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Even if you’re somewhere for decades, you only get the briefest glimpses of most people’s lives. Traveling, this is even truer. A glancing brush on the sidewalk can still resonate, however. Walk-ons and extras all, we still deserve to be read.

In Joyce’s “The Dead,” the coat girl has but two lines, but who can forget this declaration, delivered with “great bitterness,” “The men that is now is only all palaver and what they can get out of you.”

In Orwell’s “Such, Such Were the Joys,” there is this frightful sketch, “There was a new boy named Bachelor, a pretty, mother’s darling of a boy, who came a little while before I left. The first thing I noticed about him was the beautiful pearly whiteness of his teeth. By the end of that term his teeth were an extraordinary shade of green.”

Belgrade in summer is hotter than I expected. Passing Caffe Loža, I noticed an “OLD ROUTE 66” sign and “Times Square” license plate among its decoration, so I entered. Inside, I saw pictures of a San Francisco streetcar, the Titanic, Uncle Sam, James Bond and even Mark Twain, etc., but no Marilyn Monroe, Elvis or James Dean.

Not all minor temples to America are the same. What really set Caffe Loža apart, though, was a mural of John Trumbull’s General George Washington Resigning His Commission!

“Wow, look at that!” I said to the young waiter.

“It’s George Washington.”

“I know, but why is it on this wall?!”

“I don’t know how to explain, but Loža is, ah, like a political organization.”

Washington was a Freemason, I think he’s trying to say.

Since I was the only customer, we had time to talk, though he couldn’t help but look down at his phone often. Real life can’t command his complete attention.

Practicing English, he asked me basic questions, “How long have you been in Serbia?” “What do you think of Serbia?” “Do you like Serbian food?”

“I like Belgrade very much,” I said. “People here are very relaxed, and there are cafes and bars everywhere.”

“Here, everybody drinks every day,” he smiled. “After work, I go to see my girlfriend, then I go drink beer with my friends.”

“Every day?!”

“Every day.”

“But that’s expensive.”

“Not really. Almost every place here, a beer is only 150 dinars [\$1.41].”

I’m assuming he’s living with his parents, so pays no rent. It’s common to have three generations under one roof. During the Socialist years, two families routinely shared one apartment.

There are no trash days in Serbia. You take garbage to public dumpsters. The destitute dig through these to scavenge glass bottles and aluminum cans. I doubt they can afford to drink every day.

In Hong Kong and South Korea, old people collect cardboard boxes to resell. White haired and bent over, they push laden carts down busy streets. Even when clearly visible, bottom dwellers are not quite seen, not until you become one of them, usually.

Just launched into adulthood, the Caffe Loža waiter anticipates an infinity of conquests and adventures. He’s already run around a bit. Rome, Moscow, Vienna… Last year, he took a two-week vacation to Turkey.

“Serbs, Turkish, we have an ugly history, but Turkey is very nice, the food is great, and the people are very nice. It is the cheapest vacation. Many Serbs go.”

He’s been to Hungary three times. “Hungary, I don’t like. Serbs don’t like Hungarians too much…” He paused to think about it and reload his English. “We’re Orthodox. They’re Catholics. Orthodox and Catholics, there is a problem. We’re close to Russians.”

“But Serbs don’t like Romanians.”

“No,” he laughed.

“They’re Orthodox, and Serbs also don’t like Bulgarians, right?”

“No,” he laughed even harder.

“Neighbors are like that. Everywhere, you have neighbors hating each other. Well, not always, but usually.”

“Like China and Japan.”

“Or Cambodia and Vietnam. Cambodians really hate Vietnamese.”


“Vietnam invaded Cambodia, took a lot of their land.”

He tried to go to the US, but couldn’t get a visa, so with much regret, he hasn’t had a chance to frolic on Waikiki Beach, Sunset Boulevard, the Magnificent Mile, Vegas Strip, Route 66, Times Square or Fifth Avenue, etc., but at America’s current rate of self-destruction, these hyped icons will be no more than desolate, smoldering ruins by the time he gets there, even if it’s next year.


I waited for Novak “by the horse,” what locals call the equestrian statue of Knjaz Mihailo. Amazingly, he had no problem singling me out. Disregarding social distancing guidelines, we shook hands, then went around the corner to a microbrew pub.

Sixty-years-old, Novak grew up just around the corner. “I was a poor kid in a rich neighborhood. That affected me. During Christmas break, my friends would go skiing. During summer vacation, they’d go to the seaside or overseas. When they asked me what I did, I said, ‘I fished on the Danube.’” Novak laughed. “My girlfriend asked, ‘Why do you keep wearing these old pants?’ She didn’t know we had no money to buy new clothes.”

A top math student, Novak studied electrical engineering in college, then got a pretty good job. Still, “I’d see someone driving around in a Porsche or a Mercedes Benz. Even with my high salary, by local standards, it would have taken me two years just to buy a Yugo!”


He had already visited the US in 1977. “I had two half sisters in New Jersey, in Netcong. It’s about an hour west of New York. One worked at a supermarket, and her husband was a schoolbus driver. When I was there, they had a huge barbecue and invited all their coworkers. My brother-in-law said to me, ‘Look at all this meat! Isn’t America a paradise?’ It’s nice enough, I thought, but I could never, ever live here.”

With his career at an impass and war impending, Novak returned to the US in 1989. “My sister suggested I pay two thousand bucks to marry this ‘nice’ Mexican woman with four kids, but I pointed to my forehead and said, ‘If I can’t use this head to stay, I’m not going to use the other one.’”

Advised by an immigration lawyer, Novak then sent out hundreds of resumes. “I had never done this before. It was a big shock for my vanity. Many places doubted my qualifications. Some asked: “Did you have real computers in… what is that country again?”

Finally, Novak got hired by a Manhattan consultancy. “I started at \$34K, then moved up to 40K. Although they treated me well, they also got a great deal because they were pimping me out at \$117 an hour!”

Novak would then work for a handful of Fortune 500 companies. He married a Serbian in New York, and they had two daughters. In 2006, Novak was sent to Paris, where he stayed until 2013. His marriage collapsed.

Ending up in North Carolina for work, Novak dated a black Army veteran. “She often used military slogans in her speech, such as, ‘Lead, follow or get out the way.’” Worse, her relatives didn’t exactly warm up to Novak. “They liked the ‘weird Serb part,’ but not the ‘white’ part.”

The South had its comforts. Novak loved the food, “Nice and greasy, works for me every time,” and he shared the North Carolinian’s fondness for beer.

In 2016, Novak returned to Belgrade, to the very apartment he grew up in. As we walked around, he evoked memories and associations everywhere.

Momo Kapor lived two blocks from here. Ivo Andrić lived there. This shop with colorful ties was owned by the first openly gay man in Belgrade. It was a big deal then. This was the first Chinese restaurant. Although it was run by the government, it did have a Chinese cook. When Starbucks first opened, there was a line out to here.

There was a bar here, Dobra Kapljica. When I was three-years-old, an uncle would take me here and have me drink the beer foam. He also showed me how to bang on the table to ask for another beer.

For about a year during the 90’s, inflation was so high that as soon as you got paid, you would run out to exchange it for some foreign currency, or you’d run to the store to buy whatever. At a restaurant, you had to pay at the beginning of a meal, because it would cost more at the end of it. Too many Serbs prayed to become billionaires, and it actually happened. Five billion dinars would get you one sardine out of a can.

When the Americans bombed Belgrade in 1999, they would sometimes announce their targets. Knowing Branko’s Bridge would be hit, hundreds of university students converged on it every night, so it was actually spared. The Americans couldn’t afford such a public relation disaster.

Here is the Monument of Gratitude to France, erected after World War I. As you can see, there are French and Serb soldiers, with different hats. When NATO bombed Belgrade, it was covered in a black cloth.

At the Belgrade Zoo, there’s a small archway called “Monica’s Strait,” and there’s a viper named Madeleine, after Albright.

