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America Burning, Plus Coronavirus Missives from Vietnam and Philly
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Felix Giordano at Friendly Lounge in Philadelphia, 2016

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On June 4th, Common Dreams’ lead story is titled, “‘This Isn’t Going Away’: Defying Curfews and Police Brutality in Relentless Push for Justice, Uprising Over Killing of George Floyd Keeps Growing.”

The same day, I received a mass email from Jee Leong Koh, a Singaporean poet living in Harlem. In an 800-word statement about the ongoing protest, riot and looting, there’s this passage:

The destruction of property during this American uprising is not at all senseless. Born out of unheeded rage, it is actually very purposeful. If you are systematically excluded, exploited, or discriminated against in the economy, it is logical that you would smash shop windows in order to be heard and set police cars on fire in order to be seen.

If Koh or his family owned a store that had been looted, I doubt he would find such destruction so logical and purposeful.

On May 28th, ESPN’s Chris Martin Palmer quote tweeted a photo of a six-story building in flames, “Burn that shit down. Burn it all down.”

On May 31st, Palmer tweeted, “They just attacked our sister community down the street. It’s a gated community and they tried to climb the gates. They had to beat them back. Then destroyed a Starbucks and are now in front of my building. Get these animals TF out of my neighborhood. Go back to where you live.”

Checking the news from Philadelphia, my old city, I found out a Rite Aid was looted for 15 hours straight. The local ABC newscast aired a FaceBook rant by Rashan Howard, “I need somebody to please explain to me how this represents getting justice for George Floyd. And you want to know why they don’t put supermarkets in black neighborhoods! This is why.”

That sort of bluntness almost never makes it on air, and unsurprisingly, the online version of the story omits the bit about supermarkets in ghettos.

In Kensington, a tiny drug store was also targeted by looters. On ABC, owner Catherine Tiang said, “I haven’t cried yet, it’s been really stressful.”

Her employee, Donna Knowles, added, “I thought about our patients. Oh my God, what are they going to do to get their medication? They depend on us.”

Block captain Hank Meleski Jr. summed up, “We try to stay together. We want to keep it as nice as we can here ’cause we live here.”

I’ve written about Kensington repeatedly, and know it reasonably well. (When a Philadelphia Inquirer reporter wanted to profile a Kensington bar, she asked me to guide her.) With its factories in ruins, many houses boarded up and junkies nodding on sidewalks, Kensington is a neighborhood that scares even those from Camden, NJ.

People only live or do business in Kensington because they can’t afford anywhere else. They’re the downtrodden you’ve heard so much about, and yet, their takes on race, blacks and cops don’t conform to what you’ve learnt from your Marxist professors.

Most non-black urban poor love cops! And not from some weird sentimentality, ideology or perversion, but because these donut chompers protect them, daily, from criminals, of which way, way too many are black.

These poor live near or work with blacks, ride with them on buses, and, compared to the middle and upper classes, are much more likely to date, marry or have black relatives. They know blacks from direct experiences, so treat them like individuals.

By contrast, too many of the more affluent and refined see blacks as just helpless victims of white racism, so even their worst acts, murdering, raping or, just recently, pummeling old white men and women at a nursing home, can be explained away as natural consequences of this injustice, which isn’t just systemic, but likely eternal, for whites are naturally racist, you see. They’re born guilty.

Three of the last five Philly mayors were black, and over a third of Philly cops are black, including the one who broke up a mugging against me, near the corner of 11th and South in 1992. Dude had a hammer, but I stalled him long enough to not get brained. After the conviction, the cop thanked me, “We’ve had him in here seven or eight times, but this is his first conviction.”

The street violence across America has hardened attitudes on all sides, so there are no winners except for America’s rulers, and I mean the real ones, not their political puppets. No matter how many bricks are thrown, windows broken, stores looted and people injured or killed among protestors and cops, they and their stock portfolios are safe, or so they think.

The current mayhem is not just spontaneous, but elaborately planned out, with bricks delivered, hidden weapons placed at intervals, communication across conflict theater via walkies talkies, scouts and even supply lines.

While some of this sophistication may be grassroots, it’s sensible to suspect there are also deep pockets and professional organization behind it, and unless the state investigates this angle, I will speculate that it is the culprit.

Generating chaos and hatred, America’s rulers reinforce all the worst charges against their divided subjects, such as blacks are lawless, cops are racist psychopaths and disgruntled young people are Antifa terrorists. As for the destruction of the country, this too is consistent with their long-term plan.

I’ve said that Mexico needs the wall more than the US, to prevent panicking Americans from fleeing into it, so short of escaping, Americans should organize and prepare themselves to stake out liberated zones. Those who don’t think they’re in a war are dead meat.

The following coronavirus missives come from Vung Tau, where I’m still hoping to return, and Philly, which I might just see again.


Jim B., a 63-year-old American expat since 1982, working in oil and gas. Originally from Little Rock, Ark, he has lived and worked in the UK, Norway, Australia, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam.


I flew into Tan Son Nhat from Kuala Lumpur on the 16th March, not realizing the shit storm that was enveloping the world. I got through the medical check by the skin of teeth without being forced into quarantine in an Army barracks. Apparently that happened later in the day. I spent a nervous few days waiting to be hauled out of my apartment where I was self-quarantining, but they never came for me although I was on the CV19 database.

After that Vung Tau was pretty much like everywhere else with social distancing and the like. Still going out with masks and stocking up on booze which got me through the boring times. There were also a couple of times I was cursed as a Tây [Westerner] as at one point it was perceived that most of the new cases were from tourists coming in from other countries. That has all quieted down as it has been demonstrated that even repatriated Vietnamese are bringing it in as well.

Now, the situation is almost 100% normal since there are no new cases. I hear Malaysia is mulling the idea of relaxing somewhat starting on the 9th June. I would like to go back and see my family as I’ve been in VN for 11 weeks now, but the rub here is having to deal with a mandatory 2-week quarantine on both ends. A little depressing at times, but somehow we train our brains for a new normal.

My friends all exhorted me to get a Netflix account to while away the hours. But I rejected this notion and dusted off a very dusty copy of Umberto Eco’s Foucault’s Pendulum. Reading this seriously with a notebook at my side and looking up every reference I was unfamiliar with on Wikipedia & Google translator—this took over a month and was a real educational experience. Strongly recommended. There is lots of other good free e-stuff on Project Gutenberg, maybe I’ll have a go at some James Joyce in the future.

Regarding what worries me the most, I’m certain there will be a world-wide economic collapse. The current events in the USA seem to make sure of this happening sooner than later. The disease—seems to me you have to be really unlucky to be seriously ill with this unless you are unfit, fat, diabetic, etc. But let us face it—shit happens and hiding from it won’t work in the long run.

As for how long this will last, it is like the common cold isn’t it? No vaccine and everyone will get it eventually. But the PTB are coming for you, Bill Gates’ vaccine and the rest.

A year from now, I hope Malaysia is back to normal just for personal reasons. But I do wonder how long Vietnam can carry on without tourism. Surely this must be a fatal blow to the economy sooner than later.


Felix Giordano, a 73-year-old retired American who used to own a grocery store and worked in a psychiatric hospital. He lives, paints and exhibits in South Philly.

The pandemic is a giant hoax, and the hidden agenda comes from Gates, Fauci, Chicoms, greed and world ownership by a few of the ruling classes with many names and many different idiotic reasons…

Since this started, I’ve become a prisoner of a Third World commie dictatorship run by idiots six blocks from Independence Hall. Hope they don’t dig up Ben Franklin’s grave?

Now that the rioting and looting have started, the locals in South Philly stopped the thugs by standing in front of the businesses big and especially small, and the Antifa thugs backed off, so Passyunk and 9th St and below stayed safe for now. Mayor Mac Barstool has called them vigilantes… for trying to save us from those fires, and lootings.

Cops are told to stand down… Pallets of bricks showed up in certain areas. Center City, Frankford, Kensington and West Philly got hit by the thugs. Fires were set, to distract. Since Trump sent in the national guard, it stopped, so now they’re blowing up ATM’s with dynamite to get cash, mostly in the burbs…

The ringleaders are almost all white out-of-towners (big surprise). The media blames the KKK. Anybody with brains can see it’s the lefties owned by the elite rich. Do I have to name them? They’re using our local corrupt-as-hell pols and media to blame everybody but themselves.

The cops won’t come, like they ever did. In Philly it’s always been cops and whores. They’re never around when you need them. So we’re on our own, and the idiots are still wearing facemasks when they jog or bike, but out-of-town and in public parks most folks don’t wear them. All the looters and Antifa inciters wear them.

Most of the looters are from areas where junk is always the cheapest, but sugar in soda costs extra. Price gouging is what you’d expect.

If I hear one more white liberal cry out systemic white racism again, I may go postal on his ass. Before this shit started, I was sitting in the Friendly. A white hipster started to tell me how Rizzo burnt down Osage Ave. I had to tell him that his scapegoat was out of office for six years, and the mayor in 85 was the well-loved by the liberal elite, Wilson Goode, who was black and came from that area in West Philly that couldn’t stand those MOVE crackpots.

MOVE was financed by the same rich white elites that helped the girlfriend killer [Ira Einhorn] get away to France for years, he recently died in jail. I went to his 1st Earth Day bullshit in 1970. Ira Einhorn was the local Epstein of his day in Philly.

Anyway, I blew up on that hipster on his real racism. Dom [owner of Friendly Lounge] put him at the other end of the bar. I’ve been social distancing for decades because of assholes like that. As I was leaving, the jerkoff wanted to buy me a drink and shake my hand. I impolitely told him to go fuck his mother in the ass.


Well, at least the pandemic is coming to an end. Now that they can shame a bunch of white liberals into crying and begging for forgiveness for something their ancestors might have done to some other guy’s ancestors. I don’t have that guilt trip. My grandparents were all Southern Italian serfs when they escaped to get here. That bugs some people who use that race card. I drank in a black bar the night they killed Martin Luther King. Sorry to tell you I was a homey, but I’m from a time when people laughed at all those race stereotypes.

This crap is really the ultra-rich using idiots, from the left and right, doesn’t make a diff to me, they’re just tools, to bring back feudalism. It always was Marx’s real aim. Will we go thru another 1,500 years of minor kings and serfs with their knights keeping us barefoot and stupid? I don’t think that will happen. What Gates, Soros, Rothschild, Rockefeller and all the other jackasses with too much money try to do, I don’t think they’ll succeed.

Will we come out of this a better world? No, we’re still humans, we always fuck up, but as pissed as I am, I still want to sing that stupid song from a stupid Broadway show in the 70s, “Tomorrow”!

Linh Dinh’s latest book is Postcards from the End of America. He maintains a regularly updated photo blog.

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  1. “Tomorrow”!

    As Scawlett said in GWTW “theahs ewlways tomorrow.”

    Hope springs eternal, wrote Pope. We can always hope.

    • Replies: @felix giordano

    The above takes me back to a lots of ‘Down and out in Paris and London’ and other such writings.

    Would I like to see more rioting and chaos in the US? Sure I would, but only if it stopped the USA from fucking up the rest of the world.
    I have no sympathy for US citizens, even those who are unaware and suffer in these riots, the world has suffered enough of their bullshit about democracy and support for Israel.

    • Replies: @4justice
  3. Linh,

    The problem is police brutality against everybody, not racism. I am sure those poor who love them don’t love them when they’re beating their heads in.

    The whole thing is just simple divide and conquer. Now, just like the 60s (of course this is a silly little nothing blip of a spree compared to 1967-68, but most everybody who remembers is dead), there will be this massive unbridgeable divide between the “middle,” actually very very very lower middle, class, you know, the “law-abiding citizen,” “silent majority” types who have always and will always vote against their own interests, vs. the blacks and the young. Thus preventing their ever finding common cause. Thus smothering any substantive revolt. (This is hardly a substantive revolt anyway. Nor a particularly lot of looting. In the 60s there were snipers and street battles with lots of people shot and clubbed dead.)

    Both sides are fanning the flames, supplying bricks, whatever. One side is hoping to discredit Trump with this and get Mrs. Clinton elected. The other side is hoping to fan outrage amongst the “middle” class with outrage against it. Neither side is particularly concerned with black civil rights. (Although both sides use both racism/ anti-racism [the two are the same thing] to divert people from talking about what really matters as well as keeping them, wait for it, divided!)

    It’s gonna backfire on one of them. On which one is the toss-up. What if it backfired on both? That would be a sight to see.

    • Agree: Escher
  4. I found this definition of fascism in wikipedia :

    The Italian term fascismo is derived from fascio meaning “a bundle of sticks”, ultimately from the Latin word fasces. This was the name given to political organizations in Italy known as fasci, groups similar to guilds or syndicates.

    The Fascists came to associate the term with the ancient Roman fasces or fascio littorio – a bundle of rods tied around an axe, an ancient Roman symbol of the authority of the civic magistrate. The symbolism of the fasces suggested strength through unity: a single rod is easily broken, while the bundle is difficult to break.

