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Fleeing Lockdowns, Death Jabs and Health Passports
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Born into a war, I was a refugee by 11, living in a tent in Guam, then an army barrack in Arkansas.

In 2015, I wrote “Our Refugee Future,” because I knew that nearly all of us, even the most comfortable or smug, were only too likely to become refugees soon enough.

I said, “There is always an economic reason behind a refugee crisis. People flee because they can no longer make a living due to a tyrannical government, foreign intervention or evil ideology, not just bombs falling.”

And, “Count yourself lucky if you’re allowed to thrive in your native environment, a place you’ve been groomed for since birth. Too many of us, though, have been forced to reinvent ourselves to somewhat fit into one or even several alien environments.”

I’ve also said repeatedly that Mexico would need a border wall more than the US, to block panicking Americans from flooding into their country.

Each time I talked about America’s dismal prospects, I would get shouted down, predictably, with one reader screaming that the USA would be number one for the next five hundred years. Poor man’s no student of history. When I suggested the best solution was secession, to protect local freedoms and autonomy from Washington’s suffocating diktats, another reader sneered that I, as “a perennial ESL students,” had no business advocating the breakup of “his” country. One man said it was “an affront” for a yellow man to discuss America’s problems. These will be solved by people of European descent only. Since they’re doing such a great job, as we can all see, I should just bug off.

Since Covid broke out, I’ve been to Laos, Vietnam, South Korea, Serbia, North Macedonia, Lebanon, Egypt, Albania, Montenegro, South Africa and now Namibia. Though each of these countries face serious challenges that are compounded by Covid, with Lebanon perhaps the most imperiled, all of these societies are still more intact and resilient than the crumbling USA, with cracks everywhere you look, with smoke, if not fire, billowing out of windows.

Collectively threatened, Americans are still stuck on red vs. blue, blacks vs. whites or Biden suckers vs. Trump swallowers, etc. In the mainstream and alternative media, Jews rile racial bile. Works every time.

Glad to be in the cheapest seats, they cheer for their favorite playas, while just outside the stadium, everything burns. Leaving the rigged game, they’ll spend the rest of their lives trying to find their clunkers. “I’m pretty sure it was right here. How are we going to get home?”

But home, too, is gone. There’s nothing to return to. Klaus Schwab, “Many of us are pondering when things will return to normal. The short response is: never.”

I’ve written, “There’s no true resistance or hope for America until the first meaningful assassination. Only galvanized by this can a pushback begin,” and who knows, this can still happen. All it takes is the first man with balls, and access, of course. You can’t win, though, if you don’t even know who you must fight. Isn’t that obvious?

War produces many more refugees than warriors or martyrs. Threatened, people will run.

Outside a downtown shopping mall in Windhoek, there’s a 62-year-old Serb who sells T-shirts, caps and posters celebrating leftist leaders, like Chavez, Lumumba, Biko and even Stalin. A poster depicting “RUSSIAN TZAR PUTIN” is not meant ironically, for the Serb loves this much-demonized adversary of America.

Escaping the war that broke up Yugoslavia, he’s been in Africa for 30 years, with stays in Angola, Uganda, Zambia and South Africa. “Namibia is best,” he tells me. A hardcore Communist, he had no cause to fight for in Yugoslavia, even if he was inclined.

When I ask him if he misses Serbia, he makes a hugging gesture and says, “No, I’m not,” to mean he’s no clinger. He hasn’t been to Serbia in 15 or 20 years, he can’t even remember.

As a white refugee in black Africa, the Serb is unusual, but there will be more, millions more. Even before Covid insanity, many Germans and Englishmen were buying houses in Cape Town to move in. There, I also met a Lebanese realtor who was counting on his fluency in English, French and Arab to sell houses to foreigners.

When I pointed out that, despite its problems, Cape Town had some magnificent neighborhoods where whites lived splendidly, I was, predictably, screamed at by angry white Americans. They just wanted to believe no whites could live peacefully in Sub-Saharan Africa, because, you know, all these uncontrollable blacks just couldn’t wait to rape the nearest white woman. For these raging whites, it’s an unending pornography, apparently.

Say refugees and most people will think of black, brown or yellow hordes invading white nations, but most Arab refugees, for example, end up in nearby Arab countries. Before it was itself attacked, Syria absorbed at least 1.5 million Iraqis fleeing white/Jewish aggression. In tiny Lebanon, there are nearly half a million Palestinians escaping Jewish violence. Fighting for themselves or Jews, white nations have generated millions of refugees. Now, many whites will learn what it’s like to be refugees themselves.

I have a German friend who’s seriously considering Namibia as a refuge. He cites all the nonsensical Covid rules strangling Germany as a reason to get out. He asked me for some practical information, and if I had met Germans in Deutsch-Südwestafrika?

I answered, “If you want to come to Windhoek, then get a room in Klein Windhoek, a neighborhood with many Germans. It’s not cheap here, but still a lot cheaper than Deutschland.

“Dropping into a random café in Klein Windhoek, I sat near four German speakers, and the waiter also spoke to them in German.”

Any reassuring tidbit can help a prospective refugee.


It turned out the Klein Windhoek café was owned by the coach of the Namibian field hockey team, and the waiter, Nicolai Hilbert, was one of his players. Even with minnow Namibia losing nearly every match, it’s still worth it to compete, Hilbert indicated by touching his heart.

At Old Location Bar, I meet another Namibian of German descent, but this man, a tour guide in his early 30’s, has only been here a decade.

Eighty-five percent of Namibia’s foreign tourists are German speakers, he tells me. Because of Covid travel restrictions, he couldn’t work for 18 months, so had to learn how to make lawn furniture to barely get by, but the tourists are back, so all is well.

