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Mislabeling, Misthinking, Misanalysis, Sure Death
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This happened in Tirana, Albania. As I walked across Skanderbeg Square one fine morning, a black dog darted across my path. As if this wasn’t disturbing enough, there was a woman chasing after him, shouting, “Nigra! Nigra!”

It’s 2021, lady! At least have the decency to call him, “My nigga!” (Consult Rachel Jeantel for exact pronunciation.) Slurred from birth, how will Nigra grow up to have a long, productive life and contribute to global society?

I’m just joking, of course. Nigra merely means black in Albanian, so it’s not wrong to call a black dog “blackie,” or, for that matter, Jewish power as quintessentially Jewish, and not just “Zionism.” That’s weak shit, pussy. Reread your Old Testament!

With mass death near, it’s evil to mislabel the Covid jab as a vaccine. By definition, a vaccine is supposed to protect you from a disease, not increase your chance of getting it, plus just about everything else, since your immunity’s wrecked by such a death jab.

Is “death jab” hyperbolic? No, if it’s already killed thousands of people, with millions more to come. Note that “Covid vaccine” deaths are only counted as such at least two weeks after the lethal jab, with the rest mislabeled as Covid deaths.

If you collapse right after the needle’s pulled out, you’re dead from Covid, sucka, and not the “vaccine,” and that’s no Jewish lawyer jabbering, but your government.

Rochelle Walensky, head of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, tells us that “Covid vaccines” aren’t just safe for pregnant women, but especially useful to them, “Data show that pregnancy increases the risk of severe Covid disease. And sadly, Covid-19 infection during pregnancy can also increase the risk for preterm birth and other pregnancy outcomes that have impact on the baby. The good news is that we are now fortunate to have the tools to largely prevent these tragic outcomes when they are related to Covid-19. For all three vaccines, there have been no safety concerns in animal studies, there have been no safety concerns in the clinical trials, and there have been no safety concerns in multiple safety monitoring systems that have followed over thousands of pregnant women to date.”

“Safety” repeated four times in such a brief message, and notice also the meaningless “over” to precede thousands. Interestingly, its video on YouTube doesn’t just have comments turned off, but LIKE and DISLIKE disabled.

Ex-Jew Brother Nathaniel is no fan, “She’s a lying Jewish tramp who fudges the death stats of the nasty Vaxx. I’m talking about her false statistics of her CDC’s ‘VAERS.’ She works hand-in-hand with Albert Bourla, Jewish CEO of Pfizer. He and Larry Fink—principal shareholder of Pfizer via his BlackRock Investments—are making millions on ‘divisive’ mandates. Throw in Alex Gorsky, Jewish executive chairman of Johnson & Johnson, and you’ve got four soulless ghouls from hell.”

Online, there are so many claims and counterclaims, people can believe just about anything, but the weeks ahead will bring much greater clarity, should your double jabbed relative(s), or even you yourself, still die from “Covid,” just like Colin Powell.

“Covid vaccines” were introduced into Vietnam in March of 2021. With only 35 Covid deaths by then, Vietnam was lauded worldwide as perhaps the most successful at fighting the pandemic.

As a point of honor and pride, Vietnam spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to save a British pilot who had just been hired by Vietnam Airlines. Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day 2020 at Saigon’s Buddha Bar, Stephen Cameron caught Covid even before his first flight.

Released from the hospital after nearly three months, Cameron told the BBC, “I’m very humbled by how I’ve been taken into the hearts of the Vietnamese people. And most of all I’m grateful for the bloody-mindedness of the doctors in not wanting me to die on their watch.”

With its borders still closed, plus recent crippling lockdowns, Vietnam now has nearly 22,000 “Covid” deaths. The only difference is the introduction of vaccines, primarily Pfizer, Moderna and AstraZeneca.

If Vietnamese doctors were brilliant enough to save Stephen Cameron, why haven’t they figured out that American and British vaccines are killing Vietnamese by the thousands?! I’m sure many have, but in a totalitarian society with no free press, you can’t question official policies. Sounds familiar?

American doctors and nurses have also not spoken up, except indirectly, by leaving their jobs by the thousands instead of being death jabbed.

America’s most visible public intellectuals generally support “Covid vaccines.” Amy Goodman, for example, complains that Pfizer doses are not reaching poor countries fast enough. Meanwhile, Chris Hedges laments that the “neo-fascist” states of Texas and Florida “prohibit local vaccine and mask mandates.”

On the fringe, you have very vocal death jab critics, such as Mike Adams, Alex Jones and Brother Nathaniel. Adams also thinks extraterrestrials may be coming to eat us, however. Like Jones and Brother Nathaniel, Adams has also zealously backed Trump, though the ex president’s support for death jabs has cooled this ardor. Sticking strictly to the science, Whitney Webb, Mike Whitney, Paul Craig Roberts, Del Bigtree and James Howard Kunstler have been most helpful on the anti vaxx front.

Title of a recent Mike Whitney article, “It All Makes Sense Once You Realize They’re Trying to Kill Us.” It’s not like there aren’t enough clues via kosher sources, though they’re mostly glancing teases.

They’re trying to kill us because we’re useless eaters who can’t stop breeding. In 1800, there were just one billion people. Now, there are over seven. Cheeseburger chompers, we’re cutting into their Kobe beef feast. Even if we’re just digging through trash cans outside their restaurants and mansions, we ruin their neighborhoods and planet. We befoul their evening walks by lying half dead on sidewalks.


Club of Rome co-founder Alexander King in 1991, “The common enemy of humanity is man. In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill. All these dangers are caused by human intervention, and it is only through changed attitudes and behavior that they can be overcome. The real enemy then, is humanity itself.”

Problem is, the global poor want more meat, not bugs, and they don’t see why they shouldn’t finally have a car?

Those at the very top of the all-seeing pyramid want us bottom feeders to change our attitudes, so they can increase consumption. Can’t blame them. They’re winners.

Chris Rhodes in Forbes on 8/13/12, “We are an overshoot species, and may expect a rapid cull, as in the S-shaped curve that prevails for bacteria. The initial growth is slow, but then given sufficient resources (food, oil, and gas in the human situation), the population rapidly escalates until it can no longer be sustained by its food. Then the bacteria begin to starve and consume each other.”

As oil, natural gas, coal and food become scarce this Dark Winter, many of us will certainly consume each other, but why not boost this die off with a few billion reassuring jabs?

Our planet will thank us.

• Category: Ideology • Tags: Anti-Vaxx, Conspiracy Theories, Coronavirus 
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  1. Bamba345 says:

    Read Bechamp or Pasteur? and learn the true hideous history of vaccination. Pasteur was th Fauci of his day, ore a government official than a scientist.