    So I’m now confused. It seems that to unify against fascism (like antifa) makes you into a fascist by default.

    • Replies: @Franz
  5. mmack says:

    “As I was leaving, the jerkoff wanted to buy me a drink and shake my hand. I impolitely told him to go fuck his mother in the ass.”

    Nice to see Philly is still Philly.

  6. @Prester John

    not for nothing,but i think scarlett said ,well,tomorrow is another day……and i say ,frankly my dear,i don’t give a damn.

    • Replies: @chris
  7. Emslander says:

    Blaming the “police” for your problems is psychotic. Blaming another race for your suffering is juvenile. Blaming your mommy for your perversion is counterproductive. Blaming Jews for their wealth will never earn you a single dime.

    “the problem is not in our stars but in ourselves.”

    That’s where you need to look for someone to blame, people.

    • Replies: @Low Voltage
    , @Colin Wright
  8. Franz says:
    @gaston julia

    So I’m now confused. It seems that to unify against fascism (like antifa) makes you into a fascist by default.

    The saying from almost a century ago still fits: “The difference between Red thugs and Black thugs is the difference between dog shit and cat shit.”

    • Replies: @gaston julia
  9. @Emslander

    You should write a self-help book.

    • Replies: @Alden
  10. @Emslander

    ‘…Blaming another race for your suffering is juvenile…’

    Meh. Things sure are a lot nicer with no blacks around.

    • Agree: RadicalCenter
    • Replies: @Emslander
  11. Let’s get something straight here.

    A few months ago they said cash money was spreading a deadly Covid-19 virus so people started wearing gloves.

    Now they say a black was trying to pass fake cash and got killed for it resulting in nationwide riots killing many more and costing billions in damage.

    Why are they giving cash money such a bad name? They’re not trying to abolish cash or something?

  12. chris says:
    @felix giordano

    Excellent analysis and story, Felix; thanks!

    Amazing how the story of mayor Goode and the MOVE fire is finally cleared up for me now.

    • Replies: @AceDeuce
  13. 4justice says:
    @Rev. Spooner

    I used to feel like that, even though I live in the US. But really, the citizens don’t really have a say in foreign policy. AIPAC and the neocons decide for us. So should we really be punished for being used by them? People tried to vote in an isolationist president in Trump. They rejected the cackling war criminal HRC. What more could they do? The media is owned by six mega corporations. They tell us to hate America. The leftie historians like Howard Zinn demonize Christians and Whites while he is very thin on cataloging any kind of Jewish role in slavery, WWI, WWII, controlling the African American liberation movement, Wall St, banking. It is a shell game. Jews are white when it helps them, not white when it is time to be held accountable. A religion when that is better, an ethnicity when they want to be atheist and secular. Silicon valley is spying on all of us and letting ADL and SPLC tell us what we can and can’t say. I guess the real miracle is it that they didn’t provoke it to be burned down sooner.

    Also, as you might imagine, antifa also supports Israel, no surprise.

    Whatever they do to us, remember that we are all sacred. Never let them make you forget. Not sure if you are actually a reverend, but if you are, we can say this another way – we are all God’s children. Stop evil where you can, but leave vengeance to the Lord – we are too stupid to handle vengeance properly. May God help us all.

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
    , @Saggy
    , @Moi
  14. anon[384] • Disclaimer says:


    Mapacha is coming
    To watch the dead
    Four are leaving
    Four are in place instead

    I see souls calling
    There eyes reflected in the mirror
    There will be justice coming
    No forgiveness for a sinner

  15. Foucault’s Pendulum; now that is a timely read. I’ve never thought the same since reading it.

    • Replies: @Republic
  16. GMC says:

    A part of the problem was when they let anybody and everybody into the country after the 1965 Open, Unlimited Immigration Laws. There was no plans for the health of the country before those extra 100 million were let in , much less a plan after all the new ones showed up and were deposited in ” strange, suspicious places” around the country. If you run a country, a city, a company a farm etc. you have to have a serious set of plans – to keep the place headed in the right direction. There are None , never have been and no politician, president, mayor or department head has come close to planning out the wellbeing of the city, county or country. Why? Because they’re lazy, paid too much, and got away with Bullshitting everyone , instead of taking their job seriously. Then they retired handsomely, and bitch about how bad the guy who took over his/her job – does today. America is a Heintz 57 monkey F.

    • Replies: @obvious
  17. Dumbo says:

    Let it “burn, bitch, burn”.
    Nothing spontaneous about these protests.
    They are even protesting in some places in Europe, what do they care about some “George Floyd”?
    Social media has turned people into zombies or robots, they just follow the latest fads. #stayhome, #blacklivesmatter, #gaysforever, it doesn’t matter. Master says “sit”, dog sits. Master says “play dead”, they do.
    I’m thinking what’s going to be next now, some mentioned a looming food crisis. Anything to keep the people in line.

    • Agree: RadicalCenter, Robjil, Moi
  18. Dumbo says:

    And you want to know why they don’t put supermarkets in black neighborhoods! This is why.

    Ghetto blacks have a hard time with things such as “cause” and “consequence”. They wouldn’t rob and loot so much if they simply understood basic logic, that actions have consequences.

    But perhaps it goes beyond understanding, it’s really a different concept of time. It is said that some African languages do not have a tense for the past or the future, it’s all “present”. So they loot because there is an opportunity at that time, but the fact that tomorrow that shop might not be there because of the looting is not on their thoughts.

    “Time past and time future
    What might have been and what has been
    Point to one end, which is always present.”

    • Replies: @orionyx
  19. Lee Jeong Koh, another chinaman craving destruction of America… they almost always bite the hand that feeds it. What a shame!

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  20. Anonymous[661] • Disclaimer says:

    Time to return from exile, Mr. Dinh. America needs you.

    And besides, you’re missing all the fun.

    • Replies: @Dumbo
  21. What’s going on in America right now has been going in Israel for the last 72 years. If you protest against police brutality you should also protest against the brutalities inflicted on the Palestinian people. It’s exactly the same.

    • Agree: Alfred, DB Cooper
    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  22. Emslander says:
    @Colin Wright

    Look to yourself for the solution. If other people are bothering you, whatever their race, there are empty old villages all over the country for you to occupy. They’re empty because idiots in the sixties decided that work, children and initiative were obsolete.

    Nice homes sit empty. Nice homes with large gardens, even a few acres for pasture and fruit trees. For the cost of your monthly Starbucks bill.

    • Replies: @Colin Wright
  23. Dumbo says:

    Yes, come while the riots last and grab yourself a few cases of beer too, it’s on the house. Just don’t riot among the Hmong, or maybe you can? One of the policemen who stayed silent during George Floyd’s “martyrdom” was a Hmong.

  24. Anonymous[275] • Disclaimer says:

    Neither side is particularly concerned with black civil rights.

    Right you are. Not even the Blacks want Black civil rights. They want what the 1960s civil rights laws + riots ended up giving them, which was absolute supremacy in all legal and employment disputes with European descended Whites. Blacks see civil rights as a contest to win, and looks no further.

    Caldwell, _The Entitlement Society_, sees this civil rights fight today as between as two coalitions: those who benefited from the Civil Rights laws (ordinarily called the Left) and those who lost heavily from the civil rights laws (the descendants of every other group in the US.). The Left has carefully given Trump only two options: (1) fight, (2) die. The second group, his supporters, who are already dying (European descended White death rate is increasing) regard the attack on Trump as an attack on them. In this the second group, supporting Trump, is correct; if Trump loses, the second group looses also, perhaps enough to permit completion of the attempted genocide (UN definition) to which they have been subjected.

    The recent urban riots are an all out desperation offensive, rather like Tet in the Vietnam War, an attempt to win through raw shock and surprise. As with Tet, the offensive might just succeed (**). Win, lose, or draw, it’s now a raw fight, all Left’s previously hidden resources committed, all Federal resources just being warmed up. I’d say the point of no return in this fight was the attempt to capture the White House.

    And the Blacks, for whom the Left claims to be fighting, are being treated like Pacific Islanders during WW II — bystanders who can occasionally help but have no say in what either of the combatants do. Suburbans come in, Antifa comes in to Black areas, and – poof — necessary stores are destroyed, as is living space — and nobody does anything, largely because of “no bail” and “dollar limits on what constitutes shoplifting” laws that were passed ostensibly to aid Blacks. No real surprise, reminds me of the “Father has to leave to get welfare for the good of the child” rule that destroyed so many Black lives.

    (**) And the offensive might not succeed. The 1848 Revolutions attempted in Europe intended to replicate the French Revolution, but mostly failed. In bare basics, the French king had stayed in Paris within reach of the Parisian mob. The French king relied on the love of his subjects rather than force. Urban mobs don’t love anybody, but they do like loot, so the Palace was taken and the Revolution continued. In 1848, nobody repeated what had turned out to be a fatal mistake. Rulers retreated to their troop concentrations and then counterattacked. Bingo, no revolution, and the aristocracy lasted until WW I, when the Flood destroyed them all.
    If the Federal government does the like, after a serious effort to eliminate / intimidate / convert internal resistance / fence sitters, it will win. If not, well, it won’t.

    • Replies: @Emslander
  25. @obwandiyag

    Apparently, you must have a crystal ball to assert that this rioting is “a silly little nothing blip of a spree compared to 1967-68,” and that “it is hardly a substantive revolt anyway. Nor a particularly lot of looting.” What if it’s just getting started?

    With the democrat politicians grovelling to the mob, the military brass (active and retired) condemning Trump’s orders, and the election drawing nearer, do you think these rioters are just going to pack up and go home? Why would they? At what point will the demonized and overworked police say fuck it and let everything burn?

    The RESISTANCE, modern day Jacobins, will never give up until Trump is removed from office, no matter how long it takes, nor how many innocent victims are killed. You can count on that.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @RadicalCenter
  26. “I’ve said that Mexico needs the wall more than the US, to prevent panicking Americans from fleeing into it, so short of escaping, Americans should organize and prepare themselves to stake out liberated zones.”

    Talking with a neighbor sometime ago about the looming collapse of the US. He said to me, “You just watch Mexico will build a wall.” That was well before Trump ever went political.

    Yes, are rulers want this. However stereotypes exist for a reason. We were never going to get along in diversity despite our best efforts. Tribes of the same race can’t even get along.

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  27. @4justice

    First, that conveniently ignores “An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth.” Reconcile THAT with “leave vengeance to the Lord.” Sometimes apparent contradictions in “the” bible are actual contradictions, especially between the OT and the NT.

    Second, what kind of dream world does that advice apply in? People who attack us should not be merely repelled momentarily, leaving them free to return and kill, rape, rob, terrorize us, our parents, our children. Aggressors of whatever race or color, AND THEIR FAMILIES AND DEFENDERS — should be eliminated wholesale so that they pose no further threat. Decent people have a right to live in peace, not in constant fear and anxiety waiting for the inevitable next attack.

    It’s not just vengeance, it’s simple self-defense and survival. Don’t leave enemies or predators — whether African-“Americans” or brainwashed white “antifa” maniacs — able to come back tomorrow to harm you and yours.

    Just as some supreme court “justice” said that the constitution isn’t a suicide pact, the bible and christianity shouldn’t be a suicide pact either. If any document or “authority” can’t reasomably be interpreted to support our right and need to do what it takes for our children to live and be safe, those authorities aren’t authorities and the documents don’t deserve credence. Doesn’t matter how long they have been in existence or how upset people get to hear this.

    Good people of all backgrounds, get together and fight back. And don’t stop fighting until the threats are eradicated. Anyone who wants to fight with one hand tied behind your back “because Holy Bible” is reading the bible selectively and is behaving too foolishly to survive anyway.

    To Hell with the looters and abusive police alike. To Hell with the plutocrats who seem to benefit, or think they benefit, from putting us through this Hell.

    • Replies: @4justice
  28. Emslander says:

    Very good analysis.

    I’d have just hit agree, but apparently don’t rate that privilege here on Unz.

  29. Truth says:

    On May 28th, ESPN’s Chris Martin Palmer quote tweeted a photo of a six-story building in flames, “Burn that shit down. Burn it all down.”

    On May 31st, Palmer tweeted, “They just attacked our sister community down the street. It’s a gated community and they tried to climb the gates. They had to beat them back. Then destroyed a Starbucks and are now in front of my building. Get these animals TF out of my neighborhood. Go back to where you live.”


    Eat the damn rich, I say! Then wash them down with a beer at Friendly’s

    • Replies: @Johnny Walker Read
  30. Anonymous[183] • Disclaimer says:

    The RESISTANCE, modern day Jacobins, will never give up until Trump is removed from office, no matter how long it takes, nor how many innocent victims are killed. You can count on that.

