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In Case the ADL Asks Me to Apologize
A preemptive response prepared by my feline handler, Muse the cat
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My response to the ADL in case they ask me to apologize
My response to the ADL in case they ask me to apologize

If you want to make a lot of money like Kanye West, it helps to have a Jewish handler. The downside is that if you say the wrong thing they just might lock you up and send you to Zombieland.

So I decided to hire a feline handler instead of a Jewish one. If I get out of line I get scratched and clawed a little bit, which sure beats being institutionalized and injected.

Jews like Harley Pasternak, Kanye West’s (former) handler, are supposedly really good at PR. But threatening to chemically lobotomize your clients seems a tad overbearing. It might work in West Hollywood or Tel Aviv, but I’m not sure it will play in Peoria.

Cats, by contrast, have a mysterious suppleness. They don’t lunge at you drooling and barking their heads off like Harley Pasternak or the ADL. Instead, their preternatural flexibility allows them to twist and contort their bodies into any shape necessary to dissuade the attacker by evading the big bite while brandishing claws “in your face.”

Your feline handler won’t make you a billionaire. All Muse has ever managed to do for me financially is help convince people to donate a measly $200 a week to support False Flag Weekly News. At that rate it will take me five million weeks to make a billion dollars.

But Muse did give me some priceless PR advice: Just be reasonable and keep asking for dialogue. That way, when they continue lunging and drooling and yapping, it will become obvious who’s open to talking it out and who’s afraid to have any kind of substantive discussion.

I have been asking for dialogue with the ADL since they unleashed a flurry of fatwas against me starting in 2015 after I published We Are NOT Charlie Hebdo. They repeatedly tried to get me barred from entering Canada to do speaking events, succeeding once and failing three times. I kept asking them to come on my radio show and explain to me what I’d done wrong. Their response: Crickets. And then more drooling and yapping.

Fortunately one brave Jewish activist and podcaster, Doooovid, was open to having a dialogue about the Jewish and anti-Semitism questions. The bad news is that YouTube scrubbed the video from the internet when it nuked my channel last October 10. The good news is that I still have the video (and so does so here it is:

Video Link

Another Jew who has been open to having reasonable dialogues on sensitive topics is Rabbi Michael Lerner. Check out my radio conversations with Rabbi Lerner. He also wrote chapters for two books I edited, 9/11 and American Empire v.2 and We Are Not Charlie Hebdo.

Now that people like Kanye West, Kyrie Irving, and Dave Chappelle are forcing the issue into the public square, and Elon Musk is opening up Twitter to such topics, a long-overdue discussion of Jewish power questions seems to be building up a head of steam. People who probably wouldn’t have “gone there” in the past, like the noted poet-scholar-activist Charles Upton, are saying interesting things. Below is my email dialogue with Upton, sparked by his response to my recent radio shows on the topic.

Dear Kevin,

According to Henry Makow, who is Jewish, the first people the Big Jews will exploit and oppress are the Little Jews, after which they will move on to the Goyim.

Are the little Jews oppressed by the Big Jews therefore “not Jews”?

When we say “The Italians” do we mean the Mob exclusively?

When we say “The Blacks” do we mean the gangs, exclusively?

If not, then how are we justified in identifying “The Jews” exclusively with the BIG Jews?

We are not justified in doing this, as you obviously well know.

So we need a better name for the Big Jews than simply “the Jews”. Without that we will fall into the pit dug for us by the Big Jews who want to identify all criticism of them, no matter how justified it might be, with “anti-Semitism.”

“Jewish Power” won’t work because it still implies that if you are a Jew you will have a share in that power, which is definitely not the case.

So how about just

The Big Jews


I think you should interview Makow, if you haven’t already.



Hi Charles,

I have interviewed Henry Makow many times:

But you’re right, this would be a good moment for another.