    • Thanks: JimDandy
    • Replies: @Wild Bill
  2. IreneAthena says: • Website

    If you collapse right after the needle’s pulled out, you’re dead from Covid, sucka, and not the “vaccine,”

    “If you collapse right after the needle’s pulled out…” And up to two weeks after the needle’s pulled out…

  3. “Club of Rome co-founder Alexander King in 1991, “The common enemy of humanity is man……” ”

    Message to all ‘elites’ from me (and the late Bill Hicks): “Please kill yourselves”

    If the elites think there are too many over-consumers, they should start the cull with the most grand of conspicuous over-consumers, themselves. Lead by example. Just do it.

    The rest of us will somehow muddle through and carry on like we always have……………

    • Replies: @Rabbitnexus
  4. IreneAthena says: • Website

    After those two weeks of counting vaccine-related deaths as “COVID-related deaths,” it’s still easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than it is for a vaccine-related injury to make it into the Vaccine Adverse Effect Reporting System.

    • Replies: @KeltCindy
  5. Linh, you’re back in top form!

    This reads like the Linh we all know and love and eagerly anticipate the next installment from.

    Exceptionally well written unflinching reportage and musings that kick the 800 lb gorillas square in their collective asses.

    Damn, we need more political writers to grow a pair like Linh has. A lot more.

    Thanks again, Linh. And Ron, of course.

  6. SZ says:

    Does anyone know why Vietnam has not purchased the Chinese or the Russian vaccines?

  7. Notsofast says:

    and after 2 weeks, it’s a breakthrough case of covid. remember when a breakthrough was “a sudden, dramatic, and important discovery or development”? remember when a vaccine produced immunity to disease? in the words of humpty dumpty “when i use a word, it means just what i choose it to mean- neither more nor less”.

    • Agree: IreneAthena
  8. @IreneAthena

    That’s why thousands of skeptics don’t believe that senile Biden got a real booster on his TV stunt. If he had collapsed after being jabbed, his whole tyrannical vax mandate would have been history, and he would have been laughed out of town – assuming the shot didn’t kill him first. Plus Biden got up immediately after and put his jacket on, when the protocol is to remain seated for at least 10 minutes, especially for an old codger in questionable health.

    A very disturbing consequence of this Covid scam-demic is that governors, and now a senile president (s)elected thru mass voter fraud, think that they are dictators with god-like power. How can one demented old man force the firing of tens of thousands who have the good sense to remain vax free? In France, the Bastille was stormed for less.

  9. The contempt that “Our Betters” have for us is immense and profound. Aristocracy of birth at least had the concept of “Nobility Obliges”. The Aristocracy of so-called “Merit” simply assumes that the “rest of us” are literally a waste of oxygen.

  10. Palinurus says:
    @Mustapha Mond

    Why MM you surely exaggerate. LD is not best as a political commentator, but as an observer of the daily life of people in their communities in which he excels. So let’s hope he continues on that track. There are plenty of other political commentators that do a better job than LD.

    • Agree: Catdompanj
    • Replies: @Dumbo
    , @WorkingClass
  11. Dumbo says:

    Yes, while this was a pretty good article, short and to the point, in general I prefer the Linh who interviews barflies to the Linh who writes political rants. But perhaps he could put his best talents to good use by talking to a few real people who had vaccine side effects or know people who died, or people in the area who are affected by “vaxx passports”, etc. This would be more interesting, at least for me.

    By the way, whether the vaccine is a “death vax” or a “life saver”, vaxx mandates and vaxx passports are awful by themselves, dividing people and causing even more problems. Look at what’s happening in France, Italy and even the U.S.

    Look at this family in Lithuania, who can’t live a normal life and are treated as criminals just because they don’t want to take an experimental medication, something that should always be optional in any case:

    I mean, the media and Big Pharma make it a big deal if someone takes Ivermectin (which, working or not as advertised, appears to be basically harmless), but an experimental mRNA vaccine which has not even completed Phase IV being forced on people is alright?

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  12. @Palinurus

    One of those who want Lin to be a travel writer. Too obtuce to see that Lin is a writer who travels.

  13. Charles says:

    I enjoy the railing-against-the System Linh and here he is.

    • Agree: RadicalCenter
  14. Our planet will thank us.

    George Carlin – Saving the Planet

    Amish vs. COVID

    • Thanks: Dumbo
  15. Biff says:

    If you collapse right after the needle’s pulled out, you’re dead from Covid, sucka, and not the “vaccine,”

    I heard it was up to two months after the vax that it is considered a COVID death? Rumors is not just a Fleetwood Mac thing…..

    • Replies: @Rabbitnexus
    , @IreneAthena
  16. Jim H says:

    Now the spin is that OSHA’s vaccination mandate on large employers (over 100 employees) may be delayed past Christmas, so that quitters on principle don’t crush the economy by depriving transport and retailing of employees — not to mention hospitals, already under a June 2021 vax mandate.

    Is this just postponing the inevitable? Or are the vaccinazis making a face-saving strategic retreat?

    First clue may be how the gubernatorial elections in New Jersey and Virginia play out. If the R party candidates oust Democrat control of one or both these states, the handwriting will be on the wall: the D party is headed for an epic thrashing in Nov 2022 as old burnt-out scarecrow FJB continues his senile depredations on people who actually work for a living.

    Biden’s drug-addicted bagman son Hunter is the logical end result and poster boy of a family steeped in reflexive grifting and tax feeding since the ancient days when hippies roamed the land.

  17. @Mustapha Mond

    My sentiment exactly. Mr. Dinh is, in my opinion, by far, the best writer here. I come to read his articles. And will occasionally peruse the others.

    Thank you, Mr. Dinh.

    • Replies: @SafeNow
  18. @Mustapha Mond

    I’d simply put a universal wealth cap on mankind. No person should be permitted more than 100 million for example, or half that. Mansions, islands and nice cars, even enough to buy kiddies and their other evil penchants if they’re so inclined, and at the top, I get the impression they all are. Enough to buy any toys and luxuries, but not enough to buy my country.

    • Agree: Mustapha Mond
    • Replies: @Sin City Milla
  19. @Biff

    14 days officially. It is in the records.

    • Replies: @Charlie
  20. IreneAthena says: • Website

    Biff, this is the CDC’s definition, updated Oct 15, 2021

    In general, people are considered fully vaccinated:

    2 weeks after their second dose in a 2-dose series, such as the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines, or
    2 weeks after a single-dose vaccine, such as Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen vaccine

    If you don’t meet these requirements, regardless of your age, you are NOT fully vaccinated. Keep
    taking all precautions until you are fully vaccinated.

