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Balkans Ahead!
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Belgrade, 2020

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I’ve moved to a new neighborhood.

Choryang-dong was instructive, delicious and hospitable, but like visas, passion or time itself, everything winds down. Thanks to the coronavirus, I felt a bit trapped there, so I’ve inched over to Hadžipopovac.

Entering South Korea on February 28th, I thought there was a good chance I wouldn’t be able to return to Vietnam for a month or two, but this didn’t bother me, for I could just fly to Laos, Cambodia or Thailand, or take a ferry to Japan, where I could visit friends and roam a bit, before slinking back to Southeast Asia.

I ended up hanging out in K-poplandia for four months and three weeks, nearly all of it at a Busan guesthouse. The One Way became my home. I said to its manager, “Yo Jayden, you can only check in here. You can’t check out! I’m going to die at the One Way.”

Though in a rather seedy part of town, with enough whores and homeless, Choryang-dong was perfectly safe. Even with plenty to steal inside it, the guesthouse’s door was never locked. Five minutes away, there was one of the best dumpling joints anywhere, and cheap, too. There was also a great Uzbek restaurant. The subway station was around the corner.

There was a communal kitchen in the One Way’s basement, but I never used its stove, only the hot water dispenser to fill a large bowl of instant noodles, which I’d cover with a plate. That’s my cooking. Paired with a can of Spam or tuna, I had a balanced meal. Sometimes I used the microwave to heat up instant rice or rice gruel.

Eating out, though, was economic enough. In a nearby subway concourse, I could get a hot meal with meat, and a variety of kim chis, of course, for only \$4. For just over \$7, I could feast at Mos Burger, a Japanese chain. For under ten bucks, I could pig out on an entire fried chicken and drain a beer.

I stayed long enough to get a customer’s loyalty card at a café. Every seventh cup was free. Giving it to me, the proprietress sometimes exclaimed in English, “Congratulations!” What a beautiful lady.

On July 4th, a handful of American soldiers invaded the One Way. Drunk all night long, they made so much noise, I couldn’t sleep, but I never knocked on their door to say, “Yo guys, can you calm down a bit?” I was young once, and America won’t enjoy too many more birthdays, I don’t think.

At the One Way, foreign guests can exchange labor for room and board. They clean, vacuum and change sheets. Though I didn’t have to resort to this, many others did. They were all young people, from all over. I met Gustavo from Brazil, Sasha from Belarus, and Tracy, a Korean-American from Los Angeles. I was the resident old man.

Sasha is a microbiology major in Bruno, the Czech Republic. She came to Busan to study English at a university, from Korean professors. Though this sounds rather suspect, Sasha was very happy with her instruction, until the coronavirus struck. Her English was already pretty good. Seeing her typing away at the One Way’s café late into the night, I initially thought that perhaps Sasha was a writer.

Gustavo came to improve his Korean, which he had learnt in Sao Paolo. His English was even better than Sasha’s. When a Spanish guest left a copy of Borges’ Historia Universal de la Infamia, I tried to interest him in the master, but Gustavo wasn’t interested. He was immersed in Harry Potter. Multilingual, Gustavo manned the One Way’s reception desk.

When Tracy returns to the US, she’ll buy a van and travel the country.

“But the country is no longer the same,” I said to her. It will only get worse, and perhaps not even safe for someone like Tracy to be cruising around. A bloody balkanization lurks.

Just before I left, a 40-year-old Korean showed up. Jung-min had owned a seven-room hostel nearby, but thanks to coronachan, it croaked, forcing him to move into a dorm room at the One Way.

A tireless traveler, Jung-min once took a year and a half to bicycle from Singapore to London, where, exhausted, he stayed for a year. Nearly each evening, he vegetated at The Gunners, downing pints. Now, he was waiting for Vietnam to reopen so he could fly to Hanoi. “I don’t care if I have to be in quarantine for two weeks.” It’s his favorite country.

With no crossable land border, South Korea is a de facto island, and its super-efficient trains and buses make the country feel even smaller. With its lush fields, hills and low mountains, the landscape is beautiful enough, but lacks contrasts. There are no dramatic peaks, as in, say, Japan. South Korean cities are similarly new. With bright, colorful signs everywhere, they contain few buildings from even half a century ago. Sprung, guys like Jung-min go berserk from the exhilarating variety of the larger world.

Busan was comfortable, but it wasn’t home, even somewhat, so nearly each day, I checked to see which countries had reopened, so I could get baffled by everything, all over again, from another angle.

At Travel Off Path, there was a helpful article, “Countries without any Restrictions or Travel Requirements,” but by July 15th, it could only list Mexico, Maldives, Northern Macedonia, Serbia, Albania, Turkey and Tanzania. Since three of those were in the Balkans, and Turkey was just a quick hop away, it made most sense to head to that cluster, so I pulled the trigger.


On my last evening, I got on an unfamiliar bus to go wherever. Soon enough, we left the bright commercial strips to climb into a poorer neighborhood, with its shabbier houses, darker streets and empty sidewalks. One by one, everyone got off until it was just me and the driver lumbering, like exhausted refugees, into a rather grim bus depot. In the dark, I trekked back down to the sweetest city I won’t likely see again. Thank you, Busan!


In 1937, Rebecca West got here by train, “Then I slept a little and woke up in a little town where there was not a minaret, where there was no more trace of Islam than there would be in a Sussex village. We were, in fact, in Serbia. We went and stood on the platform and breathed the air, which was now Serbian air. It is as different from Bosnian air as in Scotland the Lowland air differs from Highland air; it is drier and, as they say of pastry, shorter. Anybody who does not know that it is one pleasure to fill the lungs up at Yaitse or Loch Etive and another to fill them down at Belgrade or the Lammermuir Hills must be one of those creatures with defective sensoria, who cannot tell the difference between one kind of water and another.”

So Serbian air, water, dirt and smell, etc., are all different from those of Bosnia, Croatia, Slovenia, Albania, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Kosovo, Srpska and Krajina, etc.

Arriving from South Korea, with a layover in Abu Dhabi, the differences I encountered were much, much more striking, of course, starting from the airport, which was modest. Of the poorest ten European countries, seven are in Balkans, but who can blame any of them? There has been so much turmoil here.

Belgrade has been razed 44 times. In the 20th century, it was bombed thrice. In World War II, hundreds of thousands of Serbs were mass murdered by Croats, an undisputed fact still little known.

From the taxi into town, I was reintroduced to the concrete housing blocks that are typical of the former Eastern Bloc. Belgrade’s few high-rises are left over the 1970’s, perhaps the worst decade for architecture ever. Its gorgeous buildings from the late 19th and early 20th centuries have been crumbling for decades.

I passed a monstrously huge banner of Serbian soldiers, with the lead one a stern female saluting, with accusation in her eyes. This draped the former Yugoslav Defense Ministry. Bombed by NATO in 1999, its mauled remains are left as is.

At a nearby park days later, I’d chance upon a bronze statue of a small girl holding a rag doll. Framed by a black marble slab resembling butterfly wings, she stood on a grave-like marker that’s partly inscribed, “DEDICATED TO THE CHILDREN KILLED BY NATO AGGRESSION 1999.”

Most of the world, though, don’t see Serbians as victims so much as perpetrators of genocide, as recently evidenced by the Siege of Sarajevo and, even more so, Srebrenica.

On July 13th, 2012, Eric Margolis wrote:

During the mid 1990’s, the world turned its back on the massacres of Muslims in Bosnia. The UN would not call it genocide because that would have demanded military intervention. Most shamefully, the Muslim world also closed its eyes as up to 160,000 Bosnian Muslims were slaughtered, starved and tortured in Serb-run concentration camps. At least 10,000 Muslim girls and women were gang raped, some in special rape camps.

A hundred-and-sixty-thousand is an atrociously high number of victims, but how many were actually slaughtered, as opposed to tortured or starved? Surely, Margolis didn’t mean they were all starved, tortured then slaughtered? It’s an oddly ambiguous passage for a seasoned author.

In any case, Margolis had seen it coming:

In 1988, I wrote warning that Milosevic would create disaster in Bosnia and Kosova, the Albanian-majority region of southern Serbia. I was denounced in Belgrade and declared an enemy of the Serbs. In truth, I had always been an admirer of Serbs as courageous, intelligent people. But the Serbs that Milosevic rallied were the scum of the gutter, criminals, racists, brutal pig farmers, fanatical priests.

On December 8th, 2017, The Saker presented an entirely different take:

Truly, that war had it all, every dirty trick was used against the Serbs: numerous false flags attacks, pseudo-genocides, illegal covert operations to arm terrorists groups, the covert delivery of weapons to officially embargoed entities, deliberate attacks against civilians, the use of illegal weapons, the use of officially “demilitarized zones” to hide (fully armed) entire army corps – you name it: if it is disgusting it was used against the Serbian people. Even deliberate attacks on the otherwise sacrosanct journalistic profession was considered totally normal as long as the journalists were Serbs. As for the Serbs, they were, of course, demonized. Milosevic became the “New Hitler” (along with Saddam Hussein) and those Serbs who took up arms to defend their land and families became genocidal Chetniks.

On January 3rd, 2019, The Saker added:

Brigadier-General Pierre Marie Gallois of the French Army has condemned the NATO destruction of Yugoslavia, and has gone on record stating that the endless stories of Serb atrocities, such as mass rapes and the siege of Sarajevo were fabricated. Gallois also argues that the German elite sought revenge for the fierce Serb resistance during the two world wars, especially with regard to the Serb partisans that held up German divisions that were headed towards Leningrad and Moscow during Operation Barbarossa. While relentlessly demonized, the Serbs were in many ways the greatest victims of the NATO-orchestrated Balkan wars, as hundreds of thousands of Serbs were forcibly expelled from both Croatia and Kosovo while Serbia was turned into a free-fire zone by NATO for over seventy days. Washington took advantage of the conflict to solidify control over its European vassals.

The Saker’s parents fled to Belgrade as Russian refugees, and he even had a Serbian godmother, so there is a strong emotional attachment here, which The Saker freely admits.

Still, The Saker at his website has rebutted the inflated hooey of Srebrenica with some hard facts.

It’s entirely unclear, even approximately, how many were intentionally executed, instead of being killed in battle, whether by Serbs or other Muslims, or who died because of starvation, suicide or illness.

The International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia’s star witness, and the only one convicted of direct participation in the Srebrenica “genocide,” was not a Serb, but a Bosnian Croat, Drazen Erdemovic.

On June 27th, 1996, the ICTY itself declared Erdemovic mentally impaired, yet, on July 5th, 1996, it put him on the witness stand anyway.

Even more incredibly, Erdemovic admitted he had fought for all three sides during that conflict, Serbs, Croats and Bosnian Muslims. Dude couldn’t decide whom he was trying to kill or defend.

In exchange for his testimonies against Serbs, Erdemovic was jailed for just five years, then given a new identity and whisked to a new country, so who knows, he might be living next to you as John Smith.


It’s just a neighborhood squabble, you might be thinking. Who cares about Montenegroes? I’ve got my own black asses to kiss. I’m already kneeling, massa.

As always, though, there are lessons aplenty from the Balkans.


Serbs didn’t have a country for five centuries, and Croats went stateless for eight, yet neither lost their fierce sense of nationhood, that is, their nationalism. It’s not a debatable concept, but a deeply felt necessity, for how can any population with a unique history, heritage and identity not have its own homeland?

In the 21st century, such tribal thinking is not just deemed barbaric, but evil, Nazism, in short, except in Israel, of course. Gas chambers, remember?

When nations are contorted, tortured or simply enticed into any supranational entity, a correction, often violent, is inevitable, and that’s exactly what has happened, repeatedly, in the Balkans. Wholesome pig farmers convulsed against the Ottomans, Austro-Hungarian Empire and Communists, etc. There is no progress beyond this.

This innate nationalism can only be purged when a population has been thoroughly cowed and/or brainwashed into renouncing itself, but the Serbs, for all for their defeats and humiliations down the centuries, never did. There’s a magnificent lesson there.

Rebecca West, “So in the first battle of Kossovo the Serbs learned the meaning of defeat, not such defeat as forms a necessary proportion of all effort, for in that they had often been instructed during the course of their history, but of total defeat, annihilation of their corporate will and all their individual wills. The second battle of Kossovo taught them that one may live on such a low level of existence that even defeat cannot be achieved. The third taught them that even that level is not the lowest, and that there is a limbo for subject peoples where there is neither victory nor defeat but abortions which, had they come to birth, would have become such states.”

Repeatedly butchered, suffocated and written off, Serbs have rebirthed themselves, thanks to their nationalism.


When the Turks were in Belgrade, they embellished this city with 273 beautiful mosques, so where the hell are they?! Only one is left, unfortunately, and the Bajrakli Mosque almost joined all the rest when it was torched in 2004, in retaliation for the burning of Serbian churches in Kosovo.

Built in 1575, it is elegant, intimate and handsomely proportioned, with the only false note the jivey, concrete minaret, clearly a recent replacement. Inside, I admired its minbar, octagonal wooden tablets etched with calligraphy and, especially, the stone, baroque frame around some verse, a nice East meets West touch. Light angled in from high windows. The darkened dome soothed.

It’s an active mosque. Half a dozen suited Muslims milled outside, until they all left, so that I could have cleared out their mosque had I wanted to, and started World War III. Outside the gate, there was an old beggar, but she too disappeared, because I had already given her sixty cents.

Leaving the Bajrakli Mosque, I walked by Dukat, a Turkish restaurant, then Zein, a Lebanese one. The Arabic Zuwar was also nearby. Though not nearly as cosmopolitan as, say, Busan, contemporary Belgrade is no xenophobic backwater. Chinese takeouts dot the city, and there’s even a Chinese shopping center at Blok 70, in New Belgrade.

I’m writing this in a bar, Dzidzi Midzi, where American pop music is played nonstop. On its walls are mostly photos of American icons, such as Hitchcock, Dylan, Hendrix, Buffalo Bill, Jack Nicholson, John Belushi, Dan Aykroyd, Louis Armstrong and Bruce Lee (who was born in San Francisco, graduated from the University of Washington, married an American and is buried in Seattle). Though imploding, America still mesmerizes. Tellingly, there’s just one Serb, Nicolas Tesla, and one Russian, Yuri Gagarin, who’s depicted as a generic, faceless astronaut, with a quotation in English, “I see no god up here…”

This is no touristy brewpub, but a Janko Janković joint in Hadžipopovac, a neighborhood of drab buildings, frankly. I’m paying \$1.90 for a pint of Staropramen, and a flatbread sandwich with prosciutto and gouda is just \$2.50.

Although Vietnam doesn’t have an embassy here, there’s a Vietnamese at the University of Belgrade. Here nine years and working on his second degree, this young man’s so in love with Serbia, he’s changed his name to Hoan Zlatanovic. Odder still was the Japanese who fought alongside Serbs and Russians in Bosnia. A self-declared “Japanese cheknik,” he risked his life while forgoing a salary and his monthly cigar.

Oddest, perhaps, is Serbia’s yearning to join the European Union, though not NATO, which already includes Croatia, Slovenia, Albania, North Macedonia and Montenegro. They’re all leaning West. Last to board, they’ll get to enjoy some choppy sailing with the big boys.

Bombing Serbia, America gave Russia and China a wakeup call, and forced them towards a new understanding. Everything changed after 1999. Again, this tiny nation played an outsized role in remaking our world.

Balkanizing, Americans can look here for warnings and inspiration. Five hundred years from now, a Serbian nation will still exist.

Linh Dinh’s latest book is Postcards from the End of America. He maintains a regularly updated photo blog.

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  1. Hello Linh, Thank you for making my day! You writing reminds me of John Dos Passos and Gore Vidal. In Vidal’s opinion, the quality of writers started downhill with the invention of movies, then further with television. Now, with the internet and social media, quality writing is hard to find. You are abreath of fresh air, and I am not blowing smoke….Cheers, Tom

    • Agree: Rahan, JackOH
    • Replies: @JackOH
  2. Linh, I was going to mention, when I lived in Florida before leaving forever last year, I knew the Andre (the Saker) and we had many conversations, although none about Serbia. Tom

  3. “Gallois also argues that the German elite sought revenge for the fierce Serb resistance during the two world wars, especially with regard to the Serb partisans that held up German divisions that were headed towards Leningrad and Moscow during Operation Barbarossa”
    I wonder whether this french general has talked to some actual Germans. Everybody who knows just a little bit about german elites in the nineties knows that this an abstruse idea.

  4. Franz says:

    Balkanizing, Americans can look here for warnings and inspiration. Five hundred years from now, a Serbian nation will still exist.

    Beautiful tail on a beautiful essay. Thanks, Linh.

    As also, the Serbs had no choice in any Balkanization, but their American counterparts look on sheepishly as their plutocrat masters are inflicting it on the USA. Our end won’t be justice: The same scum who used 1999 as practice are just using what they learned in California, etc. They won’t be happy till the whole world is stateless and landless. Except them.

    “Balkanization” is a curiously old subject. As a true wet-behind-the-ears nipper the first public speech I ever heard was during the one (and only) week I ever spent in New England. Ayn Rand gave her speech, entitled Global Balkanization at Boston’s Ford Hall Forum in 1977. Just as a curiosity I wanted to see if it has any of it held up. She might have been on everyone’s brown list by then, but her energy levels were still high:

  5. This is what the Serbian academician Dobrica Cosic, nicknamed “the father of the Serbian nation”, said about his own people: “We lie to deceive ourselves, we lie to comfort others, we lie out of pity, we lie out of shame, to encourage, to hide our misery, we lie out of honesty. We lie for freedom. A lie is a form of Serbian patriotism and a confirmation of our innate intelligence. We lie creatively, imaginatively, inventively”.

    • Replies: @anon
    , @Vojkan
    , @Svevlad
    , @tomo
  6. anon[333] • Disclaimer says:
    @Erik Sieven

    Agreed, it’s laughable to make such insinuations about people like Joschka Fischer or Rudolf Scharping.

  7. @Erik Sieven

    Your take on “German elites in the 90’s” does not seem to account for recidivist and revanchist elements among closely church-connected Bavarian Catholics. They retain close ties to the bloody Ustasha elements in Croatia who specialized in massacring Serbs, Jews and Gypsies during World War II. Recall that now “retired” Pope? How much he may have been mixed up in the mangling of Yugoslavia, I do not know. But there is no doubt in my mind that people close to him were highly instrumental in the violent breakup of Yugoslavia on behalf of their co-religionists in Croatia and to a significantly lesser degree in Slovenia.

    • Thanks: Marshal Marlow
    • Replies: @Wally
    , @Bill
  8. anon[313] • Disclaimer says:
    @Georges G.

    Yes, a prerequisite for lying is the notion of truth, which is what most of Serbia’s enemies lack.

  9. Linh,

    I spent a few months in Belgrade. I’d also advise you to take the bus/train down to Nis or up to Novi Sad. Smaller cities, but in my opinion, more quaint and livable.

    There’s a great open-air art cinema in Belgrade, run by squatters. Hope it is still open:
    Нови биоскоп Звезда

    Surprisingly decent Pho Bo (yuppified tho):

    The Chinese community is out here, a decent market too for Asian foods:

    I loved this Cevapi joint
    Сарајевски ћевап „То је то“

    It’s nothing like Vietnam or Thailand, but here’s the best Farmer’s Market for fresh cheese, veg, and ajvar:
    Бајлонијева пијаца

    A great place with an unfortunate history. Enjoy…

    • Thanks: Rahan
    • Replies: @Loremipsum
  10. “Croats went stateless for eight (centuries)”: this is not true, they were not independent because they chose, under the threat of the Ottoman invasion, first a Hungarian sovereign, then an Austrian one, but they kept all the attributes of a state, with a parliament (Sabor) and a head of state (Ban), until 1914.

    • Thanks: Marshal Marlow
  11. Biff says:

    Brilliant work and brilliant move. See if you can make your way down to the Croatian coastline – it’s stunningly beautiful.

  12. While Serb partisans supported by the Allies fought German forces in World War II, Allied bombers frequently bombed their cities, for reasons never explained:

    The 1999 American/NATO bombing of Serbia was unjustified and a war crime approved by President Clinton:

    • Replies: @Svevlad
    , @Druid55
  13. @Loremipsum

    In the summer, there is also a great pedestrian walkway through the parks, commieblocks, and decaying docks…you’ll pass the public beaches on the river and the nightclubs on the boats…

    Start near the Contemporary Art Museum:

    Find the path and walk along the river all the way up to Zemun, a village with its own charm…
    Gardoš Tower, Zemun

    Some great anti-American graffiti and murals on the riverside as well.

    Watching Serbs lounge in the river is good fun. Usually there is a military pontoon bridge that allows you to cross to the island.

    More about Zemun:

    After Korea, you’ll likely find the fish stew boring, but it’s worth a try once…

    • Thanks: Tom Marvolo Riddle
    • Replies: @Linh Dinh
    , @Gary Smith
  14. Malagurski; The Weight of Chains

    Great movie about how it was mainly the Clinton clan who destroyed the Balkans…

    • Thanks: Montefrío
  15. Thanks, Linh. A beautiful picture of Serbia, despite the hell it’s been through, attacked and destroyed by the united terrorist states.

    Why did the Croats attack the Serbs? They’re the same people, South Slavs, aren’t they?

  16. sarz says:

    Hi Linh. I’m still hoping for your report from Tibet and Sinkiang.

  17. Linh Dinh: “Balkanizing, Americans can look here for warnings and inspiration. Five hundred years from now, a Serbian nation will still exist.”

    Given the rapid pace at which the global technological system is reshaping humans and their institutions, while at the same time causing mass extinctions in the animal world and disrupting the world’s ecology, that seems to me very unlikely. Assuming technological civilization continues to exist for another 500 years (and there’s good reason to think it won’t), whatever next populates the planet Earth will be more machine than human.

    It’s common to say that there is something in a people, in their very nature, that holds them together in bonds of loyalty and kinship. But this is doubtful, as the prevalence in history of civil wars demonstrates. Brother killing brother isn’t at all unusual, and the political and economic division of the world into nation states isn’t the only way it’s ever been, nor the way it must remain. Like races, nations will last only so long as the system has a use for them.

    “In the next century, nations as we know them will be obsolete; all states will recognize a single, global authority. National sovereignty wasn’t such a great idea after all.”
    – Strobe Talbot, Clinton’s Deputy Secretary of State, as quoted in Time, July 20th, 1992.

    • Replies: @Mefobills
  18. Steven80 says:


    Serbs seem like victims in the eyes of many western independent journalists, as well as russian media. This is far from truth – in fact all of their neighbours (with the notable exception of Romanians) hate them and to understand the Balkans, you need to understand Serbia is in the center of those conflicts because of numerous land grabs.

    The largest conflict in the Balkans for the last 200 years has been between the Serbian and the Bulgarian ideas. The conflict is ancient and pre-ottoman – Bulgaria was the largest and most civilised (after Byzantium) state in the Balkans for a very long period of time, and Serbia was kind of backwater until the 14-th century. The only time the serbs had a larger state was just before the Ottoman conquest, for a really short period. Bulgaria never accepted Serbian land grabs – and for a reason; it was the Bulgarian state, which created the cyrilic alphabet and brought ortodox christianity both in Serbia and Russia. It was not greeks, that speak totally different language, it was Kliment Ohridski, Cyril and Methodius, Naum, Angelarii, Cyprian, Grigorii Tsamblak and many other Bulagrians that delivered eastern ortodoxy among the slavs. By the way, Belgrade itself was a famous Bulgarian fortress, where the garrison defending the Hungarian border was placed. In short – the hatred is ancient and will not end.

    When the serbians gained independence in 1815 from the ottomans, they started land grabs – first it was Nish province, part of the Bulgarian ottoman vilayet. Then Bulgaria was deprived from more western provinces after the Balkan wars – namely Pirot, which have been bulgarian at least since the times of Krum and Omurtag in the 9-th century. The real reason is Russians had plans to get Constantinople and they wanted the lands of Bulgaria to become part of the russian empire, without self-governance, but serbia was far away from the bosphorus and was allowed to grow.

    Some other, rather recent hatreds:

    Hungary – the whole province of Voevodina/Vajdasag was grabbed by Serbia after WW1. While there were serbs living there, in most of the province there has always been a compact hungarian majority, since the Hungarians arrived with Arpad in the early middel ages. The serbs actually migrated in large numbers in Hungary during Ottoman times, and were considered kind of like a lower class there until the 18-th century.

    Albania – Kosovo was largely albanian even in the 19-th century due to migrations and higher birth rates of the albanians. The conflict is recent and there is plenty of info about it.

    Sandjak – this is the region between Montenegro and Serbia. It is muslim, and was divided between the two countries in the 20-th century. The locals were repressed during Yugoslavia – I’ve been there on my way to Dubrovnik beaches and spoken to locals.

    Croatia – still fresh memories from the recent wars, and not so fresh memories of how Croatia was subsidising the living standards od the serbians during the existence of Yugoslavia.

    Bosna – no need to comment, just wanted to add that apart form Serebrenitsa, which was mainly western media operation, there were real sufferings because hudnreds of thousands muslims lost their homes. Muslim bosnians (balija-s, as they call them there) , have no love to the serbian state.

    Macedonia – the state was created by a Stalin ukaz, where Georgi Dimitrov, a famous bulgarian communist, agreed and encouraged locally. The idea was to avoid creating both large Bulgarian state and create division in the Yugoslavian state. Macedonia is the center of Second bulgarian kingdom, and all church iscriptions, medieval kings, etc, called themselves Bulgarian. The conflict is centuries old and will not end, as I said above about Serbia and Bulgaria.

    Monenegro – the country split from Serbia less than two decades ago, after several rude interferances from Belgrade in their internal affairs.

    So, everyone in the Balkans (without Romania) and around is pretty happy what is happening to Serbia. The Biggies league dont like them either – Anglo Saxons because they are close to Russia. Germans remember where serbians were in both world wars – against them. French are rather irrelevant as they have no substantial interests in the region and their focus in on Africa.

    So tears about serbia and bombimgs and how they are victims there are rather funny in this EU neighbourhood – the demise of their state is long overdue. And is not over at all – EU is making it impossible for them to unite with the serbian parts of Bosnia, and Bulgaria just ensured with the EU that Macedonia will never be accepted there if they don’t remember their Bulgarian history and heritage. Kosovo is slowly, but surely moving towards unification with albania. At the end, people want to live with their kin, in a community that speaks the same language and has the same world view. The russians are trying their best to turn the tide, but it is a media war, and a small spy base in Nish – they don’t have the resources to change the wave of hatred that surrounds serbia.

    • Thanks: Zumbuddi, Druid55
    • Troll: FB, Denis
    • Replies: @Dumbo
    , @Vojkan
    , @FB
    , @Derer
    , @Ortho ...
  19. Toza says:

    Dear Linh Dinh, I am from Novi Sad, 50 miles Northwest from Belgrade, but unfortunately I am abroad right now, and I won’t go to Serbia this summer. If I were there, I would love to show you around. I hope you have a great time. Thank you for writing positively about Serbia; we were vilified in the Western media for a decade or longer, and a lot of people still think that the reason for the 1999 NATO bombings was the discrimination of Kosovo Albanians. It was the first major false-flag NWO operation, and, therefore, largely forgotten now.

  20. Wally says:
    @Majority of One

    “They retain close ties to the bloody Ustasha elements in Croatia who specialized in massacring Serbs, Jews and Gypsies during World War II.”

    For which you have no proof, only WWII propaganda.

    • Agree: American Citizen 2.0
    • Replies: @Majority of One
  21. “…left over the 1970’s, perhaps the worst decade for architecture ever.” You’re right there, Linh. And not just architecture….

  22. Roda says:
    @Erik Sieven

    Hitler obviously did and he wasn’t the only one.

    The photograph was taken by Hitler’s personal photographer, Heinrich Hoffmann. Source: Illustrierter Beobachter, No. 18, May 1, 1941, page 542. The 1930 Gavrilo Princip plaque commemorated the assassination by characterizing the event as ushering in “sloboda” or “freedom”, “freiheit” in German.

    The Serbian Cyrillic script on the plaque reads: “На овом историјском мјесту Гаврило Принцип навијести слободу на Видов-дан 15. [28.] Јуна 1914.”

    “At this historical place Gavrilo Princip pronounces freedom on Vidov Dan 15th [28th] June 1914.”

    Adolf Hitler examines the 1930 Gavrilo Princip plaque removed from Sarajevo by German troops and presented to him on his 52nd birthday on April 20, 1941 from europe

  23. Remember Eric Margolis via his mom is also Muslim and his writing is always biased in favor of Islam so take it with a pinch of salt.

    • Agree: Derer
    • Replies: @Druid55
  24. Dumbo says:

    Srebrenica was mostly a myth.

    But the biggest shame was Kosovo. Its majority population were Albanian immigrants that came already in Tito’s time, as Albanians were fellow communists. Then somehow NATO forced its “independence” from “Serbian oppression” and bombed children in Belgrade with depleted uranium.

    It is as if a coalition of nations suddenly decided that Mexicans in California were being oppressed, then bombed it and created El Nuevo Estado de California only for Mexicans, had all local whites expelled, then turned it into a narco-state. Well it’s what happened to Kosovo.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @Niccolo Soldo
  25. Eric Margolis is an ethnic Albanian who has referred to indicted war criminal Hacim Thaci as “noble”. He supported Nato’s war of aggression against Yugoslavia because it served the interests of “Greater Albanian” which has been steadily swallowing up all lands bordering on Albania.
    The Albanians contributed the Skanderberg Waffen SS to the Nazi war effort and they were arguably worse than the Croatians in their genocidal attacks on Serbs.

    • Replies: @anon
  26. Linh Dinh says: • Website

    Hi Loremipsum,

    Thanks for all these tips.


  27. Interesting discourse by Linh Dinh, but like so many lefties always playing producing the Serb victim card.

    What about the victims’s of Serbian ultra-nationalism and religious exceptionalism?? Were not other groups their victims too.

    Ultra nationalism or religious exceptionalism produces no good or honest players. If you cannot treat your neighbors with dignity and respect and tolerance then your national ethos is badly flawed.

    Denying that their occured a genocidal campaign against Bosnian Muslims is despecable, especially the mass extermination at Sbrenecia which was well recorded by the UN and even admitted by Russia’s representatives. If this is a fairly tale then I dare anyone to go personally and tell that to the thousands of grieving mothers and wives.

    Yes, the Serbs have had their historical ups and downs in history and Belgrade was destroyed by their own WWII allies, that says something about letting yourself being used and abused. The Ottomans were an empire like all others, they had their good side and their bad side. They did force various ethno-religious groupings to live together and gave them many self ruling rights.

    Of course the Ottomans also retarded the development of their subjects, Muslim and Christian alike. Serbian super nationalism and made up history of perpetual victim-hood does not serve them well. Better for them to play a leadership role in the Balkans and work with all groups. If the Serbs as dominant group in Yugoslavia provided real leadership, maybe it would not have broken up into competing crazed ethnic dictatorships.

    The bombing campaign by NATO on Serbia had no real justification except to show the new power of NATO and bring the Serbs to heal in a brutal manner as a lesson to others in Europe that will not follow their dictates.

  28. gT says:

    Yugoslavia was always a tough nut to crack. Tito gave Stalin endless grief, and refused to accept Moscow as the supreme communist authority. Tito was probably the only one to ever defy Stalin and still able to outlive Stalin, that speaks volumes of the mindset of Yugoslavia, and Serbia was always the military backbone of Yugoslavia.

    So Yugoslavia could not be allowed to exist at the fall of the USSR, it had to be dismantled else the US and Nato could not rule in Europe. Yugoslavia was just too strong and independent minded. So Yugoslavia was dually dismantled and deindustrialized. With the exception of Albania, the rest of the Muslims in Yugoslavia are all Slavs converted to Islam by the Turks. Similarly the Catholics in Yugoslavia are all Slavs converted to Catholicism by the Pope, and the Pope and the Orthodox have always had this thing going between them.

    Tito was Croatian also, so he favoured Croatia a little to much, to the detriment of the Serbs. Tito was very much Pan Slavic, as is that Dugin chap in Russia, though Dugin seems to like the Turkic’s in the ‘Stan’s a bit too much, maybe even the Turks in Turkey. Anyway, unlike in the previous NATO bombing of Serbia, the Serbs now have missiles which can reach Italy and Germany, so the next time round those NATO stalwarts also won’t have electricity or water or bridges. And NATO was too chickenshit to try a ground invasion of Serbia, all they could do was bravely bomb from far above and from far away.

    The US military people were saying that it was the Germans who wanted the Serbs bombed, and Germany currently controls Bulgarian politics, so the role of Germany is very suspect in the Balkans, even though it’s the US who rules Germany and Europe.

    But in the end, Serbia will rise again, and Kosovo and many other territories will belong to Serbia again, you can’t keep a good dog down.

    • Thanks: FB
    • Replies: @Niccolo Soldo
  29. Vojkan says:
    @Georges G.