When I was 13, my mother took me here for basketball practices. You know you’re a nerd when you mother takes you to basketball practices. I was laughed out of the court.

How people curse is revealing. Novak shared with me some Serbian invectives, “Go fuck your own picture,” “I’ll fuck your bloody child,” “May you kiss your father’s cold forehead” and, to a woman, “May you find the taste of cocks disgusting.” When someone farts, you can slap him with, “May that be the music at your funeral.” A twelve-trombone send-off doesn’t sound too bad…

Time for a joke?

“I heard this from an army major. It’s a part of my military brainwashing, I think. Different nationalities were asked how many watermelons they could carry. Modest, the Hungarian said, ‘I can carry one,’ then the Romanian said, ‘I can carry two, one under each arm.’

“The Bulgarian, he said, ‘I can carry three!’ Everyone objected, ‘How can you carry three?!’ ‘Easy, one with each hand, and one on my cock.’

“Then the Serb said, ‘I can carry five!’ ‘That’s impossible!’ everyone shouted. ‘It’s easy. I can carry one under each arm, and the Bulgarian on my cock.’”

In 2016, Novak returned to Belgrade to retire, only to resume working after a trip to Thailand. “My daughter was in Bangkok for a semester, I visited her and fell in love with Thailand.”

Although Novak managed to get a well paying job there, he only lasted a year. “I got bored. How can you be bored in a city of ten million people? I don’t know, but I got bored.”

Back in Belgrade, he’s still restless, however. “I may have a job offer in Hanoi.”

“Have you been there?”


“Hanoi is OK, but if you got bored with Bangkok…”

“It will take me at least a year to decide.”

Before me, Novak had met just one Vietnamese. “I had a coworker, called Vu. He was always very tense, I don’t know why. Our boss was British, real tight upper lip. The company won a massive project that would take at least six months to complete, and the boss turned to Vu and said, ‘I’m sure Vu can get it by tomorrow’ The next morning, Vu came in looking like a wreck.” Novak chuckled at the memory. “Vu was profusely apologizing to the boss, ‘I’m sorry, I’m sorry, but I just couldn’t get it done.’”

By now, we were having dinner at Vuk. “This place is very old fashioned. The waiters are first-rate. For most of them, it’s a lifelong profession.”

We finished our meal with some gibanica. “My mother told me that during World War II, the chetniks would show up at a house and ask for a gibanica. When my grandpa gave them a burnt one, he almost got his throat slashed!”

“That’s absurd!”

“Well, if you’re armed and have all that power. He pissed off their commander.”

“So what happened?”

“Someone higher up in the village intervened. ”

War needs psychopaths, simple as that, for temperate folks don’t care to witness spilled entrails, inhale charred human flesh or have hot shit running down their pants. Even in a donnybrook, would you rather have toxic pricks or pensive sissies on your side?


Savka survived the last war here, but barely. A Serb in Croatia, she fled to Belgrade, but has been homeless for 28 years.

“Twenty-eight years?!”

“Yes, 28 years,” she smiled, showing no front teeth.

“Were you a student then?”


“What did you study?”


This night, Savka was a DJ at Kandinsky Bar, and she played Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Rush, Elton John, Beatles, Bowie, Dylan and R.E.M., etc.

“You like?”

“This is what I listened to in high school.”


One moment, you’re immersed in calculus, then suddenly, you’re running for your life and scrounging for everything, like an animal, though you’re relieved to not be punctured, shredded or crushed. Only figuratively destroyed, you push forward, and before you know it, your pitiful role is almost over, so that, finally, you’ll be equal to everybody else.

Still, Savka flashed the biggest smile, showing nothing but joy, toughness and gums.

The bright bar had people of all ages, plus a lounging dog. The NO SMOKING sign was clearly meant as a joke, for there were ashtrays all over. In the bathroom, there were six poems, pinned to a corkboard. A nine-year-old boy wore a “GOOD VIBES” T-shirt.

Here and now, at least, life’s normal, and that’s more than good enough. Maskless, Serbian smiles blossom.

Linh Dinh’s latest book is Postcards from the End of America. He maintains a regularly updated photo blog.

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  1. Under Tito there were no “destitute dig[ging] through [bins] to scavenge glass bottles and aluminum cans.” They had roofs over their heads, enough food to eat, and a modicum of medical care. Thank you USA, for giving us the great blessings of capitalismo.

  2. Dumbo says:

    Good one.

    He tried to go to the US, but couldn’t get a visa, so with much regret, he hasn’t had a chance to frolic on Waikiki Beach, Sunset Boulevard, the Magnificent Mile, Vegas Strip, Route 66, Times Square or Fifth Avenue, etc., but at America’s current rate of self-destruction, these hyped icons will be no more than desolate,

    America is really a big propaganda machine… Foreigners see it in the movies, TV, in the pictures in bars and cafes and they imagine paradise… But when they get there, it’s kind of underwhelming… Well, at least LA and NY, which in many parts (not all) are mostly ugly, dirty, very far from the movies… Very disappointing. Except perhaps for Las Vegas. Las Vegas is exactly what you’d expect, and kinda cool actually, even if on the kitsch side. But even there, go out of the casinos and Miracle Mile and get around, you’ll see a lot of poverty and decay, and mostly blacks and latinos hanging around, and lots of homeless people, many white too.
    America is like that, I guess, land of contrasts, right?
    I think one region that is better than you’d expect is Vermont, actually, especially in autumn. Pretty nice. And the whole countryside, more than the cities.
    If things go on like they are going, I think we’ll se a further decay of the cities in America, but perhaps the countryside and small villages will still be nice, for a while.

    • Agree: Commentator Mike
  3. Dumbo says:

    “May you find the taste of cocks disgusting.”

    Good one. I think I will say that one to some people I know… 😀

    there’s a viper named Madeleine, after Albright.

    That’s a nice touch too… Hmm, I think I like Serb sense of humour… Although, I think a snake is too nice for Albright… It’s a pretty animal, after all… Maybe some kind of parasitic worm or virus could be named after her…

    • Replies: @Antiwar7
  4. anon[320] • Disclaimer says:

    To begin with, white Americans are effectively European rural peasants. That is the mentality they came to American with. A small European village mentality. Whether German-American or Italian-American or whatever, they have the mindset of an 18th century European rural peasant.

    One Norwegian I knew who visited Minneapolis once remarked to me in the Philippines that the Norwegian Americans are essentially rural peasants.

    This manifests itself in the US character.

    The average Eurorail riding free tuition studying safety-net enjoying European has no idea, none, what it is like to be a white person on the streets of America in a lower middle class environment.

    I had friends that moved to small towns. But you are talking about living on a dirt road in an old farmhouse with 10 feet of snow in the winter. The reason these places are safe is because blacks and Hispanics don’t want to live there. There is no public transport, so half of your time is spent maintaining your vehicle. The economy is not diversified. You take whatever employment you can get. Local police-we’ve all seen Rambo-run these towns like a tinpot Banana Republic dictatorship.


    The reason the blacks and Mexicans and Leftists don’t bother with these places is that everyone is armed to the teeth.

    Because I’m German-American, I’d visited my relatives a few times. I’d heard that Germany was poor but by the time we visited in 1984 when I was ten years old it was nicer than Michigan.

    When I arrived in Europe, the first thing that amazed me was how polite the police were. Helpful. You could actually talk to them. They did not shout at you to get your hands away from your pockets. I’m a clean-cut white man with typical Germanic-Midwestern looks-muscular, square-jawed, no tattoos-but each encounter with the police in the US had their guns drawn on me. The first time was filling air in my tires at a truck stop and the police approached me and accused me of soliciting the prostitutes nearby. I wasn’t. I was charged with nothing, but it was 10 minute interrogation. Second time my bike got a flat and police saw me lean it up against a wall and thought this looked suspicious and drew their guns on me. No charge. The third time, I was wearing dark clothes in winter and the police rolled up on me and said I looked like a burglar due to my dark clothes. No charges.