I generally agree with your suggestion, though of course it isn’t only the very biggest Jews who benefit from the power of nepotistic Jewish ethnic networking. As I recall from Unz’s article, simply being Jewish rather than non-Jewish (and white) makes you about seven or eight times more likely to be admitted to the Ivy League, where virtually every president, and every admissions officer, is Jewish. And Gilad, when he was a young dirt-poor immigrant to the UK, found it easy to join a Jewish real estate swindle, I mean business, that made him very good money for only moderate effort. Gilad told me that simply being Jewish allowed him, and any other Jew of similar abilities, to basically go anywhere in the world where there’s a thriving Jewish community and easily make really good money, usually by siphoning off rather than producing value, just by plugging in to the network. Whereas non-Jew of similar abilities would likely end up pumping coffee at Starbucks, driving cab, working construction if they’re lucky, etc. Still I think the big problem is indeed the big Jews described in the work of Whitney Webb, Mike Piper, etc.

Let me know if you want to record a radio show on this or anything else.



Dear Kevin,

I see what you mean. But to the degree that Jewish nepotism is a real force outside the circles of the rich and the powerful, and non-Jews know it, we are left with a situation where you look over at some guy you don’t know with a big nose on the subway and say to yourself, “privileged Jewish bastard!”— which, if left at that, will result in the fire-bombings of synagogues. The hardest kind of prejudice to overcome is prejudice that is partly justified, seeing that basic emotional reactions don’t subject themselves to detailed rational criticism.

I once worked with a Jewish lady, a psychiatric social worker, in a basically 2-person social service agency to serve the homeless in Marin County. Half-Jewish, that is, who identified as Jewish. Her mother was a Russian Jewish immigrant, her father the one-time head of the Communist Party in Northern California, racially as white as they come, descended from the Adams family who gave us two presidents and from the Dukes of Norfolk. She always had money problems, partly because she was the scapegoat of her family; ultimately I found out that we were being funded by the County because she was in bed (literally!) with the Chairman of the Board of Supervisors (an Italian with a big dairy ranch). At one point she tried to invoke Jewish nepotism with the big film producer Saul Zaentz, because her middle name was Zaentz, but it didn’t work. She also got next to rock impresario Bill Graham at one point, and was talking up the possibility of a benefit concert with him the night he died when his helicopter ran into power lines during a storm.

So Jewish nepotism is definitely not a sure thing. And I become weary of people, one man in particular, in my email circle who adds the name JEW to any social or political evil he sees; there’s nothing more “natural” than translating a social evil that involves a racial group into hating everyone in that group. The truth that Black-on-Black and Black-on-White crime is super-high automatically translates into “look at that Nigger over there OPENLY WALKING DOWN THE SIDEWALK!” How do we work against this without denying the real evils that are partially associated with race? Is there any way?

What about the old trope of the Jew who can’t get into the WASP country club? Was that ever true or was it a myth cooked up by the Anti-Defamation League? Is WASP power totally a thing of the past in the U.S.? The Protestant churches are fast declining, White birthrates are declining too (but certainly not Whites alone)….has anybody branded The Bonfire of the Vanities with Tom Hanks a White Supremacist movie? It was certainly a White Victim movie, with the decent young White man persecuted by a Jewish mayor and a Black preacher….

What’s becoming less and less possible is to see others as human beings first and racial, gender or ideological identities second….power relations between people are analyzed and studied, for very good reasons, but after that all we can see any more is power relations….

I’ll think about what I might want to talk about in an upcoming show; thanks for the offer.

~~ Charles

Dear Charles,

That is already great stuff to talk about on the radio! I agree completely that we should judge people fairly as individuals, and that focusing too much negative attention on ethnicity can lead to bigotry and worse.

