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Coronavirus Missives from Canada, France and China/England
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Pohang, South Korea, 2020

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There are coronavirus cases in at least 185 countries, with none reported in North Korea. As Western Europe’s infection rate slows, Turkey’s and Russia’s accelerate. Africa’s death toll remains a remarkably low 1,136, but reliable statistics are impossible to get anywhere, not just in Africa. Coronavirus deaths may be wrongly attributed or simply uncounted.

In New York City, at least two journalists have had their drones confiscated as they tried to photograph mass burials on Hart Island. An image by George Steinmetz shows a long and deep trench with an aluminum ladder. There are nude trees, a broken chapel, large puddles everywhere and workers standing on stacks of plywood coffins.

In Vietnam, there are rice ATMs to stave off starvation, but these are available in only a handful of cities. Protests and even riots over government handling of the coronavirus pandemic have already erupted across the globe. In Colombia, prison revolts have killed at least 23 inmates. In Paris, Arab protesters clash with police and burn down squad cars. In Guayaquil, Ecuador, corpses lie in streets or bobble, face down, on undulating waves.

Here in Busan, stores and restaurants are still open, but not the bars. People stroll along beaches, take their kids to parks. I often take the subway or buses around town. Yesterday, I was in Jangnim-don g, a poor, out-of-the-way neighborhood with rundown alleys, a large, cheerful market and plenty of factories nearby. Men in threadbare suits played chess in a tiny park. Others downed soju in barely marked eateries. I walked, paused and looked. The proximity of other bodies and faces was comforting.

Two thirds of American restaurant workers have lost their jobs. On April 24th, Georgia will be the first state to restart its economy, but the world is no longer the same.

Let’s hear how some folks are doing:

Tom, a 79-year-old American, living in southern France

I am married to my love of 14 years, a Russian from Latvia. Living since last June in a small village in southern France. I moved permanently from Vero Beach, Florida where we lived for 5 years. Prior to that we lived in the mountains near the coast of southern Spain and before that in central France….Etc., Etc.

We moved here primarily to leave the USA which I consider to be beyond hope as I view it as corrupt beyond words. I grew up there when life was normal, i.e. before it became a hopeless nation of Greed.

Since we have settled here life has been pretty good, fairly easy to get residency and get enrolled in the great health system. It is not perfect, as the leader is Macron, who was employed by Rothchild’s bank prior to his job as President. When the great “Flu” started, he happily locked down the entire country, including requiring you to fill out a permission paper each time you leave the house, with name, address, date of birth, signature, purpose of trip and time leaving. He assigned 100,000 police to randomly stop and check you.

I don’t like being on house arrest at all for no good reason. The French people we know don’t seem to mind… theory is that in general, they are a bit afraid of their own shadow…and easily taken in by mass media propaganda. The first week, the yellow vest protests were out on Saturday, but then stopped.

This Easter, we sneaked to a monastery to celebrate. My wife is Russian orthodox and to marry her in a church, I was required to become orthodox as well. We go to an orthodox church if we can find one. They are not common outside of Russia or Greece. We did a google search and wow, amazed to find sort of an “orthodox church” 15 KM away up in the mountains.

It was strange trying to find it. We felt it was reasonably safe once we got to the small road, as unlikely for cops to be there. There was finally a small sign..saying orthodox monastery. When we arrived, we did not see anyone, but wandered around looking at the place. Then a monk came out and said hello and talked with Olga in Russian.

He explained that there were 10 monks living there of various nationalities. It was a Romanian Orthodox monastery formed about 20 years ago. He said we could join them for Sunday Vespers if we wanted. So, we returned the following Sunday to their little chapel.

On Orthodox Easter Sunday, my wife brings dyed eggs, candy and an apple pie to be blessed by the priest. By the way, two other law breaking “criminals” were there as well.

My current view of this “Flu” is that it’s about the same as a previous bad flu season such as 1968. The economy in France after they stop this craziness will probably still be OK, as the people unemployed due to this receive most of their pay every week anyway. Supply chain disruptions should not be terrible as France produces most of its food and other essentials. They also have the largest percentage of GDP for social services in Europe.

But, the USA is thoroughly F–Cked after this is over, which will probably be middle to end of May, I hope. I have been a sort of wandering nomad for most of my life and this lock down bulls–t is putting a brake on that.


Floyd Rudmin, a 74-year-old retired psychology professor, with forte statistics and in health psychology. From 1968-1970, he worked in the Philippine Malaria Eradication Service. Most of his teaching career was in Norway

I am retired, in good health, with sufficient pension and savings, no debts, no dependents, and no living elderly parents to worry about.

Impacts, 1) no swimming or yoga, 2) disorientation of day-of-week (the only landmark is Tuesday evenings is garbage night), 3) loss of eating-drinking socializing.

My opinions:

a) I think governments are over-reacting, as per massive money creation and stopping the economy. When they under-reacted in January: when we should have been curtailing air travel, ordering supplies, raising standards in nursing homes.

b) I am annoyed by secrecy about cases. I would like a publicly available spreadsheet giving details of each case (not name or address), but including postal code.


c) There is a general belief by public, politicians, media, and physicians, that anything a physician says is “scientifically true.” As a person who worked in a medical faculty doing research, I think most “experts” are reciting dogma or are surmising. Neither is “science.” I have written to several of our CBC (Canada’s public broadcaster) journalists, that they have to ask medical experts, “Please tell us more about the studies that show what you just said is true.” For example, we hear over and over that this virus is spread by droplets, not by aerosol (in aerosol, the viruses one by one are floating around). I would like to hear how this was determined.

d) When I hear or read reports negative of China, I discount them as a continuation of pre-virus vilification of China and Xi, in concert with similar projects against Russia, Iran, and Venezuela.

We live in an Ontario health district about the size of Connecticut (with ~200,000 population), in a small city with a medical school. Our public health officer in January alerted nursing homes and hospitals to prepare, e.g. get supplies and train staff for higher hygiene standards. Example, auditing handwashing practices in nursing homes. As a results, we have 50 total positive cases, almost all cases traceable to travel. No nursing home outbreaks. No deaths. No ICU care. Two people currently in hospital. For my personal situation and my geographic situation, this is best-case.

The Canadian federation is more like the EU federation than the US federation. When the prime minister meets a provincial premier, that is a meeting of equals. Canada’s health system is run by provinces, and they are all different. Ontario now has a populist right wing leader, Doug Ford, in the same mold as Trump and Johnson. His campaign was “A buck a beer”, i.e. cut taxes and regulations. This government cut public health budgets, and merged health units in order to cut staff. Fewer staff, with less money, responsible for larger district.

I am a little worried about the disease, since I am 74 years old. I am more worried about stroke or Alzheimers, than corona-virus. I am very worried about the economy, and massive money fabrication out of nothing. Actually, I am worried most about the neglect of the climate crisis and the destruction of the surplus wealth that might have been available to cope with it. We are going to be in a major crisis, with much fewer financial and institutional resources. In boxing, this virus is the distracting left jab, as the right hook is cocked to come around and knock us out.

This will be an up and down crisis for 4 or 5 years, since all cases and transmission cannot be eliminated everywhere. Re-infections of clean populations will be happening. In 1968-1970, I worked in the Philippine Malaria Eradication Service, and re-infection kept happening in once “cleaned” regions. Permanent effects? Better hygiene habits in hospitals, nursing home, stores, restaurants, and homes. Less on-the-whim travel. Maybe major social violence and rebellion if the economies go bad for long.

A year from now, I think nothing will change so much. But I am in a best-case location. Probably 50% or more inflation will be hitting hard.


Phil, a British English teacher who has just returned from China

I first became aware of the crisis on around 20th January. I was working at a University in China and I had an apartment on the campus where I taught. We were already on winter holiday so the place was quieter than usual anyway. Almost immediately people began wearing masks and staying in their rooms. Being the type of person who doesn’t take what the media says seriously, I eschewed wearing a mask and carried on with my normal routine—albeit staying inside more than usual. The first two weeks were fine: I got on with some work I had been meaning to do and other than my favourite restaurants closing, I didn’t find it too much of an inconvenience. Then after about 14 days I had my first experience of acute claustrophobia—I got a crushing feeling in my chest and a desperate urge to “be free.” It was at this point that I started to reflect on what it must be like to be in solitary confinement. Our University decided that we would teach our students online and so we started the new semester as planned at the start of March. This at least gave us something to do and ensured that there could be no quibbling about our salaries.

