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Are Angry White Pussies Crypto Jews?
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Max Jacob’s most famous poem is “La mendiante de Naples,” or “The Beggar Woman of Naples”:

When I lived in Naples, there was at the door of my building a beggar woman to whom I would toss some coins before climbing into my car.

.. One day, surprised at never having been thanked, I looked at the beggar woman.

Now, as I looked, I saw that what I had taken to be a beggar woman, there’s a wooden crate painted green that contained some red earth and a few half rotten bananas.

There’s no surer way to stop people from reading than to insert a poem into an article. To commit this vile act right at the beginning is to chase away nearly everybody. Fine, it’s just you and me, then, all three of us, so move closer.

Just as Jacob mistook some spoilt bananas for a destitute woman, perhaps the Angry White Pussies, rarely seen in real life, but swarming all over the internet, are crypto Jews?

Take my hecklers, for example. Some are apparently real people, but some sound so moronic and deranged, one must wonder if they’re fake personas concocted by, say, Jews? After all, I haven’t been the greatest friend to adherents of the Talmud, despite my lifelong devotion to chopped liver.

If you’re a hasbara agent, you can try to kill two birds with one stone by attacking any “anti-Semite” while pretending you’re a stupendously stupid white guy.

Exposed to such, foreigners may conclude that Americans have become so absurdly moronic, they deserve their bankruptcy and degradation, such as being led by a reality TV conman or braindead pederast.

How mentally challenged are these Angry White Pussies? After I had interviewed a white man, an AWP attacked me for what this white man said!

Too imbecilic to understand that an interview involves two people who don’t have to agree on anything, this AWP ranted, “The next time I see a gook name on this site, I’m not even going to bother reading what it has to say. It’s already made up its mind about me, so I’ll return the favor. Fuck you too, slant-eyed cunt. I hope the next time you play Minecraft and walk around a city controlled by the Democrats you vote for, a mentally ill nigger crackhead tweaking on fentanyl, marijuana, methamphetamine, etc. knocks you the fuck out for no reason and takes your inventory. If that happens to you I’m sure you’d still be blaming whites, considering you’re stupid enough to return to a 3rd world country you’re a wanted criminal in.”

Even after a bottle of Four Roses, swigged at record speed without any Hostess Donettes as whore duh, a sleep-deprived retard can’t sound this concussed, so maybe he’s no AWP, but a Jewish ambulance chaser or bookish rabbi amusing himself after dim sum?

Again, I’m not against individual Jews, but only Jewish thinking, so I’ll condemn someone like the Egyptian Nasser, for example, for deploying us vs. them (a natural outgrowth of chosen vs. unchosen) and collective guilt, to wreck his country.

Jewish thinking is the militant refusal to see individuals, only groups, so it violently shoehorns everyone into categories.

If you hate the bourgeoise, landowners, urban dwellers, rural folks, whites, blacks, Latinos, Orientals, Jews, homosexuals, vegetarians, meat eaters or billionaires, etc., you’re indulging in Jewish thinking.

I have no time to hate anybody. I just hate Jewish thinking. Plus, as a traveler, it wouldn’t be wise to stumble into strange lands with an assholic attitude, not only because locals will gladly repay you in kind (plus interest), but you won’t even see them, so why bother coming?

Even if they’re not Jewish sock puppets, Angry White Pussies serve Jews. By ranting away so idiotically, they can only lead sane observers to conclude, My God, these white extremists are truly clueless monsters!

There is an AWP who keeps insisting I make everything up, that I wasn’t in Albania months ago, and I’m not in South Africa now, “I doubt Linh is in South Africa. It is possible these days to sit at the coffee shop and write travel blogs complete with photos […]
This little Gook wants to show how tough he is. Its the old story, the 5 foot pygmies are always into the Rambo thing. Yet, a few harsh words and Linda Linh is triggered.” Elsewhere, he suggests I’m a homeless man in San Francisco. That’s not commenting. It’s insanity. Somehow, I’ve pushed this pitiful AWP over the edge.

As sadistic Deliverance buggers, aw-shucks Beverly Hillbillies, Flannery O’Connor’s dumbshit white trash or swinish and fart cupping Honey Boo Boo, poor whites have long been caricatured in America, so the AWP may just be another repulsive rendition. Acting grotesquely, he defeats himself while benefiting his worst enemies, with none laughing harder than social engineering Jews.

Offline, he also serves Jews perfectly, for he votes for Jewish puppets, sends tributes to smirking Jews and pays to become addicted to Jewish media. He borrows money from Jewish usurers to send his kids to Jewish dominated colleges to be brainwashed by Jewish thinking. With each war for Jews, he’ll enlist or cheer it, at least, plus tithing his income. Jewish wars are festooned with American flags on porches, cars, clothing and coffins.

Prompted by Jews, many hate whomever Jews despise, be it Russia, Muslims or even themselves!

Even those who realize they’re merely Jewish throwaway tools don’t dare to whisper “Jews,” not even when alone, with all the lights turned off, lest they dox themselves.


Nor will they do anything about their darkening prospects, beyond virtually huffing their castrated rage against Muslim war refugees, Mexican busboys and, well, a guy like me whose last book, Postcards from the End of America, is mostly about the plight of poor whites, and some poor blacks, too.

Since Angry White Pussies do everything to benefit Jews, it’s only fair to ask if they’re crypto Jews?

Some may be, but most are probably not. Having spent their entire lives in a Jewish maze where lies lead to lies, they’re well-conditioned to bark, growl, grovel or play dead, anything to please their master.

Good boy!

• Tags: White Nationalists 
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  1. Emslander says:

    I much prefer Linh Dinh’s travel stories to this entirely pointless obsession with a few unappreciative commenters. Of course, the anonymity of these internet sites invites vile commentary. Once you get over the shock of it, you hardly notice it anymore.

    LD seems to be missing the forest. Most commenters here are highly positive and, I gather, would like to have more of his unoffended offerings.

    I guess I see where all this Jew stuff is derived. Americans get sucked into the commercialization, the secularism and the dead-endism of most of the postmodern culture. A lot of it is run by Jewish entrepreneurs and they blame their weakness on the Jews.

    I think Sudafrika is not good for LD’s psyche. Time to move on.

  2. Does it matter? This system is a dead end whoever it was who set it up and keeps it stumbling along. I think they have decided to kill it to move to the next system hence the increasing destabilisation caused by the undermining of Science in the West.

    The dog with the big parasite on its back is going to lose in the fight with the dog without said parasite unless the dog with the parasite is much bigger or much luckier, as indeed it was last time, i.e. bigger (the allies) and luckier (the delayed attack on Moscow with early snows to boot).

    Germany got rid of parasitic international bankers and came within an ace of keeping them out. China is a much bigger dog than Germany was and the US dog with the big parasite has spread the parasite to its vassals and is nearly in the grave already. It won’t be so much a war as a boxing up ceremony for China to despatch the West and then the real fun in Western countries will begin as the little dogs boxed up with one another point evermore brazenly to the parasites on each of their backs.

    What we are seeing in the former Warsaw pact countries is just the beginning and China hasn’t even boxed them up yet.

    You can only saw through the branch you are sitting on for so long before your idiocy catches up with you and down comes baby, cradle, parasite and all….. and parasites never survive such mayhem as they don’t know whose back to jump on and even if they choose the correct one he sees right through them.