Although he still goes home occasionally, he doesn’t miss it. In fact, he’s thrilled to be away from Germany, and even other Germans. That system is going down the drain, he says, for people have to work like robots until they’re 69-years-old, to support a vast welfare state that also takes care of too many immigrants.

As we talk, I enjoy an excellent plate of rice, spinach and dried meat strips (eedingu). The Hansa Beer is only so-so.

“Hey, this food is pretty damn good!” I blurt.

“Yeah, I know. I’ve tried everything here.”

Preferring Namibia and even Uganda to South Africa, he’s committed to being a white African, just like the Serb, and perhaps even my German friend.

Soon, maybe we can have a few beers together at Old Location. I’m looking forward to it. Except for the mask wearing, life is normal here.

One UK reader, though, sees no point in my sketches of Namibia, “Why do people that travel, especially to obscure useless cowering 3rd world countries, have to natter about it like it is something special or even interesting?”

There is no cowering here, so what is he talking about? Whites are the most brainwashed, browbeaten and emasculated right now. There are no races or sexes, a man can get pregnant and, of course, trust the science! With no legal basis, Austria is imposing another severe lockdown. Look at what’s happened to Australia or Lithuania.

Entire worlds flourish outside your blinkered purview. Arrogant ignorance dooms.

Uncowed by Covid diktats, black Africans are least likely to poison themselves or their children, just to serve up a greener earth for white and Jewish global controllers. They want to squeeze the last cent from us as they kill us. Death injection ain’t free. Pfizer has already made billions from its genocidal jabs.

My German friend better get the hell out before Jewish poison becomes mandatory. There are other dangers. I urge him, “Come before entry rules change or German borders are sealed.”

I also warn, “In 1975, Vietnamese who hesitated about getting out had to suffer through the evil Communist takeover, then risk their lives to escape by sea, with thousands dying.”

Meanwhile in Windhoek, the sun shines each day, for it’s spring. Most pleasantly, there are no mosquitoes at night. Since we’re in the middle of a vast desert, there’s no standing water for them to breed.

Cape Town has all these wild Egyptian geese, but those pond and lush lawn lovers are nowhere to be found here. One day, though, I did run into four parakeets living in a broken streetlamp. Without being provocative, I asked these bird brains if they intended to be vaccinated?

Wagging his hooked beak, one replied, “Asking such a stupid question, you must be an American! You’re so moronic, you’re ready to kill each other to elect Biden or Trump!”

Another jumped in, “Go lick Rochelle Walensky’s twat, you trembling pussy!”

A ten-minute walk will take me to Wernhill Park, where I can get a pretty good bacon cheeseburger at Wimpy, and that’s enough. I don’t need giraffes, zebras, springboks, hippos or lions, just normality on a gloriously blessed spring day.

It’s also healing to hear children’s laughter, and, well, catch a few glimpses of the pretty and elegant waitresses. “Are you doing OK, sir?” one would smilingly ask, with her thumbs up.

“I’m doing fine.”

Linh Dinh’s latest book is Postcards from the End of America. He maintains a regularly updated photo blog.

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  1. dearieme says:

    Good stuff, oh blogger. Keep it up!

  2. “Since Covid broke out, I’ve been to Laos, Vietnam, South Korea, Serbia, North Macedonia, Lebanon, Egypt, Albania, Montenegro, South Africa and now Namibia.”

    Be careful the time travellers from the future don’t confuse you with the Twelve Monkeys.

  3. Anonymous[387] • Disclaimer says:

    Viet Xuan Luong was also a refugee, getting out of Viet Nam when you did and being sent to Guam and then Arkansas, just like you. But his life has been far different from yours and he has a vastly different view of America and Americans.
    Should I believe his view, that of a highly successful and important figure in the never-ending revolution that is America, or you, an individual who cleaned houses for a living for 10 years when he could have been getting a first-class education with every door opened to him by American society, a person who believes the Apollo program was a hoax — and I have relatives with aeronautical engineering degrees from world-class universities who worked on that program–a barfly, a ne’er-do-well?
    You seem filled with a need to hate. You hate Americans as a people, calling them mutts and the country they created fake, yet you love eating bacon cheeseburgers and Philly cheese steaks and speak American English and write for an American audience who supports you with cash donations and reads what you write with attention and sympathy.
    You also hate Jews, although Jews promoted your writing and made you successful (and, believe me, your so-called poetry is no good at all; only the Jews you despise gave you a venue to publish it). You echo the attitude toward Americans typified by the type of Jew Howard Zinn and before him Norman Corwin (especially the early Corwin before WW2) represent, belittling and denigrating America and Americans, yet you seem totally oblivious to that obvious reality.
    I enjoy your writing, Linh. You allow me to visit places I would never go, like bars, and talk to people I would avoid, like alcoholics and losers and bums — yes, yes, I am harshly judgemental: so what? You are known by the company you keep and you should not keep company with complainers and drunks.
    You ought to develop some self-awareness, and realize your experiences and the way you have lived are not typical. You associate with and write for the disgruntled and perennial malcontents as well as assorted varieties of neurotics. They color your view of the world and especially America. And your view is wrong. That of Jean-François Revel is much more accurate. You may not have heard of him, but half a century ago he wrote a book called Without Marx or Jesus that was more understanding of America than anything you have every written.
    By the way, I notice this is the third time in your recent essays that you have called for the assassination of American leaders. If that is how you feel, why don’t you try to do it yourself? Or are you a pussy? Are you yellow?

  4. Like a seasoned pro at the plate Lind….another home run. ‘white jew’ thanks for making that distinction, some people think us whites all look alike…..

