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Henry Trotter and Billy Monk in the Tavern of the Seas
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Photograph by Billy Monk, 1968

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With a wicked sense of humor, God has made me a warlord, for I now have a growing army of Angry White Pussies! They’re joining me so fast, I must turn most away, on grounds of physical or mental deficiency.

Of course, even those who can handle a few pushups and some crude English, which is their native language, after all, are useless, for they’re only adept at blathering about sheboons, ragheads and chinks, and IQ too, oh the irony, as they cower, incontinently, in their rapidly darkening continent. Russia, China, the Taliban or even army-less Tuvalu has nothing to fear from such an unmanly force, for it flinches before any transsexual Jew can throw a punch!

Thank God I’m in Cape Town, for here I’m surrounded by real men and women, of all colors. This is a tough, no nonsense place, and yes, its violence is real, I’ve never denied that, but it hasn’t made people hysterical or even uncivil.

After minimizing their chances of having house invaded, car jacked or body assaulted, they calmly go about their business. In bars and cafes, they joke and laugh. They jog, walk their dogs, stroll on beaches and even greet strangers on sidewalks. Taking out the trash before dawn, I was startled by a white man, “Good morning!”

Three taxi van drivers have just been shot to death, with a fourth injured. Of course, it’s horrible, but when I lived in Philly, only slightly better news greeted me most days. Cape Town is actually safer than Saint Louis, with Juarez the deadliest worldwide. Both cities are well worth visiting, of course, especially festive Juarez.

While wandering around Juarez with a white American friend, I was told that whenever he went there with his teenaged son, many locals would smile or nod at the young man, with some openly greeting him, “Finally, I realized my son had been coming here [from El Paso] to get laid!”

The key refreshment station for ships sailing between the Atlantic and Indian Oceans, Cape Town was called Tavern of the Seas. Although the Suez Canal eliminated much of this traffic, the arrival of Asian fishing vessels half a century ago pumped new life into this gem of a city.

In his endlessly fascinating Sugar Girls and Sea Men, Henry Trotter explains, “With friendly diplomatic relations in place, Japanese companies secured Cape Town as a base for their South Atlantic tuna fishing operations. Since then, Asian seamen have streamed into the Cape Town docks. Locals remember the Japanese invasion of the 1970s to the 1990s as a golden age. The sailors came from the most dynamic economy in the world with pockets bulging with yen, and everyone wanted a piece of the action. The dockside sharps rubbed their hands in anticipation. Cabbies clamoured for the seamen’s fares. Club owners bowed and scraped for their patronage. And prostitutes bleached their hair, catering to the men’s desire for blondes. The Nipponese responded with cash—lots of it. They played with rands as if it were Monopoly money and they paid with wads rather than notes… So the story goes.”

They were joined by Korean, Taiwanese and Chinese trawlers. To reduce cost, Filipino, Indonesian and Vietnamese fishermen were also employed, so there were lots of Orientals passing through Cape Town. During the last two decades, Chinese tourists have also flooded in. Covid stopped all this.

Only unthinking ideologues deny biological differences between ethnic groups. Khoikhoi and Zulus, for example, are not remotely the same. You also have cultural differences, as sustained by history, traditions, geography and language.

Hanging out with Cape Town’s prostitutes for a year and half, without touching them or even drinking, so unlike, say, William T. Vollmann, Trotter records their sociological, anthropological and economic discernment:

Over the years, dockside women have created a mental database of stereotypes to deal with each nationality. This allows them to size up their options quickly with the incoming crews […]

Japanese seamen are the alpha clients of the dockside trade: they’re considered the richest, kindest, cleanest, most generous and most prestigious […] They’re also said to be completely loyal to anyone who is honest with them. If they like a cabby, he’ll be theirs for life. The same often goes in their relationships with the women […] However, the bouncers say the Japanese are useless in a fight, describing them as ‘butter.’

