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Kom Binnen En Leer
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Coming to Cape Town, I was a bit concerned I wouldn’t be able to walk around much. A Captonian had warned me I would be taking my life into my own hands, although he prayed to God he was wrong.

You can’t experience any place without walking around, however, for it’s the only way to see, sniff and feel it, at a human pace, without barriers. A borderless body among others, you must be continually exposed to the landscape.

If I could meander through Gary, Jackson and Camden, the last countless times, surely I can duck, weave and bob my way through Cape Town?

Soon enough, I found out this was no war zone. As one born into a war, I should be able to recognize soldier thickened streets, weary MPs, dismal amputees, abject refugees, child beggars, sad, garish whores, sullen tanks, screaming jets, thump-thump-thumping helicopters at any time, artillery thuds, blindfolded captives on trucks, sandbags and barbed wires.

Granted, I’ve seen more razor wires in Cape Town than anywhere else. They top walls, wrap around pipes and entangle tree trunks. Still, Cape Town is far from a city at war.

Let’s not get hysterical like this squawking gentleman, “Is it wonderful you have all kinds of different things to eat, but you are living in a war zone, with the existential threat of white annihilation ever imminent?” Sounds like Jews with their looping Holocaust wailing, except Talmudists get lots of political and economic benefits from their horror porn.

An Angry White Pussy on Twitter, “South Africa is great; the trope that black men just want to rape white females is just a myth; you guys are just racist. Oh, fuck off Linh Dinh.” To characterize Cape Town as heavenly and hellish is hardly to call South Africa, a vast country nearly twice the size of Texas, great, and since I’ve said nothing about black men raping white women, why is he conjuring up black penises? It must be terrible to be haunted by such a trope!

One day, I walked five miles down Voortrekker Road, from Belleville to Goodwood. On another trip up that way, I had had a fantastic Ethiopian meal at Out of Africa, so this time, I was looking forward to another pleasant surprise.

(Out of Africa didn’t even have a menu in English, or Afrikaans, for that matter, so I told the lady to just give me whatever. Such a lovely crew, those four smiling women. When I started to sweat from my food’s spiciness, one brought me a whole roll of paper towel. Dropping in for lunch, a man just sat at my table. Spongy bread united us.)

Fleeing English rule, Boers trekked inland. Boer in Dutch means peasant or farmer. Peasant has a condescending connotation which farmer doesn’t, so you have, for example, Vietnamese peasants, but American farmers. Since the English boorish is derived from boer, you can deduce what the Brits thought of these farmers of mostly Dutch heritage.

During the Boer War, 26,000 Boer women and children died, from diseases or starvation, in British concentration camps. Brits, though, saw themselves as morally superior for they had stopped Boers from owning African or Asian slaves, the latter brought from the Malay Archipelago.

On Voortrekker, there are squarish stores with broad frontages flaunting huge letters, a frontier look not unusual in hypothetically urban Cape Town. There are churches offering prophetic healings, deliverances, empowerment services or, simply, miracles, with these not dispensed by no effete, dress-wearing priests, but robust, bombastic bishops, apostles, prophets and prophetesses, all but the last overly equipped with stallion-sized tropes to terrify the pale hearted.

Passing a neon-lit eatery with an A-frame sign outside, a pool table in the middle and a small window to the kitchen at the back, I almost walked in. Finally, though, I ran into one that was goofily perfect, Chelsea Malewa in Goodwood. I vaguely associated its name with the London squad, now atop the Premiership, and I also liked the huge thumbs-up painted on its wall. Starving, I strolled in.

The smell that greeted me, however, was that of fish, both fried and raw, and wet garbage or a clogged sink of dirty dishes. Most sane people would have run out, but I didn’t want to offend its owner/cook, a slim, unsmiling copper-colored woman with dark rimmed eyes, in a black and indigo headscarf, black blouse and indigo apron. Seeing such careful color coordination, I was hoping her food would also be well-tuned. Sucking it up, I ordered rice with chicken and spinach, but nothing to drink, for this place was so lame, it didn’t have any.

It was truly brutal, bra. I’d rather starve for three days than go through that again. My spinach was cold, my rice lukewarm and my chicken preposterously tough, with everything absolutely flavorless. It was like eating leftover that had been sitting on the counter for two or three days. For this privilege, possibly the worst meal I’ve ever had, I paid \$3.51.

Again, to not offend the strangely grim woman, I gave the appearance of eating voraciously, though all I was trying to do was finishing my meal as quickly as possible, so I could get the hell out of there.

Free at last, I thought of that old joke about a guy who walks into a bar and orders one shot after another, all different kinds. After his 10th, the bartender says, “Take it easy, buddy. What’s the occasion?”

“It’s my first blow job.”


“Thanks, but it’s impossible to get that taste out of my mouth.”

Although my experience at Chelsea Malewa was lamentable, it certainly added to my understanding of Cape Town. Like its wealth gap or neighborhoods, there is a vast range here, as wide as anywhere.


Visiting a city, many people try to dine at its best restaurants, but this leads to a rather false impression, for most locals don’t go to those places. Ninety nine percent of Philadelphians, for example, have never been inside Le Bec Fin, its most celebrated restaurant, and most have never even eaten at Pat’s or Geno’s.

They get their cheesesteak in their neighborhood, maybe from a Chinese, Korean or Puerto Rican guy even.

In Phnom Penh, I sampled a burger with fries from a Cambodian chain. In Cairo, I ordered Egyptian pizza. In Beirut, I enjoyed the best cheesesteak at Roadster Diner, for its bread, steak and cheese were superior to anything I ever tasted in Philly. In Reykjavík, I survived mostly on its fantastic hot dogs, for they were about the only food I could afford. I also tried its fermented shark. Rancid and with the texture of hard rubber, hákarl instantly reduced me to the lowest level of being possible. Paralyzed by self-pity, I felt like a terribly misunderstood protozoon. Still, I wouldn’t mind nibbling it again.

In 2007, Conde Nast Traveler asked a bunch of writers to recommend some travel writing, so I mentioned Evelyn Waugh, Gontran de Poncins, V.S. Naipaul and Paul Theroux, with these caveats, “The only flaw with Naipaul is the fact that he does not drink alcohol, which curtails his access to many social situations. You get to know the locals best by drinking with them, I believe, and by eating what they eat. In that sense, Theroux is also flawed, by simply being a vegetarian.” You can’t quite relate to people if you reject their food or drinks, no?

Bitchy or whiny aspersions are unjustly splattered upon my blameless name, person and reputation by those who expectoratingly accuse me of being, more or less, a ghetto food critic, for I can’t stop ejaculating over fried chicken or chicken fried steak, etc.

To refute these inequitable assholes, please join me as we walk, or rather, glide, into the elegant Swan Café in Zonnebloem, just off downtown. Immediately, we’re greeted by a warm “bon jour!” for this is a French joint, specializing in galettes.

Will you try the Sud-Af, with its streaky bacon, roasted baby tomatoes and mushrooms, plus Emmental and Gruberg cheeses, aged just right, just like your over-the-hill lover? Coy and booby, a sunny-side-up free-range egg peeks from the galette’s square opening. At just 100 rands [\$6.81], it’s not much costlier than an American fast-food breakfast.

The setting is soothingly civilized. Culture matters. On one wall is a nice spin-off of Da Vinci’s Leda and the Swan, with a tiny depiction of Saint George slaying the man-eating dragon in a corner. As one god, Zeus, rapes a woman, a holy man kills a different beast.

On another wall, there’s a quotation of Gérôme’s Leda and the Swan, with just the swan, swimming infants and flying angels. The naked Leda has been deleted.

Of this theme, Boucher’s of 1740 is the most obscene, Cezanne’s the ugliest (but then, everything he did was ugly) and Dali’s the least erotic. No surprise there. The guy recoiled from coitus, so got off from voyeurism and masturbation. Twombly’s is the most brutal.

The music, too, is not garbage. No, that’s not Édith Piaf, but Juliette Gréco, and now we hear Julie London’s “Fly Me To The Moon.” Look up to see the lamps, boor! Large bulbs housed in bird cages, they evoke Magritte, non?

Like I said, my articles and photos of South Africa have gotten nothing but positive responses from its residents, and I’ve made several local friends.

One morning, a Captonian sent me two photos taken from his apartment. Although they showed snow capped mountains and the sea (in the distant), he explained that his was only a modest neighborhood, “I mean, c’mon, you think white people want to leave these kinds of very affordable and accessible views for another western country where such views are impossibly expensive?”

He added, “If whites were being murdered [in pricey neighborhoods such as Camps Bay or Sea Point] in a concerted sort of way, and for racial reasons, they would have abandoned those places long ago.”

At lunch, I texted my friend, “I’m at Kloof Street House [a magnificent yet cozy Victorian mansion tastefully preserved]. Massive white genocide here! They’re dropping left and right from overeating some of the best food anywhere. They’re also being massacred by the black jazz!!! Cannonball Adderley! The name itself is evil.”

He replied with four laughing emojis, “No doubt. Carnage everywhere.”

Unlike most Cape Town restaurants, Kloof Street House employs white waitresses. On this day, there were three gorgeous young women. When I told one that many Americans think South Africa is going up in flames, she cracked up.

“This is one of the most beautiful cities I’ve seen, and I’ve been everywhere.”

“And it will get even better,” she smiled, “now that the weather is getting warmer.”

I should point out that at places like Kloof Street House and Swan Café, there are black patrons. There is certainly a rising black middle class here, so South Africa has gotten much better for them.

Plus, South Africa’s still a democracy, with distinct parties vying for votes in fair elections, unlike the USA. There is no dictator here, much less a clownishly brainless one.

Of any color, we can walk around freely, and enter any public space to eat or order a drink, so that’s exactly what I’m going to do.

Getting there, I will encounter all these beautiful people.

Linh Dinh’s latest book is Postcards from the End of America. He maintains a regularly updated photo blog.

• Category: Culture/Society • Tags: South Africa 
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  1. Philip says:

    Good article. A minor quibble – It is “Kom binne en leer” in Afrikaans. No third n.

    • Disagree: but an humble craftsman
  2. LD’s descriptions of his daily experiences are interesting. But it would be a mistake to base one’s thinking about important issues on them. His view is very circumscribed – which is fine – but he continually hints that his own meanderings illustrate larger conclusions. Which are entirely unjustified..

    • Replies: @SafeNow
  3. Anonymous[132] • Disclaimer says:

    Again, to not offend the strangely grim woman, I gave the appearance of eating voraciously

    What a pussy.

    • LOL: Fred777
  4. Cowboy says:

    all but the last overly equipped with stallion-sized tropes to terrify the pale hearted.

    Ha. Good one.

  5. SafeNow says:
    @john cronk

    LD will sometimes be influenced by a point of view. But I think sometimes a travel writer will be impressionistic, like a historical novelist, and take some fact-based but personal liberties. Or like a screenwriter, whose movie posts a warning “Inspired by actual events.” I can give an example from Paul Theroux’s book in which he walks around the UK. He encounters a man sitting up in a tree. Was there actually such an encounter? I don’t know. Maybe it was fictitious, and represented the typical English trait of tolerated, unabashed eccentricity. It is a telling anecdote that makes its point, and makes for engaging reading.

  6. Mr. Dihn, you are wrong in believing South Africa will thrive, or even survive. You are right in thinking that the US will not survive, and should not. Either way, I read you because you are an interesting and unique light. I would point out that apparently even your critics read you, explain that. I am not a critic. I read you because it is more interesting to read you than it is to hear myself think at that moment.

  7. ruralguy says:

    Normalcy tends to lull you into dangerous situations. Everything is normal, until it isn’t. I’ve walked into a bank robbery and a store robbery. Everything thing seemed normal until a cop drew drew a gun on me (store robbery where the cop mistook me for the robber) and in the bank robbery when one of a pair of robbers pointed a sawed-off shotgun to my head, as I walked through a door. He told me to lay down or I would be dead. While living in a foreign country, I was told by locals not to go out at night. I did, repeatedly, because it seemed safe. Then, one night a gang approached me. In an instant, my situation went from normal to dire. I recognized one of the gang members as someone that I shared food and beer with in the town square. He saw me, then diverted the gang. The next day, he said I was lucky he was there. In another incident, I saw a pedestrian, an older man, get hit by a car, then bled to death in the intersection, while everyone (about 30 people) stood around to watch him die. No one called the police or an ambulance. He knelt down, bleeding horribly, with no help (I didn’t know how to stop it), until he died and keeled over. Foreign lands are not like America. There is usually no police you can call, no ambulances to help you, and no one who will assist you. In foreign countries, things are normal, until they are not.

    • Agree: TKK, sulu, JimB
    • Thanks: Weaver
    • Replies: @Beb
    , @TKK
    , @jeff stryker
  8. Get a grip, LD. It’s just food.
    Stops you falling over when you’ve done too much work.
    Hakarl or haggis. All same-same. Taste of no consequence.
    Eat … live.

    Do you ever think about anything else but your no-doubt impressive belly?
    It’s quite weird, to us northern-northern Yoorpeons.

    • Agree: Irish Savant
    • Replies: @Herr K
    , @Rev. Spooner
    , @TKK
    , @Dumbo
  9. ricpic says:

    I’m kind of shocked that Theroux is a vegetarian. He’s up there in age now but throughout his life he did physically taxing things, like kayaking in the Pacific. And of course all that rough traveling. I thought vegetarians had an energy problem because……no meat.

    • Replies: @Ed Case
    , @Rev. Spooner
  10. It appears that your last columns, especially this one, are attempting to make the point that Capetown is a nice place to live.

    Ok. You made your point. There are nice parts of Sough Africa. But there are many violent, savage black-on-white crimes being committed in South Africa. So, what’s your point? (I’m sure there are many more violent savage black-on-black crimes,too).

    You seem to be obsessed with a few (2? 8? 10?) commenters who are bugging the shit out of you by saying that NOWHERE in South Africa are there relatively crime-free areas. As if they would know, without being there or having lived there.

    Why do you care about the ignorant, Linh?

    Here we read almost daily about horrendous violent crimes in South Africa, but in no way would that lead me to think or believe that you can’t sip a latte in peace in Capetown.

    In short, what are you going on about, mate? You are staying in a nice part of South Africa at this moment. It’s not difficult. Enjoy.

    • Replies: @Rogue
  11. Biff says:

    A fine piece – and great photos!

    Looks much more dynamic than what you’d find in Rockford Ill.

  12. TKK says:

    I saw a bad situation in Siam Reap, Cambodia where an American was speeding around on a motorcycle (not a moped).

    The previous day, my driver Sam told me that his idea seemed like it was saving him money- but it was a dangerous idea. I felt like a big wimp, riding on the back of my great driver’s moped, but stuck with him because he was knowledgeable, safe and reliable. He had ninja reflexes on his moped. He also deeply appreciated the paid work.

    We come up on this American guy and he had an accident. He hit another car and a moped. Gone were the smiling faces. He was circled and shouted at by the injured parties and the bystanders for money.

    The Cambodian cops did show up. These are serious men. The American was standing there, bleeding and speechless, and I last saw him being lead away by the Cambodian cops.

    A pull to help a fellow American rose up, but Sam told me we should leave the area right now. Another white face America would be pulled into the fray!

    Here is what Sam said that fully supports your point, and I have never forgotten the conversation.

    Me: Sam. Everyone is nice. But I feel like I am seeing the fake version of Cambodia and that it is actually very dangerous here. I don’t know why. But it is a strong feeling in my stomach.