    Anyway, we can expect the “official” definition of “fully vaccinated” to change as Boosters #1, #2, etc. are rolled out.

    That defintion, of course, is not exactly the same thing as “how long after a vaccine is an injury considered a vaccine-related injury?” Maybe in that case, two months is closer?


  21. Thailand had about 100 deaths for all of last year out of a population of 70 million. Once the fear porn was ramped up to eleven and the jabs were administered to the masses… voila! People keeling over left and right. Pathetically the people are so sheepish, it being their general nature, that they don’t make the connection.

  22. Excellent article. I’ve always appreciated the author’s work. I’m disappointed that some of the anti-imperialist types like Chris Hedges, have sold out to the medicofascists. Anybody who does so eliminates all credibility because, as I see it, this has become the worst crime ever committed. The whole operation reminds me of Jonestown, though probably many of the top operatives have found means of avoiding the actual Kool-Aid, unlike Jim Jones.

  23. RogerL says:

    For distinguishing the jab, from real vaccines, I like the phrase experimental RNA inoculation – this says it all in one simple phrase.

    One good thing about this mess is its making it very clear who the real populists are, and who the fake right and fake left are.

    We need some new labels – I hate the fake right and fake left.

    I agree with the old conservatives about cautiously conserving our society, and I agree with the old left about having enough government regulations to prevent the predatory elites from exploiting vulnerable workers.

    What is a good label for an independent like me, who is carefully avoiding all of the divide-and-conquer wedges (like left and right), who is looking for ways to prevent the destruction of our society in North America?

    • Replies: @Charlie
    , @KeltCindy
  24. Road Kill says:

    I thought you were going to quit you immigrant!

  25. For medical info, there is also Dr Joseph Mercola, Jon Rappoport, and Bill Sardi. All on Lew Rockwell.
    I don’t think anybody is still on the fence about the Death Jab. You are either a true believer worshipping at the house of Pfizer, or you are an apostate, one to be shunned by intelligent society.

  26. TheBoom says:

    Linh, excellent article.

    Are you still in South Africa? If so, I would prefer you write some of your brilliant profiles like you did with Postcards. Life in South Africa is relevant to the future of the US.

    It would be fascinating to read in-depth profiles of white, colored and black working and middle class South Africans. Your Postcards are a unique window into the changing world. Others can take care of book reviews and Covid

  27. Greg S. says:

    America’s most visible public intellectuals generally support “Covid vaccines.” Amy Goodman, for example, complains that Pfizer doses are not reaching poor countries fast enough. Meanwhile, Chris Hedges laments that the “neo-fascist” states of Texas and Florida “prohibit local vaccine and mask mandates.”

    What a key insight the above statement is. It demonstrates how utterly compromised the “left” in America is. There basically is no left anymore. Here you have the two biggest “leftists” in America shilling for billionaire big-pharma. It’s incredible to witness.

    The left used to the be the primary anti-establishment lever in society, primarily younger people and students, acting as a thorn in the side of big power structures. You can argue if they were right or wrong, but at least they were an honest opposition and acted as counter-balance. But now? Now the movement is completely and utterly annihilated. This is summed up brilliantly in a number of memes going around about how when your “edgy” positions just so happen to align exactly with the positions of big-government, big-business, big-pharma, Hollywood millionaires, and global elites everywhere, you might not be all that “edgy…”

    Trump was actually the catalyst for this complete destruction (which admittedly was brewing for years). He was used to get the left to buy into patently false realities in order to keep their own sanity, and there they remain in this total fantasy land. This makes me wonder if Trump was such an accident, or if that was actually his purpose. Trump is also the one who gave us “operation warp-speed” and their demonic products, which he still mildly shills for.

    With the traditional opposition all cleared away, it’s now put upon the dregs of the right wing to cobble together some kind of resistance to the coming fascism and tyranny. itself proves the point well that it’s only the outliers on the right who are resisting.

    These are amazing times when every single person gets to answer the age-old question “what would YOU have done in Nazi-Germany.” For the past couple generations, we’ve all heard people say with much bravado “Oh, I would certainly be opposed! I would have shot Hitler on sight!” etc.

    The reality is much different. It seems that the vast majority of people, including the vast majority of public commentators, columnists, pundits, and the like, are just putting their heads down and going along to get along. Just like what happened in Nazi Germany. The more things change…

    • Thanks: Alexandros
    • Replies: @MGB
  28. If this is the new Linh? I like it.

  29. Truth says:

    Two weeks after the second needle is pulled out; THIRTY FIVE DAYS after the first.

    • Replies: @IreneAthena
  30. Truth says:

    Are you still in South Africa? If so, I would prefer you write some of your brilliant profiles like you did with Postcards. Life in South Africa is relevant to the future of the US.

    Not if you’re dead, it ain’t.

    Your Postcards are a unique window into the changing world. Others can take care of book reviews and Covid

    A few billion people dying quite succintly summarizes “the changing world.”

  31. Rahan says:

    “Non-vaccinated” means so many things now. In Israel if you haven’t had booster six million you’re one of the “unvaccinated with complications”.

    For real stats this term needs to be put aside and for the term “injected” to be used instead. Can’t fuck around with “injected” — it’s either/or, no gray area.

    We must demand stats based on “injected”, not “vaccinated”.

    • Agree: IreneAthena
  32. SafeNow says:
    @Freedom Awaits

    From The Grammarist:

    The traditional definition of peruse is to read thoroughly or with great care. It does not traditionally mean to skim, to look through, or to browse. All authoritative English reference sources agree on this. But peruse is so often used as a synonym of browse that this secondary definition may someday gain acceptance. The change is not yet fully established, though, and many people still think of this newer use of peruse as wrong.

    My own view is that “peruse,” like many other words, can no longer be used, because it now means either X or the opposite of X. Obviously there are situations where the context makes it reasonably clear which meaning is intended. But why rely upon context. So, I use either “skim” or “read carefully.”

  33. Wild Bill says:

    There has never been a more divisive issue than this vax. Open declared warfare has never managed to split society’s factions and families so well. Ron Unz who is still captivated with his discovery that there was no holocaust, thinks that anyone refuting the validity of the vax is nuts. Those who are “suspicious” of the vax and the beneficence of governments worldwide toward their populations wish no ill toward Ron, but disagree. It is a waiting game now to see who is “right”. We all want the best possible outcome. I think somewhat of a depopulation of the planet would be wonderful, but I suspect my candidates for removal may differ from what others think. One way or another, I’m sure there will be mass death, whether from the vax or the breakdown of society and establishment of “covid camps” is incidental. The “rule of law” social agreement has been broken permanently and we are all staring into a “Brave New World”.

