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I live in a square, spartan room with a bed, no chairs, and a bathroom without door, since the builder/plumber hired by brother in law was so half assed. My front wall is only half painted because the man couldn’t move his arm any more or further, I suppose. In person, the useless fellow is quite affable.

Each morning, I get up around 4 or 5, and by 6 or earlier, I’ll be in a cafe, one of a handful within a minute stroll. After sampling them all, I’ve become a regular at a spot at our busy three way intersection. Here, you can watch long distance buses roll by or stop to pick up passengers, tractor trucks taking Rade to work and school kids on their bicycles. With its constant animation, even before sunrise, it’s our Times Square or Piccadilly Circus, though the houses are all one-storied, signs don’t flash, merchandises are mostly less than a dollar, and food choices range from humbling to humiliating, but hey, we’re all here to be put in our places, so if it hasn’t happened to your strutting, haughty self, consider yourself cursed.

During my brief, intermittent spells as a professor of creative writing, I always encouraged students to draw from their work experiences, for the world of labor has always been underrepresented in literature. This is easy to understand, since it’s dominated by aristocrats, mandarins, courtiers, academics and others who never had dirt, mud or grime under their fingernails. In Missoula, a student told me he had been employed as a caretaker to a quadriplegic, so each day, he had to turn on internet porn for this unfortunate, tediously masturbate him to completion, then clean the somewhat pacified dude up. “You must write this shit down, man!”

Another common sense advice I gave my students was that they should claim their territory, write from the ground up, so if they’re in Missoula, for example, they should immerse themselves in that vast universe, a project that can easily consume a lifetime. By this, I did not mean they should stay in Hicksville forever, for travel provides comparisons and perspectives, but an ever deepening knowledge of at least one place is necessary to give anyone, much less a presumptuous writer, an appreciation of ties, bonds, hearth, home, confinement and gravity, all the things that make us man. Breathe in deeply your neighbors’ effluvia!

Walking towards Ea Kly’s Shibuya Crossing in the dark, I see a handful of squatting figures, next to their cheap luggage. To my left is the banh mi lady, behind her stall, preparing her meager ingredients. Soon, school kids strapped to cute, colorful backpacks will straggle up to order a 43-cent sandwich, nearly inedible anywhere else, but quite tasty here, for one can get used to anything, and even become fond of it. Reaching my usual table, I sit down on a red plastic chair that’s not quite sturdy enough to allow me to lean back comfortably. The owner’s white and cafe au lait colored dogs chase a tiny cat into the shadow. She brings me my usual.

At the next table sits a middle-aged, leathery man with a well-wrung, sunbaked face. Bemused, he listens to the owner recount an incident from yesterday, “This crazy woman came back and demanded that I find her lost glasses! She was practically screaming! I have never seen anyone like that, brother. If this is how she acts in public, she must be even nastier at home. It was like she had lost a sack of gold, not some glasses! I found nothing, and she left all pissed off!”

It’s likely the virago was just passing through, for you don’t act that way to someone you’ll see again and again. Five years ago, I was on an Amtrak slicing through Montana, so met a woman returning to Hinsdale, a town dwindled to just 217 souls, with one bar left, down from three. Staring into the arid, yellow plains, she spoke, “I’d say we’re hard working, don’t care for surface and trusting. Here, your words are like the words of God. If you lie once, people will remember,” and so it is in all places where one must know, and can’t escape from, one’s neighbors.

In a more anonymous urban environment, populated mostly by transplants or transients, you can much more easily fuck them or fuck them over without any repercussions, sometimes even without disappearing, for there’s no community to witness, remember or condemn, and this decivilizing process has been amplified much further by the internet, that ultimate enabler of social irresponsibility.

Is there a more dismal fate than to always be removed from the actual, and if this is somehow voluntary, isn’t that the very definition of madness? How miserable must one be to always feel compelled to flee from the present, and to dread all tactility besides one’s own hand on one’s own sadness?

Still wearing his helmet, a meek man approaches to mumble, “Lottery tickets?” In Saigon, he’d just walk, but here, this purveyor of bad luck must ride his motorbike around, adding to his cost. The thinly patronized businesses are too scattered.

Wearing an old bone-colored scarf, old black trench coat, old long shorts and ancient plastic flip flops, an old, white haired man with black teeth strolls across my vision. Vietnamese used to lacquer their teeth, so in my childhood I could still spot quite a few of these black beauties. Now, they are endangered oddities.

White teeth were dog-like, Vietnamese used to sneer. People everywhere used to be much more independent-minded about all aspects of their lives, but as the world becomes more uniform, it pretends to celebrate diversity.


Too symbolically, about the only times you can hear traditional Vietnamese music any more are at funerals, and in assbackward Ea Kly, there are some mean assed musicians who can raise the dead as well as your deepest, most buried emotions. Bending notes, they’ll wrench out feelings you didn’t even know you had.

Thousands of unique tribes have been imperfectly, thank god, Americanized, with the world bifurcated, in the American mind, into “people of color” vs. whites, but is there a more racist term than “people of color,” for it slots whites, again, as unique, if only to be pilloried? Sprung from the same cursed font, Jews, Christians, Muslims and Marxists must divide the world in two, so the politically correct, woke and social justice crusade, with its lynch mob mentality towards heretics, is yet another manifestation of the Judaic chosen people vs. bestial goy.

Vietnam, too, has suffered from this violent world view, but the worst of it has abated considerably. Relaxed, the children of Ea Kly ride their beat up bikes slowly, sometimes in swarms, often chatting or laughing.

Dawn pales over our dusty Champ Elysees. With both hands on a crudely hewn walking stick, hardly more than a branch, a bent crone inches towards a store for some shrimp crackers, which may outlast her on the uncertain, hypothetical trip home, a first and ten away, with no one to block for her but God. Though a first round draft choice, he hasn’t performed as expected, but his intentions and techniques are way beyond man’s retarded comprehension, blighted as he is with such an abysmal, bargain basement IQ, so I should just shut the fuck up. Y’all must remember that when God misses a block, it’s for your own good. You need the concussion.

In a more advanced society, she’d be warehoused out of sight, among other incipient corpses. I remember being grabbed at by a wheel chaired, demented man in a San Jose retirement home, his eyes desperate to recognize anyone. I get an email from an old college professor, Eileen Neff, who jokes that she hopes to die before her meager cash runs out.

Eminently sane, the cafe owner finds just about everything ridiculous, so laughs often. Normally, she wears a conical hat, but also owns a pink baseball cap, “THE EMPIRE STATE OF NEW YORK CITY.” When taking my money, she extends two hands, a polite way that’s become much rarer in cities. Slow to progress, hicks are the truest representatives of any nationality.

With coffee, I also get a pot of tea, free of charge. Tea, coffee, beer and rice wine are the favorite drinks in Vietnam. Tú Xương (1870-1907) has a poem just about every Vietnamese used to know:

Tea, wine, women,
Three entanglements bugging me.
One less vice, one better.
This time, I’ll quit wine and tea.

Until roughly a century ago, most Vietnamese were illiterate, so had to hear and retell all of their poems, tales and history. It is within this context that the Ho Xuan Huong tradition emerged. Although there was an actual poet who lived from 1772 to 1822, every poem popularly attributed to her is apocryphal, as proven by a recently discovered batch of her actual writing. It doesn’t matter. What matters is that people felt the need for such a bawdy female poet, a sort of Sappho and Catullus rolled into one, so for a century, at least, just about every Vietnamese knew at least some Ho Xuan Huong lines.

Over dinner on the floor in Ea Kly, Ho Xuan Huong came up, so I quoted her two most famous lines, perhaps, from “The Paper Fan”:

Stretch me to three points, there is not enough skin,
But close me from both sides, there’s too much flesh.

To my surprise, none of the other three adults present knew them.

Some may sneer that no one cares about poetry, but that’s exactly the problem, for a nation’s fiercest bonding agent should be its language, especially when most exalted, inspired or incisive, and in the American case, we’re talking about Whitman, above all, but also quite a few others, according to your taste. It’s safe to say, however, that at this point in America’s collapse, no serious artist or thinker, present or past, can command the attention of more than a handful, for the rest are fixated on what’s trending on FaceBook, Twitter, YouTube, Fox News, CNN and Chaturbate. For their part, American poets have long given up all attempts at addressing a general audience. Irrelevant to the rest of society, they scramble over each other to retreat into the circle jerking, coed groping and ivory towered safe space of the academy.

Illiterate Vietnamese, then, had a more coherent and unifying culture than postliterate Americans, but Vietnam, too, has been sucked into the numbing world of screen addiction, brainwashing beamed from distant places and erosion of the local, but this toxic condition is not nearly as acute here, as at its source.

Let’s end on a hopeful note. From America’s imminent collapse, we may anticipate, or at least wish, for a list of positive outcomes: the recovery of national sovereignty worldwide, including for Americans themselves; the erasure of Israel; the cessation of the serial war on Muslims; the loss of appeal of pop culture and, with it, the relentless promotion of arrested development.

As I finish this, the trashman comes by to pick up our six huge bags of garbage, at $2.15 per, a fair price. It rained for three hours last night, pelting my tin roof, but the relentless thumping no longer bothered me, I slept well. Coffee price just bumped up, a good sign for many of my neighbors, but we’ll just have to wait and see. When black pepper stayed depressed a few years ago, some people killed themselves. Despite playing mostly like shit, Vietnam has advanced to the elimination round of Asiad 2019, and will face powerful Jordan tomorrow.

Linh Dinh’s latest book is Postcards from the End of America. He maintains a regularly updated photo blog.

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  1. the erasure of Israel

    I don’t like Israel much myself, but this seems a bit extreme, and I wonder how Linh Dinh hopes this will be brought about (apart from moral and legal considerations, it might not be a good idea to hope for the destruction of Israel, given how many nuclear weapons the Israelis have, who knows what they might do if they feel it’s over for them).
    Apart from that, actually an interesting article, I agree that the evil whites-noble, oppressed poc dichotomy is merely the mirror image of the world view of the most extreme white racists; and indeed, much of the hatred, self-righteousness and witch-hunting furor of the left seems like a barely secularised version of the “Abrahamitic” monotheistic traditions; good observations about pop culture and mass media too.

  2. Escher says:

    Agree. No nation deserves to be wiped out because of the actions of its leadership.
    A reduction in Israeli influence on America will be welcome though.

    • Replies: @Tusk
    , @Plato's Dream
  3. Tusk says:

    The actions of it’s leadership? Israel doesn’t function at the whims of some elite – the will of the people is the subversion of the goy and ascension to their (rightful) place in Godhood.

  4. Biff says:

    Well, that covered a lot of ground(not talking about the fat lady on the beach).

  5. raywood says:

    I think you mean Eminently, not Imminently, sane. Great writing nonetheless. Reading your stuff is like Clint Eastwood’s discovery in “Gran Torino.” I forget the exact wording, but it was something like, “I have more in common with these people than I do with my own family.” Your Vietnamese village is a world away from the small towns near where I grew up — in details, that is, and in mileage, but maybe not in pacing or perspective.

  6. Linh Dinh says: • Website

    Hi raywood,

    Yes, eminently, and it’s not the first time I’ve made that mistake. I’ll ask Ron to correct it.

    I’ve only lived in such a small place once before, but my two years in similar sized Certalo, Italy were the happiest of my life.