    Not _that_ again. This sort of statement is a commonplace in US history. Just about every enemy it’s fought has said the same thing, and the US has, at times, taken them up on it. One example:

    The young bloods of the South: sons of planters, lawyers about towns, good billiard-players and sportsmen, men who never did any work and never will… They are splendid riders, first-rate shots and utterly reckless. These men must all be killed or employed by us before we can hope for peace.
    (Sherman later said something similar about what are now called “Native Americans”. Under PC, above is OK, but the “something similar” is not.


    You people of the South don’t know what you are doing. This country will be drenched in blood, and God only knows how it will end.

    Nobody likes a war of extermination, which is essentially what you are threatening in the your blockquote text above, so the US has withdrawn about as far is it can to avoid such a war. If you insist on such a war, though, you’ll get it. Just watch.

  31. Anonymous[189] • Disclaimer says:
    @Really No Shit

    Lee Jeong Koh, another chinaman craving destruction of America… they almost always bite the hand that feeds it. What a shame!

    Not really. He’s a Singaporean, which means he’s English-speaking and grew up in a super conformist politically correct environment where critical thinking is a high risk activity. It’s natural that idiots like this swallow the BLM narrative without asking questions.

    Singaporeans are really quite unlike other Chinese. Automatons, devoid of a soul, deathly afraid of physical violence, and yet sneaky and malevolent to the core. Terrible people.

    • Replies: @Truth
    , @Really No Shit
  32. Saggy says: • Website

    Also, as you might imagine, antifa also supports Israel, no surprise.

    Antifa doesn’t support Israel, antifa is Israel. They been active in the US for many years, but before Trump they had only one target, David Irving,

    • Agree: Johnny Walker Read
  33. Republic says:
    @Jim Richard

    That novel should be interesting,as it lists 16 secret societies.

  34. People only live or do business in Kensington because they can’t afford anywhere else. They’re the downtrodden you’ve heard so much about, and yet, their takes on race, blacks and cops don’t conform to what you’ve learnt from your Marxist professors.

    Most non-black urban poor love cops! And not from some weird sentimentality, ideology or perversion, but because these donut chompers protect them, daily, from criminals, of which way, way too many are black.

    This hits close to home. I remember the first time I saw Kensington– a friend of mine had just turned 21 and we were headed to a cute little Polish bar someone had recommended in Port Richmond. I didn’t have a car so I just pulled out my SEPTA transit map, picked the closest station on the El, and ended up getting off at Allegheny.

    When we first saw the street it wasn’t that late in the evening but it was still obvious we had ended up in a… place she didn’t really want to be. People passed out on the sidewalks or under the rail structure, a giant line spilling onto Frankford Ave at the pawnshop, needles all over the ground. It was still light out at that point so I wasn’t too worried. But we got plenty of stares, especially because my friend had dressed up a bit.

    We beelined east on Allegheny without incident and the evening went ok (the bar was indeed cute and cheap and the bartender very Polish) till we had to come back. This was before I had Uber (and I’m a cheapskate anyway) so I convinced her to come back the same way. But it was late now and instead of following Allegheny we took a side street with no traffic so once we got passed Aramingo even I was kinda scared. When it’s dark in a strange neighborhood, everyone walking behind you feels like a mugger. I accidentally made eye contact with a scrawny black dude across the street, he immediately crossed to us and started trying to deal. I told him we weren’t interested, and he started making conversation, bitching about the cops and how they’re “always on my tail.” I just nodded noncommittally. Eventually we walked far enough that he left.

    Now we were getting lots of stares and I could’ve sworn there were three big guys tailing us. Just as we came into sight of the El and the trio was getting closer I saw a single fat cop leaning against an electric pole up ahead, looking bored. Unless you’ve seen something similar you have no idea what a huge wave of relief washed over me. This guy probably couldn’t catch a real criminal to save his life but to a bystander he embodies a pillar of security.

    Cops are effective, not because they can individually stop crime, but because they represent the threat of retaliation. The three muggers (if they were muggers) behind us could have overpowered the cop just as easily as the two of us, assuming they were armed. He couldn’t physically protect us–I was in much better shape than him. But when mugging a couple scared white kids turns into threatening a cop… suddenly a forgettable crime, a crime without consequences, turns into a death warrant. This is why the security of dangerous areas is so dependent on the threat, the potential, of the police to use force.

    • Replies: @Linh Dinh
  35. @Emslander

    ‘Look to yourself for the solution. If other people are bothering you, whatever their race, there are empty old villages all over the country for you to occupy. They’re empty because idiots in the sixties decided that work, children and initiative were obsolete…’

    Where do you think I live? Thank God there’re almost no blacks around; this crap is making me angry enough as it is.

  36. Anon[706] • Disclaimer says:

    Meh. Things sure are a lot nicer with no blacks around.

    Disagree. Don’t be an lazy, unwitting pawn of the oligarchs.

    In 1880 blacks made up 13.1% of the U.S. population
    In 1970 blacks made up 11.1% of the U.S. population
    In 2010 blacks made up 12.6% of the U.S. population

    Source: Wikipedia

    I think American blacks, to their own detriment (many to their own destruction), were/are used by Jews — and to a much lesser extent were used by WASPs— as proxy warriors. Black or civil rights groups and movements were founded and controlled by Jewish leftists. Two Jewish lawyers, Arthur and Joel Spingarn, brothers from a rich Jewish family, founded the NAACP. The Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee and Black Panthers were largely founded and run by Jews (Stokely Carmichael saw this and tried to get all the leftist Jews kicked out and they turned on him). Malcolm X and other black leaders, such as Marcus Garvey, were hip to the Jewish control and spoke about it and that’s why they were drummed out (or killed).

    E. Michael Jones has written and spoken on this topic quite a bit. I know a lot of WNs bash Jones because he believes race has nothing to do with it, it’s a spiritual battle, but I think these WNs are as much pawns in the Jewish proxy war as blacks.

    This is a great interview of E. Michael Jones by Prof. Kirk Meighoo (from Trinidad and Tobago). Please listen to it. It’ll alter your narrow racialist worldview. Possibly change your life.

  37. 4justice says:

    First, that conveniently ignores “An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth.” Reconcile THAT with “leave vengeance to the Lord.” Sometimes apparent contradictions in “the” bible are actual contradictions, especially between the OT and the NT.

    It is called the New Testament, the Good News, the message of Jesus Christ to love our enemies.

    Whether you are Christian or not, I consider the Christian message to be the one genius message handed down for centuries that really can protect against a small predatory minority dividing a society against itself. The brilliant strategy is to vastly reduce the number of people who are your enemies because most of them have only been tricked into thinking it just like you have. The small number of real enemies are too few to be able to accomplish anything when they fail to whip people up and trick them. So, if everyone withdraws from the trick, they are just lonely evil machinators who can’t harm very much. This may be the most important genius contribution that White civilization has to offer the world.

    Only God can sort out who is evil and who is tricked into thinking they need to hate you because some string puller tricked them into thinking that.

    You absolutely have to defend yourself and your family and stop evil. But you absolutely do not blame family members for the crime and evil of perpetrators. That is a low IQ strategy that leads to feuds and much needless bloodshed.

    It is enough to take away the tools of the evil doers. That in itself will strengthen the power of accountability and massively reduce their ability to harm. Than the vast majority who want to live in a stable society can prevail.

    If you go around taking revenge on people that might only be dupes themselves or maybe you will even come to find were not even against you, you will regret having had your righteous anger and righteous quest for justice weaponized by satanic sociopaths. Withdraw your energy from their game.

    Instead, love yourself, love your family, respect yourself and your heritage – whichever nation you happen to be descended from, every nation has accumulated wisdom that should be treasured – and refuse to be a tool that can be turned on and off with a switch of a corporate media rallying cry.

    You don’t have to agree – this is how I see it – but my ability to love you even if you might be wrong, or tricked or an paid teenage in Israel trying to provoke me, means I will only do what is necessary to stop you and will not escalate conflict and chaos. What if they threw a civil war and no one came?

    Expose the string pullers and help others see who are the string pullers. Consciousness helps you see who your real enemies are. Consciousness and reason, not passion and emotion, helps you make the wisest choices.

    What if it is a trick of a small, powerful minority bent on dividing our society to say that Christianity does not provide stability when Europe was much more stable before they overthrew it? Europe was stable for centuries. Maybe you disagree, that is fine. Don’t take my word for it, just make sure not to learn about your own history from people who hate you. They will not be telling you the truth. And I do think the truth can set us all free if we seek it and spread it.

    • Agree: JasonT
    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @RadicalCenter
    , @Moi
  38. Saw a civil rights leader from the 60s on Tucker Carlson last week. he claimed he knew what was causing the problem. Guilty white people and angry rich black elites.

  39. @Contraviews


    And we should also protest the far greater number of murders and rapes committed by africans in the usa against non-africans in the usa. This number dwarfs the number of africans unjustly abused or killed by police (which does not alter the fact that many, many cops seem to be vicious, dangerous assholes). IT IS NOT EVEN CLOSE.

    We’re not talking public-nuisance offenses, marijuana possession, or similar-level things that police have targeted africans for disproportionately. These are MURDERS — they have a victim, they are often simply naked aggression not open to interpretation, and the harm is permanent and provable and tangible: that victim cannot be compensated and is never coming back to his or her family.

    And RAPES. The harm to these MILLIONS of nonAfrican women and girls raped by Africans can never be truly undone — the degradation, humiliation, terror, physical and emotional pain. Somehow, the large and growing number of American whites suffering equal levels of poverty don’t murder and rape at similar astronomical levels “because of” their poverty and lack of opportunity or “lack of a voice.”

    But the media, government, corporations, universities, and the overrated self-important misfits known as “actors” and “celebrities” prattle and pontificate about the FAR smaller number of africans abused or killed.

    The violence and terrorism is OVERWHELMINGLY in one direction, African against nonAfrican (African against everyone, actually), and no sane or free society can fail to say it openly and work to remedy it. PROTECT EVERYONE OF ALL RACES. Most of those in need of protection from murder and rape are non-africans, and a wildly disproportionate share of those needing punishment, deterrence, and ideally complete separation from civilized society, are africans.

    To return to your point, many of the people teaching the glorification of africans and the dehumanization and mockery of white people in the usa and europe are from the same racial/cultural group that torments the palestinians. Let’s protest them as well. Who knows all the “reasons” why they wish to oppress and degrade and ultimately genocide palestinians in the middle east and white people in North America and Europe. They need to be stopped, punished, and removed from all positions of power.

    • Agree: Corporal Punishment
    • Replies: @4justice
  40. @follyofwar

    Seems correct. But Fuck Trump and the supposed “resistance” to Trump alike. To Hell with the Dem and Repub halves of the Deep State, and fuck the bankers, medical profiteers, military profiteers, and real estate despots (major landlords) who control the State.

    • Replies: @Wally
  41. @Old and Grumpy

    Much merit to your point. But numerous quite different white european ethnicities were blending, intermarrying on an extremely wide scale, and becoming one People here in the usa and to a lesser extent Canada until we opened the floodgates to less assimilable and less compatible people.

  42. Johan says:

    Democracy is based on violence and looting right from the start. It is a spiral of cultural decline ending in the takeover by emerging elites, the new controllers.

    Now in our special historical case, the decline gets an extra stimulation, an extra push. In this case Zionism has been working for decades already at the decline of the Western world and its societies, they fund the looters and puppets of disruption on the one hand, they fund the opposing parties, the object being the control of the West by means of constant disruption of whatever nature, in order to gain more and more control. Looting, violent disruption, oppositions of these calling for regulation and laws, they all play into the hands of the Zionist masters in one form or another. They own politics, the media, the entertainment industries, the tech industries, the institutions, and the gentile elite puppets.

  43. Anonymous[176] • Disclaimer says:

    Great comment. Yep, the haters of Christ. The devil is ultimately manipulating both sides, all sides, and stirring up the division and hate. It’s a spiritual battle and our emotions sometimes blind us to this reality. The haters of Christ have been at this game millennia, since the Cross, before we even got here and will keep at it until the end of times.

  44. Johan says:

    “Oh my God, what are they going to do to get their medication? They depend on us.”

    The destruction of small and medium sized business is something which has been going on for a long time already, the controllers do no want a large class of independent individuals, so they push them out of business in many ways, among which the latest tricks, the corona virus hoax, and in a minor way the disruptive looting also helps (uncontrolled immigration also helps by the way).
    They drive this class into the collective work force of submissive ever highly regulated employees by means of strangling them continuously, making their life gradually harder and harder. Most broadly, Zionism also works at the increasing dependence of the gentile culture on their internet technology systems. And, increasingly at the infantilization of gentile culture.

  45. 4justice says:

    What about the even greater number of killings of Blacks by Blacks? Are they trying to self-genocide? Or have they been massively conned by the NAACP, ADL, SPLC, the Democrat Party, the Clintons, Obama and the like? Study their movements and history carefully before you judge.

    If we can reduce all crime, all people win. Only the sociopath blood suckers loose in that scenario.

