. In 1284 Kublai appointed his son Toghan (Vietnamese: Thoát Hoan) to conquer Champa. Toghan demanded from the Trần a route to Champa, which would trap the Champan army from both north and south. While Nhân Tông accept the demand reluctantly, General Hưng Đạo rallied 15,000 troops and help the Champan.

    Planning to weaken the enemies first, the Đại Việt royal family abandoned the capital, letting the Mongols capture it and retreated south while enacting a scorched earth campaign by burning villages and crops.[21] At the same time, Sogetu moved his army up north in an attempt to envelop the royal family in a pincer movement,[21] which the Vietnamese managed to escape.

    Sogetu’s army was weakened by the summer heat and the lack of food, so they stopped chasing the royal family and move north to join with Toghan. Seeing the Mongol’s movement, Trần Hưng Đạo concluded that the Mongol was weakened and decided to take the opportunity to strike, selecting battlefields where the Mongol cavalry could not be fully employed.[22]

    The Cham were in hot pursuit of Sogetu, however, and managed to kill him and defeat his army while it was moving north.[22] However, according to Vietnamese history, Sogetu was defeated in Hàm Tử, Hưng Yên and was killed by the Vietnamese in his retreat. As the Yuan forces advanced down the Red River, dispersing their power, General Quang Khải counterattacked them at Chương Dương, forcing Toghan to withdraw. Toghan returned without a huge loss of the army under him thanks to the Kipchak officer Sidor and his navy. The Yuan army retreated north, but few made it back to China due to pursuing Đại Việt troops and warriors from the Hmong and Yao tribes.[22]

    The third-time, the Mongols were spectacularly defeated at the Bạch Đằng River, and this is what John Spiers had in mind, I’m sure:


    In 1287 the Yuan commander Toghan, a son of Kublai Khan, invaded Vietnam for the third time. Under his command were 70,000 regular troops, 21,000 tribal auxiliaries from Yunnan and Hainan, a 1,000-man vanguard under the general Abachi, and 500 ships under the Muslim Omar (Vietnamese: Ô Mã Nhi) and Chinese Fanji (according to some sources, the Mongol force was composed of 300,000–500,000 men). After the defeat of the first two invasions, Kublai sent veterans such as Arigh Khaiya, Nasir al-Din and his grandson Esen-Temür. The invading force employed a different strategy as well; a huge base was to be established just inland from Hải Phòng, and a large-scale naval assault was mounted as well as the standard land assault. The Vietnamese forces, led by Trần Hưng Đạo, employed a Fabian strategy. They withdrew from inhabited areas, leaving the Mongols with nothing to conquer, and focused on harassing the invading army. A fleet prepared to bring provisions to Toghan’s army by maritime route was ambushed and burned by the admiral Trần Khánh Dư. Lacking supplies, Toghan retreated through the Bạch Đằng River, intending to return to China. Trần Hưng Đạo, aware of the Yuan retreat, prepared an attack.

    The plan

    The Bạch Đằng River ran through Yen Hung district (in Quảng Ninh province) and Thuy Nguyen (in Hai Phong) before reaching the sea. This was where the earlier well-known battle of Ngô Quyền against the Southern Han (Nanhan) had taken place in 938. Beginning from March, Trần Hưng Đạo began preparing the battlefield. He used the same tactic that Ngô Quyền had used against the Chinese in 938. He studied the tidal lore, and ordered beds of stakes to be planted under the water and arranged ambushes in a unified plan of campaign.

    Trần Hưng Đạo ordered his soldiers to nail the iron-headed poles under the waters of the Chanh, Kênh and Rút rivers. All three rivers are the northern distributaries of the Bach Dang River. Ghềnh Cốc is a reef located across the Bach Dang to the bottom of Chanh river and to the top of Kênh river. Ghềnh Cốc was used as a place for the ambush, in collaboration with the underwater iron-headed poles. They were to block the enemy ships when the tide withdrew. Đại Việt’s small flotilla secretly stationed behind Ghềnh Cốc, Ðồng Cốc, Phong Cốc and on the Khoái, Thái, Gia Ðước, Ðiền Công river. The army deployed in Hung Yen, along the left bank of the river Bach Dang and Tràng Kênh, at the right bank of Bach Dang River and Mount Ðá Vôi.

    The battle

    As was foreseen, the invading Yuan forces in Thăng Long suffered an acute shortage of food. Without any news about the supply fleet, Prince Toghan found himself surrounded and had to order his army to retreat to Vạn Kiếp. This was when Đại Việt’s army began the general offensive by recapturing a number of locations occupied by the Mongol invaders. Groups of partisans were given orders to harass the enemy in Vạn Kiếp, putting them at a loss. The Mongol prince had to split his army into two and retreat.

    In early April the supply fleet led by Omar, and escorted by infantry, fled home along the Bạch Đằng river. As bridges and roads were destroyed and attacks were launched by Đại Việt’s troops, the Mongols reached Bạch Đằng. Đại Việt’s small flotilla provoked and harassed the Yuan formation to wait for the tide to recede. The Mongols cautiously engaged their opponent, fearing an ambush while missing their chance to escape the arranged trap. Soon they found their movement restricted by iron-tipped stakes protruding out of the low tide while the escape routes had been blocked by Đại Việt’s large warships. Đại Việt’s troops took to boarding and hand-to-hand actions with the aid of fast fire ships and missile weapons, fiercely launched the attack and broke the combat formation of the enemy. Inflicted with a sudden and strong attack, the Mongols tried to withdraw to the sea in panic. Frightened, the Mongolian troops jumped down to get to the banks where they were dealt a heavy blow by a large army led by the Trần king and Trần Hưng Đạo.

    The supply fleet of the Yuan dynasty was totally destroyed, and Omar was captured and executed by the Vietnamese.

    At the same time, Đại Việt’s army made continuous attacks and destroyed Toghan’s army on its route of withdrawal through Lạng Sơn. Toghan risked his life making a shortcut through forests to flee home.


    Upon receiving news of the Mongol defeat, Kublai angrily banished Toghan to Yangzhou for life. The Mongols and the Vietnamese agreed to exchange their war prisoners. While the emperor Nhân Tông was willing to pay tribute to the Yuan, relations again foundered on the question of attendance at the Yuan court and hostile relations continued.

    The Trần Dynasty eventually decided to accept the supremacy of the Yuan dynasty in order to avoid further conflicts. Because he refused to come in person, Kublai detained his envoy, Dao-tu Ki, in 1293. Kublai’s successor Temür Khan (r.1294-1307), finally released all detained envoys, settling instead for a tributary relationship, which continued until the end of the Yuan dynasty.

    • Replies: @Parbes
  55. Parbes says:
    @Daniel Chieh

    That’s not the point. The point is, ignorant ahistorical crap being spread/dumped on the Internet, just because somebody happens to be in possession of a PC and keyboard.

  56. utu says:

    50 years of communism in China and Vietnam did a job on them.

    • Replies: @Joe Wong
  57. Che Guava says:
    @Erik Sieven

    I was going to reply to more sensible posts or points, but anyone who enjoys the stupidity of the unfunny Jewish sitcom, Seinfeld, or cites episodes years later has to be an idiot.

    The only thing that makes you think it is funny is the canned laughter. Overseas, I had a lover to best be avoided, I would turn up, very tired, and SURPRISE, no sleep until we watch SEINFELD!

    So an hour of watching ultra-privileged New York Jews pretend to be funny, in places much like upscale ones they actually lived in, and probably speculated on, what an ugly spectacle. I frequently returned to my own modest place before the episode was finished.

    I can not recall a single occasion where it made me laugh, I sure do recall thinking ‘probably better if I just go back to my room and sleep’ many times, and, every time, it would have been a very good idea.

    Hideous programme.

    • Replies: @Marcus
  58. That’s what happen when people don’t control their political elite.

  59. Avery says:

    {The Vietnamese are the people who won the war. They were the people on the front lines who grinded out victory.
    It takes a combination of grit, nationalism, and intelligence, to perform such a feat}

    Quite true.
    And they had very intelligent and capable leaders.
    General Giap has to considered one the Great generals on the world scene.

    However, you can’t win a modern war without modern weapons.
    Afghans fought doggedly, but they were losing badly until SU’s helicopter gunships, which were very successful in killing Afghan fighters, became vulnerable to US-supplied stingers.

