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Black and Blonde
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Nowadays, the United States exports almost nothing but weapons, noises, images and attitudes, and among the last, the black ghetto, keeping it real, thug, gangsta life is being gobbled up eagerly by millions all over, from Jakarta to Istanbul, to Berlin. White, yellow or brown, many pose enthusiastically as dwellers of the American black ghetto.

Their fantasy makeover is derived entirely from music videos and Hollywood films. In East Germany, the catalyst was Beat Street, one of the first hip hop movies. Released in 1984, it was shown in East Germany merely a year later. Communist censors deemed it an indictment of Capitalism and the United States. To East German youths, however, it provided a mental escape from their Communist confinement. By spraying graffiti and break dancing, they could imagine themselves as living beyond the Iron Curtain.

Germany’s fascination and identification with American minorities started with the American Indian, whom many Germans still admire for his purity, simplicity and toughness. There is a saying, “An Indian feels no pain.” “Ein Indianer kennt keinen Schmerz.”

Just as the Germanic chieftain Arminius resisted Rome, defeating it in 9 AD, the Amerindian is seen as a heroic warrior against much superior force. He’s also the antidote to the white man’s corruptions. Of course, Germany is still very white and, in many ways, the epitome of white civilization. Nevertheless, there is a longing among many Germans, at least occasionally, to strip away the deforming gown of civilization and be savage. Pagan impulses tug at the brand name underpants of each German.

Since the Amerindian is the ideal man, his society must be perfect, or nearly so. A most curious German, Christian Prieber, even had a plan to turn a Cherokee settlement into Utopia. Born in Saxony in 1697, Prieber was chased out for his subversive ideas, so he fled to England, leaving behind his wife and children. In 1735, Prieber arrived in the New World. After brief stops in Savannah and Charleston, Prieber ended up by 1736 in Great Tellico, a Cherokee town in present-day Tennessee. Accepted into their community, he quickly became their counselor. Prieber’s residence with the Cherokees ended after seven years, however, when he was arrested by the British. Accused of being an agent for the French, Prieber died in jail a year later.

Ludovick Grant, an English trader, described the prisoner, “he is a very extraordinary Kind of a Creature; he is a little ugly Man, but speaks almost all Languages fluently, particularly English, Dutch, French, Latin and Indian; he talks very prophanely against all Religions, but chiefly against the Protestant; he was setting up a Town at the Foot of the Mountains among the Cherokees, which was to be a City of Refuge for all Criminals, Debtors, and Slaves who would fly thither from Justice or their Masters […] being a great Scholar he soon made himself master of their Tongue, and by his insinuating manner Indeavoured to gain their hearts. He trimm’d his hair in the indian manner & painted as they did going generally almost naked except a shirt & a Flap. He told these people that they had been strangely deluded, that they had been tricked out of a great part of their Land by the English […] He proposed to them a new System or plan of Government, that all things should be in common amongst them, that even their Wives should be so and that the Children should be looked upon as the Children of the public and be taken care of as such and not by their natural parents […] that they should admit into their Society Creeks & Catawbaws, French & English, all Colours and Complexions, in short all who were of these principles […] He enumerates many whimsical Privileges and natural Rights, as he calls them, which his citizens are to be entitled to, particularly dissolving Marriages and allowing Community of Women, and all Kinds of Licenciousness […] it is a Pity so much Wit is applied to so bad Purposes.”

There is no evidence the Cherokees went along with Prieber’s social engineering, though they did accept his practical advice on how to deal with the treacherous and exploitative white man. He also taught them English measurements of distance and weight. An enemy of private property, organized religion and the nuclear family, Prieber was a Communist before his time. His gravitation towards the Cherokees is further proof of his rejection of Western Civilization. The Indians also provided him with a more malleable clay, he thought, to sculpt his Utopian masterpiece.

The more one identifies with the primitive, the more one rejects the elaboration and refinement of advanced civilization. Germans are among the most civilized, and I don’t measure that by bombastic monuments, but by the subtlest civilized gestures. Outside the entrance of a shopping mall toilet, I noticed management had left bowls of water and dog food, and inside each bathroom stall at my university, there is a toilet bowl scrubber to use if necessary. Germans also rarely jaywalk or litter. Of course, they have also produced guys with names like Bach, Beckmann and Sebald. I work on Beethoven Street. Hey, rambling schmuck, and what about dudes with names like Mengele, Heydrich and, uh, Hitler?! I’m talking about civilization’s forms, not its moral contents. Except when they go berserk, Germans are among the most domesticated. In this, they resemble the Japanese. Both have been superbly toilet trained.


