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Covid Box Car, Vaccine Plunge Dip and Faucian Bargain
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Don’t be on the wrong side of history, Communists often warned, though of course, they needed entire classes of such people, from the bourgeoisie to landowners, kulaks, reactionaries, decadents, Fascists, monarchists, counter-revolutionaries, unreformed intellectuals, wreckers, diversionists, believers in God and, often, even yesterday’s revolutionary heroes. It didn’t matter if these charges made sense individually or collectively, for Communists had to generate new enemies to squash.

It’s a natural outcome of the us vs. them Jewish mindset, chosen vs. unchosen, into eternity. The ultimate racism, Jewish thinking is a condescension or righteous rage against others, for these aren’t just inferior to Jews, but guilty of malevolence, in thoughts if not acts, against Jews. Blocking Jewish progress or destiny, they’re on the wrong side of history.

Much dumbed down, today’s reds simply charge anyone they disagree with, even slightly, as a Fascist. If you don’t think a guy like Johnny Sins, say, should soap his balls in a female shower just because Sins decides, spontaneously, that he’s a woman, you’re a Fascist.

For writing “female” so offhandedly, I’m also a fascist. There are no unambiguous penises or clitorises, but merely a continuum of jutting pudenda. Granted, half of us don’t have a lurid gash beneath our balls, but let’s not sweat that detail.

If someone told you just a year ago that today’s us-against-them would pit those who believe the entire world should, if not must, be “vaccinated” against those who would rather not be jabbed, you’d probably laugh it off, “Shut the hell up, you dumbass conspiracy theorist!”

In the first camp, we have Anthony Fauci, Klaus Schwab, Dustin Moskovitz, Albert Boula, Rochelle Walensky, Ron Klain, Jeff Zaints, Noam Chomsky, Scott Gottlieb, Howard Stern, Big Bird, Fondling Joe and, uh, Ron Unz, etc. In the second, we have thousands of nurses, policemen and firemen who would rather lose their jobs than be “vaccinated.” American pilots, too, have staged a walkout to protest the jab.

I’ve merely been inconvenienced by vaccine mandates. If they weren’t in place, I would be flying to Paris soon, with flights and hotel room for a week all paid for. (After my song-and-dance, I could hang out with a friend near Toulouse, then just linger in France.)

Since I’ve been canceled, literary invitations have disappeared almost completely, so this was very rare, but the catch was I had to be vaccinated, so no, thanks.

Also, Vietnam will reopen soon, but only to the double, triple or quadruple-jabbed, so I will still be locked out. Until when, who knows?

Making their own lives so difficult, are anti-vaxxers insane? No, Faucians, they’re just, uh, Fascists!

On November 6th in Boston, protesters against Covid “vaccines” were attacked by a mob, one of whom is quoted by in a subheading, “We heard there was going to be a rally of anti-vaxxers and white supremacists… and we wanted to help drown that out.” So the issue is immediately shifted from Covid “vaccines” to white supremacy.

Here’s an Ecologist—Informed by Nature headline, “Anti-maskers, anti-vaxxers and the racist right.”

A Conversation headline, “The inherent racism of anti-vaxx movements.”

At NBC News, there’s an article by Tonya Russell, its “culture and wellness writer,” “Why are anti-vaxxers so desperate to be seen as victims?” It begins:

In 1946, Albert Einstein paid a visit to Lincoln University, a historically Black university. Like many scholars who fled Nazi Germany, he found his place among Black people. That’s because, after escaping harm, many Jews found they weren’t embraced in the U.S., either. Both groups found common ground as they experienced bigotry and discrimination great enough to cause their deaths.

Again, race bumps Covid “vaccine” concerns. Beware of all those who would use race to mask the greatest health and human rights crisis ever, and it’s only beginning. Russell:

Three-quarters of a century later, certain Americans who are neither Jewish nor Black believe they, too, are experiencing a similar oppression. Apparently, being told to wear a mask and get a vaccination to stop the spread of a deadly virus means they now know what it’s like to live in Nazi Germany.

After stressing that anti-vaxxers are spoiled white babies, Russell wants them to “reflect on the modern-day adversity that your neighbors currently face, like the fact that Black and brown people have been disproportionately impacted by Covid-19.”

Like nearly all mainstream media narratives, this one doesn’t add up, for black and brown Americans lag behind whites in Covid vaccination, and it’s not because of cost. In the US, even illegal immigrants can be death jabbed for free, since it’s already paid for by American taxpayers. Ven al norte por el veneno gratis!

From 1932 to 1972, the United States Public Health Service enrolled 399 black men with latent syphilis in a bogus treatment program, The Tuskegee Syphilis Study. Since the goal was to observe this disease’s unchecked rampage, none of these men were treated, although penicillin had been made available by 1947. Thus, more than a hundred of them died, 40 of their wives were infected and 19 children were born with congenital syphilis.

