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Coronavirus Missives from the Philippines, USA, France, Lebanon and Germany
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In Singapore, you can be jailed for half a year for failing to keep “social distance.” The same offense in New York will only get you fined for up to \$500, although an 86-year-old woman has just been killed when she got too close to someone at a Brooklyn hospital. Out of masks, Tennessee doctors strap diapers on their faces.

On March 29th, 2020, 756 Italians died from the coronavirus, and that’s considered encouraging news, believe it or not, since 919 lost their lives on the 27th. Half of the world is in lockdown, and should this drag on, riots will certainly break out, since billions can’t just stay indoors as their food runs out, if it hasn’t already.

Here in Busan, people still mingle, talk and laugh, but schools remain closed, and the baseball season won’t start until April, if that. There are no more international flights from here. Two weeks ago, I could still fly to Saipan or Vladivostok, which is so close, but Russia has just sealed its borders, as has China.

There are ferries to Japan, so maybe that’s how I’ll get out, but why go anywhere? I’m just a subway ride away from God Pizza, Sincere Beer for You, Happiness in Pharmacy and a café that reminds me that “coffee brings to every person the feeling of luxury and nobility. It is the common man’s gold.” What more do I want?

At my guesthouse, I’ve met a Brazilian and a Pole who are also stuck, but contentedly so, for they think that it’s much saner and safer here than just about anywhere else. In the evening, some guests shoot pool in the basement, while others slurp cups of instant noodles. If they can afford a few wons, there are many cheap eats nearby, plus the slightly more expensive Samarkand, an excellent Uzbek restaurant.

Wanting to hear what it’s like elsewhere, I emailed some friends a few basic questions. How has this crisis changed your life, if at all? What is the situation like in your city and/or country? What are you most worried about regarding this crisis, the disease itself, its effect on the economy or your government’s handling of it? How long do you think this crisis will last? Will there be any permanent effects? What do you think your city and country will be like a year from now?

Below is the first batch of responses:


Graham Reinders, a 78-year-old Canadian, living in Dumaguete City, Philippines

I hate it when my wife is correct. Two weeks ago she went out and bought a year’s supply of rice and raided the Supermarket. Luckily we had enough toilet paper to start with, but I have a year’s supply of everything else. I gave her hell, saying two weeks max and it would all be over.

Over the last two weeks the powers-that-be have been telling many places to shut down or restrict services. The local Mall only has “essential” stores open. The Department Store only has the grocery division open. McDonald’s is closed. A lot of restaurants are closed.

Three days ago some of us hired a big van, packed a large picnic and were off to a Beach Resort which had assured us they would be open. Half-way there a check-point stopped us. Temperatures taken. Off we went again. Damn! the resort had just received orders they were to close. A most expensive return home.

Two days ago the Governor and a few mayors decided that only one permit per family would be issued, so only that person is allowed to leave the house. To me, that sounds like too much hard work so it will always be “coming.” My wife will go this afternoon to see if this is actually happening.

Our Post Office has been closed for two weeks. The Civil Servants never waste a good crisis. I am sure the teachers have their legs up, hoping the crisis will go on forever. My two darling little girls are a damn nuisance sitting at home with me all day. I am no “Home schooler.”

This is a relatively poor country and there are many many people who just try to earn enough to get through the day and feed their family. They will be seriously hurt, not many compensations in this system. I like this President but I think it is wrong to follow the American Model. The Dutch Model for me is the most intelligent. This present model will hurt the locals badly. I have no doubt that China will come in and make things whole again. We can no longer rely on the US.

I am very close to 80 years old so if this “Pandemic” is for real I am in front of the line to go and visit my ancestors. Try as I might I cannot take Covid19 seriously. If one took the Media Hype away, and did not have the Social Media waiting to pounce on any tardy action by the politicians, nobody would even know there was a crisis. Social Media has changed the world forever. Their power has been shown to control politics.

I was around in the 1940’s. Only in 1955 did Salk create the vaccine for Polio. Every year some people got paralyzed, some people died. That is what viruses do. Luckily, in our country we took personal responsibility and were not scape-goating everybody all the time.

I do not believe the parallels the Media is trying to draw with the 1918 H1N1 are valid. With H3N2+H1N1 in 2018, about a million Americans were hospitalized and about 80,000 died. The CDC said it raged above “regular epidemic” level for 16 -19 weeks. The H2N2 in 1957 killed around 120,000 Americans.


We took these in stride. I believe Covid19 without the hype is not worse than those. At worst add another percent or two for this year’s Covid19 and get on with life instead of destroying a whole way of life. The Dutch seem to understand this. This crisis will last as long as the Media can get headlines.

Capitalism is Human Nature, a mixture of greed and Self Interest. Many of the weaker links will be washed out. The strong and talented will soon build either a modified system or a new system. Within a year all the essential businesses will have patched the holes and then we just have to wait and see if the damage will cause a systemic change.

I think this “prevention Model” has tipped an unstable system into the unknown.


Rudy List, a 77-year-old retired math professor, living in Dexter, Michigan

I pretty much live alone, and have been doing so for several years, so apart from going out to buy groceries or going to the post office, the changes in the way I live are fairly minor.

All nearby places where people might ordinarily interact, restaurants and bars, for example, have been seriously restricted from following traditional operating procedures. Bars are closed. Entering restaurants is prohibited, but drive through (e.g. think McDonald’s) and carry out are allowed. In this context carry out means that one somehow attracts the attention of employees who will bring your order to the entrance. I would have no way of placing an order except in a drive through outfit, because I have no phone.

I haven’t encountered any traffic check points.

The disease itself does not appear to be a serious threat (See, for example, where we read “Die Zahl der Atemwegsinfektionen normalisiert sich jetzt – wie in den Vorjahren ohne Lockdown. Der Test Misst auch in Italien oder im Altenheim keine Todesursachen. Der Test zeigt lediglich, dass die Kranken Kontakt mit einer der vielen Varianten von SARS-Viren hatten.”).

Its overall impact, however, will be enormous and probably devastating to the economy and social system. More than likely this is another in a sequence of contrived events (9/11, Boston marathon, Sandy Hook…) all generated to increase global control through fear. Significant aspects of control include, for example:

Total digitization of currency (cashless economy)

Militarization of police

Restriction of travel

Total surveillance

These are all currently underway or developing.

The crisis is meant to last forever, but without altering its effects (again, see ) its social impact will eventually subside. Fear, however, has been generated, so for a while mere reference to COVID-19, or whatever it’s currently called, will suffice.

I don’t think the US is going to recover from this very fast. The controllers (Zionist Occupied Government) have their claws well dug in. So I expect conditions in the US a year from now to be similar to the present, if not worse.

Further developments might well lead to outbreaks of more serious illness, including death; in order to deflect attention from the underlying agenda, from time to time it’s necessary to document claims with genuine results.


Steve Church, a 72-year-old retired English teacher, living in Paris

The lockdown has me crawling the walls. It’s made me irritable, lethargic. While we live in Paris, by this time of the year I’m usually at my wife’s place in Burgundy in a hamlet of about 50 people only an hour away by TGV. I say « usually » because last summer we sold the place and now our only escape valve is her mother’s summer place in the Lot, a six hour, relatively expensive Inter-Cities train ride down to Cahors, then a taxi to Catus. But her mother, who’s ninety-one and still lives independently and who needs, especially during these lock down days, my wife to visit two to three times a week for food, company, and constant explanations on how to use her computer, cell phone, and TV, is afraid it will be too cold down there, and refuses to budge. It’s really exasperating as there is a huge terrace, a garden across the street, and the place is centrally heated!


Paris is pretty much locked down, but for some of the more « disadvantaged » neighbourhoods which are more or less ignored by the cops. In order to go outside (for an hour) we have to print out the government permission slip (or hand write it), check one of the seven choices we have, note the time and date, our address, and sign it. I went out for groceries the other day and decided to walk over to the Louis Philippe bridge for a bit of sun. As I was sitting on a bench, some cops came by and asked to see my permission slip. They said they were fining me 135 euros for not walking. I said that I didn’t have them, and that my walk over was my exercise and I was just getting a bit of sun and was going to do the shopping on my way home. Long pause. He returned my permission slip and told me to do my shopping and get my sun from my window. Knowing that further discussion would be futile and maybe involve them taking me to jail, I wished them a good day, grabbed my shopping bag, and skedaddled, relieved but fuming nonetheless. It was kind of humiliating. And disgusting to be staring into the face of a police state. I’ve read comments here and there saying that France is ready to explode, but I’m not convinced. They’ve become too Americanised, too passive. I don’t know if the Gilets Jaunes movement has generated enough dissatisfaction in the general populace to constitute a kind of lightning rod for a country-wide insurrection, which is what we really need. I say « we » because I live here now, have my ten year residence card. But I’m an old guy now, approaching 73 with a couple of vertebrae pretty much destroyed due to a mysterious bacteriological infection a few years back, and have a difficult time even walking. On the other hand, there exists here and there a certain solidarity. Musicians of all kinds play music from their balconies or gardens, some restaurants are providing meals for health care workers. The idea of « local » in the food chain supply has become more prévalent. Whether stuff like this actually translates into real change is yet to be seen.

This « disease » is just the flu. Maybe more virulent, maybe more contagious, and affects mostly old folks with other health problems (see this) but given the mass disinformation put out by the government and their media lackies, most everyone has been terrorised into obedience, which is scary. Personally, I’m not too worried about getting sick. Or at least becoming sick enough to have to be hospitalised, even though I now have a seasonal minor cold. As in the States, big business will get the majority of financial support. The people? Fuck ‘em. The French government, if you can call this assemblage of career politicians and new wannabes (« Jupiterian » Macron being a prime example of the latter) a government, has either been totally overwhelmed and confused by recent events (basic incompetence) or is entirely complicit in the instauration of a cynical, uncaring police state (corruption). It’s probably a combination of the two.

The duration of this « crisis » probably dépends on a lot of different stuff. How long everyone will put up with this prison-like atmosphere? I know it’s going to very difficult be able to last til the end of April. Every day is a psychological nightmare. I think we’ve been moving in this fascist direction since the end of WW II (probably long before, ie Smedley Butler, or earlier), with the corporate screws being continually tightened. The media here are megaphoning a rise in Macron’s popularity, but I don’t believe that for a moment. I was standing in line at the bakery the other day and struck up a conversation with an older couple, standing at the appropriate distance, just behind me. We agreed it’s all BS. Dangerous BS, but BS just the same. On the other hand, the young woman at the smoke shop got all pissed off when I told her I didn’t believe in all this virus panic. Go figure. France has been a semi police state since the Charlie Hebdo Attack and this is just another turn of the screw.