    The race framing is a tick unless you look at the whole picture – Jews pose as white when it serves them and as “not white” when it serves them. Hollywood convinced Christians of European descent to become just white atheists. Many of them go left and unconsciously become Jewish supremacist – complete self-hating losers. Those who go right and try to organize are vilified as white supremacists and crushed. European Christians need to restore their churches, their identity and give their children the legacy that their parents and grandparents built and preserved for them. Christians in America need to come together – White, Black, Latino, Arab, Asian and bring the genius method of defeating divide and conquer into practice in the USA. And everyone of any background who wants to spread the message of how to use love as the strongest weapon to defeat the dividers is welcome to join the battle for civilization over chaos regardless of background.

    Tell it all of tell none of it. Otherwise, you are just their foolish pawn (or intentional agent, only God can know.) God can protect you if you only let Him. He gave you a good brain, now put it to use. Life with no soul is not worth living. Life with a soul in connection to God can overcome any hardship – even death, and I argue is capable of much more intelligence than otherwise would be available. Many many Black people have experienced this. Reject the advice of those who reject God. Reject the council of those who preach a culture of death.

    The dividers pedal fear, we respond with courage. They pedal hate, we respond with love. They pedal submission, we respond with self-worth. They pedal division, we respond with unity against them. They pedal cheapening life, we respond with respecting life. You get the idea…

    • Thanks: Agent76
    • Replies: @Anonymous
  46. Truth says:

    Singaporeans are really quite unlike other Chinese. Automatons, devoid of a soul, deathly afraid of physical violence, and yet sneaky and malevolent to the core.

    Did you mean to write “like” or “unlike?”

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  47. @Franz

    . . almost a century ago . .


    My point was that fascism is just a tactic; Forming an organization inevitably leads to hierarchy, leaders, and all the rest of it. In this case, the organization (“antifa”), in the act of its creation, contains the seed of the thing that it intends to fight. You know, like in “Animal Farm”.

    • Replies: @Franz
  48. @Anonymous

    After I had posted my comments, I took a stroll on the Brooklyn waterfront in the vicinity of the Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge where people were engaged in some kind of physical activities but only chinamen were dirtying up the beautiful promenade with their primitive fishing and fish cleaning (remains of heads, guts and blood strewn all about) as if they were still in China … no respect for the host culture!

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  49. “I’m from a time when people laughed at all those race stereotypes”. Me too!

    I’m a retired paid columnist, after a career as an equities trader and financial advisor, primarily with a Latin clientele. You, sir, are in my opinion the best of the Unz writers and as a fellow expat, greatly appreciate your work.

    Sadly, the racial stereotypes are beginning to come true. Happily for me, not where I live. Were I still in the USA, it’d be otherwise. I have no use for the police, but even less for these miserable “rioters”, aka looters, thieves, scum, backed by smarter resentidos who seem to be trying to control the world simply because they see themselves as more astute; perhaps they are, given the evidence, but there still exist others outside of their tribe who aren’t quite so dumb or naive. I’m of a multi-generational Fed family, the black sheep if you will, and have known since childhood how to read the handwriting on the wall. Could simply have taken reality as it is, enjoyed my privileges and lived in NYC and Greenwich, CT (quasi-hometown), but I had a sense of adventure, so…

    Now I live in a country (Argentina) in which dishonesty and dishonorable behavior is the norm, but it has little effect on me, given that I’ve been a Zen adept for more than half a century now. The folks in the USA (I think) are not accustomed to this, but they’d best accustom themselves quickly or reap the consequences. Fighting time has arrived.

  50. Linh Dinh says: • Website
    @Elmer's Washable School Glue

    Yo Elmer’s Washable School Glue,

    At least you got off at Allegheny. If it was Sommerset, your girlfriend would have soiled her pants before you two got to Donna’s. (Sounds like you went to Donna’s.) Hope you got some of Donna’s pierogi to go with your Zywiec.

    Just north of Donna’s, there’s Czerw, the best place in Philly to buy kielbasy.

    Once I took a out-of town friend to Bentley’s Place, so we got off at Sommerset after dark. My friend’s from Singapore, so had never seen anything like Fish Town or Port Richmond, much less Kensington. Soon as we got off the stairs of the L, we saw a guy who had just finished taking a dump.

    The outside wall of Bentley’s had a mural that appeared in Rocky’s, but the bar is permanently closed, so maybe that mural is gone.

    The best bar in Kensington was Jack’s. Though it’s still there, they’ve spiffed it up and ruined it. Now, that’s a crime.


  51. dbtagg says:

    facebook blocked me from posting this

  52. While some of this sophistication may be grassroots, it’s sensible to suspect there are also deep pockets and professional organization behind it, and unless the state investigates this angle, I will speculate that it is the culprit.

    Bingo Linh.
    And lest we forget, this is not America’s first bout with a communist led insurrection’

    Video Link

  53. Agent76 says:

    May 17, 2020 Bill Gates and the Population Control Grid

    The takeover of public health that we have documented in How Bill Gates Monopolized Global Health and the remarkably brazen push to vaccinate everyone on the planet that we have documented in Bill Gates’ Plan to Vaccinate the World was not, at base, about money.

    June 1, 2020 TRUTH with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Episode 2. Released

    In Episode 2 of TRUTH, RFK, Jr. spoke with Polly Tommey about the health epidemics of children, delving even deeper into the specific injuries caused by vaccinations, including those listed on the product inserts.

  54. Menes says:

    I blew up on that hipster on his real racism. Dom [owner of Friendly Lounge] put him at the other end of the bar. I’ve been social distancing for decades because of assholes like that. As I was leaving, the jerkoff wanted to buy me a drink and shake my hand. I impolitely told him to go fuck his mother in the ass.

    Nice classy friends you got Linh. The white hipster comes across as the far better man in that encounter. You are on the wrong side pal.

    Fortunately, not all asians are like you. Such as Jee Leong Koh in your article. And the asians in this one:

    In the wake of the deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery, Asian American activists and social justice organizations have made renewed calls for solidarity and allyship with Black communities.

    Anti-Black racism in Asian communities is tied to the “model minority” myth, which white political leaders, particularly in response to the civil rights movement in the 1960s, wielded in order to drive a wedge between Asian Americans and other people of color. Many Asian immigrants internalized that mentality, operating under the false impression that being a “good” immigrant could help them assimilate into whiteness and align themselves with white people.

    It takes a lot of work to untangle and eradicate this, acknowledging that Asian Americans have faced their own racism throughout history — including during the current COVID-19 crisis — but have also sometimes instigated anti-Black racism, as many activists and social justice organizations have pointed out in recent weeks.

    “The anti-Asian violence being directed at our communities during this pandemic is inextricably linked to the anti-Black violence that allows the police to murder unarmed civilians like George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, that teaches the Amy Coopers of the world to weaponize their white tears to summon those same police, that teaches us to stay silent while those same police commit those same murders as if that will somehow protect us,” said Densho, an organization that works to preserve the history of Japanese American incarceration during World War II, in a statement. “If we hope to end this violence — all of it — we must reckon with our complicity in this tangled web of white supremacy, and our responsibility to dismantle it.”

    • Replies: @Wally
  55. @Truth

    I believe they call that a “come to Jesus” moment…

  56. Menes says:

    America’s rulers reinforce all the worst charges against their divided subjects, such as blacks are lawless, cops are racist psychopaths and disgruntled young people are Antifa terrorists.

    Shouldn’t that be “disgruntled young white people are Antifa terrorsists”? Why did you leave that out?

    The protesters on the streets (and also the looters) are majority white, not just in America but also in Europe.

    • Replies: @Johnny Walker Read
  57. Wally says:

    – You say “fuck” a lot, while you sit back and surrender.
    – To be sure Trump ain’t perfect but he’s way better than what awaits us if he loses.
    – The fact that his removal is the obsession of the ‘Democrat’ / Marxist types tells me plenty.

    – You won’t get this with them in control, quite the opposite:

    Donald Trump Signs Exec Order to Curb Big Tech’s ‘Unchecked Power’
    Trump Signs Executive Order Stripping Social Media Companies Of “Liability Shield”

    Trump over the alternatives any day.

  58. @obwandiyag

    Hallelujah, thanks someone gets it. I’m in the heart of Philly. Being locked down like cattle for months, youth get the privilege of being raped 50k a year to attend a state certified hugbox commune, 2k a month- to the health insurance cartel ( for a small family of 3.) Floyd’s murder was just the match that lit the powder keg. Can’t blame the youth, at least they have balls to fight back.
    That 20% boojie class that manages for the 600 billionaires ( who own this gov.) got their little foo- foo stores wrecked on Walnut St. Looted? More like pillaged and plundered…PLUS

    This whole event was staged at 1919 jfk Blvd. ( next to city hall) home of the dreaded License and Inspection and the Parking Authority. Where small businesses are fleeced and poor people must pay tribute and propitiation to the ever greedy maw of corrupt government shylocks.
    Anything with municipal license plates got wrecked or torched.

    Also, most of the women were young approx. 18-24 ( when they push the men things happen; you won’t see this from the govt bootlickers)…this was as much a spring- mating ritual; there is pent -up
    animal spirits with absolute zero of the usual societal opportunities for courtship. Our haha “ leaders” are fucked up in the head. The cops AND the national guard were vastly outnumbered and without the moral high ground to fight with ( let’s face facts: it is they who make you lick the globohomo boots EVERYDAY) they exude a turpitude from the top down that heretofore is the ultimate fuel for the fire; listen to that moron Trump yesterday ..

    “Hopefully George is looking down right now and saying this is a great thing that’s happening for our country. It’s a great day for him. It’s a great day for everybody. This is a great day for everybody. This is a great, great day in terms of equality. It’s really what our Constitution requires, and it’s what our country is all about.”

    President dumbass is willfully ignorant of the replacement of the Constitution with the CIVIL ASSET FORFEITURE document that the assholes at the Supreme Court so gleefully impose on their serfs.

  59. Wally says:

    – So anti-black attitudes by Asians are now the fault of whites due to ‘internalization’?

    – Even in China?:
    Chinese Racism & Xenophobia: Chinese City Bans Black People from Hotels, Apartments, Restaurants:
    – Even in South Korea?
    ‘Racism is commonplace in South Korea’:

    said: “In the wake of the deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery, Asian American activists and social justice organizations have made renewed calls for solidarity and allyship with Black communities.”

    – You mean the hardened criminal, multiple offender George Floyd, known for his violent home invasion robberies / assaults against women.
    – You mean Ahmaud Arbery, a thief who was recorded prowling someone else’s property looking for items to steal just prior to being shot.
    – You mean the Breonna Taylor whose boyfriend shot at police who then returned fire unintentionally killing Taylor.

    – There is ZERO proof that racism had anything to do with those deaths. In fact whites are routinely killed by police way more than blacks, yet blacks commit the overwhelming amount of crimes. see: The Manufactured Crisis of Police Racism:

    – Yep, sending Japanese – Americans to US concentration camps was bad. No argument there.
    Sending German – Americans & Italian – Americans to US concentration camps was bad too.

    quoted: “The anti-Asian violence being directed at our communities during this pandemic is inextricably linked to the anti-Black violence”

    – What “anti-Asian violence being directed at our communities during this pandemic”?
    Maybe you mean the violence against Andy Ngo by Antifa, many of which were black.

    • Agree: Current History
  60. Cowboy says:

    “Americans should organize and prepare themselves to stake out liberated zones”

    This really is the only way out of the quagmire. This is how northern Europeans were able to extricate themselves from Romanist tyranny.

    It begins by pledging allegiance to your local sheriff. He is your highest constitutional authority. Not the fucking president or the national government which only wish to enhance the empire. Not the fucking State governments which with the current coronahoax we see they take every opportunity to stroke whatever power trip they can get away with. No, you hold your local sheriffs gonads to the grindstone and demand he only enforce constitutional laws and regulations and any totalitarian /authoritarian/communist edicts from the State and Federal hegemons will not be enforced.

    Unfortunately for city dwellers they will most likely be stuck with the worst sort of political sheriff who will no doubt suck up to any authoritarian power and enforce it but for the rest of the country if your sheriff is a commie puke you should either work your ass off to get a true sheriff or move to a better district.

    Patrick Henry warned we would go down this road and by God he was right.

    • Agree: Johnny Walker Read
  61. Anonymous[189] • Disclaimer says:

    Unlike. Most other Chinese are less restrained and don’t really give a damn about blacks or political correctness.

  62. Anonymous[189] • Disclaimer says:
    @Really No Shit

    That’s true. They have no aesthetic appreciation. No eye for beauty. Their understanding of beauty is what something is worth in monetary terms, or how much of someone else’s work went into acquiring it. Everything they perceive is perceived through the lense of them as an atomic point in Chinese society and hence their worldview is purely utilitarian. Intrinsic beauty is invisible to the Chinese and only visible to less socially conditioned races, such as Caucasians.

