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Philip Kraske on "The War in Ukraine Will End with a Bang — Soon"
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Did the neocons instigate the Ukraine war with the intention of creating a pretext for a nuclear first strike on Russia? Philip Kraske says yes! Read his article “The War in Ukraine Will End with a Bang — Soon.” Then listen to me push back against some of his claims…and decide for yourself.

Philip Kraske is the author six books including A Legacy of Chains (inspired by the true story of US prisoners left behind in Vietnam) and 11/9 and the Terrorist Who Loved Bonsai Trees. (Listen to his earlier Truth Jihad Radio interviews.)

(Republished from Substack by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Notsofast says:

    imo philip kraske should educate himself on modern russian defense systems before speaking on the subject.

  2. SafeNow says:

    A superb discussion at the level of policy calculations and logic and competence. But only finally, perfunctorily and obliquely, at 47:00, the real issue is mentioned: Jewish mental life. (and a few minutes before, Mr. Barrett mentioned “DNA”). Failure to frankly discuss Jewish thinking (which has become contagious and now extends beyond Jews) is like going to the Sistine Chapel and not looking up. They could have frankly elaborated upon the habits of thought, the philosophy, the very patterns of speech, that Jews are wired to be obsessed by. But they failed to. Understandable, unfortunately.

    • Replies: @Philip Kraske
  3. The trouble with the neocons is that they are clever, but they are not intelligent. Paul Craig Roberts is correct when he says they believe their own hubris. The neocons are adults, but their maturity level ossified at the age of 16. These people are stupid, which makes them dangerous.

    • Replies: @P. Cleburne
    , @Shamu
  4. Oddly true.

    Quaccine hesitancy is highest among the least educated and most intelligent.

    • Agree: Twodees Partain
  5. meamjojo says:

    Now read something from a more informed source.
    The West reaps multiple benefits from backing Ukraine against Russia
    By Taras Kuzio
    12 Jan 2023

    As it continues to fight against Russia’s ongoing invasion, Ukraine is often depicted as being heavily reliant on Western military and economic support. However, this relationship is not as one-sided as it might initially appear. Western backing has indeed been crucial in helping Ukraine defend itself, but the democratic world also reaps a wide range of benefits from supporting the Ukrainian war effort.

    Critics of Western support for Ukraine tend to view this aid through a one-dimensional lens. They see only costs and risks while ignoring a number of obvious advantages.

    The most important of these advantages are being won on the battlefield. In short, Ukraine is steadily destroying Russia’s military potential. This dramatically reduces the threat posed to NATO’s eastern flank. In time, it should allow the Western world to focus its attention on China.

    During the initial period of his presidency, Joe Biden is believed to have felt that the US should “park Russia” in order to concentrate on the far more serious foreign policy challenge posed by Beijing. Ukraine’s military success is now helping to remove this dilemma.

    • LOL: Notsofast
    • Replies: @Shamu
    , @Philip Kraske
    , @c matt
  6. @abbra cadaver

    The whole country is retarded. Perpetual adolescents.

    • Agree: brostoevsky
  7. This was an excellent conversation! The truth is that Russians and Jews mix like oil and water. Even in Moscow there’s a bubbling under the surface mild form of antisemitism. Many people are glad that many Jews left when this Special Military Operation began. The neoconservative Jews in DC have their fingerprints all over everything.

    • Replies: @Jimmm
  8. Shamu says:

    That indeed is the plan: ‘the west,’ which is the Anglo-Zionist empire run from DC and The City of London, intends to conquer both Russia and China and have true One World Government imposed on the globe. If that is your goal, your best plan is to try to wage proxy war against Russia for long enough to so weaken Russia that it cannot be much help when ‘The West’ then turns to total war against China.

    But the flaw is that slowly Russians leaders are realizing that they are no longer dealing with reasonable Americans as they did during the entire Cold War. Now they are dealing with megalomaniacs, which means that Russian leaders are realizing that the Anglo-Zionist Empire would plan and execute a nuclear war to try to cripple Russia permanently before Russia can respond. That means Russian leaders are now facing the fact that not only must they launch at least 100 nukes the second ‘The West’ launches 1, but that Russia perhaps must strike first, hitting not just a dozen or so major military sites but also places like DC, NYC, Hollywood, The City of London, Silicon Valley, Tel Aviv.