I have no idea what it will be like a year from now. They might let us out of our cages sometime this Spring, which would be nice of them. But, having gotten away with this lock down, I reckon they won’t hesitate to do it again, for some cockamamie reason. I’m very pessimistic. And really pissed off.


Chuck Orloski, a 68-year-old out-of-work school bus driver, living in Scranton, PA

The “crisis” has changed my typically clean life. Nonetheless, my routine life including school bus driving job, is consistently crazy, bearable. Am unemployed now, and later will sign-up for U.C. benefits. As I write, many neighbors, a couple friends, are even more crazy for fear of dying from COV-19. Irony, hundreds of Project Housing-based kids are outside daily, and doing what they normally do, “play.”

Scranton residents are practiced at getting multifold “crisis” laid upon them. Homeowners fear endless taxes and politician roberry. Many take extraordinary measures to stay healthy and distance themselves from their “authorities.” Couples drink Yuengling on porches, they anticipate the mailman & delivery of Mnuchin’s money, with love.

The US government has practice weaponizing threats. As always, the privileged few will figure out how to benefit by scaring the shit out of the dumb goyim, and welcome Trump as their personal “Savior.”

(Sigh) Is all a matter of timing and Zionist plan-implementation, and dark fulfillment. The Corono “crisis” will last until the novel fear diminishes, and an unforgiving US political economic reset is underway. And then, whoever is President, shall return to doing the vital business of regime change in Iran and Syria.

We are permanently fucked, and “The End of America” is outside my door.

In Scranton, many people are terrific, decent, faithful, down to earth, fun, & are suffocated “Points of Light.” Lots are cursed with having a conscience, and such subset suffers most for the “sins” that are commited from upon High, and naturally, viral shit aplenty “trickles down”… on you and me.

Done with this, I spoke with my buddy, Bill Hopkins Jr., on cellies, and following is a crazy thing which happened to Hoppy, a couple hour’s ago.

Hoppy’s pickup truck has electrical problem, will not start. As Hop does almost zero cooking inside his Lutherwood Senior High Rise 4th Floor apartment, he called Domino’s for an X-tra large pizza delivery, with toppings.

He went to main floor terrace until delivery, by a guy named Joe. Hop gave Joe a fin, said, “Thanks and God bless you for your service!”

Hop placed the pizza tray, and given his prostrate removal problems, he entered Men’s Room, and upon exit, the pizza was gone. Became furious and cursed the “thief” who, given the facility’s “No Visitor” policy, was a fellow hungry resident.

Later, in room and calmed down, Hoppy called Domino’s, explained the theft, and emphasized, “I am hungry!”

Domino’s did the right American Thing! Another tray of pizza on way to Hoppy, and all he had to pay was a service charge, \$5.00.

‘Taxi’ from the blog, Plato’s Guns: a self-exiled American expat living in south Lebanon

Being an American expat living in the south of Lebanon, the spread of COVID-19 has not really affected me and my lifestyle at all.


For almost a decade now, self-exiled from southern California, I have lived here in the Levant with a handful of rescue dogs and a housekeeper, on a farmhouse that sits atop a remote hill between two small villages. Lived a semi-reclusive life where my only contact with the natives is out of necessity and not out of sociable impulse. Sure, I’m friendly to everyone I encounter, but for the most part, I do not have the habit of exchanging phone numbers with anyone, nor do I accept invites for coffee, dinner or wedding celebrations. In other words, I do not socialize out of choice, therefore, neither self-quarantine nor social distancing has affected me at all. Plus, due to my following a Macrobiotic diet for the past fifteen years, my immune system is super high and intact, to the point where I have not suffered a single day of illness, not even a single cold for the past fifteen years. This means that I am not experiencing any psychological fear of contracting the COVID-19 virus.

Because I grow my own seasonal organic vegetables and fruit trees, my normal habit is to shop for non-perishable household items only once per month. This includes buying cleaning materials, grains, pulses and tea—also a giant bag of onions plus garlic and ginger for the month: essential edible items that I don’t grow in my veggie patch. This means that even before COVID-19, I had minimal direct contact with commercial outlets and shops anyway—having also abandoned the hyper consumerist in me back on the shores of Los Angeles. Two days ago, I did my monthly pantry shopping and the only difference in my behavior this month was that I carried a small bottle of rubbing alcohol in my pocket, which I used to spray my hands and monies with in the shop in front of the cashier. I did this mostly for the benefit of the shopkeeper’s psychology, as indeed I did the same when I went to the gas station to fill up my jeep. I already live in super cleanliness in any case, and I’ve for years now been using rubbing alcohol throughout the day: my hands going from dog-patting to keyboard tapping have always needed a germ-killing drizzle in between.

Moreover, here at my south Lebanon farmhouse, I have trained my Philippines housekeeper to cook Macrobiotic dishes, foods that she too eats daily, rendering her immune system by now fairly high. I can’t even remember the last time she got sick—and she used to get sick all the time when she first started working for me some five years ago. But she is a sociable animal who travels to the city of Beirut every week on her day off to meet with friends etc, and for the past three weeks, she has not been able to do this due to COVID-19. She is feeling the social distancing by far more than I am, though this is made less painful for her as she is an avid social media user. I continue with my unchanged regular routine during COVID-19: solo daily hikes with my dogs on one of the many remote hills around here, plus writing on my personal blog about Pax Americana and its geopolitics in the middle and far east.

Simply, I live off the grid in a foreign country; I live a healthy and simple life: untouched directly by the highs and lows of the world and humanity, though, of course, I remain emotionally and deeply affected by ongoing political injustices and warfare.

Lebanon itself has been experiencing a government-imposed lockdown on its seaports, airports and borders for the past three weeks, so as to contain the entry of COVID-19 from the outside. Several days ago, the government extended this condition to the 12th April, as more cases of infection around the world have been reported this week. Even though the government has imposed a militarized nighttime curfew on the whole nation, it is estimated that some 98% of Lebanese natives and residents are adhering to daytime self-quarantine of their own volition anyway.

This past autumn, Lebanon was experiencing a severe economic and political crisis. Fortunately, it was resolved just before the outbreak of COVID-19 with the appointment of Hassan Diab as Prime Minister. Mr. Diab’s government has demonstrated ongoing and focused vigilance in fighting COVID-19, despite Lebanon’s acute financial problems. It has taken appropriate measures that place the safety of citizens and residents above all else: a principled position, indeed. Compare the COVID-19 stats between the verging-on-bankruptcy Lebanon to that of its direct neighbor and declared enemy, Israel: a nation with a robust economy that also receives billions in annual aid from the USA and Germany. Lebanon’s latest stats register 391 confirmed cases of infection and 7 deaths, while Israel is charting at 3,035 infected with some 12 dead. The Israeli military has also been hit by COVID-19, with some 45 Israeli soldiers infected and another 4,156 under strict quarantine. It appears that Diab was quicker than Netanyahu to implement preventative measures against COVID-19 and this has indeed made all the difference. Clearly, COVID-19 is testing the compassions and competencies of governments the world over, and already we’re seeing with our own eyes how ‘developing’ nations are providing more protection for their people than most ‘first’ nations.

The world is not the same anymore. Till a successful vaccine is found, which according to the WHO will take some 18 months, world citizens will continue to experience fear and even hysteria over this biological and deadly mystery. Notable here is how most world governments are exploiting their people’s fears to further their own power grabs and personal financial gain, as indeed is clearly happening in the USA.

Without having to go into a litany of complaints about how poorly the Trump administration is handling the pandemic, a list I’m sure readers are well aware of, I would like to state that I thank my lucky stars I live outside of the US during the COVID-19 spread. Sadly, the US is fast becoming the global ground zero for COVID-19, with infections surpassing even that of blighted Iran. The \$2 Trillion COVID-19 rescue package that congress passed this week, largely and mainly helps unscrupulous corporations, leaving mere crumbs for COVID-unemployed citizens, small businesses and our healthcare system. This does not bode well for the future socio-political stability and physical health of our nation.


I expect a paradigm shift in American citizens’ political thinking, where voters will now start demanding that their own hard-earned tax dollars are spent, first and foremost, on their own individual health, and not on bailing out billionaire corporations and paying for endless warfare in the Middle East. And we will soon enough discover if our presidential candidates genuinely care more about the physical welfare of the nation’s citizenry, or more for the DC lobbyists they personally benefit from. The presidential elections in November will be COVID-centric above all else. This means the current American healthcare system will be under the severest of ideological scrutiny, and I estimate that voters will side with the candidate who will provide them with the best healthcare deal, regardless of which side of the aisle they stand on.

After all, voters looking for a safer and healthier future will need much governmental assurance that they will indeed be protected, come the spread of another mysterious biological virus in the winter of 2021, and thereafter.

In the meantime, it is the introverts who will survive COVID and inherit the earth.


Erik, a 49-year-old former Director of Training at Frankfurt Airport, living in Offenbach, Germany

This crisis has not affected me much. I spent most of my time indoors before and do so now. It is harder to get a job (which I’m currently trying to do) and also toilet paper.

As for my town, it’s rather relaxed here. In Frankfurt, the big city nearby, most people walk around with masks and gloves. Here, it is the other way round. The authorities have put up the same rules as in most places (stay indoors, keep your social distance, wear masks and gloves and so on).

Thomas Schäfer, Minister of Finance in Hesse, recently commited suicide, supposedly while staring into the abyss of the finances of the Federal State of Hesse. While our finances were far from “okay” before Corona, Schäfer may have done what Friedrich Nietzsche warned about: If you stare long enough into the abyss, the abyss stares back at you. Whatever he saw, it surely wasn’t a pretty sight…

I am not worried about the virus (if it exists at all), rather about the handling of the situation by the authorities. Our economy is shut down, approximately tens of thousands of small businesses may go bankrupt, the government will have to spend hundreds of billions of Euros to help the economy come back to life. Also, our civil rights are taken away in response to the virus: Already you will be fined a few hundred Euros if you don’t behave the way you are told and the government has already declared that it will fight fake news more actively, look into our social media, use smartphones to detect or scan infected people and so on, all to fight the disease.

I think the pandemic may fizzle out in May or June, maybe comes back in autumn for one or two months, and that should be that. The permanent effects to me are much more severe in the political realm: We will be accustomed to giving up our freedom in order to gain security—to me a very dangerous path. Also I imagine we will have a further concentration of wealth in the hands of the few: If it’s true what Martin Armstrong wrote, the so called BIG Money was exiting the markets just before the crash and is standing now on the sidelines, waiting to buy the companies and businesses, which might go belly up the next months.