    Sam: TKK, if you don’t know….. believe that Cambodia is very dangerous, you should leave immediate

  13. I’m now hungry for something good, perhaps spicy, washed down by a cold beer. Yum!

  14. Antiochus says:

    You are starting to lose me. I have been a loyal fan of yours ever since I discovered you on Unz. I know white, Evangelical Christians in Cape Town who report many of the same things you are saying… minus all the voyeuristic references to Leda and the Swan, masturbation, blow jobs and your fixation on “White Pussies” ostensibly because somebody offended your Vietnamese pride. Wake up and get real. You are a good writer with a keen eye and a way with words. But if you can’t rise above the Internet idiocy you are doomed.

    • Agree: Tjoe
    • Replies: @TKK
  15. nsa says:

    “….recommend some travel writing…..
    You left out the very best American travel writer, Harry A. Franck. In the early 1900s he travelled around the world on no money (A Vagabond Journey Around the World, 1910). He travelled the full length of the Andes (Vagabonding Down the Andes, 1917). He travelled around a defeated Germany, in many ways his best work (Vagabonding Through a Changing Germany, 1920). In all, he penned over 30 travelogues and they are all of interest. The original hardbacks with browning pages and lots of photos are available on Amazon and Ebay for reasonable prices.

    • Thanks: Badger Down
    • Replies: @utu
  16. Herr K says:
    @Expletive Deleted

    I also noted that the author seems only to care about food and eating, plus other forms of trivial behaviour of human animals. Creating the air of cultural superiority (since he is a tough guy, knows what really counts), by having actually no cultur at all.

    • Agree: Tjoe
    • Replies: @Irish Savant
  17. @Philip

    Binnen is a Dutch word, Afrikaans is a dutch dialect.

  18. Wow Mr. Ling Ding, you sound like the Asian Rod Dreher. Endlessly traveling among people’s poorer than yourself while they endlessly serve you at restaurant after restaurant. You probably think that you’re doing them a favor. And don’t try to fool us, I see the bars on all the windows, but hey, they are all there for aesthetics, right?

    To make things worse, I bet white women like those waitresses serving you would rather date any black local before you, no matter how much money you have. Same thing with African Americans in the US. Better luck next life.

    Happy eating!!!

    • Replies: @Myles
    , @anonymous
  19. Rogue says:

    It appears that your last columns, especially this one, are attempting to make the point that Capetown is a nice place to live

    I live in Cape Town. There are very nice places to live here – and quite a few crappy places also.

    For the most part, this is racially defined, but far from exclusive. I live in a quite nice neighborhood that is also quite racially mixed. But it’s pretty much middle class so that’s why.

    Cape Town before black majority rule was mostly Coloured (mixed race and not to be confused with American notions of “colored”), then white and black in that order of numbers. Today it is Coloured, black, white – in that order. Blacks are NOT indigenous to this part of the country, and I consider myself, a white South African, to have more right to live here than black Africans. I certainly have no problems with the coloureds. Actually, I’m quite tolerant of the blacks as well, as long as they don’t get into spouting their bullshit victim politics.

    As well, and I don’t know if Linh has picked up on this, but the locals here (white and probably Coloured) tend to prefer the foreign blacks (other parts of Africa and there are LOTS of them here) to the local blacks.

    • Thanks: restless94110
    • Replies: @jeppo
    , @anon
  20. Schuetze says:

    Another race baiting, dogs breakfast travel blog entry from thin skinned Dihn. He has turned himself into the Don Rickles of Unz Review: No whit, no humor, just the same old boring insults to his masochistic audience, who eat it all up, like a dog eating breakfast.

    • Agree: Tjoe, Maddaugh
    • Troll: follyofwar
    • Replies: @Truth
  21. Linh,
    As much as I have always liked and enjoyed your work, you’ve started to crack and let a few comments here turn you into a semi-lunatic, almost talmudic raving person.
    I remember one of your pieces from Lebanon where you said you were glad to be able to identify as a Vietnamese rather than an Ametican so as not to catch the hatred that would be undoubtedly aimed at you.
    Do you expose yourself at all to the mainstream controlled media and the constant drumbeat of anti- White hatred? Is it any wonder some Whites are cracking to the point of near mental breakdown? Vast majority of us just trying to get by in life and on every TV channel, every newspaper, we’re constantly told how evil, oppressive, and privileged we are.
    Which is all fine– wouldn’t the answer then be leave us all alone in our counties? No, we still have 30,000 Haitians and millions of mestizos pouring across to come here or the UK or France or Germany to come here and ” be oppressed.” Are you shocked some are cracking up? It’s an invasion and attempted genocide where we will be punished by our leaders for any type of attempt to fight back. We can have our bank accounts frozen and be barred from domestic flights for having the wrong opinions.
    My father did 2 tours in Vietnam starting with Operation Starlite in August in 1965. He has always said his biggest regret in life was not staying there until the end to die there, because for all the corruption of the regime in the south, the avg south Vietnamese were the best and bravest men he ever knew.
    And boy did I and my siblings pay for his time there– even though he did fairly well in his professional career after, when an asshole would randomly set off a firework near the fourth of July and he’d get a flashback, forget where he was, and usually not until my mother broke something over his head would he let loose his grip on my or my brother’s neck.
    You keep it up with ” White pussies, white, etc, etc…” and naseem. You can identify as vietnamese and escape to a homogeneous ancestral land whenever you want. My family has been on this continent since 1603 and Brittany/Normandy would have no interest in taking us back.
    It’s a bit like you going to death row to find a wrongfully convicted man in the fetal position on the floor to put your boot into his stomach. We get enough shit from every MSM outlet. I always liked your work as an escape. Can’t you just lay off the ” I hate whitey” shit? Thanks.

    • Agree: Tjoe, Maddaugh
    • Replies: @GMC
    , @Ray Caruso
    , @Bugey libre
  22. Dumbo says:

    A nice and funny piece after two not so great. Well, perhaps Linh should really focus on a new career as ghetto food critic. I think there might be money in that.

    I get the point about mingling with local people through local drinks and food, and perhaps this is Linh’s best characteristic — this getting to meet and talk to the ‘natives’ at their level — but at the end of the day, I’m not so interested in what the writer has had for lunch or for breakfast, or if he’s a vegetarian or a paleo dieter, so it really is not that important for me (although sometimes it can be interesting if it’s an exotic food or place).

    But lots of people seems interested in that kind of thing, and Linh seems really obsessed with fast/cheap food, so I think the idea of being a ghetto food critic appears to be a winning combination, at least on the surface.

    Visiting a city, many people try to dine at its best restaurants, but this leads to a rather false impression, for most locals don’t go to those places.

    Actually, most locals don’t go to restaurants. They eat at home. Something I’m not sure Linh ever does, because of his circumstances. I know I only go to restaurants when I’m travelling (although, I used to go a bit more before – perhaps the “corona” stuff has changed things a lot, too).

    P.S. Is it Sandra Bullock and Morgan Freeman in that picture? What movie is that?

    • Agree: Maddaugh
    • Replies: @willem1
    , @Colin Wright
  23. Ed Case says:

    Public Vegetarians are like Public Intellectuals in that they both tell a lot of lies.

    • Replies: @Badger Down
  24. I’m going to comment again because this is driving me insane ” angry White pussy” in South Africa? What, exactly, would you have them do? I was engaged to and almost a beautiful Boer girl with an enchanting accent. Her mother had been raped and murdered in the plaas morde. In all my time there, I didn’t know of one family– English or Boer– who had not been impacted in some way.
    Pick a random south African– even literally the most successful on earth– Elon musk’s father allegedly had to shoot dead two would be South African black murders. For the avg White, do you understand not only the fear they have of the blacks but of a justice system in the hands of 75 IQ.
    You can call Boers a lot of things– clannish, arrogant, haughty, disconnected– but I never knew any who were cowardly.

    • Agree: Irish Savant
    • Replies: @Rogue
  25. lee says:

    TKK said:

    We come up on this American guy and he had an accident. He hit another car and a moped. Gone were the smiling faces. He was circled and shouted at by the injured parties and the bystanders for money.

    Saw something like this in the PI once .A female tourist who had been country just a few days hired a trike to take her somewhere. The driver drove faster and faster until she begged him to slowdown—he was scaring the shit out of her. Around a bend they went and slammed into a oncoming jeepney.The driver was killed instantly and somehow she was thrown clear. As she was trying to get herself together,the jeepney driver was standing over her screaming at her wanting money to fix his ride.

  26. Weaver says:
    @james wilson

    It’s pleasant to read about foreign polities but annoying to hear how a polity’s trajectory doesn’t matter. SA isn’t only a threat to whites stuck in slums or to Boer farmers; long term, it has major problems.

    If Linh wishes to believe otherwise, it really doesn’t change the future. So, I don’t mind.

    • Replies: @Rogue
  27. Wielgus says:

    The meal in itself was not bad, but I once went to an “Italian” restaurant in eastern Paris (I suspect the people running it were not Italians) and ordered a pizza and a carafe of red wine. I found a dead cockroach in the red wine. The waiter said it must have fallen into the wine from the rafters overhead, although making a direct hit on the wine must have been lucky. I am sure it died in bliss. I was brought another carafe of red wine.

    • Replies: @Dumbo
  28. Dumbo says:

    The meal in itself was not bad, but I once went to an “Italian” restaurant in eastern Paris (I suspect the people running it were not Italians)

    Most “Italian” restaurants outside of Italy (and I guess some in Italy, too) are Italian in name only – the owners and staff are Albanian, Mexicans, Koreans, Romanians, whatever. And the food is “Italian” only in a very stereotypical way – i.e., pizza and pasta.

    That said, while I’ve been to plenty bad “Italian” restaurants, one of my worst dining experiences was at a Chinese restaurant, in Canada.

    The owners were really Chinese (or they could be Korean or Vietnamese, who knows). The place was dirty, smelly, the food was awful and and the waiting staff, rude.

    I don’t think there were cockroaches in the wine, but that’s probably because they crush any they find and put them in the “fried rice with chicken” to increase the flavour.

    But the place was full of students, because it was cheap and open until late.

    • Replies: @Druid
    , @Wielgus
  29. Rogue says:
    @but an humble craftsman

    Actually, Afrikaans is far closer to Flemish than Dutch.

    • Agree: Druid
    • Replies: @OilcanFloyd
    , @Bill Jones
  30. Rogue says:

    In fairness to Linh, he’s only traveling and talking about Cape Town. Cape Town is not an example of the whole of South Africa.

    There are very dangerous places in Cape Town as well – indeed, it has always had a very high gang and murder rate – but these are generally confined to certain areas.

    • Replies: @Zoom-copter221
  31. Rogue says:


    For example, the current black South African government has plans afoot to remove “self defense” as a justification for owning a firearm.

    This in a country with one of the highest murder rates in the world – and possibly the highest rate of rape in the world.

    Plus, if one takes into account the fact that the police have unquestionably become way less effective than what they were under white rule, and other government measures in the pipeline to seize property (any property, not just land) without financial compensation, the current trajectory is not looking too rosy for the future.

    There is a small but growing movement in Cape Town for political independence. It’s a nice idea, but won’t happen for all kinds of reasons – and even if it did the “new” state would be flooded by half of Sub-Saharan Africa in very short order.

    • Replies: @Weaver
  32. ariadna says:

    I enjoyed your writings, Mr Dinh, before you turned into a ham actor, the type that focuses on his audience, specifically the hecklers in it, instead of delivering his lines entirely in character.
    You now seem to write for them, or rather at them, which is tedious for the rest of your audience.
    Even your display of culture, or at least familiarity with the Western culture, now seems forced, a string of name dropping. I would very much prefer that you stuck to your story and did not address your critics at all but limited yourself to answering—and only in the comments section— to answering genuine questions and requests for additional details. Get rid of that chip in your shoulder and get on with it.

    • Replies: @Anon
  33. Philip says:
    @but an humble craftsman

    That is my point. In Afrikaans – the dialect or language spoken in South Africa it is not binnen, but binne. Cape Town is in South Africa, not the Netherlands……..

  34. Because whites are so despised, I wonder how many minorities spit in their food before delivering it.

    Buying and cooking my own food is superior to nearly every restaurant I have ever eaten in and I rarely spit in it before I serve it to myself

    • Agree: Arthur MacBride
    • Replies: @Anon
    , @Irish Savant
  35. Emslander says:

    Peasant has a condescending connotation which farmer doesn’t, so you have, for example, Vietnamese peasants, but American farmers.

    Too much truth there to unravel easily. I was never comfortable calling anyone in my family a farmer. Even in the fifties in America, a “farmer” meant having the latest machinery and hardly getting one’s hands dirty. It’s only recently that I fully became conscious that my grandfather was a peasant. That term involves the whole life of a family. Those men were truly independent, free human beings, free from social pressure, hunger, hatred for neighbor and economic enslavement.

    If I were a writer, I’d write a book about the American peasantry I knew and am proud to say have descended from.

    Welcome back, Linh Dinh.

    • Replies: @JMcG
  36. @Rogue

    The entire situation in ZA is just tragic beyond expression. One comes across these girls addicted to drugs and working as prostitutes who would otherwise have sone sort of meaningful life and gainful employment but for BEE.
    And like everything else, one turns over a rock in order to see what vile creatures have really rotted out that nation and one immediately finds Jews like Joe Slovo, Helen Zille, Oppenheimer, etc. Same with Rhodesia and Jews like Nicholas Hoogstraten. And naturally, the minute blacks were allowed to take over, the Jews all left for greener pastures.
    Additionally, as someone who follows ZA news closely, I am completely certain that terms like “White privilege, White minority capital” along with the destruction of monuments (I e., “x must fall, White math is racist, decolinize education, etc..) all came to ZA by way of China as a test run before they sprung this all the West.
    And of course the Jews are in on it. What’s the number one foreign language studied in Israel these days? Mandarin.

    Should anyone doubt me, go to “way back machine” and look at news sites sites from ZA like news24 circa 2012 or so and you can track all this “X must fall, decolonize education, et …” it all began in south Africa almost every all the same time.
    The one comfort I take in all of this is to wait eagerly for the blacks to get the full impact of Chinese colonial Africa and how they will rue the day they kicked out Whitey for their new Chinese overlords.

    • Agree: Druid
    • Replies: @Dumbo
  37. @Rogue

    Actually, Afrikaans is far closer to Flemish than Dutch.

    How far apart are Flemish and Dutch? I can recognize quite a few words in Afrikaans from German. Boer is just a small jump from Bauer.

    • Replies: @Rogue
  38. Anon[346] • Disclaimer says:

    Thin Skin Linh LOL. The author lacks maturity in that the least criticism or heckling is upsetting. It seems to me he somehow rates himself above all other men and women. Folks may heckle heads of state but Linh, oh no, we must censure our speech and genuflect. Every little thing triggers him, every misplaced word is a micro aggression.

    Commenters who are not discussing the article, but are only indulging in ad hominem attacks, will not be tolerated.

    Note the above. Ron should NEVER allow this on his site. As a contributor you either take your blows or get your own site. This wont happen with this guy as he would censure everyone and only his Gook mother would read his tripe. Its either free speech or not. There should never be “its free speech but only if I agree with your comments”

    In the end Thin Skin will do the way of Karlin, his blogs are repetitive and boring. Who really cares about his wanderings whereever and consumption of this and that. Who really needs any more information from this fool. All we need to know can be gleaned directly from the internet. Besides white pussies and Russian pussies we now have a 16 year old Gook pussy.

    • Agree: GeneralRipper
    • Replies: @ariadna
    , @Curle
  39. Anon[346] • Disclaimer says:
    @Mick Jagger gathers no mosque

    Well some travellers like you know who love Blacks spitting in their food before delivering it.

    Asians are also despised, more and more in Africa so what looks like a side order of yellow and green vegetarian dip might well be a hawked up gob from some Bantu waiter recovering from TB.

    Needless to say, there are people who travel all over the world to sample such a delicacy. Then they write about it, then they declare how delicious it is. Then photograph it . Who can explain it !!