After four weeks of quarantine, the University changed the rules; previously only the students had been confined to campus while teachers like myself were allowed to come and go as they pleased. Now, teachers were instructed that they had to ask for permission to go outside the main gate. This was most annoying, particularly since the ultra-anal Chinese staff took great pleasure in enforcing the new rules. To be allowed out, I had to call my boss and explain why I wanted to go out. She would then tell reception who would issue a pass after an hour or so. I had to collect the pass and take it to the security guards at the gate who would call back to the reception to check if it was ok. Again, as is often the case as a foreigner dealing with Chinese bureaucrats, you really got the sense of a perverse enjoyment on the part of the local stiffs. It had slowly dawned on me over the previous two and a half years of living in China that, just like people say, it really is a giant police state and this crisis did nothing to dissuade me of that view.

Not being a fan of long haul flights, I had been loathed to fly back to England but with no end to the quarantine in sight and with me tiring of being confined to my room with a steadily shrinking choice of food available, I started looking at getting out of China. The last straw was when my acupuncturist died. I had gone to China to have a long course of Traditional Chinese Medicine with a remarkable doctor that I had met several years previously. His family said he got food poisoning but it is such a secretive culture there that I have no idea what really happened. With him gone, I had no real reason to hang around and so I decided to leave, flying back to Manchester via Abu Dhabi.


There has been some controversy in Britain as tens of thousands of people have been allowed to fly in and out of the country while most people are cooped up in their houses. Indeed, not only have many flights continued as normal but there has been nothing in the way of testing which begs the question, just how seriously is the British government taking all this? My first introduction to the anomaly that is Britain’s travel restrictions was when I left China. At the airport in China, I was greeted by people in full protective gear and I was forbidden from sitting next to a student who was also flying out of the country. In Abu Dhabi, the rules were even stricter: we were quarantined in a section of the airport and given a swab test before being allowed to travel onwards. Upon landing in Britain however, we were allowed to collect our bags and walk straight out of the airport, no tests, no questions, nothing.

I arrived the week before lockdown was imposed by the Boris Johnson government and I very much got the sense that the Tories (the governing party) were bounced into it by the media. It was amusing to see that the reaction of the average Briton to the news that life was being suspended was to go to the seaside and have a few beers. I was almost impressed to then see our scum media and otherwise useless police swing into action, essentially bullying the nation into heading indoors. Since then we have had 5 weeks (to date) of non-stop updates of how many people are dying each day and the frankly bizarre deification of the national health service for which the entire country is encouraged to clap every Thursday at 8pm.

These developments have led me to conclude that Britain is a hopelessly feminised society run by non-entities who didn’t have the guts to continue with their original plan to keep the economy open while the population slowly developed herd immunity. My loathing of the media is now at the stage whereby I long for some of the most prominent journalists and presenters to be attacked in the streets.

Personally, I am of the view that the Chinese government was unsure what had happened in Wuhan and so they first under-reacted then over-reacted. A friend of mine is well connected in the world of science and he very much believes that this virus began its life in the Wuhan laboratory and that it escaped. This would not surprise me at all since I have noticed that Chinese people often do things in a chaotic manner and are not particularly hygienic. My sense is that the Communist party rushed to lock down the country because they could not be sure what had happened and they feared a man-made virus had got loose which could mutate in ways which could not be predicted. So far, so fair but their handling of the public relations aspect has not been impressive. First, Chinese diasporas cried ‘racism’ when Westerners stopped going to Chinese restaurants and the Chinese government chided America and Britain for advising their citizens to leave China. Then China flipped and declared that foreigners would be banned from entering the country and through their media, subtly encouraged the latent xenophobia which is always present in Chinese society which led to many incidents of foreigners being banned from entering shops and eateries. It is not true that this only affected Africans—it has happened to white Americans that I know there. I find this quite pathetic and not a little dishonourable for such a big country which, at the end of the day, is responsible for this mess.

It has also brought home to me just how conformist and cowed the Chinese population is. My Chinese students do not have a rebellious bone in their bodies and they believe everything their media tells them. Some days I have to bite my lip off trying not to respond sarcastically to the things they come out with. In that sense, I suppose, one can say that the CCP has played its hand very well internally.

I have noticed that no one I know, neither foreign students, Chinese students, foreign teachers or British friends knows of anyone who has had the virus let alone has died from it. This leads me to believe that this crisis has been over-blown precisely because the Chinese scientists could not be certain what had escaped and because the Western media has decided to sensationalise the situation. It may also be the case that globalist elements felt that they could use COVID to attack the Trump and Brexit governments though I can’t be certain of that. I do suspect that the economic damage which will result from all this is manna from heaven for the bankers who can blame the down turn on the virus rather than the financial crash which was in the post anyway. And I’m sure that the population managers in the State are rubbing their hands with glee at how meekly most people have complied with the restrictions.

I am hoping that Trump will start to re-open the economy in the next week or so and that Britain will follow suit. How they will deal with the knock-on effects remains to be seen—certainly the Tories cannot just expect to continue with laissez faire economics and I don’t see how they can continue with mass immigration if millions become unemployed.

Regarding my own personal circumstances, I now hope the Chinese government maintains its restrictions on foreigners entering the country since I do not want to fly back over there until after the summer. I will also be looking around for other jobs since I would not be surprised if my University let some teachers go next year owing to cut backs resulting from the down-turn.

All in all, it’s been very disappointing and frustrating—a crisis caused by sheer stupidity.

Linh Dinh’s latest book is Postcards from the End of America. He maintains a regularly updated photo blog.

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  1. Franz says:

    In New York City, at least two journalists have had their drones confiscated as they tried to photograph mass burials on Hart Island.


    Is there a source for this?

    The Hart Island burials are a common occurrence, and April is the right time of the year to clear out the “Winter Morgue”. Lots of indigents/unclaimed/unknowns die in NYC and the ground is often too frozen or sloppy to bury them earlier. I knew a Staten Island civil engineer who was very familiar with this business; one winter in the 70s was so bad, he recalled for me long ago, they could not bury the dead till almost June.

    It used to be on Riker’s Island when I was there, not exactly yesterday. Mass burials or not, they did not like pests with cameras then either. I mean, unknown are not, those are dead humans. If I were a part of NYC’s grave detail I’d knock the photo drones out of there too.

    I have seen/heard nothing during all this to convince me it’s anything other than an aggressive influenza season. Problem being that people travel much more now than in earlier eras makes the aggressiveness spread far and wide. (Except of course North Korea.)

    • Replies: @Linh Dinh
    , @follyofwar
  2. Franz says:
    @Linh Dinh

    Here are two:


    Thanks much.

    Now I know who to query. There must be a story behind the story here. Are there destitute refugees who go to NYC to die and get buried? I’ve known too many people there, and they all know-a-guy-who-know-a-guy, etc, all that. Nobody gets buried in a pit, unmarked and unnamed unless there’s something else going on here.

    I mean yes there’s an epidemic. There’s something else too.

    • Replies: @Buck Ransom
  3. theMann says:

    The crisis has not been caused by sheer stupidity. The crisis has been caused by deliberate malevolence backed by monumental cowardice.

    In the months to come, the gigantic economic damage, deliberately inflicted upon the world, is going to kill more people than all the flu epidemics combined.

    • Agree: follyofwar
    • Replies: @obwandiyag
  4. @Franz

    IIRC, the burials on Hart Island are for prison inmates who died (from Corona or whatever other causes) but whose bodies were unclaimed by family members. I suppose it is also possible that NYC’s large homeless population has provided several bodies of people with no known identity or family connections.

  5. Anonymous[195] • Disclaimer says:

    In the midst of the malicious malady tormenting the planet (and don’t you dare call it the Holocough!), we must be reminded of what is truly important:

    • LOL: Richard B
    • Replies: @Richard B
  6. Late 50’s, worker left behind by the death of the tech industry, San Jose, California.

    People are being pretty good about staying in, although there are more cars on the road than a week or two ago. The panic-buying in the stores is done, so there are less people in the stores but they’re buying more at once since they’re shopping for a week or two.

    Amazingly, I continue to have work, and a weekly pay check. My boss works in the medical-device-inventing-of field, and he’ll probably weather this fine just like he weathered the 08 crash fine, because in the US, being connected with the medical industry is like being in Sicily and in the Mafia. So as long as nothing happens to him, nothing happens to me.

    Life will change. More cooking at home and more home haircuts. It will become the norm to mask up if you have a sniffle, and maybe we’ll have “mask” days the way we have “spare the air” days. I’ve just ordered one of those mini washing machine/spin-semi-dry things which I won’t actually get for a month or two, but it amounts to less association with the hoi polloi at the laundromat.