    • Agree: Kratoklastes
    • Replies: @haha
  3. @Emslander

    I disagree, Emslander.
    This holds together much better than LDs usual writing, which is mostly just disjointed diary entries.
    He’s good at description of day to day real life, but I’d like him to include more honest analysis like this in his essays.

    • Agree: R2b, dogbumbreath
  4. Beb says:

    Dear Sir, trolls feed off your anger. To make them go away and leave you alone, just ignore them.

    • Agree: SteveK9, Antiwar7
  5. O/T – Linh have you seen these videos from your old stomping ground, Kensington? This guy drops a new video every day, horrific to look at.

  6. Anon[381] • Disclaimer says:

    Getting more like Lenny Bruce Dinh, reading the trial transcript in his stand up routine. Still glad he’s sticking around though.

  7. Excellent piece, Linh. I do not doubt that you are correct, and at least some of the vitriol expelled in your direction is from person’s either representative of the “Jewish agenda”, in the pay of those directing the agenda at this level, or so immersed in and conditioned by the incessant propaganda that they are of service in advancing it.

    I know that you feel strongly about calling a thing by its true name. It is perhaps my own lifelong conditioning which makes me uncomfortable attaching “Jewish” to every reference to the destructive powers which have been incrementally consuming the basis of western civilization. It seems to me that “Jewish” is a label those in power hide behind, having successfully established the Jews as official and eternal victims – and therefore to be blamed for nothing. And, as you say, Jewish thinking demands that people be treated as groups. The power brokers are often Jewish in some form or another, but I am not certain that this Jewishness is at the core of what causes them to do the things they do.

    Others, such as Henry Makow, are more certain of this. Henry is a Jew himself, and if he thinks that the problem originates with an attitude embedded in Judaism itself, I am inclined to believe him. I know very little about Judaism.

    I was raised in relatively rural suburbs, and I don’t remember anyone having any particular beef with Jews. Later on I learned the derisive names used for many different groups, including the Jews, though I don’t remember anyone being called a “kike” in real life. There were, of course, some Jewish people in the town, and children more or less my own age.

    But I am digressing from what I like to consider the point of my comment. I understand that ridiculous comments and the unwillingness of the editor to allow you to control them are reasons you intend to leave this webzine. Obviously, this piece is devoted to understanding such commenters. Personally, I would recommend ignoring such comments if no other editorial tools are made available to you. Otherwise, closing your articles to comments, like PCR does, might be an option.

    Obviously, this site does publish some material by those of what is considered a “right-wing” persuasion. So, there are going to be readers who carry some of the more race-obsessed ideas to an extreme, and choose to focus on your racial heritage and any suggestion that you are not a big fan of whiteness. On another site, people might object to your focus on “the Jews” (though maybe you get that here, too).

    At any rate, the more impact you have, the more likely you are to stir a hornets’ nest and get feedback you don’t like. They say that when you get flak, you are over the target.

    Incidentally, I enjoyed both “Love Like Hate” and “Postcards From the End of America” and encourage others to read them. It is good to have you out there, seeing the world on a shoestring and reporting from the front of everyday life.

  8. Anonymous[341] • Disclaimer says:

    Again, I’m not against individual Jews, but only Jewish thinking, so I’ll condemn someone like the Egyptian Nasser, for example, for deploying us vs. them (a natural outgrowth of chosen vs. unchosen) and collective guilt, to wreck his country.

    Jewish thinking is the militant refusal to see individuals, only groups, so it violently shoehorns everyone into categories.

    That’s terrible.

    Wait, aren’t you the same guy who admitted that your pro-immigration advocacy was fuelled by the desire to punish the US as a whole. If I remember correctly it had something to do with “karma”. Collective punishment for a collective karmic debt.

    Ah, yes, it was this post:

    Hi all,

    America politicians give cover for these wars that benefit Jews and war profiteers, and American soldiers volunteer to fight them, but when the shit hits the fan, as is happening now in Afghanistan, only refugees are to blame?!

    For an astute analysis, here’s a comment by a non-American, gatobart, “Social unrest, out of control illegal immigration [is] coming mostly from the three countries in Central America successive US governments have been plundering and destroying for the last 3 to 4 decades: Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador. Most Dreamers come from these 3 countries. Karma is a bitch.”

    Karma is a bitch. If you don’t want refugees, don’t wage endless war or destroy other societies. Isn’t that obvious?

    Only idiotic cowards refuse to acknowledge any responsibility for their actions.


  9. Linh, I was surprised and heartened to read your latest, after you told Kevin Barrett that you were leaving the Unz Review. After this brutal essay against what you describe as AWP’s, I hope that you have gotten the worst of it off your chest.

    Please, LD, based on the comments I’ve read, you have far more friends here than obscenity laced detractors. Pay them no mind and keep your informative and entertaining travelogues coming. Stay safe.

    Best regards, FOW.

    • Replies: @Jeff Davis
  10. Ronnie says:

    Dear Linh Dinh – I and my friends love your brilliant articles and adore your writing style which has so much imagery. Please continue writing on Unz. I agree with you. Most of these AWPs are not crypto jews but are probably real jews who are playing some advanced game for Israel. I would also ask Ron Unz to let you remove these uncivilized comments as you see fit. I was a Prof in a Medical School for 50 years and people say I am widely read and quite intelligent. I am neither an AWP nor jewish. I avoid them both. Thank you for educating me and entertaining me too.

    • Agree: Ace
  11. fnn says:

    There is an AWP who keeps insisting I make everything up, that I wasn’t in Albania months ago, and I’m not in South Africa now, “I doubt Linh is in South Africa. It is possible these days to sit at the coffee shop and write travel blogs complete with photos…

    I quit going to the local expat bar because all these guys do is talk about their past exploits and call the other guy talking about his past exploits a liar when he steps away from the bar. I haven’t checked, but my guess is that the place no longer exists due to repercussions from COVID. Curiously, Europeans (at least of the old school) tend to take a broader view of things and are not so obsessed with autobiography. I just remembered that B. Traven made an observation akin to this in the early part of his classic work The Death Ship about a Belgian (?) policeman who had arrested and questioned him. It’s a great and unusual book.

  12. Ronnie says:

    I have friends who have lived for many years in Cape Town and I asked them to read Linh Dinh’s recent articles. They agree with every word he says. They praise these articles. It is all true.

    • Troll: Realist
  13. Numa says:

    I always look forward to Linh’s essays, though I do not always concur with his viewpoints.
    Life would be dreadful if it was only an echo chamber of ones beliefs.

    On Jews:
    The problem with Jews is that they are a nomadic mercantile people, and for thousands of years.
    Their weltanschauung is cosmopolitan. Being trans national in scope and philosophy, and uninfected with metaphysics (except for the sabbatean kabbalists) they have become a race of gypsy scholars and tehnicians, with unfortunately no roots in the ground, and no skin in the game of national pride, or ethnic loyalties outside their own groups.

    With Spinoza, they helped propel the Enlightenment.

    But their ‘godless’ nihilistic culture that they have spawned is not only destroying the West, but them as well.

    China is ‘godless’ as well, but somehow have maintained their culture over milennia. And their morality and ethos.

    • Replies: @jeff stryker
  14. That was the shortest retirement.

    The dude writes an article with a double insult to the readers to trigger them – they are both angry white pussies and Jews at the same time.

    Two insults in one cancels itself out.

    This is the direction this online aggregator is going?

    • Agree: Schuetze
  15. bjondo says:

    From a diseased belief system, diseased minds
    with hate, lies and deceptions for brain cells.