    Everyone has their own opinions as to what gourmet means and it is not for us to critique a man’s palate or visits to dubious restaurants.

  40. Truth says:


    Shut up, you Hockey Puck!

  41. @Anonymous

    Obviously, Linh must have been the only one dining. When one enters a restaurant only to find it empty, it’s best to just walk away before being seated.

    But, it’s nice to be reminded that the whole of South Africa isn’t going up in flames – at least not yet. Can’t say the same for the USA, ruled by a senile idiot who fashions himself to be dictator. Take the damn shot – or else!

    • Agree: Getaclue
    • Replies: @Hacienda
  42. I remember the story of some Irish actress (I think it was Victoria Smurfit) who assured us, during the course of a short visit, that SA was a perfectly normal safe country. A couple of days later when driving a bullet shot through the windscreen between her and the driver. Dangerous to generalise.

  43. Addendum–
    Linh, have you ever seen the film “Munich?” In particular the scene where the Mossad agents and the Palestinians end up in the same safe house and the leader of the Palestinian group says to the head Mossad Jew: ” You European reds think we care about your international revolution, but we don’t really care. We want a home. Home is everything.”
    You come from a nation that is, by most metrics, thriving with an increasing population, For Europeans and European Americans, we are facing a war of extermination on all fronts, and deep down this causes a level of angst that non- Europeans cannot imagine.
    Do you know what it felt like to lose Notre Dame? To be part of the generation that could not protect a treasure that had survived nunerous revolutions, Jacobin terror, two world wars including the German ” Paris guns,” etc…
    NO racial minority can ever feel that angst, in the same way I could never feel a cultural loss of something in Vietnam you may have lost. You need to lose the chip on your shoulder and just accept that reality. I like and admire many aspects of… Japanese culture, but I accept that I will never be Japanese.

    Your contributions here were so much better and more interesting before you began the whole ” fuck Whitey” thing a few months ago. The stark fact is that we are under attack from every sector and we can’t all just go somewhere to be around our own kind in the way you can escape to Vietnam at any time. It’s very bizarre and immature from someone whose writing madecmevthink he was inherently mature.

    • Agree: R2b
    • Replies: @woody weaver
  44. @Herr K

    I agree, way too much emphasis on food in his otherwise excellent writing.

  45. @Mick Jagger gathers no mosque

    Ask the ‘Revund’ Jesse Jackson about spitting in the food of White customers.

  46. Tom67 says:

    Always greatly enjoy your postcards. About SA and Cape Town part of the problem you have with your readers is that Cape Town is very different than the rest of the country. Most people´s mother tongue isn´t English but Afrikaans. The latter is a Dutch derived creole language. It is spoken by the Boers and the Coloureds. The Coloured are a mixture of Boers, Africans and Asians and they are culturally quite similar to the Boers. The province is the only one not ruled by the ANC and the only one with a half way functioning civil service. It was also the only major province where there were no riots. The majority of people in Cape Town would prefer to leave SA yesterday if that was possible. So that might explain the strikingly different views people have. You´s reporting from Cape Town and your detractors are talking about Gauteng, Joburg and Durban

  47. @ruralguy

    The problem with USA hicks & rubes who live in farmhouses 5 miles apart is that their only concept of life outside the Wal Marts & Opoid rehab centers is what they see on television.

    In actuality the police are always around in other countries.

    For example whereas in your corner of the planet Mary Olen Long simply complains & cries as her son gets worse into meth addiction & goes from beating her up to stealing her jewelry in the Philippines the police (EJK) actually blow meth addicts away.

    And I lived in Philippines & guess what…it works. You shoot 20,000 addicts dead & the rest quit out of fear & your crime rate plummets 400% because the low IQ who get into meth lose their entire frontal cortex of their brain.

    The police are heavily present in Dubai. You have Cholo gangs in your nearest city. Dubai has no drug-dealing street gangs. No crime.

  48. Thanks for an interesting entry, Linh. As others mention, though, it isn’t about just food or firing back at your detractors. Be your own man whatever.

    Posting a weekend concert for Unzers (btw I have an old military belt buckle inscribed “Gott Mit Uns” …) with the wonderful Anne-Sophie Mutter and friends playing Vivaldi’s Quattro Stagioni and an encore of Bach.

    It might be a thought in the current controversy ref Linh Dinh/”White Pussies” as to why we (some of us anyway, maybe many) have abandoned our rich patrimony of this incomparable music, not to mention other aspects like Literature, visual Art, Archtecture, in favour of hip-swivelling Jewish Elvis Presley, Mickey Mouse and similar American trash, perverted filth, no brain Hymiewood “films” about car chases and explosions. Dumbed down Disneyworld …

    In Tokyo, I heard this music piped in many public places. You may see this reflected in musicians in this/similar performances. Chinese orchestra’s perform this music.


    • Replies: @Palinurus
  49. It’s still good to read you here. I’m the old white guy who was in Cu Chi in 68. I grew up on the Navajo reservation at a residential school run by christians in the middle of the reservation near Sweetwater, Arizona so was always on the periphery of empire…For a while all white people looked the same to me—-an old Navajo man, Yellowhair, lived in a back room next to our two bedroom basement apartment and shared the back bathroom. I was told he was on the Navajo’s “Long Walk” and was 104 years old. The Long Walk happened after Kit Carson came through in the 1860’s or so.He didn’t speak any English. I was 11 or 12 and it was my job to kill these big thick bull snakes which would find their way into his room since it was dark and cool. They absolutely terrified him. Being 11 or 12, I wasn’t as as appreciative of his fear and disgust as I am now.
    I really enjoy your writing and poking fun at what I consider to be empire. Keep up the good work.

    • Thanks: profnasty
    • Replies: @Anonymous
  50. If you look and ponder beneath the surface and the obvious, you sense a personal crisis in Lin Dinh. Perhaps it is his marriage, his estrangement, his lack of meaningful belonging, or avoidance of admitting that he is increasingly lazy and slothful, both intellectually and spiritually. His commentaries (that’s all that they are), are similar to impressions gathered from a moving train window and intermission at a train station eatery.

    He is only an INTERESTING writer, not great or exceptional. If he was, he would propound solutions, alternatives, and corrective action. He would also look for the less obvious and two dimensional. In summary, he is getting tedious, trite, and repetitious, increasingly less serious. A panning camera, that does not zoom in for detail, irony, and analysis. “Breezy”, shallow, and disappointedly lacking real depth toward the forces of cause.

    • Disagree: Emslander
    • Replies: @Anon
  51. Myles says:

    Very odd comments Notan, rather insulting and and needlessly stupid. You could have contributed something insightful or even better nothing at all.

  52. jeppo says:

    “Cape Town before black majority rule was mostly Coloured (mixed race and not to be confused with American notions of “colored”), then white and black in that order of numbers. Today it is Coloured, black, white – in that order.”

    At the 2011 census Cape Town was,

    42.4% Coloured
    38.6% Black
    15.7% White

    So by now Blacks have almost certainly passed Coloureds and are a plurality of the population, quickly on their way to majority status. The Bantu invasion of Cape Town has been going on since even before apartheid ended and shows no sign of slowing down, and the racial and cultural changes have been massive.

    But it’s worse than that because the Black migrants are overwhelmingly Xhosas from the Eastern Cape, where there’s a seemingly inexhaustible supply of them. So Cape Town is not being conquered by random Blacks, but by a cohesive ethnic group with its own language and culture.

    The Xhosa language has probably supplanted Afrikaans as the most widely-spoken in Cape Town, and even if it hasn’t yet it soon will. These are the language numbers for the city in 2011:

    35.9% Afrikaans
    29.8 Xhosa
    28.4 English

    So Cape Town is undergoing its biggest demographic transformation since Jan van Riebeeck landed in 1652, and not for the better. It’s becoming more like the rest of SA, and by extension the rest of Africa, and less uniquely its own thing. A Coloured, Afrikaans-speaking majority is being replaced by a Black, Xhosa-speaking one, and as the demographics change so will the politics as the DA-run city council will inevitably be replaced by an ANC-dominated one.

    The only way to stop the mass migration from the Eastern Cape would be independence for the Western Cape. There are municipal elections coming up on November 1, and the separatist Cape Party has a very good chance of winning seats on the Cape Town city council. If there’s any electoral support for Cape independence among the White and Coloured communities, which I hope there is, we’ll find out about it then.

    I also hope that Linh Dinh is in Cape Town on Nov. 1 and the aftermath to report on said elections. There might also be interesting results in KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng in the wake of all the organized looting there, but whether or not there there is separatist support in the Western Cape is the big question.

    • Agree: Rogue
  53. JMcG says:

    Farmers own their land, peasants do not. That’s always been the distinction in my mind. Probably because I’m American.

  54. Boy1988 says:
    @jeff stryker

    Never been to the usa but crime sure is high in predominantly black and hispanic neighborhood.however compared to the rest of SEA nations the Philippines is a crime infested country with kidnap for ransom gangs cum pirates prowling the southern region,carjackers, crazy meth addicts committing violent acts etc.speaking of shooting drug addicts it’s a pretty common thing in Indonesia also especially when they are trying to escape law enforcement.most of the time the addicts will survive the ordeal since the police will only shoot at their legs although some fatalities are reported after bullet went through their thigh severing the main vein.but don’t you think those kind of procedure will only create a culture of impunity among cops like in your country? At least American cops don’t take bribe as easily as Filipino or Indonesian cops

    • Replies: @profnasty
  55. Getaclue says:
    @jeff stryker

    Don’t believe everything you read in the Mainslime Media about “hicks & rubes” living in rural areas maybe? Not like the Leftist Tribals who own, run, and “journalize” those things (NYSlimes et al) wouldn’t exactly tell the whole truth now is it? You don’t believe there are just as many if not more drugged out losers in big Leftist run cities? Chicago, San Fran, Baltimore? Many in those “rural areas” are very well prepared for what is coming (few other areas have that type of preparation going in the USA) — I would wager way better than you are maybe?….

    • Replies: @GeneralRipper
  56. What is going on in the parks, in day time and during the night? You know the White trash camps.

    And how about visiting the countryside? You must do one of more of those field trips. Meet some White farmers at a church service first. And ask if they will drive you around some to see their homes and fields, and neighbors whose places were raided and they were murdered. End at a cemetery when they speak of their ancestors.

    Then visit a Zulu village. etc. Have fun, and a body guard.

    • Agree: RadicalCenter
  57. Billy Ash says:

    I really liked Linh’s earlier travel blogs. His problem is that he has been reading Unz and the Unz comments aimed at his blogs.
    This has slanted his current blogs to our detriment. My suggestion would be to never read the comments or Unz’s other articles until a year later.
    It should be obvious to anyone that a large country like South Africa has many problems that are not ever visible with a 5 mile walk through Cape Town.

  58. Fred777 says:

    Hi Linh, some anonymous internet guy called you a pussy. You think he has figured out the irony yet?

  59. Hacienda says:

    Obviously, Linh must have been the only one dining. When one enters a restaurant only to find it empty, it’s best to just walk away before being seated.

    All restaurants have windows. Why walk in at all? Look before you leap.

    Barbershops are the opposite. When one has many customers, it’s a sure sign you are about to deal with a 30min+ haircut and a barber that wields scissors like its a flower pruner.

    I walked into a barbershop with a lone black, silent woman barber. There were four white, Mexican customers ahead of me. I politely sat down and watch her hands that seem like they were moving in slow motion. I got up and left. No fealty to the global South when it exploits the clock.

  60. GMC says:

    There were a bunch of us like your father that moved to Alaska after the war , we had it mentally and physically good up there and some hated the Vietnamese still and some of us like them and saw the USA USA BS. When I went back 49 yrs later , there were more Vietnamese that understood us Nam Vets { I believe} and they certainly seemed to feel no hatred towards me – at least. It’s probably hard to explain this , but I think Linh knows all about this inner fight that we and maybe – He – has had to deal with after Nam. When he travels , he will have a whole lot of different ” rushes” as he writes, like a lot of us that travel around – he just knows how to write about those feelings. Some will understand , some won’t and some of us will – Wait for the next fuckin destination – LOL Here’s to your Dad !!!

  61. utu says:

    I am trying to locate the book about traveling Germany on bicycle before or right after WWI but can’t remember author or title. Anybody knows?

    • Replies: @anon anon
  62. @Rogue

    Aren’t the Flems merely Dutch Belgians?

    • Replies: @Rogue
  63. @jeff stryker

    >their only concept of life outside the Wal Marts & Opoid rehab centers is what they see on television.

    Perhaps, and who do you think was the primary cause of America’s opioid epidemic? Why, the the good people of Perdue Pharma, also known as the very Jewish Sackler family. The Sackler Jews now spend part of their blood money paying to put their name on the libraries of prestigious unis in the UK and the US.

    And the very same scumbags taking down statues of anyone who may have accidentally tripped over a black 300:years ago have no compunctions about having the names of these Jewish mass murders on their libraries.

  64. Weaver says:

    Wow, I didn’t know about the proposed non-land property seizure, but it doesn’t surprise me.

    Linh assumes black South Africa is akin to southeast Asia, but it is not. He’s thinking Chinese / Malays = whites / blacks.

    Linh doesn’t understand politics. He thinks Jews aren’t in charge in the US, and he thinks the US doesn’t influence what happens in South Africa. If South Africa were fully left to its own, the whites there might be able to defend themselves. But in reality, they’re up against the US government, among others.

    While they could have endured, could have preserved apartheid or made a secession attempt; they didn’t. Syria has managed, Iran, North Korea. But South Africans didn’t, for whatever reason. Both the Communists and the US were against them though. So, two super powers, to some degree, against them.

    • Replies: @Rogue
  65. @Getaclue

    Hey — tell us more about the good eats Linh?

    Reminds me of Anthony Bourdain who would bash flyover country whites or Swedish cuisine, but heap praise on Africans digging dung beetles out of rhino shit for a snack. It gets old.

    • LOL: Escher
    • Replies: @Druid
  66. While I’m not a regular reader of him, I will miss Fling Dung’s travelogues 😁

  67. Nice! quote”There is certainly a rising black middle class here, so South Africa has gotten much better for them. ” All because Whites created,built,maintained SA. SA exists only because of Whites. And the blacks that wished to leave their stoneage existence behind and APPRECIATE what Whites brought deserve every bit of it. As long as they don’t bite the hand that feeds you,er,them. Of course as long as you have the WHITE majority in these areas you patronize,everything will be orderly and have law and order and civility. But all those Whites that feed country and parts of the world,are the ones being slaughtered and told that they will have their lands taken from them and given to lazy,uneducated in the ways of farming, blacks. Same thing in the the former country of Rhodesia ( now a sheithole called Zimbabwe) precisely because the same thing that blacks are trying to do to Whites in SA,breed them out and or kill them and take what they built and maintained for everyone. Rhodesia was known as the breadbasket of Africa. They fed themselves and everyone. Until blacks were put in charge. Then boom. They started killing all the people that were the ones growing and feeding everyone. WHITES> Of course what do rich well off Whites know about anything when they have their barbed wired fenced off properties. All this security must be to keep the Amish out. Anyway I enjoy reading you Mr Gunga Dinh. P.S. Notice that the past few years blacks in Zimbabwe have begged…BEGGED…Whites to come back and have given back their farms because they were STARVING. Rich Whites need to STFU and take down all their security and then see what happens.

    • Thanks: RadicalCenter
  68. Dumbo says:

    One comes across these girls addicted to drugs and working as prostitutes who would otherwise have sone sort of meaningful life and gainful employment but for BEE.

    Actually, that’s not just in South Africa. Linh’s previous home, Philadelphia, seems like that too now. Too sad for words.