    Vietnamese were ingenious in making improvised booby traps and countering low-flying helicopters with improvised weapons, for example, but they had no heavy weapons manufacturing industry. Vietnamese had excellent home-grown logistics system to supply their troops, but pretty much everything they used to fight came from USSR or China: RPGs, ZPUs, artillery, machine guns, AK-47s Chinese copy),…..

    USSR supplied SAs and MIGs to North Viet Nam, which greatly diminished the effectiveness of USAF*. Also, US seriously considered nuking North Vietnam, but cooler heads prevailed, arguing that SU might retaliate with nukes also and things would most likely spin out of control resulting in global destruction.

    It is a historical fact that US is not shy about using nukes against civilian targets.
    If not for the nuclear arsenal of USSR, how long do you think the brave Vietnamese people would continue fighting after Hanoi was massively nuked?


  60. @Jim Bob Lassiter

    I’m sure you are right, but college is a business and there are not enough interested paying customers, aka students. I doubt that there are even a dozen colleges in the US that have a Vietnamese program.

    The US Department of State’s Critical Language Scholarship Program does not include Vietnamese. LINK

    The Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center doesn’t teach Vietnamese, nor does DLIFLC offer Vietnamese as language on their self-study site GLOSS. LINK LINK

    However, the National Security Education Program does award scholarships, fellowships, and grants for less-studied languages and Vietnamese is included. LINK

  61. @Anonymous

    Vietnam lost the Vietnam War. Vietnam was bombed and poisoned, and turned into an ecologically poisoned-homo-pedophile normed-economic basket case.

    The goals and intent of US policy planners were completely achieved. Vietnam was brought into the neoliberal-order-of-things. The War Criminal Henry Kissinger is now sought after by POTUS. Trump for Foriegn Policy advice….and we all know what this means:War with China. But POTUS Trump will still import China’s youth population…a well known,politically powerfull, and highly racialized Democratic Voting Bloc to continue apace with the open and deliberate policy of racially dispossesing The Historic Native Born White American Majority Working Class….POTUS Trump’s voting bloc.

  62. Hrw-500 says:

    I guess Ho-Chi-Mihn and some other Viet-cong fighters might spin in their graves now since there’s some KFC, McDonald’s and Burger King in Saigon. The Viet-cong victory might be a sort of phyrric victory.

    • Replies: @MarkinLA
  63. Marcus says:
    @Che Guava

    It was so bad you had to post that twice?

    • Replies: @Che Guava
  64. Linh, how much of this do you think had to do with the more conservative, Catholic element having had to flee in 1975-80? That must have made it easier for these changes to have taken hold.

    • Replies: @Linh Dinh
  65. Parbes says:
    @Linh Dinh

    All this, is not “Genghis Khan’s ass being kicked by the Vietnamese”, as the ignorant commenter wrote. This stuff that you cut-and-pasted here from Wikipedia, was taking place DECADES after the death, not only of Genghis Khan, but also of all of his top commanders and generals. If this was “what he had in mind”, then he should have written what was “in his mind” properly; instead of propagating untruthful, grossly inaccurate, ahistorical nonsense such as “People should know the Vietnamese kicked Genghis Khan’s ass too.”

    In addition, the “Mongols” described here in these cut-and-paste excerpts were actually the soldiers and commanders of the thoroughly Sinicized, late 13th-century Yuan Mongol dynasty who ruled China – a far cry from the true steppe Mongol warriors of the era of Genghis Khan, who fought and conquered under Genghis Khan. A lot of them had probably not even spent too much time in Mongolia proper, but rather been born and grown up in Yuan China, among Chinese. I would even go so far as to venture a guess that the majority of the soldiers of the Yuan “Mongol” armies which tried to invade Vietnam in the late 1200s consisted, not of actual Mongols, but conscripts and auxiliaries from the subject Han Chinese population.

    Besides – the primary historical sources from which the knowledge of the attempted Mongol invasions of Vietnam in the 13th century are drawn, were all written by either Chinese or Vietnamese scribes of the era (that is, ADVERSARIES of the Mongols) – since the true Mongols were a famously ***unliterary*** people who left little or no written records themselves. The point here being: Late 13th-century Vietnamese undoubtedly DID manage to repel an attempted invasion by a Mongol dynastic kingdom – an important historical success which cannot be denied; and kudos to them for it! But it should be kept in mind that the accounts of the battles and the “defeats”, the numbers of the fighters and casualties, etc., etc., are all likely to have been exaggerated and spun in a major way.

  66. Linh Dinh says: • Website
    @Faraday's Bobcat

    Hi Faraday’s Bobcat,

    Communists have always been at war against all religions, of course, so in Vietnam, they suppressed Catholics, Buddhists, Cao Đài, Hòa Hảo, Protestants and Muslims, whatever. I visited the Cao Đài Temple in Tây Ninh in 1998, and a man told me under his breath that Cao Đài religous texts were still banned.

    Many Buddhist temples thrived as tourist attractions, meaning the donations went to the government. In some, the monks were so obviously fake. One tried to hit on my wife. Another casually smoked as he smirked at worshippers. He resembled a B movie gangster.

    Black Lady Mountain, a well known pilgrimage site, was turned into more or less a theme park, with a temple to Ho Chi Minh at its base. With many busloads of visitors each day, it was super lucrative.

    Dumbshit, armchair leftists like to paint all enemies of Communism as lackeys of the West, but that’s nonsense. Many groups had/have clear reasons to oppose the culture-destroying and bloodthirsty Communists.


    • Agree: Dan Hayes, Che Guava, Whoever
    • Replies: @utu
    , @jacques sheete
  67. George says:

    In the future the only global identities will be Gay, Muslim, and sports fans. How the proletariat vanished. OK, maybe Catholic should be in the list.

  68. Che Guava says:

    Did you read it?

    Yes, it is because I did not deleting the pre-pre-timeout edit one, the two were not exactly the same, the software worked differently until late autumn last year, I will being more careful to follow the instructions again and not double posting from now on.

  69. It’s very sad what the global left has become. The old left which aimed to raise the living standards of the working class had its uses and propounded economics which was occasionally not entirely wrong. (E.g. higher wages are necessary so that someone can buy all of the shit the factories produce.) The old left’s metaphysical views were less respectable and often absurd (e.g. Communism as the end of history), but what can you do.

    The anti-war left also did some good.

    But the new neo-liberal Frankfurt-school identity-politics left is a monstrosity of epic proportions. Its tenets are never correct and the consequences of the adoption of its doctrines are cataclysmic.

    Too bad that Vietnam is succumbing to the new left. But rest easy, a reaction will come once people see what following the new left’s dictums leads to.

  70. utu says:
    @Linh Dinh

    This was the question: “Catholic element having had to flee in 1975-80?”

    But in your answer Mr.Linh Dinh, you even did not mention Catholics once but only Buddhist. Is it true that Catholics were the only true force that resisted Communism while Buddhists sold out. Buddhism has no moral spine after all, so it was not surprising.

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @Joe Wong
  71. Anon • Disclaimer says:

    You should say authoritarian or absolutist, not “totalitarian”.

    “Totalitarian” are systems that aspire to extend the scope of their rule to the entire world, like Soviet Union and maybe none other in practice (totalitarian political theory is very common… after all it’s about fantasies of intellectuals, why shouldn’t they be as big as possible).

  72. Hibernian says:

    Linh, this is a lot better than your Israel article.

  73. Anon • Disclaimer says:

    Spineless? How about self-immolation?
    Thích Quảng Đức
    See also: Buddhist socialism, Criticism of Buddhism § Marxist criticism, and Persecution of Buddhists § Persecution under Communism
    Thích Huyền Quang was a prominent Vietnamese Buddhist monk and anti-communist dissident. In 1977, Huyền Quang wrote a letter to Prime Minister Phạm Văn Đồng detailing counts of oppression by the Communist regime.[28] For this, he and five other senior monks were arrested and detained.[28] In 1982, Huyền Quang was arrested and subsequently put into permanent house arrest for opposition to government policy after publicly denouncing the establishment of the state-controlled Vietnam Buddhist Church.[29] Thích Quảng Độ is a Vietnamese Buddhist monk and anti-communist dissident. In January 2008, the Europe-based magazine A Different View chose Ven. Thích Quảng Độ as one of the 15 Champions of World Democracy.

  74. Dan Hayes says:


    Until reading your essay I was unaware of plight of Father Ly as well as to his fortitude and determination. He is a much more principled and brave man than I could even aspire to be.