    5 dancing shlomos

  16. @follyofwar

    I wholeheartedly agree.

    Linh Dinh,

    I so very much appreciate both your attitude and your sophisticated and uniquely personal writing style that, as part of my morning ritual, I regularly share each new column aloud with my wife.

    Do what you must, but be assured that many, many more people appreciate your work than object.

  17. @Anonymous

    LD’s remark is not pro-immigration advocacy but instead a trenchant observation that the empire’s evil meddling (often on behalf of Jewish usurers) in Central America – which has been going on for the better part of a century (since the days of Col. House and Smedley Butler) – have resulted in the inflow of migrants among other bad things. This is an aspect of the problem many opposed to open borders tend to ignore – but it is undeniably one of the reasons we’re in the present mess. Screwing with Central America on behalf of the United Fruit Company plus CIA arming and aid of drug cartels have bad consequences down the road. Ditto for adventures all over the middle east at the behest of AIPAC. The (((same folks))) who are made untold fortunes from the invasions and wars are liewise profiteering from the invasion of the American homeland and refugee racketeering.

    The most effective way to enforce immigration laws to to arrest the Chamber of Commerce cucks and other profiteers who privatize their profits and socialize their costs upon the backs of the chumps who pay taxes to the empire. It’s a much smaller number of criminals to go after, and if you neutralize them, many the migrants will soon return home on their own once they realize there’s no free shit for them here. As an internet personality once noted: Pick your own damned cotton.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @Weaver
  18. Linh Dinh

    Do you support importing Muslims into America LEGALLY so that Muslim “Americans” can enthusiastically vote the Historic Native Born White Christian Working Class Majority into a violently persecuted White Racial Minority within the borders of America?

    Do you support importing Asians LEGALLY into America so that Asians in America can enthusiastically vote the Historic Native Born White American Working Class Majority into a violently persecuted White Racial Minority within the borders of America?

    Lastly….Do you enthusiastically support the H1-B and L1-B Visa Programs?

  19. SteveK9 says:
    @Johnny Smoggins

    That is absolutely horrific. All of these addicts stumbling around, lying on the sidewalk. It’s hard to even believe that we pretend to be a first-World Country at this point. I feel very sad seeing this. With technology there seems to have been a decision that we don’t need half the people we have to do the work, so OK to throw them away.

  20. Dumbo says:

    I agree. I like Dinh’s interviews with locals, and his occasional travel observations, but I tend to dislike his “political rants”, if such they may be called. They come as over-the-top and a bit too aggressive. Also, while his frustration with trolls is understandable, I wouldn’t make a column just about that. Ignore them, and focus on the real life around. Comments are mostly chaff with a little wheat.

    • Agree: AKAHorace, Barbarossa
    • Replies: @AKAHorace
  21. So what if Linh Dinh is abusive…abuse is the highest form of humor…I always liked this 0ne:”Sniveling little Rat-Faced Git!!!!”…I think the late Graham Chapman unleashed this abuse during a Monty Python Skit….

    National Review=White Pussies…for sure…

    The National Review=The National Gay Boy Review…

  22. White Pussyism=“BOMB AFGHANISTAN!!..Reoccupy Afghanistan for 20 more years….2 trillion to fund this….but d0n’t draft me and take away my NY Giants…”…Yep definitely a Trump Voter with a MAGA TARD pick-up truck…

  23. Anonymous[341] • Disclaimer says:
    @Exalted Cyclops

    How can you miss the point so badly? Why don’t you re-read the post you’re replying to.

    What Linh Dinh, supposedly, detests about jews is their thinking – which is “the militant refusal to see individuals, only groups, so it violently shoehorns everyone into categories.”

    But in the “karma” post he shoehorned everyone in the US into a category that’s responsible for the nation’s wars – no exceptions. And that’s not all – he wants them all punished for this karmic debt. This is called “collective punishment” and it’s a form of war crime.

    I’d also like to note that his pro-immigrant advocacy clearly didn’t come from a supposed concern for the poor Afghan collaborators or his belief that the American hosts would benefit. He wants these hordes to punish the hosts. Karma, baby!

    None of this is even debatable. The guy has revealed himself as an unhinged hostile in sheep’s clothing.

    • Agree: Ed Case, RadicalCenter
    • Disagree: thotmonger
    • Replies: @Weaver
    , @Exalted Cyclops
  24. Man you are being way too sensitive.

    Just about everyone here has been called a paid Jew. It seems when you allow a free for all on the web the most vocal groups try to dominate every conversation. At Unz it seems the most vocal group blames the Jews for everything. I don’t mind occasional conversations about Jews and the establishment certainly tries to suppress questions of Jewish influence in US politics which is an entirely fair concern. But the Jew haters here take it way too far especially when it comes to Jewish influence on the left which I think greatly diminishes Anglo liberalism. I grew up with Anglo and Nordic liberals constantly lying to me about race and I didn’t even meet a Jew until I went to college. The Jew haters here still blame all those lies on the Jews even though privately most liberals in positions of influence will admit that their beliefs require deceiving the masses. So even if you removed the Jews there would still be millions yes millions of Whites that fully support lying to the masses in order to hide the reality of race. They simply don’t want it to exist and don’t care if there are Jews that help them or not.

    My question is why you would bother writing here at all if your specialty is travel. It would undoubtedly be easier to monetize such a specialty without bringing race into your articles.

    • Thanks: Jim Christian
    • LOL: thotmonger
  25. When I was a soldier back in the sixties we had an explanation for guys like this. We would say “He’s just mad because his pussy stinks”.

    Shake it off Man. Get back to work.

  26. Your travel writing is one of the great pleasures of modern letters — except for the bits where you wander off howling the usual boilerplate about the Jews.

    But this gibberish is something else again.

    Looking forward to a return to the usual 90%-top-tier-travel-writing/10%-whargarble-jew-garble.

  27. HalconHigh says: • Website

    Comments seem tame on articles written by Linh, compared to comments on the local political website ( in Phoenix) but then I’m not the author.

    Ever hear of Dary Matera, Linh ?
    A published author (Quitting the Mob) among others.

    Anyways, he is one of the main commentators locally and is as right-wing as possible. A Trump lover.

    Either he is absolutely delusional or is on the Mossad payroll.

    Who knows how many people are paid to monitor (and disrupt) true progressive viewpoints.

    “They” (the club as George Carlin points out) hate progressive thinking most of all.

    • Replies: @Craig Nelsen
    , @Ace
  28. @Johnny Smoggins

    Wow. A lesson for us all to take COVID more seriously.



    See, though, this is what the plague looks like. Western white-collar workers in the suburban region have forgotten what epidemics look like, have lost common sense. We are indeed in the midst of a public health crisis, but too many of our neighbors have chosen to put their trust in the medical industry itself, as corrupt as it is otherwise known, for the Wuhan virus phenomenon.

    We know they trick our compatriots into opioid addiction—comfortable enough for their business—and have for decades given ridiculous and controversial advice about nutrition, but even after the CDC issued over a year of ridiculous and conflicting health advice (especially about masks), do we now feel that their vaccination efforts, which are also beneficial to those same companies, are magnanimous in spirit?

  29. Linh,

    Confucius say: Calm the fuck down.

    Dude. I laughed not out loud at your quotes of some idiot talking shit to you. It was so stupid that it was mildly funny. Again, as per my last post, who gives a fuck what some loony bird says about you or anything?

    You are starting to sound obsessed with Jews, buddy. I mean you theories about them could be true or maybe they aren’t. But, what difference does it make? You aren’t telling anyone who reads you anything new, Linh.

