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Escape from America: Dumaguete City, Philippines
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How long have you lived overseas?

First I solo’d my yacht across the Pacific, then settled in the Philippines. It is close to 20 years ago now.


What made you decide to leave North America?

Canada: It is cold, with lots of rain, and the sun never gets high in the sky.

US: After 9-11 the nation went insane. Before that I would go into the US for coffee, shopping, I had a bank account there. We would wave at the Border Guards, with very little interference. After 9/11 all Canadians became terrorists. The US Border Guards started acting like the Gestapo, but not intelligent Gestapo. This became my last trip, I decided that the goon who was in the box was too much to make excuses for. After many idiotic questions were shouted at me, he shouted, “You’re a Canadian, why do you keep your money in an American Bank?” That was it. I was not a minority group, no desert suntan, no headgear, no mustache or beard, and I was actually wearing a shirt and tie.

Needless to say I went straight to the bank, and cashed out. That solved that problem. I never went back to the US.


What are the challenges of living where you are as a foreigner?

Yes, the Philippines is a 2nd world country. It does not have the newest of everything. “Time” is not their master, “tomorrow” (if you are lucky) is better than today.

I am on a rural line. Up until recently we would have an electric blackout two or three times a week, for hours at a time. Recently it is only a few times a month, sometimes for a short time, and sometimes for half a day, occasionally for the whole day.

Roads may be closed with no warnings. Water can stop with no warning. Electricity can stop with no warning. The doctor may decide not to come in for the day. Some products way not be available for a month or ??. Parades may block the road and slow things to a stop.

I am in the central Visayas, Negros Oriental Island, in a city called Dumaguete City. It is rated as the best city for foreigners because it has six universities and lots of colleges so most people speak English. With all the education and training here a great number of its people through the years have managed to get off shore worker jobs and the families here appreciate foreigners. Those who return from off shore are broad minded. With lots of students and educators, it is a friendly place. Traffic is reasonable and not yet a shit-hole like Cebu and Manila.

The Americans I meet every day for coffee, in general are OK, but the ignorant and prejudiced ones whine and complain about everything all the time. Our city here has no traffic lights, no stop signs, people drive on the wrong side of the road, they drive on the sidewalks, they park anywhere, halfway into the road is not a problem. Vehicle lights at night are not required. Seven people on a motorbike-taxi is how people get to out-of-the-way places. Coming into town, it is regular to see a pig or a goat across the saddle, or 20 chickens tied on, all on their way to market.

Driving here is a choreography. It has to be, with no traffic lights and no stop signs. Once one learns the steps it is a snap. To a new American it is hell on earth, because they do not read the raised eyebrow, or a subtle change of a few degrees indicating where the other must go, a very slight slowdown or speed up, which tells the opposite number what to do. Pedestrians by law have the right of way. They just walk out. Once again, the vehicles and the pedestrian have a body language, they will just walk across right in the middle of a stream of traffic, each knowing where to go.

Some years back they passed laws for motorbike helmets. That lasted about a week. Every now and then they will have a blitz on them. Lasts about half a day. Coming into town occasionally there will be a whole crowd of motorbikes stopped next to the road. That means check point.

Half have no helmets and the other half have not registered their motorbikes for a few years or do not have a driver’s license. They wait an hour, the cops lose interest and life returns to normal.

Road rage is not a good thing for a foreigner. It could end up with a machete to the head or a bullet in the back.

I’ve driven a motorbike for 10 years, never a scratch! You just learn the choreography of traffic chaos.

Most of the police here have a four-year degree in criminology. They are intelligent and empathetic.

The police are very polite. Just a little different from what I was used to.

Capital and serious crimes here are not crimes against the state and if nobody lays a charge, no crime has been committed. This is an interesting freedom to live with, as opposed to goons wanting to catch everybody all the time for something.

The secondary spinoff of this freedom from the state, is that the police themselves will try to fix a problem right on the spot. A cop could say to a “criminal,” “Give that man back the pig you stole from him, and give him $20. Don’t do that again.”

Because the state here is not trying to “catch” everybody all the time, weeks can go by without seeing a policeman in the city or on the highway. Things here work just fine.

For people who understand the dance steps it is the freest place they have ever lived.

Americans who do not understand the dance have more than enough to complain about.

Since the “Recession” in 2008, the Chinese have poured billions in here and every day it is beginning to progress to the same insanity as North America. Prices have risen exponentially. My chosen toothpaste was P95 last week. Today it’s P130.

The fast food chains have all arrived. There are ten watering holes on any block and prices are cheap. The hospitals are getting steadily better, and 1/100th the price of the US.

The people are exceptionally polite and friendly.


What are some of the pleasant surprises you’ve encountered in your new home?

I am a very old man and through two wives already. Here young ladies keep telling me how handsome I am. Seventeen years ago I married one of them. A very bright young lady, 37 years younger than me. She has a degree in agriculture so is not a bimbo. She helped me write a book, Philippine Farming and Organics.

My white wives were in it for themselves. My latest little brown wife understands that without me she would be kind of poor maybe with no hot and cold running water. If she does not bust her ass to look after me and I die she is back to square one. If she gives me too much shit and I decide to leave she has a serious problem. I have been married to her for 17 years but I still make sure she knows that I can leave any time she gets out of hand. She still assures me I am the most important person in the world. None of my WASP marriages came even close.

My number one son is married to my wife’s cousin, and their marriage is still going strong eight years later. What are the ingredients to make it happen?

I built my house made from my own coconut trees and bamboo from my property. My wife was my right hand. The property had massive rocks in all the wrong places. That sledge and I became good friends. My wife was better with a sledgehammer than I was. We laid bricks together. Lesson: choose a wife that can actually do something.

Total cost of livable house $2000. When I go my wife will actually be sad. No mansion to inherit, just a very comfortable shack, under a cheap roof which she helped build.

Five years ago my heart stopped. (They sometimes call this dead.) I ended up with a Meditron pace maker, four days in hospital, two heart surgeons, incredible empathy. Total cost $6,000.

Shortly after I had a prostate rebore, three days in hospital, urologist surgeon, fantastic empathy. Total cost $1,500.

The local health plan reimbursed me with 20% for a mere pittance in annual payments.

You have all these foreigners taking on wives much younger than themselves. These retired old guys think they have gone to heaven when beautiful young girls tell them how intelligent and good looking they are. The less intellectual ones who fall for very beautiful ones are sucked into marriage in a short order. I jokingly say that a Filipina has four ambitions with any old foreigner.

First—fall pregnant so they have him by the balls, (I actually had a bimbo pull that on me until I explained what a vasectomy is).

Second—get him to buy a property (a foreigner may not own property so it has to be in their name).

Third—get him to put a house on it but make sure it is not in his name (foreigners may own the house).

