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Why Chomsky Is Wrong About 9/11
My 2016 Left Forum talk that was nuked by YouTube
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This talk was delivered at the Left Forum in New York City on May 21, 2016. It accumulated thousands of views before YouTube nuked the Truth Jihad Radio channel last year.

This talk led to my being banned from the Left Forum the following year. (See also here and here.)

Below is the full text of the talk, alongside the images.

Moderator: Next up is Dr. Kevin Barrett. Dr. Barrett, a PhD Arabist-Islamologist, holds advanced degrees in English literature, French literature and African literature, and is the author of three books, including Questioning the War on Terror: A Primer for Obama Voters, published in 2009, which deconstructs the war on terror “through Socratic questioning.” Dr. Barrett was also the lead editor, along with John Cobb and Sandra Lubarsky, of 9/11 and American Empire Volume Two: Christians, Jews and Muslims Speak Out. His other books include Another French False Flag, Bloody Tracks from Paris to San Bernardino; We Are Not Charlie Hebdo Freethinkers Questioning the French 9/11; and Truth Jihad: My Epic Struggle Against the 9/11 Big Lie. Dr. Barrett has taught the French and Arabic languages, African literature, English, humanities, religious studies, and folklore at colleges and universities in the US and abroad. He has been a Muslim since 1993 and is dedicated to spreading the truth to build a sustainable future. He has both a scholarly and personal interest in Islamic spirituality and wrote a PhD dissertation comparing medieval North African Saints legends to contemporary personal experience narratives from the Fez and Ouija regions of Morocco. He is a co-founder of the Muslin Jewish Christian Alliance for 9/11 Truth and Muslims for 9/11 Truth, and has lectured widely throughout the US as well as in Canada and Morocco. Blacklisted from teaching at the University of Wisconsin system since 2006, Dr. Barrett has worked as a talk radio host, author, public speaker and congressional candidate in Wisconsin’s third district in 2008. One of the best known critics of the war on terror, Dr. Barrett, has appeared on FOX, CNN, PBS, ABC TV and Univision, and has been the subject of op-eds and feature stories in the New York Times, Chicago Tribune, Christian Science Monitor and other publications. I’m sorry for rushing through this quickly, but we’d like to hear everything that Dr. Barrett has to say. I give you Dr. Barrett.

Kevin Barrett: Thank you. My title is Why Chomsky is Wrong about 9/11. If I tried to cover that in full detail, we’d be here all night. So this is going to be the short version. But let’s see, we have the first slide here: He’s not wrong about everything. And we’ll touch on the points where where he is right. And ultimately, we’ll go through a lot of areas where he doesn’t even really rise to the level of being wrong, because he’s not saying anything coherent. I will try to find what he does say that’s coherent and make some sense of it.

So the next slide is the back cover of his book and my reaction to it.

That’s Hillary Clinton allegedly witnessing the execution of Osama bin Laden on live simulcast, just like some people are witnessing this speech on live simulcast. And some of them are probably (likewise) putting their hands on their mouths in shock. Actually, Chomsky doesn’t tell you in the new version of his book, 9/11, that that picture is simply a photo op.

Chomsky is the man who wrote the book on 9/11 from the viewpoint of the American left. The original version of this book came out in November 2001, and it was reissued in, I think, 2011 as a ten year anniversary thing. And on the back cover is this picture of Hillary Clinton “shocked by bin Laden’s execution.” Well, Chomsky doesn’t even tell you in the book that that picture is simply a photo op and that there was, in fact, no such live simulcast.

This was one of the many lies that were put out and that have been exposed, even in the mainstream in this case. And it’s kind of interesting that he would put this on the cover of the book without telling you that they weren’t even really watching the alleged execution of bin Laden. He also doesn’t go into the many, many other lies about the alleged execution of bin Laden that have been exposed by people like Seymour Hersh, who said that the entire story of the supposed killing of bin Laden is just one big lie, that nothing remotely like that even happened.

But just because Chomsky can be very, very wrong on these matters doesn’t mean he’s wrong about everything. He’s certainly right about this: that “the general population doesn’t know what’s happening and doesn’t even know that it doesn’t know.”

I guess that’s sort of a counterpart to what Rumsfeld said about the known knowns and the unknown knowns and the known unknowns and unknown unknowns. Noam and I are on the same page with that.

But here’s where he’s really right.

You’ve got to give him his due. I’m friends with Andre Vltchek, Chomsky’s co-author of On Western Terrorism. Andre is a regular global roving correspondent for my radio show, Truth Jihad Radio. Andre and Noam counted up the victims of Western terrorism since World War Two in US military interventions all over the world, and came up with something like 55 to 60 million people murdered by our tax dollars, virtually all of them innocent civilians. So he has a point when he points out that these crimes are vastly greater than 9/11, in terms of the number of victims and the overall detrimental impact on humanity. And people like Andre Vltchek are really disgusted at the way Americans have built a false religion around the 9/11 attack, as though it were the worst, most horrific massacre in all of history. “And we’ve got to devote the rest of our lives to shredding the Constitution and hunting down the evil perpetrators, yadda, yadda, yadda.” I understand why people like Chomsky and Vltchek find that obnoxious, and I fully agree with that.

Let’s move to the next slide, which is the front cover of Chomsky’s reissued book on 911.

The real question is not the subtitle “Was there an alternative?” What is that supposed to mean?! The real question is, was there an alternative interpretation? Back in 2001, when it mattered the most? And of course, the answer is: not in Chomsky’s book, which was a quote unquote surprise bestseller, as we see in the next slide.

Chomsky’s 9/11 really went viral. People were shocked and wanted to hear from somebody they trusted about what happened and what it meant. And Chomsky really failed in his role as a figure of guidance and wisdom for the American Left by putting out this book that’s full of—I don’t know if I’m allowed to say this on simulcast—total, complete bullshit. Let’s look at some of it.

This book simply takes for granted, from page one on (in words like) “America’s foreign victims” or “foreigners” or “foreign attack,” repeated over and over, that this was an attack by foreigners on Americans. And this is repeated so many times in this book, 9/11—which consists of a series of interviews that Chomsky did in the couple of months after 911—that in the second edition, they actually had to edit these out to prevent it being overly repetitive: “Foreign attack, foreign attack, foreign attack. Foreigners, foreigners, foreigners. Americans, foreign victims.” They edited out whole sections such as the section on page 67.

Over and over, we hear Chomsky say, “For the first time since the War of 1812, America has actually been attacked in its homeland. So it’s not like Pearl Harbor.” Totally misleading comparison! Indeed, the psychological impact was virtually identical to Pearl Harbor, as it had been scripted and designed to be.

In the second bullet point (above) Chomsky makes a very good point. The proper term would be crime. But that requires solid evidence and it opens doors to dangerous questions. To mention the most obvious one: if it’s a crime, you’re thinking about whodunit, right? (But listen to Chomsky): “The most obvious question is, who are the perpetrators of the crime of international terrorism condemned by the World Court 15 years before 2001?”

Wait a minute. If we should have looked at 9/11 as a crime (Chomsky’s) “most obvious question” is sleight of hand: “Let’s look at 15 years ago when the US was condemned in the International Court for its terrorist activities in Nicaragua.” That’s the most obvious question?! When there’s a huge crime that changes world history, the most obvious question (according to Chomsky) isn’t who did it and why. The question is, “well, what about that court case 15 years ago?” Wow. That’s a very strange sentence. What kind of mind could construct that sentence? I guess a brilliant linguistic mind, I don’t know.

So then third bullet point here: What about the interviewer? This is right in the first couple of pages of the book. The interviewer asks Chomsky, “Could you say something about the connivance and the role of the American Secret Service?” Could you? Well, Chomsky not only couldn’t, he actually professes not to understand the question! And then he says the attack was surely an enormous shock and surprise to the intelligence services of the West. We’ll see what kind of “shock and surprise” it was. Not only did we have President Bush and Bandar Bush smoking cigars to celebrate the success of the attack on the White House balcony, but we also had all sorts of reports that the intelligence services knew it was coming, and actually many of them were celebrating it afterwards. For instance, Bob Baer, former top CIA on-the-ground guy for the entire Middle East, said that he was told by a top level intelligence official that when the smoke clears, Americans will see that September 11th was a triumph for the intelligence community, not a failure. Now, what could that possibly mean: a triumph for the intelligence community? Well, it’s pretty obvious they did it. They got away with it. They got what they wanted. How could you possibly construe that statement from the top of the American intelligence community in any other way? And then we have The New York Times in 2005 reporting the same thing, which we actually have heard many times.

Top CIA officials tell us that the intelligence community’s handling of 9/11 was not a failure, but something, quote unquote, “good, positive, extraordinary.” The top of the CIA crowing that 9/11 was “good, positive, extraordinary.” This was the shock and surprise that Chomsky was trying to tell us about back in 2001?! I don’t think so.

How about the next slide with Susan Lindauer, a CIA asset who was held incommunicado in solitary on a Patriot Act warrant in a US military base to keep her mouth shut. She was watching 9/11 on television and on the phone with Richard Fuisz, her CIA case officer, who was later paid a couple of million dollars in hush money, and they’d known this was coming. They knew there was going to be a huge terrorist attack on Lower Manhattan in late August or early September to be blamed on Iraq, at least as one of its purposes. And on 9/11, she’s on the phone with Fuisz and he starts screaming as he watches the Towers blowing up: “The goddamn Israelis, the goddamned Israelis!” Well, he’s now living in a multimillion dollar mansion in Washington, D.C. that he bought with his hush money. So that was not exactly a shock and surprise. Well, I guess it was a shock and surprise to Richard Fuisz that they went that far. But they sure knew it was coming.

Randy Glass, FBI informant, former jewel thief, got into selling fake Stinger missiles to terrorists and busting them. Stinger sting operations. Randy Glass learned from his contacts that the World Trade Center was going to be destroyed in September 2001. When he learned this in early summer 2001, he tried to do something about it. He went to Florida Senator Bob Graham’s office. He was rebuffed. He ended up being steered to Colin Powell’s right hand man, Mr. Francis Taylor, who you see in in the lower slide. That’s Francis Taylor with his “patterns of global terrorism 2001” placard behind him. Francis Taylor picked up the phone and said, “Randy, we know about the planes that are going to hit the Towers.” Now, that’s very interesting because Randy Glass had never heard it was planes. He had just heard the whole World Trade Center was going to be destroyed. He didn’t know how. And Francis Taylor says, you’ve got to keep your mouth shut about this. Don’t talk to anyone about it. Don’t talk to your FBI colleagues about it. Quote-unquote: “We’re tiptoeing through a nuclear minefield.” That was a direct quote from Francis Taylor, Colin Powell’s right hand man, telling Randy Glass to keep his mouth shut about the upcoming destruction of the World Trade Center by means of planes hitting the Towers. All of this was going on in the summer of 2001.

What an enormous “shock and surprise.” And then let’s not even get into “Bush knew,” the “bin Laden determined to attack the United States” briefing that Condoleezza Rice, who was on record saying who “could imagine such a thing,” actually had to admit was given to Bush in August of 2001. And Bush snapped angrily at the briefer, “Well, you’ve covered your ass now.” What could that possibly mean, other than they’re all on board with this? What an “enormous shock and surprise to the intelligence community.” It was such a shock and surprise that all kinds of important people were told not to fly on 9/11, including Willie Brown, the mayor of San Francisco, and Salman Rushdie, the famous author in hiding from the angry Muslims, whose security detail has pretty good intelligence connections. Rushdie was also told not to fly on 9/11. What an enormous shock and surprise to his security detail. We don’t know where they got the word from.

And we had the Odigo instant messaging service warning that went out a couple of hours before the attacks in Hebrew, telling this Israeli based company’s messaging system audience to stay out of lower Manhattan. And this is from Haaretz. It’s not some kind of anti-Semitic rumor or something. It’s a legitimate news story from Haaretz.

And here we have Zim Shipping Company that’s half owned by the state of Israel and the other half by the Rothschilds moving out, breaking its 30 year lease at the World Trade Center. They broke that lease and lost a huge pile of money by moving out very, very quickly one week before 9/11. It certainly didn’t come as a huge shock and surprise to them.

.We had, as Barbara Honegger mentioned, the Israelis set up to film the attacks before the first plane hit. Then they wildly celebrated the success of the attacks, holding up cigarette lighters and photographing and videoing themselves in front of the burning and then exploding Towers. They were found with thousands of dollars of cash in their socks. They were arrested and held for a couple of months. They worked for Urban Moving Systems owned by Dominik Suter, who was on the FBI terror watch list and fled the country immediately after 9/11. I think he was actually wanted, but now he’s back in New York. He’s in at large New York state. Anyway, these guys worked for Suter and the Mossad. And there they were celebrating the attacks! They got caught, were held for two months, and then were released by Chertoff.

As Barbara said, the Dancing Israelis went back to Israel and bragged about it on Israeli TV, saying that they had been sent there, quote unquote, to “document the event.” All of this was in mainstream Israeli media. Somehow it didn’t seem to filter through the gatekeepers here in the United States. So it certainly didn’t come as a huge shock and surprise to them. It came maybe as a sort of pleasant surprise that it worked out the way they planned, I don’t know.

And in terms of shock and surprise to everybody in the intelligence community, we have Francesco Cossiga, the former Italian president, pointing out that “all the intelligence services in the US and Europe know that this attack was planned by the Mossad with the aid of the Zionist world in order to accuse the Arabic countries and launch these wars on Muslim countries.” Everybody knows that. There’s no shock and surprise.

It’s not quite true that everybody knows it, because the intelligence world is a little bit compartmentalized and some people are very tunnel vision on their own task. But everybody in the intelligence world, above a certain level and above a certain level of sophistication certainly, does know, that’s what he said. And many of them knew it back in September of 2001.

Chomsky—and this is another quote from his book 9/11—tells us that Al Qaida is so decentralized and so lacking in a hierarchical structure and so dispersed through much of the world as to be “largely impenetrable.”

We’ve heard this over and over: “Oh, we couldn’t possibly infiltrate Al Qaida.” What?! We created them! The word Al Qaida in Arabic means “database.” It’s the database of CIA mujahideen fighters that were basically American mercenaries. What do you mean you can’t penetrate them? You created them! You have the dossier!

And here’s Mohamed Heikal speaking on October 10th, 2001. Mohammed Heikal is a high level former Egyptian government civil servant who personally supervised the infiltration of Al Qaida for the Egyptian government. Among many other things, he is the Arab world’s most prestigious political commentator, bar none. You see him quite often on Al Jazeera. And as he points out, “bin Laden and Al Qaida have been completely blanketed by absolute surveillance for many years, by many Western-based intelligence agencies. Obviously, they couldn’t keep anything like 9/11 a secret.”

Heikal isn’t the only very, very high level Muslim government person pointing this out. We have General Gul, who just recently passed away, the former ISI director in Pakistan, who gave this very early interview in September 2001, in which he pointed out that Mossad and its accomplices—and he said specifically people in the US Air Force—did 9/11. And this is not a secret in Pakistan. A World Public Opinion poll shows that in Pakistan, only 3% of Pakistanis believe the official story that Arab hijackers were responsible for 9/11. 3%! The other 97% doesn’t believe it.