Urbanized and cultured, Germans miss their earthier, more savage selves, and this persistent longing has surfaced in movements such as Wandervogel [Wandering Bird], Völkisch [Folksy] and Blut and Boden [Blood and Soil], the last of which painted the Jew as a degenerate, urban egghead, and the true German as a rigorous, pure and timeless being that’s dirt coated, sun splashed and wind lashed, not unlike an American Indian. In the 70’s, some German anarchists dubbed themselves Stadtindianer, or Urban Indians. (They were modeled after an Italian group, Indiani Metropolitani. “We have unearthed the battle ax!” went a rallying cry. “Abbiamo dissotterrato l’ascia di guerra!”)

With the advent of hip hop, German malcontents have a contemporary role model. Instead of the mythical American Indian, they can now mimic American ghetto blacks, as purveyed by Hollywood. In Beat Street, there are many panoramas of the South Bronx, with its abandoned homes, garbage and graffiti. With no such slums, Germany didn’t look quite gritty or cool enough, so the ghetto had to be willed into being. So far, German graffiti sprayers, window breakers and litterers are only partially successful, but give them time. They’ll get there.

Leipzig’s most ghetto-like neighborhood is Connewitz, and it’s not because poor people live there, but because it’s a stronghold of Communists and Anarchists. There’s hardly a building that’s not repeatedly marred by spray paint, and most of the graffiti are free of political contents. It’s just vandalism. Defending it, a young female Leipziger explained to me, “They don’t really care about private property.” All of the mom and pops that make up the majority of Connewitz businesses must be repainted constantly. That this is such a huge waste of manpower and resources doesn’t bother the “green” progressives of Leipzig.

Broken Bank Windows, Connewitz neighborhood in Leipzig, Germany

Broken Bank Windows, Connewitz neighborhood in Leipzig, Germany

On December 12th, 2015, the left went violent when less than a hundred rightists marched through Connewitz. A thousand Communists, Anarchists and other self-proclaimed militants hurled stones and bottles, set fires, injured 69 cops, damaged 50 police vehicles and broke scores of windows in their own neighborhood. Banks, including local credit unions, were particularly targeted. As an indication of the German police’s restraint, none of the raging leftists were hurt, though 23 were arrested.

I walked through Connewitz the next afternoon. Seeing all the broken windows, I could easily picture a day when all of these businesses would be forced to evacuate, leaving this once lovely section to resemble the menacing and dismal black ghetto of the hip German rebel’s fantasy. You can’t be oppressed if you don’t dwell in the ghetto.

Rap has gone a long way since Beat Street. Though it is a diverse form, its most salient characteristic is aggression. One doesn’t even need to understand the lyrics to grasp this. With its extreme narcissism, glorification of violence and contempt for women, quite a bit of rap is also against any civilization, not just the white man’s. Other musical genres, such as punk and heavy metal, also flaunt anti-social attitudes, but they don’t have the circulation of rap, and some of their worst practitioners aren’t international icons.

Ya, ya, I’m just an old head who don’t know nothing about creativity. I’ve never heard of Blumio, the Japanese-German who fillets and fish wraps the news in rhymes, and I ain’t got no appreciation for the exhilarating, rapid fire flow of Samy Delux when he claims, quite rightly, of course, that he’s Germany’s best poet, “Ich bin so Schiller, so Goethe / So bitter, so böse / Noch immer der größte / Poet der hier lebt.” “I’m so Schiller, so Goethe / So acerbic, so wicked / Still the greatest / Poet who lives here.”

“STRAIGHT OUT OF CONNEWITZ sticker in Leipzig, Germany

One of the earliest German hip hop albums was called “Krauts with Attitude,” a clear nod to N.W.A., “Niggers with Attitude.” N.W.A. has become very mainstream, of course, as attested by the 2015 release of Straight out of Compton. Around Leipzig, I now see stickers and posters of seven masked German militants, under the heading “STRAIGHT OUT OF CONNEWITZ.”