  34. TG says:

    I cannot speak as the the safety or lack thereof of the COVD vaccines, but I can say with certainty that the rich are NOT moving to deliberately cull the global population.

    Don’t listen to what they say, look at what they do, and what they do is everything in their power to jam in more people, so that wages and living standards for the many can be driven down, and rents and profits for the few driven up.

    I mean, Canada until recently has a stable population of 25 million, and despite a high standard of living, was basically an example of humanity in harmony with the environment. We can’t have that! Canada simply MUST have its population forced up to 100 million and beyond, so there can be more consumption, and more profits, and lower wages, and the environment be damned.

    Also: if you really want to depopulate, you would need something more like the Black Death or smallpox. If in fact the COVID 19 vaccines really are this bad, they will produce a prolonged period of progressive worsening of health, not instant death. I mean, AIDS has operated similarly, and it hasn’t made a dent in Africa’s population growth.

    • Replies: @Alexandros
    , @MarkU

    Video Link

    • Thanks: Lisboa anon
    • Replies: @Dumbo
  36. ‘pfizer’ should be used as a verb: to use the power of money to manipulate media narratives

    Video Link

  37. IreneAthena says: • Website

    It’s confusing, isn’t it? In Israel and the U.S. there are different definitions for “fully vaccinated, ” and those definitions change every few months, too. Those official definitions have to do with the timing of citizens receiving the social benefits of being “fully vaccinated” and not, at least explicitly, with the definition of a vaccine-related injury. Part (not all) of the under-reporting of vaccine side-effects has to do with people not being considered “vaccinated” for a period of time after injection, during which time many vaccine-related injuries have occurred..

    Again, it’s easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than it is for a COVID-19 vaccine injury to make it into VAERS (the US’ vaccine adverse effects reporting system.) It’s unwieldy, and, as well, health care professionals have been discouraged from making reports. There are estimates that only 1 percent of the total vaccine injuries in the US make it into VAERS.

  38. Charlie says:

    14 days officially

    I’m interested in where this is coming from. I’ve heard the idea that you’re not considered “fully vaccinated” until 14 days after the second shot, i.e. if you get sick before 14 days you end up in the unvaccinated column. But if you get seriously injured or die, I don’t think it matters if it’s been 14 minutes or 14 months. No one is going to accept the vaccine had anything to do with it.

    Case in point: Maddie de Garay. The 12 year old volunteered to be part of the Pfizer kids trial (12 – 15 year olds, I think). Within 24 hours of the second shot she was hospitalized. Details of her post-vaccination symptoms go on for 23 pages. Not good, a trial with 2200 participants, half of which were placebo, and you get at least one life altering adverse event. Read the letter to the FDA/CDC and listen to the call with the Pfizer trial PI. Their message to Maddie: GO AWAY.

  39. Anon[391] • Disclaimer says:

    Welcome to the fold, Linh! You have it figured out. And once you figure it out, everything else starts to make sense.
    We’ll prevail, because truth and nature are with us. But before then we’ll go through hard times.
    Every person who wakes up gets us closer to critical mass. The quicker we get there, the fewer the casualties.
    And if we end up in concentration camps, at least we’ll be in the best possible company.

  40. @TG

    AIDS is another non existing epidemic. A test scam. They basically test if you are malnourished or suffer from lifestyle diseases such as in fags and junkies. They even diagnosed my cat with AIDS and suggested he’d be euthanized. Near ten years later and he’s still kicking.

  41. MarkU says:

    You make a good point, I have been thinking along those lines myself.

    Who would actually die in the short-term version of the genocidal kill shot scenario? The world is not America or Europe after all (By short-term I mean between now and springtime next year)

    China would be largely unaffected, the Chinese vaccine is reputed to be an actual vaccine prepared in the orthodox fashion (nobody has called bullshit on that yet and obviously governments and pharmaceutical companies will have obtained samples already) China has also recently relaxed some restrictions on the number of children they can, with a population of about 1.45 billion they represent about 20% of the worlds population.

    Africa would be largely unaffected, especially Sub-Saharan Africa the fastest growing population on the planet. They have very low rates of ‘vaccination’ and an average age of 18. Some countries also have a (justifiable) distrust of ‘whitey’s’ vaccines and very low Covid rates anyhow. Africa weighs in at a bit over 1.2 billion.

    India has a current vaccination rate of about 22% last time I looked, I would imagine that most of the recipients are likely to be elderly (not breeding) India has apparently got Covid under control with Ivermectin anyhow and I doubt that an acceleration of the ‘vaccinations’ is likely. India has a population of 1.4 billion.

    OK that is more than half the world dealt with and the impact on birth-rate has been very close to zero by my reckoning.

    So how many of the ‘vaccinated’ are allegedly going to die in the short-term genocidal kill-shot scenario? 50%? 10%? 1%? I notice that actual figures are never mentioned by the proponents of that hypothesis. Any ‘vaccinated’ death rate higher than the unvaccinated death rate is going to arouse suspicion and although many of the vaccine deaths could be passed off as unvaccinated Covid deaths there is a limit to how much they can get away with, people close to the deceased will likely know the truth (people talk) also the rest of the world exists for comparison.

    If 10% of the ‘vaccinated’ died by springtime, that would be around 25 million Americans, 5 million in the UK etc (I don’t think they could get away with that) If we make the figure smaller (1% – say) it would still be a lot of dead people but how much of a dent would that make in world population growth? (and it would still be a suspiciously large number)

    In short, the straightforward death-shot scenario is a stupid unworkable plan, either they make a moderate impact and then get lynched or they make a much smaller impact and still risk being lynched. I could be wrong, maybe I am over-estimating the intelligence of the financial elite and they really are that deluded.

    I reckon that a longer term plan is in progress.

  42. KeltCindy says:

    Beautifully put! ♥️

    • Replies: @IreneAthena
  43. KeltCindy says:

    Mercifully NORMAL.

    • Thanks: IreneAthena
    • Replies: @RogerL
  44. Dear Linh – Israel has 63% population fully vaccinated and (world’s highest) 43% third dose.
    If it is a Zionist/Jewish plot to cull the world population, could one not expect that their own population would be spared?
    3.84 Billion world-wide have received at least one dose – 50% of total world population.
    How come there are so many of us still kicking around?
    (info from NYTimes vaccine tracker)
    Love your travel pieces, by the way – especially the ones where you speak to interesting, ‘ordinary’ folk.
    You are a really great raconteur!

