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Coronavirus Missives from Costa Rica, Mexico, Macau and Lao
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Hanoi's airport on February 28th, 2020

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When I left Hanoi on February 28th, its streets were still choked with traffic, most restaurants and cafes were packed, and there were only a few minor signs of the pandemic threat. There were more facemasks, especially on waiters and shopkeepers. At some dumpy pho joint, I spotted a sign requesting customers to not smoke, “to prevent the spread of the coronavirus,” and at a pharmacy, soapberry incense sticks were for sale, “To Fumigate Corona Virus.” Some long-distance bus companies would not accept Chinese passengers.

A month later, all of Vietnam’s streets are empty, for even without any coronavirus death, the nation has also gone on lockdown. By preventing a mostly poor population from making a living, the government risks provoking widespread anger or social unrest, but it must do this because it believes it has no choice. Indecision will result in mass deaths. Since Vietnam is already a totalitarian state, it doesn’t need pretexts to introduce draconian measures. Adding to its crippling economic cost, Vietnam is also blocking foreigners from entering.

Every state is being tested by this global crisis. Turkmenistan is responding by not using the word “coronavirus” and even arresting people for wearing facemasks. It has no infection, it insists, so there’s no problem. The calamity in adjacent Iran has simply not spilled over.

Some think this crisis has been planned by the US government to cull useless eaters and to transfer wealth from terrified chumps to the 1%, and there won’t be any meaningful resistance, since starving citizens, locked inside, will only beg their criminal government to save them. You can’t organize if you can’t come within six feet of your neighbors, and if you do it online, they’ll come and getcha! Beaten down, they’ll line up to receive their food ration.

On February 28th, Trump said of the coronavirus, “It’s going to disappear. One day it’s like a miracle, it will disappear.” A lot has already disappeared, just not the virus. The breath of this is unprecedented, and step by staggering step, we’ll learn about its fearful depth. Your entire way of life may have disappeared.

Let’s hear how some folks are doing, and what do they make of all this.


Jim, a 73-year-old American living in the mountains of Costa Rica

What was it Yogi Berra said, something about it being hard to make predictions especially about the future? Nevertheless, I plunge in ( after having dawdled enough to have the benefit of having read the first five essays by other ex-pats)

The majority opinion seemed to be that Covid 19 was a fraud, perhaps just another flu except with a killer public relations team. So good, now I can be the rebel, the outsider, the freethinker, and say I actually accept the health authorities’ statements and, at 73, I take this “boomer-remover” of a virus seriously. I don’t think the 800 a day dead in Italy were crisis actors. Basically I decided to trust China, which took Covid 19 VERY seriously, despite not having a BIG PHARMA lurking in the wings to make gazillions off of a new vaccine.

I was in Ecuador when this started in January and February. On Feb. 25 I decided that it was serious and I had better get back to my fairly remote small farm in Costa Rica. On March 4 I paid the steep fee to change the return flight date. On March 12 I flew from Ecuador to Costa Rica. On March 11 the W.H.O. declared the virus to be a pandemic. Also on March 11 Costa Rica announced that everyone in Costa Rica gets treated for free, regardless of whether you have insurance or are in the country illegally. On March 15 Costa Rica ordered all bars, night clubs and casinos closed. On March 16 Costa Rica declared a State of Emergency including the closure of all National Parks and the suspension of cruise ships docking in Limon.

All international flights were stopped as of March 16. So I made it back with 3 or 4 days to spare. Close call. There are many travelers trapped in countries with no flights and with land borders closed. Costa Rica announced recently that anyone leaving the country (by land) will lose their migratory status. It’s mostly aimed at Nicaraguan guest laborers, if they leave, they can’t return. This is to discourage lots of Nicaraguans from going home for Holy Week, (where they could pick up the virus and bring it back with them) but it also applies to the rest of us foreigners.

Funny thing is that I have stuck it out at this lonely mountain farm for years, always with some thought to wanting to have a survival place in the event of societal collapse. But I got bored waiting for the apocalypse and was looking for a place with more social life. Now I thank my lucky stars I have this place to ride it out and that I made it back.

I wrote a friend in the U.S. about Costa Rica deciding that everyone gets treated for free. He replied that it must be strange living in a country with a functioning health care system.

In Ecuador the Waorani indigenous people are moving deeper into the Amazon to stay clear of this new White Man’s disease. Can you imagine that there are still people so free and brave that they jump in their dugout canoes and head deep into the Amazon with only their knowledge and skills and courage to survive?


Both countries are behind the eight ball. Ecuador, with oil prices so low and with existing contracts needing to be fulfilled, is losing money on all the oil it pumps right now. Costa Rica is dependent on tourism and there is none, of course, with no flights in or out. I would like to take advantage of this break in tourism to go to the ocean, which is usually too expensive or crowded for my tastes, but I fear I would be asking for police trouble. I read today that they reprimanded a champion surfer for surfing and ordered her back into her home. Really? How is a lone surfer going to spread it?

I went to the bank once two weeks ago and once last week. They have tightened up procedures considerably. Now they only let in a half dozen people at a time and immediately escort you to the bathroom and watch you wash your hands. And the chairs are much further apart than the week before.

Before this crisis life was lonely here but I could go out to the local bar a few times a week for my minimal requirements for human contact. Now the bars are closed and so far I have not wanted to risk going to visit anyone. What if they got sick after my visit? They would blame me.

I had planned to finally open up my farm to volunteers from Help-X or Workaway so as to have some human contact, but can’t do that now because there are no flights, hence, no travelers, and also would not be safe to bring unknown people who might be asymptomatic carriers into my house.

Maybe after this (if there is an “after”) people will insist on ending the practice of solitary confinement in prisons, having had some direct experience with a very gentle form of it. To be honest, I am suffering from depression and substance abuse from this Home Alone pandemic situation (only beer, I am a wimp at substance abuse)

I am concerned that the 2 trillion dollar giveaway, mostly to the usual suspects, will result in serious inflation. On the other hand, if the dollar collapses maybe it will spell the beginning of the end for Uncle Sam’s boot on everyone’s neck around the world. On the other hand, maybe the Powers That Be will decide that to distract folks from the problems what is needed is a good old war. Like with China. After all , they invaded us with their China Virus first, it’s only self -defense to strike back , right?