With their hatred of the state, nation and law and order, German leftist radicals see American ghetto blacks, as portrayed in movies, music videos and newscasts, as kindred spirits. Of course, they have no familiarity with ordinary black folks who go to work and church, and cherish quite traditional values. Seeing blacks rioting in American cities, these Germans cheer and look forward to doing the same. Hating not just the worst aspects of civilization, but nearly all of it, they just want to tear everything down, for Utopia, you see, is just beyond the blood red horizon.

Street Graffiti in Berlin, Germany

Street Graffiti in Berlin, Germany

In Berlin, there’s a graffiti of a black man pointing a gun, “HANDS UP.”

Street Graffiti in Leipzig, Germany

Street Graffiti in Leipzig, Germany

In Leipzig, there’s a painted silhouette of a man hovering over an upturned skateboard, with a balloon tied to his wrist, “KILL COPS.”

In Leipzig, one end of a bench has, “NO BRAIN.” The other end, “HATE COPS.”

All of the anti-cop graffiti I’ve seen in Germany are written in English, by the way. This is only appropriate since many of these radicals’ firmest and most up-to-date beliefs have also been imported from the USA. Even the slogans are often the same, i.e., “NO MAN IS ILLEGAL.” Believing themselves so progressive, they’re actually just puppets of the empire. No Arminiuses, they’re bit players in Rome’s master scheme. Media masturbated, they’re preparing their own kind for rape.

Linh Dinh is the author of two books of stories, five of poems, and a novel, Love Like Hate. He’s tracking our deteriorating socialscape through his frequently updated photo blog, Postcards from the End of America.

• Category: Ideology • Tags: Amerindians, Germany, Rap Music 
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  1. Rap has gone a long way since Beat Street. Though it is a diverse form…

    I think not. It’s a monotonous, limited, primitive form of music and calling its trivial variations “diverse” gives it a credit it is not due.

  2. gdpbull says:

    Its the people far away from people who are perceived to be oppressed that have an unrealistic view of those people.

    I have lived in the south of the US for much of my life, and also in the US state of North Dakota, where some of my family is originally from.

    In ND, people have no illusions about Indians. The reservations are full of alcoholics, wife and children abusers, drug users, and environmental polluters. There is trash and garbage strewn all around. They laugh at the anti-litter commercials that show an Indian with tears in his eyes when he sees some litter. On the other hand, the ND people largely believe blacks are disadvantaged because they have been and still are discriminated against, and especially in the south.

    In the south, people have no illusions about blacks. They now do acknowledge that they were discriminated against, but they also know that’s used as an excuse by many blacks. They know blacks commit many more crimes, that many more white people are killed by blacks than blacks are killed by whites now days. On the other hand, most people in the south believe indians are in touch with the natural environment, understand the natural environment better than whites, and do not destroy the natural environment like whites do. Many view them as noble savages. Anyway, they have a somewhat romantic view of them.

    • Agree: Hubbub
  3. JEC says:

    Rap isn’t music. It’s just a form of juvenile and hateful shouting.

  4. I don’t look forward to it, but I do anticipate the day when people have had enough of this crap.

    There will never be a sustained movement of chaosticians from America’s urban slums into relatively peaceful (mostly white) surrounding places because the minute the cops stop bottling it up and the orcs try to raid the “countryside,” the residents will take off their gloves, set aside their restraint and exterminate the vermin.

    The AR15 isn’t the middle-class white guy’s Barbie Doll for nothing.

  5. Rehmat says:

    “Germans are among the most civilized”. Could it be the reason they were slaughtered by the rest of Europeans in WWI & WWII?

    However, pro-Israel German politician Dr. Gregor Gysi doesn’t believe in German being civilized people. He is leader of Germany’s third largest political party Die Linke since 2005, has called Germans NAZIS. He claimed that being Nazis, they can’t reproduce enough children – and thus have to depend on foreign immigrants. Listen to the idiot below.

    Germany has the lowest birth rate (0.9%) among European Union nations, which is not enough to maintain current level of country’s 82.6 million population. Gysi showed his pleasure of ultimate extinction of German race for what they did to European Jews in the past.

    After WW II, both Germanys had four million surplus women population and for a while both governments ignored polygamists in order to avoid widows and orphans forced to become prostitutes…

    • Replies: @Jim Christian
  6. Perhaps only a Vietnamese person or other non-German could write this, but it needs saying:
    Believing themselves so progressive, they’re actually just puppets of the empire. No Arminiuses, they’re bit players in Rome’s master scheme. Media masturbated, they’re preparing their own kind for rape.

