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A Letter from Germany
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Leipzig Bar, 2015

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A friend in Frankfurt emailed me on July 19th:

It is sheer madness what is happening here… The noose is tightening and yet—it is still only the beginning… What took place in some dull regional express close to Würzburg, a town in Franconia in the middle of Germany, was—in some respect—like a watershed event—just like the mass sexual assaults in Cologne on New Year’s Eve.

The mantra from above is still “Islam belongs to Germany” or “We will make it (in regards to the Refugee Crisis)” but there are fewer and fewer people buying it—which does NOT mean that more people are getting it—but I will come to this later.

We now know that in Cologne alone (!) there were about 1,200 women (in one night) sexually harassed, abused and, in some cases, raped.

At the moment there is no weekend when there aren’t news about some refugees sexually harassing women or girls at a festival (it is festival season).

Also, you can find news about refugees harassing women and children (and sometimes raping them) in public swimming pools on a weekly or even daily basis.

Sales of pepper sprays and guns are booming everywhere. If there were only these things, the rage might be controllable, but Würzburg was of a different quality. For the first time, a refugee didn’t kill another refugee (when this happened before, Neo-Nazis were blamed, then—just as was the case with most of the “burning refugee centers”—the police later found that a refugee was responsible).

When children were robbed by refugees, Germans were told to send their children to school by a different route.

Germans were told to stop swimming nude in a lake—because a refugee center was erected nearby.

Last year, Germans were told the refugees would contribute so mightily and extraordinarily to the German economy—so what have been the news recently?

Well—the big German corporations, the 30 members of the DAX (the stock market index), that so proudly announced last year they would hire lots of refugees—they have indeed hired refugees. Fifty-four, to be exact (50 of them went to the Deutsche Post, as mailmen. Ah—if Charles Bukowski only knew…). 🙂

Only recently, a branch of the German Arbeitsagentur (the office for the unemployed) in Dortmund had another success story:

This branch was created last year and staffed with 36 employees (all paid with tax money) with the sole purpose of bringing 2,200 refugees in Dortmund, those who were able to work, into the workforce.

And the news was: After nine months of intensive work the Arbeitsagentur has succeeded to get … ten (!) refugees working! Hurrah! Well, they had the decency to add that it’s only a start—but an encouraging one.

The list is endless…. but to come back to the incident in Würzburg:

A refugee, supposedly from Afghanistan and 17-years-old, decided to start his own jihad and tried to take out a few infidels. Oddly enough, he started with a family from Hong Kong on the train, whom he attacked with the brave shout “Allah akbar” and a knife and an axe. After severely wounding two of them, he jumped off the train.

(I wonder if this will boost tourism from Hong Kong).

Then he met some old ladies who were walking their little dogs and with the shout “I will kill you, sluts!” he also wounded one (perhaps fatally) before being shot by the police.

Now—as I said, THIS is a new quality.

I can almost feel the anger and rage in Germany getting stronger.

The rage in some refugees is also rising, which is logical.

There are no jobs for them.

There are no houses for them.

There are no women for them.

So—jihad is an option, if you are bored and all these kuffar give you nothing but €352 a month, or less, and you have to sleep with six others in a tightly packed room—and there is just nothing to do!

And you wander around and there are all those women in shorts, etc.—but they are not for you.

No wonder, some get frustrated.

Slowly, silently, the German police admits there might be a teensy-weensy bit of a problem here—mind you, we still don’t know the whereabouts of between 150 to 500 thousand refugees who just disappeared…

Nobody knows how many jihadists are here. Nobody. Could be a few dozen. Or hundreds. Or thousands.

This young man on the Würzburg train came last July. He was granted asylum this March. The last two months, he lived with a family. He had a job (or was in training, rather) at a bakery. There were no signs of radicalization. Soooo…….

The media is busy telling us: Well… he radicalized himself only days before the attack. I wonder if they realize this message is not quite reassuring…

So the gap is rising ever more. Everybody has some story to tell:

My brother lives in Munich. Last year, his wife was very pro-refugee. In a neighboring suburb a few weeks ago, a woman heard the doorbell at 10PM. Assuming it was a friend (this is Bavarian bourgeoisie, so they’ve always felt safe, at least until recently…), she opened the door—and was greeted (and then raped) by two refugees. That made my brother’s wife rethink (they have two small children).

My sister in Münster has armed herself with pepper spray.

Colleagues don’t let their children go alone to school anymore, because there are refugees nearby.

A guy in East Germany tells me people are secretly arming themselves.

Hate grows, as does mistrust and anxiety. Some weeks ago in Hanover, a young Muslim girl (15-years-old) rammed a knife into the throat of a female policeman (who was just standing there—the attack came out of nowhere).

Then people hear about public swimming pools, about festivals—they hear about the same things in Sweden—then what happened in France—Nice, or the policeman and his wife who were stabbed to death in Magnanville (while their 3-year-old-son was watching).


The latest incident was a woman in France who got stabbed by a guy from Morocco—they had quarreled because the Moroccan guy thought the woman’s daughters were not properly dressed—so he stabbed her and her three daughters, the youngest only eight-years-old. And so on, and so on…

Now—of course, there also Germans doing nasty things—murdering, raping etc. But these things have a new quality to them.

For many year the statistics of the German police had shown that migrants are waaaay overrepresented in crime—rapes, robberies, burglaries, violence etc. The rates for migrants were everywhere double or triple those for the general population (and the funny thing is, the gap would have been even wider if Germans with a migrant background—Turks who have German passports, etc.—were included. Of course, this was not done (it would be racist, you know).

And the blame was and is still on the Germans—that they didn’t provide enough opportunities for integration towards the poor Muslim migrants (funnily enough, we don’t have these problems with Vietnamese or Hindu migrants… but again, these are racist thoughts…).

So the migrants were and are told that it is the Germans’ fault if they don’t get a job. Some of them believe it. Also, some or even many seem to believe that Germans are a bunch of racist swine.

I once met a Greek woman who complained loudly to me that Germans were so racist. I asked her what her experiences were—and she said that a friend of her had been approached by a German on a train and that he (hacked her to death? No, not quite) had said to her: there are too many of you in Germany.

Wasn’t that racism?

I asked if her children were ever harassed by Turkish children in school (Turks and Greeks don’t get along too well)—yes, of course—Turkish children had harassed and even beaten up her boys.

Now Linh—the really funny thing was, it didn’t occur to her that this was more racist (that her boys were beaten up by Turks just because they were Greeks) than the incident on the train.

Racism was something only Germans showed.

I heard similar things from others.

So all in all—a perfect example of mind manipulation.

AND this also shows now so brilliantly—because—as I said, the mood gets worse (just on the eve of the next financial crisis—perfect timing)—even in the German leftist newspaper Die Zeit (absolutely pro-refugee) you now find commentaries from people who say that they have just had enough of this lousy leftist whining…

Because again, we are told from German politicians about the incident in Würzburg that

  1. This had nothing to do with Islam or the refugee crisis
  2. That the police shouldn’t have killed the poor axe-wielding boy (German police officers are rather reluctant to use their guns, but if someone runs towards them with an axe, I think it is understandable that they shoot)
  3. That the young man radicalized himself just recently—and therefore that
  4. It was no sign of a strengthening of ISIS in Germany etc.

My father remembers the 70s (I don’t—too young) when 40 members of the Rote Armee Fraktion RAF (the left terror group of Baader Meinhof and the likes) were able to hold German society in fear and sometimes in a state close to hysteria. Now—with… 100? 1000? ISIS members—you can imagine how the mood will change when ISIS does its first crucifixion here…).

All the more, since some gruesome details from the Paris attacks are now leaking out—that the terrorists at the Paris discotheque in November 2015 not only killed the young folks there… but they tore off limbs, cut off genitals, stuffed them in the mouths of the men, cut out eyes etc… Ah—a holy war excuses everything—even becoming a monster, it seems.

But to come to the point: As I said, Germans are getting more and more fed up with the official litany—BUT: They don’t see the real picture. They still believe that the ones who created this situation will be the ones who will deliver the solution! That is the sad part of it.

All these things will be used as an excuse to install the perfect police state (and it will be perfect). We need to protect you from terrorists—so give us your freedom, open your bank account, let us abolish money and install a digital currency, accept new taxes (and ghettos in your cities). Work harder and for less money, consume and be a good citizen—and most importantly: Have fear! Always have fear!

Now—I don’t want to leave with the impression that all refugees are just no-goods—criminals, murderers etc. They are not. The vast majority are normal people who just want to lead a normal life—and not one that is forced upon them while their countries are demolished, raped and plundered by the West (that is, the US of A).

BUT—they are just tools in a game. Pawns. Just as we are.

And this leads to no good if the circumstances here resemble Iraq’s. Or just Kenya. And that is the direction we are headed. People with totally different cultural and ideological roots from ours will cling with force to what they know. If they are encouraged to do so (and they are). Assimilation is a crime against humanity, as a Turkish politician once said (who recently had a tough time because some of his generals wanted to get rid of him). So they stay with their own folks. No integration. No assimilation. But ghettos—their mindset becomes even more rigid—some of them will start to despise the majority, whom they don’t understand and don’t want to understand—and sometimes they will commit violence against the hated or despised kuffar (who have no decency—no respect etc.).

I mean—it is funny—in all German travel guides—when it comes to Muslim countries, you find things like: If you are a woman, don’t wear a skirt! Under no circumstances be topless on a beach! Don’t look men in the eye—it is an invitation to sex! Etc. Are the ones who wrote this only hardcore racists? And now hundreds of thousands of people from these countries come here—what do we expect? They mistake our hospitality for weakness. And they (some of them at least) will turn to extremism.

A famous German journalist (one of the old school—Peter Scholl-Latour) once said prophetically: If you let Calcutta come here, you change this to Calcutta.


And he was right. A minority of the refugees consists of terrorists, murderers, rapists etc. They could only come here because the borders were kept open. Just on the eve of the Greater Depression (with all the distrust between the various groups and subgroups), they will make sure that German citizens will fight among themselves in countless battles and skirmishes.

Germans against migrants, Turks against Kurds, Sunni against Shia, Yazidis against Salafists etc. The rich will have their gated communities, the rest will have to deal with a much tougher life in ghettos and suburbs. And life will still go on… I was once in Nigeria. Though you can make money and do business there, life is not too pleasant for the majority of Nigerians…

That is where we are headed. German society will be so fragmented and there will be such turmoil and violence, the majority will accept every solution from above…

Still—if in the end it all plays out as planned—I don’t know. There still is something called destiny. And this may be—in the end—the stronger factor. Even against those in the shadows.

In the meantime, we have to carry on with our normal life. And try to stay human. That is a tough thing to do, these days—but it is possible.

And will remain possible.


Linh Dinh is the author of two books of stories, five of poems, and a novel, Love Like Hate. He’s tracking our deteriorating socialscape through his frequently updated photo blog, Postcards from the End of America.

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  1. At some point the Europeans who wish to survive unmolested are going to go medieval on their new neighbours. So much for the EU keeping the peace.

    • Replies: @gustafus
    , @Simon in London
  2. gruff says:

    Can anyone explain the Bukowski reference?

  3. Linh Dinh says: • Website

    Bukowski was born in Germany and a mailman for much of his working life.

    • Replies: @Erik Sieven
    , @gustafus
  4. @gruff

    Bukowski had a sinecure at the post office — no doubt he was one of those guys who left empty pints in the bottom of the canvas nixie hopper.

    • Replies: @gruff
  5. Priss Factor [AKA "Anonymny"] says: • Website

    Hey, we have our own Merkel. Hillary!!

    They are Vazis, the vaginal nazis.

    “Islam belongs to Germany”

    If Muslims deal with homos, I’m inclined to half-agree.

    Homomania is a totally evil silligion, religion made of silliness, or triviligion, religion based on triviality, or frivoligion, religion premised on frivolity.

    • Replies: @robt
    , @AndrewR
  6. Priss Factor [AKA "Anonymny"] says: • Website

    West Germany used to take refugees from East Germany because both were German.

    Now, Germany takes in refugees from all the world cuz… Germans are no longer German themselves. As Germans rejected their own German-ness, they need non-Germans to become ‘Germans’. Because real Germans are tainted with Holocaust guilt, only non-Germans can redeem Germanness as ‘new and better Germans’.

    But if New Germans come to define Germanness, it will also mean the end of Holocaust Guilt since it only applies to real Germans. I guess one positive outcome is emergence from the burden of the Holocaust.

    But then, if Germans are so into WWII guilt, why do they act so nasty toward Russians and Poles and Hungarians? Didn’t German aggression lead to deaths of millions of Russians? Didn’t Germany violate Polish and Hungarian territories?
    Yet, Germans feel no guilt when they berate and bully those nations.
    Merkel is Hitlerian in dictating to Poland and Hungary that they must accept invasion. Not by Germans but by Muslims and Africans. The New German policy is “We welcome invasion by the third world hordes, so YOU must also.”
    Again, we see lack of respect for national sovereignty of other nations.
    Merkel is like Jim Jones. Jones wasn’t content to kill himself. He forced everyone to die with him. Come to think of it, Hitler wanted all of the West to fall with him as he faced defeat. He wanted Paris to burn, and he wanted everything destroyed in German cities, an order refused by Speer. Now, Germans want Poles and Hungarians to fall with them too.

    Germans only pay heed to Anglo/Americans and Zionists. US and Zionists got the power, I guess.

    When East Germany was under Soviet control, it was mainly servile toward Russia and not to Jews and Holocaust, which wasn’t even part of the main narrative in East Germany.