The comparison of prejudice against blacks and Jews isn’t symetrical, since blacks are about as far below white goys on the power and privilege scale as Jews are above them. WASPs did rule America until roughly the mid-20th century, and it was perfectly ethical to criticize them in those days. Jews rule America now to about the same extent, and it should be equally ethical to criticize them. “Punch up don’t punch down.” Today Jews are at the top and should be able to take a few rhetorical punches. But yes, obviously we don’t want it to get way out of hand. How do we prevent that while still telling the truth and demanding justice?



Dear Kevin,

“Punch up not down” is entirely right; nonetheless it’s certainly possible to be menaced by the Jews from above and the Blacks from below at the same time. My one Fascist friend in New York (sweet, intelligent, Italian, desperately poor in a house he can’t heat and may not be able to keep) tends to unload on both Blacks and Jews. As an actor as well as a one-time politico he has an intelligent critique of Jewish Power, and his problem with Blacks stems mostly from the kind of White Flight that has left him and his wife (a Brit from a family of Polish nobility) the last white couple in his virtually all-Black neighborhood near Queens on Long Island. Jews have learned how to establish their power through centuries of clannishness when they were far from the dominant ethnic group in Europe (though they had their niche)—a ghetto-developed skill that is highly useful in a much bigger way now that their past oppressors the WASPS have fallen, the people who used to be able to keep them OUT of the Ivy League. But when we Whites try to find or establish the same kind of clannishness for self-protection now that our position of dominance is dwindling, we have little history to draw upon. All we seem to be able to come up with for clannishness is Klannishness: the Oathkeepers, the Aryan Brotherhood, the Neo-Nazis. How can we defend the spirit and achievements of our race without becoming terrorists? A pretty hard thing to do when Woke culture automatically defines our every attempt to do so as white supremacy. The universities have Black student Unions, Latino student unions—but just try to start a White student union and see what happens! Maybe our only recourse will be to join the Tall White Aliens so we can submit our grievances to the Galactic Federation….

~~ Charles

(Republished from Substack by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Ideology • Tags: ADL, Anti-Semitism, Censorship, Jews 
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  1. anarchyst says:

    There is one aspect of jewish behavior that many (if not most) people are unaware of.
    There are “two sets of rules” for jewish behavior that are spelled out in their “Talmud”.
    One set of “rules” governs behavior between jews. The other set of “rules” governs behavior between jews and “goyim”.
    Rules that govern interactions between jews are extremely legalistic and proscribe certain behaviors. However, these “rules” are rarely enforced to the max among jews who always manage to find a way around the legalistic aspect of their behavior.
    However, jewish “rules” that govern behavior between jews and “goyim” are much more legalistic and severe against “goyim” who have transgressed against jews. “Anything goes” when it comes to a jew who takes advantage of a “goy”. This includes jewish criminal behavior directed against “goyim”, even murder. Slavery (of goyim) is still a basic tenet of judaism and has never been disavowed.
    It’s all in their Talmud.
    Under Talmudic “law”, “goyim” are seen as “livestock with souls, given a long life in order to serve the jews”. The jewish soul is on a much higher plane than the “goyim” soul and as such, is (supposed to be) immune from prosecution by the gentile legal system.
    If jews attack each other, the “punishment” is almost nil as it is seen to be no more than a “family squabble”.
    If a “goy” attacks a jew, the “goy” must be put to death—no exceptions.
    Gentile courts are not permitted to pass judgment on jews—only rabbinical courts have jurisdiction.
    On the other hand, jewish rabbinical courts claim to have jurisdiction over ALL humans, not just jews. Look up “Noahide laws”.
    Jewish vindictiveness knows no bounds. Jews openly express their supremacy over all, both jew and “goy”.
    A prime example of this was the indictment, prosecution and trial of Kyle Rittenhouse during the 2020 “summer of love” riots. Rittenhouse defended himself successfully against three jewish criminal rioters who were attempting to murder him. In fact, all three jew criminals were convicted child molesters. I guess that they were just following the tenets of their Talmud which allows intercourse between a male jew and his victim as long as she is “three years and a day” of age.
    He sent two of his attackers to the “great synagogue in the sky” and maimed the third.
    The jew-run prosecution team attempted to railroad Rittenhouse but thankfully, were unsuccessful. They violated Brady provisions (which requires all evidence to be disclosed to the defense team) by not releasing high-definition videos of the attack until they were “caught” by the court.
    Jewish vindictiveness and hatred of “goyim” knows no bounds and is part and parcel of jewish life.