    Theoretically there is a “tech” economy here with a lot of highly paid workers but you’d never tell by looking around on the street. It’s always been hard to keep a business open here (hard to sell to people who don’t have money) but now businesses are dying left and right. One fortunate thing, I think, is that so much of the population here, whether Asian, South Asian, Hispanic, hell even Russians and Middle-Easterners, have recent memories of hard times and know how to get by on very little, cooking beans or rice or dhal at home.

    I worry about break-ins or robberies, but I’ve been careful to only go out in the middle of the day, and I suspect they’ll try breaking into other places before they try this one. A place around the corner wholesales cigarettes, and one up the street has “Food” in the name, plus there’s a lunch truck place, so they’ll be hit first. That will give me some warning that it might be time to up-armor.

    This is, like so many here are observing, like 9-11 where the gov’t will have more Patriot Act type things to dick with people who attract their attention, and US life will continue to downgrade, but more quickly. I have plans to get out of the US, not easy to do for non-millionaires, and am working on learning the language because that’s a real make-or-break skill.

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  7. Richard B says:

    The fact that I don’t always agree with Linh Dinh is irrelevant.

    I have to read him and love reading him.

    Regarding the subject of this article, I still don’t know anyone who knows anyone who knows anyone who has this thing.

    Nor do I know anyone who has heard about someone that has heard about someone who has heard about someone who has this thing.

    And I definitely don’t know anyone who knows anyone who knows anyone who has died from this thing.

    The French people we know don’t seem to mind… theory is that in general, they are a bit afraid of their own shadow…and easily taken in by mass media propaganda.

    This describes the people here where I am in South America to a T.

    I never once heard anyone here (or anywhere for that matter) say that their government is good, tells the truth, and cares about the people.

    And yet, here they are, believing everything the government and their media shills tell them.

    Still, some of them have written or called me to ask what I think about this whole thing.

    I just tell them that I don’t know anyone who knows anyone who knows anyone who has this thing.

    • Agree: theMann
    • Replies: @Bob Gwen
    , @Montefrío
  8. Richard B says:

    and don’t you dare call it the Holocough!

    Now that’s a smiler. First time seeing it. It’s sure to make the rounds.

  9. So the English teacher complains about the discipline of Chinese students and how conformist and cowed the Chinese are.

    There’s a self-declared National Socialist prof at a Chinese university who includes Daily Stormer articles in his final examinations:

    Would something like this be possible at a British University and would they even employ such a professor? So the Brits are less conformist and more tolerant of views opposed to their mainstream propaganda, eh?

    • Replies: @suicidal_canadian
  10. @Commentator Mike

    Westerners from ZOG run countries are neither more free or less free than the Chinese. Chinese people are not allowed to aggressively criticize their government or do anything to put the government’s power at risk. In the western world you cannot criticize the Jews or do anything to jeopardize their power and privileges. So, in the west anything that goes against Jews or the schemes of the Jewish oligarchs is not allowed.

    Chinese people are just in a better position because it is kind of sane to prevent revolutionary activity in your own country in order to maintain stability. How sane is it for people in the western world to abide by speech codes designed to preserve the power of a hostile foreign ruling elite?

    • Replies: @Astuteobservor II
  11. Linh Dinh says: • Website

    It’s accurate. Supermarkets and wet markets are open, however, and some other businesses as well. Legally and illegally, they’re scattered here and there. Traffic is way down, but people do go out. I got this information two days ago from a friend in Saigon.

  12. Linh Dinh says: • Website

    As far as the zero death, there are those who believe that perhaps coronavirus victims are not counted as such. However, a friend told me, before I left Hanoi two months ago, these deaths would be very hard to hide, since family members or friends could leak them on social media.

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  13. klcard says:

    No cases at all here in Vung Tau, and the shipyards are still open and never closed (I work in one). Temperature is taken at work and accomodation every day. Things are gradually opening up including bars and restaurants.

  14. Linh Dinh says: • Website

    And here’s a video of Saigon emerging from lockdown on 4/23/20, and it wasn’t all that severe to begin with.

  15. Polemos says:

    Anyone who has come into direct contact with an infected person, the details of whom are publicised, is encouraged to come forward for quarantine.

    People having access to this information, details about infections, are able to make more informed decisions about how to plan and conduct their lives to avoid infection.

    People can also see trends, travel routes, which communities practice safe spacing and which practice reasonable intercourse.

    It’s unfortunate that the only people with access to the full data now are the powermad psychopaths and the mercenary nerds, whereas the kind-hearted, respectful, or considerate have just useless pieces of someone else’s facts.

  16. I was at Walmart today. Everyone is tired of the pandemic BS. There are no bodies on the streets, no constant scream of ambulances, and most don’t know anyone who died from it. Most at Walmart didn’t wear masks and some employees did not. The hearing aid store and nail salon were closed for no sane reason. Its time to get back work as America did in the winter of 2017-18 when more died from the flu than have died from the COVID-19, whose numbers are inflated. Anyone who objects or expresses concerns for working Americans or small businesses is demeaned and denounced. needs to return to important economic and political issues and not follow the billionaires’ misdirection to stay home and hope for a government check.

  17. Bob Gwen says:
    @Richard B

    My friend knows 4 people who got it. One guy sort of old. When he told me they had it, I was like “shit!” Then I saw him again a couple of weeks later and he said it was no big deal. I guess they all got over it.

    A few of us Vietnamese Americans are sort of thinking that we’re less susceptible to this virus because we all have these TB shots on our left shoulders. The shots leave a big patch on our skin about an inch in diameter.

    I also heard the Eastern bloc countries have a hard core immunization program still around from the Soviet days, and that’s why they’re weathering it OK.

  18. gay troll says:

    Virus came from Fort Detrick and caused EVALI epidemic before being pinned on China.

  19. @alex in San Jose AKA Digital Detroit

    You don’t have to be a millionaire to move to South East Asia. You have to have \$600 a month. And you cannot live like a king, but you can live decently.

    In case you haven’t noticed, the tech millionaires all have bunkers in New Zealand and maybe you read anyone who can bring 50 million to NZ is buying citizenship.

    The 1 percent is starting to prepare to cut their losses in the US.

    That’s the thing most of these fools here don’t understand. They think that the plutocracy are actually going to hang around and fight the good fight. Or even the upper middle class. They won’t. They’ll take their money and flee to New Zealand or Australia.

    You average naive hick poster who supports GOP wars thinks the one percent love him and are uber-patriots.

    They don’t give a single fat rat’s ass.

    Southeast Asia will become a cut rate New Zealand for middle class and working class American men as the situation really declines in the US.

    Younger posters here have never been employed overseas or been overseas so they simply don’t know this. Their neighborhood is their world.

    • Replies: @gT
  20. @Linh Dinh

    Dear Mr Linh


    Remember the Twilight Zone episode “The Monsters on Mayberry Street”.

    This has been a test-run to see how long the riff-raff can be made to comply.

    After about a month, the masses will simply refuse to cooperate any longer.

    • Replies: @Truth
  21. Rollmop says:

    I don’t get why Linh Dinh imcluded anything from that whiny English twat. Standard anti-China-in-China expat rant. You can hear that crap anywhere. I’ve been hearing it for over twenty years, and naturally I’ve even produced some of it myself (see below). It’s of no value at all.

    As everyone here might have noticed, foreigners always end up bitching mercilessly about places that give them jobs and [often over-]pay their wages. It’s barely worth listening to.

    Foreigners always bitch.

  22. @suicidal_canadian

    From my understanding, the Chinese govt is very, very afraid of it’s population.

    Where as in all the west, the govt and politicians can literally fucked over the voters and nothing will happen.

    That is the difference. This is a huge and important
    difference. That is the reason why the Chinese govt is so much more responsive and responsible.

    I wish the US govt is as scared of the population as the Chinese govt fears it’s population.

  23. @Rollmop

    It fits the author’s narrative regarding the covid 19.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  24. Anonymous[371] • Disclaimer says:
    @Astuteobservor II

    And what is wrong with the narrative?

    Option 1: It originated in US, even though it did not have the same effect (young vapers vs old infirm) in US at all. Basically, this theory needs continuity legs which it really doesn’t have right now. It does have wooden stilts to carry it from Fort Detrick to Wuhan.

    Option 2: The CCP accepted version. A coronavirus jumped from a bat to something and to humans or maybe straight from bats to humans, but basically, it happened at a “wet market”. Issue here is that China, along with other criminal nations, have been working on making viruses more deadly to humans. “Because we want to find the cure for our man made diseases!” And for God’s sake, even publishing about “function gain” and patenting their creations. So the “wet market” theory is a complete whitewash of ALL countries involved in this sort of evil (?) undertakings.