    In the end, it’s all about the power.

    • Replies: @Seamus Padraig
    , @Anonymous
  7. Rehmat says:

    Me too received a postcard from Germany the other day ….

    Today, Israeli newspaper Ha’aretz reported about a documentary, A German Life, to be screened at the Jerusalem Film Festival, the Jewish Film Fest in San Francisco, and at a festival in Buenos Aires.

    The documentary is based on Nazi propaganda minister Dr. Joseph Goebbels’ personal stenographer (1942-45) Brunhilde Pomsel, 105, who was interviewed by four Jew ‘Holocaust researchers’. She is one of the few living people who were witness to what real happened in Germany during 1933 to 1945.

    Brunhilde Pomsel during the interview insisted that Nazis didn’t kill people based on their religion, but due to fact they posed a threat to German nation and the Third Reich (more here).

    Christian Krönes, one of the directors of the documentary recalls that Pomsel did not show any remorse over the killing of the six million Jews, but she became very emotional over the mention of the suicide of Goebbels, his wife and six children On May 1, 1945.

    “Pomsel stands for millions of people, millions of blind followers who enabled that system. That’s probably the aspect that makes this historic film, this historic document, so interesting to the present. The film describes a functioning society that goes to pieces: world economic crisis, unemployment, the rise of the Nazis. Less than a decade later, it all leads to the biggest disaster in the history of mankind,” he said.

    Then Krönes exposed his real Zionist agenda by comparing Germany under Nazis to today’s Europe being flooded by Muslim immigrants, rise of antisemitism, and extremist White political elites.

    “Today, we’re actually in a similar situation. That makes the film up to date and timeless. We’ve overcome an economic crisis and we’re being swamped by a wave of refugees. Far right parties across Europe are on the rise. The problematic situation is that this time, it’s not just one country that’s affected – like Germany back then -, but the entire European continent that’s drifting to the right,” said Krönes.

    As a typical self-denial Zionist, Krönes hates to admit that the great majority of European governments are controlled by Jewish leaders or by pro-Israel lobby groups.

    • Replies: @Will2Power
  8. Priss Factor [AKA "Anonymny"] says: • Website

    The main lesson about Germany and WWII is that people must choose truth over lies.

    During the Nazi era, Germans refused to believe the truth about Hitler. They refused to pay attention to the horrors carried out by Germans in other nations. They refused to believe rumors about the killing of Jews and other folks. Nazi Germany, especially during the war, became an empire of lies and fantasies.

    This is one German who refused to live by lies:

    Even in DOWNFALL the film, it is amazing how those in the inner circle carry on with lies, partying and dancing, to the very end. And Hitler was lost in his own fantasies, moving phantom armies that didn’t even exist.


    But Germans were so into the culture of loyalty and duty that they served the pathological nut to the end.

    We see the same pattern all over again. It is ironic cuz the new culture of lies is enforced in the name of redeeming Germany from its past culture of lies.

    But even that Redemption Narrative is a lie. True, Germany caused horrible hardships to other nations, but if so, Germany owes something to the nations it destroyed. And they’d be Poland, Russia, France, Holland, etc. One can argue Russians got even by killing lots of Germans, raping and looting, and ruling over a piece of Germany.
    As for other nations like Poland and etc., Germany did take great measures to pay reparations. Also, Germans have done a great deal for Jews, understandable.
    Those are truths.

    But it is a total lie that Germany must still continue to redeem itself by taking care of the world. Germany didn’t do anything to parts of Africa and Middle East from which refugees and migrants are coming. If anything, the people most guilty and responsible for that are the Anglo-Zionists who’ve been filled with warmongering arrogance and hubris since end of Cold War. For these globalist a**holes to invoke Holocaust and WWII and dump the burden of ‘refugees’ on Germany is ridiculous. Given NYT cheerled the Iraq War, it should pay reparations for aiding the lying Bush regime into war. But NYT just says, ‘oops, sorry’ and demands that Germany and EU nations take in all these ‘refugees’ who’ve been uprooted by Zionist intervention in the Middle East and North Africa.

    Despite Germany’s great guilt in WWII, Germany is only responsible to those it wronged, not to other nations. What does taking ‘Syrian refugees'(unleashed by crazy foreign policy of US, Israel, Saudis, and Turkey) have to do with the Holocaust and WWII?
    Since Indonesians caused a lot of horror in East Timor, should Germans have taken Timorese refugees too?
    There was that moment when Merkel was denounced as a wicked witch cuz she said a Palestinian girl had to go back home. But why should Germans be responsible for Palestinian plight when it is Zionists who continue to occupy West Bank?

    And there are other lies about the current ‘refugee’ crisis, as more and more Germans are finding out.
    Merkel lies. Bureaucrats lie. Police lie. Media lie. Schools lie. Celebrities lie. EU lies.
    They may believe they are lying for the higher good, but all these lies add up to evil because a system based on lies and deception can only be evil.

    If Nazism was built on lies, anti-Nazi Germany must be based on truth. But anti-Nazi Germany also has come to rest on lies and lies. It is based on the lie that anti-immigration sentiment and German nationalism constitute return of Hitlerism.
    In truth, German patriotism and German sovereignty are NOT cases of new nazism. They are healthy nationalism, something all nations need.
    Also, the main evil of Nazi Germany was not blood-and-soil ideology but the fact that it violated the blood and soil rights of OTHER nations. If Germans wanted blood-and-soil sovereignty in Germany, fine.
    It’s like Jews can have blood and soil in Israel. The current situation is troublesome because Jews are violating the blood and soil rights of Palestinians in the West Bank. Zionists should take back all Jews in West Bank and drive out all Arabs in Israel into West Bank. This is how European peace was achieved after WWII. By the way of population transfers, each nation was allowed to have its right of blood and soil. And the USSR, aka Russian Empire, broke up along those lies. Lithuanians wanted their own blood and soil. Estonians too. And Armenians, Georgians, etc.
    But EU and Germany, under the storm clouds of globalism, are now violating this. Blood and soil must be nationalist, not imperialist. The evil of Nazism was it went from nationalism to imperialism. Polish patriots who fought the Germans were all about blood and soil. Poles were saying ‘German blood and soil must be in Germany. Poland is for Polish blood and soil.’

    Radicalism is the roots of evil. Radicalism is the extreme belief that one’s views and causes are so radiant, noble, true, and awesome that they have the right to trample on all others causes, agendas, and visions.

    Look at Stalin and Hitler. Both had some good ideas but were turned evil by radical ideology/personality.

    Stalin’s communism had something about the rights of working man, social justice for the proles, and the role of state to protect people from the exploitative class. But communists were so righteous and radical in their ideology that they felt they had the right to do ANYTHING to further their cause. So, even lies and tyranny were okay as long as they served the higher truth. Morality turned radical become nihilistic.

    Same goes for Hitler. He had some good ideas about love of nation, identity, tradition, unity, and volk. Nothing wrong with a Germanic person loving his own people and culture. But this love became radical to the point where he thought only the ‘Aryans’ and their related races deserved any kind of rights, power, and dignity. All the rest were secondary humans, even subhuman. He started with a good idea about patriotism and racial/cultural preservation, but his excessive love for his own people blinded him to the histories and identities of other peoples and their right to survive and carry on.

    It’s true that humanity cannot live with truth 100% of the time since truth is often blunt, hurtful, and inconvenient. But truth is truth, and it must be the basis of important decision. Crucial Policies cannot be based on lies in the service of Niceness.
    Niceness is nice, but it’s a casual etiquette we maintain for social peace. It has little to do with the truth. What happened in Nice on Bastille Day exposed the lie to the culture of niceness as the basis of national policy. It’s like we should be nice enough to be polite to foreigners in our country. But when foreigners demographically invade our country, we must put aside niceness and firmly say they need to go back home since their massive arrival constitutes an invasion. If a nation continues to prefer the cult of niceness in the face of rude invasions, it is finished.

    It’s like we shouldn’t say a fat person is a ‘fatso’ and a ‘buffalo butt’ as such insults are hurtful.
    BUT, the doctor must tell the fatass patient that he or she must lose weight and exercise if he or she wants to regain health. The patient may feel hurt, but only the truth is the path to true health.

    EU is an empire of lies with a fatass that needs to be called out.

    These lies are perpetuated by both cynicism and dogmatism. Many German politicians, reporters, and bureaucrats know what is happening, but they prefer to keep their jobs and careers. They are no different from Stasi and other East German goons who went along with the system out of self-interest.
    There was even a report that German journalists take bribes from the CIA.

    But there is also dogmatism. The narrative of German Guilt is such an iron dogma of German identity after WWII, esp. since the 1960s(when Jews began to take over US elite power), that Germans favor the Narrative to any facts or truths that threaten it.
    If lies better serve the narrative, they are favored over truths.

    So, we even have German women lying that they were raped by German men when the rapists were Muslims or Africans. Why? The dogma pounded into the minds tell them that it is noble to uphold the narrative of White Guilt and non-white nobility.
    This is the new myth.

  9. I opposed the mass immigration idea from the start. I suspect this is exaggerated. I still think their is a culture war and that mass immigration was a bad idea. I don’t know what else to say or do but wish for the best.

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  10. Rehmat says:
    @Priss Factor

    If the Nazis did carry genocide of Jewish people – Why challenging it is a serious crime in 15 European countries – while the Organized Jewry is allowed to mock Jesus (as) and Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) under the protection of “Freedom of Speech”?

    Late Rabbi Wolf Gunther Plaut, former president of ‘Canadian Jewish Congress (CJC)’ and Chief Rabbi at Toronto’s Holy Blossom Temple, in his 1990 book, ‘The Man Who Would Be Messiah‘, wrote that Frankist Jews were responsible for the Holocaust. The book’s ‘Foreword’ was written by no other than Elie Weisel, the father of ‘holocaust culture’. Weisel did not disagree with Rabbi Plaut. The book is biography of Polish Rabbi Ya’akov Frank (1726-1791), who claimed being the biblical Messiah of Jews and thus part of Trinity….

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  11. JohnDough says:

    The original hostile minority that was let into the USA are the Jews, many of whom still refuse to assimilate. Today centuries later a certain percentage of them have taken over finance, media, and politics which has resulted in a soft coup of US culture and power for the benefit of their group.

    But don’t believe me just go to the annual Forbes survey of the richest Americans and make note of the names. Is it 1.74% of that spread? Of course not it’s more like 50% which strongly suggests something other than a meritocracy at work. Maybe easier loans, in-group networking, blatant racism as seen in Hollywood’s 96% “white” executive class?

    And now to really pay back the US and EU for saving the Jews in WW2 they are the prime movers of 3rd world migrations into our countries, societies, and cultures, non democratically and shoved right down our throats adding insult to injury by calling us racists if we stand up for our own self determination.

    While this is going on we see their true colors in the Jewish State of Israel. You can even see it in the US with all white “Jewish” schools. Just because they feel safe hiding in a multicultural dystopia does not mean we are going to put up with it. They hate it when “white people” boils down to Jews and Christians. Their paranoia will even open the borders to virulent Muslim groups to accomplish this goal. That’s insane as they will treat the Jews far worse than the Christians have. Now I ask what’s wrong with this picture? How can we take back our culture? The solution is not the Jewish crap that poisons the minds of all who succumb to it.

  12. Priss Factor [AKA "Anonymny"] says:

    “If the Nazis did carry genocide of Jewish people – Why challenging it is a serious crime in 15 European countries – while the Organized Jewry is allowed to mock Jesus (as) and Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) under the protection of ‘Freedom of Speech’? ”

    Because Holocaustianity is like a new religion.

    But look… just because something is taboo doesn’t mean it isn’t true.

    For example, there was Soviet heroism in defeating Nazi Germany.
    In Russia, it is illegal to badmouth Soviet war effort against Germany.
    Does that mean there was no heroism?

    Something can be true and taboo.

    Your logic seems to say Holocaust can’t be true because one cannot deny it in the EU.

    But using your logic, Islam must be phony since it is illegal to badmouth it in many Muslim nations.

    If Holocaust must be phony because it is taboo to deny it in the EU, Islam must be bogus since it is taboo to badmouth it in the Muslim world.

    • Replies: @HdC
  13. Anonimo says:

    On the bright side, if Europe becomes muslim this century, it most certainly won’t become African the next century!

    • Replies: @Jeff
  14. Jason Liu says:

    And what do they plan to do about it? I read recently that Germany just cracked down on “hate speech” online, by raiding people’s houses. It’s been 70 years and they’re still afraid of “racism”.

    If they want to fix themselves, there needs to be direct nationalist action. Not so much against immigrants, but against the white left. Clear that out, and they can start deportations, etc. Until then, the leftists will hamstring everything nationalists try to do, so make those rich elites pay for their treason first.

    • Replies: @landlubber
    , @JackOH
  15. Jeff says:

    How do you figure? Plenty of muslims in Africa right now.

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  16. @Linh Dinh

    I thought he worked in a hundred different jobs, every two weeks something else?