    Sad to say, he can expect not even a modicum of respect or appreciation from his spiritual leader, Pope Francis, who disgustingly is most probably wholeheartedly in political sympathy with Father Ly’s oppressors.

  75. Anon • Disclaimer says:

    It seems the world is moving to a kind of universal primitivism.

    And we this happening in Vietnam was well.

    It used to be that civilized peopled invaded primitive folks and tried to civilize them.
    Today, the most powerful civilization in the world, the USA, has adopted primitivism as its main culture. There is the primitivism of Afro-ugabuga-hip-hop-dong-booty-ism. When civilization was about struggle and survival for good health, enough food, and education, the main themes were about hard work, sacrifice, and unity. But the modern world came very rich, and even poor people could get fat and indulge in leisure. So, hedonism became the main locus of society. After all, if people consumed only for basic need, they wouldn’t spend so much money. To maintain the current economy, people need to eat more than they need to and indulge in more fun and products than they really need. It keeps the economy expanding and makes the industries richer. We went from virtue economy to vice economy. From herculean economy to hedonistic economy.

    Since modern folks seek pleasure above all else, they seek the greatest kind of pleasure. And wild pleasure comes from sexuality. And black savage ugabuga music is most sexual. It’s about women ‘twerking’ their booties like they are having sex. And it’s Negro guys going on and on about ‘muh biatchass ho’s and muh dic*’. Also, Afro-power in sports dominates. Since blacks are the most savage and wild race that excite the senses, Afromania has become the new icon of the West, the most advanced part of the world.
    Paradoxically, the civilization(of the West) that rose to the greatest heights of achievement is now obsessed with the most primitive, savage, and wild kind of human expression of dong-kong-ism and booty-swag-twerkism. And it worships black muscle that punches fastest and jumps highest. Even in China, the yellow minions worship Negro NBA stars. So, all this great science, technology, and feats of human organization serve to extol, elevate, and worship the Brutish Negro as object of greatest pleasure for cucked out boys and jungle-feverish ho’s.
    But blacks are least intelligent, least civil, least orderly, least intellectual, least reverential, least respectful. They have predatory instincts among the men and booty-jive-wallop instincts among the women.

    So, we have the most advanced civilization with the richest history, culture, and heritage promoting the most savage modes of behavior and expressions that extinguish respect for order, knowledge, history, heritage, spirituality, and etc. (Some blacks are spiritual, but it’s mostly about using churches as dance clubs.)

    It is strange when the US, the greatest culmination of the science-technology-economics-literature-philosophy-culture-history of Western Civilization, is the main purveyor of the most primitive, stupid, savage, wild, and beastly modes of emotions, thoughts, and behavior. (But then, the West is contradictory. On the one hand, it pushes the narrative that the wild dynamic Negro ‘liberated’ white folks from their ‘Victorian’ or ‘puritanical’ repressions. In this sense, it was the Negro who freed whites from their own cultural enslavement. Negro, aided by Freudian Jews, taught the repressed and uptight white folks to be free. But there is another narrative by which the West flatters itself as having elevated the savage Negro to civility and knowledge. After all, Oxford and Harvard are awful proud of their well-heeled Negroes who learned to appreciate Western philosophers, scientists, and artists. Brit elites beam at an African who has become an expert on Shakespeare. And one of the appeal of Obama was he was Negro who done good by learning Law and acting with good manners more associated with whitey. Whitey culturally elevates the Negro in elite communities, and the Negro sensually liberates the whitey in pop culture.)

    Anyway, American Pop Culture is mostly debased. Much of it is afro-savagery or high-tech primitivism. It’s savage, wild, beastly, and thug-whore-ish. It is also increasingly immature, even infantile. So, even as sexual content expands, the culture grow more childlike. It’s like auto-pedophilia: reduce minds to kiddie status, engage genitalia in adult manner.
    And over-indulgence in this culture has made white folks forget their identity and roots. After all, if whites are addicted to culture that gives them insta-orgasmo gratification, then they will be dismissive of anything that is ‘lame’, ‘boring’, and ‘dull’. But most of Western Culture is ‘lame, boring, and dull’. It takes time and effort to appreciate much of Western art, music, culture, philosophy. And it takes sobriety to appreciate a sense of ancestry and heritage. Without such seriousness, you end up like the shallow tart played by Shelly Duvall in NASHVILLE. Even when her aunt dies, all she cares about is herself and skips out on the funeral.


    So, white Americans have been primitivized, savagized, Afro-ized. The neo-savage rapper thug pimp is the iconic image of the West. And much of the music is about the booty of Negresses ‘twerking’. It’s a high-tech version of what happens in African tribes. The half-naked women shaking their booties, and the men jumping up and down, thinking, ‘that ho mine’. Perhaps, this isn’t really anything new as the Great Roman Empire also fell into debauchery of games and sex.

    In a way, this is useful to the Jewish Globalists who are now the ruling elites of the world. It is in the interest of Jewish Power to sever whites from their identity, culture, history, and heritage. All the easier to control them. After all, a strong sense of belonging and connected-ness to one’s race leads to sense of unity, pride, duty, legacy, and power. If whites of today feel a strong bond to whites of the past, they will want to preserve their identity, heritage, and history. But if whites are made neo-primitive and neo-savage, they will be slaves to their most animal urges that will come to identify most with the Negro since blacks are most powerful in displays of power, volume, excess, and wildness. Thus, whites will look to blacks for awesomeness. Whites will want to be like the White Negro of Norman Mailer, and since Negro is the Master Alpha Dude, white males will think the most attractive white women belong to black men and should have mulatto black babies.
    Also, the cult of ‘white guilt’ was useful in making white people reject their past. If the Narrative says ‘white people were always oppressive and evil’, why would any white person want to identify with their race and ancestors? The only reason for remembering white history would be to apologize, atone, and grovel before other races, especially Jews and Negroes.

    Primitivism is useful in gaining power over another people. There are two kinds of primitivism: cultural and technological. The primitivism of technology is an obvious disadvantage. The people with more advanced weapons and technology will defeat a people with inferior arms or crude defenses. After all, the Romans crushed the Jews who weren’t military very powerful. But Jews were not culturally primitive. They had a rich sense of history and heritage; they had their own written culture and a spiritual system that was as, if not more, rich and deep as those of Romans and Greeks.
    A people can be defeated physically, but they may still survive as a race and culture if they have a powerful and deep sense of ethnos, history, spirituality, and culture. They have the power of laws, values, and sacred memory.

    But if a people are primitive in culture, they can be totally conquered. While all human communities, even the most primitive, have cultures and traditions, the primitive ones have shallow memory due to lack of written language. Also, their spiritual/philosophical system is weak. It’s mostly folklore and superstition. They only have an oral culture and few if any high concepts of laws, meaning, or depth.
    Such a people can easily be conquered and controlled. Their identity and heritage can be wiped out or trampled without much resistance. They are, after all, ‘childish savages’ without much historical memory, cultural heritage, and political organization. They don’t have a rich legacy of their own.

    Consider the West’s encounter with primitive folks of Pacific Islands and with the complex cultures of East Asia.
    The Pacific Islanders didn’t have much culture. They had no written language. They had folklore but no deep sense of history. Their spiritual system was mostly hullabaloo and dancing with twirling spears and flashing tongues and making grunting noises. Such people could be defeated easily because they had primitive weapons. But the defeat went much further because the people lacked a culture resilient enough for preservation of autonomy. Jews could be technologically defeated by the Romans and others, but they had a powerful culture, and as such, they could survive as Jews and regain power as Jews. Jews might learn from other peoples and change in their own ways, but their own culture still provided them with a backbone that allowed them to walk upright as an ethny.

    But consider Hawaiians, Polynesians, and American Indians who came under white domination. Their savage cultures, though interesting and colorful in their own way, were insufficient to provide them with meaning, strength, agency, and pride enough to counter the forces of invasion, either to quell it, absorb it, or to gain power over it.
    Being primitive, they lacked cultural/spiritual/historical depth. So, they fell easy victim to stuff of Pop Culture and Consumerism. To be Hawaiian today means to eat lots of tater chips, watch too much TV, drink too much soda, wear Hawaiian shirts, roast a pig, and shake booty for tourists. Hawaiians have a weak sense of identity and history. They don’t have what it takes to shield them from the vices offered by foreigners. They are like children or childish savages. Same with American Indians for whom alcohol and canned chili became the main culture. Indian culture was about being a noble savage with direct connection to their land. Once they lost the land and their ways, they had little left. They had no deep record of history, no advanced philosophy, no complex spirituality. They might have worshiped the bear, but once the white man killed off the bear, the gods vanished.