    So you can imagine how nice it was to have nice police in Europe who gave me directions.

    There is a flip side, of course. Europe’s petty criminals, like the Gypsies, largely abandon crime in America because the police are so harsh and relentless.

    I went to London from Arizona. In Arizona a few times I was in bad situations at bus stops. The first involved some Cholo gang members in Tempe, Arizona. The gang members were later jailed for shooting someone at the park across the street. In Europe, bus stops were quiet and orderly.

    The choice of drugs is different. In Western Europe, few people want to do crystal meth. In the US, vast number of poor whites are hooked on it. So homelessness is common.

    And there is no local council for whites to really go to for support. Once you are homeless, you are homeless in America if you are white. You cannot just go down to your nearest office and get an allotment for a free apartment and a job. The US government doesn’t seem to care if white families are homeless on the streets of America and the only thing the police do is occasionally jail them.

    US cities cannot get more decayed than Detroit. Go there, you’ll see what I mean. In Flint, Michigan toxic waste comes out of the taps. A few unfortunate Polish-Americans are trapped in this industrial graveyards. You have cases of 80 year old elderly Polish women raped.

    So I have a series of questions that a European or even another American might want to try to answer.

    1) Why do property values in Western Europe and London always increase but in the US cities or city suburbs they plummet to zero? Why are property values less stable in America?

    2) Why are more people in America addicted to crystal meth than in Western Europe? Why aren’t there armies of homeless tweakers in Europe.

    3) Why are the US police ruder and more menacing in encounters with average law-abiding citizens than in Europe. I’ve talked to police in Europe, they were very polite. They did not bother me, ask to run my ID for warrants, ask to search me to see if I had a joint on me. Why do they behave differently in America.

    4) Why is there more white homelessness in America? I’m not saying that Berlin or London do not have homeless people. But these are mostly hopeless junkies. Why are seemingly normal sober non-drug using white people in America homeless in vast armies in US cities? Why can’t the US government cope with homelessness as effectively as Europe? Simple raw heartless capitalism?

    5) Why are US rural areas synonymous with poverty but rural Western Europe is not?

    6) Why are Western European whites better educated than American rural whites or urban whites on average?

    7) Why is the US white underclass so awful compared to Europe? Why is there so much meth abuse, child molestation, broken families, trailer park poverty?

    8) Of all the European countries the one that most resembles the US in terms of poverty, class difference and social pathology is the UK? Why? Why the UK and not Sweden or Germany?

    9) Why are poor Europeans better-fed and clothed in Western Europe than America?

    10) In Europe the standard of living is uniform. Why in America are the coasts so wealthy and the US interior is poorer?

  5. @obwandiyag

    There were, they just weren’t in Belgrade

  6. Steven80 says:

    A nice description Shumadian swineherds’ capital. With a little luck, the secret negotiations about Kosovo held now in Europe (2-nd of Sept) and Washington (7-th of September) will stop the serbians of imaginary small-empire appetites and they will be able to finally start to negotiate to be admitted in the European family and stay away from the descendants of the Golden horde. In two generations, they can become nice, ordinary Europeans.

    • Replies: @Hojer
    , @Svevlad
    , @Vojkan
  7. Hojer says:

    “…. to be admitted in the European family…”

    – is this the way Union treated and communicated with rebellious native Amerindian tribes?

    Such kind of brusselian propaganda language reveals a lot on speakers way of thinking.

    Luckilly it is perceived so negatively at least here (Czechia) that even most proEU politicians and presstitutes have to try (hard) to formulate their dogmas a bit more eloquently, not to be mocked off instantly…

  8. @obwandiyag

    I’m sure they now have access to the most depraved pornography as well (like Iraq after the puritan Saddam was removed)..

    • Replies: @Dumbo
  9. @anon

    Why do property values in Western Europe and London always increase….

    Take another look at London these days.

    Why are more people in America addicted to crystal meth than in Western Europe?

    The booze is way cheaper.

    Why are the US police ruder and more menacing in encounters with average law-abiding citizens than in Europe.

    US has a far larger minority population from the most lawless places on earth, and they keep cops on their toes. Many poor whites have started to emulate their behaviour, so cops no longer feel safety in any situation. Never fear, the EU and UK are working furiously to reduce that inequity, and it is starting to show in the policing.

    Why are US rural areas synonymous with poverty but rural Western Europe is not?

    You clearly have no idea what you are talking about. The reason I could snap up a French château for a song was because it was in the countryside.

    Why are Western European whites better educated than American rural whites or urban whites on average?

    Schools were, at least until recently, less political and actually taught useful skills. When out to dinner with friends, you get local wait-staff who can calculate splitting the bill using pencil and paper. The Eastern European imported staff can still largely do that; not so much imports from other parts of the world.

    Of all the European countries the one that most resembles the US in terms of poverty, class difference and social pathology is the UK? Why?

    I refer the honourable gentleman to the answer I gave some moments before. The UK has whole-heartedly embraced DIE, and it is literally killing them.

    Why the UK and not Sweden or Germany?

    They’re working on it. Read the news about Malmö and Essen sometime.

    In Europe the standard of living is uniform. Why in America are the coasts so wealthy and the US interior is poorer?

    You really have no idea what you are talking about, but Europe’s mere-rich learned to keep their excesses a bit more muted than America’s McMansion class, and the tax money is better distributed across various victim groups than America’s racially obsessed public policies coupled with selective policing. Oh, and Europe still has less diversity, but the EU is working on that problem.

    • Agree: TKK
    • Thanks: RadicalCenter
    • Replies: @obwandiyag
  10. Dumbo says:
    @Tsar Nicholas

    Well, that’s what’s important.

    Actually, one of the most depraved films ever made is a Serbian film called, well, “A Serbian Movie”.
    I haven’t seen it, but from the description it seems sick and ghastly and the product of a deranged mind. Well, like most anything these days I suppose…

  11. @Dumbo

    The natural beauty is what is special about America, and Americans are often blind to it. Those famous European rivers like the Rhine and Danube are streams just compared to the Hudson, to say nothing of the Mississippi. America has thousands of lakes that put a tourist attraction like lake Bled in Slovenia to shame. Amazing beaches, unspoiled wilderness, etc. And nowhere in the world will you anything like the Great Lakes or the Grand Canyon.

  12. @anon

    You are falling into the trap of comparing “Europe” to the “US”. You can’t do that. If you compare Massachusetts to Austria (both have around 8 million inhabitants), Massachusetts probably comes out ahead on most of your metrics, other than meth and homelessness. Certainly Massachusetts would win on quality of housing, green space per inhabitant, and maybe even quality of public education (as long as you don’t live in Springfield or Fall River).

    New Hampshire is well ahead of Slovenia on all metrics, other than architectural beauty (and also meth, that is a good question why Americans are bigger druggies).

    In general New England still compares pretty well to Europe. It is Red America and the Blue cities in the Red states that are really dying.

    But look at Spain and you will find plenty of rural poverty. Look at Romania and you will find places where African American crack heads would be ashamed to live. The middle class in Norway and Switzerland on the other hand enjoy standards of living that mostly only the 1% in America can aspire to.

    Even cops aren’t the same everywhere. Go to a rich suburb of Boston and the cops are every bit as professional and polite as the cops in Frankfurt. As a white man I have had good experiences with the NYPD, obviously your mileage may vary. Cops in Italy are polite but on the take. Cops in places like Czechia can be just outright mean.

  13. Svevlad says:

    Ew, why would anyone want to be a filthy west E*ropean? It’s basically being gay but even worse

  14. Dumbo says:

    Another famous Serbian (or (((Serbian???)))) is Marina Abramovic. The elites love her.

    I don’t know why she’s so famous. What’s different about her than any other penniless run of the mill alternative “performance artist”? And yet she gets lots of money and exposure.

  15. @obwandiyag

    Agree, Obi.