    Option 3: Mr. Unz’s “theory” based on his established “abdoman probability science” that it was a “bioweapon” by US. In his version of the theory, the timing of the outbreak in China shows that is must have been an attack that went bad and virus came home to Western Mama. So what’s wrong with this theory? Well, for one, whoever is timing the attack has to have a very good idea about its behavior when released to time it ‘just right’ in time for the New Year celebrations in China. I think we can safely discount an accurate model for a novel virus that had not been test released elsewhere, say in Africa first to get the propagation model right. Counter to this, we consider that for the infection spread to reach alarming levels at a given interval in calendar year (around the time before New Year, say a time window of a handful of days) it must have been released/leaked/jumped at an interval of time prior to this event. How long back we really don’t care for a basic back of the envelope calculation. For event X to occur on a given calendar day the probability is 1/365. This X day is the day of release/leak/jump. Given that the effect of X — epidemic pattern before New Year — doesn’t literally have to be on X+delta-days we note that an interval with X somewhere in the middle is the ‘interval’ of release/leak/jump. Since this nCov has an incubation period of 14 days, let’s just say that in a 14 day period at some point prior to New Year, the virus must have started spreading. So that’s p = 14/365. So a fair probability that it leaked, accidentally, during a period that would then result in signs of an epidemic a few months later.

    Option 4: A CCP made virus in their labs was released by accident. At first they tried to supress it and then went overboard. When deep in the overboard mode, it became clear that this is NOT the plague. Bummer for CCP. They just shut down Wuham and are gonna take a lot of shit for this, so why not convince everybody else to go overboard? Enter WHO.

    Option 5: The Illuminati had plans for this for like ages, as part of the transition from US domination to direct cabal control via hopelessly corrupt and opaque “interanational organizations”. CCP stakeholders in SPECTRE then coordinate with partners in West on the side lines of Event201. A virus of known affinity for “useless eaters” is released in Wuhan, CCP propaganda goes to work on Chinese with “dissident whistleblower”, and videos of people dropping in the streets in Chinese social mdia. A show is made of harrassing the “whistleblower” and then he is dead dead dead. CCP apologized to the dead nobody!!! This has NEVER happened before. So, in this option, CCP is actually scaring its own population into compliance and setting the stage for their partners in the West to play along. 2 years later the planet wakes up to a New Order and Your Digital Papers Please or Else!

  25. anon[371] • Disclaimer says:

    Forgot option 6!

    Option 6: It is truly all just a major global clusterfuck. No evil intentions by anyone, but simply a side effect of the actual calibre of “scientists”, leadership and governance in this planet in 21st century A.D. On the face of it, this may seem like the optimistic option, but thinking this through a bit, we note that the same idiots worldwide also have their fingers on militaries that wield weapons of mass destruction, so possibly the most pessimistic consideration.

    • Replies: @The Alarmist
  26. Anonymous[355] • Disclaimer says:

    Thanks for the article, Linh.

    Swiss Propaganda Research has updated again and shows more and more scientists speaking out against this fear pandemic:

  27. Rooster2 says:

    The Stanford Covid-19 Study shows that the actual number of infections is 50 to 80 times the confirmed cases. This means that the disease is highly infectious, but only slightly more deadly than the seasonal flu.

    Sub-humans like yourself, with below average IQ’s have no choice but to attach your beliefs to the false narratives put out by the propaganda masters. However, those of us who can digest simple statistics can see this for the political/media operative that it’s turned into.

    • Replies: @anon
    , @obwandiyag
  28. North Korea has no cases? May be they put the virus into China … is King Kim dead from it?

    • Replies: @padre
  29. I live in Ottawa Ontario CANADA and the author of the above article is an outright liar when it comes to the fatalities in Ontario. First off, our Retirement Homes & Long Term Care Homes are all experiencing Six Sigma crashes of their elderly populations. Moreover, we all know that fatalities in the old age cohort are extremes compared to the overall population, but in CANADA we actually give a shit about our citizens in contradistinction to the deplorable blowhards & ignorant buffoons that support the Orange Oaf and his disinfectant drunken meandering of senility & early onset dementia.

    nCov-19 is a Gain-of-Function Dual Use man made bioweaponized nCorona deadly pathogen that was manufactured in a BSL-4 laboratory that was fucking funded by the God damned Orange Oaf & BIG Pharmacology.


    • Disagree: Biff
  30. anon[371] • Disclaimer says:

    Just posting that for others to have complete information. We don’t want to play the game played by our lords and masters. We’re all in this together! (For motivation to stick around, think of all the fun we’re gonna have chopping heads after the revolution! Committe for Public Safety, indeed 🙂

    That said, my skimming of the above noted that a lot of the objections raised here could have been even more rigorously made against the official narrative, to say nothing of that peer reviewed (not!) paper from the Imperial College.

    Main assumption in the Columbia’s critique of Stanford is that the lock down in US happened before the virus circulated widely. But when considering the long period of non-action in US and months of travel between China and US (to say nothing of other transit air travellers), and if we are to take the alarming contagious characteristics of this virus which includes aerosals and fomites, then how did this thing NOT spread widely in US before the medical martial law?

    Another criticism is “selection bias”. This is interesting, since in NYC we’re certainly not randomly testing people. There is huge selection bias for the adversely affected infected. But Columbia apparently doesn’t think that is significant.

    So again, the Columbia rebuttal is noted here in our collective interest in fair and comprehensive data and analysis regarding the spectre that is haunting our future, and far more importantly, the future happiness and freedom of ALL future generations for the foreseeable future.

  31. Coronavirus is one of the biggest scams ever pulled off on the American people and is a psyops to usher in UN Agenda 2030 aka a zionist NWO.

  32. Anonymous[509] • Disclaimer says:

    The mental illness on this forum is strong.

    • Replies: @anon
  33. Anon[603] • Disclaimer says:
    @Robert White

    If you believe Bad Orange Man has any real power you are powerfully deluded. Terminal TDS.

    Trump was going to curtail immigration. He was going to Pull out of the Middle-east. There are lots of things Bad Orange Man would do if he was actually in charge. He is not allowed to do anything, because he’s merely a figurehead. You may or may not like Bad Orange Man’s style or aesthetic, but investing too much energy focusing on Bad Orange Man indicates that you are a contemptible simpleton.

    • Disagree: Robert White
    • Replies: @WJ
  34. Truth says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    …it’s been six weeks.

  35. padre says:
    @Really No Shit

    What business of yours is that?Are they obliged to tell you about their fatalities, so you can say I knew it?And besides that, whatever they said,you would say they lied!

  36. @obwandiyag

    Many deaths are falsely being attributed to COVID-19; the only way to judge whether there is now a pandemic is to compare the number of deaths from all causes this year with the number of such deaths in other years. By doing so one discovers, so I have heard, that the numbers are roughly the same. That leads to the conclusion that COVID-19 is no worse than the ordinary flu…at least in the short term. What the long-term consequences of COVID-19 will be remains to be seen. E.g., if it causes permanent damage to the lungs, the long-term consequences of it may be worse than those of the ordinary flu.

    • Replies: @obwandiyag
  37. anon[604] • Disclaimer says:

    The mental illness on this forum is strong.

    There was also an epidemic of “mental illness” in USSR.

    It is interesting how the “mentally ill” come out of the woodwork whenever ‘well meaning few’ use all instruments of power, control, and information to force changes in human behavior.

  38. WJ says:

    He did less than he said he would do, however he didn’t:
    -Sign a mass amnesty for the 40 million illegals which seemed inevitable if HRC had won
    -Start any new conflict in the ME. He didn’t get conned into a surge in Afghanistan as Obama did.

    Don’t let perfect be the enemy of mediocre.

  39. @Richard B

    I too live in South America, but trust in the government is far from universal. I live in a small village in a valley that is about 45 km (30 miles) from one end to the other. To date, not one documented case of IT, but police are forbidding transit on the one highway unless one has a permit from the police.This is generating growing resentment.

    I do know someone who has had the disease: my 44 yr old daughter, who was tested and found to have the antibodies. She lives In Puerto Rico but apparently caught it in NYC while on a business trip in February: “I had a sore throat for a while there, but I thought it was a cold. Humf.”.

    In my own village, I walk all over the place, don’t wear a mask and it’s maybe 70-30 non-mask vs.mask with respect to the people I see. Lots of propaganda, but having less and less effect; definitely reaching the point of diminishing returns.