    Cheers M

    • Agree: American Citizen
  5. Linh is the most enlightened American who sees it all for what it truly is. Basically, Whites are simply unable to fight their true oppressors either because of a lack of initiative or plain cowardice or the absence of the rebel gene in them, while they go destroying third world countries like programmed robots. What a boon for the world that a journalist of East Asian origins had to immigrate to the USA, courtesy of the latter’s failed politics and Vietnam war, to spill the beans about the tragedy of the West. Of the hundreds of millions of Westerners not one of them had the balls to sacrifice himself / herself for the sake of freedom from domestic oppressors. Too much civility has rendered WT the laughing stock of the world with despotic leaders in Austria locking up the unvaccinated and soon all White countries to follow suit.

    Nothing short of tribalism would save the White race from systemic annihilation by their treasonous leaders. But meanwhile Whitey don’t forget to vote.

    • Agree: Irish Savant, follyofwar
  6. Chester says:

    Nah, only untermensch become refugees.

    • Replies: @Si1ver1ock
    , @JimDandy
  7. G’Day Linh,

    1000 thank yous for yet another fine installment. I salute your bravery and integrity.
    I’m sure you know – “twat” rhymes with “fat”. It doesn’t rhyme with “pot”.
    Spread the word!


    • Replies: @Graham Seibert
  8. Dumbo says:

    Yet another Anonymous talking tough. Why don’t YOU tell us your real name and story, fellow?

    America, for all its virtues and mistakes, is obviously long pasts its apogee. If you cannot see that, perhaps the problem is that you haven’t talked to enough “bums” and live in a bubble.

    But I don’t mind that the old America is gone. The real big problem is the “Americanization” of the whole world, turning it into a giant America, and mostly the ugliest parts of it. Exporting its neurosis and dementia and division everywhere.

    I can’t blame solely America for the Covid mania, though. That one’s been truly global, although Fauci was one of its main purveyors and should get a special place in Hell.

  9. anon[222] • Disclaimer says:

    I’m a first generation American AND a boomer — non-Jewish version, not the kind Priss writes about.

    I don’t know what it means to be American.

    My parents never talked about the life and homeland they left behind, they tried to be American. Or tried not to be sad.

    They’re dead now, so I can’t ask them, and I never did while they were alive.

    What was it like to live in Europe?
    Why did you leave?
    Are you glad you left?

    Their life in America was hard. Not as hard as their parents, who made the decisions to leave their farms and villages in Europe and take uncomprehending youngsters with them, but not easy either.

    A boomer, I’m told that my life was pampered, that I got everything.
    Well, I got more than my parents.
    But I never belonged anywhere, certainly not anywhere in the USA.
    If you want to know about “having everything,” take my kids and grandkids. Please.
    Everything and more. 12 years old and want to go to Paris? DONE. Braces to give you a killer smile? DONE. Best university for the major you’re interested in? Here’s the check(s).

    They’re millionaires today.
    They haven’t sent me a birthday card in 15 years.

    I suppose if my parents felt sad about their situation they could always travel in their memory to an idealized life as a child in Europe. I don’t have that memory.

    I don’t belong here. I am not an American. I don’t know what it means to be an American.

    I dislike Jews because as far as I can figure out, Jews have defined “American” culture — and wars, including war against my parents’ homeland. I think the America that Jews — and Anglos, especially Episcopalians & others of the supposedly mainstream Joo-day-O- Christian persuasion call “the international order” sucks. It’s depraved and shallow.

    “You will own nothing.” said Klaus.
    And you will belong nowhere.

  10. gay troll says:

    I have relatives with aeronautical engineering degrees from world-class universities who worked on that program

    Ya hear that fellas, Anon has relatives who worked on the Apollo program, so you can put your silly doubts to rest.

    How do your relatives feel about all their high falutin’ work being taped over/thrown away/forgotten and left to rot by NASA? How much longer does it take to put a woman on the moon, compared to a man?

    At least we’ll always have those big, beautiful photos.

  11. “In 1971, there were roughly 26,000 whites living in Windhoek, outnumbering the black population of 24,000. Windhoek’s population currently stands at over 325,858 (65% black; 17% white; 18% other), and is growing 4% annually in part due to informal settlements that have even higher growth rates of nearly 10% a year”

    I rest my case. Namibia is the USA on steroids.

  12. Attila says:

    Points taken from all including author and respected. Living in Zambia exposed to So Cal and UK “educatainment” etc etc . So instead of picking each other’s ****holes what are the rest of the peons to do with the ever increasing billionaire clubs and the subsets that are springing up all over the planet given that the bourne families already own the place? In short the apex of the pyramid is getting crowded with self made predators and the centuries old dynastic entities. What is the fate of the regular joe?


  13. @Anonymous

    Don’t blame LD. He is merely a chronicler of America’s spectacular decline. Can you not see that that once-great country is being deliberately destroyed from within? Very obvious to me, even if I do live far away on a remote island in the Atlantic.

  14. @Chester

    …only untermensch become refugees.

    Does that include the German High Command? They went to Argentina and even to the US under Operation Paperclip.

    Rumor is that even Adolf Hitler became a refugee in Argentina. And Martin Boreman was thought to have escaped with duplicate US currency printing plates, which helped set up the Nazis in exile.

    Moral of the story: Take the printing plates (or something of commensurate value) with you.

  15. Baxter says:

    “One man said it was “an affront” for a yellow man to discuss America’s problems. I don’t know how East Asian people could be classified as yellow. I’ve seen porcelain white, reddish, tan, brownish, gray, but never yellow. I understand calling white people white, or black people black, but Asians are yellow? Homer Simpson is not amused. Go figure.