    • Replies: @Linh Dinh
  17. @Rehmat

    Jews are behind this, Jews are the Reason why Germans are strangers in there own land, they always wanted to genocide the Germans starting from the times of WW1 read the book called

    “The Jews in the eastern war zone” published by American Jewish Committee in 1916!!!
    ONCE AGAIN IN 1916!!!! 1916!!!!!!! and look what it says —

    “We accuse the Germans of breaking the laws of warfare, of using poison gases and mutilating prisoners. Such acts can call forth only indignation and protest. Let these acts be a stain upon the ruling classes of Germany. ”
    PG. 74


    • Replies: @Rehmat
    , @Max Payne
  18. “We now know that in Cologne alone (!) there were about 1,200 women (in one night) sexually harassed, abused and, in some cases, raped”
    by now it is known that at least one women was actually raped and impregnated in the New Years Eve festival of victory of Arabs. She aborted the baby shortly after that, and it is was not known to public up to two weeks ago because of the shame she felt.
    She told of the evening lying down at the floor, several men around her, right beside her another women lying at the floor as well.
    All that at the food of world famous cologne cathedral, a symbol of Christianity.
    The cathedral of course was shot with fire work the whole evening by the muslim invaders, celebrating their victory.
    But the attack on the tourists from Hongkong is much worse in my opinion. In a way Germans are responsible for what is happening. A part of germans indulged in a kind of hysteric euphoria while saying “welcome” to so called refugees. They also enjoyed very much the great feeling of denouncing so called racists. Another part of germans did not do enough to stop these refugees welcome germans.
    But the tourists from Hongkong have no responsibility. They did not enjoy the advantages of having refugees (like feeling this moral superiority) but still have to pay the horrific prize of it. They came to Germany and trusted in the security of this country, in its status as a safe country.

  19. It is not at all unthinkable that an actual majority of Islamic ‘refugees’ would, in fact, given the chance, become rapists. Think of the good Yugoslavs living together as neighbors, attending each others’ birthday parties, then robbing, raping, slaughtering each other when authority collapsed.

    This correspondent paints a painful, largely honest, picture, but what is the point of virtue-signaling about “assimilation”? All in all, the vast majority of Muslims will never wish to assimilate to Western secularist or Christian ideals and culture. They already enjoy vast swaths of the world in which their beloved heritage is native and ancient. Though it’s true that Washington’s alphabet soup agencies, the Mossad, and “global capital” conspire to ruin Iraq, Syria, etc., most of these refugees in Europe are unlikely innocents. Pres. Assad is a reasonable man and still has many loyalists in Syria. My idea of a “good Syrian” is one who fights for his country, against Islamists and invaders. The evil of these incursions does not grant alien hordes a free invitation to the West in retribution.

    And it is vengeful envy that excites them. And while liberal society tells these people horrible patronizing lies about what they are capable of and what they deserve, it is also true (if no less pious a platform than the LA Times should be believed) that many “Syrian” “refugees” honestly believe that “big houses” are waiting for them for free in Germany, indeed apparently that Europe wishes for their advent as though they were the benign super-aliens from Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

    A certain level of dreamy-eyed Braudel-style structuralism about civilizations perhaps has its charm, but since the correspondent is ready to roll his eyes at the empty charge of “racism”, let’s just go the distance and admit that Middle Easterners and Africans are genetically disposed against the civilization of the West, and towards the kind they enjoy at home. They are lower IQ, more tribal, more easily angered and aggrieved, they regard our pieties as incomprehensible weakness, and they would happily kill us and displace us, and we owe them no opportunity to do so. Europe must entirely de-Islamify and become once more a continent of ethno-states, as is only natural and just.

  20. @Priss Factor

    [Using allcaps in comments is shouting. Stop shouting or expect to see your future comments summarily trashed.]

    “During the Nazi era, Germans refused to believe the truth about Hitler.”



    ” They refused to pay attention to the horrors carried out by Germans in other nations.”


    “They refused to believe rumors about the killing of Jews and other folks. ”


    “Nazi Germany, especially during the war, became an empire of lies and fantasies.”


    “This is one German who refused to live by lies:”


    “Even in DOWNFALL the film, it is amazing how those in the inner circle carry on with lies, partying and dancing, to the very end. And Hitler was lost in his own fantasies, moving phantom armies that didn’t even exist.”



    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  21. @Jason Liu

    Yeah, Germans need to man up and embrace the good parts of their past. For fuck’s sake, the last 70 years have proven that German nationalism, even in excess, wasn’t any worse than American or British or even French imperialism.

  22. Anonimo says:

    Every year there are less natural resources and this trend can only accelerate in the future. Yet sub-Saharan Africa is having a population explosion. In a future world where it will be an uncontroversial fact, that there is less for everyone, people will be less willing to share. This will be even more apparent in a muslim Europe, which by then I have no doubt, wouldn’t allow itself to be overrun by foreigners.

    • Replies: @gustafus
  23. unit472 says:

    This problem exists pretty much everywhere where you have subcultures and idle young men. American hoodrats, even though born and raised in America, form gangs because the larger society is incomprehensible to them. They fight over ‘territory’ even though they own not a brick or storefront on the streets they battle over. The ‘wrong’ color tee shirt, hand gesture or making eye contact is reason enough to kill.

    A young Afghan or Iraqi immigrant is in much the same situation. He only knows the rules as they exist in Kabul or Ramadi. If those rules are incomprehensible to the average German or American they are life and death to the hoodrat or Muslim immigrant.

    The problem is, by the time you are 16 or so, it is too late to learn a new set of rules. You aren’t going to go to work at Siemens or SAP and fight your battles over things like a promotion, more authority or money. Your world is the world you grew up in and it is incompatible with the world you are now in.

    • Replies: @King George III
  24. JackOH says:
    @Jason Liu

    Yes, I think you’re spot on that seventy years of guilt politics have muddled German politics. Compare with the endless carping against American Southerners for the past 150 years, and contrast with Vladimir Putin’s response to a critic (I believe he was Ukrainian) of the Soviet Union’s political and military behavior during or about the WWII era. “We have nothing to apologize for,” said Putin, although I know Putin has had laws passed that recognize Stalin’s forced relocation of the Soviet Union’s ethnic minorities.

    The Federal Republic is a very successful German state, and it somehow needs to put a successful political endcap on the 1914-1945 period if it wishes to stay successful.

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  25. Linh Dinh says: • Website
    @Erik Sieven

    From his first, highly autobiographical novel, Post Office (1971):

    It was Christmas season and I learned from the drunk up on the hill, who did the trick every Christmas, that they would hire damned near anybody, and so I went and the next thing I knew I had this leather sack on my back and was hiking around at my leisure. What a job, I thought. Soft! They only gave you a block or two and if you managed to finish, the regular carrier would give you another block to carry, or maybe you’d go back in and the soup would give you another, but you just took your time and shoved those Xmas cards in the slots.


    I couldn’t help thinking, God, all these mailmen do is drop in their letters and get laid. This is the job for me, oh yes yes yes


    There were 40 or 50 routes, maybe more, each case was different, you were never able to learn any of them, you had to get your mail up and ready before 8am for the truck dispatches, and Jonstone would take no excuses. The subs routed their magazines on corners, went without lunch, and died in the streets. Jonstone would have us casing the routes 30 minutes late—spinning in his chair in his red shirt—”Chinaski take route 539!” We’d start a half hour short but were still expected to get the mail up and out and be back on time. And once or twice a week, always beaten, fagged and fucked we had to make the night pickups, and the schedule on the board was impossible—the truck wouldn’t go that fast. You had to skip four or five boxes on the first run and the next time around they were stacked with mail and you stank, you ran with sweat jamming it into the sacks. I got laid all right. Jonstone saw to that.


    They either melted or they got fat, huge, especially around the ass and the belly. It was the stool and the same motion and the same talk. And there I was, dizzy spells and pains in the arms, neck, chest, evrywhere. I slept all day resting up for the job. On weekends I had to drink in order to forget it. I had come in weighing 185 lbs. Now I weighed 223 pounds. All you moved was your right arm.


    I have one of two choices—stay in the post office and go crazy . . . or stay out here and play at writer and starve. I have decided to starve.

    Bukowski worked for the Los Angeles Post Office for nearly 13 years, and only quit when he was offered \$100 a month for life from John Martin of Black Sparrow Press.

  26. I guess a few (I’m sure a very damned few) people by now can understand why the natives get upset when the American military and its puppets “immigrate” with bombs on the ground, boots on the ground and brain dead boors on the ground.

  27. gustafus says:

    Thank you. I have been thumping about population growth and mass migration for a year now.

    The economic music is slowing and there are not 1.7 billion chairs. There are 2 theories on why the left is pushing for mass migration in the face of this… opposed by nationalism in almost all countries.

    The LEFT… including but not confined to titans Bezos, Musk, Zucky, … you know the group… all billionaires, all globalists… and …. all Ashkenazi Jews.

    Their troublesome extended family of Sephardics in Israel … certainly have their fingers in the proliferation of False Flags… I think they are isolated, on the ropes.. and fed up with Leftist Europeans lauding the benefits of “multi culturalism”…. and they are giving em a snoutful.

    And everyone agrees to a cull. But whom? I suggest the nationalists and right want to rid the planet of icky brown and black people…. but the left… including the aforementioned Ashkies..

    prefer a lottery system that takes out millions in every demographic… ala Zika and Ebola type plagues. There is some discussion that the cull will be so great, that to insure there is enough genetic diversity [said group doesn’t want Icelanders to prevail for obvious reasons ]

    it is necessary to move many demographics to as many destinations as possible.

    This is NOT about saving mankind of endless war. This is about culling humanity… Solomon like …for all but the same ole same ole nasty nasties.

  28. gustafus says:
    @Lucius Somesuch

    The dirty secret to this is also Testosterone levels. Men especially don’t like to discuss this plague upon us…

    I am a straight, white, grandmother. So no man hating sexual deviant agenda.

    Chemical castration was used in some courts a few years ago… voluntary of course.. to see if it could lower the rate of recidivism in pedophiles and serial rapists. the results.. however obscure… were definitive.

    Men who had spent their lives trying to suppress these urges were suddenly FREE from their demented fantasies…. they said it was miraculous. Not only does repeat pedophilia cause the death of victims.. because the penalties and treatment in prison are so heinous…

    Chemical castration is the ONLY cure for pedophilia.

    It is time that testosterone levels and the cultural disposition in Africa and the MIddle East = toward bestiality and sodomy on toddler boys is front and center in this discussion.

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  29. berserker says:

    – I could not care less about Germany. I feel sorry for the children but that is about it. What bothers me is Merkel’s desire to push her new scientists and engineers onto other countries.
    – Women on the Left who love their new pets so much should be offering themselves and their daughters to the precious refugees. They should become comfort women. That would be very enriching and diverse.
    – But then who would want someone like her:

  30. Linh Dinh says: • Website
    @Lucius Somesuch

    American volunteer Shellie Corman wrote from the Greek island of Kastellorizo on 3/3/16:

    Last night, there were heavy rains and since there is no sleeping area, many refugees were soaked in the morning. The UNHCR had handed out sleeping bags and blankets, but they were all soaking wet. We went to the old fish market where some of them had slept and began a cleanup. Luckily, the sun came out, so we, with the help of a few refugees, hung out all the blankets and sleeping bags to dry. Two of the men were really helpful and we asked them, with the help of a translator, to join us for dinner. There were 2 couples, one of them with a young boy of about 9 always smiling, and another couple with a few-months-old baby. One of the women said something in Arabic about Syria and began crying and we hugged and both cried over the horrible situation they find themselves in.

    After hanging out the wet things, we the volunteers, all embarked on a garbage cleanup. A few of us went to the police station, where all the arrivals must register and from what I have heard, many of them are sleeping there. They are almost all willing to help clean up their area as long as we ask, and provide large garbage bags. The rest of us went to one of the bays and collected life jackets and wet clothes left behind as well as garbage. It seems like a good idea for the locals to see us and the refugees trying to help clean their island.

    Tonight, the families came for dinner and it was a really warm and wonderful evening. They were so appreciative and we laughed a lot and I think they knew that we really could sympathize with their terrible predicament.

    We got the news tonight that all the European borders are all closed. Many of the refugees are arriving here with no knowledge of what is happening in Europe. The group that arrived yesterday had been waiting for 3 days in the woods in Kaş, Turkey, no food or water, and some of them were totally traumatized by the time they arrived. Then, they hear the news from volunteers that they cannot even get to Athens much less Germany, or Sweden or wherever they think they are going to start their new lives. One Palestinian Syrian family said that if they had known how difficult the trip was going to be, they would have stayed in Aleppo. No one seems to know anything about what to do, where to go, or how to go about it. Some of them even think that when they get here, they are already in Athens or Germany. Then there are the Afghanis, Pakistanis, Moroccans, and anyone else that is considered an ‘economic migrant’ who are totally screwed because nobody wants them and many of them are unaware of that until we tell them. It is heartbreaking to see their expressions when they are told that only Syrians and Iraqis are able to get through the borders and that they will be either arrested or sent back home. They have paid a fortune to smugglers and risked drowning at sea to get this far. I wish that somehow there was a way to get this information to them before they set off from home, or at the very least, from Turkey.

    Final notes from today. . . . I exchanged whatsapp messages with one of the men from the group that came for dinner. I sent the photo below of the group to him and the message he sent back, translated by Karam, my lovely Syrian friend who made it to Belgium, was “Thank you so much. People like you made us feel that life is still okay.” This is the reason I came here. Just to show a bit of human kindness and caring. It means a lot for me and I think for them.

  31. gustafus says:
    @Linh Dinh

    The pattern appears to be 2nd generation ANGER…. in some cases these families were educated, and men who were dentists are now selling Falafel in the streets.

    The anger in these families is measurable and results in vengeful, cultural isolation.