    Also under Tito, Yugoslavia was a firm supporter of Palestinian freedom fighters and their struggle to liberate Palestine, unlike present day Serbia which has allied itself with Israel, as evidenced by the recent decision to move its Embassy to Jerusalem. The influence of Jews and Israel is greater than ever, and growing, despite all those US dual citizens having been at the forefront of NATO’s campaign to bomb Serbia.

    Belgrade is now like Casablanca pre WWII, a city where all the major spy agencies operate, and through those so-called NGOs, to spread their pernicious influence eastward, as well as the HQ of the CIA backed centre (Canvas) to foment colour revolutions throughout the world.

  16. @anon

    This must be you Jeff Stryker.

    • Agree: republic, utu, RadicalCenter
  17. Jimbo-2 says:

    I enjoy reading Linh Dinh’s articles about his global travels, but I don’t share his sanguine attitude towards the Serbs.

    The Bosnian Serbs and the Serbs in the Yugoslavian army committed daily acts of aggression, and many atrocities, against civilians in Bosnia-Hercegovina. Imagine the mindset of a people who would permit their military to shell a large city (Sarajevo), home to thousands of civilians, for nearly four years!

    After this, a civilized people would admit to their ethical mistake, apologize for it & make amends to those they harmed. There’s nothing wrong with a bit of soul-searching — asking: ‘what caused us to behave that way?’

    I remember in the mid-1990’s discussing with a co-worker the latest atrocity committed by Serb forces, and he revealed that he’d ridden a bicycle through Yugoslavia several years before. He had spoken to many Serbs, and broached the topic of non-Serb Yugoslav’s; as a typical liberal Canadian, he was startled to find that so many of them ‘wanted only to kill’.

    I know another excellent Unz commentator, The Saker, is even more sanguine about the Serbs in the 1990’s, so I suppose Linh Dinh is at least in good company.

  18. Anon[252] • Disclaimer says:

    As always, there is much more to Serbians than meets the eye and I can say that as I know them quite well.

    One of more interesting aspects is that there is an enormous disconnect between their one-on-one daily personalities and their collective psyche. When you meet them face to face they are warm, personable, with a great sense of humour, charming, full of life, charismatic and with a swagger you will not find almost anywhere amongst their neigbours ( Montenegrins excluded) and perhaps anywhere else in the “Eastern Europe”. And then, you start talking politics, religion, history or anything that concerns them as a group and it’s like someone turns on a switch. Until then a delightful person turns into totally wacky, programmed, robot, absolutely impossible to reason with. A clinical case of split personality.
    An absolutely lovely country, with lovely people, possessed by a stupid, almost absurd, political ideology imposed on them from their “elites” who are themselves certainly manipulated/bribed by foreign powers, currently strongest influence coming certainly from Russia.

    • Agree: utu
    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  19. @anon


    Note how the other commentatoes divert, change the subject, control the argument.

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  20. @Anon

    currently strongest influence coming certainly from Russia.

    The opposite is true – the strongest influence comes from the West (EU and US). Name those mainstream media companies there that are controlled by Russia and compare to those controlled by the West including CIA’s General Petreus. Then do the same for telecom companies. Then how about the NGOs? And then investments and foreign companies – of which are there more: Russia or the West? Then compare the number of diaspora Serbs in the West and Russia. Then compare the numbers of Serbian tourists visiting the West and those visiting Russia. Yeah they love Russia so much they’re all heading there. You’re just a western propagandist turning reality on its head, like those accusing Russia of expansionism while absorbing evermore countries into NATO, taking their bases, troops, planes, ships and biowarfare labs right up to Russia’s borders. Or like Iraq, Libya, Syria, Afghanistan, Iran being a threat to USA, when the converse is true. Now if some Serbs aren’t yielding to this dominant Western influence good on them – for some reason it must be only those that you’re meeting.

  21. @obwandiyag

    Tito’s Yugoslavia:

    Number of Israeli companies and investments in the country = 0

    Number of Jew controlled western companies and investments in the country = 0

    Number of secret societies and Masonic lodges in the country = 0 (banned!)

    • Agree: Jazman
  22. mwee says:

    “French, German, American and Serb were in the airplane. Not sure how joke actually went but Serb somehow fu**ed them all up.”

    LD needs to see some videos of YU from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. Easy to find on YouTube. Happy people in them were not paid actors. YU was nothing like “the rest”.

  23. @Commentator Mike

    This whole area was balkanized during the Clinton ad. and Milosevic eliminated so the Zionists could maintain better control, particularly of pipeline routes from Russia and the Middle East.

  24. Blissex says:

    «Why do property values in Western Europe and London always increase but in the US cities or city suburbs they plummet to zero? Why are property values less stable in America?»

    In the UK property values in “rust belt” areas have been falling, in some cases to 1 dollar/pound, see this map:

    They constant increase in property values in London etc. is due to government policy that concentrates jobs there, by subsidising massively London-area businesses; much like the USA government subsidises massively the finance industry.
    Plus, like in the USA, it is government policy debt to buy property on margin is very cheap and easy to get, because the government wants property values to go up. The central banks say this is necessary to create a “wealth effect” to increase consumption during recessions. They also say that increasing wages instead of a “wage effect” just results in higher inflation, so it must be avoided.

  25. @Commentator Mike

    Serbian elites are increasingly bought and paid for by the PRC. The Red Chinese see Serbia as an excellent beachhead to access the EU without being too exposed to EU laws or intelligence services. Young Serbs, as you say, are brainwashed by Western media. Russia’s slow side into irrelevance sadly continues.

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  26. alfa says:
    @Commentator Mike

    online newspapers are mostly pro-russian, the national church is political and gives pro russian statesments
    People are not so much pro russian as they are anti-west, and Russia is perceived as the strong big brother who will slap the west.

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  27. @alfa

    Any pro-Russian feeling comes from a part of the population itself and is not due to external Russian “influence”. That the Church should be pro-Russian is natural as they share the same Orthodox faith. Online media, like anywhere, does not reflect the MSM.

    • Agree: RadicalCenter
  28. @obwandiyag

    What do you mean? The Alarmist’s comments are correct, except about the price of booze. This varies by country, though.

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  29. @Oikeamielinen

    Alarmist said US police are dealing with criminals from lawless countries. Blacks have been in the US for 400 years-European police deal with lawless immigrants.

    He’s right about the fiscal funds. Europe can spend them on transport or public funds.

    More than Europe, whites in America use meth because they are more miserable than NW Europeans.

    • Replies: @A.M.
    , @Oikeamielinen
  30. A.M. says:
    @Peter Akuleyev

    Well, that’s subjective, personally I find Europe’s nature more beautiful.

    • Agree: Robjil, Sya Beerens
  31. A.M. says:

    “Imagine the mindset of a people who would permit their military to shell a large city (Sarajevo), home to thousands of civilians, for nearly four years!” It’s the mindset of a people at war, fighting to save their country from dying.; “The Bosnian Serbs and the Serbs in the Yugoslavian army committed daily acts of aggression, and many atrocities, against civilians in Bosnia-Hercegovina.” Yes, and the Muslims and Croats in Bosnia-Hercegovina, and their paramilitary formations, committed daily acts of aggression, and many atrocities, too, and not peep of it was ever heard in the Western Media.; “There’s nothing wrong with a bit of soul-searching — asking: ‘what caused us to behave that way?’” War, and the externally orchestrated destruction of their society, is what caused them to behave this way, some behaviors require more contemplation to understand than others, this one doesn’t require very much.; “He had spoken to many Serbs, and broached the topic of non-Serb Yugoslav’s; as a typical liberal Canadian, he was startled to find that so many of them ‘wanted only to kill’.” The other ethnic groups in Bosnia-Hercegovina are even more bloodthirsty, if anything, with the most tolerant of Muslims there casually joking about killing and butchering Serbs while comparing them to pigs, as a family member of mine once overheard.; “After this, a civilized people would admit to their ethical mistake, apologize for it & make amends to those they harmed.” No they wouldn’t, not when those they “harmed” also harmed them, and refuse to accept any responsibility for their own evil acts, a people apologizing in that situation is simply subjugated, not civilized. The Yugoslavian army had the military capability to do a lot more damage, and a commit a lot more”atrocity,” in the war than it did if it wanted to, and behaved quite reasonably, and gracefully, under the circumstances that it faced, a less civilized people, say one of a more Germanic ilk, might have reminded you what atrocity truly means under similar circumstances.