    Dobrica Ćosić is the father of the Serb nation only in your wet dreams. He was a communist, of the unrepentant kind. He was made a great writer by communists, who anyway lack the culture to recognise what is great literature and what isn’t.
    Ćosić’s description is accurate for Serb apostates, it is accurate for communists, it is accurate for the NATO-EU sycophants, it is accurate for the so-called Bosniaks, it is accurate for the so-called Montenegrins. Actually, it is even accurate for Croats.
    It isn’t accurate for Serbs from the Republika Srpska and it isn’t accurate for Serbs who have remained faithful Orthodox Christians. The silent majority kind that loathes all of the listed above but lack the power to do anything about it because the West generously supports all of the listed above, even though deep inside it despises them.

    • Agree: Pop Warner
  30. The bombing of Serbia was actually the hidden motive for the 1990s ‘impeachment’ of Bill Clinton using the Jewish instrument Monica Lewinsky, the case promoted by gay Jewish fake ‘investigative journalist’ Matt Drudge

    The Clintons are sleazy corrupt people, but the USA Deep State finds it cannot trust anyone, even the Clintons, to go the full length of horror

    Bill Clinton balked at giving the order to kill thousands of Serbian civilians in a war crime. Of course no one actually cared about his sex with Jewess Lewinsky, but that was media-pumped as a ridiculous pretext for an ‘impeachment trial’.

    Bill Clinton, fearing his own death as well, gave in, he was suddenly ‘acquitted’ and began bombing the Balkans shortly afterwards as he had promised

    Watergate in the 70s was similarly fake, a ‘Silent Coup’ by other Deep-State fake ‘investigative journalists’, Jewish Carl Bernstein and spooky Bob Woodward, who had recently exited his role as US Navy Intelligence specialist working directly under Admiral Maurer, at that time head of the US military joint chiefs, helping the CIA to run the coup against Nixon.

    Nixon – despite his guilt in war crimes etc – was hated for ending the Vietnam intervention, making peace with China, and trying to set up a somewhat populist, pro-environmental, guaranteed-income better USA.

    Before they dumped Nixon, they got rid of his populist Vice President Spiro Agnew who was always speaking out for the Silent Majority against manipulative leftist elites, Trump-style. The Deep State in effect threatened to kill Agnew to induce him to resign on trumped-up charges, as Agnew later said on local TV, it was ‘Go Quietly, or Else!’

    • Thanks: Ace, Druid55
  31. Tom67 says:

    Hi Linh
    The Saker is interesting enough but he suffers from that most incurable of all European diseases: Nationalism. I am half Russian-half German and in the Nineties I lived in Berlin and put up a deserter from the Yugoslav army.He was a Serb himself and had no more teeth after he had refused to take part in atrocities in Bosnia. He was friends with deserters from other Balkan nationalities.There was a Croat who they jokingly called “Ustasha”, a “Shiptar” (Albanian) and a Moslem from Bosnia. They all played together in a band and they all agreed on one fact: if the light goes out in the Balkan restaurant everybody draws a knife.
    These atrocities committed by Serbs are a fact.That doesn´t make the others any better. It is just that the Serbs had inherited the Yugoslav army and thereby had the means to do what they did. As to Srebrenica: it is beyond ridiculous to claim that nothing happened to the Muslims there. In reality it is one of the best researched and documented massacres. There were UN troops from the Netherlands there, doctors from Medicine sans frontieres and there is a data base of all victims. The mass graves are still being dug up and the DNA of the victims matched up against the DNA of the surviving women and children. Everybody knew that it was to happen and nobody prevented it.
    As to the NATO bombing of Belgrade: that was indeed a crime of high order. The more so as the West had prevented a peaceful solution of the Kosovo conflict by adding the infamous Annex B to the negotiations in Rambouillet. Now there´s US camp bondsteel in Kosovo and that had been the aim from the start.

    • Replies: @Robjil
    , @Vojkan
  32. padre says:
    @Erik Sieven

    And you have talked to them, I suppose!

  33. GMC says:

    Keep truckin Linh, love the essays. Stay outta Belarus now- their new US Ambassador is a X Nato/CIA witch who has Victoria Nuland cookies. Someday the Russians will wake up, and see Nato is in Turkey, Armenia, Georgia, Ukraine and maybe Belarus in a couple years. Balkanization was a long Plan – and very murderous.

    • Replies: @Bill Jones
  34. padre says:
    @Tommy Thompson

    “What about the victims of Serbian ultra-nationalism and religious exceptionalism”!How right you are, something should be said abut that to, but nobody seems to bother, they just jailed a few hundred, declared Serbs as genocidal nation,accused them of ethnic cleansing in “Kosova”, and that’s about it!

  35. anon[152] • Disclaimer says:

    On December 8th, 2017, The Saker presented an entirely different take

    Of course he did. Did Saker also ‘revisit’ Chechnya?

  36. @Loremipsum

    These links are wonderful. If given the opportunity to see these sights this will be a great guide.


  37. Dumbo says:

    Albania – Kosovo was largely albanian even in the 19-th century due to migrations and higher birth rates of the albanians. The conflict is recent and there is plenty of info about it.

    So? California is majority Mexican now, should it be given to Mexico, or become an independent Mexican-populated narco-state?

    Monenegro – the country split from Serbia less than two decades ago, after several rude interferances from Belgrade in their internal affairs.

    Montenegro is not really a country – they are Serbians. Just separated because of the bad name of Serbia.

    Croatia – still fresh memories from the recent wars,

    But the memories of the Second World War (Ustasha) they tend to forget.

    • Replies: @Steven80
  38. @Tommy Thompson

    I am unaware of any of the Yugoslav successor states ever being dictatorships after the end of communism. They were all democracies and all wanted to join the EU. I presume you’re a Yank because it’s normal for Yanks to call all of their selected enemies “dictatorships”. Of course, some of them are.

    It’s also very Yank to think that democracies can’t fight each other. Yet it’s never stopped the USA from doing just that. [email protected]

  39. @Ann Nonny Mouse

    No, Croats and Serbs are not the same people. The idea of a “South Slav nation” was created by 19th century nationalists. The languages are similar but not the people. Croats are more Italian in temperament than Slavic, and have a significant Magyar cultural influence. Serbs are much more Balkan/Turkic.

    • Replies: @Dumbo
    , @ploni almoni
  40. Five hundred years from now, a Serbian nation will still exist.

    Almost certainly not. Vienna and Zurich are full of educated Serbs raising their children to be good Europeans. The corruption and crime drive anyone ambitious out of Belgrade who can afford to leave. The educational system in Serbia is a disaster. The country, like Bulgaria, is run by organized criminals. The only plan on offer seems to be to become a PRC colony.

    The Orthodox Church, like Christianity in general in Europe, is seen as out of touch and irrelevant at best, corrupt and grasping at worst. Attendance is dropping rapidly. Without the Church what is Serbian identity?

    Meanwhile the Gypsy population grows unchecked and more and more Muslim immigrants seem to be finding their way into the country. If a recognizable Serbian identity survives 200 years it will be a miracle.

    • Replies: @Marshall Lentini
  41. Robjil says:

    You have not figured out that our (((rulers))) play games with our heads over and over again. 9 11 was one too. This Balkans thing was the second big game after the end of the cold war. Iraq was the first game in early 1991.

    Here Robert Bauer, a CIA agent, talks about how the Srebrenica was planned by our lovely (((rulers))).

    We all know of Srebrenica, can you say about it?

    Yes! In 1992 I was in Bosnia again, but this time we were supposed to train military units to represent Bosnia, a new state that had just declared independence. Srebrenica is an exaggerated story and unfortunately many people are being manipulated. The number of victims is the same as the number of Serbs and others killed but Srebrenica is political marketing. My boss, who was formerly a US Senator, stressed repeatedly that some kind of scam would go down in Bosnia. A month before the alleged genocide in Srebrenica, he told me that the town would be headline news around the world and ordered us to call the media. When I asked why, he said you’ll see. The new Bosnian army got the order to attack homes and civilians. These were of course citizens of Srebrenica. At the same moment, the Serbs attacked from the other side. Probably someone had paid to incite them!

  42. JackOH says:
    @Tom from southern France, x-USA

    Tom, I’d like to think Linh’s rare combo of detailed, sympathetic reporting against a backdrop of American imperial decline would have his name bandied about for a major American literary or journalistic award, or a movie producer’s option. I’m not among the literati, though.

    “We’re the bad guys”, said a man matter-of-factly at the swimming pool where I lived in the 1990s. I don’t know how the subject of ethnicity came up, but he mentioned he was of Serbian heritage. I’m not sure 1 in 10 Americans would recognize Gavrilo Princip’s name, or the Serbian-Dual Monarchy crisis of 1914.

  43. Vojkan says:

    Nobody claims nothing happened in Srebrenica. A massacre did happen. War crimes happened. All sides committed war crimes. Genocide didn’t happen. In the thousands of pages of the ICTY convictions of Karadžić and Mladić, there isn’t a single piece of evidence showing that either of them ordered a massacre, let alone a genocide. Material evidence and credible eyewitnesses say that Serbs did indeed execute hundreds of male muslims. The most damning number goes up to 1800. Those were revenge killings for the massacre of Serbs in villages around Srebrenica. That’s nowhere near the official number of 8000.
    I remember a report by French Television showing the possible site of a mass grave in a forest near Srebrenica. As evidence they zoomed in on an ID card on the ground. The ID card was printed in cyrillic and had a non-muslim name on it. As usual with Western media, there is the narrative and there are facts. As usual with Western media the facts don’t fit the narrative. Even the ICTY’s official numbers of casualties during the whole Bosnian war don’t fit the narrative.
    In reality, not even the dead who fell while fighting their way to Tuzla are enough to inflate the number of killed to 8000, so the Bosniaks had to dig out bodies buried elsewhere in Bosnia and rebury them near Srebrenica to create mass graves to support the genocide narrative.
    As usual with the West, any evidence that contradicts the offical narrative is systemtically suppressed. The genocide in Srebrenica is as real as Iraqi WMDs, Qadhafi’s assault on Benghazi or Assad’s gassing his population in Douma.
    What is real though – and thoroughly documented – is US-trained and supported islamic fighters cutting Serb heads and playing football – or as Americans call it soccer – with them, Albanian terrorists killing Serbs to harvest their organs while the Germans were fabricating a fake Serb genocide plan against Albanians, or US-trained and supported and Israeli-cared for Syrian “rebels” beheading ten-year olds.

    • Replies: @ploni almoni
    , @Tom67
  44. I had a Serbian-American classmate at school … a great guy. Unfortunately, Serbia had three enemies: Catholics, Muslims and Jews. And those three scum had a friend in the protestant lowlife Clintons, the wannabe Jews, who used the American might to destroy a vital part of the orthodox church. Of course, the Germans who wanted to take revenge against their tiny European neighbor are nothing but cowards who have been cowed by the ziomedia, Israel and the world Jewry… maybe the Turks will finish them off under the misguided Mutti Merkel regime!

  45. Svevlad says:

    Huh. I didn’t expect you to stay in my city.

    The Chinese takeuts mostly suck – there’s only one good one, Super Wok – i think just on two locations in town, Đeram and Terazije

  46. History: A body of lies, dis/misinformation, facts, truths, worldviews. We are the jurors in a trial usually hearing/reading the thesis of a prosecutor or defender. Even when not this, certainty is not usually in our bag of tools.
    Best to just be a disinterested observer.
    Just be careful in the Balkans. If you a friend of someone, you are probably discerned to be the enemy of someone else, and as a commenter has mentioned, when the lights go out, the knives come out.

  47. @Tommy Thompson

    LOL. As if you, the Clintons, or the rest of the West cares. Americans have killed more Muslims than Serbs could if they kept slaughtering them night and day for a hundred years. So who’s going to bomb the USA to punish them?

    • Agree: TheTotallyAnonymous
  48. Antiwar7 says:

    You should know that Eric Margolis is completely full of shit when he talks about the Bosnian War. He’s quoted here as saying

    Most shamefully, the Muslim world also closed its eyes as up to 160,000 Bosnian Muslims were slaughtered, starved and tortured in Serb-run concentration camps.

    But a Bosnian Muslim commission after the war concluded that about 100,000 people were killed on all sides total, including soldiers:

    Margolis’s extreme anti-Serb bias may be due to his mother being Albanian:

  49. Vojkan says:

    Boy, are you delusional. The fact that only the Romanians in the neighbourhood don’t hate Serbians is maybe due to the fact that at the difference of the others, they like Serbia have a real history rather than a national mythology that they try to make pass for history. As for Montenegro’s independence, everybody knows how fraudulent was the vote, it’s just that Serbs didn’t fall into the trap that was set up for them to go to war against each other. Montenegrins hate so much Serbia that they’re out in the streets in the tens of thousands to defend the Serbian Orthodox Church against Djukanović’s attempt at spoliation.

  50. Steven80 says:

    Perhaps the inhabitants of California will decide its future state. I don’t know if they have any kind of serious political representation there based on ethnicity – perhaps it will become Mexico one day? The current situation seems rather recent, just a cople of decades ago the situation was different.

    Montenegro is not Serbia – for one, they were never conquered by the ottomans – they have always been independet, and for example, the first printing press in the Balkans was set there. I have been there rafting on river Tara and my instructor and the hotel host both hated the serbs. I’m not saying everyine thinks that way -but they are not serbs and dont want to be called serbs.

    About Croatia – no one there is forgetting WW2 crimes. Most Croatians don’t really feel guild for what their forefathers did. The whole “you lost the war, you are guilty” is an alien concept in most of the Eastern Europe – I really don’t get it how Westerners think that any Finnish or Croatian or Lithuanian or Bulgarian or really any person from the east of Europe can be ashamed at all for their gradfathers deeds. War is war, losing is bad, but so what – next time it may be you on the scaffold. Talk to some Croatians i you do not trust me – I doubt any will try to hide what their grandfathers did. And by the way, the biggest atrocities in the 1940-eswere made by slovenes, that now are building roads over the mass graves and trying to erase all that from the history books.

  51. Guy Jean says:

    When studying history at grammar school, I remember being warned that “the Balkan Wars” was very complicated and nigh incomprehensible. I remember nothing about that period of history except that it was very confused (prophecy fulfilled!). After reading Linh’s article, I’m still confused. It seems the old, old story of people being nasty to other people because some people were nasty to them, sometime, probably. Not that that is unique to the Balkans, unfortunately. Linh manages to make something approaching beauty out of tragedy – the mark of an artist, like Eric Clapton making “Tears in Heaven” out of the death of his only son.
    I’ve never been to any of those countries (except Korea) so cannot recommend places to visit, but I do recommend “Tears in Heaven”. Peace.

    The comments are as interesting as the article, if not always as well written, but then the standard is high.

  52. FB says: • Website

    A Soros shill attempts to present the Soros version of Balkan history…

    Everything you said is totally fake, even to a person with just wikipedia level knowledge of the region…

    No need to refute any of your ridiculous yarn about ancient history, people can just look that up themselves…but your claim that there is ‘hatred’ towards Serbs from Hungarians [and others] is just pure bunk…

    The biggest hero in Serbia for the last 20 years is Colonel Zoltan Dani…an ethnic Hungarian Serb…

    Anyone who has spent any time in Vojvodina, the fertile region of Northern Serbia, situated in the Pannonian plain, north of the Danube, knows such a notion is just bizarre bullshit…

    Serbs and Hungarians have been living side-by-side for centuries, especially in the smaller towns and villages…both in Vojvodina and in Hungary itself, which had a significant Serb population dating from medieval times…

    The presence of Serbs in the territory of present-day Hungary date from the Middle Ages. The mother of the Hungarian king Géza II (1141-1162) was Helena of Raška, a daughter of the great župan of Raška, Uroš I.

    During the rule of Géza II, her brother Beloš Vukanović was a palatine of the Kingdom of Hungary. When the Magyars arrived to the Pannonian Basin under Arpad in 896, they met there with the already well established Slavic population.

    Serbs in Hungary, wikipedia

    Genetically the Serbs and Hungarians are virtually indistinguishable, attesting to a close ancestry going back a long ways…the main difference is linguistic and religious…

    As for the Bulgarians, again your mickey mouse ‘history’ is so fake as to be laughable…yes, there was certainly historic rivalry, as there was in every region in Europe…do you think the Catalonians and Castilians have just held hands and sung Kumbaya for a thousand years…Jutes and Saxons…?

    And do you think the Bulgarians are not aware who it was that delivered them from the centuries long genocide of the Ottoman Turks…?

    See the Russo-Turkish war of 1877-78…

    Yes, the Russians were about to march on Constantinople in 1878 [Istanbul to the Turks] having liberated Bulgaria and captured Adrianople, at the doorstep of Constantinople itself…but the British decided to intervene in defense of the Turks, sending a fleet to the Aegean…the Russians decided not to carry on with their expulsion of the Muslims from their last sliver of European territory…the Bulgarians had already been liberated…

    Some may consider the British move not such a good thing, except for Sorosites like you, who desperately try to hold onto that magical moment 20 years ago when everyone was buying their bullshit…

    Today, people all across Europe have had their fill with Muslim immigration and just about every other aspect of the failed neoliberal experiment of the last 20 years…

    Especially so in the Balkans…a huge number of people are now nostalgic for the multi-ethnic Yugoslav state that was a huge success and a real country, as opposed to the pathetic little Bantustans like today’s Serbia, Croatia and Bosnia’…

    See Yugo-Nostalgia…

    Even in the most successful country to emerge out of Yugoslavia, Slovenia, more people mourn than celebrate the breakup of the country…

    This sentiment reaches overwhelming proportions everywhere except Kosovo and Croatia…

    And we are supposed to take some little Soros shill’s word for it that the Balkans live in a state of ‘ancient’ hatreds…especially toward the Serbs…?

    Yet all these people hating the Serbs think it was better when they lived together…?

    The Soros project for Europe has clearly hit a brick wall…nobody is going to buy into your kind of bullshit anymore…

    • Replies: @Steven80
    , @Simpleguest
  53. anonymous[400] • Disclaimer says:

    The war against the Serbs marked the evolvement of full-spectrum propaganda 24/7. Lying became a matured industry on a wide scale all across the board. The US was the home of PR and advertising and much of it has been developed along with the expansion of electronic communication. Now they can sell the war of the month or just about anything else to the always gullible public.

  54. cranc says:

    In the 21st century, such tribal thinking is not just deemed barbaric, but evil, Nazism, in short, except in Israel, of course. Gas chambers, remember?

    The civil religion in which we live in the West was formed in those ‘chambers’, and surely the second world war was a war against the legitimacy of the concept of true nationhood -for all but the exceptionals.
    We need more ‘pig farmers’. The West needs to re-root in the land and its traditions- surely an essential and enduring source of culture. Here in Britain the back-to-the-land folk seem mostly embedded in the politics of liberal internationalism (aka supranationalism), although pre war it was not so. I think that will start to change now.

    I thoroughly enjoy reading your work Linh, thank you.

  55. onebornfree says: • Website

    “I passed a monstrously huge banner of Serbian soldiers, with the lead one a stern female saluting, with accusation in her eyes. “

    That’s one seriously fucked-up looking slave/female in the photo/header of this piece! 🙂

    Regards, onebornfree

    • Replies: @FB
  56. Anonymous[661] • Disclaimer says:

    It’s always a pleasure to read one of your articles, Mr. Dinh.

  57. My boss, Ms. Pelosi, recently sent this to registered Democrats, with my adjustments in parentheses:

    People tell me it must be a tough job to be S̶p̶e̶a̶k̶e̶r̶ ̶o̶f̶ ̶t̶h̶e̶ ̶H̶o̶u̶s̶e̶ (President) when the p̶r̶e̶s̶i̶d̶e̶n̶t̶ (Speaker of the House) belongs to the opposite party, lives in a world without facts or decency, and has nearly every R̶e̶p̶u̶b̶l̶i̶c̶a̶n̶ (Democrat) in Congress marching in unthinking lockstep (Nazi reference) behind h̶i̶m̶ (her).

    See? This fundraising screed applies equally to either party. This is why we can’t have nice things.

  58. @GMC

    Putin has long known- at least since the 90’s, of the US’s ever tightening encirclement and his military focus is the inverse of that of the US- defensive not aggressive. As technology has advanced the once priceless US moat of the oceans is increasingly worthless but the idea of defense of the allegedly precious “homeland” is verboten.

    • Replies: @GMC
  59. Dumbo says:
    @Peter Akuleyev

    This would make sense given their borders. Slovenians more like Germans/Austrians, Croatians more like Italians, Serbs more like Greeks or Romanians (?). But I’m not so familiar with the region. To me the Croatians and Serbs I met seemed pretty similar, at least on appearance.

  60. Svevlad says:
    @Georges G.

    Naah, the only people who call that idiot daddy are idiots who masturbate at the thought of their own destruction. Nobody even likes the guy.

    • LOL: Vojkan
  61. Svevlad says:
    @Carlton Meyer

    This is easily explainable – the Saker wrote about it.

    Long story short, near the end of the war the Brits and Americans basically turned into Pink Wojak as they realized that the support of the Vatican to the Ustashe could basically end the entire Roman Catholic Church overnight. And the Roman Catholic Church was the only organization that opposed communism in countries with heavy communist sympathies like France and Italy, where communists threatened to win by vote.

    Shitting bricks at the prospects of Soviet armies in Brittany, the Brits and Americans start supporting Tito the antiserb so we don’t send half the Vatican to Nuremberg.

  62. A sane American does not give a shit about these shit hole countries or their history and just because our leaders are degenerate judaised protestant Yankees who were Messianic does not mean I am culpable for their insanity and evil

    • Replies: @FB
  63. @Svevlad

    The Saker is a protestant who like incense and icons

  64. Miroslav says:

    So much ignorance,crudeness and anti-Serbianism here. Starting with Margolis[either a Jew, Muslim or Albanian] with his repeating of NATO propaganda and ugly lies calling Milosevic supporters brutal pig farmers,racists and gutter criminals as if there aren’t any of them where he comes from. Thank God The Saker and Gallios are defending the Serbians [when people hate us they say Serbs but call us Serbians when they like us] Serbians didn’t have a country for 500 years. Really? Many of the Ottoman leaders, at least in the Balkans, were Jannissaries of Serbian origin who spoke Serbian.Like in the British Empire many of the big guys were Scots and did the Scots ever have their own country?And the Croats did’nt have their own country for 800 years. Maybe the same situation applies.But i would say that they are Catholic Serbians since the line dividing East and West passed somewhere through Bosnia, i think.The Hungarians were influential there but they were everywhere and its not hard to prove that they were Slavic[Serbian].[ Consider the Yaziki who were Slavic] Rebecca West and her banker husband[maybe they were British spies] wrote a nice book about Yugoslavia,but not all of it is accurate.NATO and the Poms ,of whom i have plenty experience, are always looking for something nasty to say about the Serbians Maybe its in their genes because they don’t like being told that their rich English language comes from the Serbian language.The Ottoman Empire was benign until the 16th. century when some Serbians were forced to move to Voyvodina where the Yazikis were allowing some non-Slavic muslim Albanians to move in. Similarly Serbians were driven out of Krajina in 1994 which was a disgrace for America and they wont talk about that.How many times has Serbia been bombed? By Germany in 1915 and 1941 and by the Brits and America in 1944, our Allies.By NATO from March to June 1999, which many are trying to forget. Unfortunately many Serbians,like other Eastern Europeans move to the West because of powerful Western lying propaganda also called advertising and promotion.Serbia will live again, as long as her children are faithful, and will unite the Balkans, God willing.

    • Replies: @Peter Akuleyev
  65. Steven80 says:

    You are using Ad hominem attacks and try to ridicule opinion without providing facts – I think it is obvious who is the shill here.

    By the way, the Nazi collaborator Soros criticizes officially the Nato policy in Kosovo – there is plenty of information about it on the internet, and also on the information I provided in my previous post.

    • Replies: @FB
  66. FB says: • Website

    That’s one seriously fucked-up looking slave/female in the photo/header of this piece!

    What a pathetic little turd…

    And what do you look like…maybe you have an asylum mugshot lying around that you can post here…?

    You would not be able to interest a female even remotely approaching that stunning gal in uniform, even if you had a billion dollars and were hung like an elephant…[or, more likely, considering your laughable reality, and bottom-feeding status on the socioeconomic ladder, anything resembling an anatomically correct female of any level of attractiveness]…

    • Agree: Biff
  67. FB says: • Website

    I gave all kinds of facts, charts and even links turdball…what did you squeeze out of your butt here, other than laughable nonsense…

  68. FB says: • Website
    @Mick Jagger gathers no Mosque

    A sane American trailer park clown that has never traveled farther than the local walmart does not give a shit about these shit hole countries…

    There you go…I think this is what you meant to say…

  69. Anonymous[271] • Disclaimer says:

    Exactly. Kosovo is a perfect example of a demographic, immigration/birth-rate conquest. What happened there is unfortunately getting replicated in many (formerly) white neighbourhoods, cities, provinces and states around the world. A slow-motion invasion that inevitably leads to war and possible secession.

  70. Visited Serbia back when (’74) it was still part of Yugoslavia and found it very depressing. Glad to hear things have changed.

    Well worth watching are the movies made by Emir Kusturica, a Serbia director. They give a good feel for the place as it was. One, Underground, pertains to the ’90s war .

  71. Well, being a Croat I can certainly be accused of partiality. But, let’s cut to the cheese… Serbs are bullshitters.

    So, a c-p on their WW2 “victimhood”,part 1

    * during 1918-1939 period, Yugoslavia was basically a softer version of Greater Serbia, with all nations-except Slovenes- oppressed. Close to 400 Croats & ca. 2000 Muslims had been killed by Serbian paramilitaries & government forces during “peaceful” period in the 1920s & 1930s. The turning point was assassination of Croatian leader Stjepan Radić, a sort of Croatian Gandhi, by a Serb nationalist in Yugoslav parliament in 1928. This convinced some Croats that any Yugoslavia was insufferable, and the most influential among them was future Poglavnik/”Leader” Ante Pavelić, who emigrated & founded a revolutionary terrorist organization ustaše (ca. 200-300 people).

    * after the collapse of Yugoslavia in the April war 1941, situation in Croatia & Bosnia and Herzegovina was something like a vacuum. No Croatian politician wanted to become the head of state patronized by Nazi German authorities, but at the same time there was a sense of jubilation: Croats got independent (in theory) country, after decades of Serbian oppression. In this vacuum, Pavelić was installed by Hitler and Mussolini as a kind of puppet. In this country, ca. 50-60% were Croats & more than 30% were Serbs (the rest were Bosnian Muslims, considered to be Croats).

    * Pavelić assumed power on April the 10th 1941. But even a week before that, Serb paramilitaries had started killing Croats & some 200-400 people were killed in the interregnum. After he had been installed, Pavelić actually dissolved parliament & established a dictatorship; Croatia was crippled & many vital areas, especially in Dalmatia, were given to Mussolini’s Italy. Also, he introduced racial laws for Jews & started to persecute Serbs- both as a revenge for their participation in royalist Yugoslavia period terror & their atrocities during interregnum. In next few months perhaps 5-20,000 Serbs were killed by ustaše in various areas of NDH/Independent State of Croatia.

    Basically, it was a terrorist regime & most Croats disapproved of it, but were expecting to get rid of ustaše in some future & retain statehood under democratic circumstances. So, Croats wanted a truly independent country.

    * Serbs, being persecuted (along with Jews & Gypsies) rebelled on a massive scale in the last quarter of 1941 & many areas of NDH had become virtually defunct. This resulted in further Pavelić’s dependence to Hitler. On the other hand, communist partisans, led by a Croat, Josip Broz Tito, after their defeat in Serbia fled with remnants of their army to the NDH territory. There, they found refuge among Serbs, while many of them defected to royalist Četniks led by Serbian colonel Mihailović. Četniks had killed, during 1941, ca. 12-15,000 Muslim & Croat civilians, mostly in the eastern Bosnia regions.

    From 1941-1945 there was a civil war in all of Yugoslavia, with various factions fighting for different aims. In Croatia, more Croats had been coming to partisans, especially after 1943 (fall of Italy) & thus partisans became a respectable force. For instance, Croatia had 5 partisan corpses (4 of them with clear Croatian majority), while Slovenia had 2, Bosnia & Herzegovina 2, Serbia proper 2 etc.

    * in may 1945, war was over & partisans had won. But, in 2- 6 weeks after the end of war, they committed mass atrocities, killing ca. 80,000-150,000 Croatian soldiers & civilians, perhaps 10,000 Serbian Četniks & up to 4,000 Slovenian white guards.

    Modern unbiased historical investigations have dispelled many myths, especially those re number of victims in Yugoslavia & NDH in particular. In sum, in all of Yugoslavia, ca. 500,000 Serbs had died unnatural deaths & this included some 300,000 Serbs in NDH. Of these, perhaps over 100,000 had been killed by ustaše, while others died of typhoid, were killed by Germans, Četniks etc. Among Croats, ca. 200- 250,000 died of unnatural causes, virtually all of them in NDH on various sides. Percentage-wise, the biggest losses were among Bosnian Muslims, over 80,000.

    For instance:


    GREATER SERBIA: from Ideology to Aggression,

    An International Symposium: SOUTHEASTERN EUROPE 1918-1995

    War and Revolution in Yugoslavia, 1941-1945: Occupation and Collaboration – Jozo Tomasevich

    The National Question in Yugoslavia: Origins, History, Politics – Ivo Banac

    • Agree: Peter Akuleyev, Steven80
    • Thanks: Druid
    • Replies: @FB
    , @Commentator Mike
  72. Victimhood, part 2

    As far as WW II is considered, official censuses from 1931. (the last census in Royalist Yugoslavia) and from 1948. (the first in Communist Yugoslavia) show that there are c. 700,000 more Serbs in all of Yugoslavia- and 3,500-14,000 less Croats, despite annexation of Croatian areas formerly held by Fascist Italy (Istria, Rijeka, 5 islands with exclusively Croatian population).

    So, Serbs who are supposedly the greatest victims in ex-Yu WW II show a growth in absolute numbers by 700,000 & Croats who are supposedly perpetrators, or lesser victims- are diminished in absolute numbers by 14,000 (despite adding a significant Croatian-only territory)?

    The whole Yugoslav & Serbian narrative about WW II is one big, fat lie.

    In 1931 census people were counted by religion & language. The South Slavic “language” was a bizarre official combination of the Slovene, Croat & Serbian (no one then, except Croatian linguist Stjepan Ivšić, had recognized Macedonian language). Other languages like Hungarian, German, Italian, Slovak, Czech, Albanian… were clearly the languages of those peoples. So, one could clearly distinguish between Croats, Serbs, Bosnian Muslims .. by simply looking at their religion & mother tongue (in that case, weird “Sloveno-Croato-Serbian”).

    During the Communist census in 1948, people just said what they were, nationally. Catholics- if not Slovene speaking- were Croats; Orthodox were either Serbs, Montenegrins or Macedonians (there were preserved censuses from 1931, so one could monitor county fluctuations of population); BH Muslims were mostly “Yugoslavs undetermined” (some of them said they were either Croats or Serbs, due to political pressures, but in next 2-3 decades were simply written out of this census).

    Also, there were tiny minorities of Catholic Serbs (ca. 8,800) and Orthodox Croats (9,300)- but they don’t mean anything, in comparison with these millions.

  73. And, as far as Kosovo goes:

    What is now Kosovo had been an integral part of Serbian medieval state in the 13th & 14th C. They have a strong cultural heritage there. After Ottoman conquest of Serbia in the 14th & 15th C, the ethnic composition of the area remained, more or less, the same. But, after mass Serbian migrations at the end of the 17th C to the northern, Austrian lands (now a Serbian province of Vojvodina), neighboring Albanians, most of them Muslims (Albanian people are ca. 70% Muslim, the rest are Catholics & Eastern Orthodox) moved in & became the majority.

    This was so until 19th C when Serbia, now a new duchy, then kingdom, during Balkan wars in 1913 occupied/liberated Kosovo. The region was then 63% Albanian, 25% Serbian & the rest were mostly Muslim Turks, Bosniaks and Gypsies. Serbian socialist Dimitrije Tucović openly wrote against that, condemning what he saw as extension of European imperialism to the provincial levels of Balkan tribalism (the classic work is “Srbija i Arbanija”, 1-2). Albanians were suppressed & forced to emigrate, while Serbian colonizers took their place (this was not too successful because of Albanian high fertility rate & unwillingness of most Serbs to move in that backward area).

    After WW II, Yugoslav policy toward Kosovo was ambiguous: on one hand, Yugoslav Communists wanted to placate Albanians who had been promised full independence & integration with neighboring Albania; on the other, they wanted to keep Serbs satisfied. So, the region was, according to Soviet model, given a semi-autonomous status in Serbia. In reality, oppression of Albanians continued from 1945 to 1966, the fall of Tito’s strongman Ranković (Serbian quasi-Stalinist politician). Until Tito’s death in 1980, Kosovo had been, economically, Yugoslav black hole, sucking in vast amounts of money from all republics that contributed to keep it quiet; in the meantime, Kosovo Albanians rose from 65% to over 90% in population after Tito’s death & created their own educated classes (Priština University has, after reforms in 1960s, taught both in Serbian & Albanian).