    So, I’m not sure why you wrote this column at all. I guess it relays that you are still very very emotional about all of this. You appear to want to “get back” at these meanies who plague you.

    Why bother? Loony people are all over the place. They sound and are loony to everyone. So you don’t need to say a word.

    And if they have derailed you? As it seems to be obvious that they have? They won. You lost.

    Stop tripping on these people, crypto or otherwise.

    Confucius say: Who gives a fuck?

    • Replies: @Truth
  30. @Johnny Smoggins

    Notice how most of them are white. Enjoying their white privilege.

  31. hillaire says:

    An excellent piece by that rare thing nowadays, somebody that can actually write (also that rare thing a humanist and explorer)…

    I dare say he will ruffle a few yankee ‘humps of hate’…. with his outspoken missive…

    so don’t forget “it’s the jews stupid (imbecile)”… though I personally blame circumcision, an abomination that creates abominations..

    • Replies: @Anon
  32. Weaver says:
    @Exalted Cyclops

    Agreed. The US is practically forcing Venezuelans to come to the US today, to give the easiest example. Haiti probably isn’t America’s fault though.

  33. Weaver says:

    Hi, I’ll try to read your book when I have time. Better understanding poverty in the US would be beneficial to me.

  34. MarkU says:
    @Johnny Smoggins

    Wow, the sight of all those privileged people living the dream has made me feel quite envious. I am sure that WC Fields would have loved it just as much now as he did in his own time, maybe more. Also a great place to find film extras, if you’re thinking of making a zombie movie.

  35. Franz says:
    @Johnny Smoggins

    Linh have you seen these videos from your old stomping ground, Kensington?

    Ah, bummer.

    Like Detroit’s innards, Kensington was a sweet spot for civilization back in the day.

    No wonder Linh’s down in the dumps. Over a hundred years ago the Austrian Emperor Franz Joseph said “The whole world is getting stupid.”

    Now with stupid at max, the whole world is getting uglier. At least the former Occident. Nose pressed to the glass, we see the new clean cities and towers of China. As people once gazed at our superiority, the world is now amazed at our crash to the eternal bottom.

    As I write, hundreds of thousands of Haitians cross into the USA. As in other places they crash into Ireland and Italy and create the New Nescience of the formerly civilized world. There is no more escape. Just degrees of danger, ugly, loud, brainless.

    • Agree: Ace
  36. Lin Dinh is great but you can never trust an oriental. I like Orientals, but I’ll never be so foolish as to suppose that they like me.

    • Replies: @John Johnson
  37. Lochearn says:

    Linh, I feel privileged to be able to read your stuff and how your basic honesty comes through in all you write. As a sensitive person myself I totally get you.

    I wonder if you have read Harold Rosenthal’s explosive interview published in 1976 as “The Hidden Tyranny” and available for free from Harold was not long after killed in a so-called Palestinian attack on the aircraft Harold was traveling in. He had revealed too much.: The Talmud is evil.

    Harold: Most Jews don’t like to admit it, but our God is Lucifer.

    • Replies: @Exalted Cyclops
  38. ‘Since Angry White Pussies do everything to benefit Jews, it’s only fair to ask if they’re crypto Jews?’

    I’m not sure there’s a point to any of this.

  39. Weaver says:

    Linh’s post reads like one of my antiwar posts. VDare makes the same argument. War leads to refugees. Europe is filled with Syrian refugees and might take in more when Turkey empties its refugee camps. America did that. To be clear, I want an immigration moratorium. But the US can’t just ruin other countries and not expect migrants. If we stop ruining other societies, then it will be easier to reject refugees.

    I’ve argued we should consider free trade with Central America and the Caribbean, to reduce migration into the US. Puerto Rico could more easily leave then as well.

    White people need to start thinking for ourselves. If we say, “no,” then the wars might end. No more America being special; no more interventions. Just develop America as a nation nation, for people to be happy in. White people love the idea of America being needed to “help” the world. That needs to end.

    Look at the GOP response to exiting Afghanistan. Why are we hoping Dems drop support for Israel? Why can’t whites do the same right now?

    • Replies: @JimDandy
  40. @GazaPlanet

    Lin Dinh is great but you can never trust an oriental. I like Orientals, but I’ll never be so foolish as to suppose that they like me.

    Asians have to walk an awkward middle ground on race. They don’t support flat out race denial but would like to see Whites taken down a notch.

    The Asian ideal would be for everyone to adopt race denial but not them. But they also don’t want to see the White man smoke so much egalitarian crack to where the world is destroyed.

    I really don’t care about Asian commentary on race. It will always be biased and awkward.

    Lin is a top level travel writer. He should work for The Atlantic or the New Yorker. Both are devoid of creative and unique writers. I think he should drop all racial talk entirely. Unz is a better fit for writers who ideas are banned from the mainstream. Travel articles really aren’t controversial.

  41. haha says:

    “You can only saw through the branch you are sitting on for so long before your idiocy catches up with you”. LOL, nice line that.

  42. @Anonymous

    Yes I do see your point. He should have qualified his remark because it does indeed come off as hypocrisy – thanks for bringing it to my attention. My point is that we should not ignore the bad results of imperial policies, but that being said it’s not as if we have any meaningful say in these policies to begin with. Maybe those back in the United Fruit era could have done something to derail the monster. We’re far beyond that stage now. If LD or anyone else thinks those whitey living in this open-air gulag are going to vote their way out of this they are delusional.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  43. @Lochearn

    Killed in the El-Al gate at an airport by an Egyptian as I recall, one of the very few times that happened for the most heavily secured airline on earth (even in the 1970s). Probably an engineered Mossad hit.

  44. Yevardian says:

    I’ve barely even read the article, but what sort of a title is this? Lihn Dihn is descending to ‘ask a Mexican!’ levels of quality in getting involved in this idiotic mudslinging.
    People read his articles for light travel-reading, not this nonsense.

  45. Wild Bill says:

    Well Linh, your little rant did manage to generate a lot of “We luvs ya” comments. But give yourself a shake. A few idiots with a keyboard type crap and you take it seriously? Its like framing the comment when I call you a good writer. Now, if we were walking down the street and one of these detractors came up and got uppity, I would totally understand if you cut his throat and walked on and I wouldn’t see a thing. But, they are not made of that kind of stuff so no worries. More photography please. You are good at it.

  46. Biff says:

    Hilarious title followed up with Uber entertaining prose.. Good stuff all around. As a once ‘world traveler’ myself and from middle(end of) America, and finally settling down in Northern Thailand, I really do appreciate your work, and what you are doing. It hits a very familiar note.

    I have no good advice and probably never will, but you will be remembered, and your detractors will be forgotten. Keep up the very fine work my man!

  47. SafeNow says:

    As I’ve have posted before, I have read all of Paul Theroux’s travel books, and Linh could give him a run for his money. An important skill that Linh shares with Theroux is the ability to find the telling and interesting anecdote, elicit the ensuing conversation, and then report it in an engaging and faithful manner. The above relies upon being measured, objective, and feeling a responsibility to your readers to report proficiently and truthfully. If you hate us, then it might be hard for you to do this, and now, it would be hard for us to trust you knowing that you are writing for your perceived enemies. So, I suppose it is for the best you take your talent elsewhere. And, stick to travel-writing, that is your great talent.