Fourth—and final step, after a credible time has passed get him to take them to the US (or other). This was part of the original plan.

Now they own a property and a house in which their family can live until she returns in her old age. The little beauty soon gets a nice young American and divorces the obnoxious old farter.

Some of the stories I can tell would win a Pulitzer Prize.

One foreigner is finally leaving to live back in the US, in order to escape. His little bimbo strung him along for a long time. He educated her, bought a small property for the family

She soon found a job. Every morning religiously she was off to work and back after her shift. Quite often she was called on to work overtime.

Then he discovered she had no job but was fucking with her boyfriend.


He forgave her and life went on, until he discovered she was pregnant from the boyfriend. Now a foreigner has a terrible dilemma. There is no divorce in the Philippines. The property is in her name and maybe the house as well. Guess who won that game?

This is a very common occurrence here. As the adage goes, “It is a wise child who knows his own father.”

Pretty girl, old idiot foreigner. It’s no contest.

The first girls to hit on new foreigners are the drop-outs and uneducated, because they stand very little chance of making it otherwise.

The “pretty” ones especially if dumb know the game well.


Do you have advice for Americans who also want to get out?

Come and spend some time here on a holiday first. It’s a big step and you may not be suited to a totally different culture. Lots of Americans here whine all day. Do not marry a pretty girl for at least a year and make damn sure you understand her motives (to get out of poverty). You may be irrelevant.

Have a hobby, because beer and rum are so cheap they may soon become your hobby. A large bottle of rum costs $1. The home made coconut wine is 50 cents a gallon and will knock you on your ass.

Do not bring a wife. With these little beauties she will not last long.

Graham Reinders (78-years-old)


Linh Dinh’s latest book is Postcards from the End of America. He maintains a regularly updated photo blog.

• Category: Culture/Society • Tags: Feminism, Philippines 
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    A former Bais, Negros resident picks nits…

    1) You can own the house but nobody will buy it if your wife owns the property. The law in the Philippines is curious-you can own a house but not the property it is built on.

    2) Sales price on property/houses is usually where foreigners come a cropper in the Philippines because by law you and the Filipino woman have to agree on a sales price. If you are over 65, I can assure the Filipino woman will never agree to sell it for any press because you will eventually pass away and she will own it by default. That is almost always, always what happens. The Filipino woman is 37 years younger and she simply waits the older foreigner out until he croaks.

    3. A Filipino woman can go to the United States but getting US citizenship legally is a long process. I’ve heard stories of bar girls just going out of the suburban house and “working the streets” in Mr. Rogers neighborhood or trucking down to the nearest strip club to try and get a job. Usually they don’t. Most affairs in the US involve another Filipino, not a local American guy.

    4. The Filipino woman doesn’t have to have much of an excuse like getting pregnant by another man if she owns the house. She can simply get tired of the older Westerner’s “old balls” and have the police escort him out. And local police will actually escort the foreigner out.

    5. The local coconut wine is called Tuba and tastes awful. Indeed it is strong but it is gut rot, sometimes mixed with a bit of ethanol.

    6. The local rum is called Tanduay but the best is Tanduay Rum.

    7. Tokers beware that the local marijuana is garbage. The only decent weed in the Philippines is “Baguio Gold” and that is hard to come by outside of Luzon. However, the magic mushrooms in Boracay are good, I hear. Never tried them. As a rule, you should avoid anything but marijuana in the Philippines. You can buy your way out of a weed bust (unless your growing) but it ain’t cheap.

    8. The uneducated bar girls are mostly shabu addicts. They are the equivalent of US coke whores. You cannot reform them because they are basically drug addicts.

    9. Police are woefully ineffectual. I was robbed twice in Cebu. Once was a burglary. They’ll never catch the cultprit.

    10. Riding a motorcycle is dangerous. Point blank. The worst accident that I ever heard of was a foreigner who was driving at night and the Filipinos had failed to put out a roadwork sign and he plunged three feet off the broken concrete. Walked with a limp for the rest of his life.

    11. Bringing your wife. Well obviously this is like bringing a sandwich to a banquet. But moreover, the Philippines is a third world country, not a second world country.

    12. I would not say that Negros is that much better than Cebu. Perhaps a bit safer and far less traffic.

    13. Negros has more Caucasian-looking women because of the Hacienderos or Spanish colonial descendants. They look like Mexicans. However, they tend to be wealthier and won’t be marrying a 70 year old foreigner with “old balls”.

    • Replies: @Jimmy Johnson
  2. Dumaguete was my first stop. Stayed for a few months. Hated it. It’s a poor area, part of Negros Island. Nothing much to do there…Why Not is the only happening place that sucks. Bars, shopping and restaurants are God awful, but what really made me want to leave is seeing guys like Graham Reinders chasing after young Filipinas, knocking them up, and marrying them. Now, you have an issue with the NPA (commies) terrorizing the area. It’s a shithole. I presently live in the Metro Manila area and having a pretty good time. Cheers.

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  3. The police are very polite. Just a little different from what I was used to.

    My company driver in Jakarta decided I was important enough that he could argue with a sub-machine gun toting cop who didn’t want us going down a particular road. I recall sitting there thinking it would not end well for me, but after a couple minutes, we were on our way down that road. I doubt that would ever pass in the US.

    She still assures me I am the most important person in the world. None of my WASP marriages came even close.

    My European wife ticks off ever one of the advantages he lists, and I don’t have to threaten her or fear being used by her.

    • Replies: @ken
  4. Great article. Sound advice. Thanks Long.

  5. @Jimmy Johnson


    Negros is sort of a throwback to colonial Spain. The Spanish-Filipino Mestizos (Mexicans basically) own all the agriculture and the locals are poor. There is no Chinese-Filipino influence to offset what is essentially a feudal society.

    And New People’s Army are no joke. They’re all over the mountains of Negros and now involved in funding through drugs.

    It is not as dangerous as Mindanao, but not exactly safe either.

    Also, it is riddle with Pedophiles. Riddled. A great many homosexual ones at that.