A bit like in the GDR, when it collapsed in 1990. Back then the West German companies bought and closed almost all the East German companies. Rumor has it that not all were really bankrupt but were made to go bankrupt. Guess we’ll see something similar on a grander scale. As well as more inflation, leading eventually to hyperinflation, accompanied by civil unrest, a violent police state and the impoverishment of large chunks of the society.

A year from now, my town and country will be worse off. More in fear and anxiety and more dependent on this ever growing nanny state, who in the end turns us all into a sort of slaves. Until it breaks down completely, which we should see in our lifetimes.

Linh Dinh’s latest book is Postcards from the End of America. He maintains a regularly updated photo blog.

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  1. All these people are half-wrong.

    The virus is real, increasing, and dangerous.

    This by no means means that the PTB are not trying to use it as an excuse to take over.

    This by no means means that the PTB is not US biological warfare.

    All three can be and are true: Real virus, PTB takeover (as if they haven’t already), and US biological warfare (although probably a mistaken release because Americans are a bunch of schlemiels).

  2. That guy in Lebanon is infuriating. If he’s not lying. I mean, I try to eat vegetarian and avoid unhealthy things. But I have not the time nor money nor land to live this kind of rich organic-maniac’s life. What is infuriating however is that he seems to be thumbing his nose at everybody who isn’t as rich as him. And don’t tell me he isn’t rich. Nobody lives a life like that and isn’t rich. Housekeepers indeed.

    • Replies: @Tusk
    , @Taxi
    , @Alfred
    , @Chinaman
    , @ivan
  3. Dumbo says:

    I think it’s pretty clear by now that Covid, even if real, is being used just as a laboratory, or an exercise in how to impose new forms of techno-authoritarian control, as well as an occasion to loot the USA before the crash, as it was done in the USSR.

    • Agree: Charles
  4. German_reader says:

    lol, kind of telling that Linh Dinh’s correspondents are Corona-deniers, who would have thought.

  5. Where I live (Central USA) we were out of eggs for about a week due to panic buying or maybe people just switched from restaurants to eating at home.

    The one local store that usually delivers to my house has been over-run with delivery orders and hasn’t had enough time to adjust i.e. hire new workers. So it won’t schedule a delivery. (via internet)

    Amazon is up but running a bit hinky. Things that would have usually come in a single package now come in several packages over the course of two or three weeks instead of two day delivery.

    Bus ridership has dropped to half of normal, which will lead to reduced service starting March 31. The weekend service is now the default schedule for weekday service.

    Spring is when I usually get out and move around more, hitting the bike trails, but I may let it slide this spring.

    In the article, several people have mentioned they don’t think the virus is as bad as advertised, which may be true. It may also be that we aren’t getting the full story yet.

    • Replies: @obwandiyag
  6. Anonymous[271] • Disclaimer says:

    At Atsugi NAF nobody seems too upset by any of this stuff. There are some minor inconveniences with closures and restrictions. Ditto “on the economy”: the Japanese seem to be going about business pretty much as you describe how the Koreans are, as far as I can tell. There has been one case of a sailor contracting the virus, but he had been home on leave in the states and is now quarantined at the hospital in Yoko.
    The kids are homeschooling until at least the 13th of April and are having a great time, wondering why they have to go back to school at all, since we wrap up their lessons so quickly, then they can do what they want.
    If you are curious, here’s a chart listing all the changes on base to counter the virus’ spread:

    By the way, I ran across this song and thought of you and how it could apply to your old oeuvre; I’m sure you’ve interviewed the subject of this tune or his facsimile! \(‾◡◝ )>

    Stay safe and keep writing for us, Linh!

    • Replies: @follyofwar
  7. swamped says:

    “There are no more international flights from here. Two weeks ago, I could still fly to Saipan or Vladivostok, which is so close”…or Vietnam – but no more, all international flights into the Socialist Republic are officially suspended (as is entry of any foreign nationals). Vietnam now, “does not accept the foreigners who have used the airplanes” either. Despite having only 203 confirmed cases so far, the state has called a 15 day stay-in period for ‘non-essentials’ immediately. So this will be another opportunity to see how a communist state – one of only five left – handles such a situation. Maybe if there’s enough pizza, beer & ‘luxurious’ coffee, no one will mind being “locked down”. Somehow though, the thought of food – which most of these essays seem to be centered on – doesn’t seem like much consolation in such times as these. But at least the hand-lettered sign at the top of the page got it right: it is the Wuhan coronavirus: that’s where it came from & that’s who’s to blame. Even in Asia they realize that, not just in the White House. But the fake news & woke pol’s never learn.

  8. Tusk says:

    I was laughing at the way he ‘trained’ his housekeeper to cook the proper food which cured her ailments!

    • Replies: @Taxi
  9. unit472 says:

    As Trump boasted at his press conference today the United States has now tested 1 million people which he says is more than any other nation in the world. On a per capita basis I don’t know if that is true but testing is being ramped up and those with symptoms who present themselves to a doctor or clinic will be tested. The problem is that those who are asymptomatic or are scared to find out won’t get tested so the true ‘attack rate’ of the virus may never be definitively known.

    That is the problem with Linh Dinh’s correspondents. They opine with no real information. If the US had trouble scaling up testing imagine how feeble testing is in places like Iran, Lebanon or the Philippines! Only when people start dropping dead will the true scale of the infection be revealed and by that time, as in New York, its too late. Local healthcare get overwhelmed ( which probably is none too good in those nations to begin with).

  10. @Anonymous

    As for Japan, you are no doubt aware that Covid-19 skeptic James Corbett (The Corbett Report) has lived there for years. He said that things were proceeding as normal, because of the Olympics, of course. Now that it’s been cancelled, he is concerned that the situation might devolve pretty quickly. And that’s not to mention the huge economic hit Japan will be taking after spending billions for the over-hyped spectacle. What country will be foolish enough to want the Olympics after this?

  11. Taxi says:

    First, I’m female.

    Secondly, if you knew what you were talking about, you’d know that vegetarians, vegans and carnivores regularly get sick but macrobiotics don’t.

    Thirdly, growing an organic veggie patch costs a fraction of what you would pay in a supermarket for seasonal organics.

    Fourthly, perusing your comments on the Unz, I see you’ve got a giant chip on your shoulder about “rich” people – you never stop whining about the rich, whatever your definition of ‘rich’ is. My village lifestyle here costs me a third of what it used to in Los Angeles a decade ago – one of a handful of reasons I moved to the Levant. I would certainly never buy luxury items like a “musical instrument” during a global pandemic, like you fessed up to here only a few days ago:

    “I’m trying to buy musical equipment online. The prices are not going down at all. In fact they seem to be going a little bit up. Why should this happen in the midst of a depression?” ( .

    And finally, my housekeeper: what’s wrong with giving someone job, a job they need, a job they love? Are you doing the same? Are you giving a living wage to someone who needs it instead of insensibly buying a musical instrument during a depression? Would you like me to fire my housekeeper and starve her family of five just to please your ignorant, arrogant and mean spirit? Sheesh! A defender of the poor indeed!

    I can write volumes on your ass-headed hypocrisy. You’re exactly the type of person I ran away from Stateside: an uninformed know-it-all. And a bitter one at that.

    Get a life. Or keep suckling on the teat of your favorite green-eyed monster. Your choice. Not my problem.

  12. Biff says:

    Here in Bankok there is a lockdown of sorts, but nothing too draconian. Bars, restaurants, and shopping malls, are closed, but people still gather at open markets – which Bangkok has a zillion of. Face masks are required wearing in public, and temperatures are taken when entering any bank or food store that remains open.
    What is a bit strange is the usual gridlock Bangkok traffic is non-existant. I took a drive yesterday, and it was odd that I didn’t recognize certain intersections because they were empty of a traffic jam, and felt a bit lost because I was cruising past places much quicker than usual.
    At this moment I do not know anyone personally that has tested positive with the convid-19. I do know two people in my area that have contracted Dengue fever though, so there’s that…

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
    , @TheBoom
  13. Taxi says:

    Yes, dear, macrobiotic cooking does in fact need “training” – scientific nutrition is involved here. But for someone whose brain has long been picked in junk food juices, the concept of ‘balanced eating’ is clearly alien.

    And you laugh at people who consciously pursue healthy living?

    Says it all about you, really.

    We’ll see who laughs last when you’re lying in hospital and your life is in the hands of incompetent doctors: paying them through the nose just to bankrupt and kill you slowly.

  14. Taxi writes about the US November elections:

    “voters will side with the candidate who will provide them with the best healthcare deal, regardless of which side of the aisle they stand on.”

    History, however, suggests that, if there is an election this November, the one party-“Two” party Donkey-Elephant puppet show will insure that the “alternatives” present no meaningful choice, and/or prevent positive changes being enacted after the election. So far both parties have agreed that the pandemic presents an excellent occasion for further plutocrat looting.

    Germany had public health insurance in the 1880s, England and France had it by 1914. America still doesn’t — and America’s public health statistics are “third world.” More infants and women die in childbirth, for example, in America than in Cuba or Turkey or over 30 other “developed” countries. Etc. etc. etc. Obviously the “American” (sic) (sick) system works splendidly — for its owners, the one-in-a-thousand (0.1%) who own 30% of everything. And it’s been that way, so far, for four generations and counting.

  15. Cowboy says:

    I can report that internet dating has crashed. All women want to do is text about their feelings and won’t come over to watch netflix and chill. They all mindlessly babble about social distancing. They refuse free trips to Florida. I had a date today which consisted of a hug in a Walmart. WTF?!?!?! When will this madness end!!!

  16. @Taxi

    Lebanon is a beautiful country. If you have a house with wonderful aromatic Cedar trees surrounding it in the mountains that is better than paying \$3,500 a month to rent a lousy apartment in Marina Del Ray or Culver City or wherever in LA.

    And I understand your Filipina worker’s situation. She is probably a single mother and needs a job badly.

    • Replies: @Taxi
  17. @Taxi

    Lebanese food is healthy intrinsically. Hummus and pita bread and Shish Tawook are low carb and high protein.

    • Replies: @botazefa
  18. @obwandiyag

    More alarm. Get your tinfoil hat and live under a rock in the sticks. Problem solved. More decadent white people and their fears. As a Celt I find you people pathetic. If we didn’t bow to Rome, we sure as hell won’t to the common cold.