  7. swamped says:

    “It rained for three hours last night, pelting my tin roof, but the relentless thumping no longer bothered me, I slept well’…and very long too, apparently: plucky Vietnam pulled off big surprise to upset Jordan (on penalties) FOUR days ago! Of course, Vietnam has a much larger population than Jordan but that has never foretold excellence on the pitch. Just look at tiny Croatia, in the WC final last summer, not to mention miniscule Iceland. On the other hand, India & China suck. Maybe this will be the start of something for Vietnamese football; this is the first Asian Cup tourney (not ASIAD) they’ve even qualified for outside of automatic entry one time as a host nation (2007). Alas, today they must go up against Japan, an Asian football powerhouse and one of the tournament favorites, in the quater-finals. Vietnam did manage a surprise victory over Japan in the group stage of the Asian Games (ASIAD) last August, but this is a different Japanese team. Even if they go no further though, it’s still a new first for Vietnamese football; and the Vietnamese under-23’s side have been their best ever. Although, no Asian team so far has been able to break the European/South American domination of the World Cup. And Australia, essentially a European nation, are defending Asian champions. Asian football still has a ways to go yet.

    • Replies: @Linh Dinh
  8. “… as the world becomes more uniform, it pretends to celebrate diversity.”

    “Slow to progress, hicks are the truest representatives of any nationality.”

    A couple of gems.

    • Agree: TheBoom, Sollipsist
    • Replies: @Lelle
  9. In a more anonymous urban environment, populated mostly by transplants or transients, you can much more easily fuck them or fuck them over without any repercussions, sometimes even without disappearing, for there’s no community to witness, remember or condemn, and this decivilizing process has been amplified much further by the internet, that ultimate enabler of social irresponsibility.

    Welcome to Los Angeles, have a nice day.

    If any readers have not yet been to Montana, put it on your list. I visited many times, summer and winter and loved the place. It remains one of my favourite states.

    Great article, as usual Link Dinh.

  10. Linh Dinh says: • Website

    Hi swamped,

    This article was finished a few days ago, but since I had a slight backlog here at Unz, I waited to send it in. Japan clash is less than an hour away. Odds are not good, but coach Hang-Seo has pulled off a few surprises already.


    • Replies: @swamped
  11. escobar says:

    The paragraph starting with “Some may sneer…” and the short next one are superb,.
    But why the “erasure of Israel”? You’re using the same language the beloved Fuehrer used about what he’d do to the Jews: “Ausradieren,” or “eradicate, erase.”
    How about just the “taming” of Israel. getting them to live, one nation among the nations of the Middle East. Read Snyder’s “Bloodlands,” about the erasing of 14 million civilians in Eastern Europe by Stalin and Hitler. Haven’t we had enough “erasing” in the second half of the 2oth century?
    Seek the inner Athenian, not the inner Goth in yourself, the poet. There are enough “warriors” (for just causes and for higher ROsI out there already, among Jews and Christians.

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @bike-anarkist
  12. Lelle says:

    Linh Dinh is a very gifted writer, his articles are refreshing to read because they are absolutely free from western political correctness.

    That does not mean his views are accurate but that is surely not his point, he is smart enough to realize that. His views on Isreal or Jews do not stand up for scruteny, are childish and if publised in Arabic countries one could call them political correct.

    Imagine for a minute there is no or haven´t been any Jewish state in the 20th century, would the middle east be a prosperous and peaceful part of the world? The muslims are divided into two major sects ok? Iran and Iraq fought a war 1980 – 88 enormous casualties for both nations, was this a result Israelś policy?

    Before the state of Israel the arabs were ruled by the Ottoman Empire for hundreds of year, a result of Jewish influence?

    Gadaffi was eliminated and what is the situation in Lybia now? There are at least three fractions fighting each other, ordinary people have a worse standard of living than before the so called Arabic spring. The work of Israel?

  13. Anonymous [AKA "TedP"] says:

    Hi, in the plastic recycling place you discussed a while back; is the plastic local or is it shipped in from overseas (USA)?

    • Replies: @Linh Dinh
  14. Lelle says:
    @The Alarmist

    Nah, the world does not pretend is just exists and it has absolutely no meaning.

    People everywhere wants a higher standard of living – unless they are religious indoctrinated- Linh Dinh is free to write what he thinks but he seems to forget his articles hadn´t reached the number of readers it does without western technology.

    Also, the persons responsible for many of technological inventions in the 20th century which have meant a higher standard of living were/are of Jewish decent.

    May I recommend a book by Daniel Kahneman called Thinking Fast And Slow, he is regarded as the worlds most influential psychologist.

    • Replies: @Che Guava
  15. BGReader says:

    “especially when most exalted, inspired or incisive, and in the American case, we’re talking about Whitman”

    OK, Ill let the gay New Yorker (Whitman) receive his due. At least you didn’t write Allen Ginsberg or Maya Angelou. I was forced to read both in college as part of the ‘diversity cult’.

    Did you ever consider opening up a bookstore/cafe in a second-tier beach city in Vietnam and doing readings yourself and inviting some of your literary friends to make appearances from time to time. I’m sure you would be listed in a rough guide or lonely planet and get local, tourist and expat traffic. Maybe keep it simple, like the countryside cafe’s you admire so much.

    Thanks for writing your thoughts and perspectives.

  16. Interesting that the first two comments react solely to ‘erasure of Israel.’ Hard at work. If you can’t get a real job, there’s always hasbara!

    In fact the erasure of Israel is irreversible and well underway. The occupying white supremacists of the Zionist criminal enterprise fell into a trap. They ratified multiple human rights covenants, more even than the US did, seeking facile legitimacy and clearly thinking they could talk their way out of them.

    What happened was different. Israel is now formally accused of bad-faith interpretation of treaty commitments from which they cannot withdraw under the legal principle of continuity of obligations. This violates a peremptory norm of international law, giving the international community erga omnes responsibility to protect Palestinian victims. Derogations of non-derogable rights are prompting coordinated pressure by treaty bodies, charter bodies, and special procedures. The USA has been unable to corrupt these organizations the way it corrupted the UN Secretariat.

    The outcome will be institutional investigation of Israel’s systematic and widespread breaches of international criminal law constituting the crime against humanity of extermination, with prosecution in universal jurisdiction or the International Criminal Court. As US standing and influence decline, Israel will be forced to sacrifice criminal officials to prosecution. To save their necks the state will come into compliance with human rights law, and that will end the state of Israel as we know it. Human rights turns Israel into a free Palestine.

    You can watch it unfold here, slowly and ineluctably.

    • Replies: @anarchyst
  17. >>In a more anonymous urban environment, populated mostly by transplants or transients, you can much more easily fuck them or fuck them over without any repercussions, sometimes even without disappearing

    Dont quite agree. Say in anonymous NYC, because of its anonymity, very tenuous connections and eternal suspicions of getting screwed.

    Out here in the village I live (in Sri Lanka), the villagers connected by birth, marriage etc are always being played by each other, many times over.

    >>white haired man with black teeth strolls across my vision. Vietnamese used to lacquer their teeth
    White teeth were dog-like, Vietnamese used to sneer.

    White is/was the color of death in most of Asia.
    The same (as in blackening teeth) in Kerala and Sri Lanka according to Marco Polo.

  18. Anon[300] • Disclaimer says:

    “..getting them to live, one nation among the nations of the Middle East.”

    Is this even possible? Jews have never looked on non-Jews as equals, only chattel to be exploited. And you expect this to change how?

    • Replies: @escobar
  19. anarchyst says:

    I wish calling out Israel could be hastened and made effective, but the “elephant in the room” is the USA–Israel’s “bitch”. While the USA is on the United Nation’s “Security Council”, Israel is safe from criticism.

  20. Anarchyst, There’s actually one very promising approach to that problem. The US squelched it last time it came up but it will come up again and again, with the US increasingly despised and illegitimate, and eventually it will take effect.

    The Small Five proposed UNSC reforms that frame the problem not simply as US lawlessness but as the institutionalized impunity of the veto. They want to circumscribe the veto power with restrictions that don’t require amendment of the UN Charter.

    Challenges to UNSC veto impunity never go away.

    If the US hangs onto its impunity, that will destroy the UN, and everybody’s fine with that. The UN itself (in a report of the Joint Inspection Unit) has candidly considered its own dissolution with a successor organization designed to control the problem of US-type asshole nations. They say the League of Nations gave way to the UN, so the UN can give way to a more democratic world order.

  21. Hello Linh Dinh, your writing often has some quite quotable gems I note down, like this profound as well as lulzy one above:

    but is there a more racist term than “people of color,” for it slots whites, again, as unique, if only to be pilloried

    One particularly sharp expression of yours I often recall, was on how so much of the world was being sold on the idea of some kind of ‘Jewish saviour’, whether Jesus or Moses or Marx, or Mohammed too, very ‘Abrahamic’ as he was, a Jewess amongst his wives included.

    Tech note for Linh Dinh – your photos are great, but the links to your Google blog are uncomfortable as I see them using Firefox, and discourage browsing that site or looking for more photos etc. When I click on a link above to your photo blog, I get an unappetising list of place names in an ugly block, and if I am persistent enough to scroll down, I see one photo. I am no web master or advisor, but you are probably missing a big audience for your lively work. I think Google has left its blog platform as rubbish because the Google goons in fact hate independent bloggers.

    Regarding the Linh Dinh critique of Jewish saviours and Israel – which I see as having profound elements, unlike some commenters above –

    This notion should be a much broader thread amidst the South, East, and South-East Asian religious viewpoints.

    Some Hindus not caught up in the pro-Zionist dalliances of the typical India politician, have written scathingly of the ‘desert bloc’ religions, which, as Egypt’s Dr Ashraf Ezzat has noted, spawned the Abrahamic religions within a few hundred kilometres of each other, and all by the same kind of desert tribals, whom Ezzat has described as ‘extremist, fanatic, and of low culture’ … which is what can happen when life or death is all about who can hold possession of a rare watering hole (heaven) so you aren’t tormented in the heat (‘eternal hell’, as the barbaric Abrahamic idea goes).

    Ezzat does interesting scholarship arguing the Jewish bible stories re Egypt are a hoax, and the Jews were probably in origin a group of devious Arab bandits from the Yemen region –
    (a) Ancient Egypt had records on everything, but essentially zero re Jews and their ‘exodus’
    (b) The oldest Bible text existent, is not in ‘Hebrew’, but the Greek Septuagint from Alexandria, where Jews possibly fabricated the whole thing a few centuries before Jesus, to glamourise themselves by linking to wondrous Egypt
    (c) Israeli archaelologists, despite decades of fanatic searching, have found little to confirm ‘ancient Israel’ as in the ‘holy book’

    A lot of the things that Western people cite lovingly about Christianity, the ‘nice Jesus’ stuff, is actually Buddhist material. E.g., Marcus Borg’s book, ‘Jesus & Buddha: The Parallel Sayings’ documents how some of Jesus’ most-loved phrases imitate Buddha hundreds of years earlier

    Christianity is sometimes described as a ‘Buddhist shoot grafted to a Jewish root’ … Some say during Jesus’ ‘missing years’ between ages 15 & 29, Jesus either travelled to India or was influenced by Indian-origin teachers or traders in Palestine

    Whereas one of the arguments against Christianity, is that, like Islam, it tends to foster a cult of Jewishness, always giving Jewish influence a leg up … some claiming that this is why the Jew Paul created Christianity for the Greco-Romans and the West, whilst other Jews created Islam for the Arabs, and rabbi’s grandson Karl Marx created yet another ‘Abrahamic religion’ for the ‘enlightened atheists’ … as Linh Dinh suggests, ‘Jewish saviours’ foisted upon us, in schemes that tend to erase the local culture and its goddesses and gods

    • Replies: @anarchyst
    , @ThreeCranes
  22. escobar says:

    No, I don’t expect it to happen, not until something truly awful happens first.
    Germany changed after their cities were reduced to rubble.

