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WEF Withdraws "Eat Bugs" Edict
Recommends Synthetic Insects Instead
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Matthew Ehret and I covered 30 stories on this week’s False Flag Weekly News. Fortunately, the one below did not make the list.

If you appreciate the way FFWN combs through each week’s news stories in hopes of separating fact from fiction, absurd reality from barely-more-absurd parody, then by all means contribute to this week’s Fundrazr.

-Kevin Barrett

WEF Withdraws “Eat Bugs” Edict

Recommends Synthetic Insects Instead

The World Economic Forum has withdrawn its demand that people start eating bugs.

Klaus Schlob, chair of the WEF’s Dietary Dystopias Committee, called a press conference in Davos yesterday to formally repudiate an earlier WEF communiqué headlined “You Will Eat Bugs and Be Happy.” That document had argued that traditional sources of protein such as meat, dairy, eggs, fish, beans, and nuts are unsustainable and should be abandoned in favor of insect-based protein alternatives including MaggotMeat(TM), cockroach chips, spider spaghetti, lice cream, anty pasto, and other tasty bits of “grub.”

“The trouble with real insects,” Schlob explained, “is that they’re just too ‘natural.’ The whole point of the Great Reset is to force human beings to transcend the natural world by becoming entirely unnatural. That’s why we advocate for such unnatural behaviors as eating unnatural foods, unleashing unnatural viruses, injecting ourselves with unnatural MRNA concoctions, and—my personal favorite—committing unnatural acts with the most unnatural people I can find.”

Instead of naturally-occurring insects, Schlob insisted, people should eat synthetic bugs. “We now have the technology to create artificial life in the form of robot insects that devour all sources of energy they can wrap their greedy little e-mandibles around,” Schlob explained. “Turn them loose and they’ll gobble up the plants, the grass, the trees, the animals…pretty much anything that can be converted to energy fueling the production of even more robot insects. Think how abundant they will be! Think how many of them there will be to eat! We will never run out of them! It’s the ultimate in sustainability! Best of all, after they ingest the entire natural world and fly off into space looking for more worlds to devour, we will be left with a nice, clean, 100% artificial planet without any messy natural anything to stand in the way of our mad dream of transcendence through technology. So…unleash the robot insects!”

(Republished from Substack by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Economics, Ideology • Tags: Globalism, Klaus Schwab, Poverty 
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  1. Smarby says:

    Do you want people to take you seriously or not? Your headlines seem serious and interesting, but every time I give your content a chance, I’m immediately turned off by the lack of any sense of professionalism. Klaus Schlob? Lice cream and anty pasto? Are you trying to tell people the truth or make an alt-media joke book for kids?

    • Replies: @Kevin Barrett
    , @Biff
  2. Wait, I didn’t even get a chance to see you try it, Klowsss! Just like the vax, you first, and I’ll get back to you in 50 years, Klowsss.

  3. @Smarby

    You’re the guy whose great-great-great-great-great grandfather thought Swift really wanted to eat Irish babies. And then scowled when he finally got the joke.

    • Troll: al gore rhythms
    • Replies: @Prince Saradine
  4. ko says:

    Now, can Klausi can get Mohammeds to eat pork? What a triumph that would be.

    • LOL: Psychotic Break
  5. Anon[271] • Disclaimer says:

    A study linked by either or noted that insects like blood worms and crickets had very high parasite loads in them. I know that John the Babtist and Elijah ate locusts, but these men were prophets, and made of much sterner stuff than us common folk. Beans + rice, green peas, peanuts+milk are examples of protein sources that have all 9 amino acids that can spur bone density and muscle retention that are at least half vegetarian. Soy has a lot of phytosterols and inhibits uptake of b-vitamins, not really healthful for men in particular. Nuts and seeds have protein, but often don’t have all 9 amino acids and must be combined with rice or dairy to achieve that. A few beans are complete proteins. Asparagus believe it or not, has a bit of protein, about half of what green peas do.

    Jesus fed the masses with fish and bread, so there is you OK from the Lord himself to eat fish. You need some protein to grow to your full height and maintain muscle.