Addendum: I finally went out (looking for beer) and saw that a Costa Rican friend’s gate was open, so I drove in to say hello to her and her new gringo expat boyfriend. She was not in but he and I talked and drank a beer.

He told me he thought the Chinese had made this coronavirus thing happen on purpose. He told me I could look it up on Wikipedia, that the President of China had made a bundle on the stock market because he knew that stocks were going to be hit hard from the shutdown due to Coronavirus.

The ending of my article was kind of a worse case scenario drawn out of the ether, I thought. War with China. TV watchers swallowing anti-China propaganda in the lead up to war. But it’s true I am afraid… Altogether now, let’s hate Goldman… or is it Russia… or is it China? Whatever! Let’s just hate someone. Self-reflection is not a strong point in the U.S. of A.

At the last hostel I stayed at in Ecuador there was only one other guest most of the time. A charmingly daffy Canadian woman tourist. While cooking in the communal kitchen, we talked a lot. When she didn’t talk to me, she talked out loud to herself. Her cellphone was Huawei and she apologized profusely for having a Chinese phone and explained how she hated China for this reason and that. I told her that tho some of what she said was true, they had lifted millions out of poverty. She said she did not know that. I said that it’s the U.S. trying to take over the whole world, and Russia and China are just playing defense.


Alejandro C., a 53-year-old business owner, living in Mexico City

I do think the US is self-destructing in a way. They continue to wage wars all over the world, when they should be focusing resources in taking care of things at home. They continue to pass legislation which may help concentrate even more wealth among the already obscenely rich. Crumbs for the people, and billions to poorly managed corporations without oversight. Just look at Boeing for starters. The neoliberal system is broken. In my view, the US has two basic choices: republic or empire. It cannot be both. From what I’ve read, I have never seen such horrible leadership in the US, and I do not mean Trump in particular. The disaster has been brewing for decades. The avarice of the global corporations is coming back to bite them. They saw as a good idea at the time to outsource their manufacturing to China, and now they depend on China for many basic products, like antibiotics, which are not “profitable.” And now they blame China for a mess of their own making. I do not think the Chinese are blameless, but the main responsibility lies, in my view, in the US. I read somewhere (is it true?), that some weapons systems require components made in China. Can you imagine a war with China, with the US military placing orders for these components? Things are beyond ridiculous.

Mexico is dealing with the crisis in a more relaxed way. The government has been heavily criticized for not taking more severe measures. But one thing that is important to understand is that over half the population (if not more) does not only live paycheck to paycheck, many live day to day. Ordering these people to stay at home is complicated, as they need to eat. Things have slowed down a lot. Many restaurants and shops are closed. Many companies have sent their employees to work from home. Stores have modified their opening and closing times. Non essential government functions are shut down. Schools are closed and children from private schools are working from home using modern technology, but I do not know how public schools are handling this.


There is an analyst called Gerald Celente who criticizes world leaders for the measures they are taking, arguing that the damage from shutting down the economy will be worse than the damage from the virus. Others argue the other way, that it is better to shut down now in order to have an economy down the road. I personally feel that too much panic has been created. I am disgusted by news like this:

By the way, Dr. Roberts is one my favorite authors in Unz, as are you! And from what I’ve read, Macron and their ilk are total assholes, and deserve to be put on trial in The Hague.

My life has not been affected too much so far. I run a small scaffolding rental business, and things are not great, but it moves along. Several families depend on me, and I am doing what I can to maintain jobs and pay salaries. We have taken social distancing and other measures, but we continue to work. My children live with their mother, and she quarantined them, so I have not been able to visit them, but I do keep constant phone contact. I am now avoiding social gatherings, and pretty much go from home to work and back. Physical contact is very important to Mexicans. We love to hug and kiss, so social distancing is something to get used to. I do worry about how things will turn out down the road. The slowdown is global. We have a saying: “If the US gets a cold, we get pneumonia.” This is important, because I feel the world will need to change, the global system needs to be reconfigured. All countries need to become as self-sufficient as possible, but without isolating. Global trade should continue, but the interests of countries should be placed before the interest of corporations. This will be a challenge, as politicians and captains of industry seem to belong to the same mafia.

I am more worried about the effect on the economy than the disease itself. From what I’ve gathered, the risk lies mostly with the elderly and people with previous medical conditions, and weak immune systems. So maybe the wrong approach has been taken, with the Korean model a better solution.

How long will the crisis last? I have no idea. I certainly hope it ends quickly. Will there be permanent effects? I also don’t know, but I do hope so. This is a wakeup call to restrict the power of global corporations. An opportunity to expose the massive corruption in the financial system. I am personally in favor of mixed economies.

I try to be an optimist, and hope that my city/country will be better off in the mid-term. But things will probably get worse before they get better.


Kevin Maher, a 49-year-old American university lecturer, living in Macau, China

Chinese New Year. The year of the Rat. Pestilence. Plague. I was in Manila when my wife texted me, “Buy N95 masks and bring them home. There is a bad virus going around Macau.” I bought one for each member of my family, four in total. I thought I did a great job. “Oh, and wear one on the plane.”

From my seat, I took a picture of a man with a black mask. Not just any black mask, but one with red lips and a hanging tongue where the mouth would be. I posted it on social media, and my friend responded, “Do they think its SARS or something?” I re-examined the photo and saw an aisle of mask-wearing passengers. That was January 25th, 2020.

When I walked through my front door, I was told to remove my clothes and take a shower. I complied. That began my Chinese New Year holiday locked up in the house. Schools and businesses were closed. Additionally, Chinese New Year festivities were canceled, and those cute mice we’d see all over the city would remain unseen. Meanwhile, the Wuhan cases were now the Macau cases, and the city was searching for approximately 500 Wuhan visitors, locating their hotels, and removing them.

Then the ferries were suspended, and flights coming from China were canceled. It appeared that both Macau and Hong Kong were bracing to be inundated with coronavirus. “Honey, you need to quit your casino job,” I told my wife. “Take the kids to your family’s house in the Philippines. I’ll send you money. Stay there until the kids’ school start up again.” I wrote her resignation letter that night.

Three days later, my family flew to the Philippines. Then the Philippines banned all flights coming from Macau, Hong Kong, and China. They arrived two days before the suspension but caught a new 14-day home-bound quarantine measure. The government checked on them twice daily to see if they were complying. “The kids are bored,” my wife texted nightly. They’d be bored here too.