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @Zoom-copter221
  69. macilrae says:

    Again, to not offend the strangely grim woman, I gave the appearance of eating voraciously

    I have a maxim “Always be polite to people who bring you food – at least until the very last course”.

    My son told me one of his cronies worked in a famous Mexican chain and, when they got bored, they’d just piss in the salsa – so even the polite clients got to partake of it (probably including me until I found out).

    Numerous youtubes tell of the extra care taken in the preparation of food for offensive clients.

  70. The difference between perception and reality is immense. Friends continually asked how I could live in such a dangerous place as Saigon during the war. They didn’t believe my answer that Washington, D.C. was worse. They questioned how I could travel to Nicaragua and talk to Sandinistas. Now it is Ukraine. How can I stand living in the shadow of an evil, aggressive Russia?

    How to explain it? Here there is no Bill Gates chasing me with a needle, nor a government willing to catch and hold me for the jab. Nobody to vilify me when I notice that God created different peoples and sexes to be different.

    Ukrainian friends advised me not to go to the Troeschena neighborhood. Why not? Kyiv does not even have minorities. I made a point of going there. Buying a half liter of vodka I found more friends than I could count.

    I count my blessings. This place is better off without the red, white and blue frogs who would never dare to come here but are perfectly content to boil in the pot back home.

    • Agree: GMC
  71. @Expletive Deleted

    Expletive Deleted, Irish Savant and @Herr K. You all have to stop living in a stupor.
    Good food is a delight. It’s right there with great visual art, music, literature and perfume.

    • Agree: RadicalCenter
    • Replies: @Irish Savant
  72. some_loon says:

    Yes nothing but good times there — so happy Linh got a good meal, cracker jack reporting! — what else is going on other than that?….:

    Just a guess, and I may be way off here, I’m totally speculating, y’know, but maybe L.D. likes a meal more than a murder. And maybe he didn’t participate in any murders there (though I’m not judging if he did).

    With any reportage, I am interested in the correspondent’s observations, and not so much about his opinions.

    Did you just want him to rephrase the articles you linked to?

  73. @ricpic

    “Theroux is a vegetarian” gets more curious as Theroux in his book ‘In Sir Vidya’s Shadow’ complains that Naipaul was stingy and always wriggling to pay for his share of the dinner.

    • Replies: @Dumbo
    , @sb
  74. TKK says:

    I saw a Spectator cartoon that never left me, and I should follow it more.

    It is a bleary eyed man, with smoke coming out of his ears, pounding at the keyboard at 3AM, looking miserable, frazzled and depleted.

    His attractive wife floats in and says: Honey come to bed!

    And his says:

    I can’t. Someone is wrong on the Internet.

    • Agree: Colin Wright
    • LOL: some_loon
    • Replies: @Wielgus
  75. TKK says:
    @Expletive Deleted

    The bon vivant Anthony Bourdain, the chef cum writer cum tv presenter cum suicide victim said that if he had a bad cheeseburger, his whole day was ruined and he felt like dying.

    At first I thought he was a spoiled brat (he was for saying that ) but at times I understand it.

    We are animals. We used to spend most of our lives looking for food. Hunting and gathering. Preserving and Preparing. Indeed, it was the most important activity of our lives.

    That is why Linh’s obsequiousness over the horrid meal he was served is far more troubling to me than his search for the perfect bite, which I understand.

    That unsmiling dullard knew the food was bad. She served it anyway. Due to greed and general antipathy for anyone but herself . Gather up a million people like her and you have a failed society Dystopia.. Like trying to get a decent meal in Uganda. Read Paul Theroux account in Last Train to Zona Verde about being served chicken from a bucket with insects crawling on it – the only meal for miles.

    Food poisoning -if you have ever had a real case of it – is no joke. The last time I had it, at the Christmas Brunch at the Greenbrier Hotel in WV, I was VIOLENTLY HORRIFICALLY ILL to where an IV bag in the bathroom was needed. Death seemed likely.

    • Replies: @Boswald Bollocksworth
  76. Nice article Linh. I would just say, if I may, that you really don’t owe these jaggoffs who leave asinine comments a bit of thought in your articles.

    Like if I were your editor, I’d try to sell you on dropping this bit and similar: “An Angry White Pussy on Twitter, “South Africa is great; the trope..”. The reader whom you want to read and comment is burdened by reading this, we just want to hear about Capetown. Don’t give the cranks the satisfaction of acknowledgement, I’d say.

    Great stuff tho.

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  77. @TKK

    It’s so true. I can remember the truly great restaurant meals I’ve had, but they were substantially made great by the company and the epoch of life, at the time. However, I can also remember the very worst restaurant meals I’ve had, all quite unremarkable “want to grab a bite” moments otherwise. Bad food is of greater psychological magnitude than good food.

    • Thanks: TKK
  78. Dumbo says:
    @Expletive Deleted

    It’s quite weird, to us northern-northern Yoorpeons.

    Well, while I partly agree, that’s also partly explainable because Northern European food (British, Scandinavian, even a lot of German stuff, though not all) is usually not that great. Try Mediterranean cuisine: French, Italian, Spanish. Then perhaps you’ll understand a bit more.

    • Replies: @Expletive Deleted
  79. Dumbo says:
    @Rev. Spooner

    that Naipaul was stingy and always wriggling to pay for his share of the dinner.

    I haven’t read much of him, but Naipaul seems to be a bit of an asshole in general.

    I remember having read his short text about Argentina, and he didn’t find a single nice thing to say about the country; mostly, I think, he got it all wrong. He comes out as an arrogant snob. But I hear his other books about India, etc, are better.

    Theroux also seems to be a bit annoying in person, but perhaps less.

    • Replies: @haha
  80. profnasty says:

    US cops don’t take bribe?
    They make \$150,000/yr.
    THAT IS a bribe.
    Predators for yuda.

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  81. Anon[800] • Disclaimer says:

    During the Boer War, 26,000 Boer women and children died, from diseases or starvation, in British concentration camps. Brits, though, saw themselves as morally superior for they had stopped Boers from owning African or Asian slaves,

    Slavery was abolished in South Africa in the early part of the 19th century.

    The Boer War wasn’t fought to end slavery or liberate anyone.

    Rather, the Boer War was fought (if you can call starving women and children to death as fighting) so that (((De Beers and the Oppenheimers))) could steal the gold and diamonds of South Africa.

    It was the first case (of many) of Perfidious going to war on behalf of their ((master)) in the 20th century, so that International Jewish supremacy would steal other nation’s and people’s land and resources, while instituting the relentless campaign of white genocide that continues to this day.

    As the 20th century began, Perfidious invented concentration (in this case, actual death) camps in order to crush the will of the South African Boer by starving his families slowly and cruelly, so that he’d give up his country (and the diamonds of course) to Perfidious on behalf of International Jewish bankers, merchants and genocidal thieves.

    This set the tone for the rest of the 20th century, as Perfidious set its sights on Germany, and then Palestine, and always on behalf of its ((master)).

    Today South Africa (and the doomed non-elite citizens of the UK) have been tossed onto the pyres of ((Moloch’s)) insane genocidal hate, with of course the cooperation of the British pedophile aristocracy, and the rest of the Zionised Western world.

    I only wish it was Bruce Springsteen and ‘Sting’ that were getting the ‘Bunga-Bunga’ treatment (rather than the women of South Africa) by the legions of orcs that will one day, (once the U.S. and Europe are completely woke), wipe out the white citizens with the same zeal the Haitians resolved their racial troubles, following their black revolution’s success.

    The ones that died immediately afterwards, were the lucky ones.

    Just a note for the record, because of the mistaken implication that ((Perfidious)) was in any way ‘the good guy’.

    They weren’t, as usual.

    • Replies: @Wild Bill
  82. ariadna says:

    “only his Gook mother would read his tripe”
    Gratuitous and useless as a critique.

  83. Rogue says:

    How far apart are Flemish and Dutch?

    Well, I’m no expert on either language but clearly Flemish is closer to Afrikaans than Dutch. A Flemish speaker and an Afrikaans speaker would be able to reasonably converse with each other more than if they were speaking Dutch and Afrikaans.

    Do bear in mind that Afrikaners are a mix primarily of Dutch, French Huguenot, and German, not just Dutch.

    • Replies: @Peter Akuleyev
  84. @Boswald Bollocksworth

    Linh is a superb engaging writer, a unique personality offering a unique perspective, based on a wealth of experience wandering places that most of us will never see.

    Now he just needs to go back to enjoying his craft and, well, stop being an asshole. He appears to be looking to take offense and lecture and insult us. He recently seems like a hypersensitive hypocrite who insults others and then can’t take it himself. His writing is also becoming more tiresome with the self-pity, the attacks on commenters, the unintelligent anger.

    He is also losing credibility with his facially absurd misrepresentation of what life is like in South Africa for whites under the constant threat of vicious violence as well as expropriation. He’s entitled to his own opinions, but not his own facts, as the old saying goes.

    No matter how many commenters are cranks, unnecessarily rude, whatever, Linh is just being a jerk. His columns are suffering from his being stuck in this rut, this foul mood looking for a fight. Been there and understand, but he’s got to snap out of it.

    Even worse, his growing hatred of white people, or of American whites, or most whites on Unz, whatever it is, is leading him to simply mislead people about SA.

    Linh, I love the cuisine and culture observations that you provide, as well as the SA perspective you provided. I don’t need to hear only my own opinions, But now let’s also see a column on whites tortured, murdered, still ongoing, in SA.

  85. Rogue says:
    @Bill Jones

    Aren’t the Flems merely Dutch Belgians?

    I think so, but I’m no expert.

    • Replies: @T_T
  86. willem1 says:

    You said: “Actually, most locals don’t go to restaurants.”

    Actually, in the city, many if not most locals DO go to restaurants, especially the cheaper ones where Linh seems to frequent.

  87. Anon[800] • Disclaimer says:

    wow, that is some video, and it plays out in many, many cities and towns all over the ZUS, and South Africa too:

    but please consider..!

    girl in Philadelphia

    what the f-k did these privileged racists expect when they decided to invade Iraq?!

    If they had never genocided the Amerindians, or invaded Mexico, or enslaved the blacks or gassed the Jews, then perhaps I’d have some sympathy for them.

    But just look at what these people did to Afghanistan and Syria and Libya!

    They destroyed those countries!

    And now they want people to feel sorry for them, after what they did?!

    Oh hell no!

    As long as those racists are going to go around dropping bombs on brown people, and killing innocent black men right and left, why should anyone have a sympathy for them?!!!

    • Replies: @Weaver
    , @Zoom-copter2221
  88. Rogue says:

    Both the Communists and the US were against them though.

    Yes, as I’ve said elsewhere on UR, white South Africa didn’t have a powerful ethnic lobby like Israel does.

    Therefore, we were quite expedient, as opposed to the smarmy toadying that both Dems and Repubs get into with regard to Israel.

    • Agree: Weaver
    • Replies: @Ray Caruso
  89. @profnasty

    Correct. They’re paid to do whatever they’re ordered to do to us — and I don’t see all that many willing to resist for the sake of our rights and dignity, the people who are paying them.

    “American Patriots” and “conservative” need to wake up and realize that cops are not our friends. Not even the cop whom you think you know as a neighbor, an acquaintance. They will mostly do whatever they are told to do to us, our children, and our property — or stand by idly, collecting their pay and benefits and pension, while we are threatened, humiliated, and attacked as in 2020.

  90. ruralguy says:
    @jeff stryker

    You jump too easily to wrong conclusions. I do live in a rural area now, but during my working career, I lived in big metro areas all around the U.S… I’ve visited 28 countries, mostly when I was younger. Most were poor.

    The police are not always around in other countries. My anecdotal experience in the countries is borne out by the high crime index in those countries. When I was in Columbia last year, which is high on the global-crime index, a shop owner told me they don’t rely on the police at all. When he and the shop owners around him catch a criminal, he said they deal with him themselves. Dubai UAE is the Middle East, like Egypt that I visited long ago. In Cairo, Luxor, and Aswan, there is very little police presence, but there were soldiers on every corner of a major street with machine guns. Even so, in a Taxi, I dared the driver to bypass a long line of traffic. The driver not only drove on the sidewalk, but drove on it at a high speed, narrowly missing pedestrians, who scattered. When I mentioned he almost killed someone, he just laughed. Traffic lights, lane markers, and all traffic rules are ignored. There is no enforcement of laws. But, Egypt is safe, much like Dubai, because their strong religion ensures that. The Philippines where you lived is relatively low on the global crime index, like much of Asia. Both have strong police and military presence. In desperately poor nations, you really are on your own. I seriously doubt much has changed since I visited those poor countries.

  91. unwoke says:

    “The only flaw with Naipaul is the fact that he does not drink alcohol, which curtails his access to many social situations. You get to know the locals best by drinking with them, I believe, and by eating what they eat. In that sense, Theroux is also flawed, by simply being a vegetarian.” You can’t quite relate to people if you reject their food or drinks, no?”

    No. Naipaul ‘s stellar strength is the fact that he does not drink alcohol & Theroux’s simply stronger being a vegetarian. Try it sometime: maybe that’s your own flaws. If you can’t relate to people (or Nature) without toxic alcohol or noxious meat, y’all got a problem.

  92. @Dumbo

    Christ that just crushes me. Esp when the girls are real blondes since they could almost be family members. My greatest regret in life is not marrying the Boer girl I was in love with. The accent on females is the most charming thing my ears have ever heard.
    I really wish I had the money to help all of them. The leaders of the West who were responsible for destroying that nation deserve to die. De clerk got some of what he deserved with kaffirs murdering his ex-wife. Those poor girls. You simply cannot put 75 IQ blacks in charge of a furst- world country.

  93. Palinurus says:
    @Arthur MacBride

    Thank you for this Arthur. What a wonderful counterpoint to the effluvium of Lin`s subject matter and proving a point into the bargain. Incomparable passion and professionalism. Give me white trash anytime.

    • Thanks: Arthur MacBride
  94. berkan says:

    Unreadable…reverting to resentful anti-whyte tripe.

  95. haha says:

    Naipaul is among the finest writers of the English language in recent decades but, unfortunately, the content and ideas are pure “asshole” stuff. He hates Islam and Muslims and devoted an entire book to mocking them (Among the Believers). He seemed to look at America and Americans through the eyes of a 1920’s English aristocrat, which is a tad strange for a Trinidad-born orthodox Hindu. Not one piece written by him shows any love or fondness for any race or country other than his own.

    A literary asshole, in short, but a master of the language no doubt.

  96. @Rogue

    Look at the doggies. As long as they get enough to eat and are not beaten, dogs are as happy in a homeless encampment as in a palatial mansion.

    • Disagree: Zoom-copter221
  97. GeneralRipper [AKA "The Griffins"] says:

    Jeff is a sophisticated, well-educated man of the world who left this awful place years ago. He’s living la dolce vita over in Dubai as we speak. There’s lots of guys just like Jeff on here.

    These guys are smart and successful, and they’re not RACIST, like you toothless gun obsessed “hicks from the sticks” who are fuckin yer sisters and livin in yer trailers.

    Only problem is, almost to a man they can’t stop yakking about the very people and place they escaped from years ago…lol

    I’ve come to the conclusion that it makes them feel good about themselves in some capacity.

    • Replies: @Automatic Slim
  98. Anon[346] • Disclaimer says:
    @Poupon Marx

    Allow me to summarize ! He writes bollocks that few are interested in. What with all the tripe about S/Africa, the fact is one can stay at an exclusive hotel right in Washington, exit the hotel, make a wrong turn, make another wrong turn and end up in Zulu Land.

    What is worse though is that this fellow loves to use offensive tags but crumbles when he gets a dose of his own medicine. Some weeks back he was again pilloried and wrote a long sad comment about never writing for UR because he was not being paid to take insults.

