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Germany to Introduce Comfort Women
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T-shirt Being Sold in Leipzig. Credit: Linh Dinh

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The only way to solve a refugee problem is to stop generating refugees. Since arriving in Germany 3 ½ months ago, I’ve made this point over and over. Most Germans, though, are only focused on the issue of accepting or rejecting refugees, not on the root cause of it, which is America and Israel’s deliberate destabilization of much of the Middle East and parts of North Africa. Wrecking one Muslim country after another, this evil alliance is also sowing chaos in Europe. To save themselves, Europeans must decouple from these two rogue states.

Germany, though, merely does what it’s told by Uncle Sam, and the German left is too busy attacking “fascists”—that is, everyone they disagree with—to even notice that it is the United States that’s thrown their country into turmoil, but then again, being internationalist, most of these leftists don’t even recognize the concept of nationhood. They’re aiming for an uprising of a mythical international brotherhood.

There are thousands of tribes and hundreds of nations, with even people speaking the same language and sharing the same cultural heritage often disagreeing very violently with each other. Nations exist so nominally like-minded people can set up their society the way they see fit. Even an Austrian does not want to live a German, much less an Afghan. When people defend borders, then, they’re fighting for their way of life, and though men everywhere have done this throughout history, progressives think this imperative can somehow be outgrown by everyone on this earth, all but the evil 1%.

“No man is illegal,” chant progressives, and of course this is true, as well as meaningless. A man’s crossing into another nation’s territory without permission is equivalent to breaking into someone’s home. Desperate enough, millions are doing just that, but even those who aren’t will barge in if the doors are flung wide open, with welcome signs and streamers. A radical progressive might say, “I don’t believe in private property either,” but try to reach for his wallet and see if he’s not a hypocrite.

I just got back from three days in Poland, and though $3 plates of pierogi and $1 pints of beer appeal to me mightily, does that mean I can just move there tomorrow? Invaded by Germany and Russia not that long ago, Poles know the pains of having one’s borders violated. Most people around the world do.

Though you’ve no doubt read many commentaries on the sexual crimes on New Year’s Eve in Cologne, I offer you further insights from a German friend in Frankfurt:

“The incidents have had a considerable impact on the German psyche. What happened in Cologne (and several other cities like Hamburg or Bielefeld) on New Year’s Eve had a new character to them.

For the first time, rather huge groups of foreigners were sexually harassing young women and girls. Cologne alone has over 650 incidents—that is much more than usual. Also, the nature of these acts was new, in that women were treated as meat or toys. Not that this could not happen with German men, but—at least to my humble knowledge—this behavior has never been shown by large groups of German men. You could say that there is a normal cultural barrier and Germans would not step over it.

If, on the other hand, you see women as toys or infidel women as sluts, the behavior makes sense.

Yes, it is a big issue, but I suppose it will fade from focus soon. It will stay in the collective mind, however. As I write this, questions like ‘how to buy a gun illegally’ are flourishing on the German net as do the sale of pepper sprays and self-defense courses.

So the reaction of the German public is mostly disgust and anger, though the media and a large minority try to show these incidents as aberrations which should not be attached to the refugees. This, in turn, makes other Germans angry.

A funny side note: The official media and people who usually complain about women’s rights here have a rather hard time avoiding racism by denouncing these crimes. Therefore, really absurd explanations have been floated, as in Cologne was nothing special or that some of the harassed women must have been racists who used these incidents to make false accusations against immigrants.

The head of the police in Cologne had to resign, but the Minister of the Interior for the Federal Region Nordrhein-Westfalen stays—and he is the one who is really responsible.

So the political reactions are twofold—verbally, everybody condemns these acts, while practically nothing is done to stop the influx of refugees coming here.

It has to be added that, as usually in such cases, the Cologne incidents have been used as an excuse by state officials to call for stricter laws and for more surveillance (as if we didn’t have both already).

The official line could be still summed up as something like this: Immigration is good and necessary and criticism on migrants or refugees is a sign of hate and of being a Nazi. This is still the official mantra in the media. The media didn’t report on Cologne for three days, but then they had to bring it up because it was causing such a storm in the alternative media. Nothing much will change—though I am sure, the state will increase its control mechanisms on the population.


A rather intelligent conspiracy theory muses about the possibility that these acts were ‘staged’ (which I do not share as an explanation) and that they will be used together with similar incidents to one day declare a state of emergency and deprive us of our civil rights, so that in the face of financial armageddon (the big financial crisis looming in the background), the state may rob us of all our savings and our rights with as little resistance as possible (because we need to be protected from nasty migrants and terrorists).

Though I find this theory rather interesting, I don’t think these acts were staged. We do live in an age of ‘scripted reality,’ however, so I believe that—just like in France, where they had introduced a state of emergency after the Paris terrorist attacks, and it is still in place—our government already has the plans on what to do to achieve the goal of creating a police state in Germany, where we can be constantly surveilled 24/7 and have our rights taken away without us fighting against it.

Also, the alternative and official media have been awash since the start of the refugee crisis with reports about refugees who misbehaved in the public (squatting or urinating in gardens of Germans, sexually assaulting women in public swimming pools, starting fights in discotheques, rapes, etc.).

These incidents are somewhat expected because the majority of these refugees are young men without wives or women, and they come from backgrounds where the position of women in society is rather different than in ours.

So some of these young men will misbehave, and since they are not punished—for to send them back to their countries would be racist and, in some cases the country is not known, because quite a few refugees threw away their passports before entering Germany—they are encouraged to continue what they do.

I have personal knowledge from a policeman in Gießen (a town in the middle of Hesse), where there is a huge camp for refugees. He told me of frequent rapes in this camp among the refugees, even of children, but they are not prosecuted by the police (on order from above), because it might create fear in the local population. There were reports about these incidents from a German Women’s Protection Group (Landesfrauenrat Hessen) in August last year—they even wrote an official letter to the Hessian parliament to complain about prostitution and organized rapes in the camp—and guess what happened?

The letter (and the issue) just disappeared—because it might have fuelled anti-refugee sentiments and helped Nazis! THIS is the official German policy—it is ideologically driven and full of cowardice. While on a visit in Gießen, I spoke to some female students living in a student hostel near the camp. They told me that they don’t go out alone anymore, because they were always treated in a way which scared them by some of the refugees.

So Cologne was bound to happen sooner or later, and it will be the first of a long list of unpleasant and nasty and fear- and hate-inducing incidents.

I also expect the rift between migrants and Germans, already big, will increase in size, sadly enough.

It is sad, because it is divide and rule as its best. We are allowed to hate each other so that we may not unite against the real enemy—those who created the situation we are in.

I certainly don’t like my country being flooded with foreigners, but they are just tools in an inhuman and vicious plan, and I hope that more people will come to realize this in time.

So all in all, the signs for the near future are rather bleak. I would think that we will soon see further incidents like those in Cologne and then suddenly a backlash in parts of the German population, followed by (one day, after a terrorist attack) a declaration of a state of emergency—and from this it will only get worse.

The good thing—it will take us some years to get to the bottom.

And as we all know, the only way from the bottom is up.”

Yes, it’s getting grimmer by the second, but those who think Germany is spinning out of control underestimate the shrewdness of Angela Merkel. After all, one isn’t named TIME person of the year for being a dummy. Yes, there was another riot last week in Leipzig, with the right doing most of the vandalism this time. Bars and a kebab shop were trashed. Germans seem ready to kill each other, and the street violence promises to spread to other cities.

Her highness, however, has a solution. By diktat, Merkel has just instituted a draft, not of military-age males, but German females from 18 to 22. Those chosen through a weekly, nationally televised lottery will serve just six months as comfort women for war refugees and economic migrants. This will prevent all incidents of public groping or rape. Social harmony will be restored.

Merkel, “Just as the refugees have been maltreated by fate, us Germans will have a taste of that ourselves, though to a much lesser degree. The nation will forever be grateful to each comfort woman for her smallish sacrifice.”

Upon news of this, the German left celebrate by burning down every currywurst stand across Deutschland. Birthed during the American occupation, that yucky mess deserves its turbulent exit. Thanks to the always tactful mainstream media, the right’s response is unknown. TV news anchors calmly predict that a billion newcomers will arrive next year to be comforted. The left further exude by hurling Molotov cocktails at everyone in a uniform, including garbagemen and fast food wage slaves. Class traitors who have enriched multinational corporations, they deserve to be fried.


Linh Dinh is the author of two books of stories, five of poems, and a novel, Love Like Hate. He’s tracking our deteriorating socialscape through his frequently updated photo blog, Postcards from the End of America.

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  1. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Your “German friend” sounds like a cuck. So Germans should accept the demographic replacement in their ancestral homeland, because doing otherwise would mean, Germans and “migrants” would stand divided against “the man”.
    A people which doesn’t have to deal with the constant frictions and dysfunction of a multi-ethnic society is in a much better position to resist the globalists. That’s why mass immigration into Western Europe happened in the first place.