    • Replies: @Really No Shit
  63. what do I say to Lin din?

    I have a lot to say to him but it wont pass the Unz Review mods. I would be banned for sure. I used to read Din but I wont anymore. I did not know he was a bloody, black hating racist.

    Black criminality is the reflection Din, the results of the real looting for centuries now. anglo saxons hated you too but they did not enslave you for 500 years..a slavery still going on. Black criminality is not worthy of this extensive time and words you have spend bashing it. its like you hate Black people so much, now you get what looks like a legit opportunity to beat up on us, you turned on your tap and poured it on

    Black criminality is not decisive but reactive…it is not worthy of the time you have spent beating up on it, and on us all to hell right here and now.

    the real looters caused all this and you do not spend any time on them at all. the real looters are executive, not reactive but creative and initiatory, all consuming in their criminality. they know what they do, what they cause and it is all deliberate. given that you are well aware of this then who are you to beat up on so extensively..the reactive and exploited? or save your time and energy for the real criminals?

    if the the real criminals are belled and a democracy emerges, then all the criminals may reform thenselves. what other choice would they have? but they cant and wont given the way things are currently and have been for so long now. what made them the way they are Din?

    reading you made me seriously angry today Din. this is a jackass contribution that helps no one..a turn off!! I wont read you anymore. you are fronting for something and insincere. reading you now would be a waste of time

    • Disagree: Current History
    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @Alden
  64. AceDeuce says:

    A friend of mine, who is from Philly and whose family has been major players politically ( I mean major), once told me that Goode and fellow worthless negro John Street (then a councilman, and later another lousy Philadelphia mayor) were doing lines of coke in City Hall the entire time during the MOVE bombing crisis.

    • Replies: @chris
  65. the more I consider what I have read here the more angry I get at lin din.

    the rich, the real looters systematically ,exhaustively exploited america financially bringing their exploitation to peak effect recently at which the economy collapsed and 40 plus million people were suddenly unemployed. in the process to this stage people were unable to meet their routine needs, ending up homeless, maxed credit, in huge debt etc

    so many people suffered and or died in the process. people for eg could not pay for drugs and health care because the finaical rape of american infated everythng and most people wre priced out of the market. then corona vitrus hit just as the matrket collapsed and giant lock doan occurred and thre nation becomes like a war zone..many nations if not all of them.

    what we have seems we like world war 3 in social effect minus the military fire power in far off theatres, soldiers everywhere dying by the ton etc. we had the effects of hot war but not the war itself

    the people were in huge furstration and suddenly one act outpours this frustration onto the streets. ‘America Burning’ is hardly about one Black man. the whole world in fact is burning and the signature is Floyd: Black Lives Matter but it is not about that centrally. it is about popular frustration and anger at the state of things and the state itself. the propular uprising is prolly revolutionary… massive, angry global fervor looking for accurate focus just yet. but here is Lin Din beating the hell out of Black people, his forcus on race as if that is what he wants it to be – not what the truth actually may be..when he sould be dealing with the possibility of a much broader focus to whats going on!


    the rich created the condtins for the social explosion with the endless exploitation of the people, locking down the people, stopping the economy causing endless hardship to everyone. look at the socts of the lockdown which we now all know to have been quite unnecessary? how many lives were lost dut to the lock down?

    and in social explosions like currently where do thngs go accoring to pla and ethnicad morla and all of that..which is another ficus of it this or that shop or business should nto be touched and that the people are to be blamed for their unconscionable destructive behavior. but who caused all of it..who were doing irreparable damage to the society all along, far far far worse than the rioting and burning and looting have so far accomplished by popular action.

    in a siitaution of social turmopil anythng is possible. we know what such situatiosn can produce and it is not predictable behavior until some sort of organized focus to the popular activity emerges. ans in the process we must look at the government as well as a source of destabiization sending out operatives ro create mayhem on the streest for whatever purpose the state has in mind. clearly the american government has already been making the popular acticity on the streets far worse than the original protesters clearly appeared to have had in mind.

    I did not see a word aboou this in Din so I stopped reading his tripe

    america buring is not about Floyd in any way centrally, or Black lives matter. that is clear! and Din should know that. then why is he focused the way he is.. so obviously inaccurate?

    its as if Lin Din wants the issue to be centrally Black and about race, so he can beat the hell out of the easiest target Black people…misfocusing and misleading the people. so who is Lin Din then..some journo set up by the deep state like so many others, to organize and misfocus dissent?

    Din has brought home to me the fact that there are lot of journo bums writing on the Unz Review..Paul Kersey, John Derbyshire, Lin Din and others…a lot of inferior talent that Unz keeps around..why? so that he himself can shine brighter in a field of fools and incompetents?

    Unz is talented..vastly so. he does not need a field of fools to help him shine.

    so why does he keep them around then? is the purpose of this Review Racist then, right wing nutty Racism, facistic in outlook and purpose?

    oh mi god!

    • Replies: @Menes
    , @anon
  66. @4justice

    I am not paid, not close to a teenager, and sure as Hell would never live in Israel. An odd touch to an otherwise thoughtful and intelligent comment.

    To address first only the remark against collective retribution, that is a beautiful but painfully naive sentiment, like so many expressed by christians. I think you may be greatly underestimating the prevalence of African-“American” desire to physically hurt and eliminate us, and the likely outcome of that as their numbers continue to grow in the usa while the number of white and allied people decline. If you think that “the vast majority” of Africans in our country just want a normal, peaceful, stable life, your experience with them must be much more positive, and perhaps more limited than mine.

    As for reason versus passion and emotion, of course I would choose reason if it were an either/or proposition. But both have a role to play in fashioning our lives and our collective response to populations overwhelmingly dedicated to hurting and subjugating us. While you pen sweet notions about not being too emotional, not grouping people together, and the like, africans murder, assault, and rape whites in particular every hour of every day with a special glee, increasing frequency and increasing unaccountability.

    In the context of people who harbor a burning hatred of us and everything dear to us, who are not even properly considered compatible or part of our society, “turning the other cheek” is asininely stupid and immoral advice. It always has been. Our country, and its constituent core european peoples, would not be here if we had actually followed that sweet-sounding but dangerous injunction. I love my children, my life, my people (nation), and even my country more than I will ever love our enemies. (Not to be unpleasant, it seems rather easier for someone to throw out platitudes like “love your enemy” when they are an itinerant with no concern for our well-being in this real world, no wife, no children, and the “knowledge” from “prophecy” that they are going to be killed and gloriously rewarded and worshipped after being dispatched from this life.)

    As for Christianity making europe more stable, I never addressed that.

    A question back to you, “What if there was a civil war, and a racial war, and one side let itself believe it wasn’t happening and could be averted by ‘Not escalating’?” You should know the outcome will be. You are an excellent communicator and a fine example of a goodhearted Christian. Now it is time to get realistic and do what it takes to survive, fight back, and thrive.

    • Replies: @Menes
    , @4justice
    , @Alden
  67. Menes says:

    Our country, and its constituent core european peoples, would not be here if we had actually followed that sweet-sounding but dangerous injunction. I love my children, my life, my people

    When did your children become European?

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  68. Menes says:
    @ben sampson

    its as if Lin Din wants the issue to be centrally Black and about race, so he can beat the hell out of the easiest target Black people…misfocusing and misleading the people.

    That’s exactly what he is doing. Bashing blacks (and jews) is his schtick. His begging bowl is filled with coins thrown by badwhites. So he is dancing to their tune.

  69. 4justice says:

    I am not paid, not close to a teenager, and sure as Hell would never live in Israel. An odd touch to an otherwise thoughtful and intelligent comment.

    I did not seriously think you were. The reference is to IDF kids put on Hasbara duty ordered to troll decent people on the internet. But even they have a soul and they might just have a conscience, so even in the worst case scenario, the IDF troll on duty, I would still love the person behind the post. That does not mean I will not stand up to wrongdoing, but I avoid the thing that will make me make mistakes – hate. I can hate the post or the behavior, but I must not hate God’s creation which always has the potential to choose good, even if he or she chooses not to do so at the moment or can’t even see how they are not doing good at the moment. Some IDF members have come forward to decry IDF abuses, for example. They still probably feel quite justified in hating Christianity and maybe even Christians, but it is a step in a positive direction. As long as a person lives, there is hope that they can grow and do better.

    There are absolutely Black Americans that hate all of White America. We should not kneel to that, imo. But their hating White Americans would not be powerful if White Americans refused to hate themselves and if White America did not fall for the propaganda of Jewish Americans to White America to hate themselves, their parents, their children, their churches and their country. I should know, I fell for some of that for a time. I fell for a bit of the collective blame of men. Whites have been taught to think they have no identity and to not listen to the people who love them most – their own family elders. Whites have been taught to learn their history from people who want to dominate them rather than those who want them to thrive. Church leaders are only as worthwhile as their awareness of this war against us. So that is a mixed bag. I trust E Michael Jones, however, and I would like to see some Political Catholicism, despite our completely servile and corrupted current Pope. Even the rather empty identity of White was chosen for us, rather than of our choosing. That in itself is worth looking in to.

    The civil war is not with Blacks, it is with Jews – but it is not in the streets- the battlefield is in our own minds. Will we let Jews tell us how to think about ourselves, our families, and Blacks? I refuse. How many Whites die by their own hand? Suicide? OD? I bet it is more than by the hands of Blacks. And I bet if Whites loved themselves better, it would be harder to get into situations where wounded soul Blacks could prey on them. How many Whites and Blacks are wounded souls because they did not have their father in their life? Are Blacks really the enemy> Or the Jewish led attack on the American family and the Christian support of the family through cultural trends like “free love” due to contraception, pornography, feminism and the lgbt movement? Who harms whites worse? Black crime or these degrading movements that set children up to be without proper protection and guidance? Even the hate-filled rap coming out of the Black community is curated and filtered by Jews for their agenda, not that of the Black community. Don’t take my word for it, look into it. I highly recommend the books of E Michael Jones as a starting point. _Libido Dominandi_ and _The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit_ would be a good start. Or watch his interviews on youtube to get the basic idea if you are short on money just now.

    This is not a good reason in and of itself, but Lady Ranouf pointed out correctly that it drives Jews nuts when you refuse to hate them. They want to feel like a hated victim. Don’t give it to them. They are not worth it.

    Be strong. Be honest. Love yourself. Love White people. Love all people. Refuse to harden your heart to misguided people – be they White or Black or Jewish or something else. Get to the bottom of the scams that make us hate ourselves so that you don’t fall for them and try to be open to others of any race who are interested in getting to the truth and not just in following fads or getting something for themselves. Free as many of your own family and community members from this brainwashing as you can. Every community has principled people. Only trust those people once you figure out who they are. Do not trust or expect anyone to look out for you – White, Black, other, and certainly not Jewish. But refuse to close the door to a future possibility with anyone.

    The Jews in power try to make us think that is either kill or be killed – they tend to convince their community members that that is the only way. But Christians know there is another way. Most are happy to thrive and cheer on other people thriving. You gain is not my loss. If we all have healthy thriving communities, we will all be too busy enjoying our great families and life to bother with menacing others. There will always be some people who can’t help it, but when there is way more healthy people, they can have checks on this behavior. When too many people are sick, the corruption rots all the way through and accountability is no longer possible. We need to promote as much health as we can for ourselves, our family, and those around us. If we can make our community a good example, others will want to learn to follow our example.

    If someone comes at you and you have to kill them to protect yourself or a family member, it is sad but you must do it. It is a sacred right and a sacred duty as a Dad and husband. Are you a man? I have been assuming such, but sorry if I am wrong. If you are a woman, you still must do whatever you can to protect family and most sacred of all, your children. I am a Mom, I know what that means.

    But even if I have to harm or kill someone that hates me or wants to harm my kids, I don’t have to take any joy in it. It will still wound my soul to do it and I will have to heal. This is to refuse to lose my humanity and to refuse to give over my abilities and power to those who hope to manipulate me. It is for myself and my family that I must resist the temptation to hate. It is a trap. I am not saying that to con you into rolling over and offering your jugular to people who do not know how to treat you with respect. I am saying it to hopefully help make you an even better and stronger protector, fighter, soul and example.

    I might add I have taken the effort to get some worthwhile full contact self defense training for myself and my kids. I highly recommend training your kids to have tools to increase their odds should the event arise that they need to protect themselves. As a woman, it is a lot easier to feel secure even in slightly tough situations knowing I have a good chance. I certainly avoid tough situations whenever possible, but things can happen. There is always risk and the things you have no control over, but do not live in a prison of fear worrying about whether or not they may come to pass. Maybe God can’t protect you from everything as we all have free will and someone could choose to target you, but God can help you to use all of your experiences, even the bad, to do good in this world if you seek a way to do it. Instead of trying to get strength by trying to outwine the Jews (as if anyone ever could) it is better to get strength by learning the best messages possible and putting them into action – to use any obstacle as a challenge rather than a roadblock or an excuse to emotionally manipulate others.