    The proof of the pudding is whether you are a real man or a woman. This is social media and no pun intended, if he cannot take the heat he should stay out of the kitchen.

    What is he doing back here ? He has nowhere else to go, the chap has probably been hoisted on his own petard everywhere else. UR is his last stop before total obscurity.

    If I could have one wish from my magic bottle it would be that he just disappear. It would be good for us and better for him. However, like a street dog, he keeps returning to his vomit.

    NB: I think your comment is the most inclusive and accurate description of this 3rd rate writer’s ability or rather lack of ability.

    • Agree: GeneralRipper
    • Replies: @Poupon Marx
  99. Dumbo says:

    Even worse, his growing hatred of white people, or of American whites, or most whites on Unz, whatever it is, is leading him to simply mislead people about SA.

    Well, it’s kinda like Alden and “men of UNZ”. She actually has some interesting comments now and then, but she really hates the “men of UNZ”. (I can say that here because she doesn’t read Linh, I think).

    Anyway, I think Linh is just being hypersensitive about comments, which can be extreme because people say things on the Internet in a way they wouldn’t say in real life. But it’s easier just to ignore it.

    • Replies: @GeneralRipper
  100. Skeptikal says:

    Paul Theroux is an unbearable, whining crank.

    He spoils every place he writes about.

    Perhaps it is explained by his being a vegetarian.

  101. Weaver says:

    Do you believe Obama or Kamala or Rubio is a white suprem?

    Iraq was an enemy of Israel. The US is majority nonwhite among the youngest. A racist polity imported a foreign people to replace it out of racism?

    • Replies: @Anon
  102. GeneralRipper [AKA "The Griffins"] says:

    She actually has some interesting comments now and then, but she really hates the “men of UNZ”. (I can say that here because she doesn’t read Linh, I think).


    So in other words: You game, but you’d rather not mix it up with that bitch, Alden.

  103. @Zoom-copter221

    The greatest enemies of white people are the enemies from within.

  104. ‘…You can’t experience any place without walking around, however, for it’s the only way to see, sniff and feel it, at a human pace, without barriers…’

    Some places you can experience enough to realize you don’t want to walk around.

    It was 1978, and a friend and I found ourselves driving through the ruins of what was once Detroit. We were looking down some vista uncovered by whatever intersection we’d entered. I’ve a distinct if impressionistic memory of well-endowed black girls literally dancing in the streets.

    Now, we were both acquainted with fairly mean milieus, but he commented, ‘I’ve never said this before, but I hope the car doesn’t break down.’

    Having decidedly been there, Linh, I don’t share your perverse attraction to the seamier sides of the New World Order. Not at all.

  105. ‘…Granted, I’ve seen more razor wires in Cape Town than anywhere else. They top walls, wrap around pipes and entangle tree trunks. Still, Cape Town is far from a city at war…’

    Oh for fuck’s sake. So if you can imagine a still worse hell, it’s all cool? Is that the argument?

    You can keep your Cape Town, you really can. I’ll take wondering what I can do to catch a thirty pound salmon and assuring my eighty-something neighbor that she really needn’t bother to fix the latest imperceptible scratch on her car.

    No news is good news — and no niggers is good niggers.

    • Agree: GeneralRipper
    • Replies: @Biff
  106. I didn’t want to offend its owner/cook, a slim, unsmiling copper-colored woman

    Life lesson: Skinny people can’t cook. Every good cook is at least slightly plump.

  107. ‘…for I can’t stop ejaculating over fried chicken or chicken fried steak, etc…’

    Don’t ever do that over my chicken fried steak — and I say that seriously.

    Crude language has a place — and a meaning. Stick to it. You’re not impressing anyone worth impressing.

  108. @Zoom-copter221

    I remember one of your pieces from Lebanon where you said you were glad to be able to identify as a Vietnamese rather than an Ametican [sic] so as not to catch the hatred that would be undoubtedly aimed at you.

    You’re conflating being American with being White. I’m White and proud of it, but I don’t identify as American even though, for the time being, I have a US passport. The US is ZOG. Being ZOG, it inevitably became the country of homosexualism, boy trannies, feminism, universal black sainthood, and all the other stinking garbage that defines the Jew World Order. Far from being synonymous with the White race, the US is the worst enemy of the White race. Every White who still works uphold US power is a race traitor.

    • Thanks: Irish Savant
    • Replies: @Weaver
    , @Zoom-copter221
    , @Truth
  109. Willem Von Doorn would be proud of you, Linh Dinh.

  110. @Ed Case

    Don’t swallow that dead animal!

  111. @Dumbo

    ‘…Actually, most locals don’t go to restaurants. They eat at home. Something I’m not sure Linh ever does, because of his circumstances. I know I only go to restaurants when I’m travelling (although, I used to go a bit more before – perhaps the “corona” stuff has changed things a lot, too)…’

    Indeed. I’m pretty sure habitues of restaurants — particularly cheap restaurants, such as Linh frequents — are hardly likely to be a representative sample of the local population.

    We, to take ourselves as a sample, eat at home roughly nine nights out of ten. When we do eat out, it’s to get food better than we can make ourselves. That pretty much implies the top fifth or so of the local eateries.

    If Linh came here, he would never meet us. That’s not good or bad — but it does imply he’s hardly meeting a cross-section of the local populace when he patronizes every dreadful dive he can find.

    • Replies: @New Dealer
  112. You are in a Table Mountain trance. It took the early Dutch settlers 90 years to snap out of it. Good luck.

  113. nsa says:
    @jeff stryker

    “… shoot 20,000 addicts dead…….”
    The still mostly white Pacific NW is saturated in hard street drugs and overdosing bedwetters. Each overdose death has a devastating effect on the relatives of the dead moron. British Columbia has 5 overdose deaths a day from their fentanyl / heroin epidemic. Would it not be more merciful to hang a couple hundred drug peddlers on meat hooks every year, saving ten times that many lives annually? Instead, BC, WA, and OR are moving in the opposite direction….decriminalizing street drugs. Have to feel sorry for parents trying to raise decent kids in the Pacific NW.

  114. So, just how did the Nordics become saner than the Anglos all of a sudden?

    • Replies: @Colin Wright
    , @Arno
  115. Anonymous[387] • Disclaimer says:
    @Brother Blue Iconoclast

    Hello, Brother Blue,
    Maybe you’ve read it, but in case you haven’t, Linh’s essay on Wolf Point is good. It’s what got me first interested in his writing. I’ve never been to Wolf Point but am pretty familiar with Lame Deer. Same diff, I guess.

    Interesting follow-up note (scroll through the photos to find it):

  116. kiwiklown says:

    Arthur MacBride @ 51 —

    Thanks for that Anne Sophie Mutter video.

    I attended one of her concerts in Singapore 20 years ago.

    • Replies: @Arthur MacBride
  117. Wild Bill says:

    “You are a hard mon captain.” – (Peter Mathiessen) but very clear sighted.

  118. Wild Bill says:

    Well Linh! I am just impressed all to hell and back. Not so much with your column (which was OK) but with the comments. I never imagined you had so many readers who related to you personally and took a deep personal interest in your writing and your circumstances of life. It seems a large number of them really care about you. I am jealous. If I was on fire, people passing by wouldn’t slow down to piss on me. You must be really doing something right. Congratulations!

  119. Weaver says:
    @Ray Caruso

    Where is different?

    • Replies: @Ray Caruso
  120. Weaver says:

    “X the boer; x the farmer. X the boer; x the farmer”

    “What is that you’re singing?

    “Oh, it’s just a traditional folk song we sing out of deepest love and respect for our Afrikaner brothers.”

  121. Biff says:
    @Colin Wright

    You can keep your Cape Town, you really can.

    I detect jealousy.

    • LOL: Colin Wright
  122. sally says:

    GetaClue <=There is something wrong here with your pictures.. its like going from Texas to Philadelphia..? in Texas they hang strangers because intelligent strangers compete with Texans. Pennsylvania welcomes strangers because strangers bring skills, talent and know how. It depends on where.. one is.. but more than that, it depends on the behaviors of one's ancestors toward the local natives and exactly how did the farmers come into ownership of the assets in colony and how did the land grant colonist treat the locals ?

    You want to stop the murders, foreclose the ownership of the land and assets ownership earned. Land grant armed colonist were able to convert every asset, every parcel of land and goldmine alike, into privately owned personal assets of the colonist or their financiers back home(the PICOs). The PICOs manipulated the home government to colonize the foreign land. PICO (private imperialistic global oligarch).

    But the lands and other asserts were public lands long before the colonist. arrived. Parade the colonial beneficiaries through the streets, whip their asses raw, over and over again, separate the members of their families, put them on a slave ship and send them to work on the moon for the rest of their lives.

    I still don't believe the pictures tell the whole story. No doubt revenge is harsh. But its not because these farmers are white, its because these farmers and their plantations were beneficiaries of the brutal colonial land grant period, Foreign Kings and queens, and foreign governments, used rule of law to create monopoly power that colonist used to steal from and to squeeze Africans out of benefiting from their own nation.

    Access to productive land and other resources in Africa were denied to Africans? The colonist used rule of law, which Africans were not accustomed to, to lay claim to the lands that had for centuries been tribal or open lands. In Africa in the days before the slavers, ownership was earned by using the land, and as soon as the user quit using land, the land no longer in use, became public property, open and available to the next user.

    The foreign colonist installed a nation state type of government in the colonies they colonized. It is a mistake to think the foreign government cared much about the type or form of government the colonist installed, it was enough that those supporting and profiting from the colonies were satisfied with whatever the colonist had installed. Why did the colonizing government not care about the form or type of government the colonist installed? Answer, because the idea of colonialism was to enrich the PICOs (Private Imperialist Global Oligarch) who owned the foreign colonizing government<=the PICO use governments as instruments of profit. Profits earned from the colonies were to be shared between investors; cheap labor (slave), massive mineral deposits, and favorable environmental conditions made attractive investment in far away colonies.

    The nation state system makes prisoners of the entire world. Every person in the world is born into and lives within the boundaries (walls) one of the 256 nation states(prisons); no one escapes the system! Nation states use words on founding documents (constitutions, articles, proclamations, etc.) to claim the exclusive right to to govern by use of force and rule of law.

    In colonials, the PICO often used rule of law, to generate from hot thin air, monopoly powers (deeds which prove private ownership of registered land) , copyrights (which prove private ownership in writing, software and art) and patents, (which prove private ownership of the means and methods to make objects created by invention from the human mind) . The colonist, backed by the foreign government, and its colonial nation state government, proceeded to privatize everything of value in the colony. Military, police and courts were established under the guise that the colonist had the right to establish and operate a government in the colonial?

    Nation state government operating in the colonized places, were used by the PICO to extract "ownership or to take control over" colonial assets, good farm lands, rich gold mines, rich silver minds, massive deposits of diamonds, an oil rich sub terrain deposits, <= all of value was transfered to colonist by rule of law, enforced by the armed might of the nation state.

    The same theft happened with gold mines and oil wells, as happened with land. Private ownership, made possible by rule of law, allowed foreign invaders to justify using police forces, courts, laws and government allow claims to be made in recording offices. These claims to private monopoly (private) ownership of gold and services endemic to the nation state were take from the colonized locals and often the colonized locals were enslaved to make more profitable the back home investment made by the wealthy PICO back home.

    These land grants made to colonist were useless with a government office to record the claims in. A grants of land is worthless it its ownership cannot be proved and enforced. . As the land grant owners came to Africa they used the rule of law and military action to quell prior native land users their use of their native lands. Private ownership steals (privatizes) land and other resources. Africa was raped, its cultures decimated, and its workers enslaved by the PICO control over the nation state system.

    I don't blame the African for taking revenge. If I were an African, i would not rest until every one of those beneficiaries of the colonization, were stripped of their ill found profits and enslaved to the moon for the rest of that lives. Payback for violating human rights is hell.

    Linh Dinh is likely not an heir to a grant of land in African made possible by a queen in England or France nor is he likely a beneficiary of the nation state used to steal Africa from Africans.

    No one forgets being enslaved, or having their resources taken from them. revenge is a likely outcome.

    • Disagree: thotmonger
    • Thanks: niceland
  123. anon[388] • Disclaimer says:

    Oh boy! Rogue! like a bad meal just spoiled my midnight cup of strong hot tea to ease myself into bed off.

    What in heavens name is Rogue talking about with his creation of white south Africans who are indigenous to parts of a nation/continent, that was totally Black always, a country of white usurpation whose domination of and manipulation of through the centuries has led to it’s current destabilized, hostile, racially and class stratified state of existence

    Clarity is enhanced by Rogue as to the current RSA reality. The devil is still there working away to ensure that Africans do not have opportunity to bring their nations into such state as they desire it to be in.

    “spouting their bullshit ‘victim politics!” And no Black RSA citizens have yet taken exception to Rogue and his racism and done something about it. Rogue is free to speak as he has above, in RSA, a Black man’s country and in hate of the Black South Africans, all the while the hell such as he created, made of South Africa, roils on at the cost of many lives each and every day

    Interesting! The man is not justified in anyway at all to regard Black South Africans as he has has expressed. He is not indigenous to South Africa to all but a usurper who is seeking justification with that indigenous inaccuracy. He and all such should leave South Africa. Clearly they are part of the problem not a contribution to solution

    • Replies: @Rogue
  124. @Colin Wright

    Living conditions in the PNW have been steadily declining since 1980. It has nothing to do with mass illegal and legal immigration, shipping the core economy to China, wasting trillions destroying Middle Eastern countries for no known reason, the Sacklers’ unpunished opiate peddling, the stupid financial crisis, or late-Obama race-mongering. Throughout this reckless charade the phony corporate left and phony corporate right pretended that America was booming. It’s most irksome is that the young have no idea how much easier it used to be.

    • Agree: Colin Wright
  125. In reference to the 26,000 Boer women and children that were starved to death in the concentration camps, the person most responsible for the atrocity, Lord Kitchener, got what he truly deserved when he went down in the North Sea on a British ship after it had hit a German mine in 1916.

  126. Druid says:

    I’m originally from SA now living in the US. Linh is bad in this one!

  127. Druid says:

    Out of 100 Chinese restaurants, one might be halfway decent!

    • Replies: @Colin Wright
  128. The picture accompanying the article was meant to taunt and enrage, Mr. Dinh deserves all the pushback he gets. I’d tell him to go where he isn’t as despised, but I have a feeling his writing isn’t in high demand.

  129. Druid says:

    Bourdains food – a – log to South Africa was TERRIBLE! He went to eat at a place in Jo’burg, sang all the praises and the peace-loving blacks, then promptly had to run because it got too dangerous. Skipped some great SA food for political correctness.

    • Replies: @OilcanFloyd
  130. @Ray Caruso

    I completely agree with you. Although being White and with our accents, other than trying to pass as Canadians, we will always be indentified as tied to ZOG no matter where in the world we travel.
    My father was a Marine in Vietnam, grandfather was in the 10th mountain during WW 2, his father was a marine who fought in central america… my family has literally been fighting in some capacity for ZOG since the French and Indian war ( although granted at that time were fighting for the French a Indians against ZOG).
    The deeper one gets into history, the clearer it becomes that the US was a judeo-masonic front from its founding that has been damaging Europe since the start.
    The only exception to this was the Barbary Pirate wars, where Decatur and the Marines finally put an end to the barbary Muslim trade in White slaves.

    • Agree: Arthur MacBride, E_Perez
    • Replies: @Weaver
  131. Gemjunior says:

    Not in a TRILLION years. In fact, I would probably just get up and leave.