    Who ever learns from history? Did Americans learn from Vietnam? Did the Jews learn from the Holocaust? Did the Palestinians learn from 1948?
    The March of Folly will not end. Or, as Nietzsche observed: “How good bad music sounds when we march against an enemy.”

  23. @German_reader

    The erasure of “Israel” is the right thing. It is not what it was purported to be. It and its supporters are an exceptionally corrosive influence on most nations’ governments and world peace. This is not a state that even in its founding ideas promises any cooperation with a peaceful future for all mankind. Rothschildlandia must end.

    • Replies: @RobinG
  24. I have the same pleasure in humanity as you brother. I enjoy reading your writings very much.

  25. anarchyst says:

    “Christianity is sometimes described as a ‘Buddhist shoot grafted to a Jewish root’ … Some say during Jesus’ ‘missing years’ between ages 15 & 29, Jesus either travelled to India or was influenced by Indian-origin teachers or traders in Palestine.”
    That is a very interesting take on Christianity, which bears further investigation and bears merit. In fact, many of Jesus Christ’s teachings DO have a Buddhist flavor.
    Tying Judaism to Christianity was a clever trick used by the jews to “cement” their claim to the “land of Israel” while rejecting the covenant, to which I reply, “God is not a real estate agent”.
    Jews rejected the covenant when they murdered Jesus Christ. Their covenant with God was then “null and void”.
    It is the flawed Schofield translation of the Bible that elevated jews to the status of Christianity’s “elder brothers”, which was then reinforced by the Catholic (flawed) “Vatican II Ecumenical Council” in the 1960s.
    I cringe when I hear well-meaning people talk about out judeo-Christian heritage.
    Nothing could be further from the truth.
    The only common thread between Christianity and judaism is the Ten Commandments, nothing more.
    The god of judaism is a vengeful god, totally unlike the merciful and welcoming God of Christianity.
    Christianity welcomes ALL, regardless of nationality or social status, not true of judaism.
    Judaism is an insular belief system that shuns outsiders, prohibits proselytization, and promotes a form of supremacy, relegating all gentiles (non-jews) to the status of livestock-subhumans with souls, only to be used for the advancement and benefit of jews.
    Jews DID murder Jesus Christ. Sad to say, even the present-day (post-Vatican II ecumenical council) Catholic church has bought into absolving the jews for Jesus Christ’s murder.
    As always is the case, the jews got others, the Romans to do their dirty work for them, the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. How can Christians have the same values as the Jews; the very people who denounced and betrayed the founder of Christianity, Jesus Christ, and call for his execution (by others, of course, that is the Jewish way). It makes absolutely no sense at all.
    Jews have no respect for Christianity, for Jesus Christ or Mary, his mother, who are both honored as Prophets in Islam, but instead, Jews spit on hearing their names and do the same while passing a Christian of any kind or a Christian Church in Israel. They have no respect for Christians or any other religion.
    It is time the Jewish lobbies and the American Government leaders as well as the evangelical Christian leaders who mislead the poor American young into joining the military and believing that they are doing something for God and Christianity by fighting Israel’s wars were named, shamed and arrested and tried for treason.

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @M. Hartley
  26. Linh Dinh says: • Website

    Hi TedP,

    All of our plastic garbage is local, as is clear from even the brand names on all the items.


  27. RobinG says:

    100% agree, but that word ‘erasure’ does freak people out, including non-Jews. How about dissolution. Or peaceful dismantlement …. that’s what the Torah Jews are calling for. Either way, the end is near. 2021.

    • Replies: @Rabbitnexus
  28. swamped says:
    @Linh Dinh

    Golden Dragons put up a fight & made a respectable 0-1 result, only giving up a penalty goal, so not a bad performance overall; but Japan had lopsided possession and controlled most of match. Japan’s pass accuracy of 86% with over twice as many passes in the match was telling.China got clobbered again, this time by Iran, which avoids another Japan v. China clash, which are often emotional. Australia & South Korea should waltz through their quarter-finals today to the other semi-final meeting. So, the traditional powers in Asian football are holding fast.

    • Replies: @swamped
  29. Anon[300] • Disclaimer says:

    Yes, and that is exactly the word that Jewish religions, including the Old Testament, revolve around: vengeance. Could there be a more vengeful people in the world? Consider George Soros wrecking Europe as revenge for his time in a concentration camp. Or the Sheldon Adelson trying to get revenge on Iran. Or the wrath visited on any poor goy who questions the ADL. AIPAC, and SPLC . Or Putin or Trump. And yes, the vengeful death of our Lord Jesus. How many more examples could I cite?

    Also you are correct that the New Testament is full of references to the old Jewish laws becoming null and void after Jesus. I was reading on the other night in Galatians, although misled Evangelicals that I have known interpret them as Anti-Catholic. And these same Evangelicals fail to see the contradiction between the vengeance in the Old Testament and the spirit of forgiveness and peace that Jesus spread. Here’s a hint: when there is a conflict always go with Jesus.

    • Replies: @anonymous
    , @Stonehands
  30. anonymous[340] • Disclaimer says:

    What informs your suggestion that George Soros spent any time in a concentration camp?

    Not even the finely spun Wikipedia entry on “George” mentions this.

    • Replies: @Dan Hayes
    , @Dan Hayes
  31. @Lelle

    The US who’s totally under Israel’s direction and control, financed, armed (including providing chemical weapons) and ordered Saddam Hussein’s attack on Iran as payback for having been kicked out of Iran in 1979 when the Ayatollahs took control of the country. They’re still pissed off about it, and likely will remain so.

  32. Dan Hayes says:


    Not only did George Soros NOT spend time in a concentration camp; as a youngster inventorying Jewish properties for the Nazis he at the very least was a low-level collaborator.

  33. Dan Hayes says:


    Not only did Soros NOT spend time in a concentration camp, he spent time in his youth inventorying Jewish properties for the Nazis! I believe that he later claimed that those were some of his most satisfying times.

  34. swamped says:

    ha, ha…couldn’t have been more wrong!major upsets today at Asian Cup!UAE takes down Australia & even tinier Qatar humbles S.Korea!who would have thought?Even one of these upsets would have been unimaginable…but two!Qatar should really be looking forward to WC ’22 now if they can hold their own in the competition. And Qatar v. UAE on Tue. will have some juicy political undertones. That’s why these tournaments are such fun!Golden Dragons can learn from them!

  35. @RobinG

    I get it but I like “Erasure” myself. Satisfyingly final yet not as blunt as the words I’d like to use. It doesn’t sound worse than stroking it a bit with a giant rubber. I don’t know if it will be that soon but I don’t doubt their end is near. More like a decade or 2 I reckon before it just begins to topple from internal rot and population decline.

    • Replies: @RobinG
  36. AWM says:

    Hicks: All right. We take off. Nuke the site from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.

    • LOL: Talha
  37. @Escher

    “A reduction in Israeli influence on America will be welcome though” – how do you envisage bringing this about? AIPAC is way too entrenched

  38. RobinG says:

    Happy Birthday, Angela Davis!

    Some may have mixed feelings about this (due to her previous association with Communists, Black Panthers, etc.), but the org. that yielded to Jewish pressure to NOT honor Angela Davis with an award, has reversed itself again. They have publicly apologized and offered her the award, after all. Not yet known whether she will accept.

    This is a big deal. Angela Davis has supported Palestinians, and the Jews were crying anti-Semitism. There’s been a lot of publicity around this case. Now, facing down the anti-Semitism trope for criticizing Israel, they, and Michelle Alexander’s op-ed in the NYT, are turning the tide.

    If the name of that land reverts to Palestine, of course ‘erasure’ will be correct. Rubber? Seems more like one of those felt cleaners for a chalk board, lol.

  39. iffen says:

    You ole hasbara rascal. Found out after all this time. Look, can you get me on the payroll? I’m tired of doing this stuff for free.

  40. Sowhat says:

    Is that what Trump would call a Scheißloch Country? No offense intended. Just trying to be humorous at their expense.

  41. iffen says:

    Decent article, LD, stop wishing for America’s Armageddon; it will get here soon enough.

    Forget about us.

    Give us those artistic pieces and vignettes on the down and out Vietnamese like you did for Americans.

  42. renfro says:

    Let’s end on a hopeful note. From America’s imminent collapse, we may anticipate, or at least wish, for a list of positive outcomes: the recovery of national sovereignty worldwide, including for Americans themselves; the erasure of Israel; the cessation of the serial war on Muslims; the loss of appeal of pop culture and, with it, the relentless promotion of arrested development.

    Beautiful , beautiful, beautiful !

    And your writing style is always a pleasure to read.

  43. renfro says:

    Either Israel goes or the Jews go…take your pick. Because we have had enough of this treason in our government.

    Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi and Haim Saban, at the Israeli American Council, December 2018.

    Last month Nancy Pelosi, the speaker of the House, assured a pro-Israel Jewish audience that the arrival of Congresswomen Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar (and maybe also Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez) as critics of Israel would not affect the U.S. relationship with Israel.

    ”Remove all doubt in your mind. It’s just a question of not paying attention to a few people who may want to go their own way, but as far as our Congress is concerned we try very hard to unify, to have bipartisanship in all of this… If you hear of one person or another– it’s not about anything other than perhaps their individual vote.”

    ”The principles we would hope to see there are a two state solution– [jeers]. I know there’s controversy but the extreme left on this is asking for a one-state solution– so understand we have to strike the balance…”

    That was surely an allusion to the progressive Democratic base that supports democracy over occupation; and to Omar and Tlaib’s support for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) targeting Israel for its treatment of Palestinians.

    Pelosi’s political calculation demolishes that standby of the Israel lobby: that Israel will only respond to hugs, not pressure. In fact, only pressure will change the political calculus of this stalemated conflict.

    Pelosi appeared on the same Florida stage that Trump’s biggest donors, Sheldon and Miriam Adelson, also appeared on, and she assured Haim Saban, a megadonor to the Democratic Party, who had asked about the new House and the progressive Democratic base, that the Capitol could crumble to the ground and still the Democrats would be for Israel.

    ”I’m very pleased…according to one study that I have seen, that 70 percent of Jewish people in our country voted Democratic in this election. That’s very important point in terms of our connection. I have said to people when they ask me, If this Capitol crumbled to the ground, the one thing that would remain would be our commitment to our aid, I don’t even call it our aid, our cooperation with Israel. That’s fundamental to who we are.”

    The event was the Israeli American Council conference (which I’m catching up to a month later). Pelosi went down a list of supporters of Israel, many of them Jewish, in positions of House leadership in the new Congress:

    ”I want you to take great pride in the fact that Debbie Wasserman Schultz who was here in a bipartisan situation is a what we call a cardinal, a Jewish cardinal in the Appropriations Committee. The cardinals are the chairs of the committees. She has a very important position on Appropriations, which is where this bill of funding for Israel takes place.”