Another great Chomsky line from his book 9/11 is: “I do not think that 9/11 will lead to a long term restriction of rights internally in any serious sense.” What planet was he living on? All the rest of us, everybody that I knew, knew we were moving into Gestapo police state mode.

And today we have the son of Abdulrahman al-Awlaki, who was murdered by a drone when he was 16. He’s an American citizen, has never been accused of anything, much less convicted—like his father, who was never convicted or indicted for anything either. But they were just preemptively murdered by a drone strike.

Today, the national security state says it can kill anybody, anywhere, American citizen or no, for any reason, with no due process whatsoever. The US Constitution is a dead letter. And yet here’s Chomsky telling us, “Oh no, there’ll be no restrictions on anybody’s rights. Of course not.” I think the word wrong doesn’t even begin to cover that.

Chomsky has a very interesting view of how power works in the US. It’s not entirely wrong, but it leaves out some of the most important things. He says, “sure, there are barriers to the free flow of information, but they cannot be blamed on government censorship or pressure” which is “a very marginal factor in the United States.”

Well, tell that to Paul Wellstone, his wife, his daughter and his campaign staff, who were all murdered because they were trying to get out some information to stop the Iraq war and to look into 9/11. And tell that to the senators who received the anthrax letters, Tom Daschle and Patrck Leahy. Daschle and Leahy were about to lead what would have been a successful effort to stop the Patriot Act. And suddenly they got anthrax in the mail. I wouldn’t call that “marginal” government pressure. And it was US government anthrax, of course. Sending people anthrax is really—I think that qualifies as government pressure.

And tell that to the hundreds—well, there are 50 in the book Hit List—but there were undoubtedly hundreds of people murdered to cover up the JFK assassination. I’m told by intelligence sources (but can’t confirm) that probably hundreds have also been killed to cover up 9/11, including many people here in New York (some of whom were) supposedly killed to cover up the issue of the exploding vans, the attempts to blow up the bridges and tunnels on 9/11. I don’t know if that’s true or not. I haven’t had that fully confirmed. But in any case, murdering hundreds and hundreds of people to cover up high crimes of state—I think we could call that government pressure or censorship.

And then we have the CIA owning everybody of any significance in the major mainstream media, as we were told by former CIA Director William Colby before his unfortunate boating accident.

I wouldn’t call this a marginal factor if they own everybody of any significance in the mainstream media. It is obvious that they do. Just look at the mainstream media, read two or three stories in today’s New York Times. That’s a marginal factor? I don’t think so.

The other factors Chomsky talks about in his book Manufacturing Consent are real, too. But why is he leaving this out?

The real issue, as Chomsky said, is that 9/11 was a crime. So whodunit? And Chomsky admits in his book 9/11 that evidence (supporting the official story) is very hard to find. But nevertheless, despite the slim evidence, the “initial conclusion”— the initial conclusion that was come to a few seconds after the planes hit—this presumably correct (according to Chomsky) initial conclusion that was read to the world by Ehud Barak in a BBC studio in London just minutes after the Towers were hit (he knew when to be in the studio, didn’t he?) that Al Qaida did it! And Barak gave us the whole program. The entire post-9/11 program was fed to the world through BBC by Ehud Barak in the studio! And that was the “initial conclusion.” And Chomsky is telling us “it’s probably correct, so let’s not even doubt it.”

Why would we do that? Why would we accept this official conspiracy theory that’s based on “thin evidence,” which is an overstatement? “Thin evidence” means there is some evidence. And in fact, there’s no convincing evidence that any element of the official story is true. But let’s say there’s a little bit of very, very thin evidence. Why would we believe that, when the people feeding us this thin evidence are the people who benefit the most from the crime? Why is this “presumably correct”? What has Chomsky been smoking?!

And now we’re moving out of his book 9/11 into some of his statements that have come thereafter, and they really haven’t changed very much. He keeps repeating that there’s a minuscule number of architects and engineers questioning 9/11. Well, that might have been true back in 2004 when I was doing teach-ins at the University of Wisconsin. And I would occasionally run into engineers who would debate with me and say things like, “What are you talking about? The Towers just just fell instantly. The plane hit them, the plane just destroyed their structure, and they just fell. What are you talking about?” I’d say, no, no, no. It took 45 minutes for Tower Two…” So anyway, after my conversations with architects and engineers in Wisconsin in 2004, I was afraid of going into any buildings or flying. I didn’t want to be in any structures built by these people if they were that clueless.

But gradually, the architects and engineers caught up with people like me, humanities PhDs, and realized that this is completely ludicrous. It’s a third grade science problem to see that none of this is even remotely physically possible. So here’s Chomsky telling us that a “minuscule number,” which is now up to 2500, question 9/11. Okay, glad to hear that.

Chomsky feeds us a line of BS that when you think you’ve discovered something, you must go through the scientific journals and publish it, peer reviewed, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Even if it’s something that a third grade science student can see if they have eyes. Okay. And of course, we have more than 30 peer reviewed science 9/11 truth papers today. There are a lot of them. It just it takes years to to get through the peer review process. But the real point here is, as we see in the next slide, that what we’re talking about here isn’t really a scientific dispute. We’re talking about people who are putting forth wings-on-pig narratives.

“If you say that, even if a pig did have wings, it still couldn’t fly, they say: ‘Well, you obviously have never studied aerodynamics.’ Essentially, the idea becomes that, in order to make the most obvious common sense observation about the world — pigs do not fly, bears do shit in the woods…. — you must possess multiple doctorates from M.I.T.

-Jonathan Revusky

Jonathan Revusky points out that in order to make the most obvious commonsense observations about the world, such as “pigs do not fly, bears do shit in the woods,” you must possess multiple doctorates from MIT. And Chomsky repeatedly hammers on this: “What are your qualifications for noticing that a building that comes down at freefall acceleration through the path of most resistance must have had its vertical support members removed by explosives, that sort of thing?” Well, every single element of this 9/11 official myth is a wings-on-pigs narrative.

What is the official story? “Muslim hijackers hijacked flights that smashed into buildings, causing collapses. And we know this because we found evidence in Mohammad Atta’s two magic suitcases that just showed up, along with the KSM torture testimony.” That’s the whole basis of the story! “We have these passports showing up in the rubble at two of the crash sites. We have these tortured-KSM confessions. And we have this wings-on-pigs narrative of the Osama bin Laden killing.” This is a ludicrous fantasy that wouldn’t pass muster with the people who are employed to check the realistic elements in Hollywood scripts.

So we hear (from Chomsky) that “there is, in fact, overwhelming evidence that the Bush administration wasn’t involved in 9/11. It’s very elementary evidence. You don’t have to be a physicist to understand it. You just have to think for a minute.”

Okay. So now Chomsky says you don’t need multiple doctorates from MIT to understand his point here. What is his point? Next slide. I guess it’s this: “Bush is innocent, yucky frog did 9/11.”

No, no, no. Next slide.

Chomsky is telling us that this is the main point he’s used over and over and over to argue that in fact it couldn’t have been an inside job: “because they would have used Iraqi hijackers.” So he’s just taking for granted that the entire purpose of 9/11 was to launch a war on Iraq, and that there would be no way you could launch a war on Iraq based on the public relations effect of a new Pearl Harbor, like 9/11, that had hijackers from Saudi Arabia—15 of them, as well as Egypt, the United Arab Emirates and Lebanon.

Now that is a very, very weak argument, to say the least. Number one, it’s been disproven by history. It was very easy to launch a war on Iraq based on acts supposedly committed by Muslim patsy hijackers. The public can barely distinguish between these different Muslims. And perhaps more importantly, the purpose of 9/11 was not simply to launch the war on Iraq. The purpose of 9/11 was—well, there were many purposes. I think the biggest geostrategic purpose was to launch a 100 years war on Islam for Israel.

And we’re seeing this every day. The Islamophobia that’s driving all of these conflicts is the direct result of 9/11, as well as the precursors that set 9/11 up as as a conceivable reality: The false flags at (the WTC in 1993 and) the African embassies and the USS Cole, and the subsequent false flags since 9/11 to keep the pot boiling. All of this is designed to enable a permanent war uniting the entire West, especially the US, against the enemies of Israel. And of course, there are other strategic benefits as well. So this taking for granted that simply it was all about Iraq is, of course, absurd.

Chomsky tells us that it’s very, very safe to question 9/11. It’s risk-free. And the worst thing that could ever happen is people will laugh at you. Well, tell that to Danny Jowenko, Europe’s leading controlled demolition specialist, who was caught by surprise, saying, “of course Building Seven is obvious controlled demolition. This was a really amazingly proficient team of engineers that did this. Look at how it comes straight down, straight into the ground. You know, this isn’t just a controlled demolition. This is a really, really good one.” And then he ends up dying in a mysterious single-car crash.

Then there’s Michael Meacher, the former environmental minister in the UK. He’s very, very close to the current head of the Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn (then in line to become Prime Minister). And Jeremy Corbyn is a 9/11 truther as well. I hope he has honest security. Because Michael Meacher, who was Jeremy Corbyn’s main 9/11 truth advisor, just turned up dead overnight. He was in perfect health, no sign of any problems, and then he just turned up dead several months ago. And Corbyn had probably better watch his back as well.

Chomsky tells us that the safest thing you could do is question 9/11. Well, Michael Meacher, who put out a number of brilliant 9/11 truth pieces earlier on, then had his life threatened and shut up for a long time. But he kept advising people like Jeremy Corbyn, and is now dead.

Beverley Eckert was (alongside Bob McIlvaine) the most outspokenly pro-9/11 truth family member. The Jersey Girls right now, as you may know, are pushing the 28 pages that blame the Saudis as what Barbara Honegger called the limited hangout. Beverly Eckert wasn’t down with any limited hangouts. And right after meeting with President Obama, this outspoken pro-9/11 truth family member went down in a plane crash..

This is not particularly uncommon. Other examples of plane crashes killing very large numbers of people to target one single individual include the plane crash that killed Dorothy Hunt, the wife of Howard Hunt, during the Watergate coverup of the JFK assassination. I forget how many people that one killed to get her. And we’ve also learned from John Perkins, the economic hitman, that his friends, the jackals and the asteroids that they send in to kill heads of state who mess with the IMF and the World Bank, are specialists in causing plane crashes. And indeed, they don’t just target one person. They’ll take down a whole plane full of people, just like they took down the whole plane full of Wellstone, his wife, his daughter and his campaign staff, to stop him from reopening 9/11. So again, Chomsky is wrong. This isn’t necessarily the most absolutely safe thing that you could do.

Another 9/11 truth casualty was Hunter Thompson, one of America’s most influential journalists. He got 9/11 right from the get-go, and he was about to try to blow it all wide open when he was suicided. And speaking of suicide, in next slide, we have Phillip Marshall with his kids, Alex and Makaila, who all died in another of these suicidings a couple of years ago. Wayne Madsen thinks that Marshall was probably killed because he had gotten information that the planes that were supposedly used on 9/11 are still parked in the Boneyard, which is a junkyard for aircraft in Arizona.

That’s that’s Wayne’s best guess. In any case, Philip Marshall was a former CIA drug pilot who had written a couple of 9/11 Truth books. He wasn’t supposed to do that.

We have a number of scholars who’ve had their careers prematurely terminated, including me. I lost $2 million in projected lifetime earnings by being witch hunted out of the University of Wisconsin in a way that made me permanently unemployable here in the United States. And there are several others as well. Stephen Jones was forced into early retirement. He’s the guy who studied the nanothermite demolition hypothesis. He was forced out of Brigham Young University after Bush administration people went to Utah and strong-armed his superiors at that university. And Four Arrows, the co-author of American Assassination: The Strange Death of Paul Wellstone was forced out of the University of Arizona, and he’s been living in exile from the United States for talking about the truth of 9/11 as well as the Wellstone assassination. His other name is Don Jacobs, but he goes by Four Arrows. He’s a very widely published and very, very wise Native American studies scholar. Also, Judy Wood was forced out of her job at Clemson. She’s done unorthodox work on possible demolition modalities.

And then we just had James Tracy, another pro-9/11-truth professor, forced out of Florida Atlantic University for his discussions of what may or may not have taken place at Sandy Hook. So, again, it’s not necessarily all that safe to talk about this stuff, even if you’re tenured. Steve Jones and James Tracy and Four Arrows were all tenured. Three out of four of these people were tenured, and they’ve still been fired for going after the truth on these crimes.

It’s not just that you can’t talk about it and you might lose your career, might lose your job, and might lose your life, but you can’t even debate it. Nobody’s allowed even to SUPPORT the official story in a debate. At the University of Wisconsin, I put up a challenge: My backers offered a 1,000-dollar honorarium for anybody who would try to support the official story in a debate with me.

I’ve been blacklisted. I’ve lost my job. I was teaching at Wisconsin from 1995 to 2006 and can’t teach there anymore. Well, please explain to me why I’m wrong; somebody explain why I’m wrong! And indeed, newspapers in Wisconsin editorialized that the university needs to find at least one specialist or a professor to come and explain why I’m wrong in a debate with me. And guess what? They won’t do it. Not for $1,000, not for $2,000. This offer has been standing for many years, since 2010 or so. Before that it was without money. And nobody will defend the official story of 9/11, no matter how much you pay them. It’s completely forbidden.

So this is not the safest thing you can do. It is an area of absolute imposed silence.

So Chomsky tells us that it doesn’t matter who carried out 9/11. Now he’s denied saying this, but he has said it in various words at various times. He says “even if these conspiracy theories were true, which is extremely unlikely, who cares? I mean, it doesn’t have any significance.” Again, this is a kind of argument that on its face, doesn’t even rise to the level of being wrong, because to be wrong it has to mean something. It has to have some kind of coherence or be in some kind of discernible relationship with reality to to be wrong. And this is so bizarre, so Alice in Wonderland-ish, that you can’t even say he’s wrong.

But let’s try to be charitable. And I will, in just a moment, suggest a way of interpreting what he may be trying to say.

In the next slide, he charges that the 9/11 truth movement is, “unique in its unwillingness to think through simple questions. Let’s suppose it turns out that the World Trade Center was destroyed by a controlled demolition. Then who would the finger point to? Osama bin Laden, obviously.” (laughter)

Now, I don’t think you have to have seen Barbara Heidegger’s deconstruction of who had security at the World Trade Center and how Building Seven was the highest security building in the United States outside of Langley, Virginia to know that this is complete gibberish.

Osama bin Laden, the guy over in the cave in Afghanistan, is going to engineer the three most sophisticated controlled demolitions of high rise buildings ever conducted in history? The tallest building ever taken down in a controlled demolition before 9/11 was about 30 stories. So Building 7, at 47 stories, was half again, maybe close to twice as tall as the tallest building ever taken down in a controlled demolition in history.

And how about the Towers? 110 stories each. These were feats of controlled demolition engineering. The idea that bin Laden and his gang of ragtag CIA mercenaries over in Afghanistan would have this kind of access to the Trade Center, and this kind of sophisticated demolition technology, is absurd on its face. And somebody as smart as Chomsky really should know that, I would think.