  7. Enough is enough. It’s time for the Germans to go berserk again.

    • Replies: @scoops
  8. scoops says:
    @Laguna Beach Fogey

    f them! my grandfather came from Germany! he came here to get away from his own people who despise freedom and luv being sheeple! as he said the last German was born in 1946!

  9. “Nowadays, the United States exports almost nothing but weapons, noises, images and attitudes”

    You forgot bitter Vietnamese-American expats.

  10. Jason says:

    Nothing sillier than people who worship Siberian-Americans (i.e. “Native” Americans”).

  11. unit472 says:

    American counter culture has always had its European fans. The motorcycle hoodlum for example but unlike the ‘ghetto rapper’ you needed more than just attitude and a black leather jacket to be ‘authentic’, you needed a big motorcycle, preferably a Harley though a Triumph or BSA would do in a pinch, and they cost money. Maybe more than a lout on benefits can scrape together. Still, there are Euro chapters of American biker gangs all over Europe.

    Curiously, despite the huge popularity of British and American rock groups in Europe, Europe has not had much success in replicating this idiom, at least commercially. ABBA’s soft rock was about it. Like the motorcycle hoodlum and unlike the ‘rapper’ to be a modern rock n roller requires a bit more than shouting vulgar doggerel. You actually have to be quite good on an electric guitar to be a Stevie Ray Vaughan. This too maybe beyond the reach of the urban Euro leftist.

  12. JackOH says:

    Thanks, Linh. The last I visited Germany was in the 1990s, and I did see some faux-‘hood graffiti in Stralsund on the Baltic. I’m not sure I gave it much thought, as I knew the back-and-forth between Germany and the New World has been going on for a very long time.

    I’m okay with your long yardage observations (” . . . exports almost nothing but weapons . . .”.) because they offer real challenge. What kind of “image” does America actually project? On the up side, America, I think, projects the idea of a humane society of laws and individual merit, and some generalized sense of freedom and possibility. The down side? Well, you said it.

  13. Rap. The product of Negro consciousness that is so far beyond the pale of the European mind that it cannot be convincingly imitated and therefore appropriated–and so the European must stand outside of it and “admire” it from a distance–the fulfillment of Marcuse’s wet dreams.

    In Rap’s miscegenation, bloodthirstiness, voodoo chanting and jungle lust negroes have at last, finally, succeeded in creating an effigy of themselves that is so disgusting that white Euro society cannot digest it.

    There is a remarkable similarity between Rap’s lifestyle and the cultural customs observed and written about by the first white explorers and clergy who penetrated into deepest, darkest Africa. In Rap, American blacks have charted their regression to their natural level: animistic, jungle fever ridden, fetid with rancid body fluids, boozed and drugged into a bleary-eyed stupor and smeared with the blood of their rivals.

    Ain’t it Grand. They are so authentic that we can only stand on the sidelines and applaud.

    They have finally gone where whites can’t follow but now let them create a unique society for themselves in this, their sanctuary. They can’t do it, because Rap venerates values that have no Future. Blacks have painted themselves into a corner. Their increasingly frantic demands for relief by whites through bailouts and affirmative action testify to this.

    They made their beds, let them sleep in them.

  14. Re: “Of course, they have no familiarity with ordinary black folks who go to work and church, and cherish traditional values.”

    This very intelligent insight summarizes what social engineers dread for a European population (nation), that’s under going doses of confusion & convulsion, to hear and internalize. They want to shoot up (especially) young & vulnerable people’s veins with gangsta junk, and make them think that any American black families who go to work and attend church are hicks.

    Thank you once again, Linh, for helping to expose the global education program and vast drug scene that’s gradually fumigating the senses of ordinary folks and preparing the way for “Reservations” like the ones inhabited by vanquished Plains Indians and the ones displayed in Huxley’s “Brave New World. ”

    P.S. : I have sympathy for those who do not desire to excessively idealize the Native American Indian, past & present. However, there’s sparse discussion in the US about how, directly after the Civil War and slave emancipation, the U.S. military, under command of General William Tecumseh Sherman, marched west in order to force the Plains Indians into giving up their traditional game lands and accept Reservation housing.

    During the past 6-months in America, there was righteous clamor for taking down the Confederate flag displayed in public places, but very little is ever said about the glorified flag under which the Nez Perces were pursued far north eastward & had to surrender at Bear Paw Mountains…, and “sleep in beds” made by, nyuck-nyuck, their moral superiors.