Taiwanese sailors rank just behind the Japanese […] Though the women think they’re unimaginative sexually, they’re seen as good fighters.

Koreans enjoy a high status similar to that of the Taiwanese […] But they’re also highly volatile. The women say, ‘Don’t make a fool of them or they’ll make a fool of you.’ They don’t take kindly to taunting or disrespect, and they’re abrasive and possessive. The bouncers say they ‘act like shit when they’re drunk’ and ‘fight like demons.’

Filipinos make up the largest national group among seafarers, but they’re a diverse bunch […] Some are cosmopolitan coastal dwellers, while others are upcountry hill people. But they’re considered the most romantic seafarers: like Manuel, they say the sweetest things to the women, often inviting them home and promising marriage. They’re also very sentimental, depicting their lives in highly melodramatic tones. The women consider them big liars, though, because they almost never make good on their boasts. They seem to have a fetish for white women, paying between R400 and R800 for the privilege of going with one. They’re also good fighters.

Indonesians typically stay in port for four to five days. They have money and want to spend it quickly on the women. They find it easier to connect with coloured Muslim women because of religious similarities. But the women claim they’re playboys who like to take a different woman each time […] They’re considered the prettiest boys of the lot and average fighters.


Chinese crews have become prominent on the trawlers over the last decade […] They stay in port for a long time, and most of their evenings at the clubs are spent drinking and flirting, not making sexual contracts. The women complain that the Chinese sailors don’t clean themselves properly; even worse, they’re rough and grabby, sometimes even trying to trick the ladies into cheap sexual hook-ups. The Chinese fight well but not to kill.

At the bottom of the prestige pile are the Vietnamese sailors, who make very little money. The women say they’re cheap, always trying to scam them for free sex. At the clubs, they buy the cheapest liquor and pay only R200 to R500 per sexual engagement. According to the bouncers, they’re extremely dangerous: they have no fear whatsoever and boast a lethal knowledge of anatomy.

Since I’m not rich, a pretty boy or much of a fighter, I must be at the very bottom of the Vietnamese pile, but hey, at least I have a bansheeing rabble of Angry White Pussies, always on my tail to sniff for anything untoward. I’m a leader of half men.

A deft storyteller, Trotter crafts unforgettable vignettes. Here’s one:

One evening at one of the clubs, I watched Renata—a coloured veteran who’d been in the game for years—enter the karaoke room quite late. The place was packed, but all the sailors were already busy with women. She skulked around a while, looking for an opening with a man. But with women draped around their shoulders, the men seemed content. Renata stood by the bar and listened to the seamen sing karaoke numbers for a while. Then she placed a request with the DJ.

When she took the microphone and stood in the middle of the room, no one noticed at first. It was fairly common for the women to sing too, usually American pop songs. But after she sang a few verses in flawless Mandarin, the men slowly turned their attention away from their women to Renata. The Chinese sailors gawked in amazement as Renata traversed the complex tones of a syrupy sweet ballad.

The women wrapped their arms a little tighter around the men, burrowing their heads into the sailors’ necks. But the men started singing along with Renata, encouraging her. Without missing a beat, she ramped up her performance, like a lounge singer from yesteryear. She glided around the tables with a sleek and sexy gait, sat on guys’ laps, blew puckered kisses across the room and took command of the scene. For a few minutes, all eyes were on her.

When the song ended, everyone clapped and raised their glasses. The Chinese sailors were especially pleased. Their chests swelled to see this woman honor their culture with such a fine recital. They showered their praise on Renata, and for the rest of the evening she was welcome at any of their tables. The men fussed over her while the other women’s faces started to sour.

The ploy paid off. At the end of the evening, Renata went off with a man who had been previously occupied with a woman who couldn’t speak Chinese. Once his attention turned to Renata, it stayed on her.