  6. Despite the scamming, manipulating etc of some southeast Asian women, understandable enough given their poor circumstances, it is troubling reading the tone here expressed by the lucky-enough-to-be-richer white guys

    If she does not bust her ass to look after me … If she gives me too much shit … I still make sure she knows that I can leave any time she gets out of hand

    Mr Older White Guy in fact needs to be humble about the gift that is given him in these relationships with beautiful young women, whom circumstance has allowed to enter into his intimate life

    Although one can feel and know the power dynamics, anyone involved in such relationships needs to try hard to rise above them … even with the woman somewhat a ‘manipulator’, one needs to aim towards something nobler, something more transcendent, more truly spiritual and romantic

    If one doesn’t try to do that, one is somewhat of the colonialist beast of anti-white propaganda … which, despite the abuse of the ‘white privilege’ idea for the cult-marx euro-culture-destruction juggernaut, has some staying power precisely because there is some truth to it

    In other words, for every white guy who has had the joy of a much younger Asian woman in his arms … don’t be a slob, a heel, an abuser … sure, be aware and cautious of the games of women, yes, no need to be a ‘beta chump’ … but if you don’t try to uplift your relations with women with aspects of the chivalric ideal, you are dis-honouring your heritage and your race

    One key – which too many Westerners have lost – is connecting with the spiritual side of life, which, e.g., will often put the Western man into a deeper & more secure relationship with a Filipina & her family … but connecting to that Pinay depth, requires something inside of oneself, that Westerners often lack & need to find again

  7. Biff says:

    Some of the stories I can tell would win a Pulitzer Prize.

    One foreigner is finally leaving to live back in the US, in order to escape. His little bimbo strung him along for a long time. He educated her, bought a small property for the family

    And this farmer thinks that somehow he is different from the rest – the place had no history until Graham came along, and of course, everyone else has a “bimbo” except you.

  8. @Brabantian

    Although one can feel and know the power dynamics, anyone involved in such relationships needs to try hard to rise above them … even with the woman somewhat a ‘manipulator’, one needs to aim towards something nobler, something more transcendent, more truly spiritual and romantic

    If one doesn’t try to do that, one is somewhat of the colonialist beast of anti-white propaganda … which, despite the abuse of the ‘white privilege’ idea for the cult-marx euro-culture-destruction juggernaut, has some staying power precisely because there is some truth to it

    Absolutely agreed. I may sympathize with these guys, but life is not just a Darwinian struggle (al least for human beings). Not being a deluded bozo doesn’t mean you have to be a hollow cynic.

  9. A very good article. Tho’- I find this strange:

    There is no divorce in the Philippines.

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  10. @Brabantian


    I was in the Visayas in my mid-thirties and my mistress was Chinese-Filipina named Jenny. I would never date a bar girl because I would always wonder how many penises had been in her mouth that day before I kissed her. Jenny seems to be the name all Chinese-Filipinos named their daughters for some reason. Jenny owned a shipping business and I knew she was not a hooker who sucked penises for a “reverse” of shabu that day.

    Westerners can marry Chinese-Filipinas or Spanish Mestizas and these issues are not a problem. But that is only if a foreigner is younger, handsome and has some sort of job. A Chinese-Filipina business woman is not going to marry an alcoholic white man who is 70 years old. Neither will a Spanish Mestiza.

    The other problem with marrying Chinese-Filipinas or Hacienderas as Spanish half-breed landowners are known in the Philippines, is that these Pinoys have a great deal of power. Piss them off and you had better hope you can make it to the airport.

    For example I knew an Iranian businessman, carpet store owner, who was involved (Not married to a Chinese-Filipina businesswoman). He did something that upset her, or maybe it was just that she could not accept that the relationship was over, and she got the Iranian deported.

    Most of the bar girls are basically shabu addicts. Or alot of them anyhow. And so some foreigners end up marrying a junkie.

    Chinese-Filipinos also really don’t put the pressure on a foreigner that a poor Pinoy might and their family has enough cash that nobody shows up for weeks on end or needs the foreigner to pay for an unexpected baby.

    Spanish Mestizos, known as Hacienderos, look like Mexican girls. They are basically Mexicans. But their cash is all in agriculture. Or a few are in real estate.

    I was a younger hustler in Cebu and Negros who knows this.

    • Replies: @J. Gutierrez
    , @Maowasayali
  11. An aside- it is not a sign of stupidity or senility when older men passionately fall in love with young females. For instance, even that incarnation of Western sagehood, Goethe, fell in love like a teenager when he was 73; she was 17.

    • Replies: @Poupon Marx
  12. @Bardon Kaldian


    There is no legal divorce in the Philippines but there is legal separation.

    A Hong Kong divorce is fairly cheap and so many Westerners and their ex wives take the flight to Hong Kong for this purpose.

    • Replies: @Bardon Kaldian
  13. @Jeff Stryker

    But you cannot marry again, right? You’re just separated.

    It is like Italy until 1960s.

  14. @Bardon Kaldian


    Actually, that could be true. But only in the Philippines, of course.

  15. ken says:
    @The Alarmist

    Graham sounds like a dude who needs to have leverage to maintain a marriage. Sounds blissful, as in I’m sure she’s going back to her family laughing about his old balls. But for his type I’m sure he couldn’t care less.

  16. @Bardon Kaldian


    But you can get an annulment. If you look up their marriage law it would seem that some of the conditions for annulment would make it easier than getting a divorce in the west but it’s hardly ever done – I suppose it’s an embarrassment – it’s far less embarrassing for Pinoys to cheat while staying married or even live separately with someone else but still remain officially married. There’s a greater social stigma attached to breaking a marriage than there is to philandering while staying married. Still there’s always the risk the wife may chop off your manhood in your sleep in revenge although it is less common than in Thailand where they call it “feeding the ducks”.

  17. Linh, you should, I believe, write a companion piece to this about those Westerners who found a loving, faithful, and compatible partner-as equals. I have the distinct and rare advantage of having been an inveterate traveler all my life, first as a US Military dependent and then as a US Merchant Marine officer. I have spent much time in Asia.

    I crew up on military bases where Euro-American guys married Asian women, usually Japanese, but also Filipino. Their kids were my playmates and friends. I never thought twice about them being substantially different, except in appearance, which was neutral. They functioned as White, with the same range of intelligence and civilized comportment. I never heard any negative remark by my Euro-American friends that were derogatory, as a class. This was way before PC and SJW, etc.

    Living and working in California, back in the better days, I witnessed a lot of Eurasian marriages that were solid and compatible. I don’t advocate either way except for one criteria: how the children are likely to turn out. When you marry a person from an ethnic or race with the same average IQ as yours and the same CQ-Civilization Quotient-and an historic culture that has reached a level of advancement and advancement, then it rather stupid to generalize about race preservation and stupid crap like Nordic traits of blue eyes and blond hair. Fine if you can find the right mate, the individual not a statistical hollowgram.

    In the maritime industry, I have known men with Filipino wives. Some were unlicensed semi-skilled and lived in the Philippines. Their women and their families were honorable and very serious people.
    I’ve listened to a number or rhapsodies of how wonderful and devoted their wives were as partners and mothers. Most were divorced from American “White” women.

    If you have developed a slight stereotype concerning these women and other Asian females, you might want to check Michelle Malkin, her writings, public persona, and transparent personal life. Finding a soulmate is the most important and lasting priority.