  132. gT says:

    Hulle wil nie leer nie, hulle wil net bitch en whine. But I’m quite enjoying this series on Cape Town, Linh crawls to places I would never go to. When I’m in Cape Town I stay solely in the southern suburbs, don’t move anywhere. I can see the mountain from my backyard, go to bars and restaurants up the road, go to the beach down the road, Muizenberg, get my fish at Kalk Bay harbour. Thats it, I only know Long street because of all the conferences in Cape Town city centre, which all used to end up in Long street as soon as the sun sets. When I used to fly regularly Long Street became a refueling pit stop, but now with Covid I fly nowhere.

    I got dragged up the cable car once, got dragged to the V&A Waterfront once, got dragged to Robben island once, would seriously not bother going to those places again. Interestingly enough, from Long street one can do the 3 peak challenge, the walking variant. You start with downing a beer in Long street, then crawl up to Signal Hill and Lions Head, then come down, down another beer and then crawl up the mountain via Platteklip gorge to have another beer up there, or something like that. I only ever managed to walk up to Signal Hill, but then again I’m a Skeleton Gorge man, ran up and down there when I was a kid, would not try it now though, no beer on that route. Plus in my current state of unfitness I might just add my own bones to the skeletons in that gorge.

  133. @but an humble craftsman

    Correct but Afrikaans is one of the official languages in South Africa not Dutch. Afrikaans is widely spoken in the Cape not Dutch so I’m sure it was meant to be “Kom binne en leer”

  134. @kiwiklown

    Glad you enjoyed it, kiwi.
    That must have been a great experience.
    I’m generally not in favour of creating musical “stars”, tend to think composers are more important than musicians, maybe also directors/conductors also are.

    But there have always been outstanding performers, and Anne-Sophie Mutter is one of them without any doubt. There are some in the Nederland Bach Society coming up very nicely also. It is very heartening to see the number of young people playing. I revisited that Antonio Vivaldi vdo to see approx 3 000 have watched in under 24 hrs.

    Here’s another outstanding musician, Claudio Abbado R.I.P. conducting Beethoven 6th Pastorale (about a walk in the country) in Rome.

  135. Wielgus says:

    Reminds me of an Internet meme. An obsessed-looking man is starting at a computer screen while his downcast wife is behind him.

    Someone’s always wrong on the Internet. Sometimes you just have to left them be wrong…

  136. Weaver says:

    Thing is, much of the land currently farmed wasn’t used before the Europeans arrived. They greatly improved South Africa, and surrounding Africans then moved in.

    So, it’s tough to say who truly owns the land. Africa is a very large continent, and it is not homogeneous. Europeans have been enslaved also, and not everyone was a slave in SA…

    • Replies: @gT
  137. Weaver says:

    You believe Jews controlled the US from its founding through the Masons??

    With Coolidge, we had a chance to start over. He essentially founded a nation by taking the newly centralised state (14th Amendment) and directing its immigration policy. And then 1965.

    There were attempts to have no central bank. There originally was a ban on nonwhite citizenship, with some hindrance on Jewish immigration at first (in colonies and even states). Many opposed entry into the European wars. Such things reflect a genuine nation nation that just didn’t quite make it.

    I don’t think Jews can be entirely blamed for all the world’s problems. White monkeys in England developed the Enlightenment, I assume mostly on their own. They had little education, applied little effort, and developed an inferior ideology which still infects white monkeys today.

    That stupid ideology ultimately led to Marxism, and Marx was, yes, Jewish. So, we got a second white monkey ideology. Jews didn’t start everything; they just took over and ensured we couldn’t recover. Marx developed a predator ideology meant to exploit the obvious imbalance of the original white monkey ideology.

    I guess you blame US slavery on Jews? The ideology was also flawed though; so, it wasn’t exclusively slavery that destroyed us.

    • Replies: @Robjil
    , @Zoom-copter221
  138. @GeneralRipper

    “These guys are smart and successful, and they’re not RACIST, like you toothless gun obsessed “hicks from the sticks” who are fuckin yer sisters and livin in yer trailers.”

    Griffins, you knob. This use of ad hominem and stereotypes against rural people is right out of the jew and non-White playbook. Or are you just a lefty White without a shred of originality??

    • LOL: GeneralRipper
    • Replies: @Weaver
  139. Che Guava says:

    Like something to resemble Sumo, which is all over the Eurasian north, just about all far northern places have some kind of rotten fish dish.

    Here, it is kusaya, I eat it but only when drinking.

    Tastes like a mix of fish and sulphur.

    Equivalents that are not dried, I have not tried.

    Probably unable to swallow.

    I do wish, however, that slej, the Slavonic word, or rollmops, Balt, German words, were available here.

    Pickled herring fillets, delicious with booze.

  140. Null says:

    Howard Hillegas was right :

    The wholesale slander and misrepresentation with which the Boers of South Africa have been pursued can not be outlived by them in a hundred years. It originated when the British forces took possession of the Cape of Good Hope,and it has continued with unabated vigour ever since. Recently the chief writers of fiction have been prominent Englishmen, who, on hunting expeditions or rapid tours through the country, saw the object of their venom from car windows or in the less favourable environments of a trackless veldt.

    The above was written by Hillegas on the eve of the Anglo Boer War in 1899. (Chapter IV page xlii) He was an American journalist who accompanied the Boers on their campaigns against the British.

    And these are the words of Douglas Reed:

    For at the mid-century something became clear, the suspicion of which first awoke my lively interest in Africa and led me to it. In my judgment, which is strengthened by what I see as I go along, the coming half-century will witness the final stages of an attempt, for which the first two twentieth-century wars were preparation, to put the world under a pagan dictatorship, ruling by terror or the threat of it. If that aim could be achieved through some such self-enthroned committee as the one which now calls itself The United Nations Organization in New York, it would be; otherwise, it would in my belief be pursued through a third war.

    In either case, Africa, the neglected continent, will be right in the middle of these events, a major piece in the game. If the third war comes it will not, like the first one, be something that goes on half a world away; or, like the second one, an affair which for a while rumbles faintly ‘up North’. It will be fought very largely from, if not on, African soil; in its course or aftermath Africa’s problems will come to the surface and all sorts of folk from far away will claim the right to dictate
    their solution.

    The military view of what may happen was lucidly given by an American specialist in the use of air-power, Major-General Hugh H. Knerr. He advised that Africa should he made ‘a full partner’ in the next war because the Communist Empire would (he thought) ‘neutralize the British island in the first phase of the war’. In the secondary phase, Africa would be indispensable, for the war would then become: ‘Inter-continental air warfare based on the American and African continents – the American continent as a strategic base for initial retaliation, and the African continent as a tactical base for the building up of air power to support ground operations aimed at the ultimate occupation of enemy territory.

    If Afghanistan is the graveyard of grand armies, then South Africa is the graveyard of grand ideas, and where a grand idea dies, grand armies will dig its grave

    Mr Lin, I thank you for shedding light on what is happening here in South Africa. Keep the Boer people in your heart. God bless you.

    If you can help further, here is an idea for you :

    South Africa produced most of the world’s gold during the 20th century, but starting in the 1980s that production started to taper off, and significantly so. That is what all the official data says.

    But what if it didn’t ? What if that if the high gold production continued, and still continues ? I have encountered unrefined gold being tried to fenced to me. It’s heavy with a grey bluish color. What if this hidden production of unrefined gold was secretly hidden somewhere in South Africa, because it couldn’t be smuggled out, but where would be hidden ?

    I asked this question to someone with mining experience, and his answer was simple.

    “You hide it in an abandoned gold mine”

    But who would be behind this venture, and if the supposition is correct, has been hiding unrefined gold in South Africa for decades ?

    Let’s call them Gog.

    How do you prove this ? As a layman, one should look at the at mining data. If the gold production at a mine goes down, but they are still employing the same number workers, and using the same amount of material to mine ore, and they say they are not mining high grade ores, and this is happening over years, one should start becoming suspicious.

    Gog is up to something there.

    And, Heaven only knows, maybe we will live to see this prophecy come into fulfillment:

    Sheba and Dedan and the merchants of Tarshish and all its young warriors will say to you, ‘Have you come to seize spoil? Have you assembled your horde to carry off plunder, to carry away silver and gold, to take away cattle and goods, to seize a great amount of booty?’ – Ezekiel 38 : 13 – 14

    The world is ignoring South Africa at its own peril.

  141. @Anon

    I appreciate your forthright and candid opinion. It is solid, from several vantages. One, the question of the caliber of personal and professional conduct. As a male, he rates below Beta. As a professional, and not a tender hearted and coddled academic, his comportment is sub-standard.

    I really think he is reaching a personal crisis. He seems to have no real connection to anybody or anything. This is a milieu for mental and psychological dysfunction of the personality type.

    I also sense he is approaching or attaining a pre-conscious fear that his readers are on to him: he seems to have no depth of learning or concept training. His Buddhist heritage should have pointed the way and lit the path for him. He is running out of juice, i. e., creativity.

    Very well done, Sir.

    • Replies: @Hacienda
  142. Anon[303] • Disclaimer says:

    Linh laughs and talks about food, let me tell you my perspective of Cape Town:

    I saw white children playing behind barbed wire, its so dangerous every house has a wall and security gate so that no house really has a view any longer. Yes it is beautiful land there and life is continuing on but dont think by this article that things are normal. MANY stores have a security gate and a buzzer that you ring to gain entrance. No store owners allow people to just casually shop. Outside the streets feel dangerous as people move in a hurried object seeking way. You constantly watch your 6 and dont feel guilty about that. You go to table mountain park and the EFF is holding a large demonstration yelling out to cut down whites. Shouting and screaming in the background you just try to see the views. As you drive around the city you watch out for plumes of black smoke where gangs of thugs have cut off roads while burning tires, they ruthlessly attack unfortunate drivers who get caught in it. We went through one area and had found out that shortly passing through there they cut off traffic and took a massive rock and threw it through the windshield on a young white man hurting him bad. Everywhere you walk things are quite in disrepair. Fountains dont have water but weeds growing through the concrete, vandalized things, trash in the area. We went into a park to see some statues/monuments and everywhere you looked there were endless gobs of homeless blacks sleeping like they own the joint. Many asking you for money all the time.

    In many places in South Africa white genocide is an ongoing occurence and a very real existence. Maybe not for black Linh Dinhgon here but for anyone else with a shade of skin cooler than a brown bear.

    But the author is correct about their food is better. Americans have been eating fake food, processed with strange fake additives for years, everything here is plasticized soy garbage-not even animal fodder. South Africans did not go down this path and Americans are very unhealthy for choosing this path.

    One more thing, I keep having to use anonymous because I have forgotten my fictitious email. How do I reset this?

  143. Weaver says:
    @Automatic Slim

    He seems to attack everyone, but he looks like he’s mocking the other guy.

    I think the reason rural residents are accused of inbreeding is to push them to marry into different races. Urban areas tend to be diverse; rural tend to be more homogeneous. The push, generally, is to destroy any sense of nationality or identity.

    It’s odd though; we rarely see articles on the risks of older parenting, things like that. If there were sincere concern about genetic problems, the genetic crisis facing the developed world today is older parents. There likely are negatives to “outbreeding” as well, but only a few articles mention that. The march to make everyone into a global citizen.

    • LOL: GeneralRipper
    • Replies: @jeff stryker
  144. @Weaver

    He’s satirizing me-I laughed loudly.

    As for inbreeding, actually the rural whites intermarried with Native Americans or wide colonial stock-Dutch, Protestant French, whoever-while later urban arrivals congregated in ethnic communities & intermarried for generations like the Italians & Jews & so on.

    • Replies: @Weaver
  145. @Druid

    ‘Out of 100 Chinese restaurants, one might be halfway decent!’

    It is interesting. Here in town, we’ve got at least six Chinese restaurants; we’ve tried the two most highly rated, and they were both dreadful.

    On the other hand, Mexican restaurants tend to be consistently adequate, if not usually really good. Around here again, we’ve tried three of the local offerings; two were fine, and the third is a tad better.

  146. @Priss Factor

    ‘So, just how did the Nordics become saner than the Anglos all of a sudden?’

    Perhaps it all never became a political litmus test there.

    Here, the mask generally functions as a symbol of submission. It’s usually pulled down so the nose is uncovered, so it can hardly be being worn for health reasons.

  147. anonymous[379] • Disclaimer says:

    Ah, Rod Dreher, the cocksucker of Hungarian and various other east euRapean fascists, the pathetic pagan chrizzie scumbag who can’t stop trying to peddle his, ultimately useless, books to other pathetic pagan chrizzies who themselves can’t help but witness their godless evilisation going down the spiritual cesspool.

    Benedict Option, Live Not by Lies… 😀

    The former advocates more or less abandoning everything and forming little cult societies of like minded pagans. Yeah, like an echo chamber of lies is going to help each other spiritually? And, talking about Lies…

    The other title is especially ironic. The entirety of Chrizzian divinity is based on Lies (out-and-out deceit). The most hilarious being, 1 “god” in 3 distinct persons! I understand that seemingly intelligent people actually buy this oxymoronic pagan garbage!

    Live Not by Lies?! A chrizzian life is defined by living with Lies!

    This is just another charlatan trying to fleece the braindead “true believers.”

    Full Disclosure: I was banned over at the TAC for being a thorn on his side with respect to his constant hypocrisies. So much for the famed western FoE, which seems to apply only to whitevils alone. What’s up with that?

  148. R2b says:

    Never give up!
    Embrace Christ!

  149. Thim says:

    Linh has changed a lot since he had the Covid. And he had it bad, and those of you who never had it bad, you have no idea how bad it can be.

    Once it is gone, you are not back to normal. It takes a long time to really recover.

    Cape Town looks like a no go to me. As a blue eyed blond haired Aryan, I suspect I would be dead by now, if I walked around Cape Town like he does. That is called white privilege.

    The essence of the blacks there, some Boer friends told me years ago, is their religion, which is like voodoo magic, extreme brutal. Witch doctors everywhere. Not my kind of place.

  150. Weaver says:
    @jeff stryker

    I’m fully British, other than one French ancestor, which isn’t recent. I don’t think Americans are as mixed as you suspect. There is mixing on average, but it’s an average. You seem to be confusing America with Guatemala.

    When Brits (English) had forgotten some of their folk customs, such as folk dances, they came to America to retrieve them.

  151. Hacienda says:
    @Poupon Marx

    I appreciate your forthright and candid opinion. It is solid, from several vantages. One, the question of the caliber of personal and professional conduct. As a male, he rates below Beta. As a professional, and not a tender hearted and coddled academic, his comportment is sub-standard.

    Yeah, but LD goes where no white man can. Indeed, no NE Asian can. He gets to the human heart of wretched suffering. As a Korean male, I can only be a tourist, in 2021. He gets to go there. That’s his pride and glory. You, OTOH, apparently are a nobody. A poster who judges!

  152. Rubicon says:

    We thought this author was leaving UNZ.
    Why is he still here? Attention-seeking and lonely writer?

  153. lee says:

    Salty said:

    I don’t blame the African for taking revenge. If I were an African, i would not rest until every one of those beneficiaries of the colonization, were stripped of their ill found profits and enslaved to the moon for the rest of that lives. Payback for violating human rights is hell.

    So I’m guessing that you would also seek vengeance from the black tribes that hunted down people of their own race and then sold them off to the highest bidder? Or is this only a whitey thing here for you?

    • Replies: @gT
  154. Anon[800] • Disclaimer says:

    Do you believe Obama or Kamala or Rubio is a white suprem?

    I don’t think Adolf Hitler was a white supremacist, even if he did want to take some land away from the Poles, who had joined with Perfidious and others to steal German land at Versailles, and were persecuting Germans in their own lands.

    Hitler and the Nazis, from what I understand, had no use for non-white people. Certainly no desire to mire Germany in such shitholes, but they did have an iron imperative to rule over themselves. Today, this is referred to ((obscenely)) as ‘white supremacism’.