  45. HalconHigh says: • Website

    Great interview by Chris Hedges with John Pilger the other day.
    Hedges is still one of the great voices on the Left.

    I guess no one is perfect.

    As for Amy Goodman, I lost a lot of respect for her when she was chasing after Mike Bloomberg for an interview, a few years ago. She couldn’t get close because he was surrounded by burly bodyguards.

    Seemed so ridiculous though, a millionaire Jew, chasing a billionaire Jew.

    Her show, “Democracy Now” used to be on tv here in Phoenix, but even that was replaced by Newsmax.

    So, the CEO of Pfizer, Albert Bourla, is Jewish ?
    Who da thunk it ?

  46. IreneAthena says: • Website

    I reckon that a longer term plan is in progress.

    Yes, some people believe the short-term goal is to trick most people into believing that COVID-injection injuries are really injuries from new variations of COVID-19, or breakthrough infections, or any other reason OTHER than the COVID injection itself.

    This is why corporate-owned media outlets very rarely if ever talk about how common vaccine-related injuries are. Instead these post-injection injuries/deaths are described as “breakthrough infections” or, if the interval between injection and adverse effect is less than (depending on country) 14 to 35 days, the sickness (which is really an adverse reaction to the recent injection) is categorized as happening to a “not-fully vaccinated” individual.

    The mid-term goal would be creating enough fear to continue psychological dependence on the shots, including multiple dosing, and after those, multiple boosters. As the content of bulk of the shots/boosters changes (as some have claimed they have) the immune system is compromised more and more, and actual physical dependence on the COVID19 injection will develop, driving the continuation of the “everyone must be vaccinated” campaign.

    A corollary short-term goal is the popular perception that the continuing pandemic is the fault of the “vaccine resistant.” We see how effective that propaganda campaign has been. UR is one of the shrinking number of websites allowing discussion of COVID narratives other than the official one, and even here those suggesting them are still occasionally described as “loons.”

    That leads to discussion of long-term goals of the vaccination program. I’ve heard a few. If any of those theories are to believed, the vaccine-resistant had best be finding and attaching themselves to sub-cultures where they can barter for food, heat, and medical care without a vaccine passport.

    • Replies: @MarkU
  47. MarkU says:

    It is my contention that the leakiness of the ‘vaccine’ is the key factor, it is absolutely baked into the cake that vaccine resistance will arise. With antibiotics we attempt to exterminate bacteria because a cull has the undesirable effect of encouraging resistance (selective breeding) Why wouldn’t we apply the exact same logic to viruses. and vaccines?

    Worse still we might eventually get a situation like Marek chicken disease where the disease becomes more dangerous rather than less as time goes on.

    Creating and manufacturing a booster every six months for a constantly evolving virus would be a really good business model for pharmaceutical companies and a good pretext for a really long period of emergency measures by governments. This thing isn’t intended to go away any time soon.

    • Replies: @IreneAthena
    , @JimDandy
  48. IreneAthena says: • Website

    Thanks KeltCindy—-you probably know the camel and needle-eye part is not original with me, but with the Master Wordsmith. 🙂

  49. IreneAthena says: • Website

    It’s interesting that the phrase “vaccine resistance” is being used in two entirely different ways in these COVIC-19 discussions: (1) the tendency you describe, for a “super” bacterium or a”super” virus to develop, as earlier mutations of the organism are exposed to medicine and strains resistant to that medicine evolves. (2) the pejorative to describe individuals who have opted out of getting the mRNA experimental therapy.

    I need to be more consistent using an alternative to “vaccine resistant” in sense #2. “Members of the long-term control group for the mRNA experimental therapy” is a bit cumbersome, but puts the members of that group back on the OFFENSIVE, where we belong.

    As to Marek’s chicken disease– yikes, what a nightmare! That would fit right into the pharmaceutical business model you describe, as well as longer-range goals I hinted at that are also nightmarish.

    As we contemplate possible future scenarios, many ways to avoid despair are discussed in the “Solutions Watch” series at

    • Replies: @RogerL
  50. The enemy, obviously, is NOT humanity, else we’d best all chew on our black pills, pronto. The enemy of Life on Earth is the parasites among humanity, and their death-cult, capitalism. The whole CoViD19 fiasco is a series of malevolent acts by Evil individuals. The end to which they are driving seems more sinister by the day.

  51. @MarkU

    Africa also has many people receiving hydroxychloroquine for malaria and ivermectin for parasitic worms. The jihad against ivermectin, led, in my opinion, by gormless creatures like Gideon Meyerowitz-Katz, here in Australia, a true beloved of the BBC, has been the vilest episode of lying, disinformation and rank hypocrisy, at the cost of human lives. I’ve yet seen. There MUST be a calling to account for this and many other outrages, if we survive.

  52. @MarkU

    I’d bet on mass sterilization. The Japanese study that found the mRNA from Pfizer accumulating largely in the ovaries of rats (and the bone marrow, and elsewhere at lesser rates)was a wee bit suspicious.

  53. JimDandy says:

    A Merek’s-type outcome would mean everyone in the world would HAVE to take the vaccines in perpetuity–or die. Who could possibly benefit from a scenario like that?

  54. Jiminy says:

    I saw a classic last month on the national news. As part of the propaganda machine, an aborigine considered to be an important leader amongst his kind, one to be followed was talking the government spiel while receiving his second injection on camera. Bam! A week later he was pfizered. Apparently his heart attacked him. And even in death they couldn’t honour him, as nowhere did I see it mentioned that he had only just received his shot a week before dying. Of course the timing was simply a coincidence.

  55. Dumbo says:
    @Priss Factor

    “The Amish were right”.

    This should be made into a meme or a t-shirt.

    The best thing to do about Covid is to ignore it. Like the Amish did. Don’t test, don’t vaccinate, don’t panic, keep living life normally, just perhaps a bit more cautiously, treat the sick, and if they get really sick to the point of dying, don’t throw intubate them a totally isolated room, let them die close to their loved ones. I bet the Amish had less deaths than the general population.

    It seems that “our best and brightest” leaders, faced with a “global pandemic”, decided to take a cue from Hollywood and apply film fantasy solutions to real life, with obvious failure. Well, that’s the generous interpretation – the other one is that everything was planned theatrics, and they really just wanted to jab every man, woman and child with that new mRNA stuff, and track them with all kinds of devices. Which will be useful later on.

    Modern technology is good for some things, but it also tends to make us crazy. How else to explain vaccination mania and the whole transgender stuff, if not for modern technology making us insane.