    • Replies: @The Mestizo
  16. Franz says:

    Each time I talked about America’s dismal prospects, I would get shouted down,

    …By television addicts who also spend too much time gaming.

    Regular Americans see the rot, pretty soon even the Sleeping Beauties will see it.

    After over forty years of industrial security in the old rust belt including Pennsylvania, my old time head count still works: Most of “lower class” America would be zero class if it weren’t for EBT cards and other forms of government grift.

    People who don’t see the whole picture would be literally amazed if they knew ONE BREAK in the benefits chain would send millions in indigents into combat mode the following day. There would be no period of adjustment, no time to grab that “12 months of food and water” on the fly. And no amount of bullets will help much unless you have a few hardened missile silos in your back yard.

    I don’t think it’s sour patriotism you’re getting. It’s the desperation of people who are well off but don’t realize that when the ball drops, the world changes. Maybe being downsized myself years ago and seeing the fate of many of my mates, who really have nothing, changed my attitude.

    Societies are fragile. In your wanderings you’ve been privileged to see how people with small means use their lack of pride, their empathy with others, and their street smarts to make a life for themselves.

    Americans in suburbs really can’t understand this. They often don’t know their neighbors, rarely know where the nearest power house or water plant is. They are assured and massaged by the media that tomorrow will be the same as yesterday except they’ll be a bit richer.

    When the worst of it hits they won’t know friend from foe or how to cope. They’ll find that the best firearms and lots of ammunition won’t protect them from famine. Hell, it won’t protect them from one day with Mister Typhus.

    Quit worrying about them. Like the generals who are always ready to fight the last war, they think it might be 1776 or 1861 again. No. Chaos and sabotage and no way to know enemy from friend is what’s coming. Think of Kenosha, etc, as trial runs.

    The people you’re writing for already know these things. Keep up the good work. Ignore the termites.

    • Agree: Irish Savant
  17. @Anonymous

    Should I believe his view, that of a highly successful and important figure in the never-ending revolution that is America, or you, an individual who cleaned houses for a living for 10 years

    We could all do with a bit more experience of all aspects of life. One great weakness of contemporary American society is that the people at the top of the hierarchy live in a bubble where they are isolated and protected from life experiences that are common to the rest of the people. They have no experience of lousy jobs. They have no experience of life at the bottom. Most of all, they have no sympathy for the great mass of the people who actually make society work. They look down on the people who do work those lousy jobs, as though they work these jobs through some sort of moral failing. That combination of contempt, arrogance and ignorance is absolutely toxic. All work is noble that is not immoral.

    You seem filled with a need to hate. You hate Americans as a people, calling them mutts and the country they created fake

    I don’t hear any hate. I mostly hear sorrow. There is, perhaps, also a bit of surprise at how quickly everything is falling to pieces.

    a person who believes the Apollo program was a hoax

    Personally, I am agnostic on the moon-landing hoax. I haven’t seen a “smoking gun” on this issue (yet). However, I do acknowledge that the U.S. government absolutely would perpetrate such a hoax if it served their purposes (or even if perpetrating a hoax was more convenient than actually landing on the moon). Further, I will say that I believe the purpose of the space program was to perfect ballistic missile and surveillance satellite technology. The space program consumed 25% of the federal budget in 1966 and this in the middle of a war in Vietnam and with the big ramp up in social spending on Lyndon Johnson’s “Great Society” program. The American government did not expend these immense sums for exploration or pure science.

    By the way, I notice this is the third time in your recent essays that you have called for the assassination of American leaders.

    I don’t think an assassination would accomplish anything good. Our rulers would simply use it as an excuse for more oppression. It would create no fear among our rulers, nor would it create sympathy among the oppressed people. People listen to the Mainstream Media and even if they don’t believe everything they hear, they still think they understand what is going on in the world. Yet, their worldview is inevitably influenced by what they see and hear in the media.

  18. @gay troll

    At least we’ll always have those big, beautiful photos.

    Don’t forget the moon rocks. We have hundred pounds or so of moon rocks! 🙂

  19. @Anonymous

    Should I believe his view, that of a highly successful and important figure in the never-ending revolution that is America, or you, an individual who cleaned houses for a living for 10 years when he could have been getting a first-class education with every door opened to him by American society, a person who believes the Apollo program was a hoax — and I have relatives with aeronautical engineering degrees from world-class universities who worked on that program–a barfly, a ne’er-do-well?

    Well, noting the emphasized bits, it seems you structure your world view on credentials and public opinion, and further seem to believe a bit of name-dropping and inferred association lends weight to your point of view.

    It really doesn’t.

    Hey, FWIW, I come from an entire community of world-class electronic and aeronautical engineers, and have some background experience at Woomera, where the world’s third satellite was successfully launched by the fledgling Australian space program (before that was bulldozed into the dirt by incurable Royalist and Galaxy-class wanker, Pig-Iron Bob Menzies).

    I was also personally invited to President Reagan’s ranch while on official business in the United States.

    Is that enough credentials for you?

    And guess what – the American Moon landing narrative is still fake!

    So what does that say about your peurile assessment of Linh Dinh’s take on the world – in your lofty and self-esteemed judgement, and in your own words, “a barfly, a ne’er-do-well?“.

    Methinks you would do well to take a step back and take stock of where your country is at this point in history – clearly in a process of collapse. God willing, what comes out the other side may actually be better than what went in, but there’s blood and grief aplenty to be had before then.

    The wider world view provided by someone like Linh Dinh should at the very least clue people in to what’s really going down. Be grateful for it, while you still can.

    • Thanks: Joe Levantine
  20. @HorriblyDepressed

    …hundred pounds or so of moon rocks!

    I suppose it makes sense that all those trees would get petrified on the Moon (no air to speak of – or so we’re told).