    Two people who were going to be here. Lois Frankel is on the Foreign Affairs committee. Alcee Hastings on rules, but he’s our top person, our chairman of the Helsinki [Commission]. That’s important in terms of antisemitism as well as pro Israel initiatives.

    Ted Deutch from this area is the chair of the middle east subcommittee of the Foreign Affairs Committee.

    The list goes on. Nita Lowey is the chair of the Appropriations Committee, the first woman, and a big supporter of Israel as you know, strong Israel US relationship. Eliot Engel is the chair of the Foreign Affairs Committee. Adam Schiff is the chair of the Intelligence Committee. So we have people very well placed who share our values in terms of the heart, Israel in heart and Israeliness in spirit. Shared values. Remove all doubt in your mind. It’s just a question of not paying attention to a few people who may want to go their own way but as far as our Congress is concerned we try very hard to unify, to have bipartisanship in all of this.

    She offered her standard line on Israel being the greatest thing that happened in the 20th century.

    “”I believe that the establishment of the state of Israel was the greatest political accomplishment of the Twentieth Century… Here was this beacon of hope, of values…””.

    She shamed the Palestinians:

    “”We have to I think in Congress make it really clear to Palestinians that we expect them to be responsible negotiators and we haven’t seen a lot of that thus far. And we have to say in our friends in the Arab world, you can weigh in on this in a way that makes them responsible negotiators. Because we really want again to see Israel prevails as a Jewish, democratic state. But we have to see that there is security.””

    She said it had to be communicated to young Americans that support for Israel is not an “issue”:

    This is a glorious undertaking that we are in… Let us make this a joyous reach to young people, that they will be part of sharing values that are fundamental to our country, fundamental to us in our relationship with Israel… Let’s make this something that takes them to a place where they will be leaders and they will be proud.

    It’s part of who we are as Americans…. This is not an issue, this is a value, this is an ethic, this is part of who we are…

    • Replies: @eah
  44. Ahem says:

    I wonder if Linh Dinh has ever browsed through the koran, in particular the 300+ verses of abrogation.

    Has he read any of the authentic hadiths, Bhukhari et al, or read any of Muhammad’s biography?

    Has he even read any history of Islam written by a non apologist?

    There are almost no Jews left in most of the Islamic world. The once large Christian communities are also diminishing to vanishing point in those benighted regions.

    All of that would have happened, Israel or no Israel.

    Does Linh Dinh think otherwise?

  45. Dear Linh Dinh. I like reading your articles, and look forward to them. I spend a lot of time in Cambodia and hate sitting on the floor to eat, or for any other reason. I am an old man and my old bones and joints just cannot bear sitting on the floor. I don’t even like the food because even though most of the ingredients are those I often eat, the Khmer throw lemon-grass into every god-damn thing they cook, and I hate the taste of lemon-grass. The only thing I like about sitting on the floor eating Khmer food is… well nothing. Looking forward to your next article. I like your style.

  46. @eah

    Since enormously fecund Hispanics and increasingly influential Arab-Americans and indifferent high-caste Hindus and positively anti-Semitic US blacks are neither white Nationalists nor care a whit about World War II or are aware of when it happened (Ask the average Cholo or Hoodrat on the street; he lives in the existential present of instant gratification ie bling, fast cars, girls and drugs) it does not bode well for Jews.

    Arab-Americans and Hispanics are not firming up to be great host populations.

    Typically Latino third world countries are run by pale-skinned Hispanics whose ancestors expelled Jews from Spain-Andalusian castizos of Mexico, Catalan Spaniards of Cuba whose descendants currently run Miami.

    Most posters here are too young or too hickish to remember when black riots against Jews in the ghettos of Newark, Los Angeles and Detroit were commonplace up to 1967 or so when Jews were still the merchants and slumlords of the ghetto.

    Without whites to be a buffer and cohesive force in US society (Police, civil servants, taxpayers) none of these people are going to get along very well.

    • Replies: @republic
    , @Biff
    , @eah
  47. I haven’t read all of Linh Dinh’s vignettes but being such a world traveller I wonder if he ever commented on the difference in sensitivity in the auditory organ between whites and the rest. I get the impression that most Asians and others have damaged hearing, or something wrong. One of the few things that used to annoy me in Asia was the noise everywhere you went and how everything, radio, TV, was always turned on full blast. And it seems they only knew of two settings on the dial: full blast or off, and if you told someone to turn it down they’d just go and switch it off. The constant noise used to drive me up the wall, and got me wondering as to why, and I concluded it must be the heavy rains that go on for ages, but whether it’s also hereditary I don’t know. I have slept in similar conditions as Linh mentions in this article, with the monsoon rains pounding on the roof but unlike him I never got used to it.

    I never used ear plugs but I remember once seeing a European gentleman in Thailand walking amongst the bar beer bars, still blasting out their Thai pop early in the morning, while wearing huge colourful ear mufflers and a broad smile on his face. And another time I saw a smiling European bloke driving his SUV in the Philippines with all windows open blasting out at full volume classical music while all the local shops and vehicles were playing rap, hip-hop and general pop music at top volume. I found that guy most amusing, he must have really had it with all that annoying trashy pop 24/7, and he made sure his in-car hi-fi had more power than theirs so that he could drown out all their noise with classical European music. Oh, and when he’d go to an open- air bar or coffee shop, such as the one described in the article, he’d park his vehicle in front leaving the windows open and the classics playing while having a beer and watching the world go by.

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
    , @Anonymous
  48. @Commentator Mike

    I’ve lived in Philippines and yes, most Filipinos suffer hearing damage by age 50 from Kareoke. They also don’t brush their teeth, drink constantly, smoke meth, don’t wear sunglasses and have terrible diets.

    The average Filipino does not live much after age sixty. You’d be surprised how old a 45 year old Filipino looks.

  49. Anonymous [AKA "Anon39"] says:

    I always appreciate reading a Linh Dinh article as acute observations served up in an engaging writing style are, as they say, a dying art. There are very few writers around these days who can invoke that feeling that they are sitting across from you at a cafe table and shooting the breeze over a cup of coffee.

    Linh is always welcome at my table. I’ll even cover the coffee.

    And yeah, you can erase Israel any time, I sure as hell wouldn’t miss it.

  50. @eah

    Funny how the Holodomor victims are never remembered or honored.

    • Replies: @By-tor
    , @eah
  51. @German_reader

    Israel was a terrible mistake and an infected wound that is spreading. Jews are welcome to stay on land, provided they actually own it, to see what it is like being a second class citizen.

    • Replies: @Sam J.
  52. The Jews will destroy Israel. They are, after all, Jews. They shit where they eat. They always try to destroy where they are, where they have been and where they will be. The Messiah never shows up.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  53. TKK says:

    I have lived in Cambodia and Indonesia, and spent long periods in Viet Nam and Laos.

    Also Turkey.

    I do not believe I am better than anyone else simply because I had the cash to book a plane ticket and the courage to go to a new place.

    True wisdom comes when one accepts that people are the same all over the world. Greed chaos and murder are the themes of the universe .

    The elite .001% … people who drop $245K on a tablecloth in Lucern Switzerland… own as much wealth… 26 people…own as much as the bottom half of the whole world.

    The author is distracting the reader with maudlin musings ( lacquered teeth are a carnival oddity even in Southeast Asia) and boring Jew hatred but never addresses the catastrophic reality of the global slavery of the poor and middle class.

    Note: No one I met in SE Asia knew what a Jew was. They don’t know what Israel is. Don’t buy this con.
    Only Western leftists and political activists Muslims are hand wringing and obsessing over Jews.

    It’s a luxury. Working class people the world over are hustling to make coin….. not jacking off over Moshe’s false machinations to rule the world.

  54. @Lelle

    His views on Isreal or Jews do not stand up for scruteny(sic), are childish…

    You know what’s childish? It’s coming to UR and spouting the same old crapola about the chosen, “high IQ,” yet eternal victims that we hear plenty of elsewhere. LD is more than correct, so give it up, already, will ya?

  55. @TKK

    Note: No one I met in SE Asia knew what a Jew was. They don’t know what Israel is.

    Well, they better learn, and damn quick.

    I wonder if the Vietnamese ever heard of the monster, Kissinger…

  56. What percentage of the well-to-do colonialist was Jewish in origin during the French occupation of Indo-China, in particular, Vietnam? Just curious!

    • Replies: @jacques sheete
  57. By-tor says:
    @Johnny Walker Read

    That’s because there was no official Soviet record of the ‘conspiracy’, since it is a product of the Bandera Ukrainian-Canadian emigres of the 1980’s. The reduction of agricultural output due to droughts, US-UK- sanctions and unorthodox liberal agricultural policies during the early 1930’s was felt worldwide.

  58. Che Guava says:


    Most were western European, American, later east Asian, especially Japan, now more China.

    Whether and at what stages the standard of living was raised is a mystery, but Henry Ford was surely a genius. He ran a great newspaper for some time.

    As for Japan, Morita of Sony and Honda of Honda set up great businesses post-war. Legend has it (and I believe) that Honda bought a great vat of booze immediately after the end of the war, then set up the company with his drinking partners.

    I like that tale, and believe it. It has been dramatised, quite touching.

    Unfortunately, Sony’s overseas media purchases are now under Jewish control.

    The nation of Israel relies on massive subsidies and technology theft from the U.S.A., and anywhere else they can, always has.

    No, why read your bullshit book? Even so-called Jewish advances in physics are only on the shoulders of giants of Brit., French, and German physics.

    I cannot recall the name of one Jewish mathematician of note (unless one is counting modular arithmetic for ciphers). I suppose one other, I think Mandelbrot was Jewish, his work was simple but interesting, and an extension of earlier work, not his own, and his writing spent more time on goy maths than on his own, not meagre, but not major, little algorithm.

    Otherwise …

    Comments like yours are good, they should make people question the general narrative.

    • Agree: jacques sheete
    • Replies: @jacques sheete
  59. Patricia says:

    I enjoyed your article. I just wanted to say that I think you are mistaken in your understanding of Islam. While I have been opposed to US wars in the Middle East (and most US foreign policy) Muslims are nonetheless not victims. There are indeed war victims and we should have left those nations intact. But Islam has been at war against the rest of the world for 1400 years. They are now invading Europe, which they have done since about the time of Mohammed, and are there to conquer. In the meantime, they are engaging in industrial-scale gang-rape and torture of European girls and killing off the population one-by-one. One day, there will probably be a genocide in Europe, although the Italians, Poles, Hungarians and others provide us with some hope. Global conquest is the goal of Islam. This is often accomplished through hijra, through mass migration, and through jiahd. They believe there will be a global caliphate, eventually. Israel is much more of a victim than an aggressor. I used to believe the news media reports which tend to make Palestinians appear to be the victims, but I do not believe this any longer. I have seen many times how the media lies about events in Israel. I think we are deceived. Rich Muslim nations now tend to dominate at the UN and they also have their hands in our media and in our educational system. They misinform us with their version of events and have bought out politicians all over the Western world, who now try to push Sharia on European people, in consequence. I think it is the Muslim influence, not the Israeli influence, that we should fear.

    • Replies: @jacques sheete
  60. @Reuben Kaspate

    What percentage of the well-to-do colonialist was Jewish in origin during the French occupation of Indo-China, in particular, Vietnam? Just curious!

    I had a very similar thought and I’m curious as well.