    We have more to fear from the son of Jordanian Orthodontist in Orange County … who NEVER sees the inside of a mosque… than from the camps.,

    This theory was confirmed this week near Grenoble … when, in a game changing attack… a Muslim man in the hotel … attacked a woman and her 3 daughters for their clothing at the pool. This was brutal attack on all 4 … with a KNIFE.

    THIS MEANS … ISIS is NOT sending troops to infiltrate our cities… EVERY MUSLIM Is suspect.

    And should be. They believe in Sharia law… they HATE our culture and customs. They have enormous sexual problems… witness the repressed homosexuality in the recent cases.

    REMEMBER these men were buggered as toddlers… not in a homosexual culture, but a culture of repressed sexuality and intense levels of testosterone. They are self loathing BEFORE they are confined to ghettos in hostile cultures.

    This is a recipe for hand to hand world war. We are going to see a huge uptick in random attacks by disaffected Muslims toward any and all who are their betters, their jailers, and their mirrors.

    I know I know… I’m on tiptoes, peering beyond a reasonable event horizon… but it’s coming. Suburbanites nod in agreement that “something must be done”, but profiling is so, déclassé – clearly overkill – beneath us, no?

    What will it take for Denver Millennials to go house to house dragging Muslims from their beds? Once primitives disrupt cafe society in Denver and Portland… once Santa Barbara teens can’t frolic in bikinis for fear of attack by the teenage son of a local Jordanian Orthodontist — Americans and Europeans are going to awaken to their inner Viking.

    How do we go about our lives, absent the constant surveillance necessary to our safety? How much of a police state environment are we willing to submit to – in order to provide EQUAL PROTECTION to an enemy who lives next door?

    Our constitution was meant to cover FELLOW CITIZENS… a homogeneous culture of peaceful, freedom loving Americans who are more alike than different.

    Hamilton’s Rule… we are genetically disposed to cooperate with, and defend a community of people who LOOK AND ACT LIKE WE DO.

    You do not erase 10000 years of survival hard wiring in a 100 year slow cooker of multi cultural stew.

    Like I said… it’s kill or be killed time..

    This guy made me tear up.. .

    THANK GOD there are men and women who are willing to defend us. This is going to require ELITE forces – willing to die for us who do not deserve their protection.

  32. anon • Disclaimer says:
    @Priss Factor

    Oh no, it’s Gubbler. Is there no escape from your TLDRs on the internet? We all know by now what your preferred version of WW2 is.

    • Agree: SolontoCroesus
    • Replies: @Jacques Sheete
  33. @anon

    Yeah, I too, wish (s)he’d shuddup about it and for Heaven’s sake quit recycling 70-80 year old propaganda.

    Maybe (s)he could read this for starters…

    “Allowing for a maximum of 100,000 who succeeded in emigrating from Europe, this would bring the total number of Jews under the direct rule of Nazi Germany to about 3,200,000.”

    AMERICAN JEWISH YEAR BOOK 1941-1942, page 664

  34. Rurik says:

    Western civilization has a choice..

    End the Fed

    or the Fed will end us

    deep in the heart and soul of the Jewish id, is the sense that they are eternally persecuted -by evil two-legged cows- (who the Jewish god put here to be the slaves of the Jews). ~ It is written

    This sense of persecution + superiority would only result in a sub-culture and tribe of very obnoxious people filled with hatred and venom for others, except that by owning and controlling the Federal Reserve Bank, it gives this tribe the unprecedented financial power (the only kind that matters) to realize their every petty whim and find earthly expression for their every tribal caprice.

    If the Arabs had the power to create a trillion dollars out of thin air, then the Republican and Democrat conventions would be all about how there isn’t a ray of sunlight between the United States of America and Islam.

    But since it’s the Jews (Rothschild) that wields this extraordinary power of the purse, Germany especially will be made to suffer.

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  35. What will it take for Denver Millennials to go house to house dragging Muslims from their beds?

    What will it take for Denver Millennials to go house to house dragging bankers,CEOs, politicians and the mafiosi from their beds?

    How do we go about our lives, absent the constant surveillance necessary to our safety?

    It depends on who’s doing the surveillance, who pays them, and how they use the surveillance to name a few considerations.

    While the threats of the underclasses gets our hysterical attention, the real threats routinely and consistently get away with mass murder and theft in broad daylight. Maybe we should surveil the upper classes instead.

    • Replies: @gustafus
  36. Marcus says:

    (when this happened before, Neo-Nazis were blamed, then—just as was the case with most of the “burning refugee centers”—the police later found that a refugee was responsible).

    I remember WN types hailing those fires as “German resistance,” yeah right!

  37. @gustafus

    This guy made me tear up. . . . THANK GOD there are men and women who are willing to defend us. This is going to require ELITE forces – willing to die for us who do not deserve their protection.

    Marcus Luttrell was the lone survivor of a Navy Seals special operation, Red Wing:

    He was deployed to Afghanistan in 2005 with SEAL Team Ten as part of SEAL Delivery Vehicle Team One (SDV-1). While in Afghanistan, he was involved in Operation Red Wings, during which the four-man Special Reconnaissance element with SDV-1 was discovered by local herdsmen, subsequently ambushed, and all killed except Luttrell. Luttrell was awarded the Navy Cross for his actions during the operation. The team knew the local herdsmen might reveal their whereabouts to Taliban fighters but, because they were not armed combatants, the team allowed the herdsmen to leave despite the risk to themselves and their mission.[4]

    The ambush during Operation Red Wings was intense. The four SEALs were attacked from three sides, and took fire from PK machine guns, AK-47s, RPG-7s, and 82mm mortars. The attack forced the SEALs into the northeast gulch of the Shuryek Valley side of Sawtalo Sar.

    From a law and order point of view, from a civilizational point of view that claims to respect laws of war like jus ad bellum and jus in bello, the USA had no business being in Afghanistan; there was no just cause, it was and remains an unjust war.

    Marcus Luttrell was not defending his wimmen or his nation’s honor, he was selling his skills as a trained killer to the out-of-control state (that trained him) that is illegally invading and destroying other people’s sovereign states for the benefit of Anglo-American corporatists and banksters and zionists criminals.
    Marcus Luttrell’s actions were not much different from those of the hired killers in any criminal gang.

    The heroes in the Luttrell narrative, the men who truly were defending their women, their children, their culture, their sovereignty and way of life were the Afghan herdsmen who fought off the attack of an illegally invading force.

    We Americans who pay the taxes that pay people like Luttrell to kill people in other, sovereign states are complicit in the crimes that Luttrell and his fellow Seals committed and that were authorized by the Congress and administration that WE the People elected.

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  38. Rehmat says:

    I hate to admit dude, you seems to know the Tribe better than Israeli-born Gilad Atzmon.

    Israeli-born writer, author and musician, Gilad Atzmon, on September 14, 2013, once again urged Tehran to acquire a nuclear deterrent. He said that’s the only way to bring Israeli aggression to an end. This is not the first time, Atzmon has made such suggestion. He did on several occasions during the last ten years I happen to know him.

    “Israeli leaders knew all along that Egypt possessed the capacity to inflict pain to Israel’s cities. They must have realised that Egyptian objectives were not genocidal – but it also means that Israel’s enemies: Arab countries, as well as Iran, must pursue every possible means to posses the kind of weaponry that deters Israel,” wrote Gilad Atzmon.

  39. @unit472

    American hoodrats


  40. Priss Factor [AKA "Anonymny"] says: • Website

    I see thru your 14/88 trolling.

    Phony-ass fool.

  41. HdC says:
    @Priss Factor

    It is illegal to ask questions, point out inconsistencies, offer alternative explanations, or invite Israeli witnesses to support one’s premise that questions the current narrative of the holocaust.

    People have lost their livelihood, pensions, academic degrees, etc. pursuant to the above.

    Roughly 8,000 people are accused in Germany alone each year because of one or another infraction of “Thou shalt not question the Holocaust.”

    Consequently any functioning synapses should have serious trouble believing the farce that is being propounded by the MSM. HdC

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  42. @Priss Factor

    But then, if Germans are so into WWII guilt, why do they act so nasty toward Russians and Poles and Hungarians? Didn’t German aggression lead to deaths of millions of Russians? Didn’t Germany violate Polish and Hungarian territories? Yet, Germans feel no guilt when they berate and bully those nations.

    Because, according to the German media, Russians, Poles and Hungarians are … RAY-SISTS!!! Therefore, just like the white women being raped, they deserve it.

    All clear now?

    • Replies: @Outwest
  43. Germans against migrants, Turks against Kurds, Sunni against Shia, Yazidis against Salafists etc. The rich will have their gated communities, the rest will have to deal with a much tougher life in ghettos and suburbs. And life will still go on… I was once in Nigeria. Though you can make money and do business there, life is not too pleasant for the majority of Nigerians…

    That is where we are headed. German society will be so fragmented and there will be such turmoil and violence, the majority will accept every solution from above…

    Yikes! Sounds like modern-day America.

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
    , @Rehmat
  44. gustafus says:
    @Jacques Sheete

    How did you manage to read what I said… and your reaction is “well, the bankers are enemies too!”

    Of course the real enemies to all this are the globalists and bankers, … I”m more concerned by why you felt it necessary to diminish the real and necessary FEAR of Muslim invasion and tyranny….

    by suggesting that my fears are misguided and misdirected.

    Jamie Simon should not draw another breath. George Soros is a plague on mankind.

    The new kids on the block.. Bezos, Zucky and the Gates and Jobs heirs are as frightening in their plans for us as any Mullah.

    They want a cull…. and to insure sufficient genetic diversity after their man made plague to reduce the population by 6 billion or more…. they are instigating world wide migration by unlike people.

    They need to be killed… all of them… by people in the streets going house to house in the leafy neighborhoods and private islands. These men are the enemy of all mankind.

    Now… back to Muslims hacking my children in the park for wearing shorts………..

    • Replies: @Jacques Sheete
  45. gustafus says:
    @The Alarmist

    this is what I said further down this thread….

    We have reached the first of many tipping points this week…when a mother and 3 daughters is brutally attacked by just another tourist in a hotel near Grenoble…

    a 47 year old Muslim man objected to shorts… at the pool.

    Once it becomes clear that we are not safe from the son of a local Jordanian Orthodontist in Orange county…. because he has a chip on his shoulder, came from a privileged life in the ME… but now is marginalized…

    or just a Muslim businessman…. with sexual problems… buggered as a toddler in a homophobic culture which practices pedophilia, serial rape and bestiality.

    We are surrounded by these otherwise “normal” people who become very very violent over Sharia law… EVEN if they haven’t been in a mosque for years.

    THAT is when we will begin the house to house purges…. there is a tipping point where we determine that the enemy is the local falafel cart as much as the mosque.s

  46. Priss Factor [AKA "Anonymny"] says: • Website

    I think the ban on Holocaust denial began with good intentions, especially in Germany. And for a time, it may even have been necessary.

    But over time, it went from an issue of historical justice to one of power and control by Jewish Globalists. It went from justice for tragic victims to supremacy of globalist elites(many of whom are Jewish).

    The narrative went from the actual Holocaust to the Holocaust Industry. It had been about favoring truth over lies but became a matter of suppressing any truth that contradicts the Narrative. Because lies, fabrications, and exaggerations were added to the real story to manipulate the masses, the Holocaust Industry fears that any questioning of the Narrative may lead to the unraveling of the whole.

    When truth is mixed with lies, and then once the lies are exposed, people may grow cynical and reject the truth along with the lies.

    Consider the cynicism of many boomers during the Vietnam/Watergate era. Because government told lie after lie, many boomers figured EVERYTHING the government told was a lie.

    It could be the Holocaust Industry dug itself into a hole. By adding lies to the truth, they fear that exposing even the lies will lead to rejection of the truth. The Psychological Law of Cynicism.

    It’s like, once the Negroes got to thinking that the white man told a lot of lies, they concluded EVERYTHING about ‘honkeys’ be a lie.

    Consider 9/11 conspiracy theories. Some of the Narrative on 9/11 are surely suspect. So, some people have decided EVERYTHING about 9/11 narrative must be a lie.

    • Replies: @Rehmat
  47. Outwest says:
    @Seamus Padraig

    Of course it is a function of propaganda. However, the Germans may accurately feel that eastern debt was paid during the German defeat and occupation by these eastern countries.

    In any event, the victims and victimizers are now all pretty much dead.

  48. annamaria says:
    @Priss Factor

    The ziocons have been fantastically flexible towards the memories of Holocaust in Ukraine. Neither Kristols nor Kagans and Nudelmans and Pletkas have had any problems with cooperating with neo-Nazis when cooperation was positively connected with the ziocons’ paychecks.

  49. Priss Factor [AKA "Anonymny"] says: • Website
    @Seamus Padraig

    “Yikes! Sounds like modern-day America.”

    Not really. The only strong ‘ethnic’ mentalities in the US are black and Jewish. And homo(though a gendnic than ethinc identity).

    Turks and Arabs have much stronger identity in Europe, especially as European identity, despite globalism, is more fixed and specific than American identity. Even as European laws have been changed to admit anyone as ‘European’, the practice of European-ism makes it more challenging for outsiders to fit in.

    That used to be the case in the US, but even white Americans have forgotten what they are. So, being American is really a matter of waiting 5 yrs to gain citizenship. And the core of US culture is now celebrity nonsense and MTV and Hollywood.