    The rise of modern nationalism among Albanians was not successfully quelled in the whole period leading to Milošević’s struggle to transform Yugoslavia from an uneasy consensus of South Slavic nations controlled by (theoretically) supra-national Communist Party to the open Serbian hegemony. After Milošević (and most Serbs) lost all wars in Slovenia, Croatia and Bosnia & Herzegovina, Albanians- who had been living in past 15 years under police terror & intimidation- rose in revolt, but were losing due to numerous factors (poorly armed, untrained, their area studded with Serbian Army garrisons,..).

    Now, NATO was fed up with Milošević & knew that they’d lose all credibility if they remained passive as they’d been in past 10 years. Bombing ensued & Serbs lost; in the aftermath, most Serbian population fled & they remain only in a small area covering less than 5% of the province along the border with Serbia proper, less than 5% of the province’s population. Kosovo got independence, which is legally questionable, but politically not too much: Serbia, with some 5.8 million Serbs, would not know what to do or how to absorb extremely hostile 1.6 million Albanians- aliens in culture, identity, language, custom, religion,…-everything.

    And these extremely inimical aliens, now, unlike in all history from 19th C on, would be armed with tanks, howitzers, rocket launchers… anything they would like to possess.

    • Replies: @Peter Akuleyev
  74. @FB

    Especially so in the Balkans…a huge number of people are now nostalgic for the multi-ethnic Yugoslav state that was a huge success and a real country, as opposed to the pathetic little Bantustans like today’s Serbia, Croatia and Bosnia’…

    Agree. (Can’t use “agree” button).

  75. By-tor says:
    @Ann Nonny Mouse

    From my reading, the main reason for the historical hostility between them is religious: Serbians are Eastern Orthodox while Croats are Roman Catholic.

  76. FB says: • Website
    @Bardon Kaldian

    Well…your ‘history’ of the Yugoslav Partisans is complete nonsense…

    You say that the Partisans were mostly Croats…not true…

    Yugoslav Partisans were a predominantly Serb movement into 1943.[56][21]

    Over the entirety of the war, the ethnic composition of the Partisans was 53 percent Serb, 18.6 percent Croat, 9.2 percent Slovene, 5.5 percent Montenegrin, 3.5 percent Bosnian Muslim, and 2.7 percent Macedonian.

    Also, there were significant other nationalities in the Partisans…

    Italians and Hungarians were also in the army: 20,000 Italian fighters were in 9th Corps (Yugoslav Partisans), Partisan Battalion Pino Budicin, Division Garibaldi and Division Italia later.[60]

    Yugoslav Partisans composition, wikipedia

    The massive atrocities against Croat fascists that you claim the Partisans perpetrated postwar are recognized by no serious historian…

    A number of Partisan units, and the local population in some areas, engaged in mass murder in the immediate postwar period against POWs and other perceived Axis sympathizers, collaborators, and/or fascists along with their relatives, including children.

    These infamous massacres include the Foibe massacres, Tezno massacre, Macelj massacre, Kočevski Rog massacre, Barbara Pit massacre and the communist purges in Serbia in 1944–45.

    The repatriations at Bleiburg (although scholars disagree on how many people died and no number has been officially recognized or agreed upon) of retreating columns of Chetnik and Slovene Home Guard troops, and soldiers of the Armed Forces of the Independent State of Croatia and thousands of civilians heading or retreating towards Austria to surrender to western Allied forces, have been called a “massacre”.

    The Partisans did not have an official agenda of liquidating their enemies,b> and their cardinal ideal was the “brotherhood and unity” of all Yugoslav nations (the phrase became the motto for the new Yugoslavia).

    The country suffered between 900,000 and 1,150,000 civilian and military dead during the Axis occupation.

    This chapter of Partisan history was a taboo subject for conversation in the SFR Yugoslavia until the late 1980s, and as a result, decades of official silence created a reaction in the form of numerous data manipulation for nationalist propaganda purposes.[109]

    Postwar Atrocities, wikipedia

    Both Serbian fascists [Chetniks] and Croatian fascists [Ustasha] were targeted by the Tito-led Partisans…

    There is no denying however, the Jasenovac concentration camp run by the Ustasha fascists where many thousands of Serb, Roma and Jewish victims were systematically exterminated, and in the most gruesome killing methods at which even visting Nazi officers recoiled…

    I visited the Jasenovac site in the 1980s, and it is an embarassment to the present Croatian regime that this site and the museum has been allowed to fall into complete disrepair and irrelevance…much of the exhibits were transferred to the US holocaust Museum in 2,000…

    There is also the matter of the massive postwar ethnic cleansing of Italians from the Croat region of Dalmatia, after the war…about 300,000 people ethnically cleansed…

    Istrian-Dalmatian exodus

    I have learned that it is useless to rely on Croat, or Serb for that matter, accounts of the war…both sides inevitably try to whitewash the fascists in their midst, the Serbian Chetniks and Croat Ustasha, and present themselves as the bigger victim…

    But generally speaking, the side of the story told by people that identify as ‘Yugoslav’ and by the postwar socialist historians is far more rooted in fact than this nationalistic fantasy that you and many others like to serve up…

    Wikipedia is not really a fully reliable source either, but it does at least have some adversarial process between opposing editors that likely results in something at least nominally credible…

    • Troll: Malacay
  77. Mefobills says:
    @Dr. Robert Morgan

    It’s common to say that there is something in a people, in their very nature, that holds them together in bonds of loyalty and kinship. But this is doubtful, as the prevalence in history of civil wars demonstrates. Brother killing brother isn’t at all unusual, and the political and economic division of the world into nation states isn’t the only way it’s ever been, nor the way it must remain. Like races, nations will last only so long as the system has a use for them.

    There have been nation states that were long lasting. In the modern era, Hungary is an example, which lasted almost 1000 years, and only fell from without – not within.

    The bronze age near eastern civilizations, which released debts to bring things into balance, were measured in 1000’s of years.

    It is only in modern “western” times where we have world wars, with neo-liberal “finance capital” trying to create a new finance feudal order (with them in charge).

    Hudson explains how WW1 changed everything. Nation states are the “container” for extended tribe kinship relations. To mix people up into empire creates a tower of babel.

    Nobody wants to live in a multicultural tower of babel hellscape where in-groups become predators. They want to live in tight kinship and reciprocal bonds, with people of like minds. Few races get along with each other, and can find a modus vivendi of reciprocal bonds.

    • Agree: tomo
    • Replies: @Kano Guy
  78. Jake says:

    And that’s why they HATE the Serbs.

    They used to hate the Irish even more, but the Irish chose to believe that if they neutered their nationalism, they would be seen as non-threatening and so no longer reviled. But what happened was that the Irish with neutered Nationalism assimilate to any and all WASP ideas, including that Irish Catholicism and Irish national culture needed to to die.

    The warning should be clear to Serbs and everybody else: if you allow begin to think you can trust WASPs and your lands start to accept even small numbers of black Africans and/or Moslems and/or Jews with money, then Globalism and the Anglo-Zionist Empire will make certain that your nation will be ruined, perhaps murdered.

    • Agree: tomo
  79. Yugoslavia was a bullshit country everyone mentally sane is happy it collapsed. True, Serbs, who had been parasites all along are now lost; Bosnian Muslims & Macedonians are just slowly maturing, and are, as is the case with all easterner Balkan thump-chesting dumbos, irrational zombies who need tutors. Kosovo Albanian economy is a joke- but when Kosovo Albanians introduced protective tariffs for goods imported from Serbia proper, Serbian economy was writhing in agony.

    But, for Croats & Slovenes- although, the situation in Bosnia & Herzegovina protectorate is still unresolved- that shithole is, thanks god, dead for good.

  80. @Ann Nonny Mouse

    Yes, The Croats are Catholic and the Serbs are Orthodox. Those who use the Latin alphabet are always attacking those who use the Cyrillic. Happened in Poland and the Ukraine also. Its a Papal thing. The Crusades were actually an extermination campaign against Orthodoxy, Islam was just incidental, and not the issue.

    • Replies: @Mefobills
    , @Malacay
  81. GMC says:
    @Bill Jones

    Ya Bill I know he knows, but to a normal guy that has been real close to the Georgia scirmish 2008 and real close to the Maidan,, eventually one has to at
    least shoot a warming Shot.

  82. @Peter Akuleyev

    You are right. Serbs and Croats are at least as different as New Yorkers and New Jerseyans. If they had the same religion they would be hard to tell apart. As it is, they are like German Catholics and German Protestants, War, War, War.

  83. @Vojkan

    You forgot taking Serb babies out of the incubators and then tossing them in the air to catch on their bayonets. The organs the Albanians harvested were sold cheap in India as they were not refrigerated, and harvested without sterile technique. Playing soccer with severed heads, that of course, happens all the time. It is just human nature. On the other hand, a Russian artillery officer told me he watched through his binoculars how the Germans buried the Russian dead and then fired honor salvos, at least in the beginning.

    • Replies: @Vojkan
    , @Derer
    , @Mefobills
  84. @Wally

    Wally: Do you happen to specialize in ad hominem responses? I’m not going to do your research for you, just in case your belief memes happen to be etched in stone. Even Italian general officers were stunned by the bloodthirsty antics of the Ustasha in happily massacring Serbian women and children. What really blew him away was that these fanatics were often led by Roman Catholic clergy.

    Do you, by any chance, happen to be of a Roman Catholic (pre Vatican II) background or have close ties to the Ustasha network in America as did a county sheriff of my acquaintance who was entirely of Hravatska descent?

    • Replies: @tomo
    , @Wally
    , @Malacay
  85. @Dumbo

    It’s tough to defend Serbs when they constantly lie like this chap here:

    “But the biggest shame was Kosovo. Its majority population were Albanian immigrants that came already in Tito’s time, as Albanians were fellow communists.”

    Albanians were already a majority in Kosovo by the 18th century at latest judging on Ottoman defters (tax registries). Immigration between Hoxha’s North Korean-like Albania and Yugoslavia simply wasn’t the case.

    • Agree: Bardon Kaldian
    • Replies: @FB
    , @Vojkan
    , @Dumbo
  86. @gT

    “Tito was Croatian also, so he favoured Croatia a little to much, to the detriment of the Serbs.”

    Which is why the only local forces that were forbidden amnesty if they crossed over to the Partizans were the Ustashe (Croatian Domobrans were allowed though, and did cross over),

    Which is why the largest number of those massacred by Tito’s forces after the surrender in May were Croatians.

    Which is why the largest number of exiles assassinated by Tito’s UDBA in the West were Croatians.

    • Agree: Bardon Kaldian
    • Replies: @Malacay
  87. Dumbo says:

    Kosovo got independence, which is legally questionable, but politically not too much: Serbia, with some 5.8 million Serbs, would not know what to do or how to absorb extremely hostile 1.6 million Albanians- aliens in culture, identity, language, custom, religion,…-everything.

    What about… Expelling them back to Albania? Which was I suppose what they would do, if globalism was not on the way.

    This is how things worked (and still work) in the real world. After WWII Italians were expelled from Dalmatia, Germans from former Czechoslovakia, etc. Before that, mass expulsions were even more common (ie. expulsions of Moors from Spain, expulsion of Jews from… well, almost everywhere).

    One day Muslim and African invaders might be expelled from European countries (at least, one hopes).

    In fact the only reason this does not happen today is because of U.S. imperialism. If the U.S. crashes and burns and GloboCop colapses, expect many borders worldwide to be severely redrawn, and mass demographic expulsions to happen in many places.

    • Agree: tomo
    • Replies: @Malacay
  88. Linh, I am happy that you have arrived in the Balkans. You will find the Serbs to be great hosts, very funny people. You will enjoy the food, I am certain.

    • Troll: FB
  89. anonlb says:

    USA had plans for Eastern Europe long before colapse of USSR: create weak vasal states and compensate Germany for WWII and post war greviances: germans become extinct in EE after WWII. They disolved even Chechoslovakia. Yugoslavia was dangerous example of independent state which milked both USA and USSR during Cold War. Contempt for Yugoslavia existed on both sides of Iron Curtain. Her fate will be probably even worse if USSR managed to win Cold War: soviets hated Yugoslavia from begining of USSR.
    Germany and USA prefered breakdown of Yugoslavia, because of unpopular comunist regime dominated by croat and slovene aparatchiks this looked like walk in the park, Serbia was already divided and ravaged by comunists… but like today in Ukraine they supported most antagonistic groups on both sides. Actualy they continue support for old german and papal divide and impera designs. Unfortunately for USA, this was a wake-up call for Russia and China. Stupidity always comes with huge price. Instead of ‘Poland on Balkan’ USA have useless statelets which can be in no time taken by any other player, China is here to stay. Even Turkey takes big ifluence in Bosnia, Serbia and Albania.

  90. Vojkan says:
    @ploni almoni

    Speaking of incubators, what really happened is that babies in the Banja Luka maternity died in them because the city was under blockade and had its power supply cut. As for the organs harvested by the Albanians, there is material evidence and there are Albanian eyewitnesses.

  91. @FB

    Thank you FB.
    Ecxellent post.

    • Thanks: FB
  92. FB says: • Website
    @Bardon Kaldian

    Spoken like the hysterical little retard we all know you are…

    But you don’t speak for the majority of the people in former Yugoslavia who think otherwise…as polling continues to show…

    • Agree: Derer
  93. Vojkan says:
    @Bardon Kaldian

    Yugoslavia was indeed a bullshit country that I wish Serbs had never created. For had it not existed, the northern part of your Croatia would be a Hungarian province today, the Adriatic coast down to Split would belong to its legitimate owners, the people who have actually built it, the Italians, while the Pelješac peninsula would belong to the people inhabited it before you and who had a medieval capital on it in Ston, the Serbs, who would all live in one country that would never had been run by communists.

    • Troll: Malacay
    • Replies: @Malacay
    , @Commentator Mike
  94. tomo says:
    @Georges G.

    My favorite article on Serbs is the one I read I think in English Observer – that year when NATO bombed Serbia
    It was by I think the Rabbi of Jerusalem who used to be the Rabbi of Belgrade.
    He was pissed off with NATO and mentioned how Jews should never forget what Serbs did for them etc and then he said that what he liked the most about us was how we always find a way to joke – even if the going gets really tough.
    As a Serb I never noticed that obviously – jokes and humor for us are like water is to fish we do that all the time whenever there is a chance.
    Thanks to this Rabbi I became aware of it and happy about it (because I understand it’s a great skill individually and especially culturally).
    I lived in London at the time and I am so glad I read that interview. I wish I kept it.

  95. FB says: • Website
    @Niccolo Soldo

    That’s complete bullshit, and the historical population of Albanians in Kosovo is easily looked up…

    There were huge migratory influxes of Albanians into Kosovo in the postwar era…Tito had dreams of incorporating Albania itself into an expanded Yugoslavia, and encouraged that immigration, much of it completely illegal…

    A vast number of Albanians in Kosovo, still legally a province of Serbia, as per the UN, are from that illegal immigration that was officially tolerated…

    Really, it’s getting tiresome to see various clowns popping up here and posting complete nonsense, without even bothering to look up basic facts…

    • Agree: Derer, Denis
    • Troll: Malacay
  96. tomo says:
    @Majority of One

    You are right – as a kid I went to Jasenovac Concentration camp museum (I think it has been closed or re-modeled into a Disneyland version thereof after Croatia gained independence)
    There were photos there of what Croats did to Serbs, Jews Gypsies etc, the tools they used (I still remember them – there was a glove with a knife attached to make cutting throats easier), also a giant hammer as big as an armchair almost with spikes for effortless crushing of skulls. Etc etc…
    I saw the mountain of hair they chopped off their victims, clothes etc – It was such a shocking thing to see I remember it clearly even though I went there probably 40 years ago

    • Replies: @Malacay
  97. Iseeit says:

    So what will being a person be like?
    How can they erase our ability to see it?
    What if we just rebel by refusing to initiate violence?
    I always find peace so for sure anyone can.

  98. @FB

    1. most partisan units were useless & minor up to the time Croats massively joined in 1943. For instance, at the end of 1941, all partisans in Croatia numbered ca. 8,000 people, ca. 85% of them Serbs. Such a “force” was not a force. Those “data” from wikipedia are useless even more because they count as partisans ca. 50,000 Serbs who rose massively against Germans in 1941- but were crushed & never heard of again as fighting units.

    Until 1943, partisans were a nuisance, but were not able to mount a serious offensive, and only when Croats, especially from Dalmatia, joined in big numbers (more than Serbia proper plus Macedonia plus Montenegro plus Slovenia combined), were they able to undertake successful offensive operations. The biggest partisan operations (Mostar, Knin, Rijeka, ..) were all conducted by ethnically Croatian partisans (except Sarajevo). Belgrade was liberated by Soviets (who, by the way, screwed tons of Serbian women along the way).

    Then, Serbian Četniks, who were cowardly killers, whenever they clashed with Croatian ustaše- lost. And Tito accepted Četniks to join partisans, while ordered mass killings of ustaše- because he knew Četniks were pro-Yugoslav bunch, in their dirty way, while ustaše were implacable enemies of any Yugoslav state).

    That’s from your wikipedia:

    2. numbers don’t lie. There are 700,000 more Serbs after war and 14,000 less Croats. The entire wiki victimology is a pile of shit.

    3. Jasenovac CC is a bullshit mythology. It was a CC where people were killed and died from typhoid, overwork, malnutrition etc. Official mythology was that 700,000 people were killed there; then, it was reduced to ca. 80,000. Now, it seems it is anywhere from 2,000 to 30,000. Unlike German CC, there were not furnaces in Jasenovac- except one that had been used during 2 months. So, the best way to ascertain how many people died there (typhoid, killings,..) is to dig the whole damn place. And quasi-Yu authorities, who are still in some positions of power in contemporary Croatia, desperately resist this, because it would completely destroy the entire Yugoslav official mythology they grew with & profited from. Also, that would harm their business opportunities in Serbia proper where they bought some factories.

    Serious articles in English about Jasenovac CC (in Croatian) & others are here:

    Yugo-Serbian lies have been debunked everywhere except, it seems, at wikipedia. For instance:

    * Serbs claim there was some kind of “killing Olympiad” among ustaše guards in Jasenovac where some individual, Brzica, killed more than 1300 people in less than 24 hours. Even without taking a dump or having a dinner- this is physically impossible (the killings were, the mythology goes, solely by knife). So, a single super-dooper cutthroat killed more than 1300 people by just cutting their throats- and they behaved like sheeple.

    Who can believe such junk? Serbs, of course. They even made a short movie:

    * Serbian Orthodox Church had consecrated a saint, some Vukašin from Klepci, who- the legend goes- endured stoically, for hours, ustaša torture who sliced him for hours. First- this is impossible, the man would soon bleed to death (see Lingchi). Then- there is no record, anywhere, that such a man ever existed. His existence & martyrdom were completely fabricated by Serbian Orthodox & Yugoslav authorities.

    * mass excavations in over 170 graves in Slovenia (Macelj, Maribor,..) and Croatia have shown that tens of thousands of Croats, identified by their insignia, along with their spouses and children, were murdered. On the other hand, supposedly ustaše mass graves show small numbers in comparison with officially proclaimed ones- not 40,000 in one case, but 1,200.

    So, this all is one big fat lie.

  99. Derer says:

    Every f paragraph contain a slanderous lie stemming from the obvious hate towards Serbs of this deranged poster. A suggestion that converted Albanians by the Ottoman savages were in the cradle of Serbian kingdom before the Serbs themselves was probably formulated by the psychiatrist of Steven80 post.

    Serbs are not vindictive people…the fact that criminals like Clinton, Blair or even filth like Eric Margolis are still walking the street freely, although still watching over their shoulders.

  100. @ploni almoni

    If they had the same religion they would be hard to tell apart.

    Usual dumb metaphor. A bottle of water & a bottle of vitriol are externally indistinguishable.

  101. @FB

    Lies. Albanians were enticed to leave, especially Kosovo and Macedonia for Turkey- which many of them did in the 1950s.

    Well, I guess who lost and knows he had lost, and knows he has no future & good ole parasitic days are gone forever- has every right to be as mad as hell.

  102. @Bardon Kaldian

    Wasn’t the idea of Yugoslavianism and the Serbocroatian language first proposed by Croatian intellectuals in the 19th Century?

    As far as the 1990’s wars go, hostilities were in each and every case initiated by others, starting with the Slovenes, and never by the Serbs. Always attacks and ambushes on multinational federal troops, even when they were peacefully evacuating as in Sarajevo, and on Serbian civilians. Later, Yugoslavia’s and Serb’s reaction to these attacks was interpreted as aggression.

    • Agree: FB, TheTotallyAnonymous
    • Replies: @FB
    , @Malacay
  103. @Peter Akuleyev

    Two-hundred years is generous. Gypsies, immigrants, Indian and Chinese tourists, a lesbian PM, Vucic, low birthrate, party culture …. as everywhere else – what bombs couldn’t destroy in hundreds of years, multiculturalism will in twenty.

    There’s too much romanticism about Belgrade anyhow. Reading this essay, you’d think it just got done being bombed. Better off going north to Novi Sad, or south to Novi Pazar (lovely and little-visited area). Any farther in either direction and you’re basically in Hungary or Bosnia.

  104. Vojkan says:
    @Niccolo Soldo

    No. According to studies for the Austro-Hungarian army, Serbs were still an absolute two-thirds majority in Kosovo in 1871. Albanians became a majority between 1876 and 1912 when 200,000 to 400,000 Serbs were expelled from the Kosovo vilayet, still part of the Otoman Empire then.

  105. Derer says:
    @Bardon Kaldian

    when Kosovo Albanians introduced protective tariffs for goods imported from Serbia proper, Serbian economy was writhing in agony.

    Are you insane? Kosovo is and will remain an infeasible European beggar and your insane suggestion that it has some economic blackmail power is absolute idiocy. The mega mineral mines that Yugoslav people built are now in hands of Americans (specifically former US secretary Albright).

  106. @FB

    Apologies Linh, but I will give you some good local advice after I correct this kid….

    “That’s complete bullshit, and the historical population of Albanians in Kosovo is easily looked up…”

    Let’s take a look at the 1921 census conducted by the Kingdom of SHS on behalf of the Serbian Karadjordjevich Royal Family:

    The 1921 Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes population census for the territories comprising modern day Kosovo listed 439,010 inhabitants:

    By religion:

    Muslims: 329,502 (75.1%)
    Eastern Orthodox Serbs: 93,203 (21.2%)
    Roman Catholics: 15,785 (3.6%)
    Jews: 427
    Greek Catholics: 26

    By native language:

    Albanian: 288,907 (65.8%)
    Serbian or Croatian: 114,095 (26.0%)
    Turkish: 27,915 (6.4%)
    Romanian-Cincarian: 402
    Slovene: 184
    German: 30
    Hungarian: 12

    So I guess the Yugoslav officials working on behalf of the Serbian Royal Family lied.

    Listen, you’re probably some 18 year old kid living in Australia, Canada, or maybe the USA. Your dad probably fought in the war. He instilled Serbian pride in you (that’s good).

    You can fool people for whom the Balkans aren’t really all that interesting but you can’t bullshit people who actually know facts.

    There’s those of us from the region who actually backed you guys in the war over Kosovo as Kosovo is historically Serbian. But when you lie and bullshit people it gets incredibly difficult to defend you guys.

    So I’m going to stop here so as to not pollute this thread any further as I want Linh to enjoy his time in Serbia and look very much forward to his takes on it.


    As mentioned you will find Serbs very hospitable. Great humour, excellent food. Stick with the grilled meat like pork and lamb, go for the burek (with kajmak cheese, it’s not expensive). Plump down for some good sarma. You might also acquire a taste for the music. If you do then you’re in for a really good time.

    • Replies: @Vojkan
    , @Simpleguest
    , @FB
    , @tomo
  107. voicum says:
    @Erik Sieven

    If that were true then why Germany recognized Slovenia and Croatia as independent states , almost , before it happened?

    • Agree: Parsnipitous
    • Replies: @Malacay
  108. FB says: • Website
    @Commentator Mike

    Wasn’t the idea of Yugoslavianism and the Serbocroatian language first proposed by Croatian intellectuals in the 19th Century?

    Yes it was…I’m certainly no expert on the subject, but have come across some interesting articles on the Pan-Slavic movement started in Croatia in the 19’th century…which sought to unify all South Slavs…

    Illyrian Movement

    The movement’s plea for unity among the Slavs, particularly South Slavs, also found supporters among prominent Serbs of the time, most notably Vuk Stefanović Karadžić, the reformer of Serbian language.

    Ljudevit Gaj had, in fact, appealed to Serbia (along with Dalmatia and Russia) for moral and financial support given their ethnic and cultural connections.[18]

    The movement formed the basis for a common Serbo-Croatian language, and it fostered support in Croatia for its ultimate goal of creating an Illyrian state…

    The central figure of the Illyrian pan-Slavist movement was Croatian linguist Ludjevit Gaj…

    It was mainly the Croats that dreamed of freedom from their centuries long second-class status in first the Hungarian Kingdom, then the Austrian Empire…

    The unlikely and tragic victory of the Serbs in World War 1 [one in three Serb males lost to war] made the dream of a South Slav nation, and the fullfillment of the Croat yearning for independence possible…

    No one forced the newly liberated Croats and Slovenes to flock to the Serbs’ side to build Yugoslavia in 1918…much as Ustasha mouthfoamers like ‘Bardon Accordion’ would have the good folks here believe…

    • Replies: @Malacay
  109. Derer says:
    @ploni almoni

    The Serbs POW organs sale by Kosovo (even former PM was involved) terrorists was investigated by the EU commission and confirmed by the official report which was subsequently muzzled by the NATO collaborators.

  110. Vojkan says:
    @Niccolo Soldo


    Serbs – 318,000
    Albanians – 161,000
    Roms and Circassians – 10,000
    Turks – 2,000

    Das Fürstenthum Serbien und Türkisch-Serbien, eine militärisch-geographische Skizze von Peter Kukolj, Major im k.k.Generalstabe, Wien 1871

  111. According to World Bank data charted on Google, Serbia has had a below replacement fertility rate since 1983, and it keeps on falling toward 0.9. So no, there will not be a Serbian nation in 500 years.

    • Replies: @tomo
  112. @Niccolo Soldo

    As mentioned you will find Serbs very hospitable. Great humour, excellent food. Stick with the grilled meat like pork and lamb, go for the burek (with kajmak cheese, it’s not expensive). Plump down for some good sarma. You might also acquire a taste for the music. If you do then you’re in for a really good time.

    Cheers, Nicolo Saldo.
    Deep down, a true Croat will always nurture affection for Serbs.
    It’s a Slavic thing, I guess.

  113. FB says: • Website
    @Niccolo Soldo

    What a pompous little pipsqueak…

    Why don’t you present some links to those numbers you pulled out of your butt…?

    In 1918 when Yugoslavia was formed, Albanians were a tiny three percent of the population…

    Source: Banac, Ivo (1992). The National Question in Yugoslavia. Origins, History, Politics (2nd printing ed.). Ithaca, NY: Cornell University Press. p. 58. ISBN 9780801494932. wikipedia

    By 1948, their numbers had increased to only 500,000…up from 440,000 in 1918…a growth of only about 13 percent in 30 years…

    Then look what happens from 1948…

    Kosovo Ethnic Groups, wikipedia

    The Kosovo Albanian population EXPLODES from 500,000 in 1948 to more than double, in those 33 years…over 1.2 million by 1981…TWO AND A HALF TIMES GROWTH in about the same timespan as the previous thirty years…

    Look fool, you obviously think you can just pop up here like a little lost lamb and start crapping on everybody’s head here…is that what you think…?

    Your idiotic nonsense about communist Albania being like North Korea and other such grade two ‘observations’ only seal the deal that we are dealing with a profoundly retarded individual here…

    The simple fact as shown by this Albanian population explosion in postwar Yugoslavia is that it would have been impossible without massive immigration…the birth rates would simply be completely unrealistic…even in Africa today we don’t see these kind of birthrates…

    • Replies: @Jazman
    , @Malacay
    , @Agathoklis
  114. Mefobills says:
    @ploni almoni

    The Crusades were actually an extermination campaign against Orthodoxy, Islam was just incidental, and not the issue.

    The fourth crusades had multiple reasons, including Islam. Islam was not incidental. Hostility toward Byzantium was about Papal authority among other reasons.

    See this link:

  115. I’m enjoying this. Nothing about Serbian losers, they’re boring. But, local, Euro-American dumbfucks who know nothing about anything & are automatically siding with Serbs- even when they are presented with rational narratives & verifiable facts.

    Serbian hysteriography is a load of excrement, as well as their self-image.

    Virtually all Internet “warriors”: this is just talk, talk….and nothing more. Just frothing at the mouth. All sides. The 1990s war was a unilateral Serbian enterprise from the late 1980s, simply because Serbs stole Yu-Army arsenal. Had it not been so, there would have been no war.

    Years 1991 & 1992: Serbs are 11% of Croatia’s & 33% of Bosnia & Herzegovina population. They support Slobodan Milošević’s pan-Serbian movement which took JNA/Yugoslav Army under Serbian control. This Army has been financed by all Yugoslav republics (Serbia plus Montenegro 36%, Croatia 28%, Slovenia 19%,..). So, Serbs literally “stole” all these planes, tanks, ships, rockets, guns, howitzers, … and, via their fifth column, first Croatian Serbs, then BiH Serbs, embarked upon their provincial imperial expansion: they wanted to occupy the entire Bosnia and Herzegovina & ca. 70% of Croatia. This was a combined aggression: Serbia proper + Montenegro +JNA + local Serbs.

    Had they not possessed/stolen all others’ arms, there would have been no war.

    Serbs do not have Army barracks in Kosovo anymore; they don’t have logistical support of ethnically Serbian pockets in Kosovo- and Albanians are not disarmed, as they had been in the last decade of the 20th C.

    The situation has been changed, for good.

    And- I’m enjoying this all.

    • Replies: @Vojkan
    , @Derer
  116. Djuka says:

    Thank you for this article Linh. Been following your travels and what a pleasant surprise to see you in the land of my ancestors. Your gift is seeing human beings as human beings wherever you go and to see Serbs treated as humans is a welcome breath of fresh air. I recall the savage way Serbs were treated during the wars. Its almost 25 years since the so called ‘Operation Storm’ expelled over 200000 Serbs from the Krajina Region, (once again with German cover and material support) the world stood by and did nothing – with some even cheering. The writer you quote called Serbs ‘dark and brooding.’ Serbs were called dogs and every vile name under the sun by public officials in the west. Unfortunately, Serbophobia still lives on. Thanks again for your insights and God Bless Linh. Happy and Safe Travels!

    • Replies: @Malacay
  117. Mefobills says:
    @ploni almoni

    You forgot taking Serb babies out of the incubators and then tossing them in the air to catch on their bayonets.

    Atrocity Propaganda is used during war, in order to demonize the enemy. That makes them easier to kill.

    Don’t be a dupe and fall for these well known techniques. Germans were also accused of impaling babies on bayonets in order to whip up the allies into a blood frenzy.

    After war, the atrocity propaganda is not debunked, and it lives on in popular imagination. How much false narrative is rattling around in your noggin if you get the basics wrong?

    Our (((Friends))) are masters at using atrocity propaganda, and then milking it to take rents and unearned income e.g. holocaustianity industry.

    Any sort of incubator stories are also likely atrocity propaganda. Don’t be a dupe and fall for it. Don’t be a chump.

    The massacre never occurred. The girl was actually the daughter of a Kuwaiti emir, and had been coached by the public relations firm Hill and Knowlton to give persuasive false testimony.

  118. tomo says:
    @Niccolo Soldo

    The best burek I found in Belgrade is in a small shop maybe a couple of kilometres from Uni of Belgrade Civil eng building – away from the center of BG. It’s just before ‘Pod LIpom’ which I think is the oldest coffee shop in Belgrade. It’s on the same side of the street (It used to be called Bulevar Revolucije but they changed the name after the war). I stopped bothering to remember the new names of streets there.

  119. tomo says:

    Are you sure?
    I have never seen so many babies as I see every time I go to Serbia.
    Most of my cousins have several 3 or 4.
    I am always pleasantly surprised to see so many children (something I never see in San Francisco, LA etc – even in Toronto most young kids seem foreign).
    Serbian kids are also intelligent, have a sense of humor and are generally brave and they feel safe playing outside. I see my cousins very young kids play football in their school yard often when I come back from meeting friends for dinner etc
    In London you never see that – they would be raped before being eaten alive by Epsien, Prince Andrew and Bill Clinton. Then turned into a ‘sculpture’ by what’s her name Marina Abramovic
    I only see kids playing as freely in Tokyo and Buenos Aires.
    My family tells me the same thing about lack of children- but it’s hard to believe especially when I compare what I see in Serbia with what I see in JUSA, Canada, UK (where I think the most popular male baby name has been Mohamed for a few years now)

    • Replies: @JohnPlywood
  120. Bill says:
    @Majority of One

    Yeah, those famously Nazi Bavarian Catholics are *still* pissed off that Hitler lost WWII.