Next slide.

Let’s give Chomsky a break here. Let’s imagine: Is there any kind of reality or rationale behind some of these things that he’s saying? Well, it’s true that when we compare the 3,000 people killed on 9/11 to the 60 million killed abroad by the USA in acts of state terrorism since World War Two, in that case, that number of 3000 adds up to a pretty insignificant atrocity compared with all of these thousands and thousands of other atrocities.

But does that really make 9/11 insignificant?

Next slide.

Martha Stout, who is one of our leading experts on psychopathy, which is a very important topic when we study the power elite and how they operate, has cited clinical research showing that about half, a little under half, of the American population, which adds up to close to 150 million people, suffered from clinical PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) simply as a result of the TV images that they watched on 9/11. Clinical PTSD! Normally, to get clinical PTSD, you have to have been killing people in the trenches. You have to wash your blood, your buddies head blown off. You know, you had to have been through some pretty intense, nasty stuff in wartime to get PTSD. But half the American population got it from watching TV images. What does that mean? Well, that means that this was the most psychologically significant single event in the entire history of humanity, with the possible exception of the alleged crucifixion of Jesus. And I say alleged crucifixion of Jesus, because according to Muslim scholarly disputes, there’s one camp that claims that according to the Koran, maybe Jesus wasn’t really crucified. And there’s another camp that says well, no, he probably was, but that’s not the point. The point is his teachings. The point is to try to be like Jesus, not to get all freaked out about his crucifixion, whatever the truth of that may be.

The image of Jesus’s crucifixion did have a profound, tremendous effect on human history, no question about it. For details, read Rene Girard.

But leaving that aside, that’s the only other single event that could conceivably have had such a powerful psychological impact on the human species. So how could Chomsky be telling us 9/11 is not important? You could look at it as irony. He’s saying the exact opposite of what he must really mean. What he must really mean is that it’s too important. It’s so cataclysmically important that we really can’t deal with it. And indeed, that may be what he really thinks. I’ve had discussions with Andre Vltchek, Chomsky’s close collaborator, about this. And Andre can’t give me a clear and coherent case, but he does say that Chomsky just thinks that strategically, the best approach for stopping the bad guys and saving the world and getting justice in all of this is to do it his way, not to go through 9/11 truth. And that would imply— although Andre hasn’t told me this directly—that Chomsky actually does know the truth about 9/11, and all of (what he says in public) is outrageous double talk.

I’ve heard that from other sources as well. There’s a source in Colorado, but it’s second hand, that says that Chomsky way back early on, explained that he did know that it was an inside job. So putting two and two together, maybe it’s a case of his thinking that if he were to join the truth movement, he would be marginalized or worse. It wouldn’t really change anything. The left that he tried to build up and become the pope of over the years wouldn’t really benefit from it. Or as he said about the JFK assassination: “If this really was an inside job, they really did kill JFK, they have so much power that if we go up against them, we’ll lose.”

Maybe that’s what he’s thinking, I don’t know. But I would disagree with that. As I told Andre Vltchek: Strategically, I think that if we accept the official version of 9/11, as he has, and let it go unchallenged, we’re left with all of the negative effects, and we’ll never get out of them. Because when you brainwash people below the level of consciousness with this paranoia switch kind of instilled fear response that Martha Stout talks about psychologically, it’s all operating at an unconscious emotional level, and no amount of conscious deliberation and argumentation is ever going to change the overall body of opinion, the overall body of consciousness of the people. There’s a kind of momentum that’s been built up by people’s being inculcated with the official picture of 9/11 that is rolling a boulder down a mountain, and all of the rational arguments you want to make about how the West commits far more terrorism anyway, all of Chomsky’s way of going about this, I would argue, actually is ultimately pretty futile, because that boulder is just going to keep rolling over you and crush you.

On the other hand, if the truth about these psychologically shocking events—or, rather if the psychologically shocking truth about these kinds of events, the JFK assassination or 9/11, does, in fact, emerge, that could actually change things. I think we can accept that, say on November 23rd, 1963, if somehow the story had broken that this was a coup d’etat by the CIA and the plutocracy behind them, the American people who loved John F. Kennedy, who had completely fallen for his charisma, would have risen in revolt, and we would have had serious change. Likewise when Dr. King was murdered by the CIA, FBI and US Army snipers: Had that been fully exposed to the American people, we wouldn’t have had just a few riots here and there. We would have had the whole country rising up, which is what we need. And that’s precisely what would happen if, instead of giving us this line of bullshit in November of 2001, Chomsky had eloquently pushed the whole left towards just looking at Building 7 and drawing the obvious conclusions. (Had that happened) I think we would be living in a very different and vastly better world today.

And I think that this goes even for the place where we’re at now. I just got a comment from one of my listeners, a very, very wise comment. He said “if we expose the full truth of 9/11 today, it won’t really matter, because this unconscious inculcation of Islamophobia has been driven so deep into people that it’s going to keep doing its work, even if we expose 9/11.” I don’t know if that’s true. I certainly have seen that there are 911 truthers like Alex Jones (only more so) who are the most raving, outrageous, Islamophobic bigots that you’ll ever encounter. There are people in the so called 9/11 truth movement who are actually operating robotically with their deep unconscious minds programmed to Islamophobia by /911, by the trauma response engineered through 9/11. And they see through the 9/11 hoax, but they’re still acting like Islamophobic robots. They’ve been fully programmed at an unconscious level by 9/11, and the conscious truth doesn’t help them at all. So what do we need? We need the full truth, the cognitive empirical truth. But we, of course, also need the emotional human element as well to get off this track. And I do think that exposing the mechanism, exposing the mind control mechanism, ultimately has a significant chance of stopping the mind control program.

We have this prediction by Philip Zelikow, Ash Carter, and John Deutch, made in 1998 in Foreign Affairs magazine. They’re speculating about what would happen if the World Trade Center were destroyed. That’s an interesting speculation in 1998! It would be “a watershed event in American history.” And finally, the last sentence, most important sentence: “like Pearl Harbor, this event would divide our past and future into a before and after.” Philip Zelikow is a specialist in the construction and maintenance of public myths. That’s his job, his self-given job description. He knows that myths are foundational narratives that create the identity of social groups. Christian identity is based on the mythic event of Jesus’s life and crucifixion. So it divided time into BC and AD. Same thing with Islam. Our calendar starts with the hijrah of Prophet Muhammad, peace upon him, and there’s a before, a time of ignorance, and an after. Here in the United States, the before was before the American Revolution. Then we have all these myths, heroic myths, foundational myths, about the American Revolution. And those stories divide our time into a before, the nebulous colonial world, and an after: the United States of America as we know it today.

This is how foundational myths work. Zelikow knows this. That’s his specialty. He’s the guy who wrote the entire 9/11 Commission Report in chapter outline before the Commission even convened, as Barbara Honegger said. And here he is in 1998, telling us what’s coming: “The World Trade Center is going to be destroyed and it’ll separate time into a before and an after.”

We’re living right now in the bellicose after. And the only way we’ll ever get out of it is through full 9/11 truth at every level, both the empirical level and the deep emotional level, working out that trauma and freeing our minds from the conditioning that’s led us down this horrible path towards destroying the American Constitution, propping up the most repressive forces all over the world, and engaging in these endless, futile, mindless wars of aggression all over the world. So 9/11 truth is the only the only way we’re ever going to get there. And maybe someday Noam Chomsky will actually realize that. I was hoping he would show up here like Marshall McLuhan in that Woody Allen film, Annie Hall, to explain why I’m wrong. But he hasn’t. So I’m going to end it here. Thank you for listening.

(Republished from Substack by permission of author or representative)
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  1. There’s good and bad about Chomsky’s work. It’s always deeply constrained by a Jewish worldview, citing examples that uphold a Jewish perspective.

    However, I thought some of Chomsky’s statements 9/11 were reasonable.

    From what I remember he said people tend to look at phenomena and string things into a pattern afterwards. This is very true.

    He said there are all sorts of unexplained phenomena in scientific experiments.

    I agree there are events that are very difficult to explain in the context of the official theory like WTC 7. But it’s not an unreasonable suggestion to go through peer reviewed journals, albeit they might not get through.

    You can understand why Chomsky would scoff at the Journal of 9/11 Studies, even if it has some fine stuff in it.

    “I think the biggest geostrategic purpose was to launch a 100 years war on Islam for Israel.”

    In terms of territory I suppose you could claim, but Islam is just being moved into the West, at the behest of Jews. Islam is in no danger of being wiped out.

    What evidence is there Michael Meacher was murdered ? It’s just wild speculation.

    I don’t know much about Thompson, but I do read people who are very familiar with him and no one talks about him being murdered. Although it would seem not unreasonable for researchers to look into that possibility.

    “if we expose the full truth of 9/11 today, it won’t really matter, because this unconscious inculcation of Islamophobia has been driven so deep into people that it’s going to keep doing its work, even if we expose 9/11.”

    There’s pragmatic reasons for Islamophobia though that are nothing to do with 9/11.

    Agree Zelikow is bad news.

  2. Chomsky still wants to be interviewed, invited to speak, and invited to parties, so keeps quiet.

    He also doesn’t go into the many, many other lies about the alleged execution of bin Laden that have been exposed by people like Seymour Hersh, who said that the entire story of the supposed killing of bin Laden is just one big lie, that nothing remotely like that even happened.

    • Agree: Agent76
    • Thanks: Verymuchalive, GMC
    • Replies: @emerging majority
    , @Brosi
  3. Hans says:

    Um, because he’s a lying, gatekeeping jew and always has been like Sy Hersch?

  4. Pheasant says:
    @Vagrant Rightist

    ‘There’s good and bad about Chomsky’s work. It’s always deeply constrained by a Jewish worldview, citing examples that uphold a Jewish perspective.’

    In other words he is a Jewish gatekeeper who asks ‘is it good for the Jews?’

    What kind of vagrant are you? One from the desert perhaps?

    • Agree: William Gruff
  5. A. Clifton says: • Website

    The entire SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN ….{{{{JEWISH}}} ..
    … NARRATIVE is a LIE….!!!


    Synagogue of SATAN…{{{{JEWS}}}} … LIE…..John 8:44…!!!

    KNOWING the TRUTH really matters !!!!

  6. The much publicized warnings to certain famous individuals not to fly
    part of the 9-11 operation to convince planes were used in the attack.

    No planes.

    Judy Wood’s space beams = nuts or chaff.

    Chomsky never wrong. He is a weaver of deceptions,
    a shepherd intentionally leading his sheep astray.

    • Agree: Durruti
  7. Concerning Chomsky you said:

    (He’s certainly right about this: that “the general population doesn’t know what’s happening and DOESN’T EVEN KNOW THAT IT DOESN’T KNOW.”)

    Probably the most profound philosophical statement made was by Socrates “I know that I don’t know”.

    A person who understands this wisdom at a deep level would not commit to such a risky 9/11 opinion. He makes a similar risky opinion about the JFK assassination.

    The chances of being wrong on both of these very important conspiracies, while understanding the wisdom of “I know that I don’t know”, is very small.

    It is therefore reasonable to conclude that Noam does know the truth of what happened.

    • Agree: irish Savant, Durruti
    • Replies: @bike-anarkist
  8. And then let’s not even get into “Bush knew,”

    Speaking of foreknowledge, I recently had a very strange and graphic dream. It was so odd I decided to write it down, but beyond that, didn’t know what to do with it. So here it is.

    A Dark Dream

    Written 02/19/2023.

    I had an unusual dream last night and I thought I would write it up before I forgot it. While the dream itself was extremely detailed and realistic it began to fade almost immediately. The following is merely a summary of the events.

    I was with a friend I haven’t seen in years and we were in Chicago, a place I also have not been in years. We were just messing around and for some reason decided to visit the Sears Tower or whatever it is called now.

    After goofing around a bit, my friend decided we should eat something at a restaurant near the top of the Tower (I have no idea if there even is such a thing.) When we had entered the building the weather was pretty decent, but now in the restaurant, it was turning dark and rainy. Looking down from the window I was suddenly struck by sever acrophobia. At first it was just vertigo, but it got much worse to the point where I was shaking and thought I might be sick. I had to get someplace where I couldn’t see down.

    I was sitting on a padded bench near the restaurant and after bit I looked out the window, testing to see if the fit of vertigo had passed. The sky was very dark now with heavy clouds and as I looked out at the lake, it seemed I could see waves in the distance. My brain tried to process what I was seeing, but it didn’t make sense. They couldn’t be that far away and still be that big. I approached the window cautiously to look down into the street. There were some pretty big waves coming ashore washing across a few streets near the lake.

    My friend had disappeared and there seemed to be some kind of disturbance near the elevators with people crowding around to get in. The elevators were so crowded I decided to hang back and wait for the crowd to dissipate. At this point, some guy came out of a door that was marked Private or No Admittance or something. He was wearing a track suit and some white tennis shoes. He had a dog with him and the dog was going wild, prancing around and acting super frisky. It came over to me sniffing and snuffling so I began petting it. It was a short haired dog, kind of like a lab, only it was a rusty, reddish brown. The guy looked a little put out, so I pointed the dog’s head head back toward him. He beckoned with his hand, turned and jogged away. The dog ran after him.

    Things get a bit jumbled now, but in the dream it was very real. At some point one of those impossible giant waves hit the building. Either that or a much larger wave washed over the smaller waves and it hit the building. I don’t think the wave over-topped the tower as such, more like the wave hit the building and some of the water rode up the building. Anyway, there was wall of water outside the windows and they began to crack and finally broke and massive amounts of water began sluicing through the windows.

    There was general panic as people ran away from the windows toward the other side of the building. Somehow, I ended up in what looked like a banquet room. It looked like someone had catered a wedding or other reception. There was cake and fancy food laid out on a few tables and some people wearing fine dress standing around talking. The lights had gone out, but there was enough light to dimly see the surroundings. People were wading around in water that came up to their knees although it seemed to be receding. Then a surprising thing happened and water started coming up from the middle of the tower it seemed. Some of the water was warm or even hot. It flooded out and then it too began receding.

    In my last recollections of the dream, all the lights had gone out. It was black not just dark. There was some fading light reflecting into the tower. As I walked, I felt the floor start to tilt under my feet. I turned and walked uphill if you will, away from the tilt. As I walked, the light faded into complete darkness.

    And then I woke up.

  9. Anonymous[231] • Disclaimer says:

    Right, we know everything we need to know for the tribunals, or the laydowns. All it takes is one Muslim with brass balls to say it.

    The demolition of the WTC was war propaganda based on systematic and widespread murder as pretext for the crime of aggression. CIA and Mossad committed the crime as a transnational criminal group, with Richard Blee infiltrating decoy “terrorists.” John Brennan concealed planning and preparation and coordinated sabotage of FAA/DoD response systems.

    US history from September 11 has been one seamless plan and conspiracy for war by CIA. The Russians know what they’re up against again. Dibs on Sergeant Woods’ job when they liberate the US population!

  10. Kevin, concerning Chomsky, as the saying goes, “It’s difficult to know something when your paycheck [or your LIFE] depends on you not knowing it.”