    Blacks do pose a real challenge to America, but that’s been the case forever.
    Jews can be said to be a hostile minority, but unlike Turks and Salafists in EU, they are the insiders of the system. Indeed, that is what is so spooky about Jews in America. No people are as ‘inside’ within the power structure as the Jews are. In order to gain total access to all inner workings of power, Jews waged a total war on the Wasp culture of exclusion in golf clubs and such. So, in a way, no people are as deep inside American Power as the Jews are. But then, no people are as anti-American or anti-white-American as the Jews are. Muslim aggression in the EU happens from the outside. Jewish aggression happens from the inside. Muslims attack like an army of ants. Jews attack like termites.

    As for most other groups in the US, they have no real identity. Asians will just go with the prevailing wind. Asian-Americans are not for Asian-Asian power. Some attach themselves to traditional USA USA patriotism, some attach themselves to BLM, some to homomania. Having on strong or compelling personality or culture of their own, they attach themselves to other identities. Given the huge number of yelloids in Hawaii and California, you’d think it would lead to the kind of power that Jews have in NY or blacks have in Atlanta. But no. Yelloids are even more ‘white bread’ than whites. They are yellow cake.

    As for browns, they are an interesting case. By browns, I mean mestizos than Hispanic whites. Browns are already a defeated people. Race-mixing destroyed them forever.
    When imperialists rule over a populace that is still indigenous and homogeneous, the native majority will eventually come together to overthrow the elite minority rulers. It happened in India, Africa, and Asia. Dotkin Hindus drove out the Brits. Viet gookins drove out the French. Black Africans drove out the Europeans. Even South Africa eventually turned to black rule. All the non-white world eventually reverted to native rule.


    The exceptions are in Latin America. (North America, Canada, Australia, and Israel are nations were the imperialist-colonizers got to stay because they got to form huge majorities over the native populations.) In Latin America, white elites are still the minority in most nations. Yet, even after centuries, they still have a firm grip over the native indigenous folks. Why? Race-mixing led to confusion of identity and history among the natives. The mestizos don’t know if they’re white, indigenous, or whatever. Some are even mixed with blacks, even with Asians or Chino. Such a confused people are less likely to rise up.
    This is indeed why Jewish elites promote massive race-mixing among the gentiles. As whites, blacks, yelloids, and others all mix into a mongrel race, they won’t know what they are, and as such, they will be like the mestizo masses of Latin America who still live under white minority rule after all these yrs.
    Mestizos may not identify with white elites, but they are also loathe to identify with pure-blood natives who are at the bottom as quasi-untouchables.

    Oddly enough, it could be that there is more of a sense of Brown Power in the US than in Latin America. Because of the gradations of race in Latin America, it’s hard to tell where white ends and where brown begins and ends and where indio begins. So, even though there are racial tensions, there are no stark contrasts. The contrasts have been smoothed by gradations and clines.

    But in the US, anyone with some brownness stands in contrast to white Anglos and black Negroes. What is murky back home becomes more clearly delineated in America where browns are more likely to stand out as different.

    Also, ethnic pride is paradoxically an outgrowth of ethnic shame or inferiority. The fact that a people must emphasize their pride and power so much suggests a need to compensate for their innate sense of inferiority. We see this with homos. Deep down inside, homos cannot be proud about ‘sexuality’ consisting of fecal penetration. So, they go all out with ‘pride’ parades and rainbow colors and mania to convince themselves and us that they are indeed wonderful stuff. Consider the amount of money spent every year to perpetuate the homomaniacal cult. Without such massive Stalin-like pageantry and hype, people will revert to seeing homoness for what it is. Tooty-fruity stuff.

    Latin America has a huge inferiority complex vis-a-vis the US. Economically, technologically, militarily, politically, legally, and etc. Latin America has been far more dysfunctional than the US.

    White Latin elites are a funny bunch. In what they actually do, they try to keep above the brown and indio masses. They are quite ‘racist’. Despite official mumbo jumbo about all people being equal, they feel superior to the mud-mestizo people and indio folks.
    But when compared to American whites, they feel dark and swarthy. They feel like inferior whites whose blood is less pure. In their sexual choices, they prefer the blonde nordic types. But since they are not so white, they come up with official cult of brown pride where even Latin whites claim to be ‘people of color’ united with the muds and darkies against blanco gringos.

    Also, victimhood goes a long way to rationalize one’s failures. By invoking victimhood at the hands of yanqui and gringo, Latin America can blame all their own failings on the cowboy.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
    , @vinteuil
  50. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Is it possibly that all the underlying genes for bravery were eradicated from Germany due to the World Wars, immigration to the US/Russia, and the Thirty Years war? The country is filled with “wimps,” although there is a stronger word I would rather use. Pathetic losers.

    Interestingly enough the Volga Germans and those who left Eastern Europe after WWII seem much more based than these people.

    I’ll never talk to a German again. Where I live in the US, we see a fair amount of German tourists. If I ever see any my age again, I’m beating them up. Someone has to beat some sense into this cucks. Many of the men honestly don’t care that their women are getting raped in mass. There way to into “furry” and “plushie” culture.

  51. @Priss Factor

    o the irony.
    I was going to call you some version of “phony ass fool” but chose to cool off and prepare a more cogent rebuttal to the latest manifestation of your graphomania.

    That, and the fact that you’re not merely a jackass and a fool, you are dangerous.

    Speech is a weapon, and your thousands of words are not different from the millions of flechettes that Jews in Israel use to kill Palestinian children.

    Here’s how your persistent reinforcement of a deceitful narrative about the events in Germany in the early 20th century (aka holocaustism, holocaustianity, the holohoax, etc.) serve to continue the agenda that zionist Jews had in mind from the first time Rabbi Samuel Wise employed the
    6 million Jews meme back in ~1901:

    This morning “Louise” from Oakton, Virginia (one of Northern Virginia’s just-outside-the-Beltway high-priced neighborhoods) called in to C Span’s Washington Journal program to complain about Donald Trump. “I’m really frightened about Donald Trump,” Louise said in a refined white voice. She continued:

    “First of all I think the character structure of this man is really scary. Uh the narcissism and impulsivity scare the wits out of me. If someone insults him, he’s after ‘em! It’s about him, nothing else. The xenophobia is not gonna work for others.
    Who in the world talks about carpet bombing —- going after the families of ISIS? You know what this reminds me of? Nazi Germany: you do something wrong, we’re going after your family.
    And yet he gets a pass.
    No one says anything when he comes up with crazy stories like Ted Cruz’s father helped to assassinate John F Kennedy. Give me a break! That’s not a lie? Or is it delusion? What do you call that?
    And how dangerous is it gonna be to have a man who can say anything and doesn’t care that it’s a downright lie!”

    One could do a full Priss Factor on this comment, but let’s limit ourselves to a few major points (readers can assess for themselves what Louise’s word choices signify) and focus on Louise’s reference to carpet bombing to retaliate against families, and how it reminds her of Nazi Germany.


    In that discussion, the largest point to be made is, Why reach back 70 years to a history which (it’s a safe bet) Louise is incapable of supporting with facts, when there are up-to-the-minute examples of the use of carpet bombing or other means to destroy the homes of families who “did something wrong” — and those examples take place in US taxpayer supported and protected Israel on a routine basis.

    Here are a few references against which Louise can check her facts:

    Three days ago, July 19, 2016:

    NABLUS, PALESTINE, Jul 18 (AFP): “Clashes erupted today as Israel’s military demolished the home of a Palestinian accused of involvement in a February attack outside Jerusalem’s Old City”

    November 2015
    “Israel has razed the homes of four Palestinians in the occupied West Bank blamed for attacking Israelis, the army has said, its latest punitive demolition after weeks of deadly unrest.”

    (reported) February 2015
    “UN: Israel Demolished Homes of 1,177 Palestinians in Jerusalem and West Bank in 2014
    Since the beginning of 2015, Israeli authorities destroyed 77 structures, displacing 110 Palestinians.”

    November 2014

    “On Monday . . . Israel announced that it was stepping up its policy of destroying the homes of those the state suspects of committing terrorist attacks.
    . . .
    more than 650 Palestinian homes were either sealed or demolished from 2001 until 2005, leaving the families of attackers homeless.
    . . .
    house demolitions “date back to a 1945 British Mandate emergency regulation in pre-state Palestine that allowed the British military to confiscate and destroy any home used to discharge a weapon, or any home used by a person who violated military law.”

    So, shall we surmise that Louise suffers from flaws in her character structure? Is she delusional, or is she lying, or is she merely misinformed?

    Here’s a larger question: Does Louise have the luxury of being misinformed?
    It took me about 2 minutes to come up with reports, from solid, reputable sources, of uses of home demolitions used by Israel, America’s so-called ally, and the most recent of these events was not in Germany in the Nazi era that ended with the firebombing-to-rubble destruction of Germany in 1945 but three days ago!

    How is Priss/Dominique/Anonymny implicated in Louise’s willful ignorance?

    Priss keeps alive the narrative that “Nazis evil killed Jooos”.
    Priss works hand-in-glove with the rest of the US taxpayer- and US media & infotainment consumer-funded propaganda machine that perpetually reinforces a false narrative — that of holocaustism — and obfuscates and buries in a haystack of disinformation essential facts that truly informed American voters require in order to make appropriate decisions.

    Do I think Louise from Oakton, Virginia is an evil person?

    The PC thing to say is, Nooo, Louise is without a doubt a fine, upstanding citizen; she is just misinformed.
    I think that lets Louise off the hook inappropriately. She goes out of her way to use highfalutin’ vocabulary, signaling that listeners should acknowledge her brain-power and therefore her opinion; she claims the right to pass judgment on Trump’s “character structure.”

    However, as the facts on the ground demonstrate, she has no sound basis for her judgments, just prejudice.
    Ignorance is not an excuse. In my Catholic upbringing and memorization of the Baltimore Catechism we learned and internalized that willful ignorance is a sin, and can be a mortal sin, if it results in grievous harm to another.

    So Yes, I think Louise from Oakton is an evil, dangerous person. She and everyone who shares her flawed character structure needs to be named and shamed.

    As for Priss/ etc/etc, the Baltimore Catechism would judge him/her even more harshly: to deliberately spread information that causes harm to another is a sin; how grievous the sin is tempered by whether the information is a deliberate lie, and is judged by the harm done.

    Priss’s graphomanic comments give aid and comfort to those who seek to subvert American interests; they serve to delude and distract the American people from the real agents of harm that their government commits and supports, and thereby causes mortal harm to the Palestinian, the Iraqi, Syrian, Libyan, Iranian, Ukrainian, Russian people.

    Speech is not a right without a responsibility.
    In a Constitutional republic such as the United States, the guaranteed freedom to speak cannot possibly encompass the freedom to spread untruths.

  52. Willem says:

    The author forgot to mention the following typical ‘refugee’ characteristics:

    – refugees have no Rights
    – refugees are not organised
    – refugees live in poverty
    – refugees are an easy scapegoat
    – refugees are here because the free world bombed there houses (and possibly also their friends and relatives) to pieces
    – And most important: refugees are human, just like me, you, the author of this article and the writer of the letter (assuming that the letter is real)

    I agree that the refugee situation in Europe is getting out of hand. I see refugees sleeping in parks, begging for money in the streets, being lost in translation and, very afraid that one day the EU countries will send them back to their, supposedly safe, countries where war is raging because the free world wants to have their country’s resources. And no, I have not seen any violent refugee in the EU till this day, and even if I would have: would that justify branding a whole group of people as harmful to a nation and to the people who were born there? – Shouldn’t we look in the mirror first, and ask ourselves why they started to flew their countries AFTER we started bombing them?

    But of course, when your own country (or the free world for that matter) goes economically (and spiritually) to pieces, it’s always a good idea to circumvent the real problem from the people and try to install an autodafe for those who could be (and are) friends of the people: refugees. Hell, they did that before in Germany. And it worked like a charm for the rich and powerful there for at least some time. And in many other places and times too.

    Perhaps the author could try to answer these questions:

    – What is the pleasure of hating?
    – Is fear a good argument for action?
    – And how can you cure hate and fear. With racism maybe? Really??

    • Replies: @Linh Dinh
    , @Marcus
    , @5371
  53. Max Payne says:

    We all know Jews invented spark plugs to control global traffic.

  54. Linh Dinh says: • Website

    Hi Willem,

    You missed this from the letter:

    “The vast majority are normal people who just want to lead a normal life—and not one that is forced upon them while their countries are demolished, raped and plundered by the West (that is, the US of A).

    BUT—they are just tools in a game. Pawns. Just as we are.”

    As for my own opinions, I’ve been emphasizing that the main problem is the West attacking Muslim countries all these years. You solve the refugee problem by not generating refugees.

    Last year, I answered a Palestinian interviewer, “Working in tandem, the US and Israel have collapsed several Muslim governments and generated millions of refugees. The same fate awaits Israel, though its dissolution should be permanent, for only then will peace come.”

    In March, I wrote, “Israel is a horrible concept criminally maintained by a deluge of American tax dollars, plus rivers of blood, much of it Muslim but also American. Defending this most hated state, the U.S. has also become a pariah. Under Israel’s manipulation, the United States hasn’t just systematically destroyed one Muslim country after another, it has wrecked its own honor, reputation, present and future.”

    For decades now, the world has suffered from the US/Israel axis of evil. Until one deals with this, there will always be millions of Muslim refugees.

    American progressives and liberals who support Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders do not confront this US/Israel problem. You don’t deal with the Muslim refugee problem by destroying Muslim countries, killing millions of them, then resettle a fraction in the West.

    In other words, resettlement of Muslims in the West is not a solution to this serial destruction of Muslim countries.