    I bet we already know a major part of the answer…

    • Replies: @Reuben Kaspate
  61. @Patricia

    I think it is the Muslim influence, not the Israeli influence, that we should fear.

    Sounds more like paranoia and propaganda than thinking. You probably should think that claims like those are gonna be a hard sell around here because most of us here are tired of hearing such malarky. Only the trolls applaud.
    Have a nice day now!

    • Agree: bike-anarkist
  62. @Che Guava

    May I recommend a book by Daniel Kahneman called Thinking Fast And Slow, …

    No, why read your bullshit book?

    Why, indeed. Based on her “recommendation.” I know that I’m now gonna run right out and grab a copy! As if! Everyone knows that we dumb goyim are stupid, but advice like that is really contemptuous of us.

    ..he is regarded as the worlds most influential psychologist.

    Now that’s immmmpprreesssivve! Not. Gimmee a break; who “regards” him as such? Funny stuff there, mama!

  63. @TKK

    …not jacking off over Moshe’s false machinations to rule the world.

    You wanna know who the wankers are? Many of them are the Zio-Commie apologists. “False machinations” of Moshe?

    So you think that “Moshe” Marx and his handlers were faking it? Now, go clean yer keyboard.

  64. republic says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    Most posters here are too young or too hickish to remember when black riots against Jews in the ghettos of Newark, Los Angeles and Detroit were commonplace up to 1967 or so when Jews were still the merchants and slumlords of the ghetto.

    I have never heard of any anti Jewish riots in those cities. Pogroms have never occurred in the US.

    Jewish people maybe disliked in some quarters ,but anti-Jewish riots or pogroms have never occurred in the US.

    The US is a very tolerant country. Look up what George Washington said about the Jewish people in his letter to the Synagogue in Newport, Rhode Island in 1790:

    He stated among other things in that letter

    The government of the United States gives to bigotry no sanction, to persecution no assistance…

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  65. “Some may sneer that no one cares about poetry, but that’s exactly the problem,”

    Not sure we in America even know what constitutes real poetry. The last person in this country that I can recall who was described as a “poet” was–would you believe Rod McKuen?

  66. @escobar

    Of course Jews can live!
    He is talking about the State of Israel.
    and if erased, we can expect better behaviour from former Diaspora Jews.

  67. @anarchyst

    Good material. Cf: Marcion of Sinope. And I wish you would separate your paragraphs.

  68. @TKK


    True, nobody in Southeast Asia would know who was or was not a Jew. I met only three or four. One was a jeweler in Thailand when I bought my wife a ring. He was an American and not wealthy, owning a little hole-in-the-wall jewelry store.

    Another Jew I knew in the Philippines owned a shellfish factory. He got by but was not particularly wealthy.

    In Cambodia and Philippines a few Chinese make up the 1%.

    Even Filipino and Thai Muslims don’t really care about Israel or know much about it. I cannot speak for Malaysia or Indonesia but I would be surprised if they knew much about Israel either.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  69. @jacques sheete

    No Vietnamese under 40 has a clue who he was. Or Nixon.

    And while Jews may or may not be behind IMF-though an Irish-American war criminal named McNamara invented this-few Southeast Asians feel that Jews are turning their daughters into pornified sluts or degrading their culture or messing with their country’s reserve.

    The reason that lower class to working class white Americans resent Jews is partly tax money loss to Israel but mostly just a class thing. They perceive Jews to be the doctors and lawyers and upper-class.

    It is also regional, because Anglo-Celtics from the US interior and South feel as if the East Coast has all the power and influence and they equate this with Jewry and with Irish Catholics like Kennedy who spearheaded desegregation.

  70. @Jeff Stryker

    And while Jews may or may not be behind IMF-though an Irish-American war criminal named McNamara invented this…

    While you are correct about the war criminal charge, you forgot to name your source(s) and I call the rest of your claim BS. Try again.

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  71. @jacques sheete

    Everybody knows McNamara founded the IMF. Who would need a link to prove that? His Catholic guilt from the sins of Vietnam drove him to do something he believed was positive for developing countries-he would later say so himself.

    Kissinger was a typical Jewish hustler with a sharp eye for weak points in the power structure (Paraphrasing Hunter S. Thompson) but he was not the engineer of the Vietnam War. Kissinger was a glorified hanger-on. Nixon despised Jews (Listen to his now-public audio recordings) and derided them in front of Kissinger.

  72. @republic

    Korean, Jewish and Irish ghetto merchants were burned out of Watts LA with the same degree of racial animosity by black residents.

    In point of racial hatred, it was worst between blacks and Korean shopkeepers. But in the 1967 riots Jewish merchants and shopkeepers were also driven out of the ghetto. At that point, their kids were doctors or Hollywood producers or lawyers who did not want to run Dad’s liquor store in the ghetto anyhow.

    Long-term, these mini-pogroms were a good thing. With no non-black merchant class in the ghetto, nobody give’s a rat’s hind end if blacks riot and burn their cities down. Ferguson got less attention than LA because by then nobody but blacks lived there.

  73. Anonymous[367] • Disclaimer says:
    @Commentator Mike

    We’re really talking about low class Village Asians, as opposed to refined city people.

    Having said that, your observations ring true and not just in terms of audio sensitivity. Look at how the villagers like to burn all their rubbish and stand around smoking cigarettes. What could be pristine countryside air becomes worse than any European city. They just don’t even notice, for it is below their sensitivity threshold.

  74. Anonymous[367] • Disclaimer says:

    The Messiah never shows up.

    Well he did, but they killed him.

  75. Anonymous[367] • Disclaimer says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    I cannot speak for Malaysia or Indonesia but I would be surprised if they knew much about Israel either.

    Malaysian Buddhists don’t know or care what a jew is, nor have any idea about Israel.

    Malaysian Christians, be they Indian or Chinese, tend to tow the western line.

    Malays are strongly against Israel and strongly supportative of Palestine. It’s common for them to be wearing Palestinian flag colours and putting Palestinian flags on their cars whenever the solidarity movement flares up.

    Indonesians definitely know the situation but don’t normally feel so strongly. Palestine is a long way away and Indonesians are Indonesian first and Muslim second.

    As for Thai Muslims, most of them are pretty cut off from their roots. Although malay, most cannot even speak malay language. They’re basically half way to complete Thaiification.

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  76. @TKK

    “Murder and chaos”

    You may or may not be American but it is FAR more dangerous for a working middle class white males in lower-income parts of US cities than in Southeast Asia.

    Not every white in the US can move to a small town in the Ozarks to get away from the urban hellscape.

    My experience with retired African-Americans in the Philippines was that they were just glad to be out of the squalor of the ghetto.

    The worst of the American population cannot move to other countries.

    I cannot speak for Westerners from Australia or UK. Most of them seemed to be dirty older men or on the rebound from divorces or on the run from child support.

    As for globalism, it has had a mixed effect on Asia. Outsourcing has created an Asian middle-class. I’ve been overseas for twenty years and many countries are now much better-off than they were in 1999.

    As a young American who just wanted to get away from Cholos and Hood Rats, moving to Dubai and then Asia was the solution.

  77. @Jeff Stryker

    Everybody knows McNamara founded the IMF. Who would need a link to prove that?

    I need it because I didn’t know (I’m a really dum Sheete goy) it and don’t believe that he was a founder of the hideous entity, though he was a president of it, I think.

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  78. Biff says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    Most posters here are too young or too hickish to remember when black riots against Jews in the ghettos of Newark, Los Angeles and Detroit were commonplace up to 1967 or so when Jews were still the merchants and slumlords of the ghetto.

    Only a dreamer from mama’s basement could come up none sense like this; riots against Jews? Bwaaahh!, and why do you hang around young hicks anyway?

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  79. @Jeff Stryker

    Everybody knows McNamara founded the IMF.

    Well, you better let the IMF know.

    BOTH OF the founding fathers of the Bretton Woods institutions …: John Maynard Keynes … and Harry Dexter White (at right) …

    Emphases mine.

  80. @Anon

    The Old Testament is the first book of the Christian Bible.

    Matthew 5:17-18

    17 Think not that I am come to destroy the law, or the prophets: I am not come to destroy, but to fulfill.

    18 For verily I say unto you, Till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law, till all be fulfilled.

    The Gospel is not a “higher law” because it is not a law. It’s grace. It’s love. The law was given in love. The law was not superseded by the Gospel because the Gospel-the Word -was before the foundations of the world. The law is not obsolete, rather followers of Christ are no longer under the law because of grace.

    That vengeful God of the OT is “God the Father” Jesus so often referred to.

    God is love.
    God is Judgement.
    God is wrath.

    The Father/Son/Holy Ghost.

  81. @jacques sheete

    The grandson of California’s Irish Quaker community also had a hand it it (And Vietnam). Nixon, that is.

    Let’s give the paddies their due.

    • Replies: @jacques sheete
  82. @Biff


    You are neither American nor were born in 1967 when the LA Watts riots targeting Jewish businesses occurred, so how would you know?

    You are not even old enough to remember LA 1992 riots when Korean storeowners were “burned out” of the ghetto.

    I live overseas so “hanging around young hicks” would be impossible. I’m not even sure you read English well enough to understand what I am saying.

    Obviously, you are not white.

  83. @Anonymous

    Well explained but those in the know in Southeast Asia call the Chinese the Jews of the East, and to aware natives the Chinese are their misfortune. Sure some look at the Chinese as the backbone of their economies since the “lazy” locals would run it into the ground, but don’t many laud the Jews in the west for much the same reasons?

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
    , @Anonymous
  84. Hi Mr. Dinh –

    I hope and pray with every fiber of my being that the possible positive outcomes that you close with come to pass. I might add that the Jews in Western countries must be expelled, and that the ((international banking cartel)) be crushed as well. Finally, that the truth about WWII must come out in order that the German people can recover their mental health. But I guess I am too greedy.

    I had a Vietnamese friend 35 years ago in Easton, PA. We we’re just friends, worked at the same Chinese restaurant and attended the same local community college. One day at his house I was helping him with English and he was helping me with math, when his brothers came in and put a porn video on the TV right in front of me! I guess they did it as a prank to tease their youngest brother, but I was, and am, quite conservative, and I ran out crying and never spoke to him again. I forgot about him completely and only just now remembered. He was so funny, always made me laugh, even he didn’t speak English fluently, because we thought alike. I remember trying to teach him some German words and he couldn’t get the pronunciation at all. He also tried to teach me some Vietnamese words, and I had the same problem. Anyway, sorry for clogging up the comments with this suddenly recovered memory. I am trying to remember his name, but I can’t. It will probably pop into my head tomorrow.

    Thanks for your essays, I enjoy them very much!

  85. Linh Dinh says: • Website

    No one I met in SE Asia knew what a Jew was. They don’t know what Israel is. Don’t buy this con.

    Well, this TKK couldn’t have met many people in Southeast Asia, or, more likely, he’s just lying.

    In 1995, I was happy to stumble upon the Palestinian embassy in Hanoi.
    Wikipedia, “During the height of the Vietnam War in 1968, the Democratic Republic of Vietnam or North Vietnam under its President Ho Chi Minh established diplomatic relations with the Palestine Liberation Organization. In 1976 the PLO mission was established in Hanoi and it was later upgraded into an embassy in 1982. After the Palestinian Declaration of Independence, Vietnam recognized Palestine on 19 November 1988 and the Palestinian Leader Yasser Arafat had visited Vietnam more than 10 times.”