  2. Leftist conservative [AKA "you know me"] says:

    the rapes will bring forth babies–more human livestock for the grist mill of capitalism–> babies mean economic growth, and that is the ultimate goal of mass immigration….so it’s all good…corporate profits will soar….

    • Replies: @gruff
  3. gruff says:

    Thank you.

    I am reminded of the fact that the NSA has been tapping Merkel for years, thus the US has a high level of control over her.

    So much blood awaits us. Utopia will be a death camp.

    • Replies: @badneolib
  4. . . . it will be the first of a long list of unpleasant and nasty and fear- and hate-inducing incidents.

    I also expect the rift between migrants and Germans, already big, will increase in size, sadly enough.

    It is sad, because it is divide and rule as its best. We are allowed to hate each other so that we may not unite against the real enemy—those who created the situation we are in.

    I certainly don’t like my country being flooded with foreigners, but they are just tools in an inhuman and vicious plan, and I hope that more people will come to realize this in time.

    –This correspondent’s attitude, too familiar from many previous examples, remains an infuriating puzzlement. Why do so many (rightfully enough) critical of the elite conspirators, so desperately try to humanize the Orc-like invaders as an innocent, victimized proletariat which only needs to have its consciousness raised in order to become a noble ally in the fight against plutocracy?

    The native German people do not “need” “allies”– they need to be rid of the invaders, who themselves are by a longshot the single worst offense inflicted by their government. If their government’s worst offenses were cronyism and undue deference to Anglo-Zionist imperialism, those could be redressed by modest or incremental efforts or, at worst, lived with. One could put up with a great deal of inequality, if only one were not being digitally anally raped on the street.

    Push come to shove, some dozens of politicians and financiers perhaps should hang, many others should be jailed or rendered unemployable. But the entirety of the foreign stock should be extirpated as diligently as the Algerians did with their French. Europeans don’t need “union” with Arabs or Moors or Sub-Saharan blacks: they need homelands devoid of these hostile, alien, and generally distasteful unwanted additions.

  5. Realist says:

    “After all, one isn’t named TIME person of the year for being a dummy.”

    That’s bullshit, most TIME persons of the year have been idiots.

    • Replies: @Astuteobservor II
  6. 5371 says:
    @Lucius Somesuch

    Yes, they can be allies of ours only in their own countries. None of them can be an ally while he stays in or tries to get into ours.

  7. Kyle a says:

    This article actually confirmed Merkel is a dummy. Time has named a couple of dummies over the years as their “Person”

  8. @Lucius Somesuch

    You have to fight your way through the puppets to get to the puppet masters.

  9. Solving the problem that generates refugees should certainly be a priority, as Linh Dinh suggests. And it is truly astonishing how little attention is given within the refugee host countries to public discussion about resolving the problem at the “source.”

    When discussed, the usual platitudes involve calls more development assistance. The socialist coalition partners within the Berlin government are beginning to talk tough in threatening economic pressure on some of the source countries, e.g. Morocco and Tunisia, who refuse to cooperate in the repatriation of their own citizens. Most of the perpetrators molesting women in Cologne New Year’s Eve seem to have been North Africans without any legitimate asylum claims.

    But putting all the blame for a dysfunctional Middle East on the US and Israel is overstretch, to put it mildly. The US obviously bears a good share of responsibility for the mess there, but the local governments and inhabitants had been making a stunningly good contribution without us. One could say that about virtually all US overseas interventions. But however scathing Germans and Austrians may be about US interventionism, calling the Yanks invaders in WWII rather than “liberators” risks getting one labeled as a far right extremist. With much focus on North Korea this past year, there’s some grudging acknowledgement that, there too, things might have been worse for the South without the US having pushed back the North’s invasion. One should be extremely wary of intervention, but let’s not delude ourselves into thinking civil wars without outside intervention always turn out better.

    There’s a lot of history as well as current reality that Linh Dinh tends to gloss over in his pronouncements on the subject. I assume the claim that the German government “merely does what it’s told by Uncle Sam” is meant to be creative hoax similar to the lines about Merkel’s comfort women “diktat.” I’d also note that complaints about US destabilization of the region is a regular refrain among German speakers looking for an outside cause rather than solution to the refugee invasion. The author and I are clearly hearing different voices among them.

    In addition to a bit more nuance about cause and effect, it would be nice to see more proposals about how the EU might actually thwart the refugee invasion. There will be no going forward on that issue until Germany takes a step back and readjusts its aversion to projecting force. It will have coalition partners from Moscow to Washington and in the area itself if it determines to do this with the goal of safe and separated regions for the conflicting participants.

    Germany might start by reviving the 19th century Congress of Berlin with a focus elsewhere than Africa. The object this time would be to acknowledge the de-facto undoing of some artificial Middle East borders drawn and/or sanctioned by the WWI victors over Germany and the Ottoman Empire. The step forward this time would be participation in Berlin Congress II by those directly affected.

  10. biz says:

    It is ridiculous to say that the migrant (not ‘refugee’!) crisis is to blame on US and Israeli foreign policy. How about just a simple counterexample: Many of the migrants are from Eritrea, a country that has had minimal US intervention. Some of the Cologne molesters were from Algeria or Morocco, which likewise have had minimal US intervention.

    The migrants are trying to get away from disfunctional societies and economies into functional ones. The US did not create that disfunctionality. It exists because these societies are tribal and are riven by religious sectarian, ethnic, familial, and other divisions that make a national identity and levels of trust necessarily for basic functioning impossible. It has been going on longer than the US has existed, and certainly longer than Israel has existed.

  11. Randal says:

    “No man is illegal,” chant progressives, and of course this is true, as well as meaningless. A man’s crossing into another nation’s territory without permission is equivalent to breaking into someone’s home. Desperate enough, millions are doing just that, but even those who aren’t will barge in if the doors are flung wide open, with welcome signs and streamers. A radical progressive might say, “I don’t believe in private property either,” but try to reach for his wallet and see if he’s not a hypocrite.

    An excellent summary.

    After all, one isn’t named TIME person of the year for being a dummy

    Considering the list includes Chiang Kai-shek, Adolf Hitler, and Joseph Stalin (twice), membership is clearly no recommendation, and considering it includes JFK, Jimmy Carter, George W Bush and Obama it’s clearly also no guarantee against being a buffoon.

  12. “The only way to solve a refugee problem is to stop generating refugees”
    This is true. It is also true that it is IMPOSSIBLE to stop generating refugees. This again has two reasons:
    a) around 80-90% or the world population live in circumstances which are in a material way worse than the average life in a first world country. The vast majority of those people would happily claim being refuegees when this would get them into an average first world problem. It is also impossible to lift the whole world on the economic level of a the first world, at least it is not possible to do that under a timeframe of a few decades (see the world record economic growth in China, even China needed over 20 years from the eighties on to achieve its current relative wealth, and it is much likely that in many places this would take much much longer)
    b) Since the beginning of mankind 200.000 years ago people have had wars. It is highly unlikely that this stops in 2016.

    Thus it is impossible to solve the refugee problem, if by that one means, to stop people wanting to find refuge in first world countries. What IS possible is stop refugees at the border, and thats what first world countries should do.

    • Agree: Clyde
  13. What Germany needs is a good, old fashioned civil war. The right needs to be clever enough to let the Muslims do the initial heavy lifting by assaulting leftists in all their guises: street tramps, students, politicians, media class workers, gays, etc. Once the left is totally cowed and paralyzed by the very population they brought in, the right should strike. Hard.

  14. Rehmat says:

    German Chancellor Angela Markel is more popular in Israel than Barack Obama and Francois Hollande put together.

    Germany is controlled by Israel through United States, that’s how Israel has sucked $93 billion from German taxpayers so far.

    Germany already has 4 million Muslims many local converts. The Muslim refugees wouldn’t make the anti-Semitism grow, which ADL claims tops in Germany among EU members. And as far prostitution industry is concerned, Bonn or Berlin cities are not much behind Tel Aviv, which has 280 brothels.

    On September 29, 2014, Benjamin Weinthal posted a lengthy article at the Foreign Policy magazine in which he claimed that anti-Israel protests against country’s Operation Protective Edge have been used by many Germans to vent their old anti-Semitism. Weinthal quotes the whining of Dieter Graumann, president of Germany’s Central Council of Jews, a pro-Israel lobby group, to support his claim in rise of German hatred toward Jews.

    “These are the worst times since the Nazi era. On the streets, you hear things like ‘The Jews should be gassed’, ‘The Jews should be burned’,” Graumann said.

    Interestingly, Dr. Franciszek Piper, director of Auschwitz State Museum admitted in 2004 that the gas chambers shown to hundreds of thousands of Holocaust worshippers were fabricated by invading Red Army on the orders of Soviet dictator Josef Stalin.

    “But even as Berlin has delivered vital military assistance to Israel, civil society and others in German political life have done little to curtail the outbreak of anti-Jewish sentiment,” Weinthal lamented….

  15. Travis says:

    you make some good points…another reason migrants are flooding Germany is their generous welfare benefits….Would the migrants be flooding Germany if the Germans did not feed them, house them and educate their children for free ?