    Thank you, Linh!

  15. anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    American cultural exports are toxic trash probably because it’s own internal culture is moronically lowbrow: Miley Cyrus, Kardashians, Jenner, tattoos, baseball caps worn backwards, slovenly dress, worship of athletes, gay marriage the #1 most important topic in the world, black crime and the Fergusoning of America, the increasing polarization of American life, rap music and gangsta subculture, the list goes on. There’s no higher culture here; half the guys are trying to look like ex-convicts, half of women’s greatest aspiration is to be a bimbo. Americans don’t like each other or at the very least don’t trust one another. That’s why so many aspire to live apart from others in suburbia and other farther-flung areas, they can keep to themselves and limit contact with others. A surprising number of people loathe their own families and steer clear of them as much as possible. Living in multicultural hell a person realizes there’s nothing appealing about it in the long run; a person might want to visit an Ottoman flea market but sooner or later they want to go back home. But there is no home to go back to anymore, it’s all gone. American life is shallow and artificial, just a Hollywood movie that’s rolling towards the final scene.

  16. Yevardian says:

    Lin Dinh is probably the best writer here along with Derbyshire and Anatoly Karlin. His articles always have a nuance and thoughtfulness to them that many others lack around here.

  17. @Rehmat

    Yeah, yeah, step on over to rehmat1 for a sampling of the truth, folks.

    • Replies: @Rehmat
    , @Rehmat
  18. Linh thanks for this article. I have to say I found you somewhat irritating at first but I kept reading anyways and your writing has really grown on me. This article is your best (that I’ve read) so far.

    I dont always agree with you but your third party analysis is quite valuable and I do sense a pain in your heart for what is being thrown away…even if its not exactly yours.

  19. Jefferson says:

    Rap music was invented by African American Baby Boomers. The members of The Sugar Hill Gang were all born in the 1950s and brought rap to the mainstream in 1979.

    So both the African American community and The Baby Boomer Generation can be blamed for the invention of rap music.

  20. jamie b. says:

    Thank you! I was just about to say the exact same thing (the word “monotonous” is in fact exactly what came to mind) Indeed, how could a ‘musical’ genre that rejects melody be anything other than monotonous?

  21. Rap is first of all a child of the technological innovations of the 80’s which made it possible for persons without any kind of musical ability to “make music” using tracks. It is a pity that was developed by subsaharan Africans, a group of people with over-average ability in making real popular music. But then again it fits that Rap is black music, as it proved to be the ultimate musical form to celebrate what subsaharan Africans can do better than anybody else. Somebody it was called having soul, another day being funky or cool, a few years ago it was swagger, I don´t know the newest term. It boils down to the special kind of sexual attractiveness of subsaharan African males, a quality they were maybe selected for in the last millennium. Doing rap for a black person essentially means: look, here I stand, with all my overwhelming self confidence, I do not need to sing, play a instrument, dance; no need to practice or perform, all I have to do is to stand here and speak. Non-blacks doing rap means: look here I stand, imagine I was black, how cool would that be?
    By the way talking of black and blonde…after reading the title I thought the article would cover the immense scale of black male / white female marriages / partnerships etc. in Germany.

  22. Che Guava says:

    I am not sure of which are and are not valid names in the Vietnamese dialect of Chinese, and whether Linh Dinh is only a pen name or not, and whether he reverses name order or not, but I generally love his writing.

    As for rap, I hate the current forms, had to turn the radio off last night for irritation at our japanese version.

    Mr. Dinh is correct about a range of sounds, if one is to consider hip-hop, scratching, and pop rap as part of the same genre.

    Grandmaster Flash Adventures on the Wheels of Steel was great pop.

    The same Flash sneering ‘Don’t Push me ‘cos I’m close to the edge, I’m trying not to lose my head’ was always irritating, obvious root of ‘Gangsta’ rap.

    The earlier Planet Rock by Africa Bambata was fun.

    As were the few good pieces by the Rocksteady Crew, later pieces like, e.g., Buffalo Stance from Neneh Cherry, great pop.

    Eminem, I hate him, in a consumer electronics shop, listened to a few of ‘songs’, also at a second-hand bookshop, his main game seems to be (or have been) a very strange mix of gay panic and encouragement to be homosexual. It sounds like that is what he really wants, as is so with many of his black contemporaries. They dream of same-sex anal sex, the ‘lyrics’ drip with it.