    • Replies: @gay troll
  21. They came with their Doctors and their lockdowns. Torched our economies, suffocated our lungs with masks, destroyed the minds of our children, killed and maimed us for life with poison filled needles…

    And now they want us to be thankful to the WHO for being saved…

    from a cold.

    Once the psychopaths responsible for this are swinging from lampposts, we must never forget this tyranny, and Never allow it occur again.

    Always remember:

  22. gay troll says:

    My favorite part of the whole story is how Grissom hung a lemon on the Apollo 1 before they incinerated his cheeky ass. This is about the same time Wernher von Braun was hounding for rocks in Antarctica.

  23. @Baxter

    I 100% agree with your colorful observation.
    In my travels, I read a lot of old books.
    One of those books indicated that there was a major outbreak of jaundice in South China when Western ships initially came to trade and plunder. Jaundice turns our skin yellow.

    Another explanation was that the natives weren’t very brave when it came time to resist Western pirates, so … yellow. Of course, why would any man risk himself for a system mired in corruption, as theirs was during those times.

    Japanese would fight and have always been in a different catagory from the mainland so there’ that.

    Asians are a lot like Red Indians except Asians didn’t get eliminated by small pox ect. and so they are not called foreigners in their own lands as are Red Indians today.

    • Replies: @Ron Unz
  24. Charles says:

    My belief – the self-destructive actions by Whites are genetic. Right here at TUR one can read, in the “controversial” HTMLs, Erectus Walks Amongst Us. Mr. Fuerle presents, in my opinion, a convincing case that early European man had to be cooperative and to some degree self-sacrificial (for the good of his tribe-mates, when necessary). But in all those long centuries, the “helpful” genetics never got turned off or properly channeled. Thus the unstoppable, and White-funded, welfare state.

  25. sheliak says:

    Anonymous 387 is Exhibit A demonstrating the provincial arrogance and ignorance of the imperial population in the late phase of American empire. Linh, you do have a talent for provoking all the poison that lurks in the mud to hatch out.

  26. Nancy says:

    I hear a broken heart who cannot bear to open his eyes, and thus empowers the liars.

    Thanks, Linh, for taking us, with open eyes, along for the education.

    • Agree: Irish Savant
  27. Ron Unz says:
    @The Mestizo

    I 100% agree with your colorful observation.
    In my travels, I read a lot of old books.
    One of those books indicated that there was a major outbreak of jaundice in South China when Western ships initially came to trade and plunder. Jaundice turns our skin yellow.

    Another explanation was that the natives weren’t very brave when it came time to resist Western pirates, so … yellow.

    I don’t think any of that analysis is correct.

    My impression is that the color “yellow” became associated with cowardice around the time of the American Civil War during the 19th century, and was gradually spread globally as American media became dominant over the next hundred years.

    However, “yellow” has been associated with China and the Chinese for thousands of years, going back to the yellowish tinge of the rich soil around the Yellow River, which was the original source of Chinese civilization. Partly as a consequence, all Chinese traditionally considered themselves descendants of the semi-mythical Yellow Emperor, and “yellow” became the imperial color in China, much like “purple” was the imperial color in Rome. I think “Huang,” one of the most common Chinese surnames, means “yellow” or something closely-related.

    So since “yellow” was the color symbolizing the Chinese Empire and the Chinese people had a skin coloring that was (sort of) yellowish compared with the paler Northern Europeans visitors, that’s probably where the term came from. And given that China was so large and culturally-dominant compared to the other East Asian peoples, the same term was applied was extended to them as well.

    • Thanks: Biff
    • Replies: @The Mestizo
  28. @Ron Unz

    Sorry, Sensei.
    I didn’t mean to trick you into seeing what wasn’t there.
    That. Was. Not. An “analysis”.

  29. JimDandy says:

    Didn’t Nietzsche envision the Ubermensch coming exclusively from the elite classes? Cuz that ain’t me, so I guess I’m free to flee.

  30. Wild Bill says:

    Dear Linh, Great column. I just couldn’t help but smile. As for the trolls, you know nearly all of them will be dead soon, so let them bark and whine. You are fortunate to be able to travel and accommodate yourself in new lands. I could never get the hang of it. Always couldn’t wait to leave. Now that we here are basically trapped with no escape I don’t think of options like that. I concentrate my energy on the eradication of evil instead.

  31. @anon

    “ I don’t belong here. I am not an American. I don’t know what it means to be an American.”

    “ I dislike Jews because as far as I can figure out, Jews have defined “American” culture — and wars, including war against my parents’ homeland. I think the America that Jews — and Anglos, especially Episcopalians & others of the supposedly mainstream Joo-day-O- Christian persuasion call “the international order” sucks. It’s depraved and shallow.”

    Another justification for dropping my American citizen project after ten years of hesitation. You hit the nail on the head. This is some of the most enlightening and bravest thing I have read on UR and my hunch is that it applies to many Americans who simply lack the capacity to reflect about their sorry state of affairs. You sum up the American tragedy in concise and neat way. Many thanks.

    • Agree: Emslander, Irish Savant
  32. “Collectively threatened, Americans are still stuck on red vs. blue, blacks vs. whites or Biden suckers vs. Trump swallowers, etc”

    Listen up, chumps. Linh Dinh has it exactly right. You are stuck in the utter stupidity the owners want you to be in. You don’t know who your enemy really is, so you pick on the enemies they pick for you.

    • Replies: @Ultrafart the Brave
  33. I like how these people still think the enemy is “the welfare state.”

    They are pathetic. They will never learn.

    The enemy is rich people. Any dumb cluck knows that. Rich people and no-one but.