    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  86. @Linh Dinh


    I’m curious about Chinese in Vietnam. In Philippines, they had some of the same qualities that are associated with, ahem, other market-dominant minorities.

    Are Chinese a market-dominant minority in Vietnam like other Southeastern countries?

  87. @Commentator Mike


    Superficially, you are quite correct. The feelings of Malaysians or Indonesians towards Chinese would seemingly mirror sentiments one would hear among many Americans but there are some differences.

    First, Jews entered the United States at a time when it was already industrializing while Chinese entered Southeast Asia in the colonial era or right after when these countries when the natives were oppressed. To some degree, the Spanish in the Philippines oppressed the Chinese. Chinese therefore had a temporary advantage.

    Second, Chinese never had any particular verbal dexterity which might have allowed Jews to excel in film, screenwriting and journalism-media organs that whites accuse them of using to distort cultural values. Few Chinese in Southeast Asia are comedians. Chinese in Philippines and Malaysia were purely shopkeepers and failing that, drug dealers. In the Philippines, Spanish Filipinos and Pil-Ams run the entertainment industry. This is important because as a result, Chinese never subverted cultural values. They exist only as an alien and rather hostile race of merchants. This is why there has been so much anti-Chinese sentiment and riots in Malaysia and Indonesia.

    Third, Chinese in Southeast Asia have never really been involved in politics beyond bribing this or that politician. None of them have ever been politicians whereas Jews in the US are synonymous with the Democratic party. However, Chinese would often bribe one politician and when this politician died like Suharto, the anti-Chinese massacres were even worse.

    Fourth, the choke-hold Chinese have on Southeast Asia is far greater than that of Jews in the United States. WASPS and new-money Irish Catholics were wealthy enough to bar Jews from country clubs at one time. In Southeast Asia, ninety percent of the economy is controlled by Chinese and the rest is only agricultural landowning aristocracy. Jews in the US tend to be uniformly middle to upper middle-class but few of them are fantastically rich like Chinese in Southeast Asia. If you go to NYC it is not uncommon to see rich Irish-Catholics and Italians stepping over Jewish winos in the gutter who look like Winehouse or Ron Jeremy. The discrepancy in wealth between Jews and whites in the US is nowhere NEAR that of Chinese and Malays. But look at the difference in IQ on average. Jews just are not that much smarter than Irish or Episcopalians or Asians in the US on average. Trump, for example, was German-born (The one who made the money) and not one Jew in NYC is as rich as he is.

    Fifth, lazy or no, Malays never know anyone with any money. A Chinese-Filipino explained this to me. Chinese will financially back other Chinese in start-ups.

    Sixth, Chinese have never been as successful in other countries in Southeast Asia as they have been in the Philippines or Malaysian archipelago.

  88. Linh Dinh says: • Website
    @Jeff Stryker

    Hi Jeff,

    From my “The Chinese in Southern Vietnam”:

    As smart and successful immigrants to be found in many countries, Chinese and Jews have often been compared, but there are many key differences between them. Unlike Jews, Chinese are not dominant in media, education, government or banking in their host countries. Native children are not taught to despise themselves for having wronged the Chinese, and Chinese don’t produce or host television or radio shows that mock the locals. There is no Chinese Howard Stern or Jerry Springer. Unlike Israel, the Chinese’ ancestral homeland’s survival is not dependent on the support of a heavily manipulated and indoctrinated client state.


  89. eah says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    Jews were still the merchants and slumlords of the ghetto

    The list below is from 2017 — complete list of NYC’s 100 worst landlords here.

  90. @Jeff Stryker

    In Thailand the Chinese have gone one further from elsewhere and adopted Thai names and customs to thoroughly infiltrate society, much like many influential Jews have done in the west to make themselves barely distinguishable from the natives. As the nose has been the popular stereotypical characteristic for identifying the Jews who pass themselves off as Europeans, in Southeast Asia the lighter whiter skin of the Chinese is the dead giveaway. Funnily enough the natives appreciate whiter skin as a sign of beauty, and that is why there is a huge market for skin whitening products. yet they resent the Chinese, but of course because of their arrogance, haughtiness, clannishness, dishonesty and their unethical business practices. Ring a bell does it?

    We could find many more parallels. Just as in the past Jews in Europe have been condemned for being communists and revolutionaries seeking to overthrow the existing order and consequently persecuted and forced into exile much the same has been the case with the Chinese minority in Malaysia during the civil war under the emergency during British colonial rule and in Indonesia at the time of the horrendous massacre of one million during “the year of living dangerously” when Suharto replaced Sukarno in a CIA backed military takeover of the country. In both cases most of the leaders of the communists were Chinese and no doubt the subsequent pogroms weren’t just fuelled by anticommunism but by other resentments, and many innocent Chinese were caught up in the turmoil and had to flee.

    Many of the financial scams, pyramid schemes, frauds and embezzlements in the region are also run by the Chinese. In fact opening up banks to gather up what little savings the locals may have, then closing them and running off with the proceeds to Singapore to launder the money, has been a favourite and has helped wreck local economies as was the case in Indonesia. Then every now and again the Indonesians rise up and sweep through the Chinese communities in pogroms burning, killing and raping the Chinese shopkeepers and their daughters while the bankers and fraudsters are safely ensconced in Singapore. The army and police restore order, all is quiet for a while until the Chinese financial and banking scams return in new guises. And the Chinese business scams operate by spreading corruption in the local government and administration through bribery. A prominent case has been the bribing of the now self exiled fugitive former Thai PM Taksin, a Chinese with a Thai name, by a Singapore telecom firm. All this also fuels Chinese emigration from the region, mainly to Australia and New Zealand, and also the emigration of local victims of this situation to wherever but mostly as illegals to better off countries in the region like Malaysia and Singapore.

    I’m not blaming the Chinese entirely for the state of these economies but then they do play their role. The Chinese of course blame it on the laziness, sloth, low intelligence and religion, mostly muslim, of the natives. We’ve often heard that argument too elsewhere haven’t we?

  91. Anonymous[469] • Disclaimer says:
    @Commentator Mike

    Sure some look at the Chinese as the backbone of their economies since the “lazy” locals would run it into the ground, but don’t many laud the Jews in the west for much the same reasons?

    No, I think its quite different. The difference in productivity between an Austronesian and a Chinese is night and day, whereas Jews are only marginally more productive and incomparably more destructive than native Europeans. If SE Asia lost the Chinese, it would suffer. If Europe lost the Jews, it would prosper.

  92. @Anonymous

    There few Jews in Holland or Finland and these countries are productive. When Jews left Europe for Israel the GDP in European countries hardly crashed. In many respects, Europe is more productive than the US and has a higher standard of living.

    Jews have high verbal dexterity but Holland and Finland are not failed societies because they don’t have enough stand-up comedians or divorce lawyers.

  93. @Linh Dinh


    I was curious about Vietnam in particular, because Vietnam fought China for 1000 years (Most recently 1979).

    When I was in the Philippines I had the mixed experience of working with Chinese-Filipinos for the duration of my three years there.

    So I was wondering what sort of wealth and power they wielded.

  94. @Linh Dinh


    “Mock the locals”

    I once worked with a Chinese-Filipino whose brother was a methamphetamine cook. He was busted again and again, would pay the cops (This was pre-Duterte) and would subsequently set up another lab.

    So I asked Lim why Chinese-Filipinos cooked meth and why Filipinos used it.

    He simply said that Filipinos bought it, so Chinese-Filipinos sold it.

    When you remove ethical boundaries, you have to ask yourself who is to blame.

    Is it Springer or his guests whose terrible life choices are the spectacle “My Mom is sleeping with my boyfriend”?

  95. @Jeff Stryker

    As you and Linh point out the analogy does have its limitations.

    Regarding the origin of Chinese in the region, they were present even before the western colonists. Apparently imperial China traded with the various independent sultanates, and some even claim the sultans paid tribute to the Chinese Emperor. The emperors are also said to have sent their daughters out to become wives and concubines of the Southeast Asian sultans and hence a lot of racial mixes in the population (and Indian and Arab traders preceded the Chinese and imparted their religions). Many Chinese also came after WWII as refugees from the Chinese civil war.

    And nowadays the Chinese minority has the ever more prosperous and powerful mainland China in the neighbourhood which plays a strong psychological role and adds to their confidence in their social position.

    As long as these tiger economies of Southeast Asia continue to develop and prosper, with the consequent improvement in everybody’s standard of living, major interethnic strife can be kept under the lid, but in case of major crises it could explode.

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  96. @Commentator Mike

    My own Chinese-Thai wife, whose family belongs to Thaksin’s community of Chang Mai, has been in Thailand for five generations.

    Chinese-Filipinos were a significant enough minority in the Spanish Philippines for them to be quarantined by Spanish authorities and to lead several uprisings. So far as I am aware most Chinese-Filipinos arrived in the late 19th century.

    I worked with Chinese-Filipinos closely for three years in the Philippines. A mixed experience.

    • Replies: @republic
  97. @Anonymous

    I wasn’t saying that was my own opinion but what is usually said by you know whos and their apologists to justify their position at the top of the western socioeconomic pyramid. Nevertheless, since it’s a capitalist society those with capital dictate productivity and creativity and profit from it (i.e. hard work doesn’t necessarily pay off in such a society). And again we know who owns most of the capital.

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  98. @Jeff Stryker

    Let’s give the paddies their due.

    Of course. By all means short of making stuff up, of course.

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  99. Sam J. says:

    “…Israel was a terrible mistake …”

    Israel was NOT a mistake. It’s all how you look at it. All Jews should be moved to Israel and a wall built to keep them in the original borders.

    My apologies to the Palestinians but if it gets rid of the Jews from everywhere else it would be a blessing.

  100. @Jeff Stryker

    I don’t know about Finland but I wouldn’t say that Jews are not hugely influential and wealthy in the Netherlands. Don’t forget that Jews have their own socioeconomic pyramid and a few wealthy at the top, starting with the Rothchilds, own more than most at the bottom. And most of those who emigrate to Israel tend not to be the very rich, unless just turning up to pick up another passport, like Roman Abramovich.

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  101. republic says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    Have you ever met Marc Faber? I understand that he lives in Chang Mai.

  102. @Commentator Mike

    Are Jews really that wealthy? All of them?

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  103. Sam J. says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    “…The reason that lower class to working class white Americans resent Jews is partly tax money loss to Israel but mostly just a class thing…”

    This is a total lie and an attempt to pigeonhole thought about the matter. To also say that it’s only,”… lower class to working class white Americans…”.

    Typical attempt to brainwash people to think that only dumb lower class people believe the Jews are harmful. I got news for you some of the smartest people ever in western civilization thought the Jews a huge menace.

    “They are, all of them, born with raging fanaticism in their hearts, just as the Bretons and the Germans are born with blond hair. I would not be in the least bit surprised if these people would not some day become deadly to the human race.”


    The reason Jews are hated is because you act like a tribe of psychopaths. Jews rip everyone off and attempt to deceive and destroy any community they move to or live in. Jews are responsible for the blackmail of our legislatures to pass laws prejudice to the rights of the American people. Jews are responsible for the death of Kennedy and his attempt to rein in the deep state. Jews are responsible for 9-11 and the subsequent mass wars all throughout the middle east. The Jews are responsible for the fake bank loans that caused the banking crisis, the banking crisis and the complete looting of the nation when they were bailed out and the FED was allowed to give the Jews trillions and trillions of dollars for practically no interest. This in turn means that it’s extremely likely that Jews bought the whole entire US economy for nothing.