    But the Chinese and Japanese were different. Chinese were offered opium, and lots of Chinese fell for that stuff. By hooking the Chinese to opium, the British agenda was to rob the Chinese of their sense of identity and history. The Chinese would be addicted to the la-la-land of the pipe dream. They would forget about life and duty and nation. They would just fork over their money to buy more dope to escape into their own fantasies of joy and bliss, even if totally illusory. BUT, as it turned out, the Chinese did have their own history, heritage, literature, identity, and culture. And with these resources, they began to awaken, organize, and begin the movement of resistance and recovery.
    Likewise, the Japanese had their sense of history recorded in their own language. They had their own sense of polity and unity and duty. They had their own sense of culture created from fusion of Shinto, Confucianism, Buddhism, Bushido, and other stuff. So, even though China and Japan were at a technological disadvantage vis-a-vis the West, they could marshal their cultural forces & assets to protect their own civilization and remake it and resist foreign control.
    If Chinese and Japanese had been at the cultural level of Amazonian Indians, black Africans, Hawaiians, and American Indians, they could have been totally taken over and dominated. With such a weak and shallow culture, they would have just surrendered to the offerings of the invasive advanced civilization. It’s like the primitive peoples of Papau New Guinea are happy to accept soda pop, cigarettes, and junky trinkets for the new culture. As they have little culture of their own, they are clueless as to how to come together to forge a means of resistance. Thus, they easily and totally fall prey to the vices offered by the invading force. They become like American Indians with alcohol. If Chinese were like such primitive folks, they would have totally surrendered to the Opium trade.

    So, in order for a people to resist foreign power and maintain(or regain) autonomy and independence, they need a deep sense of history, a powerful sense of culture, a complex system of laws and values. They may adapt their laws and cultures to gain progress or to catch up with stronger powers, but they must have something that is powerfully, uniquely, and meaningfully their own, especially when it comes to a sense of history and moral values.
    We say the Islamic World won’t make progress because of its religious baggage that is too resistant to the West. This is true inasmuch the Muslim world won’t adopt rationalism and science. But this criticism overlooks the fact that the powerful sense of Islamism also shields the Muslim World from the neo-primitivism of the West that is actually civilization-destroying. After all, Afromania and Homomania are forces of savagery and decadence, true diseases of the West. While Iran needs to liberalize in some ways, its powerful sense of Islamic values and heritage keeps it resistant to the culture of afro-debauchery and homo-vanity that have gripped the West. If Afromania is a rejection of civilization, homomania is an over-ripening of civilization into decay or degay.

    Anyway, one thing is for sure. Those with primitive mindset are easier to conquer and control. Because they are like childish savages, they could be impressed with trinkets and fun stuff.

    A people with a deeper sense of culture are not so easily wowed or dazzled by such stuff. Even if they find value in the foreign objects, they seek mastery over it. To be sure, excessive resistance can sometimes lead to stupidity. When Chinese were offered gifts of great Western technology in the early 19th century, their sense of cultural pride made them blind to the larger implications. Still, even in that arrogance there was a sense of autonomy that refused to be easily impressed by foreign objects. Perhaps, this was one reason why Jews banned idolatry. Idol-worship would have made Jews easily impressed by and even won over to other gods of other tribes with awesome sculpture and stuff. Ban on idolatry was a way of saying that they, the Jews, have a great God, the only God, of their own, and shouldn’t be dazzled by stuff like the Golden Calf that made people dance like Broadway fruits and do orgies in TEN COMMANDMENTS. The ban on idolatry made Jews focus more on their own God and develop their own culture than chasing after other deities who had more color but lacked depth and demanded the sacrifice of kids to Mammon(like American parents now offer their kids to Mammon as mindless consumers).

    A people with primitive culture can easily be conquered and controlled since they are childlike. They have little in the way of cultural, spiritual, or intellectual resistance to the Hedonism and Vices. Just like kids can be made to believe in Santa Claus, primitives can be made to adopt coca cola, tobacco, and chewing gum as their new culture.

    In contrast, people with deep history & complex culture can resist foreign forces. They can reject it outright or, even if they adopt it, they can learn to limit its effects. So, if American Indians totally surrendered to alcohol as their new god and culture, Japanese might sometimes get drunk but not see alcohol as the be-all and end-all of life. And even though Chinese might drink coca cola and burp, they’ll have a sense of culture that goes beyond the fizz. In contrast, Hawaiians live for tater chips, soda pop, and donuts. That just up sums up the entirety of their new culture.

    Anyway, since it is easy to gain control over the primitives, one way to gain control over foreign civilizations is to primitivize them. If you reduce them from a spiritual, philosophical, and literary culture to a sensual, wild, and hedonistic culture, you can bypass the cultural resistance. Once wild hedonism takes hold, resistance weakens. It’s like a man can more easily take a woman if she is given alcohol and made to dance to whore-music. Her inhibitions fall off and she is reduced to childlike-animal state. Her animal side takes over, and it just wants fun and pleasure.

    And the US seems to be doing this all around the world. It seeks to primitivize all civilizations. After all, it worked in America with the white masses. White gentiles used to be restrained by Catholic Culture, Anglo culture of self-control, family values, historical pride, and moral values. But Jews used pop culture and hedonistic pleasures to turn whites into a bunch of youth-culture-addicted morons who never grow up. They are addicted to easy sex, easy pleasure, easy everything. Just crank up the volume, and they are shaking their booties, acting like whores, aping pimps, and flipping out like chimps. And with legalization of pot, Americans will be even more doped out. Anglo-Americans used to be full of pride, self-control, agency, and autonomy. Now, they are totally cucked out sensual slaves of jungle-jivery performed by blacks and controlled by Jewish moguls.

    So, if white gentiles came under the control of Jews this way, why not other peoples?
    And it seems to be working in Vietnam, Japan, and S. Korea. With spread of rap, Negromania of sports, and other razzle dazzle, the youth of Asia are being primitivized. They still attend school, learn to do math, and etc. But culturally and soulfully, their core culture is one of mindless videogames, dance music, orgy-porginess, trashy narcissism, and cartoonland. Indeed, especially since so many students are stressed out from homework, they seek escape from stress by indulging in the insta-pleasure of high-tech primitivism.

    And Linh Dinh’s account of Vietnam seems a perfect encapsulation of the high-tech neo-primitivism spread by the US. Vietnam may not be World Class Civilization, but it does have a long rich history of autonomy and resistance. And this consciousness fueled its heroism in the resistance against French, American, and Chinese imperialism. In some ways, no nation garnered more admiration in the second half of 20th century in the Third World. Cuba was the other example, but Castro’s road to power was relatively easy. For Vietnam, the struggle was much bloodier. This resistance couldn’t have been possible without the sobriety, depth, and discipline of the Vietnamese with powerful sense of history and culture.

    But it seems all of Vietnam is now falling under the influence of high-tech primitivism. As Vietnamese men are turned into Viet-cucks and Vietnamese women are saigonized into ‘me so horny’ tarts, all they care about is wild negros shaking booties and kicking balls and blonde bimbos shaking their tits. They are willing to sell their nation down the river for soda burp, negro cussing(in rap), and dumb hollywood movies about comic book heroes. It’s one thing for Viets to enjoy that stuff as diversion, but Pop Culture in the globalized world is becoming the ONLY CULTURE. And globalism isn’t about all cultures being appreciated equally but about a handful of cultural products and expressions(mostly from US) dominating the entire world. So, Vietnam now wants to be mini-USA. Globlaism is mostly about Negro beat/meat, homo vanity/decadence, Jewish finance and media monopoly, white women as sex products, videogames, and mindless PC(as ideology).

    But globalism has another wing of attack. Other than neo-primitivism, there is the neo-puritanism pushed by PC. For those who prefer education and ideas, they are drummed with the dogma of PC with its catechisms of ‘diversity’, ‘inclusion’, ‘equality’, ‘racism’, ‘homophobia’, and etc. Since it’s not easy to think, the educated prefer an ready-made formula with which they can pretend to be smart, ‘more evolved’, and intellectual. Chanting the PC mantra makes thinking unnecessary. You can seem ‘progressive’ and ‘more evolved’ just by memorizing a few slogans.

