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Canceled in the USA, I’ve emerged triumphant in South Africa. I’m huge here, for real. Everywhere I go, people know my name.

“Mr. Miyagi!”

“Hello, Jackie Chan!”

“Hi, Mr. Lee.”

“Hey, Bruce Lee!”

“Ni hao!”

“Ching ching!” accompanied by a huge smile.

My self worth restored, I strut. As I pass two chunky prostitutes in Bellville, one laughingly says, “Free to Chinese people.” Now, that’s prestige.

Short skirts or tight pants showcase their bulging buttocks and thick thighs, for locals demand lots of cushion for the pushing. The matchstick thin would snap in two. In groups of three, four or five, they display themselves and wait.

Robert Crumb must have been inspired by caricatures of the Hottentot Venus. More recently, we have Kim Kardashian popping a champagne bottle to ejaculate a creamy white stream of bubbly over her head into a glass perched on her huge rump.

Treated like a freak in Europe, pinched and poked at, Sarah Bartmann has become a symbol of her people’s dehumanized treatment. At age 25 or 26, Bartmann died in Paris in 1815. Eighty-seven years later, she was finally returned to the Eastern Cape to be buried. In Cape Town, there’s the Saartjie Baartman Centre for Women and Children, and the main hall at the University of Cape Town is named after her.

As inscribed on Bartmann’s grave, “The site has spiritual, cultural, social and historical significance. The treatment of Sarah Bartmann during her life and after her death speaks of suffering, dispossession, sadness and loss of dignity, culture, community, language and life. It is a symptom of the inhumanity of people.”

Although man’s inhumanity is a constant, and you can’t indict it enough, Bartmann was actually complicit in her own degradation.

It was certainly not black and white, for many Europeans didn’t find her show too amusing. Here’s an account from one disturbed contemporary:

She was extremely ill, and the man insisted on her dancing, this being one of the tricks which she is forced to display. The poor creature pointed to her throat and to her knees as if she felt pain in both, pleading with tears that he would not force her compliance. He declared that she was sulky, produced a long piece of bamboo, and shook it at her: she saw it, knew its power, and, though ill, delayed no longer. While she was playing on a rude kind of guitar, a gentleman in the room chanced to laugh: the unhappy woman, ignorant of the cause, imagined herself the object of it, and as though the slightest addition and as though the slightest addition to the woes of sickness, servitude, and involuntary banishment from her native land was more than she could bear, her broken spirit was aroused for a moment, and she endeavored to strike him with the musical instrument which she held: but the sight of the long bamboo, the knowledge of its pain, and the fear of incurring it again, calmed her. The master declared that she was as wild as a beast, and the spectators agreed with him, forgetting that the language of ridicule is the same, and understood alike, in all countries, and that not one of them could bear to be the object of derision without an attempt to revenge the insult.

Many similar responses led the white-run African Institution to take her impresario, a colored man, to court, but Bartmann refused to be freed from him and return to Africa (at the African Institution’s expense).

In his Early African Entertainments Abroad, Bernth Linfords sums up Bartmann’s situation:

She had agreed to allow herself to be exhibited indecently to the European public, and she persisted in this tawdry occupation for more than five years, stopping only when her health finally broke down. She may have been the victim of the cruelest kind of predatory ruthlessness, but her collusion in her own victimization seems clear. She wanted the show to go on and the profits to keep rolling in. She wanted to capitalize on Western curiosity.

One can argue that her poverty and illiteracy allowed her to be used, but that’s too patronizing, for it implies she was incapable of making life choices. Many say the same of prostitutes, and yes, Bartmann was likely one also.

In any case, Bartmann didn’t consent to having her body cast displayed at the Musée de l’Homme in Paris for a century and a half. In 1982, this stiff and naked “African” was finally removed from the bemused, disgusted or scandalized gazes of clothed visitors.

Confronted with a foreign body, we’re naturally curious, so we gaze, flirt, fuck or even kill, with the last two not all that rare throughout history. Since I’m in Africa, let’s talk about Africa. Am I in Africa?

I’m pretty sure I’m in Africa, although with the internet, the Nescafe Coffee I’m drinking with condensed milk (Vietnamese style) and the Seattle Seahawks highlights I checked out this morning, I could be almost anywhere. For lunch, though, I will have a bototie pie, yum yum, so I’m really in Africa! South Africa.

A pioneering European explorer of the African interior, the Scottish Mungo Park got a very raw deal, indeed, but he too, courted his own doom.

Looking for the source of the Niger, Park went to Africa twice. After all the misfortunes, hardship and near-death experiences Park encountered on his first trip, in 1795-97, most people would have stayed the hell away from the Dark Continent, but Park couldn’t stand being happily married back home, so he had to return.

On both trips, blacks actually treated Park rather well, and sometimes even profoundly so.


Traveling with a caravan of slaves about to be sold (by their black master), Park was even looked after by these wretched men and women. Unlike Park, they had to carry huge burdens on their heads, with one woman, exhausted, beaten then stung by bees, left behind to die. Park:

During a wearisome peregrination of more than five hundred British miles, exposed to the burning rays of a tropical sun, these poor slaves, amidst their own infinitely greater sufferings, would commiserate mine; and frequently of their own accord bring water to quench my thirst, and at night collect branches and leaves to prepare me a bed in the Wilderness.

It’s certainly not anything like the Hollywood or cartoony image of a lone white being cooked in a pot by black savages, but that’s why travelers’ accounts are valuable. If truthful, they add to our understanding with nuanced or surprising depictions.

During another leg of Park’s first trip, he entered the native village (in present-day Gambia) of someone in his caravan:

When we arrived at the blacksmith’s place of residence we dismounted and fired our muskets. The meeting between him and his relations was very tender; for these rude children of nature, free from restraint, display their emotions in the strongest and most expressive manner. Amidst these transports, the blacksmith’s aged mother was led forth, leaning upon a staff. Every one made way for her; and she stretched out her hand to bid her son welcome. Being totally blind, she stroked his hands, arms, and face, with great care, and seemed highly delighted that her latter days were blessed by his return, and that her ears once more heard the music of his voice. From this interview I was fully convinced, that whatever difference there is between the Negro and European, in the conformation of the nose and the colour of the skin, there is none in the genuine sympathies and characteristic feelings of our common nature.

As said, Park had many horrible encounters, with most of them at the hands of the Moors, which by Park’s time meant North African Arabs.

In 1796, Park was a captive of a Moorish chief, Ali, for four months. Constantly starving and thirsty, he also had to display himself nonstop. Like the Hottentot Venus just 14 years later, Park was a freak:

The surrounding attendants, and especially the ladies, were abundantly more inquisitive: they asked a thousand questions, inspected every part of my apparel, searched my pockets, and obliged me to unbutton my waistcoat, and display the whiteness of my skin: they even counted my toes and fingers, as if they doubted whether I was in truth a human being.


I was no sooner seated in this my new habitation, than the Moors assembled in crowds to behold me; but I found it rather a troublesome levee, for I was obliged to take off one of my stockings, and show them my foot, and even to take off my jacket and waistcoat, to show them how my clothes were put on and off: they were much delighted with the curious contrivance of buttons. All this was to be repeated to every succeeding visitor; for such as had already seen these wonders insisted on their friends seeing the same; and in this manner I was employed, dressing and undressing, buttoning and unbuttoning, from noon to night.

Tired of this pale spectacle, the Moors met to decide Park’s fate. Benevolently sparing his life, they decided only to gouge out his eyes, for they resembled a cat’s. This operation would have to wait, however, until an absent Queen Fatima could inspect this queer creature. Luckily for Park, his blinding never happened.

No two travelers experience the same country, even if they’re walking side by side, down the same streets, and this is fine.

The only worthless portraits are by those who have never seen it.

Take Apocalypse Now. Though it was filmed in the Philippines by a director who had never been to Vietnam, during war or peace, Francis Ford Coppola had the hubris to proclaim, “My film is not about Vietnam. It is Vietnam. It’s what it was really like.”

Although many believe this preposterous statement, none of them are Vietnamese, I can assure you. Many can’t help but chuckle, still, at the flick’s most quoted line, “I love the smell of Napalm in the morning.” Americans are often amused by their own sadism.