    The neocons are not just filled with hubris; They also are plain old fashioned evil. And they must be treated that way. Neocons will risk the planet in order to keep pushing to rule every inch of the planet.

    • Agree: brostoevsky
    • Replies: @Sick n' Tired
    , @meamjojo
  9. Shamu says:
    @abbra cadaver

    It is not about lack of maturity. It is about the utterly Satanic amorality of the Talmud that has escaped the ghetto and its synagogues and now aspires to enslave the planet, aligned inextricably with WASP love of empire upon which the sun never sets.

    Anglo-Zionist Empire. It is a partnership.

    • Replies: @Haxo Angmark
  10. (((WEF))) Privilege. Aristocratic Lives Matter.

  11. @meamjojo

    “In short, Ukraine is steadily destroying Russia’s military potential.”

    You can’t be serious. Russia hasn’t even brought its air force into the fight yet. Up to now, Russia has been fighting with one hand tied behind its back. And you’ve surely noticed that the war isn’t being fought in Russia, not even in Crimea.

    The Atlantic Council isn’t all that impartial, seems to me.

    • Replies: @meamjojo
    , @Lurker
  12. @SafeNow

    The business about Jews was Kevin’s theorizing, not mine.

    Let me make this clear. I am not Jewish — in fact I’m Episcopalian — but I hold no truck with any of the talk about world Jewish domination or, in this case, “Jewish thinking.” Israel dominating the U.S. for its own purposes, yes, of course, it’s obvious. And the Jewish lobby in America swings around far too much weight in Congress for the country’s good, no question. Philip Giraldi, whose work is courageous and insightful, is right to be on their backs.

    But to the rest of it, I say “bunk.” It is anti-semitic garbage.

  13. Wokechoke says:
    @Philip Kraske

    The Russians have tried every form of revolution and government. They are the biggest ethnic group in Europe. They are not going to “remove” Putin as they did the Czar Nicholas or the Chairman Gorbachev. What would be the point? Doing so would just hand English or America plotters a great deal of power to promote their own preferred leaders in Russia. The Russians are already clearly most at ease with a Security State professional with a JD and PhD being the boss.

    One thing that I picked up on about PMC Wagner is that it’s mostly CIA types like John Johnson who talk about the CEO of the organization on these discussion boards. It’s mostly western media that promote Prigorozhin, like the BBC or NYT. My suspicion is that Prigorozhin is being promoted as a victorious Jewish warlord in Donbas by the west hoping that he is successor to Putin. Prigorozhin ought to be very careful himself as generals in the Russian MoD will violently remove him from the chess board. The rise and rise of such chancers politically as well as financially is extraordinarily suspect, Phillip.

  14. c matt says:

    Obviously weakening Russia through protracted conflict in Ukraine is the goal.

    I do not see this playing out as the neocons believe. The US’s goals are obvious to both China and Russia, and the protracted war drains the US as well as Russia (even if not as much as Russia). So by the time the US pivots toward China, the US will also be weakened.

    • Replies: @meamjojo
  15. • Replies: @Wokechoke
  16. Wokechoke says:

    How can you look at BHL and not think there’s a very strong Jewish manipulation of this conflict?

  17. Cking says:

    Don’t you think the war in Ukraine is fought to benefit the Bigger Israel project?

    • Agree: inspector general
  18. @Shamu

    They’ll need to drop a bunch on New Zealand, globalists, career politicians, and tech billionaires have been buying up lots of property there and building compounds/bunkers for the last 20 years.

    • Replies: @Kratoklastes
  19. @Sick n' Tired

    They’ll need to drop a bunch on New Zealand [snip]

    Stop it with this nonsense that there’s a place called “New Zealand”. It’s an urban legend.