    Btw, there is a certain paradox in the power of resistance. True, an advanced civilizations — like that of Japan, China, or Vietnam — have the resources to better resist alien forces than primitive cultures do. On the other hand, their relatively advancement also allows them to better imitate the more powerful civilization. In doing so, there is the danger that they may become its near-exact copy.
    Vietnam may be imitating the West to play catch up, like Japan copied the West in the 19th century to become strong and defend itself. But the very process of copying may make it gradually lose its autonomy as a slavish imitation of the other civilization.

    And this may be the dilemma of East Asia. It is both better able to resist the West and more likely to fall under its influence. While primitive folks are easier for the West to conquer, their crude and childlike ways means they will never catch up to the West or live up to ‘Western Values’.
    In contrast,East Asia’s advanced culture makes it more resistant to total Western domination. But precisely because East Asia can catch up with the West, it may become too much of a ‘Western Double’ in its values and agenda. So, those with the most power to resist also have the most power to learn, and in learning from the enemy/competitor, they may become just another version of the enemy/competitor.

    • Replies: @jacques sheete
  76. The United States has also been studying the Communist playbook, for it’s now legal to jail or even kill a citizen on the most nebulous charges. American laws are already totalitarian.

    I’d draw a distinction between “authoritarian” and “totalitarian.” The authoritarian government is seeking to maintain a preferred order. For example, if you want to keep the bolsheviks from rousing the rabble and seizing property, then you outlaw Marxism. Pinochet, Franco, Bashar Assad are examples of authoritarian regimes.

    The totalitarian government faces a steeper problem. For example, the Soviet Union’s economic structure was premised on the labor theory of value, and therefore scientific socialism would be able to plan the structure of production. This violates the iron laws of physical and social reality. The regime must either acknowledge its complete lack of credibility, or attempt to obscure reality. Therefore, to point out reality becomes a criminal act. This is totalitarianism.

    Equality of educational outputs will not yield equality of educational outcomes because people have different genetic endowments for abstract thinking. Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner is a human male with a mental disorder. Blacks and whites, whites and Koreans, and others, have different means for intelligence and criminality. These are all statements of fact which will get you hounded out of polite society. So far, it is not illegal to say them.

    I would be interested in hearing which US laws Mr. Dinh believes are totalitarian, versus authoritarian. He has his choice of countries the world over to live in, he chooses here. But somehow, he regards Vietnam (a good example of Sam Francis’s anarcho-tyranny) as copying the US rather than (to my perspective) the US becoming “Vietnamized” by, among other means, becoming populated with low-IQ Third Worlders.

    • Replies: @Anon
  77. MarkinLA says:

    Many of the OSS people who worked with Ho against the Japanese during WWII considered him a nationalist first and a communist second. Ho wanted friendly relations with the US. He realized the USSR was too poor to help Vietnam develop. Our desire to appease France, who we wanted in NATO, and our blind paranoia about communism poisoned the chances we had.

    • Replies: @Anon
  78. Anon • Disclaimer says:
    @The Anti-Gnostic

    ——I’d draw a distinction between “authoritarian” and “totalitarian.”——

    How about Titillatarian? Control by titillating the cucked-out and f***ed-out masses.

  79. chris says:

    …. Vietnam has learned from the U.S. on how to run a 21st century totalitarian society. Instead of banning pop culture, they’ve realized it’s the state’s best ally, for the more sexy, decadent or trivial this pop culture, the more it’ll tranquilize people as the elites rob them blind.

    Wow, shocking conclusion to a shocking article; Vietnam is far from free; thanks Ldinh (excellent article, just like the last one)!

    Our “elites” are probably drooling when they read something like this. The only part of this nightmare still missing in the US is the blocking of the cultural opposition’s access to means of communication; but don’t worry this is exactly what’s being worked on right now, if they can somehow block Trump.

    The only ray of hope I see is that having no actual understanding of cultural norms themselves, the “elites” think they can just replace a society’s need to express their own history and culture with pop-cultural garbage. They don’t realize that this is not an satisfactory meal. When the rest of society will finally have their say, all this peripheral junk will be chucked out along with it. Like other enemies they’ve conquered, I have no doubt that the Vietnamese will eventually prevail in this also !

    • Replies: @Peter Akuleyev
  80. Dan Hayes says:


    I am very suspicious about the OSS. It was certainly left-leaning. Whether it was Communist infiltrated is, shall we say, still a matter of debate. The political motivation of its leader, Wild Bill Donovan, has always puzzled me, being equivocal at best.

    “a nationalist first and a communist second” has all the hallmarks of another infamous OSS
    pronouncement, namely that Chairman Mao and company were only land reformers!

    • Replies: @MarkinLA
  81. MarkinLA says:
    @Dan Hayes

    Well how well did that making Ho an enemy turn out?

  82. erolwolf says:

    I agree Anon! As a serious student of history I think you are quite right, the Vietnamese have the honorable & venerable distinction of overcoming and defeating not one but TWO colonial and imperial powers in order to achieve their independence (the French and Americans) not to mention their resistance to both the Chinese and Japanese in earlier times!

    However, too bad they ended up selling out, especially when looking at the situation contemporaneously as Mr. Dinh has done with this excellent article-it makes one wonder, perhaps the U\$A won the war after all, at least economically and culturally? Just some food for thought.

    Erol Pedersen MA Political Science MA History

  83. erolwolf says:

    Excellent analogy, all good points! And Cuba is next!

    • Replies: @Anon
  84. Hi Linh,

    your commentary regarding the corruption is quite correct, BUT I have asked the receptionist at the Hoi-An hotel where I stayed:

    What if all the parents of a school-class/college-course refuse to give the teacher/professor an envelope? Are all the students going to fail the exams? How is the professor going to explain to the public/leadership that all his students failed his own test?

    Why is the Average Nguyen demanding the officials/party-cadre to adhere to rules&regulation, when he is speeding on his Honda Cub across red-lights with no regard to the pedestrians?

    Why does the New Middle-class act so arrogrant towards the farmers, despite being one-generation removed from the rice-paddies themselves?

    She couldn’t give me an answer.

    Face it Linh, the Viet deserve the government they had and currently have!

    We the Westerners are decadent, lazy, homo and ignorant and that is reflected in our leadership.

    Whether Trump’s agenda is band-aid or railroad-switch is to be seen.

  85. Joe Wong says:

    Without Chinese repairing their infrastructure, transportation systems and mounting their AA systems at the casualty of more than two hundred thousands, not to mention the Chinese supplied food and the weapons the North Vietnamese used daily to fight the American and their war criminal lackeys, North Vietnam would collapse just like the North Korea during the Korean War, infiltrating South Vietnam would be a fairy tale.

    The North Korean also had grit and nationalism like the Vietnamese communists but you only can call them reckless, because they want others to foot their bill.

  86. Blind hatred of communist governments exhibited here is a sad commentary on the hundred years of non-stop anti-communist brainwashing.

    And in the context of Vietnam, with its recent history of mind-boggling ‘scorched earth’ exterminationist attacks — carpet bombings, napalm, agent orange, dikes-bombing, shooting people from helicopters for sport — calling communists ‘bloodthirsty’ is especially ironic. In my opinion.

    • Replies: @jacques sheete
    , @Anon
  87. Joe Wong says:

    You only can say Pol Pot did not return, besides Pol Pot was also a Vietnamese creation while the current Hun Sen regime was Khmer Rouge too.

    You should not troll like the American who framed the Khmer Rouge for the genocide that killed 2 million Cambodians within which half of them was the handy work of the American bloody hand.

  88. Joe Wong says:

    The Catholics, the Protestants, the Mormons, and all other Jesus oriented cults are ‘God-fearing’ morally defunct evil ‘inquisitors’.

  89. @Anon

    Anno Sodomini

    The birth of new religion

    Ano Sodomini

  90. Anon • Disclaimer says:

    Noooooooooo! When I get my inheritance I was planning to move to Asia to escape the primitive black thugs!

    • Replies: @Daniel Chieh
  91. Joe Wong says:

    Hundreds of years ‘God-fearing’ morally defunct evil ‘inquisition’ style of brain washing from cradle to grave makes the Occidental people regarding bombing, killing and torturing on the fabricated phantom WMD allegations as humanitarian intervention, conducting genocide and atrocities as their birthright, not mentioning about the war crimes, crimes against peace and crimes against humanity they committed in the last few hundreds of years is their entitlement to white wash and gloss over their ugly past and carrying on their insanity as those sins and crimes have never happened before and with no moral burden.