    By the way, it was a real pleasure meeting and talking with you at one of the political gatherings in Madison, Wisconsin a few years ago.

    • Replies: @Kevin Barrett
  11. Isn’t the 9/11 event the starting point of the implementation of the Rumsfeld-cebrowski doctrine of continuous war ? Yes , the Zionist entity did partially benefit from the chaos and destruction of the colour revolution and wars but it was brought to a stop because counter forces like Iran and Russia intervened forcefully to destroy the trajectory of this inhuman experiment – The fact that the American people are disinterested in learning about the facts means that there’s no real reason for the government paranoia unless it’s just a matter of cleaning house via assassinations so that any future liability via blackmail can be stamped out –

  12. @Brad Anbro

    Thanks, Brad! Great quote. I’m in the odd position where my paycheck (such as it is) as a crowdfunded truth jihadi depends on my knowing what everybody else is paid not to know ; – )

    • Agree: A. Clifton
  13. Seems to me that Chomsky can be summed up as Zionist controlled opposition. Just as he “defended Holocaust deniers” on one hand then worked at discrediting them on the other, so it is with 9/11.
    Once more, I will repeat my experience on the day. My wife and I were on vacation. I dropped the kids off at the before and after school programme and while leaving noted the TV was on. One of the staff told me that planes had hit WTC buildings. Wow, some accident. I left the building, walked 30 yards to my vehicle, started it and turned on the radio. Witnesses said “large explosion” had just happened at the Pentagon. I began the less than a mile drive home. About half way home, it was a “small plane”. By the time I turned into my driveway, it was an airliner. Before I even got out of the vehicle, I was wondering how “witnesses” could confuse an airliner for a small plane, much less an explosion.
    Went inside called the wife and turned on the TV. The entire media coverage seemed to be bullshit from the start. How could 2 planes fly around that long, when Payne Stewart’s jet had stopped responding to control, it took less than 17 minutes for the controllers to notify a USAF pilot, already in the air, to intercept the plane? Something stank. When the buildings went down, having worked on construction of high rise apartment blocks that were on a flight path into the airport, I knew the “pancaking” was bullshit. Naming OSB as the culprit was the cherry on top. Some guy in a cave halfway across the world, who knew his satellite phone was being tracked, was to blame. Pull-eaze! There are more holes in the official narrative than a Swiss cheese.

    • Agree: MarkU, Durruti
    • Thanks: TruthSeeker88
    • Replies: @TruthSeeker88
  14. Mac_ says:

    Few thoughts, the third photo sarcasm, spot on, and on other note think to suggest we frame people and ourselves differently, instead of labels such as civilians or innocent civilians as there should be no such thing as ‘civilians, each person on earth should be a fighting person against the schemes of the dark death cons.

    If everyone were fighting people, no exceptions including females who are half the population, the cons could be stopped. It could be said people in other places were attacked by usa cons with more weapons, and it is heinous, and though really goes to both ignorance of people here, and other places people depending on false govt, instead of advancing their own fight. People here who continue ignoring assuming to ‘prep n hide’ after letting everything go on, forget drones etc. The cons continue -because selfish people ignore, when should make effort instead.

    Would say on subject of Chomsky, though disagree here or there, it shouldnt be on any one person to say every fact, its on each person to put pieces together, and people have been handed enough. We should have gratitude for ability, use it or lose it. Appreciate the article text and visuals and vid Kevin.


  15. @Hans

    Literally everything he says is a J left canard. He undermines the West by making it appear guilty for crimes committed for Israel, by Jews.

    His criticisms of Israel strike with the power of a wet piece of lettuce, and again are a J left canard “Israel does bad stuff, so let brown people into the West, also Israel is basically white supremacy so West is bad!”

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  16. Franz says:

    Chomsky lives in a mansion! His portfolio is worth millions!

    Like the old saying: “Pay me a million bucks a year to solve a problem, and I’m going to make sure the problem NEVER gets solved.”

  17. JWalters says:

    Great video, thanks. Barbara’s summary of the overall situation was masterful.

    I didn’t know Chomsky had written a book on 9/11, and thought your point by point rebuttal was well done.

    One of the first books I ever browsed through debunking the Israeli myth of their “right” to Palestine was by Chomsky. This was back in the ’80s; I don’t remember the title. I thought it was courageous at the time. So my hunch is that he was eventually brought into line by threats of some sort, either to himself or family members. Threats from these people are not to be taken lightly.

    I agree that if/when the American public learns that Israel did 9/11 Israel will be toast. And a great cleansing can occur.

    • Replies: @Che Guava
  18. “They broke that lease and lost a huge pile of money by moving out very, very quickly one week before 9/11.”

    Zim Shipping Company had announced the plans to transfer operations on April 2, 2001:

    Governor Jim Gilmore today announced that Zim-American Israeli Shipping Co., Inc. will relocate its United States headquarters from New York City to Norfolk.

    There was no broken lease. That’s another hoax by Chris Bollyn.

    • Replies: @wormssnakesbrain
  19. You cannot overstate the value of Chomsky’s work in revealing US Imperial criminality, so why is he so obdurately wrong regarding 9/11? I can only conceive that he really fears what would happen if Israel’s responsibility for 9/11 was revealed. The consequences would be catastrophic for the entire world. That’s the only explanation that I can find.

  20. To accelerate this national dilution

    The Enemy used deception and illusion

    As before, his confidence never greater

    In the power of his demonic theater

    Over a degraded population.

    He broadcast live on every station

    The brazen, calculated murders

    Of two thousand souls among the girders

    Of gigantic towers he demolished,

    Then celebrated as his golem rushed

  21. @Shitposter_in Chief

    Total garbage! Chomsky’s ‘Fateful Triangle’ is an encyclopaedic compilation of Zionazi barbarity, and only the best of many such of his volumes. Take your moronic Judeophobia and shove it where the gerbils frolic.

  22. Biff says:

    Many accolades for this fine piece of work. Before, during, and after the 9/11 attacks I was an avid clicker of, and I was an immediate buyer of Justin Raimondo’s 2003 book: The Terror Enigma: 9/11 and the Israeli Connection . It was this that put me on track that Muslim hijackers were just patsy’s, and what we had were most likely an inside intelligence network doing the dirty deeds.
    This was a great piece filling in some of the blank spots for us normies who don’t have time to do all the research – and if Alan Sabrosky contributed any material/research for this piece, a tip of the hat for him too.

  23. Here’s the same dynamic of Chomsky ignoring the obvious, Finkelstein and Maté talk for more than an hour about identity politics, mention their own identitfication with their Jewish heritage, and completely ignore the most successful identity politics group in the USA, with hundreds of local and national groups organized explicitly around Jewish Identity.

    • Replies: @Rubicon
  24. ariadna says:

    He s not “wrong.” He LIES. Big difference.
    He was not wrong when he said the power of the Jewish Lobby is exaggerated, that in fact other lobbies –notably AARP– are bigger and more influential. He LIED.

  25. Che Guava says:

    I agree that if/when the American public learns that Israel did 9/11 Israel will be toast.

    Never going to happen.

    Chomsky is a pure and ultra-privileged Zionist, the only good things he ever wrote were on U.S. adventures in Indonesia, Indonesia and East Timor, and a little on U.S adventures in central America.

    His greatest academic and mental achievements were at Talmud Shul in Noo Yawk. Everything since then is just down the hill.

    That morons acclaim him as ‘greatest anarchist thinker of our times’ just proves how moronic the morons are.

    It is like Ursula le Guin’s, fake name, really Kroeb, novel The Disposessed, it’s presented as an anarchist fiction, fooled me for some time, but it’s really just a disinfected and cling-wrapped allegory for the establishment of Zionist Israel.

    Vltchek, R.I.P., was a rabid fantasist much of the time.

    Revusky, not so absurd, but close.

    Mr. Barrett’s comments on Chomsky, while too lenient, are good, and this is clearly a transcript from an old video, so stopping here.

  26. @Vagrant Rightist

    No one talks about Hunter S. Thompson being murdered?! Check this out:

    At the time of his death, Thompson was allegedly working on a story about the 9/11 World Trade Center attacks. Hunter told his friend, Paul William Roberts, a columnist for the Toronto Globe and Mail, that “he had stumbled across what he felt was hard evidence showing the towers had been brought down not by the airplanes that flew into them but by explosive charges set off in their foundations.”

    According to Roberts, Hunter had telephoned him on February 19th, the night before his death, and sounded scared. He thought someone was out to stop him from publishing what he had learned about the World Trade Center and explosives. “They’re gonna make it look like suicide,” he said. “I know how these bastards think . . .”

    • Thanks: lavoisier
  27. @wormssnakesbrain

    Well at least that piece does acknowledge that the plans to move were made 6 months earlier. That’s very different from the version which presents the move as a sudden panicky move done on short notice. But then Keith Maart brings up Clear Forest and says “Clear Forest had only four or five employees at the WTC on 9/11 and all escaped uninjured.” The article which he cites says that:

    Sigal Srur, ClearForest’s director of human resources, said that four or five of the company’s 18 workers were in the building when it was hit. “They got out at the last minute, and two who were lightly injured with scrapes have already been discharged from the hospital,” she said from the company’s Or Yehuda R&D offices.

    OK, so “two … were lightly injured.” Did Zim know something 6 months in advance which Clear Forest didn’t? That’s hypothetically possible.

  28. NotAnonymousHere [AKA "Anonymous"] says:
    @Vagrant Rightist

    He said there are all sorts of unexplained phenomena in scientific experiments.

    Yeah, and scientists always immediately jump to “Muslims must have done it!” Right? I’ll wait.

    @Kevin Barrett: al-Qa`eda actually means “base” and it was in use long before databases were invented, being extended to represent that term. People who talk about this, such as yourself, never answer the question “What is al-Qa`eda’s explanation for the use of the term?” That’s a lacuna in your presentation. By way of contrast, we understand ISIL, ISIS, and Da`esh. Time for someone to get to hoppin’.

    Similarly, the idea that tracking someone’s phone means anything is BS. Just send a messenger. Ever heard of ḥawāla حِوالة money transfer?

    “truth jihadi”? I thought you knew Arabic. That’s English filtered through Hindi.
    I’ll get you started: muj…

    • Replies: @Anon
  29. @Carlton Meyer

    An exploding helicopter was used to silence that group from Seal Team Six which allegedly pulled off the stunt in Pakistan where they allegedly took down Bin Laden and then dumped his corpse overboard over the open ocean.

    Most people readily fall for a good tale. That’s how propaganda works for the evil ones who control the Collective West these days.

    As for the demise of those Seals: “Dead men tell no tales”.

  30. One-off says:

    Who would be shocked to learn that Chomsky is a Mossad sleeper agent? I would lay money that he is. The Israelis have penetrated every point along the political spectrum. Recently we got a glimpse of this when another likely Mossad sleeper, Jamie Raskin, manipulated AOC into funding the Ukraine war. It was a two-fer, too, because the Israeli state does not want her ever to be a viable presidential candidate. By herding AOC into this position, it guarantees the actual American Left, which has a long, long memory and acts on it–never will support her.

    If you look at Chomsky’s body of work, he always comes through when it matters most to Israel. His usual criticism of the state gives him deep cover.

  31. You left out the part on record PUT options bought against AA and UAL… the only 2 airlines involved… right before the 9/11 attacks. They were worth millions if exercised which strangely nobody did. Fingers pointed at the CIA and Buzzy Krongard.

    “Turn on, tune in, drop out.”
    Marshall McLuhan

  32. Ghali says:

    Chomsky is an astute Jewish propagandist like Edward Bernays. Unlike his Jews contemporaries (i.e., Thomas Friedman, NYT), Chomsky is skilled manipulator of public opinion. He writes without critical analysis which deceives the readers to adopt his opinion. For example, Chomsky agrees that the US-Britain war on Iraq is a war crimes. But he goes further and writes that Saddam Hussein is a “dictator and must be overthrown”. Saddam is a dictator for Chomsky, but not for the majority of the Iraqi people and millions in the regions. The war on Iraq was an act of illegal aggression, just like Nazis aggression. Furthermore, in 2015, Chomsky ( who is a Ukrainian origin) compared the peaceful and legal reunification of the Crimea wit Russia to the U.S.-Britain war on Iraq. This is criminal and onl illiterate people buy into Chomsky propaganda.

    • Replies: @Anon
  33. Brosi says:
    @Carlton Meyer

    Chomsky still wants to be interviewed, invited to speak, and invited to parties, so keeps quiet.

    LOL. You still have a jewtube channel, Mr. Meyer. What does that say about you wanting to be “invited to speak”? If you and your ilk were as righteous as you want to believe you are, you, and the rest of your ilk, would leave jewtube.

    Instead all of you are little better than controlled opposition, just like that foreskin munching Khazarian Noam Chompsky.

    • Replies: @Ghali
  34. anonomous says:

    I think 9/11 proves that the USA does not want to keep Americans safe from foreign or domestic exploitation. The government itself has been invaded and its purpose exploited to the benefit of the Oligarchs. This invasion is continuous, ongoing and it involves agents in service to the global and domestic Oligarchs. The Oligarchs control the global corporations. The global corporations are stronger than any particular nation state.

    In America, none of the 527 elected positions in the government that manage the affairs of both foreign and domestic USA are responsive to the governed masses, instead they use government to exploit the masses?

    The activities of the global corporate powers are often seen when expressed in the activities of Wall Street, City of London, and HK, the federal reserve which removed the economy and banking from government to corporate ownership. but rarely are the activities of the global corporate powers seen when they operate in other spheres of our societies.

    The MSM (mainstream media), is a collection of highly specialized Trojan reporters, agents of the exploiters. The media uses technology and science to own and manipulate the mind of nearly every person governed by the Nation State System. The nation state system incarcerates every living human in one of its nation state cells.

    The nation state system consist of 256 different nations, more or less, each a crucible, in which controlled media, allowed culture, engineered history, externally controlled rule of law tyranny, side show politics, religion, race, sex and many other derivatives of humanity are used to meld and shape those trapped within the nation state to conform their behaviors tand o donate their lives to the cause of a particular nationalism.

    A baby born to a Jewish family in NYC is swapped for a baby born to a communist family the same day in China, and each swapped baby is raised by the swap parents to adult hood. At age 21, the NYC Jewish race swapped baby raised in China will be Chinese in thought, action and deed, and the Chinese swapped person, raised by the Jewish American family will be American in thought, action and deed.

    I think the above explains why it does not matter if Chomsky is wrong or not, but it does provide proof in my opinion that the USA does not want to protect those it governs from exploitation. The USA is in service to the Oligarchs and their corporation power houses.