    • Agree: MarkU
  34. gT says:

    When in Windhoek one is suppose to drink Windhoek lager or draught or Tafel lager from Namibia Breweries, not Hansa. Hansa is made by South African Breweries (SAB), now called SABMiller or some other name.

  35. I didn’t consider myself a refugee when I left the US a few decades ago; I had simply pursued an opportunity in Western Europe that ended up turning into a life there.

    Then, one day on a visit to family in the US in the late ’00s, I experienced the kind of pique of anger cited by Linh, when my Sister-in-law asked when I might return to the US, and I jokingly replied, “When the Republic is restored.” Experiencing her anger at that was when I realised I had become a refugee. In the early ’10s most Americans found that comment not funny, but in the last five years, many more laugh when I dare to utter it.

    Not all is well in the corrupt anti-democratic EU these days. When one nation decides it is time to stick needles in arms of all with few exceptions, it is likely not long before the rest of the bloc follows. So I ask myself, “Where now?”

    I understand Linh’s anger. There’s no justice or reward in investing yourself into a culture or society just to have its “natives” decide to tear it down for capricious reasons promoted by malign globalists dominated and nudged in malign way by a group of people who have themselves never fit in anywhere.

    Africa has never reached the civilisational heights of Western Europe or the EU, so I guess there is less room for resentment if it doesn’t work out for LD because, as of now, it would seem Africa has far more room for upside than downside in our lifetimes.

    Anyway, it’s always better to be running toward something rather than from something.

    • Replies: @Rev. Spooner
    , @Q.K.
  36. meamjojo says:

    There must be a point to this word salad rambling that I am failing to see. Can anyone help enlighten me on what it is and why this article would be, were on the old trusty newspaper, worth anything more than as paper for the bottom of my bird cage?

    • Replies: @The Alarmist
  37. @meamjojo

    Catharsis, my friend … catharsis.

  38. gay troll says:
    @Ultrafart the Brave

    NASA’s cover up of petrified trees on the moon is the real conspiracy here. You see, the moon used to be a verdant jungle, filled with tiny furry hominids who spoke pig Latin. But then Nabiru flew by the sun, which belched out its multimillennial micronova, turning all the moon trees into rocks and dust. And that’s why the Dutch national museum ended up treasuring a chunk of petrified wood as a “moon rock” for decades after it was gifted to the Dutch prime minister by a U.S. ambassador in 1969. Although the museum had insured it for over \$500,000 dollars, a geologist re appraised it at \$70.

  39. @obwandiyag

    You don’t know who your enemy really is, so you pick on the enemies they pick for you.

    You got that right – except when they come to kill you, there’s no longer any doubt about who the enemy actually is (although by then it’s a bit too late)…

  40. The Catch 22 is that the unvaxxed have to get vaxxed in order to get on a plane.

    • Replies: @anarchyst
  41. BaronAsh says:

    Every day I give thanks I had enough foresight to move to Mexico a few years ago. I didn’t see Covid coming per se but it was clear that at some point some sort of psychotic totalitarian push would transpire. Of course, we may not escape it here but I suspect that although no one will get through this current asymmetrically waged world war unscathed, that the principal battlegrounds are the developed Western countries, especially America-USA, and that by the time conservative types wake up to the fact that instead of being protectors of the status quo preserving traditional culture and values as is their reflexive posture (and rightly so), they must embrace the Great Reset by first accepting that the old days (which featured way too much corruption and wishful thinking, truth be told) will never return, therefore a Reset of sorts is not only inevitable but to be embraced but that right now the world faces a huge existential challenge because it appears that the forces most responsible for the current corruptions and imbalances making a Reset both inevitable and necessary are the same forces trying to steer the world into a new configuration that most most benefits themselves (the sociopaths essentially) at the expense of all the rest of us common folk.

    And so it goes..

  42. Emslander says:

    So, how come we don’t get a photo of the elegant waitresses? In sexually confused America these days, just the glimpse of a non-political smiling young woman is a luxury. I remember that out of the USA you can talk to almost any woman. They don’t believe that talking to a young man (or even an old man) will make them pregnant or convert them.

    America has nearly abandoned the finer things in life, like happy young couples, in exchange for a tick up in Tesla stock.

  43. anon[139] • Disclaimer says:

    white nations have generated millions of refugees

    No, not “white nations” but specifically the US which, admittedly, has dragged its NATO flunkies along with it in its adventures. World wide information flow and propaganda are dominated by the US which has contaminated the minds of billions with its degenerated culture and lies. Since ’45 most of the millions of refugees worldwide have been made so by the US, the root of most of this evil in the world.

  44. Emslander says:

    I don’t belong here. I am not an American. I don’t know what it means to be an American.

    Nobody does. Join the lineup.

  45. RudyM says:

    When I suggested the best solution was secession, to protect local freedoms and autonomy from Washington’s suffocating diktats, another reader sneered that I, as “a perennial ESL students,” had no business advocating the breakup of “his” country.

    Oops, the “students” typo ruined that dig. I d0 still find some awkwardness in your English at times.

    However, I don’t think it’s unreasonable to point out that maybe someone “[b]orn here of parents born here from parents the same, and their parents the same,” someone with roots going back to a little before the beginning of this nation’s founding, might view the prospect of breaking up this country differently than someone like you who was not born here (and who has kinda sorta renounced his citizenship). My roots are in Pennsylvania specifically. It would be bitter to have to give that state up to the other side, especially given its role in the history of this country.

    At times you seem to support strong national identity and criticize rootless cosmopolitanism (while exemplifying it), but then when an American dares to speak of “his” country, you take issue with it. As Americans, we apparently never do national identity in a way that meets your approval.