  121. This entire article is…blah. But it couldn’t be better. That’s what you get to know when you don’t know the language, people, their ways of life,….

    Admittedly, I don’t communicate with Serbs much. But, since I grew up in Yugoslavia & although most what I’ve read in past 15-20 years is not in Croatian (or Serbian), I still did read at least 50,000-100,000 books & important articles on histories of these peoples, their cultures,… & now and then, I still see economic-political-cultural videos & read texts on current issues.

    I mean- no offense- but: what can you little dumbfucks say what I hadn’t known better than you, 100%, already in my past incarnation (if reincarnation exists) on those matters?

    This cannot be a fair exchange of opinion. It’s like Hulagu Khan at Baghdad in 1258.

    • Replies: @FB
    , @utu
  122. FB says: • Website

    Don’t be taken in by this Soros shill ‘Piccoloman’…

    He obviously has no real firsthand experience in the Balkans…I’ve traveled there on many occasions, starting from the 1980s and have covered the complete territory of Yugoslavia…

    The Serbs are tough-nosed people who can be quite explosive…you can get your head pounded quite easily if you show the least bit of disrespect…Croats are actually more hospitable in my experience, at least in the touristy spots along the beautiful Dalmatian coast…

    I respect all the nationalities there and they are overwhelmingly good folks [tough but fair]…but they are no fools for empty platitudes…nor do they suffer western fools and stuffed shirts gladly…

    The people of former Yugoslavia are becoming friendlier to each other all the time as they realize that the devil you know is better than the devil you don’t…and that the west’s song and dance was just empty marketing bullshit…

    But this dross about some kind of ‘yes massa’ hospitality is just fake nonsense from another obvious Soros shill…people in both Croatia and Serbia couldn’t care less about westerners…they especially don’t care for pushy Americans…

    • Troll: Malacay
    • Replies: @Malacay
  123. FB says: • Website
    @Bardon Kaldian

    You claim to have read 100,000 books…?

    That’s about 11 book PER DAY for 25 years…

    Obviously you’re not playing with a full deck…

    • Replies: @Bardon Kaldian
    , @Jazman
  124. Vojkan says:
    @Bardon Kaldian

    Here’s another fun fact for you: in 1991, as in the decades before, it was a rule in the Yugoslav People’s Army that 25% of the general officers (generals + admirals) in the Yugoslav People’s Army had to be Slovenians, 25% Croats, 25% Serbs and 25% from all other nationalities. People effectively in command of the army were Veljko Kadijević, a Croat, Stane Brovet, a Slovenian, and Blagoje Adžić, a Serb. That little fun fact makes all your narrative a load of bullshit.

    • Replies: @Malacay
    , @Bardon Kaldian
  125. Tom67 says:

    Srebrenica belongs to the Serb part of Bosnia.No Muslim is going to bury any dug up remains from elsewhere.There ´s a lady in my home town Heidelberg – a very sweet and Christian lady – who was with the Red cross in Srebrenica. A muslim came up and gave her his little girl as the mother was dead already. He knew he was going to die. So he did. His daughter has now been informed that the father has finally been found. Sure you can call me a Nazi and my home town newspaper a Nazi paper. the truth is that nobody here gives a flying f*ck about Muslims. Heidelberg is just to far away from the madness of the Balkans. The story is absolutely true. In time honoured fashion – that is what the Greeks did 2000 years ago when they invested an enemy town – the Serbs killed all males above 14.
    Sure there were 8000. A few made it but most did not.
    If you want to read the truth about the Balkans read Milovan Djilas. He was a great, great man and a Montenegrin (some sort of Serb really that never bowed to the Turcs) besides. It is all in there in his memoirs of the second World War. Except it was much more bloody. Sorry, even in retrospect Tito and the Communists were right: kill all Tshetniks and Ustasha like rabid dogs.
    Apart from all that: the anti Serb propaganda of the West was of course disgusting. And America and the UK sentencing Milosevic? What unbelievable hypocracy. Finally what was most terrible about Kosovo was how the West totally ignored absolutely reasonable objections by the Russians. I was then a journalist and happened to be in Washington at the time. Everybody knew that it was a dirty game that was being played. I believe it quite possible that the intrigues that led to the dethronement of Chancellor Kohl by his own party were orchestrated by the US. Because Kohl would have never let this happen. It was the origin of the situation we find ourselves in now: the crazy confrontation between Europe and Russia. I still get mad when I think about it.

    • Replies: @Vojkan
    , @Vojkan
  126. @tomo

    Keep the cope, lies and denial of data coming.

    United Kingdom, 1.7
    Serbia, 1.5
    Japan, 1.4

    You’ve got East Asian-tier infertility with a third world economy. Double whammy. No wonder your women go for Anglo men, you are impotent and ineffectual.

    • Replies: @HeebHunter
    , @FB
    , @Derer
  127. Jane says:

    Ron, et ah “linh dinh”, getting desperate aren’t you? In all candor neither a sovereign israel or not China controlled south east Asia are long for this world, but this time round not one more US citizen soldier or taxpayer dollars will be wasted on their behalf.

  128. @FB

    I’ve read in Croatian and Serbian-so, not counting other languages like English, German and Russian, from my 6th year to my, say, 40th year- so, just a few years ago- way more than 100,000 books in those languages.

    Most people here will find this small list dull & incomprehensible, but, I’ll just give an example of a few books in Croatian and Serbian that matter (not fiction); just- one cannot understand much without reading them. It’s not a show off, virtually no one will get anything, just….

    Svetozar Pribićević: Diktatura kralja Aleksandra
    Miroslav Krleža: Deset krvavih godina
    Bogdan Radica: Živjeti, nedoživjeti
    Milan Šufflay: Izabrani spisi
    A.G. Matoš: Misli
    Jovan Skerlić: Pisci i dela
    Fran Supilo: Izabrani spisi
    Milovan Đilas: Revolucionarni rat
    Ivo Pilar: Južnoslavensko pitanje
    Đuro Šurmin: Hrvatski narodni preporod, 1-2
    Ivan Meštrović: Sjećanja na ljude i događaje
    Franjo Tuđman: Velike ideje i mali narodi; Dnevnik 1-3
    Dominik Mandić: Etnička povijest BiH
    Fikreta Jelić Butić: Ustaše i NDH
    Ante Starčević: Govori
    Selim Ćerić: Muslimani srpskohrvatskog jezika
    Rudolf Horvat: Hrvatska na mučilištu
    Rudolf Bičanić: Ekonomska podloga hrvatskoga pitanja
    Vatroslav Murvar: Na izvoru srpskih neistina
    Jovan Deretić: Istorija srpske književnosti
    Zlatko Vince: Putovima hrvatskoga književnog jezika
    Pavle Ivić: Pregled istorije srpskog jezika
    Mihovil Kombol: Povijest hrvatske književnosti do Preporoda
    Dušan Bilandžić: Hrvatska moderna povijest
    Nikica Barić: Srpska pobuna u Hrvatskoj
    Veljko Kadijević: Moje viđenje raspada
    Hrvoje Matković: Povijest Jugoslavije
    Slaven Letica: Mala povijest velike Srbije
    Ozren Žunec: Goli život
    Bora Jović: Kako su Srbi izgubili 20. vek
    Davor Domazet Lošo: Hrvatska i veliko ratište

    • LOL: FB
    • Replies: @Jazman
    , @Truth
    , @karel
  129. utu says:
    @Bardon Kaldian

    Croats invented Srbosjek or Serbcutter.

    Petar Brzica, Bardon Kaldian’s hero?

    While [Petar Brzica] is known for having beaten an inmate to death in March 1943, he is notorious for having won a contest in which he used a curve-bladed knife, also called a srbosjek, to kill newly arrived concentration camp prisoners. Brzica boasted of winning the contest by killing the largest number of prisoners – 1,360 people. – Wiki

    • Replies: @Bardon Kaldian
  130. Wally says:
    @Majority of One

    – Yawn. You make accusations that you cannot back up when challenged to do so and now you resort to foot stomping. I remind you that the onus is on the accuser, country boy.
    – Then you make more absurd claims which you cannot back up. The old ‘double down’ act of desperation. The fact is that you’re in way over your head.
    – I remind you that here free speech is allowed. It is the enemy of propaganda, like what you spew & cannot support.
    So anyway, here you go:


    The fake ‘Genocide of Roma – Gypsies’ / no proof, all vote buying propaganda:
    Croatia / “whitewashing the ‘holocaust’ “? What?:
    Jasenovac “death camp” claims demolished:
    Yet another case of alleged massive human remains which have been shown to not exist:
    Croatian ‘death camps’ debunked:
    Simon Wiesenthal Centre demands Croatia “ban books questioning established facts”:
    as predicted: Shysters Looking for Yet More Money … in New Places, New Faces:

  131. @JohnPlywood

    It is the negro sickxon loving subhumans who are not breeding. Nationalists will always breed. It is your insect like ideology and followers who will not exist in 500 years.

  132. Vojkan says:

    Regarding Srebrenica, after Serb forces took the town, according to the testimony of Dutch UN soldiers, 20 to 25000 muslims from Srebrenica found refuge in and around their base in Potočari on July 11, 1995. Most were women and children, but there were also up to 1000 men among them. The following days, a column of 10 to 15000 men formed trying to fight their way to Tuzla. Thousands were killed in combat. They are counted as victims of genocide and are buried in the Srebrenica memorial but they weren’t executed, they died in fights. Most of those who were captured were indeed executed. The fact that a massacre happened isn’t disputed. The number of 8000 dead isn’t either because the real number of dead is unknown to this day. What is disputed is the number of 8000 executed and the characterisation of genocide. As for the story of the little girl, it is a sad story and one has to be totally heartless to not feel compassion, but it is one individual story, it isn’t the whole picture.
    Regarding atrocities during WWII, the ustashe were in a league of their own, but communists did as horrible things as some chetniks. As for the groups referred as chetniks, communist propaganda has put all the anti-communist Serbs in the same sack but the pro-nazi Ljotić troups, the chetniks of Kosta Pećanac, the chetniks of Nikola Kalabić and the chetniks of Draža Mihajlović were completely different things. Pećanac and Kalabić collaborated with the Germans and committed atrocities, Mihajlović didn’t.
    As for Milovan Djilas, let’s agree that we disagree about his greatness.

  133. FB says: • Website

    You’ve got East Asian-tier infertility with a third world economy.

    Another Unzian hayseed that has never seen anything of the outside world…

    If you actually traveled to Serbia or Croatia you would be surprised to find that people live in nicer houses than half of America’s population…actually make that three quarters…

    You will not find any homeless people living in tents or on city sidewalks…almost all families own their own home outright, either house or apartment, and sometimes more than one…a legacy of Yugoslavia’s socialist past where workers were given free housing as part of their employment contract…

    In fact you will find many empty houses, because there aren’t enough people to fill them all…there is practically no such thing as a housing rental market, except for tourists and short-term rentals for out of country visitors…

    Wages are quite low, but when you own your home mortgage-free all you really need to worry about is food…there is no massive ripoff for financing and insurance and things like that…how many Americans fall into that category…?

    The population is very highly educated…doctors, engineers and every other profession…if you go to a hospital you will be struck by the many beautiful young women doctors…when an ambulance is called, an actual doctor comes to your house and examines you in your home…I think the only other country that has this is Israel…

    But again, these professionals do not make a lot of money, and many do migrate to western Europe or elsewhere for job opportunities…but they often find that although they make five times as much money working in Germany or Sweden, the cost of living is so high that they are not further ahead at the end of the day anyway…

    To describe Serbia or Croatia as ‘third world’ countries only shows just how provincial and poorly traveled Americans really are…

    • Agree: ariadna
    • Disagree: Malacay
    • Replies: @JohnPlywood
  134. Vojkan says:

    Just to add this, in 1995, I was working for SRNA, the news agency of the Republika Srpska, in Paris, and the day after Serb forces took Srebrenica we had a talk over the phone with Pale, then the de facto capital of Serbs in Bosnia. We asked what the hell was going on in Srebrenica because here (in Paris) the anti-Serb propaganda machine was in full steam. The guy on the line candidly said that “Radovan (Karadžić) has been trying to reach Mladić since yesterday to ask him what the fuck they were doing over there because we’ve had some returns from other European capitals but for now we don’t know”. We insisted and the answer was “well, we heard that some paramilitaries did some bad things but we really don’t know more.” How’s that for a state planned genocide?

  135. FB says: • Website
    @Bardon Kaldian

    On my trip to the Jasenovac museum there were walls of glass cases showing all kinds of farm implements used by the butchers in that death camp…

    For a guy that’s read ‘at least’ 100,000 books [😂 😂 😂 ], you are monumentally stupid…do you think people don’t get killed with carpenter hammers or icepicks, or shovels, or baseball bats…?

    • Disagree: Malacay
    • Replies: @Malacay
  136. KenH says:

    Balkanizing, Americans can look here for warnings and inspiration. Five hundred years from now, a Serbian nation will still exist.

    As they should. The Serbs were unfairly demonized and vilified during the civil war that raged throughout the 1990’s. The Muslims and Croats weren’t innocent and the Muslims especially were feeling their oats after the fall of communist Yugoslavia and attempting to forge an Islamic state in Bosnia at the expense of Serbs and other groups.

    White Americans should put down their marijuana joints and study the Balkans to learn all about the ethnic and religious blood feuds and periodic bloodletting that are typical in pluralistic societies. It would also be nice if white Americans had the sense of identity and ethnic pride that Serbs have instead of half the white population, including most white elites, being negro worshipping, self hating anti-racists.

    • Agree: TheTotallyAnonymous
  137. Jazman says:
    @Bardon Kaldian

    Where is book Magnum Crimen ?
    Mostly you putting anti Serbian writters or dissidents

    • Replies: @Bardon Kaldian
  138. Jazman says:

    He is big time liar

  139. Jazman says:

    30% of Croats numbers were Serbs before WW2
    NDH and Catholic Church had famous plan to kill and convert Serbs
    Their history is to serve other masters nothing more

    • Disagree: Malacay
    • Replies: @Malacay
  140. Ortho ... says:

    Just compare how the Shiptars treated the Slavs in Skadar/ Shkodra and how the Yugoslavs treated the Albanians in Kosovo. The Shiptars forcibly Albanicized all the Slavs in northern Albania. Not a trace left. And these monsters are the darlings of NATO. They deserve to have a statue of Clinton in Pristina. I wonder if there are any Albanian conspiracy theorists with a brain. They will probably all be killed by Hacim Thaqi and his thugs. Double standards. Double standards.

    • Agree: Derer
  141. @Erik Sieven

    Germany, I believe, was the first country to recognize Croatia’s secession, very eager for country with a timid foreign policy at the time. So maybe less abstruse than it sounds.

    • Replies: @utu
  142. Derer says:
    @Bardon Kaldian

    Kosovo and Bosnia are artificial countries that will disappear in due time when American warmongering morons and their foreign policy instrument NATO will be kick out from Europe. Nord Stream 2 axis will do it. There is no drunk Yeltsin in Kremlin who allowed the rape of Yugoslavia by illiterate cowboys from across the ocean. Final word on Kosovo independence has Serbia and Republica Srpska (half of Bosnia) will be annexed by Serbia too. Croats will keep Muslim from Bosnia, they made that dishonest desire in Dayton farce anyway.

    The whole Europe knows who supported KLA terrorists in Europe. You can keep posting your illiterate idiocies/hate until your heart will stop clicking.

    • Agree: ariadna
    • Disagree: Malacay
    • Replies: @Malacay
  143. Derer says:

    Even monkeys know by now that is the poorest source of information. It consists of only suggestion and anybody can edit it according to his liking.

    • Replies: @Cato
  144. FRITZ says:

    Your travels are something else man! I’m trying to go somewhere anywhere at this point just out of NYC. Had a ticket to England but cancelled that because of Covid. Looking where I can use that airline credit, maybe Lagos.

  145. ariadna says:

    If this writer ever visited Paducah, KY, no, make that a single house in Paducah, Ky, for no more than a day and then wrote his impressions I would not want to miss it because he is sure to produced not only beautiful writing but aperçus that are both profound and witty. Thank you for this piece on Serbia.
    My childhood was illuminated by Branislav Nušić’s short stories that taught me to appreciate irony and humor. I have always thought the Serbs to be not only highly intelligent (yes, Tesla) but also the most honest and brave of all the peoples of that turbulent and much tried part of Europe. Much betrayed but never betraying.
    If the Serbs can ever forgive the US for what Clinton, Richard Holbrooke and Madeline Albright did to them then they will also be the most forgiving people.


    I love it. Do not defend the capitalists from the ‘marxists’.

    Remember the capitalists fund BLM & Antifa and deplatform and censor you and push for Great Replacement and promote sodomy.

    Let the ‘marxists’ and greedy capitalists duke it out.

    Sane capitalists side with fascists against commies. But the current insane capitalists side with those who denounce capitalism. Hehe.

  147. Cato says:

    Anyone can edit. So why don’t you? Follow the rules, become a master, influence a generation.
    But, if you have something more important to do, like show everyone how important you are, then of course, I understand, you just don’t have time to do this.

    • Replies: @Derer
  148. Malacay says:

    Kremlin and Russo trash scum are no player to allow or not anything. Bosnia and Herzegovina voted for dissolution of the imposed masonic formation known as communist Yugoslavia the same as everyone else: nobody wanted to be in a union with the Serbs. Nobody likes the Serbs, not even other Orthodox people. As for Republic of Serbska and their union with Serbia, it should be done. The will of the people is sacred and must be respected. Serbs were there against their will and it’s their right to leave that masonic brotherhood of nations aka protectorate Bosnia and Herzegovina.

    • Agree: Steven80
    • Replies: @Derer
    , @FB
  149. @FB

    Ok. You’ve painted an idyllic image of Serbia based on its Communist-era housing projects. Now for some disappointing numerical evidence:

    Papua New Guinea GDP per capita 2018: \$2,730

    Jamaica GDP per capita 2018: \$5,345

    Iraq GDP per capita 2018: \$5,834 (PBUH)

    Macedonia GDP per capita 2018: \$6,083

    Fucking Fiji GDP per capita 2018: \$6,266

    Serbia GDP per capita 2018: \$7,246

    Mexico GDP per capita 2018: \$9,673 (¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

    Kazakhstan GDP per capita 2018: \$9,812 (PBUH)

    Malaysia GDP per capita 2018: \$11,373 (PBUH)

    Source: World Bank

    • Replies: @FB
    , @Derer
    , @karel
  150. Malacay says:

    If we had had such a plan, Jew, we could have exterminated the Serbs easily. It would have taken us a few months to wipe out all the population, instead it didn’t happen. Unfortunately. Only 90.000 Serbs in Croatia lost their lives during 4 years of WW2. Obviously the whole charade is fabricated to support masonic trash internationalist narrative about Serbo trash victim-hood. The only relation we can have with Serbian trash is that based on reciprocity. We won’t allow Serbian spread on our land, colonization and appropriation of our land, sea or people. It’s not that hard to understand. I am sure you just as anyone else can if you really desire to.

    • Replies: @Ortho ...
  151. Cyrano says:

    The reason why the Serbs were so demonized in the 90’s is simple – their undying love for the Russians. To my knowledge Serbia is the only Slavic country that has never gone to war against Russia – and most likely they never will.

    This kind of devotion definitely deserves punishment. Serbia played very important role in the 90’s for Russia. Their treatment by the west – you know who I mean – was a wake up call for Russia that allowed them to open their eyes and see who they are dealing with.

    It’s not only Yevgeny Primakov’s plane that made a U turn over the Atlantic, it’s the entire Russian foreign policy. Thanks to Serbia, Russia avoided possible few more years of Yeltsin’s rule – which might have been enough to finish them off for good.

    Serbia was a small pawn in a much bigger game. Serbia was just an early warning signal and they did a great job. There is only one Slavic country that ever amounted and ever will amount to anything – hint – it’s not Poland. Serbs incurred the wrath of the new millennium lasting empire wannabes by being such devoted friends and brothers to that Slavic country (I’ll repeat the hint – it’s not Poland).

    • Thanks: Ann Nonny Mouse
  152. Malacay says:

    You should never visit our land, rat. You are not welcome here. That said, Yugoslav communists’s official number of Jasenovac “victims” stand at 49.000, among which were many Croats according to them. Shame it wasn’t more. I would really love to hear how Serbs managed to have 700.000 dead there, considering the fact that over 90% of them survived and there were a hundred thousand less Serbs in Croatia prior to the war than that official Serbian story about their supposed number of dead (just) in Jasenovac.

  153. Truth says:

    Hej Slovaki! (Sloveni, Slaveni, Slovaci…)

    Slavs sing along, you remember the words, your Daddy used to sing it with you by the Samovar while your mom played the piano…

    • Thanks: Derer
  154. Truth says:
    @Bardon Kaldian

    Could you publish the other 99,979?

  155. Malacay says:

    Rat, nobody is “becoming friendlier” anymore than your kind is “friendlier” to Arabs. We have been cutting down our numbers in Serbo lands for 7 decades. There is now less than 50.000 Croats in all Serbian lands, whereas we unfortunately host 180.000 of them — an unforgivable offence and wrong which we want to right. As I said, the only relation our, or any other people for that matter, can have with those who wish to colonize, to settle into your land, to take over your home, to assimilate your people and appropriate everything of yours they can put their hands on — is reciprocity: how many Serbs we allow in Croat lands, roughly as many Croats Serbs can allow in theirs. That is “becoming friendlier” reality, you lying little clown.

    All the problems were started with foreign centers after the WW1, when they allowed Serbo trash whose army was crushed and left to the Corfu to die there before le French came to save them, colonization of our land after freedom from Austro-Hunnic occupation. There were 543.000 Serbs whom Habsburgs allowed to settle into our land during their centuries long flight from the Turks (the same Turks those Serbs supported in their conquest of our peninsulae) in Croatia in 1900. – before all the problems started. After Kingdom of Croats, Slovenes and Serbs entered into union with Serbia in 1918 all the way to 1931. Serbs settled over 100.000 of their people on our land, increasing their number to 636.000 highest ever. Then Ustashe, a movement for Croatian freedom from Serbian occupation happened. Ustashe were formed on 7th Janyary 1929. All have heard about Ustashe from masonic brotherhood channels and propaganda outlets, but the fact is that over 90% Serbs survived those who were apparently exterminating them. There is no way 540.000 would survive 4 years of reign of those who were attempting to exterminate them. I am not saying this for the info purpose of this Khazar rat, but for others whose mind is logical and unpolluted by the propaganda.

  156. Malacay says:

    Why such lies, Serbo? Yugoslav army was aggressor on Croatia. It leveled our city of Vukovar to the ground. Yugoslav army was the biggest employer in that imposed masonic formation once known as Yugoslavia. I am sure you know who made 65% of the army, and who paid for it.

    Serbs made 64%
    Yugoslavs 3.6%
    Montenegrins 6%
    Macedons 6%
    Bosnians 2.4%
    Slovenians 2.8%
    Albanians 0.6%
    Croats 12.6%

    We paid for it. Croatia and Slovenia. And those Yugoslav generals were not Croats you clown. They were communists. Internationalists. Sworn enemy of all nations. They had Croat names and were of Croatian cultural background, but not Croats. They were anti-Croats. Those same generals were leveling our cities.

    • Replies: @Vojkan
  157. Dumbo says:
    @Niccolo Soldo

    I’m not Serb. Nor Croatian, nor have any ancestors from this Balkan riffraff.

    It DOESN’T MATTER if the Albanians migrated there in the 20th, 19th or even 13th century. They were not there before. The territory belonged officially to the Serbs. Albanians should go back to Albania. (This applies also to the Albanian trash that went in thousands or millions to Italy).

    I hope I made myself clear now.

    • Agree: ariadna
    • Replies: @Malacay
  158. Malacay says:

    There was 3rd or 4th time during this quick reading of mine that I encountered term Muslims in reference to Bosnians. Try learning some basic facts before commenting. They are the people who spent centuries during Turkish occupation as Turks. After the Turks left they were called Croats or Serbs (depending on which nations they individually chose to join) of Mohammedan faith. Then they became Muslims as a people (since they couldn’t fit in or assimilate into either Croat or Serbian nation; small wonder since they are Muslism with Turkish culture, traditions, customs and Turkish and Arabic first names) in 1974. by the decision of masonic agent communist Tito (or Ambroz Meyer, a look-alike clone who replaced real Josip Broz who went in Soviet Union on invitation sometime in 1937 from what I heard). Anyway, in 1993. those Muslim nation became Bosnians, took Catholic fleur-de-lis symbol of some successor of ban Boric (a Croat from Slavonia who formed Bosnia banate, named after a river Bosnia) as their national Muslim representation… and that was it. Now they think all the protectorate of Bosnia and Herzegovina is theirs, just as Serbs had thought that Yugoslavia was theirs and no other people existed except the Serbs. They used to refer to other people as “Serbs Catholics (that would be us Croats and Slovenians), Serbs Muslims (Bosnians and part of Albanians) and Praevalitians/Diocleans/Montenegrins were just “confused Serbs” while Macedons were “southern Serbs” that were attending Serbian Orthodox Church (as did “confused Serbs”) for only their brand of Orthodox Church was recognized by other Orthodox Churches thus allowing Serbs to colonize and assimilate other Orthodox people (since they did not have their national Church). Or rather that’s what they had thought before Macedons and Praevalitans crushed their hopes by rejecting that filthy imposed state known as Yugoslavia. Macedons voted 95% for dissolution of masonic union with the Serbs.

  159. There is no reason for the splitting up of America to be bloody.

    • Agree: Ann Nonny Mouse
  160. TJM says: • Website

    Another excellent article of observation from Linh Dinh. TIK covers the Yugoslavia front in WWII in his videos. What a mess! Thanks Linh Dinh. You are an interesting man observing the human condition and history around the world.

    • Agree: ariadna
  161. utu says:

    “…with a timid foreign policy at the time…” – Correct, Germany’s resolve was very surprising. Germany (probably with the approval of UK, USA, France and most likely Israel) wanted to derail the initiative called Quadragonale (1989) between Italy, Austria, Hungary and Yugoslavia which in 1990 became Pentagonale by adding Czechoslovakia.


    The idea behind the Pentagonale is based on the old Austro-Hungarian Empire. Italy`s concern for the Mediterranean and the Levant goes back to Roman times, and De Michelis sees his country as determined that a modern, united Europe not leave behind the fractious, less-developed nations in the Middle East.

  162. Malacay says:

    Why taking Yugoslavia which was formed against the will of the people comprising it as an example, rat? Why don’t you take this:žava_Slovenaca,_Hrvata_i_Srba,_Croats_and_Serbs

    After the freedom from Austro-Hunnic occupation Croats and Slovenes were led against their will into an union with the Serbs which turned out to be much worse form of occupation than the one Austro-Hunnic state represented. But occupation of Serbo dogs was crushed. It took hundreds of thousands of dead and created unimaginable animosity among not just our, but all people of former formation known as yugoslavia against the plague known as the Serbs.

    • Replies: @Derer
  163. Malacay says:

    No we do not. We never nurture any affection for our enemies. We have nothing but disgust for the Serbs. And Niccolo is Italic name. Croatian 2nd name is “Soldo,” not “Saldo.” Did the man say he is Croat? Are you some kind of masonic disciple testing the water in order to see the reaction? There is nothing Italic on eastern coast of Mare Adriaticum. The whole of eastern coast of Mare Adriaticum has ever been Dalmatian land. Since Italics have whole of Magna Graecia turned Italic, they have nothing on Haemus peninsulae. They never did have anything “theirs” here. Italic peninsulae belongs to Italic people. Our world belongs to us, natives to Haemus. Not Italics. And not some invasive Sarmatian specie from central Asia (Serbois), or northern Slavics (Slovenians). Except if they chose to assimilate and become Illyrians. Serbo dogs never will, but Slovenians might. Praevalitans/Montenegrins will. Albanians will (just need to be converted back to Christianity).

  164. FB says: • Website

    Like I said Plywood Pipsqueak…you have never actually traveled farther than the back isle at walmart, which is why you are so blessedly ignorant…

    None of those countries was ever an INDUSTRIALIZED country…except the former Soviet republics, at least to some extent…

    Malaysia and Fiji contributed absolutely zilch to the modern world…Serbs and Croats did…Nikola Tesla, Milankovitch, Mihajlo Pupin, and many others…

    SPACE PIONEERS: The founding meeting of the National Advisory Committee on Aeronautics in Washington DC…

    Seated, left to right – Dr. William Durand, Stanford University, California. Dr. S.W. Stratton, Director, Bureau of Standards. Brig.Gen. George P. Scriven, Chief Signal Officer, War Dept. Dr. C.F. Marvin, Chief, United States Weather Bureau Dr. Mihajlo I Pupin, Columbia University, New York.

    The NACA played a huge role in developing aviation worldwide and is still a massive resource of intellectual iknowledge…it became NASA in 1958…

    Pupin also participated in the founding of American Mathematical Society and American Physical Society.

    Pupin Physics Laboratories, also known as Pupin Hall, is home to the physics and astronomy departments of Columbia University in New York City. The building is located on the south side of 120th Street, just east of Broadway.

    Yugoslavia before the 1990s wars and resulting social disruptions was a very prosperious industrial country…unfortunately, the people believed the bullshit from the exploitative west, and now those factories lie shuttered, just like in many cities across the US, which is likewise de-industrializing, and for the same reasons…

    In the 1990, the country was a leading international power in engineering and construction, and built huge projects like hydroelectric dams and other large works across the Middle East, in countries like Egypt, Iraq and others…


    I happen to have a friend who is a structural engineer in Novi Sad…in the 1980s he worked for the Yugoslav engineering firm Energoprojekt, then one of the world’s leading engineering firms, building a massive housing project in Kuwait…it was very well paid and he came away with a nice bundle after nearly a decade of work on the project…which he invested to start his own farming venture…he now owns over 500 hectares of fertile farmland in Vojvodina, where farmland is among the most expensive in Europe, at about 20,000 euros per hectare [2.5 acres]…

    The Croatian coast on the Adriatic is some of the most beautiful in Europe, offering for sure the best tourist experience, with friendly people and amazing historical architecture, such as the world’s only fully intact Roman Coliseum in the city of Pula…and loads of Etruscan-era treasures in the Brioni Islands…

    Pula amphitheatre, Croatia

    You will not find see any useless third-worlders in Croatia or Serbia, like you will in every western European country…nothing against those people, but they bring a certain air of desperation wherever they end up in Europe…

    And like I said, people in both Croatia and Serbia live much much better and more dignified lives than the wage and debt slave population in the US, despite the low incomes…

    EVERYBODY OWNS THEIR OWN HOME FREE AND CLEAR…mortgages are unheard of…and they are very nice homes as well, no difference from homes in Germany or Austria or Italy, ofr example…people are neat and very house-proud and there is no such thing as the endless rental slums that you see in the US and increasingly in the western European underclass that has emerged in recent years…

    Sweden has no-go zones where the police will not even come…a slice of the violent and uncivilized third world right in Europe…You won’t see that in the Balkans…

    The US in one huge third-world ghetto by comparison…

    How many people in the US really own their own home…ie not the bank owning it by way of a mortgage…?…Its mostly older folks who had to slave away a lifetime for the bank…

    It’s not actually hard to live on a small income if you own the roof over your head and don’t need to support a bank and insurance company…

    But I shouldn’t be surprised at the level of ignorance and stupidity I find here…you and your ‘PBUH’ being simply an astonishingly retarded example…

    • Thanks: Ann Nonny Mouse
    • Troll: Malacay, JohnPlywood
    • Replies: @Malacay
    , @Jazman
  165. I wander thro’ each charter’d street,
    Near where the charter’d Thames does flow.
    And mark in every face I meet
    Marks of weakness, marks of woe.

    In every cry of every Man,
    In every Infants cry of fear,
    In every voice: in every ban,
    The mind-forg’d manacles I hear

    How the Chimney-sweepers cry
    Every blackning Church appalls,
    And the hapless Soldiers sigh
    Runs in blood down Palace walls

    But most thro’ midnight streets I hear
    How the youthful Harlots curse
    Blasts the new-born Infants tear
    And blights with plagues the Marriage hearse.

    London, by William Blake

    p.s. What do Serbs think of that cannibal lady “artist” Marina Abramovic? (Note: she definitely should be consulted if not deposed regarding Giz Maxwell, Les Wexner and their — Mossad? –political blackmailing ring.)