    If someone hates me for being White, that is sad, pathetic and stupid and falling for a stupid con. I can’t make them get it. If their hatred drives them to violence, I must protect myself and/or my kids. But I never need to hate them in order to stand up for myself. That is what I think is so smart about the message of Christ, whether or not you care to become Christian or happen to have another religion already. If you protect your heart from hatred and see through the cons to divide us, you can still protect yourself, as you must, without being weaponized into their sociopathic agenda.

    So, you live in a place with people who hate you? I do. They are self righteous lesbians, not Blacks, but still, they hate and they want to dominate and control. I do whatever I can to avoid being under them. I treat them with the full humanity and the respect that all humans deserve, and hope that they will at one point learn to do the same to others. If they don’t that is ok. When the oligarchs no longer find it useful to prop them up, they will drop them and if they have eyes to see, they will see that a system based on mutual respect and respect for the rights of everyone is much better than the tyranny of the minority enforced by oligarchs. But even if they never figure it out, then I never need to feel bad about anything I did. They cannot make me degrade myself. If Jesus said love your neighbor as you love yourself, that means you also must love yourself. So, I don’t understand the conflict. I stand up to anyone’s abuse, but I do not degrade myself by succumbing to hatred for the abuser. I think it minimizes the spiritual damage that I experience and keeps me open to possibilities to foster growth and mutual understanding. (I am not saying I always manage to pull this off, but this is the goal I am going for.)

    Treat everyone with love. Trust only those who have proven their trustworthiness. See those that hate you as broken humans and wounded souls. Know that you and I are also broken and fallen in some ways – so what right have we to expect perfection from others? Some claim to have had it harder and haven’t, but some really have and it is hard to know for sure which is which. Leave it to God to know. Your job is to protect yourself and your family and live the way that is the most likely to promote healing and mutual respect among all people without surrendering your right to security for one second.

    Honor your commitments to your elders, spouse and children. Don’t let people who hate you come between you and your elders or children. Learn from the best that your elders have to pass down and give that to your children. Put your trust in God to help you do all you can and for God to take care of the rest. May God protect you and yours.

    Maybe I am naive, but I have been in some struggles here and there. This is the best I can see and the smartest way out of the cons that I have found so far. If you have a better strategy, I am sincerely willing to consider any and all suggestions. I was taught by the Left that Christianity was a misogynist oppressive system, but on a more fair examination, I think it is can be a good path toward helping us live our most powerful, most loving and most enjoyable life and the best foundation I have seen for a peaceful society that protects people from the blood sucking industries of pornography, prostitution, usury, gambling and dependency on substances. I imagine it all sounds pretty silly, but I guess seeing these riots being provoked by the media makes me feel I have to share the best I can think of to offer and I have been studying long and hard how we might be able to make a more peaceful society. The best I can offer is the message of Christ. Aside from an immediate self defense situation that you could not manage to avoid, let your weapon be love. I promise you it will drive your enemies crazy, but more importantly, free you to your best life possible.

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  70. Anonymous[401] • Disclaimer says:

    More cucked Christianity: all talk, no action! Love, kumbaya, and cookies!

    If Jesus came back today he’d pound most Xtians into ash for being pussies.

    He didn’t play pattycakes with money-lenders in the Temple.


    “I come not to bring peace to the world, but a sword!”


    “I do believe that, where there is only a choice between cowardice and violence, I would advise violence…”

    “I want [a man]…to cultivate the cool courage to die without killing. But if one has not that courage, I want him to cultivate the art of killing…”

    “My creed of nonviolence…has no room for cowardice or even weakness.”

    “A man who, when faced by danger, behaves like a mouse, is rightly called a coward.”

    “Before he can understand nonviolence, he has to be taught to stand his ground.”

  71. Alden says:
    @Low Voltage

    Emslander’s already read many self help books. I recognize the cliches.

  72. Franz says:
    @gaston julia


    It’s from Leo Tolstoy, but damn if it’s in a different context every time I see it. This is typical:

    …He once coarsely explained to an eager antagonist, who insisted on the moral difference between the killing that a revolutionist does for the sake of the masses and that which a policeman does:

    “There is as much difference as between cat shit and dog shit. But I don’t like the smell of either one or the other.”

    Maybe he said it more than once? Definitely applies to current events.

    • Replies: @gaston julia
  73. Moi says:

    Never forget who controls the information/disinformation spigots in our country.

  74. Moi says:

    Christianity has gone about conquering and enslaving more people than anyone else. The biggest, racist empire was Britain.

    • Troll: Current History
    • Replies: @4justice
  75. Seby says:

    “they’re just tools, to bring back feudalism. It always was Marx’s real aim.”


  76. Anonymous[189] • Disclaimer says:
    @ben sampson

    What rubbish are you talking? Blacks enslaved blacks and SOLD them to Whites, Jews, and Arabs. Blacks were captured, enslaved, and sold by other blacks. This was all going along quite nicely until the Whites alone started kicking up a fuss and talking about human rights and being good Christians.

    Blacks prefer might-makes-right and winner-takes-all, but they saw a good thing and went along with it.

    As for the Vietnamese, they’re too smart and too tough to be enslaved. Don’t do them a disservice by comparing them to subsaharan Africans.

    • Replies: @ben sampson
  77. @Menes

    The protesters on the streets (and also the looters) are majority white, not just in America but also in Europe.

    No, they are RED.

  78. @Anonymous

    who created the market for slaves?

    who created and armed the gangs to go hunt for africans to be sold as slaves?

    who grew cotton/sugar etc;, for manufacture into commodities..for hundreds of years?

    who are the exploiters, the descendants fo those same people who turned the same america,
    built on Black slavery and native genocide/expropriation into a sea of white financial slavery,
    that they have now collapsed into a another economic depression while giving the people Coovid-19 as their cover; gave the world urgent survival work to do, locked them down in the proess with aadvice response engineered to make the supposed Covid worse…as well as pandemic proganda cover and underbrush to clear and understand if they were to survive, all to to deflect focus from their crime..a 1% of people doing all this and more, who have put the whole society up a tree..the world in fact..up a tree?

    what are you people here to expand intellectual activity and understanding of reality to help your own existential movement and survival…or ro play mind games with each other?

    this here then is what… a whole great exercise in regular ordinary and routine capitalist bullshit..the Unz as another holding and misdirecting operation?

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  79. anon[384] • Disclaimer says:
    @ben sampson

    Benny on bennies.

  80. @ben sampson

    Most white Americans are descendants of refugees from wars and oppression in Europe. You’re all now citizens with equal rights under the law, and share the guilt of America’s more recent economic and war crimes in other countries.

  81. @Anonymous

    Chinese notions of beauty, not unlike their Hindoo neighbors in the Indian Subcontinent, is garish at best, the black African sense of the artistic is dark yet macabre and Judeo-Islamic is austere but not utilitarian … the Christianity infused culture of the West has no known equal.

    P. S. The only other artistic culture that stands on its own merit may be the Shinto inspired Japanese society.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  82. chris says:

    Yeah, no surprise there.

    That’s the ticket into politics, of course, complete corruption with a trail of actionable felonies; then you‘re trusted by the system and all doors are open.

  83. @Franz

    yes, this sounds like something Tolstoy would say.

  84. 4justice says:

    Christianity has gone about conquering and enslaving more people than anyone else. The biggest, racist empire was Britain.

    Or at least that is what the IDF internet hasbara teenagers, Noam Chomsky and Howard Zinn want us to believe. But is it true?

    There is evidence that Opium Wars waged by Britain were for the drug connection of one Jewish oligarch drug dealer names David Sassoon. If that is true, would that not be a case of a Jewish crime being pinned on Christian England? Or at the very least a Jewish/Christian crime?

    Would it be completely accurate to lay the communist and in some cases very anti-Christian atrocities and mass murder in the Soviet Union at the feet of atheists? I mean the disproportionate role of Jews was primarily by atheist Jews, right?

    Is if really fair to blame Christian America for the neocon led wars against Iraw, Libya, Syria, and the sanctions against Iran? Or is that at least part a Jewish crime?

    Beware of the “identity” shell games.

    The devil – and I mean that quite literally in this case – is in the details – so be sure to look into those details.

    • Replies: @Moi
  85. @Commentator Mike

    I am not responsible for any american crime and I share no american guilt. that is all theirs.

    in all my life I have never supported any american crime nor fought in defence of, or the carrying out of any american crime. I fought them all

  86. Moi says:

    If the the most powerful country–ah, the exceptional nation blessed by God–is led by the nose by Jews, then whose fault is it? Is America helpless, are American Christians stupid? Who handed Jews the power over America? Help me out…

    • Replies: @Really No Shit
  87. 4justice says:
    @ben sampson

    The concept of collective blame is promoted by those who like to shake down people instead of just earning money. Germany is still paying “reparations” to Israel (a country that is a war crime) for crimes in WWII that are not even legally allowed to be studied. Now Israel has their sites on a country that was occupied and also suffered under WWII: Poland. May preservation of their Catholic identity, the Church and God protect them from these criminals.

    • Replies: @ben sampson
  88. @4justice

    this I would hold a people responsible for: how in the hell Poland cant respond to the Jews opening up research, study and debate in their country of all relative issues, tolerating no nonsesnse about sarcrosanct subjects and peoples. it is a question of self defense…how can Poland defend itself with it’s hands tied and its mind shut down?

    if the Polish leadershi were boughgt off and sold their people down the river then the people have the option of taking them down, trying them for treason and punishing them. the way I know law globally is that he people in popular collective arer always right if what they have carried out stands up to examination ad facility..if it is facile, if it works then and meets the needs for which it was intended.

    if it does then people have the right to correct themslves and go on again, go on period in running their own nation and lives.

    as far as I know the people of any and all nations in collective action supersedes any constitution in place. the people in action makes the constitution moot, passe’ and in the process of replacement by population action. the law of the nations, the law of society is just that..popular activity in reponse to the needs of the day is the law

    currently is no more dire time in need of the people in streets taking down but putting up too..THE PEOPLES INTEREST UP HIGH, THE DOMINANT INTEREST BY WHICH THE SOCIETY IS TO BE ORDERED..THE INTEREST OF THE MAJORITY IN POPULAR ACTION!


    so let the Jews come then..let them act! but Poland should andmust arm itelef ith TRUTH and fight them there out in the open for all the world to see. and to get to truth Poland must remove its leadership and all the laws that make Jews and Jewish issues sacred as it has been established by and for Jews everywhere. no law established by and for Jews is consistent with any kind of principle that can be called facile, democratic, in the interest of truth and soluble of the issues involved. None! they must all be removed and thuth followed to develop complte pictures fo what the story is..and we must live by that turh now proven beyond doubt free of manipulation coercion and influence and corruption by money power

    Poland has nothing to fear from full and free investigation. and that is what they must go out to ensure takes place. and the Jewish people wont always have the power of money to help them. recently I asked here I belive what about the american military..will the American military carry out fully order to decimate the american ordianry people? I asked would the american military always obey their commanders?

    well! look at whats happening now…. there is mutiny at the top! what do you think is brewing down below then?

    the key is to stand and fight! period! the more do that the more certain the empire and the Jews collapse. it is time to stop the Jews. the rest of humanity has no more time to far around relative to the Jews anmd all the encourage in us..greed and corruption…extreme competiton between people, to the death..all manner fo corruption as routine. there is routine power in the world now that can kill everybody easily by design or accident. there are technologies coming up that makes workers for the mort part redundant and allows those challegned by that factor to attack the human species with the goal of depopulation to eliminate their problems realtive to us..and solve our problems too..we would be dead

    there is no more time for us! it is either the human species bell the Jews now, this day and time or they will do for us..all we mandatory vaccines coming down the pipeline in a rush….a start for them..not the start we want or need. that must be stopped and the power of the Jews destroyed..people like Soros and Gates etc., arrested, tried and executed.

    the Poles must stand and fight..the right way! we must create popular democracies around the world..each defined by their own cultural make up even if the democratic principle is the same everywhere. in democracy one color does not fit all..the great thinkers do not appear to accept that fact. they want to force Marxism down everyones throat as they know Marxism, driveng the world together into a global dictatorship ruled by few people at its centre

    wont work and not necessary! it must be popular from the ground up not the top down and it must be national culturally. all global relations will spring from that base and from there flow democratically

    Iran has stood up! venezueala! Cuba long ago! Viet Nam etc. now the Poles must do the same by kic king out thir treasonous leadership and stand on their nation and its validity. that is what I hold the people of Poland responsible for..their nation in the full and trues sense of such fight to the last man/woman in this regard!

  89. Anonymous[189] • Disclaimer says:
    @Really No Shit

    You forget Thai culture! Thais have an amazing sense of beauty, and apply it to women, houses, temples and even petrol stations.