    • Agree: Alfred
    • Replies: @Vojkan
  32. A.M. says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    “More than Europe, whites in America use meth because they are more miserable than NW Europeans.” Why? I doubt it. Demographic replacement may not be at the same level as it is in America yet, but their enthusiasm for it more than makes up for that, the governments are no more genuinely socialist, or for the people, than America’s, and they’re even more against anything healthy and normal than America is, at least under Trump. What’s there to be less miserable about?

  33. @Jeff Stryker

    We can quibble as to what is lawless or lawful.
    Both legislature and judiciary in Finland pursue the importation and coddling of “our boys” with lustful zeal. Those national bodies set the letter and practice of law. Cops are secondary as executors of policy.

  34. anon[191] • Disclaimer says:

    Serbians who went through the bombings of their country by the US must get some satisfaction from hearing about the US getting some of their own medicine although the ones that really need to get punished (Bill Clinton, Madelyn Albright et al) will never get their just rewards.

  35. anon[191] • Disclaimer says:

    By saying that white Americans are essentially like 18th century European rural peasants, I don’t know if you are trying to insult them but if someone said that to my face, I would take it as a compliment.

    I would take it that they were saying that I was wise, humble and industrious, qualities mostly lacking in modern day white Americans. The average white American today, is obsessed with consumer culture and money, greasy barbeques and sports, knows nothing about the world, is barely literate, is obese, has no class and is naive and easily manipulated to an extreme degree. These qualities can be extended to the other English speaking countries more or less also.

    • Replies: @Peter Akuleyev
  36. @Peter Akuleyev

    The corrupt parasitic political class is open to bribes by anyone. But if Serbia is looking to surrender and sell out to someone then it may be best if it does so to the Chinese. At least China will not meddle in local politics, try to change your culture, or influence your foreign policy, something the EU and US insist on.

    • Agree: Antiwar7
  37. @Peter Akuleyev

    Agree, Peter.

    And the range of natural beauty in the USA is astonishing. The four “corners” of the country are entirely different from each other both topographically and culturally. Each like a separate country in almost every way.

    I have such great recollections of stunning mountain ranges (Alaska, the Rockies and Appalachians), lush forests everywhere, mighty rivers (the Ohio), sparkling lakes (Lake George!), deserts with purple sunsets (N. Mexico), huge ocean vistas (Big Sur, Outer Banks) and so much more.

    Thanks for triggering memory lane. (I still have lots to see in the Upper West)

    • Replies: @Sya Beerens
    , @Biff
  38. Vojkan says:

    Funny, I have the same opinion of liberals as you have of Serbs.

  39. Vojkan says:

    My fellow Serbs have many traits that I find truly annoying on a daily basis but I take comfort in the idea that those are the very traits that’ll spare them from ever becoming “nice ordinary [bland and soulless] Europeans”.

  40. Vojkan says:

    It is absolutely useless to argue with dimwits who keep themselves “informed” by swallowing whatever crapola the Western MSM feeds them. Let them blather, they’re digging their own grave anyway.

  41. Alfred says:

    The media in the West was totally one-sided. That clearly made an impression on you.

    The fact that the BBC and all the others were lying constantly is proven by the attack on the TV station of Belgrade which resulted in the death or injury of a great number of journalists and staff. The truth could not be tolerated.

    Here is the famous psychopath who always supports war and attrocities:

    Serb TV station was legitimate target, says Blair

    • Thanks: Robjil
    • Replies: @Culpepper
  42. “He tried to go to the US, but couldn’t get a visa…”

    We can thank the Jewish toadies, the ass kissing Clintons, for the Christian Serbs being denied visiting visas while the Muslim crooks out of Albania, Kosovo and Bosnia are pouring in by the boatloads… it’s a sad state of affairs!

  43. @anon

    “9) Why are poor Europeans better-fed and clothed in Western Europe than America?”

    The answer to all ten questions is pretty much the same:

    1) We have black people; they don’t. Well, they do now — check back in ten years. Blacks drain economies.

    2) We’re paying for their defense: military bases, NATO, cutting edge armaments. Let’s see how progressive Norway is when it’s 100% responsible for its own army. It’s easy to have money for \$500 sneakers when mom ‘n dad are covering all your room and board.

    • Replies: @Vojkan
    , @anon
    , @Oikeamielinen
  44. Vojkan says:
    @Nancy Pelosi's Latina Maid

    Norway = smart people + vast natural resources. They’d be rich in any scenario. Only multi-kulti liberal lunacies can ruin them, defence spending certainly can’t. Definitely not the best example to make a point.

  45. @anon

    I would take it that they were saying that I was wise, humble and industrious

    They would not. 18th century European peasants were generally regarded by the literate class at the time as simple, superstitious, lazy, dirty, avaricious and mean. The worst of all, of course, were Irish and Russian peasants, who were considered barely human. Poverty was taken as proof of one’s lack of moral values. It was only in the 19th century that elites started romanticizing the peasantry, not surprisingly just as the peasants were leaving for cities en masse.

    • Agree: Alden
  46. anon[410] • Disclaimer says:
    @Nancy Pelosi's Latina Maid

    Would less white people be poor in America without blacks pumping at age 16 and having a child they were unable to support?

    How would the living standard of America change?

    Is all of this because blacks PUMP? Prisons are privatized now. So it is no effect on the government. But how would the condition of poor whites be improved if there were no blacks?

    Would there be better public transport?

    What if the US canceled the NATO treaty and withdrew from Anzus. What would happen? Would less white people be on the street?

    US wages are lower than Europe and Australia. Are higher wages the solution?

    Do all of America’s problems come down to the fact that blacks pump? That black teenager girls become pregnant and have no support?

    Why don’t poor whites received the governmental support of blacks?

    If whites are superior, why is it that blacks seem to overpower them in street fights much of the time like McMichaels and Zimmerman?

    Why do blacks appear to be tougher and stronger than whites? What is the reason?

  47. @Vojkan

    Norway = smart people + vast natural resources.

    And yet I look around and discover you’ve also just described America.

    Definitely not the best example to make a point.

    • Replies: @Vojkan
  48. @anon

    “how would the condition of poor whites be improved if there were no blacks?”

    Per Vox Day,

    “the net cost to the average White American of the average Black American is \$384,109. Married? That’s \$768,218. Got 2 kids? That’s \$1,536,436. 4 kids? Now we’re talking \$2,304,654 lifetime.”

    Also Vox,

    “According to the data derived from the 2014 federal budget, the average annual net tax/benefit broke down as follows:

    White: -\$2,795
    Black: +\$10,016

    • Replies: @anon
  49. TKK says:

    2) Why are more people in America addicted to crystal meth than in Western Europe? Why aren’t there armies of homeless tweakers in Europe.

    I have some information for you.

    How do you think celebrities, especially females, stay so preternaturally thin past the age of 40? Most women develop a thickness around the middle that is a dead give away to advancing age. But look at celebrities like Nicole Kidman, Kelly Rippa (the talk show freak), Courtney Cox, Demi Moore et al.

    Do you see any other women their age- even ones who have access to liposuction- that have the willowy frame of a young girl? How do they do it?

    It’s not the Atkins diet.

    Meth completely removes your appetite. Food is a nuisance. Meth is used by many, many wealthy people, middle class people, poor people for its ability to help you literally lose half your body weight without missing food.

    In addition to removing your appetite, it gives you rocket fuel energy. You will stay up all night, smashing your to do list. You might stay up 5 days.