    Of course, the black ‘artists’ he attempts to compete with go much further with anti-women diatribes, but Eminem never falls far behind on that, either.

    The essential point of Mr. Dinh’s article is very sad, but very well put.

    At the peak of China’s ideological participation in the Cold War, particularly post rapprochement with Nixon, they took many students in from the same places and types of places as these invaders in Germany.

    It was a different world at the time, but so many ‘students’ behaved atrociously towards Chinese women, there were major riots against them by Chinese students, the CPC was not slow to slow that part of the international programs in response.

  23. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Niggaz in the hood,
    Hatefucking bitchez in the throat.

    Couldn’t resist. Carry on with your multi culti commie utopia, Germany.

  24. Red says:

    sehr scharfsinnig Kamarade. Danke

  25. The socialists have always been at war with one another. Recall the conflicts of the 1920’s and 1030’s. One branch wanted socialism only for Germans and the other branch wanted socialism for the whole world. Unfortunately the National Socialists after winning that internal conflict made the mistake of invading neighboring countries. That did not end very well for them.Many common German people believed in the propaganda of the German Superman.They found out that others could be as savage and even more savage then they were.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  26. Brilliant article, Linh. You put into words what I’ve been thinking for a long time. Germany’s brain is in New York.

  27. @Cloudbuster

    It’s not primitive music. It’s bad poetry.

  28. …in movements such as Wandervogel [Wandering Bird], Völkisch [Folksy] and Blut and Boden [Blood and Soil]

    You left out Freikörperkultur (FKK). They invented nudism, too.

  29. JackOH says:

    The Western musical and poetic canons are pretty elastic. Even rap is probably a part of them now. But, to my very inexpert ears, rap is rhythmically brutal and lyrically sadistic, and, as a social phenomenon among white folks, inexplicable. I wonder how a young German would intelligently compare “Bomben auf England” with rap outta Compton.

  30. I enjoyed reading this, thank you. People are free to be eccentric and grab parts of other cultures. Sometimes it works, look at all the wonderful ethnic food choices we have, sometimes it doesn’t but it’s still funny, Krauts in the hood, lol.

  31. Rehmat says:
    @Jim Christian

    I’m glad some Hasbara idiot got my point at least.

    Even though German have been forced to pay over \$93 billion as compensation to Israel for the European Jews their ancestors never killed – the Organized Jewry’s greed is not gone.

    Now, poor Angela Markel is blamed once again by the organized Jewry for not doing enough to confront the rising incidents of Jew hatred. As a record, Markel has never left an international forum without mentioning Holocaust and her resolution to fight so-called “anti-Semitism” not only in Germany but also in the rest of Europe. However, the European Jewish leaders know that every time they yell “anti-Semitism”, they receive additional millions of dollar from German government…..

    • Replies: @Jim Christian
  32. @Rehmat

    Not that I care, Ree-Matt, because no one else does, but that propensity of yours to get personal and profane when these people best you in every argument you make is hilarious. You especially make me laugh when you post a website with your fake-name on it. I’ve been watching and reading the past week, I haven’t said a word, but every single time all these folks get the best of you, when they put the lie to everything you write, you break out the “idiotic, fecal, Hasbara” tag on them.

    You’re a special type of low-IQ personailty on Unz, Ree-Matt (Or is it rehmat? No matter). By far, the lowest. Your writing, arguments and defeats in your every discussion with folks here the past week makes a casual observer wonder exactly what cave in the Yemeni or Afghan hills you broadcast from? And on which side of you is the Koran and which side your goat when you post this stuff?

    • Replies: @Rehmat
    , @Markus
  33. Sleep says:

    Wow, there’s so many metaphors for passivity in this article it’s really very depressing. And this was before the Köln rape story and the Germans’ collaboration with the rapists really hit the news, at least here. Apparently it’s becoming mainstream leftist belief now that protesting against a rape is “at least as bad” as rape, if the rapist happens to be an ethnic minority and the victim is white.

    On the plus side, an article containing the words “underpants”, “toilet trained”, and “masturbated” could easily have been a lot less edifying.

  34. “Nowadays, the United States exports almost nothing but weapons, noises, images and attitudes…”

    Actually not true. Your anti-Americanism is showing. And yes, I know, ’tis the fashion these days.