During my five weeks in South Africa, I’ve written three articles about it, and after each one, there are peculiar misreadings that are very revealing.

One reader comments, “Lihn has a way with words, in that bar with the three negroes, I could smell the sweat, urine and negro funk and he didn’t even mention them.” Although I cite no unpleasant smells in Boum Boum Africa, this white man promptly infuses it with his own stinking cocktail, because he knows, you know, negroes.

Another white man, “Not sure what to make of this article. Is it supposed to be wonderful that the formerly White created and controlled country of S. Africa is now a multicultural hell hole, full of dysfunction and violence? Is it wonderful you have all kinds of different things to eat, but you are living in a war zone, with the existential threat of white annihilation ever imminent? The cheery nonchalant attitude of this non white interloper makes me cringe. He can leave anytime he wants. The Whites unfortunately may not be able to. I never celebrate places where white genocide is occurring. It is sickening.”

The article in question is called, “Heavenly, Hellish Cape Town,” so it’s clear I’m acknowledging South Africa’s negative aspects. In it, I mention the recent rape and murder of a 93-year-old Captonian, and a local mother who’s on trial for allowing the rape and torture of her 2-year-old girl, but there’s much more to Cape Town, obviously.

In this metropolis of four million, there are neighborhoods of million dollar homes, with world-class restaurants that are filled mostly with whites, and served by blacks. I’ve pointed out that most South African Jews have stayed, despite Israel welcoming them. “So clearly,” I said, “they’re not too nervous about their future or money here.” The South African real estate market is dominated by Jews, who sell to other Jews, so until they jump ship en masse, it’s not sinking quite yet. Before spending time here, I didn’t know any of this, and that’s why everyone should travel.

Despite all its problems, South Africa attracts lots of immigrants, especially from other parts of Africa. I’ve met people from Burundi, Malawi, Nigeria, Congo, Ethiopia and Mozambique.

The guy I exchange money from is an Ethiopian of about 40 who has been here for 27 years, “If someone gives me a million dollars to go to America, I’ll tell him to keep it. I’m not going anywhere. I love it here.”

On my first day here, I met a Chinese who had returned to Cape Town after eight years in Australia.

“When I was in school in China, most other kids studied sciences, they wanted to become engineers, but a teacher told me to focus on English. If you become good at English, you’ll get many opportunities, and he was right. I listened to him.”

This man’s first job overseas was in Abu Dhabi, where he worked for a Chinese furniture company. “It was a different world. I saw all these nice houses, nice cars, nice SUVs. I realized us Chinese were living like pigs!” he laughed.

In Abu Dhabi, he read stories about Nelson Mandela, so became aware of South Africa. After Abu Dhabi, he returned to China, where he almost got married, but his itch to go back overseas prevented this. He no longer wanted to live in China.


In Cape Town on a tourist visa, he learned from other Chinese, at the casino where they frequented, that if you applied for political asylum, you could legally linger. Post-Apartheid, the South African bureaucracy has become preposterously slow. With extra time, he managed to meet a South African-born Chinese and they got married.

Brits, Germans, Arabs and Chinese are also buying splendid houses here, so people are moving in. Whether they’re foolish for doing so, time will tell. If I had a million bucks, though, I would buy a home in Cape Town and not Philadelphia, where I spent three decades. In fact, I wouldn’t accept a free home anywhere in the quickly disintegrating and psychotically angry USA, not that there’s anything waiting for me there.

A lovely comment, “I have wondered how a Southeast Asian junk picker, the last job I remember him mentioning working, can afford to bebop around the world spewing his Asian hive mind twaddle.

“It is a shame the little ingrate was ever allowed to step foot on US soil. A shame the South China Sea pirates didn’t get him.”

You see, these stay-at-home white Americans are enraged that I have anything positive to say about South Africa. To them, it has to be a black created hell where all whites are being raped, killed or being driven out. They’re also outraged that I have anything nice to say about any black, who are all supposed to be stinking criminals.

They’re disgusted at my description of a taxi van “that’s redolent of body oils and arm pits,” and my conclusion that “we’re all the same, dude, and heading in the same direction, until you get off, that is, so hallelujah!” Last I checked, my armpits, and much else, which I won’t go into, could outstink that of any man, woman or animal on earth.

Let’s end on a positive note. Until someone proves otherwise, he is your brother. Walking down Kloof the other day, a black woman said to me, “Have a beautiful day!”

Not used to such civility, or beauty, for that matter, I ignored her.

“I guess he didn’t hear me,” she muttered as she kept walking.

“Oh I’m sorry,” I turned around. “What did you say?”

“I said, ‘Have a beautiful day!’”

“I’m sorry I didn’t hear you. You too!”

Linh Dinh’s latest book is Postcards from the End of America. He maintains a regularly updated photo blog.

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  1. songbird says:

    Mungo Park estimated that two-thirds of the Africans that he encountered were slaves to other Africans.

    • Thanks: HammerJack
  2. Raches says:

    Is this for real, or is this like your pet theory that man never landed on the moon?

    I ask because if you are willing to support an obvious Jewish hoax that despoils the memories of German rocket scientists whom the Jews hate, you are generally lacking in credibility.

    Multiply that tenfold, when you demand censorship of your critics at The Unz Review, and make sanctimonious pretenses of holding the moral high ground while your fellow Moon Landing Deniers are the rudest, most vicious hecklers. ®

  3. @Raches

    This guy likes to dish it out, but can’t take it back. Obviously, he needs to stick to print or websites under his complete control, otherwise the sensitive soul will get very upset.
    Good Riddance.

    • Agree: Raches
  4. anonymous[489] • Disclaimer says:

    I dunno. Try to be more empathetic. Try to imagine if the main thing you got to be proud of, the linchpin of your self esteem is, you’re white. Not attainments. Not ethical standards. Not intelligence. Not cultivation. Not even athletic ability. Something that shitloads of people could say but they don’t care. It’s like the poor sad fuck is really into having a five inch penis, and he goes around showing it to everybody and nobody gives a shit. Poor sad pasty fuck.

  5. Anonymous[541] • Disclaimer says:

    This guy, Linh Dinh, seems capable of dishing it out so he might as well take it too. Sorry to hear he is leaving. He should not be so thin skinned about it. If he ever heard of Stoddard’s Lectures he should read some of it and reconsider. Particularly consider what Mr. Stoddard says about Canton.

    Truly anyone who goes anywhere takes his baggage along as should be evident from reading these century old chronicles of another peripatetic traveler. In Mr. Linh’s case it certainly seems his baggage contains his readers. He should lighten the load.

  6. I liked this, Linh.

    The world is a complex place.

  7. @Raches

    Ah, I never thanked you for showing me how to quote earlier, so thank you!

    That aside, I think it’s reasonable to be a Moon Landing Denier. As it happened, it doesn’t make sense and is offensive to Soviet realizations about the Van Allen Radiation belt.

    Of course, the Moon Landing happened, but it didn’t happen the way they said it did. This was followed up decades later by China’s comical “Rover” landing that various media sources and NASA initially tried to deny by pointing out the same flaws and inconsistencies leveled against ’69, but then the marching orders came down to “shut up” because it’s an obviously “shoot yourselves in the foot” path.

    I can’t speak for the rest of what you said, though. I wish everyone got along here.

  8. Beb says:

    “Let’s end on a positive note. Until someone proves otherwise, he is your brother.”

    So true! As children of God, all humans on this planet are brothers and sisters. Sometimes we get too wrapped up in ourselves and forget that.

    • Agree: Kali
    • Disagree: Raches
    • Replies: @Raches
  9. I like your writing. Too bad that others can’t enjoy your stories without the need to point out what (in total ignorance) they think you missed or don’t comprehend.

    Perhaps the American Epitaph will read something along the lines of “The people who knew the most about the things they were most ignorant about”.

    Seems fitting.

    • Replies: @Linh Dinh
  10. ‘ If I had a million bucks, though, I would buy a home in Cape Town and not Philadelphia…’

    That could be read as an indictment of Philadelphia rather than an endorsement of Cape Town.

  11. Raches says:

    [Linh Dinh said,] “Let’s end on a positive note. Until someone proves otherwise, he is your brother.”