    When you see a distinctive tweaker— lost or browned teeth, emaciated, gawking and geeking out— this is because they have stopped brushing their teeth, their mouths are continually dry and they have stopped pretending to care about their appearance or future beyond buying more crystal meth. Prolonged use without breaks and nutrition can cause psychosis where they believe bugs are crawling under their skins. They pick at their skin and cause the sores themselves. Excoriation disorder (as it is called) it a direct result of flooding your brain with too much meth. Hence- the zombie, bleeding sore tweeker look.

    However, structured Meth use can be maintained for years, especially with access to Xanax and painkillers. Good oral hygiene, drinking Gator Aid, and taking tranquiliziers to sleep hide the drug.

    Also- meth is used all over the world. What do you think had Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte playing Rambo with shoot to kill orders?


    • Replies: @anon
  50. Vojkan says:
    @Nancy Pelosi's Latina Maid

    Nope. I’ll be more precise. Norway until recently = smart people who care in charge + vast natural resources. USA in the last 100+ years = a few smart people who care + morons who don’t care in charge + vast natural resources. Not the same thing at all.

  51. anon[410] • Disclaimer says:

    I lived in the Philippines for three years and no more about Filipino shabu use than any foreigner alive.

    1) Only poor Filipinos use Shabu. The drug of choice for Chinese Filipinos and Spanish Mestizos and foreigners is cocaine, which runs 4000 pesos a gram.

    2) Shabu is absolutely sneered upon by the middle and upper classes in the Philippines. Only poor squatters and lower class Filipinos use it.

    3) Shabu has been around in the Philippines since 1981 or so. I don’t know why Duterte started his drug war in the 2010’s after 35 years.

    4) What gets Filipinos hooked is that the Chinese lace it with heroin residue which is barely detectable but as one Chinese-Filipino mid-level dealer explained to me…a small amount of heroin regularly used builds up a dependency.

    5) Shabu is Ice and Ice does not have the effect of crank which was going around Phoenix with the rednecks in the late 90’s. Nobody picks at their skin or damages their teeth. Ice is much safer for the user. You won’t see Filipinos with the same effects as the ravaged tweakers of late 90’s America.

    6) Shabu users are poor anyhow. Your average poor Filipino is by nature a thief, a liar, promiscuous, duplicitous etc and it is sort of like a bad-tempered football playing bully taking steroids. It simply enhances the awful qualities that are effectively intrinsic in Filipino poor to begin with.

    7) What happened in the Philippines was that the place became a narco-economy. Cops were selling shabu. Mayors were selling shabu.

    8) Filipinos are generally not bright to begin with and the brain damage was something they could not afford because their IQ was not high to begin with.

    9) Chinese saw flooding Philippines with shabu as way of weakening the country.

    No, I don’t believe middle-aged actresses in Hollywood are on meth. Prescription pills, maybe.

    • Replies: @Alden
    , @TKK
    , @Commentator Mike
  52. tomo says:

    When I lived behind that famous Frank Ghery’s house in Venice Beach (with the life guard tower the owner now uses to write) I had the same problem with homeless people collecting bottles. I could not sleep at night – the noise would never stop.
    Pink the singer bought the house I lived in after I moved about 4 blocks inland. These houses were selling for millions yet the whole area felt like a 3rd world war zone.
    Several times I had drugged out (I guess) normal looking people jump onto my car as i was driving by.
    Last time I was in Serbia I only saw one beggar (a gypsy woman in Belgrade – and she was counting the money she got – I took a photo she had a think bunch of notes).
    In San Francisco where I lived for many years – you can see thousands of dirty poor people sleeping in their piss/shit, many are injecting heroin openly (all are white).

    I have been to this bar last time I was in Belgrade. My cousin took me there. The owner told me he has a brother in the US. They had a good coffee I remember.

  53. Wally says:

    Nonsense, you’re lying.

    Thanks to capitalist assistance, Tito managed to stay somewhat independent from the USSR, but in the end the people utterly rejected Tito’s oppressive Communism.

  54. Alden says:

    It’s Jeff Stryker again.

  55. Culpepper says:

    During the bombing campaign there did not seem to be a Serbian government spokesman available to the UK media. The TV studios had to make do with a young Serbian London based businessman. Soon enough he was sent to jail on the grounds of having child porn on his computer – never to be heard of again. I have often wondered how to find out what has become of him.

  56. Alden says:

    It’s Jeff Stryker again. US prisons are not privatized. There was a brief experiment with it. It failed for various reasons. One was liability insurance. Another was no one wanted to be a guard in a private prison for \$10 an hour.

    • Replies: @Antiwar7
  57. Alden says:

    It’s Jeff Stryker again

    • LOL: TKK, Biff
  58. MH says:

    What nonsense! Serbs and Romanians have no enmity. Why spread this disinformation?!

    • Replies: @Mackie
  59. @Peter Akuleyev

    You’re not wrong. Show most of us the vast natural beauty and half will see development opportunities, while the other half just sees flyover country.

    One thing I can say for the NPR crowd is that many of them enjoy hiking. When you can get them to stop talking about how much they hate this country, strangely enough they seem to enjoy it.

    • Replies: @Peter Akuleyev
  60. @Nancy Pelosi's Latina Maid

    2) We’re paying for their defense: military bases, NATO, cutting edge armaments. Let’s see how progressive Norway is when it’s 100% responsible for its own army. It’s easy to have money for \$500 sneakers when mom ‘n dad are covering all your room and board.

    Have you seen the accounts?
    I very much doubt if the “we” is paying for Norway’s defence, or Germany’s. NATO may turn out to be parasite when all is added up.

  61. @Dumbo

    20+ years in Vegas here. My job is right in the middle of some of the worst squalor I’ve ever seen, and I’ve worked in DC, Chicago, NYC…

    Not too crazy about The Strip, the classic kitsch is being replaced by slick modern corporate versions. But I’ll agree it’s still worth seeing.

    But the desert… fell in love with it at first sight. The Southwest is a wonderful place once you get out of the cities and the ongoing California colonization. I highly recommend Utah and Arizona for anyone who wants nature, variety, and the feeling of not being penned in.

  62. TKK says:

    You can chose not to believe it–but I am a lawyer that has represented two meth dealers with assets in the millions (before they were seized).

    Rich people in America do meth. So do middle class teachers, nurses, garbage men- anyone. So do poor people. So do black people. (George Floyd had it in his system). People love crystal meth. It is an 18 hour high for 20 bucks. Who doesn’t love a bargain?

    If you are a Shabu (meth) expert- you would realize drugs cross all class lines. Indeed, rich people do more drugs as a whole than any group I have seen.

    For you to say that Hollywood actresses don’t do the best speed available- meth- is silly.

    I am sorry that makes you a sad sausage. Your outrage on behalf of all frozen faced, virtue signaling, narcissistic , coddled millionaire actresses who wouldn’t give you air in a jug is NOTED!!!

    • Replies: @anon
  63. Anonymous[107] • Disclaimer says:

    Im not sure what you mean by “pump”. Is english not your first language? Anyway I’ll continue with what you seem to imply by that.

    You don’t seem to know much about America. The more kids blacks have the more money they get every month from the government . Because of the kids they also revive free food and housing health care and many other benefits. This is a typical carreer path for many young black women. And yes, since they produce nothing it is a net drain on the rest of us. We also are responsible for repairing the damage caused by their offspring and incarcerating the more violent of them.

    When I was in school we played a game called knockdown where you would try to sucker punch someone. You’d be surprised how easy it is to look tough after popping someone who wasn’t expecting to be attacked. I had a friend who was from Finland who was really white looking and I tried to tell him about these people but he wouldn’t listen and accused me of being racist. He got stabbed thin the chest for 20\$ and bleed out on the sidewalk when all he had to do is avoid that neighborhood at night.

    I’m really looking forward to all you sanctimonious european types eating crow as you develop your own minority problems. After all you could have learned from the problems in America but thought that somehow your imagined cultural superiority would make you immune to black violence.