  18. @Bardon Kaldian

    You probably mean “falls in lust”. Then there is Heinrich Schliemann, the discover of ancient Troy and the Greek girl he married.

    • Replies: @Bardon Kaldian
  19. songpoet says:

    please get in touch with me as we are on the same wave length

    Bardon Kaldian says:
    September 4, 2019 at 12:13 pm GMT • 100 Words
    Although one can feel and know the power dynamics, anyone involved in such relationships needs to try hard to rise above them … even with the woman somewhat a ‘manipulator’, one needs to aim towards something nobler, something more transcendent, more truly spiritual and romantic

    If one doesn’t try to do that, one is somewhat of the colonialist beast of anti-white propaganda … which, despite the abuse of the ‘white privilege’ idea for the cult-marx euro-culture-destruction juggernaut, has some staying power precisely because there is some truth to it

    Absolutely agreed. I may sympathize with these guys, but life is not just a Darwinian struggle (al least for human beings). Not being a deluded bozo doesn’t mean you have to be a hollow cynic.

    • Agree: RadicalCenter
    • Replies: @anon
  20. Linh Dinh says: • Website

    Hi all,

    Here are the rest of my Escape from America interviews, page 1 and 2.


    • Replies: @Far side of the moon
  21. @Poupon Marx

    Finding a soulmate is the most important and lasting priority.

    These people that Linh profiled, the 70 year old guy, his son and most whites in Southeast Asia, weren’t looking for soulmates. They were looking for soulmaids. And sounds like they got exactly what they were looking for. That’s what mail order brides are, live in maids who will also sleep with you. They are a dime a dozen in the Philippines, and Thailand.

  22. @Far side of the moon

    I meant solemaids. She only works for one master, at least as far as he knows.

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  23. @Linh Dinh

    I once heard someone said that immigrants can never be at peace, because they’ll always have unfinished business with their homeland.

    In his book Alienated America, Tim Carney said that once when he was in Europe, a European woman (I think she was German) put it to him like this(I’m paraphrasing):
    Europe historically has always been made up of two groups of people. The first group are community minded, conformist and follow all the rules. The second group are individualistic, non-conformist and break all the rules. Then one day, everyone in the second group packed up and left for America.

    The same can be said all of all immigrants. They are basically selfish, soulless, fuck everyone else I’m here to take what’s mine kind of people. It’s why America is the way it is, even though at first, the various ethnic groups did form tight-knit communities of their own, especially the Germans, Dutch, Norwegians, Irish and Italians. Everyone hated the Jews.

    But by the second or third generation, they are no longer immigrants. And they begin to turn into natives who are community minded, conformist and follow the rules. Except for the Jews. They’ve been immigrants for 2,000 years, selfishness is in their DNA. And since they have been dominating America, sold us the concept of the rugged individual through Hollywood, and ripped apart our churches that used to tie the communities together, we’ve become a Jew nation.

  24. @Jimmy Johnson


    I’ve seen it all in Philippines.

    There was Ken, who was kicked off his hotel he invested $1 million in by his 23 year old wife. Dude was 60 years old and on the street. That night, without a peso in his pocket, he ended up on the street. He was rolled of all of his money. He was fortunate that his passport and credit card were with his wife in his hotel. She relented and let them have them so he could leave Philippines. But think about it. What will a 70 year old man who has blown all his life savings do when he returns home penniless? He has no nest egg.

    The saddest thing is that these callow young Filipinos who scam these old men have no notion of how hard it is to be seventy years old and in America without no money. They have a million dollar hotel and the senior citizen has to return to America and explain to some 25 year old social worker who has never been anywhere or experienced any kind of loss why he needs welfare because he lost his life savings in the Philippines.

    The best off foreigners are those who only live in the Philippines for economic reasons. They don’t marry, they don’t have kids, they simply live there because it easy to exist in the Philippines.

    • Replies: @Far Side of the Moon
  25. @Far side of the moon

    Considering the divorce rate and sequential marriages, I’d say finding a soul mate in the white world is no easy task and perhaps a fool’s errand. Then there’s the subcontinental arranged marriage phenomenon. Although alien to whites it at least leads to stable and fecund families – something white nations are lacking. What you advocate is ideal but it doesn’t always turn out like that; and people change. The problem with whites is that they’re so full of themselves, their ideas, ideals,and opinions, and tend to complicate some simple and straightforward matters. It’s good to stand back and look at things from a different perspective as well as how other cultures deal with matters, especially considering the demographic decline of white societies. Like the Thais often tell whites “you think too much”.

    There is nothing to suggest that this old guy hasn’t found his soul mate. Building a house together brings them closer than most couples anywhere and is commendable. Most Filippinas would expect him to engage a building crew at a higher price than locals pay where she would get a kickback from them. He could even get killed and robbed by his workers like these foreign millionaires murdered in the Philippines while engaging a 25 man construction crew on their estate.

  26. @Far side of the moon


    American expats are people who care for nothing but their own personal living standard. Many hold Filipinos in contempt, but understand that if they had their act together their currency would be stronger and Americans could not live there like kings on $1000 a month.

    Some men-and it is usually men like me-just see no value in the US whatsoever. If you detest lower class people like whiggers and Cholos and Hoodrats and if you have no concern for neighbors and don’t care what is on television and your career is unimportant than you no longer have any care about your country at all so who cares.

    Community? What a joke. Who cares about community in the age of mass white flight? Community is a joke. State government does not care about people trapped behind in post-industrial wastelands like Flint. White people and middle class are now playing hopscotch all over the country. They fled the East for California and then Mestizo Cholos ruined that so they all moved to Wyoming or Utah…its just musical chairs.

    So in that sense, why would white men care about living in another country? Especially if they can have a sex partner easier?

    I remember one US senior citizen told the Philippine Inquirer that he was safer in Manila than the Florida, his home state. Which is probably true.

    Community is a delusion for the petty bourgeois or lower middle class. The ruling elite don’t care. They have no community.

  27. Truth says:
    @Poupon Marx

    You feel that Nordic traits like blond hair and blue eyes are unwortthy of protectiob in perpetuity?

    • Replies: @Thomm
  28. @Poupon Marx

    Most of Linh’s examples are about lust. But, Goethe was about love. Really.

  29. anon[257] • Disclaimer says:

    > life is not just a Darwinian struggle

    What else is it?

    > (at least for human beings)

    What makes humans special, if our fate at death is the same as a dead squirrel? Which it is. “Surely the fate of human beings is like that of the animals; the same fate awaits them both: As one dies, so dies the other. All have the same breath; humans have no advantage over animals. Everything is meaningless. All go to the same place; all come from dust, and to dust all return.”

  30. @Far side of the moon

    Of course. For some psyches and personas that is exactly what they want and have gotten. However, I wanted readers to be aware that these kinds of arrangements are only part of the whole, lest they over generalize.