Meanwhile, I had a city quarantine of my own. More measures came to pass in Macau, including mandatory masks on buses or a 600 Patacas fine (US\$73). Casinos closed for 30 days by government decree. International new stories were describing the quiet, desolate gambling mecca of Macau with the lights out. I spent most of my free time teaching online or viewing social media debates on the validity of coronavirus. My American friends and family demanded to know, “Isn’t it the flu?”

April 1st, we continue to have closed schools, daily temperature checks, and further restrictions. Macau stopped the first wave of infections from Wuhan, but now it fights the second wave of ‘imported cases’ from abroad. Empty hotels are being converted to mandatory quarantine hotels for healthy Macau residents who insist on coming home. Non-locals cannot get a visa to enter. Schools continue to be taught online, and people continue to self-isolate.

The endgame appears unclear. Whatever happens, there is a strong sense of self-reflection on the individual level. All over the world, we are forced to go inward. Withdraw from everything – social connections and workplace connections. We’re forced to look deep, reflect, and re-connect with ourselves. If we do this right, individually and collectively, by next year this time, we’ll be as strong as an Ox.

In case you missed the reference, 2021 will be the Chinese Year of the Ox. So reign yourself in for the ride, hold on tight, and be strong.


Ananda, a 12-year-old boy in Luang Prabang, Lao

[Ananda is half Canadian, so is fluent in English. Besides English and Lao, Ananda also speaks Burmese, Thai and even adequate Bengali, for he has lived in Myanmar, Thailand and Bangladesh.]


The situation in my city is not so bad. In Lao they have 8 cases of Corona. The government said the country is under lockdown and is shutting down most stores, shops, markets, restaurants, schools, libraries, arcades and all the borders until April 19th. Only some convenience stores, supermarkets and little shops remain open.

The government also said to stay indoors and when outdoors to wear face masks. Foreigners and tourists are panicking and rushing to their foreign homes.

This crisis has changed my life a little bit. I have to stay indoors and that means I have been getting along with my sister a lot better than before and that is pretty good. I also can’t see my friends. My father is starting to home school me again. I have to be more creative at finding activities to do indoors.

I miss riding the bike the most because I can hangout with my friends and I like to see what is going on around town. We also used to ride our bikes to the game centers.

I do and don’t miss school. Yes because I like going to school to see friends and it gives me an education and no because I have to study and do homework.

What annoys me most about being locked inside is that I can’t see my friends. Friends are really important to me.

I used to get up early around six. I then made my bed, had a shower, and got ready for school. I usually didn’t have breakfast.

I walked to school; you know I usually walk everywhere. At school they have morning exercises so I did those then I headed to my class to study. We have fifteen-minute breaks every two hours.

I usually spent my lunch break visiting friends from my old school or riding the bike with my friend. After lunch break it was back to studying.

After school I walked home, had dinner, did my homework, had a shower, and in bed at 21:30.

Now it’s more lazy and relaxed. I hope I won’t lose my routine and discipline.

I get up late. I have breakfast, have a shower, and often don’t make my bed and get dressed for hours. I usually do a small amount of home schooling with my father and read.

I usually have lunch late. After lunch I usually do the same things such as: read, make things, draw, hangout with my younger sister or help my father cook.

After we have dinner my father, my sister and I watch a movie together. That is what most days are like now. We have at least 3 weeks left.

I’m more worried about the way people are going to react to this crisis.

Are they going to act crazy and start panicking or are they going to be calm and think about it? I’m worried there might be violence or theft.

I think this crisis will last a few months because if everyone stays in their homes it will slowly blow over. I think one of the permanent effects is that a lot of things will be wasted such as food and some businesses will not recover. Many people will be poorer and maybe sicker

A year from now, I think my city and country will be the same as it used to be but poorer.

Linh Dinh’s latest book is Postcards from the End of America. He maintains a regularly updated photo blog.

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  1. Dumbo says:

    Thanks Lihn. What a mess. Even if the virus disappears, it will be complicated to go back to “normal”, it will take a while. And the economy is the greatest worry.

    • Agree: Talha
  2. Mexico City may be a bad place to be.

    They should probably get some incinerators ready (for the local morgue).

  3. In my 70s now, I have been living in Baja California, Mexico, for 7 years now. On March 30 Mexico issued a shelter in place order for the next 30 days.. Yesterday they have banned beer delivery. The shelter in place order allows travel for food and other essentials, but apparently you can be stopped and asked what you are doing. The schools were closed for 30 days last week, but they are normally closed for 2 weeks around every Easter anyway.

    On a visit to Costco just over 2 weeks ago, I discovered most products were still there save for some cuts of steak, Kirkland tuna, organic chicken broth, but with eggs, toilet paper, and bottled water rationed (one to a customer). I haven’t been out in 6 days, but will find out what the small supermarket nearby looks like today. On my last visit to it, the cashiers were gloved and face masked and a few of the customers were, also.

    It has been determined that the virus comes from a species of bat that is not native to Wuhan, but is about 700 kilometers away. This points to it being something developed in the lab in Wuhan and accidentally escaped. It has been known for over a month now that hydroxychloroquine plus Azithromyycin plus zinc is the cure, so we have been going through friends in pharmacies to get at least one box just in case, but Americans bought out the supplies and it now is one of the few medicines in Mexico that require a prescription. Even so, our connections are still having trouble finding boxes.

    Moreover, I have been taking Vitamin D3 daily for over 5 years now, adding Vitamin K and zinc about 3 years ago, a combination proven to prevent respiratory illnesses of any kind in multiple studies all over the world. While I’m not sure if I still might get it, I haven’t had even a mild cold in 5 years after suffering at least 3 per year for my entire life.

    I would not be interested in any vaccine, since the hydroxy already works right now. Also I believe even if I was exposed there would be a good chance I’d experience mild or no effects anyway due to the D, K, and zinc. Still, I’m not taking any chances, and intend to stay close to home.

    Pompeo has “ordered” all Americans to return to the United States without any real explanation. I don’t know why anyone would want do that. It’s much less intrusive here, and far easier to live.

    It’s not at all clear to me why this time it’s different where most of the world is just shut down. The annual flu kills far more people (so far) every year. Italy and other countries are lowering their death figures due to co-morbidity conditions of the majority of those that have died. The median age of death due to the virus is still at about 66 years old. And is it really all that easy to determine if the person died of the virus or instead some other condition that they had been suffering from?