    This is the result of hundreds of years of ‘God-fearing’ morally defunct evil ‘inquisition’ indoctrination on the Occidental people.

    • Agree: jacques sheete
    • Replies: @utu
  92. Asian despotism married to Western prog poz – I can’t think of a worse combination.

  93. utu says:
    @Joe Wong

    I can see you are another victim of western colonization. You brain seems to have never recovered. I hope your children will fare better.

  94. Anon • Disclaimer says:

    Cuba is somewhat different because it isn’t a true ethno-state. Never was.

    Spanish conquered the natives, then brought over lots of Africans, and then US applied all sorts of pressures to build what came to known as modern Cuba.

    So, even though Castro was driven by nationalism, the very existence of Cuba owes to imperialism and forced diversity resulting from invasion and slave trade.

    In contrast, Vietnam really does have a long organic history going back over 1000 yrs.
    For them to dilute the meaning of Vietnamese identity rooted in history, territory, and heritage to some globo-gimmick where anyone can become ‘Vietnamese’ by signing a piece a paper and kicking a ball around or shaking his butt.

    One of the problems of the modern era is people no longer put emotions at the center of life. It’s about sensations and ideations. Or celebrations and cerebral-ity.

    Emotions lead to love, family, sense of community, sense of belonging and duty.

    Sensations are momentary, intense in bursts, but without long-term meaning. They can also be addictive and harmful like bad drugs.

    Ideations are arid and dehydrate the emotional connection between oneself and family, community, and people. They favor a world where people are connected by aloof ideas and puritanical agendas than by warmth of human emotions.

    Vietnam seems to moving away from a world of emotions, of men and women who seek love, of family, of community.
    The masses seek easy sensations of pleasure and forsake the deeper bond of lasting emotions. The elites favor ideations of globo-ideology over emotions of family/community, and that brings them closer to Western elites than to their own ethnos.

    Now, I’m not opposed to sensations and ideations. We all need sensations for fun and thrills. After all, most of life is toil for much of mankind. So, there are times for celebrations to have fun, to let loose, and etc. There is a need for festivals and amusement parks.
    And we have minds, so we need theories, principles, and thought-experiments.

    But, for most people, emotions should come before sensations and ideations. Emotions are the core bond that lasts. After all, sensations are like fireworks. They may be dazzling, but it’s ephemeral or too raw/animal. As for ideations, they make us think of higher things, but whatever idea, reality is reality and human nature is human nature. A man sitting in a room can think of various philosophies, but after he has thought them all, he is still a man in the room and he still has human needs of love, belonging, and community. In the end, ideas in the head don’t change man and his nature. It’s like, after Marxism passed away from the Russian scene, Russians are still people with human needs. The main role of ideas is to serve those human emotional needs, not to take minds away from emotions as if ideas exist in a world of their own.

    So, emotions should come first. Emotions are deeper than mere sensations because they are about seeking meaningful attachments and bonds. It’s like the difference between LOVE STORY and Lena Dunham. Both Oliver and Jenny in Arthur Hiller’s movie were seeking love despite their modern attitudes. In contrast, the Dunham just looks for jolts and sensations, hogs for attention.

    Emotions form bonds, commitment, and joy in sharing. Sensations are intrinsically selfish since they are about ‘my fun uber alles’. As for intellectual or sophisticated types who favor ideation and cerebral-ity over emotions, they’ve cut themselves off from what is most human: the need for love, attachment, and belonging.

    After all, the main reason for having a family is to love people to love. What decent parent would favor selfish fun or theories over his/her children? And what child would favor selfish fun or theories over his/her parents? So, even as we need fun in life and ideas to guide us, the core of life comes from the realm of emotions, from which comes love and family.

    A meaningful life puts emotions first, ideations second, and sensations third.
    But it seems like elites put ideations(mostly nonsensical PC or soulless ideas) above emotions while the masses put sensations(mostly infantile orgy-porgy-ism) above all.
    A truly healthy society needs a populace that are bound mainly by emotions.

    • Replies: @erolwolf
  95. @Anon

    Things are still pretty good in China.

    • Agree: Dan Hayes
  96. Gene Su says:

    The West (ern socialists) sure learned from the mistakes of the East (ern socialists). Do not use hard methods to enforce unpopular government doctrine. Do not use cultural police to censure people. Do not order people around. Instead, make the prevalent culture and people anathema by calling them “oppressive” and “abusive”, become a defender of “oppressed minorities”, and just tell everyone to have fun and not work. And yes, 12 years of public schooling really does help in accomplishing this.

    John Dewey and Herbert Marcuse sure are laughing…

  97. Jason Liu says:

    Most of Vietnam’s minorities are either related to the majority or come from neighboring regions. It isn’t multicultural in the American sense at all. Why push this narrative? Pluralism is one of the west’s greatest faults. Don’t adopt it just so you can sound appealing to westerners.

    And neither China/Vietnam is communist in any meaningful way, their state control of economy is really closer to dirigism or mercantilism, quite the opposite on the political spectrum. They should be regarded as traditional Asian autocracies, which thus far seem to be better governing model.

  98. AaronB says:
    @Erik Sieven

    I don’t think the racial angle is especially useful here. Traditional African culture is in many ways far more similar to traditional Asian culture than America is. I’ve been to Africa, and many Africans are in fact quite gentle, low key, communal.

    The opposition traditional/modern, or West/Rest is far more revealing.

    You’re probably thinking of American blacks, but they are a special case, in special circumstances. Everyone degenerates in America, and blacks more than most, for many reasons.

    There’s some truth in HBD, but the simplistic version, where gene X always results in behavior Y, is obvoius nonsense. A special kind of mental blindness is needed to see things this way.

    Nations change character all the time in response to circumstances – the Chinese of today bear almost no relations to what they used to be, and the Germans utterly transformed themselves in the 19th century.

    A sense of threat and persecution makes a difference – one reason Jews are such mischief makers is because the culture fosters a pathological sense of threat and persecution, and this leads to “wartime morals”, as well as risk taking behavior – not a good thing, but perhaps not a permanent feature of Jewish “character”. Time will tell.

    China today has changed its “character” in response to a sense of threat, and not in a good way. What it will be when when the long shadow of the Western menace recedes, is very different – probably more like it’s relaxed, Taoistic past.

    So – a core genetic element is certainly there and certainly influential, but a huge proportion of the behavioral “outcome” is a result of shifting circumstance, chance, and contingency, which alters goals, preoccupations, and behavior.

    • Agree: jacques sheete
  99. erolwolf says:

    Yes, good points. But what I meant was Cuba in the sense of opening up to capitalism and consumerism and the fake and gaudy glitz and glamour that existed during the Batista dictatorship-that process is already well underway in “communist” china and “communist” Vietnam and now with the embargo being lifted against Cuba by the U.S. it is only a matter of time before it resembles those two countries. I know acquaintances who have already been down there because the Cuban families are literally prostituting their daughters for the Almighty dollar. It will only get worse and the “revolution” that Fidel and Che led will have all been in vain and for nothing.

    • Replies: @Anon
  100. Anon • Disclaimer says:

    I think the problem of both Cuba and Vietnam is that communism is too colorless, repressive, puritanical, and spartan.

    It would have been better if they could have found a creative balance of socialism, nationalism, and capitalism. But because they repressed self-interest and fun too harshly, the masses take to that stuff like thirsty folks crawling out of the desert to water.

  101. KenH says:

    Seems like Vietnam has descended into nihilism and cultural degradation. Extensive contact with the West is known to do that to nations.

  102. @Anon

    Would you mind summarizing all that in, say, about 100 words?

    There was some pretty funny stuff there, but not funny enough to read the whole thing. Sheesh!

  103. @Mao Cheng Ji

    And in the context of Vietnam, with its recent history of mind-boggling ‘scorched earth’ exterminationist attacks — carpet bombings, napalm, agent orange, dikes-bombing, shooting people from helicopters for sport — calling communists ‘bloodthirsty’ is especially ironic. In my opinion.

    So true. Not only did certain US industrialist and banker “elite” support the monster Stalin and allow Mao to get a foothold, but the histories of Judaism and “Christianity” are hardly free of bloodthirsty episodes toward even their “own.”

    All this finger pointing starts out to be fairly hilarious til it gets tedious.

    • Replies: @Mao Cheng Ji
  104. Anon • Disclaimer says:

    The chances we had for — what exactly?