    • Replies: @Vojkan
  166. Malacay says:

    Serbo dog, did you forget to mention Croats your people expelled from Croatian land? After taking over 1/3 of our land, Serbs expelled 700.000 Croats in 1991 and 1992. Our people managed to return to their Croatian homeland only after liberation. In 1961. there were 190.000 Croats living in Serbia. In 2011. 57.000 Croats were living in Serbia with falling tendency (thank the gods) of about 20.000 per a decade, so there is around 40.000 Croats living in Serbia today. In Rep. of Serbska once lived between 130-140.000 Croats. Less than 5.000 remain today. And that is fine. We don’t want to have anything to do at all with the Serbs. Only want to get rid of these 180.000 Serbs on our land; want to get those two numeros into reciprocity (less than 50.000 via a vis 180.000). Past centuries teaches us that Serbs are not possible to integrate and assimilate into Croats, just as we are not possible to be assimilated into Serbs. During last few centuries less than a promille (1/1000th) of Serbs assimilated into Croats. Since invasive specie of Serbo dogs do not wish to be assimilated into Croato Illyrians, they can leave. They came on our Croat Illyrian land, we did not come onto theirs — they can leave. We don’t need Serbo dogs for anything. Or any other minority. And we won’t have minorities voting for Croatian political representatives. All minorities are just guests and we all know that guests have no right to vote for representatives of a people they are not part of. They should pay taxes on time just like all the other guests do. We have 20 million tourists who are paying taxes yet not voting, and even more so those who transit via our land and pay taxes on usage of infrastructure, buying goods and all the taxes that are paid from the point of entry to exit. Citizenship means nothing. Citizenship is only an obligation to pay the taxes. That’s how minorities must understand it. They have no rights to vote, hold office or represent a people they are no part of. That’s just common sense.

  167. Derer says:

    What are blabbing about? I am objecting to reference from Wikipedia considered nothing but the truth.

  168. Malacay says:

    You ignorant imbecile, it states Illyrian, not Slavic. Not any pan-Slavicism. After liberation us Croats and Slovenians did not “flock” to Serbo trash side, nobody voted for anything. It was just a decision of a few political representatives who were not elected. Do you understand that, imbecile? Nobody would ever vote for any union with the Serbs, not now, not a hundred years ago, not a hundred years from now, not ever. As for Ustashe, Ustashe were movement born from the need for liberation from Serbo trash occupation. They were formed on 7th January 1929 at the time when Serbo dogs were carrying out colonization settling 100.000 Serbs on our land in just over 12 years (between 1918 and 1931). So again, you ignorant trash, Illyrian movement was never meant to include Serbia for Serbia was never part of Illyricum, ever.

  169. Derer says:

    nobody wanted to be in a union with the Serbs.

    And who wanted to be in union with Croats or Slovene…everybody went separate ways. You should know that Yugoslavia or Soviet Union were kept together by the (communist) dictatorial regimes. Similarly, even European Union is kept together by dictatorial regime in Brussels.

  170. Derer says:

    Comparing GDP at nominal values is meaningless. Purchasing Power Parity is not. Furthermore a country can have high GDP from huge military spending or a country can have badly distributed GDP.

    • Replies: @JohnPlywood
  171. Malacay says:
    @Commentator Mike

    Our languages are similar the way Slovak and Czech ones are, but not the same. And compradors in foreign service do not speak for the people. The only thing that matters is the will of the people, and there never was any such will with regards to those fraternity formations which are conceived against the will of the people and which people rejected. There never was any Yugoslav language (what Croat-Serbian or Serbian-Croat was meant to be) proposed nor were those propositions from Yugoslav intellectuals, but from Illyrian, and they spoke of Illyrian language. When we speak of Illyrian language, it by default means non-Serbian, for Illyricum was never part of Serbia and Serbia was never part of Illyrian world. Hostilities were not started by the Serbs? Who are you lying, communist Mike? To begin with, you have zero knowledge of the history or events, so your claims are just some clownish assertions of an ignoramus. This is how the war in Croatia started, by massacres of 12 Croatian policemen by the Serbs.

  172. Malacay says:

    Another lie. There might have been a couple of truthful posts in this 50 comments I read so far, the rest of them are pack of lies. Our independence was formally declared on 25th June 1991. Germany recognized us on 15th January 1992 alongside 20 other countries that recognized both us and Slovenians on that very day.

  173. @Miroslav

    when people hate us they say Serbs but call us Serbians when they like us

    Only if their command of English is poor. Technically “Serb” refers to the member of the ethnic group, “Serbian” is a citizen of the country. You can be born and live in Croatia your whole life and still be a Serb. You can be a gay Nigerian immigrant living in Belgrade and be a “Serbian”.

    • Disagree: Malacay
    • Replies: @Malacay
  174. @Bardon Kaldian

    Yes, the problem with Kosovo for Serbs is that Kosovo has a lot of symbolic value but in reality is a landlocked shithole, bordering on Albania and Macedonia, and no Serb in his right mind would voluntarily move there. Trading Kosovo for Vojvodina (a beautiful area with untapped natural resources and fantastic agricultural land) would be seen by most normal people as a huge historical win for Serbia.

    Losing Montenegro, with its beautiful sea coast towns, is a far greater loss to the Serbs than losing Kosovo. If I were Serb I would focus more energy on patching that relationship back up and fuck Kosovo.

  175. @ploni almoni

    The closest comparison between Serbs and Croats in the Anglosphere might be the English and the Scots. Scots is arguably not the same language as English (Scots is nae th’ samen leid as sassenach) , even if it is 50-60% mutually intelligible, and Scots do not consider themselves the same people. Then imagine the Scots had stayed Catholic and you might get a sense of the difference.

    • Replies: @Bardon Kaldian
  176. karel says:
    @Bardon Kaldian

    your list is somewhat shorter than the 50 to 100k. Can you please extend it so that we learn more about your problem.

    • Replies: @Bardon Kaldian
  177. @FB

    Good to see so called “Macedonians” listed as Bulgars because that is what they really are.

  178. karel says:

    So what? If you are a millionaire, you can buy a shitty little house in London for 1,3 Mega
    and this kind of crap would not cost normally no more than 50k euro in Serbia. Much better houses in Italy are between 35 and 80k euro. So what does this GNP table actually mean and why do you bewitch us with all these meaningless figures? I bet that you do not know.

  179. The 1999 Kosovo War was an epiphanic awakening for me: that the old fault lines, the regional and global struggle between powers, were not gone, but a historic pattern continuing as it always had. “Everything changed after 1999.” The statue of the little girl with the rag doll illustrates, all sides can create innocent victims.

  180. @Jazman

    I’ve read Magnum Crimen. It is a bullshit propaganda, explicitly written for the Stepinac show trial.; here, it is marginally analyzed & mentioned in a Croatian historical paper:

    I’ve read another Novak’s BS, “Vuk i Hrvati”. Typical bullshit artist, except for his work on Latin paleography.

    The Stepinac trial is best covered in Srećko Džaja: Politička realnost jugoslavenstva, p. 107-116, available here:

    Otherwise- Novak, Vasilije Krestić, Čedomir Antić, Miloš Ković, Slavenko Terzić, Smilja Avramov, Zlata Bojović, Milo Lompar, Nikola Žutić, the entire Catena Mundi “effort”, …- a load of dung.

  181. Dumbo says:

    Well a post about the Balkans quickly degenerated into a war among the Balkanic commenters. Quelle surprise… 😀

    I doubt that any agreement is possible between these people.

    Hopefully the separation of the US will be less violent and acrimonious.

    • Replies: @Vojkan
  182. @karel

    I don’t have a problem with anyone. It’s trolls & bullshit artists that have a problem with me.

  183. JackOH says:

    That uniformed Serbian gal in the header photo. She has the “dark-hotness” of Italian, Greek, and Latina women inside a sort of Northern European bone package. Stunning.

  184. @FB

    Very good, sir. You have adopted the hatred serbs and croats have for each other and are now using it against another American you denigrate and despise.

    See, one does not have to fly to some shit hole to experience hatred. One can remain in America a and get the same thing here.

  185. @Peter Akuleyev

    No, you’re wrong.

    A few points: “Serbo-Croatian” language never existed, it was a political construct. A language can be seen either as a set of dialects or a standard language.

    Croatian, as a set of dialects, is comprised of three major groups, with regard to pronoun for Latin “quid”- kajkavian, čakavian and štokavian. Serbian language consists of two sets of dialects, štokavian and torlak. Dialectal basis of standard Croatian & standard Serbian is almost the same, neo-štokavian (in Croatian case, it is western štokavian, in Serbian- eastern štokavian).

    Croatian & Serbian standard languages are mutually intelligible to a very high degree because their basis & most of the ordinary dictionary belong to the same speech area. Just, they are not variants of a single language (unlike, say, British and American English) because their standardization processes differed & they had never been either unified or crystallized around the same cultural axis. The closest analogue is the case with Hindi and Urdu languages, which are based on khariboli dialect, but are different languages because their forms are expressions of Hindu & Muslim cultures.

    Croatian & Serbian differ in scientific & cultural terminology & at all levels of linguistics, from accentuation, word-formation, syntax, stylistics, vocabulary & semantics. They are almost completely mutually intelligible at basic level & at the same time, clearly different. You can’t write a few sentences without noticing it is either in Croatian or in Serbian. As for language competency, most Croats don’t know Serbian terminology in physics, chemistry, mathematics, sociology, philosophy, astronomy, linguistics, geography, biology, medicine,…(and vice versa).

    As for identity, Croats have always had their own history, identity, culture…, while Serbs, respectively, their own. From the 8th to the 21st C. That’s it.

    • Replies: @Peter Akuleyev
  186. @Bardon Kaldian

    Notice I never mentioned “Serbo-Croatian”. You don’t seem to understand what Scots is. Scots is not a dialect of English, it is a separate language that began to separate from Old English historically even earlier than the various South Slavic dialects separated from their common ancestor. Authentic Scots from Glasgow is less intelligible to English speakers than Zagreb Kajkavian is to a Stokavian speaker from Belgrad. Hindu and Urdu is also not a bad analogy, but those differences are weaker than Scots vs. English.

    • Replies: @Bardon Kaldian
  187. Malacay says:
    @Peter Akuleyev

    Look at this confused creature. Serbs born on Mars or the Moon would still be Serbs. Serbs born in Germany are still Serbs. Serbs born in China are still Serbs. It’s the same with any other nationality. The problem arises when imbalance occurs, which is why reciprocity is the only mean of avoiding such deviations, distortions and disparities, from which all animosity, conflicts and clashes stem. You are confusing citizenship with nationality. Those are quite different things: nationality is the sense of belonging to a particular nation, people and its culture. Citizenship is just a piece of paper which gives you some obligations and, in some cases, rights too. It is no problem that Serbs (or any other people with our citizenship) are born as their their national origin made them, but when there is imbalance, it is a big problem. There is a position of possible assimilation, there can be no such thing among us (or any other nation relative to Serbs from our part of the world for that matter). And a Nigerian, Chinese or Russian living in Budapest and having Hungarian citizenship would still be just a Hungarian citizen, not Hungarian. This principle of citizenship on which Merica was formed is the main source of most of ills. In Yugoslavia, we were all Yugoslav citizens, but all rejected that stinking citizenship and blighted fraternity formation. All people rejected it, even the Serbs are they have ever been adamant that they do not wish to live in the same travesty of a state formation as Croats nor have they ever seen Croats or any other people as some kind of fraternity “brotherhood” (like people, cultures and lands are some kind of a merchant guilds or monastic orders to form fraternity brotherhoods; like I said the other day here, all internationalisms start as a farce but end in horrors).

  188. I don’t know whether this Linh’s shallow article deserves anything more. Long since, I’ve been repelled by Linh’s antijudaist crap (not that Jews are saints & can’t be annoying media mafia, but the whole judeo-conspiracy mindset is nonsense).

    As for Serbs, they’re lost in space-time. They rot within; corruption is astonishingly high; they- most of them- adulate their president Vučić (or treat him as the traitor because he, the word goes around, has”sold out” the Kosovo province). Serbs have a both superiority & inferiority complexes. For instance, ca. 20-40% believe that most Europeans are of Serbian origin (Germans, Russians, French,..); that Aristotle wrote in Serbian; that most Egyptian pharaohs & Roman emperors were, actually, Serbs; that there is continuity with the Neolithic Vinča culture, some 8,000 years old & that contemporary Serbian Cyrillic script, which was reformed by a philologist & ethnographer Vuk Karadžić in the 19th C is the direct continuation of some Neolithic scribbles in Vinča.

    True, academic historians are fighting this nonsense, but at least 30% Serbs believe in this.

    At the same time, Serbs feel ineradicable inferiority complex towards us, Croats. It goes deeper than geography, standard of living or anything similar. They are continually watching our TV programs- I don’t watch TV, any language & any country, but know this from others; they’re jealous of some our TV documentaries about our medieval history; they cannot compile a serious encyclopedic works on their written heritage, art, history…. so they’ve taken a few books from Croatian Renaissance & Baroque literature into their, pompously named, edition “10 centuries of Serbian literature” (of course that Renaissance & Baroque, as literary stylistic formations, don’t exist in Eastern Orthodox cultures); they…

    Serbs have also enormously magnified ustaša atrocities during WW2 & somehow fused them with their lost war during the 1990s, which has created in their collective psyche the image of us, Croats, as something diabolic beyond comprehension. Before WW2, they mostly harbored contempt for us (Croatian faggots); after WW2, and especially after they lost in the 90s wars, they fear us as hell (Croatian demons).

    For us, Serbs are either boring or we simply don’t now what’s going on with them. True, some, a more primitive layer, finds them attractive as a clownish & picturesque, “Balkan” entity, but this attraction soon wears out.

    They are, along with Albanians & Macedonians, some sad east where nothing happens & where the future is the neverending fictionalized & mythologized past.

    • Replies: @Dumbo
  189. anon[354] • Disclaimer says:

    I’m an American expat and would have to parse that statement.

    There is very little hatred in US trailer parks because so few blacks and Mexicans reside in them. There is the usual degree of degeneracy-squalor, domestic battery, drug abuse, even incest. But no real hatred. It is more or less apathy and complete resignation.

    A rural Michigan trailer park as poor as anything in Eastern Europe. Probably more poor than anywhere in Western Europe.

    However, you are usually safe there. Your chances of being mugged in a trailer park are low.

    The hate in US cities and it is largely a black or sometimes Hispanic affair. It either involves a random attack on a middle-class white or an urban underclass white in proximity of blacks or Mexicans.

    But the rural US, often thought of by Europeans who never had any money to travel to American and can only comprehend what they have seen on television, is not a particularly dangerous place.

  190. Malacay says:

    Yes, rat, we have one of the most beautiful lands on the planet, and we kept our nature unpolluted and our people never bred like mammals but lived in accordance with nature, logic and natural order. Don’t put us and the Serbs in the same sentence, rat. Serbs would love to make our land theirs, they tried it many a time. There never was any “Etruscan era” things in our part of the world, ingnorant imbecile. Etruscans did not have anything in northern Italia, in Cispalpine Gaul and Transapline Gaul. They lived southward in the Italic peninsulae. Those are Roman civilization remains, you ignorant imbecile, not Etruscan. This is where Etruscans lived and what belonged to their civilization.

    Educate yourself, imbecile. And don’t ever think of visiting our homeland. Scum like yourself is not welcomed anywhere on Illyrian land.

    • Replies: @FB
    , @Zarathustra
  191. Malacay says:

    Which land. Dardanian land? Dardanian land belongs to those who call themselves Dardanians, who would respect and cherish Dardanian history. Serbs would like to make their land of kos birds from Dardania. Serbs are an invasive specie there. They are invasive Sarmatian specie from the Caspian region. Problem with Albanians is the problem with Muslims. Islam. Culture which does not belong to Dardania or anywhere else on Haemus or Anatolia. Albanians just need to go back to Christian cultural origin. They would respect and call themselves Dardanians. Serbs never would. Serbs just want to take something from our part of the world like nomads have always done. They want to appropriate. Steal. Usurp.

  192. Malacay says:

    Did you go to Banjica concentration camp to see the photos of what Serbs did? Have you gone to Foca or Srebrenica to see the mass execution sites of the Serbs. Have you gone to Skabrnja or Ovcara? In Skabrnja Serbs were known to run tanks over women. Imagine that gruesome sight. As for Jasenovac, why would a communist who was well-familiar with the matter call Jasenovac “labor camp” and how did Serbo dogs propaganda ever got to the point of making “700.000 killed Serbs in Jasenovac” when communists themselves placed the number at 49.000 and they included all the people they killed in Jasenovac as those killed by Ustashe? Communist internationalist themselves were mass killing people, hundreds of thousands of people in the peace after the war and most of which were Croats. We all know how communists killed 140.000 prisoners of war among which were women and children in Bleiburg and other mass graves. Jasenovac was a camp which was unofficially working years after the WW2 where communists were imprisoning Croats which they deemed as a threat to their regime. There were never any real excavations there. You cannot kill even 40.000 people without having their remains present. There can be found remains of dinosaurs which lived 60 million years ago, but no remains exist from Jasenovac or any other camp. How did Serbs managed to survive in such ratio then, if all were up to exterminating them? Croats wanted to exterminate Serb plague. Slovenians wanted to exterminate Serb plague. Bosnians wanted to exterminate Serb plague. Albanians wanted to exterminate Serb plague. Yet when one sees the results, over 90% of Serbs survived such “attempts.” They also say many were killed in battles. All in all, “10 million killed Serbs” would not be enough to cover your lies. Obliviously your story is a pack of lies, Serbo dog. It’s insulting. You are very similar to Jews. Have you not noticed that? Now Jews can perhaps make fools of Europeans and have them believe in their lies. But neither them or you cannot repeat your trick on us. Our mind is immortal, our existence amaranthine, our will is indomitable, our claws are sharp, our teeth are fierce and our bite is poisonous. You must be noticing that already. You are not complete imbeciles, are you Serbo dogs?

  193. Well?
    It’s a total mess down there in Balkans.
    I am only wondering why Jews did not ask any compensation for their dead in Italy and Croatia.

  194. @Peter Akuleyev

    No, I think you’re wrong (never mind Serbo-Croatian).

    Both Scots & English have stemmed from a language we may call Anglisc, which is recorded in Alfred the Great’s works etc. It is Old English, which was transformed by the Norman French conquest in 1066.

    To avoid contemporary nationalist connotations, we could call this language “British Teutonic” or BT.
    This BT has undergone a few phases we all know of, Chaucer’s middle English & then modern English of Shakespeare & others. What you are talking about belongs to the field of historical dialectology or historical typological linguistics. Remove history, and you’ll find different speeches among contemporary Scots & English.

    So far, so good.

    But Croatian & Serbian case is different. You’re mixing local speeches with literary heritage, as well with historical linguistic typology.

    For instance, dialects from Slovenia to Bulgaria are one dialectal continuum (there are 4 such areas in Europe, the rest among Romance & Germanic languages). Historically & typologically, Croats spoke at 3 dialectal areas, the central among them being Western Štokavian, which existed as a clearly separate language from Serbian Eastern Štokavian until 12th C; then, both Štokavian areas, due to history, did not completely fall apart, but they’ve retained some kind of unity (intelligibility, isoglosses,..). Yet, Croatian written production on some kind of Štokavian (always Western) had begun in 1350s & continued uninterrupted for centuries, flourishing as a Croatian literary language (one among 4 such languages, not the standard language of all Croats) until final standardization. It is, post festum, evident that Croatian standard was designed during Baroque Slavism in 1600-1650 period & all other Croatian literary languages, based on other dialects (Čakavian, Kajkavian & Ča-Kkaj-Što interdialect, fell into disuse until late 1700s/early 1800s. So, Croats wrote mainly in the vernacular (and in some instances in Church Slavic as well as in Latin etc.)

    Serbs, until 18th C, wrote mainly in Church Slavic with their phonetic characteristics, and not in the vernacular (except in some private correspondences etc.). Then, when they moved northward into Austria & Hungary, Habsburg empire tried to convert them to Catholicism, which they fiercely & successfully resisted. They feared that their language culture may be assimilated to the already existing Catholic vernacular literary cultures of Croats (Slavonians, Dalmatians,.. were also regional names), so they established links with Russian & Ukrainian authorities and Russified their language in morphology, lexicon, syntax etc. in order to avoid Catholicization. They succeeded, but at the same time this all resulted in a mess, in a language no one understood, without grammar, rules, orthography,…. So, their reformer Vuk Karadžić, backed by the Vienna court, undertook reforms of their literary language, which lasted for a half a century, from 1818 to 1868. Basically, he fused the vernacular of Serbian Orthodox peasants with Croatian literary heritage, by then 400 years old. So, while he was a strong Serbian nationalist, most Croats sympathized with his literary innovations because, from Croatian perspective- despite his explicit pan-Serbian nationalism- he was “our man”. We could understand him fine, while we were clueless about Serbian writing from, say, 1200 to 1800.

    Back to Scots.

    As far as I know, there is no Scots literary heritage. William Drummond wrote in English- and not Scots. He was a Scottish writer in English, but not in Scots. That doesn’t mean Scots cannot become standard language, if Scots decide so.

    But this is clearly different from Croatian and Serbian situation,where you got literary heritage lasting ca. 1000 years- and almost 100% mutually exclusive, any text being either Croatian or Serbian.

  195. FB says: • Website

    Look BONEHEAD…

    Did you get repeatedly beaten on the head when you were a child…?

    You’ve obviously never been to the Brioni Islands in the northern adriatic…I visited there in the 1980s…if you had ever gone you would certainly be aware of the Etruscan history there…there is also the Etruscan Liber Linteus in the Zagreb Museum…

    Also your insane jabbering about Haemus Mons being in Croatia, when actually it is in Bulgaria…

    Also, Croatia is NOT any kind of ‘peninsula’…Croatia is geographically just a small part of the much larger Balkan Peninsula…

    You’re welcome for the education…BONHEAD

    • Troll: Malacay
    • Replies: @Malacay
    , @Jazman
  196. @Derer

    This is not about GDP, but fertility. As an index of fertility, GDP is always meaningful. As I said, Serbia has a third world economy but first world infertility. Most of the countries on my list have a birthrate exceeding 2.5 children per woman. Serbia’s is 1.5, and Macedonia’s is not higher. That’s the point.

  197. @Malacay

    And now we know why Hannibal did conquer all those areas where all those shitty coward people did live. Also Pyrhus had no problem with those coward people.
    But neither of them dared to come Latin areas.

  198. Please don’t read Rebecca West if you want to have any understanding of the Balkans.

    Do read all of Edith Durham’s works, in chronological order.

    And don’t write about Kosovo till you have been yourself, and travelled extensively. Be sure to spend a few days in both Prizren and Gjakova.

  199. Malacay says:

    Serbo dog, you keep repeating those fictional stories of yours with persistence over decades. We were under occupation of Austro-Hunns the same way you Serbo dogs were under Turkish one. It was just a more pleasant occupation, but an occupation nonetheless. Most of our problems stem from Austro-Hunnic occupation time when Habsburgs allowed your kind to settle on our land. Centuries later no Serbs assimilated into our people. Serbs remained loyal to their own people, history and culture. That’s fine. But you will not spread on our land and try to appropriate or usurp our sea and land, our history, our language, our traditions and our people and call it “your own.”

    And we would never be for long under Hunnic occupation just like we would never be for long under Italic one either.

    Which city of Stone and Peljesac for the Serbs, Serbo dog? That’s where the spread of Serbian Orthodox Church was stopped. Serbo dogs kept repeating for decades how Peljesac is theirs, in part because communists played some brotherhood schemes and inspired serbo dogs’ appropriating fantasies. You were always an invasive specie trying to appropriate and steal, Serbo dog. When a Serb called Djordje Nikolajevic came to Dubrovnik in 1830s, he asked for the permission to enter the city’s archives to study the documents for “scholarly reasons.” When he went there, he stole the city’s most ancient documents and left for St. Petersburg where he gave them to Russia and those documents are still to this day and age their property. You only steal from foreigners, Serbo dog. Never, ever, from yourself. You haven’t managed to claim southern Dalmatia in Praevalitana as yours even after centuries of attempts to colonize them via Serbian Orthodox Church. They still view themselves as Montenegrins and despise you for your nomadic behavior. Yet Serbo dogs think they can appropriate something from us after they failed to do so from Praevalitans/Montenegrins. This is just standard Serbo dog behavior. That is why they must be completely separated, else the rage and hate will again start flowing in rivers just like it has been during the time of Yugoslav occupation.

  200. Malacay says:

    Ignorant imbecile, Brijuni are islands (and also our national park) in western Istria, and Brijuni were never part of Etruscan civilization. I’ve been there countless times. Haemus Mons is what Turks call “Balkan” in reference to the mountain chain from their native land in central Asia, Balkan Daglary and Uly Balkan, ignoramus. This is why Turks named Haemus, which the name of our entire peninsulae has always come from:

    Obviously this retard cannot understand the difference between the mountain, what that mountain has ever been used to refer to, something an invasive specie from central Asia call that mountain in their language and according to their history and the fact that everything south of city of Zagreb, including large part of the city itself, is on Haemus peninsulae (south of Sava river). You are time and again verified as ignorant imbecile and a proven serial liar, Khazar.

    • Replies: @FB
  201. Even though I’ve learned that it’s mostly a waste of time to spam comments on the internet about Balkan issues, I just can’t resist commenting here.

    It’s very important to outline that the whole “Bosnian Genocide” or “Srebrenica Geonicde” (Bosniaks and their Western Liberal backers are even trying to push “Prijedor Genocide” because the Srebrenica distortion simply doesn’t stick) narrative is simply pure bullshit and political agenda pursuing. I’ll do so because Balkan issues tend to usually focus more on Serbs v Croats and Kosovo/Albanians instead of Bosnia-Herzegovina.

    Here are some inconvenient and uncomfortable facts for the peddlers of innocent Bosniaks/Bosnian Muslim narratives.

    A small sample of what Muslims were doing to Serbs around Srebrenica and East Bosnia for 3 and a half years before the 1995 “genocide”:


    Some important details on how the Bosnian War really began, debunking the myth of Bosnian multi-ethnic democracy and also debunking the “Siege” of Sarajevo hoaxes and distortion:

    (replace “incident” above with crime and breach of peaceful withdrawal agreement)

    (same here to replace word “incident” with more appropriate description as above)

    More examples of crimes against Serbs committed by Muslims (some with Croat and foreign backers) in Bosnia with this being just the surface of it:

    I might comment on issues with Kosovo/Albanians or Krajina-Slavonia (so called “Croatia”) later if I can be bothered but much of the facts seem to have been outlined on those matters so far in this thread, despite relentlessly pseudo-factual anti-Serb takes on both of those matters, especially the nonsensical Croat bullshit being peddled as usual in this thread.

    Finally, for all the “Serbs bad” crowd, care to explain how the following two things are all the fault of Serbs(???):

  202. @TheTotallyAnonymous

    It should also be noted that Wikipedia quotations are viciously biased against Serbs and have the typically relentless and pathological pro-Muslim bias dominant among Western liberals and certain other forces I think are well known to Unz commenters.

    So those crimes against Serbs committed by Muslims are even worse and extensive than any English language source from any Western liberal would ever acknowledge.

  203. @Bardon Kaldian

    when Kosovo Albanians introduced protective tariffs for goods imported from Serbia proper, Serbian economy was writhing in agony.

    LMAO. Hahahahahahaha.

    I literally burst out into hysterical laughter when I read this. 90 IQ Ustasha Grugs are truly something to behold. You’d believe literally anything, no matter how pathetic and nonsensically unrealistic, just as long as Serbs are being screwed over lol.

    Kosovo Albanian economy is a joke

    Considering that even you acknowledge this, I don’t understand how you can think their tariff effort was successful. It flopped horribly and the point of the tariff wasn’t the economic damage aspect (only to the few remaining Kosovo Serbs) since Albanians aren’t capable of seriously damaging Serbia’s economy, instead it was a pathetic and failed attempt to coerce Serbia to de jure recognize Kosovo which clearly didn’t work.

    • Replies: @Bardon Kaldian
  204. Vojkan says:

    The funny thing about you Kroasani is that you never realise how what you write is actually more damning for you than for Serbs.
    Anyone can notice that 99% of the sources for the “facts” you advance are Croatian. When I advance facts, I try to back them with sources that are as neutral as possible and almost never use Serbian sources unless I am 100% certain that what they say is bulletproof.
    But anyway, what do your statistics actually say? That Serbs went to military schools and military academy more than other nationalities and in spite of them making two-thirds of the sub-officer and officer staff, they were drastically underrepresented among general officers, whereas Croats had twice the percentage of generals and admirals than they had of lower ranked officers while Slovenians had nine times the percentage. And you dare say after that that Serbs ruled the army?
    Ah, I forgot, they weren’t Croats or Slovenians, they were “internationalists” while all the Serbians were “Greater Serbs”.
    Another funny thing is that in the thirty years I have been using the Internet, I have never ever gone on a Croatian forum, never ever commented on a Croatian web site, though links have led me there on a few occasions, never ever commented on an article about Croatia on a foreign site, while you Croats are a literal infestation on Serbian sites and in comments section on any article that mentions Serbia even incidentally.
    As for your assertion that everybody hates us, well, maybe the low-life scum living around us who have always chosen the wrong side throughout History do. On the other hand, we have always been liked by people who had their heart in the right place like Harold Pinter, Samuel Beckett, Peter Handke, or further in the past Lamartine or Victor Hugo and we gladly leave you the Clinton, Bernard-Henri Lévy et al of this world. Though I admit that being liked by the right people can be a curse as it makes us adopt an unrealistically high opinion of ourselves. At least, we don’t leave people indifferent and that is still better than being a tribe of dull, resentful petty bourgeois like you.
    I recommend you reading Soren Kierkegaard’s The Sickness unto Death, there’s a passage in it in which he writes about the petty bourgeois. If you aren’t as irredeemable as I believe you to be, maybe you’ll recognise yourself in it and develop a conscience.

  205. Vojkan says:

    Marina Abramović? With a name like that and given the company she keeps, we wish she were Jewish so that we could disown her. Unfortunately, she isn’t. She’s Serb. Definitely doesn’t make us proud.

    • Agree: TheTotallyAnonymous
  206. The point is that Serbian society is so corrupt that normal people are desperate. Here, you have, real time, an architectonic collapse simply because local mafia fatsos had stolen much of the material.

    Then, their minister of foreign affairs is making a fool of himself by singing to Erdogan (Osman aga) & virtually everyone he met:

    And their humorist commenter, Kesić, presents president Vučić who made an absurdist show in front of zillion screens:

    This may be fun from a distance, but, would anyone normal want to live such a life…

  207. Vojkan says:

    During the war in the former Yugoslavia, the Serbian weekly Pogledi published an article by a then great Serbian nationalist who has turned coat since and is now a great cosmopolitan liberal in which he argued that Croats were irredeemable because they had a genetical predisposition to hatred. At the time I thought that such an idiocy could only be written by a moron. Today I know that the writer is indeed a moron but I would be inclined to believe there is some truth in what he said if my best pal during my military service hadn’t been a Croat who was a really nice guy. The thought of him helps me fight off the idea just as a thought of my doctor in Paris helps me fight off the temptation of anti-semitism. My Croatian friend was a good-hearted peasant unlike hateful half-cultured morons who are almost everywhere tailored in petty bourgeois cloth.

    • Replies: @Antiwar7
  208. FB says: • Website

    Look you complete RETARD…

    If you had visited the Brionis you would not have failed to notice the Bronze Age Etruscan archeological artefacts…from 1400 BC…

    But maybe you just spent all your time with the homos at the Ulysses theater…built by ‘Croatian’ actor Rade Serbedjija [who is ethnically Serb]…😂😂😂

    • Replies: @Malacay
  209. Malacay says:

    Clown, Italics were expelled from western Istria and Rijeka. The rest of Dalmatia had very little Italics, and they were expelled by Tito. Ustashe would not have expelled them. They would have probably been slaughtered for all their thieving activities. Italics have for long somehow tried to appropriate Illyrian on our eastern coast of Mare Adriaticum. I don’t know what is wrong with them. They already have all Italic peninsulae and Sicilia which Romans never saw as part of Italia and Sardinia too. Transalpine Gaul and Cisalpine Gaul are Italic. Italia is largest than it has ever been. They have more now than they did during the time in Roman civilization, for even Romans didn’t give them more than they have now. Instead of helping us to restore our world, to assimilate Slovenians into Illyrians and help us bring Albanians and Bosnians to Christian culture, they opt for stealing. Tut-tut. Nothing is more vile than that: trying to appropriate our land and sea. It’s like attempting to murder someone’s soul. So we had to fight everyone, from all sides of the world. Most of what Illyricum once was during the Roman time was lost to invasive species from the steppes, but our Croato Illyrian heartland remained.

  210. Ortho ... says:

    So be a slave to America and their homosexual agenda. Go to Afghanistan and fight for NATO New World Order Tyranny. I suppose you understand Croatian. I leave you with the poem by the Serb poet Ivan Ducic “Sinu tisucljetne kulture.” Citaj i uci brate. Even Luburic is a Serb Montenegrin name. The greatest Croat psychopath of the 20th century, Vjekoslav “Maks” Luburic, had Serb Orthodox origins. Fight the Serbs all you want. Tonut cete u sto dublijem americkijem govnima. Za ovu pedersku olos dajate glave svojih sinova u Afganistu???