    You’ve looted us and we should take it all back and get rid of you Jews. [We can pass laws too so don’t complain when we take it all back.] The only perfectly 100% proven, every time successful, method to deal with the Jews is to get rid of them and let them have no say in your society. Tried many times and always successful. All Jews need to go from western civilization. Peacefully if we can get it but by any means you must go. When the Jews are gone the children will be healthier, mothers more content and the people will prosper.

    Nothing the Jews have, supposedly, done good can ever outweigh the damage you’ve caused.

  104. @Jeff Stryker

    I thought I clearly wrote that not all are wealthy, but the ones who are are amongst the wealthiest and most powerful. And I don’t think they or their true wealth is mentioned in the Forbes charts (I don’t recall seeing the Rothchilds on that list).

  105. @Commentator Mike

    We can argue that Chinese industrialized Southeast Asia and are some sort of invaluable component.

    Jews are, at best, not really relevant to the European GDP.

  106. @jacques sheete

    Kennedy, Nixon and McNamara’s participation in Vietnam or Reagan’s New World Order beginnings of globalism are not fiction.

  107. Anonymous[367] • Disclaimer says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    Third, Chinese in Southeast Asia have never really been involved in politics beyond bribing this or that politician.

    Heard of Lee Kwan Yew? Lim Guan Eng? Ah Hok?

    Fifth, lazy or no, Malays never know anyone with any money.

    What an outright lie. What race is Najib then? Is he a fucking Mongolian?

    There are thousands of rich Malays and millions of middle class Malays with plenty of money left over to invest in their friends. The difference is that when they have money, they spend money. They don’t save, they don’t invest, and they don’t want to trouble themselves by thinking about tomorrow.

    The issue is not access to capital, the issue is that Malays have extremely low standards and no desire to aspire.

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  108. Anonymous[367] • Disclaimer says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    Jews have high verbal dexterity but Holland and Finland are not failed societies because they don’t have enough stand-up comedians or divorce lawyers.

    Bingo. Jews are parasitic or, at best, able to expand on what Europeans have already created.

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  109. @Anonymous

    Singapore is a Chinese colony in demographic terms. You cannot compare it to the Philippines, where 50 Chinese family cartels own everything.

    Indians are the market-dominant minority in Singapore, if any group is.

    As for the Minister of Finance in Malaysia, this makes sense. Of course Chinese would want to control the money supply.

    The Indonesian politician? Hmm. I smell another anti-Chinese burnout coming on at some point.

    “Thousands of rich Malays”

    Islam seems to suppress the baser instincts of Malays-alcoholism, promiscuity/prostitution, piracy, drug dealing. I suspect its why Malays there are better off than the Philippines.

    “Low standards and no aspirations”

    Pretty standard Chinese refrain, heard it from Chinese-Filipinos for years. Some things never change.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  110. @Anonymous

    Diaspora Jews wandered into existing civilizations like Rome and Greece and Gaul where the land was already owned and the military was not seeking mercenaries.

    Apart from marrying some of their daughters to Roman landowners or Rhineland rent-seekers, how else could they get by but offering services or trades that the general public would pay for?

    Ron Jeremy and Sarah Silverstein are not offering services essential to GDP. They get by on discretionary income.

    As does the Jewish jeweler, film producer and divorce lawyer.

    This is why Asian-Americans, Arabs, Hindus are unaffected by Jews. They don’t care what is on television and don’t watch Seinfeld or Hollywood films. They have their own bread and circuses. They don’t bank their money in the US and have informal loan systems. Pornography has no affect on them (Why whites are obsessed with it is anyone’s guess).

    It is like the Korean grocer in Watts during the crack cocaine era when blacks were ravaged by it. The Korean merchants were not ravaged by crack although they lived in black ghettos. They could have purchased it if they wanted to, which they didn’t. They were unaffected by it.

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  111. Anonymous[469] • Disclaimer says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    Islam seems to suppress the baser instincts of Malays-alcoholism, promiscuity/prostitution, piracy, drug dealing. I suspect its why Malays there are better off than the Philippines.

    British systems and Chinese entrepreneurs. It’s a proven formula for economic success.

    If you want to see Malays in their native habitat, take the ferry from Melaka to Dumai and then tell me what you see. Not so well off without the Chinaman paying their benefits, are they?

    Pretty standard Chinese refrain, heard it from Chinese-Filipinos for years. Some things never change.

    You don’t think it’s true?

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  112. @Jeff Stryker


    Jews are not just the actors, comedians, jewelers, and lowly street drunks, they own most of the media organisations, the diamond mines, entire industries. Surely you know that. Perhaps it’s unjust when the many ordinary Jews have to suffer from antisemitism because of what those rich Jewish movers and shakers get up to but hey, unfortunately that’s the way of the world. And those Jewish journalists, movie directors, actors and comedians aren’t they also generalising and stereotyping others in their propaganda: Russians, Arabs, redneck Americans?

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  113. @Anonymous

    English systems yes, Spanish ones no. I don’t know why, but the Hispanic influence in the Philippines seems to have made the place worse.

    I don’t think it is Chinese who improve the standards of Malays as they have not done much for them in Philippines.

    Possibly it is Islam.

    One important thing is that Chinese are not allowed to make/sell crystal meth in Malaysia with impunity, which obviously they do in Philippines.

    Filipinos were already in a bad situation when Chinese made it worse by turning half of them into racing crystal meth addicts.

    Possibly Islam and adherence to English systems of law hold Chinese rapaciousness in check.

  114. @Commentator Mike

    I was speaking in historical terms. If Jews are more entrepreneurial than whites and invent some supply for a demand, what can anyone do about it?

  115. Anonymous[469] • Disclaimer says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    I don’t think it is Chinese who improve the standards of Malays as they have not done much for them in Philippines.

    Maybe they behave differently once they reach a critical mass. Chinese Malaysians are civilized people with a more developed sense of social responsibility than the Malays. Whatever you have seen in The Philippines, I can promise you it doesn’t carry over to Malaysia.

    Possibly Islam and adherence to English systems of law hold Chinese rapaciousness in check.

    Or possibly the Chinese here are simply not as bad as you think?

    I don’t think you’ve got much going on in your life, so why not spend a few weeks couchsurfing in Malaysia and see what you find?

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  116. @Anonymous

    What was the reason for the 1969 Malaysian riots if they are much-loved?

    Anyhow, I usually don’t go to other Asian countries than my wife’s unless I am employed there. And I had to work with Chinese-Filipinos for three years.

    I have no reason to believe that Chinese in Malaysia are held in check more than the Philippines.

    Unless I am doing a job in Malaysia, I’ll take your word for it.

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  117. @Jeff Stryker

    But why should others suffer the consequences of their greed? Obviously by reading sites such as this one you can see that many are unhappy with this state of affairs. Yes what can they do about it? At the moment it seems just complain, and preferably anonymously so as not to get accused of that crime of crimes: antisemitism.

    And they don’t just satisfy a demand, they’re constantly in search of ways to create new demands, often unhealthy ones, opening up new markets. to maximise their profits. To them everyone is just a consumer, from a little kid to some old geriatric, as they can’t sell fuck all to monkeys. Is that the way to treat people? If they can’t sell you anything, even a loan so you can go out and buy crap you probably don’t need, then they just ignore you. Fine by me, but is that anyway to build a meaningful, human, humane society?

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  118. @Jeff Stryker

    It was the same with the yaba pills meth epidemic in Thailand ran by the Chinese Red Wah army from their labs in Burma.

    Malaysia’s definitely worth spending some time in. No need to worry about political correctness there or the thought police. Mind you they do have the Sharia religious police but they mostly deal with Muslims.

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  119. @Jeff Stryker

    It’s the Indians in Malaysia who are now the most troublesome. I remember some time ago they held huge protests outside the British Embassy and rioted in downtown Kuala Lumpur demanding that the Queen of England pay each one a million pounds compensation and repatriate them back to Sri Lanka from where their ancestors were brought to work the rubber plantations. After one riot where they smashed everything around Petronas Towers, whenever they called for another protest, the cops mounted roadblocks turning any Indian back from the downtown the, boarded trains and buses going downtown kicking Indians off. Some racial profiling that.

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  120. @Commentator Mike

    Whether they ignore me or not does not matter. I’m not their brother.

    Ignoring whites is the least of our concerns with them.

  121. @Commentator Mike

    Indians are scourge all over the world. People who complain that high-caste Hindus are stealing their IT jobs should see what the lower caste ones are like.

    I doubt that one Chinese or Malay or Brit in Malaysia would be sad if they DID return to Sri Lanka. Which would make them worse off, because that country is poorer than Malaysia. At least they have a job in Malaysia and flat and a television and three meals a day.

    I doubt that Indians are much-loved by anyone in Malaysia.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  122. @Commentator Mike


    I don’t doubt that. Ironically, some Canadian fool who tries to smuggle drugs into China is executed while Chinese flood the rest of the world with heroin and meth.

    The one guy who invited me to Malaysia was a Chinese-Filipino who sold cars down there. I declined.

    Personally, I don’t have anything against Muslims.

  123. Anonymous[469] • Disclaimer says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    I doubt that Indians are much-loved by anyone in Malaysia.

    Once again, Jeff Stryker is caught talking complete rubbish.

    Muslim Indians would be sorely missed for Nasi Kandar alone, while the Hindus and Christians mix with both the Malays and the Chinese. In political terms, they are both a glue and a buffer. Whatever bad behavior some of them get up to, they have a very solid place in Malaysian society.

  124. Colin says:

    Nice article Mr Dinh. Thank you for writing it.

  125. JamesinNM says:

    Consider reading Revelation 2:9 and 3:9, two very short verses I believe could be related to some of Dinh’s controversial comments.

  126. Neil says:

    Wonderful stuff, Linh. Very true about poetry. Whitman sang for people not for critical seminars. Same problem with music.

  127. Pharong says:

    Many memories kindled.

    Motorbikes filtering through traffic, a sandal on neighbor car tire for balance awaiting light.
    Packs of dogs roaming amidst concrete and palm jungle playgrounds of barefoot urchins of kickball.
    I took my brother-in-laws ‘motorcy’ for a ride past signs of cursive rune symbols. No helmet or license except free will, wind, a wave and smile of a brown uniformed policeman whistling a sea of traffic.
    Into the country village cruising a shoulder of drying rice tenderly tread by long-robed matrons adroitly balancing baskets for hats.
    Atop a long low hill as sunset glowed across paties the broad concrete foundation stretched dignified. River moat, broad regal steps, blessing prayer incense shrines placed liberally acentuated this place.
    It was a temple being built. I found out later that it was completed 30 years after breaking ground.
    Patience, dilligence, community offerings and support provided everything in that Thai village.
    We either do, or don’t know what we are missing.