    I talked to my stepfather in California a week ago, and he rattled on as to all of this was Trump’s fault and told me that it had been verified that Trump had lied over 18,000 times so far since he announced he was running. Nothing I said would change his made-up mind. The last thing he muttered is “If we can survive our President, we’ll get through this.” I hope he and my 96 year old mother do get through this, but if they do, it will be because of Trump, not despite him.

  4. @restless94110

    Pompeo has “ordered” all Americans to return to the United States without any real explanation. I don’t know why anyone would want do that. It’s much less intrusive here, and far easier to live.

    To be fair to Mr. Pompeo, the text of his speech was a bit ambiguous:

    At the same time, I want to deliver a message to Americans who are still abroad. We remain steadfast and committed to getting you all back. We do not know in some countries how long the continued commercial flights in your country may continue to operate. We can’t guarantee the U.S. Government’s ability to arrange chartered flights indefinitely where commercial options no longer exist. I urge Americans to register with their nearest embassy at and work your way back here. Americans abroad who wish to return home should do so immediately and make arrangements to accomplish that.

    Emphasis mine. I’m going to give this a plain language reading that it is not mandatory, but was intended to let Americans abroad know that Uncle Sugar has their backs if they want or need the help.

    I’m sitting pretty well in Europe, so I feel no urgent need to rush back to a land of certain unemployment and dubious healthcare financing. The whole world is being plunged into a severe depression, so I’ll just sit tight, do the occasional bit of work from home as long as they continue to pay me, and tend to my garden, which now has considerably more veggies growing than in prior years.

    • Replies: @SaneClownPosse
  5. unit472 says:

    I appreciate these outside looks from countries not yet overwhelmed by the Wuhan pandemic. I would caution Jim in Costa Rica that, whatever the government says now, will probably change if ( when ) the pandemic arrives in force. All it will take is a Costa Rican nurse noticing you ( or a Nicaraguan migrant) getting connected to one of the few ventilators available and her mother or father having to do without. People get real selfish when its a life or death matter.

    I doubt Mexico has a real handle on the number of infections there. Only in the past week has the US been able to ramp up testing to the point where the extent of the spread is becoming apparent. Florida is nearing 100,000 tests this afternoon ( 1 out of every 200 residents ) and the infection rate is showing 10.5%. This is not a random sample of course but its still ominous because the infection can spread so rapidly. New York was showing a 35% infection rate yesterday and look what that has meant in terms of consequences. I would suggest Alejandro stock up on everything he might need and prepare for a long quarantine at home. In a couple of weeks it will be too late as Mexico and the US are too closely connected to keep the virus out.

    • Replies: @restless94110
    , @Anonymous
  6. Anonymous[271] • Disclaimer says:

    From yesterday (April 3), Japan has barred entry to travelers from the United States and 72 other countries. SOFA (Status of Forces Agreement; ie US armed forces stationed in Japan) personnel as of the same date are barred by USFJ orders from using Japanese public transportation and all new arrivals will be quarantined at their installation for 14 days.
    Kids are getting their school work done at home in about one-tenth the time as at school, then we watch movies, mostly old Hays Code-era ones, so no gore or sex. They love “Wake Island,” “Bataan,” “Proudly We Hail,” “They Were Expendable,” etc. I think I’ve got their dialogs memorized! For some reason, doomed heroes who carry on in the face of inevitable defeat fascinate them.
    In the afternoons, we go out to one of the nearly empty base parks where they play war games, fighting Japs. Kind of weird, actually, considering….
    You may be interested to see how take-out is delivered now, keeping social distance. Deliverymen will not use elevators.

    This meme gave me a chuckle. Sailors and Marines will definitely feel it, lol.

  7. Mad Cow says:

    All very simple:

    “If we do this right, individually and collectively, by next year this time, we’ll be as strong as an Ox.

    In case you missed the reference, 2021 will be the Chinese Year of the Ox. So reign yourself in for the ride, hold on tight, and be strong.”

    “pertaining to cows, from cows”

    • Replies: @anon
  8. jo6pac says:

    Are you still in South Korea? Stay safe

    • Replies: @Linh Dinh
  9. Dumbo says:

    It is pretty clear right now that what the elites want (using the corona as a partial excuse) is to make us all “Asian”: wearing masks, being conformist, obeying to authorities, becoming socially isolated incels like the “hikikomori”, being controlled by social credit, forced to eat bugs and other weird food in the name of “climate change” or perhaps after the poverty caused by the economic crash. This is what they want, a world of slaves! While they “sit like an effendi”. I’ve seen the future, and it is Asia. We are all Asians now!!!

  10. @Dumbo

    Oh don’t freak out, you might like it. Just about every missive pining for the 1950s mentions the conformity. Dad wearing a suit and a fedora to work. Mom and her coffee klatches and PTA meetings. Kids in Scouts. Wearing a mask when you’re sick to protect others is just common courtesy. As for social isolation, Asians tend to have well-developed structures for dealing with this. Fraternal groups, temples, the Confucian family ideal, workplace-as-family, etc. Tons of hobbies. As for the bugs, well, this virus kind of has things upside down for now but I myself have been about ready to try two things: Mealworms which I can buy at a Petsmart, and to find a nice wasp nest and try some wasp larvae. I’m not about ready to try the canned silkworm pupae at my local market but that’s only because the canned version of things is often pretty “meh”.

    Your kids are all into anime, and your boss wants to take you so a sushi bar, and you’re already using utensils to eat and talking about being “zen” about this that or the other, so you’re already pretty damn Asian if you’re a member of modern culture. So stop worrying about it.

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  11. @alex in San Jose AKA Digital Detroit

    The US could never be Asia. It has a couple of minorities that are too uncontrollable. Even the poor white underclass is hard to manage.

    Workplace is not family in the US. It is a greyhound bus station. People are always coming and going. No Japanese salary men in the US. The US company’s and their owners are too greedy for that.

    I can remember when I was a young man in college and held part-time jobs with local yokel hicks in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan. One job was at a restaurant where minimum wagers worked absurd hours for low pay while the owner lived in Hawaii. Every problem-there were many-had to be handled by the manager because the owners simply never returned from Hawaii.

    Gen Y and Gen Z were already socially isolated because of the cost of housing. They lived at home and had wages so low they could not do anything anyhow. That is why all of them are porn addicts. So living in their basement, having no money and flogging their dogs is a familiar thing to them.