    Sinu tisućljetne kulture


    Ti ne znade mreti kraj slomljenog mača,
    Na poljima rodnim, braneći ih časno
    Kitio si cvećem svakog osvajača.
    Pevajuć’ mu himne, bestidno i glasno.

    Slobodu si večno, zakržljala raso,
    Ček’o da donesu tuđi bajoneti,
    Po gorama svojim tuđa stada pas’o,
    Jer dostojno ne znaš za Slobodu mreti.

    Pokaži mi redom Viteze tvog roda,
    Što balčakom s ruku slomiše ti lance,
    Gde je Karađorđe tvojega naroda,
    Pokaži mi tvoje termopilske klance.

    S tuđinskom si kamom puzio po blatu,
    S krvološtvom zveri, pogane hijene,
    Da bi mučki udar s leđa dao Bratu,
    I ubio porod u utrobi žene.

    Još bezbrojna groblja zatravio nisi,
    A krvavu kamu u nedrima skrivaš,
    Sa vešala starih novi konop visi,
    U sumraku uma novog gazdu snivaš.

    Branio si zemlju od nejači naše,
    Iz kolevke pio krv nevine dece,
    Pod znamenjem srama uz ime ustaše,
    Stavio si Hrista, Slobodu i Svece.

    U bezumlju gledaš ko će nove kame,
    Oštrije i ljuće opet da ti skuje,
    Čiju li ćeš pušku obesit o rame,
    Ko najbolje ume da ti komanduje.

  211. Malacay says:
    @Niccolo Soldo

    We could never be turned into Yugoslavs just as Serbs can never be turned into Croats. No conversion is possible there. Yugoslavs are just a comprador class of servants, bureaucrats and apparatchiks, but Serbs saw it as their own national extension. Only Serbs identified with Yugoslav plague and that were running that plague, killing together with Yugoslav plague that which is national Croat, razing together with Yugoslav plague our cities, etc. Of course they were the ones who profited most in that international formation of “brotherhood and unity,” naturally they would support their own benefit. All the rest of occupied nations though were all anti-Yugoslav which was clearly demonstrated by the will of the people. We all rejected imposed formation with disgust and almost in unanimous way (less than 5% was in favor for yugoslavia, and that 5% was the extended families and friends of bureaucratic communistic class which called themselves Yugoslavs, so not really part of any national bodies; just sellouts and turncoats who work for their personal benefit selling their services to the highest bidder)

  212. @TheTotallyAnonymous

    Yawn… Serbia, a shithole economically wounded by uber-shithole of Kosovo.

    Kosovo hits Serbia with 100% trade tariffs amid Interpol row

    U.S. calls on Kosovo to drop restrictions on Serbians

    Kosovo’s new government scraps reciprocity on import tariffs with Serbia

    Kosovo’s new government led by Prime Minister Avdullah Hoti decided on June 6 to abolish the measure of reciprocity on import taxes with Serbia, thus opening the way for re-launching the normalisation dialogue between the two countries.

    Serbia, which does not recognise the independence of its former province Kosovo, welcomed the decision, after suffering huge trade losses for more than a year after the 100% taxes were imposed by the Kosovan side.

  213. Antiwar7 says:

    There’s good and bad in every group of people. Just like there’s good in bad in many families, or even in the same individual at different times.

  214. @Vojkan

    Wrong. I don’t know whether this will enter your head (or not), but, who cares…

    There never was such a “rule”, anytime from 1945. on & JNA was completely Serbianized on the eve of Serbian aggression.

    In English, about transformation of JNA:

  215. Malacay says:
    @Majority of One

    Pre Vatican II is Christian era, after that came liberal era which all people watch with disgust. When did “Ustashe happily massacring Serbo dog women and children?” I keep hearing that from Serbo dogs over and over again, and they keep repeating that over and over again, yet when we look at even communist statistics, quite the opposite story is clearly being demonstrated. What about all those Croatian women and children Serbs were happily massacring? What about Albanian or Bosnian? Drina river was red with blood. That’s where the Serbs had been mass murdering Bosnians before those very same Ustashe came to their aid. Today these Bosnians hate Ustashe. What about Serbian crimes against Albanians during WW1? Do you know how many massacres were committed there by the Serbs? Countless. Look at them:

    In 1913, Serbian forces destroyed 140 villages and forced 40,000 Albanians to flee. American relief commissioner Willar Howard said in a 1914 Daily Mirror interview that General Popovitch would shout, “Don’t run away, we are brothers and friends. We don’t mean to do any harm.” Peasants who trusted Popovitch were shot or burned to death, and elderly women unable to leave their homes were also burned. Howard said that the atrocities were committed after the war ended.

  216. Ortho ... says:

    Forgive me Macaulay. I come from a family of mixed Croat-Serb origin. I know the complexes. It’s terrible, the hatred between kindred nations. I talk to the Nigerians. The Igbo and Fulani hate one another as much as the Croats and Serbs. But the Ustashe were the worst, worse than the Nazis. Read Antun Bonifacic and you will understand. But the Croats: “No, the Serbs made us genocidal monsters, it was the First Yugoslavia.” But you didn’t massacre Italians and Hungarians and throw them down pits? You did it to the Serbs? Why??? Because of the “inner Serb.” It was psychological. You had to destroy that insecurity within yourselves. It’s a tragedy, a real tragedy, that the noble legacy of Holy Croatia, the Christian kings of Croatia, Nikola Subic Zrinski, Ban Jelacic who swore his oath before the Orthodox metropolitan Rajacic, that the Horvati, one of the oldest Slavic nations, or Sarmatian Iranian origin, should allow scum like Pavelic to hijack their legacy and then “blame the victim.” Oh, it was Great Serb propaganda and King Alexander who made us do it. Like the rapist who claims “the skirt was too short.” Yes, first Yugoslavia was oppressive for non-Serbs, but the genocidal orgy of the Independent State of Croatia was the result of a psychological imbalance among the Croats. This imbalance frightens me tremendously. The Nazis killed Jews and Slavs as a “hygienic measure.” But read Yeomans. The Croats butchered Serbs in WWII as a “sacrament of blood.” They massacred the Serb Orthodox clergy. Read Tomashevich’s book. The Ustashe murdered five Serb Orthodox bishops. The partisans and Ustashe massacred almost the same number or Orthodox clergy either way. The Ustashe were monsters, the sons of King Herod. And this filth is welcome in modern Croatia thanks to HOS, Bujanec and fellow politicians. I pity them honestly. Come back to your traditions. Leave the West. Go back to King Zvonimir and Holy Russia. Russia is the salvation of Slavdom. America will never give the Croats anything except enough rope to hang themselves on. What a pity Ivan Pernar didn’t make it into parliament this time around. Pernar is a Croat hero. Follow Pernar. Leave Tudjman But there are also traitors among the Serbs, the other Yugoslav nations. It doesn’t matter in the end. The Shiptars will outbreed us all in the end. The Shiptars will have all the ice cream stores in Zagreb and Dubrovnik in several decades. It is a pointless debate. Forgive me if I offended you, but I cannot stand this blind irrational Croat nationalism … It destroyed Yugoslavia. It was a mistake to create the country. The Serbs should have just taken Bosnia and Herzegovina after WWI, population exchange between West Herzegovina and Serb areas in Croatia. Problem solved. If people can’t live together, best to separate them. What’s the lesson in the end?? Who knows. I don’t know whether I’m Croat or Serb, but I know that the both the Ustashe and Partisans would have killed me. The Chetniks may have spared me in the war. I love Croats. But my Lord, how can you follow this mad ideology??? Look at yourselves in the mirror. You are like the Israelis. I was in Israel for two months. The Croat nationalists are like the Likud Zionists. Just as insane. No offense. Please understand. I do not want to offend people, but Croatian nationalism is insane. And then Croats in Bosnia did the exact same thing that the Serbs in Croatia did. I like General Praljak. I listen to Praljak’s interviews. He became close to Karadzic in The Hague. Listen to Praljak and you will understand. The Bosniaks put the “hanjar” in the Croats’ back like the Croats did to the Serbs in Krajina. It was all a pay-ops. The West had plans to destroy Yugoslavia. Tudjman and Susak and Izetbegovic were all puppets. Milosevic was also manipulated. Milosevic was a megalomaniac. It’s all a horrific tragedy. But talk to the Libyans, the Nigerians, the Congolese??? Any difference??? This is what the New World Order does. Divine and conquer. Give them a flag with a checker-board, and let them kill one another. Then half the nation emigrates to Germany to work for the Herrenvolk who prefer white Croats to Turks or Arabs. It’s a disaster. The Yugoslav wars were the catastrophe of the post-Communist era, and it was the bluebrint for Syria, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, etc. It’s all the New World Order understands. How to destroy sovereign nations by encouraging petty nationalisms and sectarian conflict. Horrible, horrible …

    • Replies: @Malacay
  217. Malacay says:
    @Ortho ...

    Luburic Serbian name? Serbo dogs are even trying to appropriate Slavonic second names which end with -ović/-ević /-ić /-ovich/-evich (-ovna/-evna) /-ich /-owicz/-ewicz /-owitz. This is where their thieving and appropriating activities go to: trying to appropriate some cultural outlooks of the whole Slavonic group of languages. This particular trait which is a product of the usage of Slavonic language is common all over Croatia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Serbia, Belarus, Poland, Slovakia, Ukraine and are occasionally occurring in North Macedonia and Bulgaria (their 2nd names mostly end in -ov/-ev (-ova/-eva)/-sky (-ska)/ -ski (-ska)/ -skiy (-skaya)/ -ský (-ská)/ -ko.

    As I said, nomadic scum knows only about appropriation. It is not capable of creating anything of their own. That’s what nomads are made of.

  218. Malacay says:
    @Ortho ...

    I can’t be bothered to read your blather, Serbo. I will say this: shame that you were not exterminated. All nomads should be exterminated. Keep away from our lands and people. You have your own lands and your own people. We ended masonic scum “brotherhood” occupation in 1991 for good, by almost unanimous will of the people (less than 5% were in favor).

    • LOL: FB
    • Replies: @Jazman
  219. Malacay says:

    Khazar scum, I already told you and vividly even demonstrated via picture where Etruscan civilization was. There were never any artifacts by Etruscan filth. We only have Roman artifacts, for we are an offshoot of Roman civilization. Pula demonstrates it nicely, Diocleantian Split (Salona) too. Our unique architectural style is a product of Roman antique influence.

    And nobody ever claimed Rade Serbedjija is “Croatian.” That’s something your filthy masonic kind has been doing due to the fact that Serb Serbedjija has our Croat citizenship. Communist scum was trying to play brotherhoods, instead it only created endless conflict and inextinguishable well of animosity. Serb Serbedjija is know to spend a few days on our land in Brijuni for free. Paid by Croatian taxpayer. Keep far away from our world. There is nothing Italic on Haemus, especially not in Brijuni or any other part of western Istria (eastern Istria south from Opatija was always part of Dalmatia). But if Italics think otherwise, we can always make a deal: Italics will return Rome with Latium, all of Magna Graecia, Umbria and everything south which belongs to our civilization, and we shall grant them western Istria. Did you ignoramus know that our name comes from Magna Graecia in Calabria? Crotone. Founded by Achaeans in 710. BC. As for your Khazar kind, there is nothing “yours” in entire Haemus peninsulae.

    • Replies: @FB
    , @Fray Juan Crespi
  220. Dumbo says:
    @Bardon Kaldian

    For what it’s worth, among the few Serbians I met, I never met any who hated Croats or anyone else, or at least they kept it to themselves, but I met quite a few Croats (and Albanians) who were very vocal about how much they hated Serbians. You seem to hate Serbians too. (Or Serbs, I never know which is the right one).

    Granted, I have (fortunately?) little contact with people of that part of the world, so I can’t give a very thorough picture.

    I went once to Croatia in holidays, it was very nice and the people seemed OK, but I didn’t mention Serbia.

    They are, along with Albanians & Macedonians, some sad east where nothing happens & where the future is the neverending fictionalized & mythologized past.

    So what’s different about Croatia? Better beaches?

  221. Malacay says:
    @ploni almoni

    It has nothing to do with the faith. Islam is an alien religion. Still there are other Orthodox nations who do not want any brotherhood with the Serbs, some have deep animosity and none, absolutely, none likes the Serbs. Serbs could not form brotherhoods with Macedons, Montenegrins, Bulgarians, Wallachians and the Greeks. Macedons rejected that notion by 95%:

    Montenegrins with c. 85% are against brotherhood with the Serbs, even though Serbs make 29% of the polulation.

    And the similar story is with Catholic part: Croats and Slovenes. We both rejected notion of brotherhood and unity with the Serbois with 95%. Muslim Bosnians rejected it almost unanimously too.

    • Replies: @Cyrano
  222. FB says: • Website

    Khazar scum, I already told you and vividly even demonstrated via picture where Etruscan civilization was. There were never any artifacts by Etruscan filth.

    Actually there are plenty…

    The only sample of Y-DNA extracted belonged to haplogroup J-M12 (J2b-L283), found in an individual dated 700-600 BC, and carried exactly the M314 derived allele also found in a Middle Bronze Age individual from Croatia (1631-1531 calBCE). While the four samples of mtDNA extracted belonged to haplogroups U5a1, H, T2b32, K1a4.[65]

    Therefore, Etruscans had also Steppe-related ancestry despite speaking a pre-Indo-European language.

    Etruscan Civilization, Genetic Research

    The Etruscan influence in Croatia is mentioned everywhere…this is just another bizarre manifestation of your insanity…

    • Troll: Malacay
    • Replies: @Malacay
  223. Cyrano says:

    You know what thought gives me immense pleasure, about you – Croats? That you are always, always, on the wrong side of history. Whichever side you are on – eventually ends up losing. First, the Austro-Hungarian empire, then Nazi Germany, and now this one – 3rd time lucky? I don’t think so. And it’s not you that chooses the wrong side, since you are never in position to chose anything, rather you usually end up being chosen by the wrong side, usually under a dim light in a back alley which makes even the ugliest street whore (which you definitely are) appear pretty. You are a real prize, a catch that any dying empire loves to have in their final collection.

    • Troll: Malacay
    • Replies: @Malacay
    , @Peter Akuleyev
  224. Malacay says:

    Lying through the teeth. Typical Khazar some would say. What 300.000 Italics “ethnically cleansed?” There were never more than 155.000 Italics and 3/4 of them were in western Istria. Perhaps you added Italics which were “ethnically cleansed” from Slovenia (and even with those numeros there were never more than 230.000, which is also a projection). But those were committed by your communists, you ignorant imbecile. Why are you trying to pin in onto Ustashe? Tito expelled them after the WW2, not Ustashe. That’s the only good thing the man did. The fact is that even after Italic peninsulae had been restored (more than restored in fact) they wanted something which does not belong to them, our world. Ustashe restored Dalmatia in 1943, just 2 years after our land had been granted to Italics as a part of claims from WW1 which Yugoslavs and their Serbian Karadjordje king) acknowledged by the treaty of Rappalo and which both Italics and Germans had been pressing to fulfill (even though we never acknowledged any filthy Italic claim on any part of our world ever; luckily though the episode ended abruptly, it would have gotten really ugly down the road). At any rate, there never was 300.000 Italics, and even projection of 230.000 is an inflated numero. But the fact that you want to pin Tito doings committed after the WW2 on Ustashe shows your nature. Italics do not belong to our world, and we want our Illyrian world restored. That is the essence of all things related to Italics. Italics who want to assimilate and become Croats can do so, otherwise their place is not at any part of Dalmatian land, be it in Istria or in Praevalitana or Albania.

  225. Malacay says:

    Clown, those are just Italic lies. Italics are only good at fabrication. Soon some forgeries, deceits and fiction would make all of Europeans of “African Etruscan origin.” Romans crushed them and Etruscans had Romans occupied for centuries. Rome during the time of Etruscan occupation was considered a “backwater” by these Etruscans. But Rome crushed them after liberation. One by one Etruscan cities fell. And when they sided with Celts in 220s BC, they got slaughtered. Etruscans did not spread all over Europe. They weren’t martially capable to do so. Relative to them, Celts were superior. Greeks even more so to the south. They never reached Haemus, not even in Brijuni in western Istria. Those are just lies and fabrications. Roman civilization just like the Greek, Celtic and Germanic ones belongs to European world. Languages and cultures of those civilizations are related… similar. Latin, Greek, Celtic, Slavic and Germanic languages are similar, but not Etruscan. Etruscan civilization is an alien civilization to European world. A remnant of some invasive nomadic specie from the south most likely. I’d say Berbers/Amazighs. Or perhaps Italics think it’s Ethiopians, though that invasive specie would have a hard time reaching Europe. They would have been slaughtered long before they ever reached Europe. Egyptians were a capable civilization, but not Ethiopians and Nubians.

  226. @Vojkan

    Yugoslavia was indeed a bullshit country

    That’s not what most of the people living there at the time thought. Back in the day most of them loved Tito. Just look how many turned up at his funeral and all the mourning. Nobody dared to celebrate his death there in front of those crowds or anywhere in that country or they would have been beaten to death. Yet now most of those boomers who loved him so much spit on him and his legacy, telling you how they didn’t know about all the crimes of the communists, or how they were brainwashed (as if they’re not being brainwashed now), or how they knew the truth but were scared to speak it. Of course there are very few honourable exceptions: individuals who expressed their disapproval of Tito and the communists back in those days and suffered for it, and few who still stick to their guns claiming that it was OK under Tito and the communists and that they had no complaints. But the majority of those from that generation just cannot be believed. Many were pro-communists and now they’re digging up old relatives who were Chetniks and Ustashi to prove their anti-communism and are turning to religion acting as born-again Christians, and the more they shout against Tito and the communists the more you know they were for them in the past. They’re living in denial and hate themselves for what they once were. It’s quite funny really, but also tiresome to listen to them, like so many on this thread.

    • Replies: @Vojkan
  227. Malacay says:

    We were on our side, Serbo clown. The fact that we were occupied in Austro-Hunnic empire does not mean we were on Austro-Hunnic side. We did not fight for Austrians or the Huns, which is why Austro-Hunnic army was bested by Serbs, Italics and even Montenegrins. We simply did not want to fight. We were only in that AU formation because of the past, the past which forced us to unite to be able to fight Turkish invaders. Once Turskih invaders were gone, and especially since Austro-Hunns made a pact with the Turks, it was the end of story for us. We wanted our freedom, and we got it, only to be lost to your filthy Serbo trash kind. Remember what happens when Croats fight: Serbs run like rabbits. Nowhere was that better demonstrated than at the battle of Vukovar.

    There is no “3rd time,” Serbian scum. During 1945 – 1991 period Yugoslavia was changed exactly 3 times, first it sterted as Federal People’s Republic of Yugoslavia (1945-1963), then Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (1963-1992) and finally as Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (1992-2003). It tried to reform itself, only to be rejected even harder. In the end even Montenegro left you filthy Serbs. Nobody wanted to have anything to do with you. Merica will not be fighting WW3, Serbo trash. But if it ever did, you would cease to exist. There will be exterminations if it comes to next round of fights with Serbian trash. Everyone has had enough of Serbo dogs.The only thing which united all Orthodoxs, Catholics and Muslims is the hatred for Serbs. See how we all have our homelands, but only Serbs from all the people in vicinity ever desires to spread and take something which is not theirs, be it from other Orthodoxs, Catholics or Muslims. Doesn’t matter. Serbs supported Turks in their invasion of Haemus. Faith like I said means nothing to them, and little does to anyone else for that matter. Culture is different issue.

  228. Ortho ... says:

    I begin to wonder whether Malacay is a Mossad provocateur posing as a Croat. Ne glupari brate. Sta ti je??? I wonder whether Linh Dinh has any insights. Are animosities between Cambodians and Vietnamese as bad? The tragedy of the Croats as another commentator said is that they always picked the wrong side. In WWI, in WWII, and now they side with the homosexual Anglo-Zionist axis instead of going with their natural Slavic kindred who would help them even though they are not Orthodox. But the Croats never learn. They never learn. They went with Tudjman. With Susak. Luburic. Read about Luburic. Luburic is a common Montenegrin name. General Luburic bore a Serb name. Sorry to burst your bubble. Read about Andrija Luburic, the Montenegrin Serb historian, i ne zajebavaj. We’ll all die in the end. The Slavs will all be turned into homosexual drones and the Shiptars will take over. Go bow to the Shiptars, the beloved children of NWO. Long live General Praljak. He saw the light in the end. I only wish he had not committed suicide but written his memoirs. I wonder whether they manipulated him into drinking poison:

    Andrija Luburic:Андрија_Лубурић

  229. Ortho ... says:

    My conclusion is that Malacay is a Mossad provocateur. Go back to Tel Aviv. Stop making Croats look bad with your idiotic posts. Read Antun Bonifacic in the original Croatian, and then you’ll understand how stupid Pavelic and his ilk were … Read Constantine Porphyrogenitus and you’ll then understand where the proper boundaries of Serbia were … The Croats need to return to the real Croat heroes, Zvonimir, Zrinski, etc. Throw Starcevic and Pavelic and Luburic into the ashcan of history. America won’t help you Croatian nationalists. Look how they treated your generals in The Hague. They barely made it out. General Praljak saw the light in the end. You cannot trust the Americans. They will only give you enough rope to hang yourselves. At least the Serbs, for all their faults, to a certain extent understand, although the same treasonous scum that rules in Croatia rules in Serbia. The “gay parade” in Split, the litmus test for “progressive values.” To hell with them. Give me Alexander Lukashenko. I would rather live under Lukashenko than these “pederati.” Open your eyes Malacay, if you even exist, stop being such a Serbophobe.

  230. Vojkan says:
    @Commentator Mike

    I must admit that your assessment of the mindsets is quite correct.
    I was in my early teens in France when Tito died. I remember reports on French TV showing the whole of Yugoslavia in tears mourning the beloved marshall and then the broadcast of his funeral attended by a number of head of states that has never been matched since. I remember also articles in French newspapers and magazines that I found at the time defamatory but just a year later, when my parents sent me back to my hometown to attend high school, I realised that they were quite accurate.
    The truth is socialism has been a disaster wherever it was tried and Yugoslavia had a rather good standard of living compared to other socialist countries only because the USA lent it a lot of money to keep it out of the Soviet bloc. When Yugoslavia was no longer needed, the money stopped flowing in and eventually, the country broke up violently. Every side will tell you that it was the other that started first, like kids on a playground, but I was there when it happened and people really didn’t need much convincing to get at each others’ throats. Nobody showed restraint, inflammatory rhetorics were in use immediately, by all sides. Imho, if a country breaks up like that then it means that it should never have been created in the first place.
    Could we have separated peacefully like Czechs and Slovaks? No, revenges had to be taken and there had to be winners and losers.

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
    , @Cyrano
  231. Druid55 says:
    @Carlton Meyer

    BS. They were murdering bosnians by the thousands. They deserved it, though I feel bad for innocents everywhere

    • Replies: @TheTotallyAnonymous
  232. Druid55 says:
    @Ann Nonny Mouse

    They all wanted independence fro Yugoslavia. Serbia wouldn’t let them go.

    • Replies: @Vojkan
  233. Druid55 says:
    @Tania Siddiqui

    And Saker is biased towards Slavs. And so it seems, is linh

  234. Vojkan says:

    Serbs had nothing against Croats or Bosniaks leaving. Serbs just wouldn’t let 2 million Serbs becoming foreigners in their own country and being deprived of their rights.

    • Agree: TheTotallyAnonymous
    • Troll: Malacay
  235. @Simpleguest

    Deep down, a true Croat will always nurture affection for Serbs.

    How low IQ does someone have to be to seriously believe something like this?

    Honestly, all the imbeciles that believe in Yugoslavism are in some ways even worse than Albanians, Bosniaks, and Croats.

    Tomorrow is 4th August 2020, 25 years after the anniversary of Operation Storm on 1995, August 4th.

    Croats ethnically cleansed more than 200,000 Serbs from their ancestral homelands of Krajina in a few days and ended the 4 year long brave but tragically failed attempt at Krajina Serb statehood.

    Croats literally fired artillery and did strafing runs and rocket launches from fighter jets at convoys of fleeing Serb civilians, and deliberately. Also, for the remaining elderly and infirm Serbs they were purposely murdered in their homes while even some convoys of fleeing Serbs were subjected to Croat villagers taking Serb civilians out of the columns to lynch, murder, rape and brutalize in every way possible …

    Serb civilians fleeing from “brother Croats”…

    Millions of Croats proudly and publicly celebrate this every year since 1995 (including yet again today, 25 years later …) and yet you claim that “Deep down, a true Croat will always nurture affection for Serbs.”.

    If that isn’t enough, surely looking at the comments of Croats in this thread should be more than enough.

    Unbelievable …

    • Troll: Malacay
    • Replies: @Malacay
  236. @Vojkan

    Just go to cemetery there. You will see that most of the post-WWII gravestones, until about the 1990’s-2000 onwards, have stars on them while almost all, if not all, the more recent ones have crosses. And I wonder if any are erasing the stars and adding crosses, or even replacing entire headstones of their dead family members, turning even dead communist atheists into good Christians.

    • Replies: @Vojkan
  237. @Bardon Kaldian

    A better documentary that debunks quite a few of your Croat lies and falsehoods:

    • Replies: @TheTotallyAnonymous
  238. @Druid55

    Care to provide an analysis of civilian to military casualties for Bosnian Muslims/Bosniaks from 1992-1995?

    Be careful, you might just stumble onto an uncomfortable truth …

  239. Cyrano says:

    The Yugoslavs were no match for the diabolical scheme (scam actually) called “democracy”. When Yugoslavia collapsed, I believe it was in debt to the rune of some 20 bln dollars to the “west”.

    Paltry by today standards, by Yugoslavian standards of those days, an almost insurmountable amount, which they couldn’t repay in a timely fashion. The worst part was that thanks to that debt they were left exposed to blackmail from the “west”.

    That blackmail came in the form that the “west” insisted on elections in Yugoslavia on the level of the republics, not on a federal level. Someone was aware that federal elections won’t be able to brake-up Yugoslavia, even though technically federal elections would have been more “democratic” then elections in each of the republics – if achieving “democracy” was really the objective.

    Democracy is the phoniest concepts ever invented, when skillfully used is just a tool for destroying countries. China is aware of this. So far they are doing great job resisting calls for more “democracy”.

    Interestingly enough, another bright character who saw that indebtedness to the west leaves the door open to blackmail – was Nicolae Ceausescu. So he made an effort to repay the Romania’s debt to the west, prior to the collapse of socialism there. The cost that the Romanian society had to pay was terrible, the living standards plummeted and there was enormous suffering for the population.

    I think Romania managed to repay the debt and Ceausescu was rewarded for his efforts by being executed. The moral of the story is you don’t borrow money from someone who can creatively construct new ways for repaying that debt – by demanding “democratic” reforms.

    You borrow money and you end up owing them “reforms”.

    I think that the Serbs and the Croats shouldn’t necessarily feel bad about being manipulated into mutual assured destruction. They were just not up to the task. I mean look at China and Hong Kong – they are basically the same people – not like the Serbs and the Croats where there are some differences (religion).

    The Chinese and the Hong Kongers (I am inventing a new nationality here) are the same people and yet somebody is trying to pit them against each other – telling one side that they are better than the other. Same thing like between the Serbs and the Croats and like the Ukrainians and the Russians. It’s a very easy trick to pull off. Just tell one side that the other side are holding them back, sit back and enjoy the “democracy” show.

    • Replies: @Vojkan
  240. Jazman says:

    Everything you said is correct especially home ownership . Majority of population own apartmen , house and cottage . During socialist time after 5 years working in company you get free apartman . No mortgage no debt for school .

    • Agree: FB
  241. Biff says:

    As of current times it looks like most of the fighting is done outside the Balkans and mostly in comment sections.

    • LOL: Talha
  242. Vojkan says:
    @Commentator Mike

    It depends on where the cemetary is. In the village where my maternal grandparents are buried, the red stars are scarce. All my relatives on my father’s side were buried under crosses in my hometown’s main cemetary. I was even made to carry the cross of my paternal grandmother, who didn’t like me at all btw, at her funeral back in 1982. There have always been some pretending going on. The only ones not pretending are those who get buried under a red star still today.
    As I said, all liked socialism because of the material benefits but nobody realises that the living standard people had then was completely artificial and unearned. The nostalgia is for that living standard and because back then very few paid attention to politics. So while most are aware that the politicians of today are idiots and crooks, few realise that they have been cast in the same mould as the communists of years ago and that in fact nothing has changed except for the hatred that is carefully maintained.
    In their eagerness to punish Serbs, not really for their sins but for qualities they projected on them and that I fail to see while living among them, foreign meddlers have created a problem to which I see no solution because they have entertained too many delusions.
    Take the Croats for instance, more than half a million of them have been left stuck with people who have more allegiance for Turkey than for Bosnia. If genetical research is to be believed, those Croats are the closest thing to natives of the area, closer than anybody else in the former Yugoslavia. Yet Croats care more for the fate of Kosovo Albanians and support the thesis of them being natives, even though genetics say that the Ottomans brought them from God knows where, and I doubt it’s from the Caucasus since they seem to have more in common with Northwestern Africans than with any people from the Caucasus.
    In the forty-five years of communist Yugoslavia, only one Serb, Petar Stambolić, has been head of the federal government and thus responsible for economic policy, from 1963 to 1967, while Croats and Slovenians have held the post for thirty-one years, yet it is the Serbs who exploited everybody else.
    Because you see, everything is those nasty primitive Serbs’ fault.
    Well, I couldn’t care less what happens to them now that they’ve officially left, Serbia has enough internal problems that are nobody else’s fault – we at least can legitimately pin the blame for some of them on foreigners, theirs are 100% their fault -, but as I said, they’re not really gone, they’ve become a worse infestation than when we were officially together, like an ex who dumped you but still comes at your place just to sermonise you how you should lead your life. Just as the communists are not really gone, they only put on new clothes.

  243. FB says: • Website

    Kremlin and Russo trash scum are no player to allow or not anything.

    That’s just silly wishcasting, of the Soros-Clinton-Blair type…

    The world is not stuck in some Groundhog Day time freeze, where every morning you wake up to 1991 all over again…[although lots of mushroom-eaters in the laughable US and European ‘intellectual’ elite, otherwise known as stink tanks, seem quite desperate to hang onto this impossible dream…😂 😂 😂 ]

    Russia has already decided the future of Syria, and forced the sinking imperialist Titanic to come to terms with that massive rejection…[although various disneylanders are still working through the five stages of grief…]

    The same will end up with the reconfiguration of Libya, now well under way, with even Nato ‘allies’ Turkey and France nearly coming to blows…Syria and Libya are hugely more important than the mickey mouse Balkans anyway, who have simply reverted to their centuries-old habit of serving a foreign master, especially Croatia [who the Serbs derisively call horse stable servants, from their centuries long second class status to Germans and Magyars]…

    The Slovenes, despite making out the best by far, are no fools…they know it was better when they were their own man and woman, able to live in real dignity during the miracle that was socialist Yugoslavia…

    Heck even Croatia, the yays outnumber the nays barely two to one…

    Many in Balkans Still See More Harm From Yugoslavia Breakup

    This should not surprise the disneyland ‘elite’ of the west…the same kind of cold water face-splash has been served up consistently everywhere in every poll in the former Eastern Bloc…Hungary, East Germany etc…

    You can only fool people with magic dust for so long, before reality starts setting in…

    Today, the US is a spent force, fatally wounded economically by its own finance capitalist depredations…and challenged vigorously now by socialist China, which has the hard-power backing of a resurgent Russia…

    The two are embarked now on a project to kill the evil imperialist empire, once and for all, by killing its golden goose…the dollar as reserve currency…one by one, the dominoes are falling, as one country after another decides to drop the dollar in their trade with the Chinese industrial juggernaut…

    The end is not that far off folks…and it’s going to be a very very big turning point in world history…a long awaited turn away from half a millennium of imperialism and colonialism that destroyed half the peoples of the earth [including right here at home] for the sake of a small parasite class…

    • Agree: Jazman
    • Troll: Malacay
    • Replies: @Malacay
  244. @TheTotallyAnonymous

    Almost forgot to include this as video as well.

    It’s long overdue for Croats to be exposed for the cancerous (Tudjman was wrong in his speech on the Knin fortress in 1995, Croats are the cancer upon the Serb nation, not how he claimed the other way around) and vile scum that they really are, and for the Serb nation to be eternally freed of them.

  245. Vojkan says:

    Yeah, elections in the country as a whole rather than on the level of republics. Sure, Croatia would have accepted to have twice less representatives than Serbia and Slovenia would have accepted to have less representatives than Bosnia-Herzegovina or Macedonia.
    Gimme a break. For Christ’s sake, those folks viewed themselves as superior. Their contribution to world science or culture is almost zero for the former and outright zero for the latter – well, actually the latter have Slavoj Žižek. Though you can’t really expect more from a bunch of spiritless, unimaginative, sickeningly conformist petty bourgeois. I am forced to admit however that they were indeed superior to the communist thieves who usurped power in Serbia.
    On the other hand, the world’s economic development would have been set back decades if a Serb hadn’t managed to demonstrate that alternate current was the future. Now, the Croats try to appropriate him even though they slaughtered his family during WWII.
    I feel no nostalgia for Yugoslavia. I am certainly sorry that borders separate Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia and Northern Macedonia but I will never regret Croats and Slovenians being gone. Heck, I’m even opposed to Serbia’s membership in the EU because I don’t want to find myself ever again in any form of community with them.