    It’s a made-up place – like Hogwarts or gotham City – invented by Tongans and Samoans so that they don’t get a massive influx of Yanks fucking up their islands.

    It’s designed to lure Yanks into the empty sea off Australia, where they will eventually run out of food and water, and die.

    Quite funny, when you think about it. The Tongans and Samoans even invented a pretend type of Polyneisan – Maori – that are (so the story goes) very racist towards Coconuts (Tongans and Samoans).

    Sneaky swine, them Coconuts.

    • LOL: brostoevsky
  20. meamjojo says:
    @Philip Kraske

    Russia’s air force is made up of planes held together with spit and gum. They CAN’T fly them reliably for long hours and they have no maintenance parts, as those came from the WEST and are sanctioned/embargoed.

    Once Crimea falls back into Ukraine hands, Putin better hope that Zelenski stops his advance at the Russian border.

    Try this on for size,
    ‘This is not a moment to slow down’: U.S. says Ukraine making new gains
    The battlefield advances come as nations pledge more arms for Kyiv ahead of a spring offensive.

    01/23/2023 03:06 PM EST

    Kyiv’s forces are taking ground around a strategic city in the eastern Luhansk region, a senior U.S. military official said Monday, ahead of what is expected to be a new Ukrainian counteroffensive to retake territory this spring.

    While the front lines in the fight remain largely static, as winter weather makes it difficult for tanks and armored vehicles to move quickly, the Pentagon is seeing Ukraine beginning to make progress. The strategic city, Kreminna, is seen as a gateway to Sievierodonetsk and Lysychansk, two key industrial centers in the Donbas region that Russia seized last summer.

    “What we’re seeing is Ukrainian counteroffensive operations, again, largely fluid in that area in terms of back and forth, making some incremental gains near Kreminna,” the official said, speaking on condition of anonymity to discuss sensitive military operations.

    • LOL: MarkU
    • Troll: Notsofast
    • Replies: @Wokechoke
  21. meamjojo says:

    USA nukes are in Europe countries already (Poland for instance). USA and NATO nukes are pointed at all critical locations in Russia. Should Russia single a nuke launch, most of their missiles (the ones that actually still work and can get off their launchpads) will be shot out of the sky. Sure, a few will find their target and radioactive ash will blanket the Earth but the damage to the west will be relatively mild compared to the complete decimation of Russia and all its population.

    Be careful what you wish for. It might just come to pass.

  22. meamjojo says:
    @c matt

    The amount the USA is spending to arm Ukraine is a pittance while the amount that Russia is spending to maintain its invasion is much greater. Remember, the USA spent something like $2 TRILLION on both Iraq and Afghanistan and our economy is still chugging along with the markets not far off all-time highs, despite the FED raising interest rates significantly over the past year.

    When Russia loses and quits, just as they did in Afghanistan, but unlike Afghanistan, they are going to be faced with significant reparations (possibly approaching $1 trillion) that will have to be paid to Ukraine, if Russia wants to have sanctions removed and be accepted back into the world order.

    As the old saying states “Payback is a bitch”.

    • Replies: @unzrocks
    , @Notsofast
  23. @Philip Kraske

    “But to the rest of it, I say “bunk.” It is anti-semitic garbage.”
    Interesting — you admit the basic facts of Israeli & Jewish power. However, given that where does “the rest of it”, the “bunk” begin & end?
    I’m also not in favor of “lumpen antisemitism ” but, except for the obvious crazies, it’s not so easy to I.D.

  24. @Philip Kraske

    It’s is not Judeophobic to suggest that ancient ethnic hatreds may be partly responsible for the Kagan family’s fanatical Russophobia, any more than it is anti-Catholic or anti-Polish to suggest the same thing about the Brzezinski family.

  25. unzrocks says:

    That all depends on how successful the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa), as well as other countries joining the de-dollarization bandwagon (Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Argentina, Indonesia, Thailand, Turkey, the central asian countries, etc.) .

    The reason why the US can spend trillions on war is strictly due to the US complete and total control of the world’s financial system.