    • Replies: @obwandiyag
    , @James Stark
  19. @Biff

    Big C ain’t going to close. No chance. Nor will 7-11.

  20. @Cowboy

    Forget the online part and just cruise Walmart. There’s so much on offer:

    • LOL: Cowboy, NoseytheDuke
  21. TheBoom says:

    I live in Bangkok. At present less than 10 people have died I believe. Strangely enough life goes on.

  22. Taxi says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    You’re absolutely correct, Jeff, Lebanon is beautiful and yes, my location is surrounded by old pine and juniper trees and a single old ceder that hugs a corner of my farmhouse. And yes, for me it’s a better deal on so very many levels to be here instead of Venice Beach, my old stomping ground and home.

    And again you guessed correct: my housekeeper is indeed a single mother. There is no shame nor pomposity in having a housekeeper – it’s a win-win situation if the match is good and harmonious.

    Thank you.

    • Agree: Catdomnj
    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  23. Svevlad says:

    Blood for the blood god.

    • Replies: @Dimoklitos
  24. @You're an idiot

    Fine. You first. Get out there and mingle. Get coughed on. Do it! Go for it! You’re strong! You’re mighty! With your invincible mick blood! We’re all behind you! Urging you on! Gogogo!

  25. @Si1ver1ock

    Ah, a sensible person. But don’t say “better safe than sorry,” because they give you reasons.

    Ebay is working better. Try it.

  26. They might let us out of our cages sometime this Spring, which would be nice of them.

    If you had a bit more temerity, like the denizens of the Banlieue, you too could freely walk the streets. You are correct, France as you knew it is dead. You may as well go out with a bang and fire up a Carbecue.

    • Replies: @Steve Church
  27. botazefa says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    Hummus and pita bread and Shish Tawook are low carb and high protein.

    Hummus has some protein but not much. Pita is very carb heavy. Generally speaking: plants have more carbs than protein, animal protein doesn’t include much carbs.

    • Replies: @Alden
  28. Tusk says:

    I was laughing how self-serious you are. And here you come talking about me being killed, lighten up I say!

    • Replies: @Taxi
  29. Taxi says:

    Bullshitting snake! Go slither away.

    • Replies: @Zarathustra
  30. Anon[115] • Disclaimer says:

    Short term, I think we should just shut down the hot spots in the country like the tri-state area, New Orleans, Detroit, Seattle, SF, LA, and allow the rest of the country to go back to normal. Shutting down means not just all non-essential businesses down, but block all roads in/out of these metro areas, and ground all flights in and out.

    Meanwhile, ramp up mask production so everyone wears a mask outside, and ramp up production of hydroxychloroquine and the accompanying antibiotic that’s been found to be an effective cure and preventive medicine for Covid-19, give them to all the doctors, nurses, police, firefighters, EMT; give them to patients as soon as test comes back positive, as well as all members of the family. The sooner we can get this done, the sooner we can all go back to life as normal.

    Long term, I think this will change people’s behavior for good. Aside from practicing better hygiene, working from home, online meetings via Zoom will replace most business travels, and homeschooling may gain popularity. Eating out, shopping and international traveling could also take a hit.

    • Replies: @Alden
    , @Low Voltage
  31. Alfred says:

    These new guidelines by the CDC to American doctors will ensure that a massive number of deaths due to flu will be henceforth classified as COVID-19. Apparently, they have stopped publishing the flu numbers – please provide link if you believe otherwise.

    COVID-19 Alert No. 2 March 24, 2020 New ICD code introduced for COVID-19 deaths

    The whole thing is such an obvious April First – ahead of time. 🙁

  32. Families are denying media stories that their family members ‘died of Covid-19’

    ‘My Papa Never died from this Virus! And The Media and The Lying ass Government is Fraud! He had health issues way before this even happened! They did NOT confirm with our family that he had that shit!’

    ‘My grandmother did NOT pass away from COVID-19. She passed away from Alzheimer’s that she had suffered with the past 12 years, and a case of aspiration pneumonia that worsened her ailing state. SHAME ON YOU.’

    The above from

    See also

    • Thanks: ChuckOrloski
  33. Alfred says:

    That guy in Lebanon is infuriating

    You have never lived in the 3rd world. You have no idea how 90% of the world lives.

    I was born in Egypt. As a kid, we had a driver, a porter, a Nubian servant and a cook who left us to go to work for the king of Libya. In monetary terms, we were not rich by American standards.

    I lived in Manila for some time. I rented a house in the gated “Bel Air Village”. It had 4 bedrooms. I was alone. I had 2 maids/sisters who insisted on washing my car inside and out every morning before I got up. I would go to the best clubs of Manila with some money in my pocket and return with my pocket still full of cash. I taught the maids how to cook curries for me.

    All my income at that time went into my bank account. I lived on company expenses alone. I was working for a large American company. Life was good. 🙂

    Here is a recent photo of my girlfriend at that time. She is in Italy with her daughter and granddaughter. She is a widowed property owner in New York. She was stunning 38 years ago.

  34. Chinaman says:

    This guy might push your buttons but he lives on a hill in Lebanon and doesn’t bother you or anyone.

    You, however, will likely try to give him hell out of envy and hate.

    This is probably why he is a recluse and try to avoid people like you.

    You need to understand that the reason you are poor is not because he is rich and you are not eating organic veggies because you didn’t grow them.

  35. Chinaman says:

    Love to hear your take on things in Lebanon and nice to have your comments here.

    You seems to living the dream life. Only other person you need in your life is probably a Filipino driver\garderner. Will ask my guy whether he know someone who wants to move to the Levant.

    May I ask why Lebanon ?

    • Replies: @utu
    , @Taxi
  36. cranc says:

    Great to read some dispersed opinions.
    This though at the top:

    On March 29th, 2020, 756 Italians died from the coronavirus,

    No. 756 Italians died with the virus, not from the virus, and that is not some anonymous bloghead correcting you, it is the Italian authorities:
    Why do so many of the writers that I most admire seem to find this straight forward fact either difficult to grasp or difficult to accept ?
    Why do they not see the significance of the difference ?

    • Replies: @Felix Culpa
  37. mcohen says:

    Hey taxi

    You still in touch with Annie from mondoweiss.

  38. @Taxi

    Nobody answers my comparative questions between the US and other countries but maybe you can:

    Why do so many Americans become drug addicts so young in life and why do drugs flow through US neighborhoods in America compared to other First World Countries? Sure, Sweden has drug addicts but you don’t meet 14 year old hopeless meth addicts?

    Why doesn’t Lebanon have 14 year old female meth addicts and every American junior high does?

    Why are there more white homeless in America than in Australia or Finland or other developed countries? Why are US cities literally choked with homeless whites?

    Beirut did have homeless during the wars but they are gone now. Why does the US have so many homeless whites?

    Why is there a fiercer urban/rural divide in America than in other developed countries such as Japan or Australia? Even Lebanon does not have such a fierce divide between urban/rural.

    What is different about the genome of Mexicans that leads them to greater violence and criminality than Finns or Lebanese. Yes, there are some Lebanese gangs. But Lebanese culture is not saturated with gang violence like Mexican neighborhoods in California.

    Why is teen promiscuity and exploitation of underage people an issue in America and not Lebanon or Japan. Lebanese girls are not becoming pregnant out-of-wedlock at age 16. What is the cultural difference? Why is teen promiscuity and its attended serious consequences less of a problem in Beirut than among poor whites or Mexicans in America?

  39. Frankie P says:

    Hey, Taxi

    It’s nice to see you here at Unz. Loads of love and positivity from me to you. Be well.

    Frankie P

    • Replies: @Taxi
  40. DNC Dispatch: “When we’re certain we can steal the November election via mail-in ballots, ballot harvesting and keeping the economy at a standstill, only then will we end #coronahoax.”

    Why is hillary-loving dickhead fauci not fired yet?

  41. DNC Dispatch: “When we’re certain we can steal the November election via mail-in ballots, ballot harvesting and keeping the economy at a standstill, then and only then will we end #coronahoax.” website for staggeringly unimpressive stats.

  42. tomo says:

    I agree with you 100% – I used to live like you (but in Los Angles – I run away from England – it took me a few years to realize that good climate is not enough when there are so many psychopath out there).
    It’s possible to live like you do in many nice places around the world and to spend much less money than anyone does in the US.
    I am trying to move to Argentina or Uruguay (and to spend a few months each year in Serbia where I come from on my cousin’s organic farm)
    Lot’s of Americans are blinded by jealousy and ignorance – that’s one of the reasons why they live in such dystopic hell-hole

    • Replies: @Montefrío
    , @ABS22
    , @Taxi
  43. Two weeks ago, I could still fly to Saipan or Vladivostok

    In Russia they’re threatening seven years in prison for breaking quarantine, and five years for “spreading fake news about coronavirus” … no idea why you’d want to come here, but consider it a bullet dodged.

  44. Emslander says:

    What evidence is there, other than the constantly hyping press and the medical commissars, that this is anything other than a late season flu strain? The numbers, while blared in headlines and screamed by emotionally questionable reporterettes every day, are not actually significant.

    It really helps your mental balance to stay away from the usual sources of “information” these days.

    In Trump I am very disappointed. His first reaction, that it was another Democrat hoax, was the correct one. I suspect he still believes that deep down, but has been bowled over by the medical Bolsheviks.

    • Agree: Sick of Orcs
    • Replies: @Sick of Orcs
  45. The Government is propping up the rich people with taxpayer money. The source of anxiety is the media as it traumatizes the working class. If your goal is to be informed, you don’t need to dwell on the crisis for hours every day. Not even one hour a day.

  46. Agent76 says:

    Mar 23, 2020 Medical Experts Discuss Dr. Zelenko’s Coronavirus Hydroxychloroquine Treatment w/ 100% Success Rate

    Mar 30, 2020 The Totally Spontaneous Health Worker Balcony Applause Phenomenon – #PropagandaWatch

    Are you thanking the valiant soldiers in the war on the invisible enemy? Yes? Good. But are your thanking them in the right way? At the appropriate time? Using the state-sanctioned hashtag? No?

  47. Emslander says:

    I admire your self-discipline and your acute sensibilities for the finest things life has to offer. I’d love to do the same, but, alas, will probably never live that long.

    Your political views about the United States may be somewhat tainted by the fact that you aren’t here to see the horrors now developing as a result of “progressive” policies. I don’t fault you for that, but there’s a reason Trump was elected and will be re-elected. Too much very inhuman baggage accompanies most liberalism.