    So true! As children of God, all humans on this planet are brothers and sisters. Sometimes we get too wrapped up in ourselves and forget that.

    I am not a child of your god.  Save your Jewish fairytales for someone who is gullible enough to believe in them.  And Mr. Dinh is not only wrong, but sick.  People who are unrelated to me are not my “brothers”.  I find such statements outrageously presumptuous, conceited, disrespectful, intrusive, and overall extremely offensive.  I have zero tolerance for such gabble from Christian evangelicals, so why should I take it from Mr. Dinh?

    “All humans” is a politically useless category, like “all primates” or “all mammals”.  As Professor Oliver observed, to believe in the Christian god is like believing that the moon is made of green cheese—or it was, when no one could go to the moon to find out, as now great Aryan scientists have in fact done; whereas denying the innate, unalterable, and quite large differences between races is like believing that the ocean is made of maple syrup.  It is even worse than believing that the Earth is flat:  After all, if you stand on the ground and look around you, you do not immediately see any curvature.  But if you make even the most simple, quotidian observation of the ocean, and you insist that it is made of maple syrup, then you are beyond stupidity:  You are delusional.  Anyone who believes in racial equality has likewise lost contact with reality.

    Well, thanks for pointing out that Mr. Dinh is essentially peddling Christian hokum—probably from its cultural residues.  All modern “liberalism” and “progressivism” are only cultural residues of Christianity; and Marxism is a reformation of primitive Christianity, stripped of its overt gods but retaining its worldview.  All of these leftist modern ideologies retain the Zoroastrian-Christian dualism (whence Marxist “dialectical materialism”—and whence the “progressive” fanaticism of Twitter cancel mobs), Christian universalism (whence internationalism, global revolution—and American global holy wars “to make the world safe for democracy”), Christian egalitarianism, Christian jealousy, Christian hatred for anything beautiful, strong, healthy, and superior, and Christian love for all that is ugly, sick, lowly, inferior, irrational, debased, diseased, deformed, and degenerate. ®

    • Replies: @obwandiyag
    , @Yevardian
  12. Linh Dinh says: • Website

    Hi all,

    At my blog, commenter gT has left this insightful comment:

    In Congo the colonialists introduced the practice of chopping hands off. Google the history behind the name Antwerp in Belgium, it means “to throw the hands”, in other words chop off the hands and throw them away. That is the practice that Belgium introduced to the Congo regions, and which is still practiced there to this day, usually the hands are chopped off at an angle on the forearm, you can see some beggars on the street corners in South Africa with those injuries sometimes. The Germans done the well known genocides in Namibia. So now, between the highly civilized nations of Belgium and Germany, lies the highly civilized country of the Netherlands, from which the Dutch in South Africa came.

    In South Africa at the turn of Apartheid I was always intrigued to read about the different torture methods criminals employed in different regions. Then I was further intrigued to learn that different Police security branch units preferred different torture methods, and these correlated with the same torture methods the criminals in those regions employed.

    Furthermore, it soon became apparent that the Ndebele Zimbabwean criminals practiced some seriously diabolical arts. Then it turned out that these originated from the North Korean trained Shona battalions in Zimbabwe, who practiced it on the Ndebele. During Apartheid, the most violence always occurred in KwaZulu-Natal, that is where the farm murders are highest today.

    The pattern was clear, the criminals learn from what was done to them. So they employed such enhanced interrogation techniques when questioning their victims about bank card pin codes, firearm locations, and the like. Quite often they just torture and kill and rape for the fun of it. Most of the violence is Black on Black violence, as in the States, but occasionally Whites do get targeted. White farmers are easy prey, they live one family per farm, with roughly 50,000 farms spread out across South Africa, so the farmers are dispersed from each other, they are not clustered together for security.

    Combined with the high unemployment levels in South Africa, it’s obvious why South Africa is in the grip of the current low level civil war all the time.

    The death of Eugene Terreblanche (surname means White Earth), the founder of the Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging (AWB -Afrikaner Resistance Movement) was particularly interesting. He had a habit of sharing his bed with traumatized White youth from broken homes, to comfort them he said. Anyway, he raped one of his farm workers and the guy came back with a friend to pay Eugene a visit. The police found Eugene dead on his bed with his pants round his knees. Eugene’s speeches were legendary, he was into speech and drama and acted in plays. The way he used to thunder, pause in his speeches, and raise his finger, Hitler would have been proud. Except Eugene was definitely a Brownshirt SA and not an SS. I doubt Eugene was welcome in Orania as he was not 100% White.


    when the Afrikaner took over with Apartheid in 1948, [they] took away the qualified vote for all in the Cape province, and introduced the Group Areas act. By doing that the Afrikaner literally handed over the entire country to the Black majority on a silver platter.

    Had the Afrikaner not come with his cleverness, there would have been a sizeable non White middle class in the Cape who could have moderated matters across the country because they were proof that South Africa could work. Now there is next to no hope for South Africa, but there is still hope for the Cape.

    The Afrikaners killed the country.

    There is a Capexit movement here, so I asked a South African about its feasibility. He said:

    rationally they should have done that before 1992.

    There are so many difficulties now. Even if it could be done without massive violence and rebellion, only select secessionits are recognized by the West, based on ruling class interests – Kosovo yes, Somaliland no, Golan Heights yes, Crimea no etc

    Then the Afrikaners in the rest of SA would have to give up everything, including 200 year old roots. It’s like telling Ohians and Kentuckyans to go back to the 13 states. It is probably the best long-term option for whites and Coloureds and Indians, but it is a big ask, while the status quo is still survivable.

    Lots to think about…

    • Replies: @jimmyriddle
    , @gT
  13. Thanks, Linh. Africa is the one continent I don’t know and have not wanted to know, for the reasons mentioned both in your article and the comments. It is a pleasure to read about the humanity that thrives there despite whatever.

  14. Linh Dinh says: • Website
    @American Citizen

    Hi American Citizen,

    As some stay-at-home Americans rail against me about a country they don’t know, I’ve only received confirmation and encouragment from South African readers.

    Here’s a passage from one of today’s emails:

    As a Cape Town local and someone who also ventures where others fear to tread, you are spot on with your observations.

    I’m also a film location scout, and have been to all of our townships, interacted with the people there and never had a negative experience. I suppose it helps when your presence could mean an injection of funds into the community.


    • Agree: American Citizen
    • Replies: @HammerJack
  15. GOD (gold, oil, and diamonds)”:The Franco-British colony Kanada in Africa

    Canadian imperialism in Africa

    ”It said there was $31.6 billion worth of Canadian mining investment in Africa yet Natural Resources Canada put the number at $37.8 billion in 2019. The scope of Canadian resource extraction on the continent is remarkable. Many companies based and traded here have taken African names (African Queen Mines, Asante Gold Corporation, Tanzanian Royalty Exploration, Lake Victoria Mining Company, Société d’Exploitation Minière d’Afrique de l’Ouest, East Africa Metals, International African Mining Gold (IAMGOLD), African Gold Group, etc.).”

    ”Tens of millions of dollars in Canadian aid money has supported IMF structural adjustment policies of privatization, liberalization and social spending cuts in Ghana, which benefited Canada’s rapacious mining industry.”


    The canadian mining corporations are among the world’s worst human right violators.

    • Thanks: Commentator Mike
    • Replies: @Linh Dinh
    , @Joe Paluka
    , @Anon
  16. Linh Dinh says: • Website
    @O-L. Svent

    Canada’s Centerra Gold is being nationalized by Kyrgyzstan. He said, she said, I wonder what’s up with that?

    • Replies: @Thomasina
  17. Brits, Germans, Arabs and Chinese are also buying splendid houses here, so people are moving in.

    The rich can live well in any part of the world.

    Even in Haiti.

    I thought Dinh was the voice of have-lesses, not of the global rich.

    He sold out.

    • LOL: gT
    • Replies: @Percival
  18. mh505 says:


    why don’t you close the comment section? PCR did it …

    • Replies: @Colin Wright
  19. Linh Dinh says: • Website

    Hi mh505,

    All the South African commenters have been enlightening. I want to read them. Others, such as the worldly Alfred, are always worth reading.