    The Amish might lead a harsh lifestyle that is not suitable for all, but, at least, they are not crazy.

    • Replies: @RogerL
  56. “If you collapse right after the needle’s pulled out, you’re dead from Covid, sucka, and not the “vaccine,” and that’s no Jewish lawyer jabbering, but your government.”

    You idiot. Our government IS controlled, organized and dictated to by JEWS. Jewish lawyers ARE our disgusting, malignant, insane government. The JEWS are the problem. They are a criminal organization that has hijacked out entire country and is currently busting it out like the organized societal cancer that they are.

    The Jews stole the election. The Jews lie cheat and steal because that is their nature.

    • Replies: @Jeff
  57. Linh Dinh, draws the Worried Man

  58. RogerL says:

    Thanks for the interesting idea. I think Non-NPC likely to be misunderstood because every notch along the spectrum from far left to far right has a different definition of politically correct.

    So I think I need to keep looking for a label for the political zone I’m in.

    • Replies: @Tony_0pmoc
    , @Charlie
  59. @RogerL


    “So I think I need to keep looking for a label for the political zone I’m in.”

    Me too.

    Try CJ Hopkins Zone23,

    If you ain’t there yet you soon will be. He is not quite as good as George Carlin, but close. He writes the plays, before they happened. It’s supposed to be set in the future, but is happening now. Even I thought FFS this is getting ridiculous

  60. Jiminy says:

    When my boys wanted a black kitten that the teacher was giving away, the problem of naming him came up. I was all for calling him “darkie” but seeing that we had aboriginal neighbours, the boys thought that wasn’t such a smart move. They said that me standing in the front yard calling out “darkie” was just asking for trouble.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  61. Charlie says:

    If NPC refers to a Non-Playing Character, then a Non-NPC would simply be a Playing Character, someone that interacts intelligently within their environment. No need to drag in any ideology, either left or right.

  62. @Rabbitnexus

    With a maximum tax rate of 90% like what this country used to have, when it was more civilized.

  63. @IreneAthena

    The needle that was inserted, then immediately the gene therapy was injected, WITHOUT the necessary aspiration to ensure that the needle has not entered a blood vessel. As I insisted on aspiration with my compulsory AZ shot, not wishing to be barred from employ, entertainment, travel and restaurants, the nurse and doctor both agreed that it was strange that aspiration was being deliberately avoided, in almost all coverage of injection centres.

    • Replies: @IreneAthena
  64. @Jiminy

    Call him ‘Blackfella’. That’s OK. Cuz.

  65. MGB says:
    @Greg S.

    I don’t know what Hedges’ problem is, as I don’t follow him that closely. He has had a good take on the need to be able to communicate and reconcile with people you wouldn’t necessarily agree with, many having much more nuanced moral lives than given credit for, those who you might reflexively label ‘racist’ for example. Goodman has been a grifter from the start as far as I can tell. All in all, though, yes, this is a defining moment, sorting out those who cherish liberty from the fakers. I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating, in my neck of the woods at least it’s the upper middle class professional mothers and AARP crowd who are the worst of the petty dictators. Chomsky. Jeezus, what a fucking ghoul. Good riddance.

  66. IreneAthena says: • Website
    @mulga mumblebrain

    …then immediately the gene therapy was injected, WITHOUT the necessary aspiration to ensure that the needle has not entered a blood vessel…

    Yes, and omission of the aspiration before the payload is delivered is just one more way that statistical analysis of the adverse effects of these mRNA injections is being obscured. In addition to claims that some syringes contain only harmless saline, while some contain experimental serum, there is, without the pre-injection aspiration check, a situation where some folks will get an intramuscular injection, and other folks will get the serum shot directly into the bloodstream, where it can do far more harm– or anyway, as far as clotting goes, far more immediate harm.

    Mulga Mumblebrain, the news about the medical tyranny in the Southern Hemisphere is shocking. I’m sure you’ve done research, but just to help out others who haven’t, I want to point the way to organizations that help mRNA-injected persons to detox.

    I don’t want to provide a direct link (so as to make it easier for spammers to abuse) but James Corbett frequently refers folks to flesh-and-blood organizations one can contact to take positive tyranny-resistant actions (in the “Solutions Watch” watch series on his website Cor bett Re port dot com)

    Such actions (involving the unjabbed and the unwillingly jabbed) also include development of mRNA-free blood bank and networks for producing/bartering without cash or vax passports, etc. God Bless you.

  67. With mass death near, it’s evil to mislabel the Covid jab as a vaccine. By definition, a vaccine is supposed to protect you from a disease, not increase your chance of getting it, plus just about everything else, since your immunity’s wrecked by such a death jab.

    Is the author’s definition correct? To get well away from the current situation, I went to Google Books and located a 1915 medical dictionary. Under “vaccination” I was surprised to find it referred to only one disease – Smallpox. I’d quite forgotten that the common vaccines of 2021 were still dreams back then. (Vaccination for Rabies must have still been so uncommon in 1915 it wasn’t worth mentioning)

    Anyhow, here is what I found about pre-Jenner Variolation. If you got the treatment, you’d be violently ill for a good while with at least a 2% chance of dying. Preachers raved at you and your doctor for thwarting God’s Will to kill as he pleased. And the result wasn’t 100% immunity. From the wiki:

    In some cases however, natural smallpox or variolation failed to protect from a second attack.


    The collateral smallpox cases spread by variolated subjects shortly after variolation began to outweigh the benefits of the procedure.

    The vaccine which protected a particular citizen could represent a danger to others. Sound familiar?

    The cowpox work-around was lots safer. As the wiki says, there was a big “but”:


    Dryvax was a freeze-dried live-virus smallpox vaccine prepared from calf lymph and used for smallpox ***eradication efforts.[15] The vaccine was effective, providing successful immunogenicity in about 95% of vaccinated persons. Dryvax has serious adverse side-effects in about 1% to 2% of cases.[16]

    From the assorted wikis:


    One dose of vaccine prevents 95% of moderate disease and 100% of severe disease.[9] Two doses of vaccine are more effective than one.[9]


    (Shingrix) vaccine efficacy of more than 90% against shingles across all age groups…


    One dose is about 93% effective while two doses of the vaccine are about 97% effective at preventing measles.


    Pneumococcal polysaccharide vaccine (PPV, Pneumovax is one brand) gives at least 85% protection in those under 55 years of age for five years or longer.


    (Salk) When the IPV (injection) is used, 90% or more of individuals develop protective antibodies to all three serotypes of polio virus after two doses of inactivated polio vaccine (IPV), and at least 99% are immune to polio virus following three doses.