  31. No, my friend, not at all. But finding a suitable mate to bond and have offspring should be dominated or even be in the forefront for traits that resemble breeding dogs, like eye, hair color or freckles, etc.
    It’s outside decoration, not inner beauty and profundity. If that is foremost for identity of a people, then their survival strength will be compromised. They will be nice to look at, however, like a paint job on a machine. It’s under the hood that counts.

  32. @Jeff Stryker


    Maybe you’re right. Why give up your own future trying to fight for people who don’t care and think you’re crazy if you try? It’s not as if there is some mass movement in US that is going anywhere. Achmed E. Newman is always criticising expats who run and abandon their country, like Fred Reed, but what is he doing more to fight for the cause? He’s only running a website and posting comments which any expat can do from overseas anyway. Waiting for some revolution could end up like waiting for the second coming while time flies and life goes by.

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  33. @Commentator Mike


    Most of those guys could not be expats. They lack the initiative, or the money. Or the job skills, for that matter. Someone like Newman would end up being scammed and unable to earn a living overseas. Of course the likes of Fred Reed are living on their pension anyhow.

    I met a number of UK retirees in Cebu. One was a Falklands vet. Another owned a fertilizer factory in Liverpool. Both of them had seen their neighborhoods gone downhill.

    Things are not going to change in their lifetime. People who talk about the community are a joke. Or they are leftists who want tax-paying whites to keep paying 40% of their savings for other unemployed races to sit back and make babies. Or they are cops who want a decent paycheck.

    But the people at the top of the government don’t give a single dead rat’s ass about community. When some poor older Irish woman in UK is stuck in a South Asian slum of heroin dealers and child traffickers, do you really think the government gives a fat dead rat’s ass.

    Middle class whites simply shrug and say the woman was a bloody fool not to sell her house 30 years earlier.

    Community is farce. South Asians, Gypsies, Mexicans and every other immigrant group does not care about community.

    So any male in such a situation might as well move to Southeast Asia.

    • Replies: @Charles
  34. sturbain says:

    Most curious punctuation. No periods used, unless there are three of them…

  35. Thomm says:

    Truth my man!

    See my comments on AE’s thread. A lot of high-quality comedy :

    Comment #17 in particular is epic, and of special interest to you.

    • Replies: @Truth
  36. fcd says:

    All the while I thought you were Vietnamese based also on articles written by you. You do not
    look Vietnamese at all but your name really fools your readers. Anyway, good luck to you in
    your travels.

  37. @Jeff Stryker

    It’s a lonely and soulless existence, living in a foreign land where you do not speak the language, and only have someone to have sex with but not to talk about anything of substance, or about anything at all. That’s why so many also drink heavily and do drugs. It’s escapism, not real life. Expats are lost souls and losers who can’t make it in their own home country. If they are men of courage and substance they’d stick around and fight the good fight, try to make their country better, rather than invade someone else’s, like what all those soulless, selfish economic migrants are doing to the West.

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
    , @Thomm
    , @Catbalu
  38. To each his own.

    I built a house on Mindanao. Building a second one on Samar. Got the 30-year younger wife, two beautiful boys and a younger mistress.

    It’s taken over 20 years to find the right mix of pristine (extremely rare) and no Muslims, no NPA, no Abu-Sayyef, no MILF, no BIFF, no MNLF.

    The one frustration for me is the low IQ’s. Dunning-Kruger to the max.

    I don’t drink, don’t do drugs, don’t gamble, don’t smoke – which makes me the most desired man in the Philippines, near as I can tell.

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  39. @Far side of the moon


    That’s like saying whites who fled Detroit or Ferguson were losers who couldn’t make it. If a hurricane hits your city, you either stay and drown or leave and move on.

    Are white Americans losers because their grandparents or great-grandparents or whichever ancestors fled Europe?

    Or did they have initiative?

    No 23 year old female Human Resources employee will walk into your girly bar and fire you for lack of “cultural sensitivity”.

    Let us take your average African-American retiree to the Philippines. There are many. He is usually ex-military. After a lifetime in the Air Force on safe-if sterile-bases he is mustered out. He returns to a lousy neighborhood. Crackheads everywhere. Drug dealing. Irascible and rude cops who are half of his age and show him no respect.

    Why hang around?

    When a man is 40 or 50 or 60 is going to go out in the street and fight the good fight in culture wars?

    Why do this when you can have a 20 year old girlfriend and a nice bungalow on the beach?

    Drugs? No wired-up white redneck tweaker junkie on a desperation ride ever hassled me in Asia. That only happened in Phoenix, AZ. No whigger ever broke into a spastic minstrel show in Dubai.

    These specimens are too stupid to acquire a passport and leave their country and make it overseas. You can ride Jeepneys in Philippines or the skytrain in Bangkok everyday and never see a 300 pound female have an outburst.

    Make their country better? The US has gone way downhill since 1999 when a chance offer took me to Dubai. I had never intended to stay overseas but when George Bush was elected the US seemed to get far worse-I don’t know why. Something happened in the Bush years.

    What is a 45 year old man like me going to do about it.

    Let me tell you about Clinton. Clinton was a poorer white guy from Connecticut. He lived in wooden native house on the beach in Lapu Lapu. I asked him why he chose such a simply life in Philippines as an ex-steelworker.

    He told me his story. He’d served in the army and married his high school sweetheart in Bridgeport. Then he had a bad divorce. She and their kids got the condo. He ended up on the street. He checked into a homeless shelter because it was the winter. A large nude black crackhead walked totally naked up to his cot in the shelter barracks and started masturbated on his head while he lay in this shelter.

    Clinton ended up choosing the street. He told me ordinary Americans who are asleep by eleven every night have no idea the madness that goes on in their cities after dark. The gangs. The junkies. The prowling gays. I believed him.

    In my own case, my life improved vastly when I moved overseas. When a chance offer led me to Dubai, I was amazed how much nicer life was without blacks and Cholos or whiggers and political correctness.

    As far as speaking the language goes, a gay hit on me badly in my college dorm in my last year of college and I called him a “fagg*t”. As a result, I was dragged in front of the Residential Adviser and nearly kicked out of college-a bellowing black who was 26 and still an college undergraduate who clearly relished his position of authority as an Affirmative Action student over middle-class whites.

    I never had to worry about this garbage overseas. Cholos and Affirmative Action employees are unemployable overseas because they are morons and no foreign government will do anything for them. They wouldn’t survive overseas because they are idiots and life overseas is an IQ test.

    Are expats losers or cowards? That is like saying that walking away from some drunk you don’t know in a bar parking lot makes you a loser. You don’t care about him. You don’t want to get your hands dirty fighting him…you just want to get away from him.