  48. Rebel Roy says:

    Glad you stayed Linh.Like I said most of the name callers are hasbara.But also be patient with the average person who doesn’t seek out the truth like most of us here,we are intelligent and listen to the wisdom God gave us.The average person listens to the Jew media and Jew authority and join the Jew U.S. armed forces as fodder because they DON’T have the facts.The children of the Devil the Jews thrive only on lies.You have given us so much insight into their power and they want to demoralize you.Their hasbara agents come in many forms.Its the average person we must all figure out how to reach,how to overcome that thing which has caused them to embrace things against their own interests.Don’t get discouraged(although we all do),just keep telling the truth.Satan has given them their power,and God our Father is going to take it away.I thank the Lord for you and Ron Unz because at your essence is truth and goodness and fairness.And remember the abused and ruined strike out at everyone but their true oppressors who they cannot see or comprehend.

  49. Normie at his best… but now ‘pride’ is synonymous with dong in bung.

  50. Anonymous[234] • Disclaimer says:

    Oh shit, one childish act after another. Come on, man, grow up. Seriously.

  51. JimDandy says:

    White people need to start thinking for ourselves. If we say, “no,” then the wars might end.

    We did, and they did. Trump wasn’t perfect, but his foreign policy was a great improvement. That’s why they took our democracy away from us once and for all.

    • Agree: Emslander
    • Replies: @Weaver
  52. Max Payne says:

    Nah it’s a combination of senilism, fear, arrogance, ignorance, and the most illiterate apophenia I’ve ever witnessed. All sandwiched in layers of rhetoric and anecdotal evidence that any half-wit can see is retarded.

    The only thing I can suggest to fix this place is hard registration with a mandatory timed IQ test as part of the account creation process.

    From there you can either deny those that didn’t pass muster or have their score promptly displayed next to their handles when they post.

    THAT would be interesting to see. Shit I’d sober up for that. Nah I’m just kidding. Sobriety is for chumps.

  53. AKAHorace says:

    Linh, I don’t agree with everything that you say but enjoy your posts.

    You write things on the internet on a site that is a zoo of crazy opinions. You are going to get crazies who tear everything you say apart. They don’t matter, keep doing your good work and don’t let them bother you. Your basic message is that the world outside the Anglosphere is interesting, worth visiting and full of people worth knowing. This is also what I have seen from my own experience. Is there a way that you can post and ignore the comments ?

  54. @Anonymous

    “for deploying us vs. them (a natural outgrowth of chosen vs. unchosen) and collective guilt, to wreck his country.

    Jewish thinking is the militant refusal to see individuals, only groups, so it violently shoehorns everyone into categories.”

    I don’t disagree — but would add: “chosen” is the key concept. It allows, encourages, supremacist behaviour. It encourages an “any means” is legitimate against the unchosen — those lesser beings, unchosen by God. It encourages sociopathic ruthlessness & a universal contempt.

    • Agree: RadicalCenter
  55. @Johnny Smoggins

    Boy it’s a good thing we don’t live in one of those shithole countries Trump told us about.

  56. kiwiklown says:

    Thanks, Linh, for another excellent piece to unmask your oppressors for whom they are: if not Jew trolls, then ignorants deluded by Jew propaganda.

    I find your word pictures beautiful, your character sketches deeply empathetic with your subjects’ humanity. I also find your photographs equally beautiful, equally empathetic. It takes an artist with intense humanity to undertake either one of those vocations. Here, you do both, equally well.

    Your discerning eye, and your artistic honesty impels you to speak truth into the lives of the lost, but prophets are never welcome because weak-minded people truculently refuse to be aroused from comfortable ignorance. And, because truth looks like foolishness to the lost, so they castigate prophets when they ought to be thankful to have met such a one as you.

    Please do go on writing and photographing.

    • Replies: @Jim Christian
  57. Stick around, Linh. Don’t pay any attention to the AI bot comments. The more value your commentaries are perceived, the more you will be attacked. Consider it as applause.

  58. MarkNiet says:

    “Jewish wars are festooned with American flags on porches, cars, clothing and coffins.” What an impactful and true sentence.

    • Agree: thotmonger
  59. Anonymous[359] • Disclaimer says:
    @Exalted Cyclops

    My point is that we should not ignore the bad results of imperial policies, but that being said it’s not as if we have any meaningful say in these policies to begin with.

    Yes, that seems to be the case so far. As a European citizen I don’t get to vote in the US presidential elections but I still remember one article convincingly making a case that Trump and something like 4-5 previous presidents got elected after campaigning for peace (even Bush, apparently). People try to vote correctly, among lesser evil candidates, but then something happens and another carnage starts.

    As for Linh Dinh, he’s a much worse human being than (most) people realise. He’s whining that people in comment sections are hateful and rude while he himself can’t stop spewing much worse garbage with unbridled rage. Basically, he wants the power to gag the people he’s insulting. This is something that he could freely do on his own little blog (or something) but that thing is floating in the nether regions of the Net in terms of traffic. So he wants Ron’s traffic but he doesn’t want to allow free speech – which is the main reason for Ron’s website’s traffic and success. Strike one.

    The collective American Karmic debt he so eagerly describes never mentions one person – Linh Dinh. All this talk about spineless American pussies who are all guilty for allowing those wars (remember his own words: “only idiotic cowards refuse to acknowledge any responsibility for their actions”) somehow doesn’t include one single American citizen who had spent many decades roaming the place with the exact same effect on its foreign policy. Strike two.

    He can’t wait to see the collective American Karmic punishment – now that he’s out of the country. That’s the real reason behind his Afghan immigration support. They are (part of) the Karma he wants to see inflicted upon the people who gave him home and citizenship all these years ago. He knows they’re dangerous trash but that’s the point. You don’t say “Karma is a bitch” unless you want to see suffering.

    The US will crash, no doubt, and it will get very, very ugly for everyone. Linh Dinh is hoping to watch it from a safe distance and bask in its glory. Maybe raise up a lighter or something, like one of the Dancing Israelis. Strike three.

    • Replies: @thotmonger
    , @Chester
  60. Jiminy says:
    @Johnny Smoggins

    That’s how I end up when I’m reading an article about philosophers and their convoluted Marxist theories. I just nod off with the iPad in my hand and go to a happy place. Maybe LD needs to find a happy place. Although I was thinking that he’s probably been offered a movie deal, and this is all part of the build-up to it. Celebrities create this sort of action/reaction thing all the time. I wonder if he’s going to play the part of the lead role. I also agree that he’s got a good eye when it comes to his photography.

  61. In a collapsing empire people are going to have lots of problems. This is one of the few places they can spew.

    But Linh is right, there is a nasty stench coming from the comments section. Fred Reed has referenced it obliquely a few times. These people are angry and maybe not too bright, but the allegedly intelligent people haven’t actually done anything to fix the problems. The country just keeps staggering forward. At this point, maybe there is nothing to be done.

    And it isn’t just the Unz Review. ZeroHedge has the same stench in its comment section.

    • Replies: @Randy Dazzler
  62. “Jewish Thinking” – I like that one and I’m going to use it from now on. Anyway, another good example of Jewish Thinking is an overarching obsession with vengeance. Unsurprisingly, vengeance has been a major theme in movies and TV since the dawn of Hollywood itself. This obsession with vengeance, combined with their seeing people as groups, adds up to collective guilt for those belonging to groups whose members at some point in the past may have harmed Jews (or their proxies the Blacks).

  63. Billy Ash says:
    @Johnny Smoggins

    What drug is it that causes people to collapse slowly into a pile?