    • Replies: @Republic
  40. Aussie J. says:

    Re: Mr Rudmin:

    “I have written to several of our CBC (Canada’s public broadcaster) journalists, that they have to ask medical experts, “Please tell us more about the studies that show what you just said is true.”

    CBC is owned in part by NATO’s shareholders, even if they receive more than 1.5 billion/yr from the taxpayer, which is extortion to my view point. The day after the ”Novichok” incident, CBC immediately started to repeat 24/24 that Russia was responsible, as its cousin the BBC. Then, they became totally silent about this, and we found more details about this Kosova’s nurse from Porta Down on US news outlets like Ahtribune. Speaking of Kosovo, the CBC is totally silent on the current “bras-de-fer” between Trudeau’s friend, Kosovo’s Hashim Taschi and Russia in the Balkans.

    d) When I hear or read reports negative of China, I discount them as a continuation of pre-virus vilification of China and Xi, in concert with similar projects against Russia, Iran, and Venezuela.

    Not surprising as Canada is in service to the Pentagon for the US/UK NATO:

    Arms firms swarm decision makers
    By Y. Engler

    “Arms companies’ constantly lobby MPs and DND officials. In a “12-Month Lobbying Activity Search” of the Office of the Commissioner of Lobbying of Canada Lockheed Martin, CAE, Bombardier, General Dynamics, Raytheon, BAE, Boeing and Airbus Defence were listed dozens of times. Lockheed Martin’s name alone appeared 40 times in a recent search.”

  41. @Bob Gwen

    I think everyone over a certain age got the smallpox vacc and yeah, it leaves a little circular scar. If you’re old enough to have one, you’ll remember what a “personal pan pizza” was, and that’s what the little scar looked like when the vaccine was taking hold. Just nasty. The scab would come off each night in the shower, and form a new one each day. Yuck! I remember standing in a curious formation with each of us just wearing our T-shirts above the belt, with the left sleeve folded up so an office type could look at all of our suppurating sores and see that they were coming along nicely.

    The Army liked giving you shots, and somehow I think I got second servings on some. There was one, for yellow fever I think, that hurt like hell. You could tell someone had gotten it because they’d be walking around with their left arm held funny because of the pain. The needle felt like a pencil going in. And there was one for plague? Or was it an acronym, like PLAG?

    But yeah it’s smallpox vaccinations that leave that little round scar, not for TB. There was a worry that the commies would hit us with weaponized smallpox.

  42. “I had been loathed ”

    Probably true, if that is the standard of English you teach.
    “I had been loathe ”

    • Replies: @The Alarmist
  43. @Rooster2

    You incredible cretin shill. You lie through your teeth. Your every word is a lie, including “the.” You lie with your mouth shut. Your very existence is a lie. And besides you can’t even read.

    It’s always the dumbbells who start whinging on about IQ.

  44. Truth says:
    @Bob Gwen

    How does he know they got it? There is no test for “it.”

  45. @George F. Held

    Many more coronavirus deaths and even more coronavirus incidences of infection, go un-, that’s un-counted. And the damage isn’t just to the lungs. It’s to all the internal organs. Including the brain, which I think has already happened to a number of commentators on here.

  46. gT says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    I was going to hit you with a typical “So you just want to abandon Europe to the Muslims and the USA to the Chollos” type of reply, but then I read this comment about the failing West.

    “So what is the Alt-Right to do? Say “The end is near”, there isn’t anything much we can do?

    Some Alt-Right sites do say exactly that, or talk about surviving and profiting form “hard times” without mentioning any basic changes to society, and some say that salvation lies in other countries.

    That is about the mix you’d expect.

    Me? I say get out of the failing areas and good luck in finding some way to support yourself. This is a “muddling through”, which means I have no idea except to avoid obvious bad situations. As I said earlier, there isn’t any known successful strategy.”

    So you looked for salvation in other countries and Alex is muddling through. So for Alt-Right types moving overseas is acceptable I guess, but then again the Alt-Right is not explicitly anti-Globalist, nor is it explicitly anti-anything, it is an hermaphrodite.

  47. Republic says:

    I read from one of your earlier comments that you live in tranlasierra,which is about 90 miles from Cordoba.
    That city has had some deaths from the Wuhan virus.

    You live in a nice area, I have visited it.

    • Replies: @Montefrío
  48. Poco says:
    @Robert White

    The canadian gubmint wuvs you.

    • Agree: Robert White
  49. Thim says:

    One correction. Georgia is not the first state to open up. Five states stayed sane and never shut down: Iowa, North Dakoda, South Dakoda, Nebraska. And Arkansas.

    • Replies: @follyofwar
  50. @Franz

    Why don’t they cremate them instead? Is that not more hyegenic, plus it saves a lot of wasted space?

    • Agree: Current History
    • Replies: @Franz
  51. Hello Linh, Here’s an article about the ‘mass graves’. The MSM sensationalized a fact of life in NYC –
    I highly recommend the videos of James Corbett on Covid and any topic he analyzes –

  52. Anon[346] • Disclaimer says:

    The virus was developed in n.k and released in china.Just a quick little back stab.

  53. One Tribe says:
    @Robert White

    I should first like to extend my thanks to Lihn Dihn, for ongoing efforts in reporting on world affairs in a fact-based fashion in great enjoyability and readability, especially under the ongoing deplatforming efforts of the enemies of humanity.

    You are, of course, entitled to your opinion, but vehemently labeling a transcript from someone you don’t agree with as an “outright liar” is a little too intolerant and righteous.

    Your quote, “…our Retirement Homes & Long Term Care Homes are all experiencing Six Sigma crashes of their elderly populations. Moreover, we all know that fatalities in the old age cohort are extremes compared to the overall population, but in CANADA we actually give a shit about our citizens…” is righteous and a little bit hypocritical, to say the least.

    First off, our Retirement Homes & Long Term Care Homes are all experiencing Six Sigma crashes of their elderly populations. …we actually give a shit about our citizens…
    Where were you, I and the rest of the bellowing righteous as the Retirement Homes & Long Term Care Homes were structured according the the ideals of the parasitic class, using predatory and what I believe to be unethical employment practices in maintaining a below-poverty compensation scheme, disallowing any full time employment for the front line workers in the industry, so as, one would presume, to keep them vulnerable for ongoing predation?!
    The absence of addressing this before now throws cold water on the righteous assertion that “…in CANADA we actually give a shit about our citizens…

    Secondly, “…experiencing Six Sigma crashes of their elderly populations…”?!
    Are there two implicit assumption here?!
    1. the crash in the cohort is dramatically statistically provable to be above and beyond the normal attrition/morbidity rate of the cohort?!
    and if so:
    2. the increased mortality is a direct result of the pathogen in question?

    A don’t mean to be a stickler, but there is no verifiable scientifically cogent evidence which has been presented which affirms these claims in any way.

    In fact, in terms of replicatable, quantitative evidence, there has been precious little presented.

    Furthermore, even the standards for measurements which have been presented have NEVER been presented with definitions and any verification of uniformity of measurement, i.e. diagnoses of the ailment (which ailment, is there multiple antigens related to what is being called COVID-19, i.e. variants, or are there multiple pathogens at work?!)

    The entire event has all of the hallmarks of a mass perception-management/behaviour modification campaign to stifle popular uprisings associated with the extreme mismanagement of society and economics, which favour, at everyone else’s expense, the extremely wealthy.

    The anecdotes presented here are just as valid as your view point, and your comment would be much more effective without the overwhelming righteousness.

  54. Franz says:

    Why don’t they cremate them instead? Is that not more hyegenic, plus it saves a lot of wasted space?

    I would. In fact the wife and I paid the “cremation insurance bill” on our tenth anniversary so our ashes could be scatttered over the river we both played on as kids.

    My guess is all the indigent burial laws are old. Only two generations back there were severe religious taboos against cremation.

    I guess it’s a cultural thing too. In the East, the body was perfumed, embalmed, and so on, to be buried for Eternity. The Greeks just put a cheap copper coins on the corpse’s eyes and threw in a match. I agree with the Greeks.

    • Replies: @RT
  55. @Thim

    Per the LA Times (4-22-20) Oklahoma, Utah, and Wyoming have also not issued stay-at-home orders.

    However, all have closed schools, some non-essential businesses, and on-site dining. IMO, why close the schools? With very, very few exceptions kids don’t die from the virus. Are we sacrificing our children’s future (we are told they could be carriers) so that the old and sick might live a little longer?

    • Replies: @Current History
  56. @Rollmop

    “I don’t get why Linh Dinh imcluded anything from that whiny English twat. Standard anti-China-in-China expat rant.”