    • Replies: @Biff
    , @Really No Shit
  90. @Linh Dinh

    Hi Linh,

    Thanks for all the suggestions! It actually wasn’t Donna’s we went to (although based on your pictures it looks great as well) but a tiny bar named “Alina’s” I think. It seemed like a pretty limited operation and I don’t know if they served pierogies. But the drinks were good enough. And as we came in Alina was chatting away in what I assume was Polish (though I didn’t ask). She also showed us her small dog who apparently helped out behind the counter lol. Not sure if the health department would approve of that but I don’t think anyone else cared.

    I’ve been through Kensington a few times since then (though never after dark) and yeah its pretty terrifying, especially under the El at Somerset. Port Richmond is really nice though. Quiet. I don’t live in Philadelphia anymore (I moved back to where I grew up near Wilkes-Barre, probably not too far from your friend Mr. Orloski) but if I’m back visiting I’ll make sure to try out Donna’s and Czerw sometime.

  91. Biff says:

    Nice! The white temple is just up the road from where I live. There is a golden one next to it – all quite beautiful – and usually crawling with Chinese tourists, but quite silent at the moment.

    The white temple is a brain child of just one man.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  92. @ben sampson

    That’s also what many whites are saying and they’re being accused even for slavery a long time ago. But I didn’t mean you personally, just wanted to clarify that American whites’ ancestors were also once victims and that’s why they went to America, although on their own volition, or perhaps one could even say they were driven out of Europe, rather than the slaves who were force to go to America. And as so many are guilt tripping here, I thought I may as well guilt trip American blacks.

  93. @Anonymous

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder! I like Thai food but not having gone to Siam, I won’t pronounce any personal opinion on their aesthetic values other than to observe that it was greatly influenced by, first the Hindoos (their kings take titles of Rama) and then by the Buddhists, so, I am not sure how of it is truly local flavor … it’s like the Angkor Wat in Indo-China.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  94. Anonymous[189] • Disclaimer says:

    Nice! The white temple is just up the road from where I live.

    North Thailand is amazingly popular with expats. Marc Faber lives around your area, and I think Godfree Roberts does too. Jeff Stryker lives somewhere nearby too.

    Do you guys ever meet up and have expat networking sessions?

    • Replies: @Biff
    , @Republic
  95. Anonymous[189] • Disclaimer says:
    @Really No Shit

    it was greatly influenced by, first the Hindoos (their kings take titles of Rama) and then by the Buddhists, so, I am not sure how of it is truly local flavor … it’s like the Angkor Wat in Indo-China.

    I’d say it’s fairly unique. It’s nothing at all like Hindu architecture/art, which is a lot more garish and clunky (especially the Balinese version) and I don’t think Buddhism has ever had a central enough homeland to homogenise its own style. Indian Buddhism looks very Indian, and Chinese Buddhism often seems to overlap with their own Taoism. As far as i know, only Tibet and Thailand have really played host to a long lasting and unchallenged Buddhist culture. Both styles are very different, so overall I feel Thai art and architecture is a bona fide tradition in its own right.

    Angkor Wat and the other Khmer temples look, to me, to be a lot more Indian than Thai. They’re an order of magnitude more clunky and lower fidelity than modern Thai temples, and remind me more of a lot of old indonesian temples (pre-Islam Java Island, not Bali)

    Anyway, you should definitely go Thailand. It’s a tourist paradise 🙂

    • Replies: @Really No Shit
    , @Menes
  96. Biff says:

    Do you guys ever meet up and have expat networking sessions?

    No, to be honest, I just moved up here less than a year ago. I was living in Bangkok for a number of years and upon visiting the Chiang Rai area a few times, I found it to be “THE” place to be at my point in life. Things are a little spartan at the moment as I am living in a one bedroom apartment with no air-con outside the bedroom, so I’m sitting here in a pool of sweat with the fan running, but I am comforted in knowing that the weather will cool down in a few months(unlike Bangkok), and I will enjoy actual seasons…;^)

  97. @Anonymous

    One of these days on my way to the East I may just do as you suggest … thanks!

  98. @Moi

    Your handle is “Moi” and is probably French or something but I am going use an elephant to explain because the penultimate president of Kenya was a man named Daniel Moi and Kenya is a land which has plenty of pachyderms …

    The elephant is a powerful yet majestic animal and given the opportunity it’s unconquerable, however, it cannot defend itself, especially when wounded or aged, against an army of hyenas at its heels and/or when insects in the millions swarms it … think tiny bugs creating havoc in the anal passage but it can hardly do anything with two enormous proboscis, a superb trunk and an outsized brain… thus after enjoying a superior constitution for very long time, the noble beast succumbs to ignoble and insignificant creatures whose sole purpose to life is no purpose at all.

  99. “dollar limits on what constitutes shoplifting” laws

    Well now, in my great great grandpa’s day, there was the “40/- rule”. It’s an ancient and bloody code.

    If the magistrates could fanny up a case that the stone of potatoes, or yard of fabric/length of timber/even rocks or turnips out out of the field that you were acccused by someone of purloining exceeded two quid (maybe 66% of local monthly wages??), it would have been the Deptford hulks and Botany Bay for you, my lass (or lad, if he escaped the hempen necktie, a de rigeur fashion accessory for the proles of those times, saved complications).

    Of course, if you were Irish, it would be a seamless passage to the Lucky Country for any reason they cared, and indentured servitude till you died of sunburn or flogging. Obviously you were fit enough because you hadn’t died in the Famine Years, so what was the problem?

    Oddly enough, the Owners found, much to their dismay, that these eminently Firm Methods didn’t work on that sort of scum.
    So Bob Peel reviewed his family practice of pinning up orphan children from urban slums by the hundred in his Radcliffe works, and replacing them from (mainly London and East Anglia) as they died in heaps, of malnutrition and disease.

    Because the good folk of Lancashire objected, partly because the expense of interring those cartloads of pre-teen waifs in old flooded “day-eye” pits fell on them in the parish system (if wealthy) , and because they (the rest) realised that if those bastards from up Ramsbotttom could get away with this, then they and their children would be next. And mostly, almost overwhelmingly, from “low-church” disgust. These were the 4th / 5th generation? descendants of English Civil War Radicals, and would not put off their hats. People do talk, among themselves.

    No working man can “compete” against slaves.
    The very same reason they detested the actual slavery of foreign folk (as in the American Civil War, supported their transatlantic fellow-Norfs to no little economic pain to themselves, also the “Cotton Famine” of the 1870s or thereabouts).
    So our man Bobby invented “hands-off” policing, to save the system from outright revolt. And is to this day revered as a Liberal hero. Semtex his statues, I say.

  100. No I suppose £2/0/0 would have been getting on for 4-6 month’s pay. Inflation, it’s a bugger.

  101. @Menes

    Oooh, zinger. Good one, little bitch.

    They are a bit over half european genetically and I reckon they will kick the shit out of your spawn academically, and economically, and physically if need be.

    If disparaging my kids or choice of spouse is your priority given everything that we face, your limited intelligence may be hampering your ability to set priorities.

    • Replies: @Truth
    , @Menes
  102. @4justice

    You were right to assume that I am a man. Conversely, I am not surprised to learn that you are a woman, finding the pointless love-your-enemy silliness both touching and tiresome in a typically female way.

    Love is not a “weapon” except in flowery childish rhetoric, the kind that would ostensibly appeal more to women and feminized men. Loving your avowed enemies is illogical and foolish, however warm and fuzzy one may feel after advocating it.

    As stated previously, it is easier to spout useless and stupid advice when you are an immature (if charismatic) philosopher-wanderer and don’t bother with (or can’t handle) the hard work, sacrifice, long-term thinking, and direct personal responsibilities and rewards of a mature, complete man’s life … and purport to “know” from “prophecy” that you will be senselessly and melodramatically martyred at a young age, do nothing to perpetuate your own family, and somehow then be glorified and worshipped as a prophet, or a deity, or son of a deity, or part of a triune deity, or, um, something.

    There is no achievement in deluding yourself into “loving” people who hate you and your loved ones and civilization and want to kill You and destroy it. And when you hate people who abuse you and seek to harm your children and people, it is a natural and proven survival response. It doesn’t “degrade” you. It is rather tiresome to hear this nonsense extolled and urged upon us.

    But much of the rest of your comment is, once again, heartfelt, practical, sensible, and indicative of an appropriately levelheaded and fairminded approach. Just stop wasting your time and obviously formidable intellectual talents straining to love your enemies (or trying to convince others to waste their time and confuse their children doing so).

    • Replies: @4justice
  103. @Commentator Mike

    Americans who actively opposed the wars share no guilt for them.

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  104. @RadicalCenter

    Perhaps, or maybe not. We’re all collectively responsible for the governments we elect, or keep in place by not bringing them down. Individually, not so much. I was responding to a commenter who guilt trips whites for the past and present misdeeds of the white race. (OK, “guilt trip” is perhaps the wrong choice of words for ben, as I’m not sure if he ever demanded an apology from whites, but based on his comment history he sure condemns them, and wants them to stop … which isn’t as bad in my view)

  105. 4justice says:

    You were right to assume that I am a man. Conversely, I am not surprised to learn that you are a woman, finding the pointless love-your-enemy silliness both touching and tiresome in a typically female way.

    Love is not a “weapon” except in flowery childish rhetoric, the kind that would ostensibly appeal more to women and feminized men. Loving your avowed enemies is illogical and foolish, however warm and fuzzy one may feel after advocating it.

    I am a woman, but yet I defy stereotypes. I am the sort of women that would bet on myself against you in an unarmed fight, how about that for fairy dust and unicorns. I am not particularly big or buff, but I am well trained in the vulnerabilities of the male physiology and will not hesitate to use that knowledge to protect myself or my children. I am the sort of woman who can hold my own with the big boys when it comes to logic and certainly with you. I am not saying this to be insulting. I am saying this to help you get past the stereotypes if you say picture me as sitting in a large field while my children run around and pick daisies and put them in my hair that that might confuse you into thinking I am saying to nurture your enemies into kindness. I am not saying that. (I will admit that as a woman I am fit the stereotype about being very poor at being concise – you have me there, and I am sorry for that!)

    I am saying that you can separate the love you hold in your heart for all of creation from what you need to do when you face a true imminent threat. This love does not hold you back from doing what you must to protect yourself. But this love might just make you have enough perspective about humanity and clarity of thought to prevent you from being tricked into fighting with the people who are not your actual enemy, risking your life and theirs and weakening both of your communities for the manipulator to have even more power over you. You need to get out of the false divisions so you can find the real ones. Hatred and anger make you less rational and less intelligent. Plus, you can never outdo the Jews in hate. You have to bring the fight to where they are weakest: love. What strips them of power over you is genuine love for yourself, your family, your community, your country and humanity. The Jews that are doing the harm hate all of these things. It allows them to be clever and mendacious, but it has weaknesses for them. We need to exploit those weaknesses. Their hubris and failure to know how to love always ends up causing them to overplay their hand and get pushed out, that is what Benjamin Ginsberg is noting in _Fatal Embrace._ But we can’t wait that long because they destroy too much in the process.

    Yes, many Black Americans have been seduced into hating “White” Americans, which somehow often leaves out Jews despite Jews being all tied up in all of those crimes that make Whites so deserving of hatred. That is the obvious scam. Who benefits? Jews. Who is used? Everyone else. Well, many Blacks and Whites and even a number of Jews refuse to be used and do not fall for this scam. (The less powerful Jews are used to go out and attack everyone for being anti-semitic. Once they understand the trick, they realize people are angry at Jews for Jewish abuse of power and not solely because they are Jews. Any Jew who puts love of humanity over the game is not included when I use the term “Jews.” All people of good will are welcome in the brotherhood of humanity. If isn’t DNA I am talking about, but a way of behaving as a group in society, a subculture – more of a criminal gang with a certain brand than a religion or ethnicity. The Jewish identity for atheist Jews – probably the vast majority – is persecution as Jews and nothing more. This identity makes them unable to see the trick b/c they think all criticism of Jews is motivated by irrational hate like their Rabbi or parents told them. They are also tricked, so you really should not hate them, but you can’t let them trick you either or let them get away with slandering non-Jews who dare to tell the truth.)

    South Bend, Indiana is not burning. Perhaps that is because too many in that community know and speak openly about the scam.


    These men are not cowards, but they are also not fooled. Refuse to be fooled, RadicalCenter. We need you to know who the real enemy is. It is not Black people. Political Black people tend to be more woke on the JQ actually and Blacks tend to be more political than Whites, so actually, we might have a lot to learn from Blacks. Minister Farrakhan is hated by the Jews because he tells the truth, but he is probably the most respected Black leader among Blacks in the US today. Think about that.

    As stated previously, it is easier to spout useless and stupid advice when you are an immature (if charismatic) philosopher-wanderer and don’t bother with (or can’t handle) the hard work, sacrifice, long-term thinking, and direct personal responsibilities and rewards of a mature, complete man’s life … and purport to “know” from “prophecy” that you will be senselessly and melodramatically martyred at a young age, do nothing to perpetuate your own family, and somehow then be glorified and worshiped as a prophet, or a deity, or son of a deity, or part of a triune deity, or, um, something.