  6. So now they want us to eat artificial cockroaches. They are afraid the roach population will be reduced too much if we eat the real ones. It should be shouted from the rooftops everywhere that the mainstay of the menu after the great reset will be cockroaches, soylent green, and textured dogshit. They’ve already mentioned cannibalism in the New York Times, and if you look at the fake meat on sale it looks and acts like textured dogshit.

  7. anon[116] • Disclaimer says:

    No fakes. Only real roaches for Gates and Schlob.

  8. Biff says:

    Do you want people to take you seriously or not?

    Does Klause Schlob want people to take him seriously with his ridiculous plan for the peasants; to have grown adults radically change their diets to fit his demented “New Normal”? Who’s telling the bigger joke?

    • Agree: loner feral cat
  9. @Kevin Barrett

    Maybe he’d like Info-parody better (though I doubt it), such as this one
    on transgenderism and “transprofessionalism.” Either way, as long as you’re on the topic of skewering WEF-driven, nature-defying madness, mind if I get your appraisal of it, Kevin?

    • Replies: @Kevin Barrett
  10. Just saw a video of some American dude in Japan who does videos including getting food from vending machines and one items he got “for dessert” were fried “worms” that supposedly came from Thailand…didn’t particularly like the worms… I wonder if Schwab saw that video and then revised his “eat bugs” while owning nothing and being happy crapola… Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahah. (Sorry, will not post the link to the video or give out his name… it could be an embarassment for him.)

  11. @Prince Saradine

    It would be fun to stage an unauthorized performance in a crowded commons area of a university campus and see what transpires ; – )

    • Replies: @Prince Saradine
  12. They knew all along.

  13. @Kevin Barrett

    Oh, I’m sure it would bring down the house . . . right on top of my head! Back in my college days, I used to borderline do that-never quite going that far, and that was before woke madness went full-blown, but still-e.g.:

    *Ridiculed the smarmy organic, overpriced, save-the-planet cereals trend with a photoshopped brand called Jean-Jacques RoussOs. The cereal’s slogan was, “Man is born eating free, but everywhere there are culinary chains!” On the back was a workable crossword puzzle with words such as Emile, Sophie, Reason; a maze (“Hey, Kids! Help corrupt, civilized man navigate the perils of the city and find his way back to the noble savagery of the jungle.”); and a “Join the Cause” section: Join the Cause. For only five collars a month, you could become a proud member of the Adopt an Urbanite program. All money goes to helping inner-city orphans through relocation to the remote Kalahari Desert in southwestern, sub-Saharan Africa. There the child will be free of the contaminating elements of modern civilization. Immersed in the culture and lifestyle of a select tribe of bushmen (most notably the San people) and enjoying the pleasant life of the hunter-gatherer–living off the land by his wits and strength and spending his free time in such leisurely activities as weaving, tool making, storytelling, and grooming for lice–the child cannot but advance from a corrupt, civilized buffoon into a truly noble savage.

    The free “prize” inside was a shackle-shaped key chain with the words “Man is born free, but . . . well, you know” inscribed on it.

    *Dressed as a monk (carrying a plastic skull that I swore was the head of St. Jerome) and went around selling ‘dulgences” to make people you don’t like spend time in purgatory (only one dollar per year!). My jingle: “As soon as cash ‘cross my palm slaps, purgatory grips aforesaid saps!”

    *Dressed as a Kipling redux and asked people in a poem to “Take up the [my real first name]’s burden.” Sample lines:
    For glory’s never given
    But earned through prose and rhyme-
    Proof to your God and peers that
    You’ve way too much free time.

    Sometime after writing the transgenderism parody I decided to write a short essay on my odd style of “info-parody” and how it can help to get otherwise forbidden info to be accepted by the less zombie-like normies. I was hoping to have a site slightly less obscure publish the super-brief theory and the example together. Do you think, given the addition of the essay, that Ron Unz would let me post them together here? In nothing else, I’m 99% sure that, unlike with MSM-site denizens, most of the UR crowd would be far more entertained than offended by the humor.

  14. R2b says:

    You are NOT serious!
    Just quit.
    Nothing good comes out of you.
    If there was any, this garbage melts it down.

  15. Well that’s four minutes of my life I’m not getting back.

  16. N30rebel says:

    Bug off, Schlob! If you don’t tell us which wines pair best with crickets, grubs and spiders, you can shove your great reset.

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