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John Waters Presents: "The Filth Reveal!"
A Plan to Save the World from Elite Psychopathic Parasites
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In this interview John Waters (the Irish journalist, not the American cult film director) discusses Matthias Desmet’s work on mass formation, the rash of specious attacks on Desmet, the uses and origins of COVID, and the larger problem of psychopathic elites and how to solve it. Below is an extract from the final minutes of the show (beginning around 58:30) in which Waters debuts his plan to save the world.

John Waters is a musician and playwright as well as a journalist. He “was a columnist with The Irish Times for 24 years when being Ireland’s premier newspaper still meant something.” He currently writes for The Spectator, his own Substack, and other outlets.

Video Link

The Filth Reveal

John Waters: I do think that this parasitism is really a very strong instinct in these people. If you look at the way that they behave and you judge people not by their words, but by their actions. That’s a fundamental understanding in the religious context, all religions really: by their actions, their deeds, shall you know them. The month they fly into Davos in their private jets they emit more carbon in one journey than the average person in a lifetime, and sit down in front of four inch thick steaks and talk about how “we will eat ze bugs and we’ll manage ze future” and all this sort of stuff. This is not just hypocrisy. This is something deeper than hypocrisy. They say “all this will be offset by the consequences of our deliberations.” And I say, “no, you’re frauds, completely. You have no interest (in benevolence). You want comfort for yourself. Then you want to enslave everybody else. It’s quite obvious that you should at least have had the presence of mind to get together and say, ‘listen, we better just bring sandwiches with us to Davos. We’ll bring a packed lunch to Davos just to show those people that we mean business and we’re real.'” We know they’re not real. We know that what they want is all things for themselves. They want everything for themselves. Fundamentally, that’s really what this is.

Another slightly different way of putting it is that they and the people they represent, BlackRock and these massive asset management companies, own about 90% of the world. And they were worried about the other 10%. How come they don’t own that? And this is their plan to claim it. That’s it! And the other really sickening thing, Kevin: I don’t mind criminals getting on with trying to steal, right? That’s what criminals do. But how come the politicians, the governments, the ministers, the prime ministers, the presidents, the judges, the chief justices, the police officers, the commissioners of police have all been in league with these criminals for the last three years. That’s the thing that really makes me ill.

Kevin Barrett: Yeah. And I think it goes back longer than three years in a lot of respects. One way I sometimes explain the deep state in the United States is to point out that during J. Edgar Hoover’s lifetime, he ruled the United States because he had dirty pictures of everybody who mattered. And Meyer Lansky had dirty pictures of Hoover and could tell Hoover what to do. And so the cops and the criminals’ power hierarchy got reversed. And I think that’s been the case for a while, at least in the United States.

John Waters: Yeah, the dirty pictures seem to be the key. The key to the whole thing, isn’t it?

Kevin Barrett: With Jeffrey Epstein and so on we’ve been reminded of all of that. And it’s kind of horrifying, because they need nastier dirty pictures all the time, because people get used to the stuff that used to be blackmailable. So now you’ve got satanic pedophile rings and that sort of thing. If that’s progress, let me off.

John Waters: I sometimes wonder about the fact that these people are intent upon liberalizing the world to the extent that nobody will actually exert any judgment on any sexual act or anything in the future. Now you’re supposed to celebrate all of these things, almost to the point now of celebrating pedophilia. That seems to be where they’re taking us. And yet they seem to be controlled by this. Why don’t they just say, “listen, this is what we are. We’re perverts. We’re filth. But we’re trying to run the country honestly, so don’t worry about that. And we won’t do any more of this stuff, if you don’t mind us having done it in the past, and if you just agree to forget to have seen those dirty pictures when they produced them, we will give you back your freedoms. We’ll give you back your countries. We will take the threat of impoverishing you away. We will take the threat against your children’s lives and futures away.” I don’t mind. I’m quite prepared to offer these guys a deal.

Kevin Barrett: They need to go to a Sexual Blackmailers (or Blackmailed) Anonymous meeting.

John Waters: Yeah. I’m quite willing to say: Okay, let’s declare an amnesty. Let’s name a day that we say to these guys “You just tell your blackmailers, okay, produce all the pictures.” And on that day we will say “we don’t care. We don’t even want to look at those pictures. We’re not going to look at them. And we’re not going to hold them against you. Just go back to doing the job we elected you to do.” Wouldn’t that be a wonderful plan?

Kevin Barrett: It would be a fair deal. Whether or not we can get them to actually stick to their side of the bargain, I don’t know. But this might be a good place to end it. A plan to save the world! And people can tell us what they think of it in the comment section.

John Waters: Yeah, we need a name for it, Kevin. We need a name for this wonderful plan: “The Filth Reveal!” We’ll have one day that will be called Filth Revealed Day. What would be an appropriate day? April the first?

Kevin Barrett: Yeah.

John Waters: Yeah. Or Halloween, maybe. I don’t know. We can decide that later.

Kevin Barrett: Or combine the two: Pick a day halfway between the two.

John Waters: Yeah. And we just all agree: “Look, we don’t care what you did. We know you’re all filth, anyway. There’s no surprise. We won’t be surprised, you know. Come on!

Kevin Barrett: Nothing surprises us anymore.