  64. Truth says:

    LOL, Round 3, Clang-Clang!

  65. @Johnny Smoggins

    This video are so encouraging.

    All the blacks and whites spending time together in the parks; it is so inspirational.

    Thanks to the generous donations of racial healing medicine supplied by the Chinese and run through Mexico.

    This will show the white supremacists that are such a danger to this country the error of their ways. It is good that the Department of Justice is expending its resources to hunt down these domestic terrorists before they can harm our people.

    • Troll: Joe Paluka
  66. Truth says:

    Confucius say: Calm the fuck down.

    Well that wasn’t at all, racist.

  67. I have no time to hate anybody. I just hate Jewish thinking.

    Wise words.
    I have said, for decades, that I believe in equality. I dislike people irrespective of race, creed, colour, or religion, and I don’t think I ‘hate’. To me, hate is a visceral emotion. I just try to take people as they come, then decide whether I like or dislike, which of course can change on a whim.

  68. Anon[369] • Disclaimer says:

    Linh Dinh is the best columnist/blogger on Unz. Never boring, often laugh-out-loud funny. Great writer. Ron needs to everything within his power to keep Linh!

  69. @Truth

    You are a racist for saying that was not at all racist. Actually you would have been a racist if you said it was racist.

    But really actually you would have been a racist for not saying anything at all.

    Don’t you know, Troof? Everybody is a racist all day and all night.

    Confucius say: When everyone racist, no one racist.

  70. HbutnotG says:
    @Johnny Smoggins

    I remember when Skid Row was a couple blocks along Michigan Ave in Detroit. Ma & Pa would occasionally drive us kids through there to watch “the drunken bums” sleeping in the doorways. I guess it was their idea of “a lesson in life.” They sometimes made it part of a Sunday ride. It impressed me. I spent 10 years in college/professional school after HS. Although I hated school starting in the 2nd. grade. Anything but sleeping in a doorway, and, far as I was concerned, delayed gratification was good; anything to keep you from being a salesman.

    Philly is such a shithole. Always has been far as I know. Back in ca.1959, my uncle referred to Philly as “New York City’s shit hole.”

  71. It’s the truth, but it isn’t going to set anyone free. AWP have been running the show in the US since the end of WW2. It’s the “American Identity” resurrected and promoted by Casino Mafia Jew Donald Trump; the redneck has no other choice but to be the throwaway tool of the Jew until the country goes to shit and he’s deep into starvation.
    Chaim long ago taught the white trash to “point the finger out, never up” by activating the cowboy preachers water carriers and Israeli-owned, neo-con media outlets. He will always find an enemy in the non-white and a friend in the white-looking crypsis-enhanced European Jew.
    Since whitey has no clue about the world, the US’ place in the world, the Jew will continue to pick his pockets, send him on missions (like Afghanistan or Jan 6), and laugh while whitey languishes in prison and blames the non-white rival of the Jewish elite.

    The best thing for a non-white to do while whitey throws himself on the post-WW2 sword for the Casino Jews of today and tomorrow is to wait until he’s thrown under the bus and pick up the valuables that he leaves strews upon the ground. Also, since the Jews teach their dancing white monkeys to always point the finger out at the “foreign” (non-Jewish), it’s good to stay well armed and well-prepared for the Jews’ muppet bandits.

  72. HbutnotG says:
    @Billy Ash

    A “pontaRitchie” will do it. (If you don’t puke it up first)

  73. As a semi-regular reader but infrequent commenter, I just want to say, I hope you keep writing for Unz.

  74. Anon[429] • Disclaimer says:

    This guy writes a rage-filled racist screed, but you can only reply to it if he lets your comment through moderation. And this is the guy who calls other, much stronger and more dangerous men, pussies — behind the safety of his screen of course.

    Truly a sick man and a demented control freak. Have fun with your hate-filled life loser.

    • Replies: @Polemos
  75. Anon[429] • Disclaimer says:

    > I dare say he will ruffle a few yankee ‘humps of hate’….

    Oh but it’s OK for you to hate people because of what country they come from. I respect people more who are angry and don’t try to hide it. At least they’re honest.

    • Replies: @hillaire
  76. @Billy Ash

    What drug is it that causes people to collapse slowly into a pile?

    The “standard American diet” with a side order of “the American Dream (propaganda)” and a double serving of good ole Big Pharma.

  77. Linh,
    I enjoy your material too much for you to leave Unz! I this post means you’ll be staying.

    I guarantee that for every word-salad regurgitating troll there are 50 people reading and enjoying your work. Keep traveling, keep writing, and ignore the idiots!

  78. Linh, don’t leave us on Unz! Your articles are too real. As a seasoned traveler / immigrant in Russia I get a kick out if them. You call it as you see it and I love it. There’s a lot of honesty and humanity in your writing. It’s a rare thing these days. Everyone is fake as hell. Just ignore the haters or insult them for fun. Don’t let them get the best of you!

  79. Are Angry White Pussies Crypto Jews?

    In Linh Dinh a wop or dop?

  80. Chris Moore says: • Website

    If you hate the bourgeoise, landowners, urban dwellers, rural folks, whites, blacks, Latinos, Orientals, Jews, homosexuals, vegetarians, meat eaters or billionaires, etc., you’re indulging in Jewish thinking.

    If you hate “Jewish thinking,” you’re probably a Christian, whether you know it or not. In fact, rebellion against backward Jewish thinking built the AD world, and doesn’t every calendar record the year as 2021 AD? So if you write out the date as AD, you’re engaged in Christian thinking.

    This drives the ((Jews)) crazy. Every time they date something, they have to endorse Jesus Christ, their sworn enemy. No wonder they’re so nuts.

  81. Didn’t you just leave because you couldn’t take being called mean names by commenters? I watch content creators I enjoy get demonized, canceled, doxxed, fired, demonetized, deplatformed, fined, even arrested and you can’t deal with a few comments you don’t like? This reads like a histrionic article I’d expect to find on Buzzfeed with the slight twist of calling readers who don’t find you charming either crypto jews or golems. You’re slinging a lot of mud to claim the moral high ground. And for someone who claims to hate jewish thinking, you seem perfectly at ease with goading and aggravating their preferred target.

    • Agree: RadicalCenter
  82. @Anonymous

    TROLL is too vague. There needs to be a button for BOOO!

    I liked this essay because Dinh locates the snake and stomps on it good. Could that be why the comments now appear so tame? Let’s celebrate with some fine Western culture:

  83. Dumbo says:
    @Johnny Smoggins

    Wow. Scary. Like a zombie movie in real life.

    But don’t worry, they will all be vaccinated, thanks to Biden’s mandate. What’s one more injection of experimental drugs to those who had so many? They are “safe”! They won’t die from “Covid”!

    P.S. I’ve been to Philadelphia only once in the late 90s or early 2000s, and already then it seemed a very decaying town, long past its glory (if it ever had one). Dirty, and appearing dangerous, at least compared to NYC during the same period. But now it seems much, much worse. But also some parts of NYC might be starting to look like that now.

  84. Levtraro says:

    One of your hecklers (Shuetze) denied being a Jew troll but confessed to have been circumcised:

    I called him/her the Gloating KriptoJew. This Shuetze character is always talking about how powerful the Jews are, how they control everything, and pretending to be angry about it, but the end results is always that Jews are the most important thing ever to happen. I see it as trolling while stroking their malformed egos.