  48. @Taxi

    My, what a bitter creature you are: “We’ll see who laughs last when you’re lying in hospital and your life is in the hands of incompetent doctors: paying them through the nose just to bankrupt and kill you slowly”.

    Presumptuous as well. “Healthy” living is not exclusive to macrobiotic diets, themselves highly questionable in terms of healthy eating. My guess is you’e one of those cat lady harpies who bore to tears all in her vicinity.

    • Replies: @christine
    , @Taxi
  49. It has been too wet to start gardening and farming. People in my neighborhood are dirt bike racing in the daytime, and drag racing at night. Somehow that is all quite comforting. Plus it is a social distancing activity. Hoping there is still a functioning militia to deal with the inevitable invasion urbanites, which is something to really worry about. Much more excited about the 6.5 earthquake near Yellowstone. If she blows, take that globalists and humanity.

  50. @Emslander

    Government isn’t basing decisions on real numbers.

    Weak Orange needs to fire fauci and end the quarantine at Easter. Being surrounded by anti-Trumpers it’s doubtful.

  51. anarchyst says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    The answers to all of the above questions is JEWS.

    Jews control American culture, media, and most of the public discourse.

    The homosexual and allied LGBTQXYZ movements and pedophilia are normalized because of JEWISH control of the discourse.

    When it comes to recognition of and the implementation of solutions to solve the jewish problem, it is log overdue to make the united States of America country #110.

    • Replies: @Ann Nonny Mouse
  52. @Taxi

    “Fourthly, perusing your comments on the Unz, I see you’ve got a giant chip on your shoulder about “rich” people – you never stop whining about the rich, whatever your definition of ‘rich’ is. My village lifestyle here costs me a third of what it used to in Los Angeles a decade ago – one of a handful of reasons I moved to the Levant.”

    Are you a Jewess living in a kibbutz?

    • Replies: @RudyM
  53. @tomo

    Uruguay is the better and easier choice. I live in Argentina, came here 16 years ago, am very happy here, but that’s because I arrived when I did. Now it’s more difficult to get permanent residency (unless you’re from Bolivia, Paraguay or Perú, or even Venezuela), property prices are absurdly inflated, taxes horrific, among the world’s highest, but in spite of all that, I’m happy here and my son is as well. He married an Argentine and has three great children and best of all they live about 60 meters from my house on the same productive property. And, of course, we were both bilingualñ before coming here; that’s pretty much a sine que non.

    Uruguay’s new government is far more immigrant-friendly and reasonable than the left-wing crew that’s in power here.

    Best of luck in your search!

    • Replies: @Marshall Lentini
  54. A free nation must have a heavily armed police force. Free people must allow the State to search their homes and computers without warrants, as current law allows. Thank God for the Patriots in Congress for the Patriot Act and Perpetual War to protect our Precious Bodily Fluids from the horrors of the virus. Free People must allow the State to own massive weaponry and to use it with impunity against the lower classes. Otherwise the lower classes might try to change the situation by violence. Only evil people use violence.

    • Replies: @Ann Nonny Mouse
  55. @cranc

    Good question, like your points of yesterday which went unengaged too.
    Consigning a good question to the realm of dynamic silence bespeaks an inability to handle that question and comports only with the goals of power divorced from truth: “In time, my version of events will be the one accepted.”

    • Replies: @cranc
  56. christine says:

    For sure Taxi could be a bit less hateful/bitter to other humans but to be honest I regard her quite highly because on her blog she is always sharing nice links to read and she is pretty sharp with her geo-political analysis(apart from her constant ‘banging the war drums of israel hate'(which is a tad tedious when there will always be peaceful solutions and all that there really is anyway is love, non-dualistically speaking) and on a personal level she coached/taught/trained me superbly by e.mail about macro a few tears back and I have to say Montefrio you absolutely ‘haven’t got a fcuking clue’ what are you are talking about because macro is the ONLY healthy diet for humans and in fact it has healed my ‘incurable’ Asthma!.(As i remember Taxi told me it was Cholesterol blocking arteries in my lungs and I haven’t eaten any dairy for about 3 years now and slowly but surely my lungs have healed)

    Part of the bigger picture with Covid(average age of a Nnnam marine) is about how Macro diet for years gives great immunity against viruses etc and the majority(if not all) that perish (in my opinion and not stating a fact here) is deserved karmically because they have been leading lives selfishly eating animal products that are generally high in Cholesterol that clogs arteries and thus pollutes the bloodstream and therefore LOWERS IMMUNITY.(other factors like chems in food cant help either of course)

    Go on sleeple give macrobiotics a go and give other animals a fcuking break for a change and who knows in the future you could be free of any dis-ease very very deep into old age and still have teenagers of the opposite sex eye you after the little old story of immortality discovered gets out.

    Thanks very much if you read this Taxi, you could go on to see yourself as ‘a messiah saviour'(LOL!!) but you are still asleep(le) just like anyone else reading this but please don’t take eg-offence again as that is just the way it is in the dream currently.

    • Replies: @Montefrío
  57. Wally says:
    @J. Alfred Powell

    “” More infants and women die in childbirth, for example, in America than in Cuba or Turkey or over 30 other “developed” countries.”

    Must be why so many foreigners come to the US for treatments of so many conditions.

    The source of your statement is?

    The W.H.O.? …. LOL

  58. @Montefrío

    Second Uruguay. Smaller country, socioeconomic swings aren’t as dramatic, easier to penetrate. Prices have gone way up since I wanted to relocate there, however.

  59. @Svevlad

    You got the point Svevlad!!! Congratulations.

    Here in Greece the same panic in society by Mass Media for deception

    of masses, they have 24/7 live transmission of deaths!!!!

    The BIG BROTHER is at your doorstep OBEY TO HIM and a better life

    comes to save you from your diseases!!!

    • Thanks: ChuckOrloski
  60. Walter says:

    At 40 North on the big river sits town of Anoxia, USA (but inside the border of Jefferson). Anoxians, the folks, say the “virus” is real, and so is The Big Con Job the zogites and fellow fascists are running on us.

    The Cop-o-tronic radio scanner says the poor and the ill-suited are bickering, “domestic” discord’s a-risin.

    Traffic is especially light and the Spring is especially beautiful…

    So, now, we see how the plan goes for conquering Chine by infecting all and we notice the obvious intent to re-occupy and bring to heel Iraq, and to blast away Iran. That the nutzlossenvolk die is simply a collateral benefit for the zogites.

    No plan survives first contact. The zogites bet is against long odds. Rus, Chine, and Persia have been on earth long time. Zogites only short time…

    Putin said “collapse soon”…gee whiz…

  61. By-tor says:
    @J. Alfred Powell

    And to add to the already high concentration of power by the permanent American Security State apparatus, Granpa’ Biden says it’s quite likely the DNC Convention will be postponed and that ‘remote voting is a distinct possibility for November’. The internetz-webz voting idea has been touted by leftist PACs.

  62. GeeBee says:

    ‘She was stunning 38 years ago.’

    She’s a fine looking woman now!

  63. @Jeff Stryker

    What is the cultural difference?

    Systemic semitism, of course — as @anarchyst already pointed out.

    But “Jeff” already knows that — he’s just reflexively vomiting forth his usual feculent mixture of virulent, unreasoning hatred for Whites in general, and the historic American nation in particular.


  64. utu says:

    “May I ask why Lebanon ?” – CIA mission to destroy Hezbollach with macrobiotic diet.

    • Replies: @Chinaman
  65. Alfred says:

    She’s a fine looking woman now!

    I agree. In the photo, she was 70. And her daughter around 42. I have not seen her for over 30 years. She has 2 daughters. They were little when I was in Manila. She was divorced. She had been the personal assistant to senator Aquino – the one who Marcos had shot on arrival at Manila airport. The wife of this Aquino is Cory who became president after Marcos.

    She moved to the USA with her two daughters and married a wealthy Jewish lawyer in New York. He was much older than her. He had grown up kids. When he died, he left her a pile. I don’t think his kids were happy with what their dad did. 🙂

  66. christine says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    in the bigger picture usa was always fcuked due to the disgusting white euro invaders decimating the native Indians and their livestock(no way could the so called ‘ 50’s American dream’ not turn into a nightmare after this horror show of a beginning to a nation coz life is a mirror for illusory self and illusory nation alike.(see how film director genius Stanley Kubrick hid hidden messages in his masterpiece ‘the shining’..

    sure, the anglo zionist banker scum in wall street and city of london and the fed are the reason since fed founding in 1913 and in particular after 15 aug 1971 when Nixon ended the gold standard to allow in 100% fiat Ponzi scheme but that aint the bigger picture here.

    may the spirits of the murdered native American indians be smiling from ear to ear as the turds pile up on the streets of California.

    the moral of the story is not to fcuk with the natives and karma really is a bitch……funny how Columbus was an Italian sailing from Spain and both those are euro covid hotspots at the moment?.

    shame on the white man but even blacks in usa were white in past lives so don’t go playing the slavery card black victim here.

    really no big deal about promiscuity after sexual maturity and pure drugs as both are meant for us.

    no need to even mention the ‘j’ word and anyone who does fails to see the bigger picture.

    • Replies: @Robjil
    , @ChuckOrloski
  67. RudyM says:
    @Really No Shit

    Are you a Jewess living in a kibbutz?

    LOL. That might be the first time Taxi has been accused of that.

  68. ABS22 says:

    Since you, TOMO, travel to Serbia, and intend to live in Latin America, and since it is very likely that you understand enough of the Spanish language, I intend for it to have an air stopover in Madrid, and speak to collaborate on a web project from anywhere in the world.

    To all the participants in this magnificent UNZ REVIEW : GREETINGS!

  69. Robjil says:

    The bigger picture is the Old Testament.

    It gave the world the idea of a master “race” without pity for others outside it.

    Amaleks are all those outside this master race.

    The mitzvah to destroy Amalek implies that no trace of Amalek’s existence could be left.10 “Nothing,” explain the sages, “could serve as a reminder of Amalek’s name—not even an animal about which it could be said, ‘This animal belonged to Amalek.’”11

    Today we have Zionists – Top Jews and Shabbos Goys ( Secular and Zionist Christians) destroying our planet for a Zion Fantasy world of 500 BC.

    When I was in a college, an ancient history professor talked about how barbaric was the Old Testament and its God. Many Jewish students complained to the history office. He kept on saying what he thought. He was right. We see it in action the Middle East today with wide open eyes. Marcion, an second century Christian, wanted to take out the Old Testament from the Christian Bible. He thought the Old Testament God was a monster. He was right.