    The welfare states of Germany and France cannot be sustained with their aging populations..will be interesting how this resolves itself over the next decade. The average German is 45 years old and their fertility rate has been below 1.5 for over 20 years. 20% of the men under the age of 30 are muslims. The muslims in Germany have a fertility rate of double the germans. in 50 years there will be more muslims than christians in Germany if immigration stops next year. With continued flows of migrants it will occur faster.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  16. @biz

    Don’t be making sense of things here. That is verboten. It’s that damned Israel. They’re getting rich off it, I tell you!

  17. TheJester says:

    Mao said that “political power grows out of the barrel of a gun.” He was so wrong. Power rests in demographic pressure. Political power, economic power, and any other kind of power comes from a woman’s womb. The latter is the material antecedent and the necessary and sufficient condition for power in any form.

    That said, here is an interesting thought about the importance of demographic pressure sure to rile the feminists:

    IF it makes political and moral sense to draft males to put their lives at high risk to protect their societies (WWI, WWII, and most European history comes to mind), it makes equal sense to draft women for a reproductive draft. What is the difference? Indeed, a reproductive draft to protect your society from a fatal foreign invasion via recovering demographic pressure is typically shorter in duration with significantly less risk of one’s life. But that is NOT how the recent history of Western Civilization has unfolded. The West faces a demographic disaster with political, economic, religious, and cultural power being progressively usurped by alien invaders because we know, via the feminists, that “women are not baby machines”. They are something else. But what are they? I guess they are infertile, ersatz males. [?]

    Put another way, feminism is the root cause of the decline and upcoming death of Western Civilization. As an idea exemplified as “facts on the ground”, the impact of feminism on Western Civilization has been greater than what would have unfolded had the Attila the Hun, Ghengis Khan, the Turks, the Soviets, or the Nazis conquered Europe.

    Let me come up with a new word to explain the seemingly hopeless plight of the West under the threat of an invasion it is, to date, helpless to defend against: Merkelism.

    • Agree: Travis
    • Replies: @Jason Liu
    , @nickels
  18. anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Germany never seemed to be enthusiastic about America’s overseas adventures and has been dragooned into making some contributions toward them, usually in some non-combatant role, trying to keep it at some minimal level. The sudden invite of the recent Syrian refugees by Merkel has puzzled a lot of people. Most explanations seem to focus on speculation about her personal psychology. My own guess is that she was ordered to ‘do their part’ and ‘shoulder some of the burden’ by the Americans and act as a safety valve for the American war of aggression against Syria by letting large numbers of people leave the area. These people are not compatible with European culture or society and it’s a fundamental mistake to let them in, as they’re finding out now. The huge influx of Palestinian refugees into Lebanon, another ‘safety valve’ move for the benefit of Israel, destabilized an already unsteady balancing act within that country and we know what the result of that was.

  19. Though I find this theory rather interesting, I don’t think these acts were staged. We do live in an age of ‘scripted reality,’ however, so I believe that—just like in France, where they had introduced a state of emergency after the Paris terrorist attacks, and it is still in place—our government already has the plans on what to do to achieve the goal of creating a police state in Germany, where we can be constantly surveilled 24/7 and have our rights taken away without us fighting against it.

    In other words, you can’t stage reality, but you can stage the response to it. In the US, this is becoming increasingly known as “anarcho-tyranny”.

  20. Germany have at least 10 million immigrants/non-temporary workers/colonizers.

    Since reconstruction of this nation what is the incidence of this behavior pattern among foreigners???

    It’s looking very planned, “international media” (who control German media? What is the ideological/political background of journalists as well their real intentions & daily personal attitudes??) with “global community” create all this scenario. Doesn’t look like Albanian orders in Italian coasts in the beginning of 90’s. Don’t look a spontaneous geopolitical event (this exist?). I would no doubt if this “refugees” were truly imported exactly to cause more division, atomization and fear among autochthonous European populations.

    Why Germany??

    Real refugees prefer any place less where they were. Real refugees no have time to wear their best clothes and generally they are accompanied by its families. Of course there are individual refugees but “these” really look alike.

    Real refugees just need go out from this war zone or very unsafe zone when they lived. A lot of them are in neighbor countries like Lebanon.

    And why Syrian refugees?? The Syrian government don’t control the “rebels”??

    • Replies: @Santoculto
  21. bondo says:

    For the first time, rather huge groups of foreigners were sexually harassing young women and girls. Cologne alone has over 650 incidents—that is much more than usual. Also, the nature of these acts was new, in that women were treated as meat or toys. Not that this could not happen with German men, but—at least to my humble knowledge—this behavior has never been shown by large groups of German men. You could say that there is a normal cultural barrier and Germans would not step over it.

    i would say not typical muslims but special ops, special paid, manipulated/infiltrated muslims or whatever they were.

    If, on the other hand, you see women as toys or infidel women as sluts, the behavior makes sense.

    cant see desparate refugees from any group doing this unless operation by shadow party.

    want to create hate, hysteria, anger, aggression, let their be rape or babies being abused.

    • Replies: @Talha
  22. @Realist

    she is planing for her retirement. the master(s) holding her leash and wallet is telling her exactly what to do.

    just like tony blair.

    • Replies: @Realist
    , @Bill Jones
  23. Talha says:

    Not necessarily, I’m a Muslim myself, but as the Qur’an states:
    “O you who believe! Stand out firmly for justice, as witnesses to Allah, even as against yourselves…” 4:135

    This behavior has happened before in the middle of Muslim lands:

    The reports coming out about these crowds were that they were drunk. Muslims who drink publicly; 1) are not too keen about observing the other parts of their religion such as don’t look and touch women that are strangers and 2) have lost normal inhibitions (as most drunk people do). I think it is quite believable that the reports convey exactly what happened, namely that a bunch of sexually frustrated drunk immigrants publicly assaulted women – nothing out of left field about it.

    I do agree with your sentiment that I hope the backlash is not overwhelmingly or disproportionately harsh against all of the immigrants like the war widows and orphans…

  24. Realist says:
    @Astuteobservor II

    She must be so proud….being a puppet of the US

  25. s says:

    “Comfort Women” – this is the exactly term and they will be treated like in the most Muslim Comtries as “speaking things”.

    The rest of Europe should be worried about the Germans.
    Because who will pay the big bills in the Future?

    The US should be worried and remember the Domino-Theorie.If Germany is erased or changed in a part of Asia/Arabia the rest will follow soon.

    Then the US will be a regional Super-Power only.
    Look at the French population and the most given name for Boys in the UK.
    And the European Countries in the East are too weak.

    At the moment we see the beginning of the end of the aging Europe who is turning the former leading Continent into a middle-age Caliphate.

    Saudi-Arabia as one of the best friends of the US is laughing secretly about so much stupidity from the West.The Turks also must see it as a sign of Allah.

    Democracy and Demography is only a matter of majorities – and the “Birth-Djihad” has just begun.

    So in the end it is like always in History:
    -nothing is eternal
    -the Earth is a Challenge -Cup (for the strongest,smartest etc.)

  26. Greg Bacon says: • Website

    Let’s bomb to pieces Jordan, Egypt and Lebanon, and finish off clearing out all that prime real estate Israel wants for her expanded Empire.

    Send the refugees to Europe and Russia, after all, Israel is still suffering from the Holocaust and needs more of our money for free and land for the refugees we create!

    • Replies: @edNels
  27. Max Payne says:

    Germany is having issues with these pretenders? What will happen when REAL ISIL shows up? You know… those guys with 5-10+ battle hardened years of experience fighting the US, the Syrian army, Russian aerospace forces, the IRGC, Iraqi militias…..

  28. njguy73 says:

    To Ron Unz:

    Dude, you can’t be doing this anymore. You can’t be letting your editors make headlines like this. I know it’s meant to be satirical, but it’s getting harder every day to tell satire from reality.

    At least put a “Warning: Satire” disclaimer up front. OK? Thanks, man.

    • Replies: @Rdm
  29. Sam Shama says:
    @Lucius Somesuch

    “digitally anally raped…”
    Ja, sie dukatenschiessers waren

  30. “To save themselves, Europeans must decouple from these two rogue states.”

    I wonder if Dinh is aware that the takedown of Gaddafi in 2011 was orchestrated by the Brits and French. These 2 countries are the problem. His geopolitical skills are laughable.

  31. Therefore, really absurd explanations have been floated, as in Cologne was nothing special or thatsome of the harassed women must have been racists who used these incidents to make false accusations against immigrants.

    Isn’t it a tenet of feminism that this never happens?

  32. scoops says:

    good! ha ha! my ancesters left over hundred years ago! they knew it was a sewer!

  33. Max Payne says:
    @Lucius Somesuch

    I do agree. The US is an Orc-like invader. Once these invaders are gone from Germany ridiculous ideas such as accepting millions of refugees and not trading with Russia (because hurting ones own economy is apparently good business practice these days) will also disappear.

    When will Germany shed off its US occupiers and become a German nation for Germans?
    It’s a shame what the Republic of BMW has to endure for America.