  246. @Ortho ...

    To be clear, I agree with your quotation of Jovan Ducic about the vile nature of Croats. Unfortunately, your comment is filled with naive and re-conciliatory Yugoslavist sentiment. It’s clearly lost upon this deranged product of Ustasha-Croat indoctrination who spews the most deranged and insane crap possible to the point that it becomes hilarious lmao (Bardon Kaldian isn’t far off at all, while Niccolo Salo/Saldo seems to be the highest IQ Unz Review Croat I’ve come across to date).

    Seriously though, if Serbs as a nation are to have any future, we need to give up on universalist cuckoldry such as Yugoslavism, Europeanism, Balkanism, etc and view ourselves as a clear and distinct ethnic and national group with our own specific set of interests (similar to Jews and Armenians). Then we need to work on achieving and pursuing our own interests (Again similar to Jews and Armenians, although Armenians are a better example imo). We survived the 1990’s and the occupation and humiliation from 2000-2012, but we have a lot of work ahead of us to improve our nation, and then right and avenge the wrongs inflicted upon us by our many enemies. Fortunately, the geo-political winds are shifting in our favor (Russia and China are strengthening and strongly support us while USA-NATO-EU is in irreversible decline because of BLM and other lunacy) while our politics in Montenegro, Republika Srpska/Bosnia and Serbia are overall heading in the right direction even though there’s a long way to go.

    You and Vojkan seem to be struggling with the confusion, disorientation, de-racination and de-ethnicization our nation was subjected to in the past 100+ years. Ditch any delusions of “Brotherhood and Unity” with our sworn blood enemies and get into the right mindset of championing explicitly Serb ethnic and national interests. It took me some time as well, but Unz Review was a step in the path that it took me to get there.

    • Replies: @Vojkan
  247. selkye says:

    Nice to have you in the neighbourhood, Linh. I’m from Croatia, but appreciate positive sides of our Serbian brothers (well, what can we do). When you are already there, you should visit Skopje, in what they call now Northern Macedonia. Nicest, and the least quilty of anything people in all of Yugoslavia.
    Some example of Balkan cultural blend, that I find hauntingly beautiful.

    It is as if some kind of raw, primordial energies still permeate this region and haven’t been pacified yet, and combined with Balkan’s not so admirable IQ levels (the lowest in Europe) result in this perpetual conflicts that we have.

    • Troll: Malacay
    • Replies: @Malacay
  248. @Cyrano

    Whichever side you are on – eventually ends up losing. First, the Austro-Hungarian empire, then Nazi Germany, and now this one – 3rd time lucky?

    The Austrians had a good run for 300 years, and they did drive the Turks out of the Balkans and Hungary. Neither the newly woke US nor Russian Federation can boast that kind of track record.

    The Belgrade Serbs should have shown a little more respect and bent the knee to the Habsburgs, who for two hundred years had been gracious hosts to the Serbs of Dalmatia, Vojvodina and the Banat. Instead Belgrade and Bosnian Serbs conspired to destroy the Monarchy and created the shit world we live in today.

    • Replies: @Vojkan
  249. Jazman says:

    What a moron is this Malacay . What history Croatia has nothing only serving others nothing else
    From Hungarians to Austrians now licking EU and US ass . The problem with Croatian historiography is that it neglects to such an extent the fact that such ignorance could rightly be called a mental illness. It is as if the whole society and the entire scientific elite of Croatia are suffering from a kind of consensual blindness.
    It is clear that with the conquest of power, HDZ and Tudjman needed intellectual cover for everything that would follow, every government that breaks ties with the previous order likes to believe that it is the goal, fulfillment and end of history. However, it remains unclear why Croatian historians twenty or more years later fail to break free from that embrace.
    Perhaps misconceptions about Yugoslavia are the most glaring example of blind and uncritical belief in agreed “truths” and dogmas. Here I will list five misconceptions about Yugoslavia, and I could do much more.
    1. Yugoslavia was ruled by Serbs
    Among the nebulous claims about Yugoslavia that have been polluting Croatian society and public discourse for more than 30 years, this one is definitely the craziest. The story goes that in Yugoslavia from 1945 to 1991, Serbs held all important positions. The truth is completely the opposite, there were almost no Serbs where it was decision making process
    First of all, Josip Broz Tito, the lifelong president was a Croat . For 35 years, one Croat ruled Yugoslavia. From 1945 to 1991, there were 11 federal prime ministers, of which only one was a Serb (Petar Stambolic). In the 46 years of Yugoslavia, Serbs held the position of federal prime minister for less than 4 years, and the function of president of Yugoslavia for 3 years. Out of a total of 14 foreign ministers, 5 had Serbs, who spent only 13 years in that position. Out of 10 finance ministers, one was a Serb, 5 years in that position.
    As Yugoslavia was a one-party state, the Communist Party was the only political party in the country. For only 5 years, Serbs were presidents of the Communist Party.
    2. Croats were discriminated in Yugoslavia
    This is the other side of the coin of the story of Serbian domination. Not only did the Croats have a lifelong president of Yugoslavia, but most of the time they also had the position of federal prime minister. It was the second, and more often the first, most important political function in the country. There were a total of 11 prime ministers from 1945 to 1991. Only one prime minister was a Serb, and as many as 7 prime ministers were Croats. After Tito’s death, the president changed every year, so the position of prime minister became the most important. All three prime ministers from 1980 when Tito died until 1991 were Croats. And not only were all three prime ministers Croats, but the secretary general of the government was a Croat at the time. Croats have spent 29 years out of a total of 45 as federal prime ministers.
    Croatia was the only republic in Yugoslavia that was allowed the anthem. While in Serbia the official language was Serbo-Croatian, in Croatia the language was called Croatian literary language, without the addition of “Serbian”. (Item 1 of Article 138 of the Constitution of the Socialist Republic of Croatia). Croatian historians, especially those with Ustasha-like tendencies, like to say that “everything Croatian” was suppressed in Yugoslavia.
    3. Belgrade exploited Croatia economically
    In every country in the world, the capital is developing more comparing to other parts of country. So many today say that Zagreb “eats” Croatia or Belgrade “Serbia”. Yugoslavia was specific in that highways were not built from Belgrade to all parts of Yugoslavia, but more kilometers of highways were built in Croatia than in Serbia. Where exactly is this economic exploitation of Croatia reflected? By building 20 hotels a year on the Adriatic in Yugoslavia? According to the fact that Croatia had its greatest economic, technical, scientific, industrial and cultural growth in Yugoslavia? Well, the Croatian economy is still parasitizing on what is left behind Yugoslavia. All these properties by the sea and in the cities where so many Croatian citizens live were built in Yugoslavia. If Belgrade economically exploited Croatia, it would be logical that then Croatia would prosper without giving to Belgrade. And today Croatia is one of the poorest countries in the EU. There is no more Belgrade, but there is no more industry, shipbuilding, agriculture. The livestock in Croatia in 1991 was higher than in 2020. What was not destroyed was sold to foreigners for nothing – banks, telecommunications, PLIVA, Dukat ..
    4. Yugoslavia was an anti-Croatian idea
    The South Slavic idea originated in Zagreb. All the founders of the idea of Yugoslavism were Croats – Ljudevit Gaj, Josip Juraj Strossmayer, Franjo Rački … Serbs did not need that idea, they had their own state. Even long before the 19th century, for the first writers, theologians and historians from today’s Croatia such as Križanić, Pribojević or Vitezović, the guiding star was South Slavic unification, not “independent and sovereign Croatia”. Without the South Slavic idea, there is no modern Croatian nation.
    5. . Yugoslavia was a dungeon of the people
    This construction of the “dungeon of the people” was first used for Austro-Hungary, later for the Kingdom of Yugoslavia, and finally the HDZ took over for another Yugoslavia. The truth is quite the opposite, Yugoslavia was the only way to emancipate the South Slavic peoples. Some, like the Slovenes, got their own state for the first time in history. Nations were formed – Montenegrin and Macedonian, and the foundations of Bosniak were laid. How would the Slovenes get a state or how would the Macedonians become a nation without Yugoslavia? What would be left of Croatia if, instead of fleeing to Yugoslavia twice, it was divided between Italy and Hungary? The greatest damage from Yugoslavia was inflicted on those most deserving of its creation – the Serbs. Serbia existed before Yugoslavia, other ex-Yugoslav republics without Yugoslavia would not exist.
    Stop polluting with you Ustasha fake version of history

    • Agree: TheTotallyAnonymous
    • Thanks: FB
    • Troll: Malacay
    • Replies: @FB
    , @Malacay
  250. Jazman says:

    Lol you give him real lesson but brainwashed moron can not get it
    Funny thing is you know history of his country way better then him

  251. Vojkan says:

    Oh no, my friend, I don’t suffer from any delusion, I only try to remain measured and keep in mind that the fact they’re an awful bunch doesn’t mean we are without faults in need of correction. As for “brotherhood and unity”, I realised what a load of crapola it was during my military service which I did in Slovenia 1987-1988. Regardless of the fact that my best friend had been a Croat from Sisak, my opinion of Croats as a nation also stems from personal experience with them and while Jovan Dučić used humour, another great Serbian figure, Živojin Mišić captured their true essence in a report he addressed to king Alexander, strongly advising against unification with them.
    I happen to know personally the Croatian who served as translator for politicians in the former Yugoslavia during the war in talks with Western officials and then went to work in the Hague. I wouldn’t say we were friends but we did socialise before the war. I’ve seen her and heard her soften Alija Izetbegović’s words while translating and afterwards mistranslating both Radovan Karadžić and Slobodan Milošević to make them appear callous. That is typical Croatian fakery. A layer of varnish to conceal a pile of shit.
    As I wrote in other comments, I used to work for SRNA in Paris in the 1990s. When the late Nikola Koljević – then vice-president of Republika Srpska – visited, he came with Jovan Zametica who was one of Radovan’s two top advisers. Zametica wanted to go book-shopping in Saint-Germain-des-Prés and I served him as guide. Unevitably, the war and the treatment of it by Western media came into the conversation. We talked quite openly, even about the so-called “ethnic cleansing”. He said to me that he was born muslim and that Jovan wasn’t his birth name, but that he was Serb and he said to me that we from Serbia proper maybe weren’t fully conscious of it but they had to live with people who positively hated them and he set on telling me little examples of daily expressions of hatred that happened before the war erupted and that the war was simply inevitable. He then said that no one wants to live among people who hate them and that the most humane solution would be separation with exchange of population, even if that meant giving up on part of the two-thirds of the country that according to the land registry had Serb owners but that neither the West nor the other parties wanted it because they simply didn’t want Serbs in Bosnia.
    After SRNA, I volunteered in the office of the late prince Alexander, son of the regent Paul, it was at the time when he issued a formal apology to Serbs for the creation of Yugoslavia on behalf of his part of the Karadjordjević family.
    Perhaps my reluctance to engage in heated confrontations in comments sections of this site has led you to believe that I grieve the defunct (I hope forever) state of Southern Slavs but I promise you, that is not the case. I think that had we been smart enough, we would never have created it, had they had a glimpse of honesty in them, they would have admitted that they would never have got their independent Slovenia and Croatia if the Serbs hadn’t twice – out of sheer idiocy in my opinion – pulled them out from the losing side and dressed them as winners. People feel nostalgia for Yugoslavia because Yugoslavia had the appearance of a strong state but it was only an illusion. It would have been a strong state if Croats weren’t such morons. If my grandma had balls, she would have been my grandpa.
    Serbs would really have to be the biggest imbeciles in the galaxy to want to ever again be together with them.

    • Agree: TheTotallyAnonymous
  252. Vojkan says:
    @Peter Akuleyev

    The Austro-Hungarians had no business in annexing Bosnia-Herzegovina which had never been either Austrian or Hungarian and was populated by Serbs before any of them step foot there. The only parts of the empire where Serbs were newcomers were north of the Sava river and the Danube. In other Serb-populated areas of the empire, like Krajina, they were there long before any Austrian.

    • Replies: @Malacay
  253. utu says:

    Balkane moj/budi mi silan/i dobro mi stoj

  254. Serbs lost.

    And now, they hysterically whine. Well, all I can say is:

  255. FB says: • Website

    Thanks for that fact-filled post…

    All of this lines up exactly with my experience and first-hand knowledge of the region…I first visited Yugoslavia in the 1980s when I was an exchange student in East Germany…it was a favorite holiday destination for working people in the Eastern Bloc…

    I traveled the entire country by tour bus on several occasions…stops in Bled Castle, Triglav mountain [with a ride on the cablecar to the snow-covered peak in midsummer], Plitvice Lakes, and the magnificent cave complex Postojna Jama…all in Slovenia…

    All through Croatia, including the Dalmatian coastal resorts of Hvar, Opatija, Pula, and an unforgettable excursion to the Brioni Islands by ferry, where Marshall Tito had his private getaway…and of course the Jasenovac Memorial museum, which was very educational, and of course quite shocking about the truth of the Ustashe Fascists’ atrocities in WW2…

    Also Sarajevo in Bosnia, the Montenegrin Adriatic resort of Ulcinj and much much more…

    Triglav National Park Cable Car

    The hotels and the restaurants and everything was just delighfut..everything well run and efficient and just an incredible holiday bargain…on my first trip I went with a student group from Berlin, including the son and daughter of the wonderful family I stayed with for a year…

    I have been back many times since…whenever I get a chance…nobody can tell me that there was some kind of friction between Serbs and Croats and Bosnian Muslims…that is just a complete misrepresentation of reality in the 1980s…young people dated and intermarried and never once did I hear anybody ask if you’re a Serb, or Croat…everybody was just Yugoslav…in fact many young people were just as likely to have a mother and father of different nationalities…

    The people lived great, and even East Germans, which had a very high standard of living, they were always delighted with Yugoslavia…

    The whole notion of a ‘Serb-dominated’ Yugoslavia is so fake that it is ridiculous…it is an invention of Soros and Clinton and Albright agit-prop that has absolutely nothing to do with reality…in fact all the Serb people that I know, this is their major complaint, how wrong this notion is…they all say exactly what you say here…that they basically carried the other republics, while being last on the totem pole…

    Maybe that is a bit of an exaggeration in hindsight, but not far off the mark I would say…I did notice even back then that the roads in Slovenia were significantly better…spotless ribbons of pavement like you will see in northern Italy or Austria [although they have gone downhill lately]…

    It’s funny that this insane clown ‘malarky’ is trying to push this Soros line…complete bullshit…and what about this ‘Bardon Accordion’ character who claims to have read 100,000 books…?

    Clearly these are mental cases…it makes me angry for the ordinary Croatian folks that these nutjobs think they can speak for them…I still regularly visit the region and there is definitely a shift going on as people realize that the EU is a bunch of crap…nothing but exploitation…

    I only fear that it will take a very hard landing to wake people up, as the western banks continue to take over what was once an industrial society, and where now nothing is actually produced and people are simply servants to Germany and other exploitative capitalist countries that are doing the same thing to their own populations…

    Right now people still have it good because of the legacy of socialism that left them all with nice houses mortgage free…but if you go to other East European countries that are in the EU, you will now that they have all mortgaged those houses to western vulture banks, bought meaningless things with it like electronics, automobiles etc…and now are debt slaves, which was the plan all along…

    • Thanks: Jazman, dogbumbreath
    • Replies: @Malacay
  256. Dumbo says:

    Well Linh, I’m glad that you chose to go to Serbia (which despite the remaining animosities seems pretty quiet these days) instead of, I don’t know, Beirut…

  257. Dumbo says:
    @Bardon Kaldian

    To be honest, it’s the Croats who seem much more unhinged on this thread.
    (If they are really Croats… )

    I too think that it would have been better for all if the country had remained a united Yugoslavia. Although, I suppose it wasn’t possible. But other countries with multiple ethnicities/nationalities/religions or separatist movements have managed it, so far (Spain, Belgium, Canada, etc.)

  258. @Dumbo


    1. you’ve shown yourself to be incapable to comprehend rational arguments & to evaluate what is worth, and what is trash

    2. Serbs didn’t write anything except shit, and easily refutable shit

    3. one individual, Malacay, is writing mammoth comments which are freely associating rubbish. Who cares about some imaginary genetic history & similar loony stream of consciousness. This has nothing to with Croatian position on anything, guy may be a sympathetic weirdo, but the entire approach is comic & absurd.

    4. most Americans (I guess they are, perhaps some Western Euros, too) are simply stupid. They cannot comprehend anything truly significant in the modern world (EU, Islam, geopolitics,…).
    They don’t get Serbs; they don’t get economy; they don’t get culture; they don’t get anything.

    I’ve just glanced over a few Serbian & pro- Serbian comments. I could refute them point by point, all of them, and show, urbi et urbi, as dung they truly are.

    Just- I don’t care. It’s not worth the effort. And I have more important & funnier things to do in life.

    • Replies: @FB
    , @Malacay
  259. FB says: • Website

    I have more important & funnier things to do in life.

    Like reading your next 100,000 books…?

    😂 😂 😂

    • Replies: @Bardon Kaldian
  260. FB says: • Website
    @Bardon Kaldian

    I could refute them point by point, all of them, and show, urbi et urbi, as dung they truly are.

    The Latin phrase is urbi et orbi…to the city, and the world [to everyone]…

    I guess that would be in book number 100,001, which you haven’t finished yet…?

    • LOL: Dumbo
  261. @FB

    Well- among other things: yes.



  262. @Dumbo

    To be honest, it’s the Croats who seem much more unhinged on this thread.
    (If they are really Croats… )

    If you refer to “Malarkey” and “Brandon Accordion”, agree.
    I, too, suspect they are just posing as Croats.

    • Replies: @Vojkan
    , @Malacay
  263. Ves says:
    @Ann Nonny Mouse

    The oldest, dirtiest business.
    Croats are majority catholic on contrary Serbians are Orthodox.
    Language is almost the same, Croats like to make their own words, and based on that some say – they are not same tribe as Serbs came from, far north to Baltic Sea.
    Croats don’t use January, February …. they have words for months same as Polaks, what might make them the same tribe.
    Other than that – same shit different packaging! Basically same people 🙂

  264. Derer says:

    Tell me on whose side Croats were fighting in the WWII? Winning side or loosing? They lost for their opportunistic decision to die for Nazis while Serbs resisted/suffered but became winners. You should know by now that winners are always right. The borders of Europe were created by blood, Hungary’s revisionists are still crying about the loss.

    What is despicable about NATO as a defensive pact decided to take the side in a civil war outside their territory – criminal act. Germany participated in that civil war against their constitution – criminal act. Serbs were screwed by the imperialistic criminals in their fight against the imported Muslim mercenaries on their own soil – criminal act.

  265. @Bardon Kaldian

    Serbs lost.

    And now, they hysterically whine. Well, all I can say is:

    Says the Croat.


    You and Malacay clearly can’t cope with the fact that Serbs still exist as a nation and are slowly but gradually reviving, effectively standing up for their rights through peaceful and non-violent liturgy-protests in Montenegro, Serbia still owns Raska and Vojvodina while it successfully resists powerful pressure to recognize the so called “Republic of Kosovo”, and that Republika Srpska still stands.

  266. Vojkan says:

    There are two people here who appear to be quite hysterical and I believe that I am not misestimating the judgment of neutral commenters when I say that none here bar those two think that either is Serb.

  267. Vojkan says:

    If they hadn’t said, I would have thought the latter only to be Croatian, not judging by his comments here but by those on other threads. As for the former, my first guess would have been Kosovo Albanian. That said, they both could be. If they were Serb trolls acting as Croats, they wouldn’t have made them look so implausibly grotesque.
    If they really are Croats, when I think that Serbian communists managed to lose a war against them, I get murder desires.

    • Replies: @TheTotallyAnonymous
  268. @Vojkan

    when I think that Serbian communists managed to lose a war against them [Croats], I get murder desires.

    I couldn’t agree more …

  269. Cyrano says:

    Croats are stupid cattle. In fact if you look in the dictionary under cattle – you’ll see picture of Croats. It basically comes down to this:

    The reason why the Croats feel that they are better than the Serbs is because they were under Austro-Hungary occupation, while the Serbs were under Turkish occupation.

    It’s a real source of pride, I’ll tell you. That’s like being molested as a kid and being proud of your molester because he was wealthy and educated, while looking down on your neighbour, because in his childhood he was molested by a bum.

    The Croats are constantly looking for someone to Epsteinize them and take them for a ride on the Lolita express, because mentally they’ll forever stay underage and underdeveloped.

    • LOL: Dumbo
    • Replies: @Peter Akuleyev
  270. @Malacay

    But if Italics think otherwise, we can always make a deal: Italics will return Rome with Latium, all of Magna Graecia, Umbria and everything south which belongs to our civilization, and we shall grant them western Istria. Did you ignoramus know that our name comes from Magna Graecia in Calabria? Crotone. Founded by Achaeans in 710. BC.

    As an actual ancient calabrian/roman, with a last name going back at least 700 years BC and family crypts in Rome and family on the outskirts of Crotone, I admire your admiration for all things calabrian/roman. But, you are wrong. You have no civilization. Istria and Pula is roman ground.

    You can either be a catholic or a jew. You can either choose Rome or go be a russian ortho jew. The choice is yours.

    You people choose to be uncivilized. Shame on you all.

    • Replies: @FB
    , @Malacay
  271. Shit really, really happens….

  272. Le Comte says:

    Who’s the hot chick in the uniform?

    • Replies: @Bardon Kaldian
  273. FB says: • Website
    @Fray Juan Crespi

    Well…this is getting interesting…

    As an actual ancient calabrian/roman, with a last name going back at least 700 years BC…

    Why not 100,000 years BC…?

    A nice even number like the other nutbar’s 100,000 books…?

    Btw…a quick glance at wikipedia tells us that Crotone in Southern Italy was founded by the Greeks…as Malarkey claims…

    Croton’s oikistes (founder) was Myscellus who came from the city of Rhypes in Achaea in the northern Peloponnese.

    He established the city in c. 710 BC and it soon became one of the most flourishing cities of Magna Graecia…

    Magna Graecia

    And just to round out this story, your ancestors from Croton obviously invented Croutons…?…later going on to invent the Caesar Salad to go with those Croutons…?

    Over to you Malarkey…

    • LOL: Jazman
  274. @Le Comte

    A Serbian warriorette from short-lived rebel Croatian region of “Krajina” who is talking about their armored train. The train is supposedly the last triumph of military technology (lasers, super-dooper anti-aircraft guns etc.).

    It can go even without tracks.

  275. Biff says:

    Back to fighting in the Balkans:

    • LOL: FB
    • Replies: @selkye
  276. @Bardon Kaldian

    Cursed be the times Serbs saved Croats from certain destruction in 1918, 1945 and 1993.

    Considering we were dumb enough to save you for yet the 3rd time in 1993 from Muslims slaughtering all the Bosnia-Herzegovina Croats, I guess Serbs really do deserve to be reminded what scum you are with Operations Flash, Storm and a bunch of other wonderful operations …

    Next time, whatever happens, hopefully Muslims will get the chance to exterminate all the Bosnia-Herzegovina Croats. The existence of Croats in Bosnia and Herzegovina is completely unnatural and unjust anyway.

    Without the USA and its military to artificially suppress Serb national and ethnic interests, the situation in Bosnia reverts right back to where it was in 1993. Croats could choose to side with Muslims and bring things back to 1992, although it’s up to Croats whether they want to fight things like a 2nd Battle of Vukovar just for Muslim interests. The choice is up to Croats, although don’t expect Serbs to be dumb enough to help you out yet again if and when the Muslims go to end the existence of Croats in BiH …

    • Replies: @Vojkan
  277. @Cyrano

    the reason why the Croats feel that they are better than the Serbs is because they were under Austro-Hungary occupation, while the Serbs were under Turkish occupation.

    The Croats were under Habsburg rule, and the Habsburgs were not nationalists. The Habsburgs were quite happy to let Croats be Croats. The Croats were no more “under occupation” than the Tyrolians or Lower Austrians. In fact if it weren’t for the Habsburgs, Dalmatia would have been 100% Italian by the 19th century. Dalmatian and Istrian Croats have basically been free for centuries, unlike Serbs.

    It was only after 1867 that the Hungarians got visions of grandeur and decided to magyarize everyone in Croatia-Slavonia, which to this day is backwards compared to Dalmatia. Not nice to be occupied by Hungarians, but it was a lot shorter than the Turkish occupation.

    • Replies: @FB
    , @Cyrano
    , @nebulafox
  278. Vojkan says:

    Keep cool. There’s no need to get nervous.
    First, I don’t think they care much for the fate of a bunch of converts to catholicism who pretend they’re Croats but still celebrate Slava. As the ex-husband of the translator I mentioned in a previous comment put it while we were socialising, “they (Croats from Western Herzegovina) have a stone in the heart, a stone in the head and a stone in the hand”. Not necessarily in that order but you get the point. Besides, it’s the muslims who are “the flower of the Croatian nation”.
    Second, the best way to deal with Croats is to ignore them. I thought they’d at least try to keep a semblance of civility before strangers, everything with them is about semblance, but they can’t, their inner demons always get the best of them in the presence of Serbs.
    So, just ignore them.

  279. @Vojkan

    First, I don’t think they care much for the fate of a bunch of converts to catholicism who pretend they’re Croats but still celebrate Slava.

    You couldn’t be more wrong. West Herzegovina Croats are the most rabidly Ustashe and nationalist Croats of literally their whole nation. Ante Palevic, and many of the 1990’s Croat military leaders and prominent fighters are all from West Herzegovina.

    This is how Serbs lost West Herzegovina back in Ottoman times when the Roman Catholic Church converted Serbs and transformed them into Croats. Something similar happened in Slavonia. They’re a lost cause by now.

    Besides, it’s the muslims who are “the flower of the Croatian nation”.

    How well that did that work out in late 1992, all through 1993 and up to mid 1994?

    You should ask the Muslims of Bosnia to see whether they think they’re the flower of the Croatian nation and what they think of Herzegovina Croats btw. I think the answer is quite obvious …

    Second, the best way to deal with Croats is to ignore them.

    Yes, because that worked out very well for Serbs in WW1, WW2, and the 1990’s huh?

    It worked Especially well when Serbs from Belgrade chose that approach in Kingdom of Yugoslavia and Communist Yugoslavia …

    If that worked then we wouldn’t be in the shit that we’re in right now …

    So, just ignore them.

    Seriously, don’t be such a cuck. Fire is fought with fire.

    • Replies: @Vojkan
    , @Malacay
  280. @Bardon Kaldian

    Brcko and the Corridor of Life are Serb land. How does it feel to not own that?

    Unlike Croats, Serbs are unfortunately too nice and kind to target civilians that flee on tractors and the elderly and infirm. Something Serbs should probably change next time around concerning Croats.

  281. Kano Guy says:

    As we hurtle head long into the future abyss created for us by our overlords, a world devoid of meaning and devoid of parameters and devoid of a moral compass, we would do well to remember the Aristotelian concept of Philia- friendship created through a ethno-cultural consensus between members of the same City. Aristotle knew that true Democracy is only possible within homogenous ethnic groups. Despots love fragmented societies.

    A multi-ethnic and multi-cultural society is anti-democratic and chaotic as it lacks Philia- a flesh and blood fraternity of citizens. Citizens who share the same values and mores and hopes for the future.

    Divide and rule- they love ethnic and cultural rivalries.

    To have freedom and sovereignty then one must have Philia. Ethnic chaos prevents Philia.

    • Thanks: Mefobills
  282. Vojkan says:

    I never said Western Herzegovina Croats were nice folks, I just say that if Croats had to chose between saving them and hurting Serbs, they’d choose to hurt Serbs.

    “Yes, because that (ignoring Croats) worked out very well for Serbs in WW1, WW2, and the 1990’s huh?”

    We didn’t ignore them in WW1 and WW2, we literally rewarded them for being our enemies and we let them rule post-WW2 Yugoslavia and humiliate us. By the 1990s, it was too late to reverse the game. Heck, when the war erupted, just as an example of our idiocy, they and the Slovenians held all the top diplomatic posts in the ministry of foreign affairs and in embassies in the West. Serbs were relegated to Third World countries. Had we looked only after our own interest instead of seeking to accommodate theirs, we never would have found ourselves in the situation in which we are today.

    As I said they’re a literal infestation in Serbia, their economy is closed to our products or investors while we import bloody bathroom ware, we import fucking cement from Croatia as if we couldn’t make anything, and we allow them to own market chains in Serbia.

    I persist in saying that ignoring them would be a heck of a progress compared to welcoming them or craving for suntanning on their beaches then whining when they beat up Serb tourists or vandalise their cars. You can’t fight them when half of Serbia still yearns for anything Croatian while Croats are united in hating us.

  283. FB says: • Website
    @Peter Akuleyev

    What a clown…

    History didn’t start with the Hapsburgs in the 18’th century…

    Hungary [including Croatia] in 1190, during the rule of Béla III

  284. @Vojkan

    As I said they’re a literal infestation in Serbia

    Couldn’t agree more.

    I understand what you mean now by “ignoring Croats” and what you were getting at much better.

    craving for suntanning on their beaches then whining when they beat up Serb tourists or vandalise their cars.

    All the “Serbs” that go to Croatia for holidays/pleasure deserve to get the living shit beaten out of them and much worse than just vandalized cars.

    That aside, Serbs can’t ignore Croats because they literally do everything possible to subvert and sabotage our nation in every single way possibly imaginable (and have been doing for at least the past 150 years).

    I’m aware of everything you described and it’s part of what I meant when I stated that Serbs have a lot of work to do, especially in undoing the Croat sabotage and subversion of our nation. Liberals, crypto-Croats, political Croats and even some outright Croats control many important institutions in Serbia. Fortunately that’s becoming more a thing of the past as that situation was at its worst from 2000-2012.

    I long for the day when Serbs wake up as a nation, stop behaving like deracinated biomass, then deliver the final blow and achieve the final solution to the Croat question.

    • Replies: @anon
    , @Malacay
  285. @Bardon Kaldian

    I remember seeing the first video of Milanovic calling Serbs a handful of beggars some time ago when Serb liberals and etc were going on about him as a progressive and moderate Croat leader that Serbs need to embrace compared to the big bad Vucic.

    That footage was quite refreshing at exposing the nature of the eternal Croat.


  286. @FB

    You shouldn‘t be calling people clowns when you are that ignorant of history. Do you think „nation states“ existed in 1190? Do you think Bela III gave two shits what languages his peasants spoke?

    • Replies: @TheTotallyAnonymous
  287. @FB

    Oh really…


  288. Truth says:

    Well, if white men who all can understand each other 95% in their respective languges can form such a strong, united front; the dark hordes don’t have a chance when the other white men join the fray!

    • Replies: @Talha
  289. @Peter Akuleyev

    Do you think „nation states“ existed in 1190?

    “nation states” are a myth.

    Nations existed way before modern bureaucratic administrative states. You’re actually the one showing ignorance of history by believing in “nation states” and that nations and distinct ethnic groups didn’t exist in the 12th century.

    Do you think Bela III gave two shits what languages his peasants spoke?

    Centuries worth of imposition of Roman Catholicism and Magyarization policies strongly suggest that Magyar/Hungarian kings and leaders did in fact care about the national and ethnic composition of their subject populations. You’re the one that’s a “clown” because you seem to un-ironically believe history revolves around Habsburgs.

    The Habsburg myth really needs to just die already …

    • Replies: @nebulafox
  290. Cyrano says:
    @Peter Akuleyev

    According to you, the Croats got a fairer deal under the Habsburgs than they did both under Yugoslavia and maybe even under their own rule. If that is so, why was there such a desire by the Croats in the late 19 century to create a union of the Southern Slavs? The main difference between the Croats and the Serbs historically, has been the ability of the Serbs to win their independence from the Turks on their own. Croats were not capable of winning their independence on their own, they needed the Serbs, which they masked with a desire to form a union of Southern Slavs state, for which the Serbs had no use at all – because they already had their independence – no Yugoslavia was needed to free them.

    • Replies: @Malacay
  291. anon[191] • Disclaimer says:
    @El Kapitan

    Just for the record the surname Margolis is Jewish and his mother was born in Albania.

    • Thanks: FB
  292. anon[191] • Disclaimer says:

    Croatia and Serbia need a large influx of black africans into their respective countries to give them a real problem to focus on. Watch how unimportant their intra-ethnic squabbles will seem as they experience the influx of africans who will tax their welfare systems, dirty their streets and degrade their women. Serb-Croat differences would disappear overnight as they struggle to deal with the destruction africans bring to any country they move to.