  85. Pharaoh says:
    @Johnny Smoggins

    Now walk down the busiest street in Johannesburg, South Africa (starts at 3:00):

  86. Andreas says:

    Honest self-reflection has never been an attribute of the American national character.

    Sincere and genuine self-reflection requires seeing all of the good, the bad and the ugly in oneself. This is hard because it takes real effort and courage. Failing to do so is psychologically equivalent to only seeing the good in oneself while pretending the bad and the ugly do not exist. Worse is the implication that others are blind to it themselves. Yet, the full spectrum of these characteristics always manifests itself in one’s collective behavior. This is what forms the core of contempt in others towards Americans.

    The conundrum is that without a will to honest self-reflection, the bad and the ugly are thus never recognized and subsequently addressed. Instead, over time, as is well evidenced by history and current events, their manifestations just get worse. And here we are.

    And that is the “American problem”.

    Therefore, I will contend that Linh is criticized or hated by many because of the mirror he holds up to the American face. No one likes to see an alcoholic rat bastard or manipulative aging whore in their reflection. But nature and nurture have given Linh this unique, and perhaps unenviable, role.

    We are in an age now where everything must be re-conceptualized or die.

    So cast aside the deflections of your vitriol and take a deep hard look at your reflection instead.

    • Agree: Polemos
  87. Chester says:

    Yea, funny how every time we let in foreign refugees, they turn against heritage America.

  88. kiwiklown says:

    Jim Christian @ 61

    Yes, I am in love with truth, Truth, beauty, humanity, being human, being humane, being real, being genuine, being empathetic, excellent writing, excellent photography.

    What about you?

    What do you love?

  89. @Eddy Minimum

    I agree with some of the above. A large number of the commenters on this site are as vitriolic as they are stupid. Their hatred is the only thing about them that makes them feel alive. Their constant ranting about Jews and blacks is shameful. Their presence doesn’t mean that most readers agree with them, but we don’t want to get involved with them anymore than we want to clean up a sewer.

  90. antibeast says:

    Linh Dinh:

    I hate to say this to you but get your gook ass off the ‘Blame da Joos’ shit. No, ‘Angry White Pussies’ are not ‘crypto-Jews’; they’re just stupid gringos who blame Blacks, Muslims, Latinos, Asians AND Jews except their own pathetic failure as a White Trash nation.

    Get it?

    • Disagree: thotmonger
  91. saggy says: • Website

    As for Linh Dinh, he’s a much worse human being than (most) people realise. He’s whining that people in comment sections are hateful and rude while he himself can’t stop spewing much worse garbage with unbridled rage.

    Serious question – can ‘anonymous’ be banned from a thread?

    Hasbara is not easily put off ….

    Video Link

  92. @Billy Ash

    It’s heroin + fentanyl. Apparently it’s now just $5 a bag in Kensington.

  93. “ Having spent their entire lives in a Jewish maze where lies lead to lies, they’re well-conditioned to bark, growl, grovel or play dead, anything to please their master.”

    So much reality in a brief sentence. Mr. Linh, I hope that most oriental people are as perceptive and courageous as you are.

    Thank you for a great article.

  94. @Pharaoh

    Noisy, dirty, chaotic and not a White person in sight. I like how the blacks can’t resist shouting to one another, even in a mall.

    It’s hard to believe that South Africa was once a first world nation. The photos of “apartheid” Johannesburg are as depressing to look at now as the photos of San Francisco before the late Sixties.

  95. hillaire says:

    How nice for you… I’m sure that an imbecile like yourself thinks that’s really important…

    but I couldn’t care less.. and I’m sure the there are plenty of ‘angry’ people that would concur… your kind of ‘respect’ can I’m sure.. be lived without and not missed at all…

  96. Unitlock says:

    I would say that this isn’t an “apples-to-apples” comparison. The Philly footage seems to be the same few blocks in Kensington, a truly depressing and run-down area of Philly.
    You could film along Broad or Market Streets (both East/West and North/South of City Hall) in Philly and see something much cleaner and less depressing, and truly “vibrant” (in a better sense of the word), with lots of professionals and happy consumers/shoppers.

    • Replies: @Pharaoh
  97. @Numa

    American Expat In Southeast Asia-

    Fukien Chinese don’t have a moral bone in their body, which is why the Tamil minority dislike them in Malaysia because the Southern Chinese treat the Tamils like the uncouth primates they are.

    They traffic in meth, causing a drug war in the region, corrupt politicians, embezzle funds from banks because they have a kleptomaniacal streak & pay the workers they treat like farm animals slave wages. This is sanctioned by the CCP of course-they learned from the British that the best way to create vassal states is to turn the young into dope addicts. So they are doing it with shabu.

    Anybody here who complains about Barry Horowitz & Sean O’Brien running the USA still needs to take a trip to Southeast Asia to see what happens when a race with pure contempt for another race as Chinese have for Austronesians takes over their countries.

    Visit an SEA country under Chinese aparthied, even a nicer one like Singapore, then come back & tell me how they compare.

    • Disagree: antibeast
    • Replies: @Boy1988
    , @Anonymous
  98. Anonymous[359] • Disclaimer says:

    This is so lame and clumsy. Both Linh Dinh and Fred Reed are using sockpuppets. I’m surprised Ron Unz didn’t notice.

  99. unwoke says:

    “If you hate the bourgeoise, landowners, urban dwellers, rural folks, whites, blacks, Latinos, Orientals, Jews, homosexuals, vegetarians, meat eaters or billionaires, etc., you’re indulging in Jewish thinking. ”

    Huh? do you have to hate all of the above or just one or two of them to be a first class Jew? No matter, better a hymie than a homo.

    • Replies: @saggy
  100. GeneralRipper [AKA "The Griffins"] says:


    Sounds like you went and got yer feelin’s hurt, Linh.

    You “gonzo journalist”, you.

    • LOL: utu
    • Replies: @Anonymous
  101. saggy says: • Website

    Here is a conscientious well known and respected rabbi explaining when a Jew meets a gentile he doesn’t know the thing to do is kill him, it’s halakic (commanded by Jewish law)

    Video Link

  102. Anon[497] • Disclaimer says:

    Thanks for this article, Mr. Dinh. I’ve really enjoyed reading your stuff in recent years.

  103. GeneralRipper [AKA "The Griffins"] says:
    @Johnny Smoggins

    Subsidize dysfunction, and you’ll get more of it.

    Let em’ die, God will recognize His own.

  104. Pharaoh says: • Website

    I would say that this isn’t an “apples-to-apples” comparison. The Philly footage seems to be the same few blocks in Kensington, a truly depressing and run-down area of Philly.

    You are right. I wasn’t making an apples-to-apples comparison.

    The video I posted wasn’t of a prime location in Johannesburg either, as you can tell by the demographics of the crowd. And it was far from depressing.

    Sure Philadelphia has much better neighborhoods than Kensington, but Linh says he would prefer to buy a house in an upscale neighborhood of Cape Town than it’s equivalent in Philadelphia. That says a lot, doesn’t it? Ditto for that Chinese family he mentioned in one of his earlier posts, who returned to South Africa after having emigrated to Australia and lived there for 8 years.

    Check out this short video of some of Africa’s best cities, Cape Town is included:

  105. Anonymous[359] • Disclaimer says:

    Good point.

    Still, he’s the only non-pussy American in existence. If only we had another bar-food, bar-beer and bar-fly critic/poet shuffling across the US, the parasites in charge would have been defeated long ago. You know what they say: revolutions happen one beer at a time.