As Renata departed with her beau, I stared at her, speechless. She was a 37-year-old coloured drug addict who slept between rock piles of the harbor breakwater at night—but she could speak, read, and write Chinese. And as the rest of the women went off with their men, I heard them chatting in the sailors’ languages as well. I had to stop and ask myself, “Where the heck am I?”

Cosmopolitan Cape Town, that’s where, the legendary port city. Speaking of language, most black Africans are fluent in at least two, so that’s two more than your average, well, you know who… A typical Kenyan kid speaks three languages, with many knowing five! During my two years in Italy, I was often astounded by its Africans’ comfort with la bella lingua.

Although Billy Monk died in 1982, 15 years before Henry Trotter, an American, arrived in Cape Town, their arts overlap wonderfully. A bouncer at The Catacombs in the late 1960’s, Monk photographed an earlier bacchanal of groping, dancing, kissing or passed out sugar girls and sea men.

Drifting from job to job, Monk had been a traffic cop, railway worker, leather goods dealer and cray fish poacher. Arrested for burglary, Monk was jailed for two years. Inside, he sold cigarettes and cans of condensed milk, and learnt to box. Likely gang raped, Monk emerged a bisexual.

Men and women loved this stocky, blond haired and blue eyed man with a gentle smile that masked his toughness. Monk had two children with a colored woman whom he couldn’t marry because of Apartheid.

Although Monk took photos to sell to their subjects, he also had an artistic quest, it’s clear, for his images are astounding. Cape Town and the world are lucky to have such a portfolio of this disappeared universe.

Despite jumping live jazz and “A PURE HEART AND CHEERFUL SPIRIT” as its motto, The Catacombs wasn’t exactly sunshiny. With kitschy, incongruous murals and coffin shaped tables, it was a “dark, dismal place that stank of beer, piss and brandy,” as remembered by David Goldblatt in Craig Cameron-Mackintosh’s tribute to Monk.

After weeks or even months at sea, adrift sailors were desperate to grab anything approximating, or just parodying, affection, to hoard and remember after their wearisome return to boundless emptiness and monotony. Monk captured this pathos.

A British sailor from the H.M.S. Eskimo stares at the camera, as another man, in black suit and tie, nudges his face, eyes closed, against an impassive woman with a hicky on her neck. His hand is on her upper thigh.

Below a painted escutcheon, with “DEUS DAT INCREMENTUM,” a white woman flashes her bra, while another shows her breasts. Their johns are Orientals in ties and dress pants, with carefully combed hair. God gives the increase, but of what?

Four older whores, two with big hair, sit at a square table, with no man in sight. All are chubby. One slouches. The wall behind them is barren save for some dark liquid stain no one ever bothered to clean.

In front of a faint pyramid, two white couples french kiss, like teenagers on dates, except half of this passion has been bought.

Let’s us insert here a timeless passage from Trotter’s book:

Alcohol’s mind-numbing effects are even more important in the bedroom. Gina the township tough said, “It’s not nice having to go with different men every night. Sometimes when I’m kissing them, I feel nauseous. Their mouths reek. Their chests are sweaty. And their private parts are all slimy and gross. If I’m drunk, I can handle it. But if I’m sober, I just want to die.”

Sometimes a Cape Town whore would profess love to a sailor, marry him then move to Europe or Asia. Just as wives can blossom into whores, whores can be sedated into wives, though it’s a rather risky proposition.


Since Apartheid outlawed interracial sex, how did Cape Town’s prostitutes get away with screwing Orientals? Easy, Japanese were somehow categorized as “whites,” while Koreans were “colored.” If a colored woman was with a Japanese, she could claim he was Korean. If a white was with a Korean, she could say he was Japanese. Of course, it was stupid. Basically, the cops left a handful of clubs like Catacombs alone. They became magnets, then, for all those who couldn’t quite fit into that overly intrusive and restrictive society, where even Pink Floyd was banned.