  64. I love these snippets of life. Thanks Linh

  65. Johan says:

    A no smoking sign combined with ashtrays, I like that. Maybe I can steal one somewhere and place it near an ashtray which I deliberately keep full and dirty. In fact, if that be more widespread, it would undermine the authority of these signs, through sheer ridicule.

    But what’s wrong with Lin these days, burnt gibanica, slashed throats and lots of male genitals, that’s not the usual style which makes one hungry, it be even advised not to eat anything while reading this. Aren’t the times hard enough already.

  66. @Sollipsist

    Not that strange. The core NPR crowd consists of high IQ whites of Northern European extraction. For the most part these are socially awkward people uncomfortable in crowds and often verging on misanthropy. (You may remember the old saw that a leftist loves humanity but can‘t stand people). Hiking is a perfect activity for that personality.

    • Agree: Sollipsist
  67. anon[230] • Disclaimer says:

    I could care less about some broad married to a Scientology nut and I’ve been overseas for so many decades that I have lost track of who is famous.

    You are showing your age-probably fifties-if you think Nicole Kidman or Demi Moore are still female stars. I am showing mine-I was born in 1974-by being unable to tell you who is.

    I don’t believe that the Hollywood elite are scoring meth. They may obtain speed pills or even pharmaceutical cocaine from doctors but Hollywood actresses are not scoring meth at truck stops.

    You may have represented some Amateur Night Dixie Mafia who sold meth to the working class-this is analogous to Chinese in the Philippines who manufacture Shabu-and this does occasionally include nurses and teachers in the middle class. But meth is known as the poor man’s cocaine for a reason.

    I’m also showing my age by associating meth with the white underclass. Blacks like wine snobs always associated meth with the biker bars and trailer parks and rural white poverty but meth has now crossed over into the black ghetto.

  68. Antiwar7 says:

    Wow, you bought all the fake propaganda. Read _Fools Crusade_, by Diana Johnstone, if you want to understand the wars there in the 1990’s.

  69. Jim Smith says:

    Like it. No one does travel like Linh Dinh. In fact, it’s not “travel,” it’s “people.” All over. Everywhere.

    • Replies: @klcard
  70. Antiwar7 says:

    That’s not true. The Obama-era federal decision to not use private prisons was overturned by AG Jeff Sessions. There never was a decision to not use them at the state level (at least, not for all states).

  71. anon[230] • Disclaimer says:
    @Nancy Pelosi's Latina Maid

    I wouldn’t know. I have been overseas since 1999 and have not paid into FICA for most of my working life save for a few months in a US Embassy as a USIA clerk.

    But here are my questions


    1) Are white civilizations simply pulled down by the Sub Sahara testes gonad power and instinct to screw?

    2) What if blacks in the US had no children. How would this change society?

    3) Would there be an equal number of white homeless on the street in America if there were no blacks?

    4) The US is heartlessly capitalist compared to Europe anyhow so why would the rich elites change anything as far as white poverty and homelessness was concerned?

    5) Why do Gen Y whites have fewer children but black Gen Y (And now Gen Z) continue to have children at the same rate?

    6) We hear complaints that white Gen Y live at home in their thirties. Why don’t black Gen Y live at home?

    7) Why don’t white poor and homeless get welfare and assistance and federal housing like blacks do? Why are more whites homeless than blacks?

    8) What will happen as whites gradually die off as a race (At least middle class whites) and only a few white elite reproduce like the Trumps? How will the needs of millions of blacks who are unemployed be met?

    9) Why do so many young black teenager girls have STD’s?

    10) Why are teenage black girls pregnant more often that white teen girls? Is it fecundity? Biology? Is it black Super Sperm?

    11) Why are white men more likely to be incels than black males and less likely to reproduce?

    12) Why are most street prostitutes black women?

    13) Why do white women sleep with black men but black women do not sleep with white men unless they are prostitutes?

    14) Why do black men seem to desire white women more than white men desire black women?

    15) Most US blacks are not as black as Africans. If they are products of rape, was it white men raping black women? Why did this occur?

    16) Why are blacks in America unaware of their roots or what is in their gene pool but whites can all tell you what part of Europe they came from.

    17) Why do black men get women pregnant more often than white men? Do they have a groidal advantage with more powerful testes?

  72. tomo says:

    you are right
    not just underwhelming – I often used to see European visitors to San Francisco so shocked and disappointed they openly told me they would never come back to USSA
    The amount of beggars, the dirt, the mental disorders etc – I have never seen anything like this kind of dirty madness/poverty anywhere else
    They used to be underwhelmed a few decades ago – these days they run for their lives

  73. TJM says: • Website

    Another great article by Linh Dinh. They always a pleasure to read and very illuminating. The Sumerians invented beer and civilization some say. I’ve always thought the two go together. You can’t have one without the other.

  74. @The Real World

    Natural inhabitants is what’s lacking though

  75. Mackie says:

    Yes that was wierd how the guy he interviewed said that. Romanians and Serbs have always been friends.

    • Replies: @brale moj
  76. brale moj says:

    guys have to tell as somebody who actually lives here that who every told this girl there we’re 2 families in 1 apartment during communism is just joking or crazy.
    I’m alive to tell, my brothers, it was not that much fun trust me. It would be exotic dude, me and a next door wifey and my wife, same roof, it would be yo brother pass that sh*** all the way

  77. brale moj says:

    as a serb I put everything in support to your claim. thank you very much, you are right. that hate stuff is nonsense. ask the romanians around how they feel I’m sure rent is the same for them too and we are eating same burgers so…

  78. klcard says:
    @Jim Smith

    I’ve got to agree with you there. It is all about people and not the place with LD. A very insightful man.

  79. Biff says:
    @The Real World

    And the range of natural beauty in the USA is astonishing.

    Long strings of end to end strip malls where I bought a mini-van at a Mega-store.

  80. @anon

    I have a question for Jeff. Why do Thais prefer their meth in pill form, known as yaba, rather than crystal meth shabu like the Filippinos? After all they crush those meth pills and smoke them the same way as addicts in the Philippines smoke the shabu. The yaba methamphetamine is synthesized by ethnic Chinese of the Red Wa Army in Myanmar, so why don’t they supply it as pure crystal like the Chinese suppliers do in the Philippines and instead go through all the trouble to convert it into pills which then have to be crushed anyway to be consumed ala chasing the dragon? Is it that the Thais prefer the dirtier and unhealthier (both are unhealthy with similar effects and long term side effects but the black residue after smoking yaba rather than no residue of pure shabu suggests it is heavily contaminated) version of meth or the Chinese suppliers don’t want to provide them with the purer crystal meth version? What makes the Thais prefer this yaba version of the meth drug? Why doesn’t the Red Wa Army supply Thais with shabu meth which they could just as easily do from their labs across the border?

    But better off Thais do consume cocaine, much as you mention for well off Filippinos, supplied mainly by Nigerian gangs based in Bangkok.

    • Replies: @anon
  81. anon[235] • Disclaimer says:
    @Commentator Mike

    As far as drug snobs in Philippines go, it is sort of like the old days of whiz in England. Middle-class UK cocaine users always looked down on biker speed as a low-class drug. Because I’m American I couldn’t know but I think cocaine replaced powder speed in the UK altogether but my point is that Filipinos who use shabu are sneered at by the more affluent Filipinos and Westerners who use cocaine in the Philippines.


    A single Ya Ba pill has the kick of a couple of Ephedrine pills that used to be legal in the nineties or one of the old “Purple Hearts” or “White Crosses” that used to be sold as diet pills. You’d have to eat two or three in order to really get a proper speed high on that was comparable to the biker “whiz” that used to go around the UK in the nineties before cocaine took over that market.

    Ice is also available in Bangkok and is more potent. Users tend to be a higher echelon with more money-bar girls, foreigner bar owners etc. Ya Ba is the poor man’s ice and is used by the labor sector.

    I stay away from drugs these days but on one occasion my wife and I have been stopped at random road blocks in our car and forced to take urine samples. Years ago Ya-Ba was sold in gas stations and was grey market but now it is seriously prohibited.