    • Agree: Bill Jones
  34. gruff says:
    @Leftist conservative

    “It may appear to be the interest of the rulers, and the rich of a state, to force population [growth], and thereby lower the price of labour, and consequently the expense of fleets and armies, and the cost of manufactures for foreign sale; but every attempt of the kind should be carefully watched and strenuously resisted by the friends of the poor, particularly when it comes under the deceitful garb of benevolence, and is likely, on that account, to be cheerfully and cordially received by the common people.” – Thomas Malthus

  35. Rdm says:

    Deal with it.

    “National Interest” has been writing provocative articles ever since satire got a license in “media”.

  36. @Astuteobservor II

    “she is planing for her retirement. the master(s) holding her leash and wallet is telling her exactly what to do. ”

    And her data records, of course.

  37. @biz

    ” Many of the migrants are from Eritrea,”

    How many, sources please.

    Did they perchance get to Europe, then Germany via Sudan and Libya? two countries fucked over by the US.

    Did they just grow wings and fly?

    I’d love to hear your mythical migration path.

    From Saudi to Iraq then Syria perhaps?

    Pray tell.

  38. European men created the freest and safest society women have ever enjoyed and are now standing by while it is destroyed.

  39. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    “20% of the men under the age of 30 are muslims. ”

    Do you have a source for this?

    • Replies: @Travis
  40. Kat Grey says:

    Non-whites and Muslims have been pouring into Europe since shortly after WWII. Homogenous nations like England suddenly became irrevocably multi-racial. France has also had large numbers of sub-Saharan Africans and Algerians. Germany has been home to a large Turkish community for decades. Holland and Belgium likewise are multi-ethnic. And Europe has a huge mixed-race population as a result of this decades-long migration. Few people seem to care or even notice. Now with this latest influx, white Europeans are seemingly, for the first time, realising what the future holds for them and their white children in a new surreal Europe where the majority of people will be black, Muslim or mulatto. And it will be this new demographic wielding the reins of power rather than contentedly labouring away to pay into our pension fund like our leaders tell us. Does any white European believe that Mohammed or Kunta will willingly hand over part of his salary so that Pierre, Hans and Gemma can retire as pensioners to a villa in sunny Spain?

    • Replies: @iffen
  41. iffen says:
    @Kat Grey

    Welcome to America, Europe.

  42. I find it totally absurd to think that this is a Israel’s fault. These invaders come from countries that have been toilets for far longer than the U.S. has been a country, never mind Israel. Little Ding-Dong, or whatever his name is, should go back to his Asian third-world paradise. A dose of re-education a la “killing fields” would do him a world of good.

    The world is, on the whole, a pretty shitty place, except for the West and parts of Asia. It’s not a surprise that people who have been unable to build societies that work wish to come to the west and wind up recreating the world that they fled. They are what they are capable of being. If they were more capable, they would be fixing their own countries.

    The fact that Israel manged to build a first-world country in 70 years galls the hell out of Ding-Dong. His people are still using Water Buffaloes and shitting where they eat.

  43. Travis says:

    I should have stated 20% of the males between the age of 15-30 are muslim.

    sources indicate the Muslim population was about 10% for those under the age of 30 in 2014.
    the german census indicates Germany had 24 million people under the age of 30 in 2014 and 2.4 million of the 5 million muslims living in Germany were under the age of 30.

    last year 900,000 muslims migrants arrived in Germany, 70% are males between 15-30 years old.

    in 2015 600,000 muslim men between the ages of 15-30 were added to the 600,000 muslim males already living in Germany. this increased the number of males muslims aged 15-30 to to 1.2 million males muslims aged 15-30. this is 20% of the male population in this age bracket

    other have examined this differently, and reached similar conclusions.
    The ongoing Third World invasion of Germany will create a nonwhite majority in the 20- to 30-year-old age group within just four years, and a nonwhite majority within one generation, a new statistical analysis based on official German census figures has shown.

    • Replies: @AndrewR
  44. Jason Liu says:

    Mao is not wrong.

    The barrel of the gun, pointed at a leftist’s head, would easily solve this problem. It’s just a matter of willpower, which the German nationalists do not seem to have, yet.

    • Agree: AndrewR
  45. @Charlesz Martel

    The fact that Israel manged to build a first-world country in 70 years galls the hell out of Ding-Dong. His people are still using Water Buffaloes and shitting where they eat

    This probably has an element of truth but Vietnam really did go through a really awful set of civil wars after they gained independence.

    It is a pretty nice country in spite of this and one that is developing very rapidly. I suspect that it will be a developed country within 50 years.

    I think that makes it about the 70 years, 3 generations, that Israel took but instead counting after the end of proper Vietnamese communism.

  46. Rdm says:
    @Charlesz Martel

    I am really dumbfounded to find a person that doesn’t believe the world is round since his vision only lets him see one stone throwaway distance.

    Israel is not the root of the world problem.
    Pro-Israel is the root of the world problem.

    Jews are not the root of the world problem.
    Pro-Israeli Jews are the root of the world problem.

    Even American Jews and Pro-Israeali Jews are fundamentally different. A certain proportion of American Jews want to break away from Pro-Israeli groups and they want to be recognized as American.

    The root of the problem is Pro-Israeli American Jews. They are basically the virus. The host is the US. It tries to spread the entire system of the US, decapitating its freedom, ruining its value and destroying its very core of the human rights system.

    Do you really believe “Whites are racist” tantrum come from White people in the first place?
    Do you really think that the US (White dominant) country is happy to see their motherland flooded with whatever refugees?

    The nationhood of the “Whites” has been erased once the Superpower US has been infected with pro-Israeli Jews.

    The globalist view, the super elite, ultra liberal, same sex marriage, diversity promoting chant, they don’t impact Jews lives.
    1. Widespread flooding of Refugees in the Europe –> What’s the concern for Jews?
    2. Same sex marriage, against Christianity –> What’s the concern for Jews?
    3. Racism attack at Whites by Black –> Do you see those Jewish faces parading together with “Black Lives Matter” protest?

    Whatever Ding Dong you called it, at least it’s the truth coming from Asian as the author see it clearly where you don’t.

    Next time, when you see Mainstream Media promoting Jews racist against Blacks in their community, or Mark Zuckerberg discriminatory hiring practice at FB, etc etc etc, drop a line here so that a little Ding Dong can learn something out of a peanut brain like Charlesz Martel.

    • Replies: @Charlesz Martel
  47. Priss Factor [AKA "Dominique Francon Society"] says:

    In a way, we are all liberals, and that is a good thing. Liberalism in the best sense means being open-minded, adventurous, experimental, and curious. And we should all be like that. To merely stick with conventional wisdom or received truth means a total lack of imagination, critical faculty, and fascination with the new, different, and strange.

    So, why do we have a problem with Liberalism as it exists today? One reason is, of course, that much of so-called Liberalism is really illiberal and uses PC to censor free speech. It is also hypocritical because, even as Liberalism pressures white gentiles to look beyond white interests/identity, it encourages Jews and certain other ethnic/racial groups to guard and promote theirs. And of course, one can be destroyed for not going along with PC. PC is a war on noticing, but PC demands that we NOTICE what Jewish power can do to us. So, even though we are not supposed to talk about Jewish power, we are supposed to NOTICE what it can do to us if we deviate from PC. It’s like Hebrews couldn’t say ‘Yahweh’ but had to fear His power at all times. We can’t say ‘Jews have supreme power’ but we better at if they do at all times because it has control of finance, media, government, law, entertainment, high-tech, and etc. It can kick our ass.

    But there is genuine form of (classic)liberalism in our society, and it is called libertarianism. It is anti-PC, for total free speech, and defends individual liberty(and universal human right) above all other considerations. So, it isn’t hypocritical like Liberalism that is dominated by PC as molded by the ethno-power of Jews.


    Now, if liberalism is a good thing(with its openness, experimentation, curiosity, intellectualism, and etc), why do we have problem with libertarianism’s form of classic liberalism?

    It’s because we know in our hearts that, even though liberalism offers many advantages and strengths, it cannot serve as the core foundation of a people, culture, and civilization. We need liberalism as a tool and instrument, as a way of navigating in the larger world of new possibilities and challenges. But it must ultimately serve something more real and substantial.

    The real difference is not between Conservatism vs Liberalism. (There are few absolutist-conservatives around, and no such exists in the so-called Alt Right because Alt Right likes to think about stuff and challenge tired dogmas of both ‘right’ and ‘left’.) The real difference is between liberals-with-roots and liberals-without-roots. It’s about rooted liberalism vs rootless liberals(libertarians) vs Liberal Inc of PC(that makes no sense whatsoever.) So-called Alt Right is really more like ‘liberals with roots’ than ‘conservatives’. Alt Right is for new ideas, experimentation, curiosity, and free discourse, but it believes that its liberalism must be rooted in identity, history, and heritage. In other words, the liberalism of any people should be an extension/expansion than an extermination of identity.