    • Replies: @Tom McElgunn
    , @Alden
  12. Linh Dinh says: • Website

    Hi jo6pac,

    Yes, I’m still in South Korea. Bars here are closed now, but otherwise, life is fairly normal.

    Yesterday, I took a bus from Busan to Tongyeong, and here’s the procedure as we got off the bus.


    • Thanks: Blinky Bill
    • Replies: @jo6pac
    , @Talha
    , @Anonymous
  13. anon[201] • Disclaimer says:
    @Mad Cow

    ox, cow,–> vaccine
    very auspicious!

  14. @unit472

    This is silly fear mongering. Hydroxychlorqujne plus zinc works. It’s being used all over the world. Alejandro needs to find some HCQ and there is no need for long quarantines anywhere on earth least of all Mexico.

  15. Dumbo says:

    OT. Checking Lihn Dihn’s photoblog and seeing the numerous Korean churches. It seems that (evangelical) Christianity has really taken over Korea. An exception in Asia? In China the Communist party controls it, and Japan has resisted without communism (perhaps for historical reasons: Scorsese’s film “Silence” or the original novel by Shusaku Endo may give a clue).

    That might be fine and dandy, I met some Korean-American christians and they are fine people, but what I dislike is the ugliness of most church buildings, but then again, ugly modern architecture seems to be common everywhere in Korea, not just in churches (there’s nothing special about them, they are likely older buildings repurposed as churches). But I kinda miss churches that look like churches.

    Say what you want about the Catholics, at least they knew how to build churches (I say “knew”, because they seem to have forgotten, and even their modern churches are an abomination).

  16. jo6pac says:
    @Linh Dinh

    Thanks and Stay Safe in the Madness

  17. Truth says:



  18. Talha says:
    @Linh Dinh

    Turkmenistan is responding by not using the word “coronavirus” and even arresting people for wearing facemasks. It has no infection, it insists, so there’s no problem.

    Dang, hard core – I guess we’ll see what happens.

    Speaking of Turks, I came across something interesting and was wondering if you could shed light on it. I was doing some looking into the traditional garb of various people across Asia and it came up that traditional Vietnamese dress – at least for men and at least in a certain region – looks Muslim-influenced:

    With that turban that they are wearing called a “khan xep” and that this was adopted from the custom of the Kingdom of Champa (which, as you know, eventually had adopted Islam in its last stage). Is this right?

    This was all quite fascinating to me, especially because I knew a few Cham Muslims in Southern California.

    Thanks again Mr. Dinh for the updates. Stay safe.


    • Replies: @Really No Shit
    , @toyotomi
  19. @restless94110

    It has been determined that the virus comes from a species of bat that is not native to Wuhan, but is about 700 kilometers away. This points to it being something developed in the lab in Wuhan and accidentally escaped.

    Determined by “mainstream media”.

    A viral epidemiologist will tell you this Coronavirus could not have come from a bat in a market. You are correct it is “man-made” but the lab most likely where this virus came from is Fort Detrick. There is a long history with Fort Detrick.

    The above article is old. Since then, investigative journalist George Webb has been able to put a name to patient zero which is Maatja Benassi.

    • Thanks: ChuckOrloski
    • Replies: @obwandiyag
  20. gay troll says:

    Control of opposition is the signature of the power structure that has ruled the West since the first century. We here many tales of Jews and their infiltration, but Rome destroyed the Jews in ~70 CE, adopted their chief priest, relics, and their scriptures, and proceeded to claim for themselves the mantle of Yahweh’s chosen people, followers of the Savior Messiah.

    The Savior Messiah, despite neatly fulfilling OT prophecies (and foreshadowing the destruction of the Second Temple), turned much of Jewish thought on its head, dispelling notions of chauvinism with notions of love and peace. Although the Savior is beautiful in many ways, he preaches obedience to empire and bears the likeness of Caesar. His image was placed in all the Pagan shrines, and though his story aped Egyptian and Pagan mystery, he had come to uphold the laws of the Jews.

    Finally I will note that “Christ”, meaning messiah, or anointed one, is transliterated with the Egyptian KRST, meaning mummy, or anointed one. Christ is nothing more than the nascent Roman Empire trying to justify their Pharaohonic rule.

    I remember that I had a point earlier, and it was to say, that the Zionist Fascists who still consider themselves sovereign of the Earth survive by controlling opposition. Look at the illegitimate Rothschild spawn that is Adolf Hitler. Look at Donald Trump.

    The sad truth may be that the virus not only leaked from Fort Detrick, but was entirely premeditated, and will provide Communist China with cassus belli for WWIII.

    History is written by the victors.

    • Replies: @Poco
    , @Charles Carroll
  21. Antares says:

    Isn’t the ox a castrated, domesticated beast of burden?

  22. gT says:

    Scary about how much discipline that Ananda kid has, I’ve definitely have never been like that, the techie lifestyle suits me, you only really work when something is really broken, the rest of the time you just surreptitiously extend the middle finger to the ever changing management, when you are at work that is.

    So you can imagine after how long of lockdown and even extended lockdown now I log into work this morning and see that something hasn’t been done so I pick up the phone to very politely remind someone and get told its Good Friday, a public holiday. Still have public holidays when everyone has been on holiday for what feels like forever already, disgraceful, what is this world coming to?

  23. That #coronahoax is a hoax is proven more each day.

    Revised death toll predictions

    Challenging hydroxychloroquine treatment during a plague

    Empty hospital videos (now banned by (((youtube)))

    Hospitals LAYING OFF staff

    1000-Bed Navy hospital ship sent to treat NON-corona patients due to crisis numbers in city. Whopping 22 patients.

    Most deaths are aged 80+ and people with compromised immune system/other ailments who always have to be careful anyway

    Dr. Bull-ix openly admitting every death is being labeled as covid (creating a false dip in pneumonia deaths and who knows what else)

    Fraud fauci denying his own original peer-reviewed claim covid is a seasonal flu. (Unbelievable the Orange Bozo is keeping this hillary-loving stooge around)

    The most logical conclusions for the hysteria?

    Stopping Trump (inexplicable since he’s a compromised cuck)

    Planned attack by chinese to buy time for their flagging economy

    Trump’s only chance to end #coronahoax early is using Easter symbolism. After 4 years of observing this non-leader, it would indeed be miraculous.