  35. parzifal says:

    Well done brother Kevin, but you should know that the war on Islam didn’t start 911 – that’s the problem with curated narratives and spins a la zeit ohne geist with many.p.albert hells playing sacred tunes. The ego (nafs) is well studied (2000 states of being – arabic “hals”) and depends mostly on its language, physical experiences to understand any matter and itself. What has been hidden from all of us, is the fact, that we are not only Ego’s but also spiritual beings with a Heart (Ruh). People who see only the material world are troubled and scared by people who live a spiritual live in mercy and love as those people can not be fooled and trapped into predefined forms…if anybody can be a programmable animal, then only braindead benjamin pharma babes….
    History is not written by fake news and false flags…ask brother Louis F.
    May be real peace be with and on us all – 4ever

  36. Anon[270] • Disclaimer says:

    After reading all the 9/11 articles at TUR, there are so many unnatural coincidences pointing toward a CIA/Mossad/Pentagon operation (maybe 40 or 50 bullet points total from the insurance arrangements, building 7, 5 dancing mossad agents, Ehud Barak being involved in a nanothermite business stateside at the time, Hollywood-Florida location of Mossad and Saudis, little white vans visiting the towers between 2 and 4 a.m. in August 2001 when no one should be entering the buildings, the Project Gelatin, The B Thing art project on the 91st floor with the little wooden deck right beneath where the first plane hit, the lousy ability of the pilots to make 500 mph maneuvers at sea level where those planes are not designed to be going nearly that fast at low altitude, the secondary explosions, the Pentagon lack of any plane debris, the bogus phone cell phone calls from the planes when the technology didn’t yet exist, and mostly of all Bryan Jack.

    Bryan Jack was the leader of a private team of financial sleuths employed by the government at the Pentagon looking into a missing 2 trillion budgeted dollars. The plane hit right where the team was at the Pentagon, not on the side where the brass was, after making an impossible down corkscrew turn for a big jet. Bryan Jack was to be away on business, but wouldn’t you know it: we are to believe that his plane was hijacked and hit HIS OWN office. No way kids. That’s bovine scatology steaming on a warm morning upwind of us all.

    • Thanks: 1jonny
  37. jsigur says:

    Most of us liked Chomsky till we became Jew wise and realized he intentionally refused to cover the Jewish elite power threat and the problem of Jewish loyalty to Jewws and Israel over any country that they were living in

    Even the ignorant Jews are excellent at yelling”anti semitism” and “holocaust denier” anytime Jewish power and dominance was brought up
    Chomsky taught me about Bernays and the invention of 20th century propaganda techniques but conveniently ignored this was in service to his Jewish agenda which he was all in for and not in service to his temporary point of reference country
    Jews are not citizens but colonizers which is and was the reason for the diaspora in the first place and not because they lost their homeland

    • Replies: @Mefobills
    , @irish Savant
  38. Mefobills says:

    Regarding Kevin’s third grade science problem:

    And I would occasionally run into engineers who would debate with me and say things like, “What are you talking about? The Towers just just fell instantly. The plane hit them, the plane just destroyed their structure, and they just fell. What are you talking about?” I’d say, no, no, no. It took 45 minutes for Tower Two…” So anyway, after my conversations with architects and engineers in Wisconsin in 2004, I was afraid of going into any buildings or flying. I didn’t want to be in any structures built by these people if they were that clueless.

    During 911 I worked with a group of research scientists, all of whom were very high IQ. To a man, they all fell for the 911 cover story.

    I will repeat. TO A MAN THEY ALL FELL FOR IT.

    The reader should be asking themselves, how is it that high IQ scientists and engineers, who are trained in logic and physics, can fall for narrative that is impossible in the real world?

    It is the power of the human brain to deceive itself. The big lie is so monstrous that it is better left in the closet, as it is too scary to contemplate. These scientists did not want to admit that their government was culpable in killing its own people.

    In order to break these scientists and engineers out of their state of denial, I would ask them basic third grade questions.

    It would go like this: Do you ever play billiards or pool? Can two objects occupy the same space at the same time? Does a pool ball go through the other one as if it were not there? So, how is it that the buildings can fall vertically?

    I also kept the game of Jenga on my desk, and would threaten them to play it with me. Or I would threaten them to take it home and play it with their kids. Then their kids could inform them on how physics works.

    The use of logic, shaming, and humor were ways of breaking through their big lie conditioning.

    Otherwise, you have to use concentration camps like Hitler did, or like the Chinese did with the Uighurs. Once a brain has been myelin sheathed with bad info, it is hard to undo the programming. Most humans are credulous, and easy to lead around by the nose, as they can be programmed with big lies.

  39. Mefobills says:

    Jews are not citizens but colonizers which is and was the reason for the diaspora in the first place and not because they lost their homeland

    Yep. Some history: The Haibaru donkey caravanners plied their merchant trade since the beginning of the barley cults when farming first began in Mesopotamia.

    This is the source of Jewish perfidy. They were always outside of the city gates as wandering merchants. They would stand outside of the city gates wanting to tear them down and take over. When the Jews let in the Muslims to rape and pillage Spain, it was due to hatred toward civilization, especially Christian civilization.

    The biggest mistake man did when building farming cults, was allowing the merchant class to keep money interest on their trades. Jews then began to worship materialism and sordid gain taking. They made another false mental leap into “gold is money” when the Temple cults allowed gold by weight to stand in for barely weights. (Barley was the first money in the barley cultivating civilizations.) Gold is today measured in “grains” for that reason.

    All of the Jewish false narratives and twisting of history was funded into existence by usury and sordid gain taking from the merchant class, especially the wandering haibarus. They are not civilizational bearers, but instead those who tear it down in order to take usury for their in-group.

    Even Islam, of which Kevin is an adherent, cannot be understood outside of Haibaru perfidy. Both Mecca and Medina were entrepot cities on east west trade routes. Mohammed was a merchant who could not compete with the Jew. Why? Because no honest merchant can compete with a criminal class who was secretly arbitraging gold and silver on the caravan routes, which they controlled. Entrepot cities are lawless cities between the bigger city states, something like Tatooinie in star wars. These were the places where Jews congregated.

    Think of it like a highwayman taking his cut for the movement of goods, only they took a cut on the exchange rate. This arbitrage gain taking took place at the Bosporus crossing where Constantine eventually moved Rome, where Istanbul is now.

    Over thousands of years, the corpus of Judaism was built up, false programming narrative to hide their secret methods of sustenance.

    Islam, especially Suffi Islam is a product of Aryan minds, who are repelled by usury and sordid gain taking. The Aryan evolutionary path was the farming of animals, not the farming of barley.

    During the building of Stonehenge, the English rejected middle east barley farming, and went back to their old ways of grazing and farming animals.

    Yes, he looks Jewish due to neanderthalic features, it doesn’t always follow that they are criminals, you have to judge individually:

    • Replies: @FoSquare
  40. I, Edward Manfredonia, was wired by the FBI. (You can view the FBI wire order on my website, if you wish.)

    The FBI placed an FBI Agent, Art Amey, in the building where I reside with my college roommate- his co-op.

    I mentioned to Amey two things:
    1. The unrecognized Taliban Mission to the United Nations had moved out of its officers in Flushing by August 2001. This was on the same street as the Terminus of the Q58 Bus, which I would take to Flushing.

    2. That in the 1970’s Black Panthers had hijacked a plane and had threatened to fly the plane into a nuclear reactor in New York State.

    Ergo, how why did not the FBI expect anything. Amey refused to discuss this.

    Edward Manfredonia

    • Thanks: 1jonny
  41. West was so much better as a race-ist society

  42. @Hans

    Yeah, they always want to blame America and not Apartheid Israhell.

    Sure, many American politicians are guilty. That’s because they are compromised and bribed by the Jews.

  43. @Hans

    Exactly, ultimately he covers for Jewish interests. Jews were behind the murder of JFK and behind 9/11. So Chomsky lies about it. Israel controls US foreign policy in the Middle East, so Chomsky says that the US uses Israel as its tool, etc., etc. His pupil Norman Finkelstein of Holocaust Industry fame denies that there is such a thing as a Jewish lobby at work in the US. Are there really Jewish “critics” who are fully reliable?

  44. Noem Chomsky is a Jew, so of course something as important as Israelis doing 911 must be dismissed out of hand as an outrageous conspiracy theory. At the end of the day Chomsky the Jew will protect his tribe from retribution, and certainly Israel should be bombed off the map for doing 911.

    So Chomsky tells us that it doesn’t matter who carried out 9/11. Now he’s denied saying this, but he has said it in various words at various times. He says “even if these conspiracy theories were true, which is extremely unlikely, who cares? I mean, it doesn’t have any significance.”

    We have another data point from the opposite side of the political spectrum, Ayn Rand, a Jew like Chomsky, will protect the tribe also.

    “The Arabs are one of the least developed cultures,” Rand argued. “They are typically nomads. Their culture is primitive, and they resent Israel because it’s the sole beachhead of modern science and civilization on their continent.”

    Forty years ago, Rand used very strong language. She said that “When you have civilized men fighting savages, you support the civilized men, no matter who they are.

    So we have 2 top Jewish intellectuals protecting Israel and Jewry. I no longer read either one. Jews are dishonest to their core, truth is a bendable thing when it comes to their tribe. The only Jewish intellectual who I still have some respect for is Einstein who showed real wisdom and declined being Israel’s first president.

    • Replies: @Sir Gagalot
  45. Noam Chomsky is a card-carrying member of the Jewish Tribe Dual-citizen Mafia who is paid to coverup Jewish crimes. Of course, Chomsky is wrong about 9/11, he doesn’t want anyone to know 9/11 was an inside job of the Bush administration and Israeli agents.

    It is questionable whether the 9/11 attacks that killed 2,977 innocent people, costing the United States, all-told, $3.3 trillion dollars, happened the way the authorities said it did. Unsurprisingly, President Bush uses 9/11 as an “obvious excuse” to expand massively the U.S. government’s surveillance-state powers over U.S. citizens—even though the nineteen airplane hijackers were all reported to be Middle Eastern foreigners.

    The key to understanding what happened on 9/11 is U.S. engineers use “factor of safety” when designing large stationary structures. When structural engineers design a bridge or a tall building, they use an engineering “factor of safety,” which determines how much stronger the structure must be than the possible maximum load on the structure. For example: A bridge must be five times stronger than the maximum weight of all possible vehicles crossing the bridge, at any one time.

    Structural engineers know large commercial and military airplanes may fly into a skyscraper, so they design skyscrapers to be withstand five large airplanes crashing with the building, at the same time. Consequently, five large commercial airplanes crashing into each NY World Trade Center (WTC) building, at the same time, would not have collapsed these buildings. The authorities said only one large commercial airplane crashed into WTC building number-1 (WTC-1), and one large commercial airplane crashed into WTC building number-2 (WTC-2)—and no airplanes crashed into WTC building number-7 (WTC-7). Yet WTC-7 displayed a controlled demolition, just like WTC-1 and WTC-2—which is impossible.

    • Thanks: Odd Rabbit, TruthSeeker88
  46. boynkin says:

    Eff Chomsky. He can’t name the Jew.

  47. If you look at Chomsky’s work you will see that he considers no actual event as particularly important. What matters is how alterations in the meaning of language have permitted atrocities. He cannot see, for example, the events of November 11 as particularly important. Likewise the assassination of the Kennedys. Other than exposing how propaganda allows slaughter he has nothing to say and his work really inspires no change.The idea that something could happen to alter what follows is invisible. He sees November 11 as the killing of “only” 3000 people in the light of the killing of far larger numbers. What you might call the “spiritual” dimension of these events is invisible to him.

  48. Quoting CHOMSKY like he’s some kind of REVELATORY MESSIAH….is a JOKE.

    How about this ?

    “By means of ever more effective methods of mind manipulation, the democracies will change their nature ; the quaint old forms..elections, parliaments, supreme courts and all the rest..will remain.
    The underlying substance will be a new kind of Totalitarianism. All the traditional names, all the hallowed slogans will remain exactly like they were in the good old days. Democracy & freedom will be the theme of every broadcast & editorial. Meanwhile, the ruling oligarchy and its highly trained elite will quietly run the show as they see fit.

    Sound familiar???……Aldous Huxley 1962.


  49. Mossad could have pulled off WTC but surely not the Pentagon, and the two were coordinated. 911 was an inside job but it must have involved more than just the Jews and Mossad. Unless the missile fired at the Pentagon was from an Israeli sub. Or was the Pentagon also planted explosives and not a missile?

    • Agree: Agent76
    • Replies: @Agent76
  50. Nadim says:

    Noam Chomsky is a member of the Jewish mafia tribe. He has been exposed since mid 1990 after he gave an interview to a white Journalist from South Africa. He is a controlled opposition and his main concern is to protect Israel’s interests by bashing US foreign policy painting Israel as a ‘victim’. He wants a US equipped with WMD to destroy Israel’s enemies, that’s why he supported the war against Libya, Syria. Chomsky is supporting the Neocon plan, Oded Yinon in the middle east, to erect imaginary ‘Kurdistan’, where US occupation loots 34 tankers loaded with Syrian Oil and ship them out of Syria into Iraq with the help of the terrorist Kurdish groups, and then into Israel. That’s why Chomsky is against US leaving Syria or Iraq.
    Chomsky supports the Jewish mafia proxy, the terrorist Kurdish groups, like Netanyahu. He believes, Syria should be divided like Kissinger and the Neocons. Don’t trust him. He was supportive of Israeli design against Iran, the JCPOA to place Iran in a BOX. Chomsky is AGAINST one country for all in Palestine and wants to keep a fake ‘jewish state’ for the interest of the tribe. He spreads the lies of the zionist propaganda to protect Israel since he knows 9/11 was the work of the Jewish Neocons and state of Israel to start ‘war on terror’ to destroy Mafia’s enemies, the Islamic states in the region, and to kill millions of Muslims. Chomsky cleverly talks only about ‘US imperialism’ to divert attention away from the evil Jewish mafia and its crimes against humanity. He did not believe in Israel lobby until two years ago, but now he cannot continue with the same line anymore because he has been exposed. He repeats his line, The military complex, to put the audience to sleep.

    One of the Jewish mafia servant, Ted Crus, a fifth column, is angry at whatever Iran is doing, this time at Brazil. but he supports Jewish mafia’s crimes against humanity 100% to stay in the US senate. He has done every thing and continue to do anything to keep his PETTY job.

    • Thanks: Chuck Orloski
  51. The attack on the WTC on 911 was done by Israel and zionist traitors in the highest levels of the ZUS government and blamed on muslims to give the excuse to destroy the middle east for Israels greater Israel agenda.

    To see how the attack was done go to and

  52. It really doesn’t matter what Americans think, anymore.

    • Agree: Agent76
    • Replies: @Rurik
  53. Pablo says:

    Noam Chomsky is ALWAYS going to be constrained by his Jewishness. Chomsky is and always will be an “Israel Firster”. Always has been. Chomsky has been called a Gatekeeper. And he is. The Media Owners allow Chomsky to speak Truth–but with limits. And Chomsky is a good little Soldier; and he follos the rules set for him. Noam Chomsky is NEVER going to discuss The Dancing Israelis OR the fact that a Dual Israel/USA citizen Michael Chertoff, released the these Dancing Israelis without comment from the Media.

  54. Anon[522] • Disclaimer says:

    Base? More like “file” as in “le cahier”, the notebook, the file. They saw themselves as freedom fighters against US support of all ME regimes including the Saudi regime and against US unjust meddling in their homelands. Contrary to our self -serving narrative “the file” and the Saudi regime[ and Iraqi regime] were enemies.9-11 was blowback for our unjust policies such as vetoing with a smug simple stroke of the pen every UN resolution which would have brought a modicum of justice to the Palestinians , for one.They brought us to the knowledge there could be consequences to US for our policies towards them! They launched the new century and new millennium; bottom-up, not top- down nation state.