  35. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    “Nowadays, the United States exports almost nothing but weapons, noises, images and attitudes…”

    Actually that is not even close to being true. Your anti-Americanism is passé.

  36. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Well, third reich propaganda may have been so effective, because Germans never had much doubt about the savagery of some of the “others”.

  37. Aurelius says:

    The “Noble Savage” myth typically dissipates in direct proportion to proximity.

  38. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Hey Folks as a Black person with some training in the performing arts .(music, dance and theater) I also dislike most Hip-Hop as it’s unmusical , bombastic and lacks finesse.
    This unartful and low brow music is the product of (The Lack of Training). At my small Jr. and Sr. High School there were two bands two orchestras and two choirs. That same school has nothing today. Good arts programs educate both students and parents. These problems are due to the Black community not pulling our culture up by it’s bootstraps. That being said,I love Hip Hop for it’s fierceness. The beats. The attitude. The fact that it is on every continent in most languages. Any art form that pisses off our political and cultural enemies should be commended.

    • Replies: @Jonathan Mason
  39. Rehmat says:
    @Jim Christian

    Pardon me Moshe if I stepped too hard on your on your Zionist nerves.

    In December 2013, Anti-Defamation League and Simon Wiesenthal Center blasted the rock star Roger Waters for comparing Israel to Nazi Germany. ADL, which had defended Waters from charges of antisemitism in the past as Waters is known critic of Muslims too. But now Abraham Foxman says ‘enough is enough’. He blamed Waters of practicing “conspiratorial antisemitism”. On the other hand, Simon Wiesenthal Center, slamed Waters for his anti-Israel remarks and ranked him in ten top antisemites of 2013.

    The latest character-assassination of Roger Waters by the Jewish Lobby was in response to the interview he gave to the CounterPunch magazine. During the interview Waters compared Israel to the Nazi Germany.

    “Where I live, in the USA, I think, A: they are frightened and B: I think the propaganda machine that starts in Israeli schools and that continues through all the Netanyahu’s bluster is poured all over the United States, not just Fox but also CNN and in fact in all the mainstream media. It’s like a huge bucket of crap that they are pouring into the mouth of a gullible public in my view, when they say “we are afraid of Iran, it is going to get nuclear weapons…”. It’s a diversionary tactic. The lie that they have told for the last 20 years is “Oh, we want to make peace”, you know and they talk about Clinton and Arafat and Barak being in Camp David and that they came very close to agreeing, and the story that they sold was “Oh Arafat fucked it all up”. Well, no, he did not. This is not the story. The fact of the matter is no Israeli government has been serious about creating a Palestinian state since 1948. They’ve always had the Ben Gurion agenda of kicking all the Arabs out of the country and becoming greater Israel. They tell a lie as part of their propaganda machinery whilst doing the other thing but they have been doing it so obviously in the last 10 years . For instance, even after when Obama went to Cairo and made that speech about Arabs and the Israelis, everybody was like “Oh, this is a step in a new direction at least”. But as soon as he visited Israel, they said. “Oh by the way, we are building another 1200 settlements”. Exactly the same when Kerry went last year saying, “Oh I am going to try to get the sides together and talk peace”. Netanhayu said “Fuck you. We are going to build another 1500 settlements and we a going to build them in E1, this is our plan.” This is so transparent that you’d have to have an IQ above room temperature not to understand what is going on. It is just dopey,” said Waters.

  40. @Anonymous

    It is a pity that Black music has descended into rap, because black jazz musicians displayed almost superhuman technical and musical virtuosity and creativity, especially when you look at the amazing work of guys like Art Tatum, Sonny Rollins, Charlie Parker, Clifford Brown, and Duke Ellington, to name but a few.

    While I regularly listen to all of the above, it is hard to imagine that anyone 50 years from now will be listening to the music of 2016 and still drawing inspiration from it.

  41. Rehmat says:
    @Jim Christian

    Thanks but no thanks. I’m used to that kind of Talmudic hatred and character assassination. However, I have never stoop to the level you creeps in the past and have no intention of doing that in future.

    However, I cannot resist quoting my blogger friend, Gilad Atzmon, “For a Jew Shalom only means, what is good for the Jews.”

  42. Gene Su says:

    Has anyone notice that this strange lust for barbarism only takes place upon middle class kids who are over-schooled (but not over-educated) with too much money and time on their hands and zero experience with the real world?
    The hippies of the sixties were like this. German youth have the same environment and mind-set.