    It is remarkable the contrast between people with learning and experience, and those who give you nothing but their mental distortions!


    • Agree: Polemos
    • Replies: @mh505
  20. You can tell this website is infested with trolls because they all get the same talking points memo and c&p it without emendation. How many of these bozos are going to say dish it out but can’t take it. About a million. And wait. There will be more. They’re not even good trolls. They are lazy and stupid. Kind of like–wait for it–blacks!

  21. @Raches

    I hope you are poor someday. I hope you are sick. I hope you lose your loved ones and your friends and everything that is dear to you.

    So that I can not give a shit about you.

    • Thanks: WorkingClass
    • Troll: Raches
    • Replies: @Raches
  22. unwoke says:

    “I wouldn’t accept a free home anywhere in the quickly disintegrating and psychotically angry USA, not that there’s anything waiting for me there.”

    Not even in lovely, woke Seattle? You could go to the Seahawks games every week & not just watch the highlights! What better place to be during the apocalypse than ground zero?? By the way, if you’re wondering where those big 300+ pound NFL lineman come from – they get their physique from the mother, not from the father. Have a beautiful day!

  23. If Mungo Park were brought back to our present day and landed in Scotland, he wouldn’t believe that this was the same vigorous nation of his day, but a nation of self-hating, politically correct, covid mask wearing imbeciles. Going back to the regions he visited in Africa, he would see that not much had changed, except for the technology, they still gouge out people’s eyes and have the same medieval ways.

  24. @O-L. Svent

    Apparently they’re pretty rapacious in their own country too.

  25. Love your writing, Linh. Your keen eye, humor, and authenticity make your wide-ranging travelogue my favorite part of Unz’s great site. Please keep up your great work.

    Kind regards from the Philly outskirts.

  26. zimriel says:

    Hadn’t paid much attention to you, Lindy, but since you’ve chosen Barrett to dump all over this community – good riddance.

  27. @mh505


    ‘why don’t you close the comment section? PCR did it …’

    Really. I can sympathize to some extent — but Linh really is being precious here. Given his own iconoclasm, that’s a bit much.

  28. poop says:


    Wife is out with the kids so here I am pounding Pabst Blue Ribbonses and reading your amazing posts. Don’t let the dumb white racists get you down (I read your reasoning for leaving Unz and I understand, respect, and lament your decision).

    Listen: History will judge you as one of the good guys. I’m not sure if you are Christian, but you sure sound like one as you are in pursuit of the truth, as am I. I am sick of the bullshit. And I can’t get away from it, as I not only live in the US, but California. I can assure you, we are a sick society.

    I waste (spend) time reading other blogs, and interestingly the best assessments of the current state of US decay come from either outsiders or immigrants to the US like yourself. Maybe its easier to look from afar to discern the problems, maybe its cultural, I don’t know. But what I do know is this: We are doomed. Don’t come back, not because we don’t want you or deserve you, but because its one less person to be swept away in this cesspool.

  29. Anon[187] • Disclaimer says:
    @O-L. Svent

    Who runs these companies? Probably a common denominator. Either way $37 billion is not much in the new trillion dollar world.

  30. Thomasina says:
    @Linh Dinh

    Linh – I think you should do a series on who owns Africa, i.e. who extracts and exploits it. See if you live until next year. If you do, then continue on with South America, etc. The new country of South Sudan should provide some great “follow the money” reading.

    People everywhere ARE the same. They love their families. They seek the same things: food, shelter, warmth, sex, belonging, community, a rich culture, tradition. Small pockets of minorities, as long as they are kept small, appear to be okay, but a tribe wants to be with their own kind. This provides a high degree of trust and security, makes society work.

    It is the Ruling Elite of the world who destroy countries. If I remember correctly, the Dutch went into South Africa to farm an area largely uninhabited by Black Africans. It was the (((British))) who wanted the diamonds and gold and who fought the Dutch in two Boer wars. It was the (((___))) who exploited India and almost destroyed China through opium. It was the same people who brought the African slaves to North and South America, West Indies, and it was the same people who caused destruction of both Russia and Germany.

    Constant exploitation. Constant divide and conquer tactics. Want to build a pretty country? Want to share resource money with your people (Gadhafi)? No, no and no. If you get too uppity for the Ruling Elite, your country is destroyed through immigration (easier for them to control a fragmented society), sanctions or war.

    The people will tell you who controls their countries. Would be some interesting storytelling.

    The “Blood Diamond” movie with Leonardo Dicaprio is an excellent movie about the illegal diamond trade.

    • Replies: @Linh Dinh
  31. Linh Dinh says: • Website

    Hi Thomasina,

    Sounds like you know more than most of us about this, so why not elborate about the Jews in South Africa, South Sudan or wherever? And why shy away from saying “Jews”?

    If you can give us all some book recommendations, that would be great too. Thanks!


    • Replies: @Thomasina
  32. anaccount says:

    Sorry Linh, people can be total faggots here, even people I agree with on everything. The tone of comments has become more shrill and petty, so I get why you have a bad taste in your mouth. I hope you reconsider leaving.

  33. Balaji says:

    Linh, ignore the stupid commenters and stay on at this site. I heard you on Kevin Barrett saying you were leaving. Please stay.

  34. @Linh Dinh

    First off, I am glad you managed to sort things out with Ron, re trolls.

    That second comment was from me, and I am not South African. It comes mostly form my conversations with the many South Africans I know in and around West London.

    There were always quite a few in the UK – especially in the army, but the influx began in earnest in the ’90s. There was a time when suddenly a lot of bouncers were from SA – Aussies behind the bar, Saffas on the door. Nowadays, working in IT, it looks like a lot of the SA smart fraction has bailed out. It is mostly due to the crime and a belief that things could go down the Zimbabwe route.

    Depending on your perspective, you and call them wimps, or on the other hand the ones who stay might be suffering from Slow Boiled Frog Syndrome (as are we all in different ways). The sheer level of criminality makes what people in Europe would consider a normal life impossible. Most people survive, but they have to think about their physical safety much more carefully.

    Most of the Saffas I know are of British descent (anyone with a British grandparent can settle here), but several are Afrikaners. The latter are generally more committed to SA.

    The long term for that country looks bleak to me – I can’t see Capexit being allowed to happen. And the political dynamics militate against some kind of reasonable compromise that will allow the productive classes to stay, and the underclass to slowly become somewhat prosperous.

  35. Raches says:

    μῆνιν ἀείδετε θεαί

    You hate-filled, spiteful, totally thoughtless creatures:  You archetypal Christians.

    Why do you assume that I have no experience with being poor, being sick, losing loved ones, and/or otherwise suffering severe hardship?  It is a facially foolish assumption:  They whose souls are formed in the crucible of intense suffering are thus the most hardened, and yet also the most sincerely concerned about real suffering.  They know suffering, as you yet know not.

    From life’s school of war.  —That which does not kill me, makes me stronger.

    [Aus der Kriegsschule des Lebens. — Was mich nicht umbringt, macht mich stärker.]

    Cf. my remarks in a eugenics discussion on September 17, 2021 at 4:44 am GMT:

    I say this [demand for eugenics] not from spite, but to the contrary:  I have seen up close the immense suffering that is caused by hereditary diseases and defects.  I must repeat what I said upthread:

    Whereas I reserve my utmost condemnation in this matter for those who not only multiply badness, but increase it logarithmically.  Bleeding hearts who reject eugenics on egalitarian, Christian or liberal quasi-Christian grounds, and who thus condemn unborn future billions to untold, ever-increased suffering, are to me some of the most hateful, malefic of all possible people.

    My greatest moral outrage falls on opponents of eugenics, whether “liberal” or Christian.  They positively desire that hereditary defects be reproduced and spread, such that untold future generations of innocent children shall be born damned, foreordained to inescapable misery, pain, and struggle from the cradle to the grave.  Inevitably, they are even so cruel as to oppose suicide and euthanasia:  They demand to create needless sufferers, and to imprison each sufferer in a personal Earthly Hell that he or she is forbidden to leave.