Since Monk could never hold any job for long, he quit The Catacombs after two years, and never photographed again, incredibly. If Monk’s negatives hadn’t been discovered by accident, his entire output would have been lost.

As Monk’s photos were finally exhibited, he was shot before he could even see the show, and it’s not clear what happened. It may have had to do with diamonds, or just some furniture, left in the rain. Of course, it was stupid. According to Monk’s son, his dad’s killer, a white man, pleaded drunkenness as a mitigating factor, so was sentenced to only six months, suspended, and fined 100 rands!

Like so many South African lives, Monk’s was cut short, but he left behind a legacy of nuanced, raw beauty and complex poignancy. The worst misfortune is to suffer without articulation. Art redeems.

When all serious arts have been banished from public discourse, your culture is dead.

Linh Dinh’s latest book is Postcards from the End of America. He maintains a regularly updated photo blog.

• Category: Culture/Society • Tags: Apartheid, South Africa 
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  1. Catdompa says:

    ” Angry White pussies “.
    Give it a fucking rest already Linh. We get it, you got called a “chink” and other mean things.

    • Agree: ariadna, Rebel Roy
    • Replies: @Truth
    , @Wild Bill
    , @Rabbitnexus
  2. Emslander says:

    Nothing is as boring as a writer trying to glorify the horrible exploitation of women that is prostitution.

    • Agree: Ed Case
  3. Linh shows his age but fixating on a few negative commenters. Most of the older writers on this site seem to take every single comment personally, as if the comments section is akin to a letters to the editor page.
    This is the internet, Linh. Negative or idiotic comments are one side of the open discourse coin. By obsessing over them and responding to them regularly, you show that not only are the comments working as intended, you show that you are more or less on the same level as trolls and vindicate what they say. I don’t know what exactly set you off recently, maybe someone said something naughty about Asians or suggested the US would have been better off leaving the boat people to languish in SEA, but your fixation has really run its course. Accept that not everybody will like what you have to say and move on.

    • Agree: ariadna, Irish Savant
    • Replies: @Levtraro
  4. Truth says:

    Give it a fucking rest already Linh. .


    God has made me a warlord

    He’s going to hear the Lamentation of your wyminn.

  5. America doesn’t have a culture anymore. It is dead. It has lost its soul. Its spirit. It is more preoccupied with pot, porn and sports. They are its Father, Son and Holy Ghost.

    • Agree: Rebel Roy
    • Replies: @Rabbitnexus
  6. I suspect that many of the greatest books never written would have been about prostitution. The authors wouldn’t want to reveal how they know what they know. From the girls’ perspective there have been Call Me Madam and The Revolt of Mamie Stover. Among many, many others.

    Mr. McClelland, my high school history teacher, spoke of his great-grandmother who had followed the 49ers to California during the gold rush practicing that profession. Some San Franciscan propose to make an honest woman of her, and it worked well enough to produce great-grandchildren.

    In the countries that have money, it is about money. Women have other alternatives. Prostitution is simply easier and more lucrative. In other times and other countries it is different. English ladies during the war would do it for a pair of silk stockings. During wartime Vietnam there was a whole spectrum, from the cyclo girls pimped from the backseat of Honda 50s to classy numbers that were easy to meet in the better hotels. There were a vast number for whom the ability to develop a special friendship with Americans was a useful life skill. However it might be characterized, many of those unions are still intact today.

    Thanks once again to Linh for writing about an important and underinvestigated topic. Here’s a thought for Linh to chew on. Perhaps so many women have found jobs that there is no room in the economy for working girls. Perhaps the AWP’s would be better off in a time or a place where they could simply purchase release for their frustrations. Who knows, maybe some of the girls would be happier too.

    • Agree: Biff, Jim Richard
    • Replies: @Hapalong Cassidy
  7. Levtraro says:
    @Pop Warner

    Disagree. The use of the AWP epithet has not yet run its course. It’s still funny if used in moderation at the right place for comical relief.