    Intelligence people working with communist partisans in that war were often deluded or mendacious about the motives involved; it is more or less the same story with Tito and Ho.

    • Replies: @MarkinLA
  105. Anon • Disclaimer says:
    @Mao Cheng Ji

    Calling communists bloodthirsty is correct. Calling Westerners bloodthirsty is also correct.

    • Agree: jacques sheete
  106. @jacques sheete

    Stalin and Mao need not be viewed as ‘monsters’. Just like, say, George Washington, the “Devourer of Villages”, need not be viewed as a ‘monster’. That’s not a good approach, not analytic, but rather it’s a pavlov’s dog-like reaction. Useless.

    Each society during any given period needs to be analyzed in context. Many relevant contexts have to be considered simultaneously: domestic and geo- politics, socioeconomic, historical, cultural (zeitgeist), current events, etc. Objective causes can be always found for the main events, without blaming ‘monsters’ or crediting ‘saints’.

    • Replies: @jacques sheete
  107. @chris

    but don’t worry this is exactly what’s being worked on right now, if they can somehow block Trump.

    Why would they? Trump is the culmination of the infantilism and trivia of hoi polloi. A reality TV star pretending to be businessman is now a “President” who spends an inordinate amount of time tweeting about Hollywood stars, TV shows and the injustices heaped upon him by magazines and newspapers read only by a few hundred thousand elites. Trump is just an entertainer – providing the left with their daily dose of “outrage” and the right with easy reassurances.

  108. @Linh Dinh

    Communists have always been at war against all religions, of course, so in Vietnam, they suppressed Catholics, Buddhists, Cao Đài, Hòa Hảo, Protestants and Muslims, whatever.

    Given that Communism, especially its Marxist variants, is a de facto religion complete with various sects and orders, it’s no wonder that it’s shown itself to be at war with every other religion including itself.

    Much the same could be said for the other major religion of the last couple of centuries, Capitalism and it’s various sects included.

    Guess what the “First Commandment” is!

    “I am the LORD your God … You shall have no other gods before me”

    It sounds to me like it’s custom made to initiate if not enshrine conflict.

    What would Homo sappyens do without conflict?

    Our gawds, indeed, are made in our images.

    • Replies: @Mao Cheng Ji
  109. @Mao Cheng Ji

    You are correct that they need not be viewed that way, but I find it provocative anyway. I’ve seen it shake some of the smugness outta the various “Chosen Ones,” goyim and non-goyim inclusive, at least the few who have the ability to actually reason.

    Each society during any given period needs to be analyzed in context. Many relevant contexts have to be considered simultaneously: domestic and geo- politics, socioeconomic, historical, cultural (zeitgeist), current events, etc. Objective causes can be always found for the main events, without blaming ‘monsters’ or crediting ‘saints’.


    However, being a Westerner, I think I can say that most Westerners approach the world in an all or none, dichotomous manner. I’ve often found it useful to challenge it by using it. I challenge it because I’ve almost never found a way to convince anyone (who doesn’t already know it) that “Objective causes can be always found for the main events, without blaming ‘monsters’ or crediting ‘saints’.”

    Also, since I have no answers, I like to stimulate folks to question the idea that they have (m)any either.

    “That’s not a good approach, not analytic, but rather it’s a pavlov’s dog-like reaction. Useless.”

    Umm, I thought evaluating things as good vs bad was useless. Depends on yer goal,eh?

  110. That’s not a good approach, not analytic, but rather it’s a pavlov’s dog-like reaction. Useless.

    Furthermore, Pavlov’s dogs reactions cannot universally be usefully labelled “useless.” The dogs’ reactions were perfectly useful until they weren’t.

    We shouldn’t label them useless unless we consider the context, should we? 😉

  111. @jacques sheete

    Given that Communism, especially its Marxist variants, is a de facto religion

    It’s an ideology. It doesn’t presume any supernatural beings. It aspires to explain reality by identifying natural phenomena and analyzing rational concepts (class struggle, relations of production, etc.). Of course it gets dogmatic, same as other ideologies, especially when they become dominant (like liberalism in the west today).

  112. Trump is the culmination of the infantilism and trivia of hoi polloi.

    The hoi oligoi have pretty consistently shown themselves to be infantile and trivial for the most part as well. Too bad the results of their infantilism and triviality are often so serious for the rest of us.

    Trump is one of the poster kidz for the infantilism and triviality of the hoi oligoi in fact. One doesn’t get to float at the top without healthy doses of both it seems.

    • Replies: @Anon
  113. It’s an ideology.

    Hence my use of the words, de facto.

    I could swear that someone just admonished me to analyze before I criticize.

  114. @Mao Cheng Ji

    It doesn’t presume any supernatural beings.

    Instead it presumes to manufacture them and to elevate certain special ones to gawd-like status. It also tried to enhance its gawd like status by claiming to be rational and scientific. I, for one, am not impressed.

    Gawd isn’t really dead it seems. (S)he’s merely been replaced by self selected Übermenschen, I think.

    It’s all a huge fraud, either in or out of context.

    Kinda like Lucian’s, “Alexander the Oracle-Monger.”

  115. @Mao Cheng Ji

    The irrational aspects of its implementation is why it can be called a religion. Even when it was clear, for example, that it was not producing enough because it relied on certain incorrect precepts – the largest being that the government could determine economic needs better than market signals, most Communist nations worked instead to dismiss such findings and blame others rather than align closer to reality.

    It also caused huge amounts of misery and death, and was willing to do so in order to adhere to the ideology. My ancestors, for example, died to Mao’s communist followers because of the idea that all hereditary landowners were parasites and so they were killed; the “blank state” ideology of the Communists had them promote peasants instead over our lands which was promptly ruined.

    But they would rather kill people, destroy crops, and contribute to famine in the Great Leap Forward than admit that they made any mistakes – not to mention the inordinate amount of cultural artifacts they destroyed.

    Its hard not to see their actions as very akin to a religious frenzy, of mob madness that feels almost unreal, as if there was some form of mass hypnosis that would drive otherwise decent people into murderous, self-destructive spiraling.

    @jacques sheete The fake science generated by Communists very much echoes your statements. It is frightening to see how much ideology can affect science even when it isn’t intentional; it is much more so when ideology is intentionally applied to science, to give a veneer of rationality to excuse madness. Lysenkoism, remember?

  116. woodNfish says:

    The United States has also been studying the Communist playbook

    The commies have never come close to matching the effectiveness of amerikan propaganda.

    Instead of banning pop culture, they’ve realized it’s the state’s best ally

    Pop culture is the opiate of the masses.

    If the viet oligarchy was smart, they wouldn’t allow in any blacks in at all. They will not only destroy their culture, but the oligarchy.

    • Replies: @jacques sheete
  117. Thanks! Great comments.

    …it is much more so when ideology is intentionally applied to science, to give a veneer of rationality to excuse madness.


  118. @woodNfish

    Pop culture is the opiate of the masses.

    Pop science is another. And it’s closely related to pop philosophy as well.

  119. @Daniel Chieh

    The irrational aspects of its implementation is why it can be called a religion.

    Other reasons it can be labelled a religion is that it has people who function in the roles of Messiah and high priest and the fact that the duped masses imbibe the often contradictory pronouncements of them on faith alone.

    Also I’d like someone to argue with a straight face that science, in practice, is not ultimately faith based to a large extent. One doesn’t have to be a trained and experienced epistemologist to understand that concept.

  120. @Daniel Chieh

    It also caused huge amounts of misery and death

    Any radical social change causes huge amounts of misery and death. The French revolution. The American civil war. Endless European wars and various armed conflicts during the period of industrial revolutions, rise and fall of old-fashioned empires and monarchies, colonizations and anti-colonial struggles.

    That’s all perfectly normal, and it’s also perfectly normal that most of the contemporaries can’t (usually) make sense of it.

    Societies evolve, just like Darwin’s species, and when societal shocks happen, many people die. In this process, a human life – or a million of them – mean nothing. And even though we have been conditioned these days to view the world from the individualist perspective, this is still the case, and probably will always be.

    • Replies: @jacques sheete
  121. Anonymous [AKA "Uomo Bianco"] says:

    You have cracked the postmodern code.

  122. MarkinLA says:

    Well since Ho wrote letters to Truman offering friendship, I would say there was more to it that the OSS officers themselves.

    Isn’t it better to see if they really are our friends and find out they are not than to immediately start a war with them?