    Everyone who is born with any significant hereditary defect should hate the opponents of eugenics:  If those defects had been bred out of your bloodline, then you probably could have been born whole and healthy—instead of born broken and foredoomed.  Everyone who loves anyone who was born with an hereditary defect must agree—lest ye show the lie of your “love”.

    And overall, in every way, worst of all are the Christians:  Christianity is the worship of suffering.  The Christian religion could not exist, if suffering were to cease and people were to be healthy, happy, strong, and joyous in life on this Earth.

    Christianity grants Beatitudes to “the poor in spirit”, to impoverish all in the spirit of universal misery and degradation.  Christianity promises that “the meek shall inherit the Earth”, to tear down and burn the gracile gods and goddesses of the strong, the beautiful, the joyous—to build on their ashes the Apotheosis of the Wretches.  Christianity is the Religion of Pity:  It demands for people to be pitiable.  Christianity demands humility—it is the creed of universal humiliation:  It is the religion by, for, and of natural born slaves.  And Christianity as an institution fears the prospect that people may say, “Yea to life”:  The Yea which makes people turn their eyes to this world—instead of praying for relief beyond the grave, subsisting meanwhile in the psychotic delusion of the nonexistent Christian “Heaven”.

    The religion which worships as its primary symbol a device of execution by slow torture is the Religion of Sadism, the worship of torment, the death-cult of Hell on Earth.

    Imagine what the world would be like, if the worst possible death-cult converted government officials in an America-like world power, spread itself by aggressive warfare, spent over sixteen centuries poisoning the minds and souls of what was the most powerful race, and forcibly corrupted with its influence every culture on Earth:  That is the world in which we live.


    I inadvertently forgot to mention that my Jews were experts in the Kabbalah, who could practically recite the whole Zohar by heart.  That I renounced their psychotically hateful god, does not mean that I learned nothing—and I will Never Forget® how properly to take revenge.

    This is my comment numbered ת.


    [“obwandiyag” said:]

    I hope you are poor someday. I hope you are sick. I hope you lose your loved ones and your friends and everything that is dear to you.

    Thanks: WorkingClass

    Also schreiben der Wille der Göttin der unerbittlichen Rache:

    As for you personally, “obwandiyag”, and all those who concur with you now or in the future, I curse you each with the effect of those words.  The Erinyes always pays their bills against those who wish ill on their betters.  Your god cannot help you now:  When you pray for relief from the fate to which you have damned yourself, these words shall ring true of the god who is so deaf to your pleas in torment:  “Maybe he’s day-dreaming or using the toilet or traveling somewhere.  Or maybe he’s asleep, and you have to wake him up.” 1 Kings 18:27 (CEV).

    Each of thee:  Be poor.  Be sick.  Lose thy loved ones and thy friends and everything that is dear to thee.  Let all thou wished me befall thee.  —And thy name shall be erased.

    SIGNED, Raches. ®

    —Γῆ τε καὶ Ἠέλιος καὶ Ἐρινύες, αἵ θ᾽ ὑπὸ γαῖαν ἀνθρώπους τίνυνται…

    • Replies: @Dumbo
  36. Percival says:
    @Priss Factor

    To say “he sold out” is rather fatuous, but the former point is practically a universal constant. That’s why you don’t judge a country or a city by the opulence of its beachfront villas or scale of its skyscraper penthouses. In even the most dysfunctional and discordant societies the wealthiest elite will live in insolent comfort.

  37. Tsigantes says:

    Bravo Linh, it’s absolutely true about American assumptions. No matter what I say that disabuses these – and I’m only in Greece, not Africa or Myanmar – my comments fall on deaf ears.

  38. “I’ve pointed out that most South African Jews have stayed, despite Israel welcoming them. “So clearly,” I said, “they’re not too nervous about their future or money here.” The South African real estate market is dominated by Jews, who sell to other Jews, so until they jump ship en masse, it’s not sinking quite yet. Before spending time here, I didn’t know any of this, and that’s why everyone should travel.”

    Well, well, well. This writer had to travel all the way to South Africa to make the amazing discovery that Jews control real estate markets, and rig economies to benefit other Jews.

    I’m booking my global cruise now… who knows what other brilliant insights there are to unearth?

    • Replies: @Hans
    , @Ahem
  39. Anonymous[251] • Disclaimer says:

    I thought that, because of genetic reasons, Orientals did not produce arm pit smell.

    • Replies: @Difference Maker
  40. Yevardian says:

    Well, thanks for pointing out that Mr. Dinh is essentially peddling Christian hokum—probably from its cultural residues. All modern “liberalism” and “progressivism” are only cultural residues of Christianity; and Marxism is a reformation of primitive Christianity, stripped of its overt gods but retaining its worldview. All of these leftist modern ideologies retain the Zoroastrian-Christian dualism (whence Marxist “dialectical materialism”—and whence the “progressive” fanaticism of Twitter cancel mobs), Christian universalism (whence internationalism, global revolution—and American global holy wars “to make the world safe for democracy”), Christian egalitarianism, Christian jealousy, Christian hatred for anything beautiful, strong, healthy, and superior, and Christian love for all that is ugly, sick, lowly, inferior, irrational, debased, diseased, deformed, and degenerate. ®

    • Troll: Raches
    • Replies: @Raches
  41. Renoman says:

    Gonna miss ya, where ya goin?

  42. Remo361 says:

    By the rules all the blacks Linh Dinh meets are great, warm, friendly, courteous, honest, etc. Listening to her is like watching an 80’s sitcom. She’ll do great right up until she doesn’t and gets thrown into the cannibals pot. Pass the salt.

  43. gT says:
    @Linh Dinh

    Furthermore, I would just like to add that the Cape is unique. Before the Suez and Panama canals were built, all shipping had to pass Cape Town, which was located roughly half way between Europe and the East. A round trip from Europe to the East via sailing ship and back again took like 2 years at a minimum, more like 3 to 4 years on average. So the Cape was literally between 2 worlds, Europe and the East. The Cape therefore developed its own unique character.

    I am Cape Coloured, I look Cape Malay, when I don’t shave I look very Muslim, some Jews visibly do a double take when they see me on the days when I don’t shave, like I’m going to blow them up or something, my brother looks more Chinese, my sisters look White. When I was in primary school, my mother would take my younger sister and myself to swim in the Whites only tidal pool at St James, we would catch the first class Whites only train coach there. The conductors on the train and the railway police said nothing, the people at St James said nothing, had they said anything my mother would have just told them that I’m the maid’s kid. We used to have a good laugh over that. By the time I reached high school most of the Apartheid rules weren’t even being enforced anymore. But that is how things happened in the Cape. The Cape was the exception which proved the rule. The rule was Europe for the Europeans, Asia for the Asians, and so on, but the Cape was in the middle between different worlds at the bottom of Africa so the rules didn’t apply, it was live and let live, it was a unique melting pot.

    Unfortunately when some took over they tried to “korrect” this exception and their actions have directly resulted in their descendants being prone to be attritioned little bit by little bit due to the general level of crime in the country. The still newer bunch who took over afterwards are just destroying everything, as is their nature. They don’t plan to, but their day to day decisions and actions just lead in one direction, downwards. They are also very easily influenced by (((those))) overseas. But I still have hope that the Cape will survive.

    • Replies: @lee
  44. TheBoom says:

    Linh, I will miss your column. It seems like you are making much to do about nothing in your complaints about the comments. It is unrealistic to expect all commenters to be as thoughtful as me.

    You obviously have to know that you can turn off the comments so your obsession with antagonistic comments is likely a reflection of some other aggravation.

    I hope you get rejuvenated at your own site and look forward to what your write there.

  45. I am really going to miss reading you.

  46. joe2.5 says:

    Linh, the reason you gave for leaving UR looks like pure bullshit. When did you become a trembling wallflower with feelings that get hurt by… comments? You also didn’t seem to be such an enemy of free speech (free speech is by definition only the stupid speech that offends us) until now.
    So out with it. Why exactly?

    • Replies: @ricpic
  47. Hans says:
    @The Germ Theory of Disease

    Do that. And don’t forgit to share.

  48. mh505 says:
    @Linh Dinh

    In that case you have one other option left; and that is to follow the advice of the suave Viennese:

    “No net amol ignorieren”

  49. Andreas says:

    Robert Crumb must have been inspired by caricatures of the Hottentot Venus.