    Liberalism is like the growing branches and sprouting leaves of a tree, but sure, branches and leaves are extensions/expansions of the trunk and roots in the ground. Indeed, the conceptual ideal of branches and leaves without the trunk and the roots would be ridiculous. After all, the tree first grew from a seed in the soil. And the tree remains standing because it has deep roots in the ground. And without a strong trunk, the tree cannot support the expanding branches and leaves.

    So, liberals-with-roots or rooted liberals understand the need for the branches and leaves to grow, to feel the winds from other lands, and to strive toward the sun. But they also understand that, in order for the tree to be able to do all those things, it needs a solid trunk and deep roots in the soil. And of course, Jews understand this all too well about themselves since they have a deep sense of historical and genetic roots. Even as Jews have adopted and used liberalism, they never severed themselves from the Jewish trunk and Jewish roots. How else could they have maintained their genetics and culture for 3,500 yrs? Why else did they never give up on returning to the Promised Land? Jews know that if they had totally abandoned their genetic-cultural-historical-spiritual roots and totally embraced bloodless & rootless liberalism, they would have eventually lost out and vanished as a people and culture long time ago. As a people interested only in abstract ideas, they would might have had a vague sense of destination but no sense of home or origin.

    But then, a sense of the future is far less interesting and meaningful without a sense of the past. Indeed, imagine taking out the Genesis and the early books of the Bible. The Bible would be far less compelling. Its power derives from the sense of origins & development and how the early myths continues to inform the obligations and destiny of Jews. And even when Jews stopped believing in the literal truth of the Torah, they still valued its historical and cultural value. Imagine if humanity were to leave earth for another planet and then decided to totally forget that it had originated on another planet called Earth. How impoverished such people would be in terms of memory and identity.

    Liberalism allows us to explore, but we need a sense of home or, at least of origins. if we have a sense of origins, we will continue to know what we are even if we are exiled from our home or if our home is destroyed forever.

    Just because astronauts go exploring space and maybe other worlds in the future doesn’t mean that they should forget that they originated, evolved, and came from the planet Earth. It is the knowledge of roots on Earth that gives humanity its meaning. Even if the Earth were to be destroyed in some future date and mankind were to colonize another planet, the true meaning of mankind will derive from the knowledge that it had originated and evolved on Earth.
    Animals have no such memory. If monkeys in Africa are relocated to some jungle in South America, they would soon forget their original habitat, and the next generation would ONLY know the new habitat in South America. Animals have territorial instinct and even a proto-tribal instinct among social creatures like chimps and wolves, but their perceptions and feelings can never turn into the stuff of culture, myth, history, or identity. It’s all about brutal survival.

    In contrast, humans do have extensive memory and use language to keep the memory of earlier generations alive. Animals have no sense of origins and history. Animals have no use for meaning. But humans are useless without meaning, and most of human meaning comes from history, heritage, roots, and origins, all of which come to form a sense of identity. Also, there is rich identity and shallow identity. Being a Trekkie is an identity. So is being a gamer, deadhead, or Star Wars fan. And some people may choose such as their main identity, but they are fooling themselves because such attachments are shallow, trivial, or juvenile, no matter how feverish the fandom may be at the moment. Fads should not be the core identity.

    In contrast, certain identities are rich in meaning, deep in history, evident in the genes, and considerable in arts, culture, memory, and myth. They have lasting value and should be the basis of the true meaning of a people. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying video games or some rock band, but if one’s core identity is about addiction to the fleeting pleasures of games or pop music, he or she is a fool who thinks humanity is all about fun, fun, fun and being young forever. Imagine making Beatlemania or Michael-Jackson-fandom as one’s main identity. Nothing wrong with enjoying the music of the Fab Four or the wacky-jacky, but fandom is come and go. Of course, one can include Beatles as part of British culture and history, and indeed the great thing about national culture is that they can incorporate the achievements in literature, music, and the arts over the course of history. So, even though it would be foolish to choose Beatlemania as one’s core identity, one can include the Beatles music as part of British arts, music, history, and culture.

    Liberalism must grow out of something. It must be an extension of something. Liberalism may persuade us to change something about ourselves for improvement and advancement, but it must never tell us to reject, deny, forget, or terminate what we are. Liberalism can help us steer toward a better future, but we need to know where we came from and what we are, and those considerations must inform where we want to go and need to go. Imagine if someone on a ship were to volunteer to undergo amnesia in the name of rootless liberalism. He would still have the ship on which to explore the world, but without a sense of origins and identity, what would his destination be? How can you use liberalism to serve your interests if you don’t know who or what you are? Why did Odysseus’ men stop thinking of using their free will to return home? Because they came under semi-amnesia from eating lotus. Libertarians are like lotus-eaters. If you eat the lotus, you get eaten by the locusts.

    Imagine a proud Germany that uses liberalism to make Germany better. It would be open to new ideas and open to experimentation. Germans being proud Germans, their primary goal would be to make Germany a better nation for Germans. It would be a rooted liberalism or liberalism rooted in history, identity, heritage, and culture.

    Now, imagine a Germany that uses liberalism to reject the very concept of Germany. This Germany of rootless liberalism would be open ideas and ways, but then for what? To serve what? If Germans no longer know what they are, there would no longer be any reason to serve Germany, defend Germany, or make Germany better. Maybe every German will just see himself or herself as a rootless ‘individual’, but if that is the end-all of identity, there is no need for past/history and no need for future/destiny. After all, only a cultural consciousness that survives over many generations develops into unique identity: “Our ancestors were Germans, we are Germans, and our descendants our Germans. We received an identity from our ancestors, it defines what we are, and we bequeath this identity and culture to our descendants…” No individual, however great, formed a new identity all by himself. And even great individuals like Jesus and Muhammad meant for their new visions to be passed down and remembered generation after generation.

    Rooted Germans could used their sturdier form of liberalism to think up new ideas and experiment with new possibilities. But ultimately, their rooted liberalism would be serving something bigger than any individual. An individual lasts just a lifetime whereas a race and culture can last for for eons. A biography doesn’t make an identity or history. It is part of larger identity and history.

    Some might argue that individuals should embrace the larger identity of the ‘human race’ or ‘humanity’, but then, the Goldilocks rule comes into effect. Just like Goldilocks had to find the midway between extremes, humanity is best served by settling for the midway between the extreme of libertarian individualism and the extreme of universal collectivism. It is egotistical and petty to put oneself at the center of everything and too much of a burden to think and care about all of humanity in every corner of the world. Let each person belong to his or her nation and do his/her best to do good for that nation, and may all nations get along together in peace and cooperation. The nation-state is the best building block for a peaceful international order. Nation-state is the more stable and enduring form of human organization and identity, at least its composition is sound. The best kind of nation-state favors homogeneity over diversity over a fixed territory. It is more about history and identity than about ideology though all nation-states have a need for some kind of guiding ideology. In other words, capitalism and democracy should serve the identity and history of the people of a nation, not the other way around. Nation-state is the source of power.

    Indeed, why was much of the world so vulnerable to imperialism during the Age of Empire? Because much of the world hadn’t formed into nation-states yet. So, the peoples who had formed into nation-states had a great advantage over those that hadn’t.

    This was true in Europe as well. Why was Germany vulnerable to Napoleon’s France? Because Napoleon ruled over a united French nation-state whereas Germany was divided into many principalities. Why did Austrians rule over non-Austrians who made up 75% of the Austro-Hungarian empire? Because non-Austrians hadn’t yet formed into nation-states.

    Why was the British Empire able to gain control over so much of Asia, Africa, and Middle East? Because those parts of the world had no nation-states. The eventual fading of European empires around the world had to do with the emergence of nation-state-ism in the Third World. Once every part of Asia, Africa, and Middle East gained a sense of nation-state-ism, the peoples of those regions could more effectively unite and organize to drive out the imperialists whose power derived from their own nation-states. Indeed, British imperial power was an extension of British nation-state-ism, and French imperial power was an extension of French nation-state-ism. And those great powers gained domination mostly over people without nation-state-ism who were divided and scattered among themselves.
    (Today, the Middle East is vulnerable because the nations created there were poorly constructed to be diverse than homogeneous. Therefore, the Zio-Globalists have been able to exploit the divisions within Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and Syria. It goes to show that nation-state-ism isn’t enough. It has to be well-formulated and well-constructed along the basic rules of stability, i.e. homogeneity of a people over a certain territory makes for greater stability, peace, and cohesion. Zionist Israel has been more stable than Apartheid South Africa because majority Jews ruled over minority Arabs in Israel whereas ruling minority whites were vastly outnumbered by savage blacks. South Africa violated the cardinal rule of stable-nation-state-ism. Generally, it helps for the rulers to be of the majority population than of the minority population. The reason why American Jews elites are so paranoid and hysterical is because they are a minority ruling elite. So, in order to play divide-and-conquer, they keep trying to increase gentile diversity and make non-whites hate whites.)

    The reason why Italian power faded was Italy wasn’t able to unite into a nation-state until much later. It had city-states, and some Italian city-states had colonies abroad, but a city-state could only do so much. It couldn’t sustain the kind of power that the UK and France could.