    This is not to deny that Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar are also behind the war against Syria. Muslims also attack other Muslims. Without American involvement, however, the war against Syria would be considerably weaker and may not have even started.

    I’ve written several articles about the situation in Germany, as well as in Europe, and I’ve also quoted extensively from my friend in Frankfurt. Before you accuse anyone of “hate” and “racism,” you should listen more carefully what they’re actually saying.


  55. Barbara says:

    I’m super suspicious. Where did all these incredibly stupid people (like priss) come from? It couldn’t have all been cia mind control as not everyone has it. What happened here?

  56. Wally [AKA "BobbyBeGood"] says: • Website
    @Priss Factor

    [Stop using multiple handles or all your future comments, under all handles, will be summarily trashed.]

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  57. @Massimo Heitor

    Merely wishing for the best will leave your children dead or subjugated by muslim savages.

    Wake up, fight back, deport all Muslims, and secure the borders with troops.

    • Replies: @annamaria
  58. @Jeff

    Perhaps he means that the great majority of Muslims already in Europe, and of those Muslims coming to Europe are not African, and non-African Muslims have a history of enslaving (and often castrating) and looking down on Africans.

  59. @JackOH

    You’re right. I’d add that Germany was no more at fault in WW1 and WW2 than UK and USA were.

    I’d also add that most people in central and Eastern Europe would have been better off under German rule than Soviet rule, economically and otherwise. The USA helped USSR to enslave those poor people.

    • Replies: @JackOH
    , @The Alarmist
    , @HdC
  60. Priss Factor [AKA "Anonymny"] says: • Website

    You dumbass…

    if your point is Jews do some bad shit, there are lies told about the Holocaust, the Allies did horrible shit in WWII also, and etc, I agree.

    But I just don’t see the logical connection between that and ‘there was no holocaust’ or the mass extermination of Jews, especially in the Eastern Front.

    Culture of denial serves no one.

    Too often, people don’t see what is there and see what is not there.

    It’s like so many progs don’t see black violence that is there but see KKK violence that is not there. Even the fake UVA rape hoax was turned into Nazi rape hysteria.

    And there is Diversity Denial in the EU. There is the crazy idea that Diversity is some great godsend. Because of this mania, people only see the good side of diversity. Or they see the good side that isn’t even there. For example, we’ve been told that all those ‘refugees’ in Germany will magically turn into doctors, engineers, and etc.
    But the people who push such HOPE don’t see all the problems associated with diversity.
    Even Turks(more advanced Muslims) who’ve been in Germany for decades fail to climb up the ladder in many cases. So, just how are all these ‘refugees’ gonna add much to German economy?

    You are part of the problem. Your logic is “the other side lies, so I will believe my own set of lies.”
    In contrast, I’m calling for the rejection of all lies on all sides. We can reject the lies about the Holocaust but still keep its truths. But the 14/88 nutters use a warped logic that says “since there are some lies about the Holocaust, the whole thing must be a lie.”
    But that’s like the Liberal Narrative on anti-communism. Libs would have us believe that just because McCarthy and anti-communists were wrong about some things, they must have been wrong about EVERYTHING.

    Take the Katyn Massacre. For a long time, it was said 40,000 Polish officers were killed. I heard that 40,000 number so many times. But now, it’s mostly agreed that the number was 20,000. So, 40,000 was an exaggeration. But that doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. 20,000 were killed. Or take the Ukrainian Famine. I grew up reading about 8 million, 10 million dead. Obviously, the number of death was exaggerated for effect. Historians now put the number at around 3.5 million. Considerably lower than 8 or 10 million, but there was mass famine.
    It’s been said US sanctions killed 500,000 Iraqi women and children. Maybe, but some say the number is closer to 200,000. Even if 200,000 is correct, great hardship was visited upon Iraq.

    We need real critical thinking, and this goes for all sides.

    For example, we must confront the Diversity Deniers who have no use for facts and truths. They prefer narrative and fairytales. (Likewise, homomaniacs reject the truth about homosexuality and think it’s all about the ‘rainbow’ when the whole ugly LGBT culture is about homo fecal penetration and trannies cutting off dicks and getting fake vaginas.) DDs deny the fact that Diversity has NOT been the reason for the success of nations. They deny truth.
    DD’s point to US as success story of Diversity. But one can point to Latin America as examples of failure of Diversity. And one can point to nations like Japan and Nordic nations as examples of success of homogeneity. Indeed, increasing diversity in Nordic nations is only proving that Diversity is leading to massive problems.

    Because US is diverse, we have the logical fallacy that US success is due to diversity.
    But US was on the up and up all through its history when it was mostly overwhelmingly white. Also, the whiter north and west achieved more than the diverse south with all those Negroes. And the great migration of Negroes into the North led to all sorts of problems.
    True, non-northern-Europeans arrived in huge numbers, but they were still white people who could easily assimilate into the dominant Anglo-American culture.

    Diversity didn’t create American wealth. And even when it did, as with black slavery, the long-term costs were negative. Blacks have been a net burden on America for a very long time.
    If anything, Diversity had been feeding on American wealth and success created mostly by white homogeneity.
    Diversity didn’t create American success. Diversity was allowed AFTER American success. It comes and feeds on American success. White settlers built something out of nothing. The diversity gang feed on something that they themselves could not have created.
    Had America been diverse in the current mode from the very beginning, it would have ended up as Latin America.
    Imagine if the original America was ruled by Jews, had a huge mestizo population, black rage politics ruled the culture, and hordes of non-whites came coming and coming. America would have ended up like Brazil or worse. Until the mid 60s, whites ruled America and made sure it remained that way, politically-economically-demographically.

    We have real problems, yet people like you are fixated on silly stuff of wholehog Holocaust denial. Why not just deny the BS attached to the Holocaust but admit mass extermination did take place in Nazi controlled areas?

    • Replies: @SolontoCroesus
  61. @gustafus

    Any African who won’t be chemically or physically castrated should be deported or executed. Our children will never be safe and free and prosperous with Africans here in large numbers.

  62. @gustafus

    Kill or be killed. Not a tough choice. I will not have these savages attacking, menacing, intimidating our children. Muslims have exterminated Christians in their lands and we should return the favor.

  63. @Rurik

    I agree with you here entirely, goatfucker. Now get out of Canada and go back where you belong.

  64. @SolontoCroesus

    Count me out of the “we” that extend these murderer presidents. I haven’t voted for a winning prez candidate in my life (proud I didn’t vote for bush senior, slick willie Clinton, bush junior, or Hussein-Obama).

  65. @Priss Factor

    How does one with your views about Jewish plans for America explain the very high rate of Jewish marrying out in the US?

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  66. Marcus says:

    Many (most?) of the rapefugees aren’t from warzones. Look at the Cologne attackers: Algerian, Tunisian, Moroccan, etc. If they were so powerless, the governments of Germany, etc. wouldn’t be bending over backwards to appease them. They hold the upper hand and are free to terrorize the locals due to traitorous governments, like kids taking advantage of a weak parent. They are digging their own graves by abusing their hosts though, and will be repaid many times over.

  67. JackOH says:

    I wonder if the German government has ever quietly approached strong international ad/PR agencies about how to deal with the “specter-of-Nazism” criticism lodged against it from time to time?

    The Federal Republic and Germans themselves seem to me to have been apologetic, compliant, and hitting all the marks for a people defeated in a horrific war. These days, it seems to me, all that niceness is fencing in the Germans’ ability to make good decisions. They need to make some hard-nosed decisions about how they want to project themselves in the world. They need to do it before the average German starts feeling so boxed in that radical solutions start looking good.

  68. 5371 says:

    You must have set yourself to cram the maximum possible quantity of platitudes and ineptitudes into a given number of words. You just bleated on irrepressibly like some lobotomised sheep. So tell us, how many of the “refugee” vermin are you personally accommodating within your own residence?

  69. Rehmat says:
    @Priss Factor

    What were those “good intentions”, may I ask?

    Why questioning the 1.7 million German Christians at the hands of Allied forces after D-Day was not pronounce HATE CRIME?

    Why US and British taxpayers, who never killed a single Jew during WW II, had to pay hundred of millions dollars to build several Holocaust memorial museums?

    Israeli playwright and actress Natali Cohen Vaxberg has posted an eye-opener video at the You Tube. She plays the part of “Holocaust” in the video which was filmed in front Israel’s Holy Yad Vashem Holocaust museum in occupied Jerusalem.

    In the video Vaxberg tries to pull the Israeli Jews out of their self-denial mentality surrounding Holocaust. Watch her great performance below.

    “I’m the Holocaust, the best thing ever happened to you,” she said “After all these years, I deserve a round of applause.”

    “How could you justify 1948 and 1967 without me?,” she said. “Who deserves credit for enabling you to place three million people in a ghetto without the superpowers bombing you? Do you think you can get along without me?,” she added.

    “Has Frankenstein taken revenge on his creator? Where you learned this from? The bigger you grew, the more your memory shrinks. Where you learned to gather people into concentration camps on the basis of their ethnic background? I’m your truth,” she said.

    Several bigots who could not face the truth coming from a cursed woman have asked Israeli attorney-general Yehuda Weinstein to indict Vaxberg for antisemitism.

  70. Although, as I write, it may seem unlikely, a “solution” (sort of) to Western Europe’s problem with Muslim & African migrants lies in “Israelization”. That is, potentially violent & unassimilable ethnic or cultural groups will have been put under constant surveillance & exposed to increasingly militarized treatment.

    Don´t be naive: West is too powerful & won´t be destroyed by a few percent of 3rd worlders; liberal fantasy will evaporate as if it had never existed; dystopian nightmare won´t happen, nor a dictatorship & forced expulsion of Muslims or Africans.

    France, Germany, Britain, Italy, Sweden…. will become bigger variants of Israel, with a few differentiating characteristics.

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  71. Priss Factor [AKA "Anonymny"] says: • Website
    @Wizard of Oz

    “How does one with your views about Jewish plans for America explain the very high rate of Jewish marrying out in the US?”

    It certainly is a problem.

    Because so many Jewish women are professional and career-oriented(and opinionated), a lot of Jewish men have trouble finding a suitable Jewish woman for marriage. Get a load of someone like Martha Nussbaum. She would drive most men crazy.

    Of course, some Jewish men just prefer shikses.

    This is why some say Orthodox Jews will outnumber the secular Jews.

    Also, while some secular Jews maintain some form of ethnic identity, some secular Jews are also becoming deracinated and falling for SJW farce. Smart Liberal Jews use SJW to undermine white power. But some secular Jews are using SJW stuff against Jewish power itself and even calling for harsh criticism of Israel.

    Even so, not all ‘marrying out’ is the same. Some Jewish men marry non-Jews who want to be Jews or don’t mind raising kids as Jews. We see this with white women and Asian women. Look at Trump’s daughter. She went whole hog or whole kosher and converted to Judaism. These converts are like the fat guy in BIG LEBOWSKI. They are often more militantly Jewish than real Jews. They wanna prove their street cred as new Jews. Amy Chua is also raising her kids as Jewish. As Asian women are servile and submissive, they go with the male authority in the house. Chua, as independent and career-oriented as she is, is ultimately a worshiper and server of the Power, and Jewish Power rules America.

    Also, Jewishness has such prestige in the West that even part-Jews identify as Jews. This is also true of blacks. Most half-blacks see themselves as black. Tiger Woods is part Asian and Indian, but he is seen as black.
    So, just because Jews mix with others doesn’t necessarily mean loss of Jewishness.
    Asian-ness has no prestige in the West. Whiteness has ‘white guilt’ burden. So, if a person is part Jewish and part Asian or party Jewish and part white, he will prefer being ‘Jewish’.

    Also, Jews have long developed a more fluid way of identity. Though Jewishness has long been grounded in blood, it doesn’t have to be pure of blood. Jews may have preferred purity of blood, but due to diaspora and conquests, Jews couldn’t always be picky. They sometimes had to incorporate and mix with others in order to carry on.

    This is why different groups of Jews in Israel share a common bond but also look different. Jews from Yemen look different from Jews from Iran from Jews from Egypt from Jews from Morocco from Jews from Turkey from Jews from Romania from Jews from Poland, and etc. Jews have a long practice of mixing yet maintaining a core sense of blood connection and historical identity.

    But too much mixing may threaten this.

    Also, diversity is good for Jews since they can play divide and rule among gentiles.

    But the problem is the only people with whom Jews can play ‘historical card’ is the whites, especially Germanic types. It doesn’t work with other groups with the possible exception of yelloid East Asians who are such suckasses that they are willing to take on ‘white guilt’ for themselves.
    Anyway, we see the problem of diversity upon Jews in EU. Africans and Muslims don’t give a crap about the Holocaust and WWII. They just see Jews as rich, controlling neocon US, or killing Palestinians.
    Also, the European left can be critical of Jewish power if allied with Diversity. We see this in UK. European left on its own must grovel to Jews over Holocaust and white guilt. But allied with People of Color, the white left can attack Zionists and Jewish bankers. A lot of Jews are freaked out about the direction of Labour Party in Britain.

    • Replies: @5371
  72. @The Alarmist

    This may not happen until the balance of power resembles Lebanon and surviving indigenous Europeans pull together to survive. Currently the people still look to the police to protect them. When the police are clearly too weak to do so, or clearly Islamised, then what’s left of the people will try to fight. Due to the different age demographics, it’s likely that combatant Europeans will be heavily outnumbered in many areas, and at least initially will also be outskilled at irregular warfare. So things will initially go very badly. Once battle lines form, European superiority in conventional war will likely turn things around somewhat, but it is going to be horrible. And so unnecessary – an entirely self-inflicted wound on our civilisation.