  106. Weaver says:

    I was a supporter when he was at 1% in 2015. Whites just need to figure how to win in the new situation. The election was stolen, certainly.

    • Agree: JimDandy
  107. Weaver says:

    It’s a nice video, but SA seems on the decline economically.

    Drugs are a problem there too, just not in that area you show. Rape is a huge problem. I’m not saying that gleefully, just mentioning. Poverty also.

  108. Boy1988 says:
    @jeff stryker

    It’s Malaysia what do you expect, everyone dislike each other .What you said about the Chinese in South East Asia is true.Thats what happens when you have high IQ minority in a nation filled with low iq majority.Also Chinese aren’t like western europeans in general who are all politically correct and have high moral consciousness.For all the ugly behaviour of the Chinese ,their presence in SEA determines the prosperity of some countries here.Hence why Singapore ,malaysia and Thailand is much more prosperous than say Indonesia,the Philippines, Cambodia.The higher their percentage the more prosperous that country is.Exception would Brunei though and do keep an eye for Vietnam .Unlike most SEA nations Vietnamese are of different racial stock and their average iq is much higher than the Austronesian people.

    • Replies: @jeff stryker
  109. @Boy1988

    You repeated what I said: the Southern Chinese have low moral consciousness. Absolutely.

    But also unlike (THEM) their IQ is not verbal it is left-brained so they cannot hide their contempt with verbal manipulation or (MEDIA) & just treat the Austros like morons with open contempt which is why the Malays lose it & kill all of them.

    It’s the same thing that Koreans did in LA & ended in the LA riots.

    It’s why they get killed in Indonesia or Philippines whereas in the USA this has not happened.

    Also, in the USA or Europe a bunch of different smart merchant groups (Jews, Japanese, Iranians, Gujarati) hold one another in check.

    What happens in Southeast Asia is that you have a high IQ group running rampant over a low one with zero interference.

    In the Philippines, they’re held in check somewhat by the deeply embedded remnants of the Spanish Mestizo elite who themselves are incredibly corrupt & incompetent.

    Malaysia & Singapore would be more advanced but the Indians just hate being ruled over by the Chinese. That’s a major problem in their society. The Indians are just quarrelsome & truculent about their position.

    • Replies: @Boy1988
  110. Boy1988 says:
    @jeff stryker

    Interesting that you mentioned that Indians are quarrelsome.Have you noticed among overseas Indian only Tamil Indians in malaysia,north sumatera province( Medan have alot of Indians and the locals say that they are rowdy and noisy) and Singapore are behaving like African American? A friend from Mauritius who is of Bihari descent mentioned that Tamils in Malaysia are behaving like a bunch of goons .Even I find them irritating and annoying with aggressive behaviour and prone to emotional outburst.Also from my observation other groups like Malaysia malayalees and Punjabis don’t seem to like Tamils in Malaysia.Funny thing is even Tamils hate each other since there are division among them like the elite Ceylon Tamils who are rich as fuck and among the higher caste like gounders,nagarathar,thevar vs the lower caste like pallar,nadar,dhobis and paraiyar.Also did you know that in Malaysia if a Chinese criminal needs a lawyer they always ask an Indians lawyer to represent them .

  111. I’m not against individual Jews…

    I can’t tell you how relieved I am!

  112. This is completely bizarre and makes a mockery of this site and what it once stood for. LD now REMOVES comments he thinks don’t kiss his ass enough for essentially telling him that I much preferred his writing before the ” screw Whitey” stuff began?
    This was the one site where we ( used to) have free speech, and I was in no way abusive, troll like, or disrespectful. LD you are losing readers who appreciated your style of writing and even bought your books.
    Lovely l, just what everyone wanted– random censorship on unz now. Good job LD. You sure showed everyone by deleting comments that respectfully disagreed with you. Lovely. Maybe you can aspire to be like Joe Biden and simply ban anyone who dares disagree with you entirely from the site.

  113. @HalconHigh

    “They” (the club as George Carlin points out) hate progressive thinking most of all.

    I can’t even imagine why you might say that.

  114. I love reading LD. He’s bit acid at times but smart, very interesting, and insightful. I also think he’s doing what great writers of the past used to do all the time. Travel. Observe. Write.

    If he comes down on Jews as a group that’s his right. Why should Jews as a group be any more immune to criticism than whites, Christians or any other demographic group? What he observes is his observation and you as a reader have a right to agree or disagree. At least reading his material might get you to THINK !!!

    Thank You Linh.

    This reader say he hopes he has a great day is will be sending him a few cups of coffee to drink while pondering those around us.

  115. @antibeast

    Dude ….. you need to get out more. Life is wonderful if you take the time to observe it.

    Linh is writing about the piece of it that he observed in that moment. No point in getting angry.

    Peace & Love

    • Replies: @antibeast
  116. @Weaver

    You sort of think it was stolen when you read the constant mantra of the lying MSM ….. “the election was as honest as the day is long” vibe.

    I’d agree it was stolen but it is what it is. The ruling elites are never going to allow a real populist to govern in the U.S. The best you can really hope for is these people running things don’t accidently blow the world to smithereens while we are living in it.

  117. @Eddy Minimum

    If you traveled to Israel you’d get a good look at what Jews are like when the cameras are off. Once told a Jewish acquaintance that Israel should be one state to the Jordan River and Jews should just give the Palestinians that they occupy the right to vote. He said, “we can’t, they breed like flies”. Then mentioned he was liberal. I wondered what right wingers had planned for these people.

    Jewish society is hypocritical. All that matters in the group is “Is it good for the Jews?” All others be damned.

  118. antibeast says:
    @Mike the Great Wise One

    Tell that to the stupid gringos who are now acting like crybabies after losing the War in Afghanistan to the Taliban:

    An overwhelming majority of Americans approve of the United States launching military attacks in Afghanistan Sunday and of the way President George W. Bush is handling the campaign against terrorism. A special CNN/USA Today/Gallup poll conducted Sunday night also shows widespread support for taking additional military action in Afghanistan, even if it entails U.S. ground troops and results in Afghan civilians getting killed, and for attacking other countries that the U.S. government believes are harboring terrorists.

    The poll was conducted between 5:30 and 8:30 p.m. Eastern time on Sunday, within hours after the announcement that the United States and Great Britain had launched missile and bombing attacks on at least three cities in Afghanistan. According to the poll, 90% of Americans approve of the United States taking such military action, while just 5% are opposed, and another 5% are unsure. By about the same margin, 92% to 5%, Americans also approve of the way Bush is handling the campaign against terrorism. By way of comparison, 79% approved of the decision on January 16, 1991 to initiate the air war against Iraq at the beginning of the Persian Gulf War.

    So what do these limp-dicks do to make them feel better about themselves? BLAME DA JOOS!!!

    Even Linh Dinh falls for this crap-shoot nowadays: instead of blaming the stupid gringos, he BLAMES DA JOOS!!!

    • Replies: @antibeast
  119. Polemos says:

    Hey, you made it through.

    What does that tell ya?

  120. Anonymous[357] • Disclaimer says:
    @jeff stryker

    Fukien Chinese don’t have a moral bone in their body

    The Western gweilo always morally superior to the Eastern barbarians and quick to reproach while stealing their food and bombing their homes.

    Remove the beam from your eyes before spitting into another, you moral rodent. Your hypocrisy is too much.

  121. Ace says:

    Not on your case but what is “progressive thinking”? It’s a mysterious thing to me. Like “neo-liberalism.”

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