  293. @anon


    I’m more than aware of the dynamics of Afro-Muslim migration and how that works.

    Croatia literally dumped thousands of migrants into Serbia a few years back and now they’re all stuck in Bosnia. That is, the Muslim-Croat part of Bosnia (Serb leadership in Republika Srpska instantly deports migrants, no questions asked, because Muslims often try to throw their biomass on Srpska). The Muslim SDA leadership in Sarajevo purposely imports migrants from Pakistan and elsewhere in order to demographically replace Serbs in the Muslim-Croat Federation (they literally bring hundreds of migrants into a Serb village formally under Muslim authority and then force the Serbs out even though its their ancestral homeland) and use brown Muslims as cannon fodder for future wars.

    Croats are the biggest obstacle for Serbs in the region while without the US military (the real obstacle and only reason Serbs have to put up with such an unjust state of affairs), Serbs can easily get half of Bosnia for themselves and retake Kosovo by force of arms. It’s not like Serbs lose sight of Bosnian Muslims and Albanians just because of issues with Croats. Croats actively support that cannon-fodder against Serbs though.

  294. @anon

    You are naive.

    Croatian policy has always been tough on “migrants” & it remains so (there are no Africans here, just a typical middle Eastern Muslim riff-raff prom Pakistan, Syria etc.). While Croatia authorities mostly successfully, with only a few exceptions, deal with that problem & is constantly accused by British leftists (and others) for mistreating “migrants”, Serbian policy is to let them in & settle them in Serbia.

    Sometimes, Serbs are trying to flood Croatia with them (along with Bosnian Muslims’), but they fail. It is true that Pakis & others are committing acts of vandalism, rapes etc. in Serbia & then some local groups protest- but the tacit policy of their beloved president Vučić is, in reality, to transform Serbia into migrant dump ground. For what he is, supposedly, bribed by EU & others. Despite locals’ protests.

    That’s how things work.

  295. Talha says:

    I guess this is what it sounds like when doves cry.


  296. selkye says:

    This is some serious shit happening, one of the local guys is a fireman so it looks to me that those tourists might have caused some shit with fire. I can’t think of anything else but perhaps starting a fire (Dalmatia area is very vulnerable and every year there are many forest fires there) that would be something on a level that would provoke this kind of confrontation.

  297. nebulafox says:
    @Peter Akuleyev

    Black Hand and related groups denied the national existence of Croats and Bosniaks, and this kind of thinking went pretty deep in the Serbian government, where the divide was between how to accomplish a greater Serbia where all South Slavs lived, not if.

    The burgermeister of Sarajevo on the day the Archduke was shot was a Muslim. Contrast that to Serbia’s razing of mosques.

  298. nebulafox says:

    >Centuries worth of imposition of Roman Catholicism and Magyarization policies strongly suggest that Magyar/Hungarian kings and leaders did in fact care about the national and ethnic composition of their subject populations. You’re the one that’s a “clown” because you seem to un-ironically believe history revolves around Habsburgs.

    The Magyars only received the power to implement Magyarization with the Ausgleich, which quite literally split the realm in two, with two parliaments, two kings, two everything. The difference was very obvious: the Austrian currency displayed almost a dozen languages, the Hungarian currency, only one. This is the reason Franz Ferdinand detested the Magyars and saw their power, accurately, as a threat to the future of the monarchy. In fact, the reason Tisza tried to delay war initially in 1914 was because he feared a dilution of Hungarian power if Austria-Hungary were to expand and dismember Serbia.

    The Magyars did have a tendency to push back against the explicitly Catholic identity of the Hapsburgs, though, because they themselves had a prominent Calvinist minority. In general, the “constitutional aristocracy” tradition the Magyars had was always going to class with the autocratic ways of the Habsburgs. I understand why Franz Josef implemented it when it became clear that Austria-Hungary’s future as a European power in other regions was over, but the Ausgleich was always going to cripple Austria-Hungary unless the other nationalities got similar respect and deals. That’s what the archduke realized.

    >The Habsburg myth really needs to just die already …

    Imperial Austria had many problems… but without it, Central Europe was doomed to fall to either Greater Germany or a Russian imperium, which would both happen. Furthermore, Austria-Hungary was modernizing rapidly in the early 1900s, much like Tsarist Russia but without the endemic political violence. Literacy rates and industralization in the Austrian Balkans left Serbia-a rogue state dominated by the military, the only institution in which upwardly mobile aspiring young men could look to-in the dust.

    Ironically enough, I think the Turks should have been the ones to implement an Ausgleich with the Arabs after they lost most of their presence in Europe before WWI. What works for one state might not work for another.

  299. nebulafox says:

    Nobody has clean hands, not in that part of the world. Serbs did commit atrocities, but so did Muslims and Croats. Same story in the Middle East.

    If you don’t have familiarity with these regions, a good first step is to assume that anybody who tries to portray any one country as an innocent victim of another demoniac power is full of crap. Our stupid decision to intervene in Yugoslavia set the stage for a much more disastrous decision with Iraq. It was the same premise and the same thinking based on biased information, all over again. I think history is going to see a trend from the 1990s culminating in the 2000s with Washington and its interactions with the rest of the world.

  300. If Serbia joins the EU it will be the last thing they do, it will probably collapse before they get the chance to join, fortunately for them if so.

    Britain or UK as we have been demoted to have left the EU too late, it was too late the day we joined the Common Market a free trade area , that was all we joined we thought.No Britain is destroyed by
    various means, many just don’t realise it yet.

    If you search through these pages you will find some interesting facts on the decline of Britain.

    And real history..and truths


    About that White Privilege…

    Mike Zagvozdkin, lives in The Solar System
    Answered March 29, 2018 · Author has 141 answers and 54.1K answer views
    In 1840, 57% of the working-class children of Manchester died before their fifth birthday, compared with 32% in rural districts. Whereas a farm labourer in Rutland had a life-expectancy of 38, a factory worker in Liverpool had an average age of death of 15.
    Life in Britain in the 19th Century
    PS: that means a worker class person lived to 35 on average if he/she survived infancy

    Just a few examples of the manipulation of our history, we have been blamed by others of the heinous acts commited by themselves.It is their modus operandi.
    The trick is we are not even supposed to know about it.That and conjuring false hopes, such as the
    cure all DNA changing Vaccine depopulator.

    The presence of the truth tellers is dwindling by design.

    to name a few.

  301. @TheTotallyAnonymous

    “Croatia literally dumped thousands of migrants into Serbia a few years back and now they’re all stuck in Bosnia. “: How ignorant do you have to be to make such preposterous assertions? Anyone who has even a vague idea of geography and the land route taken by migrants cannot help but notice the absurdity of your comment.

    At best Croatia could have refused to let migrants from Serbia through. For all migrants invading Europe by land pass through Serbia without any obstacles and often even with the active help of the Serbian government.

    • Replies: @TheTotallyAnonymous
  302. Davorin says:

    Does “Erdemovic” sound Croatian to you?? Foolish

  303. Anonymous[426] • Disclaimer says:

    @Vojkan also and anyone else familiar with Serbian politics today:

    Based on this series of articles posted on The Saker’s site, and the comments sections, the situation in Serbia sounds dreadful:

    And they will be expected to do just that soon, when the constitutional amendament to delete the preamble which asserts that Kosovo is an inalienable part of Serbia is put before them. They will be expected also to approve mass compulsory Covid-19 vaccionations with hastily improvised, untested and unsafe experimental preparations which the regime intends to use on a good part of the Serbian population as guinea pigs, in return for hefty bribes from crooked pharmaceutical manufacturers. And they will at some point undoubtedly raise their hands also when asked to publicly approve the currently secret arrangements whereby hordes of migrants deemed superflous by Germany, Austria, and other EU countries will be dumped on Serbia, to be permanently settled here.

    Is this true? If so, is there any effective resistance?

    How in the world does a pro-NATO, pro-EU, pro Tony Blair (!) person become leader of Serbia? As an outsider, this looks unthinkable. It’s one thing to be under assault by the entire global order, it’s another when your own government is supporting the assailants. This is expected in modern, say, UK and USA, but in Serbia? Unbelievable.

    Particularly, the idea of mass migration into tiny, defenseless Serbia, coupled with disarming the population as described in the comments, is worrying. Forget about losing Kosovo, you’d lose everything.

    I don’t care for “internet tough guy” talk, but frankly, any price is worth it to stop this. If the price is resistance at the risk of being beaten and arrested by government goons, or an overt plea to Russia for help, anything is better than being flooded with enemy reinforcements while already surrounded by hostile and growing US-backed tribes.

    • Agree: RadicalCenter
    • Disagree: TheTotallyAnonymous
    • Replies: @Vojkan
  304. hopefully says:

    thank you for this new insightful travel report!

    now i feel like adding that the 78 day bombing of serbia is when the german government crossed its strong aversion against war for the first time since WW 2. the green party turned olive green. it is said that schröder/fischer accorded their willingness to wage war with clinton who in turn supported their subseqient election.

    the media demonization and bombing of serbia was one of the moments when some german journalists and intellectuals started suspecting post WW 2 media narrative. later moments were: 9/11, irak, ukraine … those are the alternative journalists you mention.

    a now retired official of a german ministry related in a interview how the media reports about serbian concentration camps were in total contradiction with the weekly diplomatic inside reports, which he received regularly. he and a small group of members from various ministries, seeing the risk of war, sent a signed insider letter to all major german newspapers trying to right their perspective — none of these papers took notice or replied. unfortunately i cannot find the link to that interview, instead link a series of articles written on occasion of 20 years of the bombing:

  305. Malacay says:

    You are blathering and lying like some masonic dog… or a Serb. After Serbs ethnically cleansed 700.000 Croats from our own land which they occupied in 1991 and 1992 they also ethnically cleansed all the Croats from Republic of Serbska. Liberation of our land known as Operation Storm is how Croats returned on their own land. And we expelled the Serbs, shame we didn’t expel them all. Apart from ethnically cleansing 700.000 from our own land in Vojna Krajina, they also expelled 130-140.000 from their land in Rep Serbska (less than 5.000 remain, but one never saw us complaining and seeking any kind of reparation for it) and many form Serbia (once Serbia had 190.000 Croats predominantly living in Syrmium, there is about 40.000 left: 57.000 on the last census with the trend of decrease of about 20k per decade). Serbs came to our land as refugees in two great waves of migration…

    …, were allowed to settle without our permission by the Habsburg occupiers, and not a single promill ever assimilated. They do not wish to become Croats — and that is fine, but that filth won’t be spreading on our land. How they came, they can return.

    As for you mention of massacres, nobody committed more massacres against civilians than the Serbs. If you ignorant masonic trash imbecile ever knew a single thing about the Serbs, you wound know that committing massacres against the helpless is what their… way of doing things. Serbs are cowards.

    There were close to a hundred known massacres they committed (the fate of 1997 Croats from the war is still unknown, since they were massacred in gruesome ways which Serbo dogs would like to keep secret). These are all massacres Serbs committed:čina_nad_Hrvatima_u_Domovinskom_ratu

    Most notable of these massacres were Skabrnja where Serbian scum mauled Croatian women with tanks…Škabrnja_massacre

    … Ovcara, a place where Serbs were mass murdering our civilians and prisoners of war.

  306. Malacay says:

    Khazar dog, those pro-yugoslav stories are just pathetic propaganda coming from masonic sources. Nobody ever wanted yugoslavia. It was a formation imposed on the people against their will, and all the nations rejected it (even your fellow relatives, the Serbian dogs). Paying for development of Serbia and Belgrade was “very beneficial to us,” I am sure. Now the other pair of shoes is masonic scum compradors’ sabotages which are ongoing since the independence form that imposed masonic formation or transfer of technology which was happening in masonic formation yugoslavia (Slovenians never had the knowledge to build nuclear plant, that knowledge was transferred to yugoslav communists and communists, since most of them Slovenians, placed nuclear industry in Slovenia). This is the will of the people and it is cristally clear:

    Even Montenegro with close to 1/3 of population being the Serbs rejected union with the Serbs.

  307. Malacay says:

    You are a Serb, and possibly not from our land. Lying nature of the Serbs is a well known fact by now, but I also know that it’s not possible to assimilate the Serbs… that you are an alien tissue even after centuries of living amongst us. You have your own lands — move there. Cherish your culture and whatever you want on your own land. Build your own land. Don’t expect others to build it for you.

  308. Malacay says:

    Jew, if Yugoslavia was such a great place, nobody would have rejected it. That tells everything one needs to know about who is lying. That is the proof of the merit just as it’s a demonstration of who is right: who lies and is truthful. If Croats, Slovenians, Bosnians, Macedons and Montenegrins were all too happy to support the development of the Serbs or cherish Serbian attempts at colonization, we would never have left your stinking Serbian kind, Jew. There is an expression among the Serbs that, “God is a Serb and angels in Heaven Serbs too.” From language to religion and even gods, Serbian appropriation knows no bounds. Serbs are nomadic pilfering scum, just as you are a lying piece of masonic trash, Jew. If we were living in Roman time, your kind would be so summarily executed along your entire extended families. But in this one, masonic cohort can lie and deceive and spread degeneracy, befoul, desecrate and defile, even bring whole civilizations down with their social degeneracies, corruption of soul and mind as well as degradation of culture and even attempts at biological destruction, never to face responsibility for your actions. You are the one who is lying and deceiving, masonic dog. Both logic and historical facts support me and my assertions. It rejects yours just as Croats, Slovenians, Macedons, Bosnians, Albanians and Montenegrins rejected formation known as Yugoslavia (which was also formed against our will too).

    • Replies: @Bardon Kaldian
  309. Malacay says:

    Part of that land on which Bosnia and Herzegovina stand is Illyrian land, Serboi. It is our land. As for Austro-Hunns, they should have fought against the Turks and not pay tribute in order to avoid wars… for centuries. Vojna Krajina was Croatian land, Serbo dog. It is a land on which those very Austro-Hunns you chastise allowed you to settle on, without seeking our Croatian permission. We never allowed you to settle on our land. You have no legitimacy. This is how you came to our land:

    • Replies: @Vojkan
  310. @Malacay

    Stop bullshitting against Jews.

    • Replies: @Malacay
  311. Malacay says:

    Like I said, Khazar, you are not welcome even to visit our beautiful land. We cherish our land and its nature. You might befoul us or our land. We have always taken threats to our land or continuity of us as Illyrian Croato people most seriously. You are disgusting. Know that you have no place even as a tourist anywhere on the east coast of Mare Adriaticum, the land of Illyrians. Now, sod off.

  312. Malacay says:
    @Bardon Kaldian

    You are just Merican citizen. You have no connection to our people or our land. As for my comments, you are free to challenge any point I made, but since you have not done so — it proves that you have no arguments to counter mines. Like I said, all my assertions are supported by facts and logic… and they are easily verifiable. And those are people’s general positions, not comprador politicos and other agents’ fake planted positions. Unlike you, I do not behave like a dog trying to earn appreciation or recognition of your masonic comrades, bootlicker. I do not care for masonic dogs of any kind. As I clearly stated, I would execute you all. Just remember to repeat to your masonic comrades: play mosonic brotherhoods where such brotherhoods are welcomed. I bet you won’t find any place. Even Canadians, New Zealanders, Australians and Mericans could not play that kind of brotherhood. Japanese, Koreans, Vietnamese, Cambodians, and Chinese. Or Muslims (even among Arabs there exist no such thing, let alone other kinds of Muslims).

    • Replies: @Bardon Kaldian
  313. Vojkan says:

    Yeah, Wikipedia, sure. Ha. Though given the credibility of your other sources, it was hardly unforeseeable. Do you know that you really stand out as one of the dumbest commenters on Unz ever?
    Don’t waste your energy on a reply, I’ve put you on my ignore list and you just lifted the last doubt I had about it.

  314. Malacay says:
    @Bardon Kaldian

    As I see Jews are supporting masonic brotherhoods. Most ardent supporters are the Jews. Now if Jews stayed from our business, I would not mention them. But since they are such ardent supporters of masonic brotherhoods, I am sure they won’t have anything against brotherhood with the Semites. Those Arabs would love nothing more than to play brotherhood in order to spread all across Jewish land. Serbs are no better than the Arabs. They too wish to play brotherhood so someone could support them, but more so — to spread. As I said, even Jews do not wish to play any kind of brotherhood with Semitic kind of Levant, yet these Jews in masonic service here are bullshitting, lying, deceiving… doing whatever it takes to spread non-existent brotherhood. It’s not me who is against the Jews. I have no interest in Jewish affairs. Jews have in mine and my people. Know your place and respect the collective will. Stand against the people, and there will always be someone like me to run you over.

  315. Malacay says:

    Masonic dog, I’ve already pointed several times to rejection of your notions of brotherhoods. All nations rejected it. Slovenians, Croats, Macedons and Bosnians almost unanimously. Albanians never had a say, but they too would reject it no doubt and unanimously too. Montenegrins rejected such notion with c. 85% (not Serbs in Montenegro, but Montenegrins as a people). Even syphilis is more popular than masonic degeneracies. That’s how much support you and your degeneracies have: less than that disease.

  316. Malacay says:
    @Fray Juan Crespi

    What are you chattering about? Istria and Pula are Roman civilization domains, as the remnants will easily prove. It was that Khazar who placed it as Eruscan. I will always defend Roman civilization; we are of Roman civilization, our ancestors defended Roman civilization and led Roman civilization. I am not Catholic, although I was born as one. Universalism is just too disgusting not too mention how utterly ruinous for me to ever support such notions of brotherhoods with Africans, Asians, Muslims, Arabs, true Americans and the rest who are not of my kith and kin (or civilization for that matter). Archaeans were Greeks. They founded cities in Calabria. Don’t forget to mention your belonging to Greek civilization too. Greeks belong to Roman civilization and Roman civilization to Greeks.

  317. Vojkan says:

    I can give you only my opinion. Vučić is a catastrophe. The opposition to Vučić is a disaster. A lot of rumours circulate in Serbia. Rumours are started by both the party in power and the opposition. Actually, both seem to consider rumours as a legit instrument of political action. Obviously, the guy on the Saker’s site is a political activist in the opposition. Imho, what he says is a tad of an exaggeration. Though I can’t say for sure. Both sides lie a lot but there is sometimes a glimpse of truth in what they say. The thing is, whoever would be the ruler of Serbia would have the same policies, just packaged differently. In that sense, Serbia has really outdone itself in mimicking the West. As for the government’s reaction to protests, well, no eyes have been gouged out and no arms have been torn off yet but a lot of people have been taken into custody on very dubious grounds.
    To cut the story short, most people will know where Vučić is leading them when he gets them there. And it won’t be pretty. As I’ve written in other comments, you can’t save people against their will.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  318. Malacay says:

    There was once a presence of Orthodox Church in a part of Herzegovina. Not for long though as Herzegovins rejected it quickly. Only in small part around Trebinje was where the presence remained… and to this day. There was also presence in other lands which are not Serbian like in Vojna Krajina where Serbs came in the two waves of migration, but they never wanted to reject Serbian Orthodox Church. Serbian Orthodox Church never managed to colonize Montenegrins and turn them into Serbs, even though it was active there for many, many centuries (did colonize some part of Montenegrins though). Serbs also tried to colonize Macedons via Serbian Orthodox Church but failed there also.

  319. Malacay says:

    It was your Serbian Church who spread Orthodoxy onto Catholic land. Even your Nemanjic founder of Serbian Orthodox Church was Catholic at the beginning. Herzegovina is not Serbian land. Never was. It belongs to Illyrians. Daorsi Illyrians. Now if Serbian Orthodox Church spread and made some “Serbs” our of our own people, it is our duty to crush you like a bug together with that filthy church of yours. Like I said, Serbs desire to spread and take whatever they can wherever they can. Our right is to crush them. It’s not us who came to Serbian lands or desired to spread or take something Serbian. It was Serbian Sarnatian nomads who came to our lands and imagined they could pilfer and appropriate ours.

  320. Malacay says:

    If you knew your place and quit trying to appropriate, colonize or spread, there would be no need to “hurt you.” As long as you continue with you mentioned traditions, you will be a threat and will be treated as such. There is no point in discussing anything with your kind though. This has been said myriads of times without any effect. There is no point in repetition, nor has anyone has patience for repeating ad nauseam the same things to Serbois. Stick to your Serbian lands and nobody will try to “hurt you.” Crazy these Serbo dogs are. They expect to spread, appropriate and colonize others and then cry when they are being hurt by doing so. Just like dogs.

  321. Malacay says:

    Don’t come to Croatia. There are so many seas in the world, even the Greek one (or Montenegrin) is quicker for you to reach. People are not going to forget your crimes, Serbo, and there never was any kind of brotherhood between nations, especially not among those who see themselves as enemies, and not to mention all the past or your traditional behavior. Noone can change someone’s nature. If Serbo dog comes to our land with such notions as your kind readily demonstrates, he/she is going to get beaten. It’s a statement of fact. You were beaten in Yugoslavia too, it was just gotten worse after all your crimes. Those raped women, mauled children, killed men have their families and friends. And their families and friends also have their families and friends. In the end, if someone does not wish your presence, you should understand not to show yourself. Build your own lands and sod off for good. That would be a common Croatian maxim in relation to your kind. That and reciprocity.

  322. Malacay says:

    There was never any such desire, Serbo dog. Some paid unelected politicos made a decision to unite with Serbo dogs after Austro-Hunnic liberation in WW1. Most our problems stem from Austro-Hunnic time when you were allowed to settle on our land en masse. But no matter how many times you say this to them (even on this thread there had been at least one previous to this dog’s comment mention by me), they keep repeating their own mantra over and over again. There was never any will of the Croatian people. You were supported in your independence from the Turks by many nations, militarily by Bulgarians and Greeks. And you never liberated anyone Serbo dog. Your army was crushed and it fled to Corfu where it was starving. You lost more soldiers there on Corfu than fighting. It was the French who liberated you from Corfu and who won the war against Austro-Hunns, not you. And we could have stayed in Austro-Hunnic empire, but we didn’t want to. There were proposals to reform. But there was no need to reform something worlhless as Yugoslavia (Austro-Hunnic empire was not any worthier). Again, as this Serbo dog clearly demonstrates, there is no point of even to repeat anything to them. They have their own stories and they imagine how they won independence from Turks and how they won a war against Germany and Austro-Hunnic empire. The only thing Serbo dogs understand is when you hit them in the head. That’s why the need for beating these dogs. Left alone you would never have won independence from the Turks.

  323. Malacay says:

    How about we slaughter you. That would give us problems to focus on. Our differences would never dissapear, you ignorant fake merican scum. They are vast and exist. They would always be here, we just might form an alliance to fight that African invasion, although there would be no need for it as we are well capable of slaughtering an invasive specie like Africans. There are migrants you masonic scum kind realeased on Europa hoping it would bring those notions you expressed. As I said, all masonic blight should be summarily executed.

  324. Vojkan says:

    A Croat with an Albanian IQ. You tell him he’s on your ignore list and he replies not once but twice. Now, what are the chances that I’ll read his replies?

  325. Malacay says:

    Lying like a Serb. If there is no such expression, there ought to be one. We didn’t allow migrante barbarian horde into our land. Those migrants pass through Serbia and into Bosnia&Herzegovina or north into Hungary if they can dig tunnels under the fence with Hungary, but Serbo trash never stops them or hinder their movement. Serbo dogs instead drop them in Bosnia&Herzegovina or probably help them with info or advice as to where to dig with regards to fence with Hungary. Serbs do not behave like Europeans. There are no regards in them with respect to the well-being of Europe or its civilization, although they like to go there and find employment. 700.000 Serbs live in Germany. 500.000 in Austria. At least Serbo dogs could have thought about them, but no… instead they show affection for the barbaric horde of Muslims by helping them reach deeper into Europe. Serbo dogs behave just like during the time of Turkish invasion when they helped Turks invade Christian lands.

    • Replies: @Biff
  326. Malacay says:

    Dissolution of masonic Yugoslavia was the will of the people, and Rothschilds generally support masonic projects of liberte, egalite, fraternite brotherhoods and unities, ignoramus. It was the people who rejected your project. It was formation created against the will of the people where communist compradors were presenting themselves as “champions of the people” but simultaneously they were also oppressors of the people who disregarded the people’s will and disrespected their culture and traditions on regular, often daily, basis. Such contradictions. You have to be really stupid to run anything on contradictions, yet that was communist compradors modus operandi: contradictions and more contradictions. The fact is that the only thing they ever knew is how to repeat slogans.

    • Replies: @Bardon Kaldian
  327. @Malacay

    masonic Yugoslavia was the will of the people, and Rothschilds generally support masonic projects

    • Replies: @Malacay
  328. Anonymous[445] • Disclaimer says:


    The comments in that Saker thread are confusing, and both sides constantly accuse the other of being paid off by Vucic or Soros.

    Either way, you all need to agree that preventing immigration is #1 priority. People have recovered from terrible economies, politics, dictatorships, wars, but they never recover from “diversity”. Nothing can destroy you faster than the African locust. Every other issue is trivial by comparison.

    Sincere question: Has any party simply ran a platform of pledging full allegiance to Russia and the Orthodoxy, and nationalists broadly, and telling EU/NATO to piss off? That seems like a winning ticket to me.

    • Replies: @Vojkan
    , @Vojkan
  329. Vojkan says:

    Immigration is not an issue in Serbia and won’t become an issue any time soon. Immigrants wouldn’t work for the salaries that Serbs work for and welfare is only enough to feed a cat. So the rant about mass immigration really falls flat.
    Mandatory mass vaccination can be an issue because the state is corrupt and most people in a position would do anything for a “commission”. It wouldn’t be a matter of mass surveillance, all the instruments of mass surveillance are already in place in Serbia and there’s nobody to denounce it as there aren’t really any free media with more than confidential reach, and it wouldn’t be a matter of depopulation as Serbia is already depopulated. Mass emigration has especially affected the smarter, math-savvy parts of the population.
    As for sides accusing each other of being on Soros’s payroll, I’ll say that it’s because they aren’t yet on it but wish to they were.
    With regards to your last paragraph, pledging allegiance to a foreign country, be it Russia, is a losing ticket in Serbia, as it should be in any other country.
    On that note, Serbs are often seen by independent foreign observers as consistently making the morally right choice when it comes to international politics. But we don’t. We only seem so because great powers never leave us any other choice to take but the one that eventually avers to be the morally right one.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  330. Vojkan says:

    The rant about mass immigration I mentioned in my previous comment was that on the Saker’s site. I have lived for thirty-six years in France and am too aware of the problem muslim immigrants who’ll never assimilate pose in Western countries.

  331. larry says:
    @Ann Nonny Mouse

    Religion. The Serbs are Orthodox and the Croatians are not.

    • Replies: @Malacay
  332. Biff says:

    You’re quite the prick aren’t you. I’m far and away from my upbringing in the Midwest and those fond memories(not!) of my Croatian relatives having venomous exchanges with their Serbian counterparts.
    Lovely people all around(eye roll)..

    • Replies: @Malacay
  333. Anonymous[161] • Disclaimer says:

    Thanks for the insights.

  334. Malacay says:
    @Bardon Kaldian

    Do you know what a simpleton is? Simpleton is a person who is deficient in common sense. Citizens of USSA would say “a fool,” I beleive. You don’t want to be a fool, do you? If you think that an icon of internationalism like the Rotschilds represent some kind of anti-libtard/libertardian/communistic force of nationalism and nationhoods, you ought to visit lobotomy office. Perhaps there are medical procedures which can help you with regards to your state of common sense. Those cartoons are an appropriate representations of your understanding of things and your cultural affinities too since USA citizens are incapable of developing common sense with strong urges to remain juveniles throughout their life. Remember, if you are not capable of mounting an argument, then leave commenting. You don’t really want to be a simpleton.

  335. Malacay says:

    So even in Merica there can be no accord between Serbois and everyone else in their vicinity, be it us Croats, Albanians, Bulgarians, Bosnians or Macedons. Shocking. It probably comes as shocking to the ignorant and dimwitted crowd. Anyone with a little common sense and some basic knowledge would expect that.

  336. Malacay says:

    It has nothing to do with religion. If we were the same religion as Serbois, the outcome would be exactly the same. There are others who are of the same religion as Serbois and who despise Serbois for their nomadic behavior. Religion is irrelevant when you are dealing with the nomads. Turks are Muslims, yet they are hated by Muslims too (in addition to all the Christians in their vicinity). Russians are nominally Orthodox, yet they are hated by all Orthodox, Catholic and Protestant people in their vicinity while beloved by Muslims from those Turkic stans. Liberals are also a form of nomads since not being bound by any standard or principle in their behavior. Their only urge is to feast, enjoy the comforts and sensual pleasures. In addition to that, nomads are also compelled to appropriate, colonize, rob, rape, spoil, wreck, maraud, desecrate and plunder. And that’s all. No religion can teach nomads not to seek something foreign, just like no religion can instill moral mores in the behavior of libtard pagans since those mores would run in exactly the opposite course of their yearnings, cravings and longings.

  337. Malacay says:

    Why don’t Serbs try to build brotherhood with Montenegrins. No other Orthodox people would ever accept any kind of brotherhood with the Serbs, let alone anyone else. Montenegrins had been thought by the Serbian Orthodox Church that they were Serbs for so many centuries but they still rejected brotherhood with the Serbs by their own will. Serbs can form brotherhood only with Montenegrins, even though they got rejected. There are still fruits of centuries old works and attempts at colonization of Montenegrins, especially since 29% of population of Montenegro is Serbian. Serbs cannot assimilate Bosnians. They only have about 170.000 Bosnians from the population of 7 million which lived there in Rashka for centuries and these Muslims never saw themselves as Serbs (and they probably fondly remember the time when they were overlords of Serbs as Turks who spoke Slavonic language). There are 2 million of them in little Yugoslavia (Bosnia&Herzegovina protectorate). Totally unassimilable both by their own will and the underlying realities most important of which represent their numbers along with their culture and faith (language in the story as it’s demonstrated again is irrelevant; in the end, all languages can be easily learned).

    Serbs tried to assimilate Macedons via their national Church, but smart Macedons rejected Serbian colonization. They are eager to exist. Odd that, Mericans would probably remark. Everyone is trying to live, whereas westerlings through libturd indoctrination are doing whatever they can to cease with their existence. The problem in our part of the world is that little Yugoslavia (international protectorate of Bosnia&Herzegovina). Bosnians, being Muslims, have increased their population to 2 million. That as I said is a totally unassimilable population. Muslims with Turkish cultural roots who speak Slavonic language. Serbs expelled them from everywhere but a single pocket in all of Serbia (Rashka/Sandjak pocket). But these Bosnians would like to play brotherhoods with Serbs and Croats in that little Yugoslavia in order to benefit from exploitation of both people. Both Serbs and Croats reject brotherhood with Bosnians and desire freedom. Serbs in Rep of Serbska want to be free from imposed brotherhood with Bosnians and our Croat people in that imposed brotherhood of little Yugoslavia too. Isn’t that sweet? At any rate, if anything the failure of little Yugoslavia clearly demonstrates the utter rejection of notion of brotherhood. Serbs reject the brotherhood if they cannot profit from it. Bosnians want the brotherhood in little Yugoslavia because now they are the ones who are profiting from it (and not the Serbs like in original Yugoslavia). There goes the notion of masonic brotherhoods: in the dust right where it belongs as an apparition… delusion. There is however problem with Muslims which is a creation of westerlings. Problems with Africans is another creation of westerlings. Westerlings have unbalanced mind which is ravaged by emotional immaturity, desires, greed, excesses, obscenity and lust. In such inferno of emotional unbalances logic simply cannot exist. Christianity to a small extent moderated inherent sickness of the soul of the westerlings, but without its moderation westerlings got themselves unhinged and now look at all those catastrophes internationalist ideologies have created.

  338. Malacay says:

    Just remember, there is no brotherhoods especially not among us Croats and Serbs (or Serbs and anyone else, even other Orthodox people). There will never be anything else but hatred amongst us, for we will never be Serbo dogs, and Serbo dogs can never be assimilated into Croats. That’s what history teaches us: a complete inability at assimilation. Worthless people as the Serbs don’t deserve to have the right to colonize others as they think they have. There is no worth in them. But let Montenegrins have a say with regards to brotherhood with the Serbs. In 2006 55% of Montenegro citizens voted for independence from Serbia, 29% of the Serbs which constitute population of Montenegro were against it, but 85% of Montenegrins were for it. That’s a huge number for someone who has been thought by Serbian Orthodox Church, basically as the official “national church” of Montenegro, for so many centuries that they were “Serbs.” That translates into rejection today easily. The rest of us have no desire to play any kind of brotherhood with the parasitic Serbs. That matter is closed for good and forever. Nobody is going to materially and financially support them or build for them their own lands or tolerate their attempts at colonization and appropriation. We all liberated ourselves from Serbian exploitation, colonization and occupation. It remains to see what can be done regarding Bosnians since as Muslims the only thing they know is how to breed and expect others to provide them, and since as Muslims they are basically unassimilable to any nation of Christian culture and behavioral norms.

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