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  2. “I once worked with a Jewish lady, a psychiatric social worker, in a basically 2-person social service agency to serve the homeless in Marin County.”

    So, she worked to serve the homeless….. in Marin County. (giggle)

    How very, well, Amish of her. Brownie points for serving the homeless, but [stage whisper]… in Marin County. One of the nicest, wealthiest places in America. I myself run a soup kitchen in Aspen CO.

    I’m sure Father Damian the Leper would welcome her as a fellow soldier for the poor.

  3. In 1927, Henry Ford was forced to issue a public apology for antisemitic remarks in his paper The Dearborn Independent after he was sued for slander by a Jewish attorney mentioned in one of the articles. The Vaudeville performers Jimmy Hussey and The Happiness Boys produced a novelty song entitled “Since Henry Ford Apologized To Me” sung in thick mock Yiddish accents. You can get a compressed file with the tune at

    Interestingly, the apology was actually written by Louis Marshall, president of the American Jewish Committee, after the libel case ended in a mistrial. Marshall drafted the note at the request of Ford’s representatives, to stem off dozens more threatened lawsuits. Ford then had one of his assistants sign the letter on his behalf and it was released it to the public as his own..

    • Thanks: Kali
  4. Faintinil says:

    It’s quite odd all of this scraping and jiving.
    There was The Roman Empire The British
    Empire The Mayan Empire and we live in the Jewish Empire. Nobody assumed the Roman
    Empire was wrought by the influence of every
    Newt in the bog. Saying “The Big Roman Roman
    Empire is quite misleading we’re not speaking
    About individuals but a machine made out of
    An identifiable agency acting as all empires act
    Through time to crush all heterodoxy into
    Say it: The Jewish Empire that exists by
    A reign of unspeakable terror and perpetual
    Furthermore those lovely videos made of Israelis saying ” God gave us this land and if you want it then take it back”. These are not International Arms Merchants just wage slaves
    But the shop clerk still subscribes to the Devine
    Right of Kings the man said his name was William Orange. Odd name for a Jew.
    It’s all Jewish double-talk as in it “may create
    A violent backlash” yeah we get it the facts
    Are a tinderbox of 1000 kilotons of stolen
    Bombs on the assassination of our President
    But you know we have a Constitutional Right
    To prosecute traitors we’ll make you a deal you can’t refuse

    • Thanks: anarchyst
  5. Al Ross says:

    The only person who stood up to the Jews in his own country was Herr Hitler.

    • Agree: HdC
  6. Doooovid is an expert at naming all the details of the fictitious Bible that buoy his stance, but somehow is ignorant of all the actual names and real crimes Jews have committed across the world and across the centuries. You know, like stealing people’s money again and again and again.

    There’s a big difference between the mob and the average Italian and the Big Jews and the average Jew: most Italians don’t defend everything the mob does, as if they part of them. Jews do. They seem to be hopelessly unable or unwilling to come to grips with their real history.

    • Agree: Legba
    • Thanks: Kim
  7. Kim says:

    Unlike “noted poet/scholar Charles Upton” (who?) I am not the least bit concerned that the general recognition of jewish power in the West might lead to hurt jew feelings, nasty epithets used about jews, or even burnt synagogues, and I’ll tell you why.

    1. Because what is at stake is the very existence of my people and I could not care less if making a Fourteen Words omelette required the breaking of even six gorillion eggs.

    2. Because the yids have their own country. Let them fuck off to it where they can all be “safe” from evil whitey, and leave us in peace.