  24. theMann says:

    Three questions:

    1. have you been seriously ill?
    2. Have any of your family, friends, or near acquaintances been seriously ill?
    3. Of people, whose word you trust, do they know anybody who has been seriously ill?

    Hell of a Pandemic when you can’t produce any sick people. In my city of 140, 000 (not counting illegals, probably 160, 000 actual), there have been something like 10 confirmed corona hospitalization cases. So yes, lets shut down the entire word for that, even though 1.) there is a known cure of Hydroxychloroquine + zinc + Zythro and 2.) getting out in the sun would clock stop the disease in a week, so keep staying indoors. In the meantime, when lying Public Officials and even more criminal Medical Goons were confronted with a simple “show me the dead bodies”, they have simply resorted to faking the cause of death for just about anybody who dies in a Hospital.

    In the meantime, 40 % of the country is out of work, Spring planting has been SEVERELY disrupted, and the 100% dependent oil economy in Texas has collapsed.

    Howe convenient that not a single one of the worthless Public Officials in the State of Texas has been thrown out of work. How nice that the Police, bureaucrats, and other useless public workers get paid. School employees, who actually do something, are adjusting to working at home, and they are also getting paid, although I am not sure if maintenance and cafeteria workers are also getting paid.

    Well come mid-Summer when the food riots start in a country that has never known hunger, those public officials are going to find out that there are consequences to their behavior. Come December, when more than half the State of Texas can’t pay their property taxes, those public employees are going to find out what long term unemployment feels like.

    Now review my three questions and remember, all of this is over an imaginary “Pandemic”, and a seasonal illness easily avoided, and easily treated.

    • Agree: Sick of Orcs
  25. Anonymous[327] • Disclaimer says:

    New York was showing a 35% infection rate yesterday and look what that has meant in terms of consequences.

    Presumably that’s pretty close to saturation already? Lots of people will already have eliminated the virus before they got tested, and certain people are probably immune anyway.

    If 35% of the population is infected and most people are still fine, how much good is quarantine doing? Is it even doing more good than harm?

  26. cranc says:

    I don’t think the 800 a day dead in Italy were crisis actors.

    I’ve been reading widely about this crisis everyday for about three weeks now. Never heard anyone seriously suggest that before.
    So what is that comment? It’s called a straw man. Well done for skewering that scarecrow Jim.
    Why does Linh Dinh consider such testimony worthy of inclusion ?
    I donno.
    How about, instead, some bods trying to understand this virus ?

  27. Anonymous[327] • Disclaimer says:
    @Linh Dinh

    Wow that’s some nice theatrics. The magic box appears to contain UV lights, possibly to top up your sun tan and give you some vitamin D. I don’t know, but it looks good and that’s the main thing.

  28. @Jeff Stryker

    Mt. Pleasant, MI. The best place on Earth.

    Forever Maroon and Gold.

  29. Linh,

    Good to see that your still with us even though the bars are closed. Read an article a few days ago in which a man was speculating we would see speakeasies popping up again (for bars and restaurants both) if this insanity continues. At least it would give the goons another war to fight.
    I am leaning toward The Fort Detrick Virus as mentioned by dogbumbreath. I used to be an American but don’t know what to call myself these days because America is dead – it no longer exists. Not sure what to call it although Gerald Celente has been calling it Slavelandia for some time now. That’s probably for the better to the rest of the world anyway.
    By the time they reduce all of us to eager beggars on our knees reaching for crumbs and that guaranteed universal income they will discover that we no longer have the money to buy their trinkets or pay their tax.
    Someone should set up a go fund me for the criminal central bankers just to let them know we care. Blessing to all and especially you Linh for bringing a bit of sanity into our lives.

  30. Emslander says:

    In Lao they have 8 cases of Corona.

    Drink it happily. We had Corona with Chinese Food last night for supper. No bad effects.

  31. Poco says:
    @gay troll

    Terrible. Rome didn’t adopt Christianity after destroying the jew temple. That happened almost 300 years later.

    What you wrote is like saying America hates China because The Kangxi Emperor in 1720 announced that all western businessmen in China can trade only in Guangzhou.

    • Agree: Alden
  32. I was shocked to see the famous Dr. Oz do a great interview about a hydroxychloroquine treatment cure for COVID, one that Trump has advocated. I was not shocked that even Dr. Oz was ignored by the corporate media, only covered by RT.

  33. Anonymous[407] • Disclaimer says:

    “One striking characteristic of the two most important contributors to the creation of Soviet America created by the hysterical panic over the latest cold virus — Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci — is their nonchalant, devil-may-care attitude toward the tens of millions of Americans whose jobs and paychecks have been eliminated, their businesses ruined and gone forever, their savings decimated, and their imprisonment under mass house arrest, watched over by snotty, arrogant, local cops who suffer disproportionately from little-man syndrome. Gates, Fauci, the ‘public health establishment,’ and the barking chorus of professional liars in the “media” went berserk when President Trump stated the obvious — that life is full of tradeoffs, and that an economic depression may well cause more death and destruction of life than any cold virus can. We don’t want ‘the cure to be worse than the disease,’ he said.”

    —from Lew Rockwell y’day

  34. @Talha

    What’s Muslim influenced? Is it Arab, Persian, Paki or African? Is it Malaysian, Indonesian or Bengalee? Is it Turkish, Albanian or Afghan? Or is it stolen ideas from around the world peddled as monolithic Middle East cultural crap? Pray tell!

    • Replies: @Talha
  35. ricpic says:

    Why do ex-pats like that 72 year old in Costa Rica hate America so? For most it’s the easiest way to rationalize being ex-pats, that’s why.

    • Replies: @Really No Shit
  36. Talha says:
    @Really No Shit

    The turban for one thing.
    “After the Trịnh-Nguyễn war, the residents in Quảng Nam (Canglan – the Southern) began to adapt to some customs of Champa, one of those was “vấn khăn” – wrap the scarf around head…”

    “The very first khăn vấn in Champa style.”

    As for the rest, I’d like to see what Mr. Dinh says because it is something I’m simply not that knowledgeable about. Which is why I was asking him in the first place. If he says, “Nah, that’s all bunk!”, I have no problem with that – he knows far more about Vietnam and its history than I do.


  37. niceland says:

    1. have you been seriously ill?
    2. Have any of your family, friends, or near acquaintances been seriously ill?
    3. Of people, whose word you trust, do they know anybody who has been seriously ill?