  8. Interesting how the prostitutes description of the sailors aligns so much with their cultural character. Substitute the hos with anyone else on the receiving end, business wise, and you have a pretty good picture of how you can expect to be treated if you’re willing to be a ho.

  9. Jim H says:

    ‘Japanese were somehow categorized as “whites,” while Koreans were “colored.”’ — Linh Dinh

    I was told — both by locals in South Africa, as well as by Japanese colleagues who had visited there — that the term for Japanese was ‘honorary whites.’

    Sounds like a decidedly ambivalent ‘honor.’

    Rather like buying oneself an earldom, despite being nouveau riche from the trades: it won’t get you invited to the ‘A’ list parties.

    A black lady in the profession, from Durban, told me an amazing tale of stowing away on a freighter, making her way to New York City, spending a few months in Queens, but then deciding to return to South Africa because she liked it better.

    A tall tale? Perhaps. But some of the finer telling details seemed unlikely to have been cadged from third party sources.

  10. gT says:

    Since I saw that Jack Parow done a video based on Monks’ photos in that Craig Cameron-Mackintosh’s tribute to Monk video, I went searching, I think this is the music video. Fokken fantasties, lots of brandy and coke there, as at that Catacombs club 🙂

  11. Who is the leader of these mysterious white pussies? It looks like their leader is Linh Dinh.

    The bullies at school stole your glasses, Linh. They are such meanies! This reminds me of a popular song in the early 60s:

    Oh, Johnny get angry, Johnny get mad
    Give me the biggest lecture I ever had
    I want a brave man, I want a cave man
    Johnny, show me that you care, really care for me

    This song was sung by an actual white pussy, but every time I read your snark about white pussies, I think of you singing this song.

    The white pussies have got you, Linh. They are alpha white pussies. And you are a beta pussy.

    Grow a pair.

    • Agree: Catdompa
  12. Tsigantes says:

    A fascinating and unforgettable dive into a very special time capsule, thank you!
    And the photos are amazing.

    p.s….. a lot of thin skinned commentators here!

  13. ‘With a wicked sense of humor, God has made me a warlord, for I now have a growing army of Angry White Pussies! They’re joining me so fast, I must turn most away, on grounds of physical or mental deficiency.

    ‘Of course, even those who can handle a few pushups and some crude English, which is their native language, after all, are useless, for they’re only adept at blathering about sheboons, ragheads and chinks, and IQ too, oh the irony, as they cower, incontinently, in their rapidly darkening continent. Russia, China, the Taliban or even army-less Tuvalu has nothing to fear from such an unmanly force, for it flinches before any transsexual Jew can throw a punch…’

    Do you find it hard to keep friends?

    • Replies: @Wielgus
    , @Truth
  14. HalconHigh says: • Website

    Cowboys 27 Eagles 7 …3rd quarter.

    Cuomo is yippity-yapping with Van Jones.

    On PBS, they’re cooking something called “Indian Chicken”….looks fkn good.

    I’m being nickled & dimed to death by my apartment complex.

    The other day, a veteran was calling George W Bush a murderer to his face before being dragged away by security.

    Went to the bar last Sunday….smoked a couple pre-rolls with some buddies.
    Haven’t got a covid shot yet, let alone a booster but haven’t gotten sick.
    Luck of the Irish ?

    Life in the US of fkn A

    Hope you’re having fun Linh……late

  15. JimDandy says:

    With all due respect, I don’t give a shit about the images I saw. Aside from feeling mildly repelled, my immediate reaction to most of them was boredom. Not a contemplation of the banality of the human condition, or whatever. Just boredom. Maybe that says more about me–and the amount of time I’ve spent in shitty bars over the years–than it does about this guy’s portfolio.

  16. AceDeuce says:

    Sounds like the old saying “Water seeks its own level” has been proven true one more time.

  17. Wielgus says:
    @Colin Wright

    I suspect they just cannot meet his exacting standards.