    If Swedes or Scots don’t want to be ruled by Muslims, then they’re called ‘white supremacists and Nazis’.

    If white Americans don’t want their children treated as despised and discriminated-against second class citizens, then they’re ((demonized)) as ‘white supremacists’.

    The only time such a smear word can possibly be relevant, is when people live in mixed societies, or are threated or menaced by another race.

    Like South Africa, for instance, where and when it’s actually appropriate to ask the question, ‘Are you a white supremacist? In which case if you’re not, then that de facto means you’re a black supremacist.

    In a place like Palestine, the question is sort of turned on its head, and it’s the Jews who’re the white supremacists. And not surprisingly, that is the only time when white supremacy is considered not just good, but holy and sacrosanct, and any one who disagrees is a racist and a terrorist and/or Nazi! as the case may be.

    This goes to show how utterly ((they’re)) in control of the narrative. And, how cowardly and cowed white people must be.

    If a British or Swedish nationalist doesn’t want his nation reduced to non-white rule, he is defamed in the worst way possible, as a vile and evil ‘white supremacist!’

    But I don’t think I’ve ever even heard that invective used towards blacks in South Africa who demand black rule. Or the black racist in Obama’s church.

    If you’re a white person, who simply wants to be left alone, (like Vicky and Randy Weaver, for instance), they demand that you’re an evil white supremacist, who deserves to be executed by federal marshals. Not because you want to lord it over non-whites, but because you simply don’t want to be ruled by Jewish supremacists. For this, you deserve to die.

    Because all good white people want to be ruled by Jews and blacks and Muslims and others.

    That is a given, in our insane, castrated and morally repulsive narrative today.

    If you’re a black or brown, (so long as it’s not a Muslim nation anywhere near Israel, or Venezuela or some 0ther nation that thumbs its nose at Zion), then of course you should seek and demand self-determination. That is obvious.

    Just as obvious as all Trump supporters and right wing governments and people in Europe, are all as evil as its possible to get, and like the rightists party in Greece, or the ‘insurgency’ protesters in America, must be rounded up and stuffed into prisons for their evil, Nazi ways.

    And none of that is hyperbole.

    That is simply the simple and honest truth of our ((global narrative)) today.

    If you’re white, and you don’t despise your own people and culture and heritage, and demand that not only you, but all white people must be ruled by non-whites, then you’re an evil and vile ‘white supremacist’.

    The glaring exception is Jews, for whom no amount of white racial purity or persecution of non-whites, is ever a bad thing. Rather, the more they’re supreme and dominant over all non-whites, (even genocidally so), the better.

    And for all people of color, they should all be allowed to mass-emigrate into all white nations posthaste. And then set about ruling the evil white people there, who would otherwise be as evil as it gets, white people with self-determination. = White supremacists! Nazis, IOW. Gas chambers!

  155. Jimbobla says:

    For great travel journal-ism I would reach back to Peter Fleming, Ian’s brother. Escape to Tartary for instance, or Nikos Kazantzakis or his contemporary Kostas Ouranis, any of their travelogues. For female writers that would be Alexandra David Neel, whose writing is a joy to behold. But then, I like the old stuff. And for the new stuff Linh, you make my list.

  156. Robjil says:

    I don’t think Jews can be entirely blamed for all the world’s problems.

    Freedom of speech is the main problem with Jewish control.

    All powers before Jewish power were known powers. People could protest these powers.

    The word Protestant comes from the word protest. It was a protest against Catholic power. Catholic power was out in the open, it was not a hidden power.

    A power can never be changed or reformed if we can not protest it, if we are not allowed to see it or we are not allowed to criticize it.

    Jewish power is the cruelest power. Why? It denies humans speech to counter their power. Humanity has never dealt with a power like this ever in the entire history of this planet. It has to end for the sake of humanity. No power should ever have the power to silence humanity. Humanity is unique for its ability to speak. Jewish power is destroying the humanity’s unique ability to speak. We might as well go back to barking, growling or chirping with Jewish power in control.

    Here is just one example of Jewish power silencing people who protest its power. It is just words noticing its power over us. It is not mean spirited.

    We have witnessed how Jewish Power persuaded at least a half dozen billboard companies to refuse our attempts to run billboards with the simple message:

    America First Not Israel (latest example here). Careful readers will remember how an Ann Arbor Jew convinced publisher Patricia Garcia to refuse our ad request in the Ann Arbor Observer last year.

    • Replies: @Weaver
  157. mcohen says:

    sally you have hit the nail on the head.coming from a south african farming family your description is spot on.

    I call it the master and slave mentality.

    The realities of South african farming are difficult.Having actually lived and worked on a farm i can assure that as businesses they struggle.

    There is no way,no way,that africans could have developed farms in South africa to production levels necessary to support its population.

    Mineral resources is a different matter.Outright theft by empire of South african mineral resources is the real culprit.

    A prime example is the marikana massacre

    take note of the white officer leaning away when shots are fired from behind.not sure if he was wearing ear protection

  158. @Weaver

    This would take hundreds of pages and qualifications and nuance to flesh this out in its entirety. To force it down to bare essentials, trading in slaves has been a Jewish monopoly since the early days of Rome, both because the Romans considered such a trade filthy and beneath them and– for the few amoral Romans who might attempt a start in that business– the Jews would get together, fix prices, and simply drive them out. (Jews in early imperial Rome is in itself an amazing subject. They behaved no differently then than they do now. There are numerous letters from various emperors to the Jews telling them to essentially shut their mouths, quit asking over and over for ” special treatment” and BEHAVE or else… the ” or else” finally came in the form of Titus razing Jerusalem and scattering them. But go read some of the letters. Only a jew would keep testing the patience of…Caligula.3

    The truly frightening thing about having the level of ZOG we in the US have now is that these are a people who have literally NEVER had any form of stable gvt in their history. After WW 2 when Jewish holyco\$t survivors were upgraded from their plum jobs as secret police torturers and executioners to dictators in eastern bloc nations, EVERY single time the Jews would oppress the locals so badly that a pogrom would be the result.
    I used to assume, even when hearing numbers like 3 5 trillion dollar budget and 2 million Mexicans crossing the border each month, that somewhere deep in the bowels of the White House the Jews had done sort of a plan and slyke not key it get really out of control.
    The truly scary thing? THEY DON’T. I mean for anyone– even if you haven’t been the law school– just consider rharcthe Jews have been earnestly discussing ” packing the supreme court” to get the decisions they want,
    The US has a president with such advanced dementia they won’t allow him to take questions, meanwhile his son has pictures of himself everywhere sinking crack in a bathtub while doing deaks with various ukranian oil companies and the Chinese spying apparatus to sell influence to his father. God only knows what sort of compromising info Chiba has on the Biden family.
    And our Anerican ” free press” refuses any coverage or discussion of it. We are truly at the end in the same way Russia was in the early 90s. Any day now comes the catastrophic inflation, loss of dollar ae reserve currency, foot shortages and thus riots, etc… thecIEcasca nation is truly, truky fucked.
    And let you think a exaggerate, do some digging re: good old hunter and the daughter of the chink spymaster whon” had his dog tags.” I assume they must have been his brother.s dog days, maybe he took while screwing his sister-in-law before his brother’s body even cold.
    These creatures are literal vermin.

    • Agree: Ray Caruso
    • Replies: @Zoom-copter221
    , @gT
  159. @Zoom-copter221

    Post Script– Yes, the spelling and some of the grammar is awful and the post was put together in a slapdash way but… well, va fancula. The reality of just how fucked the US iscasca nation is dawning on me.
    God I wish I had married an Icelandic girl when I was younger and escaped. Ou an irony of irony, every Icelandic travel video comment is now a dusky jungle denizen of some sort looking to ” visit” there now that fouled our nests on every other landmass….

  160. Glad you didn’t leave the Unz bra!

  161. @sally

    Hey Sally,
    I don’t know whether to laugh or cry at someone with your level of f–king stupidity having the temerity to parade your f–king stupidity for all to see. It’s ALWAYS people like you who speak only one language (ane poorly at that), have never been inside an archive, consider ” research” looking up the footnotes in the back of whatever shitty book you are focusing (e.g., ” muh guns germs, and steal ” by the jew Jared diamond).

    Where to even begin with an a–hole like you? In the first place, the Arab and black trade in negroes absolutely dwarfed the relatively small number of negroes purchased for use in north America. The Arab trade in negroes was on a scale qlnostctoo bogvto believed– justvobe example off the top of my head, one nehru ruler traded something like ~15,000 negro slave girls to the arabs to pay the expenses of his Hajj journey.
    The trade in Male negro slaves was just as vigorous. So then why, you might ask, are there so few negroes in places like Saudi Arabia or Jordan? Well, upon purchase, make negroes would be turned over to a mohannedian specialist in castration ofcnehto slaves to make eunuchs. Even with a death rate of about 33% during the procedure, there were still always plenty available. And when the arabs would get a regress slave girl pregnant ? Quite simple–an6 make Chile was killed at birth.
    I have no even touched on the Arab trade in White slaves yet. The mohammadian hatred for European Chrsitians was so deep they”d literally go to cemeteries to dig up the bones of these people to defile . Shall we go into the careers of Mohammedian pirates/Slavers like Drogo and BARBAROSSA? The lives or galley slaves, rowing 19-22 hrs a day, defecating and peeing on thrmselvesand smelling in it as rats crawled all over?
    I’m sure someone as intelligent as you who believes himself able to dorajing didactically on these matters must speak Italian and Maltese and I.m sure you traveled all around the eastern Italian coast near Bari and then down down in the med near Rhodes, over westcto sardinia and corsica, down to lampedusa and then to Malta and gozo.

    Gozo is still pretty much deserted to thos day? Know why? Every 4 years or so the Muslim slave traders would come and clean out all the men, women, and children to take to slave markets.

    Of course, for obvious reasons the Jew publishers are bit shy of any major book publishing the real numbers on the White slave trade since it contradicts their narrative. But keeping in mind that blue eyes are recessive and that Tanmini girl being discussed earlier I’ve Palestinian with blue eyes, so clearly on both sides she is at least in part of northern European origin.
    Or the Arab trade in White females ( still going on today, there was a horrifying video of jew pimps in Israel forcing these east ern euro girls to hide behind walls, under floor boards, etc… since if caught, not the jew pimp but the GIRL will be punished and sometimes the Jew will even hurt the girl.s family….
    I could go on and on but my point for the a–hole was responding to… don’t run your mouth trying to be a smart– since there will always be someone who REALLY knows the subject and will expose you as the a–hole you are….
    Post’Script– if missed anything here in my rush to write this, please do let me know so I can expose you as the a–hole you are in any aspect I may have neglected for brevity.s sake….

  162. dimples says:

    Understanding the local culture by chowing down on the local stews. Only Dinh has the stomach for it. Thankfully whatever literary block he has been suffering has been resolved and its back to normal.

  163. gT says:

    The Black tribes hunting Blacks down to sell to the highest bidder occurred in Western and Eastern Africa, not in South Africa.

  164. gT says:

    Jews don’t have to build anything, they exist to live off what others have built.

    • Agree: GeneralRipper
  165. gT says:

    The meme that South Africa was empty when the Europeans arrived is false, as is the meme that surrounding Africans moved in after the Europeans had occupied the land.

    South Africa was unlike North America and Australia, there you basically only had hunter gathers around who were low in number and thus easy to exterminate. In South Africa the Khoi and the Blacks were both pastoralists, with the Blacks being agriculturists as well. So the numbers of the Khoi and the Blacks were too great for them to be exterminated. While the Blacks had been exposed to various diseases having come from up north, the Khoi fell victim to smallpox and the like, though only those closest to Cape Town, the ones in the interior of the Cape were not impacted, so they drifted south towards where their brethren had always been, gaining immunity along the way. The San, being hunter gatherers, were the most severely impacted because of their low numbers. All the land in Southern Africa had been Khoisan land, but the Blacks, having greater numbers due to their agricultural production in addition their pastoralism, left the Khoisan with only the Cape remaining.

    The Khoi had killed enough Portuguese in the Cape in 1510 already that the Portuguese didn’t want to come back “Using their cattle as shields they routed the raiders killing 64 of them including Almeida and 11 of his captains. This devastating defeat put pause to Portugal’s run of victories in Africa and Asia.” But firearm technology had improved dramatically by the time the Dutch arrived to settle in 1652.

    When the Dutch arrived in number in South Africa the Blacks were in the Cape already. Only after some time, say a hundred years, did the Whites moving eastwards meet the Blacks moving westwards in the Eastern Cape. In the interior the Blacks were well established, though the Zulu and Matabele wars utterly destabilized that region.

    Once the Boers had established themselves in the Transvaal, they let a few minor Blacks tribes enter the territory from further North. Why they allowed this to happen is easy to explain, the Boers needed more labour to work the fields for them, and the Matabele would not fulfil this function. It is also doubtful if the Boers could drive those minor Black tribes back across the Limpopo river which separates South Africa from Botswana and Zimbabwe again. Similarly, the Brits moved Indians into Natal to cut the sugarcane for them, the Zulu being utterly unwilling to assist in this regard. So those few minor Black tribes in the Transvaal were the only ones who moved in after the Europeans had occupied the land. The rest of the Black tribes had always been there, though a bit depleted from the Black wars in the interior, and the Boers welcomed their increasing numbers as they needed labour to work the land.

    The Boers actually never defeated the Xhosa, the Zulu or the Matabele, they won a few battles against them yes, but it took the Brits to conclusively defeat all 3 those tribes.

    • Replies: @Weaver
    , @Arno
    , @Zoom-copter2221
  166. Weaver says:

    The story I was told is the Boers farmed land that had never been farmed before, and just as we see with any wealthy country: Foreigners move into any successful country.

    I obviously don’t know the history well enough to argue it with you. I could pull out books and cite this or that, but it’d be my authority vs yours basically. Anyway, I appreciate the reply and will keep in mind what you’ve written.

    In the Americas, whites liked the idea of cheap labour, liked slavery… for a time. Then later decided the system didn’t work so well as the economy changed.

  167. anon[388] • Disclaimer says:

    Thanks gT!

    Wonderfully informative contribution that commenters such as the ‘indigenous’ Rogue ought to pay special attention to, given… according to his comment…that Black South Africans seek him out to relate their victim bullshit stories he does not want to hear at all

  168. T_T says:

    Yes, but belgium flemish/flanders consists of 4 provinces, west and east flanders and brabant and limburg. The netherlands also has 2 provinces called limburg and brabant, both neighbouring their twins in belgium. Below the rivers in the nl people are somewhat different from above river nl, definately close to flemish. Walloon belgium is quite different from flemish and pretty much french.

  169. Truth says:
    @Ray Caruso

    Every White who still works uphold US power is a race traitor.


    Or else has a nice house, hobbies and career…

  170. @Rogue

    clearly Flemish is closer to Afrikaans than Dutch.

    Clearly not. The distinction between “Flemish” and “Dutch” is more political than linguistic. “Flemish” includes several dialects of “Dutch”, some of which (Brabant) are also spoken on the Netherlands side of the border but because Flemish is largely spoken by Catholics on the other side of a political border it has its own name.

    Modern spoken Afrikaans is very different to Dutch and Flemish. The grammar has been simplified and the vocabulary has a lot of borrowings from other languages. It is still mutually intelligible with Dutch, but a South African colleague of mine used to speak English even when we were working in Belgium or dealing with Dutch colleagues. He told me Dutch speakers tend to look down on Afrikaans as a “creole” and treat Afrikaans speakers as if they are a little retarded.

    • LOL: gT
    • Replies: @Rogue
  171. Hope you stay at Unz!!