    3. Because it doesn’t matter what we do, the Law of YAW always applies, i.e., Yids Always Whine.

    • Replies: @Tucker
  8. @anarchyst

    If what you say is true, and I have no reason to doubt you, then wouldn’t it be a good idea to read the most interesting parts of the Talmud on the radio along with a critique of the various passages? Who would have access to a radio platform to do this, I wonder.

    It seems to me that just reading their holy book out loud would be a service to the community. On the day that show aired, there would be few listeners. But on the following day, the storm over the antisemitism would be ferocious. Think of the publicity and visibility it could give to the show. Who would have the balls to do such a thing?

    • Replies: @H. L. M
    , @anarchyst
    , @SaHiB
  9. H. L. M says:

    Nobody who has anything to lose. This is the nature of jewish power.

  10. The kikes won’t ask you to apologize. They will tell you to apologize, or life could get very uncomfortable for you.

    The jews and their little black and brown orcs really need to be knocked down a peg or two.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  11. ariadna says:

    I found it amusing to see Kevin insisting on claiming the deep similarities between Judaism and Islam as well as Christianity while Doovid looked to his left every time and endured without responding what he necessarily considered silly Goysche ignorance with patience for he sake of “interfaith dialog.”

  12. Anonymous[430] • Disclaimer says:
    @XSupply and Demand

    This ongoing anti-Semitism theme is largely Yiddish theater mocking goy impotence in the Jewish-owned public forum and US Congress. Even in the Big Bagel and even working on Wall Street you won’t find Jews daring to accuse someone to their face of anti-Semitism in a civil discussion of Jewish power and its abuse, except as maybe a lame joke.

  13. anarchyst says:

    Yes, it would be a good idea to expose the talmud and jewish supremacy on the radio.
    The problem is gaining a platform.
    A good example of denying the truth was evident on Sean Hannity’s radio show.
    A caller asked Hannity about the deliberate israeli attack on the USS Liberty (AGTR-5) on June 8, 1967. Hannity abruptly cut off the caller and stated: “israel is our friend and never would have done anything like that”. I damn near fell out of my chair when I heard THAT.
    I lost al respect for Hannity after witnessing that…Hannity being a shill for israel.
    Getting a platform is the hard part.
    Best regards,

    • Thanks: AlexanderEngUK
    • Replies: @RoatanBill
    , @DanFromCt
  14. @anarchyst

    I apologize for using you to actually speak to the author. I guess you missed my less than subtle left handed suggestion that the author has the necessary platform.

    He could invite rabbinical scholars on to the program to provide their interpretation of what the Talmud says. A fair and balanced reading of the Talmud shouldn’t be objected to by anyone interested in the truth. Advertising the benefits of judaism via their own teachings to a wider audience is free publicity. Who could be opposed to such an arrangement? /sarc

  15. DanFromCt says:

    One of the most disgraceful things about Hannity is his show’s constant ads pushing Middle America (as opposed to Israel and its fifth column) to pay for the support of our military amputees who lost their limbs fighting for Israel largely thanks to Hannity’s encapsulating the toxic Israeli meme within his flag-waving shtick patriotism designed to recruit those amputees in the first place.

    This man had been getting paid $40 million a year by the Jews to recruit Americans to do the fighting and dying so good Jewish boys need not bother. A few years ago on his Fox News show he said he only wished that Netanyahu could also serve as president of the United States, which is an apt example of Hannity’s idea of being an American.

    • Replies: @Prester John
  16. Author of this article evidently do not understand that artificial new word “Jews” were invented in 18th century (later used in falsification of older books).

    So using the original word KHAZARS is much beetr to understand these fake Semites and their murderous motives.

  17. Wrong choice of words. The ADL never “asks.”

  18. @DanFromCt

    I really wonder whether in his heart of hearts Hannity has any great love for Israel. On the other hand he knows where the bagel is buttered though so he has no problem selling his soul for $40million.