    Marcion taught that the god of the Old Testament was not the true God but rather that the true and higher God had been revealed only with Jesus Christ. Marcion wrote the Antitheses to show the differences between the god of the Old Testament and the true God.

    The ancient cultures of Greece, Rome and Egypt have given so much to the world. They should be honored instead of that little monster culture from Israel. It is barbaric.

    That is the root of modern barbarism, the worship of this barbaric text from the Old Testament. This days one can not even talk about this barbarism. It is anti-S to do so. This barbarism will continue on forever if this fear of being called anti-S continues.

    It is the OT word, hiding under the J word. That is the bigger picture.

    • Replies: @christine
  70. @christine

    christine said: “the moral of the story is not to fcuk with the natives and karma really is a bitch……”

    Hi christine!

    As you know, the sanity of “natives” all over the world is relative.

    In my hometown Taylor Borough & adjacent to Scranton, post-COV-19 natives were crazy & “fucked” and are now getting crazier, and of course, are fucking. Fyi, Domestic Relations “abuse” charges are proliferating while husbands & wifes stay home.💥

    Linked below & fyr is a report (plus video) about a woman, age 35, who went criminally apeshit, entered a Hanover Township, Pa.-based Gerrity’s Supermarket, screamed, “I have the Coronovirus and now everybody is going to get sick.” (argh) Margaret Ann Cirko got arrested!

    This market is located merely 15-minutes drive from where I live, somewhat cooped up. I suggest going crazy is also relative & each day I cringe prior to reading scary articles provided daily by The Times-Tribune.

    Am a tribe experiment, 😌and I offer my fluctuating abnormal/normal best to you, christine!

  71. @Alfred

    All my income at that time went into my bank account. I lived on company expenses alone. I was working for a large American company. Life was good.

    Transferring your lodging, transporation, and utility costs to someone else is an amazing feeling, isn’t it?

    • Replies: @Alfred
  72. I am a retired police officer in Minas Gerais, Brazil.

    As I live in a small farm in the countryside, there was not that much change in my life. Even more so because it’s Lent, so I’m not eating meat – which I’d have to buy in town, unlike eggs, which my chickens produce here, and vegetables, which we also grow. The only thing I miss is going to Mass and having my cup of joe in the bakery in the next town.

    They literally closed the town down. Only drugstores and supermarkets are open. Besides, there are guards stopping everybody who tries to cross in, in the most important entrances, and the smaller ones have been physically closed with huge piles of stone by the crazy mayor. If you try to enter the town for, let’s say, going to the doctor, the guards will first call the doctor and ask him if he is expecting you. If your car plates are from another town, you cannot go in unless you prove you live there. And so on. If they had a drawbridge it would be closed.

    The small farmers around are having quite a bad time, because the crazy mayor also closed down the vegetables open market where they would sell their wares every Saturday. They are resorting to selling from their trucks on small side roads.

    In other parts of my huge country, things are different. The (also certifiable) São Paulo State Governor, for instance, is talking about sending the cops to order inside anybody over sixty. On the other hand, the President – who’s also mad as a hatter; who else would enter Brazilian politics, after all?! – has the opposite discourse, saying things need to go back to “normalcy” ASAP.

    As the proverbial Chinese malediction goes, we do live in “interesting times”, for sure.

    • Thanks: ChuckOrloski
    • Replies: @Emslander
  73. @christine

    Glad that diet has worked out for you. As to the rest, I make it a point not to try to discuss things with fanatics because civil discussion with them is well-nigh impossible.

    • Replies: @christine
  74. Pft says:

    The number of lives lost as a result of the response to Covid 19 will cost many more lives than the virus. Perhaps as many as 10 times more lives will be lost over the next 6 years than covid 19 causes due to suicide, depression and increased poverty due to job losses from the coming economic depression (caused by the bankruptcy of many small businesses). Unlike Covid-19 the lives lost will be among the non-retirees, younger than the old folks taking the biggest hit from covid-19.

  75. cranc says:
    @Felix Culpa

    I sense the light of reason slipping away from the world.
    We enter the maelstrom on a storm tide of emotion.
    A dark winter ahead.
    But then a spring ?

  76. christine says:

    Moses direction from God( if the OT story is true) was probably from a series of DMT(dimethyltryptamine) trips on Mt Sinai that gave Moses the 10 commandents and they sound like a pretty good set of OT rules to me and if far too many jews or any other vile humans for that matter choose to selfishly break those simple ancient rules then that is the only problem in my view and not the OT/Torah.(why I don’t have a problem with the ‘true torah jews’ who condemn Zionism)

    Actually ‘the real big picture’ of the last 6000 years(Hebraic OT) or so is that in 2013 it(exactly 100 years after the founding of the fed and right after the Mayan shift date) biological immortality was discovered and it will only be a acheivable by non Zionists and any other non evil humans and so in effect its true because the meek really do get to inherit the earth and the sooner all the supremacist fcukers of the world realise that ‘there is no seperation’ and that all there is outside of this dream world is love and onesess the better.

    13 is a really powerful spiritual number(pi reversed is 1.3) and its funny how it is regarded by so many in the west as a negative number but I guess it reflects the back to front/old to young nature of our times

    Thanks for the link Robjii, I will take a look tomorrow but the paragraph that you provided doesn’t resonate with me but I always keep an open mind.

    • Replies: @Robjil
  77. christine says:

    Fine by me and I take your cheap ‘fanatic’ comment as a compliment but watch out for all that Argentine fatty beef down your south American way as there is a deadly virus about and karma is a perfect and beautiful bitch.

    Here in U.K many of the dead from covid 19 look obese and you can bet they didn’t get obese from not eating animal fat.

    Greasy KFC in the new covid epicentre U.S.A anyone?

    • Replies: @Montefrío
  78. Emslander says:
    @Chuck Posy

    Good life!

    Here in a place the world forgot in the United States, the only enforcement is the closing of businesses and of churches. What I miss the most is daily mass. I went for forty years, probably missing maybe 20 times for some kind of illness. This is the longest break in all that time. I presume that God has some purpose in allowing this abomination to take place.

    I also miss golf. Why would you close a golf course. There is absolutely no air being breathed out there by more than one person. Hoax!

    • Replies: @Chuck Posy
  79. @Taxi

    Not very Ladylike!

  80. Robjil says:

    The ten commandments were based on the Egyptian 42 divine principles. Most of these principles are good to practice today. They are longer list of doing good deeds than shorter list of ten commandments. They are similar to many of Jesus’s teachings.

    What is interesting is that the Ten Commandments are very similar to the 42 Principles of Ma’at that appeared at least 2,000 earlier. There is reason to seriously consider at least 8 of the Christian Ten Commandments were based on Ma’at (or Maat), an ancient ethical and moral principle that every Egyptian citizen was expected to follow throughout their daily lives.

    As the Ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead can be consider the forefather of the Bible and Quran, correspondingly the 42 negative confessions can be considered the forefather of the Law of Moses and especially of the Ten Commandments. At this point, we may recall the teachings of Jesus where he told us that the Law given by Moses was actually not the entire Law. Indeed, the Ten Commandments are included in the 42 negative confessions, which may be considered as 42 Commandments – the Whole Law. These 42 commandments have been created with the most pure mind and thus only negative forms are used. Whoever utters them, cannot take any credit for his/her deeds, but rather only tell about what he/she has not done. The negative construction of commandments is thus a praise to the highest God.

    • Replies: @christine
  81. @You're an idiot

    That guy isn’t white. 95% sure he is an african based on what I’ve seen him write.

  82. @christine

    As it happens, I eat very little beef. Have a large vegetable garden and 95 fruit and nut trees, but do like a fair bit of fish. Actually, I eat pretty much anything if it has flavor. Obese? I’m 6’3″, 185 lbs (1.91 cm., 85 kilos), 74 yrs old, so I think not. Seeing as I’m not Jeffrey Epstein, I don’t pay attention to teenagers or how they may respond to me; too busy enjoying my little grandchildren, whom I see every day. I suggest it’d be of “karmic” benefit to you to lighten up up a bit and concentrate on yourself and fret less about the karma of others.

    Leaving the ferry behind
    Gone in the blink of an eye
    No river was crossed.

    • Replies: @christine
  83. With millions of Americans concerned about coronavirus, radio host Rush Limbaugh is providing some perspective on the actual number of fatalities from COVID-19 compared to those from other causes.

    On his Wednesday broadcast, Limbaugh cited a list from that rounded up the worldwide deaths from Jan. 1 through March 25 of 2020:


    “Coronavirus: 21,000 deaths.

    Seasonal flu: 113,000.

    Malaria: 228,000.

    Suicide: 249,000.

    Traffic fatalities, 313, almost 314,000 deaths.

    HIV/AIDS, 391,000 deaths.

    Is the government overreacting to the coronavirus pandemic?
    Yes No

    Alcohol related deaths, 581,000.

    Smoking-related deaths, 1,162,000.

    Cancer deaths, 1,909,000 deaths.

    Advertisement – story continues below

    Deaths attributed to starvation, 2,382,000 deaths.

    And death by abortion, 9,900,000.”

    “I’m not trying to make any correlation,” Limbaugh explained.

    “I’m not trying to say, ‘Hey, we’re overreacting to coronavirus death.’ I’m just giving you the stats here. You can react to these stats however you wish.”

    Advertisement – story continues below

    He added: “You still have some really shocking numbers. Because we don’t talk about it. We got suicide hotlines. We try to teach people to drive safely. We do whatever we do with HIV/AIDS. We tell people to drink responsibly, tell people not to smoke, try to devise cancer treatments, we try to feed people.”

    Limbaugh even mentioned efforts by his hometown of Palm Beach, Florida: “The town website where I live is chiding people for being on the beach, for standing too close together while their dogs are pooping. I mean, you wouldn’t believe it. I’ve seen it all.”

  84. When I was a TEEM, Inc. and EPS of Vermont, Inc., EH&S Coordinator & a Haz Mat Emergency Spill Response Supervisor, I managed to get a Sheetz contract to use my company for all their Pennsylvania store needs.

    The strangest scenario I ever experienced was when called to their Wilkes-Barre Township store, November 2001. Again…, the date was November 2001. 😳

    Upon arrival, police cars were present, cherry tops flashing & the cops needed to get looks at Sheetz exterior cameras. Employess evacuated across street, incoming traffic stopped! Only manager and police.

    Issue was that “Middle East looking men were hanging out at a gas pump island and taking pictures.” Afterward, terror fear subsided, and prior to departure home, an onscene clerk told me,”Those guys looked drunk and Italian.”