    And Germany finally became a great power because Germans united into a single nation-state. Prior to unification, the Germans were afraid of French power. But once Germany was united, it could withstand French might and even defeat France, as happened under Bismarck. Indeed, the last thing that the French wanted was for the various German principalities to unite into a single nation-state entity, as such would grow far more powerful. (Rule of stable-nation-state-ism is “unite with people of shared race, culture, and language”. The reason why Prussia came to be on better footing that the Austrians was because Prussia mostly united with German provinces whereas Austrians united with non-Austrians. So, if the Prussian enterprise of absorbing other German provinces led to the creation of an organic nation-state, the Austrian way led to an empire than a nation-state. When Hitler was uniting with Germanic folks in Rhineland, Austria, and Sudetenland, he was popular and loved by new members of greater Germany. But things changed when Germany took over Czech areas and half of Poland. The non-Germans felt like subject peoples and indeed were treated as such.)

    The problem with empire is that it makes some people feel like masters while other peoples feel like subjects. Austrians felt more privileged than non-Austrians in the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Turks felt more privileged than non-Turks in the Ottoman Empire.
    In contrast, a nation-state makes everyone in the nation feel like they are part of the same community despite class differences.

    The problem with the US is that, with increasing diversity and with an elite made up mostly of Jews-homos-and-mulattoes, many white Americans are feeling like subjects in an empire than as organic members of a nation-state. Whites once felt like they were part of a white American nation. Now, so many whites feel like they are subjects in an empire ruled by Jews and their homo/mulatto allies. Sure, there are white elites in the GOP, but they mostly cucks. Trump is better but even he hasn’t dared to talk about Jewish power which is the real power in America.

    Anyway, we are all liberals and that is a good thing. But we are rooted liberals, not rootless liberals.

    Liberals without roots may flatter themselves for being freer thinkers for being unfettered by identity and heritage, but people without roots have no compelling reason to think about anything since they are not guided by passion. After all, people use their minds to serve a certain objective, and their commitment is fueled by emotions. No one does stuff just to do stuff; no one commits to anything just for the hell of it. One reason why North Vietnam won over South Vietnam was the North knew it was fighting for national pride and independence whereas people in the South were told they were fighting for some vague American concept of ‘liberty’ as represented by chewing gum, beer, and prostitution of their women. Furthermore, one’s ultimate purpose in life isn’t only about what you’re willing to live for but what you’re willing to die for. It may well have been that plenty of south vietnamese were willing to live for what the Americans offered, but few were willing to die for it. In contrast, those in the North were willing to die for what they felt in their hearts.

    Now, on an instinctive level, we all understand that our decisions are driven by some kind of a purpose. After all, we eat to feed ourselves so we can survive. We are like zombies in George Romero movies. We know we have to keep eating in order to survive.
    In a way, individualism is a form of self-tribalism or micro-tribalism. Each individual is into serving his or her own interests.

    To the extent that each of know we must eat and seek shelter, we do have a sense of purpose in life. It is to stay alive and seek some pleasure in life. But is that all? If that is all there is to life, we would be no different from animals that are content to have shelter, food, and some fun.

    Humans need more because we have a sense of memory, culture, and history. We need to belong to a larger community.
    Historical experience has shown that certain communities are more resilient than others. Russians tried Russian-ness as identity, communism as identity, and post-communist globo-capitalism as identity. Russian-ness proved to be more meaningful, stable, and resilient. Jews tried all bunch of ideologies, but nothing has been more resilient Jewishness as an identity, history, and culture. We all need ideologies and -isms, but they must serve the identity, not the other way around. For example, we can make good use of capitalism and democracy, but they must serve a people and culture. Democracy in Japan should serve the Japanese, democracy in Turkey should serve the Turks. Socialism in Sweden should serve the Swedes. Socialism in Switzerland should serve the Swiss.

    Also, people without identity end up being shallow and trashy, especially when times are good. If we have a sense of history, we would be reminded that our affluence didn’t come from nowhere. It is the product of many centuries of hard work, struggle, sacrifice, trial and error, and tragedies. So, we would value what we have, and we would use our freedom and wealth more wisely. We would take good care of it and pass it down to our descendants to do the same. But if one has no sense of identity and history, one would just see his wealth and freedom as means to indulge oneself. It’s like rich spoiled kids of rich folks end up being stupid and rotten. Their parents didn’t ground them in a sense of identity, history, and heritage. If you know something about your ancestors and what they went through, you would not blow all the wealth and freedom bequeathed to you on yourself. But if you have no memory, then you will be like Adam Sandler in BILLY MADISON and act like a total jerk.

    It is because white folks have forgotten their identity that so many of them blew their great inheritance of freedom and wealth on trivialities and degraded themselves in imitation of stupid trash like Lena Dunham. And in a way, this goes for blacks too. Because so many blacks know nothing but trash culture, rap, hip hop, and consumer-culture, they have no sense of their own roots and history, no sense of what their ancestors went through to gain civil rights and freedom. Since the late 60s, blacks have used their newfound freedom to indulge in amnesiac degeneracy and trashiness. Even when it comes to black cultural treasure troves like blues and Jazz, whites have done more than blacks to maintain the memory, tradition, and appreciation.

    But there is another problem with rootless liberalism. Liberals-without-roots may feel liberated from their identity, history, and culture. They may feel free as cosmopolitan individuals without the burden of tradition, obligation, or loyalty. But human nature being what it is, it craves for something bigger than oneself, something compelling and potent. It’s like even people who reject God/religion go about seeking for its substitutes because there is something in our nature that is worshipful of something deemed holy, higher, or transcendental.

    So, even white liberals who’ve chosen to be rootless eventually find themselves seeking to identify with something bigger than their anemic rootless selves. Since they’ve rejected their own identity, they begin to fixate on OTHER identities.
    It’s like Tom Cruise in LAST SAMURAI, in having rejected whiteness, tries to more Japanese than the Japanese. It’s like the white guy in AVATAR identifies with the big blue folks of another planet. It’s like the younger brother of the bourgeois guy in RAGTIME comes to identify with blacks and joins a black terrorist outfit.

    It’s like white cuckservatives who reject their own race and culture are so passionate about Israel, Israel, and Israel. It’s like white Libs who reject their own identity and culture identify so strongly with stuff like reggae culture and homo community. They no longer hoist the flag of white power but they sure love to wave the flag of homo pride and worship. In the absence of their own tribalism, they’ve latched onto the tribalism of another people. (It’s like Lawrence of Arabia latches onto the dream of Arab nationalism. Initially, we notice that he is more liberal and open-minded than the other British. But as he begins to fight for the Arabs, he becomes like the most passionate ‘Arab’. Indeed, he wants to kill the Turks more than the Arabs do. He is even willing to favor Arab interests over British interests. In a way, he becomes a white man who is serving another race of people. Yet, he also exults in being served by the Arabs who see him as like a god. He feels both humbled and deified. We see this duality among white Liberals. On the one hand, they are like sappy dorks serving other races. But they also get a kick out of playing the role of the ‘great white man’ who is bringing the light of progress to all the darkies around the world.)

    In this sense, what we are seeing in Germany and Sweden isn’t entirely a case of anti-nationalism. It is a strange phenomenon of cuck-nationalism. Since Germans are no longer allowed the pride of being German, their thwarted tribal passions latch onto the identities of Jews, homos, or ‘Syrians’. Since Germans cannot draw the water of pride from their own ethnic well, they try to draw it from the well of Jews, homos, Negroes, and ‘Syrians’. Germans may not be aware of the psychological dynamics of what is really going on, but just like American cuckservatives experience tribal emotions through the surrogate of Israel, many Europeans(especially Northern Europeans and the French) get the high of tribal passion by supporting the cause of the Other, such as ‘Syrians’.

    Likewise, white males in the US are forbidden to feel masculine pride. So, as cucks, some of them invite Negroes to hump their white women. Though white males feel humiliation, they also experience a perverse kind of male pride through the surrogate of the Negro who unapologetically feels and acts like a ‘real man’.

    And in a way, what happened in Cologne was a kind of cuckfest. Though, on some level, German and European males were offended by how the invader-hordes treated white women, on another level the European males subconsciously thrilled to the sight of ‘real men’ asserting their masculinity and pride over white women who are now a bunch of whores and sluts.

    Germans are really messed up because their cult of Holocaust Guilt is really a perverse form of tribalism.
    National shame is a corollary to national pride.
    If national pride is wrong because it is built on the tribal notion of German greatness based on race, culture, and history,
    then national shame is also wrong because it is premised on the tribal notion of guilt by race, culture, and history.

    Holocaust Guilt doesn’t blame only the German individuals who took part in the Holocaust. It says that ALL Germans past-present-and-future are guilty of the Murder-of-Jews since they all share the same blood and are part of German history.

    If the cult of National Pride says that even the worst Germans are deserving of pride, then the cult of National Shame says that even the best Germans are deserving of shame. Under the cult of radical National Pride, a German individual can be a total shit and loser, but he can invoke his Germanness to feel so great about himself. Under the radical cult of National Shame, a Jew can accuse even the nicest and kindest German born after WWII of being part of the Evil Race of people called the ‘Germans’.