    The Brits hate China with a passion. The Hong Kong handover was particularly painful for them. They simply cannot get over the fact that their days of mercilessly exploiting other nations are finally, thankfully, coming to a close.

    The ex-pat British asshole that Linh allowed to pollute the article and spew his anti-China racist bullshit represents a large segment of British thinking.

    When we were living in New Zealand it was so common it was nauseating. My wife is from China, but spent the vast majority of her life in the USA, has been a US citizen for over 40 years, was a very successful engineer at Apple Computers, and is 100% banana (yellow on the outside, white on the inside). Didn’t matter. We encountered far too much racism in how she was treated during our many years of residency. It was very disheartening, but quite enlightening. But it’s not just the Chinese they hate. Anyone who threw off their colonial yoke was likewise despised and ridiculed as often as possible.

    Over and over (after a few drinks, usually) I would be subject to long, highly emotional Kiwi rants about how all these yellow and brown skinned inferiors (e.g., China, India, etc.) owed everything they would ever have to the beneficent rule that the Brits imposed on them, so generously taking up “the white man’s burden” and selflessly bringing them the unlimited virtues and benefits of living under the whip and crop of their naturally superior colonial masters. It was hard not vomit as they droned and moaned on and on with their pitifully (and delusionally) self-righteous drivel……

    (Regardless, we still love Linh Dinh!)

    • Replies: @Yellow Frogg
  57. vot tak says:

    “In New York City, at least two journalists have had their drones confiscated as they tried to photograph mass burials on Hart Island. An image by George Steinmetz shows a long and deep trench with an aluminum ladder. There are nude trees, a broken chapel, large puddles everywhere and workers standing on stacks of plywood coffins.”

    IE: this nonsense worked for the zionazi-(very) gay daily mail, lets run with it. Saker did, though he shut off comments so people wouldn’t point out the source.

  58. @Robert White

    Yeah, you sound like somebody from Ottawa.

    A total retard and left wing loser, living off the government teat.

    • Agree: Robert White
  59. @gT

    As an individual white man, moving overseas might be alright. However it would be disastrous for the white demographics as a whole, as it’s presumed that most of the white men living overseas would take Asian wives. Again, can’t blame them on the individual level but race mixing is a dangerous thing.

    Also, the only reason whites can live overseas is that we currently have strong government protecting us. They know not to mess with Gringo because the USA is still enforcing some kind of order around the world.

    If the USA becomes so bad that working class whites want to flee en masse, it will also no longer be able to enforce order across the world. The Gringos will go from “annoying but tolerated foreigners” to “being hunted for sport” in short order.

    No, the solution is to develop white communities right here and organize ourselves. Canada is my home and I’d rather die here than live in South East Asia.

  60. @Mustapha Mond

    I totally agree. I live in Canada. The racism and arrogance of the Brits towards other people have no limits. Cheating, manipulating, stealing, lying, killing, bombing, they haze ZERO problem with that.

    Decade after decade, they buy useful idiots according to Mackinder’s doctrine, in every country they colonized, and it’s particularly evident and hilarious, or more often nauseating, here in the Quebec province, when you’re hearing franco-quebecers proudly speaking and singing in English on the CBC, just to show how good, servile, and obedient petits soldats of the Crown (Corona?), i.e., Her Majesty they are.

    In fact, this relationship between the Brits and colonized people like Quebecers, though totally insane, is very stable in that it didn’t change since 1759, and will never change, because of the reasons explained in Albert Memri’s great work:

    Portrait du colonisé, précédé du portrait du colonisateuré_du_portrait_du_colonisateur

    ”À la lumière de son expérience personnelle de Tunisien de confession juive ou de juif tunisien, ayant donc connu les colonisateurs –, Albert Memmi a montré dans son “Portrait du colonisé” précédé du “Portrait du colonisateur” que les colonisés et colonisateurs étaient inscrits dans une perpétuelle interdépendance, liée au système colonial, ne pouvant se définir que les uns par rapport aux autres.”

  61. RT says:

    It should be forbidden human ashes to be scatterd over rivers where other kids play. Or in the air, from bridges, roofs etc. where said ashes can get into human lungs.

    • Disagree: Biff
    • Replies: @Franz
  62. @gT

    You’re a rural Brit. Count your blessings. No Cholos there. Not even Pakistanis. Maybe some Irish travelers, that is it.

    I’ve been wandering this planet for decades and I can usually decode someone’s geographic perspective in seconds.

    You’d be rural English. So you’re hardly in Alex’s position.

    • Replies: @gT
  63. @LoutishAngloQuebecker

    Yes, but as I have posited before many Canadians are already racially mixed. Especially in Quebec. Anglo-Canadians less so. In big cities like Toronto the people are generally more likely to be Irish, Scottish, Portuguese, Greek or Italian. But old stock Canadians have Native blood. When you think about it, Canada was once an Asian country (Aboriginals being descended from some sort of Asians) and Europeans moved to Canada and married them. Same as whites in Thailand.

    In Southeast Asia, nobody cares about the US. A few Americans believe that, and find out otherwise that no matter how much AID the US gives to these countries they don’t care. You’re under the laws and jurisdiction of Asia. A few Americans find this out.

    Take Ken for example. Ken was in his sixties and married a very beautiful 23 year old girl from the mountains. He spent \$1,000,000 and, because he was an ex-architect, he designed a hotel for them. The hotel started to do decent business, but his 23 year old wife began to fool around. Ken confronted her. The law in the Philippines is simply that foreigners cannot own property. She kicked him out while kissing her boyfriend in front of him. Ken was on the streets penniless for a few days, because he got kicked out without his ATM card. She tried to find the number, couldn’t, tore it up. While he was sleeping in a hammock, Filipinos came along and stole his cell phone and his shoes and his pants. Ken was able to come to another America friend’s house and get cleaned up and a bunch of Americans talked his wife into letting have his passport and bank card so he could leave the Philippines. But he lost \$1,000,000.

    Then there was Vegas Leighton. Leighton had been a scrap dealer in Nevada and was in his fifties when he met a Filipino nurse. They fell in love, or he did. She convinced him to buy her a house. He used his savings to do so. They planned to marry. When Leighton arrived in the Philippines, her husband was sitting in the house he had built for her. She was already married, and had no intention of divorcing her Filipino husband. It was a scam.

    One Canadian shot 3 people in the Cebu Palace of Justice in 2013 because he was scammed. And then himself. You can read about it. There is no protection overseas.

    But mostly, it is Americans who do something stupid overseas. They believe their own press that the USA enforces laws overseas and that this would matter on the street level in individual cases. Believe me, it doesn’t.

    Asians don’t dislike white foreigners. They don’t really care. Possibly whites are more dislike in Latin America, but not Asia.

  64. @LoutishAngloQuebecker

    “If the USA becomes so bad that working class whites want to flee en masse, it will also no longer be able to enforce order across the world. The Gringos will go from “annoying but tolerated foreigners” to “being hunted for sport” in short order.”

    – Indeed. That’s my observation of Hawaii. In the late 60s when we moved there, the economy was going great, and the hated “haole” didn’t seem so bad when you had a good union job and your pay was going up each year, and there was social mobility. Now, like the rest of the US, there’s no social mobility any more, and the anger is rising. The “haole” makes a handy scapegoat. A lot that happens there isn’t talked about on the news.

    “No, the solution is to develop white communities right here and organize ourselves. Canada is my home and I’d rather die here than live in South East Asia.”

    – Two problems here. First, whites, or at least WASP type whites are their own worst enemies and don’t work together. Second, Stryker has told you you live in rural England, and he knows you better because yadda yadda neurolinguistic programming or something. Get your ass to rural England, right away!

  65. Jatt Arya says:

    I’d rather die here

    That can be arranged||

  66. Franz says:

    It should be forbidden human ashes to be scatterd over rivers where other kids play. Or in the air, from bridges, roofs etc. where said ashes can get into human lungs.

    It don’t work like that.

    You take it to the Parks Department, who sluice it in at an appropriate bend in the river. Ashes are sterile and just join the silt. Every area has it’s own policy, check with local authorities.

    Also, FYI, give the cremation people the word to toss your bones. Bones do not burn, and when ground down to join the ashes (as burial or urn people prefer) it adds some insane amount of weight and bulk to the mix; you only want the ashes. Ground human bones are fine for road work. Let the highway department use them.

    The wife and I already chatted with a neighbor Park Ranger and we know just the spot; isolated in a steep rocky gorge. No kids, not even very much in the way of water fowl.