    I did nothing at all but observe, nonetheless, I was billable, per standard Time & Material rates.

    Below, fyr, is a report on police having shot at a guy while at a Sheetz store, coughing & not covering up. Am really hoping this is Fake News & not True News because it’s everso hard to tell the difference anymore.

  85. Covid-19 is bullshit. The aim is a world control. F…g jews are behind it

  86. Anonymous[168] • Disclaimer says:

    Here’s a missive from Fox News’ Lou Dobbs: “Let them eat cake!” Or basically the same thing since some grocery stores, he reports, are now hiring, no doubt part timers at minimum wages with no benefits. Can you believe this talking head making unmerited millions has the f*cking audacity to throw this sh*t in the face of unemployed Americans with families? Or that America’s seniors whose savings will be confiscated via the hyperinflationary stimulus bill can still eat if they’re willing to collect grocery store carts in the parking lot?

    Just a few days ago on the Tucker Carlson show midday anchor Melissa Francis appeared to say the same thing about box stores and working in Amazon warehouses, snidely suggesting that if Americans are serious about working, there are plenty of such good jobs going begging right now. Bailing out the box stores and Amazon, she also informed us, is a government emergency priority, while letting small businesses go out of business, presumably as some sort of economic triage, was inevitable and the new restructuring of retail in this country. She icily added that, “this is the new normal, America, so get used to it.”

    CNN for its part is guilty of treason and should have its license yanked and management prosecuted forthwith for interfering with the proper operation of government in time of national emergency.

  87. ivan says:

    Don’t believe all the organic lifestyle hype. Cook your food thoroughly – the plants produce chemicals to protect themselves, since they can’t move around. Take for example cucumber skins, they can for a while act as ant repellents. Plants in particular produce toxins to protect themselves from myriad insects and fungi. Some of which may well be harmful to humans. For a sensible ‘organic’ diet, depending on your lactose tolerance, include the Indian style yoghurt, this introduces benign bacteria into your guts and keep you safe. Avoid the sugared variety of yoghurts at all costs. I too have ‘macrobiotic’ protection without all the hype by following the sensible South Indian vegetarian diet.

    And BTW try not to include soya sauce and all that crap. If you have to take soya, take it like the Japanese do, after boiling for hours.

    • Replies: @Biff
  88. Biff says:

    Plants in particular produce toxins to protect themselves from myriad insects and fungi. Some of which may well be harmful to humans.

    Nicotine – highly toxic, but some people love it in small doses..

    • Replies: @ivan
  89. Here’s what some experts are saying:

    Microbiologist Sucharit Bhakdi:

    “The life expectancy of millions is being shortened” by anti-COVID-19 measures.

    “The horrifying impact on the world economy threatens the existence of countless people.”

    “The consequences on medical care are profound. Already services to patients in need are reduced, operations cancelled, practices empty, hospital personnel dwindling. All this will impact profoundly on our whole society.”

    Pulmonologist Wolfgang Wodarg:

    “(W)hat is missing right now is a rational way of looking at things.”

    “We should be asking: How did you find out this virus was dangerous?”

    “How was it before? Didn’t we have the same thing last year? Is it even something new? That’s missing.”

    Community Health Sciences and Surgery Professor Joel Kettner:

    “I have never seen anything like this, anything anywhere near like this. I’m not talking about the pandemic because I’ve seen 30 of them, one every year. It is called influenza.”

    “(T)he message to the public (is) about fear of coming into contact with (other) people…I worry about many, many consequences related to that.”

    Former Israeli health ministry director general Yoram Lass:

    “In every country, (many thousands of) die from regular flu (annually) compared with those who die from the coronavirus.”

    One example is “the swine flu in 2009. (I)t reached the world…and until today there is no vaccination against it.”

    “At the time there was no Facebook. (COVID-19) is a virus (a) with public relations” campaign.

    “Whoever thinks that governments end viruses is wrong.”

    Infectious diseases specialist Pietro Vernazza:

    “(A)round 85% of all infections have occurred without anyone noticing the infection.”

    Around “90% of the deceased patients are verifiably over 70 years old, 50% over 80 years.”

    Epidemiologist Hendrik Streeck:

    “The new pathogen (COVID-19) is…less dangerous than Sars-1.”

    Founding director of Yale University’s Prevention Research Center David Katz:

    “I am deeply concerned that the social, economic and public health consequences of this near-total meltdown of normal life — schools and businesses closed, gatherings banned — will be long-lasting and calamitous, possibly graver than the direct toll of the virus itself.”

    “The stock market will bounce back in time, but many businesses never will.”

    “The unemployment, impoverishment and despair likely to result will be public health scourges of the first order.”

    University of Minnesota’s Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy director Michael Osterholm:

    “Consider the effect of shutting down offices, schools, transportation systems, restaurants, hotels, stores, theaters, concert halls, sporting events and other venues indefinitely and leaving all of their workers unemployed and on the public dole.”

    “The likely result would be not just a depression but a complete economic breakdown, with countless permanently lost jobs, long before a vaccine is ready or natural immunity takes hold.”

    Professor of Clinical Research Design and Analysis Peter Goetzsche:

    “No such draconian measures were applied during the 2009 (Sars) influenza pandemic, and they obviously cannot be applied every winter, which is all year round, as it is always winter somewhere. We cannot close down the whole world permanently.”

    Facilitated by a virtual daily drumbeat of fear-mongering, the US and other governments are instituting draconian policies with public consent.

    What’s going on in the US is all about transferring countless trillions of dollars from ordinary people to privileged ones.

    As during the 2008-09 financial crisis, it’s also about favored businesses consolidating to greater power and influence by acquiring failing enterprises at fire sale prices.

    Most important, what’s going on is a slippery slope toward full-blown tyranny by compromising and eliminating human and civil rights on the phony pretext of protecting the general welfare.

    Time and again we’re lied to by our ruling authorities — notably during manufactured crises like 9/11 and now.

    • Thanks: ChuckOrloski
  90. Janina says:

    Thanks for publishing all the letters.

    Please publish letters like this every day, or whenever possible.

    People must know how confined people in other countries feel, and how the situation is, because the idiot impotent media and their BS are unable to do so. The imb..c..les!

    Rudy says:

    ”The disease itself does not appear to be a serious threat” […]

    “Its overall impact, however, will be enormous and probably devastating to the economy and social system”

    I agree. It’s disgusting to see how the MONSTROUS media ignore the elderly in particular.

    I read on Global Research:

    “Millions of elderly and vulnerable people suffering from chronic loneliness are now facing further isolation due to the Covid-19 pandemic. This will cause and exacerbate a different set of problems such as mental health issues.

    There have been almost 400,000 confirmed cases of coronavirus around the world, whilst over 17,000 people have died. Although the virus appears to be on the wane in China and South Korea, Europe is now the epicentre with tens of thousands of cases reported.

    Governments across Europe have issued lockdowns and advised citizens, especially the elderly, to self-isolate in order to prevent spread and mortality. While self-isolation may save lives, it will cause and exacerbate a different set of problems such as mental health issues and loneliness – the consequences of which I see on a daily basis in my line of work.”

    This excerpt is from the following:

    Self-isolation May Save Lives, but Exacerbates Mental Health Issues & Loneliness: I See Consequences on a Daily Basis as a Doctor

    Thanks again

  91. ivan says:

    LOL. Add caffeine and cocaine and all the intoxicants produced from grains and grapes.

  92. @anarchyst

    That assessment looks correct to me. An early step would be a law prohibiting dual citizens from being in the legislature. The Australian Constitution has that. And it’s arguable that every Jew is a dual citizen. But Australia has Jews in Parliament, one, Josh Freidenberg, in a top role. And the LGBXYZ mob have won every fight here, are invincible, have now moved on to sexualizing and perverting little children at school. Invincible. So we are not a lot better off.

  93. @Phil Demogoge

    I can’t tell whether that silliness is a joke or you are a malignant idiot. But it is worth repeating that in mainland China the police are unarmed. Yes, only evil police use violence.

    A free nation? The USA will absolutely not permit a free nation. Absolutely not! That’s what really makes Iran the enemy, like China and Russia. It is independent, not a puppet of the USA. Syria likewise. Nicaragua. There must be regime change where there is a free nation.

  94. Alden says:

    You don’t even really need her 6 days a week do you? Housekeeper for just one adult is a pretty easy job. You buy or grow the food and pay her. Obviously she should cook what you want to eat. That’s how it works for employees. The employer makes up the menus and recipes and buys, or in your case grows the food, not the paid cook.

    • Replies: @Taxi
  95. Chinaman says:

    Makes Perfect sense but they might have better results by setting up a McDonald and making everyone obese and sick.

  96. Taxi says:

    Thanks Chinaman.

    I chose Lebanon because it kicked israel’s ass several times and you get more freedom of speech here about israel than you do in the US. Clearly, I am anti the corrosive political influence of US jews on America.

  97. Taxi says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    To answer your multitude of questions: the disintegration of the family unit in Western democracies has led to most social ails in our Western societies.

    Why did this disintegration occur? Well, that’s another very complex socio-political question that I don’t really have the time to get into in detail. However, suffice it to say that in the US, jews rule us culturally (Hollywood/education/book publishing/media) – so we need to look at them gatekeepers of the herd.

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  98. Alden says:

    Right. Every plant on earth is a carbohydrate. And they all turn to glucose by the time it gets out of your intestines into your blood stream.
    The glucose fills your fat cells with blubber and you get fat.

    I was just reading some recipes for homemade dog food. Sweet potatoes and apples have a glycemic index of about 29/30. Rice, including brown rice has a glycemic index of 79. Rice is the road to obesity. So are all carbs.

    That’s a scientific nutritional fact that confirms my opinion that Americans have gotten fat due to Mexican Asian and S Italian food. It’s nothing but rice noodles beans tortillas bread wonton & egg roll wrappers with a few scraps of meat and vegetables. Carbs&calories= fat.

  99. Taxi says:
    @Frankie P

    Lovely to see you here too, dear Frankie. Sending you, your family, your friends and your all your countryfolk all my love and the best of health.

  100. Alden says:

    Neither San Francisco nor Los Angeles are hotspots.

    Last time I looked, San Francisco city and county population about 800,000, had 5 deaths and 340 cases. This is a city that’s 40% FOB Asian near an international airport and full of international and American tourists and business travelers all the time.

    Los Angeles county population about 8 million according to the census, international airport and millions of travelers a year had about 2,50o cases total about 300 bad enough to be hospitalized and 44 deaths a few days ago.