    • Replies: @Rurik
  55. Anon[287] • Disclaimer says:

    majority of the Iraqi people

    The Shi’as would’ve voted for Saddam in a free election?

  56. Rurik says:

    When there’s a huge crime that changes world history, the most obvious question (according to Chomsky) isn’t who did it and why. The question is, “well, what about that court case 15 years ago?” Wow. That’s a very strange sentence. What kind of mind could construct that sentence? I guess a brilliant linguistic mind, I don’t know.

    it is the very fact that so many are so obviously lying about it, that betrays how critically important they consider the issue of 9/11 to be.

    Existential in fact, to the very existence of Israel. Due to Israel’s reliance on the U.S. for its survival.

    The cowardly attack on the USS Liberty slaughtered 34 Americans and maimed 171 more, but it was all covered up, because the false flag failed.

    But 9/11 slaughtered some three thousand American souls, and has been used to get tens of thousands of American service members killed or maimed, and has been used to murder and maim millions of others.

    It can not be so easily brushed under the rug.

    And so the lie that it was Osama and his Muslim henchmen who did it, must be maintained at all costs, lest the truth become widely known, and the ‘day of the rope’, ebb ever closer.

    I know you all hate Donald Trump, for various reasons. And I despise him too, for various reasons. But I will still give him credit where it’s due, and the fact that an American president has said on camera,

    “Well, nobody’s gotten to the bottom of 9/11, unfortunately, and they should have as to the maniacs that did that horrible thing to our city, to our country, to our world,” Trump said. “So nobody’s really been there.” 

    That was huge.

    Imagine a recent former German Chancellor saying ‘Well, nobody’s gotten to the bottom of the Holocaust, and some of those tropes about soap and lampshades, seem to have been fabrications. So if they disseminated blood-libels against the German people over those, what else have they lied about?’

    Can you even imagine the screeching?

    But for most Americans and others, the Holocaust is ancient history, whereas 9/11 is still vivid in our collective memories. And we’re still fighting wars because of it.

    I’m convinced that a widespread awakening about 9/11 is the solution to ending all these wars, and sanctions and evils America and NATO are perpetrating all over the planet, and concentrating America’s and the world’s gaze at the ‘shitty little state’.

    • Thanks: emerging majority
    • Replies: @Odd Rabbit
  57. Of course Chomsky knows the truth about 911. Larry Silverstein’s “pull it” order is in itself, if you think about it, enough to disprove the official narrative.

    • Agree: Odd Rabbit
  58. Rurik says:

    9-11 was blowback for our unjust policies such as vetoing with a smug simple stroke of the pen every UN resolution which would have brought a modicum of justice to the Palestinians , for one.

    people could be forgiven for believing that even a few years after 9/11

    but anyone who sill believes it today, when we’ve all seen the pre-reports of Building Seven imploding, before it did, and have been able to process all of that, and more, to the point that anyone who still believes the 9/11 Commission Report as valid, is either too lazy and apathetic to do their own research, (it’s not going to be on the ((msm))), or, they’re lying, or they’re just not the brightest bulb, so to speak.

    They brought us to the knowledge there could be consequences to US for our policies towards them!

    How many high-level people in the MIC or State Dept were harmed?

    Do you think Bush or Cheney or Rumsfeld care how many Americans died on 9/11?

    Do you think Larry Silverstein cares how many of his tenets, people he knew personally, died horrifically on that day?

    They were goyim! And maybe a low-level Jew or two. What’s to worry about, already?

    They launched the new century and new millennium; bottom-up, not top- down nation state.

    Cui bono ?

    ZOG / PNAC get their wars against Israel’s well-earned enemies in the Middle East, fought by Americans and other goyim, while the people responsible for 9/11 laugh all the way to the bank.

    The one thing you’re right about, is that they did launch a new century and a new millennium, but it was hardly a bottom-up affair, quite the contrary.

    Millions of average Americans and Afghans and Iraqis and Libyans and Syrians and many, many others… have been butchered, tortured, maimed, permanently crippled, orphaned, displaced, raped and in the case of Syria, had their heads sliced off, or were crucified. None of these people were from the elite classes of the West. All of the people who died were either from the middle and working classes, or were from the bombed and destroyed Muslim nations like Libya.

    So your whole construct is built on error and falsehoods and media-driven narratives and agenda-driven lies.

    I don’t blame you personally for any of that, but if you’re going to opine on such things, then you at least ought to have done some minimal research other than ((MSM)) sources like Fox News or corporate news outlets, and so forth, who only speak from the perspective of, ‘what’s good for the …’. or ‘which side of the bread has the butter / advertiser’s $. and so on…

    • Replies: @Odd Rabbit
  59. Anonymous[156] • Disclaimer says:

    Mr. Barret I have been thinking about your work on this website and your title ‘truth jihadist’. While it seems admirable to fight for the truth I believe the only kind of Jihad is the one where you fight for Allah. While Allah is truthful, truth is not synonymous with Allah, so by taking on the role of a ‘truth jihadi’ you might be committing shirk.

    Regards, Anonymous reader

    • Replies: @Kevin Barrett
  60. Agent76 says:

    July 8, 2005 Robin Cook, The struggle against terrorism cannot be won by military means

    Bin Laden was, though, a product of a monumental miscalculation by western security agencies. Throughout the 80s he was armed by the CIA and funded by the Saudis to wage jihad against the Russian occupation of Afghanistan.

    September 11, 2013 9/11 Debunked in Under 5 Minutes

  61. Agent76 says:
    @Commentator Mike

    You will need this to convince the sheeple Mike. This is a GIF I picked up many years ago.


  62. Rurik says:

    It really doesn’t matter what Americans think, anymore.

    perhaps we’ve reached that point, but I’m not sure

    the very fact that Chomsky and other are so keen to keep lying to the American people, is some evidence that it still does, even if nominally, matter.

    The day Chomsky can laugh in the American people’s face, and say ‘what stupid goyim you all are, ha, haha Ha Ha haha!

    Then we’ve reached that point.

    For some reason I’m often reminded of those prophetic words:

    ‘and how we burned in the camps’

    Knowing, that before they had been rounded up, (Russia’s version of America’s Deplorables/domestic terrorists’), they might have put up a fight.

    Now is American’s time to ponder, if they want to rest on their laurels, and apathetically watch as Biden and the regime continue to dismantle their rights, until they too, can lament, ‘and how we burned in the camps…’

  63. @jsigur

    “Most of us liked Chomsky till we became Jew wise” – describes my position exactly.

  64. Thank you, Kevin Barrett.
    There is righteous indignation abt the Jewish 911 atrocity.
    Impossible to pull off without massive goyim assistance.

    Just a reminder that Chomskys relatives declared war on Germany in 1933.
    Around SIXTY MILLIONS died, europe devastated starvation “communism ” etc
    Impossible to pull off without massive goyim assistance.

    Greatest Generation. Band of Brothers. Saving Pvt Ryan.

    Isn’t it the anniversary of Waco ?
    Holocaust of women/children by more American heroes.
    And then there is Israel.
    Impossible to pull off …. etc ….

    • Agree: bike-anarkist
  65. @Socratesjr

    And he is NOT revealing it.
    He is more afraid of “the gun to his head” than Sy Hersh.

  66. cohen says:

    Why do we put so much stock in someone’s opinion like Chomsky? Why can’t we stop being lazy and stop acting like herd of sheep.

    Chomsky was the one who came up with the idea of locking up all anti-vaxxers in camps during Covid debacle.

    During elections, He was the one advising the voters to hold their noses and vote for the “Queen” Hillary.

    Do we need someone to tell us how to vote?

    I have a lot of respect Chomsky and have learned a lot from him just by reading few of his books and mostly watching his discussions. But that does mean I have to agree with everything he says. He was a devoted and courageous activist all through his life. During the Vietnam war, Pentagon Papers (Daniel Ellsberg gave copies of Pentagon files/documents to Chomsky and the late Howard Zinn) for safe keeping while FBI was hunting Ellsberg to recover the documents). These guys ended up in Jail and Howard was roughed up by the Boston Police in several protests. Ray McGovern is such an example.

    Unlike, Mr. Jeffery Sachs who is a celebrity Whistleblower (an economist who toots his own horn for being the chairman of covid commission formed by Lantec magazine funded by Bill Gates and Rockefeller Foundation.

    And then Jeffery is actively claiming his chairmanship on UN commission on Sustainable development. As an economist, Jeffery is confused with the word Sustainable that he thinks means economic sustainability. No Jeffery, it means Environmental Sustainability by reducing all kind of pollution/s

    No wonder he did not say a single word on the recent environmental disaster in East Palestine, Ohio.

  67. Chomsky is like a Tom Brady or a member of any all star team. Kevin Barrett is akin to a high school Quarterback who lost in the first round of playoffs in a third rate division.

    • Disagree: 1jonny
    • Replies: @emerging majority
  68. ko says:

    Chomsky is, and has been for decades, the most irrelevant intellectual in American history.

  69. Anonymous[281] • Disclaimer says:

    The first book I read on the topic was Mike Ruppert’s “Crossing the Rubicon”. I believe he tried to connect it to Peak Oil. Regardless, what I remember the most was all the US military drills scheduled for the same day, which confused military responders and delayed response times. To me, a clear sign of at least some inside intelligence.

    I am a firm believer that 9/11 was a joint operation between elements within Israel, the US, and Saudi Arabia. This is the coalition in the Middle East that would most benefit after all.

    I also think it was the advent of the internet that allowed skeptics to get together and share information in a way that wasn’t expected by the powers-that-be. Control of the media alone was no longer sufficient to shut down questioning.

    But still a lot of programmed sheep out there. To believe 9/11 was an inside job is simply too devastating to their world view to consider.

    • Agree: irish Savant
  70. MarLuc7 says:

    I have come to realize that Noam Chomsky is not a man of integrity. In the 9/11 Truth community, Noam Chomsky is pile of steaming shit. He has always played down the importance of 9/11. In fact it was after 9/11 that I naïvely thought Noam would tear the 9/11 Commission Report apart and fully expose the entire ruse……but oddly all we got from this legendary man was CRICKETS. I was absolutely disappointed by Noam.

    Noam, like all Jews, will always put Tribe First. There is overwhelming evidence that 9/11 Was orchestrated and carried out by Israel and the US Government. There is overwhelming evidence that No Planes were used on 9/11. Any amateur sleuth can uncover this. It is in fact the litmus test for all Journalist, for the evidence is so overwhelmingly present for anyone to find.

    Here is what I have come to realize –All old fucking Zionist Jews draw close to their TRIBE when death is near. They want to honor their Talmudic parents and their horror “stories” of Auschwitz. They want to be remembered fondly by their tribe and they sure as hell will not destroy their only refuge in the world, “The Illegal State of Israel”. Calling out Israel for the murder of 3000 Americans is a NO NO.

    Born to Ashkenazi Jewish immigrants in Philadelphia, Chomsky developed an early interest in anarchism from alternative bookstores in New York City.

    I now see Noam Chomsky as one of many Jewish Soldiers doing their part in the “Culture of Critique” strategy to destroy America from within.

    Noam Chomsky
    Yuval Noah Harari
    Howard Zinn
    Howard Bloom
    Sam Harris
    Raul Hallberg
    Elie Wiesel
    Steven Spielberg

  71. Sarah says:

    victims of Western terrorism since World War Two in US military interventions all over the world, and came up with something like 55 to 60 million people murdered by our tax dollars, virtually all of them innocent civilians. 

    60 million killed abroad by the USA in acts of state terrorism since World War Two

    Really? That’s amazing!
    That would be almost as many killed as during WW2 itself (ab. 75 Mio.)🤔😱

  72. @Vagrant Rightist

    “Jet fuel; that’s a good one!” (laughter)


    Mnay thanks for the memories, gents..

  73. @Agent76

    Banned: “nothing up my sleeve; presto!”

    ‘Rocket J. Squirrel’ & a moose…

  74. @Rurik

    You write text that is easy for me to understand and agree with. Thanks!

  75. BillyA says:

    Gen. Wesley Clark talking to a Pentagon general.

    So I came back to see him a few weeks later, and by that time we were bombing in Afghanistan. I said, “Are we still going to war with Iraq?” And he said, “Oh, it’s worse than that.” He reached over on his desk. He picked up a piece of paper. And he said, “I just got this down from upstairs” — meaning the Secretary of Defense’s office — “today.” And he said, “This is a memo that describes how we’re going to take out seven countries in five years, starting with Iraq, and then Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and, finishing off, Iran.” I said, “Is it classified?” He said, “Yes, sir.” I said, “Well, don’t show it to me.” And I saw him a year or so ago, and I said, “You remember that?” He said, “Sir, I didn’t show you that memo! I didn’t show it to you!”

  76. @Agent76


    That is the best theory as it explains the lack of bodies, lack of seats, lack of luggage and lack of aircraft sections at the crash site. What happened to the aircraft tail? Where did the big wings go? It also explains no wing marks or engine impact holes near the hole in the Pentagon, the lack of burn streaks on the grass from the engines, and the wing-ground effect that wouldn’t allow a huge aircraft to fly that low at that speed. Finally, it explains the lack of footage from the dozens of Pentagon security cameras and nearby private security cameras.

    What about the aircraft everyone saw? It just flew very low over the Pentagon and landed elsewhere. What about the passengers? They just disappeared, probably killed. Culprits just murdered thousands in the towers, a hundred more is nothing.

  77. Regarding PTSD, adults in the US should rise up against “holocaust studies”, “holocaust museums”, and “holocaust” anything, because they are carving deep wounds in the tissues of young minds.

  78. @Carlton Meyer

    Used to be fairly easy to get pics of Pentagon’s 9-11 not-767 hole. No Longer.

    These are best I can find:

    ERROR: ‘The C-Ring Punch-Out Hole Was Made by a Warhead’
    To me pic OK, explanation is horseshit.

    The “Punch out” hole in the C-ring

    Might want to keep this, several pics in article, before wiped away.

    • Thanks: 1jonny
  79. Dube says:

    Decades ago, about the time of his The Fateful Triangle, Chomsky visited UC Berkeley, in one day giving three lectures in three different locations, on the politics of three regions. I attended them all, walking with the audience between classes, and saw the touch of his hand with his Cal student daughter’s as they walked together, a good proud of Dad occasion.

    But from those talks I most clearly recall his head-tossing smile when he dismissed Israel as “a Jewish Disneyland,” which in that fading context would have meant a fantasy, some kind of pretension. It was not drawn from a Zionist manual of descriptives. It’s the only time I’ve seen his visage flash with a squeeze-eyed grin.

    Yet, critique of the Jewish state, or distinctly, the guarding of one’s people, is a choice. That may be charitable to say. What’s not acceptable is to be preposterous.

    Reminds me of Alex Cockburn, who for all his sense of presence quite lost it in clumsy abuse when it came to 9/11 and Dealey Plaza. Yet there is a disanalogy in their ethnicities. I know there’s decent analysis of both these cases.