    I have to admit, thanks to federal overreach on Covid-19 specifically, I have become more open to the idea that secession may be necessary. The convention of states option to curtail federal power strikes me as more appealing, but I need to know a lot more about it. Some days civil war sounds more gratifying, not that I would expect to last very long if that’s the direction things were to take.

  46. @The Alarmist

    I think you are not an “Alarmist” but a “Calmist” and Lin Dinh is looking for utopia on this Poor Old Earth.
    Though I’m not an American, America was for a few decades been running a “money for nothing” economy.
    Soon the “cost for ‘Nothing’” will be revealed to the Americans.

    • Thanks: The Alarmist
  47. Walker says:

    Not sure how it is in other countries, but growing up when I did in the US the propaganda about how special and free and rich and smart and exceptional I was was unrelenting. I believed all the hype mostly, even as I began questioning many inconsistencies.

    So to realize many years later that the US is the most despicable country on earth (ever?), a police state, a tax slave plantation run by Jewish scumbags, and filled to the brim with clueless wage slaves, faggots, trannies and Trumpers, it was a horrendous kick in the gut.

    But it’s better to know the truth so I can at least calibrate my expectations and plans for the future accurately. I appreciate the biting descriptions of America and Americans in this piece by Linh. It is a stark and necessary reminder of an inverted and perverted reality in this land.

    Otherwise, without these truths, I may have continued languishing in confusion, wondering why if this country is so great then why am I so miserable?

    • Replies: @The Alarmist
  48. anarchyst says:
    @Johnny Smoggins

    A fake vaccine card will suffice…

  49. Maximo says:

    This guy, anon or not, has a point. As much as enjoy Linh’s keen eye and fearless critiques, floating around the world on a tourist visa is not conducive to deep understanding of normie life on the ground, year after grinding year. I know because of done both. For sure, we know Philly sucks, America is in decline, and thanks to Linh, that Windhoek ain’t half bad. Great! Better than Munich though? Well…

    If you’re a single low income free spirit who’s ok with being an outcast in a foreign continent for the rest of your days, fine. But for an ordinary otherwise happy German family concerned about mandatory jabs, I’d recommend slipping across the border into culturally similar and slightly more based Denmark, where there are no Covid restrictions. Voila!

    But that would make for boring travel writing, right? It’s much more exciting and provocative to imply via a few anectdotes that Namibia is better than Germany, when objectively, for 99.9% of people, it would be a terrible (and perhaps fatal) choice to voluntarily become a White African refugee.

    • Replies: @The Alarmist
  50. BorisMay says:

    The Sahel is the place to go…except ‘they’ are already there.

    There is no escape from the psychopath’s death cull vaccine. The older you are and the more fertile a person is are the criteria the cull is aimed at. The rest of you are just flotsam and jetsam.

    Thus arguing about the right and wrong of anything is just hiding your head in the sand. But if you believe you are doomed no matter what it is as good as any way to pass the time.

    For us survivors, (and I’ve survived stuff I never expected to), this is the ultimate challenge: surviving the psychopath’s death cult.

    It will be fun to see just how successful their scheme really is, how easy it will be to side step their machinations and perceive who gives up and who fights…and how!

  51. Greg S. says:

    Lovely article.

    Yes, the west is dying. Or more accurately, involved in a complicated act of suicide, involving not just physical suicide at the hands of poison-vaccines, but emotional, mental, and spiritual suicide as well.

    But the dilemma is: “run away and hide” or “stay and fight?” If we all choose the former, including the best and brightest of us, then ruin is guaranteed. One of the primary trademarks of any ‘shithole country’ is that the best of them invariably find it intolerable and leave. It seems like once this trend is established, there’s no turning back, and it’s generations before it can be restored, if ever.

    I’ve actually thought seriously about being a “vaccine refugee” in the coming months. After I got over my own romantic notions, my conclusion was that I would be very likely to die on way, because all travel for our kind is land-travel, or soon will be. On that note, I’m glad Linh is happy in Africa, because he may never be able to leave that continent again…

  52. Linh doesn’t pull any punches. His approach is very refreshing, he calls a spade a spade. Unlike commentators that are scared to name the elephant in the room or say what needs to be said. These latter commentators are basically useless, because they first refuse to identify the problem and will never offer any solutions.

  53. @Walker

    Using a Balanced Scorecard, the US is hardly the worst, but unfortunately not the first.

  54. @Maximo

    Meh … the Danes will ultimately conform.

  55. Antiochus says:

    Linh, I first started reading your column for very unenlightened reasons. (I simply love Vietnamese food, and Vietnamese people and therefore found a Vietnamese person writing in English on Unz immediately interesting.) However, the more I read your stuff the more I really liked what I was reading. As a Halbjude myself, I am naturally attracted to any semi-intelligent person who has both the courage and the intelligence to criticize the tribe without become obsessed with it. Most American anti-Semites are little more than monkey brained, tattooed, skin heads every bit as sub-human (or worse) than the Jews they hate. (The Unz website is not doing itself any favors by publishing the knuckle dragging dolts who write for the Daily Stormer.)

    I have to admit I initially got a little irritated by your “white pussy” fixation. My first sense was that you might be just a Vietnamese version of the Daily Stormer churls, albeit with a better vocabulary. However, after one of my Vietnamese neighbors turned me on to Andy Ngo (a person Unz should definitely reach out to) I started having second thoughts, especially after my neighbor and I got into conversations with some of our White and Korean suburban neighbors. I begin to see that you have a very valid point. The real problem in America is with white Caucasians who are scared to death of their own shadows and don’t know how to fight without becoming Neo-Nazis and moving to Idaho. In addition to being half Jew I am also half Slav and so was raised to fly under the radar on both accounts. Having made my way (fairly successfully) in the corporate world by doing just that, I also understand painfully all too well the white dilemma, which you, like my Chinese wife, do not.