    Shabu in the Philippines is less potent than the Ice sold in Bangkok but far more potent than a single Ya Ba pill and will keep a user high for about 12 hours. The shabu in the Philippines used to be locally made by Chinese, Chinese-Filipino and sometimes Korean syndicates who operated labs in buildings owned by corrupt Filipino police but in even before Duterte meth became such an epidemic that production offshored to Taiwan. When I lived in Cebu the police began raiding local labs and no shabu is made in the Philippines any longer.

    I think the black residue with Ya Ba pills would probably be caffeine. On the odd occasion that I tried shabu in the Philippines the foil would stain brown.

    As a footnote, the aluminum foil itself gives users brain damage as fast as the meth itself. I’ve tried shabu twice in the Philippines but I wouldn’t want to become a regular user. It will really destroy your brain. As a former college druggy, I already nickel and dimed my way out of IQ points in college and really would not want to become a regular user.

    I would, however, say that cocaine is much more addictive than the shabu or Ya Ba in SEA or the biker whiz that was popular in the UK in the 90’s. Unlike the whiz that used to go around the UK which left users feeling totally destroyed the following day there is not much of a hangover from a single Ya Ba pill or a couple of “reverses” of Shabu in the Philippines.

    I knew some hardcore foreign users in the Philippines. I even tried it myself with a Korean pensioner and lifelong druggie who smoked shabu everyday and he explained that “All the money goes back into Chinese labs”.

    I also smoked Shabu with a Chinese-Filipino dealer who had a front business. I certainly sampled the best there, and I would say it is nowhere near as addicting or powerful as cocaine. However, the steady buzz lasts for about 12 hours. It won’t keep users awake like the old fashioned crack and whiz of the nineties.

    I personally did not find shabu terribly addicting. It is nowhere near as addictive as cocaine, which I did try a time or two in my youth in the US.

    Shabu is nowhere near as strong in the Philippines as the crystal meth in the US but still stronger than a Ya-Ba pill. Shabu does not even compare to a cocaine high, albeit much longer lasting.

    We used to have a trick in college where we would smoke cannabis and then pop ephedrine pills (Which were legal in my 90’s college years) and I would compare shabu in the Philippines to that. It isn’t the horrendous high of crack or US speed or the whiz that UK bikers use to use in the 90’s that would keep a person awake and wired for three days.

    I don’t know which for is more dirty but I can only assume that in pill form users make more money and it is also did not have the same stigma as powder in a bag. For quite awhile, Ya Ba pills were on sale in gas stations but that was before my time. Not it is illegal.

    Nigerians sell cocaine and again, this is strictly a foreign drug. Cocaine is not popular with Bangkok locals at all and it costs 3000 Baht a gram so they cannot afford it. I would venture that the cocaine market is exclusively foreign.

    Whereas in the Philippines, cocaine is popular with upper-class Spanish-blooded and Chinese Filipinos and Westerners but shabu is frowned upon as a low-class drug.

    Curiously, Ya Ba is part of the cultural fabric Bangkok but only in the Philippines has Shabu had such a disastrous effect. I think it is because common full-blooded Filipinos tend to be dull, compulsive, possessing of an addictive personality anyhow and already inclined to be thieves and liars. It’s sort of like when run-of-the-mill bully bouncers go on steroids and become dangerously assaulting maniacs. The latent tendencies were already there and a specific drug will bring it out.

    Whereas in Thailand although Ya Ba and Ice have casualties, it never created the crime wave that it did in the Philippines. For some reason, Philippines had more crime to begin with.

    I’ve always theorized this is because of the admixture of Mexican and Hispanic blood in Filipinos from the Galleon Trade.

    Of note, the drug of choice for Chinese-Filipinos-including dealers of shabu-is heroin.

    • Thanks: Commentator Mike
    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  82. @anon

    Not to divert more from the topic of the article but just a few comments. It is interesting how illegal drug preferences change with time and across cultures. Originally, shabu was more or less pure crystal meth and left no residue but with time the purity got worse. I’d say that taking illegal drugs was always dangerous, and nowadays even more so, as they keep cutting them with all sorts, including rat poison. Unless one has a pure source and knows how to use them, like say a medical doctor, then it is best to stay away from them. Taiwan is known for being the source of many new synthetic drugs in SE Asia, and they seem to be some kind of variations of MDMA, like Ermine-5; sort of like ecstasy but not quite the same. Ketamine is also popular and it is smuggled from India but why anyone would take it I’ve no idea; it’s horrible and will rot your brain quicker than anything.

    • Replies: @anon
  83. anon[235] • Disclaimer says:
    @Commentator Mike

    Well I only went to UK at intervals. I can remember my first trip in the eighties, speed in powder form was quite popular.

    But for some reason cocaine became hugely popular 20 years after it peaked in popularity in the States and speed replaced cocaine as the popular drug in the US 20 years after it was at its peak in the UK.

    It’s odd how certain drugs are tremendously popular and then vanish. I doubt anyone in the UK takes old-fashioned biker made speed anymore that Lemmy sang about. But speed was quite popular in the UK in the seventies, eighties, early nineties.

    Ketamine was briefly popular in the US, but like PCP it was so damaging that kids quickly stopped using it.

    At any rate, I did know a few older foreigners who got comically hooked on shabu at a surprisingly late age. One was a Korean named Kim Song who lived down the street. He had been a longtime recreational drug user and had at one time been a GM of a Korean hotel chain in the Philippines but got so hooked through the bag that he used shabu everyday. Eventually, he was caught with a satchel of shabu in the Philippines and jailed.

    I also knew an older American who was an ex-Air Force communications guy named John who owned a mining company in the Philippines who haunted girly bars and one night he tried shabu and he got hooked through the bag in his sixties. He soon had a 100 dollar a day habit. He went utterly crazy, began claiming he was seeing ghosts of Japanese WWII soldiers in his backyard guarding treasure and soon dug a sixty foot hole hiring a mining outfit.

    I also knew a couple of Germans who set themselves up as dealers in Lapu Lapu. Which is the stupidest thing imaginable. They were caught with Shabu and automatic weapons and jailed in the Philippines for years and years.

    Then there was an American named Bruce, a redneck house painter from Florida who opened a girly bar, who had been a former meth user in the US but had quit years before. He started again and he lost his bar and ended up so broke he lived in Neepah Hut. He fathered two kids, but took off eventually. But not before living in a Neepah hut for a year out in the open.

    Meth addicts in the Philippines often targeted foreigners in any event. I experienced an attempted laptop snatching, a house burglary, a jeepney pickpocketing, a stolen cell phone and all of these were due to shabu addicts. There was a reason that Duterte declared a drug war.

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  84. @anon

    Agreed. Also in the UK Mandrax (Mandies) was popular at one time about 50 years ago and then it just disappeared to apparently resurface in South Africa of all places. I thought speed in pill form was popular as slimming pills for women in 60’s US.

  85. He tried to go to the US, but couldn’t get a visa, so with much regret, he hasn’t had a chance to frolic on Waikiki Beach, Sunset Boulevard, the Magnificent Mile, Vegas Strip, Route 66, Times Square or Fifth Avenue, etc., but at America’s current rate of self-destruction, these hyped icons will be no more than desolate, smoldering ruins by the time he gets there, even if it’s next year.

    Yeah, the U.S. of A. is in trouble, but the timeline is hyperbolic. Even in the event of a civil war, utter destruction is far from certain. Relatively little of Spain was destroyed in their bloody, three-year ideological civil war, for instance. That was also the case in the former Yugoslavia, where, ironically, the author finds himself. Is he forecasting a U.S. civil war with a nuclear exchange within the next year? If so, he’s in psychic, not geopolitical, territory.

  86. @Biff

    Ecuador, for instance, has about as much geographical variety as the U.S. in about 1/40 of the territory.

  87. @Biff

    You should get around more, Biff.

    If strip malls are your perspective of America, you don’t know the USA at all. You only live once — go see your own country.

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