  19. SaHiB says:

    @ Anarchyst
    Aren’t the more “interesting” passages or the Talmud in Aramaic, with no reliable translation available?
    Please let me know if Soncino have this covered.

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  20. @SaHiB

    I doubt the current population of jews is understanding their text in a language they can’t read. They must be using a version that they can read. That version, properly or improperly translated, must be what their “belief” is based on. That would be good enough to use as a basis for any discussion about its basic message.

  21. Tucker says:

    I could not have said it better or more concisely myself.

    However, I am reminded of the old question where people were asked: “Have you ever tried to take a pork chop away from your dog?” Or, then there is the funnier version that I think might have been a joke that Rodney Dangerfield once told where he said that his Mom and Dad used to have to tie a pork chop around his neck so his dog would play with him.

    The analogy being, in the first case, that the jews who have stolen America away from the White Europeans who created it and who are it’s rightful owners – now believe this nation belongs to them. And, it is going to require the use of voluminous amounts of raw, ruthless, physical force to reclaim this nation and to boot these thieves out of power. It will be an ugly and bloody struggle, but for as long as these hijackers continue to rig and steal elections – thereby eliminating our ability to democratically and peacefully vote them out of power, revolution increasingly becomes the only other alternative.

    Didn’t JFK say something to this effect? I’m not a JFK fan, but I agree with him on his prediction.

    I wonder if the election stealers have ever pondered this point among themselves? That they are fueling the rise of the revolutionary / Civil War 2 sentiment among millions of angry American citizens? In their psychopathic diseased imaginations, do they ever see visual flashes of massive numbers of elitist bodies hanging from lamp posts, while vultures swoop down and happily tear chunks of rotting flesh from these corpses and rip the eyeballs out of the skulls of these bodies?

    Or, do any of them have nightmares where hundreds of hungry maggots are climbing up the poles that supports the lamp posts, eager to reach the dangling corpses and eat their share of the rotting flesh before the buzzards can eat it all?

    I would very much like to assume that politicians who are sane and able to think rationally would want to tone down their criminality and treasonous behaviors, so as to avoid triggering the unpleasant scenario that I described above. But, maybe I am wrong. Maybe I am still clinging to a little optimism and naivete?

  22. Anonymous[395] • Disclaimer says:

    You have to be very concise or the Jew supremacists will just start yammering over you. So just say,

    Fuck off, zionazi genocidaire.

    This is them, never forget it.

  23. Oh Johnny Greenie, you’re losing control over your narrative! Na na na nah nahhh!

  24. Charles Upton needs a stint in Jewish hasbara detox. He’s swallowed too much of the mainstream Jewish sympathy narrative. “You look over at some guy you don’t know with a big nose on the subway and say to yourself, “privileged Jewish bastard!”— which, if left at that, will result in the fire-bombings of synagogues.” Golly! Is that what Joe Sixpack thinks every time he spots a Jew? Is he secretly wishing for a new wave of burnt offerings to appease Yahweh’s terrible hunger for human sacrifice? I had no idea. So insightful Mr poet-scholar-activist.

    • Replies: @Al Ross
  25. Al Ross says:
    @Billy Thistle

    Yeah well , Yahweh might possibly be the same Middle Eastern deity that folks who perambulate around a pagan – created Black Stone , taking time off to stone a devil , venerate every Haj Season.

    Jews should be made as welcome in the West as Muslims , because , as we all know , both groups improve Aryan societies immeasurably.

    There must be myriad academic examples of the above.

  26. some say the jewz did the sandyhook too

  27. I’ve read that the Kaaba black stone is from pre-Islamic, pagan culture, not representative of Yahweh. Not too far from Arabia was pagan Egypt where ka and ba refer to soul/spirit forces. All 3 Abrahamic religions supplanted indigenous pagan religions and worship practices. But I think all 3 incorporated aspects of their roots into their scriptures and liturgy.

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