  43. Markus says:
    @Jim Christian

    There are many who partly or fully agree with what he wrote, even among Euro Christians. That’s why the pan-European thoughtcrime laws are needed, I guess.

  44. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Are vs were. Pre-conquest Native Americans were mostly egalitarian & in touch with nature – you pretty much have to be as a hunter-gatherer. Then the USA massacred their people, destroyed their livelihood, took their land and indoctrinated them. That takes its toll.

  45. Funny about that. In the case of those Euro-Christians who agree, that’s the prosperous at the top “agreeing” with that which is destructive to the grass roots of their own civilization. Those on high are happy to sacrifice those down low so those elites can dodge, through cowardice and/or laziness and sloth, doing the duties those on low assign to those in their government as the civil pact demands. But that is not agreement with the Dindu-positive/anti-Jew policies and demeanor Rhe-Matt espouses, endlessly. And then you have the Merkle types who are deliberately destroying their own civilizations and as the people start to notice the rapes by the Dindu and make demands, the thought crime laws and courts had to be instituted so as not to unnecessarily burden those on high. That also is not agreement with Dindu-Positiveaniti-Jew policy. If the Upper Crust of the UN and EU had to live among the Dindus that have brought in, if they had them on their own streets, if their children had to go to the same schools with violent Dindu larva, they would deport them instantly. Those on hig are safe, the commoners, not so much. That is not agreement.

    Merkle doesn’t agree with Dindu interest, they’re merely too lazy to resist demands from the EU. And, they feel they themselves will be safe, will keep their positions. Same here in the U.S. as liberals enact, in every area of public policy laws and social mores detrimental to the grass roots that Liberals on high would never tolerate in their own lives. There will be no Section 8 vouchers assigned to Blacks from the Baltimore undertow moving they and their violent children to the Democrat neighborhoods of Bethesda Maryland, home to many Democrats on the Hill writing those vouchers. For their own lives, they will have no Dindu in their vicinity. In YOUR vicinity however..

    Quite a shock for the commoners see that in the government eye, goat herders and jihad Dindu from the Middle-East carry a higher value than your own women, your own children, your own safety. This, even as the folks on high live in armed safety and enact thought crime codes, and allow ever-greater numbers of Dindu through the door. These are the folks that “agree with” Islamic, anti-Jew/Israel propaganda. It suits their short-term interest.

    Interesting though. Germans who witness rapes and pillage by Dindu immigrants in their very midst hit the streets in protest this weekend. A call to accountability, perhaps. Interesting there are no German men in the protests in Germany, they are emasculated or, they could not care less, having been the designated enemy of women for three generations. Finally Euro-Feminists protest! But where are their men? Social Justice Warriors, feminists all, fired their first salvo in the war against the Muslim avalanche in Germany. One day, Nuremberg Trials for Merkle? Was her breaking of German Immigration law just following orders? Mass deportations! Restoration of German Sovereignty?

    Nah. Never happen. Too lazy, perhaps the end of Western feminism, even if they ARE now re-thinking their warm desire for a multi-culti experience. They were just kidding around about the so-called White Patriarchal rape culture. They didn’t expect a REAL rape culture to be the stand in for the White Christian men and the protective chivalrous ethic feminists themselves destroyed. This is going to be rich..

  46. in light of recent events, mister linh is borderline psychic.

  47. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    “The group of artists and scientists that had so far done least was the one that had attracted the greatest interest –and the greatest alarm. There was the team working on “total identification.” The history of the cinema gave the clue to their actions. First sound, then color, then stereoscopy, then cinerama, had made the old “moving pictures” more and more like reality itself. Where was the end of the story? Surely, the final stage would be reached when the audience forgot it was an audience and became part of the action. to achieve this would involve stimulation of all the senses, and perhaps hypnosis as well but many believed it to be practical. When the goal was attained, there would be an enormous enrichment of human experience. A man could become –for a while, at least– any other person, and could take part in any conceivable adventure, real or imaginary. He could even be a plant or an animal, if it proved possible to capture and record the sense impressions of other living creatures. And when the “program” was over, he would have acquired a memory as vivid as any experience in his actual life –indeed, indistinguishable from reality itself.”’s_End

    Turn them into zombies and when they come out to riot have no mercy. Itz WWZ.

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