    Anyhow, most Gen Y here who call older expats losers have never even moved out of their house. They’ve never been overseas. Or out of their community.

  40. @Backwoods Bob


    New People’s Army are up in the mountains of Negros. They won’t bother anyone in Bacolod or Dumagete on sea level.

    Davao is about the furthest South I would want to be.

    As for Samar, Leyte is alright.

    The Gen Y who call expats losers have never even moved out of their house. They still live at home at age 30. What would they know about making a living overseas? They’re still locking their bedroom door so their Mom doesn’t catch them beating off!

  41. Linh Dinh says: • Website

    Hi all,

    In a new email, Graham gives a clearer picture of his wife and their relationship:

    Me, the Dirty Old Man, taking advantage of and exploiting all those innocent young girls. — When I did not waste money on the Standard Foreigner Mansion, I put P1Million in a personal account for my wife. A few years later never having drawn a cent she wanted me to take it back because she had not earned it.

    When my heart stopped my wife was savvy enough to do CPR and get me to the Hospital.

    It gets better: The damage done by that heart stopping left me with an ever increasing seizure rate. My tablets now are devastating to me.

    My Wife IS my life. I could not imagine anyone more dedicated and honest, and I really do trust her with my life. I am in the Last Innings and I know she will be there to the end.

    So I laugh at the various criticisms.

  42. Thomm says:
    @Far side of the moon

    It’s a lonely and soulless existence, living in a foreign land where you do not speak the language, and only have someone to have sex with but not to talk about anything of substance, or about anything at all.

    This is often true. Not always, but often.

    One should be an expat for a year at best if it is just for sex and a change scenery. If it is for a career, that is a different matter.

    Plus, to live the life you mention for a year, one does not have to go to a faraway land. One can live in Las Vegas for a year. Plenty of casual sex with visiting women who you will certainly not see again, and plenty of women from all over the world come as visitors. Again, this should be done for ONE YEAR at most. A year is fun. Much more becomes the problem you describe.

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  43. @Linh Dinh


    You can always marry a Chinese-Filipina. Generally, the Chinese merchant women are not after a foreigner’s money.

    Same goes for Spanish Mestizas.

    But Chinese and Spanish Mestizas have money and power in the Philippines and if these relationships go awry they can really turn your world in the Philippines upside down. You can move on from a poor local girl, a Chinese-Filipino businesswoman will make your (Local) world fall apart. I knew an Iranian guy in Cebu who had a bad relationship with a Chinese-Filipina and she got him deported.

    Also, if you are a sixty year old it is probably harder to marry a 20 year old Chinese-Filipina from a prosperous local family. Ditto Spanish Mestizas.

    I was in my thirties when I lived in the Philippines and would have been the equivalent of a young Western man-about-town by the standards of Cebu then-my mistress, for lack of a better word, was Chinese woman who owned a shipping company. Our relationship ended amicably enough, because it was just sex. But I would not have wanted a problem with her.

    One New Yorker I knew was married to a Chinese shopping mall magnate’s daughter. He caught an STD from a bar girl and gave it to his Chinese-Filipino wife. He had to sneak the medicine into her coffee in the morning.

  44. @Thomm


    For the price of a visit to the Bunny Ranch you could collect a veritable harem in SEA, in terms of sex as a commodity.

    And Vegas is expensive. You can live as well in the Philippines as you can in Vegas for $1000 a month.

    For a young man with a career and a house and three kids to move to Southeast Asia is a real mistake.

    But if you don’t have those things, like I never did, or you are a retiree who is already divorced and 60, you have nothing to lose.

  45. Charles says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    I’m going to incorporate “fat dead rat’s ass” into my list of sayings.

  46. So similar to Thailand. The TH “gov” are rapidly bringing in harsh visa rules to force long term expats and Co’s to flee in their droves. The goons in green aka “gov” simply cannot get enough cash & free shit, up to their ears in the trough every day. Baht incredibly high. Land Of Scams.
    At least for now, the PI is still more welcoming.
    Good luck all.

  47. Sinistre says:

    As a 70 year old living in Penang and Cebu, I can attest to a massively superior lifestyle compared with USA or EU.
    Much better and cheaper health care. $200 per month hot housekeeper with benefits, on one year contracts. Cost of living a fraction of the west, even patronizing only 5 star outlets. Living in a condo protected by armed guards, ensures risk of crime very low, unlike the west.
    Marriage to be avoided, regardless of location. Old guys know that love doesn’t last long, only a scam by one’s own DNA to replicate. Marriage can cause financial disaster anywhere. Although at least Asian girls do not consider it their mission to make husbands miserable.
    Low IQ comment above accurate, however people on alt blog sites must find that conversation in the west, with MSM brainwashed populace, just as unrewarding. At least here, in SEA, I do not have to listen to imbeciles berating all things Russian or accusing Dr Assad of gassing the civilians.
    There is no good fight to be fought at “home”. The non left wing whites have lost to the coalition of liberals and immigrants and sexual degenerates. Time to flee to a country which only admits hard workers or financially secure retirees.

    • Replies: @eah
    , @Biff
  48. Truth says:

    Good one, Thomm.

    And here’s one you might be interested in vis-a-vis “RUNZie Baby” and the Unzistas. I’m not genius but it looks like you may be onto something…

  49. @Linh Dinh

    Linh I have a cure for this bloke. I think. It certainly cured my cardio vascular disease after I’d had 2 heart attacks and was supposed to get a couple of stents put in. it eliminates all symptoms in weeks and the full cure takes a year but it is cheap, simple and easy to do. It is not known generally although the herb is. I discovered the cure myself. I am writing a book about it now having failed to get any interest in the medical establishment or politicians as expected. If you contact me I can give the information to you for this gentleman. I’m an old boy myself with a 30 years younger chicky for a wife myself so us dirty old men need to help each other out. My email [email protected] and it is a Hotmail account. this is serious, the cure works and works fast. You don’t even have to restrict your diet afterwards and I stopped taking all five prescription meds in the second week of taking it. It is a literal reset of life. Personally I am feeling 30 years younger. Never better since my young 30s.

  50. eah says:

    While one could quibble/take issue with a few things (“Although at least Asian girls do not consider it their mission to make husbands miserable”), and I have no personal knowledge of others (“I can attest to a massively superior lifestyle compared with USA or EU”), I largely sympathize with your comment — so thanks for taking the time.

    There is no good fight to be fought at “home”. The non left wing whites have lost to the coalition of liberals and immigrants and sexual degenerates.

    Re the above:

  51. JackOH says:

    My Mom and Dad are in a photo of a wedding party taken in the late 1940s. I’ve had it on my desk for a while, meaning to do something with it. My Dad was 24 when he married; my Mom 17. They stayed married.