    LOL, @Linh Dinh – What’s your take on the Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers? How about a tour of South Africa’s drug culture and how it rivals even our own. That’ll put your detractors in their place.

    • Replies: @gT
  50. Tony says:

    Wow, someone is feeling insecure. In actuality you and everyone else knows youre the smallest man in Africa. I’d say even the pygmies got you beat.

  51. HalconHigh says: • Website

    Speaking of the Seahawks, the Jew guy on CBS just picked the Titans to upset them today lol.

    Favorite line from Apocalypse Now…”you’re an errand boy”.

    News Highlight from the USofA….General Somebody or Other apologized after bombing a family of 10 to Kingdom Come.

    Stay cool, Linh

  52. Raches says:


    Yevardian, September 18, 2021 at 9:13 pm GMT:

    @A123 Do you ever do anything here except defend Israel and post extremely poor quality sub-/pol/-tier memes?

    Yevardian’s next consecutive comment, September 19, 2021 at 9:29 am GMT:

    [Defends a Jewish controlled-opposition religion with an “extremely poor quality sub-/pol/-tier meme”.]

    Too bad, Mr. Yevardian.  You must have slept through your undergraduate class on literary criticism—perhaps also on textual criticism.  Or maybe you were too busy on social media, from which I am so proudly isolated that I never heard of the “Fedora Guy” Mr. Messing before, on the presumption that you were trying to communicate something intelligent, I just now did some research.  A reverse image search says that you are an avid “reader” of TMZ articles about celebrities with Covid; that is evidently on your level.

    Had you more than a pretense of scholarship, then based on key phrases that I used in expressing the ideas that you are so unable to rebut, and on the ideas themselves, you would have replied instead with this image:

    I may follow up to explicate on the subject, if I can be bothered.  If I don’t, take solace in the notion that Jesus ben Yahweh will pat you on the head and give you a lollipop: 🍭 ®

    “Every one being allowed to learn to read, ruineth in the long run not only writing but also thinking.” — Nietzsche

    If you opt for the latter, perhaps in the expectation that old Jesus will someday give your ghost a lollipop, I hope you will not be so heartless and cruel as to bring into the world children who will suffer and perish in Hell you will have made for them.

    [Professor Oliver, Liberty Bell, September 1989, p. 18, as his judgment on those who reject a Hitlerian “rational authoritarianism” as the only means of racial survival at this point in history.]

    • Troll: WorkingClass
    • Replies: @Yevardian
  53. Antiwar7 says:

    I think Linh’s credibility as to what he observes is unrelated to his views on things he hasn’t observed. In fact, why bring that up unless one wishes to muddy the waters, having an axe to grind?

  54. Max Payne says:

    Unz Review comments has turned into a piss pot. Too many sister-fucking hicks and old geezers startled by their own shadows come to vent how their daughters deep throat black guys all day while their wives keep asking them for money to give to their boyfriends. This used to be a place of learning. Now its just a bunch of toothless meth addicts and senile bum pirates circle jerking each other with their “white genocide”. Everyone over the age of 50 and isn’t a columnist should be banned from posting here. This also applies to anyone who hasn’t left their incest-laden village.

    To all the geezers/inbreds here: How does it feel to have abused a system that has ZERO censorship and RUIN it? Kinda like your entire lives. You worthless incompetent degenerates can’t even troll people properly.

    Remember, if you’re over 50 or have banged your sister and are thinking about posting online, how about not and instead do this:

    Try not to fail at failing. Ah who am I kidding, you fucks only know how to fail.

    I have to drink just to flip through the comments here.

    To Ron Unz: Give me free reign to trick these fools into regretting ever coming online. Don’t ban me or hide any links I may put up. Don’t block any suspicious VPNs or newly created names. I know how to play the long game. Facebook has a robust team to stop people like me but with the freedom here I assure you I can at least get 1 suicide out of these simpletons. A dox here or there. The ADL won’t come after you but it’ll come over these cock vampires. In 2-3 years once enough genetic-mistakes overdose, become homeless, or just expire this place can return to some normalcy.

    Think about it. Do these geezers add value? These retards don’t know anything. Shit they don’t even know what day it is.

    Some of these nutcases are just one good push away from having them do the right thing.

    Come on man, you allow 90s-style soft registration/moderation. Let 90s-style trolling REALLY clean house. BOTFATHER, I summon thee! (as if I’m going to waste my own time… do I look like a toothless sister-banging geezer hick who debate bots all day? That’s what Raches is for. What a special reetee we have here)

    • LOL: WorkingClass, Truth
    • Replies: @Anonymous
  55. Kali says:

    Happy travels Linh.

    Maybe blowing off some of the UR commenter cobwebs will put a new spring in your step. The future may yet be full of bright surprises.

    There really are some 1st class gobshites around here (including a couple of columnists).
    That said, there really are some exeptionally insightful, learned and compassionate commenters too. They’re worth sticking around for, for me at least.

    I understand your decision, regardless. I hope your continuing adventures bring you joy.

    With love,

  56. Thank you Linh. As an immigrant myself, who arrived here in 1964, at the ripe old age of 3 years old, I have definitely seen the US go right down the sewer pipe. I am NYC Public School educated from the late 60’s to the early 70’s, the cornerstone of my education. In my classes we had Chinese, some Whites, Blacks and Hispanics. We had to dress respectfully when attending classes. No pants hanging down your rear end or girls dressed like the local neighborhood hooker. And we all got along more or less. We were all taught the rudiments of education like math and English. Our parents watched over us likes hawks, not only for our safety, but to make sure we respected the teachers and listened to everything they said and do. A different world from now where the girls want to be a stripper and the boys want to be gang-bangers. And it doesn’t matter what race or skin color they are. That’s America and her future. And as a final note. I have traveled overseas myself and am very enamored by the common courtesy of the people of the places I have been. When in Spain last month was greeted everyday by a complete stranger on the street with a good morning or good afternoon. In America when I even keep a door open to allow someone in, not even a thank you comes out of their mouths. And it doesn’t matter what race they would be. Common decency is dead in this country. America has lost her soul. Keep up the good work. I want to read more of your adventures.

  57. ricpic says:

    “Cancelled in the USA….”

    You SELF-cancelled!

  58. Yevardian says:

    Too bad, Mr. Yevardian. You must have slept through your undergraduate class on literary criticism—perhaps also on textual criticism. Or maybe you were too busy on social media, from which I am so proudly isolated that I never heard of the “Fedora Guy” Mr. Messing before, on the presumption that you were trying to communicate something intelligent, I just now did some research. A reverse image search says that you are an avid “reader” of TMZ articles about celebrities with Covid; that is evidently on your level.

    Actually, that image was simply taken from a second-long googleimage earch, I’ve never before heard of TMZ in my life.

    That image was more an indication of the effort-level of response your tired, unoriginal (not to mention vicious) Nietzschian screed deserved. I am personally not even religious, but the level of vitriol you spend on attacking it makes me suspect that you were either once a Christian yourself, or considered becoming one at some point. Your anecdote about your friendship with an Israeli right-winger would also indicate this.

    In your hackneyed paragraph describing it as some kind of unique ‘mind-virus’, I really think you’re giving Christianity (and by extension, the Jews) rather too much credit. A strong Western movement towards exclusivist monotheism date back to Plato if not earlier, centuries both before Christ was born, or Hebrew sacred books had ever been heard of in Greece.

    I thought you might have been better than to blame all of today’s problems in such hackneyed and tedious manner.

    • Troll: Raches
    • Replies: @Raches
  59. Ahem says:
    @The Germ Theory of Disease

    From an article in “Jews are leaving South Africa once again…”

    120,000 in the 1970s. 50,000 as of 2019.

    As can be expected, the root causes according to the Jewish writer is complete fairyland stuff, but I cited it for the raw figures only.

    Linh Dinh might also be interested in the reality of how much thriving the Jewish community in South Africa is experiencing.

    • Thanks: Colin Wright
  60. ricpic says:

    I made a comment on the original Capetown thread about Linh being sympathetic to the communist world view. Other commenters picked up on that, which set him off. He had a major conniption fit about the accusation.