    (Sabin) One dose of OPV produces immunity to all three poliovirus serotypes in roughly 50% of recipients.[19] Three doses of live-attenuated OPV produce protective antibodies to all three poliovirus types in more than 95% of recipients.

    Unfortunately the weakened ‘live’ virus vaccine sometimes came back to full strength and paralyzed the patient and spread Polio to others. So current Polio vaccines are “dead” Salk types.

    Notice that none of these are “forever” vaccinations.

    “Covid vaccines” were introduced into Vietnam in March of 2021. With only 35 Covid deaths by then, Vietnam was lauded worldwide as perhaps the most successful at fighting the pandemic.

    Unfortunately the author now veers into the post hoc fallacy. (post hoc, ergo propter hoc,” which translates as “after this, therefore because of this)

    Like everyone else in the world, the Vietnamese would have been sick and tired of all the restrictions. It’s my bet they made a group decision to kiss off all the precautions, and most likely teenagers started the ball rolling. Anyhow, Vietnam is listed as having 98 million people, and while 22,000 dead citizens is a very bad thing, it compares well with the US state of New Jersey (pop. 8.8 million) and the 26,000 dead there.

    • Replies: @Dumbo
  68. Hey Linh, how do you come up with all those Jewish names in every position of power, cash and authority. With all that insider information you sound like a bona fide closet Zionamese? Which leads me to ask, is there any position of power in this country that has remained free of Zionist infiltration?

  69. Dumbo says:
    @Zachary Smith

    Like everyone else in the world, the Vietnamese would have been sick and tired of all the restrictions. It’s my bet they made a group decision to kiss off all the precautions, and most likely teenagers started the ball rolling.

    So you counter Linh’s assertion with… mere speculation about what you think happened.

    Hint: the “precautions” and the “restrictions” do ZERO to “contain Covid”. It’s all more linkely closed to seasonality.

    But I do agree with your criticism of the “change in definitions of vaccine” thing.

    Vaccines were always hit-and-miss. And many vaccines caused more harm than good.

    What’s new about these vaccines is not that they don’t work very well (no vaccine ever did), but that they work in a novel way, using your own cells to produce toxins, and as such, open a door to a lot more negative stuff to come.

  70. RogerL says:

    This is a great point:

    I need to be more consistent using an alternative to “vaccine resistant” in sense #2. “Members of the long-term control group for the mRNA experimental therapy” is a bit cumbersome, but puts the members of that group back on the OFFENSIVE, where we belong.

    I think it would work okay to shorten it to:
    “The control group for the RNA experimental therapy”
    This is long, but doesn’t feel as cumbersome to me.

    I’ve been using “experimental RNA inoculation” to refer to the jab. For general discourse I think “RNA” works just as well as “mRNA”, and is less likely to put people off with sounding too technical.

    We need to become more effective in reaching the masses.

    I can’t watch or listen to recordings, and its really discouraging that the Corbett Report doesn’t provide transcripts of its programs. There are many reasons why the lack of text info is shutting out many people.

    Do you know of any text alternatives to the Corbett Report?

    • Replies: @IreneAthena
  71. RogerL says:

    Thanks for saying what the Amish were right about – I can’t watch or listen to recordings, so I was really wondering what they were right about.

    Currently my life is leaning towards the Amish way. I’m finally sorting out my food tolerance issues, and haven’t had the flu for several years now.

    I cook all my food from scratch, and while its plain, I use high quality ingredients.

    No concentrated sugar, just fresh and dried fruit. No hot spices, refined oils, fragrance, nicotine, caffeine, or alcohol. Especially none of the food additives found in industrial food. No burnt food or food cooked over natural gas. No natural gas combustion products in my home. Due to allergies, no candles – just electric lights.

    No drugs of any kind, not even aspirin – all I take is a multi-vitamin. I also work to get some exercise and enough rest.

    I pretty much stopped driving and taking the bus, so I have much less exposure to vehicle exhaust than I did in the past.

    This kind of diet and life goes a long ways to encouraging the immune system to do its best.

  72. RogerL says:

    I laughed and laughed. Me! Normal?

    I think maybe I spent too much time with the deranged right, the deranged left, and corporate zombies. Then I lost track of the difference between usual and normal. It doesn’t help that I’m not sure if I ever had a usual OR normal kind of job.

    In these times normal is actually pretty unusual, and is often pathologized by many people. I grew up in a toxic environment that thought it was normal. Then I threw out the baby with the bathwater, and went to a variety of extremes. Now I’m starting to see the difference between toxic pseudo normal, and the real deal normal.

    Here is a tentative description of the political zone I’m in:
    I’m a pragmatic independent working on stewardship of our society.

    The important points conveyed by this statement are: I’m goal oriented and I’m not interested in ideology, which is 100% true.

    In an environment dominated by ideological culture wars, and hypocrites posturing their values, but never acting on them, I’m often the odd person out. That description is pretty neutral, and isn’t likely to trigger the people obsessed with the culture wars. So it leaves an opening for discussion and finding common ground.

    Our whole future depends on getting better at finding common ground and mobilizing masses of people. I keep asking myself: Do you want to be a disposable globalist serf, or do you want to find common ground and work with people who have objectionable beliefs and irritating habits?

    Does anybody have any suggestions for improving this description of the political zone I’m in?

    Some probably feel this is an obsessive amount of effort on terminology.

    A key part of the propaganda the billionaires use is framing that uses words to conceptually frame everything to their advantage. For instance, am I an extremest, or normal? Looking at my behavior thru the framing of the billionaires puts me in the extremist zone.

    The framing in the statement “I’m a pragmatic independent working on stewardship of our society” centers me in normal.

    KeltCindy, thanks so much for your input – it facilitated the start of this whole line of reasoning.

    On top of that, you are an amazing role model for succinctness.

    I’m still thinking about the implications of the mercifully part in “Mercifully NORMAL”.

    • Thanks: Polemos
    • Replies: @KeltCindy
  73. IreneAthena says: • Website

    I understand how frustrating that must be. There are “Show Notes” after each audio/video. A few of those notes link to other audio/video sources, but quite a few link to printed articles and source documents. Click any of the “Continue Reading” links here, and that will bring you to the “SHOW NOTES” for each Solutions Watch episode.

    His material is also often picked up by sites like and, and those sites appear to have quite a lot of printed material by researchers of like mind.

    (Corbett does publish an almost-weekly newsletter on his website, but everything after the first few paragraphs is only available to subscribers. Minimum subscription is $1 a month.).