  80. Conjar says:

    hey kevin, your voice inflections/imitations are distracting and render your message silly and extraneous

  81. Rubicon says:

    We appreciate Norman Finkelstein, and his analytical approach to understanding US social awareness by “The Democrats” and how they used the means of destroying a supposedly large mass of white employed workers.

    NO, Norman, long, long BEFORE present day Dems, in the early 60s, 70s, 80s and onward, millions of Americans list their jobs and their stature. America had been a huge Industrial Nation, but after WWII, the financiers and those on Wall Street determined their profits would grow exponentially via the dumping of millions of US jobs.

    This was further aided and abetted by the massive shift of Neo-Liberalism under Reagan/Thatcher who were in fervent agreement to destroy multiple millions of jobs both in the US and the US. That WAS the dawn of “Neo-liberalism” for the Wealthy few.

    By the time the present-day Dems claimed power, that party had been long ago taken over by the Super Wealthy on Wall Street, The Big New York Banks, etc. etc.

    IF, we are going to analyze a large Subject Matter, it’s always best to scrutinize EVERY aspect of that shift, enabling us to correctly scrutinize such a large topic.

    • Replies: @WingsofaDove
  82. anonymous[303] • Disclaimer says:

    Paki Gool was a big fraud and criminal, just like the rest of his godforsaken creed … Jews are bad but Muslims are the pits.

    • LOL: Gvaltar
  83. @Yukon Jack

    “…. Israel should be bombed off the map for doing 911.”


    You ain’t let’n the MAGGOTS scurry off to someplace else.


    And 911 is just ONE of many crimes these MAGGOTS have committed against this country.

    – “Federal Reserve Act”
    – “IRS”
    – “Income Tax”
    – WW1
    – WW2
    – JFK Asassination (?)
    – RFK Asassination (?)
    – COUNTLESS STOLEN TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS with untold BAILOUTS to every TOO BIG TO JAIL bankster (around the freak’n world)
    – INSIDER TRADING and the FINANCIAL RAPE of the goyim (and I include the average “jew” moron among them)
    -Incessant PSY OPS in the MSM
    -Pre-Meditated manipulation of the “elected representatives” with FED BUCKS to BRIBE, THREATEN, BLACKMAIL these imbeciles into going along with EVERY SINGLE SHYSTER SCHEME to hand them OUR ENTIRE COUNTRY ON A SILVER PLATTER.

    I could go on, but I hope you get the idea.

    • Replies: @Yukon Jack
  84. HVMII says:

    I went through most of these comments, and find it strange that no one mentioned that Chomsky teaches coding at MIT for the CIA.

    His side job is criticizing the USA .

    Or is it?

    If any of you have ever read the Ugly American, you would know that on the surface, the book was a critique of U.S. policy in Vietnam. Yet at the same time, the book could be interpreted as advice on how to handle Vietnam and why the U.S. should go deeper into Vietnam.

    Chomsky is the dialectic for the CIA.

    • Replies: @HVMII
  85. Anon[203] • Disclaimer says:

    Mossad’s execution of 9-11 should have been a wake up call.
    You guys subscribed to the phony WMD and coyote planes dissapearing into the babylonian twin towers whilst your intuition should have kicked in and told you something is not right.
    9-11 should have been the litmus test for truth but you conveniently ignored it. You looked the other way due to cognitive dissonance.
    You followed Bush’s order to go on a spending spree with more credit card debt jacked up with high interest to feed the satanic cabal instead.
    With all these bogus wars on terror and non-ending hoaxes you have unwittingly supported the Zionist Satanic push for one world disorder.
    At this point, all you can do is repent for your sins and start fighting back the criminal enterprize who are in charge of orchestrating all these bogus war on terror, creating these monstrous, diabolical, sinister ISISraHELL with the help of al-CIA-da and MOSSAD.
    Alternate would be to sit back and enjoy bigger fireworks than 9-11 coming near you whilst they prepare greater IzraHELL for the coming of their Yahweh, The Anti-Christ dajjal who will globalize his reign of terror from Jerusalem.
    Either way buckle up for a roller coaster ride with some of these demonic, totally psychopathic, diabolical, sinister, pathological liars and corrupters of mother earth. You reap what you sow.

    There is a lie. Then there is a BIG LIE. Then there is 911. Santa Claus is beyond a LIE. Tel LIE vised 911 EvangeLIED are being taken for a ride by way of Deception to think Jesus Christ died for their Evils. Everyone shall have to account for deeds, either good or evil to enter Paradise or eternal abode in Hell fire.

    The infuriating thing about 9/11 and the multitude of lesser false flags which both preceded and followed it is that, although most Americans know it was as phoney as a three and a half dollar fed reserve note, everyone seems content to put up with the extremely phoney “war on terror” it was designed to create and which has already destroyed a hand full of countries in the world, caused the murder of upwards of two million people, mostly using U.S. military, and turned the U.S. into a ruthlessly insane police state wherein everyone is made to obey patently unlawful statutes in the name of “emergency” while the ruling elite has quit obeying any laws at all while gathering a massive military presence to cow the now restless and resentful public. – See more at:Christopher Bollyn: The Man Who Solved 9/11

  86. Excellent article, and I really like your writing style, Kevin! My take is that Chomsky is too smart not to know about 9/11, JFK assassination, etc. It is anyone’s guess why he is duplicitous. My guess is that he wants to live. But the price to his soul for being deceptive? Again, anyone’s guess.

  87. Would anyone know why Jesus was crucified?

  88. MarLuc7 says:

    Interesting video. Who claimed it? Who filmed it? Where did it come from??

    • Replies: @Agent76
  89. Today, the national security state says it can kill anybody, anywhere, American citizen or no, for any reason, with no due process whatsoever.

    In 1996, I pointed out to a friend that it has the ability to make anyone appear to be anything, anywhere, any time, for any reason, or for no reason.

  90. @Sir Gagalot

    Here is another one for your list:

    AIPAC Israeli Economic Espionage Against US Hits $366 Billion

  91. @Vagrant Rightist

    You misspelled your description of Zelikow. It’s an upper case “J” not a lower case “n”. Oh, and the adjective “bad” is a redundancy.

  92. @Carlton Meyer

    In relation to another commenter who claimed a cruise missile hit the Pentagon on 9/11, you wrote:

    That is the best theory as it explains the lack of bodies, lack of seats, lack of luggage and lack of aircraft sections at the crash site.

    In fact, it is NOT the best theory. That’s because we know this (refer to article in the link below):

    A Raytheon owned Douglas A-3 Skywarrior impacted with the west wall of the Pentagon on 9/11.
    Now, as many of you are already aware, AA77 (the alleged Boeing 757 that the official USG narrative claims impacted with the Pentagon), could not possibly have punctured those nice round holes through the C, D and E rings of the Pentagon.
    So, you might be thinking to yourself, HOW did a much lighter/smaller A-3 Skywarrior do that if a 757 could not ?

    Answer: IT DIDN’T.

    The Skywarrior fired a Bunker Buster Air-to-ground missile (possibly an AGM-65 maverick) a fraction of a second before impacting with the west wall of the building.
    The A-3 then flew into the cavity that the missile had created, hence the reason that large sections of the plane were recovered (without catastrophic disintegration – as would be the case if it had impacted with the wall) in the debris of the building.
    These fuselage pieces could be positively identified as being from an A-3 (refer to this photo below, showing two planar fuselage sections, one of which has a telltale re-fueling line along its horizontal length):

    Obviously, said photo was not officially released for public consumption and you proles reading this were not supposed to see it either.

    From the article in the link I posted above:

    That A-3 was reportedly modified at a private airfield in Loveland, Colorado, using different crews to do different retrofits, e.g. avionics, weapons, remote-control, transponder beacon, etc.

    It had been purchased as part of a fleet of A-3s now owned by Raytheon, a major DOD contractor.

    In relation to the Raytheon employees that would have worked on the A-3 Skywarriors in Colorado and would have been able to divulge information that would have blown the case wide open had they decided to go the whistleblower route, obviously they were a liability and could not be allowed to live.
    Watch the few seconds from 5:05 – 5:30 in the video in the link below sourced from the Corbett Report, to see what happened to those Raytheon employees:

    In fact, the whole 14 minute video in the link above is a MUST WATCH if you’re serious about learning how the REAL planes with REAL passengers and crew (AA11, UA175, AA77 etc), were electronically commandeered on 9/11 and landed elsewhere.

    In their place, 767 drone aircraft were remotely flown and impacted with the WTC towers, while an A-3 Skywarrior was employed in the Pentagon strike.

    All you obfuscators claiming no planes struck the WTC towers on 9/11, please focus on this 41 sec video below:

    As you can see, that was a REAL PLANE – no CGI employed here.
    And those people witnessing it reacted in REAL TIME with shock and horror.

    The fact is, many New Yorkers did not see the impact of the first plane with the Nth tower.
    BUT, after the Nth tower was hit and was belching smoke in the immediate aftermath, EVERY MAN AND HIS DOG WHO WAS IN A POSITION TO SEE THE BURNING NTH TOWER WAS WATCHING SKYWARD AND SAW the 767 drone that then impacted with the Sth tower.

    There would have been a minimum of many TENS OF THOUSANDS of people that would have seen the impact.
    Obviously those who were working and/or were in buildings that faced away from the WTC complex or were obscured from seeing it by other tall buildings, were not in a position to see the impact with their own eyes.

    But those New Yorkers that had a day off from work/had an unobstructed view/tourists and business people from out of state that had the morning off etc, were all in a position to see the impacting 767 drone(s).

    Getting back to the link for the article I posted earlier in this comment, and confirming that there was indeed a ‘flyover’ of a genuine 757 over the Pentagon on 9/11:

    The Boeing 757 seen by many eyewitnesses was timed to fly over the Pentagon at precisely the moment of the A-3’s impact.
    It landed at National, into the waiting arms of 94 ground crew who had infiltrated Dulles and National airports.

    The A-3 Skywarrior is like few planes you’ll ever encounter, in that it had a ‘rectangular fuselage’ cross section. (Refer to the photo below):

    Said rectangular fuselage components are visible in the photo I posted earlier in this comment.

    • Replies: @Odd Rabbit
  93. In relation to my last comment above featuring the 41 sec video of the REAL plane striking the South tower of the WTC on 9/11, here is the full 8 min sequence from which that excerpt was taken from:

    As you will hear from the people in the video that witnessed the impact:

    Around 2:45 – ‘It was a United airplane that crashed right into it’.
    Around 2:50 – ‘He did it on purpose’.
    Around 3:35 – ‘That was the SECOND plane that did that’. (Which implies that this guy also saw the FIRST plane that struck the Nth tower).
    Around 5:20 – ‘This one’s flying too low man’.

    So please, PLEASE all you ‘No Planes Nutters’ (NPN’s), quit with the B.S about no planes being used on 9/11 and that it was all done with CGI.

    The two leading (and impeccably honourable) researchers in the world on the 9/11 False Flag (Christopher Bollyn and USMC Lt-Col (ret) Field McConnell), state emphatically that REAL PLANES were used on 9/11 to impact with the WTC towers AND that they were remotely guided 767 drones.

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  94. @Rubicon

    Why didn’t Finkelstein and Maté talk about Jewish Identity Politics, in your opinion?

  95. @Truth Vigilante

    Not necessarily. The guy could have been repeating what he was told, or could be a plant, part of the staged play. I’m not saying it’s not possible to crash drones before later activating the pre-prepared demolition to give some credence to the official story agreed upon by the plotters. Then we have the question: were the planes full of passengers or empty? And also were the twin towers empty or were there real people falling out of the buildings – was that also fake CGI? I suppose everything has been question already ad infinitum but who to believe? Of course the official report is the least believable.

    It’s hard to keep track of what others have said. Does Iris, who has extensively researched this event, believe there were planes or not?

    • Replies: @Truth Vigilante
  96. @Truth Vigilante

    “–In fact, the whole 14 minute video in the link above is a MUST WATCH if you’re serious about learning how the REAL planes with REAL passengers and crew (AA11, UA175, AA77 etc), were electronically commandeered on 9/11 and landed elsewhere.–”
    It’s easy to believe.
    But can yo tell us where the real planes landed and what was the destiny of the passengers.

    • Replies: @Truth Vigilante
  97. @Rurik

    “–ZOG / PNAC get their wars against Israel’s well-earned enemies in the Middle East, fought by Americans and other goyim, while the people responsible for 9/11 laugh all the way to the bank.–”
    Yes, they get their wars …and this war against Russia belongs to their plan too.
    I want to repeat that once again Ron Unz shows his greatness by providing a site for truth seekers to discuss and seek the truth, and by being able to participate in it himself.

    • Replies: @Rurik
  98. Squidgie says:

    I spent years driving around the “boneyard” at Davis-Montham in Tucson in the late 80s. There were nearly NO commercial aircraft there and certainly no large passenger jets that were ready to go or could plausibly be returned to service in a condition that would satisfy a Western flying public. I would be interested in the foundation for this.

  99. Sparkon says:

    This is a GIF I picked up many years ago.

    Fake GIF, that is.

    I’ve thoroughly debunked your cheesy fake video in previous comments at UR, but here you are again with it…

    Note the video posted by Agent76 in his comment #124 in the linked discussion. If that’s what you’re talking about, I’ve already determined that GIF is heavily doctored and is obviously a fake, i.e does not represent or depict events from 9/11.

    The helicopter vantage point should be the first clue this GIF is not from Sept. 11, 2001.

    Somebody has flopped the original YouTube video, and removed the graphics from the bottom of it, presumably to conceal that it wasn’t from 9/11/2001, but the time stamps show the object appears to be moving far too slowly to be a missile.

    I see something moving along the ground and crashing into a barrier. I suppose it was a test with a vehicle containing explosives. No missile I know of runs along the ground.

    Finally, the object does not enter the video from the right edge of the frame, as we would expect if it were a missile.

    Presenting false or fake evidence that previously was thoroughly debunked is an effective way of making yourself look like a disinfo agent.

    If there really had been a missile at the Pentagon, there would be no need for people putting up these crude and obviously fake videos that have even less credibility than Bush’s fake Niger Yellowcake documents.

  100. Iva says:

    Chomsky will always protect Mossad . I lost respect for Chomsky after his comment about people who don’t accept covid shuts.

  101. Rurik says:
    @Odd Rabbit

    Agree, and thanks for your kind words, Odd Rabbit

  102. @Political Science 101

    The very term “political science” is a full oxymoron. Only morons believe in “Political Science”. It is an overarching term in an attempt by academicists to get on the newest god in the latter part of the 19th Century: “SCIENCE”, the new All-Holy.

    There does exist an ART of politics, extending from Machievelli into the far-distant future. But by definition, an art of whatever type is NOT a science.

    By employing such an oxymoron as a screen-name, no less, this poster exposed his utter ignorance.

    • Replies: @Political Science 101
  103. @Sparkon

    Sparkon: By “debunking” that video, you obligate yourself to please explain just what it was that hit that particular section of the Pentagon. Obviously, it was no airliner. So take it from there.