    As people as diverse as T.S. Eliot and Helen Keller understood (as I suspect any poet or philosopher worth his or her salt does) there is a hidden advantage to being the odd man out. You see things that others simply can’t see. You Linh, are in that position vis a vis America. Those of us smart enough to know we are pussies, and brave enough to admit it, need your help. Personally, I am ready to fight, but honestly don’t know how. Consequently even as I write this comment, I am consulting an attorney on how to get my money out of the country as I lay my plans to abandon the American ship. If you have insights, us pussies need any tips you can provide. Don’t be shy. You have weathered the small brained American Internet storm and survived. The idiots that are on Unz will be who they are, the rest of us are wide open. Ignore the former and speak your mind.

    • Replies: @Graham Seibert
    , @Attila
  56. @Kingchoppo

    It seems you’ve been badly taught
    Of how this lovely organ ought
    to be expressed or not.
    In truth it rhymes with thought

  57. Q.K. says:
    @The Alarmist

    I was born and raised in the US too. I left the US in 1986 to go work contract in aerospace in Europe and never returned to the US to live. I went back for a couple of short visits, but after living in Europe it was hard to adapt back to the US and I was counting the days until I would leave. I ended up living in Europe until mid 2020, working and living in several countries there. The Coviflu nonsense destroyed civil aerospace, and my contact of nearly 20 years ended mid 2020. I am in Brazil where we have property, with my Brazilian wife (of nearly 20 years) and daughter. We are lucky to have Bolsonaro as president. I will probably be able to avoid the jab here, at least for a considerable time. They will have to force me physically to take it. But to go back and work in Europe I would need to be jabbed, and my health is worth so much more than a few more years of career. I wish you the best, and hope you can manage to hang on there and keep the jab far away, but it will probably be difficult in Europe. Europe is destroying itself too, but the US is way ahead with that. I don’t tolerate much nonsense, especially politically correct and woke nonsense. I would be banging heads with lots of the woke idiots if I was in the US. Anyway, best of luck to you and I hope you manage to minimize the effects of the coviflu nonsense in your life. Good luck man !!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Thanks: The Alarmist
  58. @Antiochus

    I jumped ship 14 years ago, and Linh did an interview with me on that topic in June. I invite you to read it and to write to me.

  59. What no one is saying is that the world before coronavirus HAD to change.

    It was just getting too ridiculous and perverse. Chopping your 8 year old boy’s balls off to virture signal, drag queens foddling 5 year olds during library hour, Pride parades every day of the year, celebrity culture revolving around Kim Kardashian’s bottom, I mean it HAD to go.

    The “” oligarchs”” did us a big favor. Nothing was gonna wake us up, except maybe a poisonous jab, dropping dead, or quick-onset cancer from the jab. And that’s not even doing it.

    People get bad myocarditis from their second jab, and then turn around and tell everyone to get the booster. We want to return to THIS???

    It’s time everyone admits the Plandemic scam was the best thing that has ever happened to humanity. Time to shake off 500 years of lies, scams, grifting, and Godlessness. I lay the whole thing at the feet of Godlessness.

    God has had enough, and is giving us a choice.

    Bring it.

    • Agree: hillaire
  60. hillaire says:

    Oh dear… a man who believes in ‘moon landings’..

    You have to watch his type, because those that can be made to believe in absurdity, can, as we have seen with ole uncle schlomo’s blank eyed minions, be made to commit atrocity..

  61. Attila says:

    Just move to Zambia-South Central Africa. It is still real compared to most places-ie 30 years behind the global shit curve. Still organic and safer than what the general view of Sub Sahara is -DEPENDING on the shitty Chess Game yet to play out. Good luck. You seem to have your head in the right place and I can empathize with you. I have had this precognition years ago but no one listens to your piecing the diabolical machinations until it really stares everyone in the face now.

  62. As a South African born in Namibia(it was called South West Africa back then), I’m interested in hearing about your take on “home”, and I do appreciate your insights. Thank you! I live in central South Africa, but I know enough about my country to agree with what you wrote about your experiences in Cape Town.

    Large parts of SA have a sleepy, laid back and old fashioned small town atmosphere, now and then punctuated by violence and crime, but the people are mostly happy and kind. I can navigate most of the maze-like local black townships because I worked as a taxi driver for a short period while unemployed or studying(I’m white, but I did receive study grants from a black African government).

    I keep my sanity by being tribal, I identify as a white Afrikaner(plus about 4% English), and I feel closest to and take leadership from Afrikaans-speaking whites. From what I know about history, the Vietnamese are a tough, proud and dignified people, so it takes no effort from me to respect your heritage. I extend the same courtesy to many other groups/races/ethnicities because that is what my culture demands of me.

    Looking forward to more of your articles, regards, James Shaw( I’m quite willing to doxx myself).

  63. @anon

    That hideous evil Jew Fauld Divorce is highly likely an unmentioned part of your experience, your situation being such that this reader has great compassion.

  64. Americans are still stuck on red vs. blue, blacks vs. whites or Biden suckers vs. Trump swallowers, etc. In the mainstream and alternative media, Jews rile racial bile

    After living and working in 6 different states for some 30 years, what LD observes here became an unbearable refrain and it was time for me to haul ass and not look back. I now live in a “Third World” country which is not stuck on any of the bullshit that LD describes. The people here are too busy living to fuck up their minds and lives with that crap – America’s self-inflicted PTSD on steroids.

  65. Toza says:

    Linh, you pay too much attention to these comments. When people with inferiority complex or other mental deficiencies can stay anonymous, there are no inhibitions for them to spout obscenities.

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