    Exactly how rotten was The Patriarchy again, I wondered, after reading this latest from Linh.

  52. M.Anthony says:

    This article was an interesting read, and some of the comments, notably Jeff Stryker’s were enlightening as well, thanks Jeff for sharing!

    At the end of the day though, I won’t be placing the Philippines on my bucket list of places to visit.

    Just curious about two things however. Why is the healthcare there so much better? We know here in the US it’s all about profit. Big Pharma needs disease just like the Military/Security complex needs enemies. The US healthcare is centered around allopathic medicine and the ‘treatment’ of symptoms. Is their system more focused on natural, say herbal and homeopathic remedies and genuine healing?

    As for the remark about the homosexual pedophilia, how does the Philippine government handle the ‘globohomo’ thing?

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  53. Biff says:

    There is no good fight to be fought at “home”. The non left wing whites have lost to the coalition of liberals and immigrants and sexual degenerates. Time to flee to a country which only admits hard workers or financially secure retirees.

    I could’ve said that except I don’t give two shits about liberals or immigrants – they can have the place, for it looks like the Matrix is going to win out in the end anyway; and they’ll only have ________* to blame.


  54. @Jeff Stryker

    A 60 year old fool hooking up with a 23 year old scamming wench, got taken to the cleaners and we’re supposed to feel sorry for him?

    He made his own bed.

    I stand by what I said, expats who go in search of young foreign women whom they have nothing in common with other than sex and whiskey are lost souls and losers, no better than degenerates. Just please keep your solemaids and kids over there and don’t bring them back. No US citizenship for them.

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  55. @Far Side of the Moon


    In my brief experience with Latinos in Phoenix, Asian immigrants are a very small part of the problem the US faces with immigrants. The problem is having a contiguous border with Mexico.

    As far as being a loser goes, guys who lose everything in divorces in the US are the real losers. Literally. Marry your college sweetheart and it costs $300 a screw when she divorces you.

    You can get taken to the cleaners just about anywhere it seems.

    • Agree: Commentator Mike
    • Replies: @J. Gutierrez
  56. ken says:
    @Linh Dinh

    “but I still make sure she knows that I can leave any time she gets out of hand”-Those are your words Graham. Those words don’t exactly comport to “My wife IS my life.” Another dead ringer for me at least was, “My white wives…” Some of us still harbor feelings that guys who have more than one wife and reference the women in such disrespectful terms aren’t quite capable of understanding a true give/take relationship. Have you ever considered your own shortcomings? Maybe you’re not such a good catch yourself? If the only way you can find “true happiness” is through dangling monetary threats over the headboard you may not be that nice of a person.

    • Replies: @Truth
  57. Truth says:

    Hey, nothing says “true love” more than indentured servitude…

  58. @M.Anthony

    I wouldn’t say healthcare in the Philippines is better than anywhere else, and in many instances worse – just cheaper than in US. The more you pay, the better it gets – like the more expensive better equipped hospitals. It’s just the same western type medicine. If you want alternative treatment, of which there is plenty of the traditional variety, then you have to seek it outside the official healthcare system.

    Homosexuality and transexuality have long been accepted in Philippine society, long before than in the west, although it was never politicised, but this may be changing. 100,000 attended the Pride march in Manila. The Philippines is officially a Catholic country so this seems incongruous. The president makes some anti-globalist and anti-homo jokes but that’s about it.

  59. Ken,

    What is wrong with you guys. Don’t you understand a good story when you read it. There is a thing called Poetic Licence for the more intellectual. Cant you read between the lines?


    • Replies: @ken
  60. Regarding the States, some say
    In a cold, dark world I want

  61. ken says:
    @Graham Reinders

    You ain’t a poet or an intellectual. Pot bellied, posing shirtless gives you away. Hell, even your #1 son looks like a molester.

    You remind me of an uncle, married 5 or 20 times, I forget which who told me I didn’t know what a “true” marriage was. Me, 25 years with one woman and 8 kids; screw you uncle.

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  62. @ken


    As a lifelong expat who moved overseas when I was 25 and watched the US slowly worsen from afar as a bachelor who did not marry until he was 40, I have some questions-

    …How do you pay for all of your children? How will you cover the nut of their university educations?

    …Do you send them to public schools? Aren’t public schools dangerous for white kids in America today unless you live in 4-H Club territory?

    …What kind of inheritance will you leave them?

    …How did you even feed 8 kids? You must be high in the six figures. What do you do?

    …How did you pay a mortgage when you had all these kids?

    …Did your kids run around like stray dogs?

    …Did you need government assistance?

    Just curious.

  63. Catbalu says:
    @Far side of the moon

    But are not all Americans, except Indians the decendans of expats.

  64. Thanks Mr. Dinh I always enjoy reading your articles. You just have to stop sugar-coating things that’s all. Just kidding.

  65. Bardon Kaldian: “Most of Linh’s examples are about lust. But, Goethe was about love. Really.”

    I wouldn’t necessarily say that. Goethe was a man who apparently appreciated the value of a little debauchery. For example, he wrote:

    Ohne Wein und ohne Weiber, hol’ der Teufel uns’re Leiber!


    Ein Mädchen und ein Gläschen Wein sind die Retter in der Not,
    denn wer nicht trinkt und wer nicht küßt,
    der ist so gut wie tot.

    From these quotes we can see that for Goethe, chasing tail was part of a life well lived.

    Other geriatric roués include Charles Manson, who was still a chick magnet until his death at the age of 83, and the Marquis de Sade, who at age 70 began a sexual affair with 14-year-old Madeleine LeClerc, daughter of an employee at Charenton Asylum where he had been committed; an affair which continued until his death 4 years later.

    • Replies: @Republic
  66. @Jeff Stryker

    Jeff Stryker,

    “The problem is having a continuous border with Mexico.”

    I am sure, while your time in the US was short, you must have at least once picked up one History book. Your constant ranting about Latinos, Mexicans, Aztecs, Mayans, etc. are fucking baseless if you were to consider that those people lived in the Phoenix area while your ancestors were painting goats in the caves of Europe. The Indigenous of North American most likely were here while your ancestors were evolving from apes, Stryker!

    What gives you the right to suggest people of color are a problem in the US, mainly American Indian types. It is well documented that the Aztec Nation of Aztlan is considered to be located in the surrounding mountains of Utah. The Hopi, The Arrapahoes and other Plains Indians speak a language very similar to the Aztec language, it has a name but I’m not on here to find it for you! But we’re talking about thousands of years before any white man stepped foot on the American continent. And if you try and say the Vikings were here, fuck you Jeff! I know they were here but that was it, they went back or did some trading. No permanent settled white people!

    The Spanish came in the 1450’s more or less, the French and Portegueze after them. 200 years later around 1650’s came the Anglo Saxons if I’m correct.