  73. @gustafus

    “… and men who were dentists are now selling Falafel in the streets.”

    Yeah, I think that might be the dude who relieved me of a couple teeth with needle-nose pliers just outside Beirut in 1983 … I’ve been meaning to look him up and repay the favour.

  74. @RadicalCenter

    “You’re right. I’d add that Germany was no more at fault in WW1 and WW2 than UK and USA were.”

    What I have always wondered is why Austria seems to get away scot-free when Austrians played pivotal roles in the starting of both wars.

  75. @Priss Factor

    back at ya.

    First off, the holocaust is a brand, a PR invention, a very successful meme. It is not serious history or “accurate scholarship.”

    “The Occupation of the American Mind” focuses on a conference that took place in Israel in ~1982. Israel was being universally slammed for its brutality in Lebanon; pictures whizzed across cable networks, and the pictures were damning; Israel’s leaders knew they could not win the PR war if the pictures were allowed to tell the story.
    PR experts from all over the world gathered in Tel Aviv (maybe Jerusalem, I forget which); the guy who created the campaign to make Miller Lite beer appeal to men AND women — a guy widely acclaimed as an expert in rebranding — took charge and laid down the rules by which Israel must present itself to the world — its hasbara , its explanation of itself. A cabinet post was created to manage Public Relations for Israel.
    Frank Luntz is the latest manager of Israel’s PR methods and systems, but neither the guys who ran the conference in 1982 nor Luntz are newbies in the world of propagandizing zionist and Israelist agendas; Edward Bernays and Freud created the PR industry in the USA in order to draw USA into WWI: “Make the world safe for democracy” was a meme created by Jewish PR managers.

    Vladimir Jabotinsky boasted in 1928 that “Jews were masters at mobilizing public opinion.”

    But even Bernays and Jabotinsky were merely following on an already established institution. Niall Fergusson reports in his two-volume biography of the Rothschilds that that family developed techniques for information management by the early 19th century; information management was essential to the success of Rothschild enterprises, and they became the masters of techniques to know information FIRST; to know what the other side knew; and to construct what others knew about Rothschilds or their projects. The had the wealth and developed the assets to manage information on a global scale by the mid-19th century.

    You’d have to be a froot loop to maintain the belief that Jews did not manage information about what happened to Jews, and about what Jews did to Russians, Poles, Germans, and even that major dumbass, FDR (not to mention Churchill). Hell, Jews even produced a video docu to brag about how they pulled it off: Imaginary Witness: Hollywood and the Holocaust.

    Jews in 1982 knew the power of pictures because that is how Eisenhower and Jewish studio heads from Hollywood covered up Allied crimes against the Polish, Russian and German people: they got to the camps where Ike had to have known that tens of thousands of people were starving to death because he knew that the Allies had bombed the hell out of German transportation, medicine factories and food depots. Ike kept Allied troops out of the fray until the scene was sufficiently gruesome to be completely damning, and Germans prostrate and incapable of uttering a word or raising an arm in their own hasbara. Jews controlled the pictures and the narrative.

    Arguing about the numbers is a sucker’s game, I don’t play it. Anybody who has watched more than a few Perry Mason episodes will have noticed that Paul Drake gets the goods only after he stops looking where the bad guys tell him not to look and starts inserting himself into the criminal logic of the evil doers.
    When Deborah Lipstadt and Abe Foxman punish people for playing the numbers game and braying about gas chambers, they keep the bloodhounds sniffing around where the real evidence, the real story, ain’t.

    The real story is much bigger, and much much more evil than you can allow yourself to imagine.

    Now get back to counting corpses and femurs. Martin Amis and his piggy bank are happy to help you out.

    Enuf for now.

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  76. @gustafus

    How did you manage to read what I said… and your reaction is “well, the bankers are enemies too!”

    How did you manage to read what I said… and get it wrong?

    My reaction was that the bankers et al are much bigger threats to the health, safety and welfare of us peasants, prols and peons than all the other rads combined, and have been for some time.

    Glad to read that you do recognize the threats I mentioned…keep up the good work, and don’t let the (b*****) scare ya. 😉

  77. @Bardon Kaldian

    The populations of Germany, France, and England won’t be just “a few percent” Third World or Muslim. Hardly. The decline of the native white populations will accelerate, on current trends, while the Muslim populations will grow even if (ha) all new Muslim immigration is prohibited.

    • Replies: @Rehmat
  78. @SolontoCroesus

    Solonto, I don’t disagree with any of the substantive points you’re making (including your fine takedown of “Louise from Oakton”), but I don’t really see the merit in your venom against our friend Priss.

    I do agree, and I have told Anonymny as much, that for all her critical irony and biting satire against prevailing narratives she might as well bite the bullet and entertain the fact that there are serious problems with the received “Holocaust narrative”, above and beyond the occasional utterly specious new memoir which is almost immediately exposed as such.

    For my part, while I neither deny nor doubt that SS Nazis and Muslims abroad are alike capable of savage depravity, we should keep our wits about us and ask hard questions about these things. For example, why all of a sudden do these tales of Mother of Tears-style tortures arise from Bataclan– stories which, at least as far as the excerpts I’ve seen go, basically amount to something like “well, I heard from a friend who heard from a . . .” testimony.

    For hardcore Cabalists, perhaps it matters little whether Jews in occupied Russia were gunned down after partisan attacks or children were gassed to death in concentration camps– or burned in ovens, as some wags used to say. Gentiles who interfere with Jews-gonna-Jew are godless scum, and whatever story serves to disarm them is well enough for the purpose of tikkun olam.

    Anonypriss knows the gist of this well enough; I cannot account for the terms upon which she chooses to say “thus far and no further with the skepticism. She’s a sort of odd duck, and perhaps you yourself are irritated by an otherwise narrow degree of difference in worldview, exacerbated by her recalcitrance on the supposed strict fact of the “Holocaust” story.

    Nonetheless, considering her mockery for “Holocaustianity”, her evident contempt for the message of films like “Shoah” and “The Sorrow and the Pity” and etc. (!), and her overall rollicking takedown of “globo-Jomo” manners and mores, I don’t think Anony/Priss is the foe you make her out to be. Her freewheeling, alarmingly original style is not to every taste, I understand; but take from her what you will. She DID give us “Eskimos”, for goodness’ sake!

    • Agree: Rurik
    • Replies: @SolontoCroesus
  79. annamaria says:

    to solve the problem, do not forget to deport all the leading ziocons

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  80. @Lucius Somesuch

    I am duly chastened.

    I shall endow a chair at Yeshiva Univ. in Priss/Dominique/anon’s name/names.

    what’s your favorite color?

  81. aguy says:

    Whoops, got to go…bs detector is going off. I’m sure its just a coincidence the author didn’t provide any evidence, I’m sure they are telling the truth though. Lets get the Jews after the Muslims!

  82. @gruff

    Bukowski subsidized his literary career by working for the United States Postal Service. No, he didn’t “go postal.”

  83. Priss Factor [AKA "Anonymny"] says:

    Some victim groups are tragoholics. They are like alcoholics.

    They are so addicted to the high they get from victimhood that they keep playing up the righteous narrative even though the world has much changed, and the bad guys are no more.

    We see this among Jews and blacks. But they learned it from Christians who went on bleating about Christian victimhood long after Jesus got nailed to cross and Christians got fed to lions(if such really happened). Righteous High or Righ is addictive. It is intoxicating.

    And some Jews are Holoholics. They can’t get enough of that stuff. And they are so into Holocaust that the real narrative isn’t enough. They have to add stuff to make it even more powerful. It’s like some people have to add chemicals to moonshine to make it even more powerful.

    And BLM is Slavoholics. They are still into the idea that they is slaves, sheeeeeeiiiiit.
    Blacks are into righteous high or righ. They gotta go on and on about slave shit over and over and over.

    But then, there are people like you. You get a high from believing yourself a courageous challenger of the Narrative. And there is no bigger taboo-buster than denying the Holocaust. It is the equivalent of denying God in the Middle Ages.
    Now, I don’t like the idea of the Holocaust as religion and I don’t like ADL going after all heretics. But people like you are so invested in acting ‘brave’ and ‘free’ by attacking the holy narrative that you go way overboard.
    Like alcoholics, you are addicted and intoxicated with the high you get from being a heretic.
    You are a tabooholics. You get thrills attacking the taboo of Holocaust.
    You like it so much that you are not content to call out on BS in the narrative but the entire narrative.

    Take someone like Elie Wiesel. I think 1/3 of what he said is true, 1/3 may be true but he lifted from other people’s oral accts(and oral accts aren’t always reliable), and 1/3 is certainly made up.
    A typical Wiesel BS story. In the documentary LIBERATORS, he says a bunch of Negroes liberated a death camp, and a bunch of emaciated skin-and-bones Jews tried to lift a weeping Negro up in the air like an angel but they lacked for strength and couldn’t. Now, that is a poetic kind of story, but the documentary LIBERATORS has been exposed as fraud. Also, the idea of a bunch of starved Holocaust survivors trying to do a “he’s a jolly good fellow” on a mountain-sized Negro fattened on fried chicken and watermelons is just too funny. The idea of a Negro caring about other folks is funny enough. Since when do Negroes care about anyone but theyselves? Just look at typical black attitude. When terrorism kills a bunch of people, typical black reaction is “Sheeeeeeiiiiiit, it be taking away attention from BLM.” Of course, these jive-ass tards don’t care about all the non-blacks raped, robbed, and murdered by heinous jaffers.

    Anyway, the point is there is a way to call out BS on Wiesel where it is deserved. But that doesn’t mean everything he said is a lie.

    • Replies: @Rurik
  84. 5371 says:
    @Priss Factor

    Martha Nussbaum is a gentile by birth.

  85. George says:

    “And the blame was and is still on the Germans”

    Germany spent the last decade and a half causing chaos in Afghanistan and othrt Muslim countries. They were not the worst offender, so what? Germany also destroyed the Greek economy and rendered Greece incapable of defending Europe. So the Germans are getting what they deserve. Show them no sympathy. Divine retribution for hubris as the ancient Greeks would say.

    • Replies: @HdC
    , @RadicalCenter
  86. vinteuil says:
    @Priss Factor

    AnonyPrissSociety: me & the girls scream with laughter when you come out with stuff like “yelloids” and “dotkins” – but “homos” just doesn’t cut it. Surely you, of all people, can come up with an anti-gay slur more original and amusing than that!

    Maybe “miserable fat b…f…ing bastards?”

  87. HdC says:

    Please don’t quit your day job because your weak attempt at humour is pretty flat. HdC

  88. Rurik says:
    @Priss Factor

    The Holocaust happened insofar as many Jews were rounded up and mistreated and some were executed, just as many Poles and Catholics and homos and exp. murderous commies were summarily shot, many of whom were Jews as well.

    That is to my knowledge indisputable.

    But that is about the extent of it.

    There is zero evidence that there was any concerted plan or “final solution” to exterminate the Jews, but rather the intention was to force them to leave. (both are considered genocide by the official definition)

    but because this detail of history has been foisted onto our collective consciousness as the most significant thing that has ever happened in history, and the entire narrative is based on lies and blood libels against especially the German people- but easily and deliberately extrapolated to include all Gentiles, both past, present and future, it is incumbent upon humanity to expose these vile lies and hysteria for the war on our character and our souls and futures- that it is.

    There were no German ‘death camps’, unless you’re talking about the ones Eisenhower set up to starve German teenage boys to death after the war was over. The concentration camps run by the Nazis were hardly different than the interment camps run by the US for its Japanese citizens. Except that the Nazi prisoners were forced to work, and if deemed a threat to the war effort, were shot. Often unceremoniously.

    The war was the atrocity, but it wasn’t foisted upon the world by the Nazis, but rather by the international financiers; ‘the (powerful) Jews’. Who couldn’t abide a resurgent Germany under the control of an ‘anti-Semite’, so that meant that some 60+ million Christians had to be slaughtered, so that international Judaism could maintain control of Western Europe. Today that control is absolute. And that is why Holocaustianity is the religion of the West.

    As with all false-religions and hysterical blood libels, I enjoy seeing people like SC debunk some of its more preposterous and treacherous foundations, (and genocidal motivations). The world will never be free as long as that insidious lie is allowed to fester and molder on our collective conscious. It is long past time for a repudiation of the lies and smears that have dogged the great German people for generations now, that being part and parcel of the hate-consumed nature of the darkest depths of Jewish soul.

    Not all of them mind you, but due to their religion, (and their power of the purse), they’ve been able to mash the beautiful face of Germany and glorious heritage of its people into the mud of their excrement obsessed id. (where, according to their narrative, Jesus Christ is boiling in human excreta for all eternity) ~ That perhaps, as much as anything, tells you all you need to know about their infinite malevolent spite. Today they’re practicing a very real white racial-supremacist genocide and are defaming and scourging their victims even as they murder them in the streets and steal their property wholesale.

    Yet do to their devil’s religion; Holocaustianity- the rest of the world is supposed to still treat them as some kind of holy eternal victims.

    SC and all the other I think can be forgiven if they’ve become a little impatient with the avalanche of Holocaust lies. But the endless lies notwithstanding, the event, insofar as innocent Jews suffered, did happen.

    • Replies: @FLgeezer
    , @Priss Factor
  89. robt says:
    @Priss Factor

    The only ones obsessional about homosexuality are closet cases. Usually nobody else cares; they’re either amused, accept it, don’t see it, or just don’t care.