    “The control group for the RNA experimental therapy”

    I like it!

  74. ricpic says:

    If the earth can no longer sustain us how come India, India of all places, went from being a food importing to a food exporting nation in the past two decades?

    The answer is that “the earth cannot sustain us” is pure hokum.

  75. @ricpic

    Significant amounts of food were leaving Ireland during the Famine years. In 1847 alone, the worst year of the Famine, almost 4,000 vessels carried food from Ireland to the major ports of Britain, that is, Bristol, Glasgow, Liverpool and London. Over half of these ships went to Liverpool, the main port both for emigration and for cargo. Shipping returns for all of these vessels and full details of their cargoes have survived, although they have been little used (similar records for Ireland have not survived). Food was also exported to smaller ports such as Preston and Runcorn, although their records were not kept systematically. A search amongst the surviving port records throws new light on the question of food exports during the Famine. It also provides an insight into the nature of the Irish economy in the 1840s.

    This site has Holocaust Deniers, Covid Deniers, and Global Warming Deniers.
    Maybe it’s time to introduce a new breed – Ireland Potato Famine Deniers.

    Exports of food from Ireland increased during the time of the so-called Famine. This is proof positive no Famine existed. Just the lies of a bunch of bleeding heart liberal types who hate Capitalism.

    Hey, what about Deniers of Slavery-Was-Bad. The savages from Africa got free transportation to Exceptional America where they were given minor chores to teach them about work ethics. Free housing. Free Food. Even taught about Jesus at no charge at all. Yet the damned bleeding heart liberal types who hate Capitalism boldly lie about this wonderful practice. They tear down statues of the great Confederates, even those of the superhero Robert Edward Lee.

    Don’t know what the world is coming to. Now if the Greatest American President could be reinstated, and his marvelous and beautiful children were allowed to follow in his footsteps when this all-American Hero goes to live in the greatest Mansion ever built in Heaven, all would be well. Forever and Ever.

    • Replies: @ricpic
    , @CRT
  76. ricpic says:
    @Zachary Smith

    A lot of verbiage which does not address my point. But thanks anyway…I guess.

    P.S. Robert E. Lee’s sterling character will forever be beyond your grasp.

    • Replies: @IreneAthena
  77. CRT says:
    @Zachary Smith

    Slavery was:
    A. Supporting local African-owned businesses
    B. Respecting local African customs
    C. Going on in Africa for thousands of years before white folk moved from hunter/gatherer to farmer
    D. Something white folk tried for a couple hundred years then said This is not cool. and stopped it
    E. Prevalent today in several African countries

    • Agree: IreneAthena
  78. IreneAthena says: • Website

    Zachary Smith, like the eponymous 60’s tee-vee character who insinuated himself into the Lost in Space mission, ends up throwing the whole thing off course, and then complains constantly!
    “Oh the pain, the pain, the agony, the pain!”

  79. IreneAthena says: • Website

    OK Zachary Smith, no hard feelings about #80 I hope. There may be other topics on which we agree, but the barrage of Whiteness = Systemic Racism messages in higher education down to pre-schools, in industry, in government is getting tiresome.

  80. IreneAthena says: • Website

    Zach, here it is: Not all deniers are liars,
    but some deniers are liars with their pants on fire!

    Lie: “Gain-of-function research? The NIH never funded Gain-of-Function research!”
    Pants on Fire: Desperate attempts to hide the evidence:

    NIH Silently Removes “Gain of Function” from Website After Report Confirms Directors Fauci and Collins Lied to Congress About Funding the Research in China

    Archived: Gain-of-Function Research Involving Potential Pandemic Pathogens

  81. Jeff says:
    @Fisk Ellington Rutledge IV

    I’m just going to assume that you’re new here. Better to read up first, then speak after you’re up to speed.

  82. @TheBoom


    The latest photos at Linh Dinh’s website are from Windhoek, capital of Namibia.

  83. @Dumbo

    Disgusting and frightening.

    That family should make arrangements to leave their country forever as soon as they can afford it. Their supposed “countrymen” view them with contempt as garbage to be bullied and controlled and threatened and excluded.

    Like me with the USA, they should realize that their country is no longer “theirs” and is neither respectful of their liberty nor safe.

    Just as anyone who can at all afford to leave California, New York, Chicago, DC, and any other locked-down, surveilled, forced-injection, forced-face-diaper jurisdictions, should be preparing to leave.

    Perhaps “just as freedom-lovers should be preparing a fall-back option to leave the USA entirely.”

  84. KeltCindy says:

    I apologize for the incredibly delayed response!

    Did you ever come up with a good term for the political camp we’re in? I say “we” because it would seem we fall into the same zone politically. I would venture that we’re radicals. Radicals in the sense we like to get to the ROOT of matters, as pragmatists…

    I’d love to hear if you came up with a good term….!

    • Replies: @RogerL
  85. RogerL says:

    I’d rather hear from you late, than not at all.

    I hope you feel the same about me. I wrote a draft of the message below on Aug 22, got distracted by personal crises, and then forgot about it. I’m very sorry about that.

    This is also really embarrassing – usually I’m obsessively conscientious.

    I think I got to the point where working on the answer was a bit overwhelming, and blanked out a bit on it because my mind had to give it a rest for a while.

    I’m in the midst of another cycle of working, to not only answer your question about a label, but sorting out Who am I, really? After that I will need to find useful words to describe it.

    It will be a bit before I’ve enough clarity, and have put that to words, to respond to your question.

    So I’m going to stall. I think we do share a lot of common ground, so I’m wondering what are your thoughts about these questions.

    Its easy for me to see root issues, and to see simple stuff that can be done about the issue by ordinary people. So I’m really wondering why so few people even mention root issues, let alone write about dealing with them?
    – Am I more gifted than I realize, and most people truly can’t see or even find the root issues?
    – Are they self-censoring to protect their privileged positions in society?
    – Generally its okay to complain about the general crimes of the US government. Are people being actively persecuted and canceled for writing about solutions that have a good chance of being successful, instead of just stirring the status quo pot like the culture wars do?
    – Are they lazy and its just too much work to come up with effective solutions?
    – Are most pundits false-flag authors who are paid to help maintain the status quo?
    If you have any thoughts about this, please share them.

    I’ve been think a lot about root issues. Here is a recent post I wrote on that:

    I was in a bit of a panic that I couldn’t remember where my notes were on thinking about a label. Then I found a bit more than a page of notes on the question, which I wrote 2 weeks ago, so I’m in fair shape to start working again on your question.

    • Thanks: KeltCindy
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