    “Scattering the ashes” is just a figure of speech. Sometimes it’s accurate. As a veteran (unless this has been changed) I can have them scattered wherever my branch (navy) flies aircraft. There’s a tiny little nozzle that fits on an aircraft’s exhaust. Anywhere in the world the US Navy flies, I can have them blow my ashes out a pipe and down to the sea. Atlantic, Pacific, Med… as long as they go there. I won’t but it does tempt some vets.

    • Replies: @RT
  67. gT says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    You’ve obviously have never been to South Africa Jeff. Here we are officially the “Rainbow Nation of God” but unofficially we are all just waiting for reality and practicality to kick in when our biggest tribe gets annoyed with the irritating minority in its midst yet again, then a nice sort of federation with strict inter-border policies can be arranged, or even outright independence for some regions.

    Everybody in South Africa knows which tribe belongs where, even the tribes themselves know that. There is one confused melatonin deficient tribe though, it doesn’t seem to want to know in which regions it is part of the natural fauna and flora, in which regions it is welcomed even though it’s not part of the fauna and flora, and in which regions it is going to experience never ending challenges. Let them learn how expensive education is.

    Anyway, I love South Africa and ain’t moving nowhere.

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  68. @alex in San Jose AKA Digital Detroit



    I was responding to Mr. GT. Obviously, the man you’re replying to is a Canadian. As his byline states.

    If Canada is Mr. Anglo’s home and he loves it more power to him. I should add that the average Canadian won’t cross the border into Detroit because it so dangerous, or Buffalo.

    He had free healthcare, won’t starve to death and probably holds a decent job. So why worry?

    Parts of Northern Canada are poor-where the Natives live. But not down South where he is.

    I’d heard going back decades that Hawaiians disliked whites.

    Social mobility is a joke now. Not just in the US but everywhere. The glass ceiling is well-established.

    Especially in states like Michigan. People there miss a month of work and they’re as poor as Indians.

    Canada has some immigrant problems but nothing like Cholos.

    So for a Canadian to talk to Americans who face serious risk in major cities is a bit unfair. Your average Canadian will drive 100 miles to go through a different border than Detroit.

    • Replies: @LoutishAngloQuebecker
  69. @gT

    I haven’t been to SA.

    Many do. I was in UK and Australia as a young man circa the year 2000 and many Boers were leaving for the same reason the Germans and Dutch who built Detroit left. The difference is that in Michigan, a heavily Dutch/German part of the world, you can move 40 miles and be out of harm’s way.

    I was about the same age they were and came from the same ethnic background (Dutch/German) and when these young Boers got talking it was the same sort of crimes. Crime and sexual assault.

    So they were all headed to Australia.

    They were luckier than I was. They got in. They told the same story I heard from all the people in Detroit. They were the same people as a matter of fact…Dutch and German mostly. Polish were poorer and many were trapped in Detroit.

    But the reasons were the same. Same reasons I heard from whites from Detroit my entire life I heard from SA Boers immigrating to Australia or California.

    But more power to you for having balls. Fight the good fight.

  70. @Republic

    Yes, thanks, it is a nice area! Glad you liked it on your visit. You must be an intrepid traveler, seeing as we see few non-Argentines here. Córdoba capital has had some deaths, mostly in an old age home. We keep a closed shop with respect to outsiders save for food deliveries and the like, but within the village we’re nearly all quite relaxed. Come again!

  71. RT says:

    How disgusting, low hygiene and lack of consideration for other people.

    • Replies: @Franz
  72. Reading comments I hadn’t seen earlier, I see that there are those who believe folks in the Third World are anti-white and will eat us at the first opportunity. SE Asia, maybe, although I have a friend in Thailand and he’s had no trouble, but didn’t marry a much younger woman either.

    I live in South America, am the only gringo (apart from my son) who lives in my village or in practically the entire zone and have never had any sort of problem, nor has my son. Then again, we’re both bilingual, so that makes a big difference. The country may be anti-Yankee, but on a one-on-one basis that’s not the case.

    One caveat: if you’re not at least fluent in the local language of the place to which you emigrate, you’d be best staying home. Plus which, it’s already very late in the game to consider going elsewhere.

  73. Franz says:

    How disgusting, low hygiene and lack of consideration for other people.

    I’ve always felt the same about sticking a corpse in a box and planting it, but to each his own.

  74. @alex in San Jose AKA Digital Detroit

    Now, like the rest of the US, there’s no social mobility any more, and the anger is rising.

    Is it really bad there for whites? What’s an example of something that a white would have to face on an average day?

    Seems like whites face discrimination in all the USA – try walking in the urban area of any large us metro. It’s blacks who will rob and beat you – probably worse than being called “haole” or whatever happens in Hawaii (though maybe it’s worse than I realize).

    I don’t live in rural England (Lol) but I do live in Montreal, Quebec. We’re getting flooded by Arabs and Haitians – they’re great for us because they speak french! Montreal is officially 65% white – a VERY optimistic figure. At least Quebeckers are unapologetically racist to all non-Quebeckers…. me included, ofc, as an Anglo. But the blacks and Arabs know how the “de souche” feel about them.

    I do agree that WASPS have a large problem and we just cannot work together. Well, I can, but as soon as you try any type of bonding with a fellow WASP they run away fast as they can.

  75. @Jeff Stryker

    Your average Canadian will drive 100 miles to go through a different border than Detroit.

    Complete Bullshit. I’ve crossed through both Buffalo and Detroit before. The Interstate connects from both sides of the border. No danger there. Nobody does that. We just stay in the Interstate.

    Canada is okay for now, but keep in mind we’re letting in 350,000 immigrants per year (going up to 400,000) soon and we only have a population of 38 million. Vast swaths, especially in the cities, are simply full of foreigners whether they are born in Canada or not. 2nd and 3rd generation feels even more alienated as they have no culture and white Canadian culture is pretty much dead, reserved for some rural hicks and UMC white folks.

    Most children of immigrants don’t even know what happened. All they know is:

    white man genocided peaceful natives -> lots of immigrants -> more immigrants -> global, multicultural tolerant paradise because of immigrants.

    Really sad here. At least we’re starting to see a massive divide between whites and non-whites. The whites are much more grounded because we know how we fit in the country and its history – it’s not taught at schools but we learn from our parents.

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  76. @LoutishAngloQuebecker

    “Is it really bad there for whites? What’s an example of something that a white would have to face on an average day?”

    – You get up where you’ve rented a room because as a white you can’t afford anything better. You have to be very quiet and careful because you can get evicted for making noise that a non-white can make with no problem. The other room-mates, except for one other, similarly scared, white, can stomp around and laugh etc. You can’t. Your breakfast is some Quick or Ovaltine in milks because it’s quiet, quick, and is just enough to keep you going. You go out to the bus stop where the bus blows right by you because you’re a “Fuckin’ haole” and the driver’s having a bad day. Fortunately you plan for this and the next bus picks you up and you get to work where you’re the least paid for being white. Your review is today and you’re told to your face that you won’t get a raise this year because you’re white and there’s only so much in the budget. You go to some cheap place for lunch, like maybe buy a bottle of kefir, and you are sure to have enough money because if you’re one penny short, no lunch for you. No slack given. You walk around a bit after guzzling your kefir, and you are ignored or given the “stink eye” – you’re just barely tolerated. Back to work there there are jokes and thinly veiled threats from co-workers. You’re only hired because you work everyone else into the ground. Outwork everyone else for less pay or you can just starve. You ride the bus home and get off at a different stop than your usual one to evade a “moke” who appears to be following you. Could be nothing; could be your getting knifed and tossed into some bushes. It’ll never make the news. You get back to your rooming house with half a small baked chicken or some Chinese roast pork (char siu) or whatever quick thing you decided to pick up at Foodland, plus a couple of carrots or a cucumber, that you shut yourself in your room and eat in there, quietly. You have to leave not a single crumb etc because the Japanese landlord goes into your room when you’re gone and inspects things and will chew you out if you leave a crumb. You have just enough energy to read or watch TV for an hour or two and then it’s bed time. You’ll get barked at for having your lights on after 10 anyway. All of this taken from my life.

    “Seems like whites face discrimination in all the USA – try walking in the urban area of any large us metro. It’s blacks who will rob and beat you – probably worse than being called “haole” or whatever happens in Hawaii (though maybe it’s worse than I realize).”

    – Oh yes, blacks are far worse. But you can pretty much sum it up with paint chips. Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders are pretty dark people, as dark as the usual run of US blacks. Your Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders are the most dangerous, brown types like Thais and Filipinos far less dangerous, Japanese and Chinese and so on far less, and whites a real mixed bag.