  18. Neuday says:

    Linh, a talented writer with nothing left to lose, is just pissed off that the Whites, while angry, have something to lose and therefore haven’t yet risen up and given a couple thousand elite Jews what they deserve and instead a few of those angry Whites pick on him when they should be learning another language, for some unexplained reason.

  19. I hope you don’t leave the Unz Review. I always enjoy your articles. Whether I agree with you or not, I must admit that you have been wherever it is you write about and I probably have not. Your perspective may differ from mine, but a wise man listens more (much more) than he speaks.

    You could always disable comments. Paul Craig Roberts disables comments on his blog. I imagine he does that because he sees no value in collecting the howling ravings of fools.

    On the other hand, you could think of it as an experiment in anthropology and simply observe the monkeys in their native habitat.

    Whatever you decide, I wish you well. Please just keep doing what you do.

    All the Best,


    • Agree: YetAnotherAnon
  20. Dumbo says:

    Well, who would have thought, whores are good judges of character.

    Unfortunately, they are damaged usually from an early age, and I doubt many of them can be turned into “wives”. But I guess some will keep trying, I guess it can be a good arrangement for some.

    The photos were interesting; I didn’t think that they were that great, artistically, to be honest, but they are a window into a rarely seen world of apartheid whoredom.

    Whores like seamen, always have, always will.

  21. Wild Bill says:

    Now is the time to have a little compassion for your fellow “Angry white pussies”. In five years time, most will be dead and those that aren’t will probably be wishing they were. They are unable to understand that their “leaders” are nothing more than Judas goats and the Judas goats are unable to understand that when the flock is butchered, there is no further need of Judas goats. The minions that serve tyranny are too dim even to recognize what they are doing and think that it can continue without reprisal. At some point, they and their families will awaken and smell smoke, but it will be too late then. Our condition as men is the same regardless of colour or ethnicity.

    • Replies: @Truth
    , @Rev. Spooner
  22. Dumbo says:

    Ballad of the Not so Angry White Pussies

    Whores have pussies
    But they tend not to be
    Really all that fussy
    They certainly are not
    “Angry white pussies”

    Because they always relax
    And have lots of sex,
    Even with Blacks
    Even with Vietnamese
    (Only if you pay, please)

    I don’t have sex anymore,
    My penis has fallen to pieces
    From gonorrhea, syphilis, covid
    and other diseases
    But in my time…

    I could get any of them
    For a dime.

  23. Wild Bill says:

    Hi Linh and thank you for the Monk archive. I see you were drawn to it because the subject matter is very like your own. In a small way, it is a shame Monk’s work was black and white but in so many ways, those years and those people were only black and white. It is hard to look back at them. It is hard to look ahead now too, but it puts a special aura of privilege around the experience of every day. I can’t stop smiling.

  24. Truth says:
    @Wild Bill

    OK, an intelligent post.

    One or two, a day; am I asking too much, Gentlemen?

  25. ricpic says:

    Do you have to be a pretty boy to do well with dockside women?

    I would think looks are immaterial to a whore.

    • Replies: @Dumbo
  26. gT says:

    The Anglos don’t really worship their prostitutes and brothels. A different attitude always reigned on the continental side of Europe however.

    Van Gogh found his inspiration in brothels, plus there was some famous French artist who was literally born in a brothel who name I can’t remember now. Men wanted to marry women who had worked at the Moulin Rouge.

    Lets not speak of the Germans however, they are legally allowed to do their own dogs and horses that side.

    The Thais are famous for their sexually permissive attitude, what is not known is that south India was actually worse / better. But thanks to the influence of the prudish Brits the Indians now don’t want to show the world all their temples with the Kama Sutra statues, they only want to show the world the Taj Mahal, which is Muslim.

    The Brits also don’t worship good food, their national dish is curry and rice, which is sure better than roast beef.