    1) the US dollar being the global reserve currency
    2) the international payment system SWIFT completely controlled by US banking institutions
    3) the OIL sales being denominated in US dollars
    4) most international trade being done through SWIFT using US dollars

    Without 1-4 above, there’s absolutely no way the US can spend trillions on wars and weapons and have 800+ military bases around the world.

    The US has the exorbitant privilege of printing money and exp0rting / selling money to the rest of the world. Something Russia, China and the rest of the world do not enjoy.

    This is what the Phd Economist Michael Hudson states:

    Imagine that you could go to the store to buy groceries, eat out in restaurants, pay your rent, and buy automobiles and furniture simply by writing IOUs to the sellers. People cannot do this in practice, because nobody would accept their IOUs for long— unless they had legal recourse to seize the income and property of whomever has signed the promissory note, as banks do when they make loan agreements. But what if the grocery store or other businesses just accepted your IOU, and indeed paid their suppliers partly with it, circulating it like real money? That is the kind of free monetary ride that the United States enjoys in its foreign relations. Most of the excess dollars that its military and civilian economy spend abroad end up in foreign central banks. Foreign exporters receiving these dollars exchange them at their central banks for their own domestic currency to conduct their business. The central banks have no real recourse other than to recycle these dollars by purchasing U.S. Treasury IOUs. They are not permitted to use their dollar inflows to buy the commanding heights of the U.S. economy. OPEC countries, for instance, have been told that they can use their surplus dollars to buy into the U.S. stock market as junior partners, but not to buy any real control over vital U.S. assets. China likewise is blocked from buying important information technology companies. Every empire in history has drawn money and resources into itself from its dependencies. This power always has been backed by military force, and most of the tribute has been spent on this military force. America’s 750 foreign military bases around the world are in this tradition, requiring foreign financing, while its domestic military-industrial complex is the major drain on the domestic Treasury budget. What sustains this military power is U.S. control of the international financial system, giving it a free ride and enabling it to spend over $ 1 trillion annually to field military operations that would collapse the exchange rate of any other nation, and which indeed drove the dollar off gold in 1971. Despite its widening balance-of-payments deficit beginning with the Korean War in 1950 and accelerating with its subsequent military spending on the Vietnam War, U.S. diplomacy has been able to retain its financial domination over the world economy— no longer by its power as the world’s major creditor, but as its largest debtor. The dollars that the U.S. Government and private investors spend abroad to pay for America’s military and economic encirclement of the world pile up as monetary reserves in foreign central banks, whether countries want these dollars or not, and despite rising concern about the U.S. military adventurism that these dollar outflows finance.

    Michael Hudson. The Destiny of Civilization

    • Replies: @meamjojo
  26. meamjojo says:

    “The reason why the US can spend trillions on war is strictly due to the US complete and total control of the world’s financial system.”
    And that doesn’t look to change any time in the foreseeable future. So what’s your sides plan B?

    Russia is going to lose and they are going to have to pay for the damage they caused, probably out of future oil/gas revenues as that is one of the few assets that Russia can sell.

    • Troll: MarkU
  27. unzrocks says:

    What side? I have no side. I’m simply pointing out facts.

    How do you know the Russians are going to lose anyways? The Russians can simply pivot and start trading / selling / buying with the rest of the world (meaning 85% of the world’s population) and stick it to Europe/ USA / Japan (the collective west that only makes up 15% of the world).

    India and China and Indonesia, among others, can buy up all the oil / gas / fertilizers being re-routed their way. Russia does not need to trade with Europe at all when they have 85% of the world to trade with. It’s Europe and the USA that will suffer in the long run.

    The entire purpose of forming BRICS and other countries jumping on the bandwagon is to de-dollarize. Russia, China, and India already have set up alternative SWIFT payment system to by-pass trading in US dollar when it comes to import / export of oil and gas. Now it needs Saudi Arabia and OPEC to follow. And after oil and gas (other industries like toys, clothes, shoes, consumer electronics, etc). Basically, circumventing SWIFT and US dollar trades. It requires economy of scale (mass countries and industries moving away from the US dollar financial system). If and when it happens, then the US can no longer simply print money out of nothing. Hence, the US can no longer run huge trade deficits or sell US treasuries and if it were to print money and buy all of it for itself, simply cause hyper-inflation at home because it can no longer export / sell dollars throughout the world when the rest of the world doesn’t need or want US dollar anymore.