    1) No not seriously, but I have had a really weird mild flue for 8 days now. It’s diagnosed as covid-19 I was infected by a friend who has similar symptoms, along with other family members.

    2) Yes, a couple I know both died from covid-19. He was 74 and in good health. Former customer of mine. She was 71, and had asthma.

    3) Yes

  38. @gay troll

    The way Rothschild spawned Hitler was by waging WW1 against Germany along with his co-conspirators, the Anglos. They accomplished their goal of destroying Germany and establishing Israel after WW2 which was a continuation of WW1. Now Germany is an Anglo-Zionist colony.

  39. @theMann

    Speaking of plannedemics, just wait until the food supply is insufficient due to the crashing economy. This will be exacerbated by global cooling (that is why they changed the name to Climate Change) due to changes occurring in the Sun.

  40. Agent76 says:

    Apr 9, 2020 Fauci’s Coronavirus Numbers Collapse – Why Still Listen To Him?

    Anthony Fauci has dominated the headlines for weeks with his doom and gloom predictions of two million Americans dead from Covid-19. If we lock the country down, maybe only 240,000 will die he claimed.

    APR 9, 2020 COVID-19 situation report: The latest coronavirus updates from the US military by Johns Hopkins

    There are now 363,851 confirmed cases in the United States, according to Johns Hopkins, and 15,774 deaths.
    We are viewing a live action drill!

  41. @ricpic

    Because he got fat eating his cake in America and now wanting to keep his cake too, he Lord’s over in Costa Rica…

  42. Agent76 says:

    This was the brain storming event that gave us this fake pandemic today. Johns Hopkins

    Nov 4, 2019 Event 201 Pandemic Exercise: Segment 4, Communications Discussion and Epilogue Video

    Event 201 is a pandemic tabletop exercise hosted by The Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security. The exercise illustrated the pandemic preparedness efforts needed to diminish the large-scale economic and societal consequences of a severe pandemic.

  43. So shameless.

  44. Agent76 says:

    Apr 10, 2020 FOLLOW THE MONEY Because Here Comes the MANDATORY Coronavirus Vaccine

    Anthony Fauci sets stage for mandatory, lucrative, vaccine!

    • Replies: @Republic
  45. @dogbumbreath

    All these incredible yobs on here criticize the US government mercilessly. Until push comes to shove. Then it’s toe the mainstream official US-government-disseminated, China-did-it propaganda line, foot and mouth and hook and line and sinker.

    Ft. Detrick. Ft. Detrick. Ft. Detrick.

  46. @theMann

    Amazing how you just toe the party line, spewing all of these false factoids like a communist.

    They have more than 100 cases in the rest home down the street. How many dead they’re not telling.

    There’s the real truth. How many really dead they’re not telling. Because it is higher than reported, not lower, as all you denialists insist. I hope you are older and socialize a lot. Hope springs eternal.

  47. toyotomi says:

    VN ao dài originates from Cham clothing ? it’s most uunlikely
    VN in older times had an excceptionalist thinking ; like the Chinese , they conssidered themselves as ” civilized ” , never would they adopt barbarians ‘ attire
    Excerpts from
    Vietnamese Nguyen Emperor Minh Mạng sinicized ethnic minorities such as Khmer and Cham, claimed the legacy of Confucianism and China’s Han dynasty for Vietnam, and used the term Han people 漢人 (Hán nhân) to refer to the Vietnamese.[15] Minh Mang declared that “We must hope that their barbarian habits will be subconsciously dissipated, and that they will daily become more infected by Han [Sino-Vietnamese] customs.”[16] These policies were directed at the Khmer and hill tribes.[17] The Nguyen lord Nguyen Phuc Chu had referred to Vietnamese as “Han people” in 1712 when differentiating between Vietnamese and Chams.[18] The Nguyen Lords established đồn điền after 1790. It was said “Hán di hữu hạn” 漢夷有限 (“the Vietnamese and the barbarians must have clear borders”) by the Gia Long Emperor (Nguyễn Phúc Ánh) when differentiating between Khmer and Vietnamese.[11] Minh Mang implemented an acculturation integration policy directed at minority non-Vietnamese peoples.[12] Thanh nhân 清人 or Đường nhân 唐人 were used to refer to ethnic Chinese by the Vietnamese while Vietnamese called themselves as Hán dân 漢民 and Hán nhân 漢人 in Vietnam during the 1800s under Nguyễn rule.[13]

    Chinese style clothing was forced on Vietnamese people by the Nguyễn.[19][20][21][22][23][24] Trousers have been adopted by White H’mong.[25] The trousers replaced the traditional skirts of the females of the White Hmong.[26] The tunics and trouser clothing of the Han Chinese on the Ming tradition was worn by the Vietnamese. The Ao Dai was created when tucks which were close fitting and compact were added in the 1920s to this Chinese style.[27] Trousers and tunics on the Chinese pattern in 1774 were ordered by the Nguyễn Phúc Khoát to replace the sarong type Vietnamese clothing.[28] The Chinese clothing in the form of trousers and tunic were mandated by the Vietnamese Nguyen government. It was up to the 1920s in Vietnam’s north area in isolated hamlets wear skirts were worn.[29] The Chinese Qin and Han Dynasty state clothing was ordered to be adopted by Vietnamese military and bureaucrats since Vietnam under Triệu rule Triệu Đà

    More to it
    Out from Le minh Khai ‘s SEA history blog
    VN annexed Cambodia for many years and forced the locals to change clothing

    • Thanks: Talha
  48. Republic says:

    Also coming soon: immunity passports

    • Agree: Agent76
    • Replies: @Agent76
    , @Agent76
  49. Republic hit Philly’s Liberty Bell said: “Coming soon…”

    Wish Linh can get a Brother Nathanael missive from Idaho. Watch below, Corono “Gates” Digital Tattoo.

  50. Mj says:

    If we are all Asian now does that mean our society will no longer have troubles like obesity, drug addiction, violent crime, and dilapidated infrastructure?

    Does it mean women will now be slender and feminine instead of obese, purple-haired, bitter, and schoolmarmish?

    The people want to know.

    • Replies: @LoutishAngloQuebecker
  51. Pets, Dogs & Cats America. No boundary, Service Animal. Can they get COV-19? 🤔

  52. Wally says:

    – Indeed, the TDS runs deep. When you ask neo-Marxists to prove absurdities like “18,000 lies” we get nothing. The same with the fake ‘Trump racism’ charge, on & on. It’s pure scapegoating & projection by the unhinged Left.