    Now you Jeff Stryker have the nerve to blame the people that were here before…for ruining your great American Dream! You are fucking Crazy Jeff…I guess bayonetting Indian Babies and stealing Indian Lands didn’t ruin the lives of the Indigenous people that lived here, huh. Stay there and you and the other pervs who can’t get a normal American women can enjoy each others company. One only wonders what you upstanding gentelmen would talk about….

    I guess you and the rest of the perverted out of shape, white, casanova want-a-be, talk about your favorite subject… fucking girls that look like teenagers and threaten them with taking their financial security away. What little you offer them, because that father and son team don’t look like they have much, riding an old fucking Rice Burner bike.

    The saddest part of the story, is that there really exist places that old perverted mother fuckers can go and take away a young girls dreams of ever being with someone their own age. And the best thing they can wish for is “hearing a dirty ole man tell them, wash my feet or I’ll find me another one to take your place, bitch”. Fuck You Jeff Stryker, good piece Mr. Dinh, but not really!

    Commentator Mike, you are better than that! Don’t lower yourself to the status of these punks. Mind you, I have no problem with dating, marrying or fucking younger women (Over 18), but not by waving money in front of them because of their economic condition! You hear me Brother! That is not right!!!!

    • Agree: RadicalCenter
    • LOL: eah
    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
    , @eah
    , @Dirk
  67. @Jeff Stryker

    Jeff Stryker, wrote:

    “I would always wonder how many penises had been in her mouth that day before I kissed her.”

    That is the best sentence you have ever written Jeff Stryker! I imagined my Mexican Dick in the mouth of an oriental chick and she looking up and saying “Hurry J.G., please…I got to go see Jeff.”


  68. @J. Gutierrez

    Hi J.G.

    normal American women

    Those may be a little hard to find whatever your age or financial situation.

    I actually find it disgraceful and shameful for an old man to be going out with a young woman but then there are different cultures out there so I wouldn’t be that judgmental. As that is the old man’s wife I’d not wish to comment disparagingly. I suppose there are a few kinky young chicks there that actually prefer older men but I haven’t met many, although some will tell you they’re like that, if you believe, but they may have ulterior motives. Sure I hope it works out for them as for many it doesn’t – leaving the US for the Third World can be like jumping from the frying pan into the fire.

    I was mostly agreeing with JS’s statement

    “You can get taken to the cleaners just about anywhere it seems.”

    • Replies: @J. Gutierrez
  69. Republic says:
    @Dr. Robert Morgan

    A girl and a glass of wine are the saviors in distress,
    because who does not drink and who does not kiss,
    he is as good as dead.


  70. @Commentator Mike

    Commentator Mike!!!

    What’s up my brother? Hope you are doing well…My dad always told me to watch how I say things. “Don’t spit up in the air, because it has to come down”. I just didn’t like the way he talked about kicking them to the curb if they didn’t do as he said. But fuck it bro, they shoot meth heads there so he better fly straight! leaving the wife a property worth 2000 dollars for 10 years of servicing him is a bargain, but not my cup of tea bro….

    Always good to read your stuff…take care my brother!

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  71. eah says:
    @J. Gutierrez

    What gives you the right to suggest people of color are a problem in the US, mainly American Indian types.

    There aren’t enough “American Indian types”, ie Native Americans, to really worry about — and it doesn’t appear he was talking about them in any case:

    …the problem the US faces with immigrants. The problem is having a contiguous border with Mexico.

    I assume he was referring to Hispanics here — mestizos if you prefer — there are already large numbers of them in the US (tens of millions), and they are the fastest growing demographic — statistically, they are what one might call (just to be especially provocative) inferior human capital — their academic achievement, and hence wealth creation, is significantly below that of Whites — and looking at eg Central and South America, it does not appear Hispanics are able to create and maintain a first world nation by themselves — eg compare Iceland, more or less a barren rock in the middle of the North Atlantic, to any nation in Latin America.



    • Agree: Republic
  72. @J. Gutierrez


    Yeah, I’m fine.

    The way I see it, when the expat husbands leave them or pass away, if they haven’t made any arrangements to benefit the spouse, then they’re still no worse off than they would have been anyway, or than others of their local compatriots. When one moves to another country one can’t quite keep his western viewpoint but has to acclimate socially, but bearing in mind that he’s still not a local.

    I think this whole business of the man being responsible and always paying for the woman has gone too far in the west. Maybe it was relevant once but now society favours women in so many ways and still the women expect the man to spend money on them. With affirmative action women have preference on the job market and many are even encroaching on traditionally male occupations. And then you’re still expected to pay the bill if you take them out or pay up in divorce settlements. Again I think this was OK in the past in the old male dominated society but is out of order in this new feminist dominated one. Men are just being suckers for going along with it but if you don’t pay you don’t get to play, even though women are now in a much stronger economic position than in the past. And if you refuse to go along with it you can’t even build a family these days, and even if you do it doesn’t usually last for long … and I suppose that’s why things are going the way they are in the west because many are asking the question if it’s worth being taken for a ride by these modern women just because of some brief pleasurable moments. Hence the demographic demise of the white western world.

  73. @Brabantian

    Well said. I’m married to a wonderful woman from the Philippines. She’s 20 years younger than me; I’m 50. We have a beautiful little girl and a son on the way and we are both as happy as can be. I totally understand and respect why she would see marriage to a foreigner as a way out of poverty. Anyone who could, would be crazy not to. That said, we’re both lucky because I treat her with love and kindness and she does the same. We’re going back to the Philippines for Christmas and she is so excited to see her family again. It’s been several years. The point I wanted to underscore is, if you are sincere in love but also smart about it, I don’t think you could find a better wife on earth than a filipina. And I also have a high opinion of filipinos in general. P.S. This Graham guy sounds like an incredible asshole.

  74. She still assures me I am the most important person in the world. None of my WASP marriages came even close.

    “Wasp”? What an odd thing for an American to say. His “number one son” (also odd) who I assume is the younger dude in the pic looks kind of jewy. That could explain it.

  75. @Jeff Stryker

    Jeff, that was a very informative and funny story about your ex-girlfriend that reminded me of an even more hilarious story about this sorry ass Irish Forrest Gump who married a Thai tranny also named Jenny.

  76. Dirk says:
    @Poupon Marx

    Michelle Malkin = wannabe white michelle malkin

  77. Dirk says:
    @J. Gutierrez

    You are in the wrong website. go back to

  78. I’m an American guy heading to the Philippines for the first time to respectfully explore the culture and connect with the people. This guy’s tone is shameful. The way he talks about his wife like a possession is a disgrace. Stuff like this makes people think bad things about foreigners and I’m glad my attitude could never be like that.

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