    • Agree: Ed Case
    • Replies: @joe2.5
  61. joe2.5 says:

    Apart from the fact that no comment by anyone is worth having a fit about, let alone leaving in a huff, your remark was stupider than braindead. Also, I explained why I don’t believe his leaving has anything to do with the comments.

  62. Dumbo says:

    Perhaps you’ll be the first to be banned by Mr. Dinh’s newfound powers? Well, there’s always hope…

    I personally don’t mind if Linh censors idiots or hecklers.

    Certainly Dinh is not the first nor the only one to suspect shenanigans in the Moon Landing stuff, a major propaganda event in the context of the cold war. But as far as I remember he only mentioned this issue once, and not really making a big thing of it, so you bringing this up is really weird.

    But poor German rocket scientists, LOL.

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @Pat Kittle
  63. Anonymous[232] • Disclaimer says:
    @Max Payne


    If you don’t like it here, why do you waste your time here reading the comments and offending yourself?
    Instead of imposing censorship, why don’t you impose self censorship?

  64. gT says:

    Since things are so quiet, I might as well add something about the drug scene. Cannabis is called dagga in South Africa. The word dagga originates from one of the Khoisan languages, though this is under dispute. Anyway, some say the best way to prepare dagga is to thoroughly spray it with doom (the other insect sprays just don’t provide enough kick) while drying it, then burying it compressed under the kraal (cattle holding pen) for some time so that the animals urine and faeces juices (its all just vegetarian) can soak into it. Then your dagga is now the proper stuff, or so I’ve heard.

    The following story was related to me by a friend, he had the bad luck of driving under the influence into a police roadblock 500m from his house while going to a petrol station 1000m from his house, to buy something his wife was demanding. These police are there every weekend, I’ve seen them there myself. Anyway, the police on this particular roadblock were not nice police, so he spent the weekend locked up.

    His experience in jail was definitely not what he was expecting. Nearly every newcomer was asked when last he had done a certain drug when entering the cells. There are different kinds of drugs in South Africa, some are made with anti-retrovirals (the aids drugs) mixed with rat poison and who knows what. But the drug they were after was some injectable kind of concoction, and they were desperate for it. One bloke admitted to taking the drug the day before, so they shoved a needle into his arm and with a tube transferred blood from his arm into theirs so that they could also get some of the drug. My friend observed this many times during his weekend stay in jail. Some regulars had no veins on their arms or legs left to do transfers or receipts, so other veins had to be found. This involved pulling their pants down and sticking the needle into the veins on their penises. Probably those transferring had to have their members encouraged to get some blood flowing. No thought was given to hiv or hepatitis or blood type or anything. They said that this method of drug transfer is called Bluetooth.

    • Replies: @Biff
    , @Mustapha Mond
  65. gay troll says:

    Raches the deepest thinker believes that the “Moon Hoax” theory is a way for Jews to discredit the arch genius Nazi rocket scientists who suspended the laws of physics for 2.5 years, just long enough to win a decisive PR victory in the Cold War and console Americans over their ongoing war crimes in Vietnam. Yes sir, we really were the First and Only men on the moon; that’s what makes us so Exceptional. It’s only the Jews trying to fill us with doubt. Like that kike Wernher von Braun who said it would require multiple rockets, each taller than the Empire State Building, to ferry men to the Moon and back.

    Raches constructs her imagined adversary as someone who believes NASA was created to dupe the public into believing in a spherical Earth. Nice strawman as usual, sockpuppet. Any serious student of NASA’s deceit understands that it operates in service of the Zionist MIC, in other words the NAZIS who have run America for the sake of Israel since the end of WWII.

    According to LBJ himself, one of the primary goals of NASA and the space race in general was the weaponization of earth’s weather. The fact that “global warming” was later pitched to Congress by a NASA scientist, and that NASA provides all the temperature data supporting the theory of global warming, and that NASA now blames severe weather events on global warming, all condemn NASA as a non scientific organization, a white washed arm of the Zionist MIC.

    I guess that explains why NASA lost the evidence and the technology from the Apollo program and cannot recreate the mission even with an additional 50 years of R&D. They have been too busy “discovering” the extreme weather phenomena that they once promised to manufacture.

    • Replies: @Dumbo
  66. Dumbo says:

    As for racism… Racism, schmacism. Who cares. It’s just a word.

    I have nothing against our Black brothers, unless they try to rob me or rape me.

    But in Germany I saw more than one Black African with a blond German woman pushing a baby carriage. And in France, it was even worse. I thought I was in some African colony.

    Now ask yourself, which people has more chance of surviving, a “racist”, or an “anti-racist” one?

    (hint: Jews are very racist. Jews have survived for a long time as a people).

    I may be wrong, but I think there are not too many Black-White couples even today in South Africa.

    Perhaps Mr. Dinh can mention about what he sees in that regard (miscegenation in current South Africa).

  67. Dumbo says:
    @gay troll

    Like that kike Wernher von Braun who said it would require multiple rockets, each taller than the Empire State Building, to ferry men to the Moon and back.

    Yeah, I always thought, well, perhaps they could have gone to the moon, but how the hell did they come back? Supposedly in that tiny thing. And with no tests whatsoever, all in the first try.

    But, aside from the Moon Landing being real or not, the idea that “Jews” are the ones trying to say that “the moon landing was fake” in order to besmirch the honour of those poor German Nazi Rocket Scientists, is really ridiculous.

    Jews are behind most fakeries and propaganda events, if the Moon Landing was fake, you can bet some of them were involved. And if it wasn’t, well, there were a lot of Jews in NASA and in the Apollo program in any case. And if you think about the context of the Space Race – Soviet (Jews) vs American (Jews), then of course a lot of what we think is true, is probably fake.

  68. Thomasina says:
    @Linh Dinh

    Linh Dinh – you know, I thought more about what I said. You should just stick to what you do best. You are not an investigative type. Your charm is in showing us what’s on the surface of things (the fold in the lady’s dress, the swing in her step, the faded signs), not underneath them. You paint a picture of what “is”, and from that we can use our imagination and knowledge of history to surmise was once “was” (good or bad).

    Take care.

  69. Anon[134] • Disclaimer says:

    OT, but while I get that you’re down on AK because of his irritating moderation policy, he does start some interesting conversations (ok, he would if there was anyone left unbanned to have them).

    For instance, I don’t think any of the other UR writers would have brought up the mega-tsunami thing, and it is an interesting break from thinking about the normal stuff we hack to death around here.

    Of course, AK being AK, he does also manage to do what I had not thought possible– misreading a source two different ways in one short sentence: The collapse of a part of Cape Verde 73,000 years ago created a 240 meter tall megatsunami that wiped the coast of West Africa clean. First, it is not a 240m wave, but, according to the theory posited in his source, a 170m wave (still pretty impressive) which on making landfall was impelled uphill to a maximum elevation of 240m. Second, while it is obviously probable this incident had some effect on the African coast, that was not what was being discussed, rather the impact on the small mountainous island of Santiago, right next to the slide and lying on any line drawn seaward from it.


    The islands in question. Slide occurred on Fogo, wave on Santiago.

    In general “mega-tsunamis” so called seem to be more known for very high waves over fairly short distances– mainland Africa is farther away from Fogo than that.

    • Replies: @Anon
  70. Anon[134] • Disclaimer says:

    I think I am being a little too harsh on AK here, but it is a little frustrating that pushing back on him at his blog seems to be discouraged. Otherwise simple problems with his “takes” would get corrected and his work would be the better for it.

  71. Biff says:

    Anyway, some say the best way to prepare dagga is to thoroughly spray it with doom (the other insect sprays just don’t provide enough kick) while drying it, then burying it compressed under the kraal (cattle holding pen) for some time so that the animals urine and faeces juices (its all just vegetarian) can soak into it. Then your dagga is now the proper stuff, or so I’ve heard.

    I see victims of a practical joke.

    • Replies: @gT
  72. @Linh Dinh

    One of many things to be admired about your linguistic skills is your supernatural ability to determine someone’s race and skin color from an internet post or an email.

    Until someone proves otherwise, he is your brother.

    Perhaps. But you have proven otherwise.