Remembering this, plus many other instances of their government’s perfidy, American blacks are understandably more likely than whites to be anti-vaxxers.

I just spent three months in South Africa, a country I’m pretty sure is in Africa, where most people are black, I think. South Africa has just 39 Covid “vaccine” doses administered per 100 people, compared to 274 for Gibraltar, 185 for Singapore, 172 for Israel, 169 for Iceland, 164 for China, 158 for the UK, 154 for Japan, 129 for the US and 76 for Russia. Keep in mind that China and Russia have their own vaccines, bypassing the American Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson, and the British AstraZeneca.

I’m now in Namibia, where the Covid vaccination rate is even lower than South Africa’s, despite a massive propaganda effort to get people jabbed. Saner than others, black Africans are the least vaccinated.

Entering Windhoek in the dark two weeks ago, I was greeted by a billboard showing four health workers, “NAMIBIAN HEROES. They risk their lives to take care of YOU. Protect our front line workers, Get vaccinated.”

Walking around, I saw many more public encouragements to get jabbed, plus a vaccination center in a downtown shopping mall, though with hardly any suckers.

Most importantly, life is normal here, with restaurants and cafes open to everyone, unlike in, say, Paris. There is no apartheid between vaxxed and unvaxxed.

Its worst manifestation is in Lithuania, a warning for us all. Sixty-nine percent of Lithuanians are vaccinated, thus entitled to an “Opportunity Pass.” The rest are blocked from most activities.


As tweeted by one Gluboco Lietuva, Lithuania’s unvaccinated can’t patronize cafes or restaurants, enter a shopping center or “non-essential store,” receive beauty services (hair or nails, etc.), use a fitness center, gym or sauna, attend outdoor events with more than 500 people, visit a loved one in a hospital, read at a library, though they can drop by to return or pick up books. If a university student, they can’t attend classes.

Lietuva, “This is the future facing countries that impose a Covid Pass: EU, US, UK, Australia, Canada… Is this the world you want?”

Covid passes, then, are not about health, yours or anybody else’s, but control of the vaccinated, and punishment for jab resistors, but why are they so coerced, threatened, shamed, ostracized and slandered?

Paul Craig Roberts alerted us to a video by a South African doctor, Shankara Chetty. Before breakfast one morning, I spent a couple hours transcribing his message.

Video Link

With the bat soup theory discredited, Covid is an engineered toxin, “a poison with an agenda,” but what is its aim?

Its release into the world was to gurney millions into hospitals, where most would be wrongly treated, “to engineer death and damage,” thus creating the appearance of a pandemic.

With widespread fear stoked, people were then “conned” into giving up their freedoms, into thinking “the safest place for us was in jail,” though in Albania, South Africa and Namibia, etc., they just got tired of this nonsense, and returned to normal life, more or less. In Albania, they don’t even bother with masks.

To regain our freedoms, we must be vaccinated with spike protein, “one of the most contrived toxins or poisons that man has ever made.” Herded like cattle into a box car, we can only stumble out through a plunge dip, Chetty says, but this treatment will likely kill us:

Now this toxin in the long term is going to get people with pre-existing illness to have those illnesses exacerbated. It has bits of prion in it. It has bits of HIV protein in it. It is definitely engineered. So, people with cancers are going to have their cancers flare up, and we’ll say they died of the cancer. People with visceral injuries or predisposition, like our diabetics and hypertensives, are going to have strokes and heart attacks, and the rest at varying times, and we’ll attribute those to their pre-existing conditions.

The Covid “vaccines’” aim, then, is “to kill billions without anyone noticing it, so it’s a poison with an agenda.”

Even if it’s not billions, but merely millions, or just a few hundred thousands, a goal that’s likely reached already, isn’t this vaccine farce a monstrous crime demanding our full attention and condemnation?!

The US Food and Drug Administration has authorized the emergency use of the Pfizer vaccine for children as young as five, although they have almost no chances of catching Covid. Two months from now, such kids will need vaccine passports to enter public spaces in San Francisco.

After buying 3.5 million vaccine doses from Pfizer, Costa Rica is making spike protein jabs mandatory for its children.

In August of 2020, Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko claimed the World Bank and IMF had offered him $940 million of “Covid Relief Aid” if he would impose “extreme lockdown,” thus crashing the Belarusian economy. Lukashenko refused this cloaked bribe.

How many, though, have accepted the Faucian bargain?

There’s an entire world beyond the Covid box car and vaccine plunge dip. Let’s reclaim it. We don’t need anyone’s permission to be normal.

Linh Dinh’s latest book is Postcards from the End of America. He maintains a regularly updated photo blog.

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