    California put in place government public health powers during the bubonic plague of 1906. Brought to Oakland San Francisco by a shipload of Japanese immigrants. Plus we’re so used to earthquake wild fire and drought danger and restrictions the lockdown has worked very well.

    Check the statistics before claiming a county is a hotspot. I’ve been through both LA and San Francisco airports 3 times since December. I didn’t catch the Chinese Plague.

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  101. @Taxi

    Nobody can answer my sociopolitical question. Its not complex, its simple. When the media starts encouraging Gentiles to play Russian Roulette with loaded automatics, will they?

    Lebanese-American families are not disintegrating. Out-of-wedlock teen birthrates are not soaring for Lebanese-Americans. Or Asian-Americans. Or, for that matter, Jews. Teen drug abuse is not soaring among these groups. Or high school dropout rates. Or child abuse.

    Jews rule culturally. Culture is not a gunpoint proposition. Nobody can force you to try the latest soul-destroying narcotic. Nobody can force you to drop out of high school. Nobody can force you to be promiscuous and become a single parent. Nobody can force you to abuse your children.

    Nobody can force a person to be sheep. Clearly, Asians and Muslims and even Jews themselves don’t see these people as cultural gatekeepers. Arab-Americans have always been depicted unpleasantly in the media, but somehow persevere and don’t commit suicide over self-image problems.

    Whites seem to chose to be sheep and for the last 20 years it has been disastrous. Overseas wars have bankrupted the US. Bush managed convince the average white in America that if Iraq was not invade that Arabs would parachute into the small towns of GOP constituencies swinging scimitars…

    Meanwhile, whites don’t seem to notice their own squalor. Wages that have not risen in 30 years with cost of living. Homeless everywhere. The omnipresent danger of street crime and gangs. Streets awash in drugs. Disintegrating public schools ruled by gang violence.

  102. Alden says:

    Jeff has a very biased view of America He grew up in a crime and drug ridden Warren MI White ghetto according to his posts. All the White girls in his high school of Warren MI were drug addicted prostitutes by age 14 according to Jeff. He moved to Phoenix and strangely enough found himself in the same crime drug ridden type of neighborhood neighborhood.

    He came to Los Angeles once. His hotel was surrounded by White homeless scrabbling in dumpsters. He had business appointments in a building full of pornography studios and distributors which greatly offered his high morals.

    America isn’t all like the crime and drug ridden places Jeff lived in. Americans aren’t all like the drug addicted White criminals Jeff knew and lived amongst.

    This Jeff Stryker claims to live in Thailand. There’s a Jeff Stryker on the internet who lives in Los Angeles. The LA Jeff is a porn actor and producer.

    My experience is different.

    • LOL: utu
  103. Alden says:

    Oh, I forgot. Before he moved to the criminal drug addicted Phoenix ghetto , Jeff went to college in a rural Michigan town. Everybody in that town and surrounding country area was a White criminal and drug addict too

    Everybody seeks their own level.

  104. christine says:

    Great to here about your diet but where did i mention that you were a red meat eater or that you were obese?.

    well if you shape-shifted younger and looked 28 at your 74 years then teenage girls(or boys) may well eye you and then you may eye them back may you not?…I know i do @56.

    Global pandemic where millions could die and you tell me not to fret about others and concentrate on myself?.LOL.

    If you eat ocean fish careful with that mercury though….like I said karma is a beautiful bitch.

    95 fruit and nut trees?…very nice but go easy on all that sugar and fat.

  105. christine says:

    Thanks Robjii…..this does resonate as i firmly believe that Egypt was the place that humans first discovered a way to communicate with spirit/god through entheogens/psychedelic drugs and they very correctly believed in Monotheism which would have been taught to them whilst taking DMT(Syrian rue and acacia leaf or bark is middle east verion of Amazonian leaf and vine ayahuasca)notice that the ark of the covenant was made from acacia wood and how often acacia is mentioned in the bible.

    What was happening in the middle east at the time spread east to northern India and it is said that Abraham sent his sons east bearing gifts(could easily have been DMT for the what was to be the rishis drug cult of Vedas fame)Soma is cubensis mushroom) and this birthed Hinduism and we can see the link with Abraham and A(Brahmin) and Abrahams wife sara and Brahmins consort sara(vita.

    religion was founded on class A drugs(fact!)

    ‘the sacred mushroom and the cross’ john allegro is new testament take. and the essenes was a drug cult.

  106. Alfred says:
    @The Wild Geese Howard

    Transferring your lodging, transporation, and utility costs to someone else is an amazing feeling, isn’t it?

    Absolutely. My boss came from the States and put the dancing girls on the tab. But like all good things, it did not last forever. 🙂

  107. Taxi says:

    Thank you, tomo. I wholeheartedly encourage you to live in a place that gives you health and peace of mind.

  108. Taxi says:

    She opted to work an extra day for extra pay – she’s putting her eldest daughter through nursing school in the Philippines.

  109. Taxi says:

    Come back and tell me what is healthier than macrobiotics when you’ve NOT been sick yourself for 15 years. Until then, stfu ignorant fool. The proof is in the pudding, after all.

    And @ Cristine: no offense taken – hope you’re alright – thanks.

    • Replies: @Montefrío
    , @christine
  110. Craziness upgraded in Pennsylvania.😳Is The Keystone State where license plates used to declare, “You got a friend in Pennsylvania.” Refer below?

  111. @The Alarmist

    Yes. Just like all the homeless who never seem to be bothered. Great comment.

  112. What if they never manage to eradicate this Covid-19 (or the flu? if this is the flu)? What then? Do we continue like this forever? Or will they one day tell us it’s safe to go back to how it was before even if they don’t eradicate it, or maybe tell us it’s gone just on a whim? But who will then believe them? Or trust to employ or serve or house or go anywhere near anybody who sneezes, coughs or has a fever, let alone anyone who tested positive to Covid-19 even if healthy?

    • Replies: @Sick of Orcs
  113. @Taxi

    If you’re any example, clearly mental health isn’t included in the benefits of the macrobiotic diet. I had one friend who was a believer in and practitioner of it, but she sadly died of cancer some five years ago or so at age 66. Personally, depending upon how you characterize “sick” (for me: fever, confined to bed), I’ve been sick only once in the past 15 years, and that with shingles, which may have been caused by chicken pox as a child. I get colds now and then, but I simply fight them off.

    That chip on your shoulder must get awfully heavy at times. Is that a by-product of macrobiotics as well?

    • Agree: Poco
    • Replies: @Taxi
    , @christine
  114. @Emslander

    @Emslander, I recorded a video about this forced quarantine and how to profit spiritually from it, but unfortunately it is in Brazilian Portuguese, which I suppose you don’t understand.

  115. @Taxi

    So …. can you take the “Palestinians” back? K thx.

    • Replies: @Taxi
  116. More weirdness. Uh…, “Predictive Programming” from The Simpson’s. Below.

  117. Taxi says:

    What a lying know-it-all fossil. And a psychoanalyst to boot? Wow. Let us all bow to your stony shithead.

  118. Taxi says:
    @alex in San Jose AKA Digital Detroit

    Yes, Palestine can be liberated. But not by me. I’m just merely an observer from the balcony.

  119. christine says:

    ‘I get colds now and then’…with strict macro one NEVER gets ANY disease, colds and flu included if they are smart ‘with all aspects’ of healthy living.

    Did your friend dye her hair or work in a toxic environment like as a dentist with their constant x rays for example?.She could have been strictly macro for 30 years but that means nothing if she wasn’t smart.

    Taxi’s poor mental health????….When one points the finger there are always two pointing back and afterall it was you who thought up the words with your hateful mind to attack Taxi so very needlessly in the first place the other day and so I would suggest that you take a good look in the mirror with your finger pointing.

  120. christine says:

    Fine thanks Taxi…In 7 areas of good to bad in England i am in the least Covidied area in the south west.

    Where you are will be better of course in those wilderness Levant hills but you could probably french kiss a hospitalised Covid patient and be just fine.

    btw…i found out quite recently that the ‘stronger’ the spirit experience the younger one appears.

    • Replies: @Polemos
  121. @Commentator Mike

    Covid-19 is a practice run for Covid-20.

    Covid-19 will vanish once the DNC has set up ballot-fraud-by-mail.

  122. Here in the UK, one of the officials fighting the coronavirus is the deputy Chief Medical Officer Jonathan Stafford Nguyen Van-Tam, a grandson of anti-commie, pro-French Vietnamese Prime Minister Nguyễn Văn Tâm. Don’t know what to make of that.

  123. Polemos says:

    How compatible is the strong spirit experience with exchanging flirtatious looks with people a quarter your age?

    • Replies: @christine
  124. @Alden

    Agree with you. But making your point stronger is the fact that LA County has far more people than you stated: about 10.3 million.

  125. christine says:

    It will be more compatible when all my teeth eventually fall out as i approach 90 i guess and have them replaced with zirconia implants so you would have to ask me again when i am around 95 but by then the fraction will be over a fifth age difference.

    My hair will go from greying brown back to all brown by then naturally with my diet so no problem with signs of aging their as i near 100.

    It will be great to French kiss a teenage girl when i am 100 and have her love every minute of it that’s for sure but i always was blessed with 10 out of 10 Irish blue eyed brown hair good looks(not my scoring of course but young females i have met on a night out)

    Oh and spirit/god couldn’t care less about anything unless harm is done to others and i am not into evil.

  126. UPDATE: A huge scandal has broke in France

    2 eminent research scientists were caught on film discussing how they will experiment a BCG anti-COVID-19 vaccine on the African population as there’s no checks in place there.

    They go on to compare Africans to prostitutes who don’t use protection so they will die anyway so they can be expérimented upon with AIDS drugs.

    Which explains why they’re going to experiment ID2020 on the misérable, starving people of Bangladesh – because, in their minds, they don’t count.

    Please, please read this. How sad, the Bangladeshis are already so poor and now they’re going to mutilate them.

  127. @Anon

    the accompanying antibiotic that’s been found to be an effective cure and preventive medicine for Covid-19

    COVID-19 is supposed to be a virus. That’s called a clue!

  128. @Abby Seeinya S'more

    AIDS drugs –> AIDS is a virus –> antiviral drugs.

    I don’t see what the problem is. As mentioned, these people are going to die anyway. Why the fuck not? As a poor-as-shit “haole” in Hawaii, I’d have been happy to have experimental care rather than the zero care I got. Some limousine liberals need to mind their own business.

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