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  128. anarchyst says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    If it were just “entrepeneurship” I don’t think anyone would mind.
    It is jewish cohesiveness, insularity, cultural and social “tribalism” that jews take for themselves while demanding that the “rest of us” succumb to their purposely destructive externalized calls for “multiculturalism”, “diversity”, forced “race-mixing” and other social ills, that are responsible for jewish “successes”.
    You see, this is part of the pathological jewish plan throughout history. When jews infect a society, they do it with a singular purpose–to destabilize and eventually destroy the host society.
    A prime example of jewish destructive, society-destroying behavior was the Russian Bolshevik Revolution. The Bolsheviks HATED the native Russian population, and were successful in exerting control through sheer brutality, while instilling fear in the native non-jewish population in order to force compliance.
    This is why, during WW2, when the German military passed through a communist-run area, they quite often got cooperation from the local non-jewish townsfolk, pointing out the jewish commissars and other cancers that they wanted to be rid of.
    Jews have been at the forefront in erasing Christian symbology from the public square. Looking at public displays of “religion” one mostly sees jewish menorahs today. There is not a peep from the jewish organizations over religious symbology in public…

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  129. @anarchyst

    So why are whites jerked around so easily?

    It is like blacks complaining the CIA made them destroy themselves by smoking crack. Did Korean merchants in the ghetto smoke crack? Surely they could have. They were there.

    And you are going to say that the reason so many blacks got hooked on crack in the ghetto of LA but Korean store owners in the same ghetto did not is that those blacks are stupid.

    Thank you. Same thing applies.

    Jews and Asians and Arabs and Hindus know Hollywood is a load of rubbish.

    No Jew watches DEATH WISH and feels bad about being Jewish because some Polish actor named Charles Buchinsky cast Jeff Goldblum as the chief mugger in order to keep the NACCP off his back. Which Jew watched DEATH WISH and then felt afraid of someone who looked like Jeff Goldblum in a park.

    We sadly have to conclude that whites must be pretty stupid and gullible.

    Ayn Rand might go on about individualism but her book would never have been published if other Jews owned the publishing company, no?

    Yet white unquestioningly buy into it.

  130. anarchyst says:

    White people’s biggest problem is having a genetic predisposition of empathy for the outsider. This was the result of the “brainwashing” of whites, over decades by jewish interests. It is no secret that jews were behind the so-called “civil-rights” push of the 1950s and 1960s. We used to have a saying: “behind every negro, there is a jew” (instigating violence against whites)…
    It is the unique sense of externalized white altruism that has made so-called “civil-rights (for some)” laws possible. “Affirmative action”, contract set-asides and preferences, other government “programs” for minorities only, unrestricted immigration from third-world countries while white immigrants “need not apply”. . .and other unequal treatment has resulted in more-qualified whites being denied opportunities that would rightly be theirs. This is externalized (white) altruism in action. . . NO OTHER RACE has EVER given people of other races a “break” . . .
    It has never happened in the history of humanity, save our own. . .if not stopped immediately, externalized white altruism will spell the end of the white race. Will other races adopt the concept of externalized (white) altruism?? I think not . . .
    It is only whites that are expected to shed all vestiges of racial cohesiveness, while those of other races take advantage of our largesse and misguided externalized altruism…

    • Replies: @Stonehands
  131. @Pharong


    I live in an Asian village and my memories are of a different vintage. I remember the Phoenix condominium where I lived with other post-college bachelor pigs. I remember the “crusties” who lived next door and played blaring punk rock all day.

    I remember the Cholos from the Guadalupe barrio who glared at me at the bus stop and chased another white guy in a parking lot into the building brandishing knives. I remember the redneck tweakers who hassled people on the street. I remember the black guy in the complex who sold crack. I remember the callow white suburban girls you’d spend a small fortune on to get laid who would now be bitter and divorced and living off some guy’s alimony. I remember the Arizona cops who were never around when Cholos jumped an Anglo out of boredom but always stopped white college-age kids on the road to see if they might find a traffic warrant or a joint. I remember the whigger Travis who was introduced to crack cocaine by the blacks he hung around who talked about “East Coast vs West Coast”.

    I thank my college girlfriend for breaking up with me. I had no dependents, no spouse and no house when I left the US. Otherwise I could have ended up like that Polish kid from Flint I knew in college.

    Just reading the comments here makes me feel well out of it for having left the US in 1999. At the bottom of every expat is a guy who is so self-centered that they don’t care about patriotism or what Hollywood film is playing or about anything that most people in America care about. None of this moves them. We only care about ourselves.

    Nor did short guys who look like Ron Jeremy affect me. I worked for Arabs most of my professional life (The part that mattered) or was self-employed in Asia.

    Man do I feel lucky when I hear the Buddhist monks ring the bells or see red sun rise in the morning. I’m so lucky to have left America when I was young and to have spent my life overseas where none of this affected me.

    I lived completely off the grid. Nobody could ever find me. Nobody runs my life but me. I do and say what I want. I smoke cigarettes everywhere. I walk down the road with a beer in my hand.

    • Replies: @Biff
    , @Pharong
    , @lost american
  132. @anarchyst

    “White people’s biggest problem is having a genetic predisposition of empathy for the outsider…”


    They’re narcissistic virtue- signalers.
    No genetics involved.

    Cowardice and stupidity can only be fixed by hard times.

    • Replies: @anarchyst
  133. anarchyst says:

    You make a very good, valid point. Us whites have been “conditioned” to accept the so-called “civil-rights (for some)” movement by the “tribe” from the mid 1950s on to the present. The “conditioning” started with the whole “civil-rights (for some)” movement which WAS spearheaded, run and controlled by leftist jews. I personally witnessed the shenanigans, distortions, and downright fraud of this whole “civil-rights (for some)” movement. I didn’t need to be “red pilled” to see where this jewish-run and controlled white dispossession was taking us.
    It took the use of federal troops to force us whites (at the point of bayonets) to succumb to this whole “civil-rights (for some)” mess. The use of federal troops to cow us whites into accepting their own destruction was a brilliant move by the jews. As us whites were and still are extremely law-abiding, it was easy to intimidate us. Actually, the use of federal troops for domestic law-enforcement purposes was (and still is) illegal…
    Hard times WILL flush out the liberal whites, as well as the environmentalists who care about bunnies and trees over human beings. When that day comes, let ’em starve…
    There are more of us whites who know what is going on than most realize. Us whites who are aware keep a low profile due to the volatile atmosphere that we live in. The threat of job loss, real violent threats to our families (that will not be addressed by “the powers that be”) and other considerations keep us from overtly expressing our true feelings on these matters, but the time will come. Us whites are very slow to act (and react), but when we do, look out…when “push comes to shove” we will take back our birthright…

    • Replies: @Stonehands
  134. Biff says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    I lived completely off the grid. Nobody could ever find me. Nobody runs my life but me. I do and say what I want. I smoke cigarettes everywhere. I walk down the road with a beer in my hand.

    You forgot to include:

    , and I make up fantasy bullshit on the internet.

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  135. ” To my left is the banh mi lady, behind her stall, preparing her meager ingredients. Soon, school kids strapped to cute, colorful backpacks will straggle up to order a 43-cent sandwich, nearly inedible anywhere else, but quite tasty here, for one can get used to anything, and even become fond of it.”

    This lead me on a wiki journey. I stopped by the article covering the food item. Of course, being “ethnic food”, the descriptions are flowery to the point of fawning.

    “a kind of sandwich that consists of a Vietnamese single-serving baguette, also called bánh mì in Vietnamese, which is split lengthwise and filled with various savory ingredients.” (The picture doesnt look all that appetizing, and was “prepared in san jose”)

    The article later names 12 types of typical meat, 9 of which are pork….and 4 vegetables. Hardly a variety. Sounds like they could have just said “Vietnamese style pork sandwich”

    Next paragraph:

    “In Vietnam, sandwiches are typically eaten for breakfast or as a snack; they are considered too dry for lunch or dinner”

    I cant square the “savory” with “too dry most of the day”. I know savory doesnt denotatively mean delicious, but connotatively “too dry” doesnt fit at all. Seems to fit with the author’s description that they aren’t too good unless you learn to love them.

    Meanwhile, lets go over to the article for a regular western sandwich:

    “A sandwich is a food typically consisting of vegetables, sliced cheese or meat, placed on or between slices of bread, or more generally any dish wherein two or more pieces of bread serve as a container or wrapper for another food type” (the picture is of a “vegan sandwich”)

    I mean, that is a fine descriptions, but love there, even if the whole world cribbed off the english concept. And if you want to use the word “various”, it certainly applies here much more accurately.

    And at a rough word count, “sandwich” hits 1500 words, whereas “banh mi” has over 1600. The po’boy sandwhich, functionally similar in terms of original purpose and regional specifficity, which also has a great deal more variation, including vietnamese, has all of 900 words dedicated. None of which are glowing flowery praise. It even calls the vietnamese style version “bahn mi”

    Normal game by the same type of people as always. “Oh, ethnic food, how exotic” Even if it’s nothing more than foreign peasant food that even people who hail from said land find authentically “inedible”.

  136. Pharong says: • Website
    @Jeff Stryker

    Lived off-grid Rural OR for 24 years, suburbs about same length.
    Freedom vs convenience, liberty vs rat race.
    My aim is to eventually return to wilderness boundary or similar village setting expatriated.

    Spent 3 days in Chiang Mai. Best memory was rented a Yamaha 250 dirt bike for the day. Explored the mountains, took the kids for rides, had a blast.
    I love the ancient temples. My mission was to photograph and paint on site acrylic paintings on canvas, which I did.
    The people are gracious, polite, helpful, kind, generous, caring, full of kindred sharing.
    I keep subtley suggesting to my Thai wife that we should retire there, she shrugs it off, lucrative income and kids still in school.
    One day perhaps.
    Best wishes.

  137. @jacques sheete

    Kissinger authorized the Lam Son 719 invasion of Cambodia west of the A Shau Valley area of South Vietnam in Feb – March 1971- a total disaster- heartbreaking. I would guess that less that 99.9 % of Americans do not have a clue what Lam Son was (one comment noted that most American youth know little to nothing about WW2). The US Army provided helicopter support. We always had a surplus of brave, unselfish men who flew into hell day after day.
    I just thought this might be of interest.
    North Vietnam fought their war from Cambodia and Laos in addition to North Vietnam (and endless Russian and Chinese weapons).

    • Replies: @lost american
  138. @Jeff Stryker

    Some of us left America by how we live our lives in America. We know our culture is invented by Manhattan (New York City), Hollywood, DC, and overall by the mainstream media.
    Many of us share your feelings.
    I am near 70 years old. I understand what you have written.
    I told my kid that I didn’t miss America when I deployed overseas. It is far easier to relate to unspoiled Vietnamese , Iraqis, Afghanis, but as Lin Dinh relates, smartphone use has taken over the world. What a waste.

  139. @lost american

    My comment should have read that greater than 99.9% of Americans do not have a clue about events like Lam Son and other massive battles and tragedies. Over 3/4 of American high schoolers do not know what WW2 amounted to.

    I am also referring to what Pharong said about the culture in Phoenix, AZ when growing up.
    I hope I got this right.

  140. @Jeff Stryker

    Partly right, it is a moneyed minority and with power and friends in the historically moneyed regions and peoples. Although some Jews did love the Confederacy tons – true, it was a smaller population, but probably more historically important. So that trumps down your regional theory a little, perhaps not the elite-friendly minority part.

    I’d also argue Protestants are historically more schizophrenic about Jews, either love them or hate them. Catholics, as always, they have it both ways, praying for their conversion yet also trying to avoid their influence (perhaps forgive but not forget right). Pope Francis wants Jerusalem an international city (untenable by now, I know). JFK’s liberal Catholicism, or lack thereof, is not the rule btw – see Pat Buchanan.

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