  27. Dumbo says:

    Well, I suppose, it’s all for the money, but, as in any work, some clients are less disagreeable than others.

  28. @Graham Seibert

    These days it seems like prostitution itself has devolved, into simpimg on girls on Onlyfans and what not.

    • Replies: @Dumbo
  29. Dumbo says:
    @Hapalong Cassidy

    Man, I guess I can understand paying for sex, but paying to watch a girl on a webcam is just plain stupid.

    And it’s morally bad for the girl too, as she is equally turned into a whore (any sex act that you do for money turns you into a whore).

  30. anon[189] • Disclaimer says:

    So hilarious to watch this deranged hate-filled man go slowly crazy because of random internet trolls. What a loser. I’d probably go crazy too if I was trying to make $100 a month selling toilet books on the internet.

    • Replies: @Rabbitnexus
  31. R2b says:

    He muses at the result, produced by the money-lenders.
    Despicable Jewish photo archive.
    The photographer thinks he’s an artist!
    Helas, that is sorry, he’s just a in an optical machine.
    It’s all intestinal and it’s orifice.
    I wait for your return to the faith you were brought up.

    • Agree: Emslander
  32. @Wild Bill

    I think Jews are a paranoid race and their behavior promotes paranoia in non-Jews and I’m paranoid.
    Can it be possible that the chosenites are being jabbed with distilled water in their god given (grabbed) country repeatedly, while the Goyim are getting the real deathly stuff?
    It seems so as their infected numbers prove.
    And 5 years hence all the jabbed except the chosenites will drop dead?
    Why this urgency to get everyone jabbed? Why this worldwide push by the MSM to ban/ignore Ivermectin?
    Pfizer is run by a jew, check it out.

    • Agree: Catdompa
    • Replies: @Wild Bill
  33. Jim H says:

    ‘This is a tough, no nonsense place, and yes, its violence is real, I’ve never denied that, but it hasn’t made people hysterical or even uncivil.’ — Linh Dinh

    From the early days of the internet, probably twenty years ago, I recall a grainy video taken in a coloured suburb of Cape Town.

    A drug dealer in a white Nissan pickup, evidently disliked by his homies, was attacked. First someone pumped a couple of .22 bullets into him, which visibly slowed him down.

    Then they tossed a bucket of petrol through the open passenger-side window and set it alight.

    In his final moments, the dying man jerked and struggled as the flames and the bleeding consumed his being.

    This remains my archetypical image of South African ultraviolence (a term drawn from A Clockwork Orange, which was banned in South Africa to no evident avail).

    Stay safe, Linh!

  34. Ko says:

    I see you’ve managed your followers quite well. You can include me in the pussy men, I don’t care. I’m just glad you are here cuz I like your stories but I don’t want to go to your website.

  35. @Catdompa

    Buckle up soldier. You angry white pussies need to grow a pair of balls and stop being so obsessed with the size of something you don’t know how to use properly anyway. Man up soldier! Your General is going to need some of you at least in fighting shape. How else do you propose to save the white race which is presumably your prime motivation? You can’t rely on white race mixers like me to save us.

    You’re really showing that woefully poor IQ by stepping into this again and again you know? Linh’s articulacy and syntax and delightfully frank but cheeky style are like the jaws of the trap slamming shut. He will hear as others do, the begging in your tone. Ouch, ouch, it hurts. Stop please you Asian devil, your mocking is irksome for me to bear. It maketh me to feel foolish and exposed like shag shit on a rock.

    Just suck it up collectively and maybe Linh, who is a kindly soul and empathetic, will cease to flay you. Or don’t, I’m enjoying the show, I bet others are too.

    • Replies: @Rebel Roy
    , @Biff
  36. @Jose Garcia

    Nothing wrong with pot. Get over the Nixon hysteria already. It is like a gun. What the person does with it counts. The gun can only be judged on it’s aesthetics or effectiveness. Same with weed.