John Waters: Yeah. In fact, probably by now, we’ve imagined much worse than you were able to do.

Kevin Barrett: Exactly. You may not even be as bad as we think you are!

John Waters: It’ll be quite tame. And so let’s just do it. Okay, tomorrow morning, call your blackmailers, tell them “we don’t care, just do your worst. Do your worst. We’re taking our countries back. We’re giving our countries back to their peoples. You can go to hell.”

Kevin Barrett: I can’t wait till that day arrives. It probably won’t be tomorrow. Well, I think we just launched a movement. John. Well done. Thank you so much. I loved the conversation. Very stimulating. And we’ll see whether we save the world or not down the line. But God willing, something good will come of it.

John Waters: But still, it’s an interesting and an exciting idea.

Kevin Barrett: It’s a wonderful idea. Well, thank you for that. And thank you for the great conversation. And God bless. Look forward to talking to you again down the line.

John Waters: Thank you very much.

(Republished from Substack by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Ideology • Tags: Conspiracy Theories 
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  1. Anonymous[232] • Disclaimer says:

    OT: EMJ correctly sized up what a perfidious POS Jordan Peterson is.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  2. roonaldo says:

    Now that’s some Realpolitik!

  3. lloyd says: • Website

    I know the proposal at the end of video is facetious. But it is not possible. Their crimes include rape and sacrifice of children. That has always been the ultimate crime of ruling psychopaths. Sacrifice and rape of virgins means children.

    • Agree: Hitmarck
  4. Last week I arrived at a motorway petrol station and squeezed off thirty quids worth of unleaded. Imagine my embarrassment when I went in to pay and realised I had forgotten my wallet. Things went from bad to worse when the irate petrol station manager pointed out that I had also forgotten my car !

    • Replies: @Badger Down
  5. With either guy, the headline still works. Although I was expecting something like “The Conservative Case for John Waters: Pervert or Paleocon?”

    The Filth Reveal: Norm MacDonald’s already been there, done that:

  6. Mac_ says:

    Some reminds in article, and though would say the threatened type only few, the many others smiley predators, count on people to continue lazy assuming bogus appearances, from labels as supposed state or media, courts, docturs or etc when labels or dresses or hair or bizness suits, supposed police, ‘judge ‘robes or ‘white pharma coats are costumes, nothing else, same as double talk they do, while take turns threaten us, as others of them jabber to distract or fake answers as others of them continue threats and actual fact shoving us further down their black hole death void. Should make note of this, paper pen better than copy paste, and core sentence in article –

    – If you look at the way that they behave and you judge people not by their words, but by their actions. –

    Fact core, how should and must be, requred to be alive is see threat as it is, as seeing should foster our energy against cons schemes. Change and defense offense is real life, and focus local.

    Appreciate the article.

  7. Kevin, it’s good to see you interviewing John Waters.
    I’ve heard him on the Richie Allen show numerous times and he’s brilliant.

    Many of your American followers will not be aware of John’s super human efforts in taking on the corrupt [beholden to Big Pharma] Irish establishment during the Covid tyranny.

    Next time you have him on, be sure to ask about that. The man is a saint and as honest as you’ll find anywhere.

  8. gay troll says:

    If this had been an Andrew Anglin article it would have been about the real John Waters.

    • Replies: @Kevin Barrett
  9. Anonymous[268] • Disclaimer says:

    It’s so sad to see Jordan, after watching Tate bang his daughter’s taint…

    …change his pronouns to:

    Shapiro’s Cawk-Slurper

    The Daily Weirdo



    Pragerz Putz






    Hip O’Crit



    Bibi’s Buttboi

    Cuckt Canuck



    IDF Fanboy

    Hasbara Homey

  10. @gay troll

    Let’s try to get John Waters the filmmaker to come on my show with John Waters the journalist to discuss the Filth Reveal.

  11. I suggest you pick the third of June. That was the day that Billy Joe McAllister threw something off the Tallahatchie Bridge.

  12. KenR says:

    Waters’ plan to save the world is sheer Irish genius and I’m all for it. Definitely worth a shot!

  13. John Waters’ progression from teenager to the present mirrors my own to an extraordinary degree, most notably the point about being a slow learner in terms of seeing who and what really drive the world.

  14. Filth, perverts, demonic, parasites.

    Good, worthwhile discussion from both.

  15. Anon[169] • Disclaimer says:

    Waters is right about the dirty pictures.

    I’m guessing the dirty pictures lead to acceptance of a provable bribe or serious financial impropriety so the mark is further encoilled in the blackmailer’s embrace, like a rodent against a boa constricter. The mark then is asked to befriend up-and-coming politicians (or whatever) in his party ranks to come to social events so that he may similarly be compromised. I imagine drinking “shots” of cinnamon-like liquors can then camoflouage drugs therein like MDMA or synthetic cathionones that make the new mark very horny while the professional girls come onto him in whatever after-party and then…….boom, he slips and gets recorded having sex with some gal who is not his wife.

    Epstein “belonged to intelligence” and was “way above the paygrade” of a district attorney In a Florida County.

    Righteous nations have no use for these rules. It brings us down to the old Soviet Unions level of underhandedness.

  16. @dodge city pete

    You masturbated in a gas station?

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