  123. @Anon

    (Hyper)-Capitalism. Life reduced to the cash-nexus. All values reduced to exchange values. Family ? Loyalty ? Tradition ? Identity ? All contingent.
    We call it Western “culture”.

  124. @Anon

    “whereas the Viets backed the counter-Khmer Rouge.”
    Yes, & so did the US.
    Ah, Pol Pot: makes Saddam look like a … Disney “baddie”….

  125. Anon • Disclaimer says:
    @jacques sheete

    Very true! Only, since you obviously know what you’re talking about, why “the hoi”?

    • Replies: @jacques sheete
  126. Anonymous [AKA "Brian.t"] says:

    The creator of Agent Orange, Monsanto, now in Vietnam. Espousing their GM Corn to feed the pigs to produce tainted pork for the masses.

    Shame on the Vietnamese Government, for allowing such a despicable company to do business in their Country, It’s all about the money, so who is getting paid off there?

  127. @Anon

    Very true! Only, since you obviously know what you’re talking about, why “the hoi”?

    OK, OK, I know what yer saying. I do that to make it more readable. If ya left off the “the,” I have no doubt that most people in the US would think ya made a mistake. Probably because both “hoi polloi” and “hoi oligoi” are thought of ( if they are thought of at all), as single entities.

    In American English, it is acceptable and appropriate to refer to “the” hoi oligoi.

    A second problem is related to the word hoi, which is the Greek definite article. Thus, for those who know their Greek, the expression the hoi polloi is a redundancy meaning “the the masses.” Nonetheless, 78 percent of the Panel said that they used the with hoi polloi.


    PS: I do love smart asses! 😉

  128. @Mao Cheng Ji

    Any radical social change causes huge amounts of misery and death.

    Depends on what ya mean by “radical social change,” I suspect. What’d be your definition of it?

    Also, I’d say that the reverse is true as well, i.e., huge amounts of misery and death can cause radical social changes.

    In fact, I’d say further that today’s seeming insouciance if not callousness regarding mass human deaths is probably a result of the radical social changes that occurred in the 20th century, including the state sponsored industrial grade wars and the rise of mass media that endlessly portrays violence thereby benumbing the masses.

    Societies evolve, just like Darwin’s species…

    They also devolve, just like Rome.

    If we should just “get over it” and accept evolution, then why even bother commenting on it at all?

    • Replies: @Mao Cheng Ji
  129. @jacques sheete

    What’d be your definition of it?

    A fundamental socioeconomic change. I gave examples before: from the hierarchy of social orders to the hierarchy of wealth, from independence to colony, etc.

    In fact, I’d say further that today’s seeming insouciance if not callousness regarding mass human deaths is probably a result of the radical social changes that occurred in the 20th century

    Nah. Here in the west I see the opposite: an obsession with the value of the individual. Individual is above all; extreme individualism, atomization. You know, the “bowling alone” thing. And it’s a new phenomenon, I think. People lived in a more interconnected, communal environment before, and therefore cared less about their personal feelings, comfort – and their longevity. They still do, as far as I can tell, just not in the west, not among the “golden billion“.

  130. @Mao Cheng Ji

    The reason why Thais and Japanese were more cultured and reserved is that neither country has a history of being colonised by one of the European powers, hence their language and culture remained intact, even though they now are open and very much exposed to western commercial pop culture but having been exposed to western culture in small doses since many decades or over over a century now and much more withn the last 50 years, they are better able to balance between the two.

    Both the Thais and the Japanese have retained their monarchy and their traditional versions of Buddhism and spirituality, which explains why such spirituality still plays a part o ftheir value systems.

    On the other hand, the Chinese overthrew their monarchy, first under the Nationalist Kuomintang and under Maoist communism, they more or less replaced all vestiges of their old culture with an albeit puritan communist culture. On the other hand, whilst the Russians also overthrew their monarchy, religion and some aspects of the old culture, they however retained other aspects such as their ballets, classical, folk music and so forth. Then when China after Mao opened up to the west, many of her people opened up to western commercial culture with gusto.

    Also, capitalism and commerce has very much been a way of life especially amongst Chinese who moved to the caostal regions and many of them left China to settle in neighbouring countries in the region, such as South East Asia and brought their commerce-oriented values with them. The book Lords of the Rim by Sterling Seagrave describes a kind of caste system present in Confucian culture which placed merchants on the lowest rung, below Mnadarins, scholars, workers and peasants. Sterling attributes this to a belief that merchants do not produce anything but merely trade items and keep the profit, unlike the peasants who produced the food and workers who produce things of value. Seagrave explians that this attitude is what drove the merchant-inclined Chinese towards the coastal regions and overseas.

    Thus you will find different value systems between northern Chinese such as those from Beijing who are believed to be more scholarly, artistic, into militarism and so forth than the southern Chinese from areas such as Shanghai and Hong Kong. I also understand that Hanoi is more cultural and artistic than Ho Chi Minh (Saigon) which has become a commercial hub in Vietnam where many go in search of employment and business opportunities. This is the same in many South East Asia countries which won independence under capitalist rule.

    Also, generally speaking, it is quite possible that having emerged from a rather puritanical atmosphere under Maoist communism, many China Chinese are bingeing on the new found aspects of capitalism in a rather crude and greedy way but this could change after several generations who will have grown up with material wealth and will have realised that money is not everything.

    Also, many Asian countries including Thailand were or are emerging from a feudal background and corruption in the form of payment of tributes to officials when seeking favours still remains very much a part of the feudal culture, which has been carried into their new capitalist or socialist era. Also note that where the communist came to power in some of these countries such as Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia, they did so by leading an anti-colonial uprising against their colonial masters or colonial dominance of their economies through local elites who helped colonial interests exploit their land, labour, resources and markets in return for a cut.

    Thus the communists in these countries led patriots of various classes in a war of national liberation, with the intention to continue the revolution politically towards socialism post liberation. However, having emerged from largely agrarian backgrounds with little manufacturing capability and very much lacking in technology, these countries turned towards the west for investments and imported technology, especially after the fall of the Soviet Union and China’s embrace of capitalism under communist government supervision.

    It was somewhat the same situation in Latin America where the local landlords led wars of national independence under leaders such as Simon Bolivar, himself from a landlord family, then the ordinary people found after liberation that the were just as exloited if not worse by their local landlords, hence Hugo Chavez dubbed his revolution the Second Bolivarian Revolution, which aimed to complete the objectives of the first Bolivarian revolution.

    As for Americans, well I suppose that since many European immigrants to the Americas were poor in Europe and came to seek out their fortune, so have that acquisitive culture and having more or less left their traditional cultural backgrounds behind them to begin a new life, the American culture and value system they created is relatively young compared to the traditional cultural and value systems they left behind. Whilst this on the one hand enabled them to be more imaginative and dynamic, its downside is a money-minded culture.

    Anyway, even amongst Americans, I understand that those Americans in the more rural southern states are not as money-minded or in such a hurry as those in the large cities on the eastern and western coasts.

    I suppose that’s why some of the best American music comes from places like Louisiana, Tennessee and so forth.

    In fact, it’s the same almost everywhere, where the traditional cultures and value systems are found in the smaller towns and villages, not the big cities.

  131. @Mao Cheng Ji

    Of course it gets dogmatic, same as other ideologies, especially when they become dominant (like liberalism in the west today).

    That’s true. The problem is not with communism but with some communists who became dogmatic with regards the ideology which rejects dogma and advocates constantly analysing current material conditions in order to formulate current strategies and tactics.

    It’s like how some Maoists in America insist that Maoist-style people’s war is what is needed in America when both objective and subjective conditions are entirely different between China during Mao’s time and in America today.

    That is not to say that a revolution is not needed in America but that it has to be based upon current conditions and realities, not on some textbook historical account of the war of national independence and mainly peasant revolution in China over fifty years ago.

  132. @Joe Wong

    Apparently, Sun Yat Sen expressed a similar opinion to a Japanese diplomat, sometime in the ’20s. But the Japanese diplomat disagreed, because, of the 100 Yue tribes, 99 were assimilated by the Han and only the Viets held out.

    Sun Yat Sen found this answer insulting, because he was of Yue descent himself.

  133. @Mao Cheng Ji

    Aung San Syu Kyi QC was the darling of the British press, until she came to power and continued to be unenthusiastic about “Rohingya” (ie Bengali Muslims) using Burma as lebensraum.

    They now try very hard not to mention her name.

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