    • Replies: @Sparkon
  104. Agent76 says:
    @Carlton Meyer

    Thanks for being engaging. Here is a whole website dedicated to truth for insight Meyer.

    9/11 Community Hub

    Richard Gage, AIA, Architect Mission: With your help we will continue to educate the design & technical professionals, Congress, the media, and the public about the truth of the explosive destruction of the 3 World Trade Center Skyscrapers on 9/11, and to obtain a world-awakening unimpeachable investigation!

  105. Agent76 says:

    I have no idea who captured this, but false terror has alway been used by rulers for centuries.

    September 10, 2021 The Bin Ladens and the Bushes: On 9/11 George Herbert W. Bush Meets Osama’s Brother Shafiq bin Laden

    Lest we forget, one day before the 9/11 attacks [as well as on the morning of 9/11, the dad of the sitting President of the United States of America, George Herbert Walker Bush was meeting none other than Shafiq bin Laden, the brother of the alleged terror mastermind Osama bin Laden.

    September 11, 2013 9/11 Debunked in Under 5 Minutes

  106. Agent76 says:

    I just have an open mind and share information away from the CIA media and coup!

    Oct 7, 2022 21 Years of the Global War on Terror

    December 3, 2018 The Bin Ladens and the Bushes: On 9/11 George Herbert W. Bush Meets Osama’s Brother Shafiq bin Laden

    Lest we forget, one day before the 9/11attacks [as well as on the morning of 9/11, the dad of the sitting President of the United States of America, George Herbert Walker Bush was meeting none other than Shafiq bin Laden, the brother of the alleged terror mastermind Osama bin Laden.

  107. Chomsky is now known as a “gatekeeper” and “limited hangout’ ,as Wikispooks observes “Chomsky refuses to address the reality of deep state politics” and Chomsky has stated”Even if it were true
    [that 9/11 was an inside job]…it doesn’t have any significance” Chomsky has also the same reaction to the Kennedy assassination being proven to be an action by the deep chomsky.

  108. Sparkon says:
    @emerging majority

    No. Any obligation for explanation falls on the party posting obviously false and previously debunked videos.

    If you energize yourself to read the entire but not lengthy discussion I had with “Roatan Bill,” the wannabe 3rd Lieutenant, you’ll find I’ve already provided a succinct synopsis of what happened at the Pentagon:

    The Pentagon was not “taken out” at all, let alone by a missile. Rather, the building was damaged by a bomb that exploded near April Gallop’s office at about the same time a large jet overflew the building.

    That’s why Dick Cheney bellowed “Of course the orders still stand!” as the plane approached the Pentagon, simply because he didn’t want to shoot down his own airplane. That would have spoiled everything.

  109. @Commentator Mike

    Then we have the question: were the planes full of passengers or empty?

    The real planes that allegedly struck the WTC towers/Pentagon (AA11, UA175, AA77) were electronically commandeered by the Boeing Uninterruptible Auto Pilot (BUAP) and landed safely at some discreet venue (perhaps at military bases where their landing was closely guarded and not disclosed to the general public).

    Of course we’ve never heard from the passengers and crew meanwhile, so it’s a safe bet that they were all killed.

    We do have the following message (1 min audio) that was left on her husband’s answering machine (he was in the shower when she called),when flight attendant Cee Cee Lyles (from UA93) called home:

    If you listen carefully to the end, Cee Cee Lyles has the presence of mind to say: ‘It’s a frame’.
    In other words, she’s trying to alert her husband that this is a ‘set up’ (ie: being ‘framed’) and that’s she’s not in the air on a plane that is being hijacked.

    This call was NOT made from an airphone, because her husband said that the caller ID from her mobile phone was displayed on the answering machine. (Calls made from a plane’s airphone do NOT show the caller ID of someone’s personal mobile phone).
    In other words, the call was made by the private mobile phone of Cee Cee Lyles.
    However, in 2001 (with the technology then existing), it was NOT possible to make and maintain a mobile phone conversation at altitude from a fast moving plane.

    The reason the phone call got through was because Cee Cee Lyles was calling FROM THE GROUND.
    The plane she was in had already been electronically commandeered and landed, and she was reading FROM A SCRIPT handed to her by her captors, saying that she was on the plane and it had been hijacked.

    On the day of 9/11, the real planes were commandeered and diverted, they were then SUBSTITUTED mid flight by the drone 767’s (in the case of the planes that struck the WTC).
    As the substitution was made, the real planes had their transponders turned off and the drones simultaneously switched their transponders on that gave the SAME SIGNAL as the real planes.

    In other words, as far as the Air Traffic Controllers were concerned, there was a SEAMLESS TRANSITION and they were none the wiser that the planes had been switched.

    The drones were remotely controlled and needless to say had no one on board.
    Said drones were likely stripped down of all interior fittings that weigh many tonnes (ie: no lavatories, no galleys that store meals/serve beverages, no cargo hold fittings, no endless rows of seating for passengers etc.
    More than likely they had more powerful engines.

    Simply Put: A lightweight/more powerful engine equipped 767 drone would have an infinitely better power-to-weight ratio than a commercial garden variety 767, and would thus have much improved flight envelope parameters (more manoeuvrable, faster accelerating, able to sustain higher speed at lower altitudes, able to sustain high G loads, etc).

    You also asked this question:

    Does Iris, who has extensively researched this event, believe there were planes or not?

    Unfortunately, Iris subscribes to the easily disprovable ‘No Planes used on 9/11’ theory.
    Evidently he/she is not as extensively researched as you’ve been led to believe on the 9/11 False Flag.

    • Agree: Rurik
  110. @Odd Rabbit

    But can you tell us where the real planes landed and what was the destiny of the passengers.

    I don’t know with any degree of certainty where the real planes landed.
    There were reports of them lending at certain airports and I have posted links relating to that (and countless other matters relating to the 9/11 False Flag) in the following UR article from last year:

    Scroll down to the comments section and sift through the ones I’ve posted (there are a hell of lot of them so this will keep you busy for the next few weeks).

    BTW ‘Commentator Mike’, if you’re reading this, I suggest you do likewise and read the comments I posted in that article in the link above.
    This will put to rest once and for all the notion that ‘No Planes were used’ in the WTC/Pentagon attacks and that CGI was employed or some such photoshopping sleight-of-hand was utilised.

    As an aside, be prepared to read some pretty toxic comments from the NPN’s (No Planes Nutters).

    They became apoplectic as I refuted one flimsy theory of theirs after another relating to the preposterous ‘No Planes Theory’.
    Unable to convince people of the merit of their theory by force of argument, they resorted to all manner of smearing and name calling – the typical last resort of the intellectually bankrupt.

    When referencing that article from last year, you’ll notice the input of two other commentators (Rurik and old Philosopher), individuals of the utmost integrity.
    I suggest you read their commentary also because it was, more often than not, far more insightful than anything I had to say.

    • Replies: @TruthSeeker88
  111. HVMII says:

    When I say dialectic, I mean the antithesis to their thesis.

    Also when I say he teaches coding for the CIA, what I mean is that many of his students work for the CIA/NSA.

  112. After 9/11, the US should gone into Israel than into Afghanistan.

    I reckon plenty of people in US government suspected Zion had something to do with it and that the US was being misdirected into attacking countries hated by Israel.

    But either out of fear of Jews or delusion of gaining Jewish favor, they just went along.

    Appeasing pathology doesn’t work.

    Bush II and Cheney gave the Jews everything, but when Iraq went south(along with Wall Street under de-regulation), Jews just went with Obama, their next tool.

    • Replies: @JohnnyWalker123
  113. @Carlton Meyer

    The towers were empty of anybody important any corporate, some plebes and workers were left.
    All the lift engineers bailed, they did not stay to evacuate anybody (their job).

  114. @Curmudgeon

    Just by looking at the blueprints of the towers you would know that they had an “iron core” in the center of the structure, there’s no way a plane did that amount of damage. Some people say that they blew up the towers with conventional explosives, however I disagree, you need something like thermite to melt the iron core of the structure in order to provoke an explosion like we saw on TV.

  115. @Truth Vigilante

    Sooo… The planes were the main reason why the towers collapsed or they also used some kind of explosives, such as thermite, to melt the towers? How do you explain WTC -7 then?

    • Replies: @Truth Vigilante
  116. @TruthSeeker88

    Sooo… The planes were the main reason why the towers collapsed …

    Are you serious ? If I threw a ping pong ball at you (even if it was on fire), would you collapse ?

    You have much to learn grasshopper. Scroll up to my comment # 114 where I’ve posted a link to a UR article from last year titled ‘The 9/11 Double Cross Conspiracy’.

    Scroll through the comments section in that article and read what I’ve posted (and that which Rurik and Old Philosopher posted as well).
    Your understanding of what happened on 9/11 will increase many fold.

    Now, there is no question that thermite and thermate residue was found in the dust of Ground Zero so they were utilised to some extent. I don’t discount the possibility that perhaps even some conventional explosives (eg: RDX, PETN), were used on the margin.

    But the WTC towers, for the most part, we brought down with mini nukes* (perhaps of the order of 0.1 kT – 0.5kT per floor).

    (*Mini-nukes is another way of saying ‘Tactical Nukes’, which have been around since the 1950’s – so hardly some new fangled technology that no one has ever heard of).

    I suggest you read the following book by Prof. Emeritus Jim Fetzer and Mike Palecek and observe the overwhelming evidence that nukes were used to bring down the towers:

    Meanwhile, in relation Building 7, this was brought down in the garden variety manner using conventional explosives as in all regular controlled demolitions.

    Seeing as you brought up Building 7, it’s time for a sing-a-long (4 min video):

    • Thanks: Rurik
  117. Sparkon says:

    I‘ve commented about CeeCee Lyles in earlier posts at UR, so I’m not going to waste much time going over it all again, but I do recommend reading all of my many comments in the linked discussion, while skimming over, or skipping entirely, the multitude of lengthy posts from the usual suspects, especially the so-called “Truth Vigilante,” who is on record making false accusations against me in several of his posts here at UR, thus exposing himself as a shameless liar.

    Presenting false evidence or making false accusations are not the methods of men of good will, nor of truth seekers, neither one, but those are effective ways of shooting yourself in the foot, if not elsewhere.

    More to the point, I’ve listened to that recording of CeeCee Lyles numerous times, and it is not at all clear what she (or someone) whispers at the end. Now I hear:

    “It’s the same…”

    Meanwhile, neither of the possible meanings of the expression “it’s a frame” makes any sense in the context of CeeCee Lyles’ voice message, but that won’t stop excitable types from running far and loose with what is likely a figment of their imagination, or bad hearing, to support their conjecture.

    “But I do recommend reading all of my comments in the discussion I’ve linked in my opening paragraph.

    Please tell my children that I love them very much…And I’m so sorry, babe…I hope to be able to see your face again baby…I love you. Goodbye.

    — CeeCee Lyles

    That sounds to me like someone about to “take a powder.”

    • Replies: @Truth Vigilante
  118. Chomsky isn’t wrong. He’s lying.
    Either way he has no credibility.

  119. @JohnnyWalker123

    Just a lot of rubbish. Jews control everything but still kvetch like they’re the biggest victims.

    Btw, undergraduate studies don’t really count. Many lesser-minds accepted into elite colleges don’t make it to elite masters and Ph.D. programs which take in quality graduates of ‘lesser’ colleges.

    I know plenty of kids who went to state colleges for undergraduate but went to elite colleges for masters or Ph.D.

    Also, Ivy League counts as Jews only those who are RELIGIOUSLY Jewish.

    And even if Jews lose out in the managerial class, they still got the advantage in the ruling class.
    After all, after the fall of WASPS, there have been plenty of wasps at the managerial level in politics, business, and etc. But they don’t make the Big Decisions. Only those on the top do, and I don’t see how it’s gonna change much as Jews hold the purse strings and own the media. Notice how the media now have lots of ‘diversity’, but they all push the Ukraine narrative. Why? Cuz Jews tell them what to say.

    Btw, why should we FEEL for Jews who feel NOTHING for us?

  120. @Political Science 101

    Political “Science”. You don’t know shit from shinola. Over-misedumacated idiot.

  121. @Sparkon

    Sparkie writes:

    I’ve listened to that recording of CeeCee Lyles numerous times ….. Now I hear:

    “It’s the same…”

    Well UR readers, scroll up to comment # 113 and listen to the last 10-15 seconds of the voice recording of Cee Cee Lyles.
    Do you hear ‘It’s a Frame’ or ‘It’s the same’ ?

    (NOTE: The 1 min video sequence containing the audio recording of the voice of Cee Cee Lyles came from the brilliant documentary ‘September 11: The New Pearl Harbour’.
    The producers of that film have analysed what Cee Cee Lyles whispered at the end and confirmed the words ‘It’s a frame’.
    And that fits in with the distraught tone of her voice at the end when she says ‘I hope to be able to see your face again baby’ – obviously suspecting that something bad was going to happen to her.

    In the context of what she had previously said in that message, the words ‘It’s the same’ make no sense whatsoever.
    Only a compulsive mask wearer during the Covid Psyop, someone who only tolerated other masked up morons around him over these past few years, and thus got used to hearing mumbled speech, would interpret Cee Cee Lyles that way).

    Bottom Line: Sparkie accuses me of being a shameless liar.
    And I don’t disagree that, between the two of us, one of us is indeed a shameless liar*.

    (*Hint: Compulsive mask wearers during the Covid Psyop are not known for their honesty or for having the courage to admit they were wrong about their insistence that mask wearing was beneficial, nor for showing contrition over their decision to take the toxic clot shots).
    Sparkie, by his own admission, always wore a face mask when:

    1) Driving alone in his car
    2) When showering or brushing his teeth
    3) When sleeping and/or fornicating.

    And as it turns out, all the virtue signalling was for nothing. We (the vaxx and mask hesitant) have known this for a long time (because we looked into the actual science behind mask wearing and saw that there was NO benefit whatsoever, accompanied by a ton of downside).

    Now, even the so-called experts that were advocating for the masks have admitted that, not just the ordinary surgical masks, but he N95 masks as well, were WORTHLESS.

    The highly respected and internationally acclaimed Dr John Campbell now admits what the vaxx sceptics have known from Day One:

    Meanwhile, some UR readers have advised me that they suspect Sparkie is likely to be one of the two busy-bodies/Covid cowards featured in the 3 min video below:

    • Replies: @Sparkon
  122. Sparkon says:
    @Truth Vigilante

    Sparkie, by his own admission, always wore a face mask when:

    1) Driving alone in his car
    2) When showering or brushing his teeth
    3) When sleeping and/or fornicating.

    You’re still a lying sack of shit.

  123. @Anonymous

    Actually al-Haqq (Truth, Reality) is one of the 99 names of Allah, so jihad fi sabil il-haqq (truth jihad) is a form of “struggle for the sake of God.”

  124. FoSquare says:

    This arbitrage gain taking took place at the Bosporus crossing where Constantine eventually moved Rome, where Istanbul is now.

    The historian Brooks Adams (great-grandson of John Adams) characterized the city Constantinople/Byzantium ca 330 AD as “a horde of Roman capitalists washed to the confines of Asia by the current of foreign exchanges.”

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