    Holocaust Guilt is about blood-and-soil but to instill shame than pride. (It might be called blood-and-spoil)
    If Hitler said anyone with German blood was the best simply for having German blood, Jews say anyone with German blood is the worst simply for having German blood. Holocaust Guilt judges Germans not on the basis of what they do as free-willed individuals but on the basis of their blood. So, it doesn’t matter how good and decent you are as an individual German. It doesn’t matter if your ancestors resisted the Nazis and if you were born long after WWII. In the eyes of Jews, your blood makes you a Nazi.

    If indeed Germans are really all about rejecting their identity, history, and culture, they should also abandon the cult of Holocaust Guilt since it is too is a tribal form of German identity based on guilt and evil. Germans infected with Holocaust Guilt may not feel tribal pride but they certain feel tribal shame.

    If the current Liberal German logic is that Germans should feel no special affinity for German history, culture, and identity, then the Germans should not only give up their pride but also their guilt. After all, WWII and the Holocaust are part of German history. If indeed Germans are no more German(due to race and history) than non-Germans are — if indeed, just about anyone can become ‘German’ — , then it makes no sense to associate German-ness with the Holocaust. Rejection of German history and identity means rejecting not only the matters worthy of German pride but matters worthy of German guilt.

  48. @Santoculto

    And separate good immigrants who adapt to the local culture from colonizers, those who want impose its culture.

  49. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Out of respect and tolerance towards their new citizens perhaps German women and indeed all Europeon females could adopt the burka and refrain from driving and walking unaccompanied in public? Such a little to ask. STASI code-named agent “Erika” currently NSA GESTAPO asset Fatty Merkill will be modelling the Frumpy Dame spring collection of famed gay Saudi Arabian designer Abdul Kamelfikkah in all upcoming public outings along with Cologne Mayoress Reker (Germany’s answer to USSA’S ravishing Nancy Pelotas). ). Her fashion “statement” should be an inspiration for all modest Europeons, and will hopefully be seen as a mark of acknowledgement to the strong “religious convictions” of our new Europeon citizens. In a further show of subservience to the primitive traditions of the invading “refugees” agent Merkill will in future symbolically walk 10 meters behind her bodyguards in the tradition of Turkestan peasant wives daily seen schlepping their loads around the capital of Germany as their children run riot and their husbands lounge at home on welfare.

    Remember Europeons, if you see something… burka it!

    Keep your wenches in a bag and avoid hornydonkey goat fikking gang banging provocation.

    5 wise sages of the sect help us understand “the plan” of our elite masters.






    Learning to adapt to our new “citizens”

    Taharrush “Arab rape game”, fun at allah’s snackbar

    Onward to Germanostan, poste haste!

    • Replies: @Santoculto
  50. Big Bill says:
    @Lucius Somesuch

    I certainly don’t like my country being flooded with foreigners, but they are just tools in an inhuman and vicious plan, and I hope that more people will come to realize this in time.

    In time to do what? Invite them to stay?

    I look at third world wetbacks the same way I look at scab workers.

    Like most labor organizers, I “realize” that scab workers who cross picket lines, destroy the unions and drive wages down are just “tools in an inhuman and vicious plan” and they are just trying “to feed their families” and “make a better life for their children”.

    I will still bust their heads with a baseball bat for strike breaking, though. Call me “old school”.

    • Replies: @Corvinus
  51. @Rdm

    Israel seems to be one of the few countries that understands the concept of border control. Do you really think that Jews are powerful enough to get so many people to act against their own interests?

    To answer just one of your semi-literate retarded points-

    1. Widespread flooding of Refugees in the Europe –> What’s the concern for Jews?

    Uh- Jews are being targeted, killed, and forced out of European countries where they have lived peacefully for centuries- remember Charlie Hebdo? Whom do you think Muslims target first?

    How is that “Good for the Jews?” Because they ‘ll move to Israel? Then how will Jews continue to run the world?

    Talk about a peanut brain- or is it simple envy, because your ethnicity hasn’t achieved a fraction of what the Jews have achieved?

  52. nickels says:

    Yes, the power comes from the irrational march (propelled by ageey and sentiment) of the underlying ideology of the populace. Gustave Le Bon points this out in The Crowd. That’s why the peasants enabled the Bolsheviks. They were used to servitue under the Tsars, it was a change in name only, the ideology was the same.

    Feminism is definitely the muscle behind the death of the West. They accepted the Jewish religion of self hate known as political correctness, aka secular protestantism, with its Jesus of MLK, the Garden of Original sin, the Holycause. Maytrs Travyon, and the other fake police victims.

    Reading Josephus, I see a parallel. While preparing the middle east cities for the war with Rome, the Gentiles had trouble from their wives in expelling (or massacuring) the Jews because the ‘wives had grown fond’ of the Jewish religion.
    I have to wonder if women are leading men into PC and the death thst results. Is that unfair? I don’t know. Some would ssy men are the ideolohical leaders, but that seems like Macho denial.

  53. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Is this satire or not? It’s hard to tell nowadays.

    • Replies: @nickels
  54. AndrewR says:

    thank you for spamming your shitty blog on here

  55. Time has a unique history of naming something or someone “X” of the year immediately before a complete, 180 degree reversal of that something of someone.

    If “those who the gods would ruin they first make mad” is true, then those who would see their fortunes begin a long and slow or fast and violent reversal should be named Time Person of the Year.

    I’m guessing Merkel will be driven not just from office but from Germany itself in coming years.

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  56. @Anonymous

    ”Plus guy!!! don’t tolk two match about’them, =(”

  57. nickels says:

    I forget to add that Abe Lincoln (the mercantilist who started the Civil War and caused 600,000 deaths) is the political correct Moses.

  58. badneolib says:
    @Charlesz Martel

    Their corporations are free to roam, speaking of border control.

  59. badneolib says:

    Plunder is groundless but no one seems to realize that here. The author speaks of reason, snidely LOL bad tactics.

  60. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Bollox. All German citizens have to do is withhold their taxes until the mess is cleared up.

    • Replies: @Erik Sieven
  61. Corvinus says:
    @Big Bill

    “I look at third world wetbacks the same way I look at scab workers.”

    Scab workers generally Eastern/Southern Europeans. You know, white people. Although you did have blacks also serve as replacement workers. Now, how would that appear that your bashing skulls of your fellow whites? Would such conduct warrant you being called “anti-white”?

  62. Rehmat says:

    In 2012, former West German capital Bonn became the first city in Germany to introduce the meters for sex workers as a means of extending a general tax on prostitution beyond brothels to the streets of Bonn. Some 200 women are believed to occasionally work the streets in Bonn, with an average of 20 out on a given night.

    Israel is now planning to follow the example in Tel Aviv, the capitol city with 280 brothels.

  63. …but then again, being internationalist, most of these leftists don’t even recognize the concept of nationhood. They’re aiming for an uprising of a mythical international brotherhood.

    And therein lies the problem. Like every other country in the Western world, Germany is controlled by international Jewry. As it has been since Hitler’s removal from power.

  64. LH says:

    There was recent article, on an Czech website, that many Czech prostitutes are regularly bused to Germany, to relieve the refugees. Paid by Germany. I wouldn’t be suprised if it turns to be true.

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  65. edNels [AKA "geoshmoe"] says:
    @Greg Bacon

    Bingo, I had to read a lot to find a smart comment! Or, to rephrase it in other words: Decendents of Russia’s Kahsars now called Aschcanazis, Like (”Snowbirds”… ) are in the market for affordable ”Sunbelt” southern real estate, in a nice Mediteranean climate… Sort of like a kind of Florida of the East.

    • Replies: @edNels
  66. edNels [AKA "geoshmoe"] says:

    Yeah… and send all them Arabb cloddhoppers … up ta… “F’n EU”!… “Get a twofer!

    Sheash! Who said that?

    ”F’n EU”? That ain’t vary diplomatic!

    The priorities.

  67. Rdm says:
    @Charlesz Martel

    Israel seems to be one of the few countries that understands the concept of border control.

    said the Israeli Jews. Are you just being obtuse? Or genetic driven ignorance?

    How is that “Good for the Jews?” Because they ‘ll move to Israel? Then how will Jews continue to run the world?

    I don’t follow your train of thoughts. It’s all jumbled up.

    Talk about a peanut brain- or is it simple envy, because your ethnicity hasn’t achieved a fraction of what the Jews have achieved?

    A peanut brain refers to you. A peanut brain does not refer to an entire Jewish population. A fraction of what Jews have achieved? hahah I laugh at that.

    • Replies: @Charlesz Martel
  68. Down to the bottom and then up? Germany has reached the critical mass of Muslim population. That means that Islamization cannot be stopped unless robust measures are taken to stem this mass of illegal migration and screen those already in. If the authorities don’t find a quick solution to fix this mess, Germany will end up under the sway of a vocal and growing Islam which will not stop till it has seized power, as it has been historically demonstrated elsewhere. Fixing it is very urgent. Or perhaps it is already too late.