    – Recall the work of the truly racist empty suit Obama that the irrational Left ignores:

    – Obama was the first president in US history to be at war for every single day of his eight year presidency.
    – Obama approved military action in seven countries, including Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Pakistan, Somalia, Syria and Yemen as well as special operations on a smaller scale all over the globe.
    – Obama was the first and only president to spend his Tuesday mornings in meetings with his security staff drawing up “kill lists” that included American citizens who were somewhere overseas and considered dangerous.
    Acting off that list, he was the first and only president to actually execute American citizens without any due process using lethal drones. Anwar al-Awlaki and his son Abdulrahman were targeted and killed in Yemen together with another American citizen, and four other citizens were also executed under Obama in Afghanistan and Pakistan.
    – Obama ran for president promising to do his best to rid the world of nuclear weapons. He then authorized the spending of \$1 trillion to upgrade America’s nuclear arsenal.
    – Under Obama, National Security Agency spying on American citizens accelerated using the authorities granted by the two Patriot Acts.
    – Obama made a famous “New Beginning” speech in Cairo in June 2009 that led directly to his being awarded a Nobel Peace prize later that year. He promised to reach out to the Muslim world and improve relations with Washington but promptly ignored what he had said for the following seven years, preferring to take the easy path by deferring to Israel’s expressed interests.
    – The Beatification of Barack Obama:

    • Replies: @ChuckOrloski
  53. @Mj

    Honestly being ‘Asian’ doesn’t seem half as bad as it once was. The Chinese, Japanese, and Koreans in Canada remind me of white people from pre-1960s. All dressed respectable, with trim haircuts and clean shaven faces, mostly thin, feminine women, and a focus on education. We could do worse.

    The Asian’s critical defect right now is low birth rates; in 20 years they will be worse off demographically than whites are.

    Also 2nd generation Asian-Canadians follow the anti-white, whining, minoritarian path as they are taught in school. So unfortunately the few children they have will soon be in the “obesity, drug addiction, violent crime” category.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  54. Agent76 says:

    This is part of the plan. DECEMBER 18, 2019 This Spiky Patch Could Invisibly Record Vaccination History Under Skin

    But the technology raise several ethical concerns that could stymie its progress. The human body is an extraordinary record keeper. Tattooed into its skin are the scars of old wounds; archived in the molecules of the immune system are the traces of past infections.

  55. @Wally

    Haha. Wally beatifies Trump who once beatified the Clintons. What say more? Refer to video linked below?

    Selah, Wally’s hallucinatory mantra, “Trump is better than the alternatives. Landslide 2020.”


    • Replies: @Stonehands
  56. @The Alarmist

    However, the US embassy in Peru refused to assist Americans stranded there. The embassy cannot help them. You can register your presence, but like local police in the US, the embassies are not obligated to assist or protect ordinary Americans.

    Pompeo (“we lied, we cheated we stole…”) does use the phrases “work your way back here” and “make arrangements to accomplish that”.

  57. Agent76 says:

    I always verify information by at minimum several times from an assortment of sorces.

    January 17, 2020 New Technology to Store Vaccination History in the Body

    Storing Vaccine Records in Children’s Bodies Ensures All Get Vaccinated. The research project has been funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the Koch Institute Support Grant by the National Cancer Institute.

  58. Alden says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    Speak for yourself your friends and family. If poverty drug addiction unemployment and family disfunction was all you knew, that’s your view of America.

    It’s not most White Americans experience.

  59. Thomasina says:

    Restless – good post! Made me laugh about your step-father. Thanks.

  60. Thomasina says:

    That was an excellent article! Enjoyed all of the writers very much. Thank you.

  61. I’m in Thailand and though some businesses have been shut down and there’s a night curfew, the gov’t hasn’t gone full-retard (yet). Some provinces have now banned the sale of alcohol for differing numbers of days. In Bangkok the ban runs from 4/10 – 4/20, covering the Songkran New Years period. I’m a drinker and had a hard time processing the announcement, but I went out and bought a stash, plus the local store has my back, so I’m set. At first I considered the ban to be full-retard, but then I revised that. It’s obvious that there are many worse places to be right now. I can still walk around and shop. I cook at the local street market and can still sell. I still have customers, though slightly down because a lot of people are having money problems. I like to help my customers out by giving them a bit extra above their order. Many of them have children and they are very appreciative. So far, at least, I’m getting by at a time when many are having serious difficulties.
    The way I’m approaching it is to just feel fortunate for the small things. This has to end one day.

  62. Anonymous[327] • Disclaimer says:

    The Asian’s critical defect right now is low birth rates; in 20 years they will be worse off demographically than whites are.

    Now this is really interesting. I was shocked to see how boring the villages are in Taiwan. Lots of old people living in beautiful surroundings and doing very little. It felt closer to Germany than to China. Orientals seem to have the exact same trajectory as Europeans!

  63. @ChuckOrloski

    Chuck, Wally is relentless… like jock itch.

    • LOL: ChuckOrloski
    • Replies: @ChuckOrloski
  64. @Stonehands

    Dear Stonehands,

    Documented below, DaffoDonald Xi-caching’s financier, & GOP fundraiser Jew, Sheldon Adelson, is his China Connection.

    Christos voskres, & thanks Stonehands.

    Selah, Wally would not know an Orange Man commie until he sees the red & green 🤑 in his eyes.

  65. Sailorant says:

    I am a retired American Merchant Seaman Living in Costa Rica. Not all the bars are closed, those that do want to open are only allowed to cater to 50% of their allowed customers (As per license).

    The law has been changed so that an expat with legal residency can return to Costa Rica but must be quarantined for 14 days (Stay at home.)

    In terms of the free medical care known as CCSS or the CAJA it sucks, and anyone down here will tell you that. You had to wait at one time years for an appointment, the supreme court recently ruled that you should not wait more than 6 mos. for an appointment and that they better get their act together.

    I am a retired Union man and my Union pays 70% of all my medical, including eyeglasses, hearing aids every 3 years, laboratory tests,etc. so long as I get the bill in dollars and the procedure done in English. I pay \$80.00 a month to the CAJA and don’t use it, It isn’t that I want to pay but I must pay if I want to renew my residency. Linh should know this.

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