  90. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:
    @Priss Factor

    It is grossly racist to heap guilt onto Germans for the Holocaust. Almost none, if not none at all, are alive now who were responsible adults at the time. Germans now are expected to feel shame simply because they are of the same race. Should young Muslims be blamed for the atrocities committed by Muslims at Partition? No.

  91. Rehmat says:
    @Seamus Padraig

    Ordinary Nigerians both Muslims (51%) and Christians (42%) are not happy with their daily earnings (\$2/day) – but 15,000 Israeli Jews living in Nigeria are very prosperous and happy. However, poverty does unite both Muslims and Christian in Arica’s most natural-resource blessed nation.

    Wall Street connected western multi-national oil corporations have been practicing the policy of ‘divide and rule’ among Nigeria’s Muslim north (51%) and Christian south (42%) for decades. In the past, the western vultures have assassinated Muslim government leaders to bring pro-West military regime changes.

    Last year, the Zionist regime lost its Christian ally president Goodluck Jonathan who was defeated by the so-called “Sharia General” Mahammadu Buhari.

  92. FLgeezer says:

    Wonderful post Rurik. You’ve nicely summarized the cancerous growth of the Holocaust industry and the endless persecution/extortion of the innocent German populace. Will it ever end?

    • Replies: @Rurik
  93. @George

    The German role in Afghanistan was not at all significant militarily.

  94. @Priss Factor

    “14/88” lmaooo Is that all you got to prove me wrong? I can smell form here that you are Jew.

    Here is one reasons on why you must be a Jew yourself:

    I am a minority myself I cannot associate with white power movements, so calling me a “14/88” just because of speaking the truth is a very ADL or SPLC like tactic. Is to call a person a holocaust denier, or an anti semite, neo nazi and that’s it…. the public immediately shuts there ears and stops listening just like Pavlovian dogs. So that a was perfect Texas Sharp Shooter fallacy in attempt to dismiss my argument and after that you called me a troll, I guess the only troll is you my dear.

  95. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    There are many proofs of the Holocaust, but the ultimate reason we know it happened is because the survivors say it did, and nobody could lie about something so momentous – it’s unthinkable.

    • Replies: @anonymous
    , @HdC
  96. Linh Dinh says: • Website

    Rough transcript of argument between Munich shooter and man on balcony:

    Man with gun (in perfect Munich High German accent): “Because of you, I was ganged on for seven years” [Wegen euch wurde ich gemobbt 7 jahre lang]

    Man on balcony (in perfect Munich Bavarian accent): “You jerkoff, you asshole you.” [Du Wichser, du Arschloch du]

    Man with gun: “And now I have to buy a weapon to shoot you” [Und jetzt muss ich hier Waffe kaufen um euch abzuknallen]

    Man on balcony: “You know what? Your head should be cut off, you asshole” [Ja weißt du was? Dir gehört der Kopf abgeschnitten du Arschloch]

    Man with gun: “Yeah, yeah, the idiots are here or what” [Ja Ja , damit die Idioten hier oder]

    Man on balcony: “Hey, jerkoff” [Ey, Wichser]

    Man with gun: “You shitty Turks!” [Ihr scheiss Türken]

    Man on balcony: “Shitty raghead!” [Scheiss Kanaken]

    Second man on balcony: “He has the gun. He has his gun loaded. Get the cops. He’s just walking around, the jerkoff” [Er hat die Schusswaffe. Er hat seine Waffe geladen. Hol die Bullen. Er läuft hier umher, der Wichser der Alte]

    Man with gun: “I am German” [Ich bin Deutscher]

    Man on balcony: “You’re a jerkoff! A jerkoff.” [Wichser bist Du! Ein Wichser]

    Alleged shooter: “You happy now?” [Seid Ihr jetzt zufrieden?]

    Man on balcony: “You jerkoff.” [Wichser du.]

    Man with gun: “I was born here. In a Hartz IV [welfare] area. Here in the Turkish section of Hasenbergl. I was in treatment. How is it my fault? I haven’t done anything.” [Ich bin hier geboren worden. Hier in der Harz 4 Gegend. Hier in der Türken Region hier im Hasenbergl. Ich war in stationärer Behandlung. Wie ist es meine Schuld? Ich habe nix getan.]

    Man on balcony: “Yes, treatment. You belong in an institution, you asshole moron” [Ja Behandlung , du gehörst in die Psychiatrie du Arschloch du blödes]

    Man with gun: “Not another word! Shut your face, sir!” [Kein Wort mehr! Halten Sie die Schnauze!]

  97. Rurik says:

    thanks FLgeezer,

    Will it ever end?

    just as with the eternal wars and subversion of everything else in our society/civilization, nothing will end as long as they have the ability to print trillions of dollars out of thin air, and charge us all interest on this money that they conjured by hitting some keys on their computer keyboard

    it’s impossible to overestimate the total and absolute power over us all that owning and controlling the Federal Reserve Bank (and Wall Street and the US Treasury) gives them

    both world wars, and the next one, will be a direct consequence of these Jews controlling the world’s reserve currency


    the true axis of evil is the = Fed + Goldman Sachs + Jewish control of the US Treasury (Rubin, Summers, Geithner, Lew, et al)

    that is the trinity of death

    • Agree: FLgeezer
  98. Rehmat says:

    You’re right. Muslim population in the West has grown more than the native White Christians and Jews due to Muslim fertility rates and local conversions. On the other hand, White European prefer to have small family to maintain their ‘comfortable’ life-style. Most of them even prefer to have out-of-marriage like French president Hollande, or live with an LGBT partner.

    On May 30, 2012, Joel Kotkin reported at the FROBES that Europe’s demographic decline is the birth rate. However, as a con Zionist Jew, Kotkin didn’t mention that that was part of his Tribe’s agenda of the western efforts to reduce non-White population around the world for greed through un-necessary wars, birth control, and planned parenthood. The main victims of this modern-day ‘Blood Libel’ have been Blacks.

    A few years ago, Israel’s top English daily Ha’aretz reported that Israeli authorities used Drpo-Provera injections on Ethiopian Jewish women to control Black population in Israel.

    In United States, the leaders of Feminist Movement and the Israel-First politicians like Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, etc.) have never stopped lauding Margaret Sanger, wife of Jewish architect William Sanger (d. 1961), for her efforts to control Black poor population in United States through birth control pills and abortion….

  99. HdC says:

    Please recall that after the Ferguson inquiry in the USA, after the shooting of a black teenager, the state attorney stated: “Eye witness testimony is worthless without supporting physical evidence.”

    And this is the problem with claims of the holocaustians and their “eye witness testimony”; there is no supporting evidence such as verified documents or any other scientific evidence.

    The eye witnesses cannot even get the location of the claimed mass graves right, nor the colour of the claimed gassed corpses.

    At the detailled technical level all claims of the holocaust fail miserably.

    • Replies: @anonymous
  100. anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    er, true enough about the shaky quality of eye witness testimony, but maybe the point that TruthPenguin was trying to make, subtly, is that, by definition, there are no survivors of a holocaust.

    • Replies: @FLgeezer
  101. National Socialism without the outward propensity to dominate or conquer other countries seems like a viable solution. Kick out all Muslims, Blacks, Browns, and Jews. Mandate that any woman who wants a job-especially an executive or professional one-MUST produce three or more children. No exceptions. There should be STRONG social and legal incentives for marriage and sanctions against anti-marriage.

    Without this kind of focus, direction, and eugenics, Germany and Germans as a people and culture will be listed in the Appendix of history of extinct peoples and cultures. Period. Full Stop.

  102. AndrewR says:
    @Priss Factor

    You sound like a closet case.

    Seek treatment.

  103. FLgeezer says:

    >there are no survivors of a holocaust.

    Then there can’t have been a holocaust since we’re into our third generation of holocaust survivors. Lawyers have found “psychic scars” (lol!) in the grandchildren of alleged holocaust survivors. The law is an extortion racket. Or more pointedly, the law is an ass.

  104. HdC says:

    I disagree strongly with your assertion.

    Read Buchanan’s Churchill, Hitler, and the Unnecessary War to find out who the REAL culprit was behind the fiascos of WWI and WWII.

    No, it wasn’t Hitler or Germany. HdC

  105. gustafus says:

    2nd generation Muslim. Diminished status in adopted country. Tormented by other Middle Eastern or North Africans, also from violent, retributive, tribal countries.

    What I want to know is why our press… print, internet, cable news..and governors, in EVERY CASE, has this rosy eyed vision of a multi cultural paradise where each hitherto isolated culture proffers only “enrichment and diversity” to our otherwise hateful, evil, xenophobic, and self loathing WHITE societies?

    This is generational. While parents have been struggling in economies shrinking from globalist dreams, our children have been force fed a toxic multi cultural stew – which instructs them that WE are BAD, failed 3rd world cultures are GOOD, and that only extreme integration will heal our hearts, and expand our minds.

    I don’t want to live in Nigeria. Save the racial epithets… I don’t want to live in Albania or Moldovia either. Multi generational blood feuds and serial rapists with elevated testosterone and minimal intelligent quotients do not make good neighbors.

    Yet Europe, and North America — and even Australia are inundated with this philosophy that forced migration and intermarriage between unlike peoples is our salvation. Victims of this carnage are casualties in a war on US by a powerful elite who have taken over our governments and communication network.

    Me and mine are necessary collateral damage, whilst the children and homes of the elite are safe in their private schools and gated enclaves. How many Syrians are being shipped to Barbados? Bermuda? the Bahamas?… And that’s just the B’s.

    This is war on White, European and American culture. As if we are some plague on the planet that must be contained, thwarted and re educated to embrace the failed membership of the 3rd world… WHOM by the way, are alive and breeding because WE were stupid enough to FEED THE CHILDREN….. DOCTORS WITHOUT BORDERS… CATHOLIC CHARITIES>>..

    and now the economic music is slowing… and there are not 7 billion chairs. Christians are out of cheeks to proffer to the savages of the planet who breed like roaches and do not assimilate but DESTROY the very civilization that made their survival possible.

    And now we are told it’s OUR fault that the children of migrants are self loathing losers … surrounded by the soft bigotry of white supremacy.

    And not a peep about the sexual deviance – the practice of buggering our toddler boys whilst they murder homosexuals. They bring serial rape and mutilation of females… the generational blood feuds and IQ’s below room temperature.

    this is the price of Falafel street food? No thank you.

    We cannot drag these vermin into the 21st century … they do not have the capacity or inclination. We can either summon our inner Vikings and save blue eyes, or return to a barbarous 7th century. These invading cultures are not a way forward for mankind.

    They are a formula for destruction, for us, our civilization, and the planet. Darwin would be slack jawed at what we have wrought.

  106. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:


    [Stop using multiple handles or all your future comments, under all handles, will be summarily trashed.]

    I couldn’t agree more.

  107. The tension is rising between Christian Germans and Muslim refugees.

    George Soros must be delighted.

  108. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    I think we all need to break out of this idea that we are going to get the blacks, the muslims, the martians and the everything else in the universe to “assimilate.” At the end of the day, only a *real* German can be a German; one must be more or less born into it. Others can copy the unique physical forms of the cultural products that Germans create, contribute to public institutions and the local economies, but they cannot be German. One of the prerequisites to “culture” (a nebulous term) is that it is derived from the *shared* experience of a *people group* – a tribe. Human tribes, like animal societies, must be based in blood, as altruism- the glue of societies- can only have evolved to act upon kin. Muslims, blacks, Jews, Chinese, Martians, etc. have completely different historical experiences, and will have an extremely hard time connecting in any non-superficial way to people different from them. The only way is to redefine themselves and intermarry.

  109. Priss Factor [AKA "Anonymny"] says: • Website

    “The Holocaust happened insofar as many Jews were rounded up and mistreated and some were executed, just as many Poles and Catholics and homos and exp. murderous commies were summarily shot, many of whom were Jews as well.”

    ‘Some were executed’?

    Come on, it went far beyond that. And killing innocent civilians isn’t execution. It is mass murder.

    Ironically, David Cole, the man accused of Holocaust Denial, lays out sound facts about the Holocaust.

    ———-For example, ask any denier (since there are very few actual revisionists around anymore) what happened to the roughly 2.4 million Jews listed (in a census commissioned by Himmler, the “Korherr Report”) as having been “sent east,” Jews who are described as “departed” and “no longer in Europe,” though not through immigration but via “special treatment” in camps like Treblinka. Where’d they go? Deniers have no answer to that question, none at all.———–

    Even David Irving has come around to admitting that millions were killed.

    As for the Holocaust Industry, it acts as it does for the same reason Organized Religion does what it does in its worst manifestations. Just like Christianity has true believers but also Televangelists(like the Osteens and Bakkers) who milk it for all it’s worth, there are some Jews who treat the Holocaust like a cash cow and holy faith than tragic history. They are utterly shameless.

    But the Holocaust Denial Cult isn’t helping. It really is a form of mental sickness, like UFO sightings and Big Foot tales. Or ‘moon-landing was faked’ conspiracy theories.

    Now, the Alt Right community isn’t into that, but there is a porous border between the Alt Right and the nutjob 14/88 community(though I must say Infostormer, trashy and nutty as it is, comes with some of the funniest headlines).

    Just like national borders are good, ideological borders are good and necessary. And Alt Right should erect and enforce tougher barriers between itself and the 14/88 loons who act like illegal alien thugs and have no use for sense or truth. 14/88 migrant-invaders are going to wreck and destroy the Alt Right.

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