  37. Wild Bill says:
    @Rev. Spooner

    Paranoia describes an imaginary condition of peril. There is nothing imaginary about this. As far as the mix of recipes out there, I am sure there are a few and I’m sure there is a plan for how they are distributed. So far, the public is being complicit in its own demise. As Ron (the comedian) says “There ain’t no cure for stupid.” People fail to heed the warning of The Gulag Archipelago and tolerate the presence of evil’s minions in their communities. Instead of taking their “leaders” in hand, they have let them run amok. The problem is the shift in awareness that is needed in the public has not occurred yet. The public still wants to play the societal game where there is law and rules when in fact that game is over. The “leaders” and their minions have completely disregarded any laws and will continue to do so. They have asserted their position of having the greatest fire power and have no more need of laws or societal conventions. They just want us dead with as little mess to clean up as possible.

    • Agree: Emslander
  38. I hope to God that both you and I are mistaken and the mRNA vaccine is what’s stated and not a delayed death sentence.

    • Replies: @Wild Bill
  39. Wild Bill says:
    @Rev. Spooner

    Me too. I however am reminded of the death of Edgar Allan Poe who died from “unknown causes” at the time. A century later, it was determined that he had received a minor bite that had healed over about a year before he died and had actually died of rabies. There are a lot of recipes out there and none of them are good for us. The fellow who invented mrna technology, Dr.Robert Malone, has said its deadly and I’m inclined to believe him.

  40. Rebel Roy says:

    Linh I’ve been your biggest supporter,please drop the White Pussies thing.I don’t understand it and its really starting to irk me.Lets all continue to work against our J oppressors and not each other.We have no power while they have it all,lets not attack each other this way.And each time you say that phrase the hasbara slime just amp it up.You know this.

    • Disagree: Biff
    • Thanks: Irish Savant
  41. Rebel Roy says:

    You sound exactly like someone whose spent a lifetime on marijuana,in other words a dumbass.I suppose the drug deludes the user into thinking they sound educated and clever when they don’t.

    • Agree: Catdompa
    • Replies: @Rabbitnexus
  42. Amsterdam hookers on worst nationalities:
    English: disgustingly drunk, insulting.
    Arabs: constantly trying to cheat in every way.

  43. TV broadcasting started very late in South Africa. Late 70s. And most didn’t have TVs until the mid 80s. South Africans can seem rough-and-ready (authentic?). I think it’s because they haven’t been watching the idiot box for so long.

    • Replies: @Truth
  44. Truth says:

    But boy did you make up for lost time!

  45. fnn says:

    South Korean street boxing:

  46. Biff says:

    You angry white pussies need to grow a pair of balls a

    Balls are weak and sensitive; if you want to be tough, get a vagina; those things can take a pounding!

    • Replies: @Rabbitnexus
  47. @Rebel Roy

    That’s just the reaction I’d expect from an angry and uneducated white pussy. Fuck you little pansy. Got anything relevant or is projection your strong suite? I didn’t think I was writing anything which might come across as “educated”, I was rather carelessly making the point of your lack of it. I meant relative to normal people. Your repeat demonstration wasn’t necessary but I’ll take it, thanks. De fun aint’ done yet.

    • Replies: @Rebel Roy
  48. @Biff

    Agreed. But I think he’s already got one of those. He needs to man up, rather than take a beating. he beats himself up already with images of black dicks.

  49. @anon

    Easy to see why you prefer to remain anon. What an arsehole. If Linh was that bothered he’d not let your little shit stain remain on the dunny seat I reckon. I’d wipe you off myself and I’m neither deranged nor hate filled either. I just find some things distasteful and unnecessary.

  50. Rebel Roy says:

    Golly Rabbit that response was waaay out of proportion to my few tame sentences.Seems I hit a nerve.Perhaps you better go smoke some more of your innocuous miracle drug so comments from people you consider so below you won’t have such an effect.

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