  172. anon anon says:

    3 men on a bummel – jerome k jerome

    • Thanks: utu
  173. @RadicalCenter

    Linh, I love the cuisine and culture observations that you provide, as well as the SA perspective you provided. I don’t need to hear only my own opinions, But now let’s also see a column on whites tortured, murdered, still ongoing, in SA.

    I’m pretty sure that Linh has not seen anybody being tortured or murdered in Cape Town. So you’re saying, in essence, that, rather than report what he sees and hears, he should write about things he never saw so that people like you can confirm your preconceived notions.

  174. Rogue says:

    Waffle, waffle, spouting ignorant crap… Is that your normal style?

    Southern Africa was not indigenous to black people. This is a well established fact. Blacks (negroid or Bantu people) migrated southwards from central Africa centuries ago, displacing the Khoisan indigenous people of the region. Certainly whites displaced the Khoisan as well when they settled southern Africa starting in the 1650’s – but so did the blacks, so they have no moral high ground to speak from at all. Cape Town, and for many hundreds of miles radius from it, was settled and peopled by white Europeans long before blacks ever saw the place.

    Furthermore, even during Apartheid blacks from surrounding black-run countries were trying to get into South Africa. Why? Because as bad as Apartheid was in many respects, it was still a better place for ordinary Africans to live than under their own black African rulers.

    South Africa was successfully run under white rule. That is a fact. It is also a failing state under black rule. Yet another fact. If all the whites up and left, which is what you seem to imply you’d want, South Africa would become an utterly failed state. BTW, nowhere did I say I hated blacks. You just made that up. I’m only against people of whatever race wallowing in their endless victim status.

    who are indigenous to parts of a nation/continent, that was totally Black always

    Riiight… So north Africa fits this description? Dream on.

    • Thanks: GeneralRipper
    • Replies: @Truth
  175. Rogue says:
    @Peter Akuleyev

    Sorry, you’ve got it wrong.

    I’ve conversed with a Flemish speaker using my own rather limited Afrikaans, and we could understand each other. I doubt I’d have had as much success with Dutch.

    Apart from which, it’s been quite well established academically that Afrikaans and Flemish are closer to each other than Afrikaans and Dutch.

    Modern spoken Afrikaans … grammar has been simplified and the vocabulary has a lot of borrowings from other languages.

    Sure, I’m well aware.

  176. Truth says:

    displacing the Khoisan indigenous people of the region. Certainly whites displaced the Khoisan as well when they settled southern Africa starting in the 1650’s

    Would your reaction be especially different if a Zulu, Bantu, or Khoisan started porking your daughter?

    I’ve conversed with a Flemish speaker using my own rather limited Afrikaans, and we could understand each other. I doubt I’d have had as much success with Dutch.

    I think he’d have more success in Cape Town.

    • Replies: @Rogue
  177. GeneralRipper [AKA "The Griffins"] says:

    Payback for violating human rights is hell.

    Sounds like you all about “human rights”…lol

    A term created by Western Christian Civilization, btw.

    No one forgets being enslaved, or having their resources taken from them. revenge is a likely outcome.

    Bring it, sugar! That’s why us white boys invented the rifle.

  178. Rogue says:

    Often difficult to know what your point is exactly.

    Whatever, what I’ve said above I stand by. As I should, cos it’s the truth.

    Stronger peoples displace and conquer weaker peoples. This is most certainly not confined to the behavior of any one race. And, of course, includes the oppressing and conquering of peoples within the same race (as far as general skin color is concerned).

    • Replies: @daniel le mouche
  179. Curle says:

    If you’re so uninterested in his writing why make such a long post telling us?

  180. @Rogue

    Bullshit. It’s stealth and Jewry that’s made hell on earth.
    Truth’s nothing but a bullshitter, completely worthless–in several years I’ve literally never seen one single decent, fair, honest, indeed Truth-ful comment from this nasty twat.

    • Replies: @Truth
  181. sb says:
    @Rev. Spooner

    I’ve read a fair bit of both Naipaul and Theroux ( although not recently )

    Reading them always made me ponder over the relationship between misanthropy and Xenophobia

  182. @Weaver

    Afghanistan comes to mind, but really any place that doesn’t go for the garbage called “Enlightenment”. That was the beginning of our problems.

  183. pdb says:

    Hi, Linh,

    I’m happy to see that you’re still at UNZ review! I hope you continue there, because your blog is a mess! It’s like – IMPOSSIBLE – (almost) to navigate. And there’s probably no traffic to it, right? Don’t lie!

    So stay with UNZ, and if you still want to leave in a month, find someone to make your website navigable. You might have to actually spend some money to purchase your own name, like It kinda rolls off the tongue, yes?

    Ghetto food critic… haha, that’s funny.

    Your bud in New York,

  184. Hardrock says: • Website

    I also tried its fermented shark. Rancid and with the texture of hard rubber, hákarl instantly reduced me to the lowest level of being possible. Paralyzed by self-pity, I felt like a terribly misunderstood protozoon. Still, I wouldn’t mind nibbling it again.

    DUDE! Where does this come from? Have you been eating those mushrooms again.

    This passage reminds me of Virginia Woolf commenting on Proust, “Oh, if I could write like that.”

    I am sitting here mesmerized by these sentences.

  185. Truth says:
    @daniel le mouche

    in several years I’ve literally never seen one single decent, fair, honest, indeed Truth-ful comment from this nasty twat.

    OK, first one:

    You're retarded.

  186. Weaver says:

    That’s a problem with elites in the US, generally, not only Jews.

    Look at the vaccine campaign. I’m forced to read about it lately, because I have to apparently argue why I will not take the vaccine. I don’t like what I’m learning. I have to similarly learn arguments to explain to my family, and extended family, why they shouldn’t take it. However, I’ve failed there.

    It’s all well and good to post on here, “Jews bad” this and that, but 90% of the people writing that have no positive proposal for the future.

    What’s needed, in part, is for no one in society to become incredibly wealthy. Libertarian ideals cannot work. Similarly, we need decentralised power. And I could write out more, but I want to specifically label classical liberalism as a failure.

    Currently, the military is abused to make money. Drug companies are abusing society to make money. These are done with the use of government at the expense of society. Many doing this are Jewish, sure, but this is a societal problem. Society itself is flawed.

    As you correctly note, current society is too complicated to discern just who is doing wrong. We sense something bad is happening, but we have to work. We have no time to figure who is to blame. We try to figure which specialists to trust to tell us who is to blame, but usually we’re tricked. We trust the wrong people. As a result, we’re angry at the wrong people, often. I speak generally. For example, many Americans are mad at the Taliban over 9/11 when Israel might well have been much more involved in the 9/11 attack.

    I hope posters here pursue positive conceptual solutions. Even if we’re obliterated as a group, humanity continues after our deaths, unless these transhumanists destroy that. It’s well to post positive ideas for how power could be decentralised, for how society could be made more transparent.

    What you say about elites of the past is deeply correct. I might be mad at the wrong person, 500 years ago, but I’d at least know who, at that time, is in charge. I’d have an idea of whom to be angry at without needing much research or education.

    But the “aristocracy” of Europe intermarried. They were not, then, as directly connected with those they ruled over, were not as directly connected with their nations. Everything isn’t a matter of Jews, and Jews themselves were a sort of class in Europe, usually. I think Disraeli made a comment on how elites could be tied in unexpected ways: He meant Jews.

  187. Robjil says:

    Everything isn’t a matter of Jews, and Jews themselves were a sort of class in Europe, usually. I think Disraeli made a comment on how elites could be tied in unexpected ways: He meant Jews.

    Everything isn’t a matter of Jews

    True, the problem is censorship by Jewish power. It leads people to think everything is matter of Top Jews. Whoever the Elites are, they are obviously pro-Jewish power and Israel. A real free press would end their rule in five seconds.

    Pelosi obviously thinks Jewish power is the main power.

    Pelosi mentioned – “I have said to people when they ask me, If this Capitol crumbled to the ground, the one thing that would remain would be our commitment to our aid, I don’t even call it our aid, our cooperation with Israel. That’s fundamental to who we are.”

    Congress obviously knows who rules.

    WASHINGTON — The House passed legislation overwhelmingly to provide \$1 billion to Israel to restock its Iron Dome short-range missile defense system just days after Democrats removed the funding from a broad stopgap spending bill.
    The 420-9 vote saw only eight Democrats and one Republican vote “no,” and two Democrats vote “present.”

    Almost all our MSM is controlled by Jewish Power. Why this fear of human speech by Jewish power. Facebook, Youtube and other MSM are censoring like crazy for Jewish power in the last few years. Why?

    Facebook for its part has hired Emi Palmor, former director-general of Israel’s justice ministry, as a member of its new oversight board which will censor content on the site. The company’s chief operations officer Sheryl Sandberg has also declared that FB is using “…the IHRA definition ‘in informing [its] own approach and definitions,’ that its new policy ‘draws on the spirit — and the text — of the IHRA,’ and that under Facebook’s policy, ‘Jews and Israelis are treated as “protected characteristics.’”

    • Thanks: Weaver
    • Replies: @Weaver
  188. Anon[189] • Disclaimer says:

    Wow, Linh Dinh has always been a thin-skinned condescending jerk, but now he’s gone completely crazy. He can’t even separate his professional writing from his impotent rage. It’s pushed him over the edge. What a loser. I feel bad for the guy.

  189. Weaver says:

    Nonwhites and the left generally in the US are turning on Jews. All I have to do is highlight that Judaism is white supremacism; then, they lose. Jews are very European, some only kin; no Latino, no black, no Asian is going to see them otherwise.

    Anyway, our system allows them to have such power. They’re playing an elite game, but Muslims can counter it and also East Asians, in a different way. Jews are only masters over Europeans and only that because of the current situation and design of society.

    “Do Arabs have souls, Arab lives matter? Are Jews the master race?” It will be easy to counter in the diverse society they mistakenly pushed for. They’ve killed millions for Israel, with no way to hide it. 20 years from now: Jews will be seen as Germans were seen after WWII.

    • Agree: Robjil
  190. @Irish Savant

    You still having only hay and oats? Let me on any good recipes using them.

  191. Wielgus says:

    I mentioned the red wine incident to work colleagues on returning to England. They said the red wine was probably kept in a vat in the kitchen and they had neglected to put a cover over the top, hence the cockroach. Not much of an establishment although the pizza was OK.

  192. That last paragraph made me crack up. Even the mainstream media can’t avoid acknowledging the African-level, brutality, stupidity, and corruption permeating in SA politics. How many activists and supporters for the Democratic Alliance were killed or injured during the last campaign? Wasn’t Ramaphosa the political leader who showered after raping someone in the belief that it will wash away the AIDS?

    But I guess Mr. Dinhg had some nice experiences during his week there, so… I wonder how much he would have enjoyed himself if he appeared to the locals like a German 20-something out to experience the world instead of an Asian Zen monk/bum. I’ve seen many from the first category “slumming it up” in actual normal countries like Romania or Bulgaria. They do look out of place, but generally go unscathed. Can anyone say the same about South Africa with a straight face?

  193. Truth says:

    I’ve seen many from the first category “slumming it up” in actual normal countries like Romania or Bulgaria. They do look out of place, but generally go unscathed. Can anyone say the same about South Africa with a straight face?

    Have you been to S.A.?

    Great. Then go or STFU.

  194. @Dumbo

    Heaven is a Welsh choir and a French chef.
    Hell is a French choir and a Welsh cook.

  195. Tiska says:

    always read this column first when I visit the site. learn about the world. keep it up

  196. @Zoom-copter221

    “My family has been on this continent since 1603 and Brittany/Normandy would have no interest in taking us back”

    Why wouldn’t the people there have any interest in taking you back? I don’t understand…Maybe because the US killed more people there than the Germans did…
    Maybe because the US of A has imposed on us a society of consumerism that was alien to our culture… Maybe because most US citizen have felt superior and condescending toward the French Normand during the “invasion” of France and after… Maybe because ever sinc I was a child I heard that “we got the same things as the ‘americans’ 10 years later and now we are in such distress having to swallow the woke bullshit and all the other beast shit from the ‘étazuniens’…

    Maybe, if you are a good person, the people will like you as an individual notwithstanding you nationality…

    My ancestors have left the area since the end of the XIXth century after having been of the Normand’s warrior nobility for centuries (the De Baupte de la Monguerrière from the Bauptois) and I don’t see why I wouldn’t be accepted if I decided to settle there… Even with my black daughters…

    • Replies: @Zoom-copter2221
  197. Arno says:
    @but an humble craftsman

    Afrikaans, though largely derived from spoken Dutch, is a language of its own. What typically distinguishes a language from a mere dialect is that it is written in addition to being spoken. Most languages were once dialects.

    • Replies: @Zoom-copter2221
  198. Arno says:
    @Priss Factor

    ‘All of a sudden’?

    How many Nordic men have their genitals mutilated?

  199. Arno says:

    The Boers never ‘defeated’ the Zulus at the Battle of Blood river? The Boers never forced the Zulus into ceding territory that would become the first Boer republic, Natalia?

    • Replies: @gT
  200. @Druid

    Bourdains food – a – log to South Africa was TERRIBLE! He went to eat at a place in Jo’burg, sang all the praises and the peace-loving blacks, then promptly had to run because it got too dangerous. Skipped some great SA food for political correctness

    That sounds about right. About the only thing that surprised me about Anthony Bourdain was that he was a heterosexual. Everything else was pretty predictable.

  201. gT says:

    If the Boers defeated the Zulus at the battle of Blood River, how come are the Zulus ruling over the Boers today?

  202. @Bugey libre

    Cousin, take your ancestral guilt shit and shove it up your brown. The continental French allowed the Brits to round up and deport 15,000 of us from Acadia to every imaginable hellhole on earth. Most children were taken as “domestic servants” (White slaves) and forcibly converted to protestantism.
    I only exist because my ancestors knew not to trust Amherst and went deep into the woods rather than waiting to be enslaved. I’m as blonde and blue-eyed as any real norman, but I will never speak French or identify as such in France.
    For all your Arab and negro worship, the one people it is socially acceptable to hate are acadians (and to some extent quebecois), and you do so with relish. I’m genuinely left to wonder what the hell acadians ever did to you.
    There are areas in Normandy where I’ll go to rent a car or into a restaurant and the woman working there and I make eye contact and both realize at the same time how much we look alike ( to some extent we all look like the Le Pens)and both blush and turn our heads at the same time.
    Continental French literally hate their own blood far more than the scum who prey on your women.

  203. @gT

    Fascinating. Hey, got an idea– let’s send you to Turkey to tell them to give back constantinople and reconsecrate hagia Sophia, since– as you know– Europeans were there well before the roaches and built it up for 1,200 years.
    You’d never do that, since you well know you’d get sodomized with a broken bottle to your throat. We are the only ones naive enough to entertain this sort of Jewish bullshit. Amazingly, the Jews can keep a straight face while they raze Jenin and pull off things like Sabra and Shatila and at the same time lecturing us about ” cominialism” and “racism.”
    It really is like something straight out of “the protocols of the learned elders of zion.”

  204. @Arno

    Nothing on earth is more endearing than having a Boer girlfriend yell at you in a mix of English and afrikaans. I wonder if there is an evolutionary reason that some languages are really only mellifluous when spoken by the females.

  205. @Anon

    What the hell is wrong with that little girl’s eye? Is it bruised or infected? Even in those circumstances, her face is so stoic and almost aloof. And even with no running water, her uniform is immaculate.
    Neither the us nor Europe will help them, and yet they let 2 million Mexicans hop the border a month and turn over billions to Israel. It’s surreal.
    Is that a capture from a documentary? I would send her family money. Just heartbreaking on every level. We really don’t deserve a future here in the West.

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