    “I don’t live in rural England (Lol) but I do live in Montreal, Quebec. We’re getting flooded by Arabs and Haitians – they’re great for us because they speak french! Montreal is officially 65% white – a VERY optimistic figure. At least Quebeckers are unapologetically racist to all non-Quebeckers…. me included, ofc, as an Anglo. But the blacks and Arabs know how the “de souche” feel about them.”

    – That’s sad to hear your area being so polluted. I understand the Anglo-hatred because Anglos are indeed very hate-able. They’re nasty backstabbers who don’t even give a shit about their own families much less any idea of ethnic or national identity. If I were tip-top at speaking French, I’d seriously consider going to Quebec and hate on the Anglos too.

    “I do agree that WASPS have a large problem and we just cannot work together. Well, I can, but as soon as you try any type of bonding with a fellow WASP they run away fast as they can.”

    – WASPS are really in some kind of dysfunctional culture. They’re like Iks who can read. There is no bonding with them at all; their interpersonal relations are really on the animal level of, “Can I Feed on it, do I have to Fight it, or can I Fuck it?” The Chinese are considered pretty mercenary but at least they have Confucianism and a sense that family means something. WASPS are really a bunch of fuckwits, blaming their disintegration on “da jooz” when the rot is from within.

  77. @LoutishAngloQuebecker

    Detroit and Niagra Falls US side are different. Many Canadians take their honeymoon in Buffalo on the US side of the Falls in Buffalo. Not many Canadians take their honeymoon in Detroit.

    Do they drive through Detroit from the 405? Yes. Do they stop in Detroit? No.

    Northern Canada is full of Natives. The immigrants really only live in the Southern cities like Toronto. None of them live in Northern Canada.

    You’d never know how many Lebanese or blacks lived in Montreal if you were three hours North.

    • Replies: @Plato's Dream
  78. @alex in San Jose AKA Digital Detroit

    These Australians who think having their country taken over by Asians is the best thing that ever happened should take note of all this.

    • Replies: @LoutishAngloQuebecker
  79. @anon

    I know, I know … Occam’s Razor argues for Option 6, but Option 5 is definitely more entertaining and comprehensible than option 6. We’d all like to think our betters “leaders” at least have some clue of what they are doing.

    BTW, back in the Cold War 1.0 days, we in the Armageddon Delivery Business used to refer to FEMA as FEEBLE.

  80. @Bill Jones

    No, people really loathed him.

  81. @alex in San Jose AKA Digital Detroit

    That sounds awful.

    Well, it’s coming everywhere soon enough. Whites don’t realize how hellish things will be for them as a minority. You lived the future, 20 years ago. I lived the future, a few years ago as well. My warnings fall on deaf ears.

    It’s hard to be sad for whites because the obvious truth has always been staring us in the face yet we as a race refuse to accept it. My “I told you so’s” will be a hollow victory as I have to live in the same hellhole as the rest of us.

    Whites don’t even disagree with what I say – their attitude is just “please leave me alone, I don’t want to think about it”.

    If I were tip-top at speaking French, I’d seriously consider going to Quebec and hate on the Anglos too.

    Yeah, my French is tip-top too but they still hate on me, since I’m an Anglo. Unless you’re a Quebecois “de souche” (AKA a real Quebecker) you’ll be shit on. That said it’s not as bad as what you describe in Hawaii. They’re good guys for the most part, but I’ll still never be one of them. If your French isn’t tip top as an Anglo they’ll either just not answer you, or switch to English.

    Question about Hawaii: why are the Japs so anti-white there? I’ve never really heard anti-white sentiment from them before (since WW2, at least).

  82. @Jeff Stryker

    They’re just waiting. Once enough of them are here we will realize what hell on earth the Asiatics live.

    Again: I’ve been warning whites for 5 years. They laugh at and ignore me. You and others have been warning for 20, 30, 60, 100 years.

    Apparently we whites just refuse to understand race.

  83. @LoutishAngloQuebecker

    The Japs never stopped being anti-white. They cry a fuckin’ river over the internment camps during WWII when they’re lucky we didn’t put ’em in extermination camps.

    But then, the Japs are pretty much against anyone who’s not a Jap. They’re universally hated in Asia and for good reason – they’ve treated every other Asian group like shit and I mean, medical experiments, slavery, starvation, live bayonet practice dummies…

    If you’re white they hate you, if you’re black they hate you, hell if you’re one of their internal “out groups” like the “burakumin” they hate you.

    You’ll never hear anti-white sentiment from Japs in Hawaii because they’re too slick for that. But you’ll find your college registration, car registration, etc etc papers “lost”. You’ll get hassled by a Jap cop and given a ticket because you were the one white in a group of 20-30 who cross when there’s no traffic around. Then when you go to the post office to get a money order to mail in your fine, the Jap behind the counter will interrogate you as to why you need a money order, and insist that theft is not a problem (probably wanted to steal the cash himself). Oh, and as a white you can’t get a job at that post office. Or the DMV, or any of those government jobs. You can’t work for a bank, you can’t work as a school teacher ….

    Yeah, it’s not like visiting Camden, NJ but the constant hassles, is micro-aggressions the term nowadays? – really get annoying.

    I have relatives living there and they (a) both married well so they’re insulated by a certain amount of money and don’t have to work on the local economy and (b) they live with a level of fear that’s foreign to me now. I kind of grew out of living so fearfully during all these years on the mainland. They’re scared of their neighbors, scared of almost everyone actually, and it’s only common sense given the realities of the place.

    As I’ve mentioned there are attempts at white homelands on the mainland US, such as Mormon areas, Amish areas, and Rawles’s “American Redoubt” but given that American whites are only good at fighting each other, not working together, they’re probably not very pleasant places to live.

    I’d go with the Mormons or the Amish, but you’ve got to go whole-hog. You’ve got to wear the clothes, do the rituals, observe the holidays, and fully be a member of the tribe to have the protection of the tribe. You can’t be a latte-sipping cosmopolitan wearing a banana hammock on the beach on the Sabbath day and expect the tribe to give a damn about you.

    The Amish, or similar groups, will actually take nice white people in: So you can go do that thing. But here’s the hitch: *it’s not easy* which is what makes them a cohesive group.

  84. Saggy says: • Website

    I posted a quote from LD on Facebook and this was the result …..

    This post goes against our Community Standards on spam

    About your post
    Today at 5:30 PM
    No one else can see your post. “Exiting an unprecedented era of excess and waste, we’re plunged into a much more constrained universe. Quite suddenly, life has become a nostalgia for living. Surely this can’t last, but don’t expect a recovery. With the global economic collapse just beginning, protests, riots and desperate fleeing will only intensify, and we’ll be lucky to escape war, for whatever that’s likely to erupt will be deceptively framed, as usual, and won’t solve any of the hoi polloi’s problems. Meanwhile, all is still relatively calm. As beaten down Americans wait for hours to receive emergency food, Nancy Pelosi Antoinette beamingly shows the world her stash of artisinal ice cream. With masks ubiquitous, smiles have mostly disappeared, but you can still hear laughters, if muffled. Wounded, the economy will lurch along in stops and starts, when not crawling on all fours. We’ll inhabit the afterimage of affluence.”

  85. Anonymous[355] • Disclaimer says:
    @alex in San Jose AKA Digital Detroit

    – WASPS are really in some kind of dysfunctional culture. They’re like Iks who can read. There is no bonding with them at all; their interpersonal relations are really on the animal level of, “Can I Feed on it, do I have to Fight it, or can I Fuck it?

    What’s your ideas on how to fix it? WASPS have so many achievements behind them that this dysfunction must have only recently become a hindrance. Their culture seems to be historically ok.

  86. @follyofwar

    Are we sacrificing our children’s future (we are told they could be carriers) so that the old and sick might live a little longer?

    There would have to be an accurate scientific chart created (if a genuinely accurate chart is possible) showing the number of increased deaths of the old and the sick in relation to children still being able to continue to go to school, and the country would have to decide at what number of deaths it’s a better situation that our kids graduate from high school at age 19 instead of 18 and because of this a lot more old/sick people don’t die from the coronavirus.

    • Replies: @Plato's Dream
  87. @Jeff Stryker

    Places like Edmonton, Calgary, Saskatoon may emerge as sanctuary cities for the fleeing whites.

  88. @Current History

    We are not “sacrificing our children’s futures”. What good would an extra few months of woke brainwashing do the kids, if their parents leave them orphans (or just destitute because a lot if people who “recover” from the virus are left incapacitated?)

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