    Don’t be a simpleton. I am not asking you to copy the life path of Jesus or assume the advice of Jesus came from his life experience. That is not it at all. Christians will think he was God and thus advising from a great deal of knowledge. Non-Christians should only look at the result of being able to get a society to work collectively instead of wasting energy on family feuds and tribal warfare or being drug addled and wasted. Look at what was built in Europe in terms of architecture. How did people manage to work together to create shared things that were meant to last on top of taking care of their basic needs? It is a way to have a greater perspective that allows for a win-win society in the prisoners dilemma. They are not the only ones to figure out how to do this well, but the only ones who were able to hold off Jews while doing it. And that is the exact problem we are faced with. How can we use our best thinking to beat the enemy in the areas where he is weak? Love of self, freedom from addiction, love of the collective, love of our community, love of the other so that I only fight him if I really have to and not because it helps some mendacious third party. Love it is the protection from the divide and conquer tactic. Jews use any show of hate or violence against them to trick their community into thinking that Jews will be hated no matter what they do. It plays into their strategy.

    Yes, some Black people brutalize and target White people. Those Black people are sick and tricked. Most Black people do not do that. Many may want to, but they have enough self-awareness to know that it is not worth it, even if it is only because they love themselves and their families enough to not want to go to jail. That is a good start. If everyone loved themselves enough to not want to go to jail, we would have very little crime and we could figure out how to live together with mutual respect and peace if not love.

    Some Whites and a higher percentage of Blacks do not love themselves enough to keep out of crime, a percentage of which is directed at people who are not their same race. The people who tricked these people into hating themselves are those that control the media to tell people to hate themselves and other groups and not invest in their own families. The children of such people not only hear the same messages from tv, rap, movies – they also failed to experience the proper attentive love and protection of two loving parents. The chances of such people to get sucked into all manner of dark industries like porn, drink, drugs, gambling, usury (payday lending) is huge. There are industries all set up ready to prey on such people that have been intentionally broken. That is how the Jews destroy people. But they do not want to be called out, so they trick people into blaming other things, like “institutional racism.” That is actually not untrue, but it is the racism of the Jews in the media, academia and manipulating social movements against non-Jewish Whites and Blacks that is hurting people, but no one is allowed to talk about that. The biggest racism being promoted right now is actually Jews against Whites, not Blacks, but you can be sure that Jews hate us all. We are not supposed to know or talk about any of this.

    This is not a new problem. The Church faced this problem. We can learn the lesson or we can listen to those same manipulators say believing in God is like believing in Santa Clause or turning the other cheek is weak. They demonize and attack the church so viciously because it is the one thing that can get us out of their trick. They make Priest synonymous with pedophile while statistically speaking Rabbis are just as tied up in pedophilia if not more – it is just not allowed to appear in the media.

    You don’t have to become a Christian to take the lesson. Become strong and healthy, avoid all porn, avoid sex outside of a long term committed relationship, avoid cheating (sexually and in dealings with others), avoid drugs, avoid gambling, avoid computer addiction (I am weak here) so that you can do your best as a parent, spouse, provider (if that is your contribution in your family arrangement), house-manager. Make as much of your life about love – love of self, love of spouse, love of children, love of extended family and inlaws, love of community, love of country, love of world – as possible, focusing more on the first things and less on the further out. Nurture self-love in your children so that they have the best chance to avoid the traps and to be a able to have love in their own lives. Keep the kids away from misleading media as best you can. Consider homeschooling because the schools are being used to teach us all to hate ourselves.

    The weapon against the Jews cannot be violence. They use any overt attack to fuel their victim status because they control the media. In fact, they have to fake attacks against themselves because they know it serves them. But they cannot force you into their trick. You have to choose to participate. If you opt out their loans or porn or drugs and love your family and build your local community with love, they cannot stop you. If you speak out to others about the trick, they will try to take you down. So, each has to decide what risk they are willing to take. But if you just quietly make your kids healthy, brilliant and strong and get to build trust among people around you because you all get to know that you see each other as human, then you win and the Jews lose. We beat them in the area they are completely powerless: love. It is ingenious. Like Tsun Tzu says in The Art of War, you do not target your enemies strengths, but their weaknesses.

    You can not out “victim status” a Jews because only they are allowed to write the history and frame the current events.
    You cannot outdo the Jews in money because they have the lion’s share of money creation.
    But you can take your energy and power out of their scams as much as possible and refuse to let them tell you who your enemy is.
    You can outdo the Jew in living the message of Christ in loving your neighbor as you love yourself.

    Think I am a dumb clueless woman if you want, but I have never outsourced my personal security to a man. I just avoid conflicts and know how to exploit male vulnerabilities if need be. But I am not naive that there are no sick people that choose to harm others. Does any woman not know this from practical experience? We do not go out walking alone at night if we can avoid it for a reason. I have tried to lay out the way to avoid the traps that are carefully laid and have been going on for centuries by those who profit from bloodsucking industries. We can simply choose to not enter the traps and save our fighting for the unfortunate moments when broken people have given us no alternative. We should take no joy in doing what has to be done. Having to use force to defend yourself or your family is the unfortunate last resort of a chain of failures that were set in motion long before.

    Sometimes society is so broken that it is unclear what you can do. If you are a White farmer in South Africa, than you are totally screwed. The propaganda and manipulation of the Jews has rotted that country nearly all the way through. God help every soul in that country. I would not blame people who can afford it to leave that country. But it is insane that the farmers are driven off of their barely arable land while the Jewish owners of the vast mineral wealth go untouched. The Jewish manipulators stoke anger at the farmer and always leave themselves out of the story. South Africans need to look at the whole story to ever be able to move forward, but I guess only if you live there can you know if helping make that happen is worth the risk of having your kids tortured out of some imagined right to racial collective punishment. Very sad. That is what Americans must prevent.

    Not sure what your surroundings are like, but in the US, the number of sane Black people far outweighs those whipped up into scapegoating the non-Jewish Whites for what the Jews have actually done to their communities. If you live among these people, build alliances across White and Black communities and discuss the situation about who is profiting from division with those who are not too brainwashed to call it “hate” to tell the truth. If you live in a mostly White area, you are not in immediate danger. Focusing on your kids and family and self and in your spare time, try to help people figure out the game and withdraw their energy from it. Make sure your kids know the game and are loved enough to have the self-love to be able to have a great life, a beautiful family and be a positive member of society.

    You don’t have to become a Christian, but it would be good to become something from your heritage to share with your children that is not just “White.” “White” is not much to work with. White people are not allowed to organize as whites – see for example Charlottesville and David Duke. Christians are also under attack, but it is harder for a religious group, Jews. to overtly attack people for being Christian the way they do for being White. The Rainbow/lbgtqia+ agenda is an attack on Christianity, but not head on. So, that is why I think we should rebuild our Christian identity – but you do what you think is best. Just do not fail to grasp the worth of the Christian solution to a war waged by degrading your society. It is not the Blacks who are doing this.

    You don’t have to listen to me, but this is what my 20 years of slightly obsessive study into racism, war, the conquest of Palestine, Zionist power, Jewish power, propaganda via the media, corruption have brought me to. I am always willing to learn more and I don’t mind spirited debate to explore new ways of thinking and communicating. I have appreciated our exchange and I thank you for considering my ideas. I am speaking in broad brushes and not trying to paint any individual into any box – but we need to be able to talk about these broad trends to know what is going on. But always judge each individual on their actual views and behaviors, not what their group majority is up to. We have a right to expect that a Jew has probably been taught to mistrust and hate all “goy”, but if a Jew demonstrates they have grown past that game or their family was good enough to never get them in to that game, then accept them as what they are, an equally sacred human being who is worthy of some trust. Hating a whole group is counterproductive and only strengthens the hand of your enemy. But just because you love everyone, you get to be as careful as you like about who and how much you trust. This is not naive love. This is love as a weapon in the war of order over chaos. It is a gem from Western Civilization. It would be a shame not to grasp it and share it with your children. It is literally the secret to life, at least as far as I can see.

    • Thanks: utu
    • Replies: @Truth
    , @utu
  106. Truth says:


    Between you and Twinx, I don’t know who’s testier.

  107. Truth says:

    I am a woman, but yet I defy stereotypes. I am the sort of women that would bet on myself against you in an unarmed fight,

    You Ofays have me rolling on the desk today, hey, when you and Raddy decide in which parking lot you are going to settle your differences, let me know, the Truthster has been known to be non-adverse to a little wager.

    • Replies: @4justice
  108. 4justice says:

    Just because I bet on myself does not mean I will win! It only means I care more about boosting my own self confidence than money! But I hope it was funny b/c it was meant to be funny.

    The real point is I am not a pacifist, nor naive to the importance of defending your right to security. But if common sense can prevail, then we won’t need to get to some sort of hunger games scenario where such a contest is necessary. I say let’s avoid any violence we can. Not because I am afraid or naive, just because I think we are capable of better – so much better.

    • Thanks: Truth
  109. obvious says:

    That whole mentality about “running the country” is the root of the problem: you have no identity, no purpose, no awareness and no function outside of a cog in a system. Nobody can or is supposed to “plan” for the well being or the anything else of “a country”.

    Obviously you don’t belong anywhere, or have any heritage or independent reason to exist. Other people have nothing to grant or deny you except spells and mental suggestions. America is about planning your own well being, and it was founded by people who understood this.

  110. utu says:

    “White” is not much to work with. – Exactly. Racial identity works on the lowest the most primitive level only.

  111. Republic says:

    Do you really think that Jeff Stryker lives in Thailand? He never comments on events there,not even about covid-19.

  112. Biff would know where Issan is.

    I’m disinclined to comment on the place I live. Criticism is not encouraged and in any event, the sort of people who loot cannot live overseas…that’s all that matters.

    Considering the degree of time I spend on here, its unlikely I could hold any sort of job in the US.

  113. Alden says:
    @ben sampson

    Linh lived in Philadelphia. Every non black person who lives in Philadelphia hates blacks because blacks murder kill rob burglarize rape assault and injure non blacks every day in Philadelphia.

    What’s wrong with hating killers rapists robbers and useless eaters who beat and seriously injure non Whites every day?

    Hatred, disdain and avoidance of blacks is because they are dangerous criminals who prey on other races.

    Blacks have destroyed many formerly great American cities. Chicago and Minneapolis are next.

    • Replies: @Truth
  114. Menes says:

    little bitch.

    How the hell was a greasy, racist sleazebag like you ever allowed to be a teacher? Racists should be disqualified from the teaching profession. For the sake of the children.

    You are certainly suffering from serious mental issues, endlessly hating on blacks (especially) and latinos while singing the glories of the european race even though your own children are not of that race! Given their admixture they are probably seen as mestizos, right?

    If disparaging my kids

    Not being european is not a disparagement in my book, obviously. Just the fact that you saw that as a disparagement proves that you are disparaging your own non-white children with your white supremacist rantings. Shame on you.

    How many black and latino students have you screwed up? Why are you even in LA you disgusting hypocrite? GTFO.

  115. Menes says:

    As far as i know, only Tibet and Thailand have really played host to a long lasting and unchallenged Buddhist culture.

    Sri Lanka has been a Buddhist nation since 250 BC.

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  116. Truth says:

    What’s wrong with hating killers rapists robbers and useless eaters who beat and seriously injure non Whites every day?

    They don’t pick up after their dogs?

  117. @Menes

    Sinhalese are Buddhists-of course that is why their ancestors fled to the island in the first place. Neither the Andaman Islanders (Who preceded the Sinhalese arrival from Bengal) or Tamil Nadu are Buddhist. They’re Hindu or Catholic or in the case of the Andaman, animist.

    At the bottom of it, the conflict between the Tamil and Sinhalese was a Buddhist-Hindu one. The Sinhalese fled from India to Ceylon to practice Buddhism because the Hindus had outlawed Buddha. The Tamil were not refugees, but voluntary Hindu (And later Catholic) immigrants.

    Lao is also staunchly Buddhist and has never been anything else. Thailand has a substantial Muslim population in the South on the Malaysian border. Lao is as Buddhist as possibly can be as it borders nothing but other Buddhist countries (South China included).

    Latinos are not exactly acting as if blacks or whites belong in LA. I suppose we’ll have drug cartels from Mexico selling cocaine out of the California Governor’s mansion in 10 years.

    In defense of RADICAL, whites did build those cities. And while I’ve not been a teacher, my brother had to move out of California just to send his daughter to a decent public school so the schools must be dreadful. The would be when Cholos are roving the halls selling heroin and jumping in 10 year old kids.

  118. orionyx says:

    Maybe there are some African languages that don’t have tenses. But just try to master the tenses of Zulu, a fairly standard Bantu language, then come back and make an absurd statement like that.

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