    • Agree: lee, Hangnail Hans
  73. Dumbo says:

    Trolls are gonna troll. I’d say something nice, but I ran out of patience, so I’ll just say, fuck you. And put you on my ignore list. By the way, I think you’re Jewish, just by your convoluted and contorted thoughts. But perhaps, just a moron. I recommend reading Schopenhauer’s article about how to write, perhaps you can learn something.

    • Replies: @Anon
  74. Welshman says:

    I was honestly shocked to read, in an earlier article, of the loss of your wife and offer my sincere condolences. I am very sorry for you loss, Mr Dinh.

  75. gT says:

    Nah serious dude, some people prefer their dagga laced with doom, it improves the impact.

    Here is an article suggesting that its even done elsewhere, I’ve even heard that the doom gives the dagga a sheen which makes it look better.

    Then the habit of burying the dagga in the cattle kraal, that probably originated as a means of avoiding the police raids. Maybe the police dogs couldn’t sniff the doom drenched drugs out under the cattle poo, certainly the police wouldn’t have wanted to dirty their boots by walking into the cattle kraal. After a while some blokes probably began to prefer the dagga which had been extra matured in this manner.

    As for the blood transfusion to get your drug hit, that is also true. There must be some in the States who, desperate for a hit, do a transfusion with someone who has shot up recently. After all, shooting up a drug means injecting it into the blood stream, so the drug is in the blood. Some might be desperate enough for a hit to use that blood.

    Here is some info on the most widely used drug in the townships, you never know what is inside it.

    These guys will do ANYTHING to get their drugs, and I mean anything, they don’t hesitate. They conduct most of their business in the townships, but 15 of them would pile into a minibus taxi every now and then for a more lucrative outside raid.

  76. @gT

    “Anyway, some say the best way to prepare dagga is to thoroughly spray it with doom (the other insect sprays just don’t provide enough kick) while drying it, then burying it compressed under the kraal (cattle holding pen) for some time so that the animals urine and faeces juices (its all just vegetarian) can soak into it. Then your dagga is now the proper stuff, or so I’ve heard.”

    I very strongly suspect that some of our local cannabis growers here in Washington state use this process as well, given how rank and offensive many of their offerings have been in recent weeks. 😉

    Assuming it’s not a joke, Dagga appears to truly be the embodiment of a “Durban Poison”……….

    • Agree: gT
  77. Anon[200] • Disclaimer says:

    “ By the way, I think you’re Jewish, just by your convoluted and contorted thought..”

    Yes. And.. one can discern the ancient fury underneath.

  78. lee says:

    LD said:

    Before the Suez and Panama canals were built, all shipping had to pass Cape Town, which was located roughly half way between Europe and the East.

    The statement above is simply not factual.

    Spain due to treaties with Portugal and harassment by the Dutch were not allowed to sail around the Cape to get to the east. Starting in 1564 Spanish ships sailed westward to Veracruz Mexico where mule trains hauled trade goods overland to Acapulco.There everything was repacked onto ships that then set sail for Manila.

    This trade route lasted for 250 years and ceased just before Mexico gained its independence from Spain.

    • Replies: @gT
  79. Linh,

    I mostly appreciate your stories. I’ve never been to Africa, but I can’t help but think you’re wearing rose-colored glasses with this one.

    I don’t doubt you experience some friendly African natives, or that some online Whites (beside the anti-White trolls posing as Whites) are verbally nasty to you.

    Just wondering…

    — Surely you realize the now-common racist attacks on Asian-descended people in the US are almost entirely committed by Blacks — NOT Whites as the (((anti-White media))) typically imply?

    — If I (White) physically attacked you most anywhere in the Western world the legal charges against me would be greatly enhanced as a “hate crime” (and the (((media))) far & wide would have a field day with the story).

    — OTOH, if you attacked me you would NOT face “hate crime” enhancements — and you’d have a real chance of an anti-White judge (or jury) dropping the charges or finding you “not guilty” — and the (((media))) would cover for you.

    — If Whites are so rotten, and post-colonial life in Africa is so friendly, why are Africans so desperate to come to majority-White countries — and all too often act like over-breeding parasites & criminals when they get here?

  80. Anon[924] • Disclaimer says:

    Linh, you are fortunate to be in Cape Town which is run by the Democratic alliance, the only political party that actually works in this country. Should you come to Johannesburg I fear your chances of survival would be far slimmer. As a born and bred South African I’m very glad that you enjoyed your visit and managed to write three columns without mentioning Table Mountain

  81. gT says:

    I was unaware of that, thank goodness it happened, much better to have been colonized by the British and so able to speak and think in English.

    • Replies: @Ray Caruso
  82. raga10 says:

    You’re probably right in suggesting that watching what Jewish community is doing might be a good indicator. But the problem is, Jews HAVE been leaving South Africa in droves:

    Between 1981-2005 alone, 40% of the South African Jewish community emigrated for a variety of reasons, including political uncertainty, economic instability and rising crime. The SAJBD’s official position towards emigration has always been, and continues to be, “stay home or go home”, meaning ‘stay in South Africa’ or ‘immigrate to Israel’. However, between 2000-2008, 44% of Jewish emigrants voted with their feet and chose Australia.

    I know there are islands of prosperity in South Africa but they are small relative to the size of the country and they could sink at any time. I certainly hope they won’t, but if I were a white South African maybe I wouldn’t be leaving right this minute but I would certainly be trying to arrange secondary citizenship somewhere else – just in case.

  83. @gT

    It’s a fallacy common to imperfectly educated people all over the world to believe that the language one knows best is superior to all others. I assure you that nearly every Spanish speaker who didn’t finish high school considers himself blessed to have such a clear and logical language as his mother tongue as opposed to the convoluted gringo talk he was trying to choke down before he dropped out.

    Upon hearing that, those who are downright stupid, not just imperfectly educated, will try to prove that they are right to feel that way about their language, while all others are wrong.

    Incidentally, I have learned both English and Spanish as foreign languages and I prefer Spanish. The two languages are equally rich in vocabulary, idioms, etc., but I find Spanish somehow more dignified.

    That’s a subjective opinion, of course, but here’s the thing: I understand it’s subjective.

  84. dimples says:

    Now that Mr Dinh has for a change stopped writing about whatever local variety of rice and vegetable mixtures he is pushing into his anatomy and moved on to more lofty subjects I am deeply impressed. THANK GOD! THERE IS HOPE YET!

  85. I’d suppose that some people are happy to live in South Africa because they think that they own the ANC.

  86. Raches says: • Website

    That image was more an indication of the effort-level of response your tired, unoriginal (not to mention vicious) Nietzschian [sic] screed [“which wasn’t actually Nietzschean as such—and which I saw fit to reply to—which I replied to in a tired, unoriginal (not to mention vicious) way” — Corrections by Raches.] deserved.

    Feel free to take it up in the relevant thread.  I will feel free to ignore you, unless you actually say something interesting.

    I am personally not even religious, but…

    For one who empirically manifests Christian language presuming faith in Christian myths and Christian theology (“centuries [] before Christ was born”), Christian memes, and a very Christian type of emotional reaction, I will file that in thou doest protest too much, methinks. ®

  87. @Dumbo

    Smug self-pitying (((Tom Lehrer))) harvested his shekels flashing his lugubrious Holocau$tCard to the applauding European goyim, who were (& are) not free, legally or knowledgeably, to call (((him))) on his (((BS))).

    My repulsion of smarmy (((shysters))) is exceeded only by my appreciation of whistle-blowing (“self-hating”) Jews.

  88. @Truth


    Presumably you’re responding to my Comment #82, in which I asked:

    — Surely you realize the now-common racist attacks on Asian-descended people in the US are almost entirely committed by Blacks — NOT Whites as the (((anti-White media))) typically imply?

    You say “Caucasoids seem well represented…”

    I’d say your Negroids are vastly superior when it comes to attacking Asians — for just one example, 3 (THREE!) of your Negroids finally got caught:

    — (

    How many more Asians do you suppose your 3 Negroids would have attacked if they hadn’t been caught? But 3 bad Negroids don’t mean sheeit, right?

    — (

    Of course we know your poor pampered Negroids don’t limit their murderous ways to Asians…

    — (

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