    The reason why the US wants proxy war with Russia and then the big one with China is to hold onto their dollar hegemony / global dominance. TO prevent this from fostering and becoming a success. That’s what a declining empire does, it will revert to war as the last resort to prevent any rival / competitor from rising up to sink their battleship.

    • Replies: @meamjojo
  28. Jimmm says:

    In Russia, “there’s [an] … under the surface mild form of antisemitism.”

    Prejudice isn’t good, but some degree of judeophobia is forgivable among Russians today. The horrendous damage caused in 1919 and 1991 by persons who were almost all jewish has to be acknowledged, and its implications considered.

    Russians strike me as being brave, but maybe too naive and kind-hearted for their own good!

    • Agree: Twodees Partain
  29. @Shamu

    no, it is not a “partnership”:

    Rothschild told Churchill what to do and not do,

    not the reverse. Same

    holds true today: Jews snap fingers,

    whites dance.

  30. Wokechoke says:

    All airforces are held together with string, wire, gum etc. Have you ever been close to a Jet?

  31. Notsofast says:

    dog-faced boy, who’s going to pay the interest on the +31.5 trillion dollar national debt. payback’s a bitch. you cannot possibly, be stupid enough to believe your own bullshit….but then again i don’t want to underestimate you.

    • LOL: Twodees Partain
    • Replies: @meamjojo
  32. Lurker says:
    @Philip Kraske

    You’ve confused (((meamjojo))) with someone worth responding to.

  33. ATBOTL says:

    The discussion of this war in “dissident right” circles is a joke. For the small number of non-morons reading — here is something interesting:

    Here’s an excerpt:

    “…an attempt at national unity of angry patriots in the Russian Federation would be extremely logical. There are not only participants in hostilities and civilian networks of activists helping the front, but also a host of people who want victory, and industrial and agrarian circles hostile to the suicidal economic course (adherents of the new industrialization), and intellectuals who support Development, and everyone who passionately desires the cleansing of the Russian Federation from rot and filth. PMCs are not needed here, and even the Cheka is not enough – a huge socio-political force is needed here. Breaking the Kremlin’s political technology, where there are either servile supporters of the government (ready to justify all its actions) and all sorts of Makarevich-feigins who want to defeat the country. That is, we need a real third force.”

    Read it in translation, it’s quite understandable. This article gives the serious right wing Russian take on the war and discusses larger economic issues in Russia in a non-technical way. To summarize — Putin is a old dumb boomer neoliberal moron who runs an incompetent government of corrupt elderly liberal traitor retards who have outsourced all the industry in Russia to the West and China.

    Any discussion of Russia not based on Russian language primary sources from non-government, non-corporate media sources inside of Russia is a joke and the promulgator such material shall be seen as a shill or fool.

  34. meamjojo says:

    Sure thing! Let them go sell to Bangladesh or Somalia. They have plenty of spare cash to buy Russian products.

    And what is Russia going to sell to them anyway? Everything they make uses Western parts, even their munitions and they can’t obtain those parts any longer.


  35. meamjojo says:

    Were you always so dumb? We will just print more money to pay the interest with. Or when Russia is crushed, used our share of the country’s resources.

    • Replies: @Notsofast
  36. Notsofast says:

    it seems i have underestimated you (my apologies), you really are that stupid.

  37. Suuure.

    Two more weeks, goyim!

  38. @Philip Kraske

    You’re an idiot.

    And what is the point of being Episcopalian?

  39. Western idiocy has manage

    for Russia and China forge a military alliance against Nato

    For Brics, Russia, China destroying the hegemony of the dollar and preparing the collapse of the dollar, once countries don’t buy all this worthless paper money

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