  69. @Rdm

    If you believe (as you appear to) that the “Jews control the world”, the assumption is that these “controlling people” (Jews) will do what is good for themselves. What is good about importing people who want to kill your people first and foremost?

    My reference to a peanut brain is simply pointing out your own logical inconsistencies. See the prior paragraph.

    So tell me, which group has the highest average IQ? Which group has won more Nobel Prizes as a percentage of their population? Lowest level of social pathologies? Highest average income?
    Get it now, peanut brain?

    • Replies: @Rdm
  70. Rdm says:
    @Charlesz Martel

    Go up to my #47 comment.

    American Jews Vs Pro-Israeli Jews. They have fundamental differences.

    My reference to a peanut brain is simply pointing out your own logical inconsistencies.

    Show me exactly where my logic falls into fallacy?

    So tell me, which group has the highest average IQ? Which group has won more Nobel Prizes as a percentage of their population? Lowest level of social pathologies? Highest average income?
    Get it now, peanut brain?

    Chest thumping, huh?

    Here’s what’s going on.

    1. I said Pro-israeli Jews are problems in the US.

    (You read it as an insult to all Jews.)

    2. I said recent flood of Middle Eastern refugees into Europe has provoked deep fission within Whites community and their sense of nationhood: Germany, France, Greek, Austrian, Hungarian and so on. It’s understandable that those European Whites will feel angst of their motherland accepting refugees whereas Pro-Israeli Jews will have no concern over recent flood as long as it’s not concerned with their holy land.

    (You interpreted it as an insult to all Jews.)

    3. I described that the pain most White readers will feel after seeing this article is something about their ancestor land being invaded (be it reasonable or unreasonable). The pain that YOU Charlesz Martel here feel is nothing about European land invasion, it’s about “Jews are not the problems.” concern.

    (You don’t like the way I presented here about Jews.)

    4. When I compare the size of your brain to “peanut”, which might be true after judging from your comment, you feel resentful and bring all the IQ of Jews and tried to support your logic with all the IQs of Jewish Ancestors and debunk my statement with the horde of Jewish achievement.

    (We’re not talking about IQ, and you persistently brought Jewish IQ, use as a magic wand, and tried to debunk everything you deem anti-Jews with IQ wand.)

    If you still don’t get it, I’ll repeat here to refreshen your memory.

    American Jews and Pro-israeli Jews are fundamentally different.
    I’m not hating on either one of those. I’m just pointing out how Pro-israeli Jews play a role in American Foreign Policy and how it wreak havoc in Middle East.

    • Replies: @Charlesz Martel
  71. @LH

    Any German, Polish, or Czech woman who sleeps with those Muslim savages, does not deserve our respect, for she clearly has no respect for herself. And no, a person need not turn to prostitution to eat and survive in any of those countries today.

  72. @dc.sunsets

    Merkel and all Bundestag members who failed to work to deport and exclude all Muslim invaders should be imprisoned in a high-security prison with violent criminals — the type of people they want us to live with — and then expelled from Germany permanently and barred from ever returning.

  73. @Rdm

    Tell me, when Arab Muslim Terrorists kill Jews, do you think they interrogate them as to their politics?

    I am proudly Jewish. I DO NOT WANT to see Germany destroyed- these Germans had NOTHING TO DO with the Holocaust (which actually happened- surprise!). I support Israel as an ethnostate, the same reason I support ALL ethnostates- history proves that people without a homeland where they can determine their own destiny run a very large risk of being slaughtered. I do not wish France to become Muslim- Muslims have plenty of countries that they have already invaded, conquered, and turned to shit. They don’t need any more. Ditto for the entire Dar-al harb.

    If your beef is the so-called Palestinians, are you equally concerned with the virtually total expulsion of 800,000 Jews from Muslim countries after 1948? Or do your interests lie with the lesser breeds?

    Why would that be?

    Peanuts- get your hot peanuts here! $1 a bag!!

    It might be worth asking Linh if his family were Vietnamese refugees. I’d bet money that that’s what the world knows him as. I’d also bet money that he is, in fact, ethnically Chinese. The vast majority of boat people were. Very few in the West seem to know that. The Vietnamese resented the economic domination of a smarter ethnic group.

  74. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    The evil US administration has some culpability in addressing the Arab Spring, even instigating it. Their Muslim president wants to create world wide friction and chaos, and at the same time, increase his blood-brothers’ (Muslim Brotherhood) influence in the ME and North Afrique. That is why the US has culpability, but it is directly tied to their anti-US Choker-in-Chief in the White House.

    He hates Israel so much, that to even dream that he would work with Israel in any way, is pure fantasy. It hurts Israel to have had more moderate, stable governments in Muslim countries deposed, than having the murderous villains in power that has been perpetrated against Algeria, Libya and Tunisia (tried in Egypt but counterrevolution put the Brotherhood’s butt back on the street), with the big game now being played out in Syria…at very high stakes.

    If Merkel wants to do a Hunger Games kind of selection for Comfort Women to increase their birth rate and placate the Animals from Asia and Norte Afrique, then the Deutschers need to take into account that THEY put their leaders in charge. They are the only ones who can end their power.

  75. @Charlesz Martel

    Since the rulers have already thought of this and are indeed, successfully enacting their plans, I’ll spell it out for you: promoting mass immigration destroys Europe as a rival power and allows Israel to deal with them like any other trash middle eastern country it has so adroitly handled.

    Furthermore, a weakened white minority may even export concubines for the lust of Semites – not likely, given that any remnant would be more Nazi than not, even under the threat of nuclear annihilation – but no doubt of interest to the fevered dreams of anti gentiles

    • Replies: @Charlesz Martel
  76. Priss Factor [AKA "Dominique Francon Society"] says: • Website

    True enough, but where have all the ladies gone?

    While slutty women shouldn’t be molested, they ARE tempting males to act ‘bad’. I mean if you hold a piece of meat over a hungry dog, it will salivate and be tempted to act bad.

    Western Culture since the 60s have been trying to have it both ways. It encourages women to act like whores who bring out the animal nature in man. But men(or white men) have been told to act like nice guys who don’t act on sexual instinct. This has been most effective against white males since they are the main targets of feminism.

    It has been less effective against black males since feminists are supposed to be ideologically united with blacks and people-of-color against ‘privileged’ white males.
    Also, black ‘misogyny’ in rap is supposed to be ‘cool’, ’empowering’, and ‘liberating’. Also, since PC promotes interracialism, ‘progressive’ feminists value rap culture for turning white girls onto the black men even if black men immersed in rap culture tend to be thugs and louts.

    Feminism tells white women to act like whores but also admonishes white males to act like dorks. It is a crazy contradiction.
    As for black males, who are NOT targets of feminism, they are allowed to flaunt their ‘manhood’ by acting like ‘bad boys’. Much of US music culture is black guys saying, “suck my —-, bitchass skanky ho”. Indeed, much of the rape in colleges are carried out by black athletes, but shhhhhh, to say so would be ‘racist’. So instead, we are supposed to be outraged over fake rapes like the UVA hoax.

    Now, as for these men from North Africa and the Middle East. They have not been immersed in PC male-shaming that, btw, has applied mostly to white males than all males. (All the college rape awareness is about white males, never about black males or brown males raping in the ‘hood. They are meant to scare white girls into seeing white males as rapists.)
    Migrant males are more like black males than white males because feminism has excoriated bad behavior white males but almost never among black males.
    These migrant males are spared from feminist shaming since feminism is officially supposed to be about white females united with noble non-white males as fellow victims of white males. Also, these migrant males surely got a taste of western pop culture in music, movies, and porn, and the message they got is “We white girls are sluts 24/7.” Just look at the face of western culture: Miley Cyrus and Lena Dunham who even gloats about how she molested her young sister as a kid.
    So, when these migrant males arrive in the West, they expect an Animal House scenario.

    It’s also like so many American men acted badly in Saigon in Vietnam War because they were led to see Vietnamese women as a bunch of whores for the taking. Impressions do matter.

    American men are richer, so they can buy sex in the Third World. So, it’s not ‘rape’. But for poor migrant men with explosive bawalls(!!!), they go for the “poor man’s orgy” which is mass molestation of girls in public spaces.

  77. @Difference Maker

    So the idea is that destroying Europe will enable Israel to do what, exactly? I fail to see how the racial destruction of Europe is good for any country in the world, except for Islamic supremacists. If all other Western countries were not allowing Islamic immigration, there might be some slight possibility that this fantastical theory has a shred of logic to it- although it is still fundamentally retarded. But not all white countries are drinking the kool-aide. Eastern Europe is not, for starters. Neither is Israel.

    Your argument about “Semitic Lust” is amusing, given the huge intermarriage rates among Jews in the west. The women don’t appear to be forced into anything they don’t want to be doing. Perhaps you should work on increasing your own sexual market value. A Country of 5 million Jews hundreds of miles away from Europe, with a population of 500 million or so (depending on what you count as Europe) is not a racial threat to Europe. Importing Muslims into Europe, at the rate of a million to two million a year, on top of the 8-10 million already there, is. (true figures